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Air Date: April 13, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Wednesday, the 13th day.
And I appreciate you joining us for this live April edition.
We'll have wide open phones.
Coming up in the next hour, we have that college professor who has a very popular course she's offering, titled 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
You may have heard that...
That string of words, that title before.
And she'll be on with us in the second hour, not just to talk about 9-11, but also some of the pressure and demonization that she has faced since she first started offering this course that is now being considered to be offered by the college itself.
Thousands flee Sumatra Volcano!
There was another big earthquake in the same area over the weekend.
Suddenly a volcano erupted and began spewing molten fire, gas and ash all across Sumatra Island spreading new panic after the recent tsunami and earthquakes and driving thousands from their homes.
The earth is becoming a lot more active
In its tectonic activities, and we need to get some top volcanologists and seismologists on the broadcast to discuss this.
Scientists rush to destroy pandemic flu strain.
World Health Organization concerns samples may set off global epidemic.
They just accidentally sent a deadly flu strain to 5,000 laboratories around the country.
Just like four years ago, the military, the U.S.
military, went and dug up the dead bodies of whalers frozen in permafrost up near the North Pole because they had live virus in their lungs.
And then suddenly, they think we forget, four years later they start saying,
Magically, the 1918 influenza pandemic that killed 50 million people, it's going to reemerge.
We don't know why.
It just is.
Don't worry, we've got some injections for you.
We're your government.
You can trust us.
Ha ha ha ha.
So we'll be going over that.
The labs are being urged to destroy the pandemic flu strain.
5,000 laboratories.
And that'll be their excuse when the globalists release it.
Oh, somebody didn't destroy it, and they'll arrest some innocent person at a laboratory and claim that they're a militia member who works with Al-Qaeda.
That's a probable script.
Scientists scramble again to destroy the flu strain.
Meanwhile, fear as this Ebola-type virus breaks out in different areas of Africa.
Now they're shutting down isolation wards.
Not even giving the people treatment that are in them.
Art exhibit featuring Bush stamp probed.
Gotta shut down those works of art because, again, Al-Qaeda paints pictures.
monthly trade gap widens to $61 billion.
That's per month.
They tell us it's good for the economy.
Knife-wielding man holds German children in cellar.
That's going on right now, according to Reuters, and my answer is ban all knives.
It's the knives' fault.
Ban all guns, too.
Army reservists charged in border detention, not associated with the Minutemen.
He just got back from Iraq.
He thought this was just normal, what he was doing.
Folks, that's only the tip of the iceberg.
There is so much...
We're going to cover, in the next two hours, 55 minutes, PrisonPlanet.tv and Infowars.com are freshly updated.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, April 13, 2005, Wednesday edition.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Coming up the next hour, we have Professor Christensen joining us.
She offers the course titled 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
It's gotten a lot of attention.
It's very popular at the college.
But the globalists have been complaining and threatening her, and they're very, very upset about it.
Of course, my film, Road to Tyranny, is used in the curriculum along with a lot of other great documentaries, books, and of course just mainstream news articles, legislation, and documents.
And I've got the study course here in front of me.
We also have it via PDF file on prisonplanet.com.
So that's coming up.
In the next hour.
Well, thousands fled the Sumatran volcano, and they had another huge earthquake in that area of the world, where most of this activity has been centered since it really spiked December 26th of last year with a megaquake, 9.2.
That is just ultra-massive.
And it killed over 200,000 people via the tsunami that was generated by it.
And since then, there have been a bunch of other earthquakes, not of that magnitude, but in the mid to high H, volcanoes from...
Scandinavia all the way to the United States with Mount St.
Helens to Latin America to Africa just all over the world extinct volcanoes are becoming active again it's not the proper term active is when they're actually churning and smoking extinct volcanoes have been reawakened
And are no longer extinct.
They're now just calling them dormant.
That is because batholiths or the magma chambers are becoming filled again.
And then dormant volcanoes are becoming active again.
Very unusual, but of course this is just in the scale of modern history.
This is some of the greatest volcanic activity we've seen in the last 500 years.
But don't forget Krakatoa, 160-something years ago, blowing up.
Don't forget things like Pompeii, killing almost everyone in that city.
I mean, we read the old history books.
We read the history books from thousands of... the historical texts from thousands of years ago, and this was a routine occurrence all over the world where it was recorded, from China to Japan to the Mediterranean to what is Western Europe today and the Americas.
But it is definitely increasing...
Two record levels in modern history.
A volcano spewed into life on Indonesia's disaster-blighted Sumatra Island, spreading new panic after the recent tsunami and earthquakes, and driving thousands from their homes.
Mount Talang...
If I'm pronouncing that correctly, 40 kilometers, 25 miles east of Sumatra's coastal Padang city began pumping out volcanic ash shortly before dawn, prompting scientists to urge people to move away from the fallout zone.
Now more than 20,000 people have been evacuated from the volcano's slope.
Gade Swataki described the activity as serious, saying there was a risk of molten magma.
There's already some of that coming out.
And the clouds of superheated gas that burn everything in their path.
This is what I worry about.
This is the activity that will be followed by a larger eruption that is...
Magmatic in its nature, he said.
Heat clouds could also descend, and that is what is risky, and that they can reach several kilometers, he said.
And the ash and gas plume reached 2,599 meters, or 8,680 feet into the air above the now active volcano.
Scientists rush to destroy pandemic flu strain.
Now, I could talk about this for hours, but I don't have all day.
Bottom line, every major flu vaccination that they've ever created does not match the flu strain of the year.
So it's always been totally worthless.
On top of it, for some reason, they have taken out or reduced the amount of thimerosal, thanks to lawsuits and exposure, that is the mercury preservative, in most vaccines, except for a few.
And one of those few is the flu shot.
And for some reason, according to the Associated Press, it has been increased to 250 times safe levels.
It always had a lot of mercury in it,
And now a Nobel Prize-winning epidemiologist has gone public with a major study.
There's others as well, but this is one of the most recent, saying that if you had over three flu shots after being over the age of 65, your chances of developing Alzheimer's, which is just a cover name for all these brain toxicity diseases caused by heavy metals and other things, that you have a 1,000 times greater chance
Of developing Alzheimer's.
So, roll up your sleeves, take the shots.
I know a lot of you don't care.
When I warn you in the grocery store line about not drinking Diet Coke full of aspartame, you laugh at me.
When I see you lined up at the grocery store to get your quote-free flu shot, and I walk over and say, you know, that doesn't even cover the strain this year, and it has mercury in it, you laugh at me.
So, you've been warned.
And I'll keep warning because some people do listen, but I know some of you don't.
You think sodium fluoride is good for you.
You think mercury is good for you.
We even have a newscast, CBS News, saying mercury is a nutritious part of your daily breakfast.
I'm being sarcastic there.
Remember all the Kellogg's ads of nutritious part of your daily breakfast?
Well, the CBS News piece just says that it's actually good for your brain and is nutritional.
Perhaps I ought to air that again.
I haven't aired that in three or four months.
It's hard to believe when I just make the claim.
One has to hear it.
Part of a federal study of how mercury is good for you.
Again, I'm an extremist.
I'd say it's not good for you, but again, you know how I am.
I'm evil.
I don't totally trust the government.
Very evil.
I don't believe everything they tell me.
But again, that's extremism at its worst.
It's kind of a mindset that will let Alcada get us.
But this latest thing, I mean, again, they went and dug up four years ago.
There were some dead whalers up near the North Pole on the coast there, a little town, buried in permafrost.
And the Army had been searching for years to find live 1917, 1918 Spanish influenza cases.
Strain that kills 50 mil.
They'd been digging and digging because it was totally extinct on the planet.
They couldn't find it.
And they finally dug up, they dug up a lot of people, they finally dug up an obese whaler.
And he had stayed frozen, kind of like a woolly mammoth.
And they were able to get the deadly 1918 influenza strain.
And I said at the time, I said, watch, in a few years they'll announce that it magically has popped back up and may kill us all if we don't take a new special injection that they've got for us.
And lo and behold, wow, surprise, surprise.
Now, in the last year, there have been articles all over the mainstream news why it showed back up.
They don't know why.
It might kill a billion people.
That's the major headlines.
Just type in new flu strain may kill a billion.
You'll get AP, Reuters, Moscow Times.
And, of course, it's always the World Health Organization.
We don't know where it came from.
And even if they release it, and it kills millions of people, I don't think it will kill billions if we have better hygiene and better nutrition.
No one, I mean, we'll even point out, hey, they dug it up, they did it, and they'll just go, oh, shut up.
There'll probably be a Popular Mechanics article saying the Army never dug any fat man up in the snow.
But even if it's admitted.
But that's how they operate.
And this latest thing, scientists rush to destroy pandemic flu strain.
World Health Organization concerns samples may set off global epidemic.
Thousands of scientists were scrambling this day at the urging of global health authorities to destroy vials of pandemic flu strain sent to labs in 18 countries as part of routine testing.
This is from the 1950s, though, another pandemic.
The rush urged by the World Health Organization was sparked by a slim but real risk that the samples could spark a global flu epidemic.
The vials of virus sent by a U.S.
company went to nearly 5,000 labs, most of the United States officials said.
The risk is relatively low that a lab worker will get sick, but a large number of labs got it, and if someone got infected, the risk of severe illness is high, and the virus is shown to be fully transmittable.
Who influenza chief Klaus Storr told the Associated Press.
Boy, Klaus is a eugenics lord of lords.
Dark lord of the Sith.
And this guy really is out of control.
And they're trying to make it the law that you have to take vaccines.
And out there pushing it.
It was not immediately clear why the 1957 pandemic strain...
Which killed between 1 and 4 million people was in the proficiency test skills routine sent to labs.
It was a decision that Storr described as unwise and unfortunate.
The particular bug was an epidemic virus for many years, Storr said, from the UN Health Agency's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
This risk is low, but things can go wrong as these samples are out there, and there are some still out there.
And folks, so it's another extinct flu virus that they are now distributing about.
It's like they ship super flu and everything else, anthrax, all these other diseases, West Nile to Saddam in 93.
Our government did.
So they could later, if they ever released it, blame it on him.
The globalists, they've got this figured out.
We'll be right back.
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Folks, there is so much corruption, so much overtly Orwellian stuff going on, I don't know where to start.
We've got Paul Watson joining us just for a moment to talk about a very important article that was sent to us by an anonymous individual.
We're still trying to track it back.
I know that it was in the mainstream New York news.
Similar claims were made right after this happened, shortly after 9-11.
Then in the next hour, Professor Jane T. Christensen will be joining us about her college course, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
That's what the college course is called.
And there's just so much news here.
Rachel, I'll tell you in the next segment about what I heard on the radio yesterday twice.
But first, Paul Watson.
This was one of the headlines yesterday.
People can find it in yesterday's news under the General section.
Flight 587 eyewitnesses contradicts official explanation.
For those that forgot about this flight, tell us about the flight first.
Well, yeah, this is the incident which occurred on November 12, 2001.
And it was Airbus A300 Flight 587, which was taken off from JFK International Airport in New York City.
As most people will remember, with it being so close after 9-11, it went down in flames over Queens, New York City.
The federal investigation of the incident concluded that it was an accident, that the tail fin of the airplane fell off due to turbulence.
And both engines blew off, too, magically.
Yeah, and they blamed the crash on the pilot and the designers of the aircraft...
But two days ago, we received this video via email anonymously, which is the eyewitness account of Tom Lynch, an ex-firefighter, who relates that he saw a small explosion towards the end of the plane, and then a larger explosion which engulfed the entire plane.
Well, that's what...
I mean, that was in the New York newspapers the day of the event.
There were firefighters.
We have that in the archives.
There were firefighters.
There were police.
There were a lot of people who said they saw explosions in the engines and tail fin blow off.
And then they just ignored all those people.
It had just been in the maintenance dock for the last day, quote, being worked on.
It takes off and in about 1,500 feet blows up.
Well, yeah, and the official explanation says that the tail fin just blew off and then the plane veered off course and crashed, when in fact we have this eyewitness and multiple others reporting explosions.
But not only that, there was an article back in August of last year where Canadian intelligence had an account from a supposed al-Qaeda operative
Well, there's been over a hundred of these events.
And I get this from many different government sources, and people go, well, why?
If the government wants to scare us, why aren't they announcing all of these?
Well, let me explain something, folks.
They've told most city police chiefs that we're really under a red alert.
That's why they're able to go, that's why we're violating everybody's rights, we can't panic the public, just do what we say, you're going under federal control like New Orleans and other cities have done.
And then meanwhile, we track it back, it is yet again the globalists or their useful idiot minions that don't know they're working for CIA operatives, their useful idiot Arab terrorists who believe they're fighting for Allah, carrying out bombings of refineries, you name it, Paul.
There have been cars blowing up in parking lots, at shopping malls, and then they go, oh, it was just an accident, the car just blew up.
On the blackout of 2003, another supposed accident happened,
But, I mean, yeah, that could be it.
It could be that it doesn't fit in with their script, because obviously to carry out staged terrorist attacks on a certain timescale, you need to carefully construct the script, because you can't have everything happen at once, because people would panic and there would be a possibility of anarchy.
So, I mean, it goes back to what Robert Wright said.
There are actual terrorist attacks happening, which the government covers up as accidents because they're not part of the globalist script.
And that seems to be what this Flight 587 crash was.
And again, FBI agent Robert Wright, who was told not to stop al-Qaeda, threatened with arrest.
And all he could say at the press club on C-SPAN was, all I can say is the Bushes' vacation with the bin Ladens.
So why is this new clip important, Paul?
Well, because it completely contradicts the official explanation that it was a tail fin snapped off because of the event.
And the federal investigation, I believe, only ended a couple of months ago, which completely covered up the entire scenario.
So it's just a case of getting it back in the news and getting people to talk about it again.
Paul, I've got a guest coming up.
I want to keep you five more minutes.
I want to play this clip when we get back of the firefighter, about two minutes long.
But I want to get your take on the latest super flu accidentally mailed out to 5,000 plus laboratories.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down.
Flight 587.
I witnessed contradicts official explanation.
And this is video of an ex-firefighter.
Named as Tom Lynch, relates his eyewitness account of the final moments of American Airlines Airbus A300 flying 587, which crashed and burned just two minutes after 24 seconds after takeoff from JFK International Airport in New York City.
The incident occurred on November 12, 2001.
So just a little bit over a month after 9-11, a month and a half after 9-11.
The most recent federal investigation blaming the pilot of the aircraft and the designers for the accident.
The official explanation of the crash is that the turbulence caused the tail fin of the plane to snap off.
The eyewitness account, along with many others, completely contradicts that.
Paul, again, we have an archive on PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com with all the New York news articles where the police and other people that are trained to fill out reports said they saw explosions on the plane, explosions on engines, engines flying off, hitting the tail fin.
That's what the witnesses saw, but the government just said, no, that's not what you saw.
It's like TWA Flight 800.
Where you had 400-plus military witnesses, 800 total, state police, police, firemen, Vietnam veterans on Navy and Army drills that were going on, that were in helicopters, that saw two missile trails, track it.
They said, look at those missiles, and then watched the plane blow up.
But the government just said, no, shut up.
The center fuel tank blew up.
This is a mystery, isn't it?
Well, that's right, and there have been articles written on this with the scientific analysis where you can look at the kind of forces that the aircraft of this size are designed to withstand the turbulence.
And there's no way that simple turbulence could have done this.
Maybe, you know, turbulence would affect a smaller aircraft like a Piper or a Cessna, but this was a large commercial aircraft, 747.
So it's inconceivable that this would happen due to turbulence.
And then we have the government trying to tell us that the plane simply snapped in half before it hit the ground.
They had teams on the ground within an hour to recover the debris.
That was immediately covered up.
And then the federal investigation blamed the pilot.
But how do you have 850 people that see missiles hit TWA Flight 800?
You have scores of witnesses that were in local New York papers saying they saw explosions, and the feds just say, no, you didn't see that.
Well, I mean, it's the point that a lot of people make about the Pentagon situation, which we're kind of balanced on.
We've looked at it from both sides.
Where the government uses all these witnesses to say that, yes, it was a large commercial airliner.
So people come back and say, well, what about the hundreds of credible witnesses that reported missile trails following a TWA flight?
They don't focus on those.
Nobody pays any attention to those.
So eyewitnesses are only used when they're convenient to the official version of events.
And it turns out with the Pentagon, the chief witness was, again, buddies with Gannon with Talon News Agency.
He was really a White House employee.
Yeah, I mean, besides any of that, the official autopsy showed that there were no Arabs on Flight 77, whatever kind of aircraft it was.
There were no Arabs on that plane.
So again, it goes back to the whole hijacker's myth where at least seven are still alive.
So whether you believe it was a bomb, a small aircraft, or a large aircraft, the fact is that there were no Arabs on it.
It's incredible.
We're going to play a couple minutes of this clip, Paul, of the flight 587 Eyewitness, who was a firefighter at the time.
And then I want to get your comment on this new super flu virus from the 50s that had been totally extinct, except in a U.S.
laboratory, now mailed out to over 5,000 labs around the world.
So when the globalists release it, they can blame it on somebody.
But let's go ahead and play this clip.
Here it is, folks.
Tom Lynch, retired firefighter.
Tom, you want to tell us a little bit about what was going on the morning of November the 12th when you witnessed the flight and crash of Flight 587?
And we happened to be standing at the spot where pretty much you were... I was walking north in this direction.
And it was a beautiful, clear day.
And I had my head tilted up in the plane.
As you can see, there's nothing else in the sky over here.
It's just completely open.
You know, I see this plane come into my field of view.
I'm looking at it.
It's completely intact.
It seems to be flying in the southeast direction.
And all of a sudden I see an orange-black explosion in the fuselage of the aircraft behind the wing.
It's not that large.
It's probably about, you know, the plume that I see is probably about half the size of the size of an automobile compared to the fuselage of the plane.
The plane continues to fly for another, you know, one or two seconds, probably closer to two seconds, and then it erupts into a big fireball.
I assumed it was the fuel igniting, and at that point I see something come off of it, and it did a curved nose dive into the rocket weight.
Now, when you saw it up in the sky here, can you point to me about what altitude you think you saw the plane at?
I think it was probably about 2,000 feet.
There's a plane right now.
Flying, probably landing.
This one was a lot closer to us.
That's much further off in the distance.
This one was much closer.
To us.
Now from the estimate you did with your nautical map, you estimate about how far were you from the plane in nautical miles?
Half a mile.
Half a mile and the altitude was probably less than a half a mile.
Which I thought was a little lower than normal, but didn't really pay that any attention to it.
A lot of times the planes, when they finish the turn, it's up in arm and all that kind.
Now, when you first noticed the plane, to the moment you believe it crashed, how many seconds do you think that transpired?
Three, four seconds from when I first saw it to the first explosion.
Now, I saw it probably a second or two before that, before the explosion, so two seconds.
It stayed in flight for two, and after that second explosion, probably about six seconds total.
Well, Tom, I just want to ask you one more time about the explosions that you saw on the plane.
Maybe if you could turn yourself around and just show me with your hand, what position do you think the plane was in?
The plane was, if those fingers are the wings, the plane was just about like that when I saw it.
Okay, so if you're standing, this is going to be your perspective then?
It just finished making its turn, and it just about leveled out.
It was just about leveling out, I believe.
It came around this way, and I assume they said it took off this way, so it had to fly that like this, complete its turn, and it just got through leveling out when I saw it.
And it was just leveling out, and I was looking...
You know, almost at a 90 degree angle, if not 90, anywhere between 70 and 90 degree angle.
And, you know, nothing seemed out of the ordinary when it was in my field of view.
It just seemed like an airplane flying, and all of a sudden I saw this orange, you know, black smoke, an orange explosion come from the fuselage, and some black smoke followed it.
And I said, oh...
You know the word.
And the plane continued.
Everything was on that airplane after that first explosion.
The tail assembly, the vertical stabilizer, everything was intact.
It flew for another two seconds and then it had that major eruption in flames.
And that's when
All right, folks.
Now, that is exactly what other firefighters and police said they saw.
An explosion right behind the wing, and then other witnesses clearly said that the engine blew off, blew back, and then knocked off the tail.
Planes just don't do this, Paul.
Well, no, the key point is that he said everything was on the plane after the first explosion.
So it wasn't caused by something just dropping off and then the explosion.
The explosion occurs first, which goes against what the government thinks.
So that's why it contradicts the official version of events.
Yeah, the plane's flying along, there's an explosion, then a larger one blows off an engine, knocks the tail fin off, and then they tell us, oh no, the tail fin just snapped off.
And we all know how this is.
If you live near an airport, you look up on the plane and it flies over.
He just looks up at a plane and boom!
There's the explosion.
That's what the other witnesses saw.
But again, with the case of TWA Flight 800, there were something like 844 witnesses, 400 plus, were in helicopters and on ships in a joint Navy-Army exercise going on.
And there were dozens and dozens and dozens of helicopters in the air
And some of the witnesses in sworn testimony were Vietnam pilots.
They go, I've seen SAM missile trails.
I know what a missile looks like.
Two missiles, one after the other, were fired from the ocean, trailed up, hit the plane, caught on fire.
Second one hit, blew the nose off.
Then reporters snuck into the hangar where they had the parts.
Well, yeah, because it wasn't politically expedient at that time for Clinton to have a terrorist attack take place.
The thing with this one is that we just received it in an anonymous email and then put it on the website.
I sent it out, but it didn't seem to get linked anywhere, so we need people to...
Well, you've got some of the news articles.
Yeah, I mean, there are entire websites which are just devoted to this one incident.
Well, why don't we just linky link to them?
Yeah, we can build a little section and send it out.
Absolutely, but it won't be seen and it won't be understood, folks, unless you're aware of it.
Perhaps we should link to our TWA Flat 800 section, too.
I mean, TWA Flat 800.
800 plus witnesses all see the same thing.
Citizens, state police, army colonels.
I mean, what does it take, Paul?
Well, again, it's...
What kind of eyewitness testimony gets in the media, whether they choose to use it or not, and in some cases they do, in some cases they don't.
And then we're meant to believe, you know, ridiculous things like passports fluttering to the ground on 9-11, and that's supposedly credible.
Just 60 seconds more and then I'm going to jump the news, Paul.
Tell us...
Tell us your opinion on this latest, oh, 1950 super flu.
It was extinct in the public, but the government's mailed it out to 5,000 plus labs.
Whoops, another mistake.
Yeah, well, we featured on the website last week, after Bush had signed these quarantine orders for anyone showing symptoms of bird flu, did a little flashback to a new scientist magazine report.
Where it talks about US labs playing around with the deadly 1918 Spanish flu virus at, quote, less than the maximum level of containment.
It was at Biosafety 4, I believe, and then they brought it down to Biosafety 3.
And there were top scientists, you know, exclaiming their worry that they were just playing around with this on a casual basis.
And again, why did our government search for, I think it was three years, they finally found it four years ago, dug it up, and then we're supposed to forget that article from a few years ago, Paul.
Now when they announce, oh, it's going to show up again, we don't know why.
Well, I remember back in high school, all the science textbooks always talked about the fact that it was inevitable that a deadly flu pandemic would once again sweep the world.
So it seems they've been preparing for this for a long time.
Yeah, this is going to make 9-11 look like child's play.
Well, exactly.
This is the bio-attack, and we've had articles that U.S.
would close schools, restrict travel in case of worldwide flu outbreak.
And then after they, quote, save us from the flu outbreak, oh, it'll be the law, you've got to take vaccines, hey, don't argue with us, we used to have freedom, but not anymore.
It just has to happen, Paul.
It's about medical martial law, it's about... But the borders are going to stay wide open.
Well, exactly.
And then right back to 2001 with the Model States Emergency Health Powers Act.
That allowed for total government takeover of industry, vehicles, buildings, locations, distribution processes under the threat of this bio-attack, which included the flu pandemic.
And the states wouldn't pass it, so they put it in page 76 of Homeland Security.
Paul, well said as usual.
And what's going on over at PrisonPlanet.tv for folks?
Well, the main headline today is obviously this flu pandemic.
We've got stories about French introducing compulsory biometric ID cards.
Again, in Europe with Big Brother, a German court has backed GPS surveillance of criminals where the police can tag GPS devices onto the back of their cars.
Federal databases being created on all students, which are your social security numbers.
And last week it was everybody who's got a bank account is in a terrorist database.
Yep, so they're just rounding up all the information, and meanwhile it gets stolen in the hundreds of thousands from people like Choice Point and LexisNexis.
Let's just plug this now.
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Paul, thanks for coming on.
Thanks, Alex.
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You know, again, I just have massive stacks of incredible news here, and we will cover it all.
I think when my guest is on with us, I'll throw news articles out at the professor and see what she thinks about them as a way to cover the stories, but...
I wanted to add a program note here, just two different program notes because it's important.
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We've got an amazing guest coming up here in about five minutes, Professor Jane T. Christensen, and she is...
The professor that came up with a college course titled, I'm honored I would add, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
And obviously my documentary film is part of the curriculum, but not just my film.
So many other important works.
And we have a PDF file with her course that you can see at prisonplanet.com.
And again, she's also gone through a lot of pressure and attacks since she started doing this.
Well, we'll talk to her about the 9-11 and a host of other issues.
I know I haven't taken any calls yet because I had a guest on last hour and a lot of news.
Your calls are coming up in this hour with Professor Jane T. Christensen as well.
I want to get more into all this increased volcanic activity, thousands fleeced the modern volcano.
I want to get more into how the government mailed out, the government-controlled lab mailed out over 5,000 laboratories of superfluid
So they can then again have plausible deniability when they release it.
This is part of the plan.
I'm killing all these microbiologists.
Also, there is just a whole host of news about our trade deficit exploding to $61 billion per month, all-time record levels.
And Bush says trade deficits are good.
He says our number one export is jobs.
He actually said that last year.
And the Democrats, of course, agree and just absolutely agree.
The Secret Service is out harassing people about their displays, their artwork that they've done.
Love it.
A knife-wielding man holds German children in cellar.
We pray for those children.
But the globalists would say, ban knives.
It's not the man's fault.
A man holding a knife sees four children from a bus and was holding them in a cellar in a Western German town.
The police said it was a standoff.
Interesting article here.
Army Reservists charged in border detention down in Arizona, Associated Press reports.
He was not part of the Minutemen project, which has done a perfect job so far.
They just call the Border Patrol when they see illegals and report on it and force the media to cover it.
This guy wasn't part of it, and I believe he called the show.
Somebody named Patrick called a few weeks ago who was just driving around looking for the Minutemen on the border.
He said he was a young military man.
And here it is.
I don't know if this was him, but Sergeant Patrick Hobb, 24, was apparently acting alone and not involved with the Minutemen Project, which is organized volunteers for the month-long effort to watch for immigrants along the border.
He pulled up at a rest stop, pulled a gun.
He thought he was in Iraq, dealing with an Iraqi family, I guess, and had them all sit there while he called the Border Patrol.
And, you know, they're calling him stupid and saying his weapon should have been a mobile phone and all this.
Quite frankly, folks, under citizen arrest, on the law books, if people are committing these felonies, as these illegals were, he really shouldn't have gotten in trouble.
Other than the fact that the police do have a point, though.
You can always argue these things.
He didn't know they were illegal aliens.
And a cop just can't randomly run up and pull a gun on you.
That's what the police are saying, so why should he?
So really, he is in the wrong overall.
They could have used better judgment.
You know, citizen's arrest is when you catch somebody stealing colored TVs out of the back of a business with masks on.
That's when you can carry a citizen's arrest out.
We'll be right back.
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Coming up in the next segment, Professor Jane T. Christensen with the college course, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
And the course has a lot more than just my film in it.
And it's caused her to get a little bit of heat placed on her.
So that's coming up here in about 10-15 minutes.
About to go straight back to your calls, but I wanted to talk just a little bit more about this first.
Army reservists charged in border detention.
An Army reservist was arrested on charges of holding seven Mexicans at gunpoint at a rest stop in southern Arizona for civilian efforts to watch for illegal immigrants have raised fears of vigilante violence.
It isn't until way into the article that they admit, oh, by the way, he wasn't with...
The Minutemen Project with 1,000 plus citizens down there on the border simply calling the police, the Border Patrol, when they see illegal aliens crossing right across the fence itself.
There they have probable cause and total evidence.
Sergeant Patrick Hobb, 24, was apparently acting alone and not involved with the Minutemen Project.
Which was organized volunteers for a month-long effort to watch for immigrants and drug smugglers along the border.
Officials said Hobb used his vehicle to stop the seven men from driving away from interstate rest stops Sunday, then ordered them to lie on the ground or be shot.
And in one AP article, they have it up towards the top that he wasn't involved with the Minutemen, and in another, it's down at the bottom.
He was being held on seven counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
That's dumb.
He didn't touch him.
Even law enforcement has to have probable cause before taking people out of their cars and telling them to lie on the ground.
Well, that's an honest statement, though normally police don't do that.
He threatened to kill them.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio said, Oh, I don't trust Joe Arpaio as far as I can throw him.
I've had that guy on a couple times.
He makes his prisoners wear pink underwear, put video cameras in their cells, makes fun of them, makes them work as slaves.
He's turning the whole population into prisoners.
He threatened to kill them, said Joe Arpaio.
We found these illegals will lie, though, folks.
We've caught them in the past doing this.
He did not have the right to do what he did.
How did he know they were illegal aliens?
Hobb had returned from active duty in Iraq last month, where you get to run over cars and shoot families for no reason.
I mean, that's been on the news.
So many people flipping out now.
There are troops coming back.
Even law enforcement has to have probable cause, said Arpaio.
He threatened to kill them, said Arpaio.
Hobb had returned from active duty military duty in Iraq last October and had moved to Arizona four months ago.
He was being held in the Maricopa County Jail and declined request for an interview by the Arizona Republic.
Deputies said Hobb ordered another driver to hold a gun on the man while he called police.
The second driver left before deputies and the Border Patrol arrived and authorities are trying to locate him.
The undocumented immigrants were being held by the Border Patrol in Yuma.
They'll be out quickly, even if they're serial killers.
They've had cases of people that are rapists, murderers, released.
Houston Chronicle last year reported 400,000 of them ordered or released from South Texas jails alone.
Seriously, murderers, rapists, arsonists.
I'm not kidding.
But don't you worry, this young guy from Iraq, they're going to throw the book at him.
Jim Gildchrist, an organizer for the Minutemen Project, announced Hobbs
Or H-A-B-S.
I don't know how you pronounce this.
It's H-A-A-B-S.
Alleged acts.
His weapons should have been his cell phone, he said.
The Border Patrol has said civilian projects interfere with its own efforts to secure the border, and the government of Mexico has said it would monitor the projects out of concern for the Mexican citizens that might be abused.
Hey, Mexican troops, you keep killing federal officers, and our troops have been ordered not to shoot back.
All right, let's go ahead and go to calls here.
Let's talk to John in Texas.
John, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Two things quickly.
I got a friend of mine that his son went in the Army about four months ago, and I asked him the other day how his son was doing.
He said he's getting out on medical discharge.
And I said, well, gee, what was the matter with him?
He said, well, that's just a cover.
He said he's getting out because he can't stand the brutality in a barracks.
I said, what do you mean brutality?
And he said, there's gangs of soldiers on the poster where he's at.
They go around, beat, rob people.
He said if you look at them crossways, they come over and beat you up.
He said they had one guy in his barracks that was nice to death.
They said they had two guys that were raped homosexually in a barracks.
And he told his dad all this stuff.
He started pulling strings to get them out of the Army because he said they were just like animals down there.
Well, I can back this up.
Fort Hood, the biggest military reservation on the globe, it's like three or four times the size of Dallas, folks.
I mean, the whole DFW area.
It's that big.
Many times bigger than that.
And what happens is, the military now recruits almost exclusively out of the inner cities.
Well, that's why I asked him, what's the problem?
He said his son told him they're recruiting guys with criminal records now.
Listen, I have, and again, if I had the webmasters, the time and energy, I've given the orders, it hasn't happened because my people are so busy.
But I want a section on our military hiring criminals.
I see the articles every month.
I want so many of these sections.
Listen, they are, in fact, I was going to mention it two minutes ago, but I thought, I don't have time, I'm not going to talk about it.
I have a Washington Times and an AP article from three years ago.
No, it was two and a half years ago.
Where it said, felons being hired for military.
But then it went on to say illegal alien felons.
Not only is 20% of the force in Iraq, and that's a newer article, illegal aliens from Mexico who were instantly made legal when they joined and made citizens when they get out, which is pretty reasonable, other than one problem.
Now we literally have a foreign army, 20 plus percent, that's just now, but the Washington Times reported, as well as the Associated Press, that they were aggravated felons.
And it said that the military is actually looking for aggravated felons, and it said arsonists, rapists, people that have stabbed.
And then it's a very quiet program.
They go into these medium security prisons.
They're not letting them out of maximum security.
And they get citizens who are felons, and they tell them, we'll let you out of prison right now, three years early, if you join the Army.
And yes, sir, and it's very quiet, it's been in the news, it's admitted, but the average, folks, that's what Stalin did, is he put criminals in the military.
But tell us more about what your friend was saying.
Well, he just said that he went to the chaplain, he called the chaplain up, and he talked to a few officers, and they finally arranged a medical discharge for him, but he said that
His son told him the CO turns a blind eye to it because they're so short of people now that they don't do anything, you know?
Well, look, and I'm not saying people in the inner city are bad, but it's the totally dumbed down, totally drugged out, totally gangbanger groups that they're able to recruit.
And literally, the Marine Corps, the Army, have these big bright humvees with bling bling all over them, big speakers, they roll in.
This has been in the news.
I've got video of it playing gangster cop killer music
And they tell him, oh yeah, you're going to be part of a crew.
I tell you what, Scott, get the clip from Frontline with him running over the family's car and machine gunning it and laughing.
Can you find that?
Get it for me right now.
And again, we've got other examples of this.
I mean, in front of reporters, these gang members, they'll go, watch this, east side, you know, ZZQ.
And then they'll just shoot a woman at 2,000 yards, not 2,000 yards, a couple hundred yards, blow her head off, and then laugh in front of news people.
Or then a reporter goes, you just killed children.
They'll go, good, I want to kill more.
And so they got psychotic rednecks.
They got mainly black and Hispanic gangbanger groups.
And it is just raping, slaughter, murder.
The white kids drive around on their tanks with human skulls and 666 Satan on it.
Just heavy metal.
Death, murder, slaughter.
The power of the beast.
Satan, Satan, Satan.
Thanks for the call.
Do you have that clip?
Very mean possible.
Okay, go ahead and roll it.
There was still some looting going on when we arrived.
And when we came across soldiers, they didn't seem sure of their role.
That child don't need to be here.
We filmed these GIs after they caught a group of Iraqis stealing wood.
We try to stop them from looting, they don't understand, so we take their car and we'll crush it.
United States Army tankers whooped.
That's what you get when you lose.
Later, the car's owner told us, I'm a taxi driver.
The car was my livelihood.
Now, for those that haven't seen the video or the whole show, you first hear them go, That child shouldn't be here!
You know, the whole gang slang.
And it's a family, little kids sitting there, and they're on the side of the road getting some wood.
And this is during the invasion.
Buildings are on fire.
There's no water for weeks.
They're out foraging.
They got three sticks of wood in this little bitty junk car.
No weapons.
And notice how they're doing it for your own good.
And they're laughing.
They shoot the car, laugh, run over it, back back over it, laugh at them.
The family's sitting there crying.
Folks, it's much worse than that.
But I remember a long time ago, before 9-11, hearing about the gangs at Fort Hood.
And it is just, it is hell on earth.
And you've got your, it's in the racial groups.
You've got your white supremacist gangs.
They're not the dominant groups.
You've got your Hispanic gangs, your black gangs.
And they have little wars with each other.
It's like a prison.
And they just love it.
It's, you want the New World Order, folks, you're going to get it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
To the farthest corners of the Earth.
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I just want to briefly, before we go to our guest, comment on the last clip I played.
A crying family, a little bitty car, a few sticks of wood in the back, grabbed out the side of the road, about to be machine gunned and bulldozed by a judge, jury, and executioner, a group of laughing troops,
Around their vehicle.
And the excuse is that child should be in school while the city is burning around them.
Now you're going to pay.
This will teach you.
And imagine, these are the emissaries from our country.
This is who foreigners are seeing.
Gang members.
They're actually hiring criminals.
Out of the prisons now.
This is mainstream news, folks.
It's like one of these public secrets.
Most people know about it, but it's not something that makes the nightly news.
You know, it's in a few newspapers here and there.
And so the caller talks about, you know, people getting out of the military because of how criminal it is.
This always happens.
This is what happened in, I mean, who do you think made up the Nazi party?
Most of them were criminals and street thugs.
People out of the jails.
That's what the S.A.
Or the stormtroopers that brought Hitler to power.
Just thugs.
And heaven help us.
It's very, very scary and it's very, very sad.
And then these guys are coming back from the army and they're robbing banks, they're killing people, they're running around wild.
It's a scourge.
And those are the ones that don't join the police force.
So should we be afraid?
Yes, we should be very, very concerned.
Joining us is Professor Jane T. Christensen and
About a month and a half ago I learned of a course she was offering, and I hear it's quite popular, called 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
And my film is amongst many other pieces of evidence that are in the documentary.
Mainstream news articles, government documents, other films.
And so to talk about 9-11 with us and the heat she's been under for this popular course, and to talk about a bunch of other issues and take your calls, we will go to your calls early in this hour, is Professor Jane T. Christensen.
And Professor, tell us about the college you're with.
And they're at North Carolina Wesleyan College.
And tell us about yourself.
Well, hi Alex.
I teach at North Carolina Wesleyan College.
I'm a political scientist.
I've been teaching here about 15 years now.
I'm also a farmer.
I run a horse breeding business, Quarter Horses on the side.
Anyway, this year I decided to offer a course on 9-11.
I had all this stuff inside of me.
I needed to share it with students.
And so I put together a course called 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, a title which I borrowed from you, Alex.
I didn't think you'd mind.
Oh, no, I love it.
I do, too.
And it's been this upper-level course in political science, and students have received this very enthusiastically, and so much so that I've had e-mails asking if I would offer it online and
And I've also incorporated a lot of this material into my internal American politics classes as well.
And so it's something I intend to teach either, at least in part, all the rest of the time that I teach because I think it's that important that this get out to the American people.
And I've heard there's been some discussion of trying to get the college itself to offer the course basically to a wider audience.
Well, that would be through an online format, Alex.
If we could offer this online, we could get it to people all over the country, really all over the world.
Well, you've got a lot of material in your course.
Tell us about the course.
Well, I've got as many videos on 9-11 as I can get in there.
The course is actually in two parts.
The first part deals with 9-11, the event itself, and the course begins with the question of why study 9-11.
And 9-11, of course, has been the seminal political event, certainly in my lifetime.
It's changed everything, turned everything around.
When the government endorses or actually participates in terrorist acts against American citizens,
In such a blatant fashion as 9-11 was carried out, it certainly changed the way we view politics.
It's changed the way we live in this country with respect to the police state.
Well, it's the linchpin.
It's their excuse for everything.
I mean, when they raid an old lady and taser her, they go, it's 9-11.
Or when they arrest somebody for...
Absolutely, Alex.
That's the way I've tried to present this.
First of all, people have to see that 9-11 itself was a fraud as an excuse to institute the police state here at home.
And so the second part of my course deals with the police state.
But the students are primarily interested in the first part because it's so hard for them to grasp the events on the day itself.
And they're very interested in new evidence, new theories of what happened on September the 11th.
Well, stay there, Professor.
I want to talk more about your course and go over some of the subsections.
Then I want to get into what's happened to you since you've done this and take folks' calls out there.
Stay with us, Professor.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're going to have the professor with us into the next hour.
We're going to get your calls here in just a few minutes.
And I have a host of issues I want to talk to the professor about.
She's again a political scientist.
I've been teaching there at the school that he's a member of for 15 years.
And she decided to do a course on 9-11.
And as you heard her say, exposing how it's the linchpin for so much of what we see unfolding today.
And it's gotten a lot of attention around the country.
It's titled 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
Professor, continuing with how your course unfolds and why it's become so popular, then I want to get into some of the harassment you've been through.
Students have a lot of questions about 9-11.
And increasingly they're having questions about the police state.
They're very interested in discovering the truth behind 9-11.
And I tell them from the get-go that I do not know what happened on the 9-11, but I know what didn't happen.
And that's maybe all we can ever know.
Well, their official story is a total fraud.
We know they warned public officials not to fly.
We know the buildings were half empty.
We know the CIA did insider trading.
We know Bin Laden's a CIA asset.
We know they did drills that morning so NORAD would stand down.
On and on and on.
That's right, Alex.
And I try to put this in the context of this was not a singular event.
They had previous runs, of course, at the World Trade Center back in the early 90s.
They did Oklahoma City also.
And, of course, we review the Northwood document.
We talk about Tonkin Golf.
And a lot of these acts of treason that have been committed by the U.S.
government... And that's all admitted official government terrorist attacks or plans to carry out attacks.
When the students start seeing things like Operation Gladio, which is the terror attacks they carried out in the 70s, blowing up school buses to blame it on enemies, our government killing children, I mean, what effect does this have with their paradigm?
Well, they've certainly had a paradigm shift.
Some of these students have been in some of my other classes, so they were not as hard to move over into the different paradigm.
I have one student, of course, who's in the military, and he's a very upright American and
Oh, you're right, they don't.
And as a political scientist, do you see that... I mean, are you seeing what I'm seeing?
That more and more people are instinctively understanding that it's a fraud?
I think so, Alex.
At least with my incoming freshman class, I mean, these are young students.
The only source of information most of them have ever had has been the mainstream media, since they don't talk about politics or government in the schools anymore.
That, of course, is all part of the process of dumbing them down.
But they're skeptical, even in spite of the reports they've heard in the mainstream media.
The official story is such a far-out conspiracy theory that you don't have to look very far until you see the holes in it.
A guy in a cave had NORAD stand down and flew three planes with total precision into targets that top pilots say they couldn't execute.
It's ridiculous.
It's totally ridiculous, Alex, and students can see that.
And I think more and more of the general public is beginning to see it, too.
Now, I want to get more into the course and then take some calls, but I've seen the reports.
I've heard you on other talk shows talk about it.
Neocon writers come out and say, this professor is a liar, and they pick and choose stuff off your website that we'll give people the address for here in a second.
They'll say, she says Israel says they'll kill American citizens.
Well, that was in Haratz and United Press International.
Three years ago that Sharon said we're going to start assassinating people in America, Bush has said that they'll assassinate whoever they want, Gonzalez has said that they're above the law and can torture people until they die, and it's still not torture.
I mean, so you have their own documents, but then people are calling you a liar.
Well, this is a case, Alex, where they want to kill the messenger for bringing them the truth.
Absolutely right.
I've cited on my website...
So are half the Jews in Israel anti-Semitic because they're against the Sharon government?
Well according to these people they would be.
Well, this is what's so ridiculous.
I mean, you've obviously seen my film, Road to Tyranny, and I don't know if you've heard the radio show.
But, I mean, I am not against Israel, and still, leftists call me a fascist, right-wingers call me a communist.
The white supremacist groups call me an Israel lover.
The Jewish groups, ADL, tries to imply I'm an anti-Semite.
Basically, it's to demonize anybody who doesn't just toe the line and say government is God.
That's right, Alex.
And also, I'm getting a lot of flack because I've been called anti-American.
Well, I mean the Zionists are a secular group.
That funded Hitler.
That's now mainstream news.
They hate Orthodox Jews.
They've said it.
The Orthodox Jews can't stand them.
As I said, almost 50% of people in Israel don't like the Zionists.
So, I mean, really, they're like a political party, but they try to take this mantle of representing all Jews.
It's very true, Alex.
And amazingly, a lot of the Zionists support Schwarzenegger, who's a Nazi.
I've noticed that, yeah.
It's crazy, I know.
So if we said that we loved Hitler, and that we loved the Third Reich, and that we loved the Kirk Valtime, and said, I don't care if he's a Nazi, I love him, maybe we would get awards from Jewish groups, Professor.
Maybe so, Alex.
I'm not ready to take that step, though.
Well, neither am I. But I also heard that you were getting some death threats.
No, Alex, I haven't had any death threats.
I just heard that on other talk shows, so that's incorrect.
Have you been threatened?
Only with them trying to cause me to lose my job.
Those are the main threats I'm getting, is that they will contact the president, a board of trustees, which they've already done, in order to try to get me fired.
So that's been, so far, the most serious threats.
And many of them have said that.
Okay, well, that's how the grapevine works.
By the time I was listening to it on other talk shows, you know, you had basically massage swinging from the rafters after you.
Well, there may be, Alex, but so far I haven't seen them.
Well, I mean, for those that...
Give people your website.
Oh, it's jchristensen, that's J-C-H-R-I-S-T-E-N-S-E-N,
At ncwc, that stands for North Carolina Wesleyan College, ncwc.edu.
And that will take you to the college's homepage, and then you can click on faculty websites and find me from that.
Or just type in Professor Jane T. Christensen, C-H-R-I-S-T-E-N-S-E-N, and it will pop up.
I know we have a link to the course on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
It should be up there today on the main page.
If it's not, we'll get it reposted.
But I spent about 30 minutes on your website a few weeks ago, and mainly you've got links in the sections that are about Israel.
Two, Haratz and Jerusalem Post and others, where they admitted that Mossad got caught setting up fake Al-Qaeda groups that were really young Palestinians that they'd had in their prisons.
Then they give them weapons and they become agents and they are paid to go out and carry out bombings.
That's been in the major newspapers in Israel.
So is the Jerusalem Post and Haratz, are they anti-Semitic?
Well, by the definition of some of these folks, they would be, I suppose.
Well, I mean, they were caught.
It's admitted.
I mean, so if you want to stop Shin Bet and Mossad from blowing up buses so they can blame it on the Palestinians, because you want to save Jews, you're bad?
Well, that's what they're saying, Alex.
Okay, well, I'm starting to understand that.
Yeah, and that's why I've been trying to link to the mainstream articles, even in the Israeli press, to make my point, rather than choose more alternative sites that could be contested.
Well, you're also anti-Bush on your website.
Does that mean you're against Germans?
Because Bush is a German name.
No, they haven't accused me of that yet, Alex, but they certainly have accused me of being anti-Bush, which I don't mind admitting to.
I am very much anti-Bush.
But, I mean, some Christian preachers say that you will go to Hades if you don't follow him, that he is almost a modern-day disciple.
He's a holy one.
Well, yeah, but Alex, he thinks he is, too, I think.
I mean, doesn't he think he takes his marching orders straight from God?
Straight from Moloch, yeah.
Yeah, Moloch, Moloch, absolutely.
Well, and folks, I'm being serious here.
I mean, this is how upside down crazy all of this is.
But according to the reports, though, your course is very popular?
Well, Alex, this is a small college, and so most of my classes are small anyway.
I have seven students in this class.
This is the first time a course has ever been offered.
For an upper-level political science class here, it's not unusual to have fewer than ten students in a class.
So is this a doctorate-level class?
No, no.
This is an undergraduate course.
Undergraduate course.
Well, I know that your course is all over the Internet.
I mean, I've seen it all over the place.
Has the mainstream media done any reports on it?
Not that I know of, Alex.
I haven't been contacted by any of them.
Well, I want to commend you for what you're doing.
I have no idea what these callers will be bringing up, but I'm sure it'll be interesting.
Let's go to some calls, and we'll get more into just your whole world view.
I find it interesting.
Let's talk to Ralph in Pennsylvania.
Ralph, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
I think we've got all these volcanoes and earthquakes and so forth.
They're using this HAARP method with the Tesla theory.
I think that's what's going on with that.
Well, I don't know about that, but I do have the mainstream articles where they admit the Pentagon did study seismic earthquake weapons, even in the 40s.
Oh, yeah.
And then we got... One of the things I heard this morning, and you went over it with these viruses going on, so...
They're going to be letting that go soon.
Yeah, the government mailing around 5,000 to 5,000 plus labs.
Yeah, and I've also heard they've been experimenting on people already in New York City, I heard last week, inside information.
Well, they've been doing experiments publicly since 1968, killing people on the New York subway.
They were giving people $500 for...
For them to take experimental vaccines.
This is information I got last week.
Well, that's actually been going on for a long time.
Every major city.
Oh, yeah.
Thanks for the call.
I would just add this.
It wasn't the government that made Pompeii blow up.
It wasn't the government that made Krakatoa explode.
It wasn't the government, I believe, that made Mount St.
Helens erupt.
I mean, we naturally have volcanic activity.
Has the government developed these?
Has Secretary of Defense Cohen in 1997 talked about it being real?
Could this be the government?
Professor Christensen, any comments on what he was saying?
Well, I'm always very interested in anybody that follows the notion that they use Tesla weapons.
I've often wondered if that is what was applied to the World Trade Center to reduce it to dust.
Something had to reduce the massive concrete structure into powder.
The firemen said the largest piece they found was a telephone keypad.
And a normal collapse wouldn't produce anything like that.
No, it wouldn't.
And a normal collapse wouldn't cause fires to burn for four weeks at like 4,000, 3,000 degrees.
Yeah, yeah, that's right.
I mean, you've got...
I think so.
Says that they imploded Building 7, but we're supposed to ignore that.
Well, a lot of people pretend that they don't know what pull it means when that's been explained over and over.
Pull it means bring that building down.
In the documentary, they say we're going to pull it.
That means implode it.
They even say in the documentary, pull it means blow it up.
Yeah, and Silverstein says that we decided to pull it, and then he says, and we watched the building collapse.
He says they're all in the same statement.
We gave the order and watched it come down.
But, and then later in the documentary they go, we're going to pull it, and that means demolish it, and then it shows them demolish the remains of one of the other buildings.
That's right, Alex.
That's right.
And people need to especially look at Building 7 as a way to understand what happened to the first two buildings.
Even though the collapses were not totally similar because Building 7 didn't turn to dust on the way down.
And it was bottom down instead of top down.
Also, the other thing that the caller mentioned...
For those that don't know, in 1968, on a winter morning, they released a biological weapon in the New York subway.
The Army did.
It killed people.
Details remain classified.
That's public.
That's your government.
So when I mention that, I mean, that's how cold-hearted some of these people are.
Now we have a government-controlled private lab mailing out 5,000-plus samples all over the world of an extinct super flu virus that killed millions of people in the 50s.
I mean, it's clear that they're creating plausible deniability later, Professor.
Well, Alex, I hadn't heard about this mailing, but it doesn't surprise me.
I believe that they've got numerous ways they're trying to kill us off, including all this genetically modified foods and chemicals that they add to the water supply.
And, of course, aspartame, yes, and fluoride.
But, Professor, you're just looking at the medical data.
So what if all the top scientists say sodium fluoride is deadly?
The government says it's good.
That's right.
The government, in fact, near where I live, here in town, Rocky Mount, added another chemical to their water supply, arsenic, recently.
And the newspaper ran articles here telling us how much better the Rocky Mount water is now that they've started adding arsenic to it.
And people on dialysis, of course, they were advised never to drink the water here in Rocky Mount.
But those doctors are with Al-Qaeda, the ones warning their dialysis patients.
They must be.
Rocky Mount in North Carolina, that's the same place with Abby Newman, isn't it?
No, I don't know Abby Newman.
Well, I'm just saying, in Road to Tyranny, it's in Rocky Mount with a state police stopper and search the vehicle and say she may be a terrorist for having a constitution.
Oh, was that in Rocky Mount?
Oh, I never knew that, Alex.
I'm just amazed.
What a small world.
I wondered where that was.
I had no idea it was here.
Small world.
Very small.
Well, you know, that Constitution is with Al-Qaeda.
We'll be back with the professor.
We'll talk about a host of other issues and take your calls.
Everybody, be patient.
We're going to take your calls when we get back.
Chris and Planet Top TV.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
What's happening is a massive corporate looting.
The corporations are not free market, they're organized crime syndicates.
They're designing the society where the government is nothing but a proboscis to extract all your wealth and control over you to be their slaves.
They brag about it.
They laugh about it in their own white papers that are public because they know you're watching Desperate Housewives or football or soccer games.
They know you'll riot over a football game or in Europe over a soccer game, but you won't riot over your neighbors being drug away.
We're going to have the professor with us well into the next hour, and I want to continue taking your phone calls right now.
We've got loaded phone lines.
But before we do that, my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State, is out.
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It's my best film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State, and Road to Tyranny is my second best film.
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You need to have this film.
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Or watch it right now at prisonplanet.tv.
Professor, I want to go back to calls until we run through the gamut of these calls.
But after we take some calls this hour and then in the next hour, what are some of the topics you want to talk about?
Well, Alex, you just raised one of them, I guess.
People are asking, why are they setting up a police state?
Why are they establishing this control grid?
And I think people need to understand that this has to do with corporate domination.
We might talk about that, Alex.
I'll leave it up to you to sort of direct me on here what the topic is.
All right, well, let's go ahead and jump the calls, and we'll talk about this control grid.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jamie in Kentucky.
Jamie, go ahead.
Yeah, hello, Alex.
Hello, sir.
I'd just like to info you on that FDR, they're going to have a special on the History Channel.
April 17th.
Okay, about Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
It's called Exposed.
And also, I would like to ask, when are you going to be on the George Norrie show for the debate?
George Norrie has not called me yet for that debate about 9-11.
Has he been announcing it again?
Well, he's been talking, yeah.
He don't know when, but yeah, he said it.
Well, then I don't know either, obviously.
But interesting questions.
Thank you for the call.
Let's talk to Mark in Nevada.
Mark, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
You're so right about 9-11 being used as the linchpin for everything.
One thing I wanted to bring up, and I'm sure you probably already saw this, Alex.
You seem to be able to see all the news that's going on.
But for a while, I thought I was watching Mad TV.
Then I realized I was watching Fox.
I guess if you purchase Baby Formula...
You know, you're funding L-C-I-D-A now.
And they're actually saying that baby formula is a new, you know, hot terrorist commodity now.
And, you know, we need Homeland Security to protect the baby formula stock and this sort of thing.
Oh, yeah, they're going to do this.
It's called infrastructure protection.
They're going to threaten every sector of the economy, the globalist are, and use that as their excuse to take it over.
Stay there, Mark.
We'll let you comment more and get the professor's comments on that when we get back in 70 seconds.
Big Brother Mainstream Media
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We were just talking to Mark in Nevada, and he raised a point that I was aware of.
And you see Ridge, again, that time I saw him on C-SPAN three years ago before he was even...
Had gotten statutory power through Congress, they'd already set up Homeland Security.
It's now Michael Chertoff, whose cousin writes hit pieces about the 9-11 truth moment.
He's your new Homeland Security head.
But Ridge said, yeah, the terrorists are going to attack the food, they're going to attack the water, they're going to attack the bridges, they're going to attack the schools, everything will be under Homeland Security.
You'll all have national ID cards through your driver's license.
You'll all be rated as to what type of citizens you are.
And the government will decide this off all these private databases that are even full of corrupt material, even if they don't put fraudulent info in, which we know they do.
And yeah, I have seen the new report.
The terrorists are going to attack the baby food, the baby formula.
They're so evil, they want to kill your babies.
Now what...
What real foreign group would want to attack your babies and ensure you'd come take over their countries?
Why would the Arabs want to fly planes into buildings and know that would bring the wrath down on them?
Who stands to gain?
Key Bono, as the Roman judges would ask, thousands of years ago.
Look at who stands to gain from all this.
And it's just endless fear-mongering, wristwatches, pins, road almanacs, world almanacs, you're all terrorists, Rubik's Cubes, complaining too much.
We're all terrorists.
And under infrastructure protection, see, we're all going to have to have special passes to have jobs anywhere.
Let's go back to Mark, but first let's get Professor...
Jane Christensen, who's teaching a course at her college called 9-11 The Road to Tyranny, and getting good results with it.
Professor, what do you think about what he just raised?
Well, Alex, I think he's absolutely right.
The terrorists are going to do all those things.
They are going to tamper with the food because they're already doing it.
They are going to poison the water because they're already doing it.
And they're going to put all of our kids on drugs.
They've got plans to do that because the real terrorists are the government itself.
And they're just laying out our plans when they say the terrorists are going to do it, but these are really the plans that the government, the elites in control, have for us.
So all we need to do is read terrorists as elite control grid or globalists, and we know exactly what they have in mind for us.
It's simple.
They carry out attacks.
Then they go, oh, we better take this sector over, and they take it over and hand it over to their private cronies.
That's right.
Mark, comments?
The only thing that I would offer to punctuate these remarks here is it's not... I think that the baby formula story is an excellent example of how they'll use trues, but it's the way they present the trues that are part of the conditioning.
I'm watching this, and the way they report this, it's like, how could anybody even say this with a straight face?
I notice this when it comes to...
Incidents, so-called incidents at the airport.
They'll sit there, and these news anchors will say with a straight face, some guy forgot he had nail clippers with him, and so he told the flight attendant, he accidentally brought nail clippers with him, and they had the FBI come interrogate him for a couple hours, and they just say it with a straight face like this is normal.
And so it's like a conditioning process.
It's just normalizing.
No, it is.
But meanwhile, the border is wide open and we're releasing convicted felons every day.
So yeah, baby formula.
You buy baby formula, you're supporting the terrorists.
Well, it just never ends.
I appreciate your call.
We're going to break and come back and go to all these other great callers.
Carol and Walt and Suzette and Harry and many others.
And then I want to get into...
What our political scientist guessed, if left and right is a false paradigm, which it is, what terms she likes to use to try to explain this to her students.
So we'll be back after this quick break, and of course we'll also give you the website of Jane T. Christensen on the other side as well.
We'll be right back on the other side of this break.
Don't forget Infowars.com, presentplanet.com, and Infowars.net are updated daily for your perusal.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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Welcome back.
Eight minutes, 25 seconds into this third hour.
We're talking to Professor Jane T. Christensen.
She's a political scientist.
And she's teaching a higher level of political science courses at North Carolina Wesleyan College.
And the name of the course is 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
For the spring 2005 class, and it's popular.
They like it.
Our students are responding well to it.
Let's continue with your calls.
It's all interconnected.
Let's talk to Carol in Arkansas.
Carol, you're on the air.
Good afternoon, Alex, and Professor Christensen, and may your tribe increase.
I hope a lot more will start having these sorts of conversations.
Courses available at the college level or even high school level for that matter.
Well, it is being discussed and there are similar things in courses around the country, but not a course purely about it.
I think it's a great idea.
Yes, it is.
And you're right, it is about mass control of thinking and there's a very good book which Professor Richardson may have read by Bertram Russell written in 1953, The Impact of Science on Man, in which he says,
By diet, injection, and injunction, we will be able to control the thinking of the masses of people eventually.
For those that don't believe that, they tried to pass a law last year, and they're trying to pass it again, to forcibly inject every child in England
With a vaccine so they, quote, can't be addicted to cocaine, heroin, and nicotine that permanently creates plaques in the neuroreceptors, the electrochemical processes.
Well, and they're doing it with the mercury in the vaccines, which we know is a neurotoxin.
Also, the fluoride in the water or in a lot of other things, your toothpaste and a lot of the dental stuff.
It's in the whole food chain now.
It's in everything.
All you can do is reduce your intake.
I have my big Berkey.
I got some new Millennium, so I don't drink fluoridated water.
It's in all areas.
The monosodium glutenate and aspartame that's deliberately put into food that's been shown to be neurotoxic and cause brain damage.
But I think on the subject of your course at your college, if you go back and you talk about Oklahoma City a little bit, they're going to have a meeting there, the 19th and 20th, Senator Charles Keyes,
It's putting it on.
You're going to have a whole lot of people there.
I know.
I was invited to speak, but I can't go to that.
But please tell them thank you for offering.
All right.
Anyway, there is a tie-in there.
Do you have any questions?
Yeah, it goes on back to Waco in mind manipulation because what they were doing on the national TV at the time was trying to character assassinate the people that were in Waco.
And what they were doing with the masses of people in the United States was trying to convince them that these people really didn't have any constitutional rights because they were so weird religiously.
It was a public execution.
Great points.
Professor, any comments?
Well, I'm always glad to tie in Oklahoma City with 9-11.
There are so many similarities.
And you mentioned the event on the 19th and the 20th.
Pat Shannon, who made the film Murder in the Heartland, has offered to come and meet my 9-11 class.
So we're very excited about getting Pat Shannon here to talk about his take on what happened in Oklahoma City.
Yeah, Pat's a great guy.
Alex, also about the people that, well, there was supposed to be some records in Oklahoma City, too, from Waco.
That they were conveniently disposed of as a result of that.
They transferred them there right before they did that.
Alex, you helped to build the memorial church down there at Waco.
Are not those people still being held in prison with really no charges against them?
Yeah, they are.
See, that needs to be brought out, and we don't need to let that die because those people are languishing in prison.
I mean, they might as well be in Guantanamo.
No, I agree, Carol.
Let me just comment on everything you've said quickly.
Thanks for the call.
Take what Professor Christensen has done.
Already, people all over the country are wanting it online.
They're wanting to offer it as a course.
I came up, and I'm nobody special.
I said, we ought to have cities and counties and states throw out the Patriot Act at the local level.
People picked up on that idea.
Groups founded up in New York to do it.
Now over 400 cities and, I don't know, is it five or six states now have done this.
Well, the same thing with her course.
People should pick up on this, expand on it.
You should call for it at your college.
This needs to be done, and it's by you out there being leaders, especially the academics that are listening that are tired of this false left-right garbage that keeps people in the dark.
It's time for you to step up and even expand on what Professor Christensen has done.
As far as Waco goes, yes, I came up with the idea and spearheaded the effort to build a memorial church for the Davidians.
I'm not a Davidian, but what happened to them was wrong.
You don't save the children by killing the children.
And they were found...
Not guilty in 94 in San Antonio, but Judge Walter Smith said, I don't care, I'm putting you in jail for 45 years apiece.
They've been tortured in jail, you name it.
The Supreme Court said, release them.
You can't do this.
He said, I'm not going to do it.
They didn't enforce it.
And then in the civil trial when they sued the feds, Walter Smith sat on that at the federal courthouse in Waco and said, I'm not allowing a jury in this case.
Just creating new precedent.
Professor comments.
Well Alex, I want to go back to what you said originally about offering this kind of material to a larger audience.
One doesn't have to get involved in a college course to try to study 9-11.
I encourage people to form their own study groups.
You don't have to go to college to learn the truth about what's going on in this country.
This is the format that I'm using, but people can start their own study groups, and that's what I would like to see happen all across this country at the local level and find a convenient meeting place either in people's homes or even in churches or town halls or wherever.
But people need to set up their own study groups, so they're welcome to use the materials
Certainly from my website.
Your materials are readily available, Alex.
This stuff needs to be circulated to a broader audience.
Because if we don't expose who's behind the terror, they're going to keep carrying terror out to get us to go along with their system.
Walt in Kansas City.
Walt, welcome.
Well, God bless you both.
First of all, I want to give you an update.
My son came home from Iraq last month, and it felt like the weight of the world entirely lifted off my shoulders.
Second of all... Go ahead, Alex.
I'm sorry.
I was going to say, did he have any reports for you about what's happening there?
No, I'll tell you.
My ex-wife read me the riot act because as soon as George got back in town, he drove down to Arkansas and bought him a 1928 Model A Ford.
Uh, anyway...
Back to my main point.
I heard you talking earlier about 9-1-1.
And as you know, I'm a retired Marine Corps major.
Mustang my way all the way up.
And I want you to know all this stuff about 9-1-1.
Also, I went through the Top Gun program and later became an instructor.
Hitting those towers is what we call threading the needle.
And that is...
Very hard, extremely hard to do.
And again, where's the wreckage of the plane at the Pentagon?
Are you really going to use a cell phone on an airplane when you're traveling at 500 miles an hour?
Any of the top admirals or generals in order of shoot-downs, because that was one of my duties,
Later on... Well, he removed... Dick Cheney had Rumsfeld three months before remove the shoot-down power from the brass.
Well, I understand that.
But also, you've got to understand, too, that up until, I think, 86 or 88, pilots could all carry guns on the plane and everybody thought it was great.
And then they passed a law that you couldn't do that even.
Anyway... But the actual fact is...
Now, everybody knows, or a lot of people know, that any of the top admirals or generals could give that order, and I know what you just said, but I don't want that to muddy the water because most people don't know that, but there's only one man who can order a stand down, and he doesn't have a beard and live in a cave in Afghanistan.
I hear you, Walt.
You know, all these plane crashes, because being a pilot, I have literally thousands of hours in several different types of aircraft, thousands and thousands of landings and takeoffs from carriers, as well as bases and everything else.
Air travel is the safest in the world.
Any airplane that falls out of the sky for any reason, I'm going to tell you, is illegitimate.
I'm going to tell you that right now.
I omitted the Flight 102, I think the Pan Am Lockerbie thing, because I really wasn't up on the conspiracy stuff that they were pulling.
Now, I'm not talking about us having a conspiracy.
I'm talking about the conspiracy stuff that they were pulling.
When I saw the missiles hit Flight 800, I knew for a fact, having been a pilot, you know, yeah, those are missiles.
Walt, I appreciate your call.
Let me get a quick comment from the professor.
Professor, any comments?
Well, I've heard what Walt's saying.
I've certainly heard others say the same thing, that those maneuvers could not have been carried out except by trained pilots.
Even trained pilots would have had difficulty.
More likely, remote control is what operated those planes on September the 11th.
And these are guys who couldn't even get a Cessna off the ground and would throw fits and jump out of them.
I mean, couldn't get a Cessna off the ground, but they can thread the needle.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I'm going to take five more calls, and I want to keep our guests in the next segment.
And get a little bit into her political philosophy.
Talking to a professor who's come up with this great course on 9-11, titled 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
It's not just my film.
It's so many great pieces of evidence that she's put in the course.
And it's waking her students up!
We need more professors like her.
I've really got to only give the callers a little bit of time now and let our guests comment because we're behind now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Suzette in Texas.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How are you?
The main reason I wanted to call your show today was to thank Professor Christensen and acknowledge her bravery in this environment for what she's doing.
I read on your site the other day about the harassment and my
My heart went out to her.
I actually was like, well, maybe I can get her phone number and call her and thank her, but anyway, that's what I wanted to do.
Thank you very much.
I'm a warrior, and so I can stand against the wind.
Well, you know, students, even though they go through our public schools and everything, they're one of our best assets, and they really do get interested in stuff like that.
They eat that stuff up, and if we can get them learning that, that is just
Young people hate politics because we give them the false system that they instinctively know is a fraud, and it's boring.
The truth is very, very exciting, and people know the truth deep down as well.
Anything else, Suzette?
Yeah, I just wanted to say something, and this kind of relates to the beginning of the show, Alex.
I met you down at TalkFest in January, and my husband is an American airline pilot, ex-military Air Force pilot,
And he's finally starting to see the light.
You know, he was asking you questions and he'll argue and he loves George Norrie, so he listens to that a lot.
And the other day he finally admitted to me that he, his whole life and everything that his whole being is about would have to change for him to believe what really happened.
But he's really getting upset with Bush over this border thing, and we've been watching the Minutemen stuff really carefully.
What about Gonzalez being pro-abortion and anti-gun?
You know, he hasn't paid much attention to Gonzalez.
$2.6 trillion budget?
Bill Clinton's biggest was $1.8 trillion?
How is he a conservative?
Yeah, and he loved Bush, and now he's waking up, and all of a sudden he's, you know... So I just wanted to touch on that, that, you know...
Hopefully they're doing such stupid stuff in this nightmare that they're going to really wake up the hardcore.
And I'll tell you, if they start taking our guns away, they're really going to wake up people.
Because we talk about that all the time, and there's no way.
Well, Suzette, thanks for the call.
I'm glad you're waking your husband up.
We'll go back to calls here in a second.
But, Professor, the globalists are so arrogant now.
They do such sloppy jobs, and I guess they've gotten that power sickness
Well, but they're counting on us to just be cabbages, Alex.
I tell my students all the time, don't be cabbages.
But the government is counting on us to not wake up, and that's why we've got to.
That's why we've got to get the word out and bring people back to life.
Because they're really counting on us.
That's why they're in our faces all the time, because they know people are just sleeping.
Well, you know, we have a national vegetable.
I forget what it is.
Our national bird, obviously, is the bald eagle.
But maybe the national vegetable should be the American people.
Maybe that should be the symbol.
It's the symbol of an American.
Yeah, yeah.
Or cabbage, Alex.
You know, I like the cabbage.
The cabbage.
Cabbage head, right?
Yeah, the cabbage analogy is ample.
That's apt.
Let's go ahead and talk to Harvey in Florida.
Go ahead, Harvey.
Yes, hello again, Alex.
Professor Christensen.
It seems like they've convinced the American people not to believe their own eyes, their own heart, or their own minds.
That's what this is about.
They've really created a class of zombies in this country.
Power is telling a big lie that people know is a lie, but they play along with it because they're afraid of the system collapsing.
Well, just like also in this 9-11 debate that you've been talking about so extensively, how come Bush wouldn't admit to a lie detector test in front of the 9-11 Commission so the whole world could see he has nothing to hide?
Well, he wouldn't even do it under oath, and they had it in secret.
But if he has nothing to hide, you know how they say, if you have nothing to hide, why would you worry about the FBI coming into your home and looking through your papers or anything?
So why wouldn't Bush...
Well, that's the thing.
They're making everything they do totally dark around with an iron curtain, and everything we do is supposed to be transparent.
Well, I guess then they're guilty.
You know, there is such a thing as truth serum, and a lie detector test.
So him and Cheney and Rumsfeld and the whole gang of our fearless leaders should be more than willing to go in front of the American people and tell us the truth.
Well, show us that they're lying.
What do you think about that, Alex?
Well, there's a better chance of Hades turning into a Wonderland before that happens.
It's painless.
It's painless, Alex.
Let me get a comment from our guest when we get back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're here Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central.
Back from 9 to midnight.
We're going to go back to the professor here and just take a few final calls very, very quickly from Tim, David, and Michael.
I'm going to give each one of you about 60 seconds because I've got a bunch of the news I want to cover.
Right now is Debbie Morrow from New Millennium Concepts.
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Even reverse osmosis just gets out about around 90%.
But your filters do do that.
Tell folks about a few of the specials and how they get the filters.
Hi there, Alex.
Thanks for having me.
You bet, Debbie.
Well, they can get the filters by calling me.
Toll free at 1-888-803-4438.
That's 1-888-803-4438.
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And if they do call and leave a message on the machine, if they could leave their number twice so that I can be sure to hear it correctly, I will get back with people, Alex.
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Yeah, tell folks about that.
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That's something that no other filter has been able to do.
We set a new standard in the water purification industry when we developed these new Black Berkey purification elements.
Well, people need to give you a call.
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Or call toll-free right now, 1-888-803-4438.
And Debbie, I want to thank you so much for coming on.
I'm going to get you on tomorrow in the first hour.
Take care.
Okay, thank you, Alex.
Appreciate it.
You bet.
Thank you.
Great lady, great product.
Jim Shepard's company made right here in America.
Just got to take control of our lives.
I mean, this government, why you drink their water, I have no idea.
And so many of you know about the New World Order, but you still drink tap water.
And it's just full of so much garbage.
I mean, even if you think sodium fluoride is good for you, they admit that the source they get the sodium fluoride from is not pharmacological grade.
It is the raw, unpurified stuff that comes out of the aluminum and purification factories and out of the factories that produce fertilizer.
And this has been in mainstream news.
It's just full of toxins.
I can't believe they just take their toxic waste and dump it in the water.
It's like DU.
They take the byproduct of these nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons production plants and they put it into armor and tanks and put it into the munitions and then use it and have our troops breathe it when the Army's own handbook says it's deadly poison.
Just from the heavy metal effects alone.
It's crazy.
Okay, going back to the professor.
Professor, let's just take three quick final calls here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hello, Professor.
Hi there.
I wanted to ask you a question about the QAM Corporation, and if that's part of your study group.
Marvin Bush apparently was on the board of directors or head of this corporation, and security happened to be their main business.
And he was over security at the World Trade Centers and was in New York that day.
Also Washington Dollars and United Airlines.
And did you know that his contract with the Towers ended on September 11th?
Yeah, yeah.
It's all a big joke to these people.
And one final thing.
Do you think that the national security apparatus in Oak Ridge, Tennessee has anything to do with this Foo outbreak?
Okay, thanks for the call.
Let me get a comment from the professor.
Well, I'm not familiar at all with the corporation that he mentioned, but it's certainly an interesting angle I'd like to pursue.
The flu outbreak from Oak Ridge, I don't know whether they're in the business of spreading a flu virus or not, but it wouldn't surprise me.
Oh, we know the government's on it before.
That's admitted.
Let's go ahead.
And again, that's in the new film, by the way.
Just a few minutes of the film is Marvin Bush running security that morning.
And you find out what the rest of the family was doing that morning.
It was all quite interesting.
David in Indiana, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, yeah.
This is Dave from Illinois.
I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
Last night on Frontline, they had Karl Rove, the architect, on.
Oh, yeah.
And they showed how he used data mining to find out who was his Republicans.
So I thought it was kind of funny how, you know, they're spying on the Republicans, but of course they don't care because, you know, they... The same company running the main data mining is run by a convicted cocaine dealer.
And another company is run by another computer crime specialist, and the other companies are open CIA fronts.
I mean, this is a sick joke, Professor.
Well, this is a crime syndicate, Alex.
It's run in the country.
They hide behind the mask of patriotism and religion and everything else, but basically what we're talking about is a crime syndicate that makes the mafia look like a kindergarten group.
Well, that Frontline show, it's online at the pbs.org site, so that's all I got for you, Alex.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you.
Excellent call.
Good points.
Last call I have time for.
I believe in New York.
Go ahead, Michael.
Yes, good afternoon again, Alex and Professor.
I'd just like to make some comments.
What you're saying for sure, it's a crime syndicate.
That's the bottom line.
How they operate, controlling our money.
And make sure, Professor, that as you're educating your students, make sure you keep them focused when they keep asking, but why would they want to do that to us?
That they're foreigners controlling our money supply, and then they infiltrate our government, and that's how they got away with everything for the last 130 years.
For example, in the Constitution, it's treason and punishment of death for anybody tampering with our gold, silver coinage.
So all these guys in the Federal Reserve should be swinging from some tree limbs.
And then lastly, real quick, well, first, Alex, I think the national vegetables should be mushrooms because they keep us in the dark, they feed us the BS, and most of the people seem to like it.
Now, lastly, Thomas Jefferson warned us that the central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the principles and form of our constitutional republic.
And if the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.
God bless.
Which founding father was that?
That was Thomas Jefferson.
Yeah, thanks for the call.
Of course, he was an Al-Qaeda member, folks.
Professor, that's a good way to end it with the calls, isn't it?
Yeah, it sure is.
A quote from Jefferson is a good way to end anything.
You talk about trying to get people past the left-right false system.
Describe what you talk to your students about.
What have you found is an effective way to wake them up?
That's a tough question, Alex.
It takes a lot of different angles to wake students up.
One thing that wakes up one student may not wake up another.
One of my students that was the most resistant at all to any idea of governmental involvement in 9-11 was recently awakened by
One of the films that may have been, I think actually it was one of your films, Alex, where Bush is saying we will not tolerate conspiracy theories.
Concerning 9-11.
Yeah, and that was one thing.
It certainly wasn't the thing that I would think would wake anybody up, but it certainly did.
Well, you can see the guilt.
I mean, he looks like a fox that's been caught with chicken feathers sticking out of his mouth.
He does, Alex.
And the most telling moment, I think, for Bush is when the films of where he, on the morning of 9-11, when he's sitting in Booker Elementary School, and Andrew Card comes in and whispers in his ear that the second tower has been hit by a plane.
And we see a commander-in-chief that is totally out of control continue to sit there in that classroom, I believe it was for 26 additional minutes,
And do absolutely nothing.
And then he said he first learned while sitting out there, but then there was the Times of London photos of him watching the first hour smoking in the green room.
Yeah, Alex, they probably were on closed-circuit TV in the presidential limousine, is my guess, when he saw the first plane hit.
Which didn't come out until months later that the French brothers had gotten it on tape.
That's right.
But, of course, there was nothing to keep the government from getting it on tape and broadcasting it live to the president, which is what must have happened.
Well, it's just all too incredible.
The point is, we catch them lying.
New lies for old.
It just goes on and on and on.
Do you think we're going to see more terrorist attacks that will be blamed on fictitious, foggy enemies?
Well, there was an article today.
Al-Qaeda, Al-CIA, that is, is predicting that the next terrorist attack is coming, and it's going to be with WMD, Weapons of Mass Destruction.
So I guess...
Our CIA is planning terrorist attacks on the U.S.
using weapons of mass destruction.
They're preparing us psychologically for this eventuality.
But if we just give up all our rights and leave the borders open, we'll be safe.
That's right.
And let them corporate loot.
You know, trillions is missing from the Pentagon.
People don't get why they want to do this.
It's so they can do whatever they want, folks.
And then if you question them, you must be with Al-Qaeda.
I just hope people don't want to just turn their whole country over to these globalists.
And I do think people are waking up.
They wake up, but then they don't take action.
That's the big problem.
Well, Alex, students ask me all the time, what can we do?
What can we do?
And a lot of people don't know how to take action.
And so what I tell students when they ask what they can do is basically to move their mouths.
You know, they first of all must be informed, and then secondly, they've got to tell other people.
So I tell students, you've got to talk.
You've got to move your mouth and talk to other people.
Even if it's your mother, you've got to keep telling people.
You do.
We've just got to keep exposing this crime before the criminals carry out more crime.
Professor, fire out the web contact for your website one more time.
It's jchristensen, J-C-H-R-I-S-T-E-N-S-E-N,
At ncwc.edu.
That's North Carolina Wesleyan College.
Once you get to the college website, you can click on my homepage.
Or you can probably just type in Jane T. Christensen and it should come up.
Or just type in 9-11 The Road to Tyranny College Course and it will pop up.
All right.
Well, Professor, thank you so much for spending the last...
Let me now, as fast as possible, run through some more of the news.
That is so vitally important.
The government, through one of its controlled labs, has mailed out over 5,000 vials of a superflu that killed 4 million people in the 1950s that was extinct, and is now saying, oh goodness, it may spread.
And clearly this is so they can later release it, if they so choose, that plausible deniability, and then go bust some lab worker where it was mailed and say they did it.
That's the MO that I see involved with that report.
We have over 100 microbiologists that have died in mysterious circumstances.
Mainstream news will say like 70-something, but it's way, way, way, way over that.
Talking about economic news, U.S.
monthly trade gap widened to $61 billion.
trade deficit widened.
To a record $61 billion in February, up $2.5 billion from January's upward-raised $5.85 billion deficit, according to the Bureau of Economic Statistics.
You always get these a month late.
And it always gets record each month.
It never goes down.
It rises partly because of the rebound in crude oil prices.
Crude oil has now dropped down to $50 a barrel, but the prices are still exploding.
And the IMF is now out spouting the peak oil line.
There's no oil...
Just give up all of your rights and we'll take good care of you.
Inter-Milan match ends in chaos.
Angry fans throw flares onto the field and injured one of the goalkeepers.
They threw dozens and dozens...
Just 30 flares onto the penalty area below them, as well as bottles.
They had to cancel the game.
These people go to prison for this.
These hoodlums.
Hooligans, as they're called.
And they do it all over Europe.
Here it's over football and baseball, and the cops go out and then shoot innocent young ladies, even when people aren't rioting.
But in this case...
They will get so excited and so angry over a soccer game, but they can't get upset about losing their freedom.
See, they use these gladiatorial diversions to misplace and miscorrect our normal, natural tribal feelings to defend ourselves.
But that should be over defending against real threats.
That's where this aggression is built into us.
Not to go discharge it into meaningless sports.
I'm not saying sports are bad, but when it becomes a religion, becomes pure warfare,
It becomes a major, major problem.
Don't worry, the feds and other private scientific groups are saying that cloned milk and meat is nutritious and delicious.
It's almost the same.
University of Connecticut researchers say they found no problems with meat and milk from cloned animals.
So, government-funded study at the university.
It says it's nutritious.
The study by UConn researchers say the meat and milk are essentially identical.
Essentially identical.
That form animals that reproduce normally.
The study is published in today's issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
So, look for those to be coming onto the market.
Rumsfeld has met with his new Iraqi puppet security chiefs.
And so that tyranny is continuing.
Big article here out of the Associated Press, Citizen Spy High School to Pay Student Informants for Tips on Campus Crime.
And they redefine it here like it's a good thing.
A high school looking for a few good snitches using revenue from its candy and soda sales.
Model high school plans to pay up to $100 for information about thefts and drug or gun possession on campus.
That's in road to tyranny.
They're doing that here in Austin five years ago.
They give them little tattletale cards, $250, bonuses if you turn in family members.
There's a high premium on turning in mommy and daddy.
We always said this was bad in America, but now just like national ID cards, Garrett Mattel says it's good.
As American as mom and apple pie.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
Pan Amers.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video,
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Order today and spread the word.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I'm just going to tell the audience what's on my mind.
I had two great guests on today and took a lot of your calls, and I had to speed over the guests, speed over the callers, because I try to put so much in.
And I may have to kind of change formats.
I'm thinking some days I may not even take calls, or maybe a ten-minute period.
Some days I'll just say, we're taking calls now.
Maybe 10 minutes each hour, and we give each caller a minute, and some days we'll take pure calls and let you talk as long as you want.
Because I got a stack of news here I didn't get to.
It's giant!
I don't know.
What do you think's best?
Email me at tips at infowars.com and tell me what format you think's most informative.
I mean, look at this.
I could spend an hour on this.
Clinton finds his surrogate family, Boston Globe.
He's basically now a member of the Bush family.
They vacation together.
They love each other.
This isn't new.
George Bush protected him.
Blocked Dan Burton's committee.
They've been dealing cocaine together since me and Arkansas.
The 12 years Clinton was governor.
Hundreds of millions a week through that state alone.
I mean, that's admitted.
It was all staged.
George Bush is out Clinton-ing Clinton.
Conservatives can't even... I could talk for an hour about this.
304 U.S.
soldiers ordered killed by Pentagon in Iraq every time they would threaten to expose torture and murder.
Fits with the intel I've got.
Don't have time to cover it.
Wisconsin residents seek legalized cat hunting.
AP, it's the environmentalists.
They call cats an invasive species, want them killed.
They want to make it something you hunt.
This is insane.
Everything's an invasive species.
The honeybee's an invasive species.
Everything... I'm so sick of this.
I could talk for an hour about this!
And I don't like cats compared to dogs.
I mean, it's one thing to trap wild cats and euthanize them if you have to, but no, start hunting them.
And it says if your cat is off a leash, they're going to kill it.
Even in the towns, you're going to... Folks, this is how insane it is.
I mean, I'm just sick of it.
And I don't know where to start or end or anywhere.
Number one show in the country is Desperate Housewives.
Basically a pervert show where it shows these women going after young men.
That's what our country's turned into.
The big article in New York Daily News, no, this is the York Daily Record, excuse me, about this high-powered lawyer who's going after the government over national ID cards and all the comments he made, police raiding the wrong home.
I got three of these articles, tasering old ladies, torturing, kidnapping people's families in Iraq to make them turn themselves in.
I mean, it's just,
It's just massive stacks of it.
Massive, gigantic, burgeoning articles here that I wanted to try to cover.
We're out of time.
I mean, I'm hurrying so much.
I only spent about 60 seconds last hour promoting my new video.
I've got to promote the new video because it's the best work out there to expose the New World Order, and it's what funds this operation.
It's a great video on DVD, three hours, on VHS, two hours, 35 minutes, covers the police state, 9-11 like no other film out there.
It's my best work.
Again, I cannot stress that enough.
Then it gets into the occult elite and the order of death of the Bush-Nazi-Schwarzenegger connection, and then it's such an important film.
We've got discounts on it where you can get them as low as $14 a piece when you buy them in bulk.
Or just get one copy and make copies.
Or go to prisonplanet.tv and get a $0.15 a day membership monthly and yearly.
Watch it right now.
Download copies of it.
Burn it on CDs right there at prisonplanet.tv.
Call toll free to get it.
Or write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Please take action.
Look, there's so much corruption and evil.
I just can't give any of it justice.
I can't show you the connections.
I can't go over all the facts.
I can't write enough articles about all this.
There's just not enough time in the day.
Just open looting of everything, total corruption, total evil, and a bunch of sappy people in the population believing whatever the daily propaganda is.
Stop being conned.
Stop being ripped off.
If you love your children out there, police, government, the globalists will release bioweapons and your children will die too.
We've got to stop these people.
God bless you all.