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Air Date: March 17, 2005
2547 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us.
It's already Thursday, the 17th day of March 2005.
Already halfway through this third month of 2005 before we know it.
It'll be 2006 as we move along deeper into the New World Order.
Oil prices soared about $57 a barrel on supply fears.
Russia planning for war to defend Syria and Iran.
New Asian earthquake threat warning, and it could trigger another super tsunami.
This from the BBC.
Americans must accept the threat of terror attack.
Michael Chertoff and his little cousin running Popular Mechanics, the Homeland Security Director is now saying, and of course we have Time Magazine, the New York Times, the 12 different type of targets.
None of you are safe!
Give up all your rights to us or the terrorists will attack you!
Russian Army Chief arrives in China ahead of joint war games.
It's getting more and more serious, and China and Russia to rehearse invasion of Taiwan together.
But Russia's our friend.
We're not worried about them.
We're worried about third-world, nothing countries like Iraq that don't even have missiles anymore that could hit Israel.
That's right.
Iraq had those in the first Gulf War, but not 12 years later.
That's the government's own documents.
We're worried about Iraq and Syria and Iran, why they're not threatening to nuke us on a weekly basis like North Korea and China and the rest of them.
And, of course, our government has moved almost all of our industry over to China.
And the border's wide open, but the government says they've got to put up face-scanning cameras everywhere to watch you and I. Bush nominates Wolfowitz, as you already know.
We mentioned that this was probably going to happen yesterday, and boom, voila, later in the afternoon they did announce Lord Wolfowitz.
I guess you've got to have Wolf in your name.
I pointed this out a few weeks ago when they were bouncing his name around in the hat.
And they may withdraw Wolfowitz.
They like to pull these scams.
It's like Bernard Couric.
For Homeland Security Director, they never plan to have Carrick in there.
It's like they put somebody really outrageous in, and then you don't complain when it's somebody a little less known or a little less worse, at least on the service, like Michael Chertoff.
I shouldn't talk too bad about our gracious Homeland Leader.
He might have his family write some more hit pieces on me.
But Bush nominates Wolfowitz to head the World Bank.
This is just out of control.
I mean, they've already got Dick Cheney running the contracts out of the White House, giving them to Halliburton and other big contributors and companies he's run, like Halliburton, and then other members of the White House have CEO'd.
And now they'll be in control of the, quote, loans.
You know, Iraq's got $4 trillion in oil.
And they're not going to pump a lot of it until it's all sealed up, and the IMF and World Bank, the World Bank will get the predominant amount of that money, and Iraq will never get out of debt for the hundreds of billions they owe, even though they've got trillions.
Just watch.
So you talk about conflict of interest at every single level, but the IMF and World Bank have always been corrupt.
So we'll talk about these institutions a little bit today.
There's charity's horror over new head of the World Bank, the London Evening Standard.
But again, that's more of this WWF theater.
Bush defended this morning, and yesterday as well, his packaged news stories from government.
He's out defending it, saying, hey, fake newscasts are good.
I mean, you've all seen The Running Man.
That's a good movie.
Why not have the real world be like that?
There's so much more coming up.
Wide open phones today.
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All right, things are really heating up between China and Taiwan.
You already know that.
Our government isn't worried, though.
They're, again, worried about little dirt issues
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
County official wants ban on smokers getting government jobs.
And I've seen cases in Florida, we've had them on the show years ago, where a police captain is at a party.
He smokes a cigar.
And he gets fired because there's a bunch of towns in Florida and a couple other states like New York and California where if you smoke anything,
I mean, it's a...
Slippery slope down the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole, and I hope that people get their thinking caps on and realize how dangerous this is.
A Republican county official in Pennsylvania wants to ban smokers from applying for government jobs.
Why stop at smokers?
How far will Big Brother go and eliminate to undesirable personal habits?
How far will they go to eliminate...
Undesirable personal habits.
In the fiction world of George Orwell's 1984, Big Brother is everywhere.
Controlling all aspects of a person's life.
Around every corner is a totalitarian state of Orwell's Oceania.
Giant posters stare back at you with the ominous warning, Big Brother is watching you.
If Jim Matthews gets his way, this nightmarish world of 1984 may soon become a reality in Montgomery County.
Jim Matthews is the big brother.
Of maniacal talk show host Chris Matthews of MSNBC fame.
Jim Matthews is also the chairman on the board of the commissioners in Montgomery County, just outside Philadelphia.
In a move believed to be the first of its kind in the country, that is not true, Big Brother Matthews floated the idea of adopting a policy that would ban the hiring of smokers for county jobs.
We're not talking about people who smoke during work hours or sneak a cigarette during their lunch break.
If you smoke anytime, anyplace, whether it's in the privacy of your own home or at your favorite tavern or in your car, don't bother applying for any of the 3,200 full-time jobs Montgomery County offers.
And I want to add something here.
Again, this is going on in Florida, New York, and California.
Somebody needs to email this reporter and send him those articles.
I don't have time to do it, but...
It's been going on for about three years.
They always start with government employees.
Oh, we're going to put GPS on all the cop cars, and if you don't drive your exact route, we're going to fire you.
Oh, we're going to put GPS on all the government workers' trash trucks and buses and the people that do public works, the construction workers who fix roads.
Then they can selectively enforce it and go after people they don't like.
And you're saying, well, government people are lazy.
Make them do it.
Hey, it's going to happen to you.
And then they say, well, your private corporation can do whatever it wants.
You don't have to have a job there if you don't want it.
It's like, oh, drug testing.
We've got to drug test you.
And you don't have to have a job at that corporation, but pretty soon it's put in across the board nationwide and everybody has to do it.
And then again, it gets into what type of foods you're eating.
What are you doing?
Do you get enough sleep?
They're trying to sell these devices.
In fact, they have been selling them for several years.
The first place I saw it was about four years ago in the Houston Chronicle with a retina scanner that measures microscopic movement in the eye.
When you go to work, it decides if you're on drugs, on alcohol.
It supposedly can be specific.
And who are you to disprove the black box and the scientific quackery?
And it decides if you're too tired, and they just won't let you come to work.
And now Toyota and Saab and GM, they're all talking about putting these in your cars to decide if you're allowed to start your car in the morning.
It just goes on and on.
Total micromanagement.
And so the police are saying, hey, if we've got to have satellite boxes in our cars, why are you complaining?
Why not put them in every car, as Oregon and California and New York are now proposing doing?
And then you complain about a satellite tracker box, which GM and others are now putting standard on all their vehicles.
In a few years, it'll be in everything, every new vehicle.
You complain about that, and they go, that's okay.
We'll just put a transponder in your car for all the toll roads if you don't want a satellite box.
Oh, you've got choice within this limited control parameter.
Which is really no choice at all.
And then they just put up the radio readers that can track your speed, where you're going, what you do, almost as well, just not down to a few feet, but down to how fast you drove and exactly where you went with the transponders, which they've already been caught using in areas of the country where they put these in for toll roads.
So you start to get an idea just of how it's all interconnected, and that's my goal, is to get you to think in that three-dimensional format and see the big picture.
But see, I just spent eight minutes.
I just spent eight minutes on this.
To be technical, seven and a half minutes on it.
And I've got literally about a hundred articles today, and I want to cover every one of them.
And I also want to take your calls.
That's my frustration.
That's why I start talking fast.
That's why I get rude with callers and go, what's your point?
It's because it's not you.
I've got to figure out how to...
Get it all into the broadcast.
And I love taking your calls because they take us in so many different directions.
And I listen to the rebroadcast sometimes and I sound like I've got an attitude problem.
And it's really, I'm just frustrated.
I want to cover all of this.
I mean, I could spend an hour on this article.
Listen to this.
North Korea public execution video released Korea Times.
Japan's Nippon Television Network yesterday broadcast what it said was video clips of two public executions which took place in North Korea earlier this month.
They also have public ones in China that our media has, but doesn't want to show you.
It is the first time to witness the firing squad shooting people to death in front of crowds, including the victims' family members, a civic group leader in Seoul said.
North Korea has denied it committed the executions.
They admit they have them.
Even though the video quality is poor, it is evident that North Korea is still conducting public executions.
Han Kai-hong, president of the Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights, told the Korean Times.
Now, why is this important?
Well, in America, we have public executions.
Did you know that?
You go, wait a minute, Alex.
There's only been a few photos that were snuck out decades ago of someone in an electric chair.
So, what are you saying?
Well, the...
Television is the retina of the mind.
Your eyeballs and the nerve endings that come from them, the nerve stalks, are a growth of your brain.
That's why they say the eyes are the window of the soul.
You are literally looking into brain buds.
That's what your eyes are, folks.
They go right through the back of your brain.
They are growths of the brain that the eye stalks grow out during the baby's development.
So think of your eyes as literally your brain.
And your brain interfaces with what you see.
And we've been designed to believe what we see.
That's our main sensory system.
For the dog, it's its nose.
It's olfactory nerve.
But with humans and other primates, it is the eyes predominantly.
And my point is, when you see them torture people to death on 24, or you see all the simulated murders, or all the executions they simulate on TV of terrorists, supposed terrorists, that is conditioning you, that's the equivalent of a public execution.
In all the grisly cinematic detail.
Just thought you'd want to be conscious of that and think about that, because it is the exact same thing when you talk about the effect on the subconscious and even conscious mind.
I talk about tracking going in government vehicles.
I see one of these articles every other day.
Tracking units set to go into TPS buses.
Toledo Blade.
Toledo public school officials hope global positioning satellite systems, cameras, and new radios could be installed beginning this summer on the school district's 185 school buses and other vehicles.
The main purposes for doing this is safety, said Dan Burns, the district's chief buses manager.
And here in Austin, they have digital wireless cameras on all the buses now.
They're on the sides of the buses.
I even heard some of them are face scanning.
And now on the public school buses, and we've seen this, I mean, I did, jumping around, slapping on each other, and the school bus driver says, Stop it.
Your buddy punches you.
You punch him in the arm.
You laugh.
Not anymore, folks.
You go to jail.
You get charged with felonies.
I've got the articles here in front of me where this is happening.
I mean, stuff that 8-year-olds and 10- and 12-year-olds would just get yelled at for or when you got to school, the principal would call you in and paddle you.
Well, we don't allow that anymore to stop problems.
No, now we just put you in the juvenile justice system where you can be put on Ritalin and Prozac and
Be beat up by the older thugs and all about getting into the system.
You make one wrong move, your child does one thing wrong.
It's prison!
It's jail time!
It's hard jail time.
When your child comes out, they will be a criminal most of the time.
We'll be right back.
Your call's coming up.
Stay with us.
The United States seems to be celebrating over its triumph of reducing government debt.
But the truth be told, public and private debt increased to a record high in 1999, reaching a peak of $14.8 trillion, marking 10.57% annual increase outpacing its previous 10 years.
The U.S.
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In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, we're about to go to your calls, and I'll get into the situation with China and Russia.
Buddy, buddy, China passed a law last week to authorize themselves to be able to invade Taiwan.
And our government is cutting Taiwan loose.
They weren't even invited to the inauguration.
Bill Clinton did stuff like that.
Bill Clinton would not invite them to functions, and he'd get in a lot of trouble.
Look at that evil communist, which...
He's a bad guy.
But Bush doesn't.
That's absolutely conservative.
What about spreading freedom?
Spreading love?
Helping countries that have big bullies and tyranny after them?
Only if they have oil in their defenseless Arab countries.
You know, their pushovers.
Todd in Florida, then Lenny, Mike, Rose, Bob.
Todd in Florida, go ahead.
First caller.
Hello, sir.
What are your thoughts on Ashley Smith with the Atlanta courthouse shootings?
I mean, Mr. Nichols, witnesses say, and he turned himself in and admits it, grabbed the gun away from the female officer and started blasting people.
And, uh...
I heard one talk show host says, that's what you get when you've got a woman doing a man's job.
I mean, men have had their guns taken too, but quite frankly, statistically, men just are more aggressive and able to hold on to their guns better than women.
I mean, men are on average about 60% stronger than women, and it's just not a good idea to, quite frankly, have women dealing with men that weigh twice as much as them.
No, but I'm talking about the person that... No, I know.
I mean, I know you're mentioning the person he supposedly went after and all that.
Oh, no, and I think it's one of the best stories in the past 12 months.
Okay, but I was just mentioning the cops, but go ahead.
Oh, no, I think it's optimistic, and I'm looking for every kind of silver lining here, because it seems like pretty dark times as the days go by, but it seems like what happened is she talked him down out of evil and into good.
Yeah, you know, I haven't been following the specifics.
Why don't you fill me in?
Oh, well, apparently she got a gun put in her ribs at 2 a.m.
and was tied up and bound, and seven hours later she got him to turn himself in.
She was able to, by quoting the Bible in another book, apparently she was able to just deal with him on a rational level that none of the law enforcement people had been, and was able to get him down out of that tree and into what was ultimately saving lives, or saving her life at least.
I think it's one of the best stories in the last 12 months.
Well, that's very exciting.
I heard a little blurb about that on the radio, but I didn't get the details.
Fill me in on the whole story.
Well, no, I mean, there's the transcript of her whole thing when she spoke on Sunday where she's coming in from a convenience store at about 2 a.m.
Mr. Nichols puts a gun into her ribs.
Yeah, I saw her on the front of all the newspapers, you know.
No, no, but I think it's one of the best stories because I'm looking for hope and victory and progress and optimism here, and I think it's a beautiful story.
Well, listen, there have been a lot of cases when you're talking to a serial killer or a psychopath or a nut, if you talk to them and go, I'm a human being,
And explain to them that you're a human being, and especially bring God into it.
A lot of times they do release people.
And that's the thing with psychopaths and the globalists, who are the big psychopaths, is they dehumanize us.
They see us as cattle.
They try to sell us on the idea that the Iraqis' lives don't have value.
They're animals.
And by doing that, we dehumanize ourselves.
So that is very uplifting.
I should research more of that.
I have to admit, I've been focused on other news.
I think she deserves a good five minutes on your show, because it really is a parable.
How do you talk to people about this entity, and how do you bring them down from the evil into the good?
Well, I hear you.
I mean, I would imagine she's probably doing hundreds of interviews.
It'd be hard to get her wrong, but I might do that.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate that, Todd.
Lenny in Texas.
You're on the air.
Lenny, go ahead.
Y'all, what's up, man?
How you doing?
I'm good.
I was checking out the InfoWars.com yesterday, and I came across, I think you said something about it with, I don't know if it was 10 or 12 different terrorist scenarios that might happen over here.
Yeah, that was the New York Times.
And the thing that got me is,
Yeah, they come up with these formulas.
Oh, okay.
Well, we know who's going to be behind the attacks when they take place.
We know who has the motive.
And I understand someone might say, well, they're intelligence agents.
They've got to really stay on their toes to prevent this.
And another thing I noticed is that, one, it said, this article is not meant to promote fear in the public.
And then, two, it said... I'll tell you what, stay there.
You're making great points.
In fact, I wanted to talk about this today.
Chertop and others come out and go, they're going to get you, it's all over!
But we're not promoting fear, just trusting your government.
So it's a double-edged thing of where they scare you, and then they comfort you.
Oh, it's going to be okay.
You see...
They're treating us like children.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, we're talking to Lenny in Texas.
Before we go back to him, let me just go over the Hawaiian Homeland Security website.
On purpose, it's the same MO every time.
Put out 12 scenarios of the types of things that would be attacked.
Shopping malls, schools, sports stadiums, power plants...
Tens of thousands dead, train stations, oh, it's all over.
Homeland Security is the only group that can save you.
Then it was on Time Magazine, New York Times, CNN.
It was everywhere the last three days.
And then just like Ridge would do, he then comes out and says, no, that alert wasn't exactly right, or no, now don't worry, don't be afraid, we're going to keep you safe.
They treat us like children.
They scare us and then say, it's alright, here's the solution, come to me.
I'll take care of you there, there, it's alright.
New Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, whose cousin writes hit pieces about myself and others, asked the public Wednesday to learn to live with the long-term risk of terrorism as he pledged to do a better job assessing that danger.
We win the war against terror by rejecting terror as a tool of intimidation.
And we triumph when we take account of real risk and threats, but do not become hypersensitive or overly responsive to them.
Chertoff said in his first major speech since taking over the huge two-year-old department.
And of course, over all those departments, a whole other layer, head of intelligence, with good old Negroponte, the death squad leader.
He offered no direct criticism of his predecessor, Tom Ridge, or the color-coded terrorism alert system that became a staple of the late-night comedians.
But he told an audience at George Washington University that terrorists seek to exploit psychological vulnerability.
I bet you know about that.
And to control and manipulate our behavior.
Oh, our government doesn't want to do that.
He recalled that Winston Churchill, Britain's Prime Minister during World War II, rallied the citizens of London during the German bombing raids with a message of...
We shall go on to the end, whatever the cost may be.
We shall fight.
We shall fight in the hills.
We shall fight in the... We want to live mindfully, but do not want to live fearfully, Chertoff said, adding that Americans could follow Churchill's exhortation.
We will not flinch or weary...
...of the struggle.
Chertop said he was launching a top-down comprehensive review of how Homeland Security Department with 180,000 employees from 22 once-separate agencies could be organized.
The reviewers would make recommendations without regard to old jurisdictions and old turf, i.e.
total federal centralization of everything.
Critics of the department, including recently departed Inspector General Clark Kent...
Clark Kent!
Ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Faster than a speeding bullet.
Able to leap tall buildings in a single bounce.
Stronger than a locomotive.
Critics of the department, including recent departed Inspector General Clark Kent Irwin, say it was slow to get organized under Lord Ridge.
Irwin said bad management was hurting hiring and impeding progress in such areas as passport controls and the consolidation of terrorist watch lists.
Ah, yes.
Suspected terrorist and criminal watch list and getting you your federal IDs.
But don't worry, they'll get it done for you.
After his speech, Chertop said he'd try to resist the temptation to give information prematurely on specific threats or to cause unwarranted alarm.
And what Chertoff said was an error.
It's always an error.
There's a new terror alert.
They're going to blow the subways up during the RNC.
Oh, it's four years old.
We made a mistake.
There's a new terror alert on L.A.
It's five years old.
Oh, we're sorry.
There's a new terror alert specific warning.
Oh, it's not specific.
It came from an informant.
Actually, the informant never said it.
And what Chertoff said was an error, the state of Hawaii posted on its website a draft of Homeland Security Department report on scenarios for terrorist strikes in the United States, from chemical attacks to the plague, with estimates of casualties.
The report was removed from the website.
Tuesday, despite the incident, Chertoff said the department would still share tips with state and local officials.
And he said, Americans must accept the threat of terror.
And, of course, Bush has said the war on terror will last 100 years.
First, it was several generations.
Now it's 100 years.
It's a foggy enemy that can never be defeated.
But don't worry.
Give up all your freedoms and leave the borders wide open and arm China and Pakistan and North Korea with more and more technology and attack innocent dirt targets
Poor countries that have done nothing wrong, and give us all the oil, and forcibly psychologically test all of you, and let us arrest you for no reason, and you'll be safe.
All right.
Going back to Lenny in Texas.
Lenny, finishing up what you were saying.
Yeah, man, and like I was saying, it had hidden in plain view on it.
It said that they only pick certain scenarios.
I hear you and I appreciate the call.
Really good points.
I'm glad you brought this up.
I have CNN articles from 95.
I have AP articles from 99.
I have them from 2001, two weeks before the attacks.
Hijackers planning to hijack jets and fly them into buildings.
I mean, Tom Clancy wrote a bestseller about it.
The TV show Lone Gunman, the spinoff of X-Files did a show, or the secret government group hijacks a jumbo jet to fly to the World Trade Center to get martial law in America.
I mean, it was everywhere.
Project Bojinko, we talked about it dozens and dozens of times.
And then Rice and Bush and...
Ashcroft and then Ridge just for years.
They still do it.
We never heard of a plan to fly planes into buildings.
It's ridiculous.
And in truth, the NSA two weeks before was, we're getting chatter that it's about to happen, and they ordered them, shut your mouths.
FBI agents, hey, these people don't want to know how to land or take off.
They want to just know how to fly it.
Shut up.
Well, I want to stop them.
You will be arrested if you continue.
W1999, that's your order.
I mean, all three of my 9-11 films, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, The Masters of Terror, and now my third and most powerful, and one hour of the two and a half hour video is about 9-11.
It's the most powerful ever, folks.
We cover it there as well.
My emergency release, really my first film, so I've really made four, but only offered it for two months, that I made in like two and a half weeks.
It was out three weeks after 9-11.
You know, I went into all the articles there.
I mean, this is old news.
So you bring that up, it's another good point.
Let's go back to your calls.
Let's go quickly now, really fast.
Mike in Illinois, then Rose, Bob, and others.
Go ahead, Mike.
Yeah, Alex, listen, I haven't talked to you for a while.
I've been traveling California and stuff, haven't been able to listen to your show.
A friend of mine is real against you.
I've tried to give people in the neighborhood my information about you, and he has an article, this month's issue of Popular Science.
Have you seen it, how they're trying to discredit all the, quote, the... You mean mechanics.
Yes, I'm sorry, Ray.
Popular Mechanics.
Yeah, Michael Chertoff's cousin.
Right now, Alex, I just want to ask you.
You know, what gets me, Alex, is I would tell it to people.
Everyone says, oh, Alex Jones, I've heard of him.
Or if people have gone to your website, they say, oh, he's another one of those conspiracy theorists.
And I say, no, he's a conspiracy factualist.
There's a difference.
Because everything you have on your show and on your website, Alex, can be backed by documented proof.
It's all fact.
Well, to be clear, to be clear, I get dates wrong occasionally.
You know, I'll say...
Oh, eight of the 14 rescue dogs died of cancer.
Well, no, that's not true.
Fourteen of the rescue dogs died of cancer from the asbestos.
You know, I mean, little things all the time, I get little stuff wrong.
The difference is the mainstream media tries to lie, tries to twist, tries to manipulate.
And, you know, you read that hit piece, of the 16 points they make, about 11 of them can be totally proven, you know, that they're manipulating or lying.
About five of them, you can't prove either way.
But, I mean, I don't want to keep having to reinvent the wheel, but since you bring this up, let me just calmly do this for you, okay?
They have a NORAD spokesman, okay?
They have a major.
In there...
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Alex, you still there?
Yeah, just hold on a second, Mike.
I'm down here in Austin, Texas.
We've got digital lines up to Minnesota.
And this never really happens.
Lately, it has been happening.
And it might be our friends.
It might just be naturally occurring.
But let me just finish up what I was saying.
There is the spokesman for NORAD.
And they quote him and others in there saying...
Well, the conspiracy theorists claim that F-16s are routinely launched to intercept errant or off-course aircraft, and this is not true.
In the decade before 9-11, only one time had F-16s intercepted an aircraft, and that was golfer Payne Stewart.
Now, if people didn't know about Payne Stewart, they'd say it never happened.
Well, we have the very person they quote in the article in the Associated Press saying 68 times...
In the year before 9-11, they also say that, well, they claim that in just 20 minutes, Payne Stewart's plane was intercepted.
No, it was an hour and 22 minutes.
No, his plane took off from Florida, and they didn't know it was off course because they didn't depressurize and have the problem until an hour in.
Then, once they were notified, within right around one USA Today report says 18 minutes.
We have this in the new film.
Another report says 20 minutes.
But within around 20 minutes, five F-16s were around the aircraft, and they followed it for over an hour until it crashed.
Now, again, but they know that your friend just wants an excuse to deny what's happening, Mike.
And so...
That's all they do.
Absolutely, Alex.
And I want to ask... They know your friend's not going to go check that out.
They know your friend isn't going to sit there and, okay, let's type the name of the NORAD spokesman in.
Oh, here he is in the AP.
Just type in... I forget his name.
Type in the name of the spokesman and then type in...
Flight's intercepted.
And you'll get the AP article.
I even have it in the file.
No, Alex, I know.
And I try to tell them how Norad was told to stand down the day before and all this.
And, you know, people are ignorant, Alex.
That's why the media, they have to cover up.
Because there's so many people like you that are exposing the truth.
They have to have counter, people out there to counter what you and other people... Well, Paul Watson quoted Mahatma Gandhi yesterday.
I'm not a big fan of some of his policies and ideas.
I'm not a Hindu or whatever, but at the same time, it's a good quote.
First they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.
Absolutely, Alex.
Hey, I want a quick question.
I know you have a lot of calls, and this is the last thing I want to ask you.
I just want to know, I don't watch much TV, but I was in California, and I was in a hotel room.
And I was watching CNN at night.
What do you think of Lou Dobbs?
I mean, I know he works for the mainstream news, but he has done a lot of key points, Alex, and he's really always focusing on open borders and illegal immigration.
What do you think of Lou Dobbs?
Okay, thanks for the call.
I'll try to answer that.
This is a big subject.
Bill O'Reilly was against open borders until they were about to pass laws to control the borders.
Suddenly, about a year ago, he flip-flopped and was for open borders for about six months into the election.
Now he's flip-flopped back over.
He's against open borders.
So they know that 80-plus percent of Americans in polls are against open borders.
They know it's the number one issue.
It is the biggest issue, folks.
It dwarfs Social Security, everything else.
People aren't done.
They know what it's doing to the economy and our sovereignty.
You know, it's 60-plus percent of Hispanics.
We always talk about Latin America because that's the majority, but it's all these other groups coming in as well.
And so Dobbs, and I've actually, because people kept calling me about it, I've watched some of the shows.
And what he does is he talks about it, but then his solution was this national ID card legislation.
So they talk about it and then give you a bad solution.
And that's what Lou Dobbs has done.
I mean, believe me, they don't let him get on CNN every single day without putting a spin on it.
Same thing with Bill O'Reilly.
And, you know, you can take this to the extreme and claim everybody's bad.
I mean, I heard some talk show host going, Alex Jones, he's got his ArnoldExposed.com movement and Americans Against Arnold.
And I predicted this.
I know how they work.
And I said it would be the globalists that did this.
And sure enough, they did.
Alex Jones, he's against Arnold because he wants Hillary.
You know, we fight Arnold and we get Hillary.
Now, wait a minute.
I'm against Hillary Clinton.
But I said they're going to run Hillary, and I even wrote this on the website.
This is in my press releases.
I said, I know how the, people say Republicans won't elect Arnold, Boulder Dash, Hoppycock, Hockamaney, whatever you want to call it.
It's ridiculous.
I just know how they operate.
They are going to run Hillary, either in 08 or 012, probably 08, and then we're going to hear while she's running, you know, two years out,
The next year and a half, oh, only Arnold can stop her in polls.
Only he can stop her.
Come on, let's amend.
We've got to do it now.
Come on, we've got to do it now.
By then, Arnold would have saved people from some attack or some disaster in California.
I am predicting that, unfortunately.
I hope I'm wrong, but I can see it in the tea leaves, as they say.
And so that's going on.
And then I said, and it's already started, all over the place, we've got to have Arnold.
A bunch of different publications are saying it, and I've even been attacked.
I've heard it.
You know, these people that are for Arnold exposed want to do this.
Oh, they want Hillary.
So see, you can take it to the extreme, too.
No, I'm against Arnold and Hillary.
So see the mind game they play?
Oh, then you must be for Hillary.
It's amazing.
No, but quite frankly, folks, Hillary Clinton wouldn't be able to get her agenda through if she was elected.
Arnold A. Lo Schwarzenegger?
I mean, you want somebody from Austria who says he wants to be a dictator?
I mean, this isn't... But see, they already are setting it up.
Hillary or Arnold.
You're conservative if you're for Arnold, who's for gun control, open borders, abortion, all the same stuff Hillary's for.
But again, already the battle line, as I said it would, and I'm not bragging, but I know this stuff.
It's very painful.
Rose in South Carolina.
Rose, thanks for holding it.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I wanted to make a comment about this Purpose Driven Life.
The man that wrote that book, he was a Southern Baptist.
I think he's changed his name to Saddleback now.
They talked about that on TV last night.
Be specific, because I'm missing the boat here.
All right.
The Southern Baptist Movement.
He was with the Southern Baptist.
Did you know the Southern Baptist Convention has joined the United Nations?
All right.
And this movement out here, every denomination in our area is reading that watered-down,
I think.
I think.
In droves, every denomination that you can imagine.
Well, why are you worried?
I mean, what's bad about the book?
Well, he changes the scripture and everything else.
I heard the people that read it, and I think, oh, somebody's going to loan me one, let me read it, but they said there's nothing in that book that's worth anything.
Well, that's what they do.
I mean, they take over the religious leaders and then change it and sell it.
Just stay there.
We'll talk about it.
We've got to break.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, going into the next hour, we'll continue with your phone calls.
We'll get into U.S.
house backs, higher war spending, Moscow Embassy says North Korea, nuclear buildup justified in face of U.S.
North Korea says to Rumsfeld, thanks for the reactors.
Pentagon delegation arrives in Taipei for talks with military.
considering permanent base in Afghanistan, General says oil prices soar above $57 a barrel.
And China and Russia are running war game drills against Taiwan.
Bush is mute on the subject.
Rose in South Carolina, please continue.
Alex, I heard her on the first time they interviewed her on CNN.
And that's the last time I've heard anyone mention it.
There's something strange about this story.
She left.
She followed him in that truck because when they found that thing, it was not parked in the housing complex.
Well, we've got to bring folks up to speed that don't know what you're talking about.
Well, we're talking about that fellow in Atlanta that shot the judge and several more people.
When he went into this girl's house, I don't know what time it was, but I heard it out of her own mouth.
She followed him in her car.
To drop the truck off at another destination so it wouldn't be parked in the housing complex.
Now that tells me she could have gotten away if she was in a car by herself following him or him following her.
This does not meet the mustard, Alex.
So what do you think is going on?
I don't know what it is, but it's a strange thing.
All this purpose-driven thing that has mushrooms and those booksellers, they're using the Hegelian dialectic method in this book and this movement to brainwash every denomination in the country.
Well, thanks for the call, Rose.
Good to hear from you.
I know the World Council of Churches was set up by the Rockefellers, and they really have neutered our churches.
They've taken over the seminaries, all the different big denominations, Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, you name it.
They have Baptist churches here in Austin that have UN gun buyback days.
You know, turn your guns in.
They've got Catholic churches doing it.
I've seen the flyers.
And it's scary, folks.
And now with the faith-based initiative, they'll get billions of bucks a year from the government, and they admit churches are going to have to hire Satanists and Buddhists, atheists.
And don't worry, your denominations will say it's of the Lord.
Before we end this hour, my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State, is out.
And, folks, it's a powerful video.
We're good to go.
I think?
The middle hour of the film, it's two hours, 35 minutes long, is the definitive 9-11 documentary with all the Building 7 information, the NORAD stand-down, all the documents interviewing people at Ground Zero who were told not to go to work that day, and then the mainstream news articles about that on top of their eyewitness accounts.
And the first 35 minutes is the police state in New York
We confront David Gergen.
We confront Michael Moore.
I mean, it's an amazing video.
Go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order a hard copy of the film or call toll-free to get the video or any of my other videos.
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All right, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with the second hour.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are now in two.
Hour number two.
On this Thursday, the 17th day of March, 2005 edition.
And coming up, I mean, Iran and Syria, the globalists are beating the war drum to attack them.
These are third world countries that don't threaten anybody.
Meanwhile, China and Russia are doing more war games against Taiwan, more war games against our country, and what's our government do?
Here, take all the supercomputer systems.
I mean, Bill Clinton was bad giving them some.
Bush took all restrictions off.
Here, have nuclear weapons parts, the latest.
Have all our designs.
Here, North Korea, have some reactors that are great at producing weapons-grade...
Plutonium, uranium.
I mean, it just goes on and on and on and on and on.
I want to go over this, and plus, there's been a lot of new police state developments.
Pretty soon we'll be able to have a job with the government if you smoke cigarettes or even an occasional cigar.
We'll be testing you for that as well.
All part of the new freedom.
But right now, let's go back to the calls.
Bob in Ohio.
Bob, you're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
You'll never guess what was in the neighboring county's front page of their newspaper yesterday.
What, biometric scanning is good, or checkpoints are good?
Let me guess.
Your communist identification card.
I mean, United States of America driver's license.
Oh, they're now announcing this is good for you?
Listen to the first two or three sentences here.
Want to open a checking account?
Get credit?
Buy a six-pack?
Travel anywhere?
You're going to need your driver's license.
And by the way, for about three years, I've watched 70-year-old men and women having their license scanned to buy beer or cigarettes.
You know, I watch 30-year-old people as well.
And occasionally, you know, I go for having company over to buy a bottle of wine or something.
And boom!
I mean, I look like I'm 40 and I'm only 31.
They just go, let me see your card.
Gotta do it.
Gotta swipe it.
And they're telling people it's going to be for everything.
Buying a bag of potato chips.
Oh, yeah.
Well, they've got a picture of it on the front page here.
And it says United States of America driver's license on the top.
And just to the right of that is the United States seal.
And then under that on the far right side is the guy's picture.
What's the name of your paper?
It's not my paper.
It's their paper.
It's the News Herald.
You can probably catch it on the web, www.newsherald.com.
And that was for Wednesday, March 16th.
What's the headline of the article?
Well, the little headline on the top says, National Driver's License Standards Bring Disagreement, and then right underneath the picture in big print is License to Spy.
Just flaunting it in your books.
Oh, yes.
But the good thing is, is that we have an ex-policeman at our radio club, and he's not too, you know, he's like, knows the firemen and
Other policemen, and they're all agreeing it's probably about time for a tea party.
Well, the problem is, is that the actual bill that passed that in December legalizes the illegal aliens, orders the states with no identification to issue them this, actually makes it easy, if they were real terrorists, to attack us.
I mean, I've had the congressman in his age, I mean, I've covered the bill here.
I know.
Folks, this is, it's so sick!
It's so sick, it doesn't keep us safe, and they know that.
But the good thing is, is when I went to the store to get this paper, I was grumbling about it, and I threw it on the counter, and there was an older gentleman standing there, and I said, this is the kind of stuff they do in Nazi countries.
And he goes, yeah, that's for sure, and...
I said, you know, I got a website for you, and I gave him your InfoWars.com.
He goes, I'm already there.
I go, okay, so you know what's going on.
And then the cashier there was, this is absolutely ridiculous.
I can't believe this is happening.
Well, that's the thing.
The tighter they squeeze, the more resistance they generate.
For every action, there's an equal or greater reaction.
We just can't let them siphon off our resistance into their own systems.
We're fighting a sophisticated enemy, but they can and will be defeated with God's help.
Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is...
Order today and spread the word.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
For those that just joined us for stations that don't carry that personal five-minute segment...
We were talking to Bob in Ohio, and he was talking about the new Herald newspaper.
Front page, hey, here's your national ID card.
You'll have to have it to buy and sell.
And I see similar articles every day, and most of them are positive.
It's just, oh, it's so good!
Oh, it's going to have a chip in it, and it'll automatically scan you, and yeah, you'll have to have this to have a job or live your life, and it's part of a Pan-American Union system, and this will keep you safe from terrorists, this will stop the illegal aliens, when it actually says, with basically no identification, they are to issue illegal aliens a driver's license.
So, any terrorist...
Outside of LCIA, if those really exist.
The point is, the claims they're making that this is to keep us safe is a total fraud.
The government says they want amnesty, but then they know that people will buy into an ID card and they go, oh, it'll stop the illegals.
It's just... It's incredible.
It's very, very scary because it isn't just that we're going to have this ID card.
It's all the things they're going to use it for and the databases that will be attached to it.
Oh, you're not a good globalist.
You don't have a green level rating.
You've got bad credit.
You think the airports are bad with TSA?
Ridge and all of them have said in public documents, on TV, in the news, that your whole life will be like living in the airport.
Going to work, starting your car, checkpoints, being pulled out of line, men in black uniforms with machine guns everywhere.
And of course, there'll be no real terror to fight.
Every few years, they'll blow something up to legitimize everything.
But 99.99% of it will just be, well...
Crime is terror.
Marijuana is terror.
Spanking your children is terror.
Not paying your taxes is terror.
Selling knock-off Rubik's cubes is terror.
Complaining too much is terror.
By the way, the stuff that I just mentioned is people being arrested and being threatened already under terrorism.
I just mentioned real world, real things.
And so, you know, you see the ads on TV.
The people are sitting at the dinner table or at a restaurant.
You know, I smoke pot, and I don't think it's a problem.
I'm not eating Al-Qaeda.
Oh, really?
Think again.
That marijuana you smoke actually funds Al-Qaeda and kills a lot of people.
And the guy goes, oh, you're right.
I'm sorry.
And let's get it straight.
I didn't just say I smoked marijuana.
People listen to this show, and I like talk about ads on TV and stuff.
I get emails, you know, talking about yourself?
No, I'm talking about public service announcements.
They're all over the place.
I know it's partially my fault I talk so fast, but... And then they have like a little text that says, Drugs fund terror.
Using drugs is terror.
That is, unless it's the Ritalin or Prozac, and the dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of other drugs they're pushing on the public, whose molecules are much more deadly than even methamphetamine or cocaine or heroin...
It's crazy!
I mean, Congress funds more Border Patrol.
Thousands more!
And Bush got a whole package of police state legislation passed going, well, it's going to beef up the Border Patrol.
And, you know, Fox News, well, you've got to get this bill.
It's beefing up Border Patrol.
And I got emails and calls, well, Alex, it is going to beef up the Border Patrol.
And I said, you watch.
They're going to have that border patrol out there picking up trash or patrolling the middle of the country doing nothing or being bureaucrats.
They want the borders open.
They've said it.
And it was worse than I thought.
They just said, nah, you funded it, but we're taking that money for a totally different agency.
We're not going to spend it.
We don't need them.
We don't need them.
Even though in the Texas sector alone, Dallas Morning News said,
Brownsville newspaper, you name it.
Over, and I've had the head of the Border Patrol Union on this show who said it is a New World Order global government takeover.
See, the head of the union said that on this show.
I mean, everybody's waking up.
Over 2,000 gone from Texas alone.
They can pay the Border Patrol more and get more good people.
No, it's a very rigorous training program on purpose.
They made it even tougher.
Whereas when you're under attack, supposedly, you should lower it and get more people.
They've made the hoops even higher, and you get an average of $24,000 more a year, starting increase in pay over the $35,000, $40,000 you get as a Border Patrol agent, a starting $24,000 increase.
That's the first year.
Then it goes up even more when you become an Air Marshal, and the Air Marshal Corps recruited directly out of the Border Patrol.
So they all said, I'm tired of kicking rattlesnakes and arresting hundreds of illegals every month.
I'm just going to go be an air marshal and sit on planes.
Of course, no real terrorism to fight, but we can shake people down and look for drugs and arrest people because they don't look right.
It'll be a lot of fun.
But you've got to have a national ID card.
But not the illegal aliens.
We'll accept over 30 countries' consular matricula cards, and with one of those babies that anybody can go buy, we'll give you a driver's license.
You want four or five, maybe ten identities?
You want to be on the welfare milk glands?
Well, then attach yourselves, you illegal aliens, to all of them.
Meanwhile, citizens stand in line as the illegals go right past the emergency room.
I've been in the emergency room with my finger basically cut off.
And the illegal aliens go right through.
Because they know they don't have insurance.
They know, and they know the government pays for it with your tax money.
So they are blue chip.
They are first class citizens.
You heard Jeff Dice, Ron Paul's spokesman, press secretary, say that under this new expansion of the national ID card, we are actually second-class citizens.
Actually, we're third-class.
Government's first-class.
Illegal aliens are second-class.
We are third-class.
You have less rights as a citizen, as a slave, as a pathetic cow that they milk.
Okay, I'm going to get to the news here because I want to go to your calls.
I'm just really sick of it.
But the neocons keep their listeners in the dark.
They're listeners who are good people.
And they'll never know about any of this and they'll be pacified until the end.
House backs higher war spending.
That's on top of the $100 billion plus a year they've been putting into the military budget on top of the $450 billion they're already getting.
The U.S.
House of Representatives has approved a $81.4 billion war spending bill, nearly $2 billion more than what President George W. Bush has sought for defense.
The House voted.
We used to have the Department of War back before we had doublespeak, the Department of Defense.
The House voted 388 to 43 for the bill.
It included a measure rejecting Bush's plan to use part of the money to build an embassy in Iraq, potentially delaying construction.
The bill involves sizable amounts of money designed... Really, it's a command and control base is what it is.
The bill involves sizable amounts of money designed essentially to support our troops, whether they may be...
We're good to go.
And so you've got to have it all laundered.
They charge them, what is it, $100 for 10 pounds of laundry.
They charge them for water, unless they want the stuff that comes out of the spigot.
They charge them, they get one meal a day, one meal, and then, oh, they can go get steaks, everything else they want, if they're willing to pay Halliburton.
This is admitted.
When their legs get blown off, the family has to get together.
They have little drives and little cookouts.
Where's money?
We need to fly our son back from Rammstein.
They discharged him after his legs were blown off.
We've got to get the money in two days because they're going to kick him out of the base in two days.
This is admitted mainstream news.
Paying for their plane tickets.
Thanks for the legs and arms.
Now, get out!
Get your own plane ticket, punk!
And supporting the troops means you don't criticize us doing this to the troops.
If you want to be patriotic, there's plenty of plastic flags made by Chinese slaves in death camps that you can wave proudly from your home.
You know, until 9-11, I flew an American flag many times.
After 9-11, I stopped flying it.
Why is that?
Because I will not let them expropriate, appropriate our sacred symbols for their own criminal uses.
Now, currently, flying your flag on non-holidays, 4th of July and stuff, means you support the lies of 9-11, the destruction of America.
Sorry if you're offended.
But that's what the public service announcements and the politicians told us.
This means you buy the lie.
Oh, but I was the weirdo.
They had little alerts and stuff in government memos years ago.
The person that flies a flag year-round.
This is actually in the memos.
A person that talks a lot about the Constitution.
You know, in the Hollywood movies where they show the bad guys always has American flags hanging up in his house.
Oh, but now, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I will not go.
It's like Walmart has the big signs up all over it.
Made in America!
American pride!
I challenge you.
I've been in Walmart.
I have looked for a full hour before until I found something made in America.
Maybe a light bulb.
Now, of course, you can find plenty of made in America in the food section.
Though 65% of our food comes from outside the country, at least it was put together and value added here.
You know, the Doritos.
The corn came from Mexico, but the Doritos were in the spices were added here.
But over the food section, I challenge you.
I challenge you.
You will be hard-pressed.
About 65-70% of it, my own little study I did, is from China.
The rest, India, Mexico, Sri Lanka, the Philippines.
But over half from good old China, who's threatening to nuke us again.
When we get back, I'll cover that.
And all their threats to Taiwan, and then we'll take your calls.
And if you don't want to hear the truth, I mean, I'm sure you can tune another channel and hear them tell you everything's wonderful.
Jack Browning from Midas Resources.
Hi, folks.
The real money, folks.
Let's review a few things from the past year.
November 2003 to November 2004.
The dollars range from $9,800 to $10,300.
The dollar's value has dropped from $0.96 to $0.70 against the euro.
A 5% increase.
A 24% decrease in spending power against the gold-backed euro.
Gold has gone from the $390s to the $440s.
A 16% increase in real money.
That's Midas Resources at 800-686-2237.
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Not yet available in Iowa.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Over the last 40 years, we've seen prayer and God thrown out of the schools by decisions of the U.S.
Supreme Court.
Yet on February 29th, 1892, in an eye-nothing decision of the U.S.
Supreme Court, America was declared a Christian nation.
There is an ongoing assault on your First Amendment right of freedom of religion and freedom of assembly.
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That's 1-800-548-5910.
You know what, I'm going to go ahead and go to your calls, because you've been holding for a while, and then I'll get into how China and Russia are arming their teeth against us, openly threatening us, and Bush just has nicknames for the dictator of China, he has names for the dictator of Russia, and that's what Putin is, by the way.
Totally staged elections.
If you don't know that, you must be watching CNN.
And they're just, it's horrible.
They're doing war games against Taiwan.
They just passed a resolution to go ahead and invade Taiwan if they want.
And all this talk about spreading freedom.
And our government just rolls over because most of our factories are now in China.
Which helps the globalists and hurts you and I big time and the poor Chinese people.
Let's go to Harvey in Florida.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello again, Alex.
How are you today?
Good, sir.
Well, I love your right sense of humor.
You're really hysterical.
I absolutely enjoy that.
Probably about the most of your show.
But let me bring something up, a very short piece that was barely mentioned anywhere, including on your website.
British military contractor to buy American supplier.
This is United Defense Industries.
Being bought out for $4 billion by BAE Systems, British Military Contractors.
But that group is connected to the Carlyle Group as well.
Right, well, they're selling it to themselves, because United Defense is 49% owned by the Carlyle Group.
Yeah, I know.
And the other 51% are owned by the Saudi Royal Family and the bin Laden family.
I know, I know, and the bin Ladens build every, not some, every U.S.
military base in the Middle East.
I mean, it is so sick.
The Bin Laden family, as of a year ago, I haven't checked it lately, have made four, you mentioned four billion, four billion dollars themselves off the war.
There's another Saudi contracting family that's very big involved with food service, and they were in Iraq before the war.
When you talk about who has the motive...
This Carlisle Group is an insidious bunch.
No one has connections to the Al-Qaeda and bin Laden and all these people like the Bushes and our government.
Good point.
I'm glad you raised this.
Thanks for the call.
Really good point.
I think I have the article here in the stack from yesterday.
And I have that article.
Never got to it.
And yeah, the folks that make our Bradley fighting vehicles, here's the deal.
And again, this number's a year old.
Because you always get the numbers a year later.
That's how these corporate numbers work.
What is it?
I don't remember.
It's 70, I think I want to say 76.
It's 70 plus, I know that.
Of the hardware, the components, the parts, for the military-industrial complex, I mean, if we're going to have this big, evil war machine, might as well make it here, huh?
It's made in Europe!
Now, they have laws against it being made in China and a few other places, but it's made in Europe.
I mean, this is out of, and then Europe acts like they're not for the wars.
Europe controls us.
It's so sick.
Oh, it's sick.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bart in Texas.
Bart, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
First I wanted to make a comment, then I had a question.
The comment I wanted to make is, is this system that we're in right now is going to end?
And people really need to understand that.
The next level is much worse.
We'll all work for a private corporation that's funded by the government with governmental control.
Life will be like living in a prison.
Well, the only way that humanity has any chance of breaking out of this is it has to realize that it has a parasitical, cancerous entity
Yeah, that's what the elite is, exactly.
It is a parasitic elite that is breeding more parasites and has gotten greedy and is actually eating holes in its host.
So until we wake up, and until everyone wakes up and realizes that any issue is semantics beyond that point, you know, we're really going to be stuck in a rut.
But the question that I have for you, I was going back through your website last night, and I went back to the interview that you did with the...
Morgenthaler Jones woman.
And I never really, I really wanted you to talk a little bit, if you're willing to, about your sense of the psychology.
You know, there are a lot of us out there that listen to that interview, and we have a lot of private speculations about her.
Well, for those that don't know, for those that don't know, again, we're not, and I don't mean this meanly, we're not having a private conversation.
And so everybody out there listening doesn't know the facts, so introduce it for them.
You interviewed the Men for Arnold head woman.
I can't remember her first name.
Melissa Morgan Fuller Jones.
And she started this organization.
But during the interview, I mean, it was really unbelievable.
Bohemian Rove came up.
Mind Control came up.
I mean, her connections with these genetic bio companies.
I know.
You know, she's friends with Bill Frist, I think it was.
Let me briefly comment on the other side.
No, no, great points.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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My resistance of Arnold...
Alois Schwarzenegger will be relaunched in a few weeks.
We've got that contest coming up.
Final date.
We've now gotten quite a few entries.
Not as many as I'd like, strangely enough.
Millions of visitors to the website, but like 10 or 11 entries.
It's going to be a $2,000 prize for the best 30 or 60 second, whatever you like, ad against Schwarzenegger.
And it's going to be $1,000 for the best radio ad.
You've still got
In a couple weeks to get this done, folks.
Send it in to me.
Into our address.
Just make sure and clearly mark that it's for the contest.
And I am busy, almost done, trying to get these two different TV ads done.
What happened is, is I got behind on martial law.
Which exposes Schwarzenegger itself.
The new two and a half hour video I just made.
And so now I'm plunging right back into doing these ads.
Because I'm going to make my own ads, and I've checked on the prices in California to air ads on cable, which sounds like a total rip-off.
As soon as they hear it's against Arnold, suddenly the price goes way up.
Because I know how much cable is here in Texas and other areas, and the study's the same size, so I'm trying to ratchet them down, having to deal with that.
So there's a lot of footwork, but you will soon see ads...
We won't be able to run a lot of them.
The point is that then we can go to the media and go, Morgan Fowler Jones ran some ads.
You gave them national attention and ran the ads on Good Morning America and CNN and everywhere else.
And, you know, Fox News, will you run our ads?
And I'm sure some will.
That's why Morgan Fowler and their crew ran the ads, was to force the media to cover it, and they did.
But the ads on the web will do some good, and I'll promote those and get you guys to email them out to people and tell folks about them.
And to send folks to ArnoldExposed.com, where we still update the site every couple days.
I mean, it's just mountains of dirt and lies and corruption by the Austrian oak.
Who the globalists plan to put on the throne.
I mean, former President Bush has said it.
Dana Rohrabacher, the congressman, has said it.
I mean, they're serious.
They got the bills introduced to do it.
And their spin will be, if you're not for this, you're for Hillary.
And I knew it, and they're now doing it.
You can really tell who their people are by them doing that.
Crazy logic they use.
We need Arnold to stop Hillary.
Alex is bad.
He's really for Hillary.
I mean, it's crazy.
Oh, yeah, I'm for Hillary, too, now.
But you mentioned Morgenthaler Jones.
I don't know, a 45-minute interview that's on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
It said arnoldexposed.com is the easiest place to find it.
It's still on the main page down at the bottom.
And I got his former head campaign finance lady, this big biotech engineer.
Boy, Arnold got, what, $9 billion passed for the state for that.
And I'm like, oh, Bohemian Grove.
Arnold goes to that.
And she goes, I didn't know that he does.
I go, oh, you know about the Grove.
Well, you all know about the Grove.
Oh, is your husband, Mr. Jones, a member?
He's a member in training.
He's trying to become a full member.
Yeah, I mean, people that are worth tens of millions of dollars get on a 14, the average is 14-year waiting list.
It's tens and tens and tens of thousands.
It's like 40-something thousand dollars a year for your dues.
I just walked in.
Ha, ha, ha.
For Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, passed the government agents and the rest of it and got that footage back in 2000.
That's in the film Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
But everything I'd say, if you just laugh and giggle and, you know, I said, well, you know, going up and grabbing on women and fumbling them, if I did that, I'd get charged with rape or attempted rape, and I should assault.
She goes, oh, but Alex, you're powerful.
You're on the air.
Women would like it.
And I'm just like, well, that's pretty sick.
You know, just trying that psychology and then sort of bringing up mind control.
People would call up with very, the word is esoteric, very rare information that maybe one out of a thousand people know about it.
You know, famous mind control victims.
And then mentions her, and she's like, oh no, not mind control.
Person didn't say mind control.
You're talking about this mind control individual saying her name.
She goes, oh no, not mind control, not mind control.
It's a very bizarre interview.
I mean, we ought to re-air that sometime.
If that's still on the computers up at the network, I don't know.
I know it's on my computer, but I don't know if that quality is good enough to re-air on the air.
So, yeah, it's definitely Twilight Zone, and that's the only way to describe it.
You've got to hear the interview to believe it, but take a listen.
But, boy, I talked to her in person.
That is over the phone, privately.
I did a Bloomberg Radio interview with her about a week after she was on here.
Bloomberg had my cell phone, had me on with her.
Bloomberg Radio was being very mean to me on air, pro-Arnold, in New York.
Well, it's global, but big in New York.
And after the interview, I called her number and she answered.
And boy, let me tell you, she was not the bubbly type.
It was very clear that what she did on air on this show was an act in every form of the word, in every meaning of it.
I told her, I said, so, is Arnold going to stage some event where he saves people?
That's the only way he's going to get the Constitution amended.
She said, oh, very interesting.
Well, you know, that kind of happened with the saving the drowning victim.
But that didn't come from us.
You know, the guy wasn't really drowning.
He just wanted attention.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
But she got real quiet when I said so.
Aren't I going to save some people soon?
I mean, you can see that train coming from a mile away.
It's as plain as the nose on my face or your face.
All right.
I want to go to some news.
I've got to go quicker here.
These callers are all great.
I want to go to Randy, John, John, and Lisa.
Who's that caller from Virginia?
Linda, Linda.
And we'll get to everybody.
But before I do that, listen up, listen up good.
Please pay attention.
Because, I don't mean that in a patronizing fashion.
Martial Law 9-1-1, Rise of the Police State is my best film.
If you've seen Road to Tyranny, that's my second best.
Some people say it's the best.
But frankly, for production quality and the most information...
It's martial law.
If you were impressed with Road to Tyranny, you've got to get martial law.
I put five plus months into this.
I was working on this before I left, right before the start of September for the RNC.
And I worked on it right through until a week and a half, two weeks ago.
And it really is my best work.
And we've been shipping this sucker since this weekend.
And a lot of you had a chance to watch it on prisonplanet.tv.
We said we'd release it there first.
We did.
There's like a hundred rave reviews of it.
We put any review up that comes in, unless it's, you know, like a joke profanity message or something.
If you want to give us a bad review of your prisonplanet.tv member, go ahead.
But they're all positive.
They're all positive.
I mean, one review was, I wish you'd have pointed out, Alex, with Building 7, that it would take weeks to put bombs in there, and so they said they blew it up.
How'd they do it on such short notice?
Well, it just so happened that I was already printing the videos up, and we got that suggestion, and I went in that night and added that, added about 10 seconds to the video, and I did that.
Another caller pointed out something that wasn't exactly right in the film.
That was what was kind of good about screening it on the website.
And I went in and I changed it that same night.
The 101st videos somebody's getting will be collector's items.
You'll have the ones that aren't fixed.
And the rest that we made after that are updated.
Just a little bit of inside stuff that's no longer inside stuff.
But we strive to be just exactly right and to have thousands of minds, by the time folks got it off my site and posted it everywhere else, thousands of minds looking at it and critiquing that.
That's a great thing.
There was one thing I should have done that I did.
There was another thing that was slightly off.
Not wrong, just off.
Fix that.
And there's one thing that I noticed that I just didn't fix.
And we might as well talk about stuff like this.
This is the only other thing in there.
And that is, I say, that eight of the 14 rescue dogs that were there have died of asbestos poisoning of a fast-acting cancer.
Which dogs don't normally get, and they've linked it back to that.
That's what New York Daily News and a couple other publications.
Well, I'm sorry.
It's the 14 dogs have died of that.
I have no idea why when I was doing the voiceover I said eight of the 14.
But you know what?
It's an underestimation, so I'm leaving.
It's worse.
I just don't have the time to fix it.
I'm sorry.
I'm not going to fix it.
I'm rambling, aren't I?
I am.
I just kind of go back to making the film.
I spent literally, on average, 16 hours a day, some hours, 18 hours a day, working on the film.
About an hour getting ready for the show, and then three hours doing the show, and then the rest of the day.
Well, three hours.
18 hours total is the point.
I normally spend about three, four hours getting ready for the broadcast, but during the film I wasn't.
I just couldn't.
The point is, I've spilt my guts.
I've busted my hind end.
I have literally got big bags under my eyes now.
I've burned it at both ends with a blowtorch.
I drank the cups of Joe.
To keep it going.
And I feel good now.
I've been able to get seven, eight hours of sleep the last few weeks.
It's been wonderful.
It's like a vacation.
My normal huge workload has been a piece of cake.
So that which does not kill you only makes you stronger.
I'm serious.
My life's like a vacation now.
But now I've got to go finish the Arnold ad, so it won't be.
But just please get this video.
I mean, lust is a bad word.
But I can't think of a better... I literally love, just totally get excited over waking people up.
I love making the video and it being seen.
It is not about the money.
The money is secondary.
We need the money to keep doing what we're doing and hopefully expand and make even better films.
But I just love it.
It is my passion.
That's the word.
I just...
It makes me so happy.
It's one of the best things in my life other than my wife and children.
Just to make something, to wake people up, to fight tyranny, to expose these killers, to try to save lives so they don't carry out more attacks.
It's so important to me.
And I want to share this with you, and I'm begging you, get the video, make copies of it,
Give it to your friends and family.
Give it to your neighbors.
Put it on AXS TV.
Show it at the library.
Show it at the town hall.
Just get the word out.
Martial law is so powerful.
You've just got to have it.
And it's long.
It's really three films in one.
It is three separate acts.
Like a play, it has three separate sections.
And it takes you down the rabbit hole like no film I've ever seen.
So call toll-free and get the video, please.
And do something else for me.
I've got all these thousands of shows I've done.
I've got to contact them and try to get on other radio shows.
And I...
It's exhausting, but it's my passion.
I love it.
To promote the film.
Call into the other Patriot shows, though.
Call into other programs.
Tell them about the new film.
Help me promote it.
Because I'm not good at hyping stuff.
I'm just good at making the films.
And this is my best work.
I want to thank all those that helped me make it.
888-253-3139 Just because you know all about the New World Order doesn't mean other people don't.
So, share it with others.
Get it.
Make copies.
888-253-3139 or write to me at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704 or order via the safe, secure online shopping cart at prisonplanet.tv or prisonplanet.com or go sign up and watch the film online.
15 cents a day, monthly and yearly subscriptions, that film, all my other films, my weekly TV show, my best audio interviews, my book, Paul Watson's book.
All it does is pay for the bandwidth, folks, and the webmasters.
PrisonPlanet.tv All right.
Just take action.
It's up to you.
Let's go quickly to calls.
I guess up next here is Randy in Florida.
Thanks for holding.
I'll get the latest for you on Terry Shabo down here.
All right.
The U.S.
House last night passed the bill by a unanimous vote which would protect her, and the Florida House just passed their version of it here within the last hour.
Yeah, I heard that.
That's good news, and the governor says he'll sign it, so she gets another reprieve until the courts overturn it again.
Well, like I said, the Florida House just passed it, and now the Senate just started debate on their version of it.
So we need to call the Florida Senate.
People need to call the Florida Senate as soon as they can and ring their phones off the hook.
Well, this shows what the people can do when they take action.
Well, you know, I mean, it's just, you know, the courts are going to stick their nose into it again.
You know, they need to remove Judge Greer
Well, yeah, I heard Bo Grice was saying he was going to go arrest the judge.
Yeah, well, I talked to Bo last night, and he's down there in Pinellas Park, and I have a message from him that's passed on to all Christians and veterans in the area down there or in Florida to join him and stand up and protect Perry, whatever it takes, as he's going to do.
Well, good for Bo, and keep us filled in, and God bless you.
Take care, my friend.
That's good news.
In fact, I have that in the stack.
But if it had been bad news, I would have had to cover it immediately to try to save her.
But since it was good news, I was going to try to get to it.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Because, you know, if it's good news, then we don't have to really put a lot of pressure on.
But she's not out of the woods yet, not by a long shot.
Will we win the battles?
Will we win the war?
John in Florida.
Another... First is John in Louisiana.
I skipped somebody.
John in Louisiana.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex.
It's been a foregoing conclusion for six to eight years that Hillary Clinton would be the next presidential candidate.
That ain't news anymore.
What is news now is the Republican group that's now anointed that black female prodigy from Alabama.
And so she is going to be... She's been groomed for 30 years for that position.
Now she's going to be running against Hillary.
Talking about Condoleezza Rice.
And then we all get a choice.
It'll be a black and white case.
They don't...
Spare the humiliation for us since they're now in total control.
But let's talk about Rabbi Zachheim, if you will.
I'm sure you must be working on that story.
That's a white-hot story going around now that he's in the absolute perfect position to execute that scheme demolishing those buildings in New York.
He owns a company that's a leader in the field of remote control for aircraft
He had high positions in the Pentagon, and he's been shielded.
He has never been named, as far as I know, with the other neocons.
It is a wonderful story, and it's very plausible.
No, I've seen the report, but regardless of all the little specifics, we know the globalists took those buildings down.
Thanks for the call.
John in Florida and others, you're up next when we get back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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All righty then, let's move fast.
Let's go ahead and talk to another John.
Let's talk to John in Florida.
John, go ahead.
Great show, Alex.
Thank you.
The caller before last was talking about Terri Schiavo.
I wanted to point out to some of your listeners who want to give up on her that...
She hasn't had any therapy for five years.
The doctors haven't been in to work with her.
I thought it was ten.
Or maybe it is ten.
But I wanted to bring to whoever's attention this may go to when you have a wide listenership.
Well, it's like that baby they wanted to kill in England, and they said the state wanted to kill it.
It's almost two years old, and now it's coming back.
I mean, what about Helen Keller, deaf, dumb, and blind, and was one of the greatest thinkers later when they could finally communicate with her?
I mean, we used to hold these people up.
Now we act like they're garbage.
You couldn't kill a dog the way they're trying to kill her.
Well, I'm a believer, you know, and the good Lord works through people.
Now, I just wanted to pass on this information.
There's an International Association of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Physicians.
They're located in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.
Now, most people think of the chamber as something to counteract the bends, you know, for the deep-sea diving and such as that.
But they also are experimenting way ahead over in Europe.
In fact, they carry the smaller chamber in the... But be specific.
What's it do?
Well, basically, it delivers pure oxygen at certain atmospheres.
To the brain areas.
Now, they can take a picture of the brain.
Oh, yeah, I've read about that.
And then it all lights up by super-oxygenating the brain.
Well, there's the white area.
There's the black area.
They can't do anything about the black area.
But the gray area, if they can bring enough.
Now, they did have a 13-year-old.
Look, he won't even allow a brain scan of her.
I mean, she's probably not even brain damaged from the last medical reports we had 10 years ago.
Well, hopefully when they do get her on therapy that they will think of this hyperbaric oxygen.
They've had great results, especially in comas where you had automobile accidents.
Gangrene is another area where you have to deliver oxygen, save amputation.
There's a lot of things.
They're still working with it.
Well, thank you, John.
All right.
That's an interesting point.
Linda in Virginia.
Linda, go ahead.
I just wanted to agree with your caller from South Carolina a few minutes ago about the purpose-driven life.
Yeah, it's this book, and it's supposedly changing the scriptures, she was saying.
Well, what it is, it's just a new age hope, and people now, if the story broke, are going out in droves buying this.
I'd just like to encourage... And they're going to buy it more now because we're talking about it.
Well, yeah.
But it is...
It needs to be exposed, I think.
I would like to encourage your listeners.
Well, I mean, the churches themselves need to be exposed.
They're more like a whorehouse nowadays than a church.
Well, the preachers are reading this and giving it to their people.
Like I said, it's all New Age stuff.
The information is out there.
People want to find it.
There's a real attack on real believers today.
Oh, I know.
Listen, I've been to a lot of churches trying to find one, and it's worship your government, do what they say, guns are bad, world government's good.
So there's not a lot of us out here, and we need to stand together and expose this.
Well, there are a lot of us out here.
It's just most people don't go to these churches anymore.
Listen, thanks for the call.
Really good to hear from you, Linda.
Let's talk to Jason in Maryland.
Jason, go ahead.
Put him on hold.
He's got his radio up.
We'll try to go to him next hour.
I promise, though, when I first start the next hour, I'm going to go right into the situation with Russia and China doing all these war game drills and a bunch of police state news.
You're not going to be able to have a job if you're a smoker.
It's not just going to be government jobs.
It's going to be everywhere.
But it's not going to stop there.
Fattening foods.
It's not discrimination, no, no.
These are just guidelines we have for you now.
Your National ID card, sales tax card will crack what you eat and what you do, and we're going to give you a classification on that.
But the insurance company will be right back.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, now into hour number three of this live Thursday edition, 17th of March, 05.
It's the 18th of March in some time zones around the globe.
I want to get into...
Well, the situation we're facing with China and with Russia.
And the U.S.
House is, again, back to an even larger defense budget than Lord Bush wanted.
It's at all-time record highs.
Over half of the budget total of the government expenditures goes into military spending now.
And much of that's being focused inwardly upon the American people, not on the borders, and not against China and Russia and others.
Bush talks all day about defending democracy, defending countries, kicking out corrupt governments.
I mean, you talk about the devil calling one of his demons evil.
I mean, this is the equivalent of Satan criticizing Lucifer.
It's the same thing.
And that's just human nature.
If you're not involved in your government, if you're not in control of your government, you're going to get tyrants.
Powerful people that want more power and control, who can never get enough, are going to get in control of those levers of power, and they're going to enslave you.
China is a thug-run police state.
Russia is a thug-run police state.
America is a thug-run system trying to set up a police state, trying to silence dissent, trying to corporately loot the economy.
And you've got different brands of tyranny, but they all basically are run the same, just a little bit different mechanisms of control.
And our government and the global corporations are in love with the criminal Chinese.
You can call them communists.
I mean, does that even apply?
You've got the generals and the elite over there and a few families running everything, living in giant palatial manors.
Well, the average people, you know, work for maybe 50 cents a day in all these factories, turning out goods that are then sold here and displace Americans.
But Bush isn't worried about China.
No, no, no.
He's worried about Venezuela, which is doing a great job for its people.
Which is building schools and is giving people back their private property that was stolen by the fascistas.
That really is helping the people in a populist type system.
They call them hardcore evil commies that have got to be destroyed and they've got attempted assassinations on Chavez.
No, no.
Russia's putting the Red Stars back on their vehicles.
Russia's grabbing people's private property.
Russia's killing members of the press.
Russia is helping arm Pakistan and North Korea and others, but it doesn't matter because Rumsfeld was on the board of ABB when they transferred the reactors to North Korea.
And more and more of our jobs.
I mean, the trade deficit with China grows, but it's roughly doubling every five years.
I mean, that's almost...
That's almost exponential.
It's geometric.
It's huge.
And so really this global system is not free market.
And you could call it fascist if you wanted to.
Really I believe that there's a... The socialists tell you that socialism leads to communism.
Communism doesn't exist unless you're talking about honeybees or other communal insects.
Socialism leads to fascism.
You always get a socialist government or a violent overthrow to go right to communism, and it's always the same thing, a tiny elite running everything.
So see, we've all been given false political terms to where we can't even communicate with each other.
And all these well-meaning, intelligent people still play along with this false model.
And that's why things just get worse and worse.
China loves the globalists.
China made the deals with the neocons back in the 70s with Nixon and Ambassador Bush.
And I'm going to break down what's really happening and go over the latest military saber-rattling by the parasitic Chinese elite.
And we will take your calls.
So about a five-minute diatribe and then your calls on the other side at 1-800-259-9231.
And the websites are prisonplanet.tv and infowars.net.
Stay with us!
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Eight minutes, 25 seconds into this third hour of global transmission against the worldwide tyranny.
I am your wartime broadcaster in the battle for the republic, chronicling and tracking the criminal activities of the global elite.
Until about a hundred years ago, governments were looked at according to the type of leadership they had.
Was it a plutocracy?
A tiny intelligentsia holding all the wealth, manipulating the population?
Was it a monarchy?
With a particular hereditary family ruling over the population through their mercantile systems that are not free market.
And then, you know, the people all have the debate.
Does this give us more freedom or less freedom?
Thomas Jefferson, a populist, you know, have private property in the people's hands, have local control, don't have a powerful central government, have a free market.
Versus the Alexander Hamilton model of have a big central bank run and we need our own king and you have an elite plutocracy of plutocrats who have a free market but only limited amongst themselves, not for the general population.
The real political paradigm isn't left and right.
Up until 105 years ago or so, this is what was taught.
You had feudalism on one end in whatever type of dictatorship or monarchy or plutocracy that was running it.
But you had feudalism.
The people basically are slaves on the land or in the government's factories that are controlled by private interests.
And we could get things done.
We could fight tyrants.
We could have continual renaissance, because we knew.
Everything was looked at from that perspective.
Then, openly, the big banks, starting about 150 years ago, but then they switched the paradigm about 100 years ago, financed the new schools of economics.
And really, they repackaged mercantilism.
And I've had top, you know, former World Bank economist and top
I mean, congressmen, senators, other economists, they go, wow, yes, you get it.
You're absolutely right.
That's what we have is neo-mercantilism.
And mercantilism is, and this is really so simple.
We'll go to your calls.
Mercantilism was developed about 300 years ago by the French.
And this was a way that the French royal family
Was able to maintain control over the exploding renaissance of all the new wealth and all the new industries and all the industries that those industries created by licensing at Admiralty Law and their own uniform commercial code.
And it was set up to where you could do business...
But you had to be licensed through the king or queen or through their emissaries, through their licensees under subgroups, you know, the British East India Company.
Mercantilism, folks.
The Dutch British East India Company.
And so it wasn't free market.
It was a system set up to get control...
Of this exploding new economy that was creating for the first time in world history a large middle class.
Before you had a tiny servant elite, maybe 7-8%, serving the one half of 1%, and then you had 90 plus percent that were total, absolute,
Starving to death slaves in most cases, and they have the futile handbooks on how to keep your service under control.
You may have plenty of food, you don't give it to them.
You have tons of land, you don't give it to them.
It's about control.
That's why all these nobles are into dog breeding and horse breeding.
It's all about manipulation.
It's their pleasure.
It's their control.
It's what they do.
And so people got wise to mercantilism.
Mercantilism would, let's say, allow, and that's what globalism is today.
One reason we have the Revolutionary War.
In America, in the 13 colonies, we were not allowed to produce value-added products of any type.
They would send redcoats to your house, your factory, and arrest you if you were mass-producing shovels, mass-producing plows, mass-producing guns, mass-producing anything.
You were only allowed to grow raw things.
Raw materials.
Those were then shipped to England to be value added.
That is produced and turned into complex products.
And this is how they got control.
Because they were global.
It was a global empire.
And the British had the mercantile system.
The French had it.
The Austrians had it.
The Russians had it.
And it allowed a centralized system.
And then they called it
When people got wise to it, capitalism.
And so, you can point at capitalism and go, it's corrupt, it's not fair.
People get confused, capitalism, with free market.
Two separate birds.
They're both birds, but it's like a duck and a sparrow.
I mean, totally different in almost every respect.
And then the big banks funded Karl Marx and Engels and others...
To put out really a modern mercantilism, but the people were getting mad, folks.
Mercantilism, which was neo-feudalism, was making them very angry.
And they hadn't gotten total mercantilism in place soon enough to get rid of any middle class that the underclass could climb out of, the slave class, the proles, the proletarians.
And so they funded them, and they went over to their cousins, the Tsars, and put it in Russia and did all this, and all these poor, well-meaning people that would have gotten freedom thought it was good, and it was a nightmare.
And look at China.
Supposed communism.
Then you end up with a few families owning and running everything.
The Fortune 500 loved them.
They all moved there.
Moved their factories there.
But, oh, they're not a threat.
They're not bad.
They're not Red China anymore.
Well, they never really were Red China.
It was command and control China.
Command and control Russia.
And then they use the old commie word for Chavez in Venezuela and somebody in Africa who doesn't want the UN in there bossing them around.
They do all of this.
And so I wanted to expose the hypocrisy of all of this.
You've got the IMF that's, quote, liberal, found about the same people.
They're all against Paul Wolfowitz being the head of the World Bank.
Then you've got the World Bank, which is, quote, the right-wing group.
But if you look at their policies...
And the companies and corporations that invest, it's all the same crowd.
It's the same people.
It's a staged event.
And these groups don't go in and just give people money to help them.
They come in and say, and we've had top people on from their own organization here to talk about it.
We have the documents.
We're going to give you $5 billion, but you sign here and say you'll sign over all your water, all of these peasants' private property, all of your roads, all of your government works.
And then, wink, wink, they tell the dictator or the leader to take most of the money.
He moves to Switzerland or Spain or New York.
Once they're there, then the loans are called in, and they go in and they grab everything.
And they actually hope, in IMF and World Bank documents that came out three years ago, for riots to ensue.
Then they get to even have a bigger police state and arrest people they don't like.
Whether they're populists or liberals or conservatives, patriots, whoever.
They go around, death squads kill everybody, and they put people in camps.
They do this everywhere.
This is what you do.
They know we're not going to... And see, now they're going to do that here in America.
And they're masters at this.
And I just wanted to illustrate how the Pentagon will sell old, junker destroyers.
I mean, 35, 40 years old to Taiwan.
They will sell them Vietnam-era anti-aircraft missiles.
They will sell them the old M60 tanks.
I mean, it's a joke.
Meanwhile, China gets all the cruise missile diagrams.
Not to just buy cruise missiles from us.
Oh, no, you can have our designs, our helicopter designs.
Bush took all controls off of supercomputers.
Bill Clinton sent a few, you know, last-generation, decade-old computers.
Which was bad enough for nuclear weapon design.
Bush, and I think Clinton was evil, and Clinton is bad.
Well, he was.
Corporate New World Order shill.
Totally bad.
I ran it in rave.
Now you will never hear it discussed that Bush, three years ago, took every control off of what is sent to China.
Just have it all.
And now they've lined up masses of troops.
They're talking.
Last week they passed the authorization to invade Taiwan.
And here's Bush.
We've got to invade Iraq.
We've got to invade Iran.
We've got to invade Syria.
We've got to invade Somalia.
We've got to invade all these places because they don't have freedom.
And whether those countries are good or bad, I mean, a lot of them are run by thugs.
That's the nature of the world.
It doesn't mean that the bigger thugs get to come in and then they set up stuff even worse once the globalists come in.
So, Russia is planning for war to defend Syria and Iran.
And we've got a bunch of reports here where they're openly working together.
This is out of Moscow News.
Russian Army Chief arrives in China ahead of joint war games.
Russia's Army Chief, Yuri Volgovinsky, has arrived in China for a four-day visit, Chinese state media reports said, and her plans to lay out the joint military exercises between the two countries.
The Chief of General Staff was expected to hold talks with the state and military leaders.
And it goes on, they are drilling, Russia is drilling to back up China in an invasion of Taiwan.
I mean, this is incredible.
And his trip is aimed at bringing the neighbors closer to military and boost cooperation between them.
And they will hold their first ever joint military exercise in August or September this year.
And what officials said would help them bring and coordinate the first fight against terrorism.
Oh, it's to fight terrorism!
Well, come back and take your calls.
I mean, this is unbelievable.
And guess what?
Guess who was invited to Bush's inauguration?
Of liberty, liberty, liberty, freedom, freedom, freedom.
He said over 40 times those two terms together.
The Taiwanese.
Oh, we don't want to offend the bloodthirsty Chinese.
Hi folks, Jack Browning from Midas Resources.
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All right, John, William, Travis, your calls are coming up right now.
Then I'll get more into what China and Russia are doing.
Let's go ahead and go to John in Ohio.
John, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead, John.
You're on the air.
Yes, Alex.
You know, I alternately cheer and cringe when I listen to you, and I support you in much of what you're doing, but I just have a really disheartening fear that in Phase 2 of this Project Renew American Century plans of this Bush Gang's neocons, they see Iraq, Syria, and Iran as just the kind of appetizers.
Oh, they say that's the bridge to then lead them into Asia.
So as horrendous as this slaughter is, the lies that we've been manipulated into those wars, I think we've got to be on guard against the idea that they are putting China and North Korea on the back burner only temporarily to have them appease this gang of... Let me just stop you right there.
Now, please don't tell me that China and Russia aren't run by thugs.
I'm not talking about that.
As you said, they will frame up any country that they see as an obstacle to their mad plans for world domination.
No, no, listen, listen, listen.
Obviously the globalists, but what I'm saying is the very globalists that are doing all this, the very neocons, want to ship all our jobs over there.
Why are they building China up if they're not planning to fight them?
I think they're going to let China, they're going to have a controlled war.
They're going to let China have Taiwan while the globalists go into North Korea.
This stuff's all staged, John.
Yeah, but I think we've got to stop parroting their propaganda.
I was reading on ZMAG.org, a North Korean specialist... But I'm not... Let me stop you, let me stop you.
I'm not parroting their propaganda.
China really is arming of the teeth.
China really is threatening to attack Taiwan.
China really did pass this law last week.
China really does threaten to nuke us in their newspapers.
Well, look, the United States has 10,000 nuclear weapons.
It has been threatening to use them.
It has the only country that has used them.
And here we have North Korea depicted as the supposed threat to us.
And this specialist on, I think it was ZMAG.org, pointed out their own newspapers and saying, we in no way want a confrontation with the United States.
We are not threatening the United States.
No, no, they've been saying that.
Our controlled media takes it out of context.
And then they said, we are looking at the example of what happened in the disarming of Iraq, and it's constantly openness to these inspectors over a 12-year period.
But, John, this is how it works.
They point out the cesspools of tyranny.
The globalists want to turn America into North Korea.
They want to turn America into China.
The UN gives awards to China.
And the UN is owned by the same corporate elite, run by the same corporate elite.
So what I'm telling you is there's a level above all of this, John.
All I'm saying is that phase two of PNAC, which is on the back burner now... What you're saying is you're set in your ways, and you can't get outside this paradigm.
No, I'm just saying that this would be an even more genocidal war.
We've got to be just as skeptical of the kinds of lies and propaganda that they're ultimately going to set up... Yes, there's no reason to go to war with North Korea if we're not going to go to war with Pakistan, who are government-armed.
Yes, I'm just saying that... John, let me ask you a question.
Why do you think the globalists armed Pakistan?
Well, against India at that time, I imagine, because India was acting somewhat independently for a period of time.
It's all a matter of, you know...
Whoever is the bad guy, simply those are not being the IMF, the World Bank, or these neocons.
That's actually the right answer.
That's just good.
I mean, I'm not saying I have all the answers, but that's true.
The British, for over 150 years, always staged stuff in Pakistan as a way to threaten India.
And I want this to sink in.
Our government would help develop nuclear weapons and delivery systems of stuff that can hit parts of the U.S.
just to keep India in line when India is not threatening anyone.
I agree with that, but I'm just saying that this anti-communist label, if they switch the label from anti-terrorism back to anti-communism... Do you think communism even exists?
But I'm saying that that's not the issue.
No, I don't.
They will use the pretext of anti-communism.
Many of these neocons like Wolfowitz and Pearl have a long-standing using of that label to justify the Vietnam War, the Korean War, every war, every intervention, every support for death squads before they joined up with the... Let me be specific.
So, you admit that the Russian Revolution and all that was a fraud.
No, I do not.
Yeah, there you go.
No, I do not, because I think to dishonor people who fight, and even if it was hijacked by Stalin and perverted by Stalin...
I think that it was a genuine opposition to... And it was attacked by the 14 capitalist countries.
Hey, Lenin killed... That's ridiculous.
Lenin killed a lot of people.
Read Michael Parenti.
Read Howard Zinn and others.
This is known that the United States and 14 capitalist countries... You know, that's why we're going to lose... Let me tell you something, John.
Thanks for the call.
We're going to lose the fight against the New World Order if the lefties like you don't get your heads out of the dirt.
If you do not get your brain...
Fully activated and realize the bankers control it all.
They give you false choices.
Give me a break.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Again, that's 888-211-1715.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Show me a case in Africa, in Asia, in Europe, where communists don't kill millions of people.
Communist China Today, whatever you want to call it, Command and Control China Today, is putting in national ID cards, forced abortions, all of it.
It's another command and control system.
The globalists are masters of giving you different command and control systems with different labels, and then you think you have a choice.
I'll go to your calls in a moment, but here's the analogy.
They've done a lot of scientific tests with rats.
Rats and mice, because they breed quickly.
They have like a 16-day cycle.
They are very similar in their metabolism, that's the proper term, to humans.
That is, in drug treatments and many other things.
They've done a lot of psychological and societal testing the political scientists have with rats.
Rats have wars.
Rats behave quite similar to us.
Even worse so than dogs.
I don't know if you wanted to hear that, but it's really true.
No, I'm not saying we come from rats.
I'm just talking about it.
Pigs and rats, very similar.
Pigs and rats.
Yes, I'll add the pig part, too.
It's just scientific.
The point is they put colonies of rats in these giant contained mazes.
The government does, and corporate systems fund think tanks to do this, and universities do it.
And I've seen a lot of these studies.
They're very interesting.
They put rats in these big contained mazes.
That have an area where they're fed, that have an area for them to swim, that... I mean, it might be 10, 15 levels.
It's like a rat skyscraper.
And they put little toys for the rats and the rest of it, and they put in a certain number of rats, watch them breed, watch them overpopulate, watch them have wars, watch them eat each other, watch disease break out.
They've done all this.
They've done all different sorts of different tests, but...
One of the big studies they've done many, many times to study our behavior is, and really now our cities are being tested like this.
They treat us just like rats.
We're all under mass manipulation.
It's all part of the MKUltra and other allied programs to test us, to change our mindset, to change our belief systems.
If you put these rats in, and you put wild rats from the outside...
That know that there is a way out.
That know that there's a world outside of the maze.
And you make it of a material that's really hard to chew out of.
It can be like three feet of oak.
Or it can be just thin.
The rats will chew through it.
They will systematically never stop until they get out of the maze.
But you take rats and you put newborns in there, you put juveniles in there, out of cages that don't know that there's a wider world.
They will live their lives thinking they have choices.
They can go left, right, back, forward, down, up, you know, 10, 15 levels.
They believe that this is their universe.
They believe that this is their world.
They believe that this is the total of the system.
And they will never question it.
And this is exactly what our modern world is today.
We have been born into this control.
It's getting worse and worse each generation.
People accept that I can be a liberal, I can be a conservative, or I can be a libertarian.
But I've got to operate within the terms and names and systems they give us.
How do I know that we can get outside the rat maze, get outside the box?
The globalists give us false maps of the mind.
Another analogy is the globalists, the controllers, the social engineers and architects, the dehumanizers, are very adept at creating false maps of the mind.
Systems were taught.
You know, like a computer.
The brain is a computer.
Complex computer.
Garbage in, garbage out.
And so they've given us false terms, false names, a false paradigm.
But the globalists have to communicate with each other.
The tiny one half of one percent or less technocracy has to be able to navigate the real world and maintenance the box we're in.
They're outside the box.
They also go inside the box.
They live amongst us, but they operate and upkeep the box and make changes when need be and retrofit the box.
So they have to get outside of it.
They know.
And so they have manuals.
They have documents.
They have think tank reports.
All of this is public.
And so all I've done over the years, and I do this until 2, 3 in the morning many nights,
I don't come here and bore you with reading 20 pages of it.
We post it.
We read a lot of it.
We talk about it.
We cover it.
We have guests on about it.
But you can go read all this.
You can go see what they're doing.
And it's just all out in the open.
We're creating a world government.
We're going to take your guns.
We're going to have a one-child policy.
We're going to forcibly drug half of you in the next phase and the next phase.
Everyone will be forcibly drugged.
We're going to take all your private property.
We're going to wall off all the major highways so you can't get to rural areas to shut down all those towns.
I mean, they openly say you're going to be swiping a card to buy and sell.
This will track and trace and control you.
We're going to do all this.
We're going to put everybody in big compact cities and little bitty apartments.
And I can read what they said 20 years ago.
They've done it.
Now I'm reading what they say they'll do in the next 10.
They're doing it.
Because I'm reading the architect's and the technician's manuals.
It's that simple.
You know, it's like if somebody doesn't know how to work on an air conditioner, and I walk over and even tell, let's say, an aborigine from Tasmania, and I say, what is this?
He'll go, I don't know, it's...
It's a box.
It's a machine.
He might know that much in 2005.
It's a box.
It's a machine.
He's not going to know what it is.
Now, I have a little more knowledge.
I know it's an air conditioner.
I know this is the fan and the pump.
But I don't know how to fix it.
I have to get a manual, get the parts.
It's easier to get a technician.
The point is that we waste our time in these arguments with the general public.
They're still in the matrix.
They're still in the box.
And you try to go, no, no, no.
These terms are wrong you're using.
They don't know any better.
All right, I'll shut up.
Just that's the point.
Let's go to William in Oregon and Travis and others.
William, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
How you doing?
Good show, as usual.
Hey, a couple of things here.
First of all, when are you going to release your CD for Marshall Law?
When's that coming out?
It is being mastered right now and going to be mass-produced next week, and the week after that we'll have it for sale.
I don't want to offer it until I've got them and make sure they work good.
This is a DVD 9.
No problem.
By the way, it's going to be three hours long.
Well, speaking of which, I spent the past couple days watching Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and I cannot agree with you more.
It is your masterpiece, and I'm going to tell you right here and now, that needs to go.
Every film festival in the world needs to get out there.
If Fahrenheit Candy Coated 9-11 can get out there and do what it did, yours will take down everything.
I encourage you from the bottom of my heart and soul,
God willing, you can get that out there.
I think that is top quality.
Well, it's a catch-22.
It's a catch-22.
I need to be here to do the radio show, to make the Arnold ads, to do the TV show, to carry out the trash, to pay checks, to put light bulbs in.
I can't go to film festivals.
How can we... What can we do?
I mean...
I'd rather see you put a week of replay shows on and follow through with it.
You're right.
If I took it to a bunch of film festivals, if I took it to a bunch of film festivals, it would get critically acclaimed and I'd sell a lot more and get the word out to more people.
You're right.
I'm just saying that there's got to be somebody out there, a volunteer, somebody who wants to take this on.
There's got to be the contacts you know and the people that love you and support you and believe in you.
This, to me, is dynamite that needs to be lit.
I want to go back to that last guy that called John.
All I can say to him if he's listening is, and perhaps you'll agree with me, he needs to learn about Albert Pike and how orchestrated so much is in this world, and I'm behind you on that.
Well, you're talking about a technician who in 1878 said everything that's happened.
Well, it's the blueprint, you know, and he's one of the earlier globalists, I guess you'd call him, at this stage of the game.
Now, another guy I found out about recently, you might have heard of him,
Is there a guy named Biet Din?
Yeah, he's the guy that wrote much of the Patriot Act.
He was the assistant attorney general.
Right, I just couldn't believe he works for News Corp and Fox.
I just did a little history on him.
It's amazing.
Yeah, now, it's a revolving door.
Most of the people at CNN and Fox who are high level are former Justice Department or current CIA.
And that's even come out in the mainstream news.
Alex, we've got to really figure out, and I've been racking my brain, but you know people out there, and I'm sure somebody would step up to the plate and get this out there for you.
This film is too powerful to go away.
I mean, I am so impressed.
You actually, and your three-point part with Gergen, priceless.
I give you all the accolades.
That look on your face, that little grin, it is priceless.
I just want to thank you for being able to achieve what you did, and I'm really grateful.
Nothing happened to you in New York, so God was on your side.
God is with us.
God bless you, my friend.
All right.
And vio con Dios to you.
Go with God.
But since you brought it up, I'm just going to briefly plug it, then we'll go to your other calls.
Listen, this film will not be seen.
It's up to you.
If you will order the video, do not wait for the DVD.
Get the DVD.
Give the VHS to somebody when you get the DVD.
You know, we need your support.
Get it out now.
You look at the...
Exponential growth curve of these videos.
Let's say a thousand videos go up.
And let's say half of you make ten copies.
And then half the people you give those copies to make copies.
I've done the math.
I mean, one video turns into thousands.
Thousands turn into millions.
And I could care less about the money.
That's why I say make copies.
Get it out to people.
My goal, my thrill is waking people up and warning folks.
And, you know, in case the globalists did something to me, or in case they were going to blow something else up, and you never know when they're going to do it, that's why I didn't wait.
I said, VHS, I can get this out immediately.
I can start printing copies right now.
Get the VHS.
Order the VHS right now, and then in two weeks, because, you know, I don't sell stuff until I got it, then in two weeks when I get the DVD, order it.
I said I'd have about five minutes of extras.
I couldn't help myself.
It's got 25 minutes.
The film is now three hours, and
25 seconds long with the extras.
And the extras are pretty good.
But do not wait, folks.
Get the VHS.
Quite frankly, we need your support.
So look at it as a donation.
But get it and start making copies now.
Plus, a DVD-9 is hard to make copies of.
There's ways to do it.
Actually, they have cheap converters now.
They have like 50-buck DVD burners where you can burn DVD-9s.
The problem is a DVD 9 is, you know, it'll carry three hours.
A DVD 5 will only carry about 110 minutes.
So this is a DVD 9, which a lot of your longer movies that you buy at the store are on.
It's a high-quality process.
You don't lose any quality.
You keep the quality by doing this.
And it costs me more, but hey, c'est la vie.
The goal is getting the information out.
Martial Law is my best film.
It's got to be seen.
And if you'll order it, and if you'll make copies of it faithfully and get it out to people... I hate to use an Iranian analogy, but after they kicked Mosaddegh out, put the shawl in, and they had the mullahs take over, I don't support them either.
But the point is, they took over with cassette tapes.
Copies of cassette tapes.
Somebody making a cassette tape, them making a cassette tape, a cassette tape, a cassette tape.
Because all the flashy lies all day long, once people see the fraud, they don't go along with it.
So, I mean, these are powerful folks, and I'm not calling for the overthrow.
I want our government back.
I want the criminals out.
I want to restore the Constitutional Republic.
And I just want to stop the globalists from carrying out more terror attacks and accelerating the police state any faster.
So call and get Marshall Law.
I've got a bunch of other videos that are on discount that are excellent as well.
If you get three videos, you get a discount on Marshall Law and on the other two videos.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones.
The film's $25.95.
Have the shipping.
Write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Or you can go to prisonplanet.tv.
We have monthly and yearly subscriptions, 15 cents a day.
Get that video, all my other videos, my book, Paul Watson's book, weekly TV reports I do every week, prisonplanet.tv.
It's a great tool, and you can tune out of the mainstream media and just watch the TV show and the stuff on there.
All right, let's go ahead now and talk to Travis.
Travis, you're calling us from?
Seattle, Washington.
How you doing?
How you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
Hey, I wanted to add a few things for that John, that caller.
I believe, this is my opinion, but I believe people do the best they can for what they know.
And if you lock somebody in a closet for 20 years and you let them out, how are they going to behave?
They're going to bump into things.
That's right.
They're going to behave the best they can for what they know.
And that's what most people are, is manipulated into this by the puppet masters, the European bankers and such.
Anyhow, what else do I want to say?
Oh, I do your stuff inexpensively, and I probably shouldn't let this out of the bag, but I just dub it off in Windows Media Player.
And I explain to people when I hand it to them.
If they have a computer, click on Windows Media Player and they can watch it.
Well, why shouldn't you let it out of the bag?
I'm glad people are going to prisonplanet.tv.
It doesn't cost me anything when people download it and start burning copies.
My goal is to get this out.
I get the subscription to your website and I pay my 15 cents a day, which barely covers your cost.
I know that.
That's what I do.
I haven't done very many copies because I haven't had time and I've got a slow burner and I'm not real into the currency.
Otherwise, I would go ahead and buy the DVDs from you.
I guess that's all beside the point.
The lady that you were talking about, I did call into your show and I said that she was typical.
That was Arnold Fortzenhager's spokeswoman.
She is typical.
She said she was raised by a
Yeah, but I don't really know that she knows what she's doing, Alex.
I'm not convinced of that because...
Even some of these elite people, when they're born into these families, it's like, okay, Junior, we're the elite.
We have to rule over the masses.
And that's all they know when they get to be an adult.
So they think that's their job.
So I think they're conditioned.
No, I agree.
A lot of the elite are in their own little cage.
Yeah, yeah.
They're a legend in their own mind.
We'll just put it that way.
And it's all about status.
I mean, they revel in looking good and being at the party and everything.
I mean, their egos drive them.
That's what a lot of us do, because in school, what do they got?
Show and tell time.
Look at me, look at me, look at me.
That's what everybody... Well, I mean, school, in public schools, you don't learn how to be upstanding and intelligent and do good things.
It's all about who's cool.
Right, well, that, and people don't know a luxury from a necessity.
They confused the two of them.
That's the way things are going.
Well, money means absolutely nothing to me other than... If I can eat, I'm good.
Well, I mean, I like nice cars because they don't break down.
Well, I can fix my car if it breaks down myself.
And I like a comfortable couch, but I don't have big plasma TVs.
I got an old van out here, and I got one just like it.
I just take parts off of that one when I need a part for the other.
Good to hear from you.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
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The DVD version is 170 minutes.
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The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
You absolutely must see this DVD.
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All right, one last call.
Ron in New York.
You're on the air, Ron.
Go ahead.
Alex, will you tell that real quick?
Will you tell that caller that the global government above our government, running our government, running everything,
The question is, what's the percentage of... It doesn't matter if the elite tells him that.
He doesn't get it.
Yeah, but what is the percentage of the American people in the government that are Americans that high up military intelligence people that are Americans that want an American government that oppose or would oppose these people?
Well, before they started announcing the world government, they said it doesn't exist.
Is there a percentage of military and intelligence people in our government that are aware of this and are ready to oppose it or are opposing it and will do it even in the ultimate way?
There are a lot of people, but see, that's why the globalists move incrementally.
You know the old frog in the boiling water, it jumps out, put him in cold water, turn it up slow, he boils to death.
Well, then the ultimate answer then is what?
That they're not going to be able to... It's not going to be done that way.
Well, a lot of people cop out and go, I'm waiting for the Russian troops to come down the street, and then I'll do something.
But until then, I'll let them put my kids on drugs, and I'll let them take my private property, and I'll let them toll road me to drive anywhere, and I'll... That's the problem.
Thanks for the call.
That is the problem, ladies and gentlemen.
That's the thing that we're dealing with, the problem that we are facing as a nation, as a country.
And something needs to be done about it.
We need to resist it.
We need to get involved.
We need to say no to this.
All right, folks.
I am here looking at all this news that I didn't have time to get to.
I mean, I've got just ridiculous stuff everywhere.
Well, a lot of towns are saying that they're going to ban smoking if you work for the government, and private corporations are saying, and then next will be fattening foods, and your new national ID card to the sales tax.
We'll track that.
New Asian quake threat warning.
BBC, a bulldog of stress, on faults in Sumatra following the Indonesian earthquake.
Is it likely to trigger another large quake and perhaps a tsunami?
That is a claim made by nature by a team at the University of Ulster, UK.
The slip that caused this year's devastating quake placed increased stress on the Sumatra Fault and on the adjunct undersea Sudan Trench.
A new rupture could trigger a magnitude 775 quake on land and magnitude 8.5 quake beneath the sea, they say.
A 2004 earthquake occurred within the deep, flat Indian plate slipped under the Burma plate.
And continuing here again, this is out of the Novostat Russian News Agency.
The Chief Russian General Staff Yuri Balagonsky left for China to settle a scandal over the first Russian-Chinese military exercise.
Commonwealth 05, which is due to be held this fall off the Yellow Sea...
And it's a drill to take over Taiwan, and does Bush say a word?
He says nothing.
He's going to put his boy, Paul Wolfowitz, to replace James Wolfenstein, in control of the World Bank.
That way they can control how the money's doled out around the world.
They get control of these countries as well.
And Bush is outstumping Reuters reports, defending his fake news packages.
It says...
His defensive packages, which are designed to look like television news segments, came after they were deemed a form of covert propaganda and to be illegal by the government accounting office watchdog agency.
And Bush says, hey, I'm going to keep doing it.
Great new precedent being set there.
Be sure and visit Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
And be sure and get the new film, Martial Law 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless.