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Air Date: March 11, 2005
2572 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
365 days ago, bombs ripped through a crowded train station in Madrid, Spain.
That was 911 days after 9-11.
So, welcome back to 3-11, the one-year anniversary of the Madrid bombings in Spain.
We hope and pray that Al-Seaida doesn't carry out any terror attacks around the world today, though, of course, there have been more bombings in Iraq.
Schwarzenegger, latest of fake news stories.
This is out of the Paradise Post out of California.
We all know about Lord Bush and Clinton and the government in general in the last decade, producing fake newscasts, hundreds of millions of dollars of them, fake reporters, fake bloggers, you name it.
Male madams that run porn websites getting total access to the White House.
Well, now it's Schwarzenegger with fake newscasts running all over the state of California.
We'll get into that story.
Also, a new development in the Terry Schiavo Schindler case.
Schiavo's husband has been offered $1 million, which is what he'll basically get if he's able to get rid of her.
He hasn't let her have any medical care for the last 10 years.
Even though the settlement he got was for her medical care, he wants that money.
Well, now a businessman is offering him $1 million to sign over protective rights to her family, her mother and father.
Prisoners at Abu Ghraib included children, the Associated Press is reporting.
This is not new news.
We know that at the 32 different camps in Iraq, children have been tortured in front of their parents.
In fact, back when they thought we were all being sold on torture, before 2001 had even ended, there was an article in the Washington Post where the CIA section chief of the Middle East said, oh, we don't just torture people, we, quote, pressure their children in front of them to get answers.
Right out of the playbook of Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy and individuals like Charlie Manson.
In fact, I'd like to take your calls today and compare the mindset, the activities of the elite to the criminology, the psychology of serial killers.
We'll have wide open phones throughout the broadcast.
We're scheduled to have Steve Quayle on in the third hour as well.
Talk about, amongst other things, just how powerful the alternative media is getting and the super volcano that is forming underneath Yellowstone Park.
Just a bunch of different issues coming up in the third hour.
Also, Republican senators vow to protect RFID.
They're moving to block legislation that would stop microchips from being put in all products and tracking and tracing us.
I mean, what is it that the Republican leadership isn't doing that's evil?
Of course, the Democrats are all with them on the war and gun control and open borders and everything else.
Ex-FBI agent, ex-FBI chief...
Hundreds of officers under him.
Ted Gunderson, Gannon is Gosch.
And I have to tell you, you look at these photos of Johnny Gosch who came up missing when he was 12 years old, and it had been reported by very credible sources, was basically a sex slave with some very prominent people in this country.
You look at photos of Gosch versus Gannon, and all of Gannon's other little fake names are very similar to Gosch's.
And it's the same person.
Or they're very, very close, put it to you that way.
So we'll get into that as well.
Russian plant ready to send nuclear fuel to Iran.
Turning Chinese so much for the new Bush economy.
Left-wing establishment not pushing for U.S.
withdrawal, only pushing for expansion of war.
That's only some of what's coming up in your calls at 800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
And the websites, freshly updated, are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv, as well as Infowars.net.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Keep it locked in.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alrighty, I am ready to go.
Chomping at the bit, as they say.
TGIF it is.
Friday, the 11th day of March, 2005.
And remember, we're all going to end up in the city of the dead.
We're all going to end up in the cemetery, folks.
You might as well stand up for decency and honor and beauty and creativity while you're alive instead of going along with the corruption.
Live a life worth living.
One that is outstanding and upstanding.
Not a life of getting home every evening and watching your favorite TV programs and buying the government propaganda.
I'm not left-wing or right-wing.
I believe in the Second Amendment.
I believe in national sovereignty.
I know the globalists are not free market.
The top corporations are bigger than our government.
They have taken control of our government.
They are taxing us through the government and taking our wealth.
They are setting up a system where there is no competition that threatens their monopoly of control.
It is modern mercantilism in a worldwide feudalist state.
The government, both the Republican and Democratic parties, are totally controlled by the globalists.
They are setting up a fascistic modern police state and it must be resisted.
Now, I want to open the broadcast up before we go to your calls at 800-259-9231.
I want to talk about this because I've been mentioning it the last few days, but I haven't properly addressed it.
Fake newscast.
The latest report is out of a paper out of California, the Paradise Post.
...is the latest of fake news stories.
And the LA Times is also reporting just millions of dollars of completely, totally fake newscasts.
That simple.
They produce them, the TV stations air them, and that's what you're getting with the government.
And it's across the board.
And I mean, I remember when nobody even knew about this.
I was pulling my hair out in like 1995, 96, 97, when Bill Clinton...
Was paying millions of dollars on CBS and NBC and ABC for these dramas that had anti-gun messages in them that were, you know, pro-socialized health care.
And I coined the term propaganda placement, not product placement.
You all know what that is.
When you go see a movie and all you see is Ford Tauruses, or everybody's drinking Budweiser, or everyone's eating Doritos, or everyone's drinking, you know, Ozarka water, or you see big billboards, you know, Army of One.
I went and saw Anger Management.
Pretty funny movie, but throughout the film, and then later I researched it, what I saw was obvious, was true.
It was what I'd call propaganda placement, because there were Army of One billboards and comments everywhere.
Because when the government starts taking your money to go pay off the media and place its propaganda everywhere, you've got a big problem.
Another way they control TV stations and radio stations is a lot of your big marquee stations are actually paid by the government to run public service announcements.
Under FCC rules, they're supposed to run a small amount, depending on the region, of public service announcements and they can choose what they are.
But a lot of the public service announcements are paid
So you hear these anti-gun messages or these land-grabbing environmental messages, and those are paid for in many cases.
And we see more and more of this, and we're talking about tens of billions of dollars just in these, quote, public service announcements.
And now the public service announcements are, you know, did you see the neighbor spank their child?
Did you smell marijuana?
Did you, you know, just training us to be this tattletale society?
Now McGruff the Crime Dog is after guns.
You know, McGruff, help take a bite out of the Second Amendment.
He's no longer, help take a bite out of crime.
You know, it sounds good.
Yeah, you see crime reported.
We need the government to tell us that, but see, now it's guns.
The government's been paying for these billboards that are now all over Austin City buses.
I've been all over the country the last five years.
I see them all over buses in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, L.A.,
Kansas City, you know, you see them on the trains, you see them on the billboards, report illegal guns.
Shows a picture of a revolver.
Well, last time I checked in Kansas City, Missouri, or in Austin, Texas, revolvers aren't illegal.
Well, in tiny print that you literally have to walk up to the bus or walk up to the billboard and focus.
And I have 20-20 vision.
It used to be 20-15, but I guess I'm now, I got my eyes checked, I'm now 20-20.
I don't have exceptional vision anymore.
This is just part of life.
But I just have, you know, what they call the average.
But I have to squint.
Standing at the bottom of the billboard when I went and took photos of them to read in the commission of a crime.
This gun is illegal in the commission of a crime, but you've got to literally walk up to the billboard and squint if you've got 20-15 vision to read it.
Same thing on the buses.
You've got to be about three feet away.
I've walked up to a stop bus and it says the same thing, but see, the average idiot, and I shouldn't be like that, the average dumbed-down individual out there
We're good to go.
And so not just the billboards, but in the NYPD Blue, in every episode, Ah, he's got a gun!
You're going down for this!
Got a permit for that?
No, I don't, sir!
Well, you're going to jail, Mac!
So again, everybody's watching this, and so when they see that billboard...
They go, hmm, report illegal guns.
You know, a lot of the billboards will add $200, $500 payment if you report them.
And so, then, when the carpet cleaner or the individuals in your house, they're looking around and, you know, their buddy at the carpet place has gotten bonuses for reporting pot before.
He's making more money off reporting people than he is off cleaning your carpets.
He walks by and sees that framed .45.
You know, that World War II .45 framed him.
Oh, that's illegal.
I bet you call.
In my case, it was a shotgun on the wall.
Buy it anywhere for $250.
Winchester Defender.
Say, is that legal there?
I have to report you.
I mean, this is amazing.
And I'm tired of it.
I got an email.
Why are you always making fun of people on the country boys?
I like your debut.
We need gun control.
Might as well do it.
So I figured I'd do some Yankee voices for you.
But the point is that it's all illusion.
It's the perception.
You know, guns are like dirty pornography or something.
They're bad.
They're evil.
And that's one small facet of the propaganda.
One very small facet of it.
And we reported on an ex-Marine Bush version of Saddam capture.
It's false.
A former U.S.
Marine who participated in capturing Al-Sidda Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, said the public version of his capture was fabricated.
Sergeant Nadim Abu Labi, who was part of an Arab-American unit, obviously they need Arab speakers searching for Saddam, was quoted in the Saudi daily Al-Medina Wednesday as saying Saddam was actually captured Friday, December 12, 2003, and not the day after, as announced by U.S.
And he was in a house.
They shot at them.
Saddam wounded people.
Of course, they didn't get medals for that.
And then they grabbed him, held him, stuck him in a hole, pulled in the news teams, the Pentagon production team, basically with CNN.
By the way, this is out of United Press International, reporting on this, United Press International.
And brought Saddam up there and claimed he was in a dirty hole hiding.
When really, they just claimed a well was where he'd been hiding when he'd been in the house.
And again, this is to give the illusion of the spider.
And some people go, what are you, not patriotic?
The point is, they're lying to you.
We already knew about this.
Now it's more confirmation.
And here's a clip live when they were still trying to stage it because some of the troops weren't getting their story straight.
And this Colonel James Hickey is telling them, look, he was found like a pig in a dirty hole.
That's the story.
Do you understand?
Now keep your mouths shut.
That's the story.
Do you understand?
We didn't just have a firefight with this guy.
He's a coward in a hole.
Here's that clip.
He was found like a pig, literally hiding in a hole.
Again, nobody mentioned anything.
Got it?
Now, what you heard right there was the commander.
That was Colonel James Hickey.
He was the person who was in charge of that raid.
Now, if we take a look at some of those other pictures, you'll see the U.S.
service members.
Those are kind of like our first close shots of them.
They may look a little bit dazed and confused, because you have to understand that they just got back from this raid that was very different from any other.
Colonel Hickey had just told them that their work tonight, their raid, not only was a job well done, but was certainly a part of history.
Alright, so, now, in case you missed it, he's saying, okay, here's the story.
He was found like a pig in a hole.
Nobody say anything.
Do you understand the story?
He was found in the hole.
Now keep quiet.
And look, if you're not understanding this, with Private Lynch, we're going to play that again when we get back, just to analyze this propaganda.
Private Lynch, you know, their convoy goes off course, gets in a firefight with a Republican guard.
A few of the men, and they were just a supply detail, did fight.
One particular Hispanic gentleman, this was in New York Daily News, did fight off and kill like 10 Iraqis.
He was shot repeatedly, and then still shooting when they got up to him and they stabbed him to death.
He didn't get a medal, nothing.
Okay, so now they steal the credit from people, and they gave it to Lynch.
So members of his unit started going...
And then also some of the rescue team.
You know, this is a fraud.
This is all, and days after they'd say it, they would all be gunned down, shot in the head, assassin teams.
Here in the U.S., you know, you're outside barbecuing, somebody pops up with a black mask on, double taps you in the back of the head with total precision.
I mean, they're killing these people to just keep the story going.
And finally Lynch goes, it's all a fable.
It's a lie.
I hid in the back of the vehicle.
The media just says, okay, we'll drop it now.
I didn't do any of this.
The thing she did to her would have been, Reverend Lynch, the hero died in a car wreck.
Ah, what a hero.
See, we need women in the military.
It's fables.
It's made up.
Jerry Bruckheimer admits they produced it.
You know Jerry Bruckheimer, Black Hawk Down?
Many people have wondered what has happened to the once great United States of America while the moral decay that has been taking place within it.
We're good to go.
I think?
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All right, I'm going to your calls here in just a few minutes, but the point of all this is, 9-11, the Private Lynch story, all this stuff, Saddam's capture, they're actually produced.
All right?
I mean, I was approached by one of the stars of the X-Files and the Lone Governor, and he said, yeah, the CIA would come and plant stories on us.
Dean Hagel, we had him on the show.
And they clearly planted that story of the hijacked jet being flown into the World Trade Center to get martial law by a criminal element in the government.
Because the globalists are psychopaths, just like your regular run-of-the-mill psychopath, serial killer, likes to leave notes and taunt the media.
The globalists do it.
It's like their inside little joke.
That's why there were so many productions, so many ads, so many books written about, you know, where Alan Ciata flies the planes into the buildings.
And then it's their little inside joke when they go, we never heard of such a plan.
Well, that's a conspiracy theory to say we did.
But this is what they do.
And so much of it is manufactured and fake.
I mean, look, I go back to Private Lynch.
Okay, she hid in the tanks.
In the armored vehicles.
The armored convoy.
She hid while the men fought outside of the death against overwhelming odds in a team of Republican Guard.
And, you know, it's run of the mill to say that a white guy or Hispanic man, this particular Hispanic gentleman literally killed over ten Iraqis, they're saying.
His family finally got mad and said the people in the unit are saying he did all this and was killed.
I mean, fighting, you know, right up until he ran out of ammo and they stabbed him to death after he'd been shot.
And we don't appreciate it.
He didn't even get any awards for this.
Should have gotten the Congressional Medal of Honor.
It was Audie Murphy type stuff.
You know, why'd you do it, Audie Murphy?
Not because they were killing my friends.
No, they give the awards to somebody crying in the back of a tank.
Crying in the back of the LAV, light armored vehicle, to be specific and precise.
And then, two days after the Republican Guard pulls out, you know, they're telling our government, hey, they pulled out, here she is, we're taking care of your troops in here, and please come pick them up.
You know, the doctors.
She's taking really good care of them.
And so for those two days, they call Jerry Bruckheimer, this is the BBC, and Jerry, how should we do this?
You've helped us in the past.
You know, the big...
Big Academy Award winning director.
He says, alright, this is how you shoot the shots via satellite TV connection.
He talked to them in Qatar at their command base.
This is how you produce it.
You come in kicking down the doors.
It'll be good to talk about how they humiliated some bodies outside.
Try to find some of the dead bodies and take them out of the bags they've got and lay them out dead and do all this and rough some people up when you go in.
And then she hears the screaming and them beating up the doctors and everything.
The doctors were waiting on the road for them.
You know, outside, they started shooting at them.
Came in, you know, Delta Force, running around, screaming at people.
And she's in there hiding under the covers.
And, of course, that wasn't part of the official story.
And then they take her off and then put her on TV.
She was fighting with a machine gun.
She killed dozens.
Then when she was wounded, she began stabbing at them.
She was incredible.
And then, finally, the families and people start going, no, that's not what happened.
That was a fable.
And so five of the people, two from the rescue team, three that were survivors of her, literally, they're outside, you know, in Arizona, at their middle-class house in the backyard with a fence around it, cooking barbecue, and a man in a black uniform with a black face mask pops up, shoots him twice in the head.
He falls over dead.
Another guy gets pulled over, drowns in a puddle of water.
Another gets hit by a car.
Another suicide.
And I'm saying, man, Lynch is going to be dead within days if she doesn't go public.
And Lynch came out on TV and said, it's a fable.
It's not true.
None of it's true.
I didn't do anything.
Why did they?
Because it was exceptional.
You know, this woman, like this Amazon warrior, just standing against the Iraqi hordes.
And our incredible Delta Force going to the hospital under Iraqi attack and saving them and just... It's the same thing with Saddam.
You don't think they want Saddam, you know, to the end, firing his pistol at them.
You don't think they want that.
Oh, no, that's not Hollywood for you.
No, Saddam was crouching, begging like a pathetic worm down in a dirty hole like a pig.
And he's pathetically cowardly.
He didn't shoot troops.
Can't give them medals for going up against him.
He was a pathetic worm!
You heard the story, man.
In fact, play that clip again.
Go ahead and start playing it.
He's looking like a pig, literally hiding on all of them.
Again, nobody mentioned anything.
Got it?
Now, what you heard right there was the commander.
That was Colonel James Hickey.
He was the person who was in charge of that raid.
Now, if we take a look at some of those other pictures, you'll see the U.S.
Those are kind of like our first close shots of them.
service members.
They may look a little bit dazed and confused.
Oh, they may look a little bit dazed.
They're sitting there with their mouths hanging open while the colonel tells them.
They're going, huh?
They're going, what?
You can see it in their, huh?
We found them in a hole like a pig?
We just had a firefight yesterday over this.
People got wounded and died.
You see him going, huh?
You hear me?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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Your calls are coming up here momentarily.
I was talking to John running the show during the break, and he's like, I can't believe this isn't bigger news.
I mean, you can go to InfoWars.com or PrisonBlundet.com and read Associated Press, United Press International, about Private Lynch, about the fake capture of Saddam, all of this.
I mean, it's not even debatable.
You know, it's like manufacturing fake Niger uranium documents, or using a 12-year-old graduate student paper and saying it's the latest MI6 document.
Or just all of it, or Dick Cheney running the Halliburton contracts out of the Vice President's office.
It's all public.
The $2.4 trillion missing from the Pentagon, it's all admitted, but it never gets into the big nightly news cycle.
And then I've talked to a few neocons, I've heard this brought up on air before, and they'll go, okay, so what?
It's war, so we lie, so we make stuff up.
Well, I mean, you're going to trust a government that does that.
That takes the credit away from one person who died fighting and then gives it to somebody who doesn't deserve it and then people that speak out against it who were in the unit mysteriously start getting bullets in their heads.
I guess that's how you support the troops.
You just go, well, let the government kill them.
They shouldn't open their fat mouths.
We're in a war on terror.
And lying is good.
Remember the Pentagon a few years ago?
The Office of Strategic Information, of Strategic Influence?
We're going to lie to you, but for your own good.
No big deal.
You need to just accept it.
It's all part of the new freedom.
It's dangerous when a government's doing this, especially when it comes out all the time that they're lying, and then they never get in trouble for it.
See, no accountability.
No accountability.
Like Alberto Gonzalez.
He puts out memos to the military.
Yeah, you can torture people until organ failure, and if they die, that's okay, because if you didn't mean for them to die, it's not a problem.
And they still approve him.
And the neocon leaders come out and go, if you're Christian, you should be for Alberto Gonzalez.
We go, but he's pro-abortion.
He's pro-open borders and anti-Second Amendment.
Well, that's all right.
You know, we've just got to... Bush is good.
Just shut up, Alex.
And the Democrats email me, Yeah, Bush is bad, Alex.
You're so good for exposing him.
The Democrats won't save us.
They're just as bad.
They're for all the same stuff.
Well, then what do we do?
The point is you address how bad things have gotten.
I mean, I'm not doing this because I don't think we can't win, folks.
I'm not sticking my neck way out if I didn't know the stakes were so high for the future of my family, your family, all of us.
We're in this together, folks.
And, I mean, we've got a government that carries out terror attacks against itself, okay?
They've been caught over and over again doing it to scare you into submission.
We've got big problems.
One more article and I'll go to these loaded phone lines.
Schwarzenegger, latest of fake news stories.
LA Times and Paradise Post and others reporting, the circus is coming to town, or at least on your television news.
No, I'm not talking about the Michael Jackson Media Circus, but the Schwarzenegger Media Circus, complete with fake news stories and Arnold driving his Humvee for photo ops.
In his attempt to whip up public support for his plan to bypass the state legislature and make his message to the people, the GOV is pulling out all the stops.
Case in point, the LA Times reports that the state used taxpayer money to produce a mock news story, that's a quote, that pushes a government-backed, corporation-friendly proposal, again, not free market corporation, but criminal corporation, proposal that would kill mandatory lunch hours for workers.
The report comes days after the GAO warned federal agencies against producing similar propaganda videos.
18 stations ran the spots as news reports, complete with a positive promo text for a local anchor to read.
This comes on the heels of fake news reporter Jeff Gannon, who was given a White House press pass, his website was funded by neocons, and asked fake questions at White House news conferences.
In a shameful defense of Gannon, right-winger, she's not right-wing, she's ultra-neocon, Ann Coulter said, press passes can't be that hard to come by and the White House allows that old Arab
Helen Thomas to sit within the yards of the president.
Thomas, who is of Lebanese descent, has been a reporter for 60 years, and has covered every president since John F. Kennedy.
So, just more of the same, people.
Let's go ahead and take some calls here.
Let's talk to James in New Jersey.
James, go ahead.
Well, hello, my friend.
I'm a subscriber to Prison Planet TV.
I just saw a little bit of your film, and the part with Moore was hysterical.
And I would urge everyone to subscribe to Prison Planet TV.
Alex, one of the weekly reports, the one where you got involved with the Mothers Against Guns,
March, this is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life.
I laughed like pride.
Now, are you familiar with Dave Emery?
He and you seem to be the only ones who really see the danger of Schwarzenegger.
Yeah, he's done some of the most detail.
He's an award-winning journalist, has a popular radio broadcast, and he's done really sterling analysis.
And this is why I was very surprised.
I'm glad you mentioned that.
I keep meaning to try to get Dave Emery on.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
I was very surprised.
I hope you do.
Because I was very surprised to hear a recent, and I say recent meaning this year,
You know, I've had Daniel on, and Daniel went off on this tirade, and I mean, I'm not going to... It's just all a diversion.
It's all a distraction.
All right.
The substance of the conversation had to do, and if you do get Dave Emery on, I hope you talk to him about this.
Basically, they were saying that Adnan Khashoggi... Yeah, I know what they said, because the name of this is Genesis.
There's some other Arab funding group called Genesis.
They're not linking Khashoggi to you.
What they're saying is that Khashoggi is funding...
Yeah, but let me just stop you since you bring this up, okay?
I want to kill this right now.
After that came out, I called Hop Singer up and I just said, so, your report is that there is some media group called Genesis, there's actually a, there's even a
I think so.
Again, that's all I really have to say about it.
I've had Hop Singer on.
He let us post his video.
I think he's done good work, and we disagreed on air that he doesn't want to get into bombs in the buildings and all that, and that's their opinion.
That's funny.
I've had other people on who have different theories about 9-11, and that's why we have a debate here, but it really is a big distraction.
I'm going to move on here in a second.
Anything else?
Yeah, well, because it was clear in the interview he wasn't linking your radio network
Well, no, there was a mention.
I didn't hear the interview.
I saw the article.
I heard it.
There was a mention, but it was here.
Well, it's the same name as this.
I don't know what that means.
But the point that I would like you to bring up with Dave Emery is that he...
Well, listen, I appreciate your call, sir.
I mean, I don't really even know what I can say about this.
Larry Silverstein says that they gave the order to pull the building.
The firefighters say bombs.
There's video clearly of the bombs going off.
And you've got a lot of people in the 9-11 movement.
A lot of people, you know, who are these accredited journalists, who, since they didn't see the bombs planted and didn't see them go off, they don't think that's true.
And it's not disinformation.
It's real and it's true.
And that's why I challenge people to check it out for themselves.
I mean, I don't focus on missiles and pods and the Pentagon, not because I don't believe it couldn't be true, but because I've had guests when they talk about it who do believe that.
And I've promoted videos of people that are saying that.
The reason I don't particularly, you know, spend most of my time focusing on it, 90% of the time I focus on public officials warn not to fly, NORAD stand down, CIA drills that morning, so NORAD would stand down, the hijackers having their houses, cars, credit cards paid for by the FBI, trained at U.S.
military flight schools.
You know, I just stick to what I can prove.
Neil Bush running security for the towers, you know, the record insurance policies.
Bush Sr.
meeting with the Hevlin-Lodden family in the morning of 9-11.
The CIA insider trading.
I focus on that predominantly.
But I do not disparage the Dave Von Kleist of the world for getting into pods or Pentagon or whatever.
I don't disparage anybody looking at this.
I mean, I had on the guy that runs WTC7.net.
He'll tell you he woke up because of some of the work I and others did.
We're good to go.
I mean, maybe in some quarters.
Maybe that's going on somewhere.
I mean, yeah, when ABC News comes out and says, this website thinks space aliens carried 9-11 out.
Either the person putting out that story is a total lunatic kook, or they're a disinfo agent.
I mean, stuff like that's pretty obvious.
But to come out and say, oh, it's disinfo, they were bombs, it's kind of an orthodoxy.
You know, there's an orthodoxy out there.
And Dave Emery is what you'd call a liberal.
And I think he does good work.
But, I mean, these people are very orthodox.
And, you know, if they aren't there and don't see the bombs, then they're not going to say it's bombs, even if the government says it's bombs.
But it's really a distraction.
And a lot of this, and I'm not saying with the people you mentioned, but with some other people, there are attempts to kind of corner the market and say, I am the Grand Poobah.
I tell you what is true on 9-11, and I am the authority, and I am the grandfather of the 9-11 movement.
Several people say they are the grandfather of the 9-11 movement, but frankly, I am.
And there's no debating it.
And I never said that as I watched all these people do this, but it's really annoying.
Because I got on air two months before 9-11, and I've never done this before or since, and I said, here's the White House phone number, call them, tell them don't attack the World Trade Center.
They're going to act like bin Laden did it.
He's CIA.
That's what I think is going to happen.
He'll take the blame.
And I said it on TV, and it's in my film, The Masters of Terror.
And I put out the first 9-11 film three weeks after 9-11.
On the morning of 9-11, I was on this network on Derry-Brownville saying the globalists did it.
And I had an engineer who was next door when the towers went down saying it was the most beautiful demolition he'd ever seen, Jimmy Wright.
And I was there taking the heat up front, day one, minute one, and laying out the facts and documenting and doing all of this.
That interview's posted.
And then other people pop up
And say, I am the grandfather.
I am the founder.
I am the leader.
Well, I don't want to be the leader of this, quite frankly.
I want you to all be leaders and to all inform others and to surpass my research, to surpass what I've done, to help me.
All of our minds together are much greater than individually.
But the strength is from that individual in the larger group.
I mean, I could care less in history being known as the father of the 9-11 movement.
But then you see others.
It's kind of like I...
It'd be like if I'd won the Super Bowl.
I'd made the catch and run the 10 yards into the end zone in sudden-death overtime, and my team had won the Super Bowl, and then I see other people running around saying they won the Super Bowl.
It's just not true.
They didn't win the Super Bowl.
They didn't make the touchdown.
They didn't have the facts.
They didn't have the foresight.
They didn't have the vision.
They didn't have the grasp of geopolitical systems so complex they're going to hardly articulate my understanding of it.
And it is irritating.
But I'm not talking about the individuals you mentioned.
I think they're both doing good work.
And you know, it's their right to disagree and say different things.
It's just that simple.
We spend far too much time squabbling and fighting and running around.
I want to go to your calls, but I've talked a lot about this.
A lot of patriots who I've known over the years.
You go to a meeting with 200, 500, 1,000 people.
They start freaking out, getting on power trips when they speak.
It's just, oh man, I'm the king ape.
I'm the king monkey.
Oh, look, everyone's looking up at me.
They thrive off of that, being told what a good job they do.
Actually, it irritates me.
When I speak to a crowd of hundreds of people, thousands of people, it's no big deal.
I'm there trying to warn people.
That's what this is about.
It's not about ego.
My ego gets smaller over the years while others gets bigger.
Meanwhile, these same people won't even do radio interviews because they love to get in front of crowds because they don't associate it with personal power.
They're talking on a telephone.
They don't realize they're talking to 20 times the number they would talking to a crowd of 500.
And that's when I get a little bit of tingles when I'm on the radio talking to 20 million people on Coast to Coast AM.
We're talking to a couple million people on this broadcast.
And I'm going to tingle because I realize I'm changing history.
I'm having an effect.
I'm interfacing with you.
You're allowing me into your business, your car, your home, into your television set through my films.
And I'm honored.
I'm humbled by it.
But for so many people, it's about an ego-driven thing.
And for so many people, it's pull down everybody else so I can be on top, so I can be the big dog.
It's this idea of tear down others around you and somehow you get on top of them.
That's not how this works, folks.
We're in a desperate fight.
The globalists are probably going to carry out very large terror attacks very soon.
We're talking about the end of our way of life.
Total tyranny.
That's what I'm worried about.
I'm not worried about who gets credit for exposing 9-11.
But it's just incredible.
Let's take another call.
Let's talk to Robert in Denver.
Robert, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Thanks for taking my call, Alexander.
Wow, how do I follow that diatribe?
Give me a minute.
I'll think of something.
Something will pop into my head.
Two or three quick points, but before I get to that real quick, you've mentioned Jessica Lynch several times the past few days.
Yes, sir.
What about Lori Piscataway, the young lady who was driving the vehicle?
I've heard that she did a lot of shooting in the firefight.
Is there any truth to that?
That is, yeah, that's the reports we've gotten.
I don't know why they picked somebody who basically cowered in fear.
I see, I see.
Okay, yeah, that is amazing.
This morning, Denver Post on the front page reporting that Colorado University is working out a buyout of...
Ward Churchill, did you know about that?
And if so, do you have anything to say about that?
Uh, I... What, getting him out of the university?
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
That's what the paper is saying.
I think that's a horrible precedent.
I don't agree with what Ward Churchill said.
Basically, the 9-11 victims were Nazis and part of the technocracy and, you know, Al-Qaeda's good guys.
But I think he has a right to say that.
And because if they take his rights, they'll take mine.
Stay there, I'll comment on them on the other side.
I wasn't aware of that.
I think Ward Churchill's a disgusting pig.
But, you know, he's got a right to be a hog monster.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
Do you know where the 78 potentially active volcanoes in the U.S.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we're blasting towards the second hour, third hour.
Scheduled to have Steve Quayle up with us.
Always interesting and intriguing.
Very intelligent.
A lot of foresight.
Talking about 9-11, I mean, this is what they've built their whole New World Order fraud on.
And people on the extreme false left paradigm, like Warty Churchill, the Native American advocate and professor, I've seen him here on Austin Live.
He's really bullying, even on and off the air.
And, uh...
I'm like almost seven feet tall.
And he, I never liked him, but I thought, you know, he says some true things, but, you know, rat poison's 98% good food.
It's the 2% that gets you.
You know, to say that, yeah, Al-Qaeda was an indigenous uprising when 9-11 and the people in the towers weren't innocent.
They were like Nazis.
That plays into the globalist plan.
Al-Qaeda is Al-Ciada.
The so-called hijackers were part of a drill.
They were government agents.
That's admitted.
That's the evidence.
And so it goes.
This is an indigenous uprising that plays into the globalist plan.
No, we need to expose how the globalists were behind it.
He actually helps Bush.
Michael Moore actually helps Bush by acting like he's just some idiot who took too many vacations and was fishing too much.
So that's why 9-11 took place.
He was buddies with the Saudis and didn't want to go after them.
It looks like they're attacking, but really they're helping.
But it's a dangerous trend to remove him from his tenure
If that's true, what you're saying, I mean, I don't doubt it, because then, you know, it's like, well, what he said was horrible.
That's seditious.
We can't have that.
But, yeah, then it's everybody else.
We need to have free speech on these universities.
And if he wants to make disgusting comments, that's fine, because I have the right to attack him.
Go ahead and finish up what you were saying, Robert.
Yeah, so then on principle, you disagree with him trying to buy him out then?
Yeah, no, I think you should stay.
Yeah, yeah, I hear you.
One last thing.
Denver Post is also reporting, I think you touched on this yesterday, about an old judge up in Chicago who found her husband and mother shot dead at their home.
Now they're saying some guy who had crossed swords with the judge in some court case years ago shot both of them and shot himself.
Yeah, over some medical lawsuit, yeah.
Is there anything to that?
Is that just some... You know, I don't know.
It usually takes time for this stuff to come out and for them to get, if they are engaging in a fraud, to scam it.
But, you know, it sounds legitimate to me.
A lot of times that's what you get.
People are mad about a case, and, you know, it isn't some big right-wing conspiracy.
It usually is somebody.
It's like when a divorce case, and the guy goes and blasts a bunch of people at the courthouse.
I mean, that's usually what it is.
I hear you.
Great show, man.
Thanks a lot.
God bless.
Thank you.
Appreciate the call.
Before we end this hour, we'll come back, take more calls, get more news.
My new film, Martial Law, 9-1-1, Rise of the Police State, is my best film ever.
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We cover 9-11 for an hour.
The most up-to-date, powerful presentation, bar none.
And the last hour is the mindset of the secret society.
These death cults, known as the Order of the Deaths, you know, the Skull and Bones.
It's a larger global organization that funded the Nazis, that's supporting Schwarzenegger.
And then we go right through Bush's inauguration and his false oath of office and show what they've really done.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, now about 30 seconds into the second hour.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
I've got a special guest coming up the third hour.
We're talking about a multitude of key issues this hour.
Wide open phones, open line Friday.
Talked about more and more coming out about the fake capture of Saddam, now mainstream, not a press international.
Schwarzenegger on 18 TV stations in California running fake newscasts produced by the government, basically pushing all of his propaganda.
Just more of that.
Some good news, and I hope he takes it.
Schiavo's husband offered $1 million.
San Diego Union Tribune, Rancho Santa Fe businessman Robert Herring says he will give $1 million to the husband of brain-damaged Terry Schiavo.
They were calling her brain dead.
They'll be forcing him to stop that.
If he will relinquish guardianship to her parents rather than end her life, we'll talk about it.
Also, prisoners at Abu Ghraib included children.
Now it's in the Associated Press.
We already knew that.
Also, Iraqi allies accused of failing to investigate civilian deaths.
Republican senators vow to protect RFID and make sure you submit to tracking chips going in all products in America.
Ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson saying Gannon is the kidnapped child.
We'll cover that as well.
Right now, let's go back to the calls.
John in Tennessee, welcome!
Hello, Alex.
I don't know if you covered this already, but the popular mechanic hit piece actually contradicted the 9-11 report, whitewash report itself.
No, I know.
Listen, listen.
At least there's 16 points.
At least 11 of them are just totally disprovable on their face, and the others can't be proven either way.
Yeah, the one that I ran across was they were claiming that when the transponders were turned off...
It made it look exactly like the 4,500 other radar blips on the screen, but in the 9-11 report, it says that when the transponder was turned off, the controller used the standard procedures for no radio aircraft.
Yeah, they automatically had it already marked according to transponder number.
They instantly type in a number or touch screen it, and now its number is reassigned to it.
I don't know who they're kind of for.
They say that Jets were never launched in the 10 years before 9-11 except once, the Intercept, and their own spokesman they used, the spokesman for NORAD, says it was 68 times in the year before.
I mean, it's bad.
A couple other things.
Hey, why don't you write an article about it?
Why doesn't everybody write an article, find your own inconsistencies, and write articles about it?
That's how we counter these people.
I'll do that.
I'll definitely do that.
I heard you were asking the question, why did they pick Jessica Lynch to make the heroine?
I think that might have to do with those pictures that they say they had of her or Topless or whatever that
And it turns out it was all false, just like the Saddam capture story.
A few months ago about the Islamic dinar situation and I think this merits a little bit more looking into.
I came across this article by Judd Waninski and he was talking about it and he was saying that he was interested in the dinar because our own dollar is not gold backed and he felt that with pressure from the
From the Islamic world, having a gold-backed currency that might force the dollar to become gold-backed again.
He was also saying in his article that the U.S.
put pressure to try to prevent this gold-backed DNR from coming out into the market.
And also, this was announced back in 2001.
It was supposed to be in place by 2003.
Yeah, we actually had him on the show, and that was a factor in it.
I mean, long before that was happening, PNAC said it was about oil and weapons sales and using Iraq as a launch base.
Globalists never do something unless it helps them on multiple fronts.
They do a detailed cost-benefit analysis.
Thanks for the call.
We'll be right back with more of your calls.
PrisonPlanet.tv is the website.
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TGIF, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us.
Hope you have a great weekend coming up.
Shibo's husband offered $1 million.
San Diego Tribune, again, Rancho Santa Fe businessman Robert Herring, God bless him, says he will give $1 million to the husband of brain damaged Terry Shibo if he will relinquish guardianship to her parents rather than end her life next week.
I've been following the Terry Schiavo case for the last couple of years, watching it on TV, said Herring, who said he does not know the Florida woman and has not spoken to Schiavo's parents or her husband.
Herring said the parents believe the drugs being developed and stem cell research might save Schiavo.
If you read what the doctors say today, her brain cells are repairing and are in better condition now than they were.
Herring said Schiavo 41 was brain damaged 15 years ago when a heart attack... Yeah, right...
She had some broken bones, too.
And then her husband found her and sued people and got money and wouldn't let her have treatment with the money he got that was for the treatment.
And won't let him brush her teeth for ten years or feed her.
She can even eat food, folks.
She smiles and laughs when she sees her parents.
First they called her brain dead.
Yeah, smiling and laughing and
Now they have to call her brain damaged because we forced the media to stop.
Shivo, 41, was brain damaged 15 years ago when a heart attack cut off oxygen to her brain.
Her husband, Michael, describes her as being in a persistent vegetative state in which she would not want to be kept alive.
After a series of court battles, he is set to remove her feeding tube March 18.
Oh my goodness.
A plan that a Florida court upheld yesterday, but Shivo's parents, Robert and Mary Schindler of Florida, have fought to keep her alive in the belief that her
Thank you.
If you look at the photos, you see her trying to talk and follow a balloon back and forth.
Herring agrees.
He said, and I've read that she enjoys listening to music, and if you turn it off, she becomes agitated.
That's not the actions of a person in a persistent, vegetative state.
Ask him, this was not an unusual offer from a stranger.
Herring said, we've spent millions of dollars trying to kill people, referring to the war in Iraq.
There may be better ways of spending money than I'm proposing, but I don't know what they might be.
Herring and his high-profile attorney, Gloria Allard, appeared last night on the Fox TV to publicize their offer, saying $1 million has been placed in a special fund.
Herring, founder of Wealth TV, said his offer does not include the rights to Shiloh's story.
But if she is cured, I would love to run that story, he added.
She has nine more days, and if something doesn't do something, they are going to pull the plug and starve her, pull the feeding tube.
She's not on any life supports.
Understand, folks.
Ten years ago, she was eating Jell-O, getting better, starting to even mumble a little bit more, and getting to be able to move toes and fingers, and boy, that was it.
He acted real nicely, got the family to sign over rights to him.
And he went to court and won 1.3 mil and then suddenly just said, no brushing the teeth, no taking care of the bed sores, no cleaning her, no nothing.
And by the way, the family, you can only see her under guarded conditions.
The mother and father.
Then he went out, shacked up with another woman, had two children.
That's divorce right there.
He should lose custody right there.
That's how to get this going, is that clearly he has abandoned her.
And under any other circumstances, I mean, if a man leaves his family for two weeks, it's abandonment.
And the court's going to rule in favor of the woman and the children.
I mean, that's just the law in all the states.
Oh, no, he's abandoned her for over ten years.
Frankly, it's torture.
You know, you couldn't take a dog or a cat or a horse and put them in a pen and not feed them and not give them water for ten days and watch them die.
Last year we fought for her.
They had her unhooked for no feeding tube, no water, for what, eight, almost nine days.
The legislature moved past Terry's Law, and these degenerate judges who aren't supposed to make law or engage in this have overturned it.
And the case just goes on and on, but...
He spent about $300,000 on the 1.3 mil, so the million bucks, he'll get that, and the money would then be transferred into a fund for her medical care.
And this is just unbelievable.
We'll see if he does this, but all these pro-death euthanasia people out there with big foundation money behind them, I won't be surprised if they start slapping down millions to make sure she dies.
This is precedent-setting.
Only because it's gotten all this attention.
I mean, the Wall Street Journal, Wesley Smith, has reported on the hundreds of people who are talking.
Please, can I have food and water, honey?
Don't kill me.
Every time we talk about it and have Smith on, we get calls here on the broadcast.
We get multiple calls from nurses going, Oh, yeah, I almost got fired because she didn't die after a week or two.
And they said, Well, somebody must be feeding her.
And the old lady's saying, Please, honey, give me some water.
Don't fear.
Give me some food.
You see, these old folks sign up these cards, these wills.
Oh, yeah, if I'm incapacitated, I don't want to be cared for.
Well, they don't know that under the new bioethics rules, that means you don't even get fed.
I mean, these are real cases, folks.
This is going on all over the country.
Let's go back to the calls.
Let's go ahead and... Oh, who's up next here?
Ken in New York.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Thanks for rebroadcasting last Friday that interview you had with the Canadian scholar on the occult in Washington.
Yeah, I had literally over 100 requests for that, so... A great interview.
I read a couple of weeks ago, the first time I heard about this, that J.H.
Hatfield, author of the book Fortunate Son on Bush, was found shot to death.
Do you know anything about this, or can you give some background on his death?
Well, I know that they say he committed suicide in an Arkansas hotel room.
And was that recently, or...?
No, that was years ago, three or four years ago.
What happened was, he writes this big book, and it's been analyzed, it's like 300 and something pages, and I've read it.
Literally 98% of it is all true and documented.
You know, the mainstream media, every night there's mistakes in their newscasts or outright lies.
One little thing was wrong in there, and Karl Rove and them jumped on that, and then they said, oh, and before he could defend himself, he committed suicide, supposedly.
Just like
Just like the author of the CIA drug dealing series supposedly shot himself in the head.
Gary Webb.
We're all supposed to believe that.
Yeah, Gary Webb.
And William Colby also was found dead on very mysterious circumstances.
He got drowned in a foot of water after he released the Waco machine gunning video.
You know, the body count with Bush is approximating the Clinton body count, it looks like.
Well, look, they like to act like there's this big fight between them.
Bush met 11 times with Clinton in private from 1990 to 1991.
That's admitted.
The $100 million a month in cocaine going through MENA was going directly into the CIA.
Clinton was their boy.
That was all staged.
The whole thing was staged.
Remember Bush Sr.
winning campaign, and every time Clinton... And this is true.
I heard it getting talked about again yesterday.
Jack Blood was talking about it.
Every time Clinton went through Dallas, he'd go visit...
His good buddy who, by the way, made 90% of his money in government contracts with EDS and then with IBM with government contracts.
Mr. Ross Perot is against the government.
Made billions with the government.
Yeah, right.
But it's all staged.
And now...
The first Bush president in Clinton, a real buddy-buddy.
Oh, they're in a total love fest, and they love each other, they're good friends.
And Bush Jr., first thing he did was tell Dan Burton, you will drop all these investigations of pardoning cocaine dealers.
You will drop the investigations of China Gate.
You will drop it.
Do you understand?
And I think that's why they seem like really...
I don't know if you've seen it.
I know you don't watch a lot of TV.
Well, it's a constant love fest with all of them.
But they have a public service announcement out now.
The tsunami.
The first bush.
And the way they look at each other, like they're almost in love.
And it's pathetic.
It's obvious that, you know, these two were partners in crime and still are to some degree, maybe.
And that's why they're so friendly.
And it's scary.
Well, again, you tell a stupid neocon that they just can't get it into their heads.
We've got a government that creates fake newscasts that stages all these different things.
I mean, this is what they do, folks.
Clinton was governor for, what, 12 years, $100 million a month, conservative.
I've interviewed the CIA officers who were there unloading the cocaine!
Oliver North, all of them.
Thank you, Alex.
Thanks for the call.
You bet.
I mean, this is the truth, folks.
Let's talk to Eric in Connecticut.
Go ahead, Eric.
Hey, Alex.
Welcome from Beelzy Bub's boardroom.
Good old New Haven, Connecticut.
That's right.
There was a great article on Coast to Coast the other night about serial killers.
About earlier this week.
I lost sleep listening to an hour or two of that.
Yeah, I know.
Okay, that was just fascinating.
And you realize just how similar...
You notice I always talk about the New World Order are silver killers.
It's the same MO, but go ahead.
Yes, they are.
I also have a couple of articles I want to send you.
One is about Ann Coulter.
An interesting rumor about her that a lot evolves in a family program.
I'll email it to you.
And also an article about some judges in Rhode Island openly saying in the courtroom that they're tired of cops lying on the stand.
There was a case involving a fracas in a parking lot
And it's in the Providence Journal.
I'll be glad to email it to you.
Well, look, every day I see articles where people go and subpoena the private surveillance camera the cops didn't know was on them, and the cop car videos all get erased, and it shows the cops beating someone up or, you know, groping a woman, and then, I mean, it's just, they've been taught that lying is okay.
Yes, and the neocons approve it, too.
And I also, one last thing else, I wanted to commend you on your latest video.
It's superbly done.
Clearly done, professionally done.
And I want to say to all the people out there who are listening, if you're not a member of PrisonPlanet.tv, get off your duff and sign up.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Well, thank you for the support.
Yeah, PrisonPlanet.tv, totally private, totally secure, safe sign-up system.
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Sign up for a year.
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I tried it.
It took about a minute and a half for me, but I'm slow.
You type fast.
60 seconds.
I mean, a cup of coffee is a buck.
$1.50 at Starbucks.
I mean, for the price of a cup of coffee, you get a whole week.
I mean, it's just all my films, books, other videos.
Thanks for the plug.
We'll be right back.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Going straight back to your calls are always so interesting.
Take us in so many unimagined directions.
Daniel in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sin City.
Hi, how are you doing, Alex?
Pretty good.
How are you doing there in the castle in the sand?
Oh, it's pretty evil here.
I kind of came here just to see what it's like.
I'm really from Michigan, and it's exceeded all of my expectations, I've got to admit.
What's on your mind?
Okay, I've been listening to you on and off for about a year, and...
Back when I started listening to you, you mentioned, you know, you were talking about 9-11 a lot, and mentioning how you were on a talk show, and before 9-11, you were on that talk show predicting that Al-Qaeda was going to run into the buildings.
Yeah, Al-Qaeda, yeah.
Yes, sir, and I was just wondering, you're predicting attacks of a bigger magnitude
If you were able to, like, logically nail that one to the wall before it happened, what's your prediction as far as what the best option for the globalists to do next?
Well, you know, I have never before or since then gotten on air... I mean, I probably did 15 shows from July 25th until September 11th where I said...
I called it Operation Expose the Government Terrorist.
You can put something on the website about it.
And I said, call the White House, call Congress.
They're going to carry out big terror attacks and blow up buildings very soon.
I said, they'll probably use bin Laden.
He'll take the blame.
It'll probably be something like the World Trade Center that they hit.
And there's literally about, I'm not joking, about a thousand different pieces of information that I was able to,
To basically integrate into a threat matrix analysis that is, you know, it's like police work with your better old-fashioned detectives.
You know, they just know from all their pieces of evidence.
It's hard to articulate.
And there was also some bragging.
These people are serial killers.
And some of their people were getting on TV and making little comments.
I saw a celebration, a little psychopath celebration, on MSNBC.
That was MSNBC.
And, like, on July 24th, I think it was, that's when I said, that's it, I know what they're going to do.
Because they like to leave little calling cards.
It's part of their little inside joke.
And they had also, in the six months before, introduced Bin Laden.
Like, here he is, he's about to get you.
And then I also have my government sources.
And it was just so many different areas.
And I don't, frankly, I would know more about the New World Order now.
In a way, I'm partially blind.
But in other areas, it's actually opened me up to other areas I wasn't aware of because I read the analysis.
I can read the synopsis of 20 newscasts and 20 TV show plots in the time it would take me to watch two TV shows.
So I do read it all.
I do know what they're doing.
I do see it all.
I just miss the body language, the comments.
I still, you know, when I hear the CFR is going to be on, I'll tune in to see.
Listeners send me videos, basically, of a lot of the key stuff.
So I still, you know, they cue it right up to the point for me.
And I do every day watch a lot of videos I'm sent.
I do watch some TV, but it's on tape or on disc.
And I think, I'm sure, they were going to carry out large terror attacks in the last year and a half.
But we were able.
You answered the call.
To really expose who stands to gain, you know, to use the Latin term, qui bono, who stands to gain, who benefits.
And now a majority of Americans in major polls where the government was behind it.
And so...
People are backlashing against you.
They're going, wait, the border's wide open.
Why aren't you doing something about that?
They're taking my rights.
And they're so busy trying to consolidate their power and so busy looting and stealing.
I don't think right now they would have already done it, already had the draft, already gone ahead with all this.
And I still unfortunately think that it's almost a catch-22.
We expose them, they back off doing it, but then if we keep getting so effective, they may have to carry out a tax just to smokescreen the rest of it.
Like if this news about the homosexual orgies of the White House keeps coming out,
You'll have an attack.
I mean, they're telling you it's going to happen, it's going to happen, it's going to happen.
They're also letting our opposition build up.
They're going to act like, your opposition to the Patriot Act, too.
Your opposition to all this is why they were able to attack us.
Now, you shut up from now on.
You know, after they nuked Chicago, after they released smallpox in New Jersey, or in California, after they attacked the Golden Gate Bridge and Governor Schwarzenegger saved those people.
You know, after this happened, people shut your mouth.
It's time to arrest these people.
You'll listen to us from now on and do as we say.
So I think we're headed towards that brick wall.
The key is to have as many people awake by then so we're able to short-circuit them.
Does that answer your question?
Yes, sir.
We'll be back.
Thank you.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
By the way, that's no joke.
I remember on July 25th, and we re-aired clips of this before, it's somewhere in this stack of CDs, of that show where I spent like two and a half hours of a three-hour broadcast just going over 9-11 and saying, I mean, pre-9-11, going over what they were probably going to pull.
I called it Operation Expose the Government Terrorist.
And I said, call the White House.
Tell them don't pull off their attack.
Don't blame it on their asset bin Laden.
I said they'd probably hit the World Trade Center towers.
And I said the same thing on TV.
And I gave out the White House website that same day.
And I had a three-hour TV show then.
Instead of breaking the show up into two parts each week, I just did one big, long show.
It was actually a two-and-a-half-hour show I did.
And the entire program was dedicated to it.
The government sponsored terror and how they were doing all these drills and preparing and how they were replacing all the news anchors.
I went over all these different points and I said, here's the White House phone number and here's the number to Congress.
Call them and tell them we know you're about to do this.
You want one of the big pieces of evidence of government prior knowledge?
I mean, I knew about it.
People outside the system knew.
Just from all the indicators.
And also some sources I have.
You know, I turn... I do the shows live, on cable, where I started out over ten years ago now, cable access, and I still do it every week.
And a testament to how effective it is, I mean, it's won Best TV Show in Austin.
Not Best Access Show, it's won that too, but, you know, it's beat out Austin City Limits in the UT football game.
In the Reader's Poll, which is pretty prestigious.
Because, you know, the truth sells.
The people want to hear alternative news and analysis, but...
Here I was, and so every time I did a show live, I would tape it.
And we put the date up there, the start and end of the broadcast.
And so I turned it in that day after I finished, and then it airs about, I don't know, five, six more times over the next year.
Then we turn the tapes back in, and they air again.
People call me all the time and go, I saw a show you did six years ago.
Why are you airing those?
Because we believe in what we say.
We think it can stand up to the test of time.
And so, you'll see TV shows of me when I'm 30 pounds lighter, you know, on TV talking about stuff.
And it's more pertinent and more central to what's happening today than it was when I did it 5, 6, 7 years ago.
Because we know what we're talking about.
Sometimes I wish I didn't.
I wish I was wrong about all this.
But this is my life.
It's what I study.
It's what I do.
You can become an expert in whatever you want to become an expert in.
And if you're intelligent and
You have a modicum of understanding.
You can get pretty proficient in whatever you want to get proficient in.
But you've got to choose.
So this is kind of an interesting story.
On the afternoon of 9-11, that show re-aired because they just take the show and they program it into the computer when it's going to air again, get its number of plays.
And so at about 2 o'clock that day, it re-aired for the next two and a half hours.
And I normally, on a comment line...
Every show I might get 50 comments, put it up for a few seconds at the end, and maybe one might be negative.
Well, not this time.
I probably had like, I don't know, it was like 30, 40 threatening calls.
I'm going to kill you.
How dare you say the government did it?
You're really sick.
People were watching something I'd done two months before, and it was so central to what had just happened, they thought I was accusing the government of it that day, which I was on the radio.
Oh, I was at that very moment.
But, and I did, you know, the next night on TV.
And then went to work on 9-11 emergency relief, which I only offered for a couple months.
And I made it in three weeks.
Started making it the day after 9-11.
I mean, I knew what had happened.
You can go, we don't offer that film anymore, but prisonpanda.tv members can watch it.
I mean, watch it.
This is something made three weeks after 9-11.
And it's all in there.
It's more central and more focused than most of the 9-11 films you see today.
Not because I have a crystal ball, but because this is what I do.
I understand their mindset.
I know their philosophies, just like an expert on serial killers knows how serial killers operate.
It's the same M.O.
I mean, people like to brag, folks, and they were bragging before they did it.
Oh, tall buildings are going to be coming down.
They're going to be falling soon.
We're going to need troops on the streets in America.
Well, life's going to change real soon.
I saw Gary Hart and Warren Rudman of the Hart-Rudman CFR...
Security Threats of the 21st Century assessment in mid-July.
This was just one piece, the camel straw that broke the camel's back.
I literally got chills up my spine.
I started sweating when I saw them do this.
I'm going to be honest with you folks.
I went and vomited.
I never vomit over stress.
I never vomited before the football game.
I never vomited before a baseball game.
I'm not that type of person.
I went and I just vomited.
I started vomiting.
I've never told this story before.
I literally started crying.
And I knew.
Just all the pieces.
And they were on TV.
I wish I had this on tape.
Because I'd watch a few hours of TV back then.
It was very distressing for me.
And I was watching, flipping through channels.
And it's Gary Hart with Chris Matthews and Warren Redman.
And they're smiling, they're laughing, and Hart is, you know, like kind of getting up in his seat, you know, when somebody's gyrating up and down.
You know, it was almost like he was about to start dancing a jig, and he goes, well, I tell you, big buildings, big tall buildings, New York, you know, they're probably going to be coming down, and we've got to do something.
We're going to need troops on the streets, troops in all the buildings, and, you know, it's going to happen soon.
And they were smiling, and Rudman was getting excited.
And Matthews.
And then it ends and they start shaking hands and Matthews is like so honored and just smiling.
Oh, we're sharing this.
My show!
And I literally started sweating.
Hair on the back of my neck stood up and I just went... And I went in the bathroom and just... Oh, God, no!
I mean, I just knew.
I had to see them.
I had to see them on TV knowing what they were going to do and later have to watch these people smirking on television as our saviors.
Smirking as our leaders.
Smirking as the good guys.
Man, just bringing back that memory makes me get nauseated.
Truth hurts, but it hurts worse not to know it.
And again, I'm not even saying Hart and Redmond...
Are like intimate planners in all of this.
You know, they ran the system.
The Council on Foreign Relations is a 2,000-member board.
All the heads of every major bank, every major university, every major religious group, almost every major religious group, academia, banking, media, they're all in there, and they openly call for world government in all this, and they put out a report saying we're going to be attacked, large numbers, Al-Qaeda's probably going to hit us, blah, blah, blah.
And then after it happened, they get up there and go, look how...
Almost psychic we are.
We predicted all of this.
We told you.
And it was a bunch of other stuff, but I knew something was coming up.
I had this feeling in my spirit, as they say.
I had all these other indicators, though, tangible, real things.
And just seeing that, because they're talking about people dying in large numbers, and they're getting excited.
They're smiling.
They're laughing.
They were all in ecstasy.
And the Matthews, you know, I was thinking, why was he so excited about them?
They're talking about death and attacks and big buildings and troops and our way of life's going to change, and it's funny.
And I've got this on tape somewhere, literally in the, not hundreds, probably a thousand VHS tapes.
Because usually I myself would record on three channels during major news events, before and after the Iraq War, back after 9-11, before 9-11.
But on the night of 9-11, remember all the members of Congress stood out on the steps of the Capitol?
And Charles Schumer was running around, laughing, smiling, clapping.
And Daschle walks over, and you can lip read, because you can hear the audio, and he's like, shut up, stop it!
You're on camera!
And, I mean, they just love it.
They know, I mean, we've got the slaves right where we want them.
We're going to be able to do whatever we want to them now.
And within minutes of it happening, within 30 minutes, it's probably been logged.
Nope, here's his picture.
Dan Quayle, we've got to give up our rights to the New World Order.
You know, just all over TV.
Gary Hart's on TV.
I told you to see.
You know, blah, blah, blah.
And then Bush, you know, the day later, on top of the rubble, and we're going to get the people that knocked these buildings down and standing there with the firefighters with his arms around them.
Knowing that he was going to block the $96 million for their asbestos treatment.
When they've done the lung scans, a bunch have died from it.
One mistake in my new film, Martial Law, that I'm not going to change.
It's just too hard to go change it.
I say eight of the 14 rescue dogs have died of cancer.
No, no, no, no.
It's the 14 have died of cancer.
I'm 16 and have died, so... You know what, I voiced it wrong and I'm leaving it.
It's under the number, fine.
But you notice stuff like that.
There's the article right there contradicting what I'm saying as I say it, but... Really, it's painful, folks.
People ask, well, you've got courage to fight these people.
I mean, somebody's got to do it.
No, I don't.
Somebody, when we've got the people that carried out the attacks...
Whose boss has carried it out.
I mean, they're up there smirking and tearing up, and we're being told what leaders they are.
I mean, this is like Jeffrey Dahmer.
You find his house full of a bunch of dead bodies in the refrigerator, and he's sitting there eating one, and then he gets up on TV and says he's going to fight serial killers, and we praise him.
I mean, it's far bigger and worse.
You know, the government... I've told this story.
I've seen it on TV, and we were out on a family trip out in the desert.
Out by White Sands.
And, you know, they put the atomic soldiers a mile away from Doomtown, you know, where they even had the food cooking and the mannequins and all of it really to videotape and terrify the American people.
That's why they made it look so realistic.
And I'm out there, and, you know, we're out there seeing the glass and all that.
I guess it was in Nevada.
And I go, Dad, why did they use troops?
Why didn't they use monkeys?
I mean, literally, they put the troops so close, knowing what it would do.
This was, you know, years after they dropped stuff on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
I said, why'd they put them so close, Dad?
You know, because even their trenches fell in on them.
They were buried alive.
But were dug out.
They all survived, at least for a while.
Most of them died of radiation sickness and other problems.
I mean, look at the numbers.
Like, what, ten times more likely to have those rare cancers.
And then I said, Dad, why don't they use monkeys or apes?
He said, son, because troops are a lot cheaper than monkeys.
And he was right.
I mean, they're very calculating.
And it's come out.
I've had the lawyers on.
It's been in major New York papers.
The documents have been released.
As of about three years ago, it's in my film Masters of Terror.
There were 7,400 and something American civilians, men, women, children in the Philippines.
And they knew the Japanese were coming.
They had a month to pull out.
The ships were half empty.
And Roosevelt had a meeting and they said, well, you know what, Mr. President, if we leave these women and children there, that'll be great for the newsreels for propaganda if we let the Japanese capture them.
And she said, okay, put an order in that none of our people are allowed on the ships to leave.
Only pull out the military.
And so I've interviewed people who were four years old when they were captured and seven years old when they were released who watched their mother rape, their father have his head chopped off.
And the document's public.
Just 7,000 plus people and over 4,000 of them died.
The Japanese were brutal.
And they're just calmly sitting over coffee.
All right, yeah, let's leave them to go.
Yeah, sure.
It'd be great.
And you think they wouldn't do 9-11?
I mean, what's wrong with you out there?
How stupid are you?
They're dropping incendiary bombs on Dresden, a non-military city, knowing it'd kill a half a million people.
You think they dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Their own documents admit the Japanese were already trying to do an unconditional surrender.
They put out the lie they had to hop all those islands and, oh, we'd lose all these people.
They weren't going to fight.
That's public.
They were already trying to give up.
Total, unconditional surrender.
But the documents are public.
Truman, Joint Chief, told them, look, we need to drop these on them to scare the Russians.
All right, drop it.
You can go, well, they attacked us at Pearl Harbor.
They deserve it.
The point is, we're talking about babies getting vaporized.
Now, you get that through your heads and stop being naive and stupid.
You're just like the woman who doesn't believe it can happen to her who gets in the car with Ted Bundy because he's wearing a suit.
Just because these people are wearing suits doesn't mean they aren't vicious killers.
Most of them aren't just cold-blooded.
They enjoy it.
They like it.
They're involved in every scam you can imagine.
They're the mafia.
They're the wasp mob that's run this country for over a hundred years.
They bring the heroin in, the opium in.
They had the monopoly on opium back when it was legal.
That's mainstream textbooks.
They made it illegal so they could jack up the prices because they were getting too much competition so they just made it illegal and used the cops they controlled to go after competition and quadrupled the prices.
Then they created organized crime gangs they controlled, which they could expand out their criminal empires.
They could corrupt the police with the money.
They know what they're doing.
They're in control because they're ruthless and they enjoy what they're doing.
And our whole way of life and everything decent and good and sweet and beautiful and creative and godly is under attack and wickedness is being poured out upon us.
And I hope you'll wake up and stop being naïve.
Heaven, help us!
This isn't a game.
This isn't a joke.
This isn't my opinion.
They think nothing of you.
Let's go ahead and... Let's go ahead and take another call.
You know it's true in your gut right now, listen.
Those of you out there that have been denying what I've been saying, you know it in your gut, in your bones, in your marrow, right now.
You know it's true.
And denying it's real doesn't protect you.
It puts you in greater danger.
All right, let's go back to the calls.
Who's up next here?
John in Washington.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I have just a couple of things I'd like to blast through real quick.
In Atlanta, Georgia this morning, another judge was killed, shot in the courtroom by...
A guy that was apparently going to be on trial later on in the day, he grabbed a pistol from a sheriff
Shot the judge, shot the sheriff, shot the court reporter, and then hijacked the car and got away.
And what are they saying he was on trial for?
As I understand it, it was false imprisonment was one of the charges.
So what, he wouldn't let his wife leave or something?
It just happened such a short time ago that it's all still pretty sketchy.
I'm not sure.
Well, this is a problem.
The globalists know that as they warp our sakes and turn us into animals...
That we're going to get out of control.
Because if we're going to be higher creatures and try to be good and upright and conscious, then we're not going to be easily controlled.
But as they turn up the violence and as they sell us all this evil and as they warp us and tell us torture is good and show all this on TV, more and more people are going to become insane.
And so that's why they also need the tyranny to keep all that in line.
Well, another thing that's going on, too, real quick, is that the Treasury notes have declined again, and the cause given for that was the... Oil.
The trade deficit widened to $58.3 billion.
Hey, but NAFTA and Gowder, hey, hey, NAFTA and Gowder, great.
By the way, right before we go into a major depression...
They're going to erect, like a month before, some trade laws that would protect us.
Then they'll blame the Depression on that.
Just get ready for that.
Sounds about right.
Sounds about right.
Anything else?
Yeah, there's the fellow Matt Hale that there was a lot brought up about him.
We'll just stay there.
We'll let you talk about it when we get back.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
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Another ragtag band.
They laid their bodies down, my friends, in a bloody war so you could be free for their descendants.
Again, we will live for our children and their children and their children and their children as humanity populates the stars.
Unless the globalists have their way, and we're not going anywhere if that happens.
So, I mean, everything I think about is the species.
It's totally instinctive.
It has taken control of me.
It is the proper order of things.
And I really don't matter in this compared to your children.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And the children after those children.
You love them all just as much, don't you?
And that's why you have to stand in the gap against a threat to your species even when it comes from an aberrant strain of your own species that has set it up.
We were a predatory creature.
And so now man has taken over the world and so a subgroup of hyper-alpha predators
Have set up their own society, and they're dumbing us down so we're like little blind gerbils they can reach into the box and eat at their leisure.
Their engineering is to be stupid.
And I, for one, am not going to go along with this.
I hope you get where I'm coming from on that.
Let's go ahead and let John in Washington finish up what he was saying.
Mr. Hale, they claimed, might have been planning to...
Shoot some judges or hire somebody to do it so we got prison time.
Didn't get a fair trial.
He is a self-described white supremacist, but still he should get his rights.
And you had brought him up.
What else?
Well, Matt Hale, there was speculation concerning him in the left case where the judges... He's supposedly... Right, well, they speculated it was supremacist.
Well, the thing is that he's up for an appeal here shortly.
The tape that they used to convict him, if it showed anything, it showed that the agent committed a felony by soliciting a felony.
Well, Edgar Steele is going to represent Matt Hale in the upcoming trial and appeal process, and he has agreed this time, unlike
Any of the other cases that he's done, and you know he represented the McGuckins and the Christines and Pastor Butler.
Well, he's going to take this to the court of public opinion, and he has agreed to do virtually any and all radio programs.
I've got to let you go.
Just send me the info if you want to interview somebody on that.
Yeah, no, I mean, I've had this happen over the years.
They basically quit because I don't bite.
I go, I'm calling the police on you right now.
That's what I do, and then I call and it's a cop.
But they'll walk over and go, you know, we ought to bomb something.
And I'll go, hey, shut up.
Are you a fed?
I'm just joking.
I'm just... You fall them out of their car, and it's an unmarked police car.
And, yeah, I mean, they'll go to a bar when you're there and just, you know, we ought to start doing something.
The last time this happened, actually, I was at a election fraud rally a few months ago, and I had two separate guys, obviously.
You know, federal officers walk over and just start spouting that we ought to do something violent.
I said, man, you're cops.
And one of them said, yeah, we're going to get you.
Just walked off.
Yeah, crap, we're going to get you.
And my friend, Kevin Bootles, goes, God just threatened you.
It's so obvious they were federal police.
I was just like, yeah, I know, man.
And they just walk over and just look at you like you're stupid.
You know, we ought to do something violent.
I'm like, all right, you must be a fed.
Just please, I'm against violence for the record.
And by the way, that camera is, you know, turn the camera on.
We're going to get you.
We're going to get you.
It's like a thug, a gang member, a mafiosa.
They all act the same.
It's all, yeah, I'm poop.
You know what?
We're going to stand up against you, you scum.
You cancers.
You pieces of trash.
You're never going to win.
You can gouge my eyes off and cut my fingers off.
I still win.
You're going to hell.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Already into the third hour.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Got some bad news for you, but I've also got some good news.
It's bad news that Steve Quayle's car broke down.
Or somebody in his family said he's out helping them on the road.
So he won't be joining us.
They'll all be on his show tonight.
We'll get him back on early next week.
But we have another guest coming up.
News articles.
We're now... If somebody death threats you, but the police don't like your politics, they'll actually say, Hey!
Your politics mean you deserve this.
You know, it's like if you're an anti-abortion activist and somebody who's pro-abortion knocks you over the head in front of police, they just go, hey, you incited them by your political views.
I've had the 100 bureaucrat march known as the Million Moms hitting me before.
In front of police, we go, we got video officer.
The cop's like, you're causing them to do that.
You know, I may have to, you may be instigating.
You know, just by you being here.
So we'll talk to Jim Wood and his immigration group.
Coming up about that.
We'll continue with your calls right now.
There's a bunch of other news, too.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jason in Maryland.
Jason, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I was wondering if you've heard of an astronomer and geophysicist named Jim McKaney?
Yeah, it rings a bell.
There's a really important article that you need to read on his website.
I think it's basically the reason for the acceleration and the... Okay, well, you think Planet X is going to get us?
I mean, he puts out some very strong evidence, and there's a lot of people who have died in connection with it.
Well, yeah.
Okay, there are these people that say you can see it in the southern hemisphere.
Sir, it's amateur astronomers who find asteroids millions of miles away.
Do you know that there is no way there would be this gas giant, this dirty brown gas giant, careening towards the Earth,
And, I mean, I own a big telescope.
My dad has a gigantic one.
And we're not in the southern hemisphere.
But, I mean, I can take color photos of the moons and rings of Saturn in full color on a clear night and blow the sucker up on your desktop computer to full size.
So, you know, they said it was going to hit us two years ago.
Then they go, the Gregarion calendar, as I predicted, is off three years.
And when it never shows up, when it never happens, we're all discredited.
Now it's another.
And now, is the sun heating up?
Is the sun at record ejections of these huge storms?
Is it a record tectonic activity?
Are super volcanoes getting active?
These are massive problems.
That is real.
But this Planet X stuff, man, I mean, I could make a million bucks selling a book about that.
Just like I could about Reptoids from Planet Tim, but I'm not going to do it.
Well, if there's nothing to it, I'm wondering what all the deaths surrounding it are.
Okay, who's dead?
Dr. Harrington, the astronomer who saw Hale-Bopp in 91 and was going to go public with its satellite, and Art Bell, all the problems that he had with the Heaven's Gate people posting the pictures with the satellite related to the Hale-Bopp comet.
I mean, the 39 people from Heaven's Gate who were not insane religious people, but who were computer encryption software firewall builders.
I mean, it's a lot deeper.
It's easy to call it nonsense.
They weren't saying it was Planet X. No, they weren't.
All they were concerned with was the satellite around Hale-Bopp, which...
Disinformation through the NSA, nobody believes it.
Did all these experts on Planet X, did they not tell us it was going to be getting us two years ago?
I don't know what this fellow said.
I don't know where you got that, but if you would go to Jay... Listen, I really apologize to you.
I really apologize to you.
You've got about three or four minutes, and I'm not trying to alienate you, but this is just not the show.
It's just the wrong show, bro.
You've got the wrong place.
They're putting cancer viruses in your vaccines.
The sun is, you know, could destroy us.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Yesterday, we talked a lot about a register in Associated Press articles about the young man, never been in any trouble, good student, wrote an article for school.
They said write a fiction article, 15 pages long, and he wrote an article about zombies busting out of the ground and attacking a high school.
Now, I talked about how I, strangely enough, had written a story when I was in 7th or 8th grade
It was seventh grade now, I remember, where me and my football buddy fought zombies.
And then the fellow running the show said, oh yeah, I wrote an article like that too.
But when I was ten, I mean, there's been dozens and dozens of these zombie movies, and a lot of them they attacked a high school.
And it didn't mention his high school, didn't mention anybody by name.
And he showed it to his grandparents.
This is the article.
He's very proud of it.
Well, they were good, modern, brain-damaged, you know, type of mind-manipulated people.
They called the police and they came and arrested their grandson.
They're very proud of themselves.
I guess they've been watching the episode of 24 where the Attorney General goes, I'm going to torture my own son, not because I don't love him, but because I love the country more, you know.
They're selling us on this in the TV and the movies like it's good.
And, you know, the guy who writes the article, my dad's in the Marine Corps, he has an M-16, just riding M-16, gets arrested.
Thought crime were the Christians in Philadelphia praying on the street corner, and they said, you've caused the people that you're protesting anger by reading out of the Bible, so we're arresting you as terrorists.
47 years in prison and tried to convict them.
Anti-war protester has a sign, no blood for oil, next to 500 Bush supporters, and he gets a year and a half in federal prison.
Because they said, oh, no permit.
The other group didn't have a permit either.
They just said, well, it's our discretion.
The reason I went over all this is, it's all selectively enforced.
I mean, you write an article about zombies busting out of graves in a hypothetical high school, and you're in school, you're going to jail.
There's no crime, but they don't care.
They'll still charge you, and you'll probably plea bargain, and they'll create bad precedent.
And, yeah, I have had death threats.
I've had people, you know, do stuff to my house.
Years ago, they quit.
I've had about five different stalkers.
And I've had them, you know, call up, you know, and my wife saw them, and, uh, you live in a white house, the little dog's in the back.
I saw you get your mail.
I'm gonna kill you.
I'm gonna kill you, bitch.
Excuse me for using that term, but that's what they said.
Stuff like that.
I can't wait.
She's like, good, I have a shotgun, I'm waiting for you.
Piper fishing with it.
You know, and then they go away, but, um, the point is, you call the police, you even get recordings of this, you take it into them, and they go, there's nothing I can do.
Nothing I can do.
Sorry, Mr. Jones.
And, uh, Todd, you thought we'd help you?
You know, because I criticized your corruption.
This is how it works.
But you, you so much as write a letter to a judge saying, what you've done is treasonous to America.
Oh, oh, that's a threat.
Arrest them.
So it's all selectively enforced.
Totally selectively enforced.
It's like they think it's a privilege for you to have them show up and help you.
And we're talking to Jim Wood, who is the head of an organization fighting the total takeover of this country.
And he's with NoInvaders.org.
And you know, it's just an example of how he gets death threats.
Very good to be here, Alex.
So, you're getting these death threats, and they're not helping you.
Yeah, well, the investigation is not complete, and we actually have a spokesman, a deputy for the Sheriff's Department, who speaks on behalf of the DA, and speaking of his history on whether or not he pursues death threats, and I was told that the threats I got were conditional and could be provocative, meaning the source, the stimulus of the death threats was provocative, because even though I have a fairly austere objective immigration reform website,
You didn't use the word deserved, but the DA, in my way of looking at things, thought the death threats may have been deserved.
Yes, so I guess they're setting the precedent then if a judge says something mean to somebody and they say something mean back, it's okay.
I mean, that's ridiculous.
It doesn't... I mean, you can...
Call somebody names, and if they haul off and break your nose, they're still just as liable.
But you don't even know these people, do you, that are death-threatening you?
No, what they do, they fill out a contact form, mail page on my website.
I'm able to capture their IP address and timestamps, which could lead to an investigation.
We can trace the ISP account, possibly the individual, two are foolish enough to give what could be real names, phone numbers, and email addresses.
The investigation is not complete.
And it's stuff like...
Well, for example, one fellow said, if I could, I would kill you with my bare hands.
The other fellow, he gave his phone number and said, don't call me or I'll kill you.
And that's where the sheriff said, well, it's conditional, so it may not be a legitimate, 100% bona fide death threat because it's, in his words, conditional.
And this is all printed out.
I have... Now, these are not verbal death threats where it's a he said, she said.
It's captured with form mail with my...
About three years ago, I got this email.
The person was saying, I'm going to get the president, and was detailing it.
And I thought it was the feds.
I said, this is a setup.
So I called the Secret Service and sent them the email.
And they went and indeed arrested the guy.
It was in the newspaper in Tennessee, and he even admitted to all of it.
But, boy, they certainly took action on that, didn't they?
Who is threatened has a lot to do with whether or not they enforce the law or not.
Celebrities, if they feel threatened, sometimes if a person is... If they feel threatened, even though there's no legitimacy to the threat because it's ambiguous, you better believe somebody's going to go to jail.
It's really unfortunate.
Look, I've had people that went down and got cable shows and said, this is where his sister goes to school.
Get her.
I'm going to kill him.
And the cops are, I'm not going to help you.
Unfortunately, in every municipality across the country, you have different cops with different belief systems.
Even myself, I don't feel threatened by these things.
The three threats, but I feel it's protocol to report them, because God knows we don't deport people like we used to, but maybe we can make their lives more uncomfortable if we arrest them for blatant violations of our law.
This, to me, is blatant.
Hey, did you hear about the illegal alien who fell off the scaffolding and then sued his employer for four mil?
Oh, yeah.
Folks, the point is we've got 30 million of these people growing in this country, and the establishment wants them here to break down the sovereignty and to drive down the wages.
It's part of the official plan.
I've had the head of the Border Patrol Union on saying it's part of the, quote, New World Order plan, you know, to give globalism, to drive down the wages, and they're doing it to us, and Bush is going ahead with his amnesty plans.
It's all happening.
And meanwhile, these people, let me tell you a story.
Of course, you know what Meche is, right?
Well, then there's La Raza, which means the race.
Imagine if white people had a group called the race.
But the point is, it was probably about six, seven years ago, it was Texas Independence Day, which is never a big deal, marching bands and stuff.
The university banned it being an official thing, said it was bad.
And so the young conservatives, the young libertarian longhorns put it on.
I was up there with Hispanics and blacks and whites, whatever.
And there was a cake for Texas.
Up there, and here comes Mecha, which openly says they're going to kill all the whites and drive them out of the Southwest.
I mean, more militant than the Ku Klux Klan, and just as egregious.
And they come marching up and grab the cake and eat it and start spitting it out.
And the cops are all standing right there and didn't do a thing.
And then a big black guy comes over, grabs the microphone.
I wasn't going to give him what he wants.
I just let him have it.
And then there I was on the cover of the newspaper, the one shot where I'm giving the guy a dirty look.
We're doing it, and he has the microphone like I'm some evil person.
But, yeah, no, they're allowed, and ask yourselves, people that are in these groups, why is the government on your side, you know, the big bankers?
Because you're helping them destroy this country, you fools.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I've seen so many examples of the absurdity.
Glenn Spencer, if you know him from American... They were assaulted in front of police on video cameras, yeah.
In Anaheim, California, yeah.
And we suspect that there's preparation for something that could go wrong.
I'm going to be at the Minuteman Project in Cochise County and...
It's absurd, because the message I get from the mechas and the pro-illegal types is that it's okay for us to break the law, but it's not even okay for you to obey the law, such as lawful assembly in Arizona and freedom of speech.
The Reconquistadors want to impose the same kind of inverted universe they lived under in Mexico that kicked them out of Mexico.
I don't intend to live under Mexican rule anytime soon.
I don't know about you.
Well, all the more Dito and beat-dipping and fraud, it's taken over.
For those that don't know, you do not want to live under just total open graft.
We already have that at the highest levels of Washington, but I don't think people get that here in Texas, they're flying in a bunch of towns, the Mexican flag, English is not allowed in court proceedings, and the feds don't care.
Yeah, it's all part of the master plan.
The New World Order, world economy...
Condoleezza Rice said we wouldn't want to shut down the border because somehow that interferes with free commerce.
I don't see what requiring a visa or passport... Well, did you see USA Today on Monday?
They're admitting it's going to be 6,000, they say 4,000 miles of toll roads in Texas.
The giant NAFTA highway right up through the country, everybody will just drive right through.
Folks, you think it's bad now.
Their amnesty plan is if you can get here, you stay, or we'll allow corporations to pay to bring you here.
Yeah, I've seen many examples.
I know.
It's an inverted universe we live in.
It's really sad because sane people like us are not the darlings of the media, but the mental patients, so the media loves to cater to them.
Well, let me tell you, if...
We try to go out of Guatemala into Mexico, they'll knock your teeth out and throw you back over the border.
Yeah, I believe it.
Oh, let's admit it.
They put them in camps, everything.
But don't you try to keep people out of this country.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Think about this.
A group of people get massive corporate funding.
A minority of Hispanics, though.
It is becoming a larger segment because they get so much funding and the media acts like it's a good thing.
Says, we're taking your country over.
We're going to break it down.
We're going to kill you.
You don't look like us, black or white.
Literally, folks.
I mean, they put out flyers and websites, and it's crazy stuff, and it's acceptable.
And then you say, well, I'll go to my own property, and I'll defend it with a group of people.
Oh, no, the FBI is going to come bust you for that.
You're not about to protect our southern border or your own property.
But noinvaders.org documents all of this and has been getting death threats, and the police just say, hey, we don't like your message.
Maybe you deserve it, basically.
You know, just shut up.
Because, again, the police, the establishment, the money, the people in the big ivory towers want this.
And that's how we've got to deprogram the poor immigrants that are coming to this country.
We always talk about Latin Americans because that's the majority of them, but it's dozens of other groups.
And you're playing to the New World Order's fiddle.
Let's go back to Jim Wood.
Jim, where do we go from here?
Well, this doesn't bother me.
It only strengthens my resolve to...
Remain steadfast.
Keep the website up and going.
You know what's interesting?
The Spanish media, where most of my traffic came from, Univision and Telemundo, put out a report.
Let's try to bombard this website with as many visits as possible to shut it down because of overconsumption of bandwidth.
You're telling me mainstream TV said let's shut him down?
An insider source who came from Telemundo told me that.
I can't verify it because I didn't watch Telemundo.
Oh, that'll really get you, getting you more traffic.
But then again, I have about 500 gigabytes to as much as 1,000 gigabytes a month allocated for this dedicated server.
So the best Telemundo can do is send about 2,200 hits or visits in one day.
I can probably facilitate 33,000 a day, maybe 1 million a month.
You're joking that their TV network only sent that much traffic?
Well, they didn't know.
They have no idea what bandwidth I have.
They probably made the assumption this is a small-timer's website.
Most people that purchase shared web hosting probably only... So what did they do on the piece they did about it?
I don't actually watch Spanish TV, but what happens is people who come from Spanish TV will report what was said, and an insider source said they encouraged people to bombard the website.
I eventually blocked foreign IP addresses because it's really none of their business what we do with American immigration policy.
But originally, most of the traffic came from Mexico, Central America.
You shouldn't block foreign IP addresses.
A lot of Americans have foreign web hosting.
I mean, that's my advice to you.
We just lost our guest.
His phone just cut out.
We'll try to get him back on, and then I will get to Russell and Robert and Tim and Ron and everybody else.
I just had a few minutes left, and I wanted to spend with our guest, but...
I mean, really, the story here is that you write a story about, a fiction story about zombies, and you get arrested now in America.
They admit, it's a fiction story.
Well, it could be threatening.
Doesn't list anybody's name, but we're going to arrest you.
That's thought crime.
But you put out a website, you know, it's pretty tame, folks.
People start death-threatening you, and the cops go, well, you shouldn't be involved in these politics.
Finish up what you were saying, Jim?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
We were somehow disconnected.
That's all right.
Basically, the problem is that I thought it was necessary to block the foreign IPs from the dynamic pages, such as the contact form discussion board and so on, basically to minimize bandwidth so at least Americans who can use the website, upload the immigration violation complaints, read the news articles,
Oh yeah, that's why I don't like you, because you teach people how to report on the crimes.
Right, they can upload.
I have a public directory of immigration violation complaints.
Illegal aliens and their employers are the two most renowned examples.
I also have a good employers directory for... Folks need to know that it's a scam the illegals are now running to get hurt on your property, so they come clean your house...
Or they come clean your pool and it's a legitimate company you thought you hired.
They're not going to sue the employer.
They're going to sue you.
Well, because of this thing called the Communication Decency Act of 1996, by the law I'm only considered a republisher as opposed to original content provider.
So the person who uploads the complaint, they are original content provider and I'm only reporting what they say.
There have been three precedents since 1996 where people were sued anyway for being webmaster or ISP providing what they thought was fraudulent or libelous information.
That's a whole other separate issue.
What I'm trying to explain to you here is that... I mean, I was just talking about how they're suing everybody.
These pro-immigration groups are using lawsuits against employers where illegal aliens get hurt to fund their operations.
It's a separate issue.
Okay, I understand.
Hey, Jim, thanks for coming on the show with us.
God bless you.
Hope you don't get any more death threats.
No problem.
Thank you.
You bet.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got about 26 minutes left on this Friday edition.
And we are going to be taking some of your important calls.
But I wanted to go back into the news.
Prisoners at Abu Ghraib...
Said included children.
Associated Press.
And children as young as 11.
Other reports were as young as 8.
Were there at the camp.
And of course they were beaten.
And other horrible things happened to them.
The things we really don't want to get into here on the air.
But stuff you'd expect to see in Silence of the Lambs.
But that's what the good guys do.
The good guys do that.
And we've all got to take on the mindset of our elite rulers.
Iraqi allies accused of failing to investigate civilian deaths.
Experts in public health from six countries, including the UK, today castigated the British and American governments for failing to investigate the deaths of civilians caught up in the conflict in Iraq.
The failure?
One of the first things they did after the mission accomplished was to say, no more death statistics.
For cancer, for car wrecks, for how you died.
They openly said we were not going to keep these statistics anymore.
Well, yeah.
You already killed a million and a half people in a country of 25 million people.
A million and a half, that's a large percentage of the population.
Seven percent or something?
And imagine seven percent of America being dead.
And, I mean, this is the real deal.
The government doesn't deny that that many died, and now more are dying from all these different outbreaks of stuff in the water, and people got power in the best city out there, Baghdad, maybe five, six hours a day, and it's hell on earth.
The troops are sleeping in their vehicles, and didn't get winter gear during the winter, and have to pay for most of their meals, and
Of course, if you're a CIA contractor in the green zone, you've got your belly dancers, your vodka, your cigars, and the bombs blow up, the car bombs outside the base, well, that's all right.
You've got everything handled.
I'm a contractor gator, and what they do is 90%, 75% to 90%,
I kept saying 75 to 90%.
I'd forgotten.
I actually pulled the Army report back out and put it in the new film.
It's coming out and it just says 90%.
I don't know how 75 to 90%.
See, usually if I'm wrong about something, it's lower than it actually was.
It's 90%.
We're just innocent families picked up at checkpoints.
Thousands in some of these camps.
And man, these psychopaths, just go pick them out some.
They go eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
I'll take this one right here.
Come on with me.
You ready for some battery acid, baby?
You know, they wanted to make movies about serial killers.
They ought to just make it a made-for-TV show, and, you know, reality TV, and just Abu Ghraib.
They could get, maybe, you know, in the real world, they could have Anthony Hopkins, you know, he could go be in the real world, be Annabelle Lecter, and they could...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The admitted mass murderer who likes to kill people himself.
He'll show his men how he likes it done.
He'll walk in and shoot people on the head and splatter blood on himself.
And he seems to be housed by it.
That's been in news.
They run this thing where up to 15 people a day confess.
And then they forget their lines and go, times one report, and go, uh, uh, uh.
And the troops will kind of bear back with a...
Raffle butt.
You know, they got bloody noses, black eyes.
They go, they haven't been tortured.
I cut ten people's heads off, and I raped hundreds.
You know, it's just ridiculous confessions.
And it's broadcast live every night.
Just people lined up, you know, confessing.
It's right out of 1984.
And that's all part of the new freedom over there.
So I, you know...
Joseph Mingala wasn't so bad after all.
Of course, I think Joseph Mingala was bad, but they've debated people here on this show that say torture is good.
All right, then.
Republican senators vow to protect RFID.
Man, they're not just getting rid of the borders while telling you that the amnesty bills will stop illegals.
The exact opposite.
Now, they're not just going after your guns.
The Republican governor is banning guns and saying you can sue gun manufacturers.
And the NRA is arguing to make it a terrorist act and make gun violations terrorist acts.
And they've opened a big, giant new BATF building in D.C.
And the new attorney general says he is for total gun control.
Republican senators vow to protect RFID.
Man, they're just still doing a great job.
And you read this RFID Journal website article, this is an industry publication, and it's double stink.
The average person reading this wouldn't even get what they're saying.
A group of Republican U.S.
Senators said they would work to ensure that RFID developments stay free of regulation.
That means they can have their fiat corporate regulations that all...
Products have to have this.
Walmart and the Defense Department two years ago told their manufacturers, everything you sell us has got to have these.
Then it's compared to the RFID that they just passed last year that will have to be in your license.
According to a new policy platform that has already won the support of RFID technology and retail organizations while drawing concern from privacy groups.
At a press conference on Wednesday, the Senate Republican High Tech Task Force unveiled a list of 40 policy proposals, with RFID winning a special mention in the category dealing with groups' plans for protecting privacy and e-commerce.
And then you read on, it says that it makes it to where there is nothing to block RFID tracking and tracing in all products.
If you read that last line, it sounds like they're protecting your rights or something.
The announcement said the Republican Senators would protect exciting new technologies for premature regulation or legislation in search of a problem.
RFID holds tremendous promises for our economy, including military logistics and commercial inventory efficiencies, and should not be saddled prematurely with regulation.
Well, the only calls for regulation are that it has to be labeled that it's got RFID in it,
The RFID through Smart Shelving isn't attached to your name when you purchase it.
Oh, man.
Ex-FBI Gunderson, Gannon is gosh.
And I've got to tell you, you look at these photos of Johnny, gosh, and I've looked at the nose, I've looked at the teeth, it looks like the same person, and it fits the MO.
I mean, I've had state senators on, I've had investigators on, and they've put their material out, but never been challenged, name and names.
People, the stuff they've exposed has later all come out to be true.
People they've exposed have gone to jail with these giant elite pedophile rings.
And Johnny Gosch, when he was 12, got kidnapped, and then it kept surfacing in reports that he was used as a drug courier and as a sex slave by administration officials.
Then we have the Washington Times in 89, underage cowboys, the midnight tour of White House, Barney Frank running a pedophile ring out of his house.
The congressman didn't get in trouble for it.
I mean, they live by different standards.
And, you know, Ted Gunderson comes out with some interesting stuff.
I don't believe all of it.
I don't think he's purposely wrong sometimes.
But, you know, I have to check it out for myself.
But Ted Gunderson, formerly the FBI special agent in charge of Los Angeles, and for more than 25 years a private investigator, appeared on the Mysteries of the Mind radio program March 8th, where he confirmed that he has a credible, reliable source that says Jeff Gannon is indeed a kidnapped paperboy, Johnny Gosch.
Gunderson claimed that Gannon has a scar on his right cheek, and Noreen Gosch has looked at the mark on Gannon in photographs and said that it was the same as the one on her son.
Other radio programs have talked to her, and she says it looks like her son, but she isn't sure.
Gunderson agrees with the analysis on the Internet that the birthmark Gosch is said to have in the shape of South America looks to have been removed from his chest.
From Gannon's chest from the porno stuff on the web.
Gunderson said, I think Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch.
You look at the other fake names that Gannon had, they all begin with G.
And they all have J's in the name.
All the fake names he's used.
Nobody knows really who he is.
And I think he planned this to get even with them for screwing up his life from age 12 on.
That's a quote Gunderson suspects.
Gannon planned this book, as reported by the Russian press, will be truthful and will expose these people.
Later in the program, host Alex Merklinger, a long-time correspondent of Mrs. Gosch's, received an email from Noreen Gosch
Wherein she said that Jeff Gannon is living in DuPont Circle area of Washington, D.C.
and is not hiding.
She asked Anderson's opinion of Gannon's safety.
Well, that's what I said.
I think this is an 80% chance.
This is my opinion.
It's what my gut tells me.
Whether he is Johnny Gosch or not, I mean, folks, it's on the website, it's on Imprisoned Planet, it's on a bunch of other sites.
You compare photos, I mean, it's
Looks like him.
Boy, it's a cousin.
First cousin or a brother.
And the age differences since he came up missing decades and decades ago.
It's right on line.
This guy is funded by the Republican Party through a fake neocon site.
He's got fake names.
He's allowed total access to the White House.
Something the other reporters don't get.
He's all over the White House.
He's doing all this stuff.
And my gut is that because he'd already be dead.
That he'll put out a book, or more of this will come out, and then a bunch of it will be proven to be false.
And then that will discredit all the other reports that other people were working on that, you know, it's admitted they busted the male prostitutes.
And they do have involvement with these underage people, and this stuff's going on.
That's why I think this is coming out and getting attention.
I don't think people that are reporting on it are part of it.
That's my gut.
Again, I could be wrong.
The 20% chance is that he's, wittingly or unwittingly, Gannon is, or whatever his name is today, whatever JG name he's going by today, that some other New World Order group is using him to threaten and blackmail the president.
And if that's the case, then he'd still be alive.
Or maybe he's too visible right now for them to kill him.
I mean, I don't know, folks.
Remember Jennifer Flowers got up on hardball and she said, Don't let this happen.
People killed.
It's over 100.
And he goes, What do you mean?
How can you say that?
Why are you still alive?
She goes, Because I've gone public.
This book is my life insurance policy.
And that's really true to a certain extent.
So I don't know.
But the photographs are uncanny.
And, you know, he is a male madam, a pimp, you know, running the call boy operation.
And this stuff is going on.
I mean, that's admitted mainstream.
And he is, you know, posing for the website himself and running it.
And the White House likes the military look.
And that's, you know, what he ran for his call service.
And so-called Christian conservatives just can't deal with this.
And this isn't new, folks.
I mean, they admit it's skull and bones.
Part of the death cult's philosophy is homosexual activity.
That's some of the stuff they do.
I mean, that's admitted.
And again, New York Post, busting in top gay porn stars, whatever savage was the name of the porn star, I forget his first name, going to service them.
There's jet loads of them in there.
I mean, nobody denies that.
I mean, this is like part of the... I have article after article after article after article after article after article after article after article.
Richard Nixon said, you know about San Francisco and all the homosexuality.
I can't say the profanities, but it's on the website.
This was first reported in Harper's Magazine, and years later, what, two years ago, the Presidential Library actually released the tape of it.
He was recording that, too.
A lot of people deny, you know, Nixon never did.
Oh, he didn't say that in Harper's.
He said, well, if you think that's bad, the Bohemian Grove, which I'm a member, of course you know, it's just the most bleeping thing you've ever seen.
The things they do, it's just sick.
You know, that's Richard Milhouse Nixon.
And it just shows what wild hypocrites they are, too.
But then it gets into the underage stuff, which is criminal, which is horrible.
And, you know, they're the most powerful people in the world, and this is what they like?
I mean, how people's minds get this warped is hard to understand.
But from the criminology, it's about the exercise of power and going after innocents.
They're just scum of the earth, man.
They're scum of the earth.
So I don't know what's going on.
Let's take a few calls here.
I guess up next, who's up next here?
Russell in Florida, you're on the air, then Robert and Tim and Ron and others.
Go ahead, Russell.
It's the new Rome, Alex.
Don't you know that?
Yep, it's Nero.
And his salon of boys, and every morning he'd strangle one for fun.
I wonder if they'll start strangling children on TV and go, This is Christian!
I wouldn't doubt it.
The world just seemed to be turned upside down.
I want to thank you for martial law and for all your dedicated work in making that documentary.
One of the scenes that really gave me goosebumps was the scene where you quoted Mark Twain at the World Trade Center.
That was an incredible moment on that documentary.
Oh, they're in front of the SWAT team with their machine guns?
Yeah, I loved it.
Very memorable moment of that documentary, and I hope that some of those guys were listening to you.
We can only pray.
One of the callers before kind of stole my thunder on the topic I was going to bring up, it was that
TFR Trilateral Bush-Clinton Love Affair.
Could you let me read you a quick quote from George Bush's speech at the Presidential Center dedication?
He says, Shortly before leaving office, President Clinton said, Christ admonished us that our lives will be judged by how we do unto the least of our neighbors.
Throughout his career, Bill Clinton has done his best to live up to that standard, and Americans respect him for it.
Is that not the most disgusting quote
Well, if you're against Bill Clinton, you're a liberal now.
No, I'm not joking.
You've got to learn the new conservatism, sir.
Like the caller before said, there's this love affair now between the Clintons and the Bushes.
And we know why.
It's always been there.
It's out in the open now.
They're throwing it in our faces.
But that's all I had to say, Alex.
I want to thank you for all your hard work, and God bless you.
Well, thank you.
And what he's talking about is like a minute from the two-and-a-half-plus-hour film.
I mean, it's that dynamic.
The whole video is jam-packed with really powerful stuff.
We cover the police state, then an hour on 9-11, then an hour on the occult elite and the Nazi death cults, the homosexual stuff.
It's all in this new film.
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They drop down to $19.95.
That's an $18 discount.
PrisonPlanet.com to order hard copies via the site.
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Operators are there right now.
Or you can simply write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Or get a membership at prisonplanet.tv and watch it right now.
Final segment, more calls straight ahead.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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There is a chance.
To use this disaster is a new world order.
A new world order can emerge.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new old order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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We're good to go.
You know, I kind of put that plug in real quick before I take some final calls.
Seriously, you need to get Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
It's three films in one.
It's a police state film like you've never seen.
First 35 minutes, then I confront Michael Moore.
Then I get into 9-11 for a full hour, just really tightly done.
And then we go right through to the occult activities of the global elite.
It is a must-see.
The future of Schwarzenegger, all of it.
The Bush-Nazi connection.
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I really have a desire to get this video out.
I want people to see it.
I want you to have it.
I want you to make copies of it.
Please get it.
It is so important.
It is so effective.
It's my best video.
Let us go ahead now.
Let me see who's up next here.
Robert in California, go ahead and thanks for holding.
Yes, sir.
I'm a subscriber and I just saw Marshall Law.
Absolutely incredible.
Well, thank you.
It was fantastic.
What unfortunately we've got going on right now is Marshall Law in Atlanta, Georgia.
I don't know if you're watching the news right now.
Shortly after 9 this morning.
Is it Marshall Law because that guy did that shooting and now they want to catch him?
Brian Nichols, 33, his rape victim, 33, on 3-11.
And today is the anniversary of the Spanish train bombing.
Which happened 911 days after 9-11.
And on an earlier show, you already mentioned that they might do something on this date.
I wasn't even aware that it happened before the show started.
So what happened?
I mean, so now it's... What do they do in Atlanta?
It's illegal in 40 counties to get your kids from the school, just like you said.
Now it's property of the state.
It is illegal to go get your kids from the school because one judge has been shot.
And miraculously, he gets out of the courthouse from the 8th floor down to the street without a scratch and gets away clean.
So now we have a multi-state lockdown for martial law because one judge, well, a judge, the court reporter, a deputy, and another... And what they're saying, for your safety, in case he goes to a school, now they're advertising that killers are supposed to then go to school, so they're actually advertising for it, and they're saying that you can't get your children.
They're reporting it.
Well, you know you can't get your children for your own safety.
And of course, this time they'll let you have your children back at night, just getting you used to it, see?
And another thing, today's called the Court Transfer Day for the legislature and the House and Senate to either pigeonhole legislation, make it go away forever, and so now they can't continue with court proceedings anymore.
So it's very convenient for that, too.
I'm telling you, this is complete...
911 set up.
It's got all the same fingerprints.
And they already had a reporter saying, wow, we could have never imagined this happening.
This is just like a 9-1-1 event.
Correct quote.
Oh, yeah.
Three people getting killed.
You need to pop a tape in.
Everybody, please tape this before they start changing the story.
But, yeah, the Washington Post reported, Gannett News Service, if there's any type of red alert, you can't get your children.
I mean, what is that, folks?
Now, be clear.
They're actually on the news saying you can't get your children.
I've been taping it since it began.
They're having a live news conference with the mayor, the fire chief, and telling you why it's a good idea for you to stay home and let us take care of this guy, and just don't worry about getting your kids.
It's just the way it has to be.
Five states!
We're talking millions of people for one federal judge.
In five states they're saying you can't have your children?
It's from Atlanta and all the surrounding borders.
It's going to go out.
I told you, this is a red alert martial law drill.
It is, totally.
Promise me.
This is a total drill.
Promise me you'll mail this to me.
I will.
I listen every day.
I've seen all your work.
And I'm in school right now trying to make the same thing happen.
You've got to send it to me.
I will.
Now I've got to go watch this and deal with it.
All right, have a good one.
Thank you.
I mean, I don't know if it's a government op.
Probably will be, as usual.
But the school shooting in Russia was.
But I know this is their response.
Five states can't get your children.
I mean, what?
That's another reason not to have your children in the government training camps.
Oh, this is incredible.
I'm sorry the other callers were flat out of time.
Better fight these people.
They're training you how to be slaves.