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Air Date: Jan. 7, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we're already down to the last weekday of the first week of 2005.
Before we know it, it'll be the last Friday of 2005 period, the way that time just slips through our fingers like sands through the hourglass.
Before we know it, our lives will be over.
Not a...
Very positive sounding thing on the surface, but that's just the facts of life.
And people in the past, especially in what you would call Western civilization, realized that and had a debt to pay to those that came before them that sacrificed for freedom.
It stood up for creativity and humanity.
And at the same time,
They thought it was even more important what was coming for their children and their children and their children and their great, great, great grandchildren.
But we are the society of instant gratification.
Everything is in the here and now.
The general public has no concept of themselves being part of the larger fabric of human history.
And when you don't care about anybody but yourself, when you are afraid of what your neighbors will think of you or what they'll think of you at church if you speak out against corruption, much less if you're afraid of the stormtroopers coming and getting you, you have ensured that the stormtroopers will come and get you.
Paraphrasing the Bible, those that try to save their lives will lose them.
Those that try to lay down their lives for their fellow man will gain their lives.
And of course that's a multifaceted, multivariate meaning.
It has really three or four different meanings, as all of the beautiful texts in the Bible does.
I'm not going to get into preaching here, but it's talking about literally laying your life down and how that empowers life itself and creates...
Better climate and how God also smiles on that and gives you eternal life.
But also, in many cases, being willing to lay down your life, being willing to stand up, ensures your life actually is the best course.
This stagnant inaction, this jellyfish society, spineless society, is an untold threat to humanity.
Some of us have an instinctive need to defend life.
Some people love death.
And the forces of death have been growing more powerful in recent years.
But, as I say, for every action there is an equal or greater reaction.
And to be clear, I'm not saying I coined that.
It's just a science term.
But, uh,
As I say that quite often, what I was doing was apologizing for saying that so often, but it's true.
Okay, as usual, masses of important news.
People aren't taking the flu vaccine, despite the fact that they tried to create a fad-driven system like they do every year.
They've got enough of it.
People are lining up to get it.
They're bugging for it.
And after a few lines formed of useful idiots, more and more people, though,
About half the number that took it last year just said, something's weird about this.
They actually read the back of the paper that told them why there was not enough flu vaccine, because it was contaminated.
And they said, you know, I don't think I'll be taking it.
Wow, what an original idea.
It's contaminated, I don't think I'll take it.
And a bunch on Alberto, I'm above the law, torture's good, I'm evil, Gonzalez...
It's all coming up after this quick break.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, I was looking at the headlines this morning and watching the news last night.
Gonzalez does pretty well for himself.
Stands up pretty good.
Defends himself.
Gonzalez appears close to approval.
Nominee faces tough questions from Senators, but no serious hurdles.
I didn't watch hours and hours of it yesterday.
I watched about 30 minutes.
Watched some of the lowlights of it on the news.
You're welcome to call in and talk about it if you saw the hearings or read the different quotes and comments.
And then now even more is coming out in testimony.
This guy didn't just write the memo saying Bush is above the law, above federal and international law, and we're allowed to torture.
He didn't just go to federal courts and defend it with his recommendations, his White House counseled.
As one of the chief lawyers for President Bush, now soon to be our new Attorney General.
Oh no!
That's not the tip of the iceberg.
Now it's coming out that he specifically sat around in a macabre fashion talking about torture.
Threatening to blow people's heads off, threatening to bury people alive, starting to bury them, making them think they're drowning, dunking people in water.
Just classic copper green type stuff.
CIA training manual on this.
It's public.
I mean, imagine your attorney general, the guy that's going to be your attorney general, it looks like, sitting around discussing torture in the Oval Office.
And they were all over the news years ago saying torture is good.
We need to go along with torture.
It's an American virtue.
Hundreds of editorials.
And then we see the images of torture.
The ones the government released.
Thousands of photos and videos that Congress was allowed to see if the public wasn't.
Including raping women.
Beating people to death.
Abusing families' children in front of them.
And the Army's own report
75 to 90% of those taken to the different camps, the 32 camps, didn't have their papers in order at checkpoints and were whole families.
Whole families!
Now, if you're doubting this, in early 2002, it's now 2005, hard to believe,
Over three years ago, the Washington Post, and I have this in two of my films, this article, interviewed the section chief of the CIA over the Middle East, and he said, we take people to third-party countries like Jordan and Egypt...
And we have our own prisons, our own sections, and we torture them.
It said torture.
And we even bring their children there to pressure them in front of their parents, whatever that means.
And listen, Ann Coulter just came out and made jokes about killing everybody.
You know, killing masses of people.
I mean, I listen to these people on the radio, and it's just, kill everyone, kill, kill, kill.
They're subhuman.
Kill all the Arabs.
Kill them, kill them, kill them.
There's got to be, what, 50 million Arab Christians in the Middle East alone?
Many of them were pro-West until they saw all this.
Kill everyone?
I mean, I just get so sick of hearing that.
Kill everyone?
And these are all soft, well taken care of, living in their New York high-rises, neocons, and a lot of liberals, you know, Professor Alan Dershowitz.
The scores of them, the Liebermans of the world, the...
There's just masses of them.
Democrats as well.
And they just sit up there saying kill, torture, murder.
You know, it's a good thing.
I thought we were going there for weapons of mass destruction.
I thought it was to liberate them that they loved us and that we were just going to be out of there in just one or two months.
Now, they're re-upping the troops.
They're saying now, Rumsfeld yesterday, this is public, that they may not just keep National Guardsmen for 24-month tours of duty in country.
They may extend it to three or four years.
And the National Guardsmen go and sue after a year of being in Iraq and say, look,
I never signed up for this.
I've already served a year.
I mean, even in Vietnam in World War II.
In Korea, you just served a year.
Because the human body, the human mind, more importantly, cannot, most people, it ruins them.
It burns them out.
The stress of it.
Of continual combat.
Continual patrols, continual four days a week kicking down doors and doing SWAT team raids.
I'd like to hear from SWAT team people around the country.
Can you imagine doing, on average, 15 raids a day, four days a week for a year?
What would that do to you?
I mean, how stressful is a raid...
Maybe twice a day for you, three days a week.
It's crazy.
This is the most stressful type of warfare, urban warfare, guerrilla warfare, guerrilla suppression, seek and destroy, and they're going to take people who signed up to defend the country domestically.
They told them, oh, you're going to stay here.
And now, two years isn't enough.
Two years.
No, it may be three or four.
And the Pentagon's doing this giant review.
They sent this four-star retired general over there.
They need a draft, ladies and gentlemen, and they already have one.
Military men and women who have served decades, who have cancer,
They are re-upping people who've been out of the military for 10 years who have cancer.
Just type in, veteran with cancer ordered to Iraq.
I mean, it's just, I see these every few weeks.
I mean, it's crazy.
They are scraping the bottom of the barrel.
They're maxed out.
Iraq is descending into chaos.
Secretary of the Army White, no angel, an Enron scammer, told Bush, look, my generals say 400,000 troops.
And he said, I'm not going to sign on to something that's going to get a bunch of our troops until, look, we've just got to have more troops.
Shut up.
Yes, sir, I resign.
But it doesn't matter to the neocons sitting there in their radio studios and writing their columns.
None of them ever been in combat.
They just sit there going, kill them, kill them, send the troops in.
Oh, the liberals say our troops can't handle it.
The liberals, you're a liberal if you say the troops are being abused.
You're a liberal if you say the uranium is hurting them.
Oh no, the liberals voted for this war in as great a numbers as Republicans did.
They all love it.
So see, on every case, whether it's the Patriot Act II or the National ID Card or Gonzales, they go, don't let the liberals win.
We've got to be for Patriot Act II.
We've got to be for Gonzales as Attorney General.
We've got to be for all of this so the liberals win.
Folks, more Republicans are voting against Patriot Act II and National ID Card and saying they're going to vote against Gonzales than Democrats.
The Democrats are getting what they want.
Big government, loss of freedom, national ID cards, everything we always wanted.
This partisanship is just meant to distract you.
So we're going to get more into Gonzales.
Just unbelievable.
This guy's a member of MECHA, La Reconquista, basically a Hispanic clan group.
He's for not telling parents when children have abortions down to age 12.
In some cases they were saying younger.
He's for gun control.
I mean draconian gun control.
He was an Enron lawyer.
It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
And this is going to be your Attorney General.
I mean, they're saying.
It's a done deal.
A done deal.
So we'll go over some of the serious issues concerning Lord Gonzalez.
He's par for the course there in the White House.
He believes that the President is above the law.
What did Bush say?
This was a dictatorship.
Things would be a heck of a lot easier.
So long as I'm the dictator?
You like that, huh?
That's freedom, folks.
That's freedom.
Social Security Administration utilizes RFID tags.
Wait to hear about this.
A little bit more on the tragic tsunamis.
It's all...
Coming up, your calls, wide open phones, open line Friday, no guests today, 1-800-259-9231.
We'll be right back after this quick break.
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Alright, this is the New York Observer.
Ann Coulter calls for North Korea to be nuked for fun.
Attack tsunami victims.
And this is what I've been hearing on talk radio.
Hating them, making fun of them.
Ha ha ha, the Muslims are dying.
Let's not give them anything.
Literally, I've been on talk shows where they're saying this is a guest.
In the last few weeks.
Folks, it's getting sicker and sicker.
I just... Ultra decadent.
This article describes her with these diamonds all over at this restaurant meeting with a reporter for an interview.
And she's going, I love it.
Liberals are so great.
Let's nuke everyone.
Oh, damn.
I mean, wait until I read this.
Folks, you want to know what elitism is and people going crazy.
When I had her on a few years ago, I ought to re-air that interview.
When I had her on, I'm like, well, Section 802 of the Patriot Act affects all citizens.
And she goes...
Whatever, that's a lie.
And I go, well, what about Section 802?
Let me read it to you.
And she goes, look, I haven't read it.
But I said, but you've written major chapters in one of your books about it.
Whatever, I didn't come on to talk about this.
You're a liberal.
You're a liberal.
Oh yeah, I'm a liberal, lady.
As much as I'm a Chinese jet pilot from Mars.
As much as I'm Nebuchadnezzar's uncle.
Man, you make me sick, you people.
Poor, pathetic conservatives, the general public.
You thought you'd won.
You thought you'd beat the liberals.
You didn't know.
They suited up in your outfits, and they fooled you with rhetoric, and they took over.
We're losing everything!
We're losing this country!
And I've got former friends, I'll call them, these neocon followers who laugh at me!
They don't care if everybody Bush appoints as pro-abortion or anti-gun or anti-border.
They'll laugh at you!
Let's play this clip off Laird NewsHour to analyze it.
Introducing Gonzalez.
Here it is.
This was last night.
Ray Suarez takes it from there.
Joining us with more on Alberto Gonzalez's nomination as Attorney General, Bradford Berenson served in the White House Counsel's Office with Judge Gonzalez during President Bush's first term.
He's now in private practice in Washington.
And Elisa Massimino is the Washington Director of Human Rights First, formerly known as the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights.
And Elisa Massimino, you heard the Attorney General designate
Questioned very closely on the administration's policies on torture.
Did you find his answers sufficient?
Well, he said a lot of good things, Ray, but it's what he didn't say that I found so striking.
He was asked numerous times what his own views were about the original so-called torture memo, and he
Evaded those questions, said he didn't recall.
Even when Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said, I think that memo was wrong in its entirety and completely wrong in its approach.
Don't you, Mr. Gonzalez?
He refused to answer that question.
Likewise, on the question of the so-called Commander-in-Chief exception to the Constitution that was in the Biden memo, he was asked numerous times to step back from that, to reject that in terms of his personal views, and he failed to do it.
In fact, he intimated that he believed that the President did have the power to overrule laws passed by Congress.
I learned that in my civics class in high school back in Texas, that in this country, the president can't just ignore laws that are passed by Congress.
Any law student can tell you that.
And his unwillingness to say that unequivocally was really troubling.
Bradford Berenson, what about the points that Elisa Massimino raised?
Well, let me take them in reverse order.
All Judge Gonzales really said about executive power is that the President has the ability in the case of a statute or law passed by Congress that is unconstitutional not to follow it.
He clearly conceded that any statute that is constitutional has to be followed.
And it goes on for ten minutes.
This is basically what, I mean, this is one of the best newscasts out there.
The others were just lavishly worshipping, and the ones I saw, the few I tuned into view.
It's unconstitutional, so the president overrides it?
Oh, laws against torture are unconstitutional, so we override those laws against torture?
And then, well, yes, he did write the memos and use them in court saying that we're above the law, federal law.
And the president basically is absolute vicar, or absolute ruler, absolute king.
Everything flows from him.
I mean, that's what they said.
Torture is unconstitutional.
It's very, very simple.
But they're Al-Qaeda.
No, Al-Qaeda works for the globalists.
Al-Qaeda was flown out to safety from this country, from Afghanistan, and everywhere else.
And wake up to that, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll come back, start going to your calls, and jump into this news.
Ann Coulter, nuking people is fun.
We'll talk about that.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, Joan and Regina and Harry and Patrick and Veronica, your calls are all coming up here in about four minutes.
Then I'm going to plunge into all the other incredible news for today.
But right now, I haven't had her up in a few weeks.
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Debbie, great to have you on with us today.
Hi there, Alex.
Thanks for having me.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year to you.
How was your holidays?
Well, it was wonderful.
I had a new granddaughter born on the 28th.
Thank you so very much.
That's quite a Christmas gift.
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No other gravity filter does this.
The only thing that can do this is reverse osmosis or distilled water, but then that cuts out the minerals that your body needs.
Right, exactly, exactly.
And it's really interesting that you say that because
You know, my husband works for the phone company, and he's been in training this week learning how to fix a machine.
And this machine that they use, they can only use tap water in it.
And the teacher said, never use distilled water.
And my husband, he's inquisitive, and he said, well, why is that?
And she said that it will break down the parts of the machine if you use distilled water.
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Thank you, Alex, and have a happy new year.
Also, if they get the recording, please leave your number twice real clearly, and I will get back to them, okay?
You're awesome, Debbie, and congratulations on the new grandchild.
Thank you very much.
You bet.
Take care.
Take care.
Let's go ahead and take a call.
Thanks for holding.
Joan in Florida.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Happy New Year, Alex.
Happy New Year to you.
The one clip that you played talked about Lindsey Graham.
He did do a much better job.
Examination of Gonzales than any of the others.
And I had written it down.
I was taking some notes as I was watching.
But there's also another gentleman that was on a panel.
It's Admiral John Hudson, H-U-T-S-O-N.
Yeah, we had him on the show two weeks ago.
Did you?
Yeah, I was going to suggest maybe have him again, because he was excellent.
He's a conservative.
He was the head of the Navy's Judge Advocate General System.
He was the Judge Advocate General of the Navy and Marine Corps.
He says it's total tyranny, totally un-American, total police state.
This is dictatorship.
When you say the president is above federal law, folks, you're in trouble.
I mean, if that was the case, Nixon wouldn't have gotten in trouble.
Well, here's something else I'd like to run past you.
I mean, I've got to stop you since you brought that up.
You know, Bill Clinton wouldn't have gotten in trouble for lying if he was above the law.
They are not above the law.
Go ahead.
This morning, I saw the flag flying at half-mast, and I had not caught up with the fact that the
The President had a declaration to fly the flag at half-mast for all the lost lives in South Asia over this tsunami, tsunami, tsunami.
You know, our flags fly at half-mast more than they fly at full-mast.
I mean, I'm not saying it's bad, but they're like always at half-mast now.
Well, my suggestion was, I thought about it this morning, because we lost seven more soldiers, two Marines yesterday.
Nine, total of nine.
And I already called Mike Bilirakis, my congressman, and I also called Ron Paul's office, and I also called Cynthia McKinney's office.
You know what the average is now?
It's like five a day.
Yeah, and what my suggestion is that the Congress request that we fly the flag at half-mast, either until they come home, or if they don't want to be that drastic, at the first week of every month for the week,
In respect for the loss of our men in Afghanistan.
Well, here's the problem.
In the past, they only flew the flag at half-mast very rarely.
And I think, obviously, something like
What is it now?
You know, 200, 300, they don't even know, 1,000 dead people.
I mean, I can see flying it for that.
But, man, they're flying it at half-mast so much, it's at half-mast about half the time.
Well, it's not supposed to fly at half-mast half the time.
Well, I understand that.
But since they want us, quote-unquote, not to forget 9-11, and since we are doing this, you know, to provide freedom and liberty for Afghanistan and
Our people are dying for it.
I think out of respect to them and all those that come home and die after they get home, like that young man the other day had his father on, and they have that fund at the Bank of America for his three children.
Well, shouldn't we?
Have the public, when they go out shopping, see the flag flying half-mast once a month.
Listen, thanks for the call, Joan.
I hear you.
I appreciate it.
Regina in Pennsylvania.
Hi, Alex.
Go ahead, Regina.
I just want to say, keep in mind, in my opinion, Ann Coulter is getting richer every...
By our demise.
And, you know, she doesn't have to... If she's a lawyer, as I understand, she doesn't have to come before... Ann Coulter is a pig demon.
And she's just selling a book, and she doesn't have to have anything right.
And so, I mean, why wouldn't she be in her glory and wearing jewels?
You know, come on, Alex.
You know, she's loving it.
Well, my point is there's nothing wrong with making money and having jewels dangling from you, but don't sit around and, you know, nuking countries is a serious issue.
You don't laugh about it.
But Richard Perle, about a year ago, at a big press dinner, was walking around showing off to women, and this was in the mainstream news, going, I'm powerful.
I plan the attack on North Korea.
We'll soon be nuking them.
What do you think of my... I mean, literally going, what do you think of my power?
I mean, these people are out of control.
They are.
And they're just dripping with a bloodthirstiness.
And it illustrates how none of them have been in combat.
You know, they laugh about depleted uranium.
I've heard them.
They laugh about, you know, you're a liberal if you support the troops by getting them out of Iraq.
And then this new article I've got, Regina, it just illustrates it so well.
Well, you know, I agree.
I'm just saying that, you know, it reminds me of last week sometime there was a show on China.
And I may have told you this before, but it was about what's happening in China, capitalism and nationalism.
So, you know, that is what Coulter is, okay?
So I'm not going to look to her to save me.
She wouldn't even, you know, look at the Patriot Act.
I just wondered who the Republicans are, because I did watch some of the beginning of that hearing.
You said maybe there's some Republicans that are against maybe Gonzalez's nomination.
I'm talking about they've been out criticizing him in the press.
I'm not talking about people on the committee.
Okay, if you can give us some names, because I'd like to call them and encourage them.
Because I got, other than Lindsey Graham, which I did take some notes off of what I saw there, Uniform Military Code of Justice.
And when he brought that in as an opportunity to follow that, rather than what Gonzales followed, he basically was very, if you get to watch it on c-span.org, he was very, very...
No, I don't.
I mean, look, the whole thing is a whitewash.
Oh, no.
It's a soft soap.
What I was bringing up is the neocons phrase it as, the evil liberals don't want Gonzalez, when in truth the Democrats, most of them, are out there worshipping him.
Well, yesterday Feingold was going after him pretty good.
And remember, Feingold didn't vote for the Patriot Act.
And he questioned as to why Mr. Gonzalez, his counsel to President Bush, would be so anxious to just take judgment from the Justice Department, hand it to President Bush...
And, you know, have no judgment in anything.
I'm not accountable.
I mean, it really scares me to see a man like this go in.
No, I hear you, Regina.
I'm going to let you go.
I've got a bunch of other callers here and a ton of news I want to cover.
Look, it's real simple.
Presidents are not above the law.
They're not allowed to commit murders.
They're not allowed to snort cocaine.
They're not allowed to steal.
They're not allowed to engage in insider trading, but they do.
They're not allowed to have communist generals in the White House and to pardon cocaine dealers, but they do.
It's totally unethical.
And Alberto Gonzalez is a monster, but it's birds of a feather fly together.
Let me just read this New York Observer article.
Ann Coulter calls for North Korea to be nuked for fun, attacks tsunami victims.
This is from the New York Observer.
I met Ann Coulter at an Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side.
And it continues, she was glowing, stunning, radiant, better than ever.
She was wearing a powder blue shirt, black pants, black boots, and a cross around her neck made of diamonds.
I thought she was one of the ugliest women I've ever seen.
I saw her in person.
I hadn't seen her since the Republican convention.
Since then, the president...
Hadn't been decisively re-elected.
Her book, How to Talk to a Liberal, if you must, hit the New York Times bestseller list where it remains in some dopes through pies at her during a speech she was giving at the University of Arizona and missed.
I sort of like liberals now, she said, taking a sip of white wine.
They're kind of cute when they're shivering and afraid.
They're so pathetic and sad they can't come up
With a fight.
I mean, if the best you're going to give me to argue about is Rumsfeld's auto-pin.
Talking about not actually signing, which is very disrespectful, the letters to the families that your son's dead.
I'm rooting for the faction of the Democratic Party like Nancy Pelosi quoted in yesterday's New York Times.
I think this is the dominant faction taking the position that our ideas are fine.
That's right.
Class, do not change anything about what we believe.
We've just got to package the wine in new bottles.
We need a new way of delivering our message.
But the message is perfect.
We just need to authorize RU-486 at NASCAR or something.
That'll do the trick.
I think the trick is they need to obfuscate their message, she said.
Democrats always have these open public discussions on how they can fake out the American people.
So that's one wing.
Let's not tell them what we believe.
And the other wing is our message is perfect.
Ha ha ha.
So see, everything's like a joke, like it's a football game.
Ooh, we're the Republicans.
We're winning.
I'm thinking about putting up a reward on my webpage for any liberal who will mention either Afghanistan or the Kurds, she said.
I think 85% of Iraq is free.
It's beautiful.
We have about 300 troops patrolling the entire Kurdish area.
These poor beleaguered Kurds are free, are happy, are dancing in the streets, and liberals simply won't mention them.
I certainly thought Afghanistan was going to be tougher nut to crack than Iraq.
The Russians couldn't take Afghanistan.
They've basically been at war for hundreds of years, even when nobody's there.
They're at war with one another.
We took Afghanistan in a month.
And as you paid off al-Qaeda, it was all staged.
And now they've had elections and women vote.
Sure they do.
And they don't vote for some crazy lunatic mullahs.
So that's a pretty good year.
The Iraqi people didn't seem to have that great a Christmas.
And it goes on.
I want to read where she says, Nuke North Korea.
Ha ha ha, the tsunami victims.
And it's just this giggling, mindless, gibbering... I mean, she's really stupid.
I interviewed her.
She was like the dumbest person I'd ever talked to.
But again, she's junior high mentality for a dumbed down public.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Your calls are coming up, but continuing with this Ann Coulter interview, and it's a long one, I'm just going to read a few snippets here.
That's a good question!
He asked her, what would have to happen to make you say it was a bad idea to invade?
That's a good question.
It would be a mistake if we just futz around and the whole country became like one long fallujah.
I thought we were wasting way too much time on that.
This is war.
Let's go in and win.
Just take the city.
Oh, just take the city.
I think...
If it got to the point where it was going on for six, seven years, and it was just Americans patrolling without killing anyone, I'm getting a little fed up with hearing about old civilian casualties.
I think we ought to nuke North Korea right now just to give the rest of the world a warning.
Now, I could talk for hours about the insanity of the paragraph I just read.
He's a two-year-old.
I bet if you took her out to a shooting range, she wouldn't know how to load a gun or shoot it.
She's just, I don't think we should be patrolling for six years.
You know, I think without shooting people, you know, we'd just better nuke somebody to get some attention.
Oh, that'll really make everybody love you.
That'll really make everybody go along with the New World Order.
Go ahead, try it.
Sure, Global, let's just nuke somebody.
Sure, that'll make everyone submit real fast.
Nuke North Korea?
And this is tied to my point that in Iraq, let the Marines do their job.
There may be some civilian casualties.
That's known as war.
Americans can live with that.
And when did we become the guardian of the world to prevent all civilian casualties ever?
How about our civilians?
So, when do we become the guardian?
We're there doing this.
After we bomb North Korea, what's the next country we should invade?
Iran, she exclaimed.
Well, that's the beauty part of Iraq.
It may well be not necessary, because precisely what I'm saying about duking North Korea, despite that wonderful peace deal Madeleine Albright negotiated with North Korea six seconds before they feverishly began developing nuclear weapons, they're a major threat.
I just think it would be fun to nuke them and to have it be a warning to the rest of the world.
And then she goes into...
Nuking Mecca, the Muslims, quote, are Bush's bitch.
And again, I don't like to talk like that, folks, but this is your big glory hound, you know, conservative that's going to save us all.
Then she makes fun of the dead tsunami victims.
Ha, ha, ha.
I'll get to that later after some calls.
Just ha, ha, ha.
Just complete insanity, ladies and gentlemen.
These people are out of their gourds.
Why don't we send Miss Vampire... She looks like a vampire, folks.
You ought to see her in person.
I saw her up at the RNC.
Really ugly, anorexic-looking, just radiating evil, walks like a slothly creature.
Perhaps we should send Ann Coulter to war.
Let her sit out there in the sand flies.
Let her drink the contaminated Halliburton water.
Let her eat the rotten meals.
Better breathe the DU.
But that's not for Ann.
She's a delusional fruitcake who probably can't even change a tire, who just sits around talking about war.
Oh, just be more vicious.
Just kill more of them.
Oh, just don't be so nice.
It'd be fun to start nuking people.
Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh.
Folks, if you want to fight the New World Order, get my videos.
I've made 11 of them and I'm still offering the deal.
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Ask about the different specials.
Ask about the different titles.
The 9-11 videos.
All of it.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Folks, Ann Coulter did an interview with the New York Observer.
The princess of ultra-liberalism cheesed in a cloaking device known as neoconism.
She says, oh, it's wonderful, just machine gun people in Iraq.
So what about dead civilians?
Just slaughter them.
Ha ha ha, nuke North Korea, nuke everyone.
So what about Mecca?
On and on and on.
Just junior high mindlessness.
Let them eat cake, Marie Antoinette type stuff.
And then ha ha ha, the tsunami victims, so what?
I mean, this woman is just...
And they're going to get crazier and crazier right out in front of us as the ivory tower people agree with them.
We've got Gonzales up in the White House.
We could bury people alive.
We could pull their fingernails out.
We could drown them to get answers.
The president's above the law.
We're above the law.
We're gods.
Just kill.
Everyone will submit to us.
We're good.
I mean, folks, these are nutcases.
Their boss has carried out 9-11.
They don't care about human life and they're going to show you who they are.
They can't help it.
It always brings down criminals and control freaks and globalists.
Because they cannot hide who they are.
They want to basically sabotage themselves.
They want someone to stop them.
So it's getting more and more Looney Tunes here, ladies and gentlemen.
And yeah, National Guard, you thought 24 months of overseas duty.
In Iraq was bad.
You're now going to be looking at three to four years.
We've never done that.
You serve a year.
In Korea or in combat, you serve in Vietnam for a year unless you want to volunteer.
You serve your tour, you know, 11 months.
Not anymore!
Oh boy, we're going to be covering that.
This is sick.
This is real sick.
But let's go to your calls.
You've been holding patiently.
Who's up next here?
Harvey in Florida, the Veronica, Eric, Mugas, and Deagle, and others.
Go ahead, Harvey.
Yes, hello, Alex.
How are you today?
Oh, it's an honor to speak to you.
You're really a wonderful American, my friend.
Well, I appreciate the compliment.
What's on your mind?
Well, first of all, that Ann Coulter is one of the many prostitutes for Bush.
I mean, they have the Airways covered.
They have the Fox News covered.
They have thousands of these prostitutes that work for Bush.
And it's absolutely disgusting.
Well, you know that when I criticize a politician or a minion or a pundit or an attack dog or a hatchet person, I don't normally talk about the way they physically look.
I'm about what they do.
But I saw Coulter in person at the RNC from like 10 feet away.
And I mean, she was so ugly.
She was so skinny.
And she walks so weird and looks so evil.
Well, just think of what kind of people would sell themselves.
But my point is, they keep calling her, she's so beautiful, she's so, oh, it's weird.
And I have to admit, on TV I don't find her attractive, but she doesn't look...
I guess it puts ten pounds on her.
She doesn't look so evil.
But just seeing her in person, I thought I was in like a Day of the Dead movie.
It was like a zombie, like a giant... I'm sorry, go ahead.
Well, no, they're the epitome of evil.
I mean, that's what you're seeing.
No, I got palpable... That's it.
Palpable evil radiated from her.
You're seeing right to their soul.
These are people that would sell their soul to the devil for a few pieces of gold.
This is nothing new.
This is the heart of evil.
And I thank God that you're on the air still and you're broadcasting the truth.
Whatever people are willing to listen in so many ways.
Also, secondly, about Rumsfeld not willing to be signing the death certificates for our brave soldiers.
Which our secretaries of defense have always done.
Right, but even Goering, I think, used to hand-sign the death certificates for the Nazis.
So this is how despicable a human being he is.
And thirdly... And then Coulter made a joke about that.
Ah, so what?
We're not going to sign your...
One more thing I'd like to speak about.
I'll hold on.
Go ahead and start, and I'll let you finish after the break.
As far as Gonzalez yesterday, he looked like a fireboy sitting there.
But you have to think about all the torturers that are coming back to this country that are going to be our neighbors, our policemen, our prison wardens.
These are the people that we created that are going to come back here and torture us.
Oh, I agree.
Stay there.
We'll talk more about it.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
In two hours and 24 minutes, we point a searing light of truth on the history of problem-reaction solution.
Brace yourselves as the New World Order program for world domination is blown wide open.
A nightmarish post-September 11th world where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards and, yes, even implantable microchips.
Troops on the streets, foreign NATO aircraft in the skies.
Psychotic UN population control plans and much, much more.
This is one film you cannot afford to miss.
Order 911 The Road to Terry today.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, we've been talking about Ann Coulter.
Just showing us how decadent and bloodthirsty she is.
I just said we should just kill more people.
So what about civilians?
Just mow them down in Iraq.
That'll handle it.
We should nuke North Korea for fun.
And then that'll scare everyone to do what we say.
I mean, just cuckoo statements.
And then, ah, so what if Rumsfeld doesn't sign the death certificates of the troops?
So what?
And, ha, ha, ha, the tsunami victims, they don't like America.
They're getting what they deserve now.
I mean, folks, these are quotes in here.
And she's telling the New York Observer this.
And the New York Observer is going, oh, she's so beautiful.
She's so wonderful.
She's so cool.
And Coulter's cussing and frothing.
And it's just, oh, how Christian!
Oh, she's so beautiful.
And then I've seen her in person, folks.
She is like the ugliest woman.
Uglier than Janet Reno.
I mean, on TV, with some makeup and her blonde hair, it's kind of like if you took a skull, a skeleton, and put some plastic on its face and a blonde wig.
You know, it wouldn't look good, but it would just look like a puppet.
But you see her in person, I mean, it was just like... Folks, I'm telling you, I got chills when she walked by.
I was just like, goodness gracious.
I was like, oh, it's Ann Coulter.
You know, I never talk about how people look to criticize me.
I have reasons, you know, substantive issues.
But with her, it's important.
I mean, it was just... The illusion is so great that in person, she walked like a skeleton.
It was just real weird.
It was like an apparition.
Like if I was in a dark alley and that came walking by me, I'd think, did I just see like a ghost or something?
Demonic, folks.
Very demonic.
And you know I never talk about people like this.
I just...
But to hear her going, you know, the troops just need to get tougher.
Some decadent person doesn't know anything about war.
Just kill more of them.
Just get tougher.
Just so what?
Kill civilians.
We have no responsibility.
Oh, that will make them love us.
Just nuke them.
Nuke them.
They will submit.
They're our bitch.
And excuse me for using that derogatory term.
That's what she said to a newspaper.
You're a Christian conservative.
Well, should we blow up Mecca?
Yes, they're our bitch.
I mean, what does that mean?
The Muslims are now our bleepers.
I mean, what does that mean?
Just kill them, kill them, nuke them, ah!
Tsunami victims, ha-ha!
Rumsfeld doesn't sign the letters to the dead troops' families, ha-ha!
Just ha-ha-ha!
Oh, you're so conservative, let us worship you!
And then I talk to people on the street, neocons, and they're just like, yes, kill them!
Kill them, kill them!
They're subhuman!
Kill them!
Kill them!
Kill them!
Kill them!
Torture them!
We gotta get tough!
So what?
You saw what happened on 9-11 to us!
We gotta get tough before they come here and get us!
Look, even if you believe the government story that a guy with a walkie-talkie in a cave had NORAD stand down for an hour and a half and...
Had public officials warned not to fly?
Because, you know, Bin Laden cared about Mayor Willie Brown and John Ashcroft and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Solomon Rushdie.
So, you know, Bin Laden called them up and said, don't fly to New York tomorrow, because they admit they were called and warned not to fly.
And if you believe Bin Laden had CIA drills run that morning of hijacked jets flying into buildings so NORAD would stand down...
Admitted drills, by the way, of the exact same targets at the exact same time in the morning, run by the CIA, that's admitted.
So Bin Laden can have the CIA run drills so NORAD stands down.
Maybe you believe Bin Laden could get Bush to fly the Bin Laden family out of the country when all their air traffic was grounded.
Maybe you believe that Bush...
I mean, Freudian slip.
Maybe you believe that bin Laden can get 8,000 Taliban and Al-Qaeda cream loaded on C-130s a month into the Afghan war and flown out of the country to Pakistan by the U.S.
It was a staged war.
Maybe you believe bin Laden just magically can do all this and do CIA insider trading.
Maybe you believe he can do all this.
He can make buildings that aren't hit by jet aircraft implode from small fires.
And not damage buildings right next to them.
Maybe you believe this, okay?
But even if you do, Saddam Hussein wasn't behind 9-11.
Saddam Hussein didn't attack us.
Saddam Hussein has been supposedly captured now.
And our government is over there slaughtering innocent people, using depleted uranium.
Our own troops are dying from it.
And we've got this creature, Coulter and others, just making jokes about it.
Jokes about killing civilians.
You know, what about her?
I mean, imagine.
Let's send her.
I'd love to see that walking stick out there in a helmet, out there in 130 degree heat during the summer, and, you know, 5 degree freezing during the winter.
I'd like to see her signing up with the National Guard to defend her country five years ago, and now she's been in Iraq for coming up on two years, and being told by Rumsfeld, we may keep you there for two more.
Yes, you'll serve four tours now in a row.
Maybe she'd like to be drinking the contaminated Halliburton water and the rotten Halliburton meals and paying to have her uniforms washed by Halliburton.
And having sand flies and skin diseases and blood diseases and all of it.
Send her over there!
George Bush, you send your two little bug-eyed daughters over there.
All of you!
All of you trash!
In fact, did you know there's only one congressman who has a son in Iraq?
Why don't you send all your children there?
Why don't you do it?
Send your kids, you bunch of chicken hawks!
You make me sick!
All right, now I'm ranting.
I've got to get to the rest of the calls.
Harvey, finish up, because I want to go to Victoria and everybody else.
There was a great soliloquy there, Mr. Alex Jones.
It was absolutely terrific.
Now, just one further thing about Ann Coulter.
You know, there are thousands of these preachers on the airwaves all across the country, and they're keeping the American public totally misinformed.
Let's call them ultra-liberals.
I mean...
She is only but one of the many disgusting people that somehow got to prominence in this country.
And you have to think about what kind of country it is now that would put such a person in prominence or buy her books or support her in any way and think this is entertainment.
It's the same, what she's saying about North Korea and all the other countries she wants to nuke.
You have to remember when we did the shock and awe, when we first did our blunder into Iraq, we were supposed to shock and awe the people.
Remember that one?
We were supposed to show them our superior military, and they were supposed to just bend over and take whatever we dished out.
But unfortunately, the human spirit is a lot stronger, and even against our overwhelming technical superiority, a few people with some donkeys have been able to beat our troops.
The whole thing is a fallacy.
It's saddle around, thanks for the call.
No, it is.
And the point you made before the break about a lot of the troops don't like torturing people, don't like shooting children.
When they accidentally shoot up a car full of a family and little babies are dying on their arms.
We're talking about Marine Corps Master Sergeants come on this show and cry and beg God for mercy.
Because they have souls.
But a large portion of the troops, I wouldn't say the majority, but about 30% are getting off on it.
We have video of it.
They shoot people and cheer when they, just for fun, shoot a woman walking down the street.
Watch me blast this bleeper.
Man, did you see her head go off?
Oh, we caught you stealing a stick of firewood to cook your food.
We're going to machine gun your car and laugh and then run over it with a tank.
Stuff like that.
And they laugh about it.
It's fun.
It's funny.
I guess you're just blowing off some steam, like Limbaugh said, having a little fun.
Those guys are all coming back here, boys and girls.
They're going to be your police officers.
Police officers?
Police officers?
These guys are going to pull your daughter over when she's at college in another city when you aren't there to protect her.
This is going to affect you.
Heaven help us.
Victoria in Colorado.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I was just going to say, keep up the good work.
The reason I'm calling is it's an article in Parents Magazine about bottled water is better.
Anyway, the article suggests that if your kids drink bottled water,
That they're at a higher risk of getting cavities in their baby teeth, and it suggests that if your kids are going to drink bottled water, to give them fluoride supplements.
Ask your pediatrician about fluoride supplements.
I mean, I just couldn't believe that.
Ma'am, when you go to, say, the children's store to buy baby goods,
To buy cribs, diapers, you know, whatever, all that stuff.
The big mega centers, everywhere are these end caps with fluoridated water for babies.
Give them the mineral they need.
Now, understand, you need fluoride.
You need calcium fluoride.
You need a little bit of calcium fluoride, just like you need a little bit of everything.
They put masses of sodium fluoride, the byproduct of aluminum manufacturing, purification, as well as fertilizer production,
And the head doctor in Canada, who helped get it passed a decade ago, forced fluoridation, has gone public, said he was wrong, it's horribly toxic.
Nobel laureates, the scientists, the epidemiologists, I've had them all on.
It's deadly!
And it retards... Europe has done, county by county, England has done studies, Ireland has done studies.
There's hundreds of these.
A county that has water fluoridation will have a 10-point IQ reduction.
They now have 30, 40-year studies to do this.
And it's Europe-wide.
They've done these studies all over.
It is an IQ-reducing toxin.
Go ahead.
Well, it even gives a website here to visit to rate your water in your community.
Well, let me stop you.
For those who don't believe us, I'm going to do it one more time.
I'm going to tell my...
Producer at the network, find the clip where mercury is good for you, please.
Mercury is the most dangerous heavy metal in the brain.
It specifically matches the receptor areas and burns out the neurons like nothing else.
And we've played the scientific reports from major medical universities here.
But now it's good for your children.
So I expect them to be selling mercury supplements.
Probably by law I'll make you take them, but go ahead.
Well, I just can't believe in this magazine, on one page they're talking about how deadly lead is for you, but then on the other page they're promoting one poison and saying another poison is bad.
I don't get it.
Anything else is good points.
No, that's all.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you for holding and thank you for joining us.
Eric and Muggis, I think, is what he wants to go by.
I'll call Dr. Eagle here.
Got everybody in order?
Just a ton of other news.
And we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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A fractional reserve system means only a small portion of your deposit is held in reserve for immediate withdrawal.
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Coming up, Congress certifies Bush's win after protest and a lot more.
Let's go back to the calls.
Eric in Connecticut.
Go ahead, Eric.
Hi, Alex.
Welcome from Skull and Bones country.
That's right.
I wanted to tell your listeners and people who surf on the web that your website, prisonplanet.tv, is a smorgasbord.
There are more videos on that website, more audio archives.
Basically, you're getting a lot of people for pennies on the dollar.
And I just wanted to put that plug in.
Well, thank you.
Also, this whole bit with Coulter.
I read that article.
In fact, that's the reason I called you.
The reception was in and out.
I'd get you on shortwave.
As usual, you're right on top of it, and you were talking about it.
And these neocons really do, Alex, remind me of the scene from The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy and her friends are in the Emerald Castle, and they're standing in front of the projected personage of the wizard, and the wizard is telling them, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
The Coulters, the Limbaughs, the Hannities, these other people, they are the projected persona.
Military-industrial complex, the multinational corporations, the Illuminati, they're the people behind the curtain.
Pushing the buttons.
Limbaugh, for example, he even offered, he offered, and I wish I had a tape of this, he had expressed a desire to volunteer for the Abu Ghraib duty and the Gitmo mission.
Yeah, the one clip I've got is where he says they're just having fun blowing off steam, torturing people.
There's another clip I've heard where he says it's a great, good thing and we should do it.
And I heard that he talked about how he wanted to go there and take part.
I mean, that's disgusting.
I think people just...
I cannot emphasize enough to people, Alex, just how dangerous these neocons are.
Well, they're trying to warp our minds.
I mean, they're on TV and radio saying torture's good.
Let's nuke everyone.
Let's kill more civilians.
Ha, ha, ha.
I mean, it's just so decadent.
You know, there's an old saying.
Beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes right to the bone.
And I think that fits Coulter perfectly.
I mean, the interview that you had with her was so revealing.
And frankly, I thought that she expressed a great deal of ignorance.
Well, I mean, everything I tried to bring up, she didn't know about it.
And I'd go, but Bush isn't conservative.
And, well, the Democrats are going along with all this.
And, well, Patriot Act says this.
Well, here, let me read Section 802.
No, it doesn't.
Well, I haven't read the Patriot Act.
But she wrote a book about it.
See, the scary thing to me, Alex, is that I think she knows an awful lot more than she's letting on.
And that, to me, makes her more...
Poisonous than anything else.
I feel she and these other neocons, they know the real story behind 9-11.
They know the goals of the Illuminati.
They know a lot of the satanic sacrifices and rituals.
And I think a lot of them participate in this stuff.
And I don't think that she's as dumb as she acts.
I could be wrong.
But my impression is that she knows an awful lot more than she's letting on.
And she's laughing all the way to the bank to sell people down the primrose path.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
And for those that don't believe it, Skull and Bones is real, Bohemian Grove is real, you're Christian conservatives, worship the devil, us in the mail prostitutes, the top gay porn stars, New York Post headline to quote, service them.
And your church leaders won't talk about it.
And I just bring that up to illustrate how what you're told isn't what's really going on.
You know, the surface of things.
Let's talk to Mugis, I guess, in England.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Yeah, hello Alex.
Thanks for letting me in.
I have three questions.
My first question is about weather manipulation technology.
Is it in your knowledge that in recent years it has been practiced?
Can you talk about it a little bit?
Secondly, in the election, in the last election,
Do you have, can you summarize, you know, how did they rig the election?
Like, five-star trust, you know?
Do you know anything about that?
My third question is... Say that again, that last word.
Five-star trust.
Five-star trust.
Do you know anything about that?
Yeah, it rings a bell, but I can go over how the election was scammed.
And what was your third question?
Yes, can you kindly summarize a little bit about that?
The third question is,
Is it in your knowledge that they are grooming or training the next presidential candidate?
You know anything about that?
Yes, it's all predetermined years before.
Yes, because I heard the interview of Kathy O'Brien.
You know, she was talking about Bush being trained.
Before he got into power, I mean, a long time before.
No, I know.
Ten years ago, before he was even governor, she was saying that.
Can you answer this question?
Thank you very much.
Yeah, thanks a lot.
Very important questions.
I'll try to answer them when we get back on the other side of this quick break.
Very, very important questions that the caller raised, and we'll cover them on the other side.
Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.tv.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
I'm going to answer the caller from England's three questions, if I can remember them.
Number one, is weather modification real?
Are there examples of it being used?
About three years ago, we had massive flash floods in south and central Texas that killed, it was like 35 people.
It was in the mid-30s.
And, I mean, it was record levels.
And it was in the San Antonio paper, just a blurb, that was it caused by a Navy weather control test that they did right where the storms started?
I mean, huge storms that dump like, you know, five inches in an hour that rains for a day.
Just, you know, feet of water.
It's just craziness.
And then, of course, there are shows on the Weather Channel like Atmospheres, an hour-long special where they control the weather in Vietnam or where the Russians can control the weather with cloud seeding and these big antenna arrays they project into the sky.
What they can do is, for sure, they can manipulate weather systems.
Can they create whatever weather they want?
I don't know.
They can certainly steer and accentuate and lessen or increase a storm's magnitude.
That's admitted.
Patent had been around for 50 years.
Longer than that.
I mean, cloud seeding with chemicals has been around for 75 years.
Now, are there super weather weapons?
Well, all I can go off of is HR 2977, 107th Congress, gets into tectonic weapons, weather weapons.
I know that Secretary of Defense Cohen...
I read these quotes a few weeks ago and talked about the future of the big threat is going to be already developed, tectonic weapons, weather weapons.
Again, he said it.
I didn't say it.
I don't know if it's real, okay?
I don't know.
I stick to what I can prove.
And then your second question was about election fraud, I believe.
We're bringing up election fraud, and how do they steal the election?
Well, you can't just steal the election at a state-by-state level like Ohio and New Mexico, where clearly it was stolen by the Republicans.
You can't just steal it, because then Kerry would challenge it.
So you've got to have Kerry throw it as well and not challenge it, which he didn't.
He even tried to behind-the-scenes block moves in Congress to disqualify certain states.
So there's your evidence right there.
The neocons go, these evil Democrats, they're just doing this.
Well, no, the Democrat leadership is not doing this.
And they give Bush pass after pass.
They don't bring up the scandals of all the different bid rigging and things that are going on.
I mean, just hundreds of issues they could bring up.
They don't do that.
And I think your third question was about Kathy O'Brien...
Before Bush was even governor, going around saying that he was going to be the president, and she'd been told this and shown this.
It's obvious that they groom presidents long beforehand, and they'll have three or four people who are going to be in the running, and they'll control both the left and the right, and they'll have staged elections.
I mean, that's just how things work.
They get us all focused in on congressional elections.
And on presidential elections, and then no one even, maybe 7-8% of the population votes in local elections, where a lot of the real power resides.
Alright, shifting gears into news, and then I'll get to the rest of your calls.
I talked about this New York Observer article, six pages long, where Ann Coulter is cussing and laughing, and being recorded for the interview.
She's very proud of herself.
And saying, ha ha ha, about the dead tsunami victims, and so what if Rumsfeld didn't assign the death certificates of the soldiers, and let's nuke, I think it'd be fun and funny to nuke North Korea, and we just need to kill more people in Iraq, that'll make them submit, the troops have just got to get tougher, and it's not our responsibility if we kill civilians, I mean, a lot of crazy statements like that.
And it matches what Gonzalez says.
Alberto, I love Torture Gonzalez.
Oh, I'm not violating the Constitution by saying the President's above the Constitution.
Or, and he wouldn't back off saying the President is above the law.
He restated that yesterday.
And he's saying the same thing.
We are judge, jury, and executioner.
We are your rulers.
Things would be a heck of a lot easier if this was a dictatorship, so long as I'm a dictator.
You know, as Bush likes to say on two different occasions.
Like Clinton liked to say.
Better be nice to me, I might end up being a dictator.
So, illustrate what she's saying about, we're going to invade Iran, we're going to invade North Korea, we're just going to, we're just, and oh, Madeline Albright, that dumb liberal made a peace deal with them.
She's so stupid.
We're conservatives.
Again, she brings up some evil Democrat, and very evil.
Madeline Albright is very similar to her.
700,000 dead Iraqi children, good price to pay for security in the Gulf.
That's a quote, NBC, 1997.
Saying the same kind of stuff Colter's saying.
But she brings up a Democrat to suddenly make all the conservatives think, oh, she's attacking a Democrat.
We must support her in all these psychotic values that we're now adopting through her.
This is how they sell you on all this.
Coulter doesn't bring up that Donald Rumsfeld was on the board of ABB and went to Clinton, and Clinton was the traitor.
He opened the door, but Laurel and Hughes and all these big companies, ABB, these were Republican-run companies with former Republican officials who are in this revolving door, making the money!
So yeah, Bill Clinton's bad, he lets them do it, but then the conservatives don't want to talk about who actually did it!
So she's going, wait a minute, she didn't need to nuke North Korea because Madeleine Albright messed it up with a peace deal and given them reactors.
What it was, Donald Rumsfeld gave them the reactors!
But see, the average person doesn't think like that.
They don't think three-dimensionally.
It's all two-dimensional.
They don't have all these facts and information.
Because they don't study it.
They know all the facts and minutia of baseball, or football, or how to have the coolest car.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
And so I'm looked at as a weirdo because I know all these facts and all this information.
No, I made it my life to be an expert on politics and the geopolitical system and somewhat on history.
History is a big subject, and I've studied a lot and don't know much.
But compared to the general public, I mean, I'm light years ahead.
So if you start studying politics like you study baseball, I've got friends that can tell me baseball scores from 1954.
They know everything.
But you try to tell them about politics, man, they go blank.
They don't know what the First Amendment is, the Fifth Amendment, the Tenth Amendment.
They can't find Iraq on a map.
You know my classic diatribe on that.
They got their opinions about Iraq, boy.
But you tell them, you know, our government put Saddam in.
Our government gave him the weapons.
Our government told him to invade.
You're a liar!
Well, I mean, you know who fired Pete Rose.
That'd be like me telling you, well, Pete Rose wasn't fired for gambling.
And you'd go, yes, he was.
And I'd go, no, it's just not true.
You know, you telling me that we didn't hire Saddam and didn't give him the weapons and didn't tell him to invade, it would be like me telling a baseball fan, Pete Rose wasn't banned from baseball for gambling while he was a manager.
You know, you'd laugh at me.
You'd go, you're an idiot, man!
Pete Rose, yes, he's banned from baseball.
No, Pete Rose doesn't exist.
That's the equivalent of what you do.
Like the caller yesterday who's got their, you know, their big author friend, and they're going, look, the U.N.
took over the National Parks, and the guy reads the bill that the executive ordered, 12,986, reads it, and goes, well, that's UNESCO.
That's not the U.N.
What do you think UNESCO is?
And, folks, the reason I freaked out over that call is I've gotten that very same thing.
Well, that says UNESCO, Mr. Jones.
I've been on the radio, in studio with talk show hosts, and they bring it up, and we're online.
I go, no, look, UNESCO is the UN.
No, it's not.
Well, it's a body of the UN.
It's like saying my right arm isn't Alex Jones.
Well, it's certainly connected to my brain.
Yes, it's Alex Jones.
If I walk up and punch you in the face, Alex Jones hits you, not my arm hits you.
The mental gymnastics that are engaged in here are just mind-blowing.
I've told people for seven years, I've read the federal plans, here they are, they're going to put satellite boxes and transponders in your cars and tax you on every road in America.
Ha ha, you're a kook.
I talked to those same people today.
Either they go, yeah, you're right, and they woke up, which most people have, or they just giggle and say, yeah, so what, you're still weird.
You know, just... But...
My point here is, is take Coulter and just all this classic decadence.
Just, ha ha ha, our troops should just kill more civilians.
That'll handle it.
She's actually in here saying this.
And ha ha, I think it'd be fun to nuke people.
I mean, if you're really going to talk about nuking people, you don't... You know, this is great gravity if you were even going to consider that psychopathic course of action.
You still want to be serious about it.
Well, we may have to nuke them.
You don't... I think it'd be fun.
Oh, yes.
I mean, it's just a total disconnect.
But let's talk about what this disconnect has caused.
Rumsfeld seeks broad review of Iraq policy.
Eric Schmidt, New York Times.
The Pentagon is sending a retired four-star army general to Iraq next week to conduct an unusual open-ended review of the military's entire Iraq policy, including troop levels, training programs for Iraqi security forces, and a strategy for fighting the insurgency, senior defense department officials said Thursday.
The extraordinary leeway given to the highly regarded officer, General Gary E. Luck...
A former head of American forces in South Korea and currently a senior advisor to the military joint's command underscores the deep concern by senior Pentagon officials and top American commanders over the direction the operation in Iraq is taking.
Yes, the bulldozing people's fields and shooting their children and torturing and taking all the men in entire towns isn't going well.
Culture's answer?
Just kill them all.
Kill them.
And it's broad ramifications for the military, said some members of Congress and military analysts.
And they go on to say 150,000 troops isn't enough.
They need 30,000 more.
They're in the country permanently.
And they go on to say that General Lutt was Senior Advisor to Tommy Franks during the war in 2003.
He hasn't been going on that long.
They go on to say that in another move that could affect hundreds of thousands of members of the National Guard and Reserve, the senior army officials of the Pentagon leadership was also considering whether to change mobilization policy to allow reservists to be called up for more the 24 months of total service, which is 24 months is the current limit.
And the report says that it could be upwards of four years in combat.
Four years in
No one has ever... You take the reserve troops, and you're going to keep them for four years active duty.
Then the enlisted people, the regular military, they're being told, sorry, we've already served three years, you're going to serve two more.
But I signed up for this.
Well, we don't care.
Oh, but there's no draft.
With American commanders in Iraq voicing concerns over the increasingly sophisticated insurgency and gaps in the Iraqi leadership, General Luck's assignment is tasked with acknowledgement that the Iraq operation, including the training program, has reached a crossroads.
The evidence is the training is not going well since Senator Jack Reed, a Rhode Island Democrat who visited Iraq recently and was an officer in the 82nd Airborne Division.
And it just gets worse and worse and worse.
The article goes on and on.
So the troops are breathing DU, getting experimental vaccines illegally, being forced on them.
They've got all these blood diseases, skin diseases.
They're sleeping in their tanks in total squalor.
The food hardly gets there on time.
It is a hellhole of bombs, machine gunning, death.
More and more Iraqis are picking up guns and taking pot shots.
And Ann Coulter's dancing around going, just kill more civilians.
Just get tougher.
Just get tougher.
Crush them!
Crush them!
Go ahead, crush them.
Just kill more.
It's not going to work, folks.
That's not how it works.
And everybody knows that.
You know, when the Nazis first went into Russia, the Russians were like, yay, yay, until...
They started lining people up and shooting them and sending them to work camps, and then they said, well, we better fight back.
I mean, when you don't give somebody a choice, the Iraqis sit there with their mouths hanging open as all the Ba'athists, it's like 98% of them, are put back into power, and it's just rampant corruption, and malnutrition, starvation, diseases, it's just never been this bad.
Did you know that...
I was looking at these statistics a few weeks ago.
Do you know Iraq has a death rate and a malnutrition rate and a fetal death rate that is the highest in the world now?
Our government tried to ban numbers being gathered, but they've still been gathered.
I mean, it's worse than Somalia and Rwanda.
There's nowhere worse.
I've interviewed reporters with independent groups who aren't liberal or conservative who've been there.
I mean, folks, it's starving families.
It's people wandering around, you know, with the shriveling up, no food.
I mean, it's just hell.
And this is the liberation.
This is liberation.
Meanwhile, Congress certifies Bush's win after protest.
Reuters, the U.S.
Congress yesterday formally certified Lord Bush's staged victory over the November elections.
I added that part.
After two Democrats symbiotically stole the event in protest at alleged voting irregularities in Ohio.
I'm not sure.
California Senator Barbara Boxer and Ohio Representative Stephen Tubbs Jones formally lodged objections because of Ohio, although they said the recognized Bushes had won and were not trying to overturn the results.
So it's a staged event.
They said their goal was to force lawmakers to heed problems that had been particularly evident in Democratic-leaning minority and urban neighborhoods and to counter the need for more voting reforms, including standard election rules in the states, and to consider the need.
Better voting systems.
The objection does not have at its root the hope or even the hint of overturning or challenging the victory of the president.
Tubbs Jones said, Boxer called it a matter of electoral justice.
And the rare objection to vote certification, the first followed in decades, forced the House and Senate to halt their joint session, usually a routine and ceremonial affair.
Each chamber then debated the objection and rejected it.
For the Senate, 74 to 1.
The House, 267 to 31.
And Kerry was behind the scenes trying to block it.
Because, again, he took a dive, folks.
And this means I'm for Kerry.
The facts are the facts.
I'm not for either one of these cousins who are members of the same organization.
So it's been formally A-OK.
The dollar is being reported in an explosive rise for the fifth day and longest rally since October 2003.
And how much has it gone back up in value?
Which is actually substantive.
I mean, it's still tiny, but overall, compared to other gains, they call gains, oh, it dropped two points, but it went back up, you know, .001.
My goodness.
But it has gone up a tiny bit because of massive EU and Japanese buying trying to prop it up.
Bush is dancing around saying, I want a weak dollar.
So, we'll come back.
I'm going to plug my videos briefly on the other side.
Go to your calls, and then a bunch of other news.
Get your pens and paper ready, though.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
Some of the other freedoms that are being set up in Iraq are the same laws they're passing here.
This is out of the Associated Press.
Iraq extends state of emergency arrest without warrants, night curfews.
Welcome to America.
Massive assault on Fallujah is going on.
Fans zapped by tasers at football game.
Chinese one-child policy activist gets more jail time.
By the way, our government gives awards to China for that.
House GOP reversed course on ethics rules, considering time delay.
Also, Big Brother coming to a bank near you.
Just lots of announcements about that.
And Egyptian paper reporting, Israeli Indian nuke test caused tsunami.
And I don't know if that's true.
Heart expert warns about use of tasers.
That's just some of what's coming up.
Also, more and more Americans are refusing to take.
They don't want to take.
Record levels of people aren't taking because they don't have enough of them.
It turns out there's an oversupply, as usual, just basically made up.
To make you think there was a scarcity so you'd run out and stand in line to get it.
One of their favorite tactics, I've used this analogy or example before, a lot of big companies that sell children's toys have been caught staging fights over toys and runs on toys.
And then they'll get the news media involved and then there'll be a news report about people stand in line and fight over the new toy.
And then it causes people to go, man, I've got to have that toy.
Schwarzenegger even made a movie about a turbo doll, which was a real doll in stores, just for... The movie was basically a film, this was even in the news, to cause a run on the toy.
It was the same thing with the flu shot.
There's not enough and you want it.
And yeah, there was a few lines the first few days of idiots going out who bought into it, but the general public went, I'm not going to go take that.
So they got big problems.
All is well here in the New World Order.
Some people seem to think inside the New World Order system, but it's really not.
Other than their ivory towers, they may think everything's great, Ann Coulter and others.
But all is not well here in the New World Order.
All right, before I end this hour and come back, strike your calls.
I'm going to go to them quickly.
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Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
We're here live and back from 9 to midnight.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We're about to go to your calls here momentarily.
And I want to get more into Alberto.
Bush is above the law.
I love torture Gonzalez.
Now, he said in testimony yesterday that he believes the president is above things that are, quote, unconstitutional.
Now, in his memos, he said the president is the law above all law.
And torture's good, and we can bury people alive, and ground them to get answers.
This is a friendly, nice person.
Very... This is sick.
This is very sick.
And then now the spin is, well, I mean the president, if it's unconstitutional, could ignore it.
Yes, being against torture is unconstitutional, and the president's against it.
So I guess if the president's above the law, Bill Clinton wasn't bad, Richard Nixon shouldn't have gotten in trouble.
If a leader is above the law, you know, Adolf Hitler was elected.
If a leader is God, if only goodness, because they set what's goodness, if leaders are sovereign, as they've always claimed in history, then Hitler wasn't bad.
Of course, I say he was, but again, I'm evil.
I'm not a good neocon.
But seriously, folks, I mean, Hitler was bad.
Nero was bad.
I mean, this is craziness.
Let's talk to Dr. Deagle, and we're going to marry Annette Cameron and others.
We're going to be moving really quick here.
Doctor, go ahead.
What's on your mind?
Yeah, hi.
I talked to Colonel Don Dupre this morning for about 40 minutes, and we shared kind of our thoughts on what's been happening lately, which is we're both on pretty well the same wavelength.
A couple of really interesting comments that he made, though, regarding the tsunami that happened.
Well, I worked in Colorado Springs in the mid-90s.
I actually talked to NSA scientists about HAARP and how they were using multiple ways of actually triggering off earthquakes, both through tectonic plate harmonics using what's called LWEF waves, EM waves, that actually can start harmonics in the tectonic plates and set a plate off, which has like a specific musical note.
But they also can do it with nuclear weapons.
And the scientists actually told me, and NSA scientists told me in very great detail back in 95 exactly how they can do it.
And I shared it with Don.
He talked to, recently, just in the last week, people that are connected with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and they've said the exact same thing.
In fact, you might want to talk to him personally so you get the exact details right from the horse's mouth.
But he said that he got it from a group called J-8, that the tsunami was triggered by a large nuclear weapon that was placed down at 20,000 feet that was along the fault line in the Indian Ocean that actually triggered it.
Well, again, a bunch of different newspapers are saying that, mainly in Asia and the Middle East, and I'll check into it.
But, you know, tsunamis have happened on their own before.
Oh, they can happen.
And, of course, they can steer weather, as you say.
In fact, they talked about how these storms are Class II storms that hit Florida, and all of a sudden they hit landfall, which dropped them, and they go to Class IV.
The other thing that I had, which is really interesting, is I got an email earlier this morning
Because I was one of the Ahmed Docs for the U.S.
Postal Service in Denver for a number of years, I took care of many employees who actually shared with me, they were Christians, that there were special secure rooms and transfer areas where they were getting ready for martial law in the U.S.
Postal Service.
Well, Mr. Stephen Volk actually sent me
The actual floor plans and the internal documents that show this.
So I forwarded that to you so you can have a look at it.
Which email did you send it to?
I sent it to Paul Joseph Watson and to Violet, the producer at Infowars.
I think you'll like the documents.
They're actual copies of original documents, floor plans and everything.
It's got their stamps on it and everything.
The third comment was about the DU, the Depleted Uranium.
And I forwarded an article for you, a short article with a ton of references.
We now are estimating, because I'm a medical legal doc, and I'm getting ready for some cases here in Canada that came back post-FO, and the kill rate... I'll let you finish, Josh.
Stay there.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
Hello, folks.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We have Dr. Doug Rocheon, who again wrote the guidelines for the Pentagon on DU and how deadly it is.
Wrote the guidelines while he was working for them under orders.
And the government's own orders and manuals say if you use this stuff, you've got to have special suits and removal systems and they don't recommend it unless under very specific situations, a group of tanks overrunning
Your position, and then you call in the warthogs, the A-10s.
Now they're using it in more and more munitions, in more and more tanks, more and more armored vehicles, more and more handheld firearms.
It's being used across the board, three times the amount they used in the first Gulf War.
They've also used it in Afghanistan and, of course, in Serbia and surrounding areas.
And it's causing massive health problems.
Dr. Deagle, real quick, finish up the point you wanted to make.
Yes, the depleted uranium, I sent a little article with actually about 120 pages of review of all the literature, including medical.
And Dr. Rocky is absolutely correct, but it's even worse than that.
When I've dug through the literature on this, because I took care of the tank division when they came back from the first Gulf War, you could see their entire lungs whited up.
Some of these guys were developing Gulf War syndrome within six months.
The load can spread when these particles hit up to 20 kilometers per
And what's going on now is up to 20% of our troops coming back have such a significant low they're going to get permanent genetic defects, not only of themselves, but their children.
Many of them are getting very seriously ill and getting immune system failure because it's not just the radiation, which is a minor part of it.
This makes mercury look like a kid's toy.
It's that bad.
Yeah, it's the heavy metal toxicity.
Yeah, the heavy metal toxicity from depleted uranium is such a powerful oxidizing agent.
It literally...
Books their brain cells inside their head.
It destroys your immune system.
It actually cross-links your DNA.
So if you look at it under a microscope, you can actually see how the chromosomes are bent back and literally glued or welded onto themselves.
Well, even Time Life magazine, back in like 1994, had the cover story that Gulf War vets have three times the birth defects.
Yeah, and what we're seeing, actually, the number that I'm hearing back from my experts is 20%.
Of the people that are coming back from this Gulf War are now having toxic levels of depleted uranium.
All right, good to hear from you.
I appreciate the call.
Very interesting.
Think about this, though.
Now they need 30,000 more troops, not just the 150,000 they've got in Iraq.
They were supposed to be gone a year and a half ago.
Oh, we promised, soldiers, the way home is through Baghdad.
We promised.
You can believe us.
We don't lie.
Now they're saying, okay, we're doing a review, and we may keep you for four years.
24 months for National Guard isn't enough.
Active duty in country, where you get maybe a month off a year when you come back.
Think about that.
So in Vietnam, with a draft,
With a draft, ladies and gentlemen, you only had to spend 11 months there, and you were done.
Now it's two years, and oh, we may make it four years, because we have to.
And you don't think they need a draft?
The recruiting in the Navy and in the Army has fallen off by over 50%.
The Air Force is below their quota about 20%, which is unheard of.
The Air Force is pretty good.
And the Marine Corps has been making its quota, but they lowered it.
So they cooked the books.
So what are they going to do?
I mean, Ann Coulter is saying, we're going into Iran, we're going into Syria, we're going into North Korea.
Ha, ha, ha.
You've got to have another terror attack.
And then see what happened?
We weren't four in the draft, but now we've got to have one.
You know, after Chicago got nuked, or after Cincinnati got hit, after Tampa got hit.
We've got to do it for America!
Of course, it'll be the military-industrial complex doing it.
I'm telling you, it's untenable.
It's not going to work just telling the National Guard.
I mean, you think they've got desertions now.
You think they've got people getting post-traumatic stress disorder now.
They've known for a hundred years you can't put troops in continual combat, the average person, for more than a year.
I mean, even Mr. Tough Guy starts having problems.
You break down.
I mean, look at the alcoholism and drug use and mental illness of police.
Highest in the country.
Because it's a tough job in many cases.
Especially in big urban areas.
That's where the numbers are the worst.
I mean, you're getting shot at.
You're dealing with domestic violence.
You get cut up.
You know, you wrestle people to the ground every day.
It's stressful.
You walk up to cars not knowing what's going to be inside or what's happening.
Well, it's ten times worse.
I mean, I don't have the numbers.
I just... Okay, can you imagine?
It's got to be many, many, many times worse to be in Fallujah or be in Baghdad with car bombs going off every day and people getting shot around you every day and kicking down doors.
I mean, urban warfare.
Day after day, day after day, week after week, year after year, and, oh, you don't like 24 months?
Well, how about four years?
Four years in country!
I mean, in World War II, it was just 22 missions.
Problem was, half the people died.
I could fly with flights over Germany, but it was, you know, catch 22.
Yeah, you get 22 missions, but you probably aren't going to make the 22 missions.
I mean, they would just have the pilots.
It was so dangerous.
It was just, look, you got your 22 missions.
That's all they expected in WW2 was 22 missions.
These guys are doing 22 missions in a week conservatively.
I have seen the numbers on that.
They could raid between two and ten different houses in an hour.
Whole neighborhoods between four and eight different missions daily.
Can you imagine?
Can you even imagine how horrible this is?
But it doesn't matter to Ann Coulter.
I mean, she's in this New York Observer article cussing and laughing and slurping wine in the interview with a reporter.
And the article was pro-Ann Coulter.
And she's laughing, ha ha ha, the tsunami victims, ha ha ha, it's just New North Korea, ha ha ha, the Arabs are, are, and they use the term, itches.
I mean, it's just craziness.
Just a giggling, a demon-possessed...
So what if Rumsfeld didn't sign the death certificates?
She actually says that!
And so what?
And so now because they say, this is conservative, Porsche is conservative, gun control is conservative, open borders are conservative, record government growth is conservative, forced psychological testing and drugging is conservative, surveillance blimps is conservative, satellite tracking systems, federally they're trying to push them to go into all the cars, it's conservative.
The Bill of Rights being butchered is conservative.
And conservatives I know just go, that's right, it's conservative.
And I'm like, have you been body snatched?
What happened to you?
Where's your brain?
And who are the neocons?
I mean, Ron Paul gave a speech on this titled Neocon.
I ought to read that speech again or play the audio of it.
Was it back in early 2003 he gave the Neocon speech where he for 45 minutes laid it out how the Communist Fourth International This is a Ron Paul.
He went from their own documents and admissions to their own autobiographies.
Books they've written.
The Communist Fourth International said we can't take the U.S.
We've got to co-opt the conservative movement.
This is admitted.
We've got to take over the conservative movement in America.
And use that as an engine for global empire, because all we want, really, is empire.
We just want to be powerful.
And see, communists, socialists, fascists, they're all different names for command and control.
And you get all confused with liberal, conservative, Tory, labor, you know, all these different names.
The question is, does it give you more liberty?
Or more tearing?
Is it better for you and your family?
Is it free market?
Or is it not?
You know, Limbaugh, well, Halliburton's doing a great job.
It's free market.
Dumb liberals?
Well, it's not free market when you go and the vice president, their former CEO, openly writes the contracts for them out of the VP's office.
That's criminal!
When a week before the case is going to be heard, before the Supreme Court, he takes them on Air Force Two for an all-expense-paid duck hunting trip.
I mean, that's criminal!
Paying for Clarence Thomas' vacations and his $10,000 Bohemian Grove dues.
Companies that he was going to be hearing cases on doing this.
That's illegal, folks!
It isn't free market!
When Eli Lilly and nine other big pharma companies openly write the Texas TMAP project, their own documents will become public where they go, we put 15% of the kids on drugs.
Once this new freedom initiative goes in, we'll have half of them on it the next phase!
It will, projected, make $6 billion extra a year!
Is that free market?
When the government comes and says, half the kids go on drugs!
It's tyranny, folks.
It's slavery.
It's not... Get past the terms, all of it.
It means nothing.
We'll come back and take calls.
Mary and Annette and Cameron and everybody else.
And I'm really just going to bam, bam, bam through your calls.
So have what you have to say, buddy, because I want to talk to all of you.
I just...
You know, garbage in, garbage out.
The globalists learn that if they just label something one way, you'll just buy the label instead of actually looking at what it is.
And so they know that we're in a world of instant gratification and people just look at the surface so they can just give something a label.
That it's good.
Well, it's good.
Look, the label says it right here.
It says conservative.
And I'm like, no, it's not conservative.
It's not pro-American.
And they just don't get it.
It's going to be very, very serious.
Hi folks, this is Alex Jones.
Whether you are aware or not, World War III has started.
Let me rephrase that.
Oil War III has started.
Don't kid yourself, the reason we went into Iraq is oil.
Now we are looking at the possibility of invading Iran and even Saudi Arabia.
Why else would the US be building 13 permanent military installations inside Iraq?
Does it look like we're pulling out?
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I think?
We're good to go.
All right, Mary, you're on the air.
Where are you calling us from, my dear?
I'm calling from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Hi, and I watched several of your videos.
I've been given copies, four or five of them, including Bohemian Grove.
And before I even saw them, I saw the original news broadcast of Dan Rather, of the towers going down, dark towers.
Oh, yeah, I've seen Dan Rather say, looks like dynamite, yeah.
Yeah, and I saw that explosion at the bottom of the building when it was exploding at the top, you know, which was unusual.
And I saw that funny bulge under the first airplane, which I thought was, what was that?
So your videos say it all.
And I've seen the one on Bohemian Grove, and when I was out in California visiting my daughter, we were going up to see Point Reyes Lighthouse, and we went past this road, Bohemian Grove.
And I made comments about... Yeah, the roads even called Bohemian... Yeah, and I said, is that where they do all those things?
And I didn't know anything about Bohemian Grove.
Yeah, that's where they do it.
That's where they do the Christian conservative things.
Yeah, and amazing.
I mean, that's where Bohemian Grove is.
And I saw your video on it, and it looks like the roads we went by.
But I'm really calling about what peeved me is last night.
I heard your broadcast in the morning so I was searching the shortwave radio.
I listened to your program on 9985 in the morning.
Yes, ma'am.
And 3210 at night.
But I was going around the shortwave and on shortwave 5950 radio Taiwan International broadcast in English and they said they're making bullets for the U.S.
for the troops in Iraq because we have a shortage of bullets.
Yeah, did you know that, I don't have the numbers in front of me, but going from memory, over 80% of our weapons components are made in Europe, China, or Taiwan.
And that should be, and by the way, I believe that was illegal in the past, but they just basically ignore it.
Yeah, we need jobs here.
Why can't they increase production here?
Anyway, thank you very much.
Thank you.
Pleasure speaking with you, ma'am.
Please pay it forward.
If you like my videos and you've got copies of them, please make copies and give them to other people and tell them to make copies.
That's how we bring down the New World Order.
Annette in New York, welcome.
How are you doing, sir?
I wanted to tell you first before I get into some things that I think you're a good man and I think you're more sensitive-minded than anybody.
Well, I try to be a good person.
I'm a sinner, and I'm pretty bad, actually, but I know I'm bad.
You know what?
I don't know how you keep your sanity, because it's depressing to me.
I can't even find a job out here, and they tell you the economy's good.
They've got people's heads going ping-pong with conservatives, Republicans, liberals.
They've got everything all twisted up.
I mean, it's insanity.
It's insanity.
Yeah, they got people debating something that doesn't even matter.
And they get the Christians all riled up on a couple of issues as a distraction on things that aren't even a threat to America.
And then Bush puts in the judge that went after Judge Roy Moore.
He puts in Specter for abortion.
He puts in Gonzalez.
And they'll call me a liberal because I'm against that.
Well, you know what?
I think people are confused.
Are what really a liberal, a conservative, and Democrats, Republicans?
Well, they had an old saying, may our enemies be confounded.
And that's the essence of warfare.
It's just confusing people.
I mean, there are good liberals, there are good Democrats, and there are good Republicans, and there are good conservatives.
Well, you're right.
There are good people and there are bad people.
I mean, why would anybody think, I mean, if good and bad exist in every walk of life, why would our leaders be different?
Well, I mean, look at the evidence of George W. Bush and his daddy.
I mean, this is a crime family.
Well, this goes back to Prescott Bush.
And it's sad.
I mean, I open up Pandora's box.
I listen to your show.
I read your articles.
I saw your videos.
And I read this stuff, some of this stuff when I was in my 20s.
And, you know, when you're young, you push this stuff aside because you go, that'll never happen.
They'll never let this happen.
I've got to give my respect to all the patriots of 30, 40 years ago.
I mean, you read a book, I say by Gary Allen, written 30 years ago.
Hard to believe that was 30 years ago.
32 years ago.
No, 31 years ago.
None Dare Call a Conspiracy.
Everything came true in the book.
It's all here.
You know, people don't realize everything that's passed in the White House affects you from the Supreme Court down to your pocket.
Well, look, here's the deal.
Ashcroft got up before Congress and said, only terrorists need Fear the Patriot Act.
I mean, wristwatches...
Road almanacs in your car, playing with a toy laser in your backyard, selling Rubik's cubes, complaining to the VA.
It's sick.
It's sick.
We're all terrorists.
They're all terrorists.
Who's next?
Thanks for your call.
People being convicted for wearing anti-war t-shirts at a shopping mall.
I mean, it's just Christians being arrested for criticizing homosexuals.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Anxiety ridden?
All I do...
Yes, look at the facts.
What's being set up in America, the laws that are being passed, what's happening to our sovereignty, is what the government is doing, state, local, federal, international, taking our freedoms, doing bad things to the general public.
And the answer is an overwhelming yes.
An overwhelming, resounding yes.
And so many people that I argue with on the street, and they are now really the minority.
Most people just tuned out of everything and know it's all a scam, but don't think they can affect change.
They're apathetic and have given up.
But for those that think they're conservative and go along with this, or for mindless liberals that make jokes at me and send me hate mail, they're not even qualified to talk about anything.
They don't know anything.
You ask them, who recruited Saddam Hussein?
Tell me the history of Saddam Hussein.
Who put him into power?
What year did he go into power?
What's the makeup of Iraq?
Who are the major five factions in the country?
How was Iraq created?
What year did... Just the basic stuff.
They don't know... They don't know anything, but they'll sit there and argue and just go, No, no, no, no, that's liberal.
No, no, no.
I'm like, well, all the chief liberals are for the war.
Well, I just don't know.
Just whatever.
Over and over and over again.
They don't have a shred of information.
Let's go ahead and take a call here.
I guess up next would be Cameron.
Cameron in Idaho.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex, I'm a big fan.
I really appreciate what you do.
I need more people out there like you getting information out there, man.
Well, I appreciate your call.
What's going on?
Well, recently I have been listening to a lot of Will Cooper's old radio shows and a lot of his work, and I just wondered if you had listened or researched any of the stuff he claimed.
Yeah, you know, Bill Cooper was an interesting character.
Gunboat captain in Vietnam.
Right, right.
For several tours and was in some secret government operations.
But I don't get into flying saucers.
I don't get into stuff I can't totally prove.
I just stick to what I can prove, and that's unfortunately bad enough.
And I was supportive of Bill Cooper.
He kind of got stressed out and weird the last few years of his life.
I tried to help Bill out when the IRS was coming after him, but he didn't really want any help.
It was sad to see what ended up happening to him as well.
Yeah, whenever I really started listening to him and hearing the claims he made about how the government could possibly be creating a phony fleet of UFOs to attack the Earth is a genius way for the New World Order to get a one-world government.
Well, I never disagreed with that because we've got government plans on that.
I mean, they've got all kinds of projectors and different hologram machines where they can put a 500-foot Jesus in the sky or Buddha or Allah.
I mean, that's even been admitted.
But some of the other stuff, you know, later in life he said he was wrong about the UFO stuff.
I really don't want to posthumously knock somebody.
Also, I had one more question for you.
I also listened to a few old lectures by a man named Myron Fagan back in the 60s.
Are you familiar with that?
Yeah, Myron Fagan, yeah.
Myron, yeah, that's right.
And that stuff really blew my mind because I had actually just started reading Rule by Secrecy by Jim Mars.
And, I mean, the information that links up between those two men just astounds me, especially with Myron Fagan, how he made those recordings in the 60s and he's just proven
So many things have happened in recent history.
Yeah, Anthony Hilder actually put out that album called The Illuminati.
Right, right, right.
That's how long Anthony Hilder's been fighting the New World Order.
I just, I mean, it just astounds me that people cannot see the connections between the Trilateralist Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations.
It's just...
Well, look, eight, nine years ago, they still denied it was about world government, but we got their own documents.
Now it's all over television.
I mean, people are denying there's a world government as it's formed.
Or then they say, okay, we need world government, but it's a tyrannical world government that's being set up.
Thanks for the call.
Interesting points.
John in Tennessee.
John, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Have you watched the video of Senator Boxer objecting to the Bush coronation yesterday?
I heard a clip of it on the radio.
It's online at C-SPAN today only.
But Cheney almost started crying and almost had another heart attack when she objected, and they had to break up and stop the Gonzalez torture debate and go debate this...
Well, if somebody sent me the video of that, if somebody taped it, what was Cheney doing up there in between the two fasciae symbols?
Well, you know, he has to preside over it the way Gore did in 2001.
No, I know.
The Vice President and the Speaker of the House are up in the very top, and for those that don't know, with the American flag pointing downward on both sides, that wasn't there until the 50s, they have bundles of sticks with hatchets on the end.
That is the Roman and Nazi symbol.
Folks, I'm not joking.
That's what fasci means is a bundle of sticks tied together.
You know, fasci, fashioned together.
Go ahead.
Well, Boxer said the only reason she backed the Congresswoman from Ohio was Michael Moore's documentary, Paranaut 911.
That showed Gore, you know, selling out the party in the same situation.
He refused to vote.
And so what Boxer did differently was one senator stood up out of a hundred to back the House
Which forced the debate, but of course she was the only one that voted for it in the end.
And what did Cheney do?
Well, he was sort of stuttering and got flustered and got choked up a little bit.
I'm sure he had practiced what he would do.
I'm sure he knew ahead of time what was going to happen.
But he still stumbled and was obviously very stressed out that this was an obvious slap in his face to stop his coronation.
But, you know, Kerry was paid a $51 million bribe to concede the election.
That's right.
He kept that money.
Yeah, and he won't pay for any recounts, so the Green Party is having to pay $150,000 for a recount in Ohio.
Look, the facts are the facts.
They clearly stole the election, but it was staged from the beginning.
It doesn't mean we're for Kerry.
It's just reporting the facts here.
Well, the TV news has totally censored this.
They could be showing that clip, which is historical.
And very interesting, because it shows the brief moments of reality, you know, when people are actually being people in Congress, and it shows, you know, that Congress is a battlefield between good and evil, mainly evil and evil, that, you know, it looked like good and evil yesterday for about five minutes.
Well, you know, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein are more conservative than Bush, and that may stun a lot of people, but let me give people some examples, and I don't like either one of them, obviously.
The two senators from California...
Bush said, I will not arm any of the pilots, period.
And then Feinstein and Boxer went out and said, well, it makes sense.
They can fly a big plane with all these instruments and have people's lives in their hands, but they can't have a gun in the cockpit and an instant access pistol safe.
And so Bush then said, okay, if you jump through 14 hoops, there's actually 14 hoops, 14 different things you have to do, maybe you can have a gun in 2% of the planes, which never happened.
So, I mean, you know, there's your conservatism.
Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein are more conservative than Bush.
When you read or hear Kathy O'Brien talk about Cheney and Bush and Clinton and all the sexual assaults and tortures and murders they personally allegedly committed for mind-control slaves, and then you see Cheney up there presiding over it, you wonder how many of those Congress people are
Well, it's old-fashioned mind control of money and power and being blackmailed.
Thanks for the call.
You know, I don't know if that's true, that Cheney and Bush and all of them did that.
But I know that we now have the Skull and Bones ritual part of it on tape.
Devil equals death, death equals death, hangman equals death, devil, devil, devil!
And people screaming and they're practicing raping and murdering people.
And then at Bohemian Grove, I've been there, they do a mock sacrifice, and we've now got photos, you know, mainstream news of them in black hoods over, you know, little black kids at Bohemian Grove, and then New York Post bussing in gay porn stars to, quote, service them.
You know, all this stuff came out from other sources decades ago, and no one knew if it was true.
I don't know.
And then every time I go check it out, the things I'm able to check out turn out to be true.
I haven't been able to confirm that they're actually murdering people.
We know in the real world they order assassinations and bombings and laugh about civilian casualties.
We know that's going on, but do they really do it?
Well, I mean, they really dress up in black robes and worship the devil.
I mean, that's admitted.
I don't know.
I mean, I wish it wasn't true, folks.
The people that run our country are Satanists.
I mean, it's true.
Do Satanists kill people?
That's supposedly what they do.
And the people that made these claims, the stuff we've been able to document, has turned out to be true.
They got all the money, all the power, they got everything, and life's pretty dim for them because they're so decadent, and they got to do some new thing to get off, basically.
And I don't know what to say about it.
Evil's real, folks.
Evil's real.
Let's talk to Leon in Colorado.
Go ahead, Leon.
Thank you for taking my call, Alex.
Thank you.
I only get you for an hour a day, so I don't know if you... I've got two things I need to bring up.
As one American to another American, because that's where I think the discussion needs to be.
Somebody gets me off on this right-left, I say, whoa, whoa, are you an American?
I'm an American.
We're talking about an American thing.
It's the Constitution, the law, that's the law.
Let's talk about that.
Then they just don't know what to say.
They can't argue with you, so...
Here's one American talking to another American about so-called neocon... Whatever they're called.
Named Bill O'Reilly.
Did you see him last night slobbering all over himself about how this poor Alberto Gonzalez is being attacked by the liberal media?
In his commentary.
And he's not being attacked.
It's all being whitewashed.
Gonzalez is pro-abortion, pro-open border, pro-gun control.
And that's what Limbaugh and all of them do.
I know I didn't see it, but I've heard Limbaugh and others.
The evil liberals want to stop our wonderful conservatives.
They're racist.
Yeah, and rather than dealing with the issue that the liberal press brought up, which was and is...
That he believes in torture, and he's a Nazi.
And he believes that Bush is the law.
Above the law.
Above the law.
Well, is the law, is being above the law.
Anyway, the other issue is, and I just wanted to let you, just to confirm what you were talking about, with our military men, I'm a Vietnam vet, and I was what they called a neuropsychiatric specialist back at that time, and what we studied was
How long can a man or woman be in combat?
In World War II, they knew that after a man had been in combat a week, he had to have so many weeks of R&R because he was useless.
He was worthless.
Same thing in Korea.
Same thing in Vietnam.
And what you're talking about is absolutely true.
If they keep these men in combat...
For this long period of time with no R&R... Let me stop you.
For those that just... And it is very frustrating, because I have to repeat stuff hour by hour sometimes.
But I covered it in New York Times.
Rumsfeld admits it.
They're not going to keep reservists for two years and keep them in Iraq.
They're talking about four years.
Those guys are going to be absolutely worthless, and I anticipate, from what my experience was with the guys that have been in combat, that
They will just totally break down and be useless.
You follow what I'm saying?
Well, yeah, I mean, it's simple.
You're not meant... I mean, the Romans knew this.
You either get your armies rested up and use them limited times, or they just fell apart.
Yeah, and if they're going to continue... It just shows how absolutely... In Looney Tuneville, these people are...
In terms of having any concept of what it takes to have a military force.
Well, this is basic military science.
I mean, what, 22 missions for bomber pilots, World War II, no more than 11 months in-country in Vietnam or Korea, and what, for each week of combat, they had to give them like two weeks of R&R?
Three, okay.
But I'm just saying, I just sit here and I go, these guys are loony.
I mean, that's my opinion.
I mean, they have no... I mean, it's like, what are they talking about?
Well, it's like, it's a feeling of strip mining.
It's like, they know the ship's going down, so they're grabbing everything they can and, like, cramming it into the live boats.
And then we're all standing around going, what are they doing?
I mean, they're just going wild.
I expect a real... Unfortunately, I'm really concerned for our military men because there's going to be a real breakdown in our military.
It's going to be...
Anyway, that's all I have to say.
Thanks for the call.
And I appreciate everything you say and do.
And like I say, I'm glad you're there.
And as one American to another American, I'm very proud of you.
Well, thank you, sir.
I'm proud of you and your fine comments.
Up next, David in Michigan.
Hello, Rush.
David, go ahead.
I mean, no, Alex.
Being sarcastic.
Go ahead.
No, you're not at all like Rush Limbaugh.
My sister is addicted to this guy.
She's turned into a Nazi.
I don't know what to do.
But anyways, I discovered your program two weeks ago, and I'm extremely impressed.
I've done hardly anything for the last two weeks, but look at your website, and it's absolutely amazing, and your show's amazing.
Well, thanks for the compliment.
One thing I'd really like to do, and I need to get out and do some work, so I would like to see you on the local radio station.
So I intend to, right after I get the phone, get off the phone, is to call some local radio stations and see if they will take you on board
Do you have any suggestions as to how I and others may go about doing that?
Sure, that's a great idea.
Let me give you some tips.
Don't waste your time on Infinity or on Clear Channel.
Don't waste your time on one of the big conglomerates that own 80% of the stations.
Go to the locally owned mom-and-pop station.
It could be big.
It could be little.
And they can do searches on me.
I get stations, great listenerships, good ratings, some cases top ratings.
So the people are hungry for the truth.
And I'm not left or right.
It's about right and wrong.
I have a populist radio show.
And you can tell them to go to GCNlive.com.
And all the satellites are listed.
We have the good premium satellites that they're sure to have.
And they're free to carry me at night, the middle of the night, live during the day, whatever.
The network is very easy to pick the show up and just call them and ask them to check it out.
And I do a few follow-up calls, but go ahead.
Yeah, I'd like to make a suggestion, too.
If everybody right now within the sound of my voice were to do the same thing and call up and...
Well... Well, I appreciate the kind comments, and look, the show's...
We do the best job we can to just tell the truth and get past left-right and defend the country.
And the broadcast roughly doubles its listeners every year.
We reach a few million people conservatively each week.
And yes, where we don't have AM and FM affiliates, we're listening on shortwave, the internet, or satellite.
Call your local stations.
We do get affiliates from it.
God bless you, David.
Good to have you on board with us.
I'm glad you're a listener.
You can buy a shortwave radio, by the way, and listen to us at work or in the car.
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The New World Order.
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Thank you.
I think?
We're good to go.
We have a corporate elite that is not free market.
They funded the Nazis.
They funded the Soviets.
They control China today.
They're shifting our industry overseas.
They're shifting our economy into a police state control grid.
Bob in Connecticut.
Last caller, go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
God bless you, sir.
God bless you.
Yeah, Alex, um...
I've been doing a lot of research on my own and I think a lot of Christians are missing the boat here.
I'm not trying to alienate anyone to believe in Christ because I believe in God myself, but I just wondered how many Christians out there actually have gotten into the Old Testament and seen what it really says.
I wanted to tell you, I'd like to speak with you off the air.
My life has been threatened by two books that I bought written by the Dark Ones themselves.
I'd like to talk to you and give you a website where you may purchase these books yourself.
And if you read them, it's going to blow your socks off.
Something's going on here.
A little strange, a little funny, but I read them and there's something that you need to know.
Well, send me an email or something.
All right, sir.
Thanks for the call.
I can't really exactly get at what you're saying, but thank you for the call.
Look, folks.
The globalists can't get away with what they're doing unless we go along with it, unless we give up our power, unless we decide that resistance is futile.
Resistance is not futile.
Last week, the State Department came out with the CIA and said, we're not going to even have tribunal trials at Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba now.
Because their own general over the camp quit, suddenly we're torturing people.
That hardly made it in the news, but it happened in the back of the paper.
Rick Baucus.
They've had a whole bunch of their prosecutors and defense lawyers for the military, even in that stage trial, quit.
They can't even, their own people won't go along with it.
We have 12 generals and admirals, most of them conservatives.
Coming out, I mean, the former head of the Navy, the Judge Advocate General, the head of the Navy's legal system, saying we're going into total tyranny, testifying in Congress yesterday.
I mean, Alberto Gonzalez is a nightmare!
He's much worse than Ashcroft, if it's possible.
He's the guy that wrote all this stuff.
A real piece of work.
And he said torture's good.
He said the president's above the law.
He came out with specific ways to torture people.
These are sickos!
And you can't make a deal with the devil.
You can't start torturing people to, quote, defeat the enemy.
It doesn't work.
Joseph Mingola tortured people!
He was bad, and Alberto Gonzalez is bad.
But prepare for him to be your new attorney general.
It's like they tried to have that other crook
You know, the driver for Giuliani is going to be your head of Homeland Security.
If you want to know how to fight the New World Order, folks, you want to help us fight the New World Order, just spread the word about the broadcast.
That's one thing you can do.
This is a pretty good source of information.
People can listen on the Internet, shortwave, or at the local AM or FM station that picks up the show.
Support the sponsors.
Tell them thank you.
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God bless you all.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Here on the front lines of the information war in the battle for our constitutional republic.