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Air Date: Jan. 17, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello ladies and gentlemen, it is the 17th day of January 2005.
I'm Alex Jones, your host on this Monday edition.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
Masses of just incredible news and information that we'll be covering today.
In the next three hours, ladies and gentlemen.
The websites, of course, are Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
It was in my stack last Friday, but I never got to it.
In fact, never paid attention to it, because I read most of my own news and print off most of my own stories.
My wife, who's a webmaster for Infowars.com, had posted it Friday, but I wasn't aware of it until later I looked in my own stack and heard people talking about it on the radio.
And indeed, it is true.
I have the Associated Press.
I have Scripps Howard News Service.
It is an official edict from the White House.
You know about No Crosses.
At the inauguration, anywhere on the parade route, no First Amendment, no free speech.
They will selectively tell you what you can and can't do.
Well, now, it is do not look at the President.
Do not look at him in the eyes.
Hillary Clinton is the last big politician who had this similar order.
And I want to go over the history of leaders who did not want their underlings, their minions, their slaves, to look at them.
The Pharaohs did not allow the commoners to look upon them.
Except for some public religious ceremonies.
You looked upon their image, their graven image.
So, you are now to be arrested.
And this is in the Associated Press and Scripps Howard News Service.
If you look at our Lord and Emperor, our Supreme Bashar,
George W. Bush.
The gun-grabbing, open-border-promoting, big-government-building, U.N.
worshipping, in actions, not in rhetoric, in actions, president.
So, we will cover this, and then something interesting in Friday's paper as well that I didn't notice here locally in Austin, a cult ceremony consecrates Austin's new city offices.
This is out of the Austin American Statesman.
And what's scary about this is they had Wiccans and the witches and the Baptists and all of them, the Catholics, all getting together, the Buddhists, the Jews, and joining hands and marching around in a circle, which is very occult, consecrating
You notice the occultists aren't giving up their religion.
It's the Christians that are.
And we just posted this on Infowars.com.
Also, what, 16 people died last night alone in Iraq?
And something that we reported months ago has finally made it into the Christian Science Monitor.
They're not going to tell you who is running for office in the elections coming up the 30th in Iraq.
In what, just 13 days?
A secret ballot because the terrorists might attack.
I love it.
Something new.
Where you have elections, but the government can't tell you who's running for office.
Now, we knew this a while back, but now it's mainstream news.
Also, feds approve human RFID implants.
You see, now it's all accelerating.
And there's all these articles in the news about how great it would be if we all just had those chips.
Taiwan has deployed missiles on mobile launchers, outraging our good buddies.
I don't like them, but our government says they're good, the communist Chinese.
It's all coming up after this quick break.
You do not want to miss it, so stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, it is the 17th day of January 2005.
I'm Alex Jones.
Now into the second segment.
Thank you for joining us.
For those that are tuning in for the first time, this broadcast is not left-wing, it's not right-wing.
I look at the actual issues and the policies of government, of the legislative at the federal and state level, of Congress.
I look at what the executive is doing, whether it's Bill Clinton or George Bush in office, or John Kerry, it doesn't matter.
I look at what the judicial branch, the courts at the federal and state level, are doing.
And I judge the actions and the operations of the government in the context of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Bottom line, America, as we have known her, is being dismantled, is being leveled, is being decimated, annihilated.
And it doesn't matter if it's Bill Clinton or George Bush, they'll put out all this rhetoric and have these little public fights like it's a WWF wrestling match, but when it gets down to brass tacks, the agenda is the same.
Bringing in a worldwide government with world taxation, world laws, a judiciary, world taxation.
This is being set up.
This is being created.
And when I started talking about this ten years ago, 95% of people weren't aware of it.
They'd call you a conspiracy theorist.
Today, I don't get that.
From anyone, really.
Because the government's all over the news, all over the planet.
Freedoms are being relinquished to governments.
World taxation and regulation is being set up.
Our Supreme Court has come out.
Over the last three years and said, yes, we follow the EU's courts.
We follow the UN courts.
That is the supreme authority.
Not the Bill of Rights.
Not the Constitution.
Not American jurisprudence.
You've all heard how we're now paying Social Security to Mexicans living in Mexico, how they're creating the NAFTA highways and the National Toll Road system, and you're now learning about black boxes in your cars that track and trace you and how your cell phones track and trace you and how they can even listen to you over your phone even when it's off.
People are now learning about the move to force the population to take implantable microchips from prisoners to Alzheimer patients to children.
All of this bizarre Orwellian brave new world garbage is becoming mainstream.
So I look at government, and I look at the people controlling government, not by their labels, and I don't see the world as a giant football game, you know, which team I'm cheering for, because I realize that the Republicans and the Democrats predominantly are owned by the same people.
The global corporations that are not free market, but that operate as governments.
Did you know out of the 100 biggest economies in the world, 40 plus of them are corporations, not governments?
And they don't operate in a free market way.
They operate by using government that they control to go after their competitors, to lobby themselves, massive corporate welfare largesse.
And meanwhile, we're all debating left, right, and George Bush versus John Kerry, and it's all staged, boys and girls.
Again, some of the things they decide to fight about are rhetorical.
The real issues of global government are being expanded.
The platform of this worldwide system.
And what does world government mean to you?
It means a world ID card.
It means a world monetary system.
It means having first world nations lowered to second world status.
It means lowering our standard of living.
Having a huge underclass with a tiny elite ruling it with a very small middle class.
And the middle class is evaporating.
This is the reality.
And that's what I discuss and cover on this broadcast Monday through Friday.
And again, we're so honored that you're joining us today.
It's just wonderful.
And I hope that...
Folks that are tuning in for the first time will check out my claims, the things that I say, because almost everything we cover on this broadcast is posted on www.infowars.com.
That's infowars.com or prisonplanet.com.
Why Infowars?
Because it's a war on.
There is a war on for your mind.
Psychological warfare is being used
Against the American people and the people of the world by the interests that want to dominate and control and want more power.
Everybody wants to rule the world, as the rock and roll song goes, and they're doing it.
And PrisonPlanet.com is so named because the globalists are creating a prison planet.
And when you go to the sites every day...
Almost everything we discuss here is posted there.
You go, well, Alex, you say the mainstream media lies.
Why do you post their articles?
Well, they'll tell you how good it is that 8th graders are being taught that stripping would be a good life choice and career for them.
They're telling you how good it is that they have witches at the Austin...
City Hall consecrating it last week.
They'll tell you it's good that Governor Ridge was in England last week and said torture is good.
We need to torture people.
They'll tell you it's good.
We take their own spin and unspin it and show you how it isn't good.
We go into Governor Ridge's comments in England last week where he said, we need a world ID.
This was in the BBC, the Associated Press.
We posted it.
We need a world ID card.
And they've signed treaties to standardize the driver's license, the ID cards, the passports, all with the same biometric systems for a world ID card.
And then we post...
The UN summit they had in Australia three years ago, where they first called for it, and then we link right below that to where they're now implementing it.
Now are you starting to understand, are you starting to see what's happening?
How many people know that a world ID card is being set up?
How many people know that a month and a half ago, the Congress passed national ID card legislation and passed legislation to set up checkpoints, federal checkpoints, similar to what the TSA does in the airports all over the country?
Not many people know that.
Oh, it was in the mainstream news, but mixed into the news wires with a thousand other articles of little or no significance.
We go and pull all the really important news and information and put it in one spot.
Like a Scripps Howard News Service report from last Friday.
It was also in the Associated Press, where, I'm sure you already know this,
Crosses are banned from the inaugural parade route.
The government is saying they can selectively tell you what you can and can't have.
Oh, you can't have anti-war signs.
And the conservatives go, good, restrict their speech.
Oh, but you can't have crosses.
And the left goes, good, restrict their speech.
And then together, we all lose our First Amendment.
See how that works?
And they tell you George Bush is conservative.
He isn't conservative.
For total blanket amnesty, total open borders, sign back on to UNESCO at the UN that Ronald Reagan pulled us out of, that brings us under UN control, that sets the policies of how to school your children in the public schools.
It's actually in there.
George Bush, who says he wants to sign the assault weapons ban.
George Bush, who appointed to a federal judgeship the Attorney General of Alabama that went after Judge Roy Moore.
How is that conservative?
How is doubling the growth rate of government?
How is that conservative?
But you look at this article out of Scripps Howard News Service that's posted on Infowars.com right now.
And it actually says in the report, word for word, that crosses are banned, that anti-war signs are banned.
See, they banned something from both groups, see?
But it's all of us losing our freedoms, and it's coming down from the same elite.
It's the same traitorous violation of the First Amendment.
But then it says, oh, by the way, don't look at the president.
Don't look him in the eyes.
They've told the employees who are performers who are going to be out there doing the acrobatics and the rest of it, don't look at him.
Don't look him in the eyes or you'll be arrested.
When you go to the bathroom, we're going to follow you into the bathroom and watch you use the bathroom.
This is Scripps Howard News Service.
This is the Associated Press.
That is imperial rule throughout history.
Don't look Nero in the eyes in Rome.
Don't look the Egyptian god-kings in the eyes.
Don't look Hitler in the eyes.
Don't look Hillary Clinton in the eyes.
Remember that?
But the same neocon, phony conservative talk shows, they don't care about this.
Oh, they talk all about Hillary.
Don't look her in the eyes.
She thinks she's God.
A lot of these Hollywood people...
They instruct those on the set, don't look them in the eyes.
This is an elitism.
This is about domination.
This is a telltale marker.
Of tyranny.
Of megalomania.
Megalomaniacal strutting peacock behavior.
It is unbelievable.
Don't look at the Fuhrer!
You're not allowed to look at God!
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Bottom line, my friends...
When leaders start instructing their minions that people shouldn't look at them or look them in the eyes, we got a big problem.
Again, Hillary Clinton had this rule.
And even if George Bush hasn't, or Karl Rove hasn't instructed his security people not to do this, they're still doing it, and it shows their mindset.
In fact, there have been many tyrannies throughout history where the king or the leader isn't really a tyrant themselves.
They're just disengaged and ignorant.
And then their own security services, their own support systems set up the tyranny themselves for their own personal power.
That's something about despotism and slavery and serfdom.
Is that it expands.
It's always getting bigger when you allow it to flourish because minions within the power structure want their own little personal kingdoms and go out and exercise that power and control.
And so even if George Bush was a little angel, which he isn't,
The mechanisms of tyranny that we've built, that we've allowed to be constructed, that are being widened as we speak, are made to be abused.
Always are abused.
Alright, George and Eric and Mark and Joe and John, everybody, your calls are coming up.
Some of the news I want to go over, students told stripping is a career choice.
This out of the Associated Press, but why is this story important?
Because they got caught teaching the children this, whereas a year or two ago they would have retracted the curriculum and would have apologized and gotten in trouble.
Now things have gotten so decadent they go, yeah, so what?
It's a good job.
And we're going to teach the children how to be psychics, how to be mystics, why they can make a lot of money that way too.
Now are you starting to get the picture here?
Public schools all over the country are teaching this, but then Homeland Security funds drills all over the nation where they practice repulsing attacks by homeschooler parents that come to the schools to kill all the children.
Of course, that's total fantasy.
Homeschooler parents have never done anything to attack a school, never talked about it.
But Homeland Security tells these school districts, tells the cities and counties, if you want money, you've got to have drills.
One case up in Michigan where they had 200...
Elementary school students, they put fake blood on them, practiced fake arms, half blown off.
I've been to these drills before, by the way, in Texas.
Had them lay all over the ground and simulated homeschoolers and their parents killing them.
So psychologically traumatizing and brainwashing children that homeschoolers are evil.
Why, they're the bad guys.
They're going to come kill you.
Oh, you don't believe me?
Just type in terror drill simulate homeschoolers attacking school or bus.
You'll get them all over the country.
Just type it in a search engine if you don't believe me.
Mainstream news.
But, they're going to teach the children.
Listen to this.
Eighth graders told stripping is career choice.
School officials in Palo Alto are...
Reconsidering their use of a popular speaker for an annual career day after he advised middle school students that they could earn a good living as strip dancers, William Fry told 8th graders at Jane Lanthrop Standard Middle School that stripping and exotic dancing could be lucrative career moves for girls offering as much as $250,000 or more a year.
If you're selectively having sex with a client, it's called prostitution, folks.
That's what a lot of these women are into.
Depending on their bust size, he continued.
So telling A3 girls, depending on how big your bust size is, again, this is incredible.
It's sick, but it's true.
Pride president of Foster Cities said, selling a management consulting firm, told the Associated Press,
The truth of the matter is, you can earn a tremendous amount of money as an exotic dancer if that's your desire.
The school has tried to give a 55-minute presentation, The Secret of a Happy Life, for the past years.
And some of the top suggestions he gives as professions are accounting and nursing.
The list offers such non-traditional suggestions as exotic dancing, stripping, and acting as a spiritual medium.
So he says it's sick, but it's true.
And this is what we're going to teach him.
It's good.
And the school district is only considering withdrawing this.
All right, we'll get back and take some of your calls.
Then feds approve human RFID implants.
A cult ceremony consecrates Austin's new city office building.
Taiwan deploys missiles on mobile launchers.
So much coming up.
You do not want to miss it.
We'll be right back.
So stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Whether you are aware or not, World War III has started.
Let me rephrase that.
Oil War III has started.
Don't kid yourself, the reason we went into Iraq is oil.
Now we are looking at the possibility of invading Iran and even Saudi Arabia.
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That's 800-453-2202.
Alright folks, Alex Jones here, back live.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
I just want to defend the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
I want my children to grow up in a free country, not in a nation that has now passed a law.
To make the state driver's license and ID cards, national ID cards, and then Ridge announced they will be world ID cards, standardizing that data, that is the number of sequences attached to the digital photo and thumbprints, to a global government standard.
That is mainstream news last Friday.
Then we'll get into some of the other important news and information concerning...
Imminent war.
The chances of it heating up all over the globe from North Korea and Japan to the Middle East to Latin America.
It is all coming up after we take some of your calls.
Before I go to your calls, I just want to remind listeners that I have made 11 documentary films, critically acclaimed films.
Fast moving, hard hitting documentaries that blow the left right false paradigm into a million pieces.
We show you the police state.
We show you the military training to confiscate your guns.
We actually go to the drills admitting that it's for here in America.
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We give you the big picture of what the world is being turned into and what the architects of the global system are designing.
Take my films, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, and part two of that, The Masters of Terror Exposed, the preeminent films detailing government-sponsored terror, why governments throughout history and in modern times carry out terror attacks and blame them on their enemies, like Hitler blowing up his own Reichstag February 27, 1933.
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All right, let's go back to your calls.
Let's talk to George in mass.
Go ahead, sir, you're on the air.
I got a question.
How long do you think it would be a matter of time before they started erecting statues of Lord Bush and murals?
That's the next step in a dictatorship.
Well, actually, sir, what you say is very important.
I'm sure you heard about how Kim Jong-il, the North Korean despot, has giant murals of himself everywhere.
I'm sure you know that Saddam Hussein did this.
Oh, yes.
Hitler did this.
Oh, he sure did.
Stalin did this.
They all did.
They all do it.
Caesar did it.
Fidel Castro does it.
They have now, all over Florida, and we learned in other areas of the country, put up posters that say, Our Leader, with his huge head.
And when Arnold Schwarzenegger, the gun-grabbing, abortion-promoting neocon, worshipped by conservatives, I have no idea, when he travels around the country and the world...
There is a giant picture of his head behind him as he speaks.
Again, giving you this larger-than-life image projecting dominance and power, a hallmark of dictatorship.
And I guess you're raising this point because Scripps Howard News Service and AP are reporting no crosses, no looking at Bush, no looking in his direction, no looking him in the eyes.
When anyone goes to the bathroom, they will be followed to the bathroom and watched by security personnel.
Hey, what's wrong with that?
Well, you know, not a good precedent is being set, and I can't believe that people are allowing it.
And I know the American people.
There's too many people out of sleep out there, and they don't care.
That's the problem.
And on the issue on your homeschool, when I was 17, I was homeschooled for my junior year because I was sick.
And when I started my senior year,
They told me I didn't have enough credits and I failed every single one of my classes.
They didn't bother to transfer the credits.
It took me two and a half months to get my credits for the classes I had taken the previous year.
And this was 13 years ago.
Well, homeschoolers are discriminated against.
They're winning almost all the international spelling bees.
Almost all.
In fact, I haven't seen a case in the last four or five years where they've lost.
And I mean against the best people in the world, American homeschoolers.
Whereas America's overall test scores are now behind every industrialized country.
50 years ago, we were number one.
50 years later, we are behind every industrialized country and 30 plus other third world countries.
So we're like number 47.
Okay, but let me add to that.
Let me add to that.
The homeschoolers, though, have the highest test scores on the globe.
American homeschoolers.
And for that, the feds run drills where homeschoolers are terrorists.
CPS harasses them.
They're too educated.
They can't have that.
They can't have you thinking for yourself.
Imagine that.
If everybody thought for themselves, then they wouldn't be able to exert their control.
I totally agree.
Good to hear from you, George.
Folks, when you have giant images of the leader's head looking at you from billboards, you've got a problem.
Eric in Pennsylvania.
Eric, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I have a few things to say.
First of all, I'm probably one of your young listeners.
I'm only 15 years old, and I'm one of the few people my age that knows what's going on in the world, and
I'm also part of the 9-11 Truth Movement.
We're learning more evidence about 9-11 every single day.
We're trying to get this stuff out.
Now, first of all, a few things I'm doing to get this out.
Well, for those that just joined us, tell people what the 9-11 Truth Movement is.
Maybe in their city, almost every city has had this, they haven't seen the crowds of people with signs, you know, 9-11 was an inside job.
Maybe they haven't seen the Zogby poll.
Half of Americans believe the government was behind it.
Or maybe the CNN poll, where 90% believe that.
A lot of folks still are in the dark.
So tell them what the 9-11 Truth Movement is.
Well, the 9-11 Truth Movement, we're...
We're a group of people.
We get together sometimes in real life.
I haven't done that yet, but there are a lot of websites out there that promote the truth to 9-11.
Personally, I'm part of Let's Roll 9-11.org.
I go on the forums all the time.
We discuss 9-11 issues and stuff like that.
We try and discuss ways to get the truth out.
Now, a few things I'm doing...
I'm working on a graduation project.
It's going to be a documentary about 9-11 from a scientific point of view.
Being as I'm really good with physics and everything.
Send us a copy of it.
We'll put it on the website.
I don't have it yet.
This is something that's going to be done over like the next year, year and a half.
I'm talking about at that point.
No, I understand.
Oh, I will.
I will.
I'll be sure to do that.
Another thing we're doing, somebody on Let's Roll came up with the idea of writing a
Oh, putting InfoWars.com on there?
That's horrible.
You shouldn't do that.
You shouldn't buy a stamp at the store and stamp all of them.
A little $5 stamp you can have made with the website you want or a couple different websites.
I actually did that.
I was playing poker the other night.
I gave them one of my paper, one of my $10 bills that said...
9-11 was an inside job.
Find out what the government doesn't want you to know.
The kid actually read it, and he said, Mike, go to this website, Infowars.com.
And so the kid wrote it down.
I don't know if he did afterwards or not, because we're in the middle of a poker game when that happens.
Well, this is the type of stuff that's unstoppable, and if you keep moving forward, all of you as leaders, we're going to expose this.
But finish up.
I have a few other things to mention.
A few issues.
Go ahead.
First of all...
I think it was on December 16th.
We had... I don't know if you ever heard of this guy.
His name is Mr. Edward Terzanski.
He's a, quote, expert on Middle Eastern affairs.
And he spoke on Fox News the previous night, and he came to speak to our political science club on December 16th.
And he was saying such by-the-book stuff, and it was annoying.
He said how our foreign policy changed so much because of 9-11...
He said, even though we already had the Wolfowitz Doctrine that clearly stated preemptive war to get a foothold in Iraq before that.
Well, the PNAC Wolfowitz Cheney Doctrine said we need to be attacked by terrorists.
A terror attack would be helpful to get the people behind the war.
And he said, now this is December 16th, before this article came out on your website that said the administration is thinking about attacking Iran.
He said, I think we should bomb Syria.
Syria was what he was talking about.
Look, they've already been attacking Syria for a year.
They're bombing and killing Syria right now.
And again, I have like five articles today on this.
Imagine if some cop just came over here and started bombing us.
And then there's this argument, well, we've got to do it because of 9-11.
Syria and Iraq were not involved.
Listen, I've got to let you go.
I've got more callers.
What else?
All right.
Now, to finish up, I guess, I've talked to a few people who have been harassed by the FBI and all.
One guy put something on his website about the election, how the CEO of Diebold was...
Hey, listen, I'm going to let you go.
I appreciate the call and keep it up, sir.
Folks, I'm a big fish in the fight against the New World Order.
And against all their puppets, the Careys, and the Bushes of the world.
And there are selective things where a woman is selling knock-off Rubik's Cubes at Puffer Belly Toys in St.
Helen, Oregon and gets a Homeland Security visit.
Or a kid sells a half-ounce of marijuana and gets charged as a terrorist.
Or a gang member in New York gets charged as a terrorist.
Or a...
Veteran complains too much and they come arrest him as a terrorist in Pennsylvania because he complained too much to the VA.
So this is going on.
But, you know, the idea of... Again, they do this selectively, they put it out in the news to scare everybody but not take action.
And we have the power.
We're effecting change.
There's too many of us.
People in the government, a lot of them are on our side and are waking up in mass.
That sounds crazy, by the way.
I know you don't believe me.
It was the Associated Press and the Oregonian.
A few months ago, I interviewed the lady.
She was selling legal, lawful Rubik's Cubes.
The patent was up on them.
She just bought them from a supplier, and they came out to her and said, this is terrorism.
Take them off your shelves.
I mean, that's... And then she called the company, she even called Rubik's Cube, and they said, no, the patent's up on it.
What do you mean Homeland Security visited you?
I mean, this is how nuts it is.
You see, everything is defined as terrorism in Section 802 of the Patriot Act.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mark in San Diego.
Mark, go ahead.
Hey, Mr. Alex.
Listen, thanks for setting the example and connecting the dots in your one-man army.
Hey, listen, I called about the nanotech gold.
Can they manipulate the gold by nanotech?
Well, you're talking about nanotech technology, which are these self-replicating machines.
And really, they're now calling nanotech biological, because we're having trouble with non-biological nanotech.
So really, it's just genetic engineering is the cutting edge of nanotech technology.
But obviously, if it was to manipulate gold, it would need to be non-biological.
And I don't know of a nanotech procedure that manipulates or creates gold.
There are procedures where they run masses of electricity through different metals and can change one thing to something else, or they can create new elements.
But again, I'm not an expert on that.
But I was listening to an interview a couple weeks ago, and I couldn't get it in.
It wasn't coming into my shortwave.
And the guy wasn't worried about the debt.
He said he could make $100 bills for $0.04 and $0.05.
I was wondering, do you remember that interview?
Well, I'm sure the individual was talking about how the Federal Reserve prints up the money for about, now it's about two cents a bill.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
John in Mass.
Go ahead, John.
Hello, Alex.
How are you doing?
Good, sir.
I'm calling because I've been doing some research into the New World Order for a few years now, and I came upon something that I thought you might be interested in.
It's called The Invisible War by Anton LaVey.
Now, we all know he's a Satanist, not a Christian, but he wrote some interesting things on the war on people's minds.
And what's going on?
If you like, I can get this out to you.
I can just scan it and email it to you.
Yeah, that'd be interesting.
I mean, look, that's how the Illuminati infiltrated a lot of our founding fathers, was at the lower levels of the compartmentalized structure, lower down in the pyramidal structure.
It's all about, oh, we're being enslaved.
This is just about unlimited freedom.
And so a lot of the Satanist line out there is freedom, freedom, do as thou wilt.
But then you find out it's Satanist running this whole thing.
Yeah, and it's all doublespeak, too.
Newspeak, if you will.
And one other thing, just for all your listeners to know, those bumper stickers you sell are very cheap.
I have one on my car.
I put them up on signs.
I put them up in public places.
The videos work.
I can wake people up, have a group showing.
Everyone's convinced.
Well, I appreciate that, and I'll hold you over to the brakes so you can finish up what you're saying, but I sell my bumper stickers at cost.
That is, if you pay for the shipping, we'll ship you ten of them.
And I appreciate you doing that.
What else is on your mind?
Well, I wanted to make sure you got the... I sent you out a Red Sox video a few months ago.
I wanted to make sure that got to you, because I know at the post office I was having some trouble because I put a Boston Police video on it, and they didn't want to send it out.
Oh, stay there.
Let's talk about the self-enforcing wannabe Gestapo agents.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the New World Order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
Visit Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order.
Or call toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Order today and spread the word.
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We specialize in keeping you alive and healthy.
We provide outstanding products like Esiac, colloidal silver 500 parts per million, olive leaf extract,
I think so too.
We're good to go.
We've got the second and third hours coming up.
We've got Paul Joseph Watson joining us in the third hour with a big news blitz.
We cover squadrons of different important issues.
We'll be going back to your calls here in just a few minutes.
Toll free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
I want to announce two new affiliates we just got.
I'm thankful for all of our wonderful stations that are carrying us more and more every week that we're picking up.
Two stations in
One of them is WIMS 1420 AM and covers, I don't know, about a dozen different towns and goes into Chicago.
They're carrying us overnight.
And then another station owned by the same folks, WJOB 1230 AM in Hammond, Indiana.
It covers all of Chicago.
I mean, it blasts right into Chicago.
It's right up there on the line with Chicago.
And it's just incredibly exciting.
Because we were on in Chicago for about a year and a half in the station switch formats.
Just a massive listenership there when we were on in Chicago.
It's going to be back on in Chicago.
Two different frequencies.
But the big one that covers all of Chicago is WJOB 1230 AM.
So I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for loving this country and loving the First Amendment.
Going back to John and Mass, John, you're talking about the Snellgrove case.
I did get a video on local newscast, and I don't know if that was the video you sent, but I want to thank you for trying to send it.
And that's where the young woman, 21-year-old, student about to graduate, no criminal record, to be a journalist, walked out of a restaurant, was shot from 10 feet away by a cop in a black uniform and a black helmet with a rubber bullet that blew her eye back into her brain.
The police are not supposed to shoot these any closer than 55 feet.
In fact, the safety manuals say that.
I've talked to police.
And killed her.
And this is happening more and more with these so-called non-lethal weapons that the industry actually calls less lethal weapons.
But the bigger story here is that all these idiots out there who think they're keeping America safe enforce things that aren't even the law.
And we've seen stuff like this.
It's written on the outside of the video, on the outside of the package, police video.
Oh, we can't mail police video.
Tell me what happened at the post office, John.
Alright, I walked in, I packaged it up, I got a bag, post office bag, just threw the video in, wrote Boston Police video on the package, and I went up to pay for it, to mail it out.
I give it to the guy, he looks at it for a minute, takes it out back, comes back, and he says, okay, how much is that going to be?
Well, I say, how much is that going to be?
He's like, I don't know if I can mail this out, what is it?
So now we've got little secret police doing their, he's not paid to do this, doing little Gestapo checks there at the counter with you.
Well, what did you say to him?
I said, I told him it was a video of the World Series.
I wanted, I sent it in to a talk show host to document what the police did.
And he, after a few minutes of convincing him, he, I paid for it.
And you put it in the bin.
I walked out, and I was just hoping it got to you.
Yes, I did get some video of that, and I would guess that was you, so thank you.
No problem here.
Man, this is getting... Again, I see this stuff all the time.
I see people trying to... It's like, oh, it's higher security, so let's just treat everybody like we're in Russia.
Anything else?
That's what it is.
It's a prison.
It's being run by the inmates.
These guys that have no power to do this are telling you how to think and what you can do, and it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
Well, that's what tyranny is, sir, and I appreciate your call.
And I want to talk briefly about this in the next hour.
They're trying to pass a law in Texas that you can spank your children.
Folks, all 50 states, there are laws that you can have corporal punishment.
You just can't abuse your children.
So why are they trying to pass a law?
Well, it's like they had to pass a law that we helped write two years ago that you can't take someone's children because they refuse to vaccinate.
There's no law that you have to vaccinate, but they were taking thousands of Texas children a year because their parents wouldn't vaccinate when there was no law.
So the new law simply said there is no law that you have to do this.
But we finally got a copy of this new law about spanking, and guess what?
It's very sneaky.
It doesn't do what it says it'll do.
We'll be right back.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you again so much for joining us today.
It is the 17th
Day in the year January 2005.
Paul Joseph Watson for his weekly visit.
With all the news and information, we'll be joining us for a news blitz in the third hour.
Right now, we've got wide-open phones, and we're covering a massive plethora of important news and information.
Toll-free number to join us.
I'm going to go to your calls a little bit quicker in this hour.
We took a lot in the last hour, but I want to go to even more.
So have your questions or comments and information ready, because I'm going to move to the next person.
Give everybody a chance.
2-5-9-9-2-3-1 1-800-2-5-9-9-2-3-1 Coming up, secrecy surrounds Iraq vote.
Concerned about violence, some political parties won't even reveal candidates' lists.
So that's the new election.
Secret elections for security.
George Bush is coming out and saying, hey, he was re-elected.
That's a mandate to keep our troops there indefinitely.
No, you told us the troops were going to come home.
People trusted you.
It isn't a mandate to now lie.
And again, if you just tuned in, that doesn't mean I'm for Kerry, folks.
They're both just as bad.
Eighth graders told stripping is a career choice.
I want to talk about that with the listeners.
Feds approve human RFID implants, e-passport awards, more RFID contracts, the World ID card, a cult ceremony, consecrates Austin's new city offices.
Taiwan deploys missiles on mobile launchers.
North Korea, U.S.
says, is a nuclear criminal.
Japan maps plan to defend southern islands against Chinese military attack.
This is huge.
Reuters reporting U.S.
conducting secret missions inside Iran.
Oh, yes.
Trying to get a war going.
Deep pockets pulling up for a $40 million bash coming up with Lord Bush's inauguration.
But don't bring a cross and don't look him in the eyes.
Don't bring a cross.
Who doesn't like crosses?
Those guys with long teeth that flap around like bats at night?
Just a joke, folks.
It's a joke.
New York Times will probably quote me saying I believe George Bush is a vampire.
No, it was a joke.
Also, more on the Iraq election.
lowers expectations on the election and a lot more.
The U.S.
But right now, let's go back to your calls, and we'll come back, cover news, and then get to more calls.
Let's talk to...
John in Louisiana.
John, go ahead.
Yes, good afternoon, Alex.
Alex, I've been a serious student of this government breakdown, freedom breakdown, for over 40 years.
And I've just come recently to accept the key to it.
It was said by and written by J. Edgar Hoover over 50 years ago.
The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.
Now, there's so many institutions, so many of our institutions that are involved in this, that it's thrown the people into a state of cognitive dissonance.
I'll just reel off a few names, so they're all moving in the same direction.
No, but you're right, and it's just overload.
I've become overloaded.
First, we've got the Masons, the Illuminati.
The international bankers, the communists, the United Nations cats, the Fabian socialists.
And then after that, we've got the churches and the CFR and we've got the media.
All these people are moving in the same direction.
They all proclaim their differences from each other, and yet they're all working for the same goal.
And if you look at the heads of all those groups, it's the same people.
Of course, of course.
But they've got us into cognitive dissonance.
For those who don't know, tell them what cognitive dissonance is.
It's conflicting explanations.
As in, the children sent to school are taught at home values of decency and morality, and when they get to school, they're taught the exact opposite, and the children can't cope with this.
They can't handle it.
And it applies to adults and people of any age.
We're in that state, aren't we?
Well, we are.
We are.
All right.
God bless you.
Anything else?
All right.
Take care.
Good points, John.
Eric, John, Donna, and others, your calls are straight ahead at 1-800-259-9231.
Don't forget the websites, prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
Introducing the most efficient gravity filter available.
You know, if you were to throw 100 ball bearings at a magnet, most would bounce off.
But if you placed them on the magnet, all would stick.
The same principle applies in water filtration.
Most filtration systems force water through the filter at 60 to 90 PSI, causing water molecules to race through the filter in less than a second.
The Berkey Light is different.
Water molecules take 5 to 10 minutes to pass through the torturous path.
Not yet available?
Check with your doctor.
You may be suffering from the winter blues or from SADS.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
John Forbes Carey is for Open Borders, Total Blanket Amnesty.
John Forbes Carey is for the assault weapons ban.
John Carey is for signing on the UNESCO and UN regulatory control of our government.
John Carey was for invading Iraq and staying there and even increasing troop levels.
And George W. Bush is for every one of those things.
George W. Bush?
Banned crosses anywhere in the parade route
In Washington, D.C.
for his inauguration.
George W. Bush has helped write the legislation and get it passed, that is, his administration did, to give us national ID cards passed a month and a half ago.
Now his outgoing head of Homeland Security, Governor Ridge, was in England and called for world ID cards last Friday.
World standardization of these IDs.
George Bush is for paying...
Social Security to Latin Americans and others overseas.
Now over 30 countries, including people in Poland and Africa.
Peppers in Africa.
So is John Kerry.
They're all for the same thing.
But they have this WWF wrestling argument.
The cousins, who are members of the same organization, get up there like Macho Man and Hulk Hogan.
Oh, I'm going to get you.
I'm going to get you, Hulk Hogan.
You're going down.
Then Hulk Hogan goes, oh yeah, bring it on, let's do it right now!
Then they have their little theater for you, and there are millions of adults who think wrestling's real.
Just like there are millions of adults that believe that at the presidential level, we really have elections.
And then, I've also noticed now that all the big neocon talk show hosts are starting to bash Bush a little.
Because the election's over and they can go, yeah, he's not conservative enough because, see, their listeners are waking up to this and demanding that they tell the truth.
But before the election, oh, we've got to vote for George Bush because if Kerry gets in there, it's all over.
He's evil liberal!
Well, all Bush is doing is putting people like Arlen Specter over committees.
So he can keep abortion going?
All he's doing is putting in federal judges who are pro-abortion?
I mean, I'm looking at the appointments, the nominations, and it's like a big secret or something.
Almost everyone he's putting in, from Alberto I Love Torture Gonzales to Michael Chertoff for Homeland Security, they're abortionists, gun-grabbing, open-border promoting.
It's amazing!
The biggest issue in this country...
Overall, in the last five years, has been immigration.
You try to go into Mexico from Guatemala, they'll arrest you and kick you out.
You try to illegally immigrate to Russia, they'll grab you, they'll arrest you, they'll kick you out.
You try to do that in China, try to do that in South Africa.
Anywhere, they've got rules.
When you came into this country a hundred years ago at Ellis Island, they tested you for tuberculosis and other diseases.
Now we don't do that here.
We don't do that.
We don't check anything.
We have 30 million illegal aliens here.
And there's 6.5 billion people just shy of that.
6 billion 450 something million.
And they all want to come here.
We could take 100 million new people a year and there'd still be more births than that by far.
We're 300 million people
290 million four years ago at the last census.
It's over 300 million now with the numbers they're getting, and that's not counting 20 million of the 30 million illegals that didn't get counted in the census.
So we're already 320 million people, plus, if you want to be accurate, oh, let's take another 30 million people who will work for absolutely nothing, who will drive down the wages, who will weigh down the welfare social safety net.
And why have I dived off into this?
Because Alberto Gonzalez, who says Bush is above federal law, not just international law, because I do believe the president is above international law.
I believe it's a fraud.
But no, he's against federal law.
We can order torture.
We can torture people right up until organ failure, and then if they die, and we don't kill them on purpose, but they just die accidentally from torture, it's not our fault.
I mean, folks...
This is being sold to us.
They're actually trying to normalize torture.
And Alberto Gonzalez was a member of MECHA.
Still a member of MECHA.
Look, I've gone and bullhorned the Ku Klux Klan.
I've gone out and protested the Ku Klux Klan.
And I've gone out and I've protested MECHA.
Do you know what MECHA is?
Believes and groups like La Raza mean that are so widely accepted.
La Raza means the race.
The race.
The race.
I know we have masses of Hispanic listeners out there who are great supporters of the show and understand what I'm saying.
But even some of those folks, a lot of yuppies and your trendies out there, think, oh, these are, no matter what color you are, this is a great organization, it's a civil rights group.
No, it's not!
Openly says they're going to drive the whites out of the Southwest and they put out flyers with pictures of machine guns and how they're going to kill the whites and even their leaders get on national TV and radio and say, we're going to kick you all out and if you don't like it, we're going to take it by force.
And then who's financing this?
New York City!
You want to see the list of Fortune 500, the big banks funding this to break this country up, to balkanize this nation, to create the equivalent of the French separatists in Canada, but much bigger.
And much more serious.
And Alberto Gonzalez is a vehement supporter of open borders, of globalization.
He is a supporter of not telling parents that their 12-year-old daughter has an abortion.
He fought that in Texas.
Parental notification.
He is for banning many different types of guns.
You know, we've all heard Ashcroft is good because, well, he's for the Second Amendment.
But he adds, if prescribed by law.
Well, the Second Amendment's the big law.
You can't violate it.
He understands all these little regulations mean nothing.
So Ashcroft really is for gun control, too.
But at least he pays lip service to it and still gets worshipped by the NRA and others.
Alberto Gonzalez doesn't do that!
And you don't see the NRA saying a word about his confirmation that's a done deal.
This is what I'm talking about.
I came to the game of life wanting to be free.
I came to this event wanting to be free and my family to be free.
And so I look at politicians by who they are and what they do, not the rhetoric of the neocon talk show hosts that go, the liberals don't like Alberto Gonzalez.
The liberals don't like him because they're just racist against Hispanics.
Well, then Michael Chertoff's a white guy.
I'm even more against Mr. Chertoff being Homeland Security.
He had all the mafia ties and the cover-ups and the 9-11 whitewashes and all of this.
So now I'm against white people, I guess.
My point is, is I want people not to look at things emotionally about, oh, there's Bush, oh, there's Carrier, oh, there's Gebhardt, or there's, oh, you know, I'm a Republican, I'm a Democrat.
No, no, you're a human being that needs to see the big fraud, the WWF wrestling scam for what it is.
Let's cover some news, and then...
We'll go to your calls.
But it is theater.
It is a troop of thespians working upon you, conning you, manipulating you.
I mean, an example of just how they distract us is they're talking about Bush's $40 million inauguration.
Oh, he's spending too much money on it.
Well, obviously are, and obviously it's a huge police state promotion.
Don't look the president in the eyes, you know, all this stuff.
Training us how to be slaves.
But, folks, there's a trillion-two, as of a year ago, missing from the Pentagon.
One trillion, two hundred billion.
You want to talk about fraud, waste, and abuse by the government.
But again, they'll go bust some army captain caught buying ten computers on the army credit card and selling them out the back of a bus.
You know, the back of a van.
Oh, that'll be big national news!
Man, look at all the corruption!
But that just makes up for a few billion dollars a year, the Congressional Budget Office said, is actual officers and people stealing.
Low-level fraud, waste, and abuse.
But there's just back-of-the-news wire once or twice.
Oh yeah, by the way, never in the nightly news, never in your newspaper.
There's a trillion-two missing...
From the Pentagon.
See, you ask, well, why would they run a fraud on us?
Why would they want to take our freedoms?
Why would they want to set up a police state?
Why would they want to put satellite tracker boxes in all our cars and taxes and traces?
Which I've been talking about for eight years and is now mainstream news.
I've gotten a lot of apology emails by people who didn't believe me.
I just had the federal documents.
I wish you would have gone and looked them up like I told you to.
Why does the government want to do all this?
Why is this happening?
Because that's what tyranny is.
People ask, well, why would the government want to do bad things?
Why would powerful people want to hurt people?
Why would they want to take away our middle class?
Why would they want to get control of us economically?
Well, that's just mean.
Because throughout history, you have to have despotism and tyranny if you want to be able to basically steal one group's wealth.
And it's about control.
Throughout history, elites go into countries, take them over, set up police states.
And why do they do that?
In every case.
So they can then militarize the nation, once they've captured it,
And use it as a military tool for empire to invade other nations.
We have been captured by the global corporate elite that could care less about America, that is looting us financially, de-industrializing us, dumbing us down, setting up the Soviet states of America, basically.
And now that they've captured us, they're going to use America as an engine of war, a battering ram.
That's what Hitler did in Germany.
That's what...
Stalin did.
That's what these people do.
They capture the country, then they use it after they've got control of the people, because the people hate it.
They hate the war, they hate losing their money, they hate losing their freedom.
That's why the police state has to be there.
See, you just don't live in a police state.
When you have a police state, you then are abused.
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Did you know they're now working on a chip to place under the skin of human beings that will let you buy and sell in a global economy without cash, coins, and checks?
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Hi folks, Jack Browning from Midas Resources.
The Real Money Folks.
Let's review a few things from the past year.
November 2003 to November 2004.
The dollars ranged from $9,800 to $10,300.
A 5% increase.
The dollar's value has dropped from $0.96 to $0.70 against the euro.
A 24% decrease in spending power against the gold-backed euro.
Gold has gone from the $390s to the $440s.
A 16% increase in real money.
That's Midas Resources at 800-686-2237.
All right, John and Donna and Matt and Art and others, again, your calls are coming up, but I want to continue with some more news here.
Feds approved human RFID implants.
The U.S.
Food and Drug Administration has approved a gimmick from Florida-based Applied Digital Solutions, this is from the register, to chip people with RFID implants previously confined to tracking animals, thereby making it easy to access their medical records even when they cannot access
Or would rather not cooperate.
So what's the problem with this technology?
We don't think there is one unless doctors' offices are being flooded with people who can't recall their own medical histories.
Yes, some people do suffer from dementia, but these are most often found already in nursing facilities and hospitals, or at least supervised by a nursing or family member.
And now they admit that they've contracted with a big satellite company
To start a new satellite tracking system with new chips they're coming out with.
And I've talked to special forces.
They're already putting them in pilots.
They're already putting them in special forces.
They've already got a Bureau of Prisons contract out in California.
That's Reuters.
They're all over the news saying how good the implantable chip is and how we all need it.
Think about that.
They're openly promoting and pushing this.
I remember the federal plans years ago and warning people they didn't want to believe it.
Here's another one.
ePassports awards more RFID contracts with government officials facing a March deadline for implementing a prototype electronic passport.
The U.S.
Government Printing Office, GPO, this week awarded four more contracts for sample RFID computer chips to be used in the project.
And again, Ridge announced they passed a law domestically, your driver's license is the national ID card, and this new international form of ID where we unify our biometric systems with foreign governments.
That is the world ID card for the world citizenship, for the world taxation, world regulation, and world army.
And understand, the so-called, if they were, the hijackers on 9-11, they had gone out to an Al-Qaeda summit, Al-CIA summit, in Malaysia, and they'd gotten on a terrorist watch list and couldn't get back in, and the CIA, this is MSNBC, called up the embassies and said, you let them back into the U.S.,
And they have their houses, their cars, their credit cards, paid for by the U.S.
Again, that's mainstream news.
We're supposed to just ignore this?
Well, I'm not going to ignore it.
Meanwhile, militarily, things are really heating up.
This is out of AFP.
Taiwan deploys missiles on mobile launchers.
The military has begun to deploy mobile launcher trucks installed with fixed-based missiles around Taiwan to counter Chinese weapons trained on the island.
It was reported yesterday.
The trucks carry homegrown Housang Fing-2 anti-ship missiles, which are difficult to detect by aerial reconnaissance, the Liberty Times said.
The Defense Ministry declined the comment on the report.
This is also out of the agency French press.
Japan maps plan to defend southern islands against Chinese military attack, report says.
Japan has mapped out a plan to defend a chain of its southernmost islands in the East China Sea against invasion.
I mean, raising security concerns about China, a press report said Sunday.
By the way, Japan has quietly let people know that they're building nuclear weapons.
Oh, yes.
They have more nuclear reactors than any other country in the world.
The plan calls for the dispatch of 55,000 troops as well as warplanes, destroyers, and submarines from Japan's May Islands in the event of an attack on Okinawa and other remote islands, Kyoto News Agency reported.
The National Defense Agency compiled a plan covering the islands lying in the 1,000-kilometer zone between the southern tip of China's Fuyush Island and Taiwan, Kyoto said, citing unspecified official reports.
In November, Japan made public its new defense guidelines, which explicitly point to China as the potential threat for the first time, along with North Korea.
Very serious.
So think about it.
The Japanese are arming, arming up.
North Korea is saying U.S.
is a nuclear criminal.
This is out of the AP.
A day after indicating a willingness to rejoin nuclear disarmament talks, North Korea returned to its usual anti-American rhetoric Saturday, accusing the United States of being a nuclear criminal with double standards.
Well, again, Kim Jong-il is a demonic psychopath who kills people for fun, but
We talk about Bill Clinton giving him nuclear reactors, which was horrible.
But the neocons don't talk about the company that did it, and it was Donald Rumsfeld's decision on the board of ABB, the Swiss company that transferred the nuclear reactors.
So there's something for you.
We'll be right back with your calls and a ton of other really important news.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Whether you are aware or not, World War III has started.
Let me rephrase that.
Oil War III has started.
Don't kid yourself, the reason we went into Iraq is oil.
Now we are looking at the possibility of invading Iran and even Saudi Arabia.
Why else would the US be building 13 permanent military installations inside Iraq?
Does it look like we're pulling out?
The nations of the Earth are consuming oil at the rate of 83 million barrels per day and growing.
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Central Standard Time, back nine to midnight Central Standard Time, then rebroadcast throughout the early morning hours.
Thank you for joining us.
Look, and I'm not trying to be negative about all this.
It's positive that we're here on the air talking about it.
It's positive that I have done over, I don't know, it's 1,800-plus interviews now in the last three and a half years.
And I get on all these other talk shows, big syndicated ones, little mom and pop stations.
I don't care.
I do them anytime, anywhere.
And I get on the air and I talk about the New World Order and government prior knowledge and involvement in 9-11.
And almost every caller calls in agreeing with me.
Five, six years ago, on my own talk show, on one station here in Austin, half the callers disagreed with me.
There has been almost a total shift in the paradigm.
People know in their guts something's wrong.
And everything I've been talking about, unfortunately, has come true.
World government is upon us.
Let's take some calls, then I'll get into Reuters.
Report, U.S.
conducting secret missions inside Iran.
Also, a little bit west of there, U.S.
lowers expectations for once-heralded Iraq vote.
Wait till you hear the details of this, but quickly.
Let's go to all of your calls.
John in New York, thanks for holding.
If you'll make three items quick here, I'll mail them to you.
One, I got a friend that got a ticket from Washington, D.C., and he's never been there, but yet they got a picture of his license plate on a different car.
At 12.30 at night on the 14th of December, he went to the sheriff's, the state troopers, and the motor vehicle department, and nobody could help him or were even concerned.
And yet we have a terrorist possibly in Washington, D.C.
He's got verification that his car is on less than 40 miles.
He hasn't reported any stolen plate, hasn't known it to be gone.
It's still in the snow.
It's a backup car, so it's not even moved out of the snow bank.
Secondly, I got a gentleman that works with me that chainsawed his armpit back in 98.
He had a doctor say he could draw his dolly so that he was not eligible for any disability.
But yet, he's got his SSI report, which says he's eligible for SSI of $757 of disability, if ever disabled, and he's gotten a ticket because he has a thing against his driver's license saying his shifter and he has to have a suicide knob has to be on the other side because he's only one-armed.
And so now if your hand was dead and you had like 15% mobility and strength in your arm, wouldn't you be disabled?
That's the second item.
Third item...
I called in on the Patriot Act II, our Congressman, to bitch about it and saying, hey, I know on May 6th I watched Congressman Dana Roderberger out of California testify that Clinton helped set up the Taliban, that they refused to go after Osmond Bin Laden for a full month after a notification of four times with the CIA, and that Catalina Rice refused any response that 9-11 was happening by Roderberger and by a CIA agent, Julie Sears, and that they knew that 9-11 was a hoax along with the movies and all that, and what the hell were they doing that Mr. Bush was actually a felon?
And it got me a visit from the FBI.
My neighbors have told me that a man from a pickup truck with a federal license identified himself from being from Virginia.
And also he knew where I was, knew my three locations, and was asking about me.
And so anyhow, I'm a nobody out in the middle of nowhere.
I'm a farmer.
I have got a lot of issues, but at the same time, if people think it's not going to ramify them, it is.
Well, that shows that, again, what are they doing?
Why are they sending Homeland Security out for a woman selling knock-off Rubik's Cubes or arresting a doctor who's a veteran who, quote, complains too much?
I mean, Homeland Security in the Quad City Times a few months ago said he didn't threaten anybody, but complaining is terrorism, so we came and arrested him.
This is the insanity.
Thanks for the call.
I want to comment on those license plate systems.
They don't need a satellite tracker box in your car.
Arnold Schwarzenegger wants it.
The governor of Oregon wants it.
The Feds said years ago this is the plan.
All the new ignitions have plug-ins for the satellite tracker box that government's going to try to make us all accept.
But they don't need that.
In London, England, and in several areas of the U.S., they have cameras.
Now, cameras are up all over the country because the cameras hook into the software.
But in several areas...
They are already using it to tax people by the mile, from point to point.
You drive from one camera, it scans your license plate instantly, the computer reads numbers, and then at the next point the camera picks up your license plate and then looks on an internal clock how long it took you to drive that distance.
And there have been cases in London where people get tickets for driving 150 miles an hour because the cameras malfunctioned and it turned out they were driving a truck that doesn't go over 70.
We're good to go.
Taking pictures of people who are at the red light, who haven't run the red light, who've stopped, but it malfunctions.
But Lockheed Martin and other big defense contractors own these cameras.
No actual cop was there to verify it.
It's a machine giving you a ticket, and that's why they had to take the red light cameras out two years ago in San Diego, because people sued over it.
The law is a person.
Has to give you that ticket, then you have a chance to challenge it.
Much less a camera doing it.
But the problem with these cameras are, and this was in the LA Times last week, they're going in all over the country, that is the software being hooked into the cameras, where they track and trace you everywhere you go.
The squad cars are going to have these cameras on them where the cop doesn't have to pay attention.
It's just constantly scanning all the license plates up to, what was it, over 2,000 an hour that each squad car can do, just scanning.
It's as traffic can be going at 60 miles an hour past the car, and it scans every plate.
Now, if that isn't Big Brother, what is it?
You know, what is?
And so you raise that point, and...
It's just incredible.
It's absolutely incredible.
I mean, this Scripps Howard News Service and AP Reports last Friday, they're up on Infowars.com.
You can't have crosses anywhere on the parade route.
You can't have anti-war signs.
Oh, you've got free speech.
We just tell you what speech you can have.
And by the way, if you're in the parade and walked by the president, don't look at him.
Don't look him in the eyes.
All the servants and employees that serve the president have been told, don't look at him.
Now that is a hallmark of classical tyranny.
You know, going in to see the emperor, avert your eyes from the great leader.
Good points, John.
Let's talk to Donna in Pennsylvania.
Donna, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I love you so much.
And God bless you.
God bless you.
I am Donna Lee Hayes Bovane.
And I'm Christian Bovane's wife.
Christian Bovane is also a Christian patriot.
And I belong to every hate group on the face of this earth.
Ma'am, tell us specifically what you're talking about.
I joined every hate group on the face of this earth to find out who really killed the World Trade Center bombing.
Who really did it.
And it was Dick Cheney.
Dick Cheney is the one that told the men to step down.
And Dick Cheney runs the Jewish Massage and the Christian Identity Movement.
And they kidnapped my son for telling the truth.
And gave him a respirator and
And it gave me PCP and it gave me nuclear medicine.
The same thing they did to that Ukraine man.
In six months they gave us nuclear medicine.
They call it the attainment centers which is psycho wards.
This is where they plan on putting you and Charles Purdy and Puckett and the rest of us.
I already went there so you don't have to go there.
So I ordered up since I am a Rothschild and they are living off of my money.
Thank you.
All right, man.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate that.
Can you imagine how upsetting all this news is to people that are already paranoid?
Listen, since you brought all this up, let me give people the facts.
I just stick to the facts.
Type in New Freedom Initiative.
New Freedom Initiative.
Talk about an Orwellian term.
Type that into a search engine.
You'll get the British Medical Journal.
You'll get the Associated Press.
You'll get Congressman Ron Paul's articles he's written about it.
It passed two months ago.
A little less than two months ago.
This is admitted.
It was written by a consortium of ten drug companies.
They wrote the law.
They brag that 15% of American children are already on psychotropic drugs.
And that by the new guidelines they've written that recommend all of the new patented drugs, that they will increase their profits by $4 billion a year.
And that they will go from 15% of the children on these drugs to half.
Now, this has been in the Pennsylvania newspapers because a high-level government official involved in all this went public and exposed it.
Also, some of the private individuals said, in good conscience, I can't be part of this.
I'm going public.
So just type New Freedom Initiative in and you can read all the hundreds of news articles about it.
Now, how are they going to get your children on these drugs?
The guidelines written by Eli Lilly and others say... Now, listen carefully.
This is the law they wrote and got passed, that they are going to force, whether you're homeschool, private school, or public school, every child in America from age four, even before they're in school, to age 18, to have two psychological, being committed, tests every year
By social workers and psychologists and psychiatrists, paid for by the government, following a handbook written by the drug companies.
The New Freedom Initiative.
And even Dr. Laura Schlesinger and G. Gordon Liddy and all these big talk shows, they even came out against it.
And they got over 2 million phone calls and letters and emails, this was in the news,
Two months ago, saying don't pass the New Freedom Initiative.
Ron Paul put an amendment in to try to stop it.
Or at least have parental consent.
No parental consent!
And it's still passed by a huge majority.
In major polls they had about the New Freedom Initiative, 90 plus percent of Americans were against it.
But the government still did it.
It's just like 87% of Americans, including in major polls, the majority of Hispanics.
They try to make it a racial issue, but it's not.
Aren't against open borders.
The government, Republicans and Democrats still do it.
See how on the key issues they're together.
And this is what the Soviets did.
The Soviets would declare, most of the people they arrested, they wouldn't say you're a traitor or you're an agent or you're bad.
They'd say, oh, we're sending you to a facility for psychological re-education because you're mentally ill.
The East German Stasi did this.
This is nothing new.
And now it's come out.
Type into the search engine.
Prozac increases the risk of suicide 1,200%.
You'll get the actual medical journal reports.
They knew it during the trials of it in the early 1980s and covered it up.
I knew it 10 years ago when I first got involved and started getting informed.
In the last four months, it's come out in all these publications that the serotonin reuptake inhibitors cause psychotic breaks
Sugar pill is more effective to treat depression in major studies, hundreds of them.
Sugar pills have a better effect just with the psychological effect of making you think you're getting something good, the placebo effect, than Prozac.
And the whole class of those drugs, Zoloft, Luvox, all of them.
But that isn't stopping the drug companies.
They're coming out with even more deadly ones that don't just affect one chemical in the brain, but multiple.
They give you a chemical imbalance.
And yeah, most of the time you feel great and giggle and laugh and nothing bothers you.
But when you have a bad trip, because these drugs are in the same class as psychotropics.
Psychotropics are in the same class as hallucinogens.
They'll get a big medical book on it.
Go buy it at the library.
Go check it out.
You can get these.
Just go read it.
Read what class it's in.
And so when you have a bad trip, folks, every mass shooter we've seen, I haven't seen a case yet that wasn't, every case of a woman sawing her toddler's arms off, every case of a woman drowning her four children, every case I've seen, Jewish sinners getting shot up.
Baptist churches getting shot up.
All of it.
Every case we've seen, they've been on these drugs.
Because you go into a mesmerized, sleepwalking state.
A couple years ago, remember they had that rash of children being left in cars and dying?
The parents would just forget they were there.
Go to work.
Lock their car, get out.
The child would bake.
In a lot of the cases, they didn't say what drugs they were on, but in many cases it said they were on those drugs.
They were in a mesmerized state.
And when they have a bad trip... I mean, the cases of people on these drugs, women who were happy and then had some back pain and went and got put on the drugs.
You have a car wreck now, they try to put you on it.
Our troops get injured, they try to put them on it.
Suddenly a nice, happy woman is dancing naked with butcher knives on top of her house and starts stabbing herself.
I mean, what is this?
Go read what the drugs do and then you'll understand!
Their answer?
We'll just force half your kids on it.
It actually says it.
Oh, boy.
Let's talk to Matt in Michigan.
Hey, speaking of George Orwell, I read Animal Farm over the weekend, and it's a good metaphor for the emerging American police state.
You know how that farm is transformed to a police state?
And there's a horse there, too, Boxer, who he thinks he's serving the economy there, and he's going to get a retirement, and he gets sold.
He gets sent to the glue factory.
In fact, I want everybody out there, and Animal Farm is good for adults and children.
If your child reads well and is about 12 years old, I would buy them Animal Farm.
And then a little bit later, get them 1984.
But yes, Animal Farm is a great analogy.
That's all I have to say.
Thank you.
You know, it's great points, Matt.
It's funny.
I was talking to the editor I'm working with on this new film this weekend.
We talked about Animal Farm.
And the pigs that take over, that's the dominant group, the ruling caste, they have rules for themselves and then rules for everybody else.
There's no way to describe Animal Farm.
One must read it to know.
Let's go ahead.
I ought to sell that.
I've been thinking about selling 1984 and Animal Farm on my website.
Just because they're so important.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Who's up next here?
Art in Oregon.
Art, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I heard you Friday on the Steve Quayle Show.
Yes, sir.
And you were talking about the Austin, Texas City Hall dedication.
I had that posted at Infowars.com.
I can't find it on the site.
But I know if I keep looking, I'll find it.
But also... Well, that's funny.
When's the last time you checked the site?
This morning.
What time?
In fact, I got your website up right now.
I still couldn't find it.
But that's okay.
Well, it's funny.
When I walked out of the office this morning, it was up.
Is it under the police state section?
Sir, I don't allow myself to have a computer on when I'm on air because I'm always surfing and it distracts me.
Well, Alex, you gave a great presentation of that article on Steve Quayle, and I'd love to hear that on your show.
Because you were talking about the witches and the pastors and all these people.
Yeah, for those that don't know, you know what, I'll tell folks when we get back from break.
And I wanted to do this this hour anyways, so stay there and we'll talk about it on the other side.
Okay, thanks, Al.
We're going to go to break and I'll dig that article out here.
It's in the stack somewhere.
And go over it.
And it better be on my website.
Yeah, here it is in front of me.
I'll give you the actual web address.
I've got a printout from my side of it and a link to the Austin American Statement.
Yeah, they dedicated the new...
City building.
They had a witch do the coronation.
We'll be... Hyde Black, stay with us.
Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act Legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
You want to understand what the New World Order really is?
Then my new two and a half hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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You know, I can't really do this justice because when I was on Steve Quayle's show, I had the actual paper paper.
And a lot of times the headlines in the physical paper are different than the actual article.
But I have the Austin American Statesman article on Infowars.com.
And at the top of the paper, it was like, City Hall receives blessing.
And then it's got a picture of
All these different Christian denominations and Buddhists and witches and Wiccans, all with their hands together in a circle, praying.
And I mean, this is just pure Tower of Babel, classic world government.
This is what they're promoting.
And we couldn't find those pictures online.
The station didn't post the photos of the witches joined hands with the Christians.
Oh, how nice!
We're all being friends now.
No, this is...
It was the Christians giving up their faith, not the witches giving up theirs.
A cult ceremony consecrates Austin's new city offices.
Here it is.
That's our headline.
It began in English, then continued in Japanese, before long Hebrew and Sanskrit.
Robed in black, blue, white, yellow, and brown, local religious leaders bowed their heads, folded their hands, and raised their arms as they sang, chanted, and prayed simultaneously in the city council chambers on Thursday.
How appropriate the first meeting of the City Hall would begin with a group of people who don't necessarily agree on everything.
Representing ten different world religions, Wicca, Hinduism, Bali among them, and multiple Christian denominations, the religious leaders gathered to bless the chambers of the public showroom of the $56.7 million building.
And again, it says under the sleek theater, like seating, the curved wooden dais and the bronze and copper ceilings.
And the building itself has weird pyramids and symbols all over it.
It's three bronze buildings.
Three six-story buildings.
And for those that don't know that Satanism's real and Luciferian stuff's real, Benjamin Franklin, one of our founding fathers, they dug up a bunch of dead kids in his basement.
That's times of London.
He was into the occult.
That's admitted.
Here's a clip from the History Channel where they're now admitting what we knew years ago.
But this is part of the throwing in your face.
Here it is.
America was born in rebellion, and a few of its greatest icons made alliances with the host of hell.
In the late 1700s, a group of Englishmen formed the first Hellfire Club, a fraternity dedicated to drinking, sex, and at times, ridiculing Christianity and mocking its sacred rituals.
Members met at ruined monasteries to revel in black masses and drunken orgies.
An occasional participant was the American ambassador to Great Britain, Benjamin Franklin.
Now, we didn't get that faded up quite in time.
About five seconds of it didn't play.
Play that again so they hear the start of it.
America was born in rebellion, and a few of its greatest icons made alliances with the host of hell.
In the late 1700s, a group of Englishmen formed the first Hellfire Club, a fraternity dedicated to drinking, sex...
So there you go.
Now, again, next hour, I can't do this proper justice without spending 10-15 minutes on it.
So when we get Paul Watson on, we'll go into how the symbolism is everywhere.
But there were Catholics, there were Baptists, there were all these denominations of Christians there with their hands linked in a circle, front page of the paper, praying, being led by a Wiccan in the middle with their hands up, calling in the four spirits.
Just absolutely amazing.
And for those who don't know about Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove and the occult activities of the global elite, we'll talk about that in the next hour.
If you want to get my two-hour film on the subject, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, go to InfoWars.com.
Or prisonplanet.com to order via the Safe Secure Online shopping cart.
Or call toll free to get it.
And why some of you don't order it, I don't know.
It's a great film.
You need to have it.
That's 888-253-3139.
And the heart of global government is merging our religions.
Well, you can be whatever religion you want as long as you go pray and go along with the other group and what they want to do.
All right, we'll be right back.
We'll talk more about this.
Callers, stay there.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're now into hour number three.
And John and Cindy and everybody else, your calls are coming up as well.
There is so much news.
At the end of the last hour, a caller called in and wanted me to talk about a report I covered on another talk show.
I was a guest on Friday talking about a front-page article in the Austin American-Statesman showing a prayer session being led by a Wiccan witch
At the new 666 office buildings for the city that they just built.
Three six-story bronze buildings with pyramids and satanic symbols all over them in the bronze and copper.
And there they were in a big circle, all these religions together and all these Christian denominations doing this, which for a Christian that's just pure blasphemy.
Absolutely amazing.
But it just shows this shift
And it shows how much the occult's got involved in our society.
I want to talk about the Iraq elections, and I want to talk about a bunch of different Big Brother news as well, but joining us for the rest of this hour, the next 57 and a half minutes, is Paul Joseph Watson, who joins us at least once a week with his great inside analysis.
He's the webmaster for two of my sites, prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv.
Paul, good to have you on with us, my friend.
Good to be here, Alex.
What do you think about all these religions linking hands and consecrating the new 666 office building?
Well, yeah, it's an ongoing trend.
I mean, we've got an article on prisonplanet.com right now which talks about the Sunday school's
In many cases of which have taken on outcome-based education behavior modification exercises.
Things like telling children to go outside and hug trees, getting children to talk about their parents and what they're doing and if they're abusive towards the kids.
And what happens is, Dr. Spock and the rest of them tell parents, don't discipline your kids, let them run wild.
That's so the state can do the educating, or the indoctrinating.
Yeah, they dress it up in this kind of libertarian ethic of, you know, make your own mind up.
Everyone needs to be brought up in some kind of way, and if the parents aren't there to do it, then the state steps in and does it personally.
That's what Hitler did.
He said, give me the women and children, so follow the men.
In every case, the state will step in and provide that education, which is purely about brainwashing.
Yeah, if you get the women, you've got the children, so follow the men.
First you get the women, then you've got the children, so follow the men is the exact quote.
They know exactly what they're doing.
And how they can get all these Christian churches there to be part of this.
It's just amazing.
Absolutely amazing.
Paul, what's some of the news items that you think are most important that we need to cover this evening?
Well, I've got some comments on Prince Harry's Nazi uniform.
The reaction to that in Britain and the double standard that's going on with it in the media.
The implantable microchips back in the news again.
A nightclub in Scotland is the latest to introduce the implantable chip.
So now it's Spain, the US, both coasts, Scotland.
Yeah, and it's going ahead in places like Belgium and Holland as well.
So we'll talk about that.
Obviously the
Torture Abu Ghraib situation again in the news over the weekend with the trials.
And the family of one of the people that got convicted with a slap on the wrist came out and said, look, they were ordered to do this.
They followed their orders.
Yeah, but the media's covering it up on three aspects.
And then Ridge was on your news and the BBC their Friday going, torture's good.
So they're showing that these were the orders.
And there's other aspects of it that they're covering up as well, so we can go on to talk about that.
Yeah, let's go over that Ridge stuff, too.
So much coming up in your calls.
Honored to have Paul Watson joining us.
We'll talk about Prince Harry, the Duke of Edinburgh, and others.
Stay with us, prisonplanet.tv.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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All right, your calls are coming up.
Just masses of news.
But before we do that, Paul Joseph Watson, the guy that runs PrisonPlanet.tv for me, we have just been adding ridiculous amounts of media lately to PrisonPlanet.tv.
We've added so many new features.
We've gotten authorization from so many documentary filmmakers to post their great films there.
It is becoming an insane deal for 15 cents a day, monthly and yearly subscriptions.
Tell the listeners about some that happen to be online.
No one who's online should not have this resource.
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Because we've got to stand up to the globalists who are trying to cow us right now.
They know the awakening is taking place.
The answer is to get even more in their face and get even more informed.
Paul, tell them about PrisonPlanet.tv.
Well, yes, it's the best of its kind out there.
We've looked at the competition for 15 cents a day if you subscribe for a year, 19 cents a day if you subscribe for a month.
You get everything.
You get Alex's weekly reports.
A new thing that we're doing is going back into the archives and adding old videos that were done by Alex on his TV station.
For example, the latest one is the Million Mom March protest from, I believe you said, around four or five years ago.
Which, again, that's a whole 40-minute section on that protest, and it's very interesting to watch.
Well, tell the folks what they tried to do to me during that protest.
This is stuff that never went in films.
I'm going to start putting these great reports on there.
Well, the police show up and say they're going to respect both sides' free speech, and then when a guy holding an America Armed and Free sign up goes and peacefully stands at the back of the Million Mon protests as the speeches are taking place,
They go and escort him out of the premises because he didn't have a permit to protest.
And the double standard with that is the million moms on their literature tables had signs saying make abortion legal while chanting save our kids.
And by the way, they would then chase us around, hit us with signs, spray water on the camera lens, laugh at us, and the cops would see it and then threaten to arrest us.
Yeah, and they're the ones that were blocking your signs, so they were the ones impinging on your free speech, and they go around chanting Save the Kids when they've got pro-abortion signs everywhere.
That's the double standard.
I mean, going back to what we were saying, every major audio interview from the Alex Jones Show, as you said, we've had authorization to post dozens of other documentary films, the latest of which is Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus,
And many more features to come.
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So it's the best of its kind out there, and it supports the giant bandwidth costs which we have to face from month to month, which just keep getting bigger and bigger.
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Yeah, so it's a great deal.
I mean, that's the exclusivity of it.
You get the content before anyone else.
And also things like the Dean Haglund video interview went up there.
Special bonus features like that.
So it's a great deal for anyone with internet access.
And there's a lot of free stuff on the site as well.
So you're also subsidizing getting the word out to other people.
Okay, prisonplanet.tv, and it's just a great thing.
I hope you'll get involved in it.
Let's plunge into the news, Paul.
Let's talk about the inauguration.
Not allowed to look the president in the face.
Don't look at the president.
Anyone going to bathrooms on the parade route, they'll be watched while you go to the bathroom.
Folks, this is Scripps Howard News Service Associated Press on both Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Do not look at the emperor.
Historically, Paul, what does this mean when they start saying, don't look at the emperor?
Well, it means they're trying to prevent people from pointing out that the King has no clothes, and it's the absolute dictatorship which we've been warned about all along.
And the thing about Bush, people wonder why he's so confident, why he struts around supposedly living in his own world, why he never retracts any comments, never claims to have made any mistakes.
And it's because of things like this, people not being allowed to look him in the eye.
You know, he doesn't read newspapers.
He's surrounded by protest zones which aren't allowed to get anywhere near him.
By the way, he said that.
He doesn't read newspapers.
Go ahead.
And he has his people create fake propaganda created to masquerade as news.
He's surrounded by advisors who tell him what he wants to hear.
So, I mean, the Daily Show made the joke that he's living in the Truman Show and he doesn't even know that we're watching him, which is why he appears to strut around being so confident in the face of all the horror that the people who control him are doing through him.
And again, that's the same thing with this inauguration.
Not allowed to look him in the eye.
They're searching 10,000 people, anyone in the general vicinity.
I'm sure they'll have the
Security blimps up there, as they had in New York.
They're fear-mongering about limousine gas bombs, suspicious activity around the buildings to try and justify all this.
So again, it will be another showcase for the police.
This is what they do.
They showcase the police state, and then in the future there's horrible terror attacks, and they say, see, see?
Keeps you safe, and we go, wait a minute.
You left the borders wide open.
You funded the terrorists.
Wait a minute.
Oh, let's not talk about that.
But again, Hillary Clinton wouldn't let people look her in the eyes.
You didn't look Hitler in the eye.
You didn't look Mao in the eye.
You didn't look Nero or Julius Caesar in the eye.
Folks, this is the textbook thing that tyranny, tyrants, dictators do not want you looking them in the eye.
It's an exercise of power.
It goes back to the Japanese, you know, bowing.
You don't look your superior in the eye.
This is what slaves are taught to do.
Go ahead.
Well, doesn't that also span back to things like the Medusa?
You weren't supposed to look her in the eye, so it's all about totems and symbols of power.
Well, let's go back to the Bataan Death March.
They would immediately cut the head off of any of the British or American troops that looked the Japanese military man in the eyes.
Folks, just type that in.
Japanese cut heads off of soldiers that looked them in the eyes.
That's historical.
But what was the justification they used for saying that you couldn't look him in the eye?
Because I saw the headline.
I didn't read the article.
They didn't give a justification.
I would imagine it's, well, that shows you have interest in him and it might be threatening.
I'm just trying to give them an excuse.
But they didn't say.
But these were the actual parade performers.
Wasn't that the case?
Not just people standing around.
Yes, and they will be followed to the bathroom.
Even the people that they've already checked out who were in the actual parade, even they're subject to all this.
Yeah, it makes total sense.
I mean, we've seen it before.
They classify them as national security events now, which basically means that they can militarize the area in which they take place and carry all this out.
And by the way, if you go to the Army's website, they're not going to have just National Guard folks.
They're going to have regular Army there searching people.
And on top of it, they have this behavioral science that 400 TSA workers, that's the airport workers, have been taught, and it actually says in the Washington Post, looking them in the eye, I just remembered that, that was a couple weeks ago, looking them in the eye, acting disgruntled, arguing, you'll be arrested for that.
When they want to walk over and fondle your wife, if you look them in the eye and are stern, that's a sign you may be a terrorist.
So imagine we stoop to your head and bend your shoulders over and, yes, a government, yes, a ruler.
And the so-called Christian Bush administration have banned the display of crosses or religious signs as well.
So they ban the left-wing speech and the right-wing speech as well, and then the left and the right attack each other so they both don't have free speech.
It's a beautiful system they've set up.
Works quite nicely.
Let's talk about little Harry.
Your German rulers.
We have German rulers here, too.
The Bushes.
Of course, Arnold.
Dual citizenship with Austria.
Says he admires Hitler.
Hands out Hitler records.
It's been reported.
Has been seen in some uniforms as well.
All of this going on, and Harry went out wearing a Nazi outfit of the Desert Fox from the Africa Corps.
And from there in... There in... Oh, what is it?
I'm losing my mind.
Where's Gaddafi?
Yeah, so he's wearing the Africa Corps outfit, and Prince Charles says, Shut up!
Stop griping about it!
Well, the problem is, even the Times of London did a report, and so did the London Evening Standard.
They said, Well, wait a minute.
There's a long history of Nazism in the House of Windsor.
Tell us about that.
That's the problem, yeah, because it doesn't matter if you think it was a joke or something more serious.
The thing about taking it seriously, and this is how they framed the debate, rather than talk about the real Nazi links to the royal family, it has pitfalls because the reaction is that the EU have come out and said they're going to ban the use of the swastika in public.
Now, remember that story about the kids who put on some kind of re-enactment and they closed the thing down because of a confederate flag, I believe?
Well, yeah, that's the added problem with this, is that Yahoo, they almost got shut down in France because they were selling Nazi memorabilia.
Well, folks, I know plenty of people who have Nazi and American... I mean, I've been at a gun show before.
And I bought an RAF American and a Nazi medal somewhere in storage.
Will I be arrested for having this?
Because I think it's interesting history.
I mean, I have Rise and Fall of the Third Reich with Mr. Scheer on the cover with a big swastika.
And, of course, the EU has no interest in clamping down on Nazis.
In fact, all the top neo-Nazi groups in Germany are run by the intelligence agencies, and that's admitted, and it came out in the court trial.
So that's about the expansion of hate speech.
They'll use this as a pretext to apply it to everything.
The news can show swastikas, books can have swastikas, but then they can selectively ban swastikas, rebel flags, whatever.
And it's all selective.
Yeah, the issue is the double standard.
The establishment media were sympathetic and soft-peddled the issue.
The day after it came out, they were all basically acquitting him of any wrongdoing.
But just imagine if someone like an anti-European member of parliament or any other public persona had been photographed in the same situation.
They would have attacked him for weeks.
The standard.
We'll be back, cover a bunch of other news and take your calls.
Stay with us.
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You know, Paul Watson, we've interviewed the BBC reporters and others who just say the word homosexual...
And then they're arrested, and the BBC runs an article about it saying, well, Scotland Yard Diversity Unit chief says that word is banned if they think you used it to be derogatory.
I mean, did they arrest you in the Soviet Union for saying the word homosexual?
I mean, again, folks, that's how far gone we are.
And they're trying to implement this.
And if we cower and then buy into this and then don't start speaking out, it's going to get only worse.
We've got to stand up and get involved.
I'm going to go to some calls.
Comments on that?
Well, yeah, everyone was so concerned about it, although the media was sympathetic to Harry and basically the issue's dead now, but it's rightly concerned, but why is there no public outcry about the fact that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor met with Hitler in 37, the Queen Mother wanted to appease Hitler, and the fact that the royal family had to change their name to Windsor from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to try and hide its Nazi ties?
And why is no one concerned about the fact that every year Bush gives his State of the Union speech in the House of Representatives in front of these two six-foot tall fasci symbols, which is the sticks tied together with an axe at the top, which is a symbol that originated with the Romans and represents absolute power, was used by the Nazis, by the Italian fascists and Mussolini on everything from propaganda posters to postage stamps.
So where's the outcry about that?
Well, absolutely.
In fact, you did a little article about that, showing images of what's in the Capitol.
It's not just that.
It's the Nazi scepters on both sides.
Yeah, the mace, which is also in the House of Representatives and can be seen behind Hitler when he's giving speeches and also on military uniforms, etc., etc.
So they use a lot of this stuff.
It's on the Lincoln statue.
It's everywhere, basically.
It's on dozens of state flags.
It's on dozens of international flags.
Let's talk to Jim in Michigan.
Jim, go ahead.
Yes, thank you, Alex.
Hello, Paul, to you.
Listen, I was checking out the 60 Minutes website and they had done a program on, have you ever heard of it, called the Echo Boomers, Alex?
What it basically was doing was doing a study by, well, major corporations were involved in it, but on the children born from, let's say, 1984 until now.
And the problem that they're encountering, even in business right now, is the fact that these children coming out of the school system are incapable of thinking on their own.
They all have the group mentality.
And they seem to want to get rewards in business now for just participating rather than achievement.
And if you look back, I've been following this for many, many years.
Yeah, it's all done by design in a Pavlovian system.
Don't discipline your children so they're a bunch of brats.
So the government can mold your children.
And then kindergarten, back to German.
Kindergarten, the Prussians had trouble getting their troops to just kill people up close, so they got them when they were young and taught them a system where they didn't think, they just regurgitated what they'd been taught, and that's our modern system.
Go ahead.
What I found too, because I've done a lot of the old workforce training model that they were putting in the schools years ago, but the whole idea was he had the Business Roundtable, people like Carnegie and the Rockefeller Foundation saying that the children coming out of school at that time were not fitting well in the business world because they just didn't have the education.
Now that I see that even the CEOs of these companies are saying they're having a hard time
Well, what they do is see after they've done the wreckage with problem, reaction, solution, and they've created even bigger problems, then they go, oh, look at these problems.
We've got to start even more of these new reforms, which will then in turn make it even worse.
It's like the drug war.
The drug war, they've doubled the funding in the last 10 years, and we've doubled the cocaine, tripled the heroin on the streets.
We're good to go.
So they sell you the drugs, and when you use the drugs or rob to get them, then they put you in a prison that the drug dealers own.
It's a great success.
Education's been a success, not a failure.
They've dumbed us down as their own documents said they wanted to.
The drug war's been a great success.
More drugs, more prisons, more freedoms lost.
It's a success to the globalists.
We look at it and go, it's a complete failure.
Go ahead.
Well, what I've come to realize is that the whole intent of the group think and the schools has nothing to do with business, but what it does have, it has the intent to create a whole one or two generations of lemmings who will follow and then bring in this new world order because there won't be anybody to rebel against it.
Yeah, of course.
That's it.
They want slaves.
Grueling, mindless, gibbering idiots that don't know any facts or any information, have no context about the world around them, just gibber and jabber into whatever's popular.
They're called slaves, minions, serfs, ops.
We'll be right back with Paul Watson.
More of your calls, more news.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Let's get some of these great callers out of the way.
Then I want to plunge into all the other news that Paul's mentioned.
Some other news I want to cover.
John in Tennessee, then Cindy, and Jim in New York.
That's all I'm going to have time for.
Sorry to the other callers.
John in Tennessee, go ahead.
Last night on Coast to Coast, Art Bell was asked about a prior guest with a video about 9-1-1.
Bell said, quote, I'm not going to tell you who that guest was or how to get that video.
Anybody who thinks
Well, let me just say this.
I am friends with George Norrie.
And I think George is doing a good job with the First Amendment.
I think Art has an interesting show, and Art is entitled to his opinion.
I am not going to say anything bad about that venue.
I am very thankful that I'm able to go on there for three hours at a pop and reach 20-plus million people.
Well, Bell is a Luciferian Freemason, and he was in court as an accused peaceful.
Sir, that's enough.
Listen, now that there, yeah, he was in court.
He took people to court over, you know, again.
That is very destructive, and I'm not going to sit here and say mean things about people.
I understand.
Thanks for the call, John.
Thank you for the call.
And what you just said wasn't true.
All right?
My God.
I mean, it just goes on and on and on.
All right?
I am not here to fight with other people.
I'm here to talk about the legislation.
All right?
Let me just say this.
And I don't want to be enemies with you either, John.
But let me just say this.
I deal with the legislation.
I deal with the issues.
I deal with things that really matter.
Now, I do talk about Rush Limbaugh saying torture's good, because I've got a clip of that.
And I do talk about those type of issues.
But I'm not going to just... All these other Patriot talk show hosts, I mean, almost all of them, that's all they do is talk about other people in the alternative media movement and just sit there and bash all day and all night.
And it doesn't go anywhere.
It doesn't do anything.
And so just, you know, please don't go there on my show.
Paul Watson comments?
Well, I mean, just to say, any video that says Bush directly ordered the attacks, I would disagree with as well.
Because he didn't.
And we've outlined that on numerous occasions.
It was Dick Cheney.
Yeah, and the system above that, so...
I mean, I'd agree with Art Bell on that issue, because he didn't know the attacks.
Well, I have, in Road to Tyranny, I say he's guilty of them, because he certainly knew that they were protecting terror organizations.
But, I mean, it's all apples and oranges.
He's playing semantical games.
Dick Cheney was in command of the NORAD drills and operations and ordered the stand down of NORAD.
There is no debating that.
We said that years ago.
Now other prominent people are saying that and claiming that they brought that to the fore.
It was in ABC News that he ran the drills.
It was in ABC News that he was in command.
He certainly let it happen.
And I would go forward and say, yes, they engineered it.
But listen, folks.
This broadcast is not a platform for slandering people.
And it just makes me... I neurotically... Everything I talk about is from at least three respected sources.
Or something I videotape myself that I am witness to.
I am not in the business of running around, popping my mouth off.
You know, the thing the person mentioned, I happen to have looked at it, and it's not true.
That makes me angry.
Let's take another call here.
And I don't want to get distracted off into this.
Let's talk about serious issues here.
Let's talk to Cindy.
Cindy, where are you calling us from?
Hi, Alex.
I'm calling from California.
I'm the banker gal.
Well, and I am a witness to what you talk about on the interstate of the control grid, the cameras on top of all the stoplights.
And for people that I'm trying to explain that to who think I'm out in left field, which I know that you document everything that we are all learning,
I want you, if you can go briefly over the control grid, where we can find out information on the black boxes that are going to be put in cars.
They're already in the cars, ma'am.
And where can we research that so that I can print something out to show people that think I don't know what I'm talking about?
Because I saw the big towers going from Sacramento to Stockton.
I see digital cameras above stoplights as I'm driving by where there's a school.
I see cameras on top of everywhere, and if you can briefly explain that to all of us again, where we can find documented information to print out to hand the people.
All right.
Let me try to go over this.
It's encyclopedic.
Number one, the people you're talking to must be complete idiots.
They are.
They just are.
Well, didn't they hear a month ago when Schwarzenegger's new DMV chief wants to put satellite boxes in all cars and tax you?
If they have, Alex, they're ignorant to the fact... Well, I mean, two months ago they had a cover story on Time Magazine about superhighways.
Right here in Texas and all over the country, these NAFTA roads, where everybody will have a transponder, and cameras will scan your license plate, point to point, and tax you that way.
And it talks about the satellite boxes.
There's bills introduced, and they've passed it in Oregon, California, New York's introduced bills.
Times last Thursday, cover story.
The police cars are all going to have cameras that instantly scan all drivers' plates.
I talked to a UPS driver who does not believe what I'm telling him, and that's why I'm asking, is there a website I can go to?
What there is, is... I'm not exaggerating.
2,000 mainstream news articles, press releases by the Department of Transportation, federally.
Paul, I mean, how mountainous is this?
I mean, tell her about England.
You're a few years ahead of us.
Tell her about it.
Well, here's where you go.
Firstly, prisonplanet.com, Big Brother section, then click on GPS satellite tracking, spy plans for new cars, green light after road toll success, call for national congestion charge, black boxes, is Big Brother watching you drive, in-car black boxes, safety measure or spy tactic, black box in car to trap speed drivers, dozens of articles there, and yeah, they introduce the
Licence plate scanning in England with a bank of surveillance cameras in London.
They're expanding that across the country.
The black boxes in this country will be directly linked to people's bank accounts.
Even the lonely countryside roads will have this system in place.
And on top of that, they're bringing in the devices that won't even let you start your car based on the fact that the system says that you're too tired.
And I heard cops on the air promoting that last week.
They're about to make it law here to do that.
Also, Ergonomics Today, Houston Chronicle, Associated Press.
I don't know how I remember all this stuff.
But let me just tell you, let me just tell you.
All cars are going to have a camera hooked into a cell phone to the police department where they hit a button and are looking at you.
By law, they're trying to make it the law that cameras... Folks, I'm not joking.
The next thing is cameras in the car watching you.
Paul, comment?
I believe there was an article on that last week.
Certainly, they've got them set up to watch the backseat, supposedly, so you can keep an eye on your kids and stuff like that.
More than that, this new thing is so you don't drive while you're tired, a smart computer chip decides if you're not looking at the road enough and warns you three times, and then if you don't, it calls the police.
Now, ergonomics today, they're trying to pass a law.
Ma'am, go ahead.
I wanted to ask you, Alex, everybody that I'm telling that thinks I'm joking around says, I'll just disconnect the box, and I know that that probably will not be able to... It's built into the ignition.
There are different types of boxes.
All the new cars, all of them, the media says half of them, all the new cars, as I read the industry publication seven years ago, eight years ago, a truck driver sent it to me, and I made calls.
I had one of the federal board members of the Federal Transportation Board on about it, and he faxed me documents.
He didn't like it.
This is the deal.
Austin Ice Listing, you've heard about it.
There's not going to be toll roads, toll booths, but we're all going to have to have a little transponder the size of a matchbox that taxes us, and if we run it, they're going to have cameras that scan our license plates.
They're going to come arrest us.
That's been in the news in Austin.
Rick Perry, the whole state, all the major roads, 6,000 miles of toll roads in Texas, the whole country has 7,000 right now.
We're good to go.
And you also discussed, so that your listeners can hear and that I can refresh my memory, to bill us every month, they're going to, you said, either use a debit card, a super bill, or your checking account.
Yeah, for those that don't have bank accounts, you'll have to go buy credits that are loaded on to your ID number that is accessed off of the license plate or off the transponder box.
Or when you go to the gas pump, there's a computer chip, some states are talking, and you plug it in and it will read how much you've driven and then add that to your gas bill.
And I'm sure that they'll make sure that the illegal immigrants, especially from Mexico, will be excluded from this.
I'm just saying that as a joke.
I wouldn't joke about it.
Thanks for the call.
I hear you.
Paul, comments?
Well, I don't know about in the US, but in this country, every car has to have what's called an MOT test every few years, which makes sure that it's roadworthy in the eyes of the government.
And that's the scheme in Britain, where they will retrofit the older cars.
That's how they'll do it.
It will be mandatory to have it fitted during the MOT test.
By the way, she mentioned illegal aliens.
They're about to pass the national ID card in your country, and they said foreigners and illegal aliens aren't exempt.
That's mainstream news.
Tell them.
Yeah, if you believe there's all these terrorists running around, then the provision in the bill is that any foreigner who stays in the country for six months or less, which is the most likely profile for a terrorist, is exempt from having to enroll in the ID card program.
And the new national ID card they passed a month and a half ago...
Actually, we had Ron Paul on about it.
We read the subsection.
Not kidding, folks.
There is actual amnesty legislation in it where the illegals, all states, cities, counties, are hereby ordered to accept the matricula cards, which anybody can get, these fake ID cards, and they don't have to have the national ID card.
Yeah, and if you think this is bad, most people pass it off and say, well...
You know, I've already got 20 cards linked to my database with all my information on them.
Then just wait until they roll it into the implantable microchip, because that's where it's all going.
And by the way, people that say that, oh, it's already so bad, who cares?
That's like if you were in a car wreck and broke both your kneecaps, shattered your cheekbones, broke your collarbone, and you go into the doctor, and they go, well, since these are all broken, we're not going to fix it.
By the way, we're going to go ahead and break both your other arms.
It's the reaction of the coward.
That's how they try to justify it so they don't have to get involved in fighting it.
Okay, the other news, and then we'll take a final call, but secrecy surrounds our right vote.
Christian Science Monitor, concerned about violence.
Some political parties won't even reveal candidate lists.
Now, we knew this months ago.
No one is running against the 324 provisional government people who were appointed.
Because a few started saying they were going to run a few months ago, and they got car-bombed or machine-gunned by the loving Iraqi security forces of the Ba'athists our government's put back in.
So I wondered, I said, Paul, I said this on air, I said, how are they going to spin it that no one's running in the election against the government candidates?
I didn't know how they'd do that.
The answer is, oh...
Who's running will be secret until the day of the election.
You won't know who's running.
Secret ballots are the corners, and it goes on.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and most people can't vote anyway because they've classified large areas of the country as security zones where no vote will take place.
And as you said, all the other candidates, apart from the guy they put in, I forgot his name momentarily, Chalibi.
Aren't running, because as the case was in Afghanistan, all the other candidates were threatened not to become involved in the election.
Yeah, that was in Reuters.
We'll burn your house down if you don't vote for the Unicoil executive, Mohammad Karzai.
And now there's Alawi.
Boy, he's a piece of work.
Alawi, sorry, that's it, yeah.
But, I mean, here's the deal, though, folks.
Think about this.
Think about this.
No one's running because they're killed if they announce they're going to run.
So I said on air, how are they going to concoct the story that there's an election with no one running against the appointed people?
Well, the answer is they go, oh, for security reasons, you won't be told who's running.
There's all this speculation in the media about, oh, will there be an election?
Yes, there'll be an election, and a lot of people will win, as Karzai won in Afghanistan.
They don't even need to rig the vote, basically, because they've got lockdown on all the voting areas.
No one's running!
The 320-something people that were appointed a year and a half ago, this is admitted, folks, are the only ones running!
That'd be like if every congressional district in America ran with the incumbent all unopposed.
And then they...
They couldn't do that, so they'd announce, it will be secret, and on the day of the event, someone you've never heard of will be up there against the other person.
Well, I was told that secret elections were part of the liberation, where only one candidate's running.
Surely that's freedom.
Compared to Saddam, come on.
What about this?
conducting secret missions inside Iran.
The United States has been conducting secret reconnaissance missions inside Iran to help identify potential nuclear chemical.
And then I've got another one here where they've been doing bombing raids and attacks, killing Syrian soldiers.
And the Syrians are just sitting there being attacked.
And then they're saying they want to go ahead and invade Syria, Paul.
And now Assad, the Syrian president, is visiting Moscow.
Because he wants to buy more weapons.
He fears an imminent attack.
They released the plans on invasions of Iran and North Korea back in 2002.
So this is a long-term strategy.
And it's being pushed by the Israeli lobby also.
So expect it to come down the pike in 2005.
After a terrorist attack that's blind on these countries.
Well, you read the Iranian newspapers, and they say that if we're attacked, then we're going to fully respond with all the tools in our arsenal, in the big editorials and things like the Tehran Times.
And again, folks, sitting in your easy chairs going, Good!
Kill them!
Kill them!
They weren't involved in 9-11.
Why would anybody come over here and blow stuff up knowing that the biggest military in the world will come after them?
Just look at the facts.
And again, it's going to be your sons and daughters.
This is going to be like World War II, folks.
And Bush has said he's your war president.
And I'm telling you, if a nuke goes off and a bunch of stuff happens, you're looking at Bush for president for life.
And then all the new components that Iran got, as the BBC reported, the UK government sold them what they described as a shopping list of nuclear components.
Same thing with Pakistan, who then gives it to North Korea.
When Rumsfeld, with his other hands, isn't giving them reactors.
I mean, it's just folks.
They're endangering order out of chaos, as Bush said.
We've got to have chaos so we can then bring you order.
You know, order out of chaos.
That's an Illuminati slogan.
They're creating world meltdown so out of the crisis they can bring in a new world order, and your children are going to die on the front lines because of this going into a bunch of third-world nothing countries.
Paul, I just... It's sick.
It's sick, sick, sick.
The thing with North Korea, though, is there's this...
Some people believe it's a propaganda campaign created by the U.S.
government whereby they're trying to create instability by suggesting the revolt is taking place within North Korea.
Now, obviously, that's a better method for changing the government than bombing the country, but Kim Jong-il is a maniac with his finger on the button.
And Rumsfeld sold him the nukes in the first place.
That's admitted!
They say arrest anybody that aids terrorists.
Well, then what about Rumsfeld?
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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All right, Paul, let's move quick with those two final items you wanted to cover.
Tell us about the loving torture.
Well, yeah, obviously with these trials taking place,
One thing is, people say the higher level members weren't involved in the trials, they're burning lower level members.
Which is right, but I mean, that's not to say that these lower level members aren't demons, I mean,
I don't know if you saw the footage, but before Grainer walked into the trail, he leaned in close to the television cameras and whispered, we're going to see how much of a monster I really am, and then started laughing.
So it's not to say that these people directly involved weren't guilty.
Oh, I've got to get video of that.
I wish I'd have taped that.
Yeah, it was on BBC.
Meanwhile, we've got Ridge the same day.
I did see this going online, going, yes, torture's good.
But wait, you said you weren't torturing and it was bad to torture.
It's incredible.
Go ahead.
Yeah, in the case, for example, he used an imminent nuclear attack.
Well, if somebody's under that situation, they're being tortured, then they're going to say anything to stop the torture.
But, again, they use those examples of there's all this nerve gas about to be released, and we've got to torture them to do it.
You've had TV shows in England where they promote this, where they have to torture the person's child to get the answers so the missile doesn't go off.
But that isn't the real world.
It's going to be the cop torturing you.
Yeah, and the point about the Abu Ghraib torture is the media is still steadfastly refusing to cover the full horror of it.
We get this line about, oh, cheerleaders stack up people in pyramids, what's the big deal?
But what's the big deal about, you know, raping children, putting out cigarettes on people's faces, killing prisoners, electrocuting prisoners, sodomizing prisoners, laughing at their dead bodies?
This is all in the military report.
We never hear anything about it in the media.
It's all about putting bags over people's heads.
And the other thing is, you know, well, these people killed American soldiers.
They deserve what they get.
You know, eight-year-old boys who throw stones, do they kill American soldiers?
People selling alcohol, people who don't show their papers at checkpoints, are these people terrorists?
And so, they are burning the wall.
Yeah, we've gone from, we're going to save the Iraqis, we're going in to save them, now to their animals.
Kill them all!
And the other thing is, you know, they say it was just a cadre of ruthless individuals.
It was a program.
It was called Copper Green.
It was introduced at Guantanamo Bay, which is why the people coming out of Guantanamo Bay and getting re-arrested again and telling the same stories about what happened to them.
The same stuff was going on.
And what was the last thing you wanted to mention?
There's an article about a Scottish nightclub which is implanting people with the...
Very cheap as a means of paying for the drinks.
We remember that Barcelona, the nightclub in Barcelona, did this early last year.
You interviewed the owner, Conrad Chase, who had been involved in secret government programs in the past which he wouldn't talk about.
And so they're trying to introduce it as the next wave of cool.
And now it's going on in Miami.
Paul, great job.
God bless you.
All right, thanks, Alex.
Thanks for coming on.
You can read his book, Order Out of Chaos, order a hard copy from us at the website or by calling or being a prisonplanet.tv member.
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So join up.
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Stand with us for humanity against the forces of death.
Stand with the forces of life.
God bless.