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Air Date: May 13, 2005
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It's covered by Business Wire, Associated Press, you name it, back on April 22nd.
Bergen County Chief of Police, they have a Chief of Police for the county, Jack Schmidig, leaves regional rollout of Verichip by receiving a Verichip.
Now remember last year, the Mexican Attorney General told 160 plus of his employees, and it was going to be even more, that they had to take this microchip if it'll get into secure areas.
The Chief is not making his employees take it, though I guess he might be recommending it.
But joining us to talk about this important issue is Chief Jack Koshmidek.
Chief, good to have you on with us.
Thank you.
Tell us how this happened, why you got the idea, what you've done, you've got the chip.
Tell us about it.
All right, it started with a dear friend of mine, a Mr. Nicholas Minacucci, who's the founder of the Molly Foundation.
It's a foundation for diabetes research.
His daughter, Molly, has had the disease for 20 years, and I'm a member of the Board of Trustees on the Molly Foundation.
He, Mr. Minacucci, came up with the idea through the Verichip Company of implanting a chip
Mine is in my arm.
I don't know if it can be located anywhere else, but it is readily available to obtain your medical information.
When you have the chip implanted, they ask you a series of questions.
Are you allergic to anything next of kin?
Who do you want to have this information?
All kinds of series of questions.
And by scanning the chip in my arm, they have immediate access to my medical history.
When were you implanted?
April 12th.
And it got a lot of attention.
Are you aware of what the Mexican Attorney General did?
No, not at all.
Yeah, it's getting big and also I've heard from special forces that some of them have been getting the chip.
I can tell you, and maybe a side light to this, my German Shepherd had the
A chip implanted for identification.
Mine isn't for identification.
It's not like a tracking device that emits a transponder that's going to follow you around.
The protocol here in New Jersey will be if you're admitted to a hospital and for some reason you're incapacitated and can't provide that information, they can scan that chip in your arm
And through the computer access your medical history so they they potentially can find out you know what's wrong with you.
Well, Applied Digital has now bought the software in a company dealing with shell towers and they're saying with a bigger chip they're going to be able, since you brought that up, with RFID, radio frequency identification devices, to use it as a tracking system.
Were you aware of that?
No, but how big must that chip be to follow you around or have RF signals
Well, the chip I have in my arm is about the size of a grain of rice.
Yeah, I've seen the current bear chip.
We've interviewed the scientists that invented it.
We've interviewed the CEO a few years ago.
We've interviewed the Chipson family.
You know, the family that, uh, the Jacobsons, I believe, that got the chip.
But what do the other, the officers under your command think about this?
To be honest with you, I don't think it's gotten the recognition that it should have.
I think it's an exceptional idea, and I know of one other officer
Who had the chip implanted, and my secretary, who's hypoglycemic, and this initially started here as a result of the diabetes research and the foundation, the Molly Foundation, she's made an appointment to have the chip implanted also.
Well, they've got the chipmobiles, these, uh, have you seen ours?
No, this is, we're in the very early stages of it here in New Jersey.
I don't know what any other venue
It is providing for... Well, Bear Chip has these chipmobiles that go around chipping, and they have Mr. Chip.
You haven't heard about that?
Well, yeah, they gave the readers to some hospitals in Florida, but only a few.
I mean, have they given readers to the hospitals in New Jersey?
There's only one hospital in the state, and that's in our county doing it right now.
Well, did you hear about in Miami and also in Spain and now Germany and England and other areas, the same chip to get into the VIP area?
No, again, they scan your arm to get into select areas.
Potentially down the line, I could see limited access events like maybe an inauguration ball or something like that for the president where you might need one of these to get in, but I think we're way ahead of ourselves.
Were you approached by Veritip to do this, or did you and your friend just spontaneously want to get a chip?
I wanted it, and while I'm on the board of trustees for that foundation, the information was brought to a trustee meeting, and I thought it was an exceptional idea, and I said, put me in.
And I had the, like I said, I had the chip implanted the 12th of April.
And there's no residual effects.
So are you waiting then for the readers to get into local hospitals?
Because what use will it be if they're not in the local hospitals?
Well, that's true.
It's going to take some time, but I'm on the cutting edge.
Oh, is your foundation lobbying the hospital?
All hospitals.
You know, we found a lot of the people like the Jacobsons and others and some of the hospitals that accepted the chip readers in the Miami and Palm Beach area actually had employees there that were investors or even part of Applied Digital and that's why they were doing this.
Are you an investor in Applied Digital?
Not at all.
I have no stock in this at all.
What about, I'm just curious, what about the individual that's on the foundation with you?
The president of the foundation, Mr. Minaccucci?
I don't believe he's a stockholder either.
So basically somebody just approached the foundation and you guys said, hey, this is a good medical bracelet basically implanted.
That was my logic behind getting my... Well look, I mean...
I'm going to be honest with you on my views of this.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
For people like you, this sounds good.
Hey, you can lose a medical alert bracelet.
Who wants a tattoo with all your data on it?
This sounds good.
Or for people with Alzheimer's, or now California Bureau of Prisons signed a contract.
Reuters reported it, but then it got dropped for public scrutiny to implant prisoners.
National Security prisoners.
That was two years ago.
That got cancelled.
There's all these arguments for it, but when you go on down the road, it sounds like revelations.
I mean, people getting the microchip and all of this.
And Applied Digital says that I've had Applied Digital executives on, and they say, yes, we'll have this for buying and selling, and everyone will, you know, in the future, take the chip.
I mean, they've said it.
I've got the transcripts on my website.
Well, right now I think that's a matter of opinion.
I don't believe it's Big Brother watching me.
But I'm talking about the company itself.
I mean, you can type in, Apply Digital says it'll be used for tracking, it'll be used for prisoners, Apply Digital will be used for cashless transactions.
Type it into Google, Chief, and you'll find it.
I'm sure those potentials are there.
My intention was to protect my life, hopefully, if something happens to me where I'm incapacitated and I get
Taken to a hospital, I want people to know that I'm not allergic to penicillin.
My next of kin is my wife.
Contact her immediately.
Things like that.
That's what I was looking at it for.
Well, if you were in a car wreck, wouldn't they know all that from your car and your plates?
Potentially, sure.
But I think it's a great backup system.
Another thing is what sold us on some of this was the um... especially for the foundation if a person goes into diabetic shock sometimes they can look like they're drunk and you know people don't understand what... No, there have been a lot of cases of police thinking somebody's resisting when they're in the shock, yeah, and then tasering them.
All of that stuff, so if you can get that scan, you know that this person got
I'm sure you've heard about the plan for national toll roads.
I mean, that's been in Time, Newsweek, USA Today.
In Texas, it's about to pass the legislature.
Next year, with our inspection stickers, we'll all get cracker chips that are very small, that are read by radio readers.
We're going to be taxed by the mile down the road.
I mean, you see how this chipping of all the products, RFID, the chipping of people, I mean, it is going to the extreme right away.
In New Jersey, we have a system called E-ZPass, and it gets you down the New Jersey Turnpike
We're good to go.
Well, almost 1245 here.
At 1245 I pass through exit 159 on the Garden State Parkway.
And that information comes to you.
Man, going across from New York to you guys when I was there this summer, it was like seven smackers.
Oh yeah.
And the E-ZPass works on the George Washington Bridge.
Well, why should we turn all our roads into this?
And now it's not going to be the size of a tiny matchbox.
Well, I've got that little bitty chip, but I guess I'm not... I don't see a downside for me and those people who are looking at Big Brother.
I don't find that.
Well, I mean, that's what I find.
I want to shift gears just because a listener emailed this to me this morning.
This is not why I got you on the show, but I find it incredibly intriguing.
And again, my friends, we're talking to the chief of police in the county of Bergen in New Jersey.
And he's taking the implantable microchip, but I was sent this by several listeners.
It's still a hot topic.
I have Fox News here in front of me, I have the New York Post, and I have the Bergen Record.
Bergen Record, the town you're in.
Five men detained as suspected conspirators by a Paulo Lima staff writer.
And in here, it's got a quote from you.
We got an alert to be on the lookout for a white Chevrolet van with New Jersey registration and writing on the side.
Oh, that was during 9-11.
No, no, this is a totally separate issue.
This is interesting.
Suspicious Middle Easterners cheered terror attack from moving van, and then it turned out in Fox News that it was Israelis.
What actually happened with that, sir?
We turned those people over to the FBI.
They were thoroughly checked out and released.
No charges were ever filed against those people.
But what about the witnesses that said they saw him jumping up and cheering and videotaping?
That was the information reported to us.
We couldn't confirm through the witnesses.
No one would identify themselves.
They said that they saw this white van with several people applauding or cheering the attack on the Trade Center.
And when we finally found the van, located the van, no one would step forward to
To verify that they were, in fact, celebrating.
Well, I've got Israeli national news here.
It's the suspicious Middle Eastern movers were Israelis with box cutters, European passports, and $4,000 cash.
Is that accurate?
I'm not sure.
I don't remember all the details of that particular case.
And like I said, when we first
Uh, located the van.
We notified the FBI and they came and scooped them up.
The FBI and the New Jersey State Police.
You pulled them over?
How did that happen?
And I mean, what happened?
We had a, uh, be on the lookout for a particular type of van.
We, one of my patrol officers found it, located it.
We pulled them over, we detained them, and then we, we notified the State Police and the FBI who were working at Joint Terrorism Task Force.
Were you aware of the hundreds of Israeli art students that were really spies?
And they were quote, following Al-Qaeda.
This was even on Fox News and the Associated Press.
And then they grabbed them and then they were ordered to release them to Israel.
Did you hear about that?
Did they have any video cameras on them?
And then secondarily, how many days after 9-11 was this arrest?
It was, I believe it occurred the night of 9-11.
I'm not sure.
Did you find any video cameras on him?
I don't recall any video cameras on him, but like I said, being in the administrative position, I don't do the road work anymore, and it gets passed down to my detective captain, and unfortunately he's not here today.
What's his name?
Captain Kevin Hartnett.
Could I get Kevin Partman on about that?
Um, if he's willing to come on, I'm sure.
I don't have an objection to speaking with the media.
Well, this just keeps coming up over and over again.
Well, it was a hot button issue.
After 9-11, they wanted any kind of attention they could get, and they kept re-running and repeating those catchphrases there.
And if I Google my own name, it comes up with that quote about four or five times.
But, I mean, it's true though that they wouldn't talk to you.
That shows some pretty serious training.
How many people do you pull over?
How many were arrested?
I thought there were three or four, but I'm not sure.
You have four people that none of them talk?
Boy, that's pretty, uh... I mean, do you see that a lot?
Yeah, you don't see that a lot, do you?
I mean, you're usually, according to criminology, I mean, I took a little bit of it in college, I don't have a degree in it, but when you end up with one person that won't talk, you end up with two, three, four, usually when you end up with four people, it means there's some pretty serious training going on.
Once again, I can't, I don't know their background.
It was, we received some information, we stopped them, and then we turned them over to people more interested in
How long did they interrogate?
How long did you interrogate?
We didn't participate in the interrogation.
They were turned over to the state police.
You said you talked to them and they didn't talk to you?
Well, we talked to them at the road stop.
And then were they brought into the jail or were they just given on over to the FBI?
I think they were taken to the FBI's field office in Newark, but I'm not sure.
And what did the FBI say?
I don't know.
Have you ever asked them what came of it?
You know, you're talking... We started on one subject, now we're on another.
I know, but I mean, I... I mean, I didn't put two and two together when I saw your name get the microchip.
And then, uh, I started getting emails about it, and I go, yeah, I mean, I remember this article.
I mean, it's... it's... it's an interesting topic.
This was... this was a very interesting day, September 11, 2001.
And a lot of... Did you see the tower smoking when it happened?
What was that like?
It was terrible.
It was terrible.
Well, I wish we could control our borders.
That might keep us safe.
You'll have to talk to another agency on that.
No, I know.
You're not even near the border, so I understand that.
I'm on the border with New York.
That's it.
Well, I really appreciate you spending time with us.
And I hope that you wake up and see the real ramifications of the inflatable microchip.
Will you say no to the chip if in 10 years the government says you've got to use this for identification when you pay for goods and services?
You won't go along with that?
No, I'd go along with it, sure.
Rather than carry my credit cards, they want to put all my information on my chip and as I walk out the grocery store with a loaf of bread and a quart of milk, you know, they just
Chief, we gotta break.
Quick three minute break.
Stay there.
Just do five more minutes with us.
This is just amazing information.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with our guest.
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That's right!
Fighting the culture war.
Right here my friend, just a few minutes left with the county police chief up there in Bergen County.
The music was playing, folks.
You might not have heard what you said.
I want to state that again for the record.
I said if in ten years the Army documents say this is the plan, it will be by 2020.
That's the January 1st, 2000 report by the Army War College.
That everybody's going to have a chip and I've had the CEO again on a VeriChip.
That's the plan I've had their distributors on from Spain, from Miami.
They said the same thing.
We're all going to have chips and we're going to buy and sell with these.
And the chief was saying he's not for Big Brother.
He's not worried about Big Brother.
But then I said, in 10 years if they say you've got to use this to buy and sell, you said you're happy with that, chief.
I wouldn't object to it.
I mean, if they say we have to take the chip, you wouldn't object?
No, if I, like I said before the break, if I went into a grocery store and bought a loaf of bread and a quart of milk and walked out and read my chip and debited my bank account, I'd work with you.
I don't have a problem with that.
Chief, it's either two separate things.
You're a really nice guy who totally trusts the government and society.
I am the government, okay?
By trusting the government, you bet your life I trust the government because I am part of government.
Either it's that, you're naive, or you're demon possessed.
Well, if you want to think that I'm naive, that's certainly your opinion.
Well, Chief, I appreciate you coming on the show, but I totally disagree with you.
Well, you can, and that's your right.
Well, wait a minute.
So the government says everybody's got to get chipped ten years from now, and it's the law, you'll start arresting people that don't have it.
I won't be here ten years from now.
How's that sound?
I've got a short time to go before I take my retirement and leave.
Now, of course, I mean that as a joke figuratively, but I mean that kind of sounds pretty scary and...
People look under rocks for scary things, too.
The founding father's chief said that we should not trust our government, we should keep it small, keep control of it.
You're just saying, I am the government, I trust it, and if they say we've got to have chips, we've got to have them.
Is that my opinion?
Well, then thank you.
No, you just said that, sir.
And it's my opinion, and I'm entitled to my opinion, and Mr. Jones, you're entitled to yours, and I think, sir, that
It was nice of you to have me on.
Are you a Christian?
Yes, I am.
And you have to have this mark to buy and sell, but you're saying if that happens you don't have a problem with it?
I don't.
So, maybe you are just naive.
Hey, that's your opinion too.
I'm not picking up from you that you're evil.
I am not evil.
I don't pick that up for you.
I pick it up that you're just totally trusting and naive, Chief.
Okay, uh, Mr. Jones, I think your interview with me is over.
Hey, Biocondios, I'm gonna pray for you.
Thank you so much.
Go with God.
Take care.
There you had it, ladies and gentlemen.
That's how deep the rabbit hole goes.
We gotta have a transcript of that.
That is the all-time most out-of-control
In your face.
You see?
You see what we're facing?
You understand what we're facing now?
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