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Air Date: April 15, 2005
2393 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright my friends, it is Friday.
Already the 15th day of April 2005.
I'm sure you'd like to talk about the infernal income tax never properly ratified.
Back in 1913, the accompanying legislation with the Federal Reserve Act...
And how you're shelling out money for your own enslavement that goes into the system of control.
And you're welcome to call in about it.
Coming up in about 30 minutes, John Rappaport, investigative journalist, will be joining us to talk about a lot of key news that he's been ferreting out concerning the news that broke back on Tuesday.
About 4,000, first it was 5,000 plus, now it's 4,000 plus, vials of this super flu from the 1950s that killed millions being mailed live around the country.
And by live, they can do the exact same testing by simply irradiating the flu virus.
And they have other more sophisticated ways to disable the live nature of this particular flu virus.
That's what they normally do, but
There's been some new interesting developments and twists that Mr. Rappaport has discovered that you won't see in the mainstream news simply by researching the name of the company where all of this was mailed out from.
And last night I was listening to him on Coast to Coast, and I typed into Google exactly what he was talking about, and there it was.
You type in the name of the company that did this.
It is the same company that mailed Anthrax.
To Iraq, West Nile, all of this garbage.
And it's a group connected, as usual, to the CIA, to the secret government.
And back on Tuesday, I got on air, and on Wednesday, and I just used common sense, and I said, this is just like how our government in 93 mailed all those bioweapons to Iraq.
Why would our government...
Was government authorized?
The people that head up this company are part of the government.
Why would they mail this to Iraq?
Why would they mail out thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of samples of this to Switzerland and Japan and Mexico?
A hundred countries.
Because later, if the globalists want to release this, they then have plausible deniability and go, oh, sorry, sure, we had this in a
Freezer in a government lab, and we gave it to this other company, the same company that mails stuff out to Iraq.
Well, then they mailed all this stuff out to all these other nations.
And so that's how it got out.
And some lab worker at one of these 4,000 labs, they're working for Al-Qaeda, or they sold it.
And that's how this happened.
I wonder how they're going to get the 1918 flu out
And claim that Al-Qaeda got it.
Because it was inside a man's lungs who died in 1918, a whaler, up near the North Pole, and they dug him out of the permafrost four years ago.
And I predicted then that soon we would hear that it was accidentally mailed out somewhere.
And then Al-Qaeda will release it, and then we'll have to watch millions die and give up all our rights to the government, and then no one in government will get in trouble for digging this up and mailing it out.
And no one will put two plus two together, or if they do, they'll get 500 instead of four.
I mean, it's so obvious.
It's child's play, what they're doing, but...
Gotta give Rappaport credit.
He went and ferreted it out.
Exposed the global disruptor.
So he'll be joining us.
And then we've got another guest coming on to talk about these nationwide toll roads.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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All right, 8 minutes, 12 seconds into this first hour, second segment.
It is Friday, my friends.
Coming up, we're going to give you the news behind the news with, well, exactly who mailed out these thousands of samples of super flu virus.
Of course, this was mailed out back in March, and we're just now learning about it this week.
And now the government's being exposed for allowing botulism, anthrax...
West Nile, you name it, to be mailed through the mail routinely.
And there have been a whole bunch of different cases in the last few years of automobile accidents where bioweapons are splattered all over the road.
And, of course, the border stays wide open.
But the government tells you you've got to give up all your rights to the men in black uniforms wearing black masks.
Or the terrorists are going to get you, but they do nothing to stop the terrorists.
In fact, they are the terrorists.
They fund the terrorists.
They control the terrorists.
And so we'll explain why the globalists are mailing out these bio-weapons, potential bio-weapons, a little bit later.
Then in the third hour, Sal Castillo will be joining us.
He heads up the Austin toll party against the toll roads.
A lot of new developments there.
And on the surface, it looks like the mayor is, quote, caving in to pressure from the public against the toll roads.
That is not the case.
And no matter where you live around the country, you need to know this is part of a national plan, and it does affect you, so details of this and a lot more are coming up in the third hour.
Plus, there's a big concert that I've known about for a few weeks, and
I should have been promoting it.
I haven't been.
But there's a big concert coming up that Jimmy Vaughn, who's an accomplished musician in his own right, of course the brother of Stevie Ray Vaughn, and just a bunch of other amazing musicians are putting on a concert.
And they're coming in and playing for free, and all the proceeds from the tickets go to fund lawsuits against the state boards and other criminals that are trying to rape the living daylights out of us to the tune of thousands of dollars a year to drive on the state, city, and county roads.
And that's not counting all the federal toll roads.
And for those that missed USA Today, they admit...
That Perry wants 4,000 miles of toll roads in Texas.
Perry's actual documents that we got a year ago say 6,000 miles.
There are 7,000 miles of toll roads in the country right now.
To give you an idea of how many toll roads we're going to have here.
But again, they're now admitting that Texas is the model.
Louisiana, Florida, Oregon.
I'm going to mention New York.
Almost every state we look at is trying to do the same thing right now.
Where when you get your inspection sticker...
Next Thursday!
Next Thursday!
And we'll have the venue locations and how to get tickets coming up in the third hour.
And as soon as I get a press release from the Austin Toll Party, I've been asking for it for a couple days.
I know they're very busy.
As soon as I get that press release, I'll put it up on Infowars.com.
Because I want this to be a big success, and I want a lot of you to come out to this event.
And I've been asked to speak, and I'm also going to be introducing the lead band.
There's a whole bunch of them playing that night.
But I'm going to be introducing Stevie Ray's brother, Jimmy Vaughn.
So we really look forward to that.
And I tell you, Jimmy Vaughn, I've had a chance to meet him in a couple of other events, and I know he's a listener to this radio broadcast, and he's gotten a lot of my videos and given them to a lot of people.
He really is aware of the New World Order, and so is his lovely and intelligent wife,
And it's exciting just to see more and more prominent people waking up to the New World Order.
You know, earlier last year, I was in a movie that will be coming out actually early next year with... I don't talk a lot about this because I'm not tooting my horn.
It's that it's good news.
I mean, we're having an effect.
And here I am surrounded by...
All these top Hollywood stars.
Keanu Reeves, Woody Harrelson, Winona Ryder, Morton Downey Jr.
And literally, here I am, for weeks, because I was also consulting on the film, around these individuals, and they're listening to the radio show locally.
Some of them are already aware of my work, like Woody Harrelson.
So was Winona.
And I'm sitting there, and here's Keanu Reeves going, Ah, yes, the New World Order.
We're having these discussions about the New World Order and how the government brings in the drugs and how they're involved in the terror attacks.
I gave them my videos, and some of them said, Oh, we want more.
We already watched them and gave them away.
Give us more.
But my point is that basically anybody I come in contact with, whether it's the former Speaker of the House, when I'm on the hike and bike trail, that stops me and corners me and wants to talk about the New World Order for 15 minutes while my heart rate is dropping and I want to continue jogging, or whether it's a senior member of the state police, that's all I'll say, cornering me outside of the dry cleaners, or whether it's... Folks, it's amazing!
How many people, just if you're able to talk to them, or how many people are already aware of the New World Order and want to talk to me?
And I'm just one little guy in this fight.
And so that's really the good news I've got for you before I jump into all this horrible news, is that I say this at least once a week because it's the best news I've got.
It's the report from the front lines for you out there.
Who feel like you're all alone and feel like people don't care and feel like we can't affect change and feel like nobody's listening and we're all alone.
That's an illusion that Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw and, well, I guess now Brian Williams, that's an illusion that they project.
They are the minority.
They're losing control.
At the 40th anniversary of the JFK assassination in Dallas a year ago, we've now had the 41st anniversary a few months ago, I sat there on my computer looking at TV polls, news polls, scientific polls, and I calculated a dozen different polls together.
Because some were 85, some were 96.
I calculated them together, 12 of them.
That's actually a scientific way to poll.
With a calculator and came up with 92% of the American people believe the U.S.
government killed Kennedy.
Now, the 8% can sit up there and call us all kooks if they want.
Okay, fine.
But the point is that 20 years ago, it was only about 40% of the citizenry believed there was government involvement.
And it took 20 years to get up to that point.
It was maybe 5-6%.
When the globalists first killed Kennedy in Neely Plaza in 1963.
And I didn't look at the polls this year for the anniversary.
I just was too busy.
But that's my own experience.
Forget the polls.
I've done over 2,000 radio interviews.
Multiple interviews every day since 9-11.
I mean, some days I've done like 10 interviews.
But a lot of these interviews are two hours long.
Most are about an hour long.
And they'll take 15, 20, 30 calls, and maybe one caller calls in and disagrees with me.
As I'm saying, the globalists carried out 9-11 and detailing it.
I mean, the New World Order's got a big problem, folks.
When I'm on a talk show and the host is attacking me, and almost every caller is agreeing with me.
I mean, even in hostile waters, even in enemy territory, behind enemy lines...
We are able to wake people up and our message resonates with them.
Look at my own broadcast.
The phones are wide open.
I don't screen calls.
We ask what your name is, where you're calling from, and please turn your radio off or down.
That's it.
Those that have called can testify to that.
But where are you?
Maybe out of, I don't know, it's got to be out of 300 emails that are positive that I get.
That's the average.
Out of, say, 300, I might get one mean email.
And it's usually, I'm going to kill you.
I want to put you in a camp.
I'm going to kill your family.
That's nice.
That's real nice.
But occasionally, I'll be at the grocery store or walking the dog, and somebody will pull by in their car and go, why don't you leave the country?
Well, no, you need to leave the country.
See, it's patriotic to defend the nation, to defend the Bill of Rights, not to mindlessly parrot what Bill Clinton or George Bush says.
You think that's patriotism is being a mindless idiot.
No, no, you need to leave the country.
It isn't love it or leave it.
I do love it.
And that's why I'm defending it.
You need to leave it.
You may be watching four hours of TV every night, feeling like you're the majority and we're the minority, but let me give you the newsflash.
Most people are just afraid to say what they really think.
We've already won.
Do you understand me?
You are the kooks.
It's like with Galileo or people even before him.
Long before Galileo, saying the world is round.
Who was that?
I forget.
The world is round.
And people said, no, it's flat.
But within about 20 years, it went from 98% saying it's flat to 98% saying it's round.
And still that 2% were going, you're a kook, you're a kook, it's flat, it's flat.
And still, the major publications of the day, the major proclamations was it was still flat.
Everybody was laughing at you.
So just keep on doing what you're doing.
And wonder why your newspaper's readerships fall off by 60%.
Wonder why people don't watch your nightly newscast.
Because they know.
They know you're bought and paid for.
They know you're a pack of liars.
You're going down, New World Order!
You're going down!
Hello, Ted Anderson.
Listeners of the network are familiar with the Federal Reserve note and understand the risks of deficit spending.
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A fractional reserve system means only a small portion of your deposit is held in reserve for immediate withdrawal.
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A current effort is underway by the Fed along with other central banks to increase liquidity for depositors.
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In order to achieve strength and stability, I recommend a conservative portion of all investments to be calmly repositioned into gold and silver.
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Again, John Rappaport to give you the news behind the news.
We've got an amply named website, nomorefakenews.com.
He'll be joining us coming up in the next segment.
Then in the third hour, we'll talk about toll roads, what's in our future unless we stand up against this.
Boy, I tell you, I shouldn't have gone into that little 14-minute rant in the last segment because I need to cover all this news.
Special Guard Units Prepare for Domestic Terrorism.
And this is from Oregon Public Broadcasting.
And we have our own little comment here by Paul Watson above the article.
And then we have little links off to the related mainstream articles to back up our statements, of course.
Homeschoolers, gun owners, religious cults, all the terror drills are being directed not towards Muslims or illegal aliens, but towards mainstream U.S.
Meanwhile, the borders stay wide open.
Is there any doubt about who the real targets of the war on terror are?
And then here's the article.
The National Guard is preparing for domestic terrorism, not just attacks from foreigners.
Special teams from the Northwest are training this week at a facility in the Tri-Cities.
And what they train to do, they go and carry out.
Same thing with Waco.
The scenario, a standoff between authorities and a religious cult.
Officials suspect the group has stockpiles of dangerous chemicals or radioactive material.
Emergency trainer Matt Fox is teaching National Guard teams from Washington, Idaho, and Alaska what to do.
By the way, I'm not a Mormon, folks, but there's a group of Mormons out in West Texas.
Weren't bothering anybody.
Weren't saying anything doomsdayish.
And they tried to send feds out to start some big thing a few weeks ago.
I mean, they're just looking for trouble.
They want to go after people.
Matt Fox, anytime you're dealing with ne'er-do-wells... Oh, see, there's the implied idea.
Oh, religious cults, they're ne'er-do-wells.
People that want to be left alone.
Anytime you're dealing with ne'er-do-wells, you make entry into established compounds.
There have been booby traps found...
There is a group under the regular army.
And you can see this in Road to Tyranny.
It's just about five minutes, six, seven minutes of the two-and-a-half-hour film.
And it's up in Belton, just south of Temple.
And we hear there's going to be a drill.
The mayor gets up on TV, announces we've been attacked.
And then later says it was just a drill.
They blow up some cars.
I mean, fire shooting out in downtown.
People thought it was real.
We go out there with video cameras and troops walk over and ask us why we got cameras on.
Try to tell us to turn our cameras off.
We go, no, we're not turning our cameras off.
But see, that video was shot before 9-11.
Then it was put in the film.
Now, my friend Kevin Booth, who was a camera guy in New York, he just flew out to England working on a story about
And we had the Fuji Blimp flying around Austin yesterday.
In New York, we had the Fuji Blimp with NYPD on it, videotaping people and scanning.
And it was out at the airport, and Kevin is out in the parking lot.
He called and left a message yesterday.
Gets his camera out.
He's videotaping it.
And police run over and say, you can't videotape.
He goes, I'm just at the airport videotaping the Blimp.
He goes, I make documentaries.
And they're just, no, it could be terrorism.
Of course, the Fuji Blimp wants to be seen, but don't videotape the Fuji Blimp.
You see, they're putting cameras up everywhere to look at us, but they selectively threaten to arrest or arrest citizens, even members of the press for having cameras, because it may be Al-Qaeda.
Californians warned of involuntary euthanasia.
We're on that daily.
Opponents of a citizen suicide bill point to Netherlands experience.
It's happening.
Latest report about how bin Laden's being protected, of course.
I mean, the number three guy at the CIA says they don't want to arrest him.
They told Pakistan, leave him alone.
That's mainstream news.
New York law enforcement caught doctoring videos of RNC arrests.
This is from Democracy Now!
I can back this up.
And, I mean, conservative reporters were arrested, and then they would just sign false arrest reports signed by police that weren't even on the scene.
I mean, it was bad in New York.
I mean, I had congressional press passes where I could get right up within 20 feet of the president.
I had full floor access, you know, maximum access in my press passes.
More than most of the press because of our sources.
And it didn't matter.
I could be 10 miles away at a park interviewing some old lady and they run over and threaten to arrest me.
It's in the film.
Just letting us know we're slaves.
There is so much more coming up, but you don't want to miss this John Rappaport interview, plus Online Freedom of Speech Act introduced.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Coming up here in just a few minutes, we'll be talking to John Rappaport, investigative journalist.
He's just done so many amazing reports and ferreted out a lot of key information concerning a host of issues, but the latest is the situation with this
Super flu virus, this live flu virus they mailed out around the country and the world.
So we'll be detailing that in a few minutes.
And yes, I know we have a bunch of phone calls.
We'll go to your calls in this segment.
And we're going to have Mr. Rappaport with us to talk about
To give us his analysis on a bunch of different news items, because I'm familiar with his work.
He's very versatile in his understanding of this global slave grid.
So we'll have him with us into the middle of the next hour.
Then we've got another guest coming on to talk about the national toll roads and the star in the crown, the headpiece, right here in Austin, Texas.
And we pointed this out a long time ago, and now even the Associated Press has pointed it out, as well as USA Today.
Austin is the fulcrum
The model city for what you're going to be living under unless you get involved and informed and fight this now.
So that's coming up in the third hour.
Before we go to John Rappaport, we're offering a new t-shirt.
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Covers the police state, what happened on 9-11.
Then a full hour on the Bush-Nazi connection.
The order of death that controls Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
We really show you the top secret society behind it all.
And it is a blockbuster.
Go to InfoWars.com to order the new film via the secure, safe shopping cart.
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Print off copies of my book, Paul Watson's book, my weekly TV report.
We're good to go.
Again, our guest is John Rappaport.
We're honored to have him, and his website is nomorefakenews.com.
John Rappaport has worked as a freelance investigative reporter for 20 years.
He's written articles on politics, health, media, culture, and art for LA Weekly, an excellent publication.
Spin Magazine, Stern, Village Voice, Nexus, CBS, Health Watch, and other newspapers and magazines in the U.S.
and Europe.
And in 82, the LA Weekly submitted his name to the Pulitzer Prize for his interview with the president of El Salvador University, where the military had taken over the campus.
And the bio is too long to go over, but he's just done incredible work.
And John Rappaport with nomorefakenews.com, honored to have you.
And I have to tell you, your analysis was just stunning the last three nights on Coast to Coast AM.
Great to be here.
It's good to have you.
Just please go over it, from A to Z, tracking the development and why it's so important with this flu bug getting sent out around the world.
Basically, what we're looking at here is an intentional operation with the usual goal of inducing fear.
I mean, that is what it's all about.
It's to make people afraid, oh, there's a virus loose and it could get us, and so we have to look to central authority to tell us what to do.
It's the usual pattern, whether there's going to be a vaccine developed for this or whether it's just simply another step
In the global state, to put people under the control of what I would call a medical police state, that is the basic form of the operation.
That's what it's all about.
The thing that came out of the hopper yesterday is that we now know where all these samples of this 1957 flu virus actually came from,
And that is an organization in Virginia called the American Type Culture Collection, ATCC.
And that is very significant because, first of all, the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization had to know from the beginning where this stuff was originating.
But they tap-danced around and pretended it was all a big mystery.
We don't know exactly how this happened or where it all started.
Well, they do know because the CDC works very closely with the American Type Culture Collection.
They are almost, you could say, twins.
The ATCC is like, imagine it as a gigantic library of germs.
Many, many, many, many different kinds of germs.
And that's their thing, and that's what they do, and they catalog them, and they send them out, and they do all kinds of stuff like that.
But we also know that this firm, this company, in 1985 to 1989 sent Iraq up to 70 shipments of various biowar agents, including 21 strains of anthrax.
That's 21 strains.
In 1994, because this all got exposed, the Pentagon said, oh, we have to do a report on this.
So who do they decide to appoint to figure out how this could have happened, all these germs being sent from ATCC to Iraq?
They appoint a guy named Joshua Lederberg to head up the study, and lo and behold, Lederberg is a director of ATCC.
So naturally, the whole report was a whitewash and said nobody was really to blame and it wasn't really a problem.
I hate to interrupt, but I want to just state this again.
They have an election fraud commission headed up by James Baker who helped run the election fraud in Florida.
Then they have fake press groups and fake reporters.
They have fake grassroots reporters.
I mean, this is great background because this is exactly the pattern.
The whole thing is a stage play.
In every one of these events that you mention, including the one that I'm discussing here, this is the pattern, this is the way it's always done.
It's like a cartoon.
Oh, now we have to investigate.
So let's do a phony investigation and let's say that there's not a problem.
Or let's blame a couple of low-level people and then we'll move on from there.
Let me interject one more thing.
Back on Tuesday when this broke, I mean, I...
Should have done the research you did, researching what company did this and then looking at its past.
But I sat on air.
And tell me from your research if I'm wrong.
But I instinctively said, I said, folks, it's just like in 93 when they mailed the botulism and the West Nile and the dozens of samples of anthrax to Saddam.
They mail all this out to thousands of sources, so when the globalists want to release it later, they'll have plausible deniability to blame it on who they choose, and then lo and behold, you go do the research, and that's where all this points.
That's right.
It's exactly that.
They're always looking for fall guys, and this is the preparation for that.
Now, it also turns out that this 1994 Pentagon report, this whole phony whitewash...
reveals that the CEO of this company, American Type Culture Collection, was a member of the U.S.
Department of Commerce's Technical Advisory Committee.
Now, this is very important because for all these exports to go out of the United States from ATCC to Iraq in the 1980s, you need Department of Commerce approval.
So here we have
The CEO of the very company that's shipping all these germs out also moonlights on the U.S.
Department of Commerce that gives the license to ship these biowarfare weapons to Iraq.
And that's how intelligence works, is you have these companies that are really government fronts, and it's a revolving door.
It's a total revolving door.
In fact, it's very...
I won't say very difficult, but this company, ATCC, is a little bit odd.
As far as I can tell, it's actually a 501c3.
It's a non-profit, you see, but they report all kinds of profits.
They make a lot of money off of this, and as you say, they are a revolving door in and out of the government, in and out of the military, in and out of the CDC.
It's all one gigantic octopus.
So when I discovered that yesterday, and I put all this together, it is completely obvious that ATCC was used to intentionally send out these 1957 flu viruses all over the world so that we would have a fear operation, so that the global population one more time
Would be thrown into a kind of a panic.
Oh my God, what could happen?
What could happen?
How many made-for-TV movies?
How many government reports?
How many news articles?
They're always hyping super flu bugs.
And three days ago you said this was totally intentional.
Now the CDC admits it.
Now the WHO admits it.
That's right.
And now we know where it all came from.
The major outfit that shipped more...
In the 1980s, more biowarfare weapons to Iraq than any other entity in the United States.
Now, am I correct?
Because I'm going off a Buffalo newspaper article from a few years ago.
Didn't that continue until 1993?
It may have.
The study only concentrated on the years 85 to 89, but I'm sure that it continued after that.
No, I've got the articles where they were continuing into the early 90s.
Yeah, you're right.
Now that I recall, that's right.
So we're now talking about the same thing happening after Gulf War I. You know, to the, quote, enemy after the war, they continue to ship these.
And check this out.
Between 1984 and 1989, there was another organization that sent Iraq at least 80 different biowarfare agents out of the U.S., including botulism, dengue virus, West Nile, so forth.
Who is that group?
The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.
Sent to Iraq 80 different biowarfare agents.
Now, here we have the CDC working hand in glove with this other group in Virginia that I've been discussing, ATCC.
They're like twins.
They know each other very well, and they're both guilty of the same thing.
And then when there's an investigation, the director of ATTC runs the investigation.
And now do you think that the Centers for Disease Control is going to say, gee, we should really look into American-type culture collection, ATCC, because, wow, not only did they just send out the 1957 flu virus all over the world, but guess what?
In the 1980s, they were sending to Iraq biowarfare weapons.
The CDC isn't going to say that because the CDC did the same thing.
So it's all chummy inside the fraternity, and everybody's got blackmail evidence on everybody else, and nobody's going to say anything, and it all just flies under the radar.
Do you think this ties into the masses of dead microbiologists?
Well, you know, it's possible, because one of the things that any microbiologist knows that has now...
You know, been recently exposed, is that these biological agents are shipped all over the world every day.
They're crisscrossing everywhere.
FedEx, DHL are the couriers that they use traditionally.
This stuff is going out to labs everywhere all the time.
And I have interviewed people starting in the 1980s who tell me, these people who work in labs, and they say, guess what?
No matter what they say about how carefully this stuff is packaged, we've gotten stuff sent to us leaking out of the package, in the mail.
All these germs are escaping and fluids are escaping.
Well, last night you covered examples, and George did, reading mainstream examples of all these car wrecks.
Blowing up, the package blew up because they say because of the dry ice in the package.
That's right.
Well, I mean, if that's a standard procedure for packaging germs when you send them around, putting them in dry ice, but the dry ice can actually blow up, you know, how safe is this?
So some of these microbiologists certainly were aware of the incredible risk
And the lax security procedures and the fact that thousands and thousands and thousands of labs around the world hold these bioagents and ship them all the time.
But then they're telling us we've all got to be micromanaged and controlled and be stopped at checkpoints for our freedom.
Yeah, that's right, exactly.
You know, you've got to control the humans but let the germs run free.
I mean, it's completely ridiculous.
So you agree with me that they're trying to create plausible deniability for when they release something?
Yes, they're trying to create plausible deniability.
They're also, as I said, trying to induce as much fear as possible.
That's what this latest thing is all about.
Because they know the average person will just hear, deadly flu virus mailed everywhere.
They won't even connect it and blame the government.
Even if the government gets blamed, what are we going to do about it?
But here's a yet deeper aspect of the story, and that's this.
Tell you what, let's cover that when we get back.
I know I said we'd go to calls.
We will, folks, but this is so important.
Bear with me, and then I'll get to all your calls.
Give us those details when we get back.
Talking to John Rappaport, and he heads up nomorefakenews.com.
Ladies and gentlemen, I want to bring up how the military dug up the 1918 superflu.
And then now they're telling us, get ready for it.
It's going to get released.
And then no one points out, hey, you're the ones that dug it up out of that dead whaler who was frozen in the permafrost near the North Pole.
I mean, can we put two plus two together here, folks?
It equals four.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
What we'll do is go to your calls immediately starting in the next hour.
This is just all interconnected.
So we need to go over this in an unbroken chain.
John Rappaport with nomorefakenews.com, investigative journalist.
Please continue connecting the dots.
You are about to get into something even more frightening.
Yeah, I was going to get into a deeper aspect of the story, and this is why I say that it's basically this whole 1957 flu virus thing is a fear operation.
In fact, this was not a pandemic in 1957.
They say it was.
It was maybe more people than normal around the world died from the flu that year.
Maybe they didn't, but it wasn't the big one.
Millions normally die.
It wasn't the 19, 18, 50 million.
It was 1 to 4 million.
So, what are we looking at here?
We're looking at a propaganda operation that starts off with step one saying, 1957 was a pandemic, gigantic, and guess what?
The virus is loose around the world.
Well, the only place where it's really a threat is in the labs, and especially if those labs are in hospitals, which a lot of them are.
That's where this stuff got sent.
Because you've got people with compromised immune systems as patients in those hospitals, and those people can be knocked over by a feather.
So, yeah, if the virus as it did in Hong Kong, for example, which was connected to a hospital in that lab there, got out, which it did, you could have patients in that hospital dying.
But the general public walking around on the street, forget it.
I was at college in New England in 1957, and I know what happened.
When they tried their little fear op on everybody there, got to get vaccinated, got to do it now, blah, blah, blah, ominous threat coming out of China.
And I said, hey, forget about it.
I'm going to be fine.
And I didn't get vaccinated, and I saw people who did get vaccinated.
Well, John, here's the $64,000 question.
We know they put...
Okay, well I can tell you that very simply.
I've investigated the 1918 flu epidemic and I'm convinced that the major cause of that epidemic was actually vaccines.
That's how it began.
The vaccines given to US troops in the United States before they went overseas to fight in World War I. These vaccines, all of them, are immunosuppressive.
They suppress the immune system.
They don't have anything to do with actually preventing disease.
That's the oldest con game in the medical textbook, and we could go into chapter and verse on that, but the basic fact is that vaccines which contain not only germs that are put in there, but other germs that are not even supposed to be in there from various animals and various chemicals like aluminum and formaldehyde and mercury and so on,
These vaccines are immune suppressive.
And when you give them to people, it does exactly that.
And if the people, notice the people that are always being targeted when the flu season arrives.
The elderly and the very young.
Those are the very people who have the weakest immune systems and are most likely to be damaged.
Well, we've got a Nobel Prize winning epidemiologist saying if you take the flu shots multiple times, you are 1,000 times more likely to get Alzheimer's.
Doesn't surprise me at all.
Vaccines are part of the entire operation to weaken the population and to depopulate the population.
Oh, we've got Henry Kissinger's own documents from 1973.
We're going to start the second hour, get more into this, and take your calls.
Folks, this is really happening, and I want to ask John Rappaport about the move to forcibly make the population take vaccines.
That's what the government wants to do.
We'll be right back.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, 26 seconds into this second hour.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
This quick segment will take a few calls and we'll get back
We will continue to cover, well, this latest scare.
Oh, this flu pandemic.
This flu virus from 57 that caused the pandemic.
It's been mailed out to all these thousands of labs.
Then we track back the company that did it.
They're basically an intelligence agency front.
We'll recap exactly what's going on and then ask the bigger question.
How do we stop the global controllers from setting the precedent to inject us with what they want when they want?
And they're talking about engineering the vaccines directly into the foods through pharmacological crops where we cannot even get away from it.
This is the tool of total eugenics, total control.
We'll talk about it more with our guest, John Rappaport, at nomorefakenews.com.
But, John, let's go ahead and take a few calls now.
These will probably be all over the map, but I know you can comment on them with your expansive repertoire of knowledge.
Chuck in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Chuck.
Thank you, Alex.
I've heard you speak many times about IBM and the work they did with the Nazis, with the computers and everything, and lining up human beings.
Well, the National Geographic and IBM have gotten together to get a geno... What is it?
A genographic project?
I think it's the... The IBM heads up the Human Genome Project.
And again, they were the ones that, through their international business machines, the numbers on the prisoners' arms in Germany, and they would decide how much you weighed and how much to feed you or to go ahead and kill you.
And Watson...
The owner of IBM was a big Hitler supporter, also a big member of the Order of Death through Bohemian Grove.
But go ahead and I'll get a comment from our guest.
Yeah, this Genographic project, it has all the typical fingerprints.
They've got ten locations over the planet.
It's a five-year plan.
Like I say, they're working with the National Geographic and the Geno project leader is Spencer Wells.
Don't know if it's any relation, but they're going through and
What they're trying to find is the origins of the human race.
They're trying to find a base genetic, I've seen the article, the base genetic tracer marks, I guess.
Well, let's get a comment from our guest, John.
Well, one of the things that the Department of Defense has been doing for years and years and years is trying to develop ethno-specific weapons.
And part of this idea is, of course, to try to make the point or discover genetic differences among different cultures and races and so forth.
Well, Dick Cheney said in the PNAC document September 2000, we need to legitimize the use of race-specific bioweapons.
They've been on this for a very, very long time.
And so...
These projects are always fronts, you see.
I mean, oh yes, we want to do cultural comparisons and we want to search for the origin of life.
It's like brain research.
You go into any university where they do extensive brain research.
I've been there.
It's all mind control.
Yeah, what they're saying is we're trying to cure diseases.
We're trying to save people.
It's all DARPA mind control right here at UT Psychology Department.
So what is going on in the background?
See, all of this is compartmentalized.
So you've got researchers at this college and that university, and they're all working on little, little tiny things like ants in different colonies.
It's like Legos.
But there are people who are hooking all this stuff up to try to figure out how does the brain work, and therefore how can we control it.
It's nothing to do with curing disease, ultimately.
Real fast, anything else, Chuck?
Well, I was just curious.
I wonder if Spencer Wells has any relation to H.G.
But, yeah, I should have elaborated that that's what they say it's about.
But this Mongolian, this is just one of the spins that they had.
Mongolian native Tumor Batur learned that he was a descendant of Genghis Khan, and he was very excited.
But wasn't George Bush... That was written by a PR flag.
Oh, yeah, but wasn't George Bush... Yeah, that's what they say.
The Count's lied.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright folks, 8 minutes, 30 seconds roughly into this second hour.
For stations that don't carry that last segment that carry the so-called news, we really missed it.
A caller brought up to our guest, John Rappaport, who's an investigative journalist, brought up the fact that IBM and others are involved in this global human genome project going around collecting different DNA strains.
Imagine if I wrote a publication where I said we need to legitimize the use of race-specific bioweapons that kill certain races of people.
We need to use this in a war.
Dick Cheney, I've read the quote on air.
I mean, they published it.
It's on their PNAC website.
Project for a New American Century, just in one particular nightmare document, the September 20, 2000, Rebuilding America's Defenses.
In that same document, they say we need Pearl Harbor attacks to get the American people behind a global war, and we need helpful attacks.
Saddam isn't a threat.
We need his oil, and to use Iraq as a military launch base, but we'll tell the public.
That it is about weapons of mass destruction.
I mean, Dick Cheney wrote this particular document.
He published it before he was even elected vice president.
Or appointed vice president, I'm sorry.
And because they know the mainstream media will never challenge them on this.
They know 99% of you won't go to the PNAC's own website or buy a hard copy bound book of the different writings of this think tank.
I mean, imagine, John Rappaport, if you wrote an article
Calling for the development of race-specific bioweapons to kill certain races.
You would be decried by the NAACP, by the ADL.
You might even have the FBI show up at your house.
But if you were in government power over these weapons, you would be arrested, at least in a proper setting.
But Dick Cheney says it, and it's, oh, it's normal.
How do you square that with...
With just now this supposed super flu from 57 that the government-controlled laboratory mailed out, the same group that sent this stuff to Saddam Hussein.
Try to tie that together for us.
It's called, you can't arrest me.
You know, you get a card.
Dick Cheney has a card.
You can't arrest me.
It's in the great Monopoly game.
He's out of reach because he's one of the people who's running the show.
It's that simple.
If you run the show, you can say and do all kinds of things.
That's like Schwarzenegger can say, I dream of being a dictator, I admire Hitler, I love Nazis, just hundreds of things, and he gets awards from the ADL.
There is no problem with that.
Once you have risen high enough in the power ladder, then you are immune.
And in fact, the press supports you because what are you supplying to the press?
Story after story after story about horrible things happening.
It sells newspapers.
Everybody's loving it.
Reading, sucking up all of this crazy juice that the newspapers provide about one horror story after another.
This, that, this latest scandal.
People love story.
Everybody wants a story.
And if you can't tell your own, where are you going to go?
You're going to go to the press.
It doesn't matter if it's a good story or a bad story or it's got lies in it.
You're going to suck it up because you have already
Well, I want to stop you right there.
For those that just joined us, a lot of stations join us in the second hour.
John Rappaport has worked as a freelance investigative reporter for 20 years.
He writes for LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, Village Voice, Nexus, CBS, Health Watch, and other newspapers and magazines in the U.S.
and Europe.
And you were nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for your work on the El Salvador University where the military had taken over the campus.
And it goes on and on, John, what you've covered.
For those that just joined us before we go back to calls, please recap the flu story and what you, and you did discover this.
You ferreted this out.
It's now in mainstream news since you did the work.
Tell us about it.
The CDC has finally been forced to admit that this was intentional, sending out all these vials of 1957 flu virus to about 4,000, 5,000 labs around the world.
What it turns out to be is that one company in Virginia, ATCC, is the company that originally sent out these germs.
And this is the very same company that in the 1980s
sent out more biowar weapons to Iraq than any other entity in the United States.
So, you know...
It only takes a few brain cells to connect the dots on this one.
And then that same company, the director of that company, sat on a congressionally funded investigation of his own company, and then up until 1993, according to a bunch of mainstream publications and Senator Alphonse D'Amato's own congressional study in 1993, up until 1993, the CDC was mailing these care packages to Iraq and others.
And the reason for that, we concluded in the last hour, is that they have to have plausible deniability at one level.
If the globalists ever decide to release anything, they can say, oh, well, we know it was mailed to this company, and then nobody pays attention to who sent it out.
Then they can basically frame anybody they want to.
But you said one of the biggest reasons is just this overarching atmosphere of fear.
That's the whole point of this.
If you make people afraid enough
Then their next reaction is to obey central authority
Across the board.
And that ties into the Model States of Emergency Powers Act, and then we're going to go to calls up for this question, but you know well, John, you've been covering this in detail at nomorefakenews.com in just an amazing fashion.
Last year, British government almost passes a law to forcibly inject every child in England with an injection that has a live virus that creates plaques in the neurotransmitters of the brain, blocking endorphins,
Hence heroin, cocaine, nicotine, also your natural endorphins.
Here they want to start forcibly injecting us.
We're in trouble.
Comments on that?
Big trouble.
And the biggest trouble is that the largest hypnotic force on the planet is medical.
This is the new priesthood.
This is the way into the New World Order.
Because the medical gives the appearance of not being political.
We're just looking out for your health.
We want to do the best we can.
The vanguards of the Nazis were medical.
Everything they did was because their doctor said so.
The psychiatrists were the ones in Germany who brought over the...
Eugenics and euthanasia programs from the United States.
And this is the key.
This is what people have to understand.
That the medical funnel is the way that you eliminate, for example, a Bill of Rights.
It's the scalpel for social engineering.
You can't go out of the house.
You can't talk to people.
You can't do this.
You can't do that.
You have to obey.
You have to be in fear.
And then you have to take whatever we want to inject into your bodies.
And on top of that, we're doing some tremendous brain research so that ultimately, down the line, you won't even have to think because we will be projecting into you the imagery that we want you to live by.
I was given a tour of the non-classified areas of the new, gigantic, beautiful building, UT Psychology Department, because I have a friend who's high level in there.
And just the areas I was allowed to see...
They take monkeys, plug electrodes in their brains, flash different patterns on TV screens to mind control the monkeys, and they admit it's DARPA testing for the citizenry, for flickering with the TV, with a background image.
It was all face scanning, retina scanning, mind control, wavelengths.
And this is the stuff I was allowed to see.
And just everywhere were DARPA documents with DARPA funding at the top of every program.
This research is going on all over the world, all the time.
And there are people that are collating it and putting it together and working out an ultimate program for the brave new world.
That's what they're doing.
I want to tell you something weird.
And I don't even know how to explain this.
I've been getting emails in the last three days from sort of like stock advisories.
They have kind of like a graphic of
When I click on that email to open it, for about three seconds, in gray print, light print, there is a text message.
And I started to try to read it.
I saw the word CIA.
I mean, this is absolutely true.
I'm not paranoid.
That whole text goes off.
You can't see it anymore.
And then it's replaced by the graphic for the Stock Advisory.
I've never seen anything like that.
It's like there's a whole message hidden behind the graphic.
Extensive text.
Well, when you take marketing at a normal college, they teach the power of subliminals, and then it's all over the place.
Yeah, well, here it is on the email.
So, what we're looking at here, ultimately, is let's hypnotize the entire population into the concept of medical emergency.
Therefore, we can declare these emergencies.
We can say it's martial law.
We can say anything we want to with the government.
We can come in and force drugs on people or vaccines.
We can invade your house.
And we can say, is there anybody infected here?
You have no more rights.
This is...
The apex of the plan for control through medical means.
And this is what people absolutely, for the most part, do not understand.
They're always looking somewhere else for the crown of the new world order.
The crown is medical, believe me.
That's where it's all heading.
And you can see the acceleration of stories in the press over the last year or so, or three,
All about, oh, the big one is coming, the pandemic, this, that, the smallpox fiasco vaccine.
Remember that when Tommy Thompson said, everybody in the United States has his name on a vial of smallpox vaccine.
And then a year later he turns around and he says, I'm not going to get this thing and I'm not recommending anybody else does either.
It's complete insanity.
John Rappaport, I want to come back and go straight to calls for...
Bart, Michael, Elizabeth, Andy, and many others that are patiently holding his website.
You'll want to check it out.
I'm Alex Jones.
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We listened.
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We listened.
You asked us to include an emergency light for camping and during power
We're good to go.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to keep John Rappaport about 10 minutes into the next segment, so another 20 minutes or so, because...
We got a lot of calls for him.
We haven't gotten to him yet because this information is so important.
But callers always bring us in important directions, like the last caller that was bringing up race-specific bioweapons.
I mean, this is so important.
And so let's go to calls now, and then I've got one more very important question for John Rappaport in the next segment.
Barton, Texas.
We've got to go quickly, callers.
Go ahead, Bart.
Go ahead, Bart.
I think something that ties into this is a book I just read recently by Gary Matsumoto called Vaccine Aids.
And what he details from government documents that he's been researching over the last 10 years is that most of the vaccines that were given to our troops in Gulf War I were experimental vaccines that all had this compound called squalene in it, which causes autoimmune syndrome.
I've got to be honest with you.
That squalene is, in my opinion, a red herring.
The real problem is all the other viruses and bacteria and yeast and stuff and things they add on purpose.
It was experimental.
It was illegal to give it to them.
Look, we've caught the UN in Asia and in Africa putting hormones into the tetanus shots that sterilize the women.
We've caught them.
We have the documents, okay?
John Rappaport comments?
Yes, absolutely.
HCG is the hormone that was put into these.
They're called anti-fertility vaccines, and they've been researched for years at Rockefeller Institution and in other places.
And this is definitely a program, and it was exposed in the Philippines.
And then we also, at the same time, have the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
We have all these big Rockefeller foundations.
We have Ted Turner, a billion bucks.
While they're openly going to population control conferences and promoting eugenics views, they also love the little children so much they want them to have their shots.
Pretty obvious, John.
It's all part of the same thing.
And I've written extensively about this with Gates, you know, the humanitarian gestures of giving all this money for the vaccines while, of course, he's also investing in drug company stocks.
But, you know, gargantuan amounts of money for vaccines, and this is population control, as you say.
Anything else, caller?
Anything else, Bart?
Yeah, I wanted to ask both of you how y'all see resistance to this coalescing in the future, because I do agree... Thanks for the call.
Great point.
In fact, speak of the devil, right during the break, I asked John, are we going to win this?
And he said, yes.
There is a massive awakening.
He's getting the same thing I'm getting.
The health freedom movement, which I've been involved in since about 1990, to me is the biggest ongoing grassroots revolution on the planet.
Because people are completely breaking away from medical central authority.
They are basically saying, this is my body, I'll do what I want to do, and nothing you can do is going to stop me, because if you try to give me a shot that I don't want,
You're not going to be able to do it.
I'm not going to submit.
You might get your own type of shot.
You might get no shot.
You might get nutrients.
You might get, you know, eating something that you believe is healthy.
I was talking about people with firearms.
Oh, yeah, right.
Giving the person their own injection of lead.
Yeah, well, this is where I have seen more people become what I would call true radicals in this country around the issue of health than anything else.
They understand the threat.
It's at a ground level.
Well, you can't hide it when we got Henry Kissinger documents about sterilizing half the women.
I mean, it's not like we're making this up, John.
No, we're not making this up.
And this is where the rubber meets the road, because people will rebel when you suddenly force on them drugs and vaccines that they know... And I know the population in their gut, John, knows something's wrong.
Let's go ahead and talk to Michael in New York.
Michael, go ahead.
Hi, gentlemen.
You know, Alex, like the Native Americans always said, they're fork-tongued devils.
Care about the children while we're going to poison them with our protective vaccines.
We got some blankets for your children in there.
Yeah, they're doing to us what they did to the poor natives back then.
Alex, I called you yesterday.
I told you I was a chemist once at IBM and then got into making semiconductor chips, and I was telling you how it was black magic.
I rushed through it quick and after I listened back on it all and I realized, you know, I don't have to be that way on your show because you do let the callers say whatever they want to say.
You don't cut them off and you even follow up.
Over here in New York with WABC, they used to cut me off all the time once I got off their politically correct line of thought.
And so anyway, I just wanted to mention that as far as the chip itself is also poisonous just to make.
And a lot of people I know have died that were in the manufacturing lines every day working with the product.
And also, John, if I could follow up after the break with something John said about... Follow up right now.
We've got a lot of calls.
The new priesthood is the medical establishment.
That's all true.
And that's why the people are waking up to that fact, and that's why they're going back to nature for the remedies.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Elizabeth, Andy, John, a few others will have time to give their calls here before we let John Rappaport get back to his important work at nomorefakenews.com nomorefakenews.com Very important website.
Let me just throw out a smattering of other issues here concerning this latest fear-mongering the mind control experts are doing.
George Bush and his cabinet, and this was admitted in a press conference by Ari Fleischer, they were all on Cipro on September 10th.
That was the day it was mailed out.
The anthrax.
And then look at who got mailed the anthrax.
It was used to shut down most of the Capitol and five of the six office buildings so they could pass the Patriot Act with no one reading it.
The person that showed the photos of the Bush daughters falling down on top of other girls got mailed the weaponized anthrax, which turned out to be the Fort Detrick U.S.
super strain coated in bentonite
Takes $100 million worth of equipment conservatively just to have that bentonite process.
It's a huge complex.
They tried to then blame it on that Hatfield scientist claiming he might have brewed it in a bucket in his basement.
That's like saying I fly to the moon on a broomstick.
That's the same science in that.
It's totally made up.
This is the same thing.
And then you track it back to big globalist Bush supporters who are making money off the Cipro.
Which isn't even the best antibiotic to treat inhalation of anthrax.
And this is the facts.
Then we have a congressional study from 99 of how to mail weaponized anthrax through the mail.
So it's the same story over and over and over and over and over again.
And they're trying to set the precedent to get us back into their system and to have forcible inoculations.
District of Columbia, last time I checked, had passed a law claiming you've got to be vaccinated if you're a child.
Now, that's totally unconstitutional.
But during a break we were talking, John, and you mentioned the numbers that I've seen, we had a record low flu season through the middle of last year through to this month.
Record low.
Because we had record low inoculations.
And they try to create this, what I call the Christmas toy phenomenon of, oh, there's no vaccine.
They say that every year.
Get yours first.
So people think it's like the Christmas toy they've got to have.
They all run out and try to get it.
But that isn't working anymore.
People just said, you know, I don't want it.
And then they even had extra flu vaccine, despite the fact they, quote, had a problem at the plant in England and didn't have enough.
And then you look at the numbers.
We have less flu problems this year.
My mother once was getting ready for a big swim meet.
She's a master swimmer.
Never gets sick.
Took a flu shot about five years ago.
Was sick for a month.
Please elaborate.
Well, you're absolutely right.
Very light flu season this year.
Very low vaccination rate.
Doesn't take a genius to figure it out.
And they said it was going to be a record year.
Yeah, they tried to promote that.
The danger, ominous clouds on the horizon, all the usual kind of PR.
And this is the way it turns out.
And all you have to do is try to search through the newspapers and see if any mainstream reporter actually makes the connection between...
Low flu rate and low vaccine rate, and you'll see that you're dealing with a completely controlled press.
I've seen the charts in major epidemiological publications from Australia, Germany, England, the United States, Canada.
The charts are identical, almost identical, with the advent of good hygiene and better nutrition
Around 80 years ago, infectious diseases plummet by 85%.
Then in the 50s, with increased vaccination, it actually goes back up again.
Not the previous levels, but it goes back up again.
And you can actually trace the bringing in and popularization of vaccines with increases in those infectious diseases.
Let me make another point.
I've done extensive research on the number of flu deaths in the U.S.
every year.
Every year the CDC trots out the same figure, 36,000 people every year die.
This is PR.
You can go, and I have, and I've written articles on this on NoMoreFakeNews, go to their sites where the real statistics are quoted and you will see that somewhere between
1,000 and 3,000 people at the most every year die from the flu in the United States.
And there are some years, I have found a year where it was like 700.
You see, this is a total lie.
But they count 91-year-old women who've broken both their hips and have kidney failure who are dehydrated and on morphine who also get the flu.
That's right.
They count that, and they also, you see, they lump it in with pneumonia.
And so what you're really getting is a combination stat there, and they claim that they have an absolute link between flu and pneumonia.
That's nonsense.
You can see it on their own site.
I have.
They have absolutely no evidence to connect those two, but all the doctors just say, oh, sure.
But then with real diseases like whooping cough and drug-resistant TB pouring across the borders and into our airports, that's kind of a little secret.
Yeah, they don't care about that because basically they want to bankrupt the whole country.
They want an influx of illegal immigration to completely destroy the infrastructure because how is global management going to take place if the United States remains
The primary superpower on the planet.
The whole idea is to reduce the level of functioning on all fronts in the U.S.
down to something like the U.K., and then you can incorporate the U.S.
into this global system of management, control, power from the top, from a very few people.
Last comment, and we've got to take a few final calls here, John.
Side issue, but it's connected because of free speech to be able to fight this.
From San Francisco to New York, they're talking about regulating and taxing and shutting down blogs, alternative news, licensing.
Oh, you've got to be a licensed reporter to have a website and be able to comment.
There's all this talk.
That's why it's evidence we're winning.
They're now even trying to restrict our free speech.
Sure they are.
They definitely want to do this, and they want to paint all of the internet news people as crazy and illegal and causing trouble and so forth and so on.
My take on this is it ain't going to work, because if they were to shut me down tomorrow, I would start a new website, and I wouldn't call it a news website.
I'd call it something else.
Well, we'd all be upset by what happened to you, and we'd all have you on.
You'd get 100 times the exposure.
You know, it's like trying to press down on one corner of rubber filled with air, and it pops up somewhere else.
You can't do it.
They're going to try, but they're not going to be able to do it.
Well, I mean, look, they pay for Talent News Agency, and Gannon is their own personal pleasure toy as well.
They had to give him a reason to pay him.
That's why he was there.
But then they go, see, blogs are bad.
Look at this fake reporter.
Well, that's their fake reporter.
They've infiltrated the alternative media, and they use their own fake reporters as examples of reasons to regulate us because they don't want John Rappaport or Alex Jones typing the name of the company that mailed out this flu and finding out they're the same ones that armed Saddam, and they're connected to the CIA.
That's right.
That's what they don't want.
Because that's real reporting.
That is real reporting, and they can't stop it.
And, you know, I have talked to many reporters over the years who work in the mainstream, and to a person...
They will confess after you've talked to them enough that they're dying on the vine.
I'm talking about health problems.
Serious, serious health problems because they can't say what they think.
This is driving them into the grave.
By the way, that's true.
When you're telling the truth and you know you're on the side of good, you feel great.
I've said it, you know, you reap what you sow.
I mean, I don't believe in karma, but that's what the Eastern folks say.
But there is that law out there that people that go along with this lie are cursed.
Yeah, I mean, they curse themselves right from the get-go.
And over the years, they get sick, and they get sicker, and they take more and more drugs, which is why they don't expose these drugs.
They're all on these drugs.
Do you know alcoholism and drug abuse is the highest in law enforcement and the media?
Yeah, that's right.
And also in the medical profession, you know, the suicide rate among dentists is extraordinarily high.
Well, I've got to tell you, it is just unbelievable that this is happening.
I've talked to these reporters.
They're upset about what's happening.
All the time reporters go, well, I've written this big article, and I call them back later and they go, the story got killed, or they cut 80% of it out.
Yeah, I've seen these people desert, leave, get sick.
They can't function.
I mean, you write for LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, Village Voice, Nexus, CBS, Altwatch.
I mean, you've been a mainstream reporter.
Yeah, I was a mainstream reporter until it came to the point where I went over the edge and started writing pieces that I couldn't get published.
And when I started screaming at editors...
They would admit that it was, quote, too controversial.
And so I said, okay, bye-bye.
I'm leaving.
I don't do that anymore.
It doesn't work on any level for me.
And so I said, I'm going to start a website and just tell the truth.
Well, for every action, there's an equal or greater reaction.
And, you know, they've sold out to a great extent, but they still do some good reporting.
Newsmax, that started because Christopher Ruddy wasn't allowed by his publishers to tell the truth about how Clinton had Vince Foster whacked.
You can see this happening.
I mean, I've seen a number of reporters that are now writing on the Internet that used to be mainstream reporters.
And when I talk to them, I say, how are you doing?
And they say, man.
I'm feeling like I just got let out of jail.
I'm liberated.
I can't wait to get to work in the morning.
I'm working, too.
I know.
It feels good.
It does.
I mean, it's good to be with the good guys, folks.
That's why we're going to win.
Okay, three final calls.
We've got to let our guests go.
He's very busy.
Elizabeth and Marilyn, then Andy and John.
That's all I have time for.
Then we'll take other calls.
Don't worry for those that are holding after that.
Elizabeth and Marilyn, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
This is a very important interview.
Hi, Alex.
I hope you get John back again.
I want to, yeah.
I have a question for both of you.
Before I do that, I just want to alert you that I did send you my book, Patriots Morning 1 and 2, as you requested, and I ordered your new video, so I hope if it didn't get to you, please get in touch with me.
The next thing is, when John mentioned that this is a medical police state, last night I was horrified when I heard on WBJC, the Baltimore Classic Music Station, and then I clicked on CNN to see that Gonzalez had had 10,000 people rounded up nationwide.
All right?
Operation Falcon, which is really Operation Federalization of Local Police.
And they said, now here's where I think it comes in where I want to ask John and you what you think about the medical police state.
They said they were suspected murderers, sex offenders, and some people on the street.
That's that last nebulous category that worries me.
These evil homeless people have got to be stopped.
Yeah, well, all you have to do is start counting heads and talking to people on the street.
You see how many, you know, soldiers, ex-soldiers you see on the street that have been destroyed by illnesses created by vaccines and by, you know, the kinds of things that happen with depleted uranium and so forth and how the medical establishment covers that up.
That is tragic.
Yeah, it very much is tragic.
I am so glad that you and Alex are bringing out so many subtleties today in this labyrinth of evil.
So much is so important.
You know, the CDC.
And I have one further question.
When you said they've admitted that they intentionally sent out the 5,000 shipments, what do you mean by intentionally?
What did they actually admit to?
Thanks, Elizabeth.
Well, basically, of course, the CDC, which said it had to be sent out intentionally, was tap-dancing around the whole thing.
And the WHO said the same thing.
You say, well, what do you mean intentionally?
And they say, well, somebody in a lab decided that the 1957 strain grows very easily, so it would be a good germ to send out.
You know, so they're giving it to you, then they're taking it away.
What I mean by intentional is that this was an intentional operation to create fear.
But they knew about it a month ago, and it's a legitimized bush in this medical martial law executive order they announced two weeks ago.
Thank you, Elizabeth.
Andy in Texas.
Andy, go ahead.
Hi, how y'all doing?
I just got a question.
With the National ID card that's going to end up going to an RFID chip, do you think those RFID chips will be able to be...
I got three mainstream articles saying the chip under the skin will soon be like the cell phone.
I have three articles today saying you will take it.
It's a great idea.
Yeah, sure, because the whole idea is not simply to track people, but to upgrade these chips to control people.
Well, this is how we know it's controlled, John.
Every day I see one of these articles.
Today it's three articles, and I wasn't looking for them, where they go, it's no big deal, it's just technology, take the chip.
It's as if they're writing from talking points, and I think these are paid-off reporters.
They are.
Oh, sure.
And the other thing you have to know, of course, is the reporters work off of sources.
They have to have access.
And where do all the news stories come from?
The government.
So if some person at the CDC says... They're just writing an article off the press release.
They are, but if they decide to go against the press release in an article...
No more access.
Next time they call up the CDC, they can't talk to a researcher or a doctor, and so they're out of a job.
And that's the stranglehold that's put on these people.
But it's a catch-22.
The average newspaper is down by 60% in the last 10 years.
TV ratings are all down a mass 45%.
But then alternative news is exploding and taking over.
That's right, because people are telling the truth.
Anything else, Andy?
Well, what I was going to get at was, will it be able to alarm a supercomputer that there's a disease in this body and be able to warrant it?
That's what they're already saying that the reason for it is.
Oh, my gosh.
Good point.
We've got to have it to stop the bio-attack.
Good point.
John in Ohio.
Last caller for John Rappaport.
Go ahead.
Yes, I think too many people still rely on the corporate media like it's their mother's milk rather than a rattlesnake it is.
As the famous Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein revealed in CovertActionQuarterly.com, that the CIA has all through the century controlled the media.
I was just reading, for instance, this worm, this weasel, Thomas Friedman at the New York Times, who was revealed by Bernstein as one of the many top journalists
A sewer pipeline for CIA disinformation.
His latest column, just discussed to me, Will U.S.
Victory in Iraq Spell Trouble at Home?
It had everything from the whitewash of his own lies, the New York Times lies that led us into the war, the whitewash of the CIA supposedly protecting us from terrorists, the whitewash of the phony elections there, and then ends up by saying the reason
That we haven't had attacks is because Bush attacked Iraq and Afghanistan and that's why they're fighting them there instead of here with this kind of ridiculous... No, no, Bernstein's another one of their agents and they'll have the pot call the kettle black to make you think that there is an alternative choice.
Let me get a comment from our guest, John.
All I can tell you is that
The media is completely controlled.
I mean, whether it's through CIA infiltration, which certainly exists, and reporters are paid off and all of that, or mostly it's reporters who are policing themselves.
Yeah, they just pick like-minded idiots and write articles.
They don't even have to do anything anymore.
I mean, these people are not very bright.
Once or twice a week, they get a press release, write a little article, and then go get drunk.
You got it.
That's what they do.
That's the story.
Anything else, John?
I think we've covered a fairly large chunk of the waterfront, Alex.
All right.
Well, I really appreciate you coming on with us.
John in Ohio, is that it?
Well, there's not one more thing.
I'll hold you over.
We're going to let John Rappaport go.
Hey, thanks, Alex.
Appreciate it very much.
You bet.
And I'll be checking out nomorefakenews.com routinely.
I appreciate it.
Thank you again.
Appreciate you spending all this time.
I'll take a few more calls, hit some other news.
We'll be back.
Special Guard units prepare for domestic terrorism.
Gotta get those evil homeschoolers.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
I think?
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
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Alright, got a load of phone lines, got a great guest coming up, really important info.
We'll go to your calls here in a moment.
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Don't wait.
John in Ohio, finish up what you were saying.
Don't want to cut you short.
Well, yeah, I think what you were saying about some people that are actually agents within the media try to disguise that fact, and I think Friedman is one of them at the New York Times.
The New York Times acts all liberal.
They were the main conduit of the fake documents on WMD.
They are the number one sewer pipeline for this kind of stuff.
They are the great sewer pipe.
And this article was just a case study of all the lies just sort of thrown in.
Yeah, but as you said, he adds at the end that Bush was still legitimate.
Well, I'm saying that... Bernstein is another sewer pipe.
Well, yes, to some extent.
But what he said about the CIA being run by the CIA, the media being run by the CIA to frame up countries for attack, that was one exception to his agentry.
But this article by Friedman was actually setting the stage for future terrorist attacks to blame it on
You know, Al-Qaeda.
This was, I think, a very significant column.
It had every lie from these phony elections in Iraq where the people actually voted for the United States to get out.
The winning coalition over there at least misled the people.
But they wrote a veto in where the Sunni minority had a veto.
Well, and also that the Iraqi alliance actually said on their document of
They're a statement of principles.
They wanted the United States out.
That's what people were voting for.
But they built into it a veto of the minority.
Well, that's absolutely right.
And they're not going to give it to them, obviously.
But the media and Thomas Friedman said this is a freely elected government.
It shows that we're wanted over there.
All they've done is put the masses back in power.
And he's calling for staying the course.
He's telling every one of the lies.
ZMAC.org, for instance...
We'll be right back.
Thanks for the call.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are now in to hour number three.
Forty seconds in, to be precise.
And we'll take a few more of your calls right now.
Then we have Sal Castillo coming on to talk about, well, the National Toll Plan and how that affects you and some of the latest developments with these toll roads.
And we'll continue with your calls right through the interview.
There's a big event coming up next week I want to know about here in Austin.
To fight these toll roads, better get going in your area to fight them before it's too late, regardless of where you live.
Let's talk to Ron in New York.
Ron, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Alex, two things I want to report that I read in today's newspapers in New York.
One surprised me, and it shows you the manner in which they do things.
They talked about a certain part of New York City that had been closed, a road area, that'll be reopened and buses will be permitted to pass through it.
They indicate under the stipulation that the buses can be searched.
Now, stop and think to yourself, how do you search a bus which is a public conveyance with scores of people on it without searching people?
Well, let me just stop you.
You know, in my film, The Takeover, Police State Through the Takeover, it's an army drill, regular army.
And later it came out, but they don't tell the people on the Greyhound buses this.
They pull them over and for nine hours, search it, open every bag, go through it, and they never even told them it was a drill.
And this is what they do.
Under National Security Special Events, they make whole cities, you know, police states, then they reopen roads and stuff, but say, oh, your freedom never returns.
But what gets me is the way that they word it.
It's like saying, it would be tantamount to this, it would be like saying, I'm searching the shirt you're wearing, but I'm not searching you.
Do you understand what kind of doublespeak that is?
Well, I mean, in Bill Clinton's National Seatbelt Initiative, funding $2.2 billion for these federal checkpoints, funding local police departments, it says, well, we say it's for seatbelts, but we're really going to look for guns and drugs and paraphernalia.
Well, now it's DWI checkpoints.
It's just an excuse to train you to be stopped and searched.
Well, they go on a fishing expedition for terrorism.
I wish they'd go do it on the border.
Yes, yes, I was just going to say... Where they're constitutionally allowed to.
They're fishing in a pond where most of the people they're fishing are not terrorists.
We're talking about average Americans.
No, it's like if you want to catch bass, you go fish in a lake that has bass.
You don't fly to another part of the country that doesn't have bass.
And this is what they're doing.
The second thing that they've done here, it's probably a more significant story, is you remember because you were up here, they arrested 1,600 people for the Republican National Convention.
400 arrests right off the bat are being dismissed as unsustainable, bad faith, having no problem.
They've caught the police editing fake video.
It was over 2,000 is the numbers I had.
And they would have a cop fill out a report on you that wasn't even there arresting you.
The amazing part of it is the police commissioner in New York City responded by saying that this was an acceptable number given that event.
400 people, an acceptable number, out of 1,600, at least they admit to 1,600 arrests.
Hello, they dropped charges on 90%.
That's acceptable.
And plus, on top of that, you have police tampering with evidence.
Those videos that were taken by the police department are evidence as much as fingerprints or DNA.
And they think it's normal to go edit things.
And I was just going to say, when do you edit evidence?
In my career, I never edited evidence.
I never edited fingerprints.
I never edited photographs.
No, I mean, stuff that would put you in the pen for a decade now is just normal.
Well, the way they talk about it as it relates to them, however, they would put you in a pen for it, believe me, for more than a decade if they could.
But they reserve unto themselves the right of kings.
Now, the disgraceful part about it is... Well, the Attorney General says the government's above the law.
Oh, that's a true pronouncement.
That's not in fact true, but that is true as to what he said.
But, you know, the amazing part about it is, why isn't the police commissioner being forced to resign?
Why isn't there an investigation of official misconduct?
They announce the evil they do now, and then nothing happens.
No, that's the thing.
They're setting the precedent.
They claim they made a mistake.
How could you make 400 mistakes on 400 videotapes, or 200, or 100?
We've got a guest coming up.
If you want to hold, I'll get to you later.
This is very important.
Everybody stay there.
You're coming up.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up in a minute or two, we'll be talking to Sal Costello.
He is the founder and chief of the Austin Toll Party, now really a nationwide movement.
As folks learn, this is a nationwide plan.
Take your existing roads and turn them into toll roads.
Been some new wrinkles in this here in Austin, Texas.
Plus there's a big event coming up for folks that are in Texas next Thursday evening that you don't want to miss.
So we're going to be telling you about that and then getting into other news and taking your calls.
But Ron in New York is a retired police officer, just called in, and he mentioned something that I briefly covered in the first hour.
New York law enforcement caught doctoring video of RNC arrest.
This is in several New York newspapers, but they act like it's no big deal.
And they arrested 2,000 people.
The media is now sending 1,700 cases.
Well, they out of hand dropped when they released people from the jails over 1,000 is what I have from the original article.
So if you believe that, it's almost 3,000 or 2,700.
But they put over 2,000 people through this Guantanamo and the Hudson, this Pier 57 old condemned gigantic bus depot with barbed wire fences inside, porta-potties, people for days sleeping on concrete and 70 years of oil.
And then I'd be across the street videotaping with a professional crew of congressional press passes that would get me full access.
I mean, within 20 feet of Bush, inside MSG, Madison Square Garden.
It didn't matter.
I even had, you know, I mean, I had credentials that maybe one reporter out of 500 had.
There were like 10,000 reporters there in the city for this.
Didn't matter.
You know, I'm clean cut with a crew interviewing somebody.
They run over and threaten to arrest us.
That's in martial law.
And it happened to AP reporters, American Spectator reporters.
It happened to Village Voice reporters.
It happened to all these people.
It didn't matter.
Small children coming home from school, summer school.
German tourists.
Tourists from Ohio.
It didn't matter.
They just would randomly... You'd even have a permitted protest.
They'd say, no, you can't protest.
People would get judges' orders and show up to protest.
They'd go ahead and arrest everybody.
It was horrible.
It was really demoralizing, and the police memo later came out on New York One TV that they'd been ordered to be mean to the press, other than bivouacked official press TV transmission points around MSG.
They were lavishly worshipped by the government.
Because they don't want press there.
They want to scare protesters, scare press away.
But the caller mentioned that
Well, look, crime labs in Houston, Dallas, Boston, the FBI crime lab in Virginia, Quantico.
I've never seen a crime lab, a big one, that hadn't been caught framing people, being ordered to do it.
And people don't get in trouble for this.
In Dallas two years ago, the police were pulling over hundreds of people.
They'd pick a nice car.
It was a corrupt group of detectives getting part of the money themselves through the asset torture seizure.
They'd throw a bag of cue ball chalk for...
And nobody got in trouble.
The DA decided to no-bill it.
The same DA that was indicting innocent people.
And so the cops are here framing people, editing videos, and they admit it, and no one gets in trouble.
Finish up what you were saying real quick, Ron.
Well, what I was saying was the following.
That you have filmed, you had numerous videos taken by the police department.
They were supposedly, according to the commissioner, who came up and was an apologist for his organization.
I believe he's complicit in this, of course, because everything starts from the top down, especially in that organization.
He was saying that it was an editing mistake, and I'm saying to you that these tapes are evidence.
Since when do you edit at least original copies?
When would you edit original copies of evidence?
And how many mistakes are you going to make?
We're not talking about one tape.
We're talking about, I'm sure, at least several tapes or more.
It's more than that.
The paper's saying hundreds of tapes.
The police had hundreds of people out with cameras.
I was down there, Alex.
You could see a lot of them.
There were a heck of a lot of them.
In one spot, I saw probably 30 police with video cameras.
How could you make an editing mistake with all those videos?
Do you understand what I'm saying to you?
It's virtually impossible.
That has to be done intentionally.
Well, Alberto Gonzalez says the government's above the law.
Thanks for the call.
And in closing, I'll just add this.
I've been to trials.
I've covered it.
I've been given the videos.
You subpoena, say, a state police tape in Texas.
And I'm not saying our state police are bad.
Compared to some of these departments, they're pretty good.
More professional.
But I've seen it where they get the guy out of the car, and then the tape goes blank.
And I talked to my friend, and they beat him up.
He didn't resist them.
But to keep themselves out of trouble, they edit.
Mike Hanson was in the jail for not letting him search his car.
I think?
We're good to go.
Sal heads up for the Austin Toll Party.
We'll give you that website.
And before we get into the latest developments, Sal, there's a big event coming up next Thursday night here in Austin, Texas, is it not?
That's right, Alex.
Thank you for having me on your show.
Thanks for coming on.
And I want to tell everybody who's listening to this radio show throughout the country, this event is not just about Austin, Texas.
Our governor, Rick Perry, has made a decision
That he has been forced, he's been sitting on for years with a special interest and basically they're looking to toll Texas freeways.
Now even if you don't live in Texas,
This does affect you because the whole country is watching this.
Because if it's a success here in Austin, because we're going to be the experiment of tolling freeways.
And they've even said that.
Louisiana looks at Texas.
California looks at Texas.
Oh, yeah.
Oregon looks at Texas.
6,000 miles of toll roads.
He told USA Today, oh, it's only 4,000 miles.
Well, 4,000 is the trans-Texas corridor.
There's 2,000 in the urban areas that he has planned.
And in Austin, they're looking to toll every freeway we have.
Now, our group has been fighting for about a year.
We've had real good success.
There's a bridge that you know about, Alex.
Right by our house.
Yeah, you live near there.
And that's where I live.
We live in a similar neighborhood, maybe a mile apart.
But we kept them from tolling that bridge.
But the toll authority is talking about, when they talk about it, they talk about the out years.
So they want to come back and get it.
But we've had a lot of success.
But we're having this benefit concert.
We've got two Grammy Award winners coming.
And this concert is for us to build a war chest.
We are going to fight this politically and in the legal courts, and we need a war chest to do it.
So wherever you live, you can go to our website, austintotalparty.com.
You can buy tickets, come to the event, or buy tickets and not come to the event because it will help this fight that will help everybody in this country if we can win.
Now, tell folks about this event and who's coming.
Yeah, the event is called Tunes Not Tolls Fest, and Jimmy Vaughn, who is a Grammy Award winner, is headlining.
He is bringing a friend, just told me yesterday, James Cotton, who is a Grammy winner.
He is probably the best blues harmonica player in the world.
This guy is big, and he's going to be playing with Jimmy.
We've got John Emery.
We've got Bruce Jones.
We've got Carol Keaton-Strayhorn, the comptroller of public accounts for the state of Texas, is coming to this event to speak.
She has been a very strong advocate of not tolling freeways.
We've got state representatives coming, Democrats and Republicans.
You name it and they're coming.
Everything from a city councilman to a potential candidate running for governor.
This thing is going to be big and we're going to have more guests
And I can tell you that I've been meaning to promote this, and you guys contacted me and said that you wanted me to introduce Jimmy Vaughn, so I look forward to doing that and saying a few words there.
How do folks... Tell us where the venue is located.
Yes, it's going to be at the Doubletree Hotel North, and if you go to our website, we have a link to that to show you that you can see the map exactly where it is.
It's going to be Thursday evening on the 21st from 7.30 p.m.
We're good to go.
When I talked with Jimmy Vaughn yesterday, I asked him if he wanted Alex Jones to introduce him.
He said, hey, man, I love Alex Jones.
That would be an honor.
So we're excited about having you there, too.
Well, that's exciting.
I look forward to that.
I'm trying to get a babysitter so my wife can come, too.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, listen, now also you can get these from the big mainstream ticket firm, too.
Yes, that's right.
You can go to gettix.net.
It's going to cost a little bit of a fee there.
Or you can go to Pinky's Wireless, or as I said, you can go to austintollparty.com, read about the event.
You can see a poster.
Say that again slowly.
You can go to austintollparty.com.
You can also go to Pinky's Wireless, the big cell phone company that's all over Austin.
And where's the other place you can go?
Yes, and also gettix.net.
This is a central Texas event.
We have people coming in from different counties to come and have a good time for this benefit and to help fight the tolling of our freeways.
It's starting in other cities in Texas, but Austin is at the front of the line.
It's going to happen here first.
If it happens, it's going to happen all over the country.
This is a big boot job.
Well, I knew about this, say, years ago.
Oh, yeah.
This is the official federal plan.
Almost every major road will be towed, and we've got the new bill introduced for the transponder in your inspection sticker, and it says to tow and tax you.
That is true.
It's pretty disturbing.
But what we've got here... How is that bill doing right now?
Well, I don't know.
We're causing a heck of a stir here in Central Texas, and it's...
You know, we'll see how it turns out.
Stay there.
We've got a break.
Tell us the other important stuff you've got for us, Sal Castillo, when we get back.
AwesomeTollParty.com or we'll give you the other places to get tickets as well.
And I'll be in attendance.
That's the 21st.
The 21st.
Coming up next Thursday night at the Doubletree North.
Takes 3,000 people.
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You know, I start hyperventilating and ranting and raving because there's just so many things to talk about.
Sal, with the Austin Toll Party, I mean, we've caught them involved in bribery.
We've caught the people on the state board with their family members getting huge lucrative contracts, working for the private companies the day after they vote to pass it.
We have in polls 98% in Houston, 93% in Austin against it.
They still say, we don't care what you want.
And you had some of your petition takers have people from the city march up and offer them money to give them their petitions to recall the mayor.
And now the mayor, Will Wynn, who is this sniveling, giggling, out-of-control frat boy...
Now, you think it may be good, but I'm just telling you from my years of study of this, reading the article in the paper, here's the spin.
He says, well, I'll be for a local gas tax, a three-county gas tax, which is now illegal in the state of Texas.
If you guys will get behind us at the legislature to give us a local tax, then maybe I won't be for the toll roads.
Well, the toll roads are already being put in by the state.
They're moving forward.
I don't believe him as far as you can throw himself.
You know, you've got a point, but I'll tell you what.
We've made a lot of progress.
We've postponed some of these toll roads.
We want a knockout punch, and that's what this benefit concert's for.
But yeah, Mayor will win.
He's not going to be our mayor next year.
I've heard from some very big names that are going to be running against him because we've weakened him with that recall.
Nobody has been re-elected after a recall has been set in motion, whether it's been successful or not successful.
By the way, you had to get $35,000.
You basically got that and more, but you had to have an extra $10,000 or they could throw it out.
We came close, but not close enough.
We just didn't have the money.
How many totals did you really get?
We were just a few thousand shy of what we needed to have.
More than 45,000.
Yeah, we've got, yes.
And so what we've got here, I mean, we're actually, it's going to work out great because he's going to get de-elected this coming next year.
And what we're doing is we're putting pressure on all the tollers.
And if you want to see who the tollers are,
You can go to austintollparty.com or you can go to recalledtollers.com.
What we've got there is a petition that people can print out, also a business card to list all the tollers.
This is really working.
The elected officials, the only weakness they have is organization.
People being organized and voting them out of office.
Well, before we run out of time, I just want to commend you, Sal, because literally in our neighborhood, we were going to have toll roads to the north, south, east, and west.
Couldn't go anywhere without paying a toll.
You took action.
You got out there at the front, and you've had such success.
All the volunteers, I want to commend them.
And I want to commend Jimmy Vaughn and all the other just, as you said, top-level, award-winning musicians.
Everybody, wherever you live in Texas or even further away, next Thursday, come down.
It's a great place to meet like-minded people.
I've heard some of your folks calling this fusion politics.
It's the next wave.
It is.
It's real populist views, not left or right.
Coming together, a great place to meet like-minded people, a great place to get involved in wherever you live in the country.
Sal said it six months ago on this show.
I said it years ago.
Texas is the test.
They're saying it.
Now, in the last few weeks, everywhere, they're trying to do this with the transponders in your car, thousands of dollars a year, plus it tracks and traces you.
That's right.
That's right.
And this will affect everybody.
When you toll our freeways, you are really taking a lot of money.
I want to tell you this real quickly.
If they toll the freeways, it equates to about $9 more per gallon of gas tax that you'll pay.
Because now they're talking about 44 to 64 cents a mile, and you multiply that by 20 miles to the gallon if you get 20 miles to your car.
We just got an answer from the transportation officials that if we did the gas tax, now this is just to compare, it would be 3 cents.
So you can see that the three cents compared to $9 additional per gallon, that is a huge boondoggle.
Well, certainly the lesser of two evils would be to pay a local gas tax, but here's the problem.
I've looked at the numbers.
TxDOT's own numbers just came out a few weeks ago.
Brewster McCracken, who's turned back to our side when facing destruction politically.
He got the documents, and the text on internal documents, you know, for your eyes only, not to be distributed, sacred, said they got plenty of money.
They don't need any of this.
No, you're absolutely correct.
But I think the illustration of the gas tax compared to the $9, it illustrates what a boondoggle it is.
Well, exactly.
Like in California, Schwarzenegger says they want to tax people 60 cents a mile in peak times, 20 cents a mile in non-peak times.
Well, the average car is 25 miles to the gallon.
Do the math.
I mean, that's almost 9, 10 times more than the current gas tax.
I mean, it's insane.
It isn't because they don't have enough money, folks.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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They railed against the crown!
Call today.
Another ragtag ban.
Declaring independence.
And we're standing on their shoulders.
We wouldn't have any freedom
If it wasn't for all the men and women throughout history that have stood up against corruption, against the king rats, against the thugs.
And I tell you, this Austin Toll Party is a beautiful thing.
I mean, I don't know, it's over, what is it, 60,000, 70,000 people that have contacted them, 45,000 just short of that signatures for the petition.
Just amazing.
And so many great people from across the socioeconomic spectrum getting involved.
This is a true organic, true grassroots movement.
And you can do the same thing in your town, in your city.
But when you're standing there alone, and you look out at this big journey you've got in front of you, the old Chinese parable, journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, you go, I can't do it.
That is why you failed.
That is why we fail.
We have the power.
We are the majority.
We can win.
That's why they're desperately trying to put in their touchscreen fraud election systems.
But there's ways to have recalls on that.
All of you have to get involved and then not let your recall movements or your grassroots movements be hijacked.
And I think at this time, this whole party's doing a great job.
It hasn't been hijacked.
It's moving forward.
And I hope you'll come out next Thursday from 7.30 at night until midnight.
Or even later, at the Doubletree Hotel, a big nice hotel in North Austin, there are, what, off of I-35, 3,000 people there in the big ballroom, and I guess they're going to sell over 2,000 tickets, hopefully.
Jimmy Vaughn.
And others, in fact, before we take some calls and get back into the toll scams nationwide, go over how people get tickets, what time it is, how they find a map if they're not online.
Give us directions, Sal.
Well, you can buy tickets at austintollparty.com, right there on the first screen you go to, or gettix.net, or Pinky's Wireless.
Yeah, we're good to go.
Is the 6,000 block, I believe, of I-35.
I don't have the exact address.
Repeat all that and give that phone number out three times.
Yes, austintollparty.com.
You can buy your tickets and learn more about the event with Grammy Award winning Jimmy Vaughn and James Cotton, Big Blues stars, austintollparty.com, gettix.net, Pinky's Wireless throughout Central Texas,
Or if you want group tickets, you can get a discount.
One more time.
And folks, do this.
How much are the tickets?
The tickets are $25 in advance.
I think we're good.
They want to give them away.
This is a relatively small venue, so it's really going to be hopping, and it sounds like it's going to be hot, and I can't wait to be there.
And so if you've got the money, that's cheap for a big concert.
They're like $50 now for just nosebleed seats.
$25, buy three or four, and take your friends.
I mean, if you live in Dallas or San Antonio or folks that are...
I happen to be taking their vacation this week, listening in Kansas City or listening in Arkansas or listening in New Mexico or listening in Louisiana.
Wherever you're at, I want to see you there coming up next Thursday night.
That's right.
You spend $25 for a ticket, and you're going to help save yourself thousands of dollars a year in these tolls on our freeways.
Can you imagine?
It's called freeway for a reason.
They're going to toll our freeway.
That is absurd.
Well, and again, for those that don't know this, because I know we have an audience that spans from people that are a lot smarter than I am to folks that are just waking up, and so let me be focused on this for just a moment, and then I want to take some calls here, because this is so important.
They've never taken existing already built roads and made them toll roads.
That's why it's toll roads, freeways.
The two systems.
In the past, private company or the government says we're going to build a new road.
We're going to have tolls to pay for it for 10 years, 5 years, 15 sometimes.
When it's paid off, it becomes a freeway.
Now, that's free market.
I love it.
Do it.
Even some libertarian idiots who haven't looked at the facts are supporting these toll roads.
These are not free market.
They take existing roads, stick a toll on them, and then, as you were just saying, charge you a lot more than what the roads even cost when the TxDOT's own internal documents say they've got money coming out their ears already.
Currently, even the federal gas tax, we were using 15 million barrels a few years ago, we're using 20 million barrels now.
They're getting more money than ever.
This is about control with a transponder in your car.
You've got to fight this.
And they admit this is going in nationwide.
We have got, and Austin is the front lines.
We are the front lines of this.
Texas is the front lines.
4,000 miles on the Texas highways, 2,000 miles within the cities.
2,000 miles.
They're saying in studies, 1,800 smackers
For the internal toll roads in the cities a year for the average driver, and another two grand to drive outside the city.
Folks, do you want to pay $3,800 and be tracked and traced, and they're saying in the federal documents they're going to have hardened checkpoints where they randomly shut down roads and search cars, and they're going to be trained by the TSA goons from the airports.
Now, you want Nazi Germany, boys and girls.
This is it.
Sal Costello, founder of the Austin Toll Party, comments.
Yeah, I mean, it is.
It is control.
It's control of your money.
And yes, now they're talking about a law that... What they say about this law is that it's for the insurance companies to put the transponder and the registration sticker that goes on your windshield.
But then it says secondarily in the subsection we're going to tax you with the car roads.
Sure, exactly.
But we're staying on track of these bills.
We actually have a couple bills.
We have some state representatives helping us out.
I'm putting up some, and I'm going to the Capitol regularly to advocate for some bills and to talk against some others.
Do you ever think you'd be doing this?
Absolutely not.
I'm just a regular guy that happens to have a marketing agency of my own for 13 years.
And I kept waiting for somebody to take a stand on this stuff, and nobody did.
So last year I took a stand just about our bridge, Alex.
Well, just so you know, I mean, if you watch the show or heard the show, I was talking about it, but I have so many hundreds of issues I can't focus on one.
Sure, of course.
But exactly, people like you need to pick an issue and then bulldog that.
Absolutely, and we've done some great stuff.
We stopped at one bridge for now.
There were eight additional toll roads going all over central Texas that because of all the pressure we put on them, they've actually postponed it and put on the back burners.
See, I looked at that map.
It was a toll road either way, and just in Austin it was, what, 14?
And then at the gates of the city there were going to be three more, so that's 17.
But there's eight that you haven't seen yet.
Oh, eight more, I'm sorry.
There were eight more that they were going to produce a couple months ago, and they were so afraid of all the pressure we put on them, they postponed it, backburnered it.
But this is a Central Texas deal, and Central Texas is the experiment.
But it's pretty disturbing.
But this shows how corrupt our government is.
No one is for this.
I mean, you have a meeting, 2,000 people show up at one of these toll board meetings, and what, two people raise their hands and are for it?
It's a special interest.
Oh, sure.
It's the toll lobby.
It's the road lobby.
They're greedy people.
But the regular folks don't want to be told for something they've already paid for.
Like the bridge that we stopped near where you and I live, Alex, that bridge was 100% funded.
They started construction years ago, and last minute they want to put toll booths on it.
We were able to get that pulled off for now.
Here's the deal.
Before they passed their so-called toll deal with their unelected board, they were already building the bridge.
Oh, sure.
It's fully funded.
By the way, this is how they get around the state and federal laws about totally existing roads.
They will renovate or expand one little stretch, add a lane, and then go, oh, it's a new road.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, it's the same nonsense.
They did the same thing with all the roads going to the airport, 71, 183.
Those construction projects started years ago.
They are fully funded.
And what's wrong with Gerald Doherty?
I mean, that guy claimed he was a populist, and he's been sneaking around supporting this with that creature Sunlightner.
Gerald Doherty, I was waiting for him.
I met with him in his office.
He's a pumpkin head.
He needs to be removed.
He is going to be removed.
He switched, and he's been a toller all along.
Makes me sick.
As soon as we got the William Cannon Bridge out, we did all the hard work.
He said, okay, I made a compromise, and now everything is okay.
And we have to do this, and let's do it fast.
He's a sniveling worm.
Yeah, he's got to go.
There's nothing worse than somebody that poses as a patriot and backstabs.
He has got to go.
Actually, Gerald Daugherty and a lot of the Texas Travis commissioners, they gave the toll authority half a million dollars as seed money a couple years ago.
I mean, that's our tax dollars.
Gave them seed money to start this machine.
But we actually have a lawsuit right now.
It's a small one about a constitutional issue of the board.
I think so.
Yeah, and again, folks, as you said, I mean, in his own right, I mean, a best-selling artist, won major awards.
Jimmy Vaughn, of course, nobody can forget his great brother, Stevie Ray Vaughn.
But tell us more about this other, I mean, I like blues myself, and I've actually got a couple CDs that he's on.
Yeah, this is James Cotton.
People call him Cotton.
He's a Grammy winner.
He is the blues...
This is a big ballroom.
Are there going to be refreshments?
There's going to be, you know, there's going to be all kinds of stuff.
I'm focused on... I'll have to stay away from those refreshments.
I don't know the details of that.
We've got a lot of people doing a lot of work to make this happen, and everybody's doing it for free.
Double Tree Hotel are giving us the space for free.
Jimmy Vaughn, all the musicians free.
Three things, quickly.
Yes, sir.
John Rappaport was an amazing guest.
We should all...
Thank and encourage George Norrie at coasttocoast.com for supporting this type of reporting.
Also, we're coming up on the 10th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.
And Waco.
We need your listeners all over the world to notify their local press and national.
And Waco.
Get the word out.
They totally always ignore Waco now and just talk about the government bombing Oklahoma City.
Well, we need the truth out this time, George.
I'm sorry, Alex, but...
We need everybody to know all over the world.
Also, Alex, I just wrote a check out for my Blue Cross premium.
Every time we get a bush in office,
Doubles or triples?
I'd like to see some of these really hot shot investigative reporters or your listeners investigate this.
Well, the insurance companies are owned by the military industrial complex that owns our media.
And it's the insurance companies lobbying for this bill, quote, to make sure you got insurance.
The minute you don't have it, they come arrest you because your transponder starts alerting them.
But at the same time, it also then doubles for the toll roads, it says in the bill.
Well, this is health insurance.
They seem to know.
I know.
I'm saying it's part of the same conglomerate.
I understand.
But they seem to know instinctively whenever there's a bush in office, they can rob, rape, pillage, and loot any way they want.
But anyway, that's all.
Let's get on to your next guest.
Well, I appreciate your call.
Sal, I'll tell you, this is exciting.
I really hope a lot of folks come to this.
Are you already getting a lot of ticket sales?
Because I haven't heard you guys out promoting this much yet.
Yeah, well, we just started promoting, and we're trying to get our volunteers to go out and sell 10 to their friends and family.
So we're seeing how that will go.
We're doing...
I think it's going to be big.
Yeah, we've got a lot of stuff we're doing.
We're hoping.
And we just need people to take a stand.
Most of this money that they're going to get, I mean, everybody's doing this for free, so every penny you're giving is going to go to stopping this nonsense.
I've got an idea.
People want me to show Road to Tyranny at the Alamo Draft House.
The problem is it always sells out, and we turn away hundreds at a lot of the showings.
I already showed Road to Tyranny.
I mean, Martial Law, the new film.
Maybe I'll do an event like that and donate the proceeds from the ticket sales to the toll party.
I might do that coming up in a month or so.
That would be fantastic.
Yeah, maybe have three or four nights of showings.
That way it doesn't always sell out.
That would be fantastic.
Yeah, it's a good idea.
Sal, let's take one more call.
Don in Kansas City, where they're going to have big toll roads, by the way.
That's in the federal plan.
Don, go ahead.
Yeah, I just wanted to remind everybody to keep in prayer about next Tuesday, April 19th.
It's the anniversary of.
Well, we'll see what we can do.
I just don't want to see any chaos, you know, so I pray it away.
All right, I appreciate the call.
I think the power of prayer really does work.
God can't intervene if we ask God to.
Sal, in closing, give out those contact points one more time.
Yes, this is something to take action about to save yourself some money.
And have a great time.
To buy tickets, you can go to austintollparty.com, just like the Boston Tea Party, austintollparty.com.
You've got gettix.net.
Pinky's Wireless throughout Central Texas.
You can go in there and buy your tickets.
Or if you want to buy 10 or more, which a lot of people are doing, some of them aren't even coming, but they're buying 10 or more anyway because they want to help us stop this nonsense.
That's 512-371-9926.
Something else you can do is you ought to have a comment section on an email for people to give you their order number.
And if they say they buy five tickets and they can't come because they live in California or New York or Canada, and then tell them, please give these to people, and you can go out and give them to people.
That way they don't go wasted.
When you go to PayPal, it's in there.
You can do that comment.
Well, that's good, and I appreciate the tickets that one of my friends, Richard, bought a week ago.
He just walked up and gave me some.
So he's a real sweetheart, and I look forward to speaking a little bit and also introducing Jimmy Vaughn.
So I appreciate you guys coming up with that idea.
I was planning to go.
I wasn't planning to be a speaker or introduce Jimmy, but I look forward to that.
I think he's wireless.
What's the other ticket place they can get him to?
They can get it at gettix.net or austintollparty.com.
gettix.net or austintollparty.com.
All right, Sal Costello, thank you for coming on and doing the great work.
Thank you, Alex.
We appreciate you.
You're the man.
Oh, you're the man.
How can I be the man if you're the man?
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
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I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
We've got a special broadcast coming up for you on Monday you don't want to miss.
I hope a lot of our affiliates in Texas, I know that we air my broadcast throughout the weekend, will re-air at least that third hour with Sal Costello for this benefit against the toll roads.
We're on the front lines.
We need your help nationwide.
I hope that our affiliates will re-air that extra over the weekend.
That is very, very important.
You know what?
He's a humble fellow, but I want to get Jimmy Vaughn on the show.
I've never bugged him to get him on.
And I keep meaning to call Hutton Gibson to give us his take on the Pope and this conclave that's coming up.
I know Hutton's been listening lately.
I need to call you, Hutton.
I called you out of town last weekend.
I need to call you back and get you on and talk about that.
Some of the stuff coming up next week.
We're able to.
Other thing is, I would advise the Austin Toll Party to call KLBJ, FM, Sammy and Bob on their show too, and try to get some of your people on those shows next week in the morning to really sell this thing out.
We do need this war chest to sue these public officials and to run candidates and do a lot more.
We're trying to fight the New World Order here.
And you go to this Austin Toll Party benefit next Thursday, believe me, it's going to be anti-New World Order.
So a lot of exciting stuff that's happening there.
We have some great guests on today.
I covered some of the news.
I've been talking for hours about special guard units prepared for domestic terrorism.
This is out of Oregon Public Broadcasting, TV.
And then we post above it how they're doing drills for homeschoolers, gun owners, religious cults.
All the terror drills are being directed towards, not Muslims or illegals, but towards mainstream U.S.
Meanwhile, the borders stay wide open.
Is there any doubt about who the real targets of the war on terror are?
They talk about these religious ne'er-do-wells that have got to be stopped and the National Guard's gearing up across the nation at these secret training camps like Camp Hammer.
They've got one up in Texas up by Waxahachie.
They've got these things everywhere.
I'm so sick of it.
California is trying to pass a law where the government decides to kill you.
This California warned of involuntary euthanasia.
Just a lot of other news.
We didn't have time to cover all of it, but it's posted at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
Before I end this Friday edition, of course we'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, on your AM and FM stations, or if they don't re-air us at night, Global Shortwave at 3210.
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It's their religion.
I hope you'll get this new film.
I hope you'll make copies.
I hope that you will show it on AXS TV.
Show it at your college campus.
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I hope you'll get the local movie theater and show it.
I just want to get this information out to the people.
Please call and get the film.
This film's going nowhere unless you take action.
Unless you get it and make copies.
Films $25.95, really three films in one.
Get a second copy for $19.95, and so on and so forth.
So you can write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Or go to prisonplanet.tv and watch it all right now.
$0.15 a day membership.
And you can download and burn copies to your heart's content there.
Please do.
It's not as high quality as a DVD that you get from us or VHS, but it still gets the word out.
And that's the point of this.
The truth is more powerful than the lie.
Once you unlock somebody's mind to the Matrix-like control grid, there's no going back unless they choose to serve the New World Order.
And most people are good, deep down, and they'll be willing to stand up and get involved.
Out of time, another great transmission.
Now get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.