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Air Date: March 14, 2005
2459 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
It is the 14th day already of March 2005.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We'll be live for the next three hours with wide-open telephones.
Coming up in the second hour, investigative journalist who's written for World Net Daily and a dozen other major publications who's really covered the 9-11 whitewash like no one else has going to almost all the different congressional meetings.
It has also been researching...
All of the confirmed reports of male prostitutes, underage male prostitutes, you name it, swirling around the White House and how this connects into the Gannon case, how it connects into the Franklin cover-up, how it connects in with the mysterious death of Hunter S. Thompson.
Tom Flacco will be joining us coming up in the next hour.
Here's the headline.
Photographer tied to child sex ring arrested after Thompson's suicide.
And it's a lengthy 12-page report that he's put out.
It's on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
And we'll be analyzing that coming up in the next hour.
Also, eight dead in U.S.
church massacre.
It's like someone flipped the switch, and now this individual goes into the courthouse and grabs the gun away, shoots and kills three people, injures another.
He's now been captured, and then on top of it, somebody walks into a church meeting at a Sheraton hotel and starts blasting right at the time.
Even Rush Limbaugh has said this.
It's always interesting when they introduce all these gun bills that magically this stuff starts happening.
Is it a coincidence or is it part of something larger?
Or in a country of 290 million people, are you occasionally going to have mass shootings?
In fact, overall shootings in this country are down by about 14% of what they were just seven years ago.
On a 20-year average, it's down over 20%.
And a lot of that is because of concealed carry.
Because a lot of your gangland and home invasion shootings are down because there's more Americans with guns today.
But somebody tuning in to watch the mainstream media and major studies will tell you in major polls that they think there's an epidemic of crime, that there's more crime.
It's like they'll tell you there's an epidemic out there of child kidnapping when actually the numbers are way down from what they were just ten years ago as well.
So we'll be talking about that.
But the courthouse shooting suspect defiant and proud, the prosecutors are saying.
We'll also get into this report.
Out of Reuters, Al-Qaeda ally may target U.S.
theaters and schools.
MSNBC, no evidence Al-Qaeda knew of a grid bombing a year and...
What, three days ago?
Of course they weren't involved.
It was LCI ADA.
That's mainstream news in Spain.
Activists rally to save Terri Schiavo.
And of course you know now about the million dollar offer by a TV tycoon for Michael Cockroach Schiavo to not kill her.
To not go ahead with the order to take her feeding tube away.
So we'll be going over that report.
Growing fears that credit boom may implode.
This is from the Financial Times of London.
Interesting article here out of the Detroit News.
Marines driven out of UAW lot.
The union says Marines and foreign cars displaying bush stickers.
Bird flu clusters may signal virus change.
That's what the World Health Organization is saying.
That and a lot more.
Straight ahead in the next two hours and 55 minutes, the websites are Infowars.com, Infowars.net, PrisonPlanet.tv.
They're all a little different, so check all the sites out today.
And my new film, Martial Law, is now shipping.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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Alright, big broadcast lined up for you today.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We're going to talk to award-winning investigative journalist Tom Flacco.
No, it's not going to be about 9-11.
He was there at almost all the different 9-11 hearings, both the Congressional Whitewash and the Unindependent Blue Ribbon Committee of Al-Qaeda Business Associates and Carlyle Group Business Associates.
Remember, they first tried to have Henry Kissinger as the head of it, but he had to recuse himself.
No, we're not going to have Tom on about that, as we've had him on many times before.
No, he's done really an in-depth, sterling investigation.
Of the homosexual rings in the White House and its connection to the pedophile rings.
And it's all from court records and mainstream news.
Much of it that we've covered here on the broadcast, but he's put it together in a 12-page report now on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
So that's coming up a little bit later in the second hour.
We're also going to be taking your calls early in this hour at 1-800-259-9231.
Get you up and on the air.
Eight dead in U.S.
church massacre.
Seven people have been shot dead and several others hurt by a gunman who opened fire at a U.S.
church service.
The gunman shot and killed himself after the shooting spree.
Well, see, if guns were just banned, he would have followed the law and wouldn't have done this.
You know, he's willing to kill a bunch of people and kill himself, but he would have followed the law and not gotten a gun to do it.
Of course, I'm being sarcastic.
And again, actual mass shooting numbers are way down, upwards of 20%.
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
Thank you.
But even those shootings are way down.
Even those numbers are way down.
But the average American, they've got all the different polls and studies, tunes in to television and watches all the docudramas and all the newscasts and it all runs together.
Reality and reality becomes unreality after they spin it.
And the average American will tell you they think crime is rampant.
They think it's just unbelievably bad.
And that's just not the case.
The only crime
A group of crimes that is up in this country are in select areas of the nation, namely along the southern border.
Crime is actually up around 10% just in the last two years along the southern border because you've got millions of desperate people coming across in Cochise County and Arizona and other areas, South Texas, the Mexican Mafia, most of them Mexican Special Forces.
This has been on the Dallas Morning News and Houston Chronicle.
I covered it a few weeks ago.
We're coming across and murdering people.
I mean, even small-time drug dealers that aren't paying their cut.
So we have that mafia moving in to the southwest, predominantly in Texas and Arizona, are the real hot spots.
Federal officers being killed, being maimed.
Forest Service, FBI, Border Patrol being killed, being taken hostage, being beaten.
I mean, you can just type that into a search engine.
Mainstream news articles will pop up for you.
Those are really the only areas other than car theft.
Car theft is up too.
Because they've lowered the penalties for car theft.
My car, many years ago, was stolen in Dallas when I was up visiting a girlfriend.
And the cops wouldn't even come out and do a report for it.
And I got mad and hung up the phone.
Didn't say anything mean.
I just said, fine.
And hung the 911 call up without permission.
So angry police showed up.
At my girlfriend's apartment, and kind of demanded their way in, just walked right past me, started searching around, and I said, what are you here for?
I said, now you're going to fill out a report about my stolen vehicle.
It was found a day later, you know, stripped.
But, again, I digress.
The point is, crime is down big time.
Big time.
So what's the government doing?
They're erecting all these laws.
We're petty things.
Arguing with the police is now resisting.
Or protesting you get jail time.
Just hundreds of new ways to get people into the system.
Because they've gone from 1.3 million in prison to 7 million in the system now just in the last, what, eight years.
So it's getting worse and worse.
And they're building more prisons.
And every day I see articles, prison overcrowding, there's a problem.
Why Texas has prison overcrowding.
We've got to get more prisons.
Texas has more prisons than any other state in the Union, and if Texas was a country, it'd be number five for prisoners.
The state of Texas, number five in the world!
They built so many prisons here, and when you drive out in the country, that's all you'll see is giant prisons, literally, come down to our state.
They bring them in from all these other states.
And then they'll do stuff like, oh, there's overcrowding.
Right after they build some juvenile justice center, some giant compound to put your children in, after they build some new law enforcement center, five years later, oh, we've got to expand it.
There's not enough beds in it.
Killers are going to get you.
But in a sick way, the argument's true.
It actually has made crime go down, because they actually now are keeping real criminals in jail a few years longer, but so many other innocent people as well.
So it's kind of a catch-22.
I mean, crime is still high.
You look at our crime numbers from 100 years ago,
I wish I could draw a graph out on radio, but I can't.
But if you just go online and go to universities and criminology departments and look at crime rates, a 100-year graph, say from 1900 to 2000, and you see it explode.
During Prohibition.
So let's imagine the Himalayan Mountains, or the Rocky Mountains.
You know how you'll have foothills, and then it builds up to larger peaks, and then finally you'll have the biggest peaks?
You know, the highest peak?
Well, picture it as just almost no crime in this country.
I mean, a double murder would be national news for months.
It was incredible.
Just hardly any crimes.
We're good to go.
The advent of television and the violence on television almost immediately injected.
People got desensitized and it caused more and more murders.
More and more people to think that, well, that's how I'm supposed to act.
I'm supposed to kill people.
But by seeing that imagery over and over again, there's a lot of major studies that show this.
But what those studies don't take into account, something I do take into account, is that we just had a huge war.
Millions of people came home who had seen violence, who had killed, and they admit that a lot of the new gangs and crime rings were peopled by soldiers.
Then Korea came, really violent.
And out of that you've got the Hells Angels and all these other groups.
So that's another part of it.
Wars always create a larger criminal group, a group that's desensitized.
The government even writes up documents and plans where they say that wars help get them future personnel.
That's why Hitler was so effective.
He had all those World War I veterans.
I mean, that was the most vicious war ever, to make up his body of individuals.
So, now I've been on a ten-minute diatribe.
The point is, eight dead in U.S.
church massacres, seven people have been shot dead, and several others hurt by a gunman who opened fire at a U.S.
church service.
The gunman shot and killed himself after the shooting spree.
The incident happened.
On Saturday at the Sheraton Hotel in Brookfield, Wisconsin, where the service was regularly staged, four died at the scene and three others died later.
Other injuries, police said, they ranged in age from teenagers to over 60s.
People said they were not seeking anyone else in connection with the shootings.
Now remember that we had Larry Ashbrook.
What was it, about 99?
Larry Ashbrook.
And this was only on the radio and the newspaper that day and the next day.
He walks into the Baptist youth meeting at the Big Baptist Church in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.
And he begins yelling, Hail Satan!
Die Christians!
Shooting the Christians!
I don't know.
He killed like, I think it was about ten people.
I'm going from memory here.
And then it actually came out before we started Telegram that he had been in the Navy.
And that he would have gone to the police, gone to the paper, and he said, Look, I'm under mind control.
They're telling me to kill people.
And this was after Columbine, by the way.
Things were even heightened then.
You know, where your kid says the word gun or writes the word gun in an article, he gets arrested.
But this guy is telling them, I've been programmed to kill.
It happened when I was in the Navy.
And then neighbors even saw what he claimed.
Men and a white man pulling him out of his house about a week before it happened.
Then he went completely ape, tore his house up, poured cement in the toilet and the bathtub, went totally crazy, and went in and started shooting people and then sat down and blew his own head off.
It turned out he was friends with Buford Furrow.
This was in the Houston Chronicle.
They were part of the Phineas Priests.
The supposed white supremacist group.
It turned out Buford Furrow lived at a U.S.
military base, Air Force base, in Washington State, and had an email address that was with the National Security Council.
Same folks running the drills on 9-11 to fly and hijack jets into buildings.
Always leads back to those guys.
And that he had been a government operative.
And he just goes and turns himself in nicely.
He's the guy that shot up the Jewish Center.
So, it just gets worse and worse and worse.
I don't know what this is.
I don't know what's going on here.
But, very interesting.
And now they're saying Al-Qaeda plans to hit the schools.
Well, we've got to turn our guns in to stop Al-Qaeda.
We'll cover that when we get back and take your calls.
PrisonPlanet.tv is the website.
Stay with us.
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About six months ago...
We got an internal FBI report, even before it was in the Associated Press, we told you about it from our sources, that Al-Si'aida is planning, somewhere in the Southwest, to walk into a public school and mow down, and I mean, it's going to be systematic, hundreds of children.
And of course, that's because the federal guidelines are that the school will be locked down once someone's in it.
That's the official rule.
The principals have these automatic systems where it's literally prison doors, wire mesh on the windows.
If there's a shooter inside, they lock it down, and the mass death begins.
At Columbine, the SWAT team stayed outside for over four hours.
I'd always thought almost four hours, but I had the editor of the Rocky Mountain News on a few years ago talking about the case, and he goes, oh no, Alex, I was there.
It was four hours, 15 minutes from the time they got there.
And they would allow no one in, no one to be helped who was bleeding to death.
There were no shots coming out of the building.
They were ordered to do it by the feds.
And it then came out in the Denver Post and in the Rocky Mountain News that at least, this is bare minimum, two of the children, my numbers are six, were shot by SWAT team members when they tried to exit the building.
Now, a teacher, one of the SWAT team members was crying, saying, oh, I blew his head off, I blew his head off.
So the teacher had a little recorder and recorded this, and that's why it all came out in court.
They declared national security on a bunch of it.
But I'm just trying to give you the background of all of this.
And, of course, you've got Eric Harris and Clybel, both on psychotropic drugs.
One of their fathers was an Air Force officer at a secret base.
The other was a theoretical physicist for NASA.
The FBI, the son of an FBI agent, founded the Trenchcoat Mafia in 97 at the school.
Harris and Kleibold were part of a gifted program, had been through the special death education program that first started at Columbine in 1990.
It was a 1991-2020 special about it where they put the children in coffins until one of them almost suffocated.
You think I'm joking?
I have it in... I have the 2020 news piece, you know, the clips and the articles about it in my film, The Takeover.
So it was a major mind control operation.
And the children running out, I have these clips from CNN and other places, they came running out going, there were four men, four men in masks, they were shooting us.
And all they have for proof for you is just a shot of Harrison Kleibel walking through a lunchroom with, you know, rifles.
Very, very interesting.
Very, very interesting.
All of this stuff going on.
All of this stuff happening.
And all of these shootings are extremely, extremely suspect.
And the way they get hyped up.
And of course, the school was half empty that day.
It's roughly half empty.
That's mainstream news.
And the sheriff was having an early lunch with the principal...
Down the street at the Subway Shop.
And how did Harrison Kleibold get 100-plus bombs, improvised explosive propane bombs, in the school before they started then shooting from the parking lot?
Over 100 bombs.
Two people!
Get in school with cameras.
It was the modern school with the cameras all over.
How'd they get 115 bombs?
Some of them huge backpack-sized bombs.
How'd their vehicle hold that?
They loaded into the vehicle and suddenly start shooting in the parking lot going into the school.
And they had their own kind of little artificial lockdown where if you tried to leave, they'd shoot you.
And they sit there for four hours making sure folks really doing the shooting got a chance to get away.
And so this dovetails with this article.
Report, Al-Qaeda may target U.S.
theater schools.
And a flashback, Iraqi sources, Al-Zawahiri arrested just like the staged Saddam capture.
They claim they've captured him now four times.
And then a month later, they always capture him again.
And they never say that the old one was a false capture.
The Kurds had caught months before he was found in a hole.
They'll hold him until it's politically expedient, and then he'll be discovered.
This despite the fact that we were told that he was already killed once and arrested twice.
Four times, Paul.
Arrested four times.
And then here's the Reuters article.
Abu Masab al-Zawahiri, Al-Qaeda's chief ally in Iraq, may be planning attacks on soft targets in the United States, including movie theaters, restaurants and schools, Time Magazine reported Sunday.
White House National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley would not discuss the specific warning which Time was circulating among U.S.
security agencies.
Last week in a restricted bulletin.
I reported this six months ago.
But he said the administration was concerned about reports which we think are very credible that Zawahiri is working more closely with Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda organization.
Just like Operation Northwood says we need to kill kids or use lists of young people on the death list
When we remote control crash an aircraft because that makes the people get really mad.
You take a mammal's young, mammals get upset.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, my friends, your calls are coming up here momentarily, and then I'm going to plunge into the rest of all this important news.
But you saw the shootings in Russia, where supposedly these people are held up holding hundreds of children and teachers hostage.
And I go, folks, this is a government op.
I go, I don't know that, but that's what my gut tells me.
And then we got Vladimir Putin.
Who was caught in 99 as vice president with his FSB planting bombs in a fourth building by Moscow police.
They arrested FSB planting hexagon bombs, the same bombs that were used to blow up three other buildings.
Then they blame it on the Chechnyans.
The Chechnyan leader said, are you crazy?
Why would we blow you up and then get the Russian people behind invading us?
We're not doing this!
Again, who stands to gain?
Why would the Arabs really attack us?
Are they stupid?
No, they're not stupid.
It's like punching the 800-pound gorilla when you're a 95-pound weakling who's on crutches.
It's just mindless.
I mean, just the common sense.
So I'm looking at it, and I'm like, during the siege, I'm on record.
I said, you watch.
Something's going to happen.
The place is going to blow up.
Something to confuse everybody.
And the real group that did the kidnappings in their mask will slip out the back, and then somebody that they, you know, shoot up with drugs will be the sole survivor.
I mean, I said this on air, and it's not that I have a crystal ball.
I know how they operate.
The magician creates a fog with sleight of hand while he misdirects you, and then you buy the story.
And sure enough, boom!
The Russians... Now, everybody saw the Russian troops, the special forces, go in...
And so they had to admit that, well, they used a bomb to breach the wall because everybody sees them rush in and it happens.
And then the terrorist inside detonated a bomb and started shooting everybody.
But then all the terrorists are killed.
Everybody is killed except for one guy who they haul out and he looks all drugged out and wild-eyed and then they admit they tortured him and then he goes off and gets convicted.
But then later it comes out.
Russian generals involved ordering troops out of the area, ordering police out of the area.
Russian government involved giving explosives to the supposed terrorists.
I mean, that's all mainstream Russian and British and Dutch and French and German news now.
We've got a whole section on prisonplanet.com.
And what do they do?
They send in their special forces in their mask.
They hold everybody hostage, wait until all the news cameras get there.
Normally, Putin won't let news cameras aim at anything over there.
But for this, they let everybody get assembled, aim their cameras.
You know, oh, see, I told you we've got to take your rights and we've got to fight the terrorists.
Look what's happened.
And then, boom, they blow the real terrorists, slip out the back, which they now admit, quote, the terrorists were able to escape.
Most of them, a large group of them, the real special forces slip out.
The people are all standing there, start running for their lives.
They're gone.
We've been let go.
Let's go!
And the Russian troops fire!
Boom, boom, boom, explosions.
Ah, look, the terrorists are shooting their own people.
Well, wait, it shows the Russian troops shooting.
Well, they're firing at the terrorists, trying to save the other people.
It looks like the Spitsnatch just blew the building up.
Oh, no, they're fighting the evil terrorists.
All the terrorists were killed, except for the...
Eight or nine that escaped right before it happened.
I mean, it's the same thing with theater siege.
I could go right, same M.O.
Guys in masks go in.
They all don gas masks at the end.
They release a gas, kills 160-plus people.
They run in, shoot everybody.
Oh, all the terrorists were killed.
And then the reports come out that right before it happened, a bunch of guys slip out the back.
As the gas is being released, that way the people all get knocked out and don't see that the terrorists slip out.
But a few people that did survive say, yeah, right before it happened, these guys pull out masks and put them on.
It's all sleight of hand.
And we're going to have to put up with this here, folks.
And, man, I don't know.
I guess we're going to sit here on TV while they kill a bunch of kids.
They'll probably go on for hours.
They'll go on for days.
They'll go on for weeks.
And they'll do absolutely nothing.
And then there'll be some big explosion.
And then the guys will slip out.
They'll change back into police uniforms and slip out the back and
George Bush will get up on TV and cry and say, Sorry, we're registering all guns.
We're going to start selectively arresting people who we think shouldn't have guns.
If you're under the suspicion of terrorism, on the terrorist watch list, they're already announcing this last week, you're going to be able to own a gun, turn them in.
And, you know, I never thought we'd need to turn them in, but I'm going to have to put my guns in a gun club and I have to chuck them out.
Whenever I get to go shooting, but darn it, Alcada hit our school!
But I ain't about to put up with no more!
Alex Jones, you turn your guns in, boy!
These things changed after the attack on the college or the attack on the school.
It'll probably be an attack on an elementary school.
And I'll have to sit here and hear it and watch it and watch the serial killers on TV as our saviors.
Yes, I'm making a prediction.
Yes, I can see it clearly.
Man, get your children out of these public schools, please, for heaven's sake.
Please, God, move these people to wake up, get them out.
And it's just disgusting.
And the point is, it's not that statistically your school is going to get hit by this.
It's that these are atmospheres that have been set up for this.
And if you don't think the globalists won't kill a bunch of kids to get control of stuff, again, you're living on another planet.
You don't know history.
You don't know facts.
I mean, Gladiola that I talked about, I put the Operation Gladiola in the takeover.
Made that back in 2000.
But, excuse me, Gladiola is in the takeover.
Made that in 2002.
But Gladiola's now getting a lot more attention.
Where the CIA, for a decade in Italy, would machine gun a bunch of people at a school, blow up a school bus, one of their favorites,
Assassinate people, bomb downtown areas.
I mean, they killed hundreds.
And it's just now publicly admitted.
Okay, all right, the government carried out the attacks to blame it on their political enemies.
And that's what happened.
There's no ifs, ands, or buts.
There's no discussion.
It's now admitted.
AP, London Guardian, BBC.
It's public.
Public officials have admitted it.
I'm listening to NPR, as I said, in the Home Depot parking lot a few months ago, with my mouth hanging open.
I knew it about Mosaddegh, but I couldn't believe they were admitting it.
They had Kermit Roosevelt on, the grandson of Roosevelt, and all these people going, yeah, in 1953 we hired 2,000 thugs, we machine-gunned, we bombed mosques, and we screamed up with Mosaddegh, up with communism.
Of course, Mosaddegh was anti-communist and pro-West, man of the year two years before that, threw the communists out.
But he wouldn't give the globalists all his oil, so they put the Shaw in.
And here they were, just calmly admitting it on NPR like it was good and normal.
Oh yeah, we killed a bunch of people.
We bombed stuff.
I mean, they just do it over and over, and they were admitting it.
But the people that did it were proud of themselves.
We're out of themselves!
Hiring 2,000 thugs in all their different cities to run around bombing, slaughtering, killing, machine gunning, and then screaming, Mosaddegh!
Oh, up with Mosaddegh!
And Mosaddegh fought them and tried to arrest them and got thrown out.
We're doing it!
And then they go on the air and they admit it?
50 years later?
I mean, they go on the air and they brag about it.
And you people out there are still in denial!
Heaven help us.
And heaven help whatever school or mall this scum picks.
But I am so angry about this.
And I'm sitting here.
I want to save these lives.
You know, it's like I know a serial killer's in our town.
I know he's going to strike again.
I know who he is.
I know what he's going to do.
And I'm sitting here telling a lot of you, and you're not going to listen.
We're going to have to watch him do it.
I have to sit here and I have to watch them kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill over and over again.
And then, unlike any serial killer case in history, I have to watch them on TV tearing up and telling you to give your liberties up and make them God, basically.
It's too rich.
It's too much.
It's off the scale.
It just blows my mind.
I'll get to this later.
I promise to go to your calls.
We'll go to them.
John in Texas, go ahead.
Go ahead, John.
Yeah, you keep talking, yeah.
All right, let him go.
He doesn't know he's here.
Alex, can you hear me?
I've seen in a paper the other day in the Houston Chronicle that Iranian President Mohammad Khatami was visiting Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.
And I do know that our good friends and trading partners, the Red Chinese, are down there cutting all kinds of sweetheart deals, and I'm sure they have military people down there.
And not too long ago, George Bush's good friend, Vladimir Putin, a guy you could look into and see his soul and you could trust him, sold him 200,000 AK-47 assault rifles.
I just wonder what the deal is down there.
Well, it's a very complex situation.
You know, over 20,000 Chinese troops are in Panama.
Oh yeah, they control the canal.
And they've taken over all of our old bases, and our government could have gotten it back, and the Republicans controlled the House and Senate in 2000, went along with Bill Clinton, and the conservatives said, you're not conservative if you don't get the canal over.
And Putin is openly saying he'll go after us, so are the Chinese.
But our government isn't worried about them.
No, no, they're worried about Iran and Syria, who are third world countries and have done nothing to us.
Well, it seems like Iran is trying to put a force inside of our hemisphere.
Well, no, see, the neocons will do that.
Look, our government is criminal.
Let me just go over this, okay?
Our government is controlled by Europe.
So we're being subdivided.
Deals have been made as they divide the world up, and our government's made the deal with the Trilateral Commission, this is all public, you can read their own public documents on this, to give much of our hemisphere to the Chinese.
That's the deal.
And Iran is in OPEC, along with Venezuela, so Iran's over there trying to talk to them about production.
Because we get most of our oil from Venezuela.
And so, yeah, the neocons will say, see, Chavez is bad.
He's an evil communist.
He's in league with Iran.
Iran's just over there dealing with oil.
Okay, they're not there because we're on their border, too, and they want to have a counterbalance or whatever.
Well, no, I mean, that could be.
I mean, Iran has said, if you hit us, we're going to hit you with everything we've got.
If you start using precision nukes on us, which I think is wrong.
I think they should take it.
I think if they know a cruise missile is coming, they should stand up on top of their Capitol building, open their shirt up and go, kill me, I'm your slave.
I have no right to fight back.
You are God.
But at the same time, Iran's not stupid.
They're saying, to be serious, your government's behind the terror.
We wouldn't attack anything.
Leave us alone.
These are peaceful reactors.
You know it.
British and Russian companies sold us this.
Why did you give real reactors to North Korea?
Why are you letting Pakistan have nukes?
We don't want nukes.
We've got inspectors in here.
Leave us alone.
But you don't think this is going to be a threat to our southern borders, that it's not going to start getting worse down there?
Oh yeah, the globalists will tell you it's a threat and leave the border open still.
Yeah, I know the border's still open.
Hey, one other question I wanted to ask you.
The New World Order, the globalists, are all what you call organized criminals, gangsters.
You know, if you study anything about gangsters, whether it's political or they're criminal, they have nasty habits of double-crossing each other.
Is there any chance that they may decide that they don't need us anymore and pull like a global St.
Valentine's Day massacre on us?
Well, I've had former top KGB people on, British MI6, CIA, and they'll tell you, the slickest in the world are the British.
And that's what we're modeled after.
Kind of a merger with that and the Gestapo.
And, uh...
That's the model, because the British have been doing it the longest time.
And, I mean, look, when it comes to the European power bloc, they control things through the British, which are kind of like the center of the wheel, and the U.S.
is kind of the big muscle man, or the Luca Brasi enforcer.
And it's all about globalism.
It's more sophisticated than that.
Listen, I appreciate your call, John.
Let's go ahead and talk to... It's a consortium.
It's a syndicate.
It's a commission.
Let's go ahead and talk to Lenny in Texas.
Lenny, go ahead.
Yo, what's the deal, man?
I had a question and a comment.
I was listening to one of your broadcasts, and I heard you say that you're apparently 31, and you've been doing it since you were about 20.
One, how did you learn about the New World?
And two, what made you decide to devote your life to fighting?
Well, I get that question a lot, more and more.
I mean, I've read a lot of history books.
I've watched C-SPAN and seen them say one thing and pass something, and I've seen CNN lie about it.
So I knew that there was lying and manipulation.
I knew the Federal Reserve was private.
I knew that we were losing our sovereignty.
I knew that Waco was wrong.
I knew that Oklahoma City was wrong.
That's right when I got involved, back in 1995.
So really, it's been a journey for myself, learning more and more, learning about history, learning about how the globalists operate.
Do you have any more news on this shooting or whatever happened in Atlanta?
I heard about the lockdown on the schools.
I'm not sure if that's exactly true or whatever.
Well, no, the caller said that.
The caller said there was five states locked down, and I could never find that.
I went home and watched TV, and they said five states were under higher security level.
Schools in Atlanta...
And other areas were on lockdown.
And so that part is true.
I don't know about all five states.
But I do have the Washington Post and Cadet News Service from 2003 where they said if there's a red alert, the entire region or country will be locked down and you will have no rights and your children will be taken from you.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Good to hear from you, Lenny.
John in Alaska.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
John hung up.
Who's up next?
Richard in Nebraska.
You're on the air.
Yeah, I just wanted to let you know that yesterday, between 6 and 6.30 Omaha time here on what they call the Good Life Cable Television Channel, they had a program called Homefront America, and where they actually had a program called ATF Training to Combat Threats.
And if I had been watching it, luckily I value the...
I value my television more than I do the programming.
Otherwise, my shoe would have gone through the screen.
So, let me guess.
They were saying there's evil right-wingers everywhere.
The real terrorists aren't Al-Qaeda.
It's the evil gun owners.
Yeah, and they were basically glorifying themselves, saying how good they were and how evil everybody else was and how they didn't make any mistakes and how...
Oh, they went on into where they ignored everything that they had been doing wrong.
And then they made a lot of lies as well, making them sound like they were the two... Were they trying to link gun ownership to terrorism?
Were they trying to link gun ownership to terrorism?
Yeah, in fact, they even went... I just got that from the name, the Homefront.
Yeah, they even went so far as to... They're the commandos that guard the Homefront.
They're the incredible leaders that love you.
I wanted to let you know, too, if you wanted to get the computer website for it or anything, they marked it down.
Yeah, what's the name of the program again?
Okay, it was Homefront America...
And their computer website was Homefront America, then D-O-T-E-V, all in capital letters.
All right.
Tell me more on the other side.
We'll be back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
There's some suspicious facts surrounding this latest shooting in Wisconsin that I'll get into later.
We've got Tom Flocko coming on to talk about, well, some of the more unbelievable dark secrets of the elite and how it ties into...
All the callboy rings in the White House.
That's coming up.
I will continue, though, with Richard and Randy and Johanna and Rodney's calls.
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That's an hour long.
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Finishing up real quick, Richard in Nebraska.
So you saw this special on this show called Homefront America.
And, boy, that sounds like an Orwellian-titled program.
What was the rest of the website?
Dot and TV are all in capital letters.
And then if you want to look for the program episode, it's called ATF Training to Combat Threats.
Well, isn't that nice of them?
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, I mean, I don't watch much TV, but I read the little synopses of all these different shows, and it's like everything now.
It's just everything's terrorism.
We wear black masks.
We're going to take your rights, but it's for your own good.
We're infallible.
We're your government.
Worship us.
Randy in Florida.
Randy, go ahead.
Well, I hope you can hold me over during the break.
I was at the rally for Terry yesterday.
In Florida?
Yeah, for Terri Schiavo Schiller.
You know, and I wanted to give you a little report on it, but you're at the top of the hour here.
Go ahead, sir.
Okay, well, there was a statement read from Mel Gibson to her parents that said that he supports their efforts and their struggle to save her, and he called upon her, Michael Schiavo, to surrender care and custody of her to her parents.
Well, that's good of Mr. Gibson.
There was a statement...
Pre-recorded remarks read from Dr. Dobson focused on the family.
What about this gentleman that offered a million bucks and he's a multi-millionaire to... That's been turned down.
That really didn't get any coverage at the rally yesterday.
So he's already turned it down?
Yes, and that expires at 5 o'clock today and he's rejected that.
He said he's not here for the money.
He just doesn't want to betray Terry.
Oh really?
He'll get a million bucks of money if she's killed.
But, well, the other thing is... From the settlement, yeah.
They had a surprise speaker there at the end.
It was a woman a little bit younger than Terry from California who was in a similar coma.
Well, Terry's not in a coma, but this woman was comatose for years on a feeding tube.
And they took her tube out for eight days and she could feel herself being starved.
She said she was aware of everything that was going on in her room.
And they're pulling the tube at 5 o'clock today.
We'll be talking about that coming up.
Stay with us.
Investigating the filth-cake underbelly of the New World Order.
Coming up with Tom Flacco with some unbelievable information here in just a few minutes.
A ton of other news.
They say all CIA is going to hit the schools or the malls.
But right now, let's go ahead and go back to your calls.
Johanna and Rodney.
Johanna in Tejas.
Go ahead.
Oh, hello.
May the Creator bless you.
I just have a few scriptures I wanted to read.
Because, first of all, I really appreciate everything you're doing.
I appreciate you.
I appreciate your love.
And I know that's what makes you so angry with everything that you know and you're witnessing.
And people need to understand that, that if you didn't care so much, you wouldn't be so angry.
And also, people need to realize, if you and I feel that angry, how must the Creator see everything that's going on?
People need to understand how He feels, because He's real.
And that's why he's bringing judgment.
And in Psalm 92, verse 7, it says, When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish, it is that they shall be destroyed forever.
So what is happening is just prophecy, and we are supposed to put our trust in the Creator.
And he also says, in Psalm 91, Because you have made the Creator, which is my refuge, even the most high, your habitation,
We're good.
The only thing we can do is trust in the Creator, pray, and be sincere through repenting our sins first.
We have to repent our sins in order to get close to the Creator.
We can't just pray and expect our Father to... Well, you're right.
That's why we should all, and all of us, do this every day.
We get into this decadent society, and that's how this system is able to get control of us, and we've all got to do that.
I appreciate your call.
Great points.
God bless you.
Rodney in Texas.
Rodney, go ahead.
Alex, how are you?
Good, sir.
Long time no talk to, but I've been listening to you.
Wonderful work that you're doing, and I'm looking forward to ordering your new video.
Well, thank you.
Here's what I need you to help me with, Alex, because I use much of your material to debunk a lot of the lies from the neocons and the globalists.
And I need you to connect the dots for me here.
This journalist, Italian journalist, who was the attempted assassination that was made on her life.
Yeah, she'd been doing reports on torture and the police state, and it's clear they were trying to kill her.
Okay, but here's what I need you to connect the dots.
You know the CNN anchor...
Yeah, when I have BBC and AP and AFP articles where the government admitted they were going to kill them before the war even started.
Okay, now, I tried to discuss this with one of these neocon talk show people, and he says...
Here are his statements.
I need you to help me.
Well, they had a Fox pundit last week go too bad.
She didn't get, you know, something didn't happen to her.
She deserves it.
This guy claims, well, these sort of things happen all the time.
And when the soldiers are in those situations, they have to make snaps.
Well, I mean, it's admitted that the car had been cleared.
It's admitted that it had diplomatic plates.
It's admitted that it was Negroponte's own security detail, the former Death Squad commander, now head of all U.S.
intelligence agencies.
And it's just a fraud.
I mean, they knew what was going on.
There you go.
All right.
All right, Alex.
Keep up the good work.
I appreciate your call.
All right.
I mean, look, they've got excuses for everything.
The point is that most people in government aren't bad, but they're in compartmentalized areas where they aren't involved in the real evil that goes on.
So they'll go, well, government can't be bad because I'm not bad.
Well, that's ridiculous.
That's like...
That's like saying, because you're not bad, nobody in the city of New York is bad.
You know, if you live in New York.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hey, folks.
Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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Big Brother Mainstream Media
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're into hour number two.
Eight minutes, 35 seconds in.
And we're joined by Tom Flacco.
And I really respect Tom.
Tom went to many of the 9-11 hearings of the Congressional and the little blue ribbon whitewash committee that was set up.
He's broken major 9-11 stories over and over again.
Really powerful stuff.
Just sticks to what he can prove.
And I was surprised when I saw his website when I noticed that Paul Watson had linked to a story
About Tom Flacco on PrisonPlanet.com, a headline, a photographer tied to child sex ring arrested after Thompson's suicide.
Now, we had one of Hunter S. Thompson's friends on a few weeks ago, who was one of the last people to talk to him, who wrote an article for the Globe and Mail, a major respected paper in Canada, and he said that, yes, Thompson had...
He told him that, you know, I'm on to this story about 9-11 being a government inside job.
I'm going to write an article about it.
He'd written some about it in one of his last books.
I'm into this stuff about government, you know, underage sex slaves.
And I'm talking to this guy on air and he's going, yes, yes, yes.
And he basically paraphrased Thompson in his last article as telling him on the phone that, you know, they might kill me over this.
And then, folks, again, I only stick to what I can absolutely, totally prove.
And the New York Post reported, you know, top gay porn star, headlines, servicing members of Bohemian Grove.
That's in my new film.
I've got Parade Magazine, Spy Magazine, where it admits bussing in male prostitutes.
I mean, $2,000 an hour, $1,000 an hour in the 80s.
To, quote, service the elite, that AIDS was a problem.
That's all in the new film.
It's also in my Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove video.
And I've got the article from the late 80s out of the Washington Times.
You know, underage, cowboy tour of the White House, midnight tour.
I mean, I've got all this, and I don't want to believe it.
And I also know the globalists are masters of, and again, we don't even know who these globalists are, of all these witnesses and people.
We know that people like Tom Flacco are doing the best job they can to analyze this.
We know great Americans like Senator John DeCamp, who was hired by the Senate basically to go disprove the savings and loans scam where they went in and found this Larry King character, no relation to the Larry King on CNN, black Larry King.
And that was all true with the kids, and that was really going on.
The head treasurer for the Republican Party, and it led to what was described as Bohemian Grove, and a lot of scary stuff.
But then you've got these children who are witnesses, and I've had John DeCamp on, and he's covered this, but he's been very careful about it as well.
But really, Tom Flacco, great to have you on, TomFlacco.com, Flacco's F-L-O-C-C-O.com, or link through at PrisonPlanet.com.
But Tom, good to have you on with us, my friend.
Yes, Alex, this was a tough story to write.
You know, I had this court testimony, as you can see.
If you read it carefully, it's kind of magazine-length.
Well, let me just stop you first.
I mean, Tom Flacco.
Why is Tom Flacco, who writes for a whole bunch of major publications, World Net Daily, you name it, over the years, what are you doing now getting off into this stuff?
Well, you know, it's something that I've had.
I've had the court testimony in my hands for two years.
It was sent to me, and I didn't know how to use it.
So you're a truth seeker, and just like with myself, this is where this stuff leads.
It leads to devil worship.
It leads to children.
I didn't have enough material.
There was just not enough there.
The court testimony is extremely damaging.
I read through it one time when I first got it.
I kind of skimmed it.
I said, boy, this is powerful stuff, and it does actually mention a sitting congressman's name.
You know, the boy who was involved has quite a bit of credibility.
You have to go and read the new edition, by the way.
There's a brand new edition, 2005, the Franklin cover-up by John DeCamp.
Yeah, and the incredible part is, after these books are written, and later Barney Frank gets caught with underage prostitution ring out of his house.
Well, yeah, that's... That was on the nightly news!
You see, what I found to be really compelling is when...
When the current White House was... I heard it on CNBC and MSNBC, particularly MSNBC and The Countdown Show and Chris Matthews both dedicated a few nights covering the story.
The Countdown with Olbermann did it more than just a few nights dealing with the Guckert-Gannon issue and the fact that you had a person who had advertised himself as a male
Well, he was really like a madam.
He also ran others.
Well, yeah, there are, as I say, there are many.
I didn't dig deeply into this, but in terms of the issue of Gucker Gannon on my forums, there are a lot of people posting quite a number of stories.
Yeah, this is even on MSNBC.
Yeah, right.
This was on the cable, so the guy does exist.
There's no question about it.
And there are pictures of
Oh, the president literally hugging him, kissing him.
I couldn't believe the photos.
I'm trying to find whether I can verify whether the photos are actually authentic.
Well, Bush has been seen kissing women and even kissing men now.
Kissing them on the cheek, and people said, man, this is European.
Well, you know, I'm not going to go that far, but what I'm saying is that
Is that this guy had access... Let me stop you right there, Tom.
What do you mean you're not going to go this far?
There's been whole news articles mainstream about what's up with the kissing.
Well, I mean, to me... Because that's how European men do it.
You ever kiss somebody on the cheek and Bush has been... I understand all that.
And, you know, as I say, he has a right to do what he wants to do.
Is it strange?
I don't do it myself, but, you know, well, whatever.
But I found that the issue of having a person with this background...
And then allowed to use an alias, not his real name, and be a White House reporter.
And you got it linked to Karl Rove.
This has to be Secret Service approved.
Well, the link there was I found an article with CBS News, and one of their reporters said that there's no way that, you know, basically that you'd have to be naive to think that the president's top advisor, senior advisor, Mr. Rove, would not have a say or not know who this guy was.
Well, I started looking into the various articles and so forth, and I found that
I got out my old DeCamp book and started reading that and I got the new issue which has even more startling revelations.
They sent me a copy and I called... Let me stop you there again.
Senator DeCamp had his investigator killed.
Senator DeCamp was threatened.
Senator DeCamp...
You know, was at a time the head of the Republican Party in Nebraska.
He went out to disprove this and found out it was true.
He's never been challenged except one time a Virginia TV station said he was a liar.
He sued him and won over a million bucks.
I mean, this guy's winning in court if you challenge his book.
He would be the first lawyer I would attempt if I were you or me or any other news reporter I would ask.
Well, I've read your article.
You're just going off court record and mainstream news.
And that's the point.
Tom, I don't want to, in my brain, admit this is going on, but there's no way to ignore it.
Well, you saw the title.
This was more than a title.
What I found is
One of the perpetrators, alleged perpetrators, the guy that was sent by all the reports that was taking the photographs, he admitted that he took the photographs.
He took 20,000 to 30,000 photographs.
Mr. DeCampa, who I called John DeCampa, I talked with him in two separate interviews.
Albeit one of them was kind of short.
But I did talk with him and got some updates and some information.
Yeah, we've had him on.
Hey, you know what?
Oh, I know you have.
We ought to try to, in the next hour, we ought to try to see if we can call and get him on.
You know, as I said, I read the transcript of your piece and there are a few interesting things which I was not aware of, you know.
And I read the article and I found that, you know, there's no way that the top White House advisors wouldn't know this guy's background.
Why would they let somebody have access to the White House?
Also, the Neocon website he ran is linked to GOP funding.
Oh, I know.
It's all there.
And everybody's saying, well, what's the big deal?
It's their fake reporter.
Well, now the big deal is this.
I asked Mrs. Gosch, who is the mother.
Who met her son when we figured out the ages and so forth.
I referred to this and put some pictures up there, but I didn't take a stand myself.
Her son disappeared when he was 12.
Johnny Gosch disappeared.
He was serving papers on a Sunday in 1982, I believe it was, and he just disappeared.
Paul Bonacci said he participated in the kidnapping by luring this child over next to a car where they quick snatched him and drugged him.
He was gone.
Noreen Gosch said she saw him and met with him when he knocked on her door one night when he was about 27 years old.
Whether there have been other encounters between the two, she wouldn't say.
I'm not sure.
I asked her specifically, is Johnny Gosch your son?
Also, this guy, Gucker Gannon, and she said she's not sure.
She doesn't have enough evidence.
It's a spitting image.
Yeah, there's a lot of that.
And then I found out that the guy went to the same college that I went to.
See, I have no problem.
God's people are God's people.
Yeah, but that's all a side issue.
Is the children issue.
If people are working with children and abusing children... They need to be executed.
That's a terrible thing.
They need to go to prison for the rest of their lives.
Stay there.
We've got a break.
We're talking to Tom Flocko.
A detailed, full-page report on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
This is sick stuff, but somebody's got to expose it.
We'll be back.
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All right.
During the break, I got Senator DeCamp's number.
I have it on my computer.
I called him.
He just had major surgery a week ago.
But he is coming on the broadcast.
He's coming on in the next segment with Tom Flacco.
And so this should be very interesting.
Tom, look, we cannot ignore the admitted male prostitutes, the admitted underage, we're talking 16 years old, Barney Frank.
I mean, how could Barney Frank, the congressman, how could he have...
Underage male prostitutes.
That's pedophilia, folks.
In his penthouse with a call boy ring being run out of it.
I mean, this was all over the National News years ago.
And he never went to jail.
You see, this shows the double standard.
And he needs to be in prison.
And this is scary stuff.
But, Tom?
I was running it also out of Chevy Chase Elementary School, one of the guys in his penthouse.
That was unbelievable stuff.
I mean, I knew about this a couple years ago, too, when...
I looked into it and I didn't report it.
What makes it an issue now is that they are making a tremendous story out of Michael Jackson and the pedophilia.
They are basically dragging 70 and 80 year old priests out of retirement and prosecuting them and throwing them into prison.
You have all these children who are testifying and coming forward.
You know, and you've got even adult people, you know, photographers, investigative notes, videos, there's a lot of material out there.
And John told me that the law enforcement officials are still looking for the pictures.
Why would they be looking for pictures and evidence if this case is supposed to be closed?
Well, that's a tip-off.
Well, here on the network, I heard a prominent former New York detective on Jack Blood's show Friday talking about all this stuff.
And how every time, I mean, he would go to apartments with ten children in it, and he'd, it would always lead back to government.
And he'd be told, you're off the case.
He was on a commission for the governor after he, I mean, this is huge.
Well, unless some, you know, all of this stuff is going to, it'll be out there for a few days, and then it dies down.
And then it goes away because the people who have control.
How can we expect United States Senators to force a federal prosecutor to indict some of their own members?
Well, for the people that just joined us, it's not debatable.
Top male porn stars serving Bohemian Grove members.
New York Post.
You know, we're talking mainstream news, not debatable.
Dozens and dozens and dozens of reports.
I've got stuff going back to the 80s, long before DeCamp wrote his book.
You know, Spy Magazine, Parade Magazine.
So this stuff is, I mean, this is definitely, I mean, just the homosexuality is enough because they claim they're Christian conservatives, but they're involved in this.
It's very tragic.
What got me started when I talked to John, I thought to myself, here's the story.
John, the camp told me that they arrested the photographer a couple days after the suicide of Mr. Thompson.
That is really kind of strange.
Where was the media on that?
Why wasn't that reported?
Here you had a guy who in federal court testimony, and I quoted it over and over again,
The testimony is absolutely incredible and I think that's what makes a story like this fly because this was allowed in a court of law but the other issue is that Judge Erbom, why didn't he say, hey, you're kidding me.
Let's subpoena the pictures.
Can you identify any of these pictures?
Are there senators?
Are there congressmen you can name?
I would like to hear their names.
Can you identify them by the pictures that we show you?
If you don't know their exact names, can you recognize the faces?
None of this was done.
There were some pictures shown
To indicate that he was on planes, he was with Mr. King, that kind of thing.
But there were many, many pictures and he was involved in it.
He knows who the other people were that were also taking pictures.
There were other people.
Well, it's like Abu Ghraib.
The government decides to let CBS News run about 15 pictures.
But I watched the Senators walk out.
They were given an afternoon to look at over 2,000 photos and over 100 videos.
But then they came out and said it's indescribable.
We now have the Army report.
We know what that is.
You know, objects dripping with battery acid.
That's all I'm going to say.
I had to leave so much out of this story.
Because, frankly, Alex, it was gross.
It was disgusting.
And it was just stuff that I didn't want to have printed.
Well, the point is, this is what the elite's into.
And what we've got to watch out here is we've got to ask ourselves about Gannon.
He's in their hip pocket all this time.
Now he suddenly appears.
And, I don't know, we've just got to watch Gannon closely.
Why is Gannon still alive?
Well, the other issue with this is I don't take a position on it one way or another because I've got to go with Mrs. Goss.
Has she met this guy?
I would like to see the two of them meet and have her ask.
But I'm talking about the news articles where Gannon says, reportedly, in major publications that he's friends with Bush, and he's coming out saying this.
I mean, how is he still alive?
Boy, I'll tell you what.
It's a thorny issue, and you don't know where to go with it.
We haven't given folks a lot of details.
We will when we get back with Tom Flocko and Senator John DeCamp on the other side of this quick break.
TomFlocko.com, and don't forget my website, PrisonPlanet.com.
These people we're talking about are just the scum of the earth.
We'll be right back.
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I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're going to be going to Senator John DeCamp here in about a minute or so, as well as Tom Flocka, who have both been kind enough to join us.
Senator DeCamp just had major surgery just a week ago, and we appreciate him taking time out from bed to join us.
Before we go back to our guest, my new film, Martial Law, 9-1-1, Rise of the Police State, is in three parts.
The first 30 minutes or so is the hover blimps, the surveillance, the sound cannons, being threatened to be arrested at the RNC, anywhere in the city, for videotaping or interviewing anybody.
We show you Police State America.
Then we go into Ground Zero, and for an hour, I mean, it's a 9-11 film in and of itself.
For an hour, we cover September 11th like no one else has done.
I mean, we cover it all.
All the documented evidence.
It's incredible.
You've heard the rave reviews from listeners that have seen it.
Via prisonplanet.tv in the last week.
We're now beginning to ship the hard copies over the weekend and today, so you can order now.
The third part, then we go, okay, who is this ruling elite?
Who is this establishment?
What's their driving ideology, their philosophy?
What makes them tick?
And we walk up to David Gergen, White House advisor to four administrations, and go, what about the rituals at Bohemian Grove?
He blows up, freaks out, doesn't deny it.
Then we show you how the Bohemian Grove is a German death cult, how it's connected to Hitler, how it supports Arnold.
We show you the Bushes and the Nazis.
I mean, we go right through it, folks, and it gets into the gay porn stars at Bohemian Grove and the rest of it.
So this theme keeps popping up.
You search for the truth, it always leads back to this stuff.
And Arnold in the gay magazines, and in the private collection of Robert Mapplethorpe, and we even show photos that blur out the public stuff in the gay porno magazines of Arnold.
I mean, this isn't a joke, folks.
And we didn't put them all in there, either.
There's others.
We only spent a few minutes on that.
But it shows how he's compromised, how they can control him.
Robert Mapleforth, I can't get into what he did in his photography, but I'm sure a lot of you already have heard about him.
But this was important, ladies and gentlemen.
You need to get Martial Law.
Two and a half hours.
Two hours, thirty-five minutes.
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Please take action, get the film, make copies, get them out to people.
All right, we're now joined again, as I said, by Tom Flacco, who's written a detailed 12-page article about the disgusting underbelly of the New World Order, and Senator John DeCamp, a man of unbelievable courage,
And let's go ahead and bring Senator DeCamp up first, as Tom's been on with us the last 20 minutes.
Senator, good to have you on with us.
Howdy, howdy, and how are you?
Good, sir.
Just in a quick thumbnail, tell us who you are, how you got involved in this investigation, please.
Okay, my name is John DeCamp.
I'm a lawyer in a little town called Claytonia, Nebraska.
It used to be Lincoln and big cities, but I moved here kind of for family safety about a dozen years ago after I wrote a particular book called The Franklin Cover-Up.
I had been a senator for 16 years.
In fact, believe it or not, I'm the first, last, and only one you'll get to meet in your life in one election without ever setting foot in the United States of America.
I ran the entire campaign from Vietnam.
I was the combat infantry captain over there.
One crazy bit, whatever led to another, and I filed.
Well, it's a long story, but I ended up winning and served then for 16 years after I got out of the legislature.
And yes, I was extremely controversial.
In fact, the World Herald, the major newspaper of the state, labeled me
Most powerful and effective and blah, blah, blah in the history of the state and on and on.
And they hate me just as much today now as they loved me then.
That's because I kind of put some of their folk in prison on this whole issue we're talking about.
But anyway, so about a dozen... God, it's 15 years ago now.
I was asked to represent some kids in some breaking story of old kids being molested and hauled to the White House and other places and
I thought it was nonsense, and I said publicly when I was confronted on the issue that if I even believed one of these crazy things, I'd be the first one to stand up and do something about it or say something about it.
One of the kids contacted me from prison, a kid named Paul Benassi, where he'd been locked up.
Now, to be clear, the Republican Party, which you'd been the head of in the state, actually had you go out quoting, because you were saying you didn't believe it, so they go, okay, yeah, yeah, he's with us.
Go investigate it for us, Senator.
So you did, and tell folks what happened to one of your investigators.
Well, I wasn't a senator at the time.
No, I know, but they hired you to do it.
The Senate committee was a string of, I listed, I don't know how many I listed in the book,
He had just talked to you, though.
He said, I've got them.
Yes, sir.
So, as I say, I got more than deeply involved.
I wish, to be honest, and this sounds terrible for anybody to say, but I wish I'd never heard of Franklin.
I wish I'd never heard of any of the people in it.
I wish that I still was as naive and believed as innocently as I did before this all happened, and I ended up getting deeper and deeper involved.
I wish none of it were true.
Unfortunately, the opposite is true, and it is true.
And that's why I ended up writing the book.
My best friend, my confidant, my... Everybody has a godfather in life, right?
Well, mine was a guy named Bill Colby.
Will you meet Colby?
And you may remember Bill as the head of the Central Intelligence Agency.
He also ended up dead out of this.
And I had doubts about saying this publicly ever before today, but, you know, they found him floating in the Chesapeake Bay, and I...
No official reason for his death, but I guarantee on my life, it wasn't accidental and wasn't involved.
But anyway, so he was the one that gave me the advice to protect myself and my family.
The best thing I could do, quote him, was, hey, tell the story, and there's no...
That's what Jennifer Flowers said when she got on Hardball.
She said, Bill Clinton's killed over 100 people.
And he said, why are you saying this?
And she goes, because I've been told by writing this book and telling the truth, I'm protected.
It's when you have the knowledge and don't share it that you get killed.
Well, Colby told me, so I wrote the book.
And the rest is kind of history.
As you know, one thing after another that at the time I wrote it seemed unbelievable has come out and been pretty well verified over and over.
I think I was the first one, for example.
That's my understanding, yes.
So anyway, that's how I got involved, and now I see things have blossomed up again, and I hope it'll all go away, and I...
Don't know which way to turn or react as a result of the latest development.
Yes, I was the one that first, in my book and then through my work, uncovered, located the missing Johnny Gosch and that whole thing there, and his mother has become one of my closest friends.
Well, let's shift gears now into 2005.
There's this gentleman named Gannon, fake reporter, funded by Neocons.
Turns out he's a coal miner.
That's admitted.
And just incredible access to the White House, more than most of the reporters.
And in comes Tom Flocko, who's a great investigative reporter.
Tom, come on in here.
I mean, where should we start telling the next chapter in this nightmare?
Well, I think one of the key issues, as I said earlier, you've got John DeCamp who I'm just honored to be with him.
I respect everything he's done.
I've read his book just about cover to cover and it's a very disturbing story.
I've been working on this for four to six weeks.
I talked to John a couple of times about a week, week and a half ago and I talked to Mrs. Gosch.
I did talk to the people who I would consider to be the most informed
You know, if anyone on this case, because they really literally have to live it.
So I feel that the issue of the Guckert-Gannon situation, I talked to Mrs. Gosch and she said she still has to see more evidence.
I would ask my question to her or to John would be, is there any possibility of she tried to contact this man because the ages do match up according to the, they like to say that Gannon says he's older, but on his website he advertised that he was the exact same age
In 2000, as Johnny, gosh, would have been.
And also, his real name, the name he's using now, the alias he was using, and Johnny, gosh, it's the same initials.
Well, I will say this.
John doesn't know this, I'm sure.
But I did find some other websites, and some people checked that they went to Fairview High School around the Pennsylvania-Delaware border, and right near there is a state university called Westchester State University, and James Gucker did graduate.
They said that there was a Gucker who graduated from Westchester University
And interestingly enough, I have a background.
Let me just stop right here.
How did the Gannon thing, because I hear different reports, I see different reports, how did it first surface, and then where did it first surface that he looks like Johnny Gosch?
Well, that came on all kinds of, on my forums.
There were many, many posts.
People started posting.
All of a sudden, the Internet just came alive.
With stories, with pictures, with photos.
People started digging.
You know how when you've got thousands of people just digging up stuff and they're finding out where the person went to high school.
But that's where we've got to be careful because the globalists love to take real news, real stories, try to insert something that isn't true, and then later bring that out and discredit the
As I say, I've not taken a position on either of them.
I don't know whether he is.
All I do is there are striking similarities.
Let's ask Senator DeCamp.
Senator DeCamp, what do you think of all this?
I think I'm learning as we go.
I have had an awful lot of people from across the United States call me, give me opinions, and so on and so forth.
Here's what I will tell you.
When I finished writing my book, it came out.
First thing that happened was a group of lawyers, very powerful lawyers, got together because I named names.
I was very specific.
If you remember my book, I don't talk in generalities.
You don't mince words.
Anyway, and they said, we will sue him for tribal and slander, and he will be the most destroyed lawyer in this country, and on and on and on.
I got up and answered at the same press conference, hey, if anybody had said any of these things to me, I would sue them.
So, unless
Unless I can prove the one thing I have to prove, which is an absolute defense no matter what, and that is truth.
Truth is an absolute defense and libel.
And you've never lost a case.
You've proven it in court, and it gets worse.
When a TV station said you were a liar, you sued them and won.
Okay, then that's when I sued them because they wanted to say I was a liar.
I was going to say, hey, I'll call your bluff.
See, that's what scares me.
A cast named Bob Carey, who ran for president, you may remember, had been, along with Wadman, a police chief of Omaha, a former police chief deeply involved in this thing, had been in a town called Wilmington, North Carolina, where one of them became police chief and the other was campaigning.
Anyway, they used the forum there, the TV station, which was Great Atlantic Telecast Company or something, a long time ago, so I can better remember.
But anyway, and they said certain things.
And I said, hey, man, I'm suing you.
And I sued him, and
They did their own investigation, and surprisingly enough, within a reasonable amount of time, part of the deal was they had to apologize two times in a row on their evening news, and they paid me damages, which, of course, I'm not allowed to, quote, disclose in a private settlement.
So, yeah, there was one.
That's over.
I mean, I know you can't, but it was over a mil, Little Bird told me?
No, I won a million dollars on behalf of one of the children.
We're still trying to collect that.
That's in my story.
Now, let me stop you right there.
You're talking about the Senator Kerry who was involved in Operation Phoenix.
Again, a lot of this trails back to Vietnam.
This is kind of sensitive and painful for me to talk about because I was up to my eyebrows in Operation Phoenix.
I was a captain over there specially assigned to Colby for development of the
Phoenix program, and I used to try to defend it, but I'll be honest with you, in all good conscience, I can't say anything other than it was an assassination program today, even if I want to tell myself otherwise.
But anyway, that's neither here nor there.
The question was, what do I believe today?
Based on the information I have seen, I've received, calls made, information from talking to people like Noreen, Ted Gunderson just left here yesterday.
He came back right away and spent about two weeks with me.
Even though I was in the hospital here.
But anyway, I think there's a real serious question as to whether this particular individual may indeed be Johnny Gosch.
I do remember a conversation one time between Paul Bonassi.
Bonassi was one of the central characters being taken to the White House and so on and so forth back in my original book.
And Paul once was...
Talking to Johnny's mother, as I recall, and he told, and Johnny had made, oh my gosh, had made contact with Paul, believe it or not, and some of these other kids that were involved.
Anyway, and he explained why he could never come out.
You know, he'd been involved in such things, snuff films and everything else, but once you're in that, you can't come out.
And he explained to him, hey, he shaved his head, he said he's changed his face a little.
If he were standing next to you right now, Noreen, you wouldn't recognize him, so.
My reasons for saying what I say next are not because of his look or what I've seen in the papers.
What I'm going to say next is I believe there's between an 80% and a 90% probability that it's correct that that is, but nothing I say is based upon the looks or the appearance.
I've read reports that Mrs. Gosch has talked to him.
Number one, is that true?
Number two, what does he say?
If Mrs. Gosch has talked to him,
Has talked to who?
Talked to Mr. Gannon.
If Mrs. Gosch has talked to Mr. Gannon, then she has not confirmed that with me yet, and I think if she had, she would have confirmed that.
Okay, because those reports are out there.
All right, so we can discount that for now.
I'm not saying she hasn't.
I'm saying I think she'd tell me absolutely... Has anybody been able to talk to Gannon?
I certainly...
I certainly do not know.
John, has she talked to her son since the 1997 visit when he was approximately 27 years old?
Have there been any other contacts?
I think you should ask her that question.
Well, let me get this out here right now.
I feel I have a certain... Gannon supposedly talked to the Moscow Gazette, which is a pretty respectable paper.
I went and looked at some of their back issues, and they're saying he's coming out with a tell-all book.
Have you guys seen that other places?
I have heard that before.
I heard this was going to happen a week ago, yes.
And it apparently came out on the front page of something called the Moscow Gazette here within the last couple of days.
Yes, I had been advised that was going to happen, and...
I kind of doubted it, so I was surprised.
I think that tends to verify some things.
Yeah, and again, in that report and others, he's not saying that he's this Johnny Gosch.
What he is saying is that he was good buddies with the president and others, and that right there would bring down this administration.
Yeah, the issue, I think, Alex, the issue here is not so much because it's a tremendous embarrassment for a mother.
I can just think if it was my child that was involved in this kind of a thing and all this had happened over a period of time.
How do you explain this?
And the issue is why, with his background, was he allowed to have a two-year pass?
And how does that relate to what went on in the past?
Yeah, we'll get those answers from Senator DeCamp and yourself.
We'll bounce it around when we get back.
Folks, you do not want to miss the rest of this interview.
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I want to keep Tom Flacco and Senator DeCamp into the next hour.
I really appreciate both these great Americans joining us.
Senator DeCamp started out trying to disprove something and found out it was true.
And for 15 years his book has stood there and stood the test of time and has been really best-selling by all gauges that are out there.
And unfortunately, I went and researched things that were in his book.
I personally went places and videotaped the satanic ritual at Bohemian Grove where they have the effigy of a child and they burn it.
And then I found a photo they released in 1909 of Bohemian Grove members standing around a small black child tied down to a board.
Now that was released to the University of...
Berkeley, California, which is kind of like their unofficial mouthpiece.
I wish this wasn't true.
Regardless of these new developments, we know where there's smoke, there's fire.
There's a lot of smoke here.
We're trying to find out just how big the fire is and trying to get through the smoke and the fog of war to get the specifics and the details.
We've got to be careful.
But my question to Tom Flacco, first Senator DeCamp, before we start the next hour and get into the details of this story...
And, of course, we'll plug the book as well and tell you about Tom Flacco's site.
But before I do that, we know this stuff's going on.
A lot of it's out in the open.
They've been caught doing it.
Barney Frank with the underage people in his apartment.
It was a callboy ring.
That's ABC News.
What is wrong with the people running our country?
I mean, how is this going on?
Why are they into this?
Alex Jones.
Please listen and please don't interrupt.
I'm going to tell you something now.
While you were having your commercials, I listened to a couple voice messages I had that I've been waiting for.
What I told you before, I now, in a little bit, repudiate.
I told you that I thought it was 80 to 90% that that was Johnny Gosch, didn't I?
I now change that.
I believe it's, I'm going to move it up to 97.5%, okay?
I'm going to give you some additional information.
You make your own conclusions and judgments.
But everything I'm telling you can be verified.
And I don't want to be involved in this.
I'm just giving you information.
You can follow up.
The moment, literally, after this cannon was exposed, so to speak, you know that about four other major events happened.
One of those was a chap named Hunter Thompson.
Mr. Hunter Thompson was a key character in my book and also the director of enough films and participant in things at Bohemian Grove.
You notice he blew his brains out two days after this character, after, what's his name, was arrested, right?
Okay, within about a day after that or about the same time, another central, central character, again from my book, but also in the whole Franklin thing and this whole thing, who actually went to prison,
For some time, being Larry King, he was the central character, remember?
His private photographer.
He got busted.
He'd been out on the streets living in Nebraska.
Fine guy living upstanding.
He got busted and was hauled off to jail in a hurry and the house, everything he had was seized and so on.
For what?
For what?
What did they say?
Supposedly for not registering as a sex offender in a particular county he had been in or something, but he had registered to the best of my knowledge.
I do know this.
Ted Gunderson then flew back here, and you know who Ted is, and he did put up... I was pulled off in the emergency wagon 100 miles off to a hospital in an ambulance.
I got paralyzed and couldn't move anyway, but I'm out of the hospital now.
But during that time then, Rusty got bailed out by Ted, and that hearing is coming up, I think, tomorrow on something other than... Anyway, another thing, there were at least two notable figures in Washington...
And I'd rather somebody else give you their names, because I don't make a mistake.
Noreen can give you.
People who had dealt with her, contacted her, claimed they were with the CIA back during the height of the Johnny Gosch thing, they suddenly get busted and arrested for both pedophile stuff and so on.
I think this may extend deeper and broader and whatever than somewhat.
And as I say...
I have moved my opinion up based upon some of the other information I just got in the phone call that was left.
We'll be right back.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
In hour number three on this unbelievable Monday edition, we're talking to Tom Flacco.
Investigative journalist, board winning, written a huge 12-page report called Bless the Beast and the Children.
And a photographer for White House sex child ring arrested after Thompson's suicide.
And it just goes into the bowels of all this evil.
We're talking to Senator John DeCamp.
The reports have been out there that this Gannon character may be this Johnny Gosher disappeared when he was 12 years old back in the early 1980s.
What we do know is that Gannon was a male prostitute.
That Gannon ran a porn website and was basically like a madam.
We do know that he was given specific, special access to the White House.
We do know that he was good buddies with the President.
I watched the body language on the news piece that showed Gannon asking him questions at a press conference.
It was very interesting.
I mean, it's the way I'd look at a girlfriend if she was asking me questions at a press conference.
I mean, folks, you know, a picture tells a million words.
Well, this video tells a lot more than that.
We know New York Post reporting that they bust in male prostitutes, you know, top gay porn stars, to, quote, service them at the Bohemian Grove.
We know, again, I have articles from the 80s from Spy Magazine and major publications about, you know, the homosexuality going on at the Grove, the male prostitutes.
This is all in my film, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, made four years ago.
So, we're about to break here, but I wanted to bring up Tom Flacco.
Tom, just that amazing revelation that Senator Kent gave us, upping it from 80%, 90%, to 97%, that...
Well, as I say, I read the book.
I would say I read about 85-90% of the book.
It's just incredible.
I put a link up with the price, $12.95, $4 for shipping.
Send an email to John's office.
As per the back of the book, I put the email in the story.
Comments on what he's been saying.
Comments to him.
As far as my interest in the thing, you're breaking some new ground.
As you know, I led, if you've read the story, I don't know if you've read it yet, but I led in the first paragraph of the story.
To me, the story was that right at the time of the suicide, a couple days later,
Okay, you were there.
Well, I started getting these calls from
That's what it seemed like from everybody.
Rusty's been picked up.
Rusty's in jail.
Then I got personal calls from Rusty, you know, collect out of the jail.
And he was in the Madison County Jail in northeast Nebraska.
And I found out he'd been seized because supposedly he wasn't officially registered in Lincoln, which is a hundred and some miles away.
And he had been in Lincoln at some time or other.
Well, I'm sure he was registered, but I thought, I mean, big deal.
A technicality.
Yeah, anyway.
But then they hauled him down and had him locked up in tight security, super tight.
I was getting, as I say, five to ten calls a day from people wanting me to see if I couldn't do something.
I felt I might have to end up as a witness in the case, and I was having my own problems at the time, so I told Ted, and Ted came back here and bailed him out, and they spent the last week together, staying together, and I think learning a lot.
Ted stayed with him every minute of every hour of every day they were here together, and he knows.
Basically debriefing him.
All right, we'll be back and kind of boil this down, explain this to people, and then take calls from his bed.
Just had major surgery, Senator DeCamp, and we're also joined by Tom Flacco.
I'm Alex Jones, presentplanet.tv.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
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All right, your calls are coming up in a few minutes from now.
Eight minutes, 15 seconds into this third hour, second segment.
We're talking to Senator John DeCamp.
I wrote a book from his investigation with the state of this pedophile ring.
People went to jail over it.
And his book alleged all these big top figures involved.
And they never sued him.
They never challenged him.
He had all these eyewitnesses.
A lot of people were murdered who were involved in the investigation, including the state's chief investigator that was reporting to DeCamp.
His plane blew up.
It just goes on and on.
And then it ties in with this 12-year-old boy that came up missing in the early 80s, Johnny Gosch, who's a very close look and age now, to Mr. Gannon, who we know is now reportedly saying that he was in relations with Bush and others.
And we know he was a call boy, a call madam really, and ran a porno site as well.
And we know the neocons were funding his so-called news website, and he had just unbelievable access to the corridors of the White House more than the other reporters.
So we have all this swirling around.
And then in comes Hunter S. Thompson.
Now, you know, I hear from listeners, oh, Hunter S. Thompson has seen your videos.
Oh, he was writing about 9-11.
I talked to one of his friends.
He says, yeah, he was getting ready to do a big story on it, thought they were going to kill him.
And I said, well, does it matter?
This was the Globe and Mail reporter when he talked to him days before he died.
Was he talking about these white slavery rings?
You know, the homosexuality, the pedophilia, all this.
He's like, yes, he was going to be working on that.
He was going to be reporting on that.
And then, of course, Mr. DeCamp, your book...
I believe we're talking... I don't believe.
I know.
I know that.
I know we're talking about the identical Hunter F. Thompson, as mentioned in my book, and ceremonies, and directing...
Not films and being involved with the kids.
There's no question in my mind about that.
What I guess I'm trying to make, the point I'm trying to make is there's about five events that seem to all just happen and they seem to be dominoing here at a rapid pace.
For example, I had not printed my book, copy of it, for about, God, six, nine years.
And then I was getting so many requests, I thought, oh, what the hell?
And so I reprinted the book and it came out in the first, oh, first of February or so of
2005, which is about a month and a half ago, right?
Right as this scandal was breaking.
Well, this was just before when it first came out.
It was before that.
And it updated certain things.
For example, I will read you one paragraph of the update because I wanted to bring people up to date.
And one of the central, central characters, you remember, of the original book,
Was a kid named Troy Boner.
Troy Boner was the government's chief witness to help lock up all the other kids.
Later, he recanted, changed, and under oath testified that the government had forced him to.
Anyway, so for example, one of my updates in here, I'm going to read you one paragraph just to give you a flavor.
In late 2003, Troy Boner walked into a hospital in New Mexico screaming, quote, they're after me, they're after me because of this book.
The book Troy was waving was this book, The Franklin Cover-Up.
Boner was mildly sedated and calmed down and put in a private room for observation.
When nurses came to check on him early next morning, Boner was sitting in a chair bleeding from the mouth and quite dead.
Former FBI Los Angeles Bureau Chief Ted Gunderson tried to get autopsy and other information and details that were promised him on Boner's death, but Gunderson and apparently every other entity were totally shut out of all information.
No news stories on Boner's death were published in the news,
Despite Boner's previous front page fame and notoriety in the Franklin case.
Okay, so my book came out.
Then you have the Gannon thing, and then Hunter Thompson two days later, and two days after that, whatever, Rusty gets picked up, and then Noreen can give you information about these other arrests of these characters involved back then who were pretending, or I assume they were pretending, unless they really were CIA agents,
But I think you ought to talk to her direct about that.
They get busted for pedophilia involved in that.
And as they say, I don't know what's going on.
I do know based upon people I have great confidence in.
And I give as an example Ted Gunderson.
I don't know if you remember, Ted Gunderson was originally hired.
He was originally hired to prove I was full of beans.
Yeah, that's right.
Ted Gunderson was a former graduate of the University of Nebraska football star and all that nonsense.
And believe me, football in Nebraska is more sacred than the church.
But anyway... And that's how Ted Gunderson went from being the former head FBI guy in L.A.
He suddenly, through your case, found out about the New World Order and then all the things he's done since then.
He was hired to come back and prove that Senator John DeCamp was full of BS and was discrediting people.
He came on to me pretty strong and tough.
I minced no words.
I let him share everything I had and he came out as my strong supporter and since then we've become very good friends and he's become obsessed with this issue.
In fact, more obsessed than I because I've got to make a living and raise kids and worry about kids in college and things like that.
I've told you what I believe.
I think there's too many coincidences going on.
Let me stop you right there, Senator, and I want to bring Tom Flocko in and take some calls.
Again, I don't know Hunter S. Thompson, but you put this in a book, you've done this in radio interviews years ago, saying that the witnesses said it was Hunter S. Thompson.
Again, you've never been sued for your book.
A major TV station said you were making stuff up.
You sued them and won.
So you've stood the test of time.
That's why we're interviewing you.
And then everything you said, I've been able to check out and prove, except this Thompson thing.
I mean, have you ever heard from the family?
Or explain to me why Thompson's telling other reporters that he's, quote, investigating this?
I mean, why do you say Thompson?
Okay, I will only give you what I wrote in the original book.
It was originally from 1990.
In other testimony, Banassi said that Larry King, he was talking about a ceremony they had at Bohemian Grove, okay, where they did a snuff film.
In other testimony, Bonassi said that Larry King was smiling and laughing the whole time the film was being shown and that, quote, the men with the hoods, unquote, were a satanic group which planned to use the dead boy in some sort of ceremony.
He also named the director of the snuff film whom they had picked up in Las Vegas as, quote, Hunter Thompson.
And I didn't know Hunter Thompson from A Bale of Hay or Nikita Khrushchev or anything else
When I wrote it.
I wrote what the kid said, and only later did I learn the distinction this apparent individual has in the journalistic community.
And as you know, when he did blow his brains out here, what, a couple weeks ago now, right after the Gannon thing broke, when he blew his brains out, I mean, that seemed to be lead news on TV, radio, networks, and everything else for a couple days, and that kind of seemed strange to me.
And one of the things they kept bringing up, of course, was his
Strange association in the world of the occult and blah, blah, blah.
So, is it the same one?
I don't know.
Is it the same one, do I believe?
Okay, so, exactly.
And that stuff was in the news, and there's just, so it could be somebody else, but according to... No, this guy was, anyway, I'm not going to prove it one way or the other.
No, but I'm trying to go off what you just said.
You're saying, you know, is this the same person?
I don't know, but you're saying you think it is.
I feel even more certain that it's the same person.
Well, you know, he told a reporter that they're probably going to kill me, and then nobody saw him shoot himself.
Well, I'll quote another thing from my book.
I quoted back then, when asked about Gary Caridori, remember the private investigator?
Colby was hired special.
He had opened his own private firm, you know, investigating firm by then.
And he turned to me and he said,
He said, John, if it's done right, you'll never know who did it.
Or whatever.
Anyway, he made it very clear that, you know, if it's done right, blah, blah, blah.
And he used the example.
It's a big example.
I'll give it to you right here.
Probably people don't remember this, but there used to be a most famous guy down in South America named Allende, remember?
Okay, he was what, prime minister or head of whatever one of those countries was.
Argentina or somewhere.
Anyway, and the United States was at odds with him.
And suddenly he ends up killed.
And as Colby said, the CIA took the blame for it.
That everybody knew we wanted it done.
Everybody blamed the CIA, world governments all around.
He said, that's perfect crime.
Because he said, we really didn't do it.
We wanted it done, but we didn't do that one.
So anyway, I would say that's kind of the same way it is with some of these.
And I wish, as I say, I repeat again how we began this conversation, I wish I knew nothing of this.
I wish I were the sweet, innocent, whatever.
This is amazing.
Tom Flocka, we've got about two minutes left in this segment.
We're going to come back and take calls, questions, or comments for our guests.
John, do you think that there are sitting United States congressmen and senators, or having recently retired, who are involved in this and are still sitting there, even as we prosecute Michael Jackson and drag...
70- and 80-year-old priests out of retirement and prosecute them and put them in prison.
Do you think that there are sitting congressmen and senators who are getting a free pass for pedophilia?
Answer this very carefully, very directly, and as straight as I've ever answered anything.
No, I do not think.
Yes, I do know.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Okay, yes, you do know.
In other words, I don't think.
I know.
You do, too.
Now, you said another thing that I put in my story.
Some of these things I put in the story, as you'll find out, because I thought they were quite incredible.
Maureen Goshen said about the plane crash that there was pornography all over the field.
That's all in the story.
But with regard to the photos, I had another key question to raise.
Judge Erbom, here he is hearing this incredible, incredible testimony in federal district court on February 5, 1999.
He's hearing this testimony.
Why isn't he saying, hey, show me more pictures?
I want to subpoena all 20,000 pictures or all 30,000 pictures.
I want to see them all.
I want to have Paul Benassi identify the faces, name some names.
What happened with the judge?
I hold the judge.
How is he not taking care of the children by not bringing this out?
Obviously, I'm being rhetorical here, but that's my question.
Oh, we got a break.
When we come back, I want to take some calls, but my big question is, why is the elite into this?
I mean, this is just, it's bizarre.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Somebody's got to tell the truth.
Somebody's got to talk about these issues and explore them.
I know that Dime Corps in 2000 was civilly convicted of kidnapping 200,000 women and children and flying them out to countries all over the world.
Then they just changed their name.
The U.N., everywhere they go, this is what they do.
It's systematic.
It's what they're designed to do.
My question, before we go to Lance and Tom and Sean and Jeremy and Mark, and those are the five calls we'll have time to take with our guests, my question to both of you, John DeCamp, Tom Flacco, investigating this, but John DeCamp along with us,
I mean, Nero did stuff like this.
Elites throughout history are into this.
Is this like a rite of passage or something?
Because for the rest of us who are normal, this is so alien, it's hard for us to even mentally get our minds around it.
I've asked myself that question more often than any other question, because I've learned so much over the last 15 years since I got really up to my eyebrows in this.
And then, of course, there was him.
Pretty heavy duty experience in politics also had kind of the other side.
I think there is a network, strange as this may sound, a network where maintain control of your network and make sure something doesn't go wrong.
You have to have certain people compromised or to a position where they have to cooperate or do what you want.
And I think this is one of the most powerful techniques that's been devised
Well, we know the old-fashioned mafia did this.
We know that, you know, gangs have to go kill an innocent person.
That's how they become a made member.
I mean, this is the mode to get somebody compromised, and I agree with you on that.
Tom Flacco, comments?
Well, you know, I've thought about this myself, and I just, you know, you wonder, and you think about, you know, where is, as I said before, where is the judge protecting the kids?
He gives you a million, he awards you a million dollars.
On behalf of your client, you know... But let's not look at all these hundreds of other kids.
Let's not put out APBs and Amber Alerts.
Let's just shut this down.
Basically, it seems like he's shutting it down.
I was disturbed by the child auctions that Paul described.
Let me touch upon one thing you said, okay?
And I've got to be super, super cautious because there have been more attempts to both punish me and get my bar license than somewhat since I wrote this.
But you mentioned what happened to the judge, okay?
The judge acted on the evidence.
The judge...
Had, okay?
So I can't say the judge didn't.
But I could tell there was some awful, hostile prejudice when the lawsuit was first filed, both in the media and otherwise.
Now remember, the first named defendant, the first person named in that lawsuit wasn't Larry King or anybody else.
The first named defendant, I'm going to make people mad now, was the Catholic Archdiocese of Omaha and certain Catholic priests.
And, of course, they were rapidly dismissed because nobody could believe this at that time.
This was the first of these kind of lawsuits.
Yeah, this was 15 years ago when nobody had heard of this.
Right, way before.
This was the first lawsuit of its kind filed in the United States where the Catholic Church was named.
Now, remember, I was a little boy raised a Catholic, and I'm not going to criticize the church or any other church.
All I'm saying is this was the first time in the United States of America where somebody boldly stepped forward and said, Hey, you've got a problem.
These priests are abusing certain kids.
And since then, so much of what you put out over a decade ago has come out in other investigations.
Oh, God, yes.
How many judgments and settlements and what's happened with the church.
When I first wrote it then, 15 years ago, when I filed that lawsuit in 1990 or 91, whatever it was, when I filed that first lawsuit, one in which I won the million, the first named defendant was, in fact, the Catholic Church and the Archdiocese of Omaha and certain Catholic priests.
Obviously it got out of the lawsuit, but the rest is history.
So I use that only as an example to show how strange this all began.
All right, gentlemen, I want to be fair to the callers.
Let me just keep both of you about ten more minutes so we can start taking calls.
We've got a break here in a second, but right now, Lance in Maryland.
You're on the air, Lance.
Go ahead.
I have a phone number for you.
Well, I don't want to give people's phone number.
What's the phone number to?
Okay, I want to tell you about this.
There's the American Center for Law and Justice has set up a special petition line to save Terry Schiavo's life.
And you can sign on to the petition.
I'll tell you what, let me put you on hold.
When we leave our guest here in about 10-15 minutes, I'll go back to you.
Tom in Tennessee.
Tom, go ahead.
You're on the air, Tom.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I just wanted to bring up one thing that I haven't heard discussed regarding the Gunkerd Gannon thing.
In 1982, when Johnny Gosch was kidnapped, he delivered papers for the Des Moines Register.
I think I read this in Doreen Gosch's book, that the editor of that newspaper's name was James Gannon.
That's all I had.
Well, right.
Is that true?
Yeah, I'm aware of that.
That's from Why Can't Johnny Come Home by Noreen Gush, I believe.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
More of your calls straight ahead.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Alright, I wanted Lance to hold, so when our guests leave us here in a few minutes, we can get into the Terry Schiavo situation, which is very serious.
I don't know if you can get back in, Lance, but if you're able to, go ahead.
Just try to dial and hear somebody hang up.
We're about to go to Sean, Jeremy, Mark, and Jeff.
That'll be it for calls for our guests.
Gentlemen, the comment that the last caller made...
The comment that John had made was very interesting about one of these editors having the same name as Gannon today.
Maybe that is a coincidence, but that's pretty spooky, isn't it?
Well, I would know what to say.
John probably answered that better than I could.
Where did he get the name?
Why did he pick that name?
It's interesting.
Let's go ahead and talk to Sean in Alabama.
Sean, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hello, sir.
I'd like to say hello to Mr. Flocko and Senator DeCamp.
It's an honor to be speaking with both of you.
This is a very disturbing subject.
Alex, you keep asking, you know, what is it that makes these people do this?
I think the answer to it is really simple, and it was given by Christ almost 2,000 years ago.
They're a society of psychopaths.
And he was speaking to the corrupt spiritual leaders of his time, and the answer that he gave is, Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do.
He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.
And that's the only answer that makes any sense in my mind as to why these people do the things they do.
Alright, good point.
Appreciate the call.
Any comments on that, John?
John DeCamp, any comments on that?
I'm not smart enough to know what all the answers are.
Let's talk to up next here is Jeremy in Florida.
Jeremy, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How are you guys doing today?
I was wondering, Alex, you remember the lady who called in last week and she mentioned something about there could be a possible connection between the Letko murders and this whole Gannon story and then some other little elements that she brought up?
Yeah, she was saying there had been a bunch of deaths with people in and around the case, and then separate deaths and arrests being brought up now by Senator DeCamp.
Yeah, I was wondering if the reporter found anything pertaining to that.
Well, you're saying reporter... You're talking about me, about finding... What did you say?
Finding... Information pertaining to what the lady said about the Lefkoe case being related, the murders being related to the Gannon case, and so on and so forth.
No, I haven't heard anything about that.
No, I have not.
What John is saying here is that there are a surprising number of coincidences.
I mean, I thought that it was incredible, the issue of Troy...
You're talking 2003.
That's contemporaneous here.
We're talking about the timing just before the primary season started to kick in.
There must have been something bubbling under the surface.
This is a good question.
Why is this all coming out now, Senator DeCamp?
I truly wonder the same thing.
Unless I've thought about it, I can just lay speculation only.
What if one element is trying to compromise or get even or punish or destroy another competing element?
That's what I've been saying for two weeks.
It's kind of like two people who are both thieves getting on the odds with each other.
Alex, we're getting bombarded every single night.
Oh, on cable television with Pedophilia and Michael Jackson over and over again, ad nauseum.
It's incredible.
You have to turn your television off or flip over to sports or something because it just gets tiring.
Thanks for the call, Jeremy.
Why did Rupert Murdoch's New York Post last year come out with the headline, Top Gay Porn Star Services Moguls at Bohemian Grove?
I mean, it looks to me like you've got groups within this group leveraging each other, and that's what I've been saying for two weeks.
Yeah, I kind of suspect.
This is John DeKamp.
The more I watch, the more I observe, the more I remember how this all worked here.
It was, well, you better be careful what you say, because we have, you know what I mean?
And then they have to show their hand a little bit to show that they really can...
Do some pretty bad things.
Notice where George Bush was, where his back was against the wall after a 9-11.
Where did he fly?
He went to Nebraska.
He went off at Air Force Base.
And the testimony that I read... And met with hundreds of top CEOs in a secret meeting, and they'd been there at 8 that morning before the attacks even took place with Warren Buffett.
Now, all the people that were part of this... I mean, it's just like a revisit of the Franklin cover-up book.
Why did he go to Offutt Air Force Base?
Let me bring that up.
Do you have any comments on that, Senator DeCamp?
Well, the obvious one is the one that was officially given, that Offutt Air Force Base is in the middle of the United States.
It's about as far as you can get, and supposedly the most secure place on planet Earth, away from Russian... Why would all those CEOs be there that morning?
Well, now that's another good question, because you remember in my book, Offutt was the centerpiece of where kids were...
Off it, and quite frankly, a lot of kids out of Boys Town, was the centerpiece of where they were taken and then flown here, flown there, taken here, taken there, so on and so forth.
So I have my own, I guess, opinions and suspicions, but do I have any proof of anything?
We know the facts.
The facts are this is where the president came, and we also know from my book, which I...
Proved, I think, in spades over and over.
Buffett was a centerpiece, as was a couple of other people.
Two quick final calls.
Mark in Nevada.
Go ahead, Mark.
Hey, how are you gentlemen doing?
Alex, you left out the CEOs who were supposed to be at the World Trade Center, some of them.
Yeah, most of them worked at the World Trade Center, but they had all been called there by Warren Buffett for a special meeting that morning.
The genesis of the Gannon is Gosh story, it wasn't so much conjecture from the Internet.
Actually, I think...
The one who first gave us ready legs was actually Sherman Skolnick.
I wanted to point that out.
And also, Hunter Thompson, I will say this, he certainly has a very interesting profile, connections to the CIA involved with
You know, illicit drug use and so on and so forth.
Well, it's like Timothy Leary later admitted he was FBI and CIA.
We've got the head of the feminist movement, Gloria Steinem, saying she was CIA.
So many of these cult figures are.
The other thing is I was wondering real quick here for the guest, John DeCamp, has he been able to locate this Lawrence King?
Because I think I figured out where he's at.
I can tell you where he's at.
You want to show about remarkable power?
He got paroled here about almost two years ago now.
He got paroled directly to a place called Washington, D.C.
And again, Larry King, not the Larry King of TV, a black Larry King.
Who opened both the Republican National Conventions, 84 and 88.
I know I was Republican delegate at the convention.
He was convicted.
Tell us briefly about King.
Larry King was officially labeled by the New York Times and others as the fastest rising black star in the Republican Party.
He had a one-on-one relationship with Reagan and with Bush.
In fact, he picked up the phone and he proved to people he could call Reagan on the phone.
He also was the one who opened and sang the national anthem at the Republican National Convention in 1984 and 1988.
And I repeat, I know I was there at the biggest party he ever gave because I was an elected delegate to both Republican National Conventions.
Blah, blah, blah.
What about, you know, we have the, what, 89 story out of the Washington Times.
I have the actual copy of it, you know, the Midnight Tours for the Underage Cowboys.
That's by Rodriguez.
And then we've got, again, a Barney Frank.
Who else could be caught running an underage, pedophile folks, ring out of his penthouse and he didn't get in trouble?
I mean, these people, they get caught and nothing happens.
Because of where else it would lead.
It's the only thing you could think of.
And, John, why weren't there more senators and congressmen named?
And what about the pictures?
Are we going to see pictures on the Internet?
You have 20,000, 30,000 pictures.
Let's say half of them to three-quarters of them have been confiscated by federal authorities.
You told me the other day, and I put in the story, that federal authorities were looking for the photos now.
Well, why would they be looking for the photos in a case that's supposedly closed, where people have gone to jail, and it's been 10, 12, 13 years, 15 years?
Okay, once again, if I say it, you can pretty well take it as true.
In this particular case, I happen to have the search warrants, the copies of the search warrants, and they list all these things they're looking for.
And yes, indeed, they are exactly what we're talking about.
Pedophile pictures and computer this and computer tapes and everything else.
And they listed all the various locations where they thought they might gain access to them.
What they actually found there, I do not know.
I wasn't in on the search.
And they definitely would not share that with me, I'm sure.
Did they have a search?
When was it?
Well, we've got to be careful that Gannon isn't somebody who then mixes in disinfo with all the other stuff that's true, then they bring it all out and discredit the whole thing.
That's certainly one method.
And I tend to lean, I said last week, 80% chance this is an internal war right now, and they're all holding things over each other's heads.
I think so, Alex.
I think that's definitely... I don't think the Gannon-Gosh thing is as important as the fact that
As what he represented, or the fact that why would you let... It's like saying that a whole pool of White House reporters who advertise themselves as $200 a day, $1,200 a day, $200 an hour male prostitutes as reporters.
What if we had 10 or 15 of them?
How could you have that kind of a situation for two years?
And it keeps coming up over and over and over again in mainstream news.
Okay, thanks, Mark.
Final call.
Jeff, South Dakota, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Mr. John DeCampo.
I lived about two and a half blocks from Larry King up in North Omaha for my whole and tall life until about 97.
There was always something in the neighborhood.
We knew stuff was wrong.
I moved out years ago.
I went back to Omaha for a reunion about two years ago.
I was with some friends of mine.
We was at an electronics store, and I brought your name up, Alex, and we got in the Franklin cover-up and on and on and on, and there was a contractor next to us.
You could hear he was listening to us.
He said he was a carpenter, and I was like, well, that's obvious, and he got all the garbage for it, but he says, no, you don't understand.
He says, I did a bunch of work for Larry King making a whole bunch of what he considered walk-in closets on his property.
He says they were about four feet by six feet,
And I'm wondering if John DeCamp has ever heard anything of that or seen a floor layout for King's property up there off Florence Boulevard, North Omaha.
Albanasi and some others brought this up to me.
I did not put this in my book because I did not have the proof.
I did not physically see this myself.
I did not have anything and I couldn't risk making any accusation that I couldn't prove in faith.
Okay, because the reason I was saying this is because when we told this guy
A little more about it, because he hadn't really heard other than, you know, the hoopla that was going on in Omaha, you know, over the Franklin cover, people getting fired, you know, cops getting fired because of Wadman's corruption and stuff.
He left there visibly shook.
I mean, shaking.
It was unbelievable.
He just got in his pickup and hauled out.
And that was, excuse my Spanish, last time I'd ever seen that man.
But, yeah, he said he put a bunch of them.
They were about four by six, what he considered walk-in closets with benches.
So this guy wasn't lying to me then, was he?
I have heard that story from others.
I do not know.
You have heard that?
I have heard it.
Do I have the proof?
And did Larry King invite me to look?
Okay, because there's something that had bothered me for years.
But Larry King went to jail, folks.
All right, thanks for the call.
Yeah, about ten years he served, I think.
Eight or ten.
John, is there evidence that this is still going on in Nebraska?
It's a pig's ass pork.
Oh, no.
Oh, boy.
Well, I mean, John, I'm sure you know about DynCorp getting caught doing this stuff, right?
I mean, that's like BBC Associated Press.
I mean, we're talking about industrial.
We're talking about, you know, two football stadiums of children and women in one year.
Yeah, I know.
This is industrial.
This is mega-massive.
And, you know, they hunt in the third world.
They don't hunt as much here.
But we need to expose this so they don't hunt here.
This is not a safe place for you to hunt.
You pieces of trash that are going straight to Hades.
Well, I want to commend both of you, Tom Flacco, Senator John DeCamp.
That's all I can say.
People can read Tom Flacco's detailed reportage at tomflocco.com.
And Senator DeCamp, I definitely, please have your secretary send me a new copy, a complimentary, or I'll pay for it if you want.
I'll get you a copy and you can mention it on the air if you choose.
And the only reason I reprinted it, I have never spent one penny, not one penny advertising or promoting the book, but we were having so many people call and back order, so I got a reprint of a
A few thousand, and updated it with, like I said, some of the things, including some other names you've mentioned here, from Warren Buffett to whatever.
How many copies of the original book have gone out?
About 120,000, 121,000.
That's with no promotion.
And the people don't challenge it, because it's all court records and documents.
Folks, please give people that are listening the address or email how they get the book, Senator.
Oh, shoot.
DeCampLegal at inabresca.com or net, which is it?
I know because it's on my site and 20,000 people have read the story already.
I'm promoting the email within the text body of the story.
So, John, you should be getting a few emails.
Hey, I've got to thank you for giving that, because I didn't know.
No, well, you're going to get there.
I'm sure you're going to get there.
I'm really dumber than dog poo now, and I couldn't even tell you it.
Well, you just got out of the hospital from major surgery.
John DeCamp, I want to thank you again for coming on, and I want to thank you for joining us as well.
Tom Flacco, we'll continue to watch this as it develops.
I'm sure we'll get a transcript made of this interview, Tom, and I hope that you post it, because a lot of vital stuff was said here.
Send me the link, and we'll get it up.
All right, Tom Flacco, God bless.
And of course to you too.
John DeCamp, we talked off air, final comment.
You and your family are a little bit worried about your safety right now.
Well, God's with you, my friend.
And if they kill you, people will pay more attention to what you've done.
That is not my desire.
No, so I don't think they're going to get you.
Talk to you later.
All right, take care.
All right, there goes Tom Flacco and Senator John DeCamp.
And again...
I respect John DeCamp, but so much of what he said, I've checked out myself, and it's true.
Again, a lot of this we just don't know, but we know there's smoke.
I mean, this is smoke billowing.
You can see the flame inside the smoke, and it just keeps popping up over and over and over again.
And, I mean, they don't deny this stuff.
I mean, Barney Frank, all of it, it's just disgusting.
And these people have got control of our country, and Homeland Security and this whole system is a way to control the people.
And they are the most evil scum the planet has ever seen.
And they're getting more and more power.
And they want our guns.
And if we give up our liberties for so-called security, we're not going to get any of it.
And I just beg people out there to speak out about this, to educate yourself.
To get your children out of these public schools where they want to force psychologically test all of them and drug them.
I mean, this is an abusive system that is teaching us how to be abusive to the children.
It is teaching the society how to turn children into prisoners and put them in jail for writing the word gun in a fiction story or to basically just destroy this society.
I mean, two-thirds of foster children are on more than two-thirds are on psychotropic drugs.
I mean, just look what this government does to children.
Look at how the media, you know, it's out of control.
And the globalists are the scum of the earth.
It's the only term I can think of to describe them.
They are the bottom of the pit of Hades.
And God needs us to stand up and defend the little ones.
Final segment coming up.
Stay with me.
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We're good to go.
Thank you.
I think?
We're good to go.
I'm pretty freaked out by the last two and a half hours, three hours.
The globalists are from another world, another dimension, another mindset, another spirit.
And the general public.
And we've got to stop being naive.
You know, they're saying that Al-Shi'aida is going to hit the schools inside of Reuters.
Al-Shi'aida may target U.S.
theaters and schools.
And they're saying that Abu...
Al-Zawahiri is going to... Abu Musab Al-Zawahiri is going to be attacking any minute.
But the problem is, is they claim they've killed him once, and they've captured him four times, and they never retract the last capture.
It's just, oh, we captured him again.
Oh, we killed him again.
And they're saying that they've got, you know, really good sources that... This is Time Magazine's CNN's little edition that, you know, may be hit any moment.
The schools, the public schools...
Just like Russia, just like the rest of it, it'll be a staged event, and God help those children.
Anybody who's got their children in a government training camp, or they might head to private school, is just nuts.
We've got to get the globalists out of power.
We've at least got to expose them so badly, that they stop being so arrogant, and so over the top.
Of course, now it's coming out on MSNBC, no evidence that Al-Shiaidah knew a Madrid plot.
The year after terrorists killed 191 people and wounded more than 1,500 at two Madrid train stations, both U.S.
and Spanish officials say there is no evidence that Al-Qaeda leadership authorized or even knew of the plan.
No, but it's mainstream news in Spain who was behind it.
Activists rally to save Terri Schiavo.
They're scheduled to pull her feeding tube today.
The woman is not brain dead.
She's not even that brain damaged.
She is just paralyzed, and they want to set the precedent to kill her, and everybody should be calling the governor, calling the protective families, and say, hey, why don't you really protect somebody for once?
And we had callers earlier try to call her and the other guests, and I told them to call back in.
Did any of them call back in at the end here to talk about Terry?
I guess they didn't, because they had details, and I wanted to get to them.
I'll be talking more about this tomorrow, and we'll continue to fight.
I've been fighting for Terry along with you for three years.
Before I end this broadcast, if you believe in what we're doing, if you believe in the information we're putting out, you need to get my new film, Martial Law, 911 Rise of the Police State.
It is my best work yet.
It is my crowning achievement.
I thank God for the skills and the help that I got to make this, for everything we caught on video while in New York.
We're good to go.
Is the occult elite and the fool society, this Nazi death cult that runs our country, and how it ties into Schwarzenegger and the Bushes supporting Hitler and getting the Nazi money out of Germany for the Nazis.
And then it ends with Bush taking his oath of office in ten minutes of the police state they're setting up in America.
We just run right through it.
It is such an important film.
It's really three films in one, $25.95.
But if you order three or more of any of the 12 films I've made, they drop down to $19.95 apiece.
Big discount.
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Or the number if you missed it, 888-253-3139.
All right, God bless you all.
We must shine the light on the evil.
We must resist it.
God bless.
Hello, folks.