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Air Date: Feb. 15, 2005
2276 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
Mega massive broadcast lined up for you today.
It is the 15th
Of February 2005.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
We're going to have Dr. John Breeding on in the second and third hour to talk about mass mind control of our children.
How the culture's been set up, how they're bringing in the new Freedom Initiative, how they're racing ahead with just every form of scientifically crafted brainwashing to smash the psyche of the American people, to forge us into a huge iron fist of global empire.
Oh yeah, the party's going to end real soon.
This decadent cycle we're in,
That's just to get us firmly chained down so the New World Order can have its way with us.
Interesting news I have here in front of me.
This is out of several of the big Canadian newspapers.
Ottawa, an influential tri-national panel, has considered a raft of bold proposals...
For an integrated North America, including a continental customs union, single passport, and continuous security perimeter.
Yeah, I saw the head UN general, eight days after 9-11 on Nightline, say that they were going to do all this.
They like to brag, don't they?
And now they've gone from, oh, we might be taxing your cars using satellite boxes and transponders to, it's going to happen.
Prepare for it.
I've got CBS News, just this is the way it is.
Of course, it's not the way it is, but they've learned if they just tell you this is the way it is, most people are like rodents.
Dropped into one of those mazes where they test and study rodents at the colleges.
The rodent thinks that the contained world it's been put into is its entire world and never questions the parameters.
Well, I don't think you're rodents, but some of you don't like being told that they think you're rodents, and so you get angry because you like being a slave.
Okay, well, just enjoy yourself.
Maybe you can work at one of the companies administering the satellite tracking and taxation and feel like you're part of the power system.
And Bush, of course, urges renewal of Patriot Act.
Well, he urges this every year as they pass more police state legislation.
This is another propaganda smokescreen.
They've gone far past the first Patriot Act, and the first Patriot Act does not have a sunset on it.
That's a total lie, as usual.
Oh, it does have a sunset provision subsection that's posted on Infowars.com.
But that sunsets a few little tertiary, I wouldn't even call them capillaries.
They don't even have any use in the bill.
Little platitudes, little nothing comments.
It's like saying, you know, we better sunset the tree in the backyard and...
No one was going to cut down the tree.
It's already there.
Well, we had it set up to where in a year we were going to trim off a few of the branches.
So now the year has gone by, and in the case of the Patriot Act, the four-year sunset is going by.
And so we need to go re-up it or the tree is going to get chopped down.
They were never going to chop the tree down.
They were just put in there.
They'd snip off a few little branches that didn't matter.
Weird analogy, but that's okay.
All right, when we get back, I'll go over this and just so much more, folks.
We'll also take a lot of your calls in this first hour at 1-800-259-9231.
The websites are Infowars.com and Infowars.net and PrisonPlanet.tv.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother Mainstream Media
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, again, ladies and gentlemen, it is Tuesday, the 15th day of February 2005.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to have wide-open phones throughout the broadcast today.
We do have Dr. John Breeding, expert on the mass brainwashing that's going on, the New Freedom Initiative, and leading the national fight against it, joining us in the second through the third hour because it's such a big and important subject.
Here's the news in front of me today.
London, officials...
Planting tracking chips in trash bins.
Now again, yesterday I talked about this with the father who's fighting the big tracker chips the children have to wear around their necks in California, in the California school.
I told him, I've got the industry plans.
They're going to have RFID readers on the trash trucks that scan everything in your trash can, everything you bought, everything you did at the store.
And then with the new national sales tax that's coming out,
They are simply going to then index it and see if you bought anything on the black market.
And you ask, why would they want to know that?
Well, because, ostensibly, the public excuse will be because we're going to have graduated sales tax.
If you make under $15,000 a year, you won't pay any sales tax.
But we've got to make sure that you're not richer people.
People with more money aren't sending folks out to buy for them.
And see, I could talk for hours just about this subject.
Just this one article.
This is my frustration.
Here's another one.
Business Week.
Closer to the remote-controlled home.
And it says everything you do will be RFID'd.
It's already starting.
Everything will be tracked and controlled.
Here's another one.
This is out of Frontline Computer Solutions.
ID systems and unisys to implement RFID project for U.S.
Every letter, every stamp will have a tracker chip in it.
Postal Service.
Told you about this five years ago.
Again, I'm not sitting here bragging.
Like, oh, I told you this.
It's like, I told you you had cancer.
I told you you could have had that mole removed.
And now you've got, you know, skin cancer over half your body.
The cut is probably going to die.
I mean, just please listen to me.
There may be a chance we can still cut it off.
I just, okay.
Here's another one.
Chicago goes high-tech with cameras.
Talked about these bullet-proof face-scanning cameras years ago in Chicago, but now they're letting the public know about it.
We were just reading industry documents three years ago on this, and they also scan your face and read your license plate and also have drug sensors on them.
So, all part of the new freedom.
And U.S.
rules out incentives for North Korea.
They want to go ahead and have a war with them.
And I've got an article here where a woman...
Was strip searched and jailed after failing to pay traffic tickets at CBS News.
I've got articles here where the NRA is supporting thumb scanning to buy ammo or guns in Massachusetts.
And of course then that's total gun registration, but the NRA is supporting it and so the gun owners will never even know about it.
It's like the NRA in a federal case last year argued that all guns should be registered and not be allowed to leave the home
In a major federal court case.
All righty then.
But again, just ignore me.
I understand.
Just say you're conservative, hand in your guns.
I understand it just feels good to suck your thumb and think that, you know, Limbaugh and Hannity and Bush are conservative.
I understand.
I understand.
People like being ripped off.
That's why they go to casinos.
People like being ripped off.
That's women like men, on average, that are abusive, folks.
It's really true.
They like to be dominated.
A lot of women are pretty sick.
That's just how the culture is set up.
All of us are, I guess, like that to a certain extent.
We like to be dominated.
It's all part of the new freedom.
You want to be dominated?
Believe me, you're going to get dominated, America.
You want to be slaves?
Believe me, you're going to get what you want.
I remember being in school and wondering why the guys that were mean to the girls...
And I guess they knew back then, almost instinctively, you know, just to act cool, act like they were on the edge, to be rude to their girlfriends, and a lot of people groveled to that.
And so I use that example, you know, for the rest of society.
I think it was Napoleon, Hitler said something similar, many others did, that society is like women.
We need to be dominated and taken and forced and controlled.
Well, I know my wife's not like that, but...
And I don't know, the girls like me, because I was always friendly and interesting, but I did sit there and watch and notice the bad boy complex.
And I guess society's kind of like that.
People respect power, or at least the front of power.
And just some psychology there for you folks.
We'll go over that a little bit later.
But I thought you'd want to hear about this.
Now, every word I'm going to read...
You heard me screaming about four years ago on this broadcast.
You heard me eight years ago screaming about it, too, if you were listening that long ago.
Or ten years ago, in some cases, if you're watching the TV show.
But the reason I bring this point up, and I'm not crowing, I just got your emails laughing at me.
I got the phone calls.
I'd say, please, please, just check out my claims.
Here's where you can get the documents.
You didn't want to listen.
Some of you didn't.
But I really got upset four years ago because right after Bush got elected, he went to Canada, Montreal, and they had that big Pan-American Union Summit.
And I taped C-SPAN, and they were on there saying that we're going to have one currency, it's going to be called the Amero, and we're going to have this...
Tax for North and South America and Central America.
We're going to have UN troops in America.
And so I got on the air and I went and downloaded the documents and I warned you and I had guests on who were there.
I guess most of you did listen, but I remember eight years ago most people didn't listen.
And then every few weeks I see an article like this, and usually I don't even cover it anymore.
I mean, it's kind of old news in a way, but here it is out of the Toronto Star.
It's also in the Globe and Mail and several other major papers.
Headline, Border Talks Called Disturbing.
Blue Ribbon Panel Looks at North American Integration.
Canadian Vice Chair Insists Group Has No Hidden Agenda.
That's the headline.
Then it goes into the article.
Ottawa, an influential tri-national panel, has considered a raft of bold proposals for an integrated North America, including a continental customs union, single passport, and continuous security perimeter.
Now, that's U.N.
troops, folks.
I've seen them on TV say it.
According to a confidential internal summary for the first of the three meetings of the task force on the future of North America, discussions also broach the possibility...
This has already been signed into treaty, folks.
I love these articles.
Of lifting trade exemptions.
It goes on.
Those last two suggestions were dismissed in subsequent deliberations, say members of the task force, an advisory group of academics, trade experts, former politicians and diplomats from Canada, the United States and Mexico, sponsored by the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations, which top neocons say don't exist.
You're not allowed to call into the shows.
If you do, they say it doesn't exist.
I've heard them.
Members said the task force's final report this spring will focus on achievable rather than simply academic questions like that of the single North American currency.
Nevertheless, the initial debates prompted a sharp reaction from trade skeptics and nationalist groups, but the Council of Canadians who fear business leaders and the political connected are concocting plans to cede important areas of sovereignty at the behest of American business interests.
Try global business interests.
They're offshore, folks.
Council of Canadians...
Chairperson Maude Burlow said the summary, a copy of which was obtained by the Toronto Star, was disturbing and shocking.
What they envision is a new North American reality with one passport, one immigration and refugee policy, one security regime, one foreign policy, one common set of environmental health and safety standards, a brand name that will also be sold to school kids.
Yeah, the brainwashing's in there.
All based on the interests and the needs of the United States.
Again, that's incorrect.
The globalists that own America.
She said the discussions...
And decisions had added weight because the panel includes such political heavyweights as former Federal Finance Minister John Manley.
And it gets even worse.
It's a long article, folks.
But that's just that that I have here in front of me.
Here's an email from a listener.
Just thought I would let you know that Albertson's Grocery Store in Oregon, in Portland, is now using thumb scans.
Do buy and sell as your mode of payment.
Well, and the person said, this is crazy.
P.S., can you link to your site to a news article about it?
Look, it's going to happen everywhere.
It's going to be the new national sales tax, and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
We're trying to stop it.
We're trying to fight it, but these yuppies just keep giggling and laughing and saying it doesn't exist until they have their pension funds taken, until they're paying...
$6 a gallon for gas.
And I'm sorry, that's going to be the price.
That'll be the equivalent price.
You pay $2 for the gallon of gas, and then with the $3 to $4, conservatively, per 20 miles you drive with the new transponder taxation grid.
I'm real sorry about that.
In fact, here's the article right here, CBS News, and they just flaunt it and say this is the way it is.
They actually say in the article, this is the way it is.
Knowing that most yuppies don't ever like to admit to themselves they're being dominated, so they will subconsciously engage in double-think.
And rationalization will instantly decide that it's good and they like it.
And they'll line up for it.
See, that's how these people operate.
And they run our society.
They're slaves.
They're the worst type of slave.
They're going to bring us all down, folks.
And Bush urges renewal of the Patriot Act, i.e.
radical expansion.
Lord Gonzales sworn in yesterday.
And it's just all coming up.
I'll take some of your calls first when we get back.
And we'll talk to you about whatever you'd like to discuss.
And then we'll continue with... The stack's about seven inches thick today.
I'm going to try to cover most of it, at least give it all a mention.
It's all on Infowars.com.
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This is minimum infringement.
There may be more.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, we already know that, and she doesn't have any power.
But it's all in those discussions of her and how she's sneaking around and what the Democrats are doing.
You see, the neocons won't talk about how all their bosses are voting with the Democrats.
But let's go to your calls right now.
Scott in Michigan, then Fred, David, John, and others.
Scott, welcome.
Thank you, Alex.
I'd like to know your big idol of mine right now.
I'm a 14-year-old kid from a
Small town in Michigan, about 10,000 people, you know?
And I listened to you a couple of weeks when you were on the George Norrie Show in Arizona or wherever the heck it was.
Yes, sir.
Coast to coast.
Yeah, coast to coast.
Coast to coast.
Yeah, that one.
And you were talking about the barcode thing and stuff like that going on at school.
I'm experiencing that firsthand right now because we're scanning our lunch cards and stuff like that to get our lunch, and we have to put money into it and stuff like that.
Well, I haven't seen the numbers in years, but four years ago, over a thousand school districts had thumb scanners, no cash allowed.
And I hear it's much worse today, so just be blessed you're not thumb scanning.
Yeah, I am.
But the answer is, fight those scam cards now, because then they lead to the thumb scanners.
That's what we were doing last year in our school.
Every single kid was telling our principal that these new scan cards suck and stuff like that.
We got done doing these special tests for our state like a week ago or something like that.
And last year they didn't have no barcode or anything on them, but now every single kid has a barcode for this special test for your state.
Yeah, and then that all goes into the database.
It's under federal control so they can test how well they've dumbed you down.
Federal standardization is to test how well it's working.
I have the federal documents.
I've had top officials from the Department of Education on.
They have the actual documents.
It is all designed to dumb you down.
Scott, good to hear from you.
I appreciate your call.
Be upright.
Be strong.
Rebel against the system by being upright and strong and don't use drugs and play sports and be involved with good people.
That's how you rebel.
You need to rebel properly.
The way they tell you to rebel is to get you to their prison system.
Victory is not going under their psychiatric system, not getting on welfare, or not going under their criminal justice system.
Bottom line, they want to institutionalize you, and the best scientists in the world have built traps to get you into their system.
Don't let them win.
Have victory by being upright and strong, and grow up and be a good father, a good husband, a good Christian.
Fred in Texas.
Fred, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I recently read an article about JFK's executive order to abolish the Federal Reserve, and it went on to say that he wanted to back the American dollar with silver bullion.
Well, he didn't want to.
He signed the executive order.
Well, and it also went on to say that nobody has contested it or changed it since then.
That's not true.
One of the first things that LBJ did while on the airplane was send the 150,000 troops back that were on ships coming back from Nam to rescind the order that was starting to take power from the CIA, divest power from it, and a order to reverse his executive order.
So isn't there any movements out there to abolish the Federal Reserve?
Yes, the good congressman Paul and others have introduced bills to abolish the private institution.
So far, no luck, obviously.
Well, that's all I wanted to say.
I'd be very interested to know more about it, so I'm reading everything I can, too.
I need to have some guests back on about the Federal Reserve.
Yeah, I think that would be a good subject matter, because a lot of people deny that it's even a private institution.
Hey, a lot of people deny the CFR exists when they're on TV calling for New World Order.
I mean, it's any way to deny what they're facing.
You ever know people that just totally live in procrastination and denial?
Oh, yeah, every day.
There's a lot of people around here.
I mean, how do you think... Look, the Germans were denying what the Nazis had done up until...
Yeah, I can't... Yeah, I can't believe... Well, I can, I guess, because we've been dumbed down so much that if you just take a look at the history of what Hitler was doing and the state of how it's been going in America since Lord Bush got in, it's...
People can't believe bad things are going to happen.
Well, they say, you know, that we're still on this high horse thinking, oh, you know, nothing can happen to us.
We're the best.
Well, people get on a power trip.
Look, liquor sales and pizza sales, it was reported that both these were the highest sales ever recorded the night of the shock and awe.
It was a party.
People associated their power with that.
It's the height of decadence and pure evil.
That's horrible.
Thanks for the call.
Come back and talk to David, John, and others.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're in the pipe, five by five.
We're going in, we're going in full throttle, ladies and gentlemen, against the New World Order.
We've got to attack not just the superstructure of this global empire through the Infowar, we have to unlock the minds of men and women everywhere that have been enslaved by this Matrix-like control grid.
David and Cameron and Johanna and others, your calls are coming up.
I want to continue with the news, or we'll never get to all of it.
Of all the horrible things that are happening, one of the worst is what's happening to our transportation systems.
The new wave of taxation is on many fronts.
The age of big government has just begun, and of taxation and regulation is now here.
But the largest sector of the new taxation grid is to be in your automobile, or your bicycle, or your motorcycle.
That's a joke when I said motorcycle.
Please, New York Times, don't quote me as using improper grammar and saying motorcycle.
But the point here is that I say that because one time the New York Times made fun of me.
It was interesting.
But this control grid they're putting in is horrible.
And again, nine years ago, a truck driver sent me a bunch of industry publications with the federal documents, and I went and looked up the accompanying documents, that in America, every car would have a powerful transponder in it that you put on the dash that is read by these antennas on state, federal, and local roads, and that it all goes back to a bank account and then shares out the money.
And back then, they were talking about 15 to 60 cents a mile.
For all cars, all trucks, but to start with the 18-wheelers and commercial vehicles.
And then, I don't know, three or four years ago, the governor of Oregon called for it, now Schwarzenegger's calling for it, New York's trying to pass laws to do it.
It must have been five years ago, I had a member of the Federal National Transportation Board on
He was on the federal board.
He was a state rep in Wisconsin, a Democrat, who faxed me documents.
He was very upset about it, talking about more than 60 cents a mile.
And so we found out what the big plan was.
We found out the details of this baby.
And now they're putting it in.
It is federal.
It is a federally sponsored legislation and federally sponsored funding that then directs the states to do this, just like they federally standardized the driver's license in December of last year and now last week in the House.
We had Ron Paul's office on about this.
They passed it out of the House.
It's now in the Senate for a Pan-American Union ID card.
And for taxation and regulation and DNA testing when you get your driver's license.
I mean, they're passing all of this.
Let's see them now try to implement it.
And then earlier, you see how that meshes together with the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail, where this big board is calling for the Pan American Union and the Pan American ID card and Pan American taxation and regulation and an American Union currency.
I mean, I just read it 15 months ago here on air.
So, I mean, this is really happening, folks.
The Europeans were not told they were going into a union until their governments just said, hey, no voting allowed.
Your leaders are the only ones that get to make the decisions, your prime ministers and presidents.
And they're signing over your sovereignty.
They were told that the EU was a trade deal.
It started 45 years ago.
Just a horrible system, but they told them it was just a trade deal, and they merged all their laws, and oh, it's a union, and now we're taking your rights away.
So, see, Americans won't know about this until we're already in it, and now because we're going in to the mid-stages of this, pretty deep, we're up to our chest in it now, soon it'll be over our heads, now they're starting to announce it and tell it to you.
And, uh,
Here's CBS News today.
States mole taxing drivers by the mile.
Now listen to the propaganda in this article.
Again, I can take each one of these stories and just analyze them.
We just don't have the time to do it.
But I'm going to analyze this short article that's actually a synopsis of CBS Nightly News last night.
Now listen carefully.
College student Jason Just commutes...
An odometer spinning 2,000 miles a month, as CBS News correspondent Sandra Hughes reports, his monthly gas bill once topped his car payment.
I was paying about $500 a month, says Just.
So Just bought a fuel-efficient hybrid and said goodbye to the gas-guzzling BMW.
And what kind of mileage does he get?
The EPA estimates he's 60 in the city and 51 on the highway, says Just.
And that saves him almost $300 a month in gas.
It's just for just, but bad for the roads.
So again, it's great for just, but bad for the roads he's driving on because he also pays a lot less in gasoline taxes, which fund highway projects and road repairs.
He has more and more hybrids at the road.
Cash-strapped states are warning of rough roads ahead.
Officials in Car Clog, California are so worried that they may be considering a replacement for the gas tax altogether, replacing it with something called tax by the mile.
That Schwarzenegger proposed.
Seeking tax dollars dwindling, neighboring Oregon has already started road testing the idea.
Now listen to this.
Drivers will get charged for how many miles they use on the roads, and it's as simple as that, says engineer David Kim.
Now let's stop right there.
The big federal boards that study all this say they're going to do it.
That's the plan.
And now this Oregon expert just says that's the way it is.
Just accept it.
Resistance is futile.
Well, let's analyze this, number one.
If you read the different articles that are coming out promoting this and the different news pieces, they'll say, this is going to make more money for the government, and it's going to save money for drivers.
Now, number one, America is now using $20 million
Barrels of oil a day, up from 15 million barrels of oil just six years ago.
So, right there, is 20 million bigger than 15 million?
The answer is, yes it is.
In fact, I just saw some of the latest numbers.
It's actually 21 million barrels now.
There are more SUVs being sold than ever before.
There is more oil, more fuel being used, more petrol that is derived from the oil than ever before.
It's just not true.
So, number one, that's a lie.
Number two, they pitch it, they sell it to the public as you're going to save money.
No more state gas tax.
You'll still have the federal gas tax.
No more state gas tax, and this is going to be a great thing.
In Oregon, in the test marketing they're doing, and they've already passed a law to start this, as I just mentioned, they're charging 15 cents a mile during regular driving times and 20 cents a mile during peak times.
Well, let's say you get 20 miles to the gallon in your car.
The average is, what, like 26?
So, let's think here for a second.
Do the math.
Let's say you're getting charged 15 cents a mile to drive.
And you drive 25 miles.
What's 25 times 15?
We're talking about over three bucks.
So, we're going to go from gas taxes, that in most states are about 25 cents a gallon, to three dollars.
And these are the federal documents.
Boy, man, this is a great deal for you, let me tell you.
And for those that say they'll never get away with it, they'll never do it, it'll never happen, for those that say that, in the state of Texas, through federal regulation and federal manipulation, through federal guidelines, Rick Perry, the so-called conservative, is pushing for the entire state, every major state road and every city road, that is, the other county, which is under state control,
To have...
Automatic toll reading systems.
And they already put the readers up three years ago.
They're already all over the highways.
It's already all in.
They're already building the toll road booths.
And the people in the state, they've had over 20 different polls, and I've averaged some of them together.
It's about 95%.
And Austin is the lowest, because we're pretty dumbed down.
There are 7% of us that are complete idiots.
93% in major polls in Austin and Travis County are against the toll plan.
In Houston, or a little smarter, I guess, 98% are against.
Rick Perry literally laughs at everyone.
Mayor Will Wynn laughs at everyone.
And they admit that the tax and loan in Austin, and then there's tolls that are going to be on both ends of Austin and the county, and then there are going to be tolls in Williamson and Hayes County.
I mean, it's the whole state.
I'm talking about where I live, where I really studied.
The average family, per car, this has been in the newspaper,
We'll be $1,855 a year per vehicle.
Now, that's not even the state tax.
That's going to be the local, baby.
And you're going to pay it, and you'll do whatever they say to keep your car.
Now, I couldn't go to the meeting last night.
I'm told that around 1,000 people showed up, even though the city last minute...
It said, oh, you can't have it at the LBJ Presidential Library.
You've got to have it down the road.
Yeah, that's right.
The public meeting of the Campo Board.
And so I didn't get to tell.
I just heard a lot of people showed up.
And we're trying to get the petitions to recall the mayor who ceded the authority of the city over to the state of this unelected board.
And on this state board sits people who also work for the major toll road companies.
And then the day they get the stuff passed...
Six months ago, their family members get $300,000 a year jobs the next day at the toll companies.
I mean, it's just insane.
And we have all the documents.
The state has plenty of money.
Bruce from McCracken broke ranks with one of our city council members, wrote a big editorial for the paper two weeks ago saying, here's the confidential documents.
We've got plenty of money.
It's corporate looting.
We're going to hand over the roads to these private corporations through the state.
And that's all it is.
The private corporations are going to administer all of this, own the roads, and it's going to be just total piracy.
You see, it's a mass looting that's going on.
It isn't about having a good economy.
It isn't about none of the money that goes into it.
You won't get that.
Your old tax money you pay, the base tax money, that's spoken up here for the roads.
It's just all profit, and it's not free market, and it's like this with everything else.
Folks, we've got a government where 2.4 trill is missing from the Pentagon in the last 10 years.
2.4 trill.
Say it again.
2.4 Trill.
2.4 Trill.
Say it again.
That's why they want tyranny.
Because when they take your bank accounts, when they take your pension funds, when they take your Social Security, when they bankrupt everything by design like they did in 1929, you're not going to be able to struggle because they're going to have giant brigades of black ski mask police with microwave guns, sound cannons, and rubber bullets.
Every major city, the Sunshine Project, got these documents declassified two years ago, has helicopters in warehouses waiting with knockout gas fully loaded.
Why did they set all this up before 9-11 they even had?
Because they got bad stuff planned, folks.
America is going to be an absolute science fiction hell.
And a lot of people are scared of this, so they're deciding to join it.
They're deciding to go along with it.
A lot of people are smart, folks, but they're not good.
And they're very afraid.
Some are sociopaths and like it.
Some are psychopathic and like evil.
But a lot of them know this is true and have made the conscious decision to join it and to serve it.
Well, there's not much room at the top of the pyramid, boys and girls, so I hope those of you that have decided to join this realize that you're going to be laid off out of this system, too.
So just keep hanging on by your fingernails, hoping that you'll be okay.
Just keep licking boots.
I'll never forget.
At restaurants and at parties and stuff, years ago when I had time to do such things, I would have a Dell computer employee swagger over to me.
And go, Alex, I heard your show about the layoffs for the working class folks feeling like they were an elitist.
You know, somebody who makes $100,000 a year and has made a half million bucks off their stock thinks they're the ultra elite when they're lower, lower, lower, lower, lower, lower, lower middle class.
If you're a billionaire, you are now in the top 2%.
Well, top.
It's actually one-tenth of one percent.
You know, in a very top little percent.
People who are in the top percent, though, think they're part of that, you know, top tenth of one percent.
And they just swagger over.
And go, you know what?
This happened a lot.
I mean, globalism's good.
I'm doing fine with it.
And, you know, no, no.
I think everything's going great, Alex.
And I'd say, you watch.
Dell's building, because I have to know this.
I even confronted Dell once about this at a press conference.
I knew back in 1980 he was building three plants in China.
I said, you're going to be losing your job soon.
Sure I am!
Sure I am!
And I go, well, the federal documents and the Congressional Budget Office are projecting this.
I'm just going off their documents so you might... And they were making fun of these diatribes I was doing about how working class people, the people working in their plant, were losing their jobs.
And I was like, well, I'm a mid-level, you know, I'm part of the elite.
Man, I've seen those people.
They've emailed me.
They've apologized.
They're bagging groceries, folks.
And they lost most of their stock value, everything.
Well, you think the high-tech layoffs are bad?
Congressional Budget Office a year ago said they're going to get seven times greater by 2008.
Seven times greater.
And the same goes for cops and everybody else who thinks they're part of the system.
Go ahead.
Just think it.
Think whatever you want.
Delude yourself.
Just don't listen to me.
Just laugh at me.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
The only jobs we're going to be able to have are working for the government.
See, that's part of the plan.
We're going to be working for the government under a corporate structure.
It's going to be fascism.
I want to come back and take your calls.
I appreciate all you great folks holding.
I just wanted to go over this because it's very serious and we have a chance to stop it.
Or to at least slow it down, but not if you don't take action.
I'm proud of those that haven't taken action.
Before I end this segment, I want to tell you about PrisonPlanet.tv.
If you do have a computer, if you are online, you're missing out on one of the best services available.
It really wakes people up.
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We'll be back after this quick break.
Keep it locked.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Within just a few years, every trash truck will have a high-powered radio reader that reads your trash, everything you've bought, with the embedded RFID chips in it.
Source, USA Today.
I mean, you know, told you about that years ago.
Here it is.
Here's another one.
London officials planting tracking chips in trash bins.
Here's another one.
Closer to remote control, Business Week.
Now, everything in your home will be tracked by chip.
ID systems at Unisys to implement RFID project.
Here's another one.
All stamps will have RFID chips.
Postal Service.
I mean, folks, again, I could talk for 30 minutes about each one of these articles.
It's all happening.
It is a nightmare taxing grid.
The double fork of new taxation is your automobiles and the new sales tax.
And they're going to keep the income tax.
Heaven help us.
Heaven help us.
Let's go ahead and talk to David in Boston.
David, welcome.
Alex, how are you today?
Good, sir.
Listen, I read today that Taser International wants to issue tasers to everybody.
I mean, they want everybody to buy them.
I don't have a problem with that.
I mean, it's just like a gun.
It's how it's used.
But police are moving to ban citizens having them.
That's part of the media demonization of them for now, is, oh, we can't have the citizens having them.
The problem is the police are overusing them, setting the computers too high, shocking somebody for ten seconds instead of two seconds, and there's a death now every other day with these things.
Amnesty International reported, I think, 79 deaths so far.
It was like 82 last week.
Okay, well, maybe that's a different one, but they've supposedly been monitoring it.
Oh, really?
No, I'm just saying the number's 82 now.
Actually, there have been two more deaths.
It's 84 now.
Yeah, okay.
Well, I just figured that maybe that was what they wanted to do.
Of course, they want to take our real guns.
Well, this is how it works.
This is how it works.
I looked at this a year ago.
Why were they demonizing tasers so much?
Tasers aren't bad.
It's a good thing for cops to have.
If they don't use it on a 10-year-old who didn't put down the Game Boy.
Or they don't shock a 78-year-old woman.
Usually it's just the cops are shooting somebody.
So in a way, it's better.
Though it's killing a lot of people.
It's the mindset.
It's the overuse.
It's great for people who don't like guns to have a taser.
In fact, I think I'm going to go out and buy one.
Just to have it in a safe.
But no, that's why they're demonizing it.
There's a big move to ban tasers for citizens.
So this is kind of like the prerequisite to sort of the pre-demonization that maybe it's going to follow.
Oh, I see.
Yeah, police are overusing it.
Well, if the police might have to be restricted, well, the citizens certainly do.
Yeah, okay.
Well, another thing is, this past weekend I wanted to let you know also that I was channel surfing.
I rarely do that, but
Sometimes I do on the weekend.
And came across A&E, and they were running a thing called Arnold C. Arnold Run.
Yeah, basically admitting all the Nazi stuff and the woman stuff, but whitewashing, and, oh, he didn't mean it.
He's nice.
Yeah, yeah, you know, everybody's, you know, they support him anyway.
They love him, so.
But I thought that was kind of interesting, another pre-propaganda for Arnold, you know, sort of prepare him.
It's wall to wall.
Yeah, it seems like it is.
Oh, yesterday I should have mentioned what I found of Arnold.
I never got to it.
I'm making a film, and part of the film is about Arnold, about 20 minutes of this two-plus-hour film I'm making.
And we will sell no wine until it's time.
That's why I might be a little bit late coming out.
Martial law, 9-11, rise of the police state.
But I found out some very interesting things about Arnold.
When his mother died back in 1997, he had several different sculptures made about him.
Oh, that is interesting.
Yeah, I didn't watch it, but the part that I flipped on and on was, you know, they were trying to...
Trying to present him with the way to sort of suppress all the Nazi affiliation and try to... Yeah, he doesn't like Nazis anymore.
Just when his mother dies, he has big stone obelisks made with twin SS lightning bolts.
Thank you.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the 15th day of February 2005.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
I'm going to be here for another two hours.
Coming up in the next segment, Dr. John Breeding, expert on government brainwashing of our children, mass drugging, will go into the new Freedom Initiative that passed late last year along with the National ID Card and so much more.
Plus more news about satellite transponder tracking by the mile to be in all your cars very soon unless you say no to it.
A bunch of news about the unfolding police state here in America.
It is all coming up in this hour.
But right now, let's go to calls.
Cameron in Idaho, welcome.
How are you, Alex?
Good, sir.
Well, I was listening earlier about your talking about the thumb scanners and the Albertsons in Oregon.
Well, I mean, the listener emailed me about it.
I mean, it's going in everywhere.
Well, I'm from Boise, and Albertsons is where the corporate headquarters for Albertsons is.
That's where it was started.
It was here in Boise.
And I actually live very close to the local Albertsons where they're testing a lot of the new technology they're trying to use.
One of my friends actually works there, and he said that you can't get your paycheck without using a thumb scan.
Yeah, H-E-B does that all over Texas.
But, again, it starts with the employees.
They start making the cops do it.
They make the enforcers do it.
And the public has signs up at almost every H-E-B in Texas saying, inkless fingerprint readers coming soon.
You'll have to use them.
But then they planned to do it years ago in Austin, but we protested, so they didn't.
But in areas of Houston College Station, they make the customers do it.
I mean, but just all the things in this Albertson store, like my friend Will said, they're testing all the new technology that they're going to be using in all their stores nationwide here at this one Albertson.
The RFID and the rest of it?
And also the cameras that they have, they're using cameras that can zoom in for miles.
They're using, he also mentioned a technology that's going to be scanning people for their emotions, like stress levels, heat, if they're going to actually, like, feel something, you know.
It's just, it's blowing my mind.
Well, we told, that was actually in USA Today about three years ago, that some of these, quote, smart stores, they don't tell you which stores they are, but we've caught them in Massachusetts, Texas, other areas.
The cameras scan your face, they're passive MRIs, pick up brain waves, follow your eye movement with hidden cameras in the shelves, pressure plates on the floor.
And yes, sir, you know what your friend ought to do?
If you want to go in there with a small video camera, like your shopping, have it there with you, and just start videotaping some of this stuff and send it to me.
Yeah, I definitely will do that.
I want to make a video about surveillance, but I can't do everything with that.
I want to do that.
That's on the list someday in the future if I'm not in the FEMA camp, is to show people what's happening.
Well, I'm willing to help out in any way, Alex.
What else did he say about these emotion sensors?
He just said that they're going to be testing them out, putting them in.
Certain areas of the store where a lot of theft has happened, mainly in like the alcohol area.
Yeah, that's their excuse to see if you're nervous.
Right, that's exactly what they're trying to do.
That's a void comp type system.
That's just going to be going in all the cars.
Toyota, Saab, and others are going to make it standard soon.
That's the Associated Press and the big automobile magazines where the camera constantly scans your eye as you drive and then calls police on you, quote, if you're tired or on drugs.
Right, that's just sickening.
Actually, I was just watching...
One of your weekly updates on PrisonPlanet.tv and how you were talking about how they're going to start putting cameras in cars where they're constantly watching you.
Do you see me show the mainstream news articles?
It's all part of freedom.
Just, you know, Big Brother camera watching you 24 hours a day.
I mean, it's just, look, it's like three years ago we started getting reports from Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, where they put cameras in the showers at the middle schools.
Oh, my God.
And they go, well, we videotape your kids naked, but it's for security.
And, yeah, it got traded on the Internet around the country, but so what?
I mean, folks, it's worse than 1984.
It is.
It's just like you said, truth is stranger than fiction.
It's going on right now, and if you call into a national talk show and talk about it, they'll say it doesn't exist.
It doesn't matter how many industry papers it's in.
It doesn't matter if you've got video of it.
They'll just keep denying it.
It just shows how deep the control goes.
They will deny it until the day the transponder goes in their car and they start getting taxed.
And then they'll say, well, I'm for it.
Because they're winners, see, so they just pick the winning side.
They're really losers.
We'll be right back.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We like to talk to people on this broadcast who are standing up, who are taking action, who have had victories as well as defeats.
But they're in the arena.
And my good personal friend, fellow Austinite, Dr. John Breeding, who I've been interviewing for, I don't know, six, seven years on the radio.
We haven't had him on since Lord Bush had a victory with Eli Lilly and others and got the New Freedom Initiative passed despite Ron Paul's valiant fight against it last year, last December.
Though they're trying to repeal the funding of it right now.
And people all over the country were fighting in Illinois and the other nine states that have already started implementing it.
This is the forced psychological testing of every child in America.
And again, the guidelines were written by Eli Lilly and other drug companies.
It started in Texas' TMAP.
They admit that it's about getting from 15% to half the children on these dangerous psychotropics.
New major studies have come out, some of the most dangerous psychotropics, that St.
John's Wort is three times more effective in double-blind studies.
...than drugs like Paxil.
And of course, Sugarpill is more effective in double-blind studies, more effective than Prozac.
Again, it's not effective.
It's every major mass shooter, women cutting their babies' arms off, women drowning their children.
They're on these drugs that put you into a mesmerized state.
So they'll SWAT team your house looking for marijuana that isn't even, and I've looked at the studies, isn't even as bad as alcohol.
And I don't smoke marijuana, by the way, folks.
Good to be here, Alex.
I'll tell you, there has just been a storm of things happening, but we're having some victories as well as some defeats, but as I said, at least we're on the battlefield.
Tell us what's happened with New Freedom, basically what it is, and now what we're facing.
Yeah, we had a pretty good victory, actually, first in the federal legislature recently.
We were fighting for a long time to get this so-called Child Medication Safety Act passed, which basically would just...
Take part of what we did here at Texas and take it at a federal level and at least make it clear that schools cannot require kids to be on psychotropic drugs as a condition of attending school.
That seems pretty simple and statement, and it is, but that's the point that we're at where we have to fight even to just back off the system structure such that even to just say that, you know,
Kids have a right to be in school even if they're not on psych drugs.
We had to fight for that.
And states are passing simply... We got that little piece passed at the federal level.
And, Dr. Breeding, states are also, thanks to your work and others you've testified around the country, are passing laws that teachers cannot prescribe drugs.
That's common sense, too.
Yeah, teachers could never actually prescribe the drugs, but what we were doing was passing laws that say they can't suggest them or recommend them, which is, in effect, a prescription,
The parents on top of that are to call Child Protective Service and threaten the parents if they don't go along with it.
So in that sense, they're de facto prescribing.
But what we did in Texas and some other states is basically say school employees may not recommend psychotropic drugs, they may not suggest a diagnosis, just to back them off a little bit and to back off the threat of Child Protective Service and the accusation of medical neglect.
So we have had some victories in that regard.
And it's just tooth and nail because the whole thing is sort of a total state welfare for your child in the sense that the view is that your child
It's more the property of the state than the child is really a citizen and a member of the family.
You read my mind.
I was actually sent the tape of this.
A listener two weeks ago called and said, have you heard Dr. Phil today in his ad before the show said that it's a privilege to be a parent and the state really has power over the child.
I was sent that tape.
He's now out saying that the state owns the children.
Well, and that's the basic philosophy of the therapeutic state.
And, of course, Phil got in some trouble recently because he was recommending a specific... We have a lot of distress in this culture, as you get to talk about every day.
But one reflecting of it is that we have large numbers of...
Yeah, I think so.
People to send their teenagers that they don't think are handling life very well or whatever.
So they go off to these schools and camps.
And children die at these camps.
And kids die and they get drugged and all these things.
But Phil recommended one of these places and in the very next week or so an expose came up on that place of a series of scandals, I think including a death, including all kinds of terrible things.
He got in a little bit of a flap.
I think mostly he was kind of naive about the extent of the psychiatric system.
That guy probably works for the Justice Department, but go ahead.
Yeah, yeah.
So Phil was basically justifying and rationalizing a belief system that you're very well aware of, and we call it the therapeutic state, but it's the idea that, you know,
The schools really have control, and Child Protective Services has control, and psychiatry has control, and the parent's role really is to be the child's case manager rather than the child's parent.
And it's all designed by the corporate fascist state to institutionalize everybody.
And so you deal with all different ramifications to that as far as surveillance systems and as far as, you know, this and that, but in terms of psychiatry per se...
You know, psychiatry is a major, major mechanism with this.
I would call it the tip of the spear.
Well, it's the enforcer.
When you can't use the criminal justice system to enforce, when there's no actual law being broken, you can just bring in the threat and say the person's a little bonkers or they're not acting right or they're a little depressed or they don't know any better, and then you can bring in the force of the state.
And really, you know, we got a guy, Rodney Yoder,
I don't know if you're familiar with his case, but he was locked up in Illinois for 11 years for no crime, but they considered him to be one of the most dangerous individuals in the country.
We were saying, basically, this guy's completely safe.
We'd have him in our own home.
You need to release him.
It was basically a vendetta that a certain state official there in Illinois had against the guy.
But they could do that, you know, just based on some doctor's statement, this guy is mentally ill and dangerous.
Well, Charles T. Sell, no criminal record, Army dentist at Waco, sees a mass murder, speaks up, seven plus years in solitary confinement, forced drugging, never even gone to trial.
Right, and all you've got to do is get somebody to certify and declare that some other person is mentally ill.
And all their civil liberties go away.
That was how Hitler early on started grabbing people, was saying they were mentally ill.
That was the first thing in the mid-30s that he started.
They started first sterilizing and then killing off the mentally ill before it got into the whole final solution thing with just strictly on a racial basis.
So it was a whole eugenics philosophy.
The fact is that the modern day eugenics is reflected in psychiatry because the belief system, there's basically two main premises or postulates of psychiatry today.
One is the chemical imbalance theory.
So you've got some sort of biological defect that needs to be treated and controlled.
So that's the eugenics, selecting out based on biology.
And then the other one is the bad gene theory.
I think we might have talked about this last time I was on your show.
This guy testified at the legislature when we were down there a few months ago saying that the reason so many foster kids are on psychotropic drugs is because they come from bad gene pools.
So you've got the biology and the genetics.
Basically, in psychiatry... Back up!
Say that again for people that didn't hear you.
Back up!
This was in the news, folks.
This guy came right out at a hearing in front of people and tell them what they said.
This was at the state legislature.
We were having a hearing on the use of psychotropic drugs in foster care because there's just a...
Well, the fact is that most of the kids that go into foster care are placed on one or usually more than one.
Over two-thirds of children, WAI reported, in Texas foster care are on psychotropics.
The average is on four drugs, some as many as 17 drugs.
That's right.
Go ahead.
That's right.
And so we're testifying on this to a special committee at the legislature, and this guy...
I'll think of his name in a second.
Well, give us your website.
You've got it posted there.
Oh, Burkett.
Joseph Burkett.
And give us your website.
It's on thewildestcolts.com.
Okay, go ahead.
And Dr. Burkett, and he was the head of MHMR up in Tarrant County, you know, distinguished psychiatrist guy.
And he's saying, well, the reason that so many kids are on drugs
Yeah, I think so.
I had a doctor on two weeks ago who said the same thing.
Basically, it's a new stage in evolution.
We all need drugs.
Of course, that is an incredible statement from a marketing point of view.
What we're really talking about is the selling of sickness.
Just like everything else, you were talking about transportation earlier.
I was listening to you a little bit.
It's a marketing thing.
You have to sell a certain point of view.
You have to convince people to see the world a certain way in order to go along with whatever the program is.
In this case, it's called selling sickness.
You need to see the world through the point of view that
Problems in living are not due to issues of social justice or oppression or just life shocks and traumas, but they're due to biological or genetic defects.
And all of us have some sort of problem like that, right?
So drugs for everybody.
And it's driven by the corporate pharmaceutical industry, which is the most profitable industry in the world.
I want to come back to tail the New Freedom Initiative.
We've got to break.
Then I want to get into just the mass psychology.
Stay with us.
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We're back live with Dr. John Meriting.
He'll be with us for the Balance the Broadcast.
We'll talk about a whole host of issues.
We'll talk about the psychology that's connected to all of it.
The war in Iraq, you name it.
And of course your calls are coming up.
But think about this.
The national average is a little over two-thirds of children that are in foster care are on psychotropic or Ritalin.
The amphetamine class drugs are on the serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and now even more complex drugs.
So this shows what they want to do.
When they get a hold of a society, this is what they do.
And now through New Freedom Initiative, we're going to try to implement this, getting all of our children into the system.
They can't get you on welfare, it's the criminal justice system or the psychiatric military industrial complex.
Dr. Breeding, go over New Freedom for folks that don't know what it is and how they passed this last year, but now the fight at the state level against it and how folks can get involved in that fight.
Well, the New Freedom Commission was a presidential commission under the current President Bush, and it consists of 20 some odd select people to be on the commission, experts, so-called experts.
And the mission was basically to formulate policy recommendations for the mental health system in the United States.
And fundamental to understanding this is that
A large number of, I know at least half of them, we have traced it very directly, are people that were also involved in the development of something that you mentioned a while ago called TMAP, which is the Texas Medication Algorithm Project.
It's interesting that this started here in Texas, not surprising since Bush was governor and now he's president, but it started in Texas and the Texas Medication Algorithm Project was basically another
We're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
All those drugs, of course, happen to be the main profit points for the very companies that funded the commission, right?
So they developed the TMAP, and then it's the policies made that requires MHMR doctors to follow TMAP prescribing practices, so that if you're in the MHR system or in the Medicaid system in the state, then you automatically prescribe
So this is Big Pharma actually writing the guidelines that are then implemented by the medical associations?
This is Big Pharma.
They fund the thing directly, the commission, but also the people that are appointed to the committee are the same guys, largely university-based or medical school-based, who are paid consultants to these different drug companies.
So basically they set it up and they create the formulary and the payoff is that they get the profit point drugs on the formulary and so what we've tracked is that for every $1,000 that they donated to fund this TMAP commission,
They get about a million dollars in sales for their drugs.
So it's pretty good, a thousand to one, you know, return on their money.
Now that's conservative, because then this will be in the aggregate over the years.
Forced psychological testing of every child in America, up to 18-year-olds, and now in Illinois they're talking about expanding, and the commission recommended even adults, now pregnant women.
That's totally conservative because that was just based up to a certain point in time.
The payoff is much bigger than that.
It's a huge scandal that's being exposed and yet it's just a typical example of the way that the decision making at the state level is totally compromised and driven by private
Well, it's the same thing with the toll roads or anything.
It's the same thing with the toll roads, the same things with the war-making decisions, all that.
It's exactly the same.
I'll tell you what, stay there.
And then the dominant media is owned by the companies.
You look at who owns the media, it's the same companies that own the defense complex, that own Big Pharma.
It's incredible.
But there's a larger agenda.
It's about control.
Because they control the economic paradigm.
It could be something else they were making money off of that wasn't as destructive.
We're going to come back with Dr. Breeding and just get into a whole other host of issues in your calls.
You don't want to miss it.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us.
33 minutes and 20 seconds into the second hour.
We're talking to Dr. John Breeding.
We're going to get into this Associated Press article where they have state leaders admitting there's no oversight over the drugging of children.
It's just going wild.
I mean, they actually kill children in some cases.
They give them so many drugs.
Doctors have gone public, medical doctors, and said these children were happy and healthy until you got a hold of them.
It is so bloodthirsty.
And it goes across the board into so many other issues.
And your calls, of course, are coming up as well.
Johanna and Kim and David and Tim and others that are patiently holding.
But before we go back to Dr. John Breeding and your calls and a lot more, I want to go to Debbie Morrow of New Millennium Concepts.
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Debbie, thanks for coming on.
Thank you very much, Alex.
I look forward to talking to your listeners.
God bless and take care.
Take care.
Give Debbie a call, folks.
All right, going back to Dr. John Breeding.
Dr. Breeding, I want to talk about, before we go to some calls...
I want to talk about ways to fight the New Freedom Initiative.
You came up with a petition, got thousands of signatures.
There are fights being waged at the state level to put up barriers against this federal funding and this mandate to forcibly psychologically test every child in America from 4 to 18, and then it tries to expand out into adults.
We've got to fight this.
How do we fight this?
Well, you mentioned Ron Paul, I believe, earlier, and he's the man in charge.
Yes, I think so.
Congress is leading the charge to try to challenge the funding.
The U.S.
Basically, the New Freedom Commission recommendations include universal mental health screening, so the next step has been to chip away and get $20 million there and $20 million here to fund the so-called pilot programs, basically initiatives in various states.
Supporting Ron Paul and the efforts at the federal level.
In different states, there's different dynamics, and so it's a matter of plugging into that system and that initiative.
But in our state, we have an opportunity to really put a pretty good shock into the system if we can really bring up
The roots of this TMAP thing, since it started here in Texas, it's currently mandated in the MHMR system and used also in other systems within the state.
And it's been marketed out to several other states as well.
That's part of the scandal that's been exposed is the drug companies paid for the MHMR director here, Dr. Shawn, to go around and sell the thing to different states and stuff.
So what we're trying to do is get the state legislature here
To kind of take on TMAP.
And so, contacting any of your state representatives here.
Susanna Hupp has looked into this thing a lot.
Lois Kolkhorst.
Part of what we're trying to do is to get MHMR
Also, Dr. Breeding, to be specific here,
We need to, all of us, because 10 states have already implemented this beforehand, now they're trying to make it go nationwide, to get into the state level now and tell them no forced psychological testing.
Because how is this going to work, folks?
Is your child going to come home and tell them that they were psychologically tested all day?
And so one thing you can do is plug into my website, wildestcoats.com.
That's right.
You mentioned this declaration that we have there.
It's basically a declaration that says, I, for one, refuse to consent to the administration of any kind of psychological screening test to my child.
I will not cooperate.
You do that.
We're working on getting up to 10,000.
We haven't quite reached 10,000 yet, but we've got 8,000.
We're doing pretty good.
And you sign on to that and also then you can get in the loop here and you'll also see the ablechild.org website and plug into these resources, the Wildest Colts and the Able Child and Ron Paul stuff, and you'll be right in the flow in terms of what's going on, plus you will have already made a statement.
And then you can figure out exactly what's happening in your state.
Here in Texas, like I said, what we're really doing right now since the legislature is in session is trying to get something happening.
You can support us that way.
You can think about that.
You can contact your state people and you can help us hold the focus to say, hey, what is this TMAP thing?
Could you look into that?
Why is MHMR not being forthcoming with the information about the monies on this?
They shouldn't be able to hide that from a legislative inquiry.
For folks that aren't technical, tell them what the MHMR is.
MHMR is mental retardation.
It's a state system for dealing with people who are so-called mentally ill.
Now, we've had some victories in Illinois.
We've had some victories in Illinois and other areas where they just come right out and say, we're going to do it, and there's massive resistance.
So, again, if the people just learn of this, there's no way they're going to get away with it.
That's right.
You can mobilize massive resistance on this because when it comes to our children and when they really realize that this sounds pretty good.
Oh, we just want to go in and make sure the kids are okay.
You know, looking just sort of like vision screening, you know, mental health screening.
But the drug companies' own documents show it's about getting them on drugs.
It's about a market.
But what they worry about is that they have a quota system that they're going to screen.
They're going to find, like you said, about a quarter of those that they refer for further evaluation, and about half of those, you know, will be recommended for treatment.
And what you have to understand, if you're going to understand the system at all, is that,
Treatment means drugs and that they've got these diseases, so-called diseases, and they market constantly and you see the ads, you're depressed, it's a chemical imbalance, you need Paxil, your ADHD, it's a neurological thing, you need Adderall.
And so the question people ask is, do I have this depression?
Does my child have ADHD?
And you've bought it hook, line and center.
There is no ADHD.
There is no biochemical imbalance that causes depression.
It's made up.
Let me just add something to this.
Go ahead, Alex.
This is important and I want to go to some calls.
But folks, Prozac trees didn't grow in ancient times, and these drugs are deadly, and their own industry documents have now been made public.
They knew Prozac caused all this suicide, and the doctors argue, these quack doctors, oh, well, that's because they were already depressed.
No, no, it's clear linkage, their own documents.
They know what Ritalin does.
How do these people in industry, it's like the same people that know Prozac,
That these experimental vaccines they push on the troops are killing them.
I mean, that's admitted.
How do these people in government and industry... I mean, it's like the documents that came out a few years ago, declassified CDC, where they were having a meeting and said, I wouldn't give this to my granddaughter.
You know, autism's up a thousand plus percent.
It's brain damaging hundreds of thousands a year.
We've got to cover this up.
I mean, the documents say that.
Let's cover this up.
How do they live with themselves?
They've made a pact with the devil.
There's no doubt about that.
Adderall, which is one of the most popular drugs for kids these days, is three amphetamines rolled into one to treat so-called ADHD.
Adderall XR has just pulled off the market in Canada.
Because they linked it to sudden pediatric death, to children just dropping dead from strokes and heart failures.
This is a drug that we're giving to hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of our children.
When I was in middle school football, there was a black kid who was a star runner, breaking state records, great football player, was going to get all these big...
It's all too common, you know.
And so Adderall is now a big party drug.
I teach at the college and my students were telling me how popular it was as a party drug.
They were telling me it's the same day that Canada just pulled it off the market because kids are dropping dead from it.
That's Ritalin.
You know, you mentioned Prozac, Paxil, these drugs that cause suicide and or homicidal behavior in a certain percentage of people who take them.
They're giving out like candy.
And people buy it because they believe they've been conditioned, programmed to believe and to see the world in a way that sees something that's not there.
How did Prozac get away two years ago at sending out over a million free samples to mailboxes?
I mean, notice how they're just giving a total free hand.
They've given a total free hand because they give a total free handout.
They spend billions of dollars every year on their marketing.
They have more than one lobbyist for every member in U.S.
They spend $13,000 per doctor.
They fund the conferences.
They send these advertisements on TV that go into your brain every day.
It's a massive thing.
Research breakthrough with Paxil or whatever, and really it's put out by the company that makes Paxil.
And there's nothing different from that that Armstrong Williams is getting paid off.
It's exactly the same dynamic.
But let me add something here.
It's common sense, folks.
Think back to what you know about cocaine and heroin dealers.
They target the schools.
They go to the fence and go, here, kid, try this for free to get them addicted.
These are the big drug dealers, and they target the schools just like a dealer of illegal drugs.
So it's important to understand how the propaganda system and the conditioning system works, and then it's important to kind of remember that this whole thing is made up.
These are not real diseases.
This is not real medicine.
Kids don't have...
A disease called ADHD.
Adults don't have a chemical imbalance called depression.
Maybe they're not.
It's made up.
Isn't it usually that the child's eating a bunch of red dye and drinking three cokes and eating Twinkies and bouncing off the walls and adults are watching TV?
They're not outside walking around the lake?
Well, it's not that people don't have problems.
And one level of it is
Well, the answer isn't a toxic...
It's called being out of shape or being nutritionally imbalanced or being emotionally upset or just losing people you love or being stressed out from work.
I mean, there's a lot of things.
Isn't it also that people are in jobs and doing things they know that are immoral and the subconscious mind rebels against that and they get depressed?
I think that's totally true.
And the nice thing about that, Alex, is that it implies a very fundamentally positive view about human nature, which is that
What you're referring to is your subconscious mind, your deeper self, wants you to be on purpose in your life.
If you're so off course that you're doing something that's meaningless and unethical, then on some level you're going to be unhappy or you're going to sabotage yourself or something.
It's because whatever you want to call it, your soul, your true self, is pulling you towards the truth.
It may look like some distress, but really it's a signal.
If you go deeply into it,
Rather than just saying, oh, that's a mental illness and I'm going to suppress it and dissociate by taking some drug that's going to make me forget it, which is what psychiatry wants you to do.
If you don't do that and you go deeply into it, that doesn't mean it's going to be easy, but you're likely to find...
Some truth.
Well, Dr. Breeding, I mean, I really am hardly ever depressed or unhappy because I have an ideology.
I have a philosophy.
I am driven.
I believe I'm doing what's right.
And then I have guilt.
I have my conscience.
My ego's gotten smaller over the years, and my conscience has gotten larger.
Is that a healthy process?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
And that's what we all want to be doing is working towards where our own...
Kind of relatively petty kind of interest.
We need ego to function, you know, to handle life.
But if that's driving things as opposed to serving us for some higher purpose, that's right on.
I like what you're saying.
All right, we're going to come back.
I know you've been holding forever, folks.
We'll go through your calls out of this hour into the next hour and then continue until this oldest block of callers until we get to you.
Then we'll get into just so much other news.
There's a lot I want to go over with Dr. Breeding.
I want to talk about denial.
A nation in denial.
Headed towards destruction.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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We're good to go.
I think?
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We have a special package deal where you save like $10 when you order two of the books.
And they're both excellent.
You need to have them for any grandparent to give to your children who have children or for any parents out there.
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This stuff really works.
You need to go to Infowars.com and get both his books, or at least get Wildest Cults, if you're just going to get one, but get both and you save a lot of money.
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All of these are excellent films, and I've got insane specials going right now.
And Dr. Breeding really has a great understanding of this information.
I hope you get his books.
Just a great mind.
Or you can watch all the films and read my books and a lot more at prisonplanet.tv.
Dr. Breeding, I want to get into a whole bunch of other issues with you in the next hour.
Right now, let's start going to calls.
Johanna in Texas.
Johanna, go ahead.
The first thing I want to say is that God bless you and protect both of you for everything you're doing.
Well, thank you.
And I really mean that very seriously.
I'm concerned because of young people committing suicide.
This is a very serious thing that I have in my heart.
It's very, very heavy to me.
And we really need to emphasize, even though all these things are happening, we've got to emphasize to people, adults and children, that there is hope.
The Creator says that He will send His angels giving charge over people if they submit to Him and obey Him and take Him seriously and study His Holy Word and pray.
Pray seriously for guidance and protection.
And Psalm 92.7 says, When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish, it is that they shall be destroyed forever.
Well, I mean, our culture says, you know, don't be religious.
I'm a Christian, and I think there's establishment Christians are the furthest thing from the Bible you can imagine.
But no, my faith is very strong and drives me.
And there is that spiritual place, that vacuum, that's not being filled by the drugs and the sex and the rest of it.
Dr. Breeding?
Yeah, I appreciate your blessing and your concern for our young people, because that's really what drives all of our work, is our concern for our young people.
Alex has two little ones himself, and I have two children of my own and a stepson, and they're all our children.
And I've sat with too many parents, and I'm thinking of Glenn McIntosh right now, who's on my board of directors.
He's here in Austin.
His teenage daughter, 13-year-old Caitlin, on January 5, 2000,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And, you know, prayer is a great response, but just loving and closeness and affection and really listening to our young people and treating them with respect.
And not letting them play these video games and getting them outside with lots of activities.
We'll be right back, folks, with the third hour.
Your calls are straight ahead.
With Dr. Breeding, keep it locked in.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks, we're now into hour number three.
Final hour.
This country's in the final hour as well.
Ten minutes to midnight.
We're talking to Dr. John Breeding, who's exposing the mass mind control of America and the world, the forced drugging of our children, the police state.
And we're going to go through the callers that have been holding for eons.
Then we're going to get into a bunch of different news items and get Dr. Breeding's take on that and talk about the mass denial in this country.
Let's talk to Kim in Texas.
Another call from Texas.
Go ahead.
Kim, you're on the air.
I'm sorry, are you there?
Yes, I am.
Okay, thank you guys so much.
You guys are just so right on the money with your information.
And Dr. Breeding, I direct so many people to your website.
It's a great resource.
And for those people out there that haven't visited your site, they really, really should.
I am just amazed every day at all the conditioning and control that surrounds us.
I myself was conditioned and controlled until about a year ago.
And one of the things that I recently just observed is how they give our kids these vaccines, which cause health conditions that require pharmaceuticals.
The pharmaceuticals cause additional problems, which in turn require more pharmaceuticals, and it's just this vicious cycle that they've put us into.
And they know that, too.
Let me get a comment from Dr. Breening.
That's right on.
Thanks, Kim.
Basically, in terms of this psychiatric dynamic that we're talking about, all these kids that are supposedly sick with ADHD or depression or bipolar or whatever, the fact is that they're neurologically normal.
Until the moment they start on the drug.
At that moment, they're neurologically abnormal, and if they stay on them for very long, they're permanently neurologically abnormal, and you've created basically a chronic mental patient, a lifelong consumer of a drug through the damaging effects of the very so-called treatment.
That's the example in psychiatry.
You mentioned vaccines and other areas of medicine.
There's problems in other areas, too.
But yeah, you're right on.
And so one of the best things a parent can do is just protect their child from these... And folks, children are supposed to go through developmental stuff and want to leave the nest.
I mean, that's a natural thing engineered into us by God.
And they take normal trials and tribulations of becoming an adult and they act like there's something wrong with that too.
Yeah, that's right, because there's no room for...
Yeah, I think it's really important that people are upset and dissent, especially if it might really be channeled in the way that Alex channels InfoWars, for example.
That's dangerous.
It's much safer to just call it a defect or a mental illness.
Alex is selling my books and I really appreciate that.
I really want to ask you to get them if you don't have them.
They lay out the thing with psychiatry and the drugs, but they also are just really strong reminders.
Actually, I was going to tell you that my mom is one of those teachers that likes to
My son doesn't watch TV because the few times we let him watch TV, he gets aggressive.
He's kind of more hyper and not as happy.
It stimulates the central nervous system in a way that's not good for kids, and so you end up creating
A problematic effect.
By the way, a bunch of big studies have come out on that, Dr. Breeding.
Oh, yeah.
It's all clear.
TV is just really bad for kids, especially young kids.
One of the best things you can do is just get rid of your TV with your little kids.
It really is true.
As hard as that is for people to hear, it's really, really true.
We'll be back with more calls.
Yeah, stay there.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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All right, welcome back.
We're about to go back to Dr. Breeding, talking about the forced drugging of American children and the propaganda pushing it on the rest of the population.
And really just the psychology of a population in total denial.
But if you see children when they see a television set when they're two or three years old, I mean, they're mesmerized by it.
And I've read the scientific studies.
I mean, these things are from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s.
A bunch of new big studies have come out, even establishment studies from prestigious universities.
A child watching television the first four and a half years of life while the brain is doing most of its growing and wiring actually retards your children to a certain level and changes the way they're actually able to think.
Again, I'm on television.
I'm in a few movies.
I make films.
For adults, if you're conscious of it,
Then it's not very destructive.
I mean, I don't even watch television more than 30 minutes a week now.
What's destructive is the propaganda that's added to it because it's such a powerful tool.
But for children, and again, I have major studies on this, children, period, until age 5, should not be anywhere near a television set.
But instead, they're constantly in front of them.
They're constantly around them.
They're being stuck in front of the CathoRabe tube.
Now, let me explain something to you folks.
The eyes are outgrowths of the brain.
They are literally large nerve sensors that are part of your brain.
They're the wind of the soul, the wind of the mind.
They are.
They are these pretty little nodes of the brain.
They are attached to the brain.
They go all the way through your brain to the back of the brain.
The sight centers are on the back of your brain.
And literally, we are designed in our binocular color vision to believe what we see.
Okay, that's how we're designed.
And, you know, seeing is believing.
Perception is reality.
What is in our minds is, quote, the reality.
That's what advertising people say.
That's what the globalists push.
Only to a certain level.
Well, the real world is still outside of us, but with this ego-centered world and this me-me-me situation, most people are living inside their heads.
Everything is about how it is for them, and that's why they deny bad things are happening, because, oh, I just want to deny it and procrastinate, because if I just deny it in my mind, it suddenly goes away.
And we've had the White House, Karl Rove, the New York Times.
That we're an empire now.
We control reality.
We'll change it day to day.
It doesn't matter if we contradict ourselves the next day.
If we say there's weapons of mass destruction one day and say there's not the next, it doesn't matter because we set reality.
They know that we're caught in this vortex right now.
They understand that.
And folks, television is a mind control tool.
And even if you're conscious of it,
You know, I've been sitting up late at night before, turned on the TV set, which I rarely watch, and an hour later, I just catch myself in a daze watching it.
You better be careful what you're watching, because it is totally saturating the subconscious mind.
Now, what is the subconscious mind, folks?
The cerebral cortex is like the RAM in your computer.
Random access memory.
You know, it's the 40 gigs of RAM or whatever, and then you've got a terabyte of hard drive space.
That's the rest of the brain, or the subconscious.
And so, our brains are so complex, these electrochemical computers, you know, these oil-based, they're cholesterol and water, these incredible oil-based electrochemical computers, that we can't access everything on our hard drive at one time.
The mind...
The cerebral cortex, the frontal lobes of left and right, converse with each other, it's really two different computers, and like a double chip, all these new processors, they're double and quad chip, so it's able to access more, but it's still just tapping into the subconscious that's the whole sum of our life's experiences and also motor functions and sight and smell and all these other areas.
And so when you're watching television, all that's being directly programmed.
I mean, you're putting it on your hard drive.
And your conscious mind then is going to be accessing that.
Accessing that when you're dreaming while you're awake.
We're all dreaming while we're awake.
We have these daydreaming going on.
When we're asleep, it's a deeper level, especially when we go into lower oxygen states in our deepest REM area, forcing us, I've read all the sleep reports, forcing us into those deeper areas.
And then that stuff just takes over, folks, and that's why they're so arrogant.
Dr. Breeding, you're the doctor here, and you understand more of this than I do, but I've done a lot of studying.
Is what I was just saying accurate?
Yeah, I enjoyed listening to you.
You're very eloquent on that, and it's right on.
And the part that I want to say, because we could go over the science of it some more, but the important thing is that you're saying...
I mean, people listen to your show because most of your listeners have already reached some sort of point of being willing to be pretty thoroughly disillusioned of authority and that kind of thing.
But I'd be willing to bet that there are a lot of listeners out there who hear what you have to say, but when it comes to the idea of turning off the TV or turning off the TV for their
They're going to bump into some major resistance inside of themselves and say, okay, Alex is right about a lot of things, but he's a little over-exaggerated.
It can't hurt my kids that bad.
Or else, yeah, well, maybe it's not the best thing, but it's not so bad.
Besides that, I'm busy and I've got to do something with my kids.
And they want to do it, and I don't want to be a tyrant with my kids and all these justifications.
But I just want to tell you that...
It really is true that, especially during those first five years or so, if you would just find some way to protect your children from TV, that's a great service to them.
Well, I know I've been monopolizing time.
I want to go to calls, but I want to just add this for people.
Folks, instead of watching the football game while your kids are in the other room, watching these children's cartoons that you think the adult stuff is full of propaganda, try watching the cartoons which I've studied before and watched.
I mean, it's just world government's good, DNA testing's good, police in black uniforms is good.
I mean, just on that level of propaganda, it's bad.
Folks, it's so much more fun to go down to the park, to go down to the river or the lake.
It's so much more fun to sit there and hang out with your children with blocks and toys, and when they're older, to go to the Little League baseball game.
Why waste your life watching television just to begin with?
Once you surrender to the TV, they've got you.
I mean, no doubt about it.
They being the system that we're talking about.
You surrender to the TV, and you're cooked.
That's basically the truth.
Well, Dr. Breeding, do you even own a TV?
Well, I have to say I do.
It stays in the garage.
We rarely get it out occasionally for a movie.
Or use the VCR.
That's how television should be treated.
I have television sets locked up in cabinets, and when I have to watch something, I open it, I consciously realize what I'm turning on, what I'm facing, and it takes concentration if you're going to watch it for 30 minutes to stay conscious, because you will slip automatically into subconscious viewing.
The more you watch...
I mean, the research is very clear on this.
The more you watch TV, specifically say the more you watch the news, because the only news on TV, unless you happen to catch Alex on cable or something, the only news on TV is the propaganda system.
The more you watch it, the less you know about what's going on.
Well, I say this.
You know, I'm on TV.
I don't watch TV.
Yeah, right.
Yeah, yeah.
So, yeah, I didn't own a TV for years.
I got remarried two years ago.
My wife has one, so we still own it.
I actually had it out Saturday to watch a documentary, so I occasionally get it out, but I don't watch TV.
And it could be an incredible tool after age five to uplift and educate, but reading is so much better, listening is so much better, because then it's about continual connection between the cerebral cortex and the subconscious areas of the brain, because you're continually having to process an image yourself.
When you watch something, folks, you give yourself over to it.
You give yourself over to it.
Well, in the reactive mind, the primitive brain, the so-called reptilian brain, the image on TV is the same as if it was an image in reality in your living room.
We're the culture of fear, so you hit these fear images all the time.
Even if you intellectually say, oh, I know what that is, your brain is processing those and you're going into a stress response.
You know, it's just bad news on all levels.
That's why it's, quote, compelling when they're torturing somebody on TV or murdering or machine gunning.
I mean, people take that as, oh, this is good because I'm on the edge of my seat.
No, you're traumatizing yourself.
That's trauma-based mind control, folks.
You're traumatizing yourself and you're desensitizing yourself.
That's all true.
There's so many studies, too, Dr. Brady.
I mean, Swiss, Dutch, British, American.
I mean, it's universally accepted now in academia, but it's never...
...told to the people that television is so destructive to your... And look, it goes further.
I know cell phones microwave my brain.
I've got the wireless system.
And a lot of the time I forget and don't do it.
You have got to either not have a cell phone or have the wireless system, folks.
We drink water we know is contaminated.
I mean, I'm even in denial about sometimes still drinking tap water, but I'm in a hurry.
Or using a cell phone, Dr. Breeding.
I mean, I'm in denial.
I mean, how do I?
Well, we live in this world and it's not like we come out of denial and we're there.
It's an ongoing challenge.
The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and we all live in this world and we're all affected, no doubt about it.
So whatever choices you can make,
And they're radical.
It's radical not to watch TV, but it's healthy.
My life has gotten so much better.
I mean, I never watched a lot of TV, but I monitored maybe an hour of news a night.
It always upset me and made me mad.
I knew they were lying, but it also gave me a feeling of helplessness watching the Infobabes laughing and telling their lies.
I just feel a lot better not watching.
And the time I watch a newscast, I can read the synopsis and the blurbs of 20 newscasts.
Yeah, take an hour to listen to the Alex Jones Show.
Take an hour to get some alternative news sources.
There's some great magazine or internet publications.
You know, get some accurate information about what's going on.
And, you know, if you're going to check into the propaganda system once a week for an hour, just so you can kind of
Catch up on what's going on.
That's fine.
But all it takes is an hour or so a month, really, because it's the same thing over and over and over again.
Well, it is.
I mean, I watch TV now when I'm in a restaurant and it's on, or I'm at a friend's house, and we have these blue-eyed demons, you know, this blue light in all our houses.
Folks, it's got to stop.
All right, I promise we'll go straight to Damon and Tim and Alex and others when we get back, and we'll get into a bunch of other news as well.
Stay with us.
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Again, folks, just type in TV's effect on children.
And you'll get thousands of studies.
Major, prestigious studies.
And then when the universities do these studies, the corporates crowd up and go, oh, wonderful, we control people.
And so they know that by all this sex and all this violence, and you're like, oh, you're a square, man.
Sex, it's very destructive, folks, to your relationships, to everything.
They know what they're doing with this imaging.
And again, with radio or with print...
You have to image it all yourself.
That's training your mind, and there are studies on this, to be conscious, to be active, to merge the different areas of your mind, to be self-aware.
Instead of, television pushes you down into unconsciousness.
People talk about their eyes are glazed, they can't listen, they can't think.
Yes, that's what it does.
That's such a big part of the solution we don't focus enough on is not watching television, folks, or being in control and selectively choosing what you're going to watch.
Let's go ahead and talk to Damon in Pennsylvania, then Tim, Alex, Daryl, and many, many others.
Go ahead, Damon, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Number one, I just want to thank you for providing...
I wanted to talk about TV actually.
It's funny you guys were talking about it.
I was actually a witness to the electromagnetic radiation that comes out of this TV.
There was a program that was on TV in the late 80s or early 90s.
It was an interactive program and it was marketed for younger kids.
And the program had a TV that, not a TV, but a toy that went along with it.
Let me just stop you.
Pokemon caused thousands of children in Japan and the U.S.
to go into uncontrolled convulsions.
I wouldn't even say electromagnetic.
The flickering of the light is how you hypnotize people.
Before we get to your story about the interactive toy, Dr. Breeding, comments on that?
No, you're right.
It's a hypnotic effect.
It totally moves you into a certain brainwave function that puts you in a passive-receptive kind of state, and you're just totally programmable.
I mean, you've got the basic dynamics on it.
And the studies show that video games bring your children into an even lower level, lower than sleep.
You can find those studies.
What's important is we're talking about the content, the violent sex, the propaganda.
But what's even more important is even if you just stick to some sort of public TV that you still consider better content, it's the actual process and the technology itself that is the problem.
That's very important to understand.
Go ahead and finish up what you were saying.
The television program was actually interactive with this toy that they sold.
The image or whatever was on the TV would shoot something out at you.
And the toy would react to that.
So there was actually some kind of... It was probably a tone.
Probably audio.
What was the name of the toy?
I can't remember.
Actually, I asked my dad about it.
He had it on tape, but he threw the tape out right before I asked him about it.
That's interesting.
Thanks for the call.
All right.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hello, Dr. Breeding.
What you're talking about here, Alex, is Protocol 13 of the Illuminati Protocols.
In order that the masses themselves may not guess what they are about, we will distract them.
Researchers call these, well, two of the techniques that you're talking about, radio-hypnotic intracerebral control and electronic dissolution of memory.
And these researchers say that they can remotely induce a hypnotic trance and deliver suggestions while at the same time.
Well, I mean, I don't want to get off into this for the whole show, but it is important.
One of my friends works at the UT Psychology Department, and I was given a tour of the non-secure areas of it, and this isn't even hidden.
No, I wasn't, but I'm not surprised.
You know, UT also is leading the way with the screening, the team screening, the screening in the schools, too.
So, they're just doing all kinds of stuff over there.
But you're right, Tim, in terms of, you know, I wasn't familiar with the Illuminati protocols, but the basic dynamic that you describe is very consistent with what we're saying about basically that it's a major conditioning tool.
Anything else, Tim?
Yeah, can I hold on for a second?
We'll be right back with Tim, Alex, Daryl, and many, many others.
We're on the march.
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You can see the programming, the propaganda.
The Pentagon, the White House comes out three and a half years ago, says torture's good, we want to start torturing, torture's an American value, then suddenly Threat Matrix, 24, shows in England like Spooks, CSI, CSI Miami, they torture people to death on the shows, torture their children, and it's good, the good guys torture.
And so we're all being desensitized.
We see it in politics, and then in the fantasy world, the propaganda being merged.
And that's just one example.
They are turning us into beasts.
And they admit they use these violent video games on the troops for training.
That's how they were first developed.
To simulate the kill before most soldiers up close wouldn't kill somebody.
The Prussians tried to drum it out of people.
They first came up with kindergarten.
In the most elite military region of Germany, Prussia, where they developed a lot of this to make unthinking children, to make them basically regurgitate information.
Because when Bismarck talked about how he had trouble getting soldiers up close to kill people, well, they found with these video games starting 50 years ago with pop-up targets with people's silhouettes painted on them that it caused an instant conditioning mechanism to go ahead and pull the trigger.
And, I mean, that just shows the programming power.
Tim, finish up what you were saying.
Yeah, 130,000 of a second is all that it takes.
Tests were done in the mid and latter parts of the middle decades of the last century with Coca-Cola in movie theaters, where they would just put the silhouette.
Of a Coca-Cola bottle for one thirty-thousandth of a second in between changing the platter.
No, no, no.
I mean, listen.
For folks who think this is a conspiracy, if you go take marketing in a major university, okay, in the first few years you're there, what you're learning, it'll all be about subliminal advertising, how great it is.
I mean, I took some advertising.
This was taught.
This wasn't even a secret in the 40s.
They had radio ads.
They found they weren't as effective because...
Just with audio because it wasn't visual, but in the background, drink Coca-Cola, get some popcorn.
Yes, they know.
Dr. Breeding, comments?
No, y'all are right on with it.
Y'all are right on with it.
We are very vulnerable, and what goes in our mind has an effect.
There's no doubt about it.
So it really makes sense to, just like it makes sense to be cautious about the water you drink.
You've been talking a lot about that on your show, about the food that you eat.
Same thing, even more so in terms of what goes into your mind, into your eyes and ears.
There's a very good example of what we're talking about in John Carpenter's movie, They Live, where Rowdy Roddy Piper finds these sunglasses and he can see them, but then he goes out and they show the actual things where they're beaming sounds into people's minds.
The Coke machines overseas now have
Things I can send?
I have the CEO on.
It's a device to skull transmission, and it targets you as you walk by.
They wouldn't put it in the U.S.
Japan's been doing it.
Thanks for the call.
But I want to be clear about this, and I don't recommend you see the film.
It's very violent.
But Videodrome, which Carpenter was involved in as well, it gets off into all this.
I mean, folks, this is serious business.
Before we go to Alex and David and Laura, Dr. Breeding, I carry two of your fine books.
I have a special on them.
Why don't you tell folks about the two books that I carry and I'll tell them how to get them.
Well, one aspect of dealing with all this that we're talking about is just doing things that are cleansing and purifying.
We talked about that in terms of water on your show, but getting out
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
Rather than poor, sick, defective children need drugs to cope with life, worry, be afraid about your child, blah, blah, blah.
This is a book that will point out some of the dangers to avoid, but it will also remind you to see your child with the eyes of delight, to remember the keys to parent heaven and things like that, and to understand how children work out distress and how to help them with it.
It's really solid support for parents.
The other one is called True Nature and Great Misunderstanding.
It's based on the idea that it's not only that seeing is believing, but that believing is seeing.
If you believe in ADHD, that's what you see out there.
If you believe that children are sinful, fallen creatures or that they're genetically defective, that's what you're going to see.
You're going to give them drugs.
If you remember the true nature of children, which is that they're energetic and intelligent and zestful and they really want to be close to you, but that when they get hurt they get distressed and they need help with it, things like that, then you'll act accordingly.
This book is oriented to support
Anybody who works with young people.
And we've got a deal where you buy both the books.
It's a $10 discount.
They're both great books.
They're both on InfoWars.com or PresentPlanet.com via the SafeSecure online shopping cart or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
A teenager has a picture of my daughter 10 years ago on the cover.
Let's go back.
It's a great cover.
Let's go ahead and talk now to Alex and Mash.
Alex, go ahead.
Yeah, how are you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
Hello, Doctor.
Thank you so much for making that book.
I don't believe in ADD.
I just thought it was something new that they came up with to just kind of mind-meld kids into whatever they want them to be.
Yeah, they made it up in 1980.
Yeah, so I was born in 1984, so I'm part of this whole young, youth, energetic, crazy kids.
I was in Boston the other day and these people had this thing comparing Schwarzenegger and Bush to fascists and stuff, but they were for Lyndon LaRouche.
I was wondering, Alex, in your trailer for Martial Law, is that LaRouche who says this is ambush journalism?
No, that's the super Karl Rove of four administrations.
It's David Gergen.
Okay, all right.
I'm going to make some Bohemian Grove t-shirts.
Let me tell you about LaRouche.
I know this because 15 years ago, upon moving to Austin from Dallas...
I would watch cable and see on the local cable channel, I would watch Lyndon LaRouche, so I'd watch the evolution.
And I've read the literature.
And they tell you the truth about what's happening, but then give you false solutions.
And so I'm not a LaRoucheite.
Yeah, I was hoping you weren't.
I just wanted, like, I just got... But he's absolutely on target about Arnold being the Beastman.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Like, I told this one kid, I was like, go to ArnoldExposed.com, go to InfoWars, go to Prison Planet, and he's like, I don't believe, he's like, the Illuminati doesn't exist.
He's like, we're not about information.
I'm like, how stupid can you be?
But anyway, yeah, I just wanted to know about that LaRouche stuff, because these kids, like, they seem pretty serious about it, and...
Well, they could be doing worse things.
I mean, overall, it's good information.
It's just his whole global model of global management.
It's bad news.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it, Alex.
You don't have any comments about LaRouche, do you, Doctor?
Well, you know more about LaRouche than I do, but I do know about young people searching for the truth and
That's what's great about Alex's call and his friends is that they're looking for the truth.
If it's accurate what you're saying that most of the information that LaRouche is presenting out is the truth, that's a good distinction that you made.
There's a lot of good information and you don't like his solutions, but that's one way that we really disappoint and let down our young people is that we just tell them lies instead of telling them the truth and giving them some guidance that flows from that.
It's so, so important.
I've noticed the establishment builds what I call false counter-revolutions, too.
They set up the system, lie to the youth, they know the youth's going to wake up to it, so they have fallback plans of kind of what I call the fake counterculture that was drawn up by Madison Avenue, that's now all admitted, but then capture them and get them even more dependent.
Yeah, yeah, anything that can be co-opted by Madison Avenue is going to be done, so... But, you know...
Young people needing the truth and needing models who speak the truth and needing accurate information.
You said 10 minutes until midnight.
It's probably more like one minute until midnight.
We need our young people to really
Be supported.
That's the question I had for you, Doctor.
And then we'll go to these calls.
It's about denial.
But if the globalists really get what they want, they're creating a hellish world.
They've got to be the most unhappy.
I read most drugged-out people, most psychologically screwed-up people out there, period.
They're building their psychopathic world.
Number one, if they win, what will the world look like across between Brave New World and THX 1138 with a sprinkling of 1984?
I mean, if they win, when it hits midnight, what's it going to look like?
I mean, I see the system they're building.
It's designed to implode.
Well, I agree.
That's my view.
My view is that there's a lot of things to protect their children from, but there's the bigger question at this point, which is whether our young people even have a future.
And that's how desperate it is.
You know, and
I think personally that we're going to see economic and environmental collapse because we've already overshot carrying capacity of the earth and because the destruction is just being carried apace.
So everything that is won by the corporate military pharmaceutical complex that we're talking about, everything that's won involves further degradation and destruction of the environment.
And further squandering of resources, and so there's a lot at stake.
The good news is, it's bad news in the sense that we may not survive, but the good news is that they can't win because they're violating the laws of the natural order of the world, and ultimately it will destruct.
It can't help but.
Well, Congressman Ron Paul said that.
Well, he's right.
You know, I mean, it's like you cannot continue to live on reserves.
Just an example of fossil fuels, you know, you're living on reserves that have accumulated over billions of years and using them up in just a few years, and it's not renewable.
But more than that, just the economic system itself, everything they've built is designed to control us, and...
My dad went to a big corporate seminar, one of the gurus of the corporate world.
And, you know, my dad's an executive.
And he went to this thing, and the guy just came right out, this was the Four Seasons last year, and said, it's a world government, it's a new world order, it's been so successful, it's ruined all the people's minds.
98% of the children can't think they've been ruined.
Now the elite has a problem.
They're trying to snap up those that they didn't destroy to try to organize and run the system for them.
It's like they've been too effective.
Well, at the level of human beings, ultimately it won't work because human beings will ultimately reject and rebel because there is a spirit inside that keeps pushing forward.
But to really think about it well, you have to be, I think, very conscious about including what I call the more than human world.
You have to include the world of nature, the world of animals, the world of plants, the world of air.
Yeah, in this self-centered universe that they've built, everything is what's inside our head.
You know, I told you during the break about... Yeah, but it's not reality, you know.
I mean, everything's not inside your head, you know.
The snow leopard and the grizzly bear and the salmon and the food that you eat, it's not inside your head, you know.
The air you breathe.
Let me talk about this process of denial.
I remember, I was about three and a half years old, standing on the back porch of the house...
On San Fernando Way in Dallas, Texas.
And it was a sunny, beautiful day like it is today.
And I looked up at the sky and I had this incredible, I'd call it spiritual experience.
Where I realized that the world was outside of my head, that I wasn't the center of the universe, that I was this small, finite thing that wouldn't be here forever.
And it was like I felt a presence.
It was God communicating with me this.
And I'm not saying I'm special.
I've talked to so many adults, Dr. Breeding, who literally think the whole world is inside their head.
And really, I see that as the cornerstone of the New World Order, is this self-centeredness.
Well, most of those people unfortunately were not born with a natural childbirth, were not breastfed, were not held in their mother's arms in their first month of life and don't really know what it's like to feel pleasure in the body and to be really connected with their senses and with the natural world.
It's very sad.
So you live in your head as kind of a protection against the painful
I think it's important to disconnect versus being able to just experience how beautiful and glorious it is to be out on a day like this and to feel the wind on your skin and the water and to feel the sun and to listen to the birds.
It's very sad.
They're disconnected, you know.
What is this disconnect where I talk to, say, a yuppie who's driving the Jaguar and got the million-dollar house, and they go, I'm part of the establishment, and where they make split-second decisions to just deny that anything bad is happening, and then they laugh at you like you're bad and weak because you know you reap what you sow.
You know what you do comes back, and that's just the way it is.
They think only caring about themselves gets them ahead, and it doesn't.
It doesn't.
It may, if they're lucky and have the right connections, it might get them a big house and a swimming pool and a nice car and a gated community and stuff.
But in terms of being able to look into the eyes of their child and have their heart just overflowing with emotion, in terms of being able to go out on a mountain top and feel the wind and know the glory of
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
A lot of these big bankers and globalists that have gone public lately, it's over stuff like that.
Something bad happens to their child in the system that they've built and then they finally wake up.
Something bad happens and you wake up and so that's the other part of it is that
More bad is happening to more and more people because of the collapses that are happening economically.
And they know that's going to accelerate the wake-up.
That's why they're trying to build this police state so fast.
So it's 60 seconds until midnight, and, you know, if we're going to die, we might as well die wide awake and alert and tell them the truth, you know.
And it may mean that we can live as a result.
I don't know.
It's up in the air.
Let's take a call.
Let's talk to David in Arizona.
David, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
How are you today?
I've been listening to you for a long time.
I'm one of your strongest supporters.
In fact, I'm from the Kansas City area, and I think you know you have a very strong... Your phone's breaking up real bad.
Can you talk right into it?
Yes, I can.
I'm from the Kansas City area, and I think you know you have a very strong listening audience there.
But I'm currently in Phoenix, Arizona.
You're talking about brainwashing on television, and I have tried for many years to explain to people that this is going on, and I tried to do some Internet research to find out about... Stay there.
Stay there.
We'll talk about it on the other side.
And yes, KCXL is one of our oldest and greatest stations, blasting across the Kansas City area.
We love them.
We'll be right back in the final segment with Dr. Breeding.
We'll talk to David and then Laura and wrap this baby up.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That's 888-2533-139.
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Folks, you can't back down.
This broadcast always speeds by even faster without our greetings on with us.
Let's let David in Arizona, normally a Kansas City listener, finish up what he was saying.
You were saying you've been trying to look for information about TV and its effects on the brain.
Please finish what you were saying.
Yes, Alex.
For many years I have been convinced that this is the primary method they use to keep everybody brainwashed is television, subliminal programming.
And I've tried to do Internet researches to find out
Just exactly how they're doing this, and I can't find anything on the internet.
Well, you're not using the right keyword searches.
I mean, I see it every week, a new big study.
Type in the effects of television on children.
Type in violence and television study.
Violence, television study.
I mean, Dr. Breeding, do you want to give him any tips?
I mean, this stuff's voluminous.
Dr. Breeding?
Go to the Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children.
It's atlc.origer.com.
They've got a lot of information on TV.
There's also a great little book called Children of Cyclops by a guy named Keith Buzzell.
That's a couple of resources for you.
But, I mean, they teach in marketing, just so you know, David, that the flicker of the TV does mesmerize, that seeing is believing, perception is reality, and that you just go into a drone state.
There have been a bunch of studies about kids in video games going to a lower-than-sleep REM type situation.
No, I mean, I see it all.
A couple studies came out this month.
I want to tell you, Alex, I've made about 200 copies of your 9-1-1 Road to Tyranny, and I've handed it out to attorneys, police officers, judges, everybody I could possibly imagine.
And I really appreciate your work.
I think you're a forerunner here in the fight for freedom, and I really appreciate everything you do.
Well, thank you, and God bless.
And yeah, while I'm here bashing TV all day, be sure and call and get my videos.
Now the point is, use their tools against them.
I think I'm probably going to make a film about how bad TV is, then we'll use the TV to stop the TV.
Here behind enemy lines.
Like I said, I don't watch TV, I'm on TV.
But that's like a quote from Videodrome or something.
But 1-888-253-3139 to get any of my films or books or materials.
We've got some books on tape there that are excellent as well.
888-253-3139 or Infowars.com.
Let's go ahead and talk to Laura in Texas.
Laura, you're our tail gunner.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
It's nice to talk to you, and it's also good to talk to John Breeding.
He runs an excellent email list of, but what I want to talk about is how these drugs often can cause permanent brain damage.
Well, that's admitted, yeah.
For example, Zyprexa also, I believe, damages receptors for acetylcholine.
They say it's anticholinergic, and I believe it reduces acetylcholine, which is actually used for memory.
Doctor, you want to comment on that?
Zyprex is a major profit point for Eli Lilly.
It's a so-called newer antipsychotic, which is a bunch of bull.
It is new.
It's a major profit point for Eli Lilly.
It's known to cause diabetes in a lot of people who take them.
All these antipsychotics...
Cause permanent neurological damage.
You know, if you take them for very long, you're at high risk for tardive dyskinesia, permanent neurological damage.
By the way, doctor, I've got to throw this in.
They're bad.
I've got to throw this in.
Americans are eating the same amount of junk food that they were eating ten years ago, but diabetes is exploding.
Go ahead.
Diabetes is exploding for dietary reasons, but also because, in this case, Zyprexa, the
Major problem.
And yes, they do cause permanent brain damage in people who take them.
And they've admitted all these deaths from Ritalin last week, but the FDA says it stays on the market.
Yeah, well, that's, yeah, Adderall.
Ritalin also causes heart death.
Stimulant drugs, speed, identical to cocaine and methamphetamine in their effects profile.
The drugs are bad news, but the diagnoses are bad news.
They're not real.
Stand up for your children.
Stand up for yourself.
Alright, thank you, Dr. Breeden.
Always great having you on.
Lorna, take care.
We'll see you back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Take care.
Hello, folks.