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Air Date: May 6, 2005
2670 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Thursday, the 28th day of this month, and I want to thank you for joining us.
We've got Terry Anderson, one of the most articulate and outspoken advocates for controlling our borders and ensuring national sovereignty and fighting the La Reconquista, joining us in the next hour and how it ties in with
Claire Channel and others putting up billboards that say L.A.
is Mexico.
I want to talk about the corporate structures that are in place that are trying to ensure the destruction of this nation's sovereignty and our freedoms and our wages, regardless of what color we are.
Also, there is a major scientific report out.
The cancer rate...
Globally, worldwide has doubled just in the last few years.
Obviously some of that may be because of more reporting, but clearly in the industrialized world where they track cancer, it's on the upswing massively as well.
Despite the fact that smoking and things of that nature are actually down.
It's been caused because predominantly for a lot of the toxins in the environment and some of the
Viruses that are in the vaccines, that are still in the vaccines.
This has been conclusively proven all over the world, but still they continue pushing the vaccines on you, and the people pushing the vaccines on you, telling you how much they love you and care about you, also put out policy reports saying that they want to reduce the world population by 85%.
Beggars in Minneapolis may be forced to wear ID cards around their necks.
Some people will say, ooh, that sounds good, but no, it's absolutely horrible because it's only a hop, skip, and a jump.
We're making everybody do it, just like the school children are already being forced to do it, and government workers and most corporate workers today.
We're all being trained to do things
That our forefathers and mothers would have never put up with.
Attorney General and the FBI and CIA directors asking for renewal of parts of Patriot Act.
And they're there in Congress testifying and pushing all of it.
But the Associated Press is reporting that its chances of renewal are getting hurt because of all the secrecy.
They won't even answer the questions that the Congress has for them.
Meanwhile, the 9-11 Whitewash Commission, appointed by Bush and dubbed independent by Bush and the media, is saying we don't have a big enough police state, their recommendations aren't being passed fast enough, and it's going to be all our fault if terrorists attack us that we didn't give all our freedoms up.
And watch if terrorists do attack.
If the globalists do attack again in the near future, there'll be no discussion of the borders being left wide open.
It'll just be that you didn't give all your freedoms up and it's your fault.
A lot of Americans are finally getting outraged by what's been really making my mercury rise for years.
And that's how every time Bush has got the Saudis at the White House or out there at his Hollywood cowboy set,
Now, he holds hands with the Crown Prince and others, and now he grovels to them.
Well, I mean, these guys are his bosses in many respects, and they did a fabulous job on 9-11, and they're doing a great job raping us financially with the oil prices, so, I mean, he does need to be submissive.
I mean, that's what our president's all about.
Licking the boots of Israel.
Licking the boots of Saudi Arabia.
Licking the boots of Russia and China.
It's all part of the new freedom.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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800-509-3201 800-509-3201 Big Brother.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, it is April 28, 2005, second segment in this worldwide transmission against tyranny.
The amazing activist and radio talk show host, Terry Anderson, will be joining us coming up for the full next hour to talk about, well, the American people's fight against the corporations in Mexico and Canada and others
That want to fully dissolve our borders and form the Pan-American Union.
And this is all coming down this year, but the people are starting to wake up to what's happening.
Normally I don't talk about little petty issues like this, but I'm going to discuss it some.
Wendy's profit dips after finger case hurts sales.
I'm going to talk about that a little bit later.
I've got my views on it.
Also, Florida court refuses to hear Limbaugh appeal.
Limbaugh says he has privacy issues.
Limbaugh says they shouldn't be able to have his medical records.
Limbaugh says they shouldn't be able to have his prescription records.
Well, I've got some ideas and a point of view and opinion on that as well.
Also, I went ahead and dug out some of the articles that we've seen in the last year about the government and private corporations testing pesticides, chemicals, toxic experimental drugs on children that aren't even sick.
They try to make excuses for babies that have HIV and go, well, we're just treating them with experimental systems without their consent.
But then there's other cases where it's even children that don't have HIV.
They still test things like pesticides on them.
I talked a few minutes about this yesterday, but it's so important I want to go a little bit deeper into it because it's a big deal.
It shows the mindset of these social architects of what they think of us.
The government is in full court press right now to try to re-up the Patriot Act, i.e.
expand it,
There are no sunset provisions on the key sections like 213, 215, 802, and others.
So it's more smoke and mirrors.
And then, of course, I want to get into this BBC report.
Worldwide cancer rates doubled.
Cancer Research UK said much of the growth was due to more people living longer as cancer is a disease which usually affects older people.
And that is true in the statistics.
I'm here looking at them.
But a large part of the increase is due to new cancers appearing, cancers directly linked to SV40 and many other cancer viruses that have ended up
In the vaccines.
Also, sexual promiscuity.
These also help vector these cancers.
In fact, people who've never even had the polio shots of the 50s and 60s that had one particular deadly virus, SV40, it's been directly proven to cause a score of different extremely rare cancers, or cancers in some cases that didn't even exist in humans,
It is now showing up in the sewer systems of almost every country in the world.
It's showing up on countertops.
It's showing up on surfaces.
And it's being sexually transmitted.
And people have it who've never been in contact with the vaccine because it is spread.
So very, very, very serious.
So that's coming up as well.
I've got an article here out of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and it's reporting on how there is a proposal by the city council to force every homeless person in the city to not just have an ID card, but to wear it around their necks.
And I'm down in Austin, Texas, deep in the heart of Texas, but the great folks that run the broadcast with the satellite uplinks and the computers and the music and the answer to the phones are up in Minneapolis, St.
We're actually in a suburb of Burnsville, there to the southeast side of St.
And I was talking to Scott, who runs the broadcast a few days a week.
He said he was driving into work with his girlfriend this morning
Can you hear me Alex?
Yes sir.
She told me the whole story in about 45 seconds, so sorry I got it wrong.
Yeah, we were driving in this morning, and we were listening to the news, and we heard that they were proposing to ID all the homeless people.
And I was just completely taken aback.
I couldn't believe that we would actually consider anything like that, because like you said, from there it's just a hop, skip, and a jump away from doing it to everybody.
Well, they had other designations, too.
Homosexuals had to wear pink triangles.
That's where the pink triangle comes from.
It really started with what they called miscreants, or beggars was their term, which is what the AP used, strangely enough, trying to demonize them, calling them beggars.
And look, I don't like panhandlers.
A lot of them are drug addicts.
They're very annoying.
A lot of them are criminal.
But a lot of them aren't.
A lot of them are veterans.
They're down and out.
They've got one leg.
They've got one arm.
I mean, I've seen a lot of troops...
I agree.
I don't think it is as much of an issue here in the cities.
That would require something like this.
Boy, it's bad here in Austin.
I mean, you pull up to the street light, and yeah, there are a couple, every once in a while, there's somebody out there, like you said, a veteran and whatnot, that probably fell on hard times.
And, you know, it's up to the people in their cars to choose whether they want to give or not.
I've never seen anybody harassed by these people to the point where this would... I've been harassed by them.
Have you?
Well, I mean... But that's just life!
If they go and take their rights, I'm going to lose my rights.
That's how it works.
I mean, every bit of liberty we give up always gives us tyranny.
I agree completely.
It never gives us security.
And a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it away, and it almost always does.
So you're having this discussion as your girlfriend takes you to work and you're driving along and you described it as, what does that remind me of?
I agree.
Was it you or her that said Nazi Germany?
I said Nazi Germany and she said, you know, you're right.
You're completely right.
That's exactly what it was.
It's just the IDing of the people that we deem less than us.
We have to see this in its context.
That's how it always begins with some group that is not in favor with the general population.
That's how it starts.
That's how it all starts.
Well, I mean, how are people responding in Minnesota to this proposal?
I'm sorry, go ahead.
I mean, they're in the Twin Cities.
I mean, I'm sure you're listening to talk radio and stuff and watching the news.
What's the response to this?
I'm actually yet to hear anything about it.
This morning, driving to work was the first I'd ever heard of it, and I've been here at work all day, so I haven't had a chance to catch anything.
All right, so it must have just been announced last night by the city council.
Yeah, it's definitely a brand new thing.
This morning was the first I'd heard of it.
This is in Minneapolis.
But this is happening on the St.
Well, guaranteed if they do this, it's going to be other groups next.
Oh, it'll be a group that none of us like.
It'll be the child molesters.
Then we'll go, okay, yeah, make them wear an ID around their neck.
Then it'll be, oh, drunk drivers.
Oh, yeah, I don't like them.
Then it'll be, oh, family violence.
Oh, I'm against them.
I'm not a wife beater.
Well, then it'll be, you know, the ID's not good enough.
Let's round them all up and put them in the ghetto.
Oh, there's even been discussions of that, putting them in these little government housing facilities by force and locking them in.
That's actually how the British did it until about 40 years ago.
In fact, about 30 years ago, George Arwell, who was really Eric Blair...
For a year, just to test it out, went and lived as a homeless person.
And they lock you up.
They call them the sponge shops.
It's an old name.
I don't know why they call it sponge shops, but that's what they do.
Well, I appreciate you coming on with us, Scott.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
And folks, again, there is this natural sport of demonizing homeless people.
And the vast majority are alcoholics or are drug addicts.
And one of my friends even made a documentary about it here locally where a lot of these panhandlers are living in two-bedroom apartments and driving a nice car.
You can tell the con artist because there's so many bleeding hearts here in Austin that
I'll sit there in a big traffic line for a minute or two, and when I watch somebody get two or three donations, and I can look at the bills that are being given, we're talking $5, $10 bills, $3, whatever, and they're making a lot of money.
But some of them are just, you can tell, are totally drugged out of their gourds.
And the sad part is when one of them is really trying to make a living out there selling art or selling roses, people don't buy from them.
I will occasionally buy from those panhandlers.
I will not give to beggars.
Except in a few cases.
I mean, I've seen vets out there with a leg blown off.
I've even seen one with two legs blown off.
But normally you see the vets in the stores.
A few weekends ago, a few months ago actually, I went to two different stores, CompUSA, and I think it was the best buy.
I was shopping for some computer equipment, and I actually, in two different stores, saw amputees.
And one of them was a double amputee.
He had a leg and an arm missing.
I just walked over and I said, did you just get back from Iraq?
And he said, yeah.
These guys are going around in their wheelchairs, you know, helping people and working hard.
It's just unbelievable what this war has done, though.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
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Your phone calls are coming up in the next segment.
I'd love to hear from you.
Any news item, any news story you want to discuss or analyze.
You've got a question for me, comments, you disagree with me, you agree with something.
I love that the different directions our callers, our listeners take us in.
1-800-259-9231 You know, somebody who loves to demonize homeless people
Who loves to talk about how bad they are.
Who loves to talk about how weak they are.
Who loves to talk about basically rounding them up.
Well, I've heard Wiener actually say that before.
Come right out and say it.
It's Rush Limbaugh.
And this is somebody who's worth a couple hundred million bucks.
And so when he gets a serious drug problem, he doesn't end up on the street or in jail.
Totally addicted.
No, he just keeps going and going and going.
He's the same guy who I've heard many times say put anybody in jail who's using drugs.
Marijuana, you name it.
I've heard him, you know, for this mandatory sentencing, why if some youth has some cocaine, put him in jail for five years.
But of course, when they get out of prison, they will be full-blown, hardcore, violent criminals if they weren't.
But then when he gets caught taking hillbilly heroin, over a hundred a day in some cases, and they reported that that would probably kill four or five horses.
He was such a long-term addict that he was able to do this.
And I don't think Rush Limbaugh should go to jail.
I mean, I drink coffee and smoke cigars and stuff like that, and those drugs are bad.
But, you know, that's really the extent of it.
But the so-called illegal drugs in this country aren't even as strong as things like Oxycontin.
But Rush Limbaugh gets caught using them, admits he's an addict,
And it comes out that he had corrupt doctors prescribing to him and had other people getting corrupt doctors to prescribe to them.
And anybody else would go to jail or would at least be indicted and then have to plea bargain and go on probation.
But it's been a couple of years now since this first broke and nothing's ever happened to Rush Limbaugh who said that everybody else should go to jail.
And who likes to make fun of homeless people and call them drug addicts.
Weak people.
I mean, he's such a hypocrite.
Such a huge hypocrite.
But the Florida court refuses to hear Limbaugh appealed.
The Florida Supreme Court said Thursday it would not consider an appeal from conservative...
I would call him ultra-left-wing.
If you want to use the left-right paradigm, he's ultra-left-wing.
Very deceptive.
Commentator Rush Limbaugh over prosecutor's seizure of his medical records during an investigation into whether he illegally purchased painkillers.
The 4-3 order did not explain the court's reasoning.
Limbaugh's attorney had argued that an appeals court misconstrued Florida law when it refused prosecutors when it ruled prosecutors should review the records.
And they seized his medical records in 2003 for investigation into whether he legally purchased prescription painkillers, but they have remained sealed pending the outcome of Limbaugh's appeals.
But we've gotten most of the tales of it already, and he's admitted a lot of it.
And he argued that it was his privacy, that it was his privacy what his medical records showed
What his prescription records show.
And this is the same guy who is out saying the Patriot Act is good, Homeland Security is good, Bush is good, the whole New World Order is a wonderful thing, we need to give up our liberties.
This is the same guy.
Folks, did you know that under federal regulations that have been in place for four years, every prescription you get
Even if it's for prescription-strength ibuprofen, or even if it's for a diaphragm, it doesn't matter.
Every prescription you get goes into a federal database instantly.
No Fourth Amendment, no nothing.
And then Limbaugh, this is something Bush did, by the way, and then Limbaugh has the nerve to sit here and say that his rights are being violated.
In a criminal investigation, it is absolutely authorized for the police to get the medical records.
Now, I don't think there should be a drug war.
But under the current drug war, they can do it.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, my friends, your calls are coming up right now.
And then I'm going to get into the latest Patriot Act developments, worldwide cancer rates.
The Minutemen are in Congress today to push for controlling our borders and have issued a challenge to the Congress, really an ultimatum.
Also, I have reports here out of England, nurses warn over teen group sex explosion.
Teenagers are taking part in a group sex activity known as daisy-chaining.
Nurses have claimed that it's spreading disease.
That's been going on here in the U.S.
for a long time.
You can thank MTV and Hollywood for that.
Very destructive.
We'll be going over that.
Plus, they're really heating up for war with Iran.
We're good to go.
Never have I gotten a call from Geneva or Switzerland for that matter.
So Mike calling from Geneva, Switzerland.
Thank you for calling.
What are you calling about?
Thank you, Alex.
You know, I'm just... You were talking about the diseases and I just want to spread out the word.
There is no... You don't have to be scared of diseases.
Just lay... You're based on the theories of B├ęchamp
Royal Rife and right up to Tesla and you will hear the very, very interesting theory about electrolyzing parasites, bacteria, viruses and by cleaning your blood you get rid of it.
That's all.
And colloidal silver is a help
I would say a magnetic pulsar and at the end and get some get the tons of silver if you can and I have to say our government just sold us just IMF we made the contract with my IMF so they took our gold away so if you don't have any more if you go into the cashless society go
Well, the Cashless Society, I mean, look at what Switzerland, what, two, three years ago, went ahead and joined the UN, and now I had read it signed on with the IMF, and now they're taking your gold reserves.
I saw in reports that the Swiss were against all this.
Why was your government still able to do it?
You know, they have techniques.
We are actually called a democracy, you know.
But they have techniques.
They put just 5,000 decisions together in one package, show out one kind of section of it, and at the end, you have a big kind of propaganda going on.
Yeah, that's the same thing we have.
It's called Pork Barrel.
Like, there's some popular initiative, and they add hundreds of things, or sometimes, as you said, thousands into that, and then don't report on what it is, and then the media just doesn't tell the people, and then they find out later.
But we are not yet in the state of concentration camps and all this shit you're looking to.
But I'm definitely going, thinking on to move southwards to Africa.
And what I wanted to tell about, I mean, I'm looking myself as a Christian.
I'm on the paper Catholic, but I'm not... Anyway, I just... I found out the Koran is kind of an interesting book to look into, too.
Just everyone, keep on, keep your eyes open, and God is with you.
Alright, well thank you for calling in.
How long have you been listening to the broadcast over in Switzerland?
Actually, I started October last year, and yeah, we're signing up with
Oh, you got a membership at PrisonPlanet.tv?
Exactly, exactly, yeah.
Do you like it?
Yeah, for sure I like it.
It's the most uncensored source of information you can imagine, yeah.
Well, that's exciting.
Thank you for calling, Mike.
Good to hear from you.
Well, got a call from Geneva, Switzerland.
Very interesting.
How interesting.
Let's go ahead and talk to Roger in Pennsylvania.
How you doing?
Yeah, thanks, Alex.
And I'd like to pound out the new freaks for Dr. Stan for the listeners to scratch down.
He's finally getting better than that worthless frequency he had for the first two hours of his show starting 6 p.m.
I'm having trouble following what you're saying.
I'm sorry, for Dr. Stan Monteith on Radio Liberty.
He's got two new frequencies starting today.
And I'm just thinking on this Limbaugh thing.
Now, isn't this great?
What I'm getting at is... Now, I'm thinking, even without all this Patriot Act, you go back 20, 30 years ago in the law, I'm thinking these investigators or...
They were smart enough to get warrants of probable cause, which his housekeeper's testimony would be enough to justify that.
That's what they... They did get warrants.
Yeah, so there you go.
Yeah, they had a witness who said the particular things and said that's what he did, and then that's what the Fourth Amendment says they've got to do.
And then Limbaugh's got the nerve to go say this is improper when he's out promoting the Patriot Act that is totally unconstitutional.
He says the Constitution's bad, but the Patriot Act's good.
Now, what's really great, too, is that, of course, we have to fight and scrape for privacy, us little folks.
I mean, I guess we ought to have a two-tiered system for our national treasures like Rust, Limpjaw.
Well, they already do in Congress.
They have their own pension plans, their own laws.
They exempt themselves from hundreds of laws.
Now, I thought that while we've got to scrape and get protections in the law for privacy, that privacy wasn't invented until Roe v. Wade, this so-called right to privacy.
So this is a rather curious claim from Limpjaw.
Well, they're masters of changing things.
They take a right and turn it into a privilege, and then they called it not freedom of the press and assembly, but now it's freedom of expression.
And so you can express yourself in the free speech zone two miles away from Bush or Clinton when they're in town, but you don't have any free speech.
Or you've got a right to privacy, not a right for the Fourth Amendment to not be invaded.
And so you're right.
They semantically change these terms.
Yeah, okay.
Just quickly, those frequencies for Dr. Stan starting 6 p.m.
today is 9.495.
And then starting Monday, he has a second one coming on at 9.985.
And God bless you all.
All right.
Take care.
Yeah, Dr. Stan Monteith, great guy.
He's got to be on like 70 AM and FM affiliates around the country.
He's been broadcasting for decades.
He also simulcast on Shortwave.
And he's on this network, by the way, at what, 6 o'clock Central.
And I'm a big fan of Dr. Stan Monteith, an incredible researcher, MD.
And he'll tell you about the cancer viruses and the vaccines.
He'll tell you what sodium fluoride does to you.
He's had all the Nobel Prize winners and the rest of them on exposing all this.
But they just count on you not researching it and not checking it out.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in New York.
John, go ahead.
Yeah, you were talking about the Patriot, the Minutemen are getting into Congress as a challenge.
Isn't that kind of an odd form of law system to have to go to Congress through a challenge system instead of going through our original orchestrated way of court system?
Well, no, they can sue, and they can get involved locally and show the government's not doing their job.
But, I mean, by challenge, they're going to testify...
In session, and they're going to tell them... Let me just read the article instead of putting words in their mouth.
This is from the Washington Times.
Minutemen to push Congress.
Minutemen project organizers will tell members of Congress today that ordinary citizens sitting in lawn chairs... This is from their press release.
...stopped a flood of illegal aliens crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.
And that if the country's elected leaders will not defend our nation's borders, American citizens will.
Organizers James T. Gilchrist and Chris Simcox will tell the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus during a closed meeting that the Minutemen volunteers shut down alien traffic along a 23-mile sector of the border while bringing nationwide attention to a national security crisis of which porous borders and illegal aliens are key components.
Go ahead.
Just the information to where they've actually built a fence halfway around Afghanistan now and it's like they can't protect ourselves.
I'll be honest with you.
They had a bill on May 6th this year where they passed the Medicaid and it was a false
I don't know.
You step back and go, wow, that isn't kind of the way it's supposed to be, but it is what it is.
I guess it's better than picking up a rifle and shooting the guys and starting over, I guess.
But anyhow, I appreciate it.
Thank you very much.
I appreciate the call, John, in New York.
Look, he makes a good point, one of the many he made.
It's not just when Bush or Cheney comes to town now that they have fake town hall meetings.
Congressmen will come to town.
And we've seen a lot of reports of this.
Where they take your driver's license number, your info, they check your car's bumper stickers, they will come and throw you out if you're a Democrat who's going to try to protest Republicans, or if you're a Republican trying to protest a Democrat.
Both sides are doing it, which makes it even worse.
I mean, it's across the board.
Clinton did this to some extent.
And when he would do it, you know, have free republic people arrested, back when they were a good organization,
You know, there'd be a hundred free republic people protesting Clinton on a sidewalk when he was driving by, and Secret Service would come and threaten to arrest him or would arrest him, and there was screams and yells, and this is horrible, and then George Bush does it on a mammoth scale, and it's, oh, it's good!
Oh, yes, let's not let people protest!
And when you... They advertise these as town hall public meetings, the people's chance to speak, dun-dun-dun!
You know, in Arizona, in Texas, in California, in New York, and the vice president comes in, and they sit there, and they take your driver's license, and they take a Xerox copy of it, a mimeograph copy of it, and they put it in a file.
In some cases, they even had them sign pledges.
Do you pledge that you agree with the president?
He will not disrupt.
I pledge, and then it would be on the news.
Everyone loved the president.
They were clapping.
And it gets worse and worse.
Now it's congressmen come to town, and it's staged events.
But then the news puts it on like, a town hall meeting opened to the public, and everyone loved him.
Oh, look, they clapped.
And then Bush is going to be driving through town in Nashville, Tennessee, and they haul up the people on Main Street and say, he's going to be driving down to your town.
No anti-Bush signs up in the windows.
And the business owner's like, well, I'm...
Wasn't against Bush, but now I am going to put a sign up.
You don't tell me what to do.
You know, I'm a veteran.
That's what the guy said.
I fought so this country would be free.
That's like the Soviet Union, folks.
How do they call that freedom?
And that's just one more indicator.
This is everywhere.
And look, Governor Bush, when he was governor, this was in the Dallas Morning News, the Austin American-Statesman, a
Victim's Right group was out there protesting.
Had them arrested.
A handicapped disabled group was out there protesting a law he was going to pass to take people off of even food and water if they run out of money in the hospital.
Oh yeah, it makes the Terry Schiavo case look pale in significance.
But again, the neocons don't want to talk about that.
Killing babies and things.
Killing old people in this state begging for food and water.
I'm not belittling the Terri Schiavo case.
It was a horrible tragedy.
But, I mean, I'm saying people that are even in better shape than she was.
And they're out there protesting just on the sidewalk.
And they'd come in and arrest them in mass.
And they started suing them.
And the tipping point that was even used as evidence in court was a local radio station I was on, KJFK.
And I didn't do it.
Another talk show host did.
A liberal talk show host, predominantly liberal.
He was pro-Second Amendment, but kind of a mix between a liberal and a libertarian.
Shannon Burke was reading the Dallas Morning News about it and said, that's it, let's send our interns down with signs that say, I like Bush, during another protest.
And they did that.
And he announced it on air.
And still, they arrested the people that were out there protesting Bush
And one of the interns had a minidisc recorder, and the police walk over and say, Oh, that's all right.
You can stay.
Well, that was it.
They lost three lawsuits.
Three lawsuits over that.
And in one lawsuit, they handed out a bunch of $100,000 settlements per person.
It was arrested.
I mean, in the past, I'd go down there with a bullhorn, and they'd say, get across the street, no, turn that off or I'll arrest you.
And I'd just keep bullhorning and go, I'm going to sue you, I'm going to sue you, and they wouldn't arrest me.
But after that, they totally leave me alone.
Now, I can go right up to the... I had the British media with me, and they were shocked by it.
I'm a British TV crew.
I go right up to the great... This is when the current...
Limp-wristed governor is there.
And I'll go right up to the fence.
I mean, I've got to put that video on the website.
I've been trying to dig that up.
I put it on the TV show.
And this was a year and a half ago.
And there's Vicente Fox.
And he's just about to start his press conference with his twitly friend, Governor, I'm going to tax the daylights out of you, Perry.
I just turned that bullhorn on and I shut them down.
It went out all over national TV and Spanish TV, Espanol TV.
It just shut them down.
That was a real pleasure.
Man, the state police just stood there and the Austin police just stood there just like they were pit bulls and I was a gigantic 60-ounce T-bone steak.
Slavered and in butter.
I mean, they wanted to arrest me so bad, and it was governor's staff telling them to arrest me, and they wouldn't do it.
Oh, but anyways, this is all, and that's what America's supposed to be about.
Because, see, with the King of England, you did that, they'd come arrest you.
Our founding fathers said, no, you come right up to the government's gates, and you can say whatever you want to us.
Because this is about liberty and freedom.
All right, there is so much news.
I'll take a few more calls when we get back.
We've got Terry Anderson, who is a firebrand.
This guy is Mach 5 with his hair on fire.
You do not want to miss this gentleman.
Stay with us.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
All right, accelerating towards hour number two with Terry Anderson, expert on illegal immigration.
On the biggest issues we face today, the current...
Hot button issues, and normally hot button issues are distractions or diversions.
This is one of the paramount things that we face as a society.
I've got a lot more serious things to talk about, but people really should use more discernment.
As soon as I heard about this woman who supposedly found a finger in her Wendy's chili, alarms went off.
Because if there is an accident at one of these meat processing plants, believe me, they shut the whole line down.
I mean, maybe in 1905, when they wrote The Jungle, maybe if somebody's arm got caught in the sausage maker, they let it go on through.
They don't do that today in this country.
That just doesn't happen.
I mean, they shut it down.
I mean, they're not going to let a finger go off into all the food.
I mean, certainly, do dead rats get found sometimes in a can of tomatoes?
Yeah, because the rat's not missed.
They don't know where a rat falls in.
Can you find a cockroach part in your food?
I have before.
But a large part of a finger, that's ridiculous.
And so many people believe this.
And I'm not defending Wendy's.
But it turns out this woman's got this con artist past, of course, and it's just ridiculous.
I can't believe people didn't think this through.
See, I'm not even that smart.
I always try to think things through.
I mean, if somebody gets their finger cut off at a meat processing plant, they're going to tell people about it.
You're going to know.
The whole line is going to get shut down.
It's just ridiculous.
It's totally ridiculous.
And then I heard some people say, Oh, well, don't be mean to her.
She's been demonized.
She's being attacked for no reason by this evil corporation.
It's amazing.
And now when these profits have dipped substantively, they estimate they've lost $2.5 million just in the last month.
At Wendy's restaurants because their net income fell 51.3 million.
And so their shares dropped as well.
Meanwhile, a company like DynCorp can kidnap hundreds of thousands of women and children and nothing happens to their stock.
That's a real story.
See how we obsess on a finger in the chili or on that ghoul Michael Jackson that the pink neocon brigade has been out defending their comrade?
It's amazing.
As Stalin said, when one person dies, it's a tragedy.
When 10,000 die, it is a statistic.
But just a side issue that I've now...
Waste a few minutes on.
We're going to come back with Terry Anderson.
I know the phones are loaded.
Go to your calls early in this interview.
No matter what issue you raise, it all ties back into the New World Order.
So it'll all be on topic, regardless of what you're calling about.
I hope, just in the last 40 seconds of this hour, that all of you will go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com, peruse the safe, secure shopping cart, and order My New Film Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State,
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Or watch them all online right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Oh, and by the way, we've got some new videos up.
That I'll tell you about a little bit later as well.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, radio talk show host, activist Terry Anderson is scheduled to be joining us coming up later in the hour.
Riveting individual on the front lines.
You don't want to miss it.
Also, wide open phones at 800-259-9231.
I mean, the phones are loaded right now, but we're taking your calls.
Wide open to any issue or any news item you wish to discuss.
Coffee Annan warns against strike on Iran.
Now you're with Coffee Annan if you're against war.
Playing off the phony left-right paradigm.
Some good news, House passes bill tightening parental rule for abortions.
Why don't they just pass a law that until you're 17 or 18, whatever an adult is considered in your state, you've got to get permission?
I mean, you've got to get permission to buy a car.
You've got to get permission when you're 12 to go to the zoo.
You've got to sign the permission slip.
I remember doing that.
But now you don't have to to have an abortion, and Bush's Attorney General agrees with that.
Let 12-year-olds go have an abortion.
But the House Republicans have done a little something.
I mean, it's not enough.
The Republicans have got the House, the Senate, the...
30-plus governors, the executive, the judicial, the courts.
Where's the restriction?
No one in your right mind can say, even if you're for abortion, the murder of these babies, none of you can say that you want a 12-year-old... I mean, that is insane.
I know you'll argue for it.
You're off your rocker.
A 12-year-old isn't competent to make that decision.
The parents are the parents.
The parents should be making the decision.
It's unbelievable!
You tell your 12-year-old that they can go to the movies with their 14-year-old friend.
You tell your 12-year-old that they can go with the neighbors to the mall.
But Alberto Gonzalez, who also wants open borders, says he doesn't want 12-year-olds to have to tell their parents when they go into a dirty facility and have a baby cut out of them.
It's insanity!
And so the Republican Congress has done something good.
This is unbelievable.
You rarely see them do something good.
The last thing they did was challenge Lord Bush and strike down the assault weapons ban.
House passes bill tightening parental rights for abortions.
The House panel, a bill on Wednesday, passed a bill making it a federal crime for any adult to transport an underage girl across state lines to have an abortion without the consent of her parents.
A vote on a similar bill is expected in the Senate later this spring or early this summer and backers say chances are good of passing.
Why isn't it banning
Children having abortions without parental consent, period.
Why is it some adult?
Well, the cases are where the 18-year-old boyfriend takes his 14-year-old girlfriend across state lines for an abortion.
It's out of control.
And it's got to be stopped.
But again, Alberto Gonzalez argued right here in Texas that in a case that a 12-year-old 12 years old
Didn't have to tell her parents that she was having an abortion.
There was a case up in Illinois just a few weeks ago.
I heard where a mother was arrested because she tried to stop her 13-year-old from having an abortion.
Went to the clinic and tried to stop the parents of the boy from paying for it and carrying it out.
They have more authority over that 13-year-old than the mother.
They arrested her!
Alright, Terry Anderson.
Just an amazing intellect and firebrand.
I may just try to shut up and unleash him when we get back.
We'll also take your calls.
I know we have a load of phone lines.
Terry Anderson, talk show host on Frontlines.
Been there a long time.
Laboring in the fields.
He's now seeing fruit come to bear on the immigration issue.
Stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Imagine if the Germans started sending millions of their people across their southern border into France and they started putting billboards up saying that Paris was now Germany.
Well, they've actually done that before and we call that World War II.
And for every person listening out there, the controlled media, the establishment corporate criminal media
has tried to make this a racial issue.
They've tried to imply that if you're against open borders, you don't like Hispanics.
And Hispanics are the majority that are pouring across from Latin America.
And Latin America's population goes up about 20 million every year.
They all want to come here.
They're in total poverty.
They're under total police states.
But we're talking about the Russians, the Chinese, everybody else.
And these people will work for nothing.
They will drive down our wages.
I mean, we've seen the effects of it.
And most Hispanics I've talked to, and the polls show this, aren't dumb.
They're very patriotic.
They know what's happening.
They're against it.
In the polls, 68% in national polls I've seen of Hispanics who are against open borders, 87% of Americans across the board...
But still, the Fortune 500 finances this.
They finance the big statue.
They've got an East Austin of Aztecs taking over Texas.
Big carving.
And, you know, killing the evil white people.
It's on the side of Mexican food restaurants.
We go out to rallies and there's pictures of blonde-haired, blue-eyed people with their heads cut off.
With bullet holes in their heads.
And, you know, I've gone out and bullhorned the Ku Klux Klan.
Got video of it.
Got them threatening to kill me.
Police did nothing.
That was five, six years ago.
And I protested Mecha and had them spit on me.
The police do nothing.
They are a Ku Klux Klan Hispanic organization.
And La Raza isn't much better.
I mean, it means the race.
Joining me is a radio talk show host.
Just a man in his community decades ago that got tired of the gang killings and the murders and the crime and predominantly the riots, were illegal aliens from Mexico back in the early 90s.
He got sick of it.
He got tired of it and he's standing up against it.
And we are going to stand up against it.
And we're starting to win the fight for the hearts and minds of the people.
And more and more people are not afraid now to go public and stand up.
Because we've got the globalists that want to sacrifice America on the altar of globalism, as Glenn Spencer said, as the head of the Border Patrol Union has said, as congressmen have said, Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul.
And then on the lower level, we've got all the leftists and people that hate America that want to break this country down.
Terry Anderson, thank you for joining us, sir.
Just got back from lobbying for days and days in D.C.
I know you're tired.
Alex, what do you hear?
What do you say?
It just gets crazier and crazier, this latest billboard.
Well, you know what?
You mentioned that these new Hispanic activists are just as bad as the Ku Klux Klan.
Can I give you one?
Klan with a tan.
That's what we call them.
They're the clan with the tan.
They are worse than the Ku Klux Klan.
I'm going to tell you why.
Because they want to run around here screaming racism against white people.
But when you talk to these people, they're the most vile, despicable, racist, hatred-filled people I've ever met in my life.
I have never been called nigger so many times as I have by them.
And mayate and a thousand other words.
And it just gets disgusting after a while.
They want to talk about their rights being violated, but you get around them when nobody knows who's listening, you'll hear some hatred against black folks, white folks, and they even hate American Hispanics who ain't like them.
And this new billboard is the perfect demonstration of how they feel.
Me, myself, I love the billboards.
I think they're disgusting.
But I like the way they have awakened people and disturbed people's minds here in Los Angeles and around the country and made people understand what's going on.
We've been taken over here in L.A.
I don't know what it's like in Austin and other places where you're on the air.
But here in L.A., we've been completely taken over.
It is pretty much over.
You can stick a fork in us.
We're done.
Now, in Texas, the relations have always been pretty good.
It's really bad.
There is a lot of hatred, as you said, in L.A., but those groups are trying to infiltrate, trying to promote it, trying to push it, trying to do it, Terry, and look, I'm sick of it.
I am, too.
I am, too, Alex, and let me tell you something.
If Americans don't wake up, all you folks out there, I know you're worried about a lot of things.
I heard you speak about the abortion issue.
Abortion is murder.
I agree with you probably on 99% of things you're for.
I don't really know them all, but I'm a very conservative man, especially a conservative black man.
I think there's five of us in the country.
But I believe that this issue, this one issue, we must put more than the usual focus on this issue.
If we don't fix this, we're going to lose our country, and we're going to lose the country that we fight these other battles from.
Where are we going to fight abortion from if we're sitting here knee-deep in people that hate us?
We're going to be fighting for our lives pretty soon.
I'm telling you.
They're shooting black men here on the freeway.
The suspects are Hispanics.
Shooting them dead on the freeway.
And I recently heard that there is a call from the Mexican Mafia to kill 400 black men before the end of summer by shooting them on the freeway.
And I don't know how true that is.
It might be just a rumor.
But I believe it.
I believe it from what I see and the attitude that they have here against not just black folks, but Americans in particular.
Terry, I think the best place to start is, first, tell the listeners about your radio show and how they can listen to it.
Well, we're on the air here in L.A., but we're on, as you told me, we're on in Austin, we're on in Boston, Massachusetts, Salt Lake, Seattle.
We're on in Phoenix, Arizona.
We're on in Las Vegas, one of our bigger stations, KDON.
But they can listen to us if they can't.
If they're not in one of those cities, they can listen to us on the Internet.
Just go to our website, theterryandersonshow.com.
And they can hear us.
We're on every Sunday night at 9 o'clock Pacific Time.
We're only on for an hour, Alex.
I've got an hour a week.
But we put as much into the hour as we can.
I talk fast.
I'm mad.
I let the whole week's frustration come out on the air in that week.
And it's all real because the people that call in are just as angry as I am.
And I get calls.
We've had calls from all 50 states.
Well, Terry, I'll tell you.
I'll tell you.
You know, I'm the type of person that's pretty easy going.
But when somebody...
When somebody continually threatens me, when somebody continually tells me that they want to kill me, when somebody continually tells me that this isn't my country, when somebody continues to push and push and push and that they want to fight, they're going to get one.
Oh, yeah.
I'm your guy.
You know, you bring it to me, I'm going to give it right back to you.
Right in the face.
And I make a statement on air.
When I give out the caller number, I said, the caller number is 1-866-875-752.
You can call, agree, disagree, curse me out, but you get back all that you give and then some.
And I believe in that.
You come at me with something, I'm going to give it back to you double what you gave me.
And that's what we have to start doing.
And as far as them calling us racist, you mentioned that before I got on the air.
Anybody who disagrees with illegal immigration is racist.
Take that term and throw it at them before they throw it at you.
They are the racists.
These organizations, MALDEF, Mexican American Legal Education Defense, LULAC, the League of United Latin American Citizens, the National Council of the Race, MECHA.
I mean, MECHA's motto is pro la raza todo, fuera de la raza nada, for those in the race, everything, for those outside the race, nothing.
And they call us racists?
Now, I'm not talking.
Give me a break.
This is the only disclaimer you'll get out of me.
I'm not talking about your rank-and-file Hispanic Americans.
Those are good folks.
I'm talking about these racists.
Now, Terry, you've really got a powerful voice.
You're getting right up on that phone.
You might back off a little bit, because I want people to be able to hear everything you're saying.
It's distorting a bit.
Will do.
Please go over Metch's motto.
This is their own website.
Please go over Mecha's motto for people that just joined us one more time.
It is, Por la Raza Todo, Fuera de la Raza Nada.
And that means, for the race, everything.
For those outside the race, nothing.
Now, that used to be on all the Mecha websites, Alex, in the colleges and everywhere.
But when we started publicizing it and they started getting mail and phone calls about it, they took it down.
But that is officially their motto.
And our guy running for mayor here, Antonio Villaraigosa, a.k.a.
Tony Villar, this guy is a member of Mexico.
He's going to be the mayor of Los Angeles, and he's the member of a vile, racist, hate-separated group.
Well, the same thing came out about Alberto Gonzalez.
There you go.
He's a member also.
These people are members of hate-separatist groups.
Now, if the Klan had a guy running for office, how far do you think he'd get?
Not very far.
There you go.
Well, that's the point that I make.
And this is why when we protested Vicente Fox, a large portion of the folks with us were Hispanic.
They understand this.
The media tries to frame the debate of it's us Hispanics against everybody else, but it's this dominant, powerful corporate media that's pushing this and putting up the billboards and promoting this.
Why, Terry, from your years of research, does the establishment want to balkanize this country?
I really can't answer that.
I'm sure many different organizations and factions have different reasons.
I think the main reason is just to let the money flow.
This is all about money.
The whole thing is about money.
And they want these people here for the cheap labor.
They want us split apart because we're fighting each other.
We're fighting over crumbs and that's the best thing they can do.
But you know, you're talking about Hispanic people.
I was at a rally.
There's about 450 people at a rally in Lafayette Park right across the street from the White House Monday morning.
And you couldn't... I mean, there was tons of Hispanic people in that audience.
Some that I knew, some that I had never met, who came all the way to Washington, D.C.
to be part of this thing because they believe as we believe.
They're just basically what we are, and that's Americans.
No hyphen.
Well, it's amazing.
I mean, folks...
Right now, Latin America is basically shutting down because of NAFTA and GATT.
Their jobs are all going to China now.
Everybody's being forced up here.
It's driving down the wages.
This isn't helping anybody.
But the media and the Mexican government and our government tries to put a good face on it like it's a wonderful thing.
And you know, Alex, you're right on the money here, as you usually are about this, because
You know, as I said, usually I qualify that because, you know what I mean.
Anyway, this is a deal that everybody hates.
I can't find anybody except the money launderers who love it.
I have traveled extensively in Mexico.
And I am not talking about Cabo San Lucas and Acapulco.
No, I've been to Mexico City.
And this is within the last two years.
I've been to Veracruz, Merida, Oaxaca, Guadalajara.
And I have gone down there and talked to the people.
The first thing out of their mouth is nap.
Stay right there.
Stay right there.
We'll be right back.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Talking to Terry Anderson.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment at 800-259-9231.
His website is theterryandersonshow.com.
Terry, I want to get into how you woke up many years ago to this.
And it's similar to how I woke up and many others woke up.
But first off, let's get back to this billboard.
You've had the guests on your show.
You've been in debates with others.
I mean, big officials that say, yeah, if you don't like it, get out of here.
This is a Hispanic city.
It's only for us.
You need to leave.
But let's talk about the guy that's putting up these billboards that say that L.A.
is Mexico.
Oh, yeah.
This is a guy.
His name is Leonard Lieberman.
And he's the executive vice president of Noticia 62.
It's a UHF station here.
But this guy owns quite a few Spanish-language radio stations and TV stations.
And he said right out, he says, well, here's the quote right here.
He says, we tell the story behind L.A.
and we tell the story behind Mexico.
If you find that it's offensive, I'm sorry.
But you just have to drive around L.A.
to know that this is a Hispanic city, unquote.
So why then does that make it Mexico?
I mean, why are they leaving Mexico if its system is so great?
And then the argument is, well, this is Mexico.
No, it belonged to the Native Americans.
It does not belong to the Aztecs.
I mean, it's so ridiculous.
We paid for it.
Well, we bought it.
We have a receipt.
And we bought it in 1848.
We have a receipt for it.
But nobody was up here.
There was a couple Spanish missions.
And, I mean, what was it, a few thousand people?
I think they said 10,000.
But, Alex, they had the choice.
When the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, they had the choice to either stay here or go back across the new border and back into Mexico and be Mexicans.
Well, which one would you have done?
I mean, they all stayed here and became Americans.
Good for them.
They made a wise choice.
Why don't they want to be Americans?
Well, now, you know what it is?
There's this nostalgia about the motherland.
And like I told you before the break, I've been down there to Mexico, and I'm telling you, it's a very beautiful place, but I wouldn't want to live there.
28 million people in Mexico City?
And some of the nicest folks you want to meet.
And a lot of them have no desire to come here, but a lot of them do.
And I'm going to tell you something.
They teach them in school that you have a right to go to El Norte up here in the United States.
You have a right to go there because that was once our land.
It was stolen from us, which is a lie.
It's a total lie.
And they hate us because we have what they once had.
You know, that's like selling your car to a guy, and then five years later, you're carless.
You have no car, and you go back and say, hey, man, I want my car back.
Well, they'll find that the treaty was forced, but here's the point.
The Spanish were grabbing it.
The French were grabbing it.
These were empires.
Mexico was run by Spain.
And at the end of the day, we threw the empire out and set up the United States.
And that's why we had some freedom.
We weren't perfect.
Now everybody wants to come here.
It's ridiculous.
Two things, Alex.
If the treaty was forced and they were forced to sell us the land, why did they sell us the gas and purchase freely a few years later and give us more territory?
Clearly because nobody could deal with the natives that can really have a claim to it because of the writing parties and it was nothing to them and they wanted the money.
That's right.
In other words, if you stole our land, we're not going to sell you more in a few years.
We're not going to ever deal with you again.
But they willingly sold us that land.
The other thing is, you know, I always tell people, you know, you want to come up here
And claim this and everything.
Why don't you stay in Mexico and build a country that you don't run away from?
Well, that's the thing.
They've got as many resources or more.
That is some nice land down there.
Why is it all falling apart?
Because it's a police state.
Well, the first thing, I stop Mexicans on the street, the bellboy, the busboy, the cop, and I ask them a lot of questions.
First thing out of each one of them's mouth is, we have the most corrupt country in the world.
That's what they'll tell you.
Mexicans will tell you that.
And that's why it's not getting any better.
That's why they can't fix it.
Because of the corruption.
The Mordida.
They can't get anything done.
Yeah, the beak dipping.
But at the same time, I'm sure you've heard about El Cenizo in Texas where the American flag is not allowed to be flown.
English is not allowed in court proceedings.
Well, you know who's watched that be gone under, don't you?
Yeah, George W.
That was his watch.
He was the governor when that took place.
Well, why don't we all go down to Mexico and start a city and say all Mexicans out?
I mean, it's crazy.
Because we wouldn't last past sundown with that one, buddy.
Can you imagine if a bunch of white people went down to a town, a good-sized town, and now it's five towns, and said all blacks must leave and you've got to speak German in this town?
It'd be top news story forever.
Das ist nicht in Ordnung.
There's your German.
I'm telling you something.
That wouldn't be right.
Absolutely would not be right.
And nobody's going to let us get away with that.
No American can do that anywhere.
But they are allowing it here.
We are catering to these people.
We are espandering to these people and begging them to not leave with their cheap labor because we need them.
We don't need them.
I can still get a cup of coffee served in Fargo.
I can go to Powell, Wyoming and get my bed made and get my yard cut and get my roof fixed.
I can go to Manchester, New Hampshire and a Big Mac costs the same thing there that it does here in L.A.
where we've got illegal labor working behind the counter.
So we don't need these people, and don't ever believe that.
We don't need them.
Well, we'll come back and talk about the economic ramifications and also just how militant this plan with the tan is.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back.
We'll be going back to Terry Anderson here in just a minute or two.
And then, of course, these loaded phone lines.
I'm going to move quickly through them.
I'm going to plug my new film here in a second.
But first, about the illegal immigration, I just want to get it out there.
I've seen the tactics in Africa.
I've seen the tactics in Europe.
I've seen the tactics all over the world where these multinational corporations come in.
They hire these ad agencies or these teams.
They put professors in key positions.
Sometimes 20, 30 years beforehand.
It's part of an investment.
And in Europe, where people from the East, the Middle East, Asia, Turkey, have no right to be there.
But they're there.
The governments, conservative and liberal, create liberation ideology as well.
Tell them how they're downtrodden.
Tell them how they really have a right to take over.
And at the same time propagandize the indigenous population in Europe that they're bad and that laying down is good and we need all these people and they're friendly and nice.
The very same corporations and governments putting out dual propaganda.
Same thing in this country.
They come in and they go in to the third world populations and they tell them how they have a right and how they're oppressed and how...
All of this is bad, and then they teach guilt and self-loathing to Americans, regardless of what color you are.
It's the same garbage.
It's multifaceted propaganda.
While getting us to lay down, they're over here trying to hype these groups up and trying to recruit Hispanics and now other groups to be a bunch of hate mongers.
And I'd love to hear from Hispanics on this issue.
Any time we talk about it, we get calls on the issue.
Don't let them win, whether you're black, white, Hispanic, it doesn't matter.
Don't let them use this to make it a racial issue.
You're being manipulated.
My new film is out, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
It covers the latest police state developments, how our country is a police state, but the borders are wide open.
We'll get into that.
Then we cover 9-11, what really happened there, how it's being used as a pretext for total control, again, of the population, has nothing to do with terrorism.
Then we spend a full hour.
On the Bush-Nazi connection, Schwarzenegger-Nazi connection, we show you the societies, the secret societies, that they're members of.
I confront David Gergen on the street.
The Karl Rove of four administrations, really five.
He blows up at me.
I mean, this is a powerful film.
Very powerful.
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Nice gift.
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Or go to prisonplanet.tv, where you can read my book online, Paul Watson's book online, hundreds of my TV shows, dozens of special reports, my new film, Martial Law, all of my films, dozens of other films, hundreds of audio interviews, like this one you're hearing right now, that'll be there.
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Fifteen cents a day.
Monthly and yearly subscriptions.
An example of one of the free play videos we've got up today on InfoWars.com is my speech introducing Jimmy Vaughn and friends and a lot of other great folks.
James Cotton was there.
All these Grammy Award winners fighting the toll roads.
The transponders in all the cars that tax us by the mile.
By the way, Mexican trucks and cars are going to be exempt.
Same with Canadian.
It never ends, folks.
Upwards of a dollar per mile.
Yes, that's the new numbers coming out.
On existing roads.
That's the kind of stuff that's on the website.
So please get the new film.
Please take action.
Terry, before we continue and then go to some calls, give us your website again.
TerryAndersonShow.com, and your radio program is on what time Sunday night?
9 p.m.
So that's at 11 o'clock Central, midnight Eastern.
And I routinely, when I'm out and about on Sunday nights, tune in, and you are focused like nobody I've heard.
You know, Alex, I really appreciate you saying that, and the reason why is because I pride myself on that.
I have got a million things that I would like to talk about on the radio, but with just a short program once a week.
I decide to focus and really work on this because I think it is the biggest thing to face this country since World War II.
Well, it is.
It's part of the globalist plan.
It definitely is.
I might catch 30 minutes of it while I'm out driving, and I learn things.
I think I know everything because I research all the sites every day, and I learn stuff every week.
I learned from you guys too, buddy.
Believe me, I listen to every conservative I can.
Some of them suck.
But some of them give good stuff.
There's a lot of people out there that I just have decided to stop listening to.
Hannity and O'Reilly.
I don't listen to them anymore.
Oh, they tell us it's conservative.
First, it's let's not have amnesty.
Now, oh, amnesty.
In fact, let's talk about that and then go to calls.
Because this is important.
They spin things, like this new National ID Card bill, actually, according to Ron Paul, and I've read the subsections, actually helps the illegals, but on the surface looks like it'll stop them.
Bush says, help me stop illegal immigration.
Yeah, just legalize all of them.
There won't be a problem.
We have all of this semantical, serious deception, Terry.
Yep, I would agree.
How do you feel about this driver's license thing?
You know, the Real ID Act.
Well, I've looked at it.
I've talked to Ron Paul, and what it does is it goes, we'll stop illegals from driving, but then they can come with their consular matricula that's issued by all these countries, and they'll give them a driver's license with it.
So that's amnesty.
Yeah, that is amnesty.
I would agree if that's the case.
You know, I'm just glad to see something happening.
That's why I'm for it.
I'm glad that we've got so many congressmen who got together and said, look, we've got to stop this license deal.
Yeah, it's not perfect.
I will agree with you on that.
But I'm just glad they got together and did something.
Well, I'm talking about the thing they did in December where they said we're going to give them the driver's license, and now they claim with this bill that they're going to try to restrict it.
And then they say we need wide authority to put up a fence, but Bush blocked the 2,000 Border Patrol agents when he got that funding, so he's going to do the same thing with this.
Well, I'm sure.
I don't trust the guy, that's for sure.
In fact, give us your take on Bush.
I mean, he is something else.
I won't say the things on your show that I say on mine, but I don't like him at all.
I never did.
I think he probably has done some positive things in his presidency, but let me just say this.
On illegal immigration, he's the antichrist.
This man is murdering this country.
He has catered to these people like you wouldn't believe.
Now, don't hold back.
Tell us what you think.
Yeah, that's what... No, I'm serious.
Go all the way.
Well, I mean, look.
Here's a guy that was put back in office by the conservative citizens of this country.
I didn't vote for him, but they said, well, we have to have him instead of Kerry, and we're going to support him.
Not me.
And Karl Rove knew that the conservatives would go nowhere else.
He even said it publicly.
They've got nowhere to go.
And guess what?
The conservative people fell right into that trap.
They voted for this idiot.
And now...
Now, five days after he's, excuse me, it was ten days after he was elected, he goes out there and says, okay, conservatives, thanks for putting me in, but I'm still going after the amnesty that you guys didn't want.
Now, come on.
And for those who don't know, this is the biggest amnesty for six years.
Anybody that is here or can get here is legal.
It allows corporations, we've already lost a couple million high-tech jobs, to bring in even more Indians to take all the jobs.
It's unbelievable.
Yep, it is.
It really is.
Now, Terry, we don't like Indians because we don't want to lose all our jobs.
Well, you know, I was on 60 Minutes last week.
I don't know if you caught it.
But I got an email from a guy that saw the report and he tracked me down.
And he said that he was a drywaller in New York.
And he hadn't had work in five years.
So he went and got a computer degree in programming.
And guess what?
He had that job for six months.
And then they outsourced that to India.
So they got him at the bottom.
What do we do?
Well, no, you're right.
And for those who don't know, all the economic indicators are we're imploding for good.
If this continues another four years, there's no coming back.
And, folks, this is the actual numbers, and it's all being done by design.
It's not free market.
China keeps its 40% tariffs on us.
We have a 2% on them.
It's all designed, and the globalists even brag about this in their own documents, to de-industrialize this country.
We are going to be a surf population.
And I say again to the Lurican Kista crowd, why is the Fortune 500 funding you?
You claim you're anti-establishment.
You claim you're a bunch of communists fighting the evil Whitey.
Well, why is Whitey funding you then?
And keeping you here.
Alex, you've got some program.
You know, I've got over seven emails already from people listening.
Seven emails from people listening to your show already.
Well, I'm thinking you should probably get more than that, Terry.
Well, I mean, I'm sure I will, but we're still on the air.
You know what I mean?
That's amazing.
Well, you know, the funny thing is I'll be on 2020, and my website gets plugged and no emails, and I get on these big shows and nothing happens, but then I go on little shows, a lot smaller than mine, we get a big response.
That's because it's the good, grassroots people out there that are taking action.
Well, the real folks.
They're the ones who listen.
You're right.
They are.
I mean, one person that takes action is more important than 10,000 that don't take action.
But, Terry...
Just in a minute or two, because then I want to go to calls.
Describe how you woke up to all this.
You know, just give me a minute to tell you that, Alex.
I looked around, saw what was going on in my community.
I was a very non-political person.
And I said, you know what?
I've got to do something here, because this is terrible.
So I started listening to talk radio.
I don't know if you know who George Putnam is.
Yes, I've been on his show.
George will be 92 years old in July.
He's still on the air.
And I started listening, and the next thing I know, I was a caller, and I got to meet George, and we became friends, and I got involved with Barbara Cole and Glenn Spencer, and the next thing I know, I'm in it up to my neck.
And you know what?
I have never been happier.
It is a long, hard road.
I get tired sometimes, but I know for once in my life, the first time in my life, I've done something for my country.
Well, I've seen you in a documentary that came out probably 10 years ago describing how they were yelling racist names at people, how they were killing people, and no one would talk about it.
I mean, can you describe what it was like?
Well, you know, it's just... I've been to rallies here in L.A.
where they've thrown bricks at us and frozen soda pop cans and everything else and called us everything but a child of God.
But, you know, what are you going to do?
You just keep going and you do the best you can.
Here in my community now, I call myself the prisoner of South Central because I've been in South Central my whole life, but now I feel like a prisoner in my own community.
Nobody speaks my language.
If I didn't speak Spanish, I couldn't speak to my neighbors, at least to say good morning.
You know what I mean?
And it's just really horrible.
It really is.
Well, for those who don't know, this is the problem.
The illegals come in.
We're always talking about Latin Americans because that's the majority, but it's all the others too.
They come in, they'll attend to a house, they don't pay the insurance, they don't do any of that, and then they do build up a lot of money because they're not in the system.
And they're subsidized, Alex.
They're getting all the Section 8 housing.
They're getting all the WIC, the food stamps, the AFDC.
They're getting all the goodies from the government.
Why wouldn't they have some money?
And then what do they do with all the money they make on the job?
They save it.
They don't have to spend it.
They save it because our government is subsidizing them, giving them free education and everything else.
Then they take that money and buy every house in the neighborhood.
Every house that's been sold in my neighborhood in the last 10 years has been sold to newly arrived, non-English speaking Hispanic people.
You make up your own mind as to who they are.
Well, and again, folks, why is the government setting it up this way?
Let's take some calls, because it's what they want.
Let's talk to Joe.
Joe, where are you calling us from?
And, yeah, hello to you and Terry.
How are you doing, Joe?
I've got an update for my court case and a question for your guest.
The case was dismissed, so I can talk about it freely.
I went yesterday, and the officers told me that... Sir, I don't even know what your case is.
I'm going to put you on hold until we're done with Terry, because I don't even know where this is coming from.
So stay there, Joe.
Joe, if you have a question for Terry, ask that, and I'll come back to you later.
Go ahead, Joe.
The question is, do you know about Mark Belling here on WISN Radio?
Clear Channel is talking out both sides of their mouth because Belling made a really racist remark about illegal border crossers and all Clear Channel did was slap him on the wrist.
And my understanding is in L.A.
they're putting out billboards that
They're encouraging L.A.
to become Mexico.
What's up with that?
Thanks for the call.
It's pretty hypocritical.
What they do is they act like we're controlling the borders.
Meanwhile, they do nothing to really stop it.
Let's go to another caller here.
Who's up next here?
Rick in Nevada.
Go ahead, Rick.
Hey, how are you doing, gentlemen?
I'd like to plug Cable Radio Networks.
I sent you an email there, sir, and if you plug them yourself on AJ's show here, Alex Jones Show, you'll have a lot of listeners all over the union.
Jerry is also, his radio show is on cable.
Yeah, that's right.
Oh, CRN, yes, absolutely.
We've been on CRN for quite a while.
And quite a few of our listeners across the country listen to us that way.
People don't know what CRN is, but it's a good deal.
You can hear us on your cable TV, on your satellite TV, and it's a good deal.
I have a suggestion for you, gentlemen.
Okay, go ahead.
Get together with Andre Egelish in Florida.
Get together with Ron Paul, you two fellows.
And come up with a cogent plan for a reasonable border philosophy.
We've come up with a plan.
We've built a fence almost all the way around Afghanistan.
They're building one in Iraq.
We need a northern and southern fence on both sides, and it's in the Constitution.
Instead of getting rid of Posse Comitatus to patrol the American people, put the troops on the border.
Thanks for the call.
Every state with a border connection, and that's northern and southern, and every state has a National Guard.
National Guard trains two weeks a year, one weekend a month.
Why not give them that two weeks a year on our borders?
Every state can put their National Guard up there.
What's wrong with that?
I made that suggestion five years ago, and nobody seems to pick up on it.
But that's the perfect way to get this done.
Totally constitutional.
And when states tell you, Alex, when states say, listen, it's a federal problem, we can't do anything, that's not true.
A state's National Guard can go anywhere they want.
They're there to deal with emergencies.
Let's talk to Bill in Alaska.
Bill, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Alex, and though I haven't listened to you before, Mr. Anderson, you're a brother.
And I wanted to call and thank Alex and yourself
For what you've done, I have a little microwave station up here in the Matanuska Valley, and because of you two and people like you, my neighbors are going to be understanding when I have to take the ultimate measures to protect my horse and home.
And I don't know if you've ever thought about that aspect of it, but my neighbors will not think I'm acting unresponsibly when it's forced on me.
What was your name again, Bill?
Bill, I've talked about that many times on the air and in speeches.
I give speeches all over the country.
And I talk about that all the time.
This thing is coming to violence.
I don't advocate it.
I do not advocate it.
And I hate the thought of it.
I hope we can avoid it.
But if we don't do something soon or our government doesn't do their job, this thing is going to come to violence.
Well, Metra puts out the flyers with pictures of M-16s and dead white people.
This thing is going to come to violence.
I wanted to say this, and I'll let you guys go.
The Bible refers to it as birth bangs leading up to the end of this thing.
And if you see the surges of incidences and how they're coming closer together like contractions in a woman, you can actually graph that and it comes down to this summer.
And what Terry said about the black man, 400 of them are supposed to die by the end of the summer.
And I think you're going to see that there's going to be a lot of street drugs.
Thanks for the call.
We're going to... Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us.
When you look at it, the Republican and Democratic parties want open borders.
They fund these racist groups like Metro and La Raza, groups that say they're racially based and that their race is number one.
Our mayor, before he left office two or three years ago, Gus Garcia, had a proclamation.
I've got it on video, saying that Hispanics are the god race or the supreme race.
I mean, it was like watching a Nazi speech.
But it was not challenged by the media, not even reported on.
It's like normal.
It's like, okay.
And that's how the globalists play this multicultural game.
It's about getting everybody at each other's throats.
And most Hispanics are not for this in the polls, but the media is trying to shift them into it, like, well, aren't you with your people?
I've got Hispanic friends that say that some of these racists come up to them and go, what's wrong with you?
Why don't you only speak Spanish?
They're your enemy.
Well, we're not your enemy, but I am the enemy of people like that.
And Terry's decided, I appreciate it, as staying with us for the 30 minutes and the next hour so we can continue with calls and talk about this paramount issue.
And he's right.
I mean, this is World War II level proportions.
I mean, it isn't just a group coming here that wants to work.
It's a group coming here with the government and the corporations trying to fill them full of hate to break up this country.
And that's part of this globalist plan.
And this is mainstream, folks.
I mean, again, I have the head of the Border Patrol saying it.
I have Congressmen saying it.
Terry Anderson saying it.
This is what's really going on.
Terry, these groups are calling for bloodshed.
I've heard public officials get up and brag that the time's coming soon.
You're going to get it.
This is scary.
Well, it's scary.
But let me just say this.
As I'm concerned about it,
I'm not real worried because that's why we have to protect our Second Amendment rights because if this happens we should be prepared and that's why no nation has ever marched into this nation and taken us over because they know if they do there will be gunfire from every window of every house and apartment.
Same thing with Switzerland.
There you go.
So if these people want to start something they're going to have their hands full.
That I can say.
If we protect ourselves.
But see, it'll be the government.
We're having an emergency meeting.
All right, we're deciding to cede some of it to you.
Our government wants it, though.
Yeah, they do.
It's a pincer attack.
Oh, absolutely.
Then they can do their thing and clamp down with martial law, you know, and put us in a place where they want us.
But we really are going to have no choice if it starts.
I don't know what other alternative there is.
This New World Order thing is just really, you know, I...
I focus directly on the illegal immigration, Alex, but you're absolutely right.
I mean, it's all part of a bigger deal.
And if we don't get a handle on this thing, man, we're going to be doing the goose step to somebody else's marching music.
I mean, we just really will have no choice how our lives go if we don't put this thing to rest finally.
We've got to stop it.
And the first step is with this illegal immigration, we must...
We're good.
That's what we have to do.
And you Republicans out there who are voting for everybody, or Democrats too, because they have a D or an R next to their name, you're stupid.
We haven't done it yet.
I open the show every week with stupid people of America.
Good evening.
And the reason I say that is because so many people now are so driven by partisan politics.
Well, he's a Republican, so he's got to be better than a Democrat.
Well, Bush proved that ain't true, and so did Harris Foxenegger, Herr Gruppenfuhrer in California, Arno.
I was interviewed the other day by Roger Hedgecock, and I said on his show in Washington, D.C.,
Well, you know what?
The best thing that Schwarzenegger can do is, number one, grow a pair, and you can put whatever on that you want, and trim the lace off his panties and start acting like a man.
He's always talking about girly man.
Well, who's acting like one now?
He is pathetic.
He really is.
We need to ship him back to Austria, another one of these.
They don't want him.
Hey, did you know he was an illegal alien for a while?
Yes, I do.
Another one of these illegal aliens.
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, stay with us.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Third hour on this live Thursday edition.
The 28th day of April 2005.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Websites are InfoWars.net and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Check them out today.
A syndicated talk show host, Terry Anderson.
He's joining us.
He's been on the front lines for over a decade of the border wars.
Mexican troops killing federal officers, the rapes, the slaughters, the murders, the drug dealing, the child kidnapping rings.
It is hellish what's going on.
And now we've got government officials declaring that Mexico now controls California.
We've got TV magnets putting up billboards saying that L.A.
is Mexico.
We've got government leaders saying, get out, blacks, whites, get out.
And you've got the Fortune 500 funding it.
Terry Anderson will be with us for another 30 minutes.
We're about to go straight back to your calls.
Before we go right back to your calls, Terry Anderson, when do you see this cresting?
When do you see a flashpoint developing?
I don't know, Alex.
I don't really have an answer for that.
But let me just say this.
And I've thought about it, too.
So I just don't know what to say on that one.
But let me say this.
When I got started in this immigration thing 12 years ago, and this is our fifth year on the air, but before that I was just an activist.
And I'm still an activist.
And I used to talk to people.
You know who Barbara Coe is and Glenn Spencer and others.
We used to talk about the day would come when people would get angry enough and start being heard and start getting noticed and people would stand up for their country and be vocal and the politicians would be forced to listen.
That's now happening.
Those glorious days would someday be here.
Well, guess what?
They're here.
Finally, those days are here.
But we've got to keep pushing.
Oh, absolutely.
I'm not saying we're done.
I am telling you that this thing, we have gotten to the top of the hill, and we're looking down.
We haven't started down, but we're looking down on the other side, and we're saying, okay, I can see a win in sight if we only push harder.
You're right.
I mean, it's 50-50 right now, sudden death overtime.
Yes, things have changed.
Because things have gotten so bad.
We've seen what NAFTA and GATT have done.
They can tell us all day how great the illegal aliens are, how good they are.
We know it's not good.
No, we do.
We know what's going on.
There's no doubt about that.
It's just a matter... You know, I've heard that 3% of the citizens got this country started back in 1776.
And I always think about what a small number that was compared to everybody that was living here.
Well, guess what?
It's the same way now.
It's just a few of us fighting this thing.
But if we could get more people to come out of it... A lot of people are afraid.
A lot of people don't want to be known.
A lot of people don't want to...
Don't want to put their face out there.
I understand that, but there's things you can do.
There's pressure.
Don't you ever believe we don't have power.
The pressure of these people calling their congressmen is turning this thing around.
I talked to a congressman Monday, and I won't mention his name, but he told me the reason he came around on illegal immigration was pressure from his constituents who said he was not mentioned in it and had not taken a stand on illegal immigration, and he studied it and realized that his constituents were right, and he decided to get vocal, and he is now one of the Immigration Reform Caucus members, and he's fighting this fight just like... Well, here's the deal, Gary.
I mean, there are six...
Mark, do you think there's not some guy in Mongolia?
Well, Terry, people haven't been to Calcutta or Mexico City.
They don't know the hell of third world living.
We have got to protect ourselves from this.
Bottom line, we haven't even talked about the diseases.
That's a whole other ball of wax.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us, folks.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, eight minutes, 30 seconds into this third hour.
Thank you so much for joining us, Terry Anderson.
He'll be with us for about 22 more minutes.
I know we have loaded phone lines for him, so we're going to be going to Ron in New York, Chris in Tennessee, Rob in South Carolina, Fred in Arizona, and many, many others.
Toll-free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
For the next three minutes, though, I am honored to have Debbie Morrow, New Millennium Concepts, joining us.
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Okay, let's go ahead now and go back to Terry Anderson.
Terry, thank you for holding while we were plugging those filters.
No problem, buddy.
Well, I mean, there's so many issues we cover.
You guys in L.A.
have got toilet to tap out there.
Yep, we're up to our eyebrows.
And it's just really sad.
It's amazing how the water supplies have got serious problems.
You can't drink it.
It gets worse.
Well, you do if you have to, but what are you going to do?
It gets worse tasting every year, and they're pumping this stuff.
What have you got so many people to have to get water to?
What are you going to do?
If they admit they actually take the sewer water and then, quote, purify it, you drink it.
Yeah, that's what they tell us.
I don't know if it's true or not, but they tell us.
No, it's been in your news.
Maybe we'll show the results of that soon.
I don't know.
Toilet to tap, great stuff.
Let's go to the calls.
Let's go to the calls for Terry Anderson.
Ron in New York, you're on the air with our guest.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I'm calling about the phony Real ID Act legislation, which Mike passed, seems imminent to pass.
This thing is nothing more than an attempt to keep track of native-born American citizens.
Any provisions that were in it that were anti-illegal alien have basically been stripped out of it in the course of the legislating.
There's no lawful presence requirement.
And then this new northern border head is also going to control a lot of the southern.
They'll just ignore any of the other provisions.
The bottom line is what weakened provisions may be left will not be in place.
Well, that's a good point for Terry.
The Congress passes 2,000 more Border Patrol for the southern border, and Bush just says, no, you don't get that money.
Right, and in addition to 2,000, it was only to cover attrition of retirees.
It wasn't increasing its number overall.
But that aside... Well, let me get a comment from Terry on that, Terry.
My opinion is this.
I disagree with the caller.
I haven't looked at the final version of it yet, but the way it was written, when I looked at it last...
I'm willing to take it.
If it's going to take driver's licenses away from them, I think we need to do something to get it rolling.
And if this guy thinks that it's put to here to keep control of us, we're fine.
But no matter what we bring, there's always somebody that's going to be against it for some reason.
We can nitpick anything we want and find something.
I know you want to get stuff done.
Sorry, I won't interrupt you, but I have to step in here.
Well, you're not going to step in while I'm talking because I'm talking now.
I did not interrupt you, sir.
Okay, go ahead.
Yeah, thank you.
But what I'm saying is this.
I mean, we can find something wrong with everything.
I want something that's going to take driver's licenses away from these people.
And if I have to put up with a little something else to do that, well, I mean, I'm assuming that you don't live where I live, sir.
I live in a place where... Well, I live in New York City, sir.
I know what I'm talking about.
Okay, but you're not inundated with Mexicans the way I am.
And you're not inundated with goats in your front yard.
You don't have chickens walking on your street.
You don't have chickens walking on your street.
You do not.
I think if you visited New York City, you would understand.
I was in New York City last month, and I'm telling you... Yeah, well, live here for a good number of years.
Well, what I'm telling you is this.
Until you've walked in my shoes out here in California... By the way, I did live in Los Angeles at one point in time, too.
So I understand both cities are inundated with this problem, okay?
I'm not calling unaware of this.
We're all on the same side.
It's all right.
If you read the final draft of the legislation...
It's not a national ID card.
That's what it amounts to.
Well, that's your opinion.
That's your opinion.
You have the federal government dictating the standards to the states for driver's license, which we're here to for the province of the state, and then the data will be called and kept in federal databases.
It's a national ID card by any other name.
Well, that's your opinion.
No, that's a fact.
Well, let me know when it's my turn.
Ron, thank you for the call.
I've got a bunch of other callers I've got to get to.
Ron, why don't you send him that
To the Terry Anderson Show.
I've gotten all this stuff from people before, and we just have a difference of opinion on this.
I don't think it's a national ID card.
What I think is, I'm all for states' rights.
I believe in state sovereignty, but the states aren't doing their job on illegal immigration.
And I know the people who came up with this bill.
These are good people.
These are sincere people.
And whether or not it's perfect, I won't debate that with the caller.
It's not perfect.
But where I live, I'm willing to take it.
I am.
Well, I think the point he's making is, look at how Congress passed a good bill for 2,000 more.
Border Patrol, and look how Bush then goes in through his executives in the agencies and then took that.
And that's what they're saying they're going to do, Terry.
Well, and that's a good point.
But what do we do, Alex?
So you're saying we fight that when we come to it?
Do we sit here and do nothing until we get the absolute 100% perfect bill?
You know what I mean?
Is that what we do?
Because if that's what we're going to do, we're never going to get anything done.
I understand you've been fighting this on the front lines and you want to get something done.
That's basically it, Alex.
I just remember Lamar Smith said, oh, we need thumb scanners in Texas back in the early 90s.
And then they have an exemption for the illegals.
I mean, they do this over and over again, Terry.
I mean, I understand what you're saying.
If they were being honest about this, it would do something.
The problem is they're going to order their agents to not selectively enforce.
I think that's what Ron was talking about.
Ron calls a lot.
He's a New York cop.
We'll be right back.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Terry and I were just talking during the break, and the illegal aliens that are controlled by their DC masters are part of this global system.
I mean, this is admitted.
It's part of a trilateral plan.
And I've had congressmen on that will tell you that.
We have the documents.
I was asking him, are they still as arrogant?
Tell me what you told me during the break, Terry.
Well, they've changed quite a bit because they didn't expect the opposition that they're getting from us.
See, we've become pretty...
We're together now.
We're united on this thing.
We've got so many people.
And we've put it together so tough on them and brought so much... We're not being cowed.
We have the moral authority and the initiative.
And what's happened now, they're getting opposition.
See, they had carte blanche before.
They did and said what they wanted without impunity.
They said, we're going to kill the whites, we're going to kill the blacks.
We're a God race.
There you go.
And we're fighting back.
And when you start to fight back, things change.
Now, they're on the defensive.
They're on the run.
They're having to fix it.
And if I might, Alex, I want to say to the caller a few minutes ago and what I got into was, you know, I have different opinions on this.
I'm just... You were telling me you argue with your friends about this.
All the time.
All the time.
We go round and round.
We disagree about this.
And my concerns are the same as his about the data gathering.
I disagree that it's a national ID card, but
But I just want something, and I want to eat a little to get something going here.
That's my problem.
Here's the problem with this.
Terry, you know this.
They will give you, say, eight provisions.
Two of them are bad.
Five, six of them are good.
And then they don't implement the six good ones and only do the two bad.
Well, that has always been the case.
But I'm desperate, and I'll take the chance.
Well, what we can do, and we've seen this in other cases, is you get them billed through.
We can go back and snip out other parts.
I don't want to do that.
We disagree on this because I've just seen it too much.
All I do is watch the legislation, and they're busy squirreling with it every day, so I don't even know what the version is today.
Maybe a caller.
What was his name?
Yeah, maybe Ron has seen the latest one and I haven't.
Ron in New York.
And if he has, if there's a latest one that I can see, maybe I'll change my mind.
I haven't seen the latest one.
Let's take some calls here.
Well, the answer is prosecute employers that knowingly hire illegals.
And the answer is put troops on the border.
And let me give you one more.
Seize the assets of the illegal aliens.
If they buy a house, just like you would a drug dealer.
Hey, listen.
They seize Americans' assets all the time.
There you go.
If you don't pay your taxes...
Or you're caught selling drugs or whatever, they will seize your assets.
If they buy a house, a car, a set of eating utensils or some underwear, take it away from them and then deport them.
But we're not doing that.
These people are buying homes quicker than anybody else, and we've got Betty Mae and Freddie Mac lending them money.
I mean, nobody's saying a word about the fact that that's aiding and abetting, Alex.
That's aiding and abetting an illegal alien, and there are statutes against that.
I agree.
I am against the police state, but let me explain something here to people.
Admiralty law was meant to be practiced on the seas and the borders.
That was codified.
That's what our government did before.
That's where it taxed people.
That's where it controlled.
It's not meant to be in the middle of the country.
No, it's meant to be on the edges of the country, defending it.
And that's how countries have always defended themselves.
Is seizing.
Is grabbing.
But instead, they've taken that whole system and shifted it in domestically where it's totally illegal.
Asset forfeiture seizure is totally criminal against the citizens.
But it is not against foreigners.
It is not against aliens.
It is not against their ships, their cars, their goods.
When they're here, they're under admiralty, and I agree with you.
Are you aware of admiralty law?
Oh yeah, absolutely.
But see, notice...
Notice how it's all selectively enforced.
I've got to tell you this, and you're going to stay with us.
I promise, folks, go straight to your calls in the next segment, and the jury's going to leave in 15 minutes.
But I've got to go over this right now.
This is so important.
I have a friend who manages the biggest apartment complex properties in Austin for the biggest company in the country.
I think.
But if they are illegal aliens, give them a place, you don't need ID, and let them have as many people as they want in there.
We're doing this on behalf of the government.
I've been at banks, Terry, when the illegals are allowed to get the bank account, I've got to show three forms of ID.
This is by design.
Oh, no doubt about it.
They are the American citizens now, and you and I are the foreigners.
And that's a fact.
So they're not even under admiralty, but we are.
We are.
We are the second class citizens now.
Man, I tell you, the government is really trying to destroy this country.
I'm speechless.
I mean, it is just... Folks, I'm not kidding.
What I just told you is directly from a family friend that I've known my entire life who is a high-level manager.
And they were told.
They were told.
We are... It is racketeering.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Just a side note, folks.
If you don't hear me specifically endorsing something, whether it's a video or a book or a water filter, then I don't endorse it.
That's just a statement I wanted to make.
And I do endorse Terry Anderson and the Terry Anderson Show and his website, TerryAndersonShow.com, and the great work he's doing.
Because he's been there, again, for 12 years, fighting hard, telling it like it is.
I'm standing up against this, and my hand is out.
I'm not bashing Russians.
I'm not bashing Polish people when Ford Motor Company or GM brings in $10,000 at a pop to fire every worker they got and put them in working for a third of what the others were, and they all live in one little apartment, and then they bust them in every day to the plant.
I'm not against you individually, but this is not free market.
Because these corporations are multinational and they've set up the trade systems, the trade deals.
When you hear free trade, it means scam trade.
It's not free trade.
It's like a criminal enterprise of muscling and scamming.
And when they allow them to bring in all these Indian workers to displace almost all our high-tech people, and the government says it's going to get seven times worse in the next four years, Congressional Budget Office did a study.
I mean, how is it going to get seven times worse?
Everybody I know who had a computer job, people with two degrees or one degree or have been working there 20 years, either are fired or have taken like an 80% pay cut.
I mean, it's insane.
And it just gets worse and worse and worse and worse.
But the Indians aren't here saying, we're taking over, we're going to kill you.
The Russians aren't saying, this is our country, we don't want to be Americans, we're going to kill you.
They're just taking all the jobs.
It just so happens the group that is the predominant largest invading group
Group is also being very racist and very hateful and being supported by the media and others.
And we've got to respond to it.
I mean, folks, I've gone... I remember about seven, eight years ago, the libertarian Longhorns and the young conservatives asked me to come speak.
Hey, UT for Texas Independence.
And I didn't even know really what it was.
I mean, I knew about Texas Independence today, but I didn't know it had become political.
That the UT had banned it.
And then instead celebrated Mexican Independence.
You know, it banned the school officially sanctioning it.
So I go, and I get up there at the podium, and there's Hispanics and blacks and whites, you know, everybody up there for Texas Independence Day, and here come people in Indian headdresses, you know, Aztec headdresses, and grab the cake and start spitting it out, and a big black guy runs up and grabs the microphone from me and pushes me, and the news takes a photo and implies I was fighting with him, and they're screaming, you're a racist, and spitting cake on us, and then I went and researched who they are, and I go to their websites, and we will kill the whites!
We will slaughter all of them.
We are a God race that landed in crystal pyramids.
We are the alien race of God.
We are the superior ones.
And I'm going, man, I was just bullhorning the Klan a month ago.
This is the Klan.
Terry Anderson?
There you go.
The Klan comes in all colors.
Let me tell you something.
This old PCBS about only whites can be racist is untrue.
Most of the racists I know are black.
And that's a fact.
I mean, within my own people, you know what I mean?
Now these new people coming here, I mean, I know more black races than white races, but now we've got new people coming here who are hating us before they even get to the country.
And that's mutual, buddy.
They hate you as much as they hate me.
Well, it seems to me to be more.
What is this that's going on between the illegal aliens and blacks?
Because I really am seeing a major clash.
Well, the schools is where we're starting.
The prisons, actually, the prisons have been that way for a while.
Anytime you get a prison yard or a high school that's approximately 65-70% Hispanic, you're going to have problems.
As long as the Hispanics are the minority, the blacks don't bother them.
I mean, there may be some isolated incident, but as a whole, they don't bother them.
That's a fact.
But as soon as they get to be 65-70%, oh, buddy, it starts.
It starts and the attacks begin.
Jefferson High School.
85% black 15 years ago is now 90% Hispanic.
And that's where the riots are happening every day.
Santa Monica High School.
Same thing.
Jordan High School.
All these high schools that were once black in this city, Alex, are now predominantly Hispanic and the riots begin.
And that's sad.
Man, I tell you, this is scary.
Let's take some calls.
And the globalists love it.
They love us at each other's throats.
It's unbelievable.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Tennessee and then Rob and Fred and Diane.
Go ahead.
That'll be all the time we have for calls.
Terry, thank you very much for coming to Alex's show.
My pleasure.
And I'll be turning Sunday.
Also, if you get a chance, please plug Debbie's Waterfills.
She's really nice.
I agree with you 100%.
And the fact that gets me is the tens of millions of dollars that they're taking out of our economy, sending back to Mexico where they don't pay any taxes.
And the way the Bush administration is pandering to the Latino vote is just...
But most Latinos, 60 plus percent in polls, aren't for this either.
That's the illusion.
That's the Americans.
But you believe the illegals are all for it.
What I would like to see is an amendment saying, if you're illegal and if you give birth to a child, that child's not a citizen, that child's illegal also.
There is an amendment now in the Congress, well not an amendment, a bill.
That's just not... I can't for the life of me think... American hospitals advertise, you know, come over here.
Listen, Terry, I cut my finger almost completely off years ago, and I had an insurance card on me.
And because... They've told them, because the illegals they know don't have it, they go right past you into the emergency room.
They do.
Terry, I'm proud of you about your Second Amendment rights.
We've got plenty of guns down here in Tennessee, and if the shooting starts... I will be in Nashville in...
Next Friday.
All right.
Thank you very much.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk now.
We've got to hurry here.
Let's now talk to Rob in South Carolina.
Go ahead, Rob.
Hey, guys.
I was just wondering, with the whole plan you talk about, you know, with the immigration and everything, what can we do to stop that in the government?
Well, you know, the first thing is vigilance and knowing what's going on.
A lot of people out here in the street don't know what's happening.
And that's a fact.
They're so hung up on the NBA and the NFL and having a six-pack.
All things that I like to do also.
But they also have to spend some time with their country.
Secondly, you've got to let these politicians know what you think of it.
If they're not doing your bidding, you've got to call them and tell them,
I lobby in Congress, and the first thing they tell me, well, you know what, to be honest, we're not hearing from our constituents about immigration.
And that's congressmen from all over the country.
And I know that's true.
People will bitch and call up radio shows and scream and holler, but they will not call that congressman.
That is so important so that they can get that incoming flack.
Well, also, when your city builds a day labor site for the illegals, when your city doesn't enforce laws against them, when this stuff goes on, you've got to go down to the city council as well.
We have to.
On a local level.
School board.
When a school board is reaching out with all this bilingualism, go down there and complain.
If we're not heard, we're not doing our job.
Well, I mean, Mexico doesn't, for people that live there from other countries, doesn't have their language for them.
No, they don't.
You go down there and live in that country, which is hard to do, first of all.
But if you go, you must have all the correct papers, and there will be no bilingual anything.
You're going to be immersed in that language, as it should be.
I applaud the Mexicans for a lot of things they do.
The way they make you prove who you are to vote, the way they treat foreigners down there in hospitals, all of these things I applaud.
Exactly what we should be doing here.
We should take a lesson from them.
Well, that's another thing.
They're total hypocrites.
Now, that I don't applaud.
When they scream about us doing exactly what they do, then they get angry.
But we should do exactly what they do and don't care when they scream.
Well, I'm going to tell everybody this, regardless of what color you are.
Do you want to compete against, we've already got 30 million, tens of millions more...
I mean, are you doing better than you were doing five years ago?
You know you're not, regardless.
Even the illegal aliens is getting tough on them with the economy.
That's right.
I mean, folks, it's going to get worse and worse and worse, and all you'll have is your Lurican piece of pride that you're all puffed up with and that the establishment is pushing on you.
Or there's an open hand to save this country and to have freedom.
Let's take a few more calls here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Fred in Arizona.
Fred, go ahead.
Hi Alex, thanks for taking my call.
I've got a victory I want to report.
Okay, this is a Tucson Citizen newspaper.
The army sergeant that arrested the illegal aliens, the charges have been dropped against him.
Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas has declined to prosecute an army reservist who acknowledged having held seven Mexicans at gunpoint.
Thomas' offices said Arizona citizens have the right to make a citizen arrest, either a federal or state felony.
That is incredible news!
In the presence of a felony, has been committed, and the citizens have reasonable grounds to believe the person they intend to arrest has committed it.
Let me stop you right there, though.
Let me stop you right there.
Please email to tips at InfoWars.com.
That Tucson Citizen Story will post it.
But this is why this is dangerous.
Hold on a second.
You do have a right to do a citizen's arrest if somebody's robbing something or doing something.
I totally agree.
I didn't think he should get in trouble.
They were obviously illegal aliens.
But it could be very dangerous if any of them aren't, and it'll be used as a poster child by these groups to try to shut down what the Minutemen are doing.
This guy wasn't with the Minutemen.
Let me get a comment from Terry Anderson.
I agree.
It's a dangerous thing.
I applaud the guy.
I don't think he did anything wrong either.
But you're absolutely right, Alex.
If by chance the person is a citizen or a legal resident alien, you take the chance on this thing just blowing up out of proportion.
And they will use it against us.
It would have been better to just call the Border Patrol, to follow that vehicle at a distance with your cell phone.
It's dangerous.
But that's a lot better than pointing the gun at them, you know, right there on the spot.
If they're coming in your house, fine.
And again, I'm commending, you know, overall it's good what the guy did.
But at the end of the day, and listen, I'm glad that the Sheriff's Department didn't charge him.
Read that one more time.
Okay, just a few sentences.
Sergeant Patrick Habb did not commit a crime and was making a lawful citizen's arrest when he detained six illegal inmates.
Thomas is the Maricopa County attorney.
Said Arizona citizens have the right to make a citizen's arrest if either a federal or a state felony offense has been committed in their presence or if a felony has been committed and the citizens have reasonable grounds to believe the person they intend to arrest has committed it.
But here's the problem with that.
All counties aren't like that.
A lot of counties will arrest you, will press charges.
I want to warn people.
And add this caveat to it.
Even the police have to question you first before they start pulling guns out unless they think they're in danger.
So do we want even the police with us as citizens pulling guns first, asking questions later?
I'm just saying I don't want people to hear this and then run out and start doing it themselves.
I agree.
It's a dangerous thing, and you could ruin your whole life.
The reason I say that, I mean, you could prosecute him for this.
You've got to get a lawyer.
You've got to get bail.
I mean, it could be a tragedy.
I applaud the guy for what he did, but it's an iffy, iffy, iffy deal.
Yeah, I'm just trying to warn people.
Anything else, caller?
That's all I've got.
Thank you much.
Thank you for that great news.
That is really exciting news.
One last caller for our guest.
We've got to let him get out of here.
He's got some work to do.
Diane in South Carolina.
Go ahead, Diane.
Terry, you know, like, you're right on the front line.
So around the United States, a lot of other people are not hit with this.
And what I don't understand is not being brought up is the diseases that these people are bringing in, like regular TB and then the TB that has no cure.
Drug resistant.
Our government is paying a quarter of a million dollars.
And by the way, when we had 300,000 immigrants come in a year, you know, when they were white people, you know, whatever, they want to cry racism.
It's not.
I mean, if Italians are coming in here or Germans are coming in here in 1915, they checked them for TB.
And not only that, they are waiting to get work.
In restaurants and everywhere, and you can go in a shopping cart in a grocery store and get that bacteria on your hands and transmit it.
Well, I want to ask Hispanic Americans this.
I want to ask them this.
Your children are sitting in the schools next to these illegals, and the TV levels have quadrupled.
Diane, you bring up a very good point, and I was going to say what Alex just said.
It took my thunder, but these kids are sitting in classrooms with kids who are infected who didn't get checked when they came across the border.
They live in households that might have 30 to 40 people in a two-bedroom house.
Anybody in there has it.
Everybody in there has it.
And each one of those people goes out into the workplace, their minimum wage job, into some restaurant, breathing on your foot.
You know it.
You cannot report.
Their kids go into the schools, and this is how this thing gets spread.
We have stamped this out in this country, and now these diseases are back and worse than they were before.
And isn't it terrible we have to wait for something like this to happen before people will get off their duff?
That's right.
Instead of knowing all the football scores, basketball teams, whatever, this is our lives.
And I don't mean to be cruel, but somewhere along the line, we do have to stand up for what is right.
It's not that we're doing anything belligerent.
We're standing up just to survive.
I like you.
Thank you, Diane.
I like all your callers.
I like Diane.
You've got some of the best callers I've ever heard.
Very educated and have passion.
I love it.
Well, thank you, Terry.
You certainly got passion.
We could all learn by your example.
But let me just, in closing...
Just finish up with this with you, and the website's TerryAndersonShow.com.
Sunday nights, folks, be sure and listen.
But when we sit here and look at this, and we talk about this, people need to understand, and I want this to be burned into their brains.
The media is ignoring this.
What is it?
TV's now, actually it's quadrupled.
Whooping Cop is back.
And the same things that our forefathers that came here had to go through, they don't even have to go through.
It makes no sense.
And at the same time, let's shift away from Latin America.
I've been to Minnesota a bunch.
They brought in hundreds of thousands of Somalis to the point where they're taking over all the jobs.
Why are they doing this, Terry?
They're doing it because the New World Order wants it done that way.
They want this cheap labor.
They want us to merge into one great, big, happy family that ain't ever going to be happy.
It ain't going to happen.
We've got to fight this thing, Alex.
We've got to be vigilant on this.
We've got to fight it.
You must tell your congresspeople and your city people, if you vote for anything that helps illegal aliens, I will mount a campaign against you and you'll never get an office again.
All right, Terry Anderson, thank you for coming on with us, my friend.
I want to thank you for having me, buddy.
You bet.
Take care.
There he goes, ladies and gentlemen.
Great guy.
And we don't totally agree on this bill, of course, but I think he'll find out later.
And he goes to Congress.
He's there lobbying.
He's trying to do the best he can.
I can only commend the effort.
But 98% of what he's doing is just wonderful.
And I want to say this again.
Get past the emotion.
Okay, I'm talking to the Lurican Kistas out there.
You know that, what is it, a third of the babies born in Mexico City have that syndrome where their brain is a third of the normal size and they're brain dead.
You know TB, drug resistant, drug immune is rampant.
You know whooping cough, all of that.
Why does the government let them pour in here, and the TB is even worse from Russia, but it's a smaller group coming in.
I mean, that's a whole other issue here.
I mean, I don't appreciate it.
I don't appreciate... I mean, I know a lot of middle-class families whose children are getting whooping cough in these public schools who are getting TB.
And it is bad news.
They've got to go on drugs for years.
This stuff is bad.
And what the caller mentioned is true.
And then you hear this spin, well, that's code.
That's racism.
No, it's facts.
If a German or Irish or Italian immigrant...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You're going to be thinking about it.
I mean, just look at it.
Just look at how much this government wants to destroy this country.
And it is part of globalization.
It is part of the New World Order.
And I've been pushing and fighting for our sovereignty for the ten years I've been on the air.
I've been really aware of this for seven years, maybe eight years.
I guess it was about eight years ago since that Texas Independence Day.
And I was shocked by it.
I mean, I'm somebody who goes, you've seen it on the TV show locally, and protests the Klan.
I've done it three times.
And I will protest Metra and La Raza and all of it.
I mean, I'm going to stand up against you.
And, you know, you need to be ashamed of yourselves, people that are involved in this.
And if you want to fight, you're going to get one.
I'm not ashamed of standing up for my country.
I will defend it, and we will win.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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The New World Order.
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That's herbalhealer.com, your website for safe, effective natural alternatives and education.
I gotta move quick.
Joe in Wisconsin wanted to tell us about some police case he had.
Thanks for holding, Joe.
Last caller, go ahead and finish up what you were saying earlier.
Thanks for letting me be the tail gunner, and thank you from all the vets.
The first hour comments were great.
Love your country, hug a vet.
The judge was the only one who wanted to prosecute.
It was incredible.
So what was the case?
What was the specifics?
I was crossing a footbridge across campus and an officer said, what are you running away for?
Like, alright, what do you want?
And he said, I just want to talk.
And he basically wanted to see if I would go anywhere.
And that got me into a fishing expedition.
That means he just wanted to search me.
And I said, no, not without a warrant.
And then he said, well, I have probable cause.
And I said, no, you don't.
Then he called for backup, basically arrested me, and went through my stuff illegally.
Then, yesterday, the judge seemed really disappointed.
You know, the prosecuting attorney was telling him that he would have to dismiss because this was wrong and that was wrong, and the state wasn't interested in pursuing him.
So the prosecuting attorney was being constitutional and the judge didn't like it?
Of course.
So what happened?
I tried to say something, and I speak freely, and he said, No!
You know the cheeseburger checkpoint lady you keep doing?
That's exactly what it reminded me of.
But it got dropped, thank God.
It was just one small step.
Shows how sick these people are.
Thank you for the call.
That's good news that that happened, though.
Thank you much, Alex.
Take care, my friend.
Annan warns against strike on Iran, so now if you're against striking on Iran, you're with Kofi Annan.
More good cop, bad cop.
The United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan on Thursday cautioned against military action to punish Iran and said that the Islamic Republic was cooperating, which they are.
But see how they went either way?
Now you accept UN troops occupying, searching everything.
That's your alternative, or you get bombed.
See how they're already setting the precedent?
He said that they're cooperating with the West on talks about incentives to limit the nuclear program.
But again, nuclear, it's peaceful.
It is peaceful.
I don't think a strike on Iran nuclear facilities is on the cards, Bannon said, but that isn't stopping the White House and others from gearing up to do it.
Some good news here, House passes bill tightening parental rules for abortion, but all it means now is some other adult can't take your 12 or 13 year old across state lines to have an abortion.
Why can't Congress ban
Children being able to have abortions without parental consent.
I mean, again, your 12-year-old, your 13-year-old's got to have a note to be able to go to the planetarium or the National History Museum or the zoo with the school.
They still have to have those.
I've talked to parents that have children in school.
But to go have a baby cut out of them.
Ripped out of them, vacuumed out of them.
I'm sorry to talk like that, but that's what happens.
They don't have to.
I mean, this is insane.
So it's good they've done this to limit it a little bit, but it's not enough.
$100,000 fine a year in jail.
I mean, folks, your child has to get permission from you to go to the mall.
But they don't have to to go have a baby killed, and Alberto Gonzalez and Bush are all for it.
It makes me sick.
We're out of time, my friends.
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