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Air Date: Jan. 6, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, here we are.
And it is already Thursday, the sixth day of January 2005.
That's still taking some getting used to.
And we haven't had him on in about three, four weeks.
Paul Joseph Watson, my webmaster of prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv, will be joining us to give us a review of just a lot of the important news and information that is just spilling out as the criminality of the New World Order becomes more and more evident on a daily basis.
Now, I actually have some good news as well today, quite a bit of it.
And one story that I'm actually going to read in its entirety, it's only about three pages long, comes to us from KATU Television in Portland, Oregon.
Twelve-year-old daughter, homeschooled in Forrest Camp,
Excels over her 7th grade government educated equivalents.
A homeless father, a Christian, raised his daughter for the last four plus years in a lean-to deep in the Oregon forest.
And the reason this is good news is the police didn't let Child Protective Services take the man's
Now, you'd think that would just be normal to not do that.
But they were chomping at the bit, of course.
But that did not happen.
Because the police... Well, they're in this article and several others I've found.
This one doesn't get too much into what the government was trying to do.
It just gets into how it was positive that they didn't take her.
But some of the other stories get into how the police just said, No, you're not going to do that.
For some, it doesn't really sound like good news, but it is.
But it illustrates a whole bunch of important things.
And so that's why I'm going to cover it.
It's a very, very important story that I'm going to read when we get back after this quick break.
Ambassador has issued veiled warnings to Syria.
Cautions against foreign interference in Lebanese elections and threatens, hey, you want to be invaded?
North Korea told to prepare for war.
This, the Associated Press.
And we will also get into just a bunch of news concerning the tsunamis that slammed into scores and scores of countries.
Coming up in the next segment.
Plus, some new developments with Christians in America, not Communist China, being arrested.
Being arrested for preaching on the sidewalk and being charged with felonies and facing over four decades of
40-plus years in prison.
We interviewed some of the folks that were under the gun a few weeks ago, but now it's back in the newspapers.
Well, they were there and said homosexuality was wrong, and that hurts some people's feelings.
That's assault to hurt someone's feelings, and it's terrorism and a bunch of other things they've charged them with.
Well, that's just the way it is.
And, of course, the father, who was out acting like a young kid, aiming his little laser pointer, store-bought, basically, light stick, at aircraft, has been charged as a terrorist under the Patriot Act.
And I've talked to pilots.
They say for years, every once in a while, somebody will aim a laser pointer at them.
They'll see the red light or the green light hit the side of the plane, hit the cockpit.
I mean, I can't tell you how many times I've been walking down the street at night and had a laser pointer aim at me.
No, it wasn't the government for the rifle scope.
It would be kids laughing and giggling behind the fence.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
30 seconds into the first hour of this worldwide broadcast against the globalists, against the tyranny, against the evil of the New World Order.
Alright, again, they're talking about war with Syria, war with Iran, war with North Korea.
They're arresting people for playing with laser pointers.
It's all going on.
It's all happening.
And so we'll be going over that, the latest tsunami news, the assassinations, the rampant bombings all over Iraq as it descends into hell itself.
There's no other way to put it.
I've talked to a lot of troops who've returned.
People who were very gung-ho, and they're aware that this thing is designed so they don't win it.
The Pentagon was not stupid when they put 200,000 troops in there.
40,000 of them, frontline combat, to subdue a country of 25 million people or 24 million people.
So we'll get into the real psychology behind all that from all of our inside sources.
And it's hard to believe that the globalists actually want America to be in quagmires, want us to lose wars, but it's part of a greater plan, my friends.
So that's coming up.
But first I want to cover this, because it's a positive, positive story.
It's a sad story as well.
But let me go ahead and go over it, if you'll bear with me, please.
Twelve-year-old daughter, homeschooled in Forest Camp, excels over her seventh-grade government-educated equivalents.
This is from KATU Television in Portland, Oregon.
A man and his 12-year-old daughter spent the last four years living in a remote hillside in Portland's Forest Park, police said.
The pair was discovered in a dense wooded area by an Australian cross-country runner and his wife.
They reported seeing an older man with
White bushy hair and a beard, and a young girl at what appeared to be a well-established transient camp.
They called police on April 28th.
So, again, this happened months and months and months ago, and it's just not coming out in the news.
That afternoon, North Precinct Sergeant Michael Barkley sent four officers on all-terrain vehicles to find the pair, but they didn't find them.
We had very little to go on.
Barkley said, there's no way you could not do everything you could because it was a report of a child living up there.
The next morning, the runner escorted police to the site.
After an hour and a half hike, police found an elaborate camp dug into a steep hillside.
Under a tarp-covered
Wood frame shelter, they found sleeping bags, a partially burnt log, a Bible, a stack of old world book encyclopedias, rakes, and other tools.
A rope swing, a tilled vegetable garden, and a small creek were nearby.
A police dog found the pair huddling behind a tree about 50 yards from the camp.
The man and the girl told police they had lived in the park for four years.
The pair appeared clean, well-fed and healthy, Barkley said, and the girl was well-spoken beyond her years.
Like children used to be?
Now they just gibber and talk about video games and violence and how they love Satan.
The man who identified himself as Frank told police he was a 53-year-old Marine Corps veteran and college graduate who served in Vietnam.
He came to Oregon with his daughter Ruth from Tacoma with no job and virtually no money.
Frank told police that the girl's mother was institutionalized in New Hampshire and that the two now live on a $400 a month disability check.
Rather than live on the streets and expose Ruth to alcohol and drugs, Frank said, they hiked deep into the forest and built a lean-to.
The pair went into the city twice a week to stop by the bank, attend church, buy groceries and clothes from Goodwill.
Frank, a devout Christian, said he taught his daughter using the old encyclopedias.
They grew vegetables and used the nearby creek to keep clean.
They stored perishable foods in a small pool of water at the creek's edge.
The man and the girl told police that the runner was the first person to find their camp in four years.
Their biggest worry was being split up.
Barkley said, Please don't take me from my daddy, the girl told the 26-year police veteran as they sat on the log talking for at least 30 minutes.
Now, the article continues here.
Barclay, who has a six-year-old daughter, said he was struck by the relationship between the father and daughter.
What was so clear was that their living conditions were unacceptable.
Well, that's where you're wrong.
But their relationship was a real deep love and caring for each other, Barclay said.
Officer Joe Campbell, who helped find the pair, said separating the pair would have broken their hearts.
Why was that even being considered?
Their whole lives seemed to revolve around each other, said Campbell.
A pediatrician found the girl free of any illness, any signs of physical or sexual abuse.
See, they tried, didn't they?
And no cavities.
A criminal background check came up.
Clear, according to police reports.
Even though the child and father lived for such a long time, disconnected from society, the girl had been homeschooled and was in good physical shape.
In fact, the girl received, now listen carefully, a very good education from her father while living among the trees.
Officials said the girl, who would be normally in 7th grade, is at least a 12th grade equivalency.
When we interviewed this little girl, she was very impressive.
She really was very responsible, and she really looked as though she was advanced in her years, said Portland Police Commander Scott Anderson.
KATU Television has been given permission from the Forrest family's father to set up a college fund for 12-year-old Ruthie.
To make donations for the girl, who for the last four years has lived in a forest and was educated by her father,
Go to Ruthie's College Fund at any Bank of America branch.
Police say the father was ecstatic when KATU offered to set up the college fund for his daughter.
The father has done a wonderful job of educating the girl, says police.
She reportedly performs at a 12th grade level.
Police persuaded them to leave the camp, promising to help them find food and shelter.
The pair spent two nights at a homeless shelter
Barkley found the man a job and a place for the two to live on a friend's horse farm in Yamhill County.
Now, Barkley said the pair are living in a mobile home and adjusting to life with heat, electricity, and running water.
The man mows lawns and is learning to drive a tractor, and the pair ride bicycles to nearby church on Sundays.
The amazing part of this was the fact that Sergeant Barkley...
Really evaluated what was best for these people.
North Precinct Commander Scott Anderson said, sometimes police would be a little quicker to hand things over to state workers.
But instead, he saw this through to the end.
Now, yes.
That's what police used to do.
They were guardians of the people.
They helped families.
They truly assessed situations.
They kept social services at bay if they were not needed.
They were in command.
They were the bosses.
The sheriffs were the bosses, not the bureaucrats.
Now, I did some Google searching yesterday, because, again, this first surfaced April 28th.
Months and months and months and months and months ago.
Why is it just down the news?
Well, it was kept quiet at first.
There were just a few reports.
And there were discussions, of course, of how they needed to take the children, take the child from the father, but the police basically kept the CPS crowd at bay, which this article alludes to just a shadow, really, as usual, covering up for these individuals.
And again, I'm not saying that all social workers are bad.
In fact, there are a lot of different social worker divisions out there that actually do good things, and there's good people in all these organizations.
But the federal documents, the federal edicts, the way this is set up, the way this is designed, used to break up families, used to fill, it's like a million and a half children in their custody, to fill these institutions with fodder so they can get more federal funds.
That's how it's all designed.
You know, the stories out of Texas, where over two-thirds of the children in foster care are on psychotropics.
The average child on seven drugs.
The average child of the two-thirds plus.
It's even higher in Massachusetts, Florida, New York.
And they have federal FEMA Homeland Security drills, where if you want the money, you have to run these drills, where homeschoolers' parents are murdering killers...
And they come to your homeschool and harass the homeschools.
They have these drills where the homeschoolers come and attack the schools, attack the buses.
They have the children, hundreds of them, play role players with fake blood.
We've talked a lot about this.
Basically psychologically traumatizing public school children and openly demonizing homeschoolers.
When homeschoolers win all the spelling bees, again, the last five big national ones, win almost all the geography bees, I mean, they basically win it all.
Even above the private schools.
The best private schools are beaten.
So why is homeschooling being demonized?
And I'm just amazed to see a positive article about homeschooling.
You really, I never see them.
This may be one of the first.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hi folks, this is Alex Jones.
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Here's a Big Brother article, and I literally have about 15 of these a day in my stack, and I've just almost gotten to the point where they're passe, where I don't even cover them anymore.
And that's not a good thing.
We should all remain conscious of what's happening, not become conditioned or acclimated to accept this.
But I saw a Houston Chronicle article about three years ago, more than three years ago, almost four years ago,
Well, they bragged about a Houston-based company that has a retina scanner, but it's more than a retina scanner.
It constantly, with a camera in your car, locks onto your eye, kind of like Void Comp in Blade Runner, and picks up on, are you distracted, are you tired, are you on drugs, have you been drinking?
And it talked about how
This was four years ago, how a whole bunch of different businesses around the country, mainly government, because government wants to fund these industries to support them and build them up for the general public, be forced to use them.
They give them kind of the seed money, where when you go into work, it will scan your eye movement down at a microscopic level, just the most tiny of movements.
It will decide if you're tired or if you've been using drugs.
Of course, then one scientist criticized it and said a lot of people have motor problems and already have a microscopic vibration of the eye.
Maybe you're distressed.
But the point is it just gets us all used to being constantly scanned and then they add all this quackery onto these devices claiming the computer says you're this or you're that.
And now some police departments have got retina scanners in their cars, thumb scanners in their cars.
You try to go to SeaWorld, they've got hand scanners.
You try to go to Disney World, they've got hand scanners.
I mean, it's going in, folks.
It's already happening.
But this is a story out of Ergonomics Today, one of the big industry publications.
Big brother behind the wheel to watch drivers.
The last time I heard about this was four years ago.
Two and a half years ago, there was an MSNBC article where it said that Ford and GM are going to put in the cars an infrared camera.
They're asking the government to make it a law or a regulation.
And it's hooked to a wireless cell phone unit in the car, and it transmits to the police department into the emergency system.
So they can just punch in a key and watch you.
You're going, well, how are they going to sell that?
Oh, well, remember almost three years ago that something like 35 children died in cars when their parents would leave them in the vehicle?
Horrible tragedy.
It still happens.
But last year, at a daycare center, they'd been on a field trip, and they left a toddler in the van, and the toddler baked in there and died.
But again, this is all part of this unconscious society.
Bad things happen.
Accidents happen.
I mean, no amount of scanning cameras is going to save us.
But see, there's always a reason.
It's always for your own good.
And so this infrared camera has a sensor on it,
And if the car goes over, I think it's like 98 degrees, and there is pressure sensors in the seats, you know, the same sensors that tell you if you're not wearing your seatbelt, and it makes that annoying noise.
And then, that's in the newer cars.
And so, it then will sit there and dial the police and give them an image of what's happening in your vehicles.
With this little camera.
And I could talk for hours about this because then I have the other federal plan where they're going to pay in the emergency management centers that have been built in all the big cities and even the small towns, and they even have large facilities for regional county systems where these counties get together and build one with federal money, where all of these are going to be wired in as well as your cell phone tracking you
And where everyone with a cell phone and every car with an ID number, they can punch it up and watch it as dots in real time down to 15 feet of where you're at.
I mean, folks, this is the Green Bay newspaper.
This is the Associated Press.
I mean, I put it in Matrix of Evil.
I mean, this is really going on.
This is really the plan.
And here's ergonomics today.
When we get back, I'll read some of this.
And they openly are going to add a new layer to this.
Folks, they're going to do it.
Just like they've done everything else, unless we stop them.
It's like the toll roads.
Every road in America will be a toll road.
How do I know that?
I have the federal plan.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
The ring of fire.
The ring of fire.
And it burns, burns, burns.
All right, so here's the plan.
Official federal plan.
Every road in America, unless it's a private drive, private neighborhood, is going to automatically deduct as you drive your car.
Either off of a transponder that is connected to a bank account or prepaid credits, or to a satellite tracker box, which the government has in the plan and
What, now four state governments are trying to make it the law right now?
Or, they have another way to tax you they're saying they're going to tax you with, and that's the cameras.
And everywhere you go, I mean the smallest one-horse town, I mean towns that have one gas station and maybe 15 houses on the main drag,
There are cameras at the four-way stops, at least in Texas, and I've seen it all over the country, driving around the nation.
From camera to camera, they're putting in to the camera systems, to the feeds they go through, into these databases, systems that scan your license plate.
That is, the camera reads the number, and a computer can recognize numbers.
And instantly processes it.
In fact, there have already been, for what, two years in areas of London, taxing people off of this system.
But that's the official federal plan.
But wait, it gets even better.
Not only, as I talked about in the last segment, are all cell phones, after October 1, 2001, satellite tracked, you'll say, wait a minute, there's no satellite chip in my phone.
Well, there's not.
They have a radio...
Device that allows the cell towers to triangulate down to 15 feet to the average, sometimes even down to 3 feet, the industry has reported, but 15 feet on the outside.
But wait, there's more!
By law, even when your cell phone is off, they can listen to the audio of it.
They can go in and turn it on, and it doesn't light up, nothing happens, and use it as a bugging device.
And the governor of Wisconsin a few years ago came out and said, yes, we're getting federal funds in our emergency management system.
We're going to have it where we can punch in the ID number, because these phones have ID numbers, by the way, and get your exact location.
That way, when there's a wreck and you don't know where you are, we just punch you in and we know right where you are.
And this is going in all over the country.
And, oh, we can even turn your phone on and listen in case you're in trouble.
And I'm sure you've all heard how OnStar
That's just a cell phone with a satellite tracker box in your car.
How the feds, without warrants, would just use it to dial in and listen to people.
They would also use NSA computers with keywords just to basically listen to all of them if they wanted to.
There's been reports of that.
They just have computers listening all the time.
At a federal court in San Francisco, what is that, the Ninth Circuit?
Came out, and it was hailed as a victory for freedom advocates.
It really wasn't.
It said, no, you can't do this because people are paying for the service, and you're interrupting their service and endangering them, so you have to notify the company if you're going to do it.
So there's a picture of what's going on.
No Fourth Amendment.
I mean, in the past, if the authorities, if the officials, wanted to spy on you, they had to have a witness.
They had to have the particular things they were looking for, the crime they thought was being committed.
Listing the specific things.
That's the Fourth Amendment.
But now,
They have enlisted 425,000 truck drivers.
Their companies have told them, by law, you've got to tattle and spy on everyone.
And not just for terror, but all crime.
We have the handbook.
You see a man and woman arguing by a car on the side of the road?
Call the police.
You see someone smoking what looks like marijuana?
Call the police.
Why things are different after 9-11.
Do you see what looks like someone drinking?
Call the police.
This is all being done by Homeland Security.
What are they involved in drinking and pot smoking and men and women arguing on the side of the road?
The tips program.
The cable person, the phone man, the meter reader, the carpet cleaner, the handyman.
They have symposiums.
They've had several here in Austin.
They give little discounts and perks to the different industries to send their employees in, and they sit there and tell them, and they give them little plastic cards with a title-tale number and tell them you've unofficially been deputized.
And so when they're in your house, they're spying on you.
No warrant needed, no nothing.
You're paying them, and they're in your house looking for something, and these people don't know their head from a hole in the ground, many of them.
And so they think guns are illegal.
They think grow lights over your poor kids are illegal.
I mean, I'm telling you about stories in Austin of people that have been raided or had problems over things that are completely legal.
Man, I had a carpet cleaner.
I had the cable man in my house two days ago.
He asked me about my gun cabinet, and then at 4 a.m.
two days later, Alex's SWAT team kicked the door in.
When I asked them while they were there, they said, oh, we got a 911 call from your house.
I'm asleep.
I said, what do you mean?
My wife's asleep.
Kids are grown up, moved out.
We didn't call 911.
I want the records of that.
Oh, there was a malfunction, Mr. Johnson.
And there's no record of the 911 call, but we're just here.
I was talking to the former SWAT team commander a few years ago.
He told us a story of... And they get ordered to go SWAT people.
There was an old lady.
And she had a bunch of these big saltwater tanks.
She was into fish.
She had a degree in it.
She'd been a professor.
Nice middle class house and had quite a few of these big saltwater tanks and all her fishies.
And she got home to her door, kicked in, and a little note on the door.
A SWAT team had been there because the power company notified them why this house is using way more power than it should be.
Oh, that's probable cause.
My goodness, let's go kick the door down.
That was the Travis County SWAT team.
Oh, I know, listen, say hi to you.
It was nice that time I got invited up to their office.
It was all spontaneous.
I was downstairs yelling at politicians.
And I got invited up to their office and looked across the room and saw a bookshelf with my videos on the bookshelf.
That's kind of funny.
And he's like, now listen, we thought you were a kook a few years ago, but here's Delta Force's card.
Now you can't have it, but Delta Force has been visiting us.
The stuff you told us about is true, and I want to ask you some questions about it.
Remember that.
But they're not all bad.
It's just that they still follow orders that are completely un-American.
So, I'm going to go to your calls here in a minute, but big brother behind the wheel to watch drivers.
This is out of ergonomics today.
Big industry engineering design, product design...
How big of a problem is driver distraction?
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTS, estimates that between 4,000 and 8,000 car accidents result each day in the United States because of a distracted driver.
And everything from talking on a cell phone to eating or reading, turning up the radio, or even putting on makeup are believed to contribute to the problem.
But one car manufacturer is looking at a way to help curb the distraction problem.
By the way, it's not one, they're all doing it.
By helping drivers stay focused through a safety system that monitors the driver's eye and hand movements.
A high-tech camera, boys and girls.
According to ergonomicist...
At Saab, it's a safety enhancement that looks at what drivers are actually doing behind the wheel rather than what the drivers should be doing.
A smart computer watching you, like the HAL 9000 from Kubrick's film.
There's no doubt increasing traffic densities and growth of in-car infotainment systems...
Are putting an increasing workload on drivers, says Saab's chief ergonomicist, Arnie Nabu, head of the project that will put a Big Brother behind the wheel to monitor driver distraction.
See, Big Brother's good now.
We at Saab and...
Common with other car manufacturers, he admits that it's not just this one company, have so far focused on managing information inputs from the driver in the safest possible way.
Now we think it's time to take a rather less passive approach.
Saab's answer is a system which will monitor drivers via two miniature cameras fitted with an infrared lenses, see?
I'm going to be honest with you folks.
I just read the first two paragraphs of this this morning, and we get deeper into it.
It's exactly what I heard years ago.
Looking for eye and head movement.
If the driver's gaze strays too far away from what Saab has deemed the primary attention zone, the central part of the windshield in front of the driver, a timer begins.
If the driver focuses, does it return to the primary attention zone?
Within two seconds, a buzzer sounds.
Still no response from the driver.
A brake pulse is applied through the car's ESP system.
And it's not just the driver that the new system will be paying attention to, either.
In order to fit the task, environment, and driver, the driving speed and traffic conditions will also be monitored.
City driving has wider attention zones, says Saab, but lower speeds and a shorter time for buffer before the buzzer is triggered.
Highway driving requires a narrower attention zone, but accommodates higher rates of speed and longer time buffer zones if the buzzer is activated.
And it says that it will be linked to satellite navigation and a policy of zero tolerance of inattentiveness in places like school zones, and yes, will notify the authorities.
Ha ha ha!
Camera's watching you hooked in to the satellites of the police department!
Ha ha ha!
But it'll save lives!
And they're moving to have the feds pass regulations to put this in the cars by law.
So see, your little satellite tracker box, folks, isn't just going to tax you.
It's going to constantly videotape your face.
Record the audio.
Oh, yes.
And do everything.
The article goes on and on.
But I suggest you realize how far down the rat hole we've actually gotten.
Very deep.
Now, am I...
Am I a radical for those that are listening for the first time?
I mean, you just tuned in.
And man, this guy's weird.
He's telling me that service people at my house have been told to spy on me.
Well, just type it in Google.
You'll get AP, Reuters, Washington Post.
You'll probably get about 10,000 links.
I'm telling you they're going to put cameras in the cars.
Well, I just read the federal documents and industry publications and the Houston Chronicle.
But still, I'm weird, aren't I?
Because I do a radio show where I'm upset about all this.
Well, actually, you're the vast minority out there that think I'm a weirdo.
Five years ago, you were a large portion of the public, probably half.
Now, you are the vast minority.
But you still think you're the majority, and you still think you're normal.
And you still think if you just accept all this or deny it exists, it'll somehow go away.
And it's not going to go away.
So listen to me and listen real good.
If you don't want to be taxed in your city alone, upwards of $2,000, conservatively $1,800.
They've told us that here in Austin.
That's the official number.
$1,800 on average individual.
Per car.
Per car!
If you don't want to have a camera watching you, every move you make in your car, if you don't want all this to happen, your cell phone's already doing it.
Then you better get your head out of the sand and get upset and make this an issue.
You know, the media steers what the issues are.
It isn't Lacey Peterson.
It isn't O.J.
It isn't Michael Jackson.
It isn't, oh, Bill Clinton's a traitor.
That's all the neocons talk about.
Yeah, he's out of office and your buddy Bush is protecting him.
You know, all these red herrings do not matter.
The control grid, worse than 1984.
I mean, near future, folks.
It's already as bad, surveillance-wise.
Hundreds of public schools... That's not true.
Thousands of public schools have put cameras in their halls, classrooms.
Hundreds have put them in the locker rooms, and yes, even in the showers.
Now, if you don't know that the government videotaping your children naked and putting it into a database accessible by federal, state, and local police departments, that's been in the Sacramento Bee, it's been all over the news.
And by the way, they report it like it's normal.
Imagine being like Johnny Ampleseed.
Yeah, was Johnny Ampleseed...
Was that the guy?
Who was the guy who fell asleep and he woke up 100 years later?
You know that fable?
Rip Van Winkle.
There was some weird story I read where Johnny Appleseed was combined with Rip Van Winkle.
That's why I got them mixed up.
It was weird.
Rip Van Winkle.
Imagine being Rip Van Winkle.
You've been asleep for 20 years.
Just 20, not 100.
And you wake up
And the news is saying cameras in the bathrooms.
I first saw this six years ago.
AP article out of Michigan.
It's in the Detroit Free Press, an AP article.
And it said that, well, most of the rest stops were putting cameras in the bathroom stalls because of drug use and sexual activities.
We're just going to put cameras in the bathroom.
And they've always got a good reason, don't they?
That's the first time I saw this.
Now it's just all the time.
Like it's normal.
Oh, yes, we in the middle school put cameras in the showers.
This was in Tennessee, one case.
And, yeah, it was caught being shared on file-sharing networks in faraway states.
But so what?
You know, I mean, imagine waking up after 20 years and there's cameras in the bathrooms.
Is cameras in the bathrooms good?
Is that freedom?
Be right back.
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Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we're back live here.
And I know that Dan and James and Cindy and Bill have been holding.
This news had to be covered.
These points had to be made.
And I promise, as soon as we start the second hour here in about six, seven minutes, I'll go straight to Dan, James, Cindy, Bill, and others.
Paul Watson's coming up later in the next hour.
A bunch of other news.
But, I mean, I've read the federal reports.
They've already done it.
We're in parks.
I mean, national parks, city parks, county parks.
They're putting these wires, these cables, with these little smart cameras that go out, you know, ten miles.
And have different little systems, little tracks they shift onto, buzzing around, surveilling the woods.
And the local Austin paper last year said, oh, the city's going to, with a federal program, put up hundreds of cameras.
We already have thousands, by the way.
Hundreds of cameras in wooded areas and off the beaten path.
This is to stop dumpers.
And we're going to put them up in your neighborhoods.
This is to stop crime.
Then you see the cameras rotating around in your neighborhood, pointing at your windows.
They have little laser microphones that shoot a laser out to your window.
Little laser and pick up what you're doing and listen to you.
It's freedom.
It's just to keep you safe.
The cameras to be in your car, watching your every move.
It's America!
Oh, they've got such wonderful things in store for us.
This control grid is so we can't struggle while the government's sucking everybody dry.
And so if you want to fight this, you want to educate the poor dumbed-down public that thinks everything's fine, drinks a few ice coldies, busy watching the one ball game, everything's fine, George W. is in office.
For those of you that think
That it's too late to wake folks up and tell you, we can wake people up, and my videos are the best tools to get that job done.
Take Matrix of Evil.
We've got Congressman Ron Paul saying people that believe in a world government run Washington, and that we're going to have a depression of the police states taking over, and that the world government's here, and that's just 20 minutes of the two-hour film.
How to throw the Patriot Act out of your city all about these cell phones that listen to you and track you and the cameras in the bathrooms.
I mean, a small portion of what's in that one film.
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Well, we're going to upload that in the next few days, the two-hour film, only available on the Internet.
Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, Paul Watson's coming up in a little while.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Masses of vital news on Iraq, the police state, the tsunami.
It's all coming up.
But right now, your calls.
Thanks for holding.
Dan in Texas, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
What I called about was Prison Planet TV, but I can't help but make a comment about your Portland, Oregon story.
And what a wonderful life it sounds like for that 12-year-old to have had
And all I can say is it's too bad Sergeant Barclay doesn't have the authority and the power to go to Langley, Virginia, the Pentagon, the Congress, and the White House and displace some people.
And a whole bunch of them do.
For those that just joined us, recap briefly what I covered in the last hour.
The story out of Portland, Oregon about the, I believe it was the Australian cross-country runner that discovered a man and his 12-year-old daughter had been living
In freedom, in the wilderness, in the hills outside of Portland, Oregon, and how the police got involved and went out there and found them and displaced the man and his 12-year-old child who had been homeschooled and well above the level of the students at the local schools.
Yeah, the police admitted she had a 12th grade education when she would be...
In the seventh grade now, and they had the little cabin built and all the stuff, and then they went into town and bought food and stuff off of his disability check from Vietnam.
But the reason I said it was good news is CPS wanted to take her.
She was totally healthy, didn't have a cavity, nothing.
In my opinion, they should have been left alone.
Sounds like she had a wonderful life.
Crying shame that she wasn't exposed to drugs, violence, TV, and all the other riffraff that we get.
They like to put them in a homeless shelter so they can contract tuberculosis.
And what I called about was, I listen all the time, and I am a Prison Planet TV subscriber, I think back in June or July.
Well, thank you.
And here recently, I've...
I heard you go on about justifying the $55 a year charge almost apologetically.
And I just want to say again, the $55 I spent to be a Prison Planet TV subscriber is most affordable and among the best uses of my $55 I've ever spent.
I certainly don't think you in any way need to be apologetic about it.
I would encourage anyone listening that's not a subscriber to get with it.
Well, I appreciate that.
I'm just explaining that we could not continue, it's $5.95 a month, we could not continue to just give it all away free.
I was having like, I don't know, the biggest internet bill I think was like $6,000 one month.
And so what this does is allow us to keep offering a lot of the stuff for free.
And I've been honest to the members, you're subsidizing getting the word out to others who come to the sites for the first time.
But members get exclusivity to everything.
Well, it's an incredibly wonderful product.
I'm glad to be a member.
And I especially love the feature that came online, I guess, within the last month.
With the email updates from subscribers at PrisonPlanet.tv about the new material.
Oh, yeah.
And there's so much.
Yeah, that's really nice.
Normally, a 300-page online e-book is about $5.95.
The average price is about $6, $7 for an e-book.
Well, you get...
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Well, it's more than worth the price.
People need to get online.
Well, I appreciate your support, and God bless.
Good to hear from you, Dan.
James, Cindy, Bill, Joe, others, your calls are up next when we get back.
Whatever issue you'd like to discuss...
Got to hurry through these calls because we've got Paul Watson joining us coming up later in this hour.
And yes, the website's prisonplanet.tv.
Thanks for the plug.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, welcome.
We're now 8 minutes 30 seconds into the second hour.
Let's go straight back to your calls.
James in New Mexico, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
I was engaged in a conversation with a friend of mine about the Clinton executive order, January 18th, 1996, where he hands over the national parks over to the U.N.
He read that, along with me.
He read that and he says, well, nowhere here in the state's U.N.
by name that he actually gave the parks over.
So, therefore, since the executive order didn't name the United Nations by name, he thinks that
That's bogus.
He's like, Alex Jones lied to you.
So that's like, let's say you buy a Corvette, and then I say, you just bought a GM General Motors product, and then your friend goes, Alex, why do you?
He called that Corvette a General Motors product.
It's a Corvette.
It says UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Cultural...
That's what I brought up to him.
And he says, well, that's not the United Nations.
So, like, if I walk up to him and cut his hand off, I'm saying this figuratively, or let's say he cuts his own hand off, here's a better analogy, that wasn't part of him.
I mean, it just makes sense.
It's just delusion upon delusion.
I know.
I can clearly see it, and maybe he can't read legalese, but he's a well-educated guy, has 55 published books under his belt, and him, of all people, I would think would be able to see clearly.
Wait a minute.
He doesn't know that UNESCO, UNESCO, UN, UNESCO, UNESCO...
I mean, that's like saying the Treasury Department isn't... That'd be like if I said the U.S.
government is taking your rights away.
And then somebody goes, oh, shut up.
It's the FBI doing it, Alex.
You said the government.
The FBI isn't the government.
Yeah, he even stated that he read both Patriot Acts and in no way does it curb our civil liberties.
And I said, well, then you must have not have read it or not have read it too carefully.
And I started giving him examples.
I don't know, maybe he's just in staunch denial like a lot of people are.
Well, I mean, I don't even really know what I can say.
Someone who says that UNESCO isn't the UN.
That's what I said.
I started laughing.
I was like, man, how could you not see that?
But I don't know.
Has he been to a national park or...
I mean, I was just at Carlsbad Caverns.
I even referred him to your first documentary you did.
I said, Alex Jones films the plaques right there.
You can see it for yourself.
I said, they shut him out of the offices when he tried to ask a simple question.
I said, why are they getting all curtailed about that?
And another thing was... Sir, they didn't shut me out of the office.
That was at Yellowstone.
At the Grand Canyon, they threatened to arrest me.
That's right.
That's the one I was thinking of.
The Grand Canyon, they threatened to arrest you.
I just walk in real nice and go, Hi, I'm here to ask about the U.N.
We heard you were coming.
I'll have you arrested.
And I have another friend who... Oh, you'll have me arrested.
I'm sorry.
He watched your Road to Tyranny.
And he actually got in front of a high-ranking military official who's an intelligence, and he said, that guy better watch out, that's all I have to say.
And he wouldn't even talk about it.
He said everything that you covered in those documentaries, because he watched your latest one and Road to Tyranny, he said that he was amazed you're still walking around.
With what he knew.
Well, I mean, in a world of cowards, who are these warriors, these men that cower?
That's the whole point.
I mean, they're afraid, but they're in the military.
They signed on to defend America.
We have an internal threat, and they're afraid of it.
So all I can say is you better watch it.
Yeah, well, he said you were right, but, you know, just to be careful.
Thanks for your time, Alex.
Hey, I really do appreciate the call.
That's a really good call, James.
Very interesting.
I'm glad you're out there doing what you're doing.
I mean, look, people, none are so blind as those that have eyes but cannot see.
Remember who said that?
And, look, the state of Kentucky passed a law against having UN biospheres in Kentucky.
They found out that Mammoth Cave was going to be taken over and be under UN regulation.
I mean, it's a big bill.
They passed it.
They laid out the facts.
That was back in, what, 1998?
Speaking of caves, I was just at Carlsbad Caverns, as I was saying, and hadn't been there since I was a child.
Over Christmas we visited New Mexico, a beautiful state, great people.
And there were the U.N.
signs and the U.N.
Not just the park, though, that's under U.N.
Then, a buffer zone of 200 miles around it, and they've had UN officials go to logging firms and gold mining firms and cities that are trying to build a new road and say, nope, under UN order, you can't do it.
I mean, that's all over the news.
That's even been in the, just one article I remember, when they finally admitted it was back in 99, there was an article in the St.
Petersburg Times, that's right, about it, out of Florida.
I got just hundreds of emails.
You were right.
I thought you were lying.
It's in the St.
Petersburg Times.
Let's go ahead and talk to Cindy in California.
Cindy, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good morning, Alex.
I listen to your show as often as I can, and I'm telling everybody I am the one that works at a bank, and I share everything that happens with you.
I am telling as many customers as I can about your show.
Well, that's wonderful.
I wanted to share what happened just yesterday.
We're in a bank, the horse and buggy bank of California, which you can figure out who that is.
A Hispanic couple came up wanting to cash a check.
The woman was really agitated.
She was being... Well, let's just say it.
It's Wells Fargo, and they openly have been given an award in Austin, Texas by Vicente Foxx.
For creating their own national ID card, the government is accepting that they issue to anyone that wants one.
Yes, this gentleman had paid, one of the other employees said $50 for his card.
It had a picture of a Statue of Liberty.
It's not a government-issued ID.
The woman became agitated that her gang-bang-looking husband, I would not cash the check for her.
So I went behind the door, talked to my supervisor, and said, this is not a valid ID.
But someone at another branch opened the account with it to get their sales goals.
And we came back and they refused to cash it and she left all huffy puffy.
And it's just, I just can barely tolerate these illegal Mexicans coming in here getting everything.
And another thing that they're getting ready to let happen is instead of having to show an ID, people are only going to be able to use their ATM card, which I told my husband, I said, that's going to be great.
They are going to get around the system so quick and get to use
Let me stop you for those who don't understand why you're so upset, Cindy.
In the 9-1-1 bill, as it was called, the Intelligence Reform Act of 2004 that passed roughly a month ago, it actually has amnesty provisions in it and makes it easier and orders the states and the federal government to accept consular matriculas.
That Mexico is the first to put out, now it's over 30 countries, Poland, Russia, it just goes on and on.
And anyone can go buy one of these, or a fake of one of these, and then you go into a bank, and Wells Fargo is one of the worst, they have kind of a double standard, they accept them from the illegals, but literally, I go in a bank, they want three forms of ID...
Ask me 20 questions.
And this is a two-tiered system that's been set up.
So the border's wide open.
We've got amnesty going on already by Fiat.
Less border patrol, but the government's saying, we're, as citizens, whether we're Hispanic or white or polka-dotted, we're all losing our freedoms.
And so it shows that the war on terror is a complete joke.
It's a war on our freedoms.
It also shows that not having to show an ID, but just swiping your ATM card, that is also going, I'm sure, into a big, huge database, tracing where people are using their banking money.
Go ahead.
They're not going to have to show their illegal identifications anymore, and if people want to beat the system that worked for the bank, they'll use these fake IDs, open their accounts, then they'll have complete access to what they want to use.
And then in two years, when the fraud levels go up a few billion more, they'll use that as an excuse.
Look, identity fraud's gotten even worse.
We've got to have a biometrically accessed national ID card.
And they also give them special privileges.
They'll waive their service fees while they go to Mexico...
And they'll keep their accounts open, but the average people, they don't let you do that.
Well, let me stop you.
Again, again.
I know a lady who runs the biggest property in Austin for the biggest property management company in the nation.
Let's just say based out of Dallas.
She went to one of the big corporate board meetings.
She's a consultant for other properties.
You know, she's mid-level.
And they told her, this is like not this Christmas, but last Christmas.
A meeting right before Christmas.
They told them, we have secretly become government housing.
One-third of our properties.
This is why we don't have to pay all these taxes anymore.
We want to get rid of the higher quality tenants.
You are to let, if it's illegal, they can have ten to an apartment.
But if one of your higher level clients...
Even has family for more than a few days, find them, kick them out.
And they told them, we want to open our arms for these illegals.
This was in the corporate meeting, and she was sitting there with her mouth hanging open.
So that's what's going on with your company.
I want to share one last thing with you.
There's these corn balls on the radio, the normal radio, which we can't get you on our radio here.
They were talking about the national ID card, and I called in and I said, they just
They were saying that they didn't pass it?
Wait a minute.
What did they say to that?
They thought I was kidding, and I stuck to my guns.
And at the end, I said, I challenge you one more time to go to the Internet and all of your listeners, infowars.com.
And I left it at that because I know they have a huge listening audience.
Well, you're awesome.
Keep it up, and God bless you.
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Alright, let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Bill in Ohio.
Bill, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
All right.
Listen, I heard you talking about the cell phones, how they could be used as tracking devices and eavesdropping devices.
I was wondering, would that particular aspect of their functioning be rendered inoperative by simply taking the battery pack out of the phone when you're not using it?
Some of the newer phones have a little battery built into them, but most of the phones... Remember when Bush made the...
We're good to go.
It's federal law.
I mean, this is what the cell phones... I don't actually have one, a cell phone, but I have been considering getting a... Basically a cell phone.
They call them a crack phone.
So I could have it in the car because it's getting so hard to find a pay phone anymore, and if you break down, you know, you might have to walk a couple of miles to find somebody that could let you use a phone to call a tow truck.
Well, look, the point is that... Did you hear the article where they're going to have a camera in the car scanning your face?
I heard you talk about that, yeah.
Yeah, I mean, that's where all this is going.
Well, I have a car that's easily old enough that I don't think any of that stuff would be applicable.
No, that's why they use the... And I'm not planning to upgrade anytime soon.
I'm stocking up on all the parts I want.
I'm going to drive my car until down below pre-use is over.
I hear you.
They might come along and say, well, you'll have to upgrade regardless what model.
I don't know.
But I mean, just so you know, it's not just about how we get around it or how we individually fight it.
It's that the system is doing this.
Oh, yeah.
This grid is being put in.
And, sir, the cameras read your license plate numbers and instantly connect it to the database in your file.
So they're also going to tax you.
Camera to camera, point to point.
They can also register speed from point to point off the cameras.
Give you tickets, all of it.
It's already happening in London.
You could get around a lot of that by running the alleys.
That's why all the major points in the country, all the four-way stops, all of it are going to have these.
You want to be careful at the intersections, though, in the alley.
I hear you.
Anything else?
I just was wondering about the cell phones, if they would be disconnected if you took the battery out.
No, no.
Thanks, Bill.
I appreciate it.
Thank you.
Good questions, Bill.
Thank you for asking.
I suggest you go research it, though.
Just believe me.
Joe in Florida, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Good afternoon, Alex.
This is about the snooping and surveillance by utility employees and any others.
Any line, you know this, any line that
I think it's a great question.
One of the officers of a local electric co-op standing outside my lock gate with another gentleman who happened to be one of the foremen for one of his utility crews.
This foreman had earlier called the authorities on me because I refused to let him in because they were trying to remove a bug that some experts had verified was installed in the transformer on a utility pole in the backyard.
At any rate... Oh, yeah.
Type in... There's been a bunch of mainstream articles about that.
They have these data collection pods that look like little transformers.
And they're full of microphones and cameras.
And they're all over the place.
Well, this one was an old-fashioned type.
They slipped it into the... It was either the lightning arrest or one of the fuse links.
At any rate, I wouldn't let him in.
So he said he was trying to call a sheriff.
I told him to go ahead.
He did.
And a deputy showed up.
I wouldn't let the deputy in either.
At any rate, I managed to get him to come back.
I negotiated with him.
Supposedly, they were trying to get in to inspect the lines.
At any rate, they left.
And afterwards, sometime later on, they decided to upgrade the entire system.
At this point, this is when I ran into one of the... We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, Paul Watson waiting in the wings.
So much news to cover, so much to talk about.
Paul, good to have you on with us on this Thursday edition, my friend.
Good to be back on the air, Alex.
Of course, Paul Watson, tell us about yourself, Paul.
Well, I'm the webmaster of PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, and the author of Order Out of Chaos.
And that's about elite-sponsored terror and the New World Order.
Paul, just so I can understand this, there have been a lot of articles coming out about, ooh, are digital fingerprints trustworthy?
Are police and fingerprints, when they claim they find your prints, is that accurate?
CNN, last night, I was at a restaurant, CNN was on the TV, and I just watched them talking in the closed caption, and they had a special about, are crime labs trusted?
Well yeah, the purpose of that is shifting the debate.
You know, from whether it's successful or not, they're using that to shift from the real debate of, you know, whether it should be used in the first place.
Like the face scanning cameras, which did have problems when they were being introduced back in 2000 and 2001, and now they're starting to perfect that.
But at the same time, excelling the technology to where now in Boston, Logan, we've got
Yeah, NASA installed brain scanners.
Sounds like freedom, Paul.
Just imagine a situation where you've got
You know, for example, a single mother pushing a pram with two other kids around her after a 12, 13 hour flight, of course she's going to be stressed.
Most people in airports are stressed.
So the definition of possibly being a threat as being stressed is again a complete antithesis to common sense, but this is how they're bringing these systems in.
Yeah, after you've been strip searched, you're a little upset.
Are you a terrorist?
You don't like it how I'm squeezing on you?
If you don't show absolute submission to these airport screeners, then that in itself is a red flag for them.
That's what they're trained to look out for, anyone who isn't totally compliant.
In a drone-like fashion, that's what their training tells them, to pay special attention to those kind of people.
And of course, that's the vast majority of people in airports in the first place.
So you're walking through the airport, you've got an ulcer, you've had a bad day, you're going through a divorce,
And the brain scanner, folks, this is again mainstream news, picks up that you're agitated and they have to pull you in for questioning, Paul.
Well, yeah, and they do it outside the airports.
If, you know, somebody makes a comment about President Bush, a joke in a bar about a burning bush, and the guy gets, what, five years in prison.
So basically it's anything, and it's the redefinition of terrorism as everyday activity is basically what it is.
Which, I mean, we got more recent examples of that with the wearing of wristwatches with tiny butane lighters is now a new sign of terrorism, which we can talk about.
Oh, yes.
A few months ago it was almanacs.
Police, if someone has a driving atlas almanac, that is a major sign of terrorism.
And then now it's pocket lasers that everybody loves to have.
And again, you go downtown in the bar district, people are shining them on each other.
And then on top of it,
Now it is... Tell us about this wristwatches.
Tell us about the new evil.
Well, yeah, it's the Homeland Security Alert.
And they've kind of gotten a bit lax on the orange alerts because people don't believe them anymore.
So they need to kind of redefine suspicious activity.
And it's wristwatches with tiny butane lighters which could be used to set off bombs on aeroplanes.
And as he said, it was the same thing with almanacs this time last year.
So again, it's about categorizing terrorism as anything and then whipping up fear amongst the general population so they're all going to spy on each other.
Which is the same thing with things like the Highway Watch involving, you know, 400,000 truckers looking for suspicious activity on the highway.
Imagine, sir, why do you have this driving almanac in your glove compartment?
Well, it's my car.
I mean, both my cars have those, Paul.
Does this mean I'm with Al-Qaeda?
The Highway Watch thing that said that carrying a large backpack was a potential sign of a terrorist.
How many people who are traveling long distance carry a large backpack?
Well, many people.
That's the point.
They're trying to create new definitions, new groupings of suspicious activity so they can expand this to the general population.
Just like the...
Man playing with a laser in his backyard with his eight-year-old daughter, you know, facing 25 years in jail under the Patriarchs.
Isn't it amazing that this just popped up from nowhere?
Suddenly all around the country people started shining lasers into cockpits.
I wanted to ask you about this because, you know, I know you're busy, but I get even a little bit more busy trying to finish this new film I'm working on.
I remember six months ago all those alerts, Homeland Security said Al-Qaeda is going to use lasers.
And these would obviously be high-powered lasers, very hard to get a hold of.
Just the parts themselves are controlled, these gas lasers, that use gases and then charge up and then fire, really a type of particle beam.
But now these little handheld toys, so they advertise that Al-Qaeda's going to use lasers, and then people hear this on the news and go out and play around and act stupid.
You know, because, I mean, folks, I've...
Before I bought a pocket laser and sat there with a stray cat that was in my backyard at night and sat there and aimed it at it and watched the cat chase it around on the ground.
And then I have a cat and I aim the laser at the ground and my cat chases the laser.
I know I'm Al Qaeda now.
I like to play with cats and let them have fun.
Kind of like having a cat follow a piece of string.
I guess, am I with Al Qaeda now?
Because I have an almanac, I have a wristwatch I occasionally wear, and I have played with stray cats and my cat with a laser?
Yeah, it's a clear sign.
The point about this story is it was manufactured because it crops up out of nowhere.
They put the feelers out six months before with this Al Qaeda might use lasers threat.
Which they do every few months.
It's like a kind of replacement for the Orange Alert.
So what are they saying the wristwatches are going to do?
What's happening with us?
They said that the wristwatches would be locked in as a timing device for a bomb assembled on board an aeroplane, a small bomb, which would then be lit with a butane lighter on a wristwatch.
That's what I got from it.
It's very difficult to understand how all that could happen, but that's what they were saying.
As with the laser, it's replaced the orange alerts.
You'll have a commercial plane go missing in Africa and then all these cloak and dagger whispers about whether terrorists will use it, as with the lasers.
Because the orange alerts have lost the fear value because nothing ever happens after that.
So they got to resort to something more subtle.
It was also poison pins.
People carrying pins may be terrorists.
Yeah, it's the old rumor mongering about monsters under the bed.
And you'll notice, as with the laser story, they kind of half bury it within the news.
It's never top headline.
And they leave it wide open for speculation, which ensures that a greater amount of people are talking about it.
Well, Paul, I even have a ballpoint pen in my car.
I have a pen.
I have an almanac.
I have a wristwatch.
Somewhere I've got a pocket laser I bought for like $5 at a gas station.
Man, whew.
Boy, whew.
And plus, I'm admitting to all this here on the air.
I guess I'll be arrested.
Well, under this new Patriot Act 3 definition, which is indefinite detention of suspects, no trial, no evidence, you will be in the American version of Abu Ghraib.
They're building prisons in these different countries to lock people up for life where there is no evidence.
They've not committed any crime.
There's no trial to determine whether they've committed any crime.
So, I mean, that's where it's all heading.
Again, it's the definition of terrorism as anything, and if there's no trial to prove it either way, then it doesn't matter if it's something as simple as messing around with a laser, because there's nobody to take a look at the evidence.
Yeah, they're now charging gang members in New York City as terrorists.
That came out last week.
Yeah, we've got a whole archive on prisonplanet.com.
About how the Patriot Act is being targeted towards both American citizens and definitions of terrorism, which have got nothing to do with terrorism.
But I mean, don't worry, because we've been assured that these new prison camps, which they're going to build at a cost of $25 million each, will be more comfy than places like Abu Ghraib, which they're based on.
So I guess we should just go ahead and trust them and throw out the official record of raping children, forcibly injecting drugs, electrocution, burning, mock executions, real executions.
Acid baths!
Don't forget that.
Someone actually put out an article which was just the basic things admitted to in the military report which we can go through.
And I featured it on the website because I'm just sick of these neocons saying, you know, the extent of Abu Ghraib was putting pillows on people's heads.
And just having a little fun.
Yeah, just blowing off some steam is raping kids, according to Limbaugh.
But don't worry, because the new prisons are comfy.
They're going to arrest you, lock you up forever, but you'll be treated well.
You'll be taken care of.
I'm sure.
You know, they were going to have a tribunal hearing, but General Rick Baucus over Camp X-Ray quit over the torture.
Back of the newspaper, whenever he made the newspaper, it was on the AP Newswire.
And then there have been a whole bunch of prosecutors and defense lawyers, JAG officers who've said this isn't a real trial, so they can't even have their own military because they're good people.
That is, the lawyers are.
They can find plenty of former federal prison guards to go be torture masters.
They love that, but they can't even find lawyers who will play along with this.
So this week the CIA says, well, we'll just hold people ourselves, and there'll never be a trial.
There won't even be a tribunal, Paul.
It's the same thing in England, where lawyers have quit all the cases because they've arrested 500 people over the last two, three years on the grounds of terrorism.
And that's all over the front pages.
But then of that 500, only two were charged with anything, and that was visa fraud.
But that's in the back of the paper, and all the lawyers are quitting over it because they're saying it's already a rigged game.
There's no trial whatsoever.
Well, I'm going to admit something right here on air.
I not only have a pocket laser that I bought.
I think it was like $4.99 or something.
I haven't just let my cat chase it around the house.
Even my chihuahuas, my wife has two, like to chase it.
And they chase it around.
I think I bought it and used it once or twice.
Does that mean I'm a terrorist, that I aimed it at the carpet and let the chihuahua chase it?
Remember the case, it was about a month ago in Washington DC.
You have this blonde, white, 25 year old woman taking snaps of Capitol Hill and the White House.
The guy drives by in the car, looks at her for a minute, then reports her to the police and the Secret Service turn up and ask her all these questions about what she's doing.
Well, again, I went to D.C.
probably a decade ago, and I took photos of the Capitol.
Man, I'm a weirdo.
A tourist would take pictures of the Capitol?
Well, maybe even scanning the AP photo wire for pictures of President Bush means that you want to threaten his life.
I mean, this is the craziness and the depths to which it goes.
And that's what they're doing.
They're saying that any photography of public buildings is a sign that you want to fly a plane into them, apparently.
And then, really, it's a way to chill the press.
Imagine how bad it is for a WASP American.
Imagine how bad it is for poor folks that happen to have some melanin in their skin.
Yeah, that's what they do.
They pick a disenfranchised minority.
Bully them into accepting it and then the rest of the population says, well, it's just for them Arabs.
You know, I'm under no threat.
And then they expand it.
Well, I experienced this in New York.
On average, three times a day being threatened with arrest.
I mean, I could be in a tiny park.
We're good to go.
I'd be at the Guantanamo on the Hudson little camp, Pier 57.
They'd run across the street and threaten to arrest me.
It was just all, we've got the power, you can't film, you can't do anything.
And they arrested mainstream reporters by the score, Paul.
So it's sick.
And there was a photographer from the St.
Louis Post Dispatch who was taking pictures of the scene of an auto accident, which is, you know, his detail to do that.
And he was arrested for that.
So not even public buildings, just basic photography of anything now is a threat.
Whereas all these cameras are set up to watch us, but we can't take any footage of anything else that's going on around us without being suspect.
Well, an engineer friend of mine the other night called into my TV show, and he raised the point about lasers, because he's an electrical engineer, and he's worked for NASA and a bunch of big companies, and they also use some lasers in manufacturing of microchips, so he knows a lot about them.
And he shot a laser that would hurt an aircraft that was high-powered.
The parts are controlled.
You can't even get the parts for it.
Those are all tracked and watched and controlled.
I think.
I think.
It's just ridiculous.
But he made the point that they're now talking about banning these little lasers.
And there's tens of millions of these out there.
So now I guess we all have contraband once they make them illegal, these little $5 lasers.
And then on top of it, they don't like them because they're a great thing to put on a gun for nighttime.
It's a great thing for defense to hit what you're shooting at.
So I guess this is another thing they want to ban.
Well, yeah, and the laser in the case of the man who was facing 25 years in jail, it was just a $100 basic pocket laser.
It wasn't any kind of sophisticated device.
And the very physicality of trying to shine a laser into an airport cockpit when you're directly underneath it, when it's, you know, 10,000 feet up in the air, basically physically impossible as well.
To cause any damage to the pilot, and even if it did, you know, there's people on those co-pilots that could take over.
So it's... Well, that's a good point.
I mean, you've got the windshield of the cockpit, and it's up... And I guess at an angle the plane was coming, I mean, for a second... The thing is, these lasers spread out at a distance, so it shoots like a two-foot-wide light that...
Doesn't do anything.
They say what can hurt your eye is one of these more powerful ones.
If you were to turn it on, hold it right up to your eye at point-length range for like 20 minutes.
But oh now, it could be Al-Qaeda, folks.
We'll be right back.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Toll free number to join us on air, coming up the third hour, 1-800-259-9231.
Again, I'm Alex Jones.
We're talking to Paul Watson, a great mind when it comes to understanding the geopolitical system.
Paul, no one can doubt that we're going to surpass Orwell here very soon.
Did you hear me covering that article?
Now that you've got posted on Prison Planet, the mainstream news story about all the cars are going to have cameras scanning us and watching us, and if we don't keep our eyes right on the road, it calls the police on us.
I mean, this is happening.
Do you think people really understand how serious this is?
No, because it's sold on convenience.
The more Western society has evolved towards this convenience and laziness, basically, the more people are liable to accept this.
And we had stories two years ago where if these cameras in the cars suspect that you're tired by a retina scan of your eyes, then the car won't stop.
And that's one of the major systems of control that they need in place.
Along with things like the police day and the cashless society is the control of mobility and this is why the technology is going in.
Also it's obviously for taxation purposes and money making but the major push is for absolute control of mobility so that in any kind of disaster which they create and they've said in articles you know
Dirty bomb victims will be shot if people try to leave the area where a catastrophe has happened.
They've said during a red alert alone, your constitutional rights are stripped.
We're going to take your children from the public schools.
Washington Post, not let you have them.
Yes, I mean, they're getting it in with the mobility.
That's what it's all about.
With the public schools, I mean...
People say that all the cameras and the swiping cards to get in the building, all the police in the public schools is to train people to accept Big Brother.
They're turning the schools themselves into prisons.
But it's more than that.
I mean, this is a place where you're forced to go for a basic indoctrination program, which is about dumbing down the children.
And now it's going to be forced psychological testing written by the drug companies.
Yeah, and mandatory vaccinations, which has just started to happen in England.
So the schools themselves are the prisons, and then you look at the evidence of homeschooling, which they're attacking non-stop, where, you know, we have this case up in Oregon where a jogger stumbles across a father and daughter who have lived out in a wood shack, completely unknown for four years, and this eight-year-old daughter, seven-year-old daughter,
Who should have the equivalent of a 7th grade education for people her age, has a 12th grade education, and she's being taught by a father.
No cavities, everything.
Let's, before we end this hour, PrisonPlanet.tv, you don't even know this yet, Paul, we're uploading 9-11 emergency release, that film I put out like three weeks after 9-11, then I stopped offering when Road to Tyranny came out.
That film is unavailable.
We're going to put that on the web in the next few days, and we're going to put my Dean Haglund interview that I did, the star of The Lone Gunman, from the episode where the government hijacks a jet to fly to the World Trade Center, where he talks about he thinks it's the government.
That's going to be up on the site by tomorrow for PrisonPlanet.tv members.
Tell them about it.
Well, yeah, you had Dean Haglund on the show to talk about...
Well, that's going to be on the site.
I mean, tell folks about PrisonPlanet.tv.
Well, yeah, just over the Christmas period since basically, you know, December 23rd.
I put about seven more documentary films on there just in that time period.
So all those are up there, all your documentary films, my book, your book, some other e-books are up there.
All the best interviews and much more content to come, as you just mentioned.
So it's the best out there as far as I can see.
PrisonPlanet.tv, 15 cents a day.
Or go to the websites and call the toll-free number to get hard copies.
Third hour, your calls, a ton of news straight ahead.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we're starting up the third hour here on this Thursday, January 6, 2005 edition.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Paul Watson, webmaster for PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv with this great analysis, riding shotgun with me today.
And your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
We covered a lot in the last 30 minutes, Paul, but what's some of the other news that you think is important that we should talk about in this hour?
Well, it's been top of the news for two weeks, so...
I have got some comments on the tsunami, basically about what happened, why it happened, and the kind of double standard shown by the media in showing all the dead bodies as compared to not showing the dead bodies of the troops or the civilians killed in Iraq.
So there's some points we can make about that.
And more liberation in Iraq, things like stripping down eight-year-old girls in broad daylight.
And now Alberto Gonzalez is back in the news.
Yeah, I believe there's a story that's just come out where he has repudiated torture tactics.
It's just breaking on AP.
Well, he wrote the memos saying the torture's good.
It's like our inspector going, well, I'm not going to say how I'll vote on abortion.
Oh, good, then we love you.
But now he's apparently vowed at a contentious confirmation hearing to abide by international treaties on prisoner rights.
Quote, I will no longer represent only the White House.
I will represent the United States of America and its people.
I understand the difference between the two roles.
So now he's backpedaling when he wrote the basic manual for this policy to be introduced into places like... I'm surprised he doesn't just deny that the memos exist.
Well, no, they've used that tactic in the past where they just keep everything watertight and deny even making mistakes and things like that, although we know it's certainly not a mistake.
It was a...
The whole torture thing was a program first instituted at Guantanamo Bay under the name Copper Green.
They also just claimed that they captured the Iraqi Al-Qaeda leader again.
How many times is that, Paul?
They've captured him twice, I believe, and killed him twice.
So that makes four times that he's apparently been taken out of the game.
But they never retract that they didn't kill him.
It's a new type of government activity.
It's getting very 1984-ish.
It is because the Pentagon immediately came out and distanced themselves from the reports that al-Zaqawi had been captured.
But again, the story persists and there's no official retraction.
There's just some basic rhetoric backing away from it.
So it's interesting.
It's also interesting that al-Zaqawi being behind these so-called beheadings
The guy who supposedly was kidnapped, but then it came out he faked the kidnapping, he's back in the news.
And you've had other cases, concrete examples of faked beheadings, where they've admitted that they were fakes, like the man in San Francisco who set up a basic video beheading of himself, and the news wires reported it as real immediately.
So we've had admitted fake beheadings,
And then in other cases, the FBI in Iraq, admittedly, and yes, they're in Iraq, folks, hands people over to Al-Qaeda, and then they cut their heads off.
Yeah, and that happened in the case of Margaret Hassan, I believe, the international care worker who was kidnapped by Iraqi police in what were described as white men in smart suits.
And then she was killed a couple of weeks later on down the line, so... Yeah, she had her head blown off.
Nick Berg, though, was in FBI custody and then released directly to Al Qaeda, who cut his head off.
In the same orange jumpsuits and decor as we saw in Abu Ghraib, where he was working.
Same chairs, same paint, everything.
And I guess they want people who are in the know to understand that.
I guess it's a message.
All right, we'll come back, take calls, get into a ton of news.
You do not want to miss the next 55 minutes.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
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Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cut behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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All right, folks.
We've got about 52 minutes left in this worldwide broadcast.
This Thursday edition here in good old 2005.
We're about to go to Ron and DJ and...
Kevin and David and others.
But Paul Watson, you haven't been on in a few weeks since the terrible tsunamis.
The sea level being overtaken by over 30 feet of water.
Give me just your perspective, your take on all the different facets of this.
The charities running scams, the double standards in reporting, what you think, I haven't even asked you this yet, what you think about all these warnings that weren't given to these countries.
Just basically a thumbnail sketch, kind of a report to myself and the listeners of what you think.
Well, first, there have been several articles carried in Indian and Arab newspapers asking the question, was this man-made?
As of yet, I've seen no concrete evidence to suggest that it was.
No smoking gun, as it were.
We do know that governments have at least some limited capability to trigger natural disasters.
And that's Secretary of Defense Cohen said that.
We have the transcript.
Yeah, and even legislation that makes a clear reference to it.
I forget the exact bill, but it was the same one that talked about chemtrails.
It also talked about... So it was the 107th Congress First Session, HR 2977.
Yeah, and it talked about... Tectonic energy weapons, earthquake-causing and volcanic eruption-causing weapons.
Yeah, so we know they have them, if only to the limited extent.
But, you know, because I own a gun and someone in my city is shot dead, it doesn't automatically mean that I'm the murderer.
Which is why, if evidence does emerge that this was either caused by those kind of weapons or by HAARP or by nuclear testing, then it's already been debunked.
Because these claims with little evidence have already been debunked in the media.
Saying, you know, those Arabs blaming the US for everything again.
So, I mean, that hasn't helped them if evidence does come out later on.
We do know this, that several governments in the affected area and the U.S.
Diego Garcia Navy base in the Indian Ocean knew immediately that the earthquake had hit and either didn't pass on the tsunami warning or the people at the other end of the line didn't receive it.
And it's been reported that they doubled their moorings, shored up the ships, repositioned them.
They had quite a bit of time to do that, but the warning didn't get passed on.
Well, yeah, and Diego Garcia was right on the verge of this, and it was totally unaffected.
And it's been admitted that, out of concern for the tourist industry, these warnings were not passed on.
So it's a combination of... And again, that was the Indonesians and the Sri Lankans and the others.
Oh, what's the other name of one of those countries?
It's driving me crazy.
I mean, this even hit some African nations.
How many countries total did this affect, Paul?
I believe it was six or seven.
I don't know.
If you include all the islands, then it probably goes into over a dozen.
But the combination of greed and incompetence, if you want to call it that, thousands of these lives could have been saved.
Another angle on it is the outpouring of donations from both governments and private citizens.
And, you know, by all means, it's great to see and it should be encouraged.
The problem is, as again we highlighted on the website with a flashback article, is that the Red Cross and other big charities, I believe United Way was another one, have been caught in the past, as happened after 9-11.
Keeping the donation money.
In the case of 9-11, half of the money was kept to, quote, fight the war on terror after 9-11, which is a euphemism for it going straight into the military-industrial complex and the war machine.
It didn't go to 9-11 victims' families who were having to sue the government in many cases to get one red cent.
It went to killing Arabs in Afghanistan and later Iraq.
And that's another point to highlight.
The media, both print, TV and internet, is replete with images of washed up bodies and dead babies.
And there was this hunt to find the tsunami videos in the days after, for people who captured this with footage.
So you either show all of it or you show none of it.
There's a double standard.
How many photos do we see of dead Iraqis, dead Afghans, dead British troops, dead US troops?
You won't find them on the mainstream media.
You'll find them on obscure Arab websites.
So why does the media treat it differently?
In the case of the tsunami, they want to traumatize us.
They want horror, even if it's just for ratings.
So why not show the dead troops, the amputees, the DU victims?
Go back to Vietnam and look how public opinion turned against the war over there.
It was after the famous photographs of executions and kids being burned by napalm.
Yeah, it's out of sight, out of mind.
Yeah, and after those were exposed on a widespread basis to Americans, they saw the true horror of it.
The exact same thing would be happening in Iraq if there wasn't a lockdown on censorship, and censorship willingly in most cases of the media.
Let me go back and add something about the charities and the scams.
The day after 9-11, two days after, I started saying, don't give your money to the Red Cross.
And some people got mad at me for that.
Well, you want to do a double flashback, not just to them stealing the money for the 9-11 victims and keeping over half of it, but why not
Paul, why not get the... where they lost the suit in Oklahoma City where they went and told the federal...
Yeah, there are now cases...
Of people who've set up bank accounts supposedly based out of Cyprus which are supposed collection points for these donations and then the money is just kept.
It's a scam.
It's a false account.
So that's exactly the same thing that the Red Cross were doing back after 9-11.
So, I think people need to look at the smaller charities, the more reputable charities that are directly involved in the country itself.
The ones you'll never hear about on the news.
Yeah, and not the major international ones that have been caught stealing the money in the past.
Another thing on the tsunami, kind of in a different context, and I think you've had Jim Birkland on before to talk about it,
Is the concrete evidence that animals, and you don't have to believe in some kind of sixth sense here, it's basic changes in the magnetosphere of the Earth.
No, right before a natural disaster is going to happen, they found no dead animals, apart from the ones that were already being transported, such as cattle.
In the affected areas.
Before things like the... I believe it was the earthquake before the big Super Bowl game in America back in the 80s, they found that the missing animal reports in newspapers skyrocketed in the days before the event happened.
So again, that's another interesting perspective on it and one which is often ignored and could in fact save lives.
In fact, there were stories about how...
People had noticed this around the beaches in Sri Lanka, that animals were deserting the area, and in fact there were groups that set up newsletters and so forth and went on radio shows to say that something big was happening because all the animals were deserting, and that did save a small number of lives from some of the reports I've read, so it's definitely an interesting perspective on it.
It is.
Let's go to some calls, and we'll get into some other news.
It's very important, coming up here in a few minutes.
Let's talk to Ron in New York.
Ron, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, gentlemen.
I've developed a new profile on how to detect terrorists.
If you're breathing, you're a terrorist.
Because Arcadian members, they breathe, too.
So that means if you're breathing, you must be a terrorist also.
Is that logic?
Well, you're against thinking somebody's a terrorist for having a road almanac in their car, or a pocket laser, or a wristwatch...
I mean, that's terrorism, sir.
And if you just don't submit complete, complete acquiescence and if you have any sense of self-dignity, you know, that must make you a terrorist as well because you don't want a magnetometer jammed between your legs when you go on an airport just to get on an airplane.
So that must make you a terrorist, right?
But this is what you have going on.
As to some of the things they're doing now, the idea of what we're going to have is a national ID card
This is going to be implemented in about 18 months, and he did it surreptitiously through the driver's license.
Well, federal standardization, yeah.
That's right, federal standardization.
The model for it is the driver's license in the state of California now.
People think that a driver's license is not being used as a de facto ID card.
Get a load of this.
If you go in a store, let's say, to purchase a firearm, and you use your driver's license.
They swipe it.
They swipe it, and they use the biometric data from your thumbprint on the back of the driver's license.
So they've consolidated all the databases and all your personal, even biometric information.
Sir, sir, sir.
When 45, 50-year-old, 75-year-old people, I've seen it, are buying cigarettes or beer, they swipe their cards now at most of these mini-marts, Diamond, Shamrock, and others, and I've got a friend who works at one, and he showed me, it goes right into the database at the state, and they check for warrants or if it's a valid ID instantly.
That's right.
And he said they've been told, soon they're going to do this for all purchases.
They used a few states as the models in the beginning, and in 18 months, every state will be federalized or nationalized, and they'll all be doing this.
So, yeah, you do have a national ID card, and you do have an... Well, they put this in in Texas in 93.
I was arrested protesting it in 1997.
They've used states like Texas and California as the initial pilot program for this.
That's right.
Another thing that's happening, too, is this...
I call it the harmonizing of laws, to where instead of divisions, like where you have local laws, state laws, federal laws, and the divisions between those three, the harmonizing laws.
Here in the city of New York, where I'm calling you from yesterday, they did something which really is unconstitutional and outrageous, but they did it anyway.
They passed a law, a local law, in our city council.
I'd appreciate it if you'd hold me over.
Finish up.
Go ahead.
They passed a law in our city council in which they want to apply a local ordinance, a local ordinance,
To the rest of the state and the rest of the country.
Yeah, that's a Second Amendment law.
Stay there.
I have that in the stack.
That was actually up next.
We'll be right back.
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What the federal government does is follow the international treaties that the banks that own the U.S.
and own Europe ordered them to pass.
Then they go down to the county and city level and go, oh, we're going to create a regional government if you sign these contracts and you want these federal funds.
Then say five counties, ten counties, and big states like Texas, they might have a block of 25 counties.
They create an unelected board.
And that it has power over your counties and cities.
Then they get rid of the sheriff, and that's not an elected position.
It's all about centralization.
But yeah, New York City has some new big gun ban law, and I've got it here in front of me.
But just real quick, Ron, you can tell us about it.
Then I've got to go to DJ and Kevin and David and others.
But go ahead.
Ron, you wanted to finish up?
I'm here.
Go ahead.
What we have is that they passed an ordinance that states if
A gun is sold lawfully in another jurisdiction, let's say outside the city of New York in another part of our state, or for that matter, outside the state entirely in another part of the country, and I'm talking about a lawful transaction, and the purchaser of the firearm comes into New York City and misuses it in some way, the person that lawfully sold them the firearm outside of the New York City jurisdiction will be subject to severe civil liabilities.
Now that's a really, really great twist on our system of laws.
How could you apply a local ordinance, because that's all it is, a local ordinance, to the rest of the state or the rest of the country?
Bloomberg's a Republican, just like Pataki, just like Bush.
They're a bunch of gun-grabbing creatures.
The NRA won't tell you about it, but yeah, it's going to make liability.
It's your fault, I guess, if you go into a store, or you own a store, and you sell butcher knives, and someone goes and buys one and goes and kills somebody.
It's all our fault.
We're evil.
Thanks for the call.
Paul Watson, any comments to that?
Yeah, well, it's like we've had cases here in England where an old woman who's a landlady lets out a room to an individual which the British government later arrests on suspected grounds of terrorism.
She's also arrested for aiding and abetting a terrorist.
That's the same thing here.
They're saying retroactively if you dealt with someone who was under suspicion of terrorism, they're under suspicion, then you are a terrorist too.
Yeah, I mean, with the gun control, we've also got that bill in San Francisco, which is taking place in November, which seeks to ban all handguns.
And again, it goes back to the old pop quiz, you know, which US city has the strictest gun control laws?
Washington, D.C.
Which US city has the highest crime rate?
Washington, D.C.
What city has the second most restrictive gun laws?
What city has the second highest crime rate?
Yeah, then I mean, you'll get gun control advocates putting the cart before the horse saying, well, you want to go into all these decayed, crime-ridden neighbourhoods and give them more guns.
Well, I mean, what caused the decay in the first place?
It was intimidated people who were bullied because they were unarmed in the first place.
So, I mean, they try and put the cart before the horse.
But the facts remain that more guns equals less crime.
Well, and now in England, and now this has started here in the US, I warned people a few years ago, but you've been robbed three times, you have an old shotgun, you shoot the person as they're assaulting you, and you go to jail.
Yeah, and then the burglar files lawsuits against you, the one that survived in the Tony Martin case, tried to sue for damages from the guy who shot him when he was invading his property.
And the government supports that.
It's completely back to front, and it's meant to be that way.
It's just hard to believe how crazy stuff's gotten.
Who's up next?
DJ in Illinois, go ahead.
You're on the air, DJ.
Hey, you were just mentioning the Chicago crime rate.
There was a radio station DJ out of that great, wonderful city who was doing a radio boo-hoo over this woman who was raped on their...
What do they call that?
They're mass transit trains.
And, you know, oh, what could prevent this?
And, oh, what do you do?
And, you know, do you go up in the front car with the conductor?
I mean, the driver.
But, duh.
I mean, if people had the right to defend themselves, you wouldn't have that problem.
You just wouldn't have it.
Well, back when everybody had guns in this country, a rape or a murder was big national news.
Oh, I got a facetious comment to make.
You know, you might want to say that ahead of time in case somebody's paid to listen and can't figure it out.
You know, you could cure this laser-like problem in the cockpit by telling the pilots to stop flying upside down.
Actually, the companies could make the bottoms and the sides of the plane out of something that's not clear.
You know, that might help.
Well, that's right, because somebody down below can shoot a toy laser up magically to a satellite that it bounces from the satellite back down at the top of the airplane.
Hey, I've got a couple questions for you, too.
All right, we'll let you hold over.
We've got to go quick to these calls.
More calls coming up.
A bunch of other news items we haven't even covered yet.
The latest developments in Iraq.
The latest police state legislation here.
What Alberto, Bush is above the law, Gonzalez has to say.
We'll be right back.
PrisonPlanet.tv and Infowars.com.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, DJ, finish up what you were just saying.
Oh, a couple questions.
Number one, does anybody have that 800 number for the Congressional switchboard?
And then where can I find those Gonzalez memos?
Well, I don't have the 1-800 number in front of me to Congress.
And Congress does something weird.
They have like four or five different numbers, the toll-free ones.
And the numbers are always good, but only...
Some of the time are they connected?
It's like they switch them around and move them around to stop automated computer lobbying from time to time, so I don't have that.
The Gonzales memos, we put those out, I don't know, probably almost eight, nine months ago, and excerpts of them have been in major news articles.
Paul, I know we've posted those, but ma'am, do you have a computer?
Well, Paul, give her some tips on keyword searching for those.
Well, yeah, just type in Gonzalez torture memos in Google.
MSNBC pops up, and then some of the other websites, I believe, like Truthout and The Memory Hole have the PDF files of those memos, so they'll be up there.
Okay, thank you.
Does anybody know of any of these public figures that went over to this disaster area of the tsunami, if they were packed and ready to go?
I don't think that's the case.
I mean, Tony Blair had to end his vacation to fly back and go there.
All right, well, thanks for the call.
Talking about Alberto Island Torture Gonzales, before we go back to your calls, I don't know whether to call him Island Torture Gonzales or Bush is Above the Law Gonzales, because he had memos on all of that, chief lawyer there at the White House.
But Paul...
I listen to some talk radio, and I've heard Limbaugh last few weeks going, how dare these evil liberals go after our little sweetie, Gonzalez, he's so good, he's so conservative.
Well, really, again, Limbaugh's deceiving, making it look like it's a left-right argument or debate.
It's mainly real conservative groups, but they can't get the time of day, that have been criticizing Gonzalez.
He's pro-abortion, doesn't want families, children to have to notify them that they're getting an abortion.
You know my line on this.
You've got to give your parents notification.
If you're going to go to the zoo, you've got to get a permission slip from public school.
But if you're going to have an abortion, you don't.
He's for that.
He's for open borders.
He's a part of MEChA.
He is for torture.
He's for gun control.
I mean, this guy, and I mean this when I say it, folks, he's actually more, to use your false term, folks, some of you out there, liberal than Bill Clinton, but Limbaugh says we must stop the liberals.
We must pass the National ID card.
We must stop the liberals.
We must pass Patriot Act II.
We must stop the liberals.
We must get Gonzalez in there.
We must stop the liberals.
We've got to get Senator Specter in there.
Well, the liberals are all voting for this more than Republicans are.
But the fools that listen to Limbaugh don't know that, Paul.
Well, yeah, it's like Schwarzenegger coming out and saying that the GOP should move more to the left.
How could it possibly move more to the left without falling off the edge of the cliff?
I mean, Bush said when he won re-election he had political capital that he intended to spend.
The first three things he did were nominate pro-abortion judges, restart this blanket amnesty immigration program.
And as he said, nominate Attorney General the Torture Master Gonzalez.
So that's his political capital, and that is completely left-wing in that controlled paradigm.
And he's pressuring Congress to repass the assault weapons ban.
Yeah, but going back to the torture memo thing, there have been numerous articles on it, including obviously the big Washington Post one,
But as we know, a few days ago the article came out where the White House refused to release the Gonzalez torture memos.
So whether they're up there yet, I believe portions of them have been released, but I don't think... Yeah, the portions from some of the hearings, there were lawsuits involved over this.
But they refused to release the full memos.
And again, as you said, it's smeared as a left-right thing because...
All these Democrats are supposedly angry about Gonzalez being nominated.
And by the way, there's no debate over whether he said this.
That's public.
He admits it.
He admits it now, and today he's trying to backtrack from it.
So it is admitted.
I wish I'd had a tape rolling on C-SPAN for that.
Just incredible.
Let's talk to Kevin in New York.
Kevin, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
You know how you talk about federalizing the police?
Up here in my part of the state, when they do checkpoints, it's a lot of times it's the state police and border patrol working together.
That sort of thing.
And over on another interstate there, back in September, they had a car accident there where about seven people were injured and killed.
Three were injured and four were killed out of the ordeal up here.
That sort of thing.
I don't have a problem with the Border Patrol working with state police.
That's constitutional because it's the border.
It's a state and federal issue.
But this is an example of federalization I don't like.
They have cities.
They go, here, we'll give you $5 million.
But you've got to sign on to be under federal command with this multi-jurisdictional task force.
Or an example of in the late 80s, they started this, and I have this on film, in Road to Journey.
They had regular Marines working with police in police uniforms getting rid of posse comitatus.
Well, that was the Times-Picayune, the big paper out of New Orleans last year.
Actually, a year and a half ago now.
That was in 2003, how time flies.
When they federalized all the city functions in New Orleans.
And that was in the paper.
Yes, we're now under federal control, totally.
Detroit's gone under partial federal control.
Paul Watson, comments?
Oh, yeah, that's...
That is to centralize power, but it's also because, as you say many times, people can affect, change, and influence, and be elected into local government.
So that's why they need to abolish local government, because it's our connection to a government that is supposed to represent us, and that's one of the aims of federalization, is to completely remove that connection.
Yeah, here's an example of that.
Just a compartmentalization.
People say, well, they stole the elections with the voting machines.
Why then did they need to have Cary rigging it?
Well, that way Cary wouldn't challenge it, see?
You've got to have every level, local and federal.
With any example, it's the same.
They've got to have every level rigged, or we can use any level of it as an escape valve.
Anything else, Miller?
That was a big...
Big movement which said that they were going to dispute the election and Kerry was going to come out at the forefront of this and that this was going to happen today, January 6th.
Well, I don't see anything happening as of yet.
And in fact, there are articles saying that Kerry was hindering any recount efforts or attempts to refocus that spotlight on electronic voting machine fraud.
So he's totally in on it.
And I want people to not act like children, because I know you're smart out there.
We're not saying we're for Kerry.
You know, it's like if you have a boxing match where both people know it's rigged from the beginning, they're both bad, they're both part of the criminal enterprise.
So it isn't that we like Kerry or, well, Bush is better, so so what.
It's rigged, ladies and gentlemen.
And it isn't because we're Democrats that we're saying Kerry won the election.
That's just the truth.
And I'm sorry if you don't like it.
But it doesn't matter because it was rigged to begin with.
All right, Kevin, thanks for the call.
Good point.
David in Delaware.
You're on the air.
Yes, Alex.
Go ahead.
How are you doing, sir?
Hey, Alex.
I've got two important things here I'd like to mention.
To start with, one of them, if I'm talking too loud, let me know.
I went to the Milford, Delaware Public Library today, and I asked them for their bylaws on videotapes and so forth.
And the lady, she said, Well, we don't do that.
Our board members, they have to do that.
I said, Lady, things have got to change.
I said, I've got to have a copy of the bylaws.
I've got to have a copy of all the board members and their phone numbers.
And finally, next thing you know, she was scrambling through the rooms to get the information for me.
Well, I got the information.
I told her that there was 11 videotapes that I would like to put into the Milford, Delaware, library.
And right now, I'm just talking to you, but I'm going to send you some information in reference to the library, the name, and so forth.
Well, I know that most libraries will take donations of videos.
I know that there are hundreds of libraries I know of that have had my films donated, my book, Paul's book.
And most of them go, oh, thank you very much, and put it on the shelves.
Are you saying they're giving you trouble?
Well, she wasn't going to give me the information on the bylaws to start with.
She wasn't going to give me the name of the members of the board.
And then I told her, I said, lady, they're showing the videos of Alex Jones and other states at the libraries.
And I said, you know, there could be a lawsuit if you don't allow us to put these videos in.
I'm talking about me now.
I'm not saying you.
And I said, we need to put these videos in there because people need to know what's going on.
Between you and I, what we can do, how I can get them in there, even if I only put a few of them in at a time.
Well, I mean, most places they're not like this.
Librarians are usually pretty cool.
But, no, I've heard of this before where they refuse it.
Oh, no, that's anti-government.
Well, that's what's supposed to be in libraries.
She told me, she said, well, it says at the top here, it says collective policy.
Now, I told her, I said, ladies, let me say something to you.
I said, say, for instance, you had five videos
Which my wife has gone in there and she's gotten them before and they had porno or foul language, whatever in them.
Not porno, but foul language.
And she would take them back because we don't want to hear that filth.
And I said, now, if you look at all five and all of a sudden you come across one that doesn't have one cuss word in it, how can you say that these four other ones is better than this one that don't have a cuss word?
I said, you can't do that.
I said, his is just as important as the rest of them.
Let me ask you a question.
Has she seen the films?
No, no.
That's what she wants to do.
She said she's going to have to check them out.
That's what I've got to find out from you.
Let me just tell you this.
I think you're doing a good job, but I wouldn't... Do you know the term, don't borrow trouble?
I mean, she may just, you know, be persnickety and she'll probably put them on the shelves.
Well, I want her to.
But, hey, I think you've done the right thing.
If she says no, then you can raise a stink about it.
Right, right.
Well, see, what I want to do right now, I don't know what it's going to cost me.
I'll have to figure out what it's going to cost and so on and so forth.
But I want to get them in there even if there's only one.
I want to get something in there.
And I'm willing to pay, you know, buy one or two, whatever it takes to get the thing in there.
Okay, well, we've got discounts right now where some of the films are as low as $5.95, so pull the toll-free number or go online.
Well, if I buy one, then I can get another one like five-something, right?
Okay, would that be for CDs or what?
Yes, you can.
We have them on DVD and VHS.
And VHS, okay.
All right, now, what does most libraries use?
You know, they're phasing out VHS for sale in a lot of stores, but it's still more VHS than DVD players.
It's really about 50-50 right now, but I'd get DVD probably.
Okay, DVD.
Okay, DVD.
Okay, now, my other thing is, I went to the school system, and I went into one of the schools, and one of the ladies talked to me, and she said, Oh, we're not doing this Freedom Initiative mess in here.
We can't do this without a doctor.
I said, Well, lady, I said,
We're good to go.
Yeah, with reference to the previous thing about libraries, I mean, go in there and point to the dozens of Michael Moore books that almost every bookstore or library seems to carry in his videos, and
Then show them the New York Post article which says that basically Moore ripped off Alex with his 9-11 documentary.
So, I mean, just show that kind of double standard and say, look, Moore's got all his products in here, why not Alex when we've got a major newspaper here covering it?
Okay, one thing about it.
If I put in a video or whatever... Now, I was reading an article in here on their bylaws in reference to... Sir, I love you to death, but I've got loaded phones here.
Just finish up with what happened at the school.
Okay, anyway, I talked to the superintendent for probably 20 minutes or so.
And he doesn't know anything about the Freedom Initiative, but he's going to check it out because I gave him all the information.
And so he knows about you, and he told me to keep up the good work.
And so forth.
God bless you, Kevin.
You keep it up.
Take care.
You know, that's what more people should do.
Just going and talking to people, that gets the ball rolling so they're then conscious.
So many people in government, Paul, just aren't conscious.
Well, no, that's how they pull it off.
And I apologize.
That wasn't... Was that Kevin or David?
That was David.
I apologize, David.
Go ahead, Paul.
Well, yes.
The main mechanism of it, the automation of government, is a mass of unconscious people who just do what they're told to do, and they don't think about the consequences until they come face to face with them, and that's what people can do.
Look, folks, we're not the radicals.
We don't want cameras in the highway rest stop bathrooms.
We don't want them in the public school bathrooms.
We don't want...
Video cameras mounted by law in all cars with a wireless connection back to the police department.
I mean, this is what's now being proposed.
And it sounds crazy, it is crazy, but it's happening.
Paul, give people a definition of the New World Order.
Well, the New World Order is a mechanism of control which incorporates
Every aspect of your life from day to day living, from the cashless society to your own government and the fact that it's being federalised and broadened into this federal government and then eventually the world government.
So it's about taking every aspect of control that you now have and enjoy and handing it over to a system which seeks to enslave and dominate the entire world.
And folks, somebody ruling your life and having control over your substance and your destiny, that's called slavery.
There's many different forms of it.
But this is a type of mental bondage more than it's physical.
And in many cases worse than the more classical forms of slavery, Paul.
Yes, it's more Brave New World than 1984.
It has characteristics of both, but obviously they've found, learning from history, that the boot-stomping on the human face is not a successful method, at least in introducing this kind of system, because people rise up against it if you do it in a subtle manner and you introduce it slowly.
And we've got to get conscious of it.
Because take this superintendent up in Delaware.
We were just talking to David, right?
And, you know, take a superintendent.
When he then hears about the new Freedom Initiative, if he wouldn't have been warned beforehand, he might have bought it.
Gone along with it.
But now because he's been pre-warned, he's going to have a better chance, if he's got any humanity, he's going to have a better chance of standing up against it.
First on Planet.TV, stay with us.
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All right, we've got loaded phones here, and five minutes left, and I'm going to try to go to Ron and Roger, and that's going to be it.
I want to thank Paul Watson for coming on.
We've got to get him on more often.
He really has a great eye for boiling things down to the basic...
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It certainly is.
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Well, you know what?
We're going to put it on the web just for members, and the Dean Hagelin interview I did, the X-Files and Lone Gunman star, talking about how the people that made the Lone Gunman believed the government was behind 9-11.
Of course, they made the piece where the government flies the hijacked jet into the World Trade Center months and months before that happened.
So that interview is going up.
The video interview...
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Alright, let's go ahead and talk to Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
Alex, I want to apologize for that tape.
It was a defective tape last week.
Oh, and you called in with an audio clip.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm sorry.
We've got about 60 seconds.
Well, would you comment about the Social Security agenda?
What is the motive and the agenda behind that?
And is it connected to
Do we know what?
Well, they've been looting the Social Security Trust Fund all along.
There's never been money in it.
They just take it as fast as it comes in.
And now the dollar's plunging in value, and they've changed the laws where they can even take your private pension funds.
That happened two years ago.
And so they're lining everything up to totally loot us.
And all of these things are big, fat scams, and they're going to take one bad system and create another bad system, Paul.
Yeah, they want people in debt.
If you're not in debt, then you're not under their control.
Everybody cares about the pocketbook, and that's what it's about.
The fundamental basis of control is economically, and that's how they play the game.
Does that answer your question, my friend?
Yeah, Alex, and the 12 generals and admirals that are against the Gonzalez nomination,
It just bespeaks the administration and President Bush.
Now, we have the head admiral, the former judge advocate general of the Navy and the Marine Corps, on, who's a conservative.
He's going, are we living in the twilight zone?
Thanks for the call.
Roger in Pennsylvania, you're our tail gunner.
Yeah, I just got time for the two toll-free numbers to the Capitol Hill switchboard per request.
And the first one is 877-762-8762.
The last one, 800-839-5276.
And obviously, we're saying we don't want Alberto, I love torture, Gonzalez.
God bless you.
Take care.
Paul Watson, take us out of the show.
Well, I hope everyone will keep fighting the new old hood and we can win it.
That's what we're led to believe that we can't, but we really can.
We're having a massive effect.
We are having a massive effect, my friend.
I'll see you back tonight, nine to midnight, back tomorrow on the front lines of the InfoWar.