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Air Date: May 27, 2005
2413 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, this week, as all the others blasted past us, but even faster, you knew it had to happen.
I mean, I've made the joke many times that knives and baseball bats and blunt objects kill more people than guns do every year in the commission of crime or defense.
And now a bunch of different doctors and officials in England are calling for banning butcher knives.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, ban butcher knives.
And there have been cases in England where a man busts in and starts beating up a family, raping a man's wife in front of him.
The husband gets out of his...
Bonds where he's been tied up and stabs the intruder who has a gun and the government says you should have run.
You're not allowed to stab and defend yourself.
They want the people totally enslaved worshipping the government with absolutely no freedom.
And their crime rate of course has exploded since they banned all guns what about seven years ago?
Now the UK has the highest
crime rate of any industrialized country.
Whereas just 20 years ago they have one of the lowest.
Switzerland has the lowest crime rate.
They're number 15 of the 15 industrialized countries.
America is the second safest.
Number 14.
England is number one.
That's the UN's own study on numbers.
Now to be clear,
The United States is the murder capital.
There are more deaths here than any other industrialized country.
But general crime compared to places like England is very low.
Being knocked on the head, being mugged, being beat up.
It goes on all over the place, right under the four million cameras in London.
Hoodlums and hooligans, as they're called, run around just robbing and killing and raping.
It's very, very serious, but there's not as much killing.
But in all the other statistics, general crime, aggravated assault, things of that nature, they are numero uno.
Now, of course, they file here in the United States all deaths by firearms into that statistic.
And the largest portion of those are gangbangers killing each other.
They count someone under 18 as a child.
That's why they'll go, you know, 55 children died last year from gunshot wounds.
Then you look at the actual numbers, and it's, you know, 40 of them were gangbangers.
They weren't children at all.
They had mustaches.
But they also put into all those numbers cops shooting people, criminals, citizens shooting home invaders,
I've looked at all the numbers we've had the professor on.
We've had a lot on.
We've gone over it ad nauseum hundreds of times, but it's clear it needs to be done again.
UK says ban long kitchen knives.
This is out of the BBC.
Another article here out of the World End Daily.
UK docs say ban long kitchen knives.
It's going to be everything, folks.
They're going to have us with shaved heads
In loincloths, in giant compact cities, in our little apartments, with eating out of a dog dish that's attached to the floor.
I mean, by the time they're done with us.
Forcibly drugged, grueling, worshipping our world government.
A THX 1138 type scenario.
We're going to go on a break here in about 20 seconds.
And when we get back, there's just so much news today.
I'm going to cover it all.
Believe me, there is just masses of it.
And I'm going to go straight into it when we get back on the other side.
So stay with us.
You can check it all out at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
The behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is Friday, my friends.
Thank you for joining us.
Coming up on the three-day weekend.
Hope you spend a lot of time with your family and enjoy yourselves and de-stress.
Lord knows we need it in today's hectic world.
As things accelerate.
Coming up a little bit later, we've got a...
Spanish expert joining us from Madrid on the Bilderberg Group, who got some amazing photos and has written some very powerful articles.
He's an award-winning journalist, and he speaks pretty good English.
He'll be joining us from Spain.
We always like to have Jim Tucker on because he's the master at getting the information out and to the people about what their agenda is going to be for the year, and it always turns out to be a great, a very accurate forecast.
And to give us some more intel on the Bilderberg Group, we'll have a Spanish journalist joining us a little bit later.
And of course we'll have wide open phones today.
Before I get into the call in England to ban knives in your home, to chop up your food, your carrots and your tomatoes and your chicken breast,
Before we get into all of that news and more mainstream articles about Mexican commandos running around slaughtering police and citizens and border towns like Laredo getting almost no business and the economy starting to shut down.
Before we get into all of that, there's a new Bushism that I learned of yesterday.
A listener emailed it to Paul Watson from the White House's own website.
They're quite proud of this new Bushism.
They normally edit the transcripts and the videos, but they didn't in this case.
No, it is Bush talking about catapulting the propaganda.
You've got to repeat it time and time again, he says, which, of course, Joseph Goebbels said.
So let's go ahead and roll this clip from Bush in Rochester, New York, Tuesday, stumping for his so-called Social Security reform.
Here it is.
Now, a personal savings account would be a part of a Social Security retirement system.
It would be a part of what you would have to retire when you reach retirement age.
As I mentioned to you earlier, we're going to redesign the current system.
If you've retired, you don't have anything to worry about.
It's the third time I've said that.
I'll probably say it three more times.
In my line of work, you've got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in.
To kind of catapult the propaganda.
But if you choose to have one of these accounts...
The kind of catapults to propaganda.
The kind of catapults to propaganda.
The kind of catapults to propaganda.
The kind of catapults to propaganda.
The kind of catapults to propaganda.
All right.
But, look, folks, I mean, this is the government with a fake Pat Tillman story, the fake...
Jessica Lynch story, the fake Niger uranium documents, the manufactured 12-year-old graduate student paper.
This is the secret MI6 report.
We know right where the WMDs are.
They can kill us in 45 minutes!
It's over!
Run for the hills!
Lie after lie after lie after lie after lie.
But that's not one of his greatest pushes.
I think the most powerful one was, we need to create chaos, you know, so we can create order out of the chaos.
I mean, a total skull and bones Illuminati maxim.
And by the way, we have the video of him saying that at the end of my American Dictators documentary.
And it's also on the website.
Of course, that might be dwarfed, now that I think about it, by things would be a heck of a lot easier if this was a dictatorship, just so long as I'm the dictator.
You got that clip, don't you?
Yeah, I want to play that dictator clip.
Or the Order Out of Chaos clip.
Either one is good.
That is such a classic Illuminati maxim.
I mean, I even published a book called Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terror, and the New World Order that Paul Watson wrote.
And this is...
How their base propaganda works, just flat out lying, but they have other forms of propaganda.
They'll come out with a national ID card that does nothing to stop illegal aliens.
All Bush is calling for amnesty and saying the feds will pay for the states that are going bankrupt with all the free health care the illegal aliens get that citizens don't get, by the way.
I mean, I have friends who can't get health care in life and death situations.
You know, their parents have got to go basically mortgage the house for them to do it.
That's the new America.
But meanwhile, oh, this will stop illegals.
And the left runs out and says, it's horrible.
We're against it.
It'll stop the precious illegal immigrants, the migrants.
And then the conservatives go, oh, look, the left is against it.
It must be good.
Get behind Bush.
But then when it comes time for a vote, 100 to zip in the Senate.
It was all smoke and mirrors.
It was all a dog and pony show.
It was all glamour and sparkle.
But it wasn't diamonds, my friends.
It was rhinestones.
It was a fraud.
And they do this over and over again.
I mean, it's like, by creating a false debate, they capture the entire spectrum of discussion and then limit people's options.
The Democrats have a horrible plan for Social Security.
They're lying about Bush's plan.
Frankly, when you get right down to it, Bush's plan is a little bit better than theirs.
But it doesn't matter because they're going to loot those private accounts as well.
So it's like stepping out of the frying pan into the oven.
It's like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
So people have this big debate and they find out why Bush isn't lying.
I mean, quite lying.
The Democrats just want to keep looting the Social Security Fund just like the Republicans have been doing.
And then Bush wants to basically have a payoff to some of his friends and decide where you can invest it.
I mean...
It is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
But it gives the illusion that he's doing the right thing.
And then on top of it, we've got other programs out there.
Other little manipulations and instances of subterfuge that are going on.
I mean, take his judicial nominees.
If someone even attends the wrong church, has never even said they're against abortion, aborticide, infanticide, then the Democrats will not allow their confirmation to go forward.
And then Bush's answer to that...
Well, we'll just centralize control and knock out debate, and then you've destroyed one more tenuous thread of the separation of powers that are speed bumps put in there by the founding fathers to stop a dictatorship.
But Christians go, well, we've got to stop abortion, and I'm against abortion.
I've fought against abortion.
So you think, well, I mean, Bush needs to do this.
But wait a minute.
We look at Nixon and Reagan and Bush Sr.
and the current Bush, who their judicial nominees are, who their appointees are.
And the most liberal, socialistic, pro-abortion, anti-gun, pro-open border appointees are the people they put in.
Seven of the nine current justices of this so-called liberal court were put in there by Republicans.
So, I mean, let's get down to reality.
I mean, you take the judge that he's got up there now for a top federal judgeship.
He's the Attorney General who went after Judge Roy Moore in Alabama for the Ten Commandments.
And for the left out there that wants to get rid of the Ten Commandments, come on, give me a break.
Stop hating Christians so much.
This is the foundation of the Magna Carta, of the Bill of Rights, of the Constitution, of the Declaration of Independence.
I mean, they've got Greek gods and everything else and all the other big courthouses and Masonic altars and obelisks.
You don't have a problem with that.
It's those Ten Commandments.
Thou shalt not kill.
Thou shalt not do all of these things.
Thou shalt not bear false witness.
Oh boy, you don't want that at a courthouse.
So there's example after example after example of this.
And Alberto Gonzalez argued when he was on the Texas Supreme Court that 12-year-olds should never tell their parents when they have an abortion.
He argues for more than the assault weapons ban.
He believes in more gun control in his heart.
And it's example after example after example.
So it's smoke and mirrors.
Here's the dictator clip.
Go ahead and roll it.
But that's okay.
If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier.
Just so long as I'm the dictator.
Roll that again for people who might have missed it.
If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier.
But that's okay.
Just so long as I'm the dictator.
So, this is the reality of what we're dealing with.
All right, your calls are coming up at 1-800-259-9231.
UK doctors say ban long kitchen knives.
Medical Journal report claims they serve no good purpose.
It's time to ban long kitchen knives because they serve no good purpose except as weapons, write doctors in the British Medical Journal.
The doctors, as part of their research into ways to reduce violence...
They consulted with leading chefs who said long knives were not needed for cooking.
Funny, I use them to cut bread all the time.
I use them to cut large joints of meat occasionally when I have a bunch of family over.
And, you know, I've been sitting there in my kitchen at one in the morning gobbling something and
The alarm's gone off or something.
It's happened a few times because a dog ran into the door or something.
And my hand just jerks the butcher knife out.
So, yes, indeed, it can be used to defend yourself.
You don't have time to use the instant-access pistol safe.
But got to ban those.
Got to restrict them.
Already, all over the United States, even in Texas, you get pulled over with your fishing tackle, even with an ice chest full of fish.
Delayed fish.
I know people.
Who go to jail, who are on probation.
Good old Korean War vet, one of them.
The cops go, that's your tackle box, I'm going to search it.
Sure, go ahead, officer, nothing to hide.
I'm a veteran.
All right, he gets you up against the wall, put the handcuffs on.
He's got this knife that's nine inches long.
Look at that, that's deadly, that's a danger to me.
But sir, I just came back from the coast, I was fishing.
Well, you just tell that to the judge, I'm enforcing the law.
I'm enforcing the law, boy.
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
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This is minimum infringement.
There may be more.
516-8736 That's 1-800-516-8736
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Coming up, we've got a Bilderberg Group expert who was there again this year joining us from Madrid, Spain.
I had a call at the end of a TV show I did
Yesterday, I was sitting in for Texas Frontline, and this woman told me that she basically thinks all white people are racist, and she can't trust any white people, and that she's basically a Lurie Conquista.
And I just, I ran out of time, it was the end of the show, and she hung up.
I wanted to get her number and have her on as a guest, and she really started crying, folks.
So self-righteous.
So ingrained in this victim mentality.
I mean, there I was on the show saying, on the broadcast saying, you know, I want everybody to work together.
We're all against the New World Order.
You know, we've got to fight the white supremacists and the Mexican supremacists.
And she calls in and starts crying and she goes, I feel like you may be racist.
I can't trust any white people.
And she was so self-righteous.
I mean, here she is saying she can't trust any white people.
But I'm a racist.
I mean, it's so transparent.
And this is the mentality we're dealing with.
Also, I want to play a George Goodell recording of The Child Rolling to the Dark Tower Came by Robert Browning Jr.
I read this poem when I was in high school, and then again in college, and then now, many years later, listening to it,
You've got to listen to it a few times to get it, but it's really about a quest against evil, against the New World Order.
I mean, that's what I get from it.
Very, very powerful.
And so, I don't know, that's getting uploaded to the web here in Austin, so they can download it up there in Minnesota.
So we'll probably have those, well, we should have those clips for you.
And I'll tell you, I'm going to put out this travel advisory for the great folks at Genesis.
I am so glad that John, running the broadcast...
Just so happened to find the 100 plus files of audio clips I play on this broadcast in the trash bin.
In the computer.
In the recycle bin.
Someone had deleted it again.
Folks, I spent years compiling clips and it got flushed about a year ago.
No, two years ago.
Then I spent another year compiling and it got flushed about six months ago.
And now it got flushed again and I am just ecstatic.
That it was found.
Oh, over 100 clips.
Very important part of this broadcast.
Seriously, whoever's doing that, if it's an accident, whatever, I'm going to skin you alive, figuratively, if you continue to erase my goodies.
That's an important part of a radio show.
You go on a radio station, not just a network.
Going back to the old days, there were just hundreds of carts on the walls of different clips and different things.
Now it's computers in the computer age.
We're backing up multiple copies of all these clips because I can't let this happen again.
I can't lose all my clips because you can't find a lot of them again.
UK doctors say ban long kitchen knives.
Dr. Emma Hearn, a specialist registrar and Dean Mike Beckett, an emergency machine and medicine consultant, contend in a paper that a short knife may cause a substantial superficial wound if used in an assault but is unlikely to penetrate to inner organs, but a long blade piercing the body like cutting into a ripe melon.
As if killers can't go out and, you know, use a sewing needle, use an ice pick, or can't, in an hour, manufacture the most deadly blade you can imagine just from a piece of sheet metal?
I mean, in maximum security prisons, they can't keep people from getting shanks, basically ice picks.
And so now they've gone to the British government, they've got these big medical establishments behind them, and they want to ban butcher knives and knives over, what is it, over four inches.
And I just pointed out before the break, it's already like that, folks.
Especially in Williamson County.
I mean, they know.
Look, I know people that have lawn companies.
You know, a guy who's got a lawn company, he's got like five employees, they all go out together and mow yards.
And trim backyards and things like that.
And the tool is a machete.
Folks, I know not one, but two people who have been arrested with lawnmowers in the back of their truck, in the back of their trailer, because they have a machete.
I mean, for that matter, I guess the cops could arrest them for the blades on the bottom of the lawnmower.
And I know one old man...
The last time I heard, had just pled guilty, because they told him they'd send him to prison if he didn't, for like a couple years of probation, and it's a big fat fine, I don't remember all the details, for a fillet knife in his tackle box, with fish!
Imagine being an old man riding home from the coast, bunch of fish, happy, cop pulls you over, takes you to jail.
It's already going on in America, folks.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You've heard it over and over again.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The Metro-Lorican Quistas have put out a report, an open call, for people involved in food preparation and service at an immigration summit that's going to be held in Las Vegas this weekend.
They've openly called for poisoning them.
That's mainstream news.
And I have the Dallas Morning News, the Brownsville paper, KVOA for Tucson.
I have the Fox News piece from the border.
There is almost no, in South Texas now, also in Arizona, almost no, I mean this is on the news, almost no tourism special forces troops trained by the U.S.
government, and I believe working for the CIA and paid by them, are going around murdering in mass hundreds of murders.
Again, that's the mainstream news, but it never hits national news.
And Glenn Spencer's been talking about this for years.
The smuggling, the kidnapping, the murder.
I mean, it is hell on earth.
I've got this Fox News piece that I'm putting up on the web today from down the border where they admit they're killing cops, and it shows the dead cops getting loaded in cars, but it never breaks on the national news.
Over a hundred murders in Texas alone by the Zetas.
And folks, these are hardcore Mexican commandos
U.S.-trained Mexican commandos pose threat to authorities.
KVOA for Tucson.
And I have, again, like five new reports on this, but it's all regional.
So to just cover the... And folks, these people... And the people that support them come out with huge banners with pictures of white people's heads cut off.
They will beat old women in the head.
Black men, Hispanics, white men.
They will throw bricks.
They will assault federal officers.
The federal officers are ordered... If there's a protest out front of a federal consulate, a federal building, they'll be ordered to stand down.
It's admitted Bush is ordered to stand down with the Border Patrol.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
It's that bad.
It is...
Five towns in South Texas flying the Mexican flag.
No English allowed in court proceedings.
Total bedlam.
Over 120 dead bodies dug up down on the Texas border who've been killed by these people on top of the 100 they killed last year.
And yes, many of them killed in satanic rituals.
Don't believe me?
Just type in bodies found from satanic rituals, South Texas.
Try a Boquillas or Alamog... The point is, let's just go ahead and go to our guest.
Glenn, am I kidding when I throw all this out there?
Well, of course not.
You're not making it up.
You're obviously getting it from the source, aren't you?
But I mean, it sounds incredible.
You live this... You're reading news reports.
You're reading reports.
Pardon me for this noise.
We have the
By the way, we have a border hawk mission ongoing right now for those of you who have a computer or are on your computers.
You can go to AmericanPatrol.com and then click on the...
The camera page up there.
You have a surveillance drone up there right now?
Right now, we're looking right at the border.
We're tracking a Border Patrol vehicle.
We think he's en route to try to pick some group up.
We're going to try to get those on the screen as well.
We're flying live right over the border right now with our unmanned aerial vehicle.
And your drone is also picking up the Border Patrol transmissions?
Well, I don't want to talk too much about that.
Well, I just know in the background earlier I was hearing... Yeah, well, okay, I don't want to get into that too much.
Oh, I'm sorry, Glenn, I didn't know that was... No, no, I mentioned it.
I shouldn't have.
That was my mistake.
Okay, I didn't know that was a classified operation.
Well, we're not supposed to broadcast anything, so there's an FCC regulation, but we don't do that, so we have to be very careful about what we say about the radios here.
I understand.
All right.
Go ahead with your subject.
Oh, sure.
Well, I mean, we've got in California people being assaulted.
We've got the illegals saying they're going to poison a Minuteman when they go to a hotel.
I mean, this is terrorism.
Give us the latest developments.
Well, you know, I don't want to be an alarmist.
You know, that they came out, this Aslan group came out and said that this MS-13 thing would attack...
The Minutemen down here.
We never published that because we don't trust those people.
We don't think that they're reliable and that they're honest.
So we didn't publish that and it turns out, okay, we've got a Border Patrol agent out of his vehicle right now after a group right here in a famous crossing state and we're tracking them right now and it's just amazing.
We can see them down there.
Of course, the Border Patrol can see them but they don't fly their UAVs.
They're supposed to but they don't.
But coming back to this, I'm not surprised at the attack on Jim Gilchrist down with Barbara Koh's group at Garden Grove.
Of course, you know I've run probably more of these rallies and demonstrations than anybody.
Yeah, you've been assaulted.
You've shot video as it's happening.
But describe the latest event.
Well, it was at Barbara Koh's meeting in California.
Jim Gilchrist, head of the Minuteman Project, was out there.
He was there to...
And I talked to his office this morning.
Roughly 300 of them of the Santa Ana forces.
What happened?
Well, what happened was they began pelting the area.
They broke windows.
The police allowed them to come over and block the exit from the moon hall.
And Hal Netkin, who was trying to get out, and then they started pounding on his car, right in front of the police.
They were standing right there.
So he just moved his car ahead.
And a couple of these people pretended like they were run over.
Of course they weren't.
And they arrested Hal Netkin.
And these people were chanting, racist, racist, racist.
I know Hal Netkin.
He's a retired electrical engineer, a graduate of UCLA.
He is...
I'm married to a former illegal alien from Mexico, and she looks very Mexican, kind of Indian.
He has adopted children from Mexico.
He is the furthest thing from a racist you can imagine.
And he was arrested.
Well, sir, I have the video shot in 95, 96, 97, 98, 2000, where they beat old women in the head with 2x4s, blood splattering everywhere, and the police just stand there, and they have huge signs with pictures of white people's heads cut off.
Who's the real racist?
And the police refused to help.
And I've been there.
I've been injured, personally.
We had a rally when Roger Barnett came out about five years ago down on Wilshire Boulevard.
And the opposition showed up.
We had a permit, specially drafted permit, so that the sheriffs could come in and protect us.
They refused to show up.
They refused to come.
And it was incredible.
I stood up on the stage and I said, anybody who has a cell phone, call 911 and ask the police to get out and help us.
They wouldn't come.
They wouldn't come and help us.
Now, I was also talking to the men and women this morning.
They said there was a lot of American flags burning.
Well, that's right.
They burn American flags.
In fact, we have one eyewitness who said that a Hispanic police officer came up to him and he said, don't show that flag.
It'll just make them mad.
He was talking about the American flag.
Folks, we didn't draw first blood.
I mean, people run around with signs with white people's heads cut off.
What do you expect us to do?
You want a fight, you're going to get one.
Well, I will tell you, I've been at this before, that any time you put up resistance, any time you represent a threat to their movement and their invasion, they're going to come after you.
They're going to come after you physically and try to kill you.
And America has to understand this.
We are in a war that is about to turn hot.
And it was a slow war.
We've got the Cold War and the Hot War.
This is the slow war.
They just want to make it slow and gradual, like boiling a frog.
We're bringing it to a head.
That's right.
And the opposition, they don't want this.
The brains behind these people, they don't want these people doing this.
They know they're winning just by doing nothing except for invasion, you know?
Just demographic warfare.
They don't want this.
But what happens is when the leadership, the hot-head leadership of the opposition, of the invaders, see that their invasion chances are being challenged and are at risk, they will not put up with any resistance.
Believe me.
They're not going to put up with it.
You can pass laws.
Their people are in power.
I mean, we warned about Antonio Villaraigosa, didn't we?
We worried about him, didn't we?
Now, what did he do?
He's on the Mexican newspapers now saying that his policies will be directed for Mexico City.
Who worried about that?
Who did?
Who told you that was going to happen?
American Patrol.
We said that five years ago.
And for those that don't know, even Fourth of July rallies where people...
Well, I'll tell you, they will burn it.
People don't understand.
You just lost Los Angeles.
It's gone.
That's a Mexican city.
That belongs to Mexico.
They just took it back.
And the only way you're going to get it back is to send federal troops in there.
And what's it like to have our president doing that?
Yeah, he wants amnesty.
It's being directed from Washington.
Now, Glenn, I'm sure you're aware, you're in Arizona.
You evacuated a few years ago from Los Angeles.
You hit the ejection seat, and you've moved back there in the front.
But I've got a stack of reports here of over 100 killings, Mexican Special Forces, Los Zetas, U.S.-trained Mexican commandos trained at the School of Americas, car bombings, machine gunning, killing federal, state, and local police...
I mean, these people are terrorists of the highest order.
They rival Al-Qaeda.
And it's just a matter of time before they turn on us right across the border.
Well, just like Al-Qaeda, they're Al-C-I-Z-A-D-A's.
There are CIATAs, and this is all... Folks, we're not kidding.
I have the mainstream reports, a bunch of them.
KVOA, Dallas Morning News, Brownsville Paper, Fox News on the border.
And down in Laredo, no one's going to the shops.
Well, yeah, they won't talk about it.
They won't talk about what's going on in Los Angeles.
They won't talk about the fact that a leading member of the Mexican separatist movement, MECHA, is now head of the second largest city in the United States.
I mean, this is a disaster of biblical proportions.
Or the Attorney General.
What's that?
The Attorney General.
That's right.
What you have is an Attorney General who is part of this group.
Same thing with Aguilar.
He's connected to these groups ahead of the Border Patrol.
Well, absolutely.
I don't know the connections between Aguilar and these groups.
I have no, you know, I'm sure the evidence may be there.
I don't have it.
But he has been friendly toward them.
I know he has met with them.
But I don't have, you know, documentation that says he's a member.
I don't have that.
But all of the Grijalvas and the rest of these congressmen and so forth are all members, former members of METCHA.
And Grijalva, we've had him on.
He's made, on this broadcast, he's made amazing racist statements.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, so has our chorus, all the rest of these guys.
No, it's just a matter, it's now, the die is cast.
It's just a matter of time before widespread...
I have another newscast from South Texas with that.
Why is it that the blacks and Hispanics seem to be at each other's throats more than whites and Hispanics?
Well, Hispanics have put all the blacks out of work in Los Angeles.
And they were the ones who were hurt most.
Look, there used to be a black mayor of Los Angeles.
Now there's a Mexican.
There used to be, all the blacks got all of the high-paying janitorial service jobs in the buildings in downtown Los Angeles.
Now they're all held by Mexicans and Central Americans.
When they marched through Los Angeles, demanding higher pay for the Mexican janitors, who was leading them?
Jesse Jackson.
And he put all of his people out of work.
I mean, this is incredible.
Then the president of Mexico insults them with racist comments that Mexicans are doing jobs not even the blacks would do.
Well, I've got to bring this up.
I mean, from the statistics I've seen, Hispanic Americans have been more hurt even than blacks.
Well, that's true, but after a while, the initial thrust, though, years ago, 15 or 20 years ago, it was the blacks, right?
And then the next few waves, it was the Hispanics who were now there.
But the first wave really knocked the blacks out of the box.
Now, Glenn...
I had a call on the TV show yesterday, and this poor woman started crying, a Hispanic woman, saying, I don't trust any white people.
I'm going to play the clip later.
You know, basically, whites are all bad.
And I said, lady, that's... She said, you're a racist.
And I said, lady, that what you just said is pure racism.
Nobody's saying all Hispanics are bad.
Nobody's saying all blacks are bad.
I mean, I had plenty of blacks say racial things to me when I grew up in Dallas, but that doesn't mean black people are all racist.
I mean, so it's like a self-righteous mentality, and they'll call you a racist as they stand there burning an American flag with a picture of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed person's head cut off.
I mean, what's wrong with these people, Glenn?
Well, what's wrong is that they are invading the United States with hostile intent,
They do not want you to know that.
They do not want you to stop it.
And the only thing that they can say, the only offense, the weapon they have, is to call you a racist.
Yeah, but I'm telling you, this woman believed it when she was crying.
She didn't know I'm the best friend she's got.
She believes it because all of the Spanish language media have told her that.
Okay, all of their propaganda is based on that premise.
And that's not surprising, she believes.
Well, then I said to her, I said, I said, I said, honey, I said, I said, what did they do to you?
People are going to hear this later.
I said, what did, I go, there are white racists.
I go, I protest with the Klan many times.
I said, what did they do to you, honey?
And she said, they told me I had to learn English for my own.
Well, of course, that's good.
That makes you make more money.
That's the world language.
No, no, that's not it.
The thing is, if you watch the Spanish language media, you should listen to all the... No, we have a radio station in town called The Invaders.
Well, that's why.
And of course, it's a false claim.
It's a false claim, and it's running pretty thin these days, even in the media.
And people are beginning to understand that this is really a hostile invasion of the United States for political purposes, not just to find work.
Work is an excuse.
And Washington wants it to drive down the wages and enslave us all.
If you love your children, folks, you'll fight this.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
Pan Amers.
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Just type into Google, Madam Morris Satanic Rituals.
You'll get Texas Monthly, AP, you name it.
Over a hundred bodies have been dug up where they grab college kids, cut their hearts out, torture them to death.
I mean, that's just one of the wonderful things going on around here.
I mean, it's so crazy.
But I was talking to Glenda in the break.
There was a World Net Daily report about one of these La Ricanquista groups called Aslan.
And, you know, putting out this report saying you're going to get Montezuma's revenge, you're going to get your food poisoned if you go to the Las Vegas, you know, kind of Minuteman conclave.
And I agree with Glenn.
I was talking to him during break.
This is nothing but intimidation, folks.
But they should, you know, even if it's just a few people that run that group, they should still get in trouble.
I guarantee you, if I started saying...
You know, somebody needs to poison somebody's political meeting.
I mean, I would get in big trouble, and I should.
Glenn, any comments on that?
Yeah, that information should be turned over to the FBI.
But I've had a policy for years.
I will not post anything from that Aslan group.
As far as I know, and the research I've done, it represents three people.
But doing so would suggest that this represents more than these three people, and I don't think that's journalistically honest.
Well, I think World Night Daily had a right to post what they said, because it does show a mentality.
Yeah, it does show a mentality, but what are they trying to do?
They're trying to frighten people away from the meeting, and if there's no legitimate...
Are you going to be at that Las Vegas meeting?
Yeah, I told them three weeks ago that I couldn't go, so I have two of my guys going in my stead.
Well, I mean, I'm sure it is all bark, but it just shows the mentality.
Okay, good.
Glenn, give folks your phone number and information that want to get involved or want to go to the website and look at these screenshots and video clips of us.
Yeah, you've got a beautiful shot of the Border Patrol agent chasing some key people.
And this just happened a few minutes ago.
Do you see that right now?
I don't have a computer in the studio because I get distracted.
Anyway, if anybody can see it, it's a beautiful high-resolution picture of the Border Patrol guy getting out of his vehicle right there at the border in the San Pedro River.
That's on AmericanPatrol.com, and you can link to it.
American Border Patrol is a nonprofit corporation.
You can donate to us, and we can send these airplanes all along the border.
And we can be reached at 1-800-600-8642 or 1-800-600, spelling it out, VOIC, V-O-I-C.
Say it slower.
Yeah, 1-800...
600-VOICE, B-O-Y-C.
You can print it.
Put the E in there.
That's correct.
Or AmericanBorderPatrol.com.
Or AmericanPatrol.com is the best link to go to.
That goes through to American Border Patrol.
And AmericanPatrol.com is approaching 12 million hits.
Well, that's good, Glenn, and I'm glad you're fighting the racism and fighting this Washington-controlled destruction of America.
And God bless you, my friend.
Thank you very much.
Thanks for all the updates.
But I think it is important.
I think World Net Daily did a good job, you know, quoting what they said.
I mean, because, you know, the Aslan group's connected to Mecha and all the other groups, and I see the similar rhetoric coming out.
And again, I never knew this was going on until I started just watching their own videos and reading their websites seven, eight years ago, and I'm like, man, this is bad.
And I know most Hispanics aren't involved in this, but the media and the government gives aid and comfort to these groups and tries to set them up as the leaders.
Because they want to control everybody.
So if you're going to be free, I've got to be free.
And together we can fight this new world order.
But that clip's coming up later.
Of this poor lady who was so racist, or sounded racist, but didn't even know that what she was saying is textbook.
You know, I don't trust any white people.
You know, you're basically bad.
I mean, what does that mean?
Come on, let's all come together against the globalists.
Please, for our children's sake.
Folks, my new film, Martial Law, is out.
And it's available for order via InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com via the Safe Secure Shopping Cart.
Or go to PrisonPlanet.tv and get a monthly subscription.
19 cents a day, a monthly subscription.
15 cents a day for a yearly subscription.
Get three months for free with a yearly.
That's what it comes out to.
PrisonPlanet.tv or InfoWars.com.
Don't wait.
Go read the rave reviews of this new film.
It's my best work yet.
And the next hour is going to be jam-packed with your calls, a ton of news, and in 30 minutes, a guest joining us from Madrid, Spain, on the Bilderberg Group.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, we're now into hour number two.
Mike and Richard and Alex and David and Charles, your calls are coming up here in just a minute or so.
Then I want to get into all these new news articles since we covered it yesterday.
U.S.-trained Mexican commandos pose threat to authorities.
Now the only characters are killing so many cops and federal officers and...
Tourism is totally imploding along the southern border.
I mean, people don't have an idea what's going on in the rest of the country because there's a national news blockout on this.
But it's all over.
Local news, over 100 murders in the last year by these guys.
A train at the School of America is by the U.S.
Doctors in England and the government are saying they need to ban.
Kitchen knives are very evil.
A poll majority say they'd be likely to vote for Hillary Clinton.
From USA Today, what a nightmare.
Got an expert on the Bilderberg Group from Madrid, Spain, an award-winning journalist joining us.
Speaking of Spain, an explosion hits another train station.
Thank God no one was hurt.
New alert over gender-bending chemicals that are in the foods we eat.
Our boys are turning into girls, and our girls are maturing way too early.
Very dangerous.
wants to be able to access British ID cards and just so much more.
We'll also get into this Downing Street memo showing premeditated lying about WMDs, Lord Bush, and Lord Blair.
Right now, Mike in New York.
Mike, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, sir.
Pleasure being on the show, Alex.
I apologize.
I was on hold about a week ago, and when you came to me, I was unavailable to the phone.
Sorry to cause some dead air at the time.
Well, that's all right, sir.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex, um...
First, your video's great making copies, circulating it, turning everybody on around here, and a lot of people are very impressed with that work, Alex, so it's a great job.
Alex, you know, everything you've been covering reminds me of Mel Gibson's movie Braveheart.
Thank you, Mike.
You know, I watched it quite a few times because I was very impressed how Mel, with the storyline, really revealed that this is how they operate.
You know, we're going to breed the Scots out of Scotland.
And now they're doing that to us, basically.
They're going to try... They're just taking... They want to wipe out the middle class.
They're flooding our country with illegals.
And it's very much parallel to what they did to the American Indians in the 1800s.
They're trying to do everything they can to get us off our property, and they plan on giving it to these third-worlders for their...
New World Order can state where the United States is now, just like you've been saying.
Well, actually, these third-worlders are used to not owning property, so they plan to have them as their slaves and everybody else as well.
Precisely, precisely.
Instead of all these illegals joining us in the battle against the New World Order, which is actually happening.
When I'm able to reach out to these people and they can understand me, they understand and wake up.
Because they've never heard the truth.
When they hear the truth, it clicks.
That's right.
And we're up against, like you've always said, devil worshippers.
And as we covered in the past, the United States is definitely special.
We had the great founding fathers, supernatural events surrounding Washington and the whole foundation of this country.
And to this day, the Americans got to realize God loves this country and we're just being tested.
He wants to see how much we love him and the freedom that we've been given, unlike any other people on this planet.
And do we deserve it?
And so come on, Americans, wake up
Start living a more godly way of life, and all we need to do is pray.
If we're virtuous and we pray, we can dispel this dark cloud so fast that the light of God never fails.
I hear you, my friend.
Thanks for the call.
You know, none of us are perfect.
You know, the phony Christian media says that it's all about acting like you're good and just going to church.
And folks, no, it's about standing up against corruption, taking the risk that liberty demands and that liberty needs, and just moving forward.
Not all the petty trappings, but just loving God and doing the best you can.
All right, we'll be right back with Richard and Alex and...
David and Charles and many others and a ton of news, so don't touch that dial.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Alright, coming up, an expert on the Bilderberg Group will be joining us from Madrid, Spain, an award-winning journalist with some new developments.
He's been covering it for the last few years.
I want to get into Viagra.
New report out.
Might make you go blind.
For all these drugs, there's unseen side effects.
You need to always gauge the side effects for the quote, benefits.
That's some of what's coming up as well.
Right now, Richard in Alabama.
Richard, good to hear from you.
I want to give you a little anecdotal example or evidence that we're under international law rather than the Constitution.
When a white man is stopped for driving with no license, he's usually a teenager, and what they do is they create for him a driver's license record suspended and a number, and they don't ask him to sign anything.
He's just got a record.
And the next time they stop him, they add on a charge of no insurance.
Now, a Mexican who's stopped, they will ask him to please get a driver's license, but they will not force it on him.
And if they give him a ticket, when he goes to court, he just skips away on jurisdiction.
Usually they don't show up, and if they don't show up, they usually don't even issue a warrant.
And, well, it just
Getting so that if you can prove that you're not an American, you can skip away from traffic courts.
You don't have to worry about it.
And you don't need any insurance.
And you don't need a driver's license.
And in fact, you'd be really stupid to get a driver's license in Alabama.
If you don't have to, if you can get away without one,
It'd be stupid to even apply.
Well, let me agree with you.
If you're Asian, if you're black, if you're white, you're held to those rules.
But it is true.
Again, I have a friend who manages the biggest apartment complex in Austin, the biggest property management company in the nation, and they were told two Christmases ago at a big meeting in Dallas, we have done a secret deal with the federal government.
We're one-third public housing.
If they are immigrants, they are allowed from Latin America, they are allowed...
They have turned to an apartment.
But if a citizen who's got money does it, run them out.
If they have somebody visiting for more than a week, run them out.
We want to make room for these people.
We don't have to pay taxes anymore because we're covertly doing this.
It's Bush pays for the health care of the illegals, but I have friends who can't get life-saving surgery and they don't have the money, so they're just out of luck.
We know about extra tuition for illegals with Republicans pushing it everywhere with Democrats.
We know that they accept the consular matricula cards.
I've been at the bank watching an illegal being given a bank account with nothing.
But then they run me through the ringer and ask me how much money I got, what my net worth is, and all these Know Your Customer Act things.
It's a double-edged system designed, or a dual system,
And you're right.
It is the Pan-American Union.
It's already being set up right now.
Open meetings.
The Supreme Court says they follow international law.
And citizens are the suckers.
We're the people to be fed on, to be sucked on.
And then they're bringing in... They've set all these incentives up to bring all the illegals of the world here to then drive down wages, further balkanize the nation.
And there's even big Ford Foundation documents on this.
So I don't want these illegals to smirk and say, we're involved in a revolution.
We're taking down your government.
Ah, let's burn an American flag!
Like they love to do at these rallies.
Well, the federal government loves you and funds you.
They hate America.
They're dissolving America.
The illegal aliens are the enzyme that a mosquito, when it puts its proboscis into your skin, it pumps an acid in that liquefies the blood cells so it can slurp it up easier.
And that's all the illegals are, is what the mosquito, the New World Order, is injecting into us so they can more properly sanguinate us and suck the juices out.
Alex, it's not just the Mexicans.
It's anyone who can prove that he's not an American.
No, that's what I just said.
But we always talk about Latin America because that's 80% of it.
But no, it's the Poles, it's the Russians, it's the Chinese, it's the Indians.
I mean, under this new amnesty, unlimited skilled workers who will work for a third of what Americans will who paid $100,000 for their degree.
I mean, I know people...
They also are eroding our tax base by bringing in all these foreign-owned companies with industrial development incentives that take their land off of the property tax roll.
No, I know.
I know.
Look, Samsung doesn't have to pay taxes here in Austin.
None of these foreigners do.
All they are is little plants to put the stuff together that they built, you know, in China or in South Korea.
And the jobs are even leaving Mexico now with NAFTA and GATT and the free trade area of the Americas under these international treaties.
I mean, folks, this is all about monopoly.
The globalists are using the third world to create a monopoly of economic control.
And they'll be done with the illegals soon enough.
I mean, things are going to get so bad here.
The Congressional Budget Office even admits that a lot of these illegals will just go home.
No, they won't go home.
They can't.
Those countries won't allow them back in.
Well, by that, within 15 years, it'll actually slow.
Well, they won't allow those people to come back in.
They want them to leave.
Well, that's another problem.
The dregs come here, predominantly.
The dregs.
The criminals.
The people running from something.
Running from the police, and they come over here, and they're free.
Thanks for the call.
Good points, Richard.
Alex in Connecticut.
Alex, go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
Pretty good, Alex.
Sorry, I'm on cordless phone.
This is pretty cool.
I haven't been trying to... I wanted to talk to you for a long time.
Is this an echo?
Yes, Alex, Alex.
What's going on, man?
Hey, I heard you on... Actually, I was watching something on Sky Angel, and it was called Megiddo, the March to Armageddon, Bible Prophecy and the New World Order.
And it kind of...
Open my eyes, and then a few months later I heard you on Close the Coast.
It was a show I had never heard of, and some guy told me about it.
And I'm like, man, I've got to take this guy out.
So I go to your website, and I've been watching, I ordered a lot of your documentary films, and I saw that here that you're in Connecticut, Bridgeport, and Bridgeport, WICC 600 AM.
Well, I called the station.
They said we no longer carry WICC 600 AM.
DCN Network.
I'm like, okay.
And I'm thinking probably because it's near New Haven.
Well, stations get bought and sold, and the problem is I don't know where it is on my website because I keep trying to find it.
There's like a two-year-old list on there.
We have more affiliates than ever, but the network has that list, and I want that off my list.
In fact, email Ryan right now and tell him to find that old list of affiliates.
I mean, I'd love to have you in Connecticut, because I can only listen to you on the Internet, and I actually don't have a shortwave radio.
I was thinking of buying one.
And I want everybody to listen to this, because... Well, sir, within six months, even sooner...
Mainstream radio, unless they've really got alternative news, is losing ratings.
It's falling apart.
That's why they let me on a lot of big national shows, because they've got to get the listeners.
They know people want to hear this.
That's why Michael Savage is now talking about the New World Order.
Everybody's cell phone with a new compression is going to be able to download high-quality audio files, listen to the radio, plug it into your car speakers.
So the revolution's already happening.
They're already losing control.
So it's going to get easier and easier for you to listen, sir.
Okay, cool.
And I just wanted to know, actually, I wanted to show your films on local access and public access.
And local access is pretty lenient.
Yeah, yeah, we'll do it.
But Public Access, they said I need a written consent from you.
What you do is, and I've been telling my people, there's so much you need to do to put a form on the website that's signed, a blank form, but sir, at the end of the takeover, I say you're authorized to air this on Access TV.
And I told them that, but they said no, we need written consent.
Just get it done.
Okay, just...
Or, I mean, call my office and we'll fax you a signed letter, okay?
It's the 512... 291-5750.
All right, cool.
Thanks for the call.
And there's just so much.
I need to get that done, too.
I waste so much time having to sign those forms and mail them out.
Why don't I just put it on the website?
Welcome to my life.
Let's talk to Darryl in Michigan, or is it David in Michigan?
David in Michigan there.
Sorry, go ahead, David.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, about your English cutlery story?
Have you ever seen the original Berger Island with Wallace Berry, where they were signing the sailors on the ship and the captain was busting their knives in half on an anvil?
And Dr. Livesey says, banana semen wouldn't mind having his knife broken.
Well, yes, that's because they would press people.
They would kidnap them.
That's where the draft started.
They were hiring these people to go to Treasure Island.
But I'm talking about the real basis of that.
They would not allow a pressed man to have a knife.
But they made Long John Silver the cook with the big butcher knife.
Well, for those who don't know, there's calls in England now to ban knives over four inches.
Over there in England, like the gangs over there?
Their favorite weapon is a razor blade stuck in a wine cork.
You can put that right in your pocket.
I know, but look, it's about disarming the slaves, trying us to be these greebling, pathetic, simpering wimps.
Anything else?
Well, you know, my dad and mom finally wised up.
They moved back here from Phoenix yesterday.
Hey, I want to hear about this when we get back.
Stay with us.
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To be merged into a communist-style one-world government?
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David, in Michigan, you say your folks woke up.
I mean, what do you mean they woke up?
My dad said he got sick and tired of going into McDonald's and couldn't get waited on in English, for one thing.
But they went to a... He's in the Lions Club.
And they went to a dinner about a month and a half ago where they had the sheriff of the county there.
And he explained to them, word for word, what you have to say about what's going on on the border.
They come home, they put their house up for sale the next day.
And again, for those who don't know, everybody's moving out.
The Hispanics that are Americans are fleeing.
I mean, I have the newscast.
There's no one in the shops.
South Texas, Arizona.
I mean, there's machine gunning, dead cops everywhere.
But it's not on the national news.
But the sheriff told them the truth, huh?
Oh, yeah.
They were just far enough out of Phoenix over towards Gold Canyon and Apache Junction where they weren't living in the ghetto.
But there was a walled community and it just wasn't safe anymore.
There were people coming through the yard at night and everything.
So they evacuated.
Well, they actually got a good price for their house and said goodbye.
Well, you know, I've heard the Mecha and La Raza and La Ricanquista people, we play their clips going, if you don't like it, just leave.
But on this newscast from the Texas border, they're like, please come back, don't leave.
Everyone's leaving, and it shows all these Hispanic Americans going, I'm leaving, I'm out of here.
These special forces troops are killing people.
I mean, it's bad, folks.
Listen, I appreciate the call, but it's all part of the globalist plan that you cannot run, folks.
We've got to fight it.
We've got to stop it.
It's only one part of the equation, though.
It's a fraction of it.
Charles in Tucson, Arizona.
Welcome, Charles.
Hi, Alex.
How are you?
Good, good.
This whole Border Patrol subject kind of hits a personal note for me.
I'm, of course, down here in Tucson, Arizona, at the epicenter of all this.
I run an antique store.
We have a small refinishing shop, and our owners, we have a couple illegal immigrants that work in our refinishing shop.
And I've got to tell you, there's a lot of ambivalence down here about this whole subject, because from my personal point of view, these guys are great workers.
They're my friends, and I really respect them and what they do.
And believe it or not, they make more money than me.
We pay them $12 an hour.
Oh, no.
Listen, Americans... Now, this is a complex issue, but a lot of spoiled, rotten Americans, black, white, doesn't matter, have gotten lazy.
A lot of these illegal aliens came from little bitty peasant towns.
Their daddy was a corn farmer, good Christian people.
They're up here to work hard.
I'm talking about the government manipulating and using this group to drive down the wages.
But when it comes to being artisans, the great artisans...
I'm talking about 25 to 30 percent of the troops in Iraq being illegal aliens who became legal.
I'm talking about the leaders of these groups.
I said that earlier.
The leaders want to make them racist, want to fill them full of lorica and quista, but that's all being funded by the Fortune 500 who want to radicalize these groups.
I mean, I know most of these people are just hard-working peasantry, just like the people that built America who were Irish and German and English and Italian.
All right?
So I'm not saying that's not happening, but...
With a lot of the other jobs, it is driving down the wages.
This is happening.
And it just gets to the point where...
We're good to go.
I think?
Well, I only hear about it on your show because you get a bunch of crap from the local media here.
Well, I mean, look, I've got KVOA.
You know KVOA?
Well, I don't really watch television, but... U.S.-trained Mexican commandos pose threat to authorities, and it says, you know, the memo alerting law enforcement.
Tucson 4?
They were trained by the U.S.
government, the School of Americas.
They're now killing Border Patrol and others.
Yeah, we hear about that, and a lot of, you know, the college kids go down to Puerto Penasco, and a lot of them are refusing to go because every week we hear about somebody being executed on the side of the road when their car breaks down.
Well, that's what I'm telling you, sir.
I know.
But, I mean, or sacrificed.
Did you know about all the sacrifices?
Only from your show.
Well, I don't want you to believe me.
I want you to find out.
No, no, I understand.
No, no, I want you to research devil worship, devil worship Matamoros in.
They go in and find ranches, you know, 20 bodies, 10 bodies, 50 bodies.
Very friendly.
I'm sure it happens.
And just like your last caller, I'm out of here.
I'm moving to Seattle in about six months, so...
Uh, I've had just about enough of it.
But, I mean, I want you to know, sir.
Oh, I know.
Uh, they just, you know, I said 100 bodies.
That was 100 down by Matamoros over the last few years.
They dug up another 75 or so, I'm going from memory, I think it was 80 plus, right across the Laredo border.
How would you like to be kidnapped and have your heart cut out?
Does that sound nice?
Okay, well.
Thanks for having me on.
Thank you.
You know, you'd think that'd be a big national news story.
Devil-worshipping drug dealers kidnapping people's children and killing them?
But no, it's not!
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, right now with our guest joining us from Madrid, Spain, Daniel Escalon.
He's an award-winning investigative journalist who has been researching the Bilderbergers for over 13 years, Escalon.
It was only one of two journals in the world who witnessed and reported from beyond the heavily guarded perimeter the super secret meeting at the Dorant Softel C Hotel in Rottig, Ergen, Munich, Bavaria, Germany on May 5th, 2005.
And we have the report from the online journal on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com
He had a bad line when we just got a hold of him a minute ago.
That's how phone calls still are sometimes to the heart of Europe.
But we'll be getting him on.
Amazing photographs, too.
And then coming up in the next hour, I'm going to play this clip from a poor Hispanic lady who called my show yesterday who just thinks all white people are racist and bad.
And see, that itself is racism.
And it's this self-righteousness that is so incredibly dangerous.
So we'll talk about this mentality that the controlled corporate-owned media is putting into these people to get a fight going, to balkanize.
We can't let this happen.
And then I want to get more into so much of this other news and, of course, your phone calls.
While we're getting our guest, now I guess it's a good time to remind you that we are seven days away
From my premiere of Martial Law 9-1-1 Rise of the Police State at the Alamo Draft House in downtown Austin.
We're going to be showing it at 7 and 10 p.m., two separate showings.
Then we're going to be showing it again the next week, Wednesday, the 8th of June, at 8 o'clock at the Alamo Draft House, and that's on South Lamar.
So it's going to be a lot of fun.
I can't wait to see you out there.
In the past when we've had single showings, I don't know, I've shown films four times.
And three times they sold out.
And turned away.
One time we turned away hundreds of people.
Another time we turned away like 50.
One time we turned away like 10 people.
Other time we filled the theater up like 85%.
So we're having three showings this time.
Friday, June 8th.
Excuse me.
Friday, June 3rd.
Friday, June 3rd.
Next Friday, 7 and 10 p.m., two separate showings.
Colorado Street, downtown Austin.
And I'll give a speech before each one, have a question and answer after.
And, you know, give out a few DVDs, a few prizes.
And then the next week, Alamo Draft House, South Lamar.
They've got food, pizza, everything.
Ice cream, floats, drinks, all of it.
They've got a huge menu.
Especially the South Lamar one.
That's Wednesday, June 8th, 8 o'clock, Alamo Draft House, South Lamar.
Folks are coming in from all over Texas and even some other states.
You can go to InfoWars.com and link through to the Alamo Draft House website right to the sub page where you can purchase tickets beforehand.
If any of the showings sell out online beforehand, I will tell you what those showings are the day of the events so you know if you can even make it.
Or you can go to one of the other showings that hasn't sold out.
It doesn't look like we're going to sell out of any of the showings online.
It might get close, but you never know.
So don't delay, my friends.
Get your tickets today.
I can't wait to meet you and see you and hang out.
I'll have my books and videos and everything there, and it's going to be wonderful.
Also, I have, of course, made these videos available through the websites.
I have made these documentaries available through InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
You can order hard copies of any of the 12 films I've produced, or the dozens of other films and books and audiobooks exposing the globalists that I carry, from Bloodlines to the Illuminati to 9-11 Descent into Tyranny to Jews and Preservation of Firearms Ownerships, great 9-11, excuse me, great Second Amendment video.
Innocence Betrayed.
We just carry so much important information.
So I hope you'll go to Infowars.com and peruse the shopping cart and order some.
Or I hope that you will call, and they can answer all your questions when you call, my great operators, 1-888-253-3139-8888.
Or you can just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Don't wait.
Get the videos.
Make copies.
Get them out to people.
And I want to commend those that have gotten the films and have gotten them out.
I salute you.
Were we able to get our gaster?
Oh, he's calling you via the landline.
Well, that's good news.
Well, are you unable to dial Madrid yourself on the landline?
We have him!
And I'm excited about this.
He's a great individual.
Coming up the next hour, I'm also going to play some audio of some poetry.
You know, I like poetry.
I'm quite a weirdo.
Especially, I like the old-fashioned poetry, the classics.
And this is a Robert Browning Jr.
Child Roland to the Dark Tower Came.
It's about a quest, I guess, against tyranny and all the death and destruction along the way.
Very interesting.
But I want to play it because we were more literate in the 1800s when this was written than we are today.
I mean, I have trouble understanding some of the words, and I'm somewhat of a wordsmith occasionally and somewhat of a reader.
And I have trouble grasping the full beauty of this poem.
But, I mean, our school children, it probably sounds like an alien language.
You know, something being broadcast from Pluto.
But we're going to play it.
About ten minutes long.
That's coming up in the next hour.
I do weird stuff like this occasionally.
So bear with us.
I just want to play it.
We're going to do it.
Do we have our guest?
More line trouble.
It just never ends, ladies and gentlemen.
You know what?
Go with the cell phone.
Go with the cell phone.
Even if that sounds somewhat bad, people will understand, okay?
This has been going on for ten minutes, and I want to just go ahead and get him on.
The World in the Palm of Their Hands, Bilderberg, 2005, by Daniel Estelin.
And I know I'm butchering that.
The annual secret meeting of the Bilderberg Group determines many of the headlines and news developments.
You will read about it in coming months, but the establishment media completely blacked it out.
With the exception of a half dozen high-ranking members of the press who were sworn to secrecy, few have ever heard of the exclusive and secretive group called the Bilderberg Group.
Of course, this came out a few days ago.
He might have missed the CNN piece where they said, Oh yeah, they're for world government.
But they care about us, and they do control things, but that's all right.
Mainstream news organizations boastful about their no-holds-barred investigative exploits have been strangely reluctant to lift the blackout curtain hiding a major event, the Bilderberg Group's secret annual meeting with the world's most powerful financiers, industrialists, and political figures.
2005 was a bad year for Bilderberg, and its future looks gloomy.
Herculean efforts to keep their meetings secret in Germany failed miserably.
Bilderberg's grief is the free world's glory and hope for future restraining the power grabbers in the dawn of the new millennium.
And let's go to Daniel Estelund.
Am I pronouncing your name right, sir?
You are, sir.
Well, it's great to have you.
Sorry about the technical stuff.
Alex, thanks for having me on your show.
I love it.
You bet.
So you're joining us from Madrid?
I live in Madrid, Spain.
It's for my own safety.
I'm from Toronto, Canada, but I feel a little bit safer here, and I could probably live longer living in Madrid than in Toronto.
Well, it's good to have you on with us.
Tell us a little bit about yourself, and then let's get into what you witnessed.
I mean, you pierced the veil, unlike some of the media that was there, of what was going on this year and who was there and some of the stuff that came out of it.
I've been doing this for 13 years and I've been covering the Dillenbergers with a friend of yours by the name of Jim Tucker from the American Free Press.
I'm a Russian expatriate who was kicked out of the Soviet Union in 1980.
My father was a dissident who fought for freedom of speech, was jailed, tortured by the KGB, suffered two clinical deaths when these people got tired of us.
They threw us out.
We moved to Canada, and 12 years ago I came to Spain.
My grandfather was a colonel on the KGB and the counterintelligence in the 1950s, so I am privileged somewhat to get a lot of information from Secret Service, which are our best sources of information.
Not only the KGB people, but the MI6 people, the CIA.
Most of the people who work for the Secretariat, as you probably know, are patriots and they love their country and they're doing it for the good of the nation.
And they're the first ones absolutely terrified of the plans of the Bilderbergers.
Well, Jim Tucker's talked about this over and over again.
You've got royalty, the heads of the most powerful corporations, 150 of them, usually 120 members and about 20, 30 guests, meeting there, and he'll talk to employees and they won't help him.
But when they see how vicious and evil these people are, how you can't look them in the eye when they hear about their evil plans, they always give him the scoop.
And I know you've had the same thing happen.
So tell us what's happened in the last 13 years and even what some of the Secret Service...
You've got a photo here of...
The extremely heavy protection of the most powerful men and women in the world.
The Bilderbergs are protected by the MI's 13 years of experience.
And what happened this year?
Well, I want to tell you a little bit about this year because I think pound for pound this year's conference was the strongest in history.
I mean, these people are getting very, very serious.
We'll get to the talking point of the conference in a minute.
But again, some of the best sources that I have had over the years, the special forces, the CIA, the KGB, the MI6, the Mossad people,
They're the closest ones to the levers of power that these people control.
And ones that they know that they can trust you.
They want to pass on the information as quickly and as soon as they possibly can.
And we're getting some very, very good intelligence.
And over the last 13 years, most of the things that we've gotten have come true.
One of the things that in 1996 these people have tried to assassinate me because...
And by the way, now Reuters last week admitted Pan American Union.
Oh, exactly.
That's it.
Oh, absolutely.
Again, as I said, this year's conference was the strongest in history, pound for pound.
I have a list of some of the
It's right here.
Just check it out.
Some of the people who are there.
Etienne Davignon, who is the honorary chairman of Bilderberger, who is the vice chairman of Swiss Tractabel, one of the strongest companies in Europe.
This man owns most of the banks and electrical companies in Europe.
In Belgium, Martin Taylor, the international advisor for Goldman Sachs, was there.
The chairman of the Deutsche Bank, Joseph Ackermann, was there.
Most of the European commissioners were there.
Most of the former and present prime ministers were there as well this year.
Franco Bernabé, who is the vice chairman of Rothschild Europe,
The people were there.
John Brown.
The new World Bank head, Wolfowitz.
Wolfowitz was there.
I was the only journalist.
There was another kid there taking pictures one morning.
I was the only journalist in the world taking photographs of all these people.
Wolfowitz was there.
James Wolvenson was there.
Jerome Vanderveer was there, who was the head of the Royal Dutch Shell.
Peter Sutherland, who was the head of the Goldman Sachs and British Petroleum.
The Queen of Spain was there.
The Queen of Holland was there.
The Prince of Belgium was there.
There's another character, a very interesting man by the name of David Byrne, who is the World Health Organization's special envoy on global communicable diseases.
Oh yeah, that's going to be their big plan for control.
Oh, absolutely.
I'm presently getting some very interesting information from the sources working for the Bilderbergers and for the CIA people, and I'll have the results in the next couple of weeks.
But I can tell you, it does not smell very, very good.
Philip Camus was there, who is the head of the European Air Defense.
Who else was there?
The American delegation, of course, David George, or George David.
Timothy Collins.
The president of Federal Reserve Bank of New York was there, Timothy Geithner.
Donald Graham from the Washington Post.
Your neocons, Richard Haass was there.
Holbrooke was there.
The Secretary General of NATO was there, Alan Hubbard.
By the way, the sales to dictatorships and oligarchies are at record levels by the U.S.
Oh, of course.
right now.
I mean, they need to do this.
They need to destabilize nations.
They need the money.
Vernon Jordan was there.
Henry Kissinger, Bernard Kushner, who is the director and the founder of Doctors Without Borders, Henry Kravis represented Colbert, Kravis and Roberts.
And the very interesting thing about these people, as I live in Spain, one of the top telecommunications companies here is called AUNA.
It's on the block.
And at the conference we got some very, very good information that the KKR, the Colbert, Kravis and Roberts,
So they're all there deciding who's going to get all the government contracts.
It's a major scam.
But let's go back to the bioweapons and how they're scurrying around, gearing up for that as a pretext for martial law.
That's the intel we've been getting perpetually.
Tell us about what you're getting now.
Biological weapons.
I'm getting a lot of information from the meeting.
I mean, this is something unprecedented this year.
We have never had so much intelligence from our sources.
See, it rained from the moment we got there.
I'm talking about a torrential downpour for the five days that I was there.
It rained and continued raining from 6 o'clock in the morning until midnight.
At least that time I went to bed.
And one of the things about weapons, modern biological weapons, nuclear weapons, and again the neocon agenda in Iran is on the agenda, and it all goes back, which brings to mind actually the Falklands War.
Now, can I talk a little bit about that?
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
Well, one of the things about the Falcons' war, it was an operation planned by the Rockefeller-controlled Aspen Institute of Colorado, and it had nothing to do about the British forces against the Argentine forces.
It had to do with nuclear energy.
And the whole thing about Iran is these people want to prevent Iran
From getting an abundant nuclear energy, because this is nuclear energy generating electricity in cheap and abundant supplies.
It will allow countries such as Iran and other third world countries to become independent of United States foreign aid, which keeps them in servitude.
And this way they can begin to assert their sovereignty.
And again, less foreign aid means less control of a country's natural resources by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and greater freedom
Thank you.
Did you get from your sources, we'll find out after the break, does it look like they may be going into Iran this summer?
Not yet.
I don't have that information yet.
Most of the stuff that I have, most of the stuff I will have over the next few weeks will deal with some very deep intelligence.
But some of the things, again, the principal... But you know it was being discussed.
Oh, absolutely.
It was being discussed not only in the meeting itself, it was being discussed in smaller groups.
Again, these people have their meetings and they break into smaller groups and they have their smaller group discussions and then they pass on the agenda to the necessary people who then pass it on to the local and national governments and European community, etc.
Yep, this is the Big Smoky Room.
We'll be right back with our guest.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to award-winning investigative journalist Daniel Estelund.
And for 13 years he's been covering the Bilderberg Group.
I want to keep him a little bit into the next hour, so we've got to move quickly to cover all of this, then to get to some other news and play a few audio clips that are coming up in the next hour that, believe me, you don't want to miss.
Daniel continuing.
I mean, there's no doubt, for those that don't know...
That Jim Tucker's able to get their agenda and then say what's going to happen in the next year, and then that gets implemented.
I mean, what they want is what they get.
And five years ago, it was denied that it even existed.
You were a kook.
Now it's starting to pop up in our news.
But they're telling us, yes, they want world government, but world government's good.
Daniel, what other intel did you get from inside of this conference?
Well, this was one of the most terrifying conferences, I think, in history, at least the 13 years that I've been covering.
It's one of the...
That's what Tucker said that Kissinger said.
Jim and I got the same information from two different sources that the price of oil will go up.
Kissinger is the one to admit it.
Now, according to my sources within the group who are actually members of the Bilderbergers, these people estimate that the extractable world's oil supply to be at a maximum of 35 years under current economic development and population.
However, one of the representatives of an oil cartel at the conference remarked that if we take into consideration both the population explosion
Now, again, they're engineering that, though, to claim there's no oil, and at the same time, as you said, not letting countries develop nuclear energy to have that monopoly.
I mean, again, this is all part of the globalist plan for the New World Order because slavery is free and freedom costs a lot of money and it's not free.
One of the things that they did talk about, at least mention in passing, was one of the ways, what these people need to do is, as there's not enough oil supply, they need to begin eliminating world population.
And that brings to mind
A 1974 report commissioned by Nixon in the last couple of months of his... Yeah, written by Kissinger, where they talk about ordering the Third World to sterilize half their women or no IMF or World Bank money?
On page 9 of that report, I think the second or third last paragraph of the page, they're talking about eliminating 3 billion people in the world and 100 million Americans before the end of 2015.
And that was declassified in 1991.
Now, we've got that on Infowars.com, official CIA commission report with the headline written by, the synopsis written by the demon, the boar, his real code name is.
But going back here, I mean, you just mentioned population control.
Your sources are saying this came up again.
This came up again at the conference.
Now, this isn't the first time it has come up, but it has not come up so resoundingly and mentioned by so many people at one time during any one conference.
And you're saying at the same time, though, that they had the WHO, the head exterminator, was there?
Well, exactly.
I'm going to get more information on these people over the next couple of weeks.
But what specifically intel-wise did you get on population control?
I didn't get enough information on population control to be able to tell you.
I prefer to get enough leads and then to be able to put it all together.
One interesting thing about the oil depletion is I recently attended a discussion forum hosted by Aspen Institute in Berlin and there a new conservative by the name of Gary Schmidt was laboring the looming showdown with the Chinese
Yeah, well, they're riding the horse of peak oil.
They're creating artificial scarcity.
The evidence shows that what they're claiming is a fraud.
Well, stay there, sir.
We've got a break.
We'll be back in 70 seconds.
We'll have one more little short segment and then a little bit of another segment.
And I've got to get you back on.
It's obvious that 30, 45 minutes is not enough time.
So stay with us.
We'll be right back.
We're learning what he found out from his sources inside Bilderberg.
Big Brother Mainstream Media
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I'm going to play this little ten-minute poem.
The child rolling to the dark tower came.
I'm going to play this clip of this poor lady who's...
Thinks everybody's out to get her, and then everybody else is racist when what she's saying is clearly racist.
From my TV show last night, although I was actually sitting in on Texas Frontline, but it really illustrates stuff.
But that's coming up.
The next 15 minutes or so, we're honored to have Daniel Estelon, an investigative reporter.
He's written a big article here, published in the U.S.
in the online journal, onlinejournal.com, or link through at infowars.com and see the photos in this nine-page report.
He's been there for 13 years.
We're good to go.
Please continue, Daniel, with whatever areas you think are important for the listeners to know.
Just a couple of things.
Well, first of all, just to finish up on the stuff on the energy, conclusion based on what these people were saying, we can expect a severe downturn in the world's economy over the next couple of years as these people try to safeguard their remaining oil supply by taking money out of people's hands in a recession or worse, a depression.
But again, they will do it by creating a severe downturn in the world's economy.
So we can expect that over the next couple of years.
While at the same time telling us the economy's great.
So you got from your sources, that's what they were saying?
That's what they were saying at the conference.
We even have the names of the people, but I do need to confirm that first.
So I prefer to go on again and tell you who said what.
Oh, yes, sir.
A couple of other things we were talking about.
Now, something very interesting about the NGOs.
I've covered this three or four years ago and people were laughing at me.
That's non-governmental organizations.
Calling me a radical.
But one of the funny things about the rise of the NGOs, a development ex-president of the United States, Bill Clinton, called one of the most
Remarkable things that have happened since the fall of the Berlin War.
Now, ironically, Clinton's statement was picked up by the Wall Street Journal one day after the beginning of the Bloomberg Conference.
Wall Street Journal is, of course, a paper always represented at their meetings by people such as Robert Bartley, who is the Vice President, or Paul Gigot, who is the editorial page editor.
Now, these people have been, I've written this over five years ago, that the Billbergers have been debating to have for the first time unelected, self-appointed environmental activists be given a position of governmental authority on governing board of the agency which controls the use of atmosphere, outer space, the oceans, and... And then they can claim it's the people because it's some private group that they appointed, and the environmentalists are going to be used to set up neo-surfdom.
Needless to say, the environmental movement, of course, is a Rockefeller scam, because to have the environmental movement, you need a lot of money, and only people such as Rockefeller can afford it.
Now, according to the sources I have within the Bilderbergers, the status of the NGOs will be elevated even further in the future, and that is in the near future.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
So they openly talked about programs!
And so NGO folks is like taking a renomob and then giving it government power and claiming it represents the people.
Now the United Nations Environment Program, along with all the environmental treaties under its jurisdiction, will ultimately be governed by, from what I understand, a special body of environmental activists.
We'll be right back.
This is incredible.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Daniel Estelin is an award-winning investigative journalist who has been researching the Bilderberg Group for over 13 years.
Estelin was one of only two journalists in the world who witnessed and reported from beyond the heavily guarded perimeter the super-secret meeting at the German...
Rockets, Eagern, Munich, Bavaria, and Germany on May 5th and 8th.
And what he got out of it was that they're hammering tongs, accelerating their program.
They're frantic, population controlled by the billions.
Kissinger talking about this again.
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
One of the things about the NGOs, what these people are putting together, in a nutshell, would provide a direct route from the local on-the-ground, as they call it, NGO affiliates of national and international NGOs to the highest levels of global governance.
I'll give you an example.
The Greater Yellowstone Coalition, which is a group of affiliated NGOs,
Not too long ago petitioned the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO asking for intervention in the plans of a private company to mine gold on private land near Yellowstone Park in the United States.
Now the UNESCO committee did intervene on behalf of these people and immediately listed Yellowstone as a World Heritage Site in danger.
Now under the terms of the World Heritage Convention the United States is required to protect the park even beyond the borders of the park and onto the private lands
If necessary.
And then they link those up with other preserves.
What they do is they say, you can't build on your property.
Then the value drops.
Then they use government money to buy it.
It's given to the Nature Conservancy and other holding groups.
Then the restrictions are taken off and they build shopping malls, golf courses.
It's a major mafia scam and Bush just signed back on to UNESCO.
You got it.
That's it.
Now one of the things that I got from the conference...
We have not yet identified the speaker, but according to somebody at the conference, and now if this thing is implemented, it will bring all the people of the world into a global neighborhood managed by a worldwide bureaucracy under the direct authority of a minute handful of appointed individuals and policed by thousands of individuals paid by accredited NGOs certified to support a belief system which to many people is unbelievable and obviously unacceptable.
Something else that they talked about, something that has been off the radar screens of American newspapers, is the Indonesia-Malaysia standoff.
What else?
It was very briefly mentioned, not at the conference itself, but one of the coffee breaks.
Now, it's a military and a political confrontation between these two nations in the petroleum-rich Sulawesi Sea, which both of these nations claim as their territorial rights.
...was again the topic of a much animated discussion among several American and European Bilderbergers during the afternoon cocktail.
Now an American Bilderberger, according to our sources, waving his cigar, suggested using the United Nations to further a peace policy in the region, quote-unquote.
In fact, the Bilderbergers at the launch table next to them all agreed that such a conflict might well give them an excuse to garrison the disputed area with the United Nations peacekeepers.
And then we see articles in the New York Times a week after this, and we got this from Tucker, too, that, oh, the UN's got to get more aggressive about enforcing peace and start invading countries.
Well, one of the things about invading nations, again, it wasn't mentioned per se, but it was one of the topics during Coffee Conversations, the necessity in the future to invade the United States, or at least take on the United States patriots who are trying to defend the nation against the New World Order.
Stop right there from your sources.
And again, folks, I've talked to Tucker.
I've talked to others.
The source we've got is a great reporter, works with Tucker.
Tucker's got a sterling record on these forecasts.
You're saying American patriots that are fighting this was brought up at Bilderberg.
I'm sorry, what did you say again?
Could you repeat that, please?
Specifically, repeat what you said and give us more details.
What I said was that these people are playing around with the idea that when war comes, because again, I have never seen such aggression as at this year's conference against me, against Jim.
I mean, these people, they follow me around.
I live in Madrid, so I flew from Madrid to Italy, and from Italy I caught a connecting flight to Berlin.
It's got to make them angry.
I'm very, very angry.
They pulled me off the plane in Milan.
Nine cops got on the plane, plus four Interpol guys got on the plane.
They pulled me off.
They questioned me for two and a half hours.
They know who I am.
They have my photographs.
They've had my photographs.
For the last 13 years.
They told me that probably I would not be able to get into Germany because the Schengen Treaty doesn't apply to me because I'm not a European citizen.
I'm a Canadian citizen.
I got into Germany.
Before I got on the plane, I called a few friends of mine, Italian journalists,
Who made enough noise that the German Foreign Ministry had to come out and publicly say that they had no idea who I was or why I was coming to Germany, but needless to say, they were not going to arrest me.
But I want to go back, though, because you said that sources said that they are wondering how to deal with, quote, American patriots that aren't going along with this agenda.
Tell us everything you know.
Well, the idea, again, is people are getting very, very violent and they're getting very aggressive and they're getting very serious.
Their plans, they're not going as fast as they would have liked to.
And one of the things, again, it was not a discussion, one of the key topics of the Bilderberg Conference, but it was... It wasn't on the main agenda.
You're talking about spies, people serving coffee, what they hear, and the little sidebars.
Well, actually, we got it from the intelligence people, so I tend to believe them, first of all.
Okay, specifically tell us what you got from those guarding the Bilderberg.
What we got from these people is that in the future there will definitely be a conflict between the New World or the Bilderbergers and the American Patriot.
This is bone shattering.
You're telling me that one of you...
Your sources in there told you this.
We got it from several sources.
And regardless, even of that several sources, even if they're security people who are trying to scare us, it shows that they are talking about us and they're being given these orders to say this.
So either way, it's a confirmed report.
These people are very, very serious and they're getting very, very angry.
I've never seen such pressing... Well, that's because their program... Listen, that's because their program is falling apart.
Well, it actually is falling apart.
Did you know that in the last month, the attacks on my shelf from a hundred quarters and major magazines and newspapers is just unbelievable?
I mean, we can really see this happening.
I want to just take a second out and tell you, Alex, that I think you have one of the best programs in America, and I am a faithful listener and a devoted fan of everything that you do.
I didn't know that.
Wow, I'm honored, sir.
Yes, sir.
I've got to get you back on for several hours sometime.
There's so much to cover, but any other bombshells you want to drop on us?
Let me see.
Again, empowering the United Nations until it becomes a DMU as well as a de facto world government, and advancing this goal by creating a direct United Nations tax on world citizens by taxing people of the world, as some of that Jim Tucker has already mentioned in the American Free Press and his reports on the Bilderbergs, and I think he must have talked to you about it as well on your show.
They're openly calling for a world tax right now.
They are, exactly.
But you say they're getting very upset.
That's what I'm saying.
I think their whole program is in trouble.
Well, it is in trouble.
I'm not exactly sure because I don't live in the United States, but I think they're way behind schedule and they're getting angry.
And I'm not exactly sure it has anything to do with Rockefeller getting very, very old.
And if there's anyone behind him who's ready to take over the whole movement, but for whatever reason these people are getting very angry, they're getting vicious.
Well, that's what Jim has said, is that they're getting old and they want to see their plan come to fruition.
Well, they do.
We will definitely not be in Rockefeller's lifetime, but I have never seen such anger directed at us in the 13 years that I've been covering this and talking to Jim in the 30 years that he's been doing this.
Well, that's because it's all over the news now.
They can't cover it up anymore.
I hope so.
Well, you know, I get death threats sometimes.
Have you been threatened over this?
Well, they tried to assassinate me in 1996 when we broke the story about them trying to take over Canada and destroy the nation.
And I almost walked into an elevator that didn't have a floor.
In one of the skyscrapers in Toronto, one of the intelligent buildings as they call them, at that moment one of the guards was called up and somebody took over the levers of control and actually pulled the elevator up without the floor.
You went and talked to the guards and found that out?
Well, I talked to the police.
Well, exactly.
All the time I get off on the wrong floor when I'm in a big building.
The door just opens, you just go in.
Yeah, exactly.
Well, sir, people can go to onlinejournal.com and read your amazing report and see your photographs.
They can link through to other sites.
Just search your name and people can see past reports you've done for major publications.
Daniel, any other ways for folks to read your fine work?
Actually, I'm working on a book right now on the Bilderbergers, which will come out in Spain in September, and we have several offers from Portugal, from Germany, and I'll be looking at the United States publishers as well to get it out.
Well, I want to have you back on.
Sure, I don't want to wait until September.
I want to get you back on in a couple weeks as you codify more of your reports and document them, and then I want to have you back on in September, okay?
Thank you for having me, sir.
Wow, thank you so much for coming on.
Take care, Daniel.
It is my honor.
Thank you.
There goes Daniel Estelon from Madrid, Spain, and we need a transcript of this immediately.
Take care.
We need to merge that with the interview we did a few weeks ago with Jim Tucker when he got back.
We need a transcript of that as well.
We haven't done that yet.
We need that.
Please help us, folks, to get that done.
We'll get this audio report posted by tomorrow at the latest.
Coming up will be the phone call on a TV show I was doing yesterday.
It's a little bit overdriven.
I'm sorry.
The audio.
It's pretty good.
Where I'm talking to this caller to show the mindset of how people really have their own racist views, but then think everybody else is racist, and how pervasive this is.
Concerning the Lurican Keystone, then we'll play that...
That Robert Browning Jr.
quote and poem, and then cover some other news.
Maybe jam a few calls in.
I don't know if we'll have time.
But right out of the next break, you'll hear this call to the TV show yesterday.
And I just couldn't convince this poor lady.
I mean, she's obviously a sweetheart, but she doesn't know how warped she is.
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Let's go ahead and call her.
I had a couple of questions and I guess I'll admit I have some kind of confusion I guess of everything that's going on.
When I was at a university, and I won't mention which one it was, I was recruited by Mecha.
I've been to LULAC meetings.
I've been to all that kind of stuff.
Sometimes I agree with you, sometimes I'm not sure.
Well, I mean, I've got a hundred videos, ma'am.
I have the current mayor of L.A.
saying all whites should leave and go back to Europe.
Well, I mean, okay.
No, I mean, I have LULAC, I have MEJA, I have LARAZA.
I mean, MEJA's the worst, then comes the race, and then LULAC's, you know, but it's all, look, I'm telling you.
Well, I have to protect my civil rights here because, let me just tell you one thing.
It's not, I'm not trying to attack you, but I've faced so much discrimination in this country that I've...
Who else is supposed to represent me when I get oppressed by whites?
Well, ma'am, let me say this.
Let me say this.
It feeds on itself.
It's going to cause white racism against Hispanics.
This is what the globalists want.
Yes, I agree.
That's what I'm saying.
I don't know about that, you know, and I'll research that, but I'm not a violent person, but because growing up, you know, I was very oppressed, and that in me turned to anger.
Okay, well, tell me what happened to you.
Okay, growing up in school, I was ridiculed by teachers for speaking Spanish.
We're good to go.
What did you just say a second ago?
That Mexico is corrupt.
You said something about racism.
I've just faced so much racism here that I will not ever trust a white person.
And I don't want to have you killed, but no, don't roll your eyes.
Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, let me put you on hold.
What do you think that was, what you just said?
You can't ever trust a white person.
I just said that.
And you don't even know what you're saying.
I mean, I got Gus Garcia saying Hispanics are God race and the master race?
I've got to do more shows on this.
Ma'am, I'm going to put a documentary together where it shows me protesting the Klan, the white supremacists, and that's six, seven years ago, and then I start protesting these groups.
I mean, I grew up in Dallas and had black people call me honky.
I had black people attack me, pull knives and guns on me.
I don't think blacks are all racist and hate me.
I mean, I've been mugged by a black guy.
Of course, he didn't like what happened to him, but the point is... Let's just say he tried to mug me.
The point here is that I don't think blacks are out to get me.
Are there racist whites?
Yeah, they're out there.
Most whites are so gullible and full of guilt that it's the complete opposite.
Believe me.
But do you understand, ma'am, we're all the same group?
You know, in Africa, the globalists play one African tribe off against another.
In Ireland, it's Catholic against Protestant.
They just find differences in playing.
Did you know the Ford Foundation funded Hitler?
Did you know it funds Metro La Raza and the Reconquistas?
Bush is all for it.
I'm sure you know Bush is not a very nice person.
Why is he for all this?
You know what?
I'm tempted to get her phone number and have her on as a guest sometime on the radio to really talk this out.
Because, I mean, number one, the government doesn't want people to learn English so they can keep you in little barrios and have...
Local barrio bosses that tell you all the racial lingo but keep control of you.
You need to learn English.
It's the world language because British were pirates.
I got a British name.
They were the most aggressive and they knew how to put lime in their water so their teeth wouldn't fall out and the other navies wouldn't do it.
So they had twice the naval power because their men were healthy when the other men weren't healthy just because they had limes.
Did you know that?
We speak English because the British put lime in the rum.
Okay, so that's the world language, dear.
That's the world language.
They don't want you to have it.
So your teachers ridiculed you.
Believe me.
It was because they cared about you.
Now, somebody might have been racist to you and called you names.
Folks, I mean, I remember being out in redneck land visiting my grandma during the summer and having racist whites calling me names.
You're part of some kind of Yankee.
Believe me.
White people are not out to get you.
Actually, there are white bankers that are out to get you.
They want to use you as a political tool.
And we've got loaded phones and we're out of time.
Mason, I've got to come back and do this some more, and I've got to make a documentary.
government-trained Mexican commandos killing people.
And who are they killing?
They're killing Hispanics!
Because they don't want anybody dealing drugs, but they're...
That's right, but they're a cartel.
But, I mean, you heard her.
I just can't trust white people.
I don't want to kill you.
See, I'm very nice.
I think you should be able to live.
And she sounded like a nice lady.
See, she doesn't, because under multiculturalism, every other group's good, but whites.
If the majority was Hispanics, then they'll be bad, the media will say.
It's about the globalists playing us off against each other.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Pope John Paul II is already being acclaimed a saint.
During his 26 years, he canonized 482 saints.
The one saint that stands out in my mind is Saint Maria Faustina, a poor, uneducated Polish nun.
Christ appeared to her over 100 times in the 1930s and instructed her to keep a diary of the message he wanted to give to the world.
This message is nothing new, just a reminder of what the Church has always taught.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, a couple segments ago, we had an award-winning Russian journalist in exile in Madrid.
He's telling you, get rid of the borders, play all these groups off against each other, population control.
The very groups that are for the Lurican Keys to the Henry Kissingers and the Bushes are the very ones, we have their own documents signed by them, saying they want to exterminate you Latin Americans.
I'm trying to save you people!
But you just be macho and you play along with your masters and see what they do to you in the end.
Don't listen to old Alex Jones.
I'm going to play this Robert Browning Jr.
little 12-minute clip and then we'll take a few calls from Eric and Keith and hit a few news items and we're done.
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All right, let's go ahead and play this Robert Browning Jr.
And it does two things before we play it.
It illustrates how complex the language was, and some of it's nonsensical, a hundred and something years ago.
And people were smarter back then.
You don't have to try to read a newspaper from 150 years ago.
I mean, I have trouble, and I'm pretty good at reading.
But it also just kind of gets into tyranny and New World Order and life's journey.
Here I am, playing poetry on the air.
Go ahead and roll it.
Child Roland, to the Dark Tower came.
My first thought was, he lied in every word.
That hoary cripple, with malicious eye askance to watch the workings of his lie on mine, and mouth scarce able to afford suppression of the glee that pursed and scored its edge, had one more victim gained thereby.
What else should he be set for with his staff?
What, save to waylay with his lies and snare all travelers who might find him posted there and ask the road?
I guessed what skull-like laugh would break what crutch in right my epitaph for pastime in the dusty thoroughfare.
If at his counsel I should turn aside into that ominous tract which, all agree, hides the dark tower, yet acquiescingly I did turn as he pointed, neither pride, now hope rekindling at the end, descried, so much as gladness that some end might be.
For, for what with my whole world wide wandering,
What with my search drawn out through years my hope dwindled into a ghost not fit to cope with that obstreperous joy success would bring I hardly tried now to rebuke the spring my heart made finding failure in its scope.
As when a sick man, very near to death, seems dead indeed, and feels begin and end the tears and takes the farewell of each friend, and hears one bid the other go, draw breath freely or outside.
Since all is o'er, he saith, and the blow fallen, no grieving can amend.
When some discuss if near the other graves be room enough for this,
And when a day suits best for carrying the corpse away, with care about the banners, scarves and staves, and still the man hears all, and only craves he may not shame such tender love and stay.
Thus I had so long suffered in this quest.
Heard failure prophesied so oft, been writ so many times among the band to wit the knights who to the dark towers search addressed their steps, that just to fail as they seemed best, and all the doubt was now, should I be fit?
So, quiet as despair, I turned from him, that hateful cripple, out of his highway into the path he pointed.
All the day had been a dreary one at best, and dim was settling to its close, yet shot one grim red leer to see the plane catch its astray.
For Mark.
No sooner was I fairly found pledged to the plane after a pace or two than, pausing to throw backwards a last view o'er the safe road, t'was gone.
Grey plane all round.
Nothing but plane to the horizons bound.
I might go on.
Nought else remained to do.
So on I went.
I think I never saw such starved, ignoble nature.
Nothing throve.
For flowers as well expect a cedar grove.
But cockle, spurge, according to their law, might propagate their kind with none to awe.
You'd think a burr had been a treasure trove.
Penury, inertness, and grimace.
In some strange sort were the land's portion.
See, or shut your eyes, said nature peevishly, it nothing skills.
I cannot help my case.
Tis the last judgment's fire must cure this place.
Calcine its clods, and set my prisoners free.
If there pushed any ragged thistle stalk above its mates, the head was chopped, the bents were jealous else.
What made those holes and rents in the dock's harsh swarth leaves bruised as to balk all hope of greenness?
Tis a brute must walk, passing their life out with a brute's intents.
As for the grass, it grew as scant as hair in leprosy.
Thin, dry blades pricked the mud which underneath looked kneaded up with blood.
One stiff, blind horse, his every bone a stair, stood stupefied however he came there, thrust out past service from the devil's stud.
He might be dead for aught I know, with that red gaunt and colloped neck a strain.
And shut eyes underneath the rusty mane.
Seldom went such grotesqueness with such woe.
I never saw a brute I hated so.
He must be wicked to deserve such pain.
I shut my eyes and turned them on my heart as a man calls for wine before he fights.
I asked one draft of earlier happier sights.
Ere fitly I could hope to play my part.
Think first, fight afterwards, the soldier's art.
One taste of the old time sets all to rights.
Not it.
I fancied Cuthbert's reddening face beneath its garniture of curly gold.
Dear fellow, till I almost felt him fold an arm to mine to fix me to the place, the way he used.
Alas, one night's disgrace.
Out went my heart's new fire and left it cold.
Giles, then.
The soul of honor.
There he stands, frank as ten years ago when knighted first.
What honest man should dare, he said, he durst.
Good, but the scene shifts.
What hangman hands pinned to his breast a parchment.
His own bands read it.
Poor traitor.
Spit upon and cursed.
Better this present than a past like that.
Back, therefore, to my darkening path again.
No sound, no sight as far as I could strain.
Will the night send a howlet or a bat?
I asked when something on the dismal flat came to arrest my thoughts and change their train.
A sudden little river crossed my path, as unexpected as a serpent comes.
No sluggish tide congenial to the glooms.
This, as it frothed by, might have been a bath for the fiend's glowing hoof to see the wrath of its black eddy bespate with flakes and spumes.
So petty, yet so spiteful, all along.
Low, scrubby alders kneeled down over it.
Drenched willows flung them headlong in a fit of mute despair, a suicidal throng.
The fight must so have seemed in that fell cirque.
What penned them there, with all the plain to choose?
No footprint leading to that horrid muse, none out of it.
Mad brewage, set to work their brains, no doubt, like galley slaves the Turk pits for his pastime, Christians against Jews.
And more than that, a furlong on, why, there!
What bad use was that engine for, that wheel, or brake, not wheel, that harrow fit to real men's bodies out like silk, with all the air of Toppet's tool on earth left unaware or brought to sharpen its rusty teeth of steel?
Then came a bit of stubbed ground, once a wood, next a marsh it would seem, and now mere earth, desperate and done with.
So a fool finds mirth, makes a thing and then mars it, till his mood changes and off he goes within a rood.
Bog, clay and rubble, sand and stark black dearth.
Now blotch is rankling, colored gay and grim.
Now patches where some leanness of the soils broke into moss or substances like boils.
Then came some palsied oak, a cleft in him like a distorted mouth that splits its rim, gaping at death and dies while it recoils.
And just as far as ever from the end.
Not in the distance, but the evening, not to point my footstep further.
At the thought, a great black bird, Apollyon's bosom friend, sailed past, not best his wide-winged dragon-pend that brushed my cap, perchance the guide I sought.
For looking up, aware I somehow grew, spite of the dusk, the plain had given place all round to mountains with such name to grace mere ugly heights and heaps now stolen in view.
How thus they had surprised me, solve it you.
How to get from them was no clearer case.
Yet half I seemed to recognize some trick of mischief happened to me God knows when, in a bad dream perhaps.
Here ended, then progressed this way, when in the very nick of giving up one time more came a click as when a trap shuts your inside the den.
Burningly, it came on me all at once.
This was the place.
Those two hills on the right, crouched like two bulls locked horn in horn in fight.
While to the left, a tall scalped mountain, dunce, dotard, a-dozing at the very nonce after a life spent training for the sight.
What in the midst lay but the tower itself?
The round, squat turret, blind as the fool's heart, built of brown stone, without a counterpart in the whole world.
The tempest's mocking elf points to the shipman, thus the unseen shelf he strikes on, only when the timbers start.
Not see?
Because of night, perhaps?
Why, day came back again for that.
Not here, when noise was everywhere.
It tolled, increasing like a bell, names in my ears of all the lost adventurers, my peers.
How such a one was strong, and such was bold, and such was fortunate, yet each of old lost, lost.
One moment knelled the woe of years.
There they stood, ranged along the hillsides, met to view the last of me.
A living frame for one more picture.
In a sheet of flame, I saw them and I knew them all.
And yet, dauntless, the slughorn to my lips I set and blew.
Child Roland to the Dark Tower came.
All right, my friends.
The course is set.
The die is cast.
The New World Order is here and must be resisted.
Or I guess you can follow that path that
Leads to destruction and serve the New World Order.
The denial needs to end.
We need to face the facts.
We need to realize what the New World Order in truth is.
A cancerous boil on the soul of humanity, growing inexorably towards its final goal, the destruction of life, decency, and love.
Executed by the four horsemen, my friends, that is the New World Order's game.
Its sword is held above our heads.
Will we resist or will we deny the sword as we see it in our eye?
Will we resist or will we let them drop the sword and tell ourselves that it is life that impales our heart?
The globalists are upon us.
What are we going to do?
The fight for humanity is real.
The illusion is broken.
And you are, every man, woman, and child of you that loves liberty and decency and beauty, you are on the battlefield and you need to use your discernment, your love, your strength, and yes, your anger at evil to resist it and to stand up and to be involved at this crossroads in human history.
Ever onward and upward or will we be captured by the great dehumanization forces?
We'll come back, take a few final calls, hit maybe one or two final news stories, and end this transmission for this Friday edition.
We're here Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
And I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
The ring of fire.
The ring of fire.
And it burns, burns, burns.
Eric in California, go ahead.
Hey, last time I talked to you, I was debating if the New Order really exists.
You know, there is proof beyond reason without, and I know you have a lot of evidence about Bilderberg and other groups.
I haven't come across that, but the evidence I have come across, and for, I mean, it's not like I'm disagreeing with you, but the evidence that everybody can look at and not deny is the fact that the Republican Party's logo has inverted stars.
That is simply a slap in the face
I've noticed in the past you talked about how Stanley Kubrick and, I don't know if there's other movie directors, making films showing, even though it's a fictional account, they're showing basically what many politicians are doing in their private life.
And it's an absolute insult, and it's so hard.
Well, Eric, let me just say this.
I mean, world leaders call for world government.
It's all over the newspapers.
It's on CNN.
They whitewash it.
They whitewash it so much.
But, I mean, you say, is there a new world order?
I don't know what you mean.
That's like saying, is there an Atlantic Ocean?
No, no, I mean, it just seems so far-fetched.
Well, have you read history?
I mean, that powerful people want empires in control?
Yeah, but what's with the New World Order?
That's the thing, though.
Well, I mean, call it whatever you want.
Oh, really?
It's really the Old World Order.
Listen, thanks for the call, sir.
I appreciate it.
Keith in Texas.
Last caller.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Alex, I want to thank you.
I'm calling you from Corpus Christi.
And there's people here in Corpus Christi that want to thank you for being a soldier of this information war and pursuing this truth crusade that you're doing, Alex.
Well, I'd like to go to Port Aransas.
How's the weather down there?
Hey, it's not too bad.
But let me tell you what we're doing down here, Alex.
What we're doing is I have a group of individuals who want to put together a micro-broadcasting station and put your...
Stationed across with the information.
A lot of people are doing that.
I don't do that, but there's ways to... I think you can go to RadioFreeAustin.org, sir.
Yes, I went to that.
I talked to Mr. Anderson.
No, that's the guy at the network.
That's not who does that.
No, Radio Free Austin's in Austin.
We're on a lot of commercial stations, but there are micros in Texas and other areas.
We wanted to start up one here and put across the information that you have.
I wanted to speak to you.
I mean, did you want to contact for who does that?
Because I can give it to you right now.
That'd be great.
And, well, what I'd like to do is... I don't do that, so I can't, you know... Right.
Okay, well, what I can say, what we want to do here in Corpus Christi is to start our own radio-free Corpus Christi, actually.
Well, that sounds exciting, sir.
Just type in Micro-F into a search engine.
You'll find out all about it.
Now, your information, will we be able to put across that information as long as it's all right with the broadcaster?
Sir, the network isn't involved in micro-broadcasting.
I think as long as it's not interfering with commercial stations, it's a great thing, and the airwaves belong to the people, and we're on a lot of them.
But what you do is your own affair.
I know the network basically turns a blind eye to it, but, sir, we're not involved in it.
I know people who are, and they're great folks, but I don't do that, and the network doesn't do that.
We don't run any commercial stations.
We feed.
We are a network.
And people get confused.
They think the networks that are on commercial stations or on even micros are the networks.
And that's not the case.
This is the Genesis Communications Network.
But I commend you, and it sounds exciting, sir.
Need to check out all the facts on it before you seek the Dark Tower.
Anything else?
That's it.
I appreciate it.
All right.
Sorry if I sound frustrated.
We're just out of time, and I wanted to get to newspapers still suffering big declines.
This year alone, 11.5%, 65% in the last decade.
It's all going to alternative media.
Majorities say they'd likely vote for Hillary Clinton, showing how mindless people are.
I guess Bush will be good.
Maybe he should be dictator to save us from her.
I'm out of time.
Thanks to all the callers.
Thanks to the great folks that run the broadcast.
Thanks to all our affiliates, commercial and micro.
Media calls it pirate.
Just so you have a point of understanding what we're talking about.
And all the sponsors, listeners, everybody.
God bless you all.