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Air Date: Jan. 4, 2005
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Tuesday, the fourth day of January 2005.
We're going to be live for the next two hours and 59 minutes.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Well, the governor of Baghdad, the appointed governor, was assassinated.
There have been bombings all over the country, and more and more defense intelligence agencies, CIA, State Department internal reports are being leaked about how the war is unwinnable.
The neocons howl that everyone must be killed in Iraq.
That would be a very interesting sight.
Just kill everyone.
Have it be a wasteland of skeletons.
That would be bringing them freedom and love.
Quite a treat after putting Saddam Hussein into power in 1979, our government did, telling him to attack Iran, ordering him to, funding him to, telling him to go ahead and invade Kuwait, giving him the weapons, having 13 years of sanctions that killed a million and a half people,
A good price to pay, Madeleine Albright said, for security in the Middle East.
And now the neocons howl, kill them, kill them all.
Just kill them all.
Newborn babies.
Kill them.
Kill them.
I'm sure you've heard them.
Why, they're subhuman trash.
Just kill them.
I actually hear subhuman on the news and read subhuman in the papers.
I thought somebody else talked about subhuman.
And he was bad, I heard, but when our government does it, it's good.
We're liberating.
So many Iraqis were happy to see the U.S.
go in there for the big global banks.
They thought it was a real liberation.
But after they saw the Ba'athists put back into power, almost all of them,
Well, they got pretty upset.
By the way, they're claiming that Al Safari, or however you pronounce his name, has been captured again.
Of course, a year ago they claimed he was killed in another country, and then he's been killed three separate times and captured one other time, and they never retract that they've killed him or displayed his body.
They just bring him back up again.
Why, they've captured him again, Drudge is reporting.
It's kind of like Chemical Ali.
They killed him twice, confirmed it, like DNA test shows, and then now, of course, they've got him in custody and have been parading him around for trial.
Of course, they showed us wax figurines of the Saddam sons.
I don't know, I guess I'm bad, because I remember all the times that they captured...
Al Suhari.
I mean, just over and over, and they killed him over and over again.
They never retract and say, we were wrong, we didn't kill him.
It's just, we killed him again, and we killed him again, and we captured him again, and we killed him, and captured him, and killed him.
And the government's not stupid.
Why do they keep doing this?
They're just setting the precedent that they can claim that the sun doesn't come up in the morning, and that the sky isn't blue, and that birds don't tweet.
And then we'll just set the precedent, then the next day they can say, no, the sun actually does rise, and the sky is blue, and the next day we never said it was blue.
I mean, it's really getting as bizarre as 1984.
It's amazing.
Governor of Baghdad assassinated, Baghdad Governor Ali al-Haderi, has been shot dead in a roadside ambush in the Iraqi capital.
The highest profile assassination there since May...
I never got to this yesterday.
I want to cover it today.
Headline, human hand behind earthquake and tsunami.
I'm not saying that.
The mainstream news is.
Tsunami warning, failed to get through to Thai expert.
He laughed at him.
FBI clears terrorist of shining laser pointers at pilots.
Eight-year-old child tortured by U.S.
It's all coming up.
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Big Brother.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Again, my friends, the fourth day of January 2005, now into the second segment, 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the broadcast.
We're going to be taking your calls here in the first hour on any issue you'd like to discuss, and yes, I will go to your calls early in the broadcast.
I took a week off, and I've just been chomping at the bit ever since I got back, but now I've settled down a bit, and I promise I won't wait 45 minutes to
We're good to go.
And occasionally we ask how you're listening to see which AM or FM affiliate it is or which shortwave or satellite or the internet, but you don't have to tell us that either.
We just want to talk to you and get your take on things.
But when I do take a lot of calls, I want to move past people quickly.
I have a problem with the callers are so great with...
I'm going over four or five subjects with you, and I make my comments, you make your comments, and we spend about five, six minutes per caller.
We need to cut that down to about two minutes so I can get more of you on.
I get a lot of emails, people calling, going, I can never get through, it's busy.
We're going to try to fix that problem.
Rolling through these a little bit faster.
Coming up in the second hour, Chris Milligan, who I really think has written the definitive book on the order of death known as Skull and Bones.
And we just had a Skull and Bones election, and it goes into how Kerry didn't contest the election, how the thing was staged from beginning to end.
Very important.
And that'll be coming up in the next hour.
He's really built upon the work of Anthony Sutton and Tex Mars and so many others that were pioneers in exposing this.
And the book is 712 pages long.
I read it about six, seven months ago.
It's about a year ago now.
It's just an amazing book.
It's the size of, say, the Fort Worth phone book.
I mean, it's about three or four inches long.
Thick and just amazing.
So we'll be going over the history of it and who some of the top people in government are in both parties and that's coming up in the second hour!
And I really look forward to this interview with Mr. Milligan who we've had on only once before.
Alright, let's just run to the news here.
Governor of Baghdad is fascinated.
Baghdad Governor Ali al-Hadiri was shot dead
As he drove in his armored limousine, in his armored vehicle, the highest profile assassination there since May, attackers shot at his armored plated car from different directions as...
The convoy drove through northern Baghdad.
Violence has begun escalating ahead of elections planned for January 30th.
In a separate incident, at least 10 people have been killed, about 60 others injured in a bomb blast at a police post in Baghdad, officials say.
A suicide bomber rammed a fuel truck into a checkpoint near the Green Zone, the heavily fortified government and diplomatic compound.
Several few days, another bombing at that area.
The explosion shook the city and turned the immediate area into an inferno, says BBC correspondent Jim Muir in Baghdad.
Eight policemen were said to have died in the attack near a special Iraqi forces command post.
And Mr. Hadiri is the most senior Iraqi official to be assassinated in Baghdad since the head of the governing council was killed by a suicide bomb May of last year.
At least one of his bodyguards was also killed in the attack in the Haryana district of West Bank of the Tigris River.
Iraqi insurgents have repeatedly targeted government officials around the country.
Mr. Hadiri
Hadri escaped assassination in a roadside bomb attack in September.
In Thailand, U.S.
Secretary of State Colin Powell expressed regret at Tuesday's assassination, but said Iraq's elections will go ahead.
The most recent attacks come a day after.
At least 20 people were killed across the country.
There were at least two suicide car bomb attacks on Baghdad Monday.
Three Britons and an American were among those killed.
Another suicide car bomb targeted the offices of Interim Prime Minister
Alawi killing another four people.
Now, let me just stop right here.
I am not on the side of the Iraqi insurgents.
I'm not on the side of the globalists that happen to own our military.
I coldly look at the historical facts.
Let me just try to crystallize this and say it quickly and simply, which I'm not very good at doing.
There's so many pieces of data and evidence.
I'll say it again.
The globalists who run our government publicly put Saddam in power in 79.
He was trained in 49 as a CIA assassin in Egypt.
He traveled to the US.
He was given basically James Bond training.
OSS training.
That had then turned into the Central Intelligence Agency in 47.
He murdered, he bombed, he machine gunned, he tortured.
They got him in as the head of Iraq's security chief, or their basic CIA director, what, in 68?
They helped have a coup d'etat in 79.
They told him to invade Iran, funded him over $12 billion, that's just the public funding.
Gave him nerve gas, CIA trained him how to spray with helicopters, his people.
Our government trained tens of thousands of Republican Guard at our bases in torture and in bombing and in espionage, just everything.
And then they told him, he said, I want to invade Kuwait.
They've been stealing my oil.
And April Gillespie, it's on video, said, hey, we're your ally.
We're not allies with them.
Go ahead.
We're not going to get involved in that.
And she smiled.
He said, are you sure?
This is on video.
She said, yes, sir.
He said, well, thank you very much.
I appreciate that.
Always worked for you, and I'm going to do a darn good job for you.
And so the evil creature, which is nothing compared to Gaddafi and the rest of them in that area.
Gaddafi's now our buddy, though, of course.
He's nothing compared to the criminals that run Egypt, the criminals that run many other areas.
The criminals that run Pakistan.
Handing out the nukes like they're hotcakes or something to North Korea and others.
So that's what happened.
And then there's been a million and a half people.
That was from the beginning of the sanctions to 2000.
I haven't looked at the numbers in years.
Conservatively in 97, they said 700,000 dead children.
Mellon Arbright said, yeah, that's right.
That's a good price to pay.
And so then we go in there again, blow the place to bits, DU it with over 1,000 tons of pleated uranium.
Pay off the Republican Guard before the war even starts to stand down.
Go in.
Within a month, they've hired all those top generals.
Put them back into control.
The Shiites, who've been encouraged to have an uprising in 1991, freak out and go, wait a minute, you're shutting down our mosques and our newspapers, and we were pro-America, and now you're putting the Baptists back in.
We're going to fight back.
And then you've got some of the Arab fighters from other areas coming in,
And it's just getting worse and worse and worse and worse.
And the CIA's own reports, Defense Intelligence Agency reports, they're all telling the White House, we told you you couldn't win this with less than 400,000 troops day one.
You had just three days to get the power back on and food flowing.
You could have done that, but you didn't.
Rumsfeld and his ivory tower power trip.
Thought that he could just go in there with a couple hundred thousand troops.
Really only about 40,000 of those combat the rest support.
And do this, the country's totally broken down.
Despite what the neocons tell you on the radio, it is a hellhole.
Worse than it's ever been.
Mass starvation, mass disease.
One of the first things our government did when they put the new puppet government in.
Tell the government, no more reporting on deaths from cholera or dysentery or cancer or heart attacks.
They just don't collect data anymore.
No more statistics, because they don't want you to know all this.
A lot of different groups, respected groups, have been over there.
I mean, Baghdad's got power four or five hours a day.
The water's completely putrid.
Even the water Halliburton brings in is full of garbage.
The troops are all getting sick from it.
They're breathing depleted uranium.
The Iraqi people are dying en masse.
One sniper shoots at our troops.
They go and burn and bulldoze entire farms, entire villages.
Women go sit in the dust with their children and say, I wait to die.
They arrest all the men in many of the villages, take them to camps for torture.
Of the 32 camps that we know of in the country, some camps have over 40,000 people in them.
It is just a giant concentration camp.
And a lot of military officers have gone public, and some of them have been arrested or being court-martialed over it.
They're going, look, people that weren't against us now hate our guts, and this never works in history, and this is going to be much worse than Vietnam.
And so the neocons howl, and I hear them every day.
I listen to a lot of talk radios when I'm out driving around doing errands, and I hear them.
It's just, kill them all, they're subhuman, nuke them, nuke them, just burn, destroy the whole country.
This is a country our government put a dictator over.
This is a country where our government told them to invade these people.
And now it's our responsibility.
We're there.
And they talk about an election of the 324 people on the governing council appointed over a year ago.
Most of them are former Saddamists, Ba'athists, about two-thirds are Ba'athists.
The rest are other people that have been courted in from Iran or Egypt or Jordan.
All with horrible records.
And no one, this is official, now 20-something days of the election, no one is running against the candidates.
No one's even running.
A few people announced and they got machine gunned or bombed.
I mean, that's freedom?
Well, we're having an election, but if you run for it, we'll kill you if you're not our candidate.
Hi folks, this is Alex Jones.
Whether you are aware or not, World War III has started.
Let me rephrase that.
Oil War III has started.
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Does it look like we're pulling out?
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All right, let's go straight to your calls.
Let's talk to Christy in Missouri.
Christy, welcome.
Hello, Alex.
I was wondering if you... I haven't been able to listen to you on a regular basis.
I didn't know if you might have covered the American Community Survey.
Have you heard about this?
Yeah, I talked about that back in 2000.
That's the yearly census that we're all going to be getting.
I hadn't really heard anything about it and I was just curious because it says that by law we have to respond to all the questions apparently.
Yeah, there's a federal injunction on that.
It's totally unconstitutional.
That's what I was wondering.
I noticed on the front page of it, I received one of them, and on the front page they want you to put your name and phone number and all that kind of stuff and the number of people at your household.
Then, you know, it's like on the front page and then it seems like to me that's probably by law that's all you have to answer.
You know, and then when you get into the meat of it, then they ask you all these weird questions.
They ask, how many toilets do you have?
What flush are they?
How many cars do you have?
How much money do you have in the bank?
Do you have a renter that lives with you?
Do they pay cash?
Where did they last live?
Yeah, no, I was one of the people unfortunate enough to, one out of six domiciles got one of those.
Here I am saying I'm going to speed through the calls, but this question is so important that it'll take a few minutes to go over.
You want me to try to detail what's going on here?
Please, because I have no intention of filling this out.
Well, let me just tell you in a nutshell, as quickly as possible.
The census comes from the time of Moses, or numbering the people.
We have it in America...
Because according to how many people live in a state, that's how many members of the House of Representatives we get.
Or congressional apportionment.
You probably know that, but I'm just... For people that don't.
By law, all you have to answer is not your name, not your race...
I think.
I think.
Because they were threatening to arrest people.
They thought they were cops.
They were going in with their little plastic name badges.
There were a lot of really bad things that happened.
We covered it.
I had a zip-faced 18-year-old who literally parked in the middle of the street, knocked on my door, and said, you haven't filled this out.
And I said, I don't have to.
I'm not going to.
And he said, well, you're going to get arrested.
And I said, listen, if you threaten me with false arrest, punk, I'm going to have you sued.
And I went
Close the door.
He knocked again.
I went and got my video camera.
Stuck it in his face.
That was actually the third time he came.
And, again, you have something called the Fifth Amendment.
If the police pull you over, and there is a dead woman in the back of your trunk, you have blood splattered all over you, and her hair under your fingernails, you're a scumbag.
Still, you have the Fifth Amendment.
You do not have to answer questions.
Now, it's real simple.
Now, you haven't been charged.
You haven't committed a crime.
And every household in the country got this seven-question survey.
One in six got this 54-question survey.
And one out of, I think it was 12, got some 200-and-something-question sucker.
There was some 400-page sucker I've got a copy of in a file that they sent some businesses.
Look, number one, it's indentured servitude.
You don't have to just answer all their questions and sit here and incriminate yourself.
And it's a snooping expedition.
I read the federal plan.
To make it a yearly thing.
And basically, it'll get down to the point where we fill out our monthly report about ourselves and our families.
I mean, this is out-sovitizing the Soviets.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
Now, that's what's going on with this.
And it's totally un-American, like everything else.
Like arresting Christians for praying on the street corner, calling it a hate crime.
That's mainstream news.
Force psychological testing and drugging, passed.
Or national ID card, passed.
Or Patriot Act 1 and 2.
All this stuff.
Or cameras that scan your license plate in your face.
And transponders and doubling the tolls if you don't take a transponder.
People are finally starting to figure it out.
People are finally starting to figure it out.
I use the analogy on Man Cal, the number one show in Chicago this morning, that this whole control grid is bolting us down, chaining us down, the vampires of the New World Order, and I use that figuratively, for the New York Times says I believe in vampires.
I use that as an analogy.
They're strapping us down so they can beat on us at their leisure.
That's what police state is.
Not to keep you safe.
You know, it's like Ted Bundy.
He'd put the woman in handcuffs and tie her down before he started biting chunks out of her.
So, just, you think stuff's bad now?
You let them tie this country down, folks, they're going to drain us.
Laughing at us while they do it.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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If it keeps on raining, love is gonna break.
When the levee breaks, I have no place to stay.
Going down.
The New World Order is going down, ladies and gentlemen.
Tyranny always implodes of its own weight.
But the point I was trying to make about tyranny is that when governments systematically erect systems of citizen informants
And spy systems and tattletale squads and citizen ID cards and tracking numbers.
It is always abused.
It always results in horrible tyranny and despotism and serfdom and slavery for the people.
I mean, let's say our government was run by wonderful little angels.
Perfect little creatures.
Still, they've built a command and control mechanism, the likes of which Hitler couldn't even dream of.
And now, we sit here, looking at this system being set up and being expanded.
And no matter how many rationales there are, how many excuses, or how many public service announcements there are that tug at our heartstrings telling us how good all this is, it is so the elite are not threatened by the public.
It is so they can carry out their plans to consolidate the wealth and lower our standard of living and take our freedoms without us being able to resist.
Now, that's from the Pentagon's own webpage.
They talk about these smart urban...
Warfare zones and face scanning cameras for Iraq and ID cards to track and control the public, and they brag like we've done in America.
In fact, the grand poobahs, the think tank masters, the eggheads that are contracted to come up with all this, when they're communicating with each other in their scholarly papers, they like to brag and like to show the ideas they've developed and what they've implemented, and it's all public!
But it might as well be an enigma for the general public who doesn't read Rand Corporation documents that doesn't stay up until 2 a.m.
like I did last night and get up at 7 a.m.
this morning reading government documents.
It's painful to see America being turned into this.
We're about to go to Daryl in France and David in Texas and Megan in Pennsylvania and Ryan in Ohio and others here momentarily.
I just want to encourage all of you to not procrastinate.
And for as long as this special is going, the holiday special that I've extended a few more days, it's so busy I still haven't told my webmaster.
To take the specials down and put a few new specials up, but I don't think they'll be... They'll be good specials, but they won't be these specials.
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It isn't about the money, folks.
My thrill, what I'm into is waking people up.
And I know when you get the films, you'll become more informed, more on the cutting edge of what's happening, and then you'll be able to give it to others and wake them up and inform them.
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All right, let's go to the calls quickly.
In France.
Go ahead, sir.
How you doing, Alex?
Thanks for fighting the good fight, huh?
What are you doing over in France?
Well, I live here.
I'm married to a wonderful French woman.
Ah, married to one of them beautiful Frenchies.
Well, she's quite a gal, and she's loving and caring, and I wanted the listeners to understand something.
There's a lot of things that have already been implemented here that are on their way over there.
You know, the cameras have been on the streets here for 10 years, and the national ID card has been part of their way of doing business for as long as I've been here.
And they have an 87% tax rate?
Well, no, no, no.
We have a 33% in America.
They're 54%.
Listen, you live there.
I'm a finance professor, Alex.
I believe you.
But when you add all the taxes together, isn't it 87%?
No, it's not.
The French media, when I read newspaper articles about it... It's actually 54%.
Who's the woman that they pick every year, or like every decade, to be the symbol of France?
Well, yeah, she left the country a year ago and said it because it was 87%.
Right, her name is Letitia Castor.
Did she leave the country?
Well, she actually moved to Britain, which has a 44% tax rate.
I know, but she said she was going there because she said she was paying 87%.
Well, that's not true.
She might have been, but I don't know.
Maybe it's the tax.
Well, you're a finance.
I'm not going to argue with you.
I'm not.
I actually retired some years ago.
I'm a disabled vet, Alex, and my health is starting to deteriorate.
I'm going to shut up and let you talk.
Go ahead.
I ended up being sick in the military, and I've had to give up my ability to work.
But I wanted your listeners to know that I've been in touch with John Statmiller for a while, and I'm going to be doing a Saturday show to add my voice to the chorus.
And that show is going to be basically trying to help the public understand what's coming.
And a lot of the stuff that's happening here in Europe is going to be exported over to America.
And if you take a look at the European Constitution...
This is a document for tyranny.
Well, you have the 15 members, 10 really with power, and they have veto power over the sovereign countries, and there's no free speech, no nothing.
Yes, tell folks about it.
Well, actually, the way they work things here is, I mean, they've got so many regulations on the books here, because they don't have the Bill of Rights like we do.
And basically, there's such a litany of laws here that you can virtually be arrested for anything because they've got a law against everything.
Well, I'm sure you know that BBC reporters, ministers, have been arrested for criticizing the EU.
I mean, I've got the articles.
Well, you're absolutely right about that, except... I hope people understand what we just said.
They're arresting people for criticizing the government.
Well, they do.
And in fact, over here where I'm at, they've got the civil law system, and in Britain they've got the common law, but the civil law in Italy and Spain and France and Germany...
It's basically a law of different statutes.
And you're guilty until proven innocent.
Exactly right.
There are so many statutes.
Napoleon had put all this stuff into... And there are so many statutes that they're virtually... There's a law against everything.
And so if you step out of line, they'll find something to get you on.
Now, in America, we still think, and wrongly in many cases, that we have some rights left.
And I'm going to try to explain to people that they're quickly moving toward this system here.
They've got this place locked up.
Well, yeah, I mean, Europe and the U.S.
act like they're fighting, but we're all owned by the same, you know, 12 or 13 families, literally.
And it's a unified system.
Some of the programs even have the same name.
Hey, good to hear from you, sir.
I'll be on between 11 and 1 on Saturday.
All right.
Well, good to hear from you.
I appreciate the call.
Daryl, wonderful.
Let's talk to David in Texas.
David, go ahead.
Yes, thanks for taking my call, sir.
You bet.
Listen, I wanted to let you know that there's some stuff coming up in the 109th Congress, which is starting today.
A lot of wonderful stuff.
Yes, and one thing that I'm going to concentrate on
Is this House and Senate Ethics Committee that they're wanting to reduce the amount of rules that they have, and the main proponent of this... Yes, make more rules for us, but then exempt themselves from the rules.
That's freedom, sir.
You have a government that doesn't follow the rules, but you have to.
That's called freedom.
It was once called tyranny, but in this age of forced psychological testing and drugging being called new freedom, why then this new thing is even a greater freedom?
Yeah, I know you like to concentrate on things like that.
This Tom DeRay, our representative from Texas, he seems to be the one that has been driving this.
Yeah, and they're claiming that they're saying a Texas grand jury man died him and a bunch of stuff going on.
They're trying to get rules against the Attorney General here in Texas so that these ethics committees can not go for these laws that the Senate and the House are passing.
I believe it's totally unethical that they're wanting to do that.
Well, I think it's ethical for the Congress to exempt themselves from racketeering and bribery and stuff.
That's good, sir.
I know you're kidding, Alex.
This is ridiculous.
That was freedom, sir.
It's freedom.
I hate it.
I hate it, and I think you do, too.
But the point I want to make is that this is starting in this next 109th Congress, which is starting today, and I think we should all be aware of it.
And everyone, please pay attention.
No, I'm glad you brought this up.
In fact, I was going to cover that later.
Well, thanks for your show, Alex.
I'm going to hang up now.
I appreciate it.
Well, thank you, David.
No, I am upset about it, and it's terrible.
You know, Congress has their own pension funds.
And Congress doesn't pay Social Security.
And they had a big Washington Post article where, what is it, like 25%?
Oh, it was higher.
It was like 37% of senators don't even pay income tax.
It's just rampant lawlessness, folks.
And there's a trillion-two, as of a couple years ago, missing from the Pentagon.
A trillion-two!
There's top trillions missing from Pentagon, and it's just mass looting.
I mean, you wonder, why are they taking our freedoms?
Why are things getting so bad?
Because, folks, it's just rampant criminality.
It's totally and completely rampant.
And then here's just two small examples, things you all heard about.
Houston Chronicle last Friday was also in the Casper Star Tribune.
And he's probably going to be your new Chief Justice, Clarence Thomas.
He was flown on a private jet by a company that he was hearing a case over that he, of course, ruled for.
This was last year.
Weeks before, he was flown on a private Gulfstream jet, all expenses paid at the Bohemian Grove, which is $10,000 just to go to the summer encampment.
Your dues are like, what, $20,000 a year on top of that.
So his dues paid, everything taken care of, the most luxury... Well, it's so luxurious, they bring in top male porn stars.
I mean, it's that luxurious, ladies and gentlemen.
That's the New York Post.
It's very luxurious for the Christian conservative leaders, but again, side issue, flown there.
And remember, two different duck hunting trips on Air Force Two for Anthony Scalia
Three weeks before he was to hear the case about Dick Cheney not releasing his Energy Commission documents for witnesses of non-public, he was up there like Hitler with big maps of the oil fields going, this will be mine, this will be yours.
Oil company execs and their promising campaign contributions for certain areas of oil.
Folks, again, imagine...
John Gotti, you know, the Teflon Don, a low-level crime boss in New York.
Low-level compared to the real mafia.
The Wasp Mob, the Jewish Mob, you know, all these real mobs that are out there.
You never hear about because they're so big.
Just organized crime is all it is.
And imagine if John Gotti would have been flying the judge off for duck hunting trips.
It's totally criminal on the face of it,
Articles were written about it.
I mean, it was like five or six different federal laws that were like 20 years in prison apiece.
But they just laugh at you.
What you gonna do, Mac?
What you gonna do?
Let's go ahead and talk to Megan in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How are you?
Good to talk to you, too.
Good to talk to you.
I was doing a little Google search yesterday.
I didn't know if you were aware this might be good for Arnold Exposed to a couple things about it.
Did you know that he spent time in prison?
I knew he was in the brig for a little while.
Yeah, because he went AWOL from the Army in order to be able to be in a bodybuilding contest.
Well, you've got to be an AWOL or a draft dodger to be president.
I think that's a plus.
He also says he wants to be a dictator, like Clinton and Bush probably said, and that's another.
You've got to say that now.
These are actually prerequisites, ma'am.
And, you know, Paul might want to watch, because I got this off of a biography channel website that's actually from the U.K., and they're going to air his biography like three times this month coming up.
But it makes excuses for it.
I've already read the synopsis of the biography.
I wasn't sure.
Yeah, I mean, I watched the trailer, and I thought it was scary, though, that even in the U.K.
they're mentioning that, yeah, you know, he's got these aspirations to be the president of the United States.
The Kennedy biographer in an authorized biography of Schwartzy...
Well, Arnie, it just came out.
The book's going to have his, quote, plan to become president.
I mean, it's official.
Well, I just wanted to know if you... But, I mean, they use the same tactic, though.
Oh, exactly.
You know, it's like Patriot Act II is introduced for months, and they go, it doesn't exist.
It's like, I want to be president, but I don't want to, and if you resist it, it doesn't exist, and you're crazy.
And it's like using the tsunami, the influx of all the tsunami information and just overwhelming us with that to ignore some of the things that are going to be voted upon, like...
Senator Conyers is trying to get people in the Senate to vote with him to negate the results in the Electoral College from Ohio, and that vote is, I believe it's tomorrow.
Yeah, but that's not newsworthy.
No, of course not.
Kerry's evil.
Yeah, and Kerry's not contesting it because it was staged.
They couldn't just stage the election.
They had to have the candidates stage it, too.
That's the point.
People go, well, I'm a Republican, so I don't care if they stole it.
Folks, stealing an election is stealing an election.
Very salient points.
My dear, thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you, Megan.
We'll talk to Ryan in Ohio and many, many others.
And then we've got Chris Milligan, Flushing Out Skull and Bones, the updated new version of it, an incredible book.
That is coming up in the second hour.
That's only about...
Nine minutes away.
Next segment coming up.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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We're good to go.
Delving deep into skull and bones and flushing out skull and bones with Chris Milligan next hour.
Ryan, Chris, Don, and others, let's go to your calls.
Ryan in Ohio, welcome.
Hey, thank you, sir, for having me on.
You're about to have a big urban warfare drill there in Toledo.
Oh, are they really?
Oh, man, everything's going at... Full part of freedom, sir.
Troops marching around having machine guns at you, but go ahead.
Um, my thing is, um...
I'm having trouble finding the articles on the federal law that passed that we don't get our checks back anymore from the banks.
Well, just wait.
I mean, you now get the digital scan, many checks back, and that law did go into effect, I don't know, they passed it a while back, but it's now in effect.
I was hoping you could, I'll hang up and listen, and I'm going to tape it so I can send this to somebody.
The positives and the negatives of this, is there an ulterior motive?
No, there's nothing positive about it.
Then could you tell me all the negatives about it?
There's 50 negatives.
All right, well.
Number one, that's your property.
You paid for those checks.
Yeah, that's true.
Number two, it's easy to falsify digital checks.
I agree.
They're small little, I don't know, like 10 checks, 8 checks per page, and they come back to you.
So now it's like, I guess, pass a law that, you know... So I can have something that's mine.
Yeah, but there's a bunch of problems, but it's all about going to the cashless society, which is very dangerous.
What's the number on that?
The state document or the law?
I don't have the bill in front of me.
Is there like a website I can go to?
You know, I've covered it on air five, six months ago, and I just can't place it.
Well, if it comes to your head, scream it out, and I'll be listening.
But everybody knows about it.
I mean, it's a law they passed.
It was in the news.
Just, I mean, what have you typed in a search engine?
Just type in new law...
Digitizes checks, or you won't get copies of your checks.
Something like that.
Okay, I'll do that.
I mean, it should pop up.
Thanks for the call.
All right, take care.
Good to hear from you.
You bet.
It's a good question.
I'm just trying to get to all the callers.
For some reason, I can remember certain things perfectly, and other times I just... I don't have a photographic memory.
I have a really good memory.
I've got too much going on in my head these days to remember that.
Chris in North Carolina.
Hi, Alex.
Go ahead.
How are you doing?
All right.
I have a couple of questions here for you.
With China doing deals with Canada about taking about a third of the oil that they export to us and also doing deals with Chavez in Venezuela.
And I think they export about, what, 80% of their oil to us.
How do you think that's going to affect the globalists trying to pass the FTAA here in North, Central, and South America?
The globalists basically own China's industrial capacity.
They get UN awards.
They're the model.
This is all going to be allowed to happen.
It's all part of the deindustrialization.
Our oil has always been discounted because of our military force and the dollar being strong.
Now with the dollar eroding upwards of 50% in value in the last two and a half years, that's another reason for oil prices up by 80%.
I was just really wondering, you know, with China and coming in here, and that's almost like a vice.
Now, they've got... But see, it's always us against China.
China's owned by the people that own America.
Yeah, well, you're right.
They pretty much own everything.
The globalists love China.
A billion, 350 million slaves following orders, national ID cards, no freedom.
They're going to replace... The globalists have said it.
They're going to be the world's superpower.
Do you think maybe the FTAA is just a ruse, then?
Well, no, it's like the EU.
I mean, America's going into the Pan-American Union.
There's the European Union, the Asian Union.
And then it publicly merges around 2020.
This is public into the world government.
You're going to have the world phoenix currency.
That's admitted.
That's always been the plan.
But it's an interesting point you raise.
Anything else?
Nope, that'll be it.
Thank you.
Second hour coming up.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Time.
We're here live back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Blasting out on a growing list of wonderful, wondrous...
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We're going to have him for the next hour and a half.
We're going to talk about a host of global issues.
And show how they all lead back to this cult, this generational death cult, this hereditary, really aristocracy, underground royalty that runs America.
And at the heart of it, one of the major organs, I would describe it, nothing is paramount in this system with these top organizations.
They're all really organs that all work together in concert, like organs in your body, is the order of death.
Or you know it as Skull and Bones.
And really the preeminent book on the subject is full of just hundreds of pictures and documents.
It's encyclopedic, but it's also a quick read.
I couldn't put it down almost a year ago when I first, a friend gave me a giant hard copy of it.
It's the size of, as I said, the Fort Worth phone book, three or four inches thick.
We're joined by Chris Milligan, who took all the other great research of the decades, of Anthony Sutton and others, added to it, perfected it, brought more new information in, and this is the book to have.
We'll tell you how to get it a little bit lighter.
Chris Milligan, good to have you on with us.
Thank you very much for having me, Alex.
You bet.
We're going to break here in a few minutes and come back with a longer segment, but just in a nutshell, tell us who Chris Milligan is, how you woke up, why you wrote this definitive work.
I'm an intelligence brat.
My father was in OSS and CIA.
He quit them in the late 50s because he didn't want to be involved in the narcotics importation.
And then he told me some things in the late 60s that I didn't understand.
And then I ran across Anthony Sutton's book, and that helped me.
And I've just been researching it for about 30, 40 years.
You know, Anthony was a real gentleman.
About a month before he died, I emailed him to interview him.
It was an interview about six years ago.
And the guy emailed me.
Little did I know he was near death.
He apologized for not being able to come on.
I mean, what a gentleman.
He was a classic English gentleman.
Yes, he was.
And a bit cantankerous at times.
And he got real tired of getting pigeonholed into what he always would get pigeonholed.
They'd always call him a, you know, I'm not saying that John Birchers are bad, but they would always just say, oh, he's just some person.
Well, he was a best-selling author.
I mean, he was really a very respected researcher.
Well, you know, when he died, I couldn't get any newspaper to run an obituary.
Not one newspaper would run an obituary about him.
What happens when you get to be a revealing author is that the powers that be have to just ignore him.
If the Internet hadn't come about, he would be even more ignored than he is right now.
Well, perhaps before you leave us today, in the next hour, perhaps we can do a posthumous review of Anthony Sutton, because we need to remember heroes like him.
Yes, indeed.
God bless.
I appreciate that.
We've got about 60 seconds before the break.
Chris Melligan, author of Fleshing Out Skull and Bones.
I want to go over the history of it, and obviously how it operates compared to the Skull and Bones election.
Quite a happening, but what is the order of death
What is it?
It is a multi-generational cult that seems to use a low-level form of sorcery, death magic, and they seem to, by creating death, they seem to feel that they get power from death.
Very nice.
That in a nutshell is what it is.
I mean, it's many things to many different people, and some of its own members don't know exactly what it is.
Are you by a computer?
Ah, yes.
If you could go to prisonplanet.com, on the right-hand side there's pictures, news in focus, and it says Bohemian Grove, death fixation.
Oh, yeah, they're part of it.
Well, there's some new photos of service.
We'll talk about those later.
I just want to get your take on them.
We'll be right back.
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Here's the toll-free number to get it.
That's 877-300-7645.
And I kept meaning to carry this book.
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Chris Mulligan, for those stations that just joined us, some carry the news in that first five-minute segment.
Again, tell us...
This is a good window into this because a lot of people wake up to the New World Order.
I mean, when I was in high school, my first two years in Dallas, Rockwall to be exact, everybody knew the sheriff dealt the cocaine and the marijuana, but then he bust the kids that were using the marijuana.
We're good to go.
And let's get into how Skull and Bones founded our CIA and really how secret societies are the old name for intelligence agencies.
Tell us all about it.
Well, my father got involved with the intelligence services when he was 18 years old as an exchange student to the University of Shanghai in 1936.
And then he ended up leaving Shanghai a week before the Japanese bombed it, went across Russia from Vladivostok to Austria on the Trans-Siberian Railway, and ended up in 1937 at a conference in Oxford, where the Dulles's were.
It was a world religious conference.
And then right after he graduated in 1939, he went directly to Washington, D.C.,
I went to work at first at a boys school that I've since found out was a
Yeah, I think so.
OSS wanted somebody on MacArthur's staff.
Well, General Willoughby, who's actually a German, Tashwin Weidewasher, something like some name, they didn't want anybody from OSS on their staff, so in 1943, they sheep-dipped my dad, put him into the military.
Now, explain what that means.
Sheep-dipped is basically, you take somebody and put them in another organization to give them some... Cover.
It's basically a legend.
And so they put him into the Army and put him into G2.
And so he was a member of OSS and G2 at the same time where very few people...
We're there.
Basically what that means is he has access to two sets of books.
Because G2 is military intelligence.
OSS is intelligence run out of the president's office.
And they don't always tell each other what they know.
And so...
My dad ended up running a bunch of the guerrillas in the Philippines, but they still wanted to get him out of there because they had some suspicions about him.
So they got him out and he ended up, after the Philippines got taken over, he ended up running the research and analysis for the invasion of Japan.
And then after the invasion of Japan and his muster out in 1946, he worked on a...
I think so.
I think so.
And then he went covert and took the family to Indonesia in the early 50s.
I spoke Dutch and Malay before I spoke English because our family was being covered for our father.
Then he got dysentery really bad and we moved back to the DC area, to Fairfax.
In 1956, he made a trip with my mother.
They told us children that he was going to write a book called The Church in Southeast Asia, which was never written.
They went to the Philippines and Japan and then to Vietnam and to Thailand.
At this point in time...
I had been really studying the drug trade, and I was very interested in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
They had gone to Chiang Mai, and so my dad died in early 1990, and I really didn't start figuring things out.
I mean, he told me some things, but they didn't make any sense to me.
Tell us what your father told you.
Well, my father told me, and he sat me down.
First he asked me, he says, what do you think of the Vietnam War?
And, you know, being a... I was raised on World War II and John Wayne movies.
All my uncles were in World War II.
And being a teenager, I gave my dad a flip little answer.
We were kicking some commie behind.
I said, yeah, you, you know, you got some hand grenades and a rice pad as you go throw the grenades and wait for the good guys wearing the white hats, you know?
And my dad said we had to have a talk because, I mean, yeah, we all, you know, we knew my dad had been in the intelligence services, but, you know, I mean, he was just my dad.
I mean, it wasn't something that he came and talked about
At the dinner table or anything.
He was just my dad.
He waited a while and there was a professor from Vanderbilt, Professor D.F.
Fleming, who became friends with my dad.
He was in town and my dad said it was time to have that talk.
So he took me in a room and sat me down in my little brother's room.
I'll never forget it.
And he says, the Vietnam War is about drugs.
There's these secret societies behind it.
And then he says, and communism's all a sham, these same secret societies are behind it all, it's all a big game.
And I'm just, you know, first when he says the thing about drugs and secret societies, I'm thinking, okay, he's talking about the mafia.
And then he says the thing about communism being a sham, and I'm trying to sit there and think,
Well, Dad, you're saying that Mafia's running comedy.
You're nuts, Dad.
Then this little light comes to my head and says, oh, this is a drug talk.
This was the late 60s.
I was a teenager.
I was growing my hair long and smoking a little pot.
So I figured this is my dad's way of having a drug talk with me.
So you kind of go on automatic pilot because when you're a teenager you know more than your dad anyway, right?
They told me some stuff about how, it was my understanding that when Eisenhower came aboard they were asked to do this big report and in this report they had said about Southeast Asia, you don't get involved in a land war in Asia and you work with Ho Chi Minh because we'd work with him during World War II and... Let me just stop you for a second for people who don't understand this.
This is what men used to do in this country is you sit your young men down and you explain to them
The things you've learned in life, how you've learned the world really works, especially if your family's in government or whatever industry they're in.
And growing up, these are the type of talks my dad would have with me, just in separate areas, things he had learned, things that he had seen, things that had been imparted to him and other people in my family, and certainly not skull and bones type stuff, but just other interesting things about life and society and about how the system really worked.
Today the average father just talks about football with their child and doesn't get into these issues.
And I actually think this is a good way to have an anti-drug talk with young people.
I've found it's very effective just talking to young people on the street.
We're good to go.
But if you go to them and say it's too much fun, you're not old enough, or this stuff's really bad for you, they won't listen.
But if you explain to them about the New World Order, they will not use the drugs.
But just a whole other side issue, I'm sorry for interrupting.
So you're in there talking to your father, and he's explaining to you that there's this false dialectic, or false opposing forces that have been set up.
Well, yes, and I don't know how much he knew about the Order of Skull and Bones at that time.
I mean, mostly what he talked about was he just called it a secret society.
But this trip in 1956 that they made, I was very, very interested in that, about Chiang Mai.
And so later I was talking with my mother after he died because I wanted to know about that because he was meeting Colonel Lansdale.
And Colonel Lansdale...
I think so.
I think so.
So I was talking with my mother, and I wanted to know how big Chiang Mai is, because it's now the second largest city in Thailand.
All the major banks have branches there, and it's basically a heroin city.
And I'd been told that it had been a very small village in the 40s and whatnot.
So she had been there in 1956, so I asked her about it.
She says, oh yeah, the biggest thing in town then was the church.
And she brought out her pictures and then she made a little aside and she said, you know, that's when I stopped believing everything that I read in the newspaper.
And I asked my mother, I said, why?
And she said, well, because they talked about this big battle in Vietnam where they had been the day before and there was no, she said, right where they had been and there was no battle, they were having a picnic.
And so I look in this book
Stand there.
We've got a break.
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Again, fleshing out Skull and Bones is encyclopedic, and I want to try to blow by blow over the history of it, leading it up to the election we just had, where both candidates are related blood relatives, and on top of it, Skull and Bones members.
And this isn't a joke, folks.
I've been at Bohemian Grove.
It is a death cult.
Bohemian Grove is just an offshoot of Skull and Bones.
Even MSNBC admits Skull and Bones was founded by the German cult run by Adam Weishaupt.
In 1832 with the Russell Trust money.
We're going to cover all that.
If you want the book, and I really want you to get this, you'll be an expert on Skull and Bones, 877-300-7645, 877-300-7645.
I'll give that out again in the next segment.
Chris Milligan, author of this incredible book.
Just finishing up, though, your father, this intelligence chief, later in life,
Telling you the facts of life and getting into how these wars and things were staged, how the Vietnam War was about drugs.
Finish up what you were saying before the break.
Okay, well, I say, you know, my mother said that's when she stopped believing everything.
She read the newspapers because the newspapers were talking about a big battle in Vietnam at the same place where they had been.
And so in looking at her picture book, there's a picture of her and Colonel Lansdale, my dad, and a bunch of soldiers, and it says, you know, out from Saigon with North Vietnamese military leaders.
And this was right after Colonel Lansdale had taken over the Golden Triangle from the French in a shooting war, one of the very few shooting wars between Western intelligence agencies.
And so basically what the Vietnam War was, was a completely staged war.
They would have these fake battles so that they could get people to choose sides because once you choose a side, you have to defend it and you get all invested in it.
And that's why for 10 years we couldn't bomb the North and all of this was going on.
The thing that got us into the war proper in 1964, Gulf of Tonkin.
The tape has now been released with LBJ and McNamara.
Never happened.
They staged it.
It was real for those that were dying on both sides.
But between Ho Chi Minh, who our government gave $900 million before 1960 alone, and our government, it was a staged deal.
And people just can't get that through their heads.
Right, right.
And so basically, I mean, the big part of it is the drugs.
And then they become pushers.
Now let's stop right there.
And here's your dad, an intelligence chief in the area, telling you this, plus now it's part of the historical record.
Now, let's talk about how Skull & Bones was founded.
This is admitted.
This is the encyclopedia, folks.
Skull & Bones was founded with opium money.
So, again, it goes back to this from the very beginning.
Tell us about it.
Well, it was founded by William Huntington Russell.
The Russell family was Russell & Company.
They were America's largest opium concern.
They were the third largest in the world.
And these guys were making big, big, big, huge bucks smuggling opium.
We're good to go.
And then they proceeded to foment the Spanish-American War, got the people all up in arms about Cuba.
We didn't go to Cuba first, we went to the Philippines, and then they sent in William Howard Taft, who was the other founder, Alfonso Taft,
And he declared opium illegal for the first time in modern Asia.
The smuggling started.
And then he started the Hague and the Shanghai Convention, which then gives them a black market, which allows them to sell three plants for more than gold.
And the black market has nothing to do with our health or anything.
And these same families got together when people were bringing in competition of cocaine and opium.
They then had a campaign to ban the drug from being sold in drugstores.
The price even went up higher, and they got to criminalize it, corrupt the police, control it.
Understand, folks, they make it illegal, so they boost the price.
And also, it corrupts the society from the top on down and from the bottom on up.
Because, well, you're in the South.
Is there any dry counties around you there?
Now, when you're in a dry county, most people can get a drink.
And guess what?
The sheriff knows that they're getting a drink.
You know?
It's just a corrupting influence.
And, you know, these people do not care about America.
They do not care about Christ.
They lie.
Well, I remember in high school going to the bootlegger and buying beer.
Yes, indeed.
Yeah, and it was about three times as much as it would be in a store.
And, you know, one thing Dreshing Out Skull and Bones is doing is basically, you know, it's a reference volume with lots of information in there.
Stay there.
We've got a long segment coming up.
Em will take calls.
I want to go over the history of it, some of the rituals themselves.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hi folks, this is Michael Trudeau.
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So many Americans talk about secret societies.
I talked about this yesterday.
They image Anton LaVey of the Church of Satan in red pajamas with little plastic horns and a plastic Halloween outfit with a little pitchfork.
Folks, let me just boil this down for you.
Because I'm into history.
Mainstream history books, a thousand pagers.
Are full of the Masons doing this and the Templars doing that and this secret society and that secret society.
All they are are the precursors of modern intelligence agencies.
Information is power.
You've got these brotherhoods, these good old boy networks, really these organized crime syndicates that all use their knowledge and their combined strength politically and financially to increase their power
And because they stretch back into antiquity, it grows like a coral reef, one group upon another and one family marrying into another family.
Because it's organic, it has all the old trappings of stuff that literally goes back to Israel and to Babylon and to Rome and to Egypt.
So they have all these trappings.
And understand, three years ago,
Mr. Rosenbaum and the New York Observer went up on top of a chimney, one of those tall chimneys in New Haven, Connecticut, and got video of a small part of a skull and bones ritual in a courtyard behind high walls.
It looks like eyes wide shut.
People in black robes, masks, screaming, ah, Satan, doing simulated murder of women.
A guy comes out dressed like the devil and says, come join me in the order of death.
You know, all this...
People have trouble dealing with that.
But it was on national news that Peter Jennings said, oh, they're just having fun.
Well, I've been to Bohemian Grove where they go as old men.
Now even National Geographic last year comes out with a photo of a guy in a black hood over a body doing a simulated sacrifice.
They found a new photo, which they released, I don't even hide this, of a bound black boy in, let me get the actual year here, in 1909.
And when I was there, they were engaging in Moloch worship already.
And we've got all the Leviticus and quotes, King's quotes out of the Bible where they would take the children and burn them in this altar.
And that's the symbolism on the publications, the internal publications of the Grove.
I mean, folks, these are old men doing this.
And if your neighbor was doing this, you wouldn't let them walk your dog or babysit your children.
You certainly wouldn't want them being your mayor.
And so to them it's a big joke that they're ruthless, they're into all this weird stuff, they've got all this power, they call themselves social Darwinists.
It's kind of the modern spin they put on it a hundred plus years ago.
Well, we're ruthless and bad, but that's because we're really good.
We're the strongest, and these poor fools are just weak.
This is real, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm sorry if you don't want to face it.
Let's get into the satanic nature of it and how it was founded and what the founding elements were, Chris Milligan, and then let's move forward and we'll take calls as well.
Let's move forward up into the 2004 election with these men who were related to each other on every side of their family in the same organization.
Let's go over that from your research.
Again, you have William Huntington Russell, the founder.
Had gone to Germany and had come back from Germany and helped form this society.
I mean, we have links on this group that go directly to the Illuminati through Phi Beta Kappa.
Basically, Phi Beta Kappa had been a secret society.
They had become an open honorary organization.
They needed to continue on with the secrecy.
That's because it had been banned by John Quincy Adams.
We had the big anti-Masonic party.
Among others, yes.
These people have been caught murdering so many people and involved in so many ritual killings and the rest of it.
They were being hunted down.
This was all over the major newspapers, folks.
And speaking of Moloch and whatnot, I looked at your website, and yes, there's some very good pictures here, and you know the symbol around the Capitol building.
Now, if you go right up there around the top of the owl, basically what you have is the Masonic headquarters also.
And yes, these things are very, very real, and basically what you have is these secret societies have control of all the cups, so they can move the pee around, put the pee under whatever cup they want at a particular time.
And, you know, in 1832 when the Skull and Bones was founded was also when Weishaupt died.
And five princes went out from little Saxe-Gotha there to one became a consort of Victoria and one went to Greece.
And that's when the Germans took over England with the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha dynasty.
Right, right.
And the Pope is Polish, right?
And so you have Opus Dei, and you have the Knights of Malta, and so you have all these organizations that are basically controlled by the same group, and they're used...
You know, to, again, create sides among the people.
You know, they're trying to change the consciousness of the country, and they use our electoral process as a huge Hegelian dialectic to try and move history into their direction.
And to boil it down, it's WWF wrestling where Macho Man goes, Ooh, Hulk Hogan, I'm going to get you!
And Hulk Hogan goes, Oh, yeah!
But after the fake match, they go and have dinner together and go on vacation together.
We went from Eisenhower.
It's very interesting how Eisenhower got in there.
Before we get to that, let's go back here.
I want to talk about the rituals that your book gets into.
Not just the history, but what we know from the evidence.
What's really going on inside the Order of Death?
Well, the hangman equals death, the devil equals death, death equals death.
That's the chant from their ritual.
And, you know, they are a secret society that uses sorcery.
I mean, they have a couple different things.
One thing is... Numerology!
Totally obsessed with numerology.
Right, and the secret societies are assets of the intelligence service.
Another thing there is you have the secret society at Yale campus, and who do you...
Well, let me see.
They would have the legacy, the people that are related to all the Royals, and then they would also bring in new blood.
They would bring in, oh, the captain of the baseball team, the captain of the football team, the guy who's the good writer in the class.
So these things are a way to broaden their...
Genetic base, per se, because once people join Skull & Bones, a lot of times you find, well, they marry in then to Skull & Bones.
Yeah, and let's get this straight.
Take Theresa Hines Carey.
Married to a Skull & Bones-er, then she marries Carey.
Well, actually, Senator Hines wasn't a member of Skull and Bones.
His father was.
And that was a mistake that was in my first printing and was also in Alexander Robbins'.
Well, I would differ with you from my studies.
You know, it's a Chapter 322.
There's many other...
groups and we see a lot of evidence that there are people they also have a secret random members it looks like Dick Cheney who was at Yale we know he had family members that were members it looks like Cheney is skull and bones.
Oh yes there's lots of ways that you can quote unquote meet the devil okay and make your deal with the devil you do not have to be a member of skull and bones to get involved with this and then they have what us researchers call it's like a fondue system okay if you make your deal with the devil then you get access to
Let's go over some of who the Skull and Bones are in government right now.
We've got Securing Exchange Commission heads, we've got Senators, CIA Chiefs, it goes on.
Some of the prominent people that are members.
Well, I don't have the list directly in front of me, so I can't name off their names, but you have the top attorney for the Homeland Security, a couple of the attorneys in the Justice Department.
You have some of the ambassadors are Skull and Bones.
Right now, there's basically 11 members from Skull and Bones
Yeah, I think so.
We really don't know the members.
We have some.
There's a tabloid at Yale called the Rumpus, and it has released some members starting 1998 to about 2002.
But we really don't even know a huge amount of who the members are.
So we don't know who all of Skull and Bones is in the cabinet.
Talking about the hangman, we have a photo released by the Grove, the University of California at Berkeley, that they're releasing these with them doing a, I guess we'll say mock hanging, it looks real, where almost 100 years ago they're hanging someone.
Well, you know, they wanted to work on everybody's prejudices and all of our hopes and our fears.
And a lot of their battle, what they're doing, it's psywar.
It's psychological.
And they've spent a lot of money on psychological warfare.
They've spent a lot of money on, well, what does it take to get you to believe something?
And basically what is going on right now...
See, the culture far exceeds their conspiratorial control.
And one thing they're doing is they're trying to change the consciousness of the culture so that it's easier for them to control.
Yeah, I mean, they can't hide the torture, so they just have every TV show say torture's good.
Right, right.
And then try and get us divided into red and blue, and get us divided into, well, I'm a member of this group, and I don't like those people over there, and they don't like me.
It's called divide and conquer.
Right, right.
I mean, none of this is a secret, but Zygmunt Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller and Jimmy Carter, in his Grand Chessboard book said we've got to divide the barbarians.
We've got to dumb the people down.
We've got to have terror attacks to mobilize them.
I mean, he goes, he just talks about it, says that he calls us the slaves, and he actually calls us slaves!
Oh, yeah, I mean... But, I mean, he knows, he knows... You go out there and look in the books, I mean, there's so much information that is just very, very damning, but, you know... Let me give you some of the most powerful, Chris.
In Skull and Bones right now?
Well, they own Federal Express.
The Bush family is very, very powerful.
Let's see.
Who else do you have in there?
Let me just stop you for a second.
For people that don't understand this, again, Yale admittedly is the heart of founding CIA and putting its people in.
I mean, that's one of their biggest control arms, is it not?
Yes, indeed.
Yes, the guy who was the first...
Oh, Department of Personnel there was a guy from Skull and Bones.
And it goes back even further.
Skull and Bones has basically controlled the Morgan Banking houses since the early 1900s.
And Wild Bill Donovan, who started OSS, basically was running the intelligence service for the Morgan Bank before he started to do OSS.
And so their relationship with the CIA is just huge.
And when you look at George H.W.
Bush, it really appears that he was in the CIA directly after graduation.
We also have this huge Nazi connection.
The Brown Brother Harriman and the Bushes running that and the Nazis.
How does that nexus in with Arnold hanging out with Lord Rothschild and hanging out with all these Skull and Bonesers and Bohemian Grove people today?
Well, you know, it seems that they would like to get Arnold to be President of the United States.
They all tie in financially and...
Before we go to calls, I want to go over the blood relations and how they're all basically the core group related to each other and then related back to the royal houses of Europe.
That's even Associated Press London Guardian.
But have you read Helmut Schmidt, the German Chancellor of two decades ago?
His autobiography, Men and Powers?
No, I haven't.
Sounds interesting.
Well, in that book that I put in my film Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove...
He says, I'm a member of the Trilateral Commission, CFR, Bilderberg Group, and we're for world government.
He wrote it, folks.
World government.
And then he says, but I love our groves where we do druidic rituals in Germany, but the best place to do them is Northern California.
He actually says, I love the rituals...
Again, that's how hidden in plain view it is.
So I want to talk about that Germanic death cult connection, as you said, back to the Illuminati and Adam Weisshoff, if we can.
Well, let's talk about the skull and bones.
The oldest use that we can find of the use of skull and bones as far as in Germanic, as far as ritual use, was in the 1700s.
There seemed to be a guard that was a personal guard of the Bavarian elector there and the Prince of Bavaria.
That's the only way we find a use of it there.
The Illuminati was founded in 1776, the same year that Phi Beta Kappa was formed.
The Illuminati was formed at a university.
Students and professors.
He was known as a Hellenist because he was turning to Greek because most other organizations that were at universities at that time were Latin.
Phi Beta Kappa was the first of the Greek letter fraternities that started in the United States.
Anytime you have a secret society, it can be used.
Mysticism, religion...
Well, it's mind control.
Mind control, among other things.
It's the dark side.
Well, you look at television.
Television is one of their biggest means of control.
Totally violent, totally wicked, attacking the family.
Right, and it's a technological means of mind control.
It works at 60 cycles per second.
There's a little imperceptible flicker that goes on in there.
You read any book about hypnosis, it'll tell you 60 cycles per second.
They even teach that in marketing classes at universities.
It's not a secret.
Right, and like, the guys who started the networks, CBS, Seth Paley, comes out of military intelligence.
He didn't have any money to start it.
Brown Brothers Harriman, to Prescott Bush.
Where does he go?
Prescott Bush raised the money for CBS and was on the board of directors until the day he died.
You know?
And then the whole thing of the Kennedy assassination in 9-11, you know, it happened on 11-22 at the 33rd degree parallel.
Yeah, I think so.
Let me stop you.
We've got a break.
But since you raised this stuff, people can't ignore.
The Chicago mercantile on the one-year anniversary comes up 9-1-1-0-0-0.
It's like one out of 14 billion plus.
The New York lottery comes up 9-1-1.
They are obsessed with numerology.
Even to the point of NASA when they shoot their rockets off.
Well, it's like the Spain bombing.
911 days after 9-11 on 3-11.
And, you know, the thing about when the first bombs were dropped in Japan, they were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and those are very close to the 33rd degree parallel also.
It's just amazing.
And 33rd degree.
Yeah, it was started in Charleston, South Carolina in the early 1800s.
All right, well...
We'll be right back, folks.
Look at all your corporate logos and media symbols, all seeing eyes.
We'll come back, take your calls.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or order online at InfoWars.com or InfoWars.net.
Again, that number, 888-253-3139.
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We have been working hard since 1988 to save the remnant.
That's HerbalHealer.com, your website for safe, effective natural alternatives and education.
All right, John and Jason and Eric and Mike and Manuel, I promise, as soon as we start, the third hour, we'll go straight to your calls, then we'll talk about the history of people discovering skull and bones and talking about it and how that took place and Anthony Sutton, some of the next hour, and talk about some of the current events, but first, your calls.
Before we go back to Chris Milligan and give you a phone number to get his just amazing book, I couldn't put it down, full of photos and documents, very well done, because I've researched this book.
If something isn't top-notch, I know pretty quick.
I'm not tooting my own horn, it's just the facts.
If you want to know what an offshoot of Skull and Bones does, the heads of it are the heads of Skull and Bones, it's Bohemian Grove.
I filmed Art Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
How anybody wouldn't get this two-hour, five-minute video.
I go to Northern California, I sneak in there, I shoot video of it.
I mean, the Moloch worship.
You've got to have this video, $25.95.
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Just go to InfoWars.com, look at all the specials, order via the SafeSecure online shopping cart, or call toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
Well, it covers a lot of things.
What I wanted to do was present lots of different viewpoints of Skull and Bones, and so there's about ten different authors.
Including even a lady whose father and grandfather were members of Skull and Bones.
Is that Charlotte Iserby?
I've interviewed her, talking about her dad's deathbed confession.
That was interesting.
Also, we included about five chapters of the hard-to-get book, the autobiography of George H.W.
Bush by Tartkin and Chatkin.
And then, oh, we've got...
Anthony Sutton's memoir of Anthony Sutton so people can understand how come Anthony was in the position to see this big picture and understand
What he was able to understand, and also some of his early newsletters.
Folks, if you read this book, you'll have a master's degree in skull and bones and really understand how the world works.
You need to get this book, folks.
Here's the toll-free number, 877-300-7645.
And I'm not selling the book.
I should be, but the network is, and I only carry a few other books that are really good, like Preacher from Jekyll Island.
Give them a call.
Again, 877-300-7645 or gcnlive.com forward slash
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You'll see a big banner to the GCN shop right there.
Believe me, folks, this is a book you need to have.
This is a book that is extremely powerful, 877-376-45.
We're going to break and come back and take calls, but what are some other things you want to get into on Skull & Bones?
Well, you know, a thing that I found that was very, very interesting, and it has a lot to do with their tie to San Francisco, is it was a guy from Skull & Bones that invented the cracking process that first made gasoline and paraffin.
And as soon as he did that...
He issued a report and said, Gentlemen, it appears to me that your company may have in their possession a raw material from which by a simple and not expensive process they may manufacture very valuable products.
As soon as he issued that report, the company passed into hands from investors from New Haven, Connecticut.
And so these guys have controlled the gasoline market ever since it began in 1856.
And the whole peak oil and all of that is all just jive to get us to march to their tune.
And that gentleman, Professor Silliman, there's a street named after him in San Francisco.
Then he came out to San Francisco and was involved in the gold rush there where actually
They made more money selling shares to people and booking people than they did by... They're also masters of insider trading.
Absolutely, and pumping it up, and they've been doing it for hundreds of years and are still doing it.
Okay, we've got a break.
Third hour, your calls, a ton of other details coming up.
Berkey Water.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we're talking about the order of death known as the order of skull and bones.
Many of our presidents, CIA directors, both presidential candidates in this last election, John Kerry and George W. Bush, his cousin,
We're talking to Chris Milligan, one of the preeminent experts on skull and bones, and he kind of got an inside track on how the intelligence agencies operate, because his father was a section chief or desk head for the globalists in some of their larger sectors.
We're about to go to your calls.
In fact, we're going to go to those calls right now.
Because everything you see happening today goes back to the elites that are in different secret societies.
But the different heads of each group are the heads of the other groups.
And Skull and Bones is one of the central groups.
Don in Arizona, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Don.
Thank you.
I apologize for being off topic.
That's okay.
Go ahead.
But I found some research talking about phenylalanine and aspartame.
And it discussed how phenylalanine is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body.
And it metabolizes into neurotransmitters.
And a lot of the symptoms of aspartame poisoning match the symptoms of deficiencies in phenylalanine in the body.
And I thought this is important for people to know that it's not just a matter of being a poison.
This stuff will mess with your head, basically.
Well, I've had a lot of doctors and medical doctors on about aspartame and over 9,000 foods now, and it's basically wood alcohol, but during different processes as it breaks down, what you said is the fact.
And this just shows how the globalists will take depleted uranium.
These skull and bonesers just love using it, and our troops are getting sick from it.
Chris Milligan, I mean, they could care less about us.
Yes, yes, yes.
They want to move our country away from being a republic to being a fascist state and move the economic engine out of here and move it to China.
And that seems to be their basic plan.
And then also solidifying their...
Blue bloodiness to be kingly over us.
It seems to be what they continue to do through psychological means and through direct means.
Don, anything else?
Yeah, I just wanted to mention, you had mentioned lasers being pointed at aircraft.
Yeah, and that's because six months ago the FBI advertised that, oh, terrorists may use lasers, and so now they found out it's kids that heard that on the news out aiming their little lasers at planes.
More fear-mongering.
I just wanted to let you know about ten years ago I had heard some stuff on History Channel about how the Russians had actually developed... Oh, they have real lasers, and they've shot some of our ships and blinded people with them.
Thanks for the call.
Those are high power.
Fake terror alerts.
Or they even manufacture copycats.
Comments on that, Chris?
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, they have to have a boogeyman.
So, I mean, they use our hopes and our fears, you know?
So they've got to create something to make fear so that they can move people and hoodwink them.
So that happens all the time.
That's it.
All right.
We're going to go to break here in a moment.
We'll go right to Jason and Eric and Mike and Manuel and others.
I want to get more into how they think they get power off of these death rituals.
Because they really do do these.
I mean, this has been caught on tape.
I've caught them on tape.
Others have caught them on tape.
Well, it was very interesting.
You know, Alexander Robbins' book, which I do recommend people read because there is some good information in there.
But she's from right across the road at another secret society.
She's a member of Scroll and Key.
And, you know, two things that she did in that book.
She tried to say that what Rosenbaum caught on tape, oh, well, that was nothing.
They were just setting him up.
But if you look at the ritual that he caught and look at other historical documents that we've kept bits and pieces of the ritual, it's right on.
And then the other thing she tried to do was say, well, oh, gosh, Prescott Bush just happened to be the director of this bank that this one guy had some money in and the Nazi thing wasn't really anything.
And that's one thing I tried to do in the book, too, was to
Show people that the Nazi thing was more than just Prescott Bush.
It was a lot of skull and bones was involved.
Stay there.
We'll take calls and talk about it.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest, most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
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We're talking about the order of death.
Skull and bones.
Many of your so-called Christian conservative leaders.
And we're about to go to Eric in Massachusetts, but he just hung up, so we'll go to Jason and Mike and Manuel and others here in just a moment.
Mr. Milligan, that's a thread I see run through this that I pick up at Skull and Bones, but I know the offshoot at Bohemian Grove, and the point is they're total hypocrites, at Bohemian Grove, you have them busing in male prostitutes, male porn stars, that's mainstream news.
But, uh...
Not just death rituals, what about sex rituals?
Well, you know, one of the known rituals of Skull and Bones is you're supposed to talk about all your sexual experiences.
And there is talk of homosexual rights involved in it.
Whether those happen for sure, I don't know.
They don't talk.
There is evidence for it, and there's evidence for it in other organizations also.
But the reports we've gotten from source after source, and I've got sources...
They're very good.
Let's just say very close to skull and bones.
They get in the coffins.
They don't just have the whole group of men in there in the room.
They get in the coffin and they do something with a skull and they're naked.
Of course, people try to deny that, but the evidence certainly goes that direction.
Then you have the whole Franklin cover-up.
You have this theme running through it quite a bit.
You have to also, these people that are members of Skull and Bones have gone through a quote-unquote mind control themselves, because in a secret society, going through rituals are a part of mind control.
And so there's a... Well, yeah, it's the ancient form of it.
You're right.
So there's a good possibility that, you know, the homosexuality is part of that type of compartmentalization that gives you the ability then to...
Well, yeah.
The Italian mob, La Cosa Nostra, in the 50s, when their rituals finally got audiotaped, they burn a picture of Jesus, they say a little prayer to the devil.
This is because they're good little Catholic boys.
They've got to test them after they've committed murders, after they've shaken people down, after they've done decades of work for the family.
Now, at the final point, now we're going to test you to go 180 degrees against your whole moral construct.
And this basic compartmentalization, because part of this grew out of, you know, these Calvinists and hyper-Calvinists who believe that, you know, everything is preordained and once you're saved, you can do whatever you want.
And the hyper-Calvinists also believe that there are people that are predestined to hell.
And so you, in the early, you know, in the 1600s, 1700s, these people were this very
Strong religious belief, and they aren't supposed to believe in magic, but then they're immersed in a culture that is completely surrounded by folk magic.
And so that helps create this compartmentalization in the mind that then allows them to be hypocritical in their actions.
Do you understand?
Well, it's like this so-called Christian group called the Brotherhood in D.C., where these congressmen live in the House, and media goes there and interviews them, and they're like, oh, we love Nietzsche.
We're not really worried about abortion.
And then it's the supposed most Christian conservative leaders come out of this group, but then when you find out what they're really doing, it's hanging out with the gay porn stars in the woods.
Right, and it's like, you know, in this one book, there's a story of a...
A meeting with Reagan he had in London with somebody and they said, we're going to take homosexuality and abortion and shoot them like bullets into the stomach of the American psyche.
Because, you know, the elites really don't care about that, but it is, you know, because abortion and homosexuality happen, okay?
And as long as they happen, that gives them
Something to hang a controversy on.
But they never really do anything about it.
No, they never really do anything about it.
It just gives them a controversy so that they can get people on both sides throwing stones back and forth.
It's called the wedge issue.
Let's go to the calls.
Let's talk to Jason in California.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I have a question for both of you.
Maybe shed some light on something.
In my family, we've had a portrait...
God, I think it's with my great-great-great-grandfather, and he has a medal hanging off his suit there, and I had asked my mom what that was, and she said as far as she knew, he was from England, and he was part of the Knights of Maccabee.
I was wondering if any of you, both of you gentlemen, had heard of that.
She said it was some sort of secret society going back...
Well, the Knights of Maccabee, again, you're going back to, you know, right around the first couple centuries in Jerusalem where the Templars and these families basically traced their roots to.
In 70 A.D., when Emperor Justinine took over Jerusalem, the royal families and then also the families around the temple, because you had a situation where...
Your father did it before you and it's handed down to the first son or to one of the sons to like control the spikenard or something like that.
And that's the intelligence agency nature.
Secret societies were just secret guilds over construction, mathematics, farming.
It was secrets and universities were secret and they believed science was magic.
That's where this magic connection comes in because it goes back to antiquity, correct?
Right, right.
And the priesthoods, I mean, they found out that, gee, if I can, you know...
Okay, since you brought this up, very important.
This goes to the heart of the New World Order.
6,000 years ago, a witch doctor, let's say, in what's Iran today, at that time called Aryan.
That was just the region Iran means that.
Or pick some African tribe 6,000 years ago.
Any group you want to pick in the world.
These guilds would first study the stars, and they knew that after a certain many years that there would be an eclipse, that something swallowed up the sun.
So they would tell everybody, do what I say.
People would periodically forget it and not follow the witch doctor guilds, the first secret societies, and wouldn't give them all the goodies and build them a temple, the biggest house to live in, and give them offerings of food every day and be their slaves, basically.
But through superstition, they would finally say, okay, you're in trouble.
Tomorrow the snake will eat the sun.
And when the snake ate the sun, it was really just the moon going over the sun.
Oh, they would prostrate themselves before him.
So, again, this goes back to knowing hidden knowledge lets you scam the flock, correct?
And then, like with technology, one thing we find is that these people will take an old technology, milk it, and keep on milking it, and then hold off... Suppress the new technology.
Right, suppress the new technology, and it helps them keep control.
It's like the gasoline.
You know, I mean, there was already markets when gasoline came around for oil, you know, both illumination and, you know, grease and stuff like that.
And so they just started to monopolize that.
And diesel came along.
And he said, wait a minute, these guys have a monopoly on this.
And so he had a social conscience.
He developed the diesel engine.
In 1900, he ran it at Paris Exposition 24-7 on nothing but peanut oil.
And pretty soon, diesel is sleeping with the fishes, and the diesel engine is slightly modified so it runs on petrochemicals.
All right, thanks for the call, Jason.
Really good points.
Mike in Illinois.
Go ahead, Mike.
Yeah, hi Alex and to your guests.
I just have a question for you guys.
I'm a Christian and I'm very much into this Secret Societies and the New World Order and Illuminati and what not and 33 Degree Mason.
But at my church, Alex, and I've showed a couple films, 9-11 Road to Tyranny, and you know, Alex, the people in my church, they're brainwashed.
They still think Mr. Bush is a Christian man.
And I talked to one gentleman in my church a few weeks ago and he said, well, you could talk about what he was in college and this and that, but he's a born-again Christian.
He's a Christian man.
He's a great man.
He prays with his cabinet members.
He prays before every meeting he has and this and that.
And Alex, I just want to ask this to you guys.
As far as I'm concerned, I look at Bush and I see him as an evil, satanic tyrant.
Am I wrong in my opinion?
Let me just say something about this.
Bush, on his public face, is whatever group he's talking to, like Clinton.
Shinto shrines in Japan, mosque in Chicago, he's praying to Allah, he's praying to Buddha, he's praying to the demon of the shrine.
And they've got articles about he never goes to church.
And I'm not saying you have to go to church to be a Christian.
My point is, is that where he really goes to church, what he's really into, what he doesn't miss, is Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones weddings that are rituals.
I'm going to talk about that some, Chris.
So when he really goes to church, it's before a stone idol.
Comments, Chris?
Those are just things for public pronouncement.
It reminds me of the Pharisees in the Bible.
Would a Christian take his nation on a war of revenge?
Would a Christian go...
Would a Christian have a forced psychological testing, forced drugging plan passed?
Absolutely, Alex.
No, I believe he is demonic, Alex.
He's just a rubber boy.
He'll just be whatever is needed.
Did you see him yesterday with Clinton and his dad?
He was stumbling so bad, and Herbert Walker was just wincing.
Thanks for the call, Mike.
We'll come back, talk to Manuel and others with our guest, Chris Milligan.
The book, Fleshing Out Skull and Bones.
We'll tell you how to get it after this break.
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All right, as I said before the break, I'm going to give you the number to get fleshing out skull and bones.
And it's a good coffee table book, because it's in chapters.
It's full of photos.
It's important to know who and what our ruling elite are.
A bunch of decadent, power-mad control freaks.
I mean, look at history.
Elites always go crazy.
They're always into a bunch of decadent garbage.
They always think they're God.
And we have to understand this is really going on.
So here's the number if you want to call and get a copy.
300-7645, 877-300-7645.
And I'm not selling the book, but the Genesis Network is.
They have it on their secure online shopping cart, and I'm glad they're doing this.
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I'm glad that...
I talked to the network.
I said, I want to interview Chris Milligan, and you guys ought to carry us both because it's powerful stuff.
Chris, let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk now to Manuel in Pennsylvania.
Manuel, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, guys.
We've got a great discussion here.
I've got a question.
I was being raised.
It came well aware to me that there were so many secret societies.
It was a literal panoply.
Of just all these groups and organizations drumming along at their own little tune and through that fine little symphony there, it all came together in one final composition.
They were all working towards the same goal.
It looks incredibly complex, but it's actually simple to the likeness of it.
Now, a few dozen secret societies that are real, you know, powerful official secret societies, there's lots of copycats, but out of those dozen or so real ones, it's a few hundred people that are the heads of all the groups.
The other ones have a symbiotic relationship that depends on the power of the ones above them.
So, I was reading about the NAACP, and long ago, found out about them, but I wanted to read about the players.
And I came across reading much about William Edward Bernhardt, the boy.
When I was reading the released FBI files on him, I found out about a secret society called, it was spelled B-O-U-L-E, I think it's pronounced the Bull.
The B-O-U-L-E?
And I was reading about them, and what it says about them, what I ended up finding out through my research was that in their history book, they write about how they would partake of the tenets of skull and bones, so that piqued my interest, of course.
And then you see that some of the most influential members of the so-called black population, Jesse J. Jackson and even Martin Luther King and many others, David Dinkins of New York were members of the secret society.
And it just shows you how everybody... Well, that's because the elite has to control any threat, and you look at black leaders today, they're there to make sure blacks, and everybody else for that matter, is dependent on the government.
But they can get you on welfare, they can get you in the criminal system, or now the psychiatric system, or under a draft.
It's all about getting us under state control.
Comments, Chris?
Well, anytime you have a pyramidal organization where somebody above you can ask you to do something, it can be used for good or bad.
Like I say, secret societies have not always been a bad thing.
Sometimes they have done good.
But most definitely the situation we have today, they are doing some very bad dirty.
And yes, it's a secret society that is black, and also related a bit to the Prince Hall Mason.
Right, and they also, much like Skull and Bones and various others, they use the same cover of that possible deniability.
Hey, look, look, look.
The Black Masonic Hall here in town, and I confirm this,
The Prince Hall Lodge has a picture of Albert Pike in it.
Folks, Albert Pike was one of the founders of the Klan.
Well, what I wanted to say was they used the cover of the Greek Letter Fraternities, much like... Well, you don't hear Jesse... Let me stop you.
You don't hear Jesse Jackson saying, take Albert Pike's statue down that's behind the Supreme Court.
Hey, he's a servant of his master.
He's an advisor to the king, as much as what they call themselves.
Well, and he's also blackmailable.
I mean, you know, you don't just control people by, you know, people are controlled through many different ways, but also going back in history, you have Francis Dashwood, who at one time was head of the Masons, was head of the Anti-Masons, and also head of British Intelligence at the same time.
Let me stop you for a second.
The point here is that Jesse Jackson will push to have the Confederate battle flag taken off an Alabama license plate, which is just stupid, but then he doesn't care about a statue of Albert Pike.
He's about putting one group against the other.
They create chaos, and that's all that he does.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
Great points, Manuel.
Chris, continuing?
Well, like I say, you know, we find that people, you know, some people do their bidding for many different reasons.
And not everybody that is doing their bidding is always in the midst of the evil cabal.
And sometimes people get hoodwinked.
Well, that's why their system is the pyramid, their symbol, because it's about top-down compartmentalization as the intelligence agencies operate.
Stay with us, Chris Milligan.
Let's come back and cover some current events and talk about Anthony Sutton and take more calls at 1-800-259-9231.
PrisonPlanet.tv is the website.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
ABC Nightly News played the video of the satanic ritual as they're worshipping the devil.
There's a small part of one of the rituals they do out in the courtyard behind the big walls.
And Peter Jennings just said, oh, they're just having fun.
It's all real funny.
Can you imagine if I was doing rituals like this in my backyard and it was on local television?
You guys would all be pretty mad at me, wouldn't you?
I think the general public would.
What if you were doing this?
Your neighbor was doing this.
But our Christian leaders do it, and oh, it's no big deal.
We're talking to Chris Milligan, who wrote the powerful book, 712 pages long, Fleshing Out Skull and Bones.
And we're taking your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
John in Florida, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon.
I have your book, Chris.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
Two questions here.
One on Hillary Clinton.
What made her so accessible when she went to Yale?
What kind of background did she and her father have when she came from, I think, Chicago?
And also, can you give us some information on Pamela Harriman and her role and how she instigated some insider manipulation with the Clinton, bringing him through the rank and file?
Well, I do not know a lot about Hillary's background in Chicago.
Basically, word on the street is that she works for National Security Agency, NSA, which is much larger than the CIA.
And then, as far as Pamela Harriman, she was the last wife of Avril Harriman, a very powerful Democrat, skull and bones, who in the same office was Republican Prescott Bush.
And she was his last wife, and when...
Clinton lost the governorship there in Arkansas.
She gave him a job.
When he was president, he made her ambassador to France.
Real quick here.
I brought Hillary up just for the sake because I thought either Alex or somebody would know that.
I heard rumors that her father...
I was in the legal profession who also represented some high-ranking mafia bosses.
I just didn't know if that was true.
Yeah, I've read that.
But let me just add something to all this.
Look at how when Congressman Dan Burton's committee was going to go after Clinton for pardoning cocaine dealers and people who were involved with communist generals.
Notice how Bush said, it's over.
You're not going to investigate.
Stop it.
You know, Mena, Arkansas and the cocaine dealing.
These people are just puppets.
And these are staged fights, folks.
It is completely staged.
Look at the policies between the Clintons versus the Bushes.
They're almost identical, except for a few rhetoric issues that Chris Milligan mentioned earlier.
So I'm glad you brought that up.
Thanks for the call, John.
Before we take just a few final calls, I'm going to talk about Anthony Sutton some, and then about a few other issues with you, Chris Milligan.
Before we do that, though,
I want to get into the 2004 election.
Now, they did the genealogy, Berks, Pearage, and others.
They weren't just cousins on one side of the family.
Each person has really two sides of their family, and then each of those sides has two other sides, and it goes out basically from infinity.
It's not just like they're cousins.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
They are like a breed of dog, where you just breed the beagles with beagles.
Can you talk about that and talk about the 2004 election?
Well, the basic family grouping at Yale and at Skull and Bones is the Whitney family, with an overarching family of the Cabotts.
And that seems to be the bloodline that is there.
And then it hooks into all the...
You know, the royal blood, and why do the blue bloods think they're blue?
Well, it's because they say they're related to King David, which is a nice way of saying, hey, I'm related to Jesus, and we should be your kings, blah, blah, blah.
And that gets into the Merovingians, and let me add something here.
Again, and I've made this point over and over again, I've studied it.
It isn't Catholics that run the New World Order.
It isn't Jews.
It isn't Protestants.
It's devil worshippers.
And there's Jews, there's Catholics, there's Christians, there's blacks, but predominantly it's a pretty white supremacist type organization.
And from my studies, that's what we're dealing with.
And they confuse us again with all these different group titles.
Is that correct?
They, you know, like I say, they own all the cups and they can move the P to whatever cup they want.
And so, yeah, they seem to control all these basic organizations.
And then it's like an octopus and they'll, you know,
Uh, have one arm over here, uh, flash something, and then have another one over there, and... Well, that's like Barry Hamish, uh, the, uh, Flash for the Droodles one post, you name it, very respected.
He discovered that the Bilderberg Group controls the Jewish prime ministers and the Palestinian Authority.
I mean, it's, it's all a stage deal there.
Oh, absolutely, absolutely.
They, they want to, they create chaos.
And because, you know, they seem to have this religiosity, and they tie it a lot to, like, books of Daniel and what I mean.
Why are we in Baghdad sitting about where the Tower of Babel was?
I mean, this ancient civilization there.
Why is the symbol for the European Union the Tower of Babel?
And they admit that.
With a giant pentagram above it and owls on the money and a beast rising out of the ocean on the money.
They just flaunt it in our face.
Right, and when you look at the...
Chairman von Braun, he told this one secretary that basically they were going to use terrorism, and then an asteroid, and then flying saucers.
You can look at this, and this may be way off the wall, but you get Jesus in the sky with aliens saying, oh, you guys stop this fighting here, all this chaos, and you ought to work with my blue blood brothers over there.
Well, they admit that they have these programs, these holograms, and they do have these programs for disasters and to scare people through all of this.
Folks, they're a band of con artists.
A high-tech con artist.
That's what they do.
They just get better and better and better and better at it.
Frank in Georgia.
Frank, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey there.
Before I ask you my question, first of all, I want to tell you thank you for listening to me.
And concerning the Catholics, I come from Quebec in Canada.
And I was raised Catholic.
Most people are over there.
And it seems that they realize that it's kind of pointless to keep going to church because they keep telling you all this bunch of fake stuff.
Well, look, look.
The World Council of Churches and Others run by Skull and Bones, there's
It's all the denominations.
It's all the groups.
It's the Jewish groups, the Christian groups, the Catholic groups, the Protestant groups.
And if you look at all the heads of these groups over and over again, they're globalists.
And that's why the globalist symbol is the pyramid.
All they've got to have is their top people over the main organizations and then have us all fight with each other down at the lower levels.
And you've got the Pope calling for world government.
You've got the Protestant groups saying world government isn't bad.
I mean, it's serious.
Well, you have Dulles who is now a Cardinal.
And part of this operation, too, is to divorce us from our institutions and to make us think our institutions are bad.
I mean, you know, we need to have some government.
But part of this operation is to say, oh, it's all the government's fault.
It's all the government doing it.
But it's not the government.
It's the criminal organized crime syndicate that plugs in at the top compartmental levels.
They have infiltrated our government, have created the national security state, and then have used that secrecy of the national security state against us.
And then to undermine and expand their nest.
Go ahead and finish up, Bob.
And the same thing with religion and spiritual matters.
It's good for people to come together and to worship and to do this.
And there's a reality to spirituality.
Well, the globalists certainly know that.
But, Frank, final comment?
I just wanted to ask you, do you know about the Georgia Guidestones?
I don't know if you heard about that.
Oh, yeah.
Does it have anything to do with Skulls and Bones or the... Let me just stop you.
Whether it's the left-wing groups or the right-wing groups or any of these groups, and it's the telltale sign of a globalist, they push a population control agenda, which is their pretext to go around enslaving and exterminating.
And, yeah, the Georgia Guidestones say keep the earth at 500 million.
But the Ted Turners, the Prince Phillips, all these people push this.
Thanks for the call.
Let me get a comment from Chris Milligan.
Well, again, it's something like, they give, you know, one thing for some people to digest as a reason, and then they give another, like oil.
They say, oh, well, we're in Iran, Iraq, you know, for oil, you know.
But, I mean, that's jive.
It's just an excuse for... Well, certainly oil is part of it, trillions in oil, but it's also about weapons sales...
It's about training a cadre of military for gun confiscation.
There's a whole bunch of reasons.
And it's chaos, and it's for... You know, I mean, there's a reason why they're in Baghdad and in Iraq.
And they're trying to create... Mostly, they're trying to create chaos.
Thanks for the call, Frank.
I hear you.
Last caller for our guest, and we're talking about a few minutes about Anthony Sutton.
Really broke a lot of news.
Blessed man.
Let's talk to Roberta in Colorado.
Roberta, go ahead.
I just wanted to make a comment that I purchased...
Bloodlines of the Illuminati.
And that book, I feel everyone should have a copy of that.
Especially people who listen to your program.
Well, I sell it.
Thanks for plugging it.
It's a great book.
Let me say this.
I know Fritz, and Fritz has done some good work, but also he says in there himself, he says, listen, I just gathered this stuff, and I'm throwing it up in the air, and there's some stuff in Fritz's book that is not correct.
So you just need to do your homework on it, but there's a lot of good information in that book, yes.
Well, you know, I just wanted to say that it's,
It explains everything.
You'll understand everything that's going on in this globe if you just read through that book.
And I have a question.
I understand Fritz was in prison.
What happened?
Oh, they definitely set him up.
I interviewed his wife a few months ago.
Yes, yes.
He's in federal prison.
Bank robbery and growing marijuana.
Bank robbery?
Yeah, they kept raiding him, finding no marijuana, no criminal record.
They kept raiding him over taxes.
And then finally had a felon claim that he robbed a bank.
Oh, boy.
Well, okay, that's all I wanted to say.
You have a great show, and I think everyone should pick up Bloodlines and read about these families.
They're very sick people.
I've said it, but I can't find anything in there.
Just from my knowledge, it isn't documented, but anything that's 700, 800 pages long is going to have a few.
We're not perfect.
We try to get what's happening.
A lot of this stuff is hidden.
I never said Bohemian Grove was real until I snuck in and got the video of it.
Well, I know he talks in there about one fellow he says died from some cult in Sion, and I talked to the fellow himself, and I know he didn't get killed.
So, I like to say, I just know there's some information in there that is incorrect, but, you know.
Well, no, I respect your opinion, Chris, because I've read your book, and it's very well sourced, and that said, it's pretty eminent, I think.
Well, thank you.
One thing I wanted to do was to not just preach at people about what I believe, what I think.
I wanted to give them a broad breadth of viewpoints so that they can make up their own mind and then also they can use that as a resource to do their own research.
Because all of us are in this together, and our children and our grandchildren.
And, you know, it behooves us to stand up, because there are way more of us than there are of them.
Tell us about Anthony Sutton, and when we first started learning of skull and bones, and when it sort of surfaced into the conscience.
Because you could talk to somebody ten years ago about skull and bones, and they'd look at you like you had five heads.
Now everybody I've talked to knows about it.
Well, Anthony was a technological researcher, and he was at the Hoover Institute at Stanford,
And he was writing these books about Western technology and the Soviets.
And he came to realize that the Soviets didn't really have any technology.
Everything they had, we either gave them through lend-lease or surreptitiously.
Just like our government gave the Nazis everything and he covered that.
And then he found out that...
This was in 1968.
In the Vietnam War, a lot of the material that the North Vietnamese were using was coming from Russia, was coming from factories that were built in the United States that were ordered through Italy.
And a lot of the material, the bullets, the half-tracks, even the motors and the ships that were taking the arms material out there, were coming from the United States.
So you had the United States supplying both sides in this war.
And he found this out and well documented.
The Hoover Institute wouldn't let him print his last volume on this and so he went around them and printed it himself, National Assisted Suicide, and then he got kicked out of Stanford Institute and his life turned around because he was just reporting the truth and so he did a bunch of research to find out why this was happening and then
Well, he did his Wall Street series of books and then somebody sent him, a disgruntled family member sent him a list of skull and bones and he didn't look at it right away but he copied it and then later looked at it and said, gee, these are some of the same people he was talking about and then he wrote his books, came out in 1983 in four little volumes and he put it together in 1986 into America's Secret Establishment.
Couldn't get it printed here.
You don't think there was anything suspicious there, do you?
There's a possibility, but I really don't know.
The coroner there says that he died of natural causes.
He was 77.
He did smoke.
He basically dropped dead at his house.
His girlfriend thinks that there were weird things with the people upstairs, but I really don't know.
All right.
Interesting thing I've never heard.
We just learned.
The world's skull and bones wants to build.
I mean, if they have their way, if we weren't resisting them, if they have their way, it's pretty clear what life will be like.
A total police state, a nightmare, brave new world, THX 1138, synthesis with 1984.
But what do you see the new world we're building if they have their way?
If they have their way, basically a fascist state, remove a bunch of the population, try and create big eco-zones, and just have a small population.
And we're all busy talking about left and right, and meanwhile they're just recreating feudalism.
They're just going back to the old days of what they are, blue blood scum.
Yep, yep, yep.
That seems to be the direction that they want to move us towards.
And royals of old, bored in the castle, got on power trips and thought they were gods and got into weird rituals and it just gets passed on.
It's the same thing today.
A bunch of psychopaths who think they're God.
Right, and a lot of times they're usurpers.
But, you know, you look into history and what does a usurper usually do?
The first thing a usurper does is he creates some fake genealogy or a fake story.
Well, that's exactly what they do, is that they have these little chants about, you know, was he a warrior king or a pirate or a thief?
You know, it's like, oh, the Nazi symbol, the skull and bones, the exact same thing that the SS wore right there on the tomb door in New Haven, Connecticut.
Right, and then also, like, the killing of Kennedy.
You know, I've looked at that really hard, and you see some of the ducks that were put in a row were put in a row even before Kennedy was elected.
And what that was was this elaborate ritual of killing of the king.
You can read about it in the Golden Bough written in the 30s.
Thank you very much, Alex.
Stay there.
We'll talk on my other side.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
I know this.
The globalists get around a big 45-foot stone owl in red and black robes and worship Moloch, the human sacrifice deity of the coast there of the Mediterranean.
And I know this.
They admit they bust in the male prostitutes for our Christian leaders.
And then we just put up with it.
It's unbelievable.
And that's what I cover in my film, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
Finishing up with Chris Milligan, because we cut you off there short.
Again, Chris, thanks for coming on with us, and God bless you, and we look forward to having you back up in the near future.
Anytime, Alex.
Thank you kindly.
But just finishing up, I think we'll be able to defeat the New World Order, but if people get serious.
I mean, they're really having to react to a lot of things.
And the creativity that the Internet has engendered... They wanted to use the Internet as a control system, but it's not working.
No, it's a two-edged sword, you know, and the culture drove the Internet into something that they had no idea it could be.
And so they are faced with a population that is becoming informed.
And, you know, my dad quit the CIA in, you know, about 58, 57, 58, right when he had to...
Right after the narcotics, because he didn't want to get involved in it.
And more and more people are going to do that.
That's my last point.
Is that the head of Camp X-Ray, the general, quit and refused to torture, and now they can't even have a fake tribunal because their own prosecutors and defense people are saying it isn't a real trial.
So now the State Department and the CIA says, we'll just hold people for life.
And look who they tried to make Department of Homeland Security.
An ex-driver of Rudy Giuliani.
The guy hadn't even graduated from high school.
And was involved with all sorts of shady underworld characters.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, thank you for joining us, Chris.
God bless you.
You take care.
My pleasure.
Take care, my friend.
God bless.
You bet.
Yeah, there's so many news items I'm here looking at at the end I wanted to cover.
The Internet is roughly doubling its users every year now.
Blogs are up 58%.
It's the meatiest term for individuals writing things on the net and people wanting to read it.
What are blogs?
58% in one year.
And that's just people searching out for information, creating a type of community again.
Millions and millions of our minds, we can overpower the globalists.
We can overpower their disinfo agents.
We can win this thing against the New World Order.
But that's why they're coming out with Internet, too, to shut down the old net and control the new net.
That's why they're coming out with all these big terror attacks.
They're souping up and engineering and brewing.
So we've got to get the word out, number one, about who's behind the terror.
You look at modern terrorism, it's the globalists.
Almost every time, any big fancy event, some huge complex event, it's them.
And they have the motives.
We've got to expose that now and have a mantra.
Giving up liberty gives you tyranny and slavery, not security.
You've got to counter them, and all of you have to be leaders in this fight.
And in closing here at the end of the broadcast, you want to know about secret societies, folks?
My film, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, is preeminent.
I mean, when it comes to films.
I mean, I snuck in there.
I got the video.
You need to have Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
No need to, you know, have to go read something on the internet about it, though that stuff's great.
You can actually watch the video, the rumors and the documentation begins.
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Please don't wait.
And in closing...
You can call toll-free to get Chris Milligan's book, 877-300-7645.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.