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Air Date: April 27, 2005
922 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I'm fired up!
We are now into hour number two of this Thursday, the 21st day of April 2005 edition.
This is Real Talk Radio, real issues of significance that actually affect you and your family.
I'm here Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 central, back from 9 to midnight.
Coming up in about five, six minutes, we're going to have Jimmy Vaughn on with us, the Grammy Award-winning
A musician, blues musician.
And he's putting on a big concert tonight for the Austin Toll Party.
He's doing it for free.
And a lot of his compadres are as well.
And it's $30 at the door, $25 online, or at one of the ticket agencies.
Or if you buy multiple tickets, they're like $20 apiece.
And all of it goes to fight toll roads!
Regardless of where you live in this nation, you need to go to AustinTollParty.com and buy some tickets.
Even if you're not going to use them, we'll give them to somebody.
Because, they admit in USA Today, Texas is the frontline battle state, as I told you years ago.
This is where they're trying to do it.
And it is wildly unpopular, 98% again in Houston, 93% in Austin Poles, against the 6,000 miles of toll roads to be in this state alone.
But the government says, we don't care.
Sal Castillo is the founder of the Austin Toll Party, just got tired of it, he lives in my neighborhood.
In the same area.
They were going to put toll roads all around us.
He got sick of it and took action and it's had a great effect.
Showing that you can fight City Hall.
And we're never going to stop.
Sal, good to have you on with us my friend.
Hey Alex, it's great to be on.
You bet.
Thank you.
And I want to say one thing to folks that are listening.
These aren't regular toll roads.
This is a new animal.
These tolls go on our freeways.
Existing roads with a transponder.
Yeah, that's what makes this so horrible.
Toll roads in and of themselves aren't a horribly bad thing, but when they start tolling your freeways, when they forget that they're called freeways, that's the problem where people have to pay a toll to get to work, school, and play.
It's called absolute corporate raping and looting.
It's a private group doing this all over the country.
The Feds are pushing it.
And they're going to take our existing roads and turn them into toll roads.
They take our freeway system and then they want to privatize them and sell us out to the special interests so that they can make tons of profit.
That's right.
Uh, and the rates that they're stating for these roads keep going up and up and up.
The national average is 9 cents a mile, and they said they're going to charge 12 cents a mile.
Now, that was last year, now they're talking about 44 cents a mile, and the comptroller found one that's a dollar a mile.
But that's for your eyes only when it came out in the paper, when Bruce McCracken, the City Councilman, released it.
We're not supposed to see that, Sal.
That's right.
Because we might be with Al Qaeda.
That's right.
And what you've got is you've got politicians like Rick Perry, who's taken over a million dollars in contributions from the toll and road lobby.
Because a lot of people say, well, why would they do that to you?
Well, it's because our politicians have been bought and paid for, and they've sold us out.
What we're doing tonight, just like the Boston Tea Party made history hundreds of years ago, we are going to make history tonight.
We're going to take a stand.
Tonight's Benefit Concert, and we thank Jimmy Vaughn and all his friends.
We cannot wait.
It's going to be great.
But tonight's Benefit Concert is all about building a war chest to put an end to this once and for all.
And we're going to need the money for political fight and the legal fight.
We've had it.
And we want to kill it.
We've had huge success over the past year.
We've got one toll road pulled.
It happens to be in yours and my neighborhood.
We fully paid for that already and they're going to open it in just a few weeks as a freeway because we fought for it and we got it back.
And then we're going to put tolls on it.
Stay there, Sal.
We're going to be right back after this quick break.
And we're going to have Jimmy Vaughn on with us.
He's riding shotgun right now.
He's in the wings!
We'll be right back.
Get ready.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, 8 minutes, 27 seconds into the second hour.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
Coming up, we're going to get more into the economy and what Greenspan says about it.
He says it could plunge, basically.
Also, more on this new national ID card legislation that is on the verge of passing.
Schwarzenegger backtracking on his close the border statement, but he didn't really say that.
He added the addendum that he wanted to follow the Bush plan,
For Total Amnesty.
That's how they want to fix the illegal alien problem.
Just legalize all of them.
That's all coming up.
For the next 30 or 40 minutes we're going to have Sal Costello on with us.
We're just going to have Jimmy Vaughn for a couple of segments here because I know he's so busy.
I really got to commend Jimmy because he has been all over radio, all over TV.
He's doing this for free.
Brought a lot of his friends in, other Grammy award winning musicians like himself.
He's been going on radio shows and playing his guitar live on the air.
He's been doing a press conference, and he's a humble guy, a really intelligent fellow, but also very, very humble, and doesn't really like the spotlight when it comes to politics and the media.
But he is a great blues player, and it's great to have him and so many other Central Texans and people around the country.
We just had a call earlier, somebody trying to fly down here, but blocked by snowstorms out of Nebraska.
Wanting to come to the benefit concert tonight at the Double Tree North Hotel in that big old banquet room that holds about 2,000 people.
And riding shotgun with us, of course, is Sal Castillo, who founded the Austin Toll Party, now part of a national movement against these corporate, federal, manipulated toll roads that take existing freeways and turn them into transponder-tracked toll roads.
The later plan is to put satellite tracking in as well.
But now it's happening.
And the tip of the globalist's spear is right here in Central Texas.
If they can do it here, they can do it anywhere.
Jimmy Vaughn, it's great to have you on.
How you doing, Alex?
I'm doing pretty good.
I'm excited to be on the Alex Jones Show.
This is a real trip.
Thanks for having us on and for promoting the show and, you know, saying all those nice things.
But, you know, really, I can't find anybody for toll roads, you know?
You know, building a toll road, a new road, and then
Then putting a toll on it and paying the toll off, and then, you know, have it becoming another so-called freeway is one thing, but these roads, these are our roads.
I mean, nobody's going to be able to afford to go to work.
I can't even get out of my neighborhood without getting on one, and probably you can't either.
So, it was the least I could do, and believe me, there's a lot of people that don't like this.
Well, 98% in Houston polls, 93% in Austin polls.
I've never found anyone, Jimmy, who is for it other than a few publicly paid-off bureaucrats.
Folks, we're talking about thousands of dollars a year just in Austin alone per family.
Thousands more outside of the cities.
Sal Castillo, we've got their own numbers.
6,000 miles of toll roads, there's only 7,000 in the whole country.
Yeah, that's right.
$6,000, that is what Perry is looking for.
There's a couple thousand that are on the books right now for urban areas, and then $4,000 for the Trans-Texas Corridor, which is a whole other boondoggle, a whole other show.
But yeah, this is tolling freeways, which has never been done before in our country, and if they're able to do it here, and everybody else is watching this, all the other states,
It's going to come to your freeway.
So this is a frontline battle and we're hoping everybody can step up and go to our website.
You can even go to AustinTollParty.com if you're out of the state or out of the area and if you want to get a really cool t-shirt, go to Step 5.
Go to AustinTollParty.com and Step 5 Tolling Texas Freeways t-shirt.
It's really cool.
And folks, you should do this all over the country.
Start your own grassroots movements.
Get serious.
Get focused.
Don't say, oh, I can't affect change.
There's nothing I can do.
You can.
You've just simply got to get involved.
And speaking of getting involved, Jimmy Vaughn, for folks who want to go to his website, it's jimmyvaughn.com.
There's a link to it over at theaustintollparty.com, also on infowars.com.
Jimmy's got the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution there on his side.
Jimmy, what made you get involved?
What made you start waking up to the toll roads, but not just the toll roads, to this whole attack on our liberties and our freedoms?
Well, you know, it's been a long process.
When I was a kid, I grew up in Dallas, I think, like you did, and I was in school, you know, when Kennedy got vaccinated.
I remember sitting in school and
The teacher started running up and down the hall crying and everything and then it came on the speaker and they sent us home.
That was in Oak Cliff where a lot of that stuff happened.
Anyway, it just stunk to high heaven when I was a kid.
So I've always been a little bit skeptical, you could say, about all this stuff.
I had all these big questions as a kid.
You hear people say something and you go, you know, that just couldn't be right.
You know that little quiet voice that tells you it's not right.
So you instinctively always knew something was wrong?
Yeah, yeah, I did.
But I didn't know what, and nobody knew the answers, and there weren't even really questions you asked.
And then I went on through school, and I wanted to be a musician.
And one thing led to another.
When I got into music, I would find, for instance, I would find B.B.
King, and I'd go, man, this guy is unbelievable.
And then I would read about B.B.
And he would say who he liked and I would go learn about the guy he liked.
And then, you know, it was sort of a backwards history lesson in music.
And that's the way I've done on all this stuff, this Liberty thing.
That's how I got into the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
And a lot of it, you know, I love the Alex Jones Show and I like your websites.
And I've learned so much, you know, from
It's just
Absolutely correct.
How did this happen?
Because I haven't asked Sal, or I haven't asked you, and now I guess is a good time.
I mean, everybody's probably wondering, when did it finally crystallize?
I mean, whose idea was it to have this benefit concert?
Because this is exciting.
Well, I'll tell you what happened is I was doing the, you know, remember the petition in Austin to recall the people who voted for this?
I filled out my petition and got people to sign it.
And I just turned it in.
I was over in the neighborhood and I saw that I was close to the address.
So I stopped in and I was just giving them a donation and turning in my petition.
And I met Linda Curtis over there and she said, well, would you play for us?
And I said, well, sure I would, I guess.
You know, why not?
But it was pretty instant.
I just met Sal like a couple of days ago at the press conference.
That's right.
This was organized pretty quick.
Yeah and I just appreciated what they were doing and if it hadn't been for Sal's website and all the people working down there I wouldn't have known about it.
I've seen a lot of this stuff Alex that you reported the stories out of every major newspaper and I was kind of following along there but to see it locally right in your face
From people you know right in your hometown is a real eye-opener.
And then to learn that this is the zenith point, this is the flashpoint, this is where Austin is the center of their plan for Texas.
Texas is the center of their plan for the entire country and the NAFTA highway.
It's just incredible.
And I don't want any... And this other thing about this chip in the inspection sticker, that just sent my blood pressure up to the roof.
Believe me, I mean...
You know, this is not what Liberty is about.
And that bill is introduced, they're trying to pass it.
Sal, have we defeated that bill yet to put a transponder, which they admit is for tolling at the toll roads, in all the inspection stickers yet?
No, we haven't yet.
We are getting action items onto our website.
We have one right now that calls for... It allows people the choice to choose between tolls and gas tax.
Um, which is a drastic difference in cost.
But we hope to have something up in the next week or two on that.
There are so many... I mean, that's actually, that's even ridiculous.
Oh, yeah, I mean... It's like three steps forward, one step back.
Well, okay, well... Well, yeah.
There are dozens and dozens of horrible bills that are coming out of Mike Cruzzi's, uh, uh, Transportation Commission, uh, here in Texas.
It's hard to keep track of what's happening because so many people are connecting with us and telling us about these bad bills, but we're doing the best we can.
I'll tell you, Sal, I have the federal plan and that's it.
In all your cars,
The Feds tell the states, do this or no highway money.
They put transponders in all the cars.
Schwarzenegger's trying it.
They're trying to do it in New York, Oregon, all over the place.
And then they will turn every road.
London's already doing it.
I have articles today.
They are planning to turn every road, every major road, into a toll road.
And when we get back, I want to talk about some of the numbers they're discussing.
As you said, a dollar per mile on one of these tolls that's going in in Austin.
And they keep saying, trust us, don't worry, no tollbooths.
Yeah, because it's going to be a transponder.
That's what the text documents say.
And as Jimmy just said, it's a bait and a switch.
We have the TxDOT documents.
They have plenty of money.
They don't need this regional, three-county gas tax.
But as you said, Sal, that is a fraction of what the transponder tax would be.
But at the same time, I want to defeat both of them.
You, I guess, see it as positive in that at least you're making them kind of try to back off and only get part of what they want.
Yeah, and also it allows the community, more people in the community to get involved and it starts a dialogue.
The dialogue is so important.
Because there's been no dialogue.
They're saying our way or the highway's way.
Jimmy Vaughn, can you stay with us a little bit longer?
Alright, now what about you Sal?
Sure, I'll be here.
Alright, we'll be right back after this quick break and we'll get into the concert tonight.
I also want to talk about that.
I want to talk about how people get tickets, where it's going to be located.
I'm going to be there.
I hope to see you there.
I cannot wait.
We'll be right back after this quick break.
Find out more details at InfoWars.com.
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Alright, Jimmy's going to stay with us a little bit in the next segment, so we have plenty of time to talk about all these important subjects.
But right now, with Jimmy Vaughn and Sal Castillo on, talking about the Benefit concert tonight.
Again, the bands that are going to be there, they're donating their time, they're donating their energy.
They've done a press conference, been on all these radio talk shows promoting it.
The least you can do, around the country, even if you're not coming,
is buy some of these tickets and then note there in the comments section that you want them to be given to folks.
We'll make sure they get to people because this is going to a political war chest to fight this.
We're in a fight.
We're fighting to win.
We have the people behind us, the Constitution and common sense.
Jimmy Vaughn, tell us about the concert that's coming up tonight at the DoubleTree North.
Well, we got a lot of people on the show
Sal's got the list over there.
Just for my part of the show, I've got the great James Cotton is going to come play.
James Cotton was the great harmonica player that played with Muddy Waters Band and sort of, you know, was one of the main guys that wrote the, he was the founding father of the harmonica, okay?
You can't say enough about James Cotton.
Anyway, he lives in Austin.
He's going to come play.
I've got Luann Barton, I've got my band, the Tilt-A-Whirl band.
I got a lot of several young musicians from around town that are up-and-coming blues guys with Barry Clark Jr.
and I think Debussy is going to come by.
I got Ephraim Owen who plays a fantastic trumpet and we're just going to do a great show and do what we do, you know, for the cause.
And I want to, you know, invite all these people around town.
There must be millions of antique
I don't
Well, that's a good point.
I mean, we were talking about it, Sal was talking about it a year ago, but the media just kind of ignored it and kept it a secret.
We've now blown this thing wide open where we are having a real debate and a real dialogue.
This is an important fight.
Mobility, transportation, the freedom of the open road, that is pure Americana.
And we're talking about thousands of dollars, conservatively a year, per driver, per vehicle here.
This is TxDOT's own numbers.
Sal, tell us how we get tickets.
Yes, we get tickets by going to austintollparty.com.
You can get tickets online through PayPal right there.
You can go into a Pinky's Wireless here in Central Texas, or you can call us at our office.
We'll give you that number, 512-371-
9-9-2-6, that's 3-7-1-9-9-2-6.
With a 5-1-2 in front of it.
And what I've done is, I was given four tickets but I bought five more and I've just given them away to friends and family because I believe in this as well.
That's right, and you're coming tonight to introduce Jimmy and we even have the comptroller of the state of Texas taking a stand and saying no, do not put tolls on roads we've already paid for.
Well, I mean, it's... I can't see how any politician could be for this.
I mean, I've never seen an issue where you've got the high 90s against it.
Oh yeah, but all the local politicians voted, most of them voted for it.
You know, and we've got the Governor, Perry, who's been pushing this to his Texas Transportation Commission.
But yeah, it's amazing that the politicians are silly enough to keep pushing this.
People are not going to be able to drive to work.
That's right.
They'll drive to work, but they're going to be charged.
And it just takes the affordability issue to a whole new level.
And the sad part of this is you've got the toll authority
Um, who are unelected officials, unaccountable, they decide how much you're going to pay when you go to work.
And we've got their own numbers, as you said, a dollar a mile in some cases.
Uh, Jimmy, their own numbers are eighteen hundred and something bucks per car per family.
I mean, I know a lot of people who, eighteen hundred and fifty something dollars, I mean, that would be insurance, health insurance for their whole family.
Yeah, that's health insurance, that's car insurance, that's
You know, I mean, we already know that the gas, they're telling us every day, the gas prices, they're going to go up and they go up every summer anyway.
So, but this time they're going to go up.
And, uh, this, you know, to me, it looks like to me, this has nothing to do with easing traffic jams or, uh, or making a better way of life for anyone like they kind of spin it.
But, uh, this is just a track and trace with the, with the computer chip.
I just, I'm just against it.
Well, so am I, Jimmy.
All the way.
And we commend you for doing this.
We want to thank you for doing this.
When we come back... Oh, you bet.
Just stay with us a few more minutes.
When we come back, we'll give out that number again on the website and tell people how they can come tonight.
It's going to be going from 7.30 to midnight this evening.
Just an action-packed, star-studded lineup.
And I like the blues myself.
I can't stand all this new rock and roll.
And all the rest of it, but I really do enjoy the blues.
And some of the best blues out there, bar none, so you be sure and be there.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
JimmyVon.com Jimmy and V-A-U-G-H-A-N JimmyVon.com, be sure to check out that great site.
JimmyVon wins, the site says.
Jimmy has won his fourth Grammy Award, this time for Best Traditional Blues Album for Do You Get the Blues at the 44th Annual Grammy Awards.
This was Jimmy's 10th nomination.
This award was special, meaning to Jimmy as this is his first win for his own solo work.
And I hope you get that CD.
I know I have it myself.
Do you get the blues?
And I'm just plugging it because number one, it's good music.
Number two, Jimmy is just a great guy out there tirelessly working to fight these toll roads.
And it's refreshing to see prominent people, and more and more of them are taking action, really getting involved in truly patriotic issues, not phony left-right issues that the mainstream media is always out there promoting and pushing.
Folks, if you want to call right now and reserve your tickets, so they've got them there for you at the door, when you get there, give them a call, the Austin Toll Party, 512-371-9926.
512-371-9926 or go to austintollparty.com or you can get them at the door.
Now tell folks who aren't online where the DoubleTree North is located, Sal or Jimmy.
Yeah, the DoubleTree North is at 6505 IH 35 North.
That's right near the 290 interchange.
All right, and it's a banquet hall that holds about, what, 2,000 people?
Yeah, that's correct.
And folks, I think they've already sold like 500, 600 tickets.
And in Austin, people normally don't buy tickets beforehand.
They go to the event.
So there could be a chance that this sells out.
So I certainly hope that you get your tickets now.
Even if you're not going to come or you live in New York City, buy some tickets.
Put in the email comment section that you want to give these out for free.
When will the cut-off date for giving other people your tickets be, Sal?
I mean, if somebody wanted to buy five tickets now, how would you go give those to people?
Well, right now we're selling them will-call, so there are some folks that can't afford to pay $50 for two tickets if they're looking for two, and we're hoping that more people buy the tickets so that those folks can go.
Yeah, and plus this all goes towards a political fight and a legal fight to stop this.
We've had real good success over the past year.
I want to give you a quick update on what we've done so that people know that this is making a difference.
We stopped one toll road.
We postponed two others.
We got one unfunded.
And then get this, here's the big thing.
Most people don't know, but there were eight additional toll roads all coming into Central Texas.
These are going out to smaller towns all the way around.
Those eight toll roads, they actually pulled from the plan before they presented them, so they put those on a back burner, hoping that we're going to go away, but obviously we're not.
And understand, folks, if you leave or enter the city, you're going to go through a toll road.
That's right, and it's all about what they want.
What makes these toll roads different, again, is they want to toll our freeways and roads we've already paid for, which is really, if you think about it, it's absurd in so many levels.
Well, Jimmy said it best earlier.
I mean, this is totally against the American way of life.
It's about control.
It's about tracking and tracing.
A transponder?
I mean, that's how they're going to do this.
They didn't ask us when we told them.
You guys go to meetings and 2,000 people show up.
It's been in the newspaper.
And they say, raise your hand if you're for it.
And two people in the audience raise their hands for the toll roads.
Oh, sure.
Can you imagine Rick Perry who's pushing this?
As soon as the campaign begins for next year's governor's race,
The candidates running against him are going to slam him on this issue and he's going to go bye-bye.
Also, you guys have successfully ferreted out
A lot of corruption.
Attempted bribery has been all over the newspaper.
Payoffs have been all over the newspaper.
And again, six, eight months ago, nobody even...toll what?
Toll who?
I mean, nobody even knew about this.
We have elected officials, Donna Duke, state representative, who voted for the plan.
Now, the morning after she voted for the plan, her sister got contracts with the toll authority.
Jimmy, that sounds like some foreign third world country.
Well, it sounds like the music business.
Any comments?
But no, it doesn't sound like Texas.
Maybe some people say it does, but it's not what I thought Texas was about.
It's not what I want my family and my friends to have to live by.
It just doesn't make any sense.
It's just not right.
I don't know how to get any stronger than that.
Again, I want to tell all these hot rod nuts and these car guys all over the country that might be listening, you're all going to be... It's coming to a town near you soon, so here's your chance to get in on the ground floor on this thing.
Well, they know that America is built in sprawling cities and small towns.
It's designed for the automobile.
We're not 2,000, you know, 1,500-year-old European cities.
We have to have our automobiles.
And this is all about social engineering, but it's also about the private corporations that get to administer these and reap the profits from it.
It's not free market.
It is organized crime.
And we're standing up against big city machine corruption here.
And so I want to see everybody there tonight.
Give them a call right now.
Buy the tickets.
And it's a great place to network.
To meet like-minded people.
This is going to be a great crew of folks and a very diverse crowd from across the political spectrum.
Sal, any comments?
Yeah, absolutely.
You know, a lot of people come up to me and say, well, is this a Republican or Democrat issue?
And the fact is, the people under our tent is everybody.
We're talking about Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, Environmentalists.
I mean, we've probably got Communists.
I mean, everybody.
The only people that aren't are the ones that are basically getting paid off to push this.
It's under this tent.
Also, same thing with immigration.
87% of people are against it, including the majority of Hispanics, but the media acts like everybody's for it.
It's issue after issue, but this one is key.
Sal Costello and of course Jimmy Vaughn, I can't wait to see you there tonight.
Jimmy, you're going to be taking the stage with your band at about 10pm, correct?
Yeah, something like that, yeah.
We don't know exactly for sure, but we're going to have it worked out.
There's a lot of people that are going to show up that we don't even know about, if they all show up.
We're going to get it all in.
Tell them the other guys that are playing.
Yeah, we've got Bruce Jones and the Monotones, which are fantastic.
And then we've got the John Emery Band, who is just amazing.
They're the king of hillbilly rock and roll.
And they were on this morning on another station playing a Toll Road song, and it was really awesome.
And Jimmy played his, he's got another Toll Road song, which he played on another radio station.
It was cool, so he's going to play that tonight too.
Yeah, this is going to be the fight of the new Toll Road songs.
Oh yeah, this is where the Boston Tea Party made history.
That's what's happening tonight.
This is the Austin Toll Party, and you want to come and be part of this history.
Alright, and for folks that missed any of the websites or phone numbers, go to InfoWars.com in the middle of the page down there.
We've got the beautiful poster.
We're good to go.
No compromise with these toll roads is my opinion or any of these new taxes.
They've got plenty of money.
Jimmy, just in closing, anything else you'd like to add?
Just thank you, Alex, for everything and all of them.
And Sal, thank you and Linda Curtis and everybody for letting us know about this, letting me know about it.
I hope I can help all I can.
I want to thank all the folks that have bought tickets and that are coming.
Yeah, and we'll see you all tonight, and all the musicians that are coming down there.
We're going to have a ball.
It sounds like fun.
I'm going to be there.
I'll see you guys down there about 8 o'clock.
God bless you, and I'll see you this evening, gentlemen.
Thank you, folks.
Take care.
Alright, give them a call.
I mean, it's fun fighting the New World Order.
I mean, Jimmy, you know, he's come out the first time I ever met him.
He showed about three years ago for showing a road to tyranny to a sellout crowd.
We turned away about 50 people.
So better get your tickets now, folks.
That would be advisable.
And at the same time, you see Jimmy out at Ron Paul speaking, you see him out there getting involved in this community like everybody else is.
And we've got to make it exciting and fun to fight the New World Order.
Because it is!
Because we're the majority.
We're the normal people.
And we've got to start acting like it.
Instead of hiding in our closets with our views about the New World Order.
So, give them a call right now.
Here's the number.
I want their phones blown off the wall!
I want their phone lines melting!
I want to commend my audience.
They've said that the vast majority of people calling in and getting tickets have been from this radio show and the websites and a lot of other folks out there.
But we have that audience that really cares about freedom and is really getting involved and I just love you guys to death.
I just heard about this a couple weeks ago, and I was planning to go, and they called me up and said, hey, we want you to come speak and introduce the band.
And so I'm honored to do that.
But to Austin, tollparty.com, or go through infoawards.com, or 512-371.
Because I've looked at the Austin Toll Party.
I watched them for about six months.
Looked at what they were doing.
They're full of good people.
They're not infiltrated.
They're not controlled.
It's true grassroots activism.
And believe me, USA Today has reported it.
This is the model.
It is coming to your city, your town.
It's been, I've seen at least 20 states in the last few months that have introduced the accompanying legislation.
We got the legislation right here in Texas, where a transponder in every single car attacks you with this.
Alright, I've been ranting, but look, I won't be able to leave my neighborhood.
There's one grocery store, a few restaurants, and a gas station I'll be able to go to.
And then I run into toll roads.
And you heard Jimmy, he lives in a whole other part of town.
He won't be able to get out of his neighborhood.
I mean, they've got these suckers designed where no matter where you live, and this is for all the cities in Texas,
And Louisiana's about to pass it, California, New York, Ohio, New Jersey.
I mean, it just goes on and on and on.
They're talking about expanding the NAFTA corridor that goes up through Kansas, through Oklahoma, into Missouri.
They're talking about putting toll roads in there for all of our Kansas City listeners.
They're talking about toll roads in places, you know, unpopulated states like New Mexico.
I mean, it's everywhere!
They're talking about it.
Or AustinTollParty.com.
Or Pinky's Wireless around town.
Just, if you're driving by Pinky's Wireless, pull in and get it.
Alright, let's go to the calls.
I appreciate everybody holding for 45 minutes.
Who's up next here?
Fred in Philly.
Fred, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
It's been a while.
Hello, sir.
I want to mention the role of the private companies with the toll roads because
In your experience, has there been a transfer of ownership of any kind between a publicly owned road to a company?
This is how the privatization scam works, and there's many different flavors of it, but this is how it works with the toll roads predominantly.
They openly pay off the politicians.
At the same time, they even put politicians in.
This has been a ten year program.
They put all their politicians in, county, city, state level.
Then the feds also say, no highway funds unless you start doing this.
So the feds apply pressure, and then your existing major roads, that have been there in some cases for a hundred years, are handed over to private companies to administer it, and then they can charge whatever they want and make pure profit off of it.
I think that that could be challenged as far as
uh... the the uh... giving away of public assets without a way what do you think you're right look there's other other roads that we've got the toll roads terminated in the state because it's illegal they're doing something that violates federal and state law every day but has that ground been used to challenge it that you can't involve
a person or I mean a company to own a road that was a public road.
They're arguing they don't own it.
They're administering it for the state.
Oh, I get it.
Okay, that's it.
Thank you.
Thanks for the call.
It's disgusting.
Let's talk to Harry in Canada.
Harry, go ahead.
Oh, he hung up.
Tim in Ohio.
Go ahead, Tim.
How are you doing?
Hi, Alex.
Quick question and a comment first.
Please correct this statement if you believe it to be false in any way.
The United States is a global corporation, controlled by the British Crown, owned by the Vatican, and governed by a myriad of laws unconstitutionally written by treasonous lawyers for elite banking interests.
Everything but the Vatican part.
I mean, the Vatican's definitely involved in it.
But from my research, they lost a lot of power in the last 300 years.
And they're certainly involved.
They own some big banks and are part of the New World Order.
The Vatican definitely has been, but I wouldn't say that it's the... I wouldn't say it's owned by the Vatican.
I would say owned by British banks.
So we can drop that.
Now, getting to that part, this is another example of the hypocrisy
Of this government.
The national debt is about to turn $8 trillion.
How can that happen?
Sir, that's what they tell you in the news.
It was $65 trillion.
The Dallas Morning News two years ago admitted $43 trillion.
Are you serious?
No, folks, Dallas Morning News, $43 trillion.
But again, those numbers are wrong.
It's much larger.
Look, they're counting an $8 trillion debt as for what is owed right now.
Okay, it's like, this month I owe my house, I owe, you know, $1,100 or whatever, I owe that money this month, but the note that I owe, you know, is hundreds of thousands of dollars.
So see, this is how it works.
Our actual, what they've agreed to, the obligations, are over $60 trillion.
How could they pass a bankruptcy bill?
But see, notice, as soon as you start making money, they don't send you credit cards anymore.
As soon as you're out of debt, or don't have a bunch of debt, you don't get credit cards every week.
Back when I was a poor, starving college student eating ramen noodle five days a week, I got credit cards almost every day.
Well, didn't you tell us last week that a company actually cancelled you because you weren't profitable to them?
You paid your card off every month?
Yeah, they just, after a year, they said, we're cancelling you.
And I called, they said, well,
And they said, it's actually bad for your credit, Mr. Jones, if you pay everything.
They said, there's a ratio we look at.
So I got a bad credit score, a bad mark, too, in there because I pay my bills.
How dare you pay your bills on time?
What all this does, what I'm talking about, the high gas prices, which in turn put up all the consumer goods, the toll roads, inflation, what they're succeeding in doing is pulling more and more dollar bills out of circulation.
And that is
Going to lead to more of the depression and allow them to push through their things when people start riding just for a bite to eat?
Well actually what they're doing is they're radically inflating the currency right now.
And because the currency is getting more and more worthless, that's why oil prices have gone up.
Any chance on the website, you know on the left side there, where you have all the things, the skull and bones, the cremations, all that, can we get a section on there that deals strictly with the government documents, the white papers that you talk about?
Yeah, those are all over the site, but it's a good place to put them.
And I've told Duke Lordley, that's Paul's nickname, over in England to do that.
He's so busy, though.
But yeah, there's a lot of sections we want to build, a lot of things we want to do.
Send him emails.
Recommend it to him.
Very good.
OK, thanks, Alex.
You'll have to go to the Crown for that.
Joking, folks.
I like to tease Paul.
We listen.
All right.
I'm teasing just over in England.
It must be Lordley over there.
We love our British listeners.
We have a huge audience in England.
I want to say hi to them.
I'll be right back, folks.
Pass the lime juice.
Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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I just called the Austin Toll Party during the break and they said their phones are ringing off the hooks.
That's good.
We want you to come down tonight and I'll plug that again in the next hour.
Tunes, not tolls.
We've actually gotten some calls asking what the number is.
So here it is again.
Let's just go back to the calls and I'll continue with the news in the next hour.
But the calls are always interesting.
Let's talk to Jason and Marilyn and Brock, Ruben, James and others.
Go ahead, Jason.
Alex, I was wondering, I was curious, I'm a big fan of Jimmy and Stevie Ray Vaughan and I was curious if, I think that it's a great thing they're doing.
Do you know if there's any other
You know, activist names, you know, musicians like Bob Geldof or Willie Nelson or Ted Nugent who understand what's happening or doing anything about it.
I think I heard Ted Nugent's against the open borders and has been supporting the Minutemen.
Well, these people, they should use their power.
Well, that's not their job, but civically it is because they're getting involved.
You know, speaking out, but it's all of our responsibilities.
Of course.
But some of us are blessed.
There's so many people.
There's so much music coming out now of every genre that's exposing the New World Order.
It's very exciting.
Well, the other thing I had was I was curious if you had heard that Joseph Ratzinger, the new Pope,
uh... was uh... in the Hitler Youth or the uh... Yes, now that's admitted he was in the Hitler Youth and he helped uh... cover up some of the uh... scandals in the church concerning pedophilia and uh... according to my uh... conservative catholic sources he's a mason and new world order yeah and also apparently uh... has his hands in the death of the pope prior to uh... John Paul
I have some very good sources that wish to go unnamed at this time, but I've been doing research on the subject the last few days, and that's what I've also gotten about Ratzinger.
But the media calls him conservative, so he must be conservative.
Of course.
Well, I was calling hoping to talk to Jimmy, but it's just as well to talk to you.
I thank everybody who's doing their part, and let's stop it.
Let's do what we can.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
Uh, let's uh... I've just got to plug my video.
I mean, I've got to do it at least one minute of an hour and then we'll go back to the Brock and Reuben and James and everybody else that's holding.
First off, be told to remember to join us on air on this live Thursday edition.
It's 1-800-259-9231.
And my new film, Martial Law 9-11 Rise of the Police State, is three films in one.
It covers the police state, the latest 9-11 information, and who the order of death
Who the Globalists really are, the secret society that is on top of all the secret societies.
They're Luciferians.
They believe the Devil is God, the Angel of Light, the Brotherhood of Light.
But they believe they serve the darkness for the light.
A bunch of mumbo-jumbo.
But they funded Hitler, they funded Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones.
You need to have this film.
It covers so much.
It's my best work.
Please get it!
$25.95, but as I said, three hours on DVD, two and a half plus hours on VHS.
And when you get a second copy, it's $19.95, and it just keeps going down in price the more videos you get.
All my other films are excellent as well.
I've got discounts on those right now.
Go to infowars.com to order the new film or any of the films via the SafeStore online shopping cart, to watch free video clips of the films, to read about the different specials, and then to order them.
Or go to PrisonPlanet.tv where you can simply sign up, 15 cents a day, takes about a minute and a half to do.
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Or call toll free to order 1-888-253-3139.
Don't wait.
Get the film.
Make copies.
It's having a massive effect.
I want to commend you.
And folks, my last name's Jones.
So, I'm allowed to tease Paul Watson about being English.
Because that's an English name.
Billy Welch.
No, that was a joker.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
You're now in tune.
Hour number three.
The Senate is on the verge of passing a national ID card bill that expands the existing national ID card legislation into a Pan-American ID card.
It also will make you have it to have jobs and a lot, lot more.
It is very, very serious.
I want to get into that a little bit here.
Greenspan warns rising deficits endanger economy.
And he says the economy could risk stagnation or worse, but the government keeps telling us how great the economy is with the stock market plunging a couple hundred points, or 150 points every day.
It's scary.
It's scary to see all of this happening.
Meanwhile, trillions are missing from the Pentagon, and our government commitments are actually over 60 trillion dollars, but the government's not worried about that.
No, they want to make the American people have special transponder chips in their
In their passports.
Up in New Hampshire they're fighting at red light cameras.
I love this article on ABC News.
Smile, you're on a candidate cop camera.
We're going to get into that.
Rumsfeld to quit this summer.
Also, Bersaloni resigns as Italian Prime Minister.
People are so mad at him about lying about the Iraq War and WMD.
A senior Blair aide resigns over Iraq War as well and says it's all a lie.
And we'll also get into some of the things the caller was just mentioning.
Here's one of the toll road articles.
Satellites to track cars and tax them by the mile via tolls.
But I want to go a little bit over Ratzinger.
People keep calling in about it.
The surge to victory, cardinals, death, steps.
How he did it from the Herald Tribune.
Then Ratzinger and pedophilia in the church.
And another one here, new Pope, shelled sex abuse claim, accuser says, and out of the Associated Press, Israel praises Pope despite Nazi past.
Well yeah, they praise Arnold despite Nazi past.
You're real live Nazi connections, you're A-OK.
You fight Nazis, you'll be listed as a Nazi.
And John Bolton, another mentally unstable megalomaniac, a great article by Paul Watson.
We're also reading and reporting that Rumsfeld seals the deal on military bases to launch an attack on Iran.
In fact, I'll cover that first when we get back after this quick break.
But right now, let's go to your phone calls!
Up next here,