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Air Date: Jan. 5, 2005
2374 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
It's Friday, the last day of 2004.
And when we join you again on Monday, it will be 2005.
You know, I aired that audio clip off a local news station, an NBC station in Kansas City.
Where you have the grieving family of their 35-year-old son who was exposed to depleted uranium, and they believe he died from it.
So we've got the father of the son coming on in the next hour.
We also have Dr. Doug Ronke, who was the former head of the Pentagon's program to study depleted uranium.
And this is important because it illustrates what the globalists think of their servants.
What they'll do to any and all of us.
Just how sociopathic they are.
But a sociopath just doesn't care.
The globalists are psychotic.
They revel in it.
They enjoy it.
It's about the exercise of power.
The New World Order is constantly engaging in one-upmanship to see who the most ruthless and abusive can be.
Who can get away with the most overt tyranny?
Right in front of the people's eyes.
Hidden in plain view.
We're going to have wide open phones in this first hour.
I will go to your calls early in this first hour.
In fact, in the next segment.
The same question I've been asking for the last three days.
What do you think the biggest news story in 2004 was?
What are your predictions for 2005?
What do you think the most draconian legislation was in 2004 that passed or didn't pass?
The assault weapons ban that didn't pass?
That didn't get reauthorized, thank God?
That Bush is now trying to pass again?
Or maybe the new Freedom Initiative to forcibly psychologically test every child in America twice a year using guidelines written up by the drug companies?
Or was it sections of Patriot Act II and the National ID Card that passed just a few weeks ago in the closing days of a special Congressional session?
1-800-259-9231 Yesterday
The establishment was saying they thought 116,000 people had died in the tsunami.
Today, it's 400,000.
They're saying it's probably around 400,000 in Indonesia alone.
And many other countries were hit as well.
So, we can discuss this tragedy as well, if you would like to.
Obviously, the big tragedy, the big disaster of 2004.
Coming up, latest bin Laden tapes, outright fakes, designed to create 9-11 Iraq link.
Bodies pile up as spread of disease grows.
Again, Dr. Doug Rockey joining us, and a family of a Metro soldier who fears he died from war-related illness will be joining us, as I mentioned.
Then we'll also get into all the different big brother systems and IDs, scanner systems and RFID and GPS that are going in, that IBM and Walmart and Microsoft are pushing.
It's all coming up in the next two hours and 55 minutes.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
Of course, we're live right now, 11 to 2 Central, every single weekday.
And it is Friday, the 31st of January, 2004.
And I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Coming up in the next hour, we have the father of the 35-year-old Army Specialist who came home and died from...
DU exposure.
We know he was exposed to DU.
They believe he died from the exposure.
And then Dr. Doug Rocky, the expert, the man who literally wrote the book on DU for the Pentagon, will be joining us.
That's right, India's last active volcano, the...
Andaman and Nicobar Islands has erupted in the aftermath of the huge earthquake that set off tsunamis killing thousands of people, official sources said last night.
And now they've confirmed over 100,000 dead.
Now they believe it may go over 400,000 dead alone in Indonesia.
It could be hundreds of thousands dead in Sri Lanka, in India.
In coastal areas of Africa, this is a mega disaster.
But it all happened at one instance, in just a few minutes, and so everyone is aware of it.
What about the 30,000 children that starve to death every day?
The 24,000 people that die every day from treatable, preventable diseases?
The globalists don't want you to know about that, because they're carrying out the operations in the name of savoring everyone and stopping it.
But Indonesia needs help.
Death toll exceeds 400,000.
That's the headline.
Eli Lilly documents link Prozac to violence.
Medical Journal reports this out of Bloomberg Financial.
Now, I'm no genius, but when I first got on air ten years ago, I was covering government documents from Prozac's approval in the early 1980s, where it increased suicide massively, violence caused psychotic breaks.
It puts you into a dreamlike state.
Prozac, or the serotonin reuptake inhibitor class of drugs, Prozac the predominant one,
One of the most heavily used ones actually are in the same family as LSD and PCP.
Psychotropics are a subclass of hallucinogens or hallucinogenic drugs.
And that's why, yeah, when somebody's having a good dream, a good trip, as they say, they're very happy.
But when they have a bad trip, bad things happen with knives, machine guns,
And children being ground in bathtubs or having their arms cut off.
And this is what the studies showed all along, but they're not going to stop because there's a government agenda behind this.
When they find out that FinFin makes your heart fall apart or that Vioxx makes your heart fall apart, they'll pull it off the market.
But with the serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and now the new class of drugs that manipulate multiple chemicals in the brain,
It's going to continue.
It's going to continue.
Eli Lillianco documents linking antidepressant Prozac to violence have been turned over to the U.S.
Food and Drug Administration.
Ah, the weasel has handed over the documents to the fox.
They'll fix it.
The hen house is safe.
By the British Medical Journal, the publication says in its January 1st issue, the documents appear to suggest a link between Lilly's Prozac and suicide attempts and violence, the journal said.
The paper...
Went missing.
Went missing during a product liability lawsuit ten years ago, and were recently sent to the medical journal by an anonymous source, according to the journal's account.
A jury in 1994 found in favor of Lilly in the lawsuit brought on behalf of victims of an 89 workplace shooting, Joseph Westbecker, who had a long history of depression, killed eight people and himself at a Louisville printing plant in 89 a month after being put on prozac.
And you see, it's not just this guy that did this.
We've never found a case of a mother drowning her children or a mother sawing the toddler's arms off
Or if Kinkle going in and shooting people, or Harris and Kleibold, we've, understand this, we've never, I've never seen a case where they weren't on the drugs.
Larry Ashbrook and the Baptist Youth Center in Fort Worth, Buford Furrow and the Jewish Center, every case I've ever seen, they've been on these drugs.
Lilly's offices were closed this week because of the holiday, and Lilly spokesman Phil Belt didn't return a call to his cell phone.
Prozac has helped to significantly improve millions of lives.
The article in BMJ cited Lilly as saying, it's one of the most studied drugs in history, and has been prescribed for more than 50 million people worldwide.
That's a lot more than that.
Yeah, more than 50 million.
You don't like to tell folks the true numbers, do you?
Let's talk about Texas a few months ago, WAI-TV investigated.
Even a Clear Channel is admitting it.
Clear Channel owns that out of San Antonio.
Over half of Texas foster care children, over half of the hundreds of thousands of children that have been grabbed, are on psychotropics.
When I say over half, it was over two-thirds, excuse me.
Over two-thirds.
Over two-thirds.
Over two-thirds.
Wishful thinking on my part saying over half.
Over two-thirds.
And the average child on them was on seven.
Some on over 17.
And there were doctors going, look, they took the child from the family, the eight-year-old was fine, but they cried for their parents, and now the child was put on the drugs, started having seizures, now they're on Depakote.
The article described it.
Taking healthy, happy children and by the time they're done with them, they're drooling zombies.
Having seizures.
And I got the numbers on Massachusetts.
They've got even more than Texas.
So does Florida.
Those are just the states where I've seen the numbers on it.
Just do a Google search for your state.
Type in number of children on
Antidepressants in Tennessee, in Ohio, in Iowa, in New York, California.
Or type in number of foster care children.
Number of children under state care on psychotropics or on mood-altering drugs.
Just type that in and do the research yourself and just stand gaping.
About a month ago we covered that article out of WAI in Texas.
Just type in
Two-thirds of Texas foster care children on antidepressants, and it'll pop up for you.
A bunch of articles on it in Texas, but if you don't believe me... So that shows what the government wants.
You see, when they've got a captive audience, it's over two-thirds.
Now, Eli Lilly and others, but Eli Lilly spearheaded the New Freedom Initiative that passed a month ago, a little over a month ago, by a vast majority in Congress.
Despite the fact in major polls, 80 plus percent of Americans are against it.
Earlier this year, state...
Bureaucrats, high-level administrators, went public in Iowa, Pennsylvania, and other states, going, look, we've seen the documents.
Here they are.
Eli Lilly and a consortium of nine other drug companies wrote the guidelines for TMAP in Texas and advised and wrote the guidelines for the New Freedom Initiative of President Bush and the New Freedom Commission, and they brag in internal documents that we've got 15% of the children on the drugs now.
This will get half of them on it in the next five years.
So, 50% of you, if they get their plan through, which they pass, but if they're able to implement, are going to have the school tell you, put your child on it.
And when you say no, they're going to send CPS out, and if you don't know your Bill of Rights and Constitution, don't have a network of people to support you, and if you say no, they'll end up sending in men in black ski masks.
I mean, I've got articles, folks.
They'll send in an armored vehicle, they'll pull up, just think of the police state level of this, they'll pile out of it,
And they'll come.
Imagine a science fiction movie 20 years ago.
It would have been a science fiction movie where your police wore black masks and there were cameras everywhere and helicopters flying around looking through our walls and half the children are drugged and when you say no, they send men in black masks.
You'd go, man, what kind of crazy science fiction movie is that?
That never happened.
That's worse than the Soviet Union.
The FDA recently issued a warning that antidepressants can cause stimulatory side effects such as panic attacks, insomnia, and aggressiveness.
Oh, really?
Just like LSD.
Type in serotonin uptake, reuptake inhibitors, hallucinogen family.
And you'll get thousands of links.
I've done it myself.
You're doubting me, but they'll SWAT team your house looking for LSD.
But they'll SWAT team you to put your children on the equivalent of LSD.
But see, what this does is just puts you into a dream state.
It affects those areas.
A mesmerized, hypnotized mode.
And yes, you're quite happy most of the time until you... It's like taking acid.
I take it 20 times and you're fine.
The 21st time, you eat your fingers like they're Cheetos and jump out of a window.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're going to your calls here momentarily.
I used the example of a science fiction movie 20 years ago.
What if they would have made a film where...
They forcibly put half the population on drugs.
And actually, they did make films about that.
THX 1138, George Lucas' first film with Robert Duvall.
Also, there was the book Brave New World, Aldous Huxley.
And Aldous Huxley gave a speech in 62, weeks before he died.
To be accurate, two months before he died.
We've aired it here at Berkeley where he said, look, I got this from U.N.
I got this from eugenics documents before the U.N.
was even formed.
My brother ran the U.N.
UNESCO program.
Julian Huxley.
Sir Julian Huxley.
And so they're just carrying out their plan, folks.
I guess there have been movies about it.
And they're doing it.
And you can't deny it.
I mean, do half the children need to be on it?
That's Eli Lilly's goal.
A half of them?
What did we do 10,000 years ago, 5,000 years ago?
Were there Prozac trees?
Come on, folks!
Robert in Denver, Colorado.
Go ahead, sir.
Hello, Alex.
Thanks so much for taking my call.
I appreciate that.
Hey, good to have you on board with us in the last broadcast of this year.
Yeah, yeah.
Somebody thinks I'm special.
Several lines to go through, Alex.
I'll try to be brief.
I know you've got 150 people waiting for you.
I was listening to Joel Skousen.
I'm sure you've heard him before.
Yeah, I've heard him before.
Yeah, Radio Liberty a few nights ago.
He was talking about several things.
Is the M1 Abrams tank obsolete?
Because according to him, the Russians have a missile or anti-armor round or whatever that can easily penetrate it.
Have you heard about that?
Well, yes.
The Abrams is obsolete.
Somebody with a small gun, probably a .50 caliber with DU rounds, have been shooting our tanks by the dozens and blowing them up and killing those inside.
In Iraq, that's been happening for the last year and a half since the wonderful liberation.
And that's what depleted uranium can do, and the Russians have got it too, and it's clear that DU, on the other side, has gotten into Iraq, probably from our good friend, Pootie Poot, as Bush calls him.
Yeah, that kind of makes sense, because you know the Abrams has been in the field since the early 80s, so I get to pass this prime.
Well, it has a depleted uranium shell on its most vulnerable areas.
And so in the past, the only way to defeat an Abrams would be with a tow missile, but the similar things, the tow missiles that the Ruskies and others had that blow up over the hatch on the top of the turret.
But the DU with the .50 calibers and the DU-tipped rockets, RPGs, just go right through it like butter.
Staying on a military front, help me with the Humvees.
Why are the Humvees even used in battle at all?
Because I'm hearing even if they have lots of armor on it, it's still pretty dangerous.
Yeah, there's really no way to armor the bottom of it, because even if you have armor on the bottom and something blows up under it, the concussion's going to really hurt the people inside.
It's a troop transport.
It's not to be used in frontline urban warfare, but they do.
Okay, one last thing.
I dug this out of the business section of the Denver Post about two weeks ago.
A little paragraph here.
Walmart is already using the tiny radio frequency identification computer chips to track merchandise from Procter & Gamble.
Yeah, that was in USA Today, yeah.
Oh, you saw that?
Well, they told them three years ago.
They said by 2004, all suppliers must have chips in all products.
And then a lot of suppliers got boycotted over trying to do it last year.
They tried again this year.
And Walmart's ordering people to do it, but their suppliers just aren't doing it.
Yeah, they're saying it's so expensive, like a quarter apiece.
Once they get the price down to like a penny apiece, I guess they'll roll it out.
And Hitachi's already got it down to eight cents apiece.
That's scary.
So probably sometime in 2005 it'll be pretty standard, you think?
There are already hundreds of products.
And others have been doing it for two years now, trying to follow Walmart's orders.
Michelin tires, have them embedded in them.
There's hundreds of products that now have it, but Walmart, people were refusing to adopt the barcode.
And then in 86, Walmart said, either you do it or we won't take your goods, and so now they forced the adoption of that.
Now Walmart and the Pentagon teamed up three years ago and said, by 04, all products must have it.
But we're not going to buy from you.
One last quick thing that just came to mind.
Something else Joel Scalpin said.
He said, and you probably, I think you mentioned this on the air the other day, that China and Russia are making plans to throw nukes at us in the later part of this decade.
Well, they're doing drills next year for joint strikes, joint defense.
But hey, the news said Russia's our friend, okay?
So just believe them.
The news also said mercury's good, and so is sodium fluoride.
So just believe them.
Thanks for the call.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Year-end broadcast on this December 20th.
I can't get the dates right.
Year-end broadcast on this December 31st, 2004 edition.
And coming up in the next hour, we'll be talking to the father of the Army Specialist, the Army Medic.
Who came home and died after being exposed to uranium.
Then we have the man who wrote the book for the Pentagon on DU, Dr. Doug Rockey, joining us as well in the next hour.
Right now, let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Roger in Pennsylvania, then Ron, Chris, Vicki, Steve, and others.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Yeah, thanks, Alex.
I'd like to say to all those appreciative listeners who realize we're at no less than war for the survival of their children, if nothing else.
That I propose and for them to follow through on the easiest New Year's resolution they'll ever make.
And that is to kiss and throw money at the beautiful feet of all those stations and advertisers that carry your show.
And don't call them and thank them.
Just make sure when you're spending money there that you know why you're there and why you're sending all your friends there.
And as well, for those of us who only get you on World Band,
As well as all, you know, Radio Liberty, etc.
To call at least once a month to the same stations and advertisers, be surprised how few people it takes to get them to carry the shows.
If they do that, as I said, there's nothing easier.
And to let them know that, you know, you might be listening if they were carrying such and so show, but they don't have your ear and they don't have your advertising dollars, so call the same advertisers on the other shows.
Well, I appreciate that, Roger, because almost every wonderful AM or FM affiliate we get is from listeners calling their local AM and FM stations in areas where we don't have an AM or FM affiliate and saying, hey, pick up the Alex Jones Show, and we've got a lot of great affiliates.
In areas where we have an affiliate, tell them thank you, support their sponsors.
If you have a business, sponsor the broadcast.
We're good to go.
Or tell your friends and family how to listen at InfoWars.com.
That's a great way to do it as well.
Or millions of people have short waves.
We're on global short wave.
Six hours a day live.
And then tell them what a great anecdote to the ineffectual commiserating that yours and other similar shows like on World Band offer.
And don't take for granted those local stations that are carrying the show.
Don't expect to continue forever without your support and letting those advertisers know why you're there, and God bless.
Take care.
Have a good new year in 2005, Roger.
You know, just because Roger brought this up, I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to thank the affiliates we have and in areas where we don't have affiliates to get us some affiliates.
Don't waste your time on the big clear channels or CBS-owned Westwood One stations or the Infinity stations.
But the independent stations out there.
And basically, when you call them, tell them, go to GCNlive.com, look at the satellites we have.
We have the premium status quo satellites.
We have the satellites that they have.
We pay for those.
They're very expensive.
And it's very easy to sign up to carry the show.
And it needs to happen.
We need to get more affiliates.
I really never talk about this, and I'm glad that Roger brought this up.
And really, this broadcast has come into its own, has become widely accepted as the truth.
Not as radical as we used to be.
We're good to go.
And the vast majority of people out there are hungry for the truth.
They're tired of the fake left-right WWF wrestling stage theatrical events that we're all treated to by the neocons and the liberals.
They act all day like they're having some type of fight, but they're not.
It's nothing but rhetorical.
It's rhetoric.
All right, let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Ron in Louisiana.
Ron, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
It's good to talk to you.
I haven't talked to you in a long time.
Well, thanks for calling.
What's on your mind?
Well, it's three things very quickly.
Number one, talking about these psychotropic drugs, my sister was placed on those things, and she was probably the most mild-mannered, soft-spoken lady you'd ever want to meet.
And she, at some point, threatened to kill her own mother.
And then eventually committed suicide.
So this is what you get with these drugs.
I mean, it's just, you know, it was terrible how they affected her.
And I just think anybody that's on anything like that needs to get off.
And boy, I can't believe they passed this legislation.
I mean, it was...
Ron, I haven't heard from you in a couple years.
Ron came all the way from Louisiana when we were building the Memorial Church for those that died at Waco and was there many, many weekends.
And it's good to hear from you, Ron.
How are you doing?
I'm kind of hanging on.
Another thing, the most important story of this past year hasn't been told.
And that's the people, the hundreds of thousands of people, more than in this tsunami, died from drinking diet drinks and using aspartame products in this past year.
You've really led a crusade.
That's right.
You believe your wife, Chloe, from the evidence, died.
Your wife, Rosemary.
No question.
No question at all.
That's what happened to her from drinking diet coke.
You know, you made a statement a while ago that was very interesting.
You talked about the elite that revel in this killing people and all.
Well, the more they kill, the higher up the pecking ladder they go.
Who do you think was the
CEO for a sterile drug company that got this okayed by the FDA.
Well, the same guy that got cross-species splicing.
His name, he's the same guy that gave nuclear reactors to North Korea.
His name's Donald Rumsfeld.
Yes, that's him.
Biggest killer on the earth probably right now.
Or one of the biggest.
Well, I mean, he just oozes evil when you watch him, when he gives speeches.
I get sick every time I see him.
I mean, what pops in my head watching him is warlock, dark magician.
That's the, you know, show somebody a picture.
What's the first thing that pops in your head?
Show me a picture of a pig.
Oink, oink, pink.
Show me a picture of a fire engine.
I say fire.
Show me a picture of Donald Rumsfeld.
I say warlock.
Yeah, I just see evil when I look at him, you know.
Terrible what they're doing.
And, of course, the...
I can't believe all the legislation they've passed this past year.
How can you say what's the worst?
It's all bad.
Patriot Act II.
The new Freedom Initiative.
It goes on and on and on and on and on.
And what they're trying to do in the new year, total blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens in perpetuity.
The Free Trade Area of the Americas, which is the Union of American States or Pan-American Union.
Well, they got a lot to us slated.
Now we're hearing about Patriot 3 legislation.
Now they need more to keep us safe, Ron.
Well, Ron, good hearing from you.
For those that just joined us in final comments, they may not have heard me read the Bloomberg Financial Report.
Eli Lilly documents link Prozac to violence, Medical Journal says.
And it turns out, of course, they suppress this.
And covered this up, but now it's been leaked and it's been made public.
I mean, I knew this ten years ago.
This has been public for a long time.
And it puts people into a mesmerized state.
Any comments?
It is.
I watched my sister, and she would just get kind of numb after she'd take this medication.
And she would just...
Well, take care and have a good one.
One more thing.
I've got a minute.
I've got a second.
You had a very bad cold here a while back.
And lasted for a few days?
Do you remember that colloidal silver generator I gave you?
You know, that is somewhere around my house.
Hey, you are missing the boat.
Get that thing out and use it, and you'll never have a cold again or a flu as long as you live.
I haven't had one in over ten years.
Boy, I mean, it'll just knock it out in hours, in a few hours.
And it works.
And it works every time.
Well, thanks a million, Ron.
I appreciate your call.
No, certainly colloidal silver, when it's been divided down to a small enough molecule, just punches holes in the cell walls of bacteria.
A lot of studies show it does quite a bit.
There's a lot of old studies.
It was putting silver in the eyes of newborn babies to stop infection.
It is certainly a great antibiotic.
I'm going to dig that out.
That's a good idea next time I get a cold.
I don't get a lot of colds.
Usually what I get is allergies.
Because Austin is literally the capital of allergies.
It's the recognized capital.
There's just so many trees, so many plants, so many prairies, so many different plant varieties.
And I never had allergies growing up in Dallas.
And then I moved here as a young man.
And then a few years, I was suddenly sick.
And I was like, what is this?
And a few times a year, and sometimes you get a secondary infection from it.
It is not fun.
But allergies across the country are up, and they've linked it directly just to all the other particulates in the air.
And the different airstreams that come in from Africa and Asia, China, places like that, that there's one jet stream that comes right up through Texas into the Midwest, and
Out of Africa and from across China, it comes across and turns up at the Gulf of Mexico, and they've tested it.
It's full of lead and mercury and all these other toxins from all the smelting and burning of garbage and toxic waste that goes on.
So if you look at the statistics, people 50, 60 years ago didn't have allergies like this.
And I kind of laughed at people that had allergies.
You know, you've got allergies?
What's that?
Well, believe me, once you develop them, you find out what they are.
And they are not fun.
Chuck was up next in Texas, but he just hung up, so we'll go to... Oh, who's up next here?
Vicki, where are you calling us from?
I'm from Arizona.
Thank you.
First time.
Before I make my point, I want to tell you that you really want to stay well in the worst of times, and I used to get sick all the time.
And now I don't get sick anymore because I take fresh garlic every day.
I mean, just don't cook it, just pop it in your mouth and chew it.
No, obviously, it's all about nutrition.
Oh, absolutely, absolutely.
Okay, point.
Okay, you know, the powers that be are really in our face when they let illegal aliens who are foreign nationals...
They do not have to participate in the National Identity Card program?
Yeah, that's in the bill.
They passed... But they don't have to, but then we have to.
Is something wrong with that picture?
Is Congressman Paul aware of that?
Well, yeah, he's been on the show and talked about it.
Are they going to be coming back into session?
Are they going to be...
Like, fine-tuning it, or... Yes, there... Okay.
Almost every Democrat voted for it.
Of the 67 people that voted against it, almost every one of them was Republicans.
But the general public never learned that.
Rush Limbaugh went on the air and said, we've got to pass this to stop the liberals.
And, I mean, all the time, boy, Bush is really a conservative.
And they sell it as, stop the liberals, give up your freedoms.
But then it's the, quote, liberals who are all voting for this.
And then the Democrats all howl against the Patriot Act and the rest of it.
And, oh, evil Bush is doing it.
And then no one ever tells them, hey, your own Democrats, House members and senators, are voting for this.
So it shows how it's this bipartisan, traitorous stuff that's going on.
And, yes.
It actually has a large section of the amnesty rolled into it to give them driver's license, to accept their fake IDs, their matriculas.
It leaves us wide open.
It does the opposite of keeping us safe.
It's about tracking and tracing and taxing us.
If they're really concerned about security, guard the borders.
Well, what they did is they took thousands of Border Patrol off the border, made them air marshals, and then replaced about half of those they took away, and then claim, oh, we increased Border Patrol, but the head of the Border Patrol Union has said on this show and in the Associated Press that they have thousands less.
That's the facts, but it doesn't stop Bush from saying how great he is, and from Fox News, every time I watch it, going, Bush has beefed up the border!
You know, when I called Senator Kyle's office out here where I live, and Congressman Renji, I
I really tried to pin him down.
I said, are you going to support this thing with the national identity card and the thing with psychological testing for the children?
They said no.
Then I called back later on and I found out differently.
I told them, you know, you folks lied to me.
I really take offense to that.
I don't know what we're going to do.
We have these people that are supposed to be representing us and
They're lying to us.
I mean, what is their agenda?
Well, it's called tyranny.
A lot of them have got mistresses.
A lot of them traffic bordellos.
That's the good ones, comparatively.
A lot of them are involved in bid rigging and scamming and bribes.
And they exempt themselves from most of the laws that we're under, by the way.
They have their own private pension fund, their own rules, their own exemptions.
And so...
Most of them are criminals feeding on it, and they just don't care, and they're told, hey, you vote on this, so it doesn't matter if 80 plus percent are against open borders, if 80 plus percent are against New Freedom Initiative, Republicans and Democrats.
It doesn't matter if 70 plus percent are against gun control.
It doesn't matter if 80 plus percent are against the free trade area of the Americas.
It doesn't matter...
They just don't care.
That's called tyranny.
And so they know we're angry.
They know we're upset.
And so they're militarizing the police, building more prisons, gearing up to track, trace, and abuse us.
It's called despotism.
When criminals gain control of government, that's the norm in history.
About 95% of the time, that's what you have.
I mean, this is the norm.
But again, their talking heads say, government has never been corrupt, only trust it, give up all your rights.
Anyone who says, watch the government, don't trust it, are insane, probably terrorists.
Well, you know, I tried to impart that to a friend yesterday to tell him what was really going on, and he keeps falling back on that thing.
Well, I'm a veteran from World War II, and I serve my country, and I'm a patriot.
So they think being a patriot means worshipping the government.
It's 180 degrees from what the founding fathers said, but hey, they don't know.
He didn't want to hear anything about this thing with the uranium deal, with the soldiers and all that.
Yeah, because he wants to just feel good, put a cap on with an American flag, fly a Chinese flag made in China.
He doesn't care.
He wants to deny it.
He doesn't want to be a real man.
Thanks for the call.
It's called denial.
The refuge of cowards.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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We're good to go.
Final broadcast.
Final broadcast.
Of the year 2004.
On this December 31st, 2004 broadcast edition.
Before we go back to your calls, can we have an expose today on the plea to uranium coming up in the next hour that you don't want to miss?
With some of the family members of victims of this, and then of course with Dr. Rocky who wrote the book on it, literally.
The granddaddy of exposing it.
That's coming up in the next hour.
As well as your phone calls.
Before I go back to your calls, though, please make the New Year's resolution to love your family, to seek the truth, to stand up against the despots of the New World Order.
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All right, in the next quick little five-minute segment of the first hour, we'll take more calls.
Then I've got the father of the son who died, obviously, from DU, was exposed to complete uranium, an Army medic.
And we've got Dr. Doug Rocky coming on as well.
Because these people who say they support the troops, the last caller mentioned this.
You go, well, DU's killing the troops.
I mean, the Pentagon's own documents show it.
Oh, shut up.
That's unpatriotic.
Well, the troops are dying from it.
Their own manuals show it.
Nope, not true, not true.
But don't you care about the troops?
Yeah, I care.
I don't have to wave a plastic flag.
Shut up.
You know, being patriotic just means not caring, trusting the government, giving up all your freedoms.
I don't care if there's a stop-loss making people who've been in for 20 years stay in.
I don't care if they're being fed rotten meals by Halliburton.
I don't care if they don't have armor.
You shut up!
You shut up!
You shut up!
I'm patriotic.
But we're losing our freedom.
Bushes against the Second Amendment.
Well, maybe we should have some gun control.
I'm a conservative, liberal.
Turn your guns in.
I'm a conservative.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, my friends, we're now into the second hour of this December 31st, 04 edition, last broadcast of the year.
Remember that clip I played off of local Kansas City NBC TV station yesterday of the
Family crying over there.
35-year-old Army Specialist son who came back and died after DU exposure.
They're coming on in the next segment.
And then, of course, we have Dr. Doug Rockey, expert on DU, coming on.
He was the Army's top expert on it.
Right now, let's talk to...
Oh, I guess Steve in Ohio is up next.
Go ahead, Steve.
How are you doing, Alex?
One thing I think we're going to need to do in the next year, we're going to have to do a show on sheeple psychology because that lady caller that called previously, she says that no matter what she says to that old guy...
He just gives you that old, oh, I love my troops and I love my country type of stuff.
So we need to do a show on that.
Yeah, you could say to them, our government is feeding our troops into a meat grinder and making hamburger patties out of them, and George Bush is eating the hamburger patties.
They'd say, good, I support it.
It's supporting the troops.
I support my government!
You know what, I laugh when you do that, because it sounds like you're making fun of those southern boys that wave those flags made in Taiwan.
It's the, I support my troops.
And I think that's really hilarious, Alex.
Well, I mean, I'm a Texan, and you can call me a southerner.
But, I mean, I can do another voice if you'd like.
It's just that's the kind of voice I hear around here.
I've heard plenty of Easterners, but I can't really do the voice.
Yeah, you're some kind of communist, Mac.
I love President Bush.
But also, I was going to say another thing.
There's a guy named Lindsey Williams that he has been fighting the New World Order to.
Yeah, I've had him on.
Yeah, well, anyway, to make a long story short, what he said one time was,
Could not see what's going on.
Yeah, well, I mean, it's great that... And I would say one thing.
Make this year the year that you give to stations like RBN and GCN.
Give to these radio stations that promote people like you and Jack Blood and the others because what we need to do is we need to... Even if you have a pickup truck, put a big banner across there that says prisonplanet.com.
That's a great way.
Don't worry about what the government... No, I hear you.
Listen, great hearing from you.
Up next, Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
You're on the air, Ron.
Yes, sir.
Did you get the tape I sent you, Secular Robertson?
Yes, I did.
And that little note with it?
The Patriot Act is of the Lord, and if you're against it, you're with the devil.
You read that note I sent you?
I want to play this for you real quickly.
I was on Pastor Butch last night.
Now, the guest's name is Bob.
I didn't tune in from the beginning, but you probably recognize his voice.
I asked him this question.
This was his answer.
I'd like your opinion on what you think of what he said.
It's just incoherent, and that's the problem of playing clips on the air.
It just, I can barely hear it and understand it.
And sometimes we let folks play clips on the air, but that just didn't turn out well enough.
What are you getting at, caller?
Is he there or is he still playing the clip?
Okay, we'll have to put him on hold and go back to him later.
We're going to go to break and come back and talk about the pretty uranium and how serious it is.
And you're going to want to stay tuned for this because it shows the true nature of this government.
I mean, even the people that serve them, the people that are the sword, that are the force of this system, they just... It's pathological.
I mean, it's the nature of the globalists.
Even when it's their own people, they could care less about it.
And it's horrible.
We've got to expose this to save others who haven't been exposed yet.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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And kids who may not be doing as well in school or having a hard time studying ought to be considering a lack of minerals, not necessarily a lack of concentration as the culprit.
We're good to go.
SeenMineral.com He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up in a few minutes, we're going to play this little two-minute news piece from a local NBC station in Kansas City.
Of course, we happen to have an affiliate, KCXL, doing a great job in Kansas City.
But this is a problem that faces America, that faces Iraq, that faces Serbia, that faces Afghanistan.
There are over 10 proving grounds in the United States where DU, depleted uranium, munitions are used.
Depleted uranium is a byproduct of nuclear weapons production and of spent fuel rods from nuclear power plants.
The heavy metal effect of it is deadly enough and will kill you or make you very ill.
But the New York Daily News about eight months ago did a test of 14 different soldiers who said they were ill and were losing weight and having these high fevers.
Every one of them had high levels of radiation upwards of two rims.
Two rims will kill most people in long-term exposure.
And it's long-term exposure because it sits in the lungs and settles out in the bones.
And do we have that news clip?
John, did you say we had that clip?
Okay, let's go ahead and play that clip, and then we'll go.
I know it's hard for him to listen to again, but Dwayne Garten, father of Clay Garten, who spent 16 months in Iraq, but here's that little newscast clip, and our hearts and prayers just go out to him.
There'll be a phone number at the end of how you can contribute to the family.
I think it's a good idea.
Go ahead and play it.
A soldier survives Iraq, but dies of a mysterious illness.
Do you have it, John?
The government is hiding.
NBC Action News reporter Ron Mott is live with the story you'll see only on NBC Action News.
Elizabeth, it's a complaint heard all over the country that soldiers are being poisoned by their own ammo.
They, of course, are made to kill the enemy, but as one Raytown family says, they've turned into unfriendly fire.
You know, they come out five minutes and said, he's gone.
For nearly a year and a half, Dwayne Garten worried that his son might return from Iraq in a body bag.
This is worse than if he'd have got killed over here, really.
Instead, decorated 35-year-old Army Sergeant Clay Garten spent an agonizing three weeks dying in his parents' Raytown home and at the VA hospital, eventually losing the fight the day after Christmas.
35 years I had the boy.
He went through 16 months of hell and he come back and they didn't do nothing for him.
That's what I don't understand, why they couldn't do something for him.
This is Seth, and this is Mr. Gage.
A father of three, Clay Garten's family believes the Army medic is every bit a casualty of war as those who die on the front lines, after they say he became exposed to depleted uranium dust used in some U.S.
The government contends the health risks are low.
I think they know exactly what's going on.
I think these troops over there are all in danger of this stuff.
The family says Garten lost 30 pounds before he died, starting with a debilitating back spasm earlier this month that was followed by a series of high fevers reaching 106 degrees.
It was hard to watch my son from such a big, strong, intelligent man to turn into a small...
Meanwhile, a grieving father mourns his lost fishing and hunting buddy.
That's the only way I can remember him.
I don't remember this.
It's too painful.
You're in my body right now.
You know how hard it hurts.
A memorial fund has been set up in Clay Garten's name to benefit his three kids.
For more information, call the Bank of America Raytown Branch at 816-979-6292.
And the family did have tissue samples taken from Clay Garten's body, hoping that they will lead to some concrete answers.
Reporting live tonight, Ron Mott, NBC.
All right.
Now, again, we really support the troops here.
So we want the DU to stop being used.
And we do support their family members, but you notice these neocons, they don't want to talk about it.
They don't want to support these families.
They don't even give treatment, and there is treatment, to these soldiers when they're sick.
They just deny it even exists.
We have interviewed many times, he's coming on in about 15 minutes, Dr. Doug Rocky, who literally wrote the book, the training manual, in the 80s on DU and is sick from it.
Many of his team have died from it, from removing records from the first Gulf War.
So the world expert will be joining us, and the government knows full well what it does, and they don't care.
I know it was hard for you to hear that again.
Dwayne Garten, father of an army specialist, a medic, Clay Garten, who's gone home to be with the Lord.
Dwayne, thank you for coming on with us.
Thank you, sir.
I appreciate it.
Because we've got to get word out.
We've got to stop this.
I know the administration don't really care.
You can tell that by the way Romfield does things.
And the way he answered the troop over there about the armament on the vehicles.
My son was a helicopter paramedic.
He flew 300-some-odd missions over there in 16 months.
He was called out one night, and there was an Army personnel carrier that had been hit with one of these bullets, and the corpsman that was in that unit was the one that was hit and tore his arm off.
And my son went inside the vehicle to stabilize him so they could transport him to the hospital.
This was a friendly fire incident?
Let me stop you.
No, this was the enemy, but they had our weapons show.
Yeah, it's been reported.
Yeah, they've been shooting up the Abrams, too.
They've got it, yes.
And they said they got him back to the hospital and had him there for a day, and then they shipped him to another place.
And he died the day after that.
From his wounds to his arm and probably the uranium that got into his system so quick that way.
So your son was inside the vehicle that had been hit?
Yes, sir.
And again, it aerosolizes and turns into a fine, microscopic powder.
And, you know, when he came home, we met him at Fort Bragg.
When he came off the plate, they held him over.
He was supposed to get out in April.
This year, and they kept him until October of this year, but they brought him home the last part of May or the first part of June.
It's so confusing, I can't remember.
But me and his mother drove from here to Fort Bragg to meet him.
And he was just as healthy and nice.
And then he had to do the rest of his duty there.
And he had some time saved up.
So he took his leave just before the first of October because he had 50 days left.
And he stayed here with us.
Because his home and his stuff was not ready for him.
And two days before he had this massive spasm in his muscles and everything, his furniture arrived two days after that.
And we moved everything into the house, but he was not capable of staying there because he couldn't take care of himself.
And December the 7th, he turned 35.
And I had to give him showers because he couldn't take care of himself.
We took him to the hospital seven times before they even admitted him.
And he was up there every day.
That's the VA, sir?
Yes, sir, in Kansas City.
The famous Kansas City VA.
We call it the Oversized Morgue.
Yeah, where I don't mean to bring this up, but we have to do this to save other trips.
You better believe it, sir.
If I could save...
One, out of any of them, by doing this, I'll do it in a minute.
I'm sure you know.
The main thing I was really concerned about is my three grandbabies.
They're four, three, and two.
And I've got to have a father.
And we had the memorial service last night for him.
And they were there.
And the littlest one, he's two.
He kept pointing and said, Daddy, Daddy.
You know, he don't understand.
But, you know, to waste our men and women over there like this just because some bureaucrat wants to get after somebody that threatened his father when he was in office is just not right.
I mean...
He's taken our defenses from here.
He's taken all of our National Guard, which is supposed to be home security, home, you know.
So what happens if they invade us with all of our troops everywhere else?
And they're getting killed over there.
Well, let me just bring up that particular VA, because they didn't help your son, according to what you told me during the break when we first talked.
Are you aware of the maggot deaths there in the hospital?
Of the what?
Were you aware that World War II and Korean War vets are strapped down in that VA and have died from maggots entering their brains?
Yes, sir.
But my son said take him to the VA.
Well, I know.
I see what you're saying.
This is what they think of our veterans.
They were supposed to have had a big shake-up here and everything and redone everything.
And my son was in...
And they put him in an intensive care unit where you had to put on a gown and a mask and everything to go in.
And they didn't tell him that they'd had a fire in their electrical room and the button on the bed didn't work.
And he kept pressing the button for the nurse to come in and help him.
And he laid in there 15 minutes and then crapped all over himself before anybody came in.
It was about 20 minutes after that.
So, I mean, yeah, they don't care up there.
It's sickening.
And then after he passed away at 825, the day after Christmas, they came out and told us they were going to try CPR on him.
And I said, you know, you've done lost him.
Don't do anything.
Just leave him go because he's gone.
And I said, I'd appreciate it if you'd remove all the tubes and everything so me and my wife can come in and see before you...
Well, again, we're going to talk about the memorial fund for the grandchildren when we get back, but
Your son, your son, during the break you told me your son had told you that he believed it was the depleted uranium and then we talked about a lot of other people have already died from this with the exact same symptoms.
Yes, with the high fever and the muscles and then the three that we heard about that died, as soon as they intubated them, put the tube down their throat, they died.
And that's exactly what happened to him.
As soon as they put the tube down his throat to ventilate him, he died.
And they know what DU does.
They've known it since the 80s.
And they still use it.
And they don't care.
And they're going to keep using it.
And the people in Iraq are going to be dying for millions of years from it.
It never goes away.
Stay there, Dwayne.
We'll be right back.
Hi folks, this is Alex Jones.
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Let me rephrase that.
Oil War III has started.
Don't kid yourself, the reason we went into Iraq is oil.
Now we are looking at the possibility of invading Iran and even Saudi Arabia.
Why else would the US be building 13 permanent military installations inside Iraq?
Does it look like we're pulling out?
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We're good to go.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of... I know it's hard for Mr. Garten, Dwayne Garten, father of Clay Garten, to be on with us.
He's agreed to stay on with Dr. Rocky.
Coming up in the next segment, we were talking again during the break, Dwayne, and you were talking about friends that you have, people who've come back who've lost 90 pounds.
Tell us about that, just the people that you know and that you've talked to of the troops coming back.
I have family over there.
They're all terrified of it.
They said they've been told to keep their mouths shut.
Almost all the big Iraqi bases were bombed with this.
Yes, I'd be glad to.
My daughter has a friend who...
A friend of hers was a mother and daughter that were over there.
The daughter came back and within, I think they said within 34 days she lost 90 pounds.
And they don't expect her to live either.
So my son lost 30 pounds in 17 days in the hospital.
So this has got to be something that they know
And I know even after they do this autopsy, they will not give me concrete evidence of what killed him.
Well... And you know it as well as I do.
Well, I would advise you, sir, to take multiple blood samples, tissue samples, and send it to multiple labs.
It's a little late now.
We're going to put him, bury him Monday.
And they've already unbombed him, so... You know, it's, you know...
A little late for some of the things, but they took all these tissue samples that you're talking about and they were going to send them out and do an autopsy.
They told us it would be six weeks before we would know any of the results.
Who is they?
Where are they sending it?
KU Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas are the ones that took the tissue sample.
They took the body from the VA hospital over to KU.
Did you independently get this group or did they recommend them?
KU doctors run the VA hospital here.
Let me just tell you, the New York Daily News earlier this year tested the blood of 14 troops.
They all had DU in them and upwards of two rims of radiation.
But we've caught the government in the past, I don't know about this group, falsifying stuff, so I would definitely look out.
And, you know, how long did it take them to come up with the Asian oranger was killing our troops, and the other one in the Desert Storm was killing our troops, and now we've got another thing killing our troops, and they're not telling us, you know.
And they admit chemical weapons exposure from blowing up Camasuya.
But, you know, my son was working.
At one time, he was working in an air base there in Iraq.
Escorting 12 Iraqi workers to rebuild this hangar, and he said they were cleaning it out, and there were canisters of everything in the storage rooms and everything, and nobody knows what was in them.
And they were just carrying them out and getting rid of them.
So, you know, he can be exposed to something there, but if it's a germ warfare, the way I understand germ warfare when I was in the service... It'll happen pretty quick.
Why would they want you to live six months?
They want to get rid of you now because you're fighting them.
Now, what happened to your son, Fitch, the M.O.
that I learned of eight, nine years ago, with D.U.?
Yeah, well, that's exactly what I think it was, because he was healthy up until the
First of December.
I mean, he's been back since May, you know.
Well, sir, you own those tissue samples.
I would demand the... This is my advice, because you should sue him over this.
I would demand those samples back if this was a VA-contracted group, and I'd have an independent lab do it like the New York Daily News did.
I think you're right.
I don't think I'll do that.
I'd just show up there.
I'd get a court order without him even knowing.
We're still no right now.
We're on in Kansas City.
And I'd get those samples back, sir.
If they haven't already got rid of them.
I mean, I don't... I know what you're saying.
I'm not impugning this group.
I don't know.
I'm just saying if they're VA involved with the past stuff we've seen... Well, all their resident doctors resident at the VA hospital over there.
And all their main staff is from KU.
Oh, boy.
I mean, they're connected very tightly with the government.
And if the government tells them you keep your mouth shut, they're going to keep their mouth shut.
Because they've got a contract there, see?
Yeah, I would... It's sad we've all got to think like this, but we do.
You were saying during the break you think we should pull everybody out of Iraq?
The quicker the better.
They've been fighting for 2,000 years there.
And as soon as we pull out of there, even after this election that he's so great about, they'll come in there and take it back away from them.
Just like Saddam Hussein did.
You can't stop that kind of stuff over there.
We'll be right back.
You're right.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, we just played this clip about 15 minutes ago, but I'm going to play it one more time.
Last time we're going to air this.
This is a local NBC news piece.
It's pretty fair.
You'll never see something like this on the national news, though it has slipped out that DU is deadly.
We've now learned more details from Army Sergeant Clay Garten, who died after 16 months in Iraq.
He came back and died.
We're going to air this one more time, and at the end it has the phone number, the Bank of America, to give some donations to help the widower and the three grandchildren, because we really support the troops here.
We're going to air this so Dr. Rocky is brought up to speed on this particular case.
Then we're going to have Dr. Rocky and Dwayne Garten, the father of Army Specialist Clay Garten, on together.
But one more time, here is this little NBC News piece.
A soldier survives Iraq but dies of a mysterious illness his family suspects the government is hiding.
NBC Action News reporter Ron Mott is live with the story you'll see only on NBC Action News.
Elizabeth, it's a complaint heard all over the country that soldiers are being poisoned by their own ammo.
They, of course, are made to kill the enemy, but as one Raytown family says, they've turned into unfriendly fire.
You know, they come out five minutes and said, he's gone.
For nearly a year and a half, Dwayne Garten worried that his son might return from Iraq in a body bag.
This is worse than if he'd have got killed over here, really.
Instead, decorated 35-year-old Army Sergeant Clay Garten spent an agonizing three weeks dying in his parents' Raytown home and at the VA hospital, eventually losing the fight the day after Christmas.
35 years I had the boy.
He went through 16 months of hell and he come back and they didn't do nothing for him.
That's what I don't understand, why they couldn't do something for him.
This is Seth, and this is Mr. Gage.
A father of three, Claygarten's family believes the Army medic is every bit a casualty of war as those who die on the front lines, after they say he became exposed to depleted uranium dust used in some U.S.
The government contends the health risks are low.
I think they know exactly what's going on.
I think these troops over there are all in danger of this stuff.
The family says Garten lost 30 pounds before he died, starting with a debilitating back spasm earlier this month that was followed by a series of high fevers reaching 106 degrees.
It was hard to watch my son from such a big, strong, intelligent man to turn into a small...
Meanwhile, a grieving father mourns his lost fishing and hunting buddy.
That's the only way I can remember him.
I don't want to remember this.
It's too painful.
If you were in my body right now, you'd know how hard it hurts.
A memorial fund has been set up in Clay Garten's name to benefit his three kids.
For more information, call the Bank of America Raytown Branch at 816-979-6292.
And the family did have tissue samples taken from Clay Garten's body, hoping that they will lead to some concrete answers.
Reporting live tonight, Ron Mott.
I talked to Dr. Rocky during the break.
We're about to go to him and Mr. Garten.
And he said, definitely get those samples back.
Until it turns into something where they say, oh, false positive, and then you don't want to exhume or anything.
Again, New York Daily News and others did blood tests on troops from massive levels of radiation, upwards of two rims, the heavy metal effects, all of it.
And understand, folks, I have copies of the Army Manual that Dr. Rocky helped write.
I've seen online hours of the seven-hour training video they're supposed to watch.
This was to be a front-line weapon to fight the Soviet Union.
They poured across Europe with their six-to-one superiority of armor.
This was to be a front-line emergency weapon during a nuclear war to just go ahead and knock out their tanks.
Instead, they've used it in the first Gulf War, second Gulf War, Serbia.
From Kosovo to Belgrade, and of course in Afghanistan, this is nuclear war.
And it doesn't go away for hundreds of millions of years.
Basically forever, as far as humanity is concerned.
I mean, they may have salted the earth.
The Romans used to salt the earth to punish people.
Now they salt it with DU.
And Dr. Rocky helped write the book on this stuff.
He went over there to study it, help remove damaged vehicles.
The first Gulf War, he's been very ill.
A lot of his team has died.
Just to fill you in on this.
And why does Donald Rumsfeld and this government, Bill Clinton, all of them, they don't care.
And to examine this psychology and to go over the facts with us is Dr. Rocky.
Dr. Rocky, just in a nutshell, tell us your incredible bio.
And then what DU is, and what the effects are, what the science is, what the Pentagon's own manuals show, and then I want to get into the psychology of why they're using it and don't care, and then we'll be talking in a minute or so here to Mr. Garten, the father of Clay Garten.
Dr. Rocky, thanks for joining us.
Thank you, and first my condolences to the father and the family.
You know, another warrior has fallen, and it's totally unnecessary and unacceptable.
Well, my background in the military goes back to 1967, Vietnam time, a few years over there in that area, and going through, coming back in as a combat medic, three years in the infantry, and moving on up through the ranks, starting out from the enlisted and going up through the officer ranks, so I've held all the ranks in different positions in the military.
When Gulf War I started, my expertise and my team's expertise, and I'm just a member of the team, we were under senior colonels that, again, were the leaders of our team.
Our expertise was nuclear, biological, chemical warfare, preventive medicine, hazardous materials, and then obviously with the completion of the ground war, we got tossed in the whole depleted uranium mess in late February after the ground war, February, March of 1991.
General Schwarzkopf specifically assigned me, as he was ordered by the Pentagon, to go out and clean up the DU mess.
Ever since, it's been a nightmare.
Highway of hell and other areas.
Let's go back though, because before that you actually worked at the laboratories.
You studied DU, correct?
Well, no.
I basically didn't know a whole lot about DU other than my background in physics and everything else.
At the time this all started, I was in high energy physics at the University of Illinois.
When did you write the reports on DU?
Well, we wrote the reports on DU once we got up there and started cleaning up the mess and finding out the problems.
All of us started getting sick within 24 to 72 hours.
We went up there and found people sick.
We started getting sick.
The first cancers in our team started within nine months.
The first cancer deaths within two years.
All the other health effects started showing up.
The thing that's important about this, and this is one of the things that I've been yelling and screaming and the rest of our team has been yelling and screaming at the top of our lungs, you need to understand, we're all medical senior scientist army professionals.
We're army leaders that became persona non grata when we spoke about this stuff.
What happened in Gulf War I, and what we're seeing the same in Gulf War II, is not only do we have all the uranium contamination, but we destroyed a nation and released all the toxic industrial chemicals that are used in agriculture, industry, medicine, and education.
We sent the troops in there without the adequate training, without the adequate equipment.
I mean, the United States General and County Officers confirmed before the report that the gas masks and the mop suits ever issued the troops were defective and faulty.
That's an absolute simple fact of life.
The kids did not know how to use this stuff.
They were not given the training that's mandated.
And I think it's important to understand the DU training that I put together for the Army.
Yeah, let's go back over that.
And then even previous to that, the Pentagon and the Lawrence Livermore Laboratories and others, they had admitted that DU was really bad, but they kept this quiet.
Can you talk about that a little bit?
Yeah, I mean, we can go back as far as the reports that were compiled after we gave it to Israel to use it against the...
Egyptians in the Sinai in 73 and 74.
That confirmed all the health effects and the environmental problems.
Work that we've put together coming back when I got what's called the infamous Groves Memorandum, goes back to 1943, and we've talked to individuals that were present, were involved in writing this stuff, that uranium was going to cause all these health effects once it's inhaled, ingested, or get into the body.
And when you combine the uranium contamination from the use of the weapons,
Plus all of the other contaminants from war.
You've got an absolute toxic nightmare.
And that's why, and according to the U.S.
Department of Veteran Affairs, they're totally acknowledging that of all individuals served in the Persian Gulf from, say, August of 1990, and the latest reports I've got are May of this year, this last year.
Well, yeah, we're still in 2004, aren't we?
We're looking at well over 260,000.
We're seeing neurological problems.
We're seeing respiratory problems.
We're seeing cancers.
We've got malignants.
We've got nonmalignant tumors.
We have all the neurological symptoms.
We have the whole host of all of this stuff that's put together.
And then earlier this year, the New York paper went and did blood tests, and wow, they had high levels of DU in them.
Oh, absolutely.
And that, as members of the 442nd New York National Guard, you have to understand, these were the heroes of 9-1-1.
These are the police and firemen that survived that.
That tragedy on that day were put on active duty and sent to war with defective equipment, with totally inadequate training, into a contaminated area where the leaders had not complied with the U.S.
Army regulations.
They had not complied with... And there's no debate.
They've tested their blood.
They all had incredibly high levels.
You have the radiation problem.
You have the heavy metal problem, as we talked last time, Doctor.
And the point I want to make here is...
We used a lot more DU this time than last time.
Can you speak to that?
Then I want to go to Mr. Garten.
Yeah, we're looking at the estimates.
During Gulf War I, we probably used 375 tons.
And I mean 375 tons of solid uranium.
Not 375 tons of munitions contained in everything.
But 375 tons comprised of solid uranium.
And this time, we're looking in Iraq in Gulf War II, or Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The only freedom here is the freedom to get polluted and die.
Probably over 1,000 tons.
So we're looking at three times the amount.
And the thing that's disturbing me...
The United States Army Surgeon General, General Ronald Peek, specifically ordered, and again, he's reiterating all the orders we go back to, to my original one right after the ground war in 91, to provide immediate radio bioassays, immediate medical care, for all individuals who have been exposed.
In the case of 442nd, the U.S.
Army absolutely refused to comply with the existing orders, forcing the individuals at the New York Daily News to take it upon themselves, acquire the funding, and set up the testings.
So that order requiring medical care for all of our sons and daughters is absolutely not being complied with.
Okay, let me bring Mr. Garten on, father of Clay Garten, 36-year-old, who came back and died within a month once he got sick.
After his death, the
They wanted to do an autopsy, and I told them they weren't going to do a massive autopsy and cut my son up any worse than it was.
And then they came back later and asked if they could do tissue samples without doing any big cutting of the body.
And that way they could absolve, but go ahead.
They can take little small tissue samples by drilling a little hole in the head and taking the samples in the lungs and the liver and the heart and all that stuff.
And then they said that they were going to take these samples over to KU and send them out and get these tests done on them and then we would know in six weeks, you know, what the problem was.
And then again, tell folks the relationship between KU and the VA there.
Well, the VA, all the interns are members of KU Medical Center and all the head doctors over there are from KU Medical Center that work there like once a week or something like that or once a month.
And it's all run by KU, the Veterans Hospital is more or less.
And they went and done a bone marrow tap on my son in the last week that he was there.
And they came back, they said, no, he don't have no uranium poisoning.
All it shows is arthritis.
To me, I don't think they were telling us the truth.
Well, I mean, they said that these National Guard in New York didn't have it, and then, boom, New York Daily News did it, and they had massive levels.
Dr. Rocky, what would you do about this?
Well, you've got to mess it up.
First off, sir, you know, my condolences to you and your family.
Thank you very much.
And, you know, warriors have been sent to war with defective equipment and inadequate training and totally lack of medical support ever since I came in the military in 1967.
Well, I was in there in the 50s.
Okay, sir.
I was in the United States Navy.
Well, my father was also in the Navy.
Anyhow, so family's gone both ways.
First off,
For the exposure of depleted uranium and these other toxins, with DU, they needed to do what's called a radiobioassay, and that's where they collect the urine of feces samples and do nasal and pharyngeal swab to determine what the exposures are.
That's supposed to happen within 24 to 72 hours of your exposure.
So they didn't get that done?
Well, obviously not.
They're not going to comply.
That is the written orders, but they are absolutely refusing to comply with that, not only for our own sons and daughters, but for also everybody else that's exposed, and that's Iraqi children...
Afghan children, the Balkan children, and it goes all over the United States, whether it's Concord, Massachusetts.
Yeah, ten different testing grounds, correct?
Yeah, a whole bunch of different places.
It's an absolute disaster.
And so when they do the tissue samples, now, they did a tissue sample biopsy on me, and I still got the scar on my arm, and I'm looking at it right now.
Totally useless.
I mean, they're blowing smoke.
That's what I, you know, I...
I said, should I take him somewhere else?
Should I take him to another hospital?
Oh, no.
You know, no matter where you take them, they do the same test we are.
They said we've run every test culture of any disease in Iraq.
Well, it ain't a disease.
It's not a disease.
It's not a disease.
What we're looking at is...
That's right.
And this is one of the things we've been arguing about for so long.
War has become a toxic wasteland.
We absolutely use the uranium munitions, and they are a legal weapon according to the United Nations.
And when you look at the criteria, I mean the common task training for the U.S.
soldiers, and again I wrote this, simply requires full respiratory and skin protection immediately upon...
Yeah, that's the book you wrote.
Tell us about that.
Yeah, well, there's a whole bunch of stuff.
Let me finish.
And then it also states very specifically that the uranium contaminations can make food and water unusable.
So we've got all of this stuff.
Now, what happened, and I understand your son was a medic, sir?
Yes, he was a helicopter corpsman.
He was inside an armored vehicle that had been hit by DU shells.
Friendly fire.
Well, no, it was...
Enemy fire, but they had love.
He climbed all over it.
He went inside of it to take care of the gentleman that got his arm blew off by it.
Yeah, I'm sure you know, Dr. Rocky, that the Iraqis have got DU.
They've been shooting the Abrams up with it.
Oh, no, first off, the Iraqis have never had DU.
The United States and Great Britain and Australia and Canada are the only ones that have it.
But it's been reported that someone's shooting through the Abrams with DU.
Well, absolutely.
We are.
They shot through this armored personnel carrier.
Friendly fire.
It wasn't friendly fire.
He believed, his son believed, correct, Mr. Darden, that they had captured weapons?
From what he said, the attack on this column, when they shot the shell through there, was from Iraqis.
The only thing that's going to happen is the U.S.
has been shooting up everything and everything that moves, whether it's a building, it's a water treatment facility, whether it's food storage or it's our own.
I mean, we have an Abrams tank that was lost...
Alright, stay there Dr. Rocky and Mr. Garten.
We'll talk about this when we get back.
It's very, very important.
Mass poisoning with D.U.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Bottom line, they know DU is deadly, both as a heavy metal and with the radiation.
And a thousand tons.
Three times what was used in the first Gulf War.
These masses of it in Serbia as well and Afghanistan.
Doesn't go away for hundreds of millions of years.
That's just the half-life.
And Dr. Rocky's going to be with us into the next hour.
We have had Mr.
Garden on with us, and he's welcome to keep riding and shouting on with us if he'd like to.
I want to give out the number for the memorial fund to help out Mr. Garden's children, Clay Garden, who died.
But, Dr. Rocky, I wanted to bring this point up to you.
They admit that most of the Republican Guard and Iraqi regular army bases got bombed with DU.
Then our troops moved right into those bases, and in a few bases they brought in dump trucks with sand to dump it over the blast points.
Does that protect our troops dumping some sand on the DU?
Absolutely not.
It's not compliant whatsoever.
With the existing regulations.
Army regulation, I understand you've got a link to it on your website?
Yes, at Infowars.com.
Very specifically, requires that the U.S.
Army identify, isolate, secure, and clean up all of this contamination.
I mean, it's not a question, it's not a
Let me add something else to this.
The Abrams uses DU in its armor.
I've also read that even when people use non-DU weapons against the Abrams, it puts off DU.
Is that accurate?
Oh, no.
No, not really.
What you have is the Abrams tank does have DU components.
If those things are penetrated or you have any problem, you'll have a portion.
But the main problem is with the Abrams and everything and the Bradley, they have such an upload of DU munitions on board that if you get hit by friendly fire, which is what happened during Gulf War I, because the majority of the deaths and wounds were friendly fire from DU during Gulf War I, what you have is the release of not only what was shot at it, but you have the release of what was on board.
Now, in the Iraqi equipment, one thing that we verified as part of the Captured Equipment Project, that thing is chock full of radioactive materials on its own.
Okay, so you have those things released during the detonation that are inherent components of the Iraqi equipment, or the Soviet equipment, whether it's the BMP, that's the armored personnel carrier that his son went in to treat the guy, or any of the tanks, or anything else.
And so you have all this combination.
The other thing that's important to understand is not only do you have uranium munitions, and you don't just have a pile of solid radioactive dust.
You've got all the other contaminants that are all mixed together.
And so what this is is a synergistic toxic wasteland.
All right, let me give out the nup.
Mr. Garten, I appreciate you having the courage to come on the broadcast, and I'm so sorry about your son.
But how do people contribute to help out your grandchildren?
They can make a donation to the Bank of America in the order of Clay W. Garten.
And that's in Raytown, Missouri.
And the address there is 10100E East 350 Highway.
Raytown, Missouri at 64138 Zip.
The phone number is area code 816-979-6294.
And we appreciate anything that anybody can do.
And we appreciate you giving us the opportunity to discuss our pain and misery and our feelings of what's been going on.
And the gentleman that's on the air with you, I hope you have a good fight and we can all do this together and get this stuff stopped because we should not be killing our own people.
And, you know, we had a civil war here many hundred years ago and we don't need it anymore.
Why do you... I want to just give you a few more minutes on the other side, and then we'll let you go, Mr. Gardner.
But I want to ask you and Mr. Rocky both, when we get back, why the establishment doesn't care about the Crips, you know, the psychology of this, because they know.
So just do a few more minutes with us, Mr. Gardner, and we'll let you go, and we'll continue then with Dr. Rocky, get into more detail about DU and how to stop this.
We're going to break for 70 seconds, come back with the third hour, finish up with Mr. Garten and then continue with Mr. Rocky, and take your calls.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
For the last hour, we've had the father of Army Sergeant Clay Garten, who clearly...
Was exposed to DU and believes that he was sick from it and he died.
Many others have admittedly been contaminated and have been sick and have died.
And our government doesn't care.
They're going to keep using it, using even more of it, and then just not giving the people treatment and denying that it ever happened.
Dr. Doug Rockey wrote literally the book on this after he was there in the 1990s in Iraq for General Schwarzkopf.
He's become ill.
Many members of his team have died from it.
And we're going to let Mr. Garten go here in just a few minutes, and we'll continue with Mr. Rocky, Dr. Rocky.
But Clay and Dr. Rocky, both of you, in the few minutes we've got left here in this segment, Rumsfeld, Bush, Clinton, all these people know what this does.
The Army's own documents, as you said, going back to the 70s and 80s, know how toxic and deadly this is.
And there's other contaminants, not just DU in these DU rounds.
Why don't they care?
Why do they bomb bases and then send our troops in to breathe it?
Dr. Rocky and then Mr. Garten.
It's very easy.
The purpose of war is to kill and destroy.
The consequences of war are totally irrelevant.
President Bush, ex-President Clinton, ex-President Bush number one, or anybody going back as far as I can remember down back to the 60s.
The purpose is to kill and destroy.
And when you send a warrior...
As we'll say, charge a machine gun nest.
That warrior goes in there with an attitude that first I'm immune, I'm Superman, nothing can happen to me.
But then when it happens, they absolutely just totally disregard the health and environmental effects.
In March of 1991, and again you have a reference to this, I think you're linked to it, I received a memorandum from the Los Alamos National Labs called, it's probably called the famed Los Alamos Memo.
It was written by a Colonel Michael Zeme, very specifically stated that we should lie in our reports in order to sustain the use of uranium emissions because they're so effective in combat.
Combat commander does not care.
And the generals and the president don't care what happens to the troops.
Well, that's like saying, let's drop neutron bombs on our troops because it'll kill the enemy, too.
Really, that's about it.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, that's what's happened.
Well, in my opinion, they should have just nuked the whole country and not even sent our troops in, and we wasted them all.
Instead of doing it slowly, we'd kill them all at once.
Well, you know, sir, there's one of the things, and we have to go to this, and I was involved in the planning of this.
I mean, Gulf War II, Operation Iraqi Freedom was totally ready to go by the summer of 2000, and then when Gore didn't get elected, the kibosh got put on that invasion.
Iraq posed absolutely no threat to the United States.
I know that.
Iraq did not possess chemical or biological munitions.
By the middle of the 1990s, Scott Ritter... They had no chance of getting nuclear weapons.
They had absolutely none whatsoever, and they were never involved in 9-1-1 whatsoever.
What are we going to do about the one next door to them?
Iran, they've got it.
What are we going to do about them?
You know, again, this whole thing.
In North Korea, what are we going to do about this?
Where are we going to stop?
Well, your buddy, Donald Rumsfeld, helped give them the reactors.
All of our buddies.
He's our good friend.
Where are we going to stop and take care of our country?
How about pulling all of our people back here and we'll stand off anybody that comes, damn it.
And we don't have to go somewhere else.
If they want to kill each other and take over each other's country, is that fine?
Let's set a boundary here.
I think what Dr. Rocky was saying is that
Friendly fire has killed more of our troops in these last few wars than the enemy, and now the DU and the chemicals are killing tens of thousands, and you're not supposed to talk about it.
That's correct.
Dr. Rocky?
I mean, you have to understand.
I mean, this is coming down to very simple.
It's our own actions in our total disregard for the consequences of the weapon systems that we use.
And the destruction of the nation's infrastructure that we wrought when we go in on there.
Let me finish up with Mr. Garten real quick.
Mr. Garten, I want to thank you for coming on the broadcast.
I'm really sorry about your son.
Our prayers go with you and your family and your son, of course.
And thank you for coming on and helping expose what DU really does.
And hopefully we can change these policies and save a lot of lives.
Thank you for having me.
Doctor, you take care and hope things get better for you and better for everybody.
Thank you very much.
We're going to take care of our troops, sir.
We'll be right back with Dr. Ruff.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
One thousand pounds!
Imagine a one thousand pound dirty bomb.
I mean, the horrible dirty bombs they've talked about that Al-Siaida is going to try to use on us might weigh a couple hundred pounds.
Well, our government hasn't used 1,000 pounds.
They've used 1,000 tons, which is roughly 3,000 pounds.
In Iraq, just this round, and a third of that in the first Gulf War, near that in Serbia, they've used near those levels in Afghanistan, their own manuals,
Going back to the 70s, say that it does this, and then we have their own memos where they say, we've got to cover this up because it's such a good weapon.
And then we march our troops in as disposable heroes, and then I've gotten emails before, hey, you commies, shut up.
Well, you just call up Mr. Garten then, who just lost his son, and you go and you look at the graves, or you go to the funerals of these troops.
There's people dying right here in Austin.
Troops that come back and die and are buried up in the ground.
And they get these muscle spasms, these high fevers.
They do the tests.
They've got DU in them.
From Texas to New York to Florida, the tests have been done.
And so if you really care about the troops...
If you really care about what's happening to them, you call your gods, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of them, these neocons who aren't real conservatives, and you demand they talk about this.
It's real funny, isn't it?
You don't really care about the troops or America.
You care about feeling like you're on a football team, the winning team, the neocon team.
Well, your Democrat buddies did it too.
We're going to go back to Dr. Rocky here in just a second and give him the floor and go over how we stop this, what it's really doing.
While they're doing it, on Infowars.com, we have his three questions from Dr. Doug Rockey, Ph.D., to the Department of Defense, concerning his use of radioactive weapons.
And I want to go over these three points with him.
Before we do that, just briefly, because I didn't plug them in the last hour, we fund this broadcast.
And my staff and the four websites and what we do off your purchases of my documentary films, my book, Paul Watson's book, the other videos and books and tapes we sell at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
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Dr. Rocky, continuing here, I mean, where should we go now?
I mean, talking to Mr. Garten, you know, hearing about how his son died,
Number one, what are the numbers that you've got since DU was first used 13 years ago in the first Gulf War and now used in three other areas?
Well, four other areas.
Also here in the U.S.
at least ten different zones.
Open air, mass munitions at these different weapons testing grounds and all these battlefields where they're doing these simulated wars.
How many people are sick and dying from this?
We have to look at all of the combinations of the effects.
You can't isolate the exposures out to one given thing, and that's what's been the absolute horrifying thing about this whole thing.
We know the individuals when they have very specific exposures to uranium munitions contamination via inhalation, ingestion, or absorption, or the shrapnel in their wounds, that they're going to have problems.
And I'm going to go back to the middle of last year where I actually have the US Department of Veteran Affairs report.
696,841 individuals that served during the Persian Gulf War proper, the combat action from August of 1990 through November, October, November 1991.
As of May of last year, 230,000, or 231,000 had put in for claims because they were sick and ill.
And the VA had awarded, this is just those involved in the active combat phase of Gulf War I, 179,310.
Now, we know the most current data reports we've had in the last few weeks that this number now is over 181,000 that are a permanent disability.
Now, they denied medical care to over 27,000 people.
That includes my own staff.
We were just fighting the last few days, still trying to get my own staff medical there, 14 years after the fact.
And you were there removing the destroyed vehicles that had been shot up with this stuff?
We were doing everything under the sun with hazardous materials, all the dehumiditions, the chem bio and the rad, the whole mess.
Oh, yeah.
So that's what we know has happened.
Now, of everybody that served in the Persian Gulf region from August of 1990 through May of 2004...
We had over 327,000 that have put in for permanent claims from the VA, and the VA had awarded permanent disability to over 257,000.
That's one-third of the force.
Now, I've read the number that, as of a few years ago, it was 35,000 of the troops have died for different reasons.
Now I'm hearing that number is 50,000 just from the first Gulf War.
Is that accurate?
Probably too low.
I can't get it.
It's just astonishing.
Then we go to Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Again, as of August of this last year, we already had the VA award a permanent disability to 27,571.
We're at 20% within one year.
We had 153 cases of cancer.
We had, let's go to some of the bigger numbers, 5,375 of the neuropsych,
Over 5,000 neurological, respiratory, digestive, over 6,000.
I mean, we're seeing skin problems.
It's just devastated me and all my staff.
Neuromuscular, over 8,000.
These are permanent problems already with the kids.
Well, let's get personal.
Your team, how big was it?
How many people have gotten cancer?
How many have died?
Real good, hard put together.
If we look at the total number of individuals the U.S.
Department of Defense totally acknowledged was involved in friendly fire plus all of our cleanup, that's over 400 individuals.
From a group of how many?
That's over 400 individuals.
So out of 400 individuals, how many have gotten cancer?
It's a real hard thing to put, but we've been able, looking at all the data, we got well over 20 are dead out of the primary 100.
Now the thing that's astonishing, which is really bad news on this... Well, that's 20% out of the primary 100.
Yeah, it is.
And what we look at, which is really bad news on this whole thing, is even though we had 424 individuals there, that I can specifically identify the Department of Defense has totally acknowledged in their own documents,
They told President Bill Clinton back in 1998, that was seven years after the fact, they'd only notified 104 and 105 individuals out of 424 that they need medical care seven years after the fact.
And as the Department of Defense is totally acknowledging here even recently... So they're even admitting, yes, you've been poisoned, you need care, but the mainstream media still is.
Do you, Bob, for you?
Well, the other thing, too, is, but you can't get medical care.
I mean, you know, up until even the last few days, I'm still fighting to get medical care for my sergeant.
Who they claim the Department of the Army down at the National Records Center in St.
Louis, Missouri claims was never there.
But you go to the unclassified and classified reports and the photo sees all over the place.
So what we have is just a total absolute disregard for the existing orders and regulations that mandate medical care for everybody.
And they just totally walk away.
Now the thing, and this is the horrifying thing about this thing, and which has really bothered me completely,
Now we have another one of our warriors, another son, Sergeant Gardner, who's died.
Over nothing.
That's what's really the tragedy here.
It's all over nothing.
But then when we send our troops in with inadequate training, for example, right here, I'm near Champaign, Illinois.
We're getting ready to deploy over 600 members of the 2nd Battalion, 130th Illinois Army Infantry National Guard to Iraq.
They're leaving within hours.
That's how close it is.
They do not have the training, because I've talked to them.
They do not have the equipment.
And they're being sent into a nightmare again.
Well, I've read the Army doesn't even allow the issuance of the training manuals about DU.
Well, they haven't done that.
I mean, the number of orders that were issued once I completed all this stuff back in the 90s, and again, reissued in the total...
Why every war do they do this to our troops and now it's getting even worse?
I mean, why do they almost take an enjoyment in hurting the troops even greater than the enemy does and then not even giving them treatment?
Well, part of the thing is it's just winning the battle and winning the war with a total disregard for health and environmental effects.
You have to understand, this goes back to what I learned from my days in Vietnam.
We're totally expendable.
Well, that shows Rumsfeld's disconnect going, hey, you go to war with the army you got.
They had years to get ready for this.
Well, we actually planned to put this together years ago.
So all the stuff that's happening, when you look at the training, the operations, and all the exercise we have is all put together.
But it's total disregard.
It's real simple.
The United States uses uranium munitions because they're extremely effective.
They destroy a nation's infrastructure, release all the toxic industrial chemicals.
They don't provide the troops with the protection they needed.
They don't clean up the mess that they're supposed to do.
Then they put the troops in there, and the kids come back sick, and they die, and nobody gives a flyin'.
We'll be right back.
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I want the military personnel listening.
I want the police listening.
I want people that serve this government who are listening to understand.
They admittedly left 20-plus thousand American citizens
And British POWs in Nazi camps and let Stalin have them.
That's admitted.
I have the documents.
Roosevelt, and this is now documents were declassified two years ago in major New York papers, but just back of the paper, ordered the Navy to leave 7,000 American citizens in the Philippines so they'd be captured because it would, quote, be good propaganda in the newsreels.
7,000 lives.
4,000 plus of them died in the camps.
I've interviewed people who were six years old in the camps, watching their mothers and fathers being tortured and raped by the Japanese who were pretty brittle, just so they could have some propaganda and newsreels about having our civilians.
Oh, but they wouldn't be involved in 9-11.
The globalists would.
Oh, no.
They wouldn't market drugs that they know are dangerous on the market.
The government cares about you.
The government loves you.
The government's run by sweetie pies that are just so nice.
And, Dr. Rocky, most of the troops and police I've talked to know something's wrong, support what I'm doing, what you're doing.
But a few weeks ago, I was buying some Christmas presents at Academy's Sporting Goods store, and a guy walked up, and he's like, I fly helicopters for the Night Stalkers, and I'm like, you're full of it, and blah, blah, blah.
And I said, well, you know, the vaccines have been admitted to be deadly.
And that's admitted.
Ah, whatever.
Well, you better watch out with DU.
And he started laughing at me.
I mean, you know, what's funny about this, when their own manuals say it, but I'm bad, how is it not patriotic that I stand up for the troops, that I gave out the phone number to raise money for this dead soldier's family?
How is that bad, but these people just sit there doing nothing for the soldiers, and even some soldiers laugh about it, Dr. Rocky?
I wish I had the answer to that question.
Many, many years ago, between combat missions, we were...
Vietnam days, and some events happened, and my commanding general was right there.
I stayed in touch with him.
We stayed friends for over 30 years.
He had told us back in Vietnam days, between combat missions, he said, you know, I'm going to always take care of you, and I want you to always take care of the troops, because that's our primary responsibility.
Well, right before he died here a few years ago, he looked at me and said, well, Sergeant Rock, because at that time I was just Sergeant, ended up going through all the ranks, said, Sergeant Rock,
That's how he remembered me.
Are you still taking care of the troops?
And, General, yes, sir, I am.
What we have to understand with uranium munitions use, the United States made the conscious... United States officials, Department of Defense officials... You have the document!
Oh, absolutely.
Made the conscious choice to use uranium munitions and disregard the health and environmental effects.
The Army regulation, and I'm looking at it right here, signed by General Shinseki, who issued the original order...
Back in October 1993 to clean up the medical care, provide all the training, and clean up all environmental contamination that got me on this whole DEU project.
This Army regulation specifically states, I'm going to read this quote.
Commander's radiation safety officer will identify, segregate, isolate, secure, and label all radiologic contaminated equipment.
Procedures to minimize the spread of radioactivity will be implemented as soon as possible.
That's not a question.
That's a direct order.
The unit team individual responsible for the equipment, whether friendly or foreign, at the time of damage or contamination, responsible for taking all actions consistent with this regulation and pamphlet that I wrote.
We come on down.
All equipment to include captured or combat radiologically contaminated equipment will be surveyed, packaged, retrograded, decontaminated, and released in accordance with the Technical Bulletin 9-1300-278.
That specifies contamination levels.
Personnel, quote, personnel handling contaminated equipment need to follow personal safety measures outlined in the pamphlet.
That requires full respiratory and skin protection.
We keep coming on down.
But Rush Limbaugh says it's nutritious.
How about he eats some with his ladies?
How about that?
How about let him eat all this stuff?
You know, the requirements exist.
The U.S.
Army regulation, which has the same force as U.S.
federal law, requires...
Thorough cleanup.
We come on down to the next section that absolutely mandates medical care.
Not a question.
Not a thing, well, I'll think about it.
It says, thou shalt provide medical care.
When we look at the technical bulletin that we revised based on all our research and first-hand experience, not somebody sitting at a desk thinking about this stuff.
But what you really do and how you clean up the mess, that's the kind of science I did.
That's what I did as a super garbage man, had to clean up the mess.
And so when you look at the very specific specifications, it's not, i.e., something that you say, I can get around with.
We know that the level of contaminations that exist throughout Iraq and the camps where the soldiers are in the combat areas,
Exceeds any permissible levels.
We know the Department of Defense officials are not cleaning up.
They're not providing the troops... Stay there, Doctor.
Let's do a few more minutes on the other side and take some calls.
Let's come back and talk about it.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You and your family members getting enough minerals on the daily diet?
It's not likely, according to the World Health Organization.
In fact, over one-third of the global population suffers from some form of serious mineral deficiency, leading to all kinds of disease and disability.
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We're good to go.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I know we've had loaded phones the last hour and a half, but I haven't been taking calls because I've had two guests on about DU.
You want to talk about depleted uranium or examples of our government not caring about its own minions...
Just to show you how ruthless these corporate creatures are.
We'll go to John and Roger and a few others that are holding.
Plus a caller wants to talk about a...
Casper, Wyoming, Star Tribune article about Clarence Thomas, the Bohemian Grove.
I saw it this morning, didn't print it for some reason, didn't bring it, but we'll talk to that caller about that, too.
You want to talk to Dr. Doug Rocky, an American hero, Vietnam veteran, literally wrote the book in the early 90s on DU and how deadly it is for the Pentagon, the official Army regulations not being followed.
And then the neocons get on radio, like the gun-grabbing, open-border, big-government-promoting scum they are, and tell you, it's conservative.
It's good for you.
I mean, I've heard them.
It's good for you.
It's not bad.
It's safe.
It's depleted.
It's not a problem.
It's total fraud.
Two rims of radiation.
New York Daily News did blood tests at a major firm.
I mean, that's very high levels, folks.
But before we go back to Dr. Rocky and your calls...
I want to play this clip.
I've played it probably ten times over the last few months.
Where local CBS News, this has been all over the country, similar reports, where they tell you new reports, mercury is good for your child's brain.
I expect them to say uranium is good for you soon.
This is the just incredible lying.
From our scientists, from our PhD, I want to get his comment on mercury being nutritious for you.
Go ahead and play this clip.
Mercury-containing vaccines may have on kids.
A life-saving device wins over-the-counter approval by the FDA.
And sick of your glasses and contact lenses, a new corrective eye surgery is approved today.
Here's tonight's medical headlines with medical watch reporter, Suma Mathur.
Mercury-containing vaccines may help not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal Pediatrics.
There have been widespread concerns that mercury-based preservatives in vaccines might impair the neurological development of children.
These new studies suggest that the opposite, that the preservatives may actually be associated with improved behavior and mental performance.
A recent move by the Food and Drug Administration could... Then they get into a new defibrillator.
The point here is this one study was done by a big drug company that makes vaccines, the other by the feds, and they have literally thousands of studies about how bad mercury is for the brain, especially at 200 times safe levels.
That's what a six-month-old gets after the first round of shots.
Dr. Rocky, just a side issue.
They're now telling us that mercury is good for us.
Do you think that's true?
This is pure nonsense.
That's about all I can say.
I mean, mercury, like all this stuff, are toxic heavy metal.
You get into the body, you're going to get sick.
It's that simple.
There is no safe level.
This concept or idea there's a safe level... But, sir, it's not just safe.
It's good for your brain now.
Well, I mean, we've had the same comments already made about uranium contamination in the body.
The U.S.
Army officials have made those same comments recently.
It's pure nonsense.
They're saying it's nutritious?
Wait a minute.
Oh, absolutely.
You're joking.
I mean, it's pure nonsense.
You have to understand.
I'm going to go back.
I'm going to make this loud and clear.
The Los Alamos Memorandum, which you have a link to on your website, very specifically stated, the lie in the reports in order to sustain the use of uranium.
We've got a link to that, but do you have that in front of you?
Can you read that?
And then we'll go to calls.
This is where they're saying, this is a great weapon, let's lie about it.
Take your time to dig it out.
When we look at all of the stuff that's happening, I don't even know how to get there.
I'm not finding it right now.
Let me try to dig it out.
I've got the pronounce, but go ahead.
I've got so much stuff.
It's just absolute pure nonsense.
And, you know, we can go over... Well, tell us what that particular officer said.
Well, what it said, very specifically stated, we need to ensure the use of uranium emissions, we need to put it together, and there has to be total propensity, and whenever we write after-action reports to ensure that we sustain the use of uranium emissions.
I mean, that's been going off and on forever.
When I was director of the Depleted Uranium Project, all this information started coming out, and I'm going...
Well, you know, we've got to all get this put together, but the same thing, we're trying to make sure it's taken care of within the military.
So what's next?
We're going to start saying cyanide's good for you?
Who knows?
I mean, you know, it's just pure, total nonsense.
The thing is, it's happening here.
The idea and the concept just to kill and destroy and totally disregard the health and environmental effects of warfare, whether it's uranium munitions or destruction of a nation's infrastructure...
And walk away just for power and greed and everything else is what's driving it all around.
The sick part is that the current White House, and it was the same for Clinton, is a bunch of chicken hawks.
Well, I mean, you have to understand, all these people involved in this stuff go back through multiple administrations.
It's not any one given thing.
The guys that are running this thing now under Bush II were the same ones that were doing it under Clinton, and some of them were involved in Bush I, and they go back forever.
You need to understand, it doesn't change.
It doesn't change.
The horrifying thing about this thing is we've got Sgt.
Gardner who died right after Christmas and all this stuff.
He was again abandoned by his nation.
But yet now they have to go out and put a fund together to take care of his children.
That's ludicrous.
Bush has been about to spend millions upon millions upon millions of dollars for this friggin inauguration.
Why don't they give one of those million dollars to this family and help take care of this family?
That's where the reality is.
I'm tired of our nation's soldiers being sent to war with inadequate training, with inadequate equipment, in totally contaminated environments, not being provided the mandated medical care that is required by direct orders
Put into areas where the contamination is all over the place because it has not been cleaned up, even though it's absolutely required by U.S.
Army regulation, Department of Defense regulation.
Well, they used three times as much DU in Iraq this time as 14 years ago.
The country's trashed.
And they used it in all the populated areas instead of out in the middle of the desert.
And we've had thousands of people die from it in the first one.
What are the numbers going to be this time?
I mean, the numbers are already astronomical.
When we're looking at over 20% of the current force after one year already being permanently disabled, you've got to ask what the question is.
It's not i.e.
6,000 or 8,000 that have been wounded and another 1,200 or 1,400 that have died.
It's all these other thousand that have died, like Sergeant Gardner, that are not counted.
And it's all these other 27,000 that have already been given permanent disability within one year.
I mean, the casualty count is just astronomical.
And it's over nothing.
The regulations mandate medical care.
The regulations mandate... Well, that's my point.
Why did I have an army officer laughing at me saying he'd been told it was a conspiracy by his superiors when I was saying your own manual says it's deadly?
And he's laughing at me.
You have to remember, you get in this mindset where they've got everything put together, okay?
They're fools.
And the individual, the group think, and they say, well, this is what they tell me, so therefore it's there.
You know, if I hadn't been there and learned it myself...
Okay, and went through the process of understanding what happened and making the decision, I can't go along with this nonsense anymore.
I might have stuck in there with those guys.
But what I learned and what I saw in a military career that spanned well over 30 years and all these special considerations is they don't care.
And for a soldier that believes this stuff but doesn't look and says, I'll give you an example.
The U.S.
Army and Department of Defense officials that are responsible for radiation safety
For the troops and our nation's troops, right now and in the past, have absolutely point blank refused to join me in my effort to ensure that medical care is provided to our nation's sons and daughters as ordered by the U.S.
Surgeon General.
And the environmental contamination is cleaned up as ordered by General Shinseki.
They refuse to help us do that.
So when we here support the troops, that means live in denial, drink your six-pack, don't care about the troops.
Now, this is number three of your three questions.
By what legal or ethical right can members of the United States military or any other nation's military disperse tons of uranium weapons with radioactive and heavy metal toxic contamination, America's own dirty bomb, any place...
In the world, when those radioactive materials will then contaminate air, water, soil with consequence of adverse health effects, as we know, will occur.
We must remember that one of the findings published by the U.S.
Army Environment Policy Institute in their 1995 report on depleted uranium was quoted.
No available toxicology can significantly change the inherent chemical and radiological toxicity of DU.
These are intrinsic properties of uranium.
Hey, mercury's bad for you folks in high levels.
Uranium's bad for you.
It is not vitamin C. And we're radical, Dr. Rocky.
Because you were one of the head guys who wrote the book on this for them.
You're radical because you say it as the troops die.
I'm radical because I know Mercury isn't good for me.
The world's turned topsy-turvy.
Let's take some calls.
John in New York, you're on the air with insane people that think uranium's bad for you.
Go ahead.
Hi, I'm just going to tell you about a VA hospital.
I've got about three points.
I'll make it quick.
VA hospital here in our town, they tried to fire one of the local workers.
He had a bad back.
They tried not to pay him.
I worked in his comp.
Ended up going through court procedures and all that.
When it got said and done, the boss put paperwork in his file that was false.
And the secretary admitted that in court.
So anyhow, he proved his case and he got his job back.
When it got said and done, the job was... The description of what actually happened is a fraudulent description put in the file.
And the boss has still got his job.
Secondly, can we use like pH to dictate possibly a measure of if you've got DU, it would be an inherent measure of, hey, I've got a problem here.
It might be an indicator.
Secondly, my other son went into the military, and he was a Band-Aid, you know, going to be a medical.
And when I came out of the military a year later, he tells me oxygen is bad for you.
I said, who the hell told you that?
Excuse my language.
But, you know, it's just the other extreme of the case.
And the last thing is, as far as the UN outlaws using dirty bombs or whatever else,
Now, they've got a tool for ourselves to use that, hey, you didn't enforce law on that side, so now when you say we've got a mandate that we're going to be Euro or World Order or whatever, we don't have to mandate that rule because you didn't mandate the other rule.
It's just a bad game again.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, John.
Yeah, this systemic corruption in the VA, would you like to speak to that, Dr. Rocky?
Well, it's an ongoing thing.
I mean, what has happened is care has been denied, inappropriate care has been given,
Care has been delayed.
Or when they give you the care, they totally disregard it.
When you go in for health problems, they totally disregard it.
Or they just say, we're doing you a favor.
And I want to add a caveat to police and firemen listening.
This is NBC News, folks, but back of the paper.
And this is in the 9-11 section of Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Those buildings, Tower 1 and 2, were built, were insulated with asbestos.
That's admitted.
And the people got incredibly sick.
The FDA...
Excuse me, the EPA put out the report and said they've got huge amounts of particulates in their lungs.
Of this, they're very sick, they need a fund, and George Bush blocked the fund to give medical treatment to the firemen and police.
Forget the civilians, as they call us.
So, again, there's another example just of how they'll have all these tributes to you, all this sappiness on TV, crying and loving you and telling you what heroes you are, but they really don't care about you.
Well, Christine Whitman actually altered the reports and all the contaminants that were involved there and why everybody got sick.
I was a keynote speaker in the EPA conference.
We held the EPA headquarters in Cincinnati a year ago on all this stuff.
It was right after that conference where all this stuff came out that Whitman got fired and stuff started coming out.
So that's, again, a toxic wasteland.
They don't care.
I mean, it's mind-boggling.
But again, what was it, $97 million, which sounds like a lot, but it's not when you've got tens of thousands of police and firemen.
And see, you didn't get it.
You don't get anything.
But you're going to pull me over and demand to search my car and act like a police state thug serving this system.
It's stupid.
That's good.
What, do we get another call?
Yeah, let's go to Roger in Pennsylvania.
Roger, go ahead.
Yeah, thanks.
Dr. Doug, I've been wanting to ask, and I assume you're probably at least a little more ordinance expert than I am, which would be sufficient, but am I correct in my surmise that even if one believes in DU rounds, that they, say in Bosnia and probably to a lesser extent even in...
Well, let me put it even simpler than that.
A standard heat round, high explosive, or 50 cal round is going to take out the equipment.
We never found a reactive armor.
We never found anything that couldn't be penetrated by 50 cal rounds.
Well, how about that?
God bless you all.
Yeah, that's a good point.
I've seen them admit on television that they shoot buildings up, regular cars, buses.
We've got the actual measurements.
We've got the actual photographic records.
We've got the video records.
I mean, I've got video footage of U.S.
Army officers with all the contamination around, not putting their troops in protective gear, not cleaning up, and just simply refusing to do anything with it, just leaving it there.
There's no question about this.
Why are they just using it all over Iraq and more and more munitions?
I mean, before it was just the Abrams dark round, the Sabo round, and in the Warthog, Vulcan cannon.
Why is it using so many other weapons now?
Kills and destroys.
This is a little curious thing.
Well, here's a question.
How many weapon systems that you know of is it being used in?
Okay, we have it in the Abrams rounds, 105, 120 millimeter round.
That's in the U.S.
We have it in 30 millimeter, and each one of those are about 10 pounds solid uranium per round.
The Bradley Fighting Vehicle uses a 25 millimeter round.
That's about a half pound of solid uranium per round.
The Warthog fires a D round.
Each one's about three-quarters of a pound of solid uranium per round.
It fires at 4,000 rounds per minute.
That's a ton and a half per minute on target.
Then we have the ATEM and the PETEM.
Those are both submunitions.
Those are landmines.
Those are cluster bombs contained in the EU.
Then we have it in the .50 cal machine gun.
Yeah, I've read that they're issuing it to everybody now.
We have absolute total confirmation on Abrams tank being taken out by a .50 cal EU round.
Absolute total confirmation, not a question.
Then we have it in the Bunker Busters.
Absolutely no doubt about it.
We got it in the cruise missiles.
You have to understand, this stuff is so effective.
That the warrior, when they go to war, or the guys that run the war, are going to use it.
And the other thing, too, is we're getting rid of all of our radiological waste at Oak Ridge in Tennessee, Portsmouth in Ohio, and Paducah, Kentucky.
They can't dispose of it there, so what we'll do is dispose it in another nation and walk away.
I know we've got a bunch of calls, but John, specifically for Dr. Rocky, who's up next?
Okay, well, we've got callers calling in, but they're calling in about other issues, about Bohemian Grove, other issues.
So we're not going to take calls on that, folks.
We're talking about the plea to uranium here in just the last few minutes we've got with Dr. Rocky here at the end of the year.
Dr. Rocky, I couldn't have thought of a more important broadcast to do at the end of the year, because if they'll do this, they'll do anything.
I mean, what else are they doing that is killing our own people?
I mean, what does this say about enclosing the mindset of these people?
Well, let's consider Project Shad is still an ongoing thing throughout the United States where they've deliberately exposed chemical and biological munitions to our own troops as they've done for years and years and years.
I've had to clean that up.
I've had to provide medical care for the casualties and that continues on.
The thing is, again, as we end this year, the United States has gone to war again.
They have sent our sons and daughters into war with defective equipment, with inadequate training,
Into a contaminated area where we refuse to provide, clean up the contamination that we caused.
We're leaving that contamination there to affect the residents of those areas, and we've walked away and refused to provide medical care.
And now we've got another American warrior, a son and daughter of America, a son of America, who's died in Kansas City area, abandoned by his nation, for which he gave his life for.
Dr. Rocky, I'll see you in 2005.
I want to get you back on about Project Shad.
Thank you very much.
Thank you for coming on.
Hold on just one moment.
We'll be right back, folks.
Hold on just a second.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Thank you.
We're good to go.
I think?
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, always the most important stuff gets said during breaks.
All right.
Talking to Dr. Rocky.
You know, he's having upper respiratory problems right now.
Bleeding rashes from the DU right now.
A lot of his team has died that was there in 1991, or very ill.
Finishing up, Dr. Rocky, during the break, we were talking about folks that go, oh, I trust the government, they wouldn't do that to me, and you had a comment to that.
They're going to do it to you, and what I need to urge right now, it's been all over the news and everybody, I need to have every mother and father, son and daughter, niece and nephew, grandparent, aunt and uncle, call their congressmen, their senators, the President of the United States, call the Secretary of Defense,
And absolutely ensure, mandate, that our sons and daughters are not sent to war with defective equipment, inadequate training, and a total lack of medical care assessment before they go to war, when they're in war, and medical care when they come back.
But you know the cover-up's got to continue.
They can't let it up.
This is like all the other cover-ups.
Well, yeah, but the whole thing is we have to have everybody that yells and screams it no more.
One of the things that I've been doing... Well, it's also a good reason not to join the military.
Well, let me tell you, after 30-some years in the military as a retired and disabled combat veteran right now, I wouldn't advise anybody to join the military from what I've learned.
But what we have to do now, we have to take care of our sons and daughters.
Everybody must call and take action to demand and ensure they have adequate training, the equipment they need, they get the medical care before, they get the medical care during and after, and they're not put in there with defective equipment.
And this nonsense where Rumsfeld said, well, you go to war with what you have is ridiculous.
He has an obligation to ensure that our sons and daughters have the best equipment at all times.
And when I hear words and I get back a message, send me a Christmas care package, send me socks, send me shoelaces, send me the simplest stuff, send me toilet paper.
Did you know Halliburton charges them $100 for 10 pounds of laundry?
Yeah, well, Halliburton has been ripping everybody off since I wrote the cleanup plan and gave it to Halliburton by the Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, back in 1992.
What the heck?
Listen, Dr. Rocky, have a good New Year, and I want to get you back on soon about Project Shad, where they openly nerve gas and bio our troops and kill them and test it on them.
I want to get you back on about that, and God bless you, and thanks for your courage.
Thank you, and God bless, and happy New Year to everybody.
And to that family, we've got to take care of that family, but then we have to make sure our government takes care of all of the families.
And stops what they're doing to begin with.
Take care.
Take care.
Folks, I mean, again...
So many people think they're members of the establishment, you defend it like a bunch of bees or something, and it doesn't care about you.
In fact, it hates you.
The globalists have little contests about who's the most ruthless.
Seriously, they do.
It's a society of sickos that run the planet, and they want you to think you're part of it.
You're not, folks.
This broadcast is not radical.
Mercury is not nutritious.
Uranium is not good for you.
This is true.
This is real.
The IMF and World Bank public documents now are how to make the world starve.
How to take our pension funds.
How to enslave us.
It's about control!
They're criminals!
In this new year, 2005 coming up, we're probably going to see globalist terror attacks.
We'll bring in national drafts and police state.
We're going to see the implementation of the national ID cards and the driver's license.
We're going to see the new Freedom Initiative as they try to push that.
More psychological testing and drugging.
We have got to wake everybody up and say no.
We've got to support those that tell the truth.
We've all got to become info warriors and stand up against this new world order.
The interview you heard with Dr. Rocky will re-air tonight, 9 to midnight Central, and several times over the weekend.
Please tell your friends and family to tune in if they're in the military so they have a chance to hear the reality of what they're facing from the guy that literally wrote the book back in 1991 for the Pentagon on DU, Dr. Rocky.
Doug Rocky.
I'm Alex Jones signing off.
I'll see you live in 2005.
I won't be out getting drunk tonight.
I'll be editing and working on my new video, Martial Law.
I hope you'll spend time with your family and think about the new year instead of going out and acting like an idiot.
We've got more serious things to do than to go out and drink and drive.
So be careful, watch out for the drunk idiots tonight, and God bless you, and check out prisonplanet.tv!