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Air Date: May 2, 2005
2611 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Boy, I was chomping at the bit this weekend to get back on the air.
And here we are.
It's Monday.
The second day of May 2005.
We'll be live for the next three hours, and I could have an endless string of wonderful guests on, but today we're not going to do that, because I want a chance to take your calls, a lot of your calls.
But to do that, I'm going to give each caller about a minute, minute and a half, maybe two minutes, if you're making a really good point.
And we're going to move on to the next person.
I'm going to try to limit my comments as well because listeners bring up so many different issues, take us in so many different directions, cover angles that I would never even get into, and raise so many news points that I might hear on the radio when I'm driving on the weekend or that I might see on TV when I watch a few minutes of it or things that I've really forgotten to talk about.
Having a chance over the weekend to listen to the rebroadcast of Friday's show, I get a chance to hear callers and just how great our listeners are, especially our callers.
So there will be a ton of news today and a lot of your phone calls.
It is the second day of May, 2005, 1-800-259-9231 is the toll-free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
Zero censorship here on the broadcast.
If you disagree with me, if you agree, if you have a question, a comment, again, a news item you'd like to discuss, media manipulation and propaganda you'd like to point out, perhaps you saw David Ray Griffin on C-SPAN Saturday morning
The tape of the hour and a half long speech, or an hour speech, 25 minutes of questions, that he did about a week ago, that C-SPAN finally aired.
It was amazing.
He came right out with the operation of the New World Order and how they clearly carried out 9-11.
And he presented 9-11 from three different world views.
It was Al-Qaeda acting alone from a cave,
Number one.
Number two, the government had prior knowledge and funded the terrorists and protected them, but didn't actually run the attacks.
And then, of course, number three is what really happened.
They engineered and orchestrated the entire thing.
Very powerful.
And it's exciting to see that presented in a scholarly, level-headed fashion, though he didn't cover one-tenth of the really hardcore 9-11 evidence.
But how could he?
I've said it many times that if I had the American people as a jury, it would take me weeks to show them just the admitted facts, document after document after admission after admission, then to show the motive of the globalists, of course, and then to show all the lies they've told.
But perhaps you saw it and thought it was interesting.
Tomorrow night on the TV show, I'm going to be playing some clips of that and analyzing it.
Of course, then that will be up on Prison Planet.com.
.tv in the next week.
There is so much to cover.
is hoping to start its withdrawal from Iraq in December.
This is on the London Telegraph.
How are they going to do that when things are literally falling apart and imploding over there?
But that's what they're saying.
Speaking of problems, car bomb explosion kills six in Baghdad today, this morning.
Baghdad car bomb kills shoppers, injures dozens.
That little degenerate hog goblin, England, to plead guilty in Abu Ghraib case, but it's admitted we have the government memos ordering him to torture, but no one high up gets in trouble.
How classic is that?
A bizarre article being reported by the Arabs, I don't believe it for a minute, Rumsfeld will free Saddam if he stops armed insurrection.
This is out of the Scotsman and out of the New Scientist.
New laser guns being developed for U.S.
police against the American people.
And a bunch of cloning news.
Oh, it's scary.
One California town moves to ban the sale and purchase of cloned pets.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, second segment, 8 minutes, 15 seconds into this first hour.
Wide open phones today.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
The websites are infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
Coming up, oil prices fall to $49 a barrel.
Down from $58 a barrel, and this has been going on for the last few months, the steady decline in oil prices, but the price of the pump is at all-time record highs, and don't expect it to fall anytime soon.
In fact, this is what the globalists do.
It's a worldwide...
Energy Cartel, their own documents show it.
They jack up prices astronomically, then lower them slightly, but never too near the low before that, and then we will accept the higher prices, only remembering the higher prices of just a few months ago, we will accept a price that is higher than what it was a year ago.
They're manipulating us.
The wife of the president, First Lady Laura Bush, says she's a desperate housewife because George is working so hard for this country.
I mean, everything they do is calculated to manipulate the mindless pop culture to get people who are fans of these TV shows to identify with them.
It's like Karl Rove releasing a 200-song playlist
Of George Bush's iPod, and then it was top story for three days, what songs he listens to, and people on talk radio going, I like the bands he likes.
I like President Bush.
Why, he's a regular guy.
He's not mean to his staff like Clinton was.
Why, he orders a hamburger and not caviar.
Oh, she's such a family man.
And oh, it's just all hype and fluff.
This is big news all over the place.
Laura Bush, charming people as a desperate housewife.
I bet she is desperate.
I mean, Bush has a taste for people like Mr. Gannon, not for her.
Interesting article that I want to go over.
This is from News 8 Austin.
Vietnamese war veteran recounts horrors of prison.
And torture.
And I want to dovetail that with our government's own policies and compare it to that of the communist North Vietnamese.
One in every 138 Americans is behind bars.
Even more people have been behind bars or on probation.
No one in world history has ever done that.
One in 138.
Absolutely amazing.
But people think this is law and order, putting everybody in prison.
Though we have more drugs on the streets than ever and less liberties.
McBrother is watching and stealing from you.
This is from Capitol Hill Blue.
Until you hear how McBrother isn't just spying.
No, he's stealing.
Stealing from you.
But the government says that's okay.
And just a really amazing set of articles concerning cloning.
I don't think people realize how far along cloning has gotten.
Genetic mingling mixes human-animal cells.
This is out of the Associated Press.
I'll link the article.
Let me just read a few paragraphs and later I'll cover more of this.
On a farm about six miles outside this gambling town, Jason...
Chamberlain looks over a flock of about 50 smelly sheep, many of them possessing partially human livers, hearts, brains, and other organs.
Human brains, ladies and gentlemen.
Just partially human brains, predominantly human.
University of Nevada, Reno researcher talks matter-of-factly about his plans to euthanize one of the pregnant sheep in a nearby lab.
He can't wait to examine the effects of human cells he has injected into the fetus's brain about two months ago.
It's a mice on a large scale, Chamberlain says with a shrug.
And then it goes on, getting more and more horrifying page by page.
There's one out of the San Diego Tribune, Union Tribune.
Southland Democrat targets San Diego firm's Franken-Kitty plans.
A Los Angeles County Democrat is spearheading a state assembly campaign to make it illegal to sell clone pets in California, including allergy-proof cats being contemplated by the San Diego company.
See, we're back to the future now.
It's 2005.
And so many people cannot come to grips with this, that in laboratories, according to even the Washington Post, and other major scientific publications, like the New Scientist, in places like Argentina and Russia and Malaysia, they have humansies.
That is, they're putting human brains, engineering chimpanzees with human brains, human hearts, human livers, pigs with human brains and human hearts.
Not just enough human genetics so that a transplanted heart or pig liver or chimpanzee liver or baboon heart or liver won't be rejected by the human, the homo sapien, but to where it is, again, almost completely human.
And this just gets minor footnotes in scientific journals.
This is just, again, folks...
They're saying, oh, since it's illegal to clone a human, which it's, by the way, now not illegal in California, New Jersey, and other areas, they can have a purely cloned human in a woman who they pay, she brings the baby to term, has the baby, via a classical vaginal birth or cesarean birth, and then, in New Jersey especially, we've read the bill on air and it passed two years ago, actually keep it alive and use it for body parts.
By adding some animal genes to it, they then claim that it has no rights whatsoever and circumvent all laws.
But we're hearing about private laboratories and universities.
What about all the secret laboratories that for 50 years, actually 57 years now, under the National Security Act have been moving ahead in an unabandoned
Out of control, pell-mell, helter-skelter, bedlam.
Wildly doing whatever they want.
At least 25 to 30 years ahead of what we're even being told about today.
We better have a public debate about this.
We better get informed.
Okay, that is some.
I mean, there is so much news here that is coming up.
That's why I even had some guests today, but I canceled them because I want to take your calls and cover...
The four-inch stack that I haven't even mentioned yet, much less the news I did get into that I haven't really detailed or commented on properly.
We're going to go to Drew and Chris and Paul and Megan and others here in a few minutes.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
But I've had requests to air this.
I've only aired this once, and you can see this video at prisonplanet.tv, just this one little minute and a half clip or less.
But this is just to give you an idea of
The type of stuff that's in my film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State, my preeminent masterpiece that I just completed a few months ago and is now available.
But here I am on C-SPAN, engaging in guerrilla warfare, live on TV, exposing the NWO.
So if you've requested to hear it again, here it is.
Go ahead and roll that.
Let's go back outside of Madison Square Garden for more delegate reaction.
And Susan, of course, the floor is empty, but they're here.
And lest we be accused of not hearing all voices, we cut you off a moment ago.
This is Alex Jones from Austin, Texas, a radio talk show host.
Yes, sir.
With InfoWars.com, both candidates are cousins.
They're skull and bones.
They're bringing in big government and tyranny.
The evidence is clear.
The military-inductual complex was intimately involved in 9-11.
The commission is a complete fraud.
We're losing our freedoms.
Both parties are controlled.
And if we don't wake up and stand up and speak out, this country's going to be destroyed.
Giving up liberty only gives us tyranny.
It does not give us security, and I hope that everybody out there wakes up to this and realizes that America is America because we have the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Everybody should investigate 9-11 and find out who's really behind it.
It's Bush's and the New World Order's Reichstag, and his cousin Kerry isn't going to save you either.
Thank you, prisonplanet.com.
Alex Jones, okay, now... All right, folks, again, that's just 60 seconds of...
Marshall Law, to give you an idea of everything that's covered in this film.
We're going to go to break and come back to strike your calls and news for the balance of the salary, but it's three hours long on DVD, two hours, 35 minutes on VHS.
It is three films in one on the VHS version, really four films in one on the DVD version, with an extra chapter on terrorism and the false left-right paradigm in the United Nations.
Plus my little boat ride around New York being chased by the police boats.
So that's on there, too.
I really hope you'll get it.
It covers 9-11, the police state, and the secret elite and how they operate and what their true plans are.
It is my crowning achievement.
Really, three films in one.
A mini-series.
Go to infowars.com.
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We'll be right back with your calls.
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There's a debate that's been going on for a long time under the radar screen that's now broken out because in places like Florida and Illinois parents that
I mean, should we even have to debate this?
Even if you're for abortion out there, which I'm vehemently against, how on earth could you be
For letting 12-year-olds go and have abortions because the school counselor decides that's the best thing to happen.
I actually have the Houston Chronicle here saying that.
I mean, it's insane.
Drew in Austin, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Drew.
Hi, Alex.
Good to talk to you again.
It's been a while.
I recently got your new video.
It's great.
Although I think that 9-11 voter tyranny would be a close second.
Well, thank you.
The main reason I'm calling, Friday night I was at an art opening at Mexico Arte Museum.
Are you familiar with that?
It's on 5th and Congress.
Our esteemed Lord Perry was there.
He gave an interesting little speech.
He said he looks forward to the day when the Rio Grande will be just a river.
There will be no more boundaries between our two great countries.
Yeah, that's the plan.
That's globalism, free trade area of the Americas, openly getting rid of America.
It's happening.
Our governor says it right there in public.
I wish you would have had a video camera.
I wish I could have made a copy and sent it to you.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Write the details.
You can probably find the text of his speech online somewhere.
Write an article for me and I'll post it.
All right.
Do you have a computer?
No, but I have access.
Okay, well, write an article and send it to me.
And, uh, let me see, what else?
What did people say when he said that?
Oh, they clapped!
Everybody was clapping.
I mean, there were Hispanics, there were whites, there were blacks there.
Everybody just, oh, it was just so great.
This is a good Republican thing to do.
Yeah, well, I'm surprised he was able to break away from his boyfriend long enough to give a speech.
Oh, what are you talking about?
He's a married man.
Well, so is Lord Bush.
Well, we're not going to go there.
All right.
What else is on your mind?
Well, let me see.
I'd like to tell all of these Azuladistas, if you hate Whitey so much, then why do you insist upon speaking a European language?
I mean, Spanish is a European language.
Why don't you speak Azteca?
You know, that's a good idea, Drew.
I appreciate your call.
But seriously...
Get me the details.
Find some news article to back up what you're saying.
I'm sure you can find some of his partial statements in the paper.
I just haven't read the paper today.
And put a little blurb together and email it to tips at infowars.com or the best place to go.
He reads it like five times a day and I read my email once or twice a day.
Go to prisonplanet.com and it says email webmaster.
Send it to Paul Watson.
That's very newsworthy.
Thank you for the call.
Anything else?
Good to hear from you.
Yeah, and for those that just joined us, last week we talked a lot about the Lorican quiche that most Hispanics were not part of.
But that means reconquering the Southwest, but that is funded by the Republican and Democratic parties, the big foundations, by the globalists who want to break this country up.
It's just simple balkanization.
They'll play one black tribe off against another in Africa, or they'll play North against South off in Ireland.
This is just what they do.
It's how they operate.
And we've got to all of us see through this and come together against the NWO.
Chris in Texas.
Chris, go ahead.
I just wanted to say that last night on NBC around 9 o'clock, it was on in another room, the TV, I heard your lead-in music.
And I thought it was your voice, too.
And it went on for about a couple minutes anyway.
And it would start, and I thought it was your voice.
Like I said, it was in another room.
Did you go to the other room and see what it was?
Well, I turned the TV on this room.
By the time I turned it on, it was a sports show on.
But needless to say, being on the network television, I assumed the worst.
Sir, you were probably watching a Star Wars Revenge of the Sith ad.
But I assumed the worst.
I assumed it was some kind of, you know...
Well, no, I was attacked along with Professor Christensen last week on Fox for her 9-11 The Road to Tyranny curriculum.
But that's the latest attack I've seen.
Well, maybe someone else might have heard it, if there was such a thing going on.
All right, anything else?
Well, those people doing all that cloning, I guess they can't believe in God, knowing that they're messing with His creation.
Well, it's very, very dangerous, and a lot of top scientists say that, but it doesn't stop all these companies and universities and private corporations as well as the government from just wildly doing everything.
A bunch of mad scientists.
The island of Dr. Maroon.
Yes, they're so arrogant.
Now, 1962, I remember hearing on the news that they had cloned a live frog.
About a year later, they had closed-door hearings.
You must know this, right?
About human cloning.
It's been going on for a long time.
They're just getting around to telling us about it now.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Look at Communist China.
And then compare it to America.
There they have forced abortion.
In many cases they kill babies that are already born.
If the woman's refused and already had a child, and then arrogantly, as they put it, has another child, they'll drop by and drown the child and take the baby for body parts.
That's been in the mainstream news.
But look at America.
Your 12-year-old tells a school counselor that they're pregnant.
School counselor and the 12-year-old who isn't old enough to make decisions for themselves decides to have an abortion.
Mama and Daddy find out and say no, and they get arrested.
And the government, the nice men in uniforms, take the young girl to have the baby cut out of her.
I know a lot of you out there have had abortions or been part of abortions, and so you defend the pro-abortion, pro-death issue no matter what.
Why don't you just get it off your chest?
Why don't you just repent?
And then you'll get some closure on it.
God will forgive you.
But it's unforgivable to keep going along with this.
What value do we have on life if we continue to kill the unborn?
God's really been laying it on my heart with the abortion issue, and I'm going to be talking about it a lot more.
I talk about it quite a bit, but I'm going to be talking about it a lot more.
If you don't like it, find another radio show to tune into.
That goes for everybody.
Because this is murder.
I mean, the Democrats...
We're for even banning partial birth abortion.
And then Bush got a watered-down version passed that had loopholes in it that basically, well, partial birth abortion is still going on under another name.
And that's babies in their last two months who could be adopted.
And again, most young women you talk to that have had abortions or know people that have, they don't even know that there are scores and scores and scores.
There's hundreds.
There's hundreds.
...of Christian and secular groups, the average is about $80,000, I've researched it, that they will pay a young woman, we're talking $40,000, $50,000, put her up in a house, a car, everything while she's having the baby, and then give her another $40,000 on average, sometimes it's a lot more, after she has the baby.
Women don't know that when they get pregnant.
Now, they know that in South Korea...
And that's why when a woman gets pregnant and the man denies her, because over there it's really bad socially, just like it used to be here, if the man basically refuses the woman and says, I don't recognize the child you're going to have, then that woman's in trouble.
And so hundreds of thousands of Korean children have been adopted, and the families pay, what was I reading on average?
It's like $250,000.
And the woman...
Over there, it gets around 50,000.
They get a lot less over there.
And the agencies here and over there get the lion's share of it.
But there are adoption groups here in the United States.
And it's interesting how this works.
There are more people each year, just a little bit more, a few thousand more on average, who are wanting to adopt on these two- and three- and four-year waiting lists, who are wanting to adopt...
Then there are abortions.
So there are supply and demand.
There are more than enough people who want to adopt those children.
And I always hear the leftists, the phony leftists, who are really ultra-right-wing fascists and didn't know it, if you want to use their false terms and paradigm,
According to their indicators, that's what they are.
If they just looked in the mirror, I've heard it a hundred times.
Ah, nobody wants these black babies.
Nobody wants these Hispanic babies.
Nobody wants these poor white babies.
Are you going to adopt them?
You try to show them the statistics.
No, people do want these babies.
No, they don't.
And so you see this giant market.
About half, because I've been studying this, about half of the children that are taken by CPS...
Are not given to, quote, foster homes, the type where they're warehousing them, where they've got four or five children and that's their business is keeping children.
I'm not saying all those people are bad, but the system is bad.
And statistically, they're five times more likely to be abused in their custody, in state custody.
But about half of them are really good families who are on waiting lists really wanting a healthy, happy baby.
All right?
So, instead of not aborting all these children, and then those children and the young women getting $80,000.
Sometimes it's a lot more.
And a win-win situation, and murder isn't committed, and somebody gets a chance to live and have a life, and a family that wants them gets them.
Look out, young white families, because that's the children that are a premium.
People will pay hundreds of thousands for a black baby, Hispanic baby, Asian baby.
They'll pay 500 grand for a blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby.
And this is an open secret.
And boy, I've been at the hospitals.
I've covered it.
I've even had my cameras inside.
I've been threatened with arrest and covered it.
Poor white family.
Good-looking parents.
Good-looking baby.
Got absolutely nothing wrong, but they're poor.
He's an auto mechanic.
They live in a little one-room apartment.
They went in to get welfare help.
They snatched that child.
They intimidate them.
Cops actually will grab the woman by the back of the neck and say, sign.
I mean, this is not... And they take that baby?
Because you're talking about...
You see, that's another reason they want abortion.
30, 40 years ago, folks, you could adopt a baby in 4 or 5 months if you were barren, if you couldn't have children.
People adopted babies, there wasn't a problem.
So again...
You never heard abortion attack from that angle, did you?
There's no reason, women!
You're missing out on $80,000!
Now, obviously, if they ever got rid of abortion and this happened, you'd get less.
But still, they'd pay for it and pay for you to have the baby and give you some money.
And you wouldn't kill that baby.
Okay, I said I'd take calls, but... I'm spurred to talk about this today because I've got all these headlines here.
Where mothers and fathers are arrested.
They're 12 or 13 year old.
There's a whole bunch of cases.
It's 12, 13, one case there's 11.
We're talking middle school.
We're talking 6th and 7th graders.
They go in and they're pregnant.
And it says right here that the school decides they should have an abortion.
It's like they decide they need to be on Ritalin or Prozac.
How insane is that?
Again, the handbooks they give these social workers and people are the state is the parent now.
They have first dibs.
You don't.
That's a fraud.
We've got to say no to this.
Now, you know people out there who've had abortions, you feel bad about it.
Or if you haven't thought about it, you've hardened your heart, and you need to.
And you need to repent.
And you need to dedicate yourself to fighting this.
It just...
Hurts my heart to think about the innocence that's betrayed.
The innocence that's crushed and smashed.
And just the unholy, monstrous sins that we're committing.
And what is sin?
In my layman's view, it is a crime against the programming.
The programming as a biosphere, as a species, as humanity that we have.
It's doing destructive, cancerous things.
And of all the sins, murdering children is the worst.
Torturing children is the worst.
And heaven help us.
Just heaven help us.
You think you're safe as an old person to not be euthanized when abortion's been pushed for 30 years?
You think you're safe as a young person in a society where we have such little value on life?
We do this.
Women out there without abortions, I know you're listening, you were never told that you would have had that pregnancy paid for and everything taken care of.
And you would have had the distinct good feeling in giving that child up to a family that did want it if you didn't want it.
But nobody told you about that, did they?
Nobody told you.
The body told you that your instances of cancer triple.
That's conservative.
General cancer triples.
It's even higher in the reproductive related organs.
The uterus, the ovaries, the cervix.
Because if that baby's really got a problem 98% of the time, you're going to have a miscarriage.
If there's problems in the development,
Your body is going to reject that child.
That's in God's plan.
That's in nature's plan.
The system God set up.
But when you cut it out, you murder that child in the middle of that cycle.
You reap what you sow.
What comes around goes around.
We don't want this on our heads.
Heaven help us.
We do not want this.
We have been sold on so much evil.
Okay, I'll go to your calls.
I just really wanted to talk about that.
Let's go back.
Paul in Texas.
Paul, go ahead.
Well, man, I appreciate you staying, Alex.
Yes, sir.
You know, my dad's a Baptist preacher.
I'm a Christian, and if the preachers were doing their jobs like they're supposed to be and the people that call themselves Christians...
You know, this society is just so degraded by this satanic system put in.
There's no reason to even have abortions!
I know, man.
No one tells these women this!
You know, for every child a woman has, she tags four years on her life, up until after three children, then it actually starts taking years off.
No, I didn't know that.
Well, hey, brother, a question I called about.
Man, I noticed yesterday in Austin this chemtrail situation is getting crazy.
I used to just see it early in the morning.
Now I'm seeing it in the middle of the day, and it's so blatant.
I see it on TV commercials.
I see it on TV programs in the background.
Could you just shed a little light about what you know about what this is about?
My parents came over yesterday, and we're in the backyard.
And my mother looked at me, and she said, Son, because she might listen one day a week, and my parents live here in Austin.
But she's not super into the New World Order.
She's starting to get into it, though, because it makes sense.
She's a history major.
And she said, son, when I was a child, when I was a young woman just a few years ago, we've always lived near airports in big cities, and why is the whole sky trails?
She said, we've been here for an hour, and that trail's still there getting bigger.
And she said, what is it?
And my dad, you know, he's got a pilot's license.
He's been flying since he was 14 years old.
He was taught out on the farm by the next-door neighbor.
He was a fighter ace from World War II.
So he's been flying since he was 14.
Helicopters, too.
And my dad said, yeah, I don't know why in the last six, seven years.
Right, Dad?
And he goes, yeah.
Those trails, I mean, I remember as a child.
They'd fly over and disappear in 30 seconds to two minutes.
Yesterday, I was at the neighborhood pool swimming.
I looked up, and here come three fighter jets.
They had to be 45,000 feet.
And they left three trails, and I left the pool.
They flew by when I got there.
Forty-five minutes later, the trails were still there.
I got home.
They were still there.
But there were trails at 2,000 feet, giant trails, and by the end of the day, it was just pure cloud cover, 80% cloud cover with these trails.
And I want to know, if these are ice crystals...
So in our face.
They'll be jets right by other jets at the very same level in the atmosphere, the same strata.
And they're not leaving trails, but another jet is.
Oh, wow.
And, oh, yeah.
And I thought about making a film about Ken Trails, you know, a real film about him.
Because all the films I see about him don't show all the admissions.
3,000 open-air tests on the people, 1,300 on the military, chemical biological spraying.
They're doing tests all the time.
Just type biological tested over Oklahoma.
You'll get articles last year.
I mean, they've done this before.
But then there's kooks out there that point at any contrail and go, look, they're spraying as it disappears.
No, everything is in a trail.
But something has changed.
Something's going on.
And we cannot ignore it.
Yeah, I feel like there's a stoplight.
I want to look at the people next to me and say, do you see this up here?
Does that not stand out to you?
You know, do you look up at the sky?
Well, I know this.
I mean, we never...
It'll be a perfectly blue sky in the morning, or sometimes at night it's already filled, or the sun comes up and the sky's filled, but a lot of days it's a blue sky, and all of a sudden it's just trails.
And they don't go... I mean, folks, I have sat there before.
Four hours later, the same trail is... Thanks for the call.
I mean, explain it to me.
There are different weathermen
That have gone public.
And that have been out there talking about all of this.
That work for major TV stations.
That are seeing weather patterns they've never witnessed.
That watch these jets get in front of a weather system and spray, do something, and then it breaks it down.
I don't know.
I mean, I've got a tape listener sent me, and then later I even saw it myself on TV live.
It was actually being transmitted, and it was that show, Atmospheres.
It was called Weather Wars on the Weather Channel, and it showed in the 60s they could do this.
There's a Russian firm you can hire for a million and a half bucks.
They'll go anywhere in the world and guarantee clear skies for you.
They've got antenna arrays that do it.
They admit HAARP can do this.
We have the patents.
I don't know what's going on, folks, but it's scary.
Is it frequency pollution?
Is it causing it to resonate in the atmosphere by the different transmission systems we now have?
Some scientists think that, that it's causing a resonation in the atmosphere that's resonating with ice crystals and forming something.
We don't know.
I mean, we know they're doing some spraying.
They're doing some testing.
We know they've got antenna arrays manipulating the atmosphere.
It's a bunch of different things.
It's not one thing.
Let's talk to Megan in Pennsylvania.
Hi, Alex.
Two things, actually.
One was an article I saw on rents.com that you might want to look at of a big, huge 10,000 people protesting last week outside the Israeli consulate in New York.
And they were all orthodox Jews, and it was not covered by the regular media.
Yeah, that's an Ashkenazi group.
I think so.
Yeah, and they get the Nutri-Cardi, and they get ignored every year when they protest.
Okay, but the other thing, you've already been talking a lot about what I've been thinking about a lot lately.
My husband's a lot more vocal about things than I am.
I'll give people articles because I figure they need something to back it up, but we'll just kind of lay it on them, but
You know, it's just interesting, and maybe there's just somebody that you could get who's more of a theologian than I am that could explain what is going on with these.
I don't go to church because I think they're just corrupt beyond belief, but how sometimes Danny, my husband, will be talking to someone who's a Christian about how their children are being poisoned by all these different vaccines and all these different
And the response is just, well, you know what?
We all got to die of something.
And I just don't understand how you could be... No, it's a nihilistic, so what?
I'm so self-centered, I don't even love my own children.
Exactly, and it's very depressing to me that that's how people are being taught.
They're learning it somewhere.
It's very sad.
The answer is...
They're watching three or four hours of TV today.
That's true.
I mean, have you watched TV, how evil it is?
Yeah, it's... I mean, the president's wife says she's a desperate housewife.
Oh, and the whole hubbub about that.
You know, a show about women having sex with teenagers.
I mean, you know, she's just making a joke.
Thanks for the call.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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We're going to go back to your calls, then start the next hour and get into some news, and then back into your calls.
Wide open phones today at 1-800-259-9231.
During the break, I was just mulling over the state of affairs in the world today.
Believe me, if 400 cities and 4 states hadn't thrown out the Patriot Act, if people weren't marching around the White House with signs saying, Bush did it, Bush knew...
If people weren't jumping up on C-SPAN saying the government carried out 9-11, if the population wasn't angry about the TIPS program and the Wave and Save program and the Citizen Corps program and the plans for forced inoculations through the Model States Hold Emergency Powers Act, if the population wasn't angrily resisting the New Freedom Initiative for forced psychological testing, if we weren't fighting the open borders,
We're good to go.
They've got those in in 35% of the country right now, though we're fighting the installation of the rest of them.
Now, there's a reason they're getting so arrogant.
Because if they get those in, then it's not going to matter how we vote.
But then we've still got the jury box, the grand jury box, another way we vote.
We also have the power of the boycott, another way we can vote and resist and exercise our power.
But it takes discipline to do that.
We can also protest and demonstrate.
That's why they've got so many riot police and microwave guns and sound cannons ready in these warehouses, these FEMA centers in major populated areas.
They know they've got stuff planned that we're going to resist and get very upset about, and they're going to try to put their foot down when that happens.
But if enough people know who's behind the social turmoil that's coming, if enough people know the government's been taken over and isn't legitimate, we may be able to short-circuit them.
So let's stand up against these ivory tower bureaucrats and their owners.
Let's defend liberty and humanity and beauty and creativity.
Let's have honor.
And let's stand at this historical crossroads.
Just in 30 seconds, my new film, Martial Law, is out.
You can get it at InfoWars.com or watch it online at PrisonPlanet.tv or call toll-free to get a copy.
The wait is over.
In the next hour, I've only done this one other time on my show, I'm going to air some clips from the film where I confront David Gergen and others and the secret police.
And I think I'll play that Cynthia McKinney eight-minute clip again, too, because I've only played that once and we keep getting requests for it.
So a lot of clips and your calls coming up in the next two hours.
Right now, let's go to John in Boston.
John, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
How are you today?
Good, my friend.
I just wanted to... A couple things.
Here in Massachusetts, in Lexington, as a matter of fact, there was an incident a couple days ago where a
Where a school sent home some information with a seven-year-old.
And it was Heather has two mommies and Steve has two daddies or something.
The father complains, so they arrested him.
You got it.
He may be with Al-Qaeda.
Of course, yeah.
He's only protesting his child's development, doing it the right way.
But also the Snellgrove case, there's a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the city of Boston right now for that incident.
For those who don't know, Peaceful Woman, 22 years old, about to graduate from college.
They blew her eyeball out into her brain.
Whole part of the new freedom.
Shot her at 10 feet away.
Go ahead.
Also, just real quick.
Took my family out for ice cream this past weekend.
Go into one ice cream shop.
There's a bunch of high school kids there.
The kids are wearing...
Unbelievable things.
Like one kid had a hat on that said, I only date a crack addict.
Something like that.
Just another symptom of what's going on.
Listen, Target has really vile shirts for the children.
And the parents buy this for them.
I'm only 29 years old.
I feel like I'm 65, 70 years old looking at these kids.
The pace of life is being quickened.
Stay there.
I'll let you finish up.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Blasting into hour number two.
You're in the middle of the Info War as we defend the Republic from enemies.
Foreign and domestic, I'm here live on the Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, going out on a growing list of wonderful, fabulous, brave AM and FM affiliates, simulcasting on the internet at Infowars.com and Infowars.net.
Global shortwave during the day.
The first two hours at 9.985 and the third hour at 9.975, I believe.
Right around in there.
Who knows?
And then at night at 3210.
And, of course, on several different satellite systems for you as well.
I mentioned a lot of news the first and last hour.
Didn't get into a lot of detail.
I'll try to in this hour.
I've also got some audio clips coming up that are very interesting.
With David Gergen and others about the Satanic New World Order.
Proof is stranger than fiction.
Just a bunch of other news.
The debate all over the country is centering on Florida, where the school and the 13-year-old want to abort the child.
The parents say no, so the government's getting involved.
The courts say kill the child.
But in Illinois, there's even worse cases, and in Texas, where they actually come and
With 12 and 11 year olds who want to have abortions with the state, the parents say no, so they arrest the parents.
So I want to get into that.
There's just so much here.
A bunch of cloning news.
Right now, let's go back to John in Boston who got cut short in the last hour.
He brought up the case in Boston where they sent home what they call sensitivity training books.
A whole bag of books the parents are to read with the children, part of their curriculum.
And in there is the Heather Has Two Mommies book, and the father went to an official school meeting, and they wouldn't say that they would not teach his child this in class.
It's an elementary student, by the way.
I've got to dig the article out.
I think he's in what?
Is it fifth grade?
And so they arrested him.
But go ahead and finish up what you were saying there, John.
Well, I was just saying that things are getting crazy out here with all this stuff going on.
I mean, it was just that kid in Fall River.
Yeah, they handcuffed another first grader last week or two weeks ago.
It was the five-year-old.
And I just wanted to comment on the kids who were in high school.
It took three cops for a five-year-old girl.
Because everybody watched, by the way.
Oh, and of course there was a camera.
See, we're just so used to cameras being in the classroom, we get to see it.
So now it's part of entertainment for the police to release this footage of a five-year-old.
No prophecy, no nothing.
And just a quick comment on those kids, those high school kids.
I saw this ice cream shop.
They're in a large group talking profanely.
And this is a place where there's a bunch of kids.
I mean, I have a three-year-old son.
He's seeing this.
He's seeing this.
Luckily, he can't read what's on their shirts and their hats.
And my wife, who's from San Francisco and is rather liberal, she couldn't even believe it.
It was just... Look, I mean, they sell the shirts at the major stores that attack homeschooling and then say stuff like, I'm a whore, stuff like you said, I only date crack addicts, and they let their 10, 11, 12, 13-year-olds wear those.
You're talking about high school kids.
It's much worse than that.
And the parents just turn their children over to the society.
I would be ashamed for not only me, but my family, if I was ever seen wearing something like that.
Well, explain to your children, or your son as he gets older, that this was done by the government, by design, to ruin those children to make sure they get into the system.
The globalists don't want strong individuals.
And if you explain to your child that way, that this is the establishment, that this is the establishment way to act, you can take that inherent rebellion and you can...
Put it into the converse of it, or inverse it, the reverse of it, and he'll be unprogrammable by them.
That's it.
Put it to good use.
That's right.
Well, thank you, Alex.
Thank you for the call.
Yes, we've got to wake our children up.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
The new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the New World Order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I tend to do things a little bit different than most radio talk show hosts.
I tend to have a lot of Monday broadcasts be open phones instead of a Friday broadcast.
Because so much has happened over the weekend.
So much important news items have basically piled up.
So we've got wide open phones for the full three hours.
We've got an hour and 51 minutes, 10 seconds left on this Monday edition.
It is May 2, 2005.
I'm going to get into some news real fast, and then we're going to go to Steve and Elizabeth and J.R.
and Dave and George and many, many others.
And as soon as you hear me go to calls, you're welcome to try to get in on the lines.
We'd love to hear from you.
All right, let me just plunge into the news.
13-year-old's abortion case continues.
This is out of the Associated Press.
I've got another one here out of the Houston Chronicle, an editorial that I agree with.
Girls who get abortions need parents, period.
Here's another one out of the Enterprise.
Parents have a right to know about abortion.
How radical is that idea?
I mean, regardless of which side of the abortion debate you're on,
We've seen a shift in the last 10 years from the majority of Americans, the vast majority being for abortion, to the vast majority being against it, by the way, because people are learning about abortion.
They're learning about the facts of abortion.
It's never too late to admit the facts of abortion.
Like I mentioned last hour, that there are more people every year wanting to adopt children than there are abortions.
Did you know that?
It's a nature set up that way.
But they don't tell you that.
No, CPS goes and grabs innocent people's children to feed the adoption hunger, the adoption business, instead of just telling young women, hey, there's groups that will pay you 80 grand on average, sometimes more, sometimes less, to have that child.
And we'll give you money after you have the child.
And you'll be able to know where the child is placed and what happens, and that it's through a good, reputable agency.
No, just... But now the pro-death people... And again, I have a bunch of cases.
I have Texas.
I have Illinois.
I have New York.
I have Florida.
The worst case, and you see these every week, is from about a month ago.
One of the worst cases lately is a month ago out of Illinois.
Twelve-year-old girl.
Some as young as eleven, but this case is twelve.
And she goes into... She just turned thirteen.
A few months ago she was twelve.
She wants to have an abortion.
And she doesn't tell her parents.
Her boyfriend's gotten her pregnant.
And so she goes to the school counselor and they go, okay, we'll get you with Planned Parenthood and we're going to let you have an abortion.
The mother found out and tried to show up at the abortion clinic.
Now imagine, it's your child.
You show up trying to stop it.
They arrested her.
They arrested her.
Can you imagine?
Now, again, I've said this a hundred times.
I'll say it again.
Remember when we all went to the zoo or the planetarium or the Natural History Museum to look at the dinosaur fossils?
I mean, I remember up until, I guess, I was about 14 and they stopped doing field trips, the permission slip would go home.
I remember one time I even forgot to get it signed, and I had to stay in the library all day when I was in middle school.
Didn't get to get on the bus and drive into the city and go look at dinosaur bones.
I was very upset.
Because, I guess it was 7th grade or 6th grade, I had forgotten to do that.
But in the 6th or 7th grade, if I was a girl, and I wanted to get an abortion, hey, A-OK, we'll just take you without your parents knowing and we'll murder that baby.
Now, I mean, some of you have a view that it's not a human being, so let's kill it.
That's not true, but let's say your view is right.
Okay, can you have your appendix taken out without telling your parents?
Can you have a tooth drilled without telling your parents?
Can you have, say, Botox if they wanted to give that to 12-year-olds, which I now hear is happening, without telling your parents?
Could they work on your hangnail without telling your parents?
Did they give you drugs without telling them?
Well, yeah, they're trying to do it.
They've been doing it.
Well, the school orders you to go on Ritalin.
So, I mean, this is the state saying they're the parents.
And the debate is all centered around Florida, where the government, the judicial, and one branch of social workers want the 13-year-old to be able to kill the baby, but CPS is rightfully saying, uh-uh, we're not getting involved in this.
But they're being ordered by the courts to snatch the child.
It never ends.
And I don't know, I think it's a really big deal, and I think it's something we should talk about.
And there are people out there so warped, I hear them on radio and TV, I don't watch much TV, and this has been on TV over the weekend, I probably watched 15 minutes, other than the hour and a half I watched of David Ray Griffin on C-SPAN, that I'll talk about later if I have time, exposing 9-11.
And there they were, saying this is a good thing.
You know, doesn't this girl have the right to decide?
If that was the case, then 13-year-olds could get married.
If that was the case, 13-year-olds could move out of the house.
If that was the case, 13-year-olds could have body mutilation and chop their arms off.
Thousands of people a year, by the way, are having their legs and arms chopped off now.
It's a new fad, and you're a bigot.
You're a hate monger, a xenophobe, if you're against this new group that likes to chop their arms and legs off.
Tens of thousands chopping fingers off.
It's just another side issue.
I'm close-minded because I think that should be illegal.
But, you know, what's next?
You're a 13-year-old who wants to chop their legs off.
Oh, yeah, some people have both legs chopped off.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
I mean, this is how crazy everything has gotten.
Oh, boy, what are we going to do as a society?
Well, the state, over and over again, has been popularized by sitcoms and movies, shows like Judging Amy, where the 12-year-old wants to leave home because their parents are bad, and is allowed to.
Is allowed to go with a wonderful social worker and get a new family.
So they're selling us this idea that, no, your children, if they don't agree with you, can go to the state.
And then in so many of these cases that I've seen, these brats do get taken from their family.
There have been cases of a 12-year-old, this was about four years ago, in Oregon.
And the mother was a Christian, and the mother made her go to church every Sunday morning, just once a week.
And that was considered to be abusive, and the mother then complained about the sexual education that was teaching homosexuality.
And the 12-year-old was taken and given to a lesbian couple.
Who then began pimping her out, and last time she was seen, she was running naked in chains down the road, begging for help.
This was in the newspaper.
And the police gave her back to the lesbians.
So watch what you ask for, young'uns out there.
You want to be taken from your family, the government will be more than happy to oblige you in that.
What we have is criminals taking over the government.
And horrors that we find hard to even believe or imagine are every day.
I've got a whole stack of news on this.
I could spend an hour on one of these articles, but I don't have time.
This is the New York Daily News.
High-tech taxes coming soon to taxis.
We'll all have an automatic taxation and tracker transponder in the car, and you'll pay by credit card.
It'll also track who you are and where you drove and what you did, and you'll have to pay this way.
That's the new system.
And see, it just starts there.
It's already going in everywhere else.
They've got a bill in Texas that looks like it may pass.
They put a transponder and all inspection stickers and tax you by the miles, says it in the bill.
The average person has no idea this is going on.
You tell them this, they'll giggle at you and say you're crazy.
Cameras to be placed in city buildings.
I have about eight articles like this today.
This is out of the Daily Northwestern.
By late summer, reading a book in the Evanston Public Library or taking a swim off the Dempster Street Beach will all be done on camera.
The City Council voted 6-2.
To put up hundreds of cameras watching everything you do.
And as usual, Lockheed Martin and defense companies are involved.
And they admit that it is a warfare model control system is what they call it.
Same systems that they're going to set up in Iraq.
For total control.
Going in everywhere.
That's just one town.
I've got eight of these articles.
Not going to read the rest of them.
Continuing with these type of reports that I have here.
Folks, there is just so many of these.
Police to get laser guns.
Yes, this is mainstream news.
One in every 138 Americans down behind bars currently.
We've got all the groups on parole or probation in the system.
I mean, I don't know where to start.
There's just so many of these.
I'll get to the laser beams.
You thought tasers were bad.
I'll get to the laser beam from the Scotsman and from the New Scientist later.
Because, again, there's just too many of these to cover them all.
Coming up a little bit later, I'm also going to... I've only done this one other time on this show.
I'm going to do it one more time.
In the next month.
But I'm going to play, there's been so many requests, some clips from my film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
To actually be precise, these are raw clips that came before I even finished the film that I put on the website, where I confront David Gergen.
There's even more details in the film.
And where I confront the secret police cop out there taking photos of protesters, and where I confront Michael Moore.
We'll play those clips later in this hour after we take some calls.
Then I'll get into genetic mingling mixes human and animal cells.
We're talking about goats and pigs with human brains, complete human brains.
Also, Southland Democrat targets San Diego firm's Frank and Kitty plans.
This is out of the San Diego Union Tribune.
They're going to have flown dogs and cats for sale very soon.
They've already sold some on a limited basis.
helping to start its withdrawal from Iraq in December.
More car bombs over there as things get worse and worse, but that's not really in the headlines anymore.
We're supposed to forget about that.
Everything's fine.
Major military operations are over.
Mission accomplished, as they said so.
We'll be right back.
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Pope John II is already being acclaimed a saint.
During his 26 years, he's canonized 482 saints.
The one saint that stands out in my mind is Saint Maria Faustina, a poor, uneducated Polish nun.
Christ appeared to her over 100 times in the 1930s and instructed her to keep a diary of the message he wanted to give to the world.
This message is nothing new, just a reminder of what the Church has always taught, that God is merciful and forgiving, excluding no one.
And if we too must show mercy and forgiveness to our neighbor, Christ has asked us to honor His mercy.
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I've experienced the power of divine mercy and know the miracles that have taken place in my life.
Christ will pour out His mercy and love to you in great abundance.
Let's go back to your calls.
Thanks for being patient.
Fellow Texan, let's talk to Steve.
Steve, welcome.
Hello, sir.
Thanks for giving me a voice today.
I'd like to say a few things.
The first one is about Social Security and then I'd like to talk about the nuclear deal, the ongoing nuclear there.
I'm on Social Security and what happened was the year after the President was elected, you know, when he
When we were in war, after the war had started, my cost of living was usually increased by $10 a year, and it was $45 a month the year before when he was elected.
And then the year after he was elected, it was $13 a month.
So they reduced it.
I mean, the president, this is the first president that ever got into the Social Security Fund.
And I was on another talk show the other day.
That's not true.
Well, he may have been set up by Clinton.
I don't know.
No, they all work, they all vacation together, sir.
It's admitted now.
Clinton's, quote, a member of the family.
It's all staged.
Look, look, look.
The current Social Security system's bad.
The new system Bush is trying to give us is bad.
It all brings control.
We never should have gotten in this position to begin with.
It's almost just a huge mindless debate.
Apples and oranges.
What even comes out of this?
And yes, yes, he has been raiding the Social Security Fund.
There's nothing in it, sir.
It goes in the general fund.
That is a myth that you have an account.
You're right.
They've been raiding.
Look, sir, there's three trillion smackers plus.
It's the only surplus?
Missing, missing, missing, missing from the Pentagon.
Okay, they're stealing, they're robbing.
This is a group that ran Enron who had fake computers for members of Congress when they came to look at it.
Fake big computer boards on the wall with fake trading going on.
The mercantile's the same.
It's all staged, sir.
They just make up numbers, whatever they want to say they are at the end of the day.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, okay.
On the nuclear thing, there was a...
It's a joke.
It takes five years to get any reactors up.
It won't affect our energy.
It's a scam.
He says he's going to open up Alaska.
They've got enough in current fields that they opened up the spigots to totally supply this country.
It's a total fraud.
It's all a fraud.
Go ahead.
I used to work for Halliburton years ago, and I can tell you a few things about that company.
I'll shut up.
Tell us.
Go ahead.
I used to drive for them, and they would make me fix my logbooks
You know, in the state of Texas, you're only allowed to drive, or at the time, 80 hours on the road behind an 18-wheeler.
And so they would make, they would drive, I would actually end up working for them so much that I would drive like 145 hours a week.
And they wouldn't pay you for that?
Well, no, they made me change my record books that have to be audited or, you know, looked at by the state.
And how did you get paid for that?
Well, they paid me my money, but they made me falsify their document.
You could take that stub and show a two-week paycheck and show how many hours that calculated out to, and I'd report that.
Back in those days, I was... The way they've got it set up, with our truck drivers competing with all these third-world populations now, they've got to break those rules to make a living.
You know that.
Well, Halliburton, they did a lot of things.
Like once, they had this rule that was in the contract that we signed.
In their yard, they wanted to do a search for any kind.
If you had a shotgun shell, they were going to fire you.
If you had a roach, they were going to fire you.
If you had a firearm or anything, they would fire you.
So they sealed off the whole entire...
Well, as employers, that's their right to do.
I mean, you didn't own the truck.
Look, if you're going to go after Halliburton, there's some real reasons to go after it.
They did.
They searched all over.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you, Steve.
We'll come back and talk.
I've got to go quicker to the calls.
I mean, I love the callers.
We just talked for like three or four minutes with that caller.
I've got to give each caller 90 seconds.
Elizabeth, J.R., Dave, George, many, many others, toll-free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
I'm going to take five more calls, then I'm going to play some audio clips, and I'm going to go back in the news and continue with calls.
There's so much coming up, so please stay with us.
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We're going to take some calls and I'm going to get into the Iraq situation.
Some of the latest police state developments.
We're going to play...
My confrontation with David Gergen, you've heard us talk about it, but we've only played the clip once before, where he gets very upset when I bring up the rituals that they engage in at Bohemian Grove.
But right now, let's go back to the calls.
Elizabeth in Maryland, you're on the air.
Thank you, Alex.
We were thrilled to get your new video.
Oh, thank you for getting it.
Oh, yes.
We're really thrilled, and I'm glad it was VHS so we could make many copies, and I've started.
And I want to say something about your wonderful video, and I want to say that you've gladdened my heart by deciding to take this opportunity
Total stand against the abortion and the cloning.
Because you remember, I told you the first time I ever heard you was June 2, 2003, about the children being killed at the top by the elitists and torture and all of the things that were happening.
And I think if the Lord is going to have any mercy to hold back this time of judgment, it will be if people's hearts start turning against the abortion and the harming of the children.
So I applaud you.
Well, thank you, Elizabeth.
I applaud you.
It's hidden in plain view.
I mean, I always criticize abortion and expose it, but, I mean, this is really such a key issue.
Fifty-plus million children, and these young women don't know that there are more people wanting to adopt than there are abortions each year.
And there's groups that will pay.
For you to have the child and then even give you an endowment afterwards.
Yes, I didn't even know that.
So you've educated me, I think, and many other women on that today.
And you know, in your video, it's all good.
The first part is good with the protesters, the corporate fascism, showing things like the Fuji blimp, and that really caught my hubby's eye because he saw one at Bowie, Maryland.
He said, that's the one I saw.
He knew.
And the long-range acoustical devices, all that, that was very good.
But I want to tell you, your crowning masterpiece is the last part about the death's head culture.
When you got really in there, it was so penetrating and so important.
It's enthralling.
I'd have to say this year, if I could only buy two videos, it would be Megiddo 2 by Chris Pinno.
And I hope you can get him on and have a dialogue with him about your work and his work.
Because both of you went to the heart of the Hitler ideal and this death head, the skull and bones, how you went underneath.
It isn't just a little fraternity thing.
And you know, often we heard those clips, Tim Russert talking to the candidates, but when I saw it visually and saw the expressions on their faces, I said to my husband, look at this.
This is new.
This is really interesting.
So Alex, I want to commend you and thank you.
Well, thank you, Elizabeth.
Take care.
And I do hope people do get the film.
in Texas.
Go ahead, J.R.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Good to talk to you again.
Good to talk to you.
Yeah, thanks.
I wanted to mention real quick about the chemtrails.
Lately I've been seeing a lot and a lot of chemtrails over here in south Texas, you know, in the afternoon, and they stay up there for over four or six hours.
Yeah, and again, folks, six, seven years ago,
Airplanes, trails, never stayed up there more than two minutes.
Four hours, low in the atmosphere on warm days.
This isn't supposed to be able to happen.
Something's going on.
Even pilots are pointing it out.
And I was also told that a lot of international flights from Houston going into Mexico pass over here every day.
And, I mean, I think it's strange that these flights originate from the George Bush era.
Intercontinental Airport in Houston, which I believe is part-owned by the Bin Ladens as well.
So I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.
They own another airport in Houston together.
Oh, wow.
And I just wanted to mention real quick, Alex, too.
I know I've talked to you about this briefly before.
I don't know if I'm the only guy who thinks this way or if I'm crazy or what, but I have a strong belief that once this is over...
After whatever happens, once we put the New World Order behind bars, I think it's our obligation, and I think we should rebuild the Miro building in Oklahoma City as well as the World Trade Center in New York, following the example that you gave with the church in Waco rebuilding.
So I strongly feel that way about that.
Well, thank you for the call.
I appreciate it, J.R.
And again, for those who don't know the details, I'm not a Branch Davidian.
But we built a memorial church for all those that died up there.
We did that with the listeners, and that was really a historical thing we did back in 1999.
I want to commend all of you.
We've just had the 12th anniversary of that slaughter.
Let's now go ahead and talk to Dave in Michigan.
Dave, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I read an article on World Net Daily regarding the missiles that Iran are launching, testing them as far as mid-air detonation for the purpose of launching electromagnetic pulse weapons over the United States.
The same article also mentioned the 9-11 Commission pointing this out, as well as Homeland Security being alerted and trying to fight this.
And of course, over the weekend, North Korea just fired a missile off the coast of Japan.
I mean, that's a real threat that Rumsfeld helped give them nuclear reactors to produce nuclear weapons fissile material, but nobody wants to talk about that.
I mean, whether it's aspartame or Prozac or anything evil Rumsfeld's involved, weapons to Saddam, this guy's a piece of work.
No, that is propaganda.
Iran has said they'll defend themselves.
I'm not defending Iran either.
You know, it's like a lower-level demon compared to Satan itself.
Just ridiculous.
Iran does not have missiles that could hit the United States.
Pakistan and North Korea do.
That's what I thought.
When I saw the two organizations mentioned in this article, this has got to be propaganda.
And the 9-11 Commission says we need a bigger police state to keep us safe.
They're complaining that we haven't given up all our rights.
But the border's wide open.
They're not complaining about the border being wide open, though.
Of course.
In your movie, Martial Law, when the reporter asks,
He says it's time for politics because they were going into the election and he's saying this is political.
Okay, so that was his way of just tap dancing around the question.
Yeah, and then we show all the documents where they did know.
Right, right, of course.
Of course they knew.
It's like saying Alex Jones knew he was going to do a radio program today.
Yeah, because I'm the one doing it.
Thanks for the call, Dave.
George in Canada.
George, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Yes, sir.
I'd like to bring up a couple of points in the abortion issue.
And last weekend was just a bumper crop in the British press.
I don't know if you saw the article, Beauty Salons Fuel Trade in Aborted Babies.
They're paying women in the Ukraine to get pregnant so they can abort their babies and take the stem cells and use them... I knew that was going on out of China.
They melt down the baby collagen to inject into people's lips.
I mean, that's BBC, folks.
But no, I didn't see the new one.
Tell me about it.
Within the Observer last weekend...
The 17th.
Please email that to me immediately.
And for 10,000 British pounds in Moscow, you can take this anti-aging treatment.
And another little thing about stem cells, I found in a very obscure newspaper called the Iceland Review.
An American company called Zytos, which does stem cell research, has set up their research facilities in Iceland because there's no religious crazies up there like us to rock the boat.
Yeah, there's these crazies that don't want goats and pigs with human brains.
Not partially human brains, with human brains.
What's wrong with that?
What's wrong with spider goats and, oh, spider cows?
I just learned they got spider cows.
What's wrong with that?
Well, in my world... I mean, top bio weapons experts say it's deadly dangerous and could give rise to spin-off super viruses, but let's just do it open air.
We're crazy.
We don't want proteogen in 96 locations to plant pharmacological corn that has live AIDS virus in it.
What's wrong with us?
We must be with Al-Qaeda.
Well, I'll be with them before I go to practicing abortion for profit.
Like, the New World Order is just turning aborted babies into a cash crop.
And that is just so disgusting.
And so many top scientists, even that are pro-abortion, will admit adult stem cells are better than fetal stem cells.
They're not as good, they're better.
There is no reason to do this.
Except for their human sacrifice.
And you always bring up torture.
That weekend as well, there was a comment in the Sunday Telegraph on the 17th
It was called, The Police Might Not Be Allowed to Arrest the Next Ryerson Terrorist.
And it comes out that that Ryerson thing in England was fake.
We've been reporting that for three years.
But the picture that went with the comment is just like you describe and how they legitimize torture.
There's a man tied to a chair with a pail over his head with eyes cut out, and they've got him hooked up to the battery to give him electroshock torture.
We're all going to get killed if we don't start torturing.
And so if anybody thinks you're off the wall because you expose this evil and how far they want to go, no, the mainstream people are evil because they want to do it.
You just want to expose it.
That's it.
The globalists that carry out the New World Order have to warp all our minds.
Thanks for the call.
I'm about to play these clips.
We'll go to John and others later.
This is the point.
I'm not tooting my horn.
It's that I understand the program.
You need to listen to me and check out what I'm saying for yourself and find out it's true.
Before 9-11, I was talking about torture, because I was reading government documents and plans, and law enforcement publications where they were promoting torture as good.
You know, using these little psychological games of, a guy's got anthrax, he's going to kill a thousand people, if we don't torture him, he's not going to tell us, shouldn't we torture him?
Yes, the answer is torture.
All these law enforcement magazines, April issue 2000, firearms and weapons of law enforcement, boom, there's an example.
Law enforcement magazines, you know.
Arrest anybody with an anti-UN sticker.
Major publications.
Hundreds of publications.
The terrorists are about to attack.
Give up all your rights when they do.
They're going to attack the World Trade Center.
Give up all your rights when it happens.
So I get on the air and I say, expose the government terrorists.
Expose Donald, you know.
They're going to attack the World Trade Center.
They're going to blame it on bin Laden, who's CIA.
He's going to take the blame.
Call the White House.
And then in my film, Road to Tyranny, made three years plus.
Released in early 2002.
Over like three years and three months ago.
And I talk about torture, torture, torture.
They're torturing, they're torturing.
They're going to promote torture.
Folks, I know their program.
Speaking of films, here is a clip where I confront David Gergen, and this is like 12 minutes long in the actual documentary, with all the details.
And then we go into a clip where I'm confronting a secret police officer with his camera, taking photos of people at Ground Zero.
Then I confront Michael Moore.
Just small segments from the film.
Here it is, and then we'll come right back with more news in your calls.
One last question.
I read a Washington Times article many years ago where you had a comment about the organization, and then now it's been in the Wall Street Journal, it's been in a lot of different newspapers, and that's the Bohemian Grove.
And back in, what was it, 1996 when you joined as a Clinton advisor, the Republicans were criticizing you, oh, what about Bohemian Grove?
And then you countered them by saying, hey, I don't run around in the woods naked.
What did that mean?
I don't know what quote you're referring to.
I'm not aware of any quote like that.
Listen, I am a happy member of the Bohemian Grove.
I like the folks who come there.
And it's really inappropriate for me to talk about the group beyond that.
Thank you.
Have you been there for the ceremony with the cremation of care?
Frankly, I don't think that's something I need to talk to you about.
Have you been there for the ceremony with the cremation of care?
Frankly, I don't think that's something I need to talk to you about.
That's right.
Well, I'm Alex Jones, and I snuck in there in 2000.
I'm the guy that blew it wide open and got the video.
It's been on national TV.
Well, I disrespect you for that.
You do?
But it's a lot of big public officials going in there.
I do.
Don't we deserve to know?
I don't know anything about you, and I don't know anything about your film.
But if you go in there with an understanding, you violated that understanding by releasing that film, and I don't respect you for that.
I'm sorry, you took an understanding when you went in there that you would not do that film.
Did you have an understanding when you went in there?
Did you crash it?
Yeah, and it has no trespassing signs there too, does it?
No, they put them on after.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, sir.
I know what the circumstances are, and I'm sorry you violated the understandings.
I've been there before.
That was not a gentlemanly thing to do.
But what about the ritual?
Is the ritual gentlemanly?
Sir, I don't owe you this comment.
This is what's called ambush journalism, and I disrespect you for that as well.
So thank you, and goodbye.
That's none of your damn business.
Listen, listen.
You go around and make understandings with people and violate them.
You ambush people on the streets, and that's an inappropriate form of journalism.
If you wish to practice that, that's fine.
But don't ask others to respect you for it.
You can do your free American like anything you want.
If you want to be uncivil and rude and ungentlemanly, that's up to you.
But don't expect the rest of us to say, oh, well, you're... I'm sorry, nobody says policy in there.
We try to be gentlemen, and obviously, you don't belong there.
Weaving spiders coming out here?
They're getting him.
Gonna make you a star.
Better hold it up there all day.
Gonna run you through our biometric system and get your name.
Who do you work for?
Do you work for City of New York just to document people?
Well, you need to tell us.
I mean, you know, this is a free contract.
I mean, this is disgusting.
Get some more of this guy.
There's your badge.
Can we have your badge number, please?
Who's your boss?
Officer, can you tell me this guy's badge number?
Secret police?
Just covers his badge up?
Secret police in America.
Out photographing people.
See yourself.
You're going to look good.
And then the next clip is where I confronted Michael Moore.
I guess we faded it out before we got to that, but we'll play that clip, I guess, later in the next hour.
I'm also going to play that Cynthia McKinney clip from a month ago, where she confronted him about the government-run white slavery rings, the trillions missing from the Pentagon, and 9-11 war games on the morning of 9-11.
But, of course, I was teasing the cops, going, we're going to run you through our biometric system, and later they come over, this is all on video,
And they're like, who are you with?
And I go, I'm Alex Jones.
I'm with the media.
And they go, oh, get out of here.
They thought I was like, I did that just to tease them.
And then I confront Michael Moore.
But the David Gergen thing, I mean, this is the top guy, the top presidential advisor to four administrations.
He was in five.
But he was the Karl Rove for Nixon, Ford, Bush, Clinton.
I mean, that is quite a pedigree, and of course, seeing the video, it's a lot more powerful, and there's more of the conversation that goes on, but we can't air it all here in the interest of time, interspersed with his talking when we show clips of the actual ritual at Bohemian Grove.
But here he is, not denying it, just getting mad about it.
If you want a copy of this film, it is three hours long, really a miniseries.
Three separate films in one, $24.95.
Additional copies are even less, so ask about that when you call.
Operators are there right now.
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So much more, prisonplanet.tv, so be sure and check it out today.
Half of Martial Law, about an hour and a half, is already on the website for everybody for free.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
I think?
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Whenever I speed through the phone numbers, we always get calls from the network saying, now what's that number again?
Just briefly, because I'm going to your calls.
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All right, let's... I just got to say one quick thing about the caller earlier from Canada.
Was it George in Canada?
He raised... Then we're going to a caller in Puerto Rico and then to others.
He raised...
Just a key point.
Yes, they do melt down the dead babies, and then of course it goes into the most evil self-centered thing.
These people that only care about how they look, it goes into their lips and into their collagen injections and their faces and into weird life extension treatments.
It's just so... Of course they're not just killing babies to save people's lives, which is bad enough.
Of course it's for some self-centered evil like that.
There's got to be a special area of Hades reserved for these individuals.
It's blasphemous.
Total dehumanization.
What makes you think you're safe if other human life isn't safe?
You instinctively should be horrified by this.
Even for the self-centered people out there.
Your guts should be in a knot, but they're not.
You think it's funny.
Okay, well nobody's going to help you when bad stuff's happening to you.
Let's go to...
Who's the caller from Puerto Rico?
I'll go to them first.
Jose in Puerto Rico.
Then we'll go to John, John, Andy, Alexander, and others.
Go ahead, Jose.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
Basically, I tried to call before you showed up a couple times.
It was kind of busy, you know.
But I just want to say, a lot of us here in the island, in Puerto Rico, we hear about what's going on in the States.
And a lot of us think, you know, it's going to happen out here in the Caribbean islands, like, you know, going by the United States.
They figure the new world order is going to probably affect here, like in the States, like New York and throughout the whole country.
They figure like nothing's going to happen out here.
But we order your taste, the new one you have, the 9-11, the rise of the police state.
Yes, sir.
And we saw it in the classroom.
A lot of Latinos, too, is of Puerto Rican descent.
They saw it and they figure it can never happen here.
They figure don't be too surprised because in the island,
It's starting to become that way also.
They figure the fascism is coming out here to the island, too.
They don't figure that it only happens to Mexicans.
It happens to a lot of white Americans.
They don't figure it could happen out here.
But, you know, it's... Well, a lot of the New World Order stuff is happening in Puerto Rico.
But who was showing it?
Was it college or high school classroom?
High school classroom, yeah.
They showed it, and people were surprised what they saw.
But they're figuring out the...
What's going on over here now?
I see the problems are happening.
Now that the U.S.
Navy left the island of Yerkes,
With the bombing effects, the uranium is affecting a lot of children, and they're having a lot of deformality problems.
That's right.
They use a lot of depleted uranium.
And they don't see what's happening here on the island.
They always figure what's going on in the States.
Well, think how crazy the globalists are.
I mean, how much they don't like us.
That they would use tons of DU.
This was admitted right there on an island off the coast of Puerto Rico.
Something that has hundreds of millions, it's a 500 million year half-life.
Right, right, exactly.
You're right.
And also, we have problems involving immigration.
A lot of Dominican nationals are coming in also.
And the Dominican Republic is having problems.
So you know what it's like to have illegals pouring in.
I know.
It messes up the wages and a lot of other things that drives up... Exactly.
They always focus on immigration.
Say what?
Stay there.
Stay there.
I want to hear about who's showing my video at your high school.
I want to salute and commend whoever's doing that.
Stay there, Jose.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Every day I get emails, I get letters, I get faxes, I get phone calls on air where colleges, high schools, BFW halls...
City meeting halls.
People are showing martial law.
Rise of the police state.
I can only commend you.
We're going to have wide open phones this hour.
I'm going to play one last time.
I've only done it one other time.
That clip where Cynthia McKinney confronts Rumsfeld on child kidnapping rings.
We cannot ignore this story.
And the trillions missing from the Pentagon.
And the 9-11 drills.
That's coming up.
Yeah, the 9-11.
Put him on hold.
He's listening over the internet.
And there is a two minute delay on the internet.
I don't know, like a minute delay on the internet so he doesn't know.
Try to talk to Jose.
I want to get this answered.
And get him back on.
Is he at his phone, John?
Hey, John?
Is Jose back to his phone yet?
Hey, Jose, you there?
Yeah, yeah, I was there.
That's all right.
Yeah, just answer this last question.
I appreciate you calling.
So was it your teacher or a student playing the film?
Well, basically, it was a class lecture, you know what I'm saying?
She basically saw your website, but for fun, and she ordered it, and she showed it to a class lecture, and a lot of us were surprised when we saw her.
You've got a great teacher there, and I want to commend her.
She's an Hispanic teacher, and I say, you know, she's like, know about the New World, about the New World.
She wasn't aware about the New World Order, and it basically got her more aware.
And we saw a lot of your tapes.
She showed another DVD last year called I Don't Love Him, The Road to Tyranny, after that.
And it was basically, it was a wake-up call for a lot of our class lectures, and she's going to start showing it to other school lectures, you know, like an afternoon lecture, she's going to start showing that.
But there's a lot of figures back in the States.
It's because all the situations are happening inside the United States that feel like they'll never happen here in Dallas.
Well, and Americans think that it can't happen here.
You know, it's that idea of can't happen here.
We're insulated, and none of us are insulated regardless of where we live.
You keep it up, and you tell her I said thank you.
Take care.
Thank you, Alex.
You bet, sir.
You tell her I really appreciate what she's doing.
Everybody is doing it.
It's spreading like wildfire.
Very exciting.
She ought to, as homework, tell you to go make copies of it.
I mean, I hope you guys hand out copies of the film, because that's the real activism.
That's the type of stuff that will bring them down.
In fact, your territory of the U.S., you should try to throw out the Patriot Act in your city.
What is it, San Juan, I would guess?
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to John in New York.
John, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, this is John.
I heard last week on CBS Evening News that one half of our honeybees are gone.
And they're going to be pretty much extinct in another couple years.
And the sperm counts down by 80 plus percent.
Women's fertility is way down.
They said that one third of all our food are going to be missing off of our plate.
Now I want to know if this is just scare tactics?
No, it's true.
It's bio-terrorism?
No, it's true.
No, it's a mite.
A mite, right.
That's what they said.
It's a mite.
I have family that's in the honeybee business, and this devilish mite just goes in there and lays it.
Have you ever seen the movie Alien?
How it lays an egg in your mouth, it goes down your stomach, and then explodes.
Well, that's what this mite does.
Well, I was just wondering, is this bioengineered?
Does any of your callers know anything more about this, maybe?
No, it's a plague.
I mean, this has happened before.
Now, you know the honeybee is not indigenous to the U.S.
It's an invasive species.
Stay there, we'll talk about it.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
In two hours and 24 minutes, we point a searing light of truth on the history of problem-reaction solution.
Brace yourselves as the New World Order program for world domination is blown wide open.
A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged, witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards, and yes, even implantable microchips, troops on the streets, foreign NATO aircraft in the skies, psychotic UN population control plans, and much, much more.
This is one film you cannot afford to miss.
Order 9-1-1 The Road to Terry today.
Call toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
I've got to go quickly to your calls because I've got some more interesting audio clips that I want to play and analyze.
And I've also got a ton of news I want to cover, but let's continue with your calls.
The last caller, John in New York, is still on with us.
He raised news reports he's seen about half the honeybee population nationwide knocked out.
That's actually a conservative number.
Pesticides have already weakened honeybees.
A lot of the other chemicals that have been used...
But this particular mite that's been around for decades, that I believe, I'm going from memory, has come over here from Europe, and honeybees are originally from Europe.
The predominant type of bee you see that does a lot of the pollinization was actually brought here by European settlers.
It is, quote, an invasive species, showing all invasive species are not bad.
Most of them are good.
I mean, everything's an invasive species.
If you go back far enough, you know, thousands of years ago,
You know, Asians coming across the Bering Strait out of what is Asia today over into Alaska and then peopling all of the Americas.
That's an invasive species.
Man is an invasive species.
But the honeybee certainly does a good thing, and it is in deep trouble.
And so now all over the country they've seen this coming.
Its numbers have been going down and down and down for the last decade.
We're having 4-H clubs.
That's why it's so important to have and to support agricultural communities that aren't corporate but that are local and family driven.
And all over the country, from Texas to North Carolina, thousands and thousands of farming families have volunteered.
To take these different colonies of honeybees that are uninfected and to medicate them and to treat them and to watch them and hopefully get colonies going in their area.
Not for honey, but not to gather honey as a business, but just to be able to continue pollinating.
Also, the honeybee did, in the last 100 years, displace a lot of other insects that were involved in pollination.
But there are some species of food plant that we eat and consume and produce in this country that are predominantly...
Reliant on the honeybee, so it is a problem.
The question is, why is this mite that's been here for a long, long time suddenly engaging in such devastating attacks on its host, the European honeybee?
Anything else, John?
No, that was exactly my question that you just stated, because they said it's happened before in the past, but never to this extent.
And the other thing was, they were going to bioengineer a bee that could
We should deal with the pest.
I mean, they just genetic engineer everything and just turn it loose like it's not going to cause a problem.
I just want to thank you for the wake-up call because I'm waking other people up according to the truths that I hear and I sift through the sifter and it really helps to see things in a different light and it helps to raise questions that would otherwise not have been raised
Thank you for your job that you're doing there.
Well, no, thank you.
Please, folks, stop thanking me.
I want to thank you for being listeners, for taking action, for caring about this country and the world and being involved.
And I'll say it again.
It doesn't matter if Alex Jones is a good guy or a bad guy.
I sound like Bob Dole now.
It doesn't matter if Bob Dole's a... It doesn't matter who I am.
I know I'm a decent person who tries to be a good person.
I'm not perfect.
I try to bring you the best information.
I try to analyze world events as best I can.
And you look at my predictions and what I've said and my track record.
We've got listeners that have been listening for nine years on radio, ten years on TV.
You've seen my track record.
But that doesn't matter.
It isn't about Alex Jones.
It's about the information and what you as leaders are going to do with that information.
John in Canada.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey, Alex.
Great to hear your voice.
Great person you are.
What you're doing is just truly a wonderful, amazing thing.
If anybody's fighting for God's interest, it surely would be yourself.
And the reason I'm calling, you know, I'm looking at Social Security.
It was designed to be self-sufficient, of course, and they've been using it as a slush fund and putting in IOUs.
It was designed to be a supplement.
It's designed to keep itself afloat, is what I was getting at.
And now they've broken up the families in this country, and the yuppies aren't taking care of their parents.
The real Social Security system is having five children and being family-oriented, and then if you've got good, decent children, they're going to want to serve you in your old age.
Okay, but as I was getting at it, you've been putting money into it as an American to serve the interests of your family, your grandparents, hopefully.
When they retire, they'll have something to keep them from becoming homeless.
But they've been taking this money on their own and replacing it with IOUs.
There hasn't been money in that fund for 20 years.
It goes directly out of the account.
Right, and the money that is there, there's an advocacy group out there that, I can't recall their name, but they've brought forward that you're only getting 2% on your deposits as it is.
You have billions and billions of dollars.
The bank's only going to give you 2%?
Okay, because that's how they're managing it.
And Bush, he's telling Americans today,
It's going to cost you $3 trillion to move the remaining money that's in there into the stock market.
Now, the stock market will do anything to get you to invest your money, but now we've got to pay them trillions of dollars to move it.
Yeah, and they're there for their private interest, okay?
It's not going to serve your interest as an American who has a love for your family to allow him to put this money in an unprotected market.
I mean, the same kind of Enron scam could go down because, look, Americans, your money is... Sir, it's not going to go down.
It will go down.
So I'm looking at this and I'm saying this is obviously not in the interest of any single American citizen in the world.
Bush trumpets the CIS plan.
We don't get any oppositional voices in the mainstream media.
And the only thing I can see saving America, this is just an example of what the problem is overall across the board, is that the individual has to, you have to engage, like your show is fantastic, but you look at other shows.
We know, generally speaking, maybe these kinds of topics aren't very popular on Coast to Coast, but you as an individual have to make the effort anyway.
I hear you.
Sir, thank you for the call.
Thank you for the call.
I totally agree with you.
Look, let me just talk about Social Security for a minute.
The government plan is bad.
They've looted it.
They've stolen from it.
Now it's basically going to be bankrupt.
So their solution is, let's shift a part of it over to private funds, but then you're going to, as the caller just said, you're going to have the same scams because the government's still going to be managing it.
The same scams are going to be going on.
So it
The system's bad to begin with, and you can't fix it.
And I'm not saying, now let's take the old people's money away.
The point is, they got us domesticated.
They got us dependent.
It's like feeding squirrels at the park.
Or pigeons.
They get to where they can't forage for themselves.
And so they've set up the economy where everything is going to cycle us into government dependency.
Bush passed a law two years ago where they can take your pension funds, your private pension funds, the corporations can, and that you don't really own your pension fund.
They've changed it to where they don't have liability now and they can take a lot of your pension funds.
And they've been writing the pension funds for a long time, just like Enron.
So you're absolutely right, folks.
So, again, Bush and the Democrats have you debate things within this controlled paradigm, and the whole thing's a fraud.
It's designed to keep us in the system as it gets more and more abusive and as we get less and less.
Good points, caller.
I've just got to get to everybody else here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Sandy in San Diego.
Go ahead, Sandy.
To do the most important job in the world.
Okay, we've got people listening on the Internet again, so we'll go back to Sandy in a few minutes.
Let's talk to Alexander in Mass.
How's it going, Alex?
All right.
I just wanted to tell you something real quick.
On April 20th, I was driving into Cambridge, and I saw David Gergen.
And I almost, like, I flipped my lid.
My friend who was sitting next to me had no idea who he was, so I had to show him the video.
Where did you see David Gergen?
In Harvard Square.
Like, I went back to see where he was, and it was right outside the Harvard School of Government.
I was so interested, like, looking at the campus, because, like, I'm...
I kind of want to, like, get on the inside just, like, from the outside.
I don't want to, like, get into, like, any mainstream systems.
Stuff like that.
Like, I'm really getting interested in, like, political investigations and stuff.
Like, I'm trying to, I'm copying your video and giving it to everyone I'm talking about.
Thank you.
All sorts of stuff, and everyone thinks I'm crazy all the time, but I don't really care because I live happily.
You're telling them the world is round, they keep saying it's flat, but soon they'll agree with you.
I know.
It just makes life a lot more interesting if you care about what's real.
So what was David Gergen doing?
Slinking about?
He was just walking.
He was just...
He was going towards Alston, actually.
He's tall, isn't he?
Yeah, he is.
He's kind of a scary-looking man.
But I was wondering if I ever ran into him, if you had a message for him, possibly.
Just tell him that Alex Jones from Bohemian Grove, the Bohemian Grove visitor, says hi and ask him if he's seen the new film he's in.
Okay, yeah, I will ask him that.
Yeah, I think that Bohemian Grove probably is the biggest, probably best way to convince anyone that
We need to change who is deciding.
We've got the video, we've got the mainstream news articles, we've got them admitting on C-SPAN it exists, and they do satanic rituals.
We just gotta start... I don't know.
I mean, if he's walking by real fast, I'd just say, Hey, how's Moloch?
Yeah, yeah, right, right.
How's Moloch, David?
I know.
How's he doing?
Cool, Alex.
I'll talk to you later.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go back and see if Sandy is with us now.
Sandy in San Diego.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
You've inspired me so much to do so many great things against the New World Order.
Thank you.
But one of the things I think is the most important thing a human being can do is to be a parent and to raise that child with all the maturity that you have.
Yet, I don't really understand about this 13-year-old girl.
She wasn't mature enough to abstain from sex.
She wasn't mature enough to use contraceptives to stop herself from possibly getting some diseases.
But yet, how can she be mature enough to actually nurture the baby in her womb and give her education of a good human being when she's actually having this baby?
I mean, she doesn't even know enough to have prenatal care.
Who's to say she's going to stop having drugs?
Well, that's the argument.
That's the argument.
Tell you what, stay there.
We'll talk about it.
Look, that child doesn't deserve to be killed.
There's been a lot of famous people, a lot of intelligent people who came from poor young mothers.
And we shouldn't put that judgment on that child and then have a bioethics decision about if it has a right to live.
Stay with us.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The state of Texas is considering the legislation, the enacting legislation, to carry out Bush's New Freedom Initiative, the federal program here in Texas.
And we had some of our reporters there on the scene, and it made it in the Associated Press, and the head of the committee and the doctor that was there pushing it for the state said,
Well, the reason we've got over two-thirds of foster children on psychotropics or Ritalin is because they come from poor families and genetically they are basically damaged.
Of course, no genetic tests were done.
It's all false.
It's just made up.
It's right out of the Hitler playbook.
Eugenics, pushed by Margaret Sanger, the head of Planned Parenthood, the founder of it, was picked up by Adolf Hitler.
He gave her awards, she gave him awards.
And this attitude of, well, these poor people, they're having children, and they're living bad lives, and so shouldn't the state maybe get involved?
And then the extrapolation of that is, well, how can she have a child, this 13-year-old?
Why not abort it?
That child's probably going to have a bad life.
Well, number one, even if they were, you don't commit a murder to stop that.
But number two...
I can probably think of about seven or eight of my friends, good friends, who are radio talk show hosts, who are business owners, who are living in $300,000 houses and living good lives.
They were adopted from young girls back in the 40s, 50s, 60s that didn't have abortion because it was illegal and went and adopted out the baby.
So I'm trying to get where you're coming from here, Sandy, in San Diego.
I understand that, but, you know, I was kind of thinking, you know, that some kids, you know, just don't know about prenatal care.
And what happens if she starts using drugs?
And now is the state going to come in and arrest her like they did to the woman in Utah?
I mean, is that going to put the girl in jail now?
If somebody's using Ritalin or Prozac and is pregnant.
But, see, that's okay for a mother to be on that that hurts the child, but then if you're on cocaine, we've got to take it.
No, period.
People shouldn't be on these drugs when they're pregnant or nursing children.
That's just a public safety criminal thing.
But, I mean, how does that tie into the state telling people to have abortions?
I don't understand.
Well, I'm not necessarily saying.
I just kind of feel that, you know,
That they could actually come in, not necessarily tell her to have an abortion, but if they're forcing her to have a baby when she may not be mature enough or maybe even on some kind of, you know, smoking or drinking or doing some other drugs, now she's hurting the fetus and now the state's going to put her in jail.
And then what's going to happen to her in 10 or 20 years?
But that sounds like Janet Reno's argument.
We've got to save the children at Waco, so we're going to burn them.
I don't really know Janet Reno.
You're who I listen to most of all.
But listen, this is what I'm trying to get at here, okay?
You're talking about the Florida case, right?
Yeah, that's what I... There's all these different cases.
There are cases where the mother and the father don't want an abortion, but the 12-year-old does, and the state goes along with it.
In Florida, this is because of public backlash.
The courts want to kill the baby.
The girl doesn't.
Some other courts want to save the baby.
Bottom line...
People that young, period, shouldn't be doing this.
There is no reason to be doing this.
And then it gets into, well, it's my body.
Well, no, it is something inside your body.
It is separate from you, and that human being has a right.
Look, the bioethics people say kill 18-month-old babies.
So what you're saying is if the teenager, say, has a drug problem...
Well, look, you can debate all this all day.
What you don't do is kill the baby.
Oh my gosh, she's hurting the baby, so let's kill it.
Well, she's also ruining her life, too.
I just think it's kind of a delicate situation.
Yeah, that's right.
It's a delicate situation that shouldn't be handled with spraying acid up into the wound.
Well, I just don't think that one rule can justify everyone's individual actions.
Maybe this girl is
You know, a victim of incest from her father.
There's all these arguments.
So kill a baby?
I think that every individual situation should be different for that individual case.
Look what's happened to our society since we started abortion.
Has it helped families?
Is society breaking down?
Thanks for the call.
What's happening is the globalists are social engineers and architects.
And the program they're carrying out is breaking society down further.
Now, what I think you're going to agree with, Sandy, is that it's not debatable.
We should not... A 12-year-old in Illinois should not be able to tell her parents, no, I want to kill this baby.
And when the parents try to bar her physically from doing it, they come arrest the parents.
You see, they're using a debate like Florida, which is somewhat more cloudy, though it's really not, but to the perception of people it is.
I'll agree with you on that.
They're using that to then have a larger debate, which then legitimizes killing young children's babies.
We'll be right back.
We'll take a few final calls and cover notes.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Play this clip of Cynthia McKinney, then we'll take a few final calls from Barney and Gil and maybe Roger if I have time.
But here's an example of two-dimensional thinking, okay, in politics and in things that are happening in society, just life in general.
Nigerian state to jail parents who resist polio vaccines, AFP.
A state in northern Nigeria will jail any parents who refuse or above health care workers who try to vaccinate their children against the creeping, crippling polio virus, a report said.
Polio is horrible.
Polio has killed millions and maimed and crippled millions.
Here's another one, BBC.
Human polio outbreak
Gathers pace.
Doctors in Yemen are trying to stop the spread of an outbreak of polio, which has so far affected 22 people.
The country had been polio-free since 1996.
Now, let me just stop there.
You hear reports like that, and you think, well, make people take them!
There's the problem.
Did you know that in Asia, Latin America, but predominantly Africa...
There have been scores of reports where major medical firms and universities test polio vaccines, they test hepatitis vaccines, they test tetanus vaccines, and they have bioweapons, hormones bound to the molecules so the woman can't ever have children again.
Admitted UN program.
I have the UN documents where they want to sterilize people through the vaccines.
Henry Kissinger documents from 73.
CIA, declassified in 92.
I mean, this is the type of stuff we've got
Over and over again.
So the Africans, and this has been all over the African news, it's been in the British news, the UN will come in and give shots in a village of, say, 300 people, and 20 people die the next day.
And so all over Africa, people start running when they see the medical vehicles.
Before, they thought it was big medicine and worshipped medical care as, you know, witch doctors.
They wanted it.
They'd let you do anything to them.
I've actually researched this.
I mean, they just, wow, please give me shots.
Please give me, oh, I want the witch doctor's medicine.
Now they run!
Now, genetically modified food that Europe ships them and we ship them rots.
Rots in the docks.
People starving won't eat it.
Because they're common sense, folks.
I have articles in Road to Tyranny, mainstream papers, admitting bioweapon plans from as early as the 50s to put poisons and toxins and sterilization compounds in grain for Asia and Africa.
And so, see, that's a three-dimensional discussion right there, a small little term for it.
We look at it as two-dimensional, that is flat, with no curves, no depth to it,
And hey, these idiot savages, that's what the loving liberals would say.
Oh, we have to engineer, social engineer them.
What's wrong with those fools?
They won't take it.
But they know that they've been poisoned with it.
There's a reason 45% of many African nations has HIV.
People who never had a shot, excuse me, never had sex, but have had the shots, directly linked back to it.
Nobel laureates have gone public and said this.
Look, vaccines are good for certain things.
They do work.
We need something where private companies come out, just like with organic food, and promise safe vaccines, and promise transparency, and have ten different independent labs test them for purity.
And then, man, roll my sleeve up.
You know, give me a shot.
But no, they all have amnesty.
They all have blanket protection.
They all have immunity is the proper term.
The vaccine makers.
And they're owned and run by people who put out policy reports saying, I want to kill 80% of people.
Meanwhile, I love the African children.
I gave 10 million pounds of my own money to vaccinate them.
I'm, you know, the royal prince.
You know, I'm Prince Charles' father.
It goes on and on and on.
Put two and two together.
Well, the Africans have, but the educated idiots over here haven't.
People in Peru have.
They won't take the shots now.
They used to love it.
Criminal people love health care.
They love the wish doctor.
Okay, they will stand in line.
They will fight to get to it, but not once they saw the response.
So, see, you're an evil kook now.
See, I'm running out of time here, folks.
But now you're an evil kook if you don't want to take the shot.
You see, that's how sophisticated...
This propaganda is.
There's an article out of the state, South Carolina News.
A Mexican migrant worker has been arrested for performing an illegal abortion on herself.
That shouldn't happen.
See, this poor woman didn't know that there are groups that will pay her, as I said, on average.
I don't want to hear people don't want Hispanic babies.
They're standing in line for them.
Okay. $80,000.
For that baby, that they'd pay to put her up in a house and take care of her, and they'd give her money after she has the child.
Poor thing.
Didn't even have the money for an abortion, so went and did it herself.
And now she's being charged.
That's something interesting.
With the Lacey Peterson case, the baby dies, so they charge him with murder of a baby.
As they should, but I thought it's not a human.
See, this is the national schizophrenia that we're talking about here.
Oh, I just... I could spend the rest of the show on... I've got an AP article about how they have pigs with total human brains, chimpanzees with human brains, lungs, hearts, everything!
And they're just open air, all over the place, all over the country, all over the world, just absolute, no controls, totally dangerous, happening.
It's out of control.
It's all totally and completely out of control.
While I get this news stack together, I can only hear about four or five minutes of this.
I can't hear the whole thing because I don't want to be able to take your calls.
But here's Cynthia McKinney a month ago in the Joint Armed Services Committee in the House.
Not the Joint, that would be House and Senate.
In the House Armed Services Committee.
And she brings up three questions.
All documented, all public, all admitted.
And listen to the response of Rumsfeld and...
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Myers, now there's a new one, the Marine, and some of the other people.
Listen to this response, and I'll come back.
I'm going to scan through this giant stack and see what's the most important to cover, then we'll take calls.
Go ahead and roll this.
It's so important we're playing it again.
Gentlelady from Georgia, Ms.
Oh, thank you, Mr. Chairman.
Mr. Secretary, I watched President Bush...
Deliver a moving speech at the United Nations in September 2003 in which he mentioned the crisis of the sex trade.
The president calls for the punishment of those involved in this horrible business.
But at the very moment of that speech, DynCorp was exposed for having been involved in the buying and selling of young women and children.
While all of this was going on, DynCorp kept the Pentagon contract to administer the smallpox Manthrax vaccine and is now working on a plague vaccine through the Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program.
Mr. Secretary, is it policy of the U.S.
government to reward companies that traffic in women and little girls?
That's my first question.
My second question, Mr. Secretary, according to the Comptroller General of the United States, there are serious financial management problems at the Pentagon, to which Mr. Cooper alluded.
Fiscal year 1999, $2.3 trillion missing.
Fiscal year 2000, $1.1 trillion missing.
And DOD is the number one reason why the government can't balance its checkbook.
The Pentagon has claimed year after year that the reason it can't account for the money is because its computers don't communicate with each other.
My second question, Mr. Secretary, is who has the contracts today to make those systems communicate with each other?
How long have they had those contracts?
And how much have the taxpayers paid for them?
Finally, Mr. Secretary, after the last hearing, I thought that my office was promised a written response to my question regarding the four war games on September 11th.
I have not yet received that response, but would like for you to respond to the questions that I've put to you today, and then I do expect the written response to my previous question, hopefully by the end of the week.
Thank you, Representative.
The answer to your first question is no, absolutely not.
The policy of the United States government is clear, unambiguous, and opposed to the activities that you described.
The second question... Well, how do you explain the fact that Dyncor and its successor companies have received and continue to receive government contracts?
I would have to go and find the facts, but there are laws and rules and regulations with respect to government contracts, and there are times that corporations do things they should not do, in which case they tend to be suspended for some period.
There are times then that under the laws and the rules and regulations passed by the Congress and implemented by the executive branch, that corporations can get off of
Out of the penalty box, if you will, and be permitted to engage in contracts with the government.
They're generally not part of perpetuity.
So kidnapping hundreds of thousands of women and children, you get in the penalty box.
Well, next time some killer grabs a kid and kidnaps him, I guess he'll just put him in the penalty box and give him a couple million dollar or billion dollar contracts.
Roll just a little bit more because I've got to cover some news.
Go ahead and roll it.
This company was never in the penalty box.
If you could proceed to my second question, please.
The second question... I've forgotten what the second question was.
Jonas knows it.
I think Ms.
Thank you, Ms.
I appreciate the question.
I understand that you're working hard on it, but my question was, who has the contract?
How long have they had that contract, and how much money have we spent on it?
In general, we spend about $20 billion in the Department on Information Technology Systems.
The accounting systems are part of that.
I can get you the exact number for the record of what we spend on our current, what we call legacy systems, and those that we're moving toward.
And who has the contracts?
That would be a multitude of individuals.
Could you name some, please?
Well, I think off the top of my head, well, I would rather not.
I'd rather provide that for the record.
That's not privileged information, is it?
I'm sure it's not.
We still have time, so please.
Well, we don't have time.
So, I'll actually hear the rest of that tomorrow if I have time.
I mean, child kidnapping, they just make excuses.
Trillions missing, make excuses.
Oh, we just don't know where it is.
No, we're not going to tell you.
This has been going on for years, by the way.
I've been talking about this for almost three years.
They just never answer.
Just, oh, trillions missing, we won't say.
Just a computer problem.
Just like with the voting machines.
Oh, well, it's run by the CIA, but we can't let you look at them or know anything, and just trust us and just know you can't look inside, just shut up.
And then she gets into war games, and Myers just flaps his lips up there and doesn't really even say anything.
Well, there were some drills that morning, but I didn't really talk about it.
That clip's on prisonplanet.com.
All right, let me just run through this really fast.
Dell to expand presence to hire 3,000 more in India, and they've moved factories to China, and I've got Michael Dell five years ago on tape saying he'd never move anything to China.
Total liar, and I had his employees make fun of me and worship him, but you're not laughing now, are you?
This is out of Wired News.
Scientists say life on Mars likely from the scans they've been doing.
Gosh, I wish I could spend time on this.
Another article here, U.S.
hoping to start its withdrawal from Iraq in December.
How are they going to do that in six months when things are worse there than ever?
More deaths of troops than at any other time in the last few years.
More car bombings.
Another one today, killing six, injuring scores.
An article I don't believe out of the Arab press, Al Arabi and others, saying that Rumsfeld's been meeting with Saddam and that he may release him if Saddam helps deal with the insurgency.
I don't believe that for a minute.
But they certainly put all the Baptists, like 90-something percent of them, back in positions of power.
So, again, you can take that for what it's worth.
That degenerate England lady, the plea guilty in Abu Ghraib case, Florida, Texas, defense attorneys are hoping a plea deal for,
Lindy England, the demon, will be accepted by an Army judge as a reservist whose image became synonymous with Abu Ghraib, prison scandal, heads to court.
But we have the memos where the government was ordering all this from Mr. Gonzalez and others, our new Attorney General, White House counsel at the time, and they never get in trouble.
In fact, in the Army report, they admit a lot of this was ordered.
But it's still somewhat of a public secret.
New laser guns being developed for U.S.
This is out of the Scotsman.
Two types of laser guns are being developed for use by police officers in the U.S.
It emerged today.
The next generation fires a plasma beam that stuns and disorients, causes disorientation of the suspects.
A new scientist magazine is now reported, and it's
Pretty high-powered and partially classified right now, so it's limited info.
I know they have microwave guns and sound cannons as well.
Those have already been deployed.
Full river police handcuffs seven-year-old outside his elementary school.
It's just like with the five-year-old.
And they had it around his wrists and ankles until he calmed down.
So turning him into good little prisons.
Here's another one.
This is out of the News Tribune.
In the town of Clovis, the school investigation, not all it's wrapped up to be, they locked down the surrounding area of the town, locked the school down, sent snipers in, and it was a child for their home education class, health class, brought a burrito they were supposed to make at home, and someone saw the burrito and thought it was a machine gun.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
And the principal says it was a good drill for everyone and a good learning experience.
Yes, learning how to be a slave.
Here's one.
This is in La Plata, Maryland.
They are little remote-controlled drones, little kites with engines that fly around with cameras.
And it says it's going to be used to monitor the public, a remote-controlled area camera to watch for emergencies and troublemakers.
And I know L.A.
just bought over a dozen of these things that look like flying saucers that are going to be flying around.
It looks exactly like the little probe that they had in They Live to watch the public.
One of those.
That was even set in L.A.
Father jailed opposing gay education for kindergarten son, Boston Globe.
It was a public meeting at the school.
He was angry about how they're sitting home.
Heather has two mommies.
He said, I don't care if it's heterosexual or homosexual.
Don't teach my child about sex.
I want him to be innocent.
And he argued and said, I want a guarantee that you won't do this anymore.
And so they arrested him.
And I've been talking a lot about this.
I'm glad it's being pointed out.
This is the Washington Post.
Government pumping millions, and then they admit the article, billions, into master's degrees in terror and homeland security.
Shifting the economy by what is taught in colleges over into police state.
The future commissariat or political police force.
Prosecutor, two 9-11 hijackers use library computers to buy tickets.
This is out of the Associated Press.
So see, now we've got to monitor what you read and watch what you do at the libraries because the terrorists might get us, but the border stays wide open.
It goes on and on.
I will extremely, in a very fast, expedited manner, plug my video, Martial Law, and then when we get back with the number and ways to get it, then I'll go straight to three final calls.
So we'll be right back.
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Gil in Texas.
Gil, you're on the air.
Alex Jones.
The Everclear of Talk Radio.
If you were a jerk, you would be ever clear.
My question is about the Steven Spielberg or George Lucas remake of War of the Worlds.
It's supposed to come out this summer.
Steven Spielberg, yeah.
I believe he once said that his vision is he gets the ideas of the movies, but he has two demons, he says, on his shoulders, and that's how he gets the camera angles.
Is that true?
I hadn't heard him say that.
As far as World of the Worlds is concerned, is there any truth that they're going to probably use a threat from outer space to kind of terrorize the public?
There is a U.S.
government program that's admitted to have Jesus come back or aliens or Buddha.
They've got giant hologram projectors mounted in DC-10s.
Three of them project the image hundreds of feet tall or even thousands of feet tall.
They have all sorts of plans like that.
Wells, who was a globalist futurist, even wrote non-fiction books, one called The New World Order, did...
Did write that book as an analogy of how the elite sees us.
Coldly and calculatedly, in the deep space, they watched us.
You know, that's how the book opens.
Wells, father of Orson Welles, who did the original world.
No, he wasn't the father of Orson Welles.
That's not the father?
Oh, really?
No, I did hear the two, an old interview they did on W...
No, it was KTSA back in the 30s.
That was interesting.
So this could possibly be a desensitization of the public as far as accepting that there are aliens from outer space that may come and attack us.
Yeah, and it also sells real well.
I mean, it's interesting.
Thanks for the call.
I read science fiction.
I like it.
Let's talk to Roger in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead, Roger.
Yeah, thanks, Alex.
The previous one there reminded me, I don't recall if you mentioned, the boy got suspended for making a pretzel gun in pretzel class, his second offense.
Parents warranty might get suspended the whole year if it happens again, so I hope the kid doesn't get steamed and also makes pretzel bullets to go with it.
Well, he had a burrito, so he's evil, but go ahead.
And I must have missed that woman's reason as to how the child of rape is less than a person than is Janet Waco's a wanted child is a happy child.
And while I've heard several interviews to the contrary, I expect that if that woman is right, then you should be able to get at least one woman or her raped child to call and ask for an interview as to how the woman regrets having delivered or the child wished they were aborted, if you can find one.
Thanks, Roger.
Chris in Kentucky.
You'll be our tail gunner.
Go ahead.
Okay, I'll make it real quick.
Kentucky Humane Society is now authorized to have your pet's chip, and they're going to be furthering this condition because... Oh, in L.A.
and places, San Francisco, you can't get a dog from the pound unless it has a chip.
Yeah, they're already enforcing it here, and it's already starting in two weeks here in Kentucky.
Oh, so it's mandatory there, too.
Yeah, and they're going to get everything.
If you're coming to Kentucky Derby, get ready for the foreign troops to protect you, and keep you safe while the borders stay wide open.
Gotta guard that Kentucky Derby.
Remember last year, all the trips.
Thanks for the call.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.