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Air Date: Dec. 8, 2004
2407 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
It's a dark day for the Republicans.
December 7th, 2004, a day that will live in infamy.
America and the American people were suddenly and systematically, brutally attacked by our criminal government.
The attack is ongoing.
The attack is continuing in D.C.
as we speak.
They are attacking the Constitution, the Bill of Rights.
They are savaging it.
They are murdering it with extreme pleasure.
Three weeks ago, they passed the new Freedom Initiative, the Sovietization of America, the forced psychological testing of all children and then starting with adults with pregnant women.
The guidelines were written by the drug companies.
Their own public documents show it is all to make, quote, billions of dollars.
The government lets them do it because they want a drugged-out, controlled population.
Yesterday, because none of the conservative publications would talk about it, Patriot Act II and the National ID Card passed the House.
And I was listening to CBS morning radio news, and they came on and said, Arlen Specter says it'll keep you safe.
Senator Lieberman, President Bush, says he'll happily sign it as soon as the Senate's gotten their job done.
It's a foregone conclusion in the media.
And in polls when they say, you want us to fix the intelligence agencies?
Oh yeah, fix them, I'm for that.
But when you say, do you want a national ID card, 90 plus percent are against it.
So they just don't tell you about it.
And you thought Patriot Act 1 was bad.
Patriot Act 2, with all the secret arrests and torture and executions and DNA databases, all of it, all of it,
Is in this legislation that is now on the door of the Senate.
They're not even really debating it right now.
It's a question of, if you don't pass this, Al-Qaeda is going to get us, and then it's going to be the fault of those that didn't pass it.
That's the essence of the definition of terrorism.
The true old definition.
The new definition is any misdemeanor crime, we're all terrorists.
And you thought I was joking when I said that years ago in my analysis of Patriot Act 1.
Now you see the cases.
People that complain too much.
People that sell marijuana.
Individuals that sell knock-off Rubik's Cubes.
This is what Patriot Acts are all about.
And now they have rammed it through the House and it's going into the Senate.
That is the definition of terrorism.
The old definition is to threaten violence or carry out violence, to scare a population or individuals into acquiescing to your demands.
Pass these bills or Al-Qaeda is going to get you.
Give up your freedoms or America dies.
Pretty simple to see who the terrorists are.
By the way, this bill has nothing in it about driver's license for illegal aliens, nothing in it about the open borders.
Good Republican congressman tried to introduce legislation, a congresswoman, I should add, that would have made it a federal crime and not allowed all these driver's licenses to be issued to all these foreigners, these illegal aliens.
That's not even in there.
So what would really stop terrorists if they really existed outside the CIA and MI6 and Mossad, something that would really stop terrorists getting in there.
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Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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The New World Order.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
December 7, 2004, a day that will live in infamy.
The American people were suddenly and viciously attacked by the criminals in Washington.
The Constitution was savaged.
And I'd like to say that I have no doubt in the resolve of the American people to rise up against this unprovoked and deliberate sneak attack
Pearl Harbor to be attacked on December 7th.
Oh, I have a copy, actual copy of the newspaper.
It wasn't just all that.
It wasn't the new fleet was out to sea and the old fleet tied up in neat little rows and people giving the day off.
The biggest piece of evidence was the fact that four separate midget pocket subs... What?
Two-man subs were sunk that morning, hours before the 300 aircraft of the Empire of Japan attacked.
The ships picked them up.
They first knew because one crashed on the reef.
They saw it on the reef.
And then the others, they sunk and depth-charged.
They sunk one right outside the harbor, but they were given orders just...
Stand down!
You know, we're just blowing submarines up right now.
Everybody, just don't warn anybody.
Everybody keep playing baseball or whatever you were doing or laying out on the beach with the lovely ladies of the Nursing Corps.
Just relax yourselves there.
Go play golf.
Just blowing some submarines up right now.
This has always been hidden in plain view.
But a couple years ago, CNN did do a report that, quote, we attacked first, and it was admitted, okay, declassified, we were sinking the submarines that morning.
And see, that's just a fact you can't ignore.
But December 7th, December 7th, 2004, I mean, you really ought to look at your children, folks, and know...
The world you're giving them, because they look up to you, they count on you to protect them, they have total confidence in you, and we are delivering them into a cross between the East German Stasi, the Nazi Gestapo, and the Russian GRU.
And I'm serious when I say that.
They're even hiring all the old heads of the KGB and Stasi to help run all this.
All the same systems, the tattletale squads, the snatch-and-grab teams, the gun confiscation forces.
It's all being publicly arrayed.
Many years in the making, many years in training and forging these implements to knock down the gates of America and to sack the inner city and burn it to the ground.
I got a call yesterday, and I just want to commend Ron Paul's office.
I mean, his staff are the hardest working, most informed, just greatest people you can imagine.
And I want you to send them thank you notes.
Email them.
Thank them.
Thank Mr. Dice and the folks at Answer the Phones and Ron Paul, their whole staff.
Because they're still there in Washington fighting.
We're good to go.
And of course, even when it's not a sneak attack, like the faith-based initiatives to take over the churches and federalize them, or even when it's public and it's not a sneak attack, like the New Freedom Initiative to forcibly psychologically test every child in the country, public, private, or homeschooled, at gunpoint if need be, they'd actually pass that.
That wasn't a sneak attack, and they got millions of calls, millions the news reported, but they just said, we don't care.
We got a mandate.
Forced drugging.
It's conservative.
Shut up.
Bill Clinton and all of them just love it.
They're all out supporting it.
But we do have a sneak attack with Patriot Act 2.
But we can't just stop with Patriot Act 2, why it's a national ID card.
Out of the gates with all the bad uses and ramifications.
You have to have a job, hooked into all these private indexes and databases, much like the CAPS2 system where you've done nothing wrong but you can't fly.
Internal checkpoints, internal hardened checkpoints where you'll have the equivalent of TSA people fondling you and your wife and children and throwing your goods out on the road at hardened checkpoints.
It's all in there.
All in the bill.
But it doesn't stop there.
Wait, there's more!
Oh, it always gets better!
The depths, they plumb.
Total information awareness and network funding.
It's so good!
Is the average person driving along in their car today or reading the newspaper?
Oh, good!
The neocon newspapers said, and the so-called conservative papers, the liberal papers.
Oh, good!
Oh, they're working together.
Don't worry, you're going to be safe now, at least for a few weeks until they have more legislation.
Don't worry, everything's going to be okay now.
The Senate has now got the bill, and they're getting together to keep you safe so intelligence can communicate with each other.
You're for them being able to communicate with each other, aren't you?
I did searches the last few days, and I knew they were trying to pass these bills.
Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere was it discussed what was in the bill.
The media wouldn't talk about it.
The Newsmaxes of the world, the New York Times of the world, none of them.
It's just pass it, it's good, get it done, oh it's great.
And Bush said, better pass it or the terrorists are going to get you.
I mean, they've been on the news.
You better do this or it's all over.
Why, Al-Qaeda's not going to wait.
You see, I thought Homeland Security was supposed to save us, but, oh, that's not enough.
Now we need a new super agency and even more controls.
And all of this going on while the border is more open than ever.
And good congressmen said, well, if you're going to pass this, we might as well get it in there that illegal aliens can't be issued driver's licenses by states, as long as we're federalizing IDs.
And they said, no, we're going to accept.
We're going to accept consular matriculas, and we're going to let the states keep doing this to anybody with no proof of who they are.
But citizens have to jump through innumerable hoops.
So I got this call yesterday.
And I put out this little email.
At approximately 3.30 p.m.
yesterday, Ron Paul's press secretary, Jeff Dice, called me to warn that the legislation that encompasses the National ID Card and Patriot 2 provisions was on the verge of passing the House tonight.
And it did.
Dice stated that the bill and what it means for America could be described in a word as tyranny.
Dice's tone was very serious, and their office was frantic to get this word out.
And I made it clear, of course, on a radio interview that I did right after that, that they were very earnest to warn people that it was a war room atmosphere.
Dice and Ron Paul were desperate to mobilize...
The alternative media before the bill reaches the Senate tomorrow.
There is still a chance that we can shoot down the National ID card provisions before the bill is passed in full.
Dice went on to explain his disbelief at how the so-called conservative Bush administration had betrayed America and how Paul's colleagues on Capitol Hill were blindly going along with this and doing whatever Bush tells them to do without question.
And Ron Paul's giving his neocon speech, saying the same thing.
Again, Paul was on the floor fighting it at the time.
And Dice, there he was, and the whole staff calling, people trying to warn him, trying to do something, because it was not the news!
For the past two days, mainstream news articles have talked of a compromise which was made with the few dissenting voices, and the bill would be steamrolled through.
However, those articles fail to mention the very worst aspects of the bill.
Instead, pitching it as a mere...
Reformation of intelligence communication protocol.
Please call your congressional office right now and vote your opposition to this bill.
And it passed in the House last night.
It's in the Senate, S-2845.
The National ID Card Clause, which will be tied into the new sales tax and all the nightmares, in S-2845, is 7212. 7212.
And here is an article written by Ron Paul last night after it passed.
This is on prisonplanet.com.
I hope you get this out to everybody.
Police state ID card bill passes without Congress even reading it.
And folks, it's going to pass the Senate, but we've got a moral responsibility to historically at least say we called.
And Jeff Dizer talked to him this morning.
We're getting Ron Paul on tomorrow.
Told me that, yes, at least it's good that we're talking about it because then people learn of it.
So call them, call your media, call everybody and go, you know, how dare you?
You know, you bemoan Patriot Act 1 and say, oh, well, we didn't know what was in it, we didn't get a chance to read it.
Well, the same thing just happened this time.
But you did have a chance to read it.
Police state ID card bill passes without Congress even reading it.
That's because the last version was 3,000 pages.
It mirrors the Patriot X sneak-through.
So that's Ron Paul's headline.
Again, we'll be right back and we'll go over Ron Paul's comments on this.
Stay with us.
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All right, my friends, we're back live.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment at 1-800-259-9231.
I hope you want to talk about Patriot Act II and the National ID Card.
And I got up against that hard break there, and it sounded like doublespeak.
I said, they don't have the excuse of saying they couldn't read this bill.
And then I read Ron Paul's headline, Police State ID Card Bill Passes Without Congress Even Reading It.
That is, we knew the provisions and subsections that had been added months ago for a national ID card, federal standardization of that, and for Patriot Act II.
But thousands of pages were then added
When this thing was brought back up for a vote yesterday.
So whole giant sections hadn't even been looked at.
No one had a chance to read large portions of it, so we don't even know.
And Ron Paul says here in this legislative update from last night after it passed the House that we don't even know what's in the Senate.
We know the 3,000 pages that went to them, but they may even add more to that.
Police state ID card bill passes without Congress even reading it.
3,000-page bill passage mirrors that of First Patriot Act sneak-through.
Emergency alert.
National ID.
Patriot Act II.
Legislation on verge of passing.
December 7th at 7.38 p.m.
this was released.
House passed the conference report on the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act by a vote of 336 A's or I's to 75 No's vote tally.
The U.S.
There you have it.
Democrats and Republicans.
It was mainly conservatives that voted against it.
Bush working with the larcenous Democrats as usual.
I don't want to hear Democrats whine about the Patriot Act.
Bush is evil.
He's a no.
Bill Clinton saved me.
They all work together.
If you were a member of Congress, would you vote yes on a 3,000 page bill that you never had a chance to read?
Most reasonable people wouldn't.
Most reasonable people would want to read and study legislation before deciding how to vote.
Especially legislation as monumental as the Intelligence Reorganization Legislation, or so-called 9-11 Bill.
And monumental it is.
Legislation will greatly affect various intelligence and military agencies and procedures, financial systems, international relations, not to mention civil liberties in addition.
The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the legislation will cost $14.4 billion to implement over the next four years.
That's $14.4 billion on top of the normal annual budgets for the various governmental agencies involved.
Yet this monumental legislation will be voted on by members of Congress without those members having had time to read it, let alone study the bill.
It's just after 2 p.m.
ET on Tuesday, December 7th.
The U.S.
House is expected to vote on the 9-11 bill sometime today or tomorrow, but at this moment there isn't a copy of the final bill available for House members to read.
Is there a provision in the bill to establish national ID?
And again, by the time I talked to Jeff Dyes at 3.30, they had it.
Let me give you the subsection.
No one seems to know, or at least the people who don't know aren't saying, what else is in the bill?
They just throw 3,000 pages at you.
That the select few in Washington are keeping secret.
Who knows?
Anything could be.
And that's the point.
Remember how the passage of the Patriot Act was handled?
Members had only two to three hours to read the 400-page bill before they had to cast their vote?
The legislation that created the Department of Homeland Security was handled in the same way.
So here we go again.
Everyone is talking about the monumental legislation as if they've read it.
News reporters, commentators, political analysts, think tanks, 9-11 families, and yes, members of Congress are busy sounding off as experts trying to convince the American public that Congress should pass it.
Have any of these people actually read it?
Their opinions are just based upon someone else's opinions that are based upon other people's opinions, and so on.
The House version of the Intelligence Reorganization Bill is in two volumes.
Volume 1 is 1,778 pages.
Volume 2 is 1,586 pages.
How many pages are in the final conference report, and what exactly has been added and deleted at the last minute?
Well, as of 2 p.m., the final report is not available to members to read, but the vote on the enormous bill will be held within hours.
We urge no vote because we believe the bill has a national ID provision in it.
In addition, we urge no, and it goes on and on.
So, as of 3.30, when I got a call from their office, they had gotten the subsection.
And it's S-2845, over 3,000 pages.
And the subsection for the national ID card is 7212.
And that baby passed yesterday.
And that baby is now.
That Rosemary's baby is now in the Senate.
They could be voting on it any minute.
And the controlled press and the neocons will not tell you what is in it.
They'll be back with your calls, presentpilot.tv.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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At the end of the broadcast yesterday, we had to basically not go to all the calls because a caller called in who had questions about WTC7 with Larry Silverstein saying that they gave the order to pull the building and watch it come down.
And we had to end the show.
We didn't have enough time to debate that.
And if that fellow's listening and wants to call in on the next hour, he's welcome to, and we can debate that and discuss that.
We're about to go to your calls.
In the next hour, I also want to play a Ron Paul legislative update about the dollar, the plunging dollar, and what that means for the American people.
But again, the Homeland Security 9-11 Police State Bill has the House over 3,000 pages.
Part 1 is 1,778 pages.
So what, that's 3,000... 3,000...
Part 2 is 1,586 pages.
300 plus pages long.
And we had some of the subsections, and after it was passed and voted on, they got a copy of the bill, and it did indeed have what it had in it two weeks ago, the National ID Card and Patriot Act II.
And again, they passed parts of Patriot Act II back with the Intelligence Enhancement Act, and another act they had, what was it?
It was December...
The 13th of 2003, almost a year ago, when that passed, and they announced it on the same day that they captured Saddam, so they didn't really get any news.
It was on the Associated Press.
That was about it.
They passed a large portion of it then, but it looks like larger portions, if not added Patriot Act II garbage, was in this one.
And I'm going to try, now that it's public, to look at the...
3,000-something pages.
I would challenge you as listeners to go to thomas.loc.gov.
Hundreds of folks that want to take action, or the thousands of Internet listeners want to take action, you might go to thomas.loc.gov and type in the bill number, S-2845.
And I would hope it's been posted there now.
It went to Congress after they passed it.
That's a new special thing they do.
But I would imagine it should be there now that it's gone to the Senate.
Subsection 7212 about the National ID Card.
Again, hundreds of us going and looking at it can probably find some of this stuff.
It's many minds together make light work, as they say.
Right now, let's go to the calls.
John in Texas, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Alex Jones.
Yes, sir.
Well, I hope you're feeling better.
I've got a cold, but thanks for asking.
Not really.
All right.
Well, I've got a question that's nothing to do with that Pace React stuff.
But I've heard you and Jack Blood and Derry Brown talk about masonic this and mason that.
What's masons and who are they?
And can you elaborate on that a little bit?
What is that?
Do you want to hold on to the answer?
Yeah, sure.
Well, I mean, look, I've had great-grandfathers and people that were Masons and they weren't bad people.
Most Masons aren't bad.
It's a long, lengthy answer.
You know mathematics and scientific secrets are powerful and important today, right?
Yes, sir.
They unlock the secrets of the atom, the secrets of the subatomic particles.
In our modern quantum mechanics.
Well, mathematics was just as important to people a couple thousand years ago, I don't know, 2,400 years ago, with King Solomon.
They knew how secret construction guilds that had been based in Egypt knew mathematics, how to build the arch, concrete...
How to put pillars up, how to build structures.
And those were big secrets because for the men that knew how to do it, they were at the highest levels of government and were very wealthy.
And so they were very selective about who they taught construction secrets to.
And of course now those construction secrets are open to anybody that wants to go get an engineering degree and has a mathematical brain.
And so these things formed.
But back then, science and mysticism were one and the same.
They believed that science and mathematics was mystical.
So you also have a mystical occult origin to it that predates Christ, that predates Moses and the mountain, that predates Abraham.
And so it's occultic.
And so it is occultic by its very roots.
We're good to go.
Sometimes they're very corrupt.
Sometimes they're altruistic.
Depends on the people running local Masonic lodges.
But nationally and internationally, the grand heads of it are Satanists.
They're Luciferians at the higher degrees above the 33rd degree that most Masons, porch Masons as they call them, don't even know exist.
So that's what the Masons are, and that's what they're doing.
So there's your answer.
Okay, thank you, sir.
I appreciate the call.
Let's talk to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Talking about the media there and how they're selling us out by not covering all this, I have a new acronym for them, Manipulators Eroding Democracy in America.
That's how I refer to them anymore.
I wondered if you had caught the CNBC interview yesterday afternoon.
It was around 4.30ish Eastern Time.
With the police chief from Miami.
Oh, no, I missed that.
It was just so cryptically scripted, Alex.
They had the police chief on.
It was a Kudlow and Kramer show, I think, and they were interviewing him about this passage of the National ID card and that.
Wait a minute, they actually admitted it?
Well, they were talking about it, and what the police chief did admit to, I'm paraphrasing here, is that, I think I've come around, he was saying, that we need to accept this national ID card as a real thing, and that Americans really should be thinking about giving up some of their rights for security, and then the guys come back, and it was like, oh, I couldn't agree with you more, and it was just like total brainwashing, and anyone that's still getting all of their information just from the mainstream media are total, what I call, stepfords.
Again, people watching don't put two and two together.
No, they don't.
If the borders stay wide open, they're going to accept all these foreign, easily bought and fake, counterfeited ID cards.
They wouldn't even put... I mean, it's a joke, folks.
This national ID card is just like they can control you when you fly.
It's going to be for jobs, school.
It's admitted.
Internal checkpoints on the highways.
It's in the bill.
And most jobs are going to be, you know, these Stasi-like law enforcement jobs to begin with.
You can see it.
Everyone's picking up in the community colleges and elsewhere, you know, law enforcement degrees and it's like that.
It's becoming a big thing.
Something... We're saturated in it.
Something I didn't really cover enough yesterday.
I went out to eat at Marie Callender's.
It's a chain of restaurants because...
I wanted to go eat their salad bar, and I get some of the children's menu with the Crayolas, and on it, it's cops with billy clubs swinging them at you, and it says the CIA is law enforcement, they're here to help you, and then it was just cops helping children, and it says they're the greatest heroes you can have, and
I mean, maybe a cop who does something heroic is a hero, but they're not all heroes.
You know, they're paid to do a job.
But the point is, we're just immersed in propaganda.
These are your leaders.
They're here to help you.
And the CIA is here to help you.
They're law enforcement.
Well, no, they're not.
They're not supposed to operate domestically.
But children's menus.
You know, it's just...
It's everywhere.
It's like the cigarette companies aiming lower and lower and lower to try to get their propaganda across.
I was hoping you could comment quickly on two things that I see that are going to happen before the final push for the big power grab is they're going to have to work on their gun grab.
And I can see the final collapse of the economic situation here with the devaluation of the dollar.
Yeah, that's going to be it.
If stuff gets lawless and breaks down, I know I agree with you.
That's how we'll do it.
Thanks for the call.
This is what I see happening.
And I pray, I hope, I work as hard as I can to stop it.
This is what I see happening.
Sometime in the next year, they might wait two years while they train their people and put all their police state in place and put more face-scanning cameras up on the smallest rural roads and
We're good to go.
Just right in the middle of an economic crash, they will then carry out a terror attack that will cause the people not to blame the government.
It will cause the people to rally around the government, even though stuff's tough and having to take your pension funds.
Man, Al-Qaeda, you're better off than those people in that big city where 200,000 died when the nuke went off.
We thought the world changed forever after 9-11.
And some people said, don't take our rights for security.
Boy, they're being shown for the traitors they are.
In fact, some of them are being arrested right now.
No one's going to question this now.
And yes, call it what you want.
It's martial law, but it's what we need.
And this had to happen.
For people to finally wake up and give up their freedom.
It's calling martial law if you want.
We call it security.
And then no one will mention, well, wait, you left the borders wide open, or whatever event happens.
Wait, you had systems that could pick up these nuclear weapons.
Or, wait a minute, you know, smallpox is only in a Russian and U.S.
There won't be any of that.
It'll just be, the government is saving you.
The new freedom is here.
And they've got all their laws lined up, all their things, and then sees this atmosphere of tyranny.
While that happens, then riots broke out in surrounding areas during the quarantine.
And they were running gun battles with police.
I'm sorry, as it spreads, everyone, if you want food to be delivered to your local area, you've got to come in and turn in your firearms or report who's got them.
Now, if you want to keep your firearm, we've got a quick little database check we can do.
You can come in for a week-long training seminar, and then you may be given a firearm as an auxiliary force leader in your area.
You'll have squads of yuppies and people who need a job, and so they'll all be part of that.
And that's going to be how it works.
You go, well, why would they do that?
Because they want power and control, folks.
Because they're threatened by liberty and freedom.
They know we're waking up to them.
We know we're going to stand up against their new freedom initiative to force psychologically tested forced drugs.
They know we're going to stand up against their free trade area of the Americas.
They know we're going to stand up against all this.
We're going to get angry by the deindustrialization.
So there's got to be a big enough threat to get us to all rally around this thing while it happens.
Now let's go to the calls.
Tim in Ohio, or we already talked to Tim in Ohio.
Steve in Ohio.
Go ahead, Steve.
Yeah, how you doing, Alex?
Hey, Alex, I have to put you on the spot here, but I get to renew my license in a year or so.
And my question is, I don't know how the state of Ohio is, but when they start asking for retina scans, what would you recommend for people like myself if that's going to be the law in a year?
Because that's when my expiration comes up.
And also, will you personally be willing to do that yourself?
Well, let me, again, this is a big question.
And it's a sophisticated question.
I didn't have a driver's license for four years.
I had an expired one.
When my license expired, have you ever seen America Destroyed by Design?
Yes, I have that video.
Yeah, so the last 20 minutes I go in and preach to the police and they arrest me.
That's just a small part of the film.
And I went for four years, almost longer than that, almost five, without an ID card.
And I got tickets for it and I had a lot of trouble flying.
And a lot of things went on.
And then I said on air that I went and I went ahead and thumb-printed and face-scanned.
Oh, you've already gone through that?
Well, let me tell you.
I went ahead and went and did that because it's something you have to weigh.
You know, it's like people laughed at me after I got arrested.
Protesting thumb printing.
They said, well, they went ahead and thumb printed you anyways when you got arrested.
Ha ha ha.
They saw it in their world view as if I individually was caring about myself.
And whereas, ha ha, I got arrested and thumb printed anyway.
No, it was about bringing attention to it.
It was about educating people.
It was about getting it on the local news, showing what was happening.
And my analogy was, Rosa Parks, why didn't she just put
Clown pancake makeup on and act like she was a white lady, and then she could have ridden at the front of the bus.
Well, it wasn't about her individually.
It was about drawing attention.
And so while I fight the national ID card, and while I go against it, if I can't get on an airplane to fly to L.A.
to go on national TV and fight the national ID card...
Then you have to weigh that.
Let's say we go into a total police state, total New World Order takeover, and I've got to have something to travel to do something I need to do.
Then it's a war zone.
As a secret agent in Nazi Germany, would I have fake IDs?
Or would I go through a process?
We fight the system.
We go against the system.
We fight employers that try to make us have it.
We go against that.
But understand, the retina scanners and thumbprints are in the bill, but they can also have a face print, which is a digital photo, or a thumbprint.
Understand, sir, any camera of a high enough digital quality, which is just mid-grade, they're already face scanning you on the street.
Right, but it almost seems like it's a somewhat acquiescence, because the fact of the matter is, Alex,
And I understand your position.
Now, where would you draw the line if they said we need to put a biometric trip under your skin?
Would you conform to that in a year?
They may have it in a year.
And if they do that... Well, they will after a newt goes off.
They've been softening us up for it, and that's the plan.
But let me stop you.
Let me just explain what I'm trying to... I mean, you asked a question, it's a serious one.
I'm trying to give you the answer.
From my view, you can have your own view.
This is an area open for debate.
I'm not saying I'm the Grand Poobah here.
What I'm trying to get at is, when you walk outside, or you walk to the mall, or when you walk in a hotel...
When you walk under that camera on the street corner, most of those have face scanning software.
So already they're doing it.
Most states have federally put in the scanners that scan your license plate.
And create that number into a digital check.
The point is, it's already here.
I fought it for four years.
I tried to stop it.
We already had the national ID card at the local level.
Now they're just going to make it the law that you've got to have a job, even if you don't have a car.
And now they're going to tie it to all that.
But no, when it comes to the point of take a chip, and you'll be a trusted citizen, even after the nuke,
Or the smallpox release, they still won't make you.
It'll just be, well, you're automatically pulled over, or you're not trusted to go in the mall, or certain grocery stores aren't going to let you, and they're going to have mass chipping centers.
This is going to happen, by the way.
One last thing.
I was telling you yesterday about...
About people getting off the grid system.
And I'm saying seriously that if this thing gets so tyrannical that people's lives are miserable, I would recommend people quit their jobs and just work for food and just live like vagabonds in the hills.
I agree with you, but then what are you going to do when they have mop-up ops and they send out the local ghoul squad to go to your little camp because you're probably a terrorist?
You know what you're going to have to do.
Oh, by the way, did you get the video yet?
Which one?
The Tom Brokaw one.
Yes, I did, and I'm going to send you off some videos for sending that to me.
Okay, I've got some other stuff I'll put on DVD for you, okay?
Thanks a million, sir.
I appreciate it.
No, I mean, punching out of the system, running to a foreign country, that'll work, but only so long.
We've got to fight this now.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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It's the history of the world.
The elites trying to dominate and enslave their populations to ensure they're controlled.
To knock out any resistance.
They're threatened by your intellects, by your freedom, by your minds, by your love.
All they've got is their power and their control and they...
They want more.
They're dark-hearted creatures.
Dr. Deagle, a U.S.
government expert who was inside Homeland Security meetings, he wants to come on today, so we'll have him on as a guest the next hour, and so does Jack McClam.
And I'm glad both these gentlemen called, police and military against the New World Order.
We'll just have him on as a guest the next hour and take your calls.
And I've got a fever and a cold, folks, so I'm going to be running a rebroadcast of that microchipping interview I did last week in the third hour.
I probably shouldn't even be in here today because it will end up making me sicker longer, but you've got to do what you've got to do.
I just could not come in and do the broadcast today.
Before I go to David in Illinois and others that are patiently holding, I really hope you'll listen to my call and take action and realize that they may put in whatever laws they want.
They can say black people aren't human beings again.
We don't have to follow it.
They can claim that
George Bush or Al Gore are God and sovereigns.
They're not.
They can claim they're going to force drug us and force psychologically test us.
At the grassroots, we've got to say no and fight it and take over our city governments politically and hold the line against it, like we've done with Patriot Act II.
When they use Patriot Act against innocent people, non-terror related, we've got to scream bloody murder and point it out and fight it.
We've got to get past our fear and you've got to take action out there.
The big thing is educating people.
Folks get little bits of info here and there, but they never get the big picture.
They do get the big picture if they're blessed enough, I guess, to stumble across this broadcast or other broadcasts.
But they're really blessed if you give them a copy of one of my videos.
And I've made 11 of them.
They're all excellent.
They show you what the New World Order is up to.
They're an encyclopedia of information.
If you watched all 11 films, you would have a master's degree.
Of data that took people decades to collate and put together and understand the plan.
All the work of other people put together and all the information.
I mean, really, the 11 films together, it's got to be 15 hours of video or more.
If you just watch these 11 films, it's got to be 15 hours.
What am I talking about?
It's got to be like 30 hours.
The average film is about two and a half hours long.
See, my math isn't working too well today, folks, with a fever.
But I've got a fever just like this country's burning right now.
It's liberties and freedoms.
It's like the soul of this country's burning out right now.
But the wheat from the chaff, while the freedom, while the liberty is dismantled, for every action there's an equal or greater reaction.
And there's a great, what do they say in the Bible?
When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against it.
Are you part of that standard?
Will you be part of Gideon's army?
Will you be called to stand up and stand in the light and not hide in the darkness and stand up for your children and your humanity and decency and honor?
I hope you'll get my videos.
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We have the Constitution and history on our side.
And we're going to win.
But it's going to be a lot more painful if you don't take action.
So InfoWars.com or 888-253-3139.
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We'll be back with the second hour.
Introduce... Big Brother Mainstream Media
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, listen up and listen up good.
The traitors in D.C.
passed the National ID Card Patriot Act II last night in the House.
It's now in the Senate.
I hope you'll call the Senate switchboard and ask to talk to your degenerate senator.
Those phone numbers are all at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
It's over 3,300 pages long.
3,300 plus pages.
Part 1, 1,778 pages.
Volume 2, 1,586 pages.
This is ultra-massive, what they're doing to the Constitution.
They're just dismantling it.
And, of course, they took out the provisions that would stop illegal aliens from getting all these fake IDs.
So, hey, leave that wide open.
Dr. Deagle is going to be joining us, along with Jack McClam, coming up in the next segment.
Let's talk to Dave in Illinois.
Dave, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
I have a call to you.
Hey, Alex.
I just noticed after the big WrestleMania where a macho man, John Kerry, took the big flip-flop and dive for a gorgeous George W. But, you know, all the Democrats, they're just stepping right in line now with everything Bush wants.
And this new thing is just more proof.
You know, you got the majority of people who voted for this are Democrats, and only eight Democrats voted no on it.
That's right.
Only of the 76 that voted against it, let me get the actual numbers.
My brain isn't working very good today.
75 knows only a few were Democrats.
You're right.
60-plus of them were Republicans, who I guess haven't gotten the word yet that it's okay.
It doesn't matter if all the people are against this.
We've got electronic voting machines in place for you.
You don't have to do what the people want anymore.
Yeah, exactly.
That's why all this new arrogance is here.
Well, sometimes I think the only way, uh, you know, we might get any attention is, uh, you know, get on a Major League Baseball team and take steroids.
But, uh, it's pretty sad.
And, um, about the driver's license thing, I got pulled over for that in Illinois.
And, uh,
Basically, they won't really do anything to you.
They'll just tell you to go get another driver's license.
You can just say, you know, oh, I didn't even notice that.
No, I know, but the problem starts when you try to fly to New York to cover the RNC or you try to get press passes into the RNC or you try to get on an airplane to Los Angeles.
But I will not take the chip, and I'm going to fight any employer that ever tries to use indexes and these national ID cards.
The problem is they're going to enforce it through the employers, and then I'm not going to swipe it for the new national sales tax they're going to have, and then at that point I won't be able to get food.
They'll have to have people that have cards that go get you the food.
So it becomes a... I mean, this is a nightmare situation.
Well, you know, the FDA will keep you safe.
They just bought a bunch of...
Flaxo Smith-Klein, who...
Experimental flu vaccines with our tax dollars.
Well, I mean, there's new stuff out where they're not just testing pesticides on foster kids and AIDS drugs that kill them.
Now they're going to test psychotropics on kids they've grabbed.
I mean, they literally grab people's children.
It's in mainstream news.
They just report it calmly and then drug them with experimental drugs.
I mean, I'm living in hell.
We should expect this.
We've had 50 million abortions.
We're an evil country, folks.
And, you know, GlaxoSmithKline, they're the big fuzzy guys who went and, you know, would do HIV experiments on orphans and, you know, as young as four months old and stuff like that.
So it's getting... These are nice people.
How about we all just go to sleep and everything's all right, let the dollar plunge and let them deindustrialize us, and let's go ahead and have the Pan-American Union and get rid of the borders.
I mean, what's wrong with you?
Well, thanks for taking my call, Alex.
Hey, I appreciate your call.
I mean, it is what it is.
We're here.
We're inside the New World Order.
And it's really sad.
We've got some big guests coming up, and your calls, and a whole lot more.
The battle's only beginning, though.
Why don't you join us?
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act Legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new old order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police State 3, is for you.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
That's right.
From here in the heart of the war room, one of our little bases in the fight against the New World Order, Austin, Texas, I'm your host,
Patriot Act II National ID Card, 3,300 plus page bill, passed.
We'd seen subsections of it weeks ago, but they'd added hundreds of new subsections.
No one was allowed to read it, and it passed the House yesterday.
300 to just 75 to give you the actual vote on the bill.
336 yeses to 75 nays.
And it was only a few Republicans that voted against it.
The Democrats love Lord Bush in their actions, not in their rhetoric.
And it's now in the Senate.
And we at least morally have to call the Senate and tell them, how dare you engage in this traitorous activity.
But even as they try to implement domestic checkpoints and all the stuff that's in the bill, even as they try to implement all of this,
We have a responsibility to fight at our local level, and there we can actually have an effect.
Now, we got Dr. Deagle on, we got Jack McClam on for this hour, and we got loaded phone lines, so we're going to limit the... Pardon me?
We just lost Deagle, so we'll get Dr. Deagle back on here in just a moment.
We have Jack McClam...
And we'll have to limit how long the callers are.
There's a lot of news and information to cover, but we will get to Mike and Brian and Michael and Tammy and John and everybody else that is patiently holding.
And again, a couple weeks ago they passed the new Freedom Initiative for Psychological Testing and Drugging.
That's even going to begin for adults.
Jack McClam, a lot is happening.
Brother, a lot is happening, and I don't want to interfere with the very important information you're giving out and what you're doing right now.
Well, no, I want to keep you on this hour with us.
Keep me on?
Yeah, we'll keep you on as a guest.
I'm glad you called in, Jack.
Oh, I was just calling to give you an update on Leonard Gamage yesterday, who you had on your show.
Our two police and military associations up here in Idaho...
I picked up your show yesterday, you know, the old good World War II Flying Tiger, Lieutenant Colonel Leonard Gammage was on your show, and of course we really picked up on that, Alex, and wanted to tell you thanks for having him on, and our police and military association here has been working to try to get this sheriff to return his weapons.
And again, for those that don't know, he was brutally attacked at his home by a 20-year-old thug.
He fist-fought him off.
The guy came back in, and he said, you better stop.
The guy didn't stop, so he shot at the floor.
Then he shot him in the foot.
I wouldn't have done that.
I would have shot him in the chest.
But, yeah, the sheriff then came out to his house, and there's no telling what's going to happen to Mr. Gammage, but what's the latest developments?
Well, he told me today, I had him on my show, thanks to you, Alex, we found out about him, had him on our program last night and one this morning, and we're finally getting some people contacting the sheriff.
We need a lot more, though.
And Leonard told us this.
He says that he's a friend of Congressman Lane Evans there in Illinois.
He's the federal congressman, Lane Evans.
And he said if some people would call Lane Evans' office and tell him that Leonard had eaten dinner with his mama and him and had been on the first bus trip at the first inaugural for Lane Evans, that he would remember him and he donates to his campaign.
And see if he couldn't get Lane Evans, the congressman, to contact the sheriff and try to get his guns back, because he didn't sleep well last night, Alex.
He's 87 years old, as you know, and he knows now he's got this...
Jack, what would you have done if that guy was in your house?
Well, I taught firearms training for years to private citizens and law enforcement, and we always told them to shoot for center of mass, and then be sure you're the only liar on the witness stand.
And so that's what we would teach the citizens, that take these people out, because...
If you don't, they'll come back to get you, or they'll sue you and take your home and your farm and everything, and that could very well happen to Leonard.
But we're very concerned about his safety right now, sitting at home alone.
No, I hear you, Jack, and folks should call the sheriff.
Do you have the number for Lane Evans?
Yeah, sure do.
Call his Illinois office.
The number is 309, area code, 793...
That's 309 area code 793 5760.
Let me get your take now on the National ID Card Patriot Act 2 passing the House last night.
Well, it's the beginning, as you know, Alex, of total martial law in this country.
Our Police and Military Association knows that.
It's just the beginning and
By perpetuating these terrorist attacks that are coming, they will get the American people to accept these things for their own safety and security, which is a laugh, as you know.
I was a police officer for years down on the southern border of Arizona, and that 2,000 miles of open border just makes this whole homeland security thing just a laugh and a fraud.
Because you can't have Homeland Security when you're getting forced out.
They're going to have internal checkpoints in Illinois and Texas and every other state.
This is in the bill.
Searching is just like the TSA at the airports.
I think you can escape that by not flying.
That's in the bill.
And we're going to have to have this to buy and sell.
They admit, swipe your card.
It's all coming.
And then they...
Knocked a provision out that wouldn't let us accept these fake illegal alien cards.
So the bill actually protects, if there were real terrorists who weren't the government, it actually protects terrorists.
I mean, it's so ridiculous.
Yes, it's a fraud.
Total fraud.
And our police and military association is promoting the fact that you can't have Homeland Security...
When your borders are totally unguarded, and then we're going through martial law at the airport and preparing us to accept these things for our own safety.
And they come out and admit, yes, we fondle your wife, yes, we check all this, and yes, we do this, and yes.
It's just training us how to be humiliated.
Yes, we have about four comments from PSA employees that really are upset about having to do this to people.
Yeah, they've been telling the news that I wouldn't do this to my mother.
I wouldn't go through this.
That's right.
That's right.
So it is a plan to subjugate the American people under this totalitarian system.
If you stand there and watch your wife literally having a man put his hands, and they say lingering up to two minutes, on not just the woman's...
Yes, we had a TSA employee tell us that what's going on is they're laughing about these things, some of them, and they're making those little machines go off on purpose to those big-breasted ladies that come through that are well-endowed so that they can get them
Off to the side and have their way with them.
And so they're really, some of them yucking this up.
That's what they're doing.
Meanwhile, the border's wide open.
Right, yeah.
Total sham.
And there was a Miami Herald article where Mr. Gonzalez, the head guy there over the security at the airport, quit.
A few years ago, and he said, when they come in from the foreign Muslim countries or China, we call it acing, we're not even allowed to look at their documents.
They just hold them up and walk past us.
It's called acing.
Yeah, they don't want to do any profiling against terrorists.
Only, it's like Craig Roberts told me, that every time he goes to the airport, he's profiled, they stop him and pull him off and do the heavy, heavy duty check on him and
I've had the same thing happen to me, Alex, where they actually came on the airplane and took me off and did it a second time.
Hey, Jack, I... And everybody talks about this, so it must be that this is what they do.
Every time I'm at the airport, if there's an old man, and I've seen this twice, literally...
One time, the guy was even wearing his little veteran's cap.
He could barely walk.
He had a lady pushing an oxygen bottle behind him.
This guy looked like he was about to die.
And, man, they just swarmed on him.
They had these people called Wolverines.
It was out in, I think it was San Francisco.
And they were wearing these blue commando outfits that...
Robin's Egg Blue, you know, that real brilliant blue.
With little black berets, and they were all foreigners.
I mean, literally, and I'm not trying to be mean, folks.
All foreigners.
My goodness.
Well, they had an article, it was in the Boston Global a few years ago, where 96% of people weren't citizens at the Boston airport, and half of those were illegal aliens.
Good grief.
Jack, I'm not kidding.
Man, it's over, brother.
If the people don't wake up now, it's just over.
I mean, you know, and praise God, the people are waking up.
Alex, thanks for your show and any of the people out listening today that are out there handing out your tapes and everything.
It's all we've got left to do, brother, but it's working.
If we just, we got the plan, we just need to work the plan.
Well, Jack, I tell you,
I mean, they passed Patriot Act II National ID card.
It's in the Senate now.
I mean, out of the fire into Hades, literally.
Now, I guess it's just fighting at the local level.
Because they can pass whatever they want, but let's see them implement it.
That's right.
That's right.
Yeah, we're fortunate that people are getting these sheriff's videos we put out for their local sheriff there that is really helping the sheriffs understand their powers, duties, and jurisdiction.
And so we're pleased here at our Police and Military Association that people are getting these sheriff's videos telling them that they have to stand up against these things.
And they have the duty and power to do it.
I know you get contacted by military and police multiple times an hour, but are people in the military really starting to see it even clearer now?
They are.
Yes, they are, Alex.
Our biggest thing is that they say,
Man, we're over here risking our lives, allegedly, for America, and at the same time, our parents and children are losing their freedoms back home.
What's this all about?
What's this all about?
Jack, stay with us.
Let's come back and talk to Mike and Brian and Michael and Tammy and John.
We're good to go.
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Let me rephrase that.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Jack, with all these big horrible things happening to the country, the plunging dollar, the dismantling...
People say, well, why would they want to do bad things to us?
Why would they want to set up a police state?
Well, a police state is so they can have their way with you.
It's about enslaving you so they can feed on you.
The globalists are greedy and dark-hearted creatures.
And I can't think of a better example of just the atmosphere in America where a flying tiger veteran of World War II, a colonel, shoots an intruder and they come take his guns.
That's right, Alex.
Here's a man that served his country and continued to be a tremendous citizen.
He's been involved in politics, helping Congressman Lane Evans in office and other activities all these years, 87 years of age.
And now this one time when the Constitution, the right to keep and bear arms should be upheld for him,
That he fought for, and could have died for, flying with the Flying Tigers.
And here he has no protection.
The sheriff was more than willing to come in and take his protection, but when 87-year-old Leonard Gammage looked into his eyes and says, could you send me some protection?
Could you send over somebody to protect me from this thug who's now out on the street?
And he says, no, can't do it.
Here, but give me your gun.
I know.
It's just absolutely asinine, and it makes us so angry.
It is.
It's disgusting, and it's going to get worse.
Mike in Texas.
Hey, Alex.
Go ahead, Mike.
Mike O'Grady.
I had a similar situation in the mid-'80s.
I shot a stalker who came into the house, who had been following us for 18 months, came in with the express, almost written, desire to kill us.
And I smoked him, shot him six times.
For my efforts, following Texas law, by the way, on self-defense and defense of a third party, I was convicted of murder and had to go to Texas prison system for a number of years and was on parole for 15 years afterwards.
The guy was a Mason and I wasn't, so I had deputies working for me at the time in my automotive repair shop that told me they were part-time workers and full-time deputies.
They told me that where it is downtown, you're going down.
So even though my attorney was the ex-prosecutor and my brother was a cop, I grew up with a cop, Henry Wade called my little brother in and said, if you testify in your brother's trial, you will be fired.
So it was a set-up deal from the get-go.
The bottom line to all that is... Your brother still should have testified, even if he got fired.
He would have if there was anything pertinent he could have said.
Oh, I understand.
So, well, I ought to have you on.
You ought to send me some news clips.
I ought to have you on as a guest sometime.
Yeah, we see this more and more in America, where you shoot somebody who's busted in your house and you go to jail, Jack.
Well, this was back before shocking was cool.
And, um...
Since then, my case has kind of invoked some of the Texas stalking laws with some help of friends.
Have you ever gotten your record expunged?
How long did you spend in prison?
Three and a half years.
And you had a witness and everything.
This guy busted in your own house.
Multiple witnesses had a peace bond on the guy, had called the cops several times, and of course what they always told me was, is he there yet?
He's going to kill you, yeah, but is he there yet?
No, he's not.
They said, well, we can't do anything.
Call us when he gets there.
And my response always was, you mean I'm dead?
Then you can come arrest the guy.
And they said, well, you have a gun.
So describe how this happened.
When he busted through your door, what happened?
I'm sorry, say again?
Describe what happened when you killed him.
The guy got really drunk one night, came over to the house where me and my fiance were living.
Is he an ex-boyfriend of her?
That's why he was a stalker.
Came in the door yelling and screaming that he was going to get the punk.
That would be me.
And when he started up the stairs, I shot him six times.
Missed one.
Only had seven shots in my gun.
But I wasn't fooling around.
Did he die immediately?
Yeah, I sent you an email earlier, actually.
He died of lead poisoning on the spot.
But I wouldn't hesitate to do it again, even though my life was ruined and I spent $100,000 in legal fees and got convicted anyway.
Jack, any comments on that?
I just want to tell the people out there that it is very important that you defend yourself
And the old saying is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6 is very, very true.
I can tell you I could go on for two months, Alex, telling you about the young girls.
We've been broken in on, and they had no way to protect their kids, and their kids were killed and everything.
I mean, horrible, horrible stories.
Well, it's like the story where the guy's using the axe.
There was a pitchfork to kill all the little kids, and the 14-year-old could have gotten to the .22 or the rifle, but it was locked up because of the California law.
Well, this is the thing that's going on in Phoenix, Arizona, the sixth largest city that I worked in for years.
And we would tell the people that two things to remember, very, very important,
Is that you never say you shot to kill him.
You shot to stop him.
Never say shot to kill because it sounds very bad before a jury.
You only shot to stop him.
And also, make sure that you're the only liar on the witness stand.
We got a break.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCM Radio Network.
All right, I want to cycle through a bunch of these calls.
Dr. Deagle, who's been on as a guest before, called in.
He has a comment.
We've got Jack McClam with us.
We're about to go to Brian and Michael and Tammy and many others that are holding.
Dr. Deagle, you had comments about this National ID card.
Yeah, first thing I want to say is actually a comment to everyone listening.
In the 10 years that you've been doing your broadcasting, this is probably the most important broadcast that you've done in terms of what it's going to do to American civilization.
If we don't stand up now with Alex and with what he's doing to try to get the truth out and take action, it's over.
The Constitution is going to be nullified with this Patriot Act II.
I've talked to legal experts.
In fact, I talked to a constitutional expert in federal law yesterday.
I was shown the national ID.
At least one version of it, which is sitting in a warehouse in Illinois.
Both the national ID card as well as the implantable chips for titanium and Pyrex.
They don't plan on just chipping you so they can track you.
These are tracked by the same towers as cell phones and low earth orbit satellites.
They want to eventually wet wire your brain.
And I've seen the experiments first hand when I was recruited and turned the project down for a CIA project in 1978 at UCLA VA Wadsworth Hospital.
This is very serious.
I want to read through these documents myself as well, and see exactly, because I have Patriot Act 1, and I cannot believe it.
I've read Mein Kampf over 30 years ago, and what I see coming is a thousand times worse.
It has nothing to do with terrorism.
Jack McClam?
Nothing to do whatsoever, Alex.
Our police and military association here has checked this out, and we've looked at it every angle we possibly can, and the system set up today...
With our borders totally unguarded, and we know we have Border Patrol agents on our mailing list here who talk to us about the 4,000 a night coming through just alone through the Arizona border that they don't catch.
It's ridiculous.
It has nothing to do with security of the American people whatsoever.
It has to do with control of the American people.
The legislation says internal checkpoints, internal passports, all the nightmares of the airports, now to be phased in, it's always incremental, now not just the cameras on your street corner, but little checkpoints.
Let's take a call.
Brian in New Jersey, you're on the air, go ahead.
Alex, awesome to talk to you as always.
Quick question, then a quick comment.
I was wondering if I was allowed to just
Advertise in the newspaper, InfoWars.com, or make up business cards.
Well, you're allowed to advertise whatever you want.
It used to be a free country.
But no, I would thank you for doing that.
Okay, awesome.
It's like my part-time job now to inform everybody.
I've seen all your movies at least three times.
Well, if we all had that attitude, we wouldn't be in this position.
We became decadent.
We became unplugged spectators, and we've got to be engaged.
That's right.
Jack, any comments to what he just said?
Our whole work here as volunteer police and soldiers is to awaken our police and soldiers because we know, of course, that if it is we, the police and soldiers, going to be the enforcers, that if we...
We say no to enforcing tyranny, it won't get enforced.
And by the way, police and military, you're citizens too.
You're allowed to stand up and say you don't like all this.
That's right, absolutely.
If I had a job and they told me to go run off a cliff, I'm going to say no, I'm not going to do that.
Yes, it has been brought up to this Sheriff Michael Johnson there in Illinois that took the guns away from our World War II vet and left him defenseless.
He says, well, I have to uphold the law.
Well, what happened to his constitutional oath that is the supremacy clause under Article 6?
Yeah, those are the big ten, folks.
You know, they're the big ones in stone, not some regulation.
Alex, I want to tell you about this news story that I saw.
I rarely ever watch TV news.
I was over at a friend's house, and there were these kids that had vandalized the whole neighborhood.
They were spraying swastikas and whatnot, but
The news report didn't say that they were vandalizing.
They said they were terrorizing the neighborhood.
And when I brought this up to the friends in the room who were watching, they were, oh, they are terrorists.
And it's just really sad to see that they can't use one of those words.
And then those stupid punk kids get caught.
They'll get charged with terrorism and not have their rights.
And by the way, half the time this happens, it is minority kids doing it to get attention.
In fact, more than half the cases at colleges and streets and synagogues, when we research it, it usually comes out.
And this happens over in Europe, too.
It is groups doing it to themselves for attention.
I don't know about this case, but in a lot of cases it is.
In fact, Jack, you see that a lot in law enforcement, don't you?
Oh, yes.
In Phoenix, we had kids.
Yeah, I appreciate the call.
Any comments, Dr. Deagle?
Yeah, I think that we have to all wake up.
I believe in the 2% rule, which is, I think, the basis behind what your program has.
Which is, if 2% of people start yelling along with Alex Jones, across this nation and across the world that are listening on the Internet, this won't happen.
But if we don't, terror is months or weeks or just a couple years away, and we don't know.
Well, clearly 9-11 is just a setup for bigger events.
Well, when I sat in that meeting we talked about a few weeks ago on air, between the FBI and the CDC director,
The FBI director said there will be a Pearl Harbor event, and of course we've just passed the date when Pearl Harbor, of course, we know it was manufactured, happened.
So guess what we're going to have again?
Now, as another Christmas present, it's not 1913, we're going to receive Patriot Act II.
And don't think if you're in another country like Canada or Britain or anywhere else it's not going to come to you because what they do in America will be replicated everywhere, but it'll be a nicer version.
They're worried about Americans because they have to disarm you because you'll stand up and fight.
Right now, many of them are asleep, but they're going to start waking up when all of a sudden their money's worth nothing, they don't have a job, and they realize that they're now being told to report to chipping stations or to report to mandatory vaccinations that might kill them.
And I can tell you as a doctor... And that's the model states how the Emergency Powers Act, I mean, they're really doing this.
Yes, and these things are mandatory, and if you don't,
You are a terrorist by definition, and you're taken away to... Well, I hear this all the time.
I'll hear about a barroom fight, and they go, he was engaging in a terrorist attack.
He was terrorizing.
We're charging him with terror.
Jack, I'm sure you heard about the lady selling the knockoff Rubik's Cubes that got a Homeland Security visitor, the veteran who called and complained too much.
We heard it through you, Alex.
We've got a wonderful micro-broadcaster on the mountain up here that...
There's your show with us every day here at our police and military association.
I mean, I have hundreds of examples, Jack, now where, again, a kid with a half ounce of pot, they go, you don't get any rights, we're just going to send you straight to jail under the Patriot Act.
I mean, folks, this has nothing to do with terrorism.
Yes, that's true.
Yeah, the target was the American public.
The target was our freedoms.
Well, that's another point, Doctor.
Not America, but the whole world.
They're going to use America and then throw it away like a carcass when it's done.
Yeah, using us as kind of the blood supply for this New World Order and sucking us dry while we're doing it.
That's another example that I was going to raise here about the FEMA training.
And this didn't end with Bill Clinton.
It expanded with George Bush.
Is for homeschoolers, gun owners, Christians, somebody that has an anti-UN sticker on their car, major law enforcement magazines say, go ahead and arrest them.
And police chiefs, don't criticize your officers.
This person might be a terrorist.
Any comments to that, Jack?
Yes, I've just reached over when you said that, Alex, and picked up this FBI brochure for eyes only of police officers given out in Phoenix and other cities to police officers only that have listed on there Christians and
Patriotic Americans that are suspected domestic terrorists that the FBI has handed out.
And it says those that make frequent references to the Constitution.
That's right, yes.
Got to watch those people.
They use old Butch Reno's name for Christians, these doomsday cult people out here, and that's exactly what she called us, remember?
That they are suspected domestic terrorists.
She did tell a major magazine that, quote, Christians are mentally ill.
Well, the Christians that are listening to this show today and the Patriots should know you're listed on the FBI brochures.
Now, of course, there was so much stink by it, even by police calling in, like our police association, that they got rid of the brochure.
But let me tell you, folks, you are in the NCIC computers, if you're a Christian and a Patriot,
You were there, and it didn't change their heart just because there was stink raised about this brochure.
They didn't withdraw the brochure.
But they didn't withdraw the designation.
Well, what about Michigan two months ago?
They were told, if you want this Homeland Security funding, you've got to have a set of drills where simulated homeschooler parents murder everyone at the school and start blowing up school buses.
And they had 200 children had to take part in this and simulate with fake blood and arms blown off how bad the homeschoolers are, how they killed them.
And by the way, folks, in my film, Police State 3, we get into that, but in Road to Tyranny, a three-year-old film, almost three years old, in 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, we have video from Kansas City, as FEMA says, all Christians are enemies of the government and terrorists.
The Founding Fathers are terrorists.
Anyone that talks about the Constitution is a terrorist.
Now, Jack, you've seen that video.
I've got them on tape.
That's absolutely true.
The writing, there's so much writing on the wall, the wall fell down as the old saying goes.
So it's time the American people wake up and take out, get out of your prayer closets, get out there on the field and start educating people as fast as we can.
We're turning this thing around, Alex, as you know, but they've got a long way to go because if they do this next terrorist attack,
And suspend the Constitution, which means the First Amendment.
You and I, brother, are off the radio, and the doctor's off the radio, and whoever we have informed at that time is maybe all that will get informed.
So we've got a big job to do very rapidly before they set off this next absolutely horrific, probably 100,000 to 200,000 Americans will be killed in this next one because
They've got to get the people to give up their girls and boys for this draft coming up.
They've got to get into Iran and Saudi Arabia and Syria.
They've got to have the American people acquiesce to that.
They've got to have another horrendous terrorist attack on America.
We've got a lot of work to do while we still have the First Amendment.
Dr. Deagle, any comments?
Back in March 1 of 2001 at the Adam's Mark Hotel when I spoke to the FBI director, he said, there will be a Pearl Harbor event that will bring about the national ID that will be put in you.
And we'll kill 50 to 500,000.
And he repeated it three times.
This was in detail when over the... Well, the CFR has been all over television saying this.
And the national ID is tied directly...
To the Council on Foreign Relations article back in September of 1970 that talked about a value-added tax that they have in Europe, and they have in Canada, and they have elsewhere, in New Zealand and Australia, where they want to replace the income tax with a tax of transaction.
And if you don't have one of these ID cards, in the future you will not be able to buy or sell.
And the reason is, just like with the new Internet tax Bush signed last Friday, oh yes, you didn't know about that?
It comes in in 07, the grandfathered,
To understand, folks, this National ID card, the poor people won't have to pay a sales tax, because that's fair, which I actually agree.
But you'll have to swipe the card, even when you pay cash, to see what value you get.
This is the official plan.
That's why they've got to have it all standardized, and they're going to keep the income tax at 10%, quote, for Social Security, then ratchet that back up.
Let's go back to the calls.
Michael in Kentucky, then...
Callers in Colorado and Texas.
Michael, go ahead.
Well, good afternoon.
This is your unofficial TV affiliate here in northeastern Kentucky, tv10moorhead.com.
I've aired a lot of your videos and even some of your radio programming.
I appreciate that.
Yeah, I've gotten calls from that.
Thank you.
What I wanted to go back to is some of what Dr. Deagle was saying in another caller last hour.
Can you just imagine...
We're good to go.
Shut down the cable access station all across this country.
This kind of stuff is going to be, I think, turned up, turned the heat up even more.
It already has been.
Yeah, I've been listening to some of the callers that you've been getting.
And they tell the little local community commercial station like, here, you've got to buy a million dollar digital transmitter.
Oh my gosh, yeah.
I mean, well, you know.
But I think it is also hard for us to realize sometimes the unseen help that we are getting
And, you know, the kind of diabolical plots that we don't even know about that have been derailed because we're fighting.
Well, that's it.
This is another thing.
This is an important point.
That, again, they can pass all this stuff all day.
They can say, as I said last hour, that black people aren't human beings again and that they're slaves.
But I expect blacks not to report to the plowshare.
So, again, they can claim they're God, Jack McClam, but it doesn't make them God.
That's right, and I want to give the people a little encouragement out here.
We do have more police than soldiers, especially on the email coming in to us, comments about that they're not going to do these things and force these things on the American people.
And, of course, same with soldiers that we're hearing from that are awakening today.
So, you know, we need to be hopeful and get out and do the work.
Got to get the work done, and we've got to inform people as fast as we can.
Thanks for the call, Michael.
Really great point.
Tammy in Colorado.
Tammy, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
It's Tammy.
Yeah, proud member of Prison Planet TV.
Well, thank you.
I enjoy it.
I just have two quick comments.
I don't know if you've been listening to Air America or not, but I think that...
You should kind of try to hold hands with maybe like Randy Rhodes, because she really is on the right track, although she still thinks Bill Clinton is an angel, which I wish you could help her out with that.
I think they're doing a good job, you know, getting out to people.
I think, you know, maybe... No, a lot of the left is waking up to the new order of police state, but I bet they won't talk about how the majority of Democrats voted for this Patriot Act, too, along with Lord Bush yesterday and this national ID card.
Jack McClam?
Yes, they certainly did.
And I think that we have an awakening on the left.
We found this with our new program, PatriotPoliticiansLeadWars.com, where we're asking for the left and the right, whose children are going to be drafted come June 2005 in this universal draft, to join us to say from now on, through a congressional bill, that...
The congressmen and senators and presidents and their staff that vote for a draft or a war or fund a war or support it will go immediately to the front lines on the battle zone in the boots on the ground soldiers right up front, not in the background at headquarters or not flying over in some beautiful jet plane or Apache helicopter, but right there on the front lines in the infantry.
Anything else?
Yeah, I just wanted to mention that I just got an email about the March 20th, of course, it's the second anniversary of the Iraq War.
It's going to be a mass protest, Central Park.
And I realize that they just passed this new legislation and it could be very dangerous to go, but I think it might be one of the last times we get to get out there
And tell them that we're against it.
So if you could just pass on the March 20th mass demonstration in Central Park, that would be... I will.
Thanks for the call.
Great points.
Very good.
This stuff all won't be implemented overnight, folks.
We've got to get out there and stop them from implementing.
So don't be afraid.
Be afraid of fear.
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We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Next hour, we'll get into the implantable microchips that the media keeps pushing on you with several of the people out promoting it and Catherine Albrecht who's fighting it.
I'm going to try to get John and Glenn in here at the end with Jack McClam.
Dr. Deagle's phone keeps breaking up, so I want to thank him for coming on, but he's gone now.
Again, Patriot Act II and the National ID Card passed the House yesterday.
The media acts like it's a foregone conclusion.
The Senate, getting its job done protecting us, doesn't tell you what's in it.
That's in the Senate right now, so try to at least get some media attention on this so people know what's happening.
Perhaps in the next Congress we can try to have these provisions repealed once people know what's happening.
John in Texas, go ahead, you're on the air.
I was wondering, they said that two towers fell because of all the aviation fuel burning in them.
But Tower 7 didn't have any aviation fuel burning in it, and it fell.
And if it fell just because it was on fire, how come all these other skyscrapers like in Chicago and South America aren't falling down all over again?
Yeah, they just had that big fire, and the building didn't collapse.
Look, Building 7, again, wasn't hit by a plane.
And they say they blew it up.
I mean, it's... Jack comments...
Yes, absolutely.
Their statement, Alex, tells us exactly what happened.
The public's not supposed to know about it, but all those buildings were blown up and brought down.
They controlled demolition.
And then the company controlled demolition, hauled the wreckage away, which was a crime scene.
Anything else, John?
Yeah, I was just wondering, you know, because they said that the power fell because the fuel was so hot, but 7 didn't have fuel in it.
Well, how come people were standing in the holes for 20 minutes waving at helicopters?
The firefighters said the fires were almost out.
Send up more ladders.
Those buildings were brought down with controlled munitions.
It's totally clear.
I'm glad you're back with us, Dr. Deagle.
Thanks for the call, John.
Glenn in Oregon.
Last caller.
Go ahead, Glenn.
Yeah, hi.
I just had a comment on the veteran and his gun.
Is he prevented from getting a new one?
I got 20 bucks towards a new one for him.
Yeah, well, he talked to the sheriff and he says, Sheriff, I need to protect myself from this criminal.
And he said, I'm going to go over to the next state, which is only not too far away.
And the sheriff says, you will be a criminal.
We will have to deal with that if you go over there and get a gun.
You'll be a criminal.
So I don't know if he... We talked to our police and military association, talked to Congressman Lane Evans' office this morning, and they said in Illinois you can't have a gun even hanging on the wall like he had without a license for it.
So we're hoping that people will call the congressman's office and apply some pressure to the local sheriff to go over there
And if need be, we don't like this, but if need be, at least have him fill out the paperwork and expedite it so this man isn't sitting there at night again tonight, not sleeping, worrying about getting his throat cut.
All right.
Thank you for the call.
Anything else, Glenn?
All right.
Thank you.
Jack McClam, quickly, give us your website and the same thing, Dr. Deagle.
Ours is on policeandmilitaryagainsttheneworldborder.org.
Police and military against the new world order dot org.
Put a dash between each word, Alex.
Or just type it in.
Type Jack McClan, police against the new world order.
It'll pop up on Google.
Dr. Diggle, real quick, your website?
Well, Nutramedical, N-U-T-R-I-M-E-D-I-C-A-L dot com.
But the comment I want to make is get your materials now, anybody who's listening, because the time of liberty is drawing to an end.
This is the most serious topic that you've ever covered.
With this event, this is a Pearl Harbor event, and it's just like ground zero in terms of what's happened.
We're actually, it's like being Hiroshima.
Instead of nuclear bombs, this is a legal bomb that's been dropped on us.
And the news media won't even report what's in this legislation.
It's now in the Senate about to pass today.
Please call them.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Okay, thank you, Alex.
Thanks, Alex.
Take care, gentlemen.
Third hour coming up.
God bless.
You don't want to miss this interview, interviews, and, of course, PrisonPlanet.TV, where you can watch all the videos, read the books, the rest of it.
We'll be right back.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
In the early months of 2004, I interviewed one of the European distributors for Applied Digital Solutions, Verichip,
Out of the Baja Beach Club over in Spain.
They've also now opened them in Rotterdam and in England.
I believe it's London.
We broke some major news there because that hadn't been in any U.S.
newspapers and months later it all came out.
Very interesting about implantable chips under the skin to get into the VIP area with all the lovely ladies and for the women all the handsome bartenders.
You know, these are kind of those...
Upscale clubs.
And then a lot of TV shows like CSI Miami and others.
Oh, everybody's getting the chip in Miami, you know, at the cool clubs.
And then reality imitates art and art imitates reality.
Now we have a club in Florida that's doing this.
And we're honored to be joined by Kenneth Percy, the owner of Amica Loft Clubs.
Good to have you on, Kenneth and Mark.
A pleasure to be on your show.
Same here.
Who is Kenneth?
Kenneth is right here.
And the other is Mark.
First off, we're about to break and then come back after the news.
We have a lot of stations that join us.
Each of you tell us, first Kenneth and then Mark, tell us in a nutshell who you are and what you're up to.
My name is Kenneth Percy and I'm one of the owners of the Amica nightclub down in South Beach.
And we're incredibly excited to have this new technology that's going to make the VIP issues practically go away.
All right, VIP issues.
Mark, with Metro Risk, how are you involved?
Well, we started originally.
I am the president of Metro Risk Management.
We handle the distribution of the product worldwide.
We started with trials in Baja Beach, Spain.
I noticed you mentioned it earlier.
Everything went well there.
Yeah, we were the first U.S.
outlet to report on that.
The Baja Beach, Spain was more of a trial.
We went full-blown with the Club Amica due to the fact that before we even do anything in the United States, we wanted to try how it would work.
Yeah, we're good.
How the progress is going if it's only been about a week.
But as far as my understanding goes... Well, I want one of these.
How do I get one?
Well, number one, you can either go to Amica Nightclub.
They'll put you on the list and they'll start finding the proper place to have you directed to a local clinic.
What we call chipping centers.
And you'll be able to get one injected.
I love their little trademarked logo tagline, Get Chipped Today.
What do you mean by that?
Well, no, I mean, that's what Applied Digital has.
They also have the Chipmobiles.
Yeah, they have the Chipmobiles, which we were going to have at the club.
Due to mechanical factors we put into it last Friday.
But yes, the tripmobile is a place like your average blood drives where you'd be able to walk in an RV and donate blood.
It works on the same principle, yes.
Well, gentlemen, we're about to break, and we'll come back with a 15-minute segment, and then that's all.
I know you're very busy.
I'll keep you.
We'll be back in three minutes, and I just want to talk about why you decided to do this and what Metro Risk is doing.
I also want to talk to Kenneth Percy, one of the owners...
It's Amica is the name of the club?
I think I've heard of that club.
That's one of the hottest clubs in South Beach, isn't it?
Anybody driving down Washington Avenue on Fridays, Saturdays, or even Sundays will see the long lines outside.
That's what we're hoping to take care of.
Absolutely amazing.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act Legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
If you want to understand what the New World Order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Wow, this is a riveting interview, folks.
We're talking to Kenneth Hersey, owner of Amica Productions.
And it's one of the biggest and hottest ones in South Beach, Miami.
And then, of course, Mark Barsh, who is with Metro Risk.
And let's go first to Kenneth.
Kenneth, why did you decide to be the first club, I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, in the U.S.
to start the shipping centers for your VIPs?
Well, it's an incredibly exciting opportunity to be on the cutting edge of technology.
You have to understand that.
When a VIP comes to your club, he doesn't want to spend the time that others would spend online, getting out his credit card, proving who he is, giving up the financial information every single time he comes in.
With this brand new chip, he's in and out a couple of minutes, we have all the information that we need, and he's treated like the VIP that he is.
And then I was talking to Mark with Metro Risk,
Mark Barsh.
Mark, exactly what is your position in Metro Risk?
I am the president and founder of Metro Risk.
Tell us about Metro Risk and how you were a distributor for Applied Digital.
Metro Risk is a risk control agency.
It was a post-9-11 agency that specializes in mitigating loss and
And other problems that companies in, say, Latin America may encounter, such as kidnapping of executives, we specialize in the negotiation of the release factor and things of that nature.
The Verichip was a natural... Excuse me?
No, go ahead.
The Verichip was a natural... It evolved into the product because of what its secure ramifications are, due to the fact that it can not only be used for security, but as well as finance and...
Many other applications, it just happened to be bigger than what we originally had expected it to be.
Where we originally got involved in security, now we're dealing with the hottest nightclub in Miami, Amica.
Tomorrow we're dealing with government agencies in Latin America to be able to implement their security structure.
Now, let me bring this up here, because during the break I had a chance to talk to both of you gentlemen, and I brought the question or the comment, are you aware that
The Attorney General said to some of his employees, you know, you need to take this ship to get into secure areas in Mexico.
And you said you were aware of that, Mark.
That was in the security area, though, and that you were going to be involved in Latin America.
Others picking up on this.
Can you tell us about that?
Again, the destruction of the idea that we originally had in Metro Risk is always find little niches to be able to try out the system, much like we did with the Baja Beach nightclub in Spain.
Our counterparts in Mexico found the Attorney General in Mexico.
But the main goal is to be able to implement it, again, for security areas here in the United States.
And you have the chipmobiles.
What areas of the country are the Verichip chipmobiles active?
And then how many clinic chipping centers, as you call them?
How many chipping centers and how many chipmobiles?
Well, Chipmobiles, keep in mind that Chipmobile right now was an effort from Applied Digital to be able to have a mobile shipping center.
As far as my understanding, that is an Applied Digital asset.
My understanding, I think they only have one.
But I couldn't say that they have throughout the United States.
And they had reported that they had shipping centers already in different areas of the country.
Yes, we're already negotiating with different hospitals throughout the country.
We have a business model of...
My understanding of donating close to about 200 scanners through emergency rooms throughout the country.
We've only had FDA approval for medical purposes, I would say, the last 30 days.
Yeah, the FDA a few months ago approved it.
So we're moving cautiously, taking one step at a time, building this, because for medical applications it's a lot different than, for example, financial or nightclubs.
So we're already talking.
We're already implementing the technology throughout the country at Ashley Hospital.
Clinics would be our second approach on it.
Right now, the only way we're proceeding is with hospitals.
I couldn't give you the exact number, but I can tell you that.
The fastest moving states would be Florida, New York, and California.
I have a cousin who's in Special Forces.
He's an officer, been in 18 years, now 19 years.
And he told me that they were told two years ago that they were all going to be getting chips soon.
And then I've also confirmed from sources that in a covert operation, already a lot of the Special Forces have gotten chips.
Were you aware of that?
I couldn't comment anything about that.
I am not aware of anything like that.
Now is it you can either confirm or deny or you're not aware of it?
I'm not aware of it.
Now you say there's different groups who are distributors for this.
You are a main distributor in what facet for Verichip?
Our position with Verichip is we're the largest distributor for the manufacturer of the product.
Everybody else
Pretty much just following pace to what we do.
And the chip is manufactured, correct, in a factory outside Beijing?
My understanding of that is incorrect.
Oh, really?
Where are they manufactured?
They're actually manufacturing at the approved facilities, and I believe there's a manufacturer, I believe, right in, which is in Spain.
Okay, because in a...
Applied Digital press released a year ago, and we have this on our websites, they said they were building a plant in Beijing.
I'm just curious.
Keep in mind, this was about a year ago, maybe.
My understanding of it today, that information is not correct, but then again, I may not be pretty sure.
Oh, but you had heard that too, though?
Oh, you never heard that.
I've got a question here for...
Kenneth Percy, one of the owners of Amica, one of the hottest clubs there in South Beach, Miami.
Kenneth, how did you find out about this?
How did you decide to do this?
Well, actually, we were approached by Mark, and he said, listen, he's got an... and he'd love to put it in our club.
And after we spoke to him about it, it's a natural fit.
I mean, it cuts down your transaction time, cuts down on the fraud...
That's down on the usual rigmarole that's associated with getting into a club that has three to four hundred people waiting to get in on the outside.
Did you know that with CSI Miami a month or so ago, they even had an episode where in Miami there's a nightclub where you get chips?
I was aware of that, actually.
Wow, it's, man, it's like, I don't think I've ever seen this much news coverage on something.
Maybe on Arnold for President or something we've seen this much promotion, but it's just all over the place.
It's a self-supporting product.
Yeah, when is the chipping going to start?
I understand we actually have people in line already today to get chipped.
Oh, the chipping's going on right now?
Well, it's going to be going on tonight.
So, if the media came down there to South Beach, there at the Amica Club and Lounge, they could cover the chipping going on?
Barring any mechanical difficulties with the chipmobile, as it happened last week, absolutely.
Oh, there was a mechanical difficulty with the chipmobile?
Car breakdown.
I saw some video of it on the news.
It looks brand new and pretty fancy.
Listen, I can't comment on what happened, but I know that we had a mechanical breakdown with the chipmobile.
Why did you announce the time for people to come get it and there wasn't anybody there to get chips?
We had plenty of people actually waiting to get the technology.
How many lined up?
I'm curious.
That I spoke to, we had over a dozen.
Over a dozen people.
Now, what's the VIP area like, Kenneth?
I mean, what do I get when I get my chip?
It allows you to go upstairs without... basically pretty much without waiting in line and without getting picked from a line.
Because it's basically getting a pre-approval to be part of the VIP crowd.
You know, I had the...
It's basically having your clientele verified prior to them coming to the club.
I think it's a fantastic idea.
You don't even have to carry your wallet anymore.
If you have this technology in your arm, if you have this chip in your arm, breathe right in, never worry about losing your credit cards, your wallet, having anything stolen.
What about people who say that, you know, this is Big Brother, or people who say this is the mark of the beast?
Don't forget, the information contained or associated with the Verichip is only that that you provide.
But then that number, when the government uses it, is connected to the database.
Well, I mean, any number, a driver's license number, a social security number, a chip number, can be then connected to any level of database.
It's no different than what exists now.
It's just a new form of technology and associated information.
Well, that's... People are pretty excited about it.
Now, going back to Mark, Mark, the head of Metro RISC,
What type of industry growth are you guys looking at here with this?
Let me put it this way.
We're extremely excited.
I couldn't give you a number because the potential for it in different areas is incredible.
Yeah, Alzheimer's patients.
Did you see the Reuters article a couple years ago when they were going to do a contract with the Bureau of Prisons in California for parolees?
But for some reason that fell through.
Were you aware of that?
I wasn't aware of that.
But we are aware of the medical industry.
The United States is what we would consider our primary target.
Throughout the world, medical, security, finance, the ramifications down the road are just simply... I can't calculate them to be frank.
Well, I think Kenneth was saying it.
I mean, you're talking about no more wallets, no more nothing.
I guess everybody will have the chip.
That's correct.
Well, the idea is this.
It is a voluntary device.
It's not meant to be forced upon anybody.
But the uses of the device go, for example, you're walking down the street, you have your credit card, you can leave your house with just your, a female can just leave her house with her lipstick just to look beautiful.
She doesn't have to worry about a credit card.
She doesn't have to worry about keys.
Tell you what, stay there.
Yeah, and everything's going to RFID to just be scanned at the gas pump or at McDonald's, wherever.
Stay there, gentlemen, both of you.
We'll be right back after this quick break with some other key questions for our guests.
We'll tell you about the websites for their organizations as well.
Stay with us.
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Hi, Alan, welcome to the program.
Thank you, Marvin.
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Is that true?
Yes, Marvin, it's true.
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All right, my friends.
We're talking to Kenneth Percy, one of the owners of the Amica Loft and, I guess, Clubhouse Lounge, one of the biggest and most popular party spots there in South Beach, Miami.
And, of course, Mark Barsh.
He is the president of Metro Risk.
And, gentlemen, there's just too much to talk about here.
If I can keep you about another 15 minutes, that would just be fabulous.
Can we do that?
Can both of you give me your websites?
For the Amica Loft Lounge and Disco Tech, it's www.amicamiami.com.
All right.
And then what about for Metro Risk?
Metro Risk would be www.metrorisk.com.
Okay, gentlemen, I've got a lady coming on right now, and with our phone problems today, we'll see how this works.
She's Catherine Albrecht, she's with Caspian, expert there at Harvard right now, on the cards, on the chips, on the RFID, and she's got a couple questions for you on this subject.
Catherine Albrecht, you're on the air, of course.
From NoCards.org with our two guests who've been kind enough to come on with us.
Thanks for joining us, Katherine.
You've got questions for them.
They've got answers.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Hi, Kenneth.
Hi, Mark.
Quick question actually for both of you.
I'm wondering what sort of waiver forms you've been given by the folks at Applied Digital Solutions that have to be signed by people who are about to be chipped, I guess, this evening.
I haven't been given any forms.
Is that Kenneth answering there?
Okay, so now do they come out and do the chipping themselves?
So you're just providing the facilities and then the Applied Digital folks do the chipping?
Actually, I'm basically providing an outlet for people to know about it and to use it in the real setting.
And are they actually sending out a clinician or someone in a white lab coat to do the chipping right there in front of your crowd tonight?
I don't think it would be in front of the crowd.
If anything, it would have to be in the chipmobile.
Okay, because I know in some of the photographs that I've seen from the Baja Beach Clubs, both in Spain and of course in the Netherlands, it looks like it's sort of a big ringside show there with everybody getting chipped in front of the crowd.
Let me direct that to you, Mark.
Are you familiar with any kind of waiver or form that has to be signed before people take the chip?
Each person who's getting chipped has to... The process of getting chipped is not a complex one, but there's certain steps.
For example, there's a form that needs to be filled out with personal information.
Then when we do that second stage, we validate that information, the basic stuff, such as name, address, or security.
And that's connected to the info number on there so they know who you are.
But, Catherine, you had specific questions about an MRI.
Well, actually, yeah.
One, you're linking it up with the information, obviously, so that they can make their payments through using the device.
I had a couple questions.
Am I right there?
That's correct.
And then the other piece was just in terms of some of the medical risks associated with taking this device, which according to the FDA, when they approved this device on October 12th, those risks included, for example, an incompatibility with an MRI or a magnetic resonance imaging machine.
At the time, we're considering a non...
But it's not meant to be used for somebody who at the moment is going to be getting an MRI.
So it's not compliant with MRI.
That's correct.
Okay, so I guess these folks who are getting these implants may actually have to wear medic alert bracelets of some sort.
Tell them what the FDA says happens when you have one of these in you and you go under a magnetic resonance machine.
Well, we actually found a letter from the FDA to the folks that applied Digital and Digital Angel about this device, and essentially they had a whole host of health problems.
One of them, people don't realize an MRI machine is a very powerful magnet, and it also creates a very powerful radio frequency field.
So for both of those reasons, this is incompatible because
The VeriChip has a ferrous or an iron-based core, and if you go inside of an MRI machine, there's some speculation that the MRI may actually suck the device right out of the patient, or out of, I guess it would be a patient inside of an MRI machine.
Also, migration of the chip.
They admit that there can be migration of it.
Gentlemen, are people being told about migration of the chip?
There can't be no migration because there is a chemical device, I mean a chemical that's called BioBond.
It works as scar tissue wherever it gets injected into the body.
It's got little kind of barbs on it.
No, it looks like a little glue.
Microscopically, I think I saw a blow-up of it.
It's like a little cuckoo bird.
It has little abrasive areas to hook into the flesh.
That's wrong?
Okay, explain it to me.
It's chemical coating.
It looks a little bit like wax.
On one of the ends of the chip.
It's polypropylene, if I can jump in.
Yeah, it's a polypropylene coating.
That is correct.
We have a picture of it up on our website at spychips.com if you want to take a look.
You can see it does look quite a bit like wax.
That's correct.
And what happens is once injected, it works as scar tissue and it prevents it from moving anywhere in the body.
Tell you what, ten more minutes with you gentlemen and with you, Catherine.
Stay there, please.
This is riveting information for people.
Just want to cover all the facets of this and then we'll discuss it.
With Kenneth, Percy, and Mark Barsh, and of course, Catherine Albrecht, I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and InfoWars.net.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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I remember eight years ago getting Army documents to the plan to chip the entire population
And then back in 2000, even having it on their main website, linking to army.mil, and people still couldn't believe it.
And my cousin two years ago told me they'd all been told that within the next few years, and now we've reached that point, they'd be getting chips.
And after 9-11, the wall-to-wall promotion, the family in Florida getting the chips, and
Now in Mexico, and we're just talking to Mark Barsh with Metro Risk, just one of the companies globally out distributing.
He's talking to all these Latin American countries about going with this.
They've had Brazilian politicians take the chip even before Mexican ones did it.
There's talk in Italy about this happening.
Meanwhile, we have Arnold Schwarzenegger and all these other governors promoting satellite trackers or transponders in the cars to track us everywhere we go.
There's a proliferation of this, and we talked to Kenneth Percy, one of the owners of Amica Club there in Miami, and he's like, yeah, I see a time when you'll need this to get into the club, period.
That's what the other club manager said from Spain.
And so we see where all of this is trending and going.
I mean, if somebody wants to go stick one of these in themselves...
A biometric face scanner thumbprint does the same thing.
That's their business, and I see those as just as dangerous.
But just this pell-mell push by the media, all positive about it, but in major polls, 90-plus percent of people are firmly against it.
Gentlemen, do you have any comments to what I just said?
It's an individual thing.
If somebody wants it, it's just purely for convenience as far as the nightlife industry is concerned.
Yeah, but if you want to be in the military, you'll have to have it.
Or if you want to work at the Mexican consulate, or if you want to work in the CIA, you'll have to have it.
We already see the government saying, yeah, you don't have to have a job.
You don't have to have a license, but we need a license for you to have a job.
We'll see the next step is the chip.
I think that's taking it to the extreme.
To the extreme.
I think having people being implanted with chips to get into nightclubs is extreme.
One would hope.
One would hope.
One would hope it was extreme?
Don't forget, we're in the entertainment industry.
And actually, it's a pure benefit for your VIP clientele who don't feel like carrying around their wallet or their credit cards or any ID for that matter.
So it's like something different.
Yeah, but they go in and the scanner's got to come over and scan them and check it like you're a toaster on the shelf at Walmart with an RFID sticker on it.
It would happen at the point of sale anyway.
So rather than giving your credit card to the bartender, you just put out your arm or put out your shoulder, and you get a second scan.
Catherine Albrecht, you know, first the Associated Press reported 100, then 300, then 1,000.
It's actually 18 members of the Attorney General staff in Mexico that have been chipped.
That is correct.
But I can pull up 100 stories that said 300 and even higher.
Yeah, and in fact, the USA Today, the Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, all of the major media got it wrong, including myself.
We issued a press release a few months back and just parroted the number we'd been given, which was 160.
And the AP and others said they got that from Applied Digital.
Applied Digital also, a couple years ago, I had their CEO on, I had their chief scientist on four years ago.
They said that they had all these hospitals taking it.
But where are the hospitals with the readers?
They called the hospitals.
One of the Miami Papers did.
They said, we don't have those readers.
They got sued in a class action suit by their investors for that, by the way, Alex.
And in fact, they had to settle to the tune of millions of dollars because they were...
Not at all.
We were aware of...
Several of the points that have been mentioned, but keep in mind that that is internally with ADS.
Metro Risk is an independent company, and MECA is an independent company.
No, no, we're making that clear.
I'm just saying, we all saw the news, 150, 300, 1,000 got the chip, and this information is coming from quarters that, again, said all these hospitals had it.
Well, if you ask me, you have to take into consideration several factors.
For example, let's take the comments from the Attorney General in Mexico.
At one point in time, I was under the impression that it was 160 also.
Yeah, there were quotes by him, so why is he doing that?
My understanding is that it was a project meant to chip 160.
Again, this is what my understanding goes.
The amount of people at the time right now is only 18, and she's absolutely correct.
But they were on the news going, you don't get in the building in the secure area unless you have this, with people going, well, I guess I'll do it then.
I mean, that isn't forced chipping.
That wasn't the only exaggeration at the point.
At the point, as a matter of fact, you guys are even forgetting that the gentleman not only said that you need the chip to get into the place, but you could also track them through GPS, which is absolutely not true.
Well, they could with a high-powered reader boosting the satellite at ground-based level.
I don't know about that.
But in my experience, the technology lends itself not only to save lives and be a great product, but also to be exaggerated.
But the Pentagon's coming out with smart dust that can be read by satellite.
Yes, radioactive equipment.
It's not that they're just coming out, something that's been out.
But if you ask me, in reference to the exaggerations out there with numbers, let it be how many hospitals at the time, I can only tell you the numbers in which Metro Risk has been involved.
I can only tell you the different projects.
Okay, how many people has Metro Risk chipped?
Right now, as a matter of fact, in the United States, we haven't chipped anybody.
This is just ongoing, all these different companies, year after year, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip.
That's what I mean.
But I look at the numbers, it looks like a lot of people don't want, it's not like people are beating down the doors.
We do have a large amount of people who are interested.
Well, I know you're new in this.
I'm talking about the other people.
Well, I've been at this for about a year and a half.
And the only thing is that in the United States, because of its society and because of the all-potential lawsuits, we have to proceed with certain caution.
Yeah, you just got FDA approval.
Amica being the top nightclub, we have to proceed with certain caution.
For example, we're not going to get anybody chipped in the bathroom or in such a circus way like they did in Baja Beach in Spain, even though it was a project that we undertook.
We have no control of what was happening at the hospital.
The reason why we had to take it with amicus, because it could be done much better and in the proper way.
Okay, Mark, any comments from Kenneth?
Do you want to say anything here, or Catherine?
Well, I agree 100%.
I mean, this is still a, I guess, quasi-medical procedure, and it's still voluntary.
And it's done from the nightlife point of view, purely as an added value to make your experience easier.
Yeah, what it is, is you've got the trendies...
They don't know their head from a hole in the ground.
They saw this on CSI Miami, and so now they're going to feel like ultra-elitists because they got this.
Well, that and you don't have to carry your wallet.
Amica actually brings a better clientele than that.
So if you ask me, no, that wouldn't apply in Amica.
I mean, to me, there is no way I'm ever taking a chip.
And that's my opinion, that somebody doesn't know their head from a hole in the ground, and they'll take one of these ships.
Well, how about somebody who has Alzheimer's?
How about somebody who legitimately has a need?
How about somebody with diabetes who's under constant medical attention?
Can I jump in and respond to that?
Yeah, go ahead.
And actually, Kenneth, this is information that these folks may not have shared with you before you agreed to allow your... You just made my point, though, Catherine.
Go ahead and make your point, Catherine.
This is from the FDA letter that was issued on October 12th, the same day that they gave the approval of this device for medical purposes.
It says the potential risks to health associated with the device are adverse tissue reaction, migration of implanted transponder, compromised information security, failure of implanted transponder, failure of inserter, failure of electronic scanner, electromagnetic interference, electrical hazards,
Yeah, and the groups know where these chips are going, the two implant areas.
What's to stop a kidnapper from grabbing it out and using it?
From gouging it out and using it?
Pardon me?
Pretty macabre, if you ask me.
Well, that's what kidnappers are.
They are macabre.
Yeah, but that has nothing to do with going to a nightclub in Miami Beach.
Yeah, but as this proliferates... I mean, Mark, you were saying for kidnappings and security issues in Latin America, where it's obviously a real threat... That's the problem with thumb... Let me stop you.
That's the problem with the thumb scanner.
They just cut somebody's thumb off, they got it.
We've had security experts look at all this biometric and stuff.
This is actually worse.
I don't agree.
What about people having a reader?
They can just scan you and get your code.
It doesn't work that way.
The code just doesn't do anything unless you have access to the database.
Catherine, you got any comments to this?
You were telling me during our break that Applied Digital, I haven't seen this, but I'm sure you have if you're saying it, that Applied Digital is claiming that you can't extract this and use it.
Yeah, you know, it's interesting.
I've done several radio interviews with Applied Digital and television interviews as well.
One of the things that they've said is that, oh, well, don't worry.
If it's removed from the person's body, it will no longer function.
Mark, do you have any comments to that?
The chip is, of course, it's obvious it's going to function because, I mean, by removing it from the body, it doesn't necessarily mean that the device is disabled.
That was my take on it, too, but this is the executives at Applied Digital saying that.
Perhaps what they mean is, and then again, in my experience with the media is, one, it is always two ways to look at things.
Yes, somebody gets extracted, the chip gets extracted from somebody's arm.
And what happens is it also gets deactivated from the database.
So, yes, by simple... If the person tells them.
No, I mean, by simple... Well, yeah.
Say you get it removed without applied digital knowing, then we've got to grant the possibility of something happening for the simple fact that... Well, the kidnappers aren't going to call up and go, Hey, I took the chip out of her arm!
Well, the other thing that's interesting, I got an email from a gentleman in Scandinavia who is an engineer who works for one of their big telephone companies up there, an electrical engineer.
And he said, you know, these folks at Applied Digital are really snowing you.
He said, I could take a handheld reader device, capture the number off of any VeriChip implant, and within a period of a day, I could have an army of that identical number available to in-chip implant into other people.
Why hasn't he done it?
Well, I guess he doesn't really have an incentive to do it.
Well, it's simple.
It's like I could scan a barcode and then duplicate the barcode.
I've heard so many people say they can do so many things.
Wait a minute.
I mean, the resident's code number can be scanned and read and then duplicated in the tiny transceiver.
These chips are programmable, so why couldn't I do that?
One thing is, let me just explain something.
You guys are looking at the chip as the problem, but the chip is just one factor.
Well, that's what the company's saying they want to develop it into.
Financial, medical, security...
Right, but you're saying... The chip, again, is for identification.
If I want to go into Kenneth's nightclub and charge up a bunch of liquor, all I would have to do would be scan one of his chipped patrons, duplicate one of their chips, put it in my own arm, and I could go in and run up that person's bar tab.
Yeah, you still have to sign, with all due respect, you still have to sign a tab and a bill.
See, this is pointless.
I mean, why can't I just... Hold on.
Why can't I just swipe my debit card, bang my pen there, it's got my picture on it.
You see, and that's the thing.
All this chipping makes all the other Big Brother stuff look okay.
Face scanning, thumb scanning, ID cards.
Catherine, isn't that what this is really all about?
Why the media and the government keeps pushing it?
I will say that there's a lot of people with a lot of interest in being able to track people all the time, and this would certainly be one way to do it.
We can track you already as it is right now.
Yeah, but just because we can track... That's what I'm saying.
All the other stuff is bad, too.
I'm just not knocking the chip.
I'm sorry, but everybody I know carries around a cell number with a cell phone with them.
They can be tracked that way.
The chip has to be a proximity device.
That's right.
In order for it to work.
We've got a problem.
We're too tracked.
We've got a problem.
We're big brother land and it's getting worse.
The main thing I want to get to the bottom of here, since we've got Kenneth on the phone and he's been kind enough to talk to us about this, is...
Really, are you concerned that one of your patrons might wind up down the road needing an MRI and being unable to get one because they have this device in their flesh?
It'd be no different than somebody having an artificial hip or an artificial knee.
What if they're in a big car wreck?
Open abduction internal fixation device.
What if they're in a big car wreck, and then they go in, they're doing an MRI, and they don't know that chip's in there?
With all due respect... Well, if it isn't a problem, Kenneth, why would the FDA say it was a problem?
I can't count on why the FDA would say anything.
But again, it's no different than having any other kind of medical device implanted in you.
But you're not implanting people as a medical device.
You're implanting it in them as a way to pay for their drink.
Actually, without implanting anything, what we are doing is giving people the avenue of using that chip in a different kind of way.
But an artificial hip I might need in order to walk, a chip I could just as easily scan my credit card.
I guess the real question is are people aware of the risk that they're running and are people at say 21 or 22 really thinking long term about their need for future medical care and are they really thinking long term about whether this is going to be incompatible with an MRI and then how are they going to get the darn thing out again when they need that MRI down the road?
The same way they put it back in.
It's really not that difficult to get out.
You mean the needle injector can also be used as an extractor?
It's just through a medical procedure.
Yes, an actual opening.
You're going to have to do an incision and then open the flaps to get into the subcutaneous layer.
Are you familiar with anyone ever having had one of these extracted from their flesh?
Was that Mark?
Who was that?
And could you give us the details on that?
Of how it works?
As a matter of fact, they just explained it right now.
You have to get anesthetic, an incision has to be made, and then it just simply gets pulled out.
Mark, you're saying... Hold on a second.
This is important, and thank you for joining us.
Are you saying you had a chip removed?
No, I never said that.
Okay, well, I'm asking... Okay, she was asking, do you know of someone?
Why did they have the chip removed?
Well, because we were migrating from one chip to another.
There are several models of chips that are out there.
Ah, getting an upgrade.
For identification, it's just a number.
Gentlemen, anything else you'd like to add?
Catherine, any other questions?
I'd like to add one quick thing.
The only thing I've been able to find about having a chip removed, and I'd love to find information about that if that's been published in any journals or anywhere that regular folks can find out about how difficult it is to remove it, but I do have a document here about chipping racehorses.
I'll work for a large animal vet.
It just doesn't make sense.
You need a large team when you can just simply locate it with the
Reduce it to a small amount and just simply make an incision.
Come on, how many doctors do you think you need to do that?
Well, this thing had actually migrated, so... Yeah, listen, listen.
I worked for a high-level vet who did artificial insemination, embryo flushes, implantation, I mean in a laboratory, okay, when I was a teenager.
And let me just tell you, the chips back then, this is, you know, this is 15 years ago, the chips back then...
They would read them before they put them in, and when they put them in that animal, there was never the idea that they'd be able to get that ship out.
Again, when it was 15 years ago.
Gentlemen, anything else?
It's been a pleasure being on your show.
Gentlemen, c'est la vie.
I hope you wake up and aren't part of this anymore.
Catherine, stay there, please.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
They're just going to talk about chips and how great they are and push them in sitcoms and dramas and the news and at nightclubs until you just get sick of hearing about it and accept it.
It's acclimation.
It's conditioning.
Going on pell-mell 24-7.
We're going to go back to Catherine Albrecht here in just a minute or two, tell you about her website, more information.
But folks, when I made Road to Tyranny a couple years ago, ooh, I was kooky for saying they're going to try to make you take chips.
And I've got Andy Rooney saying we all need chips.
We just need to be made to take chips.
That's 60 minutes, folks.
90-plus percent of people are against it, but they don't care.
They're going to keep pushing it, just like Arnold for president.
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Catherine Albrecht, I just want to keep you five minutes to the next hour.
If you can do it, if you can't, I understand.
Give us your websites in a nutshell.
Tell us what you thought of that insane interview.
I'd be happy to stand with you and your listeners, Alex.
Our website, spychips.com, S-B-Y-C-H-I-P-S.com, you'll see the latest Barrett chip information, including our world-exclusive breaking story on the fact that only 18 people in Mexico were chipped instead of the 160 widely reported in the USA today.
I saw articles that said 1,100.
Well, you know, I've been seeing 1,100 around the world.
I've seen 1,000 in Mexico.
You know, the real bottom line here is that these companies have a long history of lying to the public, lying to their investors.
If they got sued and lost over lying about the hospitals, why are they doing it again?
Well, they're blaming their Mexican affiliate, their Mexican distributor.
They're saying they have nothing to do with it.
What I think is interesting, though, is you can go on our website at spychips.com.
You can click up this article, which is featured right on the very front page there.
And if you scroll down to the bottom, you can actually see a link to their website where they continue to carry articles from Business Week and other publications boasting about the $160.
And that's in their press section.
Of course, that information is there to impress investors so that they can get even more money flowing into their coffers.
Last time I checked, though, their stock wasn't doing too well.
Their stock actually took a huge bounce.
It went way up after the FDA announcement and, of course, after they were featured on a number of nationwide television programs.
I remember last time a few years ago, though, when they did the public chipping of that family at Plunge, but I guess now it's going back up.
Yeah, I believe it went up 60% after the FDA approval.
So what is it, March $4 now?
You know, I haven't been tracking it that closely, but yeah, somewhere in that range.
A few years ago, it was like $0.80 or something.
Well, they did what's called a reverse stock split, where 10 shares of stock turned into a single share of stock in order to keep it from being sort of the pathetic $0.35 stock.
They reversed, merged it a while back.
Bottom line, they're selling it.
The people aren't buyers.
They're just going to keep selling it.
Well, I think that's it, and I think they
I realize that the folks they can get to do it are these nightclub goers.
These idiots, yeah.
They're going to push that for all the time.
Tell you what, stay there.
That's less than 100 folks out.
Catherine, stay there.
We'll talk about it when we get back.