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Air Date: April 25, 2005
2503 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, I am locked and loaded, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm ready to go live.
I'm so happy that Monday is here.
Massive broadcast lined up for you today as we resist tyranny and defend liberty.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
It is the 25th day of April 2005.
Paul Joseph Watson will be joining us for his weekly report coming up in 30 minutes from prisonplanet.com.
And in the middle of the broadcast, in about an hour and a half, we'll be joined by this individual, this researcher, John Sanders.
And he's going to be coming on to talk about the piece he did about myself and others concerning 9-11.
And his main focus of his attack was on the professor that has the class entitled, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
And he basically in here implies the Bohemian Grove doesn't exist, that we believe aliens kidnap presidents.
It's pretty ridiculous stuff, but I do have to commend him.
I talked to him this morning on short notice, and he agreed to come on.
And most of these people, when they attack us, like William F. Jasper at the Neocon New American, refuses to come on and defend themselves when they attack us.
I think we're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
We are defending sovereignty against the UN.
We are exposing the out-of-control government.
We are fighting the national toll roads.
We are engaging the New World Order and the Federal Reserve at point-blank range.
And we are winning.
They are losing.
That's why we are being bombarded by major publications now on a daily basis.
Send people to us.
They'll find the truth.
And you will lose even more of your control over us, New World Order.
You're being forced to fire on us.
And by firing on us, you only illuminate what we're doing and the truth we're bringing forward.
And you're going to lose.
When we get back, I want to get into the weekend and today's news.
And I want to start off with five-year-old arrested in Florida on felony charges.
I didn't cover this Friday because I haven't seen the video yet.
We have the video posted on prisonplanet.com.
Five-year-old arrested, supposedly throwing a fit and assaulting people.
And she was engaging in little spats that brats always engage in.
Absolutely nothing.
And I want to analyze this and talk about, well, the prison planet.
How normal behavior, normal Bratley behavior exhibited by many children is now being made criminal, now being made felony.
And on top of it, it shows how surveilled these classrooms are with cameras in every classroom.
Many times, though, this backfires on the globalists.
But there is so much coming up.
Females and specters include criminals.
Agency relied on them for honest reports time and time again at the head of CPS, at the head of FEMA, at the head of any agency you can imagine.
We have convicted hardcore criminals running things.
Who else can the globalists rely on to be ruthless?
Who else could Stalin rely on?
Who else could Hitler rely on but criminals?
We shall return on the other side of this quick break and plunge
Into the news.
And just two great guests coming up.
And I salute Mr. Sanders for having the courage to face me in the next show.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I have the distinction of being attacked by the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC News,
The ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the New American Neocon Fake Patriot Magazine, American Legion Vanity Fair, Popular Mechanics, the list goes on and on, and they're all establishment lackeys.
They're there to defend this corrupt system that feeds upon our innocent population.
We know that the government has basically bought and paid for the controlled media.
We know that thousands of reporters have been paid in cold, hard cash to lie and twist and push an agenda of control across the board, from toll road cameras to the faith-based initiatives to pay off the churches and federalize them.
To, of course, subjects like No Child Left Behind, to federalize control of your children, to the New Freedom Initiative, to force psychologically tested forced drug, or to promote the National ID Card.
But tens of thousands of other reporters are just useful idiots that parrot the establishment line, that actually believe the propaganda they're spewing.
But they've got a problem.
The Dallas Morning News, one of the biggest papers in the country last week, reported...
In the last year alone, a 13% decrease in its circulation, and they're on the verge of being indicted now by the district attorney, according to Texas television and newspaper reports, for lying about their circulation.
It looks like it's worse than that.
Major papers in the last decade have lost over 60% of their circulation.
Broadcast TV and even cable TV has lost about 45% of its viewers.
And it's accelerating.
While at the same time, websites like InfoWars.com receive millions and millions and millions and millions and millions.
I don't know, all four sites combined, it's something like 10, 15 million a month, depending on what month.
And I'm one of the smaller sites compared to some of the others that are out there.
Unfortunately, we've seen some of these sites being bought, being taken control of, and suddenly spewing neocon or controlled liberal paradigm propaganda.
But the readers instantly recognize it and shift to the other tiers of sites.
You're losing New World Order, and you know it.
That's why you're carrying out terror attacks.
That's why you're trying to put up your control grid.
Your time is running out.
But I don't know if William F. Jasper at the New American is a neocon government agent or if he's a useful idiot.
I tend to think he's a useful idiot because I was an urban warrior in 1999 as thousands of Marines and foreign troops practiced taking over the city, practiced gun confiscations.
There I was on a hill overlooking thousands of troops.
Just 50 yards from the troops doing mock gun confiscations, and I look to my right, and there's William F. Jasper, who's just written a savage, hateful, larcenous hit piece on myself, basically parroting the Popular Mechanics disinfo government op.
I mean, we've now got enough evidence to prove that's a government op.
And I walked over to him.
And I said, you know, I was just on the radio today, and I was covering this.
He had a backpack.
Here's the Associated Press from a few months ago where Delta Force tried to bribe the San Antonio police chief.
I have the video of it.
And tried to run their urban warfare drills there with black helicopters.
And he said, thank you, and took it.
And, of course, they'd written articles denying black helicopters existed, saying it was a conspiracy theory.
All they are is special forces drones.
Black budget, black-off operations, teleconference folks.
And a month later, I opened up the New American, and there was the exact AP article.
So when I was able to deliver the proof, the admissions, to his hands, it was in their newspaper, in their magazine.
So maybe they're just ignorant.
I know Popular Mechanics isn't, though.
Perhaps this academic, this researcher...
Who I've got to say has done a ridiculous job of attacking me.
I mean, it really has got so many holes in it, it's worse than Swiss cheese.
John Sanders.
Maybe he's just ignorant.
John Sanders is a policy analyst at the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy.
Also part of the John Locke Foundation.
When I called, that's who answered.
He researches and writes about public policy issues affecting colleges, universities in North Carolina and across the country.
And I believe I interviewed him about three or four years ago, and I agree with some of his analysis of other activities at colleges.
I agree that there is academic tyranny and that people aren't being allowed to have their free speech if they're conservative, and I defend everyone's free speech.
But his hit piece is just the most ridiculous I've seen to date.
And again, he'll be joining us coming up in the middle of the next hour.
Paul Watson joins us in 15 minutes.
But first off, let's just go into the news.
FEMA inspectors included criminals.
Agency relied on them for honest reports, and this is part of the course.
Across the board, they're peopling in key positions of enforcement government agencies with hardcore criminals.
Top computer hackers.
And, uh...
Turns out FEMA's got quite a squadron of hardcore criminals working for them.
Meanwhile, they release the hardcore criminals and put them in positions of power, but U.S.
prison rate soars even higher, filled with non-violent offenders who make good workers.
prison population has risen further, with 1 in 138 people now in jail, new official figures reveal.
There are more than 2.1 million people...
citizens in jail.
And of course, these numbers are wrong.
You look at the Justice Department numbers.
It's 7 plus million.
They're just counting one strata of jails.
The figures show the prison population increased by an estimated 48,552 people, or 2.3% in the year, in this year to June 30, 2004.
All right, we'll get more into that coming up as well.
Some good news.
Students bring Patriot Act to town meeting.
I quit counting a year ago, but it was over 400 cities and four states then.
Several more states have gone against the Patriot Act now, including conservative states.
But I've got to commend these students in Boston.
It's students, high school students, going to the city council to defeat the Patriot Act.
Putin deplores the collapse of the USSR.
Folks, it never collapsed.
City cameras don't cut crime.
New report out, but that doesn't stop the government from accelerating it.
And even Newsmax has to admit that Bush is boosting Hillary in 08.
Of course, Clinton's in a continual love fest with the Bushes, agreeing with all their policies.
A horrible article here about a baby alive who the abortionists didn't even try to save.
At least 50 die in that Japan derailment.
A packed commuter train jumped the tracks in western Japan on Monday.
And hurdled into an apartment building, killing 50 people and injuring more than 340 others in the deadliest rail accident in Japan in four decades.
Rail is still one of the most safest ways to travel.
The transportation period is dangerous, and it's the number one cause of death until you hit 55, and it's cancer and heart attacks.
Depending on what year you look at, one year it's cancer, next year it's heart attacks.
They're always taking the pole position from each other.
But, um...
It just shows how quickly life can be snuffed out.
You fear fighting for liberty and freedom.
You're afraid the globalists will get you.
But you still get in your car every day.
You still get on planes every month.
You still get on trains every week.
When this is your number one cause of death.
Last time I looked at the numbers, you're nine times more likely for your child to drown in the bathtub or a mop bucket or in the pool than for your child to die from a gun.
But we hear, ban the guns, it's for the children.
I like to look at statistics, though.
There is so much I want to cover.
When we get back, I want to air about a three-minute newscast out of CBS Channel 10 to analyze it out of Florida concerning this five-year-old arrested in Florida on felony charges.
We first heard that she was viciously, savagely attacking her teachers.
And so that's why the five-year-old had to be arrested by three police and charged with a felony.
The problem is now the Big Brother video camera footage has been released from the classroom.
Look at how surveilled things are.
And she is, like I've seen Bratz do in the grocery store, in the mall, on the street.
I know you've seen it.
Just going, meh, meh, meh, with her hands, open hands at the teacher.
And in the old days, the teacher would have grabbed that youth, drug her by her ear or her hair, to the principal's office where she would have been given...
Five to six pops, as I did when I acted like that.
And then when I got home, I'd really been in trouble.
But I read the globalist think-tech documents that were written by the Carnegie Foundation 70 years ago.
They said that we have to train parents not to discipline so that then their children will be rebellious and out of control.
We can then fill the prisons with them.
So what they do is, instead of disciplining the children in the schools, they've taken that authority from the teachers.
Then things turn into bedlam because the children are gobbling Twinkies and Cokes between every recess, basically.
You got children?
You ever given your children sugar and watched how they act?
People are idiots.
I see them giving their children cokes, Twinkies, all of it.
No wonder your children act like demons.
And the child bounces off the walls, and instead of disciplining them, we just call the police, charge you with a felony, and send you to juvie, where you're really going to get beat up.
You see?
They know what they're doing.
They're training us all to be prisoners.
Next, it'll be four-year-olds being arrested and charged as adults.
We're spatting.
I remember the old days, occasionally.
A student would take a swing at a coach, and it happened a few times.
The coach would just grab them, tackle them, slam them down on the ground, and then make them run until they vomited.
And then they respected the coach and became good friends with him, and that's how things were done.
But if a coach today grabbed one of these punks, some 14-year-old taking a swing at them, that coach would be in jail.
No, instead we put your son in jail.
The criminal justice system, and two years later, they're on heroin with tattoos all over their bodies, and they're male punks with HIV.
Because we've taken discipline away.
We'll be right back.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I could speak for hours about the arrest of this five-year-old for limp-wristedly, barely slapping at about five miles an hour.
I mean, the hands were just moving so slow, going, on the teacher.
But really the bigger news story here is how the media all over the country was legitimizing.
And I went and watched four or five newscasts online.
They were all basically the same script.
Is this good?
Well, maybe they have to, you know.
Arrest five-year-olds and charge them with felonies.
And then they show the worst possible video they can, which is the child being followed around by this special ed teacher who's hanging over, getting in her face, not talking to the child in a loving fashion.
They're on video camera.
It's so obvious, trying to get her to respond or do something.
And then the child is limp-wristedly going, eh, eh, at the teacher's hands that are trying to grab a hold of her.
I mean, literally, folks, limp-wristedly like a jellyfish.
You know how two-and-a-half-year-olds do?
Sometimes when they throw a fit, they just go, eh, eh, with their hands.
I wouldn't even call it a spat.
I mean, I've seen many children do this.
Well, this guy got this five-year-old felony charges.
And the news is acting like it's normal and good.
So let's go ahead and play this clip and analyze it.
Good evening, I'm Heather Bennett.
And I'm Reginald Rountree.
Thank you so much for joining us tonight.
It's the hottest video in America tonight, and you can't rent it at Blockbuster.
The video shows St.
Petersburg police officers handcuffing and arresting a five-year-old girl.
School officials said the girl was out of control and they had to call police.
Today's reporter, Mike Deason, who first broke this story last month, is here with the video and the story.
Well, Heather and Reg, there's no question the little girl was out of control at the school, but the girl's mother says the police overreacted.
However, a veteran kindergarten teacher we talked to says after trying several techniques to calm a child, sometimes outside help has to be called in in order to protect teachers, other students, and even the child who's having the tantrum.
This is how the incident ends, as police officers put the handcuffs on five-year-old Jaisha Scott.
But it began much earlier, when teachers could not control the kindergarten student who was having a tantrum.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
They had no choice.
That had to happen.
But the attorney for the family blames both the school system and the police.
I think that, you know, a clear failure on the part of the school in involving the police, and then the police taking it to the lengths that they did, it's just, it's unconscionable.
You need to calm down.
You need to do it now.
Meantime, Pyle has no problem with the handcuffs.
And I think it was really probably more to protect the child.
Eventually, a jury will decide if this arrest was appropriate or not.
Now, the lawyer for the family, John Trevino, says by the time police arrived, Aisha was sitting calmly and there was no need to handcuff her.
Trevino says he'll sue the St.
Petersburg Police Department.
While the police won't comment, the school system is standing by the teacher and the police.
They say someone had to bring the situation under control.
Heather Redd.
Thank you, Mike.
Okay, now let's look at how they phrase this.
Someone had to help her.
Outside help had to get things under control.
Now, it's one thing if you're dealing with a 15-year-old in a fistfight and they've got to call some of the coaches or some of the male teachers out to grab them or a security guard, whatever.
It's another thing with a 5-year-old.
And it is admitted she was sitting there when the cops got there.
And if you see the evil violence, it's the teacher trying to grab her.
She's going, eh, eh, eh.
And we're going to help you.
We're going to give you a felony rap and try to put you in the juvie.
And, of course, push Ritalin and Prozac on her.
We're going to do that for you.
That's some help for you.
And so every one of you that's got children, you better hope and pray they never do anything in school.
Because here in Austin, if you're late to class three times, it's considered an absence, even though the state law has a higher number of whole days missed as truancy.
They go ahead and drag your child in, try to get them into the system.
It's across the board about getting them into the system.
Well, something had to be done.
Someone had to help this little girl by charging her with a felony.
Don't worry, the family won't have any money, so they'll plea bargain and she'll be in the system forever and she'll probably, probably in most cases, turn out to be a hardcore criminal.
Which is exactly what the globalists want.
Another soul under their control.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I've got a report here on what the Trilateral Commission's up to.
Also FEMA inspectors included criminals.
Agency relied on them for honest reports.
Of course they did.
I knew they were criminals.
prison rate soars even higher.
Don't worry, they're building even more prisons.
So they're going to criminalize any and all behavior.
Students, again, are fighting the Patriot Act.
We'll also get into GM industry, that is genetically modified industry, puts human gene into rice you're going to be eating.
He thought cockroach genes were bad in most tomatoes now.
Clinton backs Blair's Labour Party in British elections, pro-war, pro-open border Labour Party, just like he backs Lord Bush.
And it's all coming up.
There's just so much today.
Before we go to Paul Watson, who will be with us at the end of the next hour, we have another guest coming on to debate me about 9-11 and other issues.
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9-11 was run by some men in a cave.
They made NORAD stand down.
They called public officials and warned them not to fly.
They did CIA insider trading.
They made Larry Silverstein say that he blew the buildings up on PBS.
On and on and on.
If you're tired of them, if you want to stop them, if you want to hurt them, if you want to expose them, if you want to save this country, we've got to create an awakening to who is behind the terror.
How the globalists are behind it to bring in the crises, to sweep aside the republic, and bring in the New World Order empire.
This film does it, like no other.
It covers the police state for 30-something minutes, 9-11 for an hour of focus like a particle beam,
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So you can get an idea of the material and hopefully wake up or wake others up.
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Please don't wait!
It's so important to expose the murdering terrorists that are the New World Order before they strike again.
And don't forget PrisonPlanet.tv, my book, Paul Watson's book, my weekly TV reports, special reports that are not on the TV show or even in the films, just on the website.
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PrisonPlanet.tv All right, without further ado, let's go to Paul Watson.
Paul, there's a lot of news I want to blitz through and shotgun through, but I'd imagine since we just ended the last segment playing that clip of a little girl in Florida...
We had to help her, they said.
We had to felony charge the five-year-old.
We have to call in outside help to help her.
We're going to help her, Paul.
They're going to start helping, I guess, more of our children, Paul.
Well, yeah, they had to help her for her own safety.
And anyone that watches the video can judge for themselves, you know, if this girl's violent or out of control.
Because, as I said in the article on prisonplanet.com, the worst it gets is that she's basically waving her hands around and barely even touching the teacher.
And the teacher's sticking her arms out to be hit with almost a smile on her face, loving it.
You can watch the teacher hounding her before this happens.
Yeah, I mean, the force of the child doing this, as I said, is, you know, barely enough force to be able to swat a fly.
And it might knock a small champagne glass off a table.
Before she's actually arrested, she's sitting down quietly, you know, not making a sound until they twist her arms around and put the cuffs on.
So I made a list of reasons as to why, you know, this type of thing is increasing in regularity.
But she may be with Al-Qaeda.
Well, that may be one of the reasons.
But the primary one is obviously due to this media hyping of child abduction and paedophilia, of which we've talked about in the past.
The numbers have been steadily decreasing since the 70s.
They have codes of conduct, and it's the same in the UK, whereby teachers cannot make any physical contact whatsoever with pupils.
So it prevents teachers from using simple restraining techniques that don't even harm a child in any way.
Paul, I'm not that old.
I'm 31, and I remember smarting off in public school and being grabbed by the ear.
And believe me, I didn't do it after that.
And then I got in trouble when I got home.
But again, we have the handbooks.
They know by not disciplining them, telling the parents not to discipline, the child's going to be bad, and then now the cops taser you, they take you to Juvie Hall, where some 15-year-old rapes you.
I mean, how is that?
See, they know what they're doing, folks.
This is by design to fill the prison populations.
Go ahead.
Well, I'm 23 years old.
15, 16 years ago, I was in primary school and there were a few bad apples and literally we had kids throwing chairs across the room like once a month on a regular basis.
They were always restrained, you know, sent to the headmaster's office, the principal's office and that was the end of it.
Nobody in their right mind would ever even consider calling the police.
Do you have lavish, did you have lavish Twinkie machines and Coke machines?
No, we didn't have any kind of machines like that whatsoever.
In the elementary schools, in the middle schools, in the high schools, literally, when I went to high school, and now it's even worse, I've been in high schools to be a speaker and seen it, literally, every 20, 30 feet, there are Coke machines and candy machines.
Listen, I'm not kidding.
And, you know, the test for that...
Well, exactly.
Stick of bubble gum on the ground.
There was a 13-year-old that threw a snowball at a police car.
She was arrested, and her DNA was stored in a database permanently.
I'm going to be completely honest.
In Teague, Texas, probably 16, 17 years ago, I was there on Halloween, small town, running around with friends, throwing eggs at each other.
Well, exactly.
To see how far it's changed in just the space of 10, 15 years is amazing.
The point about this DNA database is, as the New Statesman article, which is mainstream, pointed out, it's a way for the state to identify miscreants at an early stage for things like throwing snowballs at police cars, dropping gum.
And getting them into the system.
It even says that.
Yeah, and then that DNA database contains other details, and it's a de facto national identity.
How many police officers driving along did the exact thing that you're going to be arresting children for?
And then the stage-managed school shootings have not turned schools into police state training camps, but actual prisons themselves.
Attendance is mandatory.
Homeschooling is frowned upon, equated with terrorism, as the World Net Daily article talks about a few months ago.
And as you've covered, children in some states have to attend these truancy courts, not just for truancy, but for not completing homework on time.
Parents are being charged all over the country.
In the UK, they're talking about introducing mandatory parenting classes run by the government.
This is how the social workers in our own documents... I have a stack of documents the size of a Dallas phone book.
A Fort Worth phone book.
It's not quite that big.
And the whole thing is about we're going to use the school to take over the family.
We're going to end the family.
The family's bad.
It actually says it!
Look at new freedom, Paul!
Biometric scanning required to enter and exit the premises on many schools and for school meals.
Guards patrol the corridors.
School buses are tracked with GPS.
They've got closed circuit television cameras in there.
Cameras even in the showers?
These informant programs which are set up by the schools and the government to encourage children to rat on each other for credit cards and CD players.
What was the one called Enroll to Tyranny that you covered?
Yeah, that's in Austin.
Turn your parents in.
Local TV had the police there.
And shows them handing out, enrolling the children.
But, I mean, in the new film, I've got a mainstream news article out of Knoxville and other areas of the country where they've... It's not Knoxville.
It's another town in Tennessee.
Where they actually have the cameras in the school showers.
Folks, in the showers.
Official cameras.
And many of them are hooked up to the internet, but we're assured that they're completely closed to hacking, or virtually closed to hacking.
Even though the principal shared it with his friends in North Carolina, the neck of 11-year-old girls.
It's for security, Paul.
And then, was it Goose Creek, where the police storm in with dogs, search bags and lockers, find absolutely nothing, getting them used to that?
Hands up!
Everybody standing with their hands up, searching everyone.
The dogs grabbing packs, savaging them.
Children crying.
And then we have Secret Service being called if students criticize the government.
They have class debates.
They disagree with government policy.
Paul, every day I see an article where some honors student in an honors English class writes an essay where they use the word gun...
And even anti-gun articles.
You know, oh, we should ban guns.
Oh, gun, you said gun.
In the article, we're arresting you.
You've got to go to psychological testing.
One of my friends' sons, in his art class, he's in college now a few years ago, threw a picture of a guitar pick, and they decided it might look like a gun, and so they arrested him, and he had to go to psychological testing.
It's amazing.
We had the article about the...
Guy with the... Well, it was a high school student wearing his baseball cap sideways.
He refused to turn it around.
Oh, he was an honor student and captain of the football team, yeah.
But he refused to turn it around, so they called the police.
And the list goes on and on.
The school is a prison, and therefore it has all the identifying characteristics of a prison, so the students are treated like criminals.
This is how it developed.
Well, they lock down.
The doors have to be buzzed in and out.
They have barbed wire fences around them.
The military's in there recruiting.
Now they're going to start forced drugging, psychological testing.
I mean, it's all admissible.
And then the police training since the 80s walked to the point where the police are taught the general public is their enemy.
They're no longer public servants.
They're now akin to private security firms for the government.
So it goes from the peace officer to the law enforcement officer.
And now even their police dogs are seen as worthier than we are.
That's right.
When a police dog gets kicked, one guy got 44 years in prison in Michigan, in Newcastle, PA.
A man was walking through the parking lot.
The dog, the window was down.
The dog almost jumped out, almost bedding.
He yelled back at the dog.
He was charged with verbal assault of an officer, given one year in jail.
Talking back to them, to their dogs, is now illegal.
I've had other guests on who yell back at a police dog, and there was one case in California, and they're given jail time.
And then, you know, the point is treating the population as the enemy.
No matter how harmless they appear, anyone is considered a threat, even a five-year-old girl.
And then we posted the articles from the past to contrast this, where they're supposedly protecting the five-year-old girl for her own safety.
Meanwhile, we have things like, you know, California loses track of more than 30,000 sex offenders.
We have 3,000 children missing, grabbed by CPS in Florida.
They find some of them dead, heads cut off, and it turns out top, top, top pedophiles run the computer system and is the deputy head of their operation.
There's another one.
FEMA inspectors included criminals.
Agency relied on them for honest reports and knew they were criminals.
Yeah, and they've re-employed for Social Security and CPS convicted sex offenders.
Re-employed them.
We've had articles on that in the past.
We've had articles on nine-year-old arrested for stealing bunny.
Um, child arrested for bringing toys to school.
It was a toy gun.
He was arrested.
Hey, I've seen, if I've seen 100, I've seen 500, where people get arrested for taking Tylenol to school.
They got a headache.
Mama gives them some Tylenol in their lunchbox.
They take it.
Oh, that's it.
You're arrested.
Illegal drugs.
Zero tolerance.
Oh, you have plastic spoons, forks, and knives for some cake you're bringing to school.
Battle of Victorian.
You're arrested.
We're not giving you your diploma.
And so, from front to back, as the article is headlined, it's the picture postcard of America's decline.
And all the teachers' groups, at least those featured in the television report, which is up there, seem to love it.
I mean, they've done nothing... I mean, in the Soviet Union, if a child walks in with a cake and the plastic forks and knives, and the teacher smiles, they have some cake.
Not in America.
This is the brainwashed nature of the system.
I've got to do it.
I've been ordered to do it.
You're hyper.
I'm going to put you on...
Synthetic methamphetamine.
I mean, they put our children on methamphetamine.
So just contrast it to 10, 15 years ago.
It's the complete obliteration of common sense mixed in with these PC protection laws whereby they would rehire the sex offenders and yet, you know, responsibly... Think if we would have written... Exactly.
Think if we would have written a science fiction book like this 50 years ago, people would have laughed at it.
I mean, we're going to have, and this is in a bunch of the states, top pedophiles running the CPS.
We're going to force drug you.
Ha, ha, ha.
Paul, it is total insane asylum.
It's the worst aspect of bread in the world in 1984 mixed together and thrown in your face.
But they've got to help this five-year-old, Paul.
Yeah, they've got to protect her for her own safety.
Got to get her into the system.
Got to get her into juvie.
Gotta do it for her.
We got some new private prisons that just opened.
We gotta have warm bodies in there at the factory!
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Folks, we're not kidding.
We're not joking about this.
There have been at least five different cases.
Tennessee, California, New York, Florida, where they actually put cameras in the bathrooms.
Well, there's been hundreds of those.
I mean, in the stalls, in the showers, in the locker rooms.
And a visiting team was in the Tennessee town, and the 11-year-old girl from the basketball team were in there, and they saw a camera in the shower and freaked out.
They were normal.
See, they hadn't yet been brainwashed.
But this was normal, and so they ran out, and the principal got on TV and said, what's the big deal?
Crime could happen in those showers.
And then they went and looked at the computers and the software, and it was being shared in North Carolina and other areas.
Thousands of people were logging on.
Nothing happened to the principal.
It's just, we are the government.
Shut up!
We're going to put cameras in your shower!
Folks, do you understand how insane that is?
But in a few years, it'll be totally normal, like, giving your child pharmaceutical-grade amphetamines.
It's good for them.
All the studies say it's deadly, but ignore it.
Paul, I don't want to spend all day on this.
We've got a bunch of news to cover, and I want to get into all the hit pieces from the New American and from Front Page Magazine and just all of it that are taking place.
But any other comments on this, the stuff with the schools?
Just the fact that it was caught on tape in the first place illustrates what you're saying, that the cameras are in there in the first place.
Things like the sardonic intro at the beginning of the video.
This is the hottest video in America that you can't rent at Blockbuster.
Now it's entertainment.
Your children in school being harassed by the teacher.
The teacher's like this bucket of pus, obviously hounding the child.
Just look at it if you have any discernment.
Hounding some poor child who they want to get in the system.
Go ahead, I'm sorry.
Yes, it's the new reality television that you can't rent at Blockbuster.
We've only got it here.
The schools and your five-year-olds for your entertainment.
Be sick like us!
Just the lack of common sense from people like, you know, the dispatch office.
They're getting the call.
Oh, we've got a five-year-old who's having a tantrum.
Okay, I'll immediately send a couple of officers.
You better send three officers, are you kidding?
This is a major situation!
Three officers to arrest one five-year-old child.
So it's disgusting, and I'm sure there'll be ramifications from both the school and the police to have the mother's promises.
Paul, there's so much.
I want to spend five, ten minutes right before this guest comes on on the hit pieces.
I want to try to jam a few calls in, too, in the next 30 minutes or the next hour.
But what else do you want to talk about when we get back?
Yeah, just generally the hit pieces, three different hit pieces in the last week, two which mention us specifically, and things like the trilateral commission meeting, whether they veto the attack on Iran or not, and whatever the callers want to bring up.
I tell you, Paul, this is good news that they're intensifying their attacks on us.
Well, yeah, it goes back to the Gandhi quote that we brought to light a few months ago, a few weeks ago.
First they ignore us, then they laugh at us, then they fight us, then we win.
It started with the BBC article.
For the second time, they weren't content with the first one, linking anyone that believed in a New World Order with both Timothy McVeigh and Osama bin Laden.
Actually says that, but then I guess then all these presidents and prime ministers are with Al-Qaeda then?
Because that's all they talk about.
Their own colleagues on BBC Radio 4 reported that Bilderberg formulated the European single currency.
The BBC reported that.
In 1954.
And then six months later they say anyone that thinks Bilderberg's got power is like Timothy McVeigh or Osama Bin Laden.
So they don't even read what their own colleagues are reporting.
Well, let's face it, we're extreme.
Top royalty, top bankers, presidents, meet in secret and we get their own documents that they admit are real saying they want world government.
We're bad.
We shouldn't focus on that.
What kind of weirdos are we with the political talk show wanting to talk about world leaders meeting?
That is Al-Qaeda, Paul!
Are you with Al-Qaeda?
We'll be right back!
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right.
Now into hour number two.
Believe me, you do not want to miss the guest we've got coming up.
Since you were attacked too, Paul, I'm not going to have you for the full hour with the guest.
But I do want you to stay 10-15 minutes with us into the first segment with him.
Coming up here in about 30 minutes, you have a chance to respond.
John Sanders.
And they're there, I guess, at the John Lott Center and is a policy analyst at the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy.
Writes for Front Page Magazine.
Before he gets on with us, we'll talk about the New American hit piece that really shows us where they're at.
And it will also cover a bunch of other key issues and jam a few calls in.
Paul, we talked about this some in the last hour, just how many criminals are being hired, how they're hiring aggravated felons who happen to be illegal aliens, according to the Washington Times, to make up large portions of the new military.
FEMA's inspectors included criminals.
Agency relied on them for honest reports.
Well, yes.
It's like in Iraq, the people that will take a taxi driver's car who stole some planks of wood and run it over.
Basically because they're gang members and they need to swear an oath to the gang and it's the same case with government hiring of these criminals.
We've had cases in the past as I mentioned before the break where they would hire convicted sex offenders to child protection roles in government.
We've had articles about the FBI using informants who were murderers keeping them protected for decades in some cases throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s so
When the top of the chain is criminals, and now higher criminals is their underlings.
I mean, it's the same in any system.
Let me read this.
FEMA's inspectors include... Well, I'll cover it when we get back after the break.
Let's jam a call in right now.
Let's talk to Sean in Alabama.
Go ahead.
Good morning, Alex.
First, let me apologize for calling on my cell, the battery in my handset.
That's all right.
Go ahead, sir.
Yeah, this five-year-old, what we're seeing is society turned on its ear.
No, they're training us to be prisoners, and they need to get everybody into the system.
It's about institutionalization.
Yeah, but it's also about a society that's calling good evil and evil good.
When you refuse to discipline a child, that is not a sign of love.
It's a sign of hate.
Well, also, it means that it's so the system can discipline them.
It's so they can get their mitts on them.
Well, yeah, but they're really not even disciplining.
They're just getting under the system because the discipline back when I was in school would have been the principal would have paddled my backside.
It's simple.
We didn't have this in school.
We didn't have one-tenth of this in school when the principals would paddle you.
And they took that out and then all the shooting and everything else started.
It's simple.
You've killed a lot of children, you Dr. Spock people.
If you refuse to discipline a child, you hate that child.
If you love a child, you discipline them when they need it.
And what they do in the media is hold up the example of the drunken, evil father with the tire iron beating a child to death.
That's criminal.
Arrest them, put them in prison, execute them.
But no, now it's yelling at your child's abuse.
We're taking your children.
But then we're going to have cops taser them and take them to the FEMA camp.
Well, exactly.
I mean, you've got parents that won't discipline children because they're afraid of the state.
You have the state in the form of schools that won't discipline children because they're afraid of being sued by the parents.
That leaves all authority, again, sir, that leaves all authority with the state.
Well, also, it creates little tyrants that have no respect and no self-control, which is also what they want.
And you add Twinkies and Coca-Cola four times a day on average...
And four and a half hours of TV a day, you have really screwed up children.
It's just more evidence that our society's been turned completely on its ears.
But this five-year-old did nothing, folks.
You can go watch the video.
We're helping her.
The parts that I watched that they were showing this morning, there's more to it.
She was tearing stuff off the walls, turning chairs over.
Stay there.
Stay there.
We'll let you finish on the other side.
I've got a lot of stuff to cover.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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A new world order can emerge.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
In the last year, there has been a flotilla...
A mass of hit pieces against myself and others that are exposing government involvement in 9-11, from the left, the right, from the establishment media, the so-called alternative media, and always leads back to the globalists.
We'll be talking about that here in a few minutes.
The last hour we talked a lot about this little five-year-old black girl who is, the teacher's trying to grab a hold of her and she's like spatting her.
And I had heard the reports that, you know, she threw something off a shelf and knocked over a chair.
I looked at a bunch of different newscasts and never saw that.
It's classic media control.
They'll create the argument, is this okay to do?
Well, yeah, we've got to protect her by giving her a felony record, a five-year-old.
Next will be four-year-olds, I predict, and then three-year-olds and two-year-olds.
They already put tens of thousands of two-year-olds on Ritalin and Prozac and put them in solitary confinement on Thorazine in some cases because they cry for their parents when they're taken.
That's considered to be mental illness, crying for your parents and having a tantrum.
And then, yeah, this sounds like the classic M.O., then bring out more of the tape later and say, see, it's reasonable.
It's never reasonable to taser six-year-olds.
It's never reasonable to handcuff five-year-olds.
This type of behavior has always been out there, and children were disciplined by the school.
But not anymore.
You can't do that.
We've got to take you to jail, get you in the system.
We've got to help you with a felony charge.
Real fast, Sean, you've got to finish up what you were saying.
Okay, real quick, what I wanted to say is that human nature, that when a person doesn't feel loved or cared for, human nature is to lash out violently.
And the way that you show a child that throws a tantrum like this that you love them is not to call the cops.
You show them that you love them by caring enough about what they're doing to discipline them.
Discipline is a hard thing.
If you really love your children or care about the children you're taking care of,
And, you know, many times, I mean, it's so easy, folks, to restrain a five-year-old to simply, you know, hug them in a bear hug and tell them no.
But, see, the teacher can't even do that.
And by the time they're a few years older, I mean, I remember being in first grade and being taken to the principal's office and they had, you know, the little paddle that looks like the paddle, you know, that you bong the ball with and getting a pop.
And I think that happened one time
A large part of it also is...
I mean, discipline, a large part of discipline with children is respect.
If you as a father are a strong father, then the child obviously respects you and you give that respect back.
But with all these sitcoms and things like this showing weak father figures... And it's always Fox is the worst.
The father is always bad.
But they're Christian and conservative!
So, I mean, they show these weak father figures and it only encourages fathers to become, you know, more...
It's a real pleasure to raise your children and to raise them up strong and enlightened and informed.
And the way to get through to your children, folks, is to explain to them, this government wants to put you in a prison camp, they want to put you on drugs, they are the enemy, they are out to get you, they are predators, because children are designed to be warned about predators from our most early development.
And you've got to teach them, and if you teach a child that, they're going to behave.
That's just like you teach a child with fables like Little Red Riding Hood about the Big Bad Wolf.
That's a story to warn you about.
Don't talk to strangers.
You've got to teach children that this government is your enemy, is out to get you, and is out to drug you and destroy you.
And that goes for cops.
You need to train your children this.
Cops, they'll put your children in the system.
This goes for everybody.
The system is your enemy.
That doesn't mean everybody in the system is your enemy, but the prime directives are predatory.
Well, that's the case, and it's amazing how many children, and then people right up to my age, go around thinking that doing drugs is so cool, completely oblivious, that the government ships them in in the large majority of cases.
Cocaine has been proven to be good in operation.
I'll tell you what's cool.
Doing 100 push-ups every morning, which I'm trying to start doing again.
I'm getting back in shape.
It feels good.
Riding your bike 15, 20 miles.
Reading 20 books to your children.
Finding a good church.
Being strong.
Trying to eat good food.
Trying to be healthy.
I'll tell you what's rebellious is being straight and strong.
Loving your woman.
Loving your man.
Not fighting with each other, men and women.
The whole society has been designed to turn you against each other.
That's what's cool.
That's what's rebellious.
Exactly, but I mean the peer pressure is so strong because peer pressure comes from culture and who creates the culture?
MTV and Sumner Redstone and people like this.
So I mean that's why a lot of people homeschool and then it gets demonized as terrorism.
I've said this 50 times and I'll say it again.
I want you to picture an elementary school.
200 students out in the big parking lot.
Big school.
Northern Michigan.
I want you to picture...
Regional SWAT teams, over four SWAT teams, black masks, fake blood, fake arms, fake intestines, splattered in buckets on the children.
Buses, smoke bombs in the buses.
The children with grown men running around with submachine guns screaming, I am the homeschool defense group.
We are homeschoolers against public education.
We are killing you.
Ha, ha, ha.
This was in the Associated Press.
Like it was normal, though.
They were saying it was good.
Crying, saying, help me, help me.
Fake blood splattered everywhere.
This was done all over the country.
Similar drills.
I've been to them.
I've shot video of them.
It's in Road to Tyranny.
They even blew up cars in Central Texas.
Cars smoking, helicopters, fake intestines, blood splattered, robots with shotguns, special forces troops.
You think I'm joking, folks?
Robots with shotguns.
You've got to see this video.
This is mass brainwashing.
You think putting people in a sports stadium with projectors telling you communism is good is brainwashing.
That is.
But you think about the mind control, the sheer evil 1984 brainwashing of elementary students splattered with fake intestines and gallons of fake blood being told homeschoolers are going to kill you.
That child's going to hate homeschoolers for the rest of their life.
They're going to have nightmares about homeschoolers.
What homeschoolers have done
Yeah, wasn't it the case with the FBI flyer in Phoenix, Arizona, just after 9-11?
Those that make frequent references to the U.S.
Constitution are terrorists.
Christians are terrorists.
Gun owners are terrorists.
Paul, go ahead, I'm sorry.
Yeah, lone individuals, and I believe it also included homeschoolers.
So, I mean...
Those are the targets.
That's who the war on terror is really on homeschooling.
And now the feds are trying to ban homeschoolers from being in spelling bees and geography bees because they're winning them all.
No, it's completely betrayed public schooling and the fact that homeschoolers are not only more
Straight, more moral, more successful later in life, but they're more intelligent because they don't have all these peer pressure and distractions which drag them back all the time.
Paul, if I sound really mad today, it's because all these hit pieces and the rest of it.
If I sound upset, folks, you get upset about football and baseball and yelling scream.
I'm upset.
I mean, cameras in little girls' showers at public schools?
Children on Ritalin having heart enlargement and brain shrinkage and heart attacks all over the country?
Five-year-olds being arrested?
I mean, folks, this is insane!
This is a normal response to this insanity!
Paul, let's shift gears quickly.
We've got about four minutes in this segment, five minutes in the next, and the guest is joining us.
I want you to be with us for a little while with him.
But let's start with the New American hit piece first.
The neocon, New American, fake conservative, fake anti-New World Order.
Let's start with that first.
Well, basically, it's a rehash of the Ben Chertoff, old man security, popular mechanics straw man hit piece.
It's not weaker, because with the situation, basically, they attack people who talk about pods on the bottom of Flight 175, talk about no plane hitting the Pentagon, which we have tried to be balanced on.
We've presented arguments from both sides.
But then later on in the article, they start attacking people who say that bombs were used in the World Trade Center attack, and they mention Alex Jones and PrisonPlanet.com, as well as others.
But, I mean, Larry Silverstein says they blew it up.
The AP was told, get back, we're going to blow the building up.
I mean, do they talk about that?
The foundation of it is, as Popular Mechanics use, they use an article written for us by someone else.
And Jasper will not come on this show and debate us.
They will never debate us.
Because they can't.
We will play public officials saying they blew it up.
Sorry, go ahead.
They don't use the firefighter's testimony.
They don't use Silverstein admitting Seven was pulled.
They don't use the seismographs of people in the towers, people on the ground, which has been on our website for over three years.
And they need to keep up with government cover stories because they're behind the times on this one.
They've rehashed these engineers' comments, the same ones that Popular Mechanics used, where they said they knew the planes alone would be enough to take the towers down, which goes against every historical example of a steel building catching on fire.
When even the government, in the latest federal report, concludes that the planes were not the cause of the collapse.
The buildings were not built properly.
Yeah, they blame faulty fireproofing, which is obviously another story.
That is the new official FEMA line.
So, we've had four different lines here, Paul.
Which one's right?
Which conspiracy theory is right?
When we have the owner saying he blew it up!
Well the point is now that even the government admits that the planes weren't the cause and New American Popular Mechanics are still reporting that they were so they're behind on the government cover stories and then we had that New York Times article from the 70s where they had a fire in the North Tower of the World Trade Center
So, you know, any faulty fireproofing would have been clearly evident and taken care of back then.
Number one, fireproofing wasn't, even though they had as best as fireproofing on the pillars, still, those cool fires don't melt or destroy giant four-foot-around, six-foot-around girders.
And the fires were basically out just before the collapse, as the firefighters' tapes clearly show.
Many more fighters.
I want you to read the specifics of what they said about us when we get back, and then I want to get into the latest front page magazine hit piece.
And we've got him coming on, the guy that wrote it, so we salute his courage.
I can't wait.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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The controlled left calls me a fascist.
The controlled right calls me a communist.
And really, I just want liberty and freedom.
Yes, I know Bush is very conservative.
He wants open borders and a $2.6 trillion budget and gun control and appointing all these pro-abortion people.
And that's conservative.
You're against it.
You're an evil communist.
It's amazing.
This latest hit piece by Front Page Magazine, and we have the gentleman who wrote it coming up, John Sanders.
It's interesting, Paul.
I mean, there's so many things that he attempts to do in this article.
It's almost comical.
I mean, the way the article opens up is talking about presidents and aliens.
No one's saying that.
I mean, this is just classic, Paul.
Well, yeah.
Front Page Magazine, I mean, most people see it as a neocon publication.
The owner, David Horowitz, is basically an ex-beatnik lefty, like Michael Wiener Savage.
One of the things in the article is that... And again, they're not X at all.
They met at the Fourth International.
This is Washington Post, Toronto Star, and they said, we will take over from within, and they did.
Go ahead, I'm sorry.
And one of the major problems that we've got with it is that it takes three headlines from, I believe it's prisonplanet.com.
It may be a similar website, but it's the same thing.
It takes three headlines from the day you wrote the article and just reprints them without comment.
Like, oh, look at these crazy headlines.
Who would believe this website?
And the three headlines, one is from the London Guardian, another is from Reuters, and the third is from Hearst Publishing, which also publishes Popular Mechanics, who also attacked us, which is about the fake screened audiences at the Bushtown Hall meetings.
So he takes a headline, which is supposedly kooky, from a publication which attacked us in the same way that he's attacking us.
And then the other two write as the London Guardian.
And then he basically says, these nuts believe Bohemian Grove exists.
That's like saying they believe that there's a capital in Washington, D.C.
They believe that a moon orbits the Earth.
And then there's the...
Yeah, it's clearly Spanish secret police.
Because obviously it was confusing people with a lack of intelligence.
She had a sarcastic comment of, like, that's me on the left.
Yeah, we do that all the time.
I mean, you know, saying this five-year-old's Al-Qaeda.
We're not serious, folks.
I notice he lists all of her, or some of her sources.
Well, there's also her rots in the Associated Press and UPI on her website.
Does that mean that now Christensen is Jewish?
You know, she links to left, to conservative.
She links to all this stuff.
So now she's associated with everything she links with.
Well, exactly.
I mean... But he links... Wait a minute.
But this guy links to her.
Does that mean he's with her?
No, I'm serious.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
I mean, I get that all the time.
This article's written for people with low-grade moron intellects.
It's actually going to help us, Paul.
I'm going to thank him on air when he joins us in a minute.
It's certainly not as sophisticated as the BBC one, because they enlisted this Michael Barcoon who was attacking you on C-SPAN last year.
I thought I was a communist, Paul.
Well, wait for it.
The conspiratorial speculation reached fever pitch with an unwitting reference by former President Bush to a New World Order in a 91 speech to Congress marking the end of the Gulf War.
He only said it 244 times and wrote about it and called for it.
That's completely unwitting.
No, it's unwitting.
You're right.
Mr. Bush was simply noting the shift in geopolitics as the Soviet Union crumbled and suddenly the bipolar world of the Cold War melted away, potentially giving rise to new international... Funny, Thomas Barnett at the Pentagon, one of the chief strategists for the Naval War College, said it's world government.
Well, I mean, what does that mean?
New international strategic alignment.
The end of a bipolar world.
It means mono or uno.
Unipolar world.
That's world government.
What does uno mean?
Oh, you're with Al-Qaeda.
You know that one means one, Paul.
What's wrong with you?
They're only setting up international taxes, international regulation.
Bush just signed on to UNESCO, Free Trade Area of the Americas.
We're losing all our sovereignty.
The borders are disappearing.
So it goes back to that thing again.
If you talk about it in a negative sense, unlike President Bush, former President Bush, then you're a neo-Nazi terrorist and it doesn't exist.
But am I a neo-Nazi terrorist or a communist?
Which is it?
Because I'm anti-abortion, pro-Second Amendment, pro-national sovereignty.
You know, I don't think we're any of that, Paul.
I think we may be Al-Qaeda.
I'm convinced.
Yeah, I mean, if I was Al-Qaeda, I'd be CIA funded, like some of these writers are.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
You know, normally I would have taken about 15 calls by now, but I just haven't done it today because there's been so much news.
I know the phones have been loaded.
We'll get to you later, folks.
We've got to...
Take our time here and go over all of this, because this is important.
Now, if this was just about me, if this was just about I, I wouldn't cover it, I wouldn't talk about it.
I mean, when the Washington Post calls me names, the New York Times does, or when I'm called a right-wing extremist, I ignore it.
But this is a case-point example, a textbook example, of either witting or unwitting propaganda and techniques that are used.
So when Vanity Fair attacks us, when American Legion attacks us, or the New American, or Front Page Magazine, or Popular Mechanics, we respond.
And we decimate.
Because we have the facts, we have the proof of what we claim and what we bring forward.
John Sanders, I really appreciate coming on, is a political analyst at the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, a spinoff of the John Locke Foundation he's also been part of.
He researches and writes about public policy issues affecting colleges and universities.
Not even covered some of his articles before, in a positive light, in North Carolina and across the country.
Sanders produces a weekly newsletter on these issues entitled Clarion Call.
Sanders has been published in the Wall Street Journal.
Which also talks about the Bohemian Grove.
National Review, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Freeman, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and numerous newspapers in North Carolina.
Sanders has been an adjunct instructor in economics at the North Carolina State University and holds a master's degree in economics with a minor in statistics and a bachelor's degree in English literature and language from North Carolina State.
Sanders is a native of Garner, North Carolina.
You can go to InfoWars.com and link through to Front Page Magazine and
Link through to our quick analysis and response to it.
And Paul Watson is with us because he's been savaged as well as part of this latest salvo.
The vicious attacks, half-baked attacks from the neocon to American, full of its little conspiracy theories, they're refusing to come on this broadcast and others.
Very cowardly.
Very weak.
But thank you so much for joining us, Mr. Sanders.
Well, you're welcome.
Thank you for the invitation.
You bet.
To start off here, why don't you explain to people why you wrote this article and give us your side of the story.
Well, I wrote this article as part of a series I do for the Pope Center entitled Course of the Month.
And what I do is, it's sort of a Golden Fleece Award for courses taught in colleges and universities
In North Carolina.
And I try to find what appears to me as some of the most absurd or anything non-academic courses in the system and highlight them because I believe that sunlight is the best effective.
So I found out about this course taught by Jane Christensen at
Well, tell us about your article.
I mean, tell us what you discovered.
I'm sure your readers are familiar.
I went through all the websites she said were daily readings, recommended daily readings, and I reported on some of the headlines and things that I found in there.
I went to your website and reported on some of the headlines and advertisements and things that I found in there, and did the same throughout her syllabus as well.
Let me read a small portion
Or to basically just paraphrase some of the things you said.
Well, let's just read an actual quote.
A Jewish cabal controls world events.
President Eisenhower... Give the full quotation, okay?
Pardon me?
Give the full quotation.
I am reading it.
A Jewish cabal controls world events.
President Eisenhower was abducted by aliens.
And that Nixon, Reagan, and the Bushes go off to a remote...
A California location to practice owl worship.
Now, just stop right there, because I want to expand on this for a second.
Okay, well, let me... Hold on just a second.
Let me say something here for a second.
Sir, I'll just let you talk.
Number one, we don't say a Jewish cabal controls world events.
We've never talked about aliens abducting anybody.
We don't cover that.
Number two, your own Wall Street Journal has reported on Bohemian Grove.
I've shot the video of it.
They admit I snuck in there.
Even major publications...
Have posted photos.
National Geographic has, released by the Grove, of a mock human sacrifice.
They say that's what it is.
And you try to, by snipping these little pieces out, imply that we're a bunch of complete lunatics.
Some of the headlines you quoted, by the way, were from major mainstream publications like Reuters.
Let's bring Paul Watson in for a second.
Well, yeah, that's what we were talking about.
The article states, and here are some of the headlines to be found on one of the best websites.
We don't know which one it is.
It could be prisonplanet.com.
That was in reference to... But the headlines are all from mainstream publications.
Screened audiences fake news promote Bush agenda is from Hearst Publishing, which attacked us on the same basis that you're attacking us.
Yeah, they're supposedly mainstream.
The other one, lies revealed, pretext for war fabricated, dead wrong, London Guardian, one of the biggest newspapers in Britain.
Al-Qaeda making Agent X advances, that's Reuters.
And the problem we have is that you list these articles as if, oh look at these kooky headlines, who would believe these?
And they're all from mainstream publications.
Well that's what I did in my articles, I just
Quoted what was on the site.
Let me just say this, Professor, and then I'll shut up or doctor or whatever.
Let me just say this, because this is important.
On her website is Haratz and UPI.
When she makes the claim that Israel created fake Al-Qaeda groups to carry out terror attacks, that has been in all the major Jewish newspapers.
Now is Professor Christensen now Jewish because she links to a socialist website, so you call her socialist.
Well, first of all, let me back up a little bit.
Do you believe what Professor Christensen believes because you linked to her?
You guys are going to make my case for me if you're going to argue for skepticism about things that appear on the web.
No, go ahead.
What I said in the context of Jewish cabal controls world event and that quote, that was, if you think the Bush administration planned a 9-11 attack to give it an excuse to wage war for global domination, that a Jewish cabal controls the world event
And all of those.
Then you'll disagree with my assessment.
That sentence refers back to my first paragraph, which is that I believe that this was a course quite worthy of listing in my course of the month.
So all of those things respond to different sites and findings that I found on those different sites.
So of those, if I recall correctly, the Nixon, Reagan, and Bush's going to practice vow worship referred back to what Infowars.
I think so.
Subsequent reading of the piece would make that pretty clear.
No, it wouldn't.
I'd say you spend over a third of your time in the article talking about my website, associating it with other groups and other people.
Well, then I must have a much greater appreciation for your readers' ability to read than you do.
That's a psychological game.
That's an ad hominem attack, and it doesn't work.
No, it's not an ad hominem, but from each website, I list under a bullet point from Renzi.com, here's what I found.
From libertythink.com, from counterpunch.org, I would think that would be pretty obvious.
Hey, let me stop you.
Why didn't you link to Operation Northwoods that's listed on our site, the official U.S.
government plan to carry out 9-11-style attacks?
Let me ask you a question.
For example, it was because there were more things to choose from than I could.
I couldn't quote on every...
Headline in that.
What you're counting on people doing, Mr. Sanders, is not going and checking out the facts.
You're counting on them reading all this ridiculous stuff about... I mean, you could go anywhere you want on the web and talk about aliens kidnapping a president and then add that in to the analysis and it's guilt by association.
You don't even say where that came from.
That's what the professor did.
The professor linked this as a daily reading website.
Well, what's on these websites?
And this is what I find.
Oh, yeah.
And so you look at advertising, you look at forums, and if you can find anything connected to anything, though tentatively you try to mix it all in together.
It's all there in their syllabus.
So I went to each one and reported on what was in... There was nothing in the syllabus about Eisenhower and aliens.
There was in the Daily Readings, and I went just on what was on there on April 4th when I wrote the article.
There was a link to a website that had some advertising for something.
I couldn't have found it other than going through the website.
I can go to ABC News and read about flying saucers.
They have that for a month on their main page.
Does that mean if there's an article on ABC News about Pope Benedict XVI that it isn't true?
Maybe I should mix in an article about flying saucers and Pope Benedict XVI.
I'm not sure exactly what you're arguing.
Are you saying that everything is true?
No, what I'm saying is because you go to a site and there's a banner for some advertisement about space aliens, then you can't look at everything on that site and say it's kooky.
Well, it does call for skepticism.
Okay, so if I go to a website and there's an ad for Battlestar Galactica on, say, a major news channel's website, then I can't believe anything on that news site because there's an ad for Battlestar Galactica.
Well, Battlestar Galactica is pretty much a fictional thing that everyone knows, right?
This is an ABC two-hour special on UFOs.
Oh, well, I don't... Does that mean everything ABC ever does is kooky?
Look, let me get Paul to respond.
Paul, I mean, there's so many points here that he brings up.
What about Building 7, Mr. Sanders?
I mean, Larry Silverstein says he blew up Building 7.
Are you aware of that?
Did he say he used tactical nukes?
No, he didn't say use tactical nukes.
But no, respond to me.
He says he blew it up.
Can you respond to that?
Prison Planet, the quote that I used from Prison Planet, said probably tactical nukes.
That's what a rescue worker said he was told at Ground Zero.
Well, that was my response.
I see tactical nukes and, you know,
That's pretty far out there.
Listen, I just answered your question.
Now I want you to answer mine.
Are you aware that the owner of the World Trade Center complex... I thought that it was... Maybe I'm confused over all the different buildings, but...
If I recall correctly, they did bring down several of the buildings afterwards because they had sustained damage.
On the day of 9-11 at 5-30, they gave the order to, quote, pull Building 7, gave the order, and watched it come down.
And firefighters told the Associated Press, we're bringing Building 7 down.
By the way, are you aware of the new official theme of the story is that the buildings were faulty is why they fell?
Not the last three official stories of why it fell?
I'm not keeping up with which is the official theme of the story or whatever.
Well, how do you call her, basically?
I mean, how do you imply she's a communist because she links to socialist websites?
How do I imply she's a communist?
Well, I mean, I can read the article here on air.
It's all about commie this, commie that.
Well, yeah, give me a quote.
Well, what I'll do during the break is I will read back into your article.
You're saying in the article that you don't talk about how she links to all these commies.
No, I say links to such as the Communist Front Group International Answer.
And to the Marxist Professor.
But she also links to AP, Reuters, conservative websites.
You don't mention that, though.
I mention Al Jazeera, Pravda, other alternative media, the International Solidarity Movement for Palestine, Earth First, Apple Peace Desires, Republican Web Ring.
These are the sort of things, when I read, they do...
They do make me... They do give me... Did you link to that UPI article about Israel carrying out terror attacks against itself?
Um, no, I don't think I did.
Are you aware... Did you see it?
I can't remember everything I saw that day.
Are you aware of Operation... Are you aware of Operation Gladio?
Uh, no.
Well, that's now at... Paul, tell them about Gladio real fast.
Well, yeah, it's admitted.
It's in the National Security Archive.
It was called the Strategy of Tension.
It was a CIA operation in the 70s in Spain, Italy and France to stage bombings, such as train stations, soft targets, to blame it on the then-left to bolster the right-wing governments.
And we've exposed right-wing terrorism, left-wing terrorism, but that is admitted as taking place in the 70s.
Fake terror attacks blamed on the left-wing.
She's got a link to that.
I guess you didn't click on that?
Like I said, I already wrote 1,600 words on it.
I can't go into everything and respond to it.
I was giving information as to what this course entailed.
Now, from an academic perspective, there is nothing other than this one perspective.
And it's supposedly an academic course, senior level, judged by the number, 495.
That when she admits it directly in her syllabus that... Sorry, I'm reading.
This course is unscientific and is outside the scope of traditional political science.
That's fair grounds for me to criticize as far as I'm concerned.
Well, the course is saying Bill Clinton and George Bush aren't crime partners.
You know, telling us there's a fake... That there is some type of left-right separation.
Those are fake and unscientific.
I mean, what does that mean?
I mean, she's honest about the fact that she believes this is true and that this is her view, but then if you watch my films, it's all documents and the government admitting it and their own documents and where you can get them.
And you trust the government documents so they admit something, but you don't trust the government on other things.
Now that argument doesn't work.
No, no, no.
They put the spin on it that it's good that the U.S.
government wanted to carry out terror attacks.
They put the spin on things that it's good that they're arresting five-year-old children.
They put the spin on things that it's good that our borders are wide open.
They put the spin on things that it's good that our police wear black ski masks.
Well, anyone with any skeptical frame of mind can think of these things and combat them internally without...
...believing the absolute worst about people.
My underlying criticism of this whole thing is the immediate jump to conspiratorial outlook.
But it isn't an immediate jump, sir.
We have official U.S.
government plans that were actually carried out to execute terrorist attacks almost identical to 9-11.
And you said from the 1970s, and these occurred how many times?
Bombings, blowing up school buses, shooting people, and blaming it on their enemies.
Are you aware of Hitler burning the Reichstag to blame it on his enemies?
Oh, I was waiting for Hitler.
That's great.
Yes, I'm quite aware of that.
That's great.
I've seen that particular set of evidence used, and...
Accused of the Bush administration or whatever.
Well, that's in the encyclopedia.
This is really the big one.
You imply, by mixing it in with space aliens, fake news.
And that headline is Hearst.
Now, we know about the fake reporters, the payoffs, the hundreds of millions of dollars of fake newscasts, people being told, take your ties off at meetings, spray painting over the made in China.
I mean, all the fake news, sir, are you saying there's not propaganda placement?
Because you are implying that it's mixed in with all this other stuff.
I didn't do the mixing, sir.
The mixing was in this woman's web.
It was in her syllabus.
If it wasn't linked in her syllabus, I wouldn't have found it.
Don't blame me for the mixing.
If you don't like the company that she put you in, don't blame me for it.
But, I mean, can you answer us?
Can you say, yes, I know the news is predominantly fake?
I'm skeptical about every news report I hear.
I check things out myself.
I bet you think Bush is a conservative.
Stay there, sir.
I appreciate it.
John Sanders.
He'll probably tell us Bush is conservative next.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Here's Larry Silverstein from the PBS documentary America Rebuilding.
And then they go on again to say, pull it means blow it up.
That's in the second clip, but let's go ahead and play the first clip.
Here it is.
I remember getting a call from the fire department commander telling me that they were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire.
I said, you know, we've had such terrible loss of life.
Maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.
And they made that decision to pull.
And then we watched the building collapse.
Doesn't matter if I've got firefighters on video saying they were told that they blew it up.
Just ignore that.
Now, folks, you talk about being unscientific.
In his own words, and we're about to go back to him, he does that.
This is from his article.
Academic Insanity at North Carolina Wesleyan.
That second paragraph reminds me of
Brad Goodman, character on an old episode of The Simpsons.
Ooh, that's a good source.
He was a feel-good self-help guru and charlatan who proudly told his audiences, I don't have any credentials or training, but I have a Ph.D.
in pain.
So now he's implying she has a Ph.D.
in pain.
By the same token, the course doesn't have any political science or scientific approach, but it has a Ph.D.
in kooky conspiracy mongering.
Oh, and your source is The Simpsons.
For the 9-11 The Road to Tyranny class, Christiansen lists the following websites.
And then they go ahead and go into it.
Just unbelievable.
Everything in Road to Tyranny is documented.
Everything is coming out of their fat mouths at CFR meetings going, we're going to use this attack for a new world order.
PNAT says we need to be attacked by terrorists so we can take all their freedoms and get all the oil.
And Saddam isn't a threat.
That's Dick Cheney saying that.
We need to use race-specific bioweapons on people.
That's the September 2000 Rebuilding America's Offenses.
Forget Clark.
Forget O'Neill.
Oh, they're liberal shower grapes.
We have them saying it.
Your whole article, sir, is unbelievable, Mr. Sanders.
Every paragraph is like that.
It's a joke.
You talk about not using evidence.
You're now sourcing the Simpsons?
Go ahead.
I was quoting the Simpsons in order to make a
No, I didn't connect it to it tentatively.
The site is in the woman's syllabus as one of her recommended daily readings.
Whichever one it was, I think it was.
Look, I commend her for being honest about her views.
I'm glad she's honest about her views, sir.
If she wants to be an activist, that's fine.
If she's going to do this in the context of giving an academic perspective on 9-11 and she does it from one side of the spectrum, then I'm going to criticize.
Usually I get criticized for criticizing professors who do it from the other side of the spectrum.
So, you know, it's been kind of refreshing to be called a communist.
I will credit your readers for this.
They can give out some good insults.
The left gives out pretty bad, silly insults that, you know, third graders get out to.
Well, that's because they're controlled by the same foundations that control the controlled right wing in this country.
Paul Watson, any comments or questions for Mr. Sanders?
Yeah, well, we were attacked in a similar vein by the BBC for believing in the New World Order, for believing government involvement in 9-11.
They called us right-wing extremists.
This article, when it mentions links to communist front groups, ANSA and other Marxist groups, International Solidarity Movement, Palestine...
Equates us with the extreme left wing, but it's the same attack foundation, so it proves that these labels are just directed demonization.
It's got nothing to do with the facts.
It's all about left wing, right wing.
The labels are correct as far as the groups that are linked.
But I'd say more of her links are to mainstream news and documents, and you don't mention one of those.
Well, you can link to mainstream, but then when you give groups like these that you mention it,
It makes me question... Well, quite frankly, I think some of those groups have done great analysis.
Counterpunch and Global Research and others.
Well, there you have it.
I don't agree with what they want this country to be, but I agree with their analysis.
Stay there, please.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Both the controlled left and the controlled right have their capital ships of media propaganda firing incessantly at us.
Dozens and dozens of some of the biggest publications in the world
We're good to go.
Being there with us, he also writes for the Wall Street Journal, National Review, the list goes on and on.
And he's going to be with us for another 30 minutes, longer if you'd like.
I appreciate him taking this licking and it keeps on ticking.
But Paul, you had a couple more comments for him.
We'll let him respond to that.
Go ahead, Paul Watson.
Yeah, one was we made reference to the joke using the Simpsons as a source.
So it's okay for Mr. Sanders to use that as a joke.
But on her website, the professor has a photograph of what appears to be Spanish or Italian secret police.
And Mr. Sanders equates her with being a masked terrorist, that she's in fact one of those individuals in that photograph.
Right, that was on her original website.
Because she was joking, saying, here I am, I'm an evil terrorist.
All I said was, seeing her dressed as a masked terrorist.
But those are... On her website now, I think she may have changed this.
I don't know.
She had herself included on the left, I think.
It's a photo of Spanish secret police.
How obvious is that?
It's a joke.
Well, it could be.
I don't know.
But she had it put up on the left.
All I said was seeing her dressed as a masked terrorist.
It said someone dressed all in black with...
Those are terrorists.
Are police dressed like that?
Maybe those are the good guys now.
That's the point she's making.
Look, these are our police.
Our police look like terrorists.
That's the point.
It's the sarcastic joke.
Let me ask you this, sir.
You bring up Bohemian Grove.
Alex Jones, why, they claim that the world leaders are engaging in owl worship.
They admit, sir, the Wall Street Journal admits that they go do these.
Spy magazine.
Parade magazine.
Number one, are you aware of Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones?
Number two, what's your point?
Number one, yes, I'm aware of both of those.
Number two, no, I don't think that they are items used to perpetrate control of the world.
Well, Helmut Schmidt, German Chancellor, wrote in his own book, Men in Powers, that that is where they make decisions, and he said they do do juridic rituals.
Men in Powers, political retrospective.
Bet me $10,000 right now.
Come on!
Come on, Mr. Sanders!
Bet me that it doesn't say that!
Bet me that the German Chancellor didn't say it!
Big deal if he did.
I don't see that as overwhelming evidence of what you imply.
You know when your guts were right, don't you?
Ha ha ha!
Oh boy.
One question for you, seriously, because I come at this as a writer from two perspectives.
One is there are matters of opinion and others there are matters of fact.
Have I misquoted you?
As to what was on your website.
Yes, you imply, you imply, you imply, it's a classic tactic, guilt by association.
You imply that these are our headlines when they're mainstream headlines.
You mix it in and admit that it's also stuff from advertisements, which on many websites are randomly loaded in by the servers they're on.
You do all of this, and I would have to say that, yes, in total, you have misrepresented the whole of what was on her site.
Did you say her?
I'm sorry.
The professor.
I'm sorry.
We'll boost your audio.
Tell you what, let's discuss this on the other side.
We're out of time.
Long segment coming up.
I'll let you have the floor again and restate your question.
We'll try to get to the bottom of this with Paul Watson as well as Mr. Sanders.
And if we have time, we'll open the phones up only for our guests.
Coming up here in a few minutes, 800-259-9231.
I salute his courage.
I'm coming on this transmission.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Okay, here is the second paragraph from John Sanders' book.
Hit piece from Front Page Magazine.
If you think the Bush administration planned the 9-11 attacks to give it an excuse to wage war for global domination, well, PNAC says that.
Dick Cheney says that.
That a Jewish cabal controls world events.
That's just pulled from some other site.
That President Eisenhower was abducted by aliens, again, pulled from some other site.
And that Nixon, Reagan, and the Bushes go off on a remote California location to practice owl worship.
None of that is involved with her website.
Then you'll disagree with my assessment.
The rest of you, I'm confident, will say, move over, and then it goes on, and make way for North Carolina Wesleyan College Politics, a political science 495, 911, the road to tyranny, taught by Professor Jane Christensen.
So it's so clear there what's being done.
Mixing in a bunch of wild conspiracy theories...
Yeah, I was just reading through the article again and
It just struck me that almost half of the article is just copied and pasted.
You know, this site says this, this website says that.
There's not really a point to the article.
I'm not getting a specific clear point.
I mean, yeah, it says this is kooky, but it never really explains why with any opposing evidence.
And it associates the real documented missions with space aliens.
I mean, come on, Mr. Sanders, you cannot deny what you set out to do here with this article.
You ignored the lion's share of serious material as you spanned the web looking at advertisers and things to come up with this.
Well, certainly I focused on what to me seemed like the more sensationalist aspects.
But this is stuff put forth by this professor as daily reading.
So going through these things on one day, this is what I see.
And of course I cut and paste it.
How else am I going to report on it?
I saw this.
I saw this.
I saw that.
I don't understand.
And as your key source, you use The Simpsons.
No, that was a parody, a manner of thinking, in one of her paragraphs.
I don't think that that point is really that hard to get.
Wait a minute.
Are you talking about that comic strip comedy we posted where Eisenhower is abducted by aliens?
We even have one where Bush... No, because the Eisenhower thing was not on your site.
And you've used it several times already, but I never in that paragraph implied that that was something you said.
I don't know.
Again, when I asked you earlier what you objected to as far as my treatment of your site, I understand we're going to disagree on opinion, and that's fine.
But as far as matter of fact, this is what I'm interested in.
Everything that I reported was on your site.
The quotes I grabbed were from your site.
Mixed in with Space Aliens.
That is because it was in the syllabus.
I went to every website listed on her syllabus.
It was in her syllabus that Eisenhower was abducted by aliens?
Rentsy.com was in her syllabus, so I went to Rentsy.com.
It's not Rentsy, it's Rents.
Well, I don't know.
Rents and repeats.
Anyway, I went to Rents.com and... Rents posts everything.
It's just total information.
And he says on the site, I don't agree with a lot of what's on this site.
It's an information clearinghouse point.
And everybody knows that.
Everybody goes to that site.
I mean, that's fine with me.
I don't care.
Everybody knows that when Peter Jennings does a two-hour show about UFOs, that ABC News isn't endorsing everything in that show.
But look, all that's a side issue.
Let's take a call.
I want to get into some other issues here with you, sir.
Mike in Arizona.
Mike, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hello, Mr. Sanders?
All I can say is welcome to our nightmare.
I mean, we have to sift through all kinds of extraneous material
To try to get the real truth when the establishment news media is letting us down big time.
For instance, back in 1997, Margaret Thatcher, the former British Prime Minister, said, Today's international policymaker's short-term goal is to subordinate American and other national sovereignties to multilateral authorities.
Their long-term goal, one suspects, is to establish the UN as a kind of embryo world government.
This was in a presentation before the Heritage Foundation.
Now, this was not in the mainstream news, and this was a statement that I think you'll agree with me as one American to another.
It is certainly a newsworthy comment by someone who used to be a prime minister.
Now, you know, when the big establishment news media leave gaping holes in the fabric of our information, what are we to do but to go to
Let me just make this quick comment here, very, very fast.
This is the same attack pattern of Vanity Fair, the same attack pattern of American Legion, the same attack pattern of Poplar Mechanics, the same attack pattern over and over again.
They go out and scour the web and add what kooks say into what we're doing.
It is the same tactic.
And my question to our guest is,
Is this Mr. John Sanders?
David Horowitz in Front Page Magazine has been linked to the neocon cabals and the Bush funding mechanisms.
Are you aware of that?
Number two, are you funded by any government agencies or through intermediary government-funded foundations?
The Post Center does not take any money from government as a matter of principle.
You take money from government-funded foundations?
I mean, if you trace money far back, maybe.
I don't know, because I'm not the one who's the director, and so I don't know who all our donors are.
I'm sure you're aware of the scandal of all these fake neocon web blogs trying to engage us.
I have no clue about what you're talking about.
Talon News Service?
The man-whore Jeff Gannon, the pleasure buddy of Bush?
I'm aware of what scandal as far as them engaging you.
Are you aware of all the people who paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to push different operations?
Clinton did it too, but Bush has dwarfed that.
I mean, are you aware of that?
The fake news.
You understand that I come from this from a perspective of I'm studying forces in North Carolina.
I'm not keeping up with all of the different...
Tactic number two, people always try to limit the debate in scope.
Mike, finish up what you were saying.
Let me respond.
If you're going to talk tactics, whatever you say is my tactic in linking you with all these other groups, which I didn't make up.
Those groups were listed on the website as part of her daily reading.
When studying the course, I go to see what these things are and I reported what was on one day.
But you say, this is the same tactic that Vanity Fair uses, that somebody else uses.
Really, is there any difference between what you just did and what I did?
No, I'm sitting here.
Hey, sir, Bohemian Grove is real.
You mix Bohemian Grove in with space aliens, they kneel before Moloch of Leviticus.
They bring in the bound effigy of a child, and they burn it.
They do mock, throat-slitting, and Satan worship at Skull and Bones.
Now, everybody knows that.
It's been on national television, and you're saying it's no big deal.
You should have told your readers when you go, space aliens, Bohemian Grove.
You should have said, by the way, Bohemian Grove's real.
I don't see that as any evidence of world domination, which is pretty much where all of these... Would you let somebody that worshipped a 40-foot stone island and mocked sacrifices in their backyard babysit your children?
What were you talking about when you said about changing the course, changing the... Yeah, really.
You imply Bohemian Grove doesn't even exist.
I just quoted your website.
Yeah, you quoted it out of context in a bundle of socks.
I quoted the entire advertisement, except for... What?
Everything was capitalized, initially capped.
Yeah, and you could have linked through the banner and seen photos and video and a dozen mainstream news articles admitting I snuck in.
We know your tactic.
Come on, stop absconding.
Real quick, Mike.
Yeah, Alex, I'm inclined to give this man the benefit of the doubt.
I think he really is as ignorant as he seems, and I don't mean that to be as derogatory as it sounds.
I think you're a victim of public school education, like many of our contemporaries, and you simply don't know a whole lot about what's really going on.
And you can thank your mainstream press to a great extent.
I mean, can you not...
Do you not have some sympathy for a professor who points her students to other sources of information?
No, she only points to this source.
Totally false.
There are no other sources.
You ignored the preponderance of serious news.
You ignored the preponderance of real analysis.
If you're putting the academic informator on a course and saying this is academic and you're only going to give one angle of
Well, it wasn't meant to be an attack.
He's trying to find some reason you don't seem to understand.
Can you look around you?
America's turning into a nightmare police state, and our borders are wide open.
They're arresting five-year-olds.
Bush is going to try to force everybody into psychological testing.
It's not a conspiracy.
It's real!
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During the break, I was interrogating our guest, who's agreed to stay with us a little bit in the next segments.
We can take calls specifically for him.
I was saying, what about public officials who were not to fly the night before, specifically to New York?
What about NORAD standing down?
CIA insider trading?
You know, guys in a cave supposedly doing all of this.
On and on and on and on and on.
You know, these are the facts.
You go to Professor Christensen's site...
Almost all the links on her site go to sites that then show all the documents, the admissions, the congressional testimony, FBI agents' testimony.
And then, yeah, on some of these sites she links to a particular article, say an AP article that's been saved by some other site, you can then click over and go to the forum and then find some other link to something else or see an ad for something.
And then, ooh, look, they're kooky.
No, you can't address the specifics of what she says on her site of Operation Northwoods or Gladio or Haratz admitting that Israel carried out terror attacks.
That's Jewish newspaper to blame it on their political enemies.
You can't respond to that.
I want to go to John here in a second.
Paul Watson, any other comments or questions for our guests?
Yeah, I mean, the bottom line is, what are people going to come away with when they read this article?
Anyone who disagrees with the official version of these events on 9-11 is a kook, is into aliens, conspiracy theories.
Take a website on Watergate or Iran-Contra.
You go to that website, it has a link to another website which has an advert for a UFO video.
Does that mean that Watergate and Iran-Contra were conspiracy theories?
That's my point.
People coming away with this, everything's linked in together, and they see any disagreement with the official version of events as being kooky.
The good news is it isn't working.
The newspaper circulation are down 65%, TV 45%.
We're growing by millions of visitors per month.
I mean, we're getting bigger every month.
The alternative press is taking over.
Are there kooks out there?
Yes, but it's never going to work.
You cannot associate us with them.
We are winning, and we're going to take this country back.
CNN poll, 90-plus percent of people believe the government was involved.
They've got other major polls.
By Zogby, 50%.
We're winning, and the globalists are failing.
Mr. Sanders?
Any comments on what we just said?
It doesn't really touch my article as much.
I mean, you know,
I'm waiting for a question.
Well, we've cut your article apart piece by piece at PrisonPlanet.com, but we appreciate you joining us.
John in Tennessee, you've got a question for Mr. Sanders.
Yes, I'm sitting here at my computer, and I brought up the ABC News article about Operation Northwood.
The title of the article is, U.S.
Military Wanted to Provoke War with Cuba.
And the subtitle, U.S.
military drafted plans to terrorize U.S.
cities to provoke war with Cuba.
Hijack jets by remote control.
Bomb D.C., commit sniper attacks, even how to frame patsies.
I also brought up another ABC News article, The U.S.O.
Phenomenon, Seeing is Believing.
I brought up a CNN article about Israeli citizens that were
When 9-11 happened, they were outside of the van, cheering on the burning Twin Towers.
These are all for mainstream news sites.
So I guess my question is... And then he'll say, well, then why do you believe them?
No, no, they're always putting the spin on it, but it's good.
Oh, our government, good!
It was going to kill us!
Oh, how nice of them!
Sorry, I have two questions.
We sometimes worry about putting words in people's mouths.
Okay, I have two questions for the guests.
One question is, do you think that these mainstream news...
Websites are a cookie.
My other question is, you're talking about people linking to Al Jazeera, but every other night when I watch any of these news programs, they're talking about new tape from Al Jazeera.
So if the analysts at ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox News can all go to Al Jazeera and look up information, then why would it be bad for a professor to ask her students to go to that same website?
I just mentioned what she does on her side.
I know, but the implication... You really did.
What was your point, then, in mentioning that she's going to Al Jazeera when ABC... Be honest!
Your point was to demonize her!
Your point was... Paul Watson, jump in here.
Well, that's what I was trying to get.
What is the point?
Is it to demonize her?
Because that's what people are going to come away with after they read the article.
The point is to explain about the course.
I go through the syllabus, I go through... But the course links to specific subsections, not to whatever you can find on the labyrinth sites.
You know, these are sites, all of the sites that, you know, the alien sites and all of that... ABC is linked to me, ABC is linked to me many times.
Do they agree with me?
I'm just reporting what was on the site.
Y'all are... You're not just reporting, you're... But you were doing a shake and bake hit piece.
I have.
I just reported what was on the site.
You're saying this isn't a piece meant to go after her?
Well, it's criticism.
Of course it's criticism.
So what's the criticism of you?
I'm upset that I included you along with it because she did.
If it was just your site and I threw these things in and made them up, that would be another thing.
Well, I'm glad Bart Simpson is who you're now quoting.
Of course, I've been attacked by Harry Shearer.
I've been attacked by Harry Shearer, one of the chief voices on the show.
I guess, is Bart Simpson kind of a nexus point?
Well, you have brought up this fact.
Really, folks, most of the propaganda is in the dramas and the cartoons.
That's where they're really brainwashing us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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800-509-3201 800-509-3201 Shortly after 9-11, George W. Bush stood up in front of the U.N.
and said,
None of us should ever tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of 9-11.
Attacks and claims, he said, made only to take the blame away from the terrorist, away from the guilty.
We know who has the motive.
We know who was behind the attacks.
We know this country's being turned into a total police state.
We're going to expose it.
In closing here, just anything else you'd like to say?
I mean, people can go to Front Page Magazine and read the super-liberal David Horowitz's propaganda.
They can read yours as well.
And we really appreciate you coming on with us, Mr. Sanders.
But I would say that you have failed, and you will only push more people to our sites where they will learn the truth and wake up to the New World Order.
Mr. Sanders?
I'm not afraid of information, so if more people go to your site, more power to them.
I'm an economist.
I believe information is freedom.
Do you agree with Ron Paul that the Federal Reserve should be abolished, or do you like the Federal Reserve?
I'm pretty skeptical of the Federal Reserve.
I have economic reasons for thinking that... Is it a conspiracy, though, that it's private?
I wouldn't suggest conspiracy.
Certainly not grand conspiracy.
I'm very leery about automatically believing in grand conspiracy.
I try to hew to Occam's razor or the principle of Tarseman.
I understand human nature.
When you reduce things to grand conspiracies, in my view, you are reducing people to comic book characters, cartoon super villains.
I didn't use cartoons.
You did.
You used the Simpsons as your information.
No, I used the Simpsons to, that was spoofing something that I was going to do.
Okay, I'm going to say this right now.
I'm going to say this right now.
I've got to say this, Mr. Sanders.
If you go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com, you're going to see government documents, the bills, the legislation, what's being proposed, okay?
You're going to see what's happening.
That's the predominant 95%.
Of what's on my site.
And to sit there and just make the claim that we believe in grand conspiracy theories.
He read Machiavelli's The Prince.
You know, you too, Brutus, Caesar.
This is how governments operate.
This is what powerful elites do.
The mafia engages in conspiracies.
The NWO is nothing but a global mafia.
That's all it is.
And people that say government doesn't want more power, that corporations don't fund government to carry out their aims, that's a conspiracy theory.
You are the conspiracy theorist.
But to equate everything that happens in sort of this post-hoc reasoning, you know, if this happened, look who benefits, and therefore it must have all been a planned event.
When you go to the PNAC documents and Dick Cheney says it is, you've got to believe him.
You've got to believe what Dick Cheney says.
Well, yeah, he said we need terrorist attacks.
So did Brzezinski.
Who's skeptical or who's not?
Paul Watson.
Well, I mean, what's the biggest conspiracy theory?
We have an official version of events with 9-11.
We're good to go.
The government has never presented any evidence of their official version of the event.
Why did Condoleezza Rice call up Mayor Willie Brown the night before and say, don't go to New York tomorrow?
I don't know anything about that.
I can't comment on that.
I don't know what you're talking about.
San Francisco Chronicle, Associated Press, London Guardian.
So if it comes out in mainstream media, are you suggesting that it's always true?
Is it only true when it fits in what you believe?
I said an hour ago you'd say this, and I answered your question before you asked it.
Let me tell you.
You want the answer?
There's different types of news.
There's Armstrong, Williams, and Talon News Service.
Pure propaganda.
There's things like Rumsfeld saying there are weapons of mass destruction and then never being challenged on it for lying.
And the media saying he never said that.
There's that type of lies.
Then there's news where they go, cameras in school bathrooms are good.
And then we take that and say, no, they're not.
Or there's the news saying new freedom is good.
We go, here's the actual New Freedom Initiative law that says forced psychological testing.
We think that's bad.
Or Operation Northwoods comes out, and then we pick up on it and call the National Security Archives and they confirm it's real.
But that never becomes a big major news story.
We focus on it and make it a big one.
You know there's different stratas and different types of news.
Mainly we go off source documents.
Well, mainly you do, but on your site today you've got something questioning whether Bigfoot exists.
That's a link to World Net Daily.
Again, because we link to people doesn't mean we support everything they say.
It's a pop culture story.
It's not proof of anything.
It's World Net Daily.
I didn't say it was.
Well, you might see one of those articles every five, six months on our webpage, and that link is there on the site, and I have instructed Paul to occasionally put quirking news on the site, because that's what people want.
And we're trying to expand and look at everything.
And World Net Daily would totally agree with you that Lord Bush is our savior and purely... Whatever.
You know, when you put... You're using a straw man.
If you're going to put arguments in my mouth, I would really prefer that you link to them or you quote them directly.
I don't want to be... I don't want straw men at the back.
Don't mind you quoting from my article and let me respond.
That's fine.
Please do not misrepresent what I'm saying.
Well, you're certainly helping Lord Bush.
Helping a lot.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I talked over.
Would you be safe, Paul?
We have a three-page article on PrisonPlanet.com right now where we list your article and then our response to it.
No putting words in your mouth.
Yeah, and that's fine, but you just put words.
I mean, not you, but Alex.
Well, you are, whether you don't support Bush or not, you are inadvertently supporting their propaganda and their lies.
I mean, you're saying this article doesn't put Bush in a good light?
This article doesn't mention Bush at all other than to talk about the...
It supports their official story.
Your article quotes the professors saying that they're using this to take over our society.
You're saying your article, a five-year-old would read your article and come away from it, that you're defending the official line.
A five-year-old reads my article, I'm pretty doggone impressed.
This is unbelievable.
One last call for you.
Todd in Florida.
Todd, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Sanders,
As I was reading your 1,600 words, I was looking forward to everything you described up front, you eventually debunking or at least exploring.
But then you get to the last sentence, which turned out, I mean, it seemed like a sarcastic kind of cop-out, but I do inadvertently agree with it.
Wesleyan should be proud of Professor Christensen's course, if only because she's advancing really a discussion about a...
More complex media environment than we've ever seen.
Yeah, all we get is the official media line from the official media.
So she's giving us the alternative view that is the dominant one, by the way.
And really what this is about, and what even this discussion is advancing as well, is about discernment and about misinformation and disinformation and actual truth.
And what's dawning on me even in this conversation is that there are true artists of misinformation and disinformation
And then there are people that practice it by accident.
But to compare Professor Christensen's course to, I think early on, you compared it to canine studies, canine cultural studies.
That's laughable, but I think a better, more apt analogy might be to compare it to the cultural studies of the sheep culture.
Because there is kind of a mass mindset or mass
Walk of hardcore accept this that are believing really whatever is presented by let's say the popular world government or US government view and that there is that tendency to kind of think that
To go with the flock.
Our founding fathers told us to not trust the government, that it was dangerous and evil and wicked and out of control.
But today, oh, it's bad to have that view out of the gates, even though human history and all our experiences show us that the worst in government is almost always the case.
World tyranny, corruption, empires, despotism, serfdom, feudalism, slavery is the norm.
Freedom is the very rare gemstone of gemstones.
Well, yeah, if I had read your article a few years ago before waking up to some of these things, I would have kind of sided with you and scoffed, essentially.
But now, as I read it, I was looking forward to you enlightening me on what you were scoffing at, and I never really got there.
Like I said, it just seemed like you went with that last sentence, which N.C.
Like I said before, should be proud of the advancing of this conversation.
Especially things like Meter Corp.
I'm not really sure what that story is, but it seems to be a relevant journalistic piece of information.
That M-I-T-R-E corporation?
No, it is.
Very, very serious.
And I'm wondering, I'd like to hear more about that, but the mix in the UFO stuff... The link's right there.
Whichever one it was...
You know, I didn't hide the link on the page.
Did you know the CIA was running drills of flying hijacked jets in the World Trade Center and Pentagon at 8.30 in the morning on 9-11?
I don't know anything about that.
That's USA Today.
We reported it two and a half years before they did, by the way, when no one was reporting it.
How do we know?
Cold sources.
But let me throw some more out at you.
Were you aware that Bush Sr.
was at a Carlyle Group function at the head table with the head of the Bin Laden family?
At 8.30 in the morning on 9-11, the General Amoud Ahmed wired $100,000 to Muhammad Adam, was having breakfast with Porter Goss and the new CIA head and Senator Graham that morning.
Oh, did you know the FBI agents have gotten up at the National Press Club and said they'll be arrested if they tell us what they know?
All they can tell us is the Bushes vacationed with the Bin Ladens?
That's a quote.
You think that's important?
I don't know anything about what you talked about, but what you're describing, even if
Even if any or all of these things are true, you've got Post Oak, you're taking this and the events later and combining them when you don't know if that's the case.
The CIA in its own official report just so happened to be doing a drill of the exact same thing, sure.
Well, yeah, and people who believe in grand conspiracies do not believe in coincidence.
No, no, no, Bush told us they never heard of a plan to fly a plane into a building, though.
Now, who's lying?
You don't remember Bush saying, I've never heard of a plan, no one's ever heard of a plan, to fly a plane into a building?
If he did, well, he was wrong if he had heard about it.
But, I mean, I don't care.
You're talking about... You don't care if the CIA was running drills?
What I'm saying is, I don't take, you know, these one little things and blow it up and say... One little thing?
Dick Cheney, three months before, taking the authority from the generals to shoot down errant jets from them, a power they'd had since 1957, in the command bunker, in control.
You want to believe what you want to believe, and that's fine.
I mean, go right ahead.
I'm not going to change your opinion on those things.
So you think it's a coincidence that there was a drill the morning of 9-11 of flying hijacked jets in the World Trade Center in Pentagon?
I think that Occam's Razor...
Most of these things are coincidental.
If you want to take them and blow them into the greatest conspiracy you can ever imagine, that's fine.
That's what the web's for.
John Sanders, people can read your neocon diatribe at frontpagemag.com.
I'm joking, because the communist stuff is a joke.
But you can get cool t-shirts on the site about being a commie isn't cool, which I agree with them on.
So I guess that Mr...
Mr. Horowitz isn't very cool.
Hi, I wonder why all these old Trotskyite and leftists are now our neocon leaders.
Why is that?
What are you talking about as far as our neocon leaders?
You didn't know that even the Washington Post, Toronto Star admits that the neocon leaders were the Fourth International?
You didn't know they were the leaders of the Fourth International?
The Fourth International what?
I mean, this has been extraordinarily entertaining.
But it seems like you're looking to debunk an academic course with anti-intellectualism.
But, I mean, hold on a minute, sir.
Paul Watson, jump in here.
Hey, sir, Sanders, can you give us your email?
Paul, can you send him a couple dozen mainstream articles about, how about the Toronto Star, the ghost of Trotsky walks the halls of the White House?
He did.
Yeah, I've got it right here in front of me.
Well, if I read that, I would laugh about it.
It's actually the National Post, which is more right-wing, so the whole old liberal thing is not going to work on that.
So you didn't know that the neocons were founded by communists?
You know, you say these things like, you didn't know this, you didn't know, and you'll source an article that you want me to believe, but on the other side... I'm ready to back it up, Bubba.
Really, it's like a game of Jeopardy, and Mr. Jones is trumping you.
You might even be in the negative dollar value at this point.
I'm giving you a philosophical perspective, an outlook, a skepticism toward things, and it's not, which is fine.
But it's cognitive dissonance.
Even when you laugh out of that kind of fear, you're rejecting even the concept of reading about B because you're so attached to A. I want to call you a professor or a doctor.
You have a Ph.D., so what are you?
I'm just a mister.
Mr. Sanders, explain something to me right here.
You're telling me you don't know that the Bush White House is predominantly run by Trotskyites?
Yes, I'm extraordinarily skeptical of that claim.
Well, there's a family tree there on that.
I mean, the current White House goes to... I'm sorry, ideas are genetic.
Okay, well, they essentially are.
He means that as a metaphor.
Intellectually, family tree.
Because the current White House has links to Crystal and his father has links to Leo Strauss.
From there, you get further into trafficking.
Again, you're trying to use anti-intellectual... You know Michael Savage was one of the top beatniks.
They're all a bunch of dirty beatniks.
I don't
No way.
Why in the world are you bringing up Michael Savage?
Because he's another dirty beatnik.
They're all a bunch of dirty, oily scumbags.
A bunch of slimy commies.
Paul, tell them all about it.
That's just hysterical.
Well, yeah, we raised the point of the White House and its advisers being linked back to Trotsky.
And here's the article, Trotsky's Ghosts Wandering the White House.
Influenced on Bush AIDS, Bolsheviks' writings support the idea of preemptive war.
And it goes through all the Bush advisors, Rumsfeld, Will, Pearl, Wolfowitz, and how they have links back to Trotsky's, their ideology.
People like Strauss, the noble lie that Strauss imbued.
So, I mean, and this is all, you can go to prisonplanet.com.
Crystal's papa was the head of the Communist Fourth International.
You didn't know that, Sanders?
I, this is really...
It's funny.
It's sad.
It's not, though.
I mean, I agree.
Okay, yeah.
The sad part is that these kind of conversations are happening all over the country and the world.
And you can't stop us.
So-and-so's link to so-and-so's link to so-and-so's link to the Trotsky.
Therefore, the first link in the chain is Trotsky.
No, not so-and-so.
The whole nest of neocons were under one professor.
You know, you'll...
You make arguments like that and you're going to breed skepticism among people.
You said that the professor linking to other people means that she's linked with their ideology.
She's promoting it in her course and I am criticizing the course.
Why is that so hard to understand?
The Bush administration is promoting these Strauss and Trotsky ideologies.
I don't believe they're communists.
What I'm saying is they were, and they decided to seize power this way.
It's all about power.
I don't believe in left and right, sir, at the end of the day.
I know Bush wants the Second Amendment dead.
I know he's putting all the key people in position.
I know he wants more abortion by putting people in positions, not by his rhetoric.
I know he's for open borders, total amnesty.
Well, you oppose each one of them when they show up.
You don't make the...
He's a Trotskyite, but I don't believe in Trotskyism.
Ron Paul gave a speech called Neocon two years ago.
Type in Ron Paul Neocon speech, and he said it.
He's a member of the government.
You're going to believe him because it matches what you want.
No, I believe him because he's got the best voting record, and he's a good personal friend of mine, and he knows about the New World Order.
John Sanders, thank you for coming on.
I want to thank you for having the courage.
Take care.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central.
Tomorrow, back from 11 to 2 Central.
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First 35 minutes, we cover the police state, a full hour on 9-11, documenting how the globalists carried it out.
It's totally proven.
Their own documents, their own plans, everything.
Their own admissions, it's firefighters admitting it.
It's all on tape.
And then we spent a full hour on the globalists and their Nazi connections, the order of death that they're members of, the type of new order they're bringing into full-born global fruition.
Get Martial Law, the new three-hour film, three films in one, 1-888-253-3139.
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I just want to call you professor today.
You're kind of a professor of conspiracy theory.
With spinning yarns of conspiracy.
All right, I'm being sarcastic.
I'll stop it.
I just like calling you professor for some reason.
Our good friend who reports on the media and covers all this, writes for the Wall Street Journal and other publications, John Sanders.
Again, I want to thank you for joining us.
If folks want to email you or visit any websites you write for, how do they do that?
My email is jsanders, J-S-A-N-D-E-R-S, at popecenter.org, P-O-P-E, center.org.
It's not Catholic.
It's a family name.
Who is a major donor to the foundation.
My mother's side is Pope.
Old English name, isn't it?
All right.
InfoCenter.org, and you can read.
I haven't put this up yet because it's not the 1st of May, but it will be on that site as well as course of the month.
All right.
Well, I appreciate you joining us, Paul.
You had one final thing you wanted to say to him.
Go ahead.
Yeah, just the thing about linking Professor Christensen with the left-wing groups.
I mean, Alex had her on the show for, what, two hours?
She's a conservative.
She put it on there.
I don't.
I don't care.
You cherry-picked.
You cherry-picked.
Those things are the bill of rights and the Constitution and all that are on there as well.
They span the...
The gamut.
This is what she's got.
Well, if we email you... I mean, all this is a coincidence.
Public officials were not to fly.
CIA drills.
NORAD stands down.
CIA insider trading.
It's all just a big accident.
I mean, that's the conspiracy theory.
Got to let you go, Mr. Sanders.
Take care.
All right.
Thank you very much.
I appreciate it.
I really appreciate the hour and a half you spent with us.
Paul, I want to thank you for coming on.
God bless my friend.
Good job.
Thanks, Alex.
Real quick, he's been holding for hours.
Keith in Ohio will be still there.
Keith, go ahead.
Alex, you're doing a really good job there, exposing darkness with the truth.
Our nation, as individuals and as a nation, the more we cooperate with sin, the more we're cooperating with the God of this world, Satan.
He has a right to rule us with external and internal government, so people need to turn to the Lord and get saved.
He designs the consequences of it.
Yeah, they're saying trust government blindly.
The Bible says Satan's the god of this world.
Yeah, man, he is.
Oh, let's trust the government.
It says so.
No, it doesn't.
No, it doesn't.
Anyway, 1 Corinthians 5 talks about being given over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, and I think that's what the spirit might be saved, and I think that's what we're looking at in America, and then eventually the tribulation period.
So that people would realize the consequences of sin and not end up in the eternal lake of fire.
Good way to end it.
I appreciate the call.
Take care.
I mean, I got one here about where the woman has the baby at the abortuary and they still try to kill it.
I mean, it's just... Now the eugenicists people are saying, let's kill babies, you know.
Let's kill them up to 18 months.
Oh, it's normal.
Let's cram Prozac down the children's throats.
Let's arrest five-year-olds.
Look around you.
Evil is all over the place.
I am fired up.
I could do five more hours.
But the show's over.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Sorry to all the callers that are holding.
Call me back tomorrow.
And back tonight.
God bless you all.