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Air Date: Dec. 30, 2004
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, this year is almost over.
The 30th day of December 2004.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And when I got back on Tuesday from a short, well-deserved vacation, I threw it out at the listeners.
What do you think is going to happen in 2005?
The good, the bad, and the ugly.
And I should have also asked you, what do you think the most important stories of 2004 have been?
Both the most important stories that did get wide coverage, and the most important stories that were spiked or whitewashed.
A lot happened in 2004.
From the New Freedom Initiative, forced psychological testing of all the young people in the nation, the Patriot Act II and national ID card provisions, George W. Bush was elected, supposedly to a second term, running against his cousin, his skull and bones buddy, John Forbes Carey,
Of course, here at the hind end of 2004, now even the mainstream news is saying upwards of 100,000 people killed from the earthquake and resulting tsunami.
There are literally just scores and scores and scores of important news items and stories
In 2004, and I think it's important to bring those back to our memories and really look at this tapestry of where our world's going, what's happening.
And you can talk about the positive things that happened in 2004, the ugly things that happened in 2004, the evil things that happened in 2004.
And, of course, your predictions for 2005 that is less than 48 hours away.
I still have a memory of being about three years old and my mother looking at me in the kitchen while she was cooking and I was talking to her.
She said, Alex, imagine the year 2000.
Imagine the year 2000 while you'll be grown up with your family of your own.
But that's such a long way away.
And now we're well past 2000.
We're in 2005, ladies and gentlemen.
Just a few hours away.
Before we know it, it'll be 2010 and 2020.
Before we know it, our loved ones will pass and will pass from the earth.
But our deeds, what we did, will be left behind.
What we built, what we stood for.
And history won't remember all the thugs and criminals and despots and thieves and parasites.
History will remember those that stood up for humanity at the beginning of the new dark age known as the New World Order and the technocracy that controls it.
And so I'm honored to be your host.
I'm honored to have so many great listeners.
It's a great blessing and a great responsibility to be on the front lines of the fight against the global crime families.
They're organized allied crime syndicates.
We're going to go to break.
And when we get back, I'm going to plunge into the news.
And then, yes, we're going to take a lot of calls today.
A ton of calls.
With your predictions for 05, but also what you think the most important stories of 2004 were.
Either reported or underreported.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Toll from tsunamis could exceed 100,000.
Now, on Tuesday, we had this from the big newspapers in Asia.
But it finally hit our news.
Tens of thousands of people missing from Asia to Africa.
spearheads, multinational aid coalition, mass burials, denying families opportunities to identify loved ones.
Meanwhile, there is a report out of the BBC and several other reports where officials in Sri Lanka and other areas are saying there are no dead animals.
No dead elephants, no dead jaguars, no dead mice, no dead rabbits.
They have all cleared out long before, and they almost always do.
That's just a scientific fact.
That's been studied for
Well, really a century.
But a lot of scientific data in the last 50 years that mammals have a sixth sense.
What is it?
You cannot deny it.
I don't think it's magic or connected to crystal balls.
How do ducks or geese know to fly south for the winter?
How do they fly thousands of miles south
Without ever being to that place before.
It's magnetic fields, it's a lot of different issues.
And I wonder why humans seem to be exempt from this.
I don't think we are.
Those new studies have been showing that everything from fowl, that is geese and ducks, to whales have been having trouble navigating according to these magnetic fields because there's so much disturbance going on from frequency pollution.
And frequency pollution is real, my friends.
Especially when you stick that cell phone right up against your skull.
A bunch of new studies out on that from prestigious universities and scientific firms, just adding to hundreds of past reports.
But again, a side issue, but that just shows how everything is interconnected.
Massive Asian earthquake made Earth days shorter.
This is out of the Moscow News, says Russian scientist, and...
We know that it did interrupt the rotation of the Earth for just a few seconds.
That is confirmed by the U.S.
Geological Survey, by the French, by the Germans, by the Russians, by the Japanese.
But now this, the massive earthquake in the Indian Ocean...
That spurred a deadly tsunami claiming tens of thousands of lives over the weekend was so huge that it caused the Earth to rotate faster, shortening the day, Russian scientists say.
The earthquake, which hit at a 9.0 on the Richter scale, caused the Earth's diameter to decrease...
Roman Vilfod, head of Russia's Meteorological Center, was quoted by Interfax as saying, The Earth's axis changed and changes constantly.
It never remains at one point, he said, because the diameter of the Earth decreased as a result of a shift of tectonic plates.
The speed of the Earth as it rotates around its own axis could increase.
This can cause an increase in the length of the day by several milliseconds.
Bill Fodd was quoted as saying, scientists at Italian geological centers have concluded, meanwhile, that the Earth's axis has shifted six centimeters eastward.
So first they said it slowed for a second and then sped up.
And you have the crust bulging out now in the Indian Ocean, and then on the other side of the planet you have a sucking in
Or a collapsing inward.
Who knows?
But I mean, this is what the Earth has always been doing.
And it is a little bit arrogant of people to think that this was man-made.
That the government did it.
And yes, I talked about it this week, and we did find the quotes.
It's posted on prisonplanet.com.
It surfaced on the Internet, and we're glad that was dug back up.
But Cohen said in a press conference, in a meeting to a bunch of military brass, that the future would be earthquake and weather-type weapons.
And they have spent tens of millions of dollars on it.
Look, I don't know.
I mean, they admit that with nuclear weapons detonated on key fault lines, they can trigger earthquakes.
But there's no evidence that a nuclear weapon was detonated.
Then some people say, well, it's the HAARP system.
You can go to a Russian firm using Russian technology and pay them a couple million bucks, and I guarantee you they'll clear your event and have blue skies for your parade or air show.
And with these different magnetic transmitters, these antenna arrays, coupled with cloud seeding or the reverse of that, we're releasing chemicals that dry up the atmosphere, they can make
What would seem like large areas, hundreds of square miles, but in the aggregate, very small areas, they can't control the weather.
And they've manipulated the weather, this is even on the Weather Channel, a program called Atmospheres, had several shows on it years ago, where the Pentagon admitted, yeah, we manipulated the weather in Vietnam.
So yes, the government can do this, but can they create 9.0 earthquakes?
I don't think so.
I like to go with what's most probable.
And that is, the sun has been at the top of a cycle, a very hot cycle, emitting a lot of radiation, a lot of heat, a lot of light source, and it's done a lot of things to the Earth, a lot of things to the other planets that sensors have picked up.
It's done a lot of things to communications.
And this has happened throughout history.
I mean, Pompeii in Italy, back in the Roman days, was completely destroyed.
There are just hundreds of examples of huge calamities and volcanic and earthquake events that have killed millions of people in recorded history.
So, I'll just say that the genetic engineering that's going on and the...
Manipulation of the very fabric of life and the life cycle of the biosphere, the global biosphere, that is much more dangerous to humanity than these weather weapons and the like, these tectonic seismic weapons, as they call them.
I'll tell you what's a really big threat are these superconducting supercolliders.
A lot of top scientists...
Went public decades ago in the last few years.
We'll take the Waxahachie, Texas superconducting supercluster that they cancelled and then it went to the EU, a smaller one.
They were telling him, look, you need to stop accelerating uranium and plutonium and other things and slamming it into blocks of lead and other metals.
It could cause an antimatter chain reaction and could destroy...
The U.S.
It could destroy the planet.
It could destroy the solar system.
It could destroy and rip a giant hole in the galaxy and create a super black hole.
I mean, the mathematics show this.
Does that stop the French?
From accelerating particles?
Does that stop our government?
Does it stop the Russians?
Does it stop the Chinese?
Who've all got superconducting supercolliders?
No, they're just, every day, just slamming different particles into different things at different speeds.
At light speed.
And they continue to cross species.
Plant and animal and mammal and insect and cross mammalian and marsupial mammal, reptile mammal, chimpanzee human, pig human, goat spider, goat human.
And then they just calmly come out a couple weeks ago.
The Washington Post and the publications, and oh yeah, they've got humansies in Argentina.
They've crossed humans with chimpanzees, but they don't have any rights because they're part chimpanzee.
But we're not going to show them to you.
And yeah, we've been doing all this, and it's just shut up and accepted.
Yeah, California and New Jersey have legalized cloning up until birth, and they can do anything they want with the baby's body.
They can even keep it alive and do things with it.
I mean, it's just...
But you tell the average person this, and they just give you a blank stare.
You've been watching the X-Files too much.
So I think this is really one of the biggest stories of 2004, is that they're just going public with, oh, we're going to build 36 Level 4 bioweapons labs.
We already had a bunch of them going, without even telling you, in areas that weren't Level 4, like the University of Texas at Galveston.
And oh yeah, we've been across species splicing all over the globe for a long time with these chimeras.
These abominations.
And oh yeah, we've been planting all these different types of pharmacological plants in open air spreading into other species.
So what?
And oh yeah, we've got all these new programs with the superconducting super colliders and other systems slamming different
Particles together, messing with antimatter.
Pentagon came out this year and admitted they're making antimatter bombs.
They have them!
No wonder, huh?
Don't dare test them, though, huh?
Might blow the whole planet up!
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest A gun on my hip and the right to arrest I'm the guy who's a boss on this highway So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way If you break the law, you'll hear from me, I know
I'm working for the state.
I'm the highway patrol.
Everybody knows in America the state is about the people.
The state is God.
The state is the authority.
We don't have any rights.
That's what America and George Washington and mom and apple pie and baseball is all about.
It's like it is in the Soviet Union and in China today.
It's all about being a slave of the state.
You know, I think about the globalists.
How they're doing all these experiments, racing ahead for super weapons when their own scientists say it could cause mass disaster, chem, bio, radiological, antimatter, all these different things.
And then I think about how our government, with the A-10 Warthogs and the Abrams tanks and the Bradley fighting vehicles, proliferated and used conservatively, very conservatively,
Three times as much depleted uranium as they used in the first Gulf War.
The real numbers that we've got are around ten times, but the government admits three times.
And they put it in everything.
This is the leftover stuff from nuclear weapons production and from nuclear power plants.
And their own manuals, their own training manuals, that they don't allow to be issued to the troops after the early 90s because troops got upset about it,
We've interviewed the doctor who wrote the manuals, Dr. Rocky and others, that it is a heavy metal deadly poison that doesn't go away, and it also has the radiological effect, and the New York Daily News again did the blood test on 15 trips this year, and wow, they really had two rims of radiation, and it really was killing them, and people really are dying.
But here's the incredible thing, in the first Gulf War,
They used it out in the desert.
They used it out in the desert.
And they used it in areas where it wasn't around big populations.
And the people that hauled away the tanks, the Arab construction workers, the American construction workers, our troops, the removal teams, the salvage crews, they got deathly ill and tens of thousands have died.
That's admitted.
Just back in the newspaper, so what?
Well, I care.
This time, they bombarded almost every Republican Guard and regular Army base with DU, and then our troops move right into it.
And the generals and the colonels and the captains and the majors, they all march around breathing it, too.
And they all know.
They just, well, I'm just tough.
I can handle that.
Let's go ahead and play this clip of a family in Kansas City yesterday.
This is up on Infowars.com.
Here it is.
A good report from a mainstream TV station in Kansas City.
Here it is.
A soldier survives Iraq but dies of a mysterious illness his family suspects the government is hiding.
NBC Action News reporter Ron Mott is live with the story you'll see only on NBC Action News.
Elizabeth, it's a complaint heard all over the country that soldiers are being poisoned by their own ammo.
They, of course, are made to kill the enemy, but as one Raytown family says, they've turned into unfriendly fire.
You know, they come out in five minutes and said, he's gone.
For nearly a year and a half, Dwayne Garten worried that his son might return from Iraq in a body bag.
This is worse than if he'd have got killed over here, really.
Instead, decorated 35-year-old Army Sergeant Clay Garten spent an agonizing three weeks dying in his parents' Raytown home and at the VA hospital, eventually losing the fight the day after Christmas.
35 years I had the boy.
He went through 16 months of hell, and they come back, and they didn't do nothing for him.
That's what I don't understand, why they couldn't do something for him.
This is Seth, and this is Mr. Gage.
A father of three, Claygarten's family believes the Army medic is every bit a casualty of war as those who die on the front lines, after they say he became exposed to depleted uranium dust used in some U.S.
The government contends the health risks are low.
I think they know exactly what's going on.
I think these troops over there are all in danger of this stuff.
The family says Garten lost 30 pounds before he died, starting with a debilitating back spasm earlier this month that was followed by a series of high fevers reaching 106 degrees.
It was hard to watch my son from such a big, strong, intelligent man to turn into a small...
Hurt them.
Meanwhile, a grieving father mourns his lost fishing and hunting buddy.
That's the only way I can remember him.
I don't want to remember this.
It's too painful.
If you were in my body right now, you'd know how hard it hurts.
A memorial fund has been set up in Clay Garten's name to benefit his three kids.
For more information, call the Bank of America Raytown branch at 816-979-6292.
And the family did have tissue samples taken from Clay Garten's body, hoping that they will lead to some concrete answers.
Reporting live tonight, Ron Mott, NBC.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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On the group Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be talking with the callers about their predictions for 2005 on this December 30th edition, and what they think the biggest stories of 2004 were.
What were most important to you?
By that, I don't mean the biggest reported story.
That'd be Lacey Peterson or the staged election or something mindless like that.
What do you think the most important stories of 2004 were?
Both underreported or overreported, it doesn't matter.
What do you think the most important was?
And of course, what do you think the most important things were that actually happened in 2004?
A lot happened.
A very busy year for the New World Order, and a very busy year for those of us in the forces of liberty and human dignity.
We've gotten a lot done.
The Awakening has been the greatest ever.
In modern history.
Carlos and Steve and Eugene and John and Larry, your calls are coming up momentarily.
And then China spying on us.
That's the Canadian National Post.
Yeah, no kidding they are.
They're spying on everybody.
Russia, China plan military drills.
This is out of the Associated Press.
Press, and it's been going on for a while, but it's coming up early this next year.
Very, very serious.
That's just some of the news that's coming up.
Before I go to your calls here, just briefly, I want to encourage every single one of you out there who knows about the Global Crime Syndicate, that knows about the New World Order, that knows about the different things that are happening to this country and the world, but that hasn't taken action
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But if you haven't, please do.
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All right, enough of me plugging those items, but that's really where we have the biggest effect.
These really are changing lives.
Carlos in California, thanks for holding.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
I listened to your interview yesterday with Mr. Perkins.
Very insightful interview.
Confessions of an Economic Hitman.
Exactly, and I had already read a book on the matter about a few years back by Greg Palast on the best money... Yeah, the best democracy money can buy.
He broke on the BBC, and then we were the first to get even more details here with Greg on air, the Joseph Sticklets quitting the World Bank and going public with the actual plans to set up police states, take everything we've got.
Exactly, and...
He alluded to the fact that the IMF and the World Bank has preconditions to issue further loans to the bankrupt countries in Latin America and Africa with almost like 120 very strict conditions on them.
The biggest one being, of course, privatization where the corporations come in and just buy up everything, all the natural resources at buyer's sale prices.
And the interest on the loans on average is over 30%.
But there were other provisions there on some of the clauses that actually impose influencing all these particular nations influencing their health, their educational, their social planning services to the point that where they tell the hospitals to start raising fees in countries like Tanzania and Zimbabwe where there's the high incidence of AIDS victims
For those who don't understand how this works, and I'm glad you brought this up, look.
The global bankers print money in the U.S.
and Europe out of nothing.
Backed up by our taxes, by our labor.
That's how they steal our labor.
That's how they give value to the fiat currency.
Then they take it, give it to the IMF and World Bank, who publicly gives it to private corporations...
Who then get to go loan it to the third world countries, and you said it, 120 plus conditions, and they say, this got declassified in 92, the Dr. Henry Kissinger CIA document that's on Infowars.com, it's typed in Dr. Henry Kissinger CIA document population control, and they ordered the five most populous countries in the third world and Africa and Latin America and Asia, they told them, they said, forcibly sterilize half your women or no more money.
I mean, that's just one of the things they do.
Go ahead.
Well, you know, that's, in a way, they're imposing their hidden agenda of depopulating the world.
And, of course, they do it through all these mechanisms whereby they tell hospitals to raise fees.
Going fully well, the AIDS victims in Africa will not be able to pay for these fees, and they'll die, and the result is there.
You've got 8,000-plus dying in Africa every day.
And it can be...
It can be attributed in some measure to these IMF and World Bank impositions on these countries.
So, what do you think the biggest story of 2004 was?
Well, I think actually, I still believe overall the war in Iraq is still the biggest story because that's going to propel us.
The accentuation and the enhancement of the war in Iraq is going to propel us further into a further expansion of the war in the Middle East.
And it's really antagonizing the Middle Eastern people to the point where they're going to rise up in masses.
In fact, they're consolidating themselves over all these different religions.
They're dumping the dollar, and the Pentagon P2OG plan three years ago says that's what they want.
They want to stir up the Arabs.
Yeah, and they're stirring them up.
There's 32 already factions from the various religious groups that have consolidated themselves.
And the whole purpose is to retaliate, to come back on a counteroffensive against us.
And so you can see the anger spreading throughout the Middle East.
And you're going to see the anger spreading through Africa.
And what I'm afraid of now is something that not much attention is being paid to.
A second front is being formed gradually by the Marxist nations in Latin America in conjunction with the guerrilla groups and the Salvadorian gangs, some of the exiled members of gangs here in the United States.
They've gone back to El Salvador and Guatemala.
They're joining alliances with all these different groups.
They've got 100,000 members over there, and they're already starting to spread terrorism back there, and they're going to form an alliance against them.
And, again, you always catch the big U.N.
banks funding the communists as a false bipolar choice to spread this destabilization.
You're absolutely right.
Thanks for the call.
Really good points.
He's absolutely right, folks.
They give you the false left choice.
Steve in California.
Thanks for holding.
Greetings again from the California fatherland, Alex, home of your groping furor.
Go ahead.
The groping furor, yes.
I got a quick statement about earthquakes.
I remember maybe back in the mid-60s China actually researched the predictability of earthquakes by watching animals, which of course they'd have to be commonly occurring animals, animals that you'd normally recognize their behavior so when it does change you know when they are acting crazy.
And so they essentially were watching dogs and monkeys and roosters and otherwise
Monitoring well water height in near coastal regions where earthquakes might occur.
What they did find out is normally they only had about 15 minutes of predictability.
The ensuing pandemonium of giving people that much warning time is a problem.
Also, where to go.
It didn't really tell you where exactly it would happen.
And again, I don't see how years on end, in the span of geologic time, you would have researchers watching animals for
You know, a year or two to find out.
You would need an earthquake, too.
There have been a lot of studies.
I mean, there were studies 75, 100 years ago studying animals, and it depends on what type of geological event it is.
You know, a lot of these things start with tremors and things, and the animals do pick it up hours or even days before.
And look at the evidence here out of Sri Lanka and other areas.
They're not finding dead animals.
The animals had fled.
Well, I also have a prediction for you, or at least one of the biggest stories for 2004, obviously, would be the Diebold black box voting story, aside from the war.
And I was thinking with the guest, John Perkins, yesterday, awesome, awesome interview.
Perhaps you might want to discuss George Shultz, the kingmaker, and exactly what his goal is working with Arnold right now.
That probably would be a very big story for 2005 when they finally do
Okay, and can I ask one more question, at least about the ocean?
I remember a year ago I was getting an email about inner ear problems with whales that end up beached because of some super sonar the Navy might be using or other...
Experimental technology.
Do you know anything about that?
Yeah, they've been testing it for three or four years publicly, and every time they test it, there's mass whale beachings for thousands of miles around, and it clearly is wreaking havoc.
They put all these high-powered pingers or transmitters in the ocean and then blanket the entire areas, entire bodies of water with it.
Well, thanks for your time, Alex.
Hey, thank you for the call.
Yes, that's really happening.
Eugene in New York, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex Jones.
Go ahead.
How are you doing?
I listen to you a lot.
Good, sir.
I'm calling you because I think I might need your help.
Yesterday I was downtown carrying a sign, and now I was placed under mental health arrest, and now I've been in the hospital for like a day now.
They won't let me out.
I haven't gotten any legal help.
Now let me understand this.
You were carrying a sign, and they came and arrested and said you were mentally ill.
Yeah, well, the sign said on Friday I'm going to kill myself.
Well, sir, I'm not surprised.
I mean, I think you walk around with a sign like that, that's what's going to happen.
Well, I'm wondering, is that... I mean, you know, I wasn't doing anything.
No, I think that's... I have to be honest with you, sir.
Well, I mean, what was the point of the sign?
Well, I wanted to see how far my free speech rights go, you know?
Well, if you could show them, hey, I'm a college student and I'm writing a paper on this as a psychological test, you told them that?
I told them that.
And you told them you have no intention of committing suicide?
I told them I have no intention of committing suicide.
Well, then they should let you go.
But still, I mean, I don't blame them for taking... Well, I've been told I'm going to be here for over the weekend and I'm not getting out for a while.
Well, that's wrong.
I mean, it's your right to... Except, you know, that sign could, frankly, be considered as causing unrest, or it's almost yelling fire in a theater.
Really, I think it was... I don't want to be mean to you, but it's something I wouldn't have done, sir.
And I think... Well, you know, another big thing about this is that because they arrested me, they're going to force all these medical bills on me, you know?
Well, they can't do that.
Well, I'm the one that's going to be legally responsible for these bills, you know?
No, you shouldn't be.
That's not true.
But is there any legal things you can help me with at all?
I don't know the laws of New York, but if the government grabs you and puts you in a facility, they shouldn't be able to force you to pay for it.
But is there anybody you can put me in touch with at all?
I mean, it's just, you have to look into the laws, but I know that, I mean, it's, they can't really do that.
I mean, they have to have a process.
They'd have to take you to court and then, you know, adjudicate it and find that, you know, that you're liable for it.
They can't just, by fiat, say you've got to pay this.
I haven't been to court at all.
Is there anybody you can... If I gave you my number offline, the number here, would you be able to have someone to call me for legal advice or something?
You know, I really don't, sir.
I don't know the New York laws in particular.
I mean, I just know the Constitution and Common Sense, and I've seen other similar cases, but just because somebody tells you you're going to have to pay doesn't mean you're going to have to.
What about the free speech laws?
Sure, but I mean, what's the mechanism?
What's the mechanism of how they're going to make you pay?
I even called the ACLU about the free speech rights, and they said no, they're not going to help.
It's not an easily defendable case.
Listen, thanks for the call, sir, but call me back as it develops.
I just... Walking around with a sign saying I'm going to kill myself on Friday is really asking for it.
And quite frankly, it's stupid.
It's dumb.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
I think?
I think.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Here's what you think the biggest story of 2004 was.
Your predictions for 2005.
It's less than 48 hours away.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
I've got articles here out of New York where they're using anti-terror laws on gangs, charging gang members with terrorism.
How are you?
Morning, Alex.
You were talking before about weapons that we may not have that would cause an earthquake.
Well, I mean, I'm going to read later Secretary of Defense Cohen's comments from the late 90s in public.
I've got a bill here, H.R.
2977, that prohibits tectonic weapons.
Yeah, that bill never passed.
I know, but it mentions it.
Yeah, it was introduced by Dennis Kucinich, yeah.
I just wanted to bring it up because it specifically mentions the non-use of tectonic weapons.
Yeah, actually, I have the bill here.
It was the 107th Congress First Session, H.R.
And that's a good idea.
You want me to read some of this?
Sure, I've got it in front of me too.
Go ahead.
Okay, Section 1, short title, The Act May Be Cited as a Space Preservation Act of 2001.
Section 6, Non-Space-Based Weapons Activities.
Nothing in this act may be considered as prohibiting the use or funds for space exploration, space research and development, testing, manufacturing, and production that is not related to space-based weapons or systems or civil, commercial, or defense activities.
That's everything, including common communications, navigation, surveillance, reconnaissance, early warning, or remote sensing that are not related to space-based weapons or systems definitions.
In this act, the term space means all space extending upward from the altitude of greater than 60 kilometers above the surface of the Earth, and all celestial bodies in such space.
What is section B on the last page, page 303?
Yeah, I'm just trying to read the whole thing.
This is where it's more interesting.
Yeah, inflicting death or injury or damaging or destroying a person or biological life.
Bodily health, mental health, or physical or economic well-being of such a person through the use of any of the means described in Clause B of Subparagraph B. And it says through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the use of information, war, mood management, or mind control.
Of such persons or populations or by expelling chemical or biological agents in the vicinity of a person.
Let me continue here.
Such terms include exotic weapon systems such as electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons, chemtrails, high-altitude, ultra-low-frequency weapon systems, plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons, laser weapon systems, strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons, and... that doesn't mean aliens, it means outside the Earth, folks... and chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons...
And it goes on and on, yes.
That's basically implying that we have weapons that we could... And it says climate or weather or tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region of the Earth or in space.
Thanks, Alex.
Anything else?
That's it.
Well, I appreciate your call, and take care.
We'll start the second hour here.
And I've got Secretary of Defense Cohen's public comments about these weapons, too.
I'll try to read that for you.
Again, I'm not saying that that's what happened in the Indian Ocean.
I don't think that's what happened.
I know, though, our government and other governments knew about it and decided not to warn the people.
That's curious.
That's despicable.
But we'll talk about it when we get back.
Upwards of 100,000 dead.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Now into hour number two.
Wide open phones, what you think the biggest stories of 2004 were, over-reported, under-reported, it doesn't matter, mainstream alternative, what you think was most important, what happened in 2004 with less than 48 hours left in this year that has grown quite a long, shaggy beard.
1-800-259-9231 And I've got so much news here.
New information on now upwards of 100,000 dead in the horrible tsunamis that hit Asia and Africa.
We're also going to do a lot of new Patriot Act stuff that's taking place.
China and Russia in war games together against America and the world.
Just so much more coming up.
Right now, let's go back to the calls.
Larry in New Mexico.
Hello, Larry.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for taking the call.
You know, there's a tiny island south of Sri Lanka called Diego Garcia.
Diego Garcia is a giant B-52 base.
And didn't have a problem.
Was that right?
You already found out it didn't have a problem at all?
It did start magically.
Every other island in that area was deluged, but no problem there.
That's interesting.
I was trying to figure out what happened.
The other thing, the story that occurred about a month ago, maybe six weeks ago, was that
Every single ship and every single navy of the world was put out to sea.
And I wonder, does that mean there's going to be more tsunamis?
You know, when a ship is in port and a tsunami hits it, the ship gets washed in a couple of miles.
Well, I don't know about every single ship, but this came out three or four months ago, record drills by every major Navy, pell-mell, hand over fist, perpetually cracking on, just constant drills everywhere.
And you're right, most of the ships at record levels are out to sea.
You know, most ships, ever since World War II, where the two destroyers along the Philippines went under during a typhoon, they sank.
All the ships of the world from then on have been made indestructible by tsunamis.
They can just nose into the tsunami, and the tsunami rushes over them, and, you know, it washes off people's chairs, I guess, on top, but that's about it.
Anyway, I just wondered why it seems to put together the fact that there's going to be more tsunamis.
That's my comment.
Okay, that's all I got.
Well, thanks for the call.
Or it could be, and this is what I think it is, that the world is on the brink of massive conflagrations and that you've got different power blocks of the New World Order jockeying around for position right now.
I mean, that's what's happening.
Again, people, most of my listeners, really a lot of you that are calling in,
I don't think it's fair to say most listeners, but most of the callers that mention it believe the government is somehow involved in the 9.0 earthquake.
That now we've learned accelerated the rotation of the earth and shifted the size of the earth.
The earth got smaller.
These are all the measurements, but just a few centimeters smaller.
Six centimeters smaller and
That the rotation was accelerated a bit.
Look, folks, again, I just stick with what I can prove.
And I don't think that the government did this.
That's just my gut level instinct on it.
Now, they certainly capitalized on it to get in there with the IMF and World Bank and some countries that haven't been playing ball with them, and they certainly didn't warn them, and that's admitted.
Their own governments didn't warn them, though, which is really curious.
They knew it was coming and decided not to warn them.
Now, that's admitted.
So it's not just our government, it's the Sri Lankans and the Indonesians and the rest of them.
You've got to ask yourself why.
You really do.
They say because it might have hurt tourism.
Well, I'd say tourism's been hurt pretty bad now.
All right, we'll go to break, come back and talk to Chris and Charles and many others.
Toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
What do you think the biggest stories of 2004 were?
And what are your predictions for 2005?
I do want to hear those.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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All right, I'm going to cover some news for a few minutes.
And then we're going to go to your calls.
This is just out from the Associated Press.
As of a few days ago, it was 100,000 dead.
Our media was still reporting 60,000.
Now the AP reporting death toll rockets to 114,000.
The death toll from last weekend's earthquake tsunami catastrophe rose to more than 114,000.
Today, as Indonesia uncovered more and more dead and...
From ravaged Sumatra Island, where pilots dropped food to remote villages still unreachable by rescue workers.
A false alarm that nuclear waves were about to hit sparked panic in India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.
The increase came after Indonesia reported nearly 28,000 newly confirmed dead in Sumatra.
It's probably going to end up being 200,000 or more, folks.
Confirmed dead in Sumatra, which was closest to the epicenter of last weekend's massive earthquake and was overwhelmed by the tsunami that followed.
Some 60% of the Banda Ache, the main city in northern Sumatra, were destroyed.
The UN's Children's Agency estimated that 115 miles of the island's northwest coast lined with villages was inundated.
Indonesia, with around 80,000 dead, was the worst hit, followed by Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand.
The total across 12 nations of southern Asia and East Africa was likely to rise, with thousands still missing, and fears of disease could bring a new wave of deaths.
It's 114,000 now.
This is horrible.
And then here's some of the headlines concerning this.
For knowledge of a natural disaster, Washington was aware that the deadly tidal wave was building up in the Indian Ocean.
Professor Michael Chossodosky, Global Research on PrisonPlanet.com, the U.S.
Military and State Department were given advance warning.
America's Navy base in the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean was notified.
Why were fishermen in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand not provided with the same warnings as the U.S.
Navy and the U.S.
State Departments?
Why did the U.S.
State Department remain mum on the existence of an impending catastrophe?
With the modern communication systems, why did the information not get out to the media?
By email, telephone, fax, satellite, TV?
It could have saved the lives of more than 80,000 people, now over 114,000, and the death toll is rising.
The earthquake was a magnitude 9.0 on the Richter scale, among the highest in recorded history.
authorities have initially recorded an 8.0 on the Richter scale.
As confirmed by several reports, U.S.
scientists in Hawaii had advanced knowledge regarding an impending catastrophe, but failed to contact their Asian counterparts.
Charles McGreevy in the Pacific Warning Center in Hawaii confirmed that his team had tried desperately to get in touch with the counterparts in Asia, according to Mr. McCree, director of the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration Center in Honolulu.
The team did its utmost to contact the countries.
The NOAA, or NOAA, Hawaii's report is available at noanews.noaa.gov.
His team contacted the U.S.
State Department, which apparently contacted the Asian governments.
The Indian government confirms that no such warning was received.
A 9.0 on the Richter scale, the director of the Hawaii Warning Center stated that they did not know that the earthquake would generate a deadly tidal wave.
I mean, a 5 will do that.
Until it had hit Sri Lanka more than 1.5 hours later at 2.30 British Mean Time.
It goes on and on, folks.
Secretary of Defense Cohen warned of earthquake weapons.
This is on prisonplanet.com.
We talked about this days ago.
Remember back in 1997?
DOD news briefing.
Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Monday, April 28, 1997.
Let me ask you specifically about last week's scare here in Washington about what we might have learned from how prepared we are to deal with an audible at B'nai B'rith.
Well, it points out the nature of the threat.
It turned out to be a false threat under the circumstances, but as we learned in the intelligence community, we had something called, and we have, James Woolsey, here to perhaps even address the question about phantom moles.
The mere fear that there is a mole within an agency can set off a chain reaction and a hunt for that particular mole, which can paralyze the agency for weeks and months and years in the search.
The same thing is true about just the false scare of the threat of using some kind of chemical weapons or a biological one.
There are some reports, for example, that some countries had been trying to construct something like an Ebola virus and that would be a very dangerous phenomenon, to say the least.
Ebola virus, and that would have been a very dangerous phenomenon to say the least.
Alvin Toffler has written about this in terms of some scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic-specific so that they could just eliminate certain groups or races
And others are designed, some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy specific crops.
Others are engineering, even in the eco type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.
So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways to which they can wreak terror upon other nations.
It's real.
It's real.
And I just read the bill concerning earthquake weapons from 2001 that would have blocked their use.
So, again, folks, yes, they say they've got stuff like this.
They say it's going on.
But, again, I don't just say, oh, they did it.
But clearly they didn't warn these countries, and that is...
Very, very suspect.
This is out of Reuters.
Where are all the dead animals, Sri Lanka asks.
Sri Lankan wildlife officials are stunned.
The worst tsunami in memory is killed.
Around 22,000 people.
It's now 114,000.
Along the Indian Ocean Islands coast, but they can't find any dead animals.
Giant waves wash floodwaters two miles inland at Gala National Park in the ravaged southeast Sri Lanka's biggest wildlife reserve and home to hundreds of wild elephants and several leopards.
The strange thing is we can't and haven't recorded any dead animals.
Ratanake, Deputy Director of the National Wildlife Department, told Reuters Wednesday, No elephants are dead, not even a dead hare or rabbit, he said.
I think animals can sense disaster.
They have a sixth sense.
They know when things are happening.
At least 40 tourists, including nine Japanese, were drowned.
The tsunami was triggered by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean Sunday, which sent waves 15 feet high, somewhere like 60,
Crashing into Sri Lanka's southern, eastern, and north seaboard, flooding whole towns and villages, destroying hotels, and causing widespread destruction.
Folks, it wasn't waves.
There were waves, but the water just rose.
It just goes up 30, 40, 50, 60 feet.
I've heard a lot of fools on talk radio go, I just swim!
Yeah, you're in your house, you're in a street, there's couches and cars and
And wreckage, and sheet metal, and you're having your head bashed into things, you're being caught in metal, and caught in electrical wires, you're... It's hellish!
And again, there's just so much more on this.
I mean, you cannot ignore it.
It is a very serious issue.
But meanwhile, they're taking more of our liberty, setting up a police state, our troops are dying and putting uranium...
I want to talk about the plea to uranium, so I'm going to air this little two-minute piece from a really good report from a Kansas City TV station.
And I just want to add that we don't know that DU killed this veteran, but we know it has killed tens of thousands of others, and they have done the blood tests and the autopsies, and that's been confirmed.
It could have been the vaccines, it could be a bioweapon, it could be exposure to chemical weapons.
It could be all sorts of stuff, but this fits in with the MO of DU.
Do you have that ready?
Let's go ahead and roll that again.
And then we'll cover a bunch of other news, and I promise we'll get to all your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
Go ahead and hit it.
A soldier survives Iraq, but dies of a mysterious illness his family suspects the government is hiding.
NBC Action News reporter Ron Mott is live with the story you'll see only on NBC Action News.
Elizabeth, it's a complaint heard all over the country that soldiers are being poisoned by their own ammo.
They, of course, are made to kill the enemy, but as one Raytown family says, they've turned into unfriendly fire.
You know, they come out in five minutes and said, he's gone.
For nearly a year and a half, Dwayne Garten worried that his son might return from Iraq in a body bag.
This is worse than if he'd have got killed over here, really.
Instead, decorated 35-year-old Army Sergeant Clay Garten spent an agonizing three weeks dying in his parents' Raytown home and at the VA hospital, eventually losing the fight the day after Christmas.
25 years I had the boy.
He went through 16 months of hell and he come back and they didn't do nothing for him.
That's why I don't understand why they couldn't do something for him.
This is Seth and this is Mr. Gage.
A father of three, Clay Garten's family believes the Army medic is every bit a casualty of war as those who die on the front lines after they say he became exposed to depleted uranium dust used in some U.S.
The government contends the health risks are low.
I think they know exactly what's going on.
I think these troops over there are all in danger of this stuff.
The family says Garten lost 30 pounds before he died, starting with a debilitating back spasm earlier this month that was followed by a series of high fevers reaching 106 degrees.
It was hard to watch my son from such a big, strong, intelligent man to turn into a small...
Meanwhile, a grieving father mourns his lost fishing and hunting buddy.
That's the only way I can remember him.
I don't remember this.
It's too painful.
If you were in my body right now, you'd know how hard it hurts.
A memorial fund has been set up in Clay Garten's name to benefit his three kids.
For more information, call the Bank of America Raytown Branch at 816-979-6292.
And the family did have tissue samples taken from Clay Garten's body, hoping that they will lead to some concrete answers.
Reporting live tonight, Ron Mott.
Yeah, and they need to specifically go into the lungs, but it'll pick it up if it's a DU in the blood.
And they told troops, oh, it's a conspiracy theory, but when their own training manuals say, don't worry that it'll kill you.
It'll make you very ill, at the bare minimum.
And then the New York Daily News, earlier this year, tested the blood of 14 different troops who were definitely ill, and they all had massive levels of DU in them.
That's uranium, folks.
Part of your nutritious breakfast.
Hi folks, this is Alex Jones.
Whether you were aware or not, World War III has started.
Let me rephrase that.
Oil War III has started.
Don't kid yourself, the reason we went into Iraq is oil.
Now we are looking at the possibility of invading Iran and even Saudi Arabia.
Why else would the US be building 13 permanent military installations inside Iraq?
Does it look like we're pulling out?
The nations of the earth are consuming oil at the rate of 83 million barrels per day and growing.
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Alright, I got a bunch of news about the police state and of course all these different military maneuvers that are going on between Russia and China and others.
What's happening in the Ukraine.
But that's coming up.
Right now, let's go back to your calls.
I guess, who's up next here?
Chris in Tennessee, then Charles, Steve, Jim, and others.
Go ahead, Chris.
Hello, Alex.
I think one of the stories that interests me in 204, I've got two of them, was the Kentucky man almost gets life in prison for distributing an Alex Jones video.
Kelly Rushen, you spent day and night trying to get that man his freedom, and you did a good job by getting him.
And the other one is the passing of Dr. Wolf.
We lost a very dedicated man on the planet Earth.
He worked endlessly to answer all the questions about the Bible and everything, and I really miss Dr. Wolf.
Yeah, Dr. Wolf was a sweetheart, and he died a few months ago.
Just a great guy.
What strikes me odd in 2005 is Yellowstone Park, they're talking about a major volcano there, and chemtrails.
I would like a scientific answer of why all these lines are in our sky.
It's got to affect our weather pattern.
And it needs to be looked at.
It really needs to be looked at.
But there's been so much stories.
We've got the Silverstein incident.
I'd like to see the bottom of the full investigation of what exactly happened on September 11th.
Yeah, we have Larry Silverstein saying that they pulled or demolished Building 7 on the day of 9-11.
And then no one goes and questions him.
We've called his office.
He won't return calls.
He had Jimmy Walter run TV commercials and print ads in New York for weeks on end, saying, Mr. Silverstein, answer the question, and Silverstein doesn't respond.
Now, boy, what does that tell you?
And then he collects half, you know, he tries to get double indemnity for the billions of dollars that he had.
And he ended up getting it.
First he didn't, and now he has.
And then the other person I think about is Dr. Seals, our dentist, who's sitting in jail still today because he witnessed the Waco tragedy.
That's right.
Never charged.
Held for seven years in solitary confinement.
Forced drug.
An Army dentist who was there and said they killed everybody.
So they grab him and say he's mentally ill and hold him in solitary confinement.
It's just been so many.
But anyway, Alex, thank you very much for all your support.
People, try to join PrisonPlanet.com and help Alex pay for some bandwidth.
And each day, Alex, you get more and more listeners.
Keep up the good work.
Great to hear from you.
And let me just correct one small thing you said.
Kelly Rushing was facing two years in prison.
Kelly Rushing, upstanding member of the community, no criminal record, business owner.
They're in Lyon County, Kentucky.
I mean, his family's very well known in that area.
I even called people up randomly out of the phone book off information and said, you know Kelly Rushing?
Oh, he's a great guy, very friendly.
Well, it was in the newspaper like it was normal.
He gave a Ron Paul video, the Ron Paul neocon speech.
The speech was titled Neocon.
He gave it about two years ago, a year and a half ago, where he talked about conservatives being betrayed by the Republican Party, the police state.
He gave him that, and my film rode to tyranny.
Gave it to a state police officer.
The state police officer watched it, followed him from his house the next day, stopped him, took him to jail, laughed on his cell phone to his wife.
He said, I've got the videotape bandit.
I've got Mr. Smarty Pants.
Took him before the judge.
The judge said, you're not allowed to give anti-government videos to police.
You're a terrorist.
This was in the newspaper.
And they went ahead and took it to trial.
The jury said this was ridiculous and found him not guilty.
Then the harassment continued, and it's been tough on Kelly.
But this is what the state police believe.
They believe in Kentucky, at least in this area.
State police are pretty much fans here in Texas.
I've been speeding before and had them pull me over.
Oh, Alex, you can go.
A couple other times.
It's actually happened twice.
Then once I had a wreck and the state police were there.
Both of them were real friendly and one of them was a big fan.
But not in Lyon County, Kentucky.
I mean, these people are pretty much nuts.
Well, they are crazy.
I mean, they think that... And they admit it.
It was in the paper.
Kelly Rushing, nicely, you gave him the videos.
And he watched him and he just thought, man, you're not allowed to give people videos like this.
That's funny.
Videos I've made have aired on national TV.
I've been interviewed by dozens of major magazines and newspapers.
I've been interviewed on national TV shows.
It's not like I'm... A lot of you have seen Road to Tyranny.
Road to Tyranny shows FEMA teaching the police that
Christian conservatives are all terrorists and should be arrested.
And that's about four minutes of the two and a half hour, almost three hour film.
And he saw that and they believe that's illegal.
And so they carried out and lived and were what we said in the film.
Showed the training.
And the judge said, we want to put you in prison for two years.
This is the freedom.
Imagine the cold heartedness of trying to put him in prison
Saying that the videos were terrorists, and that the videos themselves were a threat.
So, I rest my case on where this is going.
Yeah, that was a big story in 2004.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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By the way, if you're just joining us and heard me talking about the Kelly rushing case...
There's nothing we're redacting.
They even admitted that he didn't threaten the police officer.
He didn't say, I'm going to get you.
He didn't say anything.
He just gave him the videotapes and a couple days later said, you ought to watch these.
A couple days later they came and this cop by himself just pulled him over when Kelly was driving to work and just said, you shouldn't have given me that tape.
I'm arresting you.
And then put him in the back of the car and
And started calling up his wife bragging, I got the videotape banded.
And then the officer tried to get Kelly to say something, and why'd you give me those tapes?
And Kelly's like, well, I think you want to care about the future of this country and for your family.
Oh, my family!
That's another threat!
That's another charge!
And it's all, by the way, he was taping all of this.
And so, of course, then the cops didn't want to use it in court.
They just wanted to claim it and then not use the tape in court.
Because it's just, well, I thought you'd want to care about the country's future for the country and for your children's future.
I mean, Kelly's like an upstanding, you know, good old boy.
Just missed her go to church twice a week.
I'm trying to help folks out.
You gave me a video of a congressman giving a speech.
I mean, that was listed, too.
In evidence, we have these two videos.
One of a congressman talking about the New World Order.
And one of this other 9-11 video talking about it.
Our training manual show, this is terrorism.
Literally, it was in the newspaper.
Like it was normal.
Man arrested for giving police officer anti-government videos.
And on the road to tyranny...
We show in Kansas City, the FEMA teaching firefighters and police officers and sheriff deputies that all founding fathers are terrorists, that the Constitution and Bill of Rights is terroristic, that all Christians are terrorists, and then we show you the training manuals, we show you FBI flyers that say it, those that make frequent references to the Constitution are terrorists,
We have law enforcement major magazines that say if you see someone with a get us out of the U.N.
bumper sticker, go ahead and take them to jail.
It says police chiefs, you know, don't be mad at your officers.
These people could be terrorists.
Just go ahead and arrest them.
And so, and then in the film, in Road to Tyranny, we show first the training, then we cut to Virginia.
To Rockmount, Virginia, and a woman with no criminal record, Abby Newman, a farmer, a naval veteran, they pull her over and they find a Harrison Ford video, Patriot Games.
They get very upset by the word Patriot.
Look, Patriot Games!
Look, Patriot!
The word Patriot!
It's all on video!
And they're literally going, I don't know what... And look at this one!
Police State 2000!
Look at this!
They pull out the pocket Constitution.
Look at this!
Little pot constitution with the information about Social Security being a scam in the front of it.
He's got all this paraphernalia.
He's some type of clan.
And that's one of their favorite lines.
You know, if you're a pro-life group or you're a Second Amendment group or a land rights group, cops will have some kind of clan or something.
And so they get up against the car and go, you're going to jail.
And then the cops stand there and go,
Is this legal to have?
Should we charge her with this?
And then the higher level officer goes, I don't know.
I better call ahead and check it.
I put like eight minutes of it in the film.
There's even more of it.
I had like 14 hours, two or three different days of the FEMA stuff.
There was other stuff in there.
I just put a few minutes of that.
And then after I made that film...
Road to Tyranny.
I've been mailed the SLAT training CDs and all these other federal training CDs and stuff.
It gets even worse.
I have like a small box full of this stuff.
And it's all, you know, does somebody talk about how they have a right to their land?
Does somebody talk about the UN being bad?
Go ahead and arrest them.
Proceed as if they're armed and dangerous.
It may be illegal.
Homeschoolers are connected to terrorist groups.
And then you're like, oh, yeah, right.
That's in my film I made three years ago.
And then now you see the Associated Press.
Drills in Arizona.
Drills in Michigan.
Drills in Texas.
Where they tell them, you get your $100,000 from FEMA and Homeland Security, but you've got to do a drill.
Where the parents of homeschoolers come and slaughter everyone at the school.
You've got to do a drill with 200 of the children where the school bus is blown up and you splatter fake blood all over the elementary students and tell them homeschoolers are coming.
Which is psychological terrorism.
It's like Jim Jones cult training.
And they get the kids out and splatter blood on them and have fake intestines hanging out of them.
I've been to these drills, by the way.
They had one right up just south of Temple in Belton.
That's in Road to Journey, by the way.
Oh yeah, it's so jam-packed.
That was with troops.
Delta Team.
Special Army Special Forces.
I don't know if there would be Delta Forces.
They wouldn't answer that.
Just Delta Team Special Forces.
I thought Delta was a bunch of different groups together, but they're out there and they've got the helicopters flying around and all this.
That's the kind of stuff I've witnessed with my own two eyeballs.
And so...
Again, I mean, imagine the psychological brainwashing of that, of having 200 children, just in the Michigan case a few months ago.
This is going on everywhere, by the way.
Almost everywhere we look, it's happening.
And it's splattering of blood and fake intestines and arms blown off, you know, fake rubber arms blown off, and all this gore and red syrup everywhere.
And then they have people run around in masks going...
It was stuff like, Homeschooling is the way!
Down with the public schools!
Down with them!
I love Jesus!
I'm gonna kill ya!
And the little elementary students?
We're the homeschoolers!
We're gonna kill you!
Folks, you're living in the Soviet brainwashing union!
It's not a joke!
I got video of this stuff!
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were terrorist enemies.
The Constitution is a terrorist document.
Anybody that talks about it is a terrorist.
I mean, I've got these people.
It's insane.
All right, I said I'd take calls, and I'm ranting here, ladies and gentlemen.
I just start thinking about this.
I think it's backfired on them, though.
I mean, maybe four or five years ago when I was...
A little more aggressive.
I really get mad at police abuse of the public and really get in all their faces.
But over time, I've really been able to reach out to police and explain how they're being manipulated.
And I really, it's amazing how nicely police treat me.
They come up to me in restaurants and high-level police officers.
But still, you've got those that have really woken up and aren't stupid and aren't brainwashed.
And then you've got the other crowds who just, they just got the manual said.
She's got the word Patriot.
I mean, folks, it was a Harrison Ford video.
That was the first thing in her truck.
Patriot games?
What is that?
And you hear the state police going, I ought to air that.
Man, look at this.
Blocking Constitution.
Look at this.
Is that legal?
I don't know.
Do you guys got like IQs of 75 or something?
What is your major malfunction?
Just because the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, pay for you to get all these training seminars and you sit there for weeks on end every year being told this, I mean, what is wrong with you?
George Washington is not bad!
And I'm not radical for saying it.
I'm going to say it again.
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are good.
And if you want to come arrest me for that, fine.
If you just tuned in, this is not satire.
Just type in, school does drill of homeschoolers killing children or homeschooler group killing children.
It will pop up all over the country.
Just type any of this in.
You'll get AP and the AP will report it like it's good.
Well, you know, they could be terrorists.
Yeah, they just win all the spelling bees and everything else and have the lowest crime rate and all the colleges fight to get them because they're about even the best private schools statistically.
But it doesn't matter.
We have Bill Clinton giving speeches about how it's bad and, you know, major newspapers attacking it.
And now you're terrorists.
Come on.
Is it possible to get through to your heads?
Is it America to have George Bush pass a law with the Democrats, who loved it, where every American child will be forcibly psychologically tested twice a year?
Public-private homeschool.
Now, is that freedom?
And now they're going to start with pregnant women as well.
They passed it, let's see what they're going to implement.
I mean, is that what you think freedom is?
Are you so warped?
Is your...
Soul so gone that you don't know that that isn't freedom.
While our borders are wide open, you're charging eight-year-olds with terrorism.
You're tasering five-year-olds.
Another case of one of them dying from being tasered.
Stop it.
Come on.
You're wearing black masks.
You're wearing black combat boots.
You're calling us civilians.
You are civilians.
This is not a military dictatorship.
Stop it!
Get educated!
Because let me tell you something.
You don't have to worry about Alex Jones and the homeschoolers coming after you.
You're just idiots.
People that write all this stuff are pure evil.
But the people that buy this, I mean, what is wrong with you?
You don't have to worry about us getting you.
You've got to worry about your bosses.
They'll take our troops and stick them in the middle of the pit of uranium knowing it's going to make them sick and die.
And it'll just be in the back of the paper in a few years.
Well, it's true.
5,000 have died from DU.
The government's real sorry.
It's mind-blowing.
You know, I've watched these training videos where it's big university rooms full of police
And there'll be a Fed up there leaning on the table, talking real good to them.
You know, we're here to protect you, and we're here to give you advice to keep you safe here in the Brotherhood.
There's a great threat against the thin black ski mask line.
Don't they see the thin blue line?
And it's all about how we're together and we're giving you intel to keep you safe.
And you see the police up there smiling and feeling good.
And boy, we're all together.
We're all on a team.
Oh, man, you really care about me.
And boy, we're really under attack.
And boy, the public just hates us because they're just flat bad.
Not because you've become corrupt and have been abusing a lot of people.
And see, the more you abuse, the more we dislike you, and the more the feds come to you and say, and the federally mandated training systems say,
It's all right.
We understand.
We understand.
See, they don't like you.
We're going to give you some advice now that's going to be real good for you.
By the way, there's going to be a smallpox attack, the Fed says.
You all need to come in and voluntarily take this shot.
And then, oh, you're not doing it?
Well, you may have to.
And they have department heads pressure you, and then 99% of police and firemen said, no, we're not doing it.
And so then they couldn't have the forced inoculation of the general public two years ago.
See, that's how it works.
You're not completely stupid.
Just remember, when that Fed's standing up there going, you've got to watch the homeschoolers.
You've got to watch those that talk about the Constitution.
They've been connected to terror groups.
Well, here's an example of where one of them killed an officer.
Killed an officer.
That's right.
I mean, it's just sick.
I mean, if you want to be snake-oiled, if you want to be calm, want to be stupid, want to be manipulated, don't want to be straight-talked to, fine.
Just enjoy yourselves.
All right, that's enough.
Charles, Louisiana.
Go ahead, sir.
Thanks for holding.
How you doing, my friend?
How you doing?
Yeah, I'm doing fine.
You know what?
The politicians, they brag about how naive the American people are.
They really say that.
Yeah, Bob Dole once said that in public.
And it was at a meeting, at a dinner.
You know what the prisoners call the American people?
The plastic people.
They're only known for that credit card, pal.
They don't care about that.
As long as they got that credit card, pal, they were happy.
But anyway, I predict this year they will have a draft, men and women, you know, a mandatory draft, and I think this year that this radiated poison will be a big issue.
You know what I mean?
You're talking about DU?
Yes, it'll be a big issue.
Of course, the American people love their kids to be in the service, and that's their chance to send them.
Well, you know, when I use the number 5,000, it's already tens of thousands are already falling ill.
And the media will go, oh, they're just sissies.
I mean, we're talking about 220-pound guys shriveling down to 130 pounds in just a few months.
I want what the American people want.
I want their kids to be evaluated, be on Prozac.
I want to be in a New World Order.
I want what the people want.
I want to go to a dumbed-down church and don't know God or know our Constitution.
I want what the rest of these people want now, Mr. Jones.
These are some good, smart people.
These are really smart.
No, I know we are, but I mean, it wasn't, it was Ron Paul.
It was a Ron Paul video, too.
Well, they didn't convict him.
Thank God there's still hope.
No, but the point is, they tried to convict him.
It was like two and a half years.
And the jury said, no way.
Because they got up on the stand and admitted, well, he gave me a video and I found it threatening.
He gave me two videos.
Well, I'm going to tell the American people, I think after they get these guns, this guns conversation, and I predict that the people will give them up, a lot of them.
Maybe about 7% won't.
Well, look, I mean, Charles, you've given out over 5,000 copies of my tapes over the years.
You've had a huge effect.
You've made copies of them.
You've seen over and over again, then, Abby Newman, and they're there at the checkpoint going, my gosh, she's got a pocket constitution.
Is this illegal?
I mean, what has happened to our police that some of them actually...
I'm speechless.
How dumb is that?
Well, it's just like when the Jews went into the chambers, the gas chambers.
I asked the Jews.
He said they were in shock.
They were putting stuff in the water from this stuff they put, you know, they had them dumbed down.
This nutritious sodium fluoride, yes.
And that's the same thing happened.
See this spraying?
This spraying affects us mentally.
These people, they have a comfort zone.
They're scared to give it up.
They want somebody else to do it.
They want Mr. Jones to do it all.
They don't want to pass out a tape, Mr. Jones.
It's too much trouble.
It'll cost them two or three dollars.
They want Mr. Jones to protect them.
You know what I mean?
Well, to be fair, a lot of people are waking up, Charles, but Dan Rather and Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw aren't going to tell us that we're having an effect.
And because of people like you and others, we are having an effect, and God bless you.
But obviously, they'll have to have a terror attack in 2005 to get that draft through.
Well, God's in control, and whatever, the ones that judge are going to fight are going to fight, and the ones that are going to dumb down...
They're going to be dumbed down.
This might be all the people we have, Mr. Jones, to fight this.
And whatever comes, whatever God hands me, I'm going to be like you.
I'm not going to fear it.
I'm going to go with it.
And thank you for what you're doing again, sir.
God bless you.
Well, I appreciate your call.
I mean, what's wrong with licking boots, bowing down, being a slave?
God bless you.
It's for our best interest.
I mean, isn't that what America's about?
Thomas Jefferson, George Washington are bad.
FEMA says so.
They're bad.
They say they're bad.
See, maybe they're right.
Maybe we are bad.
Maybe we're all bad because we love freedom.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
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You will lose your liberty.
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We need Americans to give up their liberty for security, or the terrorists are going to get you.
Meanwhile, the border is more open than ever.
Meanwhile, the big terrorist groups lead right back to the CIA and MI6 and others.
Look at who has the motive for all this.
And we have official government documents explaining why they want to carry out terror attacks and blaming on enemies.
Oldest trick in the book.
It's like an arsonist burning down a building and leaving evidence that somebody else did it.
Because they want to get them.
Want to blame something on them.
Can people figure that out?
I think they can.
Especially when we have confessions like Operation Northwoods.
That's an admittedly classified document.
The official U.S.
government plan to carry out 9-11 attacks.
Do you dare, as members of the system out there listening, to type in Operation Northwoods into a search engine?
All right, let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
We'll just briefly here in like a minute.
I've made 11 films.
We're extending the discount out for a few more days, maybe a week or so, of upwards of 70, actually over 70% off.
We're good to go.
Please get the films.
Make copies of them.
Get them out to people.
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I don't have time to get into all of it.
You can call and ask questions.
No obligation to buy.
That's 888-253-3139.
Call right now.
Get the films.
Get them out to people.
Find out why Big Brother's so afraid of these films.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Steve in Ohio, then Paul, Steve, Bill, and others.
Steve, you're on the air.
Yeah, Alex, I just want to say thanks for sending those videos.
I got your Matrix of Evil and the other one, Terror, but they're really good videos.
Yeah, and I also wanted to say, did you get that Paul Rogers clip of CNN where he's admitting they used depleted uranium?
Well, thank you.
Did you send that to me?
Yeah, I did.
I got a big stack of tapes I got to go through.
Okay, yeah, well, there's one where it's a six-minute clip, and Paul Rogers is admitting when he was with the 3-7th Infantry, he says, we were using depleted uranium, and we had to hightail it out of there because of the dangers of it.
It's on a DVD.
When did you send that?
I sent that about a week ago today.
Okay, yeah, it's sitting there then.
Yeah, it's... But anyways, in the clip, you probably get a lot of stuff from people.
Well, no, I'm actually going when I end this broadcast today to that office, and I'm going to dig through all the mail, and I do that a couple times a week.
Well, you'll see it's Steven on the return address from Ohio, but I just wanted to say, I was going through a clip I had, but anyways, I wanted to tell you real quick, I went to a Social Security seminar yesterday,
And I'm telling you, the situation is much worse than they're making it out to be on television.
In fact, one of the things that we went about is that Medicare Part D with the Medicare plan where they say that's the prescription drug plan.
Get a load of this.
In 2006, it's going to cost senior citizens anywhere between $2,000 to $5,000 a year before they need their deductible.
It's totally, it's the biggest rip-off.
I don't see how senior citizens are going to be able to deal with this.
Now, now, now, just don't complain or you're with Al-Qaeda.
Well, I mean, it's just frightening to think that these senior citizens don't know what they're going to be dealing with.
So if the New World Order is going to make... Can I go through the break real quick?
I'll just give you one more thing and I'll be done.
Yeah, look, the government's own training manuals say DU is deadly.
But tell the troops, hey, belt protection, just breathe it in.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks, we're now into our number three.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We're talking to the callers about what they think the biggest problem
The story of 2004 was... And we're also talking about your predictions for 2005, where, what, about 36 hours from the new year, 2005, the beard has gotten quite long and white on 2004.
Coming up, more on the tsunami.
Death toll rockets to 114,000.
Some of the other news that we're going to be covering here, it's very important, is people tracking closer to reality deal Fords to equip Verichet with a global positioning satellite.
Walmart employees charged with shooting cat on manager's orders.
I've got a comment on this.
Year of Shrinking Liberties, BBC.
Most Russians sorry, USSR gone.
Out of the inner facts.
G8 crackdown for 8-year-olds as terrorists, BBC.
Headline, Mujahideen blow up house in Fallujah reportedly killing 24 soldiers.
Soldier fails to halt stop-loss rule, which is really an inside draft.
That's out of the Associated Press.
Teen dies from being shot with a taser gun by Collier County deputies, Associated Press.
I seem to see one of these every two or three days now, somebody dying from a taser.
And now they're down to tasering, you can see articles where they're tasering lots of five-year-olds.
DNA evidence may be key in Saddam trial.
Romanian 67-year-old woman pregnant with twins.
That's something else.
Pentagon oust official who tied Russia to Iraq arms.
Just a ton of news, plus on some of these Russian military drills that are going to be starting up with China.
Right now, let's go back to the call.
Before we cover this news, let's get through all these great callers.
Up next, letting Steve in Ohio finish up, then David...
And Paul and Steve and others.
Go ahead, David.
Or Steve.
Or Steve, go ahead.
Real quick, last thing.
On the Social Security, how to save it, one of the options was Soylent Green.
It was kind of a joke, but it looks like that might happen to seniors, that they really try to save it, given the fact that the government isn't telling us everything about it.
Right, so you went to the Social Security meeting, I guess, with the government to discuss this with a bunch of people, a little town hall?
Yeah, well, no, it was actually to keep my Ohio State insurance license.
It's a continuing education license.
And then who made a joke about Soylent Green?
They went, raise taxes, raise retirement age, and one of the people in the audience or in the classroom said Soylent Green because of the movie with Charlton Heston.
I've never seen the movie, but they were saying something about it was what, they were trying to eliminate old people?
Yeah, it's an old movie.
It's a good movie.
Yeah, it was just a joke, but anyway, I see that our government is... Soylent Green is made out of people!
Right, well, you know, it's just... You gotta tell them!
You gotta warn them!
Yeah, well, I mean, I just wanted to let the seniors that listen to your show know that Medicare Part D is a rip-off.
It's not going to work.
So you have a great day, Alex.
Well, of course it's a rip-off, but the average person doesn't know how to figure that out, and they just tell you it's great, so it must be good.
Thanks for the call.
Just like they tell you the economy is great.
Oh, it's so good.
David in Michigan, go ahead.
Yes, sir, Alex.
I was just responding to your question.
I think that the new gun bill is going to be introduced at the expanded bill that Ashcroft and Metzenbaum worked on and then presented to Bush.
He said he would sign it.
Now that the election's over and he's got nothing to lose, there's no reason for them not to go ahead with that.
That's right.
Bush has said he wants to sign an expanded assault weapons bill.
Meanwhile, Ashcroft comes out and says, oh, we're pro-Second Amendment.
We believe it's an individual right.
Unless prescribed by law.
Go ahead.
The first thing he does when they get in office, practically, is to get together with the biggest gun grabber the Senate's ever seen.
My question is, when are people going to understand that the words that these people say mean nothing whatsoever?
They have no relationship to the truth or what they intend to do.
You're supposed to watch words, not actions.
Now come.
Stay there, David.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
The DVD version is 170 minutes.
If you want to wake up your friends and family to the truth of what happened on September 11th, this is the film for you.
The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and planable microchips, and much, much more.
Bottom line, this film is waking people up.
Order your copy on VHS or DVD today and man the guns of the Infowar.
Order right now by calling 1-888-2533-139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or order online at Infowars.com or Infowars.net.
Again, that number, 888-253-3139.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, eight minutes into hour number three, my friends.
Masses of vital news coming up here, but let's continue with your phone calls for now.
Letting David Michigan finish up what he was saying.
Yes, Attorney General Ashcroft, before he leaves, and Alberto, I love torture, Bush is above the law, Gonzalez gets in, has teamed up with one of the biggest gun grabbers in the Senate to write up a, quote, compromise assault weapons ban that Lord Bush is going to sign.
This will be hailed as conservatism.
Just like going after Judge Roy Moore and then Bush rewarding the individual that went after him with a federal judgeship.
Just like Gonzalez is pro-abortion, pro-open border, anti-gun.
Just like everybody else.
Just like Senator Specter.
Pro-abortion all the way to the hill.
Pro-New World Order.
This will be worshipped.
By the 700 Club, by Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of them, this is conservatism and in your firearms.
Go ahead.
Well, there's another thing I wanted to mention.
Since we're seeing all of this excited, new, heightened activity with the surveillance of the population, the training of children to accept certain things, there's a story that I wanted to tell you.
A friend of mine had a child in kindergarten.
This goes back several years.
I was over there talking to him.
The grandmother came out and was talking about how wonderful it was that
Well, I've seen stories about this.
Federally funded, training them to show their IDs.
At the time, I thought, wait a minute.
Go ahead.
Why do people need to teach children in kindergarten about this?
Everyone thought I was crazy for raising this question.
Well, now we know, don't we?
You know, the United States gets gradually turned into Nazi Germany, and when we're the new Nazis, and we're done being the leg-breaker for the New World Order people, then we're cited as the reason why we need a New World Order.
And the rug's pulled out from under us.
That's the endgame.
We need a world government to stop the aggression of America.
That's how they do it.
They always flip-flop it, blaming it on the other side of this bipolar system they've created.
So keep up the good work, Alex.
Thanks for the call.
You keep it up too, David.
Let's talk to Paul in Tennessee.
Paul, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, sir.
I just want to say a few things.
I'm going to go real quick.
I can't go as quick as you because I don't know it by heart as well as you do, but I just want to tell you something about the gangs in America.
They're contracted with FEMA.
And the local police.
And these are the people, these gangs are going to be the ones going door to door to our homes to confiscate our guns and goods and to kill us.
Another thing.
Well, you know where that started about six, seven years ago?
It is true.
They were contracting with gang leaders and people to be, quote, informants, and they caught the FBI running the murder for hire, the prostitution, the drug dealing in Boston and much of Massachusetts.
They've caught them in L.A.
and other areas where they really do use organized crime, I would say, the more serious elements of organized crime.
The Nazis did that in Vichy, France.
So there is some of that going on.
And the military is openly recruiting right out of the hardcore gangs as well.
Also, Alex, I wanted to say something on the chemtrails.
And if you can get the information, you should be able to.
What they're doing there, this is to enable the forces of the New World Order to ignite, that is, set on fire,
Our atmosphere.
I'm going to go on air in the tires coming out of Japan.
The air contains poisonous chemical and biological.
And also of all the goods coming out of China.
All goods coming out of China are contaminated with.
Bio and chemical and radioactive.
The reason for this.
Is that China does not separate the waste.
It mixes it all together.
All right, well, sir, thank you for the call.
Let me just comment on that.
Growing up, when jets flew over, the trails disappeared in a few minutes maximum.
And when I was in New Mexico, I watched jets all day fly by with the trail disappearing behind them.
And about six, seven years ago, I saw condensation trails forming at a lower level
We've even interviewed meteorologists and people with major TV stations that have gone public about this.
Something's different in the atmosphere.
Now they fly at just 4,000 or 5,000 feet in the summer.
And there's these huge trails everywhere.
And you'll have a jet flying right beside another jet just, you know, maybe a couple thousand feet away.
And it's not leaving the trail, but the other jet is.
And then I've sat there doing yard work and watched the trail hang there for five, six hours.
Now, that never happened before.
That's where all this chemtrail talk comes in.
Now we have bills introduced concerning chemtrails, and something's going on.
But then also, folks, see every jet flying in the sky.
I think it's doing something, and it's not.
You mentioned toxic waste being mixed in with everyday items, smelted in with a metal as a way to get rid of it.
I see recalls all the time.
Oh, they had a children's table, a colored table,
The table's red and the chairs are red, yellow, and green and blue.
They had to recall that because they covertly mixed lead in with the chairs to get rid of it.
And our government's been caught doing this.
I mean, they took sodium fluoride that was a horrible byproduct of aluminum manufacturing from World War II.
It's also in fertilizer manufacturing.
And they had hearings about it.
What do we do with all this sodium fluoride and all the other agents that are in with it?
Well, let's just say that fluoride is good for your teeth.
Sometimes you do need it.
I mean, calcium fluoride and a bunch of other types of fluoride are good for you.
In large amounts, they're bad for you like anything else.
But sodium fluoride is bad, folks.
There's hundreds of major studies on it.
But the problem is, and there's been a lot of reports on this, they mix other stuff in with it.
Those big canisters of poison they dump in the water have a bunch of other stuff in them, too.
That's why the big head Canadian doctor who helped get national fluoridation passed 15 years ago, a year ago reversed himself and said, I was totally wrong.
Sodium fluoride is horrible, and by the way, they're mixing all these other things in with it.
That's a way to get rid of the fluoride that you'd have to store.
I mean, fluoride is incredibly costly and hard to get rid of.
Then, on top of it, depleted uranium.
You got from nuclear weapons manufacturers and spent fuel rods
Tons and tons and tons, just thousands of tons of this stuff.
You're going to have to pay to bury it in New Mexico or North Texas or wherever.
People don't want it there.
Well, about 25 years ago in the middle of the Cold War, they said, only if the Russians overrun Western Europe, if we're in the middle of a nuclear war...
We have emergency rounds that we can load into the warthogs that were mainly based in Europe to stop a major tank advance where they had, what, six to one superiority in tanks.
The Russians did.
We'll send in these tank busters.
And this is only to be used during a nuclear war as a last-ditch emergency because their own manual said they'll radiate the countryside for 500 million years and it's very poisonous.
That's their own seven-hour training video, their own 300-page training manual that they will no longer issue to the tribes, by the way.
That Dr. Rocky and others helped write in the mid-80s.
But they knew this back in the 70s when they developed it.
And now they just put it in all different types of munitions, from Bradley's to Abrams to handheld weapons, anti-tank weapons to be used by one-man, two-man teams.
Not just the Warthogs, but in other bunker-buster bombs dropped by F-15s, F-16s, F-18s.
Joint Strike Fighters.
And they just use it all over the place.
Balkans, Iraq twice, Afghanistan.
They use it at training sites about, what is it, ten different training sites that we know of in the U.S.
Some right next to major towns and cities.
It doesn't go away, folks.
It's deadly.
And it just shows how they could care less about us.
So, they took a toxic waste...
And gave it a value so they could then sell their toxic waste to the government.
And the government just doesn't care.
They just do not care.
All right.
Well, let's just give our freedoms up to these people.
They sound like really nice folks.
They'll take care of us.
Let's talk to Steve in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead, Steve.
Hello, Alex.
Some information.
You brought up Bush wanting the people to take smallpox shots.
This Sunday night on Fox's movie channel.
They're going to have a movie about bio-attack.
And their headline is, it hasn't happened yet.
It's true, but it just hasn't happened yet.
And they're basically wanting everybody to go get the smallpox shot.
The Nightline's had a five-night series where we're hit and it's all over and they forcibly inoculate us.
It's all a simulated drill.
They tell you at the first that it's a drill.
People call them by the thousands going, oh, it's real.
It's all War of the Worlds psychological warfare, basically.
It makes me wonder how many people it's going to scare and then they're going to run out and get the shot.
It's not going to work.
Ninety-nine percent, the L.A.
Times reported, of firefighters and police refused it.
They tried to make them take it two years ago.
They just laughed at them.
Because hundreds of prominent doctors and epidemiologists went public and said, this thing doesn't even protect you from weaponized smallpox, and it's going to kill a big percentage of those that take it.
It's going to kill thousands.
There's the other thing.
I don't know who I heard it from.
I don't know if it was Jack McClam, Jack Butter, or all the other guys, but...
I heard that the assault weapons ban was tied in with No Child Left Behind, too.
Who is?
The No Child Left Behind?
It had the assault weapons ban tied into it.
Well, yeah, they tried to pass that along with No Child Left Behind a few years ago to reauthorize it, but the assault weapons ban did not pass.
It expired.
I mean, for the new one.
Oh, the new spending bill?
Yeah, No Child Left Behind Act 2.
I heard the assault weapons ban was hidden in it.
Yeah, they're trying to stick it in a bunch of different bills.
All right, hey, thanks.
Hey, thank you.
Hey, that's conservative.
Let's ban guns.
Don't think I'm a liberal, do you?
I'm for banning guns.
I'm conservative.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Call real quick, because I've got a bunch of news we haven't gotten to yet that I want to detail.
Stephen in Washington State, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Stephen, you there, my friend?
I am.
Okay, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for accepting my call.
Sure, good to hear from you.
What's on your mind?
A little off the subject here, but... Well, the subject is what you think the biggest story of 2004 is, or your predictions...
But you're welcome to talk about whatever you want.
Well, that wasn't on my mind right now.
I was interested more in what other people were saying on that subject.
First of all, I'm a medical marijuana activist in Washington, and I would like to hear where your stand on that is.
I've heard you mention before that you've heard about the government's handle on that.
After that, I've got one more question.
Well, just George Washington smoked marijuana.
I mean, that's public, and I don't like marijuana.
I don't smoke marijuana.
I don't like the way it makes me feel.
I don't like drugs other than caffeine, which I do imbibe in.
It's probably not very good for me.
But I know marijuana has great effects for people on chemotherapy to hold down food.
Tons of studies on that.
I know it's great for glaucoma.
And it's just stupid that it's illegal.
But the main reason they made it illegal was because it's a better...
It's better than cotton.
It's better than polyester.
The oils that come from it are just incredible.
It can be grown basically everywhere in the country.
It was one of our biggest crops up until then.
Our government even banned the dozens and dozens of varieties that don't even have THC in them.
That's obvious, folks.
So you couldn't.
You know, have that as an industry, something that threatened DuPont and others that were coming out with polyester about 90 years ago.
So they started a demonization campaign.
It's really pretty funny.
They had all these special announcements and stuff for movie theaters when you went in, and it would show, you know, cowboys would smoke a
Smoke some and suddenly go, I want to murder people!
And guys start murdering.
It was basically like PCP or something.
And they, you know, reefer madness and all those famous films the government paid for.
And it's just a way to get people into prison to build widgets for 25 cents an hour competing against the rest of us.
And it shouldn't be a federal issue.
It should be left up to the states.
And marijuana should be decriminalized and you would actually see a lessening in those that actually use it.
Kids want to do something that's illegal.
Ooh, it's cool.
And so that's where I stand on marijuana.
Right on.
I don't recommend smoking it myself.
Thank you.
It's not good for your lungs.
However, there are other methods of using the...
As in medicine?
Yeah, eating it, sure.
Yeah, or tea, or vape.
Well, see, George Washington was bad.
He smoked it.
He was an evil pothead.
Oh, I know.
He was a terrorist, wasn't he?
The reason I needed you to clarify that for me, because I would like permission to put your logo on my vehicle.
Well, nobody has to have permission to put Infowars.com or anything on your... People call up and go, is it R if I link to you?
Folks, free country.
Well, I didn't want to, you know, start a controversy in case anything happened and embarrass you.
Please do.
We need you so badly.
Thanks for the call.
Well, you're great.
I'm serious.
But on the whole marijuana issue, now I'm done talking about it.
Just George Washington's bad, folks.
Let's go ahead and talk to Eric...
Eric, where are you calling us from?
Huntington Beach, California.
Go ahead.
How's it going, Alex?
I called you a couple weeks ago.
I guess it was at the end of the show, so I was able to say a couple things, and that was about it, and then you had to cut off.
I've been trying to get a hold of you to try to get on the show as a guest.
I'm a federal officer, a graduate of the Federal Service Academy via congressional appointment.
I went to the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York,
I've gotten your messages, and what specifically did you blow the whistle on?
Well, what they've done is they've dissolved our entire federal contract.
We work on things that are called shipping articles.
They're articles of agreement with the United States.
They were brought into the Constitution when we became a nation under the Judiciary Act of 1789.
Because they contract out our rights, our benefits, our pensions,
No, I know there's a lot of cheating and scamming that goes on with this loving government.
Just send me some more of your info, sir.
I might have you on as a guest.
The government's scamming its employees as a dime a dozen.
We're talking about criminals here.
But thanks for the call.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Straight back to the calls.
I'm just taking three more from Ed and Phil and Sheldon.
Ed in Pennsylvania, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I was wondering if you received the Chemtrail video, a few minutes of it, over here by Pittsburgh Airport.
I copied it from my camcorder onto a VHS tape and mailed it to you.
Yeah, I haven't watched it yet, but I did see a tape labeled that
Yeah, it's got all kinds of designs like sunbursts and bow ties and X's and I was thinking it might be fascinating to you to try to figure it out.
Maybe even pass it on to Tex Mars for the satanic symbols.
Because there's a lot of, the whole sky, the entire thing was full.
I just know growing up, I mean...
The sky didn't get filled from end to end, all four directions, at low level with these trails that sit there for hours.
I guess it's all completely normal, sir.
Everything's fine.
It was out there for hours.
At least three, four hours you could see these designs.
And so I decided I better get a picture of that and see if anybody can decipher these little, like a sunburn.
Well, a lot of times, you know, a lot of times...
Shapes get made by things that occur, and we see shapes in them.
That doesn't necessarily mean that a shape was meant by it.
You can look at a cloud and see a hippopotamus if you want to.
I'm talking about chemtrails.
No, no, no.
They're straight-line trails that just seem to get...
No, I've seen that.
I've seen them lay them down at 5,000 feet where they're not supposed to form.
And then just for four or five hours, just get wider and wider and start drifting downwards.
Thanks for the call.
Very interesting, Ed.
Phil in Virginia.
Go ahead.
Phil, you're on the air.
Yeah, thanks.
Just regarding the big stories of this past year, I just really feel punch-drunk with everything that we've witnessed.
But I think we're just going to, prediction for next year is just more of the same, and like your book, Descent into Tyranny, we're just going to continue our descent into tyranny.
The excellent book, by the way, folks, you can use to get the quotes from the Republicans and Democrats in the book about talking about this global government that we're facing
But illustration of the dissent and tyranny right now, a developing story where I'm at right now, a quarter mile from a quote, bioterrorism device in a bus, a city bus outside the Norfolk Naval Base.
And they're saying it was from a caller from an unlisted number.
Now, if I had an unlisted number,
And I called that in, I would be under the jail right now.
So my suspicion is that this is some kind of a drill or something.
Yeah, there's no such thing as an unlisted caller, maybe for us with our caller IDs, but not for the government.
But let me, is this my friend Phil?
Hey, how you doing?
This is talk show host Phil.
Well, Phil, let me try to go over this for people briefly.
You've seen Road to Tyranny.
Well, take The Takeover, my second police state film.
We show a drill, and they took a real Greyhound bus full of people, and they ran three different teams of regular Army through it on I-35 in Temple, Texas, and at the end of it said, okay, it was just a drill.
And what they do is, the feds pick a bus number, they call in a threat on it, they pull the sucker over,
And they do this, and then on the news, the first news cycle, oh my gosh, there might have been a terrorist, and then later, oh, it was just a drill.
They shut down downtown Austin, had a fed out there playing the part of an Arab, later admitted it was a drill, shut down part of the city, announced all day.
The police opened a trunk of a car and got sick.
Turned out that was all fake, all made up.
They had a fake nuclear spill.
Now, this is yelling fire in a theater.
I'm glad you brought this up.
Yeah, you're talking about the part in that documentary where you bullhorned the news report telling them that it was a stage-managed event.
Well, that was another one.
That was one that I got out to exactly.
Then they claimed, it all happened in just like a three-week period.
Then the DPS, something hit the DPS office while everyone's getting sick.
We're good to go.
And yeah, this sounds classic, but the thing is, they take real people, because I know the poor folks on a bus aren't going to have money, aren't going to sue them, and they literally will keep you all day long where they run teams through, search your stuff, have it on the news, and then only sometimes do they admit, okay, it was a drill.
Can you believe that, Phil?
Yeah, they're just engaging in terrorism.
And I'm sick of it, and that's why we've got you on the air over here trying to expose this junk, and
We're just, like I said, until the people wake up and make a stand, it's just going to get worse.
Well, look, they have had thousands of drills, and so many times.
We'll take a 99 they had top off in Denver.
And I've interviewed people who were involved in Top-Off, but it was in the paper.
It was in ABC News two weeks before.
It said, we're going to have a drill, and the goal is controlled hysteria, and the drill will be unannounced.
Here's your warning.
Sometime in the next month it's coming up.
We won't tell you what it is.
Well, it was troops rappelling black helicopters, buses and cars, simulated things blown up, people with the fake blood and the rest of it.
They drilled, and by the way, I had a city councilwoman on right after it from Denver, and she's like, oh, yes, it's so good.
We practice putting people in the sports stadiums.
Go ahead.
No, go ahead.
I just remembered you talk about a drill that was repulsive and should have been featured in news this past year was the homeschool terrorism drill.
That was just one in Michigan, yeah.
Tell folks about that.
I lost you.
Phil, can you hear me now?
Your cell phone's cutting out.
Yeah, tell folks about the homeschoolers or terrorist drill.
Oh, well, they held an exercise where disgruntled homeschoolers were terrorizing, I forget exactly where it was, but the terrorist...
We're homeschoolers.
What did they do?
Attack a school or something?
Well, they simulated attacking a school, but the thing that got public attention was 200 children and several school buses on a county road, elementary and middle school, with the fake blood and the fake guts and all the stuff you see in Road to Tyranny when I went to one of these drills that had the special forces at it.
And at this one, they told everybody...
There was a group.
I could pull it up.
It was homeschoolers against public schools or something like that.
And they did a drill where they basically terrorized the kids and told them, homeschoolers are going to kill you.
And, yeah, it was terrorism.
Oh, man.
Well, just another illustration of the onslaught of conditioning that we have submitted to.
And it's just getting worse and worse.
Well, take care, my friend, and keep up the good work.
God bless you.
He has his own talk show, and he pays to put me on one of the big stations there in Virginia, and I should have asked, got him to plug the station.
That's a great guy.
That's a wonderful person.
Feels great.
Last caller, Sheldon in Arizona.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I was wondering if you got a chance to review that message I left on Violet's machine about that
Individual that took interest in doing an autopsy on his own accord on William Cooper's autopsy.
I did hear about that.
Tell me more.
Some individual from, I believe it's Wisconsin, took interest in doing a separate autopsy on William Cooper and discovered that there is quite a few anomalies on the autopsy, which one of the indications of one of the anomalies is
Somebody actually went up and shot Cooper at point-blank range and made sure he was dead that night.
I was wondering if you were thinking about bringing that guy on to talk about that.
No, that's a good idea.
I should probably do that.
What do you think is going to happen in the next year?
In the next year?
What I think is going to happen is the shadow government is going to start using
Tesla technology to control the weather, that's how they're going to take care of their population reduction agenda.
They're going to start using the weather control technology.
Well, they admit they have some weather control capacity.
It's decades old, but 114,000 dead confirmed as of Thursday now.
Is that right?
114,000 dead.
Yeah, that's the Associated Press.
Well, that's my prediction for the new year.
Alright, thank you for the call.
I know this.
I mean, if they were estimating it was going to be 40,000, and now they estimate it's going to be 100,000, and it was 114,000 confirmed, and now they're talking about it could be 200,000, but confirmed 114,000.
But it happens all instantly, so everybody gets upset about it.
114,000 dead bodies.
You should get upset about it.
It's very sad.
But 30,000 children.
A day starved to death.
Conservative numbers.
24,000 other people die a day from disease alone that was treatable and preventable.
You know, it's not like an 80-year-old person having a heart attack or getting cancer.
This is 24,000 people dying from preventable, treatable diseases on top of 30,000 children dying of starvation every single day.
That's 54,000 people.
And the globalists aren't responsible for all of it, but they've engineered a system by design to accentuate and expand it radically.
Oh boy, let's cover news now.
People tracking closer to reality deal forged to equip Verichip with global positioning satellites.
Systems have always been integrated with this, boosted via the cell towers, folks.
I've interviewed the CEO, the scientists who invented this.
I've been talking to Verichip for four years.
Setting the stage for controversial tracking technology, the satellite telecommunications company, Orbicom, has signed an agreement with Verichip Corp., making...
A maker of the world's first implantable radio frequency identification microchip, Verichip, a subsidiary of Applied Digital, will work with OberCorp, or OberCom, I knew I was reading something wrong, to develop and market new military security and healthcare applications in the U.S.
and around the world, the company stated in a press release.
As WorldNet Daily reported, Applied Digital has created and successfully field tested a prototype of an implant for humans with GPS or global positioning satellite technology.
Once inserted into a human, it can be tracked by GPS technology and the information relayed wirelessly on the Internet where an individual's location, movements, and vital signs can be stored in a database for future reference.
Orbicom's relationship with Verichip provides yet another new and important industry that will help use the satellite systems and its ground infrastructure network to transmit messages globally
Their CEO, Jerry Eisenberg, said, initially, after privacy concerns and the verbal protest over marketing the technology for government use applied backed away from public discussion about such implants and the possibility of using them to usher in a cashless society, which is what they've openly said they want.
They say you're going to have to take it.
I've had their people on the air.
You've heard them.
In addition, to quell privacy concerns, the company issued numerous denials stating it had no plans for implants.
And now they admit it.
Continuing, Russia's year of shrinking liberties, BBC, there was much discussion this year over whether Russia's move towards authoritarian rule was accelerating.
It was a difficult year with attacks by Chechen rebels claiming hundreds of lives.
The responses to them included restrictions on sub-liberties.
It was accompanied by a large increase in
Racially motivated violent attacks.
The tough policies of Chechnya did not bring peace indeed.
September school siege in Bislan is nearby.
North Osseti was the single bloodiest attack on civilians to date.
That was the government op, folks.
Mainstream news.
In the aftermath of the tragedy, President Vladimir Putin decided that regional governors would no longer be elected, but appointed directly by central government.
And it goes on to talk about how they've taken over all radio and TV and print media and everything else and how serious it all is.
Speaking of Russia and China, Russia-China planned military drills, AP.
Russia and China will hold unprecedented joint military maneuvers on Chinese territory next year, involving both nations' air forces and navies.
Russia's defense minister said yesterday, Sergei Inovov, speaking at a cabinet session chaired by President Vladimir Putin, said the exercise would involve submarines and possibly strategic bombers.
The Interfax and ITAR-TOS news agencies reported...
For the first time in history, we have agreed to hold quite a large military exercise together with China and Chinese territory in the second half of the year.
He said, according to ITAR TASS, the Russian side will not bring big numbers of servicemen, but mostly state-of-the-art weapons, Navy, air aviation, submarines to practice intersection with China in different military maneuvers.
He reported interaction with them.
After decades of bitter rivalry, the fake Sino-Soviet split, Moscow and Beijing have developed what they describe as a strategic partnership.
Yeah, they called it their New World Order last year.
In years since the Soviet collapse, China is the number one customer for Russia's struggling defense industry, purchasing billions of dollars worth of fighter jets, missiles, and destroyers, officials of Russia's state arms trading company.
Said last week that China is expected to sign new contracts for the purchase of Russia's most advanced fighter jets.
Both nations have spoken about their adherence to multipolar world.
That's where they added New World Order, referring to their opposition to a perceived U.S.
domination in global affairs.
Why would the Associated Press leave out the New World Order comment?
They said a Russian-Chinese New World Order, a bipolar New World Order was the quote.
Of over a year ago, back in 2003.
Very, very interesting to see that happening.
Most Russians, sorry, USSR gone.
This is out of Interfax.
Pollster says 67% of Russia's population regret the collapse of the Soviet Union and 58% of Russians consider their country's relations with other members of the Commonwealth of Independent States normal, friendly, or good, neighborly.
The Yuri Levodin Analytical Center said 26% of Russians are glad that Soviet Union has fallen apart.
It never fell apart.
They just... Look.
Communism turns into command and control with just a few fat cats owning and running everything.
So they just looted everything and basically even taken the pitiful welfare away from the people.
That's all.
They just made them total slaves.
It's called feudalism.
Forget commie, socialist, fascist, all these terms.
They're just feudal slaves, folks.
The government blows stuff up to keep them in fear.
We'll come back, cover a bunch of other key news on the other side of this quick break.
Stay with us!
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, I've got a London Guardian and a BBC article on two separate stories about eight-year-olds.
In one article from the Guardian, eight-year-olds in England and all over Europe under these new EU laws, if you drop
Rappers, packages, anything.
Down to that age, you'll be criminally charged.
And then one of the EU ministers talks about how they're charging people for absolutely nothing, cracking down on everyone, getting everybody into the prison system.
Their prison populations are now skyrocketing.
See, it's about getting us, the animals, the slaves, under master's control.
And then there's another one here out of the BBC, G8 crackdown for eight-year-olds.
For the G8 Summit, they're going to make everybody have these ID cards down to 8-year-olds.
Be able to travel around.
Teen dies after being shot with a taser gun by Collier County deputies.
Again, I see one of these every two days.
A teenager died after he was zapped with a taser gun and doused with a substance similar to pepper spray during a fight with Collier County Sheriff's deputies, officials said.
Christopher Hernandez, Fort Myers, was the third suspect to die in Florida this month after being subdued with a taser gun.
Hernandez died Tuesday.
Several hours after officials say he attacked deputies kicking and ripping their uniforms, he ignored orders to stop.
Now, again, you can argue, well, that's okay then in this case if we're even telling the truth.
The problem is when you're tasering five-year-olds, folks, if they don't put down a Game Boy, there's no excuse.
And then why are all these deaths exploding now?
There's a couple of these every week.
And again, I just talked about the last few months in Florida, the third such one.
Just absolutely amazing.
Oh boy.
These are all just training aids to train the police to go ahead and engage the public and to train us with the video images of it, of them shooting us for no reason.
It's like riot police firing rubber bullets at crowds for no reason and killing a young woman.
Kim Jong-il purges relatives after alleged coup bid.
London Independent, both Korea's Kim Jong-il, has purged some of his closest relatives, accusing them of trying to seize power reports in Beijing and Seoul.
The purge began some months ago when Kim Jong-il II put his father-in-law, Chang Song-ki,
You guys are complete psychopaths.
How do you handle that?
You give him nuclear weapons material like Donald Rumsfeld did.
That traitor Bill Clinton let it happen, though.
Yeah, he did.
And Rumsfeld was the guy who let do it.
I love how neocons cover things.
Look at Bill Clinton.
He's evil.
He gave it to him.
He let us sell it to him.
How dare him?
It's horrible.
Bill Clinton opened the door for us to give him the weapon.
How dare you?
As they hand it to him.
And that's the double thing.
All right, we're out of time here.
Great broadcast today.
I'm glad that you all joined us.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
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Stand up for humanity.
You're not slaves.
The government doesn't own you.
They have no right to say they're a slave for your safety.
It's only for your safety.
So just get involved.
We can turn the corner with God's help.
All right.
Have a great day.
I'll see you back tomorrow and back tonight, 9 to midnight.