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Air Date: May 16, 2005
2517 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Another supermassive broadcast for you today.
Thank you so much for joining us.
It is Monday, the 16th day of May 2005.
We'll be live for the next 2 hours and 59 minutes, 10 seconds.
Coming up, Michael Rivero from one of the biggest websites on the web.
WhatReallyHappened.com will be joining us to talk about the latest 9-11 revelations as well as what's really happening in Iraq with his forecast on what we'll see there in the next year.
In the third hour, we talked to him before he left town to Germany for the Bilderberg Group meeting a month ago.
We're going to have him back on.
He just got back last week from the Bilderberg Group meeting, and I'm going to have a chance to play that CNN Europe clip where they go, oh yeah, the Bilderberg Group wants world government, but that's good.
See, just now it's out in the open and being admitted.
So Jim Tucker, in the third hour, will also have open phones throughout the broadcast today.
Full free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
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Infowars.com, infowars.net, prisonplanet.com, prisonplanet.tv.
Superpower behind Burma Blast.
The Burmese government's coming right out and saying, yeah, U.S.
government, we've got our informants, we've analyzed the explosives, we know who's funding them, these terror attacks that are killing dozens each time, this is your government.
No, it wouldn't be the government.
Former advisor and thief Sandy Berger expects another domestic terrorist attack.
Why, he's surprised it hasn't happened yet.
And of course you've seen the slaughter throughout the weekend starting Friday in Uzbekistan.
A couple thousand people wanted to protest.
A country where the leader actually boils people in oil for fun.
Where our government ships people for torture.
Nice AP photos of checkpoints and people being searched at roadside checks.
Like America, you know, it's freedom, except the border is wide open.
And Bush is like, well, it's bad what's happening, but they have to do it.
And they have their own little Tiananmen Square, and they've killed 500 people.
And, well, that's Uzbekistan.
Of course, Putin supports Uzbekistan, too, because Putin's a man Bush can trust, a man with a soul he's been able to look at.
Build a seized home that contains illegal guns.
That means you've got a magazine that's got too many rounds, or you didn't register that gun properly, and, well, you're just going to lose your house and your car.
Asset forfeiture seizure.
It won't just be drugs now.
It'll be guns.
All part of the new freedom.
And this is nothing but prize money or booty or spoils.
The Romans did it.
The British Navy did it.
And it really gets your devil dogs going to get out there and grab all the goods and we'll be covering it.
Nicotine vaccine is set to snub out smoking, but it changes your body's autoimmune response to where your body basically attacks the nicotine.
Very dangerous.
They've got other vaccines that actually clog up your receptors themselves.
They're talking about making mandatory.
Very scary article out of the Times of London.
Vicente Fox, of course, came out Friday and said, Hey, Mexicans take jobs that blacks don't even want, which is very racist.
And now he's having to apologize, and it's backfired on him.
That's not true either, Fox.
What happens is the illegal aliens, whether it be from India or Mexico, predominantly Mexico, drive wages down so low that people that have insurance or pay taxes cannot live within the normal system, and it's driving down the wages.
So everybody wants these jobs.
Hispanic Americans, black Americans, white Americans, whatever Americans.
We're not living 10 to an apartment, 10 to a house.
And it's simple.
It's real simple.
But there's a lot of racists in Mexico against blacks, and this just comes through here.
We're taking jobs not even black.
Folks, there's so much more.
Hey, Dick Cheney in L.A.
I'm sure you've heard the news.
There's massive desertion problems in the military.
It's all coming up.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, second segment, eight minutes, 15 seconds in.
Michael Rivero from WhatReallyHappened.com will be joining us to talk about the latest revelations concerning 9-11 and the Iraq War, the torture, you name it.
Third hour, Jim Tucker, fresh back.
From Germany in the Bilderberg Group meeting, we'll be joining us with those revelations in the third hour, wide open at phones today.
On the first little five-minute segment, I went over just a small sampling of some of the news we'll be covering.
Masses of troops going AWOL.
The four branches of the service aren't, in some cases, getting half of what they need.
It even lowered targeted numbers for recruitment for the military, the so-called
All volunteer force.
We have all these new bizarre vaccines coming out that actually change brain chemistry.
So you quote, won't use drugs or nicotine.
Very dangerous.
There is just masses of important news today.
I want to get into the racist comments of Vicente Fox, El Jefe.
I want to cover it all, but first thing I want to plunge into...
Is Newsweek report on Koran matches many earlier accounts?
And that's the headline for the wrong story.
The issue of Newsweek that just came out, or that they're setting to report, but they've already released the teaser last week, said that they put Korans in the toilet at Camp X-Ray to terrorize, to terrorize,
The members of those two camps, because there's two camps.
There's the general camp and then a CIA-based Camp Delta, but then Camp X-Ray.
And then the story hadn't been out a day before Newsweek said, sorry, we report it wrong, it's not true, no Koran in the toilet.
Now, I see this tactic over and over again.
They will have the media report things that are true and then on purpose retract it to supposedly make the public think that everything's okay.
But that's done domestically.
Internationally, and we even have the Pentagon war plan, propaganda plan on this, internationally with a program called P2OG, launched in early 2002, P2OG, pipe that in, you'll get AP, Reuters, UPI,
We got the Rumsfeld Plan, a $6.2 billion program a year, to go out and put out propaganda that will enrage the Arabs.
So they'll put the propaganda out.
It won't be discredited internationally.
Then Americans are told, oh, it wasn't true, so we feel like everything's okay.
We go back to sleep.
But meanwhile, the whole world is enraged.
Because we have Pentagon documents, we have Israeli documents, even back in the early 80s, they said, we want to take over Iraq, balkanize the place, have an endless civil war.
It's perfect for this.
We don't ever want to put a government in that's strong.
We want ethnic strife.
We want religious strife between the different subgroups of Muslims.
This was the British plan 100 years ago, or to be accurate, 90 years ago.
This is the plan today.
This is what they're doing.
And so you look at the quagmire that's Iraq.
That was the plan.
The Pentagon told them, 500,000, 450,000 troops.
We have generals on talking about this.
They said, we don't care.
We're going to use 150,000 troops.
They did things like one person shoots at them from a town of 5,000 people.
They arrest every man down to age 11.
They bulldoze every date palm, every tangerine palm, every olive grove.
Bulldoze them.
The people become outraged.
70% of the population was happy when the globalists took over?
They could have fixed this thing and had a small insurgency?
They didn't.
You've got to understand.
It's the same thing with education.
It's designed to dumb you down.
The worse it gets, the more funding because they're doing their job.
The war on drugs is meant to fail because in failing they win.
Triple the heroin, double the cocaine in the last ten years.
From one million in prison to over seven million in prison.
The globalists bring in the drugs.
Your kids use them.
They put them in prisons.
They work for 20 cents an hour.
This place is workers.
The drug dealers own the prisons.
The cartels own the prisons.
This is how it works.
Again, you're not looking at it from the proper angle.
Look, it was the CIA that released the photos to CBS News of the torture and the beating to death and the dogs.
Then domestically we're told it's okay, we're further dehumanized and turned into basically evil minions of the globalists.
Internationally, oh, it's an incredible outrage.
Now, it's being reported.
Look, look.
Two weeks ago, London Guardian, London Telegraph, London Independent,
One of our own senior military men, well, we forget that General Rick Baucus, two and a half years ago, was in the Rhode Island newspapers, left.
He was the head of Camp X-Ray, and he said, we're torturing these people, and they're not even Taliban or Al-Qaeda.
This is wrong.
He left.
He quit.
General Rick Baucus, do we ever, you know, when the news questions this, do they ever bring him up?
See, and I wish I had time to build all these articles and do all these stories and put all this data together.
I only have time, folks.
I have a drive to do this, but there's no way to do it all.
We could post the articles from a week ago and two weeks ago where one of the top interpreters, a U.S.
Army officer, was there when they were raping these people sexually.
Everybody they've released, again, why are they releasing them?
They go tell the story.
On purpose.
Talks about prostitutes coming in, doing things with blood.
Making men do things.
I mean, it's in the handbook.
We've now got the CIA handbook.
Tabling, putting somebody on a table, strapping them down, sticking their head down into about a foot of water, normally full of feces and urine.
I'm sorry, folks, but that's what they do.
This is admitted.
The new Attorney General says they're allowed to do that.
That's all public.
His own words.
That's all meant to get out.
Do you understand that?
And here, domestically, they'll report it, then retract it.
But it's not retracted internationally.
Yes, it's going on.
We've got Rick Baucus.
We've got this other officer two weeks ago.
We've got the prisoners.
It's not being denied.
But for the general public to feel okay, see, the globalists have to release the news.
So they release the news, they release the prisoners, but then domestically tell you it's not true.
Well, we were reporting a year and a half ago that they...
Do things to Korans with bodily functions.
It's not just putting them in a toilet, ladies and gentlemen.
The troops come in and they... I don't like to get into all this stuff.
And they don't just defecate on the Korans.
They put blood on them.
I told you they do little satanic chants.
And these Muslims freak out.
They think they're in hell.
Especially these Afghanis.
Again, I talked about this last week.
They're like cavemen, folks.
Most of them...
Don't even know where America is on a map.
They've never left their village up on some mountainside.
And then they release these guys and they go back and it was hell!
They are the devil, it is true!
The blood of the devil!
And they do this and it's P2OG!
And our idiot, demonic jail guards that get hired and put into the military, they enjoy doing all this.
Folks, it's all admitted.
It's so sophisticated.
Okay, that's one article, and I've just spent ten minutes on it.
I have literally got... I've never had this much news.
It gets worse every week, every day.
There is no way to properly cover all of this.
Perhaps one of you listeners would like to go to my website, prisonplanet.com or infowars.com, get the Rick Baucus articles from two and a half years ago, get the article from last week.
I don't even have time to call Paul Watson and tell him to do this, and he's going out to do something today.
And my wife's sitting there trying to do this, and we've got Ryan Slickheisen trying to do it.
There's so many data pages, so much.
I'm not whining.
It's the frustration.
It's to chronicle all the lies, and then to analyze this.
We know how to crack the code and how to expose their operations where it makes sense from their own documents, but it's just how to articulate it.
But we need to get a page built.
That shows Rick Baucus, that shows the witnesses that have been released, that shows this latest military officer, to show the admissions of the Attorney General, who was the Chief White House Counsel, Alberto, I love torture, Gonzalez.
We need to get it all together in one spot and then write a little blurb about how the government brings this out on purpose with P2OG to show a link when we make that claim.
Every word has to be a link as we document.
And then show the basic program, and then this is understandable.
I mean, here's another example of why I'm frustrated.
Four or five months ago, they're having the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.
And at the World Economic Forum, a CNN executive comes out, this was all staged, and says, yeah, we've got reports they're targeting and killing our own journalists.
And then that gets leaked, and they say to one of the head guys at CNN, well, what's your problem?
Well, we want to see the facts.
And the exec goes, well, uh, uh, uh, uh, on the spot, well, let me try to get them for you.
Oh, see, he doesn't have them.
It's all lies.
He's fired.
Well, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Before the Iraq War, we had, like, BBC and AP, where the Pentagon said they'd target journalists if they, quote, reported anything to the enemy.
And then we've got them in front of the Baghdad Hotel, the tank aiming the Abrams and blowing up the Reuters floor, but the ninth floor.
And we've got them driving up people and killing them.
We've got the admissions.
We've got like a hundred reports.
It's not even debatable.
The Pentagon said it, but see when the media goes, where's the proof?
And then they don't ever show any proof and go, see, there's no proof.
I mean, they do this with everything, with torture, with all of it.
We're like wallowing in proof of all of this.
Now it's show us the proof.
Rumsfeld and Bush said there were WMDs.
And the media goes, well, there's really no proof.
They never really said it.
I've got probably a hundred clips of it.
I've played a few of them here.
Do I have time to go through literally hundreds of VHS tapes where I tape the whole war?
I need to get a bigger office.
I need money to do that.
I need to get a bunch of interns in to do it.
But I've got to go out and get the bigger office.
And again, I can't do it all, folks.
It's like we're trying to analyze the combined efforts of about five different governments who have upwards of 15 intelligence agencies appeased.
I mean, how do I cover all the fake reporters, all the fake news, all the paid-for fake news?
Because the news is only the tip of the iceberg.
There's all the hundreds of pieces of propaganda in movies, comic books, dramas on TV.
There's all that propaganda.
How do you cover all that?
It's just bottom line.
You know there are a bunch of criminals.
You've seen the evidence.
And it makes my head swim.
It makes it spin.
We are deluged in an orgy of evidence.
I'm just going to come through and blitz through news and rapid fire when we get back.
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Pope John Paul II is already being acclaimed a saint.
During his 26 years, he canonized 482 saints.
The one saint that stands out in my mind is St.
Maria Faustina, a poor, uneducated Polish nun.
Christ appeared to her over 100 times in the 1930s and instructed her to keep a diary of the message he wanted to give to the world.
This message is nothing new, just a reminder of what the Church has always taught.
We're good to go.
My friends, I'm just so frustrated.
There's so much corruption, so much pure evil.
Just, we catch the globalists red-handed, kidnapping hundreds of thousands of women and children.
We catch them red-handed putting poison in the food and water.
We catch them red-handed with their own documents, how they're going to lie to us, how they're going to carry out terror attacks, how they're going to... I mean, it's really all public.
And that's why they're coming out on CNN and going, Bilderberg Group does want world government and they are the elite, but it's good.
They're having to respond now because they've been caught.
In the past, they just lie and deny.
Now they just spin.
Oh, yes, we're for world government, world taxation.
It's good for you.
Look at this.
This is out of the BBC.
And again, they had to report because the Burmese government went public.
Superpower behind Burma blast.
Burma's government says rebel trains abroad by superpower.
CIA were behind last week's bombings at three shopping centers in the capital of Rangoon.
19 people are known to have died in the blast, with 69 injured, and that's just the latest round.
The explosives used were not available in the country.
And the plot was funded by a world-famous organization, the military government said.
The junta said it believes the attacks were led by the Thailand-based All Burma Students Democratic Front.
It's crystal clear that the terrorists and the time bombs originated from the training conducted with foreign experts at a place in a neighboring country by a world-famous organization of a certain superpower nation.
And ask later about it, so they said the CIA, and then they talk about all the money the U.S.
government's funded and all the things they've done.
Even though the minister refused to name the suspected country and organization, correspondents believe he was referring to the United States.
And now a new report is out in Burr Mother saying it's the CIA.
And yeah, I mean, the CIA admittedly...
Over 300 times that I know of in their own public annals.
They'll just put it on History Channel, Discovery Channel like it's cool.
Oh yeah, they took them out, they did it for freedom, they blew up those kids.
Well, it's like the case of Mosaddegh.
Time Magazine Man of the Year, viciously anti-communist, secular, Christians thriving in Iran.
Ran the Soviets out.
Assassination attempts on him.
And the U.S.
and BP came to him, British Petroleum.
This is all public.
I'll never forget, about a year ago, I heard Roosevelt's grandson, the guy that ran it, Kermit Roosevelt, I heard them all on there.
These were all recordings from the 70s.
How they carried out bombings and blamed it on Mosaddegh.
And they came to Mosaddegh and they said, you will give us 100% of the oil.
Mel Zadek said, no, I'm going to keep 25% for our people, but you can have the oil.
We'll still keep dealing with you, but some of the money is going to go to the people.
It's going to be free market.
We're going to have some companies here.
God wore a suit and tie.
And the commies couldn't get him, but our government could, and they just said, well, enjoy yourself then.
And our government hired 2,000 thugs, and for two and a half weeks, they machine-gunned schools, bombed mosques, ran around desecrating mosques, screaming, Mosaddegh, Mosaddegh, up with Mosaddegh, up with communism.
And they got him, and then they put in the Shah, the young twit, and the rest is history.
Massive crackdowns, incredible torture, incredible police state, and look what we have today.
Because we have the government documents.
They don't want freedom.
They don't want republics.
They don't want limited democracies in the Middle East.
Anytime there is one or in Africa, they send in slaughter forces to kill them.
Okay, there's the facts about Iran today.
You want to know why they hate it so much?
And I had to hear Kermit Roosevelt and other sickos on NPR.
NPR was acting like it was good.
Oh, how nice!
Oh, good for freedom!
And they were admitting, well, Mosaddegh was free market anti-communist, but he just wouldn't give us all the oil.
Ha ha ha!
So we killed hundreds and just went around blowing everything up.
Shooting, bombing, killing, desecrating Moshe and blaming it on him.
They had all the pamphlets printed out, they put it in.
And of course, you know, populations like they're dumb here, dumb there.
They just bought it.
Out went Mosaddegh and freedom and went total tyranny.
That's what Mosaddegh got for trying to be free market and trying to be good to his people and kicking the communists out.
Okay, I said I'd blitz the news, and that's one article, but I mean, how can you not spend time on this?
And what was it last week, BBC?
They now admit CIA documents have been declassified, National Security Archives, that the U.S.
government funded the bombing of at least one, it's really multiple, Cuban passenger planes to be blamed on people.
They have a police stick.
Blowing up men, women, and children, folks.
Same old, same old.
Don't worry.
Former advisor Booker expects another domestic terrorist attack.
Two former national security leaders say they are perplexed that suicide bombers have not targeted America on U.S.
Don't worry, Bush.
We'll do that, and then his controllers will, and then we'll have the national draft.
They're cold-blooded killers.
We've got to have a draft.
The threshold of entry into this business of suicide bombers is not very high, said Sandy Berger, who's a convicted thief, national security criminal, and President Clinton's second term.
But he's out germongering for them, too.
He got caught stealing top-secret, above-top-secret documents, and he got a slap on the wrist for it, because he's another criminal.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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For the next hour, Michael Rivera, WhatReallyHappens.com.
Hour after that, Jim Tucker, fresh back from the Bilderberg Group meeting.
Your calls are coming up.
I'm going to cover a few more news items, and then we'll start going to your calls here in a minute.
But I wanted to play this clip so you could hear the double speak.
Go ahead and play those back-to-back, please.
Close the borders.
Close the borders in California and all across Mexico.
The bottom line is I misspoke.
And I'm sorry if that, you know, offended anyone.
But it was a language problem because I meant securing our borders rather than closing our borders.
It's always the same thing from him.
Oh, I'm so sorry I grabbed you there, ma'am.
It was a language problem.
And the media will go, tell us about you in Enron.
Sorry, don't hear you.
What was that?
It's just, he's such an idiot.
And, uh,
Again, it's what our government does.
It's what they all do.
Bush, I'm for the Second Amendment.
Unless prescribed by law, and I'm going to appoint a bunch of anti-gun people, and he should be able to sue the gun manufacturers.
And people go, I heard he's pro-gun, Alex.
Well, actually, no, he's not.
But do you want to see the facts?
No, I heard him.
It's all right.
But we're losing the Second Amendment.
Ah, shut up, anti-gunner.
It's the same thing with Schwarzenegger.
But speaking of the borders...
Tough immigration talk backfires for Vicente Fox.
Mexican El Presidente Vicente Fox's latest bid to convince U.S.
policymakers to ease immigration controls for Mexican workers may have backfired after his tough talk late last week was roundly condemned as racist.
You know, I thought that when I heard it, but I just didn't even go there.
And he went on to say...
Why, Mexicans will take jobs blacks don't even want.
And that is such a fraud.
A frustrated frocks lashed down on Friday at a new U.S.
controls on immigration, but he ended up red-faced over his own words.
I told you.
You'll have all these articles about the illegals are angry.
Ooh, Bush is really doing something.
Meanwhile, he pushes total amnesty bills, total worker programs.
Anybody who's here is legal.
Anybody who can get here for six years is legal.
It automatically extends out if Congress doesn't stop it at that point.
Allows companies to bring skilled and unskilled here even more.
Computer people, you think you're getting $12 an hour when you were getting $50 an hour ten years ago?
Well, you think that's bad?
The Indians will work for seven smackers an hour.
How are you going to pay off your college...
Bill's, that $100,000 you owe for that software engineer job, you're not going to.
And of course, the government, the Congressional Budget Office last year said the layoffs are going to get seven times greater by 2008 in high tech alone.
And I remember five, six years ago, I'd get calls from computer programmers, software engineers, engineers, electrical engineers, hey Alex, I'm making $150,000 a year.
You know, we need these unskilled workers.
Nobody wants to pick the lettuce.
Nobody wants to work at McDonald's.
Nobody wants to clean houses.
Nobody wants to be a nanny.
Nobody wants to do carpentry work.
Well, yeah, because if you went to college, or you're paying insurance, and you want a three-bedroom house for you and your wife and your four children, and you want to have at least one car that works, and you want to take off a week a year, you need to get $15 an hour roofing houses.
But no!
The illegal aliens will do it for five bucks an hour, and they'll live ten to a house.
I'm not bashing them.
This is just the facts of economic life.
And so, now, the once proud construction workers of this country that could have a good life, a good middle class life, can't do it.
And it's every other industry.
You thought you could be a telemarketer.
You thought you could be customer service.
I probably know ten good friends.
Who lived in nice little apartments, had a nice car, go on a vacation.
The husband and wife could both be customer service people.
They could put a little money in for college to help their children maybe.
You know, getting $15 an hour.
$7 an hour!
And it's only going down.
I mean, folks, you cannot survive on $7 an hour.
I was getting like $10 an hour in college.
And I could pay for my apartment barely, pay for my car a little bit, and frankly, I'd sit there a couple times a year and go, Dad, can I have a little money when I make a little bit more?
And I did.
I paid my dad back.
After my dad supplementing me for about two years, I ended up paying him back years later.
And that's when I was in college with a 40-hour-a-week job on top of that.
So my dad supplemented to help pay for college, which a lot of people can't do because the parents don't have money anymore.
All right, see, I'm going into that whole story.
The American dream going down the tubes.
And inflation's out of control.
It's all bad.
And it's very, very serious.
Let me give you an example about this economy.
Our audience roughly doubles every two years.
My web traffic, my web listeners, the things we get indicators from.
And I've lowered the prices of my videos, in some cases down to $5.95 apiece.
We've cut the prices of the films about 45%, while everybody else is going up with inflation.
Because my goal is to get the word out.
But still, we don't sell as much as we did two years ago.
We've doubled the audience.
And I've talked to all these other businesses.
I go into Cop USA or computer places.
They're empty.
Five years ago, they were jam-packed.
I'm ranting.
I know I am.
To notice all these illegal aliens go, you know, hail open borders, but you don't like Bush, do you?
Well, Bush is for the open borders.
You've got to get smart.
I mean, the illegal aliens that have been here for five, six years are having their jobs taken by the new illegal aliens.
Mexico's losing all its factories, and I mean almost all of them now.
New ones aren't being built.
A lot of them are shutting down to go to China and India.
It's even hurting them.
What's that going to do?
Push even more up here.
Folks, this is deadly, deadly, deadly serious.
Oh, man, how do I cover all of this?
I want to go to your calls here in just a minute.
You know what?
I'm going to.
I want to get into Zbika's stand on that Tiananmen Square-style massacre that our government's, well, maybe it's all right.
I mean, you know, these are having to fight Al-Qaeda.
And I want to get into, if you have a gun that isn't registered properly or a magazine that holds too many rounds and they're banning stuff left and right, they'll just seize your house, you know.
And this is out of the London Independent.
The deserters, AWOL crisis hits U.S.
Gotta have that draft.
Woodward calls chaining a series of dark horse for the 2008 run for the White House.
Deputies apologize for Los Angeles shooting where they shot a cop, ran over another cop.
They were shooting their own people and then fought some white car driving by at Dunnett, so they shot him.
And they go, we don't apologize for shooting up the houses.
We just apologize if it hurt your feelings.
But we'd do it again.
As we said, we'd do it again.
That's our apology.
Yeah, spray, now it's six houses.
A few years ago, it was spray a dozen houses.
One house blew up and burned down.
Shot two cops, killed one.
Nobody got in trouble for that.
And they look like gang members up there.
We apologize that it might have scared you, but we'd do it again.
Unarmed guy is scared.
And now it's coming out that they just started shooting at him because they thought he was a... This has all happened to us, and I know it's happened to you.
It might have probably happened to you.
I'll put it to you that way.
I know it's happened to me like twice.
You're listening to music, bebopping along down the road.
You know, the red, red robin went blah, blah, blah, but along.
You're listening to something like that, a little attempt at humor.
And all of a sudden, the cop is honking his horn, pulling up beside you.
Pull over!
I got behind you 500 yards ago.
Why didn't you pull?
Yeah, they pull up behind you.
And as they're driving up to you, you don't see the lights until they get right up on you.
And by then, they're throwing a fit, jumping around, screaming at you.
That's happened to me twice.
I get pulled over occasionally because I got a lead foot.
It's well known.
And usually I'll say, hey, I didn't know.
Well, I could arrest you for that.
That happened once.
The other time it didn't.
But that's what happened here.
I mean, just instantly, they thought it was somebody who'd shot at deputies earlier.
Vehicle fit the description.
And so the guy doesn't immediately pull over, so they just open fire.
I mean, sorry, we're on cell phones.
We're listening to the radio.
We're eating a ham sandwich.
It's incredible.
And cops, you know it's happened to you before.
You don't notice somebody behind you.
But hey, nowadays, that'll get you... Now they're saying 200 rounds.
No one knows.
Let's just do this.
A bunch of new taser desks.
Two new taser desks over the weekend.
Charles in Louisiana.
Welcome, sir.
Hey, Thomas Jones.
Pretty good.
Good to be talking to you, my friend.
Yeah, well, I wanted to tell you up here, maybe people are waking up.
They put a tax on us that we didn't get the service for for mosquito spraying.
Nobody paid it.
You know, nobody paid the tax.
Well, you got bad mosquitoes in Louisiana.
Yeah, well, but they're showing the choices for last year.
We never got no service.
Well, they said, we're going to tax you, but we're going to start from last year.
So nobody paid the tax.
Well, that's one of those services that's worse than the disease.
Yes, with a spray on you.
I've seen them drive by my house with just fumes everywhere.
It doesn't even stop the mosquitoes.
It's about here, boy.
But anyway, people are kind of waking up down here, and I hope to God I had something to do with it.
But now I want to say I've got a DVD burner, so I'm going to start putting more tapes out than ever before now.
Well, I salute you.
How many copies of my video are you making?
Well, I quit counting.
It's got so confusing.
I quit counting at 5,212.
Now I'm putting out the DVDs on the burner.
I'm not going to count them.
It's just too confusing.
But it took me five years to do that.
But anyway, Mr. Jones, you think we're winning this thing?
I think people are starting to wake up.
I really believe.
Well, it's like this.
The bully was pushing us around, punching us in the nose, pushed us down on the ground, was sitting on us, spitting on us, laughing at us.
I remember being about 11 when something like that first happened.
I was a sweet little kid, and he was doing that.
Finally, I just got mad and threw the bigger kid off me, started stomping on his head.
And we're at the point of deciding to throw him off us right now.
We're getting to the point of going, you know, they're going to be spitting on me and sitting on me and hitting me.
I might as well just throw this guy off me.
So we're just, yeah.
But, you know, the bully may fight back, but so what?
We may get our teeth knocked out.
It's better than licking this creature's boots.
Right, right.
And I just wanted to call in and check what you know.
Sometimes I don't call as much, but I appreciate what you're doing, my friend.
And I appreciate the tapes.
And I hope everybody takes advantage of these tapes.
You know, because I'm telling you, I really believe the tapes make a difference.
I really believe that in my heart I wouldn't be doing this, Mr. Jones.
I appreciate the call, Charles.
Keep it up.
I mean, yesterday I went on like a 15-mile bike ride.
I'm trying to get in shape.
And part of it was around the downtown hiking bike trail, and this big old mean-looking homeless guy comes out in the middle of the path, out in the middle of nowhere, and says, I like that bike.
Give me that bike.
And you've got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, and know when to run.
But I figured that guy...
Was probably the type who would mess with a woman or something.
So I just threw my bike down, jumped off, and I was with my friend, and I said, if you want it, come and take it.
And he ran back in the woods.
But I don't know.
And I'm not even a tough guy, folks, but it's that attitude.
You know, just throw the bike down, you want it, take it.
If you want it, take it.
And then I saw another crew of these guys harassing somebody else, and luckily the bike cops were on them.
And that's good.
That's what officers are supposed to do.
But I mean, I'm telling you.
And maybe it was, you know, dumb.
But I'm just sick of it.
Plus, I was all in an adrenaline rush from going up and down hills for a couple hours already at that time.
I'm just sick of it.
I'm sick of bullies.
I like that bike.
Give me that bike.
You want some?
Come and take this bike.
I mean, I'm just sick of it.
Who's up next here?
All right, Andrea in Ohio, you're on the air.
I wanted to comment about your earlier remarks about the Koran and the toilet.
You're right.
They're doing a lot more extreme things with the Koran.
And again, that has not been retracted.
We have dozens of articles.
They put it out, then retract it to make it sound like it isn't true.
Well, and I think what it does is it conditions people to accept this as okay.
But also, I think, I mean, I've been watching fellow Christians and I've been appalled.
Because the reaction is like, oh, well, those awful Muslims and that heathen, you know, the false doctors.
I've heard them on talk radio.
They're subhuman.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, this is talk like we heard in Nazi Germany.
Well, yeah, it's what Robert J. Liston and his eight characteristics of mind control.
Called dispensing with existence.
You first have to demonize a subgroup, train the public to use the machinery of the police state on them, so the public will accept its use on themselves.
Christian conservatives are the main real target of all this.
So many of them get off.
Folks, having people rape these men is not Christian.
That is not moral.
That is not Christian.
And I think somehow, if we're going to do this stuff,
A little like what you described with the web page having a concise thing after you've got all the articles.
My frustration was there's ten things I want to write an info page on today.
I mean, to properly analyze it all, that's why it's important people buy our videos and support us because that's what it's going to take for me to get all this work done.
It's every day.
Well, my comment is to that... What's happened is...
Less money's coming in than ever, but I'm just spending every red cent more trying to hire the brains that can do this.
My comment is, too, that somehow we have to get conservative Christians to think.
They're not thinking about the implications of things, either.
They're not thinking about, okay, this government that you think is so wonderful that's doing all these psychological operations on the Muslims.
What makes you think...
That those same powers to repress are not going to be turned on us.
Well, look around you.
Thanks for the call.
Great points.
Look around you.
A prison is being built.
National ID cards, retina scanners in airports, thumb scanning to buy and sell, the grid going in, police in black ski mask uniforms, armored vehicles everywhere, all this stuff going in, asset forfeiture seizure, all these new gun laws.
And the average person has no idea.
Joe, where are you calling us from?
I'd just like to second what that other guy said about making copies.
If everybody makes a few hundred, well, a few hundred or a few dozen copies, place them on windshields, label them, say, you make a hundred copies.
You could educate a lot of people that aren't getting
Get your program as it is.
Well, I've had calls from New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Austin.
Please stop putting your videos on windshields.
Or please keep it up.
Please do it.
The point is, you guys are out there doing it and I commend you.
There you go.
And what do people do about this?
Maybe I've done too much.
I've been getting hit by this pain from a distance weapon.
You can't go to the cops.
They'll say, well, you're paranoid or
It's not fun.
I mean, what can you do?
Well, I'd have to have more details, sir.
Well, at night you get the treatment if you're an activist like me.
That's all I can say.
Are you close to a military base?
I travel a lot, and evidently I've stirred up a lot of people by doing what I just suggested.
Yeah, I'm targeted wherever I go, and it's...
You know, what can I say?
I'm not technologically minded, but I know what I'm... I mean, I wonder why I'm not targeted.
I don't know.
I'm a small fry that they can pick on, I guess.
I don't know.
Well, I'm not saying that doesn't happen, because we have a lot of evidence those programs go on.
And it's funny, a major law enforcement magazine publication, Shomer Tech, sells...
No, no, it's beyond that.
But thanks anyway, and I hope they make copies.
All right, keep it up, my friend.
I mean, look, I'm not...
That's the problem of all this.
Some of that stuff does go on, but it's few and far between.
And it mainly is on activists.
I mean, they've got a super nausea machine, and the nauseator is the little one, and they say they do use it.
And we've demonstrated one on TV before.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act Legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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on June 8th at the Alamo Draft House South Lamar.
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All three are going to be great.
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And we have monthly and yearly subscriptions available, and we've now passed, we've gone into our 13-month, or 14-month, over a year now, continually operating prisonplanet.tv, and it just gets better every day.
New media being added daily.
Let's go to Troy in Florida.
Troy, welcome.
Hey, Alex.
How are you?
Good, sir.
I just wanted to make a comment that what you're doing for the American people is a great thing.
And I thank you for putting out your videos.
Well, I'm doing it for my family.
And I'm doing it because God is commanding me to.
I completely agree with that.
And I tell you, we've got to wake America up because we're losing our country in leaps and bounds.
We are.
And I tell you, I'm terrified for my family.
And I have two children and my wife, and I'm terrified every day.
Reading the newspaper and seeing what's going on with illegal immigration.
I emailed you last week.
I sent you the billboard news story I came across about a week ago.
Which billboard?
The Spanish Billboard, where they crossed out... Oh yeah, we had guests on a few weeks ago about that.
Yeah, I've been listening to your show every day.
If I miss you during the day, I tune in at night over the internet.
I thank you for your program.
Well, no need to thank me.
I thank you for listening and being involved.
Know that standing up to these bullies is the best course.
I've got to tell you one other thing.
When you try to tell people about 9-11 being an inside job,
You know, we're coming across a lot of people that look at you like you're nuts, like you're crazy.
You know, they believe the whole brainwashing thing that the government... It's hard to talk to them.
It's better to give them a video.
So another video besides yours, 9-11, the police state, I'm going to make copies of is in plain sight.
I think that they... It's all good to get people thinking.
And you look at Building 7 like you pointed out.
Well, Larry Silverstein says we blew it up.
I saw that documentary.
I saw that.
Went right down the library and got it, and I saw it, so I know he said it.
Yeah, you can go get the PBS documentary at the library, but they do not sell it anymore, and they won't say why.
Oh, I wonder why.
Oh, we blew it up, uh-huh, and then the firefighters told the AP that.
It clearly gets blown up.
I mean, what more do you need?
Yeah, and like you stated, if one part of it is a lie...
You know, it's all a lie.
The whole thing's a lie.
That's the wild conspiracy theory.
Thanks for the call, Troy.
Thank you.
You bet.
Go ahead and get Michael Rivero on for what really happened.
We'll take calls throughout this hour.
And I'll just throw news items out at Michael Rivero as well.
Then in the third hour, Big Jim Tucker, just back from the Bilderberg group, we hear that little CNN clip where they say, oh yeah, they want world government, but that's good.
It's now out in the open, admitting it.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It's not on the main page of Infowars or presentplanet.com anymore.
It's from last week.
But if you go to our Yahoo group, just go to InfoWars.com and click on the news group, it's still the top story from last Friday.
Sometimes it's good to not have things up in it every day.
And it says the police chief says the public should be made to take microchips.
But buried within that article, we need to add the double headline, is the police chief of Bergen County, who was saying all of this, is the same guy that arrested the Israelis, that it's been documented, two of them were Mossad agents, who were cheering on top of the building on 9-11, videotaping.
And he said how suspicious it was, this is new because he hadn't been doing interviews, I got him on for one thing and brought up something else, that it's very unusual to arrest multiple people and none of them talk.
That's usually a sign of being trained.
He agreed with me when I said that.
So that's a nice little development for Michael Rivera, one of the biggest alternative websites.
To give you an idea, my sites are rated like number 20,000 each site.
You can buy them at about number 5,000, my four sites.
But his site's rated in the top 1,000 or so by different rating services, and that's big.
Grudge is in, you know, like the 900s.
So for all sites, period, not just news sites, one of the biggest sites out there is Michael Rivero, and does a great job kind of documenting the memory hole, showing the progression of major news reports, how they change their stories, what they admit, what the documents actually show.
And joining us to talk about 9-11, the latest on the draft, the latest on the war, the latest on the people going AWOL.
Thank you for having me on the show, Alex.
You make it sound like there's a huge staff over here that I'm lording over with a bullwhip, but it's really a very small operation.
Well, I mean, no, no, no.
It's just a few people, just like my websites.
But the point is we're reaching tens of millions.
I mean, if I'm reaching tens of millions a month, how many are you reaching?
Well, I'm not reaching quite that many, but I'm getting very close to it right now.
And what's interesting is we're watching a phenomenon right now where websites like yours and mine are reaching far greater audiences than most big city newspapers now.
And we're starting to rival the audiences of the TV networks now.
I know.
And that's why they've got their... And now they try to control it with their paid-off reporters at the top.
Now we're seeing legions of their disinfo hacks.
Yeah, there's a new phenomenon coming onto the Internet which I've called the FLOGS, P-H-L-O-G-S, and that's an acronym for phony bloggers.
These are people who are working for public relations companies or for intelligence agencies or even for the mainstream media
Who set up a blog and pretend to be a private blogger, but they're really putting out information on behalf of their clients.
Well, that's really what Gannon was in talent news service.
He was there to basically put Bush's point of view out on the net, pretending to be an independent blog.
Well, I saw a PBS front line piece probably four years ago where it showed how Sumner Redstone and MTV has at any one time dozens of corporations, thousands of people out running the fake blogs and the message boards.
You're promoting products.
Yeah, absolutely it is.
And virtually every major public relations firm in the country offers this as a service, where if you're getting some bad press on the Internet for your product or something, they will pay people to sit there and pretend to be private citizens.
But the wicked cousin of that are the CIA and DEA and Defense Intelligence and FBI, myriad disinfo people.
That is absolutely the best thing that I've seen happen over the 12 years I've been running my website, is the public is getting skeptical.
The public is relying on their own.
Well, it's fun.
I mean, they're double-checking names.
They're double-checking our facts.
And if we're telling the truth, we get more credibility while the fake bloggers, the floggers, are getting blown to bits.
I rely on my readership to catch mistakes that I'll make.
And I'm grateful that they're out there.
That's what makes us... Exactly.
We love it.
Check out what we're saying.
Don't believe us.
Help make us the best.
This is exciting.
Stay with us.
We'll talk about the fake bloggers as well.
It's all coming up.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time, back from 9 to midnight Central.
We're talking to Michael Rivero, one of the very first on the web, even before Drudgelet.
...exposing government corruption, dissecting lies.
He really got going on the Vince Foster murder, clearly a murder, and one of the biggest alternative news sites on the web, beginning to rival even major networks.
I mean, that's the net numbers.
Mainstream cable networks and broadcast TV have lost...
Around 45% of their audience.
It's not TV going to cable.
It's TV going to cable and leaving cable.
Newspapers are down 65% on average in the last 10 years.
Down 16% in the last year on average.
Some are plunging even more.
So they're being desperate.
They're trying to talk about the New World Order now.
They're trying to come out and have to admit a lot.
Okay, the Bilderberg Group does want world government, but it's good.
We should all be for it.
We're shifting the paradigm.
The Renaissance is here.
And somebody who was at the tip of the spear and still is to this day is Mike Rivera.
So let's talk about the real alternative media.
Talk about Savage.
You were just mentioning him during the break.
I was just talking about that last week on air.
So I guess our minds think alike.
And then let's get into the latest torture, latest 9-11, latest Iraq news.
But Michael Rivera, give us your take.
Yeah, Savage.
The New World Order is taking over.
We've got to fight it.
Bush is bad.
But then he spins it.
Bush is bad because he's not hardcore enough against the evil Muslims.
Well, what's going on is the Internet blogs and radio shows like yours and websites like both of ours, we're starting to drive the choosing of news stories.
We've reached the point where our readership has grown to the point where if we run a story, the mainstream media have to look at it.
They can't pretend not to see it.
And as a result, they're beginning to sort of play catch-up on the direction that we're taking the public awareness.
And they're writing articles about that and admitting it.
They're panicking.
Yes, they absolutely are, because they are ultimately revenue-driven, and every time they lose readers to the blogs, they're losing advertising revenues.
They've been caught across the board falsifying their numbers.
They have, in fact, several times.
We had a local ad agency.
I'm not going to say who it is, because I still do work for them from time to time.
But they just had to lose some of their executives for...
Faking numbers and overbilling clients.
Dallas Morning News.
USA Today.
The list goes on and on.
Yes, it's pretty bad.
And what they're trying to do now is sort of hop onto the bandwagon that people like you and I have set and say, okay, this is the way the political winds are blowing.
They've got their fingers up in the air and they're saying, okay.
It's going this way.
We can't stop it.
We can't control it.
We might as well hop on and try and build our business back up going with it.
And co-opt it.
Yeah, co-opt it.
Well, they've been trying to do that, but it's still not working that well, and I think we're going to see over time... Because once somebody's had filet mignon, they try to give them some ground hamburger claiming it's meat, and it's got fungus all over it, because they'll tell a little bit of the truth, but then spin it, people see right through that.
They do now.
They absolutely do.
People are really relying on their own minds, and that, I think, is the most positive thing to come out of the alternative media.
I hardly agree.
I mean, we were talking about the Jeff Gannons, the fake bloggers paid by the White House in there at midnight servicing.
We can get into people like Armstrong Williams, but look, I even know local radio stations that are getting payola running paid stuff like it's news.
The hundreds of millions in fake newscasts, that's only the tip of the iceberg.
That absolutely is the tip of the iceberg.
It's really been going on a lot longer than has recently been admitted to
It has been going on, I mean, at least back to the 60s is when I was first aware of it and during Vietnam, when a lot of the news about that war was being prepackaged by the government and handed to the networks as a completed tape.
So it's an old phenomenon.
What is new is that the public knows it's being done.
And you know, propaganda is a lot like a magic show.
Some big polls came out last week.
The vast majority of Americans believe it's all lies.
I looked at that Gallup poll and I just said, yee-haw, this was a vindication of all the years of... Well, to be specific, people need to get a little more sophisticated.
People always ask when we use mainstream news, you're saying it's bad, well, then why are you using it?
This is what we do.
They'll take an article about torture and say how it's good.
Well, that's just spin.
We unspin it and say, no, this is why we say it's not good.
We're good to go.
What do you think?
We're good to go.
And that is the strongest method that we have to basically call attention to what is accurate.
Okay, case in point, case in point, Professor.
Here's an example.
We have high-level interrogator, interpreter, talking about the torture, the sexual torture, the feces, all of this.
We have General Rick Baucus quitting, refusing to torture people two and a half years ago, head of Camp X-Ray.
We have all these examples.
We have all the people they're releasing saying the same story.
We have the government admitting it.
We have Alberto Gonzalez's memos admitting it.
But then, Newsweek on purpose comes out, reports putting the Koran in the toilet, then withdraws the story.
Even though that stuff goes on, this particular might not be true, to try to discredit the whole ball of wax.
Break that down for us.
Well, I think what happened, I'm not sure why Newsweek decided to run the story just now, the original story just now, because it had been reported many, many times before.
Well, that's the point.
It's an old news story, so they're just reporting it to them with fraud, so people, when they hear us talk about it, go, oh, no, that's been discredited.
Well, that may be it, but what I think happened is they weren't expecting such a negative reaction to the story.
Not necessarily in the Muslim world, but a lot of Americans were saying to themselves, how would I feel if my holy religious texts were being thrown in the toilet?
No, they do do trial balloons.
You're right, because under P20G, Rumsfeld wants to enrage the Muslims.
That's why they release the prisoners.
So they do go tell the story, but now you're saying it's leaking back in here.
I think it's produced a negative reaction inside the United States, as the original torture scandal itself did, where the Americans are saying, wait, we can't support this.
And again, we were shown a fraction of what they really did.
I'm sure we will never find out all that was done or has been done in the name of the United States.
Well, they admit there's 2,000 plus photos and over 100 videos we weren't allowed to see.
Yeah, we're such children, we can never be allowed to know what the government has been doing with our tax dollars.
They admit beating people to death, raping people.
I mean, that's in Tagumbo's report.
It absolutely is.
And if you look back, this was all the stuff that, as growing up as a kid, I was told this is what Nazi Germany was doing, and ooh, they were bad, and we were good to go stop them from doing it.
So now all of a sudden we're reversed, and our government is now engaging in these sorts of practices.
What about Savage?
You've seen a shift in him, though.
That shows they're desperate.
Yeah, absolutely.
Michael Savage, about a year ago, was going on that anybody who even questioned the president in a time of war... Should be put in a FEMA camp.
And now we're... So, you know, Michael Savage has his finger up in the air and he knows the political winds are shifting and he's starting to train more towards saying, well, maybe Bush isn't right and maybe he did lie and so forth.
He's still trying to put a positive pro-Bush, pro-GOP...
I heard him three years ago.
He switches back and forth.
Three years ago, Bush's New World Order, but he's decided to fight it, so be with Bush.
He's fighting the New World Order.
It's ridiculous, Spin.
They're trying to use the labels, but it's not working.
No, it really isn't, because ultimately people are learning how to sort through all the labels and get down to what the actual facts are, and that facts is really what it's about.
And what are the facts?
Well, the facts are right now that Bush has lied to the American people to start a war of conquest against a nation that did absolutely nothing wrong to us.
And who was told to invade Kuwait to begin with.
Well, that whole Desert Storm 1 supposedly took care of that.
The current war in Iraq was started completely on a lie, and it's important to understand that when Bush started the invasion of Iraq, he did so by telling Congress that he had proof that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.
But now Rumsfeld says he never said that, and it's an urban legend.
No, no, no, because it's in the letter of Transylvania.
He said it hundreds of times on TV!
But if you go back to Bush's actual letter to Congress, he sets it down in writing and signs his name... Well, he said it in the State of the Union.
Yeah, that's right.
But legally, because he lied in that letter to Congress, that makes the war in Iraq illegal.
Bill Clinton lied to a grand jury and got called in in front of a grand jury and impeachment began.
Yeah, absolutely.
We should be doing more than that to Bush, because in this case we're talking about a lie that has resulted in the deaths of 1,600 Americans.
It's more than that now.
Well, it's always going to be more than the number we have at hand because it is, it's going on.
Yeah, they report six months later, yeah.
But don't you think Bush is going to go ahead and blow up some more stuff and then go ahead and get his draft and see I was right, shut up?
I think that's why they're so arrogant.
Well, I think they're arrogant because there's a great unwillingness to really look at how bad the situation is deteriorating.
That and their ivory tower, exactly.
I'm not even sure Bush yet knows about those latest Gallup numbers, about how many people think he deliberately lied about Iraq.
But they're pushing forward for this next campaign in Iran.
They don't have the support of the rank-and-file military.
They're not going to have the support of the American people.
But they're on this real huge rush because I think the plan is that Israel wants an excuse to be able to bomb the Iranian reactor complex.
Israel doesn't care if we look like idiots.
They don't care if we do all the work for them.
They'll just shoot it out and watch the dumb giant, the retarded giant, go do all the work for them.
Well, there's definitely that aspect of it, but the important part about the reactor is they have to bomb it before it's fueled, or the resulting disaster will make Chernobyl look like a Sunday picnic.
So that is the big rush and the big push.
But what's going to stop them?
I mean, they already use DU all over the place.
Well, this is a different kind of radiation.
Why not?
You're talking about huge radiation clouds.
Yeah, we're talking huge radiation clouds of gamma emitters.
By the way, it blows straight towards the U.S., whereas Chernobyl blew south.
This will blow right at us.
This will blow all over the place.
We'll be feeling the radiation from a bombed reactor all over the planet.
So Israel's goal is to find an excuse to bomb that reactor before the Russians fuel it.
And they may fuel it by end of summer?
They're planning on fueling it by the end of summer, and that's why we're hearing out of inside forces in Washington, D.C., that the war in Iran has to crank up in June.
So look for a dirty bomb or something to get blown up real soon, folks.
And you know who will be behind that.
We'll be right back with Mike Rivera.
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We're good to go.
That's 866-371-2330.
That's 866-371-2330.
All right, my calls are coming up in the next segment, 1-800-259-9231.
We're talking to Michael Rivero, whatreallyhappened.com.
Let's get into the real numbers.
I mean, 42% in the last couple months with the Army falling on its recruitment numbers, and they already lowered the hurdle, what, three or four times in the last few years.
The other services are having the same problem.
I've got a London Independent article about masses of people going AWOL.
They're breathing DU.
They're finding out how they were scammed.
But they still want to go into Iran.
What do you see happening?
Well, I don't think there's any way that the U.S.
is going to be able to go into Iran without bringing back the draft.
And as we know, the offices are already set up and running to be able to crank up a draft on almost no notice at all.
The bills are introduced, but you're a conspiracy theorist to talk about.
Yeah, the bills are already introduced.
The actual Selective Service Boards are up and running as we speak.
And it's very obvious that we don't even have enough troops to support the wars we already have going in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Well, David Ray Griffin was asked the question on C-SPAN and on the show.
I said, do you think we'll carry out a terror attack?
And he goes, yeah.
I mean, everybody I've talked to agrees that's the catalyst.
And the military said, yeah, there's another attack.
We're going to be able to have this draft.
Yeah, absolutely.
Bush needs to have another phony terror attack.
Where and when, of course, is a matter of some speculation.
But the really critical thing here is that, at least as far as Iraq is concerned, the war is illegal, and I'm not sure why any serving military person feels that they're legally obligated to remain there.
Yeah, Congress said that there was a clear and present danger he had authorization, but he's clearly violated the enacting document, which itself was a fraud, so where do you go?
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, the big problem, of course, is Congress itself is unwilling to go back and prosecute the president for what is clearly a high crime of lying to Congress.
Premeditatedly ordering the CIA to lie.
And then they wouldn't lie, so they created their own little Pentagon office to lie.
Absolutely, and of course that little Pentagon office now lies at the heart of the ongoing investigation into the APEC and Israeli spying.
And again, folks, half the people in Israel in major polls are against all this.
I'm not against Israel itself, but I am against being used by this corrupt regime to do their dirty work.
There's a lot of other things, oil companies and weapon sales play into it, but in the final equation, I've read Israeli war documents from the early 80s that are published in Israeli papers, and it's exactly what we're doing today.
Do you agree, Mike?
Yeah, absolutely, I agree.
We're definitely looking at a certain portion of the American government.
Clearly has a divided or dual loyalty.
And to go back to some of the religious documents that the far right likes to quote from, no man can serve two masters.
And we clearly have a case of portions of our government who are thinking more in terms of Israel's well-being than the well-being of this nation right here.
And that, I think, is tremendously dangerous.
Well, why didn't Israel send their troops into Iraq?
Well, first of all, I don't think they have enough.
Second of all, I think if they overtly went into Iraq,
I think all the other Arab nations would have instantly united against them, and Israel, even with its nuclear arsenal, would not be able to withstand a united Middle East against them, because Israel is itself physically a very, very small country.
Well, they got 400 nukes.
Now, again, in this whole equation, they want to go into Iran.
I've got family in the military.
They've been told they're going into Iran.
Give us your predictions.
Well, again, it's all being driven by the schedule for completion of that nuclear reactor.
Once it is fueled, it cannot be bombed without causing tremendous health and environmental damage across the entire Mideast, including the oil fields.
So they had to fuel the TAMUS reactor in 1981 in Iraq?
No, they hadn't fueled it yet.
Israel bombed it just weeks before it was ready to be fueled.
And they said, we're going to bomb it.
Yes, they have stated repeatedly that they're going to bomb the reactor.
Now, they've totally given up their sovereignty.
They've got more UN inspectors than anybody.
They let them do whatever they want.
This is totally peaceful.
It cannot be used for weapons.
Our government gives systems through Rumsfeld that can be for North Korea, but that's not a problem.
We've got to get Iran, but they've done nothing wrong.
They have done nothing wrong in terms of the nuclear reactor, which is a power station, and it is open to inspection.
Anybody can come look at it.
This is a far cry, of course, from Israel's reactor complex at Dimona.
But the real issue behind all of this is that Iran was planning to start its own oil brokerage institution, which was going to trade in euros rather than dollars.
This is what Iraq was also getting ready to do shortly before the invasion there.
And this, of course, is a major problem for the U.S.
economy because the demand for dollars to buy oil is partly what's propping up the value of the dollar overseas.
Oh, it's already softening.
Oh, it's very much softening.
And if the oil powers go to the euro, it will definitely put a downward pressure on the dollar.
Which is already down by over 40% in the last three years.
So, do you think we're going to see an attack?
I think there's no question that Bush is going to try and get us into a war in Iran somehow.
The only question is, how is he going to do it?
So we're just waiting for Iranian terrorists to go into a school and kill a hundred children?
Yes, or blow up a bridge, or... We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're going back to Michael Rivero here in just a moment.
Won't really have a .com.
And, of course, your phone calls at 1-800-259-9231.
I'm an independent broadcaster.
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And please make copies.
I want to commend those that have.
Going back to Michael Rivero, let's get in a little bit more to what's really happened in Iraq and what DU's really done.
And then I want to get briefly into 9-11 and some of the latest developments there and then take calls.
Well, obviously in Iraq, the biggest threat facing our kids, besides the fact that the Iraqi people don't want the United States in their country, has been the depleted uranium munitions.
Now, in their original form, as supplied to the troops, they're relatively harmless because depleted uranium is primarily an alpha emitter.
But when they are employed in combat, these munitions will vaporize, and this produces a cloud of uranium oxide, which can be inhaled,
And once it's inhaled and in your lungs, of course, now it's inside your body, and this alpha radiation over a long period of time can cause tremendous health deterioration.
And even new scientists and others have done the CAT scans of the lungs.
It's a fog.
Just the heavy metal nature alone is highly destructive to cells.
Yeah, the uranium itself is a very toxic metal, even if it were somehow not radioactive.
So we're seeing the troops from, like, the first Desert Storm War are having a very high incidence of birth defects in the children that they are now having.
But in 44 billion years, everything will be okay.
Yeah, the half-life of depleted uranium is extraordinarily long.
The planet Earth and the people of planet Earth are going to be dealing with all of this radioactivity that was dropped all over Iraq and Afghanistan for as long as we're going to be here.
And Serbia and 10 proving grounds in the U.S.
And they're continuing to use these munitions.
And what it effectively is, is they're taking radioactive waste from U.S.
reactor development, and they're using it as a weapon in order to drop it all over somebody else's real estate and let them deal with the health problems.
Permanently salting the earth.
Now, in the first Cold War, they used, what, 1,000 tons?
They used 3,000-plus tons this time.
That's conservative.
And we have triple the birth defects now.
That's the official numbers in our people and the Iraqi people.
Now the numbers two years after the liberation are coming in.
They're even worse than that.
It may be a tripling on the tripling, whatever that comes to mathematically.
And they're having the same thing in Serbia six years after.
They're having the same thing three years after in Afghanistan.
But this time we didn't just bomb the desert.
Our government bombed all these bases where our troops then moved in.
Absolutely, and our kids are sitting there, they're breathing this stuff, and I know there's a tremendous push in the media about do they have enough body armor.
That's really not the issue.
Every single one of our kids are coming home from the Mideast with lungs full of this mildly radioactive material, and they're contaminating their own families, they're contaminating their own homes, and it's very low level.
We're not seeing things glow in the dark, but over the course of several years... But New York Daily News tested the blood of 14 servicemen last year and found upwards of two rims of radiation.
Absolutely, and over the course of several years, the health effects from this are going to be...
Debilitating, and we're already seeing the Veterans Administration try and distance itself from these medical conditions.
The whole Gulf War Syndrome issue may in fact have been symptoms from chronic low-level radiation exposure.
And the government does not want to have to pay the medical costs from all of this because we're talking about cancer and leukemia, which are the most expensive illnesses that you can come down with.
Well, the particleized element is also so heavy that it actually pierces the cell wall
I mean, we've had Dr. Rocky many times wrote the book on DU, and so it just goes right through the cell wall by itself and destroys the DNA.
It absolutely does, and that's the reason we're seeing such an epidemic of cancers and birth defects.
And by the way, we're also registering higher levels of it here now.
It's blowing right over.
Long-term monitoring of the background radiation.
I mean, we're still picking up radiation from the above-ground tests in the 1950s, and now we're starting to see a very gradual increase as the radioactivity from the depleted uranium weapons circles the globe carried by the winds.
And so 10 years from now, 20 years from now, when you're on your knees vomiting your guts out,
Yeah, you can't eat and you're on all these cancer therapies, troops.
Remember, we tried to save you before this even happened.
Yes, absolutely.
But we don't have to wait 10 years.
It's already happening.
Yeah, it is happening right now, but it's only going to get worse in the future because the deal that is already there is there.
We're not going to get it back.
But by then it'll just be a footnote in the newspaper.
Oh, yeah, it was a problem.
We won't do it anymore.
Yeah, well, yes, they will do it because we went through this once before with some of the weapons that were used in World War II.
Oh, we'll never use them again.
And we're using them again.
I tell you, but I mean, the globalists, this stuff blows on them.
I mean, I know there's like one member of Congress with a son in Iraq, but still, I mean, why do they... They could have used other munitions.
Well, that's a real big question.
I think it was used simply because the material was there.
It was plentiful.
It was very cheap.
It was either use it in bullets or throw it away.
And that's really what it came down to.
Well, it's like sodium fluoride.
They had all that extra stuff, so they said, we'll just put it in the water.
And as a metal to be used in munitions and penetrators, depleted uranium does have advantages over lead.
And so it was very attractive to people designing armor-piercing munitions.
But it goes to the mindset of the controllers.
Let's win the war now, and we'll let the next administration worry about the after effects.
But, I mean, this is the crew who wants many nukes now.
I mean...
They're already starting to develop them, and there is already a question if some of the so-called bunker-buster bombs that have been employed in Iraq were already micro-nukes in their own right.
There have been reports, especially in Fallujah, of whole blocks being bulldozed and the soil and wreckage of the homes being driven out to the desert and buried in secret locations, which is what we saw at Waco and Oklahoma City and also portions of the World Trade Towers.
Oh boy, not good.
We already talked about the draft, but I've got a report here about everything breaking down.
Well, here's an article in the Independent Today.
The deserters' AWOL crisis hits U.S.
forces as the death toll of troops amounts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
America's military recruiting figures have plummeted to an all-time low.
Thousands of U.S.
servicemen and women are now refusing to serve their country.
Andrew Bochum reports, and it talks about how masses of troops, thousands, are going AWOL.
Well, again, I think if you look at the fact that the Iraq War is illegal, totally, then somebody needs to explain the legal precedent under which those troops should be staying over there anyway.
The example I used in my website earlier today is if you're contracted to move the contents of warehouse A to warehouse B, and then you find out that the person who contracted you doesn't actually own the contents of warehouse A,
Would any court enforce you to continue serving that contract when the foundation or the premise that it's based on turns out to be illegal?
Well, if the troops read their handbooks on how they're supposed to conduct themselves, all of it's being violated.
5,133 troops are now AWOL of 1,297.
This is the government's own numbers.
It's much worse.
Our Marines...
2,376 are Army, 1,410 the Navy, and 50 Air Force.
Those numbers are very striking, and frankly, I've got to say, good for them, because they recognize...
There is a contract between the American government and the military that the military are to be used and sent into harm's way only in certain conditions.
Well, it's the old thing with the Nazis.
Just following orders doesn't do it.
No, and we've never built our country on the follow orders without question.
The military has always been told they do have a moral right to refuse what they consider to be illegal or immoral.
Well, it's like Operation Phoenix in the My Lai Massacre.
I mean, you say no, you know, blow that five-year-old's head off.
And you're going to be on the right, but not today.
They go, no, you've got to do what we say.
Well, they're trying to enforce that, but obviously by these AWOL numbers, they're failing to do so.
We may see a repeat of the private Slovik kind of situation to try and get the troops back in line, and I would say probably following the next stage terror event and the restoration of the draft, we will probably see that kind of sternness.
Lots of public show trials, persecution.
They'll just grab somebody as an example, put them up against a wall and shoot them to let the troops know that, yes, you'd better go in and kill who we say to kill.
Well, I'm told, I've seen mainstream articles that there's already special gangs of troops that go around beating up and killing people that don't go along.
Yeah, that would not surprise me at all to see that kind of thing.
We saw that in Vietnam as well.
But it's not going to...
How did the Pentagon... I mean, I think they did this by design.
They won a quagmire there.
When they told the troops if somebody gets caught stealing a stick of wood, run over their family car with a tank and then laugh at them in front of thousands of onlookers, I mean, that doesn't win hearts and minds.
No, it doesn't.
I don't know that the Pentagon really wanted Iraq to become a quagmire.
I think the Pentagon and a lot of other knowledgeable observers...
We're warning all along that Iraq would be a quagmire.
So you think in their ivory towers they're totally delusional?
I absolutely think... Well, we've already seen that Bush is not told bad news, negative news.
He says, I don't read the newspaper.
And he's shielded by his immediate staff in the White House.
Did you know Germany really lost the war because for three years when stuff would go bad they wouldn't tell the Fuhrer?
Absolutely, and at the end he was ordering armies into combat that did not exist and nobody dared tell him.
And I think we are seeing a little bit of that now at the Bush White House.
But I think the Bushes know that.
I think the controllers of the puppet Bush know that.
I think that's why they're going to have a terror attack escalating to Iran because they've either got a Ponzi scheme expand or it implodes.
If not, it's going to be like Vietnam with people jumping on helicopters off rooftops.
I think it's going to end up that way anyway because, in my honest opinion, unless Bush is willing to use weapons of mass destruction in Iran, he can't win that war.
Because Iran has a very modern, well-equipped army.
They're certainly far more capable than Iraq was.
They've now strengthened their mutual defense ties with Azerbaijan, which means there's a lot more territory to have to cover.
So I don't think Iran is a winnable war.
Certainly not when the troops going in know that it's all based on yet another set of hoaxes and lies.
But they hit Chicago with a nuke, Michael.
We've got to do it for America.
Bush will cry about his lip.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
They did it.
They killed our people.
Well, I just keep looking for somebody to make a really big mistake that is so horrendous that even the mainstream media can't look the other way.
But the mainstream media is owned by the same military-industrial complex that wants this.
Let's talk to Heidi in Texas.
We're in for interesting times, boys and girls.
Heidi in Texas, go ahead.
Alex, it's not Heidi, but it's Richard.
Okay, Richard.
And Heidi and I were concerned about the same topic, and she tried to call you last week.
Okay, then you're on the phone for Heidi.
Okay, it's about open borders.
Okay, go ahead.
And I see it as a problem that is explainable as the Hegelian dialectic, Alex.
Yeah, they create the crisis, then we've all got to have national ID cards, and they just legalize the illegal.
Well, look, here's how I identify it.
The problem is open borders.
That's the first problem.
The reaction is the formation of groups like the Minutemen.
And then the government is going to take that as a reason to close the borders, put up fences with dark towers and stuff like that.
Bush is proposing total amnesty.
Well, see, that's part of the problem.
That's the first problem, not the reaction.
Just what's your point?
My point is, Alex, is that by pushing the reaction to this problem that the government is coming up with, and that isn't the only problem that the government is coming up with.
They're also, as you know, requiring hospitals to treat these guys.
But anyway, that's still the problem.
The reaction is things like the Minutemen and...
And they are using people like you to push it.
The government is going to give us a solution, and are we going to like the solution?
And as that woman asked, what happens if they turn that solution back on us?
As that woman asked, I'm really confused.
She said, what will happen?
Number one, we don't screen the calls.
Why didn't you just use your real name?
It was Heidi who called, first of all, but she had to leave.
Okay, now I understand.
You bring up some other woman.
Listen, thanks for the call, sir.
I'm going to say something on this right now.
You know, if we have a problem with 30 million illegals and we want to bring another 30 million in, driving down our wages, being used as a political block, and we need to control the borders and control these illegals, it isn't then my fault that the government uses a false solution.
And I said they'd do that, and I was against this national ID card.
So then it's not my fault that I'm exposing this.
I don't know if Michael Rivero has any comments on this.
Well, I think my only comment to add to that is all these individuals who are coming over the border right now may think they're getting a great opportunity, but they're going to be the first ones picked up in that draft when they're granted their amnesty.
25% of the troops in Iraq were illegal aliens.
They're given instant quasi-citizenship when they get in there.
That's right.
This is the new Hessian army.
And so for anybody who's listening across the border...
It is not the sweet deal you're being told it is, because you're going to come up here to the United States, and you're going to find yourself over in the deserts of the Mideast.
Who's up next here?
Daryl in France.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Nice to talk to you, Alex.
You know, I have a couple of points I wanted to make.
This stuff is happening worldwide, Michael.
I read your site every day.
There's no question that you're the best news site on the net for the news flow, along with Alex's site, but
You know, I wanted to touch on something that you haven't treated.
Penn & Teller actually did a hit piece on Eric Hoffschmidt, and it was unbelievable.
You had to see this hit piece to believe it.
They're talking about throwing people down flights of stairs if you see them with his book, and it was amazing.
I guarantee you that's a paid deal.
Stay there.
We'll get a comment from our guest on the other side.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, my comment about Penn & Teller, I did in fact comment on the story when it first came out.
And Penn & Teller, you have to remember, their claim to fame, how they became well-known and popular, is they were doing shows that exposed magicians' secrets.
And they made a lot of money doing it, and they became very popular, but of course they were inflicting a lot of damage on professional magicians.
Which, at the time, I was one.
That's how I paid for my college education.
I did nightclubs and cruise ships and all sorts of stuff.
And having that mindset helped you see the globalist sorcery.
Yeah, in a way, it has taught me how to look from its direction.
But back to Penn & Teller, of course, their act was very harmful to other entertainers who were working in professional magic.
But this is how they built up their reputation and their career, was giving all the secrets away.
Then after that wore off and they got tired of it, they sort of coasted along for a while.
This looks like not only, as you say, a paid-for hatchet job, but it's another attempt to put their name back into the headlines.
Well, they should get in trouble for calling for violence until somebody does get pushed downstairs.
Well, unfortunately, the people who call for violence against the people the government does not like seldom get prosecuted for it.
The laws of the anti-terror legislation are definitely being very selectively enforced.
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, issuing fake terror alerts is a terrorist action, because it really is.
But, oh, Bush can issue fake alerts.
Let's talk to Willie in Michigan.
Go ahead, Willie.
You're on the air.
How are you doing?
Long time talking to you.
Good to hear from you, Willie.
What's on your mind?
Well, I got your new tape, you know.
Oh, thank you.
I've been doing a lot of recording it for others.
What'd you think of it?
It's great.
Especially the best you put out.
The best.
But what I wanted to say about this so-called draft, these people don't have to, it's no law to draft anyone.
So we don't have to go up there.
Nobody has to go to be drafted.
Not even during World War II.
If they didn't want to go, they could have stayed at home.
It's a scare tactic.
So these people should understand the laws of the land.
We go according to the Constitution.
Yeah, there is indentured servitude, and the draft is indentured servitude.
It's slavery.
Michael Rivero?
Yeah, the draft actually does violate the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, and that's why during the actual draft process they used the word volunteer.
If you step forward, you volunteer for the service.
And, you know, if you actually step forward at that point, then legally you have offered your services rather than being... And they say it's a privilege to drive, so you've got to sign this contract saying we can draft you when you get an ID, but it's all done through fraud.
It is all done through fraud.
The bottom line is that a military draft is a direct violation of the 13th Amendment, and if we're going to... Well, if a war is so righteous, they should be able to get the people.
Willie, anything else?
That's it.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
Lynn, where are you calling from, Lynn?
Yeah, hi, Alex.
Good to talk to you.
Where are you calling from?
Go ahead.
I've got a quick question for you and Michael.
If the United States does launch against Iran, doesn't Iran have a mutual defense treaty with Russia, which would mean, in effect, that the United States would be attacking Russia?
Yeah, but I think Poodie Pood's going to sit that one out.
What do you think, Michael?
I'm less than sure, because I think Putin realizes that appeasement does not work.
We learned that one in World War II with Neville Chamberlain.
And what's really at stake is control of the Mideast oil.
Russia does have a lot of oil, but they still need access to the Central Asian... And it's true they're selling a lot of weapons right now to Iran.
They really are, and I think at some point Russia is going to say, look, we've got to stop them, or the U.S.
is going to grab all of it, and then our economy will be trashed.
And so I think ultimately, yes, we are looking at a war with Russia.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've got another guest coming up in five minutes, but will you do five more minutes to finish these calls?
All right, stay there, Lynn in Oklahoma, and we'll talk to Bob in Florida and maybe one other.
Then we've got Jim Tucker coming on, American Free Press.
He went to the Bilderberg Group this year.
We'll play that CNN clip where they admit, oh, yeah, they went world government.
It's good.
All coming up the third hour.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, we're talking to Michael Rivero in the last hour.
He'll be with us for a few more minutes here to take a few final calls.
On the edge of attacking Iran before they can fuel their nuclear reactor.
Bush says they've got nuclear materials.
Yeah, for peaceful purposes.
All the inspectors are there, which is bad.
Either you have inspectors dominating your country, or you get attacked, or even if you do, you get attacked.
This is serious business.
Major escalation.
They're saying they'll strike back.
And it looks like that'll happen by the end of summer, when they're going to fuel that sucker, when the Russians are.
We were just talking about this with Michael Rivero and Lynn in Oklahoma.
Lynn, anything else?
No, that was the main thing, Alex.
I just wondered how the...
How the powers that be were going to deal with that angle with the defense treaty that Iran has with Russia, or at least they used to, and I wasn't sure if they still had it.
No, they still have the defense pact.
All right, thank you, gentlemen.
But I tell you, Bush has sure been spending a lot of time, and so has Sharon, in Russia trying to get things greased.
Absolutely, and I think they're trying to offer some kind of a deal to Putin that, hey, we'll let you still have access to this or that many oil fields.
I'm not sure how well that's going to fly because there were some deals that Russia had with Iraq.
And now we're paying $2.50 an average a gallon at 87 octane.
Well, it's going to get worse than that because right now Bush is spending $5 billion per month in Iraq to get out $150 million worth of oil.
And certainly it would have been far cheaper to simply say to Saddam, okay, we're going to lift the sanctions and we'll buy the oil from you.
And we would have gotten a lot more oil for a lot less money.
Let's take one final call.
Bob in Florida.
You're on the air.
How you doing?
Hey, Alex.
I've got some quick information.
I'm dealing with tyranny at a local level, and I just wanted to let you know that the National Forest here, Athleticola National Forest in Florida, that, you know, they've been patrolling it a lot, and I've been talking with some of the patrols out there, and they say upcoming here in their Phase 3 changes...
That they're going to cause you to have to have permits on your vehicles when you go in the forest, and each individual that is in that vehicle has to have a permit to go in that forest.
Well, everything is going to be IDs, and it has nothing to do with terror.
It's all about control.
Michael Rivero comments on the new national ID card.
It's about keeping track of people and allowing the federal government direct control over individual lives, because as we saw, for example, on 9-11,
We're good to go.
Well, it's not meant to.
The government ordered the embassies to let the, quote, Al-Qaeda operatives back in.
And then train some of them on U.S.
Air Force bases.
So they're training you to be good little serfs down in Florida, Bob.
And I've been out in the forest, and I took a picture of him on a four-wheel drive going down foot trails that only people aren't allowed to be on, motorized vehicle zones.
He got off that four-wheeler and said, I had to delete that picture out of my camera, or he was going to, I guess, arrest me.
Well, that's like the recruiters calling up and saying, show up at the recruiting office, or I'll arrest you.
I have the warrant right here.
My question is, how...
I mean, this is all color of law.
Isn't that another sign of tyranny, Michael?
That absolutely is, where, you know, police have come to fear digital cameras and camcorders and even cell phones with cameras in them now are being banned at certain public events just in case the police do something that they don't want photographed.
Because they realize, once it's out on the net, everybody's going to know about it.
But they want cameras on us everywhere, but ooh, camera, that's bad.
Oh, absolutely.
You might be a terrorist.
Yeah, absolutely.
And it's really silly.
I remember back when...
Romania finally got rid of Ceausescu, and one of the justifications for that was that he'd been putting TV cameras on every street corner to spy on his own people.
And that was why it was a good thing that Ceausescu had been killed.
Now, all of a sudden, we've got cameras here.
Michael, yeah, face-scanning cameras.
Michael Rivera, whatreallyhappened.com.
It was great.
Come back soon.
Certainly I will.
Look forward to it.
Take care, my friend.
Jim Tucker, American Free Press, coming up.
More of your calls.
A bunch of news I haven't even gotten to.
Be sure and check out the website, prisonplanet.tv and infowars.net.
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Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Blasting out in the Infowars, right here on the front lines, cutting edge, my friends.
Thank you for riding shotgun with us.
Going out on dozens and dozens and dozens of AM and FM affiliates, a growing list of brave, wonderful, patriotic stations, simulcasting with one of the biggest Internet audiences on the web, number one on Shopcast at InfoWars.com, going out on three satellites and global shortwave during the day at 9.985 for the first two hours, 9.975 for the third hour, and all three hours, 9 to midnight, for the retransmission at 3210.
We were talking about the upcoming war with Iran and the launch date for that, unless we're able to expose it before they fuel it in August.
We also got into the draft looming of the over 5,000 troops AWOL right now in the last few months.
Military recruiting numbers falling apart.
But now we're going to shift gears up to the top of the pyramid, not just the horrible things happening down here at the neophyte slave surf level.
But what's happening up above us?
Imagine if 125 top movie stars met in secret with the military guarding them.
You'd know it'd be top story.
Or if 125 top golfers met in secret with the military guarding them, it'd be top story.
Or if 125 international crime bosses met, and then the military guarding them would be an international story, and it should be.
But for decades, since the 1950s, top bankers, top media, top royalty...
Meet, predominantly in Europe, but have string meetings here in the U.S.
And a man for 26 years has been covering, and his name is Jim Tucker.
We have our little yearly ritual of having him on before he goes and after.
And he's a long-time mainstream reporter for some of the biggest syndicates for news on the East Coast.
And then he woke up to the NWO and started covering the Bilderberg Group.
He really is the great-granddaddy of exposing him.
And he climbs through drains and gets arrested and climbs over hedges and gets people inside these five-star resorts to get him intel.
And the Bilderberg Group now brags that they pioneered the EU in the 50s.
And everything we see, I mean, CFR, Trilateral Commission, WTO, UN, they all dance to the Bilderberg tune.
And the heads of all the other big groups are members of Bilderberg.
125 members, a couple dozen guests.
And Tucker just got back from Deutschland with the latest meeting.
Jim, it's a great honor to have you with us, sir.
It's always a pleasure.
People can read your great columns at AmericanFreePress.net or they can call and subscribe to your fabulous publication and to new incarnation, formerly The Spotlight.
How do folks subscribe?
Either by AmericanFreePress.net or what's that number?
Bear with me a moment because I never called myself up.
I know.
I'll tell you what.
Well, you can plug that whenever you like, but let's talk about Jim Tucker just briefly.
And your saga, your... Well, now, if I'll see the number, let me give it to you.
To subscribe, you call 202-544-5977.
And again, that number?
And keep that handy.
We'll plug that before you leave us at the end of this broadcast.
Very good.
Now, I was attacked by the New York Times about three years ago as an insane person that believes in a thing called Bilderberg.
And Bohemian Grove.
Five, six years ago, it didn't exist.
You were crazy if you talked about it.
Now we've seen them admit it exists, but try to put a pretty spin on it.
I think the most blatant thing I ever saw was last year in the New York Times about, yeah, it's a global government body, but they love us.
This new piece with John Ronson in Europe aired on BBC.
We're about to play it, and I want to get your response to it, but what's it been like seeing the evolution of them first denying it exists, and why do you think they're now having to admit it exists?
It was with the help of the European press, which is much less disciplined.
The blackout in the United States is quite complete, with the New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, all the three major networks having been represented on their promise of secrecy.
But the European press in the last 10, 15 years has been very energetic.
Last year, all over page one of the Italian newspapers, and so they simply had to, in some cases, say we exist.
If you somehow got Henry Kissinger or David Rockefeller on the phone right now and said, is there such a group as Bilderberg?
They'd say, absolutely not.
It's a right-wing mirage.
It's a fantasy.
So they'll try to suppress as much as possible.
There comes a time when they are simply forced to admit that, yes, they do exist, but they're good guys.
We should be grateful that they care so much about us.
Well, notice in this piece we're about to play, and we'll put you on hold, and you can listen and give us your take on it, they use the word conspiracy a lot, right-wing.
Oh, they want global government, but...
It's because they care about us, and because they're so centrist, because they really love us, and they know what's best.
So let's play this piece and then get the grandfather of exposing the Bilderberg Group's response on it.
Go ahead and roll that clip.
This is from CNN Europe.
Here it is.
Well up next on World Business Today, you may not have heard of it, but some say Bilderberg is secretly trying to take over the world.
We're trying to find out why some of the biggest names in business and politics are currently meeting very discreetly in Germany.
Conspiracy or cozy talking shop?
The Bilderberg Group is meeting in South Germany this week, at least according to the Financial Times, which says a group of powerful men and women will debate the future of the world.
The paper says the steering committee of Bilderberg includes Deutsche Bank boss Josef Ackermann, Nokia CEO Jorma Ollala, Daimler Chrysler's J├╝rgen Schrampp, and outgoing World Bank president James Wolfensohn.
I asked John Ronson, who has written about Bilderberg, what it really is.
Bilderberg is a meeting of powerful centrists, industrialists and politicians.
They always meet in secret once a year in a five-star hotel with golfing facilities and they've taken on the image for conspiracy theorists of the fabled shadowy cabal that secretly rules the world.
Are they?
Well, yes and no.
I mean, they're a bunch of powerful people.
They meet in secret.
They say we meet in private, which isn't quite the same thing, is it?
It's not quite the same thing.
I do think that, by and large, many members of the Bilderberg Group actually see themselves in much the same way as the conspiracy theorists see them, as this shadowy cabal out to...
If not to rule the world, but to influence world events.
What would they see as their purpose, then?
I mean, presumably, it's a good get-together of powerful people.
They don't often get a chance to meet away from the glare of the press.
One could understand why they might want to have a private chat.
Yeah, and that's certainly got something to do with it.
They see themselves as wise...
Globalist centrists.
They were set up post the Second World War by people like Dennis Healey, David Rockefeller and various others.
There's real idealism there, isn't there?
They didn't want to go to war again.
Oh, absolutely.
Was that a sinister conspiracy?
Well, I mean, it depends what side of the political spectrum you sit on.
And many of the anti-Builderberg conspiracists are right-wiggers who see themselves as
They see themselves as a government as opposed to a group of world leaders or people with influence at a global level who are talking about global issues, do they?
They see themselves as headhunters.
They'll get an up-and-coming politician who they think may be president or prime minister one day, and as globalist, industrialist leaders who believe that politics shouldn't be in the hands of the politicians, they try and influence them with wise words in the corridors outside Sessions.
Should they be more open?
I mean, should they come and sit here and do an interview with me and explain what they're doing or talk after their meeting about what they've decided, even if they don't invite us along as journalists beforehand or during?
Well, Bilderberg's secrecy, I think, harks back to, specifically to Henry Kissinger, who, you know, in quite a silly way, I think, loved the idea of being this shadowy, secret figure.
And it was Kissinger, the founder member of Bilderberg, who had this idea to be this kind of secret organisation.
In quite a silly way, really.
And I think some members, I mean, Lord Owen said to me at one point that he wished... The former British Foreign Secretary and leader of the Social Democratic Party.
Yeah, and he said he kind of wished Bilderberg didn't quite have this air of secrecy.
Because it gives rise to tremendous conspiracy theory.
John Ronson there, who's written about Goldberg in a book called Them.
Now, yeah, and it attacked me in that book, and he also, back in, what, 99 or 2000, went with Jim Tucker to Europe and covered Jim being harassed and followed by the Secret Service of that particular country.
But notice the spin there.
Yeah, they want world government, but it's a good thing.
They want to stop war.
Now, the truth is they help engineer wars.
The truth is these are the people that want a world tax, that want to take your sovereignty, a Pan-American Union.
All these things they keep denying, now they admit it.
Jim Tucker, your response to that propaganda?
It does seem that John Ronson's view has come a little bit our way in seeing Bilderberg as a world government figure.
They're having trouble defining secrecy in a private meeting.
A private meeting is where we say, acknowledge the public, we're going to meet at this hotel these days.
It's going to be a private meeting.
Doors will be closed.
So we're going to have a private meeting on these days and you can't come.
A secret meeting is where the fact of the meeting itself is not to be known.
And they tell all the employees, you'll be fired if you ever talk about anything, and decades later we get the documents they had in there, and it's for all these horrible things they want to do, and all these powerful people colluding together to leverage their power.
In fact, as far as human nature is concerned, it's the very fact that they step on their employees' necks so hard prior to the Bilderberg meeting that makes them after about...
The second to third day of being in their resort before they seal it off, that makes the employees realize that something sinister has happened.
I mean, imagine being a bartender or a waiter and told, or a busboy for that matter, a janitor, a cleaning lady, and being told, do not look a Bilderberg participant in the eye.
Speak to him only if he speaks to you.
If you reveal one word about what transpires here, or...
Retrieve one document.
You will be fired, and you'll not only be fired, you'll be blackballed from the industry.
You'll never get a job in the hotel business field again.
And it's under that kind of harsh discipline that typically on a Monday before they start seeing you off on Wednesday, low-key conversations with the staff inside.
When we get back, I want to talk about you just got back from Germany, what you saw, what you got for us.
Jim, stay there.
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Alright, going back to Jim Tucker.
Jim, you just got back.
The last couple weeks from Germany in another of these annual Bilderberg meetings, and we've gone over your exploits and adventures before, but...
What happened this visit?
Number one, what was it physically like?
What was the security arrangements like?
And then, what tidbits did you get from inside?
Because you're always able to forecast from your spies inside what's going to be happening in the new year off their agenda, showing that they are the predominant power force on the globe.
Well, we all hope that the number one item to turn up this year, that they are wrong,
But Henry Kissinger told Richard Holbrook to expect oil to go to reach $150 a barrel in two years, triple the very high price of oil now, which is about $50 a barrel, although I think it dipped a couple of bucks the last two days.
But from a typical $50 a barrel now to $150 a barrel, it's, quote, it should not be long, quote, Kissinger told Holbrook.
And also, another source also pointed out that James Baker, not at this Bilderberg meeting, but had attended Bilderberg meetings as Secretary of Treasury and Chief of Staff under President Reagan and President Bush the Elder.
He was representing the Carlyle Group at an earlier business conference, and he said, look for $150 a barrel.
Now, we all hope that they're wrong in that projection.
We're talking about $6.50, $7 a gallon.
Yes, which Europeans are used to paying prices like that now, but we're not used to it, and we do not want to get used to it.
But they're engineering the scam while acting like they want to try to lower the prices.
Yes, well, the economic impact would be tremendous, understanding that a significant percentage... Inflation would go to 15%.
At least because, as economists will tell you, a significant portion of the price you pay for anything, whether it's a necktie or a house or a car, can be attributed to the cost of transportation from the long journey from raw material to finished product to marketplace.
So we're talking about tremendous inflation, skyrocketing inflation, if these projections come to be.
And, of course, we all hope they do not.
I know you can't give us the specifics, but you've had an incredible record of getting these nuggets.
You got the intel from, what, a spy?
Or did you get physical documents, as you have countless times?
Not physical documents.
They were eyes and ears of two different sources inside Bilderberg.
And so was Kissinger chortling?
Was he proud of this financial raping?
His face was a very neutral expression on his face.
So he put the fake German voice on and said, I'm telling you it's going to be $150 a barrel.
Oh yes, he was definitely using, as he always tries to unless you surprise him, his phony German accent.
I mean, he is from Germany, but he's been in this country since his age of 14.
And his brother has no accent at all.
So, I mean, please give us the exact quote.
The exact quote was, it should not be long.
Well, the first quote is paraphrased that he did make the prediction of $150 a barrel within two years.
The direct quote was, it should not be long.
Of course, two years is not long when you're 90 years old, or almost.
And that means that they're going to plunge the dollar, because that can only happen if the dollar plunges.
As it has.
Go to Europe now, it's quite expensive against the Euro.
Something like a dollar.
130 Euros to the dollar.
And three years ago, the Euro was at 89%, so that's a 40-plus drop.
Boy, great economic policy, but our news, Jim, is telling us everything's wonderful.
What other little tidbits... That's earth-shattering, by the way, what we just heard.
What other little tidbits did you get?
Of course, the... Well, the...
The big dispute, the first time to my knowledge that Bill Burr has ever had bitter, angry disputes.
The anger over the invasion of Iraq on the European side was so subsiding, it was rekindled because of reports in the London Times and the Guardian about Bush and Blair planning
The invasion of Iraq months in advance.
Now, Blair was in trouble, although he survived the election.
His party lost about 160 seats in Parliament, and he's weakened.
Blair had made the commitment to go to war with Bush months in advance, but they're still pretending that diplomacy is their weapon, not war.
And that just outraged the British.
And the other Europeans.
Now, it's only fair to say, as we point out in the current American Free Press, it's not a matter of the Europeans being the peace Bilderbergers and the Americans being the war Bilderbergers because the European Bilderbergers celebrated and helped generate the first invasion of Iraq by Big Bush.
They celebrated the end of the... Stay there.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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150 plus dollars.
Very soon.
In the next few years.
And that's the indicators we're getting from a lot of major financial publications as well.
The mass raping, the mass fleecing.
Heated arguments between the top globalists.
There at the Bilderberg Group meeting from Jim Tucker's sources.
Jim, you were continuing to tell that story.
Yes, pointing out that the European Bilderbergs strongly supported the 1991 invasion of Iraq, the invasion of Yugoslavia under Bill Clinton, which transformed NATO into the standing army of the United Nations.
Now, if we watch the French...
A referendum on the European Constitution, I think it's May 29th.
If the French reject the European Constitution, we could all toast Bilderberg because their hearts will be broken.
They're very concerned about the possibility that France will reject the European Constitution, which theoretically, if one country says no, the whole thing is dead.
Well, the smaller countries may say no later, but it would be a very severe blow to Bilderberg if the French reject in the May 29th referendum.
And the reason that the Frenchmen have turned against it...
It could go either way, but it went from something like 70% approval to about 48% approval to barely 51% approval in the recent polls.
And that's if you believe these polls?
Well, they're having the same problem as one of the Germans pointed out, as we've had with NAFTA.
When they expanded the European Union to include Turkey and also the former East Bloc countries expanded to 25, the French Bilderberg types did exactly what American financiers did.
Take their shops and good jobs to the poor countries where they pay slave wages and good jobs left Germany to go to Ukraine and to Asia.
In fact, one of the German news analogies, just like American jobs go south of the border and to India, our jobs are going to the Ukraine and to Asia.
And then the people aren't even going to have the money to buy the slave goods, but the globalists still want their global governments so they can control the entire globe, so they're willing to go along with this.
Any other big bombshells that came out?
Well, I think the next most interesting thing is who was and who was not there.
Governor Mark Warner of Virginia attended for the first time, which means that Biltberg thinks he's a potential president.
He's the governor of a so-called red state.
The only time Virginia has voted Republican presidential candidate.
Well, Virginia went for Eisenhower in 1952, and Republican in every presidential election since, except 1964 when Lyndon Johnson beat Goldwater.
Virginia did go for Goldwater.
As the Democratic governor of a red state, that means that they consider the possibility that the governor of Warner of Virginia, Mark Warner of Virginia, not to be confused with John Warner.
And by the way, you said on this program years ago that they literally vet and pick who they want to be president, and then New York Times came out and admitted it last year.
I mean, they're just admitting all this now.
Well, they'd like to own both horses in a two-horse race.
That's why every...
Jim, who else was there?
Of course, the laundry list is printed this week, but it's important to understand that Alan Hubbard, Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director of the National Economic Council, was there to be the messenger boy to President Bush.
And, of course...
William Lutie, Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Near Eastern and Southeast Asian Affairs.
He was back as usual.
I'm scanning the list even as we speak.
What was the security like this time?
Heavier than I've ever seen it before, and it's always been heavy.
The necktie guys in plain clothes started showing up on Monday, on Tuesday.
Now, understand the meeting doesn't start until Thursday.
It starts showing up on Monday.
On Tuesday, a lot of uniformed cops around.
Now, you were basically grabbed by the Italian police last year.
What did the Deutsch police do to you this year?
Well, I felt a little bit neglected.
They didn't molest me at all, but our photographer, who's also a gifted journalist, Danny Ustel, and you'll see his photographs in the next spotlight, a lot of them,
He was jerked off an airplane and held for... Let's see, when he got off the plane in Munich, they grabbed him and held him for a couple of hours.
They came on the plane to get him off and held him for about two or three hours to harass him.
Then when he got to the scene of the crime in the little town of Rotterdam, about 40 miles from Munich, they took his passport and said, we'll give it back to you
The closest they came to, that's why I say I felt neglected.
The day you leave.
They didn't abuse me this year, except one day they said to me, well, they brought out the top cop, well, one of the top cops of the uniformed police.
He wanted to see my passport.
And I said, I will show you my passport, but I will not surrender my passport.
I am standing on the public sidewalk.
And I held it up for him to look, but I didn't let him have it.
Because he was probably taken.
I'm not comfortable with a cop holding my passport until I come back looking for him saying, I've got to go home today.
I suppose I don't see the cop anymore.
Well, I mean, it's the same thing.
The Minutemen were going to be at a public press conference, and the head of Homeland Security said, Homeland Security, for terror reasons, you're not allowed in to talk about how we've ordered the Border Patrol to stand down.
I mean, everywhere they're using it against journalists, against activists.
Well, this is the editor of the local newspaper down there.
They told him he could not attend a press conference.
There's a funny one in California.
Well, it's totally unrelated.
A bunch of illegal aliens were having a rally in opposition to drivers having to show their citizens are legally here to get a driver's license.
They wouldn't let this broadcaster oppose the illegal aliens.
They wouldn't let him come in because they said he didn't have identification.
And they're having a rally against identification.
They're having a rally for the illegal aliens, but he doesn't have ID.
Well, that was a little bit off the subject, but it amused me.
I mean, it's all interconnected.
No, it's not.
And it shows what a sick joke this is.
I want to take some calls, Jim, but anything else that's important that we should know about before we go to calls?
Let's go to calls.
Okay, up first is Fred in Pennsylvania.
Fred, go ahead.
You're on the air with Jim Tucker.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Jim.
I want to make a comment, and then I want to ask a question of Alex.
Alex, it would be great if you could... You've done this once before that I heard of.
If you could review the grand structure of G8, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, CFR, and...
Basically, all these conferences... Let me just stop you.
All those other groups are over a certain thing.
Economics, or over this or that, or military.
But then they're all tools in the corporate structure under Bilderberg, and the heads of Bilderberg are all the heads of the other groups, and they all have different tasks that they carry out.
But Bilderberg is about as big and powerful as it gets in one of the smallest meetings that we know of.
Let me get a comment from Jim Tucker on that.
Well, yes, Bilderberg to me is a senior varsity.
This year they have 130, but it's typically 120 with two or three fringes that are likely to be tossed aside if they're no longer useful.
Tri-lateral commissions have about 320, and they include representatives of Japan and other Asian countries.
Interlocking leadership.
But the head of Trilateral is the top guy on Bilderberg.
The head of CFR is Bilderberg.
It's like they're the main brain, and then they go out with their different minions under them and different organizations.
And the CFR is the propaganda ministry.
We'll see within the coming months, white papers endorsing whatever Bilderberg calls for.
They get the marching orders, and then CFR kind of works out how to do it, and all the think tanks report to them.
I want to...
I want to make a contribution to the conversation in that I came across some really bizarre facts about the U.N.
Number one, you have around the time of the Atlantic Charter that Churchill and Roosevelt came up with, there were U.N.
agencies that really used the exact same title they have now.
UNESCO, UNRWA... Sir, I have a New York Times from 1936 with the 10 regions of America, the call for global government.
They tried all this.
It was the same names, almost identical with the president back during World War II.
I mean, World War I, Woodrow Wilson.
Thanks for the call.
Comments on that?
This global government, it's just more of the same.
Yes, I think you're referring to somebody's new state constitution going to divide the United States into ten regions.
Well, of course there's the perennial issues that Bilderberg had, the direct tax on the United, on all its well-head by the United Nations, and it's been pending before the United Nations for three years.
Money transfer tax, internet tax, which also brings control, UN, NATO, Army, and World Court.
Well, their favorite, though, seems to be tax on oil at the wellhead.
Maybe ten cents a barrel.
Because that's the real currency?
And from there it'll go up.
How close are they?
Are their plans being thwarted?
Well, I think it's partly tactical.
It's been pending.
A proposal for a direct tax by the UN on oil and barrelhead has been pending for the United Nations for three years.
You have not read about it in the mainstream media for obvious reasons.
Let's see.
One of the guys was saying that...
Well, I have to find the item.
You don't have to find the individual.
One of the Bilderberg guys suggested that we talk to the paper boys in advance and tell them not to stir up any right wing hysteria and let it solidly pass the UN so that you're paying that tax without knowing it costs just a small fraction of one penny per gallon when it translates from ten cents a barrel.
But that sets up the taxing authority, the enforcement arm, and then they can jack it up.
And for those that just joined us, I've been interviewing Jim for probably seven years.
And I've been reading articles he wrote 15, 20 years ago.
He's been doing this for 25, 26... What is it, 27 years now, Jim?
I'm not exactly sure.
It went somewhere around mid-80s.
I started traveling.
Okay, but you've been covering Bilderberg how long?
Well, since 1975 as far as being involved, but I was just down at the time.
So, I mean, over 30 years, but go in there for 20.
20 plus.
Yeah, 20 plus.
I mean, he puts out a report saying they're going to have the folding of the Soviet Union.
He says, no, the attack isn't like the Washington Post says.
It won't be in the March of 2002.
It'll be March of 2003.
Every year he comes on, tells us what's going to happen, and unfortunately it turns out happening.
This shows the power of Bilderberg.
And he does this by getting their documents, by having employees get stuff for him, by having employees write notes down and tell him what was said.
And Jim, I can only commend you.
You deserve a Pulitzer Prize.
Thank you much.
I really think you do.
I mean, this is what old-fashioned muckraking that kept this country free did.
But these bastards own all the major newspapers, so we never hear about it.
Well, that's a tribute to the late, great Westbrook Tegeler, who first wrote about Bilderberg in 1957.
He did not know that they called themselves Bilderberg, but he went down, observed these people, based on a telephone tip, down in Sheckle Island, all these luminaries from around the world, and raised the question, what are they doing and why is it secret?
He wrote two lengthy columns addressing the subject.
In 1957, he was the pioneer.
You guys ought to republish those.
I bet you can get the rights easy and put it in American Free Press.
Actually, we have, in 1975, we put out a
A thing called Spotlight on Bilderberg, which actually grabbed everything that we could find that had ever been printed on the subject.
It led off, of course, with Pegler's two classic columns, a series of... Well, you should update that and reissue it.
Let's take another call.
We've got to go fast now.
We'll load up the phones here as usual.
Ron in New York.
Go ahead, Ron.
Ron, you speak now or ever hold your peace, bro.
At least during this show.
Okay, Ron's gone.
Joe, Joe, where are you calling us from?
Hi, I'm calling from Maryland.
Welcome, Joe.
I just really want to thank you both.
And, Mr. Tucker, I really pray for you when you're overseas, believe me.
Well, this old Baptist appreciates that.
Let me tell you, I just really want to... Mainly all I call for is just to encourage you and just really thank you for the good reporting.
And I do have a question, though, come to think of it.
How about Iran?
Yes, Iran, is that on the... Yeah, does the attack on Iran before they fuel the reactor come up?
Well, the dialogue at the Bilderberg, I think the direct post will be the story this week, but...
Well, he had a lot of hostile reaction to his... Okay, what did he push?
Tell us.
I don't know.
I could not find out the exacts of what was said at the... Well, he's presiding over a panel discussing the meaning of peace.
But, I mean, where did the panel go?
Does it look like war?
It looks like the Europeans are still saying, don't fight Iran, and it appears they seem to think they have to abort America not to invade Iran also.
We're running out of soldiers.
So it was just a big argument, basically.
Yes, a rowdy, supposed to be a panel discussion, interrupted by a European Bilderberg saying, what's next?
Is Ron next?
Well, you said you've never heard of them getting rowdy.
Well, they've gotten a little bit more lively in the last few years.
It used to be everybody agreed on everything, just discussions, tactics.
But always in the endgame of a global empire, people start getting squeezed.
Thanks for the call, Joe.
Todd in Florida.
Go ahead, Todd.
Yeah, Mr. Jones and staff, thanks for Mr. Rivera and Mr. Tucker.
I mean, that's back-to-back truth from where I sit.
Mr. Tucker, how would you compare the environment around these meetings when you first started covering them versus what's going on lately?
Dramatically different.
In the early 80s, when I'm the only paper boy there, and I make reservations at their hotel, and I was able to sit at a bar one evening while the staff is setting up,
And paid straight for cash so that I don't have any checking out to do.
And I see one young lady disappear from the table and the other one disappeared for a moment for a nose-powering operation.
And I was able to walk by and grab the computerized printout of the participants.
I could never get away with that now because as soon as I'm in that hotel, their hotel are checking my own hotel.
They've got their own secret private security guys
Stay there, Jim.
Final segment, home stretch.
We'll let Todd finish up real quick and talk to Jason, and then that's it!
Another powerful transmission.
Final segment straight ahead, prisonplanet.tv.
Check it out!
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Just got a few minutes left here.
Jim Tucker, AmericanFreePress.net.
Jim, just real fast, did any other major newspapers that were there covering it, did any of them get any good intel like you got that you were unable to get?
One reporter who took photographs for us,
Danny Houston and I, we were the only ones there, and we pooled our information as we did last year when there were many, many reporters.
We always pool our information because we're not competing.
We're trying to help each other get the information out.
Let's let Todd and Forda finish up.
Does that answer your question, Todd?
In terms of the draft, as that brought up, but also it seems like the revelation of the method thing is more about teaching people, hey, Bilderberg is in charge, and then having a whole other name or group
Just like you brought up the gentleman in 57 writing about it, but really it was started in 54.
So do you see any other name?
And really they were meeting in 1913 at Jekyll Island.
Yeah, thanks for the call.
Well, they started calling themselves Bilderberg in 1954.
The world had no knowledge of their existence until Westbrook Pegler in 1957.
And he didn't know they called themselves Bilderberg when he wrote.
We later found out that they had their first formal meeting
When did you discover it?
When you swiped the documents?
No, I was told about it in 1975.
It was April 1975.
I'm being interviewed by Willis Carter at Larry Lobby for the position of editor of a newspaper created called
And he asked what I thought about Bilderberg.
And I said, who the hell is Bilderberg?
And he gave me a brief summary of Bilderberg.
And I said, that's not possible.
I've been in the daily newspapers, metropolitan newspapers for 20 years, sitting next to clacking wire machines.
And such a group could not exist without me knowing about it.
Then he gave me a sack full of fouls that I read with fascination.
With greedy abandon.
Let's talk about the final call.
Jason in Maryland, you've got 60 seconds.
Thank you.
I was wondering what either of you thought about the recent closings of so many of our military bases and a follow-up question of if there are any plans that either of you know of for invasion of this country.
Well, the military closings come up every six years or so.
When the Pentagon tries to close down obsolete bases and whatever.
And just as predictably, every senator from any state that has a base closing... Yeah, it's really a big side issue.
It's not really an issue on point.
It's just a matter of... Pork barrel.
Don't close my military base.
Close the other guy's military base and save money.
Yeah, and really they're just shifting to a predatory global empire military where our military isn't even needed.
Thank you so much, Jim Tucker.
It's always wonderful.
And I guess we'll be talking to you in about ten months before you go to the next one.
I'll talk to you next spring.
And I really appreciate your hard work, sir.
It's AmericanFreePress.net.
I enjoyed it.
Thank you, my friend.
We're out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
He's a real gentleman.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
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