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Air Date: Dec. 10, 2004
2411 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Friday, the 10th day of December 2004.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we're going to be live for the next three hours.
And we have four guests today, but we're also going to have time for your calls.
Elaine Donnelly will be joining us from the Center for Military Readiness about Bush.
He wants women in frontline combat, and he wants it now.
Of course, Bill Clinton tried this, and he was universally decried.
Bush does it.
And literally, I've heard the neocons saying, you're not a conservative if you're not for it.
If you're not for open borders, if you're not for satellite tracker boxes in your car taxing you, if you're not for national ID cards, if you're not for a doubling in the growth rate of government, you are a liberal, ladies and gentlemen.
So, while we're against women in frontline combat, I am a commie, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's just admit it.
So Elaine Donnelly will be joining us to talk about this.
Then, that's just for 30 minutes, coming up in about 30 minutes, then for the next half of the next hour, we're going to have Dr. Tennant on.
He's the guy the doctor arrested for complaining too much.
The Homeland Security even told the Quad City Times he didn't threaten anybody, but complaining too much is an act of terrorism, and they're charging him and hitting him hard, and
Trying to make sure he spends time under the jail for calling too much.
And then Vicki Karp joins us.
They're going to have a big march in downtown Austin this weekend, and I've been asked to speak at the Capitol there at the rally, and I'll be pleased to do that on Sunday at high noon.
But Vicki Karp will be joining us to talk about some of the election fraud that's been chronicled in the November 2nd election.
And then in the third hour...
Bev Harris, one of the grand poobahs, one of the big experts nationally on electronic voting fraud and just the scams that have proliferated across our nation.
She'll be joining us as well.
So the second half of the broadcast, almost exclusively on election fraud, though I'll intersperse other key news items throughout that section of the transmission.
When we get back, though, I want to get into Iraq and the economy and the dollar, and I want to get into the new Patriot Act that's passed to take care of you and your family.
Large sections of it, according to Ron Paul, who joined us yesterday.
And, of course, the National ID card.
And I'll be on Pastor Butch Posh broadcast tonight from 8 to 9 Central, exclusively talking about the ID card, if you want the full history of it and what it means, here on this same network, the GCN network that I am on.
And also we will be getting into, well, those troops getting up and asking Rumsfeld-pointed questions.
And I wasn't going to cover this yesterday, but...
Until they said, oh, a reporter planted the questions, and so now the questions aren't pertinent.
You see, embedded reporters aren't allowed to ask questions, and other reporters aren't allowed into these press conferences, so they're staged, and so to get around it, and he got some of the troops to ask questions, they wouldn't have asked the questions if they weren't concerned.
The questions are still valid.
But that's the double thing.
How dare them traitor troops want armor?
They're liberals.
The fat bellies in their easy chairs say.
This is how you support the troops.
You don't give them armor and you let them take deadly vaccines.
You force it on them and you let them breathe DU.
And then if you're for the troops, you're against them.
I'm learning the double thing daily here.
So we'll come back and plunge into all of this after these short messages.
I want to talk about spin.
Perhaps I can calm down a bit and go over just a few examples of spin.
The more subtle, crafty forms of spin.
So you can be conscious of spin.
We'll be right back with spin.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, let's plunge straight into the news.
And let's give some examples of spin.
All right, spin.
One of my friends, a documentary film producer, just got back from a week in Los Angeles.
And a lot of people out there knew that he was associated with me, so they'd say, yeah, we're all for this anti-Arnold movement, but Alex Jones...
He said he got this a lot.
Needs to get off the Nazi stuff and get off the steroid stuff and get off the sexual harassment stuff.
And he needs to get on to other things, you know.
This other stuff's old.
Well, we need to just focus on the other things that are bad about Schwarzenegger.
You know how he's involved with all the special interests and says he isn't, and we need to talk about that.
Well, you know, my advice to them is they need to go start their own websites and start their own organizations.
But this is what's happened.
And this is spin.
On the, I don't know, 20 interviews I've done in California alone the last three weeks since we launched ArnoldExposed.com,
Every talk show host, even those that are for what we're doing, say, well, you know, we all heard this during the gubernatorial campaign.
And it didn't hurt him then.
And so why are you bringing it up now?
That's the mantra in print media.
Well, yes, we heard these allegations before.
We've already been over this.
Well, the media said that
A year ago, when he was running for governor.
It was, well, we've heard this for years, and people really don't care, so let's not talk about it.
And everybody says, okay, let's not talk about it.
See, that's spin.
It's, let's just change the subject.
Okay, people don't want to hear about this.
Okay, I'll shut up.
You see, that's an example of psychology in play there.
Somebody saying, I don't care if Kirk Valtime's a Nazi, I love him, and I'm going to go campaign for him in the middle of a huge firestorm.
Or somebody who, these aren't old allegations, which he hasn't denied, of just randomly grabbing on women.
The Enron information.
Most people don't even know about that.
It's been in some mainstream papers that he was involved with Enron, but the media, again, won't quote you on that, won't discuss it.
Out of a score of newspapers I've been interviewed by, they just won't mention Enron.
They won't bring in the other serious issues.
Now think about anybody else.
They said, well, forget it if he says he doesn't care if somebody's a Nazi and likes him and wants to be a dictator.
Let's just move on.
They tell you it's a non-issue.
You know, like Bill Clinton would say, so what?
Move on.
Big deal.
Forget about the communist Chinese that I sold us out to.
Nobody cares.
And George Bush said, let's move on.
It's an old chapter.
Forget about it.
Let's not deal with it.
That'd be like if somebody robbed a bank and five years later the cops bust them and find the marked bills in their basement and the guy says, hey, it was five years ago.
Let's move on.
The cops went, okay, sure, let's move on.
Man, you really made a good point there.
I'm a little bit out of control here putting you in handcuffs.
So this is what they do.
And they do it over and over again.
Now there's other forms of spin.
That's where they set the agenda and tell you what can be in the debate and
We have to make that the debate.
We have to push it to the fore.
We have to demand that it be discussed.
It's very pertinent, all of it.
But see, even people who think they're against somebody or something, they still pick up, though, the propaganda and then parrot it.
And they get frustrated.
You know, the reason he won the governorship is because people like you focused on stuff like that.
No, it's because you didn't focus on it enough, and you bought into the propaganda at the time.
Look at yourself in the mirror.
If you're upset, you know, here's another example of spin.
They will tell new candidates for city council or county commissioner or state agriculture department or governor, they'll tell you, don't be negative, be nice, be friendly, be middle of the road, don't bring up hot button issues.
But then you watch all the candidates that win, the establishment candidates, they run attack ads, they're vicious, they bring up inflammatory issues, because that's how you win.
But all the while telling you, lay down, lay down, don't be mean, that doesn't work, that doesn't work.
And you've got all these Monday morning quarterbacks and backseat drivers out there who know nothing about politics, but heard something on TV about how you're supposed to be nice.
And they go, oh, Alex, don't be so aggressive about, you know, the Second Amendment or about the open borders or about, just be more reasonable.
And, you know, they tell people I've known who've been candidates who've lost races, and those that listen to good advice and are vicious win elections if you don't have the electronic voting machines in place.
But those that listen to the establishment are just real milquetoast and don't stand out of the crowd and don't affect people, and no one remembers them, and they lose.
Again, spin.
You bought the propaganda of your enemies telling you what the debate is and how to behave and how to act.
And they do this over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
It's like the NRA comes and says, you know, we've got to be reasonable and compromise to win these gun cases.
And then you catch the NRA arguing in D.C.
in cases, oh, we're for registering all guns, and then they lose the case.
Or you catch them in Illinois and Texas trying to, you know, go against...
Vermont-style concealed carries.
And you buy the spin and you incrementally lose your Second Amendment.
Well, the same thing goes for distractions or bait-and-switch.
It's what the magician does.
Look at my lovely assistant while I do the sleight of hand right in front of you.
The troops have been complaining en masse about how most of their Humvees are basically tinfoil.
And they drive around getting killed on a routine basis.
Because of it.
And then the embedded reporters, who aren't embedded very long if they ever run a critical article,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Folks, they could have had all this set up.
They have this war plan years ago, their own documents, but they'd rather have all the money go to Halliburton and others.
Or for, you know, B-2 bombers, not for armor.
And so these are, you know, the troops wouldn't get up and imperil.
These were officers getting up and imperil their careers and do all this, you know, just because some reporter told them something.
You know, they're so weak-minded that the reporter told them this and put them under mind control.
This evil communist reporter, as, you know, Rush and others have implied, and then under mind control that they went up there and asked these questions.
And see...
The debate, regardless of where the questions came from, would be, why aren't their vehicles armored?
Or why are they getting bad food and bad water?
But see, instead now the whole debate is, oh, this wasn't the troops, it was the reporter.
You see, that's spin.
And so people that don't want to face up to this, they can just...
Have this psychological excuse to divert off into something else.
See, good propaganda, good programming plays to your own rationales, plays to your own denial, plays to your own defense mechanisms.
And so it's always there making excuses for you not to face up to what's happening.
Always, it's a disassociative disorder.
It's what it is.
People disassociate.
That is, when you give somebody a real issue, they will divert off of it.
Deny it.
They will automatically distract themselves.
Their eyes will glaze over.
This is what you see with spectators.
With a nation of spectators.
Here's another example of spin.
And I predicted this spin.
Because everything is the Arabs.
I mean, if a cloud comes over your city and rains on you, it's the Arabs.
And again, folks, I'm not defending the butcherous, larcenous governments over the Arabs put in by our own government.
I'm not defending the anti-Christian stance of a lot of Muslims and the Muslim countries.
I'm just stating the facts of our own propaganda.
That's another thing of spin.
It's either good or bad, or they're good, we're bad, we're bad, they're good.
No, no, no.
You have to look at it across the full spectrum of data.
But I predicted, I said, when the dollar really starts tanking and people finally figure out what it means to have a weak dollar, it will be blamed on the Arabs.
Oh, those dirty Arabs did it by dumping the dollar and investing in euros.
Well, the Arabs are a small portion of the Chinese and the Japanese and the British and the Dutch and the French and the Germans.
All of them, they own the majority of our dollars, not the Arabs.
And they started the dumping, and our own government said, yes, good dump.
We want the dollar to go down.
But I predicted.
I said, you watch.
When people finally get stung by this, there'll be a bunch of articles about how the Arabs are doing.
And yes, indeed, they're now all over the news.
Because they can't have you blame your own government.
And they know you won't remember Bush two years ago saying you wanted a weak dollar.
And then last month not propping it up.
So you'll feel good even as you lose everything you've got because it'll be the Ameribs and you'll look at Bush and love him.
See, that's spin, folks.
We'll be right back.
Jack Browning from Midas Resources.
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And of course, we don't just have double think and spin.
There's many other forms of propaganda.
But double think, here's an example of double think.
Bill Clinton is evil.
He wants to put women in frontline combat.
Well, Bill Clinton wanted to carry out the global plan.
And it hasn't changed.
Bush is in, and now he's actually starting to put women in frontline combat at levels much higher than what Lord Clinton tried.
And if you speak out against it, you are an evil liberal.
See, that's double things.
Bush wants the assault weapons ban, and people go, well, I guess it must be needed.
But if Bill Clinton was doing it, you'd be frothing and freaking out and losing sleep and marching and demonstrating.
See, that's double think right there.
I'll give you another example of double think.
People who work for the government a lot of times are more bigger defenders of it because they think they're part of the power system.
But that same government...
But fluoride in all our water, whether you're a cop or a bureaucrat or a doctor or an auto mechanic.
By the way, even more statistics coming out of Europe in cities that have had fluoridation for more than a decade.
They then are able to test the IQ scores.
You get a 10 plus percent drop in IQ in areas that have fluoridated water.
I have a bunch of mainstream studies on this.
But again, you've been drinking the fluoride, so...
Why would you want to stop?
Why would you want to listen to me?
I mean, the government told you mercury was good for you, too.
So it must be good.
The government is now saying extremists are lying about mercury.
And they're lying to you because it's really nutritious.
And we're bad because we lied to you.
Why don't you just believe them?
You know, they've only lied to you thousands of times where they've been caught.
It's okay.
Robert in Denver, then John, Steve, Bob, Ernie, and others.
Robert, go ahead.
Yes, good morning, Alexander.
How are you?
Good, I'm all right.
Just a couple things.
Good, good.
My mama doesn't even call me Alexander.
But you're welcome to if you want.
How about Alexander Emrick Jones?
Yeah, I only got called Alexander when I was in trouble.
Well, you're not trolling me, man.
God bless you.
You're the man.
I'm looking at you.
Well, the reason I occasionally say my full name is there's a bunch of different Alex Joneses.
And I'm tired of people calling me up going, you work for the New York Times and NPR.
Oh, okay.
I hear you.
No, the only way I know that is because I think I was watching one of your first movies.
The one where you went across the country to California and Arizona up to Montana.
I forget the name of it.
You were talking about the government taking over parks.
Anyway, there's a scene in there where you said Alexander A. McJones.
Anyway, I don't care.
Do you remember a couple of months you had a video posted on, I think it was prisonplan.tv, showing Bush at a news conference where he was saying, give me a second of a pop in my head.
Do you remember that?
Yeah, we've got that audio clip somewhere in the computer.
Yeah, I was trying to find it last night, man.
That is so hilarious.
Is there any way you can either repost that somewhere?
I tried to do a search for it on jonesreport.com, but I couldn't find it.
Maybe it's there, I just didn't see it.
But I just got to have that video again.
It's hilarious.
Well, you want to do a search at presentplanet.com and infowars.com.
Oh, okay.
Bush literally shat there going, hold on, it's going to pop in my head.
Hold on.
You know this is a scripted news conference.
You should have given this to me before.
And then the transcripts had this as scripted taken out.
Yeah, hilarious.
I'll have to do a search again then.
I understand or read somewhere that here in Denver, or just over in Aurora, which is a suburb of me, Buckley Air Force Base has a lot of black ops operations going on out there.
Do you know anything about that?
I know Colorado is a major center of covert operations, so is Texas.
So is Florida, yeah.
Well, now that you mention it, I do see a lot of helicopters flying around sometimes.
Well, I mean, most of them are just regular military out doing stuff, but if you hear one that's almost silent and black, that's part of our FEMA forces.
I'm with you.
One last thing, Alex, Tom.
Last week when you had Mr. Trinidou on, which was an excellent interview by the way.
I enjoyed listening to it.
Those autopsy pictures were extremely gruesome.
Mike, you were talking about the bombing situation.
You mentioned, I never even thought about, who I thought was a good guy.
Maybe I'm wrong.
Stephen Jones, the attorney for McVeigh.
You said something about $17 million?
Yeah, that's what he got from the government for the defense.
So, what was his role in this?
Was he just a puppet going along?
Was he not really trying to bring the truth out?
He didn't ask for the 12 surveillance cameras that the police had said showed Arabs with Mr. McVeigh.
I don't know.
Why didn't his lawyer ask for that?
So he was just basically playing along there.
He had no desire to really bring the truth out.
Well, just look at the case and make up your own mind.
Thanks for the call, Robert.
We've got a guest coming up.
She'll only be on with us for about 15 minutes.
Then we'll go to John and Steve and Bob and Ernie and everybody else.
The websites are Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, Infowars.net, JonesReport.com, VirginUtah.com.
Why so many?
So much information.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You've asked for them and now they're here.
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We're about to go to our guest.
She's Elaine Donnelly.
We've interviewed before.
She's the president of a great organization called
That deals with military preparedness, the Center for Military Readiness.
And remember Bill Clinton?
He wanted to put women in the military in frontline combat?
Well, that hasn't stopped with George Bush and conservatives.
Kind of a no-no to talk about it when Bush is for the assault weapons ban or for open borders or the size of government growth rate doubles.
Or when he funds UN operations and signs on to UNESCO.
Well, we're not about Republican or Democrat here.
We're about liberty.
We look at people.
Are they for liberty or against liberty?
And we're basically here to tell you the entire government is overrun with big government pimps.
And joining us is Elaine Donnelly to talk about the new big move, and it's all over the news, from the Associated Press to Newsmax, to put women in front-line combat so they, I guess, can have their heads chopped off and be raped and tortured.
It's a horrible idea, and Elaine, good to have you on with us.
Hi, it's good to talk to you, too.
Just in a nutshell, it's made big news.
They're really pushing the headline, Pentagon wants women in combat.
Tell us all about it.
Well, I'll tell you, this is far beyond what we've seen already.
And let me say at the outset, I do support women in the military, and we've certainly admired their courage and bravery in fighting in the war in Iraq.
Thirty women have been killed already, 27 in Iraq, three more in Afghanistan.
We honor their memory.
My problem is with the policymakers in the Pentagon.
Well, let me be clear.
Understand, I'm saying we don't want women in frontline combat.
That's right.
They're talking about putting women into frontline combat, as defined historically as units that directly engage the enemy or co-locate with those that do.
Now, you are probably aware that the Army is undergoing a process of transformation.
They're going to smaller units.
They're called combat brigades or units of action.
They keep changing the name.
But basically, it's an infantry and armor unit that is combined, and it has its own support company that's with it all the time.
The plan is to put women into those forward support companies, regardless of the consequences.
We're talking about primarily enlisted women, women who are not prepared,
For the demands of combat, these units have previously been all-male.
This is brand new that they're talking about.
And it's starting with the 3rd Infantry that's about to be deployed from Fort Stewart, Georgia.
It's been going on for months surreptitiously.
We have countered each one of these plans as they have come up.
One of them involved a slide presentation made at the Pentagon that said that, well, we have this plan, but it might be looked at as subterfuge.
In other words, a stealth strategy.
Denying that anything has changed when it really has changed.
And they have slideshows, basically, on a lot of people.
Ma'am, are you some kind of liberal?
Being against women in front line?
Because that's liberal now.
Being against women in front line combat is evil and liberal.
I hadn't heard that.
Because the liberal women have been pushing for this for a long time.
Yeah, I'm being sarcastic.
Yeah, no, I'm being totally sarcastic.
There are some generals, especially mid-level generals, who have daughters in the Army.
And they seem to think that this is the way to honor and respect their daughter, and it's just the most ludicrous argument you could ever make.
Well, let me stop and explain why I was being sarcastic.
Everyone pulled their hair out, freaked out.
It was the top issue for many months off and on, for four years, eight years, really, of Bill Clinton in office when he was trying all this, and now this is actually happening, and the conservative neocon mouthpieces won't talk about it.
Well, you know, people need to get in touch with the President.
They should go to our website first and get all the details.
It's at www.cmrlink.org.
Again, www.cmrlink.org.
And ask the President, why are you allowing the Army to do this?
And Mr. Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense, Mr. Rumsfeld, why are you allowing the Army to do this?
It is a violation of current Defense Department policy.
Let's go over this.
The Russians have tried it.
The Israelis have tried it.
It doesn't work.
Men behave differently when a woman gets their guts blown out next to them, and if a man does, women have higher infection rates in field when men are even having high rates of it.
It destroys unit cohesion in a front-line combat situation.
High levels of the women end up getting pregnant.
It causes feuds and infighting.
I mean, men have always marched off on hunting trips.
Or on forays of raiding and warfare.
This is our basic coding.
And this goes against... Why does the government want to do this?
Well, as I said, there is no good reason for doing this other than the fact that some bureaucrats apparently didn't recruit enough male soldiers, they're saying.
So we're going to send off a lot of young women and young mothers to fight our war instead.
But the case against women in combat that was put together by the Presidential Commission on which I served has many different reasons, and I can boil down the physical issues with only one sentence.
Well, a woman can't... Listen, listen.
You know, I was... I weighed 240 pounds...
And I was in a scene in a movie that's coming out where this SWAT team takes me out, and these were former professional football players, and a couple of the scenes in like ten takes, they had trouble picking me up and carrying me and throwing me in a SWAT vehicle.
Now these are big men.
We've got a lot of big soldiers who weigh more than I do, and I'm sorry, 98% of women aren't going to be able to pick up a man.
Well, I saw a live-fire exercise at Fort Bragg when I was on the Presidential Commission, and I saw a male soldier hoist another one over his shoulder, fully loaded, weapons, ammunition, the whole thing, took him off the battlefield, just one soldier carrying another soldier.
And I said, just out of curiosity, wouldn't you have a stretcher, two soldiers?
And I asked the question just to find out what they would say.
And I said, oh no, when you're under fire, you get out of there as fast as you can and you take your body with you.
Well, a woman is at a disadvantage and the man that she would try to carry is probably not going to make it because she won't be able to accomplish that task.
She doesn't have the physical capability to do it.
There's also a whole series of social issues, as you mentioned.
People are attracted to each other.
Personal relationships do interfere with unit cohesion.
Bottom line is, women don't have an equal opportunity to survive or to help fellow soldiers survive in a combat environment.
But all of this is being thrown overboard because of some bureaucrats who didn't plan for enough male soldiers
And some generals who have daughters in the Army.
I'll tell you, it is really very frightening to see this issue treated as somehow less important because it involves women.
And yet it's the people who say they're big advocates of women's rights who are treating it as a very, you know, kind of a cavalier, less important thing.
I'll tell you, if you look at the materials on my website, again, www.cmrlink.org, you will see a serious national defense issue involving readiness, morale, discipline,
All of these things.
But the Army is ignoring this.
The Secretary of Defense needs to intervene.
The President needs to intervene.
Elaine, they do.
But let me bring up something else here.
This is really important for folks that don't understand.
The Private Lynch case.
They tried to use that as a propaganda piece until she came out and said it's a fable.
It's not true.
She didn't kill all these Iraqis.
And I'm not trying to belittle her, but the truth is the truth.
And they tried to use that as a case point example to push women in the military.
Actually, I admire Jessica Lynch for her courage in going public with what really happened.
The Washington Post, I was very critical of them for spinning up a story that never happened, the G.I.
Jane legend of Jessica Lange.
But again, the Pentagon and the so-called liberal Washington Post working with Bush, why aren't conservatives screaming bloody murder over this?
Well, this story just came out yesterday, and it wasn't even on the front page of the Washington Times.
Certainly there was an excellent commentary on National Review Online by McKubin Owens.
People need to seek that out.
And I'll tell you, the Pentagon strategy is to hope that no one is noticing.
Well, we've not only been noticing, my organization, we've been countering this for months.
But now we're at a point where this division is about to deploy to Iraq late January, early February.
Women are being supposedly trained to be in these forward support companies that co-locate with the combat units.
Once that happens,
I can tell you, the Army is already declaring it a big success.
And the unit hasn't even deployed yet.
Basically, yeah, that's propaganda for you.
Basically, you're going to have women in areas like Fallujah, in these bases, and the men are going to be so busy going after them, and so busy in the woodshed, that when they come under attack, it's going to cause higher levels of casualties.
Well, any way you look at it, this is not going to help those combat units.
It certainly is not fair to women in the military.
Did you know that in a series of surveys done by the Army over a period of 10 years, every year, they ask the question of enlisted women and men, do you want to be treated exactly like the men in going into combat?
90% of the enlisted women are opposed.
And it's been similar figures for 10 years, a whole decade.
So what do they do?
They just stopped asking the question.
Well, let me ask you another question.
I've read that on ships and in bases...
I mean, it's enough of your privacy to give up to go into the latrine right next to men a foot away.
But I can't imagine for the women and the men having to all be naked around each other, have to be in the bathrooms together.
I mean, it's degrading, and they're even trying in some public schools to make people go into the same bathroom, and in colleges.
I mean, this is sickening social engineering.
Well, again, the military, it's a tough life as it is, and in support units we have some separation of men and women.
But let's face it, in close combat, infantry armor doing what they were doing in Fallujah, privacy, I mean, what's that?
It's the kind of a thing, everything is more intense in close combat.
But why do these social... You don't make the job harder for those soldiers.
Why do these social engineers...
They want to do this.
I know you say they want more people.
They want to be able to draft women and pull all of this in the future, but it just doesn't work.
Do they want to destroy the military?
Again, I think there are some people who have bought into this notion that men and women are interchangeable in all positions.
That is a philosophy that was dominant in the Clinton years, and many of the generals who are in positions of authority now pretty much had to implement that philosophy.
That's why the Army went to co-ed basic training, knowing that it's less efficient, that it's less desirable for both men and women soldiers, and they've held on to it, even though they should have gotten rid of it a long time ago and had separate gender training like the Marines do.
But we all heard that this was the evil liberals, and then I want to point out that it's Bush and Rumsfeld, and I want people to get that through their heads.
Well, Mr. Rumsfeld really hasn't spoken on this issue yet, and that's the problem.
He needs to speak out.
He needs to watch.
Well, he's clearly for it.
He's clearly for it.
He's in command.
Well, I don't know that yet.
I have requested meetings with certain people to find out.
As I say, we've managed to resist this for many months, but now they're still going ahead with it anyway.
There have been briefings made to Congress, which are quoted and analyzed on my website.
So what are they going to do when we get...
Okay, so out of the 1,000 plus dead troops, 30 of them are women.
What are they going to do as those numbers get higher and higher?
Well, I'll tell you, it's a tragedy when any of our soldiers die, but when you cause more soldiers to die because of poor planning, because of personnel policies that make no sense, that is indefensible.
And yet these Pentagon bureaucrats, as I say, they seem to have bought into this gender-free military notion that
was so big in the Clinton years.
Somebody needs to give them a strong reality check.
But somebody, the President, the Secretary of Defense needs to intervene and say, what are you doing?
You're not going to do this.
And oh, by the way, if the combat restrictions, all of them, are eliminated, first co-location, then all the restrictions, because you can't retain one over the other,
Then you're going to have to do the same thing with special forces, with the Marine Corps, and once that happens, then the ACLU goes back to court and they say, well, why are women exempt from registration for the draft?
That exemption has always been tied to the fact that women are not used in land combat.
But the new legislation, the Universal Service Act...
Well, thank you.
I appreciate being on your show today.
Take care.
There you go.
Another example, whether it's open borders or gun control, regulation and all of it, George Bush, Al Clinton and Clinton,
And, you know, this cop-out of, well, Rumsfeld won't say or Bush won't say.
It's like saying, well, they're going to put satellite boxes and attach you in the cars, but Schwarzenegger won't say how he's for it.
It's just his new DMV head's doing it.
You know, oh, it's not the great leader doing it.
Yes, it is.
So see, you never really cared, neocon followers, about not having women in frontline combat.
You just like to hate Bill Clinton.
And then when Bush protected Bill Clinton with Pardongate blocking that, you love that too.
You hate America.
You love abortion.
You love evil.
Let's go ahead and talk to, who's up next here?
Bob in Michigan.
Go ahead, Bob.
You're on the air.
Yes, sir.
How you doing?
We've been seeing a lot of the news about the United Nations, oil for food, trying to make coffee and responsible.
And again, that's the spin.
Halliburton's involved.
They're all a bunch of crooks.
Dick Cheney's involved.
They're putting the pressure on him to bring Bill Clinton in later.
Well, I'm sitting here thinking because I analyze everything, read between the lines if I can, and I believe they're trying to poison the
United Nations, and they're going to say, we're going to revamp this.
We're going to improve it.
Oh, well, then your analysis is correct.
They just came out with a revamp plan for the UN.
Something worse is going to come out of it.
And I recall a map that I had that showed the world divided into seven districts, seven areas.
And then I'm thinking about the Book of Revelations where it states that the seven beasts with the ten horns
And it reminded me of this map I saw.
Well, it's actually ten regions and ten sub-regions per region.
But, yeah, that's public.
Stay there.
We'll talk more about it, Bob.
More calls on the other side.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
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We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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A lot of people say, a lot of people say, why do they want global government?
Because the corporations are bigger than our governments now, and they want to be the governments.
And so if they can control the World Trade Organization, the IMF, the World Bank, which are all these private organizations, and give themselves governmental power, they are our rulers.
They can then write the laws to shut out any of their competition.
To shut out a middle class from ever developing that will be independent of them.
And that's what we're talking about, and it's happening right now in front of us, and the average American has no idea.
Going back to Bob in Michigan.
Bob, finishing up your points.
Yeah, they say this is a Christian nation, but when you look and see what's happening around us, you wonder.
You have a million-man march on Washington, they get what they want.
You have the gays marching, they get what they want.
When they try to push the Koran and dress like Muslims in the schools, where's the parents?
Well, where's the ACLU in California when they have two-week-long deals where they make them dress like Muslims and pray out of the Koran or learn how to worship Harry Potter?
I mean, yeah, exactly.
No, I mean, this is to break down what existed before.
But where's the Christian coalition?
Where are these Christians?
They're telling you that the Patriot Act is of the Lord, and then they're just mum when it comes to open borders and all the rest of it.
I agree.
Good to hear from you, Bob.
Who's up next?
Ernie in New Jersey.
Go ahead, Ernie.
It's a pleasure to talk to you.
Yes, good afternoon.
Good to talk to you.
Go ahead.
Some positive notes.
Here, sometimes we have to rearrange our brain, I think.
It's true what you're saying.
Like all the laws that have been passed, and yours, too, that was under Byrd, and there was somebody else on the Republican side that stood up against the bill.
They were quite elegant.
Not only that, after the vote,
They had questions on C-SPAN, and like 8 out of 15 were talking about the open borders, shut the borders down, put troops on the borders.
So it's a lot of positive stuff going on.
Well, yeah, but they have loyal opposition like Senator Byrd, who you called eloquent, come up and then kind of put up a weak argument against it.
And you're right, on C-SPAN, most of the callers are bringing up real issues.
But, again, the establishment doesn't care what we want.
They just go ahead with it and then get us off in some fake debate about liberal versus conservative.
We're the people.
The more and more people wake up, we are the people.
Yeah, we don't have to go along with them saying we've got to have an actual ID card or, oh, you've got to go along with a draft or, oh, you've got to... No, we don't.
It's criminal.
It's unconstitutional.
It's un-American.
If the government said we all had to jump off a cliff, we don't have to.
Anything else, sir?
Just final, I think we have to go back to, not that we don't, but put things in order.
God says glorify God first and praise in Him.
It's to say the Lord is made and then things fall in order.
I have a hard time doing that.
You get caught up in so much other stuff.
We do our job.
We have to praise Him first because it says rest.
I hear you, sir.
Thank you.
Thanks for the call.
Take care.
A lot of people go to church on Sunday or on Saturday, and then the rest of the week, they think everything's A-OK.
And their preacher doesn't want to bring up any issues that upset anybody.
He wants to do whatever is kind of milquetoast, middle of the road.
And that's a big problem.
And some of the other churches, why, they're out saying Patriot Acts is good.
You're a devil if you're against it.
So that's where you got a lot of the deception going.
All right, we got more guests and more calls coming up.
PrisonPlanet.tv is the website.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother Mainstream Media
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, my friends, to the second hour.
Coming up in 30 minutes, we'll be talking to Vicki Karp, expert on election fraud and leading activist here in Texas.
And then in the third hour, Bev Harris talking about election fraud and chronicling what really happened in the 2004 election and what's coming up.
And we're losing our most basic right right in front of our very eyes.
Right now, we're joined by Dr. Kenneth Sinnott, a Gulf War I vet.
And I have the Quad City Times here.
We interviewed him a few weeks ago, and he's since been to court, and Homeland Security admits that he didn't threaten anybody, but complaining too much was a problem, so they came out and arrested him.
Inspectors from Federal Protective Services, a branch of Homeland Security Department, arrested a Benjerdorf chiropractor Friday, accused of making harassing phone calls to the department,
Veterans Affairs officials in Des Moines, Kenneth C. Tennant, 45, remain in the Polk County, Iowa, jail late Friday afternoon, charged with third-degree harassment.
Although it is a state charge and a misdemeanor, Federal Protective Services, or FPS, personnel were involved because the VA's office is a federal facility, said Special Agent Will Calvey.
The FPS provides law enforcement and security services to more than one million tenants,
And daily visitors to all federally owned and leased facilities nationwide.
According to the mission statement, FPS focuses directly on the interior security of the nation and the reduction of crimes and potential threats to federal facilities.
Calvey said two inspectors from Des Moines had been investigating Tennant after receiving complaints from the VA office.
And it goes on, he had been harassing them over the past three years, said Calvey.
We were looking at the messages, and while there were no direct threats...
The language was abusive.
The specific nature of the calls, or dispute between Tennant and the VA, were not divulged by FPS officials.
And Mr. Tennant had gone on local radio and complained.
He'd called them, and they came out and arrested him.
This is one more example of marijuana dealers, people selling Rubik's Cubes at toy stores.
They're all getting hit by Homeland Security.
People speeding are being charged with federal crimes.
Being arrested by the feds.
We're about to break, but let's go ahead and bring up Dr. Kenneth C. Tennant.
Dr. Tennant, you've now been to court.
Tell us what's since happened.
I went up to court on Tuesday and presented myself.
I had a couple of people there with me who tried to record the proceedings between me and the
The attorney objected to the recording unless we had an order signed by a judge for expanded media coverage.
I told him this was my secretary.
It was not expanded media coverage.
Well, he threatened to bring the deputies in if we didn't.
Now, you were in the courtroom at this time?
Well, it wasn't actually the courtroom.
It was a courtroom.
So the prosecutor was trying to get you to plea bargain?
Okay, well understand, in those proceedings the judge does have to agree, so I don't want to get off into that all day long.
Interestingly enough, I had called Monday morning the day before and asked what judge this would be before, and I was told by the clerk, and no one set in terms, this is not before a judge, that this is just between the attorneys.
You know, to work out a plea bargain.
Yeah, I understand.
But let's specifically talk about what happened to you.
Because I'm not surprised that the prosecutor didn't want you to record it.
Well, under the Sunshine Law, we had a right to record it.
But because, actually, the prosecutor didn't even... We've got to break.
We've got to break, Dr. Tennant.
All I'm telling you is, it's a dead issue.
It's not going to go anywhere for you.
So, I want to hear about what they're trying to do to you when we get back.
Please stay with us.
We'll be right back with Dr. Tennant.
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Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I was just talking to Dr. Tennant during the break, and again, Homeland Security says in the Quad City Times that he didn't threaten anybody, but he called and complained too much, and
Well, he did a local radio interview criticizing the VA, and talking about how he was given all this experimental stuff when he was in Gulf War I, and how he doesn't like it.
Well, that's basically harassment.
So they've arrested him a few weeks ago, and then they ordered him into court, and then it was a prosecutor trying to make him plea bargain, and then the prosecutor said, I'm taking you before a judge, even though there wasn't a court date that day, because you aren't complying with me.
That's completely illegal right there, but they just do it out of hand.
It's mainstream now.
But to go over blow-by-blow what happened to you, sir, with Homeland Security.
Again, Homeland Security, this is the type of stuff they're dealing with.
Doctor, please tell us about it.
Yeah, well, they showed up at my doorstep with two local police officers banging on my door.
To me, it's early in the morning in front of my 6-year-old son and my 8-year-old daughter and my wife and...
You know, they just manhandled and arrested me.
They took me away.
They said they had a warrant.
I'd never seen anything.
But when I was up in Des Moines there on Tuesday, I finally got a copy of it, and it was signed by a Judge Jacobs, who was basically working with a Commander Berry up there in Des Moines, who was Stephen Formello, the arresting agent.
It's his commander, his supervisor.
Interestingly enough, I'm looking at the warrant and it clearly states on here to any peace officer of the state that you are commanded forthwith to arrest said defendant and take him before the nearest, most accessible magistrate without unnecessary delay.
They took me clear across the state.
And then Stephen Fumillo actually signed a return of service where he's certifying that he did bring me before the nearest, most accessible magistrate.
Nearest to who?
Nearest to their office or nearest to where you live?
See, that's the difference.
Yeah, well, it's not clearly defined, but you would... Common sense would tell you that it says here...
Well, again, that's just the corrupt court systems.
That's just how they operate.
The bigger issue here, Dr. Tennant, is that you're being attacked and focused on for complaining too much, and they admit that.
And I would advise you that when you get into this trial that you demand a jury, and that you bring up as a big piece of evidence, you put on the stand...
The Homeland Security officer that arrested you and you say, did you tell him I didn't harass anyone?
I mean, did you tell him that I didn't threaten anyone?
You know, you've got this guy with the newspaper and then you also subpoena and bring in as a witness the reporter Tori Burchett of the Quad City Times and say, did this Homeland Security officer tell you that I did not threaten anyone?
Well, the way he's got it written up here, I'm looking at the preliminary complaint, and it says that repeatedly communicated with employees of the Veterans Affairs Department without legitimate purpose in a manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm.
I've got a letter right here in front of me.
Let me stop you.
You annoyed them.
Understand this, folks.
You annoyed them.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I was just going to say, this is...
It's crazy because I got a letter right here in front of me dated June 18, 2004 and it's signed by the first victim listed here, Donald Eddings.
He happens to be the current director of the VA Regional Office.
If I don't have a legitimate complaint, I mean, why is he sending me mail saying that my case is before their office?
Did you talk to Donald Ittings?
Donald Ittings.
I never actually talked to him on the phone.
Let me stop you right there.
That's another reason to throw this out of court.
You have to have the personnel member so you can face your accuser.
Specifically put their name on there and have a sworn affidavit for what specific threat you made.
Instead, you've got as a witness and as the complainant, somebody who you never even talked to.
Folks, are you getting how openly criminal all this is?
Now that is very substantive.
You put him on the stand.
You put him on the stand and when he refuses to show up, they've got to throw it out and you say, did I ever talk to you?
Yeah, this is totally incredible.
I mean, here on one hand they're saying I don't have legitimate purpose.
On the other hand, he's writing me a letter telling me that my claim is in his office before a decision review officer where it had been for years.
I want you to go back and read that where they talked about you don't have a legitimate reason to be calling them, that you're annoying.
So, folks, Homeland Security doesn't have any terrorists to catch.
They've got to go after Dr. Tenet.
Go ahead.
Well, this is what it says, and this is in the handwriting of Stephen Fumillo, the arresting agent.
It says, Repeatedly communicated with employees of the U.S.
Veterans Affairs Department without legitimate purpose.
And in a manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm.
And it's got listed as witnesses or victims is Donald Aidings, who's the director, Mitchie Marsh, who is the service center manager, and then there's Thomas Lynch and Alan Detmeyer, who are both coaches who have been full-time employees for the longest time
Donald Eddings and Missy Marsh, they're the people who have just taken these offices recently.
They've had numerous directors and numerous... Well, let me ask you a question.
How many of those four people did you talk to?
I've talked to two of them.
So you've never talked to two of them, but they're signing false affidavits then?
They're complaining that you have threatened them when you've never even talked to them.
They're not even saying you threatened them.
You called them too much, and so...
The way it's written up, it says repeatedly communicated, and that would include sending an email.
Any emails that I got from the National Vaccine Information Center where they're publishing, they're pointing to credible...
Well, sir, sir, sir, the Lansing Journal, the Associated Press, major medical journals have all reported that anthrax shot was deadly.
Right, right, but... They shut the plant, hold on, hold on, they shut the plant down!
Bioport, Lansing, Michigan.
Now, look, doctor, I keep jumping in here because I want to keep it focused right on what's important here.
Now, you're with this prosecutor, and what is he telling you?
And then he does take you before a judge, just magically.
Tell us about that.
Well, basically, he's wanting me to plea bargain so that they don't have to proceed to court with this here.
They don't have anything to proceed, but anyway, because I'm not
I'm not going for that because I know that I haven't done anything wrong.
So I'm standing my ground.
So he wants to take me before a judge.
He finds a judge to take me before.
And then he just tells the judge that I am not cooperating.
Let me stop you.
Not cooperating is not giving up your right to say you're innocent.
What did the prosecutor offer you?
Well, I didn't even allow him to go that far.
I just objected to everything he had to basically say in this case because of the fact that they are in default.
They haven't shown me any evidence.
They haven't shown me that they have jurisdiction in this matter.
They got false affidavits.
They got everything you need.
And they've got the head Homeland Security officer that arrested you saying you threatened no one.
Pure gold.
Pure gold, pure gold, pure gold in the newspaper.
Then he took you before the judge.
Tell us about that.
Well, I haven't entered a plea yet.
I've told the judge and I've told them before.
I don't understand the charges.
It's not clear at all what the charge is.
They haven't shown me anything.
And so the judge is trying to trip me up and get me under her jurisdiction, you know, the jurisdiction of the court, asking me if I'm the defendant.
So you didn't even enter in as the defendant to move with a motion to dismiss.
You still just held it up, but you're telling me the judge went ahead and set a court date despite the fact that there's no plea entered.
You need to put in a judicial complaint on that judge.
Forget not proper procedure.
That's ridiculous.
I know.
I know.
This is ludicrous.
This is just unbelievable.
Can you say judicial complaint?
Can you say judicial complaint?
Did I say?
No, no.
Because you can put a judicial complaint on that judge.
Oh, yes.
That should all... Yeah, I agree.
Okay, tell me about this kangaroo court.
Tell us the name of the sniveling prosecutor.
You know, interestingly enough, the prosecutor at first refused to give his name.
When we asked what his name was while we were recording it, and we have it on record, where he says, well, I won't give you my name at this time.
It's not appropriate, and I want you to turn that recorder off.
Okay, so after you did, what did he say?
He asked us to leave the room so that he could open the file and read it.
He hadn't had time to even look at the file.
Okay, and then you came back in.
Did he tell you his name?
No, not at that time.
Did he ever tell you his name?
What's his name?
Eventually he told us his name was Mr. Olu.
So his name is Mr. Olu?
Did he ever tell you his first name?
I don't believe I got his first name.
Oh, sounds like a free country.
Secret officers.
Okay, then you argue with him.
He then says, okay, I'm taking you before the judge.
What happened?
Well, basically, the judge just pretty much rode roughshod over us.
Didn't want to hear any of our objections.
Didn't want to listen to the fact that I've said in the past, I don't understand the charge.
I don't wish to contract with anyone in the court.
I don't agree with any of the actions.
And then she said she thought you might be incompetent.
Yeah, at one point in time, she asked the... I think this was just a ploy to trip me up to act...
To get me to say I understand something when, you know, their meaning of understanding is probably more in line with do I agree with what they're saying, and I don't.
So I didn't want to say that I understood what they were talking about because I didn't want them to misconstrue.
Okay, and then the judge, what's the judge's name?
The judge was Carol Coppola.
Carol Coppola, and then she set a date.
She set a date, February 7th, 10 a.m., room 104.
And then there's not even a plea entered here.
Not even a plea, but I'm all set for trial.
All right, doctors, stay there.
We'll come back and go over this.
You're starting to figure out the new America, folks, and it's happening everywhere.
We'll be right back.
Hi, I'd like to welcome Alan Glass, who is a pharmacist from Mark's Plaza Pharmacy in Vancouver, Canada.
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If I sound irritated, it's not with Dr. Tennant.
I'm just so angry, and we only have 30 minutes to cover this, just a few minutes left of that 30 minutes, to chronicle how corrupt these courts are.
And this is all admitted.
He didn't threaten anybody.
He sued them over benefits.
And he called too much.
And he emailed them too much.
And it says it.
And then people who he didn't even talk to, who he didn't even correspond with, the director of the big facility, is signing on to the complaint.
And they want to put this guy in jail, this veteran, with no criminal record, for no reason.
They have no conscience.
And then you get before the judge, look, when you go to this trial, you can keep trying to not enter a plea or whatever, and she's just going to do it for you, and then she's going to judge you right there.
You might have a strategy of demanding a jury trial.
And then putting on a case before the jury going, okay, here's the newspaper where they say I didn't threaten anybody.
Here's a correspondence from the people to me saying that I am in a case with them.
And do you want me to go to jail for being given a poisonous vaccine?
Here's a mainstream news article saying the vaccine.
Basically, I don't think there's any jury out there that'll convict you, Dr. Deagle.
But who knows what's going to happen with this judge.
But I hope you put in a judicial complaint on this judge.
Anything else, doctor?
Well, I just want to comment on the degree of dishonesty within these federal agencies is just insane.
I hear you, Dr. Tennant.
So when you're up before this judge, how is she behaving?
Well, she seemed to be, as far as judges go, she seemed to be, she had a good demeanor about herself, but I mean, she was very cautious and kind of, you know, in retrospect, it seemed like she was trying to trip me up and just, you know, but I mean, she maintained, you know, she didn't display any ill temperament.
Just coldly executing the downfall of America.
I mean, think about this.
We just had a veteran who works for the network walk in and go, Man, Alex, during the break, this is scary.
I mean, if I call and complain to the VA, will I get arrested by Homeland Security?
Well, that's what they're doing now.
The Department of Veterans Affairs is using Homeland Security as a tool to intimidate veterans into silence.
Well, it hasn't worked.
You've been all over talk radio.
You've been in the newspaper.
I don't think they're getting what they wanted out of this, are they?
That goes along the lines of military intelligence.
It's an oxymoron.
Well, so, coming up in February...
I hope people will be there for the trial.
And are you just going to go in and keep denying that she has jurisdiction over you?
Because she clearly doesn't.
They are trying to trick you into going along with it.
They do do this.
Well, I guess they're going to proceed with their rough shot and they're going to go ahead and try to put this on trial.
And because...
You know, I don't think that I could ask the courts to do anything as far as demanding a trial by jury or anything like that, because if I do, then I'm stepping off and giving them jurisdiction over me.
Yeah, but I know people are giving you advice, but that's one avenue of advice.
The problem is these people don't even follow their own rules.
That's it.
I mean, here's a... Kelly Rushie, one of our listeners, gave a Ron Paul speech, 45-minute neocon speech, and one of my videos...
To a state trooper in Kentucky.
And he came and arrested him and bragged and said, I'm arresting you for giving me both those videos.
And the judge said, you're not allowed to give videos of congressmen or anybody else to police.
These are anti-government.
And they charged him.
They wanted to put him in jail for three years.
And he got a jury trial.
The jury found him not guilty.
And the judge and others actually threw fits.
But, I mean, they would love to put a good man like Kelly Rushing, no criminal record, well-known in the community, they'd love to ruin his life for giving somebody a video of a congressman.
This is the mindset of these people.
They could care less.
They're put there to put people in prison to make widgets for the drug dealers that own the prisons.
The drug-dealing cartels own the prisons, the drug dealers own the courts, the New World Order, and then they want slaves for their slave camps.
So, I don't know what strategy you should pick up, but if she just goes ahead and starts entering a plea for you, you can wait and watch it and then resist it and say, no, I do not accept that plea.
Because, I mean, she'll just sit there and go, okay, I give you the plea of guilty, and okay, you're guilty.
They haven't even explained the charge.
They haven't offered me the assistance of counsel.
They haven't done anything in accordance with rules, regulations, laws.
You don't want their assistance of counsel.
You don't want their assistance of counsel.
No, I don't want their assistance of counsel, but they haven't even offered me anything along those lines.
Yeah, because they're used to just totally ignorant people who just walk in and go, yes, my lord.
Hey, doctor, I want to thank you for coming on.
We'll have you back on as this develops.
God bless.
Thank you for having me.
You bet.
You're a great American.
Did absolutely nothing.
They admit it in the newspaper.
Want to put him in prison.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, we're going to be going to a good friend of mine, Vicki Karp, here in just a few minutes.
And I know that John and Pam and David and William and Don, I know you're all holding.
I'll get to your calls.
There is so much news here that we need to cover.
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And instead of fighting the crowds for your Christmas shopping, why not just give them the gift of unlocking their minds?
Or I guess give them a $20 fruitcake.
That'll be better.
Let's go to Vicki Karp.
Who a few years ago got involved exposing the electronic voting machine systems and is going to be leading a big demonstration at the Texas Capitol in downtown Austin, right in front of it on the south side of the Capitol, coming up this Sunday at high noon.
I'm going to be one of the speakers.
Vicki, it's good to have you up with us.
Well, thank you so much, Alex, for having me.
You bet.
Just kind of a thumbnail.
Tell us about yourself, how you got involved, a testament to individuals having a great effect.
In the few years you've been involved, all the media coverage, all the exposés.
And then tell us about this demonstration that's coming up.
Well, I have you to thank because I was listening to your show when I heard you interviewing Bev Harris.
It was last July, 2003.
About, you know, she had just discovered the D-Bolt software and that you could hack these electronic voting machines in a matter of, I think she had it 10 minutes.
Now it's down to 30 seconds.
You can hack in and change the vote tally.
And I was so amazed and shocked.
I started researching myself and found out that, you know, everything she was saying was true.
I met her.
I called her.
I met her on the phone.
We've got to be friends.
Now I'm on her board of directors of her non-profit and I just support her work in any way I can and I've become a local spokesperson against electronic voting here in Austin as well.
I just felt that all other issues really tied back into the voting issue, Alex, and
It doesn't seem to matter what side of an issue anybody stands on.
If you think you can vote an official out who doesn't agree with you and the machines are hacked, well, you can't do anything.
So I just decided to devote my time as an activist to this particular issue.
You're powerless.
Well, also, Vicki, we've caught big companies engaging in fraud from California to Tennessee.
We've caught them with convicted felons as vice presidents, convicted felons for computer crimes.
Running elections in California.
We've had engineers quit and say, this thing is totally easy to manipulate.
We have the company saying, you can't look at our software or what we're doing or have a record of how you voted because we're a private proprietary company.
Yeah, but you're in the public trust.
So where there's smoke, there's fire.
We've caught them.
We know fraud's going on.
We know where people are going to lose in the polls, but they're the establishment candidate.
They win with the machines, in some cases like Senator Hagel, who owns his own machines in Nebraska.
But now we see a new type of politician where, oh, 90 plus percent of you are against toll roads?
Vote us out!
Ha ha ha!
You know, oh, you're against the National ID card.
Vote us out!
Ha ha ha!
You're against forced psychological testing.
Vote us out!
How do we get these machines removed?
Well, you know, I wish I had one answer for that, Alex, but I think that in the end it's going to come down to individual citizens who get so pissed off that they try to do something, you know, the sort of actions that Bev Harris has been doing, going into county election officials' offices with public information requests,
We're good.
I wasn't able to turn up anything obvious with our heart machines here in Texas or in Travis County.
Because there's no way to look at them.
Well, yeah, I mean, you know, in our case, I think, well, I don't know.
I mean, I don't know.
Without the paper ballot, which is, of course, the biggest problem, you really can't tell unless there's something blindingly obvious going on.
You can't tell if fraud has taken place.
But we have a massive conflict of interest in Austin.
Yeah, absolutely.
Tell the listeners, Vicki, about Michael McCall.
Well, Michael McCall, I think, is a son-in-law.
Maybe you can help me with this relationship.
Son-in-law, Lowry Mays, the owner of Clear Channel, yeah.
Right, right.
So, yeah, the ownership ties go back to Clear Channel with Hart InterCivic.
And Hart InterCivic, even though they don't have modems on their voting machines, which makes them a slight bit better than the Diebold, Sequoia, and ES&S machines, they can still be hacked from inside.
There's no way to tell if that's happening or not.
Yeah, you just simply pre-program it.
That's right.
And one thing I wanted to mention, because I only found out about this about two or three months ago after working on it for a year and a half,
The optical scan counting machines that count paper ballots, a large number of those are manufactured by the Diebold company.
And it still gets fed through a computer.
Exactly, exactly.
So the same software program, the same what they call the central tabulator software that counts the votes on the Diebold touchscreen machines, which have made the news,
You know, they're more famous in the news for their touch screens, but it's actually the same exact hack can occur with optical scan counters that they make.
And so even when you have a recount, they just feed them back to the same machines again.
That's why the only type of recount that does any good is a hand recount, but that's only if there hasn't been time to manipulate the ballots in between the time the recount was requested and the time the recount takes place.
I'm afraid in Ohio...
Although I'm really applauding the efforts of the Green Party and Libertarian Michael Bernard to get that recount going, I'm afraid that their Secretary of State up there, Kenneth Blackwell, has so successfully dragged out this process before that he would allow it to begin that by now, no telling which ballots will really be hand-counted.
The original ones, I really doubt it.
Well, let me go back to Michael McCaul.
Michael McCaul, Janet Reno's personal lawyer...
Anti-gun, anti-freedom, neocon.
I'm sure you love him, so-called conservatives.
This guy, the cover-up artist for Waco, for communist Chinese agents, the guy's way down in the polls, but Lowry May is the owner of Clear Channel that controls and predominantly owns Hardener Civics that makes the machines we have in the three counties that his district is in.
That's right.
So, you know, the kind of monitoring that can make a difference, I mean, I was giving an example of what I did, which I really couldn't, I didn't turn up anything in my case.
However, what an individual citizen can do through a public records request is to request from an election official the individual precinct totals for a county.
And then they can get basically the central tabulator results, which shows the grand total, and add up the individual precinct totals and see if they actually match.
And a lot of times they're sloppy.
I mean, there were scores of counties this year where you'd have 50,000 vote and only 15,000 registered voters, or 30,000 vote and 18,000 registered voters.
There's just masses of that.
One of their favorite tricks is flipping.
They know who's really going to win from polls, and so they just flip and give your victory to the establishment candidate.
There are so many.
I have files that are inches thick.
I've started a new file just since the election, Alex.
It's about two inches thick now of examples of problems that have turned up all around the country.
Bev was telling me, I know she's going to be on at one, and she'll have some exciting information for you, but she was telling me last night in a conversation that there were 90,000 ballots in Ohio that didn't even show a vote for president at all.
Now, why did that happen?
Let alone 100,000 voters who were purged out of the voting database in Ohio.
And then on top of it, it wasn't 178,000 challenged provisional ballots.
It was hundreds of thousands more, and almost all of those were Democrats.
But Kerry, he didn't want those counted because he took a dive.
I'll tell you, I was never... Well, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised.
I know he's still in bones.
I was just hoping he might fight a bigger fight than he did and at least do a better job of pretending he was being the opposition.
But I was really disappointed in how he handled that with his concession the next day.
Where were his teams of tens of thousands of attorneys who were supposed to be
I mean, I never heard another thing about them.
I understand that some of his contributors are kind of upset because they donated money to make sure that every vote would be counted and that he would fight the good fight, but he certainly hasn't done that.
Yeah, $300 million from $100-sized donations, never before been done.
The poor grassroots thought he was... But people ask me, well, if they've got election fraud with the machines, why do they need to have Kerry staging?
Because you have to have the fall guy not challenge the fraudulent results, because he's a fall guy, he's a ringer, he's going to lay down, but still the people are going to go vote.
You understand?
So they have to have it set as a fraud at every level.
And clearly he won Ohio.
Clearly he won New Mexico.
And I'm not a Democrat, folks.
I'm reporting the facts here.
I believe that's probably right, yeah.
It's amazing, Vicki.
You're probably aware, you'll probably hear the details, but Bev turned up some interesting evidence in a Democratic county in Florida.
In Volusia County, and some people who have been tracking this story already know about it, but having done a Freedom of Information Act request and not having received all the precinct totals, she and Kathleen Wynne and Andy Stevenson went to that county election office to ask for the missing precinct totals, and they were told to wait while they generated some fake copies, apparently, because while they were standing there, somebody took a trash bag out the back door
And one of her helpers, Andy or Kathleen, went back and retrieved that trash bag, found real precinct totals there that had been signed by the election officials that were working at those polling places.
Each precinct take that they had received had five or six signatures of election officials on it.
There are hundreds of such cases in the last few elections that are in major papers, but never on the big nightly news, so it's always regional news.
And again...
They're so sloppy, they don't even shred it.
They just go throw it in trash cans.
Well, you know what?
It's because no one's ever been checking on them before, and that's why we need... Bev Harris can't do this by herself.
But the mainstream media... We need everybody out there who gives a damn about the vote to find out the process and get out there and start doing this themselves.
I really think that's the only thing that's going to make a difference.
Well, Vicki Karp, you're absolutely right.
I mean, this is a central issue.
People need to start getting involved.
But it's also the mainstream media.
By the time it gets in the news, or say the statesmen here in Austin, it's, oh, there's some problems.
People are upset about problems.
No, we're upset about admitted fraud, folks, all over the country.
And a good place to network and get involved is this Sunday, high noon, south side of the Capitol, where we're going to be having a rally, and you should have these rallies all over the country, and if somebody isn't putting it on, you give your own group a name, you and ten of your friends call the media, send out press releases, get on talk radio locally, call up the station, get on, say, meet us this Sunday, you know, in a few weeks from now, and go down and have your own rally at your courthouse or your Capitol.
I mean, stop playing games, folks.
If you want freedom, you've got to raise the consciousness level about this, Vicki.
I mean, with people like Vicki, who took action.
You've got to be a trailblazer like she is.
Vicki, tell us about this rally that's coming up Sunday.
Well, it's actually called the 51 Capital March, a nationwide protest against the stolen election is what the theme of it is.
And it was an individual named Kip Marshall
Thank you.
He started it and then created a website for it and my friend Karen Renick and Abby Delosier, both of them who have been real active here locally.
Abby's been putting on press conferences on this issue for a while.
I've been helping her.
We just got on the website and found this guy's name and a couple other people from Houston.
Well, let me just say this.
So we just teamed up with them.
Again, they may steal these elections, but we have to stand up and say, we know what you did.
Whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, fraud is fraud.
And we've got to expose this, or it's over, America.
And I want to see you out there this Sunday at the Texas State Capitol, high noon.
I'll be giving a speech.
Many others will be giving speeches.
And, Vicki, that it sounds to me like what you're saying is there's other rallies going on simultaneously around the country.
Are there websites to find that?
It's www.51CapitalMarch, all one word.
And you can plug into that and see what's going on in your state.
We're trying to get 51 of them going.
So type that in Google and you'll find it?
We're really honored that you're going to be one of our speakers, Alex.
Really appreciate it.
Vicki, do you have a website yet?
Um, no.
Hey, how about, how about... Well, actually I do.
I mean, I'm the national chairperson for the Coalition for Visible Ballots.
No, I understand that, but we need to get you a local news site.
We'll probably get you somebody to do that.
Thanks for joining us, Vicki.
Thank you, Alex.
See you this Sunday.
See you Sunday.
We'll be right back.
Your call's coming up.
We're good to go.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You wonder why government's getting so arrogant.
Because they're taking your right to vote away, people.
And the establishment will hand power back and forth between the Republicans and Democrats.
It's amazing.
I just hope the Democrats, when, you know, they're stealing elections, I hope they'll stand up, you know, when Republicans really win.
But, I mean, this is what's happening.
Let's go to your calls.
I want to thank you for holding.
John in Texas, then Pam in others.
John, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I've seen 700 Cubs today, and they had a pretty good news segment on microchipping.
Basically, they were saying that's a thing of the future.
It's coming.
Did they say it was good or bad?
They were sort of lukewarm.
I thought at the end of the program that Gordon Robinson,
Robertson was condemning, but he said, well, they're probably just going to bring it on us like the driver's license and everything else.
You don't have to have it, but life would be a lot easier if you do have it.
They didn't call it Mark of the Beast?
No, I thought he was going to say, this is evil, don't take it, but he didn't say anything.
Hey, I got a tape somewhere around here.
I put it on TV once.
I got thousands of tapes, folks.
Pat Robertson is saying it's not the Mark of the Beast.
I mean, folks, he wrote books saying it was the mark of the beast 10, 12 years ago.
See, they're all shifting because they came after his TV network to take his tax exemption.
And boy, when Clinton did that in the mid-90s, that whole operation changed.
Yeah, he wrote a book called The New World Order, and he pretty much laid out everything that we talk about, but then all of a sudden they must have threatened him or bought him off because he jumped right into bed with them.
Well, it isn't must have, they did.
They came after, the guy owns like 20-something TV channels on cable, and they went after his holdings, and boy, he turned around.
I mean, I saw the 180.
It was instant.
So, and Jay Sekulow and all of them, man, it's disgusting.
Well, I think they're going to rerun that program tonight on a family channel at 10 o'clock if anybody wanted to tape record it.
I'm going to record it because that's more ammunition in my video library to say that, hey, it exists.
Here it is, Ray.
This is a fan.
This is some art club thing.
It exists.
I've had the CEOs on.
Good points.
Hope somebody tapes it and sends it to me.
This is at 10 o'clock.
I'll be doing another radio interview.
They're doing video editing from 11 to 2 in the morning on a new film.
And I'm going to get up bright and early and do another interview.
Never stop in the fight.
Pam in Indiana.
Pam, thanks for holding.
Hello, Pam.
You're doing a great job.
Thank you.
I just have a question.
I know it's probably going to sound stupid and everything, but I don't get your radio show here, and I really can't get on the computer and everything because it keeps kicking me off, and I really don't know a lot about what's going on.
Where are you going online to get on the stream?
You know, the problem is I found out one of our links is bad there.
It goes to the same stream, and the stream fills up.
In fact, I'm glad you mentioned that.
Go to GCNlive.com and find the second stream for me, and you can find other streams there.
And maybe I can listen to you there?
Because I'm in Indiana, and I don't get your radio.
Yeah, I need the network to call my webmaster and tell her which stream I'm on day and night.
There's another stream, and tell us which one to link to.
So there I am talking to the network through the airwaves.
Go ahead.
I'm just kind of curious and everything.
I mean, I'm kind of new to, I mean, like, listening to you and hearing about all this stuff because I'm one of the ones, I suppose, that are just like, oh my gosh, I can't believe this is happening.
But, like, we have your videos and we make copies and we give them to people and everything.
But I'm just kind of curious on how many people there are, like, patriotic people and everything.
I mean, you're obviously very busy and, I mean, if things are...
If we're actually going to be able to beat this.
I know this.
If we weren't doing this, it'd be a lot worse.
And yes, evil always falls.
Will it crush us in the process?
Well, that's going to happen either way.
So our best chance is fighting it.
But look, duty is mine and consequences are God's, as George Washington said.
And so I've got a duty to fight evil, even if I'm going to lose.
Oh, I'm not saying that we shouldn't be doing this.
No, I know.
I know what you're saying.
Stay there.
We'll talk more about it.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, already back into the third hour.
Beth Harris coming on to talk about all the election fraud.
Chronicle that with some new big bombshell developments.
Trying to get through more of your patient callers that are holding.
David and Don, you're up next.
But Pam in Indiana was asking, what was your final question before we hit the last break?
Just pretty much like, I don't know, I was just kind of curious about how many people you have.
I know how many people you have following you and everything, and how many people are actually out there
Whenever I actually got turned on, I mean, you know, to what was going on and everything like that, it seems like there's really a lot of people that are opening up and opening their eyes.
And it's like everywhere you look, there's people seeing things.
So I'm just kind of wondering if, you know,
If it's going in a promising way.
No, it is.
Look, I say this at least three times a week now, and I'll say it again, because it's the best news I've got.
Five years ago, six years ago, half the callers disagreed.
Now one caller out of 100 on my own show disagrees.
One call out of 30 on other broadcasts where the host is attacking me.
A total shift.
And, again, basically the emperor's new clothes.
You ever heard that fable?
Okay, well, it's a children's fable, and then just type it in online, The Emperor's New Clothes, you know, try to find that fable.
But it's basically, it's a long fable, I don't have time to get into it, but the emperor was really naked.
But these con artists had sold him this beautiful coat and got all this money, but it was really, he was wearing nothing, but everybody would, he would say, oh, look how beautiful it is, so everybody would go along and say, yes, yes, it is.
Basically, we're all seeing that he's naked now.
But the media keeps saying, no, it's a beautiful coat.
It's a beautiful coat.
No, you're crazy.
It's beautiful.
Shut up!
And so it's just a process of us going, no.
The world is round.
It isn't flat like you say.
And you've been selling us a fraud.
Okay, so we're right at the tipping point.
That's why they're panicking trying to bring in all this tyranny.
And it's too little, too late, globalists.
You can nuke cities, whatever you want.
It isn't going to work.
We know who the terrorists are.
Thanks for the call.
And I appreciate you caring, and you're taking action.
You're making copies of videos.
You're doing what you need to, Pam.
David in Texas.
David, go ahead.
Hello, David.
How are you doing?
Yeah, I can't wait to show up Sunday, man.
Yeah, I was wondering if you've heard anything recently about the new Silverstein thing.
Well, yeah, he got what he wanted.
He put a $200 million investment in, put triple insurance on the towers a month before they got hit, and then he said it was two terror attacks, two events, so he got double the money.
Yeah, that's just amazing.
He wants $7 billion.
Right, exactly.
I was wondering, is it pertinent to videotape Sunday?
Yeah, again, we're going to be having a rally against the election fraud this Sunday, Texas Capitol, high noon.
Oh, right.
And is there, like the Libertarian Party and various other parties around, are they aware of such things, of the rally?
Yes, they are, but you ought to call them.
Okay, cool.
Sounds good.
Thank you, David.
I appreciate it.
Dan in Arizona, go ahead.
Go ahead, Don.
Or Don.
Yes, I was at the VA office Tuesday, and I saw a vet pulled out of the office.
I went to the pharmacy to refill my prescription.
You there?
And I sat down next to this fella.
He looked like he was a Korean War vet, judging by his age.
And he kind of mumbled to himself, you know, I say that...
You know, the Mexicans get better health care than I do, and they call me a racist.
You know, so I started talking to him, you know, talking about how it's all by design and such, right?
And all of a sudden, these four husky cops come walking in the door, and I thought they were coming for me or something, but they come and they tell this guy to come with them, you know, and they just took him away.
That's the freedom, Noah.
This doctor complained about not getting health care, and they said he didn't threaten us, but we're arresting him.
And the Homeland Security came.
Oh, they beat the vets up.
Stay there.
We'll talk about it.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
The DVD version is 170 minutes.
If you want to wake up your friends and family to the truth of what happened on September 11th, this is the film for you.
The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
We're good.
That's 888-253-3139.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, continuing with your phone calls, I just want to point out that it's true.
When my finger was almost cut off and I went to the emergency room, I watched all the illegal aliens go past Hispanics, black people, white people, citizens.
They make sure you've got insurance.
They call and check it.
They make you sit there.
And the illegal aliens just go right in front of you.
This is admitted policy.
And at the VA, they've now stopped giving a lot of health care to World War II, Korean War, Vietnam vets.
It's been in the news.
They promised them health care for their families, but they've just totally said, you're not getting that.
We lied to you.
But I've gotten hundreds of reports.
It's been in the newspapers.
We just interviewed a vet last hour.
Where if you even complain, I mean mildly, quietly, they have just these brutes come throw you out, arrest you.
And with Dr. Tennessee Tennant in the Quad City Times, they admitted in Iowa, he didn't even threaten them.
They said that he complained too much.
And last hour we were reading the arrest warrant.
It said that he didn't have any reason to be calling them.
He called too much.
All right, well...
Actually, my father had an appointment down there.
Okay, so you're not a vet.
You were there with your father.
Well, no, I am a vet.
But my father had an appointment, so I figured I'd go to the pharmacy and refill my prescription while I was there.
As I said, I went and sat down next to this guy, and he had told me what he said about illegal aliens getting better health care, and they called him a racist.
And I started talking to him about how it's by design.
And I never really mentioned the New World Order right out, but I was talking about some of the stuff they did.
And it wasn't like maybe two minutes later, these four Husky cops come in, and they're like, sir, can you come with us?
And he's like, well, can I leave my bag here?
I'm waiting to refill my prescription.
And they're like, no, sir, get your bag up.
It looked like the guy may have been homeless.
I mean, he was
Oh yeah, I bet money he didn't get his prescription.
And if you've done anything, they'll ban you from the buildings.
If he needs heart medication or whatever, he'll just go curl up in a cold area and just die.
And they'll go scoop his dead body up and take it to a medical institution.
And the medical students can stand around and laugh at his little body.
And this is just all part of the new freedom.
I've coined the term maggoting, and I've coined the term maggoting because from Vermont to Missouri to Texas, they die of maggots.
And they take the old vets, and they're sick, and they don't give them any aid, and rats infest, and they literally just stay for days on end in their own excrement.
And I'm sorry if you don't like to hear this, folks, what we're doing to the vets.
And then the maggots, the flies, crawl up their nose and lay the eggs in the nasal passages in the sinus.
And then the maggots have a meal of the veteran's brain, and then they just take the dead body out, and nobody gets... And I've seen at least now eight cases of what I've coined maggoting.
And this is reserved just for our vets.
It's a special, special friendliness.
And you're with Al-Qaeda if you're against it.
And also now there's masses of vets coming back so disillusioned they're now going homeless.
And most of the troops are on food stamps.
They're coming down with DU sickness.
And they're not being given treatment as they shrivel up, go into wheelchairs, and even in some cases die.
We've had the former top head for the Pentagon, Dr. Rocky, on about this.
And it's in local newspapers how they come back and get sick and have radiation poisoning.
And then they die and they get put in the ground.
And they don't get given treatment.
When you go and you're sick, you just don't get treatment.
And that's how you support the troops, not caring about them.
So I'm evil because I actually support them.
The kicker to my story is, though, after the cops pulled the guy out, there was a Hispanic vet sitting in a chair behind me, and he starts talking about how he's glad they took him away because he was talking bad about the United States.
And I turned around and I chewed the guy out for saying it and told him they'd be coming for him next.
And then I left before they did come for me.
And I'm pretty certain they were looking for me.
A cop driving by was just staring straight at me as I was leaving the parking lot.
Well, that's what they want.
They want us all against each other.
They want us fighting with each other.
But no, I've had a lot of Hispanic vets call into my TV show, especially here in Austin.
They go to get health care and can't get it, and then they talk about the illegal aliens.
I guess go arrest them.
Yes, you said something hateful.
It was like a TV station.
I mean, I'll just say it now.
The guy never retracted and never backed off of it.
In Knoxville, Tennessee, one of our listeners sent him our ArnoldExposed.com press release, and we spoke out against racism, spoke out against all this, and then the guy sent an email out going, I'm calling the FBI, criticizing Arnold.
This may be the root of a hate crime.
So now it's the root of a hate crime.
See, in England, they're about to pass laws.
This is BBC, where if you criticize a group, you can be arrested.
Now even a religion you could be arrested because it's the root of a hate crime.
And what, three years ago I interviewed the top BBC presenter, the host of One Man and His Dog.
They walk around England visiting rural areas.
Guy's been on BBC like 20 years.
One of the most beloved people in the country, and I can't remember his name at the time.
In the audio section of the Old Prison Planet website, it's posted there.
We need to get all the best old interviews of the years on PrisonPlanet.tv.
I need to move those over.
But for free, they're all still there.
And he was at a rural affairs meeting.
And they were taking all their rights to fox hunting and taking their property rights.
And he got up and he said, we deserve the same rights as gays, and he said, as homosexuals and Muslims.
And they sent, quote, the Hate Crimes Division out to arrest him.
And the head of Scotland Yard's Hate Crimes Division, she was quoted in there as saying that he used the word homosexual, and that is a banned word because it has bad connotations.
It's like saying heterosexual.
It's a medical term.
And they came and arrested him, and he wasn't even criticizing them.
He just used the wrong word and said we deserve the same rights, like this old man was saying.
And so this is the new freedom.
Anything else, Thought Criminal?
All right, Thought Criminal, I appreciate your call.
He is a Thought Criminal, ladies and gentlemen.
Joining us is Bev Harris with Black Box Voting.
And there's been a lot of new big bombshell events, new things she's discovered since the election.
And Bev, good to have you on with us.
Well, it's good to be back, Alex.
You made some big discoveries in Florida, but kind of give us the play-by-play, you know, the top ten here.
Go down what you've learned since November.
Well, I'll tell you what.
There's problems.
Isn't it interesting that they say the election went off without a hitch, it was smooth, there was a little bit of vote suppression, but no problem with the machines.
First place we audited, the first place we audited, one-third of the records were missing.
Gone bye-bye.
And they said, well, you know, they didn't really have a reason, actually.
But we did find some of those records in the garbage destined for the shredder outside their facility.
Had to call in the lawyers, lock down the stuff.
There's now a lawsuit going on to set aside the whole election because they can't prove that it's true.
You know, whatever their results were.
We then went to Palm Beach County.
We're good to go.
Not only refused to give us the records, but lied about the records.
They said their county attorney told them to refuse, and so I called him up while I was in the place, and he said no.
He had gone there personally and told them to give them to us.
So they're ducking and weaving and running all over the place, trying not to give us the basic records, which what we asked for as far as records was simply the records that show that most likely the machines counted accurately.
They're simple spot check audit records.
And they couldn't even give us those.
In fact, in Brevard County, one of the things we asked for was just their own election results, just the results that they put on the Internet, and they couldn't even give us that.
So there were anomalies pretty much all over the place.
Ohio is a completely different story.
Now in Ohio, in Lucas County, which is where Toledo is,
The head of elections there is gone, has stepped down, had to resign.
Four people have been suspended.
They recertified the election because they had new numbers because of a so-called clerical error, which they've never explained.
And now they're saying that they're going to release the final results to the state sometime.
There were 90,000 votes in Ohio that didn't even have a vote for president.
Well, Bev, also, they claimed it was 178,000 provisional ballots or challenge ballots, but the numbers I've seen were upwards of 400,000, and then we have just Blackwell saying, well, we're not going to look at it, and then Kerry just took a dive.
I mean, if you're going to win an election, you've got to have the top guy take a dive, too.
Well, it's interesting.
I will say this.
You know, recently...
I was the target of this unbelievable smear campaign on a message board called Democratic Underground.
Well, I don't know if it has anything to do with it because five of the counties that we identified that have really huge problems are Democratic counties.
I mean, there's both sides involved that seem to be a problem here.
Yeah, that's it.
You've got stealing going on by both parties.
Yeah, no one really wants us to look at it too carefully, apparently.
Exactly, and it's about the integrity of the vote, folks.
It isn't about Republican or Democrat.
We'll be right back with Bev Harris.
Honored to have her for the balance of the hour.
And some of your calls coming up later.
We'll tell you about her website as well.
Ours is prisonplanet.tv.
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We're good to go.
SeenMineral.com From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to Bev Harris.
In the next segment, we'll open the phones up for her if you'd like to ask her a question or have a comment.
And we've got other callers that are patiently holding as well.
Bev, let me just bring up another issue before we get back into all the election fraud going on.
I want to talk about the Democrats engaging in it as well.
Bottom line, the people lose in all of this, folks.
The point is, we're supposed to vote, not government officials.
It's not like they're fighting for different little kingdoms or something.
This nice fella, Brad Friedman, and he brought out the case of this computer programmer down in Florida.
I interviewed him yesterday.
I knew that you had some comments about that.
And I wanted to get any of your concerns about the story that he first broke.
It's now been in some of the mainstream news.
But this programmer saying...
That he was told to create software that could engage in these frauds, and the same company separately has been in trouble for espionage.
Any comments?
It's an interesting story, and I don't dismiss it.
I did have some questions about it, and I am working on answering those questions about it.
The one thing about it is we didn't have all of the evidence that we need to know the credibility of this story, and part of the problem was that
It was actually broken in two places by two different journalists.
One seems to have written it up in a bit more conservative way than the other one.
That's Brad Friedman?
Yes, Brad Friedman.
I like his work.
I'm running down some of the things that didn't quite hang together for me.
I also know that I've been the subject of a lot of disinformation, too, so I know people can write all kinds of things about it, so some of the things I'll have to check and see.
Basically, let me boil this down.
Let me just throw this out.
It's kind of like we've caught the fake documents about Bush and the Air Guard probably coming from Republicans.
Yeah, we have to be careful, because...
This information, and I'm not saying this is disinformation, but as a rule, you have to be careful and look at all these major stories as if they could be that first.
And rule that out.
The reason being that if we have two or three stories that make their way into the mainstream media and turn out to be disinformation, when the real thing comes down the pike, it will not get covered.
Well, they're going to use that as spin to go case closed, it's not true, make a big scandal out of it.
Whenever you hear about this, it's that old story.
I've really been looking into the Clint Curtis thing.
There are a couple of things that still aren't hanging together, but some of the other stuff is starting to fall into place.
I guess what I'm saying is I published some questions on my website yesterday.
I got a very profane email that represented that it was from Wayne Madsen, who is one of the writers about it.
Brad wrote a very reasoned and very interesting response to each of the questions.
I'm running down the confirmations on his answer.
I really appreciate that.
I was hoping to have something up tonight.
It might be as late as tomorrow midday.
The point being that the bigger the story, the more bulletproof it's got to be.
And if we run off too quick, we're not going to get many chances at these big stories.
So we can't have a rush to judgment because the establishment media is looking for an excuse to discredit.
That's exactly right.
Some of the things, like I say, did check out.
Some of the things looked not very good as far as his credibility, but as I looked into those further, for example, some of the discrediting things
Don't hold water.
One of the things in one of the newspapers said he had a bunch of bad things about him.
Well, I looked at the source for it, and you really had to dig to get the source for all these bad things.
And it's the people he's exposing.
Yeah, it was Feeney, basically.
It's the congressman.
Yeah, and he said, according to court documents filed in this, which makes it sound very plausible,
But, of course, you know, they're probably the court documents filed by the opposition, which always is going to make painted in the worst light possible.
It didn't say court findings.
It said court documents filed.
So there's a lot of, you know, six of one, half a dozen of the other.
It is actually, as I've looked into it more and more, it's actually gaining a little bit of strength.
Yeah, I think Brad certainly sounds credible.
Yeah, he does.
Now, also...
At the same time, we've had other engineers go public before, and that doesn't get attention, showing you that's real.
Well, you know, it is interesting.
Sometimes there's a lot of attention put on all kinds of small things.
I'm talking mainstream media here, you know, where they'll rush out and make a really big deal of something that's not a big deal, and then some of the very big stories.
And frankly, you know, when we a year ago broke the fact that a convicted embezzler had been programming this stuff...
It took five months before that hit the mainstream media.
Well, that's a deliberate tactic.
Bev Harris, honored to have you.
Website, blackboxvoting.org.
We'll be right back with our guest.
And a lot more news.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
All right, folks, Alex Jones here back live.
We've got loaded phone lines.
I want to get to these calls.
And we also have Brad Friedman up.
Again, he originally broke the story of this computer programmer in Florida saying, hey, I'm not saying they use this for the election, but I was told to create a software that was undetectable, which we were unable to do, but we did produce a software that would engage in fraud in elections.
And the same company he's alleging this about has been under federal investigation for other matters concerning basically espionage of foreign countries.
We've got Bev Harris here, who just hasn't had a rush to judgment.
She's kind of the grand poobah of investigating election fraud, but it's such a big thing.
We all, as she says, should get involved in it.
And she says that she's looking at the story, and it's looking more credible by the day, but still we can't rush to judgment.
So I thought just for the next few minutes, I'd get both of you guys up here together.
Bev Harris, Brad Friedman.
Hi, Bev.
How are you doing?
Hey, Brad.
Hats off to you.
I know you are trying to do some very credible work.
We're both checking stuff out.
I really, really appreciate you providing some more answers for what my comments were.
Thank you.
No problem.
I'm glad you were able to read them.
Thank you as well for the work you're doing down in Florida and everywhere else on this thing for so long.
I appreciate it.
Bab, what are some of the questions that you have for Brad?
Well, a lot of them he has answered.
And some of them I think I'm going to have to get answered from Clint Curtis himself.
And they're not confrontational, just some specific details and dates and so forth.
And I think this is a healthy thing, by the way, because if we can all converge around the truth and it turns out to be, this is going to be a huge story that's very, very important.
I think it is a huge story and actually that's why if you read my response to your concerns as well as my original article, I actually released my original article a little sooner than I would have.
I saw that and I actually really, you know, I was on the road and this is an excuse.
Excuses are terrible.
I was on the road and I had very limited internet access and so somebody had told me you need to read the other article and I read theirs and I couldn't get, you know, your site was sort of overloaded so I figured, well, I've seen the affidavit, I've seen this other article.
Once I saw your write-up, it was much more well thought out and well reasoned and so I will definitely be updating my site, hopefully tonight, and take whatever egg is deserved of my face and
Just checking out a few things and hopefully we can really make sure we get to the bottom of this.
That's certainly appreciated.
And I guess that was also a concern that the producers of the show just called me so I only heard the last minute or two of you talking.
But, you know, as far as the importance of this story and making sure that we get it right, I think it's true for all of us, you know, to not go off, you know, without having all the details.
And let me just briefly, if I can, elaborate on this.
And I'm sure this computer programmer is a wonderful guy.
I tend to think the story's true because of the key people involved, the names, the power structure, what we know of in the past.
It checks out, but here's the problem.
Karl Rove planted a fake bug in his office.
To blame it on its political enemy.
Okay, in Texas.
They clearly released the fake National Guard documents, then discrediting all the real story about Bush being AWOL.
And we have these documents years ago directly from the depository up in Missouri with Bush's National Guard records.
They are very good.
These are intelligence operatives, folks.
That's what the Bushes are.
At having honeypots go out who are actually their agents and put out a whole fake story, and then we find out three years later the guy who gets discredited gets some big fat job with these people and no one pays attention.
I'm not saying that's happening.
But that's why even if it looks real and looks good, you still have to be careful because this is their favorite tactic to then go, look, it's all discredited in perpetuity.
This is the thing.
I will say something.
When I said it was looking better, shortly before this call, I came into an independent piece of evidence that's not anywhere on any of Brad's stuff.
People will hate me for this because I've been sworn I can't repeat it or whatever, but it was something that tended to corroborate that isn't anywhere on any Internet on anything.
Sometimes that's the kind of thing we need is to be able to bring other people in and have multiple voices saying, yes, I checked it out.
I guess I've gone on record that I was skeptical at first, but I'm telling you, if the specific things that made me skeptical are answered, then it's going to be a whole other ball of wax.
I know people will get very, very critical of it if I reverse it, but I will.
It is what it is, right?
Let me toss in something there, Bev, and hopefully the producers feel free, please, to give Bev my number because there is a lot of corroborating information that I have and that I have also passed on to the appropriate people and authorities and so forth that I have not posted because I don't want to jeopardize the investigation.
I don't want to hurt his personal security and so forth.
So there's a lot more to the story.
There's a lot more information, a lot more stuff moving.
But I did not just run with this story based on what one guy said.
A lot of this stuff I checked out with a number of sources, and there's a long paper trail on a lot of this stuff.
So to speak to that, the concern, I've heard it before about the Karl Rove, that it's all set up and everything.
Believe me, I've heard about that.
But we need to be very careful.
Yeah, and I would like to get, you know, to talk about something.
And believe me, I understand that there's a lot of times when if you go forward with exactly what it is, you just tell everybody what to go cover up immediately, and that's not what you want to do.
And you also, you know, we need to be careful about doing ourselves in, you know, Karl Rove at this point doesn't need to do too much, because anytime anybody comes out with anything...
You know, we're all over ourselves saying, oh, this must be a Karl Rove plant.
I'm sure it's a fraud.
And, you know, we're doing ourselves in.
And guys, you know, check the facts.
Check the paper trails.
Make sure it's real.
Be concerned about such things.
But, you know, don't do yourselves in that it's a fraud and a setup until you have any evidence.
Well, I understand.
I've never said that.
I'm trying to voice the concerns that people have out there.
But look, what we do know is Baptist went down to Florida and caught him hauling the real records out the back of the trash.
We've got convicted felons running Diebold systems over whole states.
We've got other engineers quitting and saying it's all a fraud with other companies.
We've got all these other sterling examples of it going on.
So bottom line, this election system is not trustworthy.
That may be.
Well, I can also break some news, some further news on your show.
It looks like, and I've just put this up on my...
Overflow Blog, since my bradblog.com is unusable for now, but bradblog2.blogspot.com is where I'm currently reporting on all of this stuff until I can get more bandwidth on the other server.
But it looks like Yang Enterprises has now issued a brief statement on their website claiming that Curtis's allegations are 100% false and God bless America.
And that's actually what they said, and that there'll be more of a statement coming soon.
So I would urge people to check out the bradblog2.blogspot.com for a reply to that.
And some of the questions that Alex brings up about, you know, is it a Karl Rove setup and so forth, because I've done a pretty thorough sort of question and answer to some of the frequently heard questions I've gotten, and I've posted those on my site.
Much as I posted the response to Bev, because I think it's important to get the information out there before the misinformation gets out there.
Well, Brad, to be clear, I've never said that.
I mean, I've said I believe the story's credible just from key indicators.
Again, I don't know.
What I have said is...
The reason I think it's credible is he was going to the FBI, the CIA, the government for a long time over this before he tried to go public, and that's a major indicator that it's not.
He wasn't going to the CIA and the government, or I mean for the FBI, over this or over the overvilling.
It sounded like he was going to them over a different issue.
But it shows the point is he's already going to them.
He has spoken to quite a few people.
He's been trying to make as much noise as he could for years now about all of these matters, and some of them have had direct effect.
One of the fellows that he worked with at Yang, who he whistle-blew on, was arrested back in March of this year.
Yeah, that's very credible.
I mean, in a setup, you don't see stuff like that happening.
Also, you'd see this be the top nightly news story and then immediately discredited.
Right, and that, of course, may happen once it breaks into some of the mainstream media who have...
I can confirm I've been looking quite seriously at it.
And by the way, Alex, I wasn't suggesting you were making that charge.
I've just heard that out there a lot and from a lot of people who are interested in Clint's story and believe it's a good story, but then they sort of do themselves in by all of a sudden calling it the next Rathergate and everything.
If that's what it turns out to be...
We'll all cop to that.
No, you're right.
This is a chilling effect, and nobody ever said that media is supposed to be perfect.
You're right.
I mean, politicians, all they do is lie.
We're trying to get at the truth, and we shouldn't have this chilling effect where now, I mean, they've had reports where the news won't report on dead troops because that could be seen as negative.
So, you know, a lot of folks are doing their work for them at this point.
They don't even have to cut to it.
Oh, totally.
I mean, they haven't done their own investigative work very much for a long time.
We're good to go.
All I can tell you is after, where are we here?
I don't even know what today is.
It's Friday.
Thank you.
It's been quite a week here.
I think I released the story on Sunday night, Monday morning, and in five days of just about everybody in the world on the Internet and everywhere else going over this thing from top to bottom, so far...
Nobody has been able to find any holes in Mr. Curtis' case.
No, just mudslinging by those being accused.
So there may be holes, and like I say, who knows?
It could all be that setup you discussed.
If there is, however, I've seen no evidence of it, and all the people, and believe me, there are many now looking into this.
So far, none of them have come up with any reasons to doubt his...
Well, I think the biggest indicator is the mainstream media hasn't latched on to it yet.
And if it is a setup, they'll come out and say it's all true and then a day later say it's not.
Listen, I want to thank you for coming on, Brad.
And I'll have my producer give that number to Bev Harris.
And Bev, I guess you can call in after the show.
Oh, yeah.
And thank you very much, Brad.
And hey, you know, I actually only have about three more questions that I need to get answered, but I probably have to get them answered from Clint himself.
And then as soon as I can do that, I'm going to wrap it up and put a bow on it and redo it and then take whatever people throw at me.
Yeah, that's another thing, Brad.
I'd like to be able to get the whistleblower himself on Monday or so.
I know he's getting 100 calls an hour, but you might call him and tell him this is a good show to come on.
I will try to put in a good word for you.
All right.
And, Bev, feel free to give me a call.
I'm sure I can answer a few.
Yeah, that's true.
You may be able to answer some of those things.
I'll be able to point you in the right direction.
All right, Brad, take care.
Good luck, Bev.
Thanks, guys.
We're going to take a few calls here now, Bev, but I don't want to spend all day on that, but it is important.
You bet.
It is.
I mean, your point, though, with all these other cases that are totally ironclad, you know, let's focus on those two.
Well, you know, there's a lot.
There's so much happening now.
If we had, you know, a hundred of me and Brad and you out there, you know, all at once, I think it would already be completely...
Completely disassembled and taken apart.
Because pretty much everywhere you look you keep finding stuff.
How likely is it that the very first place you go you're going to find stuff?
People running out the back doors with bags full of shredders.
I mean, if you could picture this scene, they're going out the back door with the trash and we're bringing it back in the front door.
And it's the real records that don't match the falsified ones they gave you.
Yeah, and it's going to get better in a few days here, but I'm not at liberty to say.
But let me put it this way.
It turns out that was not an isolated incident.
And that's all at blackboxvoting.org?
Well, yeah, if you just scroll and scroll, we've got a website revamped that I'm really getting excited about.
Our site has been hacked so badly.
To give you an idea of how badly it was hacked on our forum, I still cannot moderate, change, move, edit a post.
And I actually had to sit there the other night not being able to get into my own site and watch someone else under the name of Bev Harris running all over my message board posting things.
And I couldn't get Adam to lock him out.
Bev, you've got to get a real IT person helping you.
I do.
Well, yes, that is the conclusion.
You've got to reload all of it.
Yeah, restart from the very get-go.
Put up a new firewall and put up...
Put up a whole new system.
The whole thing, because it is so compromised.
Matt, do you want me to have my IT guy fix your website?
No, I'm serious.
Do you have a forum running or not?
No, we found those to be agent provocateur havens.
Yeah, they're an attack point.
What they become is a distraction, and we're not going to give the enemy a camp in the middle of this.
Ah, I see what you're saying.
Yeah, because the mirrors are easy.
What I'm saying is if you want your site just cleaned up, stronger, better, I've got an IT guy that will fix it up for you.
We're sending my way.
We're ready.
Because we've had the Defense Department attacking our side for a long time.
Yeah, sounds good.
So that which does not kill you only makes you stronger, Bev.
Well, I guess so.
This last week has been a real doozy, but there you go.
Well, we can bring in the dry dock just for a few hours and give you some serious armor plighting.
All right.
I'm serious.
Okay, now we're discussing all this.
We should probably be off the air doing this, but it really is helpful and it is interesting, isn't it, to see when you're close to something or you're really finding the real stuff, how much effort goes into just slowing you down.
It's amazing.
One hour after we launched ArnoldExpose.com, actual hacks, not just denial of service.
It didn't work, though.
Let's talk to William in Canada, been holding for eons.
William, go ahead.
It's Dr. William Deagle.
Yeah, hi.
How you doing, buddy?
Oh, I didn't know that.
How you doing?
Yeah, great.
Listen, I want to be brief because I know we have a little time, but I have something important for Dr. Tennant.
I was one of the original docs that took care of the tank division back in Colorado Springs after they came back from the Gulf.
Yeah, so they put squalene in the vaccine.
And they relabeled it.
The vaccine was actually 19 to 20 years old.
Believe it or not.
No, I had seen that.
All right, interesting.
I wish I'd have got you on when he was on with us.
I just wanted to drop that little tidbit.
The first person was talking about the females in combat.
I know about classified internal documents that plan over the next 12 to 18 years.
Have to get you on sometime about that.
We'll come back, take more calls for Beth Harris.
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Ian in New York.
You're on the air with Ben Harris.
Hi, Alex.
Go ahead, Ian.
I am reading that Diebold and E.S.
Endes are the vice president and president are brothers, and then Diebold is also based in Ohio and a major Republican.
And he said, I will deliver the votes to George Bush.
Yeah, isn't that funky?
Yeah, I have my college radio station.
I have a talk show, and just Wednesday night we were going over all the voting frauds.
We got a caller about it, and people were listening, and I just find it amazing all this stuff is so connected.
Yeah, you start looking at it, and it just kind of goes deeper and deeper into the hole, doesn't it?
Are they going to have a vote recount?
I heard talk to that, but the Green Party is kind of... That's a good question.
Let me get an answer from her.
Thanks for the call, my friend.
Good questions.
What's going to happen in Ohio?
Well, let me tell you, the wonderful importance of having these other parties has really come through this time, hasn't it?
Carrie didn't ask for a recount.
The Libertarian Party asked for a recount, and the Green Party.
How bizarre is that?
They joined together and say, well, he won't ask for it, so we're asking for it, so we can find out if the thing was honest.
Carrie finally did kind of raise an eyebrow and say, well, maybe I'll step in at the very end.
We don't know if there's going to be enough time to do it correctly.
They've got this Secretary of State that's a lot like Catherine Harris was, where he's given them like two days to count five million ballots by hand, and now in
Playing all kinds of games.
So it'll be interesting to see.
And there's also some court cases.
One of the more interesting court cases is from a bunch of citizens who are trying to have the election set aside.
About 25 citizens banded together.
Let's talk to Kevin in Boston.
Kevin, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
I have three quick points to make.
Today in the L.A.
Times, they ran an article about an FBI memo warning that terrorists may use lasers to blind pilots.
Which may be used to bring them down.
This I thought was interesting because my mom had called me the other day regarding conversations she had with a citizen from Australia that used to belong to this country and was trying to get a passport to come back to come home to visit for Christmas.
Hadn't been home in a couple of years.
And the people at the officials where she was going to get the passport were telling her, you're going to America now?
I don't think it's a good time.
Now again, granted this is just rumor, but
The other article brought to my attention, especially where she was flying into L.A.
Since you have Beth Harris on, I wanted to close by just mentioning that on November 30th, a National Public Radio show here and now had a category show called Election Myth.
This was in response, they said, to all the bombarded emails and calls they were getting about the voter fraud.
And they had on a woman, Karen Timothy, from Time Magazine, and Mark... Yeah, they call it a myth when it's all admitted all over the place.
It's like the USA Today said, Jones alleges Arnold's father was a Nazi.
It's admitted!
Harrison, you might want to stop all your work and give it all up, because they assured us all that they looked into it being experts, and that there's nothing to worry about.
Okay, Kevin.
Well, I'm so reassured.
Be reassured.
Be very reassured.
Kevin, I want to thank you.
I'm sorry to the other callers.
We're out of time.
Bev, thank you for coming on.
Have a good weekend.
Thank you.
All right, folks.
I'm out of time, and I wanted to plug Big Berkey Water Filters.
Got some specials that are just going through Christmas.
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Give Debbie Morrow a call.
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Give Debbie a call right now.
That's 1-888-803-4438.
Stop drinking the toxic water.
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It's just documented.
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