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Air Date: April 26, 2005
2486 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is Tuesday, the 26th day of April 2005.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We're going to have wide open phones throughout this transmission against tyranny.
No matter if you're in Mexico, Canada, England, right here in the United States, you're all welcome to call us.
We've even gotten calls before from McMurtle Weather Station in Antarctica.
1-800-259-9231 is the toll-free number to join us.
We'll go to your calls early in this first hour, probably near the end of the next segment.
Where to start?
I mean, there is just so much.
There's a bunch of news that because I had a...
A couple guests on yesterday I didn't get to that I'd like to go over that we never spent any time on, like abortion staff ignores baby born alive.
But it's okay.
I mean, the government and the police say it's all right.
That's okay.
Bush urges Saudis to boost oil production, but that's only on the surface.
And then there he was at Crawford yesterday, gripping hands and walking like the Crown Prince was his boyfriend or something.
I mean, it never ends how quackish it looks, just how transparent this is.
So meeting his longtime Saudi ally, his little friend,
His little buddy.
Consumer confidence drops for the third month in a row as inflation begins to boil out of control, but the media tells you that there's really no problem with inflation, that it's a good thing.
Some fear law would create national ID card.
Here is the Boston Globe.
They're still trying to pass the expansion of the national ID card through the Senate right now and pushing it as a way to stop illegal aliens.
Three months ago, Ron Paul analyzed the Senate and House bills, and we posted the bills and his analysis, and clearly it makes it easier for illegal aliens and creates just the most horrible facets of an ID card, creates the mechanisms to implement that.
But here are the neocon publications like the Washington Times telling us how great it is and how it will stop the illegal aliens.
Meanwhile, Clear Channel is putting up billboards that say that California is Mexico.
Of course, Clear Channel also puts up billboards saying that Bush is our dear leader.
I mean, it's like we're North Korea or something now.
Why is Clear Channel doing this?
Because they're following the orders of the New York banks.
Bringing America down is the job of the New World Order, and the controlled media, the neocon media, is there ensuring that that job is implemented.
Also, Taiwan's nationalist leader, Lin, becomes first to visit mainland China since 1949.
Republican leadership seeks to ensconce judicial tyranny.
This is by Chuck Baldwin.
And they're trying to restrict filibusters.
So you can't have your free speech.
So you can't block legislation.
The founding fathers put that in so that tyranny could be blocked.
So that honorable people with courage could be obstructionists.
That's a good thing.
Gridlock is good.
That's why we have separation of powers.
You don't want...
The central government or a group of senators setting up their own tyranny.
That's happening now.
A police chief has taken the microchip and he thinks his police officer should take it.
This time it's not the Mexican Attorney General ordering his employees to do it.
No, it's right here in America.
And you're with Al Qaeda if you're against taking the chip.
Florida planning son of the Matrix program.
Yes, it's really called the Matrix.
And they never canceled it.
The Matrix.
It's a big joke.
There is so much more coming up.
I will jump into all the news on the other side of this quick break.
Infowars.com and personplanet.com are the websites.
Check them out.
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All right, second segment, 8 minutes, 27 seconds into broadcast.
Wide open phones today.
Any issue, any news, item, any topic, any question, comment, you've got zero censorship, ladies and gentlemen.
You're welcome to join us.
I love all the different directions the callers take us.
All the different news reports that they bring up that the general public is not aware of.
I mean, here's one.
I've got a little AP report here about how Ford is moving quite a bit of its production plants for parts for engines
And other areas, other components of vehicles to China.
Communist China.
Command and control China.
I mean, already most of the parts you get for your Ford or Chevy or Dodge are made in Japan or Taiwan or Mexico.
But even those countries are going to lose their jobs.
It's all going to China with a billion, 300 plus million slave population.
And the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, in their public statements in their own white papers, have said that America is going to be basically shut down economically.
Using environmental laws, they're going to take basically all the middle class' private property.
We are going to be basically a servant class for the New World Order and a larger part of Latin America, a huge serf population.
Europe is going to be predominantly deindustrialized.
They're going to bring in the populations from the Middle East and other areas, Africa, Asia there as well.
They'll be brought down to second world status.
That's their term for it.
And China will be the capital of the world with forced abortion, infanticide, genetic engineering, and implanted microchip population.
The deal was made decades ago.
That's why they've been given the Panama Canal and many of our old military bases in the Caribbean.
This is the stated program.
And you're going to have your guns taken.
Most of you will not be able to afford driving a car.
You're going to be transpondered and taxed.
And most of us will be forcibly psychologically tested.
Many of us forcibly drugged.
Official federal plan.
And there will be national drafts that they call, of course, conscription.
And this is what we're looking forward to.
Oh, before I forget, before I get into all the news, I've just got to say this.
I was driving to the office to do my radio show, and this is just about 30 minutes ago, and an Austin Police Department police car, 4380.
Because I know Internal Affairs won't do anything about it, and
You guys could basically do whatever you wanted to and be worshipped for it, so I'm just going to say this on air.
And we defend police when we do the right thing, and we defended them here on this broadcast locally, but 4380.
You know, you deserve a $500 ticket.
I'm driving, and on William Cannon, you go over a little hill and up a bigger hill, and there's like a grassy...
A grassy area there behind some trees that most mornings the police are there, most evenings, about 24 hours a day, running a speed trap.
It's a major thoroughfare, so a lot of people who aren't on the road often drive down it and don't know the police are there.
And I've watched them.
If you're going about six, seven miles over the speed limit, the speed limit's 40, they pull you over.
And I'm tired of watching the motorcycles and the squad cars pull out in front of people because the trees come to within about six, seven feet of the sidewalk.
And then there's grass on the other side, so you can't see the police cars.
And they just jump out into traffic.
So every time I see this, from now on, just at this one spot, just kind of a little test to see if we can get the word to them to stop endangering people's lives, including their own, I'm going to report the police that are driving recklessly.
So, I got two cars in front of me.
I've got about five car lengths, so I'm about 40, 50 yards back.
And here comes this police car.
And I was expecting to see it, because you normally do.
Jump out in front of cars.
I mean, just flies out, literally, no more than 15, maybe 10 feet in front of these cars.
These cars slam on their brakes.
Almost come together.
One of the cars tries to go into the other lane.
Comes within an inch, going about 40 miles an hour, of smashing into a pickup truck, the little Honda Civic in front of me.
And the cop goes flying down the road, swerving in front of the... He didn't just come into one lane, the left lane.
He jumps across into the right lane, almost hitting the pickup truck, and then speeds towards the pickup truck that he pulled over and gave a ticket.
Now, I'm tired of it.
If I did that, I'd get a reckless driving charge, and I should.
You, 4380, of course, are God, according to the government and the media, so you can do no wrong.
I'm sick of it.
I don't want to have wrecks.
I'm tired of dodging you people almost every morning.
I see it every morning.
Maybe that's not true.
Maybe every two weeks they pull out in front of me or pull out in front of cars, and the cars all swerve.
I mean, you've got to cop.
Parking literally right behind trees and bushes where no one can see them with the tip of their car obscured and then just jumping out.
There was no reason you could have waited, pulled out behind other cars, gone and gotten the person that was speeding.
Stop jumping out in front of us.
I'm tired of it.
4380 this morning did it. 4380.
And I'm going to encourage you, when you see police driving recklessly, call.
And call the newspaper, too.
And write down their numbers.
And you know what?
I think I'm going to get video cameras, and I think I'm going to go stake out, and I think I'm going to do a TV show.
I wish I had time.
I want to do a show about how 90% of the buses have almost no one on them.
I mean, usually, probably 80% of the time, you don't even see but one person on a bus.
I want to do a show on that.
I've never had time.
Well, actually, one time we went out for like 30 minutes and showed about 15 buses with one or two people on each one of them.
A few of them were empty.
During rush hour, by the way.
Actually, I have done one of those shows, but I want to do a big program on it for the TV show.
But perhaps I'll go stake you out.
Perhaps I'll go hide in the bushes and videotape you driving recklessly.
And I will zoom in on your tags, I will zoom in on your numbers, and I will put it on TV.
Now, I'm serious.
Stop driving recklessly.
I'm tired of it.
I've got better things to do than to deal with this.
But I'm sick of it.
I'm tired of police cars jumping out in front of me.
You are not God.
And here's the deal.
In Europe, even in some of the western states in this country, you can drive as fast as you want.
Unless it's reckless, and then it's pretty serious fines or charges.
And that's the way it should be.
You shouldn't be out there slinking around on a road designed to drive 60 on giving people tickets if they go 47 miles an hour.
But I've never complained about that.
But what's the greater evil?
The police like great white sharks feeding on tuna with their motorcycles and cars up and down William Cannon every day and night pulling out in front of people perpetually endangering themselves and us?
Or is it more dangerous to have somebody driving 47 miles an hour?
So please.
And who knows, this officer might even be a fan of the show.
I'm sorry if that's the case.
I get pulled over speeding and the police continue to let me go.
Which I think is very nice.
I don't know why.
I guess I might have been what they call lucky or blessed.
I mean, I'm not here even bashing the police.
But you know full well you're driving like a bunch of psychopaths.
And I'm tired of it.
I would expect if somebody was driving like that knowingly, pulling out in front of 40 mile an hour traffic, doing back turns basically, I would expect that if I drove like that, that I would be arrested for reckless driving.
I don't know what your problem is.
And I'm sure your friends are radioing you now, telling you to tune to this channel so you can hear this.
That's fine.
You're probably listening now.
Stop it!
Maybe you're not aware of the fact that you pulled out in front of people.
But I see cops do it all the time, and I'm sick of it.
All right.
Now, see, I've wasted five, six minutes on this.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment, and then I will get into...
Consumer confidence drops for third month.
What's happening with inflation?
Some fear law would create national ID card, Boston Globe.
That's exactly what the bill does.
Meanwhile, the neocon publications and radio shows are out there manipulating their audiences, claiming it's to stop illegal aliens, when it isn't.
And I want to dovetail that with this World Net Daily article, Los Angeles, Mexico.
And they crossed out California and put Mexico up, saying California is Mexico.
And guess who paid for this?
Neocon Clear Channel.
As usual.
Taiwan's nationalist leader.
Lin becomes first to visit mainland China since 1949.
We've got this article I never got to yesterday.
It's 14 pages long.
I can't cover the whole thing.
Abortion staff ignores baby born alive.
Unbelievable, folks.
Bush urges Saudis to boost oil production.
That's only on the surface.
That's not true.
And we'll also get into law states.
Utility employees can enter your home without permission.
Federal agents, prosecutors are targeting guns.
Bush has expanded funding to target gun owners.
This is out of Pittsburgh Live.
That's just some of what's coming up.
Newspapers struggle to avoid their own obituary.
Christian Science Monitor, as the mainstream media and mainstream newspapers again plunge even further.
More reports of this as we explode.
And U.S.
clears soldiers and Italian agents' death.
The government's also cleared our troops for killing and murdering and torturing innocent Iraqis.
It's unbelievable.
Oh, and our government won't even help American POWs tortured in Gulf War detention.
We'll not get compensation, see?
They hate our own troops.
Folks, there's so much.
First, we'll take your calls from John in Texas and others.
When we get back, 1-800-259-9231.
Don't forget another great website we've got, Infowars.net.
Stay with us.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We've got this amazing mind joining us in the middle of the next hours for 30 minutes, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, who does a great job every week illustrating that George Bush makes Bill Clinton look like a right-wing extremist.
I'm serious.
And then we're also going to talk about the de-industrialization and the destruction of even our local service economies in the third hour with Saving Main Street, but
We're going to take calls and cover other news items right now.
Let's go to calls.
John in Texas and Kurt Vandrick.
What a cool name.
Or Vandrick.
Brett, Elma, and others.
John, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
About a week ago, I was going outside to get in my car, and it was a cloudless day over Houston, and I happened to look up in the sky, and there was one cloud up there.
And I said, gee, that's a funny-looking cloud.
And I looked up there, and there was a jet plane up there leaving a vapor trail.
Well, here's the deal.
You remember six, seven years ago, our whole lives, a jet would be flying, you know, 30,000 feet, 20,000 feet,
And it would leave a condensation trail that would disappear within seconds or minutes.
About six, seven years ago, these magic jets started showing up that leave them at 3,000 feet, and they stay there for four hours, and they get bigger.
And other jets fly right next to them in the same atmospheric conditions and don't leave trails.
And, boy, I don't know what's going on.
Well, my next door neighbor, her boyfriend's on the sheriff's department, and I told her about it, and I said, ask Bob if he can find out what's going on.
She said, well, he has a friend in the Air Force he's good friends with.
He might be able to find out something.
So I got word back the other day that he was told that the Air Force was testing a new weapon up there.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
All I know is there were over, for some reason on this statistic,
I get the numbers confused.
They tested 1,300 times chemicals and biologicals and radiologicals on our troops.
And this came out in the 70s.
From the 40s to the 70s this happened.
This came out in 77.
And it was over 3,000 times it was tested on the American people.
Over 1,000 times on the British people.
I mean, just type plague bombs tested on Scotland, bioweapons released in London, bioweapon released in New York subway, 1968.
Those are some of the more famous cases.
But, I mean, I have the congressional reports where they admit all this.
And so I don't put anything past them, but I don't know why one jet flying at the same altitude as another leaves a giant trail that's there two hours later, and one right beside it's gone in 30 seconds.
I don't know why my whole life...
I never saw jets leave trails that lasted more than a minute or two.
And now they stay there for hours.
It's a big discussion.
Kurt in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead, Kurt.
Yes, Alex.
I called today.
Basically, I just got Martial Law, your new documentary.
And I was just so impressed by it.
Yes, sir.
And it just opened my eyes up.
And I appreciate the work you're doing.
I am an ex-Divinity school student and basically left it because of my political beliefs and, you know, only good little Christians are Republicans.
I wasn't a Republican, and so I just kind of... Well, then your soul may be in danger, according to me.
You don't kneel before Moloch, you...
But I'm just so impressed.
It just really opened my eyes.
I also purchased Bohemian Grove, and they're just excellent.
I appreciate the work you're doing, and I just thank God that we have Americans like you.
And that's really all I had to say.
I'm sorry to take up so much of your time.
No, are you kidding?
You're calling in to plug the videos.
I really appreciate that.
I don't do that enough, because the most important thing I do is the films.
They're much more well-documented than the radio show because I can show people what I'm claiming and show them the globalists admitting it.
What did you think about the occult section, probably 45 minutes to the last hour?
I had read things before in books, and you did an excellent job of covering it for someone who wasn't aware of it at all.
The thing that I was...
Most impressed by is your sincerity.
I know that Hitler was sincere and all this, but it's just the way that you come off when you're in your documentaries.
It's like, I go, this is a man who positively believes everything that he's saying.
And I know that I can trust.
My father was a newspaper reporter for a short time.
He was like one of the old newspaper reporters.
You know, he was...
He was a good guy.
Finish your thought on the other shot.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Again, that's 888-211-1715.
Kurt in Pennsylvania, you're correct that I am sincere.
And I'm somewhat confident that telegraphs to people.
But I would encourage you and warn you not to go with your feelings and to go off the documents and the history, which obviously you've done.
You say you've researched this.
But please check out what I'm saying, not just the way it comes off when I say it.
But you were talking about your father working for a newspaper.
Finish up what you were saying.
He told me things when I was a child that I found out, you know, 20 years later, oh yeah, he knew what he was talking about, you know.
And so I've always... My father passed away five years ago, and we always...
We always had something to talk about.
He always, you know, he was an intellectual, very intelligent, right?
And I'm just kind of sorry he's not here.
Did he talk about, what, controlled media, or what did he talk about?
Yeah, he felt it was not like it was when he was a newspaper reporter.
Of course, he didn't like Bush.
He was a fundamentalist, but he was a Democrat.
He did not like Bush.
He was very offended that Billy Graham got involved.
Again, when he said he'd never get involved with a president after the fiasco with Nixon.
I wondered if you could shed any light on... I heard that Billy Graham...
He was a mason.
I wanted to just, if you know anything about that.
That's my only question.
I appreciate it.
Thanks, Kurt.
I have heard from good sources that Billy Graham is a mason.
I have seen some of the documentation.
But, again, I mean, I don't think Billy Graham is bad.
I mean, I've watched him give some of his speeches.
I'm not here to bash him.
Billy Graham, the entire Christian system, Christendom, has been infiltrated and taken over.
The Protestants are promoting the New World Order.
The Catholics are promoting the New World Order.
Almost every denomination is promoting the New World Order.
I mean, I've got an article here about Senator Frisk is going around the country to churches, telling the churches to get behind the faith-based initiative.
The federalization of the churches is what it is.
He's going around the country saying support President Bush and his Social Security reform, which it is not.
It's just more of the same.
He's going around the country saying support the President in basically banning filibusters in the Senate, which is restricting the way the Founding Fathers set it up with the separation of powers, so a dictatorship could be held back.
That's one of the separation of powers built into the system.
And they go directly to the churches, and if you're of the Lord, you support whatever Bush is doing, whether that's gun control, open borders, whether it's endless wars, whether it's all of this.
And that drives people away from the faith.
People out there, liberals especially, think that Christians are George Bush, and they go, well, I'm not one of those.
Please don't put me in that group.
But when you explain to people who aren't Christians about the New World Order, explain to them about the phony left-right paradigm, then they wake up and do see what's happening.
So it's all very sophisticated.
I mean, it's like the Democrats.
Look, the Democrats and the Republicans are two different treads on the New World Order tank that's running over humanity.
I've got to move quick now here because I want to cover some news before this hour ends.
And that's a cool name, by the way.
In Texas.
Vanderick, welcome.
Thanks, sir.
No, I got a couple points.
I heard last week on your network about the leftgatekeepers.org, and I did some more research.
And I was surprised to find that I found some documents that were pointing to Adnan Khashoggi, the arms dealer in the 1970s and 80s, infamous, as funding Genesis Communications.
Do you know anything about that, sir?
That is totally and completely false.
So that's just some disinfo that's out there on the net that I've heard.
I think I heard the show you're talking about.
Jack Blunt had a guest on?
It was a good guess, talking about how big foundations like Carnegie and Ford and Rockefeller, Brothers Foundations, I heard about 30 minutes of them driving in my car, and I was aware of all that.
It's true, we've done shows on that, fund the phony left-wing anti-war movement and the conservative movement to control things.
And I would guess that you saw a link or something...
No, I did independent research on that, and I found out... Oh, so that wasn't on that site?
No, I started researching that on my own, and in the course of finding it on my own... Yeah, because everything I heard that guest saying was spot on from the documents, and then you come in and add what you just said, which I've had to respond to twice before, and I guess I'll respond to that now, Vandrick, if you'd like me to.
Oh, yeah, absolutely.
Okay, well...
We had the guy with the Mad Cow News or whatever.
Mad Cow Morning News.
That's one of the... Let me just talk about it.
Let me just finish this and move on, okay?
Since you bring this up.
And we've had him on.
I think he's done good work.
We don't agree on everything.
And a couple months ago, I guess about four months ago, this thing pops up that this Khashoggi guy is funding and involved and connected to groups with Michael Rupert.
And quite frankly, I've looked at it, and I have found that to be somewhat accurate.
Rupert is for the peak oil.
He is talking about population reductions.
It's scary.
And I'm not in a bash fest on Rupert.
It's a distraction, even though he's savaged me many times for no reason.
But I'm not going to get into that.
It's a distraction.
But then the gentleman with that website goes and says, because there is some group called Genesis...
That is connected to some other group funding something.
He says in the article, is it connected?
I mean, there's a porno magazine called Genesis.
There's a bunch of different... I'm going to be serious here now, sir.
The first book of the Bible is called Genesis.
Zero, not a 110% zero.
There's no connection.
Thank you for the call.
And so, just total...
Total distraction.
Totally false.
And I have no idea why in that article it says, well, this group's called that, and so is this group.
Is there a connection?
I mean, let's talk about real issues.
And regardless, ladies and gentlemen, okay, let's say George Bush had his hand inside me as a puppet, and he was controlling Alex Jones, which is not the case.
Or let's say the Keebler elves were controlling me.
Regardless, are cameras in school bathrooms, are thumb scanners going in schools to get lunches, are transponder legislation going through different state houses to put transponders in old cars to tax you by the mile?
Does New Freedom, now passed, set up a system to transponder, track, and tax, and control?
Are our borders wide open?
Are we losing our sovereignty?
Is the free trade area of the Americas coming in?
Setting up the Pan-American Union?
Getting rid of our sovereignty?
Dwarfing NAFTA and GAAP?
There's a hundred issues.
Is the Federal Reserve private?
Is inflation exploding?
Are the globalists manipulating oil prices by design?
Has the dollar imploded in value 45%?
Is the government preparing to carry out more terror attacks?
Are they passing expansions of national ID card legislation?
Have you noticed that on my broadcast, I don't spend my time... This is what happens.
Other patriots, alternative news people, whatever you want to call them, alternative news spends about half its time on average, literally half its time, fighting with each other.
Because a lot of people are egomaniacs who are envious of anyone out there who is having an effect and changing things.
And so they spend all their time fighting with each other.
And then other good people who aren't egomaniacs spend their time fighting with those people and then they get into the habit of going after other alternative media people and then it just turns into a giant cluster of many battles.
It doesn't do anything for anybody.
It doesn't.
It goes nowhere.
You shouldn't spend your time, just like I told the caller before you, Vandrick, just like I told Kurt, do not believe what I'm saying.
Do not say you just trust me.
Go out and check the information out.
But it isn't about the personality.
People call in and tell me how great I am.
I'm just an average person.
At about midnight last night,
I sat up my backyard under the stars, a beautiful, almost full moon, and, you know, the stars, and I was sitting there looking at Jupiter, and I was sitting there just thinking.
And I was just thinking about ways to fight the New World Order.
I was thinking about how much I love life and how beautiful life is and how sad it is that there's so much evil.
I was thinking about all the ideas and information, and I was thinking how to express myself, how to properly articulate what the New World Order is, this slave grid that they've been...
Carefully building and crafting for the last hundred years and now their plans are coming to fruition.
There's a lot of snags in their program and things aren't going smoothly for them and we really can stand up for humanity.
But, you know, you've got to have more discernment.
I mean, even the very article that you refer to says, is there a connection?
And I ask, why would someone go?
I mean, are we connected to the Genesis porn mag?
Is Genesis directly controlled by God?
Because God's first book is called Genesis.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
It's absolutely ridiculous.
And it gives me a headache.
I'm going to take a few more calls, and I've got to cover some news.
Brett in Kansas City.
Go ahead, Brett.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call again.
I just wanted to say, first of all, listeners out there, get martial law.
It is waking people up.
I've shown it to quite a few of my friends, and they've woken up.
Get Alex's book, because it's also waking people up.
My question was in regards to a person that a lot of people think out there gives them a third choice, and that's Bill O'Reilly on Fox News.
I just wanted to know what you thought of him and some of the issues he covers, what you thought of that, too.
Thank you.
Oh, thank you for the call.
I mean...
I've heard him out of his mouth say that all militia members should be arrested.
I've heard his counterpart, the neocon, ultra-leftist, if you want to use their paradigm.
They're command and controllers.
They're not leftists.
They're not right-wingers.
There's no such thing, folks.
Left and right didn't exist 100 years ago.
It was tyranny versus freedom.
Slavery versus liberty.
Dignity and independence versus control.
I mean...
Sean Hannity, every child needs a microchip.
I'm buying stock now.
Arrest all militia members.
O'Reilly, ban SUVs.
I mean, I don't even watch the guy, but maybe twice a year, every time I tune in, it's a similar thing.
I mean, he'll do something good like, don't give money to the Red Cross and United Way, they're ripping you off.
Get money to the people.
He'll pick a few good issues.
I mean, I agree with Michael Savage on about 90% of what he says.
But then he says Bush is fighting the New World Order.
Arrest anyone that disagrees with him.
I mean, Bush is not fighting the New Rule of Order, and you shouldn't arrest people that disagree with him.
And put them, quote, in forced labor camps.
I mean, that's, so see, they tell you the truth about a lot of problems, but then give you false solutions.
They twist at the key point.
And people aren't sophisticated enough to see it.
I mean, I don't know what I can say about Bill O'Reilly.
I mean, he said illegal immigration is a problem right up until where we were about to pass a bill to control it, and suddenly he came out and said, I'm for open borders, I'm for Bush, I'm for amnesty.
And then after the election, when it didn't matter anymore, now he's against illegal immigration again.
It's just like Lou Dobbs.
Talks about illegal immigration, calls for an actual ID card.
But doesn't do anything about it.
In fact, let me just cover that now since you raised that question.
And I have the articles.
Of me?
I can't find them.
It's a headache.
I've got so many articles here.
Let me find it.
Okay, here it is.
I found it.
Boston Globe today.
Some fear law would create national ID cards.
There's the operative word!
And the House Republicans attached the bill to a must-pass supplemental spending package.
It was going to pass last week, but we've been fighting it.
It's on the verge of passing today or tomorrow.
Now, they passed a national ID card to federally standardized driver's license.
Bush signed it December 26th.
Now they're expanding it, and it makes a Pan-American ID card.
Merges our computer systems, not just with the feds and the states, with biometrics, but with the Mexicans and Canadians.
And then from there it expands out two years later.
It does so much.
You're going to have to have this to have millions of different types of jobs.
It just goes on and on.
We've covered this.
But Ron Paul, three months ago, analyzed the House and Senate versions and put out a report giving a subsection saying it does not stop illegal aliens.
It says to restrict illegal immigration, but then it says we will accept consular matriculars for IDs.
So, 30, I keep saying 30, it's now 70 countries.
I'm using last year's numbers.
Now 70, what is it, 76 countries, see it's expanding from 30-something to 70-something in the last year, issue these consular cards, which they'll give their citizens.
And then if their citizens can get here, our government will issue an ID card.
You can get a bank account, apartment, driver's license, everything.
But the bill says to restrict illegal immigration, we'll accept these.
That doesn't restrict it.
It legalizes it.
So this is the spin we're fighting.
It actually... It's like the last national ID card bill they passed actually did a lot to expand the amnesty piecemeal.
And we covered all that.
But the average good conservative reads this.
Here's the Washington Times.
War Bill Shields ID Act...
From Acts.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said yesterday that Democrats will have to accept the REAL ID Act written by House Republicans to limit asylum claims.
It doesn't.
And crackdown on illegal immigrants obtaining driver's licenses is part of the final emergency war spending bill.
Negotiators are trying to hammer out a compromise between the Senate's $81 billion supplemental spending bill and the House's $81.4 billion.
So see, and they go on to say it stops illegals.
The average person reads this and is for it.
The only thing you could claim really stops illegals is it gives the executive branch total power to veto not legislation, but any already existing law or action for border security.
It isn't just for one California Mexical offense.
Lawyers have looked at it.
Congress has looked at it.
It is actually a dictatorship clause right in there.
That could be claimed could stop illegals.
But it doesn't, because Bush, when we pass 2,000 more Border Patrol, he says, no, I'm going to take the money and give it to something else.
So we know he won't use it for that.
So now you see.
This is what we're fighting.
This is the level of deception.
That it's being billed by the liberal Boston Globe and the so-called conservative Mooney Washington Times that it should stop illegals when it doesn't do that.
And if you think that's bad, when we get back, L.A.
is now Mexico.
Clear Channel announces.
I'm not kidding.
They're now announcing that it is Mexico.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
I think?
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up in a minute, I'm going to tell you how to get my new video, Marshall Laws, get your pencil paper ready, but we've got the Neocon Talk Radio.
I've heard them for months.
All the so-called conservative newspapers, the liberal newspapers, they're all the same group.
They're out there saying, man, we're really going to stop the illegal aliens with these national ID card bills that really are an electronic straitjacket on you and your family and the states.
Total federalization.
Meanwhile, World Net Daily reports, L.A.
now is Mexico.
And huge billboards have gone up that say Los Angeles television and talks about news in Spanish, Channel 62.
And it's got Los Angeles with California crossed out and it says Mexico.
And who's done this?
The same people that put up the sign saying our leader with the giant face of George Bush.
Shades of North Korea or Iraq under Saddam or Hitler.
An immigration activist group is drawing attention to a photograph showing a billboard ad for Spanish-language TV newscasts in L.A., on which California, abbreviation for Los Angeles, has been crossed out, and the word Mexico has been added in its place.
And it's just amazing, and it goes on to say that Clear Channel is part of an ad campaign that they have to promote their Spanish stations they own.
Again, this is the Fortune 500 fund, the La Reconquista, all of it.
And the poor La Reconquista people, you know, that means take over the Southwest, think that they're fighting the evil, you know, whitey and the big rich white man.
No, you're owned and run by the big rich white man.
In your country, too.
But what about half of your Congress is guys with blonde hair and blue eyes with names like Schmidt and Johnson and Brown?
It's amazing, folks.
And Foxx.
Who isn't even Mexican?
Oh yeah, you didn't know that?
I mean, I'm sick of it!
They want to break this country up and they're using you.
And again, this is the same group that brings you all these neocons who are telling you right now, pass this national ID card bill to stop the illegals.
Meanwhile, they've got signs up saying this is Mexico.
Ha ha ha!
And I bet your bottom dollar you're not going to hear Lord Limbaugh or anybody else talk about this.
Try to get through their call screeners and see what happens.
No, they'll tell you to pass the National ID card to stop them.
Meanwhile, they're putting up billboards saying that California is Mexico.
And all the La Rican Kistas out there, I mean... I was bike riding over in East Austin Sunday, about two hours, and they got these big idols up with Aztecs taking over Texas.
You know, these La Rican Kista...
Carvings, pretty carvings.
It's very nice in the limestone.
Big official city works projects over by the Hollow Street Power Plant.
I mean, this is how sick it is.
Why is the city paying for that?
Well, that's the plan.
Aztecs were never in Texas.
This doesn't belong to you.
It belongs to anybody.
It belongs to some of the native tribes that were here.
You see, but this is how they want to turn us against each other.
So Clear Channel is funding this.
Don't be fools.
Don't follow it.
My new film, Martial Law, is out on DVD.
Three hours on DVD.
Two and a half plus hours on VHS.
You've got to get it.
It's waking people up.
It's excellent.
It's powerful.
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Stand up against the tyranny.
That's it for this hour of transmission.
Stay tuned for another hour.
We shall return.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, now we're into our number two.
I just finished up talking about how the neocon publications are claiming this national ID card bill about to pass the Senate stops illegal aliens.
It does the exact opposite, according to the bill and Ron Paul's analysis, that anybody could do.
And, of course, now Clear Channel has been caught putting up billboards in L.A.
that say that L.A.
is part of Mexico and La Ricanquista, basically.
Again, why is that?
And again, the neocons will rail against illegal immigration, but tell you that Bush is fighting it, and that his amnesty plan will save you from it.
Yes, by legalizing all illegals.
Meanwhile, Bush wants the free trade area of the Americas, which creates the Pan-American Union.
And they claim that will fight illegal aliens.
Oh yeah, it will actually legalize everything.
And further decimate their jobs and our jobs.
It's just incredible what they do.
It's incredible how they operate.
I mean, you take a Washington Times article, a Boston Globe article, a liberal conservative, listen to a diatribe of Limbaugh, it's identical.
It's a bunch of propaganda.
Bottom line, it's all the same group.
And I'm sick of it.
I'm tired of it.
They're there to pacify you.
They know 80 plus percent of Americans are against open borders.
But they're there to make you think they're trying to stop it while they continue to deliver us into the hands of the New World Order.
There's so much other news here.
It's just out of control.
I want to get more into this national ID card bill.
It's such a big deal.
A police chief in the U.S.
is taking a microchip and wants his employees, his other officers to do it.
I never got to this abortion staff.
Ignores baby boy.
Born alive.
Woman pleads for help with
Right now, let's go ahead and go to your calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Elma in Omaha, Nebraska.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
I heard a story last night that World Night Daily put out, supposedly the Soviet Union
Thank you.
It's more than just that, but I'll try to elaborate on that after the break.
But it's an economic war.
I'll explain.
People never finish the equation when it comes to globalization and what the endgame is.
So I'll try to spend a few minutes on that.
But I haven't read the particular article you're talking about.
You're probably talking about pulse magnetic weapons or EMP, electromagnetic pulse weapons.
And the Russians didn't invent that.
A hydrogen bomb...
Detonated in the upper atmosphere will cause that on a global level.
Detonated at a few thousand feet, it will do it on a regional level because the energy being transferred to the atmosphere, electronics will pick it up and magnify it and blow out some of their transistors, some of their components.
But look,
I didn't see the particular article.
What I did see yesterday is Putin bemoaning the fall of the Soviet Union.
I mean, two years ago they put the hammer and sickle back on their tanks and the red stars back up.
Or they put the statues of Lenin back up.
Our media tells us communism doesn't exist.
Well, it really does it in a way.
It's just command and control.
So in a lawyerly twist, they're really telling the truth.
It doesn't exist.
It's just another form of control.
That's all it is.
Command and control.
They give you different choices of what form of slavery you wish to be under, which is no choice at all.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act Legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the New World Order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Take Three, is for you.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, I'm going to get into a police chief that's taken a microchip and wants his employees to take it.
Just like the Mexican Attorney General making his employees take it, this time right here in the U.S.
I want to get into what's happening with the economy, consumer confidence.
We've also got a great American coming on the broadcast, Chuck Baldwin, to talk about the fake conservatives.
And then later in the third hour, Saving Main Street and its retailers getting into, well, globalism and how to fight back against it before it's economically too late.
Number one, NAFTA, GATT, all these trade deals, the free trade area of the Americas, we hear that it's all just simply about trade.
Just like the European Union supposedly began being set up 40 years ago as the economic union, or as the economic community, but then they merged their laws and their law enforcement and
They're environmental laws, and then they're roads, and then it's one big government, and oh, by the way, we're taking your right to vote against the EU Parliament Commission.
Fifteen governors.
That's the same thing in America.
I mean, Bush goes to Canada for the months after he got elected, and they have the big Pan-American Union meeting, and they're openly saying, Pan-American Union, and it's in Canadian newspapers, but not in American newspapers.
It's on C-SPAN.
And they're calling for a New World Order, but then you hear Rush Limbaugh saying the New World Order doesn't exist, don't talk about it.
This is how it works.
So, the caller, the last caller, Elmer, was talking about why are all our jobs, you know, Ford factories and everything else, even to make the cars, now moving to communist China?
Why are they doing this?
Why did they celebrate 50 years of communism three or four years ago?
In Tiananmen Square with the Fortune 500 CEOs there in attendance for a party with Jiang Zemin at the time.
I mean, they were there to celebrate.
Because it's command and control.
Because left and right means nothing.
Because China has a billion, 300 million souls.
In just a few years, it'll be a billion and a half people.
Because they've got the forced abortion, the forced infanticide, they're pushing for the implantable chips, they're handing out the National ID cards, they're putting the cameras up.
Their people do what they're told predominantly.
Some of their farmers have been rioting lately over toxic waste killing their families.
It's really bad over there.
And so what the globalists do is they create all these environmental laws and the rest of it here that ensure, and workers' comp and the taxes and all of it,
To where, you know, you've got to make it $15, $20 an hour if you're going to have a family and only have one person working, and then you're going to be living at a subsistence level.
And then you're competing against China, where, you know, the top factory worker gets $2 an hour, maybe.
Most people get about $0.20 an hour.
You've got the American citizen competing against millions and millions of people in private prisons in this country, building everything, doing telemarketing, working at the private factories built onto the prisons, working for an average of $0.20 an hour.
So it ensures that wages will plunge.
Then you bring in 30 million illegal aliens who work for two, three bucks an hour, and that drives the wages down even more.
The illegal aliens will live ten to a house, five to an apartment.
They're not paying for insurance for their car or house.
They're not paying for medical care.
They're not paying taxes in most cases.
So they can survive and even send money home.
Whereas the rest of society struggles and the middle class is evaporating.
People fall into poverty.
Their children get involved in crime.
Family structures break down.
Both family members, both adults have to work.
The state then gets to raise the children.
This is all by design, but if you want to simplify it down to an economic model, the best economic model, true economic term...
Describing a system is mercantilism.
And mercantilism was one of the major reasons for the Revolutionary War.
We were not allowed to produce value-added items in the colonies.
France didn't allow it in its colonies.
England didn't allow it for its colonies.
Spain didn't allow it in its colonies.
The Dutch didn't allow it in their colonies.
No value-added products.
Under mercantilism, things were, quote, free market to a limited extent.
This was capitalism, not truly free market.
Again, they confused the terms.
The queen would issue a private corporation that paid her a direct tax, and normally, of course, related to her, or he, would pay them a large portion of their earnings, and then the queen would decide who got the license to do business.
Mercantilism is the true term to describe what fascism really is.
And in the new world, you could not build a metal shovel, pickaxe, you could not even legally forge firearms because, quote, it was value-added.
People, of course, ignored this, and there were a lot of confiscations and fights and arrests over it.
You could only produce raw material, tobacco, cotton.
Things of this nature.
Corn, wheat, maize, coal, whale oil.
It was raw materiel.
By law, we only issue licenses for these colonies for you to produce raw materiel.
Then it must be shipped back to England.
And of course, a large component of mercantilism was also slavery.
Take the slaves, to go cut the cane, to make the sugar, to make the rum, to ship it back to buy more slaves.
But that's what they teach you in school about mercantilism.
That's one small facet of one example of how mercantilism worked.
One small caveat of the larger system.
Mercantilism, according to the French documents who invented it, and I've read, you know,
Read the books by the people that invented the term economist.
Okay, they set up mercantilism, I don't know, 300-something years ago, as a way to get control of the growing renaissance.
And so they would license you, and they would decide what you could do, and they said, it is about control.
We can't have the colonies becoming independent, having their own infrastructure.
They've got to be dependent on us for the value-added items.
So you look at globalism today, and that's all it is.
All the mystery can now end.
It's mercantilism.
And the Trilateral Commission and others say this.
Quote, interdependence.
You know, all these little code words they use.
And I don't know why no one else is really pointing this out.
People are calling it fascism.
Well, fascism is a limited term that doesn't describe this system properly.
Some economists try to describe it as a merger of fascism and socialism.
And some of the globalist documents say that, but again, that's simplifying.
Yes, they socialize our wealth to get control of us, and then through government conduits, transfer our wealth through a fascist pipeline into private institutions' coffers, but at the same time, they have now become government.
So it isn't even purely fascism.
It is mercantilism.
And mercantilism is the system we face.
And so they told you that NAFTA and GATT and the deals with China and all of it would give you milk and honey in the streets.
Has it delivered prosperity?
Record trade deficit, every month it gets bigger.
Record private and public and corporate debt.
The family breaking down.
Illegitimacy spiraling out of control.
The highways and infrastructure is falling apart, despite the fact they've got more money than ever.
They're not even putting money into the infrastructure now.
Across the board, we're being pirated.
We're being looted.
We're being shut down.
The globalists, like a bird in an embryonic egg, are using us as the food supply.
The yolk is using the white area of the egg, that's America, to feed itself, to grow.
And so...
The sustenance is being transferred to China.
All the factories, all the industries.
It's now even leaving Mexico.
It's even leaving India.
They're going to more service.
It's all going to China because a select group of globalists have gone into China.
They get the best slave wages.
They get the best deals.
They then leverage out all their competition here, use that as a form of economic mercantilism to shut down all industry in this country.
And then the globalists will have total control.
And that is the plan, getting rid of the middle class.
That's what mercantilism is designed to do, making us totally dependent.
I mean, folks, they threw it in your face with the movie Rollerball, where Houston is the energy city and Tokyo is the information city, and there's all these countries and regions that are run by a city, and...
It's this corporate board that runs the planet, and it's about controlling and have interdependence, and the government pushes drugs on the population and tries to drug everyone.
But then you look at the real world today, that's really happening, because you could read Trilateral Commission documents in the early 70s, and that's what they were saying.
I mean, this is what they're doing.
And they flaunt it.
They flaunt their operation against us.
It's sick.
All right, so you brought up an important question, Elma, and now I haven't gotten to a lot of the callers, and I've got guests coming up, but it's so sad.
It's so sad.
And their answer to globalism is shutting down our economy?
More globalism!
And they're setting up a global tax, and global regulation, and global control.
And so once they've got our industry, once they've brought America down to second world status, we enter into the new world order completely.
We're used as the military arm to take over different, quote, rogue states, third world countries that haven't played ball.
We're then blamed for the atrocities that are committed.
The EU and the UN comes out looking like the good guys on the global stage, when America was only one component of this.
We're being used as the energy source for the next cycle in the life cycle, in the phase...
Of this creature.
It's in its cocoon right now.
And when it pops out, it's not going to be a pretty butterfly.
It's chewing a hole in the end of the cocoon to exit right now.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Free shipping and secure transaction is standard with every order.
So visit DiscountWatchStore.com slash radio today.
That is DiscountWatchStore.com slash radio.
Or call so free 866-371-2330.
That's 866-371-2330.
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Hello, Ted Anderson.
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A fractional reserve system means only a small portion of your deposit is held in reserve for immediate withdrawal.
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Hey, Alex.
Listen to your show.
You're rocking.
Are you familiar with Judicial Watch?
The reason why I ask is because I'm a breakfast cook in a fancy restaurant here in Aurora, and a guy who used to be on Judicial Watch comes in there and eats breakfast, and I serve him, and I started talking politics with him.
Can you give me a real brief education?
The man's name is Larry Klayman with a K.
Yeah, ran for Senate in Florida.
Yeah, I know Larry Klayman.
We've had him on probably ten times over the years.
Oh, you're kidding.
He was the head of it, and now he's handed it over to somebody else.
I mean, they do a lot of good work.
They've brought out information about government involvement in 9-11, FBI agents.
It was a Judicial Watch press conference on the National Press Club where FBI agent Robert Wright and Larry Klayman got up and said the Bushes' vacation with the Bin Ladens.
So that was Larry Klayman who...
I always hear you say that quote.
I can't tell you what I know.
They both talk about it and they both hold up the letter and say, we've been threatened with arrest.
If we tell you what we know.
So obviously he's on the up and up then.
I guess I don't have to give him one of your videos.
No, go ahead and give it to Larry.
And I forget what else I was going to ask.
I'll let you go.
Thanks for...
Looking at the big picture and letting us see what's going on.
Well, thank you, Ruben.
You can see it for yourself.
Thank you.
I'll just try to pull the curtains back or get you to look out the window.
See what you see with your own eyes.
Rob in Wyoming.
Rob, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I wanted to talk about Mr. Sanders' interview yesterday a little bit.
He kept invoking Occam's razor, you remember?
Yeah, well, let me just say this.
The more I thought about that interview, it was so ridiculous, I didn't even know really how to respond.
I mean, he had no facts.
His whole article was just a joke.
And then every time I'd heard to bring up facts, he just said, well, I just don't want to believe that.
I just can't believe that.
And I would bring up real issues, and I would sit there.
I'm not a betting man, folks.
I've never even bought my wife a lottery ticket one time as a joke.
I'm not a gambler is my point.
But, I mean, I make the point, okay, $10,000, this is a real document.
And you notice he wouldn't bet me, but go ahead.
Well, yeah, that's just it.
Same with Chertoff of Propaganda Mechanics.
They kept saying, I'm not programmed to respond in that area every time a point was raised.
And this guy kept saying, Occam's razor, Occam's razor, over and over.
The idea being that the simplest explanation is the best.
Yeah, but Occam's Razor says guys in a cave didn't make NORAD stand down and run a CIA drill of flying hijacked jets into those same buildings at the very same time it was happening.
William of Occam did not say that.
The drill is in case the globalists got caught doing it.
They could say it was a drill.
Go ahead.
Well, it doesn't say the simplest explanation is the best.
That doesn't make any sense.
For example, if you had two philosophers 3,000 years ago trying to explain the phenomenon of thunder...
One guy says it's God cracking walnuts.
The other guy says it's electric ionization and displacement of air molecules hitting the eardrum.
Second explanation is much more complex than the first one.
Does William of Ockham say that God cracking walnuts is the better explanation because it's simpler?
I like that.
God-cracking walnuts.
It has to fit the facts.
It can't just be simpler.
And even then, that doesn't mean it is the right explanation.
It just means it's more likely to be the right one.
Besides, Occam's Razor supports our side.
It's not the simpler explanation to say that guys in a cave engineered this and just happened to do it on the right day when the CIA was running drills and all that stuff.
So I get tired of these guys invoking Occam's Razor.
When that is the opposite of what it says.
Everything's fine.
Look around you.
Don't you feel like everything's fine?
Thanks for the call.
Rob, excellent points.
Is it Stavos or Stavos in Canada?
Hi, Alex.
Go ahead.
I just want to say, yesterday's show, I had a good laugh.
That was awesome.
You guys tag-teamed that fool so good.
Yeah, but he was so pathetic, though.
It almost felt like I just beat up a defenseless, mind-numbed robot at the end of it.
But the other thing I wanted to call you about is up here in Canada, I just got this from the Real Estate News, an article.
It says that we here in Canada do not have any property rights whatsoever.
And it explains that if the government wants to take away your house,
They can take it away without giving any, you know, reason or even compensation.
But, I mean, notice it's the Real Estate Council telling you you don't have any rights.
You don't have any rights?
Submit to us.
We're going to pay out the politician to take your property so we can have it.
Resistance is futile.
And just to give one example... I know.
I hear similar ads from our real estate groups.
Submit to your leaders.
Report on your neighbors.
Brought to you by the... And I'm like, what are they doing involved in politics?
Because they are politics.
And every time you go in, you try to say something against them.
Because I went in and I tried to talk to these people and they're like... No, it's a Semitic.
Oh, I know.
You could say, government wants something wrong.
Oh, it's Semitic.
Hey, listen.
It's worse than that.
I mean, there's so much of this...
But I just want to give one example.
Even a former NHL player, Louis Fontenato, who was in British Columbia, he lost his farm.
The government demolished his house and flooded the whole thing because they needed it for conservation.
It's all part of the new freedom, sir.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
I've actually heard ads run on the radio and seen a few print ads run a few years ago by the National Bar Association based up in Chicago.
And they actually came out and said, oh, we just want to advise you, the public, for your own rights.
Juries are not needed.
Juries are not good.
America needs to get rid of juries.
Juries are bad.
Then you hear neocon talk show hosts call for it.
Now, why would lawyers be against juries, especially these evil trial lawyers that want to win all these judgments?
Well, no, it's the leaders of the lawyers.
And you've got the feds wanting to get rid of juries.
You heard little public service announcements.
Oh, this is, it's propaganda.
Hi, this is the Real Estate Council, and we wanted to remind you that you don't really own your property.
I remember seeing the land commissioner a few years ago on TV with a little paid-for public service announcement with your money going, contrary to what, wearing a cowboy hat so it's all right, contrary to what many Texans believe, many of you don't really own your property as you thought you did.
We're going to be doing some
Special assessments of that.
Whereas we believe in property rights.
Some of you don't really own your land.
We're going to be... It's everywhere.
I mean, they're just telling you.
Well, it must be true.
I heard.
I heard.
I mean, it's the government.
He's wearing a cowboy hat.
I can trust him.
We're about to go to Chuck Ball for the next 25 minutes to talk about the phony conservatives.
Just go over the plethora of examples.
He's an expert on exposing that.
I really appreciate him.
But before we go to Chuck, my friends, I have, and of course he was a vice presidential candidate with Michael Perutka, who I voted for, Constitution Party.
My new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State, is out.
It spends 35 minutes on the police state, the sound of cannons, the surveillance blimps, the media being arrested, the FEMA camp in New York.
It spends an hour then on 9-11 and how the globalists orchestrated it and executed it.
Down to the finest detail, the latest information, Building 7, NORAD stand down.
All of it, it's blowing people away, it's waking folks up.
The third hour is on Schwarzenegger and the Bush-Nazi connection 50 years ago, and today it gets into the occult, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, shows you they're driving ideology and philosophy, and the last 10 minutes... The last 10 minutes...
We show Bush giving his swearing-in speech, and of course his swearing-in oath, and then show how he's dismantling the Bill of Rights and Constitution in a rapid-fire presentation.
That's how it ends.
And the DVD's got 25 minutes of extras, so it's three hours long.
Three hours and something long.
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Road to Tyranny.
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One of my best films.
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Make copies of this new one.
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A big effect.
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And at the same time, you can go to prisonplanet.tv, 15 cents a day, monthly and yearly subscriptions, all my films, my book, Paul Watson's book, my weekly TV show, a bunch of other films we've been authorized to post.
We're good to go.
I couldn't fully support the libertarians because of the abortion position, even though I do support third parties, period.
But he's there in Pensacola where I'm on the radio every day, and he has his own little radio broadcast.
Chuck, it's a great honor to have you on with us.
Thank you very much, Alex.
Glad to be with you.
You bet.
Thanks for sitting through my diatribe over the film.
Tell us a little bit about your website, Chuck Bolin Live.
And then tell us about how you woke up to the phony left-right paradigm, and then let's just plunge for the next 21 minutes into Bush's real record.
Well, the website is www.chuckbaldwinlive.com, and people can go there, and like your website, it has a lot of information.
Okay, thanks a lot.
What woke me up to the phoniness of the so-called conservatives within the establishment Republican Party
I think I would have to go back to the impeachment of Bill Clinton.
On my show, I interviewed David Shippers at least twice, and I read his book.
And he was absolutely... His presentation was life-changing to me.
It helped me to understand what was going on in Washington, D.C.
He was blocked.
He was blocked by the Republican leadership.
The Republican leadership...
It kept Bill Clinton in office intentionally.
This idea that the Republicans wanted Bill Clinton out of office is a hoax.
Well, people can believe this now.
They couldn't believe it at the time when I was pointing it out, and others were.
But, I mean, look at it, Chuck.
This is a great point you bring up.
gets in office, says, hands off, Congressman Burden, leave Clinton alone.
Bush Jr.
Now, they're reporting that he's, quote, a surrogate member of the family, that they love each other.
Well, yeah, they're crime partners from MENA.
Go ahead.
Well, and you're right about that.
I mean, I'm not at liberty to quote sources on this, and that's okay, but
I know people close to Bill Clinton.
My family is from Arkansas, and I have a lot of contacts there, and they have told me face-to-face, this is not hearsay, that the Bushes and the Clintons have been close friends for many, many years, going back to the Clinton years in the White House and even before that.
Well, it's admitted that Bush Sr.
and Clinton met 11 times before the election.
Yeah, and they've also met informally and taken vacations together and things of that nature.
Well, there's no more debating it.
I mean, it says he's a surrogate member of the family.
He stays at their house.
They love him.
Yeah, so they've been close for years.
Look at who Bush is appointing.
Abortionists almost all the post.
People that go after Judge Roy Moore, they get promoted.
Alberto Gonzalez wants 12-year-olds not to tell their parents.
I mean, let's go over it.
Well, yeah, everything you just said there is true.
You know, this idea that there's two parties in Washington that are ideologically opposite is just not so.
The same power brokers are supporting both parties.
And with that kind of money that's up there, and we're talking not millions but billions of dollars, the leadership of both parties is in the hip pocket of these multinational corporations, as you point out on your program all the time.
And because of that, there is really no difference between the two parties at the national level.
And I want to make that emphasis, because when you get into the state and the local level... Big difference.
Yeah, big difference.
But in Washington, D.C., the power brokers control both parties.
I mean, here's an example.
It's unbelievable.
Bill Clinton took some restrictions off supercomputers that were perfect for building nuclear weapons and MIRV technology.
That way the missile has 20 warheads instead of one, folks.
Thank you, Bill Clinton.
But it was Republican companies, Rumsfeld and others, that were actually doing the transfers, and then Bush takes all restrictions off, and the neocons won't talk about it.
No, well, the neocons are part of the problem.
I mean, they got their hands out along with everybody else.
I mean, everybody wants a piece of the kitty.
You know, it's just such an entrenched...
There's a monopoly now that I think really only a miracle of God is going to help us overcome it.
People like you are doing yeoman's work and bringing the awareness to the American people and helping people understand.
But I really think until people begin to do some personal research and read on their own, study on their own, get informed on their own, then and only then are they going to be able to, I think, the blinders come off.
Until then, they're just going to be subject to the propaganda media, which is going to continue to sedate them.
Well, Sean Hannity says every child needs a microchip.
How is that conservative?
Sean said that?
Good grief.
I saw him on Fox News about two and a half years ago say it.
This is great.
Every child needs one.
That's unbelievable.
Well, you know, it just goes back to the same old thing.
I mean, you know, the Rush Limbaugh's, the Sean Hannity's.
You know, they're nothing but puppet spokesmen for the Republican Party.
Well, here's one.
Clear Channel is putting up a billboard that says Los Angeles, Mexico, crossing out California, saying that it's La Reconquista.
Now, why is Clear Channel saying that?
Well, there's a big effort, as you know, to erase not only the southern border, but
All the borders in the Northern Hemisphere.
Bush wants total amnesty, but then they call his national ID card bill something to fight that when it actually opens the border.
Yeah, it does.
And the idea of creating not only that, but a common currency similar to the euro that may be called the emerald or something of that nature, where there would be a common currency here in this country, and the economic unity of Canada, Mexico, and the United States would be achieved.
That's Bush's ultimate objective.
And he's openly said it.
He's openly pushing it.
But they're telling us that global government doesn't exist.
I should also add, Chuck Baldwin's also a pastor there in the Pensacola area.
Look, the faith-based initiative.
They're saying this is of the Lord.
We should have the feds paying the churches billions, and they admit that churches will have to hire Buddhists, Satanists, agnostics, you name it.
Yeah, this is one of the things that really concerns me more than anything we've talked about so far, and that is the way that the churches have been duped by the Bush administration, almost becoming parrot spokesmen for the administration.
Our history is rich with...
The spirit of distrust for the federal government.
I mean, that's a healthy thing.
That's not anarchy.
That's the Declaration of Independence.
It was the Black Brigade, the pastors and priests that led the war.
Oh, absolutely.
Without it, there would have been no war for independence.
But, I mean, we have always historically been, as Christian pastors, we have been courageous men of God,
I think so.
Robots for the party.
We've actually been co-opted.
Here's an example.
A big conservative Baptist church about two years ago, one of my friends brought me a flyer they gave every member.
They said, don't even discuss politics in the pews or at lunch after church.
I mean, that's mind control.
But you know, it's even worse than that because they are discussing, that may be true in that church, but what most of them are doing is they're discussing politics very blatantly, but it's
It's a biased politics.
In other words, they are propagandists for the Republican Party.
I have had national so-called Christian talk show hosts say that I am of the devil because I talk about Bohemian Robe and Skull and Bones.
I have been called a liar when it's admitted they go there.
Well, that doesn't surprise me.
Most of the criticism I receive comes from fellow Christians and preachers in particular.
That's what I'm saying.
They have been
Literally co-opted by the Republican Party.
Well, you're a pastor.
It seems to me like it's a spirit.
It's like they all speak the same.
They act the same.
Would you agree it's almost a spirit?
I think it is a spirit.
And I think it is a supernatural delusion.
I really do.
I think this battle, as the scripture said, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places.
I really think this is a supernatural battle.
I think this is between the forces of good and evil, God and Satan.
Unfortunately, many Christians have been, I think, co-opted, been blinded by power and by all the trappings of opulence and success, orientation, etc., etc.
Everybody wants to sit at the king's table.
It's amazing to see this happen, but there's so many other things.
I mean, the gun control.
Bush comes out and pushes for the assault weapons ban, passes all this federal funding to go after people locally for guns, and I don't hear a neocon talk about it.
No, and not only do they not talk about it, they don't even want to admit that he spoke out in favor of it.
And as he said, if the Congress, and thankfully the Congress didn't pass it, we need to thank the Republicans in Congress for that.
He would have signed it, but people don't even want to think that.
Again, this guy can do no wrong.
It's amazing.
We used to stand on principle.
I mean, come on, conservative Christian pastors.
I say we.
We used to stand on principle.
I go back to the moral majority days, Alex.
I was there with Jerry Falwell.
You could go down the list of all these guys that we talk about at the national level.
I've been there, done that.
I've sat at the table.
I've been on the same podium.
I've been the whole nine yards.
And we used to be about principle.
We used to be about taking a stand for righteousness and what was right for the country, regardless of the consequences.
Nowadays, we're not.
We are as partisan in general.
We are as partisan as the left.
But being partisan is only on the surface.
Being partisan is only on the surface.
The two sides are really, as you said, one unit, and they just play us off against each other.
But the Christians don't see that.
Yeah, that's right.
And the pastors don't see that.
Well, that's the philosophy Adolf Hitler said.
He loved to quote Romans 13.
Yes, absolutely right.
And I think there's a definite parallel here.
Between what happened in Hitler's Germany as he rose to power and the churches of Germany gave him their unyielding support, just gave it to him without reservation, and we're doing the same thing in this country today.
It really is, I think, a scary situation for us.
Well, a lot of conservatives finally, Chuck, though, are waking up on the immigration issue.
When Bush calls the Minutemen evil vigilantes... Yeah.
When all they're doing is reporting the illegals pouring across, that did finally wake a lot of conservatives up.
Well, I'm glad to hear that.
Of course, you're closer to that than I am, being Texas, and I'm sure that you would hear that first before anybody else would being on the Board of State.
You know, it's interesting.
Here in Florida, we have the same problems that you do there, but most of the people don't want to address those problems.
It's still one of those hands-off problems.
Meanwhile, they're vacationing with Bill Clinton.
Oh, yeah.
Well, again, that goes back to that big French for years.
But my concern is...
Is that as pastors, we should be willing to face the truth regardless of the consequences, regardless of who likes it and who doesn't, which party it favors or which party doesn't.
You know, we should not be about politics.
We should not be about partisanship.
We should be about speaking the truth, plain and simple.
Well, it's about the issues.
It isn't about labels.
It isn't about rhetoric.
It's about actions.
I agree.
$2.6 trillion budget?
Bill Clinton's biggest was $1.8 trillion?
I mean, how is that conservative?
We'll be right back with some other examples of this.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up, we've got Carl E. Pearson in your calls.
Saving Main Street and its retailers.
I mean, it's Walmart.
It's designed.
...to come in and totally shut down your local infrastructure.
It's very bad for the communities that it comes into.
People are now starting to figure that out.
But I want to get into this global system and describe how Walmart is an integral part.
Walmart has big American flags hanging up all over saying, Made in America.
But it doesn't matter.
You really can't find anything made in America in a Walmart.
I haven't been able to in years.
But it doesn't matter.
They have American flags.
Made in China.
And that's what matters.
That's kind of a good parallel with Bush.
Totally phony as a $3 bill, but because of the rhetoric or the big American flag hanging, like Walmart, it must be good, Pastor Baldwin.
Well, I think it goes back to the lesser of two evils philosophy.
That's what I sense that drives so much of this.
You know, so many times whenever I write these columns and point out these facts and
And get on the air and say these things, and I'll hear people come back and say, well, you know, he's better than the Democrat.
He's better than John Kerry.
What do you want, Al Gore?
It's always the monster syndrome, the boogeyman syndrome.
But it's actually the fake conservative that's able to run the ball and get all this done.
Again, if we had Al Gore, none of this would be happening.
Well, that's the point.
That's the point that I try to make.
We were actually better off.
Because we knew it was a wolf.
We had gridlock.
And gridlock is not bad.
In Washington, D.C., gridlock is great.
We need more gridlock in Washington, D.C.
Now we don't have it.
Your latest column is about Trist going to the church and trying to get them to lobby to stop filibustering, which the Founding Fathers put in there to block dictatorship.
It's unbelievable that they would be trying to change those rules in the Senate because they're the only deliberative body in Washington, D.C.
that has the power to filibuster.
And I certainly do not.
Well, I don't share many of the goals of the democratic hierarchy by any stretch of the imagination, but to completely change the Senate rules and to get rid of the right of filibuster
It is going to bespeak many, many... You don't remove another check and balance.
Oh, no, and that's exactly what it's designed to be.
It's designed to create gridlock, because our founding fathers recognized that the government had the propensity to take our liberties, that the stronger it got, that the easier it was... You set up, I mean, the Federalist Papers said in case somebody's trying to have a dictator, if we've got one good senator, they can stand up and expose it.
Exactly right.
And, you know, the old...
ChuckBaldwinLive.com, last question.
What about deception?
I mean, Bush one day is praying at a Shinto shrine, the next day at a mosque to Allah, and then on his real vacation time he's worshipping Moloch.
He's not really a Christian.
And then secondarily, in closing, he lied about weapons of mass destruction.
He lies worse than Bill Clinton.
But why is the occultism and the lies good when it's Bush?
If I had the answer to that, you know, we could, I think, have a big impact to change the direction of the country.
But is lying good?
I don't know what the answer is to that, Alex.
You know, I've been trying to alert... Is Jesus a liar?
Is Jesus the father of lies?
No, of course not.
Of course not.
Again, somehow, some way, the churches and pastors and Christians and conservatives in general have been duped by Bush and...
I really don't have an answer as to how it's happened, but it has happened.
And unless we awaken from this dream world we're in, it's going to become an American nightmare.
It already has.
Great columns.
I appreciate you, Chuck.
We've got to get you back up for a full hour.
Take care.
Thanks a lot.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, down to hour number three on this live Tuesday edition.
Thank you so much again for joining us.
I want to talk about what Walmart does to local communities.
And places like Target as well, not just Walmart.
What's happened in the last few decades when they build a Walmart in your town or in your area?
It turns entire areas into ghost towns.
For these tiny little discounts you get, you are literally destroying your local economy.
Very, very serious in how it ties into the slave labor in China and what's happening with consumer confidence, all of it.
That's coming up here in a few minutes.
Also, they want to get into some other news about Taiwan and China.
Police chief has taken the microchip.
He wants his other cops to as well.
But let's go to Tim in Ohio, then Dave, Fred, and Roger and others.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Go ahead, Tim.
I was wondering if you could talk a little bit and help educate the people on the... I don't know if it's a correlation or if they're fighting each other.
The House Joint Resolution 192, as it equates to President Kennedy's Executive Order 11-11-0...
It's interesting, too, that one was passed on June 4th and the other was passed on June 5th.
I'm sorry, 1933 and 1963.
I'm familiar with Kennedy's executive order abolishing the Federal Reserve and beginning to issue Lincoln Greenbacks.
The particular resolution, though, you're raising, can you refresh my memory?
That was back in...
1933, which suspended the gold standard and alloyed property.
Yeah, right after Roosevelt was elected, confiscating the gold and martial law and the trading with the Enemy Act.
Yeah, and it also dealt with the alloyed land titles.
I heard you talking about, you know, personal or private property ownership.
I don't know how I missed, of course, that particular order of Roosevelt was taking the country in a receivership at the time.
I mean, people think we can't have tyranny in the 30s.
They took a World War I law and basically made all the citizens terrorists, enemies of the states, and said, you've got to turn your gold in.
We're going to give you printed paper money.
To be accurate, it's made out of cotton.
It's actually cloth.
Cloth money.
And the people just marched up and turned their gold in.
Which was really just basically one of the biggest thefts.
Of the wealth of the hard-working, you know, our grandfathers and parents.
And then it was openly shipped to Europe, and then a couple months after people turned their gold in, the prices then doubled on the gold.
If I'm correct, I think they made like $3 billion off of that little transaction there.
But imagine the government says, turn your gold in, no more gold is allowed.
And we'll give you some monopoly money.
It's a great trade.
Here's some paper money.
And we're going to give ourselves gold certificates so we can turn in your gold.
And then he set up the state police, which are really federally chartered, and all, I mean, it was just amazing.
I still truly believe that the Fed is the primary source of most of the problems here in this country, and isn't it according to their charter it can be bought out?
Yes, the Federal Reserve is admittedly private.
I mean, everybody admits that now.
It's all about getting rid of the middle class.
It's all about centralizing control.
It is not free market.
Tim, thanks.
Dave, Dave, where are you calling us from?
This is Dave from Illinois.
Okay, go ahead, sir.
I got some blimp news.
The Navy, they just spent $64 million.
Well, it came out Monday in their new contracts.
They're putting over $64 million into blimps with surveillance stuff on it.
And they're going to have infrared, hyperspatial, electro-optics cameras to provide all-weather day-night surveillance.
Well, I mean, I just read the article about all the transponders and things going in the cars of whole towns being controlled by Lockheed Martin and the Pentagon.
They're going to have Homeland Security blimps over every U.S.
They've now been seen in Dallas, D.C., New York.
I videotaped it.
It's going to be everywhere.
Yeah, so when they say, well, that's just another conspiracy theory, yeah, it's a conspiracy theory from the military.
And another great movie is Meet John Doe.
It's a Frank Capra independent movie.
And it basically, he comes out and really says that Standard Oil is basically bad.
It's a really good movie.
It's basically about an oil man who has his own private military, and he tries to start a third party to take over the government.
That really happened.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Your calls are coming up.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
We have a guest with us today who's written a book that I read about a year ago, Saving Main Street and its Retailers.
And this is a book that the GCN Radio Network actually carries.
I don't sell it, though I should, but you can get it through the network.
I know a lot of other folks carry it as well because it really breaks down what's happening.
But I want to try to give people the big picture of how Walmart and Target and others play in to the deindustrialization, but not just the deindustrialization, the shutdown of the local service economy, turning whole regions of the country into ghost towns, and how they do it.
But just morally, we shouldn't buy from Walmart.
I probably go to Walmart about once a year.
If it's 24 hours and I've got to buy some digital videotape or something, then I might go in there.
Or have I run out of gas?
This has happened.
You know, there's a Walmart down there.
I'll go get a gas tank.
I don't carry one in my car.
But it's the same with Target and all of them, where we do shop a lot and we shouldn't.
Slave labor, folks.
But I talked about it last hour.
Walmart has these giant American flags everywhere saying, Made in America, American Pride.
And I've been in a Walmart.
You are pressed to find anything made in America.
You're pressed to find anything that's not made in China or India or Singapore.
Most of it isn't even made in Mexico now.
They're even losing their jobs.
So why are the corporations still doing this?
It's part of a larger plan of consolidation.
A few global corporations moved to China, including Ford now and others.
Dell Computers, you name it.
The Mad Dash, they use the cheap goods to leverage out their competition, and it won't matter down the road when we can't buy the goods, because they'll just sell the people internally in China, and they'll use the money they made off of all of this to leverage out and buy up all their competition.
It's all about sweetheart deals in China.
You're not a good New World Order globalist if you don't get your slave factory over there.
And of course we're competing against the millions of prisoners in America who work in these private prisons.
And the good old boy out there listening says, good, make them criminals work.
I'd like to remind you listening, have you ever thought about this in a more complex fashion?
You're now competing against that person who's working for 20 cents an hour.
It is not good.
And it creates an incentive to put more and more people into the criminal justice system.
We have the Fed's own documents.
The schools are being designed to do this.
Now you see five-year-olds being arrested and charged as felons for spatting a teacher and throwing a book off a chair.
Joining us is Carl E. Pearson, attorney-in-law, who's written this powerful book.
You can go to GCNlive.com, GCNlive.com, click on the bookstore shopping cart there and get it at a discount price.
Or we'll give you a number a little bit later where you can call and get the book.
Good to have you on with us, Mr. Pearson.
Well, thank you very much.
I'm very pleased to be on your show.
Well, thank you for coming on.
Sorry, last time you were going to come on, I was actually under the weather that day, but it's good to get you on with us.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you decided to write this book and what your findings are.
Well, I'm a high school dropout, and I went to college, got through in two and a half to three years, became the president of a student body, went to Harvard Law School.
And then went dutifully to Wall Street where I served my penal servitude on Wall Street and knew that that wasn't for me.
And since 1968 I've been out on my own basically as an antitrust and civil rights lawyer.
So I've had more than 40 years of experience in trying to enforce the nation's antitrust laws against the largest corporations in the country and the civil rights laws against the governments.
And I find that
Really, it's the same coin, but just two different sides.
So you can be and should be a civil rights lawyer to handle the governmental monopoly and an antitrust lawyer to handle the private enterprise monopoly.
And they're merging.
They are.
I call it neo-mercantilism.
It's certainly... And that's correct.
And what's happening here is that we've had the largest...
Yes, I think so.
But it's the largest theft that's ever taken place.
You couldn't have a larger theft.
We were the wealthiest country, and they're stealing it.
4% of the world's population had over half the wealth, and now that wealth is disappearing rather rapidly.
But they tell us, never mind the man behind the curtain.
Everything's fine.
Just go to sleep.
Don't mind the police state we're setting up, because the IMF's own documents say they know we're going to riot when we finally learn what's happened.
But go over what Walmart is and why you focus on Walmart.
Well, first of all, the wealth is not disappearing.
It's just going into other people's hands.
And that's the problem.
It's going into Walmart's hands.
And it's not free market.
No, it's not.
The free market... Well, what happens is this.
When Walmart goes into a town, they convince the town often to pay for the construction of the building and to give Walmart all the sales tax that could be paid to the town for a long period of time.
So that we have the community financing its own destruction.
And the community knows it's not a good deal, but big contributions get given to the mayor.
Well, here's what happens when any major retailer goes in.
They see a town line and they go to one side of the town line.
And say, if you put up our store, we're going to give you all the sales tax revenues.
But we insist that you do the following.
We want new streets.
We want this and we want that.
And put up money.
Give us the sales tax for a while.
And then the town may say, well, to hell with you.
I mean, you're going to throw your costs on us and everything else.
Then Walmart and the other major retailers say, well, then we'll go to the other side of the line.
We'll go one foot over the other side of the line and you get nothing.
So you see the kind of competition they create for towns?
The towns don't know what to do.
If they don't get Walmart, they lose all that business.
And if they do get Walmart, they commit suicide more slowly.
Now when I say it's not free market, this is a racket like the mafia would run.
A classical racket.
Here's the legal basis that has to be attacked.
And it's not the labor rate.
The unions are wrong when they think that it's the labor rate.
Walmart and the other major retailers are forcing, inducing the nation's manufacturers to sell below cost to them.
They don't sell below cost to the competitor across the street, the locally owned business.
That guy has to pay twice as much for his goods.
And I would add just at the lower level, at the very same time Walmart's been caught forcing its employees to work extra hours as slaves.
Unpaid, that's true.
And without the kind of benefits they need to be able to enjoy a minimum life.
You know, the funny thing is, back in college, for about three months, I worked at a Walmart in the auto supply section.
And I remember the manager... And I just thought about this when I read those articles last year.
The manager actually...
I remember he said, go clock out, but then move in these three pallets of batteries, which would take about an hour and a half.
And he got mad at me, and I basically quit over it.
And I was like, no.
I mean, they wanted me to be their slave.
Well, they have the power when they're the only employer around.
What do people do?
Because what happens is this, that the major retailer gets low prices.
They demand and get much lower prices than anyone else.
And it's illegal under the Robinson Patman Act from the very beginning.
Now that's a good point.
That's a good point.
They not only get them to build the roads and give them the land for free in many cases and let them be tax-free for 10 years on sales tax and local property tax, but they also then make the people that are selling them the goods sell it to them at incredibly low prices because of their bulk purchasing and other things.
And they even own 700 factories, correct, in China?
Right, but the people that sell below cost to Walmart...
And the other major retailers are in a bind themselves.
They don't know what to do.
They're selling below cost and it's ruining their own business.
It's driving them under.
And they don't know what to do because if they stop selling below cost, someone else will.
They don't want to lose the market share.
They really deem that they're renting market share until the thing blows over.
So instead they stop testing the stuff and that's why cell phones and cordless phones and everything we buy now breaks.
Well, because they're going for the lowest price.
It's a race to the bottom and that quality is affected.
Take the customer service lines, the quality of how it's deteriorated over the years where you can no longer speak to a human being.
You spend an hour or two waiting and finally you get somebody.
You're dropped off the line.
The person you get doesn't know.
Those are costs imposed on you and me.
You and I and others listening have a value to our time.
So the people we buy from force us into wasting our time instead of having them staff the phone properly.
They make us spend our time and money wasting it and they have a cheaper price as a result.
But the attorney general concept as I view it can attack that and should.
A person as an attorney general for a small town should really start looking at the things that are hurting the town and address it in court.
Go into court and collect money for the wrongdoing.
And then use that money to give the town free health care.
Well, you've got a law degree from Harvard.
I mean, isn't this really the classical definition of racketeering that Walmart does?
Well, I'll tell you this, that I have been in the courts for a long period of time, longer than 99.9% of the country.
And the courts will not generally allow you to allege that.
They will protect people from accusations of racketeering.
It's been...
Uh, something that the major corporations don't like to be called racketeers.
The politicians don't like to be called racketeers.
A lot of people don't like to be called that, so rather than trying to go in and say that this is racketeering, because even if it is, and there's a great argument for it, the courts won't allow you to accuse them of racketeering.
So you have to go in where it's politically acceptable, and the violation of the anti-crush laws is doable.
You can go in and...
Correct the condition by enforcing the nation's antitrust laws.
For those who don't know what racketeering is, it's getting with a bunch of different officials and different people in the chain and in a concerted effort manipulating an environment to carry out your operations.
But is organized use... Stay there.
We've got a break.
Stay there, sir.
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Saving Main Street and its retailers.
Again, the network is carrying this book.
That's how much they believe in it.
I've interviewed Mr. Pearson before, but I'm having him back up again.
I hope you'll get a copy.
There's 30 chapters, and it's full of an appendix.
Got a lot of key websites we can find out more information.
I mean, here's Chapter 1, How to Stop Destruction of Your Town or Village at Small Businesses.
Chapter 22, How a Community Plan Can Recreate Itself, Revitalize Main Street, Restore Local Retail Businesses to Profitability.
Here's Number 27, I'm just randomly picking chapters.
Part 2 in the plan, How to Make Your Community...
Unattractive to major retailers, which would threaten your town and its employment and business opportunities.
I mean, you go into these little towns that are great tourist areas, that are beautiful, that invest locally, that have all these local businesses with arts and crafts and restaurants and hotels.
That's where you want to go.
You don't want to go to a little pitted-out town with a Walmart with all the towns around it dead.
These are like cancers.
No, but you want the cell phones or you want the cordless phones that break in a week.
You want the junk garbage, the duffel bag that breaks the first time you use it.
I mean, it's a sick joke.
It's destroying quality.
And folks, please call 800-686-2237.
Or go to GCNlive.com and it's there on the shopping cart.
You can get a copy right there.
It's an excellent book.
I recommend it.
Or you can go to Mr. Pearson's website, lawmall.com.
We'll plug that again later.
Mr. Pearson, this is a short segment, long segment coming up, and I want to get more into this and take calls, but we were talking about racketeering, and you were giving us the actual scholarly definition.
The scholarly definition is that they're using
You have to have a conspiracy to violate certain types of laws.
Basically, you find that, but the courts don't like to enforce it.
They are tougher on racketeering charges than they are on antitrust.
The easier way is to show that they're violating the antitrust laws.
And explain what those laws do.
The one law that the courts are always enforcing is the Robinson-Patman Act that prohibits a manufacturer from selling to a major retailer at lower per unit prices than they're selling to the competitor, except to the extent that the difference in price is cost justified by the size of the order.
How does...
Walmart sell a DVD player for $25.
They buy it at a much lower price, and it's really bought below cost.
I mean, even other big chains are selling them for $40.
They buy goods below cost by demanding that the manufacturers sell below cost.
You know, Walmart does other things.
You talk about trust.
They joined with the Pentagon last year to demand that all retailers put RFID in all of their products, radio frequency tracking,
Forcing a ship from the barcode, which they helped push in 86, to RFID.
I mean, you talk about merger with the government.
This is scary.
I've sued Walmart for the RFID.
The radio frequency identification chip.
I've sued them because of that.
I'm impressed.
I didn't know that.
Tell us about it.
And the reason I've done that is that the kind of money that the manufacturer is giving to Walmart at Walmart's insistence
To develop that is not being given to my clients that compete against Walmart.
So my clients are now at the losing end of this battle because no development money is handed to them.
And they don't need the development.
They're forcing the companies that supply them to put in an infrastructure that they will have first for at least five years before anybody else.
That only benefits Walmart and its size.
There's no other person of a comparable size.
Even Home Depot is only one-fourth the size of Walmart.
And it's already bigger than General Motors.
I mean, Walmart is taking over gradually everything in the country, and it's not right.
Oh, yeah.
They're doing it on their own time schedule, but they can take anything they want.
Because they have the power to do that.
So where'd your lawsuit go, suing over RFID?
Well, I just gave them 90 days notice that they have to answer my complaint within 90 days, and then they will probably move to dismiss it, and the court will have to decide whether there is a valid claim.
What about this command center up in Arkansas?
I mean, that's been in the news.
Oh, Bentonville?
Yeah, with FBI agents guarding it and weird command centers.
I mean, I think Walmart's basically a government front.
Well, they certainly have all the wealth.
I mean, most of the wealth is tied up.
There's so much wealth tied up in Walmart.
And the power to take the rest of it away that you can constructively give them all the wealth of the nation because they have the power to take it and they're exercising that power gradually.
It's not happening every day where you see... They're engaging in social engineering.
Yeah, and the only way of attacking it is to do it as I'm saying, I think, because politically you can't go to your congressman and complain.
They use money from big companies to get re-elected.
Well, let's talk about how to stop them.
At the local level when we get back, and then take some calls, okay, sir?
Again, folks, you've got to get this book, Saving Main Street, and it's retailers, GCNlive.com, in the mall there, or by calling 800-686-2237.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Slave Mart or Death Mart, New World Order Mart, is one of the prime movers in the control grid infrastructure.
They have the drills where the police have the town practice turning themselves into the FEMA Center and getting their medicines and for martial law drills.
Folks, I've been to them.
They're involved in the RFID, forcing all of their suppliers to put it in with the Pentagon.
I mean, just any stone you turn over, any septic tank you open, it's Walmart looking back at you.
And there's so much more.
You won't believe the stuff they turn up being involved in.
They're the biggest corporation in the world.
And they've got the deals where they even own hundreds and hundreds of their own facilities.
And then they buy directly from other facilities.
And they come in and take over your town and pay off your politicians and lobby.
The good news is around the country people are starting to stand up and fight them and towns are throwing them out or
Stopping them before they even build their atrocities.
I don't go to Walmart anymore.
You shouldn't either.
You don't need all this junk to begin with.
This consumer society is an addiction.
All this garbage.
Look at all the junk in your house.
You just don't need to go buy stuff.
Look at our economic numbers, the consumer confidence, the public, private debt, corporate debt.
Look at the trade deficit, 60-something, 68 billion a month now with China.
I mean, just China alone, it's getting insane.
And the Republicans and Democrats tell us, just go further down the road, get deeper into it.
Oh, this is great.
We've got to go all the way with globalization.
It's about putting all the wealth in tiny elites' hands...
And they do it with Slave Mart, with Walmart, to leverage out their competition.
Number one, attorney at law, early Pearson antitrust expert, the book Saving Main Street and its retailers.
Number one, the little 70-second diatribe I just did, comments on that.
And number two, how do local towns fight this monster?
What are some of the different tactics?
You have to realize, and I don't think anyone knows this, but classically, Walmart is operating at about a $60 billion loss per year.
But it's a Ponzi scheme.
They keep expanding.
The reason is that they recognize as income items that are illegal under law that they shouldn't be getting.
I think so.
Well, the government officials are not calling them on what they're doing.
There isn't any enforcement of law.
So I'm saying, let the town attorney general of a small town...
Start attacking the illegalities that are out there and collecting money for the town.
By attorney general, you mean the district attorney?
No, I would have a new person, a civil prosecutor appointed, who I would call... Oh, you would create that office?
Yes, a town attorney general.
See, towns are used to defending suits.
They're not really used to suing.
Except for criminal prosecutions.
But what they need are civil prosecutions against the invisible corporation.
And that would be extremely popular with the city members.
Well, sure.
They get all that money, which they can distribute like a reverse tax every year.
I can see $5,000 or $10,000 a year per family for a small town coming back to them as a result of litigation.
Now, there are other tactics to keep Walmart out, though.
There's a big movement, as you obviously know, being the grand poobah of this.
We've kept Walmarts out of areas of Austin.
Well, the zoning keeps them out, but they open up across the way in another county or town, and that drains off businesses.
It's somewhat short-sighted to allow them to come in somewhere near you.
The antitrust laws would allow you to stop them 50 miles around.
How is Target able to compete with them?
Well, their competition is not as strong.
Like Kmart, for example, can't compete with them, and Target will have its own difficulties.
But I heard Walmart's having to shift into a little bit more quality goods just because Target has a little bit more quality.
Well, with Kmart...
For example, Kmart has Land's End through Sears and it has Martha Stewart through Kmart.
Those are both exclusive to Sears and Kmart so they can charge a higher price and have a higher markup.
So anyone that uses that approach of selling something that Walmart doesn't have, I tell people the best way to compete with Walmart is to open up across the street and sell camels and lions and elephants and that's the best way.
In other words, don't sell what Walmart is selling.
Sell something else.
Well, that's why I said the arts and crafts and, you know, glass blowing or chocolate factories.
I mean, you know, because people go after perceived value, and these are the type of... We need to invest in going after that value-added individualistic product.
Right, but we have to ensure that people can compete against Walmart by being able to buy at the same price with...
A fair differential for volume.
And the illegality now that needs to be enforced in law is that Walmart is buying even below cost.
There's no legality involved.
How do they get their manufacturers to do that?
Because the manufacturers use that to build up the factory and build even more and then overcharge other people?
Well, they overcharge my clients and they undercharge the major retailer because the major retailer tells them, frankly, if you don't
We're good to go.
Manufacturers are hurting.
And that forces everything, even out of cheap labor pools like Mexico, to China, as you said, race to the bottom.
It's a race to the bottom where everyone is now forced to look to China for their labor because the major retailers are...
Requiring that.
They're saying the China price, you have to meet the China price.
The only way to meet a nickel an hour is to go to China.
So we're losing jobs in America.
And as you've said, you've got to have jobs in America to buy these products.
No matter what the price of the product, if you don't have jobs, what good is it?
And the media keeps telling us how great this globalization is, but people know it's not good.
It's not good for anybody.
The major media is bought off, and a lot of us know that, and they have to parrot the party lines.
And thank God for your show and others like you, because you're telling people something that they instinctively know, but no one articulates.
And you're doing it, and that's great for the country.
Well, you're doing it, Carl Pearson, and I salute you, I commend you, but give us your long-term prognosis.
What do you see happening at Walmart?
Because I do see resistance building to it.
The only way of dealing...
As an oppressed group, is to go into court.
That's the nature of the constitutional system in America, is that those who are being cheated that are by the majority, those in power, have to go into court.
But the higher courts are bought and paid for too now.
You still have an opportunity.
For example, if 500 different towns brought suit against a manufacturer that sells to Walmart below cost,
That manufacturer will stop selling to Walmart or go out of business.
You've got the illegitimate lawsuits against gun manufacturers, but still that's hurting them.
No, I got you.
This would be legitimate and have real findings and real teeth.
Oh, it'll be impact of an antitrust suit.
Just one antitrust suit is devastating.
500 or even 10 antitrust suits against a manufacturer that no longer has any income because they're selling to the major retailers will break them.
How many antitrust suits have been filed against them?
Well, you could file as many as you want.
Every town should file one.
I mean, how many are out there right now?
Only a few.
I basically know of my own lawsuits, but I don't know of anyone else doing this.
And this is where you need to be, is to have towns protect themselves by the appointment of a little Eliot Spitzer, a town attorney general who will look to recover money for the town, money that was stolen from the town.
And then pay it back.
Give them a check.
How do the citizens put up with this?
Yes, we'll pay for you to move here, Walmart.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
Well, you know, Walmart out in Crystal City, California promised to give the sales tax back to Crystal City at the end of so many years.
The minute that year period was up, Walmart moved out of town and closed the store.
Well, that's what they do, too.
They build these little Walmarts to build up their capital, and then they break the deal and move ten blocks away and build a super slave mart.
Well, it's a march towards monopoly and domination, and the way of counteracting that under law and with good legal precedent is just to go into court.
What about the good old-fashioned boycott?
Well, it's illegal for you and I to reach an agreement to boycott.
Basically, you have to be very careful for a town...
You can give information to people and let them conclude individually who they should... Well, can't I start a website, boycott Walmart if I want to?
What I would say is that you should give information that will allow people to boycott individually on their own without an agreement to boycott.
But an agreement to boycott is an antitrust violation and Walmart would be the first to pursue that in their favor against you.
Yeah, but I have my free speech to say I'm boycotting them.
Well, that's true.
You can announce information
But you can't enter into a conspiracy.
You have to let everyone choose his own.
I would have a database showing who's buying from foreign countries and how much are they making here.
Who are they employing here?
I would let that information be disseminated and let people choose for themselves if they're going to support the people that don't support them or whether they're going to support their community.
That kind of a boycott
Doesn't Walmart already have like 35% of all retail sales?
In the food industry, they're close to 35% of all food sales in the country, up from about 5% or 7% of about 8 years ago.
So that is an exponential growth.
And the biggest retailers in the nation, the Kroger, Albertsons, First National stores, they're all up in arms claiming they can't compete with Walmart, but they're talking about the labor rate.
Oh, yeah.
They're complaining that Walmart is not unionized.
I don't think that's the problem.
I think that the cost of goods is so much lower with Walmart that the labor rate doesn't make any difference.
You've got to enforce the nation's antitrust laws.
Well, think about a company that makes its employees work extra hours without paying.
You have redress, and the courts will redress that.
That's something that you can get redressed.
But to them, that's the cost of doing business.
Yeah, they don't mind.
Well, they get caught with illegal aliens working there.
Well, that's the cost of doing business, and they'll pay here and pay there for their...
But I know a lot of these small towns.
That's really the only job.
Imagine a boarded-up town with a dirty Walmart down the street.
Let's take a call.
Let's talk to, up first, Fred in Philadelphia and Eric and others.
Go ahead, Fred.
I wanted to say that you have a lot of political racketeering going on.
It's not just conspiracy on an economic level.
You have bribery.
I don't care what this...
American law against bribery says there's bribery going on.
Is that an avenue to pursue legal... Now, what about when Walmart lobbies and pays for politicians?
Okay, interestingly enough, commercial bribery is outlawed by the Robinson-Patman Act.
It's just a weird construction of the Robinson-Patman Act.
But when you have commercial bribery...
You can actually get them under that section as well.
Bribing a congressman is something else, and sometimes a congressman gets caught.
But what is it called when Walmart comes and gives money to a mayor who then comes out and says, let's give Walmart tax-free?
I mean, that is a clear 2 plus 2 equals 4.
It's a conflict of interest, and it's something that is a criminal violation.
I would say it's a criminal violation.
I never heard of Walmart getting in trouble for that.
Well, people are reluctant.
First of all, it's hard to prove.
It's hard to prove.
People will deny it.
And then there are political interests against trying to pursue it.
I have another question.
When a company gets this big, first of all, Walmart is not really an American company.
Walmart is a world company, a global giant company.
It's mainly invested in China.
I'd call it a Chinese company.
When it gets this big, I think that it has special abilities that other large companies can't do, and
No, it's a super predator.
They've hidden these gigantic subsidies, and even treaties can't seem to outlaw on companies.
That's a subsidy when we have a 0% or 2% tariff on China, and they've got a 40% tariff on us.
Thanks for the call.
Comments on that, Mr. Pearson?
When a company gets to a certain size, they no longer look at America as being their benefactor exclusively.
They have benefactors all over the world, and they deal with them
To maximize their profits and they don't care who they hurt.
So that wherever you can go to maximize your profit is where you head if you're a major corporation.
And again, folks, they do it through leveraging.
They do it through monopoly and oligopoly practices.
They do it for getting tax exemption.
It is not free market and you're slitting your own throat when you buy stuff from these people.
But the cure is just to have private enforcement of law.
The law allows you to do that and a town is the best one
Eric in California.
Eric, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you for having me on again.
Now, let's think about like with Walmart.
How is it that Walmart can thrive in these ghost towns when there's no one there?
That's one thing that's bothering me.
Because people from all over, it kills a bunch of towns around it.
They all then come into Walmart.
And when Mr. Pearson talks about $5,000, $10,000 a year, money you spend locally predominantly stays there.
When it goes to Walmart, it shoots to New York and D.C., it shoots to China, it goes to build Walmarts in Russia and Mexico.
That's what's happening.
Go ahead.
I mean, it's absolutely so strange.
How the heck could this survive and stuff like that?
Now, I was thinking the good news is that, and I know this isn't the news you really want to hear, but eventually they're going to run out of slaves.
I mean, the idea that overnight slaves are being paid... But then Walmart will move into law enforcement and private prisons.
See, it's all about control.
It isn't even about free market.
So it's just a fun group.
Let me get a comment from Mr. Pearson.
We're not going to run out of people as 3 billion Indians and Chinese, and you compare that to 100 million Americans that may be available for work, or 136 million... Yeah, that's going to be their new market.
They're going to use America...
To build up their market share, to buy up other industries here, and then their main sales base, this is their argument after we're totally shut down here, is that they're going to sell to Chinese, right?
Yeah, they're going to make their money wherever they can, and it's not here because it supports mortgages and new cars and stuff, and they've got to get rid of that.
They've got to get rid of the pension fund legacy.
Yeah, they say you don't deserve that, folks.
So you're going to have to... Oh, it's incredible.
But a lawsuit can do it.
A lawsuit by many towns can start correcting the problem.
That's all that you need.
Yeah, Enron is much smaller, as you said, but they thought they were invincible.
But they did get them on something small over projecting their profits and cooking the books, just like you get Al Capone for income tax.
But, you know, if you see anyone else doing that, an attorney general for the town can bring suit on behalf of the people in town that are being hurt.
You can get a redress.
Through a town attorney general.
That's what we need to have.
Well, you've been out there preaching this.
Are you getting any feedback?
Well, I'm negotiating with Woodstock, New York, to be appointed and several other towns.
And as soon as I have one town that appoints me as town attorney general...
I'm going to give free health care and reduce real estate taxes or eliminate them for the whole town.
And every other town in the nation will start demanding that.
And that's the grassroots approach we need to change the existing situation.
I want to understand how you're going to do that when we get back.
Thanks for the call, Eric.
Good point.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
We're entering into the final segment.
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Mr. Pearson, in the last minute or two we've got left here, are you saying that the added, from the statistics that are out there, the money staying in the town will be an extra $5,000, $10,000 a year, and that's health care and a lot of other key things to people?
Is that your point about free health care, or what are you saying?
I'm saying sue the wrongdoers that hurt the town, and you can collect damages, and they will settle, and you can use the settlements to give back to the people some of the money that's being stolen from them.
Not just the economic benefits of getting rid of this monstrosity.
There's a lot of ways that towns are being hurt, and they don't have anyone in the town addressing that.
A little Elliot Spitzer will bring suit against the wrongdoers.
Some will settle, some will go to trial.
There will be plenty of money to distribute every year.
You know the boardrooms have talked about you and others.
What do you think they're saying about you?
Well, I think the manufacturers of the nation look upon me as their only help.
That even though I may be painful, that I'm the only way they're going to survive.
So that they tolerate me knowing that I'm trying to save them.
Why did they fight Walmart?
They lose the business.
They're afraid to.
The officers will never get another job.
They'll never be invited to a party again if they announce that they can't compete.
So everyone is looking for me to do the work.
But it's a rigged game.
I mean, when somebody goes out there with a corked bat, they get in trouble in baseball.
When people lay down in a boxing match, it isn't a real boxing match.
They go into bankruptcy and they emerge as Kmart number 5, Kmart number 6, Kmart number 7.
When does it end?
You see how it goes in and out?
Well, the others will do that too.
Kmart was number 2 at one time.
The second largest retailer in the nation.
And it can't compete against Walmart.
The answer is to sue the various manufacturers and retailers causing the problem and it'll stop it because the manufacturers can't afford the price.
They will stop the practice.
And force the major retailers then to start buying goods that are labeled in Chinese instead of having American brands.
Well, I'll tell you, Walmart's evil is just plain and simple with this RFID garbage, and I commend you for suing them.
All right, Carly E. Pearson, thank you for joining us and your great book, Saving Main Street.
Take care.
Thank you.
All right, we'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central, back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central.
More guests, more calls, and more vital news.
God bless you all.