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Air Date: Feb. 28, 2005
1787 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of the Alex Jones Show.
And of course, it's already Monday, the 28th day of February 2005.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
And you haven't been on with us in about a month.
Paul Joseph Watson, the webmaster for PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv will be joining us in the second and third hour and we'll have, as I said, open phone lines and we'll cover all of the news.
In fact, I want to have open phones today.
Any issue, any news item, any topic, any piece of propaganda you want to decipher or cover, it's wide open.
And we'll get you up and on the air.
Lord Schwarzenegger is shrugging off presidential bid while still pushing to get... That's right.
Article 2, Clause 5 of the U.S.
Constitution changed.
And this has been their strategy all along.
A new book coming out by the Kennedy biographer, an authorized biographer.
He talks about how this is part of their strategy to put him into the White House, but they know how dumb we are.
Most people won't read that autobiography, so that is coming up.
I wish that was the truth, because then I could spend my time on better things than focusing on Arnold Alos, I'm from Austria, and America isn't my homeland, but I want to be your Fuhrer Schwarzenegger.
A bunch of news coming out about nanotechnology, military use of nanotechnology, the coming scary war of nanobots and nanomaterials, the invisible deadly nanobombs.
Yes, this is out of India Daily, and another one here out of United Press International, NanoWorld, edible nanotech on the horizon.
And this out of United Press International.
What is nanotechnology?
I know most of you probably know, but we'll get into a little bit of detail on that.
World government!
Worldwide anti-tobacco treaty takes effect.
And what is it?
The beginning of world taxation.
But it's to stop that evil tobacco.
So they tell us that it's okay.
More on the expansion of the National ID Card.
They have introduced, of course, a second national ID card bill.
One passed in December of last year, three months ago.
They've now introduced a bill that passed the House a couple weeks ago that will radically expand it, giving us a Pan-American ID card, giving the government unlimited terrorism powers.
It even has Patriot II-type provisions in it.
Ron Paul has been warning the public about this strenuously.
Well, now they've got it in the Senate, and the headline is, Diverse Groups Fear Driver's License Bill.
So we'll cover that first when we get back this from the Associated Press.
And I also want to get into the situation taking place today.
In Iraq, there have been more bombings over the weekend, more troops being killed.
It's just getting worse and worse and worse.
But the people in the ivory towers running things just say, hey, we're winning.
There's no problem.
Yeah, because there's no cost to them, just to our troops.
They don't care.
And the whole thing was built on the foundation of complete lies.
So I want to
Talk a little bit about that as well.
We'll take your calls coming up in the next segment on this Monday edition.
And don't forget InfoWars.net and JonesReport.com.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back on the other side.
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Big Brother.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, it's Monday.
We're into the second segment.
Eight minutes, 45 seconds in.
Wide open telephones.
Paul Watson joining us with his report from the prison planet in the second and third hour.
Hadn't been on with a month.
And we look forward to his report and all the news that he's going to be joining us to cover.
We'll be taking your calls, of course, throughout the broadcast and covering all the really important news.
And it's all posted at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, so definitely check it out today.
Diverse groups fear driver's license bill.
This is out of the Associated Press.
A proposal to stop potential terrorists from getting in to the U.S.
and getting a driver's license may turn the license into a national ID card or help the government track gun purchases opponents fear.
Now let's stop right there.
The bill they passed in December of last year turned the driver's license into a national ID card.
And they do this over and over again.
They pass Patriot Act I, and then when they want to pass Patriot Act II, they say, oh, it's up to be sunsetted.
We need to reauthorize it when the real sections of the Patriot Act that take our liberties are not sunsetted.
So it's the same thing here.
It's, oh, we need this to standardize the driver's license.
They already did that last year.
This new one, and we've read the bill on air, we've had Ron Paul's office on, we've read all the news reports on it, we've got the bill posted.
It sets up internal checkpoints.
It creates a Pan American Union ID card.
It's got weird language about the White House being able to suspend any law selectively that they don't like and says they're above the law.
It's like Alberto Gonzalez wrote it or something.
And it actually says that all the states will have to accept the consular matricula card from all the illegal aliens from 30-plus countries.
So it actually makes it easier for the illegal aliens, and that's why Ron Paul, Congressman, wrote the article, The National ID Card Trojan Horse, because it is a Trojan horse.
So the average person reading this article in the Associated Press will go, Oh, well, what they're doing here is...
Protecting us from terror.
It has nothing to do with that.
But it does have to deal with every gun purchase being tracked.
That is true.
Being registered and a lot more.
Conservatives, it continues, civil libertarians, gun owners and others share such concerns about a White House passed bill that broadly rewrites the rules for licenses and is portrayed as an anti-terrorism tool.
They fear the licenses, like social security numbers, could be used for purposes well beyond their original intent.
What do you think the White House and their private companies like Choice Point are already doing?
350,000 people.
As of last year, I'm told the numbers have gotten larger, are already on the no-fly list.
You've heard of the senators and the congressmen and women who can't fly.
There's like four or five of them now.
That's just people in government, you know, in the legislative branch.
350,000 people and they just go, sorry, can't fly, we won't tell you why.
Bad credit gets you on the list.
They have said that the same system will be used for getting a license which is federally standardized and controlled.
These opponents say the measure passed by 261 and 161 vote last month and supported by the White House.
Even could make it possible for the government to monitor people's movements in the country through a chip in the license.
That's in the bill.
Oh, I forgot about that part.
And then now Visa has announced in the next two years they're going to phase out all their cards where they all have a chip in them and you'll no longer swipe them.
No, now it'll just read your card and
They've already been putting these in Easy Passes and in transponders and in your car and in the Easy Pass at Exxon that you wave in front of the gas pump.
Now they get to read and scan you.
And then all the goods that you're buying at Walmart or whatever store you're shopping at, they'll all have RFID in them that they've already announced.
If you're a supplier to us, you're going to have to put it in, or we're not going to buy from you.
And then as you go around the store, smart shelves read what you're putting in, and then it tabulates it and attaches it to your name when you go up and pay.
And then some say, well, what do I have to hide?
If I don't have anything to hide, I shouldn't worry about this.
Folks, this is America.
Just common sense tells you throughout history that corrupt, tyrannical governments try to track and trace the public.
They're minions.
They're slaves.
And the government's making everything it does secret while taking all of our freedoms.
Supporters of this don't seem to have the ability to look beyond how the system they are putting in place can change.
They can see how it can change.
Metamorphosis into a national ID card, said Steve Lilenthal, director of the Free Congress Foundation Center for Privacy and Technology.
The House passed the legislation February 10th.
Supporters promote the bill, which the Senate has yet to consider as yet a way to fight terrorism.
Under the measure, states must verify they are giving licenses to U.S.
citizens and legal residents.
If they fail to do so, the federal officers...
Cannot accept licenses from recipients of those states as proof of identity to get on an airplane or into a federal building, for example.
Look, Texas in 93 under Bill Clinton started face scanning, digital photo, and thumb printing biometrically.
Last time I checked, 48 states already have this in place.
They've already done it.
Now they've just made it the law last year, and they're beefing it up and expanding it this year.
Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Springfield, Virginia-based Gun Owners of America, says the bill hands an open-ended blank check to the government to collect information about people.
And it goes on and on.
Very long article.
You ought to go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
You can go read it there.
I've got a bunch of other news coming up about...
Hey, Alex.
There's a few things I want to say.
First of all, the other day on letsroll911.org, I'm sure you've heard of it.
I believe you've had an interview with the webmaster, Phil Jahan, before.
We had these ads running on there from Google, and Google sent Phil an email saying that the content on the website is too sensitive, so they're cutting off the ads.
And then they got into this argument, and that shows that Google is on the side of covering up 9-11.
That they cut off the revenue for Let's Roll.
I wanted to say that to start off.
And next, another thing is, for anybody who likes rap out there, there's a really good artist who spreads the truth of 9-11 in many of his songs.
His name is Immortal Technique, so if anybody out there likes rap or has any friends that like rap, introduce them to Immortal Technique.
He's a very good rapper, and he has a lot of good messages in his songs.
And I have two questions.
Yeah, there's another one.
Have you heard Paris?
I'm not sure.
I think I might have heard the name.
It's excellent.
It's all about the New World Order.
All right.
It's very well done.
It doesn't sound like most of that so-called hip-hop.
What else is on your mind, Eric?
All right, I have two questions.
One, you're always talking about how you always read a lot of this stuff from government documents.
Do you have links to those documents posted on your website?
We link government documents on the websites almost every day, yes.
Oh, okay.
Like, you say you're always hearing, like, about them wanting to control us and stuff.
Do you have links to documents like that?
Well, I mean, yeah.
I mean, here's one out of about probably 300, 400 articles we've posted in the last few years about control.
Back in July of 2000, the United Nations was having a UNIDIR.
That's their division for arms control, small arms control.
They had a gun control summit in New York.
And the Unidear press release was on the UN website that we have linked on Infowars.com, saved on the site, somewhere in that labyrinth of archives.
But just type Unidear into the search engine on Infowars, it should come up.
And it said that civilian ownership of firearms threatens a legitimate power monopoly of the state.
Well, what's a power monopoly of the state?
That's when the state has the total power.
A monopoly of power, that's called a dictatorship.
So, see, there's just one document.
There are just countless government documents about how to control populations.
Thanks for the call, Eric.
In fact, here's another example.
I hate to plug this guy's book, but in the Grand Chessboard, written by Brzezinski, just type Grand Chessboard quotes Brzezinski into a search engine, and you'll find the quotes without having to buy the book.
And in his book, he says, back in 97, we need Pearl Harbor-type terror attacks.
Those would be helpful to get a war going, to get control of the slaves.
And we're called the slaves within the empire?
And how to get the slaves mobilized?
Just a lot of chilling statements.
I mean, there's countless places, Rand Corporation documents, where they talk about how to control us, how to give us security information,
By tracking and controlling us.
And how to give the government more power.
So there's just... I mean, there's countless documents.
There's Pentagon documents about FEMA camps.
There's Pentagon documents about putting microchips in us forcibly.
I mean, it's like fish in the sea.
I'm like standing on the pier here fishing and you're saying, show me the fish.
You've just got to go look in my bucket.
So look in the bucket and you'll see the fish after.
There's a lot of them.
It's a bottomless bucket.
We'll be back with DJ, Joshua, Patrick, Chris, and others.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
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Straight back to your call, DJ.
You're on the air, DJ.
Where are you calling us from?
Well, that's probably a very exciting place then, DJ.
DJ, you there?
Okay, that caller's gone.
Joshua in South Carolina.
Joshua, go ahead.
Hey, Alex, I guess the DJ's from another planet.
Well, that happens sometimes.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I was just going to ask you two questions, if it's all right.
Okay, my first question is about Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I was watching, I got my friends, they like NASCAR and family, and we was watching about Arnold Schwarzenegger, and everyone in his whole house, except me, because I'm against this stuff, they all cheered.
They cheered because he'd flown the green flag, and he said, NASCAR is better, and all of a sudden, they asked him, where would you be weathered in NASCAR?
And he said, oh, I'd rather be back in my old place where I used to hang out with all my friends.
Hey, I'm totally confused.
I don't watch NASCAR, and so I'm ignorant on this.
I'm confused.
They were talking to Arnold at a NASCAR event?
Yes, this was on TV, so you probably don't know what I'm talking about.
But it was in California, so this whole thing was Arnold Schwarzenegger.
So it was a NASCAR race?
And then during, basically the whole event was turned into Schwarzenegger worship?
It was about like it.
What were they doing?
They had like big jumbotrons with him on them or what?
They had like, you know, big old symbols.
And then on the front of the whole symbol they had in the race was a symbol of a pyramid.
And my mom says it might be something for autism because they did have something like that.
I'm trying to understand.
But Arnold was there officiating?
But look.
Yes, I understand that.
But it is wall-to-wall Arnold worship everywhere.
Wouldn't he be a good president?
And so you're there with your family, and they just thought it was so cute that he liked NASCAR, too?
Yes, sir, he did.
It was just cheering.
They did.
What was Arnold doing?
I mean, I guess he started the race with the green flag.
Oh, the leader.
He's so good.
Oh, yeah.
We got to like him.
Oh, by the way, I want to say just another thing right quick.
We are terrorists because we hate Arnold Schwarzenegger.
We're terrorists.
So, that's all I'll say to that part.
And I was going to ask you another question right quick.
You know, on the website, your InfoWars website, I look on it every day.
This is about as much as CNN, Fox News, the bad guys.
We looked on the website.
I saw something about Uncle Bush.
Yeah, well, there's the former president's brother who's made just tens of millions of dollars himself.
War profiteering, and basically, in the past it's been illegal, it still is, but they just ignore the law.
Their friends and family and themselves are not supposed to make money off the contracts that they get past their Congress, or that they order the Pentagon to give.
And it's come out that Cheney actually runs the contracting program out of the Vice President's office.
I mean, it's the worst war profiteering we've ever seen.
Thanks for the call.
And it is despicable, but they're just doing it.
Because nobody's there to hold them accountable.
Let's talk to Patrick in Maryland.
Patrick, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for your welcome to Handful Liberty.
Well, thank you.
These driver's license IDs, the no-fly list, and other abominations, they're truly something to behold.
I have two questions today.
First off, based on your assessments, how much longer do you think it will be before the government finally abolishes cash?
Is it possible this abolition might be accomplished under some type of martial law
Well, I don't think they have to do that.
I mean, it's being phased out.
And Visa's going to the RFID chips for your plastic.
New projections are coming out by major industry think tanks that study this.
Cash is being used at all-time lows.
That's supposed to get even to a greater extent in the next year.
Cash is already being phased out.
Some businesses are already refusing to take cash.
That's true, yeah.
And then you see all these articles scaring people.
Cash is dirty.
They could put biological weapons on cash.
And again, it's about bringing total control, because when it's digital, it can all be tracked and traced.
And then if you're not a good globalist, they can simply turn your ID card off, and then you can't buy or sell, and you're in deep trouble.
One more question.
You want me to hold?
Yeah, but what's the question?
Okay, I have your book, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
I found it very helpful and informative.
What I'd like to ask is this.
Can you give four or five other books that you feel give a careful and comprehensive assessment and analysis of the New World Order and its real goals and objectives?
Stay there.
I'll try to answer the question on the other side.
Be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
Alright, folks, we're taking your calls.
And, of course, covering the news, Paul Watson coming up with a two-hour special news report.
We're going to cover just probably 50 different stories in the next two hours.
Coming up, though, I want to get into some of this...
Nanotech technology news, nanotech revolutionizing, revolutionizing, I'm inventing words, revolutionary trend in our world today.
I'm as bad as Jesse Jackson now in inventing new words.
But we were talking to Patrick in Maryland, and he was talking about my book, 9-11, Descent into Tyranny.
Not to be confused with 9-11, the film, The Road to Tyranny.
And you were asking about other books.
Patrick, there's so many other great books exposing the global crime syndicate, the New World Order.
Dr. Dennis Cuddy's books are excellent because they're mainly documents.
Charlotte Iserby's book, Deliberate Dumbing Down, about the Department of Education's admitted plan to dumb down our children.
I mean, she was the number two person at the Department of Education during the Reagan administration.
There are just hundreds of books, and there's so many different subjects they cover that I really couldn't do justice to all of them, but...
I personally, even though I've written a book, and of course Paul Watson's book that I published, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terror in the New World Order, if we don't expose that governments carry out terror attacks against themselves and their own populations to scare their people into submission, we're really going to lose this fight.
That's the key.
Problem, reaction, solution.
So obviously my book, Paul Watson's book, there's a lot of other great books out there, but I personally like videos even better because you can show people all the documents and the video clips and
While, at the same time, most people don't read anymore, and so they'll watch a video.
Does that answer your question, Patrick?
Sure, that's fine.
All righty, well, I appreciate your call.
Thank you very much.
Take care, my friend.
By the way, did you see this this week, over the weekend?
I didn't see it.
I was driving in my car, listening to network radio news, and heard a top Russian reporter ask George Bush, the president...
Well, you're talking about Putin taking everybody's freedoms and crackdowns on liberties.
What about America with the Patriot Act and all the things that are happening there?
And Bush said, well, that's just ridiculous.
In America, we have oversight.
The people, if they get up in arms, we have to answer to them.
We have a changing Constitution, which isn't true, by the way.
I mean, it really is hypocritical.
And again, I'm not defending Vladimir Putin either.
You know, they always set this up like, well, we're good and Putin's bad.
No, you're all working for the same people.
You're all working for the same system.
And we're losing liberty whether it's in China or Cuba or Russia or America or Venezuela or Nicaragua or Canada.
I mean, all Germany.
I mean, it's getting bad.
It's getting real bad.
We live in a country where they went and arrested over a dozen Christians and charged them with terrorism for praying on a street corner.
And thank God they had video of it all.
They didn't even raise their voices.
People go, well, if they did, they should get in trouble.
No, they could have been able to scream with a bullhorn if they wanted to.
The point is that they tried to put them in jail for 47 years.
And the judge finally dropped it.
But the point is, the federal prosecutors advised the city of Philadelphia.
They tried it.
They tried to put them in prison.
Anti-war protesters have gotten two years in jail for standing with a sign on a street corner that says, no blood for oil in an unauthorized protest on a street corner next to 500 Bush supporters.
They're allowed to stay.
This is scary.
And the good news is we are defeating a lot of these frivolous actions, but the scary part is they're still trying to do it.
They're still trying to push this on us.
Okay, now let's try to go back to Illinois and see if DJ is now back to the phone or is able to hear us.
DJ, are you there?
Oh, yeah, I'm here.
Okay, welcome.
Go ahead.
I wouldn't miss you.
Anyway, I don't know what happened before.
That's all right.
Go ahead.
But I came across a couple of things yesterday, and a friend...
Came across the, what do you call that, Tom?
Tim Russard?
Meet the Press.
Yes, Meet the Press.
I don't watch it, but a friend told me about it.
A reporter named Marie Dowd was one of the three on, and they were cutting her off, bleeping her out, and then going to commercial.
She had no idea what they were saying.
At the time that they were trying to cut out,
When it came back from commercial, they ignored anything.
I don't think they've bowed, whomever she is.
What was the subject?
I do not know.
I did not see it.
That's why I'm asking.
Did anybody else see it?
So how do you know that they were cutting her off if you didn't see it?
That's what my friend told me.
She's usually not wrong.
Well, maybe somebody can call in about it.
Here's another question.
I still haven't had time.
To listen to the NPR show on the media, which airs throughout the weekend on like 700 radio stations or something ridiculous.
I haven't had time to listen to it myself.
They interviewed me about the Popular Mechanics hit piece.
Did anybody hear that?
I haven't heard it.
I was looking for it, and I haven't heard it.
I would like to very much.
Yeah, well, maybe someday I'll get a chance to hear it.
I've been so busy trying to finish Martial Law, which is about a day or two away from being done.
There were two things on the History Channel last night about Hitler.
One was about him being on some pretty nasty drugs by his physician, his personal physician.
And it really sounded like the same M.O.
as Arnold.
And then the other one that I caught was about his supposed second book detailing extreme racial extermination.
And also his plans to invade America or to go to war with America.
Did anybody know about that?
Well, of course.
Whether the book really exists or whether it was just a shill put out?
Well, I mean, Hitler wrote all kinds of pamphlets.
Thanks for the call.
Of course, my struggle was the big one that helped him rise to power with the help of British and U.S.
Let's now go to Chris in Texas.
Chris, go ahead.
Hey, how are you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
Are you enjoying yourself on this beautiful, awesome, sunny day?
Well, I'm in a little bitty studio, but I'd like to be enjoying it.
It is a perfect 10-day, is it not?
And so was yesterday.
Yes, sir.
You got that right.
Anyways, I'm not here to talk about the weather.
On 911let'sroll.org, there's a laser on there.
The laser footage.
I'm pretty sure you're aware of that.
Have you seen that before, Alex?
You know...
I've had the great folks on from that site, and I encourage everybody to look at all the possibilities.
But the Pentagon not being hit by a plane, stuff like that, belly bombs, we have talked about it, lasers, all that.
I just don't get into it and really focus on it.
We don't censor.
People can talk about it all they want.
I was just wondering, is there a way they can check?
Track that trajectory from where the laser was coming up from, perhaps.
Well, I mean, again, sir, I just really don't have any comments on it.
What I do have comments on is public officials, Mayor Willie Brown, John Ashcroft, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Source AP, Times of London, San Francisco Chronicle, MSNBC, being warned not to fly to New York the night before 9-11.
What I do know is CIA insider trading, leading back to Buzzy Crongard, who is now in the Associated Press saying, leave Bin Laden alone.
This type number three man says, don't capture Bin Laden.
What I do know is that NORAD stood down, they were running drills, applying hijacked jets to the World Trade Center Pentagon that morning, and the buildings did have bombs in it.
And all of that cannot be denied, and is absolutely provable and demonstrable.
Larry Silverstein says they blew up Building 7, and that's the stuff I focus on.
Well, I've got you on that.
I've got one more comment.
Talking about President Bush...
Frankly, I think he's a total idiot, to tell you the truth.
I mean, for all we know, he could have been greased in in every facet of his life, all the way from high school to getting into Yale.
Well, it's not for all we know.
It's not, sir.
It's not all we know.
They admit that anybody else would have flunked out of Yale.
Dick Cheney did twice.
Go ahead.
People that come from Yale just don't talk like the way he does.
That's why I think most Americans kind of come to him and agree with him because he's
He's not too bright, and that's why I think most Americans say, oh, he's like us then, you know?
It's just a really, really sad state.
That's a mind game they play.
This is a mind game.
Oh, a lot of Americans like him because he's an average guy.
He's not fancy.
He'd rather eat a hamburger than, you know, caviar.
And then people go, oh, he's like me because people like him.
And then we pick up on them saying people like him, and then people believe that.
I mean, look, Bush is a blue blood from Kenneapunkport, Maine.
He's not a Texan.
That's right.
And he's a total fake.
He's as fake as a $3 bill.
That's my point, Alex.
You're right.
I used to watch you in 1997, like, you know, back there in the Clinton era as a local cable access over here in Austin.
I remember sometimes some guys used to call in and do the chicken... You would just sit there and be really... You had so much humility in dealing with a lot of those guys, but you don't get those calls no more, I've noticed.
Hey, listen, I appreciate the call.
Look, five, six years ago... I mean, I love to tell this story because it's really the best indicator I've got for people.
Five, six, and now I guess about seven years ago, on local radio, where I started out.
I started out on cable access, still do the show once a week, it's great.
But I started out on local radio, and the show became number one in its time slot very quickly.
Started out with a weekend show, got number one ratings, got a weeknight show, got number one ratings, then got syndicated.
But, uh... Thanks to Genesis.
But, uh...
I would sit there, and they had like ten phone lines in that studio.
That's not true.
They had nine of the ten phone lines hooked up.
Nine phone lines.
And about half the callers disagreed with me.
And I would go to the next call and they'd disagree with me, go to the next call and they'd disagree with me, go to the next call and they'd agree with me.
Today, on my own broadcast, on dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of AM and FM stations, on shortwave, the internet, satellite,
I give the number out.
We don't screen your calls.
You that have called are witnesses of that.
We say, what's your first name?
Where are you calling from?
Sometimes we'll ask how you're listening.
We should ask how you're listening.
I forget to do that.
We forget to do that.
It's always nice to know and occasionally plug some of our affiliates out there.
But today I do my broadcasting.
People call in and say, you're not hardcore enough because this is about the only disagreement we get.
You're not hardcore enough because you don't think Jews run the New World Order.
Or you're not hardcore enough because you don't think the Catholics run the New World Order.
Or you're not hardcore enough because you don't believe exactly as I believe.
Or you don't believe in a national sales tax or something like that.
Or you don't want to talk about lasers being fired at the Pentagon or the Capitol or at the towers or whatever.
I believe the New World Order is run by evil, corrupt people, regardless of what group they claim they're with.
Are evil people in control of almost every major group in the world?
Yes, they are.
That's why they're in the New World Order.
They're smart.
They get in the positions of power to control the compartmentalized structures, the pyramidal power systems, that hierarchical system.
But it's not just my broadcast, folks.
Every radio interview I do.
I normally do about two interviews a day on average.
Lately I've been refusing a lot of them because I'm trying to finish this film.
But it could be coast-to-coast AM.
You know, second biggest radio show in the world.
It could be a liberal show, a conservative show, a Christian conservative neocon program where the host is attacking me, where they're not real Christians.
And almost... I mean, it's got to be 30 to 1.
I've sat there...
This is such good news.
I've sat there doing two-hour radio interviews on AM stations covering ten states for two hours, and the host takes 30 phone calls.
It's boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
And the host is attacking me on some of these other talk shows.
Or on shows where they're not attacking me, like George Norrie doing a great job.
And I'm sitting there, but on big mainstream shows, I'm sitting there doing the interview, and the host is attacking me on some of these, and they start freaking out.
This has happened dozens of times.
What's wrong with you people?
Is it a full moon?
Why are you all agreeing with this kook?
And they'll just end up hanging up on me.
And I'll sit there.
You know how you'll go one, two, three, four, four little ones, and then for number five you'll draw a diagonal line through it?
And I'll sit there, all the callers that agree with me, it'll be like 29, 30 of those with one caller who disagrees with me.
I mean, you talk about a real poll.
I mean, you talk about a serious focus group.
You talk about really seeing what the people think.
I'm amazed by it.
I mean, I'll go on the radio in England, in Germany, in Australia, in Hungary, and none of the callers call in disagreeing with me.
And almost every caller that does call in disagreeing with me will say, I want to kill you.
I want to get you in a jail cell and urinate on you.
We're going to put you in a camp.
I'm glad there's camps.
We've gone to the archives of different shows before and actually grabbed these callers out of it and posted it on the website.
I mean, it's a pathology.
It's a mindset.
When you talk to these people, it's like it's the same person, but it's not.
It's the same spirit or mindset or worldview, philosophy.
So, I mean, it's incredible.
That's the experience I've had.
A total shift.
A total shift.
I still get the death threats and still get the mean emails and stuff like that, and I still have the mainstream media attacking me like never before.
I mean, I'm getting attacked on a weekly basis by national publications.
But that goes with the territory.
And every once in a while, some of the criticism is valid.
I'm not perfect.
Unlike George Bush, when he's been asked many times, have you done anything wrong?
He goes, no.
Oh, I have.
We make mistakes sometimes, not often, and when we do, we point them out, because we're about credibility.
We want you to check out what we say, because when you find out it's real for yourself and tangible, we believe you'll take action and save this country.
I'm doing what I do because the globalists are criminals, folks, and none of us are safe while they're in power, whether it's John Kerry or George Bush or Hillary Clinton, who Bill Clinton's now out stumping for for El Presidente.
What a nightmare.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jeff in Ohio.
Jeff, go ahead.
How are you doing today?
Hey, Alex.
Good, sir.
The Bible says that God will raise up warriors in the final days, and I'm honored to be on the phone with one of them.
I feel that way.
Well, I'm just an average person, just like you, my friend.
I know that's how you feel, but you are a great man.
I have two questions.
You quote a couple of times,
About a History Channel program that reveals, I guess, Roosevelt's prior knowledge to the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Yeah, I think it's called Day of Deceit.
Oh, thank you so much.
Day of Deceit?
Okay, and that's where that information is?
I believe.
I think it's based off a book.
And I've had the Admiral's son on and a bunch of others.
You've spoken of it many times, but you never actually said what it was.
And I've been, like, every time you talk about it, I listen intently, and you never say exactly... What I need to do is have those guests back on.
It's been years since I've covered Pearl Harbor in detail.
Hold on to the break.
I've got a couple other questions.
Sure, stay there.
We'll be right back on the other side of this transmission.
These important messages...
More crash commercial messages.
We'll be right back.
Locked and loaded.
You know who that is.
All right, we'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
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Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
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The civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire.
The ring of fire.
You know, for all of my faults and the foibles that I engage in,
One reason I'm successful at waking people up is the average person looks at confidence.
I don't try to be confident.
You really can't try to be confident.
You just have to be confident.
I'm confident in what I'm saying.
I believe in what I'm saying.
I've researched what I'm saying.
I'm versed in it.
And so I'm confident.
I'm assured.
And so when I'm on a talk show, I just tell it like it is.
And a lot of us, you know, it's hard to talk about the New World Order and to say all these horrible things and
To talk about all these horrible things happening, but it's the truth.
And so, we're not bad because we're telling the truth.
The truth hurts, it's scary, it's painful, but we have to do it.
It'd be worse to not do it.
Just let this evil, this malignant garbage just grow and grow.
We have to tell the truth.
We have to take what looks like the scary course, because through that course...
We're protected and have a better society.
The course of going along with it is the course of stagnation and degeneration and total enslavement.
We've got to buck up and stand up.
It's like when a dog, a big mean dog, runs at you.
Run at it!
And 99.99% of the time, even if it's a trained attack dog, it's going to turn, folks.
Because they're not engineered...
Unless you're dealing with an elephant or something like that.
Certain species are different.
But you charge most of these so-called predator creatures, including our own species, you charge them, many times they'll turn off.
But I know this, if you run from them, they're going to get their blood up.
We need to stop running scared.
Before I go back to Jeff and Scott and Wyatt and others...
Seriously, if you want powerful videos that expose the mainstream media's manipulation, that expose the New World Order, that expose 9-11, that expose the occult activities of world leaders, you need to get my videos.
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Here's the toll-free number to order.
Call right now.
Join us in the second American Revolution to defend the Republic.
Or order any of my 11 films or the other books and tapes I carry.
Jeff in Ohio, finish up what you were saying.
I thought one of the most compelling parts of 9-11 was the John O'Neill story.
And was it Greg Palast that he released W-1-9-9-I-2?
Is that the information that you discussed?
Yeah, Palast hasn't given out his sources publicly, but yeah.
Now, is there any farther peaks into that document than the few JPEGs that have been available on the Internet?
No, the FBI ordered the BBC not to release any more of it.
Oh my, yeah, that's wonderful, so...
Well, I don't want to belabor... Well, a month before he died, he said, he told British newspapers, I quit because they're going to let bin Laden attack New York as a pretext to get oil.
I mean, he gave interviews.
Look, he left the FBI, said the government's, you know, going to be involved in something, went to New York to try to protect it, and then died in it, supposedly, on 9-11.
Yeah, I watched the Frontline story.
If any of your listeners want to go to the Frontline...
And watch The Man That Knew.
It is a skewed view of what happened, but it does chronicle if you know the truth.
Oh, yeah, it admits all the facts, just puts a disgraceful spin on it.
I've seen it.
All right, thanks for the call.
Pardon me?
I'm afraid of watching your martial law film.
You're going to have me hiding in the basement.
Well, it's coming out.
I hope you get it.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, hour number two, my friends, on this live Monday edition, the 28th of February, 2005.
And riding shotgun with us now is Paul Joseph Watson, a great political mind, my webmaster.
He runs PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
His brother does a great job with Infowars.net.
And then, of course, we've got my wife, Violet, and Ryan here in Austin, Tejas, running Infowars.com.
And, uh, Paul, we haven't had you on in about a month.
There's a whole plethora of news we're going to be covering today.
And then, of course, we're going to go to Scott and Wyatt and Cheryl and Mike and many others that are holding early in this hour, wide-open phones today.
But, Paul, long time, no talk on the air, my friend.
Well, now it's been over a month, so it's good to be back.
Good to have you on board with us today.
There's a lot to talk about.
What do you think is important?
A subject that you touch on very often is the indoctrination of torture.
And if you thought 24 and Threat Matrix were bad, then just wait until you hear the kind of television programs they've got running in Iraq.
So we can go over that.
Freedom of the press in light of the Gannon scandal, which has basically received no mainstream media attention.
They're trying to softball us with issues to do with the Bush tapes.
Did he smoke marijuana or not is the side issue.
Nobody's talking about the real scandal, which is the Gannon fake White House press credential situation.
More examples of government-sponsored terror, this time in Russia, with the Russian military again attempting to blow up apartment buildings right at the same time that Russia's being attacked for clamping down on people's rights.
So it's a very convenient time for them to attempt to do that sort of thing.
And they were caught in 99 doing this.
They were caught in 1999 and into 2000 and this story which came out a few days ago again received no press attention whatsoever in the US.
A Russian interior ministry soldier being caught by the police planting explosives next to an apartment building in central Russia.
And Putin's basically sticking with the same tactics despite being caught on numerous occasions in the past.
And for those who don't know... Well, I tell you, the Russians have got good police.
They keep catching FSB and Russian secret police planting bombs.
Putin's got a problem.
His own local police forces keep busting him.
Well, yeah, you'd think they'd change tactics, because with the Ryazan situation back in 99, they were proven to be Putin's own FSB.
Now, for those that don't know, it's now come out from all the evidence that the school shooting was a government op.
Well, yeah, now the court cases have got high-ranking Russian military officers which are now being charged with helping the terrorists to carry out the siege.
With the apartment bombings, the
The explosives were tracked back to the FSB.
It was first announced as an exercise, but after the detonator and the explosives were analyzed and found to be real, the government changed the story.
I'll tell you what, let's... Some stations carry news now.
Let's go to break and slowly go over Russia first.
The police state assault on America continues.
Last week we had...
The man maced after bringing his dying dog into the police precinct.
We're having boys charged with assault for throwing a rubber band at his teacher's desk.
Some of the Big Brother news with Choice Point allowing criminals to steal the data of 10,000 people, which proves that you shouldn't give your data over to these corporations in the first place.
Yeah, we'll be right back, Paul.
There is so much coming up, listeners.
Believe me, you don't want to miss it.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act Legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, a great political mind, my good buddy, Paul Joseph Watson joins us from the United Kingdom.
He's the webmaster, again, for PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
We also have InfoWars.net and InfoWars.com, run by other great webmasters.
But we're going to talk about Russia carrying out terror attacks to blame it on its population.
We're going to talk about fake reporters in the White House, the latest Iraq news, the vicious torture TV shows, these reality shows, and then just the mass propaganda going on, and of course your calls.
But first off, Paul, I've been so busy finishing martial law.
And folks, we're just tightening the film up right now.
I'm trying to cut it down a little bit.
It's like two hours and 40 minutes right now.
I'm trying to cut it down to like two hours, 30 minutes.
But we're going to be putting it on the website in the next two or three days at prisonplanet.tv for the members there.
And we'll start taking pre-orders, and then in about a week or two, we'll start shipping the hard copies out to you.
So that's not on the shopping cart yet, but martial law, 911, rise of the police state, is my...
Official treatise.
I mean, it is the tour de force.
It is the epic.
It's my best work to date.
I mean, it's amazing.
But, Paul, I was on NPR.
They interviewed me for about 30 minutes.
And, of course, edited it down to about four minutes.
She said I'd have about six.
I guess they couldn't... And of course, during the break, I was just talking to you.
I haven't heard it, and I said, let me guess.
Out of 30-plus minutes of them interviewing me, I bet they had the part where I go, yeah, there's wild theories out there, like holograms flew into the buildings, but I think that's put out basically as disinfo.
And you go, oh yeah, that was in there.
So anything I said, and it was obviously heavily edited to make me sound kooky, I guess was put in there.
I haven't heard it yet, and we're going to link to it on...
But you've heard it, Paul.
What was it like?
Well, I mean, compared to some of the other programs that I've heard, it was fairly balanced.
But what you have to remember is that before your interview, not only did they have the Popular Mechanics editor on, before him...
They had a, I think, what you would term a social historian on, in a similar vein to the guy who was attacking you on C-SPAN.
Explaining how we use, let me guess, conspiracy theories to explain a complex, bizarre world.
We're afraid, so we do this to give order to the world.
Yeah, how people need conspiracy theories to get by on a day-to-day basis because the world's so unstable.
He was on even before the Popular Mechanics Guide.
As I said to you, I haven't listened to either of the other two, but that's the description.
So it was two-thirds?
Yes, but we've already surmised what he said, because I have seen that synopsis on the site.
And then on top of it, so two-thirds their view, and then interview me for 30 minutes and edit it down to four minutes.
Six minutes long, the clip's six minutes long, but the last two minutes is them closing out the show.
So, you know, if you take out the interviewer speaking, who was basically acting as the mouthpiece for the Popular Mechanics editor, then, you know, you're probably running at about two minutes if you take away, you know, everything that she said.
Oh, you're joking!
Well, no, because, I mean, she was talking just as much as you were in the edit, and it was obviously heavily edited, so...
We're basically talking about two minutes.
Let me ask you a question.
Did she mention public officials being warned not to fly to New York?
She didn't.
I believe you did, briefly.
Yeah, because she said, stop right there.
That's not going in there.
You can't prove that.
And I said, that's it.
I'm sending you MSNBC, San Francisco Chronicle, Times of London, AP.
And, well, you remember, I sent the email and I called you and I said, to make sure they get it, Paul, you send them a duplicate.
Remember that call?
Did you send them a duplicate?
Yeah, she mentioned that briefly, but... Oh, she mentioned we did send it to her.
No, she didn't mention that we'd sent it to her.
But I think you briefly talked about it.
But it was only, you know, 10, 15 seconds, if that.
So this is a conspiracy theory.
Public officials admitting they were warned not to fly to New York the night before.
So I guess the San Francisco Chronicle and MSNBC is a conspiracy theory, Paul.
Well, yeah, and it's the old thing...
The major plank of her argument, which is basically the Popular Mechanics argument, was that these stories that came out in the days immediately following 9-11 were later retracted and proven to be false, when that's not the case at all.
I mean, even a year after the attack, the FBI in Insight magazine still admitted to the fact that they hadn't proven that the 19 hijackers they named
You know, the day after the attack.
Well, we've been saying since day one they had specific memos warning them of the plans to fly planes into buildings because we have the mainstream news articles from before it.
And everything we've said about them lying has come out.
I mean, their story is the one that's been disproven.
Well, exactly.
I mean, they're the conspiracy theorists because they're trying to erect an explanation of events based on non-existent evidence.
Yeah, men in a cave made NORAD stand down, made the CIA do insider put options, did drills of flying hijacked jets in the morning.
Boy, they're powerful from that cave, Paul.
Well, I mean, the thing you have to remember is that anyone who has independently looked into 9-11, anyone who has typed it into Google, you know, the first 20 hits they'll get are, you know, our kind of information, the truth, which links to mainstream information.
So they're preaching to the choir.
I don't think it will have the kind of impact that a lot of people fear it will have because the people who are reading that completely, you know,
Now that's what I said in closing, and I begged her to put that in the piece.
Did it happen where I go, look, 90% of Americans believe the government killed Kennedy, so 10% of you keep calling us kooks.
And in a CNN poll, 90% believe the government's covering up 9-11.
So you're losing.
Did they put that in there?
Well, exactly.
I mean, they really are preaching to the choir.
And you can see the desperate tone of all these articles and pieces.
Everyone's listening to them.
They're taking over.
What are we going to do?
Well, yeah, I mean...
It's a benchmark of our success that all these mainstream organizations have to focus on these hit pieces.
And it's not just like a random article that comes out.
It's an organized hit piece.
I mean, the Popular Mechanics article was, what, three, four months in the making before it was actually put out there.
And I called you and said, man, a big hit piece is coming out.
Every time I sent them evidence, they then didn't want to talk about that.
They'd move to the next thing.
Well yeah, blatant sloppy research on their part.
They were contacting people, attributing sources to people who, you know,
But on the phone with them they said, Oh, Mr. Jones, it's not a hit piece.
I called and talked to the assistant editor.
He goes, oh, no, sir, this is just, we're just wanting to look at these theories and where they came from.
We promise.
This is not a hit piece.
Well, no, and I mentioned the social historian.
Of course, the first thing that they threw in there, at least on the synopsis, was the UFO thing.
So they couch it in that from the very start, even before the popular mechanics guy goes on.
And most people have made their minds up, but again, preaching to the choir.
I mean, the people with truly independent minds will take the very short snippets that you said and go and look into it themselves.
They're the people that matter, so that's how we benefit in these kind of situations.
Well, they've spent about...
Two or three years ignoring us.
I mean, they weren't ignoring myself.
I mean, I was attacked at the Washington Post, what, two weeks after 9-11?
It said, Mr. Jones believes the government did it.
You know, and I laid out in the article, public officials were warned not to fly.
You know, NORAD stood down, and boy, I'm sure vindicated.
But now they're intensifying the campaign because they're losing.
Well, it's clear that they're making a bigger effort.
I remember an ABC News article in early 2002, which passed the whole thing off as, you know, some people actually believe that aliens carried out the World Trade Center attack, so by that benchmark they weren't even trying.
Now they're actually starting to look at the issues, but by a...
Misrepresentation, not focusing on what we're actually saying.
They're having to work harder, but it's still not having as big an effect as they would expect it to.
But they're definitely making a more concerted effort than they did in the six months after the attack.
Well, here's one example for people.
$1.5 million of $3.5 million worth of ads saying that the government blew up Building 7.
Showing video of it.
As played in New York City on TV.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars of radio ads.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars in New York and full-page ads in the newspaper.
And they will not respond.
They will not call our offices back.
Millions of dollars of ads are running saying, here you are saying it, you blew it up, now respond.
Now can you imagine that, Paul?
If somebody was running millions of dollars worth of ads saying we've done something, wouldn't you respond if you were innocent, Paul?
Well, exactly.
And there was the challenge to prove, you know, how World Trade Center 7 collapsed.
As it did, as we were told.
And from what I've read, nobody's taken up that challenge.
Yeah, how much was it?
Yeah, nobody's taken it up.
$100,000 challenge?
Because they can't disprove it.
I mean, folks, we're not playing around.
There are people running 1.5 million ads in New York going here.
You said this.
Now, respond.
You know how many TV ads that bought, folks?
It was on all the news stations everywhere.
Imagine that.
I know the same guy, Jimmy Walters, is in London at the moment setting up the similar kind of...
But again, they don't respond, folks.
I mean, if I hadn't done something and you ran 1.5 million in ads in my towns, what would I do?
What would I do if I was innocent?
You starting to get this?
You see?
But they are responding through their surrogates
Like NPR and popular propaganda.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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All right, we're going to talk about Russian state-sponsored terrorism during this short segment.
In the long segment coming up, we'll talk to Scott, Wyatt, Cheryl, Mike, Jason, and others.
We'll go to your calls quickly.
So have your questions and comments ready, because I've got a bunch of other news we need to cover.
Whole in a synopsis for folks.
Putin's been caught carrying out bombings before.
Now they've been caught trying to do it again.
It's come out in Russian and major European papers.
They're now charging top members of the Russian military because now the compartmentalization is broken down.
It turns out, as usual, the school shooting, government op.
Go over the latest developments for us.
This is an article in Moss News, which is a website out of Russia.
A member of the Russian Interior Ministry, a soldier...
was caught by the police planting explosives next to an apartment building block in central Russia and it mirrors exactly what happened in 99 where they were caught planting the explosives they were allowed to escape the first call they made was to an internal FSB office
The bombing was first announced as an exercise, but after the detonator and the explosives were analyzed and found to be real, the story was changed.
And they'd been caught in the act again.
Now, this was Moscow police.
They'd already blown up three apartment buildings.
Moscow police caught them doing it to a fourth.
Yeah, in Ryazan.
After that event, after they were caught doing it... And to be specific, that's a suburb of Moscow.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and after they got caught doing it, the apartment bombings strangely ended, at least until now, were the attempts on them.
So, I mean, this comes in the face of all these questions about Russia's clampdown on human rights, press freedoms.
Wouldn't it have been an ideal moment to stage a convenient terrorist attack and allow Putin to grandstand with the justification that his clampdown was necessary to fight the terrorists?
So the timing is obvious.
And I mean, this is why we'll take a story like this and stick it right up there as a top headline, because the New York Times and Washington Post won't dare even print it on page 27.
So it's the most convenient time to carry out this sort of attack within Russia.
Now, in the school shootings, I mean, I've seen a bunch of European major papers, Russian papers.
For folks that don't understand this, what you have is, you have special forces go in
They're in the school.
They evacuate.
Then the Russian troops outside start blowing the school up, bombing, randomly machine-gunning people.
They grab one person, who was already a criminal in their custody, and trot him around as the sole surviving killer.
And that's how they do it now.
Now, we clearly laid that out earlier.
Now this has all come out in mainstream news, Paul.
Yeah, and then it came out that he was tortured to confess into being involved in the siege on the school.
Immediately after, they passed what they had planned before, which was the abolition of voting rights for regional governors.
So that federalised the Russian government even more and created a police state in Russia so people couldn't vote for their representatives.
Regional governors will keep the local systems in line.
Yes, I mean, it's the same as taking away state rights in America to federalise the US.
And he had planned that before.
At the same time, he was preventing protesters from protesting outside official Russian government residences.
Russia then just points at us and goes, you don't allow protests except in free speech zones.
You take over some of the press.
You're torturing people.
In fact, a Russian reporter said that to Bush when he was in Russia, and Bush said, oh, well, in America, we have checks and balances, and the American people are able to basically officiate over all this, and we have a living, breathing Constitution, Paul.
Yeah, and then you've got people like James Woolsey calling Russia fascist, which is like Stalin criticizing Hitler for his stance on human rights.
And, you know, yes, it's true that in Russia there's no freedom of the press.
Every other week we hear stories about how journalists are intimidated into silence or gunned down on the street if they write articles critical of the government.
Putin himself came back and said, you know, the US is hardly the shining example of freedom of speech.
But you see, he cited the wrong example.
The Dan Rather CBS Bush National Guard story, which was a deliberate side issue, a distraction.
Has Karl Rove written all over it, just like these new tapes?
Oh, I smoke marijuana and I don't want to be mean to the gay people.
All this comes out to cover up for the fake reporter story.
And then on the fake reporter story, they focus in on should he get in trouble for falsifying his name.
They did that.
He was an agent.
We'll talk about controlled press after we take some calls on the other side.
Paul, what else is coming up?
The Big Brother, police, state news, kids being charged with throwing rubber bands at teachers' desks, men being maced for taking their dying dogs to precincts.
It's all part of the freedom.
It's all part of the new freedom, Paul.
It's a new type of freedom.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Let's take some calls, then get into fake reporters.
Folks, you think you know all about it.
Believe me, they're covering it up.
This is only the tip of the iceberg.
Right now, let's go to Scott in Texas.
Scott, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, Paul.
Yeah, I just wanted to bring up a couple of things, get your guys' take on it.
And also, I don't know if you have time, but I have that NPR interview queued up.
Yeah, I don't think I'm going to play it on air.
I mean, I might play a minute or two of myself talking later in a few days or something.
What did you think of it?
I mean, Paul's only listened to part of it, and have you listened to all of it?
I haven't listened to the whole thing.
I've listened to about three-quarters of it.
What did you think of it?
Well, obviously, to me, the way it came across is they have to address the conspiracy...
Did they let the editor of popular propaganda...
Get into specifics because they kept telling me no specifics.
Yeah, they did to a certain degree.
Much more than they let you.
Just enough to put out his theories and then that was basically it.
I got the impression that it was okay.
Look, there's such a groundswell of interest in the people going against the official 9-11 story that
Let's just throw this in real quick, debunk it, and then move on.
And, you know, they didn't want to keep it in people's attention too much.
You know, I think all they're doing is throwing fuel on the fire.
It's just going to make people get more interested and find out the truth for themselves.
Sure, sure.
The thinking people, yeah.
Because there's a lot of people that I've discussed it with that they absolutely don't have answers for, but then you go into the bigger...
Are they willing to admit that certain factions of the government could actually do this?
And so I think that's the bigger leap for people is to realize, you know, not necessarily... And you know why?
Because the average person is a good person, isn't just out of control, evil, isn't scheming, doesn't understand world history, politics, how elites operate, and so they judge the world through their eyes according to their mindset.
And folks, that's not how this works.
Yeah, and it's quite a leap.
Plus, you've got to get past the fear that's been pre-programmed.
Well, people need to email them and say, Hey, I hope you address this in next week's show.
Because they do that sometimes.
They'll read emails from the week before and just say, You know, you guys gave over two-thirds of the time to the other sides of you.
And then cut up without what Alex Jones had to say.
And you're not fooling any of us.
Yeah, that would be good.
But yeah, so anyway, I was just happy to, because they do list your website, on, you know, I just did a Google search, actually, for the clip.
I just put in Alex Jones MPR Pops for Mechanics, and then it came up.
So it was pretty easy to find, actually.
And so they did mention the websites a couple times during the piece?
Well, I don't know about during the piece, but they do on this site.
Paul, did they mention the websites during the piece?
They mentioned InfoWars.com once and PrisonPlanet.com once, I believe.
Oh, that's good.
Another thing, Alex, is something that I recently came across that you guys may be aware of, is this Operation Gladio...
It's supposedly, there's a little blurb about it, I read an article on it, a decades-long covert campaign of terrorism and deceit directed by the intelligence services of the West against their own populations.
Hundreds of innocent people were killed or maimed in terrorist attacks on train stations, supermarkets, cafes, and offices, which were then blamed on, quote, leftist subversives or other political opponents.
It goes on to say that this was first revealed by Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andriotti.
Yeah, who was the head of intelligence at the time.
Yeah, that's been the London Guardian, and it's now admitted.
Yeah, they would carry out terror bombings in Europe and then blame it on their political enemies.
And this is admitted.
I mean, look, I'm listening to NPR.
Sitting in the parking lot of a Home Depot one night for like 20 minutes.
I couldn't believe it was so riveting.
This show, and I forget the name of it, I wrote a note.
I meant to get them on and commend them.
They did tell the truth that time.
And they had these old tapes of Kermit Roosevelt, the grandson of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
They had him on going, oh yeah, 1953, we went in and carried out terror bombings and machine gun people in Iran.
And then we blamed it on their elected president and were able to overthrow him.
I mean, here they are on the radio just admitting carrying out terror attacks.
Isn't that something?
Yeah, and I mean, and they go on to mention where they get some of this stuff from, from FM manual 3031B.
Which I did a little research and came up with the actual manual, but evidently this was 31B was a supplement to Field Manual 3031, which is just basic general intelligence, counter-insurgency, Army intelligence stuff.
But anyway, it goes into it, and it specifically mentions how they operate.
And it says, this is supposed to remain secret,
But in one part of it, it's like under the Agents on Special Operations, it says, there may be times when host country governments show passivity or indecision in the face of, quote, communist or communist-inspired subversion, you know, today it would be terrorism, and react with inadequate vigor to intelligence estimates transmitted by U.S.
Such situations are particularly likely to arise when insurgency seeks to achieve tactical advantage
By temporarily refraining from violence, thus lulling host country authorities into a state of false security.
Anyway, it says, in such cases, U.S.
Army intelligence must have the means of launching special operations which will convince host country
Let me stop you.
I'm not familiar with that particular manual.
I am familiar with Gladio, and that's admitted.
Do me a favor.
Send me a copy of that.
Send it to Paul at his email address at prisonplanet.
We'll get an article up and post.
In fact, that's something we've posted before, but we should build a site on that and post some of the other examples of government...
Sponsor terrorism.
Thanks for the call.
Look, we have Operation Northwoods, which is just more of the same.
They say, this is the U.S.
government, we'll bomb D.C., we'll commit sniper attacks in D.C.
and Miami, we'll attack the Marine Corps base at Guantanamo using Cubans dressed up, Cuban-Americans dressed up like Cubans, we'll kill Marines, we'll blame it on foreign enemies, we'll hijack jets by remote control and crash them, we'll blame it on enemies.
I mean, this is what they do.
It's horrible to see this happening.
And see, these manuals, they told these Cold War warriors, a lot of them patriots who believed they were doing well, men, we're going to kill some innocent people.
Just like in Graham Greene's The Quiet American, we're going to kill some innocent people, but it's going to be to fight the evil communists, because they're even worse, and if we don't do this, they're going to win.
Okay, I'll do it then.
And then we extrapolate out to 2001, Paul.
Well, yeah, and the thing with Operation Gladio is that at the time in the 70s, most people thought that it was being solely directed by the Italian and Spanish governments.
But then later on in the 80s, people put FOIA requests through Freedom of Information Act.
And it came back that it was a project handed down by the CIA and it was linked to the P2 organisation which also had close ties to the CIA.
So it was the CIA were the umbrella organisation that directed that policy to then demonise the left wing to bolster a right wing government which is what they wanted in Europe at that time.
So again it goes back to the same people who brought you things like Operation Northwoods.
I mean, all this has come out on the National Security Archive website.
I mean, just type in Operation Gladio CIA and all those hits will come back and prove that it was a directed operation based on their handbook.
We've got to go quicker here.
These calls have been holding forever.
Wyatt in Maryland.
Go ahead, Wyatt.
Hey, Alex.
I've been trying to call you for a long time, but I haven't been able to.
Finally, I can.
I've been waiting for about an hour, so give me a couple of minutes.
First, on the PBS documentary on Frontline with John O'Neill, The Man Who Knew Too Much is what it was called.
Excellent video, which you can read between the lines and you'll know what happened.
Secondly, during the 9-11 commission hearings, they had interviewed, the only time I had really listened to them, they had interviewed the head of the Port Authority Police about 9-11.
He said, I can't remember his name, but he stated that when Silverstein took over the building, the Port Authority police were moved out from security.
He established his own security agency.
Well, let me stop you.
That's admitted, and guess who the private security company was owned by, according to her own memoir, Reflections, Barbara Bush.
It was Marvin Bush.
That's wonderful.
Pretty good connection there.
Okay, I got something that I've never heard anyone discuss.
I know you don't like to talk about things, but you can.
I think I saw it on your video, 9-1-1, but I can't remember, but I did see it on the original footage from 9-11 off TV.
When the Bode brothers are doing the film, of course that was on film and that was shown later, when the Bode brothers are on the street in New York doing the fire department story,
They caught the first plane, which was amazing how they did that.
Yes, they directed the camera right to it on a 45-degree angle.
They caught it.
They zoomed in on the hit.
After the plane went in, they zoomed in on the hit and showed the explosion, showed the flames going and the smoke billowing out.
Yes, we know.
Okay, all right, wait.
Then when they pulled back, they pulled the camera angle back to them being on the street, and you could still see the building in the background.
If you look very closely, and they have edited this out many times, there is a fighter jet that comes from your left-hand screen up top, goes behind the smoke and shoots out.
On the right-hand side of the building.
No, I know.
You've seen it?
That's on the tape.
I've never heard anyone talk about this.
What this does backs up the story that the CIA had to use a cover because if they were running a drill that day, they needed a jet in the sky.
That was probably the cover jet.
It's admitted they were running drills.
So what I'm saying is this blows to say that there were no fighters in the sky at all.
Well, this just puts it right in.
That's a lie.
I mean, we know it's all a lie.
But that's one thing that it points out there.
Look, when the second plane hits, you can look and see a little bitty white jet flying just a couple thousand feet away.
Yeah, it could be that reaction from the first.
It could be anything in the sky at that point.
But secondly, on your, I believe it was Matrix of Evil tape,
Now, anybody who has your tape can see this.
When Cynthia McKinney is speaking, she talks about John Kennedy, and there's a little bit of film clip of John Kennedy's car coming down in Dealey Plaza that's put into the film.
If you look at it really closely and still frame it, you will see, and this is the truth, you will see the driver turn around, and it looks as though he takes his left arm
Put it over his right shoulder, looking at Kennedy, pull the trigger, and his head explodes.
And it's very clear.
Thank you.
Good hearing from you, man.
Good points.
Thanks a lot.
Let's take another call.
Listen, the callers are all great.
I mean, I keep you all on for ten minutes, but I've just got to get to the next person.
Cheryl in Ohio.
Cheryl, go ahead.
Thank you.
I'm not going to keep you long, but I do want to ask you what you know about Check 21.
It's a new federal regulation that will affect all financial institutions as of October 28, 2004.
Well, there's all sorts of new regulations under the Patriot Act, but that specific term, can you elaborate?
Well, with the check clearing for the 21st Century Act, check 21... You're talking about them sending you little duplicate copies, not the original checks?
Well, they haven't done that for a long time.
But what is happening is the federal government created check 21 under the Patriot Act 2 since September 11, 2001.
What is happening is as a method of speeding up the nation's payment system...
The legislation requires all parties, banks, government agencies, retail and business customers... Yeah, the money is instantly taken out of your checking account.
And then what happens is, so all of us who know that we have money in our checking account, if it's really not there, even though it's there, they'll say it's not there, and they will be sending you a notice in the mail saying...
That you have an overdraft or non-sufficient funds in your bank.
When it is there, this is how they will charge you $30.
Well, to explain this, you put your money in the bank for the deposit.
It doesn't go in for three days.
But for payments, everything's instant.
But if you have a direct deposit, then it is treated as...
So to be on the safe side, and I just got this information.
Yeah, it encourages everybody to go to direct deposit.
I didn't know about that.
Right, which we do have that.
But then to be on the safe side, checks that are written can only be written on available funds.
So if you deposit a check, cash a check, cash a child's check, hold it against a savings account.
Well, thank you for the call.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with Paul Watson.
Let him comment on what the callers have been talking about for the last 15 minutes.
And then we'll look at any more of your calls and a bunch of other news talking about fake reporters.
They're everywhere.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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Right, talking about fake reporters.
This is important.
Armstrong, Williams, you've heard about the different cases.
Bush has $76 million last year for fake TV news pieces aired all over the country that people thought was real news.
And the media all did a real good job of keeping their mouths shut about that.
Folks, it's thousands of reporters and thousands of buys every year.
Of what I call propaganda placement.
And now we've got this reporter, why, with a fake name in there, working for a neocon outfit funded by the federal government.
But the media doesn't focus in.
It focuses in on who are real journalists, or what does this mean, or should he get in trouble for giving a false name?
He was told to.
Fake reporters for the White House have to have fake names.
Fake people to ask fake questions.
Paul comments.
Fake names, especially when they're actually male porn stars.
They seem to rather enjoy enlisting the services of male porn stars in several different instances.
Okay, this keeps getting brought up, and obviously you've researched it, so give us details.
Well, I mean, Bohemian Grove.
I mean, we had the article six months ago where they brought the male porn stars into Bohemian Grove to, quote, service them, according to the New York Post.
Apparently there's a new link which Skolnick, Sherman Skolnick, is reporting on,
Whereby Jeff Gannon or Jim Gucker, whichever one you want, has links to the Finders murders.
Now, I haven't researched that in any kind of depth, so I've got no knowledge on it.
But he's reporting that this Jeff Gannon character was one of those individuals who was involved in that case.
So it seems that they've used him in the past for other purposes and now... But regardless, they admit he's a fake reporter and the news is precipitating on the... repeating over and over again just about, well, should he get in trouble for giving a fake name?
He was working for the White House.
Well, yeah, and...
The mainstream media took the enlightened decision that you would care more about the Oscars and the Michael Jackson trial.
But don't worry, because they've unearthed the Bush tapes, which give us the shocking revelation that Bush once smoked pot.
So we really can trust them to be the ever-watchable guardians of government.
So it's the same process as we saw during the Clinton years.
There's an 18-wheeler steaming towards us from behind, but they're insisting on telling us to watch the front where a bicycle is about to run over our toes.
So we had years of Monica Lewinsky while at the same time people who had the damning knowledge about Clinton fell out of the country like Ron Brown being murdered.
And so with Bush, the equivalent of the bicycle is the CBS National Guard story and the pot smoking tapes.
Yeah, they have a formula.
I mean, it's an admitted formula.
Anytime there's some real dirt coming out on them, they'll throw out just some garbage.
It's bait and switch.
And the 18-wheeler is, you know, all these journalists being paid to spin propaganda.
It worked under Clinton, and it worked the same under Bush, because you have this salivating neocon establishment media ready and waiting to dismantle the phony attacks that have thrown its way.
So then... And then you have fake fights between them with an even more radical neocon talk radio that acts like it's fighting with a neocon TV.
To give the illusion of some type of choice.
So then Middle America sees that, you know, the desperate liberals are hyping nothing stories, and so the government really must be clean after all.
Meanwhile, the real depth of corruption is concealed by both the neocon and liberal media working in concert, working together to protect the establishment.
Well, I mean, listen to NPR nowadays.
It's like the Bush Channel.
Oh, it's so liberal.
Sorry, go ahead.
The rule is, protect the establishment, whether it's neocon or liberal.
They'll never uncover what's really going on, which is what we've seen with this cannon.
A deafening silence on the real issue that the White House is paying these people to spin propaganda for them out in the open.
Out in the open.
We'll be back with the third hour of your calls and a ton of news.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, now into the third hour of worldwide transmission against charity.
Thank you for joining me.
Paul Joseph Watson, who's the webmaster for PrisonPlanet.com, one of my great websites, is riding a shotgun with us.
We're going to get more into these fake reporters.
They're in print, they're on TV, they're on radio.
I mean, a lot of them first got their start with big think tank funding, but many of them are actually paid supplemental government checks.
Now, we know this from the 70s and Operation...
We're good to go.
And then, of course, Paul, I want to get into all these made-for-TV shows and these dramas and these reality TV shows where they torture people.
Guantanamo's fun.
All this mass conditioning.
There's just so much.
And, of course, all these phone calls at 1-800-259-9231.
In fact, after the break, let's get more into the fake reporters and into what kind of TV our government's putting on.
In Iraq, you think the stuff's bad here, folks, training us how to be demons.
Let's go ahead and go to some calls right now, though.
Let's talk to...
Up next here, I guess it'd be Mike in Kentucky.
Mike, thanks for holding.
Well, I'm holding in my little hands here a 1992 edition of TV Guide from February 22nd to the 28th.
And it has in big bold letters on the front cover, fake news.
And it gets into the whole issue of video press releases where big, huge corporations put out the...
Press releases and fake interviews that you see on your news magazine type shows where you know that some Hollywood celebrity or some chief executive officer of a corporation does not sit down and do a thousand interviews all across the country.
They do suggested questions and things like that and they download the video from Satellite
And that's how it looks like your local TV station is interviewing some bigwig from Hollyweird or a big politician or something.
But it's worse than that.
I mean, the reporters themselves are being paid.
Well, just the first Gulf War was brought to you by...
Hill and Knowlton, the public relations firm, I'm sure a lot of people know about.
And there's that famous PBS documentary they did, at least it aired locally, it's kind of underground, where it shows Dan Rather a week before doing the exact newscast he did a week later.
Word for word, they even had the bombing sites.
I mean, it's that scripted.
Well, that was not the main reason that I called, but since you brought that up, I've got that actual issue of TV Guide.
Will you do me a favor?
Will you Xerox copy the cover and the pages and mail it to me?
Well, I can try to do that.
I think I've got your fax line somewhere.
Yeah, fax it to me.
I'll put it up.
I mean, I'll talk about it.
Maybe get me on with your producer, and I'll do that.
One thing that I wanted to bring up was this transition to digital TV and digital radio.
Now, you talked about your cable access show a while back.
I know there was a big fight over that.
I guess that's been somewhat resolved for a while.
We've won the battle.
We haven't won the war.
Right, yeah.
So I don't think people realize until they actually shut down analog TV, there's not going to be a lot of sealed channels.
Yeah, the little radio stations, the little TV stations, they go, hey, upgrade a million and a half bucks worth of stuff.
Well, the old saying, you don't miss the water until the well runs dry.
Can't do it.
I think they're going to find out that there's a backlash against this digital TV.
For one thing, they've got a real problem with the format that they've chosen.
Paul could probably tell you over in England, it's a different format.
You run a TV station.
That's right.
Stay there.
Anything else?
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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A new world order can emerge.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, folks, we're talking to Paul Watson.
We're eight minutes and 15 seconds into this third hour.
We're about to get into actual torture on TV in Iraq that our government puts on there in that country.
Torturing people on TV.
It is literally the running man.
So you think it's bad that in England they've got
Reality TV shows where you sign on to be tortured at a mock Guantanamo Bay camp or Threat Matrix in 24 and shows over here that simulate torturing people to death.
Oh no, it's much more evil than that in Iraq.
All part of the new liberation.
All part of the new freedom.
Yes, they're liberating them like Anton LaVey would liberate people.
But letting Mike in Kentucky have a chance to finish up.
Mike, you were talking about...
The havoc that it's going to start as they try to force us on to digital TV and radio, they were supposed to have it already in everywhere by 2005, but people aren't adopting it as quickly.
And I'm all for higher quality, but you're right.
It's not as sure, it's not as redundant, and it has a lot of problems, and it'll destroy a lot of local TV and radio stations.
There shouldn't be a law that you have to go to this.
Everybody is still waiting for the so-called magic
Next generation chipset that's going to allow you to receive your digital picture when the wind blows your antenna a little bit.
There's all kinds of stuff on the internet if you go look it up where people are complaining about not having trouble picking up their local PBS station because the signal's a little bit too strong and it's bouncing around and you get what's called multi-path.
Or ghosting.
If you've got a perfect picture now on analog TV, why do you want to go out and buy a $200 receiver that may or may not work?
They've got major problems.
Of course, FCC Chairman Colin Powell's son is resigning.
He's getting out while the getting's good, I think, before this all comes down on him.
I wanted to mention, you brought up some stuff for people that are new to this topic.
I think they need to remember the first World Trade Center bombing, if they didn't know, was a government operation.
And they had the man on the inside that was going to build a fake bomb, and they told him not to do it.
He had it on smart enough to tape record his meetings with the FBI, so he had it on tape.
Ahmad Salam, they told him to build a real bomb.
Yeah, he got a million dollars to go away and be quiet.
You brought it up, Texas Monthly Magazine, where the FBI actually created a Klan group.
They got a bunch of guys, and they were too dumb to know how to build their own bomb, so they built the bomb for them so they'd blow up a refinery and
Texas Monthly Magazine gave them the Bums Deer Award.
I have family in Fort Worth.
I don't appreciate the FBI trying to kill family of mine.
For people to think that it's pretty far-fetched for them to orchestrate this pageant, as I like to call it, the September 11th, then they're out of the loop, as George Bush or Reagan or somebody would say.
Out of the loop.
But they just don't know about it.
Well, we just talked about Operation Gladio.
I mean, you can go to the National Archives, Associated Press, London Guardian.
I mean, the U.S.
government carrying out terror attacks worldwide in the 70s.
Killing people.
Blowing up school buses.
That's one of their favorites, because that gets people real mad.
And then blaming it on their enemies.
I mean, when we have the government admitting they do it, people still can't face it.
This is not a radical broadcast.
We just tell the truth.
Thanks for the call.
Paul Watson, let's get into the... I mean, let's give people some background on what TVs become and the conditioning mechanism, but then let's get into the latest generation of scum, a whole... I mean, I don't think we get this bad this fast, directly to Running Man in 05.
Well, yeah, we have to underline the fact that this is not a new thing.
I mean, even I was watching an episode of Knight Rider back from the early 80s where they would electrocute the bad guys to try and make them talk.
Even back then.
You will have probably heard of, maybe not the episode of 24, which has already aired in America, but which was premiered in the UK here last night.
Where the Secretary of Defense orders for his own son to be tortured because he, quote, loves his son, but he loves his country even more.
And the last shot in the episode is the Secretary of Defense's son with the goggles on, screeching, having the high-pitched noises fed directly into his ears.
So it's getting even worse in these kind of programs.
So three months ago, it was the show Spooks in England where they torture people's seven-year-old daughters.
Now we don't just torture other people's children, simulated, but the subconscious picks it up like it's real.
Now we torture our own children.
That's the love of country.
Yes, it's not just the terrorists anymore, it's our own children, just because they might have some information which we need.
But over in Iraq, which is a kind of crystal ball of the tyranny which will eventually be introduced in the US, they're kind of two steps ahead on the Richter scale.
There's a new government-produced TV show airing in Iraq called Terrorists in the Hands of Justice, and it features beaten-up insurgents with the security forces standing over them with guns who go in front of the camera and confess to kidnappings, rapes, and murders.
That is directly out of 1984.
That is directly out of it.
And it's what they call reality television.
This is not a drama.
It's presented as a video.
And they play clips of that on your news.
I've got to get that.
And the rationale... I mean, it was in NBC News two days ago.
They were quite proud of it.
The rationale for... Wait a minute.
See, I've been busy making this film, so I'm out of the loop.
What time?
I've got to get that tape.
NBC News, NBC Nightly News, what, Saturday night or Friday night?
I don't know the exact date.
Paul, listen, you need to find that for me.
I'm sure it'll get worse.
It'll be on every day soon.
But you need to find out when that was.
I've got ways of getting that tape.
We had an article yesterday which was called, Torture TV Televising the Revolution, which talks about it.
Yeah, I saw that, but listen for a second.
You're telling me NBC... I mean, I know you have the articles about the terrorists in the hands of justice in Iraq, but I need that NBC.
NBC did a glowing report of this?
They threw in the proviso that it was having the unexpected effect of turning public opinion against the occupying forces.
How dumb!
See, the globalists think we're all like they are.
That we're going to like torture on TV.
So they beat and torture people on TV, have them publicly confess.
Folks, we have reached 1984 levels.
They don't show the beatings.
They show the beaten up, quote, insurgents with the security forces standing over them.
So it's pretty obvious what has happened.
And the rationale for putting this on television is to inspire the public into using the new TIPS program, which they've set up in Iraq, to inform on the activity of people in their neighborhood and report them to the government, which we highlighted six weeks ago.
So while in the US it's thinly veiled as drama, in Iraq it's the latest brand of reality television.
And in fact, in the UK, we've plumbed a new low where a show is about to start where contestants undergo torture techniques used at Guantanamo Bay.
They have a mock camp.
Yeah, the ones who resist the longest are the winners.
And so, what are people going to think when they watch this?
It's a psychological idea that it's something special.
It conditions us, but also that, well, they have shows like that.
What's the big deal?
Yeah, but the fact is they're not going to show people being raped with glow sticks, electrocuted, people being beaten to death, which is what actually happened.
They're going to show... Raped with large objects dripping with battery acid.
Army's on report.
Yeah, but on the show they're going to show sleep deprivation, stress inducement, the kind of lightest forms.
So people are going to see that and think, you know, if this is all that's going on at Guantanamo Bay, and after all, these people are terrorists, as the British government passes laws to arrest British citizens as terrorists without evidence or trial, then what's the big deal?
I support this policy, because people are only going to see the lighter stuff, because they're not going to show people being beaten to death, because it's a prize show.
Well, again, even if you're a sicko and think torture's good, folks...
Raping people with battery acid is not good.
It's sick.
It's psychopathic.
Why is so much of this...