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Air Date: Feb. 22, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks, into hour number two.
Got a big guest coming up.
Talk about the occult.
Symbols all over our modern architecture.
And it's made big news in Canada.
It's very important.
With all this world news going on, why am I going to spend time on this?
You'll find out why.
Right now, let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Kyle in Ohio.
Go ahead, Kyle.
How you doing, sir?
I'm just wondering, did you see the articles about the military's new uniform makeover with the new camouflage to blend in with buildings in an urban environment?
Yeah, in my film, Police State 2000, made in 99, we show the new black and white
Pixelated computer-style uniforms that literally blend in like nothing I've ever seen.
Yeah, I've just seen the article on the AP recently.
They're going to do it.
And I was walking through the toy store looking for toys for my kids, and they had what's called New G.I.
They're called World Peacekeepers.
Actually, I'm not tooting my horn, but we have one of these dollar stores by my house.
About four years ago, they had these big G.I.
Joe world peacekeepers.
They had these mean looks on their faces, and in one box I saw it says you go out and defeat the evil militia.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
And also, they have the guns they use for door-to-door, you know, MP5s and close-counters.
Sir, about half the military video games that are out there now, you're a U.N.
battle lord.
You crush the evil right-wing militias.
You defeat the terrorists, the right-wing terrorists that work with Al-Qaeda.
And our kids are all playing these games, getting brainwashed.
Well, the one I've seen, it had the pixelated uniform, the gray and the white, and a little bit of black.
So that was kind of scary.
Yeah, no, it's like a computer design, a fractal design, totally random.
Very effective.
In my film Police State 2000, I have the Dutch and German troops in those uniforms training to confiscate our guns, and they admit this is training for America, and it shows mock interrogations of Americans asking them, where did you get the guns?
Why are you resisting us?
I don't see why that doesn't wake people up.
I mean, that AP article is right there on the Yahoo page, and it says they're...
Camouflaging for urban environments, that's not normal warfare.
That's for door-to-door gun complications.
Well, it's all mount training.
It's pacification of general public.
That's basically all I wanted to say.
Good to hear from you.
I appreciate the call.
Let's talk to Tom in Texas.
Tom, go ahead.
Before Tom gets to the phone, I'm just going to say that, yeah, that's a major shift I've seen in the last four or five years.
You can't find toys.
When I'm in Target or something, you know, I look at the toys when I'm walking through those areas.
You know, getting the kids Play-Doh or whatever.
And you don't see American Stars or U.S.
Marines anymore.
It's all U.N., World Peacekeeper, U.N., E.U.
Okay, Tom, are you there?
Yeah, sure am.
Go ahead.
Okay, great show.
I love all your stuff.
I'm going to try and order some of your videos.
I just want to hear what your thoughts were on the parallels that some people are now pointing out between this Jeff Gannon situation and I guess it was some stories that came out in the Washington Times and in
I guess one of the New York Times in the late 80s about this.
I don't know how a gay cult person ring operating in Washington with lobbyists and politicians.
Yeah, it's underage.
Actually, a caller called about this last week.
I've covered it many years ago with Senator DeCamp and others.
But I have the actual Washington Times article from, what, 89 with an underage gay cult ring midnight tour of the White House and
You know, this particular nexus with these fake reporters the White House has got in there, I don't know anything about that.
But I do know that, I mean, the New York Post reported last year they ship in top gay porn stars to, quote, service the Bohemian Grove members.
I mean, that's New York Post.
I mean, I've got spy magazine articles from the 80s about it.
I've got parade magazine articles from the 80s.
I've got...
Oh, I've got, I've got, we can't play it on the air because he's cussing, but I have President Nixon audio, it was in the text of the Harper's article decades ago, but telling Harper's about the horrible homosexual orgies.
Yeah, well, I don't know if you saw the Bill Maher show the other night, but they were, I mean, strongly suggesting, and he had Leslie Scullin talking about, I mean, somebody in the White House, I don't know, somehow tied to this guy.
I mean, they're letting him in, having him ask,
Stay there.
I've got a guest coming up, and I'm going to let you finish after the break.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
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You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, the validated, vindicated UN weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, says he's got inside sources that
We're going to war with Iran in June.
I hope that's not the case.
More on that coming up later.
I also want to get into some of the new horrible police state developments here in the United States.
Bush again pushing for total blanket amnesty for any illegal alien that's in the country or anybody that wants to come in.
But telling us as citizens we've got to give up all of our liberties and freedoms.
Here in about a minute or two we'll be covering this Globe and Mail article out of Canada.
A building of secrets.
...of secrets encoded clues Manitoba legislature built as a talisman.
Now, again, I got like five major Canadian papers, CBC, all these articles.
This stuff is real, folks, and we've got a research fellow at the University of Winnipeg in Canada with a research post there joining us here in just a few minutes.
But I said that I was going to let this next caller, what...
Tom in Texas finished up what he was saying.
He was talking about this reporter who wasn't a reporter, who had a fake name, who was in these White House press briefings.
And, of course, it's come out about Armstrong Williams, and Armstrong said, I'm the tip of the iceberg.
Folks, there are thousands of reporters paid, in some cases millions, in most cases hundreds of thousands of dollars, to go out and pitch different programs into lines.
And to propagandize.
And it's totally illegal.
Bill Clinton did it to some extent.
Bush's, I mean, one program was $76 million for fake newscasts pushing the Medicare-Medicaid prescription drug benefit changes of last year.
But again, that's back of the paper.
They give all this attention to Armstrong-Williams and the rest of it.
But the caller was bringing up all these news reports now, talking about this guy's connection to gay call rings, and it goes back to the 80s, and the Washington Times reporting on this.
And again, I'm not really getting into it or going there, but it's just massive.
But the media is kind of getting us to disassociate mentally from this.
I'm like, well, why did he have a fake name and should he get in trouble?
It's not, why did he work for a group paid for by the White House?
Well, if you've got fake reporters, you've got to give them fake names so you don't track them back to the White House.
So just all of their reporting is now suspect.
Real fast, finish what you were saying, Tom.
I will stop there, but I just want to say this.
You were talking about...
Proving things that you and others have said for a long time.
I think this does it.
I mean, this is not a conspiracy theory.
In fact, he had a fake reporter who had access to the White House when people were being investigated for going to peace rallies.
So it's just really disgusting and moralizing, but I hope you'll keep reporting on this.
Thanks a lot.
Well, I will.
I mean, look, I coined the term propaganda placement.
You know when you go see a movie at the cinema and they go, mmm, Doritos, or mmm, this Budweiser's delicious, or you see Coca-Cola cans, or for some reason in the movie all you see is hundreds of Ford Tauruses on the highway?
I appreciate the call.
Take care, Tom.
They had the...
That show, The Apprentice, and what was it, Virgin Airlines, for one season, paid, what was it, $36 million just to have Virgin Airlines mentioned by the contestants?
That's product placement.
It ruins television, ruins movies, but do it.
That's not criminal.
And it's manipulative, but that's what advertising is.
Now, propaganda placement, and we're going to our guest, who's holding patiently while I rant and rave,
Propaganda placement, which I hope you'll use the term and get it into popular use, because I think it's an important term.
I coined the term four years ago, wrote a big treatise on it, on propaganda placement, is this very process of, well, when you see Hollywood movies now, they admit the Defense Department is paying to have being drafted, going into the military, being promoted.
They did it for a long time, letting Hollywood people use free jets and tanks and aircraft carriers, tens of millions of dollars in value.
That's bad enough.
Now we're going to pay Hollywood to put propaganda in its shows.
We've caught the gun control groups that spend tens of millions a year and get federal grants to put anti-Second Amendment messages in the TV shows and movies.
That's why you'll be watching an episode of Friends, and they'll go, Hey, the New World Order's taken over.
World government's here.
That's just the way it is.
Just out of the blue, they say that?
Turned out that was paid for.
Okay, I'm going to shut up now.
I apologize to our guest, who's been holding patiently.
Again, he's a research fellow at the University of Winnipeg in Canada, Frank Albo.
And he has made a real splash in Canada.
And Frank, good to have you on with us.
Nice to be on, Alex.
You bet.
Thank you.
Really, I've never seen... It's on Discovery Channel and History Channel.
They admit that Washington's set up as a giant pentagram.
I've seen it in a few places, but really, you're getting massive attention in Canada.
Tell us all about it.
Well, the attention, I think, is probably geared towards the fact that I'm approaching this as an academic.
I'm reviewing the building, its proportions, its correspondence to ancient temples, its incorporation of Masonic motifs, Hermeticism, ideas that were quite flourishing in the Renaissance and onwards in what today are called, you know, occult societies or, you know, esoteric philosophy and the like.
And my examination of this building has strictly focused on this building and it's extraordinary the level of depth, the sophistication that ideas of temple ideology and masonry are incorporated in the building from the mosaics on the floor to the dimensions of the columns.
All the way down to the figure which crowns the building, which most think is merely an icon of Manitoba's youth and enterprise, but really is designed and modeled after Hermes, who most people who have some education in this area would know is the great father of esoteric philosophy, alchemy, magic and the like.
And it's his position up there which makes it noted, at least from my perspective, why there would be such a level of sophistication throughout the building, all the way down to numerology, one room in particular that's built to the cubit dimensions of the Holy of Holies of Solomon's Temple.
I mean, following the dimensions of Solomon's Temple in a building in the middle of North America, that is amazing.
Well, it is, but when they just coronated or christened a month ago, three weeks ago, the new Austin City Council.
It is building a dorm with all these different occult symbols.
It's built out of bronze and brass.
A deck with all of these designs.
It's three six-story buildings.
And I pointed this out, and then they had a witch come, a Wiccan come, and coronate it in an official city ceremony.
That was the front page of the paper.
So, I mean, this stuff's really kind of coming out of the closet these days.
But I noticed in one particular article...
It describes how you first woke up to this or got your interest piqued.
You were driving past the building.
Tell us what you noticed.
Well, I noticed for the first time, even though, and I should preface this by noting that
Sometimes things are so blatantly in your face that you fail to recognize some of the details.
Well, that's part of their religion.
In fact, I have the data page on InfoWars.com called Illuminati Secret Language Hidden in Plain View.
That's part of their religion, but go ahead.
Now, Hidden in Plain View is quite the mandate to concern ourselves with here because I noticed that there were two Egyptian sphinxes flanking the north pediment of the building.
Now, of course, sphinxes have nothing to do with the prospects of Manitoba at the time the building was christened.
But what is interesting is, and I did my background, my graduate work is in ancient Near Eastern religions, is that sphinx symbolized something else.
But what really drew my attention to those sphinxes is that I found that they bore an inscription, a bonafide, hieroglyphic inscription that you can't see from ground level, but from the roof, and I had it translated by a noted Egyptologist in Canada.
And it translated basically as an invocation to the sun god, Ray.
Now, that already in and of itself is quite remarkable, but in the middle of the inscription was a cartouche of a very known pharaoh, at least in ancient Egypt, named Thutmose III.
And what was remarkable, at least in my discoveries, is I could not situate this pharaoh with Manitoba history in the smallest measure.
But what was led to is that Thutmose III actually has a bona fide place of high esteem among secret societies, namely Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry, because at least from his annals, about 3,500 years ago, he established what was... He set up the universities of mystery religions.
Apparently so.
Now, this is hard to corroborate as an ancient historian,
But in the minds of those who venerate him... Well, no, I mean, he is accredited with setting up the first universities on planet Earth.
I mean, that's admitted.
I've even seen that on the History Channel.
But let me just say this.
Now, again, for those that don't get this, their religion is embodied in architecture because the secret construction guilds started in Egypt the mathematics of how to build buildings.
Quite the history.
I know this isn't the official version, and most of my academic peers would undoubtedly sneer at such a chronology, but the idea is that within certain secret institutions, that is what they deem to be the bona fide chronology.
Well, I've had family that were 33rd degree missions.
Right, right.
Now, you know, this was pretty much my introduction.
I almost fell off my chair when I found that out.
But this pretty much springboarded a whole Indiana Jones type adventure that even led me to what is an artistic representation of the Ark of the Covenant.
This is incredibly powerful.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Over the last 40 years, we've seen prayer and God thrown out of the schools by decisions of the U.S.
Supreme Court.
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We're good to go.
I think?
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Folks, I have great-uncles, great-grandparents, and I go to my grandparents' house in East Texas.
I got the old Masonic books in there.
The Lone Star State of Texas was founded by Masons.
And they're not all evil because it's compartmentalized.
The lower level members don't know what they're part of at the higher level.
And the higher level Masons don't think they're worshipping Lucifer.
And, you know, the classic devil, they think Lucifer is Ra or the sun god or the illuminated one, and they think Christians have just warped all of this.
So it's amazing stuff.
And D.C., it's all laid out like this.
But we're talking to a research fellow with a research post, the University of Winnipeg, who has, well, I was just talking to him during the break.
Masons are now admitting this to him and trying to actually even help him out.
I guess because now they think it's, quote, the new age.
The new age is dawn, and they're supposed to reveal all this.
We're seeing all this revealing.
But please continue with the, when you figured out the Masonic cubit was the cubit they were using, this measurement, then you entered that in, and it opened up a whole world to you, just with this particular government building, the legislature in Manitoba.
You know, as I indicated earlier, my academic background is in ancient Near Eastern religion, and part of that is that you learn the conventions of ancient temple practices, how they were designed and whatnot.
And my early argument with the building was that it followed the plan of an ancient temple, and it does, right down to the smallest detail.
And as every temple contains is the inner sanctum, or
At least in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the Holy of Holies were the Ark of the Covenant rest.
And I was able to find that particular room in the building.
However, where I reached a small impasse temporarily is that the measurements of the room, the actual measurements of the room, which were 24 feet, did not fit into any cubit arrangement that I knew that was employed in the ancient world.
Meaning, it wasn't the Greek cubit, it wasn't the Roman cubit, it wasn't...
Any other standard form, or the Egyptian cubit.
And this was an impasse in my dissertation.
But it occurred to me later that Masons also incorporated a particular type of cubit, which was different than any other ancient form of cubit.
And that cubit measurement, when I employed that number into this room, which I knew by the convention of the building was laid out to be the Holy of Holies,
I think so.
Well, it's actually overt once you look at it, but directly above that room is a square war chest flanked by two winged warriors, which is the typical description of what the Ark of the Covenant looked like.
Now, at this point, I felt
This was clearly established.
The room followed the dimensions of the Holy of Holies.
Meanwhile, outside you've got sphinxes.
You've got the sphinxes with this carving that can only be seen from above where the sun god is at high noon.
In fact, they face east and west, these sphinxes.
So it was quite typical in the ancient world.
That inscriptions, hieroglyphs, were thought to contain divine power just by the very nature of their shape.
And so the profane shouldn't be able to look upon them.
The key, and literally key, inscriptions should only be visible by the deity.
That's why it's on top, but go ahead.
Right, and so in the course of a day, the sun, symbolically speaking, of course, because we're speaking about the symbolism of a temple,
He gave power to powerful.
Power to obelisks, power to representations of the deity.
What I found was quite remarkable... He basically possessed through these.
Well, you know, that could be... Things were christened or born again.
The idea in the mind of the ancient Egyptian is that
The heavenly orb, the sun, gave power.
It actually imbued things with power.
And in temple construction, the things that were endowed with power were the icons that warded off evil.
Protective icons.
Now, we've got a break, but when we come back, I want to get more into this.
But I want you to think about this.
Are you aware that Francois Mitterrand's glass pyramid that was... At the Louvre?
Yes, outside the Louvre.
His 666 pieces of gold glass...
Oh, I can one-up you with the 666, which happens to occur in this building.
Of course it does, but it does here in Austin as well.
And then within it, we have the 666 dimensions of a black pyramid beneath it.
We'll hear about 666, the number of the beast.
Stay there.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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On the Isle of Patmos, the revelator was given the message that the enemy would bring in world government and kill two-thirds of the world population.
The number was 666.
You'll find this number everywhere.
Our new buildings here in Austin, three six-story buildings, but that's not enough.
Occult icons all over the building, and they had a witch coronated.
Chris in it.
This is serious business, ladies and gentlemen.
We're talking to a research fellow at the University of Winnipeg in Canada, who's in the Globe and Mail, CTV, just a whole bunch of other major publications, because he's documented it.
I mean, it's right down to the finest detail.
But tell us about the 666 that you found in the building.
I know this number certainly wreaks havoc in the imagination of the West because of its reference to the Book of Revelations, as you've noted, although... I know, it's not that bad, but tell us their reason for it.
It's a friendly thing.
Well, I can't quite comment on that, but I do know that before the reference in Revelation, 666 was the number of the sun,
Because if you add up numbers 1 to 36, those numbers together add to 666, and the Sun God is the ruler of the 36 constellations, and these were worn as talismans by ancient priests and whatnot.
So my reference to the 666 in the building corresponds to the incorporation of the Sun once again.
So in the first room, major room, the grand staircase hall in this building,
Arguably the most impressive in Canada.
Its floor plan, its actual floor plan is 66.6 feet square.
Now I found that remarkable not only because the Sphinx inscription is directly above that room.
By the way, so is the Austin City Council building.
Would you like to come down here and see it?
Well, I would require that invitation.
We might have to have you come down, but please continue.
And so...
This particular room, which in ancient temple lore, typically warded off evil.
The idea of the temple was that you used, so to speak, evil to ward off evil.
And that's why there's busts of Medusa, cattle skulls, and... And Anton LaVey of the Church of Satan called that black magic.
That's black magic.
Using evil.
Using evil spirits.
Using evil force to do good or to empower yourself.
Well, a hermeticist, I'm afraid, would part waters with you and talk about the tradition of temple construction from the earliest point of time.
I understand, but you studied this.
Let me just be point blank with you.
Are you a believer in this yourself?
What I understand is, and just simply as an academic measure, is that people did.
So are you an atheist, a Christian, an agnostic?
No, no, no.
I'm certainly a devout religious person.
I'm Christian, in fact.
But my discussions of this building were noting how the level of detail, not only for an ancient architect,
That this particular architect would have known the conventions of an ancient architect, but there were things that I couldn't explain, such as the Sphinx inscription, the Holy of Holies room, the Ark, and this 666 incorporation.
I cannot explain that as an ancient historian, but where I can explain it is in the ideology of Masons and those who deem architecture to actually have
A profound power, a talismanic power.
Oh, no, that's what they believe.
Listen, we have the Frost Bank building here in Austin that they just completed.
And we've even talked to the architect.
They admit it looks like a giant owl.
It has giant eyes looking east and west.
And I'm sure you know about owls and their talisman-type power in their lore.
Well, my understanding of the symbol of the owl only connects it to Athena, the goddess of wisdom, because the owl is all-seeing and whatnot.
Well, the Egyptians had the god.
It was seen as a harbinger of destruction and power and, as you said earlier, empowerment.
So, in the case of this one room, the 666 is, at least as I understand it... Let me ask you a question.
Have you seen the movie The Chronicles of Riddick?
I'm afraid I spend too much time in the library, Alex.
Well, no, I was going to say this.
I don't see a lot of movies either.
But the point is, in this movie, the evil group that takes over your planet...
As an analogy, folks, drops their big icons in the city.
You know, these big towers.
And so I use that as an example for those that watch Popular Culture for what this owl is in downtown Austin.
Go ahead.
Well, you know, I think people are divided on the idea of secret society.
Some see them as a cabal controlling all forms of government in lieu of a one world order.
And then there is the idea, at least as a historian, as I pursued it, is that notions of philosophical occultism, from Gnosticism right to Hermeticism in the Renaissance, went underground and emerged in secret societies in the 16th century.
Well, let me kind of boil this down.
When they're not in power, they're revolutionaries.
When they're in power, they're absolute despots.
And really, it's just...
Today we see modern intelligence agencies, secret operations, pyramidal power structure, through compartmentalization.
Today what we call intelligence agencies are set up along the old secret society models.
They've just removed the religion from it, at least on the surface.
Then you go to these buildings, there's occult stuff all over the place there as well.
So far, my experience, at least from the...
The government, the premier, the ministers of Manitoba have been quite favorable, not simply on the press, but I think that I've well established myself, even in the face of academic critics.
That there is something going on here which cannot be explained simply as a classical structure or whatever.
Well, we've never talked before.
You came on the air, but you came right out and said, basically hidden in plain view, and that's what I've written about and talked about.
That's also part of their religion.
Not just these buildings as talismans or as power bases like the pyramids or these obelisks like we have in D.C., the Washington Monument, the Texas Monument, but also...
It is a religious rite.
I mean, they worship these things.
Well, you know, it's funny that you should mention obelisks because the original plans of this building were flanked by two obelisks.
And you need go no further than Heliopolis in ancient Egypt to find that temples were typically flanked by two obelisks.
So these things for me were just kind of measures of
The Buildings Incorporation of Ideas.
Now, currently there's no obelisk there, but there is one very hidden, and I've been able to point that out.
Okay, tell us about the hidden obelisk.
Well, it's crowned by a bust of Karche, kind of a political hero of Canada, but its base was designed by the architect, and it follows the kind of elongated pyramidal form of an obelisk.
Oh, yeah, they stick a head up on top of an obelisk.
Right, right.
And, you know, the other thing is, is that in the center... Well, you've been to graveyards and seen all the obelisks.
Yeah, of course.
Of the masons, yeah.
Now, in the center of this building is, and typically for a temple is where, you know, the sacrifice altar would be, and I've made measurements that corresponded this particular, the balustrade there to altars of ancient temples.
But what you find here, which is really unique, another hidden thing in plain view, which is entirely Christian, is the Great War mural in the building, which, you know, at first glance, it just appears to be military figures,
Dressed in their regalia.
But what you can see is an image of the Virgin holding the beloved child and also a figure like Jesus.
Clearly, I mean, once I point this out, it's kind of like putting on those 3D goggles where the image is suddenly brought into view once you put on the goggles.
The goggles that I've asked historians to look at, art historians, are
The figure in the center is Jesus.
He's being helped along by figures bearing the cross.
Just these planted seeds suddenly awaken this mural to the idea that it's a representation of Jesus.
Jesus would be perfect for this building because Jesus represents
The ultimate sacrifice in the Western tradition.
And there are other ideas to Jesus being referenced in this room.
Yeah, so in the middle of this occult compound, we've got a hidden image of Christ being sacrificed.
No, well, Christ bearing the cross and being helped, as it's noted in the Gospel.
Yeah, and then that gets into Hiram a bit.
Well, perhaps you can enlighten me on that.
I mean, my background is not masonry.
It's ancient history.
That's the ritual killing that the Masons do over and over again.
Oh, right.
Did you hear about Long Island last year where the Masons blew the guy's head off?
Yeah, during a ritual, they accidentally loaded real bullets in it.
They normally just shoot the guns off by their heads and threaten to kill them if they ever let any secrets out, and it was actually loaded, and they blew the guy's head off, and, oh, the guy got probation and blew his buddy's head off because the top cops are all masons.
Now, if you type in, though, into Google, you will find other cases where Masons accidentally blow heads off, and you'll find the Klan, during rituals that are identical, because it's Masonic, blowing people's heads off.
Were you aware of that?
No, no, no.
I can't comment on that, but I can comment on a metaphor... But nobody ever gets in trouble.
It's always accidental.
Go ahead.
Right, right.
What I can comment on in the building...
At least in this particular room that I just noted, the rotunda, the center of the building, that there is a metaphor to the Entered Apprentice rite.
And during this rite, what happens is the initiate is asked by the master, what are the three ornaments of the temple?
And the response is a blazing star in the center.
Surrounded by an indented tassel and a mosaic pavement.
Now, each of those items, I know this is, you know, fancy schmancy Masonic terms, but...
The idea is that a mosaic pavement is just black and white squares and the tassel is just an ornamented border.
Now, this room has a blazing star in the center, a black eight-pointed star, surrounded by each of these things.
Is this a reference to this particular rite which talks about the center of the temple?
And what, at least for me, makes that measure even more compelling is that we do have one eight-pointed star that I know of
In a legislature, a Capitol building, as you would call it, in the U.S.
This is like walking into a Chuck E. Cheese pizza place and saying, is this a pizza place?
I mean, it's like walking into the Capitol and saying, is this a Capitol?
I mean, you're like going, is this, is this, is this?
I mean, you knew about Francois Mitterrand, obsessed with Egyptology, obsessed with the occult.
His life work was where these 666 pieces of gold glass, then beneath it you have an inverted black pyramid that hangs down out of the ceiling, into the Louvre, and then its exact measurements come out to 666.
I mean, come on!
Well, I appreciate your fervor and enthusiasm to a high measure, but you must understand I'm having to convince people that strain on a gnat.
Each element I have to delicately tease out in order to establish... Well, when I leave the studio today and I get in my car, I'm going to go, this is a car.
I know it's a car.
Got lights, got a steering wheel, got an engine, it's a car.
But again, you talk about this hidden in plain view, it's all over the place.
You want to hear the speeches that Bush and others give.
All the time, during his State of the Union, during his swearing in, all of this stuff, he's dropping Masonic phrases.
Well, you know, my interpretation of this building is that it's beautiful.
It's stunningly beautiful.
It follows ancient plans.
It has this incorporation of high-level motifs that are hidden and then once exposed, a certain other dimension of its sophistication comes out.
But I just wanted to finish with the eight-pointed star, and this is something that hasn't been published or looked at, and trust me, it's given some level of, you know, I even hate to say trust me, because then people say, oh, then I shouldn't trust you.
What are you talking about?
Well, you can go to your own state capitol in Minnesota, which has an eight-pointed star in the center, and what they won't explain to you at the Minnesota Historical Society, or the woman who did a dissertation on the building,
Is that a strange right happens there, the so-called laying in state right, where former governors, vice presidents, Hubert Umphrey, John Johnson, Frank Kellogg, senators who have had this opportunity to lie in state on this eight-pointed star for a public ceremony.
Now, what no one's been able to explain is that they're all Masons.
You didn't know Ronald Reagan did that?
Yeah, but Ronald Reagan did that in Washington, not in the Minnesota State Capitol.
That's what you just said about the Masons.
I talked over you.
Sorry, this particular building, which has the closest association with
The building in Canada, the one in Minnesota, built in the same style, Beaux-Arts, neoclassical, with an eight-pointed star on its rotunda, has this particular right that no one knows why these people are selected, and it was later confirmed to me when I had an opportunity to give a tour to all the highest-level masons in the country.
In Canada of the building, I gave a tour to them last year.
I said, you know, I found it interesting that there were all these figures that had this opportunity to engage in this right in the Minnesota State Capitol, but no one's been able to explain to me why it occurs and why these people get selected.
I received an email about two weeks later from one of the attendees, I believe it was a Grand Master from one of the provinces, who confirmed that each of those members, each of those names, were Masons.
Now, to me, this raises eyebrows.
I don't know if there's any right... Let me stop you.
...and I'm almost sure that there's not happening in Manitoba.
Frank, it's almost as if you read my mind.
I was going to say, in these buildings where they have these temple chambers, the whole building's a temple, obviously, but the inner chambers...
I was going to say, on certain Masonic dates and at funerals and other things, go to those places and you will see rituals going on.
Right out in plain view.
And a lot of tours being led by.
I can't comment on that, Alex.
And perhaps you could send me some literature that could, you know... I'll tell you what.
Give out your email and you'll get a lot of garbage.
You'll get a lot of real stuff, too.
Our listeners are experts.
Why don't you give your email out?
It's frankalbo...
F-R-A-N-K-A-L-B-O at Rogers.com.
That's R-O-G-E-R-S dot com.
It's Frank Albo at Rogers.com.
Frank Albo at Rogers.com.
Have you got any websites or anything at the university where you've posted any of your findings?
Well, what I'm in the process of negotiating with the minister in Canada is,
To build a website that would highlight these features so that it's open for speculation.
All right, and the Masons are helping you.
They're happy because they believe the new age is here and it's time to reveal themselves.
We're going to come back and start taking your calls.
Our guests will be with us 30 minutes in the next hour.
Then I've got a bunch of other world news we'll be covering.
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I think so too.
We're good to go.
The groups we're talking about are the people bringing you world government.
And the lower steps of the pyramid, their members believe they're helping society out and trying to uplift mankind.
But I've studied them.
I've snuck into their rituals.
I snuck into Bohemian Grove in July of 2000.
It's been in major publications.
They admit I snuck in, got the first and only video of the ritual as they worship Molech, the Canaanite deity that children were sacrificed to.
They bring in a mock effigy of a baby, a child, and burn it in front of Molech.
It's sick.
And you can see the video of that ritual and our infiltration and the British media covering our infiltration in my film, Dark Secrets, inside Bohemian Grove.
It's two hours long.
In the five-hour special that was on the Trio Network using my footage, they only used about ten minutes of the ritual and then just basically made excuses for the rest of it.
Go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and order Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
Or call toll-free to get a copy of the film, or any of the films I've produced, at 1-888-253-3139, 888-253-3139.
Now understand, they don't think they're worshipping the devil.
They think that the devil is God, and that Christians are just mistaken about all this, that the devil is...
God, and that the devil is just how we see the manifestation of the destructive side of the architect, the grand architect, as they call him.
Folks, their fruits are evil.
The Bible is correct.
It lays out who we're dealing with.
And it's serious, so I hope you'll get Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove to find out just how out of control these people are.
I know Ron and Steven and Tom and Bart and a bunch of other people have been holding for eons, and you've probably been holding since before the gas got on, so there's a bunch of different issues you probably want to talk about.
I want to get more into the occult world,
Language hidden in plain view in the next hour with you, again, Frank Albo, who's a research fellow at the University of Winnipeg in Canada.
But right now, let's go to the calls for our guest.
Let's talk to Ron in Indiana.
Go ahead, Ron.
You're on the air.
Thank you.
Thanks for taking the call.
You bet.
I have a question about, it's not quite what you're talking about, but Building No. 7.
Later on, I didn't hear this at first, but later on they said, well, it was going to be pulled.
Wouldn't that require every other building I've seen, you know, with the
This is hidden in plain view again.
Larry Silverstein goes on PBS and says, we blew up Building 7.
The official government report is they don't know why it felled.
And there was only one person that died in Building 7.
They did evacuate.
They were warned.
And then they blew the building up.
But they weren't warned.
I mean... They were warned.
Yes, they were.
Like two days before?
Oh, no.
Obviously, the explosives were put in weeks before.
Well, that's what I mean.
If they were actually going to pull the building, this would have had...
Well, they claim fire brought down Building 7.
And they go, well, we're not quite sure.
Well, why didn't the building in Madrid that burned ten times as hot and for two days fall?
No steel building had ever collapsed.
But look, all that's academic.
They admit they blew it up.
The firefighters told AP reporters to get back.
We're going to bring it down.
Thanks for the call.
Really good points.
Any comments to what he was saying?
No, I'm afraid I have nothing to add.
All right.
Yeah, I apologize.
We had callers holding from beforehand, and I'm going to go to them.
Hopefully, they'll bring a point up to you.
We've got to clear these lines out so we can get the folks that actually want to talk to you.
Here in about 70 seconds, we'll be back with the third hour of this worldwide transmission against tyranny.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and we're honored to be joined by this great academic researcher.
Research fellow there at the University of Winnipeg in Canada, Frank Albo.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The websites are prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com, and prisonplanet.com.
Hour three straight ahead.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Listening across the country, worldwide, and all the ships at sea.
We're now into hour number three of this worldwide transmission against tyranny.
Hopefully enlightening you, getting you to wake up to the real world all around you.
The false paradigm that's been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
We're talking to Frank Albo, and he is a research fellow at the University of Winnipeg.
He's made major headlines, I mean, in just a whole bunch of major newspapers.
He sees hidden signs, occult clues at legislature.
This is out of the Winnipeg Sun, here's another one out of the Globe and Mail.
A building of secret encoded clues...
And the Masons and everybody basically admit this.
And it's got the 666 in its dimensions.
It's got all of it there.
Just like our Austin's new city council buildings.
The three six-story buildings and inside all the occult garbage.
The reason this is important is that it shows you the driving ideology.
And philosophy of the elite.
I want to go over a bunch of other examples of things hidden in plain view and how they imprint and communicate with themselves and our subconscious with numerology and key dates and things.
Again, we are talking to the research fellow.
Let's go right back to the calls.
Let's talk to... Who's up first from Buffalo?
Lucia in Buffalo.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Mr. Elbow.
I must congratulate you on your work.
It's marvelous.
I did, I have been doing for 26 years, research in what lies beneath these buildings.
You've got half of the story.
The other half is what lies in the ground, under the ground.
Yeah, the tunnels.
No, no.
I have, I'm a geomancer, a master dowser, geomancer, investigating one of the Masonic very high secrets called the Geodetic Code.
It consists of water and aquastat.
Well, they do believe that there are certain areas that have a magical frequency.
No, there's no certain areas.
Well, let me stop you.
I don't believe in that stuff.
I'm not talking about what you believe.
I'm talking about what is there.
Okay, well, let me get my guest to comment on it.
Well, I haven't said anything yet.
Well, hold on.
I'm going to let him comment on what you just said.
Comment, please, sir.
Well, with regards to, are you speaking of perhaps latent earth energies that are... Yes, I'm talking about the telluric earth, feminine earth current, which is, I have doused basilica's cathedrals, lady chapels, any kind of church you want to talk about, I have doused
Our city hall here in Buffalo, incidentally, Buffalo is considered and is known to be a sister city to Washington because our city hall is placed in exactly the same kind of geodetic setup.
That Washington has.
Well, they also build temples.
They also build temples on key meridian lines and things.
Let me just add something.
All I'm saying is, I think dowsing is magic.
I think it's magical thinking.
And I can disagree with you if I want to.
Aren't I allowed to?
And you're very welcome to.
I'm not saying that they don't believe this.
I know they believe it.
Well, it's true.
I have never found this data code to be violated.
There are some 30 appointments that must exist.
Under any religious building or palace or city hall that must be complied with in the architectural appointments of
This city hall or this capitol building or this... I'll hold you over if need be, but Frank, have you run into this yourself?
Of course, this is another topic that makes people in my field somewhat cringe, the idea of ley lines and meridian points and whatnot.
But what I do think is undoubtedly something to look at in this particular building is that if you look on the map...
And this is just outrageous.
If you look at them on the map, Winnipeg is the near latitudinal, longitudinal center of the continent.
Like, it's clear as day.
And so if you were following this idea, this ideology, whether it's present or not, then it seems that this would be an ideal location for a centrifugal type of talismanic energy.
We'll be back.
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We're good to go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking about secret societies and their icons all around us.
Capitals, legislative centers are really temples.
666 shows up from the Austin City Council buildings to the Winnipeg legislature.
The occult is everywhere.
Again, we talked about the Louvre, that big gold pyramid they built, 666 pieces of glass with another black pyramid within it, with its dimensions being 666.
And, see, I don't believe in all this stuff.
I don't believe in magic.
I don't believe in...
Getting power from it.
I'm a Christian.
I think it's very, very dangerous, and the people involved in it, the whole culture of it, it's of the New World Order.
It's what they promote and push.
But again, then people come out of the woodwork who believe in all these different types of magic, and then the academic debate shifts away from it because it has that cloak around it.
What we're saying, what I'm saying, is the elite believe in this,
It's shut up all around us.
We need to talk about it.
But we're talking to Lucia in Buffalo, New York, and she was getting into how these buildings are built on these points on the earth that have these different energies, which we know the earth does project an energy, a magnetic energy, but I guess she's saying something totally, entirely different.
We can prove that they built these things as occult temples.
That's admitted.
But again, getting off into the magic itself, I don't go there.
But you're welcome to, Lucia.
Go ahead and finish up those.
We've got a bunch of other callers.
Thank you very much.
The slogan that the high masons use for this geogenic code is, quote, darkness brought to light, or darkness made visible.
This is high masonry.
I am a Christian.
And Mr. Elbow said he is too.
Investigating these things does not make us a purveyor of evil.
We're just trying to bring to light things we need to know.
Well, I'm not saying you're evil.
I'm saying that I don't...
I mean, they may think certain points are magic and they get power off of them.
Well, what I'm talking about is not magic per se.
Pope Gregory told his missionaries when they went to their far-flung countries to establish a church, he said, first find the pagan sites of worship, the holy places.
Knock down the building, get rid of it, and then build your church on the same spot.
That's because under the earth,
There is the spiral.
The spiral is on the geometry of the number seven.
There's always seven coils, 14 coils, 21 coils, right on up to 49 coils.
There's water lines.
Every altar in every church is nested, must be nested, in a circle or a loop, a spiral of water.
I have done, I have worked for 26 years, I have never seen
Okay, well ma'am, just send me some information on that.
I appreciate the call.
It's very interesting.
We're just talking about how openly they have sphinxes, they have inscriptions and hieroglyphics to the sun god, it's built to the specifications of Solomon's Temple, and then no one ever talks about it.
We just ignore it.
Frank, any comments?
No, and just to follow up with the caller...
As an intellectual pursuit for myself, I knew nothing about concepts in masonry and secret societies and whatnot.
I mean, I'm left translating biblical Hebrew and cuneiform wedge-shaped texts.
But what I did know is that those ideologies that the ancient architect employed were also employed in this building and that the only other way of explaining all these other motifs that you had correctly noted was only through societies such as Freemasonry or those that endow or believe in buildings having some natural power to exude things.
And that's a whole other level of investigation.
That's why I'm open to discussions and whatnot, because this is still an unfinished work, although I've spent four years detailing the smallest measures of the building.
And again, folks, we are talking to a research fellow at the University of Winnipeg in Canada.
We're talking to Frank Albo.
And I'm not trying to be mean or poo-poo what that lady was saying.
What I'm saying is...
I keep it separated.
I snuck into Bohemian Grove where our world leaders, our presidents, worship Moloch.
Now, then people go, but I don't believe in the devil and I don't believe in Moloch, so you're a kook.
And I'm going, wait a minute.
The point is they do.
They're worshiping it.
This is a big deal.
But people almost have blinders because it is the occult.
Then they go, well, that can't be proven.
Well, what can be proven is they believe in it.
What can be proven about Skull and Bones is it's a temple.
I'd be weird if I wasn't pointing this out.
Can I add to that, Alex?
In my work so far, I have not been able to identify the they.
The they that may consist of the government have pretty much opened and been very supportive with what I'm doing because it's unmistakable.
And B, the maintenance has even allowed me access to archives and correspondences abroad.
I've been able to contact Masonic historians in London and in Paris and whatnot.
Who have been able to furnish information to me that I wouldn't have normally gotten.
And so I can't identify this so-called hidden they yet.
Well, I mean, who do you think built this, you know, this...
Multi-million dollar, million, million, million dollar structure.
Well, it's currently, the replacement value is at about $1 billion, and it's certainly irreplaceable.
And the Masonic link, at least as a historian, was that the architect was hired by a subcommittee.
...government subcommittee comprised entirely of masons.
Now that is fine.
That is in the government record.
Well, again, and we go back to, explain to them this room with 666.
Well, the room is the Grand Staircase Hall.
It's the first major room in the building.
It's floor plan, and right on its architectural drawing, surprisingly, it's written 666.
I mean, I almost dropped off my chair when I saw this because
I did biblical studies, and I know what this means, at least from a Christian perspective.
Let me stop you.
What do you think of our city council that has 666 in dimensions of some of its big rooms, and the three buildings are each six stories tall?
I can't comment on those, because the only way I can explain 666 in this building is the housing of symbolically, quote-unquote,
And then again, the entire building, though, is according to these Masonic cubits.
No, just the cubit arrangement of the lieutenant governor's reception room
Well, I think... I think if you start calculating the building, you're going to find that the numbers continue.
And as I said, this is work in progress, and I wasn't expecting that...
Well, perhaps.
Let me throw something at you.
Al-Qaeda is not into numerology, but did you know, of course you know all of the magical talisman power, I'm sure you've been researching this, of 9-1-1, of 9s and 11s,
Did you know that, of course, in the Masonic rituals, they have the two towers on each side of the altar?
You have the two buildings.
The Madrid-Spain bombing was 911 days after 9-11 on 3-11?
Do you mean the two pillars?
Yaken and Boaz?
And then it continues.
Did you know that on the one-year anniversary of 9-11, the New York Lottery came up 9-11?
Did you know that on the one-year anniversary of 9-11, the Chicago Mercantile came up 9-1-1.0000?
Like one out of 14 billion.
The Chicago Mercantile.
Oh, yes.
And it goes, sir, there are hundreds of these.
They have a rule they have to hide it in plain view.
Did you know that on the Lone Gunman episode that was a spinoff of the X-Files, aired months before 9-11, a secret government group hijacks a jumbo jet to fly to the World Trade Center to blame it on foreign enemies and get martial law?
And then I had the star of the X-Files show show up at my door a few months ago with a crew saying,
I mean, just himself there with cameras videotaping me for a film he's making, and he says, yes, we think the CIA planted that story on us beforehand.
What do you think of that?
Oh, gosh.
I have no comment.
I don't know what to add to that.
Once again...
Well, numerology is how they communicate.
What most people don't understand is that numerology is about 2,500 years old.
It's the father of a science that began with Pythagoras, that moved all throughout the Platonic tradition, that became a very high art,
You know why 322 is so important?
I can't comment, no.
Well, it's got about a dozen meanings, but you ought to research that.
You know, 3-2-2 is under a skull and crossbones on the door of Skull and Bones at Yale.
And of course, you know the Nazis wore the skull and crossbones on their hats?
And did you know that a German secret society founded Skull and Bones in 1832?
Did you know that Hitler was part of the Thule Society and openly said he was part of the Illuminati?
Well, there's a part of me that's reticent to, you know, furnish you with other details in the building because I could see it might move into this netherworld, but I do know of another secret society at Yale called the... Do you want to finish this, Alex?
The School and Tea?
You're scrolling key.
Were you about to tell me... You have a break now?
Were you about to tell me there were skulls in there?
We'll be right back.
Stay there, sir.
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Al, Jason, Tim, Alan, everybody, your calls are coming up.
We're just going to have to keep our guests for a little bit longer.
This is amazing.
Real quick, sir.
Continuing, we're talking about scrolling keys, secret societies.
You were going to tell us some more of the symbolism in this grand area where you come in with the 666.
Tell us more.
I just wanted to preface this briefly by saying that symbols are multivalent so they can take a wide range of interpretations.
Now, my particular interpretation of things might differ than yours.
But there is in this room as well the maidens on the third floor, the caryatids as they're called,
Carry a scroll and key in their hands.
And some people have pointed out to me, well, perhaps this is a reference to the Scroll and Key Society at Yale, the Secret Society Scroll and Key at Yale.
Or down every single hall and all of the stairs and most of the arrangements, the number 13 repeats throughout.
13 is ubiquitous throughout this building.
So someone could say, oh, 13 is also an unlucky number.
Or the figure crowning the dome says,
And again, people say, well, that isn't... They'll say, that isn't the golden boy, but you have the writings of the architect saying it was.
Oh, yeah.
The writings of the architect clearly stated...
You get all this together in one place.
The 666, the Finkses, the carvings, you know, all this.
The 13 repeating throughout, the scroll and key in the Grand Staircase Hall.
Even the two large bison, which are in the Grand Staircase Hall, which people say, oh, it's just a totem image of Manitoba because those are the animals that existed on the plain.
I would tell them, no, an ancient temple were always flanked by two very large menacing bulls that protected the inner sanctum.
And so that's why their presence is there.
And so this is my interpretation, of course.
And my interpretation... But wait a minute.
You've got the Supreme Grand Masons and the top Masons writing in, coming to tours and saying you're right.
Well, actually, they've been astounded because I've been pointing out elements of their own tradition that, quite frankly, I don't think some of them knew.
And what I expected is with the highest level Masons in the country, at least in Canada...
That they would be able to furnish me with data and in event... That's because, sir, that's wheels within wheels.
These so-called top masons are really porch masons.
These top so-called masons are really porch masons.
Say again?
You have to give me a translation.
A porch mason is the outer...
Sanctum Masons.
You go to church, the preacher's up on the dais, and you're in the crowd.
They're in the crowd.
They're not even allowed up on stage.
Oh, I've got to hand it to you, Alex.
This is...
Quite the experience appearing on your show.
You said that during the break you looked up Moloch.
Why don't you tell us about that individual?
Well, only because, you know, studying ancient history and specializing in ancient Semitic languages.
He was also worshipped in Greece and in Babylon.
That's right.
And they always change their form.
They become different deities.
He was an owl, he was a goat, he was a bull.
But it's true, the ancient texts show that Moloch required sacrifices of small children, and so did Tennant.
And so I went to him, snuck into a meeting where Bush admittedly goes, you can pull up San Francisco Chronicle articles admitting I snuck in and got this, and they bring up the bound image of a baby and burn it before Moloch.
That sounds very Christian.
Let's go to a call.
Let's go to a call.
Al in Chicago, then Jason and others.
Go ahead, Al.
Hi, Alex.
Good to talk to you.
Good to talk to you.
Yeah, I have some interesting information here concerning Monsieur L'Enfant.
Go ahead.
Was the project manager of the original survey of the District of Columbia?
Yeah, he was a member of the Cincinnati Society.
He was liked by Washington, disliked by Jefferson because of his CS connection.
He was dismissed from the project and was offered generous payment for the work performed.
He was dismissed in March of 1792.
He refused this offer and became obsessed with getting his contractual payment.
He lobbied Congress for 18 years to receive the contractual repayment.
But tell people what he specifically did so they understand you.
He was a surveyor.
He laid out the original...
Did the original survey for the District of Columbia in 1792.
Okay, the funny thing is, he became obsessed with getting his contractual payment, and by an act of Congress, past May 1st, 1810, he received it.
The sum was $666.02.
It's unpayable.
It's an endless decimal of 666.
That's right.
Isn't that nice?
And they love it.
Look, just type bill number or HR 666 into a search engine.
State bills, local laws, federal laws.
It always has to do with secret arrests, torture, checkpoints, police state.
Just type HR or S666 in and prepare yourself.
You'll be at the Library of Congress.
Hundreds of bills, always evil, always horrible.
But it's just a friendly number.
Here to help you.
Give us your firearms.
We'll be nice to you.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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We've got a load of phone lines here, and I've got a ton of news I wanted to get to before this broadcast ended.
Trying to recap some top stories as well, but let's just hurry through.
I can take the next five calls.
I can let Al finish up, then Jason, Adam, Paul, and Ed.
That'll be it.
Just have your comment or question ready.
Real fast, Al in Chicago, interesting point you brought up.
I haven't confirmed that, but it sounds interesting.
I'd like to see the evidence of that.
Anything else you want to add to our guest, Frank Albaugh?
I have this from a book called The National Capital.
It's history and architecture.
It was written in 1893.
Basically, I would like you to comment on the Cincinnati Society and why Washington would like this man and Jefferson would so dislike him.
I'm familiar with the Cincinnati Society, but I'm not versed enough to get into any real detail on it.
Do you have any comments?
No, I don't.
No, I just thought it was interesting that
The payment that he was obsessed with was $666.23.
All right, thanks for the call.
Do you have anything to say on that, Frank?
All right, let's go to Jason in Maryland.
Jason, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I have a statement pertinent to today's discussion.
But first, every day that I listen to you, I'm very curious.
Why do you think you're still alive?
How come with your spreading the word like this,
And putting out all this wonderful information.
How come they haven't attacked you?
Well, that's one of the most common questions I get.
It's a very complex one.
They've killed a lot of patriots.
They've falsely charged and imprisoned a lot of truth seekers and people who love God and love freedom.
But number one, because I believe God protects me and that when my work's done, that's the minute that the globalists would destroy me.
But more than... at a whole other level, the globalists kind of delude themselves, and they believe this is the new age.
They've said this.
They believe it's time to reveal.
And they believe their power is great enough now that it can be exposed.
And plus, there's so many of us now exposing things that they can't get us all.
I mean, we're like mushrooms.
You stomp on us, you just spread the spores.
And at a certain level, I think they think that I do.
They're intimidating for them, because I put it out in a very scary fashion, because it is.
I have more faith in humanity to rise up against it.
But I've got to go quick.
Any questions or comments for our guest?
Yes, sir.
First, he said that numerology is 2,500 years old, and I'm wondering if he separates that from Hebrew Gematria, which predates that by thousands of years.
Also, he says Hermes... I know that's impossible, sir.
How so?
Because Hebrew Gematria wasn't introduced historically until much later.
Much later, not a thousand years before that.
In fact, Hebrew was a proto-language about 800 B.C.
And that's the official scholarly opinion, and I studied Biblical Hebrew.
So I have to part ways with you there.
How about Hermes being preceded as the father of esoteric wisdom by Nimrod or Ninus and Semiramis?
Well, Hermes as an esoteric tradition was something well noted.
We have a corpus of literature dedicated to Hermes that was extremely popular in the Renaissance and captured most of the greatest minds of the Enlightenment as being the earliest form of religious salvation.
It was very Gnostic.
It had lots of tendencies that were
A somewhat Christian and then others that move into magical land.
But that's a whole other level of... Really, is this another manifestation of the battle on Mr. Religions to ensnare Christians?
In parting, I would ask you to please comment.
You spoke earlier of the brazen chapters of...
Here, I'm of Tyre, and I was wondering if you might, Joaquin and Boaz, I was wondering if you might comment on that, and as much as you see it.
Again, that's where good old Moloch was worshipped.
Okay, thanks for the call.
Good points and questions there.
Was that question to me?
Because I thought it was offered to you.
Yes, it was.
About the two pillars?
I believe you were commenting on that, Alex.
I had nothing to add.
Well, I just know that that is part of their basic rights.
I was comparing it to the two towers being knocked down and then being rebuilt.
Part of the ritual.
Let's go ahead now and go to another caller here.
Let's talk to Adam in Pittsburgh.
Adam, you're on the air.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Hey, speaking of learning fun, I think the reason why he was so eager to get his 666 paycheck was because of the fact that he designed most of the streets in D.C.
around Masonic and Satanic symbols.
Well, I knew his name from that, yes.
And then you have the French architect with a lot of the more modern designs that are there, and it's a giant obelisk, and the buildings are all like temples.
Right above the White House, if you look on a map, the streets pretty much form an upside-down five-pointed star with the White House being the bottom point.
And you've got an owl perching on it with the Capitol in its belly.
That's on the east side of the Capitol.
The walkway, when you look at it from the air, forms an owl.
And I'm not sure, Frank being from Canada, are you aware that there is also an owl on the one dollar bill here in America?
No, your own Masonic tradition, although quite elaborate, I haven't investigated.
Well, take the Supreme Court.
It's got all these gods, Zeus and the owls, but that's okay.
We've just got to pull down all the Christian symbols, and it's just like in Alabama.
They've got a bust of Zeus there, but you can have that, you just can't have the Ten Commandments.
So we also see selective enforcement.
Go ahead.
On the Republican National Committee logo and the DNC logo, I'm sure you're familiar with this, Alex.
Upside down stars, yeah.
Yep, the stars were actually flipped upside down.
Yeah, why is everything upside down now?
I don't know why, but...
And look, look, look, look.
Nothing against Mormons, okay?
But at the big temple in Salt Lake, they've got pentagrams.
And on top of it, you go to the Vatican.
I mean, it's just full of this stuff.
Any comments to that, Frank?
My experience has been four years of exhaustive work on one building, and I hope that it sponsors interpretation of whatever degree.
I'm just putting the information that I can validate as fact, and wherever you want to take it is, of course, up to people's interpretation.
Well, this stuff is everywhere.
It's just amazing.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Who's up next?
Paul in New York, and I'll be the last caller we have time for.
Paul, go ahead.
Alex, one simple question for you and your guest, one each.
Klaus Steehls, Washington Monument.
Was he a Mason and what level Mason was he?
And to your guest, who is the one originating person who designed this building in Manitoba?
Was he a Mason and what level was he?
Can I answer that question first?
That is an excellent question.
I haven't been able to establish whether he was a Mason, although
I found there was another mysterious architect who takes all the credit who was in London at the time.
It's a great mystery.
Here on the ground, Frank W. Simon built the legislative building, although all the other architectural encyclopedias credit another figure, Septimus Warwick.
I haven't figured that out.
That might lead me down the rabbit hole that you guys are talking about, but so far it's a mystery.
But the committee that paid for it were all Masons.
Okay, to answer your question, basically every major building built, every monument in D.C.
was designed by a Rosicrucian, a Templar, a Mason.
It's all the same thing.
People get confused by all these different names.
It's like you've got different places where you can go get your car worked on by a mechanic.
They're mechanics.
We're good to go.
You look at this, you need to understand this is the driving ideology, the religion, the force, the philosophy of the elite today.
Most of them are part of this, and this is how they bind themselves, and they're bringing in a world government, and they're bringing in the implantable microchip, which they're promoting, and they're bringing in the police state, and it's really happening.
Architecture seems to be the keystone in all of that, because architecture has this apparent effect of
Affecting people.
Well, it projects their power.
It makes us feel small.
It dwarfs us.
Architecture was the most elaborate science known in masonry and throughout thousands of years.
And it was a powerful secret, the mathematics, to build buildings, which would make you number two to the pharaoh or the king or the Caesar.
And so, throughout, this is the icon of their religion.
I can't part with you there.
All right.
Well, I really appreciate you coming on with us.
It was amazing.
And people can read the Globe and Mail articles, the CTV articles, all the big magazine and newspaper articles that we found, a four or five newspaper articles, a couple TV reports, are at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
And we're fighting these architects.
And they're brand architects who are building the New World Order.
They believe they've seized human architecture and are actually changing our evolution, and really they're destroying us.
They're enslaving us.
The feudal lords who love to breed dogs and who love to breed horses and pigs also think that they're actually controlling us and warping us to be better little slaves.
That's why we fight the prison planet and their great architect.
Thanks for coming on, Frank.
Well, thanks for inviting me, Alex.
Good to hear from you.
God bless and take care.
All right, well, that's it.
And so now, they're just flaunting it in your face in the big newspapers up in Canada, admitting this.
And the Austin City Council buildings, the three six-story buildings, are just totally satanic.
If you live in Austin, you ought to go get a tour of it.
I mean, it's just, it is disgusting.
And it's satanic, and they'll tell you, oh, we predate your Judeo-Christian term of satan.
No, we worship the God of Light, the Lightbearer, the Illuminator.
And yes, we do like to sacrifice children, but that's our sacrament, and what's wrong with that?
You know, these people, these sickos, who email me sometimes when I badmouth the Aztecs, who would sacrifice tens of thousands of people on certain holidays...
The people were so brainwashed, they would willingly give their children up to the priest to have their hearts cut out.
They would then kick the bodies down the stairs, and the people would cut it up for lunch meat.
Their main meat product was the sacrificed people.
And I'll get an email going, that was their culture.
How dare you badmouth their culture.
You can't judge a culture.
Okay, then the Nazis were good.
They wore skulls on their hats.
They wore black uniforms.
20 million Germans died in the war.
Tens of millions of other people they killed.
They rampaged all over the place.
And that was their culture.
The culture of death.
The order of death.
The order of the death's head.
The order of skull and bones.
And I think that culture was sick.
And America's culture of abortions and just mindlessness and war and fraud is sick too.
It's sick.
And when we're a culture that doesn't have a rudder, that doesn't have a vision, we're going to have that vision and rudder set for us, that course set for us, and it's straight to hell.
A bunch of decadent, inbred trash.
That thinks because they're ruthless, that gives them right to be in total control.
Well, we're in control because we're the best.
No, you're in control because you're like a cancer that's spread throughout the body and threatens to destroy humanity and our future, which could be unbelievably great.
So just because you're spreading, and just because you're so ruthless, and just because you're so sick, doesn't give you right to rule anything, you destructive trash!
You rake of death!
Your stench is disgusting!
It makes me want to puke!
And all your pops and all your low-level minions that think they're at the top of the pyramids, you're all playing into this.
You are bringing forth hell!
You are conjuring the Antichrist!
You are bringing forward the end of humanity!
But God's promise is a remnant will be saved.
And the problem is the Christian churches are almost all run by Masons with...
When he's not saying that forced abortion and infanticide is a good thing in China, the head of the 700 Club is flashing the lion's paw on the cover of Time Magazine and flashing all these other symbols all over the place.
It's just unbelievable.
I'm glad I thought of that.
I want to put that in the film before it's done.
I had to watch them on TV flashing their signs at us, laughing at us,
And just knowing what they've done, and, you know, maybe a chip's good.
I mean, it's just out of control.
And now Christians, I hear them on the radio, so-called Christians, oh, torture's good, it's of the Lord.
I mean, that's mind control.
When you've got devil-worshiping scum, and they think they're Christians.
They think they're Christians.
I'm going to come back and hit a few news items.
We're in the final segment here in a few minutes.
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I mean, I snuck in and got the footage of them engaging in a satanic ritual.
George Bush and his daddy and his daddy and going back to William Howard Taft, they all go there
They engage in these rituals.
They do it.
I caught it on video, and it's admitted they go there.
We've got them engaged in Moloch worship.
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The globalists look at you like a lab technician looks at a monkey who they've got electrodes in its brain.
They see you as animals.
They call us animals, bugs, cattle, whatever.
They see us as garbage.
And all it is is the pharaohs thinking that the people were slaves.
And it got picked up by certain sects that Moses tried to stop when he threw the tablets at them, and it got picked up by the Germans, and it got spread to everybody, and it's just here in America, and you've got this counterfeit of what God gave us running alongside, continually trying to dominate and take over.
And it's the New World Order.
The globalists think they're God, and they've got to be stopped.
They love it.
They love evil.
They're just sick.
They don't have conscience.
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I think we're good to go.
Good news that happened last week.
I never mention this.
We should talk about the good news.
Philadelphia judge clears Christian demonstrators of hate crimes charges.
They were facing 47 years in prison for praying on a street corner.
So there's some good news.
But the feds and federal prosecutors advised all this.
Bush's people wanted to set the precedent to put them in prison.
And of course, they'll be hailed as Christians, not the Moloch worshippers they aren't.
Scott Ritter, who's been vindicated and validated over and over again, says his inside sources are saying the invasion of Iran is coming up in June.
Iran will be attacked, I should say properly.
Who knows if that's going to happen?
I hope it doesn't.
Writing a wrong New York Post, some students, middle school students, wrote this.
Letters, they were told to, to the troops, and said, we don't agree with the war, so they've had to apologize, and it's a big deal on how bad they are.
Hey, don't tell them to write letters, then tell them what to write.
Again, training on how to be little prisoners.
Huge article I could have spent an hour on, CPS judge and jury.
Just a disgusting article on the front page of the Statesman yesterday, here in Austin.
Shows a backyard room with toys and a couple Coke cans, and the poor family with the kids clutching on their parents, not wanting to be taken, and
It's just how wonderful our CPS workers are and how good they are.
Hey, folks, the facts are, even Time Magazine admitted a few years ago the shame of foster care, you're five times more likely to be abused in government custody than anywhere else.
Oh, yes.
Five times more likely.
Over two-thirds of the kids are put on dangerous psychotropic drugs.
Are there bad families out there?
And if they commit crimes, it's a criminal matter.
And there should be no state funding of this.
The children should go to an orphanage, but first try to go to family.
Not to this huge industry of the foster parents and these government institutions and the rest of it.
And the feds, Bill Clinton passed a law where they have to double the amount of children taken every year if they're going to get their next slate of funding.
And so Texas is radically expanding the funding and acting like more is needed.
And in the article, it starts out going, well, she goes around to houses and has the child seats and decides whether to take the kids when she shows up, as if she's judge-jury-executioner.
A federal court just ruled, finally, thank God, I couldn't believe it, two weeks ago, that the IRS can't take your property without taking you to court and charging you.
It's due process, people!
But see, the government in the last 50 years has created all these new agencies.
I mean, if a CPS worker showed up and saw something that she could call the police on, then she could do something.
But that's not how it's done.
It's just, well, there's too many plates in this sink.
So I'm going to take your kids and throw them in a warehouse, and when they cry for you, even if they're two years old, we're going to put them on Prozac.
And when they have seizures from it, we're going to put them on more drugs.
It's insane.
And their own handbooks.
I've read the handbooks these social services people use at UT.
It says the family is the enemy, must be defeated.
It actually says we must break up and end the family structure.
The state must become the parents.
I actually have this stuff!
They don't even hide this!
Dr. Phil says the state is the parents, that it's a privilege to be a parent.
Now it's a privilege to vote.
Now it's a privilege to own a gun.
It's a privilege to drive your car.
I've actually heard neocon talk show hosts in the last two days, and I've probably listened to 30 minutes while I'm driving.
One says we should get rid of all juries.
Then another one was on there, talking about how it's a privilege to be a parent.
I mean, it's just... It's crazy!
This is...
This is the conservative leaders on talk radio.
Get rid of juries.
Voting is a privilege.
And we should get rid of it for most people.
And this kind of stuff, I mean, it's Twilight Zone.
And it's just like the Aztecs.
They said sacrifice was normal.
And the people said, oh, well, the government says it.
It must be good.
We have to say no to these crazies.
But if we're just these little mindless idiots that imprint on whatever we're told, we'll accept things like Hitler did and the Aztecs did and slavery in this country, what we did before.
We've got to recognize evil and stop being moral relativists.
Back tonight from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2. presentplanet.tv is the website.
God bless you all.
Now get out there and take on the new world order!