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Air Date: March 24, 2005
2315 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, thank you for tuning in today, or tonight, or tomorrow, depending on what time zone you're listening to us in.
I want to say hi to all the listeners across the United States and the rest of the planet, and that includes all the ships at sea and the aircraft in the air.
That's right, we've got airline pilots listening to the broadcast.
They routinely email me.
I want to say hi to everybody and thank you for joining us.
Well, it's coming up on six full days this afternoon.
Since they pulled the feeding tube of Terry Schindler, known as Terry Schiavo.
And I had thought that a couple years ago when they pulled the tube it was for eight days.
I've since been told that it was only for six and a half, maybe seven.
And a lot of people die after six or seven days of no water.
But she's been abused so long...
I've been through this several other times before that she's gotten, it seems, some resistance to it, but she will die.
She will succumb in the next four or five days, if not in the next few hours.
You just don't know once you get to this point.
You take a healthy person who's in really good shape and you take food and water away, especially water, for four or five days people die.
It's kind of unusual, but that's how the body works.
And if you're in really bad shape and been in that position for a long time, your body learns to cope with it.
But I hope the pro-death crowd is really, well, proud of themselves.
So we'll get into the latest developments on Terry Schindler.
Sergeant Matthew is going to be joining us coming up in the middle of the next hour.
Sergeant Matthew Tertaglia.
Search and Rescue Task Force, Critical Incident Stress Management Counselor and Debriefer.
He was at Ground Zero day one, could not wear a mask at sight because he had to talk.
Now he has been super sick for three years, respiratory problems, teeth falling out.
Many of the members of his team have died.
He won two gubernatorial awards for his work at Ground Zero.
And they admit that he and his team breathed masses of asbestos, but Bush blocked the funding for the firefighters, rescue workers, and police to get any medical treatment.
That's right, you've got to pay for it yourself.
So when he was done with his photo op, crying at ground zero with the fire chief, he left those people and left them behind.
But I guess in a world of illusion, where illusion is king...
I guess it's better that he smiled at them instead of taking care of them.
If he had not gone and done the tertiary surface thing, they probably would have hated him.
Even if he would have actually given them medical treatment.
But by doing the con artistly thing, inventing words now, con artistly, con man type thing, he is loved.
It's like, don't really care about the troops when they're in Iraq.
Say you care about them, put a ribbon on your car, fly a plastic Chinese flag, a flag made by slaves, a desecrated American flag, and don't care about the troops, deep down.
Just resign them over to his lordship and the corrupt government.
The Lord Bush and this whole corrupt system, the pack of Democrats that are for the war as well.
But this gentleman we're going to be talking to
He's not just going to be talking about his health problems.
He'll be talking about what they witnessed at Ground Zero, what it has to do with government involvement and prior knowledge.
We'll also talk about the latest developments.
There's been some big new developments with the forced psychological testing, forced drugging initiative, New Freedom.
So that's coming up as well.
Stay with us.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
Well, I hate to say I told you so, but a couple days ago, right after we had the latest tragic mass school shooting, this time at an Indian Reservation public school, I said in every other case of a woman drowning, five of her children, or a woman sawing, or
Newborn babies, arms off, or somebody going in and shooting their grandparents or their parents, or Harrison Kleibold going in, the mass shooters, snipers up in the Maryland, Virginia area, Larry Ashbrook who shot up the Baptist Youth Meeting in Fort Worth,
I mean, every time, I haven't found a case, unless it's gangland turf wars, which is the majority of the shootings, but out of all of these senseless random killings, where you have people just going into a grocery store, or going into a public school, or going into a factory and shooting people, I mean, in every case, it's scores of them.
Every time, a week later, it comes out that they were on a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, SSRIs.
And here is the San Francisco Chronicle today, and now they're admitting that, okay, he was on Prozac.
The clues were all there.
School shooter, depicted as deeply disturbed, ignored teen.
And then they go into the article to admit that he was on Prozac.
Now, the argument of the pro-drug forces is that, well, it's because they're already mentally ill or depressed...
That's why we put them on the drugs.
So it's not the fault of the drug, it's that we just have a pool of people that are depressed, and we've rightfully identified them as having problems, and so we put them on drugs to help them, and alas, the drugs didn't get to them soon enough.
Well, I think in what, the last year or so, I've seen, it's got to be ten different studies.
It's a whole bunch of them.
The last month, there's been two of them.
It's got to be more than ten.
It's a whole bunch.
Of major university studies, private studies, where they'll give Luvox, where they'll give Prozac, they'll give the entire family of these SSRIs to people who are, quote, depressed or angry or having schizoid delusions.
And they found statistically that the Prozac-type drugs actually make them more violent, more suicidal, worse.
So, in these studies they've been doing, they actually take the pools of people who already have problems, and they give them a sugar pill...
They give one control group, and it looks like a Prozac pill, looks like the pill in question.
They give them a sugar pill, and it has a better effect.
They actually get better off the placebo, mind over matter, than they do off of the real Prozac.
But they don't just get better with sugar, and then they don't get as better on Prozac.
No, no, they get worse on Prozac.
And then you take something like St.
John's Wort.
Several big studies out on this in the last few months, and they've done them in Europe, they've done them here in the U.S., two different studies, same results, almost identical, in double-blind studies.
You give somebody St.
John's Wort who's depressed, particularly with the different types of real depression that are associated with low light levels that people get during the dark of winter,
You know, there are real problems out there that, hey, you need to be outside more.
You need to buy a happy light.
Those, by the way, really work.
You put them in your house, they generate kind of a type of sunlight.
The point is, I'm digressing.
They gave them St.
John's wort versus serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and St.
John's wort
In the double-blind studies, was three times more effective than the Prozac class of drugs.
Now, I'm not saying run out and take St.
John's for it.
By and large, I don't think drugs are very good, unless you've got a really bad sore throat, or having trouble doing your radio broadcast, you've got to pop a couple Tylenol.
Tylenol's not really good for your liver, and who knows what other effects it has, but you know, you've got to do it, you've got to do it.
I got a big old cup of coffee right here in front of me, which is a very serious drug and has some health benefits and some health problems.
But certainly, if you've got a depressed teenager and getting them in sports or getting them to go out and join a paintball team, I mean, normally competitive stuff will get a kid out of depression from the studies I've seen in just common sense.
Oh, try putting them on St.
John's wort before you go put them on Prozac.
I mean, certainly don't ever put them on Prozac.
Back in the 1980s, they had the trials of Prozac.
And I mean, I knew this 10 years ago when I first got on the air, so it must not be a secret.
It's just now starting to come out in the last year where most Americans have now heard about it.
But in their own trials of Prozac, you know, the big forerunner and still a preeminent drug of choice of the different combinations of these fluoride-based pills...
Fluoride molecules type derivatives.
They had the studies back in the early 80s and they covered it up.
They knew that you took depressed people and you put them on this, a large percentage of them, a sizable minority, had psychotic breaks.
I mean, I've talked to so many psychologists and psychiatrists on this radio broadcast.
I've talked to so many police.
I've talked to so many experts who've seen it.
You pull up to a house and a woman's dancing naked on top of a roof with two butcher knives, stabbing herself.
The cops know they're going to find a Prozac bottle or a Lubox bottle in her medicine cabinet.
Cops pull up and the baby's got its arms cut off.
Cops know they're going to find a Prozac bottle.
I mean, folks, psychotropics are...
A major branch coming out of the hallucinogen tree.
They are classified as hallucinogenic.
You ever been daydreaming?
You ever been looking out the window?
I remember doing this in school.
When people were reading their reports.
And you're looking out the window and you catch yourself kind of in la-la land and ten minutes has passed.
That's the exact same brainwaves that these Prozac-type drugs put you into.
And so, yeah, for most people, you take it, suddenly you're happy.
Just like taking LSD, you're happy.
Until the 50th time you take it, and you have a bad trip.
Talk about the cases, real cases of people jumping out of windows, eating their fingers, thinking they're Cheetos.
Police get there, and the person's eating three of their five fingers off, and
Chewing, going, mmm, Cheeto.
These are real cases.
People gouge their eyeballs out.
But see, LSD affects other areas of the brain, and so you might see pink elephants.
You might see the walls breathing.
You don't take LSD every day.
The Prozac type drugs just puts you into a dreamlike state.
So when you have a bad trip, look out.
There's going to be hell to pay.
That's what we're turning this planet into, a literal Hades.
And so I look at these reports, and sure enough, I mean, folks, the next time there's a mass shooting, I mean, we're batting...
A perfect score here.
I mean, we're hitting a hole in one every time here.
I've never seen a case where it wasn't gang-related.
Where a mass shooting, the person wasn't on these drugs.
I mean, even when it's the angry employee that goes in the post office or goes in the tire factory and shoots his boss, still, they're on these drugs.
And you know, maybe the psychologists that argue for this, maybe they're right in a way.
You know, they...
Even though the studies say they're wrong, maybe in a way they're right when they say, well, I'll tell you what, these people are already disturbed, and so it's not the drug's fault.
Clearly, these are disturbed individuals.
So we do have to add that into the equation, but it's the drugs that push them over the edge and knock out their impulse control.
So, it's not a good idea, you know, oh, here, let's give some LSD to the guy that's already got problems.
Here, let's give, and then in some of the other shootings, very few of them, usually they're on both, they're on the amphetamine type drugs.
In fact, we've never seen one where they were just on the amphetamine drugs.
Actually, they're usually on a couple of them.
I think about Harris and Kleibold.
I don't know.
I don't want to belabor this all day long, but I know so many people that have put their children on these drugs.
I know so many people.
You know, they pulled FinFin off the market because it made your heart valves disintegrate.
They pulled that other drug off the market for arthritis because it messes up your arteries.
And the problems associated with those real medical drugs are much smaller in the aggregate
Compared to what serotonin reuptake inhibitors are doing.
And so, why aren't they pulling them?
Because the government and the people that control the government, the crime syndicate, they have a desire with the mind sciences to drug the entire population.
That's their stated goal.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
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Highly decorated 9-11 rescuer, Sergeant Matthew Tartaglia, will be joining us to talk about the lies of 9-11, what he saw at Ground Zero, the health effects on himself and his team.
We've got Dr. Breeding joining us, coming up here in just a few minutes.
He's at the Texas Legislature fighting Lord Bush and the Democrats.
On the new Freedom Initiative they're trying to pass through the state right now.
They got the federal funding and now they're passing it through all over the country.
Forced psychological testing of every school-aged child right through 18 years of age.
Illinois wants to start with adults.
The drug companies wrote up the guidelines.
By the way, the new class of drugs they're going to be pushing, because the old ones are running out, their patents are ending, so they're becoming generic, so there's not the big profit in forcing them on your children.
Now they're shifting over to these drugs that don't just engage in serotonin reuptake inhibitors, but affect other chemicals in the brain, other base chemicals.
So it's going from bad to worse.
Going from purgatory directly into the ninth circle of Dante's Inferno.
And we'll tell you about that Texas bill.
By the way, this is going on in a bunch of other states, states all over the country, that have legislatures in session, that are in legislative sessions, are right now trying to pass similar pieces of legislation.
So you better get on the ball, or you'll be wondering why they're knocking on your door, even if you're homeschooled.
Hello, the van is here.
We're here to take your child for psychological evaluation.
It's all part of the freedom of America.
Why don't you go put some psychologists on the border?
Why don't you do something about our sovereignty?
Now it's the law.
It's conservative.
Oh, boy.
Bush did it.
It must be good.
It's the same government that puts fluoride in your water.
Doesn't matter if there's thousands of studies saying it's deadly.
Just drink it.
Because the government says it's good.
The government wouldn't lie to you.
The hydration death called cruel and agonizing.
Expert debunks myth of no food, water, being painless.
Way to die.
Got a World Net Daily article here.
Meanwhile, there's an Associated Press article with an expert saying it's a wonderful way to die.
Oh, it's so compassionate.
She doesn't feel any pain.
And of course, this doctor that Jeb Bush appointed is the one traipsing around saying she's a vegetable when she's not a vegetable.
A bunch of other neurologists and experts have looked at her and said that she's not in a vegetative or consistent, persistent vegetative state.
The poor lady that we've been fighting for for four years since I learned of her plight is now six days into having food and water denied.
And they're trying to go back to the Supreme Court now, trying to exhaust every avenue.
Jeb Bush could order the...
See, there's nothing in it for them to protect old people in nursing homes or paralyzed women.
No, no, they want the future.
They want the children to drug them and dumb them down and turn them into little sociopaths to serve the corporate board.
They could care less about really protecting the old people who really are abused in this country.
Oh, no.
I mean, you imagine.
I don't recommend you try it because I'm against abusing animals, but why don't you take a dog out and, you know, let's say your dog gets hit by a car, its neck's broken, they'll put it in a cage out in your front yard for three or four days, no water or food, instead of, you know, even putting it down.
This isn't even a debate about euthanasia, which, by the way, I'm against, because then it always leads to what we see now, and the Nazis were for it, and they didn't have very many good ideas, did they, folks?
But, I don't know, it's just so disgusting.
The debate should be, because this is a debate they can't win, how they're killing her.
I mean, literally, folks, they're denying her food and water.
And I know it's been said 5,000 times, but something you can't do to a convicted child molester.
You can't have cruel, unusual punishment.
You couldn't imagine if they took, let's say, an axe murderer or a bank robber who shot a bank teller, and imagine if they took them and dehydrated them to death.
Imagine the outcry from the ACLU and all these people.
But you don't hear anything for this poor lady.
So, if no one goes to her rescue, I mean, I've seen the images on the news wires of little children being arrested trying to bring her glasses of water
I mean, that's how sick and perverted things have gotten that now children are trying to bring her water.
And there are the police always protecting the New World Order, always following their unconstitutional orders.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Taiwan president to join march against China's new law.
China's passed a law authorizing themselves to brutally attack the free nation of Taiwan, or the Republic of China.
As it's called.
Chicago Tribune.
Here's another article.
Surveillance cameras to cover every inch of Chicago town.
And, of course, there's face scanning and license plate reading.
You talk about brave new world.
This is it.
More on Wolfowitz and his World Bank appointment.
And, of course, the Terry Schindler case.
And in the middle of the next hour, we have a rescue worker, highly decorated...
From the World Trade Center disaster to expose what really happened there.
Not just how they weren't given medical treatment for the asbestos, but how the official story is a fraud.
You don't want to miss that coming up in the middle of the next hour.
Here in about four or five minutes, we're going to be going to Dr. John Breeding, who is here at the state level in Texas fighting the New Freedom Initiative.
That Congress passed late last year, late in the session, the forced psychological testing.
And I also want to get his response to what we knew was going to come out.
It always does.
Literally always does.
The mass shooter up at the public school at the Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota was on Prozac.
So that's coming up in a few minutes.
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All right.
Bring your up on the air with us here real quick.
I appreciate her joining us.
This is Debbie Morrow of Pneumonium Concepts of the Big Berkey.
And it's made right here in America.
And I have an article here.
Fluoride Stupidity and Population Control.
Controversial fluoride is one of the basic ingredients in Prozac and serine nerve gas.
But that didn't stop the Pentagon lobbying to put it in our water 50 years ago.
That's just one of the things you don't want to drink.
The Ritalin in Prozac is in many of the water supplies.
The herbicides, the pesticides.
Folks, after you've been drinking filtered water, really purified water, for a few weeks, then try to drink tap water.
It is disgusting.
You can't trust the bottled water.
I mean, there's so many articles on that, it's crazy.
Debbie, thanks for joining us.
Real quick, tell folks how to order the Big Berkey.
Give me a call toll-free at 1-888-803-4438.
That's 1-888-803-4438.
Or they can go to our website, which is berkeywater.com, and it's spelled B-E-R-K-E-Y-W-A-T-E-R.com.
And Debbie, I mean, I don't like to sit here and beat this drum, but I know so many good friends and family that still drink tap water, and they know how bad the water is.
I mean, anybody can go buy water testers at the pool supply place, even if you don't have a pool, just go buy it and test the water.
And I mean, it is just, it's horrible.
That's right.
And by filtering your water, you're taking control of your life.
You know what
You're getting, and that's the least we could do.
You know, you were talking about, you know, the lady on the news in Florida is just so terrible, and I was thinking yesterday when I heard about that, how so many of my customers call and they thank me so much for fresh water, and when I heard her parents on the radio begging not to let their daughter die of thirst, it broke my heart, you know?
So, please, take control of your water.
Water is life, folks, and they've got a bunch of different units, from little bitty handheld things to beautiful systems that sit on your table or your desk or out in the garage, wherever.
They're really easy to put together.
I've bought, I don't know, about seven or eight of these over the years.
I own three of them myself.
I've given three or four as gifts.
I guess I've actually given more than that as gifts.
I've given them to family, special friends of mine.
You really need to stop drinking the water.
I mean, look at how many other bad things the government's been caught doing just from incompetence.
Much less via premeditated activities.
Give Debbie a call.
Tell them it's an Alex Jones special and you'll save a lot of money.
And yes, it's made in America.
Or go to BerkeyWater.com.
Look at the different systems.
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And just in the comments section, tell them it's an Alex Jones special and what free gift you want at BerkeyWater.com.
Debbie, thanks for coming on.
And if my line is busy, please leave a good number that I can reach you during the day, and I will get back with you.
Thank you.
God bless you, Debbie.
Thank you.
Take care.
Folks, most Americans, number one, you're supposed to drink, I forget, what is it, eight 10-ounce glasses of water a day?
I know that, and I don't do it.
When I do, I feel a lot better.
A lot of times when I feel tired or have a headache, I can drink a couple big glasses of water, I feel better.
It's really simple stuff like that.
I know that cell phones are bad for me.
But I still don't use the wireless hands-free satellite.
I need to.
There's hundreds of studies about how bad cell phone radiation is.
There's so many things we know are really bad for us, but we still do it.
And it's part of a process for all of us.
But you talk about the dangers of drugs.
What about just chemicals, period?
And here to discuss that with us is Dr. Breeding.
He's an incredible author and researcher and just a good egg all around.
And he valiantly has fought all across the country at legislatures.
Hey Alex, thanks for supporting us with this effort.
We are under siege all around the country, and in Texas specifically with this New Freedom Initiative to take it to another level.
As if 10 million school-aged children in this country on psych drugs is not enough, we now have this so-called New Freedom Initiative, which of course really means New Intrusion Initiative, to give supposed access...
We're good to go.
Well, this is something that's wildly unpopular across the political spectrum, but Republicans and Democrats together continue to vote for it.
But before we get into how they passed new freedom last year, what it does, now we're fighting it at the state level, and they're being very open about it.
Before we do that, I want to talk about...
This latest mass shooting, 10 people dead, he was the 10th person.
This teenager, in every case, Dr. Breeding, I mean, I haven't seen cases where they're not.
I predicted it.
It wasn't a hard prediction.
He was on Prozac.
Yeah, yeah, we've learned, just as you have, Alex, over the years, that whenever you see one of these so-called senseless violence accidents, one of these school shootings, or going postal, or any of these kind of apparently...
Well, I think it's one of those senseless kind of goings-off and killings that comes out and then we always say, well, just hang out.
As soon as we get the information, we'll find out that this person is on a psychiatric drug and most likely a specific class of psychiatric drugs, meaning the so-called serotonin drugs, Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor, Remeron, Celexa, those types of drugs.
We know that strongly enough that we get the data usually within a couple of days, whereas before it would come out months later.
And so, yeah, you look at this guy Weiss, or Weiss, however you pronounce his name, and see that in the paper, and then you say, okay, well, when are we going to get the data?
And then just a day or two later we find out, yeah, okay, he's been involved in psychiatry, he's been involved in treatment, and specifically he's been on Prozac.
And we know that this class of drugs...
Well, I don't know.
I think young people in general are more vulnerable because they don't metabolize the drug.
As well as older people, but the same trend really is there in older people as well.
Yeah, the mothers killing their children, cutting their arms off, drowning them, shooting them.
Yeah, Andrea Yates, the big case in Houston a couple of years ago, drowned her children.
She was on two of these drugs.
The original case, the Westbecker case, the guy who went so-called go postal and shot all those people.
So you see, you know, the famous, what was his name, Hartman, the Good Morning America guy.
His wife.
So you see the same dynamic with adults, but it's gotten more attention with the young people because of the school shootings and all that, where we see this recurrent pattern.
Now I want to briefly talk about why, because I talked about this earlier just from what I've read and what other doctors have said here on air, Dr. Breeding, but isn't it really that it
Well, that's a result.
Here's the basic physiology as I understand it.
One is that the basic effects profile of this class of drugs, these serotonin drugs, is basically an amphetamine effect profile.
So you get this basic response that the drug triggers adrenaline and cortisol.
These are the so-called stress hormones that create a fight or flight kind of response in the body.
So you get this arousal response.
And then you keep that going a little bit and pretty soon you get either a deficiency condition where somebody really reacts or you just get a toxic reaction with a certain percentage of people and you get a sleep deprivation cycle and then you get this so-called REM sleep, this rapid eye movement sleep kind of disruption and people get psychotic in the sense that they start to confuse
Their dream state with their outer reality.
And everybody knows that speedheads, I mean, this happens in the military, they keep guys up for a week on drugs, suddenly the platoon starts killing each other.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So you get these reactions that have to do with the derangement of the system and the derangement of the regular forces that kind of regulate consciousness.
And a certain percentage of people, just for various reasons, it affects them severely and that
There's also another term that we use called akathisia, which refers to a state of real intense agitation and restlessness, and you can't stand being inside your skin.
Usually when we see these suicidal or homicidal kind of actions, it's precipitated by this kind of toxic central nervous system kind of state reaction.
And that's where you see the incidences of suicide as well, like with my friend Glenn McIntosh here in town and his daughter.
Now, I've looked at all the studies.
We've had you and others on to talk about it.
But it's not our opinion.
It's the truth.
But correct me if I'm wrong.
They try to claim, well, the drugs aren't causing it.
These are people who already have problems.
But then they've done studies.
No, you take people with problems.
You put them on serotonin-type drugs, serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
They get worse.
You put them on sugar pill.
They get better.
So how is that?
I mean, the media has been really good at trying to spin that.
Well, the argument is always that, you know, no, it's not the drug.
It's the so-called disease, the so-called illness.
You know, it's their clinical depression or whatever, you know, or their schizophrenia or whatever.
But you got it.
You know, there's some real basic problems with that.
One is there's no evidence that there's any kind of real disease anyway going on biologically or genetically.
And then secondly...
It's not just the quote anecdotal evidence, meaning this pattern of killings that we're talking about and suicides that we're talking about.
It's also in the actual clinical and research trials that a higher percentage of people who get the drugs go into suicidal or aggressive responses than people who don't get the drugs.
You know, the research data supports it that there's a certain percentage of people that have these reactions as well as the actual experiential kind of stuff of people out there that we see this going on that leads us to whenever you see a school shooting like this or whatever, the first question to ask nowadays is always, well, what drugs are they on?
I mean, I'm hard-pressed.
Drugs in the sense of like we think of heroin or cocaine or whatever, but we're talking about legally prescribed supposed medicines.
Well, I'm hard-pressed to find cases where they're not on these drugs.
Shifting gears back to the New Freedom Initiative, if we've got already such a large portion of our children on these drugs and a huge percentage of adults on them,
I guess we're only going to see an increased rise then in violence as they put more children on drugs.
We're about to break, but in a nutshell, what is the New Freedom Initiative?
Then we'll come back and talk about how they're implementing it.
The President's Commission called the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health
Yeah, we'll be right back, folks.
And listen, where I live, in Texas,
Everything we've talked about all these years is happening.
Toll roads to be on all the major streets.
Forced psychological testing and drugging.
It's coming to your state, too.
I mean, I'm living it.
What are you going to do when they come knocking on your door?
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Alright folks, welcome back.
Piece by piece, brick by brick, they're building the prison around us.
All we have to do is say no.
I mean, as free human beings, we have a right to not be forced into psychological testing and drugging.
But the state is claiming they have the right to do this to us, despite the fact that it's not just unconstitutional, but wildly unpopular.
In major polls, 90 plus percent of Americans are against this new freedom initiative.
But still, the Republicans and Democrats passed it overwhelmingly.
Now we see it being implemented at the state level.
And Dr. Breeding, that now brings us to Texas, where they're being quite honest about the new bill they've introduced to conform to federal standards to get that money.
Yeah, it's actually even more of a frontal assault than I thought it was when we talked a couple of days ago.
There is a bill that we were testifying on specifically that I want to tell you about.
There's actually three bills now that all are involved in implementing new freedom recommendations here in Texas.
But the one that I was involved in on Thursday was with Representative Davis, who's out of the Houston area.
And he was very upfront in introducing the bill, which ostensibly was to kind of restructure the mental health system here in Texas.
But he was very upfront that his main goal was to follow the guidelines of the new freedom recommendations and to implement those in Texas.
And it's House Bill 470, and it has three parts that are very specific that we're very
I think we're concentrated in demanding that these parts of this bill, this language be stripped from the bill.
So one thing I'm going to be asking your listeners is to call his office.
The first part is, of course, and this is fairly typical for this kind of thing, is that it starts out saying that this subchapter of the law prevails over any other law.
So basically, any other law that's relevant to civil rights or informed consent or whatever is gone by the wayside.
This prevails over any other law.
And that would include, for example, the laws that we managed to pass in 2003 in Texas, which says that
Yes, we are.
In the schools.
And the third part is that it wants to make sure that there's behavioral health authorities that are interfaced with the structure of the schools to screen every child to make sure in effect it's going to be that each school district has mental health clinics in the schools that screen and evaluate every child.
Which is estimated that at least 20% of those kids would then be referred for further evaluation and treatment, which basically means, in this climate, psych drugs.
So instead of the estimated, now it's maybe between 10, 15% maybe of the kids already on psych drugs, they want to basically double that so that you're looking at one out of four or one out of three kids on psych drugs.
And that's House Bill 470.
I think so.
The new Freedom Commission recommendation stripped out of that bill.
We do not want mental health screening in the schools for our children.
I bet a million bucks he gets lots of money from the drug companies.
And then the other is Senator Jane Nelson.
We've got a break.
Stay right there.
We'll come back and get those numbers out again in the next hour.
We're going to have Dr. Breeding for another 30 minutes with us, and we're going to have a 9-11 rescue hero on with us.
Talk about September 11th, continue with the Terry Chandler case and a lot more.
We'll be right back with the second hour.
Don't forget my website.
It's prisonplanet.tv.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We're now into the second hour.
It is Thursday, the 24th, the day of March 2005.
Dr. John Breeding joins us to talk about the new Freedom Initiative.
Did you ever think you'd hear terms like Homeland Security?
New Freedom Initiative?
Citizens Corps?
Just all of this.
I mean, this is classic, good old-fashioned tyranny.
Whether you want to call it communist, fascist, whatever.
Down with the black uniforms and the black helmets and the black armored vehicles.
Now with the high-tech overlay of the cameras and the surveillance blimps and
It's sad.
Meanwhile, Vicente Fox wants Americans arrested, and Bush says it's bad that they're going to be on their own property in lawn chairs with binoculars showing all the illegal aliens pouring across.
That's bad.
We've got to give up all our rights to stop the terrorists, but we've got less Border Patrol than ever.
It's amazing.
And so now, right here in Texas, they're now passing the state laws to mesh with the federal law to start the forced psychological testing, and then...
Forced drugging of the population.
Dr. Breeding brought up an interesting point about this particular bill, 470, here in the state of Texas.
And you can bet your bottom dollar this stuff's going on in your state too right now, folks.
Interesting that it says, oh, this law is above all previous laws.
Because there's laws saying you've got rights.
Laws that you can't be forcibly psychologically tested.
Laws that you have due process.
Laws that the schools can't force children on drugs.
That we've gotten past in this state and others.
And so they're not just trying to do the new freedom, they're trying to remove everything we've gotten past.
Dr. Breeding, please continue with your analysis.
Yeah, it's really scary in that sense, exactly what you just said about this prevailing over every other law.
It really is.
One of the things that you're really good about, and one of the things that I really emphasize to people too, is that if you don't,
You really get on the language dynamic.
You really miss, because the rhetoric and the language is really beguiling and sounds pretty good.
You don't understand that new freedom equals new intrusion.
When they use the word access in this system, they really mean recruitment.
When they use the word integration, they really mean coercion.
When they integrate systems, that means they're going to have child protective services interfaced with the schools, interfaced with the mental health system.
And so that means integrated, but what it really means is that if you attempt to resist it, you've got somebody else coming in to coerce you.
If you don't understand the language of that, you're just going to be very confused.
But this is Brave New World, where they have police that come to your house because you're not taking the drugs you're supposed to.
That's right.
And so let me just go over this real quick.
Listeners, you're part of Alex Jones Radio Network.
You're part of this movement.
You do a lot of different actions and a lot of different things, and I appreciate that.
This is a specific action that I am asking of you and that Alex is asking and supporting.
Please do this.
Please take a pen, write down this information, and make at least one phone call.
If you've got ten minutes, you can make two or three phone calls.
I want to give you the names of these legislators.
John Davis.
He's from the Houston area.
Again, it's 512-463-0734 is the number at the Capitol.
If you're in the Houston area, you can find his local number.
That's House Bill 470 that I just described.
Senator Jane Nelson, who's up from the Dallas-Flower Mound area.
That's the companion bill, Senate Bill 194.
And I'm just going to go ahead and give you one more.
It's Elliot Shapley.
Those of you out in the El Paso area.
All those are area code 512.
That's Senate Bill 1703.
And then this one is a training bill to train teachers and educators into psychiatric recruiters and to establish... I've got to hear this.
Folks, we're getting to now see the actual nuts and bolts, how they're going to implement it in your area.
We're on the front lines here in Texas, from toll roads to forced drugging.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, second segment, the second hour, 8 minutes, 30 seconds in.
Thank you for joining us.
Coming up in about 25 minutes...
We're going to be talking to one of the valiant rescue workers at the World Trade Center.
Disaster there, day one.
And what he's going to reveal is very important on multiple fronts.
So definitely stay with us for that.
We're talking to Dr. John Breeding, and we'll give you his website here in a few minutes.
New freedom is now here in Texas.
It's all over the country.
The feds passed it.
Forced psychological testing of every school-aged child up to 18 in the country.
Homeschool, private school, they're talking about forcibly coming and making you do this.
Here in the state of Texas, there's three different bills that in some respects even go past what was in the federal New Freedom Initiative that Ron Paul described as a brave new world.
And let's be perfectly clear about this.
John's Ward has been found to be, in major studies, three times better at, quote, getting people to not be depressed.
And I'm not saying St.
John's Ward.
In double-blind studies, there's a whole bunch of them.
The serotonin reuptake inhibitors of the Prozac class of drugs actually causes more problems.
It's worse for people who are depressed than sugar pill.
It just doesn't have no effect.
It actually hurts people.
And then, of course, the latest mass shooter, and I said this days ago, I said, you watch, he's going to be on psychotropics.
Folks, they're always, seriously, they're always on.
I mean, it's a sure bet.
I mean, every time I say they're going to be on it, I think, I mean, hopefully this time they won't.
But no, he was.
And then, of course, the argument is, well, that's because he was already mentally ill.
This was helping him.
The statistics in their own studies when they approve these drugs show that it actually increases it.
That is, you take a pool of people who say they're angry or they're depressed or they're delusional, whatever the diagnosis is, you put them on these, they get worse.
You go, well, then how could they be pushing it so much?
Because the drug companies pay off the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association.
They go out and they push all this.
And then the doctors just believe whatever they're told, whatever they're taught.
And so they go along with it.
And folks, they fly doctors on junkets to five-star hotels for seven days, first-class plane tickets, cruises, everything.
That is a fair analysis.
The New Freedom Commission...
I think so.
I think so.
They're just labels that are put on children without any evidence of real disease to justify using these drugs with the kids.
It's all a marketing and a product kind of thing, and it's really cynical in the sense that our children are used as the product.
They're put on these drugs that are addictive and dangerous and that they end up oftentimes having to take for the rest of their lives.
Dr. Breeding, I call these serial pieces of legislation.
I guarantee it, folks.
If you look at these three bills in Texas, you look at the Illinois bills, you look at other states, they're almost identical.
In fact, I've cross-referenced a few of them.
Well, they're very identical because they're specifically designed from the blueprint that was provided from the new Freedom Commission.
So let's be clear for people.
If you live in Missouri, or you live in New York, or you live in Florida, you live in California, you live in Colorado, you're listening.
Chances are this is in your legislature right now, so pay attention.
Go to InfoWars.com.
We have one of the bills posted.
Dr. Breeding, do you have all three posted on your website?
I don't have the bills posted on my website right now, but I will.
But you can contact my website, WildestColts.com.
And also the abledchild.org website and connect and we can give you the information that you need.
Okay, I want to go to some calls here in a few minutes.
Open the phones up for the first time.
Just for Dr. Breeding on this subject right now, folks.
We'll go to Kim here in just a second.
But Dr. Breeding, I want to go back to what you talked about in the last segment.
I want to give those phone numbers out one more time, but before we do that, you've got short change by the break coming up that we slammed into.
Specifically, that third piece of legislation to teach the teachers how to be their own little shrinks.
Yeah, let me give the numbers again first.
House Bill 470, Representative John Davis, all these are area code 512 for the Austin capitol.
House Bill 470, John Davis.
Senate Bill 194, Senator Jane Nelson.
And the last one, Senate Bill 1703.
That's Elliot Shapley from the El Paso area.
That's the one that basically turns...
Mental illness.
And I've seen these sheets, Dr. Breeding.
It's, are you upset?
Mental illness in quotes, folks.
There is no mental illness going on.
There's only people's judgments about behavior and putting labels on children in order to qualify them for a market of psychiatric drugs.
Well, I've seen these sheets.
It's, are you upset?
Are you anxious?
Well, what 12-year-old isn't?
Are you upset?
Are you anxious?
Have you had a bad day?
Are you eating regularly?
Did you have any trouble sleeping?
Are your mommy and daddy having problems?
You know, all these kind of questions, you know.
Yeah, now we've got to put them on drugs because they're at risk.
Because they're at risk or because they, whatever, you know.
And what happens is, and this happened to the Gleason family right here outside of Austin.
They're doing the teen screen already.
We've had the doctor on, yeah.
They screened the child.
Somebody decides she's depressed.
The family doesn't hop on Friday when they say hop on Friday.
So on Monday they yank the child out, put her in the state hospital, put her in the treatment center.
She ends up on 14 different psychiatric drugs.
It takes nine months for the family with the help of a good lawyer to get the daughter back.
Within a couple of months after that we've got her off the drugs and she's doing fine because she never needed them in the first place.
But it's a classic example of what can happen when the state
It's a nightmare.
It's very real.
Schools, if you're like me, you think that schools are supposed to be about academics and education.
They're not supposed to be recruitment centers for children with alleged mental illnesses in a place where the state can come in and determine what you and your child need to do and the desired treatment is always
Well, Dr. Breeding, I've got two more points I want to cover with you, then we've got to go to calls.
Go for it.
But two more points here.
WOAI a few months ago did that report where they admitted over two-thirds of Texas foster children are on an average of four drugs.
Some are on as many as 17.
They then start having seizures.
They're on so many drugs.
And even doctors were on record saying, look, I saw this child.
The child was happy and healthy.
They put him on drugs.
Now they're literally vegetables.
This shows what the government with a captive audience wants to do.
And you look at Massachusetts over two-thirds.
On average, the states are over two-thirds.
I'm just talking about Texas.
I mean, they know what they're doing.
This is so maniacal.
I mean, again, it's like something out of a horror movie.
Number one, I want you to comment on that.
And number two, why do the site drug divisions of these companies...
Okay, well the first point is, you're right, it's just...
I mean, this whole thing is institutionalized child abuse that we've got up putting all these kids on these drugs, and it's especially dramatized and severe in the so-called foster care system once the child is in the arms of the state.
And what's important is to realize is that when your child is in a government school, that teachers and mental health people and everybody else in the schools, first and foremost, they're a government agent.
And if you trust government agents, most of your listeners don't by this point, but that's just fundamental to realize, you know.
These people are government agents.
And in the foster care system, they're just put on drug after drug after drug.
It is just horrific.
And it's very real.
And we've got legislation going on that, too.
Well, the feds pass these laws and tell the schools, you've got to put X number of kids on drugs or you don't get your funds.
I mean, they've passed tons of these laws.
So they're out there bounty hunting, just like cops writing tickets.
I mean, they've got a quota.
Well, the schools have become arm and arm with psychiatry and the whole sort of therapeutic state mentality.
This is the last question.
And the second question is, well, first of all, you know, the controls on the regular medical drugs
They aren't quite as good as you imply that they are, but they're definitely better than psych drugs.
It's part of the whole dynamic of corporate immunity from liability, the minimum liability, maximum profit dynamic, and both sides of the so-called political aisle, the governmental
I think so.
I think so.
Right on.
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We've got to move fast here.
We've got another important guest coming on.
It's always great to have Dr. Breeding with us.
You're going to have new freedom in Texas.
They're going to be at your door.
Jenny says she's depressed.
She will go on the new drug.
Oh, no.
Oh, we're going to arrest you then.
Folks, this is serious.
Kim in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Kim literally just hung up.
Right as I went to her.
Callers, you're very good at that.
That's all right.
Dan, where are you calling from?
Well, we're calling from Minnesota here.
Welcome, sir.
What's on your mind?
I wanted to ask your guest, basically he's making the issue here about this drugs.
Is this only in Texas that you're talking about this?
No, sir.
New freedom was federally passed despite the fact that in polls 90% of Americans were against it.
Now the states have to change their laws for forced psychological testing and drugging because we've gotten laws passed against it even going back to the old days of eugenics.
Psychiatry got so out of control, sir, I have actual photos of them taking an ice pick and hammering it into somebody's skull, into their brains, and laughing while they do it.
I mean, that's how lobotomies were done.
I mean, these people are out of control.
We already have existing laws to try to block them, and, you know, more of their one-who-flies-over-the-cuckoo's-nest type travesties.
Dr. Breeding comments...
Minnesota is definitely involved.
There's also a woman in Minnesota, Dr. Karen Ephraim, with Ed Action.
Their website is edaction.org.
That's really leading the charge and challenging the New Freedom Commission.
I encourage you to connect with her up there, Karen Ephraim.
But there's legislative stuff going on in Minnesota, I know for sure.
Yeah, but these ADD kids, I know one of them, and this one ADD kid that I know, it was so disruptive they had to get him out of the school.
And what I'm saying is evidently these kids are so screwed up that they've got to put them on some kind of drug just to calm them down.
Well, that's your assumption, you know.
I mean, people get kicked out of schools and jobs for a lot of different reasons, you know.
But to say that you have to put somebody on a drug to calm them down... Hold on, we've got both people talking.
He was ADD.
Well, ADD is a belief system.
There is no real ADD.
It's just somebody's opinion.
Well, it's not my opinion.
I knew this kid.
No, you knew that he was disruptive.
Hey, you know, everybody stop right there.
Dr. Breeding and Dan, stop right there.
Dan, they give us over 100 new medical terms, medical conditions that aren't medical conditions.
Have children been brats?
Have children been drinking three Coca-Colas and bouncing off the walls?
Have children not had men at home and turned into little brats and need to be disciplined?
Do you need to put them on methamphetamine that shrinks their brain and expands their heart and makes them have heart attacks and screws them up worse statistically?
What Dr. Breeding is telling you is ADD, top scientists, medical doctors have said it is a fraud.
All I can tell you is I did know this kid.
He's about 22 years old now.
They had to get him out of school.
The kid was ADD plus he was indigo.
He was labeled ADD.
And I bet you money while you saw him... Hold on a second, doctor.
I bet you money that while you saw him bouncing off the walls that he was on Ritalin.
The kid was so dysfunctional that even a live-in boyfriend couldn't even stand him because this kid was evidently...
You're not listening to me.
Hey, we've given our country over to these psychologists and psychiatrists.
Look what they've done to it.
I mean, what are you saying, sir?
I'm asking you, was he on Ritalin at the time he was bouncing off the walls?
No, they tried to put him on something, but he refused to and they kicked him out of the school.
Oh, okay.
Do you have children?
Let me stop you.
Do you have children?
No, I don't have any children.
Well, if you did, well, don't worry.
You'll get to see the secret police squads out putting us all on the drugs.
There were no secret police.
This kid was simply... You're not listening.
You keep using this one example.
I'm asking, you called in about New Freedom Initiative.
Are you for forced psychological testing of every child in America?
You are.
Yeah, because these kids are so dysfunctional.
You've got methamphetamine out in the suburbs.
That's it.
I can't listen to it anymore.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, it's just mindless.
We've got methamphetamine.
They're so dysfunctional.
So let's put them on methamphetamine.
Dr. Breeding?
Yeah, I mean, people who truly believe, and it's the same thing as what you present about ASCOFT and all these ideas, you know, that
That you take away your liberty in order to get some sort of alleged security or insecurity or whatever.
He has an opinion about ADHD.
The fact is...
That there's no scientific evidence that there is anything like that in the sense that this child has any biological or genetic defect that's causing its behavior.
It's like the Loch Ness Monster.
It's just his opinion.
It's like the Loch Ness Monster.
People have behavior problems for a lot of different reasons.
People don't like school for a lot of different reasons.
We don't know the unique dynamics of this situation.
We're not saying that people don't have problems.
We're just saying that that doesn't mean they have a biologically based mental illness and that the drugs
Are a solution.
Well, he says... And if you believe that... Dr. Breeding, we've got a break.
I've got another guest coming up.
Hold on.
I'm going to hold that guest over a little bit, because I want to let Kim and Jamie talk.
We'll be right back.
Stay there.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Central Standard Time, back from 9 to midnight Central.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And we're going to be talking to Sergeant Matthew Tartaglia, who was a valiant Ground Zero hero, won several awards from the governor, you name it, was there day one, didn't wear a breathing mask because they had to be able to communicate.
We're not just going to talk about the asbestos and how many people are dying and the rescue dogs dying and how they're not being given treatment.
We're going to talk about some of the things he saw, the discrepancies in the official 9-11 story.
But I appreciate him holding because, you know, if Dan in Minnesota, who thinks we should forcibly, psychologically test every child in America, wants to call back in the last 30 minutes of this broadcast next hour, I will debate you.
If I cut you off, it's because I'm frustrated.
I've got loaded phones here for Dr. Breeding, and you're just babbling mindlessly, and it makes me really sick.
I mean, number one...
With the Texas foster children, and this is the national average, but this is in the news in Texas, over two-thirds are on psychotropic drugs.
The average child's on four.
Some are on upwards of 17 until they have strokes, until they go into seizures.
I mean, it's sick.
I've got articles out of the New York Post and New York Daily News where they're testing pesticides on foster children.
Yes, the government...
Four private corporations gives them pesticide drinks, and then the children go into bed and go into coma, and some die.
I mean, that's BBC.
I bet you think giving them pesticides is good.
Do you understand this government's evil?
Can you get it through your brain?
Project Shad, 1985.
Spraying our troops with nerve gas and killing them.
1968, releasing biologicals in the New York subway.
Deaths resulted, details remain classified.
They'll kill Americans just to see what it does!
That's the nutcases running this country!
And, no, it's not freedom, it's not new freedom, to have the government forcibly, psychologically test every child when the drug companies wrote the... Do you understand they put the kid up there...
In Minnesota, who just shot all those people, he was on Prozac.
They're always on it!
Their own studies, their own internal trials show it makes them violent killers!
And then your comeback is, this kid you knew was on methamphetamine, so he needed to be on Ritalin?
It's the same thing.
Your argument is just, you know what, I bet you money you're on drugs.
You're on probably two or three of them.
I bet when they put you on the first one, Dan, I bet when they put you on the first one, you got worse.
So now you're on two or three.
Maybe you're on four.
And you can't admit that you've got problems and that you need to fix them.
Instead, you're going to keep taking drugs.
The effects profile of methamphetamine...
It's a total irresponsibility thing.
ADHD doesn't cause anything because it doesn't exist.
It's just a label that's put onto something.
Young people have problems.
That guy in Minnesota, no telling, you know, but the Prozac just made it worse, and he turned into a killer.
Everything you said, Alex, I'll just ditto that, and let's hear from your caller.
All right.
Now, Kim in Texas, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
I'm trying to calm down from that last phone call that got me going, too.
But I wanted to just touch base on a drug that my daughter was on.
And how she got put on that drug so that people can understand how wide the scope is of all this medication, not just limited to Prozac and those drugs, Ritalin, that you guys were talking about.
She was on an anti-seizure drug called Tegretol from the time she was two until she was eight.
And when we took her off the drug about a year and a half ago, she started having emotional problems.
She would literally flail and act like a two-year-old
Well, number one, children have problems.
It's part of life.
It's part of your development.
Some of the most powerful, intelligent, dynamic, creative people I know were misfits.
You know what?
I have the government documents.
They are targeting our best and brightest.
They do not want the people that stick their heads up above the crowd.
Dr. Breeding?
Toddlers have tantrums.
Adolescents get confused and don't think very well and get passionate and get despairing about life.
And you're right.
Those are called problems in living.
That's called natural challenges of development, which is hard and challenging and risky.
They are not pathologies.
They are not mental illnesses.
Life is not a cakewalk into town, especially in today's world.
It only makes things worse to pathologize and label.
Tegretol, the anticonvulsants are used in the same stew as these other psych drugs.
You got the dynamic exactly.
One, it suppresses her emotional and characterological development, so she's back to age two.
Plus, she's going through drug withdrawal, which would typically be interpreted as, oh, that's evident that she still needs the drug.
And it's very good that you're getting her off that, that you're protecting her from the insidious forces in the meantime.
And you'll have your child back in a while, and it's a beautiful thing.
Well, and I wanted to let people out there know, too, people are probably thinking, well, she had seizures, so she needed to be on something.
But the thing was, she was seizure-free for four years, and the only neurologists here in town are all in the same group that's connected to Children's Hospital where she was having her EEGs done.
I finally...
Went to another city to a different doctor.
Amazingly, she had no abnormal EEG, and I was able to remove her from the medication.
Part of growing up is becoming disillusioned with the idea that you can trust authority.
There's no doubt about it.
And it's definitely true in the medical profession as well as these other areas that Alex talks about.
It's a sad thing.
The really sad thing is a lot of people wake up to that only after they've had their child hurt.
Your child, fortunately, was not killed, was not permanently altered.
I've sat with too many parents whose child died, and that's what woke them up.
It's a hard way to wake up.
Kim, thanks for the call.
One last call.
Is it James or Jamie in North Carolina?
Hi, it's James.
Okay, James, go ahead.
Okay, real quick.
I've fought this mess since I was in 1975, and they put me on all kinds of stuff.
I'm disabled now.
Used to drive trucks.
But to get to the point, all these drugs, I was a hyperactive kid, but most kids were.
Most kids nowadays are locked up in the house.
They're scared to go out because somebody's after them or things like that.
And I wanted to ask your guests, I'm on Paxil right now and Klonopin,
And I'm a diabetic too, and I get this ominous doomsday feeling all the time now.
And the doctor wants to switch me over somewhere else.
So what I want to do is just get off all this crap and start over.
What's his response?
Well, the response is that you're on one of the most addictive drugs in the world, which is Paxil.
So getting off it needs to be very gradual.
You know, I recommend the website drugawareness.org and Ann Tracey's videotape on withdrawing from psychiatric drugs.
I've also got an article on my website on there, but that's what I recommend.
And then you talk to your doctor and you gradually withdraw like 10% of the time and know that you're going through a withdrawal process.
You can do it, but it's very difficult.
Yes, I have to take it on every other day.
And the drugs will contribute to a diabetic problem.
That can be one of the overall long-term effects of the drugs.
Yeah, I was going to say that, but that's what I've read, is that it can cause diabetes.
Listen, thanks for the call, James.
I carry both of Dr. Breeding's books on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, or you can call toll-free and get them wild as colts.
I'm at the best horses, and it goes through all this, and you can call toll-free 1-888-253-3139 to get it.
888-253-3139 or Infowars.com.
Dr. Breeding, thanks for coming on.
Yeah, and call somebody at the Texas Capitol, maybe Senator Jane Nelson, 512-463-0112.
Tell her you do not want mental health screening in the schools.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks, Alex, for having me on, man.
All right, thank you, Dr. Breeding, for coming on.
And he's been down there fighting it, and this is happening in your state right now, too, the federal implementation of forced psychological testing.
And in Illinois, it's already going to be for the adults.
All right, I apologize to our next guest.
He's Sergeant Matthew Partaglia, and the U.S.
Search and Rescue Task Force, USSRTF.org, Critical Incident,
Stress management counselor and debriefer at Ground Zero and did not wear a mask at site because he had to talk.
Now he has been super sick for three years, respiratory problems, teeth falling out, etc.
And a lot of his friends who were there have gotten sick as well or died.
And we have all the major new scientist reports, you name it, about the asbestos, the lung scans, all of it.
Bush blocked the $90-plus million in funding
Hey Alex, how you doing?
I hear you.
First of all, I want to say thank you for what you do.
It's a hard line that you're towing.
You are in the line of fire, as we say in the field.
You are on the front line.
You are a forward observer, and you are bringing back the intel, and you're standing up and saying it.
And very few people are willing to, as they say, die on their feet as opposed to living on their knees.
And with that, I just want to say to Dan, I hope you're not one of these government people
Call in the waste time of someone trying to disclose information because we're accustomed to what you're doing and we'll get around you.
We will keep getting around you.
Tell us a little bit about yourself, Matthew.
I'm less than 40 years old.
I'm just going on to 39.
I've been in public service, emergency services, since I've been 20 years old almost, just about.
I've worked.
I was emancipated at age 14, so I saw the world from a different point of view, if you will.
I didn't go to high school.
I didn't have that luxury, and it turned out to be a blessing and a benefit to me because I didn't fall for the training, which I think takes place in high school, to take the popular people, the rich people, and make them the prom king and queen, as what happens here in Grand Old America and some other places.
I have always been outspoken.
It's always gotten me into the hot seat, if you will.
And sometimes, I'll tell you the truth, while I was sitting here waiting, I know what I'm going to be talking about.
My heart's thundering in my chest because I'm angry.
I'm hurt.
I'm disappointed.
And, of course, if I have a brain in my head, I'm a little nervous because, you know, King George got on and said,
If you support the terrorist theories or the conspiracy theories, you're one of them.
And you know what we do to them.
Yeah, he said if you talk about outrageous conspiracy theories surrounding 9-11, you're with the terrorists.
That's right.
And you know what we do to them.
That's his own words.
We're going to expose the real terrorists.
Now, you sent me a mountain of documents.
The awards you got for being at Ground Zero, from the governor, all of it, your whole history, Sterling record.
Describe what happened on 9-11, and let's go through the discrepancies in the official story.
Other rescue workers...
All right, let's do it one at a time.
Let's start with just post-9-11.
Just like the students were pointing up in the sky and telling their teachers and their parents that those buildings weren't going to be there, I too and many other people on the Internet knew that this date was a dangerous date because of certain things in the past.
These world people love to do things in allegoric fashion.
They love to do things right under your nose.
And you talk about this in some of your films I've seen.
And for those that just joined us, we have MSNBC, New York Daily News, students, all these people said those won't be there next week.
Otago admits that they instant messaged their people to get out of the building.
That's Haraj.
So number one, what you said is documented.
Yes, it is absolutely documented, not to mention the fact that anybody who is awake at all from the neck up will know that had people not been warned...
30 plus thousand people would be dead today.
They wanted more people dead.
They're disappointed.
Don't you think that for a second they're not disappointed?
Yeah, normally on a Tuesday morning what you would have had, about 30,000 people they said.
That's right.
Or more.
Or more.
I've been in New York many, many times as a worker, as a visitor, and I have yet to see that not be the truth.
So already something's wrong.
In addition to which, some of the guys who I spoke to there, they know the building was pulled just like 7 was pulled.
I don't care how many planes you fly into those World Trade Centers.
If the planes themselves took it down, they would have fallen sideways, not down in an implosion-type style.
Not to mention the reports from talking to people as a counselor who told me things they didn't even realize they were saying.
They were in such a state of shock.
They just said, well, you know, I saw this, this, this, this, and this, and they're caught up in their trauma, and I'm listening to it and thinking to myself, my God, this is a conspiracy.
This is a real Pearl Harbor modern day.
Well, I want to go over that.
So describe when you first got to Ground Zero.
The first thing that you notice is on the first day there, if you went there out of turn, you were arrested for the most part.
Even one of the men on our team was arrested for going what they call out of turn.
If you were there, you were invited.
If you worked in a sensitive area, you were an invited group.
We were invited.
We were told that we were to stand down until Friday.
Well, myself and a couple of my teammates, we couldn't exactly take that because we were sick to our stomachs.
We're rescue people, and we know that every moment counts for rescue.
By the time that Tuesday night had occurred, it was a recovery effort.
Anybody who knows anything about rescue knows that's a fact.
There's no way a human being could live through that.
Fire engines were crushed in half, sir.
But when we got there, we had to be very careful about our help, who we said we were, how we assisted for those first couple of hours, because you did run the risk of being arrested.
When you were allowed there, I recall being on the pile and working, and you could hear nothing but generators, Alex.
There was nothing but generators and crying.
No matter what they showed you on that television, it was nothing compared to when you turned a corner and you were in the thick of it.
Well, I want to hear the details from an eyewitness who got some of the biggest rewards and citations on the rescue efforts.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
By the way, my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State, is out.
I got hundreds of interviews at Ground Zero with people saying that they were particularly themselves told not to go into work, but then they'd say, but you can't put me on tape.
I've been threatened.
I did put a lot of people on the tape, though, who were told or talked to others that were told
But MSNBC said they went out to, quote, disprove an urban legend about warnings and found out it was true.
And we have that article in the film.
But you've got to get martial law, folks.
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But the new film is out.
It's my best work.
I hope you'll get it.
Going back to Sergeant Matthew... Sergeant...
Again, you sent me so many documents, so much information.
I mean, you were so highly decorated with the things you did there.
We've talked to other rescue workers here on the broadcast in the past as well, and I've talked to firefighters who said they saw the bombs going off, and they'll tell me, Alex, I'm sorry, I've been threatened, I can't come on your show.
We've been told to shut up.
So many people, but again, you're going to be with us into the next hour, and then later we'll take calls, but there's so much to talk about that you witnessed today.
There's the whole facet of the toxic waste and how you guys weren't given treatment.
Well, I have a little list here.
I should be able to follow it and go, okay?
Yeah, run down the list first, then we'll go through the list.
From what I sent you about the Red Cross and some of the systems that they're out there to help you, that's basically fundamentally flawed.
They will tell you what's wrong, but they will not help you.
The only way they'll help you is if you start talking about conspiracies.
Then they're all about helping you.
There's no money for people who lost their jobs like I did.
I was on call until the end.
Well, that's what I've said.
They're really a government agency there to pay people off.
Oh, yes, they are.
Or kill you.
I work for American Power Corporation.
They, you know, oh, we'll keep your job open.
It didn't happen to myself and another person.
As we traveled back, one of the things that I noticed always is as we traveled from New York to Pennsylvania, the further we got from New York, the colder the climate became towards the workers at Ground Zero when we got to Pennsylvania.
People were very distant from us, the workers from up there.
As for the folks at the Port Authority, who I worked with hand-in-hand mostly,
They lost more people proportionally than anyone did, and yet they were not allowed to be on the site for days.
They actually came to our little pavilion at the Port Authority headquarters and they said, look, if we don't get on that site today or tomorrow, we're going to sneak on there with FDNY clothes and we're going to shoot them MFers on where they stand.
So, you know, it was a very hostile circumstance between the New York Fire Department and the Port Authority.
Well, I know they even banned photography at the site.
They would tackle you and take your camera away.
I saw people, I watched them be tackled.
I've been officially pressed for a little while, but I've done some...
Press work, you know, where I've written a little article here or a little article there, and I have never, ever, ever seen anything like that.
Well, then they hold the steel off to China.
They did that for a reason.
They did that for a reason.
Well, let's go over what you witnessed, because there's so much.
Let's talk about all of it when we get back.
We're about to start the third hour.
Then later we'll take calls as well at 800-259-9231.
Don't forget the new film, Martial Law, is out.
We'll be right back.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Third hour, my friends.
Thursday, 24th day of March, 05.
We're talking to Sergeant Matthew Tartaglia, highly decorated rescue worker.
And counselor as well, and debriefer there at the World Trade Center disaster site.
And it's a laundry list of things that he's an eyewitness to.
And everything he's a witness to, we've already confirmed with multiple other sources, most of it even in the mainstream media, but forgotten.
But it's good to have an eyewitness on to discuss this.
From the data recorders being found, how the buildings were turned into dust,
To different elements of the government robbing and looting things out of the buildings, the ATMs, to the rescue workers, firemen, police, port authority workers not getting...
Medical treatment for the asbestos.
We're going to cover it all.
Where should we start, Sergeant?
I think we should just keep going from the beginning there.
When we first got there, we were told where we could go and where we couldn't go.
There were different places that you were not to go to.
One of the things you were not to go to, and they claimed it was for safety, was down in the parking garages.
They were very flooded.
There were a lot of problems like that.
All the apartments around there were all sealed off.
A lot of things were very much sealed off.
However, at the same time, right from the beginning, one of the things that I noticed is there was looting everywhere.
People were stealing clothes that were meant for us, the rescue people.
When our clothes got so contaminated, we were told not to bring our clothes off that site.
Don't wear anything on the site.
You're not prepared to leave there because it's contaminated.
We went through an OSHA training on how to use our breathers, but I didn't wear a breather and neither did any of my counselors because
How can you talk through a muffled, double-filtered respirator?
You can't.
And the damage that you would see there, number one, I want to just move to one thing that's my pet peeve that drives me absolutely insane, if you don't mind for one second, and that is that they claim that they found these passports of the hijackers.
There wasn't one piece of glass on the ground that was whole.
I would like to know how it is possible that a plane that supposedly incinerated steel that's supposed to handle a four and five thousand degrees Fahrenheit burning for days on end, a passport that was on that plane survived in that kind of ball fire.
I'd like to know how that happened.
It looked like a rag.
It looked like a...
It looks like something you never want to see in your life.
I want to repeat all of this, because yeah, they said they found a ring of one of the hijackers.
That's right.
They found not one, but two passports.
Later it turns out that they were fakes, and the government just dropped the story.
But, you know, it's like that magic bullet that shot through two people in steel and wasn't even deformed that hit Kennedy.
Right, yeah.
It's a magic bullet.
There's several of those.
There's a couple people who've been shot by that same magic bullet manufacturer.
For those that don't know, if you shoot a bullet into water, it deforms, folks.
You shoot a bone with a bullet, it blows into pieces.
It breaks into fragments most of the time.
Not that one that went through two people and four bones in metal.
That's an amazing bullet.
Well, it's just like this passport.
It's made out of kryptonite.
I guess so.
It must be the most powerful substance on Earth.
We should be looking at that, too, maybe to protect our planes and our buildings, maybe, or something.
We can paint the walls with that.
Or wallpaper.
The next time we won't have any problem.
But one of the other problems... Well, Tim, we've got to break.
Let's come back and go over the passport, over more of this, over the looting.
I want the tales of the looting.
And then I want to talk about how you've gotten sick and what's happened to members of your team.
And take some phone calls.
We'll be right back talking to an eyewitness.
He was there, folks.
Highly decorated.
So, Matthew, stay with us.
We shall return after this quick break.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
We're good to go.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we're talking to one of the rescue heroes, and he was highly decorated for the work he did in the weeks after 9-11.
And just everything he's saying checks out with the publicly available information we have.
Sergeant Matthew Cartaglia.
And Sergeant, again, continuing with this, so you're there on Ground Zero, you're looking at this total devastation,
And they're claiming that they found one of the hijackers' rings with some of his blood on it.
They found two of the hijackers' passports.
Later it turned out they were fake.
The government had manufactured that.
We have a government, folks, that pays for hundreds of millions of dollars a year in fake newscasts that pay off the reporters.
They won an election that way, too.
Let's not forget that.
Well, this is what they do over and over again.
So you're there, and then you described how day one they're not letting you guys get in to rescue people.
Alex, from that evening on, it was a recovery effort.
They kept on telling people that it was a rescue effort, it's a rescue effort, it's a rescue effort, and that's about M-O-N-E-Y and nothing else.
Money, money, money.
Send us your money.
We've got things to take care of.
We've got people to food.
There was food rotting on the dock.
There was so much food there.
The only thing they did not turn away was money.
There were bikes.
Well, I remember when the Red Cross kept saying, give us blood, give us blood, because most people won't give blood, they'll give money.
It's the psychology.
And it's turned out that just thousands and thousands of gallons of blood was rotting.
It was a big joke.
And then, of course, I told people, I said, don't give your money to the Red Cross.
They'll give it to gun control.
They'll give it to other groups.
And they kept half the money.
And then I saw articles where they would only go offer families money to shut up.
And then you just said that.
To shut up.
To go away and shut up.
If you want money, you need to be a pain in the arse.
And you need it to be it seriously.
Because there's plenty of shut up money.
But honorable money?
There's none of that.
I need some help?
There's none of that.
My teeth are falling out?
There's none of that.
I'd like to talk to somebody?
That's what insurance is for.
And when we were helping the emergency workers, you know, we were 12 hours on, 12 hours off.
If you spoke to civilians, you actually were reprimanded by not being allowed to go back to the pile per hour, per occurrence.
So if you talked to four people, they wouldn't say anything to you on the pile, but when you got back to come back and got ready at the Port Authority, got showered, dressed, and ready to return, they'd say, Tartaglia, you have to hold up a second.
We need to talk to you for a second.
And then we would have nonsensical conversations for two or three hours.
So it was all run basically as an intelligence operation.
Now we know that by day two they arrested anybody with cameras.
They said no overflights, no cameras.
Why would they say that?
What did you see happening?
One of the reasons that I can tell you, and I'm sure that this is why they took the cameras away.
First of all, they didn't take cameras away from everybody.
They took them away from people they couldn't control.
Yeah, FEMA was allowed to have cameras.
FEMA was allowed to have cameras.
The Port Authority certainly...
Certain people who I was attached with were allowed to have cameras and I had a camera also.
After my second full day there, I just decided that it was stupid to pull my camera out unless I saw something absolutely that could not be passed up.
Mostly what you saw was evidence of an implosion.
Mostly what you saw was that there are cameras everywhere and more of what they say they couldn't catch on camera
Had to be caught on camera if it was on.
And I have no reason to believe that those cameras were not working before or on that day.
Now let's visit something else.
I know for a fact because I believe you saw my certificates there.
They are from FEMA, several of them.
I am a FEMA trained person and FEMA certified.
That means that if there's a situation in my area, even sick and laying down,
Semi-retired from what I'm doing.
If I have the most experience, I am the OIC, officer in charge, until someone can relieve me, who has more training.
That's the law.
There is a secret government.
I'm sorry, it's not a secret anymore, but it is a government that's set up, and they are a fear-based martial law solution, and that's what it's all about.
It's all about fear.
I want to go back to the cameras.
Just like with the Pentagon, they go and they grab them at gas stations and hotels.
That's right.
Same thing here.
There were all those businesses and other buildings.
They counted it up.
It was like 300 cameras that were aiming at the towers.
That's right.
But they declared national security on those tapes and people would try to sue to get them.
What are they trying to hide?
I think that they're trying to hide what...
There was a film there that was extremely hush-hush, and a lot of people are going to take offense with what I'm about to say, and to those people, I'm sorry.
There is a film that shows firefighters breaking into an ATM machine.
They stole over $470,000 in cash money.
They didn't do anything to them.
Because America wouldn't understand, unquote,
They let them get away with unreal stuff.
There was rules and regulations.
Only FDNY did not have to follow it.
And it's been my experience in my life and in my line of things that I've done that the only people who are in charge are the ones who have carte blanche to go wherever and do whatever they wish.
I believe that NY knew ahead of time they may have been duped, just like the military, into believing that it was a training exercise, and that's why so many of them were talking openly at first.
But the Secret Service was there on a regular basis.
They did not hide who they were in any way, shape, or form.
But they would discreetly speak with you.
And I saw grown men who I know to be in gunfights and all kinds of different things turn pale as a ghost and speak not of what they were told.
Now, let's talk about the flight data recorders.
It's been in the major publications.
It's been in the Philadelphia Daily News.
Search and rescue individuals, one of them very highly decorated like yourself, said that they physically, that three of the data recorders have been found, because, well, there's two data recorders and one voice recorder, and there's two per plane, that three of them have been found.
They were loaded on four-wheelers, and the FBI said, shut your mouth.
What do you know about that?
I believe that they...
First of all, my understanding about those recorders when they were found is they were in pretty good shape for what they had supposedly been through.
Yeah, that's what they said, yeah.
Number two, one of the big problems was is that they were trying to say that they found those boxes on three different occasions.
Not just three boxes, but three different occasions all of the boxes were found.
So, in my opinion about that is that they're trying to
Disqualify what these highly decorated and honest people said.
We found the box.
The reason that they're trying to disbunk all of this is because they wanted to have the box for longer so they could, quote unquote, edit what they needed out for national security.
I guess that must have been the remote control buttons going off and on, because I can't imagine what will be national security to not let us know, have a little bit of sense of peace, what really happened.
Well, they ordered the FAA to shred all the tapes.
That's against the law.
It's also, I'd like to know why, that when I fly my Cessna, if I just falter off path a little bit, I have a radio call, you know, Cessna 098, November, where are you going?
Where are you going?
You mean to tell me they lost some people for all that time?
You mean to tell me a supersonic jet that can go three times the Mach speed couldn't get to those people?
Something's wrong to high heaven and down.
There's no way what they said is true from anything that you say to me, Alex.
There's so much stuff that sometimes you can't even remember all of it.
Let's talk about, before we take some calls and get back into more of the 9-11 cover-up, let's talk about, I mean, they admit those buildings, the pillars were coated in asbestos.
Yes, they were.
Which is another reason they couldn't burn or melt, folks.
But that place was pulverized, turned into dust.
And then Bush says support the firefighters and rescue workers, but then he blocked the 90-plus million for medical treatment.
Right, and you know what?
When you burn metal at that rate, and anybody who knows anything about being there, there was a hose running nonstop on that fire, because the metal was burning at the heat of magnesium damn near, and it was so hot that what they were trying to do was not necessarily put out the fire, but mist it.
The damn particulate.
There are... I have now been told... Listen, Sergeant, I know you're upset, but we have a lot of children... I'm sorry.
Let's be real careful.
No, I know this is very upsetting to you.
I understand.
I apologize.
Thank you for pointing that out, though.
I appreciate that.
The particulates that were in the air had to be watered down and dropped.
And there were only certain parts of the site that you could not legally leave without going through decontamination.
Now let's explain.
If jet fuel is coal burning, and people are standing in the holes in the buildings after the... That's not possible.
Yeah, exactly.
So how did we get then these white-hot fires that were still burning weeks later?
Some people call them subatomic nuclear controlled explosions.
Some people call them tactical nukes.
Well, the question is, I mean, we have the thermal photos.
How do you, weeks later, have stuff burning, molten down in there?
There's only one way.
There had to be a combination of some very high-powerful stuff.
And when that stuff all closed in on itself, it just burned and burned.
Because it was burning.
I mean, that is not a lie or something like that.
That smoke came out and it burned like crazy.
It was unreal, that fire.
Well, I want to talk about the health problems you and the others have had.
I mean, it's admitted.
They call it the WTC cough.
A lot of people died from it.
The government says, shut up, you're not getting anything.
If you don't know what you're talking about, you're crazy.
And the Red Cross is going to keep the money for themselves.
Well, they only give away some...
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to Sergeant Matthew Tartaglia.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're going to go to your calls, David and Mark and Chris and Richard and Harvey and everybody else here in just a few minutes.
Continuing with the health problems.
Again, it is admitted...
That the rescue workers and New Yorkers, period, but especially rescue workers, breathed all this asbestos and other chemicals, and there weren't treatments for all of this.
But Bush personally had Congress shut down the money, the $90-plus million, because that would have been an admission of exposure.
Most everybody has chronic sinusitis.
They have ringing of the ears.
Some people's teeth and gums are bothering them.
In the last year, I've lost seven teeth.
They just have broken while I was eating.
I have three or four more teeth that are just dying.
My dentist said I've never seen anything like this in someone who's healthy.
There's something wrong with you, but I cannot find what it is, and I can't stop it either.
Did you see the new scientists?
They did the scans, CAT scans of the lungs, and everybody they tested, it just was filled with asbestos?
The doctor said to me, I have 97% of the population in America breathes more efficiently than I do.
And that most of the people who are in that 3% are people from Ground Zero and with debilitating deathbed type of lung problems.
Now, you've had friends that have died?
My Roland was our supervisor.
He's the person who initiated me into critical and finished stress management.
He's the person who made sure that my training was up to par.
He's the person who I went to as a confidant.
And on December 31st, he went home.
And on January 1st, he dropped it for a massive heart attack in his house.
Had he been having health problems?
He had been having health problems, just like mine, just like the people who were there.
But one thing that he did not stick to, that we did stick to, is that we allowed ourselves a week break between our time.
Roland was there all the time.
He gave his life to make sure that the problems at Ground Zero stayed at Ground Zero for the most part, but got worked out too.
Now, they admit that this has happened to the people there, and 14 search and rescue dogs have died of these bizarre nasal cancers.
They found the asbestos in them as well.
There's also all the heavy metals that were there.
What was the effect on the rescue workers when the medical treatment money got blocked?
Well, some people committed suicide.
Some people went crazy.
Some people lost their wives or husbands because they... Unless you were there, it's like Vietnam.
When someone says, hey, if you weren't there, you don't have any idea, you really don't.
When you know the truth about something and you can't talk about it, and not even your wife or anything like that, and you have these eruptions of character, they're called.
Well, you were saying also that you were debriefing people as a counselor as well, and that just the stuff they were talking about just showed what a fraud the official story was.
What are some examples of that?
Some of the examples were the...
Availability for the blood, for instance.
Someone said to me that his co-worker had gotten sick because he was moving bad blood around.
Well, bad blood is unplugged blood.
It wasn't plugged in, and apparently either he got sick... I really didn't understand whether the man just threw up and was getting sick by seeing what he saw, or that he had actually been getting sick from contamination.
I believe it's the first of the two, to be honest with you.
However, there were people who, officers who went in afterwards, and the last thing they said to their partner was, oh my God, it's exploding, oh my God, it's exploding.
So, what was he talking about?
Well, it's the same thing.
We have firefighters in the new film saying, look at the bombs going off, or it looked like detonators.
And we have the video of the blast points going down the sides of the building.
What about Larry Silverstein?
I mean, he says they pulled it.
We have the New York Fire Department telling AP reporters, get back, we're going to pull it.
That is the demolition term.
Did you run across any of that?
Yes, it is.
They pulled seven.
There's no two ways about that.
And that's about money.
Every building that, you just said the man's name.
Larry Silverstein.
Right, Silverstein, thanks very much.
Every building that he owned is gone, and it's being rebuilt, or is rebuilt.
And he just purchased those right before.
And that is one of the things that someone said to me.
We've got a break.
I want to hear about it when we get back.
We'll go right to calls.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The globalists are building their entire police state, their control grid, on the foundation of 9-11.
They were already setting up their police state before 9-11, and they said, oh, the terrorists are about to attack, and when they attack, give up all your rights, and then you'll get security.
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I want to go to some calls now.
We're talking to Sergeant Matthew...
Who's just done an incredible job.
And Matthew, everything you've said just confirmed the information we already have.
Other than the looting, I heard a lot of looting went on.
What about the... Now, the government admits over $100 billion in a Federal Reserve gold reserve that was in the bottom of the buildings, down in the basement, obviously, where they told the rescue workers not to go.
Not to go.
Were you there during the later period of excavation when they did go into those areas?
Because gold isn't destroyed.
I mean, gold isn't destroyed.
No, at the very worst...
All that would happen is it would melt and move about, but it would still be collectible.
It's a very... With all these thousands and thousands and thousands of giant gold bars in those vaults, which they admit was there, were you guys discussing that, or was there any... Yes, there were discussions about it.
There was, like, the, you know, the humorous, oh, if I get one of those, you know, I'll be set for life type things, but it was people, I mean, they were seeing it, but the only people who were allowed in were special operations or...
Whether it be military or police.
And it was very, very strict about that.
And then there was no discussion.
They admit the gold was there.
I have articles pre-9-11.
These giant gold vaults are there, and then there's no discussion of it.
And then they said that they must have moved it, or it was destroyed, because then the last thing that was said was, oh my God, where did this gold go to?
A lot of people think the globalists took the gold out beforehand.
Well, if I was them, I probably would have too.
I don't want to sound like I support anything that they did or are doing, but you have to admit the way they're doing this is extremely tyrannical.
You know what I mean?
Aside from not being able to keep a secret to save their lives and bragging like crazy on television...
Um... They really can't... You know, they can't keep a secret.
But these people are... They're really furious.
My last point, have you heard about this high-level Army official who's now gone public in federal court and released the documents?
They're not being disputed that the Army did drills in 76 of hijacked jets, hijacked by box cutters, wielding Arabs?
I studied those in my... If you notice some of my certificates of training...
Preparation for terrorism, terrorism awareness, first responder, etc.
Those were all studied, and they were studied pre- and post-9-11.
Well, that's the thing.
I mean, I have the 1999 FEMA terrorism report, and it's got crosshairs right on the towers.
Yes, it does.
Yes, I have the same exact document, actually.
Was there any discussions?
By the way, that's in the extras of Road to Tyranny, that DVD.
What about... There's so many questions here, but...
I mean, how many people were talking at Ground Zero?
Did anybody get an inkling that, man, guys with box cutters couldn't do this?
What did they say when they said, oh, we found a passport?
When they said we found a passport, what did they say?
To tell you the truth, that's when it really started to get hot.
If you know what I mean, people really started getting upset about that because if you had been there, you would have known that no passport would have made it down.
You would know it instinctively.
And people started looking at each other.
People started getting afraid.
There was like an us and them right there on the site.
Well, you don't have clearance, so I can't talk to you.
I'll talk to you later when we're drinking.
At least not right now.
And that's the way it was.
More information came out at the pubs than they did at the stations.
So what were people saying when they were on the news going, we found a ring with blood on it, it's the hijacker.
We found two passports.
I mean, what were people saying at the bars minus the profanity?
I can imagine, yeah.
They were aghast.
To tell you the truth, there's a lot of people who were really ready to quit their jobs and walk away.
There are people who have walked away from their jobs as a result of their involvement.
And their lives and everything have picked up and done their exodus, if you will.
They've left.
Because they know.
They do know.
It's happening.
It really is happening.
People want to play ostrich and they think that if... You know, in traffic sometimes you see this phenomenon all the time.
People see an 18-wheeler making a turn around a really precarious turn.
And it looks like it could maybe possibly hit their car.
What do they do?
Look away.
They don't move their vehicle.
They don't look to see if they're somewhere that they can back up.
They look away.
I've noticed that.
They disassociate.
That's right.
Let's go to some calls.
Yeah, because they think that the world is inside their head and that they govern reality with their imaginary little world.
David in California, thanks for holding your own here with our guest.
Hey, how you doing, Matthew?
How you doing?
I'm great.
Hey, God bless you, first of all, and just...
Just always remember that he's in charge, man.
Oh, yes.
We don't have to worry about too much because he's in charge.
Hey, what I wanted to ask specifically, I've heard reports, I've heard innuendo that some of the security companies that were in the World Trade Centers were dealing in DD-214 forms that they were selling, essentially.
Military registration, birth certificates, so on and so forth, with respect to military personnel.
Have you heard of anything like that?
Is there anything that you might be able to shed light on?
They did a lot of their insider trading, the CIA did, out of the buildings before they do it.
What the mafia or the criminals will do is they'll move a bunch of criminal operations six months before they do something into something they're going to torch.
It's like they moved the records on Waco and on Vince Foster into the Alfred P. Murrah building right before they blew it up.
But comments on that?
Yes, I do have a comment on that.
Actually, it seems to be what...
You're referring to, and if it's the same thing that I'm aware of, what happened is there are some people who are defecting and running away, like I just suggested, and they sold their identifications beforehand to buy some time for themselves.
I'm sorry to anybody who that hurt, but that's the truth of the matter.
They sold their identities to buy time for themselves.
All right, David, thanks for the call.
Up next is Mark in Nevada.
Mark, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, how are you guys doing?
I want to say I'm sorry to hear the way firefighters have been treated and everything, but I can't say I'm surprised.
I was in the Marine Corps myself, and I was injured by the anthrax shots,
And they made us take those shots, even though we were about to get out.
I've had health problems ever since, and they did the same thing to us veterans.
And I'm going to add this.
I've got to add this.
It was a federal crime every time they did that.
Those were experimental shots.
Even if you're in the military, you've got to give them your consent, and they didn't do that.
I served my whole time honorably, and they treat us like we're nothing but Kleenex.
I'm not surprised, but I want to ask you about World Trade Center 7, where Giuliani and Jerome Hauer had their little headquarters set up.
Have you heard about what WTC7 was actually used for?
WTC7 was, from my understanding, it was set up the day before and the day before that, as early as the 9th, to run this exercise.
They pulled that building because there was no way that they could conceivably move the data that was in there.
They accomplished what they wanted.
Tripod 2, and then the FEMA spokesman on the nightly news said that they were doing a drill.
Then they said it was...
And then Giuliani last year got up and admitted, I have it all on tape.
He got up and said, yeah, luckily the Port Authority was already moved out.
I pulled out that morning.
That was part of a drill.
And Tripod 2 was tied in to the drills of flying hijacked jets into those buildings.
Folks, this is the Associated Press.
What is the mathematical chance that they were running drills of the exact same thing happening at the exact same time?
It's impossible.
It's not possible.
It is not possible.
Mathematically, the potential for that...
It's so far away that you'll time travel before that will happen.
That's a good way to put it.
You know?
I mean, were there any comments about 7?
You said you were there that night.
I mean, 7, 5.30 at night, falls perfectly?
When 7 fell, there was a few people on the fence.
They got off the fence very quickly.
They knew what happened.
We had just watched two buildings fall identically.
What plane hit 7?
Please tell me which plane hit 7, because I don't know about it.
Oh, by the way, the new FEMA report, there's been a new government report just put out, commissioned by FEMA.
First they said they don't know why it fell, then a gas tank, no, it wasn't a fuel oil tank.
Now they're saying that the North Tower hit it, but in their own official debris field map,
The North Tower didn't hit it.
Now they're saying the North Tower hit it and knocked out its main support column.
Oh, boy.
If what they said was true, most of Manhattan would be flattened.
Well, I've been there.
I've got the video.
They admit it didn't hit Building 7.
It fell straight down.
The furthest anything went was 75-something feet.
That's it.
Nothing went beyond 75 feet.
But, I mean, that's admitted, but now the government's put out a new report going seven fell because the North Tower hit it.
Yeah, that's not true at all.
I mean, they might as well say because Donald Duck chewed through the girders.
Well, I'd like to say something that we've not touched on at all and that is just too wacky for me to even believe that no one's paying attention to.
Under the law...
The airport that George Bush would have had to fly out of would have been closed, and it would have been considered a national threat of security because of its size and its proximity to where the president was that day.
In addition to which, the principal of that school that morning said, George, the president came in and said that the World Trade Center had been hit,
But we were going to go ahead anyway.
He thought it was a Cessna.
Normally, if anything happens, he stops his whole agenda.
That's why he's called negligent.
He is negligent.
Okay, thank you for the call, Mark.
Chris in Kentucky.
You're on the air.
Chris, go ahead.
Yes, thanks, Alex.
And thank you, Matthew.
Thank you.
You know, you're a great American.
We need to get more information out.
You know, I have news clips before the plane's impact.
There were even news reporters had witnessed there were no windows on those planes.
And there was also a pod that was attached under the second tower that was hit.
I saw that in a film, 9-11 in Plain Sight.
There's a lot of obvious things that are going on.
Some people say that there was a holograph around the missile.
And that that went through.
Look, regardless, we know the official story is a fraud.
It was a fraud.
It really was.
Whether it was laser-guided missiles or... It doesn't matter.
But if you remember in that show that they have with most of the people from the X-Files, the computer... The Lone Gunman.
Yes, thank you very much.
The Lone Gunman.
The man said in the movie, I don't want anything to do with this.
I'm afraid and I'm going to back out.
That's what they're doing.
They are scaring us to death.
They're putting us in such fear.
For those who don't know about the lone gunman, months before 9-11, a secret government group by remote control hijacks a passenger jet and flies into the towers for a police state.
And again, it's all part of this flaunting.
Anything else, Chris?
Yeah, and I just want to give a big salute to you again.
And it's just like the Pentagon.
No wreckage.
So this is obviously a government setup.
All right.
Thank you.
Thank you for the call.
Richard in Alabama.
Richard, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Could you tell us in percentages what happened to the careers of the New York firefighters?
Like what percentage had to quit?
What percentage were fired?
Unfortunately, I do not know those figures, but I can tell you something, and it may sound like I'm taking a smart Alec way, but I'm not.
100% of those who cooperated, their careers went sky high.
100% of those who did not cooperate have nothing but problems.
I know, like I said, it sounds a little slippery, but it's the truth.
The people who cooperated, they succeeded, but some 50% of the people who were there are dying or sick.
Oh, man.
And there's a lot of good people.
A lot of good people that are up there.
You know, I have to tell you, when the first dog died there, it was a hard day for a lot of people.
Oh, you mean dogs were dying on the spot?
That's right.
There was a dog, I believe it was the eighth day that the dog died.
And I just cannot think of Jim's dog's name.
And I do believe his name is Jim, who was the handler.
And he was a great guy.
He would let you pet his dog.
I'm a handler myself.
I have a dog who lives with me, and she's on her job, you know, until she couldn't anymore.
And they're very therapeutic.
All right.
Richard, any other questions?
Write a book and make a video.
I'm working on it.
All right.
We'll be back and talk to Harvey and a few others in the final segment.
Amazing interview.
Stay with us, Matthew.
We'll be right back on the other side.
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A real fast three final calls.
Harvey in Florida, then Mike and Mike.
Harvey, go ahead.
Yes, hello Alex and Sergeant Matthew.
I'd like to...
I'll tell you, it wasn't just the asbestos in the towers.
No, not at all.
There were so many cathode ray tubes hooked up to the computers there that the toxic mercury and the heavy metals is what you were breathing.
Let me tell you a personal story.
I'll make it very quick.
My daughter Melissa, who's about 30 years old, was pregnant, and she was about 20 blocks away.
Within several weeks after the 9-11 incident,
Let me put it that way.
She was in the subway on her way to work.
A spontaneous miscarriage.
That's correct.
And she's the most healthy, most natural, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink.
What a horrible tragedy.
I'm sorry you hear that.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
It's just deal and death.
It's global.
Look at the Terry Schiavo case.
Everywhere they go, it's just death, death, death.
Anything else, Harvey?
The EPA, the lady resigned because she was told to say how healthy the air was there in New York.
Now, just let me also say that I also have a personal friend, a neighbor of mine, that was a consultant, that is a consultant, to Deutsche Bank.
Was in the Trade Center area there.
I believe maybe even in Building 7.
Yeah, Deutsche Bank.
Deutsche Bank.
And when I started asking him about what he was doing there, he told me he was sworn to secrecy.
And he was.
It's actually like what you hear about the Masonic rituals and whatnot like that.
When you are accepted into these societies...
It's a circle within a circle within a circle within a circle within a circle, and you are on a need-to-know basis.
It's all compartmentalized.
Got to go quick.
Thanks, Harvey.
Mike in Illinois, then Mike in Arizona.
Mike, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, listen, great show.
Great to have you on there, and I just want to ask you both a question here.
Alex, when the World Trade Centers went down, a friend of mine, his brother lived in Manhattan, and he was about maybe, I don't know, five or six blocks
And he said when the, after, between the first and the second tower, when it came down, he said the local news there had said, at that point, they had not even known about a second aircraft that hit the tower.
They were just totally, he said that they were brainwashing the people.
The local news
Yes, I did.
So who was saying stay at your desk?
I personally think that the people who were being encouraged to stay at their desk were not so cooperative, if you know what I mean.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Arizona.
Mike, go ahead.
Matthew, you mentioned the possibility of tactical nukes early on.
Was anyone measuring radioactivity at the ground site there?
To my knowledge, in a very short period of time, there is going to be a book that's coming out that will explain some other things.
And yes, there is somebody working on it that I am aware of.
So were there devices there?
It is my belief that that is yes.
Completely yes.
Thank you.
Anything else, Mike?
All right, thanks for the call.
No, sir.
Thank you.
All right, well, Sergeant, we really... Alex, can I just tell you, I want to throw something at you real quick.
I just got an instant message, and it's so small that I just want to share it with you.
Yeah, we got about 30 seconds.
Okay, it says, Jacqueline, I've been through an awful, challenging life.
I'm brokenhearted as I've held the dream that if I kept plugging away and persevered, one day I'd be dealt with.
All I dealt with would have been worth the effort and the anguish.
Now, what's the deal?
My house isn't my own.
My car, not my own.
My words, not my own.
My opinion is my own, and that's about all I'm allowed to keep to myself.
Thank you for your interview with Alex.
All right, well, good having you on, and we'll try to have you back on.
God bless.
Thank you.
All right, that's it.
That's all she wrote.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Thank you for joining us.
God bless.