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Air Date: Feb. 21, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, I tell you, this week is blasting past us.
It's already Thursday, the 17th day of February, 2005.
And I want to take a lot of your calls in this first hour, because we've got two guests coming up later in the second and third hour.
We'll also have open phones then, but we'll go to your calls coming up in the next segment, kind of like C-SPAN's Washington Journal.
Any news item, any news story, any question, any comment you've got, we're going to take your calls, and we're going to move quick through your calls, giving each caller about a minute and a half.
1-800-259-9231 is the toll-free number to join us.
This broadcast is all about liberty and freedom.
It's about exposing the New World Order.
It's about defending the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
And the Democrat and Republican parties are like termites destroying the guts of this nation, and we've got to expose it.
But one termite's got an elephant on its back.
The other termite's got a donkey on its back.
And because the termites have little symbols on them, you go, I like these termites.
These are friendly termites.
They have an elephant on them.
Little elephant spot on them.
And ooh, I like these termites.
They have a donkey on them.
They all are termites, ladies and gentlemen.
We're in deep trouble.
AIDS cite worry on Al-Qaeda infiltration from Mexico.
They're doing it again.
They build up this anger, this concern about the open borders that is totally legitimate, take Border Patrol agents off the northern and southern border, that's the actual numbers,
And then just bring raft after raft after platter after salvo of legislation with the word immigration tagged onto it.
Has nothing to do with illegal immigration.
Everything to do with controlling the American people.
And they're doing it again.
I mean, now it's on a weekly basis.
aides cite worry on Al-Ciada infiltration from Mexico.
This is out of the New York Times.
New intelligence information strongly suggests that Al-Ciada, again, they say Al-Qaeda, I say their true name, Al-Ciada, are the foundation of CIA-controlled Islamic terror.
New information strongly suggests that Al-Ciada, we must unlearn what we've learned.
We must change the words that they've created back into their true meanings.
That's how we defeat them.
That's one big part of it.
New intelligence information strongly suggests that Al-Shi'aida has considered infiltrating the United States through the Mexican border, top government officials told Congress on Wednesday.
And so, we'd all better carry our good little national ID cards, or the LCI-8s will get us, but the illegal aliens don't have to have them, but they don't mention that in the article, so the average person hears this and goes, man, Bush is really doing something about it.
So, more details of that are coming up.
Also, Bush to tap Necroponte as Intel Director.
And I have dubbed him Lord of the Death Squads.
He is a singularly wicked creature, and he fits in nicely with the gaggle of vampires surrounding Lord Bush the Twintly.
And so we will be going over that for you.
Also, Australian government keeping secret database of people who criticize its policies.
Schwarzenegger plan has Republicans wary.
This is out of the Associated Press.
They just come right out and go, oh yeah, the Republican plan to put him in the White House.
But it doesn't matter.
They're a little wary of some of the things he wants to do.
But that's okay.
He's going to be our new Lord and Master.
I mean, if they can make the American people take a foreigner, an Auslander, then we'll put up with anything, won't we?
Ha ha ha ha ha.
And jailed immigrants may go to Mexico prison.
Our government may build prisons in Mexico.
Globalism, yes.
It's all coming up after this quick break.
And your calls at 1-800-259-9231, Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv are two of the websites.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, as we defend liberty and resist tyranny Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central Standard Time back from 9 to midnight.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
We're going to have wide open phones throughout the broadcast today, and we've got two big guests coming on.
One in the third hour, who's exposing...
Mr. Negroponte, to be the new National Security Advisor, National Intel Director, he's the current ambassador to Iraq, and he was the chief organizer and commander, I would call him a lord, or a commissar, or you could choose the term if you liked, Commodore of the death squads in Latin America.
And you can go, well, they were fat and cummies.
Yeah, while our government was giving all the weapons systems to Russia and China and making deals with China to de-industrialize this country and giving them all the different awards to the United Nations, death squads were marching all over Latin America, pulling out whole families and machine-gunning them and throwing them in pits and raping and killing people's wives and children in front of them.
It's all admitted.
And just absolute terror.
Men in black uniforms, black ski masks.
You can look at photos from the 70s and 80s of death squads, and it's a modern SWAT team outfit.
Of course, you can also look at photos from the 60s and 70s in Russia, and they wore the same outfit.
Black ski masks and black uniforms are real big in the Balkans, too.
And if you look at the Bush administration, they're all lovers of torture, lovers of death, lovers of evil, lovers of abortion, lovers of open borders, lovers of gun control, lovers of just... It's pure evil.
Just absolute pure evil.
But meanwhile, Gonzalez seeks to reinstate obscenity case.
They had a press conference about it.
They're going to stop people...
We were making porno movies in California!
Now, look.
The point is, is that here's Gonzalez, who pushes in Texas for 12-year-olds not having to tell their parents when they go have abortions.
But your 12-year-old, again, has to get a permission slip to go to the zoo for a field trip or the planetarium or in a movie theater.
Or to the city library.
But they can go have an abortion.
So let's kill babies, but he has to act like he's conservative, so he'll now do this and be hailed as, man, he's a real conservative boy.
Thank goodness he's there to do absolutely nothing to pornography that is developing into more and more just out-of-control decadence, another sign of the society in serious decline.
But the point is, is that it's not meant to stop anything.
It's not going to stop anything.
It's a photo op.
I will prosecute somebody that made porno movies.
And now we're really conservative.
I mean, it's just, it's theater.
It's like one of the insiders of 9-11, Porter Goss, who was there with the head of Al-Qaeda on the morning of 9-11.
We're good to go.
Again, they put the label that, oh, southern border, open border is dangerous.
It has nothing to do with that.
They're not going to control that.
Then they propose more legislation to take our freedoms.
It's like the last two national ID card bills, one that completely passed Congress in December, the one that passed the House last week.
We talked about that again yesterday.
Well, now they just keep beefing it up, expanding it.
But putting loopholes for the illegal aliens in it.
So very, very serious.
That's all going to be coming up as well with more details of that.
Some good news, and then I'm going to your calls.
Remember a couple days ago we had the father on who first said no at Sutter California Elementary School, Brittany Elementary School, where they wear these huge RFID tracker chips around their necks that track everything they do in the school.
And he said no, and a bunch of other parents started questioning it.
A few others said no.
And the company that was doing it, pushing it, has now pulled out because lawsuits were being prepared.
And the father we had on the broadcast wasn't aware this was going on all over the country.
But if you just type in RFID tracking children in schools, you'll get just literally dozens of reports around the country of it happening.
And so you should...
Look for that, and it may already be going on in your school district, and fight it.
But this is out of the Associated Press.
Company pulls out of deal to track students, the grade school that required students for radio frequency identification badges that can track their every move has ended the program because the company that developed the technology pulled out.
I'm disappointed.
That's about all I can say at this point, said Ernie Graham, the superintendent and principal of Brittany Elementary School in Sutter, California, said Tuesday night, I think I let my staff down.
Nobody on this campus knows every student.
The badges developed by Sutter-based technology group IncomCorp were introduced January 18th.
The school board was set to talk about the controversial policy Tuesday night, but tabled the discussion after ICOM announced it was terminating the agreement.
I'm not convinced it's over.
Parent Don Cantrell, who filed a complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union, told the Marysville Appeal Democrat, I'm happy for now that kids are not being tagged, but I'm still fighting to keep it out of our school system.
It has to stop here.
The system was imposed without parental input, but the school, as a way of simplifying attendance taking and potentially reduced vandalism and improved safety of the students.
You know, sure it was.
Technology scares some people.
It's a fear of the unknown, parent Mary Browner.
Yeah, I love this attitude of, I don't trust my neighbor.
Why don't you just go over to your neighbor and say, here, I'm hooking up a phone line splice to my house.
Anytime you want to listen to me, you just listen.
And here, I'm going to put cameras in my house.
Anytime you want to watch me, just watch me.
Or anytime you want, you know, I'm going to give the whole neighborhood keys to my house.
You wouldn't do that.
You don't trust your neighbors.
And you shouldn't entirely trust them.
But you should trust them more than you trust this government.
Where people who abuse power, who are ruthless, who lie, who are cunning, rise to the top.
That's just history and facts and common sense.
What the Founding Fathers warned you about.
But now they say, oh no, I just trust them.
I just think they're so nice.
When their own documents say they're going to tax and trace and control us with this RFID.
When they admit they're going to enslave you with it, you sit there like a drooling idiot.
You are just morons.
People like you.
So you think you're part of the system.
Well, I'm not afraid of it.
I'm not a troglodyte.
I'm not a anti-technology zealot on some type of Butlerian jihad.
I'm going to go along with it.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I'm a little bit out of control today.
Jerry in Colorado, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
How you doing?
On Tuesday, one of your callers was a 14-year-old young man, and you were giving him some advice on how to avoid being absorbed into the beast.
Well, I just said don't take drugs and get educated and get involved in sports.
Well, that's what I disagree with, the sports part.
My opinion is that sports is actually a major sickness in this country.
It's actually decadence the way it's an obsession with so many Americans.
But see, decadence is taking something that's good and going too far with it.
It's like gluttony.
I mean, I think the watching of it, you know, 20 hours a week, the worship of it, the tribal nature of the big events, being a spectator, I think at this level is sick.
But I think it's really good for young people to get them into a lot of different swimming and track and football and baseball and softball and wrestling.
I mean, I think it's wonderful.
Well, the reason I disagree is based on my high school sports experience.
It conditions people to accept... No, it's very hierarchical.
I can't even talk.
Sometimes I can't say a word.
It's all about a hierarchy-type system and worship the football players.
I know that, but what I'm... Go ahead and make your point.
Well, it programs people to be blind, unquestioning, obedient lackeys.
I'm sorry.
And it conditions people to accept groupthink.
And as you've pointed out many times, if the citizens in this country use just 1% of the time, money, and energy that they spend on the national sports obsession, studying the Constitution or history, how much better off we'd be.
Did you ever see Hearts and Minds, about 1970, that film making the connection between the simulated warfare of football and the unconstitutional, immoral war in Vietnam?
Well, no, but I mean the government is now trying to compare the war to football.
They do that in ads and in propaganda, and they even sell like W bumper stickers that show like W on the football helmet, like it's rah-rah our team, and it's just like Rome with the gladiatorial diversions
So, this... I mean, yes, there's a lot of... They know it's innate in us to have simulated warfare.
And so, they know how to manipulate that.
But I don't think... I mean, we still have that in us, and I think that if you're participating in it, I'd much rather have young people out involved in sports than snorting cocaine.
Well, I'd agree there.
Hey, I appreciate the call.
Thank you, sir.
I have always been able to say hierarchically
And I literally was trying to mouth it while he was talking, and I can't say it.
You ever get like a tongue twister on a word?
And I literally cannot say it for the life of me right now.
But I'm going to practice it during the break.
We'll see if I can say it when we get back.
Stay with us, folks.
More of your calls straight ahead.
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My goodness.
As soon as I got into the break, I could say it.
I guess I get nervous.
Getting nervous on the radio.
That's a good feeling.
I haven't felt nervous on the radio in a long time.
All right, we're back live, folks, and we're taking your phone calls.
Any issue you'd like to discuss?
Eric in Connecticut.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Welcome again from Skull and Bones country.
The Christian conservative country, yes.
That's right.
I think it was Mark Twain that said, no man's life, liberty, and property are safe when the legislature is in session.
Well, that's right.
He did say that, didn't he?
Sounds kind of Al-Qaeda-ish.
He was probably controlled by Al-Qaeda.
Well, we may end up getting interned down at Gitmo for saying this, you know?
You know, I think Mr. Gonzalez needs to stop worrying about California porno films and pay attention a little closer to home.
What apparently started as an inconvenient and embarrassing misadventure is morphing into a potential powder keg for this administration.
This Jeff Gannon, supposedly a reporter, along with several other Hannity Limbaugh clones, was apparently hired to ask softball questions at George Bush's press conference.
Well, he actually, the media is spinning it.
It's admitted he's paid through an organization controlled by the Bush administration, and they gave him a fake name so he wouldn't be recognized and targeted.
What the media focuses on, is he going to get in trouble for giving a fake name?
No, it was part of the scam.
Well, there are several eliminations here, and it seems like the bloggers, and I don't know how true this is, but apparently...
It's the old Franklin cover-up rearing its ugly head again, because from what I'm understanding, there's a possibility of underage gay prostitutes in the White House again.
Well, we've got the Washington Times headline on that.
Back in 89, they ran a headline, and apparently... In fact, I don't have that in front of me, but it just says gay prostitutes.
What's that headline?
I mean, I've got the news article.
I just don't remember it.
I think it was VIP prostitute ring ensnares Reagan Bush.
Something like that.
Yeah, that's the headline, yeah.
Okay, and it was a whole write-up, and I think there were several, maybe two or three other articles in papers regarding this, but apparently this whole hiring scandal...
It goes much deeper, and I think it also ties into gay porno and prostitutes, underage gay prostitutes in the White House.
I haven't read that about this case, but I've certainly seen that over the years in a bunch of other mainstream publications.
Thanks for the call.
I've got the New York Post headline, Top Gay Porn Star Services VIPs at Bohemian Grove.
And, I mean, I've got spy magazine articles, AP articles, from the 80s, where they just bust in the male prostitutes.
And, yes, the White House, during conservative administrations,
It has come up with the underage, we're talking 16-year-old and younger, male prostitutes.
I mean, it blows the mind that this kind of stuff is going on.
But hey, they say they're Christian and conservative.
I mean, why?
Gonzalez is going after porn right now.
Yeah, but he's not going after DynCorp, caught kidnapping 200,000 women and children.
They were convicted in civil court.
It all came out in Yugoslavia.
No, no, they just get more contracts.
It's all window dressing.
And it's so evil, just the average person can't even begin to face it.
Who's up next here?
Myron in South Dakota, then Carlos and Mike and others.
Go ahead, Myron.
Yes, Alex, there's a new book out.
I don't know if you've reviewed it or seen it.
It's called The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
He's a Ph.D.
And he's a friend of a Regnery, and he's a professor at American History in New York State, one of the state colleges.
Have you seen that book?
No, but if it's Regnery, it's probably Neocon.
The hell it's not.
The New York Times said a lengthy article by Adam Cohen...
A real hard-hitting diatribe against the book in the editorial page.
Well, I haven't seen it, but they do that.
They'll have a limited political spectrum, and then they'll have false debates within the spectrum, and then that fools us to think that there's an alternative there, and we contain ourselves within the limited choices.
But I haven't read the book, so I'm not... I have no right to comment on it.
I mean, tell me about the book.
I read a review of it in the New American Magazine for this month, or this week,
Well, that's what Lincoln said that too.
I know, and then he goes on, issue after issue, so I wouldn't condemn the book.
I'd read it first.
I didn't condemn the book.
I just said, normally, Regnery sends me, it's probably in my mailbox, they send me everything they publish.
Okay, it's politically incorrect.
Okay, I know, we heard about it.
Thanks for the call.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
I think?
It's wide open phones, my friends.
Coming up in the second hour, in about 26 minutes, we'll be talking to Cindy Sheehan.
She was going to be on with us Monday, but she had a veterinary emergency with a cat, I think she said.
But she'll be joining us in the next hour.
Mother of Army Specialist Casey Austin Sheehan, killed in action in the middle of last year.
And she's the co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace.
We'll cover the related news article, Not Worth My Son's Sacrifice.
And then at 1 o'clock, ladies and gentlemen, we have Matthew Rothschild joining us.
And you do not want to miss that interview to talk about Mr. Necropontic and to talk to Mr. Rothschild.
So that should be a lot of fun as well.
We're going to go to Carlos and Michael and Larry and Harvey and everybody here in just one moment.
But first, Syndicated Talk Show host Jack Bloods called in.
Jack, how are you doing today?
Hey, I'm great, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
A couple of quick comments.
First of all, I have Thomas Woods on my program, and he did a fantastic job.
Probably the only second Regnery author I've ever had that was worth anything.
Earlier, I wasn't...
I mean, earlier I said I haven't read the book.
I can't really comment on it.
I just, most stuff that comes out of Regnery is, let's put people in concentration camps.
You're right.
I mean, they are, I believe, you can trace them back to the CIA Eagle Publishing and Al Regnery and Oliver North and all of that.
So, you're right to cast a weary eye on that.
But he's really great.
So, if you get a chance, maybe bring him on.
I think he does a fantastic job on really painting an accurate picture of history.
Have you had a chance?
Well, by the way, I've even interviewed, I mean, I've interviewed the publisher of Regnery on this broadcast.
Yeah, well, he's something else.
You're right again to be a little bit weary of them, but there are exceptions.
In fact, the guy that used to carry the nuclear football for Clinton, Buzz, I can't remember his last name, but he was another guy that was also really good and really painted the picture.
I've interviewed him about all the stuff you saw Clinton do, yeah.
Yeah, so he was good.
Hey, listen, have you had a chance to talk about Iran and what happened in Iran yesterday?
Because there was a massive spike in a cover-up of that story.
It's just getting ridiculous.
Well, there was a dam, and it got blown up, but then the Iranians came out and said, don't panic, it was a scheduled demolition.
Well, now the story has changed, actually, to the effect of a plane, a jet plane lost its engine, and that's what started the explosion.
Now, initially, this was reported on Iranian state-run TV that a missile had come from an airplane, reported all around the world, and I literally watched this story... No, I saw the report.
...spike all throughout the day.
It was something to behold, really.
Now, I saw the spin...
And we know that globalist forces are in Iran openly trying to overthrow it.
What, about a year ago?
They had all the fires and riots there.
And we know that special forces U.S.
troops are in the country.
It looks like Japan to me back in World War II where they're trying to provoke them into making a move.
Obviously, I don't think Iran wants to do anything until they have that bomb ready to go.
Well, it's like when the ship back in the 80s shot down the jumbo jet full of Iranians.
Well, I think it's on, Alex.
In fact, last night you had to see this on Nightline.
If anybody has a copy of this, I'm sure you're going to want this, Alex.
They ran the entire Nightline show, a war game with smallpox hitting the world.
Madeleine Albright acted as the American president.
She was making the argument for the Americans that the vaccine and withholding vaccines from Muslims might be a good way to cull some of the Muslims politically, and they had to look at it as a political advantage.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
25 million are dead.
Martial law has been declared.
You're telling me they did it again and Albright was talking about holding vaccines for Muslims?
This is the whole new show of Nightline just to run this war game.
And every once in a while they put a little disclaimer on your TV set.
This is just a simulation.
It's not real.
But you're telling me, I mean, she's famous for saying 700,000 dead Iraqi children is a good price to pay for security in the Gulf.
You're telling me that she said last night, in the drill... By the way, she's foreign-born, folks.
She's Czechoslovakian.
Her dad was a commissar, conservatively killed... This is mainstream, folks.
A million people...
And then ran to Serbia.
They protected her.
Then, of course, decades later, she bombed them with pleasure.
And they had her on TV and pictures of her going, We helped you.
Why are you doing this to us?
And, of course, stole their artwork, their gold, their treasure.
That's been in the news.
Stolen artwork in her house.
I mean, she's a monster.
So they had a foreigner simulating as our president.
And then she says, now be specific, she said in the piece that we may want to withhold vaccines from the Muslims.
This was a long argument as more death tolls were coming in across the country interwoven with a fake newscast going out through the country reporting more deaths by the CDC.
Her argument, which she kept coming back to again and again, Alex, was this should be used as a political tool.
This is a trauma-based mind control.
Obviously, and conditioning.
And I'll tell you, you take a look at... You know, you can look at my website, jackblood.com, for just the last month and look at all of the news.
It's staggering.
But just yesterday, if you take that one little window apart, just the news from yesterday alone and what the media was doing in the way of... It is fantastic.
Something was happening yesterday, Alex.
I think they kicked it up another notch.
Well, I mean, they are kicking it up another notch.
The Microsoft founder, of course, Bill Gates, working with Norway, giving a billion dollars with the plan to immunize the entire world's children by 2015.
I mean, all of this really goes together, as you know.
I hear you, Jack.
Good to hear from you.
Thank you.
Doing a good job.
You better take care.
Yeah, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
They love the children of the world so much they fund special vaccine goodies.
And of course, Prince Philip does that as well, and Ted Turner does, and they all give to these big vaccine funds that go around, admittedly and forcibly, inoculate whole villages and towns.
They say if you want any IMF or World Bank money, you've got to accept these UN troops coming in and vaccinating you.
And the parents, this has been in the BBC, will flee the villages running with their children from the vaccines because they know.
They say, after we take the vaccines, our children get sick, many of them die.
But you've got to wonder, why is Prince Philip or Ted Turner, both of them who openly talk about getting rid of 80-95% of us in public speeches and books they've written, who talk about overpopulation and all this Malthusian garbage, why are they so obsessed with giving you vaccines so you don't die?
We have to save the children!
Oh, we need to get rid of 80 to 95 percent of people, but here, take a shot.
I also want you all to live.
We don't want you to get sick.
And then we have the documents.
AIDS, HIV was engineered by the Defense Department.
And we have a government trying to set the precedent to forcibly inoculate the American people.
Now, I didn't see an eyeline last night, but if you saw it, you're welcome to call in.
Carlos in California, thanks for holding her on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
You're out of control, buddy.
I think the whole world's out of control, but go ahead.
Alex, we're talking about the Death Squad in Agroponte.
You know, some of these Death Squads were trained at Fort Benning, Georgia, here in the military base, the Army base, Fort Benning, Georgia.
And there were some luminaries.
They trained a lot of Latin America guerrilla leaders.
Including Manuel Noriega, who was trained there, the president of Panama.
Also Roberto Duavizon, who became president of El Salvador.
And of course, all these people went on to lead the death squad in El Salvador, Honduras.
They created all the terror.
Well, Necroponte... Necroponte, I mean, I dub him Lord of the Death Squads.
He was there managing and running all of it.
And tens of thousands of troops were trained in how to hook electrodes to people, how to torture them, just sheer terror, going into villages, killing whole families.
And it had nothing to do with fighting communism.
It was about controlling the drug production zones.
Well, exactly.
Right now, from what I understand, it was the School of the Americas that is training these people to forfeit in Georgia.
Of course, they changed its name now to something else.
Yeah, they changed the name two years ago, yeah.
But right now, they're training a lot of Colombians.
By the way, they're hiring the old death squad colonels and commanders and paying them $400,000, $300,000 a year, and they're sending them to Iraq because they can't get our own people in mass to torture.
So they're actually sending, the last numbers I saw were hundreds of these guys to be torture masters.
They're actually hiring these Latin Americans who did it before to send them over there.
So, you know, our CIA is training all these guerrilla leaders out there.
And they spread them across the world to spread terror across their countries.
And, of course, people start flying out of there because of the terror.
And the corporations start moving into all these areas that they leave desolate.
And they start taking over.
Another thing here, real quick.
I was looking at the history of the neoconservatives, Alex.
There's a guy named Leo Strauss.
Well, apparently, he's the guru of the new conservative... Yeah, professor at the Chicago University, yeah.
Right, but guess who brought him there?
John D. Rockefeller, okay?
So the whole neoconservative philosophy, you can probably trace it to the big banking families.
Well, look, we've interviewed people who were in the same classes with Strauss, who were in class with all of these neocons, you know, top neocons today.
And, I mean, this is admitted.
This is like mainstream, folks.
The entire Republican hierarchy were the Communist Fourth International.
And they couldn't win as communists, and they actually met and said, we're going to become neoconservatives.
And we believe in fascism.
We believe that's the better model.
And we're going to seize control by becoming conservatives and getting control of the conservative movement in America.
And that's who they are.
And Strauss was an admirer of Hitler.
Even though he was Jewish, he said, I don't admire Hitler going after Jews, but I admire his model.
And so it's a fusion of radical communism and Hitlerism.
And look at it today.
Homeland Security, the black uniforms, the secret arrest.
They're recreating it.
They love it.
Well, of course.
And the Rockefellers had a lot to do with it.
They were the owners of... Just like they funded Hitler.
It's the same story over and over again.
Yeah, Standard Oil, which merged with IG Farben over in Germany, which was creating the petrochemicals that were being used to gas all the Jews in all these concentration camps.
Well, IG Farben certainly was involved in all of it, and so was Brown Brother Harriman.
Good to hear from you.
Yep, that's true.
I mean, our government... Our bombers couldn't bomb the Ford...
And GM plans building the tanks and trucks.
It's admitted.
And IBM had their technicians there at all the camps.
And they would decide to keep somebody alive or not.
They had a tabulating machine.
That's what the tattoos were for.
They would take calipers and measure your fat and your height and your age and enter it in the computer.
And the computer would say whether to kill you or not, how long to work you, what to do with you.
And that's IBM's behind the ID cards and the RFID and everything.
All these systems today, of course.
Not very nice folks, but... Mike in Arizona.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Morning, Alex.
I want to ask you, you know, considering FDR's dictum of nothing happens in politics without a reason, what happened in this election in Iraq?
It looks like, or what's being advertised is that you've got a Shiite regime now
Or certainly Shiite-friendly.
Why would they have allowed that to happen?
Or do you even accept that?
Well, you know that the Constitution they have allows if, what is it, if 10% of the votes of the council members are against it, that's a veto power.
And I saw the numbers a couple weeks ago.
I'm trying to pull them up here.
And I think the Sunnis will have about 20% votes.
And so basically it's a stalemate
And of course the Shiites say, keep the military here.
And then in a few cases, as I predicted, they put a few wild cards in.
Who looks?
Somebody who's against this one.
And they're over some little town or city.
And really it's all just staged.
They've created a balkanized system, like the Romans would do, that they control.
Because he just viewed it as completely ineffectual.
Well, I mean, I don't even believe the election results.
You know, secret polling places wouldn't let people know who the candidates were.
I mean, I don't believe any of it.
I mean, we have election fraud here, and there's a lot of others that there was, of course, total fraud over there.
But regardless, what they've set up is a system where there really is no government.
I mean, everything is just parity and gridlock.
And so, you know, the real authority is the tanks and helicopters.
All right.
I was just curious what you were saying.
I mean, what's your analysis of it?
Well, I honestly don't know.
I haven't heard any reliable accounts of, you know, from any Iraqis that I, you know, have any faith in what really happened over there.
What they did is, this is admitted, they busted out record amounts of aid.
They had just piled up on huge pallets and warehouses.
And when you came to vote, they were given a little slip and you could go and get extra rations.
So just showing up to vote, you got food.
And no oversight how the votes were taken.
And, uh, I mean, it's just, it's a fraud.
It's a little like the Democrats handing out cigarettes in Chicago or wherever that was last presidential election.
Sure, I mean... Kind of to excuse the population that votes.
Sure, and a lot of people there, a lot of polling places were closed, were supposed to be open.
What, a third of the country, or more than a third, didn't have voting on election day, remember?
So large sectors of...
Because they couldn't have the Sunnis getting 30-40%, so they had to shut down a lot of the Sunni areas for no voting.
What I worry about is them leaving a very pro-Iranian government there and then creating the pretext to go back in and utterly destroy the whole region.
Well, I think a lot of the experts we've talked to are saying that they're just going to start a war with Iran and then that it's going to blow up from there.
I mean, they want World War III.
I mean, they're really setting this up.
Yeah, I remember H.G.
Wells predicted that we would have World War III and be at Basra.
I think he made that prediction back in about 1933.
Oh, they're a little bit behind their own timetable, but it is unfolding before our eyes.
You know, it's amazing the things that H.G.
Wells predicted.
You know, he was an insider.
He didn't just write War of the Worlds, folks.
He wrote non-fiction books.
He was kind of a futurist there in the Royal Institute of International Affairs court, the heart of what we call the CFR today in America, with a British counterpart.
Of the Royal Institute that, by the way, a couple months ago changed its name.
They keep doing that.
A lot of that's happening now to confuse people, throw folks off.
But he wrote the book New World Order in the late 30s.
Yeah, he wrote a number of books that were... I guess we could view them as prophetic, but like you say, he was...
He was a strongly committed Fabian socialist, and he knew what their plans were.
Well, and he said there's going to be a lot of valiant, nice, moral people we're going to have to kill to get our new world order.
Yeah, and that was echoed again by... Who's the historian in the Wall Street Journal back in the early 90s?
Yeah, well, I mean, they all say it.
They all talk about how they're going to kill us because they're nice people.
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I think?
We're good to go.
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Let's talk to, oh boy, I guess Larry in Indiana.
Go ahead.
Larry, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, how are you doing?
Good, sir.
Hey, just a quick question.
I don't know if...
If you ever researched a German-owned company called Siemens.
Oh, very, very serious.
How involved they are in our national security systems, especially in most of our major airports.
I was told by a government official, and I confirmed it back in 1998.
Well, I knew that.
I had driven around the country to document the UN putting up its signs saying it owned our parks.
And when I showed up at a park, I was threatened with arrest.
Yeah, they're involved in our military communications also.
What is it, like 70% of our military infrastructure now has been outsourced to Europe?
It's kind of scary to realize that a German company could come in and do that.
They wanted to buy the nuclear division from Westinghouse.
But fortunately the government wouldn't allow that.
I remember that.
Sounds like you work inside this stuff.
No longer.
No longer do.
I used to.
But did you know that Siemens is also sneaking around watching people?
Well, that's what I'm kind of concerned about.
I used to work for them.
They're involved in a lot of stuff.
See, the government uses private corporations to do their bidding.
Anything else, sir, you want to add?
No, that's it.
That's it, Al.
Good to hear from you.
All right.
Yeah, I know.
I mean, that was kind of a wake-up call for me.
You know, Siemens is watching.
They don't like what you're doing with the UN.
We'll be right back, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The globalists are afraid of us.
They're afraid of us taking action.
They know we have power.
They know that individuals who are highly motivated and focused and have good information can change the course of history.
That's why they try to counter us with their propaganda, or they try to harass us.
It isn't working, and their own minions are waking up in droves every day
Their humanity is returning.
More and more of their own people are going public inside the IMF and World Bank, inside these big corporations, and blowing the whistle on this corrupt New World Order.
And as the New World Order comes into view, as people see the details of it, as they realize how horrible it is, you're going to see more resistance.
That's why, consequently, at the same time, the converse of it is the globalists are racing against
To expand the structure of control, the electronic straitjacket, the societal black ski masking of the police, the armored vehicles, the face-scanning cameras, because they know the stuff they've got planned for humanity is so horrible, you're going to buck.
You're going to struggle in the squeeze chute.
My friends, we've got to say no to being led to the slaughter.
Infowars.com, presentplanet.com are the websites.
We've got some great guests coming up.
Here on the next segment, and of course your calls will continue.
Right now, let's talk to Harvey in Florida.
Harvey, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, Harvey.
Great to talk to you again.
Your callers are so informed and talking about so many important subjects today.
I'd like to talk about one or two things.
First of all, our training of all the military around the world, how to kill and slaughter their own people, which is Meg Raponte's job in Iraq.
No, this is a bloodthirsty henchman.
They send him to Iraq to run the death squads.
They send him to Latin America to do it.
He'll be our new national security chief.
They train people all around the planet.
Your caller, I think his name was Carlos, talking about the school of the Americas.
Not only do we do it there, we do it in Camp Harvey in West Virginia.
We go to other countries and train them how to slaughter their own people, how to keep their populations down.
So, this is a crime against humanity.
And when I hear...
You also spoke today about propaganda, the never-ending tentacles of the monster of propaganda that's around our throats, brought to us by our co-opted media.
And every time George Bush goes to one of his fake staged audiences, they have somebody in the audience that stands up, it's usually a woman, that says, I just want to thank you, President Bush, for bringing dignity and honor back to the White House.
Which is the complete opposite.
I mean, it just gets worse and worse.
You know, each successive president as we're getting deeper into this.
And, you know, I've got the audio clips where Bush says, this is a stage press conference.
You didn't give me this in writing beforehand.
Why are you out?
I mean, he's slipped up and thrown fits.
Oh, I've heard that, yep.
It's all staged.
And then he pretends to go talk to the American people, and that's all staged.
These are just Republican shills.
And to stand up and say that I just want this, I've heard every time, just CNN make sure they broadcast this every half hour and every hour on the hour.
I just want to thank you, President Bush, for bringing honor and dignity back to the White House.
And this is a mass murderer that she's talking to, so they'll always find people to sell their souls.
For a few pieces of gold.
Well, it's about being cool.
It's about wearing the fancy outfit and swishing in to the little audience.
They get invited to their fake affairs.
Go to the parties and, oh, baby, I'm part of the system.
But we really have to keep educating the people not to sell their souls for a few pieces of gold or for a minute in the limelight.
They have to stop selling out our country.
Well, it's going to come back to roost.
I mean, don't think the globalists are just going to abuse the world and not abuse you.
They think they're going to get a secret ID card so they're not going to be taken to the oven.
Well, you think... I mean, you're talking about Republicans being bad.
I mean, it's all of them.
Oh, it's all of them.
We'll be back.
Thanks for the call.
Good call.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Every day they beat the drums to go to war with Iran.
They're telling us if there's terror attacks in America, it's probably going to be Iran or Syria.
Yesterday, Iran and Syria signed a defense pact together to fight the globalists.
I wouldn't want to say the United States.
And again, I'm not defending Iran or Syria.
I mean, those countries are run by monsters too.
But they're no threat compared to Pakistan or North Korea or China or Russia that our government coddles and loves and arms.
I mean, we got Rumsfeld giving nuclear reactors to North Korea when he was on the board of ABB.
Then they tell us we've got to march our sons and daughters now off, and they've set up this big move for a national draft, introduced legislation.
We've got to send them off to fight and die when the PNAC documents written by Dick Cheney said in 2000 it's about oil, so I'm in the threat.
It's about oil and using Iraq as a military base.
But we can use Saddam as a pretext to get that oil.
I mean, he wrote this.
He said this.
It isn't like it's O'Neill, the Treasury Secretary, quitting and saying he heard this in meetings.
It's not like it's Richard Clark, you know, leaving and saying he heard all this.
This is Dick Cheney in something he wrote and published.
But the neocons never want to talk about that.
And folks, they want World War III.
They don't care if it kills a bunch of our troops.
They'll make a bunch of money off the weapon sales.
They'll get to expand the global empire.
It's about going after countries that aren't under their control, whether they're good, bad, or ugly.
And I want to talk about the cost of this if it happens.
I want to talk about what this is going to mean.
And, I mean, our troops can't even deal with Iraq right now.
It's getting worse every day.
Going into Iran or Syria.
And a draft will be needed.
But we're joined by a lady, and I really appreciate her incredible courage, Cindy Sheehan.
And she was the mother of military officer Casey Austin Sheehan, killed in action in Iraq.
And she's the co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace.
And we really do appreciate her joining us.
And we've got a great article she's written called Not Worth My Son's Sacrifice.
On Infowars.com.
Cindy, thank you for coming on with us.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you.
You bet.
First off, let's personalize this because the government doesn't like us to do that.
They don't want us to photograph the coffins.
In Louisiana, we had the military refuse to follow orders because the families wanted the caskets to be seen.
Tell us about your son, his life, just in a nutshell, what happened when he was sent out of country, and then now your fight to try to save other lives.
Okay, well, Casey was 24 when he was killed, and he was just, you know, just one of the most amazing people.
He was very low-key, and
He was very calm and gentle and sweet.
He joined the Army in May of 2000.
He wanted to give something back to the country.
He was always about service.
He was an Eagle Scout.
He was an altar boy for 10 years.
When he was 18, he stopped being an altar boy and went to serve the church in other capacities.
And he did that even throughout his army service.
He went to Mass and helped the chapel where he was stationed.
On April 4th, 2004, he had only been in Iraq for two weeks, and there was a battle going on.
If you'll remember, April 1st was when the contractors in Fallujah were mutilated and hung from the bridge.
And that's right after Paul Bremer took away their newspaper, the Shiites newspaper and TV and said some highly inflammatory things and inflamed the Shiites to rebellion against our armed forces.
And on April 4th in Sadr City, which is a Shiite ghetto in Baghdad,
Some of the Shiites overtook some police stations and a group was sent out to take the police stations back from the Shiite rebels and they were ambushed and they were in a fierce battle and my son and some people on his post were listening to the battle over the radio and they were told to put together a quick response team to go out and to save the
So he was a specialist?
Specialist, yeah.
So they try to stabilize the soldiers.
Anyway, on the way to...
To that combat, they were trapped and ambushed and seven soldiers were killed in that ambush and Casey was one of them.
And we never agreed with the war.
Casey didn't either.
He didn't agree with his commander-in-chief.
We didn't understand why Iraq was an imminent threat to the United States.
Or really any threat to the United States.
Well, Dick Cheney said it wasn't, but that he was going to lie to the American people and tell them it was.
Right, right.
And so, you know, at that point, we thought that it was a senseless war.
And I, you know, when Casey was home last Christmas, I begged him not to go.
You know, I would joke around with him and tell him to hold still so I can run him over and stuff like that and break his legs or...
You know, knock them out and take them to Canada.
But he just said, Mom, come on.
This is my job.
I have to go.
I have to support my buddies.
That's going to be okay.
And by the way, that's what keeps the troops there is supporting their buddies.
That's right.
And I saw one poor fellow on CNN whose brother was killed.
He's sitting there with his eight-month-old baby on his lap.
And he goes, well...
You know, they killed my brother, so I'm going back.
Look, that vengeance isn't going to bring his brother back, and what it's going to do is perhaps end up having his baby lose a father, and his parents who were begging him to stay... Lose another child.
He doesn't even have to go back, but the guy's going back.
Going back so a bunch of fat cats can, you know, play risk on the face of the earth.
Yeah, and Casey, one of Casey's buddies, in fact it was his best friend, and
He was with Casey when he died.
He was Casey's chief in the motor pool.
He was on leave in September and he came back.
He came to visit us because he lives in California too.
He said, Cindy, they lied to us so bad.
They told us we were going to go over there and we were going to build schools and get their water system going and build up relationships with the Iraqi people.
He goes, every day this is what we do.
They try to kill us and we try to kill them.
He says it's all about just keeping each other alive.
I said, Mike, you don't have to go back.
This is against the law what I'm about to tell you.
I said, we have money from Casey.
If you want to take your family to Canada or if you need a lawyer, we will help to fight to keep you from going back to this immoral war.
He said, Cindy, I have to go back.
My men are there.
He goes, I don't want to go back.
He goes, I don't want to go back, but my men are there.
He was crying.
I have to go back.
They don't want to betray their friends, which is admirable.
But then you have to look at the larger scale.
It's just going to continue this black hole.
I watch Bush and the rest of them.
They're walking around in $5,000 gowns.
And his daughters are putting their lipstick on and laughing.
And they're just up there smirking.
And the Democrats are all voting for this war.
And they're just a bunch of decadent, lying trash.
And our young men are honorable and brave, and they're dying for this.
And to me, it's just despicable what our country is doing.
And, you know, I just want to say something to your parents out there.
There is going to be a draft, and it's going to be coming sooner than we think.
And don't let these maniacs have your children.
Well, it's sacrificing them to the New World Order.
I mean, we already... Look, they already have a draft.
Somebody served.
I mean, we've got Guard who's been in country for two years, getting a month off here or there, and they're telling them, sorry, four years now, you're going to... I mean, even in Vietnam in World War II, they didn't keep you in combat for more than a year.
Right, and people don't understand that.
You know, they don't understand that there's already a draft, a backdoor draft, and the stop loss, and...
And individual ready reserve.
And people say, well, they signed on for that.
A federal judge ruled.
No, they didn't.
It does not say that in the contract.
You sign up for the amount of time.
And, folks, people sit there, these armchair quarterbacks.
You know, and it's just so... It's so heartbreaking when
I really blame myself for letting my son go.
People now, since Casey died, all the proof has come out.
I didn't know anything about the Project for a New American Century before my son was killed, but now I know about that.
All the reports have come out saying that
This war was based on lies.
For those who don't know, this is basically in a nutshell, just one thing Cheney wrote.
We need terror attacks to get them to do what we want.
Saddam isn't a threat, but he's got the oil.
And so we're going to get into this war, and once we're there, we're going to expand it to Iran and Syria.
Go ahead.
Well, and then people won't wake up and realize that their government has betrayed them and
That's what Gold Star Families for Peace is trying to do.
We're trying to wake these people up so they don't get the wake-up call that we get.
Look, this isn't our government.
It's been hijacked by criminal corporate interests that are not free market.
We have been hijacked by organized crime.
You're right.
And, you know, it's really hard to... We try to make it as simple terms as possible.
It's one mom's heart reaching out to another mom's heart.
Because you don't want this to happen to you.
It's a nightmare.
Well, I mean, if our country was being attacked, then, you know, of course, we'd all volunteer.
That's right.
This isn't the country that attacked us.
We'll be right back.
To the farthest corners of the earth.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up in the next segment, we're going to take some of your calls.
And if you disagree with us, if you think this war is a great thing, and you're like half-Americans in major polls who believe Saddam Hussein attacked us on 9-11, even though the government admits he didn't, or if you believe the propaganda that weapons of mass destruction were found, you can call us and explain to us.
Or if you think the draft's a great thing, or if you think that this war is good.
Or if you disagree with it, we'd love to hear from you.
If you've got family serving over there, 1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231.
Talking to Cindy Sheehan, and she was the mother of Army Specialist Casey Austin Sheehan, killed in action.
Last year, she's the co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace.
We'll tell you about that website and organization here in a moment.
I saw, I talked about this on Monday, I saw two double amputees this weekend.
One at a computer store, another at a grocery store.
I saw one double amputee and one person who lost an arm.
A handsome black guy with a high and tight haircut in a wheelchair helping me get up.
A real nice fellow helping me pick out a hard drive, a bigger hard drive.
And I just said, did you get back from Iraq?
And he said, yeah.
And he still had bandages on his legs.
And then I saw another fellow, a white guy, you know, nice looking guy with his, you know, short haircut sitting there in the grocery store having trouble pushing the cart, you know, and guiding it.
And he had his arm blown off up at the shoulder.
I said, did you just get back from Iraq?
And he said, yeah.
And I said, well, God bless you.
But, I mean, I'm seeing wreckage just around me, and it's been in major newspapers that they will discharge somebody in Germany at Rammstein or other bases, the big medical bases, just so they don't have to pay for their flight back and make families pay to fly them back.
I mean, this is disgusting.
Any comments to that, Cindy?
Well, you know, I always get accused of not supporting the troops by my work.
And, you know, I know my only way of supporting the troops now is since this is a proven, based on lies, this war, it has been unequivocally proven that it's based on lies, is to bring them home.
Not one drop of Iraqi or American blood should be shed.
They should just get out of there as fast as possible.
What I find even more despicable is the injuries in this war are way more serious than other wars.
They're more often than not getting more than one limb blown off because of their Kevlar body armor.
They get their limbs blown off.
They have to go into the hospital for long periods of time and rehabilitation.
And if they are in a VA hospital for over three months, they have to start paying for their own meals.
And to me, that is deplorable.
These men... Never been done before.
I know.
Understand what she's saying.
Normally in Vietnam or World War II or Korea, you would die from your injuries because they were so bad.
But the body armor is so good that it just blows everything off that was around it.
And so normally they would die.
Now they're not dying, and then they get here, and yes, people in the hospitals, I mean, I'm talking triple amputees, are being forced to pay for their own meals.
And they say that I don't support the troops.
Supporting the troops means being mindless.
Well, you know what, too, Alex, is that
We found out, you know, Casey was only over there for two weeks, so he just started a letter and he didn't have a chance to finish it.
And we got it back with his things.
But we found out that for the last two weeks of his life, he was sleeping in his Humvee because there wasn't enough cots on post.
He was stationed at FOB War Eagle in Sauter City.
And since he gave up a bed, he was allowed to have one other meal a day.
Because they were down to one meal a day.
So if you give up your bed, you can have two meals a day.
And again, it's all about profit.
Halliburton does the meals, and they get billions, and they've been caught feeding old, rotten meals to them, contaminated water.
It's all about profit.
But for all the private contractors and CIA folks, they've got topless dancers, the finest whiskeys, drugs in the green zone, and they're just partying.
While outside the armored compound, our troops are being slaughtered.
Right, exactly.
And so, you know, and I just want to tell people, your listeners, supporting the troops would be getting them out of there because, you know, we're going into Iran or Syria next and our kids will never come home.
It's going to be perpetual war and that's what these people want because they're getting richer.
But war is peace.
Ignorance is strength.
And wake up
Wake up, America, because it's going to be your kids or you next.
Cindy, stay there.
We're going to come back and talk about your organization and how folks get involved and try to end this criminal war.
And then we'll also take folks' calls.
So we'll be right back at prisonplanet.tv.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, Walt and Barney and Fred and Carol and Steve, your calls are all coming up here momentarily.
We're talking to Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son in Iraq.
And, you know, he was a volunteer.
He joined up.
He went there, but he didn't agree with the war.
He had to join the military in 2000, but he still went.
And he died.
And these reports, I've talked to the troops in person, but it's also been in mainstream news that
We're good to go.
Pay for your food when your legs are blown off.
Pay for your flight back home.
It's just pure evil.
And the Democrats and Republicans won't talk about it because they're all for this.
They're all living high on the hog off this slavery.
Cindy, tell us about your organization and any other points you want to make before we go to these calls.
I founded an organization called Gold Star Families for Peace.
A Gold Star Family is a family that has lost a loved one in the war.
And we were all...
Going out separately around the country, speaking out for peace and against the war, and to support our troops by bringing them home.
Our mission is to bring the troops home before any other families have to go through what we're going through.
We realize we can't bring our loved ones back, but hopefully with our efforts and what we say and what we do, we can bring the rest of America's children home before it's too late.
And if you want to go on our website, it's www.gsfp.org.
And give that to dress out one more time, please.
Gold Star Families for Peace.
And folks, if you go to my website, infowars.com, it says the guest for today.
You can click right there and go directly to her website.
So that's posted on InfoWars.
And I can be contacted through the website, too.
It says Contact Members.
Click on that, and then you can click on my email and contact me.
I wanted to just briefly talk about numbers of dead.
What, it's 1,200 and something now?
It's 1,469 the last time I looked last night.
Oh, 469.
Five soldiers were killed yesterday.
Okay, so it's almost 1,500 now.
I was going off a number a few months old.
I apologize.
But I've also seen reports where they don't count somebody as a theater death or a casualty KIA.
Unless they die in Iraq.
A lot of them are flown out to Germany and then that doesn't count as dying from wounds from combat.
And that the numbers, as you mentioned earlier, of just injured and maimed and disfigured is astronomically higher because of the body armor.
I've been told also that as long as they get their foot on a helicopter...
They don't count as being killed in Iraq.
They're not counted as an official death in the war.
I was talking to a Marine that had been out of the Marines.
He worked in the morgue.
This was months ago.
He told me the casualty figures are way low.
He said that at least 1,000 Marines have been killed in this war.
This was months ago.
I don't believe this.
For the first four years of the undeclared war in Vietnam, over 6,000 of our troops died, and they kept it secret until the mid-'70s.
So they've done this before, and this is something America never did until Vietnam.
Now, the Soviets and others, they always did stuff like this.
They would tell families, don't tell anybody that your husband or your son died in Afghanistan.
Keep your mouth shut.
And so on top of it,
I'm sure you heard about a month ago that in Louisiana they were bringing in a bunch of the dead and the families that we wanted to be seen and the officers rebelled and said, okay, we're going to show people the coffins.
So we're also seeing now people in the military aren't putting up with this.
The propaganda we hear that the troops love and worship Bush and they just love the war, from what I've been hearing from the troops, that's not the case.
Well, from the troops I hear from, that's not the case either.
I'm sure if you went over there and searched, you can find people that still support the war and support the president.
Those are the only people that we see on the mainstream news.
The picture that Tammy Solisio took back in April of the flag-draped coffins coming home that she got fired from her job for, my son was in one of those coffins.
Before that, the Army does not tell you anything.
The only reason I know about details of my son's death is that his buddy told me.
And his buddies told me.
They filled in the missing pieces of that day.
And before I saw that picture on the news, we didn't know that if maybe they just put Casey in a body bag and stacked him in the corner like cord would.
And to us, to see what care they were, and honor that they were treated with from the time
Like they're a dirty porno magazine.
Yeah, exactly.
This is another slap in the face to us families.
I believe that my son is a hero.
My son was an honorable, brave man who went to save his buddies.
I only question the people who sent them there and what were any of them doing there in that situation anyway.
Well, if you support the trips... Of course I do.
No, I was going to say, if you support the trips of the listeners, then you should have them back here right now.
I have had the man who literally wrote the book for the Pentagon, the Ph.D., the doctorate, on this broadcast, who was sent to Iraq to study DU in 1991,
Almost his whole team has died.
Dr. Doug Rocky.
He has had cancer multiple times.
Their own handbooks prior to that said, if you breathe this, it's going to kill you from the heavy metal effects alone and the toxicity and the radiation.
The New York Daily News tested 14 trips.
All 14 had high levels of radiation upwards of two rims because these DU companies, folks, don't just put DU in it.
They're getting rid of toxic waste.
They're putting a higher radiation level in it.
The entire country's been salted with this.
It is an abomination.
And when you bomb Hiroshima or Nagasaki, the radiation goes away, folks.
Not with DU.
This stuff's going to be there for millions of years.
Our troops are coming back, and they're not giving them treatment.
I mean, I've had the fathers on the show crying.
You know, whose sons came back and died of DU, and they're breaking down.
I mean, is that supporting the troops, sending them?
And it's illegal to give them experimental vaccines, but the drug companies have been caught paying the government?
Paying politicians off to test drugs on the troops as guinea pigs?
Literally like using your sons and daughters as rodents?
And oh, that's how you support them, you sickos out there?
I mean, you people make me sick!
Well, what about all the Iraqi children that have been born since the first Gulf War with terrible deformities because of the DU we left out of?
Yeah, their deformities have at least tripled.
And the same thing's now showing up in Serbia.
You know, another thing that we don't talk about... Those four vets have three times the higher percentage as well of having to form children.
Oh, that's right.
Go ahead.
It's the suicides after the kids are coming home.
You know, they don't even count them at the VA, so we don't know.
We don't have a reliable figure for the suicides of our children who are coming home just from this war.
You know, and they rarely...
The VA will rarely admit that they killed themselves because of post-traumatic stress.
They usually say it was, you know, because they broke up with their girlfriend.
Well, I've read the Army studies.
I've read the military studies, and I've had their psychologists on, people that have studied this.
They knew, again, back in World War II.
I mean, they knew 200 years ago, marching their redcoats around.
I've read some of the old British redcoat manuals.
You can't keep soldiers in combat indefinitely.
They burn out.
And troops have never been put through this long a sustained, continual combat.
In Vietnam, they put you two or three days in the bush, take you out for two or three days, or longer.
This time, I'm told, it is just non-stop.
Right, it's relentless what they're going through right now.
You know, they might get a weekend of R&R occasionally, but, you know, where do they go?
You know, there's no place to go.
Well, they're lucky to be getting one meal, and we don't support the tribes because we want them to get more than one meal.
We're bad.
We want them to get more than one meal.
Okay, I'm bad.
I admit it.
We're bad because we want to support them and have them, you know, when their arms and legs are blown off, get their plane ticket paid for.
But, again, that may be Al-Qaeda-ish.
Let's talk to Walt in Kansas City.
Walt, go ahead.
Yeah, well, God bless you both, Alex.
And I want you to know I'm listening every day.
I just don't call.
Kind of busy.
Yeah, I want to give you a story about my son.
He told me that he had never been so sick in his life because of all the shots, he thinks.
And I said, well, of course it's because of all of the shots that you're getting.
You know, the stuff keeps stacking up.
Now, he's at a base...
Called Anaconda.
LSA Anaconda.
Logistics Support Area.
There's 25,000 troops there.
And let me give you the website.
You can just type this in.
Into your Explorer, Netscape, or whatever.
And you'll see all kinds of news articles where a general has requested on numerous occasions more troops for Parameter Patrol.
That's the most dangerous job.
Yeah, yeah.
And he's a staff sergeant, so they've made him a platoon leader, which means he drives in one of them armored Humvees, kind of like, you know, lead man.
You know, there's no more dangerous job than being a point man.
And the mechanics and others, the MPs and stuff for the Air Force have even volunteered to go do the parameter patrols, but they said it'd take about three weeks to train them for that, plus they need somebody to work on the aircraft
When they come in, damaged or something, and the Air Force will not even keep aircraft there.
They say it's too dangerous.
So what we have is, what we have is, well, we have people living in these ivory towers with marble all around them, out on their million-dollar jet boats, flying in their helicopters, laughing, giggling, slurping beer.
Meanwhile, Iraq is already fallen.
It is totally imploded.
Yeah, and let's not forget about these pieces of garbage that are going also to Bohemian Groves to live it up while our boys are getting slaughtered over there.
That's right, all our Christian conservative leaders are going to have sex with their male prostitutes.
Yeah, yeah.
New York Post.
I'm still doing my thing with your videos and getting the word out as much as I can, and I'm finding a lot more people are waking up
And the tapes that Dave and Joyce made, the Gulf War vets and all of the stuff about that, I'm getting those out too in regards to your DU and everything.
And you know, if you go to the website, right on the Base Zone website, Balad, Iraq is where it is, B-A-L-A-D, right on the Base Zone website, it says that they inspected for HMX because that's one of the places that the HMX was stored.
And it says check for radioactivity.
The IAEA did.
But you know what they leave out?
The results.
I hear you, Walt.
God bless you.
And please keep us informed about your son.
Please call in with that information.
Let me just add this to what he's saying.
In the first Gulf War, they bombed.
Mainly just a few highways and military bases.
A lot of DU was used, about one-third of what was used this time, thousands of tons, but it was used out in the desert.
This time they bombarded.
Even when they knew the enemy had already fled and surrendered, they bombarded almost all the major military bases.
Well, where do you think our troops moved in?
This is admitted.
And they just send them right in, and they live right in buildings with holes blown in the top by DEU.
They're just in there breathing it.
Man, this is out of control, folks.
Let's talk to Barney in Maryland.
Barney, go ahead.
You're on the air, then Steve and a bunch of other people.
Go ahead, Barney.
Hey, I spoke about this before, Alex, but on Tarawa during World War II, we had the average temperature of around 130 degrees Fahrenheit.
And once we were able to take over the land that expelled all the Japanese, why, we could take off our battle gear.
We could go around in T-shirts and dungarees.
But the idea is these kids over here, they have to go around in full battle dress and temperatures 130 degrees.
The point is you had an enemy in front of you, classical warfare, symmetrical, that you could go defeat and then you'd get R&R and play volleyball and go swimming.
Now it's just continual.
Yeah, well, like I said before...
We had sweat glands fill up on our body, and we had these large cysts, as big as your thumbnail, come up all over our back, over the back of our neck, behind our ear.
They had fungus in their ears.
And I used to go into the bow of an airplane and clean the five machine guns, and I'd be in there 15 minutes, I'd come out soaking wet.
And can you imagine what these kids with this battle gear are doing?
And they are having heart attacks and everything over there.
These people over there, especially the Guard and the Reserve, they're all out of shape.
It gets freezing cold in the winter.
In the top half of Iraq, and then it gets boiling hot nationwide.
I have read 133 degrees.
That's hot, baby.
That's right.
You just picture... No, I did two-a-days once when it was 117, and they didn't cancel the two-a-days.
Some of the other high schools did.
Well, you know what the bad part is?
When it comes right down to it, the one-worlders are...
Trying to take our borders away and destroy our sovereignty, and the Iraqis are actually fighting our war against the one-worlders, and we're killing the Iraqis.
Unbelievable, Barney.
Thank you for your call.
There's a World War II vet for you.
I mean, that's some amazing testimony, Cindy.
Well, you know what?
I guess war has always been really bad, but...
Like you said, if we were attacked, if the United States was in danger, we would all defend our country.
I'd go out with my rolling pin to try and get the attackers out of the country.
I don't blame the Iraqi people for my son's death at all.
We do the same thing.
In fact, we did the same thing in the Revolutionary War so we could be free from Great Britain.
It's just amazing to me that...
More than half of America thinks that this is a moral and just war that we're fighting.
Well, it isn't more than half America.
I've talked to people.
That's propaganda.
I hope so.
I hope you're right.
We'll be back, and I'm told that Louie disagrees, and we'll go to Steve as well.
I'll try to hold my guest about five minutes over to the next hour so we have more time to take your calls.
Then we've got a guest coming on to talk about the new national security minion, the torture lord, Negroponte.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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We're about to go back to our guest, Louie, who disagrees with us, and Steve and others have been patiently holding.
But you always go to the front of the line if you disagree.
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Louie in Texas, I hear you disagree with something.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
Yes, sir.
Okay, Mr. Jones, I'm a subscriber to your website.
My disagreeance with you is that you're not screaming loud enough.
We are in trouble.
I knew it.
And let me tell you something.
Another thing that makes me mad, I tried to download Police State 3, and for some reason I can't view it.
That's the best thing I've ever seen.
People need to see that video.
Well, send an email and we'll check it.
It might be the file's too big.
Do you have high bandwidth or low bandwidth?
I have high bandwidth.
And I mean, it took forever to download it.
And I get it and I can't even see it.
And I'm telling you, I think it's your masterpiece.
But you need to make more noise.
I mean, our lives are in your hands, people like you.
You have power out there.
You need to make more noise.
You're not making enough noise.
I mean, just really get out there and make more noise.
I love your work, and we are in a serious situation in history right now.
Sandy, did you have anything to say to what our caller sang?
Well, I'm screaming so loud I'm losing my voice.
I was screaming out in the rain the other day, and we just need more people to help us, Louie, so join us in our...
Well, I want people to know that this is not a joke.
The troops really do have to pay for their own food.
They really do.
They tell them you've got to have clean uniforms, but then they charge them $100 for 10 pounds of laundry.
I mean, this has never been done.
Our government's so corrupt, the private corporations there literally ensure that they suck every amount of money out of their paychecks, and then nothing goes home to the families.
I mean, this is so evil.
This has never been done before.
Well, right, the families that are left at home, too, they're on food stamps, you know, they're on...
They're on welfare.
They can't make ends meet.
They're losing their homes.
They're losing their cars.
Especially our troops in the National Guard who joined to guard the nation and were sent to a war.
So if there's a draft coming, it's going to be here, and your sons and daughters won't even be able to join the National Guard.
And it's going to come after the globalists carry out another terror attack.
And they won't be safe in the National Guard.
Louie, thanks for the call.
Stay there.
Stay there for five more minutes.
We're going to start the third hour.
Stay with us.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You don't want to miss the interview that's coming up here in about five minutes with Matthew Rothschild.
Editor of the Progressive Magazine on Bush's pick of Negroponte for National Intelligence Director.
That's coming up.
The Lord of Torture to get a bigger post for himself.
I love all these Iran-Contra crooks being in control.
We are talking to Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son in Iraq last year.
She started Gold Star Families for Peace.
He was a specialist and was killed in an attack on their Humvee column.
Let's take it quickly, callers.
I want to get a few of the callers that have been holding the longest in here.
Let's talk to Steve in Ohio.
Thanks for holding, Steve.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex, and hello, Cindy.
I'm so sorry to hear about your son.
Thank you, Steve.
Unfortunately, he died for the love of money, which, of course, is the root of all evil.
We've got fascism now in control of the government.
That's business controlling the government, which is fascism.
Right, exactly.
No, I knew that.
I mean, look.
The only company allowed by the sanctions to sell in Iraq was Halliburton.
They write all this for themselves.
But see, the left goes, oh, look, they're involved.
And the right goes, oh, Coffee Anne's involved.
The point is, they're all involved.
Yeah, but the Federal Reserve actually made more money than any other group.
Hey, the Federal Reserve, this came out a year and a half ago, the Federal Reserve takes the money from Iraq, from the oil, and puts it in its own bank account.
Just type in Federal Reserve taking oil money.
No, I mean, it's true.
No, no, no.
You know what?
If you want to be heard, you really need to not call in on speaker phones.
I'm not on a speaker phone, Alex.
Well, sounds like it.
Well, anyway, also the Iraqi elections.
Oh, okay.
We were told how great they were.
Well, unfortunately, we're going to end up having fundamentalism over in Iraq.
And there's going to be a war again.
We're going to end up going to war with Iran and Syria.
Well, that's how they make money.
I've got to let you go.
I appreciate the call.
We're going to take one more call here.
Who was up next in train here?
Danny in Oklahoma.
Go ahead quickly, Danny.
Yeah, Alex, we're already slaves, and when you join the military, you become a voluntary servitude to the United States government.
But you're not allowed to give your slaves experimental shots.
That's the law.
You're not allowed to put them in DU environments.
Well, we're not operating under the Constitution or the law.
You know that.
No, I know.
So what do we do?
I mean, I'm a disabled veteran, and I am.
Mad, but what can I do?
I mean, I can yell and scream, but the apathy out there... Well, you can do one big thing.
By law now, the military is in the schools recruiting, and they tell them, doesn't matter what your parents say, just sign here.
I mean, it is sick.
I was going to tell you to go to your recruiting centers.
Pass out leaflets to the kids.
Do protests in front of the recruiting centers.
Does they lie to them, boy?
My son, his recruiter broke six promises to him.
Folks, they admit.
I've talked to recruiters.
They're told to lie to you.
And they will tell you that you're going to be a mechanic or you're going to be a jet pilot.
And you will be on the front lines paying for your food.
I'll tell you how they're lying.
I went to the recruiter's
I feel for you for losing your son, but my sons and daughters aren't going in.
Oh, no, don't let them go in.
Don't let them go in.
Do everything you can.
If there's a draft, send them away.
All right.
Give us that website again real quick, Cindy.
www.gsfp.org God bless you, my dear, and I'm sorry about the loss of your son, but you're going to save a lot of other sons and daughters by what you're doing.
Take care.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Eight minutes, 22 seconds into the third hour.
It is Thursday, the 17th day of February 05.
I'm Alex Jones, your host of the second segment of this hour.
We are joined by the editor of the Progressive Magazine.
He's Matthew Rothschild.
He's talking about Bush's pick of John Negroponte for National Intelligence Director, basically to control all the intelligence agencies and to make sure that, well, stuff doesn't leak out and they have little 9-11 type operations for us to give us the new draft and the next level of the police state.
And I've read Mr. Rothschild's writings many times over the years.
They're quite interesting.
And it's good to have him on the air with us.
Mr. Rothschild, thanks for coming on.
Alex, my pleasure.
Good afternoon.
Tell us about yourself and your magazine, and then let's get into...
You bet.
Negroponte, I mean, it looks like to be in the administration, you've got to have credentials in death squads and torture.
Yeah, that seems to be a prerequisite, and this guy really has got dirty hands.
I mean, Negroponte was involved as U.S.
ambassador in Honduras in the early 1980s with approving or condoning the torture that the Honduran government was doing there.
There was a battalion called Battalion 316 that the Honduran government...
It had operating there.
It was trained by the CIA and it killed at least 189 people, including throwing people out of planes.
And Negro Patsy covered up for them and wrote Congress that the Honduran government was having a fine human rights record when actually it was deep into this kind of...
And they sent him to Iraq because of his specialties.
He radiates evil.
But let's go back.
Let's talk about you, sir.
Tell folks who you are, and then let's talk about the magazine.
I've been at the Progressive here for 23 years.
The Progressive magazine was founded in 1909 by Fighting Bob LaFollette, one of the original Progressives.
And we've been ever since trying to put forward these ideas of civil rights and civil liberties and nonviolence and an opposition to U.S.
adventurism overseas and a control on corporate power.
Those are the pillars of progressivism as we see it.
And so we're a monthly magazine.
We're on the web at progressive.org.
We've got about 65,000 subscribers around the country.
Well, before we get into Negroponte, and I love Torture Gonzales, and Bush is Above the Law Gonzales, and just this whole gaggle of creatures, I've always been curious about that.
So you're related to the famous European Rothschild family, or are you not?
I'm not.
You know, if I had a dollar every time I was asked that, maybe I would be one of those European bankers by now, but no, there's no relation.
Well, because I'm wondering, because that family had another name and they changed it, you know, Red Shield in German, Rothschild.
So I guess other people took the name Red Shield?
Mostly it was just, you know, it is a German name and it's a big family in Europe was involved in banking and then in wine business.
But yeah, Rothschild in German means Red Shield.
But it's always been Rothschild for my family, which came over in 1848 when a lot of Jews left Germany because of programs over there.
So we've been here ever since.
I was just curious because we love to get somebody from N.M.
Rothschild on.
It just seems like some of the Rothschilds in Europe are involved in some of this globalism as well.
Well, I don't know exactly what you're referring to, but...
I've got no connection with European Rothschilds.
I'm just curious.
It's interesting.
Just historically, Napoleon, all of it, Battle of Waterloo, just very interesting.
So, I mean, Negroponte, what you just said about him I think is kind of the lightest stuff.
I mean, this guy has just been involved in so much dirt.
And Bush is really openly saying he's above the law and building a scary mechanism.
They're sending Homeland Security out to toy stores to harass people over copyright infringement or trademark infringement.
They're arresting veterans that complain too much.
I mean, it's like they're building some type of cross between Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany.
I'm not just worried about foreign countries being under all this.
I'm worried about America.
Well, you've got to be worried about our civil rights and civil liberties, Alex, with what's going on with the USA Patriot Act and with even addendums to the USA Patriot Act that have been passed that allow the government, essentially, to forget about the judiciary and not go and get a warrant to go search your place.
They can write up their own warrants and go snoop on you anytime they want.
So that's a real serious issue domestically.
Negro Posse's got just one of the longest bloody trails of anyone in power right now.
I mean, he was a guy who, in Vietnam, as Henry Kissinger's deputy...
was suggesting to Kissinger that the United States shouldn't make a deal.
They shouldn't end the Vietnam War.
That they should keep fighting the Vietnam War.
I don't know how long he wanted to keep fighting the Vietnam War, but he was to the right of Henry Kissinger during those days, which gives you an idea about where he's coming from.
Well, I had Selly Castillo on, who was the head DEA agent for seven years for Latin America, and he said Necroponte was involved in everything, not just death squads.
And he said this guy was like a super gopher who was controlling everything.
Well, he was controlling the illegal contra war for Ronald Reagan in the early 1980s as ambassador to Honduras.
So he must have known about the Iran-Contra, the drugs-for-weapons deal, all the stuff that Oliver North was doing and a lot of other illegal activity there.
But the thing that disturbs me most really is his just covering up for torture.
I mean, there were people who had fled El Salvador after Archbishop Romero was killed by death squads that the U.S.
was funding in El Salvador.
And Archbishop Romero's secretary, a woman, was one of 30 women who this battalion in Honduras took up into airplanes and threw out of planes.
And then when some American citizens, including some nuns, went down there to ask Negro Ponzi what happened, he pretended he knew nothing about it.
He lied to them.
He lied to Congress.
This guy is an operator, a very bloody operator for the U.S.
And so it's a scary thing for me to believe that he's going to be head of intelligence here.
I mean, it seems to me that the Bush administration is sending an unmistakable message to people around the world with the appointment of Gonzales and now of Negro Ponce that, you know, torture is in.
Well, you were...
You know, talking about how he's this bloody operator, but then you mentioned U.S.
I mean, to say U.S.
Empire, it's a global corporate empire that seized America and is using us as an engine of domination for the planet, a huge battering ram.
But, I mean, I find the left, I don't believe in the left and right, it's all a false paradigm.
I mean, the Democrats are basically voting as much as the Republicans are for all this police state war, and Clinton did all the same stuff, and Clinton supports this war, Hillary, all of them, so I think to say U.S.
Empire kind of psychologically draws these lines, and people go, yeah, I'm for America!
You know, shut up, Rothschild!
Well, I do hear that all the time, and I get that on the web, too.
But I do think the United States is an empire.
I do think it is useful to continue to talk in terms of right and left sometimes.
I think more Democrats and certainly more progressives are opposed to this war in Iraq, though there is some support for getting out of the war on the right as well.
And I think we need to recognize that we're no longer really a functioning democracy here because the interests of the U.S.
corporate elite and also the interests of the people like Negro Ponte and Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld who run U.S.
foreign policy is antithetical to the interests of most of the people in this country.
I mean, and our founders would be aghast that we're an empire.
Well, let's talk about the press.
I'm sure you know that Tony Blakely a few weeks ago called for grabbing Seymour Hersh and having him executed.
Oh, that's lovely.
Yeah, people like Michael Wiener Savage called for putting people who disagree with the government in forced labor camps.
Michelle Malkin writes the book, The Case for Internment Camps.
I mean, really, this is like a Twilight Zone episode, Matthew.
And you've been the editor of this major magazine for several decades.
You've been watching this.
I want to look into your crystal ball.
From your experience, I want your predictions.
This is what I ask everybody who comes on this broadcast about these subjects.
What do you see happening in the next four years?
Well, you know what scares me the most, Alex, is the possibility that the United States is attacked again by terrorists, this time with a chemical or biological weapon.
And if the United States is attacked again, I think it's Katie bar the door.
I think the Bush administration will go attack just about every country that Bush doesn't like.
Maybe Iceland!
Well, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba... That was being sarcastic.
I mean, if North Korea said, we did it, I think Bush would attack Iceland.
I don't know.
I still think he wants to attack North Korea, even though the Pentagon has done a war game on that and a million people would die in the first five days, according to its own estimates.
But I think Bush thinks he's got the message from God that he's got to go attack this country, that country, and the next to deliver the gift of freedom.
And that's a very scary thing for me.
So Bush's messianic militarism scares me.
And the possibility, after the United States is attacked again, of the United States imposing martial law.
And that's something you don't hear about a lot.
That's what Tommy Frank said.
Tommy Frank said it.
But not only that, there's another senior administration official upon leaving office who used the exact phrase.
And that was Wayne Downing, one of Condoleezza Rice's deputies, who said, if we're attacked again, this time with weapons of mass destruction, we're going to have to declare martial law.
Well, that's what Eberhardt said, too.
And I was on a panel with a U.S.
attorney, the head of counterterrorism in Wisconsin, when I was talking to some University of Wisconsin-Green Bay about this,
And I mentioned this fear, and I thought he was going to say, oh, that crazy Rothschild from that crazy left-wing magazine, the progressive, he doesn't know what he's talking about.
Declaring martial law would be the last thing we'd ever do.
No, he said, we've got to really consider this.
This is something we've got to get on the table.
There was a Gannett News Service article in 2003 where they said, we're going to lock down the schools, take your children, take them to FEMA camps.
Under a code red, you have no rights.
It will be martial law.
We'll be formed into work brigades.
I mean, this is their cover for total dictatorship.
Well, I don't think it would come to that, but I do think they've got plans underway on the shelves that they could bring out, just as they brought out plans after September 11th to ram the Patriot Act down our throats to really curtail our freedoms.
Wayne Downing, Condoleezza Rice's deputy at the National Security Council, was saying we're going to have to have...
Well, to show my ignorance here, I've seen a dozen other officials say this, but I wasn't aware of Wayne Downing saying that.
Can you give me maybe the headline for an article so I can Google that and get it posted?
Yeah, I mean, you can just Google it, Wayne Downing and martial law, and I think in Washington Post it will come up.
I believe it was in December of 2002.
Oh, man.
They're just slobbering, foaming at the mouth for this.
Yeah, I mean, this is the most anti-democratic administration maybe ever, certainly since the days of Richard Nixon running around drunk in the White House.
Oh, Richard Nixon was an angel compared to these people.
I don't know.
He wanted to bomb the Brookies.
We'll be right back.
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There may be more.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we're talking to Matthew Rothschild, editor of the Progressive Magazine on Bush's pick of Negroponte for National Intelligence Director.
Coming up in the next segment, we're going to be taking your calls.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
You mentioned another Bush administration official, Rice's deputy, who talked about martial law that I wasn't aware of.
I was aware of Eberhardt and Franks and a bunch of others, but tell us about this other individual.
You actually pulled that article out.
Yeah, I grabbed it here in my little file.
This is an article from the Washington Post dated Tuesday, December 24th.
It started on the front with it, titled, In U.S.
Terrorism's Peril Undiminished.
And it goes on then for about...
50 paragraphs and about paragraph 37, which gives you an idea about the Washington Post really putting the important stuff at the top.
Here's Wayne Downing, Condoleezza Rice's deputy, now retired.
The United States may have to declare martial law someday, Downing said, in the case of a devastating attack with weapons of mass destruction causing tens of thousands of casualties.
This could mean that the military would be given the authority to impose curfews, protect businesses and communities, even make arrests, unquote.
And so during the fog of all this, they can run around and arrest the dissidents and do whatever they want, and meanwhile rob pension funds and run their scams while the smokescreen is going.
Yeah, they can just get away with doing anything.
I mean, they can just suspend the Constitution.
That's what Tommy Franks was talking about, and he was regretting that.
He saw it coming and said, this is going to be bad.
Here, Wayne Downing is almost celebrating it.
Well, he was putting it in prose.
It's real sad, but this is what's going to happen, and what the people want...
Yeah, he was blaming the people.
You're absolutely right.
When it's not the people who's going to impose martial law, come on.
Well, number one, martial law doesn't keep us safe.
Martial law is... Again, we've got...
The CBS News reported that $2.4 trillion is missing from the Pentagon in the last decade.
And that number has doubled.
It was only $1.2 trillion under Clinton, which is bad enough.
Now it's another $1.2 trillion just while Bush has been in.
This is mad, insane stealing and looting.
Yeah, you know, they're just getting away with everything hand over fist here.
You know, again, I just don't think the American people are going to go for this if they knew it was going to happen.
And at some point, I'm hoping that a majority of Americans are going to rise up and say, no, I'm delighted that about 350 towns and cities and counties around the country, people have gotten together and passed ordinances and resolutions saying that they're not going to cooperate and their local police aren't going to cooperate with the federal government when it comes knocking with the USA Patriot Act.
And so I think there's a rebellion both on the left and on the right against this USA Patriot Act and this invasion of our rights and liberties.
Well, it's over 400 cities and four states now.
Yeah, I think the states are Alaska, Hawaii, and Vermont and Maine.
Yeah, but now I've noticed since it went over about 200 cities, now you never see it in the news anymore.
This has been a totally undercover story.
I mean, this has been happening ever since the Patriot came down.
I think it started in Northampton, Massachusetts, and it's hardly getting any national coverage.
Well, I was there and led the fight here in Austin and got it thrown out.
But I mean, since then, I hear about towns and cities doing it, and the news just, you know, national coverage doesn't pick it up.
In Chicago, I think it was unanimous by the city council.
I mean, it's not just places like Madison, Wisconsin, and Austin, Texas.
And it's a lot of conservative cities.
A lot of the conservatives out west, they don't want the police.
You know, the Patriot Act that Bush just yesterday said, we've got to renew the Patriot Act.
That means expand, by the way.
Yeah, and the Patriot Act means the police can come into your house when you're not there, go through all your files, get on the computer, put a recording device on your computer, and then leave and never tell you about it.
I mean, do people really want the police to be able to do that?
Without warrants.
It's like these big regional rubber stamp warrants.
Well, this is what, you know, Martin Luther King under the Patriot Act would be considered domestic terrorist, because he was violating a law.
At the same time, he was trying to change government policy.
And that, under the Patriot Act, can be construed as intimidation.
And if it's intimidation, then you're a terrorist.
And that's unbelievable.
What about these reports now where Second Amendment demonstrators or anti-war protesters stand there with a sign on a street corner and they're getting two years in prison?
I mean, they've been ruling this, but there's no First Amendment.
Well, the thing that I've been following, and I think anyone who is, you know, standing on blocking traffic and engaging in civil disobedience can be dragged through the USA Patriot Act machinery and go to jail for it.
But, you know, anyone who tries to protest the president is being either put into, you know, free speech zones a mile away, and some of them are getting arrested.
I know people who've been protesting the president when he's coming through towns and they have signs up and they're arrested and held overnight.
Well, I mean, I've got video of it on the news during the inauguration.
They kept the protesters way far away, and if anybody got through and then pulled out a little sign, they just arrested them.
You know, we can't have the emperor seeing the slaves not worship his little beady-eyed twitliness.
We'll be back with your call.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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All right, Kyle and Leon and Anthony and many others, your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
We're talking to the editor of the Progressive Magazine, and it's done a lot of really in-depth reporting about Negroponte and others.
He's coming back up with us here in just a few minutes.
Before we go back to our guests and their calls...
Folks, it is time for you to take action.
And it is time for you to get involved and to expose the truth of 9-11.
This whole police state is being built on 9-11.
That's the pretext.
The next terror attack will be the excuse for total martial law.
If we do not expose who was behind 9-11, who stood to gain from it, the public officials being warned not to fly, the people being warned, the insider trading of the CIA, Bin Laden being CIA, Al-Qaeda being flown out to safety by the CIA.
If we do not expose all of this and show what really happened, then they're going to continue to orchestrate these events to bring in their new world order, their global police state.
And 9-11 and the Road to Tyranny is the premier film that exposes the history of government-sponsored terror, and it goes through what they're setting up in the aftermath of 9-11 and how to stop it.
And it's almost three hours long on DVD, two and a half hours long on VHS, and it's $24.95.
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So you've got to do a little wake people up.
And listen, I've done over 2,000 radio interviews in the last three and a half years.
A liberal, conservative talk show.
And because I don't go at it from a liberal or conservative spin or label, almost every caller calls in and agrees and is waking up.
And that's what my films do.
They expose how both parties are controlled, bought and paid for by the same people.
But if you go on air and say, I'm a conservative and all the liberals are evil, they're not going to listen.
You go on air and say, I'm a liberal and all the conservatives are evil, they're not going to listen.
The key is getting back to freedom and liberty.
And a true populist constitutionalist view.
And you're not getting that from either the left or the right.
And that's what the people are hungry for.
It makes sense.
It's just common sense.
Folks, please get Road to Tyranny.
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Going back to the editor of the Progressive Magazine, Matthew Rothschild, and before I get a bunch of calls, you heard him, no relation to the banking house, Rothschild.
I'm sure those calls are about to come up here.
Going back to Matthew, any other key points you want to throw out there before we go to these calls?
Well, I think you're absolutely right.
Bringing people's attention to the problems of our civil liberties after 9-11.
I mean, the Bush administration has really been taking them away.
I mean, there's the Patriot Act.
There's these little acts that follow the Patriot Act.
There's the 2004 Intelligence Authorization Act that allows the FBI to go to the post office and read your mail.
They just passed the new Freedom Initiative for forced psychological testing.
They just passed a national ID card in December.
Yeah, I mean, they're trying to take our rights away, and people should certainly oppose the reauthorization of the Patriot Act.
If you do nothing else, tell your Congress people not to go for that, because that is just allowing the police into your office, into your bedroom.
Well, I wrote the first analysis of Patriot Act I, I'm not kidding, within days of it passing, and also wrote one of the first synopses of the Patriot II, but in there, and I have this article still there from October 2001, folks,
Where I show the subsection, it says the sunset is on little tertiary capillary sections of the act.
The real tyrannical elements are not sunsetted, so that's a red herring.
If you listen to what he says carefully, it's we need to reauthorize and expand.
Yeah, I mean, that's what he's after.
And the very definition of what a domestic terrorist is, that's not going to be sunsetted.
You're absolutely right.
I mean, that's part of the act that isn't up for renewal.
That's there until they repeal it, and I think people should demand that that be repealed, because anyone who wants to protest U.S.
policy by engaging in civil disobedience that goes all the way back to the Boston Tea Party, I mean, are we all going to be considered domestic terrorists now?
Well, there are literally hundreds of cases, I lost count,
Of pot dealers, county commissioners, bid rigging, complaining, copyright infringements.
They're using the Patriot Act against everybody already.
Yeah, they're just throwing the book at people and they're using everything they can to detain people.
They're using the so-called material witness statute that used to be to hold people who were testifying in mob cases from fleeing.
Then they're using that for anyone that they want to hold for whatever purposes they feel like it essentially these days.
It's amazing.
Kyle in California.
Kyle, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Alex, thank you very much.
You are the man.
I just wanted to say keep yourself safe and keep yourself healthy because we're in for a long fight.
I just wanted to lay out an invitation to Mr. Rock.
I'm a regular KPFA listener here in the Bay Area.
And I vividly remember before our stage selection, the local...
I talked to Mr. Rothschild during the break and I said, you know, it's a Nazi death cult.
He said, oh, no, no.
I mean, you really should look into Skull and Bones and these Thule and Thule Society organizations because they really have more power than I think you know.
Well, I mean, I just don't agree with you, Alex or Kyle, on Skull and Bones.
I really don't think that Skull and Bones Society and the people who belong to it or have gone through it have anything really to do about power in America, who's got it, who's using it, and why they're using it.
And I think we're missing the point when we're focusing on those kinds of things.
I mean, the point is, you've got right now, you've got Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney.
Those guys are running the show.
And when Clinton was there, he was doing the bidding of U.S.
corporations, too.
We've got to see who's got the power and why they're using it.
It's not because they went through skull and bones.
It's because they're going to make money by letting the U.S.
military open up more markets overseas and letting the IMF and the World Bank open up those markets for them.
I appreciate that perspective.
I really do.
It's just I'm here and I see so much crossover between good guests on supposed left programs here in the Bay Area and so much identity derived from people associating themselves as progressives or lefties.
But there are good people on both sides that get caught up in this schism.
And I just...
I just think you have an opportunity to maybe bridge that gap a little bit.
Well, I appreciate that, Colin.
I'm glad you've been listening to all sorts of sides, because I think that's what people should do.
I mean, people should get out of the custom of just listening to people that they always agree with, and, you know, you're living in just a little igloo then.
You might as well, you know, sample everything that's out there and come to your own conclusions.
Yeah, don't live in a bubble.
Well, that's what we try to do on this broadcast.
Let's talk to Leon in Colorado.
Leon, go ahead.
Yeah, I just really appreciate your program today.
Unfortunately, I can only get about an hour of it because of the programming over here at Johnstown.
Well, C'est la vie.
What's going on?
Well, I just have a question for your guest there.
You know, it's obvious to me that whenever Bush comes to our Congress, they're like my dog.
He says, roll over, and they roll over.
Is there anything we can do, or what do we do, I mean, to reach these guys?
I mean, they just seem to be more of a problem than anybody else.
Are they just sold out?
Well, let me just say this.
The Founding Fathers said gridlock was good, and obstructionism was good.
Instead, it's like they've greased the skids, and they're going wild.
Everything is passing.
Nothing is being... It's being resisted, but they just... I mean, it's like toll roads in Austin.
90-plus percent are against it.
We've caught all the fraud and bribery, but they just go, we're doing it because private corporations want to tax the roads.
It's just a raping, looting, wild orgy of corruption.
Matthew, comments?
Well, I think people need to pressure their legislators and tell them if they don't stand up and stand up for the people's good that they're going to not get their vote.
And they do.
The one thing politicians look at is their possibility of getting re-elected.
That's the only pressure you have on them.
I mean, I do think some of these lopsided votes, you've just got to scratch your head.
I mean, the Patriot Act passed the U.S.
Senate 98-1.
Russ Feingold was the only senator, my senator from Wisconsin.
I didn't even read it.
Yeah, they didn't take the time.
They weren't allowed to read it.
It was issued an hour before.
I mean, it's incredible that that got ran through like that.
And then, you know, or just take the Homeland Security head Chertoff.
He passed 98 to nothing.
I mean, here was a guy... What is it with Congress?
That's what I'm asking is, are they just sitting there...
Totally scared to death?
Well, I'll tell you what it is.
A lot of them, you know, got a mistress, and they got photos of that, and a lot of them were put through by corporations that are paying for them to do it, and a lot of them are just lazy.
I mean, it's just they're a bunch of crooks.
And a lot of them are scared of Bush and Rove.
Yeah, they don't want to get an anthrax letter.
That must be about... Well, I know our congressman, he changed his tune.
He didn't vote for the last...
Last one of these things, and I know that he was getting a lot of pressure.
Well, here's an example.
G. Gordon Liddy and Dr. Laura came out against the new Freedom Force psychological testing, and they got millions of phone calls.
And then they fired G. Gordon Liddy.
I mean, literally, either you tow absolute bush worship line, or you are gone.
And I've talked to people in this industry.
I mean, that is how it is unless you're on this network.
Well, I can't even stand to listen to him talk or see his face anymore, so I guess I really have a hard time hearing anything he says.
Hey, look, Air America isn't going to help anybody because they're only giving you the left-wing view and not talking about how corrupt their party is.
You see, that's the problem.
I mean, everybody's blind to, like, one side of the paradigm.
Well, you're absolutely right, Alex.
And, you know, you're... You know, I got your film here, and I'm going to be watching it.
You're absolutely right.
It isn't the right-left, it isn't the Democrats, it isn't the Republicans.
This is the only way I've ever reached anybody.
They say, whoa, that has nothing to do with whether I'm a Republican.
I didn't think of the word populist.
I said, I'm just an American that believes in a constitutional republic.
Well, it's like this.
You have to talk to these people like they're children.
I've had arguments throughout my life that professional wrestling isn't real.
If you say, I don't like Hulk Hogan...
Then they go, don't talk bad about my hero.
You have to explain.
No, no, it isn't real.
They're not really having a fight out there.
If you beat someone over the head with a chair 15 times, they die.
They don't jump back up.
And look, a lot of adults think wrestling's real.
They think this stuff's real.
Thanks for the call.
Okay, thanks.
Comments to that analogy, Matthew?
Well, I think you can talk to people where they are, and I think no matter where you are on the perspective of politics, whether you're a libertarian, right-wing, republican, left-wing democrat, wherever you identify,
Not many people in this country want corporations to run their lives, and not many people in this country want the police to be able to come into their home when they're not there.
That's a huge violation of the Fourth Amendment.
And I think once we can address people where they are and find some points of agreement and then open their eyes to what this government is doing, we can start
Building a movement here that will oppose any more of this retrenchment against our rights and maybe get some of these rights back.
That's what we need to do.
Well, here's another example.
Major polls in California, 94% of Californians were against these satellite tracker boxes Schwarzenegger wants to put in the car to tax and trace.
But then you talk to liberal academics, they're all for it.
So how do we, on 100 different issues, have 90-plus percent of people against it
And it's common sense, but still the Republican and Democrat leadership is all for it.
Well, I think one of the big things we need to do to change this country is get full campaign financing so that the corporations and the wealthiest people in this country aren't buying Congress.
And that's what's been happening.
The lobbyists go in and cash in the investments.
And so you get the laws the lobbyists want and the corporate interests want, and you don't get the laws that the people need.
Well, you're an editor of a major, established, almost 100-year magazine, and you've been there for decades, so I want to get your take on this.
We're now learning that there's all these paid-for, White House paid-for fake reporters.
You know, the Armstrong Williams is the tip of the iceberg, as he said.
I've been talking about this for years.
It's massive.
We've got propaganda placement, not product, but propaganda placement where the government is paying for fake newscasts, 76 million of it, last year alone for the Medicare package.
I mean, I don't think people realize just how staged it is.
Your comments on that?
Well, that's a huge problem.
I mean, the mainstream media is just regurgitating some of this propaganda from the administration.
It is illegal propaganda.
The government is not supposed to have people on their staffs paid to indoctrinate the American people and not telling them where this indoctrination is coming from or that it's associated with the administration.
This is happening in one department after the next department.
And now...
We're going to have this Pentagon channel where they're going to spend, they're saying, hundreds of millions of dollars a year to produce high-quality news pieces that aren't even identified.
I've now heard they're going to offer that free.
People will save money using it, but they have to air it intact.
This is incredible.
Yeah, I mean, that's not what we pay taxes for.
That's not what our government is for, not to indoctrinate us.
It's supposed to enact laws that can help us out.
Defend the country and take care of the common welfare.
But this is a government that has total disdain for the people.
This Bush administration, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney administration, they don't like democracy at all, and they're taking it away from us.
Well, our constitutional republic cannot survive this.
I would call it, I think there's a book along these lines, imperial hubris.
I mean, this is hubris.
It's definitely his hubris, and it may get the better of him at some point.
I mean, Bush is overreaching.
He's overreaching with Social Security.
He's overreached in Iraq.
He may overreach in Iran or Syria and North Korea.
And at some point... That's a good question.
That's a good question.
The Pentagon told him we would lose unless we had 400,000 troops.
They knew this, but they still just don't care, and the military is literally folding right now.
Well, the brass Tommy Franks rolled over for Rumsel.
Rumsel just beat him up and finally said, okay, you know, we'll use 150,000 troops instead of 400,000 troops, and look at the mess they made in Iraq.
But, I mean, that's delusional, what they call magical thinking.
I mean, it seems like they've really gone off the deep end when their own tacticians and war game strategists tell them it isn't going to work and they just go do it.
Well, they were eating their own propaganda, Alex.
They started to believe their own stuff.
And, you know, they believed the lies of the Iraqi National Congress that they were paying for.
They were paying this group, Ahmed Chalabi's group.
No one who knows anything about Iraq believes that.
Well, I mean, they told White to take a walk, Secretary of the Army, when he said it was impossible.
Well, that's the thing about this group.
They will brook no dissent.
Anyone who raises a question is out the door.
I mean, Colin Powell said he wanted to stay another year.
Forget it.
He's gone.
But the people there who created this problem, you know, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, and who are involved in this torture policy, especially Rumsfeld and Gonzalez, you know, they're around.
They're still there.
And Negroponte.
They're all shooting to the top.
Yeah, now Negro Posse gets, you know, this huge position and he's got blood on his hands.
Final segment coming up.
Anthony in New York and others, your calls are up next.
Talking to the editor of the Progressive Magazine.
Just blows my mind.
Folks, these people are taking us straight towards an iceberg.
They're just laughing and fiddling on the deck.
They love it.
We'll be right back.
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Final segment, let's take just two final calls for our guest.
Anthony in New York, go ahead.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Good, sir.
I just got out of military prison.
I was stationed at Fort Drum, New York, and I got sent to Afghanistan, and I was there for a couple months, and I got a Red Cross message that my mom had cancer.
So I came back on leave.
And they gave me like 30 days of leave, and she was on hospice, like where they come to take care of you at home or whatever.
And my leave wasn't up, and she was still alive, and I was the only one to take care of her.
So I called back to try to get an extension on my leave, and they told me no, that I needed to come back.
And so I stayed with her until she died, and my stepdad got sick, and I stayed with him until he died too, which was like, it was a total of five months that I was gone.
And I got sentenced to five months in military prison.
And they plastered me all over the newspapers around my town.
It made me look like a real scum.
They said I was a deserter, which I never deserted.
I was in prison with guys that had been absent without leave like seven years and got lesser sentences than I did.
They just selectively enforce all of that.
We've talked to troops who are in Iraq.
It's been in the news where they have to pay for their own food.
When their arms and legs get blown off, they discharge them in Rammstein, make them pay to fly home.
Have you heard about that?
Yes, and it's ridiculous.
Well, the treatment of our troops.
Generally, it's just deplorable, and the health care they get when they come back is deplorable.
And also, the unpopularity of this Iraq war wasn't true of Anthony, but it's true of a lot of soldiers.
According to the Pentagon itself, there are 5,500 deserters, U.S.
soldiers who refuse to go back and report for duty.
That shows you what it's like to be over there.
Let's talk to Jim in New York.
Jim, go ahead.
Good afternoon.
What I want to say quickly, I tuned in and it was Mike, what's his name, the guest?
Mr. Rothschild was talking about, and you, about skull and bone.
And I feel it's very important, as I think you probably do.
I've heard you talk before.
And the reason for this is that these people...
People wonder how it is that they can control so much and so many people and the reason being is that a lot of these people to my knowledge and I've been reading this for 25 years
Well, I mean, look, La Cosa Nostra, the Italian mafia, is a secret society.
Intelligence agencies are secret societies.
A secret society was just an intelligence agency 200 years ago, and then we're supposed to deny they even exist.
Anything to say to that, Matthew?
Well, you know, I don't think the skull and bones is anywhere near the power or the influence in this country.
It's important even to think about it as the Cosa Nostra, as the mob or as an intelligence agency.
I really think, you know, I would just disagree on that, but I don't think it has anything to do with really what's happening in this country.
And if there weren't any skull and bones, we'd still have the exact same problems that we're having today.
Well, that may be so, but it happens to be at this time that that's the name they choose to call themselves.
You can call them whatever you want, but you must admit that you mentioned Cheney, Clinton, Bush, that these people all work in conjunction with each other, and they have a name.
That's all.
That's the only thing we're trying to say.
They have a name.
Not that at a given time in history it may be called something else.
They're not following the orders of the Skull and Bones Society.
I'll have to have you up for a debate about that sometimes.
We're saying Skull and Bones is part of this tapestry.
Of this elite.
We have an elite, don't we, Mr. Rothschild?
We certainly do, and it's a corporate elite.
It's the corporations and the top 1% of Americans that are running this country.
It's not the American people, but it's not skull and bones either.
See, I'd say one-tenth of 1%.
We can cut it that thin.
Yeah, give folks the website for your magazine.
It's progressive.org.
Thanks very much.
All right, interesting talking to you, and take care.
You too.
All right, folks, we're out of time.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight Central.
Interesting having somebody called me Rothschild.
I figured that'd make the listeners go crazy.
But definitely a different view than what you normally get from the Rothschilds.
Take care, prisonplanet.tv.