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Air Date: Dec. 9, 2004
2458 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, I said that December 7th would be a day that would live in infamy.
December 7th, 2004.
We've also got to say that it's the old one-two punch to the Constitution.
December 8th is a day that will live in infamy.
It, of course, is December 9th, 2004 today, as we accelerate towards the end of 2004 into 2005.
And before they passed it, they wouldn't admit that it was the Patriot Act II and the National ID Card.
But last night I turned on Fox Television, stuck a tape in.
I said, I've got to get this on tape.
They're not going to be able to help themselves.
They will celebrate another stabbing wound to the heart of America.
And sure enough, I turned it on.
There was a smiling neocon going, the Justice Department is beside itself getting Patriot Act 2 passed.
And he just stuck his lower lip out and smiled.
I mean, literally, I knew, too.
I said, as soon as they pass this, they're going to have a celebration dance.
And so I started flipping through the other channels, and there were celebrations going on everywhere.
You fools, we own and run you.
We're going to dominate you.
You're our slaves.
I mean, they didn't come right out and say that, but they, we got our Patriot Act, too.
There was a provision about ID cards.
And, of course, then they'd add a lie to it.
We've beefed up Border Patrol with this new bill.
That's not true.
There are thousands less Border Patrol.
Two thousand less in the Texas sector alone.
Now, that's in the major Texas papers.
It's never in the national papers.
I mean, yeah, thousands quit to go be air marshals, and then they hire a thousand more.
Well, you've lost a thousand in one sector alone.
But at first it was two thousand that quit.
So they just say, we've got Border Patrol.
People go, oh, mostly conservative.
And they mix that in with Patriot Act, too.
Well, a national ID card.
I'm getting calls and emails that now they're all over TV.
And if you've seen this, you're welcome to call in.
Crowing, just up there like a rooster.
Cock-a-doodle-doo, we're enslaving you.
They're just all over the place going, well, there was some provisions you might not have known about.
A few weeks ago when they passed forced psychological testing, they also tagged on to some of those bills.
Any group of senators being able to look at your income tax returns and have enemies list.
Stuff Nixon almost went to jail for.
But yeah, now it's just out in the open legalized.
And also to have the IRS come after you with repo men.
So you thought it was bad before with the IRS.
Now it's going to be repo men.
No judge, no jury, just repo men.
It's going to be funny when the cops and people start getting their stuff taken.
Because you know they love enforcing the system.
And they're going to have repo men dragging off their cars and stuff.
You get to have some of what you've helped set up.
I'm sorry, it's just the police will go with the IRS to take somebody's house and throw them out on the street without even a court order.
But they never do it to their fellow officers.
But it won't matter because they're going to turn the repo men loose on you.
Nothing against the repo men.
I have something against the IRS, though.
By the way, Congressman Ron Paul is coming up later and talk about our wondrous new freedoms and the wondrous new dollar value that we have and the wondrous national toll roads that now Time Magazine admits they're putting in.
Oh yeah, it's all just going public now.
Oh, it's an afterhighway, it's going to be a tax.
We knew that six, seven years ago.
You've heard us talk about it ad nauseum.
Now it's mainstream news.
It's all coming up.
The website is infowars.com.
That's infowars.com.
And of course, there is also infowars.net.
We're having those sites updated for you right now.
PrisonPlanet.com isn't updated today with all the big news because Paul went to a football game last night and I guess he's still sleeping.
We'll be right back.
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Again, all of my websites, Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, they're all being updated right now.
Paul Watson has now woken up over in England.
He's updating Prison Planet, and Infowars is being updated over here.
You know, I'm really upset, but at the same time, I know that we're going to be able to fight this at the local level.
We'll try to repeal this in the next session of Congress.
And they wouldn't talk about it in the mainstream media until after they'd passed it, and then they were all over TV crowing about it last night.
Oh, Patriot Act II, provisions the Justice Department wanted passed.
And they're celebrating, Fox News said, over at the Justice Department.
The National ID card provisions are the state level.
Here's CNN, Senate okays intelligence overhaul bill.
The Senate approved an intelligence reorganization bill Wednesday, ending months-long debate in Congress over how to enact changes proposed by the independent commission appointed by Bush that investigated the September 11, 2001 attacks.
And we're joined by Congressman Ron Paul who valiantly fought against this.
It was 300 to something to 75.
Most of the people who voted against it were Republicans.
These Democrats are emailing me going, look at the evil Republicans.
Well, look at your own Democrats.
This is the problem, is that you've got this elitist, tyrannical agenda in Washington that's bipartisan, and then it's true, what I'd call independents like Ron Paul, who happens to be a Republican, who are fighting this.
Congressman, thank you for joining us.
I know it's been a tough week for you.
Good to have you on.
Thank you.
Good to be with you.
We've had New Freedom Initiative pass a few weeks ago, now this.
No one had a chance to read it as usual.
Can you tell us about it?
Well, it actually didn't get discussed very much.
You know, they talked a little bit about the chain of command and who controlled some of the intelligence to the military, and that was a big issue.
And they did talk somewhat about the licenses going to illegal aliens, and that was not changed.
That's stuck in the bills, so they will give licenses to illegal aliens.
But they didn't talk a whole lot...
About the National ID Card, although it was moved along, it was further strengthened.
They've had some standardized requirements by the federal government now in all our driver's licenses.
But there's a reason for this, and that is that the conservative side is mixed on this because...
Some of the anti-immigrant conservatives would do anything, even accept a national ID card for all of us, therefore punish all of us in order to take care of illegal aliens.
They're not exactly as opposed to the national ID card.
I think we can still deal with illegal immigration without further undermining our personal liberties.
Well, in this subsection of the bill, $3,300...
Plus pages long.
You have the internal passport, the internal checkpoints, basically taking what the TSA does in the airports and I guess expanding that out.
And a lot of conservatives are going, well, wait a minute, but you're going to give IDs to the illegal aliens.
They can get a consular matricula.
Anybody can get one of these and then go get an ID and basically have fake identities.
So the border's more wide open than ever, and this makes it...
And more of an open door for, quote, terrorists to come across, but they're going to have a magnifying glass over our lives.
And we're making it easier for them to blend in.
You know, we're serving their purpose.
So I don't know how the people can accept this, you know, if they know what's really in here.
And yet the momentum decides what happens in Washington.
Once the momentum was changed, oh, it's going to pass.
Everybody gets scared.
Oh, if I vote against this, it sounds like I'm a weakling on intelligence and CIA and all this stuff.
So 75 is a terrible number to be in opposition to this.
We should have had a lot more.
But this was a major event and it will get worse as time goes on.
They don't do it all at one time.
In 1996, when they required that every state at least gather social security numbers, although they might not appear on our driver's licenses.
So it's been going on since 1996, and this is moving along much further.
They're going to tie in these requirements with birth certificates and social security numbers and biometrics, and another big thing on this bill is set up a national database.
It's moving along rather quickly, and it should frighten a lot of people.
Congressman, so we can try to navigate this bill, and I've gone to the Library of Congress website and found summaries of the 3,000 pages.
I've had trouble finding the whole thing, but you put out a legislative alert at 2.30 Eastern a couple days ago when the House passed it,
Well, that was back on Tuesday, and you said, as of 2.30, we still haven't gotten the full bill, and later you put out an alert saying it was over 3,000 pages, so obviously you don't even know at this time everything that was in it.
You did find some of the subsections that had been in there a few weeks ago for the National ID card and the Patriot Act.
This bill didn't have 3,000.
The one that had the 3,000 was the omnibus bill, which came up at the last minute.
This bill was smaller...
But still, very, very large, and we did not have it.
I mean, within hours, you know, you don't have it.
They never print out a copy, and so you never see the final version unless you get on the Internet at the very end and you do your very best to go through it.
Shouldn't that be illegal?
I mean, how about passing a law that they have to read the bills?
That would be something.
I introduced that bill along that line one time, but it didn't get very far.
It is a crime.
The process is a crime.
What they do is a crime, but I think the process occurs because they're doing something that's criminal and they don't want you to know about it.
They don't want you to have time to study this.
Why didn't we take another month or two?
It's so naive to say, if we had not passed that
You know, two days ago, that all of a sudden we would have been in greater danger.
Well, Congressman, let me understand this.
Our freedoms are in greater danger today.
They are.
I'm sorry for interrupting.
Just to be clear, Fox News said that Patriot Act II did pass last night.
Now, I'm trying to be clear on this.
Did it pass, or did subsections of it pass?
Now, the whole thing passed, and we voted on it the day before yesterday.
The Senate voted on it yesterday.
Yes, so Fox was accurate when they were very pleased about it.
They said that the Justice Department was, quote, celebrating and very exciting that the Patriot Act II had passed the Senate yesterday and was going to the President two days ago in the House.
So that did happen.
I'm talking about, are you referring to the Intelligence Bill, right?
Yes, but the Patriot Act II had been tagged onto it.
Oh yeah, a lot of those features are in there, right?
Oh boy.
So now are we going to try to repeal those sections in the next Congress?
I know you tried that earlier this year.
You can always make the effort and introduce it and let people have a little bit of hope, but when these things get passed, it's a monumental task to reverse it.
It's almost impossible.
That doesn't mean you shouldn't try, and on occasion you do have a victory, but the odds of us reversing this trend... I mean, we have so many things going against us, whether it was the original Patriot Act or whether it's this one or not.
And then the President got his mandate.
I couldn't believe what kind of rallies we've had against the Patriot Act, and yet...
I was dumbfounded when I saw the President campaigning on it and going after Kerry for being weak on the Patriot Act.
I thought the American people don't like the Patriot Act, but they were able to use it to their benefit.
He thinks he has a mandate for this type of activity.
I'm not quite sure that's the case.
At least he believes it, and that's the way he's acting.
Yeah, he says it's a mandate when 80-plus percent of Americans in polls are against open borders.
He says he has a mandate for amnesty.
In major polls, everybody, Republican, Democrat, is against the Patriot Act.
400 cities, four states have thrown out the Patriot Act.
They passed the last one in the dead of night, as you documented.
Now they're doing this yet again, and we have the new Freedom Initiative.
I mean, how do you call any of this a conservative agenda?
Well, I can, and I think it goes to show that this discrepancy probably reflects the ability of the propagandists to
You know, take a negative poll and what the people really want and turn around and say, hey look, the American people want this and actually go on to victory.
But you know, I think the trick in the election was that people did have a reason to vote for Bush over Kerry and it had to do with moral values and probably marriage, but Bush then was able to take this and say, well this is a mandate for us to
Do more Patriot Act type legislation and more war overseas.
And I would say, I would point people to your neocon speech over a year ago where you talk about the betrayal.
We're good to go.
And why not take back states at a state-by-state basis level and go back to the Tenth Amendment?
Couldn't you do more as governor or lieutenant governor?
Well, you'd really be bucking a trend.
I mean, they'd claim the Civil War has already been fought.
You would cream Rick Perry, Mr. Toll Road.
I don't know.
They have money talks, and they're very powerful, and they would have many, many millions of dollars.
You are wildly popular in this state, and you know you could win if there was an election fraud.
Well, I'll check with Senator Hutchinson and see if she'll support me.
Well, you know what?
Look, you know, what are your approval ratings in this state?
Like, 65%?
I don't know.
I know my district is okay, but I've not done any through the state.
Well, Congressman, please stay with us.
And I think we may need to switch strategies and have people like yourself become governors.
But, again, that's my humble opinion.
We'll be right back with Congressman Ron Paul.
Stay with us.
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Alright, to be clear, I talked to the Congressman during the break.
Sections of Patriot Act 2 passed.
In the intelligence bill, the 9-11 bill, but the entire thing didn't.
So they're passing it piecemeal is what they're doing.
The national ID card provision did indeed pass.
And we're talking to Congressman Ron Paul right now.
I just have to commend you, Congressman, and your staff.
I mean, when other people's congressmen won't even return calls, your folks were calling the alternative media telling them to fight the bill a couple days ago, and your staff is still there fighting and was still there yesterday fighting this stuff in the Senate when others were already leaving and going back to their districts.
So I can only commend you, Congressman.
Finishing up, though, concerning you running for governor of the state of Texas, is that something you could win?
Well, it would be tough.
I believe that the views that we hold and your listeners hold are popular enough that we could win if we had enough exposure, which means if you don't have sympathetic media, you have to have enough money to buy the advertisements and get the message out.
But I really do believe that people are in great numbers, are in the majority, want to be left alone.
They like the free market and they like to be left alone and they'd like to see us to be doing a lot less overseas.
I think these particular views and putting them at a state level that just keep the government small and they keep the taxes low, yes, I think that those views are winnable and a person could win on a platform like that.
I just want to spend a little bit more time on the Patriot Act and on the National ID Card provisions in this bill.
If it makes it easier for illegal aliens and terrorists, which the bill clearly does, other Congressmen have been saying this, then how can they say, we did this to keep you safe, we had to rush and do this to keep you safe?
I mean, this is a sick joke.
Yeah, it is.
At one point, they believe in at least more open borders, and they believe that they shouldn't offend...
Anybody who's Hispanic, because that's a political correct thing to do, and they're treading between these two issues, and then they have this pretense that they're going to do everything to make us safe and secure, and giving this more power to the CIA, and have a super agency, and spend... You know, I think that bill had $14 billion in it.
It's a huge... It's a bigger bureaucracy than ever.
Now, 14.4.
So, in one sense, they're claiming...
You know, that their whole effort is to make us safe and secure.
At the same time, they ignore the very things that they should be doing, and that is finding out who's coming into our country and who are the potential terrorists.
We've got about three minutes left.
Can you talk about the economy and gold and the plunging dollar of a year and a half ago?
You gave a speech here in Central Texas and predicted depression.
Can you tell us what you see happening?
Well, I still think that the economy is going to continue to weaken.
I think in the last two days you saw an example of what happens when you have unsound money.
Yes, we can predict long term that the dollar will weaken and go down and the economy will weaken and prices will go up.
Eventually interest rates will go up.
But in the last two days you saw sudden shifts.
Which can be also very, very harmful to the marketplace.
This is such a difference to what happens if you have a sound currency throughout the world and everybody has a gold-backed currency.
You have stable currency.
We're seeing wild gyrations.
That's it.
Wild gyrations.
It's fluctuating all the time.
To me, it's something like if you and I were building a building and we were an architect and I was the contractor and we had a measuring stick...
Like the yard or the foot, and it kept changing every day.
What kind of a building would we have?
The measuring rod of economic value is the currency, and it's very unsound.
Why, bottom line, is the dollar eroding?
Because we print too many.
I think we're good to go.
And the Fed accommodates and prints the money.
When you print money, the value of that money has to go down.
It just doesn't go down evenly or steadily and it doesn't affect everybody equally.
But ultimately, it loses value.
History shows that under these conditions, gold always goes up.
Not straight up, but eventually goes up.
Not too long ago in our history, our dollar was worth $20 an ounce.
Now it's $440 an ounce.
So that is the trend, and it will go a lot higher.
There is inflation, regardless of what they say.
Congressman, they're now even pushing new anti-terror legislation on the heels of this one.
Is there any end in sight to this black hole of tyranny?
I don't see it, not under today's circumstances, unless the American people decide that they want their freedom more than they want their security right now.
The message that the people in Congress get is people want to be safe and secure, both economically and physically, and that's what promotes the welfare state, and that's what promotes this anti-terrorist sentiment.
I think it's going to end when we run out of money.
Congressman, thank you so much for coming on with us.
Have a good Christmas.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
That's in the third hour.
We're going to have wide-open telephones.
We're about to go to Ron and Tim and Rosemary and John and many others.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
Imagine, my friends, Congress, an hour before they pass it, issuing the bill, sections of Patriot Act II, the National ID Card, all of it being passed.
Passing the House two days ago, passing the Senate yesterday.
And then Fox News crowing about Patriot Act II and how wonderful this is.
Makes me very, very angry, to put it lightly.
Before we go to your calls, if you want to fight back against this New World Order, you heard Ron Paul, and he's talked about this in the past, almost everybody he talks to is against the New World Order, is woken up to what's happening, knows that we have globalists running the government.
But the establishment doesn't care what the people want.
They just keep moving forward with their tyranny.
But we have the moral advantage.
We have the majority view.
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Bottom line, we're about waking folks up and defending the republic.
Ron in New York.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, sir.
We have biometric data, or will have it, I'm sure, very soon in our driver's license as a result of this legislation yesterday.
Well, since 1993 we've had it in Texas.
48 states have it.
The digital photo is for a face scan template.
The digital thumbprint.
And now this is bylaw.
You'll have to have it to have a job.
And in the bill, and Ron Paul's press release on this,
Checkpoints with TSA-type employees fondling you and your wife, not just in the airport, but on the roads.
We should just simplify it and call it this, what it is.
In Stalinistic fashion, an internal passport.
That's what Ron Paul's office called it.
That's what Jeff Dice's press secretary called it.
One word, tyranny.
And if you don't have it, you won't be able to accomplish or do a number of things that you may have to do.
Well, look, it's the same thing.
They're giving them all ID cards in Iraq, and then in extreme cases like Fallujah, if you don't have an ID card, they kill you on the spot.
Source, NBC Nightly News, Boston Globe.
You know, one thing that came across in your interview with the congressman was what I extrapolated from it in as diplomatic a way as he could.
He indicated that what runs American politics, and that's a filthy word in my opinion, American politics, it's two very filthy words, is money.
That's really what it comes down to.
Not what's right or wrong, not even what a majority, even a large majority would want, but the engine that runs it is money.
And that being the case, American politics will never have legitimacy
Because you will always have a small handful of interests with a lot of money who will be running and creating social policy and getting people elected who may not be, and in many cases are not, in favor of what the majority want.
This is what I extrapolated from what he said.
I think what's going to have to happen is we've got to take this fight to a different level.
These people governed by Machiavellian machination, we're going to have to machinate a little bit back ourselves.
Well, you've called for years.
You're a retired New York police officer, and I believe you said detective.
No, not detective.
I was a retired officer.
Must be another New York officer who calls in.
But what I'm trying to get to here on this, Ron, is that this is organized crime.
They operate via organized crime, but with an overlay of space-age PR firms or propagandists.
And I believe the solution is having people like Judge Roy Moore run in Alabama, and if they don't have the machines in, he can win, to force Ron Paul to run for governor of Texas before all these machines are in place, and to have a ring of states...
Free states across the nation.
To do that, though, we've got to stop the electronic machines from going in.
The electronic machines, the easily manipulated voting machines or processes, that's true.
Plus, it does seem, it does seem, and I do notice this with the American people, Alex, and part of the blame for this goes on the American people.
No matter what anyone says, I do blame them.
They're just uninformed.
Yeah, I mean, people can find out the truth.
They love pop entertainment more than they love things that are very important and integral to their lives.
And you've got to admit that.
They'd rather watch a sports game or a show.
Do you know what was on the cover of two of our major New York papers yesterday, Alex, while this was going on?
This bill that will change our lives, this major piece of legislation.
Do you know what was on the cover of our newspapers here?
Michael Jackson.
I don't know.
That some guy, two stories in the New York Daily News, that some guy gave his girlfriend a $13,000 engagement ring, and that Trump gave his girlfriend some kind of astronomically priced engagement ring.
Well, your democracy was being ripped apart by wolves.
All the public.
On the cover of our papers.
And you know where the story about the intelligence bill was?
Buried deep in the paper.
And it probably... I didn't find one mainstream article, not a neocon publication, none of them, that said Patriot Act, National ID card.
It was just, don't you want them to be able to communicate and stop Al-Qaeda?
Yeah, but this is basically what it is.
And they trot out surviving members of 9-11 families.
I want to make something clear about that, and I think it's time the line is drawn with this, because sometimes...
Something could go too far regardless.
Yeah, I did say that.
They trot out of thousands of families, 400 families, in just one suit, suing Bush over involvement.
You've got the other suit...
There, with Ellen Mariani against a bunch of the victims' families.
You've had families ring the White House three times that I know of with signs saying, Bush knew, Bush did it.
You've had families jump up live on C-SPAN about four different times and scream, the government did it, the government's involved.
That all gets ignored.
And yeah, they trot out three or four families, people who mean well, going, pass this for my family!
Pass this for my family!
Go ahead.
Well, listen, I'm going to tell you something.
Some may mean well, though my sympathy goes out to them for the loss of their loved ones, it doesn't mean that, A, they're experts, okay, on national security, or geonational politics.
B, it doesn't mean that even some of them are not taken up with the celebrity involved, you know, and being tried out and used for that purpose, and who knows, you know, their egos may... Look, it's usually four or five different women...
And it's the same women, and they trot them around, and then you'll see a ten-second blurb on CNN with signs saying, CNN, one time I was watching, I was up in Minnesota visiting the network like two years ago, and CNN said, some of the victims' families protested in a ring around the White House, thousands of them protesting, saying not enough was done.
And then it showed the signs, and it was Bush did it.
But they didn't say anything else about it.
Why don't we see them on TV?
Because the media is controlled, okay, by the same mainstream... Well, if you don't think it's controlled, folks, the media didn't tell you what was in this bill, and then minutes after it passed, they were on TV laughing about it.
Thanks for the call.
They were on TV laughing about it.
They knew what was in it.
Tim in Ohio.
Tim, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Another edition of As the World Turns.
Are none of these...
Well, you know, they couldn't impeach Bill Clinton on missile secrets for the CHICOMs because the Republicans were all involved in it.
They had to go after him over, you know, oval office sexual escapades.
And nobody's going to go after Bush.
I mean, the Democrats all voted for this.
They love it.
Yeah, Clinton, you've got to like a man who thinks harass is two words.
I didn't understand that, but Tim, I appreciate the call.
Let's talk to Rosemary in Indiana.
Go ahead, Rosemary.
Alex, thank you for accepting my call.
You know, people are afraid.
First off, they don't really understand the depth and what is happening unless they listen to your program a few times.
But one of the things I came up with, because I'm like a little town USA, and I have copied out all the Genesis Communication Network schedule and their phone numbers and addresses, a lot of the websites that you've had on your radio program, and I'm putting them in my Christmas cards, and I'm sending them out to every person I know, including the newspapers, whether I subscribe to them or not.
Because I think it's time that people woke up and if nothing else, just get that little bit of information out there.
The rest is up to them.
Well, you're right.
We have tens of millions of people that are awake.
And if you all just wake up one person, that's tens of millions more.
If they wake up one more person, that's tens of millions.
And so, yes, it's about not going, look at the size of that thing.
That New World Order is too big, too bad.
It's about engaging it.
And look, don't be disheartened by them passing all this.
Now they've got to try to implement it.
And they can't implement it if people keep getting a hold of their senators.
Well, they can't implement it if we sue them and get cities to pass laws against it and states to do it, and if we fight it, which we are doing.
Look, look, look.
The tighter they squeeze, the more they push, the more resistance mounts.
I've never seen an awakening like it.
Everybody's waking up.
Well, it's about time.
But I thought I'd add my two cents and say, when you send out them greeting cards, anniversary cards, birthday cards, regardless, send those little...
Notes along with them.
The website, like you said, gets your disc and sends it along with them.
So you keep up the good work, and thank you so much for taking my call.
Rosemary, thank you for calling.
God bless you, and have a great holiday.
John in Louisiana.
John, welcome.
Yes, good morning, Alex.
Alex, you know and I know and a few others know that Congress is redundant.
If they were dismissed, we wouldn't be deceived by them.
If we could just get them to go home and stay out of Washington, they have no authority.
They surrendered that in 1933.
But I wanted to talk about... Hold on.
I'm glad you brought that up.
Congress openly on a...
On a congressional basis, every session gives up more of its authority.
They're making themselves irrelevant.
They give up their authority on law enforcement to the executive.
They give up their authority on terrorism and war making to the executive.
They give up their authority on trade to the executive.
They're giving up their authority to the executive or the dictatorial branch en masse.
Go ahead.
Alex, yes, those are charades you've been mentioning there.
They gave up all authority in 1933 on March the 9th
They surrendered all authority and responsibility to the President.
It's been reaffirmed by the Church Senate Committee in 1973.
There's no doubt about it, and very few people on our side want to admit it.
They're in denial.
Well, certainly the executive claimed the power in 1933, confiscated the gold at machine gun point, gave his paper back.
Clearly they began declaring yearly emergencies.
I've seen them do it on C-SPAN to then have control over Congress.
But Congress, the will to stand up is the will to have freedom.
And they can still stand up and still say no.
The problem is most of them are so dirty or are being blackmailed or they die in auto accidents or plane crashes when they say no.
Congress and certain numerous scholars, legal scholars, say that there ain't no way that Congress can reassert their authority after March 9, 1933.
Well, I've seen that, and that's just not the case.
Well, let's talk about money.
There's not going to be an imminent collapse of the dollar, because Japan and China and Europe, they're not going to do that.
It's in their self-interest not to let that happen.
Let me stop you.
There's not going to be an imminent collapse.
It's been devalued by 45%.
It's going to be a control collapse.
It's all in the plan.
It'll be a slow decay.
Well, that was what they said at the Davos Economic Forum three years ago when the euro was 89 cents to a dollar that was worth 100 pennies.
And then now it's dropped by 45%, but no, you're right.
It is a controlled implosion.
Yes, a sudden collapse might bring about unpredictable events, and they don't want that to happen.
They're in control, and they're not going to take a chance on that.
But still, the controlled implosion is still an implosion.
Absolutely, absolutely.
We're done for on the money scene.
Yes, we're done for, and it's all in the plan.
It's all in the stated plan.
I mean, this is public.
Yes, yes.
If people don't get out of money paper, they're doomed.
A lot of them are going to starve to death.
Well, you know, we had a depression in this country, which was admittedly engineered, that's part of the public record, to consolidate wealth by the elite, and...
Back then we were moral and 90% of people had skills in gardening.
We farmed.
We were a farming nation.
We could feed ourselves.
We don't exist like that anymore.
We don't farm.
We don't even know how to farm.
You want to know something scary?
One of these Lexus drivers with their manicured little fingernails, you imagine them a month after not having any food or money.
Yeah, the rivers are going to be choked with them, buddy.
Well, they'll grovel to the government.
We'll be back.
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Waging war on corruption.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
Wide open phones, a bunch of news coming up the next hour.
Talking about passage of large sections of Patriot Act II, a National ID card provision yesterday by the Senate, and the media that wouldn't talk about those provisions suddenly running out celebrating openly, I mean literally, smiling, laughing.
Tom in Arizona.
Tom, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
I was shocked when I hit your site yesterday and read that.
I mean, it's like revelation coming true in small incrementalism steps.
Read what?
Read about the legislation?
Yes, exactly.
Yeah, I mean, where else do you find it but from Ron Paul or our website?
And after it passed, though, it was all over TV last night.
You don't find it.
And what I immediately did is I emailed everybody I knew with the link to write your local state representative to vote against it.
And I had another question about...
Homeland Security hired the ex-Nazi guy.
Marcus, what was his last name?
It's Wolf.
I forget.
And he wasn't a Nazi.
He was actually Jewish.
The Silver Fox was the Stasi chief in East Germany.
Oh, okay, okay.
So is that confirmed, or is it still... Well, the others, it is confirmed that as consultants they hired former KGB bosses.
That is confirmed.
And it has not been denied, we've called about Marcus Wolfe, and we know he has done some consulting.
I did find where he'd written some books with neocons and stuff, and we know they're consulting with Israel, and we know he lives part of the time in Israel now, and it looks like it's accurate.
And how can people deny this, that they're implementing a, I would say, Nazi-like state in America?
Well, the Stasi kept everybody safe.
They were good people.
Oh, of course.
Marcus Wolff was the architect of 1 in 10 being a spy, and they are setting up the tips program and the rest of it.
What's wrong with that?
This new bill they passed yesterday, though, that Bush is going to sign, it makes it easier for the illegal aliens.
You heard Congressman Paul.
It's in there.
It makes it easier, more open borders, but that's okay.
You know, I have a friend who lives in Germany, and I send her links and emails and stuff on stories, and she says that what is happening in America now is...
Thank you.
Good to hear from you.
My friends, people ask, why would they want tyranny?
Why would a government want to do something bad?
Well, why in history is that the norm?
Freedom being the exception.
America is America because we have the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
That's why we're America.
You get rid of that, folks.
We're not America anymore.
What can people not understand about that?
People say, well, why would they want tyranny?
It's a straitjacket.
Before a criminal has their way with you, before they rob you or rape you or whatever...
They want to tie you up.
We're being tied up right now.
So they can then take the pension funds, take the private property.
It won't be free market.
It will be select corporations acting in a criminal manner through governmental powers doing this to us.
Now this is the reality.
But we don't have to go along with it.
This could only succeed if we get all fearful and get behind it and don't stand up for ourselves or our neighbors or our communities.
This could only happen if we're not engaged.
So pick a liberty issue, whether it's property rights, the Second Amendment, sovereignty of the open borders, fighting the free trade area of the Americas.
Pick an issue.
Get involved on that issue.
And create and expand the alternative media.
Look, this is the beginning of the end for the New World Order.
They are going to fail and fail mildly.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, my friends.
Already into hour number two on this December 9, 2004 worldwide transmission against the globalists.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The elite are setting up their enslavement grid so they can have their way with the population.
We're fighting against it.
We're taking your calls and covering news.
We've got a lot of election fraud news and updates coming up in the third hour.
This hour, wide open phones and some new Iraq information.
Poll free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
They passed sections of Patriot Act II, the National ID Card legislation, and much more yesterday.
The House passed it two days ago, the Senate yesterday.
The media that wouldn't talk about the National ID Card and Patriot Act provisions suddenly started spouting off and laughing about it last night.
They think they're coming in for the big win, and that's the beginning of the end for the globalists.
Go ahead and keep pushing for every action, equal or greater reaction.
Let's go ahead and talk to Joan in Florida.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
It's been a while.
Hey, good to hear from you.
Yeah, good to hear you.
Okay, this morning, I think it was, I heard that Bush is not just going to sign...
The reorganization bill right away because he wants to plan a celebration.
And isn't that just like them?
I just said they're celebrating.
I told you.
Oh, yeah, but what I'm saying is... Somebody's got to take that.
Where did you see that?
Oh, no, it came over the radio.
But, I mean, watch for it because when...
But I thought the terrorists were about to attack us any minute, so we had to let all the illegal aliens in.
That's what this did.
Here's the driver's license.
It actually makes it easier for terrorists.
We've got to celebrate.
Well, if they're about to attack any minute, why not?
We better sign it right now!
And the other thing, Alex, well, anyhow, just watch when they announce that he's going to have the signing, and he's not going to sign it right away.
Of course, what was the rush then?
Well, we've got to have a celebration.
We've got to have a celebration.
Now, the other thing is... See, I told you they were celebrating on TV.
The 67, or 76, which was it?
No, 67 Republicans.
Jenny Brown Waite from Florida was on this morning.
And then LaHood from Illinois.
And he said, well, the priority is when we come back, we're going to work on the immigration issue.
The only thing is, there has been rumor that it'll be tied to an extension of financial support or an extension on funding for our troops.
And Jenny Brown-Waite said that if they work on this bill, you know, for the immigration, you know, that if they put anything in there to do with amnesty, it won't be a fit bill.
So I'm already starting to call and say, look,
Make the immigration bill stand alone.
Don't tie it to another bill.
And again, for those that just joined us, this bill they passed yesterday that Lord Bush is going to be signing
Makes it easier for illegals and terrorists and issues them licenses off any fake ID, any matricular card they give them.
And you watch, that immigration thing isn't going to pass.
And there will be a celebration of that, I'm sure.
So what were you watching when you heard Lord Bush is going to have a... I mean, imagine if the Soviets were in America.
That was on WFLA radio.
So it's probably on the AP line.
You know, they pull a lot of...
All you do is get a little blip.
The point I was going to make is, imagine if the Soviets ran America and they were going to issue a national ID card, imagine they'd have a celebration over hurting America, stabbing America, slaughtering America.
Oh, they'd have to look back to when Hitler came into power, all the pomp and circumstance.
But he gives the illegals waivers!
I mean, how do people... He had the congressman on last hour, folks.
This is a sick joke.
This is a sick, sick, sick... It has nothing to do with... Well, aren't you for the intelligence agencies being able to communicate?
They've always been able to communicate.
This bill had nothing to do with that.
Oh, Alex, let me get one thing in here real quick.
They said the FBI had no way of transferring pictures.
Give me a break.
We watch old movies, and they were able to... Yeah, I hear you.
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Brace yourselves as the New World Order program for world domination is blown wide open.
A nightmarish post-September 11th world where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards and, yes, even implantable microchips.
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He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
Wide open phones right now.
Of course, we're talking about the aftermath of
A national ID card piece of legislation inside the Intelligence Reform Bill.
And of course, sections of Patriot Act II passing by the Senate yesterday.
And Joan from Florida, I don't doubt her, but did you see this?
Bush is saying he's going to hold off signing it for a while to plan a party, a celebration.
I thought Homeland Security was the new layer of bureaucracy.
Well, now there'll be another layer, and then they do try stuff like, well, the FBI can't even call people.
The FBI doesn't even have computers.
They have two cups with a string between them.
That's how they communicate.
They do that at the local level.
Give us more taxes or we can't fill the potholes or put radios in the ambulance suits.
You know, after they spend money on everything else and put money in trust funds and put money into the stock market and have all these double sets of books.
No, there's no money.
We've got to put a satellite tracker box in your car, even though we're raising more money than ever off fuel usage.
It's all a fraud.
But the media wouldn't tell you what was in those bills.
We reported on it.
We fought it.
Now, after they pass it, though, Fox News, well, Patriot Act 2, National Identity Cards...
It's good for him.
You need it.
And I was using the term all the first hour, celebration, celebration.
They were celebrating on TV last night.
I mean, the actual pundits.
You know, this is good.
We got the slaves where we want them now, these idiots.
And then she calls in and goes, oh, they said they're going to have a celebration.
Maybe they can have a celebration where they have a big replica of the Constitution.
They can burn it.
And as it burns, they can, like, roast hot dogs and marshmallows over it and laugh.
You know, it's a lot of fun, folks.
It's a lot of fun killing America.
It's a celebration!
And, of course, having waivers to protect the illegal aliens and make it where they don't have to be under the same rules as citizens.
That was even in the bill.
Oh, I have to protect them.
That's a real terror threat.
Let's leave that wide open.
Hopefully there'll be some real terrorists instead of us having to always do it ourselves, the globalists said.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jeffrey in Louisiana, then Isaac, Steve, Charles, and others.
Go ahead, Jeffrey.
Hi, I have a late-breaking story from New Orleans.
A school mother by the name of Adrienne Nobles was forced to surrender her daughter to school's custody today in order to get her daughter back in school.
Here's the story behind the story.
Nine-year-old daughter of Adrienne Nobles, who was a barkeeper in the French Quarter, made imitation jello in small shot glasses and was giving them out to her friends.
But because the appearance of the glasses appeared as if they were the same as jello containing alcoholic beverages... No, I saw the article.
They said because it resembled alcohol.
Right, so she was expelled from school Wednesday.
No, no, no.
It's a thought crime.
It's a thought crime.
I guess if you act like you're smoking a cigar with a pencil stub, stuff we all did as kids, go ahead and... They arrest you for one aspirin, one cigarette.
Now it's the image of aspirin.
The image of cigarettes.
Write the word gun in your essay.
My father's in the Marines.
He has an M-16 firearm.
You're arrested.
It's all thought crime.
I actually have that article.
Today, she surrendered her daughter, and the daughter will submit to drug testing, they will submit to counseling, and the government will dictate how they think.
Now, on top of that, I don't know if you were emphasizing the sale of IBM's computers to Panobo of Red China, but this is part of the...
Throwing out of our American industry and putting our industry under communist control, which came out Tuesday afternoon and was broadcast over the BBC shortwave all over the place.
Well, also the new rival to Google that Bill Clinton helped launch is run by the Chinese government.
That's right.
And almost everything's being shipped over there.
This is part of the plan.
They've got to suck us dry, use us as a military force to build the New World Order, to take over the sovereign countries, then we'll take the blame for it, and Europe will come riding in as the good cop.
Yeah, that's what they're supposedly going to happen, but I'm afraid that Europe is now experiencing high unemployment, even though the euro is stronger than the dollar.
Even European unemployment is getting to the point that some of the European car makers are closing their plants in Germany.
Yeah, it's about 18%.
Right, and the point is that this whole business is really a fulfillment of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and the conditions that brought about the
That are bringing about the destruction of our civilization.
Hey, but what's wrong with a child or a 12-year-old honor student?
They say, write an essay about your parents, which they actually use for spying information.
They have them write them on computer terminals now.
And the child goes, my father's a captain in the Marines.
He carries an M-16 and a digital relay system for satellite coordinates.
My father's a... And they actually, the teacher reads it.
She gets very quiet.
They call the police because he could be a terrorist.
She leaves the room.
This was in the news.
They escort him out.
And he has to sign over his rights, go on probation.
And, of course, there was never a trial.
They just say, sign here, and then you sign your rights over.
Thought crime, or the valedictorian, last day of school, is going to put on a party and has some plastic, a little case of plastic spoons and knife and forks, and is going to put on a little cake and things at the end, and the security guard sees it in her front seat, and they call her out of class, put her in handcuffs, call in the officer.
This is, folks, this is in the news.
This is the new America.
Any way to get you in the system... And now, I did have the article yesterday.
She had a little party...
Make some little cups in little paper cups, little jellos.
They admitted that.
No alcohol.
And they said, well, it resembles it.
You're now a criminal.
Sign over your rights.
And the mother didn't know and thinks the new way in America is being like the Soviet Union where the men with the guns say, sign here.
You sign that you agree to be a criminal.
And then this is the new system.
I'm sure they'll have her on multiple drugs within the end of the month.
I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't.
And, of course, all this going on... Well, it's like this deranged woman who cut her baby's arms off up there.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
They're always on the drugs!
That's correct.
And that's one of the hypocrisy of the drug war where they put you in jail for trying to cure cancer with marijuana or Laetrile while allowing this kind of shenanigans that you just described to go on.
Well, I'll let you go, Alex, but I wanted to let you know that the story just broke here in New Orleans that that girl is now a prisoner of the government and they're going to have to go under all kinds of testing and everything else.
I've seen it where, again, plastic knife...
I know.
You don't have to tell me.
And of course, all this stuff handling with the IBM sale to Red China, showing that the communist conspiracy is a communist conspiracy, just shows you exactly what's going on.
Well, thank you, Alex.
We'll keep in touch.
I mean, I think it's freedom, folks.
Thank you.
I think it's freedom on CBS News.
Last year, they showed children lining up who'd been late to class three times.
If you're late to class, they count that as one absence, and then criminally charge you with truancy.
But the state law says one unexcused isn't.
In fact, it takes over ten in a semester.
But it doesn't matter.
It's all color of law.
And they even have a portable building at the school, and they call the little middle schoolers out, and then the judge screams at them.
It's all on tape.
And tells the parents, sign here.
And the father goes, yes, ma'am, I want to help.
And they sign the way the rights, and she goes, now I'm ordering drug testing, right after they sign it.
Now I'm ordering drug testing, and you're under our control now.
This is all it is.
Do you understand?
Yes, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am.
And then the kid messes up again, and now you're going to be going to the prison college.
Now you're going to be in juvenile hall, where you're going to get beat up by older youth, and going to learn how to use drugs, and learn how to be part of the system.
All elaborately designed.
A massive crime being committed.
In Austin, Texas, if you're ever arrested, they walk up to the jail cell and go, just sign here and we'll let you out.
Most people don't read it.
It says, I am a drug addict.
I am involved in family violence.
I am a drunk driver.
I am a wife-beater.
It's a big forum with nine different things on the back, and you agree to a further justification, but you sign yourself over.
Personal recognizance bond.
And we even got a news piece done on this locally, and they said on the news piece, we've aired it here, CBS News again, they just said, you thought in America that you were innocent until proven guilty.
Well, not in Travis County.
You are guilty until released.
And then
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, the Soviets knew it was evil, so they hid it.
In America, we're so dumbed down, it's all out in the open.
And they found, the criminals have found, if you just act normal while you're committing the crime, nonchalantly, then the general public has no mooring or no understanding of rights or liberty or society, no common sense.
They just go along with it.
I mean, the jail guard came and said, sign the document.
So I...
They walk up and say, we'll let you out.
Just bond out.
Sign this.
We're doing you a favor.
Oh, thank you, officer.
I'm willing to help you out a little bit there.
You bet.
Just go ahead and sign your rights over to me.
Oh, we're building lots of new presents for you stupid people.
Oh, it's so good.
So it's been a learning experience for me.
All the people that laughed at me about satellite trackers and transponders, they say they're going in in the next two years in Austin.
You'll have to have your transponder.
It's going in all over the state.
It was in Time Magazine last week.
Big spread about Texas.
They admit it's part of NAFTA.
Oh, really?
It's part of a regional government?
Does it matter if 98% of you are against it in Houston, 93% in Austin?
We've got the special voting machines in place.
And again, we have nice men in dark uniforms with weapons.
We'll make sure you go along with us.
Okay, we'll be back.
Hello, Ted Anderson.
Listeners of the network are familiar with the Federal Reserve note and understand the risks of deficit spending.
Therefore, with catastrophic events, it comes as no surprise that some banks have currently placed limits on the amount of cash depositors can remove from their accounts.
A fractional reserve system means only a small portion of your deposit is held in reserve for immediate withdrawal.
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You know, I'm glad to talk to your host, Jack Blood, called into the show, because...
I saw the article this morning, and I guess I just have a mental block for this type of stuff, but the former group Pantera, under a new name, very satanic death metal group, had some psychopath try to shoot him, and thank God a cop was there who was armed, and took the guy out before he started shooting the crowd.
And in every other case, they're on Prozac or another drug, and they usually were under government, psychiatric, and were usually Gulf War vets, i.e.
mind control.
Literally, whether it's Larry Ashbrook, that turned out to be mind control.
That was even in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
Shot up the Baptist church, killed all those kids at a youth meeting.
Turned out he was buddies with Buford Furrow, the Nazi, who turned out lived at a U.S.
Air Force base and had been protected, and went and shot up the Jewish center.
I mean, in every case, Kip Kinkle, all these guys, Harris and Kleibold, always government connections, and that's a whole other show.
But yeah, it goes into this death metal group and starts blasting.
It'll either turn out he's some Christian crazy who didn't like him, or some schizophrenic who didn't like him.
But I bet you money, and again, so-called Christian folks, not a real Christian.
I bet you money it's a government op.
But Jack, you've got more details on this for us.
Yeah, Alex, thanks for having me on.
Well, last night in Columbus, Ohio, the nightclub is called Alarosa Villa on Sinclair Road, around 10 o'clock.
The new band from Pantera is called Damage Plan, by the way, and they're playing in this club.
It's just that they started the first song, a lunatic with a gun got on stage, and amazingly enough, a lot of the crowd thought it was part of the act, so they just kind of stood there and didn't do anything.
The gunman shot dead the guitar player from Pantera, who is now in this band Damage Plan.
His name is Dimebag Darrell.
Killed him dead when a bouncer tried to stop the shooting.
He shot and killed the bouncer.
Also killed another.
There were three killed and four injured.
A police officer just happened to be patrolling outside, came in the back door and shot this guy as he was apparently about to start duck hunting in the crowd.
Well, the FBI has called for...
The FBI's called for every shopping mall, every business to have metal detectors on our homeland security.
See, everything's going to be like the TSA with the airports.
It's going to be everywhere, and we've been predicting this.
But no, I mean, I will guess that he's going to be either a deranged Satanist, they'll say, or he's going to be an evil Christian.
That'll be the, but go ahead.
Yeah, I mean, well, and we know how this works, and even if this wasn't planned to be problem, reaction, solution, what it is going to be, they're going to take this and run with it, and there's going to be mothers crying, we need more gun control, we need to put the assault weapons ban back into place, and this is going to result in, of course, more tyranny on the people.
I don't want to overplay it.
I don't want to scare people.
But I know I've watched them do this over and over again.
And this will be the equivalent of something like a Columbine shooting in clubs.
Well, you're never going to stop the psychopaths out there.
And it was a gun that stopped this guy.
Yeah, exactly right.
And, you know, I don't know what the details are because they're not releasing the police officer's name.
They haven't released a lot of details.
This guy's very brave, Alex.
He got on stage.
This guy's shooting wildly, killing people.
He tackled this guy and killed him before he could do any more damage.
And minimally, he's a pretty brave guy.
Talking about the police officer?
Yeah, there's a lot of good cops out there.
And imagine if that had been Texas with concealed carry, boy, it would look like a...
Shoot him up in a saloon.
That guy would have been blown to bits even before he got that done.
Yeah, I mean, I don't really listen to bands like Pantera.
I don't like music quite that heavy.
I have heard Pantera songs.
That is very satanic.
Yeah, it's the heaviest of all heavy metal.
I want to say this.
I was researching Aleister Crowley last night.
You know, his two different children from two different wives both died.
He clearly killed them.
And just the hellish life he had.
Living for the devil, folks, isn't a very good way to live.
Now, Alistair Crowley's main mantra was, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
It sounds very much like the cremation of care.
And everyone's a star.
That's where Hollywood got the term, everybody's a star.
Well, I mean, this is what society's coming to.
And we look at Bush.
You know, I mean, we've gotten the Freedom Initiative passed.
We've gotten this new Patriot Act 9-11, H.R.
10 just passed.
And I saw, let me tell you, I saw Bill Kristol from the Weekly Standard and Fox News last night saying he had some...
But there'll have to be another convenient terror attack.
Well, I don't know.
We've got the U.N.
on the ropes right now with this oil for food scandal.
He really can't say much if we want to put up another resolution.
He's got to abide by the globalists right now.
And if they want to go in and take Syria, they will.
But I saw reports last night from the border of Syria.
They're claiming people are coming over there.
There's a mass exodus to kill American troops and Iraqis in Iraq.
And they've got to do something about it.
They've got to do something right now.
I predict Syria will go here just in the next couple of months.
Well, they're going to have to have a terror attack to do either overseas or here.
Jack, anything else?
No, that's good.
Keep up the good work.
Carry on.
Take care, buddy.
We'll be back with your call.
We're on the march.
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We're inside the new world order now, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's only going to get more and more tyrannical by degrees.
We're about to go to your calls.
In fact, let's just go ahead and do that now.
Let's talk to Isaac.
Isaac in Missouri.
Isaac, go ahead.
All right, am I on?
All right.
Yes, you are.
I just had a quick comment.
I just finished reading a book.
Anybody in the teaching profession ought to read this book.
It's written by a guy named Jesse Stewart.
It's called The Thread That Runs So True.
It's first published like 1939 or something.
No, excuse me.
Yeah, somewhere in there.
This guy grew up in the hills of Kentucky, the backcountry hills.
I mean, their roads were impassable four months out of the year.
But he was a school teacher and he made it a point of paying attention and looking and learning about what worked, what didn't, and what was good and what was not.
And he got a fellowship and traveled to Europe in the neighborhood of 1940.
And here's what he had to say.
Because there was basically a corrupt political takeover of the school system in his county.
So here's what he had to say.
I'm going to read you one paragraph.
Is that okay?
Yeah, go ahead.
He says, "...what I had seen in Europe disturbed me greatly.
Little men had risen to high places.
They had risen to positions of power and influence.
They were controlling countries.
They were torturing people they didn't like.
Man was not safe in his own home.
Constitutional law didn't mean anything."
Could this happen in America?
Could men usurp their fellow men to obtain high places of power?
Could this happen in Kentucky?
Could it happen in Greenwood County?
Could it happen here?
After I had seen Europe, I believed anything could happen anywhere to strangle the freedom of man, the right and dignity of man, unless enough freedom-loving people went to bat for the causes of right, fair play, and justice.
I mean, this is a guy from the hills of Kentucky who his parents had no education, and
He saw this coming, a possibility of coming, in the 1940s.
And I just want to make that comment that people have seen that this has been possible and that you do need to stand up.
What he did to help the situation in his county was he started a newspaper, because at that time it was the best way to reach people, and his life was in danger.
He was almost killed at one point by a guy attacking him who was a hired thug.
And yet, you know, he's willing to go through it to do what was best for... Yeah, the criminals get into control in government, want to dominate and run our lives, and we've got to stand up and say no, or it just gets worse.
Cowering to them only makes the tyranny worse.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
And we're going to go to Debbie Morrow here, then we'll go to Charles and Steve and David and John and others.
Debbie Morrow, New Millennium Concepts, one area we can take control of our lives.
Is by not drinking the water full of herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, and all these other horrible chemicals and dead bacteria, and all filters are not equal, this purification system made in America is preeminent.
And Debbie, good to have you on with us.
People need to take advantage of this to give this as a gift or give this as a gift to their own family.
People need to take action, Debbie.
Alex, yes they do.
Thank you for having me on the show today.
Well, thanks for coming on.
Oh, you're so welcome.
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Yes, you have.
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They put water through it that's full of bacteria at yard growth level.
Literally, green water is poured into it.
Literally, swamp water is poured into it.
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Try to grow stuff for a week, put an electron microscope over it, and there is nothing in it.
The electron microscope can find nothing.
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Debbie, thanks for coming on.
Thank you, Alex.
And I do want to let everyone know that I will be working on Fridays.
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We want to try and get the orders in as soon as possible, so we'd be sure to get them shipped and received before Christmas.
And you ship those by UPS?
Yep, normally.
Unless you've got a P.O.
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Yeah, and we just appreciate all of your listeners, and all of this goes to help support your airtime, so please call.
Thanks, Debbie.
That's right.
You're welcome.
That's right.
Our global shortwave outreach that is upwards of, I don't know, $9,000 a month on two transmitters, six hours a day...
Going out internationally, and we do this as an outreach, and they're the big sponsor.
And they just do a great job.
Okay, let's go ahead now and go back to the calls.
I guess up next here is Steve in California.
Steve, go ahead.
Hello from the California fatherland, Alex, home of your groping furor.
My groping furor out there, I want to be a dictator.
Yes, and I think since they already spelled California with a K in German, I heard Alex...
Arnie's going to finally go ahead and just change the name of the state, too.
He wants to get a law on the books so that they can spell California with three Ks.
Who knows?
But for now, I just wanted to ask you really quick about two great books.
One of them is Bin Laden, The Man Who Declared War on America.
I read that.
Yousef Berdanski is the author?
I heard just recently that on NPR, the book's been disappearing after FBI visits libraries.
Boy, they're sure scared of that.
They're scared of the films.
They're scared of all of it.
Tell folks what's in the book that's upset them so much.
Well, you know, I could think that their argument is probably to say that it's a terrorist training manual or something crazy like that, when in fact it's really a historical account of terrorist activity up to about 1999.
It was originally written in 1999 and later reprinted in 2001.
Well, I think it's good to burn books.
That's freedom.
We can't have books talking about bin Laden being CIA.
You can't have that.
It reveals so much connectivity from these networks.
It points exactly where you're pointing.
Well, we can't have that.
I don't think it's a terrorist training manual by any means.
Another book I wanted to ask really quick about was Dr. Judith Biller's book simply titled Germs.
I don't know if you ever read that.
No, I read reports about it.
Well, she was previously in cahoots with David Kaye prior to World War II.
Yeah, and they're saying we've got to have model states and force inoculations and it's going to happen.
Well, you know, what I'm trying to say here is that she was previously in cahoots with David Kaye prior to the war in order to promote the war.
And then later, I've heard at least a few months ago that she was arrested.
I think her name rings a bell.
I remember reading articles about her fear-mongering in the New York Times, right?
Well, and David Kaye finally kind of went the more righteous path.
He resigned and then started to reveal a lot of things.
I don't know how much of that is true.
But why did you hear she was arrested?
Well, I just think she started to go the same way as David Kaye, and then it was not up to the approval of the current administration.
And that was that other U.N.
inspector that had been blowing the whistle.
He got arrested, too.
So, really, I have no idea.
You know, perhaps she's going to magically commit suicide just like the British intelligence operative that died and left his wife and child, his daughter, behind.
Dr. David Kelly that said, they're going to kill me in the woods.
Or maybe Diana saying, they're going to kill me in a fake auto accident.
They told me they're going to kill me.
He hates himself so much that he needs to leave his daughter behind without a father.
You know what I mean?
That's just crazy.
And says they're going to kill me.
So either way, I'll try to look into Judith Miller.
I thought maybe you would know something about that.
Again, the Yusef Brodansky book is very good if you can get your listeners to maybe check it out when they can.
I can't believe... Zawahiri keeps coming up.
I'm not sure if it's the same guy, but in 95 there was an assassination plot in Addis Ababa, you know, in Ethiopia.
They tried to kill Mubarak.
And the assassination attempt failed, and Zawahiri was one of the key operatives in that.
Now, I'm not sure if that's the exact same Zawahiri that we keep hearing about, but... The guy that's been killed five times?
It could have been how he busted his top in order to get the big gig, you know what I mean?
Yeah, I appreciate the call.
Very interesting points, but I'm aware of some of what you said.
I'm not aware of some of the other points.
Let's talk to Charles in Arizona.
Charles, go ahead.
Thanks, Alex.
Thanks for having me on your show.
I just wanted to say, I know you had Debbie from the Millennium Concepts, and I wanted to say that one of the Berkey sport bottles saved my life.
I was backpacking in Utah, and I suffered multiple scorpion stings in a canyon.
And the only water was just stagnant, cattle ranching property water.
And if I wouldn't have had that water bottle, I would have certainly gotten Giardia and
Never made it out of there.
How did it save your life?
Were you stuck there?
I was backpacking looking for Indian artifacts and things like that.
Yeah, I was stuck.
I was in this canyon and I was stung three or four times in my leg.
How did you get stung?
I was sleeping in my sleeping bag.
Not even a sleeping bag, just a blanket.
Wrong place, wrong time.
Were you sleeping in a shallow depression or cave?
Yeah, just...
A small overhang in the side of a canyon.
Oh, yeah, a scorpion nest.
Oh, they love it.
So, yeah, and this is all cattle ranching property.
What's up with scorpions?
I'm pretty sure they were the giant hairy scorpions.
The larger variety you have.
Not as dangerous as the bark scorpions, but I was extremely sick.
I had run out of water, and I had that water bottle, and the only water there was...
It's all cattle ranching, so it's full of giardia.
So you got so sick you had to stay there?
Yeah, I couldn't move.
My leg was swollen.
I was completely immobilized.
I didn't have a radio.
Probably not that smart, but those things work.
Well, did you find any artifacts?
They're amazing.
Yeah, well, I found a few cave dwellings and just some really interesting pottery and granaries.
Where were you?
I was in the Mantee-LaSalle National Forest.
To the southeast corner of Utah near the Canyonlands National Park.
Oh, yeah.
Some of the Anasazis and, you know, you go into these caves and you see... You can find mummies in there!
You know, I've never found mummies.
I've found jaw fragments and things like that.
I've found bones.
I know, but that's one of the areas they find the mummies, right?
It's pretty creepy.
I mean, you get a pretty eerie feeling when you're hiking around back there.
Before I get emails, yes, Native Americans, a lot of them mummified, chiefs and witch doctors, and yes, Utahans, they find mummies all the time.
Well, it's amazing because the whole civilization just had a mass exodus.
Nobody really knows where they went, and they just left everything behind.
No, they expire every four years here in Texas.
Some of them are staggered, and most other states are like that.
Well, if you're an illegal alien, you don't have to do anything under the Homeland Security Bill.
It's all written for just you.
I mean, is this national ID card ever going to require people down here to show proof of their citizenship?
Yeah, I guess Arizona was one of the few states that hadn't.
All the other states to get federal money have been going along with the biometric identifier on it.
And thanks for the call.
I'm glad you raised these points because I was getting tasked last night at the Diamond Shamrock.
And I walked in, and the guy behind the counter likes the show.
He's a fan, good guy.
There's a woman up there, looks like she's about 35, buying a 12-pack of Bud Light.
And he just gets her ID card and swipes it.
And she leaves, and I go, why'd you swipe her card?
He goes, oh, it's a new rule.
Doesn't matter how old you look.
We've been told, you know, you look like you're under a certain age, but he goes, we've been told it's soon going to be everybody.
And I've seen them, like an old lady's buying beer or cigarettes.
Literally, I've seen like a 75-year-old woman be carded.
But now they swipe the card, whether it's Walgreens or Racetrack or gas stations, drugstores, whether it's any of these.
They swipe your cards, and these computer systems are going in.
And he said, yeah, look at it.
And he showed me the system.
I already knew about it, but I never really even looked at it.
I just knew they were doing it.
And he said, when I swipe your card with that strip, it shows me if you've got warrants out.
It shows me if the card's good.
And he said, we've basically been told in the future that if it shows you've got a warrant, we go ahead and call the police on you.
And so here's this 35-year-old woman.
I mean, probably even older.
I mean, didn't look like a... I mean, no way you could have thought she was under 30.
And they caught her.
And I've been in line and seen people buying nicotine patches.
I saw a 40-year-old man buying some a few months ago, and they swiped his card for that.
Well, that's the public plan.
It's for the sales tax.
They're going to swipe that card with the strip on the back and the biometrics on the front everywhere you go to assess the sales tax, because it's going to be graduated, depending on how much money you make.
And I told you, that's going to be the world.
Ooh, there's an APB on for you.
You know, you can't buy or sell without it.
We're only a few years away from that.
We'll be right back.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
We got the owner of the Brad Vlog coming on in the next hour who broke the news of the affidavit of this programmer who claims they wanted to pay him to create a fraudulent system to steal votes.
We got engineers who quit Diebold and others and say the system's a fraud.
This guy's separate, though.
And we'll be discussing it.
That's coming up here in just a few minutes.
Right now, let's go ahead and take some calls.
Go back to those.
Let's talk to David in California.
Hey, greetings, Alex.
David, go ahead.
You know, I heard you talking about the religious right and how they, you know, in some cases they're honest people and in some cases they're suckers and in some cases they're
It's part of the problem, you know, false prophets, so to speak.
Well, it's a diverse crowd.
I mean, I was talking to one of my friends who's an anti-abortion activist, a good friend of mine over the years, and I just said, what about all these appointees who are for a pro-abortion?
He's just like, it's not true.
And I'm like, they admit it.
What do you mean?
It's like they're in denial.
But go ahead.
Well, it's funny.
I was lucky enough once, five years ago about, to go to Egypt.
Out in Egypt, you know, a predominantly Muslim country, although, you know, I think that's the country that gets the single largest amount of foreign aid from America in Africa, in the whole continent of Africa.
And, you know, it's a country, they've got submachine guns about every 50 feet down the street.
You know, they've drafted everybody.
I think they pay them like $11 a month to be drafted.
Pretty awful situation because of the poverty.
Huge amount of foreign aid in terms of military.
Yeah, 30 million or 25 million people in Cairo.
Yeah, and people actually get nothing.
Well, so the country, you know, it's teeming with taxi cabs and, you know, it's a vibrant... Downtown Cairo is very vibrant, very polluted.
But because it's a Muslim country, officially they don't believe in insurance.
And it's really interesting, you know, they...
A drive to the pyramids, when we first got into town, it's like a certain amount of miles out of town, we drove down a busy main drag thoroughfare, two lanes each direction, and there was like maybe two stop signs for five miles.
There were no stoplights virtually in the whole city.
And because it's a Muslim country, Orthodox Muslims especially, don't believe in insurance.
Everything is the will of God.
Now, because of that, if you're trying to cross the street out there and you get hit by a car, you're in deep trouble.
There's no such thing as an insurance policy because everything is the will of God.
They don't put stop signs for five miles out to the pyramid.
And everybody is at the will of the traffic congestion to try to get across the street.
Okay, but get to your point.
Well, in terms of the religious theocracy as it meets corporate statism, you know, the corporate state loved it.
You know, because they're able to charge high dollar for gasoline.
The car industry makes plenty of dough.
But nobody has to pay insurance.
And these people are being polluted to death.
I mean, there's no lead.
Well, it's really easy.
I think I talked to you once about Jubilee.
I really believe that Jubilee is the solution for the 911.
You know, we've got a horrible economy.
We've got the world's religions, officially the Jews and Muslims and Christians all believe in the same God.
And they all believe in Moses, and Moses says we should do a Jubilee.
But I don't really think it's the same God.
Oh, well, it clearly is.
It's family Abraham and family of David.
Well, it may be there, but that's about where it ends.
Well, I mean, it's, you know, the...
Jews don't believe that the Messiah ever showed up.
The Christians believe he showed up once in Jesus, and they're waiting for the second coming.
The Muslims believe that Jesus was the first coming, but they believe that Muhammad was the second coming.
Sir, I'm out of time.
Gave you five minutes.
Appreciate the call.
That's where we're at there.
We'll come back with the third hour with our guests and more calls and a ton of other vital news items.
PrisonPlanet.tv, my friends, is the website.
Check it out.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright folks, we know that Diebold engineers have quit and set the systems wide open to fraud.
We know that we've caught Diebold with convicted felons as vice presidents running California elections.
We know the other big companies have been caught with electronic wireless systems changing votes in the middle of elections.
We know this is going on.
And we know the media predominantly, the dominant media, has ignored it.
And then, a couple days ago, last week, it came out that a programmer detailed what led him to file vote-rigging affidavit.
And he says he doesn't want the $200,000 reward of the Justice Department office for this type of stuff.
He just wants to get that out to folks.
It first got posted on a popular blog after he'd gone to the FBI and CIA and Congress and nothing was done at bradfriedman.com.
And we've got Brad Friedman on who broke this story.
Brad Friedman, of course, is an actor of stage and screen.
Brad, good to have you on with us.
Hi, how are you, Alex?
Pretty good.
Just in a nutshell, we're about to break.
Tell folks what basically is being alleged by the gentleman who you reported on.
Well, Clint Curtis is essentially alleging that he worked with a company in Florida, Yang Enterprises, back in 2000.
And at the time, Florida Congressman Tom Feeney, who is now a U.S.
Congressman, he was at the time a Florida Congressman,
Had come into the office there.
Mr. Feeney was apparently a corporate attorney and registered lobbyist for this company while he was in the Florida House and then would become the Speaker of the Florida House.
So he had brought various projects to Yang and one that he had brought that has caused all the alarm here
He had come in and asked, apparently, according to Curtis, if they would be able to create a vote-rigging software prototype.
Now, this is what Mr. Curtis alleges, and he's created a sworn affidavit on the matter, which, of course, I've seen and have released with my original story on it.
And it's a pretty startling allegation, of course.
But what makes it even more startling is the fact that while this particular allegation, for the moment, I should add, is somewhat short on actual hard evidence, all of the other claims that he also made, and there's sort of a three or four year paper trail on Mr. Curtis, have so far come to pass.
He alleged that there was a
Spying going on and documents and databases were being sent to Chutna from Yang.
Wiretapping code was added to software that they were creating for NASA and other companies, Florida Department of Transportation and so forth.
All of those things have checked out pretty much 100%, including a fellow who he was a whistleblower on.
Who has been taken in on espionage charges for sending chips to communist China.
As recently as I believe it was March of this year.
Yeah, there's been mainstream media reports about some of this as well on this Yang Enterprises.
And the question is, you know, why is the gentleman you're reporting on going public now?
Well, it looks like in the past he's been trying to do this through channels.
And it's had some effect, and now he's alleging this.
I want to break.
I want to come back, Mr. Friedman, and kind of go through a blow-by-blow of this.
And obviously where there's smoke, there's fire.
We've seen plenty of other confirmed cases of election fraud going on by the electronic voting machine companies.
This one is new, and so I want to cover that with you after this quick break.
I want to thank you for joining us as well.
The website to look at the coverage of this is bradfriedman.com.
They have links to it via infowars.com.
We'll be back on the other side of this quick break, so please stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're here talking to Brad Friedman.
And his website originally broke the story that now has just proliferated all over the web and even into the mainstream media.
...concerning a gentleman who has blown the whistle on some other activities that have resulted in indictments.
But, again, try to explain this to people.
Give us the chronology of who this individual is, the things he's done, how long he's been alleging this, and what's developed.
Well, Clint Curtis, who has told me, in any case, that at the time that this happened, he was a lifelong Republican...
Back in 2000.
Was working at the software company where Congressman Feeney was a corporate attorney and registered lobbyist while he was a congressman in the Florida House.
And then he became Speaker of the House down there.
And now, my understanding is that...
There was at the time, I think, of 160 members of the Florida House, Mr. Feeney was the only registered lobbyist.
And Yang had quite a few important contracts with the state, with the Florida Department of Transportation, and with other big groups like NASA and so forth.
And so he, while working with Yang, had come in.
Mr. Curtis alleges, in any case, that he would come in and that there was...
Dozens of meetings that Mr. Curtis was present when Mr. Feeney was there and at one of these meetings he had asked about if they could create a prototype for vote rigging software and again and my apologies for adding that it's alleged and Mr. Curtis claims and so forth because I'm trying to be very careful right now.
This is obviously turning into a rather large story and
I think we all need to be careful about this one.
So he alleges that he was asked to create such a program and it had specific requirements that Mr. Feeney had requested.
The program had to be touchscreen capable.
One had to be able to use it without any external devices like a keyboard and so forth.
You couldn't have that anything to...
To the voting machines or the tabulating machines, because these could also be used on tabulating machines, I'm told.
And then finally, and this is really the most interesting aspect here, is that the code for rigging the vote had to be disguised or hidden or otherwise invisible inside the source code, so that if somebody examined the source code, they couldn't see that there was a code in there that would flip
The vote.
And this is a very important point, because this is where Mr. Curtis at the time, who felt, his understanding, he claimed, was that Mr. Feeney was concerned that the Democrats would do this, and he wanted to know what it is that they should look out for, that they were going to try to catch the Democrats if they tried to do that.
So the code had to be invisible in the source code, and Mr. Curtis said, well, that is impossible.
You can't hide anything.
Can't hide these routines.
If anybody examines the uncompiled source code, they will see the code that is written to rig the vote.
Nonetheless, he was ordered by his boss, Mrs. Yang, who was in the meeting, to go ahead and make the software anyway.
He made a very simple program.
It was a prototype
I don't believe it was meant to be used in any actual machine, D-Bold or ES&S or any of these other guys.
This was a prototype for how it might be done.
He came back, delivered it the next day, he claims, to his boss, Mrs. Yang, gave it to her on CD.
It was a very simple program, easy to write.
Gave her the CD, gave her some documentation on how it would be used.
And then again, he stressed that
I wasn't able to hide the code.
It can't be hidden if anybody can look at the source code.
At that time, apparently, she said to him, we have to hide the source code.
You don't understand.
If we don't hide the code, we won't get the contract.
This is to rig the votes in South Florida, to rig the elections.
That's what he quotes her now.
As having said, he has quoted her in a sworn affidavit.
And this has been delivered to Congress.
Now, give us the time frame here.
Then before he goes public, he goes to Congress, he goes to the FBI, he makes the rounds.
Well, yeah, he's been, as he told me, in truth, he didn't think much of the election stuff, the election reading software, back when it happened in 2000, which is why he hadn't spoken a lot about it
Until more recently, because he was more concerned.
He was seeing databases being shipped up and information shipped up and sent out to China to Mrs. Yang's brother, he alleges, and he alleges that Mrs. Yang told him that his brother was a spy and was deported for being a spy.
He was more concerned with all that espionage stuff that he was seeing,
Didn't think much of the election stuff because he felt that it was impossible.
You couldn't hide it because people would see the source code, they would see it, and it would never be done.
Well, the companies just claim it's proprietary and don't let anybody look at it.
Well, that's what happened.
He later on, and I believe it was sometime this summer, he claims that he's not a real political guy, not a news junkie, so he doesn't follow this stuff.
But he caught something, I think he said on CNN, and I don't have my notes in front of me, so I'm working from memory here, but he claimed that he heard a story on CNN that the source code for these voting machines was proprietary, and that nobody was able to look at the pre-compiled source code, and he sort of sat up and said, oh my God, that's how they're going to do it.
That's how they're doing it.
And he never imagined that
The states would buy voting machines.
And then have a contract where they can't look at the code.
They can't look at the software code.
And all of that is admitted.
That is the case.
That's the whole crux of it.
Earlier when I mentioned Diebold and others, they're separate.
I was talking about admissions where they have convicted felons running things for them.
I think?
When he sees this this summer, he goes to the government.
Tell us about that.
Well, he's been trying... He was sending email to CIA, or to FBI, I think CIA, Florida law enforcement officials and so forth.
He received back a note in November from one of them saying that, you know, Mr. Curtis, this is... And I've seen this email.
Mr. Curtis, the...
There is a case currently against Yang that is being investigated by the FBI.
Give me your phone number and address and I'll put you in touch with them.
Above and beyond that, and he's had a great deal of experience, unfortunately it seems, over the past three years dealing with some of these organizations.
And it seems that he wasn't confident that they would truly investigate the situation, and I can talk a little bit more about that and why he might feel that way.
And this has also been delivered to the House Judiciary Committee.
That's correct.
When I heard about it, and I started looking into it... But Tom Feeney is involved with that committee, too, now.
Yes, he is.
He's not in Florida anymore.
He's moved up.
And he was also, I should note here, Jeb Bush's running mate back in 1994 for Jeb's...
Yes, he has.
What does Tom Feeney say about all this?
Tom Feeney has been curiously quiet.
He has made some comments, I understand, to some of the mainstream organizations that are looking into this.
He has pointed out that Yang currently has a suit against Mr. Curtis.
And another plaintiff and now the Florida Department of Transportation claiming intellectual property theft.
So they're saying because he went public about stuff and released company secrets.
The Yang case against him?
Yeah, they're going after him for non-disclosure acts.
Correct, yeah.
I mean, and the problem with that case... So they're not going after him saying this stuff isn't true.
They're saying we're going after you because of non-disclosure.
From what I'm hearing, and it's all right now off the record, that they're trying to paint him as a liar, as a disgruntled employee.
Now, the problem was, he's not a disgruntled employee as far as I can tell.
He resigned from Yang in effective December 2000 and didn't end up leaving the company because they couldn't find anybody to replace him, so he stayed on until February or March of the next year.
He just seems to be a very nice guy that way.
Well, it's funny, you know, again, we're just looking at this case.
We don't know what the truth is, but we know in other cases stuff like this has happened, has been confirmed, and doesn't really get any attention.
In this case, we've got evidence that the Bush people put out these fake documents out of Texas, leaked those to a source who then leaked them again.
Oh, believe me.
Believe me.
I have been quite aware of that and that probability.
There's a difference here in this case, however.
This gentleman is willing to go public.
I'm not saying any of that's going on.
Some people are criticizing and saying this.
But this story matches what we've seen in a bunch of other cases.
And it's a valid concern and a valid criticism.
And even Mr. Curtis himself has, when I informed him, he's sort of been off the grid, if you will, for the last three days when I informed him about what's been going on on the Internet and some of these concerns and charges.
He said to me, good.
The more people who are out there trying to debunk this story,
They'll find a long paper trail on all... And he's done the signed affidavits, so he's putting his money where his mouth is.
The better.
Yeah, and he's naming names, and he's coming out in public, and he's going on broadcast media, he's talking to every interviewer, so it's a bit different.
We don't really have the same sort of shadowy, unnamed, anonymous sources and so forth on this thing.
There's a paper trail, there's a guy who's willing to put his name on the line...
It would be a pretty extraordinary hoax, you know, if... Yeah, this isn't some foggy National Guard document that appeared out of a black hole.
This is somebody putting their name on the line.
And we'll talk about it more when we get back with Brad Friedman, who first wrote this story.
Stay with us, prisonplanet.tv, folks.
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Not yet available in Iowa.
Alright, this is from the Raw Story.
Talking about Clint Curtis.
These are some of the quotes he gave.
In a way, he says, he blames Democrats for not requiring a paper trail for Florida voters.
I can't believe the Democrats were stupid enough to allow this, he says.
I can't imagine anyone going to a bank and not getting a receipt, but yet we have our voting machines that way.
It strikes me as really odd that machines like that could even exist.
If the program were used, he says, it's probably too late to ever detect it.
If you inspect the code, you will see it, he states, once the vote is flipped.
This is what we caught them doing in 98 here in Austin.
This is what they do.
Once it flips those, then other numbers is permanently gone.
There's no receipt, there's no trace, there's no track.
And it goes on.
You could be watching the guy do it, and unless you watched his every move, you would never know he has.
What does he hope to get out of his claims?
If the Democrats ever want to win again, they need to change, he says.
You've got to get rid of these machines and replace them with a reliable source code that could count the votes.
This way, he says, you can get a standard clean vote.
Knowing that another Florida investigator investigating the charges in Florida was found dead in what was ruled a suicide but which he and others still have questions about doesn't deter him.
He says safety, he claims, is less important than the story he has to get out.
Sometimes you just have to give that up, he says.
Some things are just that important.
Well, yeah, the number one cause of death is driving in your car, folks.
You still do it.
You just take the risk.
Going back to the
The man who broke this, Brad Friedman, and the website bradfriedman.com, and now it's all over the news, a lot of big newspapers looking at it.
There have been a lot of people killed, died mysteriously investigating stuff like this.
But it's clear they won't let us see the source code with any of these companies.
Why would our governments put up with this, Brad?
You know, I'm going to, for now, sort of stay out of why they might wish to do that.
And an attempt, really, just to stick to the facts of Curtis' story and his affidavit.
And I will leave the analysis to other folks in the matter.
Because it's a pretty big matter.
And if you don't mind, Alex, there's a couple of points that I want to just be crystal clear on here, if I can.
Mr. Curtis is not alleging that he has any personal evidence that the 2004 election...
Yeah, what he's saying is that he was asked to create this program.
That's correct.
That's all he is saying, and that's an important distinction.
So whether that software was used, in fact, whether that software was given to Mr. Feeney at this time, we don't know.
We have no evidence.
Only Mrs. Yang knows, apparently, because she gave it to him.
Now, mind you, there were other people in that meeting, aside from Mr. Feeney and Mr. Curtis,
And those people, those are named in his affidavit, and I discussed them in my original story on this case.
Those people have not yet spoken.
But it's important that Mr. Curtis' allegations here be very, very clear.
And I think it's important to him, as far as I can tell, because he wants people to look into this, to debunk it, to debunk him, to do anything they can to determine whether this is true or false.
Another issue, if you don't mind, that I'd like to throw out there, he is also, I don't know if you're familiar, but there's a $200,000 reward out there now that's available for anyone who can give evidence that the 2004 election was in fact rigged in some way.
Now, Mr. Curtis has made it clear that he does not want that $200,000 reward, that the information he is alleging does not even prove that, but he has made that very clear to me.
What it shows is, if it's true, is we've got this connection with this Republican star linked back to Jeb Bush and all the rest of it, and again, we will see in the process as this develops,
That's what it means.
But bottom line, we deserve to have a record of how we voted.
We deserve to not have this software secret.
And they've caught other companies with wireless transmitters and the rest of it in them.
And we've caught other companies manipulating the vote.
I mean, this has been mainstream news.
So this is just one more case, but this time it's a programmer saying that they were asked to develop something like this.
And so as this unfolds, we'll be watching your website and watching the other sites that are covering it.
Anything else, Brad?
Thank you.
Well, yeah, obviously there's a whole lot to the story.
Just real, real quickly, that Yang case that they're using now to try to discredit Mr. Curtis, I should add that that's been sort of sitting there for three years and that the employees at Yang as of now have refused to...
Well, because they're saying, oh look, here's a case that says he stole software.
They don't even say there's a case.
What I've heard is that they're saying, this guy is a thief and he stole software.
And if anybody actually looks at the case, and all of that is available via public records in Seminole County...
And in Leon County.
So it can all be checked out.
The case can be checked out.
And, you know, I should add that they have not, Yang has so far not made depositions in the case.
Stay there real quick.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Hi, Alan.
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Call them today at 1... Alright, your calls and a bunch of other key news items are coming up here in just a few minutes.
For John and Ben and Brian and Fred and Leon, everybody else is patiently holding...
Right now we're talking to the gentleman who first posted the affidavit that is a public real affidavit, Brad Friedman, concerning this computer programmer who did work at this Yang company.
The Yang company is in trouble for other separate things, alleging that he was being tasked with producing the software, and that was back four years ago.
Just finishing up what you were trying to say before the break, Brad,
Yeah, that case has been of Yang against Mr. Curtis and another defendant who was also a whistleblower when she was at the Florida Department of Transportation, and she won her whistleblower suit in the matter, because both her and Clint Curtis, who were then working at the Florida Department of Transportation, were both fired after having made their claims about Yang and some other things that were going on.
After they made those claims, Yang then filed this lawsuit.
And remember, Tom Feeney was their corporate attorney.
But that doesn't discredit anybody that you blow the whistle and the company comes after you for non-disclosure.
Well, I think it doesn't discredit anybody either.
But from what I'm hearing, Mr. Feeney is now using that to try.
To discredit Curtis in saying that he stole software.
And if you look at the case, apparently the Florida Department of Transportation had contracted Yang to do some software stuff for them while Curtis was working at Yang.
Later on, Curtis was then working at the Florida Department of Transportation when he filed these whistleblower complaints.
And Yang answered back by saying, oh, they're intellectual property theft.
They're using the software that we created for them.
Problem is, under Florida law, that software is now owned by Florida Department of Transportation.
So they're able to use it any way they wish over there.
On its face, from what I've seen, again, it's all public records that people can check out, it doesn't seem to have a lot of merit.
Yeah, a red herring.
Well, we'll get to the bottom of it, and I appreciate you joining us.
Thanks, Alex.
Appreciate it.
You bet.
Take care.
This story's gotten a lot of attention, and it's one of many, and we'll try to track it and look at it and cover it.
We'll get Bev Harris on tomorrow to give us her view on it.
Right now, let's go back to the calls.
John in Colorado, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
That was fun, wasn't it?
The reason for me calling... By the way, happy holidays to your crew, yourself.
Well, thank you.
You too.
Thank you.
The reason I'm calling was to talk about the Pantera shooting.
But before that, I just want to ask you something.
I apologize, but whatever happened to the guy in Arizona, that really good individual that was the Border Patrol?
I think the governor wanted to get this guy incarcerated.
I'm having one of those moments.
It's like you ask somebody, what's your cousin's name?
And you'd know it if somebody didn't ask you.
Yeah, this fellow was running a Citizens Border Patrol.
Are you talking about the newspaper publisher of the Tombstone Tumbleweed?
Now, there's two different people.
Or are you talking about the other guy?
Well, I'm sorry to do this to you.
I can't remember either right now.
I can't remember.
I'm sorry.
I remember he came on the show and he was kind of pleading.
He was really pleading is what he was doing, pleading.
The story got out because he had to serve a warrant or something, or they didn't have a warrant.
They were just going to come get him, I think was the deal.
They actually didn't even have a warrant.
Yeah, that's not the Tombstone Tumbleweed.
That's the other guy, and I'm having trouble placing the names right now.
Do you remember whatever happened to that guy?
Is he still in prison?
No, I don't.
Okay, I'm sorry to do that to you.
No, it's okay.
I mean, I'm a little bit under the weather, too.
My brain's not at 100%.
The names will pop in my head in a second.
Well, I kind of shifted gears on you.
And after that, the guest that you had on, that was very incredible.
Back to the Pantera deal.
It was just a week ago I was talking to my girlfriend about, we were getting into the Patriot Act and we were talking about a checkpoint, why to have them, why not to have them.
And she was saying, well, you know, if somebody had a gun, you wouldn't, you know, they'd catch them.
But I said, well, there's a bigger picture here to look at than something like that.
So what would you tell
Because, you know, this is perfect timing that Patriot Act II gets passed and this happens and these kind of things start happening and they put it on the news and people are like, oh, you know, well, we've got to protect ourselves.
What would you say to those people as these things start happening?
Well, number one, bad things happen.
And what you'll get is, I mean, are we going to have a checkpoint at every bar, at every street, at every road?
Are we all going to be constantly being searched?
I mean...
I mean, there's no way to do this.
It's a society.
That's unraveling.
But we've always had crazy people.
You know, a thousand years ago, a nut with a sword would run up and start slashing a bunch of people.
I mean, in Japan, where they have total gun bans, they have people run into schools with knives and, you know, carve up 15 children.
You're always going to have a nut up there, whether you have it or not.
Well, you can buy household chemicals and make a bomb.
Should we ban being able to have your household chemicals?
I mean, it's just, look, there's no end to it.
The government can't protect you.
It doesn't want to protect you.
And I'd stay away from things like death metal rock concerts.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Got loaded phones here.
Good to hear from you, John.
Ben, you're on the air.
Where are you calling from?
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
God bless you.
And it must be terrible down there.
I had a question and a statement to actually help people out to get some information.
My first question would be, I'm planning on donating as much as I possibly can on my upcoming paychecks to you.
My main question would be, would you be interested in receiving, say, half of it in silver and half of it in a U.S.
money order?
Would that be useful to you at all?
Well, sir, let me just say this.
I appreciate that offer, but
Really, if you want to buy, say, 50 copies of one of my videos... Oh, I can do that instead, if that's what you would like.
Yeah, and I just hope we can get them across the border.
Canada's worse than Germany or New Zealand or Egypt.
It's very hard, but... But if I could, you know, pure late or whatever, I would be sending the silver that way.
I mean, if you would accept the package.
Well, I mean, if you want to send me some silver, sir, that's fine.
It would be acceptable.
Like, I don't know, do they atomically weight it so that you would know that it's silver, even though it's got a Canadian mint on it?
Well, if you're talking about donating something to me, I mean, what does it matter?
Oh, well, I know, but I mean, just so that it's useful to you if the time comes when silver is much more useful than this fiat currency that everybody seems to be running on.
Anyway, so... Well, let me just say this about donations.
Now, clearly, I take almost all the money that comes in.
I mean, I'm going to admit to you, sometimes I go to a movie or buy a pair of boots with it.
But 90-plus percent of the money I get goes into employees and websites and expanding what we're doing.
Oh, you need to, I know.
People request every day, you know, I want to send you money.
And I normally just say, you know, look, we don't really request that.
A donation would be, if you feel...
That's what it is.
That's how I feel my 10%.
This is the most worthy cause I can imagine.
Well, I would say that we won't take it and then set up a church where we worship George Bush.
Oh, no, no, no.
I was trying to add the point that giving your money to one of these churches that's like that, that's pro-New World Order, I mean, yes, instead of giving money to them, we will use it to fight the New World Order.
But let me just add something to what you just said.
The best tithe you could do is by buying a bunch of the videos, you support what I'm doing, but also then you get something to give to people that will wake them up.
Then you know you're having an effect, so whatever amount you were going to give, just buy a bunch of the videos and books and then give those to people.
So instead of just giving me money...
But there's a wonderful thing to this, though, Alex.
I wanted to give the information out to the people so that you could, you know, if they chose to donate the money instead, so you could use it towards, you know, the Expose Arnold, whatever, all that stuff.
Oh, on that, we are asking for money.
Because that's all going to go to run these ads that we're producing right now to Aaron California against having him be able to amend the Constitution.
If you want to donate money for that, but write on the check specifically that this is for Arnold Exposed, write it to Alex Jones on the bottom and say Arnold Exposed.
Yes, we are asking for money for that.
Before I chew up too much of your time, I don't want to take away from other callers.
Here is a very important piece of information that I want the callers to know about.
There is a website.
Okay, I'm not familiar with it.
Okay, okay, but here it is.
This is the beautiful thing.
With downloading off this site, the S-U-P-R-N-O-V-A dot org, it has a plethora of documentaries, yours included, and The Power of Nightmares, 9-1-1 in Plain View.
There are all tons and books also that you can download for free.
It's quite quick.
And it has amazing amounts of wonderful, wonderful documentaries on there.
Everything that you have, everything that you recommend,
Folks, we recommend all available to download there for free.
There is no cost involved.
The client is free.
The files are free.
It's just a great big massive file sharing network that everybody uses.
Well, that's exciting, and that's what's rivaling the mainstream media and their monopoly of information.
That's why they're panicking.
But listen, Ben, thank you for your time.
You're very welcome, Alex.
God bless you.
Let me just address this donation situation.
People want to give me donations because I don't ask for them.
People trust me because I don't sell the magic products that will heal them of everything.
Look, I'm in this to get the information out.
That's why if you want to donate to me, and quite frankly we could use it, I'll hire more people, I'll get more done.
We've just gotten to the point where I don't have to carry out the trash at both offices and I don't have to put all the light bulbs in.
I could do a lot more if I had more employees, if I had more money.
And we've had people that have sent me checks before, and I appreciate it.
In a few cases, we called them and said, do you have a lot of money?
And they said, no.
And I said, I'm sending your check back.
But if somebody wealthy wants to send me a big fat check, they can be absolutely assured every red cent of it will be spent fighting the New World Order.
Except if we get specifically for fighting the New World Order, we use to fight the New World Order.
Every red cent of the money we've been given to run ads in California against Schwarzenegger, every red cent of that will go towards that.
But really, instead of sending me money to then make films to sell them to people, why not just buy a whole bunch of my videos?
That's really why I dropped the price on two of my most popular DVDs for $5.95 a piece.
I make a couple dollars on that after I pay employees and after I do all that stuff.
But just for our operating expenses.
Why don't you buy, if you want to give me a bunch of money, why don't you buy 100 copies of it
And then you'll get them, and then you can just give them to everybody.
Or go donate them to all the libraries in your area.
That way it isn't just money that comes in, and then, you know, I... It's a better way to get the information out to people.
Excuse me, I've still got a cold.
It is just better.
I do not ask for money.
I personally know a lot of people that ask for money do not need money.
I hear the begging and the implying that they don't have money, and I think it's immoral.
I really think it's immoral.
I grew up in Dallas, Texas around a lot of the big, fancy creatures.
And I'd watch little good churches going bankrupt and the big fat giant ones, you know, just opulently wealthy, begging and saying they needed money.
And I lived across the street from them as they drove around in Jaguars and, you know, owned three houses on the block where different ex-wives lived.
You know, I mean, it was just, it's crazy.
We are not over-capitalized.
We do have money.
Not a ton of it.
We could do more if we had more money.
I wish people would just buy the videos.
We make a good product at a fair price, at a really ridiculously low price.
We let you make copies of the films for non-profit educational purposes.
Take PrisonPlanet.tv, 15 cents a day.
And we had to do that because we just couldn't pay for the bandwidth.
I couldn't afford $4,000 or $5,000 a month in bandwidth having everything free.
We do that.
We charge, but then have a lot of the stuff for free for people that are just coming by the site for the first time to reach out to them.
The goal here is information.
The goal here is warning people.
I, at the end of the day, do not care about money.
Money is only so that I can operate
Money is only a means to an end.
I don't worship it.
It's not my idol.
In fact, I wish I was more into it because then I'd be more focused on making it.
I wish I was more into my appearance.
I used to be.
I'm trying to make myself be more into it just because I can last longer and look better to people and that has an effect.
You know, there's so many things.
I really am focused on how they grab people's children and feed them pesticides and kill them in many cases, and that's BBC News here in the United States.
I'm more concerned about mercury in the vaccines.
I literally burn with a desire to warn people.
And so that's my goal.
And so I ask all the people out there,
If you want to have an effect, order 4 or 5 or 10 or 20.
And if you want to just send people money, then order 100 copies of my videos.
And again, we'll sell them to you at a little over $5.
We'll even do some deals even lower if you want to buy a whole bunch of them.
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I mean, some months when we don't sell enough big Berkeys, I've got to put thousands of dollars in to pay for the short way to reach out to people.
I mean, just a few years ago, I would literally have like $100 in my bank account.
Now we're not in that position.
But again, money means absolutely nothing to me.
Other than it's like fuel in my engine.
But anyways, the caller brought that up.
I would just ask people out there, if you feel moved to support what we're doing, and I would say probably nobody works harder than we do, than I do, and if you want to get behind something that's defending the republic, then just call the toll-free number, 1-888-253-3139.
By the third hour of this cold, it gets tough.
And tell them, I want one copy of your video.
And then get it and buy a bunch of VCRs and duplicate it.
Spend your money that way.
Or say, I want 50 copies of the original.
Because people are more apt to watch it if it's in the pretty color packaging and all that.
And get them and give them to people.
You want to give selflessly, do that and it will have a huge effect.
1-888-253-3139 or write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
I've even caught people telling folks to give them money in my name.
I've only asked for money twice.
Once for the Waco Rebuilding Project and once for Schwarzenegger.
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I want to take a few final calls here.
And I don't want to discourage people from giving to worthwhile ministries.
But you need to personally check out whoever you give money to.
And a good way to donate to the cause, if you want to support this radio broadcast, is call your local AM or FM affiliate up that's carrying this show.
Let's say they're carrying an hour or two of it.
And say, you know, I want to sponsor the show.
I want it on all three hours.
And then what that does is we actually reach people who are going to flip through the dial that one time and hear this show in that hour that they wouldn't have heard it.
That'll then change their life.
And they'll change somebody else's life.
The goal is giving to things that reach people.
And there's ways you can give by buying videotapes where you're assured that good is being done with it because you're getting the videos out to people yourself, or giving to radio stations, doing things like that.
That's what you can do that I know will have an effect.
Let's go ahead and talk to Brian in Virginia.
Brian, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
How are you doing?
Pretty good.
I was going to ask if you had heard anything about the underground explosions going off in Virginia, Richmond.
You heard anything about that?
No, I hadn't.
No, it was all over the local news for almost a month, and it kind of went away.
They had brought out a seismologist.
They brought out the gas company.
They talked to the military.
They couldn't figure out what it is.
I know there's been a lot of weird earthquakes and tremors in areas around the country.
You don't normally see them.
Yeah, I'm wondering if that's what it actually is.
Sometimes volcanic activity gets into gas domes, and you get underground explosions.
Kind of what I was figuring.
I had a friend of mine go to a professor at a university in North Georgia to try to find out more about it, if there are any fault lines out here.
But they're dismissing that.
I mean, it's cracking homes.
Got people very concerned.
Send me an email on it.
I have to plead ignorance.
Okay, well, I shot you an email on it today.
And they said they believed it was a juvenile creating havoc.
And that just isn't plausible.
How would a juvenile play havoc and crack foundations?
That makes no sense.
But that's what I guess people are accepting.
Oh, okay.
That must be what it is.
I know they've admitted they've had these underground tunneling locomotives that can move a couple feet an hour, and then the grinding causes a big hum, a low-frequency hum, but I didn't know about explosions.
Yeah, I have a feeling that it could be also that.
It could be excavations.
There's a lot of that going on.
That's been going on since the 40s.
I don't doubt that at all.
Interesting points, Brian.
Thanks for holding.
Good to talk to you.
Is it Eric in California?
Go ahead.
Yeah, hi Alex, how's it going?
Pretty good.
I'm a federal officer, or was, a whistleblower.
I graduated from a federal service academy called Kings Point.
It's the United States Merchant Marine Academy in New York.
It's a sister academy to West Point Annapolis.
The Department of Homeland Security has come after me, pulled me out of civil court, prosecuted me for what I brought civil complaints for.
And covered up, I wrote a whistleblower letter to Secretary Norman at a, you know, Department of Transportation.
What was it concerning?
They've suspended our entire federal contracts.
We work as federal maritime officers, embedded in an industry affecting commerce and transportation, working on, like, container ships and tankers, you know, oil tankers and stuff.
We are valid federal officers, even when we're working for, like, quote-unquote private shipping companies like Mastin and other shipping companies.
Our pay is actually paid out under what are called general agency agreements.
You know, you'll have to call me back tomorrow or something, earlier in the show, to be able to get through this.
I'm sorry, we're at the end of the program.
I apologize, Eric, and I apologize to Leon and everybody else that's patiently holding.
We're just flat out of time.
Thanks for putting up with me with this cold, too.
I know it's probably not nice to listen to sometimes.
It's an uncontrollably hack.
On the air.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight central on your local AM and FM station, global shortwave at 3210.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 as well during the day, 9.985.
And as always, the internet at infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
And just know that getting out there and taking action is the key.
We can affect change.
We do have power.
God bless you all.