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Air Date: Jan. 25, 2005
2445 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
But not just of conservatives, but of course that's the main group that's being persecuted.
You know, all these people on the left get real angry when George Bush sets the Constitution on fire, but I hope they know that the 60s generation actually paved the way for all of these thought crimes and all of the restrictions on free speech we're now seeing.
And so I hope you realize this is a bipartisan problem in this country, and the establishment is more than happy to take anybody's free speech away.
So for a long time, conservatives have been kicked around.
And some conservatives, some camp followers, some neocon followers, who are deceived...
Who think that George Bush is really a conservative?
I've heard them say, yeah, they've been taking our free speech for a long time.
Now it's our turn to take theirs!
What is wrong with you?
If you take anybody's rights, you end up losing yours.
It's just that simple.
They had a plane forced down from Mexico into San Antonio last night.
And then the media tried to connect it, as usual, to the dirty bomb threat in Boston, which turned out to be fake, but not be a real threat.
And the question is, why are they fear-mongering like this?
And, of course, you know about...
How they claim that there's this boogeyman who goes around Iraq killing people and torturing people, but then when you track back who's actually killing and torturing, it's special black op squads who know that these images will infuriate the American people and keep us behind the war.
We really have linked it to that.
In some cases, it's been 100% conclusively proven to be Western intelligence groups or the Republican Guard slash...
Well, now Al Zavari, or however you pronounce his stupid name, they've captured him again!
And they've killed him again!
So now he's been killed twice, captured three or four times...
And then in a month when they capture him again or kill him again, no one's going to say, hey, you said you killed him a couple times before.
It's almost like they're testing how dumb we are and setting the precedent that they can just lie en masse.
Central Bank shift reserves away from the U.S.
is out of the financial times of London last night.
Bush backs proposed pro-life bills.
This is something good!
But don't slap Bush on the back for this.
You have forced him to do this.
Just like everything else.
Oh, but Hillary is modifying her abortion language.
We'll tell you what old Hillary, the Duchess of Death, the Duchess of Wickedness, is up to.
And her pro-death stance for the poor little defenseless unborn.
So that's coming up as well.
Just so much.
And I will go to your calls early in this first hour.
Because we've got guests coming up the second and third.
We'll also have open phones then.
In fact, we'll go to your calls in this next segment.
Don't forget the websites, infowars.com and prisonplanet.tv.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, eight minutes, 30 seconds into this first hour.
Thank you for joining us.
Toll-free number to get involved on air, 1-800-259-9231.
This broadcast is not about left or right, it's about right and wrong.
I look at things on an issue-by-issue basis.
Does it give us more liberty, more freedom?
Or does it give the elite more power and control over the population, hence tyranny?
And I try to side with life, liberty...
In the pursuit of happiness, not with death and control and manipulation.
The government is run by a pack of out-of-control, arrogant, decadent criminals.
They know that we're waking up to them.
They're building a high-tech straitjacket for society so we cannot struggle as more of us wake up to what we have been basically brought up into.
You're now inside world government.
World taxation, world regulation, world law, world armies have already been set up.
The treaties are signed, the deals are done.
Now they're simply expanding it, just like the federal government grows.
But whereas the average European knows that they're in a European Union, and that they have no voting power in that union, that's right, only the leaders have power.
The American people have no idea, on average, that through treaties and trade deals we're giving up our sovereignty and merging with the Pan-American Union, which is already being merged with the EU and the Asian Union.
And you look at the rules and the regulations of this world government, you have no freedoms.
You have no liberties.
You know, I was reading a story about Vermont this morning, and I heard Paul Harvey talking about it driving into the office.
In Vermont, you can cut the head off a goat and spill its blood in a pentagram on the ground, and that's religiously protected.
But you can't put John 3.16 on your personalized license plate, because...
Separation of church and state.
Separation of church and state means the government shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
So if you've got a personalized license plate, that's your personal statement.
It's not the state's.
It means the state doesn't get involved.
But instead...
George Bush is coming out with a faith-based initiative that Hillary Clinton endorsed and is pushing for as the point woman in the Senate, which will federally fund, with tens of billions of dollars, like $9 billion a year to start, churches to carry out government activities.
You think the churches are already bad, having UN Day and Turn Your Gun End Day, Catholic churches, Baptist churches.
You think your churches are bad enough?
Involved in all this.
Just wait!
You say, what does that have to do with not being able to have John 3.16 on your license plate?
It shows how it's all selectively enforced, and how the government says, you can't have that on your license plate because the separation starts at the state, but we're going to pay the churches, and the state's going to regulate them even more.
And I'll tell you how this regulation works.
Starting about 60 years ago, they just said to churches, Oh yeah, you've always been tax exempt.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
First Amendment.
Just fill out this little form.
It's a technicality, but for your tax exemption.
People were trusting.
Oh, you're the government.
Sure, I'll fill out a form.
I trust you.
Never had to do this before.
There's no law.
And then 60 years later, you try to go set up a church and have it be tax exempt without going and filling out the forms, they're going to come after you.
And then even when you do fill out the forms, I have friends here in town that have brought me the letters that the congregation has given.
A big Baptist church in Austin, Texas.
A letter.
Back before the last off-year election two years ago, and it was, do not talk about politics in the pews at Sunday school.
Do not talk about it with the church groups at the park or at a restaurant.
Do not talk about politics.
Talk about mind control.
Number one, the preacher can say George Bush is of the devil.
Or he can say Bill Clinton's of the devil.
Or he can say abortion's of the devil.
But this is even their little rules that aren't even rules at all that are color of law.
You just can't put signs in your yard and have political candidates come to your church and raise money for them, which you actually can under the First Amendment.
You can do whatever you want.
There's not a long leash for churches.
There is no leash.
The leash is on the government.
But now it's gotten to the point where the prominent Baptist churches, and I'm told this is all over the country, when I talk about this, I will send letters from Catholic churches and Presbyterian churches saying basically the same thing.
You don't talk about... That's like China or something, where you go to the church and don't talk bad about the government.
Oh yeah, they have churches in China.
We talk about the First Amendment, and the reason I'm bringing this up is Tony Blakely, editor at the Washington Times, wrote an article where he said the Justice Department needs to investigate Cy Hirsch, seize him, and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.
Then he listed execution.
Let's kill Cy Hirsch, he basically said.
In fact, he said it.
Let's kill him.
Seymour Hirsch.
Pulitzer Prize winner, broke in just hundreds of major stories.
A real investigative journalist, who I found his research to be impeccable.
And now the neocons are saying, kill him.
You talk about treason against the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
If Tony Blakely was still in government, he should be seized.
He should be tried by a jury of his peers, and he should spend a couple years in prison.
You want to talk about the definition of treason against the Bill of Rights of the Constitution?
Now, it's his right to do it and say it because he's a private citizen.
But if he was in government, which is held to a higher standard, that is treason, ladies and gentlemen.
That is sedition.
So this is the type of society that we're looking at.
And you've heard the neocon talk show host.
Call for arresting anybody that disagrees with the government.
You've heard the Deputy Attorney General of California, Mr. Calhoun, call for it.
Oh, yes, disagreeing with the government.
You should be arrested because the government's fighting terrorists.
If you disagree with the terrorists, that aids government.
He actually said that two years ago.
I'll never forget it.
In the newspaper.
Like it was normal.
So you've got the Democrats together, you've got the Republicans together, when they're not putting on their little fake fights, their good cop, bad cop that fools you out there, across the board.
The throngs of control freaks at major universities that get professors fired because they've got a Christian bumper sticker or because they've got a bumper sticker that says, support our troops.
These are real cases.
They love it.
They feel good about it.
But then they'll scream bloody murder when somebody's wearing a peace on earth, no war shirt at a mall and gets arrested.
And they should scream bloody murder.
But they should scream bloody murder if anybody tries to stop somebody from having something on their car.
You should scream bloody murder about the policies you've put in.
We're an English class.
You have an 8th grade honor roll student.
They tell them, write a story about your family life.
My daddy's a captain in the army, and he has an M16 rifle.
They actually call the police when the teacher reads the article a day later.
He reads the story.
They quietly call the principal.
The police come.
The young man is led to the office, put in handcuffs.
Are you planning to kill?
Are you planning to attack?
See, they're teaching them thought crimes.
You see, across the board, it was like the inauguration.
No crosses.
That makes the left happy.
No anti-war signs.
That makes the neocons happy.
We all lose our rights together.
You see how this tensor attack, this two-pronged attack works?
Let's talk to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, go ahead.
First caller, welcome.
Hello, Alex.
The faith-based initiative that you were talking about, do you believe that that's just like a code name or a stepping stone to the world religion?
Oh, it is.
In fact, it says that if you take the money...
You have to hire, this has been admitted, a Satanist.
Or if you're a Satanist, you'd have to hire a Christian.
You'd have to hire people you don't agree with politically.
You'd have to hire people, you know, if your religion is against homosexuality, you'll have to hire them.
It's no joke.
How does the current league of churches that they have fit into all this?
Is that like a stepping stone as well?
Well, the World Council of Churches was openly founded by the Rockefellers, and it's found in documents saying it is to have a one world religion.
Oh, wow.
Can I change the subject just a little bit?
On another thing that you were talking about, an article posted yesterday from the New York Times on the end of Posse Comitatus and the commandos to get duty on U.S.
Yes, yes.
The Eric Schmidt article.
Now, could you explain to me and everyone a little bit how that correlates with things like Operation Garden Plot and Cable Spicer?
Because it sounds like that they were all, that that was the origin, that Garden Plot and Cable Spicer, what's going on now with this complete flushing down, as you say, of toxic commentatus down the toilet.
Well, for those who don't know what posse commentatus is, why don't you tell them?
That's the 1878 law that prevents the military from interfering with civilian law enforcement.
Is that your final answer?
You're absolutely right.
Growing up, we all heard about third world countries, how they're third world because they've got trips with machine guns on the street corners, and they check your papers.
Well, for decades, they've been quietly getting rid of it, and now they're just announcing it.
Just like Ridge said two weeks ago, he said, the coronation, the inauguration will be a test for the rest of the country.
That was the Army's website, his quotes.
And then now they announce, oh yeah, commandos are going to be all over the country.
What's wrong with commandos?
Wake up, people.
Wake up.
Let me speak a little bit more on that when we get back.
Finish the call, Tim.
It's very important.
I'm glad you mentioned it.
Jason, Joan, and others, we'll talk to you as well when we get back.
Stay with us.
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The last vestiges of the Old Republic are being swept away.
The Bill of Rights is basically dismantled.
Now the government simply needs to begin implementing their operations and having federal courts rule according to the new rules.
The rules being, your slaves, government is God.
And the Supreme Court said yesterday, hey, it doesn't even matter if they've got probable cause if they think you've got drugs.
It doesn't matter.
We can set up checkpoints and have a hundred German shepherds lined up searching your vehicles.
How else are we going to have our huge, giant toll road checkpoints slash search and seizure areas run by TSA employees, which is an official federal plan?
You thought you could escape the airports by not flying?
You're going to be searched like a slave everywhere but on the border.
Oh, yes.
You're all going to have national ID cards unless you're an illegal alien.
There's a special waiver for them.
I think I'm joking.
I've had two congressmen on about it and read the bill.
And it passed.
And so that's the lovely plan.
That's the wonderful new system.
And they're going to have troops everywhere.
You know, in a road to tyranny interview, a Marine Corps officer slash police officer now owns a large, almost successful computer company.
We'll say that.
And this good old boy, we talked to him, got the documents, all of it.
Back in 1989, in Virginia, kicking down doors of gun dealers' homes with the police as part of a secret operation, merging the police and the military, before he ever became a police officer.
And he finally woke up and called me and wanted to be on the show, the radio show and the film, because, well, he ran into a checkpoint where they were searching people's vehicles and
He wasn't treated too nicely by the troops.
And then he was jogging around his house in his upscale neighborhood, wasn't treated too nice by a police officer.
He got a little bit of a treatment.
He got some of the treatment.
And he woke up.
So for a long time, they've been quietly training for this.
And having urban warfare drills to condition you.
And now they just come out in the New York Times and say, there's no posse commentatus anymore.
Yeah, we got rid of most of it, and
Troops are going to be watching you and running security and commanding your police.
And the police already call you civilians.
A lot of civilians was anybody who wasn't in the military.
But see, the mayor calls you a civilian and the police call you civilians and they march around and salute each other.
So they're already militarized.
So we're like Russia or China or Mexico now.
We've got our owners.
And I'm not very respectful of my owners, because I'm here to tell you, you're not my owner.
You can say you're my owner and it's for my own good, but you're not.
All right, let's talk to Jason in Arizona, then Joan, Stacy, and Ryan and others.
Go ahead, Jason.
Yeah, I showed an article yesterday to my friend about the crosses being banned and whatnot.
The inauguration, and he said, well, if that was the case, every major news organization would have bet on that story.
So, exactly.
So you're friends with Neocon, right?
Yeah, I don't know.
So he just denied that it even existed.
Right, right, yeah.
And I showed him the California article about the motion sensors and cameras in your car to tax you per mile.
He denied that.
I said, well, there's the article.
He said, well, those motion sensors don't work.
Houston Chronicle, Ergonomics Today, BBC, Associated Press, official plan, all cars will have cameras watching us and reporting back to the police on a live wire uplink.
But it doesn't exist, huh?
He said that the motion sensors don't work, and the guest you had on your show the other day was speaking about that.
He said that he didn't know what he was talking about.
And I said, how can you say that when you don't even...
Read the articles and read the bills and haven't even heard the show.
Yeah, no, I just have the CEO of one of the companies who's got government contracts and is admitting it's going to watch us and track us and report on us, and they're already selling it, but it doesn't exist.
Toyota's announced they're about to start putting it in their cars.
Yeah, and for a new close, right?
Well, you know, yesterday at the end of the broadcast, I'll try to dig it back out and spend more time on it, I read a quote.
Out of the New York Times, where a Bush administration official said, it doesn't matter what we say one day and say another.
We control reality.
I read that article.
I saw that on the website.
So here they are saying...
Saying, it doesn't matter what we say one day to the next because we have the power so we make reality.
I mean, it's reaching cuckoo level.
But the public's being taught double think and mass mental illness too.
It's like Germans who live right next door to concentration camps.
And then even after the war, they were denying it was there.
So Eisenhower, I've got the film of this, had them all stand in a row as they drugged the dead bodies, made them drag the dead bodies by the thousands.
You see women vomiting and... You know, just in total denial.
Anything else?
Denying and covering it up seems to be the policy.
It doesn't exist, okay?
I'm a kook when I told people eight years ago there's a plan to satellite tax and track you.
Now it's in all the newspapers, but it still doesn't exist.
You understand me?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Welcome back.
Yeah, I'm glad that the last caller, Jason, raised denial.
As the cliche goes, it's not a river in Egypt.
People are in such denial.
You know, I'd say, here's the official government plan, how they're going to use fads and security and have public officials take microchips, and then they're going to force their employees to take it.
Here's the... Oh, that's not real.
You're crazy.
You're a kook.
And I'd go, but see, it says army.mil.
You can go to this website.
It's the Army's official website.
Oh, whatever, kook.
And now the exact plans are being carried out, and the dean at the Harvard Medical School, and the Mexican and Korean generals getting in, all these public officials, and oh, all the trendiest nightclubs.
And if you want to get into the special rooms with the go-go girls, the real service, you've got to have one of these chips.
I have their CEOs on and their promoters on, and they go, the chip will prevail.
Get chip today, Alex.
Nothing's going to stop it.
We're all getting it.
I do see it in the near future, Alex.
We'll all have to have it to buy himself.
And I'm the weirdo for reporting on what they're doing.
I'm the weirdo when every week I see another article where they find different cancer viruses in vaccines.
And then I get emails from people going, You don't get cancer from a virus!
You get them from cigarettes!
So when you damage your DNA and break it down, then your lungs get weakened, and you get it generally from a virus.
They're finding more and more.
It's just the ignorance level.
And I'm trying to warn people, and they just keep living in denial.
I mean, there's hundreds of issues, folks.
I mean, I see a threat.
I know what's really going on because I research this.
This is what I do.
You're an expert on acting cool and strutting around with your chest stuck out and knowing all the sports scores.
You were told that's what it is to be a man.
Well, I believe what it is to be a man is to be informed and to work hard and to stand up for your family and stand up for your country and stand up for freedom.
Women think that acting like whores and smacking their lips and strutting around with their eyes bugged out mindlessly is cool, and I don't think that's cool.
I know the TV told you so, but it told you a system.
It conditioned you how to behave to be a good slave.
I don't know.
There's just so much to talk about, and I want to take your calls.
We've got Paul Watson coming up, and
I'm going to play a clip from the Daily Show.
I saw this a few days ago.
It was hilarious.
But also very scary about the inauguration.
I played our own little condensed clip of the inauguration.
And we might play that again, too, in the next hour.
But the Daily Show clip is coming up.
But right now, let's just go back to your calls.
Okay, deny there's a world government.
I mean, I remember.
Six, seven, eight years ago, when I was just getting rolling, I guess I really started out ten years ago, but six, seven, eight years ago, I'd talk about world government on the radio.
Okay, caller line one, you're on the air, Bob.
And he'd say, oh, there's no world government.
Kooks talk about that.
And I'd go, but here's the documents.
Here's the admissions.
Here's the Center for Global Governance.
Here's the UN website about global government.
Here's five presidents calling for world government.
Would you like to go there?
No, kook!
That'll never happen.
And five years later, the same person calls back.
All right, you were right about world government, Alex, but that's just the way it is, and it's just a natural progression.
You know, we went from being agrarian...
Well, hunter-gatherers to being agrarian, and then to the city-state, and then to the nation, and then to the regional government.
Oh, now this is just world government.
I go, yeah, but the world government's tyrannical.
It's run by evil people.
Oh, sure it is.
Just stop living in denial, people.
All right, I'm preaching, but let's go ahead and talk to Joan in Florida.
Joan, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
Okay, I don't know quite how to begin this, except that I heard advertised, and I heard the man that made this documentary, hate laws making criminals of Christians.
And a lot of people are in denial, thinking that they have the right of free speech, but you don't.
Look, I got an article.
We're in South Texas at a Saturday school.
Two girls, two sisters, who'd both been late together.
Now you go to these things for no reason.
They found in one of the... They'd just come from a Saturday church service.
They found their two Bibles, and the teacher screamed at them and threw them in the trash.
Yeah, I remember that.
That was a while back.
It just happened again.
It's a similar story.
Oh, okay.
The way I came across this is the fellow from Philadelphia that was down at the gay parade, he and four other fellows are being brought up on a hate crime.
They're facing 47 years in prison, that's the Associated Press.
Again, calmly, the media calmly reporting, and there's video of all this.
It's on their website.
You're standing there.
You're in your designated protest zone.
People come over and scream and yell at you.
You pray.
And they go, well, you made them scream at you.
Look, when a million moms were hitting me in the head with signs, we have this on video on the website, prisonplanet.tv, when they were hitting us with signs and threatening us, the cops came over and said, well, you being here is making them act like that.
You disturbed them, Alex.
How bad of you.
But notice, the left now is losing all their rights, too.
Oh, yes, they are.
But anyhow, I just wanted to say that this documentary that this Reverend Ted Pike has put out, he is now doing dual shows and interviews with Michael from Philadelphia, with the head spokesman.
Yeah, I've had the group that's being persecuted on, I think, three times.
But have you had Reverend Pike on yet?
I don't believe so.
Okay, well, if you put me back to your screener, I'll give him a phone number where you can reach him, because we just showed it last night, and seven people ordered a copy of the video.
I'd like to... Because this is going to come up again this spring.
Well, good.
You know, the Local Law Enforcement Act, I think they're naming it, but it is...
Um, training them how to... Yeah, and again, they call forced drugging, forced psychological testing of all children in America, new freedom.
And they call Local Law Enforcement Act, it should be called the Federalization Act.
It's always the opposite.
And one other quick thing, you know, the congressmen now are putting up a bill to increase the amount of money given to our fallen troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
They want to make it retroactive and
Raise it from $12,000 up to $100,000 and then to increase the insurance policy for the death benefit up to $250,000.
But I called my congressman's office today and I want to know, does this include the men and women that die after they come home from the result of their injuries, number one?
Number two, is there any benefit in that insurance policy for the loss of limbs?
Like when you have a car accident or something, or an industrial accident, the policies usually include... No, I hear you.
Look, I'll put you on hold and get the phone number.
Thanks, Joan.
Let's talk to Stacey in Illinois.
Stacey, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I was just wondering if you have talked with your listeners at all yet about the January issue of the Atlantic Monthly magazine.
And if you haven't, I wanted to share a little bit with you.
No, I don't know what you're...
It's an incredible piece of propaganda.
You must, must get a copy of it.
It has on the cover, it says, America Attacked, the sequel, looking back from 2011, an imagined history written by Richard A. Clark.
And it has a photograph of Washington, D.C., which has been decimated by a nuclear bomb.
And then at the bottom right-hand corner, it says, After the attacks of April 20, 2006.
And then inside the magazine, there's a very long, very elaborate article, and it's an, quote, imagined history of our future.
And how martial law takes place, and how they take over.
Well, look, the CFR did this before 9-11, and they like to do this, and they like to prepare everybody, basically, as a script.
And again, Clark was one of the chief advisors to Lord Bush.
And yeah, send me a copy of that.
This article has many photos which basically depict the killing of Americans, dead Americans.
They're all dated, you know, with dates in the future.
They're supposed to be imaginary.
The reason I guess what it was doing was because they've had all these shows on TV.
Smallpox terror attack.
It's coming.
But this basically reads like a blueprint for...
Of what will be happening in our country.
Well, tell us what their blueprint is.
I'd like to read a couple of the... Yes, tell me about it.
First of all, it says there's an attack in Las Vegas, and this bomb is designed to wreak tremendous damage that would remain in the consciousness of the American people for years to come.
That's the Las Vegas attack.
In response to that, the Attorney General sought broad emergency powers to impose extended pre-arraignment detention, investigative confinement, broader material witness authority, and expanded deportation authority.
After the passage of Patriot Act III...
Federal agents conducted large-scale roundups of illegal immigrants and members of ethnic groups... And again, they say that to make people... It's a double-edged article, and I've seen a similar CFR tried before.
It's double-edged, so conservatives read it and go, hmm, this sounds good.
What they don't know is it's for everybody, and so they... Oh, so he's acting like it's kind of bad, and then I bet he gives us a recommendation on how to stop it.
Go ahead and give up all our freedoms now.
And then the next part of it is an attack on the Mall of the Americas in Minnesota.
And it says, in response to that, the president delivers his speech where he calls for the immediate passage of Patriot Act III.
And he says, we are a nation at war.
We need to start acting that way.
We can no longer be in denial.
We must mobilize the home front.
To that end, he proposed four things.
Adding 200,000 members to the Army to compensate for the National Guard shortfalls.
Deploying three separate squadrons of new unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, to conduct reconnaissance in the United States.
Already happening.
Suspending the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act.
Already been done in 1996.
Which has prevented the military from conducting arrests in the United States.
And modifying the charter of the National Security Agency to permit unfettered use of its capabilities in support of the FBI and the Department of Health.
Yeah, that's already been done, and I just want to say this.
What they do is they then call for things they've already done, so when the next attack comes, they keep acting like they don't have these powers.
The military is to deal with large-scale events and to kill people and break things and suppress the public.
It is not for stopping terrorists if there were real independent terrorists that weren't L-C-I-A-D-A.
So again, see how they sell the image of military as keeping you safe?
Yep, and then the next sequence of his events is an attack on a railway line which takes place in Chicago, and in response to that, the Patriot Act creates the new Federal Railroad Police.
The Furpys, as they quickly become known, eventually took over security for all subway and commuter rail lines except the New York subway, which stubbornly resisted federal protection.
The numerous agents on trains, along with the FERPE's bright yellow surveillance helicopters, are now a reassuring everyday sight in most large metropolitan areas, supplemented, of course, by the many UAVs, which are much harder to see.
And then it goes from there, the end of the article, basically in 2007, they say, we do a preemptive attack on Iran, and it says, we had suspected that Iran had assembled some nuclear weapons, but owing to the good work of the British Secret Intelligence Service, did we learn that all of the weapons would be in one place at one time.
The president decided to launch a preemptive attack given the circumstances he could hardly have done otherwise.
Then a nuke goes off in America.
Yep, that's right, and that's where it ends is basically, it goes through several other, you know, terrorist, quote, scenarios, and then it ends with a nuclear attack.
Well, let me add what they'll really do.
After they vaporize a couple hundred city blocks...
And release smallpox.
They're going to have a giant conscription of people up to age 47.
Most of us will be spending 10 to 20 hours a week in cubicles watching surveillance cameras in tattletale squads and work brigades.
The economy will plunge, so they're going to put credits on your national ID card.
But then you'll quote, since the government's having to give you supplemental money, you'll have to go work wherever the government directs you.
You'll work in private companies but under government control with no rights.
People up to about 35 will be drafted into combat.
This is all official, by the way.
And they're going to invade simultaneously about five different countries.
It's going to be like World War II, but the opposite, like we're the Germans, taking over everyone.
And then after that happens, another ten years will pass.
We'll be totally locked down in compact cities, face-scanning to leave our homes, to come into our homes, cameras in all the cars.
And then there'll be a one-child policy in America.
We'll be in lockdown cities.
Then they'll release super plagues and kill about half of the U.S.
They'll kill about 80% of Africa, Latin America, and Asia.
Then everything will even go to a higher level of control.
There'll be forced drugging of almost everyone.
People will wear gray and white uniforms, depending on what caste we're part of.
We'll have shaved heads.
By the way, folks, this is the official plan.
I know you don't want to believe me.
Your drug-stupid haze 20 years from now, when you've got a shaved head in your cubicle, you know, in your compact city, and little robot drones are watching, you know, walking around, keeping track of you.
And by the way, that's the official plan.
There's going to be armored robots on every street corner.
There's going to be armored drones everywhere, little bitty small ones.
And I say to anyone who doubts... Oh, by the way, ma'am, listen to me.
I'm not kidding with people.
Go ahead.
This is the plan.
Yeah, and I was going to say to anyone who doubts that this is where we're headed, all they need to do is go to the newsstand right now, today, and look at this.
This is a mainstream publication.
And it's so overt and so in our faces.
They're literally thumbing their noses at us.
Bill, look, they're on total power trips.
Bill Joy, worth, you know, over $4 billion, co-owner of Sun Microsystems,
In 2000, he wrote an article called, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us.
For Wired Magazine, he said, I've been to the meetings.
The elite are talking about killing all of you.
I'm doing this for moral reasons, warning you.
The future doesn't need you.
They are going to reduce the population.
They're going to force drug everyone.
And they're going to have this technocracy of machines that control us.
Listen, folks, this is the plan.
Okay, they're on power trips.
The elite are going to have all the life extension technologies for themselves, all the advanced systems.
They see the general public as a threat, and we're going to be in this literal suboid system.
I mean, listen, I'm so glad you called, Stacey, but I hope people are listening to us.
Did you know Aldous Huxley, who wrote Brave New World, his brother ran UNESCO at the UN.
I hope so, too.
And he gave a speech in 1962, a couple months before he died.
I've aired the whole speech here at Berkeley.
And he said, look, I've been in the laboratories.
They have wires in the people's brains.
They're already controlling them.
The plan is to put you all on drugs.
You're all going to have shaved heads.
This is the official plan.
They want it by 2000.
He said, I'm here revealing the secret government plan.
Now, folks, now they're passing the New Freedom Initiative.
This is not a joke.
Okay, folks, this is real.
This is real, and they're a few years behind.
Any comments?
No, I'm glad that you brought this up and let me speak about it, and I definitely will send you a copy of the magazine so you can put some information about it on your website and let it be out there for people to see.
But that's what the nukes are about.
They've got to have things that are so horrible.
I mean, folks, the globalists aren't about money.
It's about power and control.
And it's neo-high-tech feudalism.
And this is their plan.
Thanks for the call.
And, again, you can laugh at me if you want.
You can say whatever you want, folks.
This is the plan.
Every terror attack gets worse.
More freedoms are taken.
And everything you've got, everything you do, within 15 years,
We will be literally with shaved heads, all of us on drugs, mass force euthanasia, one-child policies.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act Legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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If you want to understand what the new world order really is,
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Do you think what I'm saying is hard to believe?
These are the official plans.
And look at the Egyptians.
Big monuments themselves.
Worship your government.
Look at royalty throughout history.
Look at these people get all the power and they've always got to have more.
And then once leaders get total, complete power in almost every case, they just announce, start exterminating everyone now.
That's my new power.
I've got to have more.
I'm a ruthless scumbag that got into this position because I was ruthless.
And I just still have this taste for bloodthirstiness.
It's about twisting the human spirit.
It's about pressing on the nerve of power.
Always extracting as much as you can.
Grinding the human spirit under the black boot.
But we all just live in denial.
Oh, the government's sweet.
The government loves me.
Oh, yeah, I just have all their official plans telling the third world countries, oh, we'll give you IMF and World Bank money if you grab half your women and forcibly sterilize them.
And they did.
And that's just, you know, a scholarly thing.
You have to go research it.
You can find out about it.
Oh, in most of the papers, universities write how good it is.
Well, it's sad to grab the young women and
Sterilize them, but, you know, for the earth we have to... Well, you line up first then.
You line up first then.
Before I go back to Ryan and Bob and Mike and George and Chuck and others, I really sincerely hope that all of you will, well, do something for me.
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All right.
We will be right back after this quick break with the second hour.
Your calls.
Lord Watson and much more.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're going to be talking about how the First Amendment is being violated with a special guest in the third hour.
This is the second hour of this Tuesday, the 25th of January, 2005 edition.
And we will get to Bob and Mike and George and Chris and everybody else coming up in the next segment.
I'm going to air the inauguration comments by The Daily Show.
It's pretty funny and also scary.
Also, Central Bank ship reserves away from the U.S.
More fake terror alerts.
So much coming up.
Joining us is Paul Watson, my webmaster for PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Paul, what is some of the news with your weekly report you're bringing us in this hour that you want to go over?
Well, Alex, obviously we need to go over...
The subject which is causing a bit of a wave on the internet at the moment which is the hand signals which were very much in evident at the inauguration.
A big debate going on in that.
And on the website you've got other Tommy Franks and Dan Quayle and foreign presidents doing it.
Everybody loves UT.
Yeah, even the devil himself apparently now is a UT fan.
So we can plow through the hypocrisy on that one.
Yeah, and it makes for great propaganda when the globalists grab some poor soul and cut their head off and put them in a cage and have them back and, ah, those Arabs!
But he's known CIA and all the big European papers and people are starting to point this out.
Well, yeah.
More developments in Iraq.
The trial of Saddam Hussein.
His lawyer's now in hiding.
Yeah, and the latest police state developments with these drug-sniffing dogs being reintroduced or reauthorized.
And also, don't drive with an apple in your hand.
A lady was under helicopter police surveillance.
Well, a man was scooping snow out of his own driveway and that was not allowed.
You're not allowed to do things for yourself, only the government can, and he's in deep trouble.
Yeah, I mean, we've had several articles.
I mean, obviously the Supreme Court ruling that drug sniffing dogs can be used in traffic stops.
Even when there's no probable cause?
Yeah, so I mean, the question is what kind of people are they going to go after?
Maybe the Orlando man who was forced by the nice police officer to empty out a pewter containing his dead baby's ashes on the suspicion that it was drugs.
Maybe, you know, the dogs will be called on him next time.
Yeah, the man told him, he said, look...
The pewter cross is my baby.
My baby died.
There's pictures of him.
Please don't do it.
Please don't.
Yes, I am doing it.
And just poured it out on the side of the road.
Ha ha!
Shows the mentality.
And as you mentioned, it's big news here in Britain today.
The case of this woman who was making a left-hand turn with an apple in her hand.
She hadn't even committed the crime of biting into the apple.
And that's part of this new thing where the cameras in the cars are going to monitor us.
Yeah, no food allowed, no cell phones, that was just the start of it.
No talking to the passenger, you know, they've got laws passing in California.
By the way, that's in the news, yeah.
We're all criminals.
And so, I mean, yeah, this woman was, a police helicopter was specially called to surveil the situation because... Yeah, that's time well spent.
Yeah, that's time well spent, yeah.
But your borders are wide open.
They allow the channel each night for thousands of illegals to walk across, and I have video the police have been ordered to let them come through.
Yeah, it's time well spent.
Meanwhile, we have cases where people are being attacked by mobs in their cars and the police take two hours to get there.
That's right.
There's a big epidemic of burned out cars.
They don't just attack you.
They then burn your car and the highways are littered with burned cars.
But don't eat an apple, Paul.
And don't defend yourself if one of these people breaks in your house.
You understand me?
We'll be right back.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, now 8 minutes, 25 seconds into the second hour.
I promise we'll get to your calls early in this hour, and we're also going to go over a whole plethora of news.
More fake terror alerts, this time in Texas.
We've got, you know, they're capturing supposed Al-Qaeda leaders again and again and again and again.
I want to talk about the inauguration some more.
All this different police state stuff.
But Paul Watson, we've got this on prisonplanet.com right now.
I want to play this little three or four minute piece.
Well, yeah, it was a police state showcase, and it was Orwellian in the extreme.
I mean, just the clips that you had in the five-minute segment that we put on Prison Planet TV show that it was basically an inauguration of royalty.
And that's exactly what the Bush family were referred to as by the sycophantic media commentators.
So, I think... What about that voice going, Look at your leader!
He is incredible!
In fact, do you guys have that clip isolated?
Yeah, grab that.
Your great leader!
Look at him!
Listen to this, folks.
It doesn't get any more Orwellian than this.
You got it?
He's having to grab it out of the computer.
I always spring this on him.
And then calling him royalty, calling his wife royalty.
There's 60.
Count it.
666 troops.
Wasn't that a weird clip, too?
Well, it's the exact same thing as if the Queen does a tour here in Britain.
You know, the public dress system in the inauguration was, you know, wave to your leader, show that you love America.
That's exactly the case that we have here in Britain.
Whenever the Queen goes on a little tour, she waves to everybody in there.
Well, you know, I love our Bill of Rights and Constitution.
I don't love George Bush or Bill Clinton or anybody else.
Any of these other puppets.
Here's that clip.
Listen to it.
Well, isn't that special?
You could put that in any dystopian film.
You know, made over the last 20 years or so, and it would fit perfectly like a glove.
And every time people would boo Bush, that guy's voice would start talking over them, or they'd just fade their audio down.
I have it on tape, Paul.
Yeah, and actually Peter Jennings is making the same comment.
Maybe he's letting himself go a bit.
But he was saying that
He noticed that any time some booze came through on the audio, that the audio was faded down, or the announcer spoke over the booze, so it was a deliberate policy.
And it was actually carried in a UPI article that that was the case.
And I was sitting there watching, and oh, that sounds like freedom with a loudspeaker.
Oh, the loudspeakers were all over town.
It was deafening.
This voice.
In fact, I've got hours and hours of this.
I mean, literally, there's worse stuff.
That's what my video guy just threw a bunch of tapes at him and said, you know, find these clips.
And there was other stuff on there like, what a leader!
He loves America!
What a president!
Look at him!
I've got to find those.
Here's that Daily Show clip, folks.
Stay with us.
We'll come back and take your calls.
The president then settled in for his second inaugural address.
You may remember the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, used his second inaugural address to declare, with malice towards none, charity for all.
That's how he said it.
Bush's 21-minute oration had themes of its own.
See if you can pick them out.
We're good.
Did our generation advance the cause of freedom when freedom came under attack?
A freedom of liberty.
A freedom toward liberty.
The meaning and promise of liberty.
Freedom now.
A union based on liberty.
Of liberty.
In America's ideal of freedom.
Our own freedom.
The call of freedom in freedom's cause.
Liberty for all.
Greater freedom from want and freedom.
In the history of freedom.
The final score, and I promise you, you can count it yourself in the transcript of the speech, Freedom 27, Liberty 15.
It was a noble effort by Liberty, which, as you know, has been playing hurt since the Patriot Act.
But in the end, Liberty was no match for Freedom, which will now move on to take on Justice in the cliche bowl.
Oh, uh, is that all the clip?
Oh, I've actually got the whole Daily Show clip.
Maybe we can find that.
It gets worse.
He plays clips of his speech and goes, That's George Bush.
We talked about evil will cross our borders.
Burning, death, and destruction.
He goes, I didn't know we elected the Dungeon Keeper.
Yeah, well, it's a simple tactic of changing the definition of labels.
Freedom and liberty.
And they can throw them out all day while destroying them.
I mean, it's like Condoleezza Rice saying that there's a new definition of torture.
And, you know, sure, raping children and sodomizing old women with chemical glow sticks is torture, but only if you use the old, out-of-date definition of torture.
And they've actually said this in testimony, and Alberto, I love torture, Gonzalez's own memo says, it's not torture if we torture them to organ failure and death if we didn't intend to kill them.
Yeah, the new definition of raping children in front of their parents is pressure, because we need to rape the children to get the information out of them.
You know, sure, we arrested them because they didn't present their papers at Checkpoint, but who knows, they could be a terrorist.
By the way, Congress admits they saw hundreds of videos, thousands of photos, the stuff you didn't see, they released the lightest stuff, you know, bodies beaten to death, people having to perform sex on each other, horrible...
This is all perverted.
The stuff at Camp X-Ray is all perverted.
This is demonic, people.
I mean, one thing if they were torturing them, you know, on a rock or something, you know, like the Inquisition.
No, no, no.
That's bad enough.
This is all perverted.
I mean, this is serial killer type stuff.
This is what serial killers do when they grab your 14-year-old daughter off the street and they find her skeleton years later.
Then they, you know, bust the serial killer and he's got a videotape of what he did.
This is the stuff they do, people.
So I guess next time they bust a serial killer who grabs some five-year-old kid and tortured him and raped him, I guess a serial killer can go, I didn't do anything wrong, you know, Alberto Gonzalez.
Folks, we're not kidding here.
And it's the same case with Britain's Abu Ghraib, where we're supposed to believe that the worst of it was making them run around with milk crates on their heads.
Well, the latest report says that the Iraqi police are still torturing as routine.
They've been trained to torture.
Well, why wouldn't they?
They were trained in the U.S.
in the 80s when Saddam was the ally, and our government admits 98% of the Ba'ath party has been put back into control.
Yeah, now the latest recruits to the Iraqi police force are another 100 former Ba'athist party members, so it's the same system going back in.
Yeah, but the Arabs aren't human beings, so it's okay.
What do you think?
Yeah, and I hear this every day.
I mean, every day, folks.
The callers, the hosts.
This is everywhere.
They're not humans.
Yes, they are.
Yes, they are.
They are, too.
But we're in a war, and we've got to be tough.
Well, the next time our soldiers get tortured, what are you going to say?
I'll be against it when it happens.
But, Paul, what do you think about Tony Blakely, the editor of the Washington Times, saying, let's arrest Seymour Hearst and execute him?
Yeah, that was an editorial...
In the Washington Times that people who blow the whistle on these kind of procedures should be charged under espionage.
So any journalist that speaks out against the Bush administration is committing a criminal offense.
code, the death penalty.
And he lifts the U.S.
And it's the same case of the media in Iraq.
Anyone who criticizes the coalition authority...
We'll find themselves either gunned down or the whole TV station or the newspaper will be shut down.
And Olawi... Olawi personally likes to execute people himself.
Oh yeah, that's what in the BBC, he enjoys it himself.
The blood splatters on his face and he's a nice man.
His cousin, yeah.
So that's the freedom in Iraq.
And he had to flee Jordan before the war itself, a massive bank embezzlement.
Meanwhile, on the subject of Saddam Hussein's former people, Saddam Hussein's lawyer has gone into hiding under threat of his life.
You know, meanwhile, Saddam himself rots away dying of cancer so he won't be able to spill the beans on his business partners.
They've had a rehearsal of the trial, according to the London Times, a rehearsal of the trial.
I didn't know, you know, that legal trials were supposed to be rehearsed, scripted events.
Well, I mean, that's the new definition of things.
The trial's already been rehearsed.
Well, it's like the election.
They won't tell you where the polls are.
No one running against installed candidates is public until after the election.
This is freedom, sir.
And also, Wolfowitz, it's come out that this fake torture story that was on the front page of the Washington Post right before the war...
Was just like the old Hill and Knowlton PR crafted Q80 babies being thrown out of incubator stories back before the first Gulf War.
It was totally faked.
Totally faked, admitted, and now they paid a woman to lie and say she was raped.
Don't worry, there's real raping going on now.
Ten times the extent it was under Saddam Hussein, yeah.
Well, maybe that's what was wrong.
They trained him to do all this and he didn't do it enough.
Well, the people were allowed to own guns and it was a vastly more free society than it is now.
People are forced to ice gun to enter their own town.
How could Saddam stand around 5,000 people with machine guns?
That's a good point.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
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All right, let's dive into your calls right now.
We've got plenty of time to cover this stack of news here with Paul Watson.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ryan in Michigan.
Ryan, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Okay, no, it's actually Roy in Michigan.
Okay, Roy in Michigan.
Go ahead.
I want to put up another billboard, but before I do, I wanted to take and confirm the fact.
Has Gonzalez been confirmed as the Attorney General, and how about the new head of Homeland Security?
Yes, they're saying they're going to confirm him, and Michael Chertoff hasn't been confirmed yet.
Chertoff hasn't.
I believe Gonzalez has.
Gonzalez has been confirmed, but the other has not.
That's right.
Okay, and then the other thing is that we have to, people have to get ready to take and resist.
And the only way you're going to do this is get your food and your gun, at least one or two guns away from the house, to be prepared to resist.
The people who are not prepared for this, they're going to be just joined in with the rest of them, going door to door.
Because if they are not prepared to resist, how are they going to resist?
They're going to have to take that file chip.
And the scripture is full of it.
And it's the one thing that we can't overlook.
It doesn't cost that much to prepare for the people that don't have a lot of money, but they need to take and get a place to flee to.
And they need to get up their food and they need to get up their guns.
These are just like the days of Doa.
And there ain't no doubt about it.
The globalists are engineering mass calamities to bring in their new world order.
Thanks for the call.
Good points.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Bob in Ohio.
Go ahead, Bob.
Hello, sir.
How are you doing, Alex?
I'd like to have your permission to recite something that I think is really timely that a famous musician wrote.
It takes about 40 seconds.
Here it goes.
I am gross and perverted.
I'm obsessed and deranged.
I've existed for years, but very little has changed.
I'm the tool of the industry and government, too, for I'm destined to rule and regulate you.
I may be vile and pernicious, but you can't look away.
I make you think I'm delicious with the stuff that I say.
Have you guessed me yet?
I'm the best you can get.
I'm the garbage using out of your TV set.
You will obey me while I lead you.
Eat the garbage that I feed you till the day that we don't need you.
Don't go for help.
None will heed you.
Your mind is totally controlled.
Who said that?
You ready for this?
Frank Zappa.
Well, that's great.
And that was written years and years and years ago.
And I never cared for his music.
I never knew much about him until I read his book.
And then I realized what a good patriot he was.
And also, I got a question.
Who is that guy in your commercials that said, we can use this disaster for a new world order?
That's Gary Hart at a CFR meeting that's in the Road to Tyranny film.
Okay, and who was the other one after that that sounded like he was going to sing Winchester Cathedral through one of those megaphones?
Well, that's George Bush, Sr.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, calling for a new world order.
That's all in the film.
Great points.
Thanks for the call.
Paul Watson, comments on what he said?
Well, yeah, I mean, a lot of musicians have come out with the same sentiments.
The problem is that the ones you'll see on MTV are the ones that talk about drugs and sexual permissiveness, like the hip-hop movement.
There's a whole portion of that which solely focuses on things like 9-11, but it doesn't get any airtime, so in the minds of the masses, it doesn't exist.
Which is what the White House says.
They told the New York Times.
We now dictate reality.
It doesn't matter what we said yesterday.
It doesn't matter what we say today, because we'll say something else tomorrow, and we've got the force, we've got the military force, and so there's nothing you can do.
Yep, and they'll change definitions on the very things they said, like weapons of mass destruction and reasons for going to war.
Let's talk to George in Seattle.
George, go ahead.
Yeah, there's a lot of references in rock and roll music about the New World Order.
The new band Velder Revolver has one called The Big Machine.
I'm a slave to the New World Order.
I mean, even these people.
I think one of the most political albums done was Metallica's Injustice for All.
And it speaks about all this.
And this was back in 88.
No, no, that's true about Metallica.
And their songs expose the phony liberals, the phony conservatives.
They talk about the New World Order.
Right, right.
Go ahead, I'm sorry.
No, no, go ahead.
No, that's just a valid point the last caller made.
I mean, even guys like Leonard Cohen did a song called The Future, speaking of the same thing, and he's not very well known in the States, but there you go.
It's everywhere.
It's everywhere.
What else is on your mind, George?
That's it.
That's just what I wanted to... That's what I was going to bring up, and you beat me to it.
That's synchronicity.
Thanks for the call.
We'll come back, talk to Kim and others, and jump into a ton of news with Paul Watson.
You do not want to miss it.
I'm Alex Jones.
The websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
We're fighting the prison planet.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, Kim and Andy and Harvey and others are about to take some of your calls, and we'll punch right back into the news.
Let's just do that right now.
Kim in Texas.
Welcome, Kim.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Good afternoon to you, me lady.
I just wanted to start off by, I know you don't like thank yous, but I've never thanked you, and I just want to thank both of you for all that you do.
You're just so important to exposing this.
And I just can't thank you enough.
Well, I want to thank you for being involved and, you know, calling into the show.
What's on your mind?
I was wondering if either one of you have ever seen a movie called Equilibrium?
No, but people keep telling me about it, where they forcibly drug you in the future, kind of a knockoff of Brave New World.
Well, yeah, I just heard you describing the future of America, and that's exactly what that movie's about.
Everything's gray, white, and black.
Post-World War III.
Well, see, that's because that's the official colors.
I actually have read the funded federal plans of the uniforms we're going to wear.
Yeah, and everyone's on this drug called Prozium, and everybody takes their daily intervals at the same time every day.
The only people that have a job really per se that's important are those people that are fighting the resistance, that are fighting those people that
You know, want to have emotions and that are hiding books because books and things like that aren't allowed.
Well, that may cause Al-Qaeda to get us.
I mean, we've got Tony Blakely, the Washington Times editor, saying arrest Seymour Hersh and execute him.
Arrest and execute Seymour Hersh for reporting on torture and the rest of it.
Yeah, and I had one more thing I wanted to ask you.
Do you know where the UT symbol came from?
Does anybody know?
Well, yeah, they just chose the Spanish cow or the Spanish bull with the long horns.
In fact, that's a good segue into this, Kim.
Thanks for the call.
Let me get a comment from Paul on this.
Let's talk about the... I mean, I was watching it, not just when he was in the box or at the review stands or at the ball.
Bush was flashing it over and over again in the parade when he got out and walked.
And we put together an article about it and posted all these public officials and famous people doing it.
Give us your analysis of that, Paul.
Well, here's the bottom line on it.
You know, whether you think it means hook and horns, bang loose, I love you in sign language, whatever, it doesn't matter.
You know, you should know them by their fruits.
I still get emails saying that it can't be satanic because Bush is a pulpit preaching Christian.
You know, a Christian who truly understood what this meant would not flash it on dozens of occasions during one of the most widely polarized events in four years.
The original symbol is, Hail Satan, or calling on the power of the devil.
And when Europeans, it was all over the Associated Press and BBC, what did Europeans do when they saw it?
Well, they were shocked.
They were outraged because it's well known as a satanic symbol.
We've got photos of Aleister Crowley doing the same thing.
Would a real Christian mimic something that Aleister Crowley liked to do?
And above all that, would a Christian join a secret society which has satanic initiation rituals?
Devil equals death.
The BBC got the recording out of Skull and Bones.
It's on the website.
And people try and pass it off as saying, you know, well, Bush was just a misguided college student.
Well, you don't see him retracting it and denouncing skull and bones.
Well, he goes to Bohemian Grove!
Yeah, which is the worship of a symbol of an ancient deity to which children were sacrificed.
Real Christians wouldn't go there, it's pretty obvious.
But it's all coincidence.
Yeah, so when you see the literal examples of that with the flashing of the sign, then obviously that leads us... But what really pricks it is, why do we have Dan Quayle on the website doing it?
Why do we have the Italian president doing it?
Why do we have Tommy Franks?
Why do we have the Royal Family doing it?
One of Queen Elizabeth's siblings?
Why do we have Prince Henry doing it?
Why do we have all these famous... The cover of the Yellow Submarine!
Tell them what's on that!
Well, yeah, it's John Lennon doing the same thing.
Oh, but on Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, they just accidentally put Aleister Crowley's face on there, too.
And, you know, what a real Christian.
I mean, you don't see people like Tex Mars or Chuck Baldwin walking around flashing El Diablo, do you?
That's because they're real Christians.
That's the point.
Bush is not.
And they love it because they love double meanings.
Oh, it's UT.
We like UT.
That's why we constantly do this.
Double meanings, just like the giant fascist symbol in the U.S.
House of Representatives building where Bush gives his State of the Union every year.
The mace as well.
It all goes back to Roman power and authority.
So they do love the double meanings.
That's right.
I mean, the exact same bundle of sticks with the hatchet on the top is what Hitler gave speeches behind him.
And the mace with the eagle on it, I mean, it's all there.
Yeah, it was on Nazi postage stamps, it was on fascist Italian propaganda posters, Mussolini was photographed with it.
So they do use those double meanings to signify their power and authority over the minions which they treat us as.
So the debate on whether people are overreacting to it is new, because all the admitted practices of this inclination of occultism, Satanism, are already there in the first place.
Yeah, Paul, that story got really big on the web, and it still is.
Will you please add the Skull and Bones of Bohemian Grove information?
And point out to people, you know, he's not just doing this.
And then ask the question, when we got Aleister Crowley doing it and Anton LaVey doing it, we need to add those.
When we have all these, you know, are they UT Longhorn fans too?
That's exactly the point that people seem to keep missing, judging by the volume of emails that it generated.
So yeah, we need to point that out.
What percentage of the emails disagree with us?
About half of them disagree, about half of them understand the point we're trying to make.
Mainly because, you know, it's been linked on several of the websites.
Well, why is Dan Quayle doing it?
I mean, does Dan Quayle like you T2?
So does the devil.
We've got the devil doing it.
And, you know, three different representations of it.
You've got a photo of a satanic ceremony where they're doing it.
Satanic ceremony.
Aleister Crowley.
I mean, the most amount of emails I've had on it is about how Stuart Little's innocent.
So we'll grant people that, that Stuart Little's maybe doing the hang loose sign.
But the rest of it's there and anyone can go look at it right now.
And again, this isn't in a vacuum.
We have Skull and Bones, we have Bohemian Grove, we have all this happening.
I want to get to the other news, what's happening in Iraq, the election, the police state where you get arrested for eating an apple or having an apple in your car.
That's London Telegraph.
But before we do that, tell folks about PrisonPlanet.tv.
Well, it just keeps expanding.
And like this week, I believe we've got the excerpts, some of the excerpts from your latest film going up there for free for everyone to watch.
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Get my videos.
Make copies of them.
Call toll-free to get hard copies.
Right now, folks, get Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
Bring it to your preacher.
They admit Bush goes there.
And show them the video of this.
And show it to them and say, now, is this Christian?
One, triple eight.
Or just write to me.
I'm Alex Jones at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
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Just a bunch of crazy deals.
Take advantage of it.
And think, well, the media is too powerful.
You can't wake people up.
All we have to do is wake somebody up.
They've got to keep reapplying their lies.
That's why they're so weak.
Despite their overwhelming force, it's a paper tiger.
Let's talk to Andy in New York.
Andy, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hello, sir.
I got clued in to you a couple months ago by a friend of mine who shall remain nameless, but he's listening right now.
More to the point is we've been making copies and I've been cluing people in slowly but surely, but
The main thing is, of course, especially if you try to write into your local newspaper now, if it smacks of anything close to incriminating on Mr. Bush, it really isn't printed.
When I finally got through to the publisher, I was told by his secretary, don't talk about things like that.
Don't call here anymore about things like that.
Trying to basically, I guess, scare me.
So you were writing letters to the editor about government involvement in 9-11?
Oh, yeah.
And they're totally, they're just like, you know, virulently, you know, we don't want to talk to you.
Oh, yeah.
Well, a lot of newspapers have been publishing those.
I get letters every week.
Every week with a cutout of a letter to the editor talking about the New World Order, talking about 9-11.
So, what's the name of your newspaper?
It's Syracuse.
It's in Post Standard.
Post Standard.
Post Standard, though, it says it's a thought crime, so...
Well, I guess the idea is we shouldn't talk about it over the phone, even to the secretary or the publisher.
Well, maybe they agree with Tony Blakely that Cy Hirsch, Pulitzer Prize winner, should be arrested and executed for talking about prior knowledge.
I'm assuming so because they certainly don't seem to want to talk about those.
Well, that's why I use public access in my area.
And I replay your shows and talk to people about it.
And you'd be surprised.
Not a single person, whoever comes up to me, ever denies the information.
When they went out and finally looked it up for themselves, it was never that.
It was always especially they were glad because they were always afraid they'd lose their job or then they can't pay the mortgage, feed the kids.
You know, the whole concept, the whole... So you're telling me that the feedback you're getting is almost entirely positive?
Oh, most certainly.
That's what I get.
That's what I get.
And most people that are out doing this, everybody believes them is waking up.
I mean, it's a rarity to find somebody who isn't waking up.
But then I get the call where somebody says, nobody listens to me.
They all laugh at me.
And I go, wait, you only talk to your family.
Yes, yes, my family.
Salesmen will tell you, it's harder to sell your family something than a complete stranger.
Because they have this baggage, and family thinks you're trying to put them down.
Well, my father repeatedly has always expressed the view that I shouldn't make waves.
Never that I was a liar, because they always wanted me to be a priest or a lawyer or a doctor, that sort of thing.
I was an altar boy for many years.
But more to the point is, it was never when they saw my show, it was never that I was a liar.
I gotta make waves.
Well, when I see something wrong, that's what I was taught.
Well, slaves don't make waves.
You keep it up, Andy.
God bless you.
Comments on what Andy was saying, Paul?
Well, yeah, he was talking about petitioning the media and so forth.
They're trying to create this scaremongering thing with a few individual cases.
For example, Christopher Broder, who was arrested for telephoning Mayor Bloomberg's office too many times.
And he already won a lawsuit where they falsely arrested him and falsely charged him two years ago.
And he says it's all lies again this time.
Yeah, and this is why they're trying to enact these spam laws, because people send out, you know, our articles out to...
O'Reilly at FoxNews.com.
So they get them.
They know we're out here.
But, you know, they call it spam.
And so that is now becoming criminal offense.
And they're also talking about charging on e-mails.
And again, that will all be selectively enforced.
To prevent people from engaging in petitioning the media and local government.
Or communicating with each other.
But if an e-mail starts costing a penny apiece...
They'll make billions and billions of dollars.
They're going to use it to regulate and control the web.
They've already said.
And then we won't have instant dissemination.
That will break that down.
That's exactly what they fear most.
That's why it took...
You know, 40 years for 80% of people to believe that the government was involved in the JFK assassination, yet only three for 50% to believe the government was involved in 9-11 because of that instant transaction of communication, which is, you know, achieved via the internet.
That's why they're trying to control it, because we've got the momentum.
Oh, I'm glad you brought that up.
Certain parties have been out telling us, those that have declared themselves grand poobahs, that, oh, forget about 9-11, drop it, leave it alone, it's a debt issue, we're not going to win on this.
We're winning, everybody's waking up, and then to hear right at the cusp of victory, snatching victory out of the jaws of defeat instead of snatching victory from the jaws, I mean, telling us it's all over, just go to sleep.
Well, they're about to reopen the RFK assassination trial.
Maybe people should have given up on that 20 years ago, but now the effects are coming through.
But here's the deal.
By exposing that the government killed Kennedy, it's now 90 plus percent, in polls, believe the government did it.
By doing that, it opened everybody's minds up to everything else, showing how they're a pack of liars.
And it makes them less likely to try such daring staged incidents in the future, which is a big part of why there hasn't been another 9-11.
Well, I mean, take Taiwan.
And I'm a fan of Taiwan and their freedom movement.
But their president was caught in a fake shooting of himself.
He got admitted.
Nothing ever happened.
Staging a fake assassination attempt.
And why did they do that?
Because they wanted to use it for political gain.
And they did.
But instantly, the Taiwanese were wise to it, weren't they?
We've laid the groundwork.
Whenever a major incident happens, then the media will whitewash it with, you know, conspiracy theories behind, you know, insert latest event.
But the point is, that's how people react now, because they've got above the level of brainwashing where the official version of events
Yeah, why give up now?
What about our little friend, the CIA, Al-CIA, the guy who they've captured, killed a couple times, captured three times, they're back at it again.
Well, they call him the new Bin Laden and he sure does seem to keep himself busy.
He's supposed to have coordinated every suicide bombing, kidnapping and beheading in Iraq while still managing to make time in his schedule to be arrested three times and killed once.
So you complain about being busy all the time, Alex.
Well, I have some sympathy for Al Zarkley, because he's been so busy, he still had work to finish after his own death.
Well, this is the deal.
They don't later say, oh, we were wrong about his death, or it was actually twice, or we're wrong about his capture.
It's just, oh, he's back again.
And then it comes out, mainstream news, well, he was in custody, but we released him.
And then we've got people who are getting their heads sawed off in FBI custody, quote, given to Al-Qaeda.
It's interesting because the last time Zakawi was captured, it came out on the news wires, and then two days later the Pentagon came out and said it wasn't true.
And then he supposedly killed this aid worker who'd been there for decades, married to an Iraqi staunch person against the war.
It's reported by the BBC and others that 15 men, including white men in government uniforms, come arrest her, kill her, and then supposedly the Iraqi resistance did it.
Well, that's happened in several of the cases.
I mean, how dumb do they think we are?
Great points, Paul.
Stay with us.
Come back and talk to Harvey and others.
PrisonPlanet.tv Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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Alright, my friends, back live here.
Third hour coming up, we'll talk about the First Amendment under the assault on college campuses and a bunch of other issues.
Right now, let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Harvey in Florida.
Harvey, you're on the air with Paul Watson and Alex Jones.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex Jones and Paul Watson.
What an honor to speak with you again.
Paul likes to be called Waddy Watt, by the way.
That's his nickname.
Paul is terrific.
Mr. Waddy Watt.
Lord Waddy Watt.
Lord Waddy Watt.
The truth is winning, Alex, and we will win.
I'd like to speak for a few moments about the inauguration, the most staged, fake, phony event in the history of America.
What kind of bored-off zombies would even show up there?
Well, I mean, they admit they were, as Paul said, ABC and UPI.
They would fade down the audio during booze.
They would insert that guy going, look, it's your great leader!
Worship him!
And they called him royalty, and you couldn't have crosses, you couldn't have anti-war signs, though people still ignored that.
And this is your freedom.
But you listen to the fake crowds everywhere this guy has gone for four and a half years.
That's right.
They do not allow... Fake, phony, fraudulent... They don't allow protesters anywhere near.
They get like a baseball field two miles away.
These are like cockroaches.
When you shine the light of truth on these monsters like you do, you're really going to do us a great service because they will go scattering and scampering along.
And what... If you think about the ball gown, remember she was wearing a snow-white ball gown, Laura Bush, they were all praising her gown.
Oh, she's so beautiful!
Flip the channel.
Oh, so beautiful!
Flip the channel.
Oh, so beautiful!
It was the same script.
In the reality, this thing is drenched in the blood of the Iraqi children.
And they're dancing and going to ball dances and waltzing very close to the place where our broken soldiers are recuperating.
Well, I'm going to apologize.
I keep mentioning an AP article from two years ago where $1.2 trillion is missing.
I came across CBS News reports from a year ago that I'd missed.
It's actually $2.6 trillion.
And they've got Rumsfeld quotes just going, Sorry, it's gone.
We don't know where it is.
People wonder why there's all this corruption.
We're talking about stealing trillions, people.
There's a handful of people that are making money on this blood, on this war machine.
There's a handful of people that are just raking in money.
We say, oh, we're losing in Iraq, oh, we're winning in Iraq.
So when we...
These people always win.
It's a win-win for a handful of people.
Well, that's right.
They win if Vietnam goes on for ten years.
They can win in six weeks.
The head of Bechtel, which is a big recipient, is George Shultz.
When you see that the head of Halliburton is Dick Cheney, when you see the head of the Carlisle Group is Daddy Bush and the Saudi royal family.
So these people are making money on this blood.
This is one of the greatest crimes against humanity.
No, I agree.
Thanks for the call.
And then they said it was about weapons of mass destruction, and they got caught lying.
They said it was never about that.
We never said that.
That's an urban legend.
Paul, it's an urban legend.
Yeah, there's actually an urban legend website which lists a bunch of things which are admitted and calls them urban legends.
But it's the big authority, so everybody should believe it.
You talked about the missing trillions.
And that money goes into the black budget, which creates things like this espionage program, which came out over the weekend, loyal only to Rumsfeld, which operates in foreign countries to stir up dissent and try to bring down governments, which ties in with the P2OG thing, which was a program to get terrorists to attack us by kidnapping their family members and intimidating their family members.
So that's where it all goes.
On the point of the stage and inauguration, I mean, this is why I said that Bush struts around like it doesn't affect him because he lives in the Truman Show.
Even down to the public meetings where the people are screened and handed scripted questions to ask him.
They have to sign a form promising not to ask any questions and they digitize, do a scan of their driver's license.
Yeah, so Bush lives in the Truman Show.
He doesn't even know anybody's watching.
He doesn't even read the newspapers, he says.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, now into hour number three on this 45th day of January 2005.
Paul Watson's riding shotgun with us.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We've got a guest coming up, David French.
And he is the president of an organization that exposes how the First Amendment and freedom of the press and speech is under attack.
And some interesting examples of this, and we'll also be taking your calls and mixing in a whole hodgepodge of other news as well.
Paul, I wanted to get into these supposed poor Chinese, now 12 Chinese, dirty bomb.
Turns out these guys were already in custody weeks ago, that it wasn't a dirty bomb threat, that it was false information.
Now a plane gets forced down in San Antonio.
With more illegal aliens being flown in, and it's more fear-mongering, why do you think we see this going on?
Well, it's to create the supposition in the minds of the American people that terrorists are running around their backyards, so they need to give up liberty on their own doorstep.
Which is what the British government did over here.
They arrested 500 so-called terrorist suspects, only ever charged two, which were on immigration charges.
And they would announce detailed plans to fly planes into buildings, and it turns out it wasn't true.
Yeah, detailed plans to fly buildings into London landmarks, which was actually a story cooked up by the government home office.
It's going to be hard to fly buildings into landmarks.
I'm teasing you.
Go ahead.
But that story was cooked up by ITN News Heads, and ITN was the same organisation that created the false Serbian death camps which justified the bombing of Serbia back in 1992.
And that dovetails with this new stuff in Esquire that Wolfowitz, this witness, this woman was paid to say she was raped.
Which goes back to the fake Kuwaiti babies thrown out of incubators Hill and Knowlton PR campaign before the first Gulf War.
Well, I mean, this goes along with the Armstrong-Williams stuff where he said, hey, there's a lot more people getting paid a lot more than me.
Thousands of members of the media get government paychecks to lie.
Yeah, back to the terrorist thing.
It came out that one of those Chinese so-called ringleaders in that gang was arrested before the story even came out.
We've got articles on PrisonPlanet.com going back a year, two years, three years.
A terrorist on Ashcroft's wanted list already in jail.
We wrote about that in May 27, 2004.
So we've got a whole list of them.
CIA fake German terror alert.
France finds no evidence of hijacked plot.
ABC News suicide bomber threat turns out to be false.
And then all the faked Bin Laden tapes on top of that.
That's the history of it, and this is no different.
Well said.
Let's talk to Regina in Pennsylvania.
Regina, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
I was wondering, I didn't get to listen to you yesterday, but first I want to say, as far as Dan Quayle, I remember reading a while back, and you're probably aware of this too, he was in favor of the WTO, so we know what, or GATT, remember that?
You know, that big battle about GATT.
Yes, yes.
So, you know, we know what camp he's in.
He's just a
Little mind-numb robot for the people taking us into a pit.
But anyways, I was wondering if you saw this No Name Calling Initiative spread.
This was in the later times, last night, January 24th.
Yeah, this is teaching the children thought crime and criticizing anyone's thought crime, and then while they're at it, they add in a whole homosexual agenda to it.
Yeah, and what I find interesting about this is I remember this coming up a few years back under Clinton, the teaching of homosexuality,
And there was a big uproar by the American Family Association, which, you know, I was very concerned about it, too, and, you know, on top of it.
But, you know, when Clinton was doing it, it was like it was really bad.
And, you know, we shouldn't participate in this.
But, you know, now that it's under Bush, I just wonder about all these leaders because, you know, right here, you know, the language is in here.
Well, it's like everything else.
Alberto Gonzalez is for not parental consent for abortions.
He's for the assault weapons ban, but the NRA won't criticize him.
Neither will the abortion groups.
It's amazing.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, your calls are coming up.
A ton of police state news, what's happening in Iraq.
But right now, what's happening with the First Amendment, we're joined, and Paul Watson's riding a shotgun with us, web manager for PrisonPlanet.com, by the president for the Foundation for Individual Rights and Education.
And it's a secular organization.
It defends people's free speech.
But Christians are really being targeted, having their free speech violated.
But this is happening everywhere.
And again, the left loves it when Christians lose their rights.
And a lot of so-called conservatives love it when so-called liberals lose their rights.
And examples of this is you can't have John 3.16 on your license plate.
In Vermont, or people who have support our troops or Christian bumper stickers on their cars get fired.
The universities are just hotbeds of really mind control or thought crime.
And these very same people will howl, and rightfully so, about George Bush dismantling the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Look, when Tony Blakely comes out and says, Arrest Seymour Hersh, here's the U.S.
Code, he's exposed all this government stuff, let's execute him, I come out against the editorial editor for the Washington Times.
And when somebody gets arrested for wearing a shirt that says, Peace on Earth at a shopping mall, because it's anti-war, I come to their aid.
But again...
You see how the fake left-right paradigm works.
The left is for taking the right's rights, the right is for taking the left's rights, and we all lose our rights.
The whole left-right thing is a joke.
And all of this sensitivity training is nothing but re-education camps.
That's what our schools, primary and secondary schools are doing, and it's got to stop.
I mean, they're jacking tuition up all over the country.
You pay to send your child that you've spent your life trying to inform and shape their values.
But the society tells you not to, so once the government gets them, they can.
Oh, parents, don't give your children values.
Let us do that.
Then your child gets to school and learns how to be a good little Soviet Nazi.
So joining us is the president, El Presidente, of a great organization, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, and we'll give you their website as well.
David, good to have you on with us.
Thanks so much for having me.
Tell us about your organization and some of the...
Some of the examples of double standards you've been seeing by the universities.
Well, basically, we defend free speech, religious freedom, and freedom of conscience at campuses across the country.
We're non-partisan.
We defend these values, not conservatives or liberals who have the values, but the values themselves.
And as you were saying in your intro, the double standards out there are just astonishing.
You can see again and again and again examples of incredibly intolerant speech against people with conservative religious beliefs celebrated and condoned, and yet Christian organizations are often finding it difficult to even exist on campus.
In the last four years alone, we've dealt with almost 50 schools that have attempted to throw Christian student groups off campus entirely.
It's really an epidemic in that area alone, much less circumstances dealing with political speech.
Do you remember the case about three years ago of the former Clinton staffer, you know, honor roll, dean's list, no criminal record at Temple University?
And I had him on.
This was in the newspaper.
They were having Corpus Christi, the play where Christ is a gay...
Well, that case, you summed it up perfectly.
What you had is a situation where a student merely wanted dissent,
From a view, a rather radical view of Christ, and was accused of mental illness, was accused of all kinds of bizarre behavior that other witnesses refuted, other witnesses who were present at the time of the alleged incidents refuted.
But this is not terribly uncommon, believe it or not.
There was a Kuwaiti student recently out in California who wrote an essay celebrating the U.S.
Constitution as a source of liberty.
And he was accused of needing psychotherapy for having such a view by the professor and then threatened with deportation.
How do you like that as a welcome to the United States of America?
You celebrate this nation's own constitution and a professor, an employee of a public school, will threaten you with deportation and recommend you for counseling.
And that same professor will scream about Bush butchering the Bill of Rights.
It's a schizophrenia.
I mean, these people really have double-mindedness.
It's incredible.
I don't know.
And again, I want the liberals listening to hear this.
You are the worst.
And I never saw conservatives act like this.
Now conservatives are saying, execute people who disagree with the government, put them in forced labor camps.
You've won.
Michael Savage, the old dirty beat neck of the 60s, I mean, who wrote some really scary stuff, he figured out how to win.
Act like a conservative.
Are you aware of Michael Savage saying arrest anyone that disagrees with the government?
I haven't.
I try to pay as little attention to him as I can.
Well, I mean, my point is that this is now spreading like a disease, like a contagion, like a flesh-eating staph virus or bacteria into the population.
Well, it just demonstrates why you have to constantly be fighting for these liberties.
Because when people gain power...
It's almost like 2 plus 2 equals 4.
Power equals the temptation to try to suppress dissent and maintain power.
And in these universities where one side of the ideological spectrum has gained absolute dominance, their temptation to accumulate even greater power is proving irresistible to these people.
I don't think people realize... Tell us about your organization's website.
Well, the website is thefire.org, and when you go there, you'll see a chronicle of our work at campuses around the country over the past several years.
We've intervened at dozens and dozens of schools, changing policies, striking down speech codes, restoring true academic freedom.
And there are cases across the political spectrum, although because universities are, fact of the matter, dominated by and large by the left, most of our cases involve suppression of conservative
Well, we point out these double standards all the time.
For example, at the University of Massachusetts, the president of the UMass school system, of the UMass system,
Defended a columnist who celebrated the death of Pat Tillman, but then stood aside when the same administration that sheltered an individual who celebrated the death of Army Ranger Pat Tillman then threatened with criminal charges students who drew a parody drawing of a Klan member.
And this parody drawing was meant to make fun of allegations that they'd been called racists
Well, this is what the phony left does.
I wrote an article against racism, and a top leftist wrote an article saying that I was a racist, that the article was racist, and linked to it when a two-year-old could tell it was against it.
Paul Watson comments on this.
Well, to give the European perspective, we see the same thing with the passage of hate crime laws.
France has just passed a bill whereby disagreeing with homosexuality is a punishable offense.
It's criminal.
They're talking about 10 years in jail and a $70,000 fine.
So while the homosexual movement preaches tolerance, they're completely intolerant of any criticism, which is why you'll see cases like we had in Philadelphia where the Repent America group, basically no more than a couple dozen of them,
We're involved in this protest amongst thousands of homosexual protesters and the Repent America group were arrested because they were supposedly inciting violence by reading Bible passages.
Yeah, tell our guest, Mr. French, about the video we just posted of the 100 bureaucrat known as the Million Mile March where they're hitting us and throwing water on us and the police threatened to arrest us saying we caused them to do it.
Well, you know, you would be amazed how often that kind of scenario occurs.
Somebody will set up a booth where they're tabling or presenting flyers for Bush or Cheney or be an Army recruiter.
And then they come over and surround you and then you're bad.
Yes, they'll surround you, tear up your materials, and then the police come in and escort out the Republican group or the Army recruiter or you name it because they've incited the riot.
It's basic First Amendment law that there should not be a heckler's veto on speech.
In other words, I have a right to protest you, but I do not have a right to silence you.
That's what universities are getting away with again and again.
That example from France, I can tell you that France is behind the curve when it comes to our universities.
In the year 2000, Tufts University ejected a Christian student group from campus without notice, without an opportunity to be heard.
And the group's crime was not wanting to be led by a lesbian woman who disagreed with the group's religious views on sexuality.
And when they threw them out, get the reason for it.
Here is the reason why it was an emergency late night session.
They said because the conservative Christian message can cause health hatred which leads to suicide and is dangerous for the campus community.
And then now, and this is what I hear now from the Neocon talk show host,
Criticizing any government policy helps the terrorist, hence you should be put in forced labor camps.
Folks, I'm not exaggerating.
And tell Mr. French Paul, tell him about the BBC reporter we interviewed, who at a rural affairs meeting just said the word homosexual and was arrested.
Yeah, that was Robin Page, who was a big TV presenter of a famous long-running agriculture show.
Gave a speech at a Countryside Alliance protest march, which said that farmers deserve the same rights as Muslims and homosexuals.
Special branch police officers were called, and he was arrested for saying the word homosexual because it was incitement to violence.
And they said that word is not allowed.
Have you heard of this, Mr. French?
I have not heard of that case, but knowing what I know about...
English laws against defamation and hate crime.
It's hardly surprising.
Well, when we get back, I want to go over some of the latest examples of crushing the First Amendment.
When we get back with you on that website one more time.
Very simple.
We'll be back, ladies and gentlemen.
All the people on the left that squeal about Bush, which is legitimate, why don't you squeal about your own house?
You make me sick.
We'll be right back.
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Not yet available in Iowa.
We're talking to David French, President.
The great organization, Foundation for Individual Rights and Education, thefire.org, thefire.org.
David, what success of lawsuits and actions against the Ministry of Truth, against these control freaks, what success is that having?
Well, we've had enormous success because these groups don't have a legal leg to stand on.
In fact, when it comes to legal challenges against speech codes, we've never lost.
It's an astonishing record of victory, considering the fact that these universities persist in enacting these codes and trying to enforce these codes.
But they never win.
There's never been a speech code at a college that's been validated by a court.
But still they continue to do it.
Oh, they continue to do it.
They're shameless about it.
In fact, they don't care about double standards.
They often don't care about precedent.
I can remember one time dealing with an official from the State University of New York who was attempting to silence a conservative Christian organization when I reminded them of the Boy Scouts of America case that said that an expressive organization can select its own leaders and select its own message.
She said, I do not acknowledge homophobic precedent.
That's unfortunate because it's the law, and courts do acknowledge precedent, no matter whether it's considered by some people to be homophobic or not.
What we're facing in so many of these universities are people who just don't care what the law is and will continue to implement their agenda until they are forced to stop.
Well, there's also aggressive recruiting going on.
Anytime you have a mindset that is so overwhelmingly repressive and one-sided, you're going to get a lot of students who will fall in line with it.
They seek the approval of their elders.
It's not necessarily always the case that kids rebel.
Probably more often the case that they seek approval, especially high-achieving college kids.
We'll go over some of these lightest examples.
Well, one of the great ones is the most recent case we're working on at Indian River Community College in Florida, where they prevented a Christian group from showing the Passion of the Christ.
But at the same time that they're preventing the Passion of the Christ from being shown because it was, quote, controversial, they also permitted a play to go forward that had a title I can't repeat on the air.
But featured simulated sex with, quote, the risen Christ.
On the one hand, you have a... Now imagine if they were... And this is all just for Christians.
If they did a play where Muhammad is a prostitute, I mean, that would never happen.
Why is it only okay to attack Christianity?
Well, you know, it's interesting.
I think it's only okay, or predominantly okay, because as we all know, from watching the news, from watching any amount of debate or discourse in this country, that the foremost boogeyman in American society is the so-called religious right.
They feel persecuted, and so Bush says, I'll save you, but in reality he's not.
He's dismantling our freedoms.
It's very sophisticated.
Paul Watson?
Well, yeah, and it's done under the rhetoric of, in some cases, like removing the monuments outside the courthouses, of separating church and state.
But it's nothing to do with that.
It's like the atheists.
You don't see the atheists attacking Muslims.
It's all about attacking Christianity.
That's the agenda.
And it started at a very early level.
The agenda is social engineering.
Yeah, we had articles on the website years ago, talking of social engineering, where the UN textbooks, which were handed down to the educational authorities, instructed, I believe it was 9, 10, 11-year-olds on... Yeah, that was in Peru.
You should really take a look.
You'll enjoy our website.
We have a whole section on freedom of conscience, better known as thought reform.
Where from the first day you enter a university, you're going to be taught that everything you ever learned as a child about race, gender, sex, war and peace, etc., is wrong, flawed, wrong-headed, intolerant, and divisive, and that the university will show you the way, which is deeply offensive to basic constitutional facts.
It's like going to a mind-control institute.
It's like a cult.
Oh, you know, you have mandatory first-year orientation where students are...
Taught to despise everything that they'd ever learned before, despise their parents' beliefs.
It's really quite astonishing.
And the parents are paying for this?
They're paying handsomely for it.
Yeah, handsomely.
Give us that website again.
Well, David French, thank you so much for coming on the broadcast and updating us about the state of the First Amendment.
All right.
Well, thank you for having me.
Keep up your vital work.
We will.
We'll come back with Paul Watson, your calls, and a ton of news.
All right, take care.
You don't want to miss this news.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Whether you were aware or not, World War III has started.
Let me rephrase that.
Oil War III has started.
Don't kid yourself, the reason we went into Iraq is oil.
Now we are looking at the possibility of invading Iran and even Saudi Arabia.
Why else would the US be building 13 permanent military installations inside Iraq?
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The movement has never been more powerful, and we are going to prevail with God's help.
But again, a lot of people email me, and, oh, Alex, you're doing such a great job.
Oh, you're so liberal like us.
Then they find out I'm pro-Second Amendment.
Then they find out that I'm pro-national sovereignty, and they get confused.
Hey, listen.
I'm not liberal or conservative.
It's about freedom.
That's what this broadcast is about.
And Bush is pushing for open borders, just like your Democrats.
He wants gun control.
He wants everything they want.
He's being forced to move a little bit on abortion, because he's got the House, the Senate, the executive, the judicial...
He could ban it right now.
So he's having to do a little something on that issue.
And that's really about the only difference.
And you guys love violating everybody else's First Amendment.
You don't like yours being violated.
And I'm telling you, this shows the problem.
Just like neocons, you scream and yell about the liberals wanting to take your rights.
And they do.
But you want to take everybody else's.
So understand, we're either all together on freedom of speech or we all hang separate.
Paul Watson comments.
Well, yeah, if you want to take the base definitions, then Bush has been the biggest liberal with his political capital.
The article is just out in the last couple of hours.
President won't add 2,000 border agents.
Despite his signing a bill authorizing 2,000 new border agents, President Bush will not ask Congress for enough money to fund them.
So again, that's another conservative move on the part of Bush.
Well, it's like cut abortion funding by 87 mil, increase it by 3 billion.
Yeah, and the partial birth abortion thing had no teeth because it was thrown out by judges from San Francisco to New York, across the country.
It didn't even have any effect.
So those practices are still going on today.
He was against arming the pilots.
It goes on and on for hours.
Doubling the growth rate of government.
Almost all of his appointees are people he supports for chairmanships of committees or anti-gun, pro-abortion, open border promoting, UN worshipping, sniveling pimps.
Paul, I want to get into the police state, then we're going to go to all these calls.
There is just so much here that I want to go over.
But first off, let's talk about the dollar.
You know, they talk about it going back up.
Yeah, it goes up a few cents after plunging 40%.
Some say it's only plunged 30%.
Well, they're not counting the fact that the euro was at 89 cents, 88 cents before.
So they're not counting that 12% as well.
But I have this article here.
Central banks shift reserves away from the U.S.
Central banks are shifting reserves away from the U.S.
And towards the Eurozone, in a move that looks set to deepen the Bush administration's difficulties in financing its ballooning current account deficit.
And almost everyone I know is on hard times, Paul.
There's more houses for sale, more people losing jobs, working two, three blue-collar jobs.
Stuff is falling apart.
Debt is at record levels, corporate, private, public, and they keep telling me how great the economy is, Paul.
Well, it's the same case in Britain.
The economy's supposed to be booming, and yet we have the same case where people are having to work two, three jobs, and the housing market's starting to turn, it's plummeting.
And, you know, my income's obviously tied to the dollar, which is why I track this sort of thing, because that's where I get most of my income from.
So it does affect me.
And the plan is to further weaken the confidence in the dollar as part of the plan to bring America down, which is tied to what's happening in Iraq.
Whether they'll let it go significantly lower in the next few years, I don't know.
They'll probably prop it up a little bit, and then the...
The real downturn will come in the years after.
But, I mean, all the forecasts from all the people who have influence on, you know, what happens to the dollar are all negative, and deliberately so.
If somebody's comments can make it stronger, then why don't they come out and comment that it will be stronger?
They don't, because they want it to devalue.
Just as the morality of the country devalues, and, you know, the Iraq war gets worse and worse.
It's all part of the same plan.
Well, that it certainly is.
I want to get now into, well, more of the news of being arrested for, well, you were seen with an apple.
You weren't eating it.
But, I mean, this article is just incredible because they act like it's normal and good that they've done this.
Tell us about what just happened in England.
Well, yeah, there was a woman who made a left-point turn in her car.
There was a police officer stationed across the road
And he saw her commit the criminal offence of having an apple in her hand as she made the turn.
They've made it criminal to have cell phones in cars.
And they then called the police surveillance helicopter, which basically every town in Britain has, even if it's got just a few thousand people living in it.
And the cost of the lawsuit is going to be
£10,000, which is $20,000.
So it's another example of, amidst all the reports of how police don't respond to real situations, they're really focused on things like this.
I mean, right where I live, right on my doorstep, we had some punk slashing an entire neighbourhood's tyres right out in the open with a 15-inch knife.
And, you know, the police showed up three hours later, didn't even talk to anyone and just drove off and there was nothing done about it.
But, you know, the lady with the apple in her hand, she's the threat.
They're passing laws where citizen spies patrol the high streets watching to see if people drop litter.
And then they've got the authority to grab them, frog march them to a cash machine and make them pay
By the way, we're not joking.
It says she was seen with an apple in her hand, and after the helicopter surveillance of them following her and charging her with all these crimes, there was no bite out of the apple.
And again, this is what they're going to do with the cameras in all your cars.
They're going to do it, unless you say no to it.
You deny it exists, police start putting them in, then you go, well, I guess it's good.
This thing, back to the police department, the AI computer watches what you do and notifies the police if you yell at your wife, if you're looking away from the road, any of this.
They're criminalizing everything.
And all these databases seem to track back to the same criminals.
I mean, the Matrix database... Run by a convicted cocaine trafficker.
And then when they got caught, they said, we don't care if he's a drug dealer.
And the thing about that is that it identified 120,000 American citizens as potential terrorists.
So that right there showed you who the government were focusing on.
And it hasn't been cancelled.
It's just been reappropriated into different programs like TIPS and Total Information Awareness.
With things like the Highway Watch Program, which has got 400,000 truckers across the country looking for suspicious activity again.
People carrying large backpacks.
People having arguments.
And, you know, the tasers are killing more and more people, so what's the solution?
Increase the power of the tasers.
It's all very loving.
And you have a situation here in Britain...
As we, you know, talk about the woman caught with the apple, where burglars break into people's houses, attack people, and then sue the victims with the government's support for fighting back.
And then the good law-abiding citizens aren't sophisticated enough to figure this out, and they go, give me more police, give me more cameras, keep me safe!
You know, like here in America, a marijuana offense...
Normally gets more time in prison now than rapists and murderers.
Yes, someone with a pound of marijuana will get more time than a rapist or a murderer.
The average time spent is four and a half years for murder, seven and a half years for marijuana.
Well, of course, the thing about this lady with the apple...
She would have got a minor misdemeanor charge if she'd have bowed down to them and accepted that they were right in tracking her with the helicopter for having the apple.
But she made the big mistake of standing up in court and saying that, you know, the law was wrong.
It was crazy.
Well, Paul, you know what?
The weapons of mass destruction could be hidden in that apple.
Well, yeah, I mean, the guy with the pewter around his neck with his baby ashes, I mean...
You know, it could have been cocaine, so let's just target everyone.
By the way, this is the Associated Press.
They pull the guy over at a checkpoint after the hurricane.
It went on for months, by the way, even though the actual martial law edict had expired.
The police just kept doing it.
That was in the news.
And they pull him over.
No criminal record.
His baby had just died a few weeks before.
And he had antidepressants, which they push on everybody that something bad happens to, in the prescription bottle.
He dumps those out on the street.
And then he goes, what's that little cross around your neck?
It has some of my baby's ashes.
The cop opens it up, looks at it, and the guy's crying, please don't.
And he dumps it on the side of the road.
I know.
They're denying that he asked him to do that.
A lot of times when somebody's had a loss like this, little things like that make them feel better.
He was obviously in a weak position to, you know, not just say no and face being arrested or even tasered for not doing such a thing.
So, again, it's the mentality that, you know, they're no longer public servants.
They're here to control us and watch over us.
And look at all the rights we gave up in the war on drugs.
We have tripled the heroin, doubled the cocaine on our streets, from 1.3 million in prison to 7 million in prison.
And the more, the bigger the war gets, the more drugs we have.
Come on.
But you'll dump somebody's baby's ashes out looking for drugs that your bosses have been caught shipping in.
And the drug-dealing families own the private prisons.
And as the prisons expand in America, with the latest data released in Britain, we have the same situation.
Ballooning prisons.
Gun crime has gone up again 7%, I believe, in the last year.
You know, on top of the fact that it quadrupled after the 96 handgun ban.
After the staged Thomas Hamilton Dunblane massacre, where his firearms license was granted to him by Lord Robertson of NATO, and he was exchanging letters with the Queen before the massacre.
And on top of it, he'd been in special government psychiatric care.
But let's just ignore all that.
What about this?
Up to 140,000 heart attacks linked to Vioxx.
This is out of a new scientist.
Turned out they knew that 140,000 people in 99 alone had had heart attacks.
But they covered it up.
Oh, the drug makers wouldn't hurt us.
Let's give up our freedoms to them.
Let's take their vaccines, Paul.
And then I see an article yesterday where...
Somebody supposedly developed a vaccine against cancer, certain forms of cancer.
Read into the article, and it's developed by GlaxoSmithKline.
Really doubtful that it will have any effect when compared to these past cases where they've known that the drugs are dangerous.
Well, they're putting the viruses in.
And with the vaccines, in many cases now,
Um, women can't get child support or any kind of welfare if, you know, if their husbands left them or whatever.
If they refuse to let their children, to have their children take the vaccines, there's government policy, no vaccines, no money.
Um, no vaccines, no school.
I want to take some calls and hit some other news, but, uh, Paul, tell folks about PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Who's up first here with the calls?
Fred in Philadelphia.
Thanks for holding.
I think there's a pretty important issue that I haven't heard anywhere except on the Power Hour, and that's on GCN.
I was wondering if you could just put a big block of time onto this.
What about NORTHCOM and the Direct Military Command, the Department of Defense Command that covers North America?
I've been talking about NORTHCOM
Yeah, you talked about it right after 9-11 when it was an exit across the country.
Is there any new news on having to do with... Well, yeah, it came out in the New York Times that they're going to command commandos in every major city.
Proofs over us.
I mean, it does extend to more than defense of...
Canada extends to dominance of Canada and Mexico.
Yeah, it's for the Americas.
And under NORTHCOM, and this is out of the Toronto Star, and the Denver paper as well, it's based in Colorado Springs, they're merging the Mexican and Canadian military with our military under NORTHCOM.
It's illegal to do that.
I mean, obviously, I know it's illegal.
You know it's illegal.
The people who listen to this show and believe what you're saying know it's illegal, but the ordinary person is not being told of these actions.
Well, I actually cover Northcom in Road to Tyranny.
I cover Northcom in Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
I mean, I have the actual mainstream news article saying foreign troops are in the U.S.
and they command different divisions of NORTHCOM, and NORTHCOM is under space command.
Also, the caller who mentioned about the CFR report, you have, remember, she may email you that or send you that, but...
I would like to see that all in one place, with the pictures.
Well, hey, put a website together and put it up.
I'd like to see you build that.
Build it, call us, we'll link to it.
All right.
I want to see you do it.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
No, actually, years ago I perseverated.
That is, I obsessed on and constantly repeated Northcom.
It's part of all the urban warfare training drills, the military takeover of America.
I mean, part of this is the police calling us civilians.
And Paul Watson, what does that mean when the police call the citizens civilians?
That means you're under martial law.
And the New York Times article which you mentioned, they don't even try to hide the fact that it's unconstitutional.
Commandos get duty on U.S.
But it has the special authority of Donald Rumsfeld, so that makes it okay.
It's the same thing.
It doesn't matter if it violates federal law.
We're above the law.
They're above the law because if they give special authority being above the law, then that makes it the law.
That's how twisted it is.
Well, that's freedom, sir.
It used to be called dictatorship, but now it's called freedom.
We've got to learn the new definition of, as Condoleezza Rice said,
It's not torture if they say it's not torture.
Well, that New York Times quote of an official, they said, look, we make reality.
It'll be different today and different tomorrow.
We make it.
The rest of you will just follow it.
Ha ha!
Let's talk to Dan in Utah.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
You mean Dave?
Yes, sir, go ahead.
Yeah, one of the biggest stories I think that hasn't been covered yet on the radio is we had a skull and bones election, but even bigger is we had the swearing in in the inauguration.
On Skull and Bones Time.
Well, Paul Watson actually wrote an article about that.
Yeah, it was based on an email sent to me by a listener.
It might be you, but... Yeah, it was me.
I saw it on Channel 4 and Utah News, and they made a big deal of it, saying this is the first time it's ever happened.
And I just clicked because I've read the articles on Skull and Bones Time.
Yeah, the first time they ever did it early.
Yeah, exactly.
And all these rituals in the military and in culture, these mean things.
And his speech was 33 paragraphs long.
Well, it's just, I don't know, I think it's a big deal just for the fact that everybody was in on it.
I mean, you don't set something up that huge and have it start early and everybody acts like they're on time.
So it's quite amazing that this happened in plain sight.
And the Skull and Bones people are probably jumping up and down for joy.
No, I had read about that.
Explain Skull and Bones time.
It starts at 5 minutes.
The Skull and Bones time is the rest of the rest of the world.
If it starts at 7 o'clock, Skull and Bones time is 5 minutes early.
And so that's Skull and Bones time.
Alexandria Robbins.
It's referred to as Barbarian Time, according to Von Rosenbaum, the New York Observer journalist.
There was also in the Atlantic Online article, George W. Knight of Eulogia, quote, "...within the tomb, students run on skull and bones time, which is five minutes ahead of the time in the rest of the world."
Cheney's speech was, you know, Cheney swearing in was one minute before Bush started at four minutes two, so in total it was five minutes before noon.
Thanks for the call.
Up next is Jason in Texas.
Go ahead, Jason.
Speak now.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
How are you doing?
The reason why I was calling is I tapped into your broadcast or rerun yesterday, or actually last night.
Yes, sir.
I just wanted to confirm with your listeners that I was standing actually right next to you in our march in 99 when a woman approached us and said that she cut these two gentlemen's hair and that they were members of the Travis County SWAT team.
I just wanted to confirm with your listeners that this stuff does happen and did happen.
And then the other provocateurs ran over and threatened us, yeah.
Yeah, and they ran down South Congress and we saw them two blocks down the road talking to two who looked like threats to Texas.
You remember that?
I've got it on video, yeah.
I need to dig that out and put it on the website.
And all the people on top of the roof pointing cameras down at us.
I just wanted to confirm with you listeners this stuff.
It was baffling to me when I first saw it.
I was a youngster back then and didn't really see and read these things, but
I just wanted to confirm to you listeners that that incident did happen.
Well, thanks for the call.
All right.
I appreciate it.
Hey, Paul, good to have you on, my friend.
Good to be on again, Alex.
Now, sick them.
Get in there and get the New World Order.
Hey, good job, buddy.
See you.
I'll see you.
All right.
God bless you, folks.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Let's all get out there and take on the New World Order.