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Air Date: May 12, 2005
2790 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, it's already Thursday, the 12th day of May 2005.
We're scheduled in the middle of the second hour.
We have Congressman Ron Paul on with us, but that could move to a different time.
He's on the road.
And we have another special guest that will be announced when they join us coming up a little bit later as well.
We'll be talking about the implantable Verichip and public officials getting it.
That should be extremely informative if that materializes coming up in just about 30 minutes.
Coming up, I also want to get into this.
Missing children cases fumbled by police nationwide.
This is out of Scripps Howard News Service.
I want to get into media tactics and disinformation, and then this article will be a good illustration of that.
Halliburton gives $72 million in bonuses to its employees.
I guess they're making plenty of money feeding the troops rotten food and ordering employees to work extra hours and not be paid and just everything else they're doing, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Tom Ridge, of course, yesterday confessed that terror alerts were bogus, but he put a spin on it.
But some of them were real.
No, none of them were real.
If there were any real terror attacks, it would be something your bosses were carrying out.
terror alerts, again, were used as electoral weapons.
That's now being admitted.
Jews Preservation of Firearms Ownership has written a great analysis and report.
Headline, Real ID Act Passed.
The end of America.
Alert from Jews to preservation of firearms ownership.
America's aggressive civil rights organization.
I want to read some of that article.
I want to get Aaron Zellman on.
In fact, leave an instant message to my producer.
That's a good idea.
Maybe we can get Aaron on in the third hour today.
Because just before I went on, I was reading this article.
So will you contact my honey bun?
That's my wife, who's my producer, for me.
And tell her to...
Call Aaron Zellman.
I just thought of that.
I want to get him on.
Soldier lifts lid on Camp Delta in a scandal that could be bigger than Abu Ghraib in Iraq, but it's not going to be because our media is predominantly ignoring it.
I mean, one of the soldiers involved in the interrogations is going public.
It's not just torture, it's perverted torture.
I mean, that's always associated with the worst type of societies, the deepest, darkest pits.
Of hell are sexual torture.
That's what these killers do when they kidnap women and children and men.
But now it's good old mom and apple pie.
Mmm, sexual torture.
Well, you're with Al-Qaeda.
You're against sexual torture.
The good guys sexually torture.
And that, of course, came out of the General Tugumbu report, the three-star general report, what, a year ago, with Abu Ghraib doing things to people we can't mention here.
Let's just say...
Pouring battery acid into orifices.
That's about as far as we can go.
Same kind of stuff that the New York police did to that individual with the toilet plunger, but with acid on it.
Very friendly, very Christian, very conservative thing to do.
No, it's something that demons do in Dante's Inferno or in a Hieronymus Bosch painting.
It's an image of medieval hell.
But in America, it's good.
Gotta defend America.
And the guards like to do it anyways, you know what I mean?
So, next time they catch a Ted Bundy doing some more stuff, just go, hey, he's American pride.
Maybe he can stick a Power of Pride sticker on his car, and maybe we can give Ted Bundy a job, resurrect him, give him a job at Abu Ghraib, or Camp Delta, Camp X, or any of these...
Yeah, these wonderful blazes.
Another article here, U.S.
sent detainees to Egypt.
That's good.
That's freedom.
And just so much more.
There's just a lot of news coming up that you do not want to miss, my friends.
We'll be taking your calls in this next segment at 1-800-259-9231.
We'll get you up and on the air.
PrisonPlanet.tv is the website.
Check it out.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, Ron Paul is scheduled for the middle of the next hour.
Talk about this new Super ID Act that will be going to the President's desk in the next week or so.
We have a surprise guest who is involved in something quite interesting.
Implantable microchips.
A public official, an authority figure, one of our leaders, joining us a little bit later.
That's scheduled, but a lot of times those guys end up canceling on us.
So we'll see what happens with that as well.
I want to go to your calls early in the shower.
So Enoch and Alma and Johnny and Keith and Mike and many others, your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
But I do want to get into all of the torture news.
Now, it's not new news that they have prostitutes come in and force sex on the Muslim men at Camp X-Ray.
And I cannot mention on air the other things they do.
You can't really call it sex.
They rape them.
They do horrible things to them.
Male, female, you know, you have this obsession with this administration with homosexual rape.
It's one of their, well, it's part of the Christian conservatism of George Bush.
And it shows up everywhere.
But I really can't get into the details of it too much.
It has to do with blood.
And this is admitted blood.
Blood and sexual intercourse.
Again, I really can't say more than that.
We have a lot of children listening, but this is what your government does.
You have to remember that most of the people, in fact all the people, according to major publications, at Camp X-Ray and the camp within it, Camp Delta, there's a CIA camp in the middle and another camp around it, are totally innocent.
They're 15-year-old, 12-year-old goat herders.
They're 85-year-old men.
They were Afghan fighters, many of whom fought the Soviets in the 80s, who were basically conscripted by the Taliban and the Al-Qaeda Arab leaders to be put in the front lines in Afghanistan.
And then our own government would not bombard the second or third lines, and the Northern Alliance got mad about this and said, why won't you?
Then they watched helicopters in C-130s land and fly them out to safety.
They were CIA, ladies and gentlemen.
Then the government had to have a show, though.
That's even in the news today, that this is all for show.
And so they just go grab some, you know, guys with beards and, you know, walk around with the turbans on their heads and show you images of them chained down on the aircraft, you know, in a sitting position for 14 hours with the doors open with the military crews in fur coats and masks on and the people naked, you know, chained down with their beards, freezing to death.
And you're like, good, show them Alcotters what they deserve!
And literally...
You want to meet cavemen from the reports from the journalists that I've interviewed that have been in Afghanistan.
These guys can't even name countries around them.
These guys don't even know where America is on a map.
You show them a globe, they don't even understand it.
They are literally cavemen.
And they're just told, fight the invaders, and whoever it is, Soviets or the British or the Ottomans or the Turks, whoever it's been, Alexander the Great, they fight them.
And so literally, these are cavemen.
And man, they're put on planes, they're taken to a place, their heads are shaved, and prostitutes are raping them with blood everywhere.
And saying Satan, Satan, Satan, which totally freaks them out.
They panic, they think they're in hell, they are in hell, it's totally nightmarish.
I mean, that would terrorize corrupted Americans who've seen all this evil on TV and have been basted in it.
Imagine being a caveman who would be mortally ashamed of seeing someone naked.
And imagine, you know, these women in Arabic going, devil, devil, Satan, blood.
I mean, these guys are just... And it turns out it's all fake, as we knew.
It's just to train the troops and to train our people to have a cadre of torturers.
And I have about five articles mainstream today on this, but it never hits the big nightly news.
If it does, it'll just be a little mention.
And in Abu Ghraib, there were, over in Iraq, one of 32 camps, this is going on, tens of thousands of people in Abu Ghraib, hundreds in the torture sectors, the torture wings, two different torture wings, their families picked up, the Army's own report, 75-90% of those picked up are totally innocent, their papers weren't in order.
And they are taken there for torture.
And their wives and children are beaten and raped in front of them.
That's admitted.
And the guards run around raping people and enjoying themselves.
They'll go pick women out of the camps, the thousands that are outside, built around the prison itself.
And this is all admitted.
They just all like that one.
Let's take her.
Ha ha, your 12-year-old daughter.
Ha ha!
And you watch your daughter dragged off.
Ha ha ha!
We're the Americans!
We're bringing you love and freedom!
We're good!
And all of this is meant to be seen by the world.
All of this is meant to be leaked on purpose.
Abu Ghraib was brought in on purpose, by the way.
Thousands of photos, hundreds of videos.
They selectively released some of the lighter stuff, beating people and dogs, attacking them, and bodies beaten to death.
All of this, though, is double-edged.
It's meant to be seen by the world to demonize America.
Our own government did this, released it on purpose.
And then it is meant domestically to tell us it's okay to train us to be evil.
Very sophisticated situation.
Very sophisticated mind control that we're dealing with and talking about.
And so they do all of this at these camps.
And now a military officer there at the camp, one of the interrogators, has gone public.
And it's already what we knew from the other detainees that have been released...
And again, why are they releasing them?
Bush says they don't have to release anybody.
It's meant to all come out.
Very sophisticated.
But it's not meant to come out why they're doing it, how they're doing it.
But at these camps, they just do the most hellish stuff you can imagine.
I mean, even the sickos out there that promote torture and say torture is good and we've got to do it to save America while the borders are wide open.
Even you guys out there who buy into all of this.
I mean, come on, folks.
Raping women and children is not good.
And you cannot defend it.
It's just that simple.
So I want to get more into this later.
Right now, though, let's just go to calls.
Enoch in Pennsylvania.
Enoch, go ahead.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
I wanted to know if I could make a comment about your topic yesterday on immigration and how it's definitely causing this chaos in our country.
It's designed to cause chaos, yes.
Well, the sad thing about it is most Americans, particularly Anglo-Saxons, don't realize that, you know, until they start seeing a bunch of illegal aliens on large numbers in their states, for instance, like in Pennsylvania.
You know, like, everything you said is true as far as what they have access to, where an average citizen, you and I, don't have access to it anymore.
And it's sad.
It's disgusting.
But the sad thing about it is, I think how this all was called out is because there's a divide between Americans versus race.
Look, look, look, look.
We have the Israeli war doctrines.
We have the 2,000 years ago, the Roman war doctrines.
We have our own government's war doctrines, Brzezinski's war doctrines.
It's the same.
Empires always want to divide people into racial or religious sects so they can play us all off against each other.
And this is why we have this chaos going on all around us, you know, because they...
Problem, reaction, solution.
They say we've got a problem with immigration, we'll give you a national ID card, but then they'll selectively enforce it.
They're already saying they are, as I said they would, where the illegals don't have to do it.
I think our solution is probably we should just turn off Fox News completely.
Yeah, you're right.
Just completely have low coverage of it.
In other words, we don't watch Fox News.
Well, that goes for CNN and the rest of them.
Yeah, CNN and all the rest of them, because they're the ones who are definitely feeling this nonsense.
And don't participate in Democrat or Republican parties ever again.
Maybe that would definitely make things a lot better.
Well, we've got to inform people, too, about the full scope of the tyranny we're looking at.
Well, that's all I wanted to say, Alex.
I always enjoy your show and continue to definitely buy your taste and give it to my friends and family.
Well, I appreciate the call.
And they're going to do stuff.
I mean, they're already doing it.
You're going to have newscasts and news articles about how, oh, the National ID card is angering immigrant groups.
Why it's stopping illegals.
And, of course, you look at the numbers, it won't.
Because it's not written to.
But they'll be telling you for years, you know, your national ID card's stopping them, it's stopping them, and we need to enforce it more.
And, you know, they'll arrest a few illegals and have it all over the news.
It's just propaganda.
Alma in, what is it, Nebraska.
Go ahead, Alma.
Are you there?
Hey, Alex, how you doing?
Listen, I was just reading this book, The Franklin Cover-Up,
Listen, hey, you know, I'm a... Sounds like Abu Ghraib and Ken Peseret.
Yeah, yeah, just what you're talking about.
And also, these few sentences in here where Paul Bonacci was taken by Larry King to a wooded area in California identified as Bohemian Grove, where they were forced to do things like killing a kid, having sex with it, and then killing it and eating it.
I mean, I can't believe this is... You know, first of all, okay, my question is... And the senator has never been challenged...
Senator DeCamp, do you feel that he has complete credibility here?
I mean, do you believe him?
Ma'am, ma'am, I believe basically anything now.
But, look, I think DeCamp is telling the best truth he can.
Much of his book, written over a decade ago, has come out publicly and turned out to be true.
I don't know if they're murdering children at Bohemian Grove.
It's okay.
But I just wanted you to comment on him a little bit, and hopefully you might have him on your show.
Well, I know this.
One Virginia TV station dared to come out and say that he wasn't telling the truth, and he sued them and won.
He did.
I saw that.
I believe him, but I don't want to be by myself.
So that's why I want to call and see what you think about him, you know?
Well, I know Bohemian's Grove is real, and I know that they bust in top male porn stars to, quote, service them.
And I know that our government is ordering all sorts of bizarre sexual torture.
And I know that they've got gay prostitutes in the White House.
And I know in 89, Washington Times, they had young boys in the White House as part of a, quote, call boy ring.
And I know Barney Frank was caught with underage children in his apartment.
And he never got in trouble.
The news just said he's allowed to do it in the story.
Have you read the book?
Yes, of course.
And I've interviewed the senator about five times.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't hear it.
I'm sorry.
No, that's okay.
I mean, why should you say you're sorry?
Oh, I don't know.
The audio interview is on PrisonPlanet.tv, so is the transcript.
Thank you very much.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
I mean, I hope that's not true, but I mean, they don't challenge you.
I mean, they name names, they have the police reports, the information, the witnesses, and he puts a book out that's sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and, you know, nobody challenges him.
A lot of folks around him have been killed.
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We've got a really great guest coming up in the next segment, folks.
A surprise guest.
You don't want to miss it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Johnny in Vancouver.
Johnny, go ahead.
Hey there.
I've got two questions for you.
One, get my pictures.
I talked to you probably about two months ago about the...
Fight the New World Order poster with your website on the bottom over the overpass in Vancouver versus Columbia?
Did you get them?
Did you mail them to me physically?
No, I did not.
Well, they're digital pictures, so I just sent them through email.
You know, sometimes our spam blocker, what happens is we get probably a couple thousand spam a day to our email addresses.
Then we probably get 500 real emails a day, sometimes more.
Well, more than that of all the articles people send us.
And that's the link.
Send them there.
Or send them to tips, and that's not too bad.
There's probably only 500 a day that go into that.
And, I mean, I'm up.
I mean, I got home from working last night about midnight, and I went in and checked email for an hour and got tired and went to bed.
I mean, I don't want to keep people from sending stuff, because we get so many good stories, so much good stuff from you guys.
But at the same time, it is, I apologize.
Maybe I'll put it on a CD and send it to you that way.
Yeah, no problem.
Well, email it again and we'll get it posted.
And another thing, the other day you were talking about music and how powerful and how basically the dark side is using music to influence the youth.
Well, I sent you a couple of MP3s of an artist who's kind of affiliated himself with Eminem and how he's using his music to basically spread what you're spreading.
And he's basically saying everything that you say about martial law, about police state
Well, you've got to say this.
Eminem is tame compared to most hip-hop people.
So why is the media always demonizing him?
Because he's anti-New World Order.
He is.
I mean, he knows all about it.
He works with Grillin' News Network.
I know he's seen my material.
And he's aware that Eminem is good compared to other people out there.
I'll tell you who's really good is Paris.
Paris, okay.
The guy I'm talking about is called Immortal Technique, and he's a Hispanic man from, I think, Nicaragua that came to the United States.
Yeah, I've heard that.
That really has a message.
It's a very powerful CIA, and when you listen to it, you think, geez, I'm not the only one who's hearing this.
There's people out there.
Now, he even says he'll get assassinated if he keeps talking, and obviously he doesn't care.
He's fighting for what he believes in.
Well, by putting that out there, that protects you to a certain degree.
That's why I put it on the record.
What I'm doing is dangerous.
It's like being a deep-sea salvage diver.
It's got about the same danger level or maybe more.
But on record, every day I've got to realize how serious it is being right on the front lines.
I mean, folks, I am on the front lines.
I'm like special forces that's been injected behind enemy lines.
I mean, I trust in God, and I know that the more of you take action, the more of us become leaders, it's gotten to the point where they really... They can try to pick a few of us off to scare the rest of us, but it's like when you've got a million people rushing at you, and your gun's got ten bullets in it.
I mean, they can't stop us all.
Well, I mean, what I'm doing here in Vancouver is like maybe 1% of what you do worldwide, and the people that do believe me...
Well, I'm Canadian, and I follow that.
That saying, give me liberty or give me death, and I mean, you know what?
If I die doing what I'm doing, at least I go where I go.
Well, sir, you're not going to die doing what you're doing.
No, I know that.
I know that.
Listen, thanks for the call.
I appreciate it, Johnny.
Look, I talk about this a lot because this is one of the most asked questions I get.
Great points.
Well, if this is true, why are you still alive?
And, well, if the mainstream media is bad, why do you use it?
And, you know, there's a few other questions I get.
I mean, probably 50 emails a day, a couple calls a day, faxes every day, and I have to answer this question over and over again.
That's why I talk a lot about it.
One of the reasons.
At least once a week.
Because, folks, I've said this until my turn blue in the face.
The most dangerous thing you do in your life until you're 55 years old is get in your automobile.
Then it's cancer and heart attacks.
You still get in your car.
You still put your children in the car.
You still go on the highway at 75 miles an hour with giant 18-wheelers rolling past you.
You drive by smashed cars with blood on the street a couple times a year, don't you?
Or more.
I've probably seen four or five dead people in the last six months on the highway.
I've seen them with blood all over the ground with the things over their faces.
But you still drive because you want to drive.
Fighting the New World Order is a lot safer than that.
And it'll save the country.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, folks, it's Real Talk Radio.
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We've got Congressman Ron Paul confirmed.
He was floating today, depending on when he would be coming on, to talk about the new Real ID Act and analyze it with us, what's really in the legislation that Bush is due to sign sometime next week, perhaps as early as this Friday.
He'll be with us for 30 minutes, coming up in the middle of the next hour.
And we have Jews in Preservation of Firearms Ownership joining us tomorrow.
They give us updates on the Second Amendment and a bunch of other key issues.
I am really, it's exciting to get this guest on.
This is an interesting story.
It was covered by the Business Wire, Associated Press, you name it, back on April 22nd.
Bergen County Chief of Police, they have a Chief of Police for the county, Jack Schmittig, leaves regional rollout of Verichip by receiving a Verichip.
Now, remember last year, the Mexican Attorney General told 160-plus of his employees, and it was going to be even more, that they had to take this microchip to be able to get into secure areas.
The chief is not making his employees take it, though I guess he might be recommending it.
But joining us to talk about this important issue is Chief Jack Schmidt.
Chief, good to have you on with us.
Thank you.
Tell us how this happened, why you got the idea, what you've done.
You've got the chip.
Tell us about it.
All right, it started with a dear friend of mine, Mr. Nicholas Minacucci, who's the founder of the Molly Foundation.
It's a foundation for diabetes research.
His daughter, Molly, has had the disease for 20 years, and I'm a member of the Board of Trustees on the Molly Foundation.
He, Mr. Minacucci, came up with the idea through the Verichip Company of implanting a chip
Mine is in my arm.
I don't know if it can be located anywhere else.
But it is readily available to obtain your medical information.
When you have the chip implanted, they ask you a series of questions.
Are you allergic to anything next of kin?
Who do you want to have this information?
All kinds of series of questions.
And by scanning the chip in my arm, they have immediate access to my medical history.
When were you implanted?
April 12th.
And it got a lot of attention.
Are you aware of what the Mexican Attorney General did?
No, not at all.
Yeah, it's getting big, and also I've heard from Special Forces that some of them have been getting the chip.
I can tell you, and maybe a sidelight to this, my German Shepherd had the...
A chip implanted for identification.
Mine isn't for identification.
It's not like a tracking device that emits a transponder that's going to follow you around.
The protocol here in New Jersey will be if you're admitted to a hospital and for some reason you're incapacitated and can't provide that information, they can scan that chip in your arm.
And through the computer, access your medical history so they potentially can find out what's wrong with you.
Well, Applied Digital has now bought the software in a company dealing with shell towers, and they're saying with a bigger chip, they're going to be able, since you brought that up with RFID, Radio Frequency Identification Devices, to use it as a tracking system.
Were you aware of that?
No, but how big must that chip be to follow you around or have RF signals...
Well, just scan it and ping it and get the data number and then check it in the database.
They're saying right now, I want about an inch long and about a quarter of an inch wide or even smaller.
We'll be able to work up to a couple hundred feet.
Well, the chip I have in my arm is about the size of a grain of rice.
I've seen the current version.
We've interviewed the scientists that invented it.
We've interviewed the CEO a few years ago.
We've interviewed the Chipson family.
You know, the family, the Jacobsons, I believe, that got the chip.
But what do the officers under your command think about this?
To be honest with you, I don't think it's gotten the recognition that it should have.
I think it's an exceptional idea, and I know of one other officer...
Who had the chip implanted, and my secretary, who's hypoglycemic, and this initially started here as a result of the diabetes research and the foundation, that Molly Foundation, she's made an appointment to have the chip implanted also.
Well, they've got the chipmobiles, these, have you seen those?
No, this is, we're in the very early stages of it here in New Jersey.
I don't know what any other venue...
Well, they just, I mean, Verichip has these chipmobiles that go around chipping, and they have Mr. Chip.
You haven't heard about that?
Well, yeah, they gave the readers to some hospitals in Florida, but only a few.
I mean, have they given readers to the hospitals in New Jersey?
There's only one hospital in the state, and that's in our county doing it right now.
Well, did you hear about in Miami and also in Spain and now Germany and England and other areas, the chip, the same chip to get into the VIP area?
No, again, they skin your arm to get into select areas.
Potentially down the line, I could see limited access events like maybe an inauguration ball or something like that for the president where you might need one of these to get in, but I think we're way ahead of ourselves.
Were you approached by Verichip to do this, or did you and your friend just spontaneously want to get a chip?
I wanted it, and while I'm on the board of trustees for that foundation, the information was brought to a trustee meeting, and I thought it was an exceptional idea, and I said, put me in.
Like I said, I had the chip implanted the 12th of April.
And there's no residual effects.
So are you waiting then for the readers to get into local hospitals?
Because what use will it be if they're not in the local hospitals?
Well, that's true.
It's going to take some time, but I'm on the cutting edge.
Is your foundation lobbying the hospital?
All hospitals.
You know, we found a lot of the people, like the Jacobsons and others, and some of the hospitals that accepted the chip readers in the Miami and Palm Beach area, actually had employees there that were investors or even part of Applied Digital, and that's why they were doing this.
Are you an investor in Applied Digital?
Not at all.
I have no stock in this at all.
What about, I mean, I'm just curious, what about the individual that's on the foundation with you?
The president of the foundation, Mr. Minacucci?
I don't believe he's the stockholder either.
So basically, somebody just approached the foundation, and you guys said, hey, this is a good medical bracelet, basically, and plan it.
That was my logic behind getting mine.
Well, look, I mean, a chief...
I'm going to be honest with you on my views of this.
You know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
For people like you, you know, this sounds good.
Hey, this isn't, you know, you can lose a medical alert bracelet.
Who wants a tattoo, you know, with all your data on it?
This sounds good.
Or for people with Alzheimer's, or now California Bureau of Prisons signed a contract.
Reuters reported it, but then it got dropped with public scrutiny to implant prisoners.
Maximum security prisoners.
That was two years ago.
That got canceled.
There's all these arguments for it, but when you go on down the road, it sounds like revelations.
I mean, people getting the microchip and all this.
Apply Digital says that I've had Apply Digital executives on, and they say, yes, you will have this for buying and selling, and everyone will, in the future, take the chip.
I mean, they've said it.
I've got the transcripts on my website.
Well, right now, I think that's a matter of opinion.
I don't believe it's Big Brother watching me.
But I'm talking about the company itself.
I mean, you can type in, Applied Digital says it'll be used for tracking, it'll be used for prisoners, Applied Digital will be used for cashless transactions.
Type it into Google, Chief, and you'll find it.
Well, I'm sure those potentials are there.
My intention was to protect my life, hopefully, if something happens to me where I'm incapacitated and I get...
If I'm taken to a hospital, I want people to know that I'm not allergic to penicillin.
My next of kin is my wife.
Contact her immediately.
Things like that.
That's what I was looking at it for.
If you were in a car wreck, wouldn't they know all that from your car and your plates?
Potentially, sure.
But I think it's a great backup system.
Another thing is what sold us on some of this was, especially for the foundation, if a person goes into diabetic shock, sometimes they can look like they're drunk, and people don't understand what... No, there have been a lot of cases of police thinking somebody's resisting when they're in the shock, and then tasering them.
All of that stuff.
So if you can get that scan, you know that this person got...
Well, just so you know, this isn't coming that it's here.
I'm sure you've heard about the plan for national toll roads.
I mean, that's been in Time, Newsweek, it's USA Today.
In Texas, it's about to pass the legislature.
Next year, with our inspection stickers, we'll all get tracker chips that are very small, that are read by radio readers.
We're going to be taxed by the mile down the road.
I mean, you see how this chipping of all the products, RFID, the chipping of people, I mean, it is going to the extreme right away.
In New Jersey, we have a system called EasyPass, and it gets you down the New Jersey Turnpike and the...
I think so.
Right now, it's almost 1245 here.
At 1245, I pass through exit 159 on the Garden State Parkway.
And that information comes to you.
Man, going across from New York to you guys when I was there this summer, it was like seven smackers.
And the E-ZPass works on the George Washington Bridge.
Oh, yeah.
Well, why should we turn all our roads into this?
And now, it's not going to be the size of a tiny matchbox that you get at an elegant martini bar, about an inch and a half long, a half inch wide.
Now, it's going to be a little bitty chip, sir.
That's what I'm getting at.
Well, I've got that little bitty chip, but I guess I'm not... I don't see a downside for me and those people who are looking at
Big brother.
I don't find that.
Well, I mean, that's what I find.
I want to shift gears just because a listener emailed this to me this morning.
This is not why I got you on the show, but I find it incredibly intriguing.
And again, my friends, we're talking to the chief of police in the county of Bergen in New Jersey.
He's taken the implantable microchip, but I was sent this by several listeners saying,
It's still a hot topic.
I have Fox News here in front of me.
I have the New York Post.
And I have the Bergen Record.
Bergen Record, the town you're in.
Five men detained as suspected conspirators by Paulo Lima, staff writer.
And in here it's got a quote from you.
It got an alert to be on the lookout for a white Chevrolet van with New Jersey registration and riding on the side.
Oh, that was during 9-11.
No, no, this is a totally separate issue.
This is interesting.
Suspicious Middle Easterners cheered terror attack from moving van, and then it turned out in Fox News that it was Israelis.
What actually happened with that, sir?
We turned those people over to the FBI.
They were thoroughly checked out and released.
No charges were ever filed against those people.
But what about the witnesses that said they saw them jumping up and cheering and videotaping?
That was the information reported to us.
We couldn't confirm through the witnesses.
No one would identify themselves.
They said that they saw this white van with several people applauding or cheering the attack on the Trade Center, and when we finally found the van, located the van, no one would step forward to...
To verify that they were, in fact, celebrating.
Well, I've got Israeli national news here.
It's the suspicious Middle Eastern movers were Israelis with box cutters, European passports, and $4,000 cash.
Is that accurate?
I'm not sure.
I don't remember all the details of that particular case.
Like I said, when we first...
Located the van, we notified the FBI, and they came and scooped them up.
The FBI and the New Jersey State Police.
You pulled them over?
How did that happen?
We had to be on the lookout for a particular type of van.
One of my patrol officers found it, located it.
We pulled them over, we detained them, and then we notified the state police and the FBI, who were working a joint terrorism task force.
Were you aware of the hundreds of Israeli art students that were really spies, and they were, quote, following Al Qaeda?
This was even on Fox News and the Associated Press.
And then they grabbed them, and then they were ordered to release them to Israel.
Did you hear about that?
Did they have any video cameras on them?
And then secondarily, how many days after 9-11 was this arrest?
It was, I believe it occurred the night of 9-11.
I'm not sure.
Did you find any video cameras on him?
I don't recall any video cameras on him, but like I said, being in the administrative position, I don't do the road work anymore, and it gets passed down to my detective captain, and unfortunately he's not here today.
What's his name?
Captain Kevin Hartnett.
Could I get Kevin Parton on about that?
If he's willing to come on, I'm sure.
I don't have an objection to speaking with the media.
Well, this just keeps coming up over and over again.
Well, it was a hot-button issue.
After 9-11, they wanted any kind of attention they could get, and they kept rerunning and repeating those catchphrases there.
And if I Google my own name, it comes up with that quote about four or five times.
But, I mean, it's true, though, that they wouldn't talk to you.
That's some pretty serious training.
How many people do you pull over?
How many were arrested?
I thought there were three or four, but I'm not sure.
You have four people that none of them talk?
Boy, that's pretty... I mean, do you see that a lot?
Yeah, you don't see that a lot, do you?
I mean, you're usually, according to criminology, I mean, I took a little bit of it in college, I don't have a degree in it, but when you end up with one person that won't talk, you end up with two, three, four, usually when you end up with four people, it means there's some pretty serious training going on.
Once again, I can't, I don't know their background.
It was, we received some information, we stopped them, and then we turned them over to people more interested in
How long did they interrogate?
A local police department in New Jersey.
How long did you interrogate?
We didn't participate in the interrogation.
They were turned over to the state police.
You said you talked to them and they didn't talk to you.
Well, we talked to them at the road stop.
And then were they brought into the jail or were they just given on over to the FBI?
I think they were taken to the FBI's field office in Newark, but I'm not sure.
What did the FBI say?
I don't know.
Have you ever asked them what came of it?
Mr. Jones, I'm...
You know, you're talking, we started on one subject, now we're on another.
I know, but I mean, I didn't put two and two together when I saw your name get in the microchip.
And then I started getting emails about it, and I go, oh yeah, I remember this article.
I mean, it's an interesting topic.
This was a very interesting day, September 11, 2001.
Did you see the tower smoking when it happened?
What was that like?
It was terrible.
It was terrible.
Well, I wish we control our borders.
That might keep us safe.
You'll have to talk to another agency on that.
No, I know.
You're not even near the border, so I understand that.
I'm on the border with New York.
That's it.
Well, I really appreciate you spending time with us.
And I hope that you wake up and see the real ramifications of the implantable microchip.
Will you say no to the chip if in 10 years the government says you've got to use this for identification when you pay for goods and services?
You won't go along with that?
No, I'd go along with it, sure.
Rather than carry my credit cards, they want to put all my information on my chip, and as I walk out the grocery store with a loaf of bread and a quart of milk, you know, they just...
Say what, Chief?
We've got a break.
Quick three-minute break.
Stay there.
Just do five more minutes with us.
This is just amazing information.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with our guest.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
That's right.
Fighting the culture war.
Right here, my friend, just a few minutes left with the county police chief up there in Bergen County.
Sir, I...
The music was playing, folks.
You might not have heard what you said.
I want to state that again for the record.
I said if in 10 years the Army documents say this is the plan, it will be by 2020.
That's the January 1, 2000 report by the Army War College.
That everybody's going to have a chip, and I've had the CEO, again, on a Verichip.
That's the plan.
I've had their distributors on from Spain, from Miami.
They've said the same thing.
We're all going to have chips, and we're going to buy and sell these.
And the chief was saying he's not for Big Brother.
He's not worried about Big Brother.
But then I said, in 10 years, if they say you've got to use this to buy and sell, you said you're happy with that, chief.
I wouldn't object to it.
I mean, if they say we have to take the chip, you wouldn't object?
Like I said before the break, if I went into a grocery store and bought a loaf of bread and a quart of milk and walked out and it read my chip and debited my bank account, I'd work with it.
I don't have a problem with that.
Chief, it's either two separate things.
You're a really nice guy who totally trusts the government and society.
I am the government.
And by trusting the government, you bet your life I trust the government because I am part of government.
Either it's that, you're naive, or you're demon possessed.
Well, if you want to think that I'm naive, that's certainly your opinion.
Well, Chief, I appreciate you coming on the show, but I totally disagree with you.
Well, you can, and that's your right.
Well, wait a minute.
You're going to make me?
So the government says everybody's got to get chipped ten years from now, and it's the law.
You'll start arresting people that don't have it.
I won't be here ten years from now.
How does that sound?
I've got a short time to go before I take my retirement and leave.
Now, of course, I mean that as a joke figuratively, but, I mean, that kind of sounds pretty scary and...
People look under rocks for scary things, too.
The Founding Fathers chief said that we should not trust our government, we should keep it small, keep control of it.
You're just saying, I am the government, I trust it, and if they say we've got to have chips, we've got to have them.
Is that my opinion?
Well, then thank you.
No, you just said that, sir.
And it's my opinion, and I'm entitled to my opinion, and Mr. Jones, you're entitled to yours, and I think, sir, that
It was nice of you to have me on.
Are you a Christian?
Yes, I am.
And you have to have this mark to buy and sell, but you're saying if that happens, you don't have a problem with it?
I don't.
So, maybe you are just naive.
Okay, that's your opinion, too.
I'm not picking up from you that you're evil.
I am not evil.
I don't pick that up from you.
I pick it up that you're just totally trusting and naive, Chief.
Mr. Jones, I think your interview with me is over.
Hey, bio condios, I'm going to pray for you.
Thank you so much.
Go with God.
Take care.
There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
That's how deep the rabbit hole goes.
We've got to have a transcript of that.
That is the all-time most out of control in your face.
You see?
You see what we're facing?
You understand what we're facing now?
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The majority of us, 98% in major polls, are against the chip.
But the 2% is in power.
And they think it's completely normal.
They're totally deceived.
We'll be right back with the second hour.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I just had the most amazing, unbelievable, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits interview I have ever had.
We have had the CEO of Applied Digital on, their chief scientist.
Everybody's going to have a chip.
We'll have to have it to buy and sell.
We've had their distributors on.
They all said the same thing.
But here's this police chief in a major city of New Jersey saying that, yeah, the government says we've all got to have chips to buy and sell.
He'll enforce that.
And he's gotten the microchip.
I mean, are you getting how body snatcher weird things have really gotten...
We're going to re-air that interview tonight in the 9 o'clock hour, first hour of the broadcast, if you missed it.
You've got to call everybody you know.
You know I rarely say this.
And tell them to tune in tonight to hear that again.
I might even re-air the last 30 minutes of that in the last 30 minutes tomorrow.
I mean, that just totally blew me away.
I mean, there you have it.
And the Attorney General in Mexico making his employees take it.
And they're going to make us take it, and that's the Army's plan?
And you just heard the police chief, and I don't even think he's evil.
I mean, overtly, I think the guy is just totally delusional, totally lost touch with reality, and just, you know, just trust everything.
The founding father said, don't trust the government, and I said that, and he goes, I've got to go.
This interview's ending.
He's just such a servant, a drone.
Of this system.
That was unbelievable.
Ron Paul's coming up in 28 minutes.
The congressman will talk about the new Real ID Act.
I've got a bunch of news about new torture information, a bunch of police state news, what the economy's doing with the stock market gyrating out of control.
But right now, let's go to Fred in Pennsylvania.
Hi, Alex.
Fred, go ahead.
If your guest is still... By the way, I lost his name.
What's his name again?
His name is Bergen County Chief of Police Jack Schmittig.
If he was still on, I would want to question him about this one thing.
He hung up.
Yeah, he was ignorant about a lot of 6 to 8 to 10 big facts.
No, I gauged him, and I'm not saying I'm able to assess everybody, but he's a useful idiot.
There's a big scandal going on in New Jersey having to do with...
Yeah, but my point is that the legislature had specifically forbidden the state police to... They put strict limits on the growth...
And the purpose of the database.
They always say that.
They're selectively enforcing it.
But they jumped right ahead of their limits.
And there was a New Jersey Network documentary on that, a call-in show, called Due Process.
And this is incredible, Alex, because...
At the end of the show all the people, all the participants in the show agreed and they made a bet with the Gloucester County Prosecutor to come back in ten years and to see if our rights are either present or completely taken away and he said he'd come back in ten years.
Now I'd like to see, I have a tape of that and I'd like to see what the heck is going to happen in ten years with our rights.
Well, forget ten years.
The globalists are going to carry out terror attacks long before then and go to the next level unless we totally expose them.
That's a total revolution of understanding.
Right, and the other thing I want to mention is, this is a completely different subject, but it's pretty important.
In 1985, you have the CIA linked to a huge bombing that killed 80 in Beirut.
And now it's come out the CIA blew up a plane load of Cubans, just a passenger plane, and did it.
I mean, it's endless.
And Senator Leahy wanted to investigate these seven covert operations that were going on at that time, and they're still going on, unchecked all around the world, Alex.
But let's just be naive.
Let's not believe the founding fathers.
Let's just mindlessly trust and give all our rights up.
Everything will be good then.
Thanks for the call.
Clyde and Cheryl and Terry and many others, your calls are coming up.
Bunch of news and Ron Bull.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, eight minutes, 23 seconds into the second hour.
Congressman Ron Paul joining us in about 20 minutes.
For the rest of the hour, I'm going to blitz through your calls, give you each about a minute and a half in this segment.
Then I'm going to get into the latest torture news, sexual torture.
At Camp X right now, one of the interrogators has gone public.
The first-hand eyewitness involved seeing all this.
Just absolutely amazing.
And just a bunch of other important news.
I have to tell you, if you missed it, or stations that just joined us, last hour, I had one of the most incredible interviews I've ever been privileged and blessed to have with Bergen County Chief of Police Jack Schmittig, who took the microchip last month, and some of his other employees are getting it.
And I said, if the government makes us take them in 10 years to buy and sell, will you be for that?
And he said, yes, of course.
I am the government.
I trust the government.
And I said, so we'll be forced to take it?
And he said, yeah.
I mean, he just came right out with it.
And then I said, well, the founding father said don't trust the government.
He said, I've got to go.
I'm ending this interview.
And we've got to get a transcript of that.
Then the five minutes after it, when I came back in the last segment and responded to it with some footnotes, we've got to get links to the stories and kind of build a page on that.
And we will do that.
That'll be up by tomorrow, maybe even tonight.
But that'll be re-aired tonight in the first hour from 9 to midnight.
I'm going to re-air that interview.
Absolutely unbelievable!
I mean, it's just so incredible!
Let's talk to Kyle in Colorado.
Kyle, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I want to comment on a couple things having to do with that fellow with the microchip in his arm.
I'm an electrical engineer.
I've been for a lot of years.
There's a couple problems that he probably doesn't know about that you may know about.
If he gets in an MRI, it'll explode.
That's not the only thing, but that is absolutely correct.
One of the problems are those implantable chips are burned out not only by MRI, but by a taser, stun gun, a lightning strike nearby, whether or not they get hit or not, or by an EMP.
Every one of those will destroy that little chip.
They are not hardened.
Someone that small is not capable of being military hardened like we do with radio transmission towers and the like like that.
So if he's wearing it for medical problems or for medical reasons, he's very likely, especially as you've reported, someone gets tasered because they look like they're having a diabetic shock reaction.
Guess what?
That information is gone, and they can't even use it once they do get pedi-helped.
Well, he said it's not going to be Big Brother, but then he says, yeah, if we have to take it, we will.
I mean, he admits total Big Brother, but says it's not Big Brother.
Isn't that goofy?
Also, another thing, one other hazard of those things to the person themselves is those things must, the way they work, any kind of RF response is they
I hear you.
Listen, I've got to let you go, Kyle, because we were going to have the Congressman on in about 20 minutes about his schedule so busy.
He's coming on right now to talk about the Real ID Act.
We'll continue to talk about the police chief that just got the microchip and said, yeah, we all have to take it, we will, and he'll enforce that.
I think that was an unbelievable interview from New Jersey.
We'll get back into that.
He said that's not Big Brother, folks.
That's a good thing.
We'll get back into that Twilight Zone behavior in a few minutes.
I hope to have the Congressman at least until the bottom of the hour, the next 20 minutes or so.
Congressman Ron Paul, thank you during your incredibly busy schedule for joining us, sir.
Good to be with you.
Side issue, but I'm sure you've heard about how this company, Applied Digital, is pushing implantable chips, and the Attorney General in Mexico ordered his employees to take it.
I'm not up on that like I should be, but I did know briefly.
But I'm sure you've heard about the chip.
Yeah, sure.
Well, I just had a police chief on from Bergen County, New Jersey, and he said he's taken it, and he doesn't have a problem with it if the government makes us take it.
It should be the opposite way.
You know, if you're working for somebody, maybe they can...
You know, practice a little bit of surveillance on safety for a plant or something, but not when the government does it.
That's a different story entirely.
But that ties in, doesn't it, Congressman, to the Real ID Act.
I mean, this ID.
Yeah, absolutely.
And this is my big concern, too.
Is that the chip is going to be put into our wallets and what really worries me about the real idea is that we've given so much power and authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security
And he can do anything he wants with that, and there's to be no judicial review of what he does.
I kind of started this interview improperly because I didn't know you were coming on right now, so let me preface it with this.
These are my three or four questions, and I'm going to shut up, Congressman, and let you do your 15-minute speech here because no one has studied this like you, and I can only...
I commend our congressman from South Texas that we're so proud of.
Congressman, you warned everybody that this did nothing with illegal aliens.
Bush can selectively enforce it.
Just like with the last bill, he took the 2000 Border Patrol away.
You said it was a Trojan horse.
It creates this Pan-American ID card.
It does all of these things.
Please go over the deception first, how it was passed, and then the three or four provisions that you have so scholarly dissected.
Okay, first off, I think one of the most important issues is dealing with what will this do to help take care of the illegal alien problem.
And this has been the argument that has converted a lot of conservatives to supporting the national ID card.
And they say, you know, the proponents say, oh, this is not a national ID card.
But if you look at it, it's a mandatory control by the federal government for every state to follow certain criteria.
And then there would be a national ID bank.
And in this bank, this bank of names and numbers and driver's licenses would be available to the government of Mexico and Canada.
So I don't know how anybody can argue that it's not, you know, a national ID.
Now, my argument early on was that, yes, there's a big problem with illegal aliens.
There's a potential threat, you know, with terrorists coming in.
But what we're doing is we're registering all Americans, and law-abiding citizens will then, of course, obey the law.
Yeah, why wasn't it just for immigrants?
See, they would argue, well, how are you going to distinguish that we have to do everybody?
And this whole thing is just, you know, totally out of control.
To me, it's sort of like the gun issue.
You know, guns can be terrible if they're in the hands of the criminal and they're committing crimes.
But do we register?
I mean, some people would like to, but our position certainly isn't that we register all guns of all law-abiding American citizens.
But this ID card... Well, the white gun group says, you know, Congressman...
Larry Pratt and others at Gun Owners have shown how this is going to clearly be used in these databases to go after gun owners.
That is right.
It's going to do exactly the opposite of what they claim.
It's not going to get the illegal aliens.
It's going to essentially register gun owners because this ID chip that they're going to force on us can be altered any time by the Secretary of Homeland Security.
So it's a blank check?
That is it, and that's why guys like
Larry are excellent on these issues, and I'm glad he was on our side on this.
But unfortunately, we didn't have enough.
Did you see the vote, the final vote in the Senate?
100 to 0.
100 to 0, and it was, you know, unbelievable fraud.
Funding for things we shouldn't be doing overseas at the same time, the national ID card came in and the Senate was absolutely asleep.
And they still got the nerve to say it's not a national ID card when it's not even that.
It's a super database card.
That's right.
It's even worse.
And just think about radio frequency stuff.
They can put radio frequency identification into our wallets.
Which means that they can identify our chip as we walk through.
What if they put a GPS in the chip?
Well, they can do that by connecting the transponder to the cell tower.
They can then triangulate down to 15 feet like our cell phones.
It does the same thing.
So if you think Big Brother might come later, we better be alert to the fact that Big Brother is here and breathing down our neck.
We're already thumb scanning in Texas and getting a digital photo.
That was federally funded back in the 90s.
Clinton did that.
Yeah, and we were pretty complacent, you know, in taxes.
You know, we went along and we were way ahead of the rest of them.
We actually did it before it was mandated.
Now, they will still argue.
They will not only argue that it's not a national ID card.
They will still argue, well, it's voluntary.
States don't have to.
We're not going to mandate it.
But, you know, that just doesn't hold up because if a state doesn't, every citizen there then probably couldn't identify themselves for anything like veterans benefits or social security or getting on an airplane.
Every state is going to do it.
Whatever the federal standard is, that's what every business demands.
You can't get jobs.
And they wouldn't be able to open a bank account.
I mean, the people are going to eventually, oh, we have to have it.
We have to have it.
We're going to be safe.
And this is the way totalitarianism works.
A lot of people look back at history and say, I wonder how they let the Nazis do this and the communists do this.
But people are made to feel safer and secure.
And you hear their comments all the time.
They say, well, we have to give up a little bit of freedom in order to be safe and secure.
They've been saying that for five years now, especially since 9-11.
They can repeat that.
And you know as well as I do that a lot of the stuff they're doing had been on the books, had been proposed for years.
Remember the Know Your Customer regulations on bank accounts?
We defeated that up until after 9-11.
So they have...
Total monitoring of our financial transactions, as well as now, it looks like our personal travel experiences will be monitored as well.
And that's just the beginning with these databases.
And for those that think Bush is really going to stop the illegals, he openly wants amnesty, and now he's going to pay federally for the states to give them free health care.
That's right, and do you think that will cut down the incentives to come and bring their families?
You know, if you had a work program that the families had no benefits...
and they had no social security benefits and they couldn't get health care they couldn't get free education
You know, I bet you we'd be a lot more tolerant of a work program than we would have this business of a promise of citizenship and amnesty.
And, you know, that's why I've introduced a bill that would deny automatic citizenship just because they're born across the border.
Congressman, could you do one more quick segment?
Yes, one more quickie.
I want to talk about that bill, and I want to talk about ways to somehow...
Defeat this national ID card.
We'll be right back with Congressman Ron Paul.
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We've got Congressman Ron Paul joining us just for a few more minutes.
He's there at the Capitol still battling.
The three questions we talked about during the break, Congressman, that was better radio than we're probably about to have right here.
The three questions.
Number one, you were talking about a bill you've introduced to try to stem the flow of illegals.
I believe we have to amend the Constitution to make it very clear that when illegals come into this country, that just delivering a baby here should not give those individuals automatic citizenship.
So my bill would change that and make the Constitution very clear that
That shouldn't occur because that's too much of an incentive for people to come over and then automatically get on welfare.
What's that bill number?
I think it's 14, but I'd have to look it up.
I forget my numbers.
I'm sorry.
Draw that out of a hat on you.
The next thing is the states are saying they're not going to follow this.
And I know what that means.
They're going to double standard it and leave the illegals alone and harass us.
But how do we force the states to do the right thing and say no to this legislation, period?
Well, it's difficult, but I think some states now are getting sick and tired of Washington and sick and tired of Congress because we seem to ignore...
What they want at home, whether it's the Patriot Act or whether it's the No Child Left Behind.
Utah just recently passed some legislation saying that they don't want to deal with No Child Left Behind.
When it comes to the ID card, there should be a way.
I don't know exactly what one state might like to do or can do.
Because we've blown it up here.
It's passed and the president is signing it.
So it is going to be the law.
So now it is up to the people.
And the state legislatures to try to build up some resistance to it or refuse to use it or refuse to accommodate the federal government.
Now, I had the anti-immigration crowd on, who I agree with on most issues, the last few weeks, and they couldn't get it.
I'd say, here's the subsection.
See, Ridge has shown when he gets money to stop the open borders, he doesn't use it.
They're going to selectively enforce it.
This is bad, and they just go, no, no, no, it's good.
And I'm like, well, Larry Pratt says it's bad.
Ron Paul says it's bad.
Hey, this is bad.
And they didn't want to hear the facts.
I mean, I know you were talking to these guys.
What's wrong with them?
I think down deep in their heart, they believe that if they take our position, they'll be offensive to Hispanics.
And of course...
You know, from a libertarian viewpoint, we don't deal in groups.
We deal with individuals and American citizens.
So, to me, it shouldn't be offensive, but people deal in politics up here, and they deal in block votes, and they think, well, if it looks like we're keeping out Hispanics and Mexicans from our country, therefore we disapprove.
But really, the corporation is just one cheap labor.
Yep, and that's a big move, so that's another element to it as well.
The Patriot Act, they're telling us that it's so wonderful.
Of course, the real provisions aren't sunset.
This is a clause to expand it, as you've said.
But now they're admitting it.
Yeah, we want to, quote, strengthen it, and people are exposing the subsections.
They're using it to go after Rubik's Cube makers, Rubik's Cube sellers, topless bars, pot dealers.
They're using it across the board.
Do we have a chance of...
Of dismantling the Patriot Act?
Well, you would think so, because if there's been any expression on any particular piece of legislation, it's been on the Patriot Act where the people are saying, we don't like it, and so many states and laws and states and communities have said so.
Five states, 400 cities.
See, yeah, and that tells you something's going on, and yet Washington seems to totally ignore that.
The fact that the Real ID Pass is sort of an expansion of the Patriot Act attitude.
Now, the sunset provisions have to come up.
There has to be a vote.
It'll probably be an up-and-down vote on whether they're renewed or not.
And right now, our president's in the driver's seat, and he's able to put a lot of pressure on all the Republicans.
And some Democrats get frightened.
They're afraid of losing their election, and they see momentum with the president.
So he gets pretty much what he wants.
I would have to predict that Congress is not going to do a better job this year than they have in the last couple years.
We've got about a minute left.
Last question.
I'm sure you've seen it.
They're going to put transponders in all the cars.
It's in the Texas bill, in the inspection sticker.
6,000 miles of toll roads in Texas alone.
Upwards of almost $4,000 a year total to drive.
That's their own text-on numbers.
How do we stop turning all the roads into toll roads, Congressman?
Boy, that's a tough one, but it's a state issue.
The transponder will be for the purpose of being charged for driving.
That's in the bill, yes, sir.
Is that it?
But that will also be a way of telling you where your car is all the time, too.
Yes, sir.
So that means that people have to get on their high horse and get up to Austin and start letting them know the state legislature.
What's wrong with Rick Perry?
I don't know, but he has to have the legislature to go along with it to get this to be law.
Your Texas car will have a transponder, sir, in its inspection sticker.
Boy, that just sounds wonderful, doesn't it?
God, what are we doing to ourselves?
And you'd think Texas would be ahead of the rest of the country, that is, in the defense of liberty, but sometimes I think we slip behind.
Well, we're a big state, so we're targeted.
Congressman, thank you so much for coming on.
Sure thing.
Thank you.
God bless you.
All right, your calls are coming up in a bunch of news.
That was Congressman Ron Paul, the truth about the Real ID Act, the beast system.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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All right, Johnny and Ron and Mike and Alex.
Many others, your calls are coming up here in a few minutes.
We're going to have Debbie Morrow from the Millennium Concepts on for a couple minutes.
Talk about a way to take control of your life.
70% of your body is water.
73% women, 70% men.
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We'll talk about that just for a couple minutes and then go straight to your calls and then back into the news.
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Do we have Debbie?
Let's go to Debbie Morrow now, and then we'll go to your calls.
Debbie, good to have you on.
Hi there.
Thank you for having me.
Glad to be here.
You bet.
Not only are these water filters the highest quality purification systems, and you've got a system that even cuts out fluoride that nothing else does, folks.
I mean, even reverse osmosis only cuts 87%, I believe is the number on that, with the average industry reverse osmosis system out there.
And it's made in America.
And you guys...
Are the biggest sponsors of this network and the sponsors for our shortwave time, our world service, warning the planet.
But that's, again, a secondary issue.
The first one is stop drinking the water, herbicides, pesticides.
Most big cities have tons of Prozac and Ritalin in the water and female hormones from birth control pills.
Just type it into a search engine.
You'll get hundreds of mainstream articles.
Stop drinking the poison water.
These are great systems.
I've been using them for five, six years now.
No, six years now.
Since 1999, you've got to get this new system.
You guys have even improved on the British Berkey that you're the national distributors of.
You've got the American-made black Berkey.
You've got the university studies backing up that it's a new level of purification.
That's right.
We actually have designed and developed a gravity filter that set a new standard for the water filter industry.
So then it actually takes the pathogens out to a non-detectable level.
And it's the same price as an Indian or Chinese knockoff?
That's right.
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When you pick up a black element, it is heavy.
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I believe the silver.
Yeah, it's self-sterilizing media.
That's correct.
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That's correct.
And we really stand behind our product.
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Into the home so that people can take control of their lives.
And, you know, 70% of your body is even greater than 70%, I think, is water.
It's higher in women, yeah.
Yeah, and it's really important that we have a good source of water that isn't full of a bunch of chemicals.
You know, I was thinking about it yesterday about how
You know, our bodies have changed so much over the decades, and a lot of it has to do with the hormones in the water and things, you know, that... Yeah, girls didn't used to mature until 15, 16.
And now, I mean, I see 10-year-olds that look like they're 18.
I mean, this is a serious problem.
Yeah, pretty soon we're going to put the plastic surgeons out of...
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Well, I don't want my family, I don't want my children drinking this.
It does bad things to boys.
There's not just all the estrogen in the plastics and in the bottles and in the water that mess up our girls.
With our boys, it feminizes them.
That's correct.
That is correct.
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Well, you've got the 199 units.
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Debbie, thanks for coming on with us.
Thank you.
Have a great day.
God bless.
You're doing a great job.
Don't forget, for the archives and the higher bitrate streams, GCNlive.com.
All right, right back to the calls.
Thank you for holding, and we'll plunge back into news.
We've already had a police chief on who's taken the microchip and says he didn't have a problem with the government making us all take chips to buy and sell.
That was the most bizarre in-your-face interview I've ever done, folks.
It is the creme de la creme.
Even worse than Schwarzenegger's lackey, Morgenthaler Jones.
That was bizarre.
But this trumped that in Royal Flusher and Spades.
And then we had Ron Paul on to tell you about what the Real ID Act really did and give you a legislative view of what's going on right now with some key issues.
But it just calls the rest of the show in news.
In Colorado.
Go ahead, Tony.
How you doing?
Hey, Alex.
Good, my friend.
I just wanted to call because I was just talking with my dad back east about the plane that went over Washington, D.C.
You're talking about the Cessna.
Is this just a dry run?
Is what, you know, like in the course of...
If you start to put the light on certain things, maybe they won't be able to do it.
Well, in the last three weeks they've done this twice.
They've had little fake hand grenades being thrown.
They've had little firecrackers popping at the British Embassy.
And we have all the cases of admitted fake terror alerts, not just where they're wrong, but where they put them out on purpose.
We have memos on this.
We have real terror attacks that they carry out.
So, of course, this is fear-mongering.
Well, so, but check this out.
It's like...
What are they... How about if... Okay.
Technically, it's like my dad was in the Air Force, so he said, you know, that plane technically should have been shot down if it went down over, you know, restricted airspace.
Technically, I mean, there's a 60-mile no-fly around D.C., and it was... First it was 12, now they're saying 20 miles away.
We don't know.
It's far away.
And it's flying through a tiny corridor.
My dad's a pilot, and I've flown with him many times in his little Cessna years ago.
And there'd be big thunderstorms, and you're not allowed to go around them, and there's military bases that are restricted.
There's a lot of those in Texas.
And I remember him having to do some serious maneuvers to have to get around this.
My dad's a good pilot.
He flies since he was 14.
I mean, he lands the plane back when he had it out in front of my grandma's ranch in East Texas.
I mean, that's the type of guy he is.
But there are little bitty corridors on these maps that you're allowed to fly in, and there's a little bitty corridor that this Cessna was in, and it got a little bit out of that corridor, which people do all the time.
And if you get way off the corridor, they launch F-16s.
They've done it thousands of times.
But they didn't on 9-11.
And they didn't do it this time.
But go ahead.
Well, my point is that if they're doing the same setup as a 9-11 thing, what if they fill a Cessna with dirty bombs, whatever it is?
There's the first little thought of...
What are they planning?
Because on October 13th... Well, we did have the Cessna.
People say that, you know, entirely there was no reason for this.
And frankly, there is some reason to do it.
They should have just launched F-16s.
Well, but the thing about it is... Let me just finish.
Let me just finish.
Because remember the guy that put the Cessna into the White House trying to get Clinton?
Okay, go ahead.
My point is that if they decide, okay, they go, okay, this is just a setup for the future...
And they fly a Cessna in and they go, oh no, we have to shoot this thing down.
And all of a sudden that just happens to be a Cessna that's full of, like, dirty bomb.
You're wiping out how much of an area of Washington, D.C.?
On October 13th or the 15th, something like that, of 2001, Bush said that he was forming an underground government in case the whole government of our country... And last year the Congress, or actually in January of this year, passed the Doomsday Bill signing their authority over.
Right, so...
If this is a dry run on a... Well, we don't know what they're going to do.
We don't know what they're going to pull, but it looks like it'll probably be biological or nuclear when it's the big one.
Thanks for the call.
And a dirty bomb, I mean, is it one one millionth of what the DU's done in Iraq alone?
I mean, these dirty bombs are overhyped.
And I hope the globalists don't carry out a terror attack, but if they do, I pray it's something a little like a dirty bomb, but just a bunch of fear-mongering.
Because even a big dirty bomb, even if it was dispersed at, say, 5,000 feet...
I think they're building the dirty bomb scenario as one scenario.
They don't want to really kill a lot of people, but
Again, I don't know what tactic they're going to use.
Thank you, Tony, though.
I don't really like to speculate too much on that.
Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I'm calling basically about the Real ID Act, but I just want to bring up for a short time the incident that occurred in Washington, D.C.
yesterday with that alert.
The people running, screaming in fear.
Let me get to it, please.
If you noticed, if you looked at the video on the news in the evening, the only ones running and screaming, all right, were the plebeians, the support staff workers in Washington.
Take a close look at those tapes.
No members of Congress were running.
And why?
Because they knew this was no real threat.
They didn't inform the other lower workers, support staff.
You know, I told people to tape that.
I don't even know if my staff did.
But if somebody taped it, please mail it to me.
If you look, you'll see the actual Congress members.
If somebody recorded that on TiVo, please send it to me.
Because the fact of the matter is that they knew that that was not a threat, and it was reported in the New York journals today that government helicopters spotted that plane before the F-16s did, and they even reported it just assessing the problem.
Washington has over 85 attack helicopters.
They have missiles in, what, 20 different sites on top of buildings?
They did on 9-11, by the way.
They always have.
I remember watching TV in the 80s seeing Stinger missiles on top of the White House.
Even if that Cessna, just like the guy with Clinton would have hit, it does nothing.
A Cessna might weigh 1,600 pounds.
That's right.
It's aluminum tinfoil.
My point is this.
It was the smallest, and now they're, last time I heard, they're charging these poor people.
They got a little bit off course, Ron.
Well, my point is this.
The power structure knew it was not a threat, but they opportunistically used this to stampede the plebeians.
That's what I call American citizens now.
They're plebeians.
To stampede the ignorant plebeians.
For those that don't know what plebeians or neophytes are, tell them.
This is what I think they're doing.
Tell them what a plebeian is, bro.
A plebeian?
In ancient Rome, the plebeian were the lower class rabble of people.
They had no intellect.
They were manipulated by the upper class members of the Roman Senate, which were the patricians.
And that's what you have developing in this country today in our modern times.
And most of us are being put into the plebeian category.
Which now leads me to my second point about the real, I call it the real fake ID act, okay?
I call it the real phony ID act.
And I was right.
I had a dispute with one of your guests about two weeks ago.
Terry Anderson.
That's correct.
And I was right and he was wrong.
No, I said you were right on air, but Terry wouldn't listen.
The problem is, Terry and other people like that.
They're so desperate for some... They want to believe.
They're like... Problem, reaction, solution.
They're so desperate for a solution.
They're like a man who's dying of thirst.
He'll take any water you give to him, even if it's contaminated.
This is what happens, and they do this deliberately to people.
Now, the provisions of that act are going to apply to everybody.
That means even a guy like Alex Jones, whose family's been in the country two, three hundred years...
You're going to have to stand in that line and prove that you're a citizen.
Now I say, first off, what is citizenship?
What are we if you have to prove that you belong here?
Secondly, there were ways, and they do have the technical ability, to sort out, you might say, the wheat from the chaff.
They could have arranged that legislation with the use of the new modern computers that we have to determine that without imposing on the larger majority of people.
In other words,
I'm suspect whenever solutions for a problem say, don't just simply raise the bridge, let's lower the river.
But they're already saying they're going to selectively enforce it while promising them more free health care and tuition.
It's a joke!
Sure, and guess what?
The provisions don't take effect for three years, and you know why?
I'm going to tell you what I suspect, and time and history will prove me right.
That various groups are going to do end runs... No, they're already doing it.
They're going to call it a reform, and they're going to strip it.
Hold on.
They're going to do end runs around this law by saying it violates international trade agreements like NAFTA and GATT.
And they're going to make it a regional ID, which it already is.
The only ones it will apply to... No, it's the Pan-American Union.
...are American citizens.
And by the way, this thing you're talking about, this Pan-American or this three-country ID base, Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.?
Well, see, Canada and Mexico already have agreements with others, so it's Pan-American.
It's like a ship that has... Let me finish.
It's like a ship that has interlocking bulkheads.
Well, if you open the two in the middle, but you have all the others open, too, it's Pan American.
Don't do this.
You understand?
The only ones that will have all their data in that base are American citizens.
Because I know in the case of Mexico... No, Canada, Mexico, all of them, they're not going to enforce it.
And why?
They're not going to data mine.
Listen, they protect their citizens' information in international transfers.
They give out very little to nothing.
I could tell you for a fact that in Mexico, an individual was prosecuted for giving out information on Mexican citizens to Choice Point Database Company.
So then you're not going to have all the information.
The same thing happened in Venezuela.
Right, but you'll have it all on American citizens in there.
You absolutely know your stuff, Ron.
Always good to hear from you.
Ron, a retired New York cop.
Ron, are you still there?
Is he gone?
I was going to ask him what he thought of that police chief from New Jersey.
We all need to get our microchips.
More of your calls coming up, ladies and gentlemen, on the other side, and a lot of news.
Stay with us, prisonplanet.tv.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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I think?
Don't worry.
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Very impressive, and we thank him for doing that.
We also thank the webmaster a few years ago that built SearchInfoWars.com for us, a great other website.
These people are just absolutely fantastic, and I salute them and commend them.
Let's talk to Mike in New York.
Mike, go ahead.
Alex, it's a pleasure to speak to you.
I really appreciate you allowing me through.
I just wanted to comment.
I'm up here in Manhattan and I have Bergen County right next door.
It is just amazing to listen to this police officer as a representative of the government.
A major city, a major county says that, yeah, the government makes us all take microchips, he's all for it.
Yeah, I would love to ask him, you know, he's big on opinions and everybody being free to exercise and express his or her opinion.
Well, what about when they do rifle this through,
And do make us all... That's what I said.
Are we free to say no?
And he said, I think the interview's over.
See, they always run from that.
When you take them right to the wall, that's when they start... His argument for it was that he has a right to his opinion.
Yeah, I have my right to my facts.
But what about the rest of us who don't want to go sign up for this and who would rather carry our credit cards in our wallet?
I don't think that's much of a burden to carry a credit card around.
But can you believe we're now having to have a debate about not wanting implantable chips?
I mean, it's here, folks.
We're now public officials all over.
You need this chip.
They're the officials, the authorities.
No, it's just... Well, stay there, Mike, because you're bringing up good points, and you're up there by Bergen County and this creature, and I want to get more of your response to this than Alex in Wisconsin, Mark in Texas, and others.
Anything else?
Fold free number to join us, 800-2509-9231.
Third hour straight ahead.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Wow, the last two hours have just blasted past us.
We had Ron Paul on in the last hour.
The Congressman talked about the Real ID Act and other legislation.
Now to fight it, now that it's being implemented, being passed and signed by Lord Bush.
We also had a police chief on from Bergen County in a big area in New Jersey.
And he just came right out and said, yeah, I've got the implantable chip, some of my other employees are, but I said, well, in the years to come, will they make us take this?
Are you for that?
Oh, sure, yeah.
Will you enforce it?
Oh, yeah.
I mean, just unbelievable.
We were just talking to Mike in New York, right across the water there from New Jersey, and we'll go to Mark in Texas and others, but Mike, you had some more comments on that?
Yeah, actually, it's really not surprising.
I run into several police officers here in Manhattan who
Despite being, you know, on the surface, very nice guys.
I mean, you'd think they're nice people.
They would never advocate any of what's really going on.
But then again, they would shred the Constitution in a second if they could.
And lock us all up according to their whims.
So they would follow orders.
Because they feel like they're part of the power structure, it must be good.
Well, he exhibited that, too.
He said, I am the government.
That was just, it's shocking that somebody can identify their being...
No, you are a public servant who works for the people.
Yeah, unbelievable.
I want to ask you, you have a very astute, eloquent caller there, Ron, who has a very impressive amount of knowledge of what's going on and what's around the bend and a lot of prescience, but we're out here and we do see it and we care about it, but we honestly, at the end of the day,
You feel so utterly hopeless and powerless against what's going on, because it's like... You've got to listen, listen.
We've got hope.
People are waking up.
I was talking to Ron Paul during that long break that we have at the 20 after for four minutes, and I said, everywhere I go, people call in and agree, the vast majority.
He said, yeah, I'm seeing the same thing.
He said congressmen around him admit that the people don't want what they're doing, but that's just what they've been told to do.
And, you know, why are you, Ron, voting against this over and over again?
And so, listen, it's always darkest before the dawn.
Waking up to this is hard.
Don't feel hopeless.
Feel good that you're informed and you're not deceived.
Right, right.
And know that other people are doing good stuff and good works out there and waking people up, and that all of us together have held this back so far.
Think how much worse it would be if we weren't fighting all this.
And they pass and implement a lot of this, but then they have trouble actually engaging in their operations.
They can say we're all their slaves, but we can say no.
I mean, look...
They ordered the police two and a half years ago to all take the smallpox shot, and 99 plus percent, L.A.
Times reported, said no.
They instinctively knew.
And all these doctors came out and said it was very dangerous and didn't help and didn't protect you from weaponized smallpox and blah, blah, blah.
You know, everybody's shifting over to organic food and all these big chains aren't getting any business and are falling apart to fast food.
I mean, people, it takes a while, but folks start figuring it out.
Well, I'm with you, I'm listening to you, and I'm glad you're doing what you're doing.
I mean, there's a thousand indicators, but don't ever expect Peter Jennings and, well, they're all gone now, Brian Williams, don't ever expect Bill O'Reilly and Cavuto and all of them to tell you we're winning.
Expect them to keep with their flashy suits and their eyes looking at the teleprompter to keep acting confident.
What we're doing is good.
The global government's good.
Just accept it.
Nothing you can do.
It's like that Bilderberg group piece.
Did you ever hear of that?
Yeah, so I'm on it.
CFR, Bilderberg, yeah.
But I mean, it's like, did you hear the CNN piece from Europe where they go, yeah, they want world government?
I mean, now it just exists and it's good and just accept it.
No, they're knee-deep in it.
You know, walking the streets of Manhattan, where so much of the NWO planning occurred, is that you look up at some of what's going on here in the streets of Manhattan, and especially down near Wall Street, it's like a police state.
It is unbelievable.
You want a picture of the police state in America?
America should come.
Well, that's why we shot Rothery.
That's why we made martial law there.
During the RNC, that's the backdrop of the film.
I was down there walking around, you know, with you.
Yeah, I know.
I saw it.
Hey, Mike, thanks for the call.
We'll come back with more of your calls and a ton of news.
Stay with us.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We were evil kooks
Ten years ago, to talk about government plans to microchip the entire population, I interviewed, eight, nine years ago, Army scientists with the documents, with their ID cards, who worked at U.S.
military bases, who worked to develop this at U.S.
military laboratories.
I mean, we had...
In a little glass case, six, seven years ago, the RFID chip that Applied Digital is out promoting.
But meanwhile, you can read about Motorola, IBM, they've all developed their own, but they're using Applied Digital, that's their little front company, to go out and take all the heat for promoting it.
Because when they do, their stock plunges to almost nothing, but IBM keeps investing in them.
It's basically a front company for international business machines.
It was instrumental in funding Hitler with Thomas Watson.
Who hung out with Hitler until right up until 1940 and who had the machines, the tattoos that were on the camp inmates were the numbers to be entered into the international business machine.
And if I keep talking about it, it's because I'm blown away by it.
Did you hear in the first hour the police chief of the county where they're getting rid of sheriffs there in Bergen County, he said during the break, I'm appointed for life.
Kept saying that to me.
Bergen County Chief of Police Jack Schmittig leads regional rollout of Verichip by receiving a Verichip.
And then I said, well, if it isn't Big Brother, you know, they're going to put it in all the cars and track us too.
He goes, oh yeah, I'm all for it.
Then I said, well, what in the future if the government tries to make us do it?
To buy and sell?
He goes, oh, I'm all for that.
Well, you'll enforce that?
You heard me, he said.
We're going to get a transcript of that and get the audio up very, very soon for you.
We need to spread that around.
I mean, we have their CEO on here.
The chip will prevail.
Everybody's going to take the chip.
I mean, we've got all these interviews and their distributors.
They're reading off the same sheet of music.
In Mexico, the Attorney General makes his employees take it.
Ordered them.
Most of them refused, and then they backed off.
There's contracts for the prisons to do it.
We've talked about this so much that now we're all kind of desensitized.
Yeah, we know about it.
Move on to something else.
But we can't do that.
We have to consciously, in the cold part of our minds, not the emotional area, focus on this and know how serious it is.
I mean, it's a real threat.
It's like we told you all these years the national ID card was.
Well, now, as Ron Paul said last hour, the congressman, it's not just a national ID card.
It is a super database tracking group.
There was Ron Paul talking about them putting the RFID chip in the card.
That's in the legislation.
They're tracking you.
You don't even have to swipe it.
Talking like Alex Jones.
I mean, we're in serious trouble.
And you look at the polls.
They've had polls.
You know, are you for the chip?
Would you get a chip?
They had a major poll back when they were really promoting it in early 2002.
It's like 98% of Americans said, I'd never take a chip.
But they don't shut up.
They just keep pushing, pushing, pushing.
It's like Schwarzenegger for president.
They just keep pushing, pushing, pushing.
That's why we have ArnoldExposed.com.
We've now had the contest and the winners for the TV ads.
We're going to be running those soon in California and Texas.
Well, that's a hassle purchasing those.
They're really trying to rip us off.
We found out other people are paying a fraction of what we are, but this is politically incorrect, so...
The point of the ads, though, is to force the media to cover it, because they covered Arnold's ads by Morgenthaler Jones and others.
I've got a bunch of news here that's really important, but I do want to take a lot of your calls.
What we're going to do in this third hour, in the 47 minutes we've got left, is just rapid-fire go-through calls and then rapid-fire go-through news.
Even have a couple open lines?
That's a rarity.
Most of you have quit trying, I've heard, because you never get through.
Well, you can right now.
Any issue you want to discuss.
The economy, the war, this super ID card, that out-of-control, brain-dead minion of the New World Order, that zombie police chief we had on in the first hour.
Let's talk to Mark in Texas.
Mark, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
Good, sir.
An announcement for all your West Texas listeners who want to support you.
The White House is the White Horse.
First seal opened on 9-11.
We're going to be showing your new video documentary, Marshall on 9-11, Rise of the Police State, here in South Abilene at the Buffalo Gap Flea Market on May 22nd, all day long.
Also showing Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, as well as George Humphrey's video.
You're going to be showing that on the big screen TV?
Yes, we're going to try to get a big screen out there, and we'll have hundreds of people walking by the booth and showing all these videos on the 9-11 Truth Movement, including yours in Bohemian Grove.
Well, that's exciting.
That's an Abilene win?
That's an Abilene May 22nd.
It's a Sunday all day long, and they can get more information to support your efforts and ours at www.remnantofyhwh.com, and we're looking forward to it.
We're fired up.
Alright, Abilene when?
Abilene, May 22nd.
Alright, well that's exciting.
Mark, did you hear the police chief in the first hour?
I did, and it's a sign of the spiritual blindness in the last days, and it's really scary.
I agree.
Elaborate on that.
Well, you know, I mean, you see the authorities, the people who, they're just totally denying the people any idea or philosophy of constitutional rights.
We're going to give you freedom.
We're going to put chips in you.
Yeah, and... You're free to take a chip.
Yeah, and it's not a bad thing.
What did Andy Rooney say on 60 Minutes and it's in my film, Rugged Journey?
He said, we all need a chip.
We all need a chip to prove we're good people.
We're going to wake up the plebeians here in Abilene.
It's really bad here.
A lot of bush worshippers here in Texas, especially in Abilene.
We have three Christian universities, and everyone's pretty blind to it.
I've been putting up flyers all over town about showing your films and everything, and half the time I go back and look and see, and they're ripped down.
So it's very discouraging at times, but we're going to see a breakthrough this weekend.
Well, God bless you, my friend.
Take care.
Jeff in New York.
Jeff, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Listen, I was just calling about this Penn & Teller show.
I happened to catch it on Monday.
I've been getting emails about it.
I didn't see it on Showtime.
Yeah, these guys, you know what you're doing?
They're doing the exact opposite, except no evidence.
Yeah, they make fun of conspiracy theories, and you can't say the name of the show.
Right, I know that.
Because it's profane.
Yes, on the show, BS is the name of the show.
And I got a bunch of emails.
I saw the synopsis on the Showtime website.
Paul Watson told me about it on Monday or Tuesday.
And they debunked the 9-11 conspiracy theories.
But you saw it.
Tell us about it.
Well, not only did they...
Try to debunk their theories, but they use a lot of profanity to explain to people what they describe to people who actually believe in anything other than the mainstream stories.
And that includes Kennedy, 9-11, a whole bunch of stuff.
And they just basically get people up there who are maybe on the outer edge of...
Reasonable, maybe.
And they just lambaste these guys.
Well, that's what they do.
They pick people that talk about stuff that can't be proven or is kooky.
A lot of those folks are government paid.
We've proven that.
Oh, if you think the government ever did anything bad, then you believe in green aliens from planet Plutor.
If you believe the National ID card's bad, you believe in Chupacabras.
Yeah, I mean, you had mentioned that 90% of the people still think that the government was behind Kennedy.
Yeah, these people in presenting it, they don't say that.
They just say that, you know, they put a completely different light on this thing.
Yeah, they say, there's a weird minority that's nuts.
Don't be with those weirdos.
Right, exactly.
What else did they do on the show?
Uh, it was just a couple of the conspiracies.
They let off with 9-11, which I thought was really... What'd they say?
They said, you know...
They basically cursed at anybody who believes that the government was behind it.
They pretty much led off that way.
Just mindless, no information, just totally blather.
Oh yeah, no evidence to support any of their theories.
And notice, they used to be the trendy guys decades ago, but now they're wash-up losers with no talent.
They have to go, I bet money the government's paying for that show.
Thanks for the call.
I bet major cashola.
Let me just put it to you this way, folks.
On the 40th anniversary a year and a half ago of the Kennedy assassination, I was looking at polls from newspapers, TV stations, online polls, scientific polls.
And something the government does in focus group studies is they will take polls and average them.
It's a more accurate way to do it.
And I sat there for like an hour, and I averaged 12 polls together.
Some were 95, but the lowest was 82.
It came up to 92% believe the government killed Kennedy.
Was the government involved?
Did he act alone?
It was all these questions.
And I went to those polls, and just a few years ago it was 80%.
And just a few years before that it was like 70%.
And it took 40 years to get the truth out,
We don't have 40 years on 9-11.
They've had a CNN poll.
They jerk real fast.
17,000 or 18,000 respondents.
This is in the film.
This is in martial law.
Rise of the police state.
Just a minute or two of the film.
90% of the American people in the government had prior knowledge and deliberately allowed the attacks to happen.
That's the quote.
The Zogby poll taken in New York was 49%, and then 66% want a real investigation.
So, I mean, take your pick, 49 or 90 percent, whatever.
It's over half, folks, if you average those polls together.
And so, regardless, if we were the only person in the world, if you and I are going to listen, we're the only people in the world who believe the world was round, it's still round.
And it's a fact.
And the truth is provable and demonstratable.
All they've got is name-calling and calling us conspiracy theorists and cussing at us or making up lies.
You're saying, well, they say this when we don't say that.
Or finding some kook who said something and then mixing my name in with it.
It doesn't work.
Their tactics are just the same.
Somebody writes a book on a cookbook, and it's great and good, or they write a book about how wonderful Bill Clinton was, and that's okay, they make a million bucks doing it.
But then, you know, we come out and make videos and hardly survive, and then the New York Times and others say, well, they're making money off this.
See, it's only bad when we make a living doing it.
That's how we're able to have a radio show and able to have employees and able to do this.
See, none of the rules apply to them.
They only apply to us.
They have all these mindless, ridiculous arguments that make no sense.
Or, well, you get upset too much.
You shouldn't get so upset.
Well, why do you get upset about your football team losing?
I get upset about the destruction of a country I love where my family lives.
The globalists are psychotic criminals.
They must be stopped.
None of us are safe until they've been stopped.
Pope John Paul II is already being acclaimed a saint.
During his 26 years, he canonized 482 saints.
The one saint that stands out in my mind is St.
Maria Faustina, a poor, uneducated Polish nun.
Christ appeared to her over 100 times in the 1930s and instructed her to keep a diary of the message he wanted to give to the world.
This message is nothing new, just a reminder of what the Church has always taught, that God is merciful and forgiving.
And that we too must show mercy and forgiveness to our neighbor.
Christ promises to grant unimaginable favors to those that trust in his mercy.
Trust Jesus.
He will reveal his love in all aspects of your life.
I've experienced the power of divine mercy and know the miracles that have taken place in my life.
Christ will pour out his mercy and love to you in great abundance.
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Where are military bases and hazardous waste sites located?
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, I'm moving fast through your calls now.
John in Arkansas, go ahead, sir.
Yes, Alex.
Congressman Paul, before they ever passed a bill, was saying something in his updates about how they were going to put in checkpoints on the roads.
Yes, it allows Homeland Security to do that.
Unlimited power.
But then today I didn't hear him say anything else about it, and I haven't heard anybody say anything about it.
I was wondering, is there anything in the bill?
No, it's for internal checkpoints and having to produce it everywhere.
Everything will track you with it, and Homeland Security has been talking about doing that.
And I heard Butch Paul the other night talking about how they're going to be able to just stop you and check for your ID.
That's what they're training them to do.
Under the National Seatbelt Initiative, that sounds nice, in Part 3, passed by Bill Clinton in 1998, Bush still funds it each year, it's $2.4 billion a year to pay for, quote, all these DWI and safety checks and insurance checks.
That's all federalizing the police training them for checkpoints.
But it says in there it's to look for, quote, paraphernalia.
It admits that, and it's in my film Police Day 2000, that that's just an excuse to stop you.
That's how arrogant these guys are.
They admit what... It's incredible.
They know 99.9% of people don't read government highway department documents.
It's like TxDOT documents are public because they have tons of extra money.
Oh, yeah.
They don't need any toll roads, but, quote, don't tell the public.
I tried getting a hold of some of these bills and stuff, and even the Patriot Act from their printing office, and they won't even send me a copy of it.
Well, it's online at the...
At the Library of Congress, it's H.R.
That's Patriot Act I, and Patriot Act II is the Domestic Security Enhancement Act.
Thanks for the call.
All right, thank you.
Thank you.
Who's up next here?
Chuck in Texas, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
There's just so much going on these days.
It's very hard to focus for myself.
It gives me a headache.
It really does.
The things that are just going on in Texas and here locally with the taxation, the things that they come up with every day, you know, from cigarettes to cell phone taxes to just everything.
Meters on wells, taking your way, everything.
I remember them talking about, well, maybe we could have everything on a sales tax instead of an income tax.
But by the time they're finished, they'll have all of them.
Well, they've said they're going to have both.
That's the plan.
And, well, the way we're just having the carrot for the people pouring across the border, you know, it's not much money in the way of government, a billion dollars going to the hospitals.
But, you know, for all these different states.
It's to pay for the illegal aliens.
Sure, and the more illegal aliens you have, the more money you'll get.
It's just... Look, they have federal incentives that a certain number of men be arrested for family violence.
That's why the neighbor calls because they hear yelling.
They get there and nobody's hurt, nothing's broken.
And I'm sorry, you're going to jail.
Because even if they don't get a conviction for the arrest itself, they get federal money.
It's bounties.
Bounties on seizing children.
Bounties on putting people on Ritalin and Prozac.
Bounties on all of this.
This is one time that I'm happy that I'm older now, you know, because I'm not the target that I was when I was younger.
Well, and then MTV, owned by some of the registrants of these same people, tells the kids how to act like punks, how to dress like idiots.
That's a uniform that the police are then trained to be told that basically is the enemy.
So your kids dress up in an outfit that the government told them was cool, which the police then target.
Oh, it's been going on for years.
I was the same way.
The whole hippie movement was CIA-funded.
Gloria Steinem, it's all public.
With Miss Magazine, CIA-funded, she admits that.
Timothy Leary, the whole counterculture, the drug culture, they had to get us on the... It's rebellious.
Don't do drugs.
It's bad.
And then all these leaders, these beatnik leaders...
You know, one of them, Michael Savage today, you know, out there promoting this culture, and then the people thought it was cool and did it.
Then they had their market.
And the yippies were straight out of the heart of Rockefeller.
It's totally admitted.
It's public.
It's all declassified.
Thanks for the call.
Mad Dog Muller or something?
Or Mad Dog Possum or something from Georgia?
No, it's Mad Dog Murph from Jessup, Georgia.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
How are you doing today?
Pretty good.
I'm just calling up for a little food for thought for your listeners here.
It has to do with this social security debacle.
And you hear all these stories about these IOUs.
There is no money in the Social Security Fund.
There never has been.
But my point here is, okay, if they state this stuff with this IOUs, well, let the public see who the IOUs were written from.
But that's just a term they know our little brains can hear.
Oh, there's an IOU.
There's an account with my name on it because of me.
And you're with Al Qaeda if you don't believe in me.
Mad Dog, you don't sound very Mad Dog-ish.
I don't know who does, though.
Well, I got a website.
Stay there.
I'll let you plug it on the other side, Mad Dog.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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They're going, what in the world are you doing that for?
I did that to get your attention.
Because some of the Native American tribes, when they saw that nothing could save them,
That they've been played off against each other, paid off, manipulated, given the fire water to control them.
They would do a ghost dance, just begging God to save them, begging God to send their ancestors back to save them, begging for a miracle.
A miracle that didn't come.
And just imagine them out there for days, dancing around until they were collapsing, begging...
I've seen from the 1930s some of the people who were even alive back in the late 1800s reenacting those, and it's so sad.
And as a society, we shouldn't be a bunch of ghost dancers, though we pray to the real one God.
At the same time, God helps those that help themselves.
I mean, there's a saying I saw, I forget who said it, but trust in God but row away from the rocks, or the better one saying.
I think that's kind of a...
Manipulation of, is it trusting God to tie up your camel?
Or God helps those that help themselves?
I mean, I'm not going to... So much of the left-behind group and the people that are, Oh, I don't have to worry, I'm going to be raptured.
I mean, it's like a ghost dance.
Regardless of what the truth is, I mean, there's an argument there, and I've looked at revelations, and it looks like that stuff happens after.
Not daring him before.
It's still a cop-out.
I mean, how can these people cop out and say, Oh, God's going to lift me out of here, I don't have to worry.
You've got to try to warn people.
It's your job.
So I'm not going to do the ghost dance, folks.
I mean, I am just not going to do it.
I am going to stand up against the NWO.
A couple program notes.
I'm getting emails.
I'm getting calls.
I had somebody at the TV station last night say, Hey, I'll see you this Friday at the Alamo Drafthouse downtown for your movie.
I said, no.
No, no, no, no.
June 3rd.
Friday, June 3rd.
Austin, Texas.
Colorado Street.
Alamo Draft House downtown.
About to pay a couple bucks, but there are big high-rise parking garages all around it.
You might be able to find some meters to park at at night.
It's free.
The point is, it's June 3rd.
A double showing.
7 p.m.
and 10 p.m.
I'll give a speech, play the film, have a question and answer, do it all over again.
They've got food, everything there.
It's really nice.
We've had showings before at 1030 in the morning when they don't have food available.
Food isn't there at night.
Pizzas, hamburgers, nachos.
It's a lot of fun.
Great people to meet.
Friday, June 3rd.
Let me say it again.
Friday, June 3rd.
Friday, June 3rd.
I really want to see you out there.
A lot of folks have already bought tickets online at Alamo Draft House at drafthouse.com by looking through at infowars.com.
And then coming up the next week, Wednesday, June 8th at 8 o'clock, a single showing at the Alamo Draft House on South Lamar.
And that's got its own giant parking lot, so no problem there.
Alamo Draft House, South Lamar, if you don't want to go downtown the next Wednesday.
8 o'clock.
Another thing is I keep getting emails and calls that I'm going on this European tour.
I think I heard Dave Onklaas and a bunch of other people are going, part of that Jimmy Walters thing, to Europe.
And I think that's wonderful.
But I was never approached about going.
I never had plans to go.
I was on the phone with one of their people about getting somebody on to promote it.
We linked over to Dave and Joyce's website that was talking about it and some others.
And I was talking to the guy.
My wife was talking to the guy.
She said, oh, that sounds fun.
The guy's like, well, does Alex want to go?
And we're all asking.
Then I called and said, no, I don't want to go.
There's no way I can leave for two weeks and leave my radio show.
Dave and Joyce have done it really good because there's two of them.
And so one of them can go, one of them can stay.
That would be kind of good about a co-host.
But, no, I never asked to go.
I've never been approached about going other than, you know, just a side little issue of, well, that sounds fun.
Oh, really?
You want to go?
No, I don't want to go.
So people keep emailing me and calling and asking me about it, and I don't understand where this came from.
No, I'm not going to Europe.
I mean, I don't go on vacations other than where I'll take a Friday off.
It wouldn't be a vacation, but you know what I mean.
I just can't take off.
I don't even travel a lot inside the country to go speak to large crowds, even though I get requests every day.
I had like five requests yesterday because I'm just too busy.
And I've looked at it.
By doing this radio show that reaches hundreds of thousands of new people every week, millions of listeners total every week,
By doing interviews every day.
I've done a couple interviews today.
One in Indiana.
Indianapolis for an hour.
I reach tens of thousands each time I do that.
So it's great to go to Europe.
It's great to be on a speaking tour.
People have a lot of fun doing that.
Interfacing with the public.
I rarely do appearances.
So again, it's not this weekend at the Alamo Draft House.
It's June 3rd.
And no, I never wanted to go.
I was never asked to go.
I don't know where that came from.
I'm not going to Europe.
So, please, don't call.
People will still call and ask.
There's nothing I can do.
But those are the two issues.
By the way, if you want the Alamo Draft House information, again, infowars.com or prisonplanet.com.
It says, you know, see Alex live, see martial law, 9-11, rise of the police state.
You link through the page, and then there's links to each of the three showings.
The two showings on Friday, June 3rd, 7 and 10 o'clock, downtown Alamo Draft House, and the other one Wednesday, June 8th, at 8 o'clock, at Alamo Draft House, South Lamar.
And I know folks are coming in.
I've heard from Arkansas, New Mexico, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio.
If you're doing that, be smart, because I've shown films four other times, and three times they sold out.
One time it was 85% full, because I didn't really promote it.
That was a bigger 380-seat theater in San Antonio.
That was 85% full.
So if you're coming in from out of town, be sure to go to InfoWars.com and go ahead and get your tickets.
And I think already for all three showings as of yesterday, about 20% of them have sold.
So just to give you an idea, folks, don't wait.
Early bird gets the worm.
I was about to say early worm gets the bird.
I don't do a lot of appearances, and I like it, but I'm just too busy to do it.
It takes preparation.
I'll have videos and some of the staff there, and I'll be there signing stuff if you want me to at all three of the events.
And which event to go to, they're all going to be great.
They're all going to be a little different.
And so just pick one, one that's good for you, and come to it.
And I wish I could come to your city, your town, and show the films.
I just can't do it.
I'm sorry.
But I know there's groups putting them on at movie theaters themselves or showing them at BFW halls and libraries and city halls.
What was it in Salt Lake about two years ago?
I'm told a couple thousand people showed up to see it at the city council room or amphitheater.
I mean, that's exciting.
And if you want to air the film, you need to get permission, because I can't let you say you can just air it if you want and charge people ten bucks or something.
No, you can't do that.
But if you want to show it at your theater, and you want to do something like that, and you've got to charge people a few bucks or whatever to pay for it, I just need to see what's going on and give you a release.
That's fine.
I just can't totally turn loose of my intellectual properties, though I authorize you for educational nonprofit purposes to make as many copies as you want, and I beg you to.
Let's go ahead and take a couple calls here.
I'm going to go quickly because I do have some news I want to hit, but these are all important calls.
Mad Dog, finish up real fast what you were saying about your website.
It exposes $475 billion in taxpayer fraud.
It has laws in there.
It has some really good letters from our politicians, how they skirt the issue.
My website is maddogmurf.com, M-A-D-G.
D-O-G-M-U-R-P-H dot com.
All right, thanks for the call.
You bet.
And folks, they tell you about Enron, you know, 80 billion or something, stealing your pension funds.
They'd already transferred that money out the two years before.
Enron is the equivalent of a 10-pound bass.
And the myriad other frauds are the size of dolphins and great white sharks, and then you've got the mother of all of them, actually twins.
You have the three plus trillion, now three plus trillion, missing from the Pentagon, and they just say, we won't answer questions.
Just shut up.
We've aired the congressional testimony.
Three trillion plus.
It's more than that, but McKinney says it's more.
The numbers I've got in the Associated Press are now three plus trillion.
CBS News says four trillion.
It's trillions.
You're dealing with trillions, you know.
It's hard to deal with.
But that's the big one.
That is a super-sized mammoth blue whale.
Prehistoric whale.
I mean, it is the meduglodon of great white sharks.
And it is the superbrachiosaurus of life forms.
It is mammoth, to say the least.
But then you've got something, frankly, that is even bigger than that.
And that is the comprehensive annual financial reports in the 35,000 municipalities, water districts, counties, cities.
They have a double set of books.
The budget is what they decide to spend and what they tell you about it.
CAFR report, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
Don't send me an email.
That's not a South African racial slang.
It is there, but it isn't here.
It's the acronym for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
Every time I say it, I get an email.
It's just incredible.
And it's unbelievable.
You have got to investigate this for yourself.
And by the way, that's in my film, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.
I'll give you an example.
In 1998, Texas had a $450-plus billion cream surplus.
That's not pensions.
That's not investments.
That's separate.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Mike in Illinois.
Alex, how are you, brother?
It's been a little while.
About a week ago.
Hey, you know, I noticed something when we were talking to the police chief out in Jersey.
He said he wanted to get the chip because he's not allergic to penicillin.
So then why would you even need to tell them that?
I don't know what difference that would make.
Your cell phone actually can act as a repeater for these things.
Well, it already does that.
That's the company Applied Digital bought last year, but they already off the cell phones.
It doesn't have GPS.
It has a booster chip that triangulates off cell towers down to 15 feet, federal law.
And can take all the chips that are on your clothing and everything else and just send that in?
No, that's, yes, that's, yes.
Two other things real quick.
Actually, three.
By the way, you heard Ron Paul say that last hour.
I don't follow sports.
Politics is my game.
Two, everybody should check out.
Go to Google.
Look up the Media Giants and the Persuaders.
They're PBS specials.
It goes into the background of the marketing teams that are now running our political campaigns.
And how they have you down to subliminal switches to get you to do things.
It goes through it all.
Sir, I took marketing in college, and it was in the textbook subliminal.
But you tell the public, hey, they're subliminals manipulating.
Oh, yeah.
No, there's not conspiracy theorists.
Shut up!
Which brings me to my last one, and it's perfect that you said that.
On that CNN thing that you got on your Infowars.com website?
If you listen to them, it's interesting how they do it.
It's a conspiracy theory if you're outside.
If you're part of it and agree that you're part of that conspiracy quote-unquote theory...
It's not, but what they do is they say conspiracy theory, they give you the background information.
It's a conspiracy theory, but it is for world government.
The Bilderberg Group is real and wants to control the world, but it's good, and don't be a conspiracy theorist.
Totally understand that, but the way that they throw the information out there, so when you later on hear it, they open it with conspiracy theory, they give you the actual background information on what they're talking about.
But it still has little keyword labels.
And then they close it with conspiracy theories.
So anytime somebody says to you, build a bird group, you automatically recall the information that you gathered, but it was opened and closed with conspiracy theory on the other end.
Listen, listen.
It's all psychology.
No, you're right.
Months after they introduced Patriot Act II, Ashcroft had done it.
It was a major scandal.
He said it does not exist.
It's a conspiracy theory.
Phantoms have lost liberty.
If you say we've done this, you're aiding Al-Qaeda.
You will lose your liberty.
Now, that's in Police State 3 Total Enslavement, and that's the quote.
We play a clip of it in one of my ads.
Now, that's what they're doing there.
It's just like when Defense Secretary Rumsfeld was on Face the Nation, and they said, well, you said there were weapons of mass destruction.
He goes, I never said that.
It's an urban legend.
And that Urban Legend website has stuff that's public and admitted and says it's an urban legend.
You know, I said something.
I'm just going to say this.
I mean, just because they say they didn't say it and it's a conspiracy and you say it, doesn't mean you didn't say it 118 times.
We know where they are.
They're in Decree.
We know he has the weapons of mass destruction.
Oh, I never said that.
This will be my last thing, and then I'm going to get off here and let you get back to doing what you do.
And I said this in the email that I sent to you.
I don't know if you read it or not, but it was something that Ronald Reagan said, and I'll just flatly paraphrase him.
As an American, I understand that as a nation, we've made a promise to our children, to future generations in the entire world, that this is freedom's last stand.
If we allow freedom to fall here, there is nowhere else to go.
You have what you have here because everybody before us has fought for it.
We make a promise
When we say that we're Americans, that we'll stand behind liberty and protect everything.
So when you live in an oppressed country, you can come here and live free.
And now we're letting everything go back to what we were ready to nuke each other off the map for.
These are the types of things the Russians did.
These are the types of things the Communists do.
These are the types of things the Socialists do.
We're ready to kill everybody.
To protect this, to prevent these things from happening.
And that was the devil's trick.
Thanks for the call.
That was the devil's trick.
That's always their trick.
Problem, reaction, solution.
Want to stop the illegals?
We won't use it on them, but we'll tell you we are.
National ID card.
And I hate to use the analogy of a children's movie, but Star Wars Revenge of the Sith is coming out Wednesday.
And I read the book.
I like science fiction.
I rarely get to take off, but I did read it a couple nights ago.
And it's the same thing.
The emperor is the evil lord of the Sith, the devil, basically.
And, you know, it basically says that in the book.
He's the devil, incarnate.
And he goes out and starts a rebel war that he controls.
In the name of defeating the evil rebels, he turns the republic into a police state.
And it was always a war against the republic.
That's what the Soviet Union was.
You know, children's plots, children understand.
As adults see these movies, you don't understand it.
I mean, that shows the blind spot that's there.
You understand how this works, folks.
And what the caller says is right on target.
Let's talk to Charles in Texas.
Charles, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, you mentioned Gloria Steinem earlier.
I was reading a book by Gloria Steinem called Moving Beyond Words, I think was the name of it.
And she was mentioning that Sigmund Freud had documented satanic ritual abuse cases
Most notably, a guy by the name of Emmett Eckstein.
Have you ever heard about that?
I read one of her books.
It was something Horizons or something Sunsets.
This was like 15 years ago.
One of the few things Rush Limbaugh said that was true.
This was back when he was a lot better.
Rush Limbaugh is going, I'm in high school.
Rush Limbaugh is going, in Gloria Steinem's new book, she admits she was CIA and started Miss Magazine.
She even destroyed the family.
That's why Limbaugh used to be good.
And that's back when they used to attack him.
And my mother had it on the bookshelf.
And I pulled it out, and he'd set the page that day, and there it was.
I've got to find out which book that was.
But now, Henry Macau, the Ph.D.
professor up in Canada, he wrote an article about it, and that's all in there.
Did you see the guy at conspiracyarchive.com?
He's mentioned on that, by the way.
It's like Save the Males or something.
Also, I used to be on that Zoloft when I was a kid.
Oh, yeah.
My brother had me put on it.
I mean, I used to go to sleep at like 6.
Every night I'd go to sleep at 6 and wake up at 10.
It was programmed to get 16 hours of sleep every day.
It's unbelievably toxic, and I'd just be glad you're off of it.
Yeah, thank you.
Thank you, sir.
We'll talk to Jason and a few other callers on the other side.
I will quickly...
Plug my new video, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
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It was unbelievable.
And then Ron Paul, of course.
I'm going to talk to Jason and who's the lady from Florida?
Betsy, and I don't know if I'll have time to go to some of the other people that are holding, but we'll try to go to you.
Just real fast, my new film, 9-11, Rise of the Police State, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State, is a miniseries.
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You can watch clips of the films, see all the specials there as well.
Let's go ahead and go to Jason in Iowa.
Jason, thanks for holding.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, sir.
Hey, what do you know about the Noahide Law?
Have you heard of that?
Yeah, I think people get real mad that I won't talk about how they have laws to cut our heads off and how it means the Antichrist.
Really, it's kind of a...
Crazy thing people are obsessed with, and it's really a weird conspiracy theory, and it makes no sense, and that's my opinion on it, and people want me to talk about it, and I have talked about it before, and it's kind of like Nasera, you know, magically the government's really good, and everything's okay, and they're going to fix everything, and I just don't understand why people talk about it so much.
And I won't talk about it, and that's why I'm bad.
I mean, I've just heard about it today.
I mean, do you know anything else about it?
I mean, is it just silly?
Well, you know, the Bible says they'll be cutting Christians' heads off, and there are some federal laws where they could kill you by cutting your head off.
And so people go and look at those, and that is bad.
I mean, I guess if you think that's a bad form of way to execute somebody.
I'm for the death penalty, but I'm against us having one because the government's so criminal they can't be trusted to administer it.
Thanks for the call.
Betty in Florida.
Go ahead.
Last caller.
Yeah, hello.
Alex, I just want to commend you on your latest film.
It is excellent.
I've seen most of your films.
But that one, I thought the best part of it was where you got that guy.
Was his name Gergen?
Yes, David Gergen.
Yeah, and you asked him the question about whether he participated in the ceremony.
And he said, I've been there, and I'm a member, and it's none of your bleepin' business.
Yeah, and the fact that he wouldn't answer the question made it so much more suspicious.
It was excellent.
That's just ten minutes of the three-hour film.
Well, thank you.
I know.
I mean, this is my best work.
I just want people to see it.
And thank you for the plug.
Anything else?
Yeah, on the national ID card, what do you think is going to happen to people that refuse them?
Well, you just won't be able to get a job or live your life or get on planes, and then later it'll be there's a group who's against it.
It's a sign of being a terrorist.
We've got to put them in work camps, which is what Michael Savage is called for.
We've got to fight the New World Order.
Put people in work camps.
You know, the total spin.
Anything else?
No, thank God.
But listen, we're going to band together and fight it and expose it.
They can pass this stuff all day.
We're going to fight it.
The fight's already begun at the state level, as Ron Paul said.
All right.
Man, that was a great broadcast today.
I'll give this one five stars.
I rarely do that.
And it was a good meal for the mind.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight central.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.