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Air Date: Feb. 25, 2005
2501 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
TGIF, ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday, the 25th.
Day of February, 2005.
We're going to be live for the next three hours, wide open phones.
We've also got a guest coming on who was fired after he refused a thumb scan.
He'd worked there for ten years, seven years as a manager.
For religious reasons, said no, and they said, you're out the door.
Also, interesting video clip that surfaced.
I remember actually even seeing this that morning.
CNN reported no plane hit the Pentagon.
And I have the video clip here.
We're going to be playing the audio coming up in the next segment.
CNN reported no plane hit the Pentagon.
We've got the Shockwave video file of a clip from CNN coverage on the morning of 9-11.
CNN reporter Jamie McIntyre says he inspected the Pentagon site and it is obvious that no plane crashed there.
Jamie McIntyre, from my close-up inspection, there's no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon.
The only site is the actual side of the building that was crashed in.
And as I said, the only pieces left that you can see are small enough that you can pick it up in your hand.
There are no large tail sections, wing sections, fuselage, nothing like that anywhere around, which would indicate that the entire plane crashed into the side of the Pentagon and then caused the side to collapse.
And it goes on and on.
So we're going to be playing that clip coming up.
And this is why people have questions.
You've got a small hole in the side, a little black hole, lighter from fire, a larger section collapsed, but that was it.
And on top of this, we have the government's own envoy in the Toronto Star yesterday telling the Canadians, hey, your general ordered our aircraft up to...
Go shoot down the plane in Pennsylvania going for the Capitol.
We've got Rumsfeld twice saying they shot Flight 93 down.
So all we're doing is looking at what they say and what they do and what they report.
And this isn't on the day of 9-11.
I mean, they're saying this now.
And we have to look at it.
Especially when you add all the other pieces of evidence together.
Here's some of the other news that's coming up.
I saw Americans kill terror suspect, says Guantanamo, Britain, who's now been released.
Killing people!
Yes, all those supposed suicides.
And as I mentioned, Quick Trip policy points to dismissal.
Donnie Attaway, a listener of ours to KCXL in Kansas City, enjoyed working for Quick Trip.
For 12 years, Seven is a manager at the last foreign store on East US 24 in Independence.
Tuesday was Attaway's last day at work because they want him to thumbprint to clock in and out.
Also coming up...
In a court ruling, a teenager who unsuccessfully blamed Zoloft for slaying his grandparents never should have been tried as an adult and should have had his 30-year prison sentence cut to probation, his lawyers argued.
Defense attorney Andy Vickery argued in a motion filed Wednesday that trying Christopher Pittman as an adult for a crime committed when he was 12 violated the Constitution's prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment and is still arguing that Zoloft caused it.
So we'll get to that.
Dramatic increase in overdoses linked to antidepressants.
This out of the Independent.
Also, CCTV does not reduce crime.
Major study.
Well, no kidding.
And we'll cover that as well.
And unmanned helicopters to be used for surveillance.
This out of the Tampa Bay News.
Putin loses his smile after a lecture from Bush on democracy.
That's more WWF-staged fighting.
There is just so much more and details of all we just mentioned coming up after this quick break.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The websites are InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, InfoWars.net, PrisonPlanet.tv.
Be sure and check them all out today.
We'll be back after this quick break.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Eight minutes, thirty seconds into this first hour of this Friday edition, second segment.
I was on NPR yesterday.
It's that show on the media that airs throughout the weekend.
I've heard it before.
It's a highly produced program.
I'm sitting there debating the editor of Popular Mechanics about their hit piece concerning those that have been questioning the official story of 9-11.
And every time I tried to bring up substantive issues, they were basically saying, hey, we're not here to debate the facts.
We're just here to talk about the alternative media and to see if you guys are doing a good job or not.
And is this a good thing you're doing?
And so they interviewed me for about 30 minutes, and it'll end up being three or four minutes, and we'll see what happens.
But they kept asking, well, why do you guys question all this?
Why do you guys not believe the official story?
And I kept saying, everything they've told us about the official story, over and over and over again, has turned out to be outright lies.
It's not just like the government accidentally told us a bunch of falsehoods concerning September 11th.
They specifically have lied and covered up on over a hundred different points.
Over and over and over and over and over again.
Take Rumsfeld.
Twice he has said that they shot Flight 93 down.
And he never corrects that.
He never backs off of that.
The press never says, what do you mean?
Other public officials all over TV have said, oh yeah, we shot Flight 93 down.
The former governor of Massachusetts, who's now the head U.S.
envoy to Canada, told the Toronto Star two days ago, it was in the paper yesterday, that, well yeah, it was a Canadian general in control of NORAD who launched F-16s to go shoot down Flight 93.
Now, that's three and a half years later, almost three and a half years later, they're still saying that, and then we go, well, what do you mean about this?
They won't comment.
It's like Larry Silverstein getting up on PBS and saying, well, we blew up Building 7.
Yeah, we gave the order and pulled it down, and you got all the other witnesses and the evidence, but still we're supposed to ignore that.
But just outright lying, it turns out the White House had specific CIA threat assessments.
There's a plan to hijack jets and fly them into the World Trade Center in the next month.
All this stuff is happening.
Two days before, Rice gets another memo.
They have a meeting about it in the White House.
And then they get up on TV and say, we'd never heard of such a plan.
And anybody who says we'd heard of it, it's just preposterous.
And Bush says it over and over again.
And you're asking, well, if the government did it, Alex, or if a criminal element did it, why would they even be passing memos around?
Because most of the CIA and the FBI aren't bad people.
The Defense Intelligence Agency isn't bad.
They were getting all this chatter from the build-up to the actual orchestrated events, and they were trying to stop it.
And so that's why there's so many questions about 9-11, because they admit public officials, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mayor Willie Brown, John Ashcroft, Salman Rushdie, they all got calls and all got told, don't fly to New York on September 11th in the days, or in the case of Ashcroft and Rushdie, in the weeks before 9-11.
Specific stuff with the case of Brown and high-level Pentagon staff is don't fly there tomorrow.
Don't do it.
And, you know, I don't knock people who spend most of their time focusing on the Pentagon and did a plane hit it or didn't it.
I don't knock people who spend their time talking about any 9-11 issue.
All of us have a right to look at it and to talk about it and to debate it and to discuss it.
And I think it's healthy.
I personally...
Have not focused on the Pentagon.
I mean, I probably had ten guests on over the years and posted hundreds of articles, but in the aggregate, it's probably 5% of what I've focused on.
Because you really can't prove it one way or the other.
It's pretty clear the official story is a fraud.
Eyewitnesses said they saw a small plane or missile or drone.
But the government loves it because you can't prove it one way or the other.
It's just an endless debate.
What we can prove is public officials were warned not to fly to New York.
There was CIA insider trading.
Bin Laden is CIA.
The CIA did sign a deal with Pakistan to protect Bin Laden.
FBI agents have gone public.
All of that is provable, demonstrable.
There were bombs in those buildings.
They were blown up.
They did say they blew up Building 7.
On and on and on and on and on and on.
That's all admitted.
That's all real.
That's all substantive.
But people ask, where do these stories start?
The first reports were the Pentagon had been hit by a bomb.
Because everybody that saw it just saw a hot explosion, a big white blast.
We've got that little surveillance camera video.
No plane, no nothing, just a white hot flash.
A plane flying into something, you don't have a white hot flash.
You have a big red-orange fireball.
It's a cool fire.
Only with cruise missiles and explosives do you have a white hot flash.
It's just that simple.
I mean, it was a white flash.
And a few government employees and a few high-level media people, and again, how many media people are CIA folks?
Thousands are on government payroll.
Hundreds are CIA.
A few media people go, oh yeah, I saw a passenger jet.
But police and other witnesses said, I saw a missile.
I saw like a cruise missile, a drone.
And then you get a clip like this.
CNN reported no plane hit the Pentagon.
And I had other tapes, other clips, other video clips, other newscasts.
I'd never seen this.
And it's on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com right now.
And, folks, here is that clip.
Go ahead and hit it.
From my close-up inspection, there's no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon.
The only sight is the actual side of the building that's crashed in, and as I said, the only pieces left that you can see are small enough that you can pick up in your hand.
There are no large tail sections, wing sections, fuselage, nothing like that anywhere around, which would indicate
That the entire plane crashed into the side of the Pentagon and then caused the side to collapse.
Now, even though if you look at the pictures of the Pentagon, you see that the floors have all collapsed, that didn't happen immediately.
It wasn't until almost about 45 minutes later that the structure was weakened enough that all of the floors collapsed.
Now, that's Jamie McIntyre, senior correspondent.
There on the ground, standing about 200 yards away.
And again, folks, we have the photographs.
There's like this 14, some say 16-foot hole in the building with a blast, black blast points around it, the classical signature of something going through, penetrating, and then exploding outward.
And then now there's a photo or two of maybe a two-foot long piece of aluminum with some red, white, and blue on it.
Oh, look, it's American Airlines.
But people wonder where these stories come from.
It's stuff like that.
Look, Flight 93, the state police and others said F-16s were chasing it.
Other witnesses said they saw missiles fired, it explodes.
You've got an engine eight miles away, all blown open like a mushroom where the missiles would go in.
You've got this classical engine, looks like a missile hit it, and you've got debris spread over eight miles, and they claim, oh no, the plane whole, in one piece, just plowed into the ground.
And then Rumsfeld slips up twice and says, well, we shot it down, we shot Flight 93 down, and now his envoy says it to the Canadian government.
We're supposed to just ignore all of this, and they can't even get their story straight.
And then they're so arrogant, people like Buzzy Crongard,
And the CIA insider trading got tracked back to him.
Number three man at the CIA.
He says, don't worry about Bin Laden.
We don't want to capture him.
And Bush says, I'm not worried about Bin Laden.
I don't want to capture Bin Laden.
I don't want to.
We're not worried about Bin Laden anymore.
Oh no, he's no problem.
I mean, just all of this.
And then I...
And I'm finishing up the film Martial Law and I was adding some other articles where generals and colonels would arrest thousands of Al-Qaeda and they'd be ordered to release them.
They'd arrest the head Taliban general and the CIA would say, release them.
And they all flew out to safety.
But, I mean, I don't just have the articles about the airlift of evil.
I've even dug out all the other articles that I've kind of forgotten about in the last three years where special forces colonels were going, man, I had them all cornered and
Then 50 black helicopters landed.
This is colonels, you know, in the major newspaper.
And black helicopters landed and U.S.
helicopters and flew them all away.
The Russians couldn't win that war in almost eight years.
But our government, once the troops were on the ground and in place, in three weeks won the war.
Because it was staged, ladies and gentlemen.
The Arab fighters sat back in the third ring of emplacements in the major cities they controlled.
They put young men and old men conscripts in the front line, which our government bombarded.
Remember, they wouldn't bombard the main Taliban and Arab fighter strongholds.
Remember that?
The Northern Alliance said, why won't you bombard them?
And then all of a sudden...
Aircraft landed and helicopters landed and loaded all the Al-Qaeda up and flew them off and then, oh, the whole place fell and our government marched in and arrested 15-year-old boys and 78-year-old men and marched them off and put them on planes and flew them to Guantanamo Bay for hellish torture.
And execution.
And just absolute brutalization.
I think I got articles today about them torturing them to death.
So, that's a staged event.
It's staged.
Totally staged.
Didn't you know that our government created the Taliban and Al-Qaeda?
Didn't you know that they were our big allies in the 80s?
And it was all set up.
It was all scripted.
It was a movie.
A production.
Huge, elaborate, mind-control operation.
We'll be back with your calls, a bunch of other news items.
We'll play that scene in a clip as well again.
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What do you think about this singing in clip that we just played earlier?
I want to play that one more time.
This is Jamie McIntyre there at the Pentagon site, and this is after it had burned and part of the roof...
...had collapsed, and this is what Jamie McIntyre had to say about it.
From my close-up inspection, there's no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon.
The only sight is the actual side of the building that's crashed in, and as I said, the only pieces left that you can see are small enough that you can pick up in your hand.
There are no large tail sections, wing sections, fuselage, nothing like that anywhere around, which would indicate...
That the entire plane crashed into the side of the Pentagon and then caused the side to collapse.
Now, even though if you look at the pictures of the Pentagon, you see that the floors have all collapsed, that didn't happen immediately.
It wasn't until almost about 45 minutes later that the structure was weakened enough that all of the floors collapsed.
There is no indication that the entire plane at the building, because there would be large chunks of it,
I mean, think about it.
This huge aircraft hits, and it all goes into this 14 or, depending on who you talk to, 16-foot hole.
It just all disappears, and then later there's a few little two-foot-long pieces that look like American Airlines, and then others have looked at some of the plane parts that were photographed by the media, and they're
They're parts of what looks like a Thunder Chief, a Vietnam era two-seater fighter bomber, which they admittedly use for drone aircraft practice.
Load that sucker up with explosives.
Who knows, my friends, that's why it's really still a mystery.
But, interesting clip nonetheless.
I saw Americans kill terror suspects, say Guantanamo, Britain, London Independent.
One of the four Britons released from Guantanamo Bay last month said he was tortured by the Americans at a separate holding camp, that's the CIA camp within the camp, and spent many hours trussed like an animal with a bag over his head.
Well, they admit somebody just died after being hung up all day.
Mozambique, 37, who was released by the Metropolitan Police without charge and reunited with his wife and four children after three years imprisonment, also accuses American cappers of beating two detainees to death at the Bagram Air Base near Kabul in Afghanistan.
In his first interview since his release, he told Channel 4 News he witnessed two people
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Shackled and dressed in orange jumpsuits, then held without charge, trial, or access to lawyers.
For much of his detention, he was in solitary confinement, often exposed to extreme weather and deprived of basic necessities.
Last night, he said he was interviewed at Guantanamo by U.S.
security officers who asked him to identify the guards in the alleged beatings.
He told Channel 4, I saw one body actually being carried away, and the other one, I wasn't sure whether he had been killed, but the photographs the American intelligence officials had brought confirmed the person had been killed.
And he called it torturous experiences.
And folks, again, the real Taliban and Al-Qaeda were flown out to safety.
They work for the globalists.
They've always worked for the globalists.
They're protected.
So you hear these neocons going, man, these are terrorists who attacked us.
We don't need to follow rules.
Let's torture them.
Even if they were real terrorists, you don't become the terrorist to fight the terrorists because then your government becomes the terrorist.
That's more dangerous to have your government behaving like this than some people in a cave.
But then when you realize in a three-dimensional view of this that it's all a fraud, it's even worse.
It's even worse.
It is a fraud.
I mean, the number three man at the CIA says they let bin Laden go free.
Well, we knew this three and a half years ago.
Generals and colonels have said the black helicopters landed and flew them to air bases, and they got on C-130s and were flown out.
And reports are they got paid by the U.S.
Here's your gold.
Good job.
Look, it's a Senate report.
They used Al-Qaeda to attack the Serbs in the late 90s.
That's admitted.
Al-Qaeda was funded by Clinton then, too.
And when the Serbs fought back, you know what happened.
They worked for the globalists.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Thank you.
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Coming up in the next hour, we're going to be talking to Donnie Adelaide.
A manager at a local business for seven years, worked there 12.
Great record.
He just said, I'm not going to thumb scan.
And, of course, the plan is to make you then do it to buy and sell.
That's already happening all over the country, and they just fired him.
So, that is coming up in the next hour.
We're about to go to your calls.
Full free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
I want to talk about CCTV does not produce crime, more news on what these antidepressants are doing, increasing suicide and overdosing as well, unmanned helicopters to be used for surveillance over your cities, Putin loses his smile at her lecture from Bush on democracy, more fake WWF stage theater, and much, much more.
We're about to go to your calls, Steve, Ralph, and others that are patiently holding.
Before I do that,
I had said that Martial Law 9-1-1, Rise of the Police State, which will be my greatest epic, my greatest film, and I could have made three or four films in the time it's taken me to make this, would be out the 27th.
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But the point is...
That I am busting my rear end to get this out.
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It should be done.
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That's all done.
It's ready.
But then I have to send it to the people that encode it.
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I mean, I cannot really think of the terms to amply describe martial law.
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Basically, devil-worshipping Nazis are in control.
I mean, that's basically the message of the film.
We document it without a shadow of a doubt.
It is produced to, like, Discovery Channel level, but with just... Folks, there's got to be...
No exaggeration.
There's got to be 500 photos in it, hundreds of video clips, probably 500 documents and news articles.
It's insane.
And it's so fast-moving.
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Tightening it up.
Trying to cut it down.
This is really long.
It's still like 2 hours 40 minutes right now.
And I really don't want it to be that long.
But it's hard to cut when you're telling this story.
But regardless, folks, we need your support from making this film.
People write me every day or call me.
Oh, I want to donate to you.
We don't ask for that.
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So I hope that everybody out there will visit InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and order 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, The Masters of Terror, Police State 3, Total Enslavement, Matrix of Evil.
All of these films are heads above the rest.
Unfortunately, I wish people were putting out more powerful films.
On average, a lot of Patriot films aren't that powerful.
Some are, and I carry those that are powerful.
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And again, I've got to do a write-up for this film.
I've got to build a page on the side about it.
This is all little added stuff.
Target date to be done by Tuesday, so Wednesday I can go do a big write-up for the film, put video stills of it up.
Then I want to get your reviews of it as you watch it online.
I tell you, it's so rewarding, though, and invigorating.
I just thank God I woke up to the New World Order.
I thank God I had parents that taught me to be a free thinker and to have an open mind.
I thank God that I've got the work ethic and the knowledge to do something like this, and it just feels so good.
I mean, the endorphins are flowing.
It's just such a satisfying thing.
I mean, many of you know that feeling.
It's just extreme satisfaction.
It's a natural high.
And, oh, man, feels good.
Steve in Ohio.
Steve, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing, sir?
Pretty good.
Did you just watch the autism clip on NBC yesterday?
They're saying that it is in the vaccine.
Well, that's old news, but what do they tell you?
Oh, but don't worry, we've taken it out.
Yeah, well, there was actually two sides.
The correspondent stated that the NBC correspondent stated that it wasn't, but the previous doctor mentioned that it was.
So, you know, I just wasn't sure if you'd seen it or not.
No, I didn't see it.
I've seen the MO of, well, there are a lot of top major university reports that autism's up over 1,000%.
Well, I have an audio clip if you want to hear it real quick.
It's queued up.
I don't know if you want to hear it or not.
You know what?
You've called before.
You're good at this.
Most people aren't.
Yeah, go ahead and play it.
Here it is.
Now, many of the emails we received urged us to talk to this next expert for the opposing viewpoint.
Dr. Richard Deeth is a professor of pharmacology at Northeastern University.
There's been a great deal of more recent research on autistic kids that makes it clear that there is a relationship or a link between the thimerosal in vaccines and autism.
We did some studies to show that thimerosal potently inhibits a process that's important for the detoxification of heavy metals.
All vaccines are not safe at this point.
The flu vaccine, for example, still carries the usual dosage of ethylmercury or thimerosal, about 25 micrograms.
So does the tetanus vaccine.
The childhood vaccines are certainly much safer than they used to be, and that's where the debate stands.
Okay, well, there's more to it, but there's an opposing side, too.
Yeah, I bet they'll give them more time.
Well, they give them more time, but they say, this guy is saying that it's got nothing to do with it.
I could play that another time if you want, but...
I can give you that clip too, but I just want to let you know what people need to do, Alex, is start... We were talking about that clip yesterday about the torture.
Go to ABC.com and when you get there, go to the far bottom and there's an email link.
Let's send a mass email and let them know what's going on.
And you're talking about that LA, or not LA law, Boston law?
Boston legal, yeah.
Because here's the thing...
The producers, and I mentioned this yesterday about shadow governments, we have shadow script writers that are cowards that don't show their face in public.
You didn't know about the $44 million fund admitted three years ago in Hollywood that really pays to have stuff inserted in scripts?
But see, somebody is doing this, but we, like I said before... No, no, no, no, we actually have the LA Times article.
No, it's admitted.
They actually do.
Again, it's called propaganda placement.
They actually pay to have stuff inserted in scripts.
Yeah, but you wonder who actually is writing this stuff, because, like, at the end of the show, they'll show... Demonic pig goblins!
Yeah, obviously, but see, we never... You know, it's like people like yourself.
You show your face in public and tell your agenda.
These people have to hide like cowards, because, obviously, if people saw what they were up to, they'd be disgusted, you know?
But what people need to do is email these people, and I urge every Alex Jones listener out there to go on to ABC.com and let them know that we saw this clip, and I think it's posted on your InfoWars website today about that clip and stuff.
Which clip are you talking about?
Well, I think your wife had posted it on InfoWars about the Boston legal thing.
Oh, yeah, she did put a news article about that, yeah.
Yeah, I think it was yesterday.
But anyways, I was just going to say that...
But one other issue that I don't know if you covered this or not, but last week there was a clip where they have private contractors
There's torture going on to innocent civilians in Iraq, and it's because of a private contracting firm here.
Well, yeah, every rapist and psychopath who'd normally hide out in the woods and grab a woman jogging, literally they all go sign up now for these private contracts, and they've hired the former death squad commandos of Latin America, sent them over to Iraq.
It's every sicko, every smart psychopath is going to join the team.
Yeah, well, I mean, you'd be surprised when you watch the nightly news or you watch any of the three major networks on regular television, you'd be surprised at how much stuff they do let out.
I mean, even though it is... Well, that's the change.
See, what happened is, notice five years ago, you wouldn't see any of this.
Now they're admitting a lot of it.
I think it's to anesthetize us and make us more conditioned to the fact... Well, exactly.
They put a spin on it for just being conditioned...
And people ask, why am I allowed to do what I do?
I believe they think I'm really doing that, but I say, consciously be aware of that.
It won't have that effect on you.
But thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
No, no, I mean, look, it's bigger than that, though.
They're losing credibility.
They're losing market share.
38 to 45 percent of people have left television altogether.
They're panicking.
People aren't believing them anymore.
Because they used to lie so much and just not report so much.
I mean, why is NPR having me on to talk about 9-11?
Of course, they're going to edit it, I'm sure, and I can't wait to hear it.
Or it airs tomorrow.
They're having to respond to us.
And in their panicked articles they write, again attacking myself and Vanity Fair and American Legion and Popular Mechanics and Washington Post and New York Times.
They're taking over!
Everyone's listening!
There's a growing legion of these people!
You can hear it, folks.
It's like listening to an enemy radio transmission as they're going down.
We're under attack!
They're all around us!
What's going on?
There's another one over there!
Because there's millions of us scanning everything they're doing, watching what they're doing, tracking what they're doing, touching them in lies, reading all the bills.
We're all communicating with each other back and forth.
They can't stop us, folks.
They cannot stop us.
Unless they nuke a major city to go ahead and go into total, complete martial law.
And then I think that's going to blow up in their face.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ralph in New York.
Thanks for holding, Ralph.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
What's happening?
How you doing?
We're doing a radio transmission.
How you doing?
How you doing?
Well, this is my first time recording.
I'm recording from New York City, actually, you know, where everything happened here.
And we just got on the base.
We've seen your tapes, actually.
And it's basically the wake-up call to every individual out there.
You know what I'm saying?
And so, you know, you're a major blessing.
We know what you're doing, man.
It's amazing.
Well, a lot of folks in New York, I was amazed when I was in New York, hundreds of people ran up and said, Alex, we've seen your videos, we know about the New World Order, and these were New Yorkers, so, and I was one person fighting, so yeah, a lot of folks were waking up.
Because we basically, I mean, here, as a black man in America, we know, as a majority, we are now basically part of the New World Order, you know, they're going to basically...
Well I appreciate your time Lawrence.
It's a major wake-up call for any individual out there for what's going on.
And also, they're bringing out also earlier this year, Louis Farrakhan is bringing out the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington.
And they're bringing that out rapidly throughout the black community to wake up because they know when the draft comes back and all these legislations bring out, it's about to hit the fan any time soon.
They know what's about to happen.
You know, and it's a major wake-up call.
And I'll tell you what the draft is.
It's slavery, bottom line.
Well, basically, you know, my opinion is that, you know, the minority is going to be basically targeted before anybody else.
Put them on the front lines and basically... I predict there's going to be major civil unrest.
That's my prediction.
They know that.
That's why they're gearing up to suppress it.
Anything else, Ralph?
Thanks, Alex.
You're a major wake-up call to everyone out here.
God bless you, my friend.
I salute you.
Stay with us.
We'll be back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
Do you know where the 78 potentially active volcanoes in the U.S.
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If it keeps on raining, love is gonna break.
When the levee breaks, I'll have no place to stay.
Going down, going down now, going down.
New World Order's going down.
The dam's already broken, the truth is out.
The more you try to contain it, the more explosive force you give it, New World Order.
Some of us know that this life is short, and what counts is what we stand up for, how we help people.
Some of us aren't a bunch of ingrate, inbred, degenerate New World Order trash.
Some of us will stand up for life, and we will put our lives, our treasure, everything on the line.
That's what God commands we do.
DJ in Illinois, you're on the air globally.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, it's good to hear you.
One question and a couple of statements.
Question, your program earlier this week,
With that gentleman from Canada about the building designs, the occultic roots, as well as all of the hidden rooms, et cetera.
Is there any possibility you guys are going to rebroadcast that?
I missed part of it, and I wanted to... Well, strangely enough, it was supposed to rebroadcast, and it didn't because of some refeed computer foible played something else.
But we've had a lot of requests to re-air that, and who knows if I take off any in the next few weeks.
That'll definitely be a broadcast we'll re-air.
But at the same time, I might take one day off for spring break or something to spend time with the family.
I'll try to remember to re-air that.
But for those that just joined us, this is mainstream news in Canada.
The rooms are 666 and all these weird inscriptions to these pagan gods.
Most of these government buildings are built like that.
I didn't catch it all.
That's the very thing that I would hand to people who
Are still blinded who believe that they're born again Christians.
Well, you can give them the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, CBC.
Oh, really?
Yeah, you can go give them mainstream news articles.
Oh, cool.
Another thing.
We've been giving out, I have been giving out just a little sheet with a whole bunch.
It's got like 60 plus websites on it.
And yours amongst them.
Especially to people who are draft age.
Because they have the right to know.
What's about to blindside them?
I mean, they have the right.
Everybody does.
But they have the right.
The military says they're going to have total implosion in Iraq if they're not able to get more troops.
They don't have more troops.
The globalists want to invade Iran.
They're talking about the attack starting in June.
I don't know if that's going to happen, but that's what's being said by serious sources in mainstream news.
I wish my kids had sources of accurate information before they met up with recruiters.
They wouldn't be in it.
Oh, you have children over there?
What did they tell you?
I cannot discuss that.
They told you you can't discuss it?
No, I won't.
What, are your children in classified stuff?
I actually called our wonderful congressman, who is on one of the Armed Services Committees, and...
The Senator, Mr. Durbin, who is also, and complained about the fact that an email picture, which showed nothing more than a flat horizon, but also showed that one of the vehicles, the vehicle that the guards stood on for a convoy, was the dark forest green camouflage.
And here you have soldiers against the desert on that dark green camo with
Desert camo uniform.
You know, it's like they painted targets on our kids.
Are your children... I mean, do they think things are going well over there?
They really skirt the issue.
And one, I lost contact with the one very shortly after.
I complained about that picture.
Lost contact with one of your darlings.
All right.
Well, I couldn't imagine that.
We'll never want to be in that position.
Alright, we'll be back with the second hour of transmission.
Stay with us.
Berkey Waters.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, my friends, we are now in tune.
Hour number two.
Thank you for joining us on this Friday edition.
I'm going to go right back to your phone calls.
Then we've got a guest coming up up in Missouri, fired for not thumb scanning, and we'll get into all the latest torture news as well.
In fact, the more cameras the police put up, the more crime we get.
It doesn't even help.
It's not meant to help, folks, so we'll discuss that as well.
Right now, let's talk to Richard in New Mexico and Arthur, Todd, Rick, and others.
Richard, welcome.
Hey, Alex, I wanted to ask you about tasers.
You know, I heard this morning that the company is going to make a model available to, you know, the public.
It's already available to the public.
Okay, well, they said you could use a 30-second burst instead of a 10-second or whatever, but the dart comes out and it's attached to a wire.
So can you rewind that wire yourself and put it back in the gun, or is it a one-time use?
I believe you can use it multiple times.
I don't have a taser.
So you think you can put that wire back in yourself, like repackage?
Again, I'm not really fit to talk about it.
I don't have one.
Let me just say this.
If you want to know what all the controversy is about,
I think tasers overall are good for the police.
I'll shock some by saying that.
If they're properly trained, it's better than cops using guns.
I mean, cops shoot people who run away from them in the back now.
You know, they're just so trained to point and shoot in a Pavlovian fashion that tasers, if they're trained not to use them on people...
Who are innocent, who've done nothing wrong, who aren't threatening him, I think it's good.
It does give them another option.
The problem is it's being overused.
Why is the media hyping them as so dangerous and deadly, though?
Because, openly, the police are calling for banning them in our hands.
Okay, so that's what all this hype is about.
Why, if there's questions of police having it, the citizens certainly shouldn't be able to.
And yes, you can own tasers, there's other forms of these guns, of these electricity weapons.
And I think, you know, it's a good thing to have, especially if you're in a house and you have children, and you don't want to shoot through a wall if an intruder comes in your house.
Well, the police went through that.
Yeah, and we see cops using mace on somebody who argues with them.
And they get in trouble.
They should.
Okay, the mace isn't bad.
They shouldn't.
The taser isn't bad.
The Glock 9mm isn't bad.
It's how it's being used.
Now, another thing I was wondering is if somebody's shot with a gun...
Then the shooter could have traceable powder on their hands and you could pull the bullet out of the victim and look at the little marks on the side and trace it back to the barrel.
But with the taser, there's no signature either from the victim or the shooter that would trace it back to that gun.
I think that's a good point.
You know what I mean?
That's going to really involve a criminal investigation a lot.
Yeah, but criminals have actually used tasers before.
But look, again, we need to keep tasers legal.
We need to get them.
And they're very effective.
And all over the country, the cops are trying to ban us having them, showing that they take our guns if they've got a chance.
And how dare them try to, you know, take something that they protect themselves with.
Well, why can't we have it?
We should.
But all this demonization, you watch, it's already started.
I predicted this is what would happen.
Now it's, oh, let's ban citizens from having tasers.
We'll be right back.
Thanks for the call.
Got a guest coming up.
We'll go to Arthur, Todd, Rick, and others.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is Friday, G-G-I-F, the 25th day of February 2005, and Alex Jones, your host.
Coming up, more information about how
Antidepressants have been linked to major overdoses and violent behavior.
There's more news on that coming out.
Also, I saw Americans kill terror suspects, says Guantanamo, Britain, who's been released because he was innocent.
Dramatic increase in overdoses linked to antidepressants.
That is very important.
We'll also talk about CCTV does not reduce crime.
Major new study.
One of many.
But right now, I want to, and of course your calls, I want to talk to a guest who's a listener of this broadcast on KCXL in the Kansas City area.
Quick trip policy points to dismissal.
Donnie Attaway enjoyed working for Quick Trip Corp.
for 12 years, seven as a manager, the last four at a store on East U.S.
24th and Independence, Missouri.
Tuesday was Attaway's last day at work.
It's a good company, but not for me anymore, Attaway said without rancor.
The 36-year-old Independence resident was fired for refusing to give his fingerprint, like many companies nationally.
The convenience store chain has adopted a new employee tracking system, a modern-day substitute for the old-fashioned time clock and personnel file.
With the biometric system, employers time in and out, employees time in and out, and gain access to their personal records.
And it goes on.
Attaway didn't see the privacy benefits.
He saw the privacy invasion, and he refused to comply.
Today, it's a fingerprint, Attaway said.
Some companies put GPS, global positioning systems, in your vehicle.
Tomorrow, it's your cell phone.
Down the road, it could be a microchip that they want to implant in your hand.
If you work for the Mexican Attorney General in Mexico City, you've got to have the chip to get into the secure areas.
And hundreds took the chip.
When Quick Trip introduced the system, Attaway told his bosses that he wouldn't use it.
Same things happened here in Austin at H-E-B.
Food stores.
For some time, he was permitted to time in and out by typing his social security number into a keypad.
But in January, the new policy made it clear that his fingerprints were required.
So federal law against making you enter that social security number.
See, it's all out of control.
Quick Trip's corporate spokesman in Tulsa confirmed details about the system's implementation, but was unable to comment specifically on Attaway's case.
Attaway said he submitted his complaints to Quick Trip headquarters and part of a religious grounds.
I saw it as a way to the mark of the beast, Attaway said, in reference to the Bible verse.
We're good.
Severance meeting so that the firing didn't play out in front of his co-workers.
He said his brothers are starting up a commercial lawn service, and he's sure he can find work, too.
Now, again, at HEBs, and it's Safeways in Northern California and New York, but at HEBs in Houston College Station, three years ago, they put thumb scanners in to cash checks.
Now, they said on the news two years ago, it's in Police State's Retotal Enslavement, the local news clip, that they're going to make you do it when you go to the self-checkout lines.
They're going to make you.
They're saying it.
They put signs up two years ago saying you've got to do it.
And I walk in in the film and interview the person.
Oh, soon I'll have to do this?
Yes, soon you will, the next month.
And I said, we're going to boycott you.
They still haven't done it because their own senior managers, I mean, one is senior, senior, senior, has refused.
At HEB to thumb scan the clock in and out.
And so we're having an effect here.
Folks, we've actually held HEB back all over Central Texas from putting this in.
Now, most of the employees are rolling over.
And some have been told there's coming a date where they too will be fired.
We need to support them.
And again, this is how it works.
I have the federal documents, the industry publications.
This is how it works.
You've got 10 checkout lanes on average.
They pull three out and put self-serve in.
And I've seen this at Home Depot, Walmart, Kroger, just everywhere.
They put in the self-checkouts.
And then within a year, they'll have seven of the ten as self-serve.
And then now, a lot of times by the time I get a chance to do a house repair or something...
I'll go into Home Depot at 10 o'clock, sometimes at midnight.
Because I have to, because it's 24 hours.
I would patronize a smaller outfit, which I do sometimes.
I'm a small, privately owned, but those places close at 6 o'clock.
And I go ambling in, and I shake hands with all the employees.
They all seem to be fans.
And managers come over and go, yeah, look at it.
It's horrible.
It's 10 o'clock, Alex.
Look at this.
And we've got 10 checkout lanes here, and there's no one at any of the service lanes.
See, it's already to the point where in a lot of the time there, and you'll see 20 people lined up using the self-checkouts, and they hate them.
I'll walk over, do you like these?
No, I hate it!
And see, years ago I noticed that you'd have huge lines at the service checkout, and no one using the self-service.
Doesn't matter, they just started getting rid of all of it, see.
Forcing you onto it.
And then they say, oh, well, it saves you money.
No, it doesn't.
It's like McDonald's figured out 50-something years ago to put a trash can that said thank you on it, and then you'd go throw away your own food, thinking, oh, I saved money.
No, you just lowered the standard of service and destroyed entry-level jobs.
We set how the economy works.
We decide the level of service.
And then it just builds a free market system that all feeds on itself.
All we do is... It's the same thing with gas pumps.
Fifty years ago, they figured out there were industry publications who said how to do it.
You put in a self-service.
You give people a discount.
And then in a few years, you can't find self-serve.
I mean, you can't find service.
And your cars lasted longer.
They checked your oil.
You knew about problems quicker.
They aired up your tires.
Now you've got to do it.
And, you know, the...
I mean, even when I was a teenager, you could go get a job at one of the service stations and have a fun little job, run around, check oil, do stuff, put air in the tires.
Those jobs are gone.
Those jobs are unknown.
So, again, it's just a horrible system.
And it's about phasing out human connections.
It's about control.
They admit, when a lot of these K-Mars were going out of business, we're going to go to our gas station.
A lot of these K-marks were going out of business.
They would have no employees at the checkout.
So I actually went to one of these places and a security guard said, turn your camera off.
Here in Austin, they had thumb scanners with a security guard and nothing but credit card swipers.
No cash.
And it was just huge lines of idiots in there swiping their cards and thumb scanning.
And that's the way of the future.
A security guard...
The stocking people, and that's it.
In fact, in the future, already Safely and in several areas has this, whole grocery stores, the computer is on the grocery cart, and it scans off the barcode.
You've got to scan it yourself in the future, already happening.
There's RFID chips in it.
It scans those.
You just throw it in your basket, and then it debits your account.
No cash allowed.
No cash allowed!
I'll say it again.
No cash allowed!
Thousands of school districts, folks.
Thousands of school districts.
Out of the tens of thousands in this country.
Thumb scanning to get school lunches.
No cash allowed.
And I could go on for hours about how bad, how dangerous this is, all the different facets, but let's go to our guest.
I appreciate Donnie Attaway, who I kind of feel responsible for losing his job.
He says he's a listener.
But God bless you, Donnie.
Good to have you on with us.
Good to be on.
You didn't mind me going over that rant, did you?
No, go right ahead.
I agree with you.
Tell us why you made this decision and what happened.
Well, first of all, I made a decision.
I felt like I was invading my right to privacy, giving a thumbprint that's off your person.
So I started with that on a personal belief.
Of course, that wasn't good enough for the company, so they asked for a response on my biblical beliefs, based off my beliefs in the Bible.
I talked a little bit about revelations and the mark of the beast and how I see this mandatory identification leading to that.
You know, the thumbprint today and the chip tomorrow and whatever they want to put in.
Oh, they admit total control, total tracking, total taxation.
And then once I submitted the response, they submitted a response back to me basically saying that my religious beliefs wasn't good enough and
And then they went ahead and terminated my employment on this past Tuesday.
Well, if you worked at HEB in Austin, they wouldn't fire you.
Well, that's because they have senior managers and people that refuse.
But, yeah, this is going in everywhere.
I mean, I'm getting emails every day that just all over this is happening.
I was a senior manager.
I was a store manager for seven years.
And I consider myself a senior manager.
But also, in a letter, you know, Mommy pointed out is,
They did mention in the letter, which is completely untrue, and I'll read it.
I feel the policy has the overwhelming support of the management and employees at QuickTrip, and that it will provide a benefit to all once it is fully implemented.
Now, the QuickTrip employees were never given an option.
They were told you do it or basically face termination, and I'm proof of that.
Do it or hasta la vista.
That's correct.
And describe going in and thumb scanning.
Of course, it will soon be on the counter for the patrons, but describe this scanning process.
It's a little box up at the top right of the monitor, and you just put your thumbprint on there three times, and it saves it.
And then they use your index finger as a backup.
And then once that gets saved in, then you can scan your thumbprint, and it clocks you in.
Of course, that's the right hand.
It's either hand.
They let you do either hand.
Oh, normally they're programmed for right hand.
Most people do it right-handed, correct.
Of course.
Or they can scan the face, the head, the eye.
The system is the face or the hand.
I've heard that before.
It's all part of the new freedom.
Well, stay there, Donnie.
I want to hear more about this and your valiant stand against the beast, Antichrist World Government.
Or the new freedom, as some of you would like to call it.
We'll be right back with Donnie Attaway losing his livelihood because he won't submit.
The United States seems to be celebrating over its triumph of reducing government debt.
But the truth be told, public and private debt increased to a record high in 1999, reaching a peak of $14.8 trillion, marking 10.57% annual increase outpacing its previous 10 years.
The U.S.
economy receives its currency by taking on debt through a private banking institution called the Federal Reserve System.
In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
We're good to go.
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There was a newspaper sitting in a stack of newspapers about five feet high where I've been sitting the newspapers that I've been reading
Actual paper paper that I bought at a newsstand since back in December, and I was taking them out to put them in the recycle bin during the break, and I just said, I'm going to open this newspaper.
I just opened it, and it said, New Life for Carla.
Carla, a toy mix, was found shivering.
Before I finished, I knew what it was going to say.
I knew what it was going to say.
Carla, a toy mix, was found shivering at an Amarillo rest stop and taken to a North Texas animal hospital by a trucker.
A check of her microchip ID revealed she was from Washington State.
Her owner couldn't take her back, so now she's up for adoption through the Flower Mouth Humane Society.
And it says, no one's sure how she got there from Washington.
And I see these articles every two days.
Oh, a microchip saved it.
A microchip saved it.
I mean, there's some prime directive.
See, there's these big signs all over Austin.
Microchipping works for your pet.
It's just constant promotion.
Now they're making cities or making people put chips in their animals.
And the military's talking about making the troops take it.
Going back to Donnie Annaway.
Donnie, I mean, it's come to this.
You've now...
You've now lost your job of 12 years because you wouldn't thumb scan.
What did they say to you when they said they were letting you go?
Actually, they kept it pretty professional and just reviewed the policy.
They actually came out with the fingerprinting before the policies rolled out.
When the policy came out in mid-January, my supervisor reviewed the policy.
And then two weeks after that, they terminated my employment.
But, I mean, I was pretty professional, read the policy, and just said basically I wasn't following their policy.
And you know what this is coming down to?
I mean, think about what we do to get jobs.
Most of these jobs up there make you give a urine or blood test every few months, quote, to stop people that are on drugs, but the government chips them in, and then if you're on Ritalin or Prozac, that's okay.
Drugs are just as bad or worse.
They like that.
That's okay.
And then now they're talking about retina scanning us when we go to work to decide if we're tired or on drugs because the microscopic vibration of the eye supposedly shows this.
I mean, anything to have a job, but the corporations now are basically becoming the government, and they say, well, we can do whatever you want because we're your employer.
Where do you see this ending, Donnie?
I kind of liken my company right now, because it's big business, I liken them to the federal government.
I did get some legal counsel on it, and I'm still working with that, but
He was saying that for the private sector the logs are pretty vague.
There's a lot of loopholes and pretty much to let big business do what they want and just throw away employees after 12 years and give them very little severance if any.
I don't see there's any stopping it unless we take a stand like I feel like I'm doing with the local media and then here on your broadcast, Alex.
Just standing up and trying to get legislation, even for the private sector companies, that we can, you know, we don't feel like we have to give up our rights to keep a job.
Well, I mean, it's going to come down to the point, and I want to explain this to people.
When they pass the National ID Card, it will bring federal control into every terminal, every sale in the country.
You will have to thumb scan to check and make sure or swipe your card, your national ID card, to make sure you're in the right bracket of sales tax to make sure you're not, quote, cheating.
These are the federal documents.
I mean, this is real.
And this is where it's all going.
They're already training our children to do this.
And every job in the country, they're going to be doing this to track and trace employers as well.
So it's a Pandora's box.
But if people wanted to gauge in fraud, you just come thumb scan and then leave work.
This doesn't stop fraud.
We've got studies on this as well.
What does stop fraud is good management, not all these biometrics.
Oh, for me?
Yeah, I agree with that.
As a store manager, I have employees, and they're going to find ways to beat it.
Everyone is.
Like you were saying, they're taking the...
Well, I'll tell you.
Folks, this is going to be the buy and sell.
It's not my opinion.
It's what they admit.
And what are you going to do when, say, you work at a florist shop, and they go, well, the federal regulation says we've got to put this in, or, well, the federal regulation says we've got to put a thumb scanner out, you know, to check ID.
I mean, that's where this is going.
What are we going to do as a society?
I mean, what are we going to put up with?
Are we all just going to go quietly into the night?
I tell you what, why don't you ride shotgun with us, Donnie, and we'll come back and take some calls on this issue and others and try to get the world view and the mindset of somebody who's now being fired for not giving his hand his mark.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Everything you buy, everything you sell, tracked, traced, and taxed.
And they're already talking about it.
You're not a good globalist.
You don't get to have a car.
You don't get to buy and sell.
You don't get to have a job.
The no-fly list with 350,000 people in it, including senators and congressmen and women.
Is now going to be expanded out to having a car, having a license for your national ID card, through the state driver's license or ID cards to have jobs.
They say bad credit's going to lower your score to a yellow level.
Oh, and then you don't have any rights, they claim.
Grading each citizen.
Last year, USC Today admitted when you called to order a pizza for major change, they run your information to see if you have warrants with the federal and state.
They get 20% of any fines or fees.
Instead of a pizza, you get a SWAT team.
Folks, this is the reality.
This is the total control grid.
Imagine if Hitler would have had something like this.
Anne Frank would have not survived as long as she did.
Going back to Donnie Attaway, lost his job 12 years, 7 years as a manager at this company.
Lost his job because he wouldn't thumb scan, and they're going in everywhere.
I mean, at the shopping malls, at the stores, at the lumber yards, just all over the place.
Got to do it to clock in and out, and now they're starting to go in for you to buy and sell.
Well, it's just our policy to use a credit card.
It isn't just your PIN number.
We want you to thumb print.
And it's hooked into the state database.
It's hooked into the NCIC.
It's already happening.
Donnie, we're about to go to some calls, and I'm sure they'll be all over the map, but it all connects back to the same thing.
Anything else you'd like to add before we go to calls?
Just one thing.
I just think it's a good time.
I mean, it's a great time because of the way that things are going and the signs of the time.
And as believers, I think we need to stand together.
I think so.
You know, maybe they have a chance not to do this now, but if we band together and stand up for this thing, and now along with you, Alex, speaking out and letting people hear the truth, the Bible says you hear the truth and the truth shall set you free.
And so, you know, I believe if we do that, then we can put a stop to this, and just for some time anyway.
And the more places put it in, the harder it is to boycott.
I think people all over the Midwest where these stores are popular should not support them.
In fact, I was going to call for that.
Anybody that's firing employees.
Now, look, HGV doesn't fire employees.
They threaten to, and that's bad enough, and I'm already boycotting them because of the thumb scanners to buy and sell.
Houston and College Station stores, but I still occasionally go in there because Randall's is just as bad.
They try to force you to take a customer loyalty card and gouge you if you don't.
We've had experts on that subject, so we've got to fight this now.
Do you want to give the phone number route to their corporate headquarters?
I don't know if corporate.
I can give you the local one here in Kansas City.
It is 913-362-3700.
And when people call, be polite, be nice, but explain to them.
Give that number out again.
It's 913-362-3700.
And when people call, is there a fax number if people want to send them documents?
I don't have a fax number for them.
I'm sure they do, but I don't have it.
Give that number out again for folks that missed it.
It's 913-362-3700.
All right.
Let's take some calls.
Let's talk to Arthur in Kansas.
Arthur, they're putting thumb scanners in all over your state.
That's been in the news.
They're putting everything in here, Alex.
We've got cameras at the intersections, the whole thing.
I'm going back to the vaccine.
The guy that played those clips, was that from NBC?
Because last night, they've been doing a series on autism on the evening news, and they had their resident...
Brent Boesel, their expert, he said there is absolutely no connection between the vaccination and autism.
Well, they say that it's over-reporting.
That's why we have all these autistic children.
Autism was unknown and totally rare 30 years ago.
They put the mercury in it, and we've played the scientific reports from major universities, the video presentations, the audio here on air before.
They admit there's no heavy metal more deadly
And hundreds of times the safe levels that they give these babies, and it's been directly linked to it.
Go ahead.
He claims that mercury is all taken out now.
Oh, I know.
No problem.
Well, number one, I have a mercury section.
I have a vaccine section on personplanet.com.
But the Associated Press said that they've actually radically increased the level of mercury in certain of the shots, like the flu shot and several of the children's shots.
That is not true.
Now, which way does he want it?
Does he want to say there's no connection with mercury in this, or does he want to say that there isn't mercury in it anymore?
I think NBC has a little connection there with some of the pharmaceuticals.
Well, about half their sponsors are drug companies.
Yeah, but I mean board of directors and all that routine.
It's not going to work.
I mean, I see autistic children.
Anytime I go to the mall, anytime I go on the hike and bike trail, they're everywhere.
I know.
Oh, I know.
But he just flat out said, no, there's no connection between vaccinations, so don't worry about it.
Everything's fine.
Just keep taking them.
What do you think about what he was saying, Donnie?
Thanks for the call.
You know, I didn't know about all that stuff, but, you know, it doesn't surprise me one bit that they're doing that.
For sure.
Well, Donnie, I'll tell you.
The new Freedom Initiative for psychological testing, the guidelines written by the drug companies, all these moves to force us to take vaccines.
I mean, is this freedom?
They're trying to force drugs on us and shots on us and trying to make us thumb-scan?
No, that's not freedom at all, of course.
My children alone, we haven't had them.
We try to stay.
We go to the doctors if we absolutely have to, but we choose to believe in God and vaccinations.
Our children are healthier than most, and I believe that we keep them away from the doctors, and I believe that's one reason why.
Let's talk to Todd in Kansas.
Todd, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
My first comment, we were kind of going all over like you said, but I want to take my hat off to the black man in New York for referring to himself as a black man and not an African American because that is such a dividing line right off the bat when they say that.
You know, you're talking about this pizza hut.
I know we've got some youngsters that are getting real upset because they went to the debit.
It's no different than black box voting.
And they know they're getting their hours manipulated.
Because some of the assistant managers or managers want the brownie points from the home office and cutting the hours.
You know, there's no paper trail.
They know they're getting their hours manipulated.
And, you know, it's a shame because they're just getting stalled from and there's no way to prove it.
Well, that's another thing.
With a timesheet, you have the punch holes.
Now they can say, well, the computer says this.
That's another great point.
We just trust the government.
We just trust these corporations.
And it's all about security, but it's actually the opposite.
I told them that you keep yourself a paper trail on your hours in and out.
At least you might have something.
What you do is you sneak a video camera in there.
That's a good idea.
What they do is you keep your hours.
If you catch them cheating you, you start videotaping.
And then you point the camera at the clock on the wall, and you build it, and then there'll be indictments.
That's a good idea.
I had one complaint, though, Alex.
I think you need to sing more for your audience.
Lighten it up a little bit.
I got your La La cut, recorded, and it's better than some of the best political cartoons.
What was my La La clip?
On Prozac.
La La, Love Being a Slave.
Oh, God.
Well, hey, have a good day.
La, la, la, la, la, la, la.
Yeah, something like that.
You got it.
All right, I'm going to do that.
That's a good idea with a video camera.
That might be interesting.
Oh, yeah.
Listen, if you want to burn these people, you've got to burn them good.
Well, I know.
That's what they're doing.
The assistant manager points to the manager, and the manager shines from the home office.
And these poor little kids, if they're lucky, do get a job.
They're getting ripped off Royal.
And it's such a shame.
I appreciate your call.
And look, fraud is rampant.
I've talked to a lot of executives, a lot of family people who've managed large groups of people.
It's statistically about 45% of people will cheat you, will steal from you.
But here's the problem.
That's 45% management, too, see?
You know, it's like, yeah, society's pretty corrupt now, and you're going to have corrupt cops, too.
You're going to have, you know, it's across the board, folks.
Who's going to watch the watchers?
You know, that's a good point, isn't it, Donnie?
Yeah, I agree like he was talking about on the, well, the biometric system that QT put in.
I mean, there's glitches in the system.
And people will clock in, and there's no records of it.
And, you know...
And so there's been numerous times we've had to go back and send in manual adjustments for that.
So definitely a lot of inaccuracies in that system.
But I'm sure the malfunctions were always for less hours, weren't they?
Most of the time, yeah.
I can't think of a time it was not, actually.
Look, I'm going to say this.
Because, you know, in the past I did my own bills.
I try to get my wife to do them now I'm so busy.
Sometimes I even have a friend, family friend come over who's an accountant and do them, but now everything I get, power bills, water bills, cell phone bills, I'll tell the story.
Singular took over AT&T, cell phone.
And suddenly, you know, I have national roaming, one charge, rest of the country.
Suddenly I go from a $75 bill to a $200 bill.
And suddenly, every call I made out of Austin is... It was a long-distance call, or when I was outside Austin, it's a roaming call.
And I call them up, and they just go, we don't know what you're talking about.
That's what you owe.
But it's like all these bills I get now, is they're cheating, and they're scamming, and they're... Folks, it's mass looting.
Let's talk to Rick.
And Rick, where are you calling us from today?
Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Welcome, sir.
Oh, they have face-scanning cameras.
Yeah, it's great here.
New World Order is really going fast in our section of the country.
Last night on PBS, the McNeil-Lehrer Report, they were doing a piece on the Choice Point data breach, where the people's identities had been stolen.
And this is a setup here, too, for those who have eyes to see, obviously.
Well, we need stepped-up regulations to protect the consumer so this doesn't happen again, so...
We're just going to have to fast-track the national ID, and don't worry, a couple months after that, there's going to be widespread identity theft reported of it, and then you just go to the chipmobile, everybody.
But guess what?
They showed some of the senators talking about this data breach, and I'm going to read a quote that one of them made, and I want you to guess who said it.
This is the quote.
We need comprehensive legislation in this brave new world we live in so that people who need this information can get it, but no one else.
Hillary Clinton.
Charles Schumer.
A New York Senator.
Ah, I knew it.
Now let me stop you.
Because normally it's Hillary.
They know most of us don't know what Brave New World is.
They know most people don't understand that that is old as Huxley's book about a nightmare of thumb scanning and forced drug taking and forced psychological testing set in the year 2007.
It's a big joke to them.
And Huxley said, this is the real UN plan.
His brother ran the UN UNESCO department.
He was the Secretary General of UNESCO.
The Director General, excuse me.
There's only one Secretary General.
He was Director General.
And this was the actual plan.
This book was written in the 30s, by the way.
His brother didn't become head of UNESCO until 1946, right after the UN was founded.
But he was in these circles.
You know, hanging out with the Fabian Socialists.
And, yeah, this is what they're doing.
They set up the systems, and then now they bring in the national ID card to deal with it.
Just incredible.
Problem, reaction, solution.
Here we go again.
And speaking of that and the vaccines and autism, the government has ordered 2 million doses of vaccine that would protect against the known strains of avian flu.
Gerber Dean, the CDC director, recently said...
And she said this would give manufacturers a head start on making the shots that would be needed to combat a full-blown epidemic of an H1 type of flu in this country.
They have maneuvered and manipulated that virus from people they've exhumed in 1918 who died from that influenza that killed 20 to 50 million, and they are getting ready to release it.
Well, that's admitted.
They went and dug up the dead whalers, who were still frozen in permafrost, and got the live flu bug out of their lungs, and then magically, we're supposed to forget they did that four years ago, now they're announcing unknown strains of the original flu have made it out somehow.
And they're about to release it.
Give up all your rights.
Well, that's the perfect thing for martial law.
I mean, you know... And of course, when they do release it, no one will point out, wait, the government dug that up.
The government.
One last quick point here, and I'll let you go on to other callers.
I talked to a guy last night at the restaurant that I work here locally who works for the Department of Homeland Security.
I didn't know it when I was talking to him, but we got on the subject of the Patriot Act and Domestic Security Enhancement Act, and I pointed out that Evgeny Primakov and Marcus Wolff, former head of the Stasi, have been hired to help the Department of Homeland Security, and I said, that doesn't exactly give me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
He looked me straight in the eyes and said, well, it should, and he was serious.
And I said, oh, come on.
And he said, the reason they were hired was to help the United States of America fend off industrial espionage from France and Israel.
So he knew about it?
He knew about it, and I realized as I looked into his dead blank eyes, Alex, that this guy will have no problems
Doing whatever he's told to do to American people, and he's going to be devoured.
He really believed that.
He also said that the sections that take away the rights and freedoms in the Patriot Act and Domestic Security Enhancement Act are only for the Muslims.
And, of course, we know.
Well, did you say, well, wait, Rubik's Cube makers and veterans that complain too much and pot dealers and topless bars and county commissioners and bid rigging, I mean, did you say they're using it against the citizens every day?
I didn't say they were using it every day, but I said there's subsections in there that define who a terrorist is, and it includes everybody.
But you know what?
It just made me realize the brainwashing of these individuals who are part of this system.
Well, it's a good feeling for them.
They feel like they're part of the power.
They don't realize that they're tread grease.
It was chilling.
It was frightening.
But I also said, did you hear about the Mexican Justice Department officials who got chipped so they could get to certain parts of the building but not others?
And this scared, glazed look came into his eyes when I said that.
So the next time he comes in, because he does come in from time to time, I'm going to talk to him a little bit more about the tracker chips and our special... Oh, so you did get... He didn't have complete shark eyes.
Not complete when I said that.
Because, folks, I mean, really, when you talk to these dead people, these soulless people who have been given over completely to the lie, they literally have like these shark eyes.
They can have brown eyes, blue eyes, black eyes.
The point is it's like this dead, deadpan shark eye look.
Well, that was the most telling thing when I was having this conversation with him was just that, you know, blank, dead look in his eyes until I told him about the Mexican Justice Department officials who had been shipped.
And then this scared look went into his eyes, but he left after that.
So the next time I talk to him, I'm going to talk to him about the National ID card tracking technology and the other things that are behind that.
Maybe you need to be arrested for what you've done.
Yeah, I might be with LCIA.
You might be with them.
Could be.
We're going to have to
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Put pressure on your nose.
I'll pull your toenails out.
Okay, Rick.
We don't want to have to do this to you, but you made us do this to you, Rick.
Tell us who else knows.
Who else have you been talking to, Rick?
There, I broke your leg, Rick.
Now I'm going to have to pull your teeth out before we kill you.
Tell us what you know, Rick.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
The DVD version is 170 minutes.
If you want to wake up your friends and family to the truth of what happened on September 11th, this is the film for you.
The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
We're good to go.
Or order online at InfoWars.com or InfoWars.net.
That's 888-2533-139.
Again, that number, 888-2533-139.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You see, as they take our real free market away, our real chance to have real jobs and raise a family, the only jobs are going to be as minions of the system.
And so people are going to rationalize and make whatever excuses they have to to have those jobs.
If you're not in total failure, the biometric scan won't work.
And people will energetically serve the system, energetically take people's property and children and everything just to be part of it.
And if people are forced to do something, a lot of times they'll trick themselves and really think like they love it and really throw themselves energetically into it.
And that's what tyranny is.
Also under tyranny, all the local thugs kind of set up their own little empires and scam the people on the side.
So there's, oh, it's a nice system they're building.
Perhaps we just shouldn't talk about it.
We should just submit to it.
Donnie Attaway lost your job of 12 years, 7 years as a manager, refusing to thumb scan and finger scan to work at your job.
And you heard these other callers bringing up some pretty scary stuff.
What do you think of it?
Yeah, I mean, it doesn't surprise me.
I mean, I think anything they can to take away our rights.
And, you know, I've actually learned a lot these last few months listening to your programs and stuff because I didn't have any clue
I mean, I knew some stuff, but not to a degree.
I was actually talking to a friend of mine in this particular situation that, you know, the government and people that, big ministers or whoever, they're going to take notice of the people that are standing up.
And you'll be marked as a guy that is not going to lay down for it.
And I believe in the Bible it says that those who...
You know, serve the Lord.
Suffer persecution.
Jesus said, you know, if they persecuted me, they're going to do it to you.
So when you stand for the truth, it's not popular.
There's a few people that stand for the truth.
And I believe because of my relationship with God, that's why I stand for the truth.
Listen, being persecuted is really like part of the sacrament.
I mean, it's something that is a blessing.
It actually strengthens me.
Every time I go through persecution, you know, as four guys are pounding me with their fists and one of them is swinging a dagger at me, I just go through it.
And the next time, God rewards me, makes me stronger.
Every time I get tested in the fire, I just get stronger.
Yeah, that's great.
Thank God for his strength.
Listen, I'm ready.
Whatever they're going to do to me, I'm ready.
I am too.
I mean, I'm ready.
I'm ready to, you know, just check me up.
You want to hang me upside down, put me in boiling oil?
You want to crucify me?
You want to cut my head off?
You want to put me in prison?
You want to pull my teeth out and gouge my eyeballs out?
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Because you're going to hell.
No, seriously.
You're pure evil.
And you know what?
And so I know by standing against you, I'm going to save a lot of innocents.
And I don't want their blood on my soul.
That's right.
I mean, the Bible does say, what man builds a house, but before he builds a house, he sits down to count the cost.
I mean, as Christians, you know, you have to count the cost because if you don't, you're not going to plan for it and you won't be able to stand.
So, anyway, my faith, my hope, my trust is in God.
He's my source.
Always has been, always will be.
And that's
It's a daily time with God.
It's not a Sunday and Wednesday or Christmas or Easter.
It's every day.
Well, when you realize that if we don't fight them, they're going to win and it's going to happen to us anyway, I mean, it's the only course.
It's not a course of courage either, folks.
You see a bunch of psychopathic, out-of-control, degenerate, dehumanizing criminals wanting to get total control of our society.
They're totally decadent and just psychopathic.
I mean, standing up against them is the only course.
Well, listen, Donnie, Annaway, keep us abreast of the situation as it develops.
And God bless you and just one more victim fired for not taking the mark of the beast.
And I appreciate you coming on with us, my friend.
Well, thanks for having me on.
And you know what?
I think you're going to be blessed by this.
Yeah, I believe I will, too.
God's already shown me that.
Yeah, you're going to be blessed.
I think you're going to end up happier.
You're going to make more money working with your brother.
And just...
This is a change God wanted in your life.
Take care.
I agree.
Take care.
All right.
Third hour straight ahead.
Your calls.
Masses of news as we continue to go head up against the Antichrist beast forces.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, there's no doubting it.
The New World Order is upon us.
Public officials are forcing their employees to take implantable chips.
Employees are being fired for refusing a thumb scan.
The thumb scanners are going in to buy and sell.
They're passing laws that forcibly inoculate, and forcibly drug, and forcibly psychologically test.
The New World Order is here, folks.
They see humanity as a scourge that they don't control.
They enjoy dumbing us down, enslaving us, poisoning us.
They're the New World Order.
And they sell the intelligentsia on making excuses for it all and feeling like they're part of the power structure, but that's a fraud.
Let's just go back to your calls.
Let's talk to Michael in North Carolina.
Michael, go ahead.
Alex, good to be with you, man.
Good to talk to you.
Donnie, if you're listening, I'm proud of you.
Alex, I've got several things I want to touch on real quick.
I'm just a simple old country boy, but I've got eyes to see.
A couple years ago, I was taping three and a half hours of Navy SEALs off Discovery Channel.
On the inside, I believe it was narrated by Dan Rather.
And right off the bat, they start talking about civilian targets.
And then a few minutes later, a Navy commander's on there saying, we're not doing anything to adjust to the new world order.
They're just giving us more opportunity to do our thing.
Now, I've played that clip here.
And, again, it's all in your face.
I mean, I've been to the mock camps with the troops training to put Americans in camps.
This was before 9-11.
What was it Roddy Piper said in They Live?
Going to be hell to pay.
Going to be hell to pay, buddy, doing it.
Alex, you were speaking the other day.
You had a guest on about all the 666 and
But we're on the same page, man.
Yeah, I know.
When you were talking about persecution just a minute ago with Donnie...
I was looking up the passage at the same time.
I just want to say God bless.
You're being our prayers.
I appreciate that.
Do you want to read the passage?
It's 2 Timothy 3.12 and it says, All that will live godly in Jesus Christ shall suffer persecution.
Oh, I sure will.
I guess I'm not a godly man.
I don't consider myself a godly man, but we've all known persecution.
You were speaking a while ago about the blood of innocents.
These children are testing pesticides on it all.
Man, we've all seen stuff like that when we were small, but I've never seen anything that bad.
And it's going to be hell to pay, because I ain't Dej's little boy no more.
And God bless, Alex.
Take care, my friend.
Yeah, what he's mentioning has been the New York Daily News and the BBC.
The CPS takes the young black children, mainly, from the poor black families, five generations just in total dehumanization cases.
And they'll tell the mother, let us have your five-year-old and you can keep the baby.
And they take them for medical experiments and they kill them.
It was in major New York papers.
Never a big national story, though.
And then they take them and they feed them pesticides and they go into comas and they die.
You know, that's your government.
I don't know what I'm supposed to say or do.
And the articles were like questioning it.
Well, is it good?
You know, they are.
Some of them are dying.
They just calmly report on it like it's no big deal.
You know, it's no big deal.
We wouldn't be normal.
We wouldn't have a conscience.
My heart's soft.
So soft that it makes my will to resist evil as hard as steel.
I'm not driven by hate, I'm driven by love.
And that force is a lot stronger than what powers them.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
In two hours and 24 minutes, we point a searing light of truth on the history of problem-reaction solution.
Brace yourselves as the New World Order program for world domination is blown wide open.
A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards, and yes, even implantable microchips.
Troops on the streets, foreign NATO aircraft in the skies, psychotic UN population control plans, and much, much more.
This is one film you cannot afford to miss.
Order 9-1-1 The Road to Tyrion today.
Call toll free 1-888-253-3139.
That's 1-888-253-3139.
Or order online at infowars.com or infowars.net.
You see big brothers afraid of this documentary.
Order today and spread the word.
America's future depends on the truth getting out.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I tell you folks, we have been getting a lot of new great affiliates in the last few months.
A new station every week.
And that is really exciting.
And one of those stations is in Canton, Ohio.
They are carrying the broadcast in the morning.
And then the last hour live in the afternoon.
And it's WCER.
And I definitely want to cut a promo for those folks.
And I want to tell them, God bless you, thank you.
We're letting us get up on the air and talk about the dangers of these vaccines, to get up and talk about the danger of the depleted uranium to our troops and the experimental shots that are being given.
To talk about how in New York they're testing pesticides on foster children.
I mean, that's out of the New York Daily News, but you never hear it nationally.
And we just cover real stuff that's happening.
It sounds wild.
It sounds crazy.
You know, the Mexican Attorney General makes his employees take implantable chips to get in the building.
Sounds wild, but it's not a radical broadcast.
It's in the Associated Press.
Here's one out of the Kansas City Star.
We talked to the man who was fired last hour.
Quick Trip, a big chain in the Midwest of gas stations, convenience stores.
Quick Trip Policy, they fired him.
12-year employee, 7-year manager.
Donny Attaway, wooden thumb scan to clock in and out.
And it sounds, oh good, like it'll stop fraud, but it's actually a way for these companies, and we're not accusing Quick Trip of this, but it's a good way for these companies to actually cheat people on hours.
And these thumb scanners are going in everywhere.
Now in Texas, in some grocery stores, if you want to use a credit card, oh, got to put your thumb down.
The school districts make the children thumb scan to get their school lunches.
No cash allowed.
The feds admit this will be the new system with the national ID card through your driver's license.
They've already passed the laws.
They're doing it in front of us.
And folks, we cannot put up with it.
All right, I'm going to go back to your calls for the loaded phone lines here.
And we'll be talking to all of you, Tim and Sue Ann and Bob and Chris and Ron and many others.
But I wanted to get into some of these other articles.
Here's the London Independent, where one of the British people that was held there, they released him and admitted he was totally innocent.
And he said he watched people beaten to death.
Beaten to death.
You go, well, they're Al-Qaeda.
No, they're not.
They're just random people they picked up in Afghanistan and out of other countries.
Now they've sent an American citizen to Saudi Arabia where they admit he was tortured and now convicted.
And no due process.
You better be more afraid of the government getting rid of the Bill of Rights in due process, as the Founding Fathers warned us, than of any Al-Qaeda.
And I've seen a lot of evidence of this, but new information, this out of the London Mirror, CCTV, closed circuit television, does not reduce crime.
Most CCTV systems do not cut crime or make people feel safe.
This appointing home office study has revealed.
Now, the reason I talk about England, we have studies here as well.
They have 3.7 million cameras in London alone.
That's a camera for every person and a half.
For every one and a half people.
They have face scanning cameras.
They have cameras that have AI, artificial intelligence, primitive artificial intelligence, where if you spit on the sidewalk, if you drop some garbage, it yells at you.
A voice box, a speaker.
And then it takes a shot of your face and reports it to the police.
And they're passing laws in England where they can secretly arrest you for not even the suspicion of crime.
Most CCTV systems do not cut crime or make people feel safer.
A disappointing home office study has revealed...
And of circuit television camera schemes examined by criminologists, only one for car parks was shown to reduce offenses.
Of 14 closed circuit television camera schemes, that is different areas they scan, different ways of using them.
Professor Martin Gill, who led the CCTV initiative study, said for camera supporters, these findings are disappointing.
For the most part, CCTV did not produce reductions in crime, and it did not make people feel safer.
He added that surveillance cameras were a powerful tool, but not a sure-fire technical answer.
Ill-conceived solutions are unlikely to work no matter what the investment.
He said the Home Office, which spent £170 million, or almost $400 million, adjusted U.S.
On 684 CCTV projects in the five years to 2003, so the study did not look at wider benefits of cameras.
Just type into Google or Yahoo, British crime rate explodes.
In the late 90s, they banned all guns.
Crime rate doubled the first year, doubled the next year, doubled again.
It just keeps doubling.
We have a lot of guests on from England.
They bust in your house.
They rape.
They stab.
You have a hidden gun.
You shoot them the third time they rob you.
You get life in prison.
I mean, this is the type of insanity that's going on all over London.
On the major roads, there's just burned out cars.
Thieves steal cars and then just burn them for fun.
Paul Watson, who's a webmaster for PrisonPlanet.com and a contributor to this show, in his middle-class neighborhood, there's routinely burnout, derelict cars all over.
They just leave them there.
Gangs of thugs went and robbed a top RAF fighter ace from World War II, and he...
Threatened them with a fake toy gun, and they came and arrested him for threatening with a fake gun, and he committed suicide.
I mean, these are the type of just insane things.
Groups of hoodlums everywhere.
And the cameras, the police do nothing.
They don't use them.
And now, in Austin, Texas, and everywhere I drive around the country, the smallest, one-horse towns,
At the one four-way stop, there might be one gas station, and maybe it's the county seat for the rural area courthouse, and a couple buildings, and there'll be cameras everywhere.
I've been all over the nation.
They're everywhere.
And it does nothing to keep you safe.
Folks, this isn't freedom.
This isn't freedom by a long shot.
And then I have this article out of the Tampa Bay News.
Unmanned helicopters to be used for surveillance.
The Bergen Observer was grounded after a five-minute test flight.
The radio frequency used to pilot the unmanned remote control helicopter was jammed by walkie-talkie chatter from the nearby construction site.
Trucker CB banter in the FM hit parade from passing car stereos.
He is going to kill us, University of South Florida engineering professor Kimmon Banales said of the dump truck rumbling down the Fowler Avenue.
We don't have designated channels.
We can't control the wireless network.
Standing in the undeveloped corner of the campus, the professor and his graduate student team plunge the observer into a laptop computer to refigure the controls.
The machine lets it again after the delay.
Despite the snags at Thursday's media demonstration, such unmanned helicopters one day might fly low-altitude patrols over the city, Downs Boulevard, and other congested roads to help office-based traffic managers reroute motorists out of a jam.
Now, fitted with video cameras, radar, and other equipment, hovering helicopters would also become the eye in the sky for the first responders at hazardous materials, spills, and other accidents.
I've got Discovery Channel on tape.
On tape.
It was also on Fox News about two years ago.
They have these things called domestic control hover drones.
It looks like a flying saucer.
It's about five feet across.
Flies up to you, has a gun on it, and says, citizen, show me your national ID card.
This is on TV.
This is a demonstration.
And they hold their card up, and it scans the RFID in the card.
They have hover blimps, huge blimps over D.C., over New York.
They're now going to tether one over Dallas.
These things look right through your walls.
They've released the video.
It's a black and white image.
The inside of your house looks like black and white TV.
You know, when you're in the bathroom or in bed with your wife or on the phone or eating Cheerios, whatever.
These are all to be tethered over our cities.
I mean, just type it in.
You'll get USA Today.
And there's already hundreds of unmanned drones being flown by the military over our country.
But every time they announce the funding, it's, oh, for the border.
But then it's not for the border.
It's for the citizens of America.
It's total control.
And it gets worse and worse by the day.
And we just have to say no to this.
We have to get people to become aware of this horrible stuff that's happening.
I'm going to get into some of the new information on what Prozac-type drugs are doing to people.
Causing a lot of overdoses and also a lot more mental illness from the government's own studies and private studies.
But let's go to Tim in Ohio first.
Tim in Ohio, you're on the air.
Good afternoon to all the freedom-loving listeners down the GCN line and to you, Mr. Alex Jones.
I'll try to be brief.
I have a few things.
Two medical.
Last week, Fox 5 Las Vegas talked about thimerosal and autism for the first time on TV, and you reported that last year.
And this week, CNN... I was reporting that 10 years ago.
Oh, and then CNN reported about the jet fuel and the breast milk.
But back to the thimerosal.
They had... These people were saying, okay, the increase in autism directly correlates to the increase in the vaccines.
And then they had the sound bite with the doctor.
Oh, there's no such thing at all.
It's totally safe.
And if I would have been doing that interview, I said, well, let's... I'll tell you what, pal.
Let's roll your sleeve up right now and inject you with that and see how it affects your brain.
And then we'll see a change.
Well, look, here's the deal.
Here's the deal.
We have hundreds of major studies.
An 18-month-old baby who's had three rounds of shots has over 500 times safe levels of mercury in their body.
And if you eat mercury, most of it isn't absorbed or it's bound.
Let's say you eat fish, it's bound with the fish oil.
A lot of it goes out of you.
But when it's injected into the bloodstream, it has even more devastating effects, and I've had heads of major universities on to talk about this, and it attacks the cerebral cortex of the brain.
Go ahead.
But they continue to tell you that, of course, it is safe, which it's not.
I recently canceled a contract for a cell phone a couple months ago, and the other day I stumbled across it in the drawer, and I picked it up and plugged it in just out of curiosity.
I dialed a number, and you know what?
That phone is still...
In the system.
It allowed me to dial numbers, and it said you could pay with a credit card or call collect.
It wouldn't put them all the way through, but that phone is still in the system, and I'm sure they can still track it back to... Of course!
Yeah, no, it lets you call them and talk to them.
Thanks for the call.
More calls straight ahead.
Stay with us.
There's a lot more coming up.
Check it out.
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Supreme Court.
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And Serarat have more than doubled in five years.
Doctors and mental health campaigners warn that overprescribing, coupled with a lack of accurate research into other risks, was fueling the rise in the number of people who have committed suicide as a result of taking pills which are supposed to alleviate depression.
Now again, the establishment, the drug companies will say, well these are already depressed people, that's why they're doing this.
They've had major studies that just came out in the last two weeks, and there's
Dozens of years where they take people who are already depressed, they give one group sugar pill that looks like Prozac or a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, SSRIs, and they'll give the other half, double-blind study, a pill that is the actual drug, and the people...
Who are taking the sugar pill are less depressed by, like, what is it, 25% in the last test than those on the real stuff.
They gave St.
John's warts in a major study that just came out to people who were depressed and had it in pill form where you couldn't tell what it was in double-blind studies and found that St.
John's wart was three times more likely to get rid of the depression than the Prozac-type drugs.
I mean, folks, these drugs make you get more depressed.
And then they put you on more drugs.
And just like old-fashioned drug dealers going to the schoolyard and handing out free drugs, they've caught Prozac.
Well, they're allowed to.
I don't know why I say caught.
Mailing out millions of free samples to people's mailboxes.
I mean, this is a hardcore drug.
In the same class as LSD, psychotropics are a subdivision of hallucinogens, of hallucinogenic drugs.
It affects the same receptors in the old noggin, in the gray matter.
And just like drug dealers, classic drug dealers, they go into the schools and push this on your children.
Every mass shooter, every woman cutting the baby's arms off, every woman drowning her kids, every person shooting their grandparents.
I mean, I've never seen a case.
The snipers in D.C.
They're always on it.
I've never... Harrison Kleibel.
I've never seen it where they're not.
I'm not kidding.
I've never seen just where an old lady or a young kid goes nuts and starts shooting everybody unless it's gang-related.
And then that's somebody, you know, some gang member shooting the other gang leader over, you know, crack territory.
That's the only exception.
Check it out for yourself.
Next time some fruitcake drugged out of their gourd drowns their kids or cuts the baby's arms off, you know, these cases we've had in Texas, every time, oh, they've just seen a psychologist and just been put on Prozac or Zoloft.
You know why?
Because, folks, medical doctors will tell you this.
You read the insert.
You know when you watch TV and you find yourself daydreaming?
You wake up, it's like 30 minutes later, you're like almost drooling.
Oh, I was zoned out.
You call it zoned out.
That's because you go into a subconscious mode.
Your brainwaves, when you watch TV with no distractions, actually goes into a sleep mode.
You ever just been sitting there on the couch on a Saturday morning, nobody's at home, and you're reading, you sit the book down thinking, and it's 20 minutes later, you weren't watching TV, you were in a dream state there.
But see, Prozac puts you into an even deeper state.
And so yeah, when you're having a good trip, as the druggies say, everything's great.
But you have a bad trip.
You have a bad trip.
You know, you've heard the stories of people on acid, chewing their fingers off, thinking they're Cheetos, jumping out of buildings, slitting their wrists, killing their spouse.
Oh yeah, you can talk to the hippies about that.
Oh yeah, man, I took acid 50 times.
But the 51st time, I cut my arm off with a skill saw.
Man, it was a bad trip.
So, yeah, you go out and give kids LSD, they're going to be smiling most of the time.
Until their brain wigs out, as they call it.
That's the term, wigged out.
Very technical.
Let's jam another call in here.
Sue Ann in Texas, welcome.
Sue Ann, come on down.
Yes, sir, Alex.
Can you hear me now?
Over and out.
Yes, I can.
What's going on?
I just wanted everybody to know how big an impact one person or two people can have when they stand up for what's right
And I just called in to basically say thank you to all your listeners and the other folks who repeatedly showed up over the tax office last week when I was gathering signatures on petitions.
And as you know, the opposition was there doing their usual interference with the American political process.
Yeah, for those that don't know, it's even been in the newspaper.
The mayor's people attempting to bribe in our toll recall drive.
It's been in the paper, and these goons will get right in your face.
And I have to know, Sue Ann, I didn't know it was that Sue Ann when you called Sue Ann.
I want to hear about what they were doing to you, okay?
Stay there.
We'll be back.
Yeah, trying to go out and get signatures to recall the mayor, and man, you've got to deal with some hardcore goons.
We'll be right back.
It's all part of the new freedom.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big news blitz of info coming up as we defend liberty, resist tyranny.
Continuing with your call, Sue Ann from right here in Austin, Texas.
Again, it was in the paper that other individuals, this was seen by reporters, with one of the mayor's assistants, top assistant, going over and offering people money to give them their petitions.
The petition drive failed.
They got about 40,000 petitions.
They needed 35,000.
You go, well, why did it fail?
Because the study said, if you don't have 50,000, you're not going to make it.
We're going to throw out most of your signatures.
And so that failed, but at least we fought it, and fought the toll roads, and now this big political body of tens of thousands of people are going to try to vote the mayor out, but they got the electronic voting machines in, so they're pretty arrogant right now.
But at least we've been fighting them.
And the toll roads are, again, 90 plus percent are against them, these little transponder track things with basically all the existing roads.
But Sue Ann was out there as well, so we sent camera crews out there and got it on tape where they'd come over and just get in her face about trying to get signatures.
Sue Ann, tell us about it.
Well, first they would put, they would get there about 9 o'clock in the morning and they'd show up about noon and they'd put their signs in front of my table to block the view.
The public couldn't see very well the signs that
We're good.
You should study more before you sign your good name to that.
And then they'd go into all these lies about why... Well, that's illegal.
To interfere with a petition taker, there's a bunch of laws on that, federal and state.
Well, that's true.
And if you don't have the money to sue, there's not a lot you can do.
But I will say this.
As soon as our folks would get there, their behavior changed because they knew there were witnesses who could testify in a court of law.
And it does make a difference.
The individual makes a big difference.
And we tracked these other people back directly to big lobbying firms of the toll road companies.
And again, for those who don't know, all over the country, whether you live in Ohio or Illinois or Texas or Florida or New York or California, it's just everywhere.
We're good to go.
And long before they voted to pass all this, this unelected state board, they were already building the toll booths and the reader system.
So they knew all along.
And Sue Ann, good job for getting out there, and God bless you.
Well, thank you.
I just wanted to mention that we are having a meeting.
This is only the beginning.
We're continuing to build a grassroots movement to hold the government accountable.
We'll be having a meeting tomorrow at 10 o'clock.
At the House and Library at 2500 Exposition.
Well, you know, Sue Ann, we need to take this group of 50,000 people that are part of the movement, the 40,000 that signed petitions, we need to recall the electronic voting machines.
Thanks for the call.
Because until we do that, heart inter-civics, folks.
It's a joke here locally.
It's amazing.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Bob in Tennessee, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, good afternoon, Alan.
Hello, Bob.
I tried to call in yesterday when you were discussing police torture.
I couldn't get through it toward the end of your show.
There's a case going on here in East Tennessee right now.
It's in Campbell County, which is about 20 miles northeast of Knoxville.
That's where the guy wouldn't give them permission to search the house, so they tortured him.
Yeah, that was pretty brutal.
I'd like to give you more facts on it, but our local news coverage on this has been pretty small.
I saw more facts on animal abuse cases than I have on this one through our local TV stations and all.
But the facts that I do have, and they are some that was on the news this morning, was this man, his name is Lester Siler.
Five Campbell County police officers broke into his home, held him hostage, tortured him.
His wife had enough sense to turn on a tape recorder and record this thing that went on for, I've heard of, an hour and a half.
I dare say that if it hadn't been on tape, there would have never been a case.
What they ended up charging these officers with
Was conspiring to assault.
That outrages me.
I don't understand.
When you actually assault somebody, it's not conspiring.
Without going into too much detail, because it's a little too graphic, tell folks what they did to him.
Well, like I said, I don't want to say anything that I don't know is a fact, and since our local news stations don't want to present a lot of facts, I can't say a lot, except for the fact they did beat him, and one of the officers did pull a firearm and threaten him with a firearm.
And my question is, and I called one of our news stations today, I'd like to know when did these officers finally admit to this crime?
Was it after the recording came out?
Well, I know they first denied it, but look, this is the thing.
I talked about the case in New York where they think the guy threw a punch at a cop.
Turns out he didn't.
They had a security camera of it, and they sodomized him for two hours with a broomstick.
And knocked his teeth out.
And in this case, there in Tennessee, and I guess you're a WBCR listener, great affiliate there.
I mean, in this case, they were saying, let us search your house.
And they'd already come in for drugs.
And he said no, so they tortured him and then said, where are the drugs?
And then we have these TV shows, Threat Matrix 24, Boston Legal, all these shows where they, spooks in England, where they torture people's children in front of them.
They simulate all this and then tell us it's good.
I mean, it's not good, folks.
This guy could be married to you tomorrow.
You know, and that's another thing that bothers me.
The news media keeps referring to this man as a drug dealer.
He's a drug dealer.
He should be in jail right now, and he's not.
It's obvious he has been convicted of drug crime before.
Yeah, but look, this is the point.
Two wrongs don't make a right, and if we let them abuse the drug dealers, it's going to be us next.
I mean, there have been confirmed, and most cops in Austin aren't bad, but there have been confirmed reports that these cops go in the topless bars, pick out a girl they like, wait until they drive off drunk, pull them over, and say, look, baby, there's something you're going to have to do.
Unless you want a DWI conviction.
And we've caught the cops running the whorehouses here locally.
We've caught them running the drugs.
We've caught them beating up people.
I have a personal friend who's a manager at Home Depot.
I mean, he's the big manager.
Paralyzed from the stomach down.
And a really nice, clean-cut fella.
And this big ol' bodybuilder-type cop with the eyes bulging out.
Now been promoted to a really high-level position.
He pulls him over about two years ago on a night and comes up with a card and says, I want to see license and registration.
And he goes, what in the church cousin, what is this?
And he says, sir, that's my shifter.
I can't use my legs.
And he goes, get out of the car and put your hands up.
He says, sir, my wheelchair's in the back.
I'm paralyzed.
And this is all admitted.
And he just screamed at him.
He bleeped, drug him out by his hair, drug him down.
And then other cops show up, and they're just funny.
And this is somebody I know.
Somebody who doesn't even drink beer, folks, basically.
Just as clean cut and as straight laced as you can get.
And this is the type of stuff they do.
And it's scary.
Yeah, it is scary.
If you can't trust your police department, who can you trust?
And I'd like to say that that's not reflective of the police department here in my area.
Blount County, I know the sheriff personally, and I know he would not put up with this kind of behavior out of his office.
But Campbell County is a small police department.
Well, I know a lot of inside info on the story I'm not going to get into.
It's a little more than just trying to stop drugs.
All right, I appreciate your call.
Let's talk to Chris in New York.
Chris, go ahead.
Hey, Alex, I was interested.
I'm doing a paper on censorship for a class, and I was trying to remember the quote.
Was it Alberto Gonzalez that said we will change reality so you get to analyze the next one?
No, that was the New York Times attributed later after the column came out to Karl Rove.
In the article it just says the chief White House strategist said we, I've read the quote many times, I'm paraphrasing it,
We're an empire now, and we control reality.
And we may say there's no weapons of mass destruction one day, and there are weapons of mass destruction another day, and then change the next day.
We may say we're not going to war with somebody one day and go to war the next day.
We make reality whatever we want, and the rest of you are just bystanders.
That's excellent.
I'm doing a paper for class, and I'll send it off to Paul when I get it done, when I get an A on it, so...
Trying to do what I can here.
Oh, you mean get it posted on Prison Planet?
Yeah, I'll send it to him after I get... Yeah, great.
If folks want to write articles or want to write, you know, comments, as long as it's documented, we'll post your stories.
That's why I want to get that quote right.
So, thank you very much, sir.
You have a good day.
Yeah, just type in White House official says we're an empire now, or we set reality, and it's all over the web, but I have the actual New York Times story.
All right.
It was actually from late 2004 is when the article came out.
Ron in New York, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Go ahead.
Hello, sir.
There's a book which, well, reaffirms many things that we've known for a long time, but probably reaffirms it and even goes beyond what we know.
The book was just published.
It's written by a Pulitzer-winning author.
It's called No Place to Hide, and the author is Robert O. Harrow.
Who is a journalist for the Washington Post and he talks about in that book the surveillance information gathering industrial complex and he does an extremely good job at connecting the dots.
He puts together that basically what you have, and this was all arranged within the Patriot Act, you have the government using private information gatherers as government surrogates to get the information.
Well, let me stop you.
I mean, I went back to this last hour.
Remember the scofflaws get caught?
That was the headline USA Today last year?
And it said, major pizza chains, almost all of them, except for Domino's.
They said, we do not do it.
And hey, we know the founder of Domino's.
He's a listener.
Say hi to him up in Michigan.
But the point is, everybody but Domino's wouldn't comment.
Domino's says, we do not do that.
But it said, major pizza chains go through a company in Dallas, connected to Bush.
Every time you order a pizza, they run your background, because a lot of times people who have warrants have moved.
They don't know where you are.
And instead of getting a pizza, you get a SWAT team, even down to people with misdemeanors for parking tickets and stuff.
Let me finish.
It runs through a database and they get 20% of fines, fees, or anything that goes to the court.
Go ahead.
That's addressed in this very extensive book, which has many good citations.
Not necessarily in the case of pizza, but in the case of other stores, like along the line of convenience stores in certain cities throughout the country.
And it also brings out a very, very interesting correlation, and this is where things become corrupt.
This has to be said.
The power structure is engaging in corrupt behavior because...
You have people who, while in government, make laws like the Patriot Act, requiring this data information mining gathering, then when they leave government and they go into private corporations like Choice Point, which is one of the biggest offenders and one of the biggest... But listen, listen, listen.
Yeah, and then people running the companies are convicted cocaine dealers.
Well, not just that.
Let me stop you.
The point here is, Ron...
That they don't leave office before they do it.
They own and run the companies while they're in office.
They do it by deflection.
That's correct.
It's indirect while they're in office.
It's not indirect.
They're major stockholders while they do it.
They go into things like blind trusts and so forth.
But once they leave office, there's no doubt of it.
They go right to these companies.
Now, Vic, I believe it's Vic Dran is his name, the author of the Patriot Act.
Viet Dinh.
Viet Dinh.
He is...
A high official, along with several other former government officials.
By the way, he is not the author.
It's Gonzalez, Viet, Dan, and Chertoff.
All three of those guys wrote it.
He's a co-author of it.
Go ahead.
And he now sits in a prominent position in Choice Point, which is one of the biggest data information gathering companies.
Let me explain how this works.
I'm not trying to interrupt you.
I want to add caveats to give people a full view of the horror you're talking about.
Now understand, folks, Choice Point that knocks people off the voter rolls, okay, in Florida and Ohio, it's Choice Point caught doing this in Latin America.
It's these other companies, you know, the face scanning company run by convicted cocaine dealers.
Okay, this is how they operate, and 350-something thousand people are in the no-fly list right now, including Ted Kennedy and other people.
I mean, prominent folks who can't fly.
And then on top of it, now out of these hundreds of private databases, they on purpose can put bad data in there.
We're all going to have to have this color-coded on our IDs under these new laws, and if we got bad credit or anything, suddenly, quote, we don't have rights because we've been profiled, and now they say we have no Bill of Rights because we've been profiled.
That's correct.
That's 100% correct, and it goes even further and beyond what you've just articulated.
That's what I'm saying.
I knew what you knew, and it goes even further than that, and this book spells that out.
Well, tell us.
Well, he talks about their acquisition of every other type of small information gathering company.
They're just literally conglomerating and eating up every company.
Total information awareness.
Where they control the entire data stream, where they can frame you however they want.
Alex, correct.
What's happening is, first off, Choice Point is one of the biggest violators, not the only, but probably the biggest, in that they have the closest association to the government.
Let me ask you this, Ron.
As a retired New York Police Department guy that did detective work, what do you think of this?
This is completely un-American.
This is unconstitutional.
This is contrary to human dignity and our social value system in this country.
It should be eliminated, and those who established it should be held to account, even criminal account, for doing this.
Because it is criminal.
It is un-American.
It is Soviet-like.
It is Nazi-like.
Well, we've already caught Choice Point knocking people's names off.
Anybody with the name Jones, who's black in Florida, can't vote?
Alex, just the tip of the iceberg with the conduct they do.
Not only are they taking in reams of information, there is no quality control or due diligence they're taking in reams of information that could even be completely erroneous.
Well, on average, they say about 1% of the data is corrupt.
Folks, if you've got a common name like I do, Jones or Johnson or Brown or Williams or Gibson, all of you, go get your credit report and you've got somebody else's stuff on there.
Imagine this.
With hundreds of databases.
It's probably considerably more than 1%.
And the worst part of it is once the information is in there, there is no mechanism of accountability by which it could be corrected.
It's not meant to be that way.
And now they admit with these digital thumbprints, they can lift those and produce ways to frame you.
They admit that almost every crime lab from Boston to Houston to New York has been caught framing people en masse.
But nobody gets in trouble, Ron!
No, because there's no system of accountability, whether it be public accountability through government laws or whether it be private accountability for this organization, Choice Point in particular, which I think certainly is the biggest beast of them all.
So what happens is they just put any information in about anybody.
Well, look who was going to run Total Information, and he still is.
The five-time convicted felon, Admiral Poindexter, is running it.
You have felons.
Look at these companies.
Listen, if you swung a stick in the dark, you would hit 50 fellas.
You should know that the fellow that started the former Matrix Network in the state of Florida and who owned a company named Sensit was a convicted felon, but was invited to personally show his wares in the White House.
No, I know that.
No, no, no, no, listen, listen.
Go look at the heads of all these companies, type their name in, and they're either drug dealers, armed dealers, connected to white slavery, connected to computer crimes.
It's criminals.
It's the New World Order, bro.
This is a criminal system.
It's criminals.
The criminals have taken over.
Yes, God bless.
We'll be back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You know, I apologize that I'm not going to be able to take any more calls.
I know we have loaded phone lines.
Just call me back on Monday.
And I want to thank all the stations, the affiliates out there, the sponsors, you the listeners and callers, the great folks running the broadcast, my radio producer, my webmasters, everybody.
I've got a bunch of final news I want to hit here.
But really what Ron, who's been calling for years, retired police detective there in New York, was saying, sent me a lot of good info.
The saying's right.
I mean, I want you to do your own study this weekend for a couple hours.
Go look at the heads of these quasi-governmental organizations that run these databases.
And in almost every company, I mean, it is like a who's who of Legion of Doom or something.
You know, like in some Hollywood movie where they get the most elite group of criminals together to rob Fort Knox or something.
I mean, it's like...
Just, you know, master hacker, computer crimes expert who stole 200 million out of a bank.
You know, the top hacker, you know, runs the electronic voting machines and is caught rigging them.
So what?
We'll promote him, you know.
Top cocaine dealer, you know, connected to mass murders.
Oh, you're in the White House.
We love you.
We're going to use your system.
I mean, it's just like...
It blows the mind.
It's like Bill Clinton pardoned all those cocaine dealers and people and Bush said, Oh, yes!
Leave them alone, Congressman Burton.
We're not going to go after Clinton.
I mean, folks, they're criminals.
That's what tyranny is.
You don't want to believe it.
You want to be stupid and just believe all the propaganda.
Our country's too important to be gullible.
I challenge you.
I mean, just start researching them.
They're like a bunch of criminals.
Convicted criminals!
I mean, it's not like we're... These convicted criminals say, be nice to the men in black ski masks with machine guns.
Now we're putting the cameras up in your neighborhood.
Now we're going to forcibly drug you now.
It's a part of freedom.
We've got to take all your rights away, but the border stays wide open.
Never mind the fact we're a bunch of felons involving really hardcore crimes.
You can trust us.
I got a bunch of articles here where Dick Cheney's saying, Israel's saying, that they may go ahead and start bombing Iran.
Boy, then we're off to the races.
That's really serious.
Really scary article out of CNET News.
When paying with plastic, why swipe, just wave?
And it says Visa's preparing with its 5.6 million merchants to have them switch over to where they'll no longer swipe.
Or it's 30 million customers.
With 5.6 million merchants, the United States Visa will need some time to phase out its old system, but within the next two years, when you use Visa, MasterCard, any of it, it'll be an RFID chip.
It's just, sorry, no swiping.
Got it?
But see, this chip can be read from further away, and it's in the products, and it's all integrated together, read off your chip with the other RFID purchases you make going into the database.
That's admitted.
But you might want to know about that.
And, oh boy, there's just so much more.
Be sure and visit Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
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All right, again, God bless you all.
Spend time with your family this weekend and meditate on where we are as a nation and a world.
God bless you all.