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Air Date: March 30, 2005
2222 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, Big Jim Tucker from American Free Press will be joining us in the next hour.
From Washington, D.C.
to talk about the Bilderberg Group.
In the upcoming meeting, we always get a lot of inside information before and after from Mr. Tucker concerning one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, that is publicly known globalist organizations.
So that's coming up in the next hour.
It is the 30th day of March.
Two thousand and five will be live for the next two hours and 58 minutes, 50 seconds to be precise.
Well, the Pope may require a feeding tube.
Pope John Paul may return to the hospital later this week so doctors can insert a feeding tube because of the difficulty the ailing pontiff has swallowing since a breathing tube was inserted last month.
And I had two grandparents that had problems swallowing from strokes.
And we'll get into that, how it dovetails with Terry Shivo Schindler.
I guess here in America, they'd probably just grab the Pope and hold his family at bay and...
Dehydrate him and his blood started dripping out of his eyes and mouth and body and excruciating pain and wrenching and vomiting.
The entire body's shaking in huge spasms.
Then go, oh, how beautiful!
Like Shivo's lawyer's been saying, oh, this is, oh, this is wonderful!
It's beautiful!
Look at it!
It's so pretty!
Now that's what, uh,
That lawyer's been saying, can you say cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?
It's like Jack Kevorkian.
You know, he lost his medical license because he was caught doing things with dead bodies in the dark at two separate hospitals.
No, that's mainstream news, folks.
But because we have children listening, I won't... Parents, I can probably imagine what I'm talking about.
There's a word for it.
Necrophilia, as far as I'll go.
And I've seen paintings he does in blood.
It's usually of a demon eating small babies.
That's all I can say on that.
It gets more graphic as well.
All these guys, every time you research them, you find out what they're into.
And it's real scary.
There's a popular German artist who...
But, um...
Of course, I also found Arnold standing by, a dedication to his mother, and another little statue that was made with twin lightning bolts, symbolizing Arnold!
Symbolizing twin lightning bolts, you probably know what that means, generally.
His dad wore twin lightning bolts, being a member of the SS.
But, again, side issue...
We'll talk about Terry, who's far gone, folks.
Twelve days, barring the miracle.
And there, of course, is an appellate court, federal court, to hear arguments for another hearing.
They have to argue for another hearing.
And I just hope the government's proud of itself, as usual.
They can torture and kill a woman.
Torture worse than Abu Ghraib in Camp X-Ray, right in front of all of us.
The national news can call it beautiful.
It's wonderful.
Look how happy she is.
You know, it feels good to be dehydrated.
Or really, the medical handbook says excruciatingly painful.
Now, that's what Al-Qaeda would say.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, just a slight correction.
The Pope may require a feeding tube.
I was just talking about that in the last segment.
We'll know the Pope has gotten his feeding tube today.
Pope John Paul has been having trouble swallowing.
He's now having trouble getting up on his own or walking.
And the question is, will the government of Italy say that he is in a persistent vegetative state?
I mean, people that ask for food and water, that speak in clear sentences, are murdered by this government.
Even right here in Texas, under a law that Lord Bush helped get passed when he was governor.
So the question is, will they kill the Pope?
Now, by dehydration.
And then they won't call it murder.
They'll call it treatment.
He's being given treatment.
But we all know that's not going to happen.
They have been scripting the trial of Saddam Hussein.
I'm not kidding.
They say, oh, we're having mock trials in preparation for the trial with the witnesses and with the prosecutors.
They admit it.
And Saddam's lawyers say, we don't know where he is.
We're not allowed to see him.
And you could say, well, he doesn't deserve a fair trial.
Don't we need to find out the details of what really happened, or at least give Saddam a chance to speak?
Or is that bad?
Maybe you're right.
Maybe if you're for people having a fair trial, you're with Al-Qaeda.
Like Bobby Fischer, the chess player.
Everybody knows Al-Qaeda plays chess.
So they're scouring the earth trying to arrest him because over a decade ago, he dare played a chess game in a country he wasn't authorized to travel to.
admits killing Arab journalists in Iraq, an interesting new admission.
And at the same time, we're now learning more about that Popular Mechanics hit piece.
Not just that the managing editor who managed the, what they say, seven different writers that wrote the hit piece, not just that Benjamin Chertoff is the close family member or cousin of Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff, but that the head of Hearst Publishing...
Has been involved in different government propaganda activities.
Surprise, surprise.
And her husband has been a senior member of the CIA, assistant to the director since 1977, then in secret capacities at the Department of Defense.
This is mainstream news.
And also ran the precursor to the Pentagon Office of Strategic Intelligence.
Influence officially runs the U.S.
government propaganda arm.
The people that put the fake newscast on TV, the people that plant fake news stories.
Again, this is now admitted.
Just so turns out that, of course, she not only has done her own propaganda work for the government, Mrs. Black, but her husband...
Is specifically, for his entire 30 plus years, or almost 30 years in these departments, has been the head of internal and external propaganda.
So, and in fact it's a lengthy article from American Free Press.
I want to try to go over it today because there's so many other tie-ins and so many other
Nexus Points, the hidden hand of the CIA, 911, and popular mechanics by Christopher Boleyn, who himself was attacked by the 9-11 hit piece, as I was.
And of course, first Benjamin Chertoff denied that he was related to Michael Chertoff, and then Christopher Boleyn just got the phone book and called
Benjamin Chertoff's mommy up, and mommy was quite proud and said, of course he's related, he's a cousin.
And then on national radio, when confronted with this, Mr. Chertoff, Benjamin Chertoff, said, well, yeah, yeah, I'm distant cousin.
So, first you didn't know he was a cousin, now you admit he's a cousin, but he's a distant cousin when he's not a distant cousin, but
How are they going to explain the former head of the government's propaganda campaign, and currently has some position that's classified, I thought I'd add that, of being married to the woman who runs Hearst Publishing?
And it's been pointed out before that she's a government operative,
Ran the National Newspaper Association, ran USA Today, a lot more.
Again, we're going to get into this later.
I wanted to read this article by Paul Watson over at PrisonPlanet.com, and in the article we have a hyperlink to an article written by Jeff Rents that's very succinct and focused and cuts right through the lies concerning Terry Shivo Schindler.
Terry Schiavo Case sends a very clear message.
An article written by Jeff Renz outlines why the alternative media are covering the Terry Schiavo case in such depth.
Why spend so much time on this story when people all over the country die under the same circumstances on a daily basis?
Former Wall Street Journal reporter,
Associate Editor Wesley Smith has listed cases where people are fully conscious, begging for food and water, and yet are denied all nutrition.
It is necessary to highlight the case in such sharp focus because the elite are clearly trying to send a message.
The message is, you are completely helpless and have no power to even contribute to saving the life of one single woman.
Never mind a whole country,
The emails, the calls, the faxes, the protests have no effect.
Therefore, why bother wasting your time when the next campaign arises?
Newsflash, they're lying to you.
While the elite pretty much have all the bases covered on this one, on other fronts we see progress.
For example, the Minuteman Project, Border Project, a 1,000-plus group monitoring illegals crossing the Arizona border,
Has the globalists sweating bullets?
In some ways, they are using the Shivo story to focus attention away from this.
However, the Shivo case, as Jeff Rents points out, is a psychological 9-11.
While we fully sympathize with Terry and her family, the main thrust of this is about public reaction.
Can they execute a helpless woman via...
A method defined as a war crime by the Geneva Convention in front of our faces without resistance.
So what's the next stage?
When they take ten, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand of us because they decide our lives aren't worth living?
How will we react then?
When one person dies, it's a tragedy.
When a million people die, it's a statistic.
Joseph Stalin.
And I thought the quote was, when one man dies, it's a tragedy.
When 10,000 dies, it's a statistic.
But I'm sure Paul got the right quote.
I've been going basically just from memory on that famous quote.
But it's true.
I mean, DynCorp kidnaps 200,000 women and children to fly into Saudi Arabia, Israel, Malaysia, different slave brothels all over the globe.
They have slave cruise ships.
Remember, World Net Daily reported on top Clinton administration officials going on one of these cruises back in 98.
I mean, it's just, nobody gets in trouble.
Imagine two football stadiums.
Big ones.
You know, the types that hold 100,000 people.
Imagine two of those.
That many people, but you're just like, eh.
But then when one child gets grabbed and the news decides to make it an issue, everybody freaks out, which you should.
But you should freak out over 200,000 just as much or more.
And a new legal appeal for the parents of Terry Shivo Schindler.
The parents of a brain-damaged woman.
Again, she's brain-damaged.
A year ago, she was brain-dead.
Barry Schiavo has filed an emergency petition with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta.
Their lawyer says he has a new legal argument as to why her feeding tube should be reinserted.
Civil rights campaigner, Reverend Jesse Jackson, went to South Florida Hospice to offer his support to her mother and father.
Schiavo has been without food and water for 12 days now.
State courts have consistently sided with her husband, who says she would not want to be kept alive artificially.
Artificially is not being fed, folks.
He won't let them physically feed her food.
She was walking ten years ago.
That's now in affidavits.
She was eating food.
She was talking.
And then they've got a whole bunch of doctors, nurses, you name it, signing affidavits.
But her parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, disagree.
Schindler disagrees.
Appeared an appeal to Shivo and his new partner.
Michael and Jody, you have your own children.
Please, please, please, give me my child back.
Give my child back to me.
But yeah, that's something the news never wants to point out, is that this guy abandoned her a decade ago.
He said, oh, I want to give her rehabilitation.
And as soon as he got the settlement, he gave her nothing!
Because that would cut into the settlement!
A million bucks!
It's sick!
But again, the general public doesn't know this whole story, though they're learning.
You know, everybody keeps touting this ABC News poll why 62% say, you know, that give her the right to die, but when you tell them that she's not brain dead, she was eating food, that you won't give her rehabilitation, about 15% say kill her.
Well, I don't care if the whole world says killer.
It's wrong!
We'll be right back with your calls and a ton of other news.
Stay with us.
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We'll be delving into the deep dark secrets of one of the most powerful globalist organizations on the face of the planet.
Coming up the next hour with Jim Tucker.
I want to get into coffee and and cleared by the UN.
Just because they call these commissions independent.
The independent 9-11 commission appointed by the president
Janet Reno appoints Senator John Danforth to investigate her.
He's independent and finds her not guilty.
I mean, how dumb do they think we are?
Buffy Annan found not guilty by his own agency.
Well, that's independent.
Come on.
I mean, how dumb do they think we are these days?
Independent investigation.
It's like in major cities.
Well, in every town, period, the police investigate themselves.
I mean, this is Byzantine.
Let's go to the calls.
I know we've had a lot of phone lines since the start of the broadcast.
Let's go ahead and talk to David Mass, first caller.
Alex, very potentially serious development for Massachusetts residents today.
I heard on a morning broadcast they want to implement the same toll system like they have in London.
They're putting it in, sir, they're putting it in on almost every major state highway and major city starting in Houston and Austin.
19, it was going to be 14, now it's 19 major roads, 6,000 miles of toll roads in Texas alone with a transponder tracker in the car.
Okay, well here's how, the way I understood it this morning from actually this broadcast, but...
They want to... The car is driving in.
See, already, if you don't understand, Massachusetts has the Massachusetts turnpike.
You already pay in that state, what, about 70% of your income in taxes?
Yes, and not only that.
Well, that's not enough, boy!
That's not enough.
Are you with Al Qaeda?
They've got to bilk us again.
Hey, hey, those that criticize paying higher taxes are with Al Qaeda.
Yeah, that's right.
We must be Al Qaeda.
But here's the thing.
We already have the mass turnpike, and the tolls have gone up.
Hey, in New York, they're like $750.
What's wrong with that?
Yeah, and then you have the bridges that went up, and if you're not familiar with the Bechtel Parsons debacle with Big Big here, it's just unbelievable.
Yeah, I heard about that.
Millions and millions of dollars in cost overruns, and the thing is crumbling.
And, you know, we have to, of course, they're not going to be held accountable, but the thing about what I understood this to be is...
Everybody driving their car will be a zone, right?
And you have to pay anywhere from $2 to $8 to go on any particular zone.
No, they're going to have, look, you're going to have an E-ZPass or K-Tag transponder in your car, and when you go into a city, county, state, or federal zone, everywhere will be taxed.
It's the official federal plan.
I had it eight years ago.
It's now been in the USA Today telling us how great it is.
Alex, they're going to be doing it via the cameras, via the hundreds of cameras that are already going to be scanning the license plate.
They're going to be scanning the license plates and just, you know, get your nice little bill in the mail.
And listen, people, anybody listening right now, your Massachusetts listeners, call Senator Travolini, Robert Travolini at the state legislature.
Call Mayor Tom Menino.
Call Mitt Romney.
Call Senator Kerry or Kennedy.
I don't think that's going to do you much good.
But call.
We have to nip this in the bud now.
No, I agree with you.
Try to do what we can do.
No, I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
And I've never had three calls in a row from Massachusetts, but I do.
Kyle and John are next from Mass.
But listen, I want you to know it's obnoxious when I do this.
I hear the rebroadcast, how I interrupt.
But it's a psychological foible I have.
I know there's listeners out there who don't believe anything we say.
But I've learned that by finishing your sentences for you, that proves it to people.
Because they'll never check out the documents.
They'll never read the newspaper.
Until the day they get the bill in the mail, they won't believe it.
Unless I can finish your sentences for you.
And I finished that sentence incorrectly.
In Texas, in California, in Oregon, in New York, in Florida, in Kansas, in Ohio, it's going to be transponders.
But on top of that, they're saying even if you refuse to take the transponder, there'll be no cash allowed.
Already they'll have, say, five lanes that are transponder, say in San Francisco, and then one lane that's cash.
Well, they're getting rid of those.
Illinois is getting rid of them.
Or they leave one lane and say, well, if you pay cash, you've got to pay double.
That's Chicago Tribune.
But you're right.
I have seen that with Massachusetts, and they're planning to do it.
It's all federally funded.
And, yes, in London, along with transponders, what they do is they have these computers that read your license plate.
They can read thousands of cars per minute, more than they need to.
And it can also measure your speed from camera to camera.
They'll also send you tickets with those.
It'll all be automatic.
By the way, this is official.
And that's another way to tax you.
So you're absolutely right.
And I had heard that Mass was another one of the places trying to pass the laws.
You got a Republican governor, Mitt Romney.
We've got a Republican governor here.
And they're just doing it.
I mean, every major road.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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Alright, I took about 50 calls yesterday, and we're going to take...
Hopefully near that many today if I have time to get to all of you.
But we've got to move quickly to each caller.
We're going to go to John in Massachusetts, John in Louisiana, Randy in Florida, Jack in Indiana, Russell in Florida, and many others.
And in quick succession, then I want to blitz through a bunch of other news on coffee and you name it.
But first off...
An article that we posted a few weeks ago, Fluoride Stupidity and Population Control, and it gives you hyperlinks, mainstream news articles, government research documents.
This is admitted.
I just want to read two paragraphs from this.
Let's begin at the beginning.
The first occurrence of fluoridation in drinking water on Earth was found in Germany's Nazi prison camps.
The Gestapo had little concern about fluoride's supposed effect on children's teeth.
Their alleged reason for mass-medicating water with sodium fluoride was to sterilize humans and force the people in their concentration camps into calm submission, because it has both of those effects, a toxic sedative.
And one of the references is the crime and punishment of I.G.
Farben by Joseph Borkin, a critically acclaimed history book.
And that's according to Nazi documents, by the way.
The following letter was received by Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on October 2, 1954, from Mr. Charles Perkins, a chemist.
I have your letter of September 29, asking for further documentation regarding the idea of water fluoridation.
The statement made in the book, The Truth About Water Fluoridation, in effect, that the idea of water fluoridation was brought to England from Russia by the Russian communist, uh, Hermacroft.
In the 1930s, Hitler and the German Nazis envisioned a world to be dominated and controlled by a Nazi philosophy of pan-Germanism, mass control, which was submitted to and adopted by the German General Staff.
Again, this is in such small print, I'm skipping sentences.
Let me go back here.
I'm trying to hurry, folks.
I'm not good at that.
Hitler and the German Nazis envisioned a world to be dominated and controlled by the Nazi philosophy of pan-Germanism.
The German chemists worked out a very ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass control, which was submitted to and adopted by the German general staff.
This plan was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water supplies.
By this method, they could control the population in whole areas, reduce population by water medication that would produce sterility in women, and so on.
In this scheme of mass control, sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place.
Why do women come in from Russia who are white, who have Scandinavian features,
And they are roughly three times more fertile compared to women born in the U.S.
of any race.
Because some people have argued, well, Scandinavian women just aren't as fertile.
But then you look at women across the board, Hispanic, black, white, they all are having massive fertility problems.
The male sperm count in the U.S.
is down over 80% now.
Same thing in every country, and then even down to city by city, where people have lived for over a decade, where the water is fluoridated.
I mean, this is in major British and Irish and Chinese medical journals.
It is sterilizing.
And it goes into key glands in the brain that already have a tendency to build up minerals.
And it's deadly.
Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual's power to resist domination by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him.
Basically a light lobotomy.
The real reason behind fluoridation is not the benefit of children's teeth.
It is for the real reason there are many ways in which it could be done that are much easier, cheaper, and far more effective.
The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty.
When the Nazis under Hitler decided to go into Poland, both the German general staff and the Russian general staff exchanged scientific and military ideas, plans, and personnel.
And the scheme of mass control through water medication was seized upon by the Russian communists because it fitted, ideally, into their plan to communize the world.
I was told of this entire scheme by a German chemist who was an official of the great IG Farben Chemical Industries and was also a prominent in the Nazi movement at the time.
And it goes on and on through the famous journals, history books, you name it.
So you can research this and find mainstream literature admitting this, but you tell the average person about it, they go, oh, I heard Kooks say that.
Say it's a government plan.
Well, there's a famous dentist in Canada who 15 years ago got the water fluoridated.
He was the leader of it, going, no, it's good for children's teeth.
Then about three years ago, he learned that they don't take pharmaceutical-grade sodium fluoride, which is bad enough, and put it in the water supply.
They take the raw compounds...
From aluminum manufacturing and purification, and the raw compounds from fertilizer production, filled with hundreds of other chemicals, including high levels of lead and arsenic, and they put it directly into the water.
This is the reality.
And fluoride is the perfect chemical weapon, so now he's gone public and says it's horrible, Nobel laureates, you name it.
In fact, there's really nothing out there, no other chemical or toxin, mineral, that has been studied as much as fluoride.
There are thousands of prestigious reports.
But so many doctors go, oh, well, the American Medical Journal says it's good, or the American Medical Association says it's good, so it must be.
And the doctors don't, and the dentists don't go check this out.
It's like leaching.
They just tell them leaches are good, so they believe it.
Well, a leach is a lot better than fluoride.
And fluoride is so deadly because there are hardly any water filters out there that will cut it out.
Even reverse osmosis only cuts about 89% of it out because the fluoride molecule is smaller than the H2O molecule.
But still, that's good.
Calcium fluoride, people will argue, is in the water, naturally, in about 15% of the country.
And so, fluoride must be good for you, and what's the problem?
Well, they found in studies that, and I've got the studies here in front of me, that calcium fluoride in rats, it takes 20 times the dose to cause a toxic effect that sodium and other types of fluoride cause.
And you do need some calcium fluoride.
It's like you need some arsenic.
Our bodies need these trace elements and trace minerals.
But you don't need it in huge levels.
And the problem with fluoride, sodium fluoride, is it builds up.
About half the fluoride you ingest, you end up storing in your bones and tissues and glands.
It migrates towards bones and glands.
And towards the testes and towards the ovaries.
These are the medical reports and it goes through almost everything.
There are very expensive filters you can get to put into your home that will cut out 98% of fluoride.
And now joining us for the next three minutes, I went over this because I meant to cover it weeks ago, never covered it.
The article was laying here in front of me in a stack.
And since we had Debbie Morrow waiting in the wings, I thought I'd just talk about that a few minutes.
Why I filter my water.
I cook with reverse osmosis.
I drink from big burpees.
I have bought probably, I don't know, eight, nine of these over the years, given many of them as gifts.
I own three myself.
I have a British burpee.
I have two black burpees.
Black burpees are made in America.
Debbie, you guys have a filter that will actually cut the fluoride out.
It's got to go through your black murky and then through another filter that you attach to the spigot.
But what do you get?
99% reduction?
Yeah, well, we get greater than 98% reduction.
I was going to comment real quickly.
When you were talking about the naturally occurring fluoride,
There have been studies then in other countries of places that have natural occurring fluoride and in those studies they've found that the cases of osteoporosis and skeletal fluorosis is so common that the average age people die is 50 years old.
Yeah, just type into Google, China.
Type into Google, folks.
Type into Google.
China fluoride poisoning.
And they have really high levels of calcium fluoride in some areas of China, and people are being poisoned by it.
You're right.
But my point is the studies show sodium fluoride is much worse.
And our post filters, the Black Berkey purification elements would have to be much larger if we were to add the fluoride reduction material that we need to use to take the fluoride out.
So we have the secondary filters, the post filter, and you have to order it.
It does not specifically come with the Berkey water filters.
And they make it so that the water goes through the black Berkey purification elements, then goes through the post filter, and then empties into the bottom tank.
And it does take out greater than 98% of the fluoride.
And bottom line, folks, fluoride is a perfect chemical weapon because it goes through anything and everything.
There are almost, I don't even, I've gone out and looked.
You cannot find filters that cut it out, folks.
And so this black murky with a post element cuts out more than a reverse osmosis.
And not only that, it leaves in the beneficial minerals that you need.
That's correct.
So in addition to taking out the bad stuff, it leaves in the good.
And that's something that's so important that we need to... Okay, so how do I get the $199 Black Berkey set up with the post filters?
Well, you just call me at toll-free 1-888-803-4438.
That's 1-888-803-4438.
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I think so.
And they will be a post-filter.
They'll work in conjunction with the Black Berkey Purification Element.
The water will go through both sets of filters and get that fluoride out so that we can be drinking the best possible water.
Debbie, I appreciate you coming on, and God bless you.
Thank you, Alex.
Take care.
I look forward to hearing from your customers.
Good having you on with us.
Folks, give her a call, 1-888-803-4438.
Stop trusting the government.
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It is time to take control of your life.
I mean, I do it.
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Why do you give this to your children?
It doesn't matter if your neighbors call you kooks.
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The poor fools.
It doesn't mean you have to.
It's real.
This is real.
The New World Order is real.
And, you know, forget the fluoride.
All the mercury, the lead, the arsenic, the herbicides and pesticides.
Drink out of a Big Berkey for a month and try to drink tap water.
888-803-4438 or berkeywater.com.
Give Debbie a call.
Okay, now I know the phones are loaded.
Let's go quickly to the calls.
John and Mass, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Good to speak with you again.
How you doing?
Yeah, I'm just another kook in Massachusetts that filters my water and takes out the fluoride.
But commenting on how dumb they think we are, I thought Zakawe was captured twice and executed once.
No, no, it's captured, it's captured, counting the slightest one, it's captured five times and killed twice.
And they never retract the last capture or killing.
He just keeps showing up.
No, and on the news the other day, I saw they're hot on his tracks yet again.
But that'll be retracted once they don't catch him again.
But just quick comment on that thing in Boston going on.
Not only are they going to be putting cameras onto the roads, they're also going to be putting hundreds of cameras in the subway system.
So it is going to be like London.
I was there a couple weeks ago, and I thought, geez, I can't wait to get back to Boston where I can...
The average Londoner is on a video camera 200 times a day.
There are 4 million cameras in London alone.
Thanks for the call.
Really good points.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Jack in Indiana, then Russell in Florida.
Jack, go ahead.
Who do I go to next?
Okay, we'll go to Jack in Indiana, ladies and gentlemen.
Yes, go ahead.
Have you heard that three battleship aircraft carrier groups have been moved to the Mideast to hit Iran and Syria, Alex?
Well, they have 12 aircraft carriers and a record 11 of them were out of port a few months ago, and they have moved some more carrier groups into the Arabian Sea and into the Gulf.
Okay, well, it just seems like they are getting ready to do some more bombing.
I certainly don't want to see any more of our kids die for the diners that Albert Pike mentioned World War III would be started over.
Also, the Minutemen down at the border, it's being reported that Bush has already gone down and talked to President Fox and told him his Mexican gangs are free to shoot these boys up.
Well, I heard Jack McClellan talking about that yesterday, and he did last week meet with Fox and say, how dare these people do this?
They are despicable vigilantes.
And the MS-13 gang is saying they're going to go after them.
The Mexican troops are saying it.
People are going to sit on property and call the Border Patrol when they see illegals.
Oh, they're so bad.
I know if a bunch of people get shot up, they'd use it as another way to try to call for guns.
You know, I don't think the globalists are going to do that.
I mean, it's certainly a possibility, but I hope it's not going to happen.
And they better watch it because most of the thousand-plus people down there right now for Operation Minuteman are former military.
Yeah, it could be a heck of a distraction if they do the bombing in the Mideast.
I mean, let's be clear.
Mexican troops have killed two Border Patrol agents, a Forest Service agent, wounded an FBI agent, almost beaten to death two other agents, kidnapped a family, kidnapped others five miles across the border.
They've been shooting up houses.
They've been death-threatening people.
They've been coming ten miles across the border in Humvees.
There's probably been, I don't know, 15 different cases the last two years of them machine-gunning up Sheriff Department vehicles and Border Patrol vehicles.
I mean, we need to put our military on the border, and the next time the Mexicans try something, we need to call in warthogs to take out their armored columns.
Yeah, they won't do that.
Thanks a lot.
Well, of course they won't.
It's a real threat.
They'll have checkpoints in the heartland of the country searching our vehicles, teaching us how to be good little slaves.
Good points.
All right, I'll try to get this call list in order, and go to your calls when we get back straight ahead.
We'll be right back.
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Let's go back to your calls, and I want to get into Coffee Inn.
Russell in Florida, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
You'd be happy to know I've got a viewing at my house tonight for Martial Law.
I'm going to show about a dozen people your film, and...
A lot of these people are already on board, but hopefully they'll go out and get the film and do the same thing.
Well, thank you.
I really appreciate you doing that.
You're welcome.
A question for you.
I finally had a chance to listen to that garbage on Coast to Coast a few weeks ago with Ben Chertoff, and I know that by listening to you the other night on George Norrie's program, he says he's going to have a 9-11 roundtable, and you're going to be invited.
I cannot wait for you to get your
Your info war on Ben Chertoff's squirmy little flying shill for Popular Mechanics.
Well, you know, now it's come out that not only is he the cousin of the Homeland Security Director, but the publisher of... And they've had a major purge at Popular Mechanics, putting in all these different people that are clearly spooks.
But now it turns out that Miss Black, who's the head of...
Have you had a chance to listen to that whole program yet?
No, I haven't.
It's going to make you sick.
Well, I'm just too busy fighting the globalists.
I did hear some of it, and people sent me clips of it.
A fellow brought me a tape with some of the clips on it, so I did hear some of the lowlights.
Well, before you go on the program...
Well, I want to be careful to not create some type of fight between those two hosts, because I think that's what some people might want.
And really just to ignore the host, and I'm going to go after Chertoff.
Well, you'll do a good job on it.
I don't think you have good intentions.
I think the truth needs to come out, and you're the guy that's going to bring it out.
Well, listen, popular mechanics can just write their fraud once.
People are dissecting it, attacking it, researching these writers, exposing them, and that's going to be going on in two years.
So we have more power than they do.
We're taking this country back.
Well, we do, and the interesting thing about that program was is a lot of people did bring up questions that were never addressed, were covered over, and Chertoff's quote was, well, we didn't try to look at everything.
Well, you have to look at everything.
No, they cherry-picked things that couldn't be proven one way or the other, or they lied, or you could say misreported.
But the average person isn't going to go check government documents.
They're not going to go check the actual statements.
I mean, it's something else.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
You bet.
We've got Big Jim Tucker coming on from American Free Press to talk about the Bilderberg Group.
We'll also take your calls when he's on with us.
I'm just going to briefly mention this.
We now have the DVD of Martial Law 9-11, Rise of the Police State, my new film.
It's now available in VHS and DVD.
The DVD has 25 minutes of extras, so it is three hours and like 35 seconds long.
That's the actual run time.
Three hours, 30 plus seconds long.
And it is totally jam-packed.
That's as much as you can fit on a DVD 9 and still keep the quality at the highest level.
And the DVD is here.
And so if you want to go ahead and order it, we have it.
And we're going to have a special, too.
It's $25.95, so it's really three films in one.
But order a second copy for $19.95.
Your third copy is $15.95.
Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we can certainly see the global government agenda.
Eugenics being promoted in America.
Transponder-tracked toll roads now going in all over the country.
The free trade area of the Americas and the Union of American States forming.
It's all over the Canadian and Mexican papers.
Their people don't want to give up their sovereignty.
But the average American has no idea that these treaties are even being put into effect right now.
The globalists want to invade Iran and Syria.
They're setting up world taxation, world regulation.
And the world knows about it, but the average American doesn't, though they're starting to wake up.
And somebody for over two decades that's been on the front lines of exposing the global controllers is Jim Tucker at AmericanFreePress.net, formerly the Spotlight.
And he has snuck through drainage...
Ditches, he's climbed over fences, he's posed as hotel workers all over Europe and the U.S.
to sneak into these events, and he always gets us this incredible forecasting of what's going to happen in the next year according to what his spies and others get him inside the Bilderberg Group meetings.
Now, up until about four years ago, you talk about Bilderberg Group, the mainstream news would say, it doesn't exist, you're insane.
Now it's been all over the news, BBC, you name it, Reuters, admitting that the world's royalty and elites do meet in secret and the military does guard them, but still, you're a conspiracy theorist of your concern.
And joining us for the next hour, and we'll be taking your calls, is Jim Tucker.
Jim, thanks for coming on during your busy schedule.
Oh, it's always a pleasure.
We're going to break here in a few minutes, but just in a nutshell for those that just joined us, what is the Bilderberg Group?
Well, Bilderberg Group has met under that name since 1954, already 51 years.
They took their name very much as Shakespeare named as you like it.
They happened to be meeting secretly at the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek.
And so they said, we have to start meeting regularly now.
They call themselves Bilderberg Group.
There have been meetings like that going on for decades and decades, most notably about 1913 or something when
They met off Jekyll Island and decided to introduce the income tax amendment to the Constitution, which they did.
The same subtle way the working man would not pay anything because you didn't pay nothing until he made $4,000 a year.
That was more than the average working man made.
So they sold it on make the rich pay something.
I'm still proud of the very late, great Senator Harry Byrd of my state of Virginia.
He was a governor.
He was in the House, the State Senate at the time that passed.
And he made a notable speech saying, you talk about taxing just the rich now.
In future generations, they'll tax the working man.
You talk about 1% tax now.
We may even see a 5% tax.
All that's included, but Virginia never did ratify the Income Tax Amendment.
He warned then that internal revenue agents would be in the kitchens of American families.
So, they're the lineal descendants of these groups who met infrequently during those years.
And they plan, as you have mentioned, they plan the world, the future of the world, the world government.
The direct tax by the UN has been a very important part of their agenda for several years now.
And three such proposals are pending even as we speak before the United Nations.
Their favorite one being a tax on oil at the wellhead, which means...
When you buy gasoline for your car, you're paying directly to the UN a tax.
Or when you buy oil or fuel for any purpose, the heat, your home, or whatever, you are paying a direct tax to the United Nations, if that should pass.
All right, we're going to break.
We're going to come back with Jim Tucker.
If you want to talk to him later in the shower, go ahead and get lined up.
There's an upcoming Bilderberg group meeting.
They also have steering group meetings.
And really, the intel he gets from inside is an accurate crystal ball.
Stay with us.
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You absolutely must see this DVD.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, eight minutes, 27 seconds into the second hour, second segment of this hour.
Jim Tucker, respected journalist, worked for some of the biggest newspapers in the country.
Then about 25 years ago, he learned of the Bilderberg Group, an organization sworn to create world government, world taxation, world regulation and control.
As he was saying in the last segment, they're just offshoots of the same families that met in 1913, that's now public, to set up our income tax, and then to give us the private, run-for-profit Federal Reserve.
Jim literally has snuck through drainage pipes, climbed over walls, posed as hotel staff to get into these resorts, these five-star hotels, and to get their documents to expose what the heads of banking, the media, the royal families of the world, the Henry Kissingers are all there basically scheming to set up.
And I guess for about the last...
Seven years.
I've been having Jim on before and after he goes to the Bilderberg Group meetings, always in a different spot.
Generally in Europe, but occasionally here in the United States.
And he comes on beforehand.
He a lot of times has a list of who's going to be going from his sources.
This is real intelligence work.
He then gets there, meets with some of the locals, meets at local bars and restaurants, talks to people that are working inside.
They normally don't agree to help him, but after they see how rude the globalists are and hear some of the stuff the globalists are saying and doing as they're serving them their champagne and serving them out on the golf courses, they then come to Jim and give him lots of data and info.
And, of course, he's been detained by police before.
He's been chased.
By the security forces, the military generally guards these people.
Jim, is that kind of a fair thumbnail sketch of some of the adventures you've been on?
Yes, that sums up Little Hobby very nicely.
For those that just joined us, just briefly again in any areas you didn't cover, what is the Bilderberg Group?
Why should we be concerned about it?
And then the second part,
Five years ago, my friend, the media said it didn't exist.
You've been covering it for 20-plus years.
Why now are they having to admit it exists?
Those two questions.
So many letters and inquiries from their readers.
For example, after the last meeting, the New York Times had a cheesy little story about how these chaps had this little meeting that makes the right wing so hysterical.
They've attended these meetings from the very outset.
The coverage in Europe is extensive.
The blackout in the United States remains largely intact.
I think the Washington Post even did a little thing.
The only time the word Bilderberg had ever been mentioned before in the New York Times was when one of those old goats decided to die at one of the meetings.
Now, he was, of course, an international banker.
His name escapes me, but he was some kind of international banker from Europe.
And so they carried the news of it more than just...
Well, you cannot blow the whistle of the New York Times and say to all 1,000 staffers, there's one word we don't use, and that's called Bilderberg.
Never use it.
So, the guy reported that he died at a Bilderberg meeting.
The Washington Post mentioned it.
That was the only time the New York Times had ever mentioned Bilderberg.
The Washington Post had mentioned it once when they were
Doing a roundup of all the big activities being taken out of Austria because they're mad at Austrians for having a free election.
And George Heider did well in that election, so they were all mad.
They were supposed to meet at Telf near Innsbruck, recently scheduled.
And to show solidarity, they canceled Telf and went to a place near Brussels where they had the worst accommodations they've ever known because even...
As powerful as they are, it's difficult to say to a major hotel, you will clean out the hotel of all other guests and you will have your staff carefully screened for security purposes.
They will wear tags and they will be briefed and told that they'll be fired if they leak any information, all that intimidation.
So they sort of made themselves uncomfortable that year by boycotting Austria.
But we don't know where they're meeting this year.
I stay nervous as a strumpet in church until we find out.
But I feel confident that we will.
Well, you've always learned in the past, when is the new meeting coming up?
That's what I'm still trying to find out.
Very likely June because the G8 Summit of Head of State takes place.
In Scotland, a little late this year, about July the 14th, they generally meet a week or two prior to the G8 meeting so they can get their instructions ready for the heads of state.
Now, for those that just joined us, there are groups like the CFR with 2,300 members, 2,500 members.
There are groups like Trilateral with a couple hundred, 500 or so.
Bilderberg Group is, of the organizations out there, the most exclusive organization
That we know of, how many people generally attend that are members, and then how many guests do we normally see at the Bilderberg Group conferences?
Well, there's on average, I'd say there's 115 regulars, Kissingers, Rockefellers, and so forth, and those who represent whatever party is in power in Washington, like Rumsfeld attended as board's chief of staff, he's attended as secretary of state,
And high officials always in the State Department and Defense Department attend these meetings representing a president.
And there's very close associations.
For instance, when the obscure governor of Arkansas attended the meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany in 1991, we figured there may be a bright political future for that little fat feller.
Now you said that?
In the next year, the following year, he was elected president of the United States.
It was that occasion they took little Bill Clinton out to the golf course and David Rockefeller explained to him what NAFTA was and why he's for it.
And you saw a big champion of NAFTA sitting in the White House.
In fairness, both parties favor these, what they call, free trade agreements rather than fair trade agreements.
Now, Jim, talking about media control, Catherine Graham attended, now her son attends.
But at the same time, the media would say it didn't exist, you're a kook if you talk about it.
But year after year, you're able to learn what's going to happen in the next year.
I mean, you reported on the fall of the Soviet Union before it happened because of your inside sources in Bilderberg.
I remember...
You were on this show back in 2002.
They were saying that they were about to invade Iraq.
It was a sure thing on the nightly news.
You said, no, I have it from inside Bilderberg that they put it off a year.
It's going to be in March of 2003.
I mean, listen, Jim, you know this better than I, but for those that don't, you keep getting just the most sterling, spot-on, dead-on intel out of these meetings.
How do you do that?
Well, you sort of described the techniques before, and human nature seems to always work the same way.
I'll arrive typically on a Monday before the shutdown begins at high noon on Wednesday.
On a Wednesday, the advanced staff of Bilderberg starts arriving, and at high noon on the Wednesday, typically the hotel is cleared of all other guests completely.
So Monday and Tuesday, I'll be among the strangers mingling
At the cocktail lounge or maybe having lunch and express my awe at these important people coming.
I will explain.
I tried to get reservations for the whole week and they said I had to be up by Wednesday so I'm staying at this other hotel.
Then the friendly light conversation on Monday except last year on Monday the Italian police grabbed me and held me for two or three hours.
Well, these hotel workers obviously don't make much money
They like a vacation.
They have to go to a nice hotel to sit in the cocktail lounge and dress up.
The girls like that especially because they get dressed up and provide information.
I always tell them, don't take a chance on your job.
You can trust me.
I don't even know your name.
I don't want to know your name.
If they put me on the rack, I could not name you.
And this is what intelligence agents do.
They'll tell you the best intel they get is in the bar, is in the cocktail lounge.
In fact, let's talk about how you got grabbed last year.
This wasn't the first time, Jim.
It was the longest time, though.
Actually, I had taken my leave and asked the hotel front desk to call a cab for me, and I'm sitting outside a pleasant evening outside that resort hotel, and one of them had been just waiting for the cab to roll in.
And this guy in plain clothes came over and showed me his identification, identified himself as with the Italian police.
May I see your passport?
I told him I have a cab coming, so he checks his passport, goes inside to make a phone call, comes back out and says, would you please come with us?
The commander wants to see you.
Well, it was about a 30-minute drive through a lot of little towns until we got to what I remember.
Police headquarters occupied by the commander.
I later learned there was a local cop shop just a block away from the hotel.
It took me a big, long ride.
Tell you what, Jim, we've got to break.
I want to hear the rest of the story when we get back.
After this quick break, and of course, I'm in the Secret Rumors of the World series.
It's aired in the U.S.
and England and Japan with Jim.
But in the segment with Jim, he's over in Europe, and there's these guys with dark sunglasses chasing them around in cars.
But this is part of the course for a major reporter, for a major publication, just trying to cover what the world's elite are doing.
We'll be right back.
PrisonPlanet.tv is the website.
Stay with us.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, David and others that are holding.
We'll get to your calls coming up in the next segment.
You want to join us on air?
Have any questions?
The expert, the clear world expert, the trailblazer who first exposed Bilderberg Group, then you're welcome to join us at 800-259-9231.
And I know Jim will jump in and say, well, actually there was one other news reporter decades before that had mentioned it, but he's the guy that has made the term a household name.
Your chance to talk to Jim Tucker from American Free Press.
Jim, so they drive you for 30 minutes into a rural area.
What happens next?
Well, it's actually a small town, and they wanted to know what my purpose was.
And I said, you know what my purpose is.
It's here to cover Bilderberg.
I will find out what they're doing.
I will report on it.
This goes on for a while.
Then they ask me my press credentials.
Well, I have the Mickey Mouse press credentials that are issued by the D.C.
police because 20 years ago, I'd stolen, what was that surgeon from Maryland's name now, long out of the Senate, retired, almost dead, Matthias, Charles Mack Matthias.
I'd stolen his Bilderberg portfolio, and they found out it was me who stole it.
And they had my press credentials yanked.
Now I had held congressional press credentials for the Daily Gallery for four happy years for the Washington Daily News before it went belly up.
And I'd held what they called periodicals, that's magazines.
But what does it matter?
You write for a major newspaper.
When I was in New York, they'd walk over to me standing in front of Ground Zero interviewing people.
They'd go, let us see your press credentials.
And I'm like, it's called the First Amendment.
Here's my congressional press pass.
It's pure harassment.
As far as convenience is concerned, you go into a hearing room and you can pick up the text of the testimony.
Sometimes the public at large can't.
Do you want to watch the Senate or House Committee conduct a hearing?
Go in.
You can.
But the reason that the press credentials are a matter of convenience is you can go to the head of the line.
Sometimes lobbyists and others are standing in a long line outside hoping that somebody will leave so they can get the next seat.
Just to be clear, though, let's get back to the story.
I'm kind of digressing.
They asked to see your press credentials.
So I showed them the Mickey Mouse press credentials, and then they decided they wouldn't bother me anymore, and they drove me back several hours.
As I say, it took about three hours altogether.
They drove me back to my hotel, and I went into the bar where I could see the lobby from a mirror over the bar.
And they sat down and lingered a long time in the lobby.
So I went out and said, I told them I'm not going anywhere else tonight.
If you want to know any more about Bilderberg, I'll be glad to tell you.
They said, we're regulars.
We're here because we want to be.
We're regulars.
The bartender told me they're not regulars.
They very rarely come into this hotel.
So I felt myself under constant observation after that.
Well, he called for a cab to take you to the gates after the lockdown so I could go just for the record, try to walk through and have them bar me just for the record.
And the cab driver said, I can take you out in the gate now because I've got this credential hanging around my neck.
And I said, no, I do exactly what they're going to do.
If the cab driver took me all the way into the grounds, they'd grab me and throw me in jail for trespassing.
Well, crossing the police line and all that jazz.
So I felt the constant surveillance, that just made it more interesting.
Yeah, they talk about adventure, and again, you're just a member of the press trying to cover a meeting of the rich, powerful, and famous, the richest people in the world, the heads of industry, banking, heads of state, and all you're trying to do is go cover it.
I mean, normally the media will cover one or two Hollywood stars.
You know, out on their motorboat, but you're bad, you're weird, you're evil, Jim, because you want to cover this.
I've always put this way to the other paper boys at the press club, and said the same way for 20 years because it leaves them so flat-footed.
I tell them, if 120 film stars or 120 professional football players have a secret meeting behind locked and closed doors,
You would try very hard to determine what's happening behind those closed doors.
Why no curiosity when 120 of the world's most powerful men, international bankers, international financiers, multinational CEOs of multinational companies, and heads of state and high officials of our government meet?
And no curiosity at all.
They simply cannot answer that question.
Others have frankly told me, I know we ought to cover it, they just don't let us.
We'll be right back.
Well, we are going to cover it with Jim Tucker, and I've got some other key questions for him.
After we take some of your calls, we'll talk about this year's upcoming meeting, what may be on the agenda.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Jim could report 10 years ago the things that we're seeing unfold today from the intel he got from inside the Bilderberg Group meetings.
That's because we have the most dominant individuals on the planet Earth meeting together to combine their energies and forces to bring about even greater power and control for their dynasties.
And we're going to go to David and Steve and others for our guest here in a moment.
On this live Wednesday edition, I just want to briefly remind listeners that my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State, is now out on DVD.
It's also on VHS.
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I hope you'll get it.
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Or you can call toll free to get Martial Law or any of my other videos or books.
1-888-253-3139 Or last but not least, there's PrisonPlanet.tv where you can watch it online.
Jim Tucker, before we go to these calls, two questions.
Obviously, folks can read your regular columns at American Free Press.
Also, a lot of them, some of the back issues are online at AmericanFreePress.net.
And how can folks subscribe to the newspaper?
Well, they can call the newspaper.
I never call myself up, so I have to look for the number.
No, I know.
I just sprung that on you.
But people can go to AmericanFreePress.net.
And they can find all that information out.
A little bit later we'll give you that number to call.
Because I can hear Jim digging around through stacks of paper.
He sounds like I do when I'm trying to find something.
But it's a really good newspaper.
A populist publication that isn't left or right.
It just exposes the corrupt elite that's running roughshod over us.
Jim, the second question is...
I know you're trying to find the location.
You always do.
Knock on wood.
And I hope and pray, to be serious, that you do get it done this time.
But any inkling on what's going to be on the agenda this year?
Now that I've found the telephone number, let me get that out before I lose it again.
Call American Free Press at 202-544-5977.
And you can sign up over the phone to subscribe, or, of course, you could...
Right in, but it's easier by telephone.
Give that number out one more time.
Or AmericanFreePress.net.
Now, Jim, shifting over to that last question that I had before we take some calls, and I want to talk about Hearst Publishing and the 9-11 hit piece they've done on myself and your paper and others.
But before we do that, any inkling of what's going to be on the agenda coming up this year?
Well, I'm sure that they'll be considering very hard how they can
Slip the direct taxation thing through the UN.
There will be, of course, pressure on the control press to not report it.
In fact, I don't think you've read in the Washington Post or the New York Times that there is fully three proposals to levy a direct tax on every citizen of the world pending before the UN, even as we speak.
They could do that so quietly.
That you would not even be aware of it with a fractional opinion at the gas pump initially.
Of course, that would go up in the years ahead.
In fact, since the ability to tax directly is such a symbol of global sovereignty, that's very important in their grand schemes of a world government.
As you know, the European Union, the evolving American Union, and the planned Asian Pacific.
I think we're good.
Those are regular items on their issues.
There's always some surprises and there's always three or four guests who you cannot anticipate.
I had no idea that Senator John Edwards would be attending the last Bilderberg meeting.
As soon as I found out he was there, I thought that it concerned him as a potential president.
Now, if he doesn't come back this year, if he's not invited back, they will have decided that he's no longer a potential president.
Well, it's interesting that the New York Times, in one of the two articles they wrote last year about it, said that the Bilderberg Group gave the nod to Kerry and said that they liked Kerry.
Was that disinfo?
Or a fissure between the Anglo-American establishment based in the U.S.
and England and the Bilderberg Group dominated by Europeans?
Yes, there are definitely more Europeans than Americans participating.
That's just based on...
The fact that we're one country of several represented in Europe.
In fact, we're probably on a per country basis, but we have more representatives at Bilderberg than any other.
One country probably, I've never thought that way before, but we always have several high officials.
Sometimes the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Treasury has gone in the past, but always very high officials.
Attend these meetings on the promises of absolute silence.
You were mentioning when we reported that the invasion of Iraq would not take place in the year 2002.
It would be sometime the following year.
Jimmy Lee Hoagland, the associate editor of the Washington Post, who holds the publisher's hand at these Bilderberg meetings, he had to know that, but he let his own newspaper go ahead with the predictions that it would happen in the summer or late fall, at the earliest of 2002, of that year of 2002.
Okay, let's go ahead and take some calls.
David in Illinois, you're on the air, David.
Oh, hello.
In all your meetings with the Bilderbergs, have you ever come across the European Council of Princes, formerly the International Council of Government?
No such group existed.
Oh, okay.
Well, Jim, I think a better question would be, or to clarify it, is there a lot of royalty at these meetings?
Bonnie Prince Charles has attended one meeting.
The Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
Now, let's be clear.
One of the founders of the Bilderberg Group, it turned out, was an SS officer.
In fact, let's see, Prince Bernhard
Supposed to have had some Nazi sympathies, they said.
Yeah, he was an SS officer.
And then there's the same connection with the former head of the U.N., Kirk Valtime.
So the same story over and over again, but it's okay for them to be like that.
It's not okay for anybody else to be like that.
Anything else, David?
No, that's about it.
All right, thank you for the call.
Steve in Georgia, you're on the air.
Yes, thank you, Alex, for taking my call.
And my question is to Jim Tucker.
Thank you for your work you've done over the years, Jim.
I've listened to you off and on for years.
A couple of years ago, I called into Alex's show and talked with his guest, Al Cuppett.
Al said that there were basically three organizations that run the world.
One of these organizations was the Jesuits.
If you go to the book, Rulers of Evil by Tupper Saucy, he describes in there where he looked up the word Rothschild.
In the Encyclopedia Judaica, and it says that they are the keepers of the Vatican treasury.
My question, Jim, is what part does the Vatican play in all of this?
I remember some years ago, some screwball wrote on the Internet that Pope John Hyphen Paul would be there along with 300 other people.
He was wrong.
The Pope was back in his native Poland during the Bilderberg meeting, and there's the tradition 115 to 120, not the 300 as predicted.
No official rule that I can determine.
I think a lot of that comes because the Vatican, certainly not an expert being a Baptist, but because the Pope has so many jewels in his crown, the Vatican has so much money.
Now, the Rothschilds, according to biographies,
Uh, literally translated from Red Shield in German, uh, back before last names, when last names were first coming in style.
And they had a red shield on their door, so they called themselves Red Shields.
And, uh, interestingly enough, the Rockefellers from, uh, Germany, uh, Rockefeller meant rye fields.
They, they grew rye.
So they were rye fields.
Uh, now the Rothschilds have been, uh, an influence from the outset at Bilderberg, uh,
There used to be Evan Rothschild attended for Bilderberg meetings.
There's an earlier Bilderberger, earlier Rothschild attended Bilderberg meetings.
Now, nobody by the name of Rothschild has attended according to their list anyway.
But people on their board of directors do attend.
But, yes, the...
You'll find a listing of somebody who represents Rothschild Enterprises or some such venture, so they still have their hand in it.
It's just not such as big as by having someone with the name Rothschild.
Marriages and so forth create different last names.
Jim, you don't see any influence that the Vatican has on world affairs then?
Definitely the Vatican has influence on world affairs, but I'm not sure that Bilderberg is the conduit.
Does that answer your question, Steve?
Well, kind of, but in my research, and Alex, I thank you for waking me up, it's driven me to research, and I'll tell you what, the more I research, it seems like all roads or many roads lead to Rome, and I just found Jim's answer very interesting.
All right, thanks for the call.
I mean, I've researched this, and
The globalists have infiltrated almost every major organization, and I think to say it's one group or the other running things is really, in the final equation, disinfo.
I mean, you've got evil people who amass their wealth and combine forces with other powerful individuals from different religious groups, you name it, to bring in a world government to directly tax us through the world government they control.
Jim, do you agree with that?
I want to stress that the Catholic Church does indeed have an influence on world affairs.
It's demonstrated dramatically when the Pope went back to his native Poland back during the Cold War years and stood in the middle of the town square in the Soviet tanks rather than run over the Pope, turn around and withdrew from Poland.
And of course the pronouncements on such things as birth control and abortion and so forth, obviously they have a great deal of political impact.
In fact, with 40 million Americans being of the Catholic faith, they'd have to have some political impact.
Yeah, you never said they didn't have political impact, so I didn't understand that last statement.
I've got a question for you, and then we'll go to a couple other callers for you.
And this is a side issue, but it goes to media control.
I mean, you're the old classic newshound, including the straw hat, Jim.
And Christopher Boleyn, one of your colleagues at the American Free Press, exposed that the individual who wrote the Popular Mechanics hit piece, who orchestrated it, Benjamin Chertoff, is a close family member of the Homeland Security Director.
Now he's written about the hidden hand of the CIA and 9-11 and popular mechanics.
The brutal purge of the staff of popular mechanics preceded the publication of last month's scandalous propaganda piece.
So I wanted to talk to you about Hearst Publishing and its history, but before we did that, a little bit more background information.
On this, this woman, this Miss Black that runs it, has been involved in all this different government activity, and her husband ran the U.S.
government agency.
Let me just read this.
The international law firm co-founded Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, the international law firm, by Morris Hadley, her husband.
And then it goes into Skull and Bones members being connected to it.
The article goes into how her husband directed the federal agency that oversees domestic and international propaganda.
Comments on Hearst Publishing and how it ties into all the fake newscasts and all the paid-off reporters that we've been hearing about.
Well, I'm not sure what daily newspapers are within that chain, but as far as Bilderberg is concerned, they would be part of the conspiracy of silence that we see in the United States.
Now, in Europe, there's a great deal of coverage in the mainstream media page, one-story photographs about Bilderberg all the time because, well, it all started ten years ago when
Spotlight identified where the people were going to be very early, so early that the subscribers in Europe had time to wait for the ship to cross the river.
Then they wrote letters back to us saying, should we alert the local media?
I said, by all means, tell the local media all about it.
I should have followed that years ago.
Now when we find out where they are, of course it goes instantly on the website and instantly into the newspaper.
We do write to the subscribers that live nearby and ask them to give them an itinerary, tell the reporters, and so forth.
And we've had a large number of reporters come out to cover Bilderberg meetings in Europe, but not in the United States.
Now let me cover this.
It is often said that USA Today is controlled by the CIA, which, like the paper, is based in McLean, Virginia.
The little-known fact that Black...
Is married to Thomas E. Harvey.
Black's the head of Hearst Publishing.
An obscure lawyer who became a White House fellow in 77 and served as special assistant to director of Central Intelligence.
Provides substance to these rumors.
Black's corporate biography does not mention her husband.
And then it goes on to say that he was a senior fellow at the Department of Defense, and he was the head, I'm trying to find the subsection of the article here, he was the head of the federal body that deals with propaganda.
And my only point is, you know, it's...
I'm asking you this question, Jim.
So much has come out now about Armstrong Williams and paid-off reporters and hundreds of millions of dollars and fake federally funded newscasts.
I want to get your comment just on the general nature of the controlled press.
Not just a conspiracy of silence, but many of them being actual government agents.
We'll be right back after this quick break with Jim Tucker and perhaps take a few more of your calls.
Stay with us.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The head of the Hearst Corporation, Ms.
Black, was named one of the most powerful women in American business.
She sits on the boards of Hearst Corporation, the Advertising Council, IBM, Coca-Cola.
She is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
And then it goes on to talk about her husband, assistant to director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
And it says, in the 1980s, her husband Harvey served as General Counsel and Congressional Liaison of the U.S.
Information Agency, the former external propaganda arm of the U.S.
He was also served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army and Navy and was a personal director of the Bush-Quell 92 campaign.
And then it goes on and on.
Again, Ben Chertoff, cousins with the Homeland Security Director, savagely attacking myself.
No, I'm quite used to it.
However, any journalist, you mentioned earlier, I spent 20 and a half years with the major newspapers in this country as an establishment journalist before starting Chase Bilderberg.
And you're a journalistic whore if you take money to pimp somebody's idea.
The proper answer from the government says, or an association organization says, would you write a column saying how wonderful this is or how bad that is?
Uh, and we'll pay you money.
The logical, uh, the only, uh, professional ethical thing for him to do is say, no, I will not take money from you whatsoever, but I will write a column about how you tried to bribe me to advocate your views.
When you do that, you lose all credibility.
And now it's just rampant.
I mean, it's been going on for a long time, but now they're just coming out with it and saying, hey, it's no big deal.
This is good.
Oh, they try to rationalize it.
Like this guy says, I'm not a journalist.
I'm a columnist.
I forgot which one that was.
Armstrong Williams.
Yeah, Armstrong Williams.
And one of the other girls said, I really should have mentioned it.
I wish I had mentioned it.
Well, she shouldn't do it at all.
If you write anything, as I said, write about the attempt to bribe you, not accept the bribe and pimp for their product.
Well, it's a lot bigger than what the people know, and Jim Tucker, here in closing, I want to get you on as soon as you get back from Bilderberg.
This year, you've always been so kind and gracious.
To do that in your decades of fighting these people.
But in closing, do you think the New World Order is going to win?
Or do you think people are starting to wake up?
No, I think when middle America finally wakes up, they're going to find it so repelling.
And we see good trends already.
Just recently, oh, surely they've got their knickers in a knot over the fact that the latest poll showed that France is...
A slight majority does not favor ratifying the European Constitution.
The same thing with England.
Yes, in fact, that's why we wrote years ago that Bilderberg was determined to ask Lady Thatcher, well, Prime Minister Thatcher then, as head of state, because she resisted the euro and resisted surrendering sovereignty to the European Union.
And so they replaced her with a trapeze artist named John Major from her own party.
I think I mentioned on your last show, I had the pleasure of speaking briefly with Lady Thatcher at a reception in Washington.
I asked her about it and she said, and this is a very close paraphrase of what she said, that being denounced by Bilderberg she considered to be a tribute.
And spoke harshly about any head of state who would surrender one bit of national sovereignty to an international body.
All right.
Well, Jim Tucker, again, thank you for all the time, and Godspeed, my friend.
Thank you, and I'll see you when we get back.
Take care.
Jim Tucker, a good old-fashioned muckraker, a real journalist.
Spent the last hour with us.
All right, wide open phones in the third hour.
A ton of news.
We can talk about the Shivo case.
We can talk about the earthquakes.
We can talk about all these new gun bills.
We can talk about Coffee Annan being cleared by his own agency.
We'll talk about it all in the third hour.
And my new film, Martial Law, is now on DVD.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we are now into the third and final hour of this March 30th, 2005 edition of
We're going to have wide open phones in this third and final hour.
I want to take about 20 of your calls, as we did yesterday.
In this third hour, any issue, any news item, any question, any comment, you agree with me, you disagree with me, anything you want to talk about, it's all fair game, wide open.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231, and we'll get you up and on the air.
I already talked about this somewhere, and I still haven't kind of babbled through it because it's such a lengthy article.
The Hidden Hand of the CIA, 9-1-1, and Popular Mechanics by Christopher Brolin, American Free Press.
And it gets into Benjamin Chertoff, Cousins with Homeland Security Director.
Then it brings up who the head of Hearst Publishing is, who wrote the book on yellow journalism, that is, Hearst Publishing itself did, and how her husband was the head of the U.S.
government propaganda arm.
I mean, it is very clear what's going on there.
And then continuing, coffee is cleared, but what about the United Nations?
An interim report by an independent investigator clears the way for the United Nations Secretary General of charges of nepotism in the awarding of contracts to a company his son worked for.
But there are bigger fish to fry in the Iraq oil refood scandal, and one could be the UN itself.
And so we have this UN department investigating the UN and finding itself not guilty.
And the best examples of this are the 9-11 Whitewash Commission, appointed by the President.
Half the commission in business with the Carlyle Group of the Bin Laden family.
That's mainstream news.
They first tried to have Henry Kissinger as the head of it, but that was just too ridiculous for anybody to accept.
And they called it independent when it was appointed by the President.
It's like Bill Clinton has Janet Reno appoint John Danforth.
It's funded by the Justice Department.
And he finds her totally innocent of any wrongdoing at Waco.
And they keep calling all of this independent commissions.
An independent blue ribbon commission says old children need to be psychologically tested and drugged.
And you find out it's the drug companies that control the commission.
New freedom.
Or an independent blue ribbon commission says that we need to put toll roads on all major streets, federal, state, and local.
Then it turns out every member of the commission works for a toll road company.
I mean, literally.
And then their wives and brothers and sons all get contracts with the states as soon as the toll roads go in.
I mean, it's just, they hire their family members the day after they get it passed.
I mean, it's just, there's over a trillion dollars a year now missing from the Pentagon.
In fact, get that Cynthia McKinney clip one more time.
I just want to air her question.
We won't air the whole eight minutes of Rumsfeld's answer, but just to listen to what the real issues are, what it would sound like if we had more people like Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney.
We'll play that when we get back.
The point is, you ask why they're so corrupt, why they want a new world order.
It's so they can loot and rob and consolidate and have total control.
We're dealing with a global organized crime syndicate.
I cannot say it any simpler or any more succinctly.
Hundreds died from the earthquake two days ago, but thousands died in the ensuing panic over the threat of tsunami that never materialized.
Surf did get a little bit bigger, and the water level did go up about a foot, but not 35 feet like December 26, 2004.
Pope got his feeding tube.
I wonder if they'll decide that he needs to be sanguinated of all his liquids and be dehydrated to death.
I don't think that'll happen, but that's what they've done to Terry Schiavo.
But would they do that to the Pope?
And a teen may be charged with Minnesota shootings.
Another teen will be right back.
PrisonPlanet.tv is the website.
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Alright, without further ado, let's go straight back to your calls, then we'll go back into the news.
Toll free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231 on this live Wednesday edition.
Dominique in Texas, then Tim in Ohio and others.
Dominique, welcome.
Hey, thanks, Alex.
I love your show, man.
You just do a great job.
I was watching Fox News last night, and I usually never watch it.
I was just flipping through, and I caught a snippet of Bill O'Reilly's commentary on
On the Terry Schiavo case, and it was, it almost sounded like he was trying to keep his heart in the right place, you know, but it was interesting because he used the words culture of death, but of course, as I would have suspected him to do, he went ahead and blamed it all on the left, and then he got into this legislation that allows young girls down to the age of, I think, 11 or 12 to play in parenthood,
A legislation that allows girls to get abortions without disclosing any of it to their parents.
Well, there was a case in Illinois on Monday where a 14-year-old girl was going to get an abortion, and the mother simply wanted to be involved and wanted to talk to her own daughter, and they arrested her.
Now, let's get this straight.
If your 14-year-old daughter wants to go to the planetarium for her freshman field trip,
She's got to get a permission slip, but she can go have some doctor in a dirty clinic rip the baby out of her and the mother.
But look, Alberto Gonzalez argued in Texas that down to 12 years of age, they shouldn't have to inform their parents.
And these so-called conservative Christians, who I've always wanted to see myself as among them, but no, they don't want to talk about it.
Right, yeah, and I guess my biggest point of it was that Bill O'Reilly...
You know, flip it around, mention the legislation about the free abortions, the non-disclosure by the kids, and effectively blame the whole thing, part and parcel, on the left.
I know that you've talked to him before, and I don't know if you've been on his show or he's been on yours, but is there any way that he's going to turn to the good side of the force?
I mean, what do you think about it?
Well, actually, I've never talked to Bill O'Reilly.
I've never had him on this show, and I appreciate your call.
I mean, really, I just don't worry about Bill O'Reilly.
Bill O'Reilly says we should ban SUVs.
I've seen him say it.
Bill O'Reilly was against open borders until we had an actual chance to stop it.
And then he came out and said, okay, I'm for amnesty.
Now he's against it again.
He says, you know, let her die.
And then he gets a bunch of heat and he goes, well, maybe not.
He's a change agent.
And they're all the same.
I mean, we've got Sean Hannity, who I've heard say every child needs a microchip.
We need to buy stock and apply digital.
We need to arrest all militia members in America.
Michael Wiener Savage says put anybody in a camp that disagrees with the government.
I've probably tuned in 20 times and heard him say it 15 times.
I mean, almost every time I tune in, over two-thirds of the time, he says it.
And then he'll say something good about immigration, but then he'll say let's put people in camps who disagree.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
But in actuality, the actual legislation gave illegal aliens a waiver and made the borders more wide open for them and told the states to accept their consular matricula cards for driver's license.
So, it's all about rhetoric versus reality.
I mean, here's an example, a more sophisticated form of rhetoric, and then we'll go to Tim and others.
But here's a better example.
Rush Limbaugh will make fun of the environmentalists.
He'll call them wackos.
He'll play the sound of a chainsaw cutting down trees.
He'll call them delusional crazy people.
Well, there might be some delusional crazy people that are low-level minions of this, but if you go to a smart growth conference, it's all the heads of major banks.
It's the biggest developers.
It's about taking private property.
It's about toll roads.
It's about control.
It's about phony privatization where they take the public works and give it to private corporations that then operate as governments.
And so Limbaugh does the globalists a favor.
He makes fun of the environmentalists like they're a bunch of fools.
No, no, it's systematic.
And then the left will attack Bush for wanting to cut down some forests
But meanwhile, won't talk about how he's actually signing on to UNESCO and passing laws to destroy private property rights.
It just goes on and on.
I mean, it's what Michael Moore does.
Michael Moore covers up 9-11.
Michael Moore shifts the debate, not from government was involved to, oh, Bush was vacationing and fishing too much and he's an idiot.
And the government didn't have any prior knowledge and we need more cops.
We've gone from 300,000 police to like 700,000 in the last five years?
We don't need more.
Besides, they're all out there just giving us tickets and micromanaging us.
They're not involved in good old-fashioned investigation work.
They're involved trying to arrest minutemen down on the border who are just trying to report to them the illegal aliens pouring across.
You know, they tell us to spy on our fellow citizens for absolutely no reason, but how dare you go watch the border, which is totally constitutional?
All right.
Let's go ahead and go to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, go ahead.
All shills.
Everyone you mentioned.
Alex, Michael Moore, O'Reilly, Dobbs, Squinty I. Scarborough, Rush Limbaugh.
Not one of those men would ever have a debate with you and not be doing the equivalent of pulling their own eating tube.
Well, I appreciate those kind words, but I will tell you that I've had a bunch of neocons on, like Ann Coulter.
Did you hear that interview?
No, I spoke to you a couple of months ago about that.
Her article in the New York Times, or in a New York publication, I'm sorry, around Christmas time, where she was saying that... We need to kill more innocent people.
Yeah, and it would be fun to drop a nuke in North Korea.
She actually said that in that interview.
Yeah, never been in the military, never done anything in her life.
Well, I had Ann Coulter on, and she was really about, probably had about a 90 IQ.
But see, that's what they want, is somebody who speaks to the mindless level.
Somebody who, and I said, well, the Patriot Act takes our freedom.
She goes, no it doesn't, you're a liar.
And I said, Ann, Section 802 says we're all terrorists.
And she goes, well, I haven't read it.
Oh, but you've written a book about it.
But, I mean, she knows that most people don't read it, so why should she read it?
She'll just write a book about it.
I just dream of seeing them try to debate you and watching you eat them for lunch.
That would be so grand.
Well, I do rise to the occasion.
I do get more articulate and more focused when I'm debating one of these goons.
No, they're all working for the corporation.
I try to tell people they argue with the United States as a country, and I go, no, it's not.
It's a corporation.
Oh, the District of Columbia is incorporated, and these agencies are quasi-private institutions.
Thanks for the call.
And I'm going to go to Ethan in Kentucky and others in a second, but last night I called into a talk show and bashed libertarians, and why did I do this?
I don't mean all libertarians.
It's like I don't bash all Democrats or all Republicans.
But we have to get away from all these labels.
I'm tired of listening and watching and reading libertarians where they're very orthodox.
Well, we've got all the answers.
Well, we're against controlling the borders.
That's not libertarian.
Well, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, says defend those borders.
That's one of the three things the feds are supposed to do.
And, of course, it's one of the three things they don't do.
And they go, yeah, but it's the free flow.
The New World Order wants open borders to erase national sovereignty and expand world government where you have absolutely no rights.
But see, they don't think of a three-dimensional model.
And libertarians will tell you, I'm all for privatization.
And you go, okay, well, having toll roads on every street is not privatization.
Yes, it is.
Yes, it is.
Well, no, here's the actual toll plan.
They are going to give most of our existing roads and all the major state roads...
We're good to go.
It's incredible.
They literally just give them what we've paid for and built, and then they increase the prices to use it, and we still pay the taxes.
I mean, that's not even fascism.
That's just total criminality openly being engaged in.
And, you know, they say, oh, well, we're all for free trade.
We're all for NAFTA and GATT.
How is NAFTA and GATT free or fair?
It's thousands of pages long.
Which the libertarians support.
How is China, with a 40 plus percent tariff, against our 2 percent tariff, how is that free or fair?
You can't just say, oh, we're free and fair, we're lowering all our trade boundaries, when no one else does it!
Did you know in NAFTA for 10 years, Mexico didn't have to go with any of the agreements?
We did it one-sided, and now they're about to renegotiate it, because the 10 years is up, and it's going to be the same thing over...
They're like children when you talk to them.
They don't look at the big picture and how they've set all this up.
All right, your call is straight ahead.
I will move quickly through them when we get back.
I just heard libertarians going, you know, kill Schiavo, kill Schindler.
We don't want to pay for it.
And you're playing into the New World Order's hands where we're all fighting amongst each other for resources they control.
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All right, I was going to Ethan in Kentucky next, but I'm told John in New York disagrees, and we'll go to Brad and others.
So we'll go to Ethan after we go to John.
I've got to go to John first.
We have a rule.
We don't screen calls.
And people who disagree go to the front of the line, unlike the neocon and liberal talk shows where they censor you out if you disagree.
No, we can defend our ideas here.
John, go ahead in New York.
I've called in several times before, and I have to say that I agree with about 99% of everything that you've said.
I am the individual who called in and talked to the colonel.
I was in the Air Force and the Air Defense Command.
And I gave the description of what it should have gone like.
I have also called in... I'm not following you.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
I just thought you might realize... Curls, air defense... Wait a minute.
Let me talk.
Put him on hold.
Put him on hold.
Listen, bro.
So many people call this show.
They think it's like a private discussion.
And if I don't know what you're talking about, the listeners don't.
So please be specific.
Go ahead.
I was.
You hang up?
Just go ahead, please, sir.
I mean, make this easy on me, please.
I just thought you might remember who I was.
Just please fill it in for me.
I don't know what you're talking about.
All right.
My father died from Krupp-Bell-Jacobs disease.
That's mad cow disease.
And I can't ever remember in my life a more sympathetic...
...figure laying in bed, lost 80 pounds with tubes sticking out of him, wearing a diaper, unable to do anything for himself, could hardly open his eyes.
And when my mom made the decision to unhook him from the tubes and the respirators, I was glad that he died because of the way he suffered.
And I am outraged because you are making all these decisions and calling all these names...
For the people who are involved.
As an American, you have a right to your opinion, but you do not have the right to foster your opinion on somebody else.
I didn't kill your father.
I didn't say you did.
I never said that.
I'm saying you don't have the right to force your opinion on somebody else.
No more than those demonstrators do down there talking.
The name-calling... Are you going to let me talk now?
Put him on hold.
We're going to address what you're saying one point at a time.
So don't hang up, John.
You seem emotional, you seem angry about your father, and then you were trying to equate me somehow with it, and then psychologically that's how it came out.
Now, let's address what you have to say one point at a time.
The globalists say, I don't have a right to free speech because I can hurt people's feelings.
And then that's hate speech.
And the case with your father, I'm sure, was completely different.
There wasn't foul play involved from what you're saying.
I would imagine he said he didn't want to be kept alive.
That's one thing.
With Terry, it's something entirely different.
So, see, you're equating her case with your case.
And God bless those demonstrators down there.
They have every right to be there and to voice their opinion.
Go ahead.
I don't understand this foul play thing that you're talking about.
I have seen or heard no evidence of that, and that is one of the things that I don't understand.
When you're talking about foul play, I mean, what evidence do you have of this?
I mean, she's been like this for ten years.
Number one, earlier I wasn't trying to argue with you.
I thought you were calling in about
The only reason I said that was because I thought you might remember who I was because I had called in on several important issues, and that's the only reason I said that.
Okay, well, I was just trying to clarify and find out what you were saying, number one.
Now moving forward to the subject you called in about.
Sir, to try to go over this, you must not listen very often.
You must not be listening to the other shows.
I mean, to repeat it takes an hour.
I listen as often as I can.
Well, thank you for listening.
I appreciate it.
Have you heard about the affidavits by nurses and others about how she was talking and able to eat?
And then he said he wanted to rehabilitate her and that she never said she wanted to be killed?
And then as soon as he got the money, he changed his story?
I have not heard that.
Admit it.
Have you heard about how... What is the source of that?
Where did you get the information from?
This has even been in the mainstream news.
This has even been in the affidavits.
Well, I read the newspaper every day.
I don't watch much news on TV, so I... Well, I had the Schindler's on four years ago.
But, I mean, these are affidavits in court.
Then why has it gone the way it's gone?
I don't understand.
Because they want a precedent to kill people, John.
Not folks like your father, who obviously was terminally ill and in a lot of pain.
I mean, you know, you did the right thing.
That's up to you and your family.
Stay there, my friend.
We don't have to fight.
We can have a meeting of the ways.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Back from 9 to midnight Central.
You can also listen to us on the internet at InfoWars.com.
And on Global Shortwave during the day at 9.985.
And at night at 3210.
I want to thank all the fine stations that carry this broadcast.
AM, FM, shortwave, micro, you name it, you're doing a great job.
Now, I've got to hurry through this call with John because I want to get to all these other calls.
I do have some other news I want to get to that's important, but the globalists love wedge issues like abortion, euthanasia.
They love these wedge issues that get us all emotional, fighting with each other.
And then they set the parameters of the debate.
Am I saying that if somebody's got terminal cancer or terminal, you know, Creutzfeldt-Jacobs, and you know they're going to die, and they're brain dead, and they said they never wanted to be kept alive in that position, then by all means, you know, they're on a respirator or whatever, take them off.
That's their decision, your decision.
And so they try to superimpose the Terry's Fight, and it's a fight, folks.
Watch TerrysFight.org, with that.
And the mainstream media hasn't done a very good job.
It's been on some of the TV shows, a few newspapers, but the caller's right.
It's hard to find, but it's admitted that she was able, with assistance, to walk 12 years ago.
She was able to eat Jell-O.
She could say, Mommy, Daddy, Potty, help me, hi, bye.
Shiva would kick her out of the room and then they'd come back in and she'd be crying.
Nurses and sworn affidavits have said that they believe he was injecting her with insulin because after he'd leave the room, her blood sugar would plunge to below the scale.
She is tough stuff.
She's still alive, 12 days, coming up on 13 days later.
Very few people live that long.
And she did have broken bones.
She did have fractures.
Doctors were on record when she was brought in that this happened.
Now, regardless, the family doesn't want her to die.
But Shivo, if he'd have been saying day one she wanted to die and didn't want help, that would have been one thing.
You're still not allowed to kill somebody, though, by dehydration.
It's just illegal.
It's euthanasia.
But Shivo said, oh, I want to save her.
I want to rehabilitate her.
They sued the hospital for, quote, not helping her quick enough.
They won a million smackers for her treatment.
We have the summation from the civil trial.
He testified, oh, I want to love her for the rest of her life.
Then a few years after that, no, I remember Terry told me one night watching TV that she wanted to die.
And then he said, don't brush her teeth anymore.
Don't clean her bed sores.
No more rehabilitation.
And yes, she got a lot worse.
Goodness gracious.
So, sir, that's what's going on.
But don't let them get you so emotional over it.
And don't let it be superimposed on your psyche that anybody's saying you're bad in your case with your father.
I mean, one of my grandfathers who died of cancer back in the 80s, he just quit eating and quit drinking and said, I want to die.
He had cancer in his bones, his lungs, all over him.
And then one day he said, I'm going to die today.
And everybody went to the house, and I went in to see him, and a few hours later he died.
I mean, you know, people do turn loose.
I just believe that unless you're personally involved and know all of the details... No, I'm allowed to have my opinion about euthanasia.
I understand that, but let me ask you a question.
What's the difference between unhooking a feeding tube and unhooking a respirator?
Listen, I appreciate your call.
It's pretty clear that you're emotionally involved in this issue.
It's three-dimensional thinking.
That's my term.
We're good to go.
And he said he wanted to take care of her, and then he got the money, and he didn't want to.
Do you compute that?
She was walking.
She was talking.
She was getting better.
She's been tortured for ten years.
Now she's been excruciatingly tortured.
You know, I've had people email me and argue and go, Well, I saw a doctor on TV that said having your water taken away makes you feel good.
Then I challenge you.
Don't drink water for three days.
But be careful.
Don't go outside too much.
You'll get in the heater.
You'll die.
You just don't drink water for three days.
And when your tongue... I didn't want to make a big deal out of this, but yesterday I wanted to just see what it was like.
I went without water.
I took one sip of a drink because my mouth was so dry.
Go ahead.
If it feels so good, do it for three days.
If it feels so good...
Of course, the medical handbooks say it's excruciatingly painful, but they use lawyer speak.
Yes, right before you go into a coma, you may feel euphoric for hours, if not days.
But that's like saying, you know, after we put you in boiling oil, it's going to hurt at first, but then right before you die, it's going to feel good.
I mean, what does that mean?
It's like, when I broke my leg once, you know, it hurt real bad, but right when the endorphins hit for a second, it didn't hurt very bad.
I mean, it's semantical manipulation.
But you don't want to have an argument.
You just want to say, you know, you've got all the facts.
You don't even want to argue.
So, I mean, it feels so good.
Why don't people, instead of smoking pot...
We're taking cocaine.
Why don't they just not drink water?
It'd be the new super fashion.
Bodybuilders about four days before a big event won't drink a lot of water.
And they get cramps.
They vomit.
Their body burns.
They get migraine headaches.
And the medical journals will tell you.
Endless dry heaves for 24 hours in a spell.
Cracking skin.
Just excruciating migraines.
But no.
The media says it feels good.
And Michael's lawyer says she's beautiful.
The blood dripping out of her eyes and mouth.
Now on the cracking, bleeding skin.
It's beautiful.
Like something out of Hellraiser.
Oh, it's beautiful.
Look at the... Yeah, Joseph Mingala thought it was beautiful.
It's like Alberto Gonzalez.
Well, torturing people to the edge of death is not torture.
If they don't die, it's not torture.
And even if they die, and we didn't mean to kill them, it's not torture.
You're going to argue with me?
I've had people on who do.
No, it's not torture.
Well, okay, then.
I don't say you should do this, but if you turn the blender on and stick your hand in it, does that feel good?
Okay, it's good then.
I'm wrong.
I'm an extremist.
You know, we have this clip of where they say Mercury's nutritious on the news.
Mercury is not nutritious.
And they're setting the... I wanted to ask the caller, but I got so sick of him, I let him go.
I was trying to be reasonable with him.
If there's an open line, which I'm sure there's not, if you can get back in, sir...
Oh, we never hung up on him.
You didn't hear me say thank you for the call.
Well, thank God you didn't hear me say hang up on the caller.
John, last question for you, if you're still there.
Are you still there?
I am here.
My last question to you, and then I've got to move on to be fair to all the other callers.
I understand.
My last question to you is, did you hear Wesley Smith on, former editor of the Wall Street Journal?
Did not.
He's listed the names.
He's been to the hospitals of people who've broken their neck saying, may I please have food and water.
And because they signed a form saying they didn't want medical intrusive aid, because they didn't understand what that meant, they dehydrate them.
They're actually saying, honey, please, give me water and food.
Do you think the state should kill them?
Okay, thanks for the call.
That's what we're talking about here.
They're normalizing all of this through this case.
Thank you.
Let's go quick now, folks.
I know I gave him...
A lot of time, but I've got to give you all about 60 seconds.
Ethan in Kentucky.
Go ahead, Ethan.
Hi, Alex.
It's been a while.
Sorry about that.
I just wanted to know if you can elaborate on Jeff Gannon's history and the difficulty in tracing his past.
And if you were aware of Ann Coulthair's connections with the same circles that he's involved in
And what do you think of Jeff Gannon's initials?
Is there anything about the Johnny Gosch, James Gucker, Jeff Gannon, JG?
What do you think of that?
Well, his mother thinks it may be her son.
Senator John DeCamp is 99% sure that it is, that he is Johnny Gosch, who we know was kidnapped by the government and used.
That's now admitted.
And we know he was part of a sex ring.
We know Barney Frank runs underage male...
We're good to go.
And was paid through a neocon organization, one of these other fake reporters.
And where can I find out more about him?
Where's a good source to find out?
I mean, do you have a search?
I mean, it's just there's hundreds of articles.
We posted a lot of stuff on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
All right, thanks.
Thank you, Ethan.
Let's now go ahead and talk to Brad in Illinois.
Brad, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, he promised a lover to death or a lover forever when he thought he was going to get $20 million instead of one.
But I didn't really want to talk about Terry Schiavo.
I wanted to say to you, Alex, kudos on your latest film.
I watched it the other night, and I want to tell the listeners that the price of the film is worth it with your ambush journalism of David Gerken.
Yeah, it's not Alex Jones saying they do satanic rituals.
I mean, it's David Gergen getting mad about it and saying, none of my business.
Oh, yeah, and then he pulls the childish act.
You trespassed it.
So what?
You got the truth out.
I mean, if that interview that you did with him doesn't tell it all, if people can't see that there's truth behind what you say in your videos and the bohemian growth, then, I don't know, heaven help them, but
It's a very good video.
I recommend everybody getting this.
You've got a lot of great information in there.
The shots of the demonstrators in New York City that we did not get to see, kind of like the more than two bombs going off in Oklahoma City we never got to hear.
It's a very good video, and I'm glad you did it.
Like I said, that thing with David Gerken was just...
I just loved it.
Are you going to send him a tape?
I always overdo things.
I should.
It's really three films in one.
What did you think about the Bush-Nazi connections and Arnold and all of that?
It's very informative.
I really enjoyed it.
I'm glad I got to see it.
I'm glad you did.
I'm going to pass it on now to my brother and
He's going to send it out to his son in Oregon.
Please, that's what it's all about.
Please, this film will go nowhere unless all of you make copies.
That is my goal, is just to get it seen, to get people to wake up, and God bless you, Brad.
Make as many copies as you can.
And since you brought it up, I didn't properly plug it in the first or second hour.
We've now got the DVDs.
The DVD is over three hours long.
It's four films in one.
I think?
We're good to go.
I'm a long way from making my money back on this film, but I could care less.
I mean, I just want to get it out to people.
So, Martial Law, you can now order it via DVD, via the secure online shopping cart, or call toll-free to get it.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
It is my best work.
Go to prisonplanet.tv right now.
Sign up.
You can watch that whole film, all my other films, my weekly TV show, all my best audio interviews for the radio show.
Read my book, Paul Watson's book.
Other special video reports, monthly and yearly subscriptions, 15 cents a day, it just pays for the bandwidth.
Up next here, who's up next?
Marie in Oregon?
You're on the air, go ahead.
Hi Alex, how are you today?
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How are you today?
I was calling to see if you're going to have Jane Christensen on the radio program anytime soon.
Boy, I feel stupid.
Who's that?
Well, she's a professor at the North Carolina Wesleyan College.
Oh, she's the lady that made a course called 9-11, The Road to Charity.
You got it.
And I was at her homepage last night looking at her syllabus,
And her students have to use your archive for their paperwork.
Oh, boy, I better update the Infowars.com 9-11 archive.
Some of those links have gone dead, but wonderful.
Yeah, you really need to get a hold of her and have her on.
We heard her on the Jack Blood program, and she is just dynamite.
Well, I'll get her on.
She's trying to get the college to offer it.
She's had a lot of requests.
To have this course offered online.
And she's trying to get the administration of the college to do this, but of course it takes more public opinion to get something like that moving, you know?
Well, I'm totally flattered, and I do need to get her on.
I meant to get her on.
Send me an email to remind me.
I'll do that.
To tips at infowars.com or just Alex?
Yeah, just Alex.
That email is just...
Totally full of it.
It's all messed up.
Tips at Infowars.com.
I'll do it, Alex.
Thanks a million.
That's exciting.
I was aware of that.
I've just forgotten the name.
Travis in Kentucky.
Travis, thanks for holding.
Hello, Alex.
I'd say thank you very much because of you.
My eyes have been open on 9-11 and everything else is starting to come unraveled.
That was really the straw that broke the camel's back when I went to your websites.
What I wanted to bring up today, though, is the microbiologists that have been mysteriously committing suicide.
Yeah, it's like 60-something now.
Is it?
Last I heard, it was 52 that are confirmed?
How many?
Yeah, it's really over 100, but...
So is this part of the... Is this the war games that are...
You know, it's really a mystery, but most people that are good at analyzing this, and I tend to agree with it, it looks like they're getting rid of the trail of people that can identify where some engineered pathogen is going to be originating from so the government can release something and then not get caught releasing it.
It's like the anthrax.
Scientists looked at it and said, this is U.S.
You know, first they were trying to claim it was Saddam, then it came out it was U.S.
They keep getting caught, and so they're trying to cover their tracks.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
I hope that answers your question.
I mean, that's where... I don't like to speculate, but that's where all the evidence points right now.
That's the only place the evidence points.
Getting rid of the trail.
The Nazis would do that.
They'd kill a scientist...
A lot of cases after he developed something, so other people couldn't get it.
Kind of backfired on him, though.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Teacher jailed for shouting at rowdy teens.
She was given six months in jail.
It goes on and on.
Another article here.
Bob Barr and friends strike back at the Patriot Act.
In a political environment more fractious than Washington has seen in over a decade, there are still signs that the left and right can find common ground.
Masses of people are now finding out about just how serious these RFID...
Tracker chips are, they're finding out how serious the Patriot Act is, they're finding out how serious all these toll roads are, they're finding out how serious all of this is.
Secret Service investigating removal of three from Bush visit, KCTV 5 out of Denver.
The Secret Service went in to a supposedly public town hall meeting for Bush, and everybody had to sign in and of course swear to not confront Bush.
There you have it.
I mean, that's the freedom.
The Secret Service calls up and says, take that sign out of your window.
Teen may be charged in Minnesota shootings.
I talked about this.
The Weiss young man who went in and shot those people, his dad was a high-level police officer.
He'd been threatening everyone.
Nothing had been done about it.
And now one of the children, one of the young people he supposedly told he was going to kill people,
They've gone and arrested them saying, oh, see, you had prior knowledge.
But I've got a bunch of articles out of Minnesota where students are saying, he was telling everybody this and nothing was done.
But then a student writes an article about imaginary zombies attacking a school.
They get arrested and charged with terrorism.
So, very, very suspicious.
The Pope has gotten his feeding tube.
So does that mean now we've got to dehydrate him because it's cruel to make him be on a feeding tube?
I don't agree with that, but I think Michael Schiavo would probably agree with sanguinating the Pope, draining him of his fluids.
Who's next in line here?
I'm just going to take one more call.
Bob in New Hampshire, here on the air.
You'll be our tail gunner today.
Good afternoon, AJ.
Hello, sir.
I have been listening to...
Many programs about this case.
Every time I tried to call a governor of Florida, all I got was a busy signal.
Well, that's good.
I don't know why a good chiropractor couldn't straighten it out if it's possible.
Well, I mean, she did have... From oxygen is supposedly why she was brain damaged and couldn't walk.
But there are medical doctor reports who first treated her saying her neck had fractures in it.
That's probably the real cause.
And that's why she should have been saved.
But, I mean, I'm telling you, folks.
We're coming up on 13 days of dehydration.
Terry is...
I mean, this is the damage for most medical experts I trust is irreparable at this point.
And after 13 days, she probably is out of predominant pain.
The last 12 or so have been excruciating, and she still could be feeling pain.
It's brutal.
But anything else, sir?
No, just that I've been on here about half an hour.
Well, we got you on the air, though, didn't we, sir?
Yes, you did.
Yeah, man, call me back earlier tomorrow.
You know, at least we didn't censor you.
Most talk shows will ask you what you're calling about and not let you on the air, period.
Oh, I've had that happen.
Yeah, yeah, well, we try the best we can, but we'll try better for you.
Take care.