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Air Date: April 18, 2005
2096 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
Jack Blood.
Erskine, it's great to be with you.
Of course, we've got to stop meeting like this.
Now, the funny thing is that it takes two of us to equal one Alex Jones.
And I think even then, we are going to be somewhat challenged.
We're going to come up a little bit short, but what the heck, we're going to give it our best try, and with the excellent audience and callers that Alex has, we're going to do terrific.
There's a lot going on today, isn't there, Jack?
Well, you know, I've got to be honest with you.
I'm sitting here, I was just listening to a neocon on the radio, Laura Ingrate, as I like to call her.
You ever get a chance to check her out, Erskine?
Oh, absolutely right.
I enjoy her more than anything.
You know, it's about like having a root canal.
Yes, and the discussion for about the last two hours was Natalie May.
You know, of course, she's from the Dixie Chicks, and she made the comment that she was ashamed to be from Texas because...
George W. Bush was from Texas, and she wanted her audience in Europe to know that, of course, just because she's from Texas doesn't mean she supports George W. Bush.
Now, being in Texas, Erskine, I can sympathize with that a little bit.
She got in a lot of trouble for that.
Last night she was on Bill Maher on HBO, and the two-hour topic on this neocon show was the left and right treatment of the military.
How did the military feel about Bill Clinton as opposed to George W. Bush?
This was complete with, of course, a number of planted calls from our wonderful military overseas who is protecting us from the Goldstein terrorists.
And we've read a lot of those letters that are on the Internet that are coming from people overseas which also have been planted letters, which is ridiculous.
I've never seen such a controlled news media, especially when you're talking about things like embedded reporters.
That term just grates on me to be embedded reporters.
America is right now in a cocoon.
Thank goodness for GCN.
Thank goodness for the Internet.
That's about it.
It's in a cocoon when it comes to news.
We just are not getting the news in America today.
That's why GCN programming has...
Skyrocketed over the last few years.
Well, Gerskin, if you want any news other than what the Cardinals are doing at the Vatican today or at the Sistine Chapel, then I hope you're tuning into GCN because if you're trying to get your news any other way, you're going to be hearing about the Pope or the next Pope for the next several days.
One of the critical stories that we talked about last week, and I found this to be absolutely critical, is what's happening economically.
We had the stock market down triple digits for the third consecutive day, off 420 points.
Friday it was off 191.24.
Today the Dow is off over 50 points.
And we've got a, GE had a record quarter, oil prices are dropping, and we had a president say, we need to put our social security funds in stocks.
Excuse me, is there a problem with this?
Well, the problem for George W. right now is his approval rating is dropping down through the basement, and a lot of these big agenda plans he has, these are, of course, a second-term president.
He wants to make his legacy.
He's going to remake the economy.
He's going to remake things like Social Security, which, like Wall Street, as you know, Erskine, is a Ponzi scheme.
But that gave a new meaning to TGIF on Friday.
I'll tell you, if we had one more day last week, investors would have really seen the balloon pop.
So we'll have to look and see how that goes today.
But I just don't understand, Erskine, why people haven't woken up to the fact that Wall Street is controlled and the little investor is the one that always gets it in the end.
No pun intended.
Well, they're waking up to it.
That's why they call them brokers.
And they're really waking up to it because a lot of people in the United States have lost their pensions.
Hey, Erskine, we got... If you lost your pensions, you're in trouble.
And we're on to a break.
I know.
We'll be right back.
This is Erskine and Jack Blood saying, hey, come on back.
We've got a lot to talk about today on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
I think.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
This is Erskine sitting in with my buddy Jack Blood on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
And Jack was telling me during the break that there's a lot going on right now.
One of the key issues is what's going on in Rome where the Cardinals are meeting today.
We're going to be looking out very carefully.
White smoke, black smoke.
White, black.
Which one?
Are they electing a new pope and one of the top contenders?
Tell us about one of the top contenders.
It's God's Rottweiler, you said.
Tell us about him, Jack.
Well, yeah, the panzer cardinal, the enforcer, God's Rottweiler, also known as Cardinal Ratzinger.
Before we go into that, I just want to let listeners know, second hour, of course, we have Paul Joseph Watson.
Joining us, so I want people to stay tuned for that.
That will be a great roundtable.
Paul Joseph Watson, Jack Blood, and of course, yours truly, Erskine.
Yeah, Papal Hopeful is a former Hitler youth.
So the wartime past of a leading German contender to succeed John Paul II may return to haunt him as cardinals begin voting in the Sistine Chapel, and it's happening right now.
To choose the leader for one billion Catholics, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, whose strong defense of Catholic orthodoxy has earned him a variety of names, including the enforcer, the panzer cardinal, and God's Rottweiler, is expecting to pull around 40 votes in the first ballot as conservatives rally behind him.
Unknown to many members of the church, however, is Ratzinger's past includes a brief membership in the Hitler Youth Movement and wartime service with the Germany Anti-Aircraft Unit.
You know what this reminds me of a little bit, Erskine?
I can see the pattern developing here, with Pope John Paul II being a former employee...
With IG Farben selling the chemicals that were actually killing people during the Nazi regime.
Right, he was selling Zylon B there for a while.
And if you really want to read a great book, it's out called In God's Name.
It tells what happened to John Paul I. There's also a new video out called Illuminati.
We're good to go.
You've got our entire New World Order just coming right around together again, don't you?
Well, apparently you have to be a Nazi in order to be the Pope.
Now, perhaps, I'm just going to take a shot here, perhaps Arnold Schwarzenegger might be a candidate for Pope someday.
I mean, he was a good Nazi as well.
Well, I don't really know whether that would qualify or not.
One of the things that I've been very concerned about is what's going on economically.
And we have a president who has done one very, very positive thing.
He has united the world.
Unfortunately, united against the United States.
Because of its economic situation and what's been happening with that, the leaders of China announced that Bushonomics,
America is a de facto military threat to the rest of the world and we've got a new war footing that is starting up and new alliances forming all over the entire world.
We're in deep trouble economically inside the country, outside the country.
I would consider this the major threat to America is the economic threat.
Jack, have you heard anything about what's going on with the Minutemen down in Tucson?
Because I know that this is a major, actually, tombstone.
This is a major consideration.
All sorts of stories about the Arizona governor is trying to stop them.
We've got all sorts of stories about how embarrassing this is proving to the administration that is sending INS border guards over to Iraq because we're so short on troops.
And we're leaving that border completely on guard as we have 20 million illegals in the United States, which is certainly affecting us economically.
Any new stories about the Minutemen?
Well, I think in this case, no news is good news.
They've done a great job, I think, bringing attention and publicity to a dire matter, and that is the control of our border and illegal immigration and
Everything that goes along with that.
So we really have to commend the Minutemen for doing that in the face of all opposition.
But Erskine, I'm proud to say, I think it's a good thing that no bad news is coming out of Arizona right now.
In fact, we're going to try to do an update with somebody on the ground there in Arizona, one of the Minutemen in my broadcast following Alex Jones today.
So I'm hoping, it looks like everything's going well and they're extremely well organized.
They know how to play the media.
And I think that that's the thing that's making this succeed.
And they're staying away from any violence, anything, even hints of violence.
They're staying completely away from it.
They're playing it absolutely as clean as possible.
Also, the other interesting story is how they found that the cameras that cost millions of dollars to set up, that they set up years ago, so the border guards could check everything, cameras have never worked.
Another boondoggle.
I mean, they like to let us think that the whole area there around the border, Erskine, is censored and wired and that border control can be there in a second.
What they hesitate to tell us, of course, is that most of these border patrol... And I don't want to say all border patrol agents are bad, but a lot of them are on the take.
A lot of them are, of course, working for the powers that be.
And this is the agenda as we know it.
I think we should thank the people at Ranch Rescue because...
Because of some of the mistakes they made, I believe the minutemen learned from those mistakes and have been able to co-opt this into a much more positive experience.
I've had Jack Foot on, who was with Ranch Rescue, and these people were fighting for their lives, economically and literally fighting for their lives.
Talk about a war on terrorism, where one of the main issues that I'm concerned about is how America is losing the Constitution, how we're becoming a police state, as Alex shows so very well in his videos.
The main issue is we have lost our Constitution in the name of saving us from the terrorist threat.
And people are waving the flag.
They're waving their rights.
And then you look over at the situation of all the illegals coming over.
Wide open border.
Drugs, diseases, everything else coming over, and we're fighting a war on terrorism?
Give me a break.
You know what gets worse than that?
I'm sure you've interviewed or heard about Mary Schneider, the former Homeland Security whistleblower and adjudications officer, who has testified that these sham marriages were put together literally right under the nose and with, I guess, the cooperation of our government.
We're good to go.
If I've done my math correctly.
Well, they even had a report on CBS, who's well-known for its hard-hitting documentaries.
This report was incredible, though, because they were showing how little towns were getting $100 million for next to nothing.
Other places, how they were blowing it.
They even had in Washington, D.C., they were giving money from Homeland Security to sanitation workers to take a Dale Carnegie course.
That was Homeland Security money.
So you're talking about a nation where we've got a debt ratio that at the start of the Bush regime was 78%, now it's 308%, throwing money away.
Now I'm not saying that the Dale Carnegie course is bad, it's a wonderful course, but we shouldn't be using taxpayer dollars to send sanitation workers to a, and I've got nothing against sanitation workers, but not to a Dale Carnegie course.
Now, when you've got a debt ratio of 308%, according to the IMF, if it's over 200%, then you are deconstructed third world nation state.
We are deconstructing, and deconstructing is another word for collapsing.
Look at what's happening to all around America, to our pensions, to everything else.
This is waking up people.
I've had Al Martin on, and Al said,
There are only three things called Wake Up America.
Number one, the beer trucks quit running.
Domino's doesn't deliver.
Those are two of the key things.
And if the NFL goes pay-per-view, what does America care about?
Well, I think we're beginning to understand because you can see it in the listenership going up on Alex's program and all the programs on GCN.
America is starting to wake up.
My goodness, with a death ratio of 308%, their bat rate turned the lights out.
Well, look, I mean, you were talking about Homeland Security money, and they found, as you say, a lot of pork in this.
But the bigger problem with this federal money and assistance to the states is that it amounts to extortion, bribery, and blackmail in many cases.
I mean, if you want to fund your police department on a standard level that you normally would have a few years ago, you've got to take this Homeland Security money and everything that goes with it.
And that's why we're seeing here in Texas these new legislation coming out to track and trace every car, embedded RFID in the inspection stickers on every car here, the toll booths going up.
This is all part of this Homeland Security infrastructure, and I think the states are really at the wrong end of this deal, and they've got to learn to stand up for themselves and say, we're not taking your money under any conditions.
We'll take your money, you give us the money, and we'll do with it what we feel is best for our state and our cities and towns.
We have lost our privacy and we have lost virtually anything that we can do has to become transparent.
Otherwise, you're an enemy of the state.
However, if you get to looking at the state,
Then there are some major problems.
One of the things also that I noticed, I'm really worried about this economic situation.
Corporate pension accounts.
The deficits were $263 billion when Bush came to power.
Today it's $1.5 trillion.
$1.5 trillion.
But Erskine, we're in a war.
We're fighting Al-Qaeda.
We're fighting international war on terror.
We're spreading democracy around the world.
This is very expensive, and I know Americans enjoy paying for this.
I'm sure this is what they thought as they were filing their tax returns last week.
I'm so happy to pay this money to fight this phony war on terrorism.
Infowars.com prison plan.
Jack Blood and Erskine will both be back with you on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
Thank you for listening.
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They've dropped all pretext almost of being a news network.
You want to find out what's really going on, you've got to get a copy of Marshall Law, The Rise of the Police State.
This is the latest Alex Jones video.
Understand, Mr. Jack, blood is in that video.
Is that true?
I have a brief cameo.
That is true.
And this was filmed, of course, on the ground during the Republican National Coronation of George W. Bush last summer.
I was just talking to you on the break about this, Erskine, and it was just amazing to me how, as I was relating to you, I was questioned by Secret Service several times.
One time for sweating, which I know is definitely an act of terrorism.
I'm with Al-Qaeda if I'm sweating.
We're good to go.
I think?
That there was a police state, and that they were going to control our every move, and if we got out of line one little bit, we were going to go to Gitmo on the Hudson.
But the reality was, when you were on the ground, if you really wanted to perform some act of terrorism, if it was really your passion, if you wanted to do that to get your hundred virgins, you could have easily done that in New York.
So, again, it's just a complete fake...
Message being sent to the American people that we should be scared of this police.
You know, there's more of us than them.
That's the bottom line.
There really are, and that's one of the keys, that there are more of us than them.
And between what's happening economically, Mr. Bush's drop in power, the idea of a martial law coming into the United States looks more and more plausible.
Get the video so you'll see what's possibly happening.
Alex documents everything, martial law, rise of the police state.
Also go up to prisonplanet.com, infowars.com, and you know what I think is a good idea?
Hi, John.
Hope you're having a good day, and you've got a question for either Jack, myself, or a statement.
Hello, can you hear me?
I can, John.
Hey, I want to say I used to listen to Alex's show, thanks to a Christian broadcast station in the area here in the panhandle of Florida, but they haven't carried him, so I was just calling in because it's been a long time since I've heard his programming, and I wanted to say hi to Alex.
Oh, good.
Where is he?
Where is he, Jack?
Alex is on assignment.
He is on an investigative report today.
How are you listening to the program, if you haven't heard him for a while?
Well, let me tell you, I've heard both of you guys, thanks to a micro-broadcaster, and spoken to you respectively at different times over the last three years or so.
But right now...
I just took a stab at calling the GCN over the phone, and I've been listening for the better part of the last half hour or so.
What do you think, John, what do you think about the Pope, the Cardinal that's leading in the race to be Pope, being part of Hitler Youth?
Well, that's amazing.
I wasn't aware of that.
I'm glad I've been educated to it.
But, you know, I want to say something about the border issue, if I may.
Yes, John.
Yes, because I'm very concerned.
I did a program on that, and the first caller I got was out of Kentucky.
The next one out of Pennsylvania.
And I asked the guy in Pennsylvania, I said, what do you care?
Because I'm broadcasting out of Arizona about...
What in the heck do you care about the illegal immigration coming across from Mexico?
And he said, man, I worked in meat packing and my job went from $17 an hour to $7 an hour.
That's why he cared.
Erskine, since 1963, I've been an enemy of the state.
When I was in the military and I was an MP and I spoke up
In regards to Posse Comitatus along the border, I was challenged.
I was told, oh, Posse Comitatus can't use the military against civilians.
And I said, wait a minute.
These are people coming in.
They're not citizens.
They're illegals.
What are we doing?
How long ago was that? 1963.
Wow, that long ago.
And in the 1950s, President Eisenhower had what he called Operation Wetback, which you'd never name something that again, sent a million back.
But what do they not understand?
They're not migrant workers.
They're illegal, John.
They had this problem a long time, and people seem to say, oh, you can't use the military against civilians.
Well, baloney.
These are not civilians.
They're not citizens.
You're right.
Thank you, John.
Thanks for the call.
PrisonPlanet.com, Infowars.com.
Go out there for the truth.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Now, how do we get this?
You can go up to Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, or call.
Not everybody's on the web.
Jack was telling me during the break, Jack Blood, that not everybody's on the web.
You're right.
It's 888-253-3139.
888, and that's toll free.
This film is three films in one.
So you're literally buying three key films on three different subjects.
The police state, 9-11, and of course the fake left and right paradigm by getting martial law rise to the police state.
So literally, you should be paying three times more, though you're just getting three times more bang for your buck.
And these films, of course, really wake people up.
Erskine, we used to have movie showings
We're good to go.
These films just bring it right home, and they're facts that you can't argue with.
Let's go to Brock in B.C., up in British Columbia, Canada.
Hello, Brock!
Hello, and I... Where in B.C.
are you calling from, my friend?
Oh, just north of Vancouver, Powell River.
Oh, beautiful area.
Beautiful area.
Now, one of the things that I wanted to mention to you, calling from B.C., is that here you've got the United States who has...
We've thrown away every treaty concerning softwood lumber.
Now, a lot of people in the States don't know what that is, but it's a softwood lumber deal, and this is part of NAFTA, and they have discouraged, they have not paid for it, they are just going against what every court has ruled, and yet your Prime Minister joined Vicente Foxx,
Well, you're right, and it's very offensive that they've blown off every, you know, treaty and that, and
You know, it's just, it's a bullying tactic, and I'm convinced it's run by men so crooked that when they die, they'll have to screw them into the ground.
You got that one right, but I'm looking at that, I'm thinking, Paul Martin, why would he sign such a deal when they've broken the other treaties the United States has?
Free trade has been bad for America, it's been bad for Canada, it's been bad for Mexico, but great for the corporations.
Go ahead with your question, Brock.
I wanted to ask where you think the New World Order is going to take policy in the next few short years from now, and I trust that it's being run by high-level masons and devil worshippers.
And I just wonder where you think they're going to take policy, say, in the next 18 months to two years, and how far along are we?
Well, you're talking about the masons and devil worshippers.
You're not very far off because all you have to do is look at the Alex Jones videos where he went into Bohemian Grove and showed who was doing it.
All you have to do is look at the Gannon affair and what's going on in the White House today with the number of gays in the White House and draw the comparison with that and the Nazis.
And, Jack, where do you think it's going to go?
Jack Blood, where do you think...
It's going to happen.
Hey, I appreciate the call, Brock, and I'm from the Pacific Northwest, so I feel your pain.
But, you know, I believe, you know, this is one of the things that is distracting because we're looking for the next big 9-11.
We're constantly being fear-mongered by the establishment media and by the powers that be that the next big Al-Qaeda attack, the next big 9-11 attack is coming.
It puts a lot of our listeners in fear that martial law and World War III will follow and why those are scenarios we could certainly go into.
But I don't believe they're the primary scenarios.
I believe that it's a Fabian Socialism scenario of incrementalism.
And that's why it's so important to get up and stop all these little bills and little laws and embedded legislation of control and the police state while they happen.
Because they're doing it to us incrementally.
And as you say, why people are...
I think?
I think personally, I think we're being attacked.
The next major attack or the major attack coming is going to be one of the corporate fascism.
I think it's going to be one of economic.
We may have another major occurrence, and I think biological, but I think that's what's happening.
And I also believe that...
Ultimately, it's going to be for spiritual control.
Go ahead, Jack.
Well, let me say this.
Germany's foreign minister, Jacques Fischer, had warned of a possible confrontation between the U.S.
and China.
That's the problem.
And we know that they're using peak oil as one of the prerequisites to get this started.
And this is what the peak oil guys say.
China is going to create war with us over oil.
So you have Germany's foreign minister warning us of this possible confrontation between the U.S.
and China.
That's the problem.
The reaction is a large number of countries also denouncing China's lack of progress on human rights at the Luxembourg meeting.
And the solution, and this comes right from this German foreign minister, the big challenge, he says, according to Jacques Fischer, is to integrate emerging world powers, such as China and India, into the international state system in order to prevent any armed clashes.
That sounds an awful lot like the New World Order to me, Erskine.
It certainly does.
Now, a question for you.
Where does the United States import most of its oil from?
This is extraordinarily interesting.
Is it from Mexico?
Is it from Venezuela?
Is it from Saudi Arabia?
Is it from Iraq?
The majority of its oil comes from Alberta, Canada.
Hey, Brock, did that answer your question?
He's speechless.
I know.
Let's go to Jim in Ohio.
You're on the Alex Jones Radio Program with Jack Blood.
Hi, Jack.
How are you doing?
It wasn't covered very much, but it kind of dovetails into what you've been talking about this morning.
There was an article on the Casper Wyoming Star that I saw on the Internet about that Operation Falcon, where they rounded up the 10,000 criminals nationwide last week.
Well, they had a quote in there from the head of the State National Guard about how successful the operation was.
That link has disappeared this morning.
And I was wondering, too, what you guys thought that this was practice for, for another type of mass roundup.
Oh, it's definitely setting the stage for future roundups, and a lot of people are speculating that many people that were rounded up were on this so-called red and blue list.
These are enemies of the state, seditious Americans, people that criticize the government, or, God forbid, look George W. Bush in the eye.
But ultimately, here's the debate, and here's the argument, because a lot of people...
I think.
I think.
And so now if you owe the state, and this is what people on the West Coast know very well, if you owe the state any money, you become public enemy number one.
And the guy that does the robbery or the rape, he goes out while you stay in jail until you pay off your fines.
Hey, how about that lady, Jack, who they picked up off of the cruise ship because she dropped a candy wrapper a year before in Yellowstone Park?
I mean, if you owe the state anything, they'll go after you if they really want to for any minor offense.
That's what living in California is all about, and I see this happening now all over the United States.
This is a very dangerous precedent, and though we do want criminals off the street, and dangerous and violent criminals off the street, and somehow hopefully even rehabilitated without being slave labor for Wackenhut,
We certainly need to keep our minds open and our eyes open, Erskine, and make sure that these roundups are highly criticized, that they are investigated, that we know exactly everyone who was picked up and why, so that we, the people, can monitor the government.
Well, there was another point to make, too, on Rents' site.
They had an article, I believe it was from the AP, that was saying that they let one million illegal aliens go from the jails.
If you caught up on that one, I've got to find it again.
But pick them up on one hand and drop them off on the other.
Well, if you're an illegal alien, we have a job for you.
You know, there's a lot of jobs that Americans don't want, such as $17 an hour roofing jobs.
These are jobs Americans don't want, according, again, to the powers that be.
You know, I interviewed both
I'm really concerned about these red and blue lists and these roundups.
I'm really concerned that nobody of any authority, of any true authority,
Freedom thinking is monitoring these people.
You got that right.
Thank you for the call, Jim.
Let's go to Dave in Wyoming.
Dave, you're on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
And remember, prisonplanet.com, infowars.com.
Hi, Dave.
Welcome aboard.
I'm wondering, I used to hear you in the afternoon on 9.985 after Alex Jones.
Where did you disappear to?
Well, I went off shortwave for a month or two.
We're coming back on at the end of the month.
What's your call?
What's your number?
You can check jackblood.com for the Listen Live page for the new frequencies.
I've got a question.
You talked about, I think, the current Pope being a member of the
Well, Ratzinger, Cardinal Ratzinger, who's one of the leading candidates to be Pope, he's German, was a member of the Hitler Youth, yeah.
Well, the only thing is, the Nazis and the Germans lost, the Communists won.
I mean, look at the Treaty of Yalta.
We gave Eastern Europe to the Communists, and that's who's running our country today.
Here's the problem that I have.
All our college students and seminary students are being trained to be communists, so what I'm saying is they're so sloppy in their handling with all the things that's coming down and forcing that on us.
You think that there's a possibility that they could be doing this just to get an uprise out of us so they could call UN troops in to quell the disturbance that might rise out of the Patriots, maybe rise enough to resist this?
Well, I mean... To resist what?
The election of the new Pope?
No, to resist the
What the New World Order boys are cramming down our face here in America right now.
I think he's giving us the good cop, bad cop scenario, Erskine, with the United Nations, of course, being the good cop.
That leads us to John Bolton, which we can talk about in a minute.
Well, it also leads to the statement of Henry Kissinger that, in the end, we will be grateful for the United Nations to come in and maintain order in the United States, be begging for it, that he said at the Bilderberg meeting, I believe.
So, yeah, lots and lots of things on that.
Thank you for the call.
Yeah, back to John Bolton.
Here's a guy whose management style is how abrasive.
Tell us about him, Jack.
Well, there's a lot to say about this guy.
He's one of the prime neocons.
He's a member of that organization, GINSA, which all of our top leaders are now members of.
It's a Jewish international affairs policy organization.
He's also a member of the Project for a New American Century.
He's also gone on record to say that we are currently now in World War IV, in this 40 to 50 year war against terrorism.
These are just some of the highlights, of course, with John Bolton.
Now, of course, he's been tapped.
I love that word, tapped.
We're good to go.
I think?
It's now come out through a whistleblower, Melody Townsall, who was stationed in Kyrgyzstan on a USAID project, that during her stay there, she became embroiled in a controversy, which John Bolton was the key player.
And she goes on, she writes this letter to the authorities, and describes an incident where she was basically haunted, beaten, and harassed by John Bolton for trying to bring to light some of the problems with USAID.
And that's specifically that it isn't aiding anybody, it's controlling people!
We're good to go.
Yeah, I mean, this is a guy who makes the Queen of Mean and also makes people like Leona Helmsley look good.
I mean, this guy has a management style that is beyond abrasive.
I mean, it is criminal, and yet they're putting him in as Ambassador to the UN.
You know he's going to be approved.
Well, I know that some phony opposition Democrats are at least going to scream and cry a little bit, maybe even filibuster, but I think it's a foregone conclusion.
You know, Bush has gotten every neocon approval, every war criminal, guys like John Dimitri Negroponte and guys like Comrade Cherkov or Alberto Gonzalez, whoever.
Got him right through.
Look at Paul Wolfowitz, tapped to be head of the World Bank.
No problem, no opposition, and now he controls the purse strings for third world nations all around the country.
Of course, they're going to grab all their resources, as we know, Erskine, according to the document.
Here's Chardoff, who is a dual citizen of the U.S.
and of Israel, and he's in charge of what?
What's he in charge of, Jack?
Oh, he is.
Yeah, he's the head of Homeland Security, taking over for Tom Ridge.
A dual citizen in charge of Homeland Security.
And we're talking, I'm concerned about spies and everything else.
Look, they tried to get...
They tried to get Carrick in there, Bernie Carrick, and then all the skeletons came out of his closet.
He was an employee of Giuliani Partners of New York, and so was Chertoff, also an employee.
Also, one of these guys that helps draft these torture memos.
We want somebody who is a proponent for torture involved in something as huge, a massive bureaucracy like Homeland Security.
He was involved in torture, he is a dual citizen, and yet he got approved with zero, zero votes against him in the Senate.
Now, martial law, the rise of the police state, the number is 888-253-3139.
Buy the film, view the film, show the film.
Be sure and show it.
Not only look at yourself, but invite the neighbors over.
Like Jack was saying, up in Rhode Island, he had a whole community come by and they were watching it and paying to see the video at the theater.
Sold out every single time because people are hungry for the truth.
They're hungry for the truth.
The only show I've seen on TV that halfway gives it is Lou Dobbs.
He does a wonderful job.
Other than that,
You're just not going to fight.
Let's go to Russell in Florida.
Russell, are you there?
Yes, sir.
Thanks for taking my call, Jack.
Pleasure talking to you both.
You're right about Lou Dobbs.
He's one of the only ones out there that even remotely...
He brings the truth about Minuteman and the pre-trade era.
Have you noticed Lou lately, Russell?
He looks like he's getting a little frustrated with things.
Doesn't he?
He looks like he's getting... It's like, you know, I'm here and I'm really getting frustrated that I'm the only one.
He looks like he's aged some to me.
Maybe because he's fighting, you know, a huge mass of lies every day.
But, yeah, he does look frustrated.
And, you know, you've got to wonder if it's really genuine or not.
I think it is.
Hold on, Russell, because when we come back, you'll be able to have any comments that you want to make or questions for myself, Erskine, or Jack Blood.
Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Hey, and remember, get your T-shirts.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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Reminding you that on prisonplanet.com and especially on infowars.com, there's a new report up there about the Minutemen, so you can be absolutely 100% up to date.
And coming up next, our Paul Joseph Watson, author of Order Out of Chaos.
We're talking with Russell in Florida.
Russell, you have a comment or a question that you wanted to make?
Yeah, I do.
I travel frequently around the country.
I go to New York quite a bit.
But for the first time in my life, I just got back from Europe.
I was in Spain and I was in London.
And I got to tell you guys, it seems like they in Europe live more free than we do here in America now.
Jack witnessed it firsthand, the police state in New York City during the Republican Convention.
And I go up to New York a lot.
And just the attitude of the police and the amount of police in comparison to where I was in Europe.
It seems like not only has it become a huge business here, but it's become... I just think that they're targeting the United States, which definitely the New World Order is targeting the United States, but it just seems like we're being targeted.
We've got to catch up to Europe.
Look, I've been to Europe many times.
The fact is they have more cameras watching you than anywhere on earth, and they've replaced the rights of the people with privileges.
I understand what you're saying, but I've also talked to a number of people.
Who are saying that even in Russia and China, I've talked to people who are former CIA people, they're saying that they're having more freedom of speech, more freedom of the press than they have in the U.S.
Look what happened there with Putin.
I mean, they are just tightening us down.
It's like the frog in the pot.
They just keep turning up the heat.
Russell, thank you, my friend, for the call.
Let's go immediately to Bill in Florida.
Bill, you've got a comment.
I'd like to comment.
Hello, a little bit on the anti-Catholic bigotry I heard there.
I know that Alex Jones would never come out with stories unverified, for instance, for example, that John Paul II was involved in manufacturing, or, yeah, Zyklon B to gas the Jews.
That was the implication of what the...
No, no, no.
What Jack was saying was that what he said was... We certainly don't speak for Alex Jones, and I don't know if... I think we're speaking to adults here for the most part, and I don't know if we have to put a disclaimer on this.
I mean, this is information, and you're free to check out the information for yourself.
Verified that he did not work as a slave, if that's what you're talking about.
Are you saying that everybody who worked in slave labor camps intentionally does things as, you know, as this?
My impression is that if that is true, then he had no idea what those Cyclone B was for, but to insinuate that he had full knowledge that there was
The gas fuse is just ridiculous.
Okay, now wait a second.
We're not insinuating.
The fact of the matter is, for a very short time, he was a salesman for IG Farben.
Carol, I forgot his last name, was a salesman for IG Farben that sold the Zyklon B. That's the story.
That's true.
It can be checked out.
Did he sell Zyklon B?
I don't know.
That's what I've heard.
How about you, Jack?
No, no, what we should say is that the Pope ended communism, and he was a great world leader, and led, I think, with faith, a billion Catholics.
Well, if
I heard you say one time, Jack, that you were a Catholic, maybe the last Catholic, I'm not sure.
That's true.
There are a lot of people out there that support, you know, the distribution of Alex's tapes and DVDs.
I myself have ordered a lot of Catholics that help to distribute them.
You know, I mean, to insinuate that the Catholic Church, or, sorry, the, which, I mean, the Pope has been one world leader that stood for life, from the womb to the tomb.
Bill, we're going to have to go.
Take a break right now.
But I certainly appreciate the call and appreciate what you had to say.
And you're absolutely right.
Religion is something that maybe we should stay away from.
I think it's a good idea, too.
But we'll be right back.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Jack Blood here with you, along with me, the one and only Erskine, both of us on Genesis Communications Radio Network.
So glad you could join us for the Alex Jones program today.
Alex is on assignment, and we'll be back tomorrow.
Great show lined up for you today, folks.
Paul Joseph Watson here joining us in the second hour.
And for the remainder of the program, of course, we're taking your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
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And just really proud to be on Genesis with a guy like Erskine.
Erskine, it's a pleasure to be working with you, sir.
It's wonderful to be working with you, Jack.
And I'm telling you, it's wonderful to be on Alex Jones' show.
I always get so many letters when I'm on there.
My website, by the way, is Erskine, E-R-S-K-I-N-E, on radio.com.
Jack's is jackblood.com.
And, of course, Alex, you want to go to infowars.com or prisonplanet.com.
I understand there's a terrific report on the Minutemen up
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, I have to remind you, it's Patriots Day today, and tomorrow is a really big day.
Of course, it's the 10th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, the 12th anniversary of the Waco bombing, of course, the anniversary of, speaking of the Nazis, the Nazis moving into Warsaw, Poland, and burning, literally burning the ghettos in Warsaw, Poland.
I think a lot of correlations to Waco as the people of Poland were arming themselves against the Nazis.
So we have a big day coming up tomorrow, and maybe sometime during the broadcast today we'll talk a little bit about Oklahoma City.
I saw a fair and balanced report on Fox News last night about the unanswered questions of Oklahoma City.
Of course, they didn't ask any of the unanswered questions.
And I see something very dangerous happening, especially with Oklahoma City now, Erskine.
I'd like to get your comment on that before we go back to calls.
And that is, particularly, the John Doe No.
2 theory.
Now, they've written that off as being an innocent bystander.
But I'm seeing more and more today that they're putting up links between the, quote, white supremacists or separatists here in the United States and Al-Qaeda and the Muslims.
Reported on Fox News last night there was a direct connection with both Nichols and McVeigh and the guys that blew up the World Trade Center in 1993.
I guess that would be the FBI, Erskine.
Well, I mean, I never saw anything so quick as the rush to execute Mr. McVeigh.
But when you're looking at the situation, I think we've got Lee Harvey McVeigh.
I think that's the best way to describe it.
We've got people who saw them putting bombs into the building the day before.
We've got Jenna, who's the reporter over there, who tells a really amazing story.
You've also got the story of the IRS agents who just didn't show up that day, the federal employees who were late showing up or didn't show up.
I mean, there are certain points where you can say, this is a coincidence, this is a coincidence, but if you connect all those dots, there certainly is a lot more to that story than we've heard.
Well, my point specifically, though, and there are a lot of questions, and I'm going to be getting into this thoroughly all week on our program here on Genesis, Deadline Live, again following Alex Jones.
But the thing that I think is most alarming is that as they kind of brushed aside the Muslim presence during the Oklahoma City bombing, now they are all too willing to embrace it as we are on this global manhunt for Islamic terrorists.
So this is all too convenient now, Erskine.
Have you had Charlie Key on?
He is excellent on Oklahoma City.
He wrote what's called the Final Report, which is a massive, massive document.
Remember, 888-253-3139 to get your t-shirts, to get Marshall Law's Rise of the Police State.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back to the program.
I'm Alex Jones.
Fighting the New World Order!
No, you're not.
You're Jack Blood.
You aren't Alex Jones.
That wasn't even a good Alex Jones.
But I can certainly appreciate what you're doing, Jack.
Jack Blood and Erskine sitting in for Alex Jones.
And this is your hour, Jack, because we're going to have Paul Joseph Watson joining us.
So go ahead.
We got a caller, Jack?
Yeah, I'm going to take Fred and Philly, who's been holding patiently, and I'm going to go right to Paul Joseph Watson and get the news from PrisonPlanet.com.
Let's go to Fred and Philly.
Thank you for patiently holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hi, Jack.
It's been a while.
I want to recommend a magazine called Global Outlook.
I know Power Hour, Joyce Riley uses them a lot and other people.
Alex Jones has written for it.
Have you heard of Global Outlook by any chance?
That's a new one on me, Erskine.
New one on me, too.
They're Canadian and they're uncowled, if you know what I'm saying.
Well, they're good.
They're very bold.
They back up almost all the things that Alex has been saying in detail.
And they're from Canada, so they don't... Well, let me put it this way.
They don't have most of the screws able to be turned on them because they are from Canada.
The other thing that I'm calling about is the fact that we have a big naval presence moving towards Iran.
Or maybe already positioned off Iran.
And the way I'm looking at this situation over there, I think that you're going to have a fait accompli on the confrontation with Iran.
And I think that it is coming because we have already stated that we won't accept... We may not be stating that right now, but we have stated, and it is a part of policy, that we will not accept a nuclear-armed Iran.
And they have said that they...
We do intend to be adequately armed and develop nuclear energy to the point of possibly
Being able to have nuclear weapons.
Now listen, we moved our naval fleet from off the coast of North Korea, that certainly does have arms, and off the coast of China, that has threatened to take over Taiwan.
So we move it down to Iran, who says we may get nuclear arms.
Well, what the deal is, Iran is coming in with a new oil market,
And they are going to base oil on the denier versus the U.S.
So here we go again.
We're going to Iran when we've got countries like North Korea sitting up there threatening us directly.
You've got China threatening Taiwan directly.
So we move our forces all the way down to Iran who isn't threatening anybody right now.
Another case of weapons of mass deception.
You said it, Erskine.
I find it interesting that Thomas Barnett, who is the author of the Pentagon's new map, works directly for the Pentagon, Navy War College, says we should give nukes to Iran and we should just let China go ahead and get Taiwan.
Though we know now that they're practicing war games specifically to go into Iran, that being the United States and Israel.
As we speak, and we're looking at potentially a June invasion, if things don't go their way.
I heard around June 20th to 30th.
I want to say one thing else about Charles Keyes.
The former congressman on Power Hour, he said he wanted someone to step up in the audience and be let's say a central point person for FOIA requests because what's happening is that there's been a blanket on fulfilling FOIA requests and I think and he thinks that it would be good to have a non-partisan person at least letting other people know
What is being requested?
I don't know anything on the Internet that is pulling together all the FOIA requests and letting everyone know because it's a constitutional and statutory right and it doesn't really matter what part of the spectrum you are.
I think that if someone... I would be willing to be a member of, let's say, a group that did that and I think that if we don't do that, I think we're going to be divided and conquered
On the policy of flattening this FOIA Act.
What do you think?
Well, thanks for the call, Fred, first of all, and that's a good point.
You know, Erskine, I saw President Bush take this question directly as he was doing a press conference on Friday, and he passed the buck.
Do you know that there's a famous plaque on Harry Truman's desk?
The buck stops here, right?
Well, Bush... And Mr. Clinton had never got there.
Well, and Bush and his father have the plaque on their desk saying the buck gets passed here.
So that's generally how they handle things like information on FOIA requests.
Major, major issue.
I'm telling you, the presidency, the government is becoming less and less and less open, whereas we are becoming more and more and more transparent as we lose all of our privacy.
But it's the way of the new world order.
Don't vote on this.
Take all these people at the World Trade Organization, NAFTA, CAFTA, all these people are going to all these meetings.
Who voted for them?
Did Congress?
No, nobody voted for these people.
Nobody's really voting on what they're doing.
And so it's less and less and less power for the people, more and more concentrated central power for the government.
And I thought being a conservative, as I considered myself, meant smaller government.
And look at what we've got, Jack.
Well, Fred had brought up finding someone non-partisan to head this committee to grant FOIA requests.
I'd like to know the definition of non-partisan, and according to my definition, I don't know where they're going to find the guy unless it's me or you or one of our listeners.
Let's go to Paul Joseph Watson.
We're joined by Paul Joseph Watson.
He is, of course, the...
Good to be on the air today, Jack.
We were talking about a lot of issues, Erskine and I and the listeners today, and I think one of the more important ones is what is happening now with Iran.
I wondered if you'd like to comment on the last call.
Well, yeah, there's actually an article we've got on prisonplanet.com today, which for many, the source of which is in some doubt is DEBCA, which many see as an Israeli intelligence agency front.
But it's Pakistan gets F-16s in exchange for US bases to attack Iran.
So make of that what you will.
But as your previous caller mentioned, the June date was a hot-button point for when they wanted to go in there.
I think it was Scott Ritter that came out and said that was then, at that point, they would not only go into Iran, but the pretext would be to reinstate the draft.
I don't see it happening that soon.
I mean, what would come towards the end of April now
Without some major kind of event, and the only major event which I see on the horizon,
Is this global flu pandemic, which will be very difficult to blame on Iranian-linked terrorists, seeing as it's already been admitted that it was sent out by mistake from US labs.
So I think with Iran, you're looking towards mid-2006 to when they go in there.
And obviously, the need for the draft will be there because we are tied down in Iraq.
When I say we, the
Well, the fact of the matter is that George W. Bush wanted the draft board ready to have the draft for 75 days at the end of last month.
So 75 days counting off.
They're ready to go any time after that.
You know, I wonder, Paul, if you've seen this new video, this new TV commercial coming out by the, I guess the equivalent of the Iranian National Congress out of Bethesda, Maryland, of all places.
The Atomic 9-11.
This is going to be airing on TV stations all over the country, including here in Texas, which warns us of the coming mushroom cloud nuclear attack if we don't do something about Iran.
Now, that sounds very familiar.
That's the same message we got from Iraq, which
I don't think it'll sell again, Jack.
I really don't think it'll sell again.
I think people honestly, at least half the people in this country, know that we were sold a bill of weapons of mass deception, and I don't think it's going to sell again.
Number one, we can't afford it.
This war has cost us $200 billion.
How many lives?
How many people injured?
I don't think America has the stomach to go into Iran and invade another country for oil and Halliburton.
Paul, are we susceptible to another Ahmad Chalabi with this Iran Freedom Foundation out of Bethesda, Maryland?
Well, there's no doubt that the neocons will believe that we are, because obviously they're proponents of the Straussian philosophy of the noble lie, the old Hitler creed that the bigger the lie, the more likely people are to believe it.
And so, as with Iraq, people now know that the intelligence was based on the depositions of...
People like Curveball, the drunken alcoholic source for many of the weapons of mass destruction information.
So there's no doubt that they'll try exactly the same process again.
They'll use the same template, and whether the American people will buy it remains to be seen.
Erskine, my friend, I think you underestimate the dumbed-down capabilities of the American people.
I hope I didn't, but as Barnum said, nobody ever went broke underestimating the American public.
But still, I want to believe in my heart of hearts that they aren't going to fall for it again.
Once bitten, twice shy.
They've got to be aware of what's going on.
That they lied to us about weapons of mass destruction.
They lied to us about everything going on in Iraq.
And their only response is, didn't you think that Saddam was a bad person?
Yes, he was a bad person.
We're not going to get rid of every bad person around the world.
If we did, we'd better start house cleaning at home.
We're good to go.
The war on terrorism.
Will it be fought overseas or will it affect us here at home?
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Thanks again for joining us, folks, the Alex Jones Show.
Alex is on assignment.
Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones with my friend Erskine from Erskine Overnight, and we're joined by Paul Joseph Watson, the webmaster for PrisonPlanet.com.
Great book, by the way, Paul, Order Out of Chaos, one of my favorites.
We're going to go to the calls here in a minute.
Do not fret.
We will get to your call in a timely manner.
I wanted to get an update, Paul, if you could, on the Secret Service visiting that art show in Columbia and the implications of that.
If you could detail that for the listeners and let's take for granted that a lot of people maybe didn't hear the story.
Columbia College, this came out Thursday, I believe.
And the artwork featured fake postage stamps with pictures of Bush's head on them with a gun aimed towards Bush's head, among other things.
And the Secret Service turned up and asked for the addresses and phone numbers of the people involved in the art exhibit in their zeal to protect America.
And what was interesting to me was the media reaction after the event.
There's a Chicago Sun-Times article out today, which is the first paper that reported the story.
Which legitimises the whole thing and says that basically in a post-9-11 world it's the Secret Service's job to investigate these kind of things, which also include, as we've featured in the past, things like neighbours calling the police on a guy flying the American flag upside down in his backyard.
A 12-year-old kid, you know, writes a research paper on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
The Joint Terrorism Task Force show up.
Students in Oakland, there's a class discussion.
A couple of the students disagree with Bush's policies.
They get interrogated by the Secret Service.
People get arrested in shopping malls for wearing peace T-shirts.
And I actually talked to someone who was also visited by the Joint Terrorism Task Force because
His neighbours actually called them because he and his wife were staying up past 2am on most nights and they actually showed up at his front door and started asking questions so staying up late is now a potential form of terrorism.
The point to mention is that in reality all the real threats not just to the security of the country but the economy and everything else are purposefully ignored by both the government and the media.
Now we have this new report out today.
Airport security is no better since September 11th.
And of course, the media don't point out that fondling pregnant women...
You know, making eight-year-old men take off their shoes and putting Ted Kennedy on a no-fly list contributes to that lack of proper security.
They tell us that we're going to have to accept more of that kind of thing to make us secure.
Well, Paul, where is the wonderful ACLU in this deal with Columbia and the art exhibition?
Well, they're nowhere to be seen.
Because, same with the Terry Jarvis situation, if you have somebody on death row undergoing that kind of treatment, you know, a war crime banned by the Geneva Convention, then they'd be involved in the case.
But because it's a pro-life issue, they're nowhere to be seen.
Paul, this seems to me that this is not a war on terrorism.
It's a war against the American people.
Well, that's exactly the point, because while we're submitting to all this in the airports and elsewhere, in North Carolina we have this story where dozens of illegal aliens are given these high-tech secure aircraft mechanics jobs.
The situation down on the Arizona border...
The first phase of the Minutemen project, no illegal aliens get through the area being watched by the Minutemen group.
And, you know, what does the media do?
Does the media congratulate them on their success, encourage the government to fund more grassroots schemes like this?
No, you know, they go and dig out the three top spokesmen of the racist Mexican La Raza affiliate groups to demonize a bunch of people with lawn chairs and binoculars.
Let's also look at what they're doing with the American people.
We're going to have to have biometric passports to go anywhere out of the country to Canada, Mexico, and you can bring back maybe three months' worth of drugs from there for prescription drugs.
That's about it.
You're going to have a national ID card, which a lot of Christians think is the mark of the beast, and I'm not going to disagree with them on that one bit.
The national ID card with the biometrics, with all of your personal information.
It has your financial information, your health information.
We have no privacy anymore.
We have no freedom anymore in this brave new world.
They have indeed created their own order out of chaos.
Well, and the point to make with the ID cards, as you mentioned, was, you know, why do they want to know this?
Why do they want to know where you've been?
You know, your magazine subscriptions, your financial records, everything.
It's not just making sure that the surfs know who their master is.
We've got to go to break, Paul.
We'll pick you up on the other side of this break.
Folks, stay tuned.
The Alex Jones Program will be right back after these messages.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
There is a war on for your minds.
Your very minds, your very consciousness is at stake.
And the freedom of you, your family, your friends, your co-workers.
That's what we're talking about here on today's program, the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones.
My program, Deadline Live, airs on this very network, Genesis Communications, right after the Alex Jones Show, 2 to 4, Monday through Friday, Central Time.
And Erskine is also with us.
Erskine's program is every Saturday night, midnight Eastern Time, and you're not going to want to miss that.
We're also joined by Paul Joseph Watson from PrisonPlanet.com, PropagandaMatrix.com,
We're going to go to your calls here in just a minute.
Erskine, you wanted me to ask Paul to further elaborate on the new developments in biometrics and, of course, the control mechanisms.
Yes, I did, Jack.
And I also wanted to make mention that for our Canadian listeners, our toll-free number, 800-259-9231, is good for you.
Because a lot of people wonder about that.
It's good throughout all of North America because the Alex Jones Show and most of the programming on GCN.com
Thank you and support the advertisers.
We're good to go.
I think?
What's going on with this?
It certainly is a fact where we have zero privacy anymore.
Isn't that true, Paul?
And what do you have to say about that, Paul?
Well, here's the thing.
Here's the agenda behind the ID cards.
Or just the very notion of having to present some form of identification to a designated authority figure.
And, you know, this could apply to airport security, drunk driving checkpoints, seatbelt checkpoints, whatever.
The process of showing your identification is not primarily so the authority figure knows who you are.
That's obviously part of what it's about.
But moreover, it's to ensure that your behavioral tendencies show a willing obedience to authority.
And here's the example.
If airport security asks you to show extra identification and you respond in a simpering, inferior manner by saying that you forgot to bring any, then more likely than not they will let you through.
Over and above, if you refuse to show identity because you believe it's a violation of your God-given rights.
So the benchmark isn't whether or not you show identity, it's whether or not you display obedience to authority.
That's one aspect.
You hit the nail on the head there, Paul.
And just like the cards we get at the grocery store where you become a preferred customer and you get all of the discounts and they share your data with anybody who wants to pay for it, we have the same problem with these biometrics.
And I think a lot of people don't know if they haven't been to Boston Logan Airport or
As you mentioned with the things like the store loyalty cards,
Well, yeah.
The other side of it is the commercial aspect.
With the advent of RFID technology and its applications in the commercial sector, we're entering what is basically a minority report experience, for those who have seen the film, whereby the RFID chip in your national ID card and eventually the one implanted in your arm
I think so.
They have this directed audio beam technology which can transmit directly into your inner ear the sales pitch for things like the Coke machine.
They already have the Coke vending machines in Tokyo which do that.
And then there's the criminal application where the transponder tags on your cars, which will become mandatory as they're trying to do in Texas with a bill they're trying to pass, will be scanned for any minor insurance or unpaid ticket violation.
We've got an article on prisonplanet.com today which talks about the Eurocopter, which is a police helicopter in the UK that can scan five cars a second.
And in the US, we had the articles a couple of weeks ago about the boot finder system, which is already being used to target people for overdue library books.
Well, then they had the thing, Paul, about the rental car company that was fining people for speeding.
That's exactly what they do.
And, you know, there was a day where you could drive on the Autobahn in Germany as fast as you wanted to, and, you know, that was a wonderful thing.
I'm sure they had some accidents, and, yeah, I'm sure they had some drunk drivers.
Now they rigorously enforce the speed limit there, and they have cameras all along the Autobahn to get your picture, get your license plate picture, and send you a little notice in the mail, much like they do here with the stoplight cameras.
You've been busted.
You were caught speeding.
Yeah, and they've just passed the bill in Germany for mandatory GPS trackers on all vehicles, which was in the news last week.
And yet, a lot of people go back to sleep because they tell us now that the Matrix database system has been shut down.
A program, by the way, set up for the US government by an accused cocaine smuggler.
When in actual fact, a lot of these programs, like Total Information Awareness, just go dark, just go underground and get their funding through the black budget and things like industry donations.
So it's just another tentacle of the Leviathan.
Yeah, I think that people will take this a lot more seriously when they get a note from their insurance company that they've been buying cigarettes at the local shopping mall or shopping store, and therefore their insurance will go up 50%.
I mean, that's just one way to, of course, line their pockets, but the issues I think we're all concerned about are the control mechanisms being set into place.
This is a high-tech society, and though we have always had certain control mechanisms and measures, what really gets scary is the high-tech end of this, which has now come in for the 20th and 21st century, Paul.
You know, if Adolf Hitler had these methods, he had the biometrics, he had the new mapping of the genes, he would have been absolutely in heaven.
One question for you, Paul Joseph Watson.
Your book, Order Out of Chaos, in order to maintain an order, in order to bring this in, they had to create a chaotic situation.
That is the essence of your book, but you go into such great detail and you have it so well documented from the mainstream.
Are we being set up right now?
Are they starting to lose to where they're going to have to create another chaotic situation in your mind?
Well, yes, that's exactly what's over the horizon.
You were talking about Oklahoma City earlier, which was the second stage.
Give me a time frame on this, Paul, if you've got a time frame that they should have another major event happen by such and such and so and so.
Get a little crystal ball gazing out, because...
I know the way you have studied it, the way you have written about this, you have your finger on the pulse as to how these people are thinking and how they're acting.
And when you read that book, Order Out of Chaos, you understand why a lot of these things are occurring that seem to be random.
Well, there is no doubt that they wanted an attack on the magnitude of 9-11, on the scale of 9-11, within the immediate year after 9-11.
Major reason why they backed off from doing it is the fact that everybody was blowing the whistle on how 9-11 was an inside job.
And that's not just a cliche to say.
There is no doubt that we have backed them off to a certain extent on carrying out another attack.
First World Trade Center bombing, Oklahoma City bombing and 9-11 were a three-pronged attack on the American people, but it was only the first phase.
We're good to go.
I think?
That they could control it.
That outright chaos whereby they would lose control of the consequences would not happen.
I'm thinking the next one has to be biological.
Is that in accordance with what you're thinking?
Yeah, and they may even shift away from the whole terrorist route, because then they can say that they protected us from the terrorists, there was no attack after 9-11, but now this new evil will emerge, which could come from the flu pandemic.
We have the 1918 deadly Spanish flu virus.
Being played around with by US scientists at less than the maximum level of security according to New Scientist magazine.
Now we have this other flu virus being sent out from labs by pure mistake.
You know, we can really trust that it was a mistake and nobody was involved in the purposeful sending out of this virus to create panic and an eventual excuse to blame the pandemic on.
So it seems to me they'll shift away from the terrorist aspect, the terrorist paradigm and
It will be either man-made or, well, I mean like natural disasters.
They could actually fake a bioterrorist attack, show a couple of people on TV dying a horrible death, and of course people will line right up into the quarantine camps and into the vaccination camps.
You know, I interviewed Oliver North and I asked him about anthrax and anthrax vaccinations in the war in Iraq, and he went on with great glee to tell me how they would show these films to the troops
There's no possibility whatsoever, and the point that I've made before...
Is that if there were all these terrorists running around our back garden, as we are led to believe, here in Britain there have been 500 arrests on the grounds of terrorism, only two were ever charged, and that was with immigration fraud, yet the immediate swoop of the arrest is on the front page of the newspaper, the clarification that there was no actual evidence for the arrest and no plot, as with the ricin attack which recently came out, is in the back of the newspaper.
So, things like the bio attack would be prepared.
We've had all these drills in Boston and other places whereby you have men in black ski masks, bio suits, barking orders to people.
Here in Britain, they've sent out pamphlets to every home in the country telling people exactly where to go in the event of attack.
They've set up west and relocation camps.
Yeah, Paul, you know, they laid this all out last season on 24.
Weren't you watching that?
Well, you know, MK Delta and Plum Island are still up and running, and they certainly have a plan.
They are still developing, and as Paul said, very, very cogent.
The 1918 Spanish flu that killed millions of people is still being shopped around to at least six different institutions, and when you're looking at this situation,
Is that right, Paul?
Well, yeah, that's right.
The Spanish flu, they had it at biosecurity level 4, which means people dealing with it have full biosuits, and then they downgraded it to a level 3, where people wear no protective headgear and they're walking in and out of the facility at their own volition without even being checked, so...
There is an eventual agenda for depopulation.
They beta tested it with the AIDS virus, which was in the congressional record.
They wanted to create a virus with no known cure.
They introduced that into the gay population of San Francisco.
That was a beta test for it.
So there's no... We've heard...
We've heard Ted Turner come out and say that the best ideal situation for the planet is about a quarter of a billion in population.
Of course, Prince Philip has come out and said the same thing.
He wants to come back as a particularly deadly virus when he's reincarnated.
Let's just take, for example, let's just go ahead and be hypothetical here and say these vaccines work, they're going to save us.
Then let's ask the question, why have there never been more than a quarter of a billion, conveniently enough, vaccines in the world at any time?
Because they can only save a quarter of a billion of us, Paul?
Well, that's probably the case.
What I don't buy is what they're counting on, which is when they release either this flu pandemic or this smallpox attack, that people won't completely freak out and head for the hills, because that's the natural human instinct, the survival instinct to do so.
And I believe a vast majority, more on which they're counting on, would refuse to follow the orders to go to the rest and relocation camps, would refuse a mandatory vaccine, so...
I think they've underestimated the reaction of people in the event of that happening.
All people heading for the hills will be insurgents.
Look what they did with the flu last year.
They said, hey, you've got to have that flu vaccine or you're going to die.
And you had old people standing in line.
Some of them dropping over like flies because they had to wait for four hours.
Others were taking planes, boats, any way they could get to Canada to get the flu vaccine because they thought they were going to die.
And then they said, oops, we miscounted.
It's a different flu.
We're good to go.
Well, they've admitted that.
There was an article in the Scotsman with the headline, Dirty bomb victims will be shot, whereby if you leave the quarantined area, you will be shot.
Whereas these terrorist drills in Boston and New Jersey...
I think it was 99% of the role players in the exercise left the so-called contaminated area.
So that would have spread the disease, which is maybe their aim in the first place.
So that's interesting to see the...
I think we're good to go.
And again, I want to let people know that everything we're covering today, a good majority of it, I think it would be safe to say, is covered in the new Alex Jones video documentary.
It is just fantastic.
Three films in one, three hours.
Martial Law, Rise of the Police State.
This film, again, is just waking people up like crazy.
This is the best bar excellence documentary film that Alex Jones has done.
And I think it's one of the best out there today.
He's authorized you to make copies to get those out for educational purposes.
And, you know, folks, maybe you don't have all the information.
Maybe you're not as articulate as an Alex Jones or a Paul Joseph Watson or an Erskine.
And let the video do the talking for you.
Order them now at InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, 888-253-3139, 888-253-3139.
Get that video.
And, of course, you can see what I look like because I'm in the video.
Also, Paul, that's posted at PrisonPlanet.tv.
That's right, yeah.
You can get a subscription for 15 cents a day if you subscribe for a year.
And I concur with you.
I think it's the best film yet.
You've got Alex talking about all this not sat in a studio, but he's actually there and it's all unfolding in front of him.
So that as a wake-up tool in itself is the most successful aspect of it.
Prison Planet TV, 15 cents a day, folks.
You're paying $60 a month for cable, $100 to go out to a movie.
This is something to edify the soul, edify your mind, and to set you and other fellow Americans free.
Get the video now.
Marshall Law, Rise of the Police State.
Alex Jones.
We'll be right back after these messages.
Go right to your call.
Stay tuned.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
I think?
Alex Jones Show, folks!
April 18, 2005.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones.
Erskine from Erskine Overnight joins us, and we're also with Paul Joseph Watson today, talking about a myriad of issues.
Anything that's on your mind today, give us a call, and we'd love to hear from the American people.
Several people patiently holding 1-800-259-9231.
Guys, let's go to these calls.
I've been patiently holding.
Bill in Wisconsin, you're on the air with Paul Joseph Watson and Erskine.
Okay, thank you Jack Erskine and Paul Joseph Watson, whom I've heard many times, and Alex Jones, and I really appreciate a lot of what you have to say.
My comments concern Bill of Florida.
Okay, so this is Bill in Wisconsin talking to Bill of Florida.
Are we being double billed?
I guess.
Yeah, I guess that's what you say.
And I want to tell Bill that I've been a Catholic my entire life.
And perhaps he hasn't looked into the problems that have taken place within the church since the Second Vatican Council.
In other words, Bill, I would tell you you've got, and there's plenty of what are called the traditional Catholic or Catholic websites online.
That bring out information concerning the infiltration of our church by either, you know, Masons, Murano Jews, or also what Pius X, Pope St.
Pius X, called modernists.
And he wrote an encyclical on this.
Now, when you realize that we have been infiltrated, just like all the other governments of the world,
We're good to go.
It sounds to me, Bill, like you agree with Hutton Gibson on some of your opinions on the Catholic Church, and he's done a lot of research and can back up everything that he's saying.
You know, it's very disturbing, because when you get reports that, you know, all of this New World Order, cult of the eye, pyramid in the eye, Freemasonic symbolism within the Vatican and within the Pope's own apartment, I mean, it just walks like a duck and it talks like a duck.
Well, the London Times article about this potential new pope being part of the Hitler Youth
Is somewhat biased in the sense that it makes out that at every level he tried to get out of it, which is probably not actually true, and that he was witness to some of the Jews being taken to concentration camps, guarding some of the German facilities.
With the Pope that's just passed away, we had a balanced reaction as to whether he was...
You know, pro or anti New World Order.
Certainly he was pro-EU.
He called for the EU Constitution, backed it.
He actually called for a New World Order in, I believe it was 2003.
There is some contention as to whether he attended a Bilderberg meeting, I believe it was the Portuguese meeting in 1999.
But on the flip side, his rhetoric on the pro-life issues has always been good.
You know, Pope condemns mercy killings of elderly.
Pope condemns unethical science cloning.
Let me say something about that, please.
You've got to wrap it up real quick, Bill.
We're going to another break here.
Well, you know...
Okay, he is doing so from the viewpoint of preserving human dignity.
It's from humanism.
It's not a Catholic viewpoint that we are... It's politically correct if you're a Catholic.
Third hour of the Alex Jones Show coming up.
Stay tuned.
We'll go right to your calls after this break.
Big Brother.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're Alex Jones along with my friend Jack Blood.
And good morning to all of our listeners on the West Coast.
Good afternoon to the listeners throughout the rest of the country.
Two websites you want to go to, prisonplanet.com, infowars.com.
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Make people proud.
Stand up and say who you are.
You need to get a copy of Martial Law, Rise of the Police Day.
It tells you what's really going on.
And Jack, we were talking with Paul Joseph Watson.
We were talking with Bill from Wisconsin about what was going on within the Vatican.
And Bill, by the way, Erskine Overnight is heard on WTDY in Madison.
I believe it's starting at midnight.
WTDY is a huge station there out of Madison, and thank you for carrying us.
And you can listen to that every Saturday night, Saturday night into Sunday morning.
But what happened at the Vatican, I just watched a video called Illuminati, which is, by the way, the person who does the talking on the video is John Steed, or Patrick McNee, who was on the Avengers with Emma Peel.
Gee, I love that program.
But Cardinal Velo,
was the person who was the Illuminati hitman inside the Vatican who apparently took out Pope John Paul I after 33 days when he found out what was going on.
So there's a lot of intrigue that was going on concerning the John Paul I who was apparently a very good man who was trying to root out the Illuminati which had taken over the KGB and also was moving in on the...
So if you're looking at that, it's certainly very intriguing to see the tentacles of this old, old, old organization, the Illuminati.
Paul, are they still around?
I mean, is this show factual?
Is the Illuminati still in back of this?
Or, you know, because you hear all this and people say, well, you're a conspiracy nut, there's no Illuminati or anything like that.
What do you think, Paul?
Well, yeah, obviously it's still around.
And, you know, they're different tentacles of the spider's web.
It's the offshoot organisations of the original German Illuminati, like Skull and Bones and the Vatican.
We were talking about it before the break.
There is no doubt that the Vatican was involved in Operation Gladio, which was a CIA-run strategy of tension, they called it, to carry out terrorist bombings in European countries, France, Spain and Italy primarily.
To blame it on the then left wing opposition so they could bolster the emergence of the right wing governments in those countries.
And the actual documents which are on the National Security Archive website show that there were direct Vatican links to that operation which killed dozens and dozens of people.
Well, if you don't think this Illuminati is real, and you don't think that these people are worshipping the dark forces, you've got to look at the work that Alex Jones did with Bohemian Grove.
That shows you right there what's going on, doesn't it, Paul?
That's right.
Another case in point is Freemasonry.
Like Catholics.
I mean, obviously every Catholic is not evil and doesn't serve the New World Order.
It's the upper echelons.
You go and talk to anyone who's even known a Mason who got anywhere near the 33rd degree and they'll tell you that
To get to the 33rd degree, you need to denounce Christ and embrace Satan, spit on the cross.
It's basically admitted.
My next door neighbor told me the same thing, that his brother was approached to be a 33rd degree Freemason, and he was told that that's what he would have to do.
But 90% of the Masons or more are really good people.
Exactly and that's why when you tell them about all this they disbelieve you because then it puts in doubt their life's work basically which is a big emotional mental sacrifice to make that they've applied their life to this cause when at the top it's rotten to the core.
Paul Joseph Watson is going to be joyous.
Order Out of Chaos is his book.
We're going to be taking your phone calls.
This is Erskine and Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You've got it right.
Alex is the T-Rex of political talk.
And more than that, he is exposing what's going on in America.
No, in the world today.
Another person who's doing that is my friend and co-host today.
Sitting in for Alex Jones, this is Erskine and my friend Jack Blood.
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Great to be with you.
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Jack's got something he wants to say and then we'll be talking with Paul Joseph Watson and the book is Order Out of Chaos.
Last year is my favorite book that I read the entire year, and I read a lot of books.
Order Out of Chaos is an easy read, documented read.
It is what you need to know to understand what's going on today.
It isn't happenstance.
Oh, I don't know why things are happening the way they are.
Read Order Out of Chaos and you'll see the grand plan.
Jack, your turn.
My turn.
You guys are tough competition.
I know the listeners want to get in here, too.
We want to make sure to get them in.
I just wanted to make a comment to what Erskine and Paul were talking about in the last segment related to the Illuminati.
And I find it's very interesting.
You know, Dan Brown, who is the author of The Da Vinci Code, is coming out with a new book based on the Illuminati.
Now, it's a work of fiction.
Which brings this into the public debate and gives the news organizations the ability to discount the Illuminati altogether.
Now, Paul, you know how this works very well, these false flags, where you put a book like the Da Vinci Code out or you put a book like the Illuminati out, now that Dan Brown is doing, and it's guilt by association because if we mention the Illuminati, we're going to be lumped into one of these Dan Brown readers and it completely discredits any argument that we could have before we can get started.
Well, that's right.
I mean, they did the same thing with the Skulls movie, what, back in 2000, which fictionalised Skull and Bones.
Many would say that the Lone Gunman pilot episode which one of the actors in Dean Haglund said that NASA and intelligence agencies by towards the end of the X-Files and at the start of the Lone Gunman were feeding the producers the script and obviously the pilot episode of the Lone Gunman featured a script where a government group takes control of an airliner and wants to fly it into the World Trade Center to create a launch pad for a war.
Didn't you find it a little bit odd, though?
Look at all the promotion that the Da Vinci Code got.
I mean, I never turned on the TV without them talking about how great this book was.
And I don't want to offend.
I'm sure there are people out there that have read the book and enjoyed it, and that's a different matter altogether.
But isn't it odd that somebody like Dan Brown comes out, gets all of his publicity, sells millions and millions of copies of his books, whereas if Fritz Springmeier writes a book about bloodlines and the Illuminati, he gets locked in jail for bank robbery.
Well, I mean, that's exactly the case.
They would build someone up to that level whereby they would attain all this attention and then funnel that into fictionalizing what is a real subject going on in the world today, which is the Illuminati and what they're doing in the world.
So there's no doubt that that's a successful tactic and it's been used many times in the past.
It's used in television on a day-to-day basis.
The other thing I've seen that they've been doing, not to interrupt you, Paul Joseph Watson, but they have a number of people out there who are talking about the Illuminati and write books about it, and they put a lot of truth, and then they'll do an overlay of that, of reptilians, or an overlay on that of...
I think so.
Well yeah and the internet is at the forefront of that because it's flooded with so much noise that most people can't differentiate between what's a credible news source and what isn't.
Obviously we know the mainstream media lie and spin and only put the truth in the back of the newspaper so then people turn to alternative media but then you have a raft of websites and researchers which either by intent or not are deliberately putting out misinformation.
The major front of that at the moment is the tea coil scam when the scientists have just done the research in Mexico found that it's actually
The evidence is pointing to the fact that it's a renewable energy source.
Oil itself is renewable.
And there are all sorts of different facets of this reptilian thing, as you mentioned, that discredit the hardcore of the information, which is astounding enough for anyone on first impact to believe in the first place.
So if you layer all this other stuff on top, then they get buried under it and they simply switch off.
So that is a tactic.
If it's okay with you, Jack, let's go to a couple of the callers.
Let's go to Richard in Florida.
Hey, Richard, my friend, thanks for hanging on and holding on.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
This is Erskine, Jack Blood, and you've got Paul Joseph Watson.
So you've got three for one today.
It takes three of us to cover for Alex, so you have a question or comment?
Well, I do.
You know, the southern border is no longer or has not been secure for quite some time.
Lord knows it's open as a sieve.
It's wide open.
Drugs, anything you'd name coming across.
We've got estimated at 20 million illegals.
So why are we not?
It's part of the President's duty to secure our borders.
He's not doing that.
So let's start articles of impeachment.
That seems logical to me.
But that's the problem.
It's too logical.
Well, no, no, no.
I mean, all we need is, you know, to start that, file it, and...
And let him solve the problem or get out.
Well, it's not going to happen.
Not with the Republican, total Republican Congress, and then you have the Democrats.
Everybody's afraid of everything, and so I regard one of the main duties is to protect the United States of America, and if you're having the borders as open as you are, you are not protecting the United States of America.
That's exactly my point.
He's acting...
Contrary to the Constitution, contrary to our, as citizens of the United States, contrary to that, he's acting treasonously by not securing the border.
So remove him from office.
Well, taking away our constitutional rights, our First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights, among many, I guess would also be treason.
But I think a lot of people would make the argument, Paul, maybe you'll comment on this, that we're having a war now.
We have a war president.
In a sense, what we have are war powers.
And that really affects the way we read the Constitution, unfortunately.
I don't think you'll get enough American people to go along with anything to do with impeachment.
I think they're going to lionize George W. Bush, much like they just did with Reagan as he died, and the Pope, and any other second-term president.
We wouldn't be in this war mode when we've got an open border down south.
It's ridiculous.
I agree.
Not only that, but we are sending border guards, people from our border patrol, to Iraq to secure their border.
Paul, any comments on that?
Meanwhile, we don't have anybody here protecting our border, but we send them to Iraq to protect their border.
And where in the institution does it say we have to bring democracy to Iraq?
I must have missed that.
You have to defy... Comment on that, please, my friend.
Well, I mean on Iraq.
We featured two photos last week.
People will remember the Baghdad Square with the Saddam statue at the end of the so-called war.
Where there was a supposed mass rally of Iraqis helping bring down the statue.
In fact, if you look at the wider shot of the photo, there's a group of about 50 Iraqis.
And then in the protest last week, you look again at the same square and there are 100,000 Iraqis protesting for the occupational government to be kicked out.
The borders aren't secure because if you have secure borders you can't introduce the FTAA, you can't harmonize all the South American, North American countries into one power block of the global government.
And Bush and Condoleezza Rice have come out publicly denounced the Minutemen in front of world leaders for their efforts to secure the border.
Basically, you can't beat them by playing by their rules.
If there were impeachment proceedings, they just wouldn't get off the ground.
What you can't do... Charge them with treason and bring it in the county.
Let it start with the county and then go to the state and then carry on.
I mean, it's got to start... Copy brought at the federal level, though.
I don't think you can do any good... It can start anywhere.
Come on now.
Come on now.
It can start in the county and then go to the state and then go to the federal.
Get someone that says, hey, you know what?
I think Bush has acted treasonously.
I'm willing to sign a complaint to that effect.
Take it to the county attorney, get a jury, and that's it.
That's a roundabout way.
In a sense, that's what the Minutemen are doing via this grassroots activism.
They're shining the light on Bush, which is showing his hypocrisy, and he's losing a lot of his...
Richard, thanks a lot for the call.
Bush is going to have to turn into a conservative real quick now, thanks to these Minutemen on this border issue.
But, of course, the solution will, as Paul says, be to merge the borders in the free trade area of the Americas.
That's what they're ultimately looking for.
Our number here, 800-259-9231.
We pay for the call anywhere in North America.
Let's go to Craig in Washington State.
Hey, Craig, how's it going?
Oh, it's going pretty good.
First, I want to compliment all you people involved there at GCN and those listening.
I got a suggestion is to tape this, burn a wave, CD, let your friends listen in.
I have some real important news.
The computer went down a couple times this morning while I was listening, but I haven't heard anybody been talking about it.
What we have is a new group forming.
David Ray Griffin, Catherine Austin Fitt, have formed a group called MUJCA-Net.
They can be seen at MUJCA.com.
Now what's happening later today is David Ray Griffin,
Griffin, author of the 9-11 Truth Blockbusters, The New Pearl Harbor, and the 9-11 Commission Report, Emissions and Distortions, will be making a rare public appearance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Blascombe Hall today at 7.30.
His brand new talk, entitled 9-11 and the American Empire, How Should Religious People Respond?
What day is he going to be talking up in Madison?
Please hold me over.
I'd like to finish.
That's going to air on C-SPAN in a week or two as well.
We'll be holding you over to order Martial Law, Rise of the Police State from Alex Jones, 888-253-3139.
Be back with Jack Blood and Paul Joseph Watson right here on the Alex Jones Show.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
He is the T-Rex.
This is Erskine sitting in with Jack Blood for...
Mr. Alex Jones, along with Paul Joseph Watson.
And what they're doing is they want to harmonize trade between all of the nations, which means that you're losing sovereignty.
And one of the other things that they're bringing in, and it's all for corporations, they're bringing in the frankenfoods, otherwise known as genetically modified foods.
And so this weekend on Erskine Overnight, which is 9 o'clock, Sean, for you on the West Coast,
on the East Coast.
9 p.m.
It's midnight, Saturday night.
We're going to have a gentleman talking about seeds of deception, the genetically modified foods.
That's Jeffrey Smith.
Now, Sean, go ahead with what you were saying.
Or rather, Craig, I'm sorry.
I just think this is an extremely significant event.
Yes, thank you.
It's uniting the Christians, Arabs, and the Jews all together to come up with the truth.
What I'm encouraging people to do is to go to BookTV.org and contact them and first thank them for their courage.
Maybe ask them if they could show the speech in its entirety.
See, I have two different descriptions of what's going to be shown on BookTV and what I was alerted to.
The one on BookTV says it's the new Pearl Harbor disturbing questions and the Bush administration in 9-11.
But what I get from my other source is that it's about
How Christians should face the truth of 9-11.
It's 9-11 and the American Empire.
How should religious people respond?
And this is significant, too.
So hopefully that's where Alex went.
Well, David Ray Griffin will get his points in.
I really believe that he'll do a great job on that.
The speech you mentioned tomorrow, Craig, will be aired, to my knowledge, on C-SPAN in like two weeks.
And, of course, we'll record that and offer it on our website, jackblood.com.
There's a speech tonight, April 18th at 7.30 in Wisconsin.
And that's the one I'm talking about.
9-11 and the American Empire.
How should religious people respond?
And what they say on C-SPAN is different.
It's more about the book.
So hopefully they will get that speech.
And what I'm saying is people should write into Book TV and ask them to include the speech in its entirety.
Because he's probably going to say things that they don't want to get out.
Sounds good to me, Craig.
We'll do that, Craig, if you really want to know.
One more thing.
Please visit the site, MUJCA.com.
Certainly will.
Thanks, Craig, and thanks for the heads up on that.
Your book, Paul Joseph Watson, you really go into details about 9-11.
You go into details that I never knew that are just now starting to come out.
Details like the fact that...
Osama bin Laden was in an American hospital in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, in July, treated by an American physician, seen by an American CIA station chief, just in July before September 9-11.
Well, sometimes you have to.
If you're faced with that level of evil on a day-to-day basis and it's just staring you in the face, then there is a danger that you can become conditioned to it and kind of bypass many things which you should focus on which are important.
But as you mentioned about my book, what a lot of people liked about it is that at the end of every page and for every chapter there are about 30 sources which are listed with the exact URL internet address where people can go and check the article.
So it's thoroughly documented, which is what a lot of people like about it because some of the other what you would call conspiracy books are not that way.
And you use major sources.
You use the New York Times.
You use UPI.
You use major news services writers.
All of the major news sources themselves have this information, but they bury it so deep they don't want you to see it.
Well, that's the point.
Most people wouldn't come across it, but if you do what I do on a daily basis, which is scan the news wires, scan the newspapers, as I do to create the websites, then this is how you come across the material.
It's the old back of the paper thing.
They report it.
It's just...
You know, Peter Jennings is just not going to talk about it on the evening news.
Yeah, yet the funny thing is, Paul, and you're right, that's the one thing I would say about this book, that it's just fantastic.
Every page has its sources on it.
But the funny thing is, when I interview Bill Gertz or somebody from the Washington Times or Rowan Scarborough, they'll deny the very articles that you source that they printed.
Well, yeah, it goes down the memory hole.
They do that on many occasions.
You want to get this information?
You can get it at prisonplanet.com, infowars.com.
You can also get Martial Law, Rise of the Police State.
Or you can call to get the video at 888-253-3139.
Our number here is 800-259-9231.
We'll be right back with Jack Blood, Erskine, Paul Joseph Watson on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're getting closer and closer and closer to martial law.
And to call here, our number, 800-259-9231.
And let's go immediately to the lines, and we're going to go to Mike in Michigan.
Mike, thanks for hanging on.
This is Erskine, and you have a question or comment for myself, for Jack, or for Paul Joseph Watson.
Well, pretty much, I just have a comment.
You guys were earlier talking about the biometric passports, and I just want to throw my two cents in there as a
Well, of course, before the 9-11, I did a little bit of traveling abroad, and then I wasn't going to do no more, but I had a son, and he's got a metabolic disorder.
That's pretty rare.
And they don't have any treatment here in the United States.
The only place that they have it is a doctor in Spain broke through this barrier back in 1992.
To make a long story short, my two children do not have social security numbers,
There was an issue with passports there, which we're still dealing with.
But what it comes down to is, you know, I believe in the good man upstairs.
I don't believe in taking Mark of the Beast, and if this biometric stuff does happen, which from what I understand is happening, there's definitely going to be an issue there, because if I can't get my son over there to get his medication, if you use that word, he basically will just sit there and rot and die on the floor, in my opinion.
Well, you know, it's an issue with a lot of people, especially a lot of Christians.
They make all sorts of provisions for anybody else of any other religion.
But if you happen to be a Christian, you either accept it or you're out of luck.
Christians are certainly a discriminated people in America today, I would say.
Oh, I totally agree.
And what sucks is...
I've tried to get the media involved in here to let people know that there was a doctor here that tried to do this disorder and basically killed a few of his patients.
He's got an ego problem in my opinion.
That's why we have to go to Spain.
We've had our medicine taken here at Customs.
That was a long story.
We did get it.
My whole point is people look at these passports as going on vacation.
With our situation, it's not education.
It's a matter of life and death and functioning of my son.
You know, 25% of the drugs brought into the America from Canada are confiscated.
What bothers me, though, Erskine, is, you know, look, a lot of us can say we won't go along with this and we'll suffer the consequences or the inconveniences or we'll live without or we'll make the sacrifices.
This caller here has no other choice.
He seems to have to go along with this system in order to take care and care for his son.
Paul, I have to tell you, if Marcus Wolf was here, former head of the German Stasi working with our government, he'd be quite proud of the biometric internal passports and us snitching
He is working with our government.
He is working.
He's part of Homeland Security.
I talked to a friend of mine from Germany, and I said, Marcus Wolff is part of Homeland Security, and he said, the madness of war criminals.
Go ahead, Paul.
Well, that's the thing.
The essential day-to-day things which people need to do, and things like this caller, you know, to save the life of his own son, those are the things that they will crack down on, because that's the only way they'll get a lot of people to go under the system.
It's a shame, but unfortunately not a surprise, that many people will willingly accept the surveillance state, because they've been conditioned for years that the convenience elements, things like the cell phone, the supermarket loyalty card,
The GPS satellite navigation system, the OnStar system override the mammoth applications that both government and monopoly corporations have planned for this and are already implementing.
Now, wait a minute, wait a minute, Paul.
If we have to take, like, this biometric to keep us safe from these terrorists, isn't it worth doing to give up a little bit to keep us safe from these terrorists?
Won't this help us?
Well, in that framed paradigm, yes, a lot of people believe it will, but they'll also go along with it more so due to the convenience factors of this biometric technology, whereby they don't have to carry cash around, whereby that creates the cashless society.
They do the same thing with the socialist program in welfare, where it looks like a freebie.
It's the dole, and go ahead and get your hand out of your paycheck, and then pretty soon, of course, you've got to take subdermal microchips, you've got to give them your social security number, you've got to register your children the day they're born.
So they suck you into this system, get you on the teeth of the government, excuse the expression, and then they start locking in on you.
Erskine, we've got a lot of calls here, man.
We've got to get rolling.
Let's go.
Thank you very much for the call.
Let's go to John in Ohio.
Yes, hello.
I really appreciate what you're doing in exposing the CIA military industrial complicity and 9-11 attacks and the police state measures that are all based on this phony, pretended pretext of fighting terrorism, but I do have some serious disagreements.
I consider myself on the unaffiliated left.
I would, I guess, agree with Workers' Organ, WSWS.org, as a composite of my beliefs.
They are leftist...
I see a real Achilles heel of some modest conservatives like you.
I think, as Paul mentioned, the Operation Gladio that was set up by the CIA and was colluded with by the Pope to frame up leftists in Europe to justify reactionary policies and overthrow of Andriotti in Italy.
Now we're after Chavez in Venezuela.
But I do believe the...
The anti-communism of these neocons that are now in the present Bush administration is going to be reactivated.
They were in the Reagan-Bush administration using the anti-communist pretext to kill hundreds of thousands of people through their despot regimes in Central America.
And I think we have to realize that if we're going to trade a war that is horrible and murderous, over 125,000 people killed just as since the invasion in Iraq,
Trade that for a war based on anti-communism against North Korea or China, which is going to be genocidal, which will kill millions of people.
I don't think we're getting anywhere, so I don't counterpose the idea that we're being lied to about Iran, Syria, and Iraq, and then say that why aren't we buying into the neocons of phase two part of their project for a new American century in which they state their ultimate target is
Let's get Paul to comment on that.
Paul, earlier we were talking about Iran and the possible pretext to get us into Iran.
We were talking about will the American people go along with this.
I was immediately thinking, will the anti-war people or the ABB be able to stave this off?
Because they haven't been able to stave anything else off.
Well, no, they won't, because they're completely neutralized.
I mean, the MoveOn.org left-wing group is now calling for U.S.
forces to stay in Iraq.
John Kerry and people like that were on a lot of these so-called left-wing establishments.
Bullhawk, yeah.
You know, pushing for the Iraq war before it happened.
I don't look at this as being left or right.
I think we're all American.
But any other real quick comment?
Because I need to move on, John.
Yes, I just have to say that whether it's based on an anti-terrorist pretext, these neocons are going to revive their anti-communist pretext.
I hope some honest conservatives will not join them
At the point where they use that tack and that label to justify these unjustified wars because they will be even more genocidal if we buy all their propaganda about them.
I think a lot of honest conservatives distance ourselves as far as we can from that.
And even though we're on opposite sides of the spectrum, we're both Americans and we both are seeing what's going on, neither one of us are fascists.
Johnson, let's go to Rand in Texas.
Thank you for the call.
Rand in Texas, welcome to the Alex Jones Radio Program.
Thank you very much.
I really appreciate all of you guys and what you're doing out here.
I listen to you as much as I can.
I'm beginning to wonder if our president
Has ever had an original thought in his life.
I can't even look at him on television.
He comes off like some spoiled, arrogant punk.
You know, with shifty reptilian eye movements.
And, you know, I'm not a reader.
I think he couldn't think his way out of a paper bag.
It's unbelievable he's President of the United States.
But don't look at his eyes.
Don't look at his eyes.
Right, Jack?
You can't look at his eyes?
He's hard to listen to.
You know, fool me once.
Fool me.
You know, surrounds himself with all of his daddy's CIA hacks from Kissinger to Poindexter.
You know, I'm surprised Ali North isn't Secretary of State.
You know, it's like Keystone Cops with a license to kill, you know.
And the way they suddenly and arrogantly blame lower CIA guys now for the dismal intelligence failures.
I mean, they're unbelievable.
Can you imagine what a chump Colin Powell must feel like right now?
Paul Joseph Watson, didn't Colin Powell make a statement in Europe that we were being taken over by a cult and a bunch of crazies over here?
Yeah, and he was vehement in his distaste for the fact that they did set him up to go in front of the UN.
But the point that the call is making is that Bush struts around like the sheriff because, in a sense, he's living in the Truman Show.
We've been told that he doesn't read newspapers.
You know, he attends these town hall events where the questions are scripted.
All the White House press conferences are scripted.
When he goes abroad, there are quarantine zones and also in America where protesters are kept away
So if you're President Bush, then you really think that 99% of the country and the world is behind you because he's so protected from any of the reality that... But when he's on his own, Paul, when he's on his own, he's quite dangerous because he said debt numbers, you know, that were previously quoted in billions are now quoted in trillions.
And the President said, oh, it's just a function of adding more zeros.
This guy, when he's on his own, shows through, and you've really got to say, my goodness, I just can't understand this man.
He's the only person I've seen who makes Dan Quayle look like an absolute Mensa member.
I thought it was pretty startling when I interviewed Chris Matthews at Brown University, and he came right out and said, I'm an eyewitness that Dick Cheney is running that White House.
And there's a big establishment type.
Of course, I'm not going to say that on a TV show, but that's what he says when he goes out and does some public speaking.
They throw billions of dollars around like they're nickels in the bewildered herd of America, just lying up in front of their televisions with their thumbs in their mouths, just peripherally listening to what's going on.
I think they're either dumb, we've been dumbed down, or we're in denial, or we're evil, one of the three.
Because I just cannot believe that the American people are footing this genocide with their taxpayers' money.
You know, it's just disgusting.
It's for your safety, Rand.
Let me ask Paul.
What has happened, Paul Joseph Watson?
Are we dumbed down?
Are we evil?
Thank you for the call very much, Rand.
Have we been dumbed down?
Are we evil?
What's happened?
How have they done this with the American public?
Now, I know other people say that from a media standpoint, with very few exceptions, GCM being one, Alex Jones program certainly being one exception,
We are in a cocoon of no news.
How are they doing this so effectively, Paul?
Primarily because the entertainment genres, the distractions, have now got so sophisticated and people are presented with so many supposed choices that the distraction from what's really going on in the country is so in session that it hoodwinks a lot of people into never looking at the reality of what's going on in their own country, what's going on around them.
Most people are so put off between that phony fight, that WWF between left and right, which we witnessed firsthand up in Boston, that they don't want any part of it, that they don't want to trust any pundits out there or any reporters.
And, of course, there's the situation where people are trying to support their lifestyle with their 2.3 cars and 2.3 kids, the nuclear family, working three or four jobs to make that happen.
They don't have a lot of time to do the homework and do the assessing of the situation.
That's why we're here, of course.
Let's go to Sheldon in Arizona.
How about it?
Sheldon in Arizona, you're on the air.
Erskine, Paul Joseph Watson.
Hi, guys.
I just wanted to ask Erskine, when is he going to bring Anthony J. Hilder back on as a guest?
You know, I don't know.
Probably we'll have Anthony on fairly soon.
I have Anthony on next week on Deadline Live, so that's a fun way to hear him.
That's all I want to know.
Okay, guys.
You got it.
Thanks for listening to my program on KFNN there in Phoenix.
We're happy to have been on there for the last six or seven years.
Let's go to Brad in Illinois.
Brad, you're on the Alex Jones Radio Program with Jack Blood and Paul Joseph Watson.
Well, I think we are being dumb-donks when you've got people that listen to shows like yours for a long time that call up and still are confused about the fact that they say George Bush is their president.
And when they talk about taxpayers' money when there is no money to be found anywhere, they're not getting the message that's being put out by these shows itself.
That's not the reason why I called.
I did call to ask you guys a question since I got the three big guns right all along.
If George W. Bush's regime controlled the attack in 9-11...
Well, I can say this.
They started out, they said, of course there are weapons of mass destruction.
We've got the receipts for them.
But why weren't they found, Paul?
I think part of the reason is a lot of them have expired, and I think he got rid of a lot of them.
Paul's the expert on this.
Well, yeah, it's because they wanted to keep the troops in the country for that extra amount of time so as to then create the quagmire to keep them in for even longer.
And if they had found the weapons, then everybody would have rightly said, well, who sold them to Saddam in the first place?
Maybe the question is, though, why did Bush and the Bush administration paint themselves into this impossible corner when they knew that the conclusion would be no WMDs?
Is that, again, good cop, bad cop, to make Americans look bad, a preemptive strike with no valuable information?
That's right, then.
So the UN can come in and be the savior, which still could happen later on down the line, then give the US an out option to go into Iran with the required amount of troops.
So that's still on the storyboard.
It's still a possibility.
Yeah, I think, Brad, and there were a few options from the last caller, Sheldon in Arizona.
I'm going to vote for denial.
I just think people are in flat denial of what's going on around them, again, thanks to the distractions.
Well, they certainly are.
And incidentally, last comment, I thought the Holy Blood, Holy Grail was a much better book than the Da Vinci Code.
Well, I like Bloodlines of the Illuminati myself.
I mean, look, we're going to be pretty ignorant here if we don't understand that these elites have coveted their DNA, their bloodlines, all these years.
Now, to supplant the hypothetical situation that Dan Brown brings up, that it's all the line of Jesus, of course...
Really takes us into the realm of almost impossibility.
But again, I mean, look, these guys are all cousins.
Nixon's cousins with Bush.
Bush's cousins with Kerry.
I think you guys would all agree with that.
Take a quick break.
We'll come right back.
Big finish on the Alex Jones Show.
Erskine and Paul Joseph Watson.
Stay tuned.
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I think?
Well, I think the plan is to start working on one a little later this year, so it'll probably be early next year sometime.
It's just amazing how fast this news cycle moves and events around us move.
You can put a great book like this together, but literally a year later you can write another book with all the new information.
Let me ask Paul a real quick question.
How is Mr Blair doing in England?
Is he going to win, lose, or what's happening?
Well, we've got a choice between a party which is pro-war, pro-national ID card, pro-police day, and a party which is pro-war, pro-national ID card, and pro-police day.
The opposition, Michael Howard, descends directly from Transylvania, so that gives you an idea of the kind of choice we have.
And yes, Blair will win again.
He will get a third term.
And they will then introduce the National ID Card as the first piece of legislation in Britain.
What about the anti-EU movement that's taking place in Britain with people like Trevor Coleman?
How is that doing?
Is it gaining ground?
It's gaining a lot of ground.
I think they had about a 14% share of the last local election, which is a lot in a two-party state, so it's gaining a lot of credibility.
People still try to attack it for racism, xenophobia, the old tired, worn arguments, but it's gaining ground.
It's gaining credibility.
I just wanted to reference Mugabe from Zimbabwe, talking about how Blair is a brand of toilets there in Africa.
Well, I mean, the word Al-Qaeda means toilet in Arabic.
So we have a running theme.
All right.
Well, hey, you know, this has been really fun, you guys.
I have to say, I'm really honored to be on the same program with Alex, well, Alex Jones program with Erskine and Paul Joseph Watson.
The time's really flown by.
I have enjoyed it immensely.
It's always good to be on with Paul Joseph Watson, and this is the first time we've done a program together, Jack.
It is an absolute pleasure.
And coming up on your program tonight, you're going to be talking about what's going on with the toll roads.
They just keep coming at us, coming at us, coming at us, don't they?
That's right.
We're going to be talking extensively about Oklahoma City.
We're going to be promoting this big event in Austin to fight these toll roads.
We've got everybody coming together, not nitpicking on social issues, but fighting against the New World Order.
And that's what we all need to do.
Get out there, folks.
Fight against the New World Order.
Go to InfoWars.com.
Go to PrisonPlanet.com.
We'll see you in a few minutes after the fake news.
Gentlemen, it's been an honor.
Thank you very much.
Thanks, guys.
Seeds of Deception.
Midnight Eastern, 9 o'clock Pacific.
Thank you, Jack.
Thank you, Paul Joseph Watson.
And Jack will be back with you on most of these GCN stations.