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Air Date: Feb. 18, 2005
2420 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, my friends, it's Friday, the 18th day of February 2005.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you for joining us.
Wide open phones throughout the broadcast.
Pentagon prepares to build $70 billion... Let me say that again.
$70 billion robot army.
This is out of the London Telegraph.
Now, we had already reported on this that they spent tens of billions in classified programs, according to my sources.
Now they're getting ready to start unveiling it for you.
Thousands of ground-fighting robots, thousands of new high-tech super drones for the air, drone submarines, drone ships,
Drones, drones everywhere.
Another word for them is robotic military forces.
They would classify them as drones because they're remote controlled and controlled by humans, but more and more they are simply robotic with their own parameters and operating systems, allowing them to do a lot of things independently, according to set programs.
Pentagon prepares to build $70 billion robot army.
Why is this so important?
We're not afraid of the future technology here, but we have to look at the problems with it.
This will allow a tiny elite to carry out their aims against huge populations, and they won't have the problem anymore of their troops not wanting to line American citizens up and machine gun them.
And this is just for now.
$70 billion now.
Can you imagine what these hundreds of billions of dollars will pay for?
That's right.
$265 billion in five years' time.
You see, the headline's $70 billion, but that's $70 billion a year.
The entire Iraq war a year is costing about $120 billion.
Are you starting to get the idea there are going to be robots everywhere?
On street corners.
Flying above us.
In fact, it's already begun.
In my film, Road to Tyranny, you'll see Special Applications Combat Group running around with the police in Central Texas with a robot walking around with a shotgun in its hand.
And that's a very primitive robot.
Two hundred and sixty-five billion dollars.
Do you have any idea how many robots that is?
These smaller independent robots are only about $300,000 apiece.
Robot armies, ladies and gentlemen.
London Telegraph.
Four blasts killed at least 29 in Baghdad today.
Born on the Iranian explosion that set off fears of an attack.
Protester throws a shoe at Richard Perle.
How ridiculous.
And of course, we will get into just so much other news like this big headline out of Canada.
China's military move worries lawmakers.
The court says there's no right to licenses for illegal aliens.
Well, don't tell the Bush administration or the Democrats that, but this is some good news.
And just so much more, and yes, we'll go to your calls in this next segment.
I'd love to hear from you today.
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Stay with us.
Keep it locked in.
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I have my right to that.
But Friday, it is Friday, and I don't have any guest line up today because I wanted to be able to take your calls.
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We'll start going to your calls here in just a few minutes.
I do want to spend some time on this first.
I knew that they had spent tens of billions of dollars in classified programs for what I would call combat mechs, or mechanized robotic forces.
And most of the funding has been to air-based, that is, aircraft, drones, remote-controlled aircraft.
And I know that I've seen Pentagon reports a few years ago that by 2010,
Half of the aircraft owned and operated by the Air Force and the Navy, the Marines, and the Army would be remote-controlled or autonomous, pre-programmed robotic craft.
In fact, most of the major Lockheed Martins and all the big aircraft companies aren't even really developing new
Fighter aircraft that humans are in.
They're saying that several of these new aircraft that have come out in the last decade, that that's it.
That these are the last of the manned aircraft.
Everything else they're developing are fighter drones, bomber drones.
They are now building larger generations of troop-carrying aircraft and cargo-carrying aircraft that will have humans in them.
But everything is shifting over to drone-operated aircraft.
And again, a drone is where somebody's remote controlling it from an armored compound in another continent, or from an aircraft carrier, or from some larger AWAC, a thousand miles away.
But these are purely robotic.
A lot of these are pre-programmed.
You pre-program your fleet.
On the ground, technicians preprogram it, or other computers preprogram it with human input, and then large fleets, sorties of aircraft take off from different areas around the globe and converge on the targets.
Very serious.
And I only talk about things that are real, that are documented, that are admitted.
You know, it's like when I got up on air and said the government wants to put microchips in your brain.
They say this is their goal.
They're going to use peer pressure and security to sell it to you.
That was the Army's own report in 2000, on January 1st of 2000.
It sounded crazy, but now it's been on the nightly news, and the Mexican government's trying to force its employees, if they want to work at the Justice Department, to take implantable chips.
I mean, you can type, Mexican officials take chips, you'll get MSNBC and CNN.
Sounds crazy.
Sounds like 2005.
Well, it is.
So whatever we talk about here is real.
A lot of people tune into other alternative radio, and that's their business, and it's certainly entertaining, and they talk about a lot of things that can't be proven one way or the other.
Well, we restrict ourselves almost entirely.
We speculate occasionally, but we always clearly note that, that we talk about issues that are part of the public record or from direct multiple indexed sources that I have within the government.
And I've gotten a few emails, a few of the calls I've gotten that disagree with me, have been about genetic engineering with people who don't know how far it's progressed, or, you know, with the chimeras, the cross-species creations, the abominations, or people who don't believe that the government's shifting over to a robot army.
Well, I knew they were spending tens of billions, and I knew that they planned to have half the forces by 2010.
That's five years away, boys and girls.
Shifting over to this, but I guess I haven't thought about the amounts of money that this would take.
But here it is, and it's kind of a deceptive headline.
It's out of the London Telegraph.
Pentagon preparing to build $70 billion robot army.
Now, that's just the headline.
The Pentagon is spending $70 billion on a program to build heavily armored robots for the battlefield in the hope that future wars will be fought without the loss of its soldiers' lives.
Next paragraph.
Now get ready for this.
The scheme known as Future Combat Systems is the largest military contract in American history and will help to drive the defense budget up by almost 20% to just over $265 billion in the next five years.
And in the article they talk about spending $70 billion a year.
I don't know what that is over the next five years.
On these robot armies, much of the cash will be spent computerizing the military, but the ultimate aim is to take members of the armed forces out of harm's way.
They will be replaced by robots capable of hunting and killing American enemies.
Now let's just stop right there.
It was in the big Honolulu newspaper.
What is it, the Advertiser, about two years ago?
They had a slideshow, an article about it.
I need to dig that up.
I actually put a...
Put that news article, I know it's in Police State 3 Total Enslavement, one of the literally 500 articles that's in that film, but it shows this tank about the size of, looks like a PT cruiser.
We're good to go.
Heavily armored with those big armored shields.
And understand, it said the tank wasn't shooting at them.
They were testing it out for the military.
It was an Army SWAT team.
Excuse me, Navy SWAT team.
And they're firing their machine guns at it.
And they talk about how it can take grenades and machine guns.
And it's really evil looking.
I mean, it looks like something out of a science fiction movie.
But again, I guess it was 2003, so, you know, it's the future.
We're here.
Back to the future.
They talk about how the Pentagon had developed these.
And has these.
If you've seen T3, which I did go to the theaters and see, it kind of looked like the robot sentries they have when they're in the plant at the end of the movie, and these robot sentries are chasing people, these big wheeled vehicles.
Those are white and don't look 10% as scary as the real thing.
It's black, which is just guns all over the front of it.
So that's one of the robots we've seen.
I've talked to Marines and others who won't go into details, some of the
Special Forces of the Marines, what, Force Recon, and they've been able to see some of the combat robots as early as 99, and they're vicious folks.
I mean, they've got bayonets, automatic bayonets that shoot out and come out, air-powered,
You know, the kind of stuff they use to, you know, knock a cow's skull in at the slaughterhouse.
They've got machine guns, grenade launchers, nerve gas, whatever you want to put on these babies.
They've got little bitty ones that go in your house and blow up on you, carry a bomb in and leave.
I mean, these aren't the 20-year-old robots we think of with little rollers that, you know, drive around in a remote control.
But that's not what's really scary.
What's scary are the aircraft.
And everything's going to shift over to this.
And again, here's the problem with this.
This gives the elite the power for just a few globalists or corporations that hack in and get control of this, or whoever.
But again, the globalists aren't going to let that happen.
It's going to be them.
To remote control these.
To literally not... I mean, half the military by 2010, half the aircraft, and just huge robotic carriers that set down and release hundreds of combat robots.
I mean, the globalists aren't going to need troops.
And it isn't going to matter.
And they say that in the future, very soon, in the next 15 years, the next five, it'll be half the military.
In the next 15 years, this is the military's own futurist reports, what they're saying they're going to do.
And they do what they say they're going to do, folks.
The military's very good about this.
They're planning.
They've got unlimited cash.
And they've researched all the greatest minds.
90% of college research is for them.
Even psychological research.
It's just all for them.
That we're going to have robots on every street corner.
It's going to be like iRobot.
The Isaac Asimov book.
And they're going to be there.
And they're going to be pre-programmed.
And they're going to do whatever they're told.
The globalists... Again, the globalists carried out 9-11, folks.
They had a drill on 9-11.
The so-called Arab hijackers, we have complete mainstream documentation, were CIA officers, thought they were part of a drill.
Gas was released.
They were killed on board the aircraft.
Remote control took over.
They flew them into the towers.
NORAD stood down thinking it was part of the drill.
I mean, again...
The USA Today headline, the exact drill, the exact thing, Pentagon and World Trade Center targeted, happening at the exact same time.
That was the cover story.
So the globalists are going to be able to do things like this on a much wider scale.
They could even let the drones attack us publicly and then say, oh, somebody hacked in and did it.
There's so many things they can do, and that's why the elite's so arrogant.
And that's why, I think they're going to need a draft, but at the same time...
They're not going to need a draft in five, ten years because they're not going to need humans anymore.
And humans won't mind going and working if it's just overseeing and programming a droid.
That's another good word for it.
Droid or battle mech, combat mech, armies.
So here it is.
You can go read it at Infowars.com, presentplanet.com, right now.
All right, we'll get to your calls next segment immediately.
Promise you.
And I'm Alex Jones, your host.
So this is why the government's so arrogant.
They've put in their electronic voting machines that still have a right to vote.
They're putting in their robots, their drones.
The drones are already over U.S.
That's admitted.
Just type drones over U.S.
It's already here, folks.
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We're good to go.
I think?
Call now.
Operators are standing by to receive your call.
You know, during the break, I was talking to the great folks that run the broadcast, and we were talking about how these robots will operate.
They've already said
It'll just roll right up to you, say in a combat situation, it'll have face scans of the people that it wants to terminate, and it will, you know, machine gun you.
And they're saying they're going to load this into these robots.
And the fellow running the show says, yeah, just like the Terminator.
That's what the face scanning cameras, all of this is about.
And what was that movie with Tom Selleck?
Runaway, where they pre-programmed the robots to go commit murders.
And it's set like in 2015 or something.
Turned out to be pretty accurate.
And they've got the bullets that chase people.
Those were given to the military a couple years ago.
They actually have guns.
Handheld guns that shoot a bullet.
A little rocket out that actually follows you.
And this is what we're talking about.
All of this to oppress and control us.
Scott in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Scott.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Scott.
Scott's not there.
Hey, thanks.
Alex, I just wanted to highlight a couple of things.
One, it's easy to seem like we're small and insignificant and powerless in the face of all of these horrendous things that the globalists are trying to put on us.
I would just like to encourage everybody to do what you can do and
Two things.
One is resist this appointment of Negroponte, the murderer, and let your voice be heard to your congressmen.
Pound the phones and just let them know you're there.
Be sure and link him to him being in charge of the death squads and go that route.
Then the other thing is with the Social Security privatization scam, the big looting scam,
And, you know, a lot of the Democrats are on to it.
I know Nancy Pelosi sees through Negroponte.
They see through it.
She don't like him.
And she sees through the Social Security privatization scam as well.
And so, you know, I was just thinking of things that you can do because, you know, you see all these things.
And you're like, man, what can we do about it?
Well, Scott, look at who they're putting into positions of power.
I mean, it's people who are for unlimited torture.
Gonzalo says we can torture somebody to death, and if we didn't mean to kill them, it's not torture.
Organ failure is not torture, and we've got just almost everybody up there is just psychopathic.
Oh, it's amazing.
I mean, these guys could be like...
You know, bosom buddies with Jeffrey Dahmer or something.
I mean, it's just a crew of Freddy Kruegers.
Yeah, that's right.
And I was thinking, too, this is exactly, exactly, and I know you've talked about this before, but this is exactly the pre-positioning that Hitler was doing pre-Nazi Germany sat on the stage for, you know, all the atrocities that were perpetrated against the Germans.
I mean, it's exactly the same thing.
I was trying to... Well, look, the folks running things, their fathers funded it and ran it and did the whole thing.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, thank you.
Tony in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
All right, well, it's Tori in Pennsylvania.
It's Tori, yes.
We'll try to figure this out in a minute.
Go ahead.
I just wanted to say that the other day I work in purchasing for a surgery center.
And the business office manager said, well, we're looking into buying a thumb scan.
For like people who come in and sign in time cards and things like that.
And I told them, don't you dare buy that.
I said, don't you even think about it.
And they said, well, don't worry, Tori.
It was too expensive and we're going to go with the thumb key.
And I said, you know what?
I said, don't you even, you know, it was like a punch pad that they were going to do instead.
And I said, don't, you know, I won't even.
I said, if you even get something where it has a thumb scan on it, I said, I will not use it.
I said, I will
Claim that it's against my religious beliefs.
You know, I just thought, that's terrible.
And I'm originally from San Diego, California.
And for me to live in Washington, Pennsylvania, this podunk little town, for them to even look into something like that, I just couldn't believe it.
It's thousands of businesses, department stores, grocery stores, gas stations, to clock in the employees at the thumb scan.
And, you know, they're selling it to them, oh, it'll stop fraud.
And to a certain extent, that's true.
The problem is the feds say we're going to have to thumb scan every time we swipe our national ID card as part of the new national sales tax.
So it's part of this control grid.
That's why we have to resist it.
So this came home to roost for you.
Yes, it did.
And even I had a...
Yeah, stay there.
Let's talk about it.
By law, you're going to have to thumb scan to get on the computer if they have their way.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
About four years ago, Bill Gates came out and he said, we want to replace passwords to get online, to get on your computer.
With a biometric thumbprint.
And the government has talked about making it the law, why it'll stop hacking.
It will let us know the true identity of everyone on the internet and whatever they're doing, and we'll be able to track back where viruses are coming from and where spam's coming from and where all this stuff's happening.
Of course, there's already programs to fool the machine to get the biometric algorithm code that your unique identifier, your human number, let he who has understanding reckon the number.
It is the number of a man.
It's incredible.
Already, most laptops that are coming out now, a lot of them, have a little thumbprint on them.
And a lot of companies are making people log in and log out with these.
And we've been warning people for a long time.
There's a bunch of different cities that make their employees log in and out with thumbprints.
That's been going on for at least two years.
And again, it's going to be mandatory across the system to track and trace everything you do.
But Tory in Pennsylvania finished up what you were saying.
So not only are they trying to put these in at your work...
You said autoclave, so it must be a medical facility.
That's a sterilization pressurized system that sterilizes the instruments for those that don't know.
And then somebody comes in, you say, and they have their little thumb scanner system?
Yes, they get on their laptop and they scan their thumb and then they start doing whatever they need to do.
And so I had asked them some questions.
And I said, well, that's pretty interesting, you know.
And he says, well, this is the same type of laptop that the military is using now.
He says, but the only problem with it is if I take it home and I take a shower at night, he says, I can't log in with my sun scan because you have to have the oils on your skin to be able to use it.
And I thought, that is really interesting.
I just thought that was an interesting little tidbit of news.
Well, I think the oil makes the imprint on the glass that it actually scans.
But that just seems kind of like a strange flaw or something.
Well, it sounds like this is probably a really cheap thumb scanner component.
I talked to an engineer in Austin who was running a whole plant a couple years ago just making nothing but thumb readers.
And they're down to just a few bucks.
That's right.
All part of the new freedom.
Anything else, Tori?
Just a couple of things about I have a son who's in high school and when he was in Christian school for a long time and then he went to the public school and a lot of people have suggested that oh you should sign up for the gifted kids program and this and that so me not knowing any different I you know checked into it and they said oh well he'll have to have a psychiatric evaluation before he can be accepted into this gifted program and I said no thanks.
And also, since he is in high school now, they're implementing that all seniors take the ASVAB test.
And their reason being is that, oh, well, if they're not passing high school, this ASVAB test will give them a couple more points so that they can pass high school and move on.
And I just wanted to say, no, what's the real reason behind that?
Well, for those who don't know, tell them what that test is.
The ASVAB is the military entrance test.
Yeah, and again, Congress passed this last year, or now it's two years ago.
Wow, time's flying.
Back in 2003, about a year and a half ago,
Where they get to recruit, the school gets money if they give them that military test, and that all goes right into their databanks so they know who to draft when that time comes.
They've set back up the draft boards, all of it.
But really interesting call, Tori.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, that's what's going on.
Of course, you know Pennsylvania has already had the new Freedom Initiative implemented.
It's one of the test 10 states.
Austin, Texas has it going on.
They're now trying to implement it against all students, and a lot of parents aren't even told.
They're now trying to start it.
We've got to fight it.
Forced psychological testing.
So, oh, your child is an underachiever.
They need to be psychologically tested.
Oh, your child's an overachiever.
We need to psychologically test them.
It always starts out like that.
Oh, we just drug test you if you're on the football team, or if you're in the band, or the drill team, or a cheerleader.
And then, oh, if you're going to be able to check out library books, we have to drug test you.
Or if you park your car at the school campus, we have to drug test you.
And then now it's, oh, we're just going to drug test everyone in the school every three months.
But what happened to the Fourth Amendment?
Well, this is to stop drugs.
You just let your children go do it.
I mean, this is how they operate.
Let's talk to Ken in New York, then Terry and others.
Ken, go ahead.
Good morning, Alex.
I'm starting to think more and more that the neoconservatives are the biggest threat to the country.
And a good example of that is one day last week, I got three pieces of mail, all these three pieces, and every one was a neocon solicitation.
And I'm sure you get them periodically.
That's because you're, what, a real conservative and have been involved in conservative causes in the past?
I guess, yeah, I guess so.
I mean, I left the Republican Party in 96, and I haven't given to a Republican organization or a neocon outfit since then.
Same here.
Same here, and I still get their junk mail.
So, one was from the Washington Times National Weekly Edition.
President writes a little letter on the back of the solicitation saying that we're going to fight with President Bush and fight for his conservative values and against the Democrats and blah, blah, blah, blah.
And then the other two are for two so-called conservative book clubs, but they're really neoconservative book clubs.
And one is this outfit, the American Compass.
I don't know if you've heard of this one.
And they call themselves the conservative alternative.
They're based in Washington or around the Washington area.
So the front cover of their solicitation has voices you respect.
And two of the three people that we're supposed to respect or that conservatives are supposed to respect are Newt Gingrich and our good friend Ann Coulter.
And, you know, I'm looking at her picture and she's not even a
Natural blonde.
I thought she was a natural blonde.
She's not even a natural blonde.
And they quote her as saying, here's her quote, I am often asked if I still think we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.
The answer is, now more than ever.
End quote.
So this is supposed to be a conservative call.
What's the point about her being a bleach blonde?
Well, I always...
A lot of these neocon organizations are trying to portray her as a Marilyn Monroe type of... Let me tell you, and I'm not saying this meanly, I don't usually get into how people look, but I saw Ann Coulter from about six feet away...
Walking into the RNC, and I literally was taken aback.
She was like a kind of stumbling, gating, anorexic-looking, frightening.
I mean, she was vampiric, actually radiating evil.
No, I'm not joking, sir.
And she is uglier than Janet Reno.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, I'm serious, folks.
I mean, I talked about how Janet Reno, when I confronted her at the Presidential Library here and it made Reuters and the Associated Press, I dubbed her the Butcher of Waco, Reno.
And brought up Waco.
And how she sent in Delta Force to kill the Davidians.
And she just made this demonic little smile at me.
It was one of the only times in my life I just saw evil.
And I described it as vampiric looking.
Suddenly she had this dead looking face.
Suddenly this evil animation came into it.
And I saw Ann Coulter.
I looked up and it was Ann Coulter.
I've had special forces before when I'm out covering black helicopter attacks in South Texas.
Arrest me and take my tape.
That even made World Net Daily.
I mean, I'm not afraid of troops around me with machine guns, you know, or chasing me through the woods with dune buggies chasing me, you know, men in black masks.
But I literally, Janet Reno made me step back when she just, like, flashed the demon at me, is the way I described it.
And when I saw Ann Coulter, I was like, what is that?
I mean, she looked, she could go be a star in a vampire movie right now.
I mean, I just cannot describe it.
And on TV they go, oh, she's so beautiful.
She's so, oh, she's so, oh.
And, you know, I've had Ann Coulter on this show.
She's like, oh, the Patriot doesn't affect citizens.
And I said, well, Section 802.
That's a lie.
She goes, I haven't read it.
But you wrote a book about it.
So they built, look, it's simple.
The Democrats are a straw man.
They're controlled.
They're evil.
They're corrupt.
And their counterparts, voting for all the same stuff and getting it all passed, are the neocons.
And so, they build up the Democrats and then knock down the strongman.
And the Democrats build the Republicans up as a strongman and knock it down.
I mean, it's like WWF wrestling or good cop, bad cop.
Depending which side of the spectrum you're on, you see the other side as the bad cop and your side the good cop.
I mean, it's a joke, people.
It's just the oldest joke in the world.
And, uh...
You know, here's the analogy.
There's an old scam where, out in the parking lot, a good-looking woman, you know, is going, don't do that to me, no!
And, you know, the mean man acts like he hits her, and then she runs up to you and goes, save me, let me in your car, help me.
And you're like, okay, baby.
And she gets in with you and pulls a gun and goes, pull over, Mac.
And, you know, they rob you.
And so if you're a Democrat, you see the Democrats as the woman needing help, and it's good, and the evil Republicans are the man that just smacked her.
And if you're a Republican, you see the Republican Party as the woman.
And they're a team, folks!
It's a con game!
I mean, how do I explain this to you?
I mean, how do I get through to you?
Terry in Washington State.
Terry, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, good morning, Alex.
You were talking about robotics...
The first of the month, about the 9th of February, they launched from what used to be a little fishing boat.
You know, they used to put caulking in and paint the wooden boats, and then they started making steel fishing boats.
Well, now a corporation called the Titan Corporation, CEO is Gene Ray, they just were going to launch on the 9th,
What was called the Seafire Experimental X-Craft.
Well, they had all the dignitaries, congressmen... Tell me what this is.
Fishing boats.
I don't understand.
Well, they've taken a little fishing village type boat repair and made it into a wartime production for these X-Craft.
These X-Craft are catamarans.
They sit low in the water like a submarine.
When they get up on the pontoons, they're going 60 miles an hour.
They're only about 262 feet long, but when they were going to prison the boat, they had to call it off because the eye bolt on a drone helicopter broke and killed one and injured two.
So they had to call the prisoning off for two days.
But this...
This thing is going to have a crew of 16 Navy and 10 members of the Coast Guard, so they're going to be using them locally.
They also, for, let's see, it says the X-Craft will be used for anti-submarine work, amphibious landing support, cargo transport.
But it's not robotic, so.
Yeah, yeah, it was a drone that hit and killed the guy.
Okay, I'm confused now.
You're saying when they were setting up for the event to launch the first of one of these crafts, a helicopter drone crashed?
It was on the crane.
They were putting the last minute preparations on it.
Now I'm even more confused.
A crane, a helicopter, or a boat?
Which is the robot?
It's a drone helicopter.
The eye bolt, which was on top of it, being lifted by the crane...
Okay, but I thought we were talking about a boat.
We are.
This is a small, mini, flat-top aircraft carrier, it looks like.
Oh, I understand, and so they were out there, and then a drone helicopter crashed.
It didn't crash.
It broke the eye bolt on the cable.
And fell down, yeah, I understand.
Yeah, yeah.
Crashed, yeah.
So this whole thing is an electronics laboratory, which is going to be offshore.
Where you can't get to it.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
Very interesting.
And I might as well reintroduce this now, since a lot of folks probably just joined us.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Pentagon prepares to build $70 billion in robot army.
Next five years, $265 billion.
Pentagon budgeting for this new high-tech stuff.
And it's $70 billion in...
Well, here's the headline.
The Pentagon is spending $70 billion on programs to build heavily armored robots for the battlefield in the hope that future wars will be fought without the loss of its soldiers' lives.
And then this also depersonalizes killing.
We've got a generation of young people that have grown up playing these games where you walk around and pull people's guts out and cut people's heads off and machine gun them.
Murder children and rape women and get bonus points.
These are the most popular games where you're flying drone aircraft and doing sophisticated maneuvers.
These are like really flying the aircraft.
But it's even getting away from pilots controlling them.
These are pre-programmed systems, and this will allow the elite to control it all without the military even going along with it.
Chris, you're on the air.
Where are you calling us from, Chris?
New Mexico, Alex.
Welcome, sir.
Yes, sir.
Just a quick note.
I heard on Gary Brownfield this morning that, followed by the name of, I think his name is Markovich, or the one in Philadelphia that was arrested for preaching at the gay parade there.
Mark Markovich.
He and four out of the five, all the charges on that were dropped.
So before they were still charging, they dropped them.
Yeah, there's one girl, I guess she's underage, I guess she's 17 or something.
There's still something going on with her, but... Yeah, because through the juvenile courts, because that's a new system developed in the last 30 years, they violate the Constitution, so they'll probably try to convict her, yeah.
Yeah, probably so.
Well, anyway...
But anyway, he's now saying that he's going to sue the city of Philadelphia because the prosecutor just couldn't come up with anything.
Well, we played the audio, what, last week.
They didn't say anything, did nothing.
They stood there on the street corner at the city.
And they said, we don't like your prayers.
You're going to be arrested.
Yeah, absolutely.
On a different topic.
That's great news, by the way.
It is good news, yeah.
I was thrilled when I heard that.
On the topic of technology and thumb scanners and all this kind of stuff,
I have been in the computer business pretty much all of my adult life.
The people that we consider to be the scourge of the Internet today, these hackers that get into huge systems, like the ones just a few days ago where they got thousands of customer records and all of that, don't underestimate those people.
What we consider to be the scourge today, those people just may end up being our saviors.
Because they've got the knowledge, they've got the talent, they've got obviously nothing but time to sit there and figure out what the technology is doing.
And I guarantee you, to make it a capital crime, what the globalists are going to do is, they're going to remote control drones, I predict the next five years, crash them, and then blame it on some zit-faced kid.
You watch.
Well, that could be, but I mean... No, no, listen, right before they try to pass internet-controlling laws, we always catch the government launching its own hack attacks.
I'll tell you what, stay there.
I'll let you finish up on the other side.
Very interesting call, Chris.
And we'll continue with wide-open phones today.
There's so much other news.
I've got this amazing article out of Canada.
Mainstream news, he sees hidden signs, occult clues in the legislature.
Researcher says, professor says...
Are you kidding me?
Austin City Council is a giant satanic embassy.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Folks, all I try to do is to get you to wake up to the control grid that's being built around you, and then you can say, well, that's just technology.
No, no.
They're saying they're going to use it to control you.
And then the government, the criminal elements that control it, carry out attacks, carry out crises.
Over and over again, we've caught them to then act like they're our saviors and get us to give up our liberties and go along with them.
Finishing up with what you were saying, Chris, go ahead.
Well, I hadn't thought about the ramifications of, you know, them blaming the hackers on, you know, some huge explosion or, you know, a bunch of people getting killed or whatever.
We've already tracked a lot of these hacks and things back to the government.
I mean, literally, there'll be hacks the day before they, you know, pass some internet regulation law and then it leads back to Laneley.
They're attacking us.
It's them.
Well, this is all developing into something that looks a great deal like the Matrix, you know?
Did you read three years ago the Pentagon Hive Mind?
Just type in Pentagon's... Pentagon talks about Hive Mind or Pentagon Hive Mind.
A Borg?
You'll get Sydney Morning Herald.
You'll get Associated Press.
And when it popped up, the Federation of American Scientists got the documents and put them out.
They have an agreement with DARPA.
And it was the Pentagon through DARPA saying that we're going to go to a new evolutionary level.
This is an official report, and it will all be in pods.
And then we're actually going to, quote, evolve into being in pods, and we're all going to be interconnected with these brain caps and these microchips in our brains.
And then when I called the scientist's name, the head of the project group, I called her the day it came out, and she goes, how do you know about this?
This is just, literally, I'm talking to the scientist.
You can read her name in the article.
She goes, how do you know about this?
And I said, well, it's in the news.
She went, excuse me, I have to go.
No, I'm not kidding.
That's how much touch they've lost.
Oh, man.
I'm not kidding.
I'm not kidding.
That sounds so much like the Borg.
I mean, you know, literally.
Resistance is futile.
No kidding.
You will be assimilated.
But listen, these people don't even know.
They think it's so normal.
They just put it down.
And then there's newspaper articles, and we're the first to call.
And I'm like, hello, professor.
Hello, ma'am.
I'd like to have you on.
I mean, literally, you should have heard this.
And she's like, what?
This is a project.
We're not supposed to talk about this.
Well, it's in the Sydney Morning Herald.
How did you know about this?
Thank you.
One more quick question.
Did I hear you say that you have two chihuahuas?
My wife does, yes.
Oh, blame it on your wife.
Alex, we all thought you... You stand up and you say that you're a real man, and then you admit that you have two chihuahuas?
I've got a really cute little three-pound one named Conan that sits in my lap, and I do like him.
I'm pulling your leg, but... I give him kisses.
I had to give your leg a good pull on that one.
No, I don't have the stud dogs.
I also have a Boston Terrier.
And I love that dog.
It's the most sweetie pie.
They're smart, too, aren't they?
Oh, this dog is so smart, yeah.
Like a person.
Thanks for the call.
Sometimes I think my dog is a person.
No, the Chihuahuas do annoy me, though, sometimes.
But my wife loves them.
They're like children, I tell you.
All right, very important information we're now discussing with Chihuahuas.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
TGIF, ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday, 18th day of February 2005.
And I'm your host...
Alex Jones, got about two hours left in this transmission against tyranny.
Brett and Mark and Dale and Johnny and others, your calls are coming up.
Last hour, we talk about the Pentagon prepares to build $70 billion robot army, London Telegraph, and they openly say to replace combat troops, not just the aircraft.
Of course, this will allow a tiny elite to circumvent the normal conscience that the troops might have to go against their own people.
And it's just one more brick in the Cashless Society slave grid.
Also, an interesting article out of the Winnipeg Sun.
Mainstream news, folks.
He sees hidden signs, occult clues at legislature, researcher.
One of a well-known Winnipeg landmark was really an architectural talisman built to the specifications of the same divine blueprints found in ancient temples.
Not buying it?
Read on.
University of Winnipeg researcher Frank Albo has spent years collecting evidence suggesting the floor plans at Manitoba's legislative building might be more occult-based than anyone guessed.
Folks, it's admitted that the entire Capitol grounds of the U.S.
Capitol and all of the monuments of D.C.
openly are occult.
I mean, it's not debatable.
And the new Austin City Council, three six-story buildings with all these bronze talismans, and there was the newspaper calling it a church with the Wiccans in there consecrating it.
And this is interesting because they're just coming right out with it, and by the end of the article they say it's a good thing, and yeah, a lot of the big capitals are laid out like this, and oh, we're a secret society, but it's all good.
So it's pretty weird.
We'll look over that.
Plus the tragic blast that kills at least 29 in Baghdad.
Four different blasts.
And we'll talk more about the Iranian explosion.
Set off fears of attack.
Protester threw a shoe at Richard Pearl.
And man blinded at Guantanamo Bay.
The London Evening Standard reports on this.
Hitting the eye, gowns down.
Well, that's not torture.
It's friendly.
Gouging eyes down.
According to Alberto Gonzalez.
Of course, another person was hung by their arms until they died, suffocated, because this is a form of crucifixion.
That's how you died on the cross, was you couldn't breathe, couldn't support yourself.
And a lot of people die when they hang them up by their arms.
But, hey, you know, Alberto Gonzalez says it's not torture if they didn't mean to kill him.
I mean, if you die, yeah, so what?
It's all part of freedom.
Gotta learn about this.
Plus, they might be Al-Qaeda.
Army's own report says 70-90% of those in the camps are completely innocent, didn't have their papers in order, but so what?
We should worry about Iraq, not about China.
Of course, China's military moves worry lawmakers, but... Court, some good news, says no right to licenses for illegals.
But don't tell Lord Bush that.
That's just some of what's coming up after we take some of your calls.
Come on to the next segment.
Right now, let's go ahead and talk to Brett in Washington.
Brett, welcome.
How are you doing today?
Hey, Alex.
Good, sir.
Well, a couple weeks ago, you had that state trooper from Utah talking about taking the blood samples.
Yeah, in Nevada, they just, not Nevada, in Arizona, they just suck it out of you right through on the side of the road.
Well, that reminded me of a couple years ago.
I went and renewed my state driver's license, or what you refer to as the national ID card.
And, of course, they tell you to sign within the box there.
Well, I asked the lady, what am I signing to?
Typically, what a lot of people don't understand, when you apply your signature to something, you're entering into a contract.
Yeah, there's a biometric signature.
They don't even show you the contract.
Right, and I'm going, well, what am I signing here?
Usually when I put my signature, I'm agreeing to certain terms and conditions.
He's like, how dare you ask?
That's extreme to ask what you're signing.
Only Al-Qaeda does it.
I'll tell you what, stay there.
Yeah, we're talking to a real radical, folks.
He asked what he's signing.
Didn't your parents tell you, never ask what you're signing, just sign whatever's put in front of you?
That's freedom.
It's freedom in Russia, it's freedom in Germany, and it's freedom here.
We've got to watch extremists that want to read what they sign.
You've got to watch them carefully.
We'll be back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
There's a mainstream news article out of the Winnipeg Sun.
As a top architectural professor goes public that most of your government buildings are actually laid out in a pagan design.
Well, this is admitted.
And so I want to get into the occult nature of the New World Order and talk a little bit about some of the stuff that we see in architecture and how it's a form of communication they use.
I've written some articles on Infowars.com, the elite Illuminati language hidden in plain view, and this is something they admit.
But again, it's a joke that it's right in front of us and we can't even see it.
It's in the corporate symbols, the all-seeing eyes.
In the pyramids, in the... It's just all around you.
And so we'll get into that also more about how our whole military is going to shift over into robotic forces.
This out of the London Telegraph.
Pentagon prepares to build $70 billion in robot army.
$70 billion to replace the troops by 2010.
Right now we're talking to Brett in Washington.
Brett, finish up your points.
Well, as I was saying, with the driver's license, I was asking her, well, what am I assigning here?
And she goes, well, you've got to sign to have a driver's license.
And so I said, well...
Everything that's in this box, is that going to be on my driver's license?
She said yes.
Before I signed in that box, I put all rights reserved, of course, because she wasn't able to explain to what I was signing to and agreeing to.
So I put all rights reserved and then signed my name.
It was printed on my driver's license.
And following that, I've been pulled over several times.
I don't know if it's just coincidental.
Yeah, I'm sure it is.
Yeah, but I've never gotten a ticket.
The other thing I wanted to talk to you about is that I'm a yearly subscriber to Prison Planet and that Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus, I live up here outside of Oak Harbor.
Within that film, the Oak Harbor Airlines, the co-owner of that and his connection down to the flight schools down there in Venice,
It was very interesting and a couple years ago, I don't know if you recall Alex, up here there was the Israelis, the Ryder truck, late at night delivering the furniture and they had the explosives in there.
The explosives residue, yes.
Right, and that just kind of disappeared.
But I thought that was interesting how the co-owners of those flight schools down there also had connections from Israel.
And their connections within that video.
Well, it's an excellent documentary and we have it posted at prisonplanet.tv and it really focuses in on the hijackers themselves.
I appreciate your call and appreciate you being a subscriber to Prison Planet.
Let's talk to now Mark in Michigan.
Mark, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Your caller earlier was talking about the thumb scanning in public buildings and government buildings.
One of the things to keep in mind is
The military's been using it.
It's called Radionics.
And if you put your thumb on something, be it a glass or whatever, they can take the oils and actually figure out your frequency.
And they do it.
The military's doing it.
And they even use it in agriculture also.
But they can broadcast different frequencies to your frequency.
And put negative energies into you to impact your health.
Well, I've never heard of that.
And we're talking about biometrics that the military uses and that now grocery stores and everything's shifting over to it scans a part of your body or your voice or your walk or your retina, everything that's individual to you, and then it creates a digital calculation and then assesses a number to that.
And that's what I was talking about.
Okay, well, this even builds on it more that you do have an individual frequency, and once they've got it, they can dial into it, and they can impact your health.
All right, well, thanks for the call.
I appreciate that.
Dale in Ohio.
Dale, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, hello, Alex.
I was going to let you know about two Sundays ago just how the propaganda goes here.
I turned on the news in the morning, and there was Donald Rumsfeld
And he was on every local station talking about the agenda in Iraq and why we're doing well in our troop deployment.
We're just on par with what he feels they should be.
And he was on Meet the Press on Channel 4.
He was on This Week on Channel 6 and on Face the Nation on Channel 10.
And he was talking about all the same things on each channel, wearing the same tie, the same suit, the same shirt.
And even the same emblem that was on his jacket.
It's like it was pre-recorded, and then they put him on at all three stations so that any station you turn to, you're getting the same message from him.
Now, was it... I mean, obviously he can go to... It's called doing the rounds.
Was he being interviewed by different people on each show, or was it the same exact comments on every show?
He was being interviewed by different people on each show.
Yeah, but I mean, that's...
I think what you're getting at, though, is when you watch the three different nightly news shows, literally you can flip channels most nights, and they finish each other's sentences.
It's the same news in the same order with the same drug company sponsors, and it just shows the incredible level of control.
Thousands of members of the press are paid by the government to lie.
It's not hundreds, it is thousands, folks.
And they also have hundreds of fake reporters that we know about who aren't even reporters, who actually go plant questions and stage things.
They're getting caught more and more, but go ahead.
Yes, and also here in Columbus, they're bringing a deal up for an assault weapons ban locally here in Columbus.
Well, that's the point.
That's what guns are supposed to do.
Yes, and so now they put this stuff on TV to make people believe that assault weapons are used to kill everyone.
Well, in reality, most murders and crimes are committed with handguns or shotguns.
But, I mean, what does it matter?
Because there are criminals out there, we need our right to defend ourselves.
Now, were they firing semi-automatic or fully automatic rifles?
They were firing semi-automatic rifles at this time.
Yeah, well, I mean, number one, that's not an assault weapon, and that's just a military term.
I mean, if I come at you with a hammer, it's an assault hammer, and it's just more semantical games.
Thanks for the call.
Toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
We're wide open phones on this Friday edition.
Look, we'll talk about gun propaganda.
They're about to ban guns, period, in San Francisco.
Arnold has banned different types of rifles.
Banned them.
You can't even have them.
They're banning ammo in major cities like L.A., already banned at sale, above certain calibers, what, above .40 caliber.
All of this is happening.
Governor Pataki has helped get through laws so they can now sue gun manufacturers.
The NRA argued last year in federal court that all guns should be registered.
Our supposed gun supporters are doing this.
The NRA was in the Associated Press last week.
Supporting thumb printing, biometric thumb scanning for anyone that buys a gun in Massachusetts.
Total registration.
I mean, who needs enemies when you've got the NRA?
But again, the average person reads the NRA magazine.
Everything's fine.
They didn't oppose Albuquerque Gonzalez, who says he wants more to the assault weapons ban.
He wants more gun control.
This guy's like Bill Clinton.
He was an Enron lawyer, pro-abortion guy, open borders promoter, member of Mecha, La Raza.
Hispanic clan groups.
I mean, he's just a monster.
NRA endorses him.
Man, he was for gun control.
We endorse him.
And you talk about demonization of the Second Amendment.
All over Austin, they've got these big billboards on the sides of the buses that say, Report Illegal Guns.
And it shows a revolver.
Revolvers are not illegal in Texas, or in most states.
Only in a few cities you have to get a, quote, permit for them.
And people are confused by this, and so they think revolvers are illegal.
And then very small, and they run these all over the country, we've been talking about this for years, very small under it, it says, in the commission of a crime.
But you have to walk up to the bus, get two feet from it,
To read the small print that's about a centimeter high, maybe two centimeters high, this little bitty print in the commission of a crime, but all you see is, Report Illegal Guns!
And you've got a dumbed-down, drooling public, again, that doesn't know how many continents there are, how many states there are, who governors are.
I mean, they know nothing.
They can't name two Supreme Court justices.
They can't tell you how many members there are.
That's why they keep going, this liberal Supreme Court.
Seven of them were appointed by Republicans.
It's just twilight.
And so they think.
The cops even have a feeling like guns are illegal.
I pull you over.
You got any guns?
They watch NYPD Blue where it's set in New York where guns are illegal.
And the general public watches that.
It's like children.
I mean, children are smarter than this.
I'm just so out of tune, so led astray.
It frustrates me.
And these billboards are up on the streets, they're all over the buses, they're all over the country.
Report illegal guns, report illegal guns, report illegal guns.
And Bush has doubled the BATF funding in the last four years.
He just announced he's going to double it again.
Talking about quadrupling.
Now, and they just finished some gigantic new BATF building in D.C., one of the biggest government buildings in U.S.
I mean, they're not... But the NRA tells you go to sleep.
So, all right, I guess everything's fine.
We're about to lose the Second Amendment here, and you're driving around with your NRA sticker, your George W. Sportsman for Bush.
I don't like that Alex.
He's a liberal.
He's a liberal.
I'm going to turn my guns in because I'm a conservative.
Well, go ahead.
Just do it.
I don't like you.
I like Arnold.
He's conservative.
I think we ought to have a foreigner as president.
I'll turn my guns into it.
Let me ride my bike.
It's like nothing else on Earth.
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The stage is being set for the reemergence of gold as the common-sense alternative to a fiat paper currency that gets weakened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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I think?
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All right, Johnny, John, John, Aldo, Allie, your calls are all coming up, and I want to accelerate through them now, very quickly.
Let's go ahead and talk to Johnny in Canada.
Hey there, how's it going?
Go ahead.
Good, sir.
I was wondering if you are aware of a movie coming out in, I think, 2006 called The Beast.
I think I saw something about it on the internet, yeah, where it's saying Jesus didn't exist.
I mean, I just don't want to give it attention.
Yeah, it's pretty bad.
Okay, and another thing, I bought one of your movies, Road to Tyranny.
Love it.
I want to make copies, although because I'm wondering if you've run up against this, I can't seem to successfully burn it.
To another DVD because your movie's too big.
Actually, too much information.
It's a DVD 9.
You need to set your burner to a DVD 9 and you're not going to be able to buy a bigger DVD to burn it on there.
Okay, because I've just been checking your extras instead to get it to actually get onto a regular DVD.
I've got that from a lot of folks, and we didn't do that intentionally.
It's just a DVD-9.
Is your new film going to be smaller or more compact?
We're trying.
That's what I'm doing right now is I'm cutting.
And another thing, I'm currently doing something here in Vancouver around rush hour.
I've got a nice big banner that goes across the overpass with...
I mean, the negative one doesn't make sense because...
I mean, they're not going to be saved by, you know, this conspiracy, right?
Well, they want to be slaves.
Listen, being a slave is wonderful.
Maybe that's what they want to do.
Yeah, well, the psychopathic elite.
What percentage are flipping you off?
I'm getting ready for the cops to, like, scoop me up, because I'm sure there's probably going to be some type of a problem.
Yeah, it may be Al-Qaeda-ish to be hanging up a sign.
No, but I mean, what percentage wave and honk, and what percentage are giving you the money?
I would say, like, out of ten people, they wave out of, like, one person giving me the money.
We'll see right there.
I mean, 1% of people are pretty evil.
Thanks for the call.
I really do appreciate what you're doing.
That is very exciting, Johnny.
Keep it up.
And take a photo of that.
I want to see it.
John in Texas.
John, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, Alex.
Good, sir.
How you doing?
I haven't talked to you in a long time, man.
My schedule changed.
Well, that's okay.
It's good to hear from you today, John.
I wanted to say thank you for all your work, and first I want to just say what I do as an encouragement for other people that think that they can't do anything about it.
What I do in my own free time is I go on the Internet, go on your site, go on other sites, and print out this proof of information with good sources, and I hand them out to people in coffee shops, and I pack them up in these coffee shops all the time.
And it's like they can't argue with proof.
They can't argue with that.
They can't label me as a kook or a wacko or whatever.
I'm like, well, here's the proof.
Read it for yourself.
I'm sure you're smart enough.
And it works.
I've had so many people at birth say, no, no, no, that's not true.
And then I show them, and then they're just dead silent.
Show me the proof.
Because they can't deny it.
Oh, absolutely.
That's why it's important that we all stay on issues that we can prove.
And then we're effective.
Yeah, I've had so many people ask me, well, what about aliens?
I'm like, I can't prove aliens, man.
I can't prove that.
So I stick with issues I can prove.
You know, I can prove there's a CFR.
I can prove that there's a black-fledged government in the United States.
I can prove that stuff.
I can prove chemtrails and all these things.
You know, but I stay away from chupacabras and all that crap, you know?
I hear you.
Listen, keep it up.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you.
Let's talk to John in Canada.
John, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Hi, how are you doing?
I'm a big fan of yours.
Well, I'm a big fan of you.
What's going on?
Geez, you know, starting a couple years ago, I came at the 9-11 controversy with a rather unique perspective.
What I did is I centered myself on only two pieces of evidence.
There was the FBI alleging that General Lamad from the ISI funded Mohammed Adda, who's alleged to be the mastermind ringleader for the terrorist atrocity.
And, of course, he's gone unarrested.
And the other piece of evidence that I centered a couple years on was Jim Miklaveshki at MSNBC was provided the top-secret presidential directive strategy that came out of Condoleezza Rice's office, a strategy...
No, it's admitted.
Bush had the orders two days before to launch the attack on Afghanistan on September 12th.
Tell you what, stay there.
We'll let you comment on that on the other side.
What you said is absolutely right on.
Those are just two of the key points that we cover on Road to Journey.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, going back to John in Canada.
And for those that don't know, it's the cover of Time Magazine this week, the nuclear scientist, con of con laboratories.
A merchant in nuclear death.
Yeah, for the U.S.
government, Clinton signed orders ordering the FBI to leave him alone.
So did George Bush.
That was part of W1999.
We have Pakistan intelligence, admittedly wiring $100,000 to Muhammad Adam, the head of intelligence meeting, the man who wired it with Porter Goss and others in the morning of 9-11.
Bush Sr.
at the Ritz-Carlton at a Carlaw Group function at the head table with the Heslam and Lawton family.
Two days before that, he was at the very same Florida resort where Muhammad Atta and the hijackers were staying.
That was even in the major newspaper there in Florida where it was.
It's just, when you start putting this thing together, it's ridiculous.
And we know they were running drills six months before, two months before, two weeks before, a week before, and that morning...
...of flying hijacked jets into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
And NORAD thought it was part of the drill, and those so-called hijackers that we know were CIA agents got on board those aircraft and thought it was part of the drill.
A week before, actor James Woods, famous actor...
And he went on Fox News and ABC about this.
He was on board an American Airlines flight.
Muhammad Atta and three other guys were there.
He said they were doing simulated hijackings.
He got on the plane at a connection and called the police.
The FBI said, you shut your mouth.
This is part of national security.
That's right, folks.
Strange it was James Woods.
I guess that was good fortune because nobody would have listened to him who wasn't a famous actor.
And award-winning actor.
By the way, it's so obvious.
By the grace of God, we have all this information.
But the two points you like to focus on, John, go ahead.
Yeah, like as I was saying, wow, you know, there's just a couple other things that I could just throw in there.
Hold on.
Go over the two things you mentioned slowly and in some detail for people.
Okay, sure.
That would be great.
Like General Ahmad, as you were saying, according to the FBI and the criminal leads that they followed,
...was responsible for wire transferring $100,000 to Mohammed Adda.
General Ahmad was also at the White House.
On September the 9th, which is the date of the documents that Jim McCluskey has in his possession.
Now, he had a very busy week.
Yeah, and the strategy, well, I could get into the strategy, but General Ahmad also is the guy that Bush sends to the Taliban to inform them that no evidence will be made against the accused, knowing already, as Muslim fundamentalists, that is there a religious tenet not to persecute a person that they understand to be innocent, and without any evidence, clearly,
Through a function of human reason, the person is innocent.
So, they already knew that this was their religious tenet.
Well, for those who don't know, look, it's not debatable.
He wired $100,000 to Adam.
It's great.
It's the evidence.
That was only his second trip to the U.S.
He got here four days before 9-11, met with the CIA director, met with everybody, went to the White House.
in his life.
We're good to go.
had orders to invade Afghanistan September 9th.
It's admitted.
It's not debatable.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and there's also some very interesting things regarding this document when you apply some reason to it, and I very much would like to talk about that.
But my main purpose in calling you up was to let you know that at that time, several years ago, when I first made these allegations in my local community and somewhat on the Internet, I challenged openly, like the friends at the university I have and people in the radio here,
If there was anybody that disagreed with my conclusions, and we couldn't find anybody in our entire province here anyway, but what ended up happening is at the request of the Secret Service, I was arrested for threatening the life of an international person.
And it was made top secret through the National Security Branch of the RCMP, the NSIS, I think they're called.
But just recently, the whole thing has been made public, my warrants.
And that information and I don't know where it's all going to go.
Has that been in the newspaper?
The problem is, because I'm associated so directly to the two key pieces of evidence that stand irrespective of opinion, you can't find spin on that.
You can't go, well, that's just John's opinion.
No, it's the FBI's opinion, actually.
So what did they say to you when they came and arrested you?
Well, I met with the Secret Service when they arrested me and the RCMP National Security Branch, the heads of the national security here in Canada.
And I did several interviews, recorded interviews, telling them about these pieces of evidence and other things also, but primarily centered on the fact that there was no evidence.
So it was purely intimidation and they dropped it?
Well, no, they didn't drop it.
And it gets rather convoluted.
Like over these last three years, I've been forbidden to do a whole bunch of things.
Although they haven't incarcerated me, and they haven't directly... Yeah, let me tell you what they do.
Send me some info on that, sir, and I might do a show about it.
I would love that.
You know, I could give you, off the air, I could give you my phone number if you'd like, and you could give me a call, and I could... Yeah, it'd be better if you just emailed that to me.
Okay, okay, but it's very difficult for me to get access to the Internet under the current situation that I have.
Okay, well, listen, I'll get your phone number right now, then.
Thanks for the call.
Let me just say this.
People think they can run to Canada from this New World Order.
They think they can run to Canada.
Canada, folks, if you say that 5,999,000 Jews were killed by Hitler, you will be arrested and you will serve years in prison.
Now that's how they started, so it always sounds good.
Oh, we can't have this anti-Semitism.
Well, we're not for that, are we?
Why, no!
And then now it's criticized the government.
You get arrested.
We can get my videos into Germany, into Japan, into Russia, into Africa.
Anywhere we want, no problem.
But Canada.
And I've actually gotten letters back.
And they send you back the ripped-up package without the video and the letter from the Customs Department many times in Canada, most of the time it makes it through, saying this was deemed to be terrorist material.
Terrorist material.
You know, interviews with congressmen and things like that.
This has been deemed to be anti-government terrorist material, and it was confiscated.
And here's your package, and here's a slip.
Other times I've gotten letters back that say, well, it was held up and was deemed not to be terrorist material, the very same video, and was allowed through.
They literally open all the mail, look at all of it.
And I talked about this a few weeks ago.
I don't agree with David Icke about blood-drinking lizards from Planet 12 being a reptoid.
The Queen of England's a reptoid.
I think that's science fiction.
It's very fanciful, very sensational.
People like it, but that's not my cup of tea.
I talk about real stuff.
But David Icke...
Had never talked about Jews.
He'd never talked about any racial group.
I mean, he's what you call a New Age liberal.
All races are one.
He said that blood-drinking lizards ran things, and then when he got to Canada a few years ago, he was arrested.
And the same people came in and asked him if he was some kind of evil person, and, you know, do you mean Jews by lizards?
And he said, no, I mean lizards.
I mean, he really means lizards.
And then he got... They tried to stop him from going on the radio, and they did stop him, and basically... I mean, that's, folks... In Canada, you can't even say space aliens secretly run things.
I mean, you know... They'll take that and go, man, this is code word for... I mean, that's how bad Canada is.
And, John, I do not doubt your story.
I mean, Canada is just bad news.
And speaking of Canada, I'm going to cover this news now, and then we'll go to...
Aldo, Allie, Anthony, Richard, and others.
And I'm not going to read the whole article, and again, I talk about real things.
This is the Winnipeg Sun.
He sees hidden signs, occult clues, at legislature, researcher says.
What if a well-known Winnipeg landmark was really an architectural talisman, built to the specifications of the same divine blueprints found in ancient temples?
Not buying it?
Read on.
University of Winnipeg researcher Frank Albo, who I'm going to get on, has spent years collecting evidence suggesting the floor plans of Manitoba's legislative building might be more occult-based than anyone guessed.
We have a Rosetta Stone in the heart of the Canadian prairies, and it's hidden.
Albo said, my academic career hinges on this, so I've been careful to make sure I'm not inventing things, but the coincidences start to add up to the point where you go, this is amazing.
Let me stop right there.
What do you think the Washington Monument is?
A giant talisman?
A giant ziggurat?
A giant obelisk?
I mean, it's mainstream that the main architect who set up D.C.
was a top mason, and they admit that D.C.'
's laid out in a Mystery Babylon fashion.
I mean, don't look at it.
Grand Swan Meteron.
Insisted that there be an upside-down giant black pyramid with 666 pieces of stone inside of it, and the gold pyramid that is in front of the Louvre is 666 pieces of gold glass.
Here in Austin, the new city building, I mean, just go look at it.
It's so occult, with bronze decorations and all these occult symbols.
It's three six-story buildings.
Then they had some witches come down and consecrate it.
It was on the front page of the newspaper.
I mean, it's not like this stuff's hidden.
This is amazing.
Now the coincidences have become so overwhelming to me that I'm mission-bound to find out what's going on.
Blueprint for the plan of God.
See, they put this whole spin on it, how it's beautiful and wonderful.
Albo had hoped to write his thesis on how the legislature matched the specs of the ancient pagan temples.
But then he noticed recurring elements that didn't fit the classical mold.
Among things that kept cropping up were the numbers, five, found in a numerical segment discovered in the 12th century mathematical Leonardo Fibonacci, in which each number to the two preceding it, the segment is found out in the number of, considered by many to be the blueprint of the plan of God.
It just gets into how they built...
I think.
And it just goes into how it's the exact dimensions of King Solomon's temple and the cubits used were those favored by the Freemasons, a group known for the secret rituals and interest in the occult.
After all, all but learned, there was many Masons in the administration who built the legislature.
His thesis took a new direction.
It goes on and on.
Folks, you go to most government buildings and it'll say dedicated by the Masons and it'll have their symbol on it.
I mean, this is not...
This is not debatable.
This is admitted.
And it's very annoying here.
I didn't do the printer-friendly version on this, and it cut off the last word on each sentence.
I'm kind of babbling through it.
I'm not going to read the rest of it.
But just type occult layout of D.C.
into a search engine.
Prepare yourself.
But I've even, years and years ago, I was watching a PBS special.
This was like 10 years ago, and they had
There's a whole story about the architect who was a mason who laid out D.C.
The French gave us the Statue of Liberty.
Well, it's a Greek god.
And it's really a man.
It's not a woman.
And it's got the sun rays coming off the head, the torch, all the symbols.
Look at every NASA program has an occult name.
We're good to go.
I think?
Let's go ahead and take some calls.
Aldo in California, thanks for holding so patiently.
Go ahead.
Hey, what's up, Alex?
We're on the air, my friend.
I just wanted to suggest a guest to you.
A gentleman named Scott Stevens.
He's actually a TV weatherman and meteorologist.
Yeah, he talks about chemtrails.
Yeah, you've seen his site, weatherwars.info.
Yeah, I was just going to make the suggestion at hand, but also, maybe I can get your take on it, but
He talks about the work of Tom Bearden in scalar technology.
And I guess this Tom Bearden gentleman has been saying that in 2006, Yakuza, Japanese KGB-sponsored teams are going to destroy the U.S.
through the scalar technologies, i.e.
the hurricanes knocking out electrical power grids.
You know, look, I'm not going to get into this, but Planet X is going to kill us, and then the scalar technology is going to kill us, and it's just a...
Daily basis, we're hearing this, and it garners a lot of attention, and then when it doesn't happen, people still maintain their credibility.
And I'm not saying it's not, or it isn't, or it will, or it's not true, or it is true.
I just, you know, I don't touch that kind of stuff.
I really just cover what I can prove.
What you can prove.
I hear you.
Well, then I definitely, I mean, I would love to see at least Scott on there, because he's a guy, obviously, who's a TV weatherman, who is saying straight up, these clouds that we see 24 hours a day, seven days a week, are manufactured.
No, I mean, that's true.
Yeah, no, no, I've actually heard him on the air before.
Oh, yeah, okay, all right.
Anyways, barryandblues.com and weatherwars.info are the two sites folks can check out.
The Scott Stevens site is pretty informative, pretty interesting.
So that was it.
All right, thanks for the call.
Allie in Oklahoma, go ahead, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Last Sunday, the February 13th parade, I had an article that said,
Newspaper insert?
Yes, I know.
Did you get it?
No, I didn't.
Well, if you haven't, tell them to save it.
And it lists the world's ten worst dictators.
Pardon me.
And look at this and see if these characteristics don't remind you of people you know very well.
And laws being enacted lately to enable this kind of behavior.
And a few of them are... He...
The government controls all media and internet use, like the internet too, coming up.
Speaking out for self-government, it's labeled a terrorist, imprisoned and tortured.
And the government invades all aspects of life.
They use torture, detentions, forced labor.
And they muzzle the media.
And it's illegal to criticize the policies.
Independent election monitors are not allowed.
I don't think we've ever had any independent allowed.
And of course, they commit torture again.
And freedom of speech, assembly, and religion are harshly restricted.
I suppose if you were praying on the street during the gay parade, you might be arrested.
And confessions extracted through torture, and so on and so on.
So these look very much like people we know.
I don't take the local paper, because I can read it online, and so I don't get Parade Magazine, but I know it's a good little insert.
Oh, so we can get it at Parade.com?
Allie, that's a great call.
Any other characteristics you want to cover, or are you done?
Oh, that pretty well covers it.
Disloyalty is punishable crime, I guess.
Tell you what, stay there.
I want to hear some more of the characteristics from you when we get back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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Well, Allie hung up.
She was going to go over some more of the characteristics of dictators.
I mean, the black uniforms.
The surveillance.
Everything's for your own good.
The government's the authority.
I mean, all of it.
Just everything.
The violation of the Bill of Rights.
The searches and seizures without warrants.
All of it.
But it's all been done incrementally so the average person isn't aware of it.
Every day I have articles like this.
I have like four or five a day.
A woman with cerebral palsy sues Iowa police over arrest.
Officers believe she was drunk and beat her up.
Abused her, it says.
I got another guy who was in a, other article here, he was in a, he was going into a diabetic shock, standing there by his car, and he just, so they went ahead and just tasered him.
I mean, it's just, it's just craziness.
It's all for our own good.
We're a bunch of scum.
They're going to take good care of us.
And then meanwhile, talking about torture,
Man blinded at Guantanamo, a British resident has been blinded in one eye by American military police at Guantanamo Bay, his lawyer claimed today.
Omar Deghane's family appealed with the British government to intervene and secure his release almost 25 years to the day since his father was assassinated by Colonel Qaddafi's regime in Libya.
We're good to go.
They're pepper spray and held him down.
They held both of his eyes open and sprayed into his eyes and later took a towel, soaked in pepper spray and rubbed it in his eyes.
Umar could not see from either eye for two weeks but gradually got sight back in one eye.
Now he has no sight in the other.
Well, they do that in America to pro-life protesters or environmental protesters.
I've got them spraying babies in the face on video.
And they say, you shouldn't bring a baby to a protest!
You know, it's just... I was a Marine Corps Sergeant, and now I'm a cop!
And you're my slave!
Do you understand, scumbag?
I'm going to destroy America!
That's what I'm here for, and I get off on it!
Do you get it?
Do you read me?
Yes, I read you.
You're killing the country.
Thank you!
Carlisle doubles return to investors.
Man, what else doubles return in a year?
This is, uh...
A press release by the Carlaw Group.
Very proud of themselves.
Another article about it.
The Carlaw Group returned $5.3 billion to investors last year, more than double the $2.1 billion it returned the previous year, according to a summary the firm released Monday.
It was the best year ever, said William Conway Jr., the Washington-based private equity group's co-founder and managing director.
Your calls and just... There's about 50 other articles.
I will cover most of them.
Coming up in the third hour.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, now into the third hour, final hour of my broadcast week.
It'll be rebroadcast throughout the weekend.
We've got about 59 minutes left.
I'm going to take a lot of your calls in this hour.
Hold free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
There's also a bunch of other news I want to get into.
Some of the latest developments with torture, the police state, all these horrible bombings in Iraq.
It's all coming up in this hour.
But right now, let's talk to Anthony in New York.
Anthony, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Hello, sir.
I'm a great supporter of your show.
I'm a member of Prison Planet.
Just love it.
You make this broadcast possible.
Thank you.
Two things I wanted to ask you about today.
One is the Nazi-CIA connection, and the other is about Benjamin Franklin.
Could you give us a quick summary of the formation of the CIA?
I understand from your other shows and some books that it actually was created by Nazis.
You mentioned the Bush-Nazi connection and also Operation Paperclip, and then I have a question after that summary.
Well, of course, before the end of World War II and then up until 1947, it was the OSS, and there was a secret group by 1946 within the OSS called Central Intelligence Group.
So that was an internal compartmentalized group within OSS, Central Intelligence Group.
And the Central Intelligence Group was heavily influenced by Gestapo and Nazi tactics, and actually top Gestapo officers like Reinhard Galen and others came to the U.S.
and we modeled the structure off of the internal Gestapo Intelligence Group.
It was called the German Group, and just like they put their stamp and their seal on our rocketry, on Eisenhower's road-building program...
On the psychiatric programs.
Everything America is today, literally, predominantly, the main shield, the main architects, engineers, were Nazis.
And, you know, Operation Paperclip, the rat line, all that, that's old news about, you know, thousands of Nazis being brought out.
But the new stuff, they didn't release all of it.
Most of it's blacked out.
They released thousands of pages more.
And it's just top Nazis being protected.
I mean, people who ran mass murder operations brought here and taken good care of, but 20-plus thousand U.S.
troops that were captured by the Russians out of German camps, they were taken for slave labor, and our government could care less.
And could you talk about the Nazi-Bush connection?
Well, they were the main family who up until 1952, 51, excuse me, were taking all that Nazi gold and diamonds out of Europe.
They were fencing it for them and getting it into Texas and Argentina and Guatemala and Nicaragua.
And they've been a Nazi family all along, and a lot of their secret bank accounts, we know large amounts of this Nazi money went to them.
I guess Prescott Bush was involved and had a bank shut down by J. Edgar Hoover and so on?
Yeah, that's all admitted.
Sure, that's London Guardian, Associated Press, New Hampshire Gazette.
Yes, in fact, the new film I've got coming out covers that.
My question about this is, if a lot of this Nazi business is going on today... Well, I mean, look, Arnold can say he admires Hitler and wants to be your dictator.
He can say that your little people need to be controlled.
He can say that, you know, just a decade ago.
It's still okay.
He can say, I don't care if Kurt's a Nazi.
I love Kurt of all time.
I mean, look, if you're a real Nazi, you're A-okay.
If you fight Nazis, you're going to be called a Nazi.
No, but my question is, how can this be allowed to go on when in the background we know that the Rothschilds are still throughout the world very much in control of things?
Well, Hitler was a Rothschild.
You didn't know that?
But he didn't admit that.
No, he didn't admit it, but the records are there.
Lastly, on Ben Franklin, I'm actually a big admirer of Ben Franklin's, and I think your story's a little bit misleading because he had a doctor of anatomy living in the house there.
Yeah, you think they were stealing bodies and... Hey, you know what?
That's a legitimate disagreement.
Stay there.
Stay there, Anthony.
Then Richard, Mike, Mark, and others...
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I should have like a sound effect, where it's like alarms going off, whoop, whoop, whoop, or whoop, you know, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, or buzzing noises or something.
When somebody calls in that disagrees with me, who really does disagree with me, and we've got...
Anthony in New York is a big fan of Benjamin Franklin, and he doesn't like me criticizing him and talking about all the dead bodies that were found in his house over in England.
So we'll go to him in just a second.
He has a legitimate gripe, and we'll debate it here in a second.
But here is the History Channel clip where they got into this on the History Channel.
Go ahead and play it.
America was born in rebellion, and a few of its greatest icons made alliances with the host of hell.
In the late 1700s, a group of Englishmen formed the first Hellfire Club, a fraternity dedicated to drinking, sex, and at times, ridiculing Christianity and mocking its sacred rituals.
Members met at ruined monasteries to revel in black masses and drunken orgies.
An occasional participant was the American ambassador to Great Britain, Benjamin Franklin.
Now, let me just give you some background.
Benjamin Franklin was ambassador to France and later ambassador to England.
He died in England.
It was a famous inventor, you know, about him and the kite and the key, and he gets struck by lightning.
He discovered electricity.
Very intelligent person.
He was a deist, not a Christian, as about 20% of the Founding Fathers were.
The rest were staunch Christians.
That's disinfo when you hear they were all deists or theists.
There's really no difference in those two.
Not much.
Two degrees of separation, maybe.
The guy was a British agent, folks.
And he said a lot of good things.
Keep your enemies closer than your friends.
And there's just so much evidence of this.
And yes, it's true that they dug a bunch of bodies, some of them children, from the time that he lived in this house in England.
And that he had one of his friend's sons living there who later went to school and was successfully to be an anatomist or a doctor.
But when Scotland Yard investigated it, the stuff that had been done on the bodies was not indicative of that.
So, the point is, Benjamin Franklin wrote in letters that have now been made public about the Hellfire Club, so it's not like we're defaming him 200 years from the grave.
But go ahead, you've got the floor, Anthony.
Oh, thanks.
Well, I already am learning things that I didn't know, so that's great to know.
But I contacted the author, H.W.
Brand, when I saw that about Franklin on your website.
Of course, he wrote a recent large and excellent biography of Benjamin Franklin.
And he said, look, if Franklin had been in the Hellfire Club, had there been any real evidence for that, I would have loved to have put it in my book because it would have sold a lot more books.
But I just couldn't find anything really that would substantiate that.
Well, send me his info.
Maybe I'll have him on.
All right.
That'd be great.
You know, Franklin did things.
He invented, of course, the lightning rod.
He took absolutely no money for that.
I shouldn't say he invented electricity.
He just gave it away.
I shouldn't say he invented water.
But, I mean, he discovered its use and made a lot of the big developments.
And also the Franklin stove.
And many of his inventions became ubiquitous, and people benefited from them.
He never made any money off them, and he didn't want to.
He was, by age 40, he was already basically retired from the printing business and, of course, became more involved in inventing and political intrigues and so on.
It is very possible he was a double agent.
It was known he belonged to a lot of organizations, the Masons in New England.
Of course, he belonged to every church in his town he gave money to, regardless of the denomination.
He was just a good businessman who, you know,
Yeah, but early to bed, early to rise makes a man happy, wealthy, and wise.
It's not true.
He was a sex fiend.
I mean, no, really.
Two, three women a day.
I don't know.
Very complex individual.
He wasn't an angel, but he had a lot of great things going.
Somehow, I'd love to, if you can post the information.
Alexander Hamilton was another double agent.
And they dealt with him, didn't they?
Yes, well, when one compares Hamilton with Jefferson, I think I'd rather have Jefferson any day.
And then you get into Jefferson wasn't much of a Christian.
Quite the opposite.
But he was a great proponent of... No, he had a lot of really good ideas.
He was not an agent.
Thomas Jefferson.
A lot better than the last two we mentioned.
Anyway, if you have links to Scotland Yard's investigation that the bodies they found in Franklin's house underwent something other than what would have been anatomical... I'll try to dig that up.
I understand right now I'm trying to finish a film and trying to spend time with my family a few hours a day, but I'll try to do that for you, okay?
Anyway, love it.
Keep your work up.
All right, bro.
We really need you.
I appreciate the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Richard in Alabama.
You're on the air.
Richard, go ahead.
How can it be proven that 11, 175, and 93, and 77 actually took off?
Well, it can't be one way or the other, so I don't focus on things that can't be proven.
I focus on what can be proven.
You're talking about 9-11 flights.
Were there any...
Next of kin at the boarding gate who watched their family get on the airplane and take off.
It seems that if there were 80 people, then there should have been maybe 20 or 30 people at the gate who watched them get on the airplane and take off.
Yet, we've never heard from any such person.
Well, I mean, if you want to bring up stuff, let's talk about this.
Did you know that all four flights had exactly 20.3 passengers, and on that day, occupancy on the East Coast was running at about 89%, excuse me, 87%, and that a computer malfunction in American and United...
Quote, only allowed them to put 20.3 on each of the four planes.
Now, not an average of 20.3 on the four.
Each plane, you understand, folks, just had 20 people.
And then they somehow do a calculation and count the stewardesses.
But it was actually 20 people.
And so you have 20 people on each aircraft, and then you...
Also have the crew and the pilots, but you have that going on, and this is mainstream news, and you have a computer malfunction where only the 20 people, passengers, get on each plane on a day when it's 80 plus percent occupancy.
You know, the other planes don't have the spinning on it.
And people say, well, how do we get the three cell phone calls?
Not from the air phones, but from their cell phones.
Everybody knows your cell phones don't work on the planes.
And then, well, how do they get these recordings?
How do families get these quick calls where they just said a few things and hung up?
Well, I mean, they can show, as I've said, Steve McQueen is back from the grave.
He died in 1980.
And Steve McQueen is on TV.
25 years after dying of lung cancer, pitching the new Mustang, which I think looks pretty cool, by the way.
And people think Steve McQueen's back.
No, that's a computer generation.
We see Forrest Gump shaking hands with Kennedy, JFK.
I mean, they can fake video.
People understand they can fake audio.
I have an even simpler theory, and it is that all the flight paths were just spoofed.
But go ahead.
Electronic spoofing.
And all of the cell phone conversations were just actors reading a script over the radio.
And it would be much simpler to do it that way because if somebody should actually, a pilot, military or civilian, should actually see any of the airplanes, that might interfere with the
So what flew into the buildings?
Two different airplanes.
That would make it safer and simpler with fewer opportunities
For people to tell the story.
What I know is this, Richard.
The official story is impossible and has all been disproven.
What we know, and I stick with what we know, is that they were running a drill of flying hijacked jets to the World Trade Center and Pentagon and Capitol and Sears Tower and the... What's the big pointed building in San Francisco?
The insurance building?
All of those...
All of those buildings were part of the drill of having hijacked jets flown into them at exactly the same time that it was really happening.
Now, that's not debatable.
That's not a theory.
That is admitted.
Totally and completely admitted.
We know that the supposed hijackers, almost every one of them, those that have actually been found to still be alive separate, seven of them,
Perhaps nine, were CIA.
They'd ordered them back into the country, they'd given them visas, they had their houses, their cars, their credit cards, paid for by the U.S.
They had been doing, quote, test flights.
Those were part of scheduled government drills.
They were agents as part of drills.
And we know they got on those planes.
And then we know those planes flew into buildings, or planes did.
Now, what you mention, Operation Northwoods, the official U.S.
government plan to carry out 9-11-style attacks, does mention having military personnel dressed like civilians, under fake civilian names, board aircraft in Latin America.
Have those planes land at another area, assign the radar blips, new names to drone passenger jets, and to crash those.
So, yes.
Operation Northwoods actually, when the U.S.
government called for doing this back in the 60s to blame it on foreign enemies, did actually come up with that plan.
So, anything else?
I mean, it's very interesting what you're saying.
I just can't prove it one way or the other.
But either theory is valid, right?
Well, one of them isn't a... I mean, I just state the facts.
I mean, I just state the facts.
People can do what they want.
Stay there.
Hi, folks.
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Alright, I've got to go quicker here.
I said I wanted to take a bunch of calls, but we're belaboring because all the callers are so interesting.
There's no telling what they did.
We just know that those Al-Qaeda members were CIA.
We know they were part of the drill.
And we know that the people at NORAD thought it was a drill.
And then a small group inside the government took control of those aircraft and flew them into the buildings that could have been pressurized or released a knockout gas.
And my inside sources say they wanted to be sure it was a knockout gas.
We're just a few breaths of it knocked you out so people didn't have time to get their oxygen on.
Anything else?
Well, I just thought that my theory was more credible because I've heard several stories from Rumsfeld.
What do you mean your theory is more credible?
Everything I just... Because Rumsfeld... You still there?
Because Rumsfeld has several times let slip with some deliberate bloopers about Flight 93 that tend to
Yeah, he said a missile hit the Pentagon.
He said that they shot down 93.
He's done that twice, yeah.
Yeah, and I think he's deliberately introducing us to the rabbit trail for us to chase.
Who knows?
Listen, really interesting, Richard.
I appreciate your call.
Mark in Waco, Texas.
Go ahead, Mark.
Yeah, home of the infamous.
How are you doing?
Good, sir.
All right.
I was just curious.
I missed out on the first hour of your show, but I was wondering if you had heard about the ecstasy being given to the people that are coming back from the war.
I had heard that they were drugging the troops when they were coming back and giving them amnesiacs quotes so they didn't feel bad about what they'd done.
That was a big Wired Magazine story.
Yeah, well, what is it, Channel 8 in Dallas did a, I think it was Gloria Compost or whatever channel that is, did a piece on it last night, and it was pretty interesting.
They're going to start...
Well ecstasy is supposedly really bad for your brain.
Well, they've got most of them hopped up on amphetamine pills.
The pilots, the tankers.
We want you men to be in continual combat for the next month.
No one can do it, so here's some speed pills.
Of course, you'll be wrecks after you do it for life, but here.
But then when you become cops when you come back, we want you to SWAT team houses looking for this.
Yeah, and it makes sense because, you know, the people controlling the
Pharmaceutical industries, you know, would like nothing more than to have a bunch of happy... A new market.
Yeah, well, not just a... I mean, a market that would make Viagra, you know, seem like it wasn't that big a deal.
But, in fact, it'll probably... It'll increase Viagra sales as well, you know.
Well, I knew that you can... So they said that XTC... XTC is being given to them.
His street name is Ecstasy.
Well, somebody emailed that to me.
I knew they were giving him weird drugs, but... Yeah, well, that's what they're planning.
You can see a whole market system.
They might just have a direct deposit of your government paycheck straight to the Rockefellers or Rothschilds or whatever.
I had another friend that moved down a couple of weeks ago from California.
And he walked into Bank of America, and there wasn't anyone in the bank when he walked up the counter.
He was the first and only one there.
And the woman said, how are you doing, Mr. Saenz?
And he said, do I know you?
He looked at her and couldn't figure it out.
He'd never been in Texas before, much less that bank.
And she said, oh, well, we've installed the face recognition
That's a huge story.
He's there in Austin, in Pflugerville, actually.
Where is he?
Yeah, so he says...
He just moved down to get out of the insanity of California.
Well, that's a big news report.
I haven't seen that.
I knew they were putting face scanners in grocery stores.
Yeah, well, yeah, it caught me a little off guard.
But, you know, we talked about this a couple of days ago when he was up here.
And, like I said, he had...
Went over there to conduct some business.
He's starting a window company down here.
What did he say to her when she did that?
Well, he said, you know, how do you know who I am?
Stay there.
Do I know you?
I've got to hear the rest of this.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I know that USA Today, about three years ago, was one of the first major publications to report on what we'd already seen in industry press releases that a bunch of different major grocery store chains put these little pressure centers on the floor and they call smart shelving with tiny hidden cameras that scan your retina.
And watch the microscopic movement of your eye from different products.
And they have the products placed in little grids so they know what area of the package you're reading to see what catches your eye for marketing.
Then they face scan you, check it with the driver's license digital photo database that they're hooked into.
The feds have already set all this up.
And then if you shoplift something, you automatically know who you are.
But then they can also track what you buy and sell, so even if you pay cash, they still, even if you're not using the loyalty card, know what you're buying, what you're doing, and get a psychological algorithm of your purchase habits, cross-reference it from your driver's license data, which they're allowed into, to see where you live.
Then they sell your name and your psychological algorithm to
To different companies so they can send you junk mail.
And then, of course, of all places, USA Today, they keep throwing it in our face, telling us how great it is.
It was headlined like, Scofflaws Get Caught.
Last year, remember, we made a big deal of this, because it is a big deal.
Almost every major big pizza chain, as you said, many large pizza chains, when you order a pizza, a lot of people's information isn't right on their driver's license.
And they've moved, and they've got warrants out for their arrests for speeding tickets, whatever.
It's sad, people even with speeding tickets get arrested.
And so when you call in to order the pizza, you give them the name, the information, and then they ask you your address, and they're cross-referencing it, and then it goes into this big consortium, a private company that manages it for the federal government, that then shares it out to the states, based in Dallas, and then it instantly runs your data...
And then if you've got warrants, instead of getting a pizza, you get arrested.
But more often than not, they don't send police immediately unless it's a serious crime.
It just goes into the database where you really live now, and then police come there.
And it said that the pizza places, the pizza chains, get 20% of any court fees, even if you're found innocent.
20% of court fees or fines or other fees.
And so this is how serious...
How serious it's all gotten.
And I talked about, I have a, I guess you'd call him a fan, he's probably listening right now, who works a manager at a major gas station convenience store chain in the West.
It's Diamond Shamrock.
But now they've all put this in.
All the big chains have done this because they've, quote, been told to.
There's no law, it's just a regulation.
And it doesn't matter how old you are, if you buy cigarettes or beer, and he's been told soon everyone will have to do this regardless of what you're buying, you'll have to swipe your driver's license, the magnetic strip.
And he said, look at it, Alex, it tells me how old you are, your date of birth, if you have warrants, and this goes into the state police database.
So I've been sitting there with 45-year-old women, 75-year-old men, I've seen an old guy buying pipe tobacco at Walgreens, and they're just, sorry, must swipe your card.
Though that was last year, I did see an article doing research that I wondered why I noticed at Walgreens they weren't doing that now when I'm in line behind people.
Because I go to Walgreens a lot.
It's right next door to my house.
But they weren't doing that.
It said because they had so many complaints that they quit doing it for now.
So the answer is just say no.
I'm going somewhere else.
Because if you don't say no, it's going to go in everywhere and then you won't have a choice.
You go, what do I got to hide?
The point is, what do they have to hide?
It gives the government unlimited power and control.
Real quick, though, finishing up what you were saying, Mark and Waco.
Now, I don't doubt you, but both the things you say are pretty wild.
I know they're giving weird drugs to the troops when they get back, but the ecstasy thing, I mean, I'll believe it when I see it.
And this other thing about face-scanning cameras at Bank of America, I mean, I know other industries are doing it, but, I mean, be specific.
He walks up, they know his name, what happens next?
Yeah, well, you know, these are kind of wild stories to me, too, but it's moving fast in that way, and it is all about control and, you know, complete control over your mind and body.
I don't doubt you, but she knew his name when he walked into the car.
They knew who he was when he came in, and, of course, they tried to convince him that it was all for his own good.
As she said, it's facial recognition.
Right, right.
And even, you know, even use that line you just said a minute ago, you know, well, if you're not hiding anything, you know, you should be happy about it.
You know, it's to help you, the customer, you know.
And his voice started raising and so they got some managers out there.
She asked what could she do for him and he said, well, what you can do for me is close my accounts.
So he's not really what I would call a patriot, but yet he's got a little common sense and he's pretty individualistic.
But he's not totally unexposed to it because his father used to run around with Cesar Chavez in the migrant workers' protest days.
So this is the Pflugerville branch.
I don't know if it was Pflugerville because he said Austin.
You said Pflugerville earlier.
No, I said he lives in Pflugerville.
Can you get him to email me?
Yeah, sure.
I can get him to give you a call if you want.
Yeah, no, I would really like to talk to him.
Yeah, well, what ended up happening is the managers came out, and a manager or maybe more, but they couldn't convince him to keep his accounts there, and he said, you know, basically that with him it wasn't what it would maybe be to me, you know, the invasion of privacy, that kind of thing, but it was
That they're charging him all these exorbitant, unjustified fees for every time he's an hour late with a payment or this or that, and he just saw it as useless spending money in a way that could go to better serve other areas.
Well, it's about control.
In the future, if you're not a good globalist, you won't be able to walk in anyplace.
Yeah, yeah.
And that's why the cameras are going up.
I mean, it's getting that way now.
It's very serious.
I'm going to have to investigate this.
Thanks for the call.
Has this happened to anybody else in Austin?
I don't know if we've got an open phone line, but anybody else in the country?
Have you walked into a Bank of America and had them already know your name?
And go, oh, it's face recognition.
I mean, I know it's going in all over the place.
There's a bunch of different towns and cities.
But two years ago, that first Florida town, every car that drives through has their license plate scanned.
Well, the state of Texas, Indiana, they've already put these in on every road.
They're already there.
They just haven't really announced it to you yet.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
God bless you, Alex.
I'm sending you something in the mail.
It's a special place, you said, to send it to make sure you get it.
The special address that goes with your address?
What was that?
There is no special address.
Just to your location there, right?
Yeah, it's only one.
It's 3001.
Yeah, I got that.
And it's South Lamar, 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Tell me the difference between Porter Gus, Necroponte, Gonzalez Chertoff, the Bush new appointees.
And Hitler's appointees are Goebbels, Goering, Hess, and... The only difference is they're German.
The others were German.
These guys are Americans.
They're all into torture, total power, dictatorship, martial law.
That's all they talk about.
That's the point.
They're not pushing gun control and open borders and abortion.
My friends are telling me they can't watch an individual in the White House on TV or look at his picture in a paper because...
His increasing arrogance and pomposity is over the top.
It's so scripted and programmed as to be obvious.
That's what I'm being... Well, we've had reporters ask questions they're not supposed to, and Bush turns red and goes, this is scripted.
You didn't give me this beforehand.
And everybody just kind of looks embarrassed, and then they cut that out of the transcript, and in the transcript it says, this is unscripted.
And you add that to the unabashed boldness...
Well, they're arrogant because I unfortunately think the globalists are going to blow some more stuff up and then pose as our saviors again.
Lots of hugging families and firefighters crying and Bush standing around with a bullhorn.
It's just too rich.
God bless you, Alex.
Doing a great job.
Well, God bless you, my friend.
I appreciate the call.
Let's talk to Phillip in Virginia.
Go ahead, Phillip.
Y'all want to be with you, Alex?
And this segues right into this, one of your previous callers in the Parade Magazine article.
Who is the world's worst dictator?
And they leave out the picture of Mr. George Bush or John Kerry because they're both would-be dictators.
But I don't get to listen to you or hear you in the GCN as often as I'd like, and I'm just sitting here punched drunk.
Yeah, I think so.
We're good to go.
Rush Limbaugh wannabe.
And so I got onto his program and I got to... He went and engaged me on the facts and I got to mention and invite the listeners to check out the information on InfoWars.com and lo and behold, his program was also pre-recorded and then when it came on the local affiliate later on that evening, they had...
So now, so you're saying that the show wasn't even live and they were siphoning calls over to make it sound like a live show?
Not that it was a rebroadcast, but that it wasn't even live at the time you heard it re-aired.
Man, that's amazing.
Yeah, and I captured it on tape.
Some of the brothers from the Assembly in Tennessee came over here to Virginia and brought me some recording equipment.
So we're producing a radio program here.
By the way, for those that don't know, Phil actually sponsors my show.
I didn't know this was you, Phil.
He came to Austin, got a chance to meet him.
Great guy.
And Phil has his own program there locally, and he also sponsors my show.
And that's just amazing that...
I know you, Phil.
You don't talk about Jews or those issues.
You talk about how these are phony conservatives.
And now if you say Bush is for gun control, they'll say you're an anti-Semite.
I mean, what were you saying?
Bush isn't a real conservative?
Let me guess what you were saying.
Well, yeah, I was just presenting the facts to them about some of the things that they were talking about.
He had one of the worshippers of Bush, some contributing editor to Newsmax.com, and I mentioned the fact that they were literally drooling over Bush, and they were mentioning how they were reveling in their recent landslide victory, which we know is a fraud.
And I mentioned the fact that they were worshipping Bush, and then I mentioned some of the other highlights of the frauds that have been perpetrated on us, and they could find out the true facts on InfoWars.com, and then that's when he cut me off.
And then when I listened for the re-airing of the program, I had the recorder running, and hopefully I'll be able to use this in a future chance to get you on the air locally here and let you respond to it.
But yeah, he literally called me and you anti-Semites.
He said, I've been to that website and it's anti-Semite.
You know...
These guys open themselves up so much for a lawsuit, but I just don't have the time to deal with it.
I mean, that is ridiculous.
I mean, where do they come up with this stuff?
Well, that's the arrogance of these people.
Most people are not educated.
They don't want to know about it, and that's why we've got you on the air around here to educate folks.
So they cut out the website, but did he cut out my name?
Cut it all out and just said he just didn't allow the website to go over the air and just said, yeah, I know that site.
Yes, they're anti-Semites.
But anyway, I didn't know if you were aware of the technique and the level that they've stooped to where they're so scared now that they can't air stuff live and they've got to pre-record stuff now so that they can edit things.
It's amazing and I'm
You know, and the incredible thing is, I've been on dozens of California talk shows talking about Schwarzenegger, and I'll mention how I was on one talk show and I said, and he said he loved Kurt Voltheim, didn't care if he was a Nazi, and they go, are you an anti-Semite, Mr. Jones?
And I said, this is the most insane thing I've ever heard in my life.
I go, what do you mean?
Well, Mr. Schwarzenegger gives the Jewish causes.
And I said, you know, Mr. Schwarzenegger says he wants to be a dictator.
Mr. Schwarzenegger isn't a conservative.
He's for gun control.
He's for, oh, whatever.
Are you an anti-Semite?
I mean, it's almost like, you know, you talk about, I want lower gas prices.
Oh, anti-Semite!
You know, I don't, I mean, it's getting so mindless now.
I've actually heard Limbaugh say, if you talk about neocons, you're anti-Semitic.
And again, so when somebody hears that word, they go, oh, no, that's what the neocons call themselves.
Is neocons.
They coined the term.
So, you know, it's like Limbaugh saying CFR doesn't exist.
You know, the CFR doesn't exist.
It didn't matter on Monday that the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail had this big global meeting where they were calling for a global tax and global regulation or Pan-American Union ID cards.
And the Canadian papers were freaking out over it.
And it said this was run by the Council on Foreign Relations.
So I guess the Toronto Star is delusional.
Well, you mentioned CFR.
In a recent Bill Deagle interview I heard, he mentioned that this national sales tax did emanate from the CFR, but I thought that they didn't have anything to do with any kind of policymaking.
I had a commission like 12 years ago for that.
He's right.
Well, also, I know you might not concur with this, but I've been calling locally here for a boycott of the Home Depot because I was not allowed to engage in the free market because I did not have my de facto national ID card and owner of the driver's license.
What did they want that in conjunction with?
A return.
I had the receipt for two of three returns, and they would not issue me a store credit card because I had two other forms of government ID, but because I did not have my driver's license, they would not allow me to... Well, listen, listen.
I don't like Home Depot.
I don't like any of these big mega companies putting everybody out of business.
Listen to this.
I go into Home Depot now at night.
Most of them, there's nobody there to check you out.
You have to use the self-serve.
They've already phased out the checkers.
Yeah, I heard you talk about that before.
No, I think you're doing a great job, Phillip.
Okay, Alex.
But I'm glad.
Humphreys can do that.
He can cut you off and not say our names and then call us anti-Semites.
I'm getting tired of it.
And the next person in the big media that does it, and does it, and I think I'm going to teach them a lesson.
I already told the ADL and they took stuff down.
I'm not playing games.
I'm going to start suing people.
I'm going to do it.
I've got mean lawyers.
We'll be back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
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We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Going to jam a few final calls in here.
It's been a great Open Line Friday.
Always enjoy it.
Get a lot of emails.
Listeners seem to like it when I just take calls.
I know.
I enjoy it.
Before I go to these final calls that I have time to get to, try to jam Charles, Joe, and Robert in.
Sorry to the others.
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Let's go ahead here and let's talk.
To Charles in California.
Go ahead, Charles.
Hey, how's it going there?
Hey, listen, I sent you an email about Chris Gerner.
Did you see that at all?
No, I don't know anything about it.
What's going on?
He knows a lot about Agenda 21.
Yeah, the U.N.
and the borders and the Pan-American Union.
Yeah, how everything is related, like all these illegal aliens and all that.
It would be nice if you could get him on the show sometime.
Yeah, that might be nice.
He's very knowledgeable about the U.N.
and all that.
Also, I was wondering, whatever happened about your smart, whatever it is, streets or everything in Austin, because that's where they want to start it.
That's part of the agenda.
Yeah, it's part of the NAFTA corridor highways.
Yeah, whatever happened with that?
We're fighting it.
They're trying to put it in.
Did you have that meeting?
How did that meeting go?
Unbelievably well.
Oh, good.
Thanks for the call.
You bet.
Joe in Oregon.
Yeah, Alex, I hope you stay healthy, and as far as the Big Berkey goes, I purchased the Big Berkey, and it is a number one, folks, out there.
This isn't a plug, but I really do have it.
It really works, and it's easy to use.
Listen, I gave your website to about a half dozen people since I was out of the country for a few months.
Came back in August and gave your website to a few people, like, for instance, a commercial fisherman, boat owner, and captain.
He's 62.
He saw your 9-11 Part 3.
I forget the title of it.
But anyway, he and also I have a friend that has a PhD in physics.
Both these gentlemen use your film that you have for free that's on your website.
And they absolutely believe every word of it.
And they're pissed.
And all I can say is I have one more comment and then I have a question.
I noticed that when I occasionally listen to commercial AM radio, which is not more than 10 minutes at a time, when people call in and say something as innocuous as, folks, don't buy the movies, the DVDs from Hollywood in New York, unless they're independently produced, stop supporting the people that are destroying America.
It's interesting that the hosts of the show always call the person anti-Semitic.
Anything that fights New World Order, it's anti-Semitic.
It always seems to come up.
I may call you anti-Semitic, and you're not.
Well, I mean, it's a good thing to demonize somebody with.
What about anybody that wants to get out of the country now and leave?
Would you recommend it if they didn't have property or business and they could leave?
Would you suggest leaving?
You know, that's for you to decide.
It's a new world order.
We've got to fight it.
I'm going to stay here.
Out of time, folks.
Great broadcast week.
God bless you all.