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Air Date: Jan. 18, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, welcome.
Already Tuesday, the 18th day of January 2005, we'll be live for the next three hours.
Wide open phones throughout the broadcast day.
And masses of vital news and information.
Toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
There's been an earthquake in the ocean off Japan, a 6+.
And they're also panicking down in southern South America because of different seismic reports that they could have a tsunami.
And the Earth is definitely in the middle of a, well, let's just say a speeding up cycle where we're having more volcanic, more tectonic, more bizarre weather.
Now the question is, have human beings caused this or exacerbated it, or is this just part of the normal cycle of this planet?
Certainly long before human beings existed, there were even greater calamities that were happening.
I think we think a little bit too much of ourselves to always think that it's human beings doing this, though with the case of the tsunami, we do have Defense Department documents admitting that they have these
These weapons that can cause tsunamis, water weapons, tsunami bombs, as they're called.
We know that Secretary of Defense Cohen talked about tectonic weapons back in 1997.
We know they introduced a bill in 2001 to restrict these weapons in the Congress that was defeated.
But still, we'll get more into that as well.
But I didn't spend enough time on this yesterday.
I want to spend some more time on it.
Iraq anger at abusers jail term.
I thought it was torturers jail term.
Iraqis have reacted angrily to a 10-year sentence imposed on a U.S.
soldier for abusing inmates at Abu Ghraib jail near Baghdad.
Well, murderers in this country get four and a half years, so I'd actually say that if you want to judge it according to that, it's a pretty good sentence.
Many said Specialist Charles
Greiner deserved a harsher punishment for his part in the prison abuse scandal.
And it says he was jailed on Saturday and received a dishonorable discharge from the U.S.
He said he was only following orders to soften detainees up for questioning, but prosecutors said that Greiner was a sadist.
Well, I have no doubt that Mr. Greiner is a sadist.
I mean, he walked up to the cameras and said, we'll see what type of monster I really am.
I mean, he looks like a psychopath.
But the mafia hires psychopaths to go out and break people's legs!
The mafia is just as guilty as when their soldiers go out and squeeze money out of little old ladies.
In fact, the capos, the mob bosses, their dons,
We're talking about raping and murdering and beating innocent people to death at 32 camps.
This all just went public because these fools were stupid enough to think just because they were ordered to do it, they could take photos of it and pass them around like baseball cards, which they've admitted they did.
That's the only reason you're hearing about this.
So I want to talk about torture, and I would like the listeners to chime in about this, but not just about these cases of torture, but how you hear people out there in the media condoning it, saying it's good.
What's happened to us?
The websites are Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, Infowars.net, PrisonPlanet.tv.
All right, we'll be right back after this quick break, so please stay with us.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
Thank you again for joining us.
The toll-free number to get involved on air is 1-800-259-9231.
This broadcast is not about left or right, it's about right or wrong.
Example of this, I heard a talk show host this morning, national talk show host, talking about the evil liberals that want to drug all of America's school children, and how they want to put them on Ritalin and Prozac, and how they're a bunch of control freaks.
And I thought, man, you're absolutely right.
But why aren't you mentioning that George Bush helped ram through and his buddies wrote the New Freedom Initiative that passed a month and a half ago that would forcibly psychologically test every school child and teenager in the country and then will even start forcibly psychologically testing pregnant women.
Everybody gets the social worker visits.
The guidelines were written by the drug companies.
They openly brag that they'll go from 15% of the children being on drugs, mind-bending drugs, to 50%.
And boy, it's going to be a big profitable venture.
So again, double-think.
Think about how hypocritical that is.
I'm about stopping these programs, not just talking about, oh, the Democrats are evil all day.
Because both parties are run by the same organization, the global crime syndicate known as the New World Order.
Here's another example from the other side of the false paradigm.
Oh, Ashcroft is evil!
Oh, Alberto Gonzalez is evil!
Oh, they're for torture!
Oh, they're for the Patriot Act!
Oh my gosh, they're taking all of our freedoms!
National ID cards!
Bush is butchering the Bill of Rights and Constitution!
Oh, the Democrats need to save us!
Bill Clinton ran through the Anti-Terrorism Effective Death Penalty Act.
It was really Patriot Act 1.
Much of what was in...
The first Patriot Act that passed in 2001 after the attacks was written by Bill Clinton's minions, but they couldn't pass it.
The Democrats voted in the House and Senate for Patriot 1 and Patriot 2 and the National ID Card and the Total Information Awareness Network and the TIPS program in greater numbers than Republicans!
So see...
There's this mental illness out there.
It's hard to describe how incredible it is.
What the establishment does is it has the Republicans and Democrats go out, that is the leaders of the parties.
There's some real fights at the mid and lower levels.
But at the higher levels, the campaign chairman and the heads of the committees and the governors, it's really a staged event.
They go out and they have a fight over some made-up issue or some wedge issue, some hot-button, balkanizing, divide-and-conquer issue, and we all focus on it like it's a football game and draw the battle lines and pick which side we're on and go out and cheer on our party.
And meanwhile, both the parties have got the same owner, to use a football analogy, or party.
Here's a racehorse analogy.
The mafia owns all the horses.
They don't lose.
So you think you're betting on different horses.
You think there's some type of chance in all of this, and it's all rigged.
And so, Democrats think that everything will be alright if they just get the Democratic Party back into power, why they'll stop all this police state.
And the conservatives sit up there on talk radio and go, man, if we just, George Bush is good.
He'll deal with the open borders.
He'll deal with the gun control.
He'll deal with the U.N.
And he'll deal with, because he has all this rhetoric about how he's for it, how he's for stopping the U.N.
while he actually radically increases their funding.
It's good cop, bad cop, ladies and gentlemen.
The Democrats play good cop, bad cop.
And if you're a Democrat, then the Democrats are the good cop.
And if you're a Republican, then the Republicans are the good cop.
And the Democrats are the bad cop.
Vice versa.
There were Roman handbooks written 2,000 years ago, 2,100 years ago.
There were British handbooks written.
These are published.
These have been republished.
One of them is The Battle for Gaul by Julius Caesar.
Written by Julius Caesar.
And you ought to go get that book.
And you should go to the library.
You should check it out.
You should start reading more, folks.
I'm not being sardonic or sitting up here on a high horse.
You should go read it.
We need to get back to that as Americans.
And go read how he describes staging fights between different chiefs and acting like he's with one group and another and manipulating and all these staged rhetoric events.
Go read Machiavelli's The Prince.
He wrote two books, but I suggest The Prince.
This is a guy 500 years ago in Italy talking about manipulating people and how politics really operated.
And it'll be everything you see today!
Everything you see today!
So just stop being fooled.
Stop being conned.
We're going to lose our borders.
We're going to lose our sovereignty.
We're going to lose our Second Amendment.
We're going to be forcibly psychologically tested and forcibly psychologically drugged.
It's admitted.
They're passing it.
They're putting it in the national ID card.
And they wouldn't tell you about it.
It was nowhere in the mainstream media until after they passed it.
Now it's in USA Today.
Now it's in AP, Reuters, Time, New Zealand.
Oh, you didn't know it, but a national ID card was passed, and now you're going to have to submit to it.
Oh, you didn't know it, but now there's a federal plan to make you all take transponders in your cars at the state level through federal mandates to track and trace what you do.
Oh, and you didn't know it, but all these cameras the feds have put up in every town and city in the country, they're scanning your faces and scanning your license plates and tracking you.
Oh, the Total Information Awareness Network really didn't get canceled.
We just changed the name and doubled the funding, and we're watching everything.
You do!
We're watching everything but the border and everything but the terrorists that we fund!
And now we're going to talk about torture.
Iraqi anger and abusers jail term.
Let's go ahead and play this BBC clip.
And I think this says it all.
Here it is.
Charles Grainer chose not to take the stand in his trial, but just before sentencing, he did.
Speaking for more than two hours, he admitted a loss at Abu Ghraib had been wrong.
Inside, Grainer told the jury he'd just done what he was told.
When he tried to protest, he said, he was told by a senior officer, they're in charge, follow their orders.
But Greiner was visibly center stage in many of the now notorious pictures of abuse.
Prosecutors called him a ringleader, a bully who abused prisoners for sport, for laughs.
He was found guilty of multiple counts of assault, including beating detainees and forcing them to perform sexual acts.
He is the fifth soldier to be convicted, but the first to plead innocent.
We committed a crime site of failing orders.
Then he would have committed a crime if he did no Bay Orders.
So he was doomed either way.
The abuse at Applegrave shocked the world and damaged the reputation of the US military.
Critics say the whole administration is tarnished and wants more inquiries going right to the top.
But American officials say it was down to rogue individuals like Kramer.
They point to the prison terms as proof they've taken the matter seriously and are trying to bring an end to this acutely embarrassing episode.
Jill McGivern, BBC News, Washington.
All right, so let me just go over this, and then we'll go to break, and we'll come back and take calls and get into all the other world news that's going on with the economy and the war and more talk of drafts, a national draft conscription.
But don't worry, they're not going to call it a draft.
It's going to be called Selective Service.
So if we change the name, we kept our promise, no draft.
But the Army's own report, two separate reports, General Tegundu and others,
There are 32 camps, not just Abu Ghraib, and they say that 75-90% of those at the camps are families or individuals who did not have their papers in order, picked up at checkpoints.
The Army's report describes things, and this is on the Associated Press, MSNBC, it's posted on Infowars.com, just type in Army's report on torture, and several different reports will pop up,
Things we can't mention on air, but they include raping women in front of their husbands.
One of the reports includes raping people's children in front of them, torturing children in front of their parents.
Folks, there's no excuse for torturing children, period.
I know that on Threat Matrix and 24 and shows like...
Spooks, a big spy drama show they have in England.
We have links to this on Infowars.com.
They simulate torturing people's children to get answers to stop terror attacks.
Oh, but it's got to be done.
Torturing children's good.
Again, it's not just happening in the real world.
They're also mutating our minds, bathing us, basting us, marinating us in this evil.
And, you know, this Grainer guy...
This individual was a prison guard.
Most of these people were federal prison guards.
They've been having this fun for years.
I can't tell you how many hundreds of reports I've seen in the years where it's admitted.
I can think of three prisons within 40 miles of where I sit where they have admitted that they would videotape mass raping of the women, where they would film these horrible porno videos, where they would torture people to death, hang people in their cells.
Just where I live at these prisons.
This is going on everywhere.
And they were ordered to do it.
It's called Operation Copper Green over in Iraq.
And Gonzalez's memo is out there public about we're going to torture people right up until death.
And if they have organ failure and die and we didn't mean to do it, then it's not murder.
And besides, we're above the law.
We can torture people.
Folks, they have a program going full bore that don't train you except torture.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Now when you look at the Democrats and Republicans from Alan Dershowitz to Homeland Security...
Leader, Governor Ridge, they are all saying and doing the exact same things.
They're reading off a script.
We've got the Secretary of Defense coming out years ago and going, yeah, we're torturing people.
And then editorials in the New York Times, time to get out the pliers and the rubber hoses.
They tried to sell us on it.
Then we saw some of the lighter images.
They did not release the thousands of other ones that members of Congress saw of the stuff a thousand times more grisly than what we did witness.
And so they're kind of titrating the dose, building it up, building our tolerance level to it, training us that it's okay, that, oh, it's just some fun, just some blowing off some steam.
What are people getting so upset about?
And then meanwhile, the media is out there in the fiction department promoting these scenarios of torture and all these different dramas.
They know exactly what they're doing.
So in the middle of all these convictions of people saying, hey, I was ordered to do this.
Well, of course they were.
The documents have been released.
They were ordered to do this by the CIA and private contractors and army intelligence on record.
They go, well, that's fine.
You're still going to be convicted of this.
This is like a trial where they send out a mafia soldier to break somebody's legs, as I said earlier, and then it comes out in the newspaper, so the mob boss grabs their soldier and then sits as the judge over them and says, you're bad, and passes judgment on them.
It's just so hypocritical.
It's off the charts.
It's just unspeakable.
But meanwhile, in the middle of all this, Governor Ridge comes out and says, hey, torture's needed sometimes.
And gives a ridiculous excuse or example of why.
You know, somebody's got a nuclear weapon they're about to detonate, and only torture will get the information.
Maybe torture's good.
Well, I saw those type of arguments in law enforcement magazines before 9-11.
There's one magazine, what, the Firearms and Weapons of Law Enforcement, an April issue back in, what, 2011.
Anthrax is going to be released.
Thousands will die only by torturing.
Can you get the answers?
Torture is good.
All of this being promoted.
It's the same agenda, the same little moral games that they play where situational ethics...
We're good to go.
But there's 20 people in the class that represents the lock boat.
Ten of you have to die.
Now let's decide who's needed.
We need a policeman.
We need this and that.
Oh, we don't need these people.
They're going to have to die.
So see, this is being introduced into our minds.
We're being taught just how to be sickos, folks.
They're changing our morals, reaching into our minds, twisting them.
And there's a worse clip I found on the web of Limbaugh.
For some reason, we can't pull that up on the computer, where he actually just said, so what, this is war, it's good.
But here's one clip where he likens the stuff at Abu Ghraib to just a college fraternity.
Yes, they even release photos of people beaten to death.
Beaten to death.
At Abu Ghraib, they admit that they sodomize people with large devices dripping with battery acid.
I mean, that's in the Army report, so that's having a little fun.
So next time a serial killer...
Grabs a woman off the street and does this to her.
I guess he should just go to the court and say, Hey, I was just having some fun blowing off some steam.
Or I guess Joseph Mingala was blowing off some steam in the Nazi death camps.
Here's that clip.
What's psychologically wrong with that?
It's not the act so much.
It was like a college fraternity prank to stack up naked... Exactly!
Exactly my point!
This is no different to what happens at the Skull and Bones initiation, and we're going to ruin people's lives over it, and we're going to hamper our military effort, and then we are going to really hamper them because they had a good time.
These people are being fired at every day.
I'm talking about people having a good time.
These people... You ever heard of emotional release?
You ever heard of me to blow some steam off?
You know, I actually agree with that.
They are blowing off steam.
When we get back, we'll play the clip off of PBS where a family is caught stealing three sticks of wood off the side of a road.
That's not allowed.
And, by the way, the U.N.
has announced that in Iraq and all these third world countries, there's going to be a 50% tax, this is out of the Associated Press, on GDP paid to the U.N.
So, again, everything belongs to them.
But I want to play having a good time.
They machine gun the vehicle, laugh about it, then run over it with a tank.
By the way, they'll all be coming back and becoming your police officers.
And, gee, this will be the mindset.
We just doled out the punishment for taking sticks of wood to cook your dinner.
This is part of the new freedom.
The Romans weren't even this brutal.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
So, more than just talking about torture and how it's being promoted, and how it's being engaged in in these prisons all over America, then there's the line of, there are a bunch of killers in the prisons, torture them!
Well, wait a minute, they admit that over 65% of people in prison are non-violent.
And they're criminalizing everything.
The Cato Institute's talked about that.
Got a new book out.
Straight to jail.
The criminalization of everything.
They're criminalizing everything, ladies and gentlemen.
You sell a gallon of milk to somebody on a criminal or terrorist watch list, you get five years in prison, a $1 million fine.
That's the minimum, by the way.
This is the type of stuff that's in the Patriot Act.
You think I'm joking?
That was in, what was it?
Sacramento B, like a week ago, we covered it on air, where businesses are shutting down all over the country because they've read the law.
Just type Patriot Act compliance into a search engine.
You'll get hundreds of thousands of links.
The point is, total surveillance, total control, and people say, well, this is just for those Arab terrorists, those sub-humans.
I actually hear them say, sub-humans, sub-humans, they're animals, they're animals, they're animals, they're animals.
They're animals, they're animals, they're animals, they're animals.
Folks, a lot of the people in the Arab countries didn't ever hate America.
They certainly didn't in Iraq during the 1980s when they were our big ally and had all the radio stations playing rock and roll music and they left Christians alone in the country.
But our government put Saddam in, had him invade a bunch of countries.
He followed the orders to go ahead and go into Kuwait.
That's on record.
They said, oh, go ahead.
And they shut him up.
Again, I'm not a fan of him.
Horrible guy, but compared to some of the other Arabs, he's nothing.
And so now, I thought we were going into Iraq to liberate these people, and now it's, well, if somebody takes a sniper pop shot at us, we are going to bulldoze, this has been going on for two years, every date palm, every tangerine orchard, everything in your town.
We're going to arrest every man down to age 10.
And we're going to take you to the 34 camps, the 32 camps,
That have hundreds of thousands of people in them.
How does that sound?
And we're going to import sadistic jail guards who can't get away with rape and murder and killing in the U.S.
And we're going to import them here to rule over you.
And we're going to take all the Baptists that Saddam put into power.
We're going to put all of them, except for a few of Saddam's family members, we're going to put all of them back into command.
All the people you hate.
The secret police you hate.
And then we're going to appoint 300 plus leaders over you, then we're going to say that we're having an election, and then we're going to kill anybody that runs for election against our candidates, and then when our media picks up on it, we'll just say, well, we can't tell you who's running against our candidates because of security issues.
Christian Science Monitor.
Imagine an election where they don't tell you who the candidates are, because there is no election.
But as long as we talk about an election on our news, the people will believe there's an election.
So I want to talk about the psychology of a country, of people who call into talk shows saying, torture, murder, kill, it's good when we do it.
Number one, when our troops get captured, how are we going to say it's bad for the enemy to torture them?
I guess when our airmen got shot down in Vietnam and got tortured, I guess that was okay?
I don't think it's okay.
I think it's bad.
Oh, but the North Vietnamese said our troops were criminals.
They argued internationally that you're not under the Geneva Convention because you broke the rules of war.
Well, that's what our government says now.
So a new standard of barbarousness being sold.
And 75 to 90% of those at the camps, Army's own report, are families picked up at checkpoints for not having their papers in order.
We've played the clip of
Tom Brokaw's last broadcast a few months ago where they have a reporter live in Fallujah and he says, oh yes, everyone coming back into Fallujah is given a retina scan and a thumbprint and if they're caught without their ID card, they're shot on the spot.
If they're caught without their national ID card, they are killed on the spot.
If they...
Leave the immediate area around their homes, they're killed.
This is after the liberation of Fallujah.
Yes, liberating it.
So when our troops first got there, most of the Iraqis were happy.
They believed the propaganda.
They believed the leaflets.
They knew our government put Saddam in, but they figured, well, you know, maybe they're going to be nice to us.
And then they saw that they put all the Baptists back into control.
And then they saw stuff like this.
And we've played the clips before where they're laughing as they... Look at that Iraqi bleeper, that dumb woman.
Watch this.
Man, did you see her head explode?
Just a woman walking down the road.
She's coming up towards our position.
Let's just go ahead and shoot her.
And then they laugh about it.
You know, it'd be one thing if they, it'd be sicking up if they were, well, we better just go ahead and kill her.
Those kids are throwing rocks.
You better go ahead and machine gun them.
Man, this is too bad.
That'd be bad enough, but ha, ha, ha, I'm going to blow that kid away.
I'm going to blow that woman's head off.
Watch this from, you know, 800 yards.
I'm awesome.
You know, just stop, and to watch this PBS clip, and there's so many of these, where, where,
Now, listen to the troops.
They're going, what do you got these kids with you?
Why, they should be in school.
This is all the country's burning.
Weeks into the occupation, everything's shut down, the power's off.
And this guy's playing social worker.
What are you doing?
Hey, why don't you...
Have those kids in school.
It's a family.
They're standing there by their car, caught off the side of the road, picking up some wood.
They've been ordered.
No one's allowed to pick up wood.
That's foraging and hurting the environment and whatever.
You're not supposed to be doing it.
Don't be out on the roads doing nothing.
You're not going to heat your home or cook your food.
There's a family out there.
There's their little white car picking up scraps of wood.
And so this is what happens to them.
There was still something going on when we arrived.
And when we came across soldiers, they didn't seem sure of their role.
We filmed these GIs after they caught a group of Iraqis stealing wood.
We tried to stop them from looting, they don't understand, so we take their car and we crush it.
United States Army tankers, who of them?
Here comes the Abrams!
Runs over, backs over, the family's crying.
The trips turn and laugh at them.
That's what you get when you lose.
Later, the car's owner told us, I'm a taxi driver.
The car was my livelihood.
So you've got a country that's totally shut down, the power off, everything blown to bits, and imagine this family.
Let's go out and get some firewood.
So they're out driving around, you see the shot, it's around some buildings, and they're foraging around for some wood.
And imagine, you're standing there by your father.
Your father's standing there.
He's looking at these guys and they start laughing at you.
Why aren't you in school?
That's where you need to be.
Not following this guy.
Of course, the child doesn't even understand it.
They don't just run over the car.
That's not enough pleasure for them.
They've got to first shoot it.
They just start laughing.
Ha ha!
Ha ha!
Ha ha!
Now we're going to run over your car.
That's what you get when you lose.
Now imagine that family.
Most Iraqis... I've talked to Iraqis...
We're back and forth between Iraq, and it's been in the foreign, even the Arab press, European press.
They were pretty happy, actually.
Okay, maybe the sanctions are over.
We're going to get freedom.
We're going to, you know, all this stuff's over.
Okay, fine.
And then all this happens.
And somebody shoots at the American troops.
And so, okay, we're going to arrest every man down to age 10 in this city of 5,000, 6,000 people.
We're going to bulldoze all your fields.
And there have been reports, video of it, photos of it.
The women just go out and sit with their poor children in the dust and they'll sit here and wait to die.
And there's mass starvation, cholera, death, just exploding numbers.
A million and a half Iraqis died from 1991 up until 2003.
And now since the liberation, it's even worse.
I mean, this is a holocaust.
These are human beings, ladies and gentlemen.
And by the way, the Pentagon knows this will make them fight.
It knows this will cause the war to deepen.
They don't want to win the war.
It's meant to go on longer for weapon sales.
It's meant to go on longer.
It's order out of chaos.
Folks, just like Vietnam, the documents came out on that.
We weren't meant to win that.
It was designed to go on forever.
All of this is.
That's why dozens of generals have left the Pentagon.
They've gone public, known conservatives, JAG officers, heads of the Navy, and said, look,
This is designed to defeat us.
This isn't going to work.
Torture's wrong.
Gonzales saying torture's okay is evil.
It's evil.
Did Jesus torture people?
Did Jesus say torture people?
You don't do it.
And, well, they're Al-Qaeda.
No, they're not.
But if they weren't going to be Alcieta and recruited into something like that, they will be now, which is exactly what the Pentagon document P2OG says.
A huge Pentagon group, $6 billion a year of funding since 2002, UPIAP, just type it in, P2OG, as in Puppy 2, the number 2, P2OG.
All right?
Now this is the reality.
This is the reality.
They say we're going to go out and ravage and kill and kill families.
It says it.
This is what's declassified.
To get the Arabs to fight and to widen the war so we can invade everyone.
But we're losing the war.
We've got to have a draft.
Oh, a terrorist attack is happening in America again.
We've got to go into Iran and Syria.
That'll finally end this.
Just think about it.
All right, that's enough.
I've been going on and on.
Bart in Louisiana, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
I'm down here in Louisiana.
This is about FEMA.
We had a tornado come through here in early December, pretty much wiping out this town of Owla, okay?
1,500 people, over 200 homes damaged and destroyed, one fatality, and FEMA declined our response for financial aid yesterday.
I find that horrible.
These people are poor people.
They don't have much down there.
Well, you know that 93% of FEMA funding is secret and has nothing to do with disaster relief.
It's the shadow government.
By the way, that's admitted now.
Years ago, I was a conspiracy theorist reading federal documents on air, but now that's admitted.
Well, I'm wondering where the rest of the Americans are.
They need to... Well, I'm letting this come out now so the American people can stand up and maybe help these people down here.
They're telling them to go to the Salvation Army.
It's devastating.
My wife went through the area a week ago and said that the houses were still laying on the side of the road.
Trees were stripped apart, blown down.
It looked like a nuclear helicopter.
And we can't get no financial aid from these folks.
But yet we sent our money over to the Stananis over here and...
We're going to rebuild all these resorts for these wealthy people to go vacationing in.
When this is a poor little town here in Louisiana where people don't have anything.
We pay our taxes supposedly so we'll get these services, but the services are all nothing but new taxing mechanisms.
Well, I'll tell you this.
You know, they call the IRS a service.
They call the new toll roads going in nationwide the new service.
It's all service.
They're going to service you, give you something.
I guess the French cutting people's heads off during the French Revolution, it was a service, or falling off a cliff as a service.
But look, they're getting ready to take the pension funds.
They've changed the rules so you don't own your pension funds, your private pension funds, their ratings, Social Security.
It's mass looting, sir.
And the new CIA report came out this weekend saying, yes, America will go to second world and third world status for the next 25 years.
We are being deindustrialized.
We are being shut down.
An internal CIA report got leaked.
Now it's in the mainstream news.
They don't give it a lot of attention.
But there are some good analysts there.
Look, America's cooked.
But we won't even know we're cooked while it's happening because they'll still tell us we're number one while they're taking everything we've got.
That's what the tyranny's about, so they can have their way with us.
Well, you know, there's forced medication, too.
I live here in Louisiana.
My daughter lives in Illinois, and she was diagnosed with bipolar last year.
And I took two months and went up there and stayed with her, and she was in the hospital and so on and so forth.
The hospital had sent her paper for me to fill out, and they wanted to have testing done on myself while I was there.
And I had been there a couple months.
So let me ask you, your daughter was depressed, went on drugs, and then got even more depressed?
Oh, yes.
See, it's always the same.
Somebody's a little depressed, they go get on the medication, then they get completely depressed because their own studies show it actually makes you worse.
Then they put you on two, three, four medications.
Then you start having seizures, and you go on Depakote.
She was on, and I spent many years... I see, I know it all.
I'm sorry I have to say that, but on this subject, I know what they do.
I know their pattern.
I don't know a lot, but when it comes to how they operate, I frankly know that it's not very arrogant, but it's sick.
It's sick to know how criminal they are.
Tell me the chain of events with your daughter.
How this played out.
Well, she had called me several times, and I could tell that something was wrong, either drugs or a combination of drugs or illness, and the mother up there didn't know what to do, so I explained to her... But you talked to her.
How did this start?
How did you first get on the drugs?
How'd she get on the drugs?
Well, they committed her to the hospital up there, ICU.
Before that, was she on drugs?
No, sir.
Then I was wrong, so I don't know at all.
No, she was not on drugs.
Not that you know, though.
Are you sure?
She wasn't seeing a psychologist?
No, no, she wasn't.
Not at all.
Well, you know, we didn't know whether it was drugs from the street that was causing this, or she was on drugs or alcohol.
Well, what was she doing that needed her to be committed?
Well, she was out in the street and she was the neighbors and she was putting stuff in the swimming pool like tomatoes and other stuff she was growing outside and she was acting bizarre and having bizarre mood swings and
But let me stop you.
Why did they put her on Depakote?
Why did they put her on Depakote?
Was I right about that?
After they put her on some drugs, then they put her on the Depakote?
There were several different drugs, and Depakote was the one I remember for sure.
Oh, yeah.
And I ran up on Depakote because, like I said, I stayed there two months with her.
And some of the side effects of Depakote... So that came after they put her on the first ones, though?
Right, right.
This is part of the zombification.
They put you on these others, and then you totally break down even worse than they put you on the Depakote.
Right, and there's been several.
I mean, this has been about a year and a half or two years now that she's been... There's been several.
You need to get your daughter out of there, bring her down to Louisiana, and get her in a good church.
I'm working with her now.
Look, if you don't get your daughter out of there, they're going to fry her brain.
And then they're going to work on her little child, is what I'm trying to tell her.
Did your daughter, was she kind of into the counterculture?
What's that mean, Alex?
How'd she dress?
Uh, she dressed conservatively.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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The next hour is coming up, and I'm really going to try to blitz through your calls.
I want to take maybe 20 calls the next hour, and also cover a smattering of important news and information.
But I want to hear from callers, and talk about whatever you want.
But I want to hear from callers about torture.
You know how it's bad when Joseph Mingala of the Nazis or the North Koreans torture somebody, or when the North Vietnamese torture somebody, but it's good when our government does.
It's loving.
It's helpful.
It's mom and apple pie and baseball.
I mean, you need to get past the double think.
I want to hear from you on this.
Have you seen the mass promotion of it in the media, in fiction and non-fiction?
Before we go back and let Bert finish up very quickly, I'm going to try to jam Steve Ross and others in here.
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Alright, let's go ahead and talk today.
Finish up, Bert, about your daughter.
Yes, I'd like to give one example to the people about this medication.
When I first got my daughter out of the psychiatric ward, we went out in the public, and I'm telling you, literally, people would come across us and run because my daughter was so medicated that you could tell she wasn't right from a distance.
And when we approached people,
They would actually literally run from us.
And that was heartbreaking.
Because she looked like a zombie.
Oh, yeah.
We'll be careful how she goes off the drugs.
Do it under a doctor's care, a medical doctor's care, not these quacks.
Well, you know, Alex, she got herself off the drugs, and I talked to her today, and I could communicate with her.
She seems normal today.
Good, good, good.
Happy ending, Bert.
Got to let you go.
Have a good day.
Take care.
Steve in Tennessee.
Steve, go ahead.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, I want to let you know I was on monopin.
They put me on that for anti-anxiety because I had anxiety attacks, and I was on the lowest dosage, and that made me a zombie.
Were you drinking a lot of caffeine before you had the anxiety attacks?
I've always drank a lot of caffeine.
Oh, sir.
I mean, see, they don't tell you the basic stuff that'll stop it.
If you have anxiety attacks, the number one cause, this is medical information, is overconsumption of caffeine.
Stop drinking caffeine.
Well, that's what I did.
Oh, you already knew that.
Yeah, that's what I did.
Because my grandmother told me, she said, well, you could have too much caffeine, so you better stop.
Cut your intake gradually, so then you can get off that stuff.
So it was... Oh, my God.
Yeah, I mean, you take too much speed.
And, again, I'm a user of coffee one cup a day.
I'm actually working 20 hours.
This is not an exaggeration.
I'm working 19 hours a day right now, so I'm having a cup at...
8 in the morning and I'm having a cup at like 10 o'clock at night.
So I'm actually using speed right now to finish this new film.
But go ahead.
Well, I'll just talk about the Klonopin.
The lowest dosage made me a zombie.
It killed my creativity.
It killed everything.
And I said to the doctor, I said, take me off this.
It's not doing me any good.
And he says, okay, well, there you go.
I had a question for you.
Sure, stay there.
Stay there.
We're going to come back and start the second hour, and I'm going to just start ramming through your calls.
Steve, Ross, Barney, Tim, and others.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, already into our number two.
We've been talking about torture.
Governor Ridge, our great leader of Homeland Freedom, is telling us torture is good.
The monster who was just convicted...
...of torture, Greiner, has come out and said, well, I was ordered to torture, which is admitted, the documents are public.
So we're discussing not just that, but the propaganda surrounding how we're being sold torture.
And while Alberto Gonzalez, our new Attorney General, says torture's good, and Ridge says torture's good, but then, oh, but we didn't order torture, even though the memos are public and the documents are public, and it was Operation Copper Green, the different training they were being given, and being ordered by the CIA to torture people, including small children, in front of their parents.
Pretty sick stuff, so I want to get back into this.
officers want more troops in Iraq.
Plus, U.S.
Selective service being set back up.
And we're talking about the great coronation coming up here in a couple days, two days.
Stanley Hilton's 9-1-1 suit dismissed.
Appeal pending.
Was Robert Kennedy killed by a real Manchurian candidate-style assassin?
That's the London Independent.
We're good to go.
Let's go ahead and go to the calls.
Steve in Tennessee, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I just had a real quick question.
I watched the trailer for your new Rise of the Police State, and I was... Talk about torture.
That guy looked like you had asked him if he had ever been in a ritual, and he looked like he wanted to rip your head off.
Who was that?
Was he a security guy?
That was the chief White House advisor to four U.S.
presidents, David Gergen.
I just said, what about the ritual?
And he didn't deny it, did he?
No, he didn't.
I was shocked.
That's going to be great.
Thanks for your time.
Can't wait to get it.
I appreciate the call.
Thank you.
Yeah, you can watch the trailer for Martial Law, 9-1-1, Rise of the Police State, on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
It's there on the main pages.
Or just type Martial Law Alex Jones video trailer into a search engine.
And, yeah, I'm trying to put everything into this film.
Because if the globalists kill me, I want to leave something behind.
I'm trying to empty the contents of my little brain into something.
That's what matters.
It's what we do, what we stand up for, and who we help.
I've just got a feeling I need to make this a really good film.
I'm trying hard.
We'll see.
All right, let's take another call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ross in Ohio.
Ross, welcome.
Yes, I have a two-part question.
The first is, there's an arsenal about eight miles from where I live, the Ravenna Arsenal, and I just noticed while I was driving by there a couple weeks ago, they're building two new railroads back through there, and this seems very
No reminiscent of something very... Well, how big is the facility?
How big is the facility?
175,000 acres.
Well, they may be wanting to store equipment there, but they've got 18 wheelers to do that.
And all over the country, they admit FEMA camps have been built.
They take old bases and expand them.
Uh, but, uh, there's enough real, live, admitted prisons.
I mean, we've gone from 1.3 mil in prison a few years ago to 7 mil now.
They say there'll soon be 30 million of us in prison.
They're criminalizing everything, so... I look at all the real, live camps that are in plain view.
But, uh, I've also, I've, uh, staked out, like, a place across the street from me back in the woods a little bit.
I have binoculars, and I'll see, like, Army militarized vehicles drive in with, like, uh,
Well, I'm sure you could probably do a search on the city website and find out.
It's probably innocuous.
Yeah, stay there.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, in the last hour, I went over Governor Ridge saying, hey, torture's a good thing.
If it keeps us safe.
At the same time while they're doing this, all these different army soldiers and officers that are being convicted of torture, or of abuse...
And they try to spin it psychologically into a lesser thing.
Raping people and killing them is not abuse.
It's torture.
It's sadistic, serial killer, American psycho type activity.
And they're trying to, again, sell us that, well, it's to stop Al Qaeda.
I don't see I ate it.
But at the same time, we have our leaders, Alberto Gonzalez and Ridge and the rest of them, saying it's a good thing.
It shouldn't be illegal.
And then we have the government's own documents where they ordered these troops to torture these people.
Now, the Brigadier General of Camp X-Ray two years ago, Rick Baucus, quit and said, I've been ordered to torture people.
I'm not doing it.
And so that never made the national news.
I mean, it was on the news wires.
Reuters, AP, and one Rhode Island TV station picked it up.
The General wouldn't come on for an interview.
He was told to shut up.
I was told that.
But Rick Baucus refused to go along.
They can't even have a trial at Camp X-Ray because they've had like, what, five prosecutors and defense lawyers quit saying these aren't real trials.
So they can't even have a kangaroo court because good people are in our military and are going no way.
Now these sicko federal jail guards that they hired and put into the military and commissioned as officers and sent over there, oh yeah, they've been having lots of practice on fresh meat.
And this is how the psychology of torture starts.
Well, these are criminals in our prison, so why shouldn't we just torture them?
Or hang them in their jail cells?
Or do biological and chemical testing on them?
Type in...
Secret government program testing in Huntsville, Texas.
You'll get Houston Chronicle, you name it.
I've been covering this for six, seven years.
The local town got sick from it.
Jail guards got sick from it.
And when you got sick, nobody helped you.
Because you thought, well, these are criminals anyways.
Why not test some bioweapons on them?
You see how that works?
I mean, that's been going on in our prisons.
So now we're all, oh my gosh, they're torturing Iraqis.
And it is bad.
But then the sickos out there go, well, they're not human.
Well, they're subhuman.
Well, that's the same thing that goes on in our prisons.
Well, there are a bunch of murderers in prison getting fat, lifting weights, and watching cable TV, and they got hot tubs.
They can work harder.
Maybe Club Fed, where Martha Stewart is, is nice.
But they don't have jacuzzis or cable TV, unless you're a special federal case.
No, no, no.
The prisons are asbestos-filled.
They're the older prisons with tuberculosis in the walls, chemical, biological testing going on in many of them.
You work for 18 to 25 cents an hour.
If you want the most basic foods that are edible and not rotten bologna,
And you go work, and then people go, good, Mike can work.
Can you compete against 7 million people, 5 million of which work in the prison industries?
Can you compete against a 5 million person workforce that gets on average 20 cents an hour?
Oh, you never thought of that, did you?
See, you've got to think of things in the multifaceted, multivariate, how they're interconnected, how they operate.
That's what you've got to do.
I mean, we ought to be scared to death of a government.
That is openly promoting torture and every form of larcenous evil.
And by afraid of it, I mean we should be concerned about it.
And when I'm afraid, I fight.
I don't engage in flight.
And I certainly choose my battles, but I engage in the info war.
And I want to be clear on this.
A lot of patriots, a lot of whistleblowers have been killed.
We're good to go.
My family, I just love decency.
I love and I appreciate basic things like a good meal.
Life to me is an incredible adventure.
Every moment is just filled with amazing thoughts and ideas and just all these memories.
And it's sad to know that when I die, all of that, at least on this plane of existence, will be lost forever.
There will be no more...
Interfacing with humanity no more on this plane of existence.
And I'm very frustrated that I don't have the skills to articulate my worldview and the things that I understand and see.
And I don't think... I mean, I know I'll be alive as long as God wants me to be alive.
I've talked to a lot of soldiers who've been in combat, and they'll tell you that... It's like Colonel Craig Roberts says, his old...
Was it Baptist Grandpa when he was going to Vietnam as a sniper?
He said, son, you don't worry because there's a lot of them Vietnamese boys who are going to be wanting to kill you and a lot of people dying around you.
I'm paraphrasing this.
But it's whatever God wants.
If you're going to die, you're going to die.
And, you know, that's just the way it is.
And really, that is the way it is.
If we love life so much that we always go to the path of weakness, the path of compromise, the path of stagnation, if we love life so much that we cower in fear to bullies and despots and thugs and their secret police...
If we love life so much that we're even afraid of what our neighbors think, and then subconsciously, psychologically, because this is most of the cowardice, twist our minds and make excuses for it, and deny it's going on.
Most people just deny it's even going on.
But deep down you know it's true.
That's why you've got that sick feeling right now listening to this.
And so, people want to hold on, they're so self-centered, so greedy, that
That they are bringing death.
And when all of you act like cattle, when all of you act like sheep, when all of you act like gazelles on the African plain, the lions come, and they devour.
The wolves come, and they devour.
Well, I'm not a sheep, and I'm not a wolf.
I'm a sheepdog.
And I don't like wolves, and I sardonically am angry at the sheep.
I wish they'd become sheepdogs.
And you know what?
If a pack of wolves corner me one day and rip my guts out, you know, if they line me up and say, you knew you had this coming, if they strap me down and torture me, it doesn't matter.
Because let me tell you something.
Let me tell you something.
You look at your children, and you know the world you're giving them and what you're putting them into, and if you won't do everything possible
And if there is even fear in you, and you even have to think about doing something to stop this new world order, something is wrong with you fundamentally.
The globalists put cancer viruses and vaccines on purpose.
They've been caught a thousand times.
They created the AIDS virus.
Nobel laureates, it's public, it's admitted.
The patents, the army funding, the naval funding for it, it's all admitted.
Congressional testimony.
These people...
Took G.I.'
's wives and gave them uranium pills when they were pregnant to kill their babies and to track what it would do to them.
And if you can't stand up against this pack of psychopaths who take our troops and stand them out in the field and fly over and nerve gas them just to see what it would do to our own troops.
If you can't stand up against these people, do you know how bad things are going to get?
If you buy their lies and listen to their propaganda and feel good and take the easy path and make excuses to yourself, do you know the hell you're delivering this country into?
This nation has been captured by high-tech, genius criminals.
Societies, organized crime societies that took over the Western world hundreds of years ago but couldn't manifest their full designs because the public wasn't wicked enough, the general population wasn't psychotic enough, so they made a conscious decision to the Carnegie Foundations, the Rockefeller Foundations, and others.
They wrote the reports to destroy our moral fabric, to twist us so we would be tools of empire.
And they've now captured this country
And they are using it as an engine, as a power system, as a battering ram.
They are forging us into a tool.
That's what tyranny is about.
And your pension funds and your health and your safety don't matter.
It's all the goal to dumb you down, to turn you into mindless idiots, to project you outwards as their military arm to take over the world.
I've watched the Pentagon on C-SPAN admit it.
Call it world government.
Say that's what it's about.
And the people serving this, the people going along with this, are doing it deep down, 90% of them, at the higher levels.
Because deep down they're afraid of this.
They got into it for power and control as they got higher up in it.
They found out just how evil it is, just how serious it is, and most of them, out of fear, energetically execute the...
Building plans, the blueprints of this monstrosity that is nearing completion.
It is a wrecking ball.
I can see the phases of it.
It's laid out like a blueprint in front of me.
Once they've taken over the third world, once they've got the world ID cards in, once they've got the whole planet with cameras on it, then they're going to start releasing the plagues, then they're going to start exterminating masses of people.
Their official plan, 80 plus percent of us to be exterminated.
And look, I know this sounds insane.
It's true.
Again, a lot of you have been listening for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 years.
You know everything I've told you has come true.
Folks, you don't want to be in the next phase of this in the next 20 years.
You think, oh, 20 years away.
I mean, before that, to get us even more clamped down and straitjacketed by the New World Order, nukes going off, bios being released, all of it, as they get us into this and we give up more freedom, as they promise to keep us safe, and then the next thing just gets bigger.
And so many people in this system make the psychological excuse to deny what I'm saying.
Well, let me tell you something.
You can set your watch and warrant on it.
You can bank on it.
You can guarantee it.
This stuff is going to happen unless there is a mass revelation of understanding and resistance to it.
And so facing this threat to the species...
I have the instinctive drive, if I have to throw myself into the gears of it and be crushed by it, to stand in front of that tank like Tiananmen Square, so be it!
There is not even a thought in my mind.
I am committed.
I am driven.
I am possessed by the desire to defend life.
Hi folks, this is Alex Jones.
Whether you are aware or not, World War III has started.
Let me rephrase that.
Oil War III has started.
Don't kid yourself, the reason we went into Iraq is oil.
Now we are looking at the possibility of invading Iran and even Saudi Arabia.
Why else would the US be building 13 permanent military installations inside Iraq?
Does it look like we're pulling out?
The nations of the Earth are consuming oil at the rate of 83 million barrels per day and growing.
At this rate of consumption, experts predict that oil prices will only go up.
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That's 1-800-453-2202.
Or email your request to ReadyReserves at AOL.com.
That's 800-453-2202.
Have you ever felt like the United States government knows way too much about your financial affairs?
I continue to hear stories about property seizures, frozen bank accounts, confiscation of stocks and bonds.
It makes me wonder if the US citizen will ever again have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Unfortunately, with the Drug and Money Laundering Act, the IRS Revenue ruling 6045 of 1984, and the Trading with the Enemy Act in Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order of 1933, some precious metal holdings are subject to government intervention.
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Exercise your legal right to trade metals privately.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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Supreme Court.
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It railed against the crown.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And the lives they leave far ahead of their time.
All right, folks.
Thank you for joining us.
Without the renegades, Lord knows where we'd be.
When it comes to heroes, the renegades are mine.
Folks, powerful, strong men have always wanted to dominate.
And if our ancestors, regardless of what color we are, didn't stand up, we wouldn't even have the freedoms we have now.
Tyranny will go to the limit until it is met with force.
Bullies will.
We're talking about a lot more than bullies.
Globalists couldn't live with themselves if they had a conscience, but it's more than that.
They're not just sociopaths.
They're sadists.
They enjoy their work.
They enjoy carrying the human spirit to pieces.
They love to devour because their father is the devil.
And they're either possessed by the world and by its owner,
Or you were possessed by God.
You were filled by God's vision and what God wants.
And you're either living for the devil, or you're living for God.
It's simple!
Now I'm sick of hearing you get on the radio, you sick filth, and talk about how the torture's good.
You ought to be made to go over there to Iraq, and you should be made... You know, when you go to hell, you're probably going to have to watch them torture those Iraqi children forever.
You're going to have to sit there as it's replayed to you in hell.
If there's any justice forever as they torture those children to death, you filth!
You demon-possessed trash!
I've been in preacher mode lately, folks.
I've actually been working, trying to finish this film like 18, 19 hours a day.
I actually have more energy.
It's weird.
I'm sure I'll be exhausted afterwards.
I've kind of hit a second wind here.
And I talked about how I'm
Drinking coffee.
Not a lot of it.
Maybe one cup in the morning, one cup at night.
But I was being honest about it.
I guess that is a speed.
I need to get off coffee.
It's bad.
But I just, you know, folks, we've got to wake up.
We've got to fight this thing.
Let's go ahead and take a call here.
Barney in Maryland.
Go ahead, Barney.
Yeah, Alex, two things.
Of course, the Iraqi war was an illegal war
Well, look, it's admitted that the White House ordered all of this.
It's admitted.
I mean, it's public, but the media just keeps ignoring that.
It's sick.
What do you think about these people that call the Iraqis subhuman?
Well, they're just out of this world.
They've got problems.
But on the second issue, I would like to know what department or agencies are responsible for collecting the camera footage
And other surveillance equipment on us.
Here's how it works.
The feds pay about 70% on average, and then we have to supplement locally to put, quote, the traffic cameras in the last 10 years.
Then they built, in the last six years, emergency command centers, even like you'll have four or five rural counties, even if it's rural, they'll have a FEMA command base.
The cameras nexus through there, then are fiber optic cabled or satellited into the federal government, into the NSA, into the national traffic safety groups, into the national transportation organizations.
And so they all have...
Connection feeds into that, and then the cameras themselves are hooked through face scanning, license plate scanning, control grid systems, and many of them also have shotgun microphones that can listen to you from hundreds of yards away.
And now from Austin, Texas to Colorado, they are putting in up to five-mile-long cables that have little robotic cameras that buzz up and down them watching people even in rural areas.
Okay, well, buddy, you better pace yourself.
We've got a long fight ahead of us.
I know we do, Barney.
I just, uh... I've been in this for 45 years, and you just have to take it as it comes.
Ride the punches.
When did you wake up to the New World Order, Barney?
About 1960.
I've been fighting it ever since.
We had good leaders, we had good workers, but we didn't have the means of communication we have today.
And, uh...
People weren't hurting, so it took all this time to get things going.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
Yeah, it sounds horrible, the stuff we're talking about, but don't worry.
Evil always implodes on itself.
You had ten globalists left in a room.
The only people on Earth, they would all start turning on each other.
That's their nature.
That's what they do.
They're predators.
They're more than predators.
They're destructive, hateful creatures.
We're taking your calls, talking about torture, and just decadence, period.
How we're being sold evil, wholesale, pell-mell, here in America.
And being forged into a dark battering ram to take over every free nation, every sovereign nation, every rogue nation, regardless of who runs them, good, bad, the ugly.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, welcome.
Belated Happy New Year, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Just like you, I'm surrounded by fascists and fools.
I've given them the name Step-Birds when you put so much information in front of people, and like you say, they still want to deny it.
They know deep down, but they don't want to admit it.
I don't even mean that.
The time, the energy to effectively, truly articulate what we're facing.
I don't think people realize how truly anti-Christ is the only way to describe it, this global system is.
And then even the so-called Christians, their churches have been compromised, and they're there fooling them, not giving them the big picture.
They are telling them that evil leaders are of God.
It's sick!
That's where my definition of Stepford steps in.
Speaking of that, over the Christmas holidays, there was an interview with Ann Coulter.
Did you catch that?
In the quote where she said, I think it would be fun to nuke North Korea.
Yeah, I think it would be fun to nuke people.
I think we need to kill more civilians in Iraq.
Yeah, that was a big New York paper.
I actually read it on there.
Which one was that?
It was one of the New York publications.
I forget.
I'll find out.
I think it was New York Daily News.
I'll call you back tomorrow.
It's posted on PrisonPlanet.com.
Yeah, it's just crazy.
I mean, folks, she actually said we need to kill more civilians.
That's the answer.
She goes, our troops just need to kill them.
Just kill more civilians.
Just kill them.
I mean, this idiot who probably doesn't even know how to load a firearm.
I mean, it's just like Marie Antoinette, let them eat cake.
Just kill them.
Just kill more of the civilians.
That's what teach them.
Just smash them.
I mean, it's so decadent.
She sounds like she's been hanging around with Albright too long.
It'd be so fun to just start nuking.
Question about the inauguration this week.
Yes, just the inauguration.
The oath.
Now, the senator does not say, I promise to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Yes, they violate the oath big time.
You're right.
The Patriot Act, the Homeland Security, that does nothing but eviscerate our Constitution.
It reduces all civil liberties.
And actually makes it easier in the new intelligence bill they just passed, the 9-11 overhaul, actually had amnesty in it to accept all the fake ID cards of foreigners.
And they're all impeachable offenses.
And once again, people look the other way, which then they get branded by me, a stepper, because if you're that brainwashed that you can't take all of this information and see what is really going on,
Then you're completely brainwashed.
Well, again, it's comfortable and easy to just deny it.
Out of sight, out of mind.
But that's not how the real world works.
Thanks for the call.
And again, let me try to boil this down.
Just as simply as I can.
Here's an example.
Democrats talk about how Bush is evil.
Oh, he's for the Patriot Act.
Oh, he's for the National ID Card.
Oh, he's for torture.
Well, your prominent Democratic leaders...
They helped write up a lot of this.
They helped write up the Patriot Acts.
They helped push... More Democrats are voting with Bush than Republicans.
Did you know that?
On all these key votes, I've read the votes on air.
They're actually the ones.
It's a handful of good, real conservatives, like Ron Paul and Kuhn and others...
That are doing this.
That are standing up.
The Democrats helped write it.
Bill Clinton helped set up the foundations for all this.
Bill Clinton's out saying how great it is with George Bush and his daddy.
It's like conservatives.
I heard one this morning.
A neocon on radio going, let me tell you, these Democrats want to drug all our kids.
It's just horrible.
They want to drug all our kids with Ritalin and Prozac.
It's George Bush about to make it law that you have to do it.
Not about to make a law.
They just passed it.
Forced psychological testing.
They said they're going to put half the kids on drugs.
I mean, that's the British Medical Journal, the AP.
You can read the articles.
It's the bill.
I've had Ron Paul, congressman, on about it.
Other congressmen on about it.
Tom Tancredo on.
I mean, it's real, folks.
I could have called into that show and all George Bush is for it.
All right, you liar.
Sure is, you commie.
Again, so...
People are all being given a false choice.
Oh, the Democrats will protect me.
Oh, the Republicans will protect me.
Wouldn't they all go on vacation together and give each other awards and sit on the same boards together and go to the Bohemian Grove together and go select their male prostitute they wish to, you know, spend the night with?
And even put it in the newspaper.
Yeah, we're getting serviced by the porn stars.
So what?
The gay porn stars.
We're Christian.
And then the preachers get up on the radio and rebuke me.
Alex Jones is an evil devil.
He told lies about President Bush.
Claims he goes to a place called Bohemian Grove.
I mean, it's admitted.
I mean, it's just... Or, you know, what about Skull and Bones?
Well, that was when he was...
Young man, it ain't just no big deal.
Oh, yeah, the order of death where you ask Satan to enter your body, Lucifer to enter your body.
They believe Lucifer's God.
This is admitted!
You wonder why stuff's getting so crazy?
All right, let's go to Len in Oklahoma.
Len, go ahead.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
It's good to talk to you again.
Good to talk to you.
Just a quick comment tonight on Paula Zahn on CNN.
They're going to have a segment called Citizen Spy.
I kid you not.
And, of course, they'll say, is it good?
Maybe it is good.
Maybe it's not.
Just kind of soft soap it and sell it to us.
Yeah, well, the promo they ran featured a stay-at-home mom who has her computer hooked up, I guess, to the Internet, and they showed a screenshot of the video monitor, you know, and it was segmented with different video feeds.
And she basically stays at home and buys.
Let me stop you.
Let me stop you.
Did you not hear me over a year ago scream and yell about this?
Now, I knew about the federal program and the plan, but then it was in the New York Times.
And by law, when we're all drafted upwards to age 49, or when they blow the economy out, then you'll get a supplemental check, you're going to get a government check on a national ID card, but you'll have to, quote, work upwards of 20 hours a week sitting at a computer
Watching video feeds, but never from your city.
It's always another city.
And you watch the feed, now as a Big Brother spy, and the government says, in case you're not watching, they are going to insert false feeds.
Computer-generated, showing a terrorist go up to the power plant fence, showing someone spanking their child.
This is actually in the news, because that's terrorism.
I'm not kidding.
I'm not kidding.
I'm not kidding, folks.
Listen to me carefully.
They're going to superimpose video in test to make sure you're always watching.
So this does about ten different things, but here's a few of them.
Number one, it creates the psychological perception of those watching that...
They've done big Pavlovian tests on this at major psychology departments.
We've even found documents on it.
This creates the perception, like all the fake terror drills, that terrorism is a real widespread threat because you're watching the simulated terrorism.
It also makes it fun like a game so that you don't get bored of it, but it also then...
There's so many points here.
But it just does so many things, and it also conditions us to accept the government inserting fake things in real things for our own good, getting us ready for more and more fake newscasts and all this generated.
So understand, imagine, you're going to have to sit there and watch a screen, and then it's going to be tied into a live police feed with this...
They gave the example of you're in Baltimore and you'll be watching somebody in Chicago or you're in Houston.
You'll be watching somebody in San Diego.
That way you don't see one of your own family members, something bad happening to them or something, and then not go along with it.
And then you're there reporting all crime and everything.
And so you're telling me, I've got to take this, but I'm going to be on TV tonight.
What time is Paula's on on?
That's on at 7 o'clock Central.
Okay, I'll probably type it myself, but if I don't... Will somebody tape this SP and mail it to me?
So tell me in detail, just from a little blurb for the ad, what did they say this... Describe it for us.
Well, it was just a brief promo during the course of the program itself.
It was probably 15, maybe 15 seconds or so in duration, but basically it's called Citizen Spy.
They're going to talk about it tonight during the program, and they're going to feature a stay-at-home mom who has a computer, and they show...
A computer monitor, and it was segmented, you know, with different video feeds from different locations, and it really didn't go into any detail, but apparently, I guess they're going to cover that in detail tonight.
This will be a spin.
Well, after 9-11, maybe so.
Is it good?
Well, one of the... I'm sorry, I was just going to say, one of the things that they talked about rather extensively on last night's program was the lack of, you know, security at the...
You know, with the railways across the country, and they had Joseph Biden, and he was talking about... And now we've got to have the TSA town searchers there, on the bridges, on the highways.
Yeah, I saw Rich two and a half years ago say, everywhere is going to be like the airport.
Go ahead.
Yeah, exactly.
And they were talking about maybe, you know, needing to put cameras in and that kind of thing.
They're going to search you when you go in the shopping mall.
Right, exactly.
But anyway, I guess they're going to give this quite a...
What a bit of coverage during the course of the one-hour program tonight.
Well, they haven't hired former Stasi chiefs and KGB chiefs.
This is admitted.
They haven't hired these people to bring them in to consult for nothing.
Like, I've seen old... It was the weirdest thing.
They have a university channel here in Austin.
Channel 18 or 22, I forget.
They have a couple channels.
They were airing old, but with dubbed in English, old East German TV shows.
And it was all propaganda about, she's a caring mother.
That's why she spies on her neighbor.
You know, you may not think that it's aiding the evil Westerners and engaging in terrorism to hoard food coupons, but it is.
Overall, it weakens the state and hurts her children.
That's why she reports them.
And, oh, look at the great bounty of it.
And so this is basically what our news is now.
And well, you know, Alex, and that's the exact verbiage they used for the, you know, during the promo that they ran during the program last night.
Oh, she's supporting her children.
Yeah, well, citizen spy is what they called it.
But I just had one last thing.
What is the latest on ArnoldExposed.com?
What's the latest with that?
Well, I'll tell you, I've bit off more than I can chew.
We're going to run the ads.
I've made some stuff.
We've extended out the contest.
We've only gotten a few entries.
Millions of visitors, only a few entries.
$2,000 prize for the best ad.
And I'm busy trying to finish this film in the next few weeks.
Martial law.
And it's going to happen, and we update the site, and we're going to do it.
Well, thank you much, Alex.
All right.
I appreciate your call, sir.
All right.
I really do.
Yeah, it's just so sick, folks.
Torture's good.
We're going to spy on you.
Blah, blah, blah.
Marijuana-aged terrorists.
We're going to arrest you as a terrorist.
We're going to put your kids on drugs that actually swish cheese their brains.
But don't smoke what George Washington did.
I don't like marijuana.
I don't think it's good, but it's good for a few medical things.
The point is, don't swatting people's houses looking for marijuana while you're pushing 15% of the kids already on the drugs that are 100 times worse.
More than that.
And now 50% to be on it.
I mean, it's just craziness.
Think, man!
Think, woman!
Let's just go ahead and take a call here.
Matt in Tennessee.
Matt, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I'm a new listener.
Recently awoke out of the Matrix about a year and a half ago.
I was a gospel singer and itinerating preacher for 25 years and moved to Nashville about five years ago and got into the media and
And I just want to ask if you could put on the front of your web page maybe a link to a page dedicated to giving us specifics, information on how to hold a town meeting, your resolution to fight the Patriot Act, specifics on your rules about copying and distributing videos, specifics on action that we can take.
Well, basically, everybody just needs to start informing others and daily focusing and thinking about just how serious all this is.
And people, I mean, it's not hard to set up town hall meetings.
People should be able to figure that out.
I came up with the idea to throw Patriot X out at the city and state and county level and put it out.
People picked it up and expanded on it and ran with it.
Last time I checked, it was over 400 cities and four states have done it.
I mean, I can't think of it all.
I tell you what, I mean, you got any ideas?
I mean, I'd love to build a page about activism and solutions.
It's just that I can only do so much.
I hear you.
I couldn't find your resolution.
Maybe your webmaster could put a link or something a little clearer on that resolution, because I'll just print it off.
Well, just type in Restoring the Constitution Resolution Alex Jones into a search engine.
Anything else, sir?
Well, I'm a preacher, and I've been kicked out of many churches for preaching the truth.
And I think that the problem with the Christians is they're looking to hirelings and false shepherds.
The handlers are running the denominations behind the scenes.
They're just hierarchies.
That's not what Jesus and the apostles taught.
They taught servant leadership.
The apostles and the ministers had their own businesses.
They were independent leaders.
It wasn't this big money-making, multi-level ministry scheme we have now.
The people have got to start thinking for themselves, going to the crosswalk.com, looking up the scriptures in the Greek, like Romans 13, seeing what it really says, and start fighting for our country, because the prophets didn't say the New World Order had to take over America.
They said the world, and the world was the system, and the world was referring to Europe, China, Asia, and the cradle of civilization.
They didn't even know about America then, so...
God's given us this country as a place of refuge.
We need to fight for it.
Why do you think the New World Order is concentrating most of its firepower here?
Oh yeah, we're the last ones that still have guns, and God is blessing us.
But we've got to repent of this abortion and all our sins.
If we'll repent of our sins, He'll heal our land.
But He's calling the Christians to repent.
No, you're absolutely right.
No, I mean, Christ spoke out against the Pharisees and the Sadducees.
I mean...
Up there parading around, telling the Jews how good Rome was.
You know, going after the zealots.
Go along with Rome.
Alright, thanks for the call.
Let's talk to... Who's up next here?
Cheryl in Ohio.
Go ahead.
Hi, sir.
I was wondering if you had heard anything on your local news in regarding some classified...
documents that now have become unclassified in regards to back during Vietnam, Gulf War I, Gulf War II, that they had chemicals that they could use on our men and women in war that they would be able to spray, that our men and women would be able to chase one another of the same sex.
Yeah, that's come out.
I mean, they've been developing this for a while.
It's a super aphrodisiac meant to be sprayed on trips for the same sex.
And that broke into the news again about a week ago.
I posted it on Infowars.com.
It is on your site?
Yeah, it's somewhere last week in there.
Okay, because, you know, if that's not a form of torture in of itself, then I don't know what is.
Well, notice so much of this torture is sexual, see?
Globalists are a bunch of perverts.
And so, basically, who knows what they're... Could they be spraying that in the chemtrails?
They're doing all kinds of stuff, my dear.
Good points.
Thanks for the call.
We'll be back.
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All right.
Third hour coming up.
Tons of news.
Your call is continuing at 800-259-9231.
Before I go back into the news here, a little bit of the news at the end of this hour, I just really call on all of you, every man and woman, black, white, old, young, to join me in the fight against the New World Order.
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I've made 11 powerful videos that are very informative and all documented.
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For those that will watch the videos with an open mind, we're getting a 90% conversion rate.
That is, they're waking up and agreeing with the information.
And the next step is getting more informed for them and then taking action.
The globalists have got to get us to at least be buffaloed by them or be confused by them so they can carry out their agenda.
We have to shine a light on that.
My videos are all over two hours long, except for the newest one, American Dictator, is a little under two hours long.
Five minutes under two hours.
On the DVD in about 95 minutes on the VHS, American Dictators exposes the false left-right paradigm of the election and shows the frauds and gets into skull and bones and Bush and Kerry being cousins and all the other so-called things that they do that aren't very Christian or conservative.
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Spread the word.
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And get in people's faces that are promoting torture.
These are sick, sick people on their way to becoming just bankrupt minds.
officers want more trips in Iraq.
UPI, despite the Pentagon's assessment, there are sufficient U.S.
trips in Iraq.
Officers there routinely request more.
The Washington Times reported Monday.
Well, if they just say you don't need more, it's so.
Learn to double think.
A retired general who asked not to be named because he does business with the Pentagon told the newspaper the open, often requested figure is six to eight more brigades or even more than 50,000 more troops.
They are not bemoaning, not griping, it's just the way they feel.
They need, the source said.
General John Abizid, the U.S.
commander in the region, was not requested a sizable increase in strength.
The Bush administration has settled on U.S.
forces of 150,000 troops in Iraq.
For the January 30th elections, an increase of 12,000.
There are no elections.
No one's running against the installed candidates.
That's admitted!
But they keep calling in an election!
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with the third hour.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
What would it profit a man if he gave the whole world but lost his soul?
Humanity is being warped.
Man, he's always had problems.
He's always been evil.
But it's growing.
It's expanding.
It's a stench.
And it's run by a bunch of control freaks.
Of pain.
My friends, we must defeat the New World Order.
We're going to take a ton of your calls here in the third hour.
Go straight to your calls after this break.
I'm going to go to your calls one after the other in rapid succession.
1-800-259-9231 What do you think about these people?
You hear all over talk radio and TV going, Torture's good!
Yes, let's torture people!
Let's torture them!
Torture's wonderful!
What's wrong with their minds?
Condoleezza Rice is in testimony right now for the Senate, for her confirmation as Secretary of State, the lady that said the government never heard of a plan to fly planes into buildings, though there have just been scores of government drills concerning it, and missile launchers on top of the Genoa-Italy summit months before 9-11, put there by our government, and they just had a CIA memo specifically giving details of it a month before, but they never heard of such a plan.
And they never said there were weapons of mass destruction either, no, just hundreds of times apiece.
Now the feds have been fear-mongering that terrorists may attack the inauguration.
And after they've created fear, then they withdraw the fear.
And, oh, we don't think that's going to happen now because you gave up all your rights.
Just don't look the president in the eye, they said.
Don't look the president in the eye because, well, that's what terrorists do.
And Stanley Hilton, who we've got coming on later this week, Bob Dole, former chief of staff, that's suing the Bush administration for involvement in 9-11.
Got an interview with him, a clip of him in Masters of Terror.
His suit's been thrown out.
So we'll be covering this little article about that.
Also an article on the London Independent.
Was Robert Kennedy killed by a real Manchurian candidate-style assassin?
And we'll cover this story.
Another one out of the Boston Globe.
Martin Luther King family still convinced assassination was conspiracy.
Airbus unveils the new super-jumbo European leaders hail lead over the United States.
Minnesota town, it's 54 below zero.
Man, I could plane down here in Texas when it gets down to freezing.
I'm a wimp.
Minnesota town, it's 54 below zero.
Associated pro temperatures plummeted across the eastern half of the nation last night, approaching an all-time record in northern Minnesota and freezing the Gulf Coast as a river of Arctic air pushed southward.
Thermometers registered a low of 54 degrees below zero at Embarass, Minnesota.
You keep living, but it gets old after a while, said Christine McAuley, the town clerk of the community of 691 people in the northeast of Minnesota.
Minnesota's record low is 60 below, set in February of 1996 in Tower, about 10 miles north of Embarass.
The cold in Embarass didn't stop the regular customer from getting their morning coffee at Four Corners, a cafe and gas station.
Doesn't really have to do with the New World Order, but it is interesting.
54 degrees below zero.
Man, that's got to be painful.
The network's based up in Minnesota, St.
And I'm glad I'm down in Texas.
Of course, they don't have to put up with 115 degree August days sometimes.
I remember doing two a day's.
Back in high school in football, we ended up there running sprints in 115 degree weather.
That'll make you percolate like a sieve.
All right.
We'll come back and take calls and get into just a lot of other news and a lot of what I just mentioned.
Websites are infowars.com and prisonplanet.tv.
We'll be right back.
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A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
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I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Let me cover just a couple articles.
I'm going to go to John, Diane, Nick, and others that are holding.
Military test lasers to warn off aircraft.
I mentioned this last Friday.
Didn't read the article, and then I got an email saying I was lying about it.
Okay, fine.
I'll read the article.
This is from the Washington Post.
Military test lasers to warn off aircraft.
Now, before I read this article, six months ago, there was suddenly a rash of articles, Al Qaeda is going to target aircraft with lasers.
Industrial lasers.
I wonder why they were promoting it so much, and I said, it's only a question of time until some idiot, playing around with their laser pointer, points it at a helicopter or aircraft, and the people see the red light go across the windshield,
We're across the sensors and there's a big hysteria over it.
It wasn't hard to guess because many times I've been walking my dog and you hear kids giggling out a window and a red light hits you.
Many times, you know, I've been downtown going to a restaurant by the bar district, and it was a fad a few years ago, still kind of a fad.
I mean, just laser pointers everywhere.
I've been at movies probably 15 times.
Probably a third of the movies I've gone to in the last few years, somebody aims a laser pointer at the screen.
They sell them in all the gas stations.
You've seen them.
And so some father with his daughter was messing around with a tiny laser, pointing it, and it hit a plane.
I still don't understand how a plane's above you and it hits the cockpit.
And then they admit there's no danger, but they come and arrest him and charge him as a terrorist.
And I wondered, why suddenly do they talk about this before it happens?
Well, then this came out.
A day after the Department of Transportation urged pilots to report hazardous laser beams aimed at aircraft, the U.S.
military said it was testing a system to beam red and green lasers at aircraft in the Washington area as a warning when they entered restricted airspace.
The plan has prompted confusion among some area pilots who said they were unsure whether they would be able to tell the difference between a commercial laser used by someone playing at home and one operated by the North American Aerospace Defense Command who carried out the 9-11 attacks.
Transportation Secretary...
Norman Y. Mineta on Wednesday urged pilots to report laser sightings for the Federal Aviation Administration and local law enforcement.
A commercially available laser beam into a cockpit can distract a pilot and in rare cases cause permanent eye damage.
That's a total lie.
You aim one of these lasers... Man, I've... Again, I've got one somewhere around here where the cat or the chihuahua, you aim it at the ground and it chases it around.
It's kind of fun.
I talked about that last week.
I want to dig it out and play with the chihuahua or the cat again.
But I've been out in the front yard, folks, and I'm going to admit it.
I have aimed at a stop sign with it.
And by the time it hits a stop sign 100 yards away or 200 yards, it covers the whole stop sign.
These lasers spread out.
They're not really lasers in the true sense.
It's just a directed beam of light, which I guess the sun shining on you is a broad-spectrum laser.
And so it just isn't true.
I mean, even a powerful laser on a rifle.
You know, you're out in the woods, and you're pointed at a fence post 400 yards away.
It's about the size of a baseball.
I think they want to demonize lasers to ban their use, so you can't have them on your guns.
And I said that, and actually a listener called about it, and he was right.
Now they're announcing it.
Everything's got to be restricted.
Everything's got to be criminal.
But then it turns out, in the areas where we've been having these laser problems, NORAD spokesman said, told the Aviation Administration, prepare to start having planes be hit by our lasers, but said, oh, don't worry, it won't hurt you.
And be ready to see us testing our lasers, which are even more powerful.
I mean, you've got a plane, folks, at 1,000 feet.
A helicopter at 1,000 feet, 800 feet, 500 feet.
I mean, even if you buy one of these lasers they have for light shows, those things spread out quite a bit.
I mean, it's just going to be a green or red light reflecting off.
It's a joke!
It could distract somebody.
It's like all over the country they're banning cell phones in the car without a headset.
Well, now the feds have come out and said, we want to ban headsets too.
Well, get ready for them to ban everything.
Eating in the car, talking in the car, putting a CD in, it's going to be a felony.
You think I'm joking?
They're announcing it.
So see, they start banning, and it just accelerates.
Everything's going to be a crime.
And the feds have said they're trying to pass the law or get the regulation through.
We're talking Houston Chronicle when I first saw it three, four years ago.
Last week, Ergonomics Today, the major industry publication.
Major car manufacturers are preparing to make it standard.
A camera that constantly scans your face, like the Void Comp and Blade Runner, where if your eye is moving too fast with a micro-vibration, that means you're tired, your car will not start.
That's what the industry publications say.
You read the mainstream news, it's a little bit less.
They tell you how good it is.
There's pressure sensors in the car.
If someone in it with a thermometer picks up if it's over 98 degrees and someone's in the car, it starts giving you a warning.
And if you don't respond, they say, oh, I just got in the car and discarded it.
It's an AI computer.
Primitive AI, artificial intelligence.
Then it goes ahead and calls the police and uplinks them with the infrared camera because it can see in the dark, too.
So, and this will be in your cars.
This will happen.
You will be watched by it.
And when you do distracted driving, if you look away from straight forward for more than 1.5 seconds, it warns you.
The third time, it notifies and dials into the police department, and it pops up at the emergency management facility, and they have the video of you.
They have the video of you in the vehicle.
Ladies and gentlemen, now again, this is not a joke.
This is happening.
There are cameras in hundreds of schools that we know of in the bathrooms.
And when a janitor gets caught doing it because they're a pervert, he gets 10 years in prison and he should.
But when the official school district does it and gets caught, they say, yes, it's good, aha!
And then they were caught with one Tennessee school trading the video on the internet of the 10-year-old girls taking showers.
Associated Press.
Are you starting to get what I'm saying here?
This is unbelievable!
There is no rational, calm response to this.
This is insane.
If we were normal, we'd be running down the street screaming, freaking out over this.
This is pull your hair out, stick your head out of the window, start screaming.
This is insane!
They're just doing it!
I remember five, six years ago, AP, Detroit Free Press,
Out of Michigan.
Almost all their roadside rest stops put cameras not just in the restrooms, but in the stalls.
Oh, it will stop crying.
Now they've got AI computers and all this.
They'll be scanning your face.
They'll be doing it all.
I mean, folks, this is worse than Brave New World.
This is worse than 1984.
It has nothing to do with terrorism.
The terrorism legislation is actually giving the illegal aliens amnesty and accepting their fake IDs.
All right, I'm going to go to calls.
I apologize for running on.
John in Ohio, then Diane, Nick, and others.
John, go ahead.
Yeah, I really appreciate your righteous indignation and the jumpstart of the conscience.
I think the corporate media and these fascists in the government are
We're good to go.
I think it's been known for many years, even decades, that this was a conspiracy.
And it's interesting that the... Governments never kill their rivals in history.
Oh, really?
In fact, that's the norm in history.
It's rare that assassination isn't going on.
But nowadays, it doesn't exist.
And I find... I really have a real problem with some of the...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And, you know, I would hope that you would have somebody on maybe like from AssassinationScience.com who we've had on before.
I've had him on many times.
Yeah, because this has been known for a long time that Robert Kennedy was killed by, as you say, a Manchurian candidate, sir hand, sir hand.
Actually, the number of shots that were fired were almost double what could be held.
The police have said that!
Yes, and there was actually a photograph of the door jams with these bullet holes.
The man who shot them was directly behind them, a couple inches away, a St.
Eugene Cesar that was seen by witnesses, and he has connections to the private fronts for the CIA, even the Thomas Noguchi corner.
Well, that's now in major British papers.
They're now admitting it.
Yeah, and it seems like this has been known for so long, and you get in the paper,
And the media, this claim that somehow if people like Gerald Posner, these CIA agents that are constantly trying to refute any of this,
Say that people have this innate need to believe in conspiracies.
That's ridiculous.
No, it's true.
I mean, how dare the Roman history books say that there was a conspiracy to kill Caesar that they all took turns stabbing him.
It's true.
I mean, it happened, but it's impossible.
People in government don't kill their rivals.
It's impossible.
It's a conspiracy.
No, no, Caesar was not killed.
No one's ever been killed.
We didn't have a bunch of presidents assassinated.
It's always lone people.
No one.
Lone, lone.
As long as it's somebody on the hit list of the CIA, whether it's the former... Well, I mean, look, our government hired Saddam when he was 18 years old, big scrapping tough guy of the Iraqi army, in 54, trained him to assassinate and killed hundreds.
I mean, there's no assassination.
MSNBC just came out and said, our troops are going to kidnap and assassinate.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, we'll come back and we'll straight your calls.
Just write to them.
Write to them.
Diane and Nick and others.
Stay with us!
We're going in, we're going in full throttle!
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All right, let's talk to Diane in Detroit.
Go ahead, Diane.
Yes, hello.
This is such a great thing to be able to talk to you.
But I want to tell the nation right now something that's very important.
If you listen to the Debka.com, I mean, go to that website.
That is the...
Well, it's not their website.
It's a group that gets intelligence.
We're good to go.
I think?
Just in case any are found in Iraq, General Casey, commander of the U.S.
forces in Iraq, has already received orders from the commander-in-chief in the White House to pursue military action inside Syria according to his best military... No, that was in Reuters and the Associated Press a week ago.
And also, Rush Limbaugh had it on.
Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, for a year and a half, they've been bombing and strifing and shooting, and there's been a war going on on the border with Syria.
We know that.
It's already been going on.
But now they're saying that if they don't go ahead and also hand over these 55 individuals by the end of this month, that there's another thing that says that they're going to bomb in Syria in February.
Yeah, I had heard that, and sometimes what they say is accurate, sometimes it's not, but they admit they want to go into Syria and Iran.
I have family in the military, and I've been told that's their next stop, Diane.
Great points.
Good to hear from you.
Thank you.
Nick in Missouri.
Go ahead, Nick.
Yes, thank you, Alex.
Nice talking to you.
Nice talking to you, sir.
Yes, I've been listening to your show for about four and a half years, and I want to compliment you on the wonderful...
The wonderful job you're doing exposing these, well, these New World Order people, those are the real terrorists.
But anyway, we've got to stop these people, man.
We've got to do it.
And this special that you're offering, it's the greatest special yet.
We're really going to get the word out with these 595 additional copies.
Well, I hope people take advantage of that.
Yeah, you buy one of my videos.
We're offering this with a few of the videos.
You buy one at a regular price.
Every additional is $5.95 of that same title to give them as gifts or sell them in your store or whatever.
Yeah, that's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to pass them out.
Anyway, that's all I had to say.
Well, I appreciate that, Nick.
God bless you.
Don in Missouri.
Don, go ahead.
Hi there, Alex.
I'm a new caller, a new soldier in the flying rank.
I'll try to articulate this as quickly as I can so you can move on.
I just wanted to say to the congressmen or senators that might be listening to consider if they have a shadow government that they're prepared to put into play, that if this group of people are willing to sacrifice dozens of children in Oklahoma City,
You know, thousands of people in New York City and our soldiers in Iraq exposing them to depleting uranium that they wouldn't think twice about murdering congressmen in order to put this shadow government into play.
Well, right up in Missouri, another top microbiologist in bioweapons research was stabbed to death.
It's hundreds of them now that have been murdered.
We've got to ask, why is that happening?
These are people that can treat or help develop this stuff, who can ID where these bioweapons are going to come from.
And the reason I raise that is you talk about shadow government.
They went ahead and passed it, where Congress gives up all its authority to go under FEMA control.
And the shadow government's now public, and they've openly set up the mechanisms for total martial law.
But the borders are wide open and PDD 60 still stands, mutually assured destruction gone, saying we will absorb nuclear strikes before deciding what to do.
They're doing everything to leave us wide open, arming North Korea, arming Pakistan, arming everybody, and then telling us we've got to go into Iran and Syria because they're a threat when they're not, compared to these other nations, and while telling us as citizens we've got to give up all our freedoms while they leave the borders wide open.
It's a joke!
Well, I guess I'd just, you know, like to put out a plea to, you know, congressmen and senators to join our fight and stand up against this while they have a chance.
I agree with you.
Very good point.
Yeah, a lot of these congressmen will say, well, I protect my family by joining the New World Order.
I'm on the winning team.
You're on the winning team, huh?
That's committing social suicide with our society.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I've said this many times and I'll say it again.
This is the best way to describe the denial that we see in this nation.
Those of you that have children have seen this.
It's a fun game you play with them.
A child covers their eyes when they're a toddler, when they're a baby.
You can start playing peek-a-boo with a child normally by the time they're about a year old.
Their brain is advancing them to think it's funny.
And you teach them how to cover their eyes and then the world disappears.
Or you put a newspaper up in front of you and then lower it back down and they see you disappear and then reappear.
Because to them, they look through their little eyes and the world only exists in their mind and you have disappeared.
And it's quite interesting to them.
But as soon as the child gets to be about two and figures out you're just covering your face, they just look around the side and laugh at you.
They then know it's a game.
They laugh at the game itself, not at thinking you disappeared.
But adults think that if they lie to themselves minute by minute, if they bury their head in the sand, or if they just rationalize and make excuses, or they just deny something exists, that it somehow goes away.
And that isn't how the world works.
Out of sight isn't out of mind.
And you might deny to yourself that fire is hot, but stick your hand in it and you'll find out.
You might deny to yourself that the national government is totally corrupt, that Roosevelt...
The Library of Congress has released the documents.
They're public and admitted.
Said, oh, we got 7,000 civilians in the Philippines.
They could evacuate the next month.
Don't let them evacuate.
I want them to be captured.
It'll be great newsreel propaganda.
I've interviewed people who were 7-year-old girls who watched their parents executed by the Japanese and were abused.
They were captured, and of the 7,000, over 4,000 died.
But it did make great propaganda.
And again, a lot of you will think in your psychology, what are you saying, the Japanese are good?
No, I'm not.
I'm pointing out something that happened.
It isn't who's good or who's bad like in a rah-rah football game whose side you're on.
My side's perfect no matter what they do.
Why, you just hate America.
America isn't these crooks that run our government unless we allow them to control us and go along with them.
You know what's supposed to be we the people?
We are above the government?
Maybe you've heard that before.
The government tells you now, oh, we're just doing all of this to keep you safe.
We care so much about you.
I mean, it's really a synthesis of evil.
It is social Darwinism.
And no, I'm talking about the theory of evolution by Mr. Darwin.
I mean, what the elite did with that was they created social Darwinism.
Survival of the fittest.
They make the excuse, hey, I'm the most ruthless, I'm the most cunning, I exercise power.
They have a little contest of who's the most ruthless, who's the most cunning.
And so I am fit to rule because I am willing to do all these horrible things, and someone else would be doing these horrible things if I wasn't doing it, but just the way the world's always worked, so it might as well be me.
That's just the way it is.
And besides, we have all these lofty plans.
Once we've cleaned up humanity and gotten control and secured all the rogue technologies that could threaten our monopoly of power, this is the whole line they give people.
In the establishment, in the technocracy, in the sheets of power over different mechanisms and the overall superstructure.
And so, the world goes along with the lie, through the PR and the slick packaging.
We go ever closer to just high-tech slavery.
I don't want to get into that anymore.
Let's just go to calls.
Ken and Mike and others.
Ken and New York are on the air.
Yes, Alex.
Go ahead.
You just talked about the corruption and stuff and how the Patriot Act is aimed at us.
That sort of thing?
Absolutely, yes.
Back when Reagan died and everybody was boo-hooing what a great guy he was, I sent a letter to my local papers and we saved 14,000 terrorists in Beirut.
Back in 1982 with the
When the Israelis had Yasser trapped in Beirut.
In Beirut.
Well, Yasser Arafat was a globalist, and that's what Barry Hamish and other big writers from Jerusalem have said.
The Jewish groups are controlled, the Arab groups are controlled.
I mean, a lot of times you've got real terrorists, but they don't know that their boss's boss, who's funding them, is CIA.
Then I just read again...
Well, I have to say about Ronald Reagan, I mean, he was just a social climber, and he was an actor, folks, and people buy that image of the guy in the cowboy hat, and he stood up against the evil commies.
But Ronald Reagan is nothing compared to George Bush Sr.
in evil, nothing compared to Bush.
I mean, clearly Bush Sr.
was involved in the assassination attempt on Reagan.
And it's just amazing.
You know, one more thing and then I'll let you go.
You know what I called my last cat?
Because every time you used a litter box, it smelled like a Clinton speech.
Thanks for the call, Ken.
All right.
Good to hear from you.
Yes, sir.
Mike in Arizona, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Earlier you were talking about a secret CIA report that somehow was available to you.
That described a plan to really destroy this country.
Do you remember where you saw that?
Now, be specific.
What was I saying?
You said there was a secret CIA plan.
Oh, no, it's not secret.
It's here actually in the stack from yesterday.
It was in all the big news wires.
It was big news over the weekend.
I think the headline was, America's got a rough ride coming in the future.
And it was just talking about how we're going to be a second world nation.
It's not their plan to do it to us.
It was actually a good report, being honest, that was secret and got leaked and is now public and they admit it's real.
One of the internal reports, not one of the for public consumption reports.
And it was showing that China's going to be preeminent along with Europe and that we're basically going in the toilet.
But I have seen C-SPAN, you know, four or five years ago, where the CFR's meeting was talking about how China's going to be preeminent.
I think there's even programs you can buy from C-SPAN called, you know, China's Preeminence in 2020.
But, yeah, no, that was all over the news.
So that was on your website yesterday?
Yes, sir.
In fact, I will try to... I've got yesterday's news in a stack about six inches tall, but I'll flip through it during a break.
Why don't you go ahead and talk, and I'll look for it.
Yeah, the other question I had was about Abu Ghraib.
That certainly seems to fit in with the P2OG strategy, as far as releasing this kind of damaging information or evidence, which would in turn inflame the Arab world.
Do you remember how Abu Ghraib came to light?
Yeah, CBS leaked it, and it had thousands of photos, thousands!
That Congress was able to see, but they decided what to release.
They released the lightest photos and then had a debate about that, but it was still enough to outrage people overseas, but enough to condition us that it's okay here domestically.
Okay, so it did start with CBS.
Well, that's fitting, isn't it?
Yeah, it was founded by a former CIA director.
Yeah, with strong ties back to London, the city of London, the Rothschild group.
Very nice people, aren't they?
Yes, indeed.
All right.
Well, I appreciate it.
Well, now keep going.
I'm looking for the article.
What do you think about torture, how they're trying to legitimize torture?
Yeah, actually, I've been trying to dig up some articles here.
I wanted to write something myself about this torture business.
I don't think Americans know exactly how bad, how evil this stuff is.
And, you know, if nothing else, they should ponder...
Well, that's the way empires have always been.
What a nation does to others happens at home, in many cases even worse.
These are just basic laws of society.
It's really frustrating for me as a Christian to look at other Christians who just go along with this insanity and don't object.
Somehow, I guess they've relegated the Arab world or Muslims to
Well, sir, you must not be listening to talk radio, because I don't watch a lot of TV, but I listen to a lot of talk radio driving around.
I mean, I don't tune in for more than an hour when I'm driving, but I don't hear them subhuman dogs, animals, kill them.
I know, you listen to Michael Savage, and you hear that constantly.
Yeah, a friend of mine, about two years ago, believe it or not, he took a trip over to Gaza and also got on a bus and toured around Israel.
And that was one of the commonest things he heard from Israelis when he mentioned that he was going to Gaza.
He was staying at an old Baptist missionary there.
They would say, well why in the world do you want to be around those animals, those pigs?
They just had the vilest terms for those people.
Well, the Arabs have those names for them, too.
Oh, yeah, some of them do.
I mean, that's tribal warfare.
But, I mean, let's just pull back from this.
All right?
I mean, Abraham goes back.
Both groups split from Abraham, and they've done genetic tests on the, you know, there's three different genetic supposed strains of Jews out there.
And then, of course, there's Co-Mingling, all those groups.
But, you know, Jews that really do originally come from the Middle East
I mean, you see them in Israel.
They're running around.
They look just like the Arabs.
And they've done genetic tests.
It's the same people!
And it goes back to these tribes fighting with each other.
And it's never going to stop.
Because the Arab countries... Excuse me.
The Arab countries like...
Egypt and others like getting the billions and billions off the heightened alert, and then other Arab countries are always pushing the Palestinians, and then big Jewish interests over there with weapons sales and those that... You know, you can't speak out against the government in Israel.
You can't put a lot of stuff on the news.
The government likes having that control over Jews as well.
So both sides have a stake in keeping it going.
But as far as, you know, what kind of Jews are present in Israel, I mean, you've got the two main...
Well, there are two main branches of Jewry, which is the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim.
A lot of the Sephardim actually trace their lineage to the Berber tribes of northern Africa.
They kind of look like Arabs, but I don't think any of these people, frankly, can... We had a sample of Father Abram's cells.
I don't think any of these people would be able to trace their lineage directly to Abraham.
Well, look, over the thousands and thousands of years, there's been people all over Europe.
People all over Europe are definitely related to each other.
And so, I mean, there was trading going into the British Isles 7,000 years ago.
Yeah, well, that goes back probably to the time of the plague.
You know, huge restriction.
Yeah, that was the big influx, yeah.
Big kill-off.
Yeah, roughly half the population died, and so then a lot of people from the Mediterranean filled in the gaps in Western Europe.
But the Ashkenazi, which are the predominant branch of Jewry throughout the world, probably 80-90% are of Southern... They're basically a Turkish stock.
They're of the...
Well, the Queen of England claims to be Jewish.
Did you know that?
Yeah, well, I have a little Jewish blood in me, too, but I don't call myself a Jew, and I don't consider myself one.
Yeah, well, the point I was making is that, you know, the Queen of England, they're coronated on the supposed stone where Abraham was going to kill his son for the sacrifice.
Did you know that?
Oh, yeah.
I mean, they think they're the... And it's weird.
It's like, with that British Israelism then, that ties into the Nazis, and Hitler, if you really read the real historical books, he was like, we're the true Jews, and we're going to go kill... I mean, it just... It goes on and on.
It's just... Well, that's what's good about the New Testament, is it's the new covenant, and we just all need to love God and get along with each other.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Very interesting discussion there.
Let's take one more call, and I'm going to cover some final news.
Who's up next in order here?
Jean in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I just wanted to tell you, I get the Erie, Pennsylvania paper.
Yes, ma'am.
Saturday, they have this big spread of swinging a prayer.
Migrant space plays role in treacherous journey.
And they're telling you all about how they pray and all the altars and all this before they sneak in.
And then there's about a four-page, four-inch thing that says, if you want to help, and then they give all these organizations that are helping stash these people in the states.
Say that, and maybe I'm dumb, but explain what you're talking about.
They have an article about the faith and prayer, their journey into the United States illegally.
And then they have an article that tells you... Oh, yeah.
Listen, listen.
The big foundations that want to wreck this country have policy reports that are public about how to sell well-meaning Christians on being part of the illegal alien invasion and aiding and abetting all this.
Well, it's a four-column thing on the front page of the third section, and it's a Saturday paper that tells you... It's the face page that's telling you how...
I guess all us good Christians are supposed to help them illegally come in.
Well, that's right.
You are.
And then it gives you four websites that you can help donate.
I just get so mad at night.
I'm not very good at speaking or writing a letter, but I'm almost tempted to say, the heck with the Erie paper.
It's incredible.
Look at the Austin paper last Friday.
It showed Wiccan witches, Baptist preachers, Catholics...
Buddhists, Jews, a rabbi, all linking hands in a circle and praying to each of their gods.
It doesn't get any more blasphemous than that.
And that's what the UN is promoting, is this one world religion.
I agree with you, sir.
It was unbelievable.
Front page of the paper.
I worry about you getting upset because I know how upset I get, too.
If you're not upset, you're not paying attention.
What's the bumper sticker of you're not outraged, you're not paying attention?
But there's so many people that don't have an inkling what's going on.
Well, you know, the football crew.
I like football, but I know what's going on in the world, too.
And our tool and die industry here has been going down, down, down.
And you see more signs of homes for sale.
I know.
Just worry about what's really going to come of these people.
Oh, the economy's great!
The news said so!
Well... They don't lie!
I know, and the whole thing's happening with Walmart, too.
We've got a big Walmart, and all the little town stores are dying.
Well, they've got signs saying Made in America on the walls.
It doesn't matter if nothing there's Made in America.
They've got a sign up on the wall saying Made in America.
Even though the sign was printed in China.
Come on!
Just stick your head in the sand.
It'll all go away, dear.
Thanks for the call.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I want folks to keep something in mind.
The Pentagon came out two years ago and said, we're going to lie to you, plant fake news stories for our own good.
And then see, as you find out about fake news stories, they go, well, it's just a policy to fight the enemy.
Lying's good.
Lying to you is good.
You're not for Al-Qaeda, are you?
So I dug up this old New York Times article.
Pentagon weighs use of deception in a broad area.
And all these articles about, oh, I heard Limbaugh a couple days ago going, look at Howard Dean.
And it gets off into it.
He paid Internet bloggers to go out and say positive things about him.
Which is dishonest and disreputable and sneaky, but nothing compared... That was bad, Limbaugh said, but I just so happened to hear him the day before that, because it re-airs around here, I heard a little bit of it, talking about, it's no big deal, Armstrong-Williams, $240,000 to go out and propagandize.
See, I mean, it's just like a daily dose.
So the New World Order gets their agenda through on the right, they get it through on the left, the left can't see the corruption of the left, the right can't see the corruption of the right, and there's no real difference.
It's so important to understand that.
It's a very, very, very sad thing to see this type of garbage happening.
Another article here is out of AFP.
Globalization to bring age of uncertainty, U.S.
intelligence warns.
It says many new Al-Qaeda-type groups are going to pop up.
And officials, instead of more than 1,000 U.S.
and foreign experts, were consulted, and more than 30 conferences were held around the world to give the analysis a global dimension.
And it says that in the next 15 years, again by 2020, that China's gross national product will be second only to that of the United States, and India will have overtaken most of European economies.
Both countries are well positioned to become technology leaders.
It said...
And all Americans will know how to do is drink beer and praise football.
We have to foresee a more pervasive sense of insecurity, and it goes into the radical changes in our standard of living and the rest of it.
Just type this into a search engine, you'll get it.
Globalization to bring age of uncertainty, U.S.
intelligence warns.
That was from actually last Friday, AFP, or Agency French Press.
We're flat out of time.
In the last minute and a half I got here left.
I would, again, encourage all of you tuning in, all of you who have procrastinated, all of you who haven't taken action, to get fully educated about the New World Order, and to start educating people, to get involved.
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People love books on tape.
I know I do.
Pro-Second Amendment t-shirts.
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God bless you all.