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Air Date: Feb. 9, 2005
2376 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones.
I'm your host.
It's already Wednesday, the 9th day of February, 2005.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We're scheduled to either have Ron Paul or his...
Main press officer Jeff Dice on in the third hour to talk about a second national ID card piece of legislation, H.R.
They passed the national ID card two months ago in December of 2004, but this new law beefs it up and makes it a Pan-American national ID card.
That's what they do.
They pass it and then immediately, just like Patriot 1, now there's Patriot 2.
They're trying to pass Victory Acts.
It's always about building and expanding.
Never enough tyranny.
So we're going to talk about that coming up in the next segment in the third hour.
We're going to be talking to the Congressman's office about it.
They're scheduled to try to pass it today out of the House.
Coming up, UK lines up Guantanamo-style torture reality TV show, where they're going to torture people.
It's so much fun, all part of the ongoing conditioning process.
Russia and China announce partnership to, quote, counter U.S.
Rove, that's Karl Rove, the great architect, as they call him,
Luciferians and Skull and Bones call somebody else the great architect as well.
Rowe finally gets his title in U.S.
Also, Palestinian groups disavow truce, which was signed yesterday, and there's been a car bomb explode in Madrid as well.
They're saying the World Cup in 2006, being accused for mega-surveillance project using RFID.
A report here out of USA Today with America at War.
Hollywood follows, talking about the propaganda films.
And the Drugs Report's talking about Bush.
During one of these little stage town hall meetings, something went wrong.
And while promoting Social Security reform with, quote, regular citizens in Omaha, Nebraska, President Bush walked into an awkward, unscripted moment in which he stated that
Carrying three jobs at a time is uniquely American, and you're absolutely right.
If people want to keep their standard of living up, because things have dropped, you've got to work three jobs.
While talking with audience participants, the president met Mary Morin, a woman in her late 50s who told the president she was divorced, mother of three, including a mentally challenged son.
President Morin
Comforted her on the security of Social Security, stating that the promises made will be kept by the government.
But without prompting, she began to elaborate on her life circumstances.
Here's the transcript.
Morin, that's good because I work three jobs and I feel like I contribute.
The President, you work three jobs.
Morin, three jobs.
Yes, the president.
Uniquely American, isn't it?
I mean, that is fantastic that you're doing that.
Get any sleep.
Yeah, that's the new freedom, folks.
I know a lot of people working 70 hours a week.
And, you know, it's one thing to work 70 hours a week if you're getting ahead.
It's another thing when almost everybody I know is working two jobs.
And I mean people with multiple college degrees.
Those jobs are gone.
So they're bagging groceries, mowing lawns, painting houses, and there's a problem.
They're working 70 hours a week.
I'm working conservatively.
It's got to be over 80.
I don't know.
No kidding.
But what about their children?
Well, don't worry.
The television will raise them.
No, working three jobs is not good, and it's not American.
We'll be right back, folks.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, eight minutes, ten seconds into this first hour of this three-hour global transmission against tyranny.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Coming up in about 10 minutes, we're going to be talking to local activists who are on the verge of recalling the mayor and defeating the centerpiece, the crown jewel of a federal program of national toll roads where you'll all have transponders in your cars and pay the first year when it starts $1,800 per vehicle.
It is unbelievable.
It is a giant plan.
Time Magazine a few months ago did a big report on it.
It's part of the NAFTA highways.
Every state highway, almost all your city roads, existing roads, total nightmare.
That's coming up.
Then in the second hour, we're going to be talking to Steve Peltier, retired after a long and rich career with the CIA and then the Army War College.
And he's a political scientist, and after a stint in journalism covering the Middle East, he became the CIA senior analyst at Laneley during the Iran-Iraq War.
At the Army War College, he and others studied Iraq's victory over Iran in minute detail, and he has written a number of books on how that feat was managed.
And to give us the inside scoop on the coming World War III...
And it's probably going to happen.
Most analysts we've talked to, and we're talking former top Reagan administration, former Bush administration top people, former Clinton top folks, even people who've been involved in the Bush administration are saying this.
That's why we've been focusing on it the last few weeks.
That's coming up the second hour.
Third hour, we're going to either have Ron Paul or Jeff Dice from Congressman Ron Paul's office on to talk about H.R.
And details of this are on InfoWars.com right now.
With an emergency alert put out by Congressman Ron Paul's office.
We were contacted by them.
Great folks saying, hey, Alex, you're going to help us try to defeat this.
They passed a national ID card December 7th, 2004, a day that will live in infamy, and it passed the Senate December 7th.
18th, another day that will live in infamy.
You're thinking, well, why is there another national ID card?
Well, you see, this one just set up federal standardization of the state driver's license through the NCIC database for the new national sales tax that's coming.
You'll have to have it to have a job, and it sets up internal checkpoints, and it's bad enough.
I mean, it's a nightmare.
I think we're good to go.
Now this is Ron Paul's writing.
I'm going to read.
What's wrong with H.R.
A bill, we are told, will stem the flow of illegal aliens through our porous borders.
Which is not true.
The last bill actually gave waivers for the illegal aliens.
For starters, it does nothing to stem the flow of illegal aliens.
That's Ron Paul's comment.
Instead, H.R.
418 will.
And he gives you three things, five things, six things that it will do.
Are you ready?
Establish a national ID card.
Number two, establish a federally coordinated database of personal information on American citizens with Canada and Mexico, or Pan American ID card.
Use the national ID to track American citizens when traveling outside the U.S.
and within the United States.
Four, redefine terrorism.
Now, listen carefully.
Hold on to your hats.
Strap yourselves in.
Number four, redefine terrorism.
In broad new terms, that could include members of firearms rights and anti-abortion groups, or other such groups as determined by whoever is in power at the time.
Gun owners, pro-lifers.
Five, authorize the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to unilaterally expand the information included in driver's license, including such biometric information as retina scans and DNA information.
That's right, it's in there.
You want to get a driver's license, you've got to give a tissue swab from your cheek.
We're going to have your biometric, biological ID.
That's what we talked about yesterday.
And even radio frequency identification, RFIDs, tracking technology.
That's Ron Paul.
Carry a driver's license with RFID and governmental officials will know you're aware about 24-7.
Incredibly, H.R.
418 does nothing to solve the growing threat to national security posed by people who are already in the U.S.
Instead, H.R.
418 states what we already know.
That certain people here illegally are deportable, but it does nothing to mandate deportation.
418 fails miserably on the most critical issue.
It's like the huge Homeland Security funding of last December.
Put money in for 2,000 more Border Patrol to sweeten the deal so people would go for it, and then day one, I mean the day after they pass it, Ridge said, we're not going to fund that.
We're going to use that money on something else.
So they'll have these mega-massive $100 million funding packages and then put a few hundred million into more Border Patrol and then just take it away.
Just take it away the next day.
And the national ID card they passed last year for federal standardization, now this bill gives you the details and the teeth of it.
Kind of like a shark.
The teeth in the first one were really bad, but there's even bigger ones rolling forward.
About ten times larger.
Ten times worse.
So, as the monster grows, it's got to have teeth to fit its mouth.
But it actually gave a waiver to all illegal aliens in the United States that states and private corporations are to accept consular matriculars, which are now issued.
That was two years old.
I keep saying 30.
It's now 48.
I saw the numbers this weekend.
48 countries are issuing them that our government is accepting.
Now, 800 plus cities in most of the states were already accepting it, but now the feds are saying, yes, this is acceptable.
And last year I had the leader of the Republican Senate in Colorado on who's been valiantly fighting this, and his staff, in one day, got him four fake consular matriculas under four different names.
Got them for himself, just to demonstrate this, and they cost them $24 apiece.
We have less Border Patrol than we had before 9-11.
On the southern border alone, in Texas alone, the Texas border sector, than in the Houston Chronicle, Austin, American Statesman.
We reported here, of course, before that, but then finally it was in the paper a couple years ago, that we lost over 2,000 Border Patrol in Texas alone.
Because they said, well, if you go become an Air Marshal, you'll get $24,000 a year extra starting pay.
On top of what a Border Patrol agent would get.
And it's an easy job, just riding around on airplanes.
That's it.
Looking for suspicious activity, you know, busting people with drugs.
Would you rather do that or sit out there on the border all by yourself with Mexican troops shooting at you in order to walk around in the rattlesnake-infested bush picking up trash?
That's your main job now.
So, old part of the new freedom.
And so the $2,000 they were going to put in for the northern and southern border wouldn't even replace what we lost in Texas on our, what, 200-mile stretch of border here.
Wouldn't even replace that.
But the neocons are all over talk radio.
I've heard them going, we've got to pass this bill.
It's immigration reform.
Don't call Bush a liberal.
Why, he might be for amnesty, but at least he's for controlling it.
No, he's not.
It's all window dressing.
You know, I remember hearing the chief neocon on talk radio as I drove down the road the day after they passed the national ID card in December.
And he actually said, we have won a great victory, we have defeated the stupid liberals, they were against it, but Bush got it.
That's just not true.
More Democrats voted for it than Republicans.
Out of the 60-something people in the House and, what was it, the 13 people in the Senate, almost all of them were Republicans.
People like Congressman Kuhn and Paul.
But it doesn't.
Look, these neocons know you don't look at voting records.
They know.
It's just they lie to you.
And the only reason they have credibility is because they point out the lies of the Democrats.
Well, that's easy to do.
It's like pointing out the lies of one tread of the tank, but not pointing out the lies of the other tread.
It's all part of the same system.
You know, two wings on a blackbird.
You know, the bird points out one wing and says it's bad, and then you go along with the other wing.
How about we focus on the brain of this creature?
We're losing this country, folks.
We're losing this country because of the betrayal of the so-called conservatives.
And it's all for you.
It's all for Christians.
Christians are being arrested all over the country for playing on street corners.
Pro-lifers being arrested, being savaged.
The training that homeschoolers are evil, the FEMA training that guns are bad, you know, that the Constitution's bad.
I mean, I've got the video, I've got the training manuals, I've got the mainstream news articles, it's in my films, it's on the website.
This is the reality!
We're losing everything we've got!
We're losing this country!
I love America!
And you sit there sucking your thumb, giggling at me on the street corner.
I've been walking down the road, and that neocon's laughed at me.
Oh, Mr. Black Helicopter!
Oh, you're just mad that Bush is in.
And I'm like, what is wrong with you?
And I hear him on the radio.
I'm so glad Bush is cutting the budget.
The liberals are mad.
It's the biggest budget ever!
You people are living in Alice in Wonderland.
And so are the Democrats.
Bush is evil, he's for the patriotic.
Bush is evil, he's for national ID cards.
Bush is evil, he's for the war.
Hey, the Democrats are out voting the Republicans for all that.
You're just as delusional, just as stupid.
Why don't you wake up?
We can still save this country.
But they're putting their control grid in and they're not going to move until the next big terror attack.
And it's going to be bad.
And the globalists are going to carry it out.
And you're going to cling to the globalists who are your attackers, who are your abusers.
You're going to cling and, oh, take my right, save me, save me.
Oh, here, I'll put a plastic flag made in China by a slave out of my door.
And we'll be a big cult together and we'll wrap ourselves in the flag.
Insane asylum.
I want more troops in black masks.
Later I'll tell you about this newscast I've got.
I'm going to air it tonight on TV.
Where they had the troops out at Mardi Gras here in Texas.
Just troops.
And there's pictures of them just shoving people.
Just all getting you conditioned.
That's not American, folks, having troops on the street corners.
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They railed against the crown Another ragtag band
Thank God for the Renegades!
All right, my friends.
The next 35 minutes, we're joined by Linda Curtis and Jimmy Gardner.
Now, we've had...
Mr. Costello on, who founded the Austin Toll Party, and now these have spread across the country.
No matter where you live, whether it's New York or Illinois or Florida or California or Nevada, New Mexico, wherever you live, massive toll roads are going in.
And in a nutshell, tolls were always put on a new road you'd build.
They'd be there for five, ten years.
When it was paid for, they were taken off.
That's totally reasonable.
A great way to not raise taxes, and hey, you want to use the road, do it.
That's free market.
That's founding father type stuff.
But under federal plans, all over the country, we're going to have 6,000 miles of toll roads here in Texas with Rick Perry, the so-called conservative.
The whole nation has 7,000.
Under this federally manipulated plan, they will give almost all the existing state and local roads to private companies.
This is corporate looting.
And you will have a transponder in your car.
It's like in Europe now, they're putting in the satellite boxes.
Arnold's calling for it in California.
They just passed a law in Oregon.
New York's on the verge of passing a law.
And for the average family, it'll be $1,800 a year.
And the city doesn't even challenge that amount.
The numbers are probably higher.
And so, all of these major existing roads in Austin, paid for, you know, 50-year-old roads, in some cases older, are going to have huge toll roads on them.
And when the transponder also tracks and traces where you go and what you do.
And a few months ago in Illinois, I told you about this, folks, and now it's in the news.
They said, alright, toll roads all over the state, and if you don't take a transponder, we're going to have one lane that's still cash toll.
It will be double.
That's Chicago Tribune.
Chicago Sun-Times.
And people went and got their transponders by the millions.
Now that's coming to Austin, Texas.
And now city council people have gone public and admitted that, okay, it's all a fraud.
I've got it right here in the paper.
They write editorials going, okay, here's the documents.
We have plenty of money.
The state had plenty of money.
It's marked confidential.
We're not supposed to tell you.
They're starting to panic because of big recalls going.
Brewster McCracken has scurried back to our camp.
The arrogant Mayor Will Wynn hasn't.
And then it's in the Statesman, DA Investigates, CTRMA, Allegations of Bribery and Fraud.
It's in the Oak Hill Gazette.
I mean, there's a bunch of people saying this.
And then there's obvious stuff like board members of different state boards.
Understand this.
The day after they, you know, just classic stuff, pass the toll roads with this unelected board, then their family members get huge lucrative jobs for the private toll companies.
The day after.
It's amazing.
But just good old classic stuff's going on.
Jimmy Gardner, who I, by the way, have known for about five years, was out there, and there's a picture of him in the paper.
It's on Infowars.com, his little toll booth.
His little booth fighting the toll booths.
And he's there getting signatures to recall the mayor.
It's neck and neck.
And what he later learned was that one of the mayor's chief assistants waddles over and says,
Well, I was out there collecting signatures from my petitions.
And a gentleman came up to me and he took exception to the information I was putting out, namely what was part of the toll road plan and what was not.
And I'm trying not to argue with the guy because I'm a man on a mission there trying to get signatures for my petition.
You're out front the Whole Foods and Book People down on 6th Street.
A lot of people walking by.
Great place to get signatures.
And so this guy took exception and he said, look, I'll bet you that
Mopac, which is our main commuter highway on the west side of the city, he said, I bet Mopac is not part of the plan.
I'll call one of the Campo board members on my cell phone right now and let you talk to her.
So I said, look, I'm not really interested in betting...
But, Jimmy, we don't have a lot of time, so to make a long story short, that's how they ease you into it.
Then later, what did he finally say to you?
Well, finally, when he realizes, you know, I don't want to bet him, don't really want to have much to do with him, he says, how many signatures do you have on your petitions there?
And I said, oh, I've probably got ten on the table here.
And he said, tell you what I'll do, you've seen the $200, because he'd already flashed the cash to me, and he said, I'll give you $200 if you give me those petitions right there,
And if you pack up your table and go home right now.
We'll hear what happens when we get back and talk to Linda Curtis.
Stay with us, Jimmy.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
Yeah, why shouldn't we worry?
Because evil always fails.
Corruption always implodes.
The truth always comes out in the end.
You try to bury it, it will finally erupt with such force as to destroy everything in its path.
That's paraphrasing a French philosopher, but...
Look, why are we talking about toll roads?
These aren't just your regular toll roads.
All over the country, from California to New York, from sea to shining sea, north, south, east, and west, new toll roads on your existing highways.
And these interstate corridors.
I've been up in Oklahoma and Kansas and places where they block off for 50, 60 miles.
All these ghost towns to your left and right.
McDonald's and gas stations built in the middle, taxed by the state.
You can't get off the road.
You can't get on the road.
That's what Texas is going to be like.
California, all your states.
And, of course, it's our so-called conservative, Rick Perry, running this in Texas, your so-called conservative, Lord Schwarzenegger, doing it out in California.
It's the new age of taxation.
They know you've got to have your car.
Our society's built around cars.
We're not like Europe.
These compact cities were big, sprawling metropolitan areas in between huge masses of rural areas.
This is big.
I mean, our Chicago listeners know well about this.
Don't take the transponder, double the toll.
Toll roads going in everywhere.
You're fighting against that as well.
This is happening all over.
And so we have this pattern, though, of just alleged bribery here, alleged bribery there, payoffs here, payoffs there.
And then somebody I know, talk about small world,
She's just out there in front of... I mean, I know Jimmy for months has been out doing this.
Jimmy's out there on his own time getting signatures because he believes in freedom.
And here comes this person walking over to him in front of all these witnesses doing this.
Let's go now, and we'll bring Jimmy back up.
But first, and we'll finish up the story of what he's saying.
He's alleging, and I believe him, this attempted bribery.
He's been to the DA's office and the rest of it.
And again, it's in the paper.
It's on Infowars.com.
Let's go to Linda Curtis.
Who's the coordinator for the petition drive for the Austin Poll Party.
Linda, thanks for joining us.
Thanks for having me.
How are you doing?
I'm doing great.
Why don't you fire out the website and how folks in Central Texas can get involved, even if you're not an Austin voter, and the hurdle you're up against.
I mean, this is sudden death overtime, neck and neck, to get enough of these signatures.
Yes, and it doesn't help to get interference from the powers that be.
So here's what people can do around the country and world that are listening to the show.
You can go to our website, austintollparty.com, and make a financial contribution of whatever you can.
You can also, no matter where you live, including, of course, Central Texas, you can go to the website, send all your friends to the website, and download the petition and get your friends that are registered voters in Austin to sign it.
And then bring it, if you're here in Central Texas, bring it to the CAMPO meeting this Monday night.
We're calling this the Valentine's Day Massacre of the Texas Toll Plan.
The showdown is coming this Monday night starting at 6 p.m.
The CAMPO is meeting, and they're going to have to answer questions put to them by some of the people that we've actually been trying to recall.
Brewster McCracken has been now asking the right questions.
He should have asked at the get-go.
Well, he's released the documents, the text documents.
They've got plenty of money.
It's a giant corporate looting op.
So if you bring those signatures there, we need to fill the hole.
There's about 1,000...
There's room for a thousand people, and we all want to show up with our petitions and shake them at those Campo board members.
And we're talking about billions, billions of profits for them just in Central Texas alone.
So that's coming up Monday night.
Tell folks where.
Monday night at the LBJ Auditorium at UT Campus here in Austin, 25th and Red River.
There's plenty of free parking over there.
Show up at 6 o'clock.
If you're getting signatures, you have to have them notarized.
We will have notaries there at our table up front.
Just check in with us, have them notarized, and go on in and sit down and watch the show.
Now, you guys have got the $35,000.
The problem is you need to get another $15,000 to get $50,000 in the next couple weeks because you know they're going to throw out a bunch of your signatures.
Right on.
And yes, we're getting so many signatures in now, we really don't know exactly what our count is.
We're counting them as we speak.
You were telling me last night it was around 35,000.
Yeah, we're overloaded with processing here at the office.
So those people who live in the area, if you want to help out any time during the day or evening, we're open here.
Come on in and we can use your help.
We're down at UT right now petitioning as well, so those students that are listening or folks that are in the UT area, we need lots of help down at UT.
And folks around the country, in California or Illinois or Florida, wherever this is happening, duplicate what the Austin Toll Party's doing.
I mean, this is a national fight.
This is serious.
Okay, they're now announcing you're going to have to have a transponder in your car that automatically detects your account as you drive through different taxing authorities.
This is the plan.
You want to fight this, or do you want to suck your thumb and let this happen?
Now, I want to get back into what's happened.
Try to condense it for us, Lyndon.
I want to go back to my good buddy, Jimmy, and let him finish the story of where he's talking about this attempted bribery that he's alleging.
And there were witnesses there that saw this guy talking to him.
That's now admitted that he was talking to him.
Just basically what the toll roads are and what they've been trying to do.
There's seven toll roads that we found out initially about.
We meaning a guy named Sal Costello.
Sal's just a regular guy here in Austin.
He finds out about this bridge that's being proposed in his neighborhood.
My neighborhood, too, yeah.
I won't be able to go anywhere more than a half mile without paying a toll.
I'm literally going to be in a cage.
You go get some groceries and you've got to pay a toll.
So he started raising questions about it and then found out that it was connected to a total of seven toll roads.
Now, the problem with these roads... That number's up at 14, but go ahead.
Now it's up to, I think, 11.
Now, I could be wrong on that, but maybe you're right, 14.
It keeps growing.
Well, see, I mean, I'm counting some of those that they go, oh, those aren't in Austin because they're on the Austin City line.
You're right about that.
And actually, this week, they said they were going to put a toll on a federal highway, I-35, which is really freaking people out.
I mean, go up to Kansas, go up to Oklahoma, go up to Missouri.
Well, they already do.
It's a nightmare.
So here's the thing.
Four of the initial seven roads have already been paid for, and TxDOT has been saying, well, yeah, that one's been paid for.
No, it hasn't been paid for.
They've been kind of like a shell game, trying to just drive everybody crazy.
On the Kraken Road editorial on January 31st, it's smart to question the toll road numbers, and he admits the, quote, TxDOT confidential marked documents, marked secret, that say we got plenty of money.
Now, if the hearing on Monday...
TxDOT has now been ordered to come with clear answers to the questions that both McCracken and Thomas now, Danny Thomas, one of the council members we've been recalling, Danny's now starting to realize that he was told maybe not the truth.
I'm stating this as carefully as I can.
Of course, McCracken voted to give up city authority to this non-elected state board, and now he's flip-flopped and is out fighting it, but not arrogant will win the twit mayor.
Will Wynn is now, I think, his office is covering for this gentleman that works in the office who's been going around harassing people and trying to stop our petition drives.
That's right.
This isn't the only report of this.
I don't want to get too much into how we're documenting this because we're, you know, well, you guys just better.
We're going to expose you.
Don't worry.
But some of the other things that people are alleging he's doing to them.
I'm sorry, I missed that?
Well, you know, how he's going and getting in front of people, other people out getting signatures.
There's a guy that has, for the last couple of days, been showing up over at the county clerk's office.
He's been paid by a political action committee that's headed up by a guy named Tim Taylor.
He's formerly with the Real Estate Council, which is the big developers.
They're the people, along with certain members of the Chamber of Commerce,
Who are pushing these toll roads, okay?
This kid who's been showing up over at the county clerk's office, he's being paid by these guys.
He's trying to block people from signing our petitions.
So this is the kind of skullduggery that's going on, and people, y'all need to just say, enough is enough.
Well, they must be desperate, though.
This is like old-fashioned New York, you know, corrupt politics, you know, with the goons.
I got trained as an organizer in the South Bronx in New York, okay?
The first campaign I worked on, they were running around with lead pipes trying to intimidate our campaign workers.
So I haven't seen anything like that since 1979.
That was in New York.
This is the kind of stuff they do in Austin, Texas now apparently.
And the people need to stand up and say,
Enough is enough.
Well, we're talking about, what, $1.3 billion just in the first few years.
$1.3 billion here in the paper, it says, just in profits for these people.
I mean, that's just Austin, folks.
The whole state's having this put in.
And, Linda, before we go back to Jimmy, they've said in Washington, they've said all over, Austin is the test.
If they can do this here, toll roads all over the major roads to get anywhere in the town, that if Austin falls...
You know, if Midas Terrace falls, the forces of Mordor are going to be able to win all over the place.
And I talked about that on TV last night with you, and you seconded that that's the info you've got.
Hey, Alex?
I just got a report in that there's interference going on right now at the tax office.
So Jimmy's listening.
I don't know who else is listening, but they know what they're supposed to do.
And I can't get off the phone.
So, anyway, just wanted to announce that.
Well, he said,
You know, he asked me how many signatures I had.
I said, I got about ten.
He said, why don't you give me those petitions right there, pack your table up, go home, and I'll give you $200.
And I was momentarily shocked at something like that.
And so I hesitated.
I said, look, I don't want your money.
All you're trying to do is disrupt things out here.
I said, at that point I knew he'd crossed the line.
So I got a little cocky with him and I said,
Hey, the problem with you political types is that you're used to walking around with a stack of bills and paying people off to have people do your bidding.
I'm not for sale, buddy.
And I figured that would shut him down, but he continued for like another 10 or 15 minutes after that.
So last night you said a total of 45 minutes he's in your face.
And this is a big guy.
Were you getting signatures, all the 350-pound, 6'2 guys leaning over you?
Well, I would say it reduced my number of signatures quite a bit while he's standing there setting a pick.
Now, the mayor's office now admits that he, quote, did talk to you and that, you know, he was talking to you because there were witnesses and reporters and people around.
But what's their spin on this?
Well, they had to admit that he was out there because there's hundreds of people that walked by in the three or four hours that I was out there.
So they knew that they couldn't lie about that.
And so they said, yeah, he was indeed out there on his own lunch hour, which was, you know, 2.30 in the afternoon.
But they called it a publicity stunt on the part of our organization, which of course is not true.
Although we have gotten quite a bit of publicity out of this.
None of it good for the mayor.
Well, Jimmy, I'll tell you.
Do you remember four years ago when I caught the bribery on video at the Capitol?
I do remember.
And we put it on TV, put it on the web, and I was there, and we catch the guy paying the money out right outside the chambers of two people that had just testified, and the House Ethics Board said it was illegal, but then the paper actually said, it's just for publicity, Mr. Jones.
Why did you videotape this?
I said, because it's bribery.
They said, but the men were black being paid off.
Would you have done this if they wouldn't have been black?
I was like, what a red herring.
This is what they do.
It's classic.
On the Fox News piece locally, you said, well, there was a reporter there that saw this.
So they go to another reporter and go, was it you?
And she goes, no, it was another station reporter.
As if that muddies the water.
This confusion.
It's like Popular Mechanics with this 9-11 hit piece that's coming out.
You know, they go, they call me up, and they go, Mr. Jones, well, I'll talk about it later, but the point is, they go, Mr. Jones, we've called these people that you say you interviewed about seismographs showing explosions in the towers, and they said, you never interviewed them.
And I went and looked on the web, and I said, we posted an American Free Press article.
It says the author in the newspaper.
I post hundreds of things every week on my site.
You know.
I go, did you call and say, were you interviewed by this newspaper?
No, we didn't do that.
So that's the weird...
I am.
Sorry about that.
That's okay.
Now, Linda, how do you think this is going to affect things in the next two weeks before you know you have enough signatures?
You've got to have at least 10,000 more than the actual number because they're going to try to throw out a lot.
What's the process?
How do you think this will affect it?
Because, again, I've got other newspaper articles about other people saying that folks have tried to bribe them.
Not this individual, but other people.
And the DA quote is investigating.
I don't really have any faith in that.
But how do you see this playing out?
Who knows?
Here's the thing, and this goes back to every kind of decision in this country depends on one thing that I think a lot of people are blocking on.
Whatever gets decided is by virtue of what the people demand or don't demand.
And the reason why we're in this position in the first place is we've got 8% of the people here voting in city elections
And a real lack of participation.
And that's not to blame people.
I understand they're cynical and they have good reason to be cynical.
But you know what?
We've got to open up, clean up this process and make it work for us or they're going to decide for us.
Well, that's the problem with corruption.
It doesn't just stay in one spot.
It either gets better or it gets worse.
And we're plunging downwards, and we've got these big corporate interests that are just going to have all the cities hand over their roads to them.
That's the thing about this corporate fascism, folks.
It's not free market.
Right, and we were talking about this last night.
The political system, our electoral system, is definitely getting shut down in a host of ways.
I don't need to preach to your audience.
They probably already understand this pretty well.
So what are we going to do about that?
Are we going to then not participate?
Because you know what?
We still have some openings.
Not big ones, little ones.
But you know what?
Here in Austin, we took a little bit of opening.
Just a guy, Sal Costello did.
And a bunch of people started following him and now there's a big, big wide opening and everyone needs to rush right in.
And we need to take this fight around the toll roads and remember the long-term war that we're having.
And the war is...
Is this political system going to work for the people or against us?
Now, Linda, give people the Austin Toll Party website twice, and give them the phone number twice if people want to come help you.
Yes, it's austintollparty.com.
That's austintollparty.com.
The number is 512-371-9926.
And that number again?
I hope to see everybody Monday night at the LBJ Auditorium at UT Campus starting at 6 o'clock.
That's 25th and Red River.
Lots of parking is available.
All right.
I want to come back to a few more minutes with you guys and kind of recap things.
But again, this is a national fight.
And billions of dollars for the globalists are riding on this just in Austin alone.
I'll probably move out of the city if they put these tolls in.
I mean, it is going to be a hellish tracking grid of taxation and control.
And it's coming to a town or city near you.
Even the rural areas.
You better educate yourselves now, or the open road's dead.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Folks, you've probably seen the shows on Bonanza, the old westerns, where, quote, it's a bad town.
We're good to go.
And basically that's what happens.
That's what tyranny is.
Government goes bad, corrupt people that want to feed off the public get into control, and they get arrogant, and they get out of control, and things get bad.
And the toll roads are a nightmare, and it's just all part of the system.
And, you know, Jimmy and...
Folks like him are just standing up to the corrupt sheriff, standing up to the corrupt local viceroys, and saying no.
So, Jimmy Gardner and, of course, Linda Curtis, I want to commend both of you.
And last time on the TV show, Jimmy, you challenged the mayor's aide.
You said, hey, buddy, let's both take a lie detector test.
You want to challenge him again?
Yeah, I'll put it out to you.
Matt Curtis, or Mac Curtis, as you introduced yourself to me,
If you want to take a lie detector and make it public, I'll be glad to do the same thing.
And don't have one of his buddies with a lie detector.
You're going to put 20 names in a hat and pull one out.
Let's both have you sit there on video camera and do it.
Let's not let them corrupt that process either.
Well, I think this is going to hurt them bad, but the whole process from the state to the federal and local level is just riddled with stuff that mirrors this.
Jimmy, I want to thank you for coming on, and we'll have you guys back on for a plug on Monday if we're able to.
Linda, final comments?
Just that this is part of a long-term effort.
We all need to understand this is just one battle in the long-term war against...
The corruption of our very system itself and the people need to get involved and take back the system, make it work for us.
Those who make the rules, rule.
And the people need to rule, not the politicians.
And they know we haven't been paying attention, so they're going wild right now.
Give them that website again.
AustinTollParty.com And the phone number, 512-371-9926.
Hope to see you all Monday night, 6 o'clock, at the LBJ Auditorium.
Let's pack the hall with a thousand people.
All right, take care.
Thanks a lot.
You bet.
God bless you both.
You know, Jimmy's doing a lot sticking his neck out here, you know, going public up against these people, and...
All of us need to stand with him and not let him get away with this.
We're very close.
So go get some of the petitions off the website.
Go get them signed and show up Monday and get them notarized there at the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum.
Before I end this hour, if you believe in this broadcast, believe in what we're doing, you want to support us, plus get great videos that are professionally produced and exposed to the New World Order, the police state, 9-11, the occult activities of the world leaders, get Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, get 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, get The Masters of Terror, get 9-11, The Great Illusion, 9-11, Painful Deceptions, the books, the videos.
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Second hour, a ton of news, a great guest, your calls, it's all coming up!
So keep it locked in, we'll be right back!
Big Brother
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Into the second hour, talking about the national toll roads going in.
I'll be...
Tracker chipped and taxed and watched to the tune of thousands of dollars a year, and all of the allegations from just many different quarters of bribery and fraud going on by the state and locals involved.
Amazing interviews in the last hour.
We've got a guest coming up to talk about, well, impending World War III.
How the good old globalists want to go into Iran and what that could trigger.
Another inside expert to give us analysis, and we'll take your phone calls coming up in the next segment.
And then in the third hour, oppose H.R.
418, an addendum, an expansion of national ID card legislation passed in mid-December of 2004, scheduled to pass today.
HR 418, this is Ron Paul's analysis of it.
Establish a federally coordinated database of personal information on American citizens within Canada and Mexico.
Use the national ID card to track American citizens when traveling outside the U.S.
and within the U.S.
Redefine terrorism in broad new terms that could include members of firearms rights and anti-abortion groups or other such groups as determined by whoever it is.
In power at the time, five authorized the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to unilaterally expand the information included in the driver's license, including such biometric information as retina scans and DNA information, forced DNA testing when you get your driver's license.
And even radio frequency identification tracker chips in your driver's license.
Ron Paul went on to state that this does nothing to stop illegal aliens but it's being sold to the public as that when it's a fraud and he went on to say carrying a driver's license with RFID and government officials will know your whereabouts 24-7.
And he goes on, incredibly, H.R.
418 does nothing to solve the growing threat to national security posed by people who are already in the U.S.
Instead, H.R.
418 states that we already know certain people here are illegal and are deportable, but it does nothing to mandate deportation.
It's like they pass money for more Border Patrol, and Ridge says we're not going to fund that, we're taking that money for something else.
So, they're slick, folks.
But defending the Republic's a lot of fun and learning their scams is very enlightening and is very empowering.
So I challenge you to get involved and wake up to what's happening and call Congress and say no to H.R.
418 that they're going to be voting on as early as this afternoon or tomorrow.
Now there's a bunch of other news that I want to cover that's just really, really important.
And one of these stories is just the ongoing mass conditioning to accept torture and evil.
You know, I've interviewed him.
I don't think he's a bad guy.
But Ted Nugent had that... Ted Nugent's extreme survival... survivor.
And they had people down in...
We're good to go.
Listen to this.
It's dehumanization.
The UK lines up Guantanamo-style torture reality TV show.
Channel 4 is a broadcast where there's styling a Guantanamo-based style reality show that will examine the effects of mild torture on seven male Muslims.
Torturing Muslims on TV is all part of the fun.
The Guantanamo Guidebook will recreate some of the practices used at U.S.
naval bases where hundreds of so-called enemy combatants have been held without trial or access to lawyers for nearly three years.
And using an East London warehouse and declassified internal documents obtained from U.S.
Program makers mocked up conditions as they had them in Saigon, Panama Bay before subjecting seven volunteers to some of the milder forms of torture alleged to have been used by U.S.
And they have a TV show called Spooks on British TV where they kill or they torture people's children to get answers.
All simulated evil, condition you to accept it, we'll be back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
The riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, eight minutes, 25 seconds into the second hour.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Last hour we talked about the national toll roads going in that will tax and trace everything you do.
Here in Texas it will be $1,800 plus bucks a year per car, per driver.
Hope you enjoy it.
But now we're shifting from the toll roads into the police state.
You know, why does the empire that wants to project itself outwards want so much control here domestically?
Well, that's so we can't struggle as we're used as the cannon fodder, both to be taxed to fund these wars and to, of course, the draft that's coming up, that'll be the good little slaves for these wars.
And we've been having a lot of insiders, a lot of admirals, judge advocate generals, you know, the father of Reaganomics.
We've been having congressmen, senators, mainly conservatives.
On this broadcast, to expose the neocons and expose the agenda that could lead us into World War III, Woolsey calls it World War IV.
He thinks the Cold War was World War III.
It's a powder keg with Iran, and we're just inches away from Israel attacking them, and then things just going downhill from there.
To talk about the geopolitical stratagem behind this, and to predict where things are going...
He's the author of American Oil Wars, Steve Pelletier, and he's retired after a long and rich career with the CIA and then the Army War College, and he's a Ph.D.
in political science, and after a stint in journalism covering the Middle East, he became the CIA's senior analyst at
Thank you very much.
Kind of give us a sketch, you know, for the novice out there, of why you think these preemptive wars are being engaged in, and what's the prime mover behind that.
Well, first off, tell us a little bit about yourself.
Well, you get a rundown already.
I started my... I was originally a journalist, and then...
I got a PhD in political science at Berkeley and then taught at one of the colleges for a while and then the CIA recruited me to be their Kurdish expert and then I just segued from that into being a senior political analyst on Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war.
And then I left at the end of the war and went to the U.S.
Army War College
Well, frankly, I was doing the same thing.
I was the Pentagon's Iraq expert, and I kept up that for 12 years.
I've written four books, published four books on Iraq, and I knew Iraq very well.
Is there a website you want to give out?
I would rather just put a plug for the book.
That is America's Oil Wars.
It was published by Prager.
All right, now...
No, I'm not.
Well, he's prancing around talking about basically invading the whole planet and saying we work for global corporations and the military's their tool.
I mean, I'm sure you're familiar with that whole school of thought right now that's coming out of the Pentagon.
War, war, war.
Now, I mean, clearly our government helped put Saddam in, trained him in the 50s, even before he got into power in 79.
But, I mean, let's just start with the Iran-Iraq War and the nerve gas.
That's probably a good place to start.
All right.
First of all, we did not put Saddam Hussein in.
We can talk about that later.
They didn't support his ascension to power?
No, no.
There are stories that...
Our government didn't fund him billions and millions of dollars for the war with Iran?
No, I don't think we did.
We helped him early on in the war because we did not want to see the Islamic Republic win that war.
But then in the middle of the war, we switched him.
You remember Iran-Contra, and then we supported Iran against Iraq.
Well, certainly you know in 1954 he was sent to Egypt and trained as an assassin.
Oh, no, no, no.
Come on.
He went to Egypt.
He fled Iraq, and he lived in Egypt for a while.
And as I understand it, I think he either beat up very badly a fellow Iraqi or else...
I don't think he actually killed a fellow.
That's funny.
I mean, even the Associated Press has reported his CIA training and that he went around... Oh, that's nonsense.
I can't believe the Associated Press would... Oh, really?
Wow, I'm going to have to dig that stuff up and have you back on.
Yeah, you do that.
All right.
Well, you see, you will come back on when I get that.
Oh, sure.
I'd love to.
Well, perhaps I'll get some other of your colleagues on to talk about it.
All right.
So, I mean, give us your world view, then.
What do you think about we were getting into the nerve gas?
It's gas.
It's not nerve gas.
It's gas.
And the cream is made.
What type of gas is it, then?
Oh, the gas that was used at Halepshire, that's what we're going to talk about now, was cyanide gas.
That doesn't kill you through your nerves.
It doesn't matter.
Well, there are so darn many of these gases out there that you don't want to get confused.
There are claims that two gases were used at Halepshire.
One was mustard gas and the other was cyanide gas.
Mustard attacks the respiratory, but clearly isn't cyanide gas classified as a nerve gas?
I think you may be correct there.
Sorry for using the word nerve gas, but that's what I understand it to be.
Certainly, sarin would be more of a classical nerve gas.
Just please give us your view on that.
As you know, the claim of the Bush administration is that Saddam Hussein gassed his own people.
There's complications with that because the only authenticated instance where Iraqis died having been gassed is this incident in Halabja.
And immediately after that occurred, and this was in 1988, the U.S.
government investigated and the U.S.
government determined that...
Given the condition of the bodies of the dead Iraqis, it's likely that they were killed with a cyanide gas, and Iraq didn't use that gas, and as far as anyone knew, didn't have that gas.
I'm sorry to have to mention this, Steve, but can you get closer to your cordless phone, Jack?
Yeah, I... It's just cutting out.
I want people to be able to hear you.
Yeah, the claim is that the Iraqis used a...
Yes, and they killed these Kurdish citizens.
In fact, as I said,
The U.S.
Army investigated that claim, and they said that the gas that killed the Kurds, the Iraqis didn't have.
The Iranians did have it, so therefore they said the Iranians killed the Kurds.
And that was an Army War College report, correct?
No, it was a report of the Defense Intelligence Agency, which is based in the Pentagon.
Okay, because again, I have the news report here, and it was saying Army War College report.
Okay, so I guess that's wrong, and it wasn't an Army War College report?
Well, the Army, to straighten that out, the DIA conducted the study, and then... And it was published to the Army War College?
Excuse me?
It was published to the Army War College?
No, no, after the study was conducted, the Army asked me to head up a study that would investigate how the Iraqis...
would fight a war against the United States.
So I'm looking at the sub-findings out of that report in your report.
Yeah, so you're confusing the two reports.
All I did was in my report, I publicized the DIA report.
So supposedly they looked at the gas and found it was cyanide gas that the Iranian Jews, which the Iraqis didn't use.
Okay, now Ray McGovern said on the show two years ago that that's what he thought, and then later he reversed himself.
It seems that there are some questions on this subject.
So, is it definitive?
Well, look at it this way.
All of these events took place in the end of the 1980s.
They took place during a war.
The Iraqis and the Iranians refused to allow newsmen to go to the front.
As a consequence, when these events occurred, there was no one who could report on them firsthand.
So whatever information we get, we get secondhand.
And to answer to your question, no, there's nothing definitive on any of this.
Because there's the fog of war and the glass sparkly.
But in this case, the fog of war was really intense because...
These were two closed societies, and they didn't allow anyone in.
So any information that got out was pretty tenuous.
All right, stay there.
I want to shift gears when we get back and talk about what you think the real strategic plans are and what you see happening, how you think Iran's going to play into all this when we get back.
Stay with us.
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Alright, we're talking to Steve Pelletier and CIA Senior Analyst at Lanely during the Iran-Iraq War.
Sir, what do you see happening in the future with Iran and others?
Because we've been having a lot of your contemporaries on the broadcast and they're saying that if Israel goes in and bombs their
No, I don't.
I think that the Israelis could bomb the site, but I don't think the Iranians would do any more than the Iraqis did when the Israelis...
They would effectively absorb it.
The problem is not with raids from the air.
The problem is going in and occupying territory on the ground, and the United States can't do that anymore.
We can't attack into Iran and occupy territory because we haven't got the manpower.
The Israelis can bomb all they want, but I'm sure the Iranians aren't going to absorb it.
Really, a lot of other analysts have been saying that they think that the Iranians have been saying they're going to go absolutely ape, but you think they'll respond just like the Iraqis did in 1981?
I think that essentially the Iranians have time on their hands.
I mean, they have got...
In my view, they hold a very strong card, and that is that no one can invade that country.
Before we invaded Iraq, the United States was able to pose as invincible because everyone feared what would happen if the United States were to invade.
Well, we invaded Iraq, and now we're losing the war.
So how can we then...
I don't think the Iranians will spill into Iraq, because I think as a result of this last election, the Iranians have Iraq sewed up.
The Shia in Iraq...
Especially some of the parties.
The Sunni has a veto.
I don't know.
That's built into the Constitution.
Yes, it is.
I think that the problem is that we don't control the country, and we're losing control every day.
So what do you see happening in Iraq from your decades of studying the system there?
Well, I think we're in deep trouble in Iraq.
I think that... What's the time frame?
What do you see happening?
Crystal ball it for us.
Well, I think that...
Day to day, to the end of the year, I see just a progressive loss of control.
The only way we can get control in Iraq is by sending over many more troops, and we can't do that without reinstituting the draft.
Do you agree with Secretary White two and a half years ago when he said 400,000 troops minimum?
I think it's, I would be, you know, I think Shinseki said 300,000, so yeah, that's about right.
But now stuff's deteriorated so bad it's like Vietnam.
I think you could keep... A lot of analysts say you keep injecting more troops.
It's not going to help.
Well, I think that if we were willing to inject enough troops, it would help.
Because I think the Iraqis are so desperate for some stability now that once they perceived...
That, in fact, the United States was re-stabilizing the country.
I think they would swing over.
Well, that's what all the Pentagon analysts said.
If we could get the power on and the water on in a few weeks, we would have won it, but not now.
But, as you suggest, we missed a lot of good opportunities, and now it's very difficult to see how we catch up.
You know, they talk about freedom, bringing freedom to Iraq, but...
Well, there's no question that we're making enemies, but I think one of the main reasons we're making enemies is because we don't have enough troops.
And as a consequence, we're relying on air power to try to control the country.
We bombed the living daylights out of Fallujah.
We killed a lot of civilians.
And that sort of thing doesn't make friends.
So what do you think the Bush administration is going to do?
They've been sending out mixed signals.
Really, the Bush administration, in my view, is so deceitful that it's impossible to...
To figure out what they're going to do because you can't trust anything they tell us.
Yeah, I can't trust anything they tell us.
When we get back then, I want to try to see where you think all this is going or if you have an idea for an exit strategy or what you think is going to happen.
We'll be back with our guest.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The website's InfoWars.com.
PrisonPlanet.com, because this planet has been turned into a giant prison, hence PrisonPlanet.com.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, 33 minutes past the hour.
We're going to take a few calls coming up here in a few minutes for our guest.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
And we're talking to Professor, as you can call him, Dr. Pelletier.
And Steve...
Again, you were the chief analyst during the Iran-Iraq war for the CIA.
Knowing what you know about Iraq, and what we were just talking about with the deception of the Bush administration, I mean, they said before they got into office, oh, we're not going to invade Iraq, we're not for foreign adventures, and he chastised...
Al Gore during debates about it, and then it turns out we got their own documents.
They were planning before they even got into office to invade Iraq, and 9-11 was the pretext for that.
So trying to gauge, I know they say something different every day, but trying to gauge their actions, what do you guess, educated guess, is going to happen in Iraq in, let's say, the next 18 months?
I would say that the Bush... I would say it's definite that the Bush administration will not send the number of troops over there that we need to have over there to pacify the country.
I would say that if any of your listeners have loved ones in the National Guard or the Reserve, that they should feel very sorry for them because these poor devils are not going to get out of there.
They've already had their...
Well, they've extended them indefinitely, they announced a month ago.
Well, I think they're practically, these people now are practically indentured slaves.
It's just, as everyone knows, it's a backdoor draft.
But the point is that we know what is needed to salvage that situation in Iraq.
It's more troops.
Rumsfeld will not do it.
Bush will not do it.
Cheney will not do it.
And the reason they won't do it is because it would cost them too much money.
Well, also, they don't want to admit they're wrong.
That's right.
They don't.
They went in there with a silver bullet strategy, which was that you could subdue any people.
Yeah, the Rumsfeld Blitzkrieg example.
Right, exactly.
And it hasn't worked.
And now, if Rumsfeld were to agree to increase the army by 30,000 troops, it would be an admission that it hasn't worked.
And he's not going to do that.
Yeah, but 30,000 is going to do nothing.
Yeah, but 30,000...
Is what we need at the moment.
That's not saying what we'll need by the end of the year.
By the way, I mean, all the military studies I've read, because I've looked at it quite a bit, I mean, they knew this in World War II.
22 missions, catch 22, and still about a third of the time you died.
Vietnam, no more than 11 months.
That's all you can force somebody to be in combat.
And even then, you can fight them maybe one week out of the month, or they break down.
We're talking about sending troops, National Guard who weren't even trained, on search and destroy missions through heavily built up urban mount territory five days out of the week, raiding dozens of homes a day.
It's worse than that, because who are they fighting?
The Iraqis went to war with the Iranians in 1980, and they've been fighting ever since.
So we're sending, as you say, high school students over there to fight hardened killers, people who have never known anything but war.
And worse, it's not a... You know, the strength of the U.S.
Army and the military is the ability to stand off and kill from a distance.
What's our situation now?
These high school kids have got to go into these cities, down these twisty streets, not knowing what's around the next corner.
But, sir, sir, I mean, they know.
The military has studied how much you can use a soldier, and this is off the charts.
They know that this is going to ruin these people, and they know within just another six months, almost all of them are going to fall apart.
Well, I would suspect that's true, but go talk to the Bush administration.
Here's an analogy.
We've got SWAT team people listening all over the country.
Guys, imagine having to raid 15, 20 houses a day, five days a week for two years.
Yeah, but you know, most of our troops now are bunkered down inside the green zone.
We don't dare come out of the green zone.
So, now in a fortress mentality.
I mean, we're hauled up inside the Green Zone, inside Baghdad.
With truck bombs blowing up every other day at the gates.
Yeah, you see, and what the Iraqi resistance has done, which is so brilliant, is they're targeting their own people.
They're telling their own people that they can never expect stability, which is all the Iraqis really want.
They can never expect stability as long as the Americans are in the country.
So we can retreat inside the green zone and bunker down and say, well, at least we're safe.
But meanwhile, all the Iraqis who are outside the green zone are being killed daily.
You know, Ann Coulter was in an article a few weeks ago, one of the neocon pundits, and she was like, our troops aren't brutal enough.
They need to kill more civilians.
She actually said that.
I'm not kidding.
That's ridiculous.
Yeah, well, I've heard Michael Savage say put people in camps.
I think your point is excellent about the high school kid.
I was standing online at the post office the other day, and a mother was sending a package to her son who was in Iraq.
And he was asking her for pop-tarts.
He wanted pop-tarts.
That's what he wanted, and that's what he was sending.
And I thought, this is awfully poignant.
Here's a guy who may not come home.
Indeed, the odds against him coming home are desperately high.
And the poor son of a gun, all he wants is pop-tarts.
This type of high school kid fighting against Iraqis who have...
Been brought, practically born with guns in their hands.
Did you know that Halliburton charges them the equivalent of $100 per 10 pounds of laundry?
Well, I'm sure you've heard the reports of all the rotten food they're being fed.
No, I didn't know that.
I haven't heard the reports.
I've heard that Halliburton is cheating us, but I haven't heard the reports.
I've talked to troops that have come back.
It is...
It is unbelievable.
They won't even give them water filters.
Instead, they truck in water with salt.
All of this is good.
I think the really bad thing about this is it's not the Army that's running the war.
It's the bureaucrats.
And isn't it true about the chicken hawks at the Pentagon that only one of them, Rumsfeld, was even in the military?
I wasn't aware that Rumsfeld was in.
Yeah, he was a fighter pilot but never saw combat.
No, I think that that's the really desperately bad thing.
So they're off in their ivory towers eating filet mignon, and meanwhile high school kids are getting their heads blown off.
That's true.
And the military told him, we can't win this if you don't give us, you say, $300,000 or something.
Well, I think the unfortunate thing is that if a general wants to stay in charge over there, he has to do what the bureaucrats tell him to do.
If he argues, if he puts up some resistance, then he's out.
So how long is this going to, so how long do you see until, because again, I mean, I've had so many other analysts on.
They're saying in the next two years it's going to end up being like Vietnam with people hanging off helicopters.
Well, I don't know if it'll get there that fast, but I go back to what I said before.
Bush will not send any more troops over there.
He will not send the required number of troops.
And so you can...
You can bet on it.
The situation can only deteriorate.
Well, I've got Pentagon reports saying they need a draft.
They've set up the draft boards again.
They've introduced 12 different... If he reinstitutes the draft, he can't get any of his economic program through because immediately, overnight, he'll have an opposition here in the United States.
And he wants that economic... He wants to kill Social Security.
He wants to...
Relieve the tax burden of the rich.
These are things he is desperate to get done, and he can't do it if he reinstitutes the draft.
Yeah, but that's what I'm saying.
Get this stuff passed the next six months, then he can do it.
He ain't going to be able to get this stuff passed in a couple of months.
Professor, what if there's a terrorist attack in America, an even bigger one?
That'll help him get the draft.
Well, if there's going to be a terrorist attack, he'd have to manufacture it.
Osama bin Laden hasn't got the means to do it again.
Oh, oh, yeah.
Some have been logged in the means to attack us.
And I guess you were a big honcho there at the CIA on Iraq and Iran back in the 80s.
Sir, you told us our government really wasn't involved with Saddam, which I totally disagree with, because I've had a lot of people that were your colleagues on disagreeing with that.
But let me ask you a question on this.
Bin Laden, what's his connection to the CIA?
Well, it's very out in the open.
In the 1970s, he worked with the CIA.
Tim Osmond?
Against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.
Tim Osmond?
His code name in the U.S.
was Tim Osmond.
Oh, I didn't know that.
I bet you didn't.
No, honestly, I don't think you have to really make any...
The connection is on the record.
There's no question he did.
Well, the connection goes, I've got articles praising him as a young hero in the mid-'80s.
So you say the 70s.
Well, I'm trying to get my... Yeah, it would have been in the 80s, too.
There's no question he worked for the CIA.
Oh, he worked for the CIA, oh.
Well, because he was helping in that Mujahideen effort.
Well, that's the facts we've got here.
I want to talk to Dan in Texas and a couple other callers that are holding for you, but really, give me the time frame from your expertise on Iran and Iraq and the Kurdish situation and all of it.
How long until we have the implosion in Iraq, and what do you think the exit strategy is going to be, or will it just be keeping troops in forts so Bush can still declare victory?
Well, the implosion has already taken place, and now, effectively, as I say, we're hunkered down inside the green zone, and we're trying to... I don't really know what we're trying to do.
We're trying to weather the storm, but what we're banking on is beyond me.
But as far as giving a date for when the house is going to cave in, I don't know.
All I know is it's not going to get any better.
Well, you notice that in World War II in Vietnam, we got film reels of details of what was going on.
In this war, it's always some reporter on a computer phone, which is so blurry you can't see five feet past them.
And then what we get from the foreign press is the total opposite from what our media is giving us.
Well, as I say, that's all part of the fact that you can't go anywhere in Iraq without risking your life.
It's a jungle.
I've interviewed reporters that are Arabs but are Americans but are with major magazines in this country, and they say, outside the green zone, they do not dare go five feet from their apartment to get a pizza without armed guards.
Yeah, you're hearing the same thing I'm hearing.
So, literally, ten feet outside the green zone, no one can... I mean... So that's failure right there.
Oh, the whole thing is a failure.
It's an awful failure.
Don't ever let anybody tell any of your listeners it's not a failure.
And so, is that why we're now hearing they may be backing off going into Iran?
You know, these guys are crazy enough so that they might try to go into Iran, but...
If they were to go into Iran, then our difficulties would be compounded 100 times over.
In other words, for us, it's a no-win situation.
We can't win it, no matter what we do.
But in the age where double-thinking and illusion is king, they can just tell us we won and then we'll all feel good.
Yeah, but you know, Karl Marx used to say there's such a thing as the laws of motion.
In other words, there's such a thing as reality.
And you can spin the story as much as you want.
In the meantime, Mother Nature just goes grinding on and things happen.
So eventually, the contradiction becomes so great that everything blows up.
Yeah, but somebody who follows the Trotskyite view, the neocons, Lord Rove, Lord Rove told the New York Times that we control reality.
We're an empire now, and we'll change reality with an edict tomorrow and then change it the next day.
So does that show a megalomaniacal insanity to start saying they control reality?
No, I think it's a fairly shrewd assessment of the Bush administration's control over the media here in the United States, but that doesn't say anything about Iraq.
If we can't walk outside the green zone, then obviously we don't control reality outside the green zone.
And as a consequence, sooner or later, what goes on in the streets of Baghdad is going to finish us.
You know, how do the neocons that are on talk radio say that Bush is cutting government when we have the biggest budget ever, 2.6 trillion?
Well, you tell me.
I mean, as I said a while ago, Bush, it's a most deceitful government, and how anybody can believe him is beyond me.
Let's take a call for you, Professor.
Dan in Texas, thanks for holding.
You're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
Mr. Peltier, I would be most interested in hearing your geopolitical, analytical views
Of the recent actions by China with the huge purchase of oil and gas in Iran, the recent relationship it struck up with Venezuela, and its efforts... And also their defense strategy with Russia.
Yeah, I can relate to this oil very well.
My book, America's Oil Wars, goes into this quite deeply.
My theory is...
One of the reasons we went to war with Iraq was because Saddam Hussein was threatening our control over the oil of the Persian Gulf.
As you're aware, I'm talking to the listener now, Dan, it's becoming increasingly more and more difficult for countries to sew up supplies of oil.
Not only China is roving all over the world looking for oil, but so is India.
Because of their industrial explosion.
Yeah, and as a consequence...
Suddenly, countries like Venezuela, which used to be, you know, third, fourth-rate countries, now are, I won't say, well, their position is very much enhanced, because they have oil, people are coming to them, like the Chinese, and looking for oil, and they therefore can sum their nose at the United States.
You know, we've already once tried to overthrow the regime of Hugo Chavez, and we did it,
Because we recognize we're losing control of Venezuela oil.
And my theory is we overthrew the regime of Saddam Hussein because we feared Saddam Hussein was not only going to deny us Iraq oil, but the oil of the Persian Gulf.
Well, specifically, going back to the weekend before our election in November, when China made the deal with Iran...
They also released a statement to the Bush administration not to get to thinking that the 21st century would belong exclusively to America.
That's what the CIA has said.
Would you foresee China in any way...
Aiding or abetting Iran in the event... Well, they already are.
They've got 40,000 engineers there at one time.
I think that what we're going to... I think what we have to accept is that no matter what the Bush administration says, the United States does not rule the world.
It's a multi-power world.
China, Russia, Europe...
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to Professor Dr. Steve Pelletier, and I want to get to... I know we've got a bunch of phone calls, but he's got to leave us here in a few minutes, so I'll try to go to Jim and Radkin and others here in a second.
But during the break, we were talking, sir...
And again, you were former CIA senior analyst at Lanely during the Iran-Iraq war.
I brought it during the break.
I said, well, you said Bush would have to manufacture a terror attack if there was going to be a new one.
And I said, are you saying Bush is capable of manufacturing an attack?
Will you tell people what you said to me during the break?
Well, I do think he's capable of manufacturing an attack.
I think this is one of the darndest administrations.
I'm 73 years old.
I've seen a lot of presidents.
This is the darndest thing I've ever seen, the way these people lie to us.
And they seem quite ruthless in Power Man.
Oh, there's no question about that.
And look at America.
All this talk of fighting tyranny.
You know, they're passing national ID cards and secret arrests.
I mean, they're dismantling this country, sir.
It's unbelievable.
But more and more people.
I mean, I've talked to like four-star generals, admirals.
Yes, good afternoon, Mr. Jones and Mr. Peltier.
Mr. Peltier.
This seems to be going the way of the human animalistic instincts, but I was just wondering, out of curiosity, are guardsmen being over there and all?
God bless them and God help them, I guess, but where are we going to get enough guardsmen
To refill the positions of the ones that are coming back.
Yeah, Guardsmen's sign-up is at record lows.
Yeah, I don't know where we're going to get them.
By the way, I live in Pennsylvania, too, and I know the Pennsylvanians are taking a really hard hit with this one.
We've got more over there.
I think only Texas and California are ahead of us.
Yeah, well, we're in poverty and misery and despair in Pennsylvania.
You'll find us there.
Well, that's part of this economic control.
You want a large underclass whose only chance is the military.
That's right.
I really appreciate your show, Mr. Jones.
You have the patience of I don't know what, and Dr. Peltier, I can appreciate your scholarship insight into these things.
You may not agree 100% with Mr. Jones or whomever.
No one agrees 100%, but I was just wondering, okay, so they sent troops back
But they're going to have to eventually send those back.
And every move we make, we have to tell the United Nations.
And don't forget what else is going on.
One by one, the allies who are with us in Iraq are dropping out.
The Ukrainians are pulling out.
The Poles have cut their force in half.
The Spanish pulled out a year ago.
The Dutch are pulling out.
And every time someone pulls out, we've got to send troops in.
And Afghanistan is still a mess, and who knows where else in this world, but by the same token, it's insanity.
I'll agree with that to a point.
I'm not a very well-educated person on military affairs especially, but by the same token, as Mr. Jones stated, just common sense.
The poopy's going to hit the fan sooner or later.
The poopy.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Thank you.
Go ahead, Professor.
You've got about 40 seconds.
America's Oil Wars is the book.
Finish up.
America's Oil Wars is the book.
It was published by Prager, and it was published last year.
Your listeners can get it, and I hope they do.
I would leave you with this fact, and that is that
It's not the military that's fighting the war in Iraq.
It's the Pentagon.
It's the bureaucrats.
It's the civilians in the Pentagon.
And why do they care?
They're making a mess of it.
Their kids aren't being sent.
They're walking around in $5,000 gowns, flipping people off.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate you joining us, sir.
Very good.
God bless.
Thank you very much.
All right.
Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.tv are two of the websites.
Check them out.
Third Hour and the National ID card coming up.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, last hour, we had the former director in the 1980s of the CIA's entire analyst group
Dan, one of the chief advisors and professors at the Army War College, saying that if there's a terror attack, he expects it'll be the government carrying it out.
Are you starting to get it, folks?
Are you starting to understand just how serious things really are?
The police state is being put in place so the globalists can take everything you've got, your children for a national draft,
All these new taxation mechanisms with the national sales tax as a, quote, reform on top of national toll roads, the new national ID card law, they're on the verge of passing, goes after gun owners and Christians.
That's Ron Paul's office, by the way.
It's a Twilight Zone episode.
You just walked right into the middle of it.
Maybe you didn't know what was going on, but you just walked into an episode of it.
Okay, maybe you didn't know what was happening, but it was always there.
And you just tuned in for the first time.
You better take us serious.
You better listen to what we're saying.
This is really going on.
This is really happening.
And when the globalists in New Casidia release a camera bio, all bets are off it goes to the next level.
The next level of Hades.
And that's why they're so arrogant.
That's why they're confident.
And they don't care if our troops are pinned down and dying and being overused.
I mean, nobody puts troops into combat for more than a year.
It just doesn't work.
They fall apart.
Two years isn't enough.
Now they're saying it may be four years.
Why are they so arrogant?
Because they've got plans for a draft.
The bills are introduced.
And when they set a city ablaze in a bright flash, they're going to draft your children, folks.
They're going to do medical experiments on them.
They're going to use them like toilet paper.
And I'm just trying to stop this.
I love this country.
I love humanity.
I love God.
And I hate evil.
And Christians are being arrested for their political speech all over the country.
Tyranny is upon us.
People are being arrested for anti-war signs on street corners.
The basic cannons and pillars and foundation of what America is is being demolished.
Decimated, annihilated, incinerated, terminated.
And we've got a bunch of delusional, power-tripping, megalomaniacs running things.
And I mean, that's not negative to say that.
Again, we don't live inside our own minds.
The world isn't dictated by what we think.
You know, they've sold you on this.
Well, if you just feel a way, that's how it is.
Well, that defies the laws of gravity, of science, of every action has an equal or greater reaction.
It just denies the facts.
And so you can sit there as a yuppie denying everything because you've got your little status symbols.
You're in the process of being enslaved.
You're in the process of being shackled.
And all the slick packaging and space-age propaganda...
Can't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
All we can do is assess the serious trouble we're in in this crash landing and try to salvage something out of it.
We've been put into a global crisis so they can bring in their new world order so Europe and the UN can look like the bad cop after America has done failing in Iraq and starting a war with Iran and police state here at home.
The good cop's going to come and it's going to be even worse.
Now that's how the chips fall.
That's what we're facing.
Gary and Tim and others will get to your calls, and the toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
We'll get to Redken in Vermont and others as well.
I got just a whole stack of vital news and information that, believe me, is vital to the future of this republic.
We'll cover it when we return, and we're also scheduled to have somebody on from Ron Paul's office to talk about this beefing up of the national ID card legislation.
That is set to pass the house today, unless there's a miracle.
So that's the...
Report for you as of this time on that.
More details as we chronicle the criminal activities of the New World Order on the other side.
PrisonPlanet.tv is just one of my websites.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
The DVD version is 170 minutes.
If you want to wake up your friends and families to the truth of what happened on September 11th, this is the film for you.
The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control program,
The cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and viable microchips, and much, much more.
Bottom line, this film is waking people up.
Order your copy on VHS or TV today, and man the guns of the Infowars.
Order right now by calling 1-888-2533-139.
Or order online at Infowars.com or Infowars.net.
That's 888-2533-139.
Again, that number, 888-2533-139.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, here's the deal.
You've got callers holding for over an hour in some cases.
I don't like doing that.
So I'm going to blast through five calls and get back into the national ID card news.
New developments there.
Big developments.
How it affects you and your family.
A bunch of other global news.
And then we've got an update coming from Ron Paul's office about the National ID card.
Right now, out of all these callers, who's been holding the longest?
Gary in Utah, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Yeah, that was the petition in Texas the first hour.
Yes, talking about all over the country, huge...
Well, I tell you, it's prompted me to decide to start a petition in my own state here to kind of nip it in the bud before it even starts over here up in Utah.
Well, it's happening all over the country.
It's a federal plan.
Go ahead.
No, go ahead.
No, it's just people need to start standing up and stopping this.
We need more, as you say, people to wake others up as to what's going on.
I listen to your show, and it just seems to get worse and worse every day.
And it's disheartening.
There is a wild orgy of corruption going on.
Just mass looting of everything.
It's horrible.
It's black as black can be.
But I just wanted to thank you, because I was listening to that story, and I said, you know what?
I'm going to do something.
I have a computer, and I can do something.
All of us can do something.
It's all of us doing a little something together can move mountains.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
Tim in Ohio.
Tim, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hello, Tim.
The Gitmo-style torture paper you read earlier?
Well, yes.
They're going to have a made-for-TV...
Reality show.
Right, right.
I wanted to ask you a question about that.
I heard that.
Doesn't that remind you of the old movie, Quiet Rage?
Do you remember the Stanford Prison Experiment?
Well, I mean, The Running Man.
Oh, yeah, The Running Man, too.
Yeah, you're right.
But for those that just joined us, this is the London Guardian.
UK lines up Guantanamo-style torture reality show where seven Muslim men are being paid to let them torture them in a Guantanamo-style prison camp.
And this is all conditioning, folks.
All of these shows, all of this programming.
In fact, a few months ago, I did a TV show, you know, 10 minutes of the hour-long program.
It's on personblind.tv.
And I know Joe Rogan.
He knows about the New World Order.
He's contacted me when he comes to Austin.
He calls me up.
But, I mean, I told Joe, you know, your show, Fear Factor, is conditioning people, desensitizing them to all this stuff.
But, I mean, now they've taken all pretexts or pretenses away.
It's just, yeah, we're going to have a show where we do torture.
Are you familiar with that, the quiet rage?
Oh yeah, I'm familiar with how they gave people power and did a test and what like 70 plus percent of people would actually torture people to death in order to do so.
It's amazing how it imitates in real life.
Yeah, tell folks the details of that.
Basically what they did was they took two volunteers, two groups, just like this story you're reading today.
Some were made guards, the other were made prisoners.
And the people that were made the guard just assumed such dictatorial power that, you know, these people were bailing out the ones that were the prisoners within 24 hours because the treatment to them was just so bad that the people just totally went torture crazy.
And then they told them, they told them, this is actually a government program.
We're really going to torture them.
Hit the button and kill them.
And they would hit the button believing they were killing people.
Isn't Stanford a little arm of our buddies at the Tavistock Institute?
Well, it is.
And I was going to bring this up.
All over the country, England's doing big studies, quote, in torture.
How do people fight back against torture?
How did our troops in Vietnam not break under torture?
They're finding the secrets to breaking people under torture in all these big British and U.S.
studies that are going on right now.
Very unethical, being paid for by our governments.
Again, they've got Threat Matrix 24, CSI Miami, on all these shows.
People are getting chips under their skin, they're being tortured, they're being tortured to death.
And then a show called Spooks in England, we put the transcript of the show up, one of their episodes, they torture the terrorist eight-year-old daughter, and then they're going to kill her to stop the terrorist.
And the moral of the story is, torturing children is good.
Thanks for the call.
It's just a mass warping of the mind.
And then as well, it's to stop terrorists.
But you just heard, or in the last hour, the chief analyst of the CIA in the 1980s tell you that he thinks that if there's another terror attack, it's going to be the U.S.
government doing it.
Chief analyst for eight years for Reagan at the CIA.
And then we've had the chief liaison, his chief personal advisor, Ray McGovern, talking about similar stuff.
These are people, I was talking to the professor during the break, he goes, well, I consider myself to be a conservative.
And I've talked to, I mean, folks, I've talked to admirals, I've talked to generals, I mean, you've heard them on air, but I've talked to them off air.
And why they're calling me, I have no idea.
And, I mean, these are people who just got out or are in or, you know, I mean, some of these are pretty young people, 55, 60 years old.
They're saying this.
I mean, folks, if you've got a brain in your head, it's like Hitler's general staff, you know, who'd gone along with it for a while.
They were just going, man, this guy's completely insane.
Once he, you know, really got the death farms cooking, you know, in the early 1940s.
He started slow.
I mean, a lot of people are going, man, what is going on?
This is crazy.
But again, the mindless, drooling yuppies just think it's funny.
They'll laugh at you.
Wait until your kids get drafted.
Just wait.
And when your son or daughter comes back with their arms or legs blown off and they're not getting treatment, you'll be calling on Alex.
This is a couple years from now.
We're even on the air then.
Alex, I used to laugh at you, but you're right, my little boy.
You might as well wake up now and stand with America.
They're dismantling this country.
Every Bill Clinton program to attack free speech, Bush is expanding it.
Remember Butch Reno going after pro-life demonstrators?
Ooh, she's so bad that she was.
Now they arrest him and give him 47 years in prison.
I mean, everything Clinton did, it's worse.
But you listen to a neocon on the radio, you'll never know it.
You'll never know it.
And a lot of the deception's real simple.
It's basically, we need the National ID card.
The liberals are against it.
Call Congress.
Say you're for it.
And then you look at the vote, the Democrats vote for it, and the only people who voted against it were Republicans.
And maybe one Democrat in the Senate, and maybe, I don't know, 10 or 15 in the House, but both of them were Republicans.
So see, it's very sophomoric.
It's like rah-rah football team mentality.
They're getting, just getting ridiculous.
And I don't know.
Radkin in Vermont.
Radkin, go ahead.
Oh, thank you very much, Alex.
You're so awesome.
I listen with bated breath as you question people, and then the pregnant pauses when their answer is off the wall, like when he said, speaking of the CIA fellow Pelletier you just interviewed, and I wanted to ask him,
But what I was saying is when he answered the question or pro-offered that Osama was behind 9-1-1, I mean, I could hear you fall off your chair almost.
But then later he goes, well, the government's going to be behind the next one.
Well, how come he didn't realize that was the case of 9-11, too?
Well, he did say he'd been logged CIA.
Well, it was very reluctantly that he admitted to what you were getting out of him as the CIA connection.
Well, it took me years to wake up to the point I'm at.
I mean, these guys are having moral struggles right now.
I want to talk to these people off air.
I wanted to ask him how he felt safe to talk in the light of John O'Neill, who had leaked W1999 to Greg Pallas, and then...
Then was killed or maybe dead already.
Yeah, that was the deputy FBI director, yeah.
Right, but also... Who told British TV the government's going to let bin Laden attack us so they can get the oil in Iraq.
And that was his quote.
The Hegelian dialectic.
I learned that from you guys.
I wanted to ask him about Bill Colby.
Do you remember Bill Colby?
Apparently he was head of the CIA...
And apparently he was one of 25 flag officers back in 95 that was going to charge Clinton with treason for having leaked... Yeah, and then witnesses would say men would walk in in military uniforms, gunshots, they'd walk in, oh, the people committed suicide, or oh, they drowned in their canoe.
Yeah, they said he fell out of a canoe in the Potomac.
Well, he had a place right down the road from me.
Look, look, look, he's the one, and I have this directly from the CIA, directly from the person that released the video,
Directly, and it's now been admitted, he's the guy that released the flare footage of them killing the civilians.
And he just said, look, our government's not here to kill Americans, and I'm not going to be part of this.
And so he had to go bye-bye.
No kidding.
What are they going to do when everybody starts talking?
See, that's the problem.
They can't kill everybody.
They're doing a good job of it.
Yeah, they've killed now.
It's like 50-something microbiologists.
I didn't know if... The reception up here on Shortwave is a little rough sometimes, but I didn't know if the biochemist had come up in your conversation.
With the CIA fellow.
Not with the last guest.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you.
I appreciate it.
Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
Hello, Ron!
Come on down!
Ron, are you there?
Okay, he's gone.
Emmett, Pennsylvania.
Go ahead, Emmett.
Yes, Alex.
Of all the things you get, I hope you received my Stamps CD of the Stamps Quartet singing.
I did get a CD.
Tell me what it is.
It's a Stamps Quartet spanning from like 1958 till about 1978.
The Stamps Quartet was a favorite of Elvis, by the way.
To listen to it, it should make you very happy.
Hey, I was in a major supermarket last Friday, and this mother had a boy there about a year and a half, another one about three, and she said to these two children, which were in one of those carts that looks like an automobile, get the rifle, get the rifle.
And then she starts saying, shoot, shoot, shoot, and all the boys were laughing.
She said, oh, you like that when I say shoot, shoot.
What is the matter with this society?
Stay there, we'll be back.
One of America's greatest patriots, Patrick Henry, said, Give me liberty or give me death.
It was Patrick Henry who forced the Bill of Rights to be added to the Constitution, your unalienable or unchangeable right to religious freedom, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, or the right to own a gun.
There are certain movements underway to strip you of these unalienable, unchangeable rights today.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, I've got a bunch of news I want to cover, so let's take a few more calls and we'll come back to calls later.
Finishing up what you were saying, Emmett.
Well, that Stamps Quartet, they sing, Once my day was gloomy as I traveled along, Then I joined a Christian band, Now my day grows brighter as I travel on.
And every day keeps getting brighter as I travel along.
This is classic, yes.
Oh, that is so happy.
I haven't listened to it yet, but I like hearing you sing.
Sing some more for us.
I try to sing, Peace and all to the trouble.
But, hey, what's... Texas Mars was going on this weekend about all the money from Iraq is being funneled into Israel.
And I thought of what you said.
We're made to think that Israel's getting rich off this money, but it's the British and rich American bankers.
Well, I mean, Israel, they're admittedly trying to build a pipeline into Israel to give them oil, and I wasn't familiar with them, and I know Israel gets a lot of money, so does Egypt, but I haven't heard the details, so I really can't comment.
Listen, thanks for the call.
Get with your buddy Tex Mars.
Yeah, I'll try to check it out.
I appreciate it.
Scott in Pennsylvania.
Scott, go ahead.
Or Michigan.
Go ahead.
Always by the third hour, stuff just disintegrates with the calls.
It just gets wild.
It's weird.
First or second hour, we take calls.
It's all great.
Everybody's there.
It's all normal.
Then we kind of descend into bonker land by the third hour.
I may just start making the third hour news and guest because...
It's something else.
Let's try Kevin in Colorado.
Kevin, go ahead.
Hello, Mr. Alex.
Yes, hello.
How are you this afternoon?
I'm doing a radio show.
How are you?
I'm doing great, man.
I'm calling from Boulder, Colorado, home of the now infamous Ward Churchill.
Are you familiar with this guy?
Yeah, he's a big old tall guy, and he's an Indian or Native American rights activist.
He's pretty aggressive, and I've seen him do interviews with my friends here locally on TV.
He kind of gets in their face, which is fine, and I agree with some of what he has to say.
I mean, I think what happened to Native Americans is wrong, but when he came out and said Al-Qaeda attacked us because we're bad to indigenous people, he just plays into their plan.
Al-Qaeda's CIA, you stupid punk!
And the people that... Let me finish.
And the people that died in those towers didn't deserve what happened to them.
You little weasel!
And try to get in my face, Ward Churchill!
You'll have a big problem, you punk!
All right, go ahead.
You're something else, man.
You know, I want you to think about something for a minute.
I don't know if this is a connection or not, and it may be just a coincidence, but think about one of the last times the United States was duped into a major war.
It was done...
In part, by a guy named Winston Churchill.
Now, I don't know if there's a connection here.
No, Churchill, that's his Indian name.
I mean, that was an English name, and somewhere down the line, you know, one of the Native Americans he's related to took the name of Churchill.
I personally think what he's trying to do, and this is just my opinion, I believe Ward Churchill is trying to create a race war.
I just drove by CU, coming back home from my workout, and I've got to tell you, man, these...
All these socialist type... Well, I don't know if you want to call them that.
All these kids are just high-fiving everybody and all this stuff.
It's like they're ready to go take up arms.
And that plays into their plan.
And look, it makes me mad when somebody comes out with a comment like, well, the people that died there, you know, it's because they're evil and...
It's because they were part of the oppression of the third world.
Folks, the globalists carried out 9-11.
The globalists are using it as a pretext to invade and hurt those third world countries, and this guy plays right into it.
Oh, it's a valiant, a bunch of them do, it's a valiant fight by the underclass.
That's more of that fake leftist garbage that was written up by the government.
And look, the reason I get in Churchill's face is that I've seen the guy in action here in Austin.
I mean, he is really an arrogant bully.
And I don't like bullies.
I don't either.
That's why I don't like Schwarzenegger.
It just gets my heckles up.
The dog gets mad.
The fur puffs out.
I mean, when I just see one of these punks, it gets me mad.
Do you think Ward Churchill is in some way affiliated, either directly or indirectly, with the globalists?
I just think, you know, he's on a power trip, a little darling of certain groups, and just thinks he's God's gift to the planet.
And I think his sickening statements about people who are dead makes me want to puke on him.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
I mean, that's all I can really say about Ward Churchill.
I mean, he makes me sick.
He plays into the hands of the neocons.
Oh, look at this guy, see?
He likes Bin Laden, see?
Those that are against the war with Bin Laden.
Maybe he knows what he's doing.
I know some of these people do.
We're not going to win this thing unless we come together.
And, you know, to act like the 9-11 attacks were some indigenous revolt is disgusting.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Thank you.
Radioactive poisoning.
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We've got about 26 minutes left.
It's 33 minutes and 15 seconds into the third hour today.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Our Earth has been turned into a prison planet.
We've had Congressman Ron Paul, our...
America's congressman on, I don't know, probably 50 times over the years, but I'm honored to have his press secretary, Jeff Dice, on with us, one of the busiest men in America, who really passionately has been fighting with the congressman, fighting against the expansion of the National ID Card.
The first National ID Card passed in December of last year was bad enough, and it was, quote, to stop illegal aliens, and of course it actually gave waivers to them and started telling the states to accept their ID cards.
We're good to go.
Well, what we're facing is, as usual, political doublespeak.
What we're facing is a Trojan horse that walks and talks and sounds like immigration control, but in reality just applies mostly to U.S.
citizens, and the bad guys won't pay any heed to it at all.
And the Congressman talked about that.
He talks about how it's got this comment about illegal aliens, but no enforcement.
And when they passed, say, more Border Patrol in the last bill, then the Secretary of Homeland Security takes that money out.
And you were telling me during the break that Christian groups are out pushing this, that a lot of conservative groups have really bought this hook, line, and sinker.
Well, unfortunately, yes.
On the Hill, we see a lot of the different groups
Yeah, the White House wants total amnesty, and they've said it.
Yeah, but you've got to say, Bush has been pretty open about that.
So this isn't about immigration at the end of the day.
This is about ID cards for Americans.
Well, I heard a top neocon on the radio this morning saying, the Democrats are going to be mad.
First, Bush cuts the budget.
Actually, expands it, but double thing.
And now he's going to stop the illegal aliens.
Yeah, well, he's not going to do that, and no one's even pretending.
This bill, unfortunately, has duped a lot of people on the right, a lot of Christian conservatives.
Because of the rhetoric.
I mean, as you know, how many people really have the time or the inclination to know what's going on and read bills and know what's going on in House 4 from day to day amongst voters?
It's pretty tough to keep up with.
So they just tend to see what they do see is the rhetoric that comes out of the two parties.
Yeah, and it's not just that people aren't reading the bills.
They tune into neocons to get their news and get intentionally lied to.
Sure, sure.
But you start to have to ask yourself, do you want your state to issue you an ID that is a state ID and name only?
It will be a federal ID because it will be mandated by the feds what's on it.
And do you really want to have that, which could potentially include biometric information, etc.?
And you're going to need that to deal with the federal government at any level, and that includes TSA for travel.
This has been a long time coming, and you're a fellow Texan.
In 93, Clinton put in the thumb scanners and digital photos in Texas.
We're way ahead of the curve now.
The rest of the country is being ordered to put these in.
Let's go blow by blow, if we can, through Ron Paul's comments in the analysis he put out last night.
I want to get your comments.
Number two, establish a federally coordinated database of personal information on American citizens with Canada and Mexico.
Number three...
Use the new national ID card to track American citizens when traveling outside the U.S.
and within the U.S.
Redefine terrorism in broad new terms that include members of firearms rights and anti-abortion groups or other such groups as determined by whoever is in power.
Authorize the Secretary of Defense of Homeland Security to unilaterally expand the information included in the driver's license, including such biometric information as retina scans and DNA information
Comments on those points?
Well, what it all boils down to is, no matter what anybody says, the effect of all of this is to make it a lot easier for the government to know where you are, where you're going, where you've been.
And you have to step back and ask yourself, apart from the rhetoric, and look at the reality, is this a good thing or a bad thing?
And I think anybody who cares about freedom agrees that
It's a very bad thing, and it's the hallmark.
Domestic travel restrictions are a hallmark of authoritarianism.
You find that historically in authoritarian countries, not quote-unquote free ones.
Well, it's a hallmark of serious despotism.
Once again, it's Congress towering to an administration and giving all sorts of power to the Homeland Security Secretary to do whatever he thinks is best at the time without the requirement that any new laws be passed.
That's the kind of thing my boss is always afraid of, that Congress should never give this open-ended, unilateral power to administrative agencies.
We're good to go.
You know, Hillary might be president in 08, and she can name whoever she wants as Homeland Security.
Or Lord Schwarzenegger.
You know, people who think that they're going to be in power forever in Washington have very short memories.
Yeah, so even if folks are delusional and think Bush is this wonderful conservative, we're building mechanisms that are a dream for socialist Democrats.
Unquestionably, if anybody accuses, if anyone accuses you or anyone else of crying wool for being alarmist on this,
You know what, it's a lot better to be crying wolf than to be proven 10 or 20 or 30 years later that you were right.
But I mean, forget 10 or 20 years with the TSA, which this system's going to go into buses and cars and all other types of licenses and jobs.
I've got Ridge on videotape saying it's going to be just like the airplanes, and if you've got some bad data out of these hundreds and now they're saying thousands of different databases, a lot of it corrupted, you're not going to even be able to have a job.
I mean, this is total control.
And it all takes place within the coming two years.
States have two years to quote-unquote conform.
And while you'd think in any sort of free country, states would be clamoring and very defiant about this federal mandate, this federal authority over them.
States ought to be saying, hey, we set the standards for a driver's license.
But most states have put this in a decade ago.
That's none of your business.
I mean, most states already have this.
Now, what about this Pan-American Union situation starting with Canada and Mexico unifying the database there?
And then on top of it, this comment out of the bill about DNA information.
Well, the Pan-American aspect is, you know, it's supposed to be a North American homeland security device.
And what it could mean is, you know, that information goes to Mexican government officials.
And as my colleague pointed out, imagine how corrupt some of them could be.
And imagine how they could sell that to identity thieves.
I mean, let's say your social, your address.
You know, your birth dates, your birth records, all that sort of stuff.
The Mexican government isn't corrupt.
I mean, here we are giving this Homeland Security information to the very government that is most responsible for our Homeland Security problem.
A narco-istic kleptocracy.
Sure, they encourage people to break our laws and come here illegally.
They encourage it.
They promote it.
They put out manuals.
So they're the last people on Earth we ought to be sharing our sensitive information with.
When we talked to you this morning, you were saying we might be able to stop it.
Now you're saying it looks like it's going to sail through the House, so the battle's going to be in the Senate.
What do we do?
Well, I shouldn't say sail through, but I don't think there's enough Democrats and philosophical Republicans to defeat this in the House.
But the number one thing to do is give your senators an earful and tell them that you don't want to be tracked and monitored.
Well, on top of it, Ron Paul here in his analysis says it doesn't do anything to stop the illegals, but it's being billed as that.
And that's unfortunately the way things work up here.
Things are often the opposite of what they appear or what they seem or how they're touted.
But, you know, it's incumbent on all of us.
I mean, sure, it's a tough road, but it's incumbent on all of us to call a spade a spade.
And to the extent we can, shine a spotlight on these people who vote for it.
It's amazing.
I mean, the New Freedom Initiative.
I mean, we know they passed it last year.
Now the congressman in your office is fighting the funding of that.
How's that going?
We're getting some steam on that.
We're actually pretty happy because a lot of kind of mainstream Republicans actually joined us, have joined us in our efforts.
Some of the states where these nascent state programs have been created, most notably Texas and Illinois, we've been able to get a lot of members of Congress from both those states, including people like DeLay and Hastert, who are obviously big names, to join us in coming out against the program because if you talk to parents in states where these programs exist already, they hate it and they make their congressmen aware of that.
That's a fight where we've really gotten out ahead of the curve and for once we're fighting the creation of something rather than trying to get rid of something that's already created.
Well, I mean...
Take new freedom.
I mean, imagine if Bill Clinton said, we're going to forcibly psychologically test everybody from age 4 to 18, and then second phase, all pregnant women, with guidelines written by the drug companies.
Conservatives would pull their hair out.
Bush doesn't.
The neocons won't talk about it.
They say it's good, unless you're a G. Gordon Liddy, who, God bless him, came out against it, and then they told him, hey, your radio show's gone.
Well, that's why partisanship is just an aftermath of freedom.
There's no other way to say it.
If people don't have the simple integrity to see through what supposedly their guys are doing as opposed to the other side's guys, then that might go a long way to explaining the mess we're in.
Jeff, look, everybody I've talked to is saying it.
How do we get Ron Paul to run for governor in Texas?
Gee, that's a tough one.
I guess first things first, you help him raise about $30 million.
That's the reality of the statewide race.
But he's so wildly popular.
He's so wildly popular, though.
Well, you know, Hutchinson may enter that race, and Bonilla has stated that if she does, he's going to run for Senate.
So, you know, there's a lot of people asking Ron also to consider that Republican Senate primary.
But, you know, he's done a lot of campaigning in his day, and...
Well, I mean, he can keep the House position and then run for the Senate race while keeping it.
If he doesn't get it, he can stay in the House.
He could run for governor and keep the House seat, couldn't he?
You sound like me talking to him.
You know, everyone in this office wants him to run for anything he wants to.
Well, why not?
At least it gives him a bigger platform.
Yeah, well, I guess just keep asking him.
That's all I can say.
Well, I mean, I think the governorship, I mean, the Senate would be a big deal, too, because he could really block things and bring things up in the Senate.
And obviously a governor doesn't have a lot of power in Texas.
The lieutenant governor really hasn't.
But as a figurehead, he could, I mean, Ron Paul could do so much in the second most popular state economically, the second most powerful as well.
I mean, he could do a lot here and then use that governorship as a platform for something larger.
Well, absolutely.
It's a good idea.
All I can say is that stuff is up to him.
So, any tips on twisting his arm?
You'll have to send him an email.
rep.paul at mail.house.gov And give us Ron Paul's different websites.
www.house.gov slash paul
And www.thelibertycommittee.org.
Getting out ahead of something, and then I'm going to let you go here in a minute, because I know you're very busy, Jeff Deist.
Again, the Press Secretary for Congress, Ron Paul, America's Congressman.
And that's my term for him.
He's got the best voting record out there, bar none.
How do we fight these national toll roads that the feds are manipulating the states to put in?
And, of course, you know the nightmare in Houston and Austin and all the corruption there with the toll roads.
Any comments from Washington on that?
Well, the number one battle is to...
You know, prevent this idea that all road funding has to be federal.
You know, states have long ago just sort of shrugged their shoulders and relinquished control of the feds when it comes to road money, and they're all addicted to this transportation money.
And it's not free money.
We send a dollar to them and 30 cents comes back.
Absolutely, and especially a state like Texas that's upside down in the equation, unlike, you know, a welfare client like D.C.
that gets a lot more than it pays.
So, you know, you got to reject the governmental solutions and start promoting things like private roads and private property and don't let governments, you know, just feel like they can pave a big swath from Mexico to Canada across our country.
Last question.
The Congressman said we were going to fail in Iraq.
He said that a year and a half ago in a speech he gave here in Austin.
It's in my film, The Matrix of Evil.
He laid out what was going to happen, and now it's happening.
What do you see happening in Iraq?
What's the Congressman saying?
Well, he thinks we should get out now.
Everyone wants to say, well, now we can't get out because there would be civil war and blah, blah, blah.
He disagrees with that.
He says we've done enough harm, and then
There is a civil war.
And if it was a mistake to go in, then it's also a mistake to stay in.
So he would like to see authority turned over to whoever's going to end up governing there.
It's not the United States' place to occupy or run Iraq.
In the final equation, HR 418, still call your House members, but go ahead and start calling the Senate.
We don't have an opinion companion bill number yet, but it's going to the Senate.
We could defeat this beefing up of the national ID card there.
And the final vote on the House side on this bill will likely not be until tomorrow, so there's still some time to make a phone call to your House people.
Because then at least they know we're watching them.
Right, absolutely.
All right, Jeff Dice, thanks a million for coming on.
I want to get the congressman on in the near future.
Thanks a million.
Sure, you bet.
God bless.
All right, there goes Jeff Dice, folks.
Just a great guy.
He is just working tirelessly with the congressman to fight all of this.
Speaking of Matrix of Evil...
It's a two-hour video, and about 30 minutes of it is different.
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I mean, folks, we're facing serious tyranny already, and it's just going to get worse until we expose the terrorist art.
And it's already happening.
People all over are realizing what's happening.
You heard the former top CIA analyst saying the government's probably going to be behind a terror attack in America in the last hour.
I mean, people are finally starting to come out of the woodwork and come out of the shadows to expose this.
All right, I'm sure you know that a car bomb exploded in Madrid.
A car bomb has exploded near a Madrid conference center, injuring at least 31 people.
We covered this in the first hour, but it's important to recap it.
Before a royal visit, Spanish police say a caller claimed to be from the Basque militants.
ETA told a newspaper the group was planning to explode a device in the city.
The blast occurred at 8.30 Greenwich Mean Time near the Juan Carlos Convention Center.
So about three in the morning here.
On the proposed venues for Madrid's 2012 Olympic bid, Spain's King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophie had been due to visit the center.
Well, this continual tribal warfare going on between the Basque and the Spanish, just like we got tribal warfare between the Palestinians and Israelis, it's never going to stop, no matter what we do.
I guess until one group just disappears.
World Cup 2006 abuse for mega surveillance project is out of the register.
Germany's football authorities have been accused of big brother tactics over their decision to incorporate RFID chips into tickets for World Cup 2006.
Assuming you're successful, you receive a fully personalized ticket containing your RFID chip that enables authorities to check the ticket against your passport.
Very little identification resides on the chip.
The identity check is conducted against a database of the German Football Association.
And that's going to be live here in America.
You try to go to Disney World or Sea World, they hand-scan you all over the country.
But the borders are wide open.
Interesting article here out of USA Today, how Hollywood is propagandizing for the military and the police state.
You might want to go read that.
And Bush said it's uniquely American to hold three jobs, and it's good that more Americans are having to work three jobs.
Yeah, it's good that people can't raise their children at the state, and the television can do that.
Very, very dangerous trend that we're facing.
A fifth state is on the verge of passing a law to limit Patriot Act.
And that's Arizona.
An unusual alliance of conservatives and liberal state lawmakers wants Congress to limit the federal government's eavesdropping.
And if they don't do it, the state may do it.
We are flat out of time.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central Standard Time.
And we'll always be checking you out.
Fight the New World Order.
You can always go check out what we're doing at infowars.com and prisonplanet.tv.
So join us in the fight.
God bless.