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Air Date: March 15, 2005
381 lines.
I appreciate him holding.
We talked about this earlier in the hour.
And John, it's good to have you on with us.
I appreciate you joining us.
It's good to be here.
Thank you.
So tell us about your town and tell us about why the President was coming to town and this phone call you got.
Well, Memphis is Memphis, Tennessee.
We've got a city of a little over a million people.
Great city.
Wonderful place to be, wonderful place to live right now, but we've got a lot happening here.
The President was coming to Memphis, as he's going to I think 60 cities around the country, trying to promote his social security reform package, the privatization package, personalization, whatever they're calling it this week.
And he was here to speak to people about it.
On Wednesday,
We, uh, we received a phone call.
Now, I need to let you know that my store happens to be about three blocks from a federal courthouse.
So, when someone calls up and says, agents such and such, I'm used to hearing that.
I think that they're just calling because they're running late and they want to pick up a cup of coffee on their way to work.
That's no big surprise to me.
What did surprise me is, although the gentleman that I spoke with was extremely polite, extremely pleasant, um, they were asking that people not put up
Any, uh, any disparaging comments?
Uh, he did, but again, as I, as I said from the beginning,
Yeah, you're not jotting down a name because you're right by a courthouse.
Hey, this is Agent Aaron Gahan.
By the time you focus, he'd already said the name.
So, again, it's not unusual for me to receive a phone call from somebody.
I have two or three people with badges coming onto my shop every day.
No big deal.
Anyway, he just said that they were calling about security in the area.
Again, I didn't think anything about that.
I've seen people.
I've talked to different people.
We knew what was going on.
There's always an advanced team.
They've been here for a month.
We're used to seeing them.
Or at least knowing that they're not necessarily seeing them, but knowing that they're in the area.
So what happened next?
So the guy just said that they were asking that businesses that were going to be here where the President was staying did not have up any signs
Uh, he did say pro or against President Bush.
Okay, the newspaper wasn't clear on that.
Well, um, but the, the essence of it was that it was like, don't have any of, any pro or anti-Bush, and then spoke about anti-Bush sign several times versus mentioning a pro-Bush sign, pro-President Bush sign one time.
Well, when he was governor, let me just stop you, this was in the Dallas Morning News and Houston Chronicle and Statesman, it was in all the big Texas papers.
The radio station I work for, KJFK, I didn't pull this stunt.
A guy named Shannon Burke did.
And literally, you'd have disability groups, pro-life groups, environmental groups, it didn't matter, out there protesting the governor.
And in downtown Austin, it's 11th Street, right there by the Capitol, big, giant, uh, sidewalks.
There's always, you know, I mean, I've lived in this town for
Fifteen years, there's always people down there protesting, whatever governor it is, and they would just come in with paddy wagons and arrest whoever did it.
Well, there were a bunch of lawsuits, and the governor lost those lawsuits.
The state lost a bunch of, uh, just several of the rulings were like $100,000 a piece, so...
They stopped doing it!
But, but, but, the point is, this, but, but, the stunt we pulled, the radio station, we sent down a couple of interns with signs saying, we love Bush.
While another protest was there, this is the middle of the whole thing, in fact I think this stunt pushed it over the edge from winning the lawsuits, they were arresting disabled people in wheelchairs, weren't blocking anything, but didn't arrest the two girls we sent with we love Bush.
Somehow that doesn't surprise me with the current times.
No, you can read that.
Any reporter listening right now, when you talk to reporters... Okay, I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you.
I lost you for a moment.
What was I saying?
I was talking about how this had happened and the people were
Coming in and the different things that were said, and in essence, I put up a sign that simply said, we have been informed by a federal agent that we are not to put up any anti-President Bush signs in our storefront windows.
We would instead like to remind the agent that we still have First Amendment rights.
That seems to be the most direct way of confronting the issue and not having a
I'm not having the problem of people saying anything against the President.
I live in a city that is very conscriptive.
Although we did vote for President Bush on a whole as a state, the county that I live in did vote for John Kerry during the last election.
The essence of it though is that when 52% of your public population votes for somebody and 48% against,
You don't want to put up a sign.
You don't want to put up anything that's going to cost you half your customers.
Whether it's for or against, you're going to hurt your business.
Ultimately, I'm a capitalist.
That's the, uh, that's the essence of things.
It's the best thing that I could think.
Dude, that's the best thing that I could come up with.
And I'm, I'm also a veteran.
I've been, I've been in situations and I feel I've earned the right to say that we have First Amendment.
We have our Bill of Rights, we have our First Amendment, and that's what we need to be in life.
Well, John, this only happens a couple times a year, but somebody doesn't like what we're saying.
My dedicated link to the network, I'm down in Texas, they're up in Minnesota, has been terminated somehow, so I'm trying to get reconnected via the digital stereo feed to you, but I'll keep rocking and rolling with you right here over the telephone here from the office.
But, I mean, we see this wanton push.
out there to suppress free speech everywhere systematically just so people don't see images of protesters or people that don't go along with these policies.
I'm sure you've heard of the cases where people, there have been 500 Bush supporters and one person with a sign saying no blood for oil and the Secret Service arrests them and says you're only allowed to go to a free speech zone but the people that are pro-Bush, they're allowed to stay.
They're right in there, exactly.
So that was the case here in Memphis.
The protest zone was four blocks past the route that the President was going to be going.
It was far and away removed from anything having to do with the event.
Well, there are a lot of other big examples of this.
In modern history, with civil rights activists and others, but now they're bringing it back in force and really trying to almost segregate people who are against the President's policies.
You know, Bill Clinton tried a little bit of this, but it was nothing compared to what Bush is getting away with.
You know, my mother saw the new film I produced, Martial Law, while I was in New York for the RNC, where they threatened to arrest us, and we killed 400,000 plus protesters, and she watches the news.
She said, son, none of this was on the news.
These protesters were not on the news.
They didn't show these numbers of people.
So everywhere they're basically covering up the numbers of people that are protesting and where they can't cover it up is where Bush's route is going to be.
I don't even know.
In addition to my coffee shop, I have an office that is a little bit removed from downtown.
I didn't think that big of a deal about the time.
I've sort of fallen into this situation by accident.
They didn't drive past my place that much, I know.
Instead of going down Main, which has trolleys on it and a few other things, they took Front Street and went directly to underground parking.
He did not go into the formal entrance of the building where he was speaking.
He went into the underground.
Um, so, I don't know.
Um, they had us blocked off for three blocks in any given direction.
And, I mean, this is Memphis, Tennessee after all.
This is a place that knows one or two things about civil rights and the cost and the problems that, uh, not that civil rights cause, of course, but that, uh, the problems that can happen and the horrible events that can arise when people's civil rights are suppressed.
I mean, I'm literally standing less than a mile from where Martin Luther King was assassinated, and there's a constant reminder of that in this city.
Well, I mean, as you say, you're a veteran, and you have served this country as a public servant, and you know a little bit about the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
You know how egregious this is, how ridiculous this is, how un-American this is.
This is something right out of China, where they don't let people protest at Tiananmen Square.
I mean, now they have a Red Sox game, and some people are out on the streets having a party.
They walk up with rubber bullets and blow a young woman's eye back into her brain.
It's also violence against people that are protesting, and it's getting worse and worse and worse.
I mean, how does this have anything to do with fighting terrorism?
It doesn't.
But using this backdrop of fear
They're just doing it.
And that's what tyranny is all about.
It's just doing it.
Government just starts doing whatever it wants.
And I'd like to ask the listeners out there if they're aware of how bad this has gotten.
And I know it's going to be worse in the next generation because they're teaching the children in the public schools almost nothing.
I'm sure you've heard about the young man who wrote a fiction story about zombies busting up out of the ground.
That is so ridiculous.
It doesn't surprise me in this day and age.
What do you know about the lead singer?
The lead singer of Stereophonics?
He had a shirt with a gun on it.
One of the band's symbols and they wouldn't let him fly because of the picture of a gun on his shirt.
What are those warm comments?
Well, I just want to ask folks out there how much worse they think it's going to get in the future.
Just a few other questions for you.
Now, again, this guy calls.
He told you his name, but at the time you weren't paying complete attention until he started getting into don't have signs in your window for or against Bush, particularly against.
What about when you started talking to some of your other businesses, some of the other neighbors, or what happened when locals came in and saw your sign?
First, tell us about the sign and then tell us what other businesses told you.
Well, the sign says, uh, we have been told by a federal agent that we are not to put up any anti-President Bush signs in our store windows.
We would instead like to remind the agent that we still have First Amendment rights.
Thank you and fire call.
So in no way, shape or form does it say anything negative about the President.
Uh, I'm a business owner.
I gotta make money.
I'm not gonna take off half my, uh, half my, uh, possible customers.
You didn't even have a sign, did you, when they called you?
Absolutely not.
Okay, but then you talked to others, according to the newspaper, of the Memphis Flyer.
Then you talked to other locals, and what did they tell you?
Some of the other businesses, I talked to various servers and bartenders in some of the local restaurants, and they'd heard of people being called.
A few restaurants knew that people were being called.
And then on Saturday,
Saturday afternoon after someone took a picture of the other side and put it on a blog and that's how this whole thing got picked up.
On Saturday, we got two phone calls from Alabama, where the President had been apparently on Thursday.
And oddly enough, same thing had happened there.
They'd been told the same thing.
And the demeanor of the person, making sure that they understood that it was before or
But really stressing the against part was intact as well.
It's amazing because the more the story grows, the more I hear that it's happened in various other places that things similar to this have been happening.
Now, there are a couple of points that I've got to stress on this.
One, I can't prove
That it was, in fact, a federal agent.
That's how they identified themselves.
Could have been just goons from the party.
Hey, let's stay there.
I'm back on my line here, and we're going to come back, and I want to take some calls for you, John, okay?
Sure thing.
We're talking to John Gascade.
And, uh, I wish these mainstream media reporters would do some Google searching.
They've got Nexus, Nexus is even better.
I could probably think of 20 mainstream articles of stuff like this happening, front pages of papers, in the last three years.
So I'll have to, maybe the listeners, maybe folks, you can dig those articles out, they're on Infowars.com, and send them to the mainstream media so we can confirm all this.
Just one more case of the same stuff happening.
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I got Ron Paul's office coming on.
They've signed it on to the supplemental budget package.
The expansion of the National ID Card set to pass the Senate today.
That's coming up about ten after in the next hour.
I want to get to all your calls as well.
Before we go back to John,
And let him finish up and take a few of your calls.
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Don't allow them on our parade routes.
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I hope you'll get Martial Law, because then we get into 9-11 for a full hour of the film.
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John Gascogne,
Now, you're saying you got calls from Alabama and other places saying this has happened to them.
What about from the newspaper article in the Memphis Flyer?
They're saying that people that came into your business were saying, oh yeah, other businesses got that call.
Did you hear from other businesses locally?
I did.
I did.
And a few have, a few did admit that they got similar phone calls.
Some people were approached about different things, but anytime that
Things about the putting out signs was mentioned.
It was always in reference to a phone call.
So, but yes, there are at least three other businesses in the area that I can confirm were.
When you were in the military or when you were growing up and you heard this stuff about the Soviet Union, did you ever think it would happen here?
No, absolutely not.
It's maddening that things are happening like this.
Well, you know, they keep just doing it and doing it and doing it until we finally just get used to it.
We need to continue being outraged.
Well, what's the old saying?
Evil prevails when good men do nothing?
It's absolutely true.
Let's take a call.
Dave in Texas, you're on the air, go ahead.
I just wanted to say that, you know, the reason we have this problem with the media is because about 12 years ago we used to have 50 major media corporations.
Hi, Alex.
Now we only have 6.
And they're all owned by the elitist.
Yeah, it's 4 now.
Is it 4 now?
I'm behind a little bit on the time.
It used to be 6.
Sorry about that.
Yeah, 90% of the media is owned by 4 corporations.
That's terrible.
The other day you talked about Maureen Gosch and the Jeff Gannon connection.
And that's another thing the media hasn't really touched on.
No, it's just, oh, we've got fake reporters, yeah, that work for the White House and are a service then in more ways than one.
The thing I wanted to talk to you about was, believe it or not, I was able to get a hold of Maureen Gosch via the internet, and actually got her number and talked to her.
And I asked her if she had considered a DNA test, and she said that she had, but that she had to get with Mr. Gannon's publicist to get that confirmed.
And I said, well, you know, there's other ways to get a DNA sample if you need one.
I thought that was quite interesting.
That's interesting.
Stay there.
John, stay with us about five more minutes into the next little segment.
I want to finish up with you and take a call or two.
And then we'll be right back.
Then we've got Ron Paul's press secretary coming on, Jeff Deist.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've been talking to John Gascade, and later we're gonna go back to Dave in Texas, let him finish up his points about the Jeff Gannon case.
Is he Johnny Gosch?
And we know he's a male prostitute, and we know that that's what they're into up there at the White House.
All part of the Christian conservatism.
But going back to our guest, headline, did a federal agent ban anti-Bush signs in downtown storefronts?
This is out of the Memphis Flyer, and of course the answer is yes.
These people are all over the place doing this in plain view.
I mean, people are arrested and then fired for wearing an anti-Bush t-shirt at a public meeting Bush comes to.
I mean, it's that bad.
Let's take another call.
Let's talk to John in Alaska.
You're on the air with our guest, John.
Hi, Alex.
Hello, sir.
I really enjoyed the different excerpts and pieces in your DVDs about the Illuminati and the Freemasonry.
There was a case, a place I lived in Kentucky at one time, where a Baptist minister who owned several acres of farmland
His property literally bordered a guy who was a Freemason.
And this guy went, and this was a verifiable case, this guy went to court and had the property lines where he lost another few acres of his land.
The Baptist minister did.
And come to find out, the judge was a Freemason judge.
So the Freemason farmer had the Freemason judge on his side.
And so when the Baptist minister went to court to try to protest and pull up the original document, they didn't even recognize him.
They threw the judge out of court.
I mean, not to judge me, through the farmer.
That's this good ol' boy system gone to seed.
I mean, look at Halliburton and Cheney running the contracts out of the Vice President's office.
I mean, it's just pell-mell wild corruption.
Thanks for the call.
Any comments on that, John?
That one's news to me, actually.
It doesn't surprise me, but I haven't heard anything on that before.
Well, it's rampant, but that's what we're fighting.
It's just a giant good ol' boy system that's gotten greedy.
I do remember hearing a report recently that one of the reasons that the White House has stopped going after Tokyo Don with the oil for food program is... Because it came out that Halliburton was doing it.
Taking bribes, exactly.
And then people go, well, they're doing it, well, we're doing it.
That's the point, is that it's so corrupt across the board.
Well, where does it go from here?
I mean, I think everybody should do what you've done, and you weren't planning to put a sign up, but since they said it, you just said, hey, I've been told by some government agent that they're telling me, uh, you know, they don't have any signs against Bush.
Well, I've got a First Amendment.
And that's what everybody should do.
Whenever things are happening like this, whenever you're seeing your rights eroded, whenever
You hear about these things happening to other people.
You need to stand up.
You need to point it out.
You need to take a voice.
You need to become active in this thing.
It amazes me.
I don't think that the President is aware at all that there's any sort of homeless population in any city that he visits.
Because they don't allow help near it.
I didn't even know Memphis had paddy wagons.
Apparently we do.
We can saw them for this in case the slaves don't like their emperor.
All right, well, John, Gaske, thank you so much for joining us.
We've got a couple of affiliates.
One is WBCR that are in Tennessee, but that's out by Knoxville.
But we've got listeners on the internet.
Shortwave, how do folks come down and drink some of your Joe?
I appreciate that.
Please do.
We are right in the heart of downtown Memphis on the corner of Main and Madison.
You're at the 2nd and North Main.
No, no, no.
Maine and Madison.
Maine and Madison.
We've got two trolley lines in the city.
Together in front of my door.
John, thanks for coming on with us.
Thank you.
I look forward to hearing from you again.
Take care.
Yeah, he stood up to them.
He wasn't planning to put a sign up.
He said, I'm a veteran.
I'll do whatever I want.
This isn't Russia.
We'll be back with Ron Paul's office.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror