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Air Date: March 8, 2005
2599 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, my friends, it is already Tuesday, the 8th day of March 2005.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
This is a headline of the Moscow Gazette.
Homosexuals control Bush White House.
Russian paper reports.
And that dovetails with all these articles coming out by Liberty Think and...
Of course, Sherman Skolnick, Noreen Gosch, still mum on Jeff Gannon.
You look at photos of Johnny Gosch, who disappeared in 1982, compared to Jeff Guckert, James Guckert, Jeff Gannon, all the different identities.
We know that Jeff Gannon was James Guckert, and Jeff Guckert, and looks just like Johnny Gosch.
Very, very suspicious.
We know that Mr. Gannon was paid, through his fake identity,
By a neocon internet publication funded by the White House, as many of them are.
And then last week we talked to one of the personal friends, a writer for the Globe and Mail, we talked to one of the personal friends of...
Hunter S. Thompson, who confirmed that he was working on the underage callboy story that had first been reported on by the Washington Times 15 years ago, that he was working on that story.
We do know that major publications have reported on the penchant that neocon leaders have for male prostitutes, including underage ones.
That has been in major publications.
So it just gets stranger and stranger and stranger by the minute.
And this is how the globalists control their minions.
They don't let you get into high positions of power as governors of some of the most populous states.
Police and others certainly know what I'm talking about.
Certain states nearby to me.
And other states as well.
And well-known to you out there.
That's all I'll say.
And presidents and other people.
And so this is how the globalists put you in positions of power because they have all this dirt on you.
It's like the mafia.
You've got to commit all these murders for them or, quote, make your bones before you get into the high levels of being a made man in the mafia.
Well, the globalists are the real mafia.
They dwarf the mafia known by the general public as La Cosa Nostra and the Irish mob, the Jewish mob, and the rest of it.
So we'll be talking about this.
Plus we have a lawyer coming on for the mother of a teen hit by a taser 16 times.
Plans to sue.
He was choking off a hamburger at his friend's house.
And the mother of the girl he was dating called police.
And the police came and tasered him 16 times.
And they tested his blood.
No alcohol, no drugs, no nothing.
So, all part of the new freedom.
And she's suing, and that's coming up.
Also, Stanford man dies when tasered by police.
Every other day, somebody's dying from being tasered.
Every other day, I see articles.
Some days I see two articles, three articles of people they've killed.
So it must be, I guess, somebody every day now?
I mean, it's just, it's amazing.
So we'll talk about that.
Also, student and high school zombie terror threat alert.
It's now public.
They admit that it was a story about zombies being raised from the dead and killing.
And it didn't mention his high school or anybody by name, but just because he wrote a story about zombies attacking a high school, he's going to be spending a lot of time in prison.
It looks like they've charged him.
And it's now admitted.
They didn't mention a school, didn't mention anybody by name, just a story of zombies busting out of the graves and killing people.
And so he's facing hard jail time, all part of the new mind control.
The thought crime here in America.
Also, Army report, U.S.
lost control in Iraq three months after invasion.
USA Today, you heard it here, of course, a year ago, but now it's in USA Today.
Today, Texas prepares to build a 4,000-mile toll road system.
That's the official plan.
It's 6,000.
Every major road will be a toll road.
Of course, it's Rick Perry, who does exactly what he's told.
Or, well, he gets in trouble.
We'll be right back.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, 8 minutes, 15 seconds into this first hour.
Paul Joseph Watson joining us at the bottom of the next hour for his weekly news blitz with us.
We've got the lawyer coming on for the mother whose son was tasered 16 times for choking.
Started choking on a hamburger.
He was at a friend's house.
The mother was a nurse called EMS.
They got the hamburger piece out of his throat, but he lost oxygen and was flopping around on the ground.
The police thought it was threatening.
This is all admitted.
This is in the Associated Press.
So they tasered him 16 times, and he suffered memory loss and all sorts of problems of being tasered 16 times.
And they tested his blood.
No alcohol, no drugs.
But the police did get into his car and found a marijuana pipe, which he says wasn't his, and no marijuana in his blood.
And so they're saying it's all okay now.
So that's coming up at the bottom of this hour, about 20 minutes.
I'll try to jam some of your calls in.
I know those are already filling up the phone lines.
I want to spend some time on this today.
Homosexuals control Bush White House.
That's out of a major respected Russian newspaper, the Moscow Gazette.
But forget the Moscow Gazette.
We have the Associated Press.
We have the New York Post.
We have major publications like Spy Magazine, Parade Magazine.
You name it.
Bussing in male porn stars to headline service them.
Bussing in male prostitutes flying them in.
We're talking $2,000 an hour to act as their personal valets.
And the point here is that when you get a governor of New Jersey who's caught in all this stuff, he has to leave office.
But when you've got Republican congressmen when it comes out in the L.A.
Times with all their mistresses and the rest of it, their male mistresses,
Nothing happens.
It just is not talked about by Lord Limbaugh or Lord Drudge or any of these other people.
It's just you're not supposed to discuss it or you're a dirty communist.
And it's very, very hypocritical.
But you see, you start asking yourself, why is it?
Why are all these people involved in homosexual activities?
Well, that's because the elite don't let you get into positions of power unless you're compromised.
That's why the mafia, or even low-level, let's say Hispanic gangs or black gangs or old Irish gangs that the modern gangs moddered themselves after, you'd have to go kill an innocent old lady.
You'd have to go rob a family for the more scummy gangs.
The old-fashioned mafia didn't allow that out of code to some extent.
And so this is what's happened.
This is what's developed.
And today, you've got to basically make your bones by killing people as well, so they have dirt on you.
You have to be involved in narcotics trafficking.
That's why you see Bill Clinton pardoning drug dealers and Bush doing it and the rest of it.
Both Bush Sr.
and Jr.
involved in protecting these people is because they have to be compromised.
They knowingly know.
That's why it's been reported that it's the skull and bones rituals.
They get in coffins and do sexual things and recite their deepest, darkest sexual histories so they all have dirt on each other.
And it's been reported here years ago and never been challenged about Bush's different lovers.
We're good to go.
But with this Gannon story, this Jeff Gannon story, I mean, this is a hardcore porn man, porn star.
This is a male madam running a cold ring.
Remember when Barney Frank got caught?
Admit it.
The congressman running an escort service out of his penthouse of underage, we're talking 15, 16-year-old whores.
I mean, that was in the news, what, six, seven years ago, and just nothing happened to Barney Frank.
Anybody else gets caught running what can only be described as a pedophile ring out of his house, I mean, you get in deep trouble.
And you should.
And the government spends all day, you know, busting people who accidentally surfed the wrong website.
It's been in our local news here in Austin.
People that go ahead and arrest and it turns out they were just surfing the web.
But they leave alone the real purveyors of this, what it came out in Reuters two years ago.
A high-level Hollywood people buying snuff films out of Russia where they blow, we're talking three-year-old children's heads off after brutally raping them.
And some Italian news anchors did an incredible story and even showed clips of it blurred on the news.
They were promptly fired.
Not for reporting a false report, but for reporting it.
And they've built up treasure in heaven, don't worry, trying to save these children.
This is big business, folks.
And it's serious.
Very, very serious that this is happening.
And they all influence peddle on each other.
They all engage in basically blackmail war against each other.
And so when you read an article like this, it's very credible.
Homosexuals control Bush White House.
And again, folks, if you live here in Texas, you know about this stuff.
Before Bush left office.
I'm not going to say any more than that.
This has never been in the news, but
It is widespread here in the state of Texas.
And this is the type of stuff that will get you killed.
And quite frankly, I don't think it's ever going to go anywhere.
That's why I don't really cover a lot of it.
But it's now broken out on the mainstream news.
I took a two-day vacation this weekend.
I was at the beach, a little Texas beach in a beach house.
And I'm sitting there watching CNN, and it's on there.
I'm watching the Daily Show, it's on there.
Again, I'll talk about government carrying out 9-11 because that's what their whole New World Order is built on.
And we can defeat them on that.
Also, with this homosexual ring stuff, you watch.
What they're going to do is, they're going to bring this out and then bring out false evidence themselves, ignoring all the admitted evidence.
Then they're going to try to discredit it all very soon.
Very soon.
Listen to this article.
Homosexuals control Bush White House, Moscow Gazette, the now notorious Gannon, a well-known American homosexual pornographer, and also a close worker with the Republicans in the White House.
Yeah, their website was funded by the Republicans.
He's revealing everything about the powerful ring of homosexuals that now are controlling President Bush.
Now, again, they're going to bring this out.
Much of it's going to turn out to be false.
They're going to discredit it.
You watch.
I can see what they're doing here.
Gannon made many secret tape recordings while he was a front reporter for the right-wing Republicans at the White House.
These tapes, which clearly show the influence of powerful perverts inside the most advanced of the American political circles, were made secretly by Gannon over a two-year period.
Folks, he would have already died in a plane crash.
He would have already committed suicide if they didn't plan this.
This guy would already be dead.
I mean, if a gas main had to blow up and destroy his whole block, it would have happened.
With the assistance of a literary agent, Gannon has offered the most revealing and very private conversations to a Russian publishing company's offices in Malaysia, and it's confidently stated that a very dramatic and revealing book will be produced in the coming future.
Gannon claims intimate connections.
Not only with Mr. Bush himself, but also with top leaders in the Republican Party, and most especially acting as a connection with the very powerful and controlling American Christian militant organizations.
Yeah, they're the main ones that are in all this.
He claims that several very famous Christian leaders are also homosexuals and that these work together with other high political circles.
Our reporter advises us that both Russian and English language editions of this book will be printed and that the promises to be important study of the true inner workings of the leadership of the American government.
Now, I'm about 80% sure that Dan and, of course, much of this is true, but a bunch of it will be proven to be false.
It will then discredit anybody talking about any of this.
Now, 20% chance that this is blackmail going on by very high-level power circles and that they're going to threaten publication of this unless they get what they want.
There are different power blocks inside the New World Order.
That's a 20% chance.
Kind of like a weatherman is what I'm doing here.
I'm just telling you the chances are.
I know this.
It's staged or Gannon would be dead.
End of story.
He would be dead, dead, dead.
I mean, they'll kill Princess Diana.
They'll kill Gary Webb.
The evidence is clear.
They'll kill Dr. David Kelly.
They'll Arkansas you, shoot you twice in the head with a shotgun in the back of the head.
The medical examiner will say it's a suicide attempt.
More of this is coming up.
There's a bunch of other news, too.
Right now, let's go to Curt in Texas.
Curt, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
This morning on the mainstream media, it's not any more than I expected, but they said that the terrorists bought weapons legally here in the United States.
So they were going to bring the FBI in to scan over every application for a firearm.
Which I think is ridiculous.
Well, that's right.
I mean, it's already a gun registration, and I did see the report, and so now we've got to have it as a terror investigation whenever you buy a gun, and with the new national ID card, that's going to happen.
You can buy a Newsy on the street.
Well, the globalists do plan to have a fake terror attack at schools with guns, guaranteed.
They've already created that MO.
Unless we expose them, they're going to do it.
And absolutely, you know, the terrorists, if they even existed outside LCIADA, don't need to go in a gun shop to get them.
I haven't heard any mention on your show concerning the... I've always been against the U.N., this dirty deal with one of the white peacekeepers in the Congo raping at least 100 or more...
Girls under 12 years of age.
Well, sir, we can't show those photographs in my films, even though major publications have run it.
Christian Science Monitor has run it.
BBC did years ago.
But in my first film, America Destroyed by Design, we do show them burning the children to death over open fires.
So we do show them, and we show the photos of the murdered children that have been in the Associated Press.
Again, this is what they do in every country they're in.
Well, God bless you, Alex, and keep up the fight.
Well, I appreciate your call, sir, and I will.
I hope you do, too.
Yeah, 200,000 women and children kidnapped in 2000 alone in Bosnia and Serbia in the Balkans.
They were convicted in court over that, and no one ever got in trouble.
But they shipped them to Israel and to Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, the main slave brothels.
200,000 folks.
Let me say it again.
200,000 loaded on U.S.
I mean, it was an assembly line.
And they're in chains right now serving people in the third world.
We'll be right back.
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Coming up, you're choking on a hamburger so the police taser you 16 times.
And we've got Paul Watson coming on to talk about all the news.
I want to get into Bono to be your new World Bank chief if it's not going to be Wolfowitz.
That's so classic.
Right now, let's go to John in Ohio.
John, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Alex, it might take some time, but I'd like to try to give a glimmer of insight back behind the scenes, a perspective of a caller who called into that malicious black propaganda brainwashing last weekend.
As a caller, I was... I'm not even sure what show you're... What are you talking about?
The Arbel Show and the Chertoff Show.
I called in and got through the business signal three different times and was personally censored and screened out by Art Bell.
I did get on on Sunday, but you were slandered on that program two different ways, and it was an outrageous slander for reasons that I was cut off.
When I called in, I wanted to at one point, and I told Bell that I wanted to ask about the total...
A conflict of interest of the 9-11 Commission.
And he says, no, this is an objective scientific technical program.
Well, let me just stop you for a second.
You're not going to get on.
For those who just joined us, I'm good friends with George Norrie.
He has me on all the time.
God bless Art Bell.
He's got his opinion.
My problem is with Chertoff, the first cousin of the Homeland Security Director, writing a hit piece that is not scientific and is riddled with giant holes.
But go ahead.
But the point I was making when he answered me, and he cut me off because this was political, I couldn't see how it was.
But then later, just after he cut me off, Cherkov himself said this was a
A valiant attempt by the 9-11 Commission to get to the truth.
It was certainly an independent commission that did have these conflicts of interest.
But everybody knows they tried to put Kissinger in.
Everybody knows that Chairman Keene is in business with the Bin Laden family and the Carlaw Group.
That's Reuters, BBC.
Everybody knows.
That's what I mean.
Look, Chertoff failed.
No one buys these people anymore.
Well, yeah, but the point is that I was cut off when I wanted to take the other position, and then this lady called in after I called in, and after he was claiming that he wasn't going to have anybody make political statements, she went on a neocon rant slandering you as an anti-Semite, as a neo-Nazi, like the neo-Nazis who has been assumed to have killed that family of the judge in Chicago.
She went on to then bash...
Well, I haven't listened to the whole show now.
I'm going to have to soon.
And so there was no counter to this anti-Semite claim.
No counter.
I tried to get back in to say that, you know, though I'm on the left and I have some disagreements, I have more agreements with you, and anybody who's listened to you knows you're not an anti-Semite and this was a planted call.
She obviously was slandering you deliberately, but I couldn't get in.
I got in the next day, finally, because it wasn't being screened.
Well, what did you say?
I said that, first I started out by saying that Mark Lane, one of the major investigators in the CIA involvement in the Kennedy assassination, got his FIA file from the CIA, and it showed that the CIA had ordered all of its agents and assets in the media to discredit him,
And even gave him the talking points.
And the exact same techniques that Cherkov used were the talking points that the CIA had ordered their agents and the media to discredit Mark Blank.
So you called in on Norrie?
I called in on... No, I called the next day to Alex Jones... To Art Bell.
Okay, on Sunday night.
Yeah, and then... The only reason I got through is because he was a screening and he was on a different subject at the time.
And then I mentioned... He said...
You know, do you really believe that they're capable of that?
And I mentioned Operation Northwoods, and then he began to get kind of flustered and said that, oh, yeah, I know about that.
I know about that.
And then he changed the subject.
I said, well, let's get into it.
Then he changed the subject.
Obviously, he knows that there was an approximate duplicate.
Well, look, I've been challenging Chertoff, the family member of the Homeland Security Director, to come on this show for two, three weeks.
And then he has the nerve to say, I'm afraid to go on against him.
And by the way, I talked to the folks over there.
Chertop demanded that no one be on to debate him.
They said, do you want to debate?
And he said, no, absolutely not.
Well, yeah, and, you know, it was made a big deal on the program that you have been on the George Norrie program.
Eliminating the fact that we've got oceans and mountains of the other side from every outlet of the media pushing the official version as if somehow because you were on the Norrie program and then he was on this program, that balanced it out when there's a thousand times more of the other side coming from every outlet of the corporate media.
They didn't factor that part of it in.
And then you also look at the fact that... But, John, we've got about 20 seconds left.
Bottom line, don't you think, though, that Chertoff basically will just make more people investigate?
I hope so, but with all the millions that that audience has, there's a lot of people out there that are going to be impressed with that because that's all they're ever going to hear.
Well, don't drop it.
Keep calling in.
I appreciate the call.
Take care.
We're on the march.
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We're here with you, my friends.
We're about to go to Attorney Stephen Bauer.
I'm going to go back to your calls.
We've got Paul Watson coming up next hour with a news blitz on just literally 50 different important subjects.
Before we go to Stephen Bauer and talk about the case of the mother of a teen hit with a taser 16 times, plans to sue this out of the Associated Press.
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This is the antidote to their New World Order, their propaganda.
Or the film's $25.95.
Over two hours, write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001.
South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 787-04.
All right.
Mother of teen hit with taser 16 times, plans to sue.
And then I have another report here.
Stanford man dies when tasered by police.
A 30-year-old Stanford man died Sunday night after being tasered during an altercation.
And it says, DeLand Police Chief Ed Overman said the man, whose name had not yet been released...
Who was considered a burglar suspect, said he fled when approached by police in the downtown area onto a second story awning of a building and later broke a window with his bare hands to enter.
And they tasered him.
Now that's one case.
But we have cases of them tasering 95-year-old women and they die.
Or tasering 5-year-old children.
Now, what they're going to do, and they've already done it, as I said they would, is now they want to ban it to where we can't own these.
Well, if it's dangerous for police to have, you certainly can't have it, and then nothing's going to stop the cops from having it.
Tasers in and of themselves aren't bad.
They're just like a gun or a baseball bat.
It's how they're used, and they are being overused, that is clear.
And they're issuing more and more of them, and now there's a death almost every day.
But in the case of a woman says police shocked her teenage son 16 times with a stun gun, causing him temporary loss of memory, and she plans to seek damages.
Sherry Davis and her attorney, Stephen Mallard, said they plan to file a tort claim with the city within weeks to 10 days.
Davis said her son, Jim Ring, 18, still does not remember anything except blinding flashes of pain from the right side
On the night of November 2nd, she also said her son, who was hospitalized for three days, did not recognize her until the afternoon after his run-in with the police.
Portage Police went to the home of a friend of Ring's after a caller reported that he was choking.
Police reports said Ring was acting strangely and would not cooperate with officers.
Yeah, from loss of oxygen from choking.
Ring eventually took an aggressive stance, said police warning him, and then shot him with a stun gun, police report said.
Hospital toxology test showed Ring had not taken any drugs.
Of course, they wanted to bust him, so they took him in testing.
And doctors later concluded that Ring's strange behavior was an episode of hypoxic encephalopathy, or what Bush had with the pretzel, caused by choking, the Post Tribune of Maryville reported.
Why didn't they send a SWAT team after Bush when he was choking?
Davis said her attorney, Stephen Bauer of Maryville, says they are finalizing steps for a lawsuit against the city.
And by the way, the hospital first refused treatment of him because, quote, he was a drunk.
That's another thing now.
If you're a drunk driver or whatever, you're bleeding to death or whatever, they just say, we're not going to help you.
Or if you've been a smoker, get lung cancer, sorry, you don't get treatment.
They're actually talking about this now.
Mayor Doug Olson refused comment to the Post Tribune of the lawsuit, and it just goes on and on.
Davis also wants reimbursement for his son's medical bills, including medication for persistent headaches, which have totaled near $35,000.
All right, going to the attorney of record, Stephen Bauer, who we appreciate joining us.
Sir, thanks for coming on.
Well, you're welcome, Alex.
You know, this was a very, very difficult situation for the mother.
Since this young boy was at his girlfriend's house and he had this episode, the girlfriend called the mother and the mother got to the house before the police had removed this young man.
When she got there, he is cuffed with his hands behind his back, his feet are tied, and he's still got the tasers in him.
And I believe that they...
As he continued to resist, they tased him after he had been, how would you say, hogtied.
Well, this is part of the pleasure.
And they did the Stanford test, psychological test, where they found 90% of the students thought the shocks were real and under orders actually enjoyed simulated killings of the other students at the college, at Stanford.
Major study, folks.
The Stanford studies, as it's known, films have been made about it.
And so some of these police, just like anybody in society, are sadistic.
And they tend to rise to the ranks, and we see this all the time.
So where do we get the number of 16 tasers?
I know the tasers will show the record of how many times they were used.
Yes, and we have those records.
We got those under the Freedom of Information Act, and it shows in a 12-minute period the taser was discharged 16 times.
One time for 14 seconds, another time for 11 seconds.
And they're not supposed to go over 6 seconds over the inserts with the tasers that say it can kill someone.
And we simply don't know why.
It's just...
Well, number one, why were they set at 14 seconds?
They're normally supposed to be set at 4, and if the person's still resisting, you can turn it up to 6 seconds.
Why were they set to 14?
All the officers that should be fired right now for missetting their tasers.
We have no idea right now.
We're going to be deposing the police officers fairly quickly, and those are going to be questions to put to them.
How many taser lines did the young man have?
Well, we're not sure.
He has got marks on his back that look like a vampire bite, and he's also got marks on his stomach.
So just from the taser records you've gotten from some of the taser guns, it's 16.
We don't know of others who haven't released their records.
Well, that's correct right now.
So it could be more than 16.
It could be, but I really doubt it.
I mean, they simply, this is the situation in which, and I don't know what's going on.
This occurred, this is not at 2 o'clock in the morning.
This was at quarter to 9 on a Friday night.
The lady, the mother of the girlfriend, calls 911 and says, I've got a young man that
Isn't she a nurse?
So he's over there at his girlfriend's house watching, and we've got the report, watching TV, starts choking on a hamburger, and she finally, I guess, gets it out of him, but he's got oxygen problems, which people that choke have.
And he got up and he started staggering around the house and they tried to get him to focus their eyes on him.
I'm sure you know that like 85, in some cases, one case, 95-year-old people go into dementia, stumble around, and now the nursing homes start tasering.
I mean, everybody knows old people get sick or have strokes and stumble around.
Now they call in the cops.
I mean, this is getting insane.
Well, I can't imagine using a taser on somebody that elderly.
Oh, I see it every week, yeah.
An old person goes into dementia and starts stumbling around.
They don't give them medication or restrain them.
They just beat the daylights out of them or tase them.
You might as well just start putting them in meat grinders.
Well, we're not going to go that far, Alex.
But what you've got is a situation in which you've got a new toy on the block, and every time you come out with something new like this, it gets abused.
Let me just tell you, in my film Road to Tyranny, I have him out west, a police chopper, right over one of our listeners.
Pharrell Montgomery sent us the tape.
They just didn't like him, got him out of the car.
He's standing there with his hands up.
Later they dropped all charges, no weapons were found, and no criminal record.
They taser him twice.
He falls on the ground.
You see him continue to press the taser, keep tasering.
They let the police dog come over for several minutes and start chewing on him.
Just chewing on him for pleasure.
I mean, this is insane.
I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
Well, also, Alex, what makes our situation worse, in my opinion, is that two of the officers contended that he obviously was intoxicated.
They could smell alcoholic beverage on his breath.
His eyes were bloodshot.
His speech was slurred, and he was staggering.
And, of course, once they got him to the hospital and they did all the tests on him,
Not only had he not had any alcohol to drink, he also had the presence of no other drugs in his system.
But all cops carry plants, and they had a visit with the vehicle.
Yeah, they had a visit with the vehicle.
They had a visit.
Without probable cause.
And, of course, they found on the passenger side of the vehicle a homemade marijuana pipe.
Now, let's get this straight.
Marijuana stays in you for at least a month.
These hospitals love the system.
They in there tested the daylights out of him, trying to find something, found nothing but the marijuana pipe, which he says he doesn't smoke it, and it wasn't his, magically is in the vehicle.
And they had no probable cause to search the vehicle.
Well, this is all magical.
Well, Alex, you know what's going on.
They knew, they recognized that they overreacted with the kid,
And they were just desperate.
Keep in mind too, they brought a canine and a dog and searched the girlfriend's house to try to find drugs.
Well, I mean, used to in the past.
I mean, I was at a La Madeline eating food, a little restaurant, and the lady starts choking.
Everybody stands around like idiots.
They're all standing around.
I was in the bathroom.
They wouldn't let me get out of the way.
I had to physically shove people out of the way, and this big lady coughs up a big wad of bread, and she was turning purple, and she was stumbling around, falling into things after that.
I'm surprised the SWAT team didn't come in and start tasering her.
No, I'm serious.
Well, that's right.
And this is a lack of training.
This is a lack of realization.
Maybe we should put that lady I saw in prison for life.
It's because she choked.
Doesn't that sound good to you?
Well, it's just really sad.
Well, let's search her car and house.
Maybe she was on drugs.
They refuse.
The other thing in this is that you've got an adult licensed practical nurse that's telling the police officers, look, he's not drunk, he hasn't been drinking, he choked, that's his problem.
And they refused to accept that.
I'm surprised they didn't claim she was Al-Qaeda.
Well, the girlfriend and her sister, they were 17 and 18, were on the porch watching what the police were doing, and they became hysterical.
And the police said to them, if you two don't shut up, you're going to be arrested.
They thought the police were going to kill him.
Yeah, what's wrong with these young women?
They don't like to watch a young man being tortured after he almost choked to death.
I mean, they've got to become modern Americans.
They should have been going, good job, officers!
Come on!
Come on, we love it!
Let me give you a donation to your police fund.
Man, thank you for the service.
Thank you!
So they have him handcuffed and his feet tied.
He is now in the ambulance.
His mother is there.
And they refused to allow her to go to the hospital in the ambulance with the son.
Well, that sounds like freedom.
And when she then, of course, followed the ambulance and her car to the emergency room, there was hesitancy of even allowing her to see her son.
Oh, yes.
And I'm told that the hospital denied care at first.
Well, they denied the hospital, determined on the basis of what the police officers had told them.
So they're now doctors, too?
The police are now doctors, too?
They're dealing with a doped-up teenager, and since they didn't know what he was on... So what kind of medical degrees did these officers have?
No, I mean, seriously, because I might need to have surgery sometime in the future for a hernia I've got.
Maybe I could have those officers do the surgery?
Just don't choke in the city of Portage.
In Indiana.
But can I have the... I'm going to stop being sarcastic.
So the officers wouldn't allow the hospital to do the care.
Can you describe that for us, please?
Well, we really don't know exactly what happened except that when they finally got the blood test back and it showed no alcohol and no PCP and no...
No heroin, no cocaine, and no anything.
The local emergency room then simply transferred him to another facility.
Now all during this time, this kid is not capable of talking and is semi-unconscious.
And he might have gotten permanent damage from this.
Well, he's had headaches for over three months as a result.
Yeah, that's oxygen deprivation.
He probably had massive brain cell death.
And he's still got some numbness in his hands, which we don't know if it's from the handcuffs or what have you.
Well, what's wrong with these people?
I mean, what's wrong with these cops that they did this to him?
We don't know.
We don't know.
The only thing... Well, why did an ambulance show up instead of the police?
Well, the police beat the ambulance there.
And so the EMTs were there, but we don't know why they did not intervene.
Well, God, I hope I never choke or have a medical problem.
I mean, I hope I'm going to be okay.
I hope this doesn't happen to all of us.
I mean, I see these reports all the time where somebody's sick or a guy's crying because his dog's dying.
They just taser him.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It's the mentality.
And I've said it, these so-called non-lethal weapons.
And the reason the media is demonizing tasers right now is they're going to make sure you and I can't have them.
The cop groups are already trying to get our tasers now in places like Illinois where you can't have a gun without jumping through 5,000 hoops to defend yourself.
In some areas, total gun bans, they're already trying to ban them.
It's happening all over.
But again, it isn't the taser itself.
It's that it's being way, way overused.
I mean, cops now pull a taser on you for anything.
And these so-called not only the weapons become training aids to get them used to engaging us.
You know, shooting rubber bullets at 10 feet away, killing the Snellgrove girl, you know, after the Red Sox win.
Just killing her.
Trying to make up lies so it turns out there was video of them killing her at 10 feet away.
You're not supposed to shoot those, but from 50 to 60 feet away.
It's just right on the barrel of those guns.
It's lethal.
And closer than 50 feet.
They know they're not supposed to use tasers more than six seconds all the time.
They shock them 14, 20 seconds.
People die from it.
If they properly used them, I mean, I've seen cops for it just to keep tasering somebody.
It's like they get off on it.
We're talking to Stephen Bauer.
This poor young man, we're visiting his girlfriend, the mother's a nurse, they're all watching TV, starts choking from a hamburger.
For a couple minutes, they finally get the piece of beef out of his throat.
He's stumbling around, and again, when I saved this lady, she stumbled around for about 30, 40 seconds, and they sat her down, and she was bumping into stuff, and, ooh, you know, because you lose oxygen.
Folks, it's just amazing.
Now I guess it's a crime to be sick.
Stephen Bauer, I hope that these officers get fired for having their tasers turned up too high, period.
You might check into that.
Well, we certainly will.
And, you know, if this litigation brings some better awareness to the policing community that you simply don't grab and use this device whenever somebody doesn't immediately jump to a command from a police officer with it.
Then this is going to be worthwhile.
I mean, thank goodness this young man did not die.
Well, a lot of people die every day now.
Every other day I see somebody dying.
Some days, two people die.
So on average, about every day, somebody's dying from these.
And yeah, I mean, look, in the past, if somebody was even drunk but wasn't being violent, all right, buddy, come here.
And the guy's stumbling around.
They grab him, put him in the car.
Nowadays, a drunk's stumbling around.
Oh, you touched me.
You bumped into me.
That's assault.
Now you get a felony, Mac.
What's a drunk, folks?
Send him to jail.
Or, you know, now an old person's stumbling around with dementia, they taser him, charge him.
I mean, it's insane.
I mean, cops should have just gone, all right, buddy, you're sick, come on, and grabbed him.
But instead, they're so afraid, he's not minding me, zapping, zapping.
They're so fearful now.
Alex, I agree with you.
See, the other thing to keep in mind, too,
We've got a typical 17-year-old kid at the time.
He weighs about 150 pounds, slender.
This is not a 280-pound guy that's just come from the exercise club after he's been pumping iron.
This young boy...
There was no indication whatsoever.
Well, it's like five-year-old children.
You know, first it was a six-year-old with a piece of glass.
Now it's five-year-olds with nothing.
He was really no threat to the officers.
Well, these are real men that taser five-year-olds, let me tell you.
Well, keep in contact with me and I'll let you know how this thing develops.
Well, I'm concerned that this is going to train them to overuse and pull weapons.
They're going to start doing this with guns.
Well, we certainly hope not.
There was one comment made by the police chief that if this young boy had reached for his pocket, they probably would have shot him.
Oh, so they're telling you you're lucky, huh?
Well, there was the suggestion to that effect.
I mean, of course the kid was not armed.
I mean, the kid was impaired.
Well, I've got a friend who's in a wheelchair because he couldn't, I mean, he's paralyzed because he couldn't get out of the car when they said they'd beat him up.
With the hand controls and everything on the steering wheel.
A nice, upstanding family man.
A manager of a major business.
I mean, folks, it's insane.
Well, I saw another one in which a kid had been recuperating from an accident at work.
We'll be back in 70 seconds.
Just do five more minutes with us.
I want to hear this next story.
Berkey Waters.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I'm here to tell you in the past, cops were tough guys.
And that's what they were known for.
They'd make fun of people that used too much force.
People that used too much force were run out of the force.
Now, they tell them, just attack people, just shoot first, ask questions later.
That's how they're trained.
We're the enemy.
We're all suspects.
Until, you know, it happens to a cop's daughter or son when they're in another town.
Then the cops get mad.
But you kick the police dog when it's biting you.
You get 40 years because you kicked an officer.
But we're talking to...
Attorney Stephen Bauer, and he's up in Indiana where the police tasered a young man who was choking.
No drugs were on him, but they tried to make all that up and tried to test him for drugs, and of course no drugs in him.
But then the lawyer, he held him over just for a few minutes.
He was going to tell us a story of another case he heard of like this.
It's also on the case of a manager of a Home Depot here in town, a friend of ours that we've got a show about.
And, you know, he's been paralyzed for many years from the chest down.
Gets pulled over.
Has hand controls on the steering wheel.
The cop goes, what are those?
He goes, I'm paralyzed, sir.
He goes, get out of the car.
And he said, well, I have to get my wheelchair out.
And the cop said, no, get out now.
We know this cop.
He's since been promoted.
Big, giant guy who's got arms the size of Schwarzenegger's.
You have to ask yourself why.
And he rages on him, drags the man, you know, short hair, whole nine yards, out by his hair, you know, those little shriveled legs, down the pavement.
And starts slamming his head into the ground.
This is the new freedom.
But in the minute or two we got left, sir, you said you had another case locally with stuff like this.
Tell us about it.
It was a situation somewhat similar.
A kid became ill.
He was at home.
His wife called, and the police also showed up.
The young man was recuperating from an industrial accident, and he had severely torn a rotor company's shoulders.
And when the police showed up, he said, hey, I don't want the police here.
And they said, well, we're here to help.
And they said, we're going to take you in.
You're obviously drunk.
And put your hands behind your back.
Well, he couldn't because of the injury.
And of course, you know what happened.
That shoulder's going to move, buddy.
Yes, and it did move.
And he was in great pain.
My God.
I mean, what is wrong with these folks?
Every bully in school, every punk, every criminal that never got a record is now joining the force.
I mean, I've talked to criminals.
It's like well-known.
Hey, man, this is our time.
We're going into the police department.
The people above us are now crooks, and we're taking over.
I'm sorry, folks.
I have to say it.
I mean, we're in deep trouble.
And, I mean, you talk about every steroid head.
I mean, I knew bouncers.
I knew steroid heads at the gym.
They're all cops now.
Tattoos all over them, shaved heads.
We're in deep trouble.
Well, Alex, that's not true across the board.
You know that, but you're making a point, and the point is valid.
Well, the point is that the bad ones are not being held accountable.
Oh, that's why I totally agree with you.
And when in my situation they continued to try to protect the officers and once again they continued to blame the young 17 year old man whose only offense was choking on a hamburger
It makes no sense at all.
Well, I mean, I want to say this.
I mean, I get pulled over by state police and their fans and let me go, you know, when I've been speeding, and they probably shouldn't.
And, you know, cops come up and shake my hand.
But I'm telling you, there is a huge class of these tough guy roid heads, and they're taking over the departments.
And I'm not really exaggerating.
I mean, I don't know about your town, but it's happening here.
And these guys are scary.
They're scary.
And they're very, very scary, too.
Were these cops, were they that type, the bug-eyed type?
You know, I do not know.
But, of course, that's something we're going to find out.
All right.
Thank you for coming on, and please, we'll keep in touch with you and have you back on as this develops.
Sue them, and I hope you win a million dollars.
All right.
Take care, Alex.
God bless.
All right.
We'll come back with your call straight away at Donna News.
And we've got Lord Wadiwak coming on as well, so stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cut behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
Go to my website, InfoWars.com.
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Dirty bombs.
Biological attack.
And threats.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, your calls are coming up momentarily at 1-800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
We've got Paul Watson joining us with his weekly update, which is always very intriguing and interesting, very intelligent individual.
That's why I have him as the webmaster for PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
I want to get more into homosexuals control Bush White House.
That's the headline.
They use blackmail bribery as control mechanism.
And we've researched this, and it's spot on, as they say, across the pond.
We'll be covering that, just in closing, on tasers.
Again, we have the case of a young man choking.
The woman in the house was a registered nurse.
He was choked on a hamburger.
Took minutes and minutes to get the piece out of his throat.
He was stumbling around.
Again, I've saved someone who was choking, and they did this.
After I got the food out of their throat, the big hunk of bread, what he was eating at a restaurant, she was stumbling around.
We had to sit her down in a chair because they start to pass out, folks.
They tasered him 16 times, tried to basically plant drugs on him.
Turned out it was all false.
No drugs in his system.
Just on and on and on and on and on.
And it's really scary.
In America, this type of stuff is happening.
But I'll say this.
Why are they covering it so much?
Number one, they're overusing it.
I'm not against cops having tasers.
If they're properly trained.
But they're doing this because they're going to try to ban citizens having them.
They've tried it all over the country.
Just like they don't want us having guns.
Areas run by the mafia like Illinois, New York, LA, they come after your guns.
Criminal gangs that control the police do not want their slaves being armed.
I mean, it's just that simple.
It's a criminal instinct to want your guns.
Most cops aren't bad.
Major polls, 98% of police are against gun control because they know it makes their job tougher and they know guns and most of them are good.
But there's a big percentage of police, not a majority, but a growing group
And they've got the support of the police schools, of the police academies, that we're the enemy, we've got to be kept in line, we're bad, throw the book at us, get us into the system, and it's very, very, very serious.
All right, let's go to your calls.
Well, I just wanted to add this.
You know, when Billy Hanson, who's a good friend of mine, I've been out to dinner with him, been to barbecues with him, Mike Hanson, who's done camera work for me over the years, his brother...
On tape, tasered somebody who was trying to block the street and trying to push over motorcycles.
When they did that and Billy tasered them for four seconds, Mike called me going, I've seen the video, the police won't release all their videos, but I know my brother, my brother tells me he didn't do this, and Billy's really nice.
Billy, you know, actually got kind of demoted because he reported on police corruption.
He had the cream puff
You know, easy job of Southwest Austin.
You know, middle class area.
No crown to speak of.
As a senior officer, he got put down to a bike job downtown in the worst area.
But I tell you, he's lost about 40 pounds and looks great, so God has actually rewarded him in a way.
He was a little bit tubby, kind of like I am, and he's not tubby anymore.
But I said, no, Mike, I'm going to look at it.
Well, I saw the newscast, and I saw this horrible creature
Who I'd had a run-in with in New York City.
This black bloc anarchist type.
Who would run around, and I have him on tape.
I didn't put him in the film.
Run around to groups I was trying to interview going, Oh, he's a neocon.
He's with them.
Don't interview him.
He's bad.
Getting in my face.
His people were throwing water on our cameras.
It's all on tape.
Well, I turn on the newscast and it's this guy.
And the newscast goes, Why won't you give us the whole tape unedited?
Well, I'm just not going to do that.
Well, we've since had a chance to see the police tapes, and clearly they were starting stuff with the cops.
You've got like 15 of them and hundreds of peaceful protesters trying to stop them.
And you've got to wonder whose payroll they're on.
I've had these anarchists before threaten me, a different group of them, here in Austin during a protest working with the cops trying to provocateur.
So, then we sided with Billy.
Because we investigated.
So, I'm not saying that there aren't bad people.
Just like there are bad individuals, there's bad cops.
There are people that need to be tasered.
There's people that assault cops, and it's better to taser them than shoot them.
You know, they don't have a weapon.
But, I mean, I got pulled over one time for going 10 miles over the speed limit.
And I had a white belt in the front seat next to... That was when I lived at home.
You know, this is... We're talking 15 years ago.
And I got pulled over...
And the cop had gone to get my mom some frozen yogurt, and he puts a gun to my head, starts screaming, get out of the car.
He apologizes.
He said, it's a white belt.
I'm sorry.
It looked like the scabbard of a knife.
And I was just lucky he didn't blow my head off, and I was lucky he apologized.
I was blessed.
Because a lot of times, folks, I know people who have had the same thing happen to them.
The cop freaks out and goes ahead and beats you up because of the adrenaline rush and takes you to jail.
So, you know, I've almost had my head blown off.
Folks, I've had a Glock cocked to my head.
Get out of the bleepin' car!
Get me a block from my parents' house!
Get out of the bleepin' car!
Get out!
Whoa, whoa, I'm getting out!
Get out!
I'm getting out!
I'm getting out!
And then he, get over here!
Starts calling for backup and goes in the car and goes, oh!
Just sorry.
Just don't speed.
Just go.
I'm just like, whoa, man.
What is your problem?
I didn't even say that.
I just got in the car shaking and drove home.
But nowadays, they blow your head off.
Man, you're going to have a little gun planted, a little crack pipe planted, something like that.
Or even worse, they got hired killers on every major force, folks.
There's a CIA program that's now been in the news.
And one day these boys pull you over, and, well, Alex pulled a gun on us.
And if that ever happens, folks, I didn't pull a gun on cops.
In fact, I'll let it be known I don't even carry a gun in my car.
For the very reason that I'm not afraid to die.
A few times when I've had stalkers saying, I'm going to kill you, I've put a shotgun in the car, but that's been years.
And so if anybody ever blows my head off in a car, I didn't have a gun to begin with, boys and girls.
But that's how they like to do it.
And I know they've got hired killers on the local force here.
From high-level sources.
They've got some sheep dip, as they call it, former Special Forces troops here in Austin, on an anti-terror team.
And I've even had these boys in a parking lot come up and threaten me.
And I will memorize one of the plates, had it run.
It was the Department of Defense.
They just told me,
You know, I wanted to tell this story.
This was about five years ago.
I did a test.
I got on air and I said, the FBI is criminal.
You are criminals.
You deal the drugs.
Your crime labs are a fraud.
I said, if this isn't true, you come down here right now and come on air and say it isn't true.
And it was obviously not a bad FBI agent.
He shows up, clean cut, 6'4", short hair, dressed casual, you know, with an Izod shirt and slacks.
He follows me out of the car and he just goes, you know, the whole government isn't bad, Mr. Jones.
And he just walks over, gets in his unmarked car and drives off.
And it was FBI.
And another time I did a test, I said, you know, we've got a team of people that are going to defend freedom.
And I was talking about an info war.
And the next night I was doing another TV show and these guys get out, you know, just high and tight, rock hard, you know, the skinny special forces types.
They walk over to me.
You know, we're not all bad, Mr. Jones, but we want to know about this team you've got.
You better watch yourself.
Things can happen.
I just said, hey, you do whatever you've got to do.
I defend this country more than you'll ever defend it.
I go, you know your bosses ship in narcotics.
I got right back in their face, and they just got afraid and got in their vehicles and left.
I'm not afraid of you.
Do you understand me?
I'm defending this country from your narcotic-dealing, murdering, white-slavery-dealing group of bosses.
And stop lying to yourselves.
Stop lying to yourselves about what you're part of.
Stop it.
And good cops out there, I know most of you are good, most of the military is good, stop playing along with this.
All right, that's enough.
I'll go to calls.
John in Texas.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead, John.
I've never told some of those stories I just told.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
You know, the last few days, the news media has been talking that gas is going up to $3 a gallon.
In some states, it's getting pretty close right now.
But the reason they said that it's going up is that China and India, that are merging their national economies, are so strong now, they're in competition with us for the oil.
But I'm sitting there saying, well, who built them up?
Who's the one that took them out of the Bronze Age not too long ago, and now they're economic threats to us, and China, they're military threats.
And it's the globalists.
The globalist politicians and the globalist corporations.
Well, it's the same story.
Who gives Pakistan the bomb?
Comes out, it's Clinton and Bush.
Who's buddies with them?
Who do they help give it to?
North Korea, China, getting all our jobs, all our industry, everything.
They get all the UN awards for how they run their country.
I've watched CFR meetings on C-SPAN where they say, China gets all the power, we're going down.
I've heard them laugh on NPR that we're going to... They're doing it to us.
They're globalist folks.
They're going to use us militarily to set up their world government, and then we're going to drop like a stone.
Alex, I never doubted anything you ever said, because the evidence is all over the place.
I got a recent issue of U.S.
News and World Report the other day, and I go through there, and there's four or five different articles talking about globalization, the coming globalization.
The Houston Chronicle today had an article about...
Rick Perry's super four-roller building across Texas.
USA Today today on prisonplanet.com says 4,000 miles.
I have the document.
Not true.
6,000 miles.
The whole country has 7,000.
Every major state road, every major city, pure tolls, thousands of dollars, $1,855 per city, $2,000 to drive outside the city on average per vehicle.
And they admit.
They say it is a NAFTA superhighway to merge us with Canada and Mexico.
Everything I told you five years ago from the documents, it's not like I was magical and just... People go, are you psychic?
The government documents!
The government documents!
They said in that article that all the other states' eyes are on Texas because once...
If Rick Perry can get this through, then we're all going to do the same thing all over this country.
And Austin's the heart of it.
Every major road, 14 of them are going to be toll roads.
1,800 smackers to start.
And 90-plus percent are against it.
And the mayor and the rest of them that signed on to this, they just laugh at us.
And they just buy more armored vehicles and more cameras and more machine guns.
And they say, we don't care what you do.
We've got men in black uniforms that'll eat your guts and ask for seconds.
And they're going to strangle every small town.
Oh, you want to go to Kansas or Missouri or Oklahoma where they got it on 35 already?
All these ghost towns, you cannot get off the road for 45 to 50 miles a stretch.
Oh, yeah.
We're talking 10-foot concrete walls where you can't even see the towns.
You understand they block it?
Folks, you wonder how they have the UN maps of all the areas we're not going to be able to go to?
That's how they're going to do it.
It's unbelievable.
We'll be back.
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This is the future of boots stomping on the human face forever.
Picture the most wicked, organized crime syndicate you can imagine.
Then picture them in control of government.
What would they do?
Toll roads everywhere.
Forcing children on drugs.
Ritalin and Prozac.
Then busting your children.
When they use the drugs, they ship in.
Militarizing the police.
Training them to hate you.
Training them to abuse you.
That's called tyranny, folks.
It's the world norm.
Freedom was the exception.
And this is how they do it.
They come in and tell the national parks, you're all going to lose your jobs unless we triple the fees to get in and restrict all cars.
They tell the cops, you're all going to lose your jobs.
The new superhighways, self-ticket and scan the vehicles point to point and mail them tickets.
You're going to have to man checkpoints and search vehicles and do things like that to keep your jobs.
Okay, we'll do it.
That's how they shift everything.
And it's not just Texas.
It's going in Oregon, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Florida, all over the governors are announcing, mainly Republicans, Democrats as well,
Every major road will be transponder, tracked, and taxed, and we're talking masses.
And they go, well, we need this for more highway funds.
We're using 20 million barrels a day instead of 15 million like we were five years ago.
The revenue's bigger than it ever was.
They go, oh, but the hybrid cars are not making money now.
It's not true!
They've got plenty of money!
But again, they'll cut benefits to the people and go, in government, see, we've got to have it, and you all get behind it.
It's a scam!
They're going to give all our roads, I mean almost all of them, at the beginning.
They'll get all of them, I guess, later, but I'm talking 80% in Texas, that's their own numbers, are going to be taxed with readers scanning where you go and what you do on top of it.
I mean, this is here, folks.
And they have this unelected board made up of some elected officials.
Half of it isn't.
And they just don't care what you want.
98% in polls in Houston.
They're doing it in Houston.
93% in Austin in polls.
We go to meetings and 1,000 people show up and they say, raise your hands if you're for it.
Two people raise their hands.
We catch them in all this bribery and corruption and nothing happens?
And they say, in USA Today, it's the NAFTA highway.
We're going to have to pay for our own destruction.
Total legalization of everybody from Latin America.
A giant super highway.
20 lanes.
You don't believe me, it's in USA Today today, but I have the documents.
20 lanes, 10 lanes on each side.
They're already building it.
They were already building the toll roads before they even told anybody about it.
Let's take calls here.
I can't believe it.
Oh, boy.
Let's talk to Randy in Florida.
Go ahead, Randy.
And Caroline and Charlie and everybody else.
Go ahead, Randy.
I'm Terry Chabot.
Have you brought it up today?
I haven't heard you mention it today.
Well, what's going on with Terry?
Well, the court had a hearing yesterday with her parents, and they made several motions.
And supposedly the Division of Children and Families also was involved in the hearing as well on allegations of abuse.
Well, I mean, it's clear because for 10 years they won't brush her teeth or treat her for infections.
She can eat food.
They won't let her have it.
There's an 800 number that people can call to file complaints, which I did over the weekend, against Michael Chavo for abuse and neglect of her.
I'm not sure if the 800 number works outside of Florida, but they can... Well, I know they file a lot of them, but can you file it if you haven't even been an eyewitness?
Yeah, anybody can call anonymously and report... You ought to be careful about that.
It's a crime to make a false report, and if you didn't physically see it, I don't know.
Well, I called over the weekend, and the guy took my information, and he didn't say you had to be a first-hand...
Anybody can call.
Well, it's admitted they're not giving her treatment for infection, so I guess that's been in the news.
What's the phone number?
You can do it anonymously.
What's the phone number?
It's 896-ABUSE.
Well, that'll give them something real to investigate for a change.
Yeah, well, here's a Florida Statute 765.309 says this.
Yeah, we've had their group on representing them, yeah.
What group?
We've had the group representing Terry on.
Yeah, I've heard Randall Terry.
Yeah, well, 765.309 in the statute says this.
Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to condone, authorize, or approve mercy killing or euthanasia, or to permit any affirmative or deliberate act or omission to end life other than to permit the natural process of dying.
And the judge has said that this is about setting a precedent.
She will die.
Thanks for the call.
I'm glad you're concerned about this, but...
We're fighting for her.
We've been fighting for her for three years.
We'll continue to fight for Terry.
And they haven't pulled her feeding tube yet.
And pray for her.
But, I mean, she's not in a coma.
And the media tried to lie about that.
I mean, she's wide awake.
And there's questionable circumstances of how she got paralyzed.
But, I mean, they kill people who are openly begging for food.
May I please have some water, honey?
It's been in the Wall Street Journal.
They still kill them.
It's been going on for a long time.
Of course, you've got this Academy Award winning film where they...
Where Clint Eastwood kills the girl.
Is she asking too?
And then they're selling it as something romantic.
No, the state wants to get rid of people that aren't productive.
Like Logan's Run or something.
PresidentQuanta.tv, more of your calls coming up.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, the webmaster for PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv will now join us at the balance of this worldwide transmission against tyranny.
We'll go to Caroline, John, Terry, and others here in a few minutes as well.
Got a bunch of news I want to go over right now.
And Paul likes to call me Hollywood Jones.
So I've given him the nickname, well, he doesn't like Lord Wadiwat.
I have no idea.
He likes D.L.
He's from the Enchanted Isles over there where they have the House of Lords.
And we're their lordly, so we're going to call him Duke Lordly, or DL for short.
All right, now I'm getting you back, Paul.
Welcome to the airwaves, my friend.
Good to be on, Alex.
And why do you call me Hollywood Jones, Paul?
Because you like to hang around with top Hollywood celebrities in your spare time.
I do not hang around with top Hollywood celebrities in my spare time, Paul.
Okay, well, occasionally.
That is not true.
I do not seek them out.
I've been in a couple movies, and that doesn't make me Hollywood Jones.
Well, I don't hang around with lords either, so... Huh?
I don't hang around with many lords.
Yeah, if you don't duke lordly, sounds good.
Well, yeah, okay.
Henceforth known as D.L.
All right, I'm sorry, Paul.
You know it's fun.
I just want to do this on air.
I'm trying to have some fun.
I'm done with the documentary.
And we're sending the DVD off to be done now.
Again, the VHS we're offering right now, folks.
I didn't want to wait.
A lot of people are ordering it.
The VHS of Martial Law.
Of course, you can watch it.
That's done now, too.
It'll be shipping out at the end of the week.
So you can order that now.
It's been on prisonplanet.tv since last Thursday.
Paul Watson, you've had, and I want your honest, just like I said to you this morning, I want your honest response to martial law, 9-1-1, rise of the police state, and then tell us about some of the reviews we've gotten.
Well, my honest response is, as you mentioned before it was released, it's your best work yet.
And all the reviews that we've got through the website, which we've been asking for, say the same thing.
I mean, we could be accused of filtering out the bad reviews by not posting them or whatever, but the fact is I haven't received one bad review yet.
The best part of it, in my eyes, is the section where you expose the self-proclaimed extreme left and extreme right, because you're there talking to babbling communists who seem to be on a different planet altogether.
And they'll only come back to whatever you say, is, you know, that Stalin was good and that they wished he'd come back to kill you, which is pretty scary in light of the fact that this recent poll said 40% of Russians did want a new Stalin.
And then those are under the same deception on the flip side of the coin, the hillbilly neocons with the Trust, Bush, Love, Jesus signs with bombs all over them.
So you expose both sides of the false equation.
Going back to the pocket commies, the people who refused to speak to you and referred you to their spokesperson, you know, people have to understand what we're seeing here.
These people couldn't string two sentences together on what they were actually protesting for or against because, as you've elaborated on in the past, the whole thing's a fashion fad for them.
Many of them will have woken up to the emptiness of the mainstream types of popular culture that people attach themselves to.
So they try and attach themselves to the opposite brand of the same poison.
But as we know, it's just as hollow, which is why when you talk to them, they don't have any facts.
They can't talk about any specific topics.
And I was very polite to them.
I mean, I walk up to these communists with this giant communist banner, and I go, well, tell me why you're a communist.
And they start saying, we wish Stalin would kill you, you're bad.
They tried to tell the crowd I was being nasty to them.
And that's just five minutes of a two-and-a-half-plus-hour film.
Then we show kind of the neocons, how wild they are.
Just this giant... So we show the police state, the hover blimps.
We're being threatened with arrest.
You know, that's just the first 30 minutes of the film.
Then, Paul, tell them about part two.
Well, yeah, part two, you get into the 9-11 stuff, which is great because you're literally there on the ground showing the physical aspects of what happened on 9-11, the relation of Building 7 to where the Twin Towers stood, further away from the smaller buildings closest to the Twin Towers, which didn't collapse.
So for people to see that face up, the actual physical relation, along with the lie that we're meant to believe that this building collapsed on its own, after the fact that this building in Madrid, which burns for two days straight on almost every floor in the upper portion, remains standing.
So for people to see that gives you a crystal clear perspective on exactly the nature of the cover-up.
And of course we have the Silverstein clip.
But we just spend about ten minutes on Building 7, then we go to the FAA tapes being shredded, NORAD standing down, the drills we get into where all the Bushes were on that day, meeting with the Bin Ladens, running security on the buildings.
We get into then basically what happened on 9-11.
We spell out how they carried it out and what actually happened, and that's an hour.
That's an hour long.
Then we spend an hour on the elite's mindset, their driving ideology.
Tell folks about that.
Well, yeah, you talk about, again, the occultism, why the elite are into all this in the first place, what drives them over and above financial and political interests.
Obviously, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the drive for him to be the next president is covered in debt.
And then it's rounded off after that, so it is basically in three parts.
You get into the Nazi ties with the Bushes, interview with John Buchanan, who blew the whistle off that, with the documents, with the London Guardian articles.
And so we're going to be taking clips of all the key stuff and putting free segments on the web.
So, you know, even if you can't afford to buy the video or subscribe, you'll be able to watch some key clips.
And that's important because people who are coming in from the cold, from the outside, who don't know about Alex Jones or his films or Infowars or Prison Planet... Or they don't know about DL.
Look, I'm really proud of this documentary.
Do you have any of those reviews in front of you?
Why don't you read a couple of them, Paul?
And then we'll cover some other news and go to calls.
I can certainly take a look, just a second.
There's a whole giant, what, 20 pages of them so far.
And again, if you want to watch it, if you're a member of PrisonPlanet.tv, or when you get your copies in the mail, if you don't like it, write your review of it.
And your review can be two lines long or 20 pages long.
We're posting all the reviews as long as there's not a bunch of profanity.
But that's all going up on the site.
And really, folks, this film...
We show how the Nazis in 1939 had a big rally, the Boone, in Madison Square Garden, and we cut to Arnold giving a speech there.
I mean, it's just got all this different powerful stuff in it that'll blow people away.
Yeah, we've got several reviews here.
A harrowing but fascinating tour of New York after 9-11.
Paranoia is everywhere in the Gestapo, the Fourth Reich, the militarized police are everywhere with machine guns arresting people without reason.
You can finally visually see how New World Order is affecting the lives of the people in the film, and which is soon to be the rest of it.
It's a must-see documentary.
I've seen all of Alex Jones' films.
Like he said, martial law is by far his best work yet.
Martial law depicts vividly what is happening in America, and as usual, Alex captures this perfectly.
Again, people saying it's the best documentary so far.
Alex Jones does it again, slicing through the hardened shell of ignorance and misinformation.
He boldly exposes the rotting core of the military industrial complex, the global elite, and the New World Order puppets.
Watch this film and help Alex pull the founding documents of your future and the hope of the world from the New World Order shredding machine.
So, I mean, we've got at least
20, 25 already, and that's just from the email I got yesterday.
So we are encouraging people to email their own review, whether it is a few sentences or a few paragraphs.
Yeah, and if you want to write an article about the film, because it's important to get your views on the documentary, if you want to get a copy of it, a hard copy of it, the film's done, being printed up right now, it'll be shipping out by Friday or Monday, the latest, 888-253-3139, 888-253-3139.
Or go to prisonplanet.com or infowars.com to order a hard copy via the safe, secure online shopping cart.
Or go to prisonplanet.tv.
It takes about a minute to sign up.
Create your own private security pass into the secure server to watch all my films, dozens of other films, the new film, my book, Paul Watson's book, my best audio interviews, my weekly TV reports.
It's ridiculous what you get for 15 cents a day, monthly and yearly subscriptions.
High bandwidth, low bandwidth for dial-up, for DSL, for cable modem.
Everything you need, it's right there.
Paul, Caroline has been holding for 45 minutes just hung up.
I want to get to a few of these calls because they've been holding so long.
Then I want to get into...
It's breaking mainstream news now.
Homosexuals control the White House is the headline.
I want to get into that.
I want to get into the globalists killing Italian agents.
I want to get into what's some of the other news you want to talk about?
As you mentioned, first and foremost, the botched assassination attempt of this Italian journalist.
We need to go into that in depth.
And more on the Popular Mechanics hit piece, because they're still out there peddling their lies in mass media on the back of Ben Chertoff being the cousin of Michael Chertoff.
Surprise, surprise.
So we need to talk more about that.
And then, you know, whatever the cause wants to throw up,
You know, it's kind of scary to have the close relative of the Homeland Security Director viciously attacking the all-over national radio.
Well, I mean, I'd put it in the same category as the Gannon, the Armstrongs, all of them.
It's paid-for government propaganda.
There's no differentiation.
And they're still all over the media peddling this, refusing to answer the key questions, which you've begged me to talk about.
And then saying, I'm afraid to debate them when for weeks I've been calling them, saying, come on my show.
Yeah, I mean, they're still attacking people left, right, and center.
But those people who put forward the key questions, which weren't covered in the article, don't get a voice.
But these people are all over mass radio, mass television, still peddling this.
Well, that's because we're having a victory, Paul.
Let's talk to... Who's up first here now?
Charlie in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Charlie.
All right, you're not there.
John in Alaska.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, sir.
One thing that nobody's mentioning are a couple of things.
I originally grew up in Indiana in the Midwest, and growing up, you're talking about that superhighway that's controlling.
Well, I spent nine years in the United States Army.
I kind of got paroled from the Army, I always say.
I got ETS in 1997.
I was in the infantry, and one of the tactics that we learned is if you want to attack a military, one of the first things that you want to do is cut off their supply lines.
Well, one of the things I've been witnessing since I was a little boy growing up in the Midwest was government officials representing government-controlled companies coming onto farmland and telling farmers, okay, we're going to pay you not to farm.
And then they have them store grains of, you know, bins of grain.
It just sits there and rots.
And they pay the farmers.
And then it's illegal for them to touch that food while they've got people starving to death.
And then I come up here to Alaska, and I watch how government is literally regulating the fishing industry out from under the people that make a living doing this.
And then the Japanese trawlers and the Chinese trawlers and the Dutch trawlers, nobody stops them.
And let me add something to this.
This is important.
The NAFTA corridor highways, all of them, they are going to block off the cities and businesses along the highway.
They've already done it out of Oklahoma into Kansas.
And you can drive for 100 miles.
Every 50 miles, you might be able to exit.
And you see all the ghost towns off to your left and right.
They built gas stations in the middle of the highway.
And everything's dead.
And this will kill all the rural areas.
And this is in their own plan.
And now it's in USA Today.
And they're going to have 6,000 miles of toll roads in Texas alone, people!
I don't think they understand what we're dealing with, John.
I admire they did Farm Aid to help the little guy, people like John Cougar Mellencamp and all those guys that founded Farm Aid and did all that.
A lot of people didn't know the inside scoop on that was that they understood something that the general public didn't know unless you grew up in a farm.
Then I come up here to Alaska and I understood why they did the co-ops and things.
You know, to try to combat some of these things.
Then I come up here to Alaska, and I go to places like Cordova, Alaska, and, you know, Ketchikan, different places.
It's all about centralization, getting you dependent, getting you into the psychiatric system, the welfare system, or the criminal justice system.
It's about institutionalization of the entire population.
A giant plantation!
A giant reservation, the same tactics.
Thanks for the call.
Paul, comments?
Well, yeah, I mean, the thing about these toll roads and highways, they're basically checkpoints.
And they're doing that in England now.
Oh, yeah, and all the British people are calling for it.
They love it.
Well, that's not true.
In Scotland, they just threw it out.
That is a good point, actually, in some of the Scottish cities.
But you're right.
I mean, in London, the people are, so you're right.
But, you know, are we going to be able to even get our cars out of the driveways with these biometric facial scanners which decide if you're too tired to even drive in the first place?
And that's going to be going in Toyota Saab everything in the next two years.
And then you have cases with the GPS tracking where police have just randomly fitted these to vehicles to track people under suspicion, not even under any charge.
And then with these toll roads, which, as the caller mentioned, and as you mentioned, section off entire farming communities, and this is in towns, whereby farmers will have to drive 80, 90 miles up the highway just to get the exit onto the other side of their farm.
And then no one can exit to their town.
I mean, it is blasphemous.
And as the USA Today piece said, no consultation, 90 plus percent of people against it, but they're just going to do it anyway.
It's going to take 50 years, they say, but I'm sure by that time... That's not true.
Five years ago, they were already building it all.
The toll system's onto the roads.
They've already put up the readers.
It's going to be here in Austin in two years.
Well, that's how long it took them to get it into London, which is the biggest city in England, obviously.
So, again, that 50-year figure seems to be pretty off.
Well, they say that to make people not understand what's happening.
Yeah, and they say it's to make people think, oh, well, 50 years, you know, I might be dead in 50 years, so why should I bother?
No, Rick Perry's plan is that within two years, every major state road, folks, you'll be automatically debited out of your account as you drive.
Yeah, which means an automatic transponder on your car, which means GPS tracking, which means controlled mobility.
Listen, I'll have to pay $2 to go to the grocery store.
There will be two gas stations I can get to and two restaurants without going on a toll road.
No grocery stores, nothing.
To go to work every day, I'll pay $2 to and from.
And that's if I just use one road.
Well, that sounds like freedom, Paul.
Well, exactly.
I mean, Carl mentioned the government buying out the farm owners.
And that's exactly what Stalin did.
You know, these state-controlled plantations where the government controlled everything.
It's what the EU's trying to do in Britain with their farming policies and things like telling the fishermen that they can't fish for cod.
There's a cap on fishing.
And they dictate, you know, when they can go out and fish.
It's all about centralisation.
But the big corporations, they get the green light.
We'll be right back.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, Terry, Ken, Bill, Jim, Harvey, others, your calls are coming up in the next hour, early in the next hour.
I want to right now, before we get into CIA attempted assassinations and troop assassinations of journalists and others who turn out to be government officials tremendously.
We know they've been killing reporters, and we have a whole section of mainstream news where they admit they target and kill Russian reporters.
I want to talk about all these articles like this one, Homosexuals Control Bush White House.
Now, with this Gannon character, and just all of these mainstream reports of the male prostitutes, the underage prostitutes, all of this going on, and how this is a tool of control, why do you think they're letting all this come out now?
Well, it's because it compromises people, basically.
This Gannon thing is being kept quite well under wraps for the scandal it really is.
I mean, the White House giving people press credentials so they can throw softball questions at Bush.
Yeah, mainly they kind of... They don't even cover that.
They just say, how do we get fake reporters?
Oh, it's the alternative media.
See, they're fake when... Oh, look, he's a blogger when he's paid by the White House.
Yeah, and they tried to, when it happened, they tried to define journalism itself by saying that, well, if somebody calls themselves a journalist, writes a blog, then they're a journalist.
But before this canon thing broke, they were calling for clamping down on bloggers and journalists who did that.
So they just flip-flopped between two different definitions.
I saw CNN and The Daily Show and a couple others, and they made fun of the alternative media.
This isn't alternative media.
This is a government op.
The question is, why was he in there?
And the answer is that the top reporters are homosexuals.
They're gay because they use this on each other for inside info.
And everybody knows major books have now been written about, you know, one of the biggest, quote, Internet journalists and his taste and how he gets his information.
But this Gannon goes a lot deeper, and now we learn that...
That Hunter S. Thompson was working on a story about this when he died.
Well, exactly.
So the question becomes whether Gannon himself will be conveniently suicided as others before him were.
Yeah, now they're claiming he's going to do a book, but I think that he may put out disinfo that's discredited on purpose, then covering up all the real scandals.
Well, yeah, they're going to use him as a steam valve, much like the journalist who released the so-called Bush tapes with a steam valve.
The real story is why he was in the White House in the first place.
Everything that will follow, now that this has been made public, will be a steam valve to say, you know, he had inside access.
Well, I'd say 80% chance it's a steam valve, a disinfo.
20% chance he's being protected by another syndicate.
This is being used as a blackmail op.
Well, yeah, and obviously, if he isn't being protected, then we will see the results of that.
If he's become a loose cannon, who's got information which could bury certain figures in the White House, then he will be taken care of.
That's obvious, but...
People have got just as much information on him as he's got on them, probably.
We need to take that 1989 headline, Washington Times, underage, callboy ring out of the White House, midnight tours of the White House.
We need to post that original article with all these articles, kind of create a section on that.
Can we do that?
And now we've got this Moscow Gazette, Russian paper saying that Gannon's a... Your phone just cut out.
You still there?
We'll have to reconnect.
We lost our connection across the Atlantic Ocean to Paul Watson.
We'll start the third hour, get into all this other news, and believe me, there's a lot of it.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Don't forget my new film, Martial Law.
9-1-1, rise of the police state is out.
Two hours, 35 minutes, my best work by far.
By leaps and bounds, by light years.
We're really proud of the film.
Got a bunch of other discounts still going on the other films.
Call toll free, 1-888-
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Stay with us, third hour, 70 seconds away.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
What's happening is, over 40% of the general public has left the mainstream media to the Internet.
And a lot of the stuff on the net's garbage, but more often than not, it's not.
And so...
Internet news services like this one break the stories about Gannon being a fake reporter, break the stories about Armstrong Williams, break the stories about the 76 million in, you know, fake news that's aired.
And so the media is forced, the old media, to spin it and try to put their propaganda on it.
But it's not working anymore.
I mean, they're really pulling their hair out.
It's not working on 9-11.
They're reacting to us now.
They'd rather not get on the air and go, the government didn't do 9-11, how dare you say it?
Is that just causes more people to look into it?
It's a losing proposition for the globalists.
We're going to go to your calls here in a few minutes, but Paul, what's some of the news?
I've got a bunch here I want to cover, but what's some of the other news you want to get to after we take some calls?
As I mentioned, the botched assassination attempt in Iraq of the journalist.
The high school kid who wrote a story about zombies and was arrested because they thought he had a plot to... And they admit in the article that it's living dead coming out of the ground.
His grandparents turned him in, though.
That's... Very good, decent behavior.
But they genuinely believe that this zombie story was a terrorist threat.
All right, we're going to cover that.
What else?
Just the rest of the police day news, whatever the calls want to throw up.
Yeah, there's a lot, folks.
It's all coming up right now.
Let's go to Terry in Wisconsin.
Terry, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, what's up, Alex?
We're going out globally.
Yeah, I would have called earlier, but I felt I had to have something worth contributing.
Okay, I work at a paint factory up here, and we send products sometimes to Canada.
What's on your mind?
Yes, sir.
And I program the thicker machine that puts out a barcode
And everything that goes on a carton as it goes down the line.
And it said, Made in USA in English.
And then in French it said, Made in EU.
And that happened again recently.
I bought a part over the weekend for the car.
The transmission cooling line.
Made in America.
It said, Made in USA.
And then in Spanish it said, Meco en EUA.
So I take the mean European Union of the Americas.
How about it?
Well, it's the Union of American States.
Well, I mean, I got USA Today here telling you what we've been telling you for more than five years, really.
The Pan-American Union, this main NAFTA corridor, toll roads nationwide, and total legalization of everybody.
That was in the National ID card passed in December.
And this is the real deal, sir.
They're already doing it.
Look, Paul, you're... That's the point that really freaked me out, was they already consider us in it.
We're already merging our Social Security, merging our laws, getting rid of the borders.
Look, they told the Europeans the EU was an economic deal.
Then they just announced, by the way, it doesn't matter if 80% of you are against it, you're under the EU and you can't vote to get out of it, and by the way, you don't have any rights to free speech.
Paul, tell them all about it.
Well, like Tony Blair has come out and said, if Britain votes no to a European constitution, on either the constitution itself or the single currency, they will just keep having more referendums until they vote yes.
But that's because England has more history of freedom because of the Runnymede and the rest of it, and your parliament in Europe, in the continent, no one ever had a chance to vote.
And then politicians that say they're against it, lone gunmen walk up and blow their heads off, and it turns out they're on government payroll.
Well, the government of Spain worked with the EU to produce news propaganda packages to inform the people about the European Constitution, and surprise, surprise, they overwhelmingly voted for it, those who did vote, because there was no one on the other side of the coin telling them the dangers of the European Constitution, which, if you read it, is a complete takeover of the law, foreign policy, agricultural policy, everything.
But it's presented to us as just another free trade development harmonization when it's the complete opposite.
All right, good point, Terry.
Oh, you got something else?
I got a question.
What is it?
That computer's online with a system called SAP, S-A-P.
I take that to be some kind of international thing.
Do you know anything about that?
No, I don't, sir.
It rings a bell in the dark corridors of my pea brain, but I'll try to figure it out for you.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It's really quite simple.
A criminal enterprise known as the New World Order has seized control of America and much of the world and is using those countries' economic systems as engines to take over the planet.
They've looted the Pentagon of over 2.4 trillion.
That's trillion.
2 trillion 400 billion in the last 10 years.
It's accelerating under Lord Bush.
They are massacring the Bill of Rights and Constitution, putting in giant toll roads everywhere to track and trace us.
Whatever you can imagine a criminal group would do if they were in control, they're doing.
And using space-age PR firms to spin it and sell it to you.
But it's not working.
You can have the flashiest PR garbage in the world, the best-sounding voices and faces to deliver it.
If people know it's a scam, it doesn't work.
And that's happening.
The globalists are losing right now.
That's why they're so dangerous.
And I think they're going to carry out a massive terror attack very soon to get us all back on track, worshipping them properly.
We've got a chance to expose it, ladies and gentlemen.
All right.
We're talking to Paul.
Joseph Watson, webmaster for PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
We're taking your calls.
We're going to get into... We know they've been killing members of the press, but they got caught doing it this time.
Caught trying to do it this time and caught trying to kill the wrong person.
But the Italians are real mad about that.
A whole lot more coming up, but let's get some more of these calls out of the way.
Ken in Iowa.
Ken, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
This is Dr. Ken Tennant.
Are you there?
Sir, I think you're on a speakerphone.
Is this better?
Yeah, it's a lot better.
Okay, thanks.
Yeah, I want to thank you for all the work you're doing, and John Stattmiller and Desi Anders as well.
Just to give you an update, I'm the doctor that was arrested by Homeland Security back in November.
No, I remember.
You were in the Quad City Times.
We had you on, and the head of Homeland Security in your area said you didn't threaten anyone, but calling too much was an act of terrorism.
Yeah, I was charged with harassment.
I went to Polk County Court yesterday.
By the way, Homeland Security came and arrested you.
Yeah, well, I went to sentencing yesterday.
What happened?
I was put on trial without any due process.
There was not even so much as a verifiable complaint issued.
So this is the new freedom as well?
You just went right to sentencing?
Well, basically.
They just skip, skip, skip.
And I went to sentencing yesterday.
I had filed a complaint.
With various authorities who, I guess, the judge in the case recused herself and then they put me before another judge.
It wasn't any better.
He went ahead.
I told him that I was going to exercise my right to elocution and could not be sentenced without the assistance of the counsel.
He said, well, he's going to go ahead and do it anyway.
I said, is that a judicial determination?
He said, yeah.
And I told him, I said, well, I'm putting the court on notice that your judicial determination is appealed.
In this case, can't proceed.
Well, didn't you know in America you don't get trials anymore?
That's what the Constitution says.
You do not get a trial.
Just like the Soviet Union, it's freedom.
Well, guess what?
This judge, he said, well, I'm going to defer judgment so that you have nothing to appeal, and I'm going to order that you be placed on informal probation for 12 months.
And he ordered me to pay administrative fees and also have a... Yeah, you've got to refuse those.
You've got to appeal it and put in a judicial complaint on him.
I told him I was going to add his name to a federal criminal complaint.
So you're going to have a conviction that was never even real.
That's correct.
That's correct.
And you know what?
The prosecutor at the time of the trial, after the trial, had said that he was going to recommend if...
There was a guilty verdict that he was going to recommend a maximum allowable fine of $500.
Well, for those that don't believe this, it was in the Quad City Times.
Just type in doctor arrested by Homeland Security.
It'll pop up.
It's in my new film, the new Marshall Law film that just came out.
We spent about 30 seconds on it, but I'll show you the news article.
And then next we show the Rubik's Cube article, Puffer Belly Toys, less than 2,000 square feet, no criminal record selling, and something that all toy stores sell, the Magic Cube.
The Rubik's Cube went out of patent a few years ago, so the Magic Cube was totally legal.
And in the Associated Press they checked, it was totally legal.
And on a civil matter, they showed up and threatened her with arrest if she didn't take it off her shelves.
And she said, Homeland Security did.
And she said, well, do you deal with toys now?
And they said, yes.
All infrastructure protection.
You'll be arrested as a terrorist.
No order, no piece of paper, no arrest.
Just take them off or you're arrested.
And we have in the case of the topless bars, bed rigging, pot dealing, the cameras in the school bathrooms by the schools, all this under the new freedom.
And so you're now going to appeal this, I guess.
But in the Quad City Times, it said that they had the Homeland Security head saying, you threaten no one, but you complained about not getting your benefits too much, and then someone who'd never even taken your calls, the head of the VA there, he signed the complaint.
Yeah, and he didn't even show up for trial.
There was four VA co-workers who all got together and said, hey, we've got to shut this guy up, and basically said... So no witnesses, no nothing.
The judge just says, no jury, no nothing.
You're guilty!
It's freedom!
Hold on just a second.
Let's get a comment from Paul Watson.
Well, I mean, you're lucky to even have a trial.
You know what the next step is, and that's what they're doing here in Britain right now, is to legislate arrest without trial, without evidence, which is what they're passing with this house arrest bill.
And of course, they've said now, the federal courts told the CIA they can't grab citizens and ship them off for torture, so Bush just says, hey, I hereby make the CIA independent even of me, do whatever you want.
But Bush can't say he's God, people!
He's also, this judge is also William Price.
He's also ordered me to undergo a psychological evaluation.
Again, the Soviet Union!
I've got an AP report here where troops that complained about rape and murder of detainees, they told them they were mentally ill.
You don't like the new freedom, you're mentally ill.
Now how does he order you to do that?
Well, under... Under your probation?
I was under duress.
I was under threats of incarceration.
It was a coercive... There was a deputy there, an armed deputy.
So I was under force of arms to go to this office down the hall.
But I did write on the paper that I was being forced and I did not agree to this.
This was under the threat of being thrown in jail for a lengthy period of time.
So what happened at the little office?
Well, uh...
Basically, they just gave me some paperwork, sentencing order paperwork.
Well, you've got to go ahead and appeal that and put it into another court.
Listen, stay in touch as it develops.
Thank you.
Folks, they actually say in the article he did nothing.
But it's an act of terrorism, so the Homeland Security came and arrested him.
Federal protective detail.
Let's go ahead now and go to...
Bill in New Jersey.
Bill, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Okay, I'm calling you from Oyster Bay, Long Island, the home of Theodore Roosevelt.
However, I go to New Jersey a fair amount of the time.
And with the tolls and the bridges, there's something called Easy Pass.
Yeah, it's a transponder.
We're going to get that here in Austin.
Yeah, and I call it Sleazy Pass.
And I was just in New York.
It's seven and a half dollars to go across the bridge.
That's the George Washington Bridge and another four to go over the Throg's Neck, because you have to go over one river, then you have to go over a second one to get to Long Island.
Seven and a half smackers.
Now, what do you think about this?
When you have nine toll booths in a plaza, only three accepts cash.
The other six.
Hey, Chicago Tribune, which we read in the federal plans they do, it was in the Chicago Tribune four months ago, they put them in all over the state and said, if you don't take a transponder, the toll is double.
So instead of four bucks, it's two bucks if you take the transponder.
They said the first day, two million people showed up to get their transponders.
Yeah, and the thing is that there was a case where there was a divorce case where a man said a man was then confronted by Easy Pass that was his wife's lawyer
Well, they caught the Bay Area.
They caught the Bay Area two years ago.
They put radio readers all over town in San Francisco that read the transponders, and that all goes in a databank already.
Now, another thing, and this is another comment, there is now a new strategy to separate the conservatives from the right to own and bear arms.
What it is, is that you have like Monica Crowley on ABC screaming her head off.
I don't want ellens to get their rights to vote.
No, no, no.
The NRA is arguing against the Second Amendment.
They're selling it as zero tolerance.
We're just going to fight the criminals.
And then now it's maximum enforcement of things that shouldn't even be a crime, like having the gun wrong in your house or your car or whatever.
And also stopping Al-Qaeda.
Right, but what I'm trying to say here is 80%.
Well, they now have the Feds prosecuting local gun violations at the state level.
Yeah, but what I'm trying to say here is, is that people who've never been violent and never did a property crime, it involves, you know, saying that you have violated the bureaucracy, not your neighbors.
It is not a misdemeanor, it is a felony.
No, I know, yeah.
And so therefore, you can't get your gun rights back for the rest of your life, and there are those who are selling it as conservative.
The idea is... I mean, look, they're selling open borders as conservative.
They're selling Schwarzenegger as conservative.
I mean, they're putting in Alberto Gonzalez and Chertoff, all these pro-abortion people.
Thanks for the call.
It's being hailed as wonderful.
Paul Watson?
Well, yeah, on the first point, taxing mobility again.
I mean, just look at what's happened with the red light cameras.
They've been caught faking the numbers for people going through red lights, sending them the bills, and people are just so busy.
I mean, everybody has this with any kind of service.
They just pay the bills and, you know, they don't have time to address it.
That's what's going to happen with the GPS transponders.
They're going to say you were in this place at this time, you went across this bridge,
Even if you didn't, most people are just going to pay the bill and shut up about it.
So it's also a giant slush fund on that point because they've been caught faking numbers before.
They're going to do it again.
Yeah, they've been caught giving a... San Diego pulled the red light cameras out because it's illegal.
Lockheed Martin was running it.
How is a computer and a private company giving you a ticket with no chance to challenge it?
Same thing here in Britain.
They're privatizing all the red light cameras, all the speed bumps and everything to private companies so they've got more motivation to make money out of it by faking the numbers, which is exactly what's happened.
Well, when you order a pizza, most chains, they run your background check, get 20% of any fines or fees.
All part of the new freedom.
We'll come back, get into more news and more calls.
Stay with us.
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Paul, we're going to come back to calls in the next segment, but let's get into killing reporters.
I mean, we have a giant section on prisonplanet.com, but they have this CNN executive come out and say, I know they're killing reporters.
They go, show us the facts.
Then they fire him when it's all over the news.
They admit they've been killing reporters, been ordered to.
We're talking Americans here.
It's just been horrible.
And then now they tried to kill the wrong person, Paul.
Tell us all about it.
Well, for those who don't know, we have an Italian journalist, Giuliana Segrena.
She's kidnapped by an Iraqi group.
The Italian Secret Service negotiates their release.
A Secret Service agent escorts her out of the area.
We have the admission from the government that the shooting took place, but that it was a mistake, and then Sagrina comes out and says that the shooting was a deliberate attempt to kill her.
So the White House comes back and says that such an assertion is absurd, because of course they've never done anything like this in the past.
But as you mentioned, what you won't find in the Washington Post or New York Times cover stories is the fact that they admitted before the war even started that this was a policy.
Independent journalists would be targeted for assassination.
They told the BBC that television signals, satellite uplinks out of Iraq that weren't directly authorized by them would be fired down upon.
And an Abrams tank pulled right up, aimed at the ninth floor of the Baghdad Hotel and targeted Reuters, and then they admitted they did.
Yeah, and we've seen record numbers of journalists' deaths.
The Reuters cameraman, Mazan Dana... They drive right up to him on camera, blow his head off.
Yeah, because he was filming mass graves of U.S.
troops, according to his brother, just outside Abu Ghraib prison.
He's clearly wearing media tags and clothing.
Two tanks roll up and fire six shots.
And they didn't even confiscate the video.
They just drive right up and shoot him.
Yeah, and the other journalists who were trying to help him were then scared away by the soldiers aiming guns at them.
They described it as, it appeared as if they'd just gone crazy.
We have another dozen examples of the same thing on prisonplanet.com.
So is it really that absurd, as the White House says, to suggest that they deliberately killed her when it's policy that they admitted to and then carried out in this brutal fashion over the next two years after they admitted it?
And I mean, just look at the mindset.
I mean, we have this Lieutenant General James Mattis give the press conference saying how much fun it is to shoot people.
Neocon journalist like New Republic, Tom Frank, calls for killing anti-war journalists with bunker busters.
And as it turns out, Sagrina had written articles on Abu Ghraib and the use of napalm and other banned weapons in Fallujah.
But even more importantly in my view is the fact that during the time she was held hostage by the group, there was a threat made that the group would kill her if Italian troops didn't pull out of Iraq.
The only problem with that is that the group came back to her and said that they had never made such a threat.
So, I mean, what does that tell us?
Well, we have that peace activist married to an Iraqi.
They're exposing it.
She gets grabbed.
They blow her head off.
And then it's admitted in the BBC that it was blonde-haired men with Iraqi security forces in suits came and arrested her.
Then they kill her and blame it on al-Zawahiri.
I mean, it's ridiculous, people.
Yeah, I mean, this tells us that they're putting out fake statements by fake jihad groups to try and maintain the facade that this resistance is run by brutal terrorists under the direction of Al-Qaeda, Iran, Syria, or whoever else they want to bomb next.
So the cover-ups in full swing were supposed to believe that this was a checkpoint in the middle of a busy area and that the car was racing towards it.
It was actually a private road just outside the airport, solely controlled by the U.S.
And then these neocon blogs put out fake pictures of a car showing no bullet damage.
Well, that's right.
That's now admitted.
These White House-directed sites put out fake info.
Yeah, and it's a completely different car.
So they're saying, oh, look at this car.
It's got no bullet damage.
It sure doesn't look like she went through... They're the same ones that put out porno photos of women being raped.
So on purpose it comes out that it's fake.
Then the news media, a week after it's proven to be fake, runs the pictures again just so they can apologize and discredit.
Yeah, that's what the Boston Herald did the last time that happened.
So, clearly it was a botched assassination attempt, or at least, as others have speculated, a warning to any other independent journalist in Iraq to show complete fealty, otherwise they're next.
From front to back, that's what it looks like.
Talk about mafia tactics.
And they've got the Salvador option running in Iraq.
Death Squad, they've admitted to it now.
They've even hired the former Salvadorian Death Squad commanders.
Yeah, they've got Negro Ponty back, who ran all that in Salvador back in the 80s.
And now he's going to run every security agency in the U.S.
Boy, that's great.
We'll be right back with your calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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This week I play the old 1936 government-funded reefer madness where you smoke marijuana and you go out and mass murder people to show you the propaganda.
And I kind of voice over it live on TV last Tuesday night.
And so you got that.
Now that's going up tomorrow.
That's the kind of stuff that's on the site, prisonplanet.tv.
Paul, I want to get into, and your phone sounds a little muffled, so you might get closer or further away, I'm not sure.
I want to get into your take on the Popular Mechanics hit piece on myself and, of course, Prison Planet.
And then I wanted to get into some of the other news items after we take some calls.
But let's go ahead and spend a little bit more time on Popular Mechanics.
This is your desperation hit piece.
Well, obviously, we have Michael Chertoff, new Secretary of Homeland Security, an organization whose creation and justification was born out of the official...
Explanation behind 9-11.
So it makes sense that his cousin would be out there peddling it in the face of it being destroyed by everybody on the internet.
As I said before, it's in the same league as Gannon and Armstrong.
It's paid government propaganda.
And the one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb from reading the transcripts is the very questions that weren't raised in the hit piece and the ones in which you pleaded with them to cover.
Whenever they're raised, Ben Chirt off this editor doesn't have an answer for them or he simply makes one up that covers his tracks.
Let me ask something.
I notice that their advertisers are the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, OnStar, Delta Airlines.
So to talk about being paid for, I mean, it's pretty obvious.
We had an article talking about the past stories which they had shilled for the government on.
But with this current one, take the Silverstein pull it quote, for example.
Chertoff says that when Silverstein said pull it, he meant evacuate the building.
Well, we've already proven, as is shown in the PBS documentary, that pull is the industry term for demolition.
Yeah, he says everybody evacuated the building, and we couldn't save it, he thought, so we wanted to save lives, so we gave the order to pull it and watched it come down.
Then we have on the same video, they say pull it means demolish.
They run a million five in ads in New York saying he did it.
He won't even respond.
Yeah, Silverstein says after such a terrible loss of life, the decision was made to pull it.
Meaning after the Twin Towers had collapsed.
And Giuliani's team evacuated Building 7 just before the Twin Towers collapsed.
And told Peter Jennings they did it because it was going to be brought down.
Yeah, so there's a major timescale error in what Chertoff is trying to say.
The building was evacuated hours before it collapsed.
Silverstein says we had made the decision to pull and then watched it collapse.
The two actions are in the same time frame.
And of course the AP photographers and the firemen on the ground who went public to say they were told to get away from the building because it was about to be demolished.
And just the very evidence that it was a demolition, the fact that it was further away from other buildings which survived.
It got the classic crimp where they blow out the central columns first so it falls in on itself, the neat little pile.
Yeah, and then looking at this building in Madrid, which burned straight for two days on multiple floors, didn't collapse.
100-foot white flames!
Yeah, absolutely searing.
And then you look at pictures of World Trade Center 7...
An hour or so before it collapsed, three at maximum, what you would call office fires.
They could have put them out with, you know, one line.
As the firemen were saying in the Twin Towers, the same situation.
You know, fires are dying down.
And it already cooled down to the point in the North Tower that the firemen are going, two small fires left.
The people are standing in the holes.
We're supposedly the hottest.
But it wouldn't melt flesh, but it would melt four-foot steel columns.
Yeah, so again, that's how they're trying to counter the... I mean, if Silverstein meant evacuate when he said pull it, why hasn't he issued a statement in the light of all this attention?
I called his office myself a dozen times.
Before I went on air, I called him.
I said, do you have a comment?
I waited a week and went public.
And then the timescale problem with what Chertoff is trying to say.
So, I mean, if that's the only comeback they have for the key issues, then obviously...
We're good to go.
Well, I think by him doing this reactionary move, it's going to make more people get interested.
Well, exactly, because, I mean, if they're throwing out names of the people they're attacking, then anyone with any semblance of a balanced mind is going to, you know, type your name into Google, type anyone's name, Eric Hush, you know, Jim Mars, and going to see what they're saying and get the opposite side of the equation.
And when they compare the two accounts of what we said happened, what they said happened, with the evidence, which obviously is heavily favored to the truth... Well, I mean, here's an example, and then I'm going to shop about it.
They say that only one plane in the ten years before 9-11 was F-16 intercepted.
Then we go to the very NORAD spokesman they used for that, and he says 68 times in the year before 9-11.
Everybody's heard the stories before 9-11 where the plane gets off course and F-16s fly up next to it.
I mean, everybody knows that without even checking it out, but go check it out!
And then I call their office and I've sent a letter.
You should send it too and go, are you going to retract this?
Are you going to fix this in your next issue?
Paul, do a test.
Go to their blog, they've now got on popularmechanics.com, write a response on their blog, see if they post it.
Because they know, they say write your comments, and I know people who've done it, and they say that the comments don't go up.
Right, if you put a link to that on, well, if I put it on my website, I know it's already been on other websites out there, which are even bigger than ours, then you're going to get hundreds of people writing comments.
So yeah, obviously they're censoring those comments.
Well, it's a desperation move and it's not going to work.
But, I mean, it's just incredible.
The oldest firefighting group in the country, Firefighter Engineering, said it's a cover-up and the steel couldn't have done that.
The underwriters, Mr. Ryan went public right before he got fired and said it was a fraud.
We've had the heads of major engineering universities say it's a fraud.
We've had the chief engineer of the tower say it's a fraud.
Of course, they all died shortly after.
Yeah, and firefighters say no bombs going off.
I mean, you talk to people in martial law who were there on the day all saying bombs were going off.
It's cast iron.
The planes were the diversion.
That's the point to underline.
Those buildings were set to be demolished long before 9-11.
The planes were just the diversion that gave them the justification to do it.
And we know, certainly financially at least, who benefited from that.
Marvin Bush, the last day of security on the World Trade Center.
Larry Stilberstein with the $500 million payout trying to get double to claim it was a double attack.
There's Tweed Bono.
There's who benefited, and there's the evidence for how they did it.
Well, he did get the 7 bill, by the way.
He trailed it first.
He did get it at his two events.
On a first $100 million, a total investment of $200 million, and he made $6,800,000,000.
That's quite a profit.
And then he takes out insurance on the Steve's Towers.
Not very wise to be hanging around that area.
When you go to that report, all the sponsors for it online are Delta Airlines.
Man, are you talking about obvious?
It is a desperate lunge, and from what I've seen, it hasn't worked.
It's only got people more invigorated to counter that sort of thing.
So if there's a big backlash against it, then people on the outside are going to see both sides of it, and they're going to look into it for themselves and see the truth.
Well, the whole thing's a straw man, and...
They wouldn't discuss public officials warned not to fly.
That was cast iron.
They wouldn't discuss insider trading by Buzzy Crongard, who now tells the Times of London, believe Bin Laden alone, we don't want to capture him, and they admit they made a deal not to.
I mean, this is admitted now, folks.
They don't want to discuss that, the drills on 9-11.
They say that Payne Stewart F-16s were launched took an hour and 22 minutes.
They didn't find out the plane was off course for an hour and 22 minutes after takeoff.
USA Today reported 18 minutes after they found out it was surrounded.
USA Today!
I mean, it's shoddy!
But they use the word fact, fact, fact, fact, fact.
You know, it's like Rumsfeld.
I never said there were weapons of mass destruction.
It's a fact.
Remember on Face the Nation?
It's an urban legend, Paul.
Yeah, they're trying to dress it up as fact now.
That's how they've changed their tactics.
I remember an ABC News article in, I think it was November, December of 01, where they said, you know, conspiracy theorists think an alternative explanation is behind 9-11.
Aliens did it.
So then they were just laughing at it.
Now they're trying to dress it up in this veneer of, oh, we got our top serious researchers onto this and managed to disprove it all.
So they're having to shift bases, shift tactics.
And they call up to the government.
They call the government, the NORAD people, and of course they refute us.
It's like, Mr. Capone, is it true you did this?
Of course not.
Well, see, Mr. Capone says he didn't do it.
Well, I mean, they're from the Straussian school of philosophy, the noble lie, which means that they can tell a lie about an event because it's for the greater good.
Remember what Karl Rove told the New York Times.
We're an empire now.
We control reality.
It's not lying because we change reality day to day.
They've defined their own version of reality, so lying, in effect, doesn't exist.
Well, remember the six-month debate?
There are weapons of mass destruction, there are weapons of mass destruction.
Now, we never said it, and now neocons went through, it doesn't matter if there weren't any, to now, we never said it, it's a lie.
It's a made-up lie, and the liberals are lying.
No, the Hillarys and the Schumers and the Liebermans of the world are all voting for the war.
And Hillary's come out and said that Syria needs to be punished as well.
As the Syrian Prime Minister comes out and says, I am not Saddam Hussein, because he thinks that most Americans can't differentiate between the latest evil despot that needs to be taken out.
It's amazing that they seem to go after the countries that display more fealty towards them, like Syria.
Where is North Korea?
Syria does whatever they're told, lets inspectors in, pulls their troops out, just follows every order,
And then they go, we're going to get you.
We're going to get you.
But then North Korea, ha ha, I kill you American!
And in Pakistan, we will kill American troops.
Oh, yes, sir.
Yes, sir, Pakistan.
We'll do whatever you say.
But the countries that grovel are just, we're going to slaughter you.
And that's the same thing happening in Iraq?
It's because they don't have WMDs.
I mean, we're not saying that they're the bastion of freedom or anything, but certainly... Well, actually, they're the countries... Syria has hundreds of Christian churches, Europeans vacation there.
Exactly, sir.
Iraq was the same line.
Well, you can compare it to North Korea, where they've got this network of gulags, you know, 200,000 people... They openly sell people's flesh at the side shops.
Yeah, so there's no invasion of North Korea, mainly because they want to get... China's now saying they may openly invade Taiwan.
And Bush has said, yeah, Taiwan's not invited to my little meeting, my little coronation.
And six months ago they took all the caps off transporting high-grade military technology back to China again.
Something Bill Clinton got in trouble for.
Let's take calls here.
Again, folks, we're not liberal or conservative.
We love freedom.
It's a joke!
Bush is getting rid of your borders, going to put toll roads in every state?
I mean, it's just insane.
Who's up next here?
I guess Jim in Texas.
No, is Jim next?
And then Harry?
Go ahead, Jim, you're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
Long time since I've talked to you.
I'm going to talk to you.
What's on your mind?
I sent you a copy of a book.
Maybe the people have the answers?
Pat Shannon?
Yeah, Pat Shannon, sure.
Have you had a chance to read any of it?
No, I haven't.
I've been making a film.
Oh, you haven't?
I haven't.
Well, it's like rolling a hand grenade under the president, I understand.
I've read the book, and it sure...
So damn honest and straightforward.
It's unbelievable.
Well, I'll read it, and I do want to get Pat on the show.
But I don't want anybody to hurt the president.
He's just a puppet, and that would help the globalists.
Absolutely not.
No, I know it's an analogy, but... Well, no, it's not even that.
It's a lot about economics in 1932, and I think you'll like it.
Well, I'll tell you what.
I'll get Pat on, okay?
I was going to have him on, and he said, well, you've got to read my book first, so I may never be able to have him on, because I'm still working only 14 hours a day.
I've allowed myself a delicious eight-hour sleep last night.
Well, do read the book.
All right, my friend.
Good to hear from you.
Call back.
Let's talk to Harry in...
New Jersey.
You're on the air, Harry.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Listen, I want to mention two books that I've been reading.
Hi, Paul.
One is Rule by Secrecy by Jim Mars.
And it talks about the CFR, Biden, the Bilderbergers, all of them.
Who are openly on TV calling for world government, but it doesn't exist.
I know what you mean.
And the other book I got is Confession of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins.
Yeah, we've got him on.
Oh, good, good.
But, I mean, this is real interesting stuff, how they control everything.
And, you know, it's unbelievable.
And, you know, another thing I'd like to mention, you know, our military must be the dumbest military in the world, because up here, what, when a global hawk hits the Pentagon, and nobody in the whole damn Pentagon can figure out where the hell the damn terrorists are, it's really a sad day in this country, if you ask me.
Well, I appreciate your comments.
We'll be right back with two final calls.
Chris and Stan, transmission continues.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
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All right.
We're about to close out the transmission here, but we're going to talk to Chris and Stan and a few others before we end.
But, Paul, they're talking about Bono, who rhymes with guano, this nice little pretty face on helping the third world.
Forcing the AIDS injections on them and...
Taking all their freedoms.
Oh, it's the World Bank head.
It's going to be him or Wolfowitz.
Boy, I mean, pick your poison, Paul.
Well, yeah, I mean, Bono, the champion of the downtrodden poor masses.
This is the same guy who had a special hat flown on a private jet from London to Los Angeles.
So he's definitely a champion of the needy.
Yeah, they're going to put him in as the darling of the left.
Well, they're talking about putting him in.
Yeah, a nice face on it for all their criminal activities.
Buffett deepens dollar worries.
Buffett, who's an American who's trying to get Arnold into the White House, charging around for Lord Rothschild, who they all hang out with, bad-mouthing the dollar, saying it's going to completely plunge.
Paul, that's very patriotic.
Well, yeah, but he's all apologetic about it, you see.
He didn't really mean to make it plunge even more.
It was just a private speculation.
Yeah, he made $3 billion, but it's all right.
It's all part of the freedom.
Let's talk to Chris in Kentucky.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Chris.
Alex, thank you.
I was watching the Peter Jennings last night about the CIA and torture.
They make it sound so good.
It's just this conditioning.
It's just so... Well, Joseph Mingalo was good.
I mean, this is freedom, sir.
It certainly is freedom.
It really is.
And, oh, by the way, Thursday, Lord Bush is going to be here in Louisville, Kentucky.
And when I listened to a local talk show this morning, what is all this controlled atmosphere?
That must be all the black...
And a ski mask, and you can't go near a bush, you can't do this, you can't do that, probably.
Can't protest for security?
Well, it's his freedom, sir.
It certainly is, and they'll probably have their gates up there away from the protesters because they're terrorists.
You know, that's just part of the new freedom.
And if anybody gets too close or does anything wrong, well, I guess the CIA will have to torch them somewhere.
That's just so good for America.
Well, it is.
We've got to keep the border wide open, though, and build a new Pan-American Highway that USA Today finally told people about today.
Yep, and that's really good news.
Every major road in Texas and every other state, but starting with Texas and five other states, will be toll roads in the next two to four years.
And that's freedom, too, sir.
That's conservative.
That's absolutely conservative.
And then you go to the retail stores, the IFD microchips, and tracking wherever you go.
That's just the new freedom.
Doesn't exist, though.
At the very same time they're putting it in, we're cooks because we say it exists.
That's right.
Got to learn how this works.
Thank you, Chris.
Thank you.
Stan in Illinois, you're on the air.
Last caller, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
It's Stacey, actually.
I apologize.
Go ahead.
I'm getting to this kind of late, and I know this might merit some more time tomorrow, possibly.
And your phone sounds like an electric razor, but we love your call.
I'm so sorry.
I'll switch phones next time.
Let's talk very quickly.
There have been four deaths since basically the breaking of Gannon Gate on January 26th that are all related to Jeff Gannon.
You have Hunter S. Thompson, who has apparently been suicided.
You have the two left cow murders for Judge Left Cow in Chicago.
And then you have also Bush's media advisor, R. Gregory Stevens, who died very mysteriously over a week ago at Carrie Fisher's house in Hollywood.
And this was not even reported until a week later.
Send it all.
Send it to Paul.
Go to Prison Planet.
It says email webmaster.
Send it to Paul.
It is very suspicious.
And Thompson was working on this article.
We talked to a Globe and Mail reporter.
He was working on the sex
And all of those people that have died have some connection to Gannon, Jeff Gannon, Gosch, whatever his name is.
All right, anything else?
Nope, that's it.
All right, thanks a million.
I appreciate your call.
Paul, you've got 20 seconds.
Closing comments.
Well, yeah, now the Gannon thing is being linked with this Johnny Gosch who was part of the same sex slavery ring back in the early 80s.
So it's all very enlightening as to what these people are into.
Well, they call it Christian conservatism, but I don't.
As a Christian, I find it very offensive.
But, you know, I guess that's the freedom, Paul.
The new freedom.
Their freedom to enslave us and feed on us.
Thanks for coming on, my friend.
Thanks, Alex.
Don't forget PrisonPlanet.tv.
The new film, Martial Laws, out.
Get it today.
God bless you.