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Air Date: April 12, 2005
2401 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
Thank you so much for joining us on this Friday edition, the 8th day of April, 2005.
Open line Friday, wide open phones.
I'm going to your calls in the next segment.
You can talk about the Pope laying in state, surrounded by, well, a bunch of presidents and Condoleezza Rice looking like ringwraiths.
Rice with this hood on, looks like Darth Sidious.
Some type of a reptoid demon.
And I kept thinking, well, it's just this photo or just that video.
And I kept looking at the photographs and, man, that lady looks sinister with a black hood over her head.
May add some credence to what David Icke is saying.
All right, now I'm being sarcastic.
Chinese begin to worry U.S.
Officials say equation has shifted in event of a Taiwan crisis.
Oh, yes, we've got to have a draft to keep us safe from the Chinese that we've built up.
Bush keeps low profile at Pope John Paul II's funeral.
And I tell you, Bill Clinton's like a Siamese twin of George Herbert Walker.
And they write articles about how much they love each other, and they give awards to each other.
George Bush Sr.
has his son protect Bill Clinton from prosecution.
Peas in a pod.
I want to air this Daily Show clip coming up after the break, just a clip, and analyze it because it sounds real good.
But in the final, final equation, it actually helps George Bush in a weird way.
It's like Michael Moore's film actually helped Bush.
It's just an accident.
They didn't lie about WMD.
It was an accident.
And they just go along with that view.
Former lawmaker decries Patriot Act.
A whole bunch of liberals and conservatives met, led by Bob Barr, to detail what's really in the Patriot Act.
And there's another Terry Schiavo type case, of course, going on in Florida.
Homeland Security picks total information awareness champion.
That's who they want to head up their new data mining operations, but they put a
A salve out there to the public saying, oh, we're canceling TSA.
Yeah, and reorganizing it and expanding it.
That's how their spin works.
Oh, we're canceling the TIPS program and giving it a new name and doubling its funding.
That'll keep you safe.
Man arrested, cuffed after using $2 bills.
He was in a Best Buy, 57-year-old business owner.
Brother's a prominent police officer.
He says that in the article like that's going to help him.
Oh no, you're going to a re-education center, buddy.
And he paid for some stuff with $2 bills because he had a bunch of them that he'd gotten from his bank, kind of as a novelty.
And they just said, no, you may be a terrorist.
And it actually says they handcuffed him to a chair in front of everyone for an hour until the Secret Service got there.
And the Secret Service said, yeah, these are $2 bills.
I thought everybody knew there were $2 bills.
No, people don't.
As if counterfeit, if you try to use counterfeit as if it's going to be something ridiculous.
Counterfeit's going to look real.
These people are morons.
And then the police spokesman said, well, let me give you the actual quote on this.
This is just too amazing.
Commenting on the incident, Baltimore County Police Spokesman Bill Toohey said,
Told the Sun, it's a sign that we're all a little nervous in the post-911 era.
I mean, when they shoot some woman in the head after a Red Sox game with a rubber bullet, they say, well, it's the post-911.
When they taser an old lady, it's the post-911.
When they get caught running scams with crime labs, it's post-911.
I guess trillions are missing from the Pentagon, post-911.
You know, I guess if a tree gets struck by lightning, it's post-9-11.
It's the new boogeyman.
We'll be back.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
We're good to go.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It is Friday, second segment, eight minutes into this worldwide transmission against tyranny.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
And your calls are coming up directly.
Chinese begin to worry U.S.
Officials say equation has shifted in event of Taiwan crisis.
And we really need a draft to keep us safe from the communist Chinese that our government's given basically all our weapon systems to and moved most of our industry to and given all the U.N.
awards to.
But don't worry about the Communist Chinese.
Let's spy on fellow Americans and leave the border wide open.
And Bush is keeping a low profile at John Paul II's funeral.
President Bush determined not to upstage the funeral of Pope John Paul II, kept an unusually low profile in Rome yesterday, although former President Bill Clinton gave a television interview watched by millions.
He recognizes the significance of the moment White House spokesman Scott McClellan said of Mr. Bush, and the focus rightly should be on the Holy Father.
Mr. Bush became the first president in years to conduct a full day's schedule on foreign soil without allowing a single press question, photograph, or even fleeting image on videotape.
His father, the first President Bush, no, George I, also refrained from interviews.
Okay, let me give you the spin here.
Bush, the last three times he's gone to Europe, will not address the Parliament in England?
The House of Commons.
He will not address the European Parliament.
He did, I guess, maybe one press conference when he'd meet with a world leader, Jacques Chirac or anybody, and they'd throw questions at him, and he would declare that Nigeria was an important continent.
It's amazing.
And Nigeria is not an important continent.
It is the most populous African country on the West Coast.
With only 190 million people.
I said something wrong a few weeks ago.
I said 280 million people, and I don't know why I had that in my head, but I was looking at other numbers the other day, and it's not, but it is the most popular.
So I made a mistake.
I meant to mention that.
Incorrect info.
It's the kind of stuff I mess up on.
You've got to watch me, folks.
We've only got about 98% accuracy right here.
We try to tell the truth, whereas the mainstream media tries to lie and spin and manipulate, so that's the difference.
And we relish correcting ourselves here.
We love being corrected.
We love it when you correct us.
That's how we get better.
But no one corrected me on that.
I corrected myself.
All right, now I'm kind of pontificating and perseverating and...
Wow, you're listening to myself talk.
Actually, I'm procrastinating this giant stack of nightmare news.
But I don't watch a lot of TV, but I was looking at all these photos of Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, the First Lady, and Condoleezza Rice sitting there staring at the Pope.
I mean, they would just sit there for hours as he laid in state.
Pope John Paul II.
The Pontiff.
Papa, as the Italians call him.
And I thought, does she just look incredibly psychotic in all these photos?
Or is it just the, you know, these are bad pictures.
So I did see it on TV.
And I tell you, this is really their normal garb.
I think she was in her element.
She looked like a cross between a ring wraith from Lord of the Rings and...
And a space alien mixed with... I'm just having some fun here, but she really did.
Mixed with the Dark Lord of the Sith.
It was amazing.
I mean, God, Lisa Rice.
What are they doing wearing these Catholic-style, or Third World, Second World-style, I should say Old World-style clothes?
Black shawls and hoods, these women peering out from them.
I was looking at Italians behind them, and they weren't dressed up in these get-ups.
It just shows how it's all dress-up for them.
I mean, Bush will go to a Muslim mosque, and he'll pray to Allah.
And he'll go to the Pope and kiss his ring and get on his knees, and he'll go to a Shinto shrine of the demon, that's what the shrine's called, and clap to summon it.
He'll grovel at the feet of the Dalai Lama.
I mean, this guy is just a complete whore.
And Bill Clinton was doing the same stuff, but what I want to know is, are Bill Clinton, William Jefferson Clinton, and George Herbert Walker Bush conjoined
Are they Siamese twins?
Because, I mean, for the last... It was even before the tsunami of December 26th.
Before that, these two were constantly giving each other rewards.
Clinton gave Bush awards.
Bush gave Clinton awards.
They talk about how they love each other.
It's more sickening than Bush saying he looked in Putin's soul and saw a soul he could trust.
A soul of love.
A soul of love.
Most people don't give you the full quote on that.
I mean, I'm living in the Twilight Zone, but I knew this.
I mean, I knew they were business partners.
Billions of dollars of cocaine in the 12 years that Clinton was governor shipped through there.
We know that Bush Sr.
was the commander, the don over all that.
Clinton was a capo.
I mean, I've interviewed multiple CIA officers who unloaded the cocaine.
Actually, we're unloading it from the aircraft.
And my senior met routinely.
He'd fly into Little Rocker.
Clinton would fly into D.C.
And they'd go into some elite club and have a steak together.
Eleven times we know of in 1991 alone.
That's almost every month.
Important little meetings together.
But now you can see how staged it is.
And, of course, a lot of you are still writing articles about, Let's get Bill Clinton.
Hillary, she's evil.
Let's stop her.
But it's all rhetoric.
It's all theater, like WWF wrestling.
Shakespearean play with your thespians.
Because Bush Jr., King George II, ordered Dan Burton's committee to drop it.
I mean, vehemently.
And has aggressively made everything Clinton did secret and then secured it.
Sandy Berger can be in meetings stealing above top secret documents, sticking them in his socks.
He said the four documents fell into his socks.
That's funny.
And I grew wings last night and flapped up to the moon.
And he gets a little misdemeanor slap on the wrist.
No jail time.
Pays a little piddly pittance.
Not even a slap on the wrist.
Folks, you get caught stealing some document, you're going to spend life in prison.
Unless you're an Israeli spy like Sandy Berger.
They're all busy blackmailing each other.
So I don't want to hear about Bill Clinton.
And how bad he is and how you want to get him politically and how we've got to make him pay and we've got to vote for a Republican in L.A.
and we've got to get Schwarzenegger because Hillary's going to get us.
She's for the war.
She's for gun control.
She's for open borders.
So is Bush.
It doesn't matter.
It's staged.
Can you compute that?
I know you can.
I know you're smart.
But Bush is keeping him on profile because he has staged press conferences here.
He has staged town hall meetings here.
They order people to take signs down on his parade routes, wherever he goes.
And he only takes one question usually the last times he's in Europe.
But now he's not talking to anyone because he's respectful of his holiness.
It's getting ridiculous.
There's a lot of news coming up, folks.
There's so much news, but I've promised open lines, so let's go to your calls.
John in, no, no, John's next.
Tim in Nebraska, you're first.
Tim, welcome.
Yeah, Alex.
Before I get to my question, I'd like to congratulate you on your new film.
Yes, sir.
Really good.
It seems a lot more professional than your other ones I've seen, and I can't believe how calm you've
I spoke through most of it.
I was wondering if you're on Valium or something.
Many years of working 16, 18 hours a day, I've gotten calmer.
I'm just kidding.
What I was calling about, I've heard you talk before about kids falling into the trap of the counterculture and this and that.
Yeah, they pose their traps...
Created literally by CIA mind control experts through Madison Avenue as alternative and cool, and it's not.
Well, I'm kind of having some problems with my two boys.
And they know about 9-11.
They've watched your films and stuff.
And I was just kind of wondering if you could kind of go through that a little bit.
What kind of problems are you having with them?
Oh, wearing the baggy pants and the marijuana and this and that.
They live with their mom, so I don't have control over them all the time.
And anyway, I was just wondering if you'd kind of go through that a little, and I'll have them listen to it tonight.
How old are they?
13 and 15.
All right.
Let me run through a gamut of calls, and then later in this hour I'll spend about five minutes on it.
Let me do this.
All right, and I look forward to talking to your sons.
I hope they're not destroyed.
I hope they don't let themselves be manipulated by the controllers.
Okay, thanks, Alec.
All right, I appreciate your call, sir.
Jam another in, this time John in Michigan.
Go ahead, John.
Hello, Alex.
I'm up in northern Michigan, about a mile from Michael Moore's house, but my reason for calling is we have a state legislator here who is upset about this new passport issue.
Issue with the borders, stating that most people won't spend $100 to do it, and it's going to hurt the economy of both countries.
And so he's proposing a national ID card that both countries will recognize.
Which, of course, we already have.
They've already passed the law last year for a national ID card.
The beefing up of the ID card is in the Senate right now to make it a Pan-American ID.
So see, exactly.
Problem, reaction, solution.
Stay there.
We'll talk about it.
John, this is exactly what they do.
But they'll keep the $100 for the passport, too.
Again, terrorist and illegal aliens don't follow any of this, and our government accepts their flimsy consular cards.
Council cards.
We'll be back.
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They always confuse the issue.
Let me explain something.
The national ID card that passed,
December 26th, through the Senate of last year, signed by Lord Bush, actually gave amnesty to illegal aliens in many respects and ordered the states to accept any of their fake ID cards from Poland, Russia, Mexico, Venezuela, 30 plus countries.
I lost track.
So many new ones they're accepting every day.
They're sending social security checks to over 30 countries right now, merging our laws, merging them with Canada and Mexico.
The Canadians are freaking out.
It's all over.
Every week, some huge newspaper or CBC TV goes, we're giving up our sovereignty.
There's state police from Texas up here running checkpoints.
Your troops are up here.
What's going on?
And, you know, they dispatch these high-level envoys to go, everything's all right.
But in America...
The average person has no idea this is going on.
And then they go, we are going to charge people $100.
You're going to have to have this special chip in your passport to go to and from the country.
And for the millions of people that live along the Canadian border, on both sides, in fact most of the population of Canada lives within like 30 miles of the border, Toronto and all the rest of it, you're going to have to pay and then go back and forth.
It's just ridiculous.
And so they say, well, we need a national ID card to do that.
The bill in the Senate right now, which gives even more amnesty to illegals, does all this horrible stuff, says that it merges our passports with Mexico and Canada for that reason.
Well, don't worry.
And it's just horrible.
But, John, really good point that you raised.
Anything else in Michigan?
Up here in Traverse City, we have a radio station that has a...
Yes, Alex.
Five-minute section every morning at 825, where they do graffiti, where you can do one-sentence statements.
And for the last year and a half, I started off with go to InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, or PrisonPlanet.tv, and then I give my little spiel on that.
So if anybody wants to call in at 825 to promote your program, I can give you an 800 number.
Well, I like stations that do that.
Yeah, give us the number.
It's 1-800-817-0580.
You know, if we had the staff to do that, we should have them, I would love to do that, but have like a five-minute graffiti every day.
People could just call a number randomly and then do like 15-second, 20-second spiels, and we'd cut them all together.
Alex, this covers half of the mid of Michigan, which is from the midpoint up to the UP, which is the Upper Peninsula, and over to Wisconsin, so...
You can call in and say, criminal elements of the government, carried out 9-11, learn the horrible truth, InfoWars.com.
I go Bush and Carey, Stellan Bones Brothers, InfoWars.com.
I go ChemtrailAlert at WeatherWars.info.
Oh, I just go on with all the different information.
Anything that you are putting out, I put out the next day on graffiti at 825.
Well, you know, we're going to do our own type of graffiti.
I've just got to control myself and limit callers to like 60 seconds, which I never do.
I do it occasionally.
It's a lot of fun, and it's very informative, too.
Just take like 10 calls in 10 minutes.
We'll do that when we get back.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Good job there, John.
Bob in Idaho.
Go ahead, sir.
Good morning, Alex.
You know, considering the knee-jerk reaction of those people with that gentleman that tried to pay Best Buy with his $2 bills... And they said they thought he may have been Al-Qaeda.
A white guy, a 57-year-old business owner in the town whose brother is a senior police officer.
And he goes, it's $2 bills!
And they go, this is fake!
And they handcuffed him there.
And then the spokesman for the police department just said, well, you know, after 9-11, what?
Everything they do, it's, well, after 9-11.
Well, you know, it's obvious that they have come up with a psychosis to justify their illegal and irrational actions, and it's obviously PTSD 9-11.
And what is that in the psychological manual?
Post-traumatic stress syndrome.
You're right.
It is a neuroses.
A mass neuroses.
It is.
I mean, cops at checkpoints want to search your car, and they go, well, things have changed after 9-11.
I'm like, what?
You know, just leave me alone.
And they're getting more psychotic by the day.
Well, when they start going...
He complained too much.
We're arresting him.
Or she was selling knock-off Rubik's cubes.
Or the county commissioner gave too many parking spaces to the restaurant.
We're charging him with a Patriot Act.
Well, this is after 9-11.
Shut up.
And then you go, but the border's wide open.
Ah, shut up.
You're a vigilante.
You're obviously a conspiracy theorist.
No, no, I mean, if you read government documents, you're a conspiracy theorist.
But if you're an absolute idiot who can't find Iraq on a map or doesn't know what a $2 bill is, they go, oh, man, let's promote this person.
Well, thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
Have a very good day.
He's got $2 bills.
Call the go, call the feds.
He may be with Al-Qaeda.
And they surrounded the guy while freaking out.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I've got a little clip from the Daily Show that I want to play because it illustrates how in the name of countering the globalists, you can actually bolster them.
So I want to dissect some of this spin.
I mean, overall, I'm a fan of the show.
And John Stewart.
I think he's very talented.
We many times post his little political rants and pieces he does on PrisonPlanet.com.
That's coming up in just a few minutes after we take some calls.
And then I'm going to plunge into all the other news on this live Friday edition.
But right now, as promised, let's hurry through some more of your calls.
Robert in Denver, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good morning, Alexander.
Thanks for taking my call.
By the way, how was your recent trip?
What trip was that?
The one where you spotted wings and flew to the moon.
Well, yeah, yeah, exactly.
Hey, man, you often talked about how you don't watch, except when you do a lot of the displays, torture.
I kind of got a real prime example of that lately.
I've never watched a show until this recently.
I've been getting CDs through my monthly CD membership of the show Alias that comes on ABC, I think it's Wednesday nights.
Yeah, I've never seen it.
Well, it's kind of interesting.
The basic plot of it is Jennifer Garner, who's the main star, is recruited by who she thinks is a CIA and she winds up going to work for them as an agent.
He mentions to her fiancé, they find out about it, kill him.
He then finds out that they're not really CIA, but they are rogue CIA agents who spun off and formed their own agency called SD6.
He is then recruited by the real CIA to be a double agent to get the goods on SD6 and bring them down.
Well, anyway, most of the episodes, like the one I went to last, have a lot to do with violence.
For example, she was caught
Look, I haven't seen one cop show or one of these government drama shows where they don't torture people every episode.
And then they have these legal shows where every other episode it's torture, every other episode they're grabbing homeschoolers from their parents because the parents are terrorists, and then meanwhile in the real world they're doing drills coast to coast where they teach people that homeschoolers are terrorists, which is just a total fraud.
Look, whatever the government propaganda is in the newspaper, it's the exact same propaganda in all these shows, and then voila, we investigate these shows and they're paid for by the government.
Excellent point.
Two more quick items.
A week or two ago, you mentioned something about a national cable TV show you might be doing.
Can you say anything more about that?
Yeah, I mean, look, it's like playing roulette or something.
I mean, people talk to me many times about doing miniseries or different TV shows for cable, and I've been...
In, I don't know, four or five cable miniseries about the New World Order interviewed.
So, I mean, that's all it is.
It's no big deal.
Oh, okay.
I see.
I mean, there's 300-something channels on cable.
You know, being on HBO or being on, you know, Trio or being on Discovery Channel or being on, you know, it's not that big of a deal.
One more quick thing.
I see.
Did you know that the Montana State Legislature is working on a bill that is passed... To pull out of the Patriot Act, yeah.
Yeah, that and also require that federal agents would have to touch base with the local police before they actually... Totally constitutional.
They don't have to pass a law to do that.
But because sheriffs don't know that, they have to pass a law to tell them that's the law.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, it's like last year...
Actually, two years ago, the state legislature, it's now back in session.
They've had a bunch of emergency sessions, so it's never really been out of session.
It's supposed to be every two years.
But the point is, two years ago, they passed a law in Texas saying, you don't have to take vaccines.
There is no law you don't have to take them.
There is no law you have to have them to go to public school or private school.
And the law went on to say, and CPS, Child Protective Services,
Who has an open mandate and bounty to break up families.
They just have a quota, folks.
They, it makes it illegal for them to go grab children because they're not vaccinated.
We had to get a law passed saying it's illegal.
Because there was no law saying it was illegal.
Because no one ever thought that they would go take children for something that wasn't illegal.
You understand?
Now, that is, there was no specific law.
There were laws that it was illegal to arrest someone or take someone's child for doing something that wasn't illegal.
But we had to pass a law to say it is illegal for you to do this.
You know, that's the thing I was thinking about the other day.
But they still do it.
I mean, they just don't even follow the law.
And no one's held accountable anymore.
Every major crime lab in the country, I mean, from Boston to Houston to Dallas to San Antonio to San Francisco to, I mean, everywhere.
They've caught them engaging just in total crime lab fraud.
Planning, fingerprints, oh yeah, you can do that.
All of this.
But still, no one gets in trouble.
Trillions missing from the Pentagon, no one gets in trouble.
Halliburton, massive scams everywhere, no one gets in trouble.
No one gets in trouble, no one gets in trouble.
And they go burn Martha Stewart for doing absolutely nothing when she's chicken-feed compared to these people.
So, I mean, government... Look, that's what tyranny is.
It's just when government goes criminal and just starts doing whatever it wants to do.
And, I mean, the best example I've seen lately is 90-plus percent, 98%.
The state average is 95%.
98% in Houston.
Say, we don't want toll roads on these existing roads.
We don't want transponders.
We don't want this...
And the government just says, you can't vote to do it.
We're doing it.
Just shut up.
And then it turns out there's fraud and bribery.
I mean, in the millions of dollars.
And it's all over the newspapers.
Still, they just go, you can't do anything.
District attorneys will not indict them.
Because... I'm not going to plagiarize.
It's a line from Sin City.
I've basically said it many times in other ways.
But power...
Power, as Frank Miller wrote, real power is telling a lie and getting people to play along with it even though they know it's a lie.
That's power.
That is power.
That is power!
Because... He's in the hospital room with a...
Bruce Willis, he says, I could shoot you right now in here, and they wouldn't do anything to me.
Because I'm a senator.
And because if I go down, the whole house of cards goes down.
Because everything's corrupt.
Do you understand me?
That's paraphrasing.
And that's really how it is.
I mean, anybody with half a brain in government, they know the globalists carried out 9-11.
They know the truth, but they just, you know, well, I'm making $300,000 a year working for the government.
Well, I'm making a million bucks a year working for the government.
Well, I get government contracts.
Well, I do corrupt stuff.
Well, if I bust them, they'll bust me.
Well, I'll get promotions if I just shut up and go along with it.
You know, I don't have to be part of the child kidnapping rings.
I don't have to be part of the heroin and cocaine dealing.
This is what police chief will say.
I just got to turn and avert my eyes and I'll move up the chain of command.
Or I can join it.
And I can make even more.
And then I can live in a $2 million house and nobody will ask how you live in a $2 million house on a $100,000 salary!
Or a $150,000 salary, chief!
And nobody will say anything!
The neighbor won't question it.
The neighbor will come over.
Hey, Bob, let's go play golf.
I won't come play golf with you.
I live by you.
It's sick.
I mean, listen, folks.
Going to high school and then working out at the gym, one of my friends, his dad was the head of the FBI in Austin.
I'm not going to name names.
I went to their house quite a few times for cookouts and stuff and knew him.
And then along came Waco, and he was one of the head agents out there.
I'll just say that.
And, I mean...
And I remember even in high school, I'm going, and I kind of asked nonstop questions.
Well, what's your mom do?
Well, you guys have a big inheritance or something?
Oh, no, it's just investments.
In like this, it had to be a million and a half dollar house.
I mean, just most fancy area of Austin.
I mean, just come on, folks.
Come on.
Come on!
I'm sick of it!
I'm tired of the corruption!
And I told the story.
I was in college and I was like, do I want to be a history professor?
Do I want to go into private business?
That's what I was leaning towards.
Or, you know, I told my dad, I said, you know, I might want to go into the FBI or something.
And my dad's like, hmm, okay.
And then all of a sudden he said, come up to my office.
And my dad's a dentist.
I want you to talk to somebody.
And I said, okay.
And I drove over there and went to lunch.
And there's this old gray-haired guy, one of us, all I'll just say is a senior, very senior member of
Uh, federal marshals in the state of Texas.
He just sat there and he said, Alex, you're not a criminal, are you?
And I said, well, of course not.
I'm upright and upstanding.
And he goes, yeah, your dad's told me that.
And he goes, don't become a federal marshal.
You know, don't try to do that.
Uh, because you're not a criminal, son.
And I tell you, you don't want to become part of this.
He looked totally defeated.
This is a big old six foot four guy.
I mean, I probably wasn't even ever going to do that, but I just talked about it.
My dad's the type who didn't act disturbed.
He knew I'd probably run off and try to do that to be rebellious.
He just had me talk to one of his friends, I guess, who told him stuff.
And that's all I'm going to say.
I'm not going to say any more about it.
This is a federal marshal telling me he was about to retire how criminal it is.
You're not a criminal, are you?
And I said, what do you mean?
He goes, well, you've got to basically be criminal now.
He goes, that's all I'm going to tell you.
You've got to be a criminal now.
You've got to be a criminal?
What can you do, folks?
You've got to be a criminal, or at least be so stupid you don't know what criminality is when you're involved in it, and then the dumb ones just stay low level and always wonder why they're going out to get coffee and Philly cheesesteaks to bring them back to the office and wonder why the other guys move up and they don't.
Heaven help us, folks.
Just heaven help us.
When Vicente Fox comes to Austin, Texas, and gives awards to the police department for not following federal law and protecting the illegal aliens.
And then he gave another award to Wells Fargo, who issued debit cards that are now being accepted, because they'll give bank accounts to anybody, unless you're a citizen, then it's 14 hoops, literally.
It's a double standard, see?
It's designed to undermine this country.
And then that's accepted by the state as an ID card.
I mean, it's criminal!
Here's an award for being criminals!
So I went and bullhorned them and shut their press conference down, calling them what they are, criminals!
Rick Perry and Vicente Fox!
You're criminals!
Alright, I'm out of control.
We'll go to more of your calls here in a few minutes, but here's this Daily Show piece, and notice he says that Bush is inept, the government are a bunch of idiots.
Basically, they are just complete and total morons.
How many times does the government need to tell us they're incompetent before we believe them?
See, that's always the excuse.
Oh, we're incompetent.
But we develop missiles and can fire missiles that will shoot through a window.
No, they're not incompetent.
No, they lied.
PNAC said it's about oil.
Saddam doesn't have weapons.
Dick Cheney said it!
Not just Richard Clark or John O'Neill.
Paul O'Neill, excuse me.
Confusing that with a good FBI agent who exposed 9-11 and they killed him.
I'm talking about the Treasury Secretary, though.
But the point is, this is the spin.
And everything he says in this piece is true, other than that.
And then at the end he goes, where are they now?
And it shows Rumsfeld, you know, got his job again.
Condoleezza Rice got promoted.
Shows all the people that lied.
Paul Wolfowitz, now Secretary, you know, former Undersecretary of Defense, now Head of the World Bank.
Let's go ahead and play this piece.
Hit it.
Let's begin tonight with a simple question.
How many times does our government need to tell us that they're incompetent before we finally believe?
Last week, yet another bipartisan commission issued the harshest critique yet of American intelligence gathering, calling it dead wrong, worthless, duty-headed nincompoopery.
Duty-headed nincompoopery?
I say, the New York Times has gotten surprisingly lax in their language commissions.
Commission co-chair Lawrence Silberman minced no words in presenting the findings.
The intelligence community was absolutely uniform and uniformly wrong about the existence of weapons of mass destruction.
And why this commission was not given the three previous commission reports to that same effect...
Will be the subject of their next report entitled, The Report Commission Reporting on Report Redundancy in Commission Reporting.
The Commission... Redundancy.
Of the handful of new findings most concerned, a gentleman named Curveball, the anonymous tipster on whom the U.S.
relied for much of the pre-war intelligence.
The report reveals the man, Curveball, had been discredited by the German government as, quote, unreliable and alcoholic.
Let me try and explain something quickly.
When you're recognized by the German government as alcoholic...
These people invented Oktoberfest.
When they say you're an alcoholic, mmm, you likey the boozy.
Now obviously any 14-month investigation of Iraqi intelligence would have to factor in how that intelligence was used by the Bush administration.
And as the president stood between them, the commission's co-chairs delved into how this administration cherry-picked intelligence to justify the Iraq invasion.
This could get pretty ugly.
Our executive order did not direct us to deal with the use of intelligence by policymakers.
We didn't interview the president, nor did we interview the vice president.
There you have it.
Under no political pressure, the committee has found there was no political pressure.
Isn't that right, Mr. President?
Sweet, sweet Mr. President.
And so the saga ends.
All who should be held accountable were held accountable.
I wonder what ever happened to all those people anyway.
Does it ever happen in the history of mankind?
Of course not!
Because they did this, and man, you're really bad.
It's amazing.
It's like they set fire to the house and then they show up as the firemen and criticize themselves as arsons.
It just defies belief.
And of course the neocons are all over talk radio saying they never said they were weapons of mass destruction.
It's an urban legend.
It's a conspiracy theory.
We'll be back with more of your calls and a bunch of news.
It's wide open phones today.
You don't want to miss a millisecond of this transmission.
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Your phone calls are coming up.
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Let's now go to Jason in Maryland.
Jason, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
Have you seen any pictures of the new Israeli Supreme Court?
Are you talking about all the occult symbols?
Yes, sir.
The giant pyramid with the all-seeing eye?
Well, that among hundreds of others.
I mean, what building doesn't have obelisks and...
I think it's significant that that's the Israeli Supreme Court that was built by the Rothschilds and that it's on a ley line with the Knesset and the foreign ministry and the Central Bank of Israel.
Well, we've had...
I guess with my...
My history in the Bible, that when I saw this in the Israeli Supreme Court, and that they have this all-seeing eye sitting, it's basically, if you do an overlay, it's basically a...
Yeah, and again, the pyramid was the symbol of those that enslaved the Jews when they were in bondage in Egypt.
I was going to ask you if you knew any... See, that's what... When Moses threw the tablets at the people...
That's what I was going to ask you.
Do you agree with the theory that the Masons are the...
Templars after the persecution of the church?
Well, yeah.
I mean, it's Templars were Masons.
The Masons predate that.
It goes back further than Solomon's Temple.
Further than Solomon's Temple?
It goes back to Egypt.
Before Solomon's Temple.
Can you speak to that after the break?
I'll try to.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, now 25 seconds into the second hour of worldwide transmission against tyranny.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us.
In our search for the truth.
Alright, I've had several questions in the last hour that will be so lengthy I'll have to... At the bottom of this hour, in 30 minutes, I will answer the question to the father who wants to wake his two sons up to how the counterculture is controlled and meant to get them into very destructive lifestyles so the social architects can get control of them.
The last caller wanted me to talk about the origin of the Masons.
And the Babylon Mystery Religions.
And so I've written a note here on both those questions.
I'll cover those for about five minutes apiece.
And again, I'm not the final authority on this.
You need to research it yourself.
Coming up in about 30 minutes.
I do want to continue with your phone calls today.
It's Friday.
Wide open phones.
And I want to get more into Chinese.
Begin to worry U.S.
Bush keeps low profile at Pope John Paul II's funeral.
I also want to get into former lawmaker decries Patriot Act in a big meeting they had in Florida.
Bob Barr.
Homeland Security picks total information awareness.
Champion as a new spy chief.
Man arrested and cuffed after using $2 bills.
They said that, well, it might be Al-Qaeda.
And granddaughter yanks grandma's feeding tube.
The woman is not even in a vegetative state.
That's how they operate.
Good news on San Francisco trying to restrict free speech on the Internet for now, but it shows what they're trying to do.
And much, much more coming up.
But right now, let's go back to your calls.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
Let us now go ahead and speak.
To David in Delaware.
Welcome, David.
Yes, sir, Alex.
How are you, sir?
I'm good.
I'm the gentleman who's been trying to get all these videos into the libraries here in Delaware, also from you and also the Power Hour.
I commend you.
Thank you.
I called in yesterday and spoke to the gentleman at your office, and I don't know if he got the message or not about the shooting here in Delaware and Maryland.
I did hear about that.
There was another shooting.
There's been quite a few lately.
Tell us all about it.
Well, this one here was two dead.
I think there's four wounded.
They started in Seaford, Delaware.
They ended up going south as far as Salisbury, Maryland, where he got caught about 45 minutes later.
It was close to some of the schools.
They had school lockdowns in Delaware and Maryland, both.
And it was on from...
8-something or 9-something that morning until about noon is when they unlocked everything.
And FEMA was involved in it.
If anybody wants that information, I have that number here.
It's at www.state.us-programmed.
Yeah, nobody will be able to write that down.
I'll tell you what, email it to me and I'll try to post it.
So how did you learn that FEMA was involved?
Well, I've got the newspaper in front of me right now.
And also, a certain amount of information's been on the news, but I didn't know anything about FEMA until I'd seen the newspaper itself.
FEMA was helping coordinate?
Oh, yeah.
Federal government?
Yes, yes.
And you have someone out shooting, it's an emergency?
Well, they've said under a red alert, all of our rights are stripped and we can't even leave our homes.
Plus, this gentleman was a 22-year-old.
He killed a dog also.
And then he shot and killed two people, and I think there was four wounded.
The gentleman's a 22-year-old.
I bet money he's on...
He's probably on drugs.
Prozac or something.
And plus he threatened the judge.
The judge told him he was going to put him out or take care of him.
The man told him he was going to take care of him.
So he's in jail.
They're not going to put him on no bond or anything.
Well, they ought to execute the guy anyway.
Start with.
He killed that many people.
But another thing is, I have a 230-page booklet on the images of Washington, D.C.
If anybody wants that number, I don't know if it's in existence now, but it's through the Jerry Henson, H-E-N-S-O-N.
And the youth have a number with a 405.
We got a break, sir.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
Oh, that's too bad!
We had a Helga...
From Germany calling.
And I was going to skip everybody and go to her.
Because I knew a Helga here in Austin, Texas.
She was so freaked out.
She lived here since the end of World War II.
But she moved back to Germany.
And I was wondering if that was the same Helga who was calling in.
But she just hung up literally ten seconds before I went to her.
Helga, if you can get back in on the phone lines.
I don't know we have any open lines.
1-800-259-9231 will go right to you.
Even if you're not the Helga I knew who was real active here in Austin up until she moved away about six months ago.
It would be nice to hear from Helga again if that was the same Helga.
We have a bunch of phone calls here and I want to go to them.
I also want to take your calls.
Some callers have brought up some important questions that I haven't had time to get to yet.
Namely, how the government creates phony counterculture to try to manipulate society.
Because I know we're naturally rebellious to authority, so they create fake rebellions that they scare and manipulate.
That's coming up.
Plus, a caller wanted to know about the history of the Masons and their occult connections.
So I'm getting to that later as well.
But suspect in Maryland-Delaware shootings had warrant.
Suspect charged in fatal Maryland-Delaware shooting spree was wanted on a warrant.
Investigators at the scene of a fatal shooting are taking photographs and trying to find out just how it all happened.
A man charged with murder after allegedly donning a bulletproof vest and tearing through two states on an apparent random shooting spree was wanted on a warrant related to a 2004 shooting incident.
Authorities said...
Allison Lamont, Norman, 22, of Seaford, Delaware, was arrested Thursday after a series of shootings that left two dead and four wounded along a bloody trail from Laurel, Delaware, to Salisbury, Maryland, and they locked everything down as a total police state.
The violence erupted one day after a warrant was issued for Norman's arrest, and he failed to appear in...
Why Kimiko County Circuit Court on charges of related to gunfire at a shopping center and convenience store in Del Mar last October.
Why wasn't he in jail?
It's like this guy who up there in Minnesota said, I'm going to kill people and made illustrations about it.
It had an MSN personal account, a website on MSN saying, I want to kill people.
But his dad, his grandfather, excuse me, was a high-level, almost a police chief, like a deputy police chief.
And so nothing could be done to him.
But you write a fictitious story about zombies attacking an imaginary school listing no real names, and they go, you threatened people with the undead.
We're charging you as a terrorist.
See how that works?
Davis Rourke, state attorney for the county, said Norman had at least one drug-related felony conviction in Delaware.
Norman is known in Delaware.
Law enforcement.
Oh, really?
But he's out.
What is it?
In Texas, a murderer spends an average of four and a half years in prison.
And that's near the national average.
But there's people for marijuana convictions who serve more on average.
Because they make good workers.
A murderer doesn't in your prison industries.
But a good little pothead does.
Very, very interesting.
Plus, they've got to release the violent offenders to continue to create the crises.
It's an actual formula.
Also, there isn't prison crowding.
What they'll do is zoom in on a few county jails that are overcrowded as the processing centers for the giant prisons everywhere.
There's only a few jails in
Law enforcement centers compared to the processing centers compared to all the warehouses, the prisons.
And the average person out there goes, good, make them criminals work.
Take their cable TV and their hot tubs away.
They don't have cable TV and hot tubs, folks.
And make them work.
Yeah, competing against you for an average of 20 cents an hour.
Millions of them.
Again, you've got to think things through here.
Make them criminals work!
Have them pay their way!
They don't pay their way.
You pay for it, then a private industry gets to build a factory next door and make nothing but pure profits for themselves, displacing law-abiding citizens!
Alright, now I'm... Now I'm ranting.
But, uh... There's so much other news here I want to get to, but let's just... I'm going to go to your... Folks, I'm going to give each caller no more than 90 seconds, because I've got to get to everybody here.
Helga's back from Deutschland!
Helga, welcome from Germany.
Is this the Helga I know?
Yes, yes, yes.
But I'm in Germany.
I'm calling you because... Anyway, I'm so sorry to hear you.
Germany calling.
Germany calling.
I can listen to you anytime I want to.
And I do a lot.
My phone bill is over $100.
But anyway, what I heard today on the army station that comes from Heidelberg is that the Pope is in three coffins, right?
The first one.
The second one, now that's what they say on the radio, is made out of lead and has a skull and bone sign on it.
Excuse me, now I misunderstood what you said.
What exactly did the radio report?
The radio reported that the Pope is going to be in three different coffins.
You know, the one he's being shown, the second one is lead, even though I saw in some newspaper today that it's zinc, but anyway, they said it's lead.
The sarcophagus.
And there is a skull and bone on it.
That's what they said, skull and bone.
That is incredible.
Yeah, I knew he was going to be in three sarcophagus.
I guess would be the plural, I'm imagining.
But it's Garland Bone.
You know, if you have any way of researching it, that's what they said on the radio.
It's the army station that comes from Heidelberg.
And that's what they said.
Why would you have that symbol of death?
On your coffin.
You know, I mean, the Holy See, right?
Skull and Bones, the Pirates.
It would be the, you know, it's all... Well, my new film details, Helga, how that's really the group that runs all the major organizations is this Worldwide Brotherhood or Order of Death.
And we know about Skull and Bones.
And then I saw all those...
How do you like being back in your homeland?
Let's see, it looks a little different color, but we have practically the same thing passing, you know, passport, toll road,
We are now being frightened with fine dust.
That's the newest thing.
And that's why, you know, there shouldn't be so many cars, and they have to pay for a special filter, and they shouldn't be using their cars, and we have to extend the, what is this called, how do you translate it?
You know, the zone where you can only walk in the cities, we have that already, but it should be extended.
Politics are, I mean, it's so stagnant here that it's like a kindergarten.
They just fight with each other, and in the meantime, they have passed the most horrendous thing, which is a law, and it's called Hart 4, and that means if you want to collect unemployment...
You have to take any job.
Any job.
I was going to bring that up, where they told the 25-year-old woman... Yeah, and when I heard this, I actually heard this also.
I heard this also on this Heidelberg, and I heard it from you too.
And I told this to the people here, and they said... I said, that must be a joke.
They said, no, that's probably not a joke.
They told her you...
She said, I'll take a job bussing tables.
And she has a software computer engineering degree.
And they said, you've got the temp called.
And they said, you've got to take the job or we take you off your unemployment.
You've got to go service ten men a day.
I met a poor man in front of some building.
You know, where you look for work.
I don't know exactly what it's called right now in English.
But anyway, he was almost in tears.
He said that he had been working construction all his life.
And now he has this work in an office.
And he said, you know, I don't know how to spell.
And I said, did you tell him that?
And he said, no, I didn't dare to tell him.
I was ashamed.
What did they do?
Pass laws with more regulations on who could be a construction worker?
No, no, no.
He was a construction worker.
And he got put into an office.
No, they're just now with this new law, they can practically also branch out from so-called social jobs, which would be hospital, kitchen, and so on, you know, et cetera.
They can now use that for who knows, you know.
Maybe you can open up a factory here and get one euro.
They get paid one euro.
They get paid their rent, but it has to be a certain measurement of apartment.
If it's too big, they have to move.
Then they are paid, you know, electric and all those, even telephone.
But only if they don't make too many phone calls, if they don't take, you know, too much electricity, and if they don't have too much of a heat bill.
So it's a total control program.
And I said, why in the hell would anybody want to accept this?
But, you know, we have then the people come from Russia, the people come from the Ukraine.
We have Turks here.
It's amazing.
The city is full of it.
And, you know, it's pretty much the same.
It's a little different color, but it's pretty much the same.
And when I saw that today in Rome, I said, you know, the New World Order is everywhere just the same.
And I don't even know what to say about it.
Well, Helga, it was a pleasure hearing from you.
I miss seeing you at different events.
I'll be back in August.
All right.
Well, I hope to see you then.
Thank you, Helga.
I kept her a little bit longer, but old friend.
Take care.
We'll come back and go straight to your calls on the other side of this break.
Stay with us.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's continue with your phone calls.
There's a big news blitz coming up in the next segment.
Let's go ahead and go next to... I guess it would be Will in Virginia, then Joan and others.
Will, welcome.
Thank you, sir.
I just want to thank you for everything you've done for the cause of liberty.
I recommend your films to everybody.
I've got them, I copy them, I got you new and on order.
Just wanted to mention a favorite phrase of a friend of mine who says that the biggest scam our government has pulled on us is to make us think that they are incompetent.
No, I agree.
Oh, they're idiots.
They're buffoons.
They're nincompoops.
New York Times.
Oh, they just don't know what they're doing.
No, they ordered the CIA to lie and put out false reports.
That's admitted.
Then Bush gets up on the stand and goes, How dare the CIA?
You're bad.
You lied to me.
And then they turn around and give them awards.
And promote them.
I mean, how dumb do they think we are?
We're dumb, I think.
Yeah, people aren't even so much dumb as they're just not focused.
They're not looking around them.
They're just thinking about themselves.
Well, if you really think about yourself and care about yourself, folks, you'll get informed because you're being psychologically, physically in many cases, economically, spiritually raped.
Anything else?
By the globalists.
No, that's all.
Thanks for being there.
Thank you for being there.
Thank you for calling.
Joan in Florida.
Welcome, Joan.
Hi, Alex.
Two things real quick.
One, when Helga just called in on the radio, I heard a list of a few items that would be buried with the Pope, and one of them was stolen bones.
They actually said I only heard it once.
So, Helga's definitely probably right.
Well, the most powerful elite secret society on Earth that is behind every group we look at is this Order of Death group.
That's what I detail in the new film.
Folks, I've done years of study on this.
This has the... We know what they're doing.
Okay, the other thing was, I was watching... I miss in the morning, and he had a fellow on, David Kirby.
He's written a book, Evidence of Harm.
Mercury in Vaccines and Autism Epidemic in a Medical Controversy.
Excellent interview.
I got the book.
I just got it the other day.
He's been a contributor to the New York Times for eight years where he writes articles about science and health.
What is the spin that they didn't mean it accidentally?
Oh, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
For closed meetings of the FDA, CDC...
And drug companies to the mysterious writer inside the 2002 Homeland Security Bill.
Oh, so out of the gates it mentions the 2000 meeting where the FDA... And we've read this.
This has been in ABC News.
We have the documents, though.
I wouldn't give this to my own grandson.
This is deadly.
Millions have been damaged.
We've got to cover this up.
Well, anyhow, no, this is...
Definitely an excellent book.
It's quite lengthy.
Well, yeah, you just mentioned that it talks about the secret meetings, yeah.
They know!
By the way, Joan, as you know, they took it out of most of the vaccines, but with the flu shots and a few of the others that they give children and others, they more than quadrupled it to 250 times safe levels per injection!
That's right.
There's no reason to increase it to that level.
That's right, and...
It's well documented, plus it also helps people go to websites.
Well, here's the deal.
Here's the deal, Joan.
Why, if they didn't even need that much Tamarisol as a preservative, why would they then radically increase it when they are being sued over this?
I know.
It's just horrible.
And here in Tampa, we have the, oh, help me, the cancer center, Moffitt.
The other day it came out on the news.
It only hit the news twice.
150 times the amount of radiation was given to 70 people.
And they found all but 12 of them or something.
Was this part of a test?
People were going in there for radiation treatment and somebody set the machine improperly.
Oh, yeah, you got there in that area of Florida, they got one of, what, five machines?
That huge mega thing that looks like a big old 1950s rendition of a laser beam?
You know that big giant machine that's like three floors?
And it just aims one little, I forget the name of it.
Well, anyhow, it administers the radiation treatment, and it was 150 times the amount of exposure.
Then a couple hours later on the news, it came back on and said, oh, no, it was only 50 times the amount.
Whoa, no problem.
And a few of the people did die, but they were going to die anyhow.
Thank you for the call, my dear.
I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't a government op.
I mean, in the 1950s, they would take the pregnant wives of GIs and tell them, now, if you don't feel well, honey, you come in here to the clinic.
They'd have film cameras ready.
They'd give the woman uranium and plutonium pills as vitamins.
We're going to kill your baby, honey.
She'd take the pills.
A day later, violent miscarriage.
They'd be there running film cameras.
Folks, this is Joseph Mingala stuff.
Just some innocent woman.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Let me cover an important smattering...
Frankly, a cornucopia of news, and then I'll go back to the loaded phone lines here.
On this Friday edition, now 34 minutes, well, it's actually 33 seconds, 45 seconds into this hour.
Now here, well into the bottom of the hour.
Let me just try to answer a couple questions first.
Important questions.
A caller early in the last hour...
Ask me, Alex, I've got a 13 and a 15-year-old.
It's two different sons.
And they're getting a little bit rebellious.
And I'm divorced, and they live with their mother.
But they know about 9-11, and I've shown them your film, some of your films.
And I'm trying to explain to them that the counterculture that they're slipping into is not rebellious, is not counterculture, and that it's controlled.
And I could talk for hours about this.
This is such an important subject.
And there's so many people I could speak to on this, to the parents, just from my study of the New World Order, to the young men, the young women out there as well.
But first off, I want to say this to the young men.
Genetically, in your coding, the way God designed you,
You were meant, after you enter into puberty, and testosterone starts pumping through your veins, to become more aggressive.
Instinctively, you will want to rebel.
You will want to basically start down a road that causes you to leave your hut, or to leave your nest, to leave the cave.
In our more natural times, around 13 or 14, you usually left the hut and went and built your own bachelor's hut and then began hunting parties on your own, began courting around 15 generally other females from the tribe.
You began...
Being involved and going on raiding parties.
It's all sociology.
And that's what the globalists study.
And they target you.
They know what you're going through right now at this key time.
And back when this country was better, we tried to channel it through things like sports, ritualized combat, ritualized hunting.
Now that's become perverted and turned into basically a way of life and a cult.
But there is a place for it.
You know, it's better than out fist fighting and guzzling beer and getting in fights at bonfires and carousing.
And they take that and they pervert it.
They send army recruiters in when you're 14 years old to trick you when you're 16 to sign a commitment for when you're 18.
And they tell you, don't you want to be a warrior?
Don't you want to be tough?
Well, your parents tell you not to.
Well, you're going to be powerful.
Well, you've seen the movies, haven't you?
This is what they say.
That's one way they trick you.
And I'm not saying, if the government said, we're going to have a state-by-state draft by the governor, who can, by the way, draft for emergencies.
Oh yeah, that's constitutional.
The feds can't.
For the southern or northern border, I'd say go join it.
But if you get into the military, they're going to inject you with experimental vaccines.
It's a felony every time they do it.
You're supposed to give them consent.
And that's come out in federal courts.
They still do it.
They're going to use you as guinea pigs.
They're going to have you breathe depleted uranium and then give you no treatment for it when you get sick.
They're going to lie to you, and it's not in the fine print.
In a nebulous fashion it is, but it's not clear.
They'll keep you in for three tours in Iraq, when even in Vietnam you only had to serve one tour for 11 months.
World War II, 22 missions, and you're B-17.
I know my grandfather in the Air Corps in Italy.
That's all he had to do.
And then he was on the ground as a mechanic working on them.
Just every basic rule and contract with a soldier has been broken.
So don't be fooled by that.
That's a big threat.
Hollywood plays up crime.
Makes it look reckless and powerful and cool and gives you this archetypal signet image of the drug dealer...
It is escalate rolling.
And one of the most powerful things Hollywood does is, in a tribal, natural situation, the intelligent, smart, strong male gets the best female.
Or, in many primitive cultures, females.
And women went for men who were intelligent and dynamic and who were physical while at the same time intelligent.
But after the 60s, and the CIA set this up with Gloria Steinem and many others, Timothy Leary, it's all come out they were government agents.
And then now today with a lot of the out-of-control hip-hop culture and the rock and roll culture and the rest of it, they show you these images of these movies, these teenage movies, you know, the beach movies, whatever, you know, the weekend party movies, where the guy that gets all the girls is stupid, he's shallow, but he dresses in whatever the fashion is, he's reckless, he gets in trouble a lot, his pants are hanging down around his knees, he's a moron.
He makes jokes about everything.
And so young males go out and try to simulate that.
They think that's going to attain females.
That's their subconscious drive, really just their coding, what they call the subconscious, just the hardware of the brain.
And so they go out and simulate what they see in the movies and in the videos, on TV, and it doesn't happen.
They don't get the females.
Or the females aren't attracted to them and they get frustrated and they think, well, I better act like more of an idiot and then I'll get the females.
And you still don't get the females.
Let me tell you what the females want.
Females want strong, intelligent men who can provide for them.
Conversely, women are told, hey, women, you're slaves of your men.
You need to be running things.
You need to have the professional job.
You need to be on top.
You need to have the power.
Gloria Steinem admits she was a CIA officer, CIA-funded Miss Magazine.
She even wrote this in one of her books.
This is only one little piece, okay?
I could go for hours on this.
Because by design, the social architect said, the state can't get control of the family and the children because 80% of women aren't working.
It was a low-class thing.
If a woman had to work, and boy, if the man didn't work, we're talking about, that was really embarrassing.
And if a woman had to go take a job, that was a sign the family wasn't doing so well.
Now, I'm not saying if a woman wants to fly airplanes and wants to be a CEO and wants to do all this, that they can do as good a job or better in some cases.
The point is, is that...
Is that you don't have the culture pushing and driving and shutting up a tax system and a school system and a quota system like they're doing in the Scandinavian countries where you've got to have 40% females at your business, or they just shut it down.
And then so something happened the last 25, 30 years.
These women went out.
The men were emasculated.
They picked up on the other propaganda.
It didn't act like men, which drove the equation of women not liking men.
And then women went out and got the jobs, and they're totally unhappy.
After 35, their clock goes crazy.
I mean, I know a lot of fertility doctors.
I mean, they are turning patients away.
These women are doing everything.
Surgeries, implantations, give me a baby, implanting their eggs and their husband's sperm in other women, paying hundreds of thousands, millions in some cases.
They've got to have a baby!
Because they're not fulfilled, folks.
Men and women are one creature.
The human species, Homo sapiens sapien, is not a man and is not a woman.
It is the union.
That is the species.
We are one creature.
Did you know that?
It is a symbiotic relationship.
And a woman will tell you all day she wants to dominate you, but women are not happy.
In fact, there's an aberration of this.
Women, there's an aberration.
The bad boy, the guy that's mean to them in school.
Usually the best looking, hottest girl is going out with him.
Usually they grow up and get out of it.
What a woman really wants is a strong man who takes care of them and empowers them and loves them and cherishes them.
And women just love that.
And that's what these 40-year-old women who've made a million bucks want.
And they are going crazy.
They want it.
They just melt when they finally get it, if they're lucky enough.
That's not how it's supposed to work.
But it's not women's fault.
It's not men's fault.
It's the other side of the equation.
The men are acting like idiots.
Men think laying down and groveling to a cop and being a coward is cool, but they'll get mad at you if you look at them wrong in a gas station parking lot and stick their chest out as they waddle out with a case of beer to go watch the football game.
Men aren't real men.
They don't stand up for their family.
They don't have morals.
They don't have honor.
They're not politically involved.
They think being a man is watching football games and being part of a simulated tribal war.
And it's so complex, I could talk for hours about this subject, but here's other examples.
Hollywood plays up drugs.
Drugs are cool.
Drugs are fun.
Drugs are neat.
Drugs are what the rebels take.
Cigarettes are what the rebels smoke.
Meanwhile, the propaganda is, but arrest anybody that's using these drugs.
And they've done this in Europe.
They put up billboards saying, smoking kills you, it's bad, stop it, and smoking doubled after the 10-year campaign.
It's artificial rebellion.
Or resistance.
And so they come out and they go, it's rebellious.
You know, go have sex with your same sex.
It's rebellious.
You know, oh, it's the cool thing, I better do it.
Oh my goodness.
Or they tell you, you know, it's rebellious to not believe in God and that's the really cool thing to do because, you know, the
And then people pick up on it.
Or, you know, it's really cool to cuss at your teachers.
And it's really cool to hang out in gangs.
And it's really cool to sneak out your window.
No, it's really cool.
Let me just tell the young men this.
You start dressing conservatively.
You start being quiet.
You start thinking about politics and science and society.
And you go join the debating club, you'll have more women knocking on your door than you ever imagined.
Again, you're not going to be a successful male acting like an idiot.
That is the opposite of what women want.
Some young, stupid women think that what the media is telling them is what they should go get, and they're never happy with it.
So again, it's all about setting up your own hut.
And they've taken that and made it for you.
We don't even have money in the society, in many cases, for you to do that.
And let me tell you this.
Every parent tells their child, Oh, I made all these mistakes.
My parents told me.
I didn't see they were right until I was older.
They know you're going to develop.
You're automatically insecure when you're young.
You're automatically learning about the world.
You're automatically questioning things.
And you've just got to take your time.
You've got to develop.
I mean, as you mature, as you get older, and this is a lifelong process, as you become confident, it's such a wonderful thing.
So stay in school.
Go to the gym after school.
Get a job.
Work until 10 o'clock at night.
Put money in the bank.
Another thing is
Parents let their children hang out with bad influences.
And a way to talk to your children, a way to really get through to them, and this is what I've seen with really successful families, this is what men are supposed to do.
Men don't spend time with their son, take him to a baseball game.
They do that too.
But most of the time it's going for a hike with them when they're really little and talking to them about the nature of the world and how the world really works.
And explaining to them that getting involved in reckless things will destroy them and teach them about the dangers of the world.
That's what a man does with his sons and daughters.
He counsels them.
Mothers do that.
And you've got to give them some autonomy at the same time, but just explain the nature of the world to them.
Don't tell them you're bad, you're in trouble, and then don't give them any information.
You've got to invest and spend time and then encourage them when they have discussions with you and when they learn new things and when they become interested in history.
And the most important thing you can do
Because young people, again, it wasn't always this way.
So many people did respect their parents, did believe in their parents, and there was that mutual respect.
And those are the most successful people you see.
The astronauts, the top doctors, the scientists.
I mean, my dad, when he was 13, they trusted him so much, they'd let him get on a bus and go to Houston for the summer and work.
Because my dad was so good and so respectful, but that's how people were back then.
The young men would carry their rifles and shotguns and handguns right into school, put them in their locker to go shooting after class.
My dad lived in a pretty big town.
Big cities were like that.
People were disciplined to a greater extent.
And you see that discipline going out the window, but the discipline was giving the people value in the discipline.
Showing them how it was strengthening them.
But the most important point here, and there's hundreds.
I thought I'd spend five minutes on this.
Look how much time I've already spent.
The most important thing is you've got to sit your children down.
By the time they're about ten years old and explain to them the history of the republic, the dark times that came, explain to them how the system's gone bad, explain to them how the media is there wanting to get them caught in their clutches.
That they're sold these vices so they can become institutionalized and that the government wants them to be rebellious so that they can capture them and put them in the juvenile hall, put them on welfare, put them on Prozac.
And I think the most important thing is not letting them watch television and teaching them about television.
And I think the most important thing is very young putting them in sports.
And on the swim team and, again, having a garden, taking your children to the park every day.
No matter if you as an adult, and this is what mammals have always done.
I mean, even crocodiles do it.
If you have to work yourself to death to provide for those children so one of the parents can stay home to protect them, protect the nest, especially when they're little bitty, then you have to do it.
That means, men, if you have to work 18 hours a day to provide...
I don't mean $100 shoes and big screen TVs.
I mean to provide good private school education or homeschooling.
I mean to provide them with everything they need.
Men, you are to kill yourselves working for your family if need be.
I mean you are to... That's figurative, folks.
You are to do everything.
That is your job.
Not spending $500 on Super Bowl tickets.
That's what you're supposed to do, and if you follow God's law and the code that God gave us, it's just our genetics, if you do that, you will be empowered, you will be happy, and your children will turn out good.
If not, they'll be destroyed.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video,
Order today and spread the word.
We're good to go.
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There's a few other points I have to add to what I was just saying about family.
This is what the philosophers said as well, the founding fathers.
This has been figured out.
Another thing is, look, they know you're going to be rebellious after puberty.
Men and women.
And so the globalists are very good at manipulating those feelings and misdirecting you
...into unnatural avenues to destroy you, to get you into their clutches, to make you dependent on the state.
I mean, are we surprised that the average young person in this country watches four and a half hours of TV a day?
The average adult, three and a half hours?
I mean, the television is raising your children, teaching them how men behave, how women are supposed to behave.
And we wonder why we have so many problems?
You get out of a computer what you put into it, and that's what our brains are.
And described by a scientist as a computer that a spirit controls.
And that's your soul.
There's something else there.
And, folks, there's nothing more precious than your children.
A byproduct of this self-centered society is that people, they don't care about their children as much as they should.
And the children don't care about them when they're old and euthanize them.
We're in trouble.
The family is unraveling all around us.
Illegitimacy is exploding in every racial group.
I see it around me.
It is an implosion.
And the children see the people at school who were cool because they follow the TV's model of how you should look and how you should dress and how you should act.
And then your poor children feel inadequate and pathetic and that's what Madison Avenue wants so then they'll go buy their products.
But I assure you, you start doing things your way and
Being clean-cut and strong and focused, and when you really stop caring, stop caring in people so much about the, quote, cool people.
Most of them are desperately unhappy, sad individuals.
You need to be strong and worry about being strong, and then you will be strong, and then people will like you.
It isn't about putting on a front.
It isn't about behaving in a way.
It's about being.
And I think that starts with...
And let me tell you, if you're around teenagers, young people, they're being mean to you, don't go along with it.
Stop hanging around with those people.
Go hang out with the nerds.
Or, you know, go hang out with people you'd never think were, quote, cool.
Because those are the people that are going to be successful.
You see that so much.
The people that, you know, aren't successful socially in high school become successful later in life.
I was so wild that I didn't even care about being successful.
And that's why I was, quote, successful in that little petty world.
And so many people go to their school reunions and live in the past and are obsessed with it.
People that were cool.
I mean, that's really sick, folks.
The rest of your life comes after high school.
You know, it isn't high school.
And so that's my message to young people, and it's an important message, and I've made these observations over the years.
And so just do what your daddy tells you and be strong and know that your parents love you so much it tears their heart out.
It's just the love that a parent has for their children.
It is unlike anything that you could ever imagine as being a child.
It's much stronger.
I think parents love their children a lot more than the children love them, especially when they get older.
And then later you'll love your parents as much as they love you.
Alright, that's enough preaching.
We'll go straight to your calls in the next hour.
Then I'll get into the Masons and all this other news.
People being arrested for trying to use $2 bills to buy things.
People are so insane and dumbed down.
Before we end this hour, Martial Law 9-11 Rise of the Police State is now out on DVD.
It won't be seen if you don't get it and make copies.
Please help me get this out to people.
It's my best film.
It's an incredible 9-11 video.
It also covers the police state, the occult elite.
Both are free to order.
That's 888-253-3139.
Big Brother.
Big Brother.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hour number three now being cracked open afresh anew.
We still have so many freedoms and so many beautiful, wonderful things in this country.
Evil New World Order can be resisted if you'll simply listen to the clarion call and stand up against it and do the good work.
Your calls are coming up at 800-259-9231.
And then I'll get into just so much news.
People being arrested for using $2 bills.
As terrorists and other such things.
Let's go to the calls because you've been holding for eons.
First up is Michael in New York and Bob, Jamie and others.
Go ahead, Michael.
Hey, Alex.
First of all, it is an honor to speak with you.
You're great and it was another great show today.
I hope a lot of parents out there heard what you just said.
I'm just going to touch on some of the stuff that you've been talking about.
You know, with Imus in the morning, what's very interesting, he was starting to expose how the inoculation seemed to be linked to SIDS and all these other childhood diseases.
There is no seems to be linked.
Yes, exactly, but from his approach, you see, which was a major step because he's so mainstream.
And so it was very interesting to see him reveal this over the air.
Now, here's the interesting thing.
Shortly after that,
Wall Street did an article on him about his ranch out there for the cancer kids and stuff.
So something was going after him.
I've noticed suddenly this week, just from what I've heard, heard in a restaurant, people talking, heard on radio,
Suddenly he's being attacked, probably because he's got a conscience and they're worried he's about to turn.
I believe that.
It's got to be the case, as we well know from experience.
Another thing I want to, with the masons and the symbols, people have to realize that masonry itself was not evil, as you've covered many times.
And a lot of these symbols, per se, weren't evil.
I mean, Secret Books by Moses had these symbols in it, Solomon.
And so what we're dealing with is essentially what God creates, the devils infiltrate.
Counterfeits and perverts.
That's right.
So, for example, the founding fathers, Freemasons and, of course, George Washington, the greatest American still to this day.
He was divinely protected numerous times.
That's how we were able to defeat the largest empire in the world.
And then, of course, all these supernatural things around the war, the mysterious fogs oozing out of the ground on a midsummer's day.
No, stuff really did happen like that.
That's right.
And all these supernatural events.
Now, ultimately, George establishes the first country without a king, which was a major precedent because no other country in the history of the world as we know it,
Well, that's right.
Greece had been established by kings, and they had limited voting for landowners, males of a certain age, but that wasn't established as a new country like that.
You're right.
And the only country besides us was Israel in the very beginning, where God said, you're my people, I'm your king.
You're right, it wasn't George Washington, it wasn't the first, it was Moses.
Yep, and so we're the only other country established by God.
Like the founding fathers believed, they were new Israelite.
And so, our king is Jesus, and we are all sovereigns because we have a good... Well, that was the battle cry in 1776, no king but King Jesus.
You see that?
See that?
And so people have to realize, now what Jesus said, the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, for the violent try to seize it by force.
He's referring to the black magicians, the evil ones who want the power, the kingdom of heaven, which is not a place, because he said the kingdom of heaven is within you,
It's his power.
No, they want your soul.
They traffic in the souls of men.
Yes, that's right, but it's also a power that makes us divine beings, Alex, you see?
No longer mere mortals.
And so the evil one's like, let's look at the Nazis in our most recent history.
Well, we're made in the image of God, so we've got a spark of that.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
I really do.
And I'll take a few more calls, and I'll comment on the Masons.
We'll break it down.
But it is certainly purely evil today.
Stay with us.
We'll be back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
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The DVD version is 170 minutes.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, 8 minutes, 24 seconds into this third and final hour of worldwide transmission against tyranny.
I'm going to continue with your phone calls for a few minutes.
I don't want to answer the questions we've been getting about masons from my studying of it.
In the connection of the Founding Fathers, then I'm going to plunge into the news.
Then we'll go back to your calls.
Toll free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
Bob in Texas, and Jamie, Miles, and others.
Go ahead, Bob.
Yeah, I've got your video.
I'm going to get the CD of the Martial Law, and I can tell you it's a blockbuster.
It's jaw-dropping.
It's opening eyes.
Eye-popping, nervous breakdowner.
I've had all kinds of reactions from people, but mostly it's people that are just waking up and absolutely freaking out.
So you ordered the VHS when it was first available, because I didn't want to waste time.
I authored and got the DVD, which we now have.
So you've got the two-hour, 35-minute film.
Give us your review of it.
Well, I can practically project it through my eyeballs onto a wall because I've seen it so many times.
I've made some copies.
I feel bad when I make copies because I feel you should be getting those revenues, but as you say, it's more important to get the word out.
No, no, I could care less.
Well, I know that.
That is not the goal, make copies.
I understand it, but it's...
It was fantastic.
I've seen all your movies.
I bought all your movies.
I bought several extra copies of your movies, giving them away.
And this one's a true blockbuster.
People are waking up.
I've had people sit there with their eyes glazed over, their jaws hanging open, and they're just absolutely flabbergasted.
What about when I tell folks who actually did 9-11?
Most of the people that I've talked to have already been introduced to the idea, but after your presentation, there's absolutely no doubt left in their minds, and they're in a state of shock.
And they actually have a power about them, and you can see that they're at a point where they know there's something they're going to have to do.
Yeah, because we show you the police state, and not our opinion.
Here it is, total police state.
Then we show you how they use 9-11 to create a police state.
Then we show you that they're devil worshippers.
And it's not from our words.
It's them.
It's admitted.
That's where it comes through the best, is the fact that it's undisputed.
It's on the record.
It's not a matter of conjecture or anything.
It's an absolute documented fact.
One thing I wanted to ask you about was, what do toll roads...
Tracking the gas prices and the corporate attempt to take control of water all have in common.
I can tell you that answer if you don't have it.
Well, it's just all control of energy.
Water, the base energy of life, and then fuel, the base energy of our civilization.
It's not about a free market.
It's about total global plantation.
Well, you just answered that question about water being a fuel.
Yes, it is a fuel, and there are several people that are using it as a fuel.
Also, the gas prices are as high as they are because the Federal Reserve System has collapsed.
The extra cost of fuel is being used to prop up the Federal Reserve System right now.
No, they admit, and the Iraqi oil, the money goes directly into the Federal Reserve.
That's admitted.
And because the dollar has gone down 40-plus percent in value, that's one reason suddenly fuel prices are up 95% from what they were three years ago, and it's only going to get worse.
I've talked to several inventors, and they say there are so many people out there running their cars on water right now, that's one of the reasons that they're going for the control of water.
Well, that is true.
Now, it sounds like I'm contradicting myself.
We were using 15 million barrels a few years ago.
Now we're using 20 million barrels a day.
Their oil revenues are at all-time highs, but...
If they are unable to control the fuel cell revolution, the nanotech solar panels, where the car doesn't go 40 miles an hour, folks.
It goes 150 miles an hour if you want.
It's not ugly solar panels.
It's the paint job.
This could come to market now.
They're trying to suppress it.
But they're losing control because China and others are going to use it, so now we've got to use it.
And that is one thing that threatens them.
But it's a total greed system because the tolls they're replacing, and they're going to keep the fuel tax as well, so dwarf even the current taxes, see?
So it's also a greedy massive increase.
But they are telling the highway planners this, so they'll all get behind it.
Well, God's love be with you.
You've done a wonderful job.
Keep up the good work.
We'll do our part to keep the word getting out.
By the grace of God, the New World Order is on the run.
They're on the run.
They're scared to death of us.
And they're going to be moving very quickly and furtively because they're afraid and they know their time is very short.
And that makes them very dangerous.
They won't turn loose easily.
I expect them to nuke cities and do a lot of stuff and kill a lot of people.
Well, people like the Grand Prix and many others that I've had the good fortune to talk to, there is another column that's just waiting for them to try to make this next move, and they're going to be stopped in their tracks.
We'll see, my friend.
Thanks for the call.
Look, I don't think everything doesn't happen snap, crackle, pop.
You know, instantly.
It took the New World Order hundreds of years to get what they've got now.
It'll take hundreds of years, because the fight against them started hundreds of years ago.
It'll take hundreds of years to stop it.
I mean, if we stop pushing, they push even harder.
Evil has always been with us and will be with us for, I guess, a long time.
And so it's always going to be popping back out like a trapdoor spider out of the ground.
But we've just got to be there and admit it's there and know it's there.
You know, it's the old example of the devil's biggest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist.
Convincing us that evil isn't out there.
That men don't do evil things.
Being very naive and rationalizing the evil we do.
I mean, I'm an evil person, folks.
People say, oh, you're a very good person, Alex.
Yeah, but believe me, the thoughts I have...
The, you know, less than I used to, but the things I think, you know, the mean things I've done, it's bad.
And I've got to get control of that.
And I am, every day, trying to control that.
Most people don't even know that's going on in their mind.
That there's this internal struggle in all of us, and something's got to be wrong with them.
I mean, we are a very aggressive species, a very intelligent species.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We have now created subgroups of humans.
Almost a new species.
The elite are the same genetics as us, even though they've been interbred, so in respect they're not.
But it's almost a fusion of evil marrying evil, and then that's nature, then nurture, how they're raised, their views.
And so because they are predatory, they have literally bred society and set civilization up to be a predatory system where the 1%, less than that,
One-tenth of 1% of the elite at the top, and their 10% minions that serve them have enslaved the other 90% of us.
And just like they have propaganda in Iraq today, you know, lay down, the government loves you, it's for your safety, what do you think our dominant media is?
And the people spouting the propaganda don't even know they're propagandists in many cases.
But as things have become more clear, now they have to pay the politicians off.
They have to pay the media people off.
Now it is becoming clearer, because it's gotten so evil.
And so for every action, there's an equal or greater reaction.
I mean, you know, this is no martial law.
I've said this is the film that could get me killed.
But that is the price.
As a man, I have to defend my country because my children live here, my wife lives here, my family lives here.
And I know that the country has to be free if they're going to be free and safe.
And so as a man doing my job, I've made the decision, I've committed, it's instinctive.
There's no debating it.
I've jumped in front of a train for my family.
And that means I jump in front of a train for you because if people don't jump in front of trains, if men don't jump in front of trains, we live in a total slave state.
You are slaves when you're afraid to stand up.
When you are afraid to lose your life in the defense of humanity and life and love and beauty, you are already enslaved.
You are not alive.
Literally, folks, you become alive when you make this decision.
Literally, that's the only way to describe it.
Until you make that decision, and I don't mean just in words, I mean in deeds and in actions, and it takes control of you more and more until there's no fear.
It's totally burned away.
Every once in a while, I become afraid, and just for a few seconds,
And I just think about how quick life is and how fast it's all going to be gone.
And then I think about the little people in my life, the people that need to be protected.
And it's like a warm comforter.
It's an honor.
It's an honor.
I am so blessed.
My cup runneth over.
When you've got a society where everybody's worried about me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me,
And where everybody takes the easy path, and where everybody goes the way of stagnation, it ensures none of us are safe.
It ensures a horrible, predatory climate.
Those that gain their life are those that are willing to give it up.
And I may live another 50 years or another two.
You know, the globalists could kill me today.
You know, they've threatened me before.
But it doesn't matter.
There's already so many of us.
We're good to go.
Seduced by goodness.
When you're pure evil or you're a minion of pure evil, believe me, the light becomes quite alluring.
That's why they can't completely move because so many of their own people are waking up.
They give orders and it doesn't happen.
So they try to propagandize and lie and mass warp the public and they're trying to warp us spiritually, psychologically right now.
It's working on some but not on others.
It's having the opposite effect.
We'll continue your transmissions, enemy.
You only make us stronger.
We'll be back.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, let's start calls.
The news I haven't covered is very interesting and important.
Up next is Jamie in Kentucky, then Miles, Luke, Chip, and David and others.
You're on the air, Jamie.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I just got to say that...
Knowledge is power, buddy.
It is power.
And I thank you for that power.
That's knowledge.
Because you inform us every day about it.
Well, I don't have the corner on the market on that.
And it states, like I said in the Bible yesterday, that in Revelation, and it states that there's ten nations that get together, form this new world order
But then those very shows tell us George Bush is wonderful.
Well, they're deceived, then.
They're to see when they come to that.
But this is out of the Bible.
It was about the Roman Empire.
No, I heard you.
And I just have to say that I just thank you for the wisdom you give us.
Well, I don't know about wisdom.
It's really just common sense stuff, but I appreciate the call, Jamie.
God bless you.
Miles in North Carolina.
Go ahead, Miles.
I was just going to say that, talking about those TV broadcasts, I have relatives that believe that, you know, stuff about Bush, like Bush is a Christian.
Well, he's like some kind of saint or something.
Yeah, I mean, and you know, I find it interesting when your mind is illuminated.
I mean, you know, like, open, I don't know if that's the right word, but you're
When the blinders are off.
When the blinders are off, it's amazing what you see.
You see a lot.
Well, the way I look at it, I canceled my cable TV, but I understand what you're saying because people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, all they talk about is how good Republicans are.
I mean, of course I know they're Republican anyway, and so am I, but
They're out Clinton-ing Clinton, so just because they have an R before their name, does that make them conservative?
Thanks for the call.
Good points.
I'm trying to hurry through these calls.
Luke in Michigan.
Go ahead, Luke.
Hi, can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
Yeah, I just had a little bit of an experience with the police state a few weeks ago.
I was probably driving home.
I was in college when I was driving home from spring break with another guy.
He was driving and... And they wanted to search your vehicle?
Well, no, they didn't want to search the course over.
They asked for his driver's license and registration, which is normal.
Then they asked for mine.
My license.
Yeah, they were running you to see if there was any warrants.
I asked them, why do you want mine?
Because he's the one you're...
Yeah, well, you're a slave, sir.
You've got to learn to serve them.
We are the servants of them now.
They'll tell you they're no longer public servants.
We serve them.
It's a violation of the Fourth Amendment.
Pulls you over, starts doing a fishing expedition.
And this is what they do.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate it.
Now let's go ahead and talk to Chip in Colorado.
Chip, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Nice to talk to you.
Pleasure to speak with you.
Hey, just a real quick comment and a quick question for you.
I'm a PrisonPlanet.tv subscriber, and recently I saw your martial law film, and I just want to commend you for that.
It's awesome, just incredible.
And I ordered the DVD for it, and my question for you is, I know you give permission to make copies of your film for nonprofit purposes, but for the DVD, copying that, I just want to ask, are your DVDs encrypted?
Do they have that protection on them?
No, they're... What, you've got Road to Tyranny and you're having trouble making copies?
I know, I actually don't have the software yet, but I was just wondering for the future.
No, they're not encrypted.
They have zero country code, which means they play everywhere on the planet.
They're DVD-9s, so you can't put them on a normal disc, but you just buy the larger disc.
And you can also get a DVD-9 burner now for like 50 bucks.
The dual layer?
Yeah, the dual layer.
I think so.
Is that it?
That's all I have.
Well, thank you.
I hope you make a thousand copies, brother.
We've got the DVD.
They're shipping right now.
So order them today.
Take one more call and I'm plunging into the news.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Thank you.
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So Mantis developed the Compost Twin.
We're good to go.
Good to have you with us, David.
How are you doing today?
Hey, how you doing?
I'm doing great.
I wanted to let you know some of the news that's going on here in Albuquerque.
Recently, the evidence room for the Albuquerque Police Department has had a scandal.
The police chief has had to step down due to evidence being stolen out of the room.
Also, they had a freezer that went down for over 100 hours.
There's been a lot of debate back and forth as to what the solution is.
Currently, they're
Pushing for a solution to get a private company to run the evidence lab for Albuquerque Police Department.
Well, then the police chief, and I know nothing about this from past actions, normally if a police chief's New World Order, he can do anything he wants and won't get in trouble.
So you've probably got a good police chief, and I have no idea about this, a good police chief and bad people inside are blaming him for stuff they're doing.
And you'll probably have an even worse police chief, and I'm sure this private lab will be absolutely horrible.
That's from past activities.
That might be the case, but, you know, Albuquerque police are fairly corrupt.
I mean, if you get out of line, they'll just go ahead and shoot you.
No, no, listen, I was purely speculating there.
I understand.
It's just if you're New World Order, you can do no wrong, and a lot of times they'll blame a police chief for something bad cops do.
I just find it unusual just over that a police chief's having to leave unless it's bigger.
I've got a second comment.
On Wednesday, a caller asked you what you thought was the most important thing that we could do to defeat the New World Order.
And one thing that I didn't hear you mention was to get rid of the voting machines.
I think that's probably the most important thing that we can do at this point is to get it to where we can have a paper ballot.
And then also, secondarily, in my opinion, we need to get the Constitution Party in power, and they will bring about the majority of the things that you espoused on Wednesday.
Is this that news reporter I was interviewed by in Albuquerque?
No, sir.
Okay, I got interviewed by a local radio guy who also writes for the newspaper, and he sounded like you when I was talking to him off air.
And again, I have no idea about Albuquerque politics.
I'm just saying that you've always got to look at different angles of things as well.
But thank you for the call, sir.
Really fine points you made.
You know, I know I've been saying forever and a day that I'm going to have new T-shirts.
And we've actually had new T-shirts printed up.
One of them is the famous George Orwell quote, that in an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
It says that on the front.
On the back it says LearnTheTruthInfoWars.com Got them in black and white and women's shirts and all that.
We got another one.
Well, another couple of great websites that are listed on some of the shirts.
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There's another bumper sticker that says, Politicians agree disarmed peasants are best.
But no, this one says, Politicians love disarmed peasants on the back.
Great t-shirt, but some people don't want to walk around with a picture of Hitler on their shirt.
I've done it before.
I've worn the shirt hundreds of times.
I've been offering it for about four years.
And people will walk up and go, Why is Hitler on your shirt?
Mass murderers agree, gun control works.
It doesn't mean I'm a follower of Mao or Stalin either.
But it's a good conversation piece, t-shirt, to meet like-minded people that get what the shirt means.
And we have our tyranny response team, dark blue shirt, looks like a firefighter shirt or cop shirt.
On the arm it says Infowars.com, and on the chest and back it says tyranny response team.
That's a great conversation piece.
But these new t-shirts are great, too.
They'll be up sometime this weekend.
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Now shipping those bad boys.
I've been shipping the VHS for a month.
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Go to prisonplanet.tv where you can watch all of the films.
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And you can download and burn copies of the film right there on the site.
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Just knock yourselves out, folks.
This is about defeating the New World Order.
I just need, quote, seed money, as the preachers like to say, to continue this.
And what I do is the size of a mustard seed, tiny little dot, but you know those mustard seed hamburger buns when you see the tiny little seed, you can hardly see it?
It grows like a huge oak tree, folks, because you get it.
It's a mustard seed, maybe, to use a better analogy, the size of an acorn,
Until you take action.
Then it becomes an entire forest.
Through you.
Only you could stop the New World Order.
I can only spend a minute on this.
Again, the Masons come out of secret construction guilds 3,000 plus years ago in Egypt.
Because mathematics was power and the second most powerful position in the Pharaoh's kingdom was construction master or architect, grand architect, as they called Karl Rove.
And then the Jews picked up on that when they left and picked up on that secret society, Babylon, mystery, religion stuff.
Moses had been one of the chief construction engineers.
But he said, turn away from that.
And he went up on Mount Sinai and came back down.
Everybody was having a big orgy and devil worshipping.
A bunch of them got killed.
And those are the people, and again, it's a spirit, it's an idea.
You could be German, you could be Jewish, you could be Chinese.
Those are the people with the counterfeit.
And literally from there, it then goes into Solomon, and that's where the Masons claim their roots, but they're lying to you.
At 33rd degree, you learn it goes back to the pyramids.
And then it just goes on through.
And Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Order of Death, Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, they're all the same group, just different chapters.
But the heads of...
The heads of all these global groups are just a few hundred people.
You can go learn this and look this up.
You can have thousands of members, but it's just a few hundred leaders that are in control of all of them.
And so people hear, you know, George Washington was a mason.
Oh, then the founding fathers must have been bad.
I mean, that's like saying somebody works for the FBI.
They must be bad.
Ninety percent of people at the FBI are just pencil pushers.
They're out investigating bank robberies or white-collar fraud and
It's that 10% that's very, very evil.
And it's the same thing with, you know, any of these groups.
I mean, because Ariel Sharon is corrupt and evil doesn't mean Jews are corrupt and evil.
Because Adolf Hitler was bad doesn't mean Germans are bad.
These are evil people.
Oh, and see, people don't... Well, I'm a Republican, they say, so Bush must be a good person because I'm a good person.
No, you've been conned.
He's bad.
Same thing with the Democrats.
All right.
Bush has been keeping a low profile, not because he respects the Pope as they're spinning, but because he always hides out when he's in Europe from the media.
Former lawmaker decries Patriot Act.
It's time for conservatives and liberals to put aside their differences and support changes to the Patriot Act.
A former congressman and conservative radio talk show host said Wednesday.
And Bob Barr said there's major problems with it.
We don't need to get rid of part of it.
We need to get rid of all of it.
Homeland Security picks total information awareness champion CNET News.
A federal privacy board on Wednesday appointed a prominent champion of government data mining as its chairman.
Yeah, they put over election fraud James Baker, who runs the election fraud.
And this guy who was for the Total Information Awareness Network is now going to, quote, oversee the new systems they've set up under new names to confuse you.
Man arrested, cuffed after using $2 bills.
57-year-old business owner of a major company in Baltimore.
The Baltimore Sun reported.
His brother's a prominent senior police officer.
He says all this because he's freaking out.
He went in to buy some stuff at Best Buy and used a lot of $2 bills he'd gotten from the bank.
Because part of his tour business, he gives them out as mementos.
And they said, these aren't real.
He said, yeah, they're $2 bills.
And they arrested him, well, detained him, handcuffed him to a chair in front of everyone for an hour until the Secret Service got there, and the Secret Service said, yeah, $2 bills are real.
I thought everybody knew that.
You can get $2 bills right now at the bank, folks.
I remember my great-uncle used to give them to me as presents when he came over because they were neat.
Same thing this guy did.
Boy, a big problem.
And I have a friend who they called the police on, and he paid with a silver dollar.
You know, and it says the worth on it.
And they call the police.
These people are so stupid.
And after they did this, commenting on the incident, Baltimore County...
Police spokesman Bill Toohey told The Sun it's a sign that we're all a little nervous in the post-9-11 world.
Every time they taser an 85-year-old woman, every time they taser a 5-year-old, every time they beat somebody, every time they shoot the wrong guy, every time they go to the wrong house, every time they shoot a woman in a Red Sox post-game in the head and kill her, well, it's post-9-11.
We're all a little nervous.
It's like, oh, it's Al-Qaeda.
Well, things have changed.
Except on the border, it's more open than ever.
Granddaughter yanks grandma's feeding tube.
81-year-old, neither terminally ill, comatose, nor vegetative state in Florida.
But without any prior legal authority, they're still killing her, taking her feeding tube away and
She's begging for food.
We'll kill her, unfortunately.
Some good news.
Personal Democracy Report is... They've got links to the other mainstream news articles.
You heard on Monday that on Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Examiners, or their city council...
I was looking to restrict political websites and news websites, blogs, regulate, audit them, tax them, total violation of the First Amendment.
If you've got over 500 hits a month, folks, that's nothing.
100 people visiting your website will create 2,000 hits.
Everything you click is a hit.
And they've, quote, postponed it for a month.
They wanted to do it, but because of huge outcry and protest, they backed off for now.
But it shows what they want to do.
We're hurting them that bad.
Continuing here with the news, their personal priest for Terry Schaubo Schindler is saying her last days were horrible.
Blood running out of her, moaning, convulsing.
It's just a very, very sad report here that I've got in front of me.
We're going to, basically in the broadcast here in just a few minutes, because I've had requests to air Renegades in the final segment, so we're going to do that, so I hope you stay with us for that.
Marburg spreads in Angola as death toll hits 174.
Reuters, the World Health Organization, on Friday, called for stepping up measures in Angola to halt the further spread of the deadly Marburg virus, which killed 174 people, mainly in the north of the country.
It's some new spinoff of Ebola, and this stuff's... A lot of evidence shows it's been manufactured.
Talking about the occult, Ethiopia prepares for a return of obelisks next week.
There's also one of Reuters, the first segment of an Ethiopian national treasure, the ancient...
Oxum Obelisk that was plundered by Italian fascist invaders almost 70 years ago.
Hitler did that too.
He thought it gave them power.
Again, the occult.
Years ago, we'll return home April 13th.
Government minister said Friday.
Ethiopian minister of culture, Tashum Tuga, said the remaining two segments of the 24-meter obelisk, believed to be at least 1,700 years old, were expected to be transferred back to the northern town of Oxum by the end of the month.
And Italian fascist Benito Mussolini, or El Duce, robbed it as a totem of power.
Ah, yes.
And Francois Mitterrand spent his own money and public money to build a giant gold pyramid out to the Louvre, and he demanded 666 pieces of gold glass.
In the circumference of the big statehouse up in Canada,
It's 666 in many of its rooms, and they have an Ark of the Covenant there as well.
This is how bizarre and totally out of control these people are.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, on your AM and FM dial, Global Shortwave at 3210, or at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com, and rebroadcast throughout the weekend.
And I'll be back, God willing, on Monday, from 11 to 2 Central.
I just love life so much, and I'm so thankful for all of you, the great listeners.
I'm so thankful for the great folks running the broadcast, all of our affiliates, our sponsors.
And I hope that you'll realize how much power you've got.
And I hope you'll stand up against tyranny, the forces of the New World Order, and dehumanization everywhere.
All right, some great songs coming up.
All of Renegades and Part of Revolution.
And then we'll wrap up this transmission against tyranny.
God bless you all.
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The New World Order.
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Some would make him king Others couldn't stand for that The cross was a solution But he rose again
Thank you.
When it comes to heroes, renegades are mine.
They railed against the crowd, another ragtag band declaring independence.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Where are the renegades in the world today?
Who are the renegades in the world today?
Hang out for the renegades and the lives they lead are far ahead of their time.
The power of the renegades
When it comes to heroes
Wake up, boys, there's a light at the window.
I can hear someone knocking on the door.
There are voices in the street and the sound of running feet.
And they whisper the word, revolution.
There are men coming down from the valleys There are tall ships flying off the coast And they carry the light in the dark of the night Like a whisper in the wind Revolution!
Bring my gun and a handful of silver By the sea
It's been so many years So many tears We have lost once before Now we'll settle the score When our cannons will roar