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Air Date: Jan. 3, 2005
2392 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
It's Monday, the first live broadcast of 2005.
That is my first live broadcast of 2005.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We're going to open up the phones.
Get your take on any subject, any news item, any story you'd like to discuss.
Zero censorship here, my friends.
You're welcome to talk about any news story, any trend, any government activity or individual activity of different types of corporations out there.
This broadcast belongs to the people.
This broadcast belongs to the First Amendment and what America once was and the remnants of our liberties and freedoms that are left.
Now understand, our freedoms are always there in our hearts, in our minds, in tradition.
But as far as freedom goes with the Bill of Rights and Constitution itself, that's being dismantled.
The Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence doesn't give you your freedom.
It simply enumerates it.
It points out your basic freedom.
The state is not God.
It's that simple.
It was the law that Africans could be chained to a plow.
It was the law that they weren't human beings, but they still were human beings, and the practice of slavery was wrong.
But, back then, the establishment wore fancy uniforms and said, we are the authorities, we are God.
Just as Rome did with its slaves from Gaul, and from the Visigoth kingdoms in what is Germany today, or from Brittany.
Toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
The state is not God.
A radical statement in today's climate?
Why, the state is the arbiter of all that is good.
Everything flows from it.
It is God, they say.
It's taking all our freedoms away to keep us safe from bad terrorists that want our freedoms, that hate our freedom.
Look at this article out of the Washington Post.
prepares for lifetime jailing of terror suspects without trial.
Now, before it was going to be a kangaroo court of military officers.
But a bunch of those guys, colonels and generals, have resigned and said, look, even if it's going to be a tribunal, there's got to be certain rules.
The tribunals aren't evil enough for the globalists.
Hitler even had tribunals.
Of course, later he skipped trials altogether as well.
Out-Hitlering Hitler.
So that's something we'll be discussing after the break.
Also, some new photos from Bohemian Grove have surfaced.
I've seen some of these before on the University of California at Berkeley site because it's kind of the unofficial mouthpiece of Bohemian Grove.
University, Neocon mouthpiece.
It's always the same.
And there's an interesting photo I want you to go to prisonplanet.com and look at.
It's Bohemian Grove members standing around a black child who's strapped down strapped down to a wooden plank.
Very interesting.
And this is from almost 100 years ago.
The Christian conservatism just gets more and more loving.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Welcome, my friends.
We're now into the second segment of the third day of 2005, about nine minutes after the hour.
Take a lot of your calls today, 1-800-259-9231.
Let me just plunge straight into this.
I mean, there's a lot of new news out of Iraq, a lot of new tragedy.
There's now a bunch of mainstream news articles saying, did governments, did some government cause the tsunami?
So now they're more of a conspiracy theorist, I guess, than we are.
There is so much going on, we'll be covering it all.
But first off, talk about illustrating the police state.
preparing for lifetime jail of terror suspects without trial.
So on the heels of passing large sections of Patriot Act II, the National ID card, and the rest of it, we have this.
preparing for lifetime jail of terror suspects without trial.
What's deceptive about that headline?
The U.S.
Oh, it's the American people doing this.
No, it is the small criminal cabal that owns our president and owns the Democratic Party as well.
The private corporate interests that have taken control of our military industrial complex.
Well, to be honest, they built the thing, so it's really theirs.
Administration officials are preparing long-range plans...
For indefinitely imprisoning suspected terrorists whom they do not want to set free or turn over to courts in the United States or other countries, according to intelligence, defense, and diplomatic officials.
The Pentagon and the CIA have asked the White House to decide on a more permanent approach for...
Potentially lifetime detentions, including for hundreds of people now in military and CIA custody, whom the government does not have enough evidence to charge in courts.
Did you hear that?
The outcome of the review, which also involves the State Department, and would affect those expected to be captured in the course of future counterterrorism operations.
And they go on to say that they don't even have enough evidence for their tribunals to try them in secret.
Because you can't have the people come forward and go, I work for the CIA.
Al-Qaeda is CIA.
My main commander is Donald Rumsfeld.
You can't have that, can you?
We've been operating in the moment because that's what has been required to the senior administration official who said the current detention system has strained relations between the United States and other countries.
Now we can take a breath.
We have the ability and the need to look at long-range solutions.
One proposal is to transfer of large numbers of Afghan, Saudi, and Yemen detainees, there's also US citizens at the base, from the military Guantanamo Bay Cuba detention center into a new US-built prison in their home countries.
The prisons would be operated by those countries, but the State Department, where the idea has originated, would ask them to abide by recognized human rights standards and would monitor compliance, the senior administration official said.
Recognized human rights standards is a trial.
A trial by jury.
As part of a solution, the Defense Department, which holds 500 prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, plans to ask Congress for $25 million to build a 200-bed prison to hold detainees who are unlikely to ever go through a military tribunal for lack of evidence, defense officials said.
So look at the doublespeak here.
Well, we're going to follow recognized human rights rules.
No trial.
Not even a tribunal.
Now again, Brigadier General Rick Baucus was the head of Guantanamo Bay for a year and a half.
And after they tortured people, in some cases to death, and it was always ruled suicide,
This guy said, look, I can't be part of this anymore.
Because they have a CIA base within Guantanamo itself that was running all of this, and it's just like Abu Ghraib, where they ship the dead bodies out, and the military brass and the troops themselves get upset.
The imported sicko jailers from federal prisons enjoy it, but the troops outside are getting pretty upset.
You know, torturing people to death is not a good thing.
So Brigadier General Rick Baucus quit.
He said, I'm not going to do this.
And resigned.
And then the next day the headline was, no, you don't resign, you're fired.
And so now, I've seen other reports of at least two of the prosecutors, military JAG officers, refusing to go along with this.
Saying, no, we're not going to be part of this.
And quitting.
Or criticizing and being told to leave.
They've had some of the supposed defense lawyers, which are also JAG officers, quit.
What was it, two weeks ago?
I had the former Judge Advocate General of the Navy, that rear admiral on, and he talked about how horrible this whole police state is.
And he's got an organization moving forward.
He's a conservative, by the way.
Trying to stop Alberto, I love torture, Bush is above the law, Gonzalez, the author of the torture memos and Bush is above the law memos.
Above federal law!
The logical extrapolation of that is, Bush is God.
He is absolute despot.
All law flows from him, our ruler, our king, our lord.
And this article goes on and on and on, admitting, well, there's no evidence, so they're just not ever going to try them.
Not even with their own tribunals.
They can't even get JAG officers to be part of this.
And the LA Times and the Associated Press have reported that there is not one single real al-Qaeda operative even at the base.
When those guys get caught, and special forces colonels and generals have been in the newspapers on this, but again, in the paper once or twice, never a big nightly news item, so the average person never hears about it.
In the middle of the Afghan war, C-130s landed, our troops were told to stand down, and our soldiers watched as Al-Qaeda Taliban creamed, to use one of their quotes, the cream of the Arab fighters,
Who headed up the staged war.
That's why our government won so easily there where the Russians couldn't win in eight years.
Because it was all staged.
They got on C-130s and were well paid or flew to Pakistan.
Now folks, that's public record.
And so they've got people as young as 11 at Camp X-Ray.
That's what's admitted.
They've got people as old as 87 years old.
We're good to go.
They were told, we're fighting a jihad, get out there in the front lines, fight the Americans.
And then the Arab fighters all stayed back at the bases, and our own generals said, why can't we bomb the Arab fighters?
They're the leaders.
Oh no, wait a few weeks while we bombard the front lines and kill the cannon fodder, the conscripts.
And then they load the Arab fighters on the planes, fly them out, everything falls apart, and oh, what a great victory.
Same thing was done in Iraq.
It's admitted.
Two of the three Iraqi army groups, regular army groups, were paid off before the war.
I have Rumsfeld on videotape admitting it before the war, then after he said he never said that.
Oh no, we faced great resistance, but we defeated it all.
And they paid off every single Republican guard group.
They just didn't show up.
And then a month after the liberation, they all showed up at the recruiting centers, and they say that 98% of the Ba'athist...
Constabulary, mechanism of government.
98% of these guys have been put back into control.
Because after all, they were ours to begin with, with the coup d'etat in 1979 that put Saddam Hussein in, U.S.
And so they all just went home.
Our troops drove in, blew up buses, shot up cars.
I mean, I've watched Fox News live.
It's just everything going down the highway.
Buses, cars, families falling out dead, machine gunning them.
People were cheering, yeah, kill the terrorists!
Just going into the
That was a staged war.
It wasn't even real.
It's admitted.
Two birds, two of the three large army groups, paid off completely, didn't show up.
The entire Republican Guard, it said the British SAS and U.S.
Delta Force and SEALs and CIA were there weeks before.
Gold bars, euros, dollars, diamonds, rubies.
Oh, the payoffs were unbelievable.
They told them, hey, we'll be taking over in a month.
This is all admitted, by the way.
We'll be taking over in a month.
We're going to put you back in control, all right?
You going to lay down?
It was good working with you in the 80s when I was trained at Fort Bragg.
Yes, sir.
That's what the Iraqis were saying to him.
Good seeing you again, Colonel.
Yes, sir.
Good seeing you again, General.
Yes, sir.
I've been a Colonel or a General in the Iraqi Army for a long time.
We've been working for you guys for a long time and Saddam just got out of control and it's going to be good to be back in business with you.
Well, that's good.
Hope you enjoy the $10 million we just gave individually.
Of course, you'll be one of our top torture masters once we take control.
Is that alright with you?
Oh, absolutely.
I'm a good Iraqi that likes to work for you.
So that's how this works.
And so the Iraqis were throwing rose petals at first.
Oh, we hate Saddam.
Oh, we love you.
Wait a minute, you're arresting our families.
Well, wait, you're shutting down our mosque.
We were pro-America.
Well, we're Shiites.
Why are you arresting all of us?
Because the Baptists don't like you and they're back in control.
Well, I'm going to fight you then.
Okay, well, we're going to claim that you work for Al-Qaeda then.
But you created Al-Qaeda.
We're not with Al-Qaeda.
Well, you don't own the American news media, do you?
We're going to kill you now.
The liberation will continue.
We'll be right back.
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Let me try to crystallize what I was saying in the last segment.
They take innocent people, nobodies, to these camps for torture.
The Army's own report admits 75-90% of those are just families that didn't have their papers in order at checkpoints.
They take them to the camps in Iraq, they take people to camps in Afghanistan, camps in Guantanamo Bay, other camps in Egypt and Jordan.
And they train cadres of our troops how to torture, and they basically beta test all of this for the next phase.
Then take those cadres and
Train larger divisions.
Meanwhile, real Ba'athists in Iraq, real Saddamites, Saddamists, real Al-Qaeda, have always been on the payroll, and the whole thing is staged.
Now, that's the admitted fact, right in plain view.
And so they come out and say, oh yeah, well we can't even have military tribunal trials for these people.
We're not even going to do that now.
Because they've tried to have trials.
They can't be x-rayed.
And the JAG officers just won't be part of it.
They've had several rounds of this.
And the trials fall apart because they're, number one, not real trials, and our own soldiers won't be part of it.
So now the CIA and its psychopaths, they'll get to run everything, and these people won't even get trials.
David in Michigan.
David, first caller of the new year.
Welcome, sir.
Thank you, Alex.
You were really hitting on all cylinders in your first segment.
I couldn't agree with you more.
And sort of as a symbolic representation of what you're saying, I was watching the Rose Bowl, and at halftime they had...
A big bat-winged black apparatus flying low over the field, casting its black shadow over everyone.
It was a B-2 stealth bomber.
And I thought that was very symbolic of what you're saying.
Sort of like the giant black widow spider in the concourse in either Brussels or The Hague or someplace like that.
Yeah, the World Bank.
Well, anyway, that was very threatening.
And then last night, I guess there was something very interesting on...
We're good to go.
I think?
Everything was just going crazy and people were killing each other because no one could trust their neighbors and everything and then finally the federal government stepped in with their draconian measures to save the day and they kept the casualties, Alex, down to about a million and a half whereas everywhere else it was much, much worse in the world.
And it turned out that the person that perpetrated this crime against humanity was, guess what, he was a white male who had first moved into New York City
And then gone and infected a little black child, and then he went and infected a certain Jewish businessman.
And from there on, the plague spread.
And why did this evil white man do this?
Well, the evil white man did, I'm glad you asked.
It turns out that when finally, at the end of the presentation, you got to see into his apartment.
It was a stark apartment, and there was only a Bible that was open to a certain passage.
Oh, an evil Christian, yes.
An evil Christian, and it was a King James Bible to boot.
And it said something, there was a passage about how in the time of the end, a third of you will die from pestilence and so on and so forth.
Well, I just want all the neocon listeners, their preacher tells them that Bush is the incarnation of Jesus, and they're almost saying that now.
I want them to know that all the real FEMA training is for Christians.
I just hope you know that...
Just like in Germany, they're getting you trained on one group, but it's really for everybody.
And this was a docudrama in that it had real people like Al Sharpton was talking about how the black community in New York was being left out of the vaccination program.
The people that they cared about were getting the vaccines.
It was just so rife with just this juicy propaganda.
Getting us begging for it.
Oh, you're a racist!
Give me the injections!
And at the very end, you know, the screen goes blank at the end after the credits are given.
In somber language, there's this little text message on the screen that says... It's not a question of if, but when.
Well, no.
That might have been in there, too, but what I remember is... I didn't watch it.
I saw the synopsis of it last week.
What I remember is they said, since 2002, the United States government has procured enough...
A smallpox vaccine, thank God, to vaccinate the entire population.
Yeah, and they tried to force the police to take it, and then hundreds of top doctors, epidemiologists went public and said, this doesn't even protect you from weaponized, and it'll kill thousands, don't take it.
And it was called the Model States Health Emergency Powers Act.
The states wouldn't pass it for forced inoculation, so the feds passed it, page 76 of the Homeland Security legislation.
Thanks for the call.
You gotta watch these Christians.
They're gonna smallpox you any minute.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, it's 2005, the third day of January, 2005.
I have to get used to that.
I keep wanting to say, oh, four.
And we're about to go to Tim and Ann and Ken and Steve and many, many others that are patiently holding...
The last caller brought up the Fox docudrama Smallpox that I'd read about.
Again, I'd read the rundown on it on the Fox website last week, and it was not a question of if but when it's going to happen.
Hearing from the caller, it's what I expected.
An evil white Christian is...
Going out and releasing smallpox to kill everyone, but martial law keeps you safe, and don't worry, we've got vaccine for you in the real world, so run out and get your shot.
And this is what the globalists planned all along.
Before 9-11, I figured out what they were up to.
Why did they have Iraqis with McVeigh at the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building, that tragic event, which we know was a government operation?
Why did they then grab all the surveillance cameras and declare national security?
And then not use that in the trial against McVeigh or for McVeigh?
His defense or the prosecution?
Why did they put that story in deep freeze?
I predict that they would then later bring it out and go, Oh look, Arabs are attacking us and they work with right-wingers.
Evil white Christians.
Racist white people.
Secret droves of them everywhere.
And again, folks, the reason I could see this picture coming into view was hundreds of different points, but one of them is the training manuals that have been put out to police even before 9-11 and then accelerating after.
There's a new type of extremist.
They wear suits.
They're well-spoken.
They convince the public.
They're very popular.
They talk about all these different issues.
They claim that they're for racial equality.
But secretly, they're white supremacists.
And what are telltale signs?
They're Christians.
They believe in the Second Amendment.
They're very dangerous.
They're even able to convince liberals.
Because they're so smooth and slick.
On and on and on and on and on and on and on.
And time and time again, I saw them trying to create this nexus point between Muslim extremists and indigenous American extremists.
They try to claim now that there's connections between the right-wing groups and the environmental extremists, and there's connections between those groups and the black extremists.
I mean, basically, trying to link all these...
Groups up together.
There's this invisible empire of terrorists out there.
And then the general public, what I would call racist white America, but it's not just white America.
It's blacks and Hispanics and Asians.
I hear them.
Kill all the Muslims.
They're the enemies.
They're subhuman.
They're going to try to attack us any minute.
We've got to put them in camps.
The case for internment camps.
Michelle Malkin.
Again, Asian says, and Ann Coulter, the zombie chieftain of the neocons.
You know, all of these people.
It's just this mantra.
And so, racist white America, or Asian America, whatever you mean, and it's everybody, basically.
It's kosher.
It's acceptable.
It's palatable to attack the Muslims.
We've got to take all the rights away because the Muslims are going to attack us.
Why, this Patriot Act is just for them!
Then they put the whole thing in place, and the real FEMA training is for Christians, gun owners, conservatives, those that make frequent references to the U.S.
Constitution, homeschoolers.
People selling knock-off Rubik's cubes, people selling half ounces of marijuana, individuals involved in paying off county commissioners to get more parking spaces, topless bars, it's everybody!
And so I say, they're coming after the white people for racist white America.
No, this is for you, fools.
The national ID card is for the new national sales tax.
It's for you, regardless of how much pigment, how much melanin is in your skin.
And again, you're like, well, where are they?
Are they going to come grab me today?
No, this is a system that grabs the poor, the old, the young, the uneducated, the educated, people in their own system.
It's just a beast system.
I think.
Compulsory national volunteerism that's now being developed.
It's all about getting you under the state's control.
That's what history's always been.
And America's tried to go in the opposite direction of that, though we don't have a perfect record.
Look at the Native Americans and the blacks and women and everything else.
And so we live in this constant denial about what's happening.
People say, well, why haven't they come and grabbed you yet?
Well, because they don't have enough evil people in their system yet.
They can't even have tribunals at Camp X-Ray because their generals and their colonels and their JAG officers are all quitting.
But it's in the back of the paper.
I mean, I have the former Judge Advocate General of the Navy, a well-known conservative on, saying we're going into a martial law police state and freaking out on air, basically.
I mean, that's the globalist problem.
They haven't won this thing by a long shot.
They can just try to keep the illusion going that all of us that love liberty are in the minority and that nobody's listening to us.
It's actually the opposite.
In fact, I'm totally confident of our victory against the New World Order in the current state of affairs because we've exposed 9-11 as an inside job.
The majority of Americans in major polls now believe that.
90% in CNN, 50% with Zogby.
But we don't have it in the bag because they're going to throw a major counterpunch.
At least if they gauge it, we'll accept it and go along with it.
That's why you've got shows about, oh, they're going to smallpox us, martial law is good.
Oh, we've got to take all your freedoms for your safety.
If they're able to condition us beforehand that when the attack comes, give up all your rights, this is what you do.
They're basically having all these nationally televised Jim Jones Kool-Aid drinking drills.
That's what these smallpox shows and the rest of it are.
Drilling you on the first thing that's going to pop in your mind when the smallpox release happens or the nuke goes off.
You'll just run right into their arms.
So they're drilling us.
That's what the thousands of drills are in hundreds of cases we've confirmed.
They don't announce it's a drill until days or weeks later.
People actually think terror attacks have happened in their cities.
That's what this whole climate of fear is about.
But when they told the police and firemen and doctors and emergency workers and EMTs, nurses...
When they told him two years ago, okay, here's a memo, you have to take this experimental smallpox shot, the LA Times reported that 99 plus percent said no.
Out of 14 million people that were ordered to take it, less than 1% said yes.
And then you can just type into Google, smallpox inoculation plan is dead.
You'll get all the big headlines.
That one was USA Today.
Because they couldn't even get their own enforcers to do it.
Because hundreds of prominent doctors went, number one, this smallpox shot doesn't protect you from weaponized smallpox.
Number two, it will kill a good percentage of the people that take it.
Roughly about one out of a hundred, they surmise.
And so how are the globalists going to get their plan through when their own people are saying no?
And the question is, why do they want to vaccinate us so bad?
Well, that's the backdrop, the first inoculations for federalization of every county and city and state.
And for the lockdowns, and for the emergency inoculation centers that have been all over the news, and the mass arrests, and putting people in sports stadiums.
And then after that event, it'll never go away.
We'll just stay at that level of martial law.
Then we'll accept scanning our cards, our standardized driver's license.
Now only two more states have to put it in.
Then we'll accept Patriot Act 3.
Then we'll accept a national draft.
See, that's what this is all about.
Getting us to surrender control of our lives over to these people.
So if 99% of their police and firemen said no, and ambulance techs and all of them,
What does that say for you, New World Order?
If you can't have even a kangaroo trial because the prosecutors in defense at Guantanamo are quitting and your own generals are resigning and saying you're torturing people, and it shows up in the AP in a One Rhode Island newspaper, but still we learn of it, what does that say about your plan?
You are stumbling all over the place.
Yes, you've got control of the government.
Yes, you can loot the treasury and war profiteer.
Yes, you can run all your scams and do all of that.
But when it gets down to brass tacks really dismantling this country, you're going to have a lot of trouble.
And that's why they're going to carry out a big terror attack, unfortunately.
All right, I've been going long enough.
Tim in Kansas City, go ahead.
Let's take calls.
Happy New Year to you, and may it always be with you and yours.
Thank you, sir.
One day, I missed you last week.
I take it you got Mr. Garton, the guy who lost his son the day after Christmas from Kansas City?
Yeah, from depleted uranium exposure, the evidence shows, yes.
I was just wondering how that interview go, and, you know,
I mean, it was just sad watching him.
I'm the one that called last week and gave it to your producer.
But it was the one day I missed it.
Well, I'm really glad that you called us with that information because I think it woke a lot of people up and moved a lot of folks.
I understand how deadly DU is.
I just want to thank you for getting him on air because that's going to help him in this grieving process because that's just disgusting what our government is doing to our soldiers over there.
Plus making them carry out the war.
But don't forget about the U.N.
Agenda 21.
That's what this is all about.
Everything you're explaining is just documented out.
An informed, free people is hard to govern.
It can't happen.
They have to have these globalist things in control.
It is admitted.
A forced drug, totally controlled, national service where we're all drafted into the system, working even here domestically, upwards to 65.
Compact cities, face scanning cameras everywhere, total nightmare control.
Yeah, the draft not only military, it's going to be domestic.
No, I mean, that's in the bills.
And it's all in Agenda 21.
It's all under UNESCO, UN treaties.
You're absolutely right.
Yeah, and people forget, oh, the UN's going to come in and save us?
No, that's just the whole point.
We're the bad cops, and they're going to come in and go, oh, we're saving you from the corruption of capitalism that's happened to your United States.
You know, Thomas Barnett, I just learned this, the big top Pentagon theorist, futurist, I didn't know that he'd attacked me.
Remember he refused to come on the show?
He has that Pentagon new map admitting that the
Military works for a new world order and these global corporations and all that.
I found out that he has savagely attacked me in a news report.
I was going to cover this last Friday.
I never got to it.
Maybe I'll cover it today.
But in his article, he goes, Alex Jones claims that this is a communist system, but I thought we're free market profiteers.
Now, that was General Parton that came on the show talking about Mr. Barnett's plans, former head of Air Force weapons development, and that's exactly how it works.
The big corporations are organized crime, they socialize our wealth, fool the left into getting behind it, and they transfer our wealth through socialism to the select corporations.
But I think DU is the way to wake up military wives and everybody else that's still skeptical.
Because you talk to these people coming back from Iraq, they aren't in a good mood.
Because they see exactly the... Well, depleted uranium, again, is deadly.
That's admitted.
Yeah, the person who did the study, he's dying from it.
His whole team's dying.
I had Dr. Rocky on.
Yeah, but all these interviews are available at Prison Planet.
And can we do a pay-as-you-go at Prison Planet without giving you automatic access to a credit card?
Are these interviews, like the one with Mr. Garten, the one with the guy with DU, and the one that you're talking about, are they available at prisonplanet.tv?
What are you talking about?
I don't believe the Garten interview's been posted, but to explain what we do at prisonplanet.tv...
We cannot continue to give everything free without some water seeping back into the well.
No, what I was asking is, can I pay for a month?
I have a friend that will let me use the credit card, but I don't want to do that.
Well, I believe this interview is going to be posted for free.
Look, what we do is, let me explain it.
If you want unfettered access to all 11 of my films, my weekly TV report,
Some of the audio interviews we put in the members section, about 60% of them we don't.
And I'll recommend to Paul Watson that that interview be posted and be a free interview.
I was just talking about payment options.
No, I understand.
Automatic deductions on my credit card.
Five bucks might be here this month, but it might not be there next month.
Yeah, well, you can go pay with PayPal.
$5.95 a month, yes.
So other than that, have a good day, Happy New Year, and keep up the fight.
You too, I appreciate the call, Tim.
You've got to explain what PrisonPlanet.tv does.
When you hear it on the show, it's free.
And then most of the audio interviews we post, the best ones, all we post, most of those are free.
Some, because it's only for the members, are in the members section.
Really what you subscribe to PrisonPlanet.tv for is all of my films, my book, Paul Watson's book, all of it.
And I authorize folks to make copies of my documentary films for free.
I pioneered that.
Now some people are following suit, and I commend them.
But, again, all I can do is make films and say, make copies of them.
We have to have some, and I know you didn't bring this up, but I'm bringing it up.
We have to have some capital come in so we can continue what we're doing.
I mean, I've got three webmasters I pay.
And I've got the bandwidth prices, which is in the many thousands of dollars a month.
So that's what Prison Planet.
I mean, I looked at it, and I couldn't pay for it anymore.
So I said, well, we've got to do a subscription service that supplements to pay for this, for all the free stuff we give.
So that's why PrisonPlanet.tv is there.
And yes, sir, please go sign up for a month.
We have monthly and yearly subscriptions.
And so you can go month to month.
And it's 19 cents a day.
The yearly subscription you save quite a bit.
It's 15 cents a day.
And it does make possible what we're doing.
We need funds to make more films, to pay editors to do all of this.
It's very, very expensive.
I don't ever get into that, but that's why we have PrisonPlanet.tv so we can pay for this stuff.
Because the goal is to get the word out.
That's the number one goal.
But we have to have funds to get the word out.
Incredible deal.
Check it out.
Ann, Ken, Steve, and others.
You're up next when we get back.
A ton of other news.
Some new Bohemian Grove developments as well.
Stay with us.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
I've actually been speechless today a couple times.
We have a silence alarm after five seconds of myself not talking.
Classical music cuts in.
You may have heard that a couple times.
I don't think that happens but a few times a year.
I was almost speechless when I was...
Reading U.S.
preparing for lifetime jailing of terror suspects without trial because it says that they don't even have the evidence for their tribunals at Camp X-Ray.
Their own officers won't go along with it.
So the State Department and the CIA says, well, we'll just take control of this entirely.
We won't even have tribunals.
And yes, I got speechless a couple times reading this.
It's just beyond my capacity to understand it.
It's amazing.
It's unbelievable.
Ann in Texas, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
You're on the air, Ann.
Okay, who is this?
Ken in New York, go ahead.
I guess Dan hung up.
Yes, go ahead, Ken.
Your first call is David from Michigan.
I give him a lot of credit for sitting through that Fox propaganda documentary or whatever it was the other night.
But it's typical with what's coming over the entertainment industry.
Well, I stopped watching television predominantly.
I still watch it some, and just everything I see is torture is good, secret arrest is good, taking your rights is good, government loves you, give up all your freedoms.
And it seems like anti-Christianity is a hallmark of the...
Neoconservative-owned, Rupert Murdoch.
Murdoch owns Fox.
News Corp.
Yes, he does.
It's incredible.
So, something interesting happened a couple days before Christmas, or leading up to Christmas.
I subscribed to Dish Network, and they have music channels on that they provide.
So, I was in the mood for listening to some traditional Christmas carols, and they have a holiday channel.
So, I put it on, and I listened for a couple of hours.
And I detect that they're not playing any Christmas carols that have any Christian references, any Christian lyrics in the song.
They're all Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, very shiny nose.
I kept listening, right, the next day, even until Christmas Day, and I listened for over four hours and I did not hear one Christian carol, you know, like Hark the Herald Angels Sing or
Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem or anything like that.
There were instrumental versions.
Me and my drum, rum-pa-pum-pum.
No, they didn't play that either.
So I sent them an email.
Sirius, the satellite radio network, provides DISH with their music channels.
So, as a matter of fact, their national headquarters is right on Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan where the Fox network is, 6th Avenue.
So I explained what I heard and I said that that was pretty depressing to at Christmas.
The programmer obviously kept the Christian carols off of the music programming that contained Jesus or Christ or Savior or anything like that.
So I get a response and the agent says, because the Holiday Channel was not a religious channel, we were broadcasting general holiday music.
If you're looking for more religion-specific music, our Christian channels add holiday music with a more religious intent.
So in other words, even when it's Christmas or Christmas Eve or right around Christmas time, the programmers at Sirius decide, well, we don't want to play any Christian carols.
I mean, this shows you the extent of the Christian bigotry today that...
Really is prevailing among the powers that be.
Now on the Fox special, according to the caller, it was the evil Christian that smallpoxed.
So, you know, maybe Christians are bad.
Maybe, maybe the New World Order is good.
Thanks for the call.
And I hear you, it's out of control.
Don't speak sarcastic, folks.
We'll be right back with the second hour.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, it's January 3rd, 2005.
We made it to 05, ladies and gentlemen.
Already into hour number two.
Toll-free number to join us on air.
Wide open phones today.
Your chance to ring in the new year with us.
1-800-259-9231 The websites are Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and PrisonPlanet.tv Ann and Steve and Larry and Mark, everybody else, your calls are coming up here momentarily, so stay with us.
You know, I'd like to hear from callers on this Washington Post article, U.S.
preparing for lifetime jailing of terror suspects without trial.
And they say in here they can't even have tribunals because they don't even have hearings, witnesses, and evidence for secret tribunals, and their own officers are quitting in droves, refusing to go along with this.
And so now the CIA and the State Department will just hold you for life, including U.S.
citizens, by the way.
This is out of Inside India and the Indian Daily.
It's also out of major Italy newspapers in Italy.
Human hand behind earthquake and tsunamis.
That's the headline.
I don't even necessarily believe that, but they admit they have some of these earthquake weapons they've tried to develop.
I don't know if they successfully developed them, but it's getting pretty weird when mainstream media is saying this.
I've got some emails I want to read as well.
But something I want to talk about in this hour, just a little bit, is on prisonplanet.com, right now on the right-hand side, we have news in focus, picture images with text, rediscovered photos, and besides Bohemian Grove, sacrifice obsession.
And one of these photos I'd seen on the University of California at Berkeley's website years ago and then couldn't find it again, it did resurface, along with another photo of
That came from the same batch where the photo of the guy in the black hood doing the sacrifice that was in last year's 100 Greatest Vintage Photos in National Geographic.
So these are real photos from Bohemian Grove.
But the new one is police officers and a bunch of other people at Bohemian Grove standing around a bound black child.
Or midget.
It could be a person of... a very short person.
It could be that, too.
And you can look at the detailed photograph.
And you can look at the facial expressions and the attitudes of the men around the body.
And if these pictures don't tell a million words, I don't know what does.
And so I want to go over this as well in the shower.
The occult is real.
The elites are into it.
Skull and bones is real.
The New World Order is real.
And I mean, this stuff's in National Geographic nowadays.
So get it through your brains, folks.
We're talking about real things.
Our Christian conservative leaders on the surface are really a pack of heathen devil worshippers.
And I don't care how crazy it sounds or how weird it is, truth is stranger than fiction.
I snuck in there in 2000, and by the grace of God, I'm still alive.
I wonder every day how I am.
And caught their satanic ritual on video.
Well, we got photos of this going back to 1915, 1909, you name it.
And so I would suggest you...
Skedaddle over to PrisonPlanet.com and email this out to everybody and spread the word to folks in your area.
Because this new photo is powerful.
Looks like something across between that black and white photo at the end of The Shining or Eyes Wide Shut.
Just your friendly rulers.
Nice, folks.
How about we hand in our firearms?
They'll be much nicer to us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
Mainstream media.
Well, so does he.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, I'm going to get into Bohemian Grove a little bit, then we'll go back to your calls.
Again, this came out about six months ago.
And of all places, National Geographic
And this is the caption.
An old photo from Bohemian Grove on the National Geographic website appeared with the following caption.
Power Party.
Photographed by Gabriel Molin, 1915.
To purge himself of worldly concerns, a member of the elite Bohemian club participated in the 1915 Cremation of Care ceremony, complete with candles and a robe and hooded comrade to guide him.
This private club of influential men still meets annually north of San Francisco and uses a symbolic ritual to kick off its summer retreat.
But today the ceremony involves burning a mummy-like effigy named Care at the foot of the group's mascot, a 40-foot tall, 12-meter tall concrete owl.
And it shows... I mean, it looks like something out of The Grim Reaper.
It's the high priest in this sinister black robe...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
They admit that I snuck in.
That I got the video.
The group admits it.
This is mainstream, folks, okay?
And then they just flaunt it.
The group released this photo last year and put it in National Geographic of them doing a mock sacrifice.
I mean, what is this?
Like everything else, they're just in our face.
We have the clip of Richard Milhouse Nixon, released by his presidential library.
It had been in Harper's Magazine, his quote to the reporter.
Little did the reporter know that Nixon was recording him, where Nixon goes, you know about the homosexuals, and he played the clip before, you know about the homosexuals stuff going on in San Francisco, how bad it is, how rampant.
Well, let me tell you, Bohemian Grove, it's the most GD, blah, blah, blah thing, I'm not going to say it all, I've ever seen, that's all that goes on there.
So they got the New York Post last year admitting that, you know, headline, top gay porn star services moguls at Bohemian Grove.
That's Rupert Murdoch's magazine newspaper telling me, why are they flaunting people in robes and top gay porn stars?
Why are they just throwing it in our face?
Again, get it through your head.
If you're listening for the first time, if you're a police officer or somebody, you're going, oh, whatever, sure, National Geographic, right, yeah, I bet.
Hey, you better take me serious.
You think I'm just on the air saying this?
You think I'd get away with this day after day if it wasn't true?
Get up off your hind end, go to the library, get the issue from, what, six months ago, National Geographic, the 100 greatest vintage photos, and it's in there.
Now, that's just one photo.
I wanted to cover that first.
I mean, I've been there.
And then how does that change your worldview about George Bush and Bush Sr.?
We've got photos of them there.
We've got dozens of mainstream news articles that have been videoed driving into there.
They go there.
Rediscovered photos emphasize Bohemian Grove's sacrifice obsession, prisonplanet.com.
Recently, rediscovered photos depicting sacrifices...
Mock sacrifices seen from the early 20th century Bohemian Grove gatherings appear to contradict official claims that a mock sacrifice is being made and that real humans have never been sacrificed in the ritual.
These photos originally appeared on the Berkeley University of California website, which is often used as a mouthpiece for the Bohemian Grove Club.
You can click to enlarge the photos.
The first photograph appears to show a lynching or public execution.
If the body is a mannequin, it is certainly very authentic.
Click to see an enlargement.
Judging by the look of the hand, this is a real person.
I don't know if that's the case.
But who knows?
But the next one's what's really scary.
There can be little doubt about the second photo.
The person is clearly a black child or midget.
He is strapped down on a board...
One of the figures in the foreground, actually two of them, appear to be policemen.
The picture is dated 1909.
And there's about 50 people.
Let me see.
One, two, three, four.
Four of them police.
Standing around with very serious looks on their faces.
And I've zoomed in on the black person.
The person doesn't look like they're doing too well.
And boy, if it's a mannequin, then it needs to be in Madame Cousseau's, or whatever she's called, wax museum.
It's very good likeness.
And, I mean, what is this?
And when I was there, the ritual started in total darkness.
1,500 people all gather on one side of this pond, and there's the big owl at the end of it, the Owl Shrine, as it's called.
You sit there in the dark for about 10 minutes, right when it gets dark, and then all of a sudden, out march about 20 plus priests in black, and one driving a wagon, horse-drawn, a flat-backed wagon, flatbed wagon, with a small, bound body.
And there's these big black sheets that have been unfurled from the redwoods, and you're about, at this point, about 60, 70 yards away, because they're on the other side of the pond,
And then the idol's about 150 yards away at the front of the pond.
They're on the other side, right across from you.
And it's in this gorge with these redwoods around you.
Very beautiful.
And there's this big, black, unfurled canopy.
And then for about 15 minutes, something goes on behind the canopy.
And that's when all the old men around me were going, Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
It was real serious.
Oh man, that was the height of whatever was going on.
And then it appears a boat, and there's a guy with the face like death with a black hood on, pulling the body, the effigy they tell you, across to the high priest who's now appeared at the foot of the owl right there at the bottom of the steps by the water.
And they take the apogee and they take it up there and it begs for its life and it's all done theatrically and then they set it on fire and it screams.
It's a ritual to get rid of your conscience and to put all your cares and your problems like a giant voodoo doll onto the body.
I mean, black magic experts, a lot of people looked at this.
This is some serious, this is high level occult stuff.
Devil worshippers don't dance around like Anton LaVey in red pajamas, folks, with plastic horns and a pitchfork.
This is how they operate.
This is serious.
And I'm looking at a National Geographic photo where they're doing a monk sacrifice.
I've got another one here where they've got a bound small black person
And then I've got quotes out of the Bible, out of the encyclopedia, out of the dictionary about this.
And it is scary.
Here's a quote out of Leviticus 18.21.
You must not give any of your children as an offering to Moloch so that you do not profane...
The name of your God, I am the Lord.
Leviticus 20, verse 1.
The Lord spoke to Moses, you are to say to the Israelites, any man from the Israelites, or from the foreigners who reside in Israel, who gives any of his children to Molech,
Must be put to death.
The people of the land must pelt him with stones.
I myself will set my face against the man who cut him off from the midst of his people because he has given some of his children to Molech and thereby defiled my sanctuary and profaned my holy name.
If, however, the people of my land shut their eyes to that man when he gives some of his children to Molech so that they do not put him to death, I myself will set my face against that man and his plan.
I will cut off from the midst of the people both him and all those who follow after him in prostitution to commit prostitution by going after Molech.
Here's one out of Kings.
The king...
Ruined Topeth in the valley of Ben-Himon so that no one could pass his son or his daughter through the fire to Molech.
And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the sun.
Again, this god has many different names.
It's represented as a bull, as an owl.
As a goat.
That's where you get Baphomet.
And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire into Molech, which I commanded them not.
Neither came into my mind that they should do this abomination to cause Judith to sin.
And then I've got another quote here.
I'm looking for it.
It talks about King Solomon actually built one of these and started the sacrifice back up again.
There's literally like 20 more quotes here.
And then we have ancient engravings of Molech, if you want to look at it.
And it's a fiery pit really at the base of the feet.
You hear that they threw them in, but in all the engravings, it's at the base.
They throw children in.
And at the Bohemian Grove headquarters in San Francisco, they have images carved in stone of men throwing a baby into a fire.
Very friendly fellows.
How about we give up all our rights to them?
Let's just be their slaves.
They'll take good care of us.
They're not into bad things.
There's not bad people in the world.
Let's just be their minions.
We'll be safe then.
You and your family members getting enough minerals in the daily diet?
It's not likely, according to the World Health Organization.
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All right, my friends, welcome back.
Let's hurry through your calls now, then I'll get into a bunch of other important news.
Ann in Texas, welcome to the Airwaves.
Go ahead, Ann.
Hey, Alex, how are you?
I want to speak to you about something else that since the Bohemian Girls thing came up, well, I want to share this with you.
My son...
My son's in-laws live in George Bush's house here in Dallas.
I guess when he owned the baseball team.
And I was 32, my son is.
I haven't seen him in almost two years.
And I saw him go from a very, very loving young man.
And he owns a golf shop, and I would...
Okay, okay.
And he had your name, that you had been to the beach for him in Grove.
So let me understand this.
Your family has now moved into the former house that the president had there in Dallas?
My son's mother and father-in-law live there.
They have lived there, yes, before.
My son and my daughter-in-law lived there, I think, before they got married.
So what's the connection?
Well, I'm just saying.
You said it is evil.
And we don't know, you know, just exactly how.
Well, you know more than I do.
But I just didn't realize that, you know, Satan is very strong if you do not know how to, you know, if you don't have the Lord.
Well, it's real, and unfortunately the Satanists control most of the so-called Christian churches now.
And they're telling them, oh, faith-based initiative, let the feds take over the churches.
Oh, the wars are holy.
Bush is a man of God.
And they ignore the Shinto shrines, going and worshipping Allah.
I mean, Bush is everything to everybody, but when it gets down to the brass tacks, what he really is, is a Luciferian.
Yes, and you know, you think, I mean, we read in the Bible where it says, you know, that demons will go out of a place, and if they come back and it's cleaned up, but there's not any, you know, you're not usually being idle, then he goes and brings seven more back with him.
So I don't know.
I'm just saying.
I saw my son go.
But that's not the main reason I called.
Yeah, go ahead.
Interesting points.
We've got about a minute or two left.
Go ahead.
Okay, well, let me tell you.
I'm trusting that my brother, he's a sheriff about 60 miles from you.
I spoke with him last night, and I also think that I have lost my mind when I try to explain some of this to him.
And my little brother is leaving for Iraq.
And he has had two lungs collapsed.
And so I was just saying, you know, maybe he wouldn't have to go.
And then I tried to tell him about the depleted uranium.
And so they got real upset.
And they said that doesn't exist or it's nutritious or something?
And so I begged him to come and get some videos from you.
And I just pray that he does.
I pray that he does.
Well, he doesn't have to do that.
He can just type depleted uranium health effects into a search engine.
I mean, the Army's own training manual, which you'll have to go get at a library or something because they won't give it to him, says it'll kill you.
So I don't know why they're getting angry at you.
So they think that's a conspiracy theory?
They think DU's good for them?
Well, just like you said, I've had the vaccine I shot.
You know, I said, what about my, you know, him taking, has he taken the anthrax shot?
And he said, well, yes, so have I. And, I mean, he says that he knows Congressman Ron Paul.
And that I am absolutely crazy that none of this is going on.
Ron Paul says we have a world government on this show, and that world government's taking over.
That's in my film, Matrix of Evil.
I mean, Ron Paul writes articles about it every week.
And this is what I'm saying, Alex.
And I appreciate what I call this.
I do appreciate you.
I hope that he will go into your website.
And, you know, there's a lot of people that don't know.
Well, they're also in denial.
Very much so.
I mean, if he doesn't think DU's bad for him, I mean, it's just, it's the Army's own manual to deadly.
We'll be back.
PrisonPlanet.tv's the website.
Thanks for the call, Ann.
We're on the march.
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Thanks for riding shotgun with me.
It is the third day of January 2005, my first live broadcast of this brand spanking new year.
Let's go back to the calls, get through some more of these callers.
I'm going to try to move quick here.
Let's talk to Steve in Texas.
Steve, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I got two articles I want to know if you heard about today.
There is one article out of the Associated Press titled, Several People Questioned in Case of Laser Beam Shot into Airplanes.
It says, Authorities investigating two incidents in which laser beams were aimed at aircraft flying over northern New Jersey have questioned several people but made no arrests, the FBI said Saturday.
Federal agents are looking into similar incidents involving lasers in aircraft, including cases in Cleveland, Washington, Houston, Colorado Springs, and Medford, Oregon.
You heard about that?
Yeah, it's green lasers, and they're harmless.
And they've even now found an individual who, of course, isn't a Muslim, who was just playing a prank, and what happened is...
Six months ago, the FBI put out an alert that terrorists are going to try to use lasers.
And then copycats and idiots... I mean, everybody's walked down the street before and had somebody aim a laser at you just playing games, or out at restaurants, people aim them at you.
I've been in church before when some child somewhere is playing with a laser pointing it, and so now they get to laser beams!
It's like Darth Vader was firing at the planes!
Yeah, I know.
So it's just more, and so these copycats heard all these news stories, how kind of they use lasers, and then they went, lasers?
I never thought to aim my little pointer at a plane.
Yeah, I know, they're all pretty stupid, but hey, I got one more article that I want to say, one more thing, then I'll get off the air real quick.
I got another article dated November 19th
It says, vaccinations may be linked to Army medic's death.
And it says, it goes on to say that she was 22 years old and she was vaccinated with five shots, including for anthrax and smallpox and thigh pod, I think, and other illnesses.
And she was dead a few days later.
Did you hear about that article?
Yes, I did.
And they give them experimental vaccines all the time, which legally you have to authorize.
Even if you're in the military, you're not a captured slave.
I mean, they can't order you to eat arsenic or order you to eat cyanide.
I mean, you have rights.
You're not a total slave.
And they experiment on them with experimental drugs and vaccines and don't even let them know that it's against the law.
Let me add something to this, because there's another article about how Prozac causes all sorts of birth defects and illnesses, proven if pregnant women take it to their babies, but they're not going to pull it, because the government doesn't care.
Yeah, I hear you.
It's all part of the new freedom, sir.
Well, hey, let me just tell you real quick, I commend you on getting Michael Perruca on your air show during the election time.
I hear you.
That gave him some widespread exposure, and I appreciate that.
And I also want to let people know that if they live in Texas, they can go to the Constitution Party website of Texas, which is cptexas.org, and they can go on there and officially sign up as a member of the Constitution Party and help us get ballot access for 2006 so we can get a governor and mayors running for office.
All right, thanks.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, I voted for Michael Perutka.
Despite the fact that most of my friends here locally voted for Michael Bagnaric.
And I think Michael's a great guy, but I disagree with him on the abortion issue.
And so I wasn't part of that campaign.
We had him on here, though.
Of course, it hasn't stopped neocons out there on the web, so-called patriots, of accusing me of voting for Kerry.
When I publicly endorsed Michael Perutka and his vice presidential running mate, who I have a lot of respect for as well,
Chuck Baldwin.
It doesn't matter, though.
I've been accused of... Well, the lightest thing is I was compared to Hitler, and then they said, and I voted for Kerry.
So, I love the criticism.
The only reason I occasionally talk about the criticisms I get, because I frankly don't care, is that it illustrates, though, that they can't attract me on substantive issues.
In fact, the same article said that I've interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger twice and that Arnold was very nice and friendly on the show.
I guess I shouldn't even talk about criticisms like that because they're so ridiculous.
I'm like Hitler because my webmaster has the first name Joseph.
And so, Joseph Goebbels.
So it must be, see the connection?
It's almost like that article was a joke.
And then it says, I've interviewed Arnold, and he's very friendly with me on the air.
And so that shows that it's an inside stage deal.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's never been on this show.
We have played a clip of him talking before.
And I didn't vote for John Kerry.
I mean, it's just wild.
It was like another individual with a whole Gary Webb story.
It turned out Gary Webb had actually criticized that individual in the major Boston paper.
But now the individual claims basically they're the torchbearer for this person.
And the individual created a news headline that I didn't write and then attributed my name to it to criticize me.
I mean, it's just people can't, I guess, really criticize me on substantive things.
But you mentioned Michael Perutka.
So it made me think about how I had him on, how I endorsed him.
That was part of the public record.
And then somebody out there said, Alex Jones voted for John Kerry.
Okay, well, I'm glad you informed me of that.
I didn't know that.
But, hey, I guess if you say it, it's true.
And I get criticized by some people because I don't like Hitler.
I'm kind of an anti-Hitler guy.
I'm known as that.
But now I'm like Hitler, too.
I'm starting to figure this out.
Let's talk to Larry just hung up.
Let's talk to Mark in Kansas City.
Mark, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to get your opinion on something.
I saw something a little disconcerting on the CNN early this morning.
I'm sure you're familiar with the, oh, I believe they call it the hook-em-horns hand sign.
Kind of the occult-type hand sign.
But also, I guess it also can stand for the University of Texas or something, sports or something.
Yeah, the mascot here in Austin, at the University of Texas at Austin, is a Spanish bull.
Or, as it's publicly known, the Longhorn.
Well, what I was wondering is, when I was watching the television this morning, and Bush and his wife were stepping off of the helicopter, and Laura Bush, you know, gave that sign a couple of times, and I wasn't sure if that was meaning an occult-type thing, or if it was just a sports thing, or what you thought.
Let me go over this for you.
We have Bush Sr.
doing it, Bush Jr.
doing it, Bill Clinton doing it, Hillary Clinton doing it, Prince William doing it, Prince Charles doing it.
We have, literally over the years, I've seen hundreds of photographs of politicians, Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife doing it.
The sign is the sign of the devil, or it's a sign of hexing someone.
And yes, the University of Texas at Austin, and it's a hidden in plain view thing.
People think they're doing that, but then they say, oh, George Bush is just doing that, even though he didn't go to UT.
He does it on national TV all the time, because he's hooking horns.
Well, his father didn't go.
Arnold's wife didn't go.
Bill Clinton didn't go.
I have a photo of Bill Clinton at his inauguration, when he put his hand on the Bible with the other hand.
I mean, this is...
He did it.
We have the photo, folks.
The video as well.
So, I mean, Bill Clinton went to Oxford and to Georgetown.
I mean, I guess at Oxford they do that, too.
I guess it's a longhorn steer.
Is there a Spanish bull?
Is there?
No, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's a hidden in plain view thing.
And I get these e-mails all the time.
You say George Bush is doing the Diablo side.
No, he's not.
That's the University of Texas.
Now, people can accidentally do that with their fingers, you know.
I mean, I many times have caught myself, you know, when I'm making a point or something, just putting two fingers back or three fingers back and, you know, doing that.
But when they're all at key points at inaugurations or hitting off helicopters, you know, putting their hand up, doing that, that's on purpose.
Well, yeah, this was definitely, I mean, it was very clear, and then she took a few more steps, and then she repeated the gesture and did it even more definitively.
It occurred to me that... Well, let me just tell you, I've been around Bush's wife.
I went to a movie thing that covered it once.
They had a Texas film festival or whatever, and it was at the governor's mansion.
This was like eight years ago.
And I'm in there, and, of course, she obviously had watched the TV show.
The governor later admitted that.
But, I mean, just evil.
I mean, she's crazed.
Her eyes are just, I mean, you can just look at somebody.
I mean, if I saw that person in a dark alley, I would move away from her.
I mean, that lady's eyes twinkle.
Well, she does seem to have some mannerisms when I've seen her and the way she looks.
You ought to see her in person, Bubba.
It also occurred to me that obviously this type of hand symbolism is not a secret, and I was thinking, you know, if you're a president or you're an official, someone in that position has tons of advisors and public relations people, and surely someone would have said, hey, by the way, that signature could be misinterpreted.
Now, it's no big deal that Bill Clinton laid his hand on the Bible and when the other did the Diablo.
Bill Clinton, it may not be the mascot at Georgetown or at Oxford, but still, maybe he likes UT too.
Maybe Prince William and Prince Charles and maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife.
Just it's a friendly thing they do, sir.
It's Christian.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, we've got to learn this, folks.
All right?
All right.
I mean, next time your kid wants to go to a rock concert and it's a death metal band and they come home and are doing that, just go, oh, look at Junior.
He's doing the Christian sign.
Maybe we should take the crosses out of the churches and put giant pentagrams up.
That's what it is, is the goat.
Maybe we should have Baphomet.
I'm being sarcastic here, folks.
This is how stupid it's gotten.
You walk into a church, it's a giant goat up there, and the preacher starts doing this.
You go, oh, it's of the Lord.
Folks, we've got an article on Infowars.com called Illuminati's Secret Language Hidden in Plain View.
And it goes through a bunch of this.
Folks, I don't know of a corporate logo of media or banking that isn't a pyramid.
And about a third of them have triple sixes in the middle of the pyramid.
I'll never forget on my way up to Kansas City a year and a half ago to give a speech.
Of course, the truck drove by us before I could get the camera out and get it going.
And I did a web search and couldn't find it.
It was Decker Trucking.
A giant red pyramid on the side with 666 at the bottom in gold.
I mean, it wasn't even hidden.
All over Austin.
Well, the Congressional Medal of Honor, folks, is an upside-down star.
With satanic symbols in the points of the star, on top of it.
You can go get a magic book, and those symbols are in it.
Austin Land and Cattle Company, big steakhouse downtown, upside-down star.
The Republican Party logo has the upside-down star.
It just never stops.
You ever heard of Lone Star State, Texas?
Better research it.
But again, and even if you aren't a Christian, you don't believe in God, I do.
Still, you know throughout history, people go nuts, elites go nuts and think they're God.
They've been in the occult, and that's what these people are into, and they've always been rebellious.
And even back in the Dark Ages, they were into the occult, and they're still into it, and that's what they do.
Let's go back.
I've got to go quicker here.
Who's up next?
Michael in Washington State.
Go ahead, Michael.
Happy New Year, Alex.
I'm doing great.
How you doing?
Hey, listen, I was noticing something about those... Well, getting back to what you were saying about the symbolism, you know, the ancient druids did all of their witch casting, and all of their spells were cast with a branch of the holly tree.
Thus, we get Hollywood spinning us all this magic constantly.
And Aleister Crowley, it's admitted, coined the term, you're a star.
He coined...
Movie star, star, everyone's a star.
Yeah, there's so much symbolism that we just accept it, but they believe in it, and apparently it has some sort of power to them.
But I was noticing on those new pictures about Bohemian Grove, the one that has the dog in it, there's a picture with, I think, the constable standing there, and the body on the table.
I blew it up, and I lightened it, and I...
Adjusted the contrast, and clearly below the table, there looks like three women sitting on the ground.
It's kind of interesting.
Either they're women or they're... No, you can see that.
And if you also look, a bunch of people are doing weird hand signals.
Yeah, one guy waving, but the looks of the people, the faces are such that it's not a joke.
I mean, they just have these
Intent looks on their face, like... Glaring Aleister Crowley looks.
Yeah, it's... No, I mean, that's what these people, they go around with their eyes bugged out of their head.
Oh, man.
I've been collecting Grove pictures, and so I really like these.
But what do you think, this poor black person, what do you think is going on with him?
Wrong place at the wrong time.
Apparently, um...
They lynched him, and now they're all holding their flags and gawking at the body on this table.
It's disgusting.
Oh, man.
The more I see... Sir, are you evil?
Are you with Al Qaeda?
You're not a Christian conservative, are you?
You're against Satanism?
Yeah, I guess I am.
And I used to give my friends a hard time about that Longhorn sign that were into heavy metal back in the day.
Well, again, in a rock concert while they're doing Satan, Satan, 666, the sign isn't for the devil.
The sign's for UT.
I've heard it was also a universal sign of love.
See, you're learning.
There you go.
My friends tried to pass off on me many years ago, and I've never heard it again, and
No, it is.
It's exactly.
See, you're learning now.
When you go watch a death metal band go like, six, six, six, double, double.
And they're doing that, but they're loving.
It's a love thing.
When Bill Clinton does it, it's a love.
It must be.
It's a sign of love, sir.
Just never mind that we've got almost every president doing it in the last 50 years.
It's just a friendly thing.
It's a little friendly thing they do.
It's a friendly thing.
Okay, so you sleep tight tonight.
They're nice people.
Look at the photo, National Geographic, and the black hood, and the sacrifice.
I mean, that's a friendly thing.
Alex, I put together a video of the effects of depleted uranium on the people of Iraq, and I'd like to email it to you.
Email it to Paul Watson at Prison Planet.
Go to the Prison Planet.
It says email Webmaster.
Send it there.
We'll post it.
I'd love it.
God bless.
We'll be right back.
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Yeah, I mean, it's completely normal to have most of your presidents going and putting on black robes and doing mock sacrifices.
And having a black child strapped down.
I'm sure that's completely normal.
Like the New York Post reported, busing in the top gay porn star, you know, people like that.
That's part of the Christian-ness.
Of course, I don't think it is, but, you know, who am I?
I'm evil Alex Jones.
You know, I don't run around doing the Diablo sign all day, so...
I may be Al-Qaeda-ish or something.
Who knows?
Before we go to Sherry and Brian and others that are patiently holding on a ton of other news in the third hour that's coming up, I might as well once today plug my videos.
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Check it out.
Okay, let's go to Sherry in Oregon.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to inform you and some of your listeners of something that I've done.
In September last year, I was basically... Me and my family were accosted coming through the TSA.
I was...
Basically strip searched in front of hundreds of people.
They tried to forcefully get me to put my son down on cold cement.
Anyway, it was an awful situation.
And by the way, it's on purpose, Rand Corporation, everybody, putting it out, training you how to be a slave.
This is all about humiliation.
Absolutely, and they did do that.
But Alex, I fought back, and with the help of Free Enterprise Society in Sacramento, California,
I filed the tort claim in the amount of $28 million for all the abuse and harassment and I just got a response.
Oh, what was that?
It's great.
They're saying that they have received my claim and they're going to process and that within six months of the date, if it's not been resolved or I'm unsatisfactory with the amount or
I'm a bit nervous here.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry to your head.
They're offering to settle?
Well, I think that's going to be the next step.
But I sent you a copy of the tort claim, and it goes into detail how they just totally interrogated us.
I mean, they make women drink their own milk.
I'm sure you've heard of that story.
I mean, I've seen humiliation of World War II vets who were in walkers with oxygen tanks.
We'll talk about it more in the third hour.
Stay there.
Stay with us.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we are into the third hour, ladies and gentlemen.
It is January 3rd, 2005.
That's going to take some getting used to.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
We have new Bohemian Grove photos posted with some of the other photos that have come out in the last year.
People in black hoods doing mock sacrifices, mock hangings, a black child tied down with all these men standing around him.
Pretty interesting stuff, and I suggest...
You can go to presentplanet.com.
Over on the right-hand side, we've got all the little banners about news and focus, and I would suggest you check this out and email this out to folks.
New development there for you.
Now, before I continue with your calls, some of the other news that are coming up.
Marines will stay close to home for urban training.
Toledo Blade, another urban warfare takeover drill.
We'll be covering that.
Fighters violate Iranian airspace report.
Trying to get the war going.
Abandoned by their rulers and left to survive in the jungles.
London Guardian, what's happening in areas affected by the tsunamis.
Another article, chemtrails over South Florida.
And I'll also get into some new reports about what antidepressants do to pregnant women.
What it does to their babies.
Right now, let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Up next here is Sherry in Oregon.
Sherry, you were saying that you were abused by the TSA at an airport, and now you're going to start suing them, basically.
What happened to you in the airport?
Describe it for us.
Oh, it's awful, Alex.
First of all, I had a six-month-old that was attached to my...
Yes, in a snuggly, and I walked through, and I just had... Oh, you were the case that was in the news?
No, actually.
I don't think so.
Because I had a lady on that that happened to.
No, this was really awful.
And again, a snuggly is like a sling.
A little baby carrier, yes.
It's a sling, yeah, with a baby, okay.
And I told the lady, I said, it's probably just my belt, because all I had was a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and my flip-flops on, and she didn't want me to take my belt off.
She just was very rude to me and obnoxious, and...
She told me to take my baby off and then I walked through.
Was she wearing a large turban on her head?
Yes, basically.
Normally it's a foreigner.
They'll jab you and poke you and laugh.
We run things now.
Go ahead.
It was awful.
She yelled at me telling me to go up to a line, telling me to take my son off, give my six month old to my husband who was carrying my 23 month old.
Yelling at me, telling me to go up a line, which I did.
And then she yelled at me again and said, you're going up the wrong line.
You need to go up that line, ma'am.
So I went up to the line.
The line went to the same spot.
And so anyway, I was standing there.
My husband came by and asked them if I could have my shoes back because it was cold cement.
It was out of Oklahoma City, Will Rogers Airport.
You argued with the Lord?
I did.
Oh, man, that's unbelievable.
Oh, yeah, and that just set the ball rolling.
Yeah, scum!
Well, by the way, this is going to be on the roads, the schools, the corporations.
They admit this is about training you to take maximum abuse.
Well, I'm not taking it, Alex.
I started quoting my Fourth Amendment right, and they really got off on me then.
And they called the supervisor.
The supervisor came by, and he had a little bit of compassion, and he said, okay, we'll bring the lady in so she can sit down with her baby at least.
And then this woman, Victoria, who is
Very big woman, very intimidating, standing in front of me asking me if I was ready for this and I said to her, ready for what?
And basically, she told me I had to take my son off and put him down on the cement and I said, that's not going to happen.
I said, I'm not putting my son down.
I said, you don't need to be doing anything to my son anyway.
I want to hear what the wolves did when we get back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
The DVD version is 170 minutes.
If you want to wake up your friends and family to the truth of what happened on September 11th, this is the film for you.
The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and plannable microchips, and much, much more.
Bottom line, this film is waking people up.
Order your copy on VHS or DVD today.
That's 888-2533-139.
Or order online at InfoWars.com or InfoWars.net.
Again, that number, 888-2533-139.
Alex Jones here.
Hello, folks.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Sherry in Oregon called in at the end of the last hour when we started talking to her then.
And just one more of literally hundreds of cases we've heard about where...
I mean, I've been in the airport, folks, and literally people with turbans and hoods over their heads, and I'm not saying Target be mean to Muslims either.
But, you know, they claim, oh, it's all for them because they might be terrorists.
You know, that's the whole media angle they use.
But, I mean, I'm talking World War II vets on walkers with air tanks who can barely breathe, you know, with oxygen masks.
I'm talking families with their children, and they're rude, they're mean.
Especially when I was in Chicago on a connecting flight, and then I read these reports of where they actually have women pull their shirts down, this was in all the big newspapers a few months ago, in front of people.
And some folks were fused and were kicked out of the airport or arrested.
And there was some security company called Wolverines.
Wolverine Security, I believe was the name.
It was when I was out in San Francisco a few years ago.
And they were like in these robin egg blue, you know, bright blue commando outfits with black berets and black boots.
They were stomping around, pointing at people.
And, I mean, I've been to third world countries, folks, and it isn't this bad.
And they had an article a few years ago about Boston.
We're good to go.
A lot of the folks that get into this are just really big control freaks.
And then so many people in what I call racist white America are like, good, take all the rights away, it's for them Arabs.
It's not for us, the good people, good Americans.
Oh, yes it is.
It's for everybody.
It's for everybody.
But finishing up, so this big lady's in front of you now, yelling at you, telling you to take your child out of the little sling that you had your child in.
Your child was nursing, as you just said.
And then she says, are you ready for this?
Tell us what else happened.
Well, first of all, before I sat down, the supervisor was assisting me to the chair.
And my husband came by to just kind of hold my hand.
He's carrying my screaming 23-month-old because he's like freaking out, doesn't understand what's going on to his mommy here.
And this is all public.
Well, he's learning that the authorities are the bosses.
Yeah, well, he's not going to learn that.
You've got to learn to have like this Nazi Germany train station.
May I see your paper's image of people being drawn out and arrested and grabbed and detained.
It's going to spread now to the roads and the schools and everything.
But go ahead.
Well, it gets worse.
He literally pulled me back and yelled at my husband and said, you will not have any communication with your wife or son.
And my husband was just aghast.
He just couldn't believe this.
So anyway, Victoria is standing in front of me.
I still have my belt on.
She tells me to take my belt off.
I take my belt off.
And then she tells me to hold my son up high.
And I said, ma'am, if I hold my son up high on my pants, because my pants are two sizes too big, I wear them loose with a belt.
And she said, I don't care, ma'am.
You need to hold your son up.
Now, where is this now?
Is this a little office off to the side?
This is right in front of everybody.
No, sir.
So these are the chairs by the lane.
This is what I've seen in the news of making women take their tops off in front of people.
Well, they made me basically take my pants down and expose almost to where my vagina was showing.
Okay, well, let's not get into that.
But, I mean, ma'am, just describe, though, what they did to you.
Basically, she made me, she tried to get me to hold my son up.
I said, I'm not going to hold my son up because my pants are going to fall down and everybody's going to see my private part.
And she said, ma'am, then you need to put your son down on the cement.
I said, that is not going to happen.
I am not putting my son down.
On the dirty airport floor.
So, anyway, she called the supervisor, yelled at the supervisor.
The supervisor came over and he says, well, I guess you can have your husband come over and take your son.
So, they had to pat my son down first, though.
My infant son.
And he had already gone through the detector.
And so anyway, my husband took my son and now he's holding both my children.
Nobody are helping him in our luggage.
And so she, like I said, intimidated me and said, are you ready for this?
Finish the story, please.
So what happened?
She basically took the bar, went through me and then...
She said that she had to pat me down, and she physically pat me down.
Then she told me to stand with my legs apart and roll down the front of my pants two inches.
I said, ma'am, if I do that, you're going to see everything.
Then she yelled at me and said, you need to put your hands at your side and roll down your pants.
So she made you take your pants down some?
I guess I didn't do it long enough for her, and she wanted me to do it again.
I said, I'm not going to do it again.
She called for the supervisor.
The supervisor came over.
Well, your case is, frankly, quite mild.
You know, they're doing body cavity searches now.
Well, based... Oh, my gosh.
That's not invasive.
That's freedom.
We need to set up highway checkpoints where you, like getting your oil checked, you pull in and maybe they can have a proctologist.
I mean, I'm not really joking, folks.
This is the admission.
It's going to go to every level on the roads, on the buses, in the cars.
Well, that just passed, by the way.
Ron Paul's got an article on his website about it.
It's in the bill.
Highway hardened checkpoints, as I told people in my film Police State 2000.
Bill Clinton got the $2.4 billion funding each year for it.
Bush has expanded it.
And I'm sorry to hear that happen to you, but I'm glad you're suing them and take care.
Good to hear from you.
Yo, that's been all over the news.
I mean, just type in airport security makes woman expose herself.
And there's worse cases.
I mean, you can read mainstream news.
Story after story after story.
Hundreds of links come up.
And obviously some of them are duplicated, so there's dozens of examples out of the hundreds of articles.
And these are just people that complain.
Where they make you...
And sometimes it's in an office in front of four or five employees.
More often it is on the chairs up against the wall right where you go through the checkout or the scanning checkpoint.
And you're right there and they're just pulling people's pants down.
And in one case with a pregnant woman who had another baby with her husband and it turned out to be one of the people who was a reporter they made
Her bare, her female upper parts to a giant line of people.
And again, it's about, I mean, if you'll put up with this, I mean, I've talked about what five airports have it, they're trying to put it in the rest of them.
They have this, for lack of a better term, it's an x-ray machine, but it's really ground penetrating radar.
And they can turn it,
On a low setting, it can even see your body parts inside of you.
It can even see your heart and lungs and things.
But on low, I'm sure you've seen the images, it's been all over the news, of a naked man standing there.
You can even see the pores.
And then it shows, well, you can see a gun or weapons or drugs.
It's wonderful.
But they record that digitally on these computers.
So people are being recorded naked, literally.
It's like having naked photos taken.
When you go through these and it's recorded onto a hard drive.
And they want to put them in everywhere.
And I've seen a few articles around the U.S.
where the police have bought these units, and they come park them outside the back of a bar, and then they make people come out of the bar, if they're looking for weapons, and walk through these as well.
So, again, imagine the Nazis.
Imagine reading about Nazi Germany if they were stripping women outside the trains.
Looking for people on the trains or on the roads.
Let me see your papers.
Let me take your pants off now.
Here, let me do... You go, man, them Nazis are real bad.
But America does it, and it's, well, it's good.
We've got to stop Al Qaeda.
But the border stays wide open.
Brian in Illinois.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
How are you doing?
Hey, Alex.
Good, sir.
Actually, I'm in Indiana, just outside of Chicago.
Well, I apologize.
Go ahead.
That's all right.
For a few years now, several years, they've had this iPass thing in Chicago area on the toll roads.
And now they've doubled the price if you don't take the tracker chip.
Yep, today they doubled the price if you don't have that.
They actually made that announcement six months ago, and the same thing now is happening in New York, and they admitted a year and a half ago in San Francisco, when you have that iPass or KTAG tracker switch that has your ID number on it, they put up radio readers all over the Bay Area, not just San Francisco, and they're tracking where you drive and what you do.
And I guess, since they did this, they've had two million orders for new boxes, for new customers, I guess.
That's the size of a matchbox and goes on your dashboard, right?
Yeah, and they're $50 a pop.
So at $2 million, I mean, look at all the money they're making off of that.
Well, that's why the fools didn't get it.
It's unreal.
They go, you can easily double the price if you don't take it from $2 to $4 per leg.
I'm going from memory.
Was that correct?
Yeah, that was in the Chicago Tribune a few months ago.
But then the fools run out and pay the 50 bucks for the other thing.
Yeah, that's a good point.
But again, if it's like San Francisco, they're going to put up radio readers everywhere that track you off that ID number.
And I saw them in the news go, well, it's just an ID number.
There's no database.
The ID number connects to the database.
You know, they have the head of biometric access based in Austin.
Actually, Round Rock, to be precise.
About two years ago, in fact, this is in Police State 3 Total Enslavement,
And he gets on the news and goes, H-E-B, have you seen that?
Okay, but I thought you said something.
H-E-B food stores, they get him on TV and he goes, well, don't worry, we don't really take your thumbprint.
We take zeros and ones.
Well, all digital photos or scans are zeros and ones.
And he goes, so that doesn't go to the database.
No, just the zeros and ones that are reassembled instantly into your thumbprint.
I mean, it's cuckoo for Cocoa Puff land when they say, oh, we're not taking, it's just an ID number in the chip.
There's no data.
It's connected to the database.
I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
I mean, I know I'm ranting here.
I'm glad you brought this up, sir.
And again, when somebody brings something up, and I jump in and tell him the story before he says it, I'm neurotic.
I do this because, not to go, ooh, look how smart I am, ooh, look, I remember this article.
I do this so someone doubting me, who will never go to Google, who will never go to the Chicago Tribune, who doesn't research anything, I've found it convinces them that I can finish your sentences.
You see, that was confirmation.
Not just me saying, yeah, yeah, you're right, I said double the price.
Matchbox size transponder.
Let's see.
If I can do that, that shows people this is a real article.
Of course, you can go to Chicago and find out.
Those of you out there that are doubting all this.
Thanks for the call.
Great points.
Hi folks, this is Alex Jones.
Whether you are aware or not, World War III has started.
Let me rephrase that.
Oil War III has started.
Don't kid yourself, the reason we went into Iraq is oil.
Now we are looking at the possibility of invading Iran and even Saudi Arabia.
Why else would the US be building 13 permanent military installations inside Iraq?
Does it look like we're pulling out?
The nations of the Earth are consuming oil at the rate of 83 million barrels per day and growing.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, we'll go to your calls here in a second.
I just want to say that the official federal plan, now being implemented by states like Texas and California and Oregon, and Illinois and New York, New Jersey, is by law, we will all have a transponder in our car.
The size of a matchbox.
It goes up on your hood.
In some cases, you can put it in your glove compartment.
Every road will tax you, other than private residential areas.
And they're going to have this little transponder so that different readers, county, city, federal, will track how far you drive from point to point to reader to reader, and the tax will be divvied up out of that.
And either you project the tax and pay into a...
Bank account twice a year, or once a year, or on a weekly basis.
You can go put money in the account.
Or you can go to gas stations that will, you take the transponder in and they put more credits on it.
There's several different systems.
And the feds are standardizing all of this.
And there are 7,000 miles of toll roads in the U.S.
Texas is going to have 6,000.
Rick Perry's announced it.
Within two years in Austin, as they finish these toll roads, the average Austinite will spend $1,800.
This is their numbers.
To drive, on top of all the other taxes.
And then the state highways, the federal highways, they're all going to have a tax.
And they're saying we're all going to have to take satellite tracker boxes in our cars that plug into the ignitions.
But they know we'll complain about that, so they're giving us the option.
Okay, well, you can just take the transponder then.
Everything you do, tracked and taxed, on top of all the Big Brother activities.
And so many people say, well, it's already so bad.
They've been tracking us for a long time.
And I heard Catherine Albrecht the other day give a great analogy of this.
It's like if you have two broken legs and a broken arm.
You go to the doctor and the doctor goes, how about I don't even dress these two legs in your left arm?
And how about we go ahead and break your right arm?
Because, you know, you're already bad off.
That's the attitude.
Well, it's already so bad.
I mean, they've been tracking us for a long time.
Yeah, but now they're sewing the system up.
Now it's going to be total.
Here's another analogy that I'll expand on hers with.
What if there was a really bad gas main that blew up and caught ten houses on fire?
And what if the fire department, when you called them, said, look, ten houses have already burned.
Okay, we're just not going to come out and fight the fires.
All right?
What's wrong with you?
I mean, just the town's going to burn.
Let it burn itself out.
There's nothing you can do about it.
I mean, this is the attitude we have on politics.
Oh, well, they're already so corrupt.
There's already so much bribery and corruption.
I mean, the trillion's missing from the Pentagon over the last decade.
I mean, what are you going to do?
I mean, it's already so bad.
And that's what Larry Ellison, the head of Oracle, said a few years ago when he said, I'm going to give the computer software to the government for a national ID card.
And he said, why are you complaining, people?
We already track everything you're doing anyways.
Yeah, that should stop.
So next time your house is on fire, just call the police, and I guess they'll say to you, I'm sorry, I mean, the fire's already burning.
Why can't I put it out?
You know, that's just the way it is.
What are you going to do?
Okay, now I'm doing Yogi Bear imitations.
I better stop while I'm ahead.
It's just... I read the federal plan seven, eight years ago for this transponder tracking system, and I've been attacked in mainstream news articles.
Jones, conspiracy theorist, believes there's going to be trackers in all the cars.
I've actually been attacked on that.
From the federal documents, now it's in Time Magazine telling you how great it is.
Oh, man.
Oh, boy.
And they do this.
They go, we're going to double the price in Chicago on all these big toll roads if you don't have the transponder.
It's like, I was in Randall's last night trying to buy some milk and bananas and stuff, and the young kid behind the counter just keeps going, don't you want a Randall's card?
You save a dollar, don't you want a Randall's card?
And I just said, look, it's late.
I want to buy the food.
I said, I'm not going to preach at you.
But you're taking my private information and you're penalizing me because I won't give it to you.
Well, you're already being tracked anyways.
And if you go to ATB, you know, they're putting thumb scanners in around the state.
They haven't done it yet in Austin because we've been boycotting them.
Why even boycott them?
I mean, Randall's is doing something just as bad.
And I'm sick of it.
You see, you're penalized.
You don't get in the VIP area unless you have the microchip.
Oh, you can't work in this building unless you take an RFID tracker bracelet.
It's just policy.
It's just policy.
And then soon they're going to make you swipe your ID card to buy anything.
They admit this.
Your new federalized driver's license.
It passed.
We've got to fight it, folks, before it's in concrete.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip and the right to arrest.
I'm the guy who's a boss on this highway.
So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way.
If you break the law, you'll hear from me, I know.
I'm working for the state on my way back home.
Alright, let's go to your calls.
I just can't get over the fact that every road we drive on, we're going to be taxed on everything we do trucked.
And that kid yesterday, I mean, he just wouldn't let it drop.
And by the way, I preached at him about 15 times at that Randall's.
You know, the lady looks at you in some motherly way like you're in kindergarten, and you'd save a lot of money.
Why don't you want a Randall's card?
Look, I just want the food.
One time a lady goes, what do you have to hide?
And, man, I went off for like five minutes.
A manager came out.
And I guess they have some new employees because usually they avoid me and don't even talk to me when I go to the checkout counter.
But I'm sick of it.
Why should I have to have your card to get the discount?
And they admit that these companies have been caught, other big shopping companies, selling the data.
That isn't all.
Now they've caught Gillette and Walmart and others with smart shelving that scans your face and checks it against the driver's license digital photo system, creates a psychological algorithm off your purchases, or the cameras, the AI cameras, count how many items you put in your shopping cart and then matches that with your face print when you get to the checkout counter.
Oh, that's mainstream news.
It's just an industry publication.
I mean, walk into a grocery store and just look at what an Orwellian thing it is.
There's like 50, 100, maybe 200 cameras just everywhere looking at you.
Well, theft's a big problem.
It's more than that, folks.
It's a system of control.
We're being acclimatized to this.
Imagine a science fiction movie 50 years ago where you walk in the grocery store and there's a hundred cameras and pods everywhere and they're face scanning you and going, don't you want the card?
Well, we've already got all your data.
Now the opposite of that is Home Depot.
Years ago I told people, I said they're going to take out three or four of the regular service checkouts first.
Then they'll put in self-serves, then they'll phase out all of the service checkouts.
And now if you go to the Home Depots around Austin after 10 o'clock at night, even when there's giant lines of people, there's no checkout person.
For some reason, Home Depot, they all seem to be my fans because they're all running up, managers going, yeah, no, it's horrible, isn't it?
You were right.
I heard you say that years ago.
And you go in there, and the next step is to add thumb scanners to it.
They've already done it in some areas of the country.
Well, we've had some fraud, and it's just double checks for identity.
You know identity theft's a big problem.
This will handle it for you.
All right, that's enough.
Let's go ahead and talk to Kevin in Boston.
You're on the air, Kevin.
Thank you for taking my call.
You bet.
I don't mean to be repetitious, because I know this is some of the stuff that you've covered.
You've had Senator John DeCamp on here.
But when you talk about the Grove, it's really the crux of how desperate things are.
Yeah, there's new Bohemian Grove photos on the website.
And they've got a black child tied down.
You witnessed Mark's sacrifice.
What is this?
But just to take one sentence, because I won't get into the real graphic stuff.
I know we have young listeners.
But one line out of Paul Bonacci's
By the way, the Senator's book has never been challenged.
Well, that's not true.
A Virginia TV station said it wasn't true.
He sued them and won millions.
For years, this has been out, making these claims.
No one challenges it.
And people he listed have gone to jail.
Go ahead.
Well, you had Senate Investigator Gary Caradori, who was investigating Larry King.
His plane blew up.
His plane blew up.
That's not Larry King of CNN.
That was another Larry King.
Just one sentence quote, I heard another shot from somewhere and then saw the man who killed the boy drag him like a toy.
This is from the diary of Paul Bonacci who claims to be a victim here, an eyewitness to executions within Bohemian Grove.
He was kidnapped by this Larry King group.
He participated in the kidnapping of...
The other boy's name is Johnny Ghosh, who's still alive.
He has testimony corroborating this.
There's a list of people.
You see, if something like this, they couldn't hide it.
They can't really hide it.
It's out there.
It's not him.
It's out there, but it's so atrocious that people won't accept it as a fact that it is.
And people, you know, look at this tsunami that just hit.
Picture, you've got to get ready.
If you have just a Berkey water filter and you're slightly inland, if you're over there, you're better off with whatever chaos they're going to bring down on us.
You've got to start taking this stuff seriously and getting ready.
Interesting points.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
I appreciate it, Kevin.
Ian in Canada, going north to Canada.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
Just one quick thing out of two.
Can you tell us the percentage vote figures that John Zogby, the pollster, was giving for Bush and Kerry immediately before November 2nd?
Well, yes.
Zogby is highly recognized as one of the best, if not the best, pollsters.
And later they said, ooh, Zogby got it wrong by a few points because he had Kerry winning by three points.
Yeah, in 2000 he had Bush winning by five points before he withdrew the figures about 24 hours before the 2000 election.
Yeah, also there were giant lines of people going to vote for the Democrats, but then the exit poll numbers didn't match who actually went in.
I mean, these were electronic voting machines, the home of Diebold in Ohio.
But, I mean, no poll is completely accurate because it's who you sample, but go ahead.
Well, that's interesting.
Now, I wanted to tell you, I heard you on Steve Quayle on Friday.
I really enjoy your discussions with Steve.
And keeping in the mood of the last caller, Steve, like you, always urges us to keep an eye out for that peculiar story on the third or fifth page down the corner.
I have a story like that for you.
At the end of last week on the local television network up in the greater Toronto area, they reported
That an AK-47, fully operational, quote-unquote, was found in a pond north of Toronto.
And they showed a picture of it, and I'll just put it this way.
The stock was nicely oiled, and the gunmetal was as fresh as if it had just been pulled out of a Costco shipping container.
Strangely enough, it didn't have the classic curved magazine of the AK-47 that we see today.
Well, people throw guns in the water all the time, and I don't know what to say, but yeah, you throw a gun...
Well, I mean, crimes hardly ever get committed with them, so I don't know why people are worried about it.
Well, we know that thousands were brought in.
Over the 90s at a Costco container.
No, the Chinese at Long Beach got caught shipping in, I don't know, was it 3,000?
Four of the gang members, yeah.
That's how many times, by the way.
When something like this turns up, you've got to wonder, are they at the point where they want to distribute them?
Well, they like making money and stirring up trouble.
Interesting point, Sam.
Thanks for the call.
David in Boston.
David, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, how are you doing today, Alex?
Listen, I don't watch much TV like you, but occasionally I channel surf a little bit.
Yeah, it's too depressing for me.
No, it's unbelievable.
I mean, sometimes I have to go to either CNN or Fox to see what kind of the latest propaganda is being spewed out.
But interestingly, last night I was perusing and just came across FX.
And they were running this thing called Smallpox.
And what they're calling it, it's interesting the categorization here, Disaster Scenario Docudrama.
Yeah, everybody keeps saying it was on Fox.
Was it on Fox or FX?
Well, I saw it on FN, and it's fairly recent.
It was directed by a guy named Daniel Percival.
Well, hold on.
The fellow that runs the show just popped in my ear.
Where did you see it?
Well, I saw it on FX last night.
Yeah, he saw it on FX, too.
Yeah, I didn't see the whole thing.
Go ahead.
It's two hours long, but I've got one of these PBR recorders, and I'm going to record the whole thing just to look at it.
Yeah, send me a copy.
Well, we're told that it's an evil Christian.
At the end of the movie, they fade out with the Bible.
The Bible has caused it.
It's evil Christians.
Well, this particular one was really... I mean, from what I was doing, again, I was just getting a little bits and pieces.
I didn't watch it, but it was very realistic.
I mean...
They didn't even have any kind of caption below to say this is a simulated drama or anything.
Well, Nightline about four years ago did that, where five nights in a row they had footage of real riots and footage of stuff after hurricanes, and they said, smallpox, we've been hit, millions are dying, aren't your laws helpful?
And then at the start and end they would say this was a dramatization.
Yeah, but I don't even think they said that.
That's why I want to record the whole thing and really go back and actually look at it.
But the definition, it says, dealing with a terrorist-induced viral epidemic that starts in New York and quickly spreads throughout the world.
Which is the dark winter scenario.
Yeah, yeah.
And they even give a date.
I mean, they give, oh, this, this, like it happened previously already.
They said it happened April 9th, 2002.
And it's really, this is like a major psyops operation, it seems.
Well, of course it is.
That's exactly right.
I tried to have forced inoculation two years ago.
It didn't work.
Yeah, I mean, it's really, they're putting us through these psyops maneuvers, obviously.
I hear you.
Every time I turn television on, the police are torturing someone on some drama.
Yeah, the CGI, what is it, the CSI.
CSI, Threat Matrix 24, all of them.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's a major.
But, I mean, that sort of corresponds to what's happening in some of your previous callers about what's happening at the airport.
They're just conditioning us not to fly anymore.
I think it seems.
No, because they're going to take it, they've said, to the roads, to the schools, to the buildings.
They're going to train you that when they walk up, you strip down, whatever, you follow orders, you cower to them, they're rude to you.
This is just letting us stand for inspection, prisoners.
It's the whole country being turned into a giant prison, but the borders stay wide open.
Yeah, that's exactly what happens.
It's unbelievable.
I noticed on the news, we're all civilians now.
Mayors and county commissioners aren't.
They're officials.
We're civilians.
But we're all civilians in America.
But they started this psychology, see, of a country occupied by a military.
I mean, they're even really coming up with other terms like loyal civilians.
Yeah, I've heard that.
Loyal citizens.
Loyal means you keep your mouth shut, you follow orders, you take your Prozac.
You drink your fluoride, you drink your aspartame.
To take the chip, you know, do whatever you have to do.
Well, that's how we stop Al-Qaeda.
That's right.
We let the criminal corporations loot the government.
Yeah, I mean, right now it's amazing because, I mean, the planet, I mean, we're consuming 84% of the entire planet's debt right now just to finance...
Every kind of policy that... But it's all by fiat.
They designed it to get us into debt.
Yeah, exactly.
That's why they're going to the satellite tracker system to extract more money from the taxpayer.
Hey, it's freedom, sir.
Thanks for the call.
By leaving the border wide open and actually having total blanket amnesty and having the new bill that just passed, waivers for the illegal aliens, actually is partial amnesty in the new 9-11 bill, that keeps us safe.
You get rid of the borders, enslave the people, and that's freedom.
Of course, I'm being sarcastic.
But, no, you're absolutely right.
Great call.
I don't even know what to say anymore about all this.
I mean, I've got this article that I covered in the first hour.
Let me just mention it again briefly.
It's out of the Washington Post.
preparing for lifetime jail of terror suspects without trial.
And the article actually says that
Let me read this.
As part of a solution, the Defense Department, which holds 500 prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, plans to ask Congress for $25 million to build a 200-bed prison to hold detainees who are unlikely to ever go through the military tribunal for lack of evidence defense officials say.
And it goes on to admit that even the tribunals can't convict anybody, can't even have trials.
Their own officers keep quitting, saying it's all a fraud.
So the CIA through the State Department is going to do all this.
They're not even going to have kangaroo tribunals now.
And there are American citizens, by the way, at this facility.
Meanwhile, they've had hundreds of urban warfare training drills.
And I've been to them.
It's in Police State 2000.
It's in Road to Tyranny.
Where the Marines openly train to put Americans in FEMA camps.
Where they openly have role players who are Americans and having the families broken up and having the guns confiscated.
Hebron, Maryland, Oakland, California, South Texas, all over.
Marines will stay close to home for urban training.
Toledo Blade.
The Marines will take over parts of downtown Toledo as sounds of gunfire will echo off buildings when training exercises are conducted next weekend.
A Marine Corps unit based in Perrysburg will stage the exercises from 9 p.m.
January 7th to about noon January 9th.
And it goes on here, so for three days, Major Kramer said most of the 130-member unit, that's nothing, I've seen 5,000 in the town,
Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 24th Marines will take part in the exercises.
We're looking for an urban environment to do our training, he said.
Urban training is one of the proficiencies we are required to maintain.
Major Kramer said Marines will be dressed in green and will be carrying rifles through the streets, but the exercises should be of minimal impact on the downtown area.
He said the Marines will be firing blanks and conducting operations throughout the area.
And I've been at these.
Man, you're in the middle of a city.
There's helicopters, machine guns, tanks driving around, firing troops in many cases.
Marines running over and asking, why do you got a camera?
And you're like, I'm standing on a street corner.
And then cops will set up checkpoints.
We got this on video from Alabama.
Cops will set up checkpoints, and they will just start ranting, and also North Carolina.
Swansboro, North Carolina.
Cops will just set up a checkpoint and they'll be searching cars.
And then they'll go, come on over and help us, military.
Military comes over and they take over.
And then it's real, see?
Now they're policing us.
Oh my goodness, it goes on and on here.
So sick.
They're going to be running around the town.
It's just another one of those articles.
What, you're against our Marines?
Well, I'm against this.
I'm against the Marines breathing to put a uranium when they're over in Iraq, too.
I'm for the Constitution.
And it's just so sick to see all this happening.
And they admit this is for America.
Always in the news article, oh, it's for overseas or disasters here.
Then you go to these events.
I've been to, I don't know, five, six of them.
You go to these events and it's for America.
So, why aren't you on the border?
Why are you practicing taking over city halls?
We'll be back.
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During that last break, I was reading the Encyclopedia Britannica about Moloch worship, and it would talk about
Now the priest of Moloch would get in their black hoods and then go to the doors of the houses and demand the children and take them and burn them.
It's all part of freedom, I guess.
I think it's sick and evil, but maybe I'm not a true Christian conservative.
I don't worship Moloch.
It's all part of the new freedom, you know.
I must read another huge report by Ron Paul about how he went on C-SPAN and talked about Patriot Act II and the National ID Card and how it's a police statement and got chastised by members of Congress.
They're not supposed to criticize the government.
That was his commentary from December 16th.
I've got to get him back on.
Oh, we're in so much trouble, folks.
So much trouble.
We've just got a criminally insane elite in control.
And they're putting the final screws to our liberties.
Putting their control grid in place.
And I've got articles here.
55 years in prison for selling marijuana.
This is from the Marijuana Policy Project.
It may link through to the Mainstream News article.
Last month, an individual sentenced to 55 years in prison for selling marijuana to undercover police officers.
District Judge Paul Cassell pointed out the sentencing.
That's more time than he would have received if he had hijacked an airplane.
Beaten someone to death or raped a 10-year-old child.
You get 11 years for that, 13 years for beating somebody to death, 25 years for hijacking.
In fact, the maximum sentence for all those crimes combined is less than the federal mandatory sentencing for a drug felony involving a gun.
He was carrying a gun at the time of his arrest, though he never brandished or threatened anyone.
So, we're all very safe now.
Some good news, though.
Italian bars defy anti-smoking mafia
Thousands of restaurants and bar owners are expected to defy legislation coming into force in Italy next week that will ban smoking in any bars or restaurants.
And my point is that England, they've banned fox hunting, and people are just having hunts and saying arrest me.
These are petty things, fox hunting.
It's not really petty, but smoking.
But it just shows how you can say no to this.
It shows how people in masks can just say no.
And how we're the authority.
We're the people.
We're not your slaves.
The state doesn't own us.
You're not God.
And the people serving this criminal state, you're destroying your future and your children's future.
They give you dangerous vaccines.
They send you off to breed to put in uranium.
They put sodium fluoride in your water and mercury in your vaccines and aspartame in 9,000 of your foods.
I mean, wake up and join us that love life and love humanity.
Get away from the order of death and the New World Order.
I'm about out of time here.
Just briefly, I'll close this broadcast with, we can affect change.
We can wake people up.
And some of the best tools we've got are my videos.
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Ask about the specials.
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Please don't wait.
Please take action.
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You can also call that number and get the mailing address.
I'm out of time.
I don't have time to give it out.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central.
Be sure and join us.
Stand up for humanity, as I said, and the forces of decency and honor and family and life.
Stand up against the order of death that runs the planet and ask God for strength.
Strengthen your hand, your mind, your soul.
We're inside the New World Order, the Antichrist beast system.
We've got to stand up and fight it.
It's our job.