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Air Date: March 23, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
It's Wednesday, the 23rd day of March 2005.
On this Wednesday, I'm sorry I wasn't here with you yesterday, but my throat was so sore I just couldn't do it.
But I have almost recovered here today with you.
And coming up in the second hour, we have Wall Street Journal writer, also best-selling author, Wesley Smith joining us to talk about
Well, the hundreds of people that he knows of personally, many of which he's visited, who actually beg for food and water.
Please, give me food.
Please, give me water.
And they say sorry, and they kill them.
I mean, we're talking about people saying, may I please have food and water?
But the bioethics boards decide to kill them.
Because they foolishly signed over their rights to the hospital or family members or said, oh, if I'm ever incapacitated, certainly don't give me any life support.
Well, life support is now giving someone a glass of water.
And see, the globalists play games with definitions.
And we don't talk a lot on this show as much as we should because
And the other broadcasts don't talk about a period, about all the people being killed in this country right now, or what's happening in the Netherlands, what's happening in Holland, or it's even worse.
Also, back on Monday, the horrible school shooting up in Minnesota at the Indian Reservation School.
Armed guards didn't protect the students.
School lockdown didn't protect the students.
In fact, are we going to disarm the police now?
Because that's where he got his gun was from the police.
And so the calls now are to ban all the guns.
And I've heard them on the radio and seen them on TV.
Laying there in bed for part of the day yesterday.
I still went and worked on the Schwarzenegger ad and did my TV show last night.
I did watch some TV yesterday.
We need to ban the guns, folks.
And don't have to go over these arguments again.
I mean, it's a total fraud.
Actual school shootings are way down in the last decade.
But the media creates the perception of this epidemic.
The answer would have been to have instant access pistol safes in the school rooms.
And when this guy came along shooting, the teacher would have punched the buttons and the gun would have popped out and they'd have taken him out.
In fact, again, back when my parents went to school, they had gun racks in the classrooms.
And by the way, this was in good-sized towns like Austin, Texas.
It was a sleepy hollow back then, but still a good-sized town.
Places like Fairfield, Texas.
I mean, guns, you'd take your shotgun with you on the school bus.
Never had an accident, never had problems.
But you take the guns out and this stuff starts happening.
I mean, anybody who puts their children in these public schools is asking for it.
They advertise them as the place for nutcases to go on rampages.
Constant, day in, day out, year in, year out, advertisements.
You're a nut.
You're crazy.
You're on Prozac.
You're in a death cult.
You love Hitler.
The place for you is a public school.
Go shoot and kill everyone.
And we'll lock the school down so no one can escape you.
Or worse yet, we'll send in some of our commandos, and they'll kill the kids, and then we'll blow some kids' heads off and frame them.
That happened with Columbine.
It also just happened in Russia.
That's all mainstream news, but never makes it into your nightly news.
Now they're spending too much time talking about Michael Jackson, that freak.
It's ridiculous.
Try to get some real news.
It's all, what's J-Lo doing?
Brad Pitt doing in between that freak Michael Jackson and his degenerate family.
All right, we'll be right back, folks.
There's so much news.
Believe me, you don't want to miss this broadcast.
We've got Chris Simcox coming on as well.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Coming up in the third hour today, we've got Chris Simcox joining us to talk about the Minutemen, 900-plus individuals.
Down in Arizona, who are simply going to patrol their own private property from giant hordes, we're talking over 3 million a year, that go across, a million that go back across, so that's total traffic, 4 million a year, in Cochise County alone.
The rapes, the murders, the pillaging, the burning, the dead FBI agents, the dead Border Patrol agents, the dead Forest Service agents, mainly the dead...
Latin Americans being fed on by the coyotes.
I don't mean the canine, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean the smugglers.
It is literal hell on earth, and I've been down there.
I've been down on the Texas border as well.
Dallas Morning News just a few weeks ago talked about Mexican Special Forces troops in Dallas, in Brownsville, in San Antonio, outside Austin, murdering people, blowing up vehicles, machine gunning.
It's pretty bad around here, but it never makes the national news.
And we've got just more and more articles, more and more news reports of this happening.
But when you go down to your own property, your own 500 acres, 1,000 acres, by land, cheap on the border, when you go down there and you're sitting there defending your own property, peacefully arresting people that come across your land...
Which in Texas and other areas, folks, somebody's trespassing, you can do a lot more than arrest them according to law, but that doesn't stop the government from coming in and trying to arrest you and harassing you.
In one case in South Texas a few years ago, they were on their own land, and luckily there was a French TV crew there documenting, and these Venezuelans come across on their land there on the border,
And it was a cold winter morning, so they gave them some blankets, called the Border Patrol.
The Border Patrol came, picked them up, and a day later they came and arrested.
The local sheriff did, with the FBI and the Justice Department, the landowners and others, and said, oh, you assaulted these people.
Turned out it was all a staged deal, but by the grace of God, the feds didn't know that there was, there in Jim Hong County, that there was a French crew there.
So it's really bad, folks.
Meanwhile, the ACLU that takes on Anti-Patriot Act cases to lose it on purpose.
They're a loyal opposition control group.
Government agents, basically.
ACLU to keep tabs on protests.
The American Civil Liberties Union has warned about 950 volunteers expected to take part next month in an Arizona border vigil against illegal immigration that it is assigning monitors to ensure none of the aliens are abused.
look for provocateurs.
Better have cameras rolling continually.
Now, the warning came in the wake of meetings last week by five senators from Mexico's three political parties who voiced their concerns to Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, U.S.
Attorney Paul Charlton, state legislature, civic leaders, and the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
Now, let me get this straight.
If we had three million Americans...
citizens coming across from Arizona into the Mexican state that borders it.
They were handing out flyers saying, kill all Mexicans.
And they were saying, we're going to take your state over.
And the U.S.
government was printing up manuals of how to do this.
And then your own people said, we're going to defend our property.
By the way, a lot of these people on the border defending their property are Hispanic.
I mean, Mexico would defend itself.
Mexico comes across and kidnaps families and machine guns cops, and you do whatever you want.
And, of course, you've got Washington's full backing, because Washington wants to break up this country.
And that's their own official documents.
But imagine, I mean, I've got an article here where Vicente Fox, you know, meeting with Bush, is saying, you've got to arrest these people, you've got to stop these people.
And they've passed a law where they've got dual citizenship and where they can vote here and vote there, and they openly say this is Mexico.
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was taken from Mexico.
Hey, for those who don't know their own history, Mexico was run by a string of dictators.
Before that, it was the Aztecs that cut their own children's hearts out.
And if Texas and New Mexico and Arizona and Nevada and Colorado and California belong to anybody, if they belong to anybody, it's the Native Americans.
It's the indigenous peoples, which are not Mecha, who claims they're part of some Aztec tribe.
The Aztecs were not in Texas.
I know you say flying saucers control it and big crystal pyramids.
This is what these cooks believe in.
The same thing with some of the white supremacists.
They think that they're some type of god race.
It's the same thing with Louis Farrakhan, the Mother Wheel, and these flying saucers.
And folks, it's the exact same thing with these Metro people.
But Louis Farrakhan and the Aryan Nations are not funded.
Are not funded by Coca-Cola and AT&T.
Let me tell you, the government is fully behind this, and I've got stacks of articles today that I'll try to go over.
Stacks of them where they openly say, Pan-American Union, no more illegal aliens, total legalization, toll roads on every road.
I mean, it's just openly being shut up.
But the neocons won't talk about it.
They tell you every new national ID card that actually legalizes all the illegals is something to stop illegals so you believe it.
I mean, it's incredible.
Absolutely amazing.
You know, if you try to come across into Mexico from Guatemala, they have a big fence down there, and they put you in these open-air cinder block cages and beat you severely, which I think is wrong.
Mexico doesn't let people come across into its country.
But Mexico, bought and paid for by the big banks in New York, is being totally given the green light
And there'll be all this pride over the breakup of the U.S.
Oh, the Pan-American Union.
And yeah, we're for having these southern states be in the new capital.
Southwestern states and the new southern state of Miami is going to be one of the capitals of this thing.
They're arguing about Miami or Atlanta.
Looks like it's probably going to be Atlanta.
I mean, it's really bad, folks.
And it's all this little pride thing.
I mean, the Mexican government paid off by our government.
Paid off to even put out bad rhetoric about our government.
It's all sophisticated propaganda.
These poor folks stick their chest out and think, yeah, Aslan, La Reconquista, we're taking you over.
Hey, go to those, go to Mecha and La Raza, the race, La Raza.
Go to their own websites.
Look at who finds them.
Every elite gringo organization on the planet, to use your own racist terms.
I mean, why?
Why are the royal families funding?
Why are Chase Manhattan and Citibank funding?
Why is Coca-Cola funding?
Why is AT&T and Singular and all of them funding?
I mean, no one gets more because, folks, that's what the globalists want.
They've said it.
They want to destroy America.
Then everyone will be a peon.
Whether you live in South Africa, or whether you live in England, or whether you live in Russia, or China, or India, or Peru, there's going to be nowhere to run.
And look, they try to make it a racial issue, it's not.
Made major polls, 67 to 70 percent, depending on what poll you look at, of Hispanics are against open borders.
They're not stupid.
They know it drives down the wages.
They know it drives up the cost of homes.
They understand this.
And we talk about Hispanics all day because that's the majority.
We've got the Russians.
We've got the Chinese.
We've got the Africans.
We've got all these populations.
They're not coming in at $200,000 a year like they did at the peak in the last century.
We're talking $3-4 mil a year.
It's way worse than what the census tells you.
The census tells you 20 million illegal aliens.
It's more like 35 million.
That's what the big globalist think tanks are saying.
The statistical analysis is saying.
And it's bad news, folks.
They're creating a tower of Babel where we can't communicate with each other so they can control us.
Now see, I've already burned through this long segment
I've just got Vicente Fox here telling us to arrest our citizens, saying to stop people defending their own property.
You narco-terrorist.
You criminal.
And you are something else, Fox.
And you may fool your people by your anti-U.S.
rhetoric, get them all fired up with a false nationalism, but we know who you're bought and paid for by.
Of course, Fox isn't even a Mexican.
By the way, go to the Mexican legislature.
Go read the names.
It's Green and Schmidt and Fox.
They're not even... Most of them aren't even Mexicans, folks.
They don't even have Spanish surnames.
Because that's what you've got in Latin America is a mixture, of course, the Spanish and the indigenous population.
No, no, they're not even got Spanish last names.
I think that's funny, too.
It's just sick, folks.
It's really, really sick.
So, if you know what's good for you and you want your children to be free, you'll fight the New World Order and you'll fight the open borders.
And we can sell Hispanics on this.
Some people say you can't.
I've found that's one of our biggest audiences, people that get it, who don't trust this government.
And as soon as you show the Hispanics that the funding for Larika and Kisa is coming out of the big banks...
Same ones that have enslaved Latin America.
Then they'll get their heads screwed on straight.
The yuppies?
They just do whatever's politically correct, so they'll sit here and watch and butcher this country like a fat hog and laugh about it.
And think about giggling about it.
It gives them power over it.
We'll talk about some of the latest Big Brother news, this mass shooting, and a lot more.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, I know we've got loaded phone lines and I want to get your calls.
I think we've got two big guests coming up.
When you think the Terry Schiavo case is bad...
There's stuff going on all over the place.
Every time we have Smith on, people call in.
Oh, I'm a nurse.
We kill people all the time.
They fire you if you don't refuse to give them water and food.
I mean, people ask me, going, honey, can I have a glass of water?
Nope, sorry, you're chained down to die.
That's your bioethics boards.
But we'll get into the latest developments on the Shivo case, as if you don't already know all the details that the
Hey, Alex.
Hey, I wanted to hit a couple points on this article about the Camp Guernsey Mock City for Urban Warfare.
It's called Marketing the Military, and it totally focuses on the economic advantage of having this
And it's written by a local reporter.
You've got to fill folks in.
I know you called a few months ago about this.
I do remember it, but we're not leaving off at that point, so you've got to tell people.
Well, I think I'm approaching it from the perspective of someone who's never heard about it before.
It's a mock city in Wyoming that's being built here, and the newspaper just calmly announces this and says how good it is for the economy.
It starts out saying...
Soldiers conduct door-to-door searches for insurgents holed up in buildings.
Meanwhile, remote control robots with cameras crawl through the sewers of the town to track terrorists.
This isn't Brussels, Baghdad, or Boston.
This will happen in Levin Building Town, which will enter construction later this year on Camp Guernsey.
And it goes on to say that this future urban warfare practice area with dirt streets, buildings, and sewers...
You know, it's just going to be a mock city.
Well, for those that don't understand, we have the official government documents.
They're building these urban warfare drilling stations, small ones like the one by you, larger ones, and they also serve as camps.
And so the new economy, the new military is all these, oh, this camp is just a training camp by you.
And then they bring in the foreign troops, they drill them, they hire role players.
The role players say, I'm an American, please don't put me in a camp.
They ask them, where'd you get the guns?
And I have this in Police State 2000 for folks that just joined us.
I mean, this is the real deal.
Well, listen to this.
Camp Guernsey's marketing has gone global, too, including recent training sessions with Britain's Royal Air Force and the Peruvian Army, Teeter said.
That's the...
Head of it.
Who pays for this camp?
Who's financing it?
That's what I want to know.
Well, you know the superconducting supercollider that they were going to build up in Dallas?
Well, I know who's paying for it.
Well, I was going to tell you that that giant underground base is now a CIA training camp.
Literally, folks, I'm not kidding.
80 feet to 100 feet tall inside huge caverns up in northeast Texas.
And there's foreign troops just running around over there.
Source, ABC News, Dallas Morning News.
But still, you tell the average person that they laugh at you.
Well, listen, who's paying for this is the Wyoming Highway Patrol.
The Highway Patrol's training budget pays for the base's facilities and personnel, McDonald said.
And there's a sub-headline in the article that's not continued in the website version of the article.
It says, Camp Guernsey gets guns to train soldiers and law enforcement.
And it says they practice manhunts out on the... Yeah, and at these camps, they train the military and the police right next to each other.
Thanks for the call.
Right here in Austin, Texas.
He's being shipped out of the country.
Wouldn't tell me what the orders are, but he's been here for the last few years, and his job...
Was merging the APD with the National Guard and the regular Army out at Bergstrom.
And they go around spying on us every night and setting up a little camp out there.
But the border's wide open, though, and private citizens don't go guard it.
Even when they admit Al-Syed is coming across it, or Vicente Fox will get mad at us.
Look at our government.
Oh, we're going to give you a foreign Austrian as your president.
Shut up and accept it.
Oh, Vicente Fox is going to give us orders now.
Shut up and accept it.
I mean, we really are pathetic, folks.
David, go ahead.
David Mass.
Alex, how are you today?
Pretty good, sir.
Listen, the media has done it again with the latest PsyOps installment that will be airing tomorrow night on PBS, actually.
It's called Dirty War.
Okay, and it's supposed to be about the effects of the terrorist dirty bomb attack and the ensuing panic.
But if we don't give them all our rights, they're going to get us.
That's right, and I'm going to record that tomorrow.
But what I find amazing about this is this was actually done as a three-part special on PBS.
Let me read this little thing.
Yeah, stay there.
I want to learn about how they're going to keep me safe.
The nice men in black masks.
It's freedom.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, we've got best-selling author, Wall Street Journal writer, Wesley Smith coming up the next hour.
Then in the third hour, Chris Simcox.
Who's the leader of the Minutemen, the 900-plus individuals who are going to protect their own property or volunteer to protect other people's property just by calling the police and just by threatening to call the police and have their own unmanned drones flying around videotaping the masses of illegals walking right past the Border Patrol.
They got the Sente Fox, the ACLU, the FBI all after them.
Why, you may be terrorists.
Yeah, but you try to go across the Mexican border, they'll blow your head off.
They'll torture you, and our media won't care, and our government will say, good job, Mexico.
But again, that's because our government wants to break that country down.
Also, I've got the latest Terry Schindler.
Really shouldn't call her Shivo, folks.
The guy's abandoned her for a decade.
It's just sick how the media twists all of this, and I'm sure most of you already know all the facts of the case, but I'll briefly go back over those.
The Big Brother news, though, is what's really important today.
Let's go ahead and go back to Paul in New Jersey.
Paul, finish up what you were saying about this PBS propaganda program.
Actually, it's David and Mass.
Yeah, David and Mass, then Paul, then Stewart, then Jeffrey, then Chelsea.
Oh, that's okay.
Yeah, listen to this little blurb here.
Dirty War is an unprecedented arrangement.
Three provocative films from home box office will be distributed through PBS for broadcast television following their HBO premiere.
Announced jointly today, this was written back in February 19th, by Chris Albrecht, Chairman and CEO, Home Box Office, and Pat Mitchell, President and CEO, PBS.
In addition, HBO and PBS member station, WETA, Washington, D.C., will co-produce, along with the Council on Foreign Relations, related panel discussions to follow each of the PBS episodes
Featuring leading experts and moderators.
Yeah, but Rush Limbaugh, even though his books are published by a CFR publisher, he says it doesn't exist.
I've got him on tape years ago saying it doesn't exist.
You're crazy if you say there's a New World Order when all these presidents are calling for it.
And folks, the CFR says they're going to take your guns, they're going to take your private property, they're going to force-drug your children, they're going to give you a world government, it's going to be total tyranny.
And they've done similar shows like this where ABC Nightline a few years ago even before 9-11 had a fake smallpox attack.
And then they have the CFR on after to say, give up all your rights to us.
And it's the same M.O.
Alex, do you know who this is going to be produced by?
The same guy who did Smallpox, Daniel Percival.
He's got to be either a counsel on foreign relations shill or a defense department.
Well, so there's no even discussing this.
I have stacks of news articles where shortly after 9-11 they went public with what they were already doing and they said that
We met with all the media CEOs, no more anti-government.
I mean, they considered the X-Files anti-government and then canceled it when it was an anti-government, folks.
But just because it showed the government is bad sometimes.
And then now, look, on NBC there's like four new shows coming out this spring.
They're all about CIA and torture.
Look, Bush has spent $240 million on fake newscasts.
Fake reporters.
Folks, I want you to understand something.
This is tyranny.
They're taking over.
There's still some alternative press left.
Alex, do you know what's so disheartening about this, though?
Why does this stuff have to make it?
TBS, at least I know they're not 100% pure.
Obviously, the GM layer and all the corporate sponsors mainly sponsor them.
But at least it's some solace from commercial and cable programming.
At least you can go and watch something there of minimal value, if anything.
But these things, it's everywhere.
It's inescapable.
Well, I mean, for those that don't know, folks, the government isn't supposed to covertly produce most of the TV shows.
Just in case you didn't know, that's what the Russians and others do, or did.
And that's what China does.
Look, when Bush alone, with one media buy, spends $242 million, that's just one buy.
They're spending billions.
The understanding is, is for this money, you then slant everything else you do.
Take, I remember five years ago, you'd see Monsanto ads, you'd see Archer Daniels Midland ads.
Well, Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland, they're not selling to the general consumer.
Why were they running all these ads on news shows?
That's the payoff so they don't get criticized.
It's right down to local.
You'll have local environmental groups here in Austin that are federally funded.
They're not about the environment.
They're openly co-sponsored by the biggest banks.
You go to a Smart Growth Conference.
I mean, it's the richest of the rich.
It's about taking your property.
And, I mean, there it is, David.
Right out in the open.
But even local radio stations are being paid off.
Folks, this is tyranny.
It's way out of hand.
Hey, I appreciate the call.
I've really got to move quickly here to the calls.
Everybody's bringing up such good points.
And that's the problem.
There's so much complexity to all of this.
Folks, it's indescribable.
It's so big.
It's so bad.
And they know that you know that there's media bias.
So they give you a fake liberal flavor or a fake conservative flavor.
That's only one level of the fraud.
For those of you that wake up and go, yeah, somebody's trying to pitch something here.
They go, yeah, you caught us.
We're liberal.
Or, yeah, you caught us.
We're conservative.
And you go, oh, well, I'm a conservative, so I don't mind if you kind of spin things.
We're all on the same team.
Or, oh, I'm a liberal.
I don't mind if you spin things.
We're all on the same team.
Then you go to another level.
Then it's, oh, we're the intelligentsia.
It's corporatism.
And then there's another level.
They have different levels of media for different members of the population, different psychological make-ups, different socioeconomic make-ups.
The average American might watch the news once a week for sports.
They're in the playoffs.
They might watch for the weather.
That's it.
So they're getting their news from the sitcoms, the dramas.
That's why secret government's good, arresting homeschoolers every episode, torturing people is good, torturing their children is good, drugs or terrorism, but conversely putting all your children on drugs is good, world government is good.
I mean, watch TV.
It's every show I see.
And I don't watch much TV.
I mean, again, I'm in restaurants.
I'm at friends' houses.
I'm at the TV studio.
And the TV's on.
Everything I see.
It's just pure propaganda.
Unless it's I Love Lucy or something.
You know, some rerun.
Or the Dick Van Dyke Show.
I mean, it is all men in black ski masks are coming to save you.
Evil people that criticize them need to be arrested.
Those that talk about world government are secretly terrorists.
Abusing children.
And I don't know how anybody could watch this, but again, the people watching this, they're about 40-50% of the public.
About half the public is totally drooling idiots.
Just totally mindless, totally caught in the spider's web, totally in the matrix.
And then the other half, about half of those people are in the fake left or fake right wing paradigm.
Off of their own little false perception map program that was put into their...
We're good to go.
All this full court boogie, full press propaganda is because they're going to nuke a city, a globalist arm, they're going to release some horrible bioweapon, and then it's never going to be the same.
I mean, you're going to be lined up in uniforms, you're going to be given your government job, your kids are going to be sent off for big wars, and it's going to be bad.
And America will be gone.
And you won't be able to complain about that American Union because why we've got to do this is to protect you from terrorists.
And I'm not trying to scare you.
I mean, this is what they're doing.
This is what they've said they're going to do.
They've said a nuke will go off.
They've said biologicals will be released.
They have said that all of this is going to happen.
And they're going to do it, and you're going to love them, and you're going to thank them for it when they do it.
And you're going to give up all your rights to them, and you're going to grovel to them, unless you wake up.
And notice that in this whole backdrop of terrorists are going to get us,
Give up your rights to the all-powerful government.
Notice, though, that the borders are more open than ever.
Notice that they're telling you, oh, don't worry about bin Laden.
We don't want to capture him now.
That's Buzzy Crongard at the CIA.
Notice that there's this... But meanwhile, there's just this attitude, this arrogance, this bullying by our public servants.
It's for your own good.
Shut up!
There's just this climate now of secret arrest and zero tolerance.
It'll have nothing to do with terrorism, but while they're abusing you, they'll say, well, things have changed.
Oh, really?
How did they change?
Well, we're the authorities.
We're doing this for your own good.
We're the officials.
Well, let me just tell the cops something.
Oh, really?
They're going to take your pension money.
They're going to take your pension funds yuppies.
They're going to take everything you've got.
The whole economy has been set up to destroy the middle class.
And I know that as things get worse, a lot of you are just going to serve this system.
Because they're going to set the economy up where that's the new job.
Look at the ads in the newspapers and magazines and online journals.
It's all, go to school to be a cop.
Go to school for homeland security.
Go into this.
See, we're shifting out of factories for cars and factories that make refrigerators and factories that make microchips and factories that make furniture.
Anything that's actually still made here is made in a prison.
Make them criminals work, you say.
Been good.
But you're competing against them, so you didn't think that through in a three-dimensional model, did you?
You didn't extrapolate out what that means.
Or you're competing against communist Chinese slaves or Mexican peons.
And I'm sorry, that's what the leaders in Mexico call their people.
They call them slaves.
And so we're going to be in that status soon.
But it won't matter because we'll...
We'll get to have jobs and all have our own little petty uniforms and our own little petty ID cards with what level of security clearance we've got and our children are all being trained how to be little spies.
I mean, it's right out of 1984.
Turn on children's programming.
It's spy this, spy that.
Go to a children's toy store.
Like a third of the toys are spy gadgets.
It's hell on earth, folks.
You want maximum Soviet Nazi-style tyranny, you're going to get it.
And a lot of cowards out there will never even admit to themselves that this is happening.
They will just tell themselves it's good, even though they're afraid.
They're afraid right now, aren't you?
You're cussing at the radio, but you know deep down it's true, don't you?
Don't you?
So you're a coward.
You're going to make the decision to go along with it, aren't you?
And commit your family, this country, to hell on earth.
And I'm going quick to these calls.
Paul in New Jersey.
Go ahead, Paul.
Alex, I see concerning Terry Schiavo a problem with many conservatives out there and their rhetoric.
By demanding to keep people like her alive at the state's expense, you're basically promoting or advocating the expansion of the state.
Nope, you got it completely wrong, and this is actually the model they're going to use.
This is why we're going to have to kill all the old people, the government says, and why the so-called left is pushing this, because we can't, since we have a socialized system, or the HMOs, we're all having to pay for them.
And let me just tell you again, sir, there was clear foul play in this case.
Her own nurse is saying she was eating.
Her own nurse is saying that, and this is in sworn testimony, that Michael Schiavo tried to kill her with insulin injections.
So you don't understand.
Is she currently collecting Medicaid or the family collecting Medicaid?
You're not listening to me.
Could you give me an answer according to what I hear?
I'm going to put you on hold.
You know what?
I'm going to put you on hold.
Because let me explain something to you here.
I'm going to explain to you the three-dimensional model again.
It isn't should the prisoners have to work.
Yeah, make them work.
But the prisoners then compete against us for 20 cents an hour.
It's the same thing, so you're not looking three-dimensionally.
You sit here and you talk about Terry, and the government has spent over a million dollars, that is you and I have, to pay for her, along with a million dollar plus settlement that she got for malpractice.
Now you say, hey, we're having to pay for her.
That's socialism, Alex.
Don't blame her, Terry.
She can't speak, so I'm going to speak for her.
Don't blame her because of this socialized system.
All right?
I'm going to let you talk.
I've just got to get that out.
This is all the reason the media is giving this so much attention.
I was talking about this four years ago before it was cool.
Now people say, well, why aren't I talking about it more now that it's the biggest story I've seen in years?
I am talking about it.
Bush is using it for politics.
Bush could care less.
Bush is actually appointing pro-death people.
He is funding it.
He is funding the bioethics boards.
But then he can do this token thing and he'll con a bunch of conservatives.
But just because the Republicans are being political doesn't mean they're not doing a good thing.
Now go ahead and make your points.
I'll shut up.
My point is that the call for unlimited compassion comes at a cost.
Hey, buddy, if we don't take care of our weakest people, if we don't do this, then don't you understand they're going to do this to you?
Let me ask you a question, Paul.
Did you know they're killing people who are begging for water and food every day in this country?
Of course.
That's the problem of submitting yourself to the state.
If you took care of your own health care and families had the right to take care of the health care of their own families, it wouldn't necessitate... But they set up a system to destroy the family.
Right, but your rhetoric, Alex, seems to promote the existence of the state as supporting these people.
Where's the money for Terry and people like her going to come from, Alex?
Are you going to pay?
Thanks for the call.
Thank you for the call.
I mean, your mindless argument makes me want to puke on you.
And a lot of these so-called libertarians are just... I'm not going to try to be mean to you, sir, but it's just so hard to even try to explain this stuff to people like you.
You've got one little thought caught in your head.
This is their plan.
Let me say it again.
You are playing into the globalist plan.
They socialize things.
But again, they socialize our health care.
It's fascist for the corporations.
They guarantee their profits, which are not free market.
Then they point out how it's going bankrupt because of this baby boomer largesse.
And then the answer is we've got to have euthanasia.
The young people, we shouldn't have to pay for this.
And you've fallen into their trap.
And you didn't hear me, did you?
We're already in the system, sir.
And you can't even recognize it.
You want to argue semantics and tell me I'm giving you rhetoric?
No, I know what I'm talking about, and you don't.
Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
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The whole point of the corporation's funding socialism for the people is so they control the resources, hence they control you, the slaves.
So now, just because we're in this quasi-socialist system, and the government's paying for this lady, i.e.
we are, then you go, well, then unplug her so we don't have to pay for her.
Oh, Alex, you're arguing for socialism.
That doesn't fly.
Just because the system's bad...
Just because 50 years ago she could have been taken care of privately for a fraction, or charities would have paid for it, doesn't mean we kill her.
And kill her in a way that we wouldn't kill a dog.
You'd be arrested, folks, if you put a dog in a cage without water and food.
And the whole case is lies.
I mean, I just... And while we're all focused on this, by the way, a bunch of other stuff's happening.
That's why we've got Wesley Smith coming on to talk about
The other horrible stuff that's going on.
I talk about how they're killing people begging for food and water, and the caller says, that's why I got mad at him, says, well, they should have taken care of themselves.
They should have.
I mean, you could be a millionaire, folks, and be in a car wreck and break your neck, and your million bucks will be gone real fast.
I mean, what's wrong with you?
I mean, you really made me sick.
Well, go to your calls.
Come on up the next hour with Wesley Smith.
I know we've got loaded phones, but I've got to hit some other news here.
Oh, boy.
Listen to this.
And then this all integrates together.
Road spy cameras will track criminals.
And I got this from California, from London, from... It's just everywhere.
A new national network of mobile cameras is to track criminals on the roads.
That means you too.
Automatic number plate recognition, or ANPR.
Cameras linked to an extensive database will pinpoint vehicles police want to trace.
Here's another one.
There's not much fun with EasyPass.
It's talking about how they're making people all over the country put these EasyPasses in.
No cash allowed.
This is happening in New Hampshire, in Illinois, about to happen in Texas, California.
No more buzzer beater free throws from my driver's side window.
No more alley cop passes into the Bedford toll baskets.
Big Brother has found yet another way to take a little bit of fun out of my commuter ritual.
It gets worse.
Not only are the games gone, but the cost of having less fun may be going up.
The state legislatures get their way.
What's with that?
Your 35.5 cent ride may soon be 75 cents.
Electronic toll payments, and they're about to make it where you have to use the electronic toll road.
No cash allowed.
Illinois just doubled the price.
If you still use cash, it's double.
Then once they phase it out, they quadruple the actual price.
And in Texas, we're not going to have a choice.
Every major state road, every major city road will be toll roads.
Every existing road.
I mean, it's a nightmare.
Here's another one.
This is out of KWTX-TV.
NASDAQ turned U.S., Canada, and Mexico into single giant market.
USA Today, National Toll Roads.
This is the type of news I got, folks.
And I got a whole stack of articles here about the hover drones.
Oh, they're not just going to watch for terrorists.
They're going to make sure you're not building in your backyard something you're not supposed to.
This is what the Pentagon is going to be doing now.
Watching your backyard.
They just slide that in.
I got five articles on drones today.
I'll try to cover them sometime.
Before we end this hour, if you believe in what I'm doing and you want the most powerful anti-New World Order video ever produced, I can really officially say that.
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Alright, take action or the globalist will.
We'll be right back with the second hour.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Coming up here in just a few minutes, a consumer's guide to a brave new world by Wall Street Journal writer Wesley J. Smith, named top expert in bioengineering.
By National Journal in 2004.
You think the Terry Schiavo case is bad, folks?
They're killing people who are saying, please give me water, please give me food.
And they're training some of the neocons out there.
Let's just kill them, because we'll have to pay for them.
It's such a sick argument.
The globalists have really got you trapped, folks.
There's so much other news coming up.
Vicente Fox has arrested American citizens trying to defend their own property, and he's meeting with Lord Bush today and the Canadian leader to try to get that job done for the Pan-American Union.
They're openly setting up the Union of American States in the free trade area of the Americas.
The average person has no idea this is even going on.
But right now, let's go to Jeffrey in Chelsea.
Jeffrey in New Orleans.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, I wrote yesterday to Congress and the President.
This is what I told them.
One, Supreme Court jurisdiction should be limited in accordance with Article 3, Section 2 of the Constitution saying that the Congress can limit the court jurisdiction.
Yeah, Congress can even make up the number of people on the court.
That's right.
Congress is the most powerful branch.
That's right.
And not only that, I told the President that in 1830, Andrew Jackson removed the Cherokee Indians from Georgia in defiance of Supreme Court decisions on the Trail of Tears, and that Bush could have used that precedent as a means of
Sending in troops to rescue Terry Schindler, and that because he won't do that, he is as much an accessory to this crime as is anybody else.
Hey, did you hear that call earlier?
And usually if somebody disagrees, I'll let them go, but it made me so mad when I said, what about the people actually who can talk?
He goes, well, they just should have took care of themselves.
Yeah, I heard that.
I mean, that is sick.
Not only is it sick, it demonstrates the problem that we face.
I'm a blind person.
Some of these people believe the only kind of human beings who can live are human beings who are physically perfect.
Hey, listen, listen.
I was listening to NPR yesterday, having dinner with my family, and I literally was getting sick.
They had some, quote, Christian chaplain on going, well, with the bioethics, we decide if someone has a quality of life, and if it's not quality, then... But the state's going to decide.
Before we held up Helen Keller...
And, you know, now it's not.
Look, Peter Singer calls people macro, subhuman, and worthless.
Exactly right.
And, of course, that is a complete defiance of the original Hippocratic Oath, which said, Doctor, do no harm and do everything you can to save lives.
You know, they don't give the Hippocratic Oath anymore.
I should have known that, but that's the whole problem.
Nobody is willing to recognize it.
Hey, the point is, is they set up socialism.
We're about to have the oldest population in the world, and these yuppies are cheerleading their own demise.
Thanks for the call.
These yuppies are going to be chained down, begging for food and water, and they're going to remember what they did.
Folks, I don't think you get it.
This isn't right to die or somebody's dignity.
This is government killing people.
Chelsea in California, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
I'm just, I have relatives.
They are...
They're knowingly globalist, and I try to bring up little subjects I hear you talk about on the radio, and I don't know if they're willingly globalist because they're just trying to make the rest of their life easier, but one of the issues that is kind of interesting that you bring up once in a while is about the aliens, and I don't believe in it, but this particular... Wait a minute, I bring up aliens?
Well, you say like...
When you started the show, you said something about, you know, I think it's a distraction also.
And I don't know exactly what you said.
Okay, but I mean, yeah, go ahead.
This is what I ran over with a particular relative.
I said, you know, somehow it came up in the conversation, and this person said, well, we're going to need the globalization to fight the aliens.
And this is a very intelligent person.
I'm not saying this is a person with money, and they're intelligent, and I know they're globalists, and I know they're willingly globalists.
Well, any excuse.
They think they're part of the power system.
Are they worth $10 million?
Because they're not a globalist until they've got about $10 million.
I haven't really... They have property.
Yeah, I hear you.
Hey, listen.
Thanks for the call.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
Go to my website, InfoWars.com.
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We haven't had him on in about a year, and he writes for scores of major respected publications, Wall Street Journal, you name it.
He's written several best-selling books, The Culture of Death among them, and his newest book is A Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World, and I literally couldn't get it away from my wife this morning, so I don't even have it with me in studio.
She's reading it.
And because she's my radio producer and also a webmaster at Zinfowars.com, she knows all of it's documented because she posts these articles every day.
And she says the way it's put together in the book is just amazing.
So she's a fan.
We get three or four books a day in the mail.
She doesn't like most of them and doesn't read most of them.
Leslie has done something that many others haven't done.
I mean, number one, he's not a liberal or a conservative.
You know, he's kind of a Ralph Nader supporter in the past.
But he writes for conservative publications as well as liberal publications.
They're trying to make it all left-right argument.
But out of the gates, before we get into Terry Schindler and her estranged husband, before we get into the cloning, which they're announcing all over the place now, we're just going to legalize it totally now.
Before we get into all that, your book, A Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World, Wesley,
For people that don't know, what's really behind the eugenics movement, the Peter Singers, and let's talk about the people who actually beg for food and water that the government's killing.
It just occurred to me.
Good morning, Alex.
Thanks for coming on.
My pleasure.
It occurred to me it must be very interesting to be married to you.
What's going on in this country is worrisome, to say the least.
The bioethics movement, which is the philosophy of health care,
Well, I think what we're doing is really trying to take apart the millennia tradition of Hippocratic medicine of do no harm and is trying to revive the idea that some human lives have greater value than others.
We've talked about this on this show before.
It's called personhood theory.
Under personhood theory, what matters is not being human but whether one has sufficient cognitive capacity.
...to be deemed a, quote, person.
And under this belief system, there are some human beings who are not persons.
For example, all unborn human life are not persons, but newborn babies might not be persons either.
You referenced Peter Singer.
Peter Singer is out promoting infanticide in the Los Angeles Times just a week ago.
And not because these babies are disabled, but because in his mind they're not persons.
He says until 18 months they're, quote, mackerel.
Basically, he compares them.
He says killing a baby is no worse than my catching a mackerel off a pier.
That's how I put it.
But he has equated the life of a fish with the life of a baby.
People like Terri Schiavo are not considered a person because she has a significant cognitive disability.
People like Ronald Reagan, when he was in his Alzheimer's disease, would not be considered a person.
And if you're demeaned as a human non-person, that means not only do you not have the right to life, and we can take away your food and water as is occurring with Terri Schiavo, but many are now advocating that people like Terri Schiavo be harvested for their organs.
We're good to go.
And the guy goes, yeah, and they should have took care of themselves.
They shouldn't take stuff from the government.
I mean, they're already setting up this debate where these people psychologically think they're getting ahead by the government killing the old, the infirm, or the weak.
This is nothing but eugenics, is it not?
I quite agree with you, Alex.
And so we see the socialists and the communists and the Nazis falling for this.
And the thing is, it's not just the government.
You've got HMOs and corporate medicine, too.
That get involved in these kinds of issues.
And we're really in danger of creating what I call a disposable caste, C-A-S-T-E, of people, that people who are the most weak and vulnerable are beginning to be seen as unwanted baggage, and we're just kind of throwing them out of the lifeboat.
But, see, I have hope because millions of people have rallied to this defense of Terry Shivo.
People are waking up.
And radio shows like this one are helping them wake up.
And I don't believe this is inevitable.
I think if we the people get involved in the democratic process
We can maintain morality in medicine and still deal with the issues of resources and so forth.
Well, I agree with you.
You know, the media change agents all are reading off the same sheet of music and the nomenclature of Singer that this degenerate bioethicist folks who calls, you know, old people worthless and retarded children subhuman and children mackerel.
This guy stopped it five years ago.
Here's the negative, Mr. Smith.
I mean, as you know,
But for those that don't know, whereas five years ago his nomenclature, you didn't hear it in the media, now I'm hearing them verbatim pushing his whole agenda.
You're absolutely right.
It's certainly not everywhere in the media, but it's become a respectable conversation.
I think it was Richard John Newhouse who does First Things, and I'm going to do a very bad...
I think that's the citation of what he said, but what bioethicists are doing are taking the unthinkable, moving them into the debatable, which moves them to the acceptable, and so they become unremarkable.
That is the very process we see happening in all of these issues.
Some have gone further than others, and now infanticide has gone from the unthinkable to the debatable.
Taking food away from Terry Schiavo has gone from the debatable
To the acceptable, and if this just goes away, it will become unremarkable.
Now, let's stop right there.
You have been the champion in the Wall Street Journal and other publications of listing the people.
Their names, you know, you've visited them.
It's been in the news where they are actually saying, may I please have food and water, and they say no, and they kill them.
Some people still aren't, and you notice the media didn't pick one of those fights to make it a big issue.
They picked one like Terry where it's kind of nebulous.
Yeah, and the case you're referring to is called Marjorie Nyberg, N-I-G-H-B-E-R-T, which also happened in Florida, by the way.
And Marjorie Nyberg, and I write about this in the book Culture of Death, Marjorie Nyberg had a stroke while she was in Alabama and she was moved to Florida to go to a nursing home for rehabilitation because she had lost the ability to swallow.
They put in a feeding tube because they were afraid that if she swallowed wrong she could aspirate.
And so her brother...
I think so.
I think.
By the way, that nursing home person was fired for that.
Then what happened was a judge got... These Florida judges I'm really beginning to wonder about.
A judge got hold of this case and appointed an attorney for Marjorie who was given 24 hours to look into the case and let him know whether she was competent.
Well, she'd been dehydrated for a month.
So the attorney went about the case, didn't have enough time to really investigate,
Came back and had to tell the judge, well, at this point she's not competent.
And the judge said she is not competent to change her advanced medical directive.
She's going to die.
And he ordered her to die by dehydration because he didn't think she was competent to ask for the medical treatment of food and water.
Can you imagine?
Now, the last three or four times I had you on over the years, nurses then called in and said, oh, yeah, we get in trouble.
We kill these people all the time.
And, folks, now understand what we're talking about here.
I don't want this to just...
Go over our heads or in one ear and out the other.
We're talking about family being able to do this and these bioethics boards being able to do this where you're begging for food.
You're talking and they're killing you.
And so when you do these living wills, it's not clear.
Oh, you think life support means a breathing machine.
No, no, no.
It means a feeding tube.
Yeah, a feeding tube is considered a medical treatment just like a respirator.
Alex, a lot of people think there's a distinction between extraordinary treatment and ordinary treatment.
There isn't.
There's just treatment.
And if you say, I don't want something, that can include food and water if you can't swallow.
Well, for those that don't know, Marjorie's not the only case of this.
I mean, what can I say?
That is, we are, especially if the person in the nursing home doesn't have family who cares for them, it's possible.
On the other hand, let us come to the defense of people like these nurses who are desperately trying to protect the lives of the people under their care.
The people who are standing against this often are the ones in the trenches of the hospitals and the nursing homes, and some of the times they're willing to risk their jobs to save the lives of people.
For example, the Robert Wendland case, which we've talked about,
In California, which is like the Shivo case, only Robert could roll a wheelchair down a hospital corridor, and they were going to take away his feeding tube, and a nurse broke confidentiality to warn the mother that this was occurring, and that's what saved Robert's life.
Unbelievable, and folks, they want to get rid of the old in this country, and they're pushing it,
The average person doesn't know how serious this is.
We'll be right back with our guest, Leslie Smith, and we'll get more into his new book.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The government, the corporations, you name it.
They don't want to pay for the old, the young, the infirm.
And so they're selling the population on how loving it is, how compassionate it is.
Why just take someone out of their misery?
But when you look at the actual hospital handbooks that these bioethicists have written up, it's about quality of life.
Are you a person?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, there's so many points.
I know that you're the expert on this.
Just where should we go from here?
What's your new book?
I mean, how do we fight this?
What are some of the other horrors that are going on?
Well, you can go all the way from cloning through these end-of-life issues.
For example, in New Jersey, they have legalized the creation of human cloned embryos.
They have legalized implantation of those embryos into wombs.
And gestation of those cloned fetuses through the ninth month.
The only thing that you can't do in New Jersey is let a cloned baby be born.
Therefore, what they have legalized is fetal farming.
And there are bills all throughout the country now in Washington State, Minnesota, and other places.
California wouldn't allow fetal farming.
It created a constitutional right to cloning, and the cloned embryo must be destroyed at 14 days.
But that's already obsolete.
And you know, whenever we talk about the stem cell issue, it's like we're talking about George Bush's funding issue from 2001.
And leftover embryos from in vitro fertilization.
That's way obsolete.
They're now talking in the state legislation
Literally about authorizing fetal farming.
I kid you not.
I've had members of Congress on.
I've read the major news articles going back a year and a half ago, and they passed that in New Jersey.
I read the bill on air.
It says bring the baby up to term, nine months, and use it for whatever you want.
That's rock bottom right there.
That's right, and the media will not cover it.
They still keep saying it's stem cell research.
So stem cell research, again, is a code word for literal farms like the Matrix with babies.
It can be, absolutely.
And then death with dignity is code for the state's going to kill people begging for food.
You know, you have a way of putting things, Alex, that are pretty hard, but in some cases accurate.
But again, they're only selling part of this agenda, Wesley, by lying about it.
Oh, the lies in these issues are incredible.
In the cloning issue, for example, they will say that a cloned embryo isn't an embryo.
I mean, that's nuts.
They'll say, well, it's just a bunch of cells.
Well, so are you, pal.
If it were just a bunch of cells and not an embryo, they wouldn't say, yes, they sometimes say we shouldn't implant it.
If you implanted a bunch of skin cells, you'd never get a baby.
You implant an embryo, you get a baby.
The definitions in science are changing.
Postmodernism has come to science, meaning that what they do now is, rather than just set forth the facts objectively, they have a narrative they want.
That is, they want to legalize therapeutic cloning, so they change the definitions to win the political debate.
But that's a corruption of science.
That's not science.
In fact, science is becoming a religion.
Explain that for people.
It's called scientism, where the belief is that science is the key to human salvation, and that we might even be able to get a material immortality.
I urge your listeners, and I don't know if you've got a computer in front of you, Alex, go to Google or Yahoo and type in transhumanism, T-R-A-N-S.
No, I've had them on.
I've had them on, and they...
Better humans and all that stuff.
And they say, oh, you'll all have to have chips because you have to go along with the rest of us in our evolution.
And we, the technocracy elite, we're going to take control.
And we are in danger right now of creating a society in which science doesn't serve us but dominates us.
And bottom line, the elite isn't going to let us have access to this anyways.
This is what the agenda is.
You're right.
I mean, let's assume therapeutic cloning works.
It would be so expensive that the only people who could get access to it would be George Soros.
They know exactly what they're doing.
No, listen, I read what they say and what they're doing and all the big money funding, and they're saying it works.
Folks, look, it's 2005, Wesley.
It's the future.
Well, they haven't prevailed yet, Alex, and you're still on the air, so let's keep fighting it.
No, I agree with you, but I'm glad you brought up that New Jersey situation.
I mean, they can implant these babies and then bring them up to nine months and the baby has no rights, but then in a case where somebody kills a woman with a five-month-old baby in her, he gets two murder charges.
I want to talk about more of your book, A Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World, by Wesley J. Smith, now out in major bookstores.
And take your calls when we get back.
And, of course, get your take on the Terry Shivo case in some detail.
But your calls are coming up at 800-259-9231.
And, Wesley, you're not pulling punches, folks.
This is what's happening.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Daryl and Travis and John and Don and Dave, your calls are coming up here in a few minutes.
It comes down to this.
People are lazy and self-centered.
We've had the bounty of having a free society, the highest GDP, highest standard of living, 4% of the population with half the world's wealth.
And the global corporations that are not free market, that operate as organized crime syndicates predominantly,
Of the 100 biggest governments, 45 of them are corporations, biggest GDPs, and they are literally engineering society.
They say they're, quote, taking control of the evolutionary process.
They think they're God.
And they say this.
They know you're not reading their own policy reports.
They know that you're not investigating what they're doing.
And they know they can sell you, instead of black against white, or northern against southerner, or Catholic against Protestant, the new thing is going to be old against young, or sick against healthy.
And it's really a sick system.
Folks, if we don't take care of the least of us, then...
It's not a society any of us want to live in.
We don't do anything when the SWAT team hits our neighbors.
We don't find out why.
We don't do anything.
We don't even know our neighbors.
The windows all glow blue in my neighborhood at night because everybody's inside watching television.
Our community, our families have been broken down.
Gloria Steinem was openly funded by the CIA to start Miss Magazine, openly to break down the family.
It's all about control.
And they've done a superb job.
To control us, they've got to handicap us mentally, psychologically.
And being self-centered is really at the heart of illness, mental illness in this country.
We have a very self-centered, sick society telling the rest of us that are half-decent and half-normal, none of us are perfect, that something's wrong with us.
Mr. Smith, any comments to what I was just babbling about?
I don't think you're babbling.
You know, I don't use the kind of lexicon you use, but I think it's true.
Unless we care for the least and most vulnerable in this country, none of us is safe.
First, all of us at some point, assuming we don't get hit by a truck, will become defenseless and vulnerable.
Second, once you go down this road of saying some of us are not worthy of protection, the unprotectables
The untouchables expand.
The categories expand.
And so unless we protect people like Terry, in the end, none of us is safe.
So I think you're right on the money.
Well, in England, they're talking about scanning people's genetics and not letting them have children.
They've got aggressive genes or genes for mental illness.
That's right.
And in England, that's eugenics.
And in England right now, a man has filed a lawsuit.
He has something like Lou Gehrig's disease.
It's not that disease, but it's similar.
And he filed a lawsuit wanting to make sure that when he became unable to swallow, he could have a feeding tube.
He wants a feeding tube.
The government is resisting and appealing his winning of that lawsuit.
And it's based on socialized medicine.
They don't want to spend the money on his care because he's not worth living.
The problem with socialism comes in is it sets us all up against each other.
Exactly right.
And health care rationing, which we are beginning to impose in this country through bioethics, you end up with people with multiple sclerosis pitted against people with Lou Gehrig's disease, pitted against people with AIDS, pitted against people with cancer.
And those with good political clout tend not to be hurt, and those without it tend to get it in the neck.
Well, I mean, statistically, I've seen the numbers on this, but the Stephen Hawkings, the physicists of the world, all these people that do some of the best work of their life, Beethoven, you know, when he was deaf, I mean, so many times a disabled person develops other areas of their mind and body and give us some of the greatest attributes we've ever seen.
And even if they don't, when we love them and care for them, we are being as human as we ever can be.
When we cast them aside, how are we different than the herd of antelope that leaves their limping brother to the lion?
Well, in the hierarchy of needs, I mean, that's really what life is about, is service.
I mean, service, folks, to me, feels a thousand times better than a brand new car.
Alex, that is a human approach to life.
That is what makes us special in the universe.
And again, I'm not sitting here slapping you on the back and you're not slapping me on the back.
No, of course not.
I mean, really, isn't it self-preservation in our genetics that taking care of others, we know that comes back on us?
You know, you could look at it that way.
I look at it a little more hopefully that that is something that we have developed because, you know, back in Rome we'd leave disabled babies and expose them on hills.
We don't do that anymore.
I think it is a consequence of our growing understanding of the need for ethics and I think it flows out of, frankly, the Judeo-Christian tradition.
And we're now literally trying to turn back the clock to the point where, figuratively speaking, we expose infants on hills again.
Well, I mean, I myself am a Christian, and Christ said, suffer the little children.
If you're mean to the weak, that's the worst thing you can do.
And again, folks, in Nazi Germany, in Russia, in China today, with all these eugenics getting the UN awards, they don't just stop with the person, again, who can't feed themselves.
It expands out.
I can't disagree with you.
Well, I mean, I haven't had a chance to read your book yet, but the reviews are rave, including in my own household.
Tell us more about the book.
I mean, some of the other things you talk about.
Because, you know, Brave New World, A Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World.
Yeah, thank you.
A Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World does two things.
First, you know, a lot of people want to participate in these issues over cloning, stem cell research, and genetic engineering, but they're afraid that they can't understand the science.
So you mentioned that I've worked with Ralph Nader, which I have.
I went back to my old consumer advocacy roots, and the first part of the book is dedicated to helping people understand what a stem cell is, how cloning works, why it creates a new human life, and so forth, so that whether people agree with me or not, at least when they come away from reading the first section of the book, they'll understand the science.
It's easy to understand.
They're going to have the proper definitions, which the media counts on us not having.
That's right.
And the science community, which tries to...
I think we're good to go.
High school biology understands that.
Or we're going to bring the cell bundle to nine months' term.
That's right.
And then you realize the cell bundle is an embryo that becomes a fetus.
And by the way, you and I are just cell bundles if you get down to it.
In fact, if you wanted to really get deconstructed... We are colonies of cells.
And if you wanted to get deconstructionist, we can't be differentiated from carrots because we're all based on carbon-based molecules.
That's right.
Well, actually, I've had these transhumanists on the show, I mean, top scientists, and they just giggle and laugh and say, yes, the elite's taking control.
These people, when I've had them on, they sound like lunatics.
Well, yeah, and unless we get involved, they are going to be in control.
But I think that the people in the public square can stop that, which is why I spend so much time writing and going on shows like yours.
You know, I've also made a study, you can do so much with a search engine, of these top bioethicists and these eugenics people, and type in their name and then artwork, and you'll get the art.
I mean, of course you know about Kevorkian and the blood paintings of babies being eaten by demons, but almost every one of these guys or gals, you look at the art they have, it's like demons eating children and blood and death.
It seems like it's a mentally ill crew of people.
It is certainly not the kind of people you would want to have their values and control of society.
Well, I mean, you talk about cultures of death.
It seems to be their overriding lust.
There does seem to be a dark embrace of death.
At the same time, there's this kind of desperate grasping for science and biotechnology to hold off death at all costs.
You know, these transhumanists would make me laugh if their values weren't so dangerous.
On one hand, they say, humans aren't good enough the way we are.
We're not smart enough.
We're not healthy enough.
And we're not pretty enough.
And yet, doggone it, we die so soon.
You know, it kind of reminds me of the old Borscht Belt joke that says, the woman says, how was the meal?
And the other lady says, terrible in such small portions.
You know?
I know, and I mean, life is so wonderful in all of its complexity, and yes, to use that word, diversity, I mean, we're talking about the state taking control.
Or the corporations, with the help of the state.
I mean, what we have to do is make sure that the people stay in control, which is, again, I know why you worked so hard at your effort.
A Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World by Wesley J. Smith, and...
Tell us more about the book.
What are some of the other facets you cover?
I then get into, after you learn the science, I make an ethical argument about how if we're going to maintain human equality and human rights, we must outlaw all human cloning and at the same time push very hard for adult stem cell research and other forms of moral biotechnology.
For example, Alex, did you know that right now about 24%
People with quadriplegia like Christopher Reeve have had really interesting treatments in Muslim Portugal using their own adult stem cells from their nose called olfactory tissue.
And these people have regained bladder control.
Some of them are able to now walk using braces or stand up with a walker.
This is a huge achievement.
It's in early research, and we can't say that it's
Well, I mean, statistically, and I've probably interviewed 50 scientists on this subject, adult stem cells seem to be more easily manageable and controllable than embryonic.
Yes, because the embryonic are so hard to control they cause tumors.
Which I've had top scientists on who are for all this, but then they admit that all this could give rise to super viruses.
Well, I don't know about that, but it could definitely give rise to tumors, and they could create artificially super viruses.
In fact, I think they have created a, I forgot what kind of virus it was, a polio virus or something of that sort.
Something artificially, and it's very dangerous when you consider the terrorist threat.
Just real quick, Terry Schiavo, then we've got loaded phones here.
Terry Schiavo, here's a few of the things.
Nurse, Terry can eat normally.
Interviewed her four years ago, now it's in the news.
Nurse, Michael tried to kill Terry.
I mean, regardless, he's abandoned her ten years ago.
I mean, just your take on this whole thing.
I think that Terry Schiavo is a mirror that reflects...
On each and every one of us who look at her.
And we can look at the state of our own heart and soul by the way we react to her, in my view.
Quite frankly, I want to focus on it and talk about it, but when they're already legalizing bringing babies up to nine months for parts, and they're killing people begging for food and water, I wish I could focus people not just on Terry, but on the even more obvious cases.
But again, the media is not going to play that game with us, because that wouldn't be a good poster child for them.
I think the media has done an abysmal job generally of covering these issues, with exceptions, but generally.
Well, yeah, it's just incredible.
You know, she's now, what, five, six days into not having food and water.
Yeah, I think, Alex, honestly, I think she's out of options, honestly.
Unless the Supreme Court steps in today, she's going to be so badly damaged.
Well, yeah, she'll certainly turn into a martyr.
I think she is.
In many ways, I think that's right.
And I think she can become a rallying cry for the people to take back from the elites our value system.
Or we can go back to sleep and start watching Survivor at night and just allow these things to wash over us.
Well, you were talking about the Romans.
They would put people in a cage and hang them out over the side of the parapet for a week.
Yeah, and of course, we're never going to do that.
We'll just give them the poison needle.
Let's take a call here.
Let's talk to Daryl in Delaware, then Travis, John, and others.
Go ahead, Daryl.
You're on the air, Daryl.
All right, that caller's not there.
Travis, Travis, you're on the air.
Where are you calling us from?
You know, when it rains, it pours with these callers.
Yeah, Travis, you going to talk?
Oh, yeah, I sure am.
I'm calling from Seattle, bud.
I just got a few comments.
That Mr. Smith guy sounds like a pretty educated individual, but when I was born, they cut the umbilical cord to my mother, so I don't say we anymore.
It reminds me when I'm watching a football game.
Everybody goes, oh, we're going to win.
We're going to win.
Well, that's not we're.
That's them.
The same thing with this country.
When you say we are over there doing this and we are doing that, we're not doing nothing.
I'm sitting here independent, and I am liberated.
Yeah, but by letting this government get away with this, we are still parties to it.
I'm doing what I can, Alex, to let people know how I feel about this government and who controls it.
Well, I want the responsibility.
I want to say that we're over there killing innocent people in Iraq.
Well, I don't want to get into the Iraq issue, because, you know, I focus on bioethics issues, and I want people who agree with me.
I wasn't talking about Iraq.
I mean, just the philosophical point.
When the government does something as government policy, even if we disagree with it, it's still us doing it as a country, as a collective nation.
Well, see, that's where I disassociate myself from that, and that's why I don't even pay income tax.
Well, it's a fact.
The 16th Amendment was not ratified.
No, I'm willing to go to court over it.
Listen, I have used the same point you're making.
I actually agree with you that we're not our military.
It's mainly the corporate's military.
But what I'm saying is that we still have a responsibility to fight it, and I think you're doing that.
Oh, absolutely.
Just when I say we, I feel too morally responsible, and then I feel like I'm getting crushed by it.
Do you have any comments or questions?
I just wanted to comment on the caller, Paul.
I just don't know where his mindset was because it would be like me going over here to a neighbor's house who happens to be old and offering him $80,000 for his home and say, this will put you up in a retirement home for the rest of your life.
And then me turning around and selling that home for $180,000, $200,000 and calling it business.
That way I can buy my own medical insurance.
See, I don't buy that argument.
That's not morally right.
You're talking about the guy?
Your first caller on the show today.
He wasn't the first caller.
The first one I caught, anyway.
To say, okay, I'm going to go buy a mutual fund, and AT&T is at the head of it.
Well, if you read the fine print, they own stock in the Costinos in Vegas, and I don't really care for gambling because I think it's the dumb man's way of going in and trying to make money.
I hear you.
Now, the bottom line is, these people call business, business, when it's not business.
It's morally wrong.
But yet, you can set yourself up with insurance, which I think is wrong, because you're paying somebody else to be responsible for your own actions.
Hey, I hear you, Travis.
All right.
Good points.
John in Louisiana.
You're on the air with Wesley Smith.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex, I want to talk about the Scavo case.
But first, I wanted to hit that Arnold Schwarzenegger case.
There ain't no way that he can be president.
Plain and simple.
He's a ploy, a straw man, a decoy, to drive us into the arms of whom?
Of Condo Rice.
That's the whole game plan for those people, and it's working like a charm, and it'll work right up until Election Day and so forth.
But about the Scavo case, the Romans, one of the Romans' great contributions to civilization was that they brought compassion to their courtrooms, to their judges.
And we, in our lifetime, have thrown compassion out of our courts.
Our courts are now devoid of compassion.
And the Seattle case, plainly, demonstrates that.
All those judges now have become Oliver Wendell Holmes types, heartless as a law book.
How does anybody answer that?
All right, we'll comment on the other side with our guest, Wesley Smith.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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All right, I want to move quick and get the three final dollars here with Wesley Smith.
It's a new book, A Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World, like 17 bucks on Amazon.com.
I suggest you get it, or link through via Infowars.com to the publisher.
But real fast, Wesley, answering the last caller's question.
Yeah, these judges are getting very, very heartless.
You know, one of the judges said she will die.
I mean, it seems like they're drunk on power.
Well, I do think, and I say this very reluctantly, that we're heading for a constitutional crisis.
I think that the judiciary is the one branch of government that has the fewest checks and balances built into the Constitution.
That, it seems to me, makes it imperative that judges act with self-restraint.
They're not doing that anymore, Alex.
There's almost an imperialism happening, especially with regard to social issues.
Which are, by definition, political.
So instead of allowing the political issues to play itself out, judges are just deciding that their personal views are going to decide.
Well, it's like in California, 70% of people vote to control the borders, and a judge says no.
And in that case, and I live in California, Gray Davis just decided not to pursue the appeal.
That's right.
It gets very, very dicey.
And a great concern, because if we end up in a constitutional crisis, it's just going to further divide this country, which is already kind of crumbling.
The cohesiveness of the country is crumbling, because we have two value systems that seem to be conflicting for dominance in the country.
And the good values are losing out, because most of our leaders are controlled opposition.
Don, in Indiana, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Don.
Hi, Alex.
I just thought I'd add some input here.
I work security in a hospital on a midnight shift in Valparaiso, Indiana.
The other night a woman brought in a young man about 17 years old in his own wheelchair and he was in the exact same state as Terry was in.
I got kind of interested in it and I started talking to her.
I asked her what she thinks about what's going on down in Florida.
And her response was, I think that that's a travesty.
And she says, I noticed that they haven't been working with her either because of her limbs and the position of her body and everything.
And I explained to her that, yeah, I understand that her husband won't let her rehab.
And she said one telling thing at the end.
She says, things like that aren't supposed to happen in this country.
But it's a new loving thing we do, not helping people.
It's a new value.
Wesley, comments?
Well, I think that's correct.
People like this beautiful woman who want to care for her son, they know that these disabled people are not just, quote, vegetables, quote, quote, which is a term we should never use to describe a human being.
The people who can't see their value are people with elite attitudes,
Or people who may have a stake in somebody dying.
I applaud this woman, and it's true.
Michael has not let Terry have rehab since 1993, and when the parents said, before you take away feeding tubes, can she at least have rehab, Judge Greer said no.
Well, Mr. Schavell better hope she never comes out of it, because somebody might get in some trouble if she ever starts talking.
Well, there's been speculation to that effect, and I won't comment on it.
I do think that what he's doing right now is a form of abuse.
It is very abusive, and that's the funny thing.
Why isn't the protective families people involved?
They've been called in.
A lot of us were pounding on the drum for them to come in much earlier.
They came in finally only after...
You know, the thing kind of reached its end, and Judge Greer refused to stop things so they could do an investigation.
They should have been investigating this a year or two ago.
But certain things are state and government sponsored, so they're okay.
Don, anything else?
All right.
That's it, sir.
Thank you.
God bless you.
Leslie Smith, I want to thank you for coming on with us.
Alex, thank you very much.
Always good having you on.
The new film, Martial Law, is out.
Visit Infowars.com for details.
We'll come back, talk to Dave and Roger.
Then we'll go to our next guest, talk about the Border War.
Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, last hour we talked about how the government, corporations, actually kills people begging for food and water.
You can say, please give me food and water, and they still kill you.
You can talk.
But the national news media isn't going to use those as their poster child.
They'll use something like Terry Schindler, known as Terry Schiavo, to try to claim that she's brain-dead when she's not.
Now it's a vegetative state.
We've been talking about that in the last hour.
Coming up, we're talking about the Sente Fox meeting with Lord Bush, saying, hey, stop these property owners from protecting themselves.
And the Minutemen, 900-plus volunteers in Arizona.
Right now, let's go to David in Delaware.
I'm sorry, I got his name wrong earlier, and so he wasn't there.
David in Delaware, go ahead, sir.
How are you, sir?
Alex, I'm the gentleman that called you several times and sent you a lot of different mail certified in reference to the Milford Public Library, placing your videos into the library.
Yes, I got your material.
Okay, I just got one placed.
I also had my letter printed in the Delaware State News petition to the church for redress for grievances, and also I am going to the local police departments, senior centers, fire departments, and several other places to start placing your videos as well.
I've already been to three places today, the police department,
Library in Harrington, and also the Senior Center.
Well, David, that's very exciting, and I want to commend you and personally thank you.
Well, I'm going to put out as much as I can.
I've got two gentlemen that are making up extra videos for me.
CDX, or the DVDs, and also the others.
And I'm going to put out what I can, and I figure it's time for the fire department, police, and all them to... I met with also the chief of police this morning over in Harrington.
And so... Now imagine this.
I mean, great folks like yourself all over the country are doing this, going and talking to their government about the New World Order, about the police state, and saying, here's the evidence, and it's that... Look, I've got every day in other towns pulling out of the Patriot Act.
I mean, all over, good stuff is happening.
And it's because of people like you, David.
That's very true.
Well, you and I, and we work together, and once people know...
Did you also get the paperwork on the waterworks that they're trying to put the water lines down through the different highways here in Delaware?
Yes, I did get all that stuff you sent me.
Okay, because that's another thing that they're forcing.
One person had like a bill of 800 and some dollars.
Oh, I know.
There's so many scams, sir.
You know?
But as long as I can fight, I've been fighting this issue since back in 82, 84.
And I've fought many different constitutional issues, and we've won several of them.
Well, that's the point.
I mean, we're not going to win them all, but if we don't fight, we know we're going to lose.
We're going to lose it quicker than if we hadn't done anything.
David, good to hear from you.
Keep it up.
Let's talk to Dave in Michigan.
Hi, Alex.
Dave, go ahead.
I wanted to share a story with you and your last guest there.
It was about the euthanization of my grandmother.
Well, tell us that story.
We'll hold you over it if need be.
It was October of 2003.
Briefly, I live in Michigan here, but my folks live in Arizona, and they had brought my grandmother out there to live in an assisted care facility in Scottsdale, very near their home.
When the insurance ran out, she got killed?
Oh, no, no, no.
The money was there for her and everything, but she was having a problem with her knee, and it got to be very painful one day, so she went to the hospital to have it checked out.
And while she was in there, they diagnosed her with pancreatic cancer.
She was 90, okay?
But they did say she had quite a few months to live.
And then what happened is they suggested that on her exit from the hospital that she have a temporary stay in a hospice to check her out.
Well, these hospices... My parents and I weren't awake in 2003.
Just recently, within a year, found out about it.
Some are good, some are bad, but a lot of them are going to kill you.
Right, exactly.
So what happened to her?
Well, what they did was they hooked her up for, quote, pain control through the morphine...
And I tell you, she was laughing, joking the whole time she was in there until they hooked her up to this, and then within five days she went into a light coma, and then she just passed away.
And she should not have died that fast.
I mean, it was obvious that it was... It's euthanasia.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Anything else?
No, that was it.
I wanted to get your... Stay there.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, eight minutes, 25 seconds into this third hour.
Thank you for joining us on this Wednesday edition.
In just about 60 seconds, we're going to go to Chris Simcox, and he is the leader of the Minutemen, 950-plus people, down there to defend the Arizona border peacefully, simply by reporting the swarms of illegals to the Border Patrol.
And Lord Bush and Lord Fox have now weighed in, attacking them.
Real fast, though, finishing up.
With the caller that we were talking to, Dave, in Michigan.
Dave, you were talking about how they euthanized your grandmother.
Finish up what you were saying?
Well, you know, I just wanted to say that for those that may have relatives in hospice or that may be going to hospice soon, I would highly suggest to keep a close eye on what they're doing to them.
If they're giving them an IV and they seem to be slipping into this dreamy state, I would get them the heck out of there as soon as possible because I saw it happen.
And your grandmother wasn't even in pain?
In what?
I mean, you described her as not really being in pain, but they still put her in this.
Well, it was for her knee, supposedly, but she was laying in a bed.
She wasn't up walking around.
She didn't need it.
And then she died.
All right, thanks for the call.
That's euthanasia, folks.
And we had the Wall Street Journal writer on last hour listing names of people who were saying, please give me food and water, begging for it being killed.
I mean, that's how far along we are.
All right, going to...
Chris Simcox.
Chris, Vicente Fox comes out and says, how dare Arizona ranchers and farmers even call police on illegal aliens?
How dare you care that federal officers are being killed and citizens are being killed?
And Bush wants total amnesty.
They passed money for thousands more Border Patrol, but Bush took the money out and said no more Border Patrol.
And tell us about the Minutemen and what you're doing right now.
Well, thanks, Alex.
Yes, we've gotten a good laugh out of this in the last couple of weeks with Vicente Fox ranting and raving and frothing at the mouth over demanding that American citizens be prevented from exercising their constitutional right to assembly and free speech.
He threatened to take us to the world court to try to stop American citizens from peacefully assembling and exercising their free speech.
And their citizens get to vote on both sides.
He openly says they're taking over, but he's got Washington's backing in all of this.
And now, as you referred to him as Lord Bush, just in a press conference, I just had a call from CNN asking me for a comment about President Bush's
Made a comment, not to domestic U.S.
media, but to the Mexican media, that these vigilantes will be held accountable.
Well, what I would say to them is Bush will be held accountable for leaving our southern border wide open where they admit Al-CIA has been coming across.
George Bush should be held accountable for keeping 2,000 extra Border Patrol from going down there.
What did you say to CNN?
I told him that I invited President Bush to come down here to tour the disaster area called our backyard.
And to witness the invasion personally and to meet the so-called vigilantes.
Well, they tell us to spy and tattle on our neighbors for no reason, but don't you dare on your own property.
All you guys are doing is saying that on these private branches that are being overrun and attacked that you're going to call the Border Patrol.
Right, doing nothing but what Bush and Ridge and the Department of Homeland Security have asked all Americans to do.
Be vigilant, observant, and report suspicious illegal activity to the proper authority.
I think we're good to go.
Now, again, folks, this shows what a fraud this entire war on terrorism is.
You try to go into Mexico, they'll beat you, they'll rob you, they'll kill you.
But, oh, you're going to let millions of us come across.
The big question is, why does our government want this to continue?
The answer is...
USA Today, a bunch of other articles I have, Pan-American Union, Free Trade Area of the Americas.
There will be no more illegal immigration problem because there will be no more illegals.
They're going to legalize them all.
Yes, and we're certainly losing our sovereignty every day, and we're not giving it up without a fight.
Now, the ACLU and then Hispanic Ku Klux Klan groups, Mecha and La Raza, are saying they're going to be out there in your face.
What are you doing about that?
Well, actually, I had to sit down with the representative Ray Ibarra out of the Douglas ACLU headquarters there, and we sat down and planned out how they can help patrol the border.
They're going to sit in lawn chairs and watch us watching the illegals to make sure that we don't violate their rights when they break into our country illegally.
I have no problem with them.
I mean, they're harmless, really.
How are you going to stop with your 950 men and women?
How are you going to stop provocateurs?
Internal security, grouping people in teams, mixed teams of groups of four with retired law enforcement officers, military veterans, and keeping a close eye on them.
We have a large group of
Because I know this.
When I try to go build a veteran a new house, we have people show up and try to stir up trouble.
Turns out they're cops.
We try to do basic, good, decent things.
They don't want any of us getting together, any of us doing anything.
They want us to be jellyfish.
So tell us, Chris, the last couple years you've been doing this and really stemming hundreds of thousands of the millions.
You guys have actually had an effect and you've drawn attention.
What have you been through as far as provocateuring?
Very little.
Very little because in the beginning I invited the law enforcement and the federal government to come in and watch what we're doing to show them that what we're doing is lawful and peaceful and they have had no problem with it.
I've never had anyone come in and try to cause trouble.
We're certainly anticipating that but of course our protection
Will be that every volunteer is a press correspondent for my newspaper, and everyone will have video cameras, plus the media coverage.
It's going to be pretty hard to... Yeah, and here's going to be the media coverage.
I mean, ignoring the masses of illegals pouring across.
And then, oh, look at these evil people with binoculars.
You got it.
I mean, you just painted the picture.
And I hope...
In fact, NBC News was just here this week and went down to the line to videotape some stock footage of the fence and actually found people crossing illegally.
And we're wondering if that's going to make the nightly news.
Here's another piece of headline news for you that has been covered up.
Only in the Arizona Republic you can check this.
Two weeks ago, they reported that two Syrians
Who with ties to terrorist cells were caught coming across the Tohono O'odham Nation just south of Tucson disguised as poor migrant workers.
But that's not a problem.
I'm sure that they were headed to their nearest McDonald's to flip burgers.
You know, I wonder what they're going to do when there's another terrorist attack.
I guess the media will just ignore it again.
I mean, we have less Border Patrol now than we had three and a half years ago, but the government's telling us to give up all of our liberties and freedoms.
Yes, and then again, warning us that it's dangerous to go near the border.
But in the same breath, they'll turn around and tell the media that they have the border secured.
Meanwhile, how many federal agents have been killed?
How many citizens?
How many of the illegals crossing by the smugglers?
I mean, for those that don't know, that don't read the news wires every day like you and I do, I mean, it is literally like a wild, insane, crime-infested bedlam down there.
Describe what it's like.
It is.
It's high-speed car chases, shootouts with Border Patrol, snipers on the wall, and Nogales and Douglas.
Firing at people's homes.
Firing at homes.
Firing at the Department of Homeland Security, and our government doesn't consider that an international incident.
Mexican troops kidnapping whole families five miles across the border.
Yes, Mexican military.
Frequently purging our borders.
Up to three miles we've caught them on our side before running cover for drug use.
Well, what do you do when the Mexican troops drive up and start firing machine guns at you?
I guess you just take it because you'd be evil if you did anything back to them?
Well, no comment.
We found ways to make sure that they get a message that they go back across the border.
So Fox doesn't like it.
He's trying to push, and our government loves it, wants to get rid of America, but the citizens are responding.
Yes, and Fox is even demanding that the United States tear down its wall.
That our walls are an embarrassment.
He doesn't tear down his wall to Guatemala.
Right, exactly.
Or take his troops off the heavily...
Fortified southern border with Guatemala, but screams bloody murder that we have even border patrol and walls, and God forbid we have citizens sitting in lawn chairs with binoculars reporting his people breaking our laws.
And then, of course, their government puts out the training manual, how to take over.
Yes, and how to break into our country and how to live in the shadows and not become documented and send those dollars back to Mexico to support our economy.
Yes, it's reaching ahead here, and the Minuteman Project is gaining international attention, basically exposing that the king, King Bush, wears no clothes and that his war on terrorism is
Is a contradiction when he refuses to fund, it even cuts Border Patrol security, and refuses to listen to the... But the problem falls to the neocon talk show hosts, because they'll pass a national ID card, say it's for illegals, and I read the bill and have congressmen on, it actually opens it up to the illegals.
Yes, it does.
What is Glenn Spencer doing these days with his drones?
Not a whole lot that I hear.
He's fighting his local neighbors again because he's illegally built landing strips for them in a zone that's a residential area.
So he's still fighting zoning regulations and things like that, but I haven't seen him too active lately very much.
His website's a great clearinghouse, certainly.
Are you guys going to have drones?
No, we're going to have real live pilots.
We have almost over a dozen pilots of small aircraft that will be flying observation missions.
You know, that's why they're panicking, because the alternative press is exposing it.
Yes, they are.
And so now they're calling your alternative press, and your newspaper editor, evil vigilantes.
Yes, because we dare expose their hypocrisy.
Stay there.
Yes, it's true.
I've got a few other key questions for you.
We'll also fire off the website of the Tombstone Tumbleweed.
Tombstone's a nice town, folks.
I've been there a couple times.
Drink some sarsaparilla there at the bar, because, well, that's what Al-Qaeda drinks.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
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Coming up in the next segment, we'll talk to Roger...
And Ray and Tim and Joe and J.R.
and many others.
Folks, we have the government of Mexico openly declaring war on this country, shooting and killing federal officers with pleasure, killing citizens, dealing drugs, running all over us, and Washington loves it because it's... I've had the head of the Border Patrol on.
He said it's about global government.
They've been told.
America's going down.
And citizens get mad about it, and they get in trouble.
Talking to Chris Simcox.
Chris, tell folks about your newspaper's website.
The news of Tombstone and the truth about the border issues.
You might want to pay careful attention to that during the month of April, as I will document a weekly diary of...
Of our adventures on the border with our American government, which we're fearing will cause more problems than the folks on the other side.
Well, they've got to stop you from stopping the illegals just by reporting on them.
Don't report a crime, Chris.
So you guys have already been out on the border for years doing a lot of stuff, but this is going to be a big, energized, concerted effort.
Describe how that's going to play out.
We have five sectors of the border where we will set up static observation posts
Within a buffer zone of the actual line, again, nothing more than teams of four sitting in lawn chairs, taking shifts, watching the border through binoculars, cell phones in hand, ham radio operators who will report anyone who comes across that border illegally to the proper authorities.
We have a no-contact policy.
We will not interfere or impede them.
By the way, in most cases, you'll be on somebody's private property.
So even on their own private property, oh yes, my lord, illegal alien, do whatever you want.
But still, you're bad.
No, and actually, the challenge is here, Alex, is that we're going to expose... This goes as much greater for ramifications than just spotting and reporting illegals.
We're going to find out if we do have the liberties that we think we have in this country.
And if we do have constitutional rights to assembly and free speech during this month, I fully expect that the federal government, that President Bush is going to send Gestapo federal agents down here to watch us and if not impede us.
And we almost expect them to be arresting us because we're setting up on...
Now, remember, public means they belong to you and I, the taxpayers, and they're not ruled by the federal government.
So we're going to challenge that during the month of April.
Yeah, on top of it, you're going to be out on some of the government, quote, public lands as well.
I'm sure you've heard of the cases of where people are out there and then the cops start harassing them and trying to arrest them.
I mean, it's just crazy.
Yes, and we will document every bit of that with multiple video cameras as well as media coverage.
I hope that if the government does come in and violate our civil liberties and our constitutional rights, that it's captured on the nightly news.
This is one of the big dirty secrets.
I mean, the vast majority of Americans are very upset about it.
I think the media is fighting a losing battle trying to sell us on how wonderful globalism and open borders is.
You know, it's gotten so out of control, Alex.
Again, this is a momentous event here in April with the American people coming down.
And also imagine that most of these outposts will be staked with the state flags of the volunteers.
We have volunteers from all 50 states who are going to reestablish their demand for sovereignty and again expose President Bush's hypocrisy.
It's this type of grassroots rebellion against tyranny that's got them sweating.
I think so.
I think we've
We've carefully calculated how to push
You know, King George into the corner?
I mean, imagine if Bush went to Spain and said, we're going to take over your country.
Or imagine if some other country, let's say France bordering Spain, said we're going to send millions of people over your border.
And then if the citizens of Spain stood up and said no, imagine the leader of France going, no, you can't do that.
I mean, we ought to laugh at these people.
Well, I do.
I mean, I'm certainly getting a great enjoyment about the frustration this is causing to Sente Fox and exposing his agenda as well, which means basically, look, you know, really you guys stole this land from us and we have every right to come back in and you cannot erect walls and you will not impede the flow of our people coming back into our territory to take the jobs.
That you offer them.
But that's the propaganda that he uses on his population.
Wall Street's funding this to break down the country, period.
I would say so, especially when we have our, again, like you talked about, the Pan-American, basically a continental security force, and erase the borders between Canada and Mexico and the United States.
That's what they said they're going to do, yeah.
Chris, thanks for joining us.
Sure thing, Alex.
Take care.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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While our border is wide open, I have, what, five different articles today about drones.
And they're going to have drones flying around scanning and photographing our backyards with all the new zoning laws and then arresting us if anything gets built that wasn't supposed to because the computers automatically read what's in your yard and a year later fly back by and automatically red flag it.
And just, again, all over the country, these license plate reading scanners are going in.
Track and trace you.
I mean, it is hellish what they're doing.
I have two other articles about the Pan-American Union.
We're the free trade area of the Americas and the security perimeter.
Oh, we won't have any internal borders.
It will all be around North America, from Guatemala, northern Guatemala, all the way up to Alaska.
And that's just a start.
But you tell the average conservative that, who isn't a real conservative, and they'll go, I heard that's a lie!
Limbaugh said so!
Bush is against open borders!
Well, no, actually, he's for amnesty.
Shut up, communist!
I like Arnold, too.
He may have banned a bunch of different guns in California, maybe for open borders and abortion and cloning and everything else, but I like him.
He fought that Davis.
Yeah, and he's more socialist than Davis.
But we're going to take these five calls.
We're going to talk to Roger and Randy and Tim and Joe and J.R.
That's all I have time for because I want to hit some of these other news articles I just mentioned.
But first, my new film is out, Martial Law.
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Then we look at who the globalists are.
The death cult.
And how it founded the Nazis, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, how Arnold's involved, how the Bushes are involved, right through to Bush's oath of office and how he's butchering the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
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I have that little cold or allergy thing going on, too.
Oh, I sound like a toad.
Yeah, me too.
Well, you know, you sound wonderful.
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I kind of...
What you've got there, Debbie, is really good for the children.
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Debbie, thanks for coming on with us.
Thank you very much.
I appreciate you.
You bet.
God bless you.
I will.
You know, I really do think it's the allergies, since you mentioned that.
I mean, I never had allergies until I moved to Austin.
And Austin is the capital of bats.
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We have the largest population in North America of bats.
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We don't do that either.
We have moral values here.
We have a higher standard.
Well, I wasn't even tempted, by the way.
No, no, it's all right.
We're not going to do that.
Let's go ahead and quickly now go to all the callers.
Let's talk to Roger in Pennsylvania.
Roger, go ahead.
Yeah, see, Alex, that's what happens when you gargle with Drano.
Going back to when you were with Chris there, I'm guessing first off that no one's actually challenged Presidente Vicente to respond to his...
Warm embrace of his visitors from south in Guatemala.
Well, you know, somebody has challenged Fox.
I've got to put this on the website.
I've got the tape somewhere.
I heard it on TV last year.
I've bullhorned Fox so bad that he stopped his press conference.
I got right up against the governor's mansion fence and bullhorn him.
Any other state that arrests you, but we've sued them over arresting protesters here so much that we have our First Amendment, and we shut that pimp down, and we shut that pimp and his little buddy, his little friend, the governor Perry down as well.
Fox was here giving the police chief awards for not following federal law and selling out our sovereignty.
Well, specifically with regards to his embrace of his visitors from Guatemala.
He doesn't embrace them.
He puts them in camps.
Yeah, in other words, hypocrisy.
They take a real drubbing when they get... Oh, it's good points.
I've got loaded phones.
What else?
Yeah, and I was hoping with your earlier guest, Wesley, what he mentioned about just in passing, scientism, that is the application of scientific rhetoric to areas which really it can't answer.
And it goes hand in glove with the push for evolution as fact.
Because, you know, the communists teach... They don't teach communism first.
They teach evolution first, and for good reason.
You know, that's what they taught in China.
Yeah, then it gets into social Darwinism.
Thanks for the call, Roger.
Let's talk to Randy in Florida.
Randy, go ahead.
Yeah, I just sent you a Yahoo News story that said that...
According to President Bush, the feds have exhausted all their options for Terry Schiavo, which is the same... Yeah, the feds can send troops in so little black girls can go to school, but they can't stop this woman being murdered down there.
Well, and his wimpy brother down here in Florida is taking the same tack.
You know, well, my hands are tied.
I can only do what the law of Florida allows me to do.
But then Bush can torture people to death and say he's above the law.
Both of them are beneath contempt, as are Schiavo and Greer, for vetting this woman.
Well, Greer said she will die.
Do you think people are going to have civil disobedience, or what's going to happen?
Well, if they haven't done it by now, I won't hold my breath.
At this point, there may have been already too much damage and harm done to her.
I don't know.
Last time she didn't have food or water for eight, nine days.
Six days.
No, I think it was more than six days, wasn't it?
Six days.
But anyway, here we are, the mightiest, most powerful nation on earth.
We send our troops all over the world to protect and defend other people, and we can't even find a way to protect a disabled woman.
Did you hear Wesley Smith when they're killing people begging for food and water?
You can talk and you can say, please give me food, and they go, you're not a person.
Your life is not worth living.
No, I'm serious.
Let me just put it this way and turn that around.
I say, what's the life of one disabled woman when we're killing 4,000 babies a day in the womb and we're torturing POWs and slaughtering innocent civilians in Iraq?
What's the life of one disabled person against all that?
It's small potatoes.
But it's an important fight.
Thanks for the call.
Tim in Ohio.
Tim, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
A quick question and a news item.
Your new film and Bohemian Grove, what would be a good third film to order for the three-tape special?
Or a good triple feature there.
Road to Tyranny.
Road to Tyranny.
Then I wanted to ask you... For the three-tape special, you save $18.
And that's 20 bucks each, right?
And I can just mail you a money order to the address and everything?
That includes everything?
You should put some shipping in.
I never remember to plug it.
Oh, okay.
Very good.
We use UPS, so it gets to you in like four or five days.
I forget the order, but go ahead.
I was going to include a donation anyway.
I was wondering, I wanted to ask you, up in the northeastern Ohio here, there's a township called Solon who fell into...
Outside interest to come in and thin out this deer herd population they were having problems with.
People complaining about their cars being hit.
Yeah, they're like cockroaches here in Central Texas.
Well, this group that they hired came in.
They're setting up sharpshooter decks in the backyards of people.
And if you so much as go out and even try to talk to them, you can be threatened with obstruction and arrest.
And these people are going on other people's private properties.
And there's nothing they can do about it.
That is really bad.
Send me something on that.
Well, see, everything is about arrogance now.
It's about letting us know we're their slaves.
Well, we're fighting Al-Qaeda by getting these deer.
That's ridiculous.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This is out, uh... This particular story was out of Ganese County.
Aerial photos could track home projects, and it says they're going to have drones and other manned aircraft flying around, photographing your property with a new detailed computer system from 12 different angles.
And then if you do anything wrong, they're going to come arrest you.
This is out of the Flint Journal out of Flint, Michigan.
So first they get rid of your jobs, and they take your property.
CIA uses Red Sox partners and firms.
There's so many planes carrying so many slaves for torture in third-party countries that even the Red Sox jet's being used.
That's out of the Boston Globe.
There's another one Air Force wants big booths in Predator Fleet.
The General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc., the Air Force said Friday, is planning to spend nearly $6 billion for more than 140 of the company's unmanned Predator spy planes.
Those are actually attack planes as well.
They're going to spend over $76 billion in the next four years to have half the Air Force go to unmanned aircraft.
And that means a tiny amount of globalists can control these and do whatever they want for the rest of us.
They've got all these new supercomputers that track our activities and our behaviors as a society.
That's why they've got to have RFID tracker chips and all products to get data to these computers so they can actually predict the future.
Very closely, and then use that to control us.
Germany accepts Wolfowitz as World Bank head.
That's so ridiculous.
And, well, basically, let's take a few final calls here.
Joe in Wisconsin.
Go ahead, Joe.
Hi Alex, I got some rapid fire comments for you.
To the caller who was speaking about economics, if the government cared about economics, they should fix the trade imbalance with China and fix the dollar.
Second, if government is supposed to protect our rights over the economy, that's what they were supposed to do.
Next thing,
The judges are twisting definitions of right to life into death, and they're making the idea of progress.
In other words, is this patient progressing into the quality of life?
And lastly, I think we're committing economic soil and grain.
We are sacrificing all of our citizens for... Yeah, everything has shifted into a predatory cycle.
I wonder what Liza Morgenthaler-Jones, the biotech spokeswoman for Quercinator, would think.
We should get some input from her.
I'd imagine that she'd be all for this stuff.
And she'd be euthanizing Beethoven, too.
Well, I mean, the argument, they socialize things, and then they tell the young people, oh, let's kill the old people, because we don't want to pay for them.
Now you're playing into the globalist plan.
Well, they want us to start begging for it.
And I, for one, am not going along with it.
I can see... Well, I mean, new stuff's come out that's the flu shots giving everybody Alzheimer's.
Top scientists.
New stuff's coming out that they're engineering the flu viruses.
We've got a pack of psychopaths running things, and all our decisions should be made according to those facts.
Thanks for the call.
Great points.
in Texas.
Last caller.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I was shocked last night to hear on the Jay Leno show...
When Jay Leno had Kevin Costner on, the Hollywood actor, Kevin Costner was asked what he thought about the whole Terry Chabot thing, and he said that, well, if she dies, then so be it.
And the audience and Jay Leno were shocked when they heard that, and everybody paused for a couple seconds.
And I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that.
I was like, what?
And so anyways, I don't know, it's just amazing that...
People like a previous caller on your show today was saying that, oh, we shouldn't be paying for this person's well-being, and the government shouldn't support her life.
I don't know.
But the government has no problem supporting all these social parasites that are on welfare.
Well, that's the point.
If it hurts the society, they'll pay for it.
It's all about control.
Yeah, and it would be a lot more humane just to walk into the hospital and blow her brains out than what they're doing to her right now.
Well, they're going to torture her to death, as she's been tortured for six days.
That's awful.
And they're going to tell you it's good, and tell you that it's wonderful.
I can't believe what's happening.
Well, it's going to get worse until we change things.
Thanks for the call.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central Standard Time, on your local AM and FM station, and on Global Shortwave and the Internet, at Infowars.com.
We've really improved Infowars.
Start checking it out.
Hell yeah!