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Air Date: Dec. 6, 2004
2369 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It's already Monday, the 6th day of December 2004, as we accelerate towards the end of 05, 04, into 05.
And before we know it, it'll be the end of 05.
That's right.
You know, we're all...
In the twilight of our lives.
We're all in the winter of our lives.
You never know when you're going to die.
And life is so short.
You might as well stand up for what is right and stand up for decency and honor and duty against the criminals that run our planet.
They are known as the New World Order, the International Crime Families, the Global Crime Syndicate.
There's a lot of talk about Bernard Carrick, the...
Former police chief of New York, Giuliani minion.
He's in business with Homeland Security companies with Rudolph Giuliani.
They thought Giuliani would be the head of Homeland Security, but why have to give up any of his business?
He can just send his minion, Bernard, in there, and he can take care of it for everybody.
You know, Giuliani's making hundreds of millions of dollars himself, his company, billions of dollars off of terrorism.
It's been quite lucrative.
And then the government, the neocon-controlled government, comes and gives Giuliani, for doing such a good job on 9-11, covering up everything, they come and give him the contracts.
It's a great system.
It's not free market, my friends.
These people are not conservatives.
But even the Associated Press and the New York Daily News and conservatives and liberals are going, Bernard Couric, this guy, is a joke!
Just like Alberto, I Love Torture Gonzalez, and the rest of the people that Bush is replacing his cabinet with.
If it was possible, all of the choices, all the replacements are far worse than those previously in those positions.
You get rid of Colin Powell, you put in Condi Rice, who will take whatever propaganda the neocons are spewing and up it three or four times in decibel level.
He got Alberto Gonzalez, who was writing up the torture memos and Bush's above the law memos and Patriot Act II stuff, for Ashcroft to try to pass.
So you take the minion out and put the brain in with him, and then with Bernard Carrick, this guy, I mean, it would take an hour just to cover all the horrible things he's been involved in.
But we'll speed through some of these later in this first hour.
Plus an article by Jim Moore, What Our Fathers Knew, We Are Yet to Learn.
I want to go over this article.
A lot of editorials out there exposing the police state.
Iran rejects any deal with the International Atomic Energy Agency over nuclear report.
Think about North Korea.
They say, just bring it on, we're going to nuke you.
And we go, oh, no, sir, we love you.
Oh, you're so good.
But then Iran lets in all these UN inspectors that tear everything apart, and then they get spanked for it.
So I guess they're doing what the globalists wanted all along, starting to pull out of this stuff.
Rumsfeld to remain at the Pentagon.
I guess they couldn't find anyone more evil to replace him with.
So I'm serious.
So they're keeping him...
Bush told U.S.
News & World Report a few weeks ago that they're going to have a big shift in the cabinet because a lot of these people aren't energetic enough carrying out the policies.
But obviously Rumsfeld is, so he stays.
Shopping mall security guards in the U.S.
are being taught to spot suicide bombers.
We're all terrorists.
Villagers vow to fight private jail.
Wait to hear about this.
But there is so much...
Coming up.
Oh, they're saying they can torture you and then use that in a court hearing.
But they're not torturing anybody.
They just are going to torture you and use it in court.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The history of the world is example after example.
It's filled with Case Point real-world demonstrations of power-mad leaders feeding on the population, dumbing the population down, enslaving the population.
It is the nature of control freaks.
It is the nature of individuals that get into positions of ultra-power.
Because a normal person becomes happy and wealthy...
At an upper middle class level and doesn't seek any more power because their needs have been met.
Only, in almost every case, do we see the sociopathic control freak getting into control.
It is the great exception when you get somebody who isn't like that in control.
I mean, the subterfuge of a Byzantine court in Italy...
500, 600 years ago.
Or the barbaric practices in England.
Or Japan.
Or what is Latin America today with the Indians of that culture.
Or the Babylonians.
Or the Egyptians.
Or the Greeks.
Total enslavement.
Total domination.
Because the elite knew and even wrote handbooks and stone tablets on.
There are reasons for dumbing down and dominating the people using feudalism and serfdom.
Because that knocked out any chance of anyone ever getting up through the cracks and basically deposing them of new elites forming that might dominate and overthrow their power structure.
So people ask, well, why would the elite want to hurt us or take our rights?
Well, why is that the case in every case in history with no exceptions?
Until you see the United States and what became modern America.
But you talk to a yuppie, you talk to a know-it-all, you talk to your average Joe Six-Pack Sally soccer mom, they just go, governments are perfect, they've never done anything wrong.
You're weird because you say we should watch them and keep control of government.
And I say to that, have you ever read the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution?
Have you ever read the Federalist Papers or the Anti-Federalist Papers?
I've read a lot of them.
It's all about controlling government, how dangerous it is, how despots always get into control, how precious liberty and freedom is.
But the devil's greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist.
And that old adage or cliché fits nicely into what we see today.
These evil people...
Robbing and ruling and basically raping society with all these big space-age PR firms pumping out propaganda of how it's all for our own good and how much they care about us.
And you've got all these useful idiot minions in and out of government at every level and every facet of society, every strata, buying into this.
And because you feed off the system itself, you go ahead and make excuses for it.
I mean, take the case of the new guy they want to be the head of Homeland Security.
I mean, literally, from conservative, liberal publications, mainstream publications...
Normally, mainstream media, you know, is, I mean, you could be somebody who says you admire Hitler, and his father's an open Nazi, and you support Nazis, and they'll say there's allegations you like Nazis.
You know, like they do with Arnold.
I mean, they'll normally ignore anything.
But with Bernard Keurig, nomination is a ticking time bomb.
That's Newsday.
Here's DemWatch.
Keurig is not fit to serve as Homeland Security chief.
Here's the Associated Press.
Carrick's life not all an open book.
And you read these articles.
I've got like seven articles.
That's just three of them.
Campaign bodyguard for Rudy Giuliani.
Aaron Boyd for the Saudi royal family.
Oh yeah.
This is what Bernard Carrick is.
Energetic exploiter of September 11th tragedy.
That is the Newsday headlines.
Tough-talking publicity hound, vowing to bring law and order to Iraq, then hightailing it out of there after a disastrous 14 weeks, leaving the place far less safe, and he found it.
Oh, the bullet points of Bernie Kerik's real-life resume just go on and on, but this is really of the guy we want standing between us and the terrorists.
George W. Bush apparently thinks so.
I mean, this is the guy who called Giuliani...
Right before Tower 1 and 2 fell, when no one thought they would fall, and said, get out of Building 7.
Tower 1 and 2 are about to fall.
This is the guy that attacked the New York firefighters and said they did a bad job.
And he said their radios all malfunctioned.
Of course, it turned out none of them malfunctioned.
They were reporting bombs and
At that point, whoever was listening to the audio feeds or the radio feed hit the detonators and brought the buildings down where they could disable them or do anything.
I mean, this is all on the record, by the way.
Bernie Keurig running around on 9-11 covering up everything, helping sneak off with the voice and data recorders, which FBI and firefighters and emergency workers have all said was loaded onto four-wheelers and
Driven out of the wreckage, which the government says that doesn't exist either.
And then after 9-11, he starts a big security firm.
He's in business with Giuliani, and they go around and get all the big fat government contracts, and I guess it's okay that he's going to stay on at that company while he's Homeland Security chief.
Boy, that's real good.
I mean, after all, he can have...
Dick Cheney leave Halliburton, become VP, and then openly have big maps about where the oil's at and weapons sales.
It's all public.
But he takes the head of the Supreme Court, or one of the heads of it, Anthony Scalia, one of the justices, on a couple different all-expense-paid trips.
It's all right.
The week before he used to be heard in court.
I mean, how do you track all this?
How do you...
How do you deal with this?
White House sources were saying last night that Bernard Carrick, the scandal-scarred former commissioner of the New York Corrections and Police Departments, will be named today to take Tom Ridge's job as head of Homeland Security.
For now, let's give the Bush folks a benefit of the doubt.
Maybe they've been wowed by Keurig's shameless swing state Kerry bashing on Bush's behalf.
I fear another attack, and I fear the attack with Senator Kerry being in office responding to it.
Maybe they've been bullied by Giuliani's bulldog lobbying for a loyal business buddy and after-hours pal.
Oh, Carl, you can almost hear Rudy say, I won't be Attorney General, but you've got to take Bernie at Homeland Security.
Or maybe it's just that FBI background check isn't back from the field.
Whatever the reason, the White House personnel office really ought to ask some probing questions about New York and around New York.
You can bet they'll get an earful of heads up about this hard-charging, thick-necked, shaved-head,
Man, I mean, that's Newsday, folks.
Here are some more reasons we should be against Herrick.
But, I mean, obviously Bush knows all this.
I mean, look at Alberto Olive Torture Gonzalez.
He is one of the most radical pro-abortion people you can imagine.
Again, doesn't want you to know when your 12-year-old daughter goes to get an abortion, but your daughter has to give you a note when she goes to the zoo at public school or to the planetarium.
Or to the Natural History Museum.
He's pro-open borders.
La Raza member.
He openly promotes open borders.
He is vehemently anti-gun.
And do you hear one peep out of the big neocon leaders?
No, it's all, we've got to get Alberto in.
Oh, the evil liberals are trying to stop him.
Oh, they're so evil.
Oh, those evil Democrats, they just are racist and don't like Hispanics.
This is what they're saying.
I don't care if he's Hispanic or white or purple.
Just give us somebody who isn't a gun-grabbing, America-hating piece of filth.
Same thing with Bernard Carrick.
Oh, man, I guess I'm anti-white because I'm against him.
This is so stupid.
A few reasons why Bernard Carrick is not fit to serve as Secretary of Homeland Security.
Carrick has furthered the lie that Iraq was involved in 9-11.
Keurig does not believe in the right to free political expression.
That's well known.
Arresting people for speech.
Also from New York Newsday.
Political criticism is our enemy's best friend.
He was quoted as saying in Newsday.
Political criticism is our enemy's best friend.
Keurig may have perjured himself before the 9-11 Commission.
We've got all those in his articles there.
Keurig has extensive ties to the terrorist-funding Saudi royal family.
Mr. Kirik says he speaks a smattering of Arabic for four years spent in Saudi Arabia training security staff.
But it gets into how he was involved with the Saudi royal family page after page.
Kirik's team as head of security for the Iraqi provisional authority was abruptly cut short with no
Explanation, contradicting months of statements Keurig had made about his long-term commitments to the job.
During the recent presidential campaign, Keurig openly employed fear as a political weapon.
Keurig's tenure as the head of New York City's Department of Corrections was marked by scandals.
Torture, you name it.
Keurig's tenure as NYPD commissioner was also marked by scandals.
Goes on and on from page to page.
I'll get more into this guy later.
I want to get into torturing you and then using it in court.
There is just so much here.
Uncle Sam has his own gulags.
Mainstream news.
Stay with us.
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We've got several groups coming on in the next hour.
We'll be discussing cloning.
It's a lot further along than most people know.
I mean, they've been splicing humans with animals for years.
And now in the last few weeks they've been coming out in major publications like the Washington Post and saying, oh yeah, we've got half chimpanzee, half human creatures, and they don't have any rides because they're only half human.
Oh yes, we're putting human genes in the pigs so they have human blood and we can take their blood.
Just incredible stuff going on that the average person has no idea is even happening.
And I'm not trying to give you bad news.
I'm just trying to chronicle what's really happening.
You know, by having a road map where all the pitfalls are and the potholes, we can perhaps pull out of this nosedive.
Just perhaps.
Uncle Sam has his own gulag.
That's the Toronto Sun, another one.
USOK's evidence gained through torture.
I mean, no one has ever in modern history come into court and said we tortured people.
But, again, we've hit new lows.
You've got to love the double-think.
We're not torturing, but we're going to use the evidence from where we tortured people.
Post-9-11 police powers are turned on Americans.
The Roanoke Times, another mainstream news article, replete with examples, nothing to do with terrorism.
Massachusetts gets electronic gun fingerprinting.
It's coming to a state near you.
Associated Press, going to make you thumb-scan.
Navy investigates new set of Iraqi prisoner photos.
This is from the AP as well.
It's all up on prisonplanet.com.
And we have some of the photos.
And I think this was released on purpose.
I think this is a staged event, and I'll tell you why.
Well, the Navy SEALs just accidentally loaded onto the web pictures of themselves.
Give me a break.
Just give me a break.
Shopping mall security guards in the U.S.
are being taught to spot suicide bombers.
That, too, out of the AP.
Why, they're just everywhere.
There's terrorists everywhere.
Of course, they also tell them, because you may not find terrorists, go ahead and look for other crimes.
Did you see a parent spank their child at the mall?
Go ahead and call the police.
It's terrorism.
So that's just some of what's coming up.
But this out-of-Toronto Sun today...
Uncle Sam has his own gulag.
Behaving like the Soviet police won't make America safer.
By Eric Marigold.
The Lubyanka Prison heavy oak main door swung open.
I went in.
The first Western journalist to enter the KGB's notorious Moscow headquarters.
A place so dreaded, Russians dared not utter its name.
When they referred to it at all, they called it... Deskimere.
After the nearby toy store.
After interviewing two senior KGB generals, I explored the fascinating museum of Soviet intelligence and was briefed on special poisons and assassination weapons that left no trace.
I sat transfixed at the desk until by all the directors of Stalin's secret police on which the orders were assigned to murder 30 million people.
But it was to stop terrorists, remember?
Yeah, it was to stop terrorists.
Enemy terrorists everywhere.
They had to put their officers in black masks to protect their identity.
They had to arrest the people.
Descending dimly lit stairs, I saw some of the KGB's execution and torture cellars, and special cold rooms where naked prisoners were beaten, then doused with ice water and slowly frozen.
Other favored Lubyanka tortures.
Psychological terror, something we all go through daily with the news.
Psychotropic drugs, which 50% of our children are on.
Prolonged sleep deprivation.
Dazzling lights.
Intense noise.
Days in pitch black darkness.
Constant threats.
Savage beatings.
Attacks by guard dogs.
Why, they do that when the...
When the Red Sox win and then kill young women.
Nightmares from the past, but the past has returned.
And then it goes into four pages of the exact things listed here being done by our government.
And I see reports every week of where they torture people in America at the prisons and the jails, but it never gets out more than the local newspaper, and nobody really gets in trouble.
It's a big deal when it's the so-called terrorists it's happening to, because then we say, oh, they're terrorists, do it!
You see, so it's legitimized.
They don't like to bring it out nationally when it's citizens.
Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, black people, Hispanics.
No, no, they don't like to do that, because that would scare you.
No, it's just for those turban people, but let's legitimize it, though, so we can do it to you out in the open.
This is out of the AP as well.
USOK's evidence gained through torture, just open admission.
So we'll finish up these articles, then take your calls.
We don't have guests until the bottom of the next hour, so we've got plenty of time to take calls.
Chronicling the Sovietization when we get back, prisonplanet.tv.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Hi folks, this is Alex Jones.
Whether you are aware or not, World War III has started.
Let me rephrase that.
Oil War III has started.
Don't kid yourself, the reason we went into Iraq is oil.
Now we are looking at the possibility of invading Iran and even Saudi Arabia.
Why else would the US be building 13 permanent military installations inside Iraq?
Does it look like we're pulling out?
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That's 800-453-2202.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up later, we've got a little four-minute video piece, the audio of it, from the University of Calgary, up in Canada, talking about how deadly mercury is.
Of course, our local news, national news, now says it's nutritious and good for you.
So I wanted to air this.
And then also a little NBC piece about chips under the skin to get in the nightclubs, not just over in Europe now, but starting here in America.
And of course we interviewed some of those folks last week.
And we're also about to take some of your phone calls.
Those clips are going to come up early in the next hour.
But before I do that, before I go to Richard and Robert and Tim and many others, I want to go over a little bit more of this torture news.
Now remember, after 9-11, when they knew that we were all very upset and very pliable psychologically within hours, they said, this is going to change America forever.
You're going to have to give your rights up.
Torture may be needed.
Then Rumsfeld got on TV and said, we're torturing people.
It was a great celebration in the first year.
Then when people saw the images of dogs biting people and people being beaten to death and the Army report came out and they suppressed the photos of raping and killing women in front of their husbands and raping small children and beating them in front of their families and they admitted in the Army's own report that 75 to 90% of those at the 32 camps in Iraq were completely, totally innocent.
Just picked up at checkpoints.
We've aired the NBC piece from last week.
Tom Brokaw's last broadcast where they talked about, now if you don't have your ID card in order, they go ahead and kill you on the spot.
Well, that's even worse than torture.
While your ID card's not in order, we're just going to kill you.
Just all calm out in the open.
But then when we saw these images, it was, we never did that, it was just a few rogue people.
It was ridiculous.
And it turns out, of course, it was orders from on high.
okays evidence gained through torture.
Evidence gained by torture can be used by the U.S.
military in deciding whether to imprison a foreigner indefinitely in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as an enemy combatant, the government says.
This is out of the Associated Press.
Statements produced under torture have been admissible in U.S.
courts for about 70 years, but the U.S.
military panel reviewing the detention...
...of 550 foreigners as enemy combatants at the U.S.
Naval Base in Cuba are allowed to use such evidence.
Principal Deputy Associate Attorney General Brian Boyle of Boyle on Humanity acknowledged at a U.S.
District Court hearing Thursday some of the prisoners have filed lawsuits challenging their detention without charges for up to three years so far.
At the hearing, Boyle urged District Judge Richard J. Leon to throw their cases out.
Also some U.S.
citizens there at that base.
Attorneys for the prisoners argued that some were held solely on evidence gained by torture, which they said violated fundamental fairness and the U.S.
due process standards.
But Boyle argued in a similar hearing Wednesday that the detainees have no constitutional rights enforceable in this court.
So, they can torture somebody.
And by the way, folks, when they got you on a rack or electrodes up to you, shocking you or hanging you up by your ankles or by your wrist, you break.
When they keep you in a freezing cell at Guantanamo, and this is mainstream news, they brought in prostitutes who were menstruating.
And forced, tied the Muslims down, and then they think they're going to hell because of that, and had the women perform acts on them.
I mean, this is how perverted it got.
By the way, I posted a video of Bush flipping people off, and I got a few complaints.
How dare you put that up on the site?
That's profane.
Hey, it's your president doing it.
And I post quotes of Arnold and Esquire using profanity and saying horrible things about women.
You're like, how dare you post something profane?
Hey, it's our leaders, our governors and our presidents doing it.
And I'm sorry if they sent prostitutes in to do this to the people.
Just a few of you don't get it.
We're reporting the news.
This is what they're doing.
Anything to stand in denial, I understand.
Anything to deny what's going on.
I'm not talking to the general listeners, but some of you out there.
You know, get out of denial.
Start realizing what we're dealing with here.
So here they are saying, we can torture you, and then use that in court.
I mean, the Soviets, the Nazis, no one.
The last time this went on was the Inquisition.
And then they still instructed you to say that you did this under no duress, even though it wasn't true.
I mean, now?
And by the way, they say 70 years ago.
That was when we had rulings on it 70 years ago.
We didn't need rulings on this in this country.
You know, that's not true.
The last time wasn't the Inquisition.
The Salem witch hunts.
The Salem witch hunts, based on what a schizophrenic girl thought, they did torture people publicly.
Kill them!
You know, putting giant boulders on top of people until they finally die.
Another boulder!
Admit you're a witch!
I'm going to put another boulder on you!
I guess that's the last time that I know of in Western civilization.
I mean, come on, folks!
We're going to torture them, but we never tortured them.
And we never said torture.
It was people all by themselves, posing for photographs, laughing.
Right out in the middle of the cell block.
Yeah, I'm sure the jail guards just did that.
Then again, the media shows them making people perform sex acts on each other, and the media goes, oh, it's just fun.
Oh, even the neocons say, I did that in fraternities.
Man, they should have to pay to have that done to them.
This is the sickness now.
Christian conservatives listen and go, yeah, yeah, it's Christian.
All the perverted stuff.
Literally, I've heard them.
Oh, they're just having fun.
But then they show the few photos of people beaten to death, and well, they deserve it.
But what about all the photos, the thousands of photos and videos that senators have admitted they've seen that show killing people, raping people, we're talking women, children.
How do you get your sick mind around that and make an excuse?
But now, then you deny that, oh, the government was behind it.
Sure, these people just did this all on their lonesome, all by themselves.
And so, then they come out with a double thing and go, oh, but we can use torture to get answers and use it in court.
It's admissible.
I mean, folks, they put the screws to you, as the saying goes, and you are going to tell them whatever they want to hear.
Remember Vietnam?
Our airmen would sit there, you know, weighing 100 pounds, black circles around their eyes.
But Morse cord torture, torture, torture.
Going, yes, America's evil, I'm bad.
We purposely target civilians, we're evil.
People go, how dare them torture our men.
Nowadays, torture everybody.
So, maybe you don't care about people in foreign countries, but you better care about our troops when they get captured.
How are you going to say it's bad when they get tortured?
I guess you probably still say it's bad, which it still is, but it'll be double-think.
You'll be very upset about it, and, oh, this is horrible, this is barbaric.
And just finishing up, then I'll go to your calls.
Continuing, that was from the AP.
This is from the Toronto Sun, from the reporter who visited the famous gulag in Moscow.
According to a report linked to the New York Times, the Swiss-based International Red Cross has accused the Bush administration for the second time of employing systematic medically supervised torture against suspects being held at Guantanamo Bay and at U.S.-run prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The second Red Cross report was delivered to the White House last summer while it was still trying to dismiss the Abu Ghraib prison torture horrors as the crimes of a few rogue jailers.
According to the reports, allegations, many tortures perfected by the Soviet secret police, the Chika, notably beating, freezing, sensory deprivation, and sleep deprivation, are now routinely being used by U.S.
Well, yeah, they tie somebody down naked in a C-130 and
Fly up to 20-something thousand feet and open the doors for 10 hours.
People died.
The Russian secret police, however, did not usually inflict sexual humiliation.
No, that's for the Jeffrey Dahmers of America.
That technique and hooding were developed by Israeli psychologists to break resistance of Palestinian prisoners.
Photos of sexual humiliation were used by Israeli security and then by U.S.
interrogators at Abu Ghraib to blackmail Muslim prisoners into becoming informants.
All of these practices flagrantly violate the Geneva Conventions internationally and American law.
The Pentagon and CIA gulags in Cuba, Iraq, and Afghanistan have become a sort of Enron-style, off-the-books operation immune from American law or congressional oversight.
Suspects reportedly disappeared to a black hole, recalling Latin American torture camps and disappearing of the 1970s and 80s of the Arab world's sinister secret police prisons.
The U.S.
has been sending high-level anti-American suspects to Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and reportedly Pakistan.
Yeah, the former CIA deputy director admitted that in 2001 after he talked about taking people to third-party countries to torture them.
Pakistan, there is alleged or brutally tortured and violent electric shocks, savage beatings, drownings, acid baths, and blow-torching, the same tortures, ironically, ascribed to Saddam Hussein.
He was our man!
A train to take out Soviets.
A train to take out to kill, to torture, to bomb.
Of course!
Our government paid for the prisons that they've now reoccupied.
You didn't know that our torture trainers, whose predecessors were trained by Nazis, went over and trained Saddam's people how to do it?
You didn't know that?
It's all public.
Why there's rape rooms and torture rooms.
How do we know?
Because we built them!
Heaven help us.
And the article goes on and on.
I mean, there's two more pages.
I'm not going to read any more.
Because it gets too bad to read.
It's on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
You want to go and read it for yourself.
Let's take a few calls here.
Thanks for holding.
Richard in Nebraska.
Welcome, sir.
You're on the air.
Yeah, I was just listening to Matt Bridge last night.
He mentioned that under this new congressional spending bill, the Internal Revenue Service was given the authority to hire and use the services of independent bill collectors.
And the salaries were going to be out of the percentage they're able to get out of people.
Everything is going to private.
Private prisons with private guards owned by the people that own our government that carried out 9-11.
The drug dealers, the real crime families, when they bust some little Mexican drug lord or some Venezuelan drug lord, it's somebody who didn't pay their cut.
The drug dealers are the same people that carried out the terror attacks.
They're the same people that own the prisons, that own the surveillance camera companies.
They own it all.
They own it all.
Yes, I was aware of that.
They also passed it where the Senate can look at your IRS records and use it for blackmail.
Yeah, that's so disgusting.
Sounds like freedom to me, doesn't it to you?
Oh, luckily I was raised in an era where they taught you what freedom actually was.
I thought freedom was torture rooms, and I thought freedom was arresting veterans who complained too much and charging them with terrorism.
And then Homeland Security was in the Quad City Times and said, well, he didn't threaten anybody, but he complained too much, and that takes up our time, and that's terrorism, so we're going to go ahead and arrest this veteran, this doctor who complained too much.
He sued us, and that's a terrorist act.
Oh, yeah, well, that just sounds as... Or this woman was selling knockoff Rubik's Cubes.
We're going to send Homeland Security out.
Oh, that was really disgusting.
Oh, and I guess there's really nothing I can say about it except something else now where I was listening to another program after him and where now they're actually saying that one guy was on.
They're saying that when a person's belief in God is actually a form of a brain disorder.
I mean, what are people's
So you heard another show saying believing in the right to own guns is mentally ill.
Yeah, oh, that.
Well, be clear, is that what the person was saying?
No, no, no, no, no.
I don't understand you.
Oh, no, no, no.
This was, I think, following... I said you were listening to another program, and what did they say?
They said that a person's belief in Christianity...
Okay, thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
I thought you said done for some reason.
Because they are teaching police and military and social workers that believe in the Second Amendment.
Folks, I'm not joking.
It's a mental illness.
They teach the social workers, this is back in the 50s, but now it's mainstream, that belief in Christianity is mental illness.
They're teaching them that homeschoolers' parents are mentally ill and may be terrorists.
Actually, say they're terrorists in handbooks.
I even have FEMA on tape saying all this.
I have their documents.
And it's like the Soviet Union.
Again, you're mentally ill if you believe in freedom.
And under the new Freedom Initiative, you may need to be forced drugged or taken away.
I'm not joking.
Robert in Colorado.
Go ahead.
Robert, you're on the air.
Good morning, Alexander.
Thanks so much for taking my call.
Appreciate it.
Great shows Thursday and Friday.
It was kind of a weird day Friday.
Your phone system was down, as you know.
We couldn't get through.
But it was a good thing we got to listen to all your guests.
And I really like James Fetzer.
Please have him on again.
Give him like two hours.
That guy is incredible.
Heard him on Coast to Coast a few months back, and he really has his finger on the pulse of JFK and all that good stuff.
Anyway, two or three quick questions.
First off, did you know that Cynthia McKinney was re-elected on November 2nd from the 4th District back to the U.S.
I did, and again, they had a little election and manipulated things and kicked her out.
I don't agree with her on a lot of subjects, but she's now anti-UN, talks about how they kidnap children.
She's anti-Big Pharma.
She went public and said we should have a real investigation on 9-11, and the polls show that she was supported, but somehow they kicked her out of office.
She was re-elected, yes.
That's great.
I was surprised to hear that when I saw it on our website last week.
Then Foster.
What do you know about him?
Talk a little about him, his role in the Clinton administration, why he wound up dead.
Well, Bush has moved to block the release of that for Clinton.
Just like he protected Bill Clinton and told Dan Burton's congressional committee to leave Bill Clinton alone.
First thing he did.
We could have Bill Clinton behind bars.
But you watch, Bush is not going to try to block
We're good to go.
And he was saying he wouldn't cover that up.
And then the last straw was he had been reported that he was depressed and sad because he knew they sent Delta Force in to kill the children.
He saw those memos that are now public.
He supposedly was crying.
They attacked his phone.
He said, look, I'm not into killing kids.
I don't mind, you know, getting all this money through these savings and loans and stuff.
But he said, and they had to just get rid of him.
He had gotten soft.
So he literally knew too much.
They blew his head off in the office, and then they took him out there and threw him in the woods.
That's all admitted.
And said it was suicide, even though his fingerprints were not on the gun.
It wasn't even the same gun.
They carpet cleaned and scrubbed the walls of the office, even did some painting.
Yeah, they blew his head off in the office with a silencer.
Then they drug him out there to the woods and threw an old World War I handgun in his feet.
Okay, I hear you.
Real quick, Alex, you've got a weird problem.
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I've got a new one.
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How would I get that?
Well, you just go sign up.
I'll tell you what, stay there.
I'll try to talk to you during the break, find out what's going on.
We'll be right back.
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Masses of news in this hour, and you'll recall several audio clips as well.
In 30 minutes, we've got some guests coming on to talk about how far along cloning but also mutations, splicing humans with pigs, cows, goats, apes, monkeys, growing human embryos in mice...
As long as they add some animal genetics to the humanoid creature, the human doesn't have any rights.
The humanoid, the abomination, doesn't have any rights, so they can use it for organs and tissues.
That's coming up.
There's so much news, folks.
Uncle Sam has his own gulag, Toronto Sun, and the government's saying they're allowed to torture people and use the evidence in court.
That's the Associated Press.
Post 9-11 powers are turned on the American people.
Massachusetts gets electronic gun fingerprinting.
It's coming to a city near you now.
A state near you.
Navy investigating new set of Iraq prisoner photos.
Shopping mall security guards in the U.S.
are being taught to spot suicide bombers.
And I've got a real inside scoop just for our listeners concerning Michael Moore and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I'll tell you about that later.
That's on the websites.
Right now, let's go to some of these great callers.
That are patiently holding.
Tim in Ohio, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead, Tim.
Good day, Alex.
I caught an article over the weekend in USA Today when they were talking about the amendment for Arnold and more about Bernie Carrick here.
A lot of them are reporting that he has a college degree, but no one is reporting from where.
Is that some big secret?
Is it from like the University of Austria or something like that?
Well, you know, that's the big joke here is, I mean, when the AP and Newsday come out and attack him and talk about more dirt than you can shake a stick at, and they just tell people, quote, look around, I mean, he's basically a mob chief.
And we're going to go over some of that.
I hooked him with the Saudis, covered up 9-11.
I mean, it goes on and on and on and on and on.
I mean, here's Newsday.
Keurig nomination is a ticking time bomb.
DemWatch, Keurig is not fit to serve as Homeland Security Chief.
AP, Keurig's life, not all an open book.
I mean, it's amazing.
But talking about that Arnold Schwarzenegger article, a cover story this weekend, USA Today, it says Alex Jones...
Raises allegations that Arnold's dad was a Nazi.
That's like saying there's allegations the sun came up this morning, or allegations Arnold is from Austria, or allegations that Bush was governor of Texas.
Forget allegations of his dad.
It's admitted fact that he said he admires Hitler, and then he goes and campaigns for Nazis.
But, I mean, look, now it's an allegation that his dad was a Nazi.
They switch it all around.
But it seems to me that Carrick would fit in with this group perfectly.
It's almost like Bill Clinton's mother was an admitted known prostitute and he was nurtured and raised just for this position.
He fits right in.
And another interesting thing too is Friday on CNN they were interviewing Rudy Giuliani and he said that
There was no way that he could have... His quote was, I cannot be the Homeland Security Chief.
And I thought back, and I said, well, maybe that's because he was knighted by the Queen of England after 9-11, and anyone that's been knighted is not supposed to hold any position of... Yes, she knighted him.
Good job.
Well done, Lord Giuliani.
But it's worse than that.
Giuliani's making hundreds of millions of dollars, personally, off of 9-11 contracts now.
You know he runs a big security firm with Keurig.
Did you know that?
Maybe Marvin Bush taught him the ropes, huh?
Oh, Marvin Bush that ran security for the World Trade Center?
Oh, you mean that one?
Yeah, that one.
They did a great job working together.
They achieved wonderful things, didn't they?
Thanks for the call.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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Yeah, we're back live, my friends.
And talking about this Bernard Keurig, the Saudi royal family toady, the 9-11 whitewasher, cover-up commander, all the corruption probes, connections to mafia, all of it, he's perfect.
Got all this dirt on him, good little creature.
But I wonder what's going to happen.
You know, Giuliani did get knighted after 9-11, and everybody got promotions who helped block FBI and CIA that tried to stop it.
Those that tried to stop it got fired or killed or demoted.
I wonder if the globalists nuke a city or smallpox us.
I can imagine all the awards they'll get.
You know, even on the surface, quote, for not saving us, not stopping it, they'll still give each other awards, and we'll thank them.
Oh, you're such leaders.
How you responded to the disaster.
They'll be like, oh, we're so sorry.
We have to run your whole life and own the companies that are taking over the society and setting up the police state.
It's so tough on us.
Killing America is such a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.
Let's talk to Bill in Pennsylvania.
Bill, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
Nice to talk to you and your audience.
Basically, what this is is kind of a quiz for you and a comment.
It's sort of a Jeopardy-style quiz, and I guess the subject is recent Bush appointees or proposed appointees and
The question is, who bears a striking resemblance to a cross between Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini?
I'd have to say, I'll tell you, the Kellogg's executive looks a little like that, but so does Bernard Carrick.
There you go!
You got it!
You won the contest, Alex!
Why, because both of them do?
Well, basically, I was thinking Bernard Carrick, because I don't know the other gentleman you were referring to.
I went online and I was checking out Bernard Carrick because I was curious about him and checking his background and when I saw his picture
I thought, my God, this guy looks like a cross between Hitler and Mussolini.
No, I mean, he's a little bulldog.
Yeah, and I thought... He's got the shaved head and the little Hitler mustache.
Better representation.
That's what he wants to accomplish.
And also... I mean, maybe that's how you get elected.
You're like Bill Clinton says, I'd like to be a dictator.
George Bush says it.
Arnold says it.
Oh, you love Hitler?
My gosh!
You surround yourself with minions that look exactly like what the prior dictators had in their administrations.
But anyway, in a follow-up... He looks a little like Heinrich Himmler at the same time, too.
He looks more like Himmler, because Himmler had the real short haircut and the little mustache.
And I know appearances can be deceiving, but still, you have to sort of, you know, take it with a grain of salt, but you have to look... Well, for those that just joined us, I mean, this is Newsday.
Keurig nomination is a ticking time bomb.
Campaign bodyguard to Rudolph Giuliani.
Aaron Boyd with the Soddy Roll family.
Energetic exploiter of September 11th tragedy.
He goes on and on.
Go ahead.
But just a follow-up to one of your last callers that he was alluding to some kind of a college background that was sort of erroneous or nobody knew what it was.
I read an article when I did my research yesterday, and I can't remember the webpage I went to, but it was a news story, and it said that
Well, Kerrick mysteriously was able to be appointed as police chief without any college background whatsoever.
The telling thing was that any police recruit that are underlings trying to get into the system have to have so many college credits.
There was a lot of disgruntled
You know, that's been raised.
Thanks for the call.
Great points, Bill.
I'm hurrying through these so I can get to this news.
Mark, where are you calling us from?
Minnesota, in fact.
It's been a while since I last called in.
Relocated down here to Nevada in August, actually.
And it was a pretty interesting experience I had, Alex, because I have never really watched television before.
And on my trip down here, I drove down here, and I didn't drive at night, so it was like four... You were in hotel rooms and you watched TV?
Yeah, watching cable TV, particularly, you know, watching the news network.
And it was like watching the Outer Limits of the Twilight Zone.
It was like watching... Actually, okay, I'm watching, like, Fox News, okay?
You know, I just want to, like you say, monitoring enemy transmission.
And the big hot news story is that week, this was around the end of August,
It was Scott Peterson and his mistress, who I'm sure every Republican knows the name of now, Oprah, she was on jury duty, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Olympic athlete, supposed Newton playboy, Mrs. Fox News, and then I really had to shut off when Fox News did a big special on the porn star.
And I'm thinking to myself... This is Christian conservatism.
You look at Fox programming, it is the most family-destroying bilge.
And the neo-Christian leaders, oh, it's of the Lord.
It's of the Lord.
It's of the Lord.
It's all of the Lord.
Yeah, I'm thinking to myself, this is tabloid television.
And then when I finally got down in Nevada, I was going through the stations again, and guess what?
They have the editor from the National Enquirer on Fox News to talk about the Scott Peterson case.
And when they're not doing that, it's how great Arnold is.
But look, it's not just Fox.
It's the other channels, too.
But I mean, no, Fox is like a cartoon.
You watch it and it's like Alcott is pretty evil about to get you!
But Lord Bush wants to save you!
He's so conservative!
Alberto Gonzalez is conservative!
No, by the way, real quick, there was actually one thing from August, from around that time, that was all over the news, that I planned on calling in to your show about, but I've been so busy.
You better finish up, because I've got other callers.
Okay, Chalabi, I don't know if you recollect, but, okay, I'm...
Trying to get this right, Dent supposedly... He's a convicted bank robber, torture master in Iran.
Yeah, but in August, after he said that thing about, oh, this shows that I'm not with the Americans when they did that little stage thing on his house.
He ran over to Iran, and then the new U.S.-led Iran government... You've got to finish up.
They issued supposedly an arrest warrant for Chalabi.
And then there's all the news, Chalabi is going back to Iraq to face the charges.
And he, like, you know, wanders back to Iraq, and he's like, oh, yeah, I'm coming back.
And then Iraq, the new little U.S.
No, no, I hear you.
I hear you, Mark.
I just got guests coming up I want to get to everybody.
I appreciate the call.
Jason in, is it Arizona?
You're on the air.
Yes, I have a question for you, Alex.
Go ahead.
I have some friends around the Phoenix area and also in Tucson to do independent films, and they have access to, you know, like the screening room in Tucson and other theaters, and I was wondering, and I talked to my friends about it, running your documentary as kind of like a, I would say, independent film format sort of thing.
I was wondering if that would be okay to do, if...
Yeah, you can air the video to crowds.
You just can't start a national tour with it and charge for it.
Okay, because that's another thing I was concerned about because I think they would charge unless I would put some sort of flyer saying this is a free showing and no worries.
Well, I don't care if people charge for the film to show.
I'm just saying you can't then go around and nationally distribute it.
No, no, this is just like a local thing.
I was wondering if other people in the country have done the same thing.
Yes, hundreds.
Okay, because I want to really get it started here in Arizona and stuff and get the word out.
What I would suggest you do is buy 50 copies from me and then sell them while you're there, too.
That's something good to do.
Yeah, I've been making copies and handing them out to friends and stuff.
Do it!
Do it!
No, that's my goal, is to get it out to people.
Because we also have all the equipment to do a TV spot, and I could probably... I'm drafting an Arnold against Arnold commercial, and I want to send it in to you.
Oh, by the way, I'm glad you mentioned that.
Folks, people have to get this to me in the next few weeks.
And we've only gotten a few things in.
Millions of visitors with only a few audio commercials and a few videos.
Mail them to 3001.
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Because I figured since I have access to all that for free, then I might as well use it and help out in the car.
Yeah, but people better get on that now.
I may extend the contest down under 15 days or something just because I haven't really been promoting it.
You know, even if it ends and you still run it just for the heck of it, just to get it out.
Well, we're going to run all the spots that are decent on the website, too.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you.
Let's talk to Jim.
Jim, where are you calling from?
I guess you're not calling from anywhere, Jim.
Oh, me?
Hey, how are you doing?
Yeah, you!
I'm in Michigan.
Okay, welcome!
Yes, I have a question for you, Alex.
I recently got the Dave Van Cleist film showing that it was impossible for a plane to have hit the Pentagon, and there was a witness even that said it was a missile.
Well, alright, so that one, the movie very clearly answered that one for me, but
The question that I got is that we were told that those were all commercial airliners that hit the towers and that crashed in Pennsylvania.
Yeah, I think it's a worthwhile film, and it's gotten a lot of acclaim.
I'll just tell you, I just stick to the hijackers trained by the U.S.
government, Operation Northwoods, the official government plan to carry out 9-11, the owner of Building 7 saying they blew it up, uh...
Ben Laden being known, CIA, NORAD standing down, the CIA drills of running hijacked jets into buildings that morning to make NORAD stand down.
That's the area I predominantly get into.
Well, this is factual.
No, no, sir, sir, I've seen the film.
Is there a body?
Sir, sir, sir, I've had Dave on.
I'm simply stating that there's different angles, different ways to go at this.
Yes, sir.
My question is, though, is there a name list of victims who were in those planes?
Yes, there are.
That answers another question, then.
Because if there is a name list and it wasn't commercial planes, then something happened to those flights and those people.
And again, that's why...
Dave's asking the questions.
They're important questions.
With my films, I stick to the things I can give clear answers to.
And so from both angles, it's great.
Thanks for the call.
Jim, good to hear from you.
I'm going to come back and play this NBC clip about the implantable chips.
Then we've got guests coming on.
Then later I'm going to play a clip about Mercury from the University of Calgary up in Canada.
Don't forget the website, prisonplanet.tv.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
Dr. David Prentice, spokesman for Americans to ban cloning, is joining us coming up in the next segment.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Go ahead and roll it.
Kia Cowpeck knows the hassle of carrying a purse and ID into a nightclub, but the idea of implanting a microchip under her skin as an alternative?
I wouldn't have anything inserted under the skin of my body.
It would seem counterintuitive.
To having a nice evening.
Heidi the miniature schnauzer was found months after it disappeared because of an implanted microchip.
With the Food and Drug Administration's blessing, hospitals prepared to implant the information filled very chip under patient's skin to reduce errors.
Now it's on to the big party on South Beach as the chip is envisioned as the new age gold key to the VIP room.
You don't have to pull out your credit cards, your driver's licenses.
You're part of a team.
You're part of an elite family.
Instead of your credit card being scanned, you would be scanned.
The owners of Amico Loft, Lounge, and Discotheque currently make a copy of driver's license and credit card to start a tab.
With the VeriChip and scanner, the club only gets a barcode and a signature to verify sales.
The upscale club hopes to reduce both credit card fraud and the hassle on customers.
The thing was that people just don't know.
Amica partner Tony Guerra had to be sold on the chip.
But his fears of Big Brother watching his patrons and the possibility of identity theft...
Gave way to applications beyond the nightclub scene.
You can apply it to a bank or to a corporation that, you know, something that involves high security.
The chip is currently the rage in clubs in Europe and implanting it is currently free.
It is the rage in Europe?
They can hardly get anybody to do it.
People hate it.
They have these chipping sessions and
Four or five people show up who usually are employees, but they have that one person who's against it and it's all just totally awesome, be the elite, be totally powerful.
And it's wall-to-wall TV coverage.
We're now into the third year of just every week, every other major network, every week covering it.
Constant news articles, 98% of it positive.
In fact, I would call that a negative report.
Even though it was overall very positive, because at least there was someone saying something negative.
Usually, they don't even do that.
Oh, you'll have this to buy and sell.
You'll have this at the bank.
Oh, this is a wonderful system.
It's not Big Brother.
How sick do things have to get?
How more in your face?
And then it's the rage.
Everybody's getting it.
Don't you want it?
And again, about a month ago they had a CSI or CIA Miami TV show where the girl has the chip and all the good-looking women have the chip and don't you want the chip?
I mean, it's just, it's in the media, in the popular entertainment, it's in the news.
And then, oh, it's the rage in Europe.
We better have this in Miami.
That is just disgusting.
And they're not going to stop.
They're going to keep reporting it, reporting it, reporting it, reporting it, reporting it, reporting it, reporting it, reporting it, until we all get psychologically acclimated and used to it.
But still, I'm a kook because I'm against it.
Again, I was a kook because I said the government had a plan to do this years ago because I had their own documents.
And now they're pushing it just wall to wall, full tilt boogie, pulling out all the stops.
Selling us enslavement.
Selling us slavery.
And they're setting up to do it to prisoners, to public school students, to special forces troops, to government employees, telling them, hey, you don't have to take the chip, but you don't have to have a job here either.
Either you take it, or you don't have a job.
And then, oh, you're the elite.
Oh, you're so powerful because you have it.
You're special.
You're VIP.
One particular Army document in January of 2000 said, the public will accept it, we're going to push it as a fad for popular culture.
They said that's one prong of the fork.
One of the other prongs is security.
Making people in government and in high security areas take it.
And you see exactly all of these facets being used, being pushed.
Imagine going and seeing a science fiction movie 20 years ago where the government is pushing giving the public chips.
You'd laugh at it.
But see, yuppies, most yuppies, they don't have their own views.
If the media says it's popular, they will embrace it.
I've also predicted they'll pitch it as a rebellious thing to do.
Ooh, your parents don't want you to have it, but you deserve it.
There was actually a Time magazine for kids article a year and a half ago that said just that.
You're trendy.
You'll get it.
Your parents are against it.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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Coming up in a minute or so, we'll be talking to Dr. David Prentice, spokesperson for Americans to ban cloning.
I don't think the average American knows how far along cloning and chimeras that a splicing species really is.
Though more and more of this is beginning to come out.
Or that states like New Jersey and California have been passing laws to authorize all of these nightmares.
Now, before I go any further, remember, I've made 11 films.
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But please don't procrastinate.
Now, we're honored to have on Dr. David A. Prentiss.
He's a senior fellow for Life Sciences at the Family Research Council, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, and an affiliated scholar for the Center for Clinical Bioethics at Georgetown University Medical Center.
And his bio goes on for about 100 feet, so...
He's an expert on what's happening.
in biochemistry from the University of Kansas and was at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of Texas Medical School, Houston, before joining Indiana State University where he served as acting associate dean of arts and sciences.
On and on and on ad nauseum.
And you can check out the website where you can get more information at cloninginformation.org.
We've got links to that at InfoWars.com.
Dr. Prentice, good to have you on with us, sir.
Well, thanks so much.
It's a pleasure.
For those that don't know, let me just tell you a brief story in 45 seconds to open this up to try to get past that culture gap of people still thinking we're in 1950s.
A year ago, I'm picking up a pizza.
My wife wanted pizza, so I drove down to Conan's Pizza.
And I'm standing there in line and a guy walks up to me and says, I used to be a fan of your TV show and radio show.
But he said, you're a liar!
I took biology in college.
There's no such thing as cross-species and mammals.
There's no spider goats.
And you're making it up.
And I said, when were you in college?
He said, 1973.
I said, well, things have changed, sir.
It's 2003.
Now it's 2004, about to be 05.
People, I don't think, get, doctor, how far this stuff's along.
Please tell us about it.
It really has moved at a frightening pace, Alex.
And the goats that make spider web in their milk, yes, there's a company in Scotland that actually made a bunch of these.
The fluorescent green monkey in France, combining different genes, the idea of combining animal and human parts as hybrids.
Right around a month or so ago, there were three prominent scientists who said, we really have to do this.
The only way we're going to move ahead is to make these combined animal-human hybrids.
This is being taken very seriously, and the science is moving very quickly.
Well, the chimeras, going back again to what is it, Greek mythology, of three animals and one creature, they emit pigs with human blood and organs.
You talked about the jellyfish genes in the rhesus monkey, correct?
But again, literally, I have people with degrees call me, email me, and call me a liar when I've got the Washington Post posted on my website.
I mean, this is happening.
That's right.
It is very new, but it's been moving forward at an increasingly rapid pace.
I mean, let's think about it.
Dolly, this first cloned sheep, cloned mammal, was only announced in 1997.
Now, about that time, I was teaching out of what supposedly was a current textbook that said you could never clone a mammal.
Well, along comes Dolly and the little cloned kitty and the mice and the cows and so on.
I mean, this is moving very quickly.
This past February, we have out of South Korea the announcement of the first cloned human embryo.
There's no evidence that any of these sort of far-out groups like this UFO cult have actually been able to grow a human clone to birth yet.
That's the Raelians.
Right, right.
That's more of a PR scam.
I thought it was a great PR scam.
Now a lot of people have heard of them, but there's no evidence that they've actually done it.
But they want to do it.
There's an Italian doctor, Antinori, that wants to do it.
We've interviewed him.
He's serious.
He is very serious, as is the Kentucky specialist, Zavos.
They're all serious.
They want to bring cloned human beings to birth.
A more frightening aspect to me is
It is really wild.
I mean, all of this sounds like science fiction.
But, you know, we've kind of seen a progression here.
We saw first where we're going to use embryonic stem cells.
It's the great new cure-all.
One dish will make any of these tissues you want.
And then the dam just broke, and now it's, oh, in Argentina we got humansies.
Now, I read that in the Associated Press.
Is it true that in Argentina they're splicing human genes into chimpanzees?
Now, I haven't seen that, but it's very likely.
They put small amounts of human genes into mice, into rats.
Why not into chimpanzees?
There was a scientist at Stanford about a year ago who put a whole bunch of human brain cells into a mouse.
Yeah, I saw that one.
Things are moving along, but, you know, it kind of moved from, oh, we're only going to use a few frozen so-called spare embryos, and then we're going to, no, now we need to clone them.
What we've found now is, you know, they don't want to stop just with the little seven-day-old cloned embryo.
They want to grow them later, and the problem is, you know,
Some of these places are, you mentioned New Jersey and California.
California's Proposition 71 that passed this past November specifically would be targeted towards cloning.
New Jersey, that probably has the most liberal cloning law in the world.
Now, for those that don't know, I've had people from the Center for Bioethics and others on, other doctors, and I've read the bill on air that passed, what was it, a year ago, and it clearly says the clone to birth, or the clone to the ninth month.
I mean, that is unbelievable.
I mean, when we look at all this legislation, people have to be very cautious in terms of, you can title this, we're going to ban human cloning, but how do they define it?
And New Jersey defines it as
Making that human clone and gestating it through the point of birth.
So if you were to stop right there, take at birth this young cloned human and destroy it, you'd be perfectly within New Jersey law.
That is pure dehumanization.
You reap what you sow.
If we have this attitude about the human genetic family, I mean, if it's already gotten to this point in New Jersey, I mean, it sounds like the bottom's fallen out of hell here.
Well, it is very frightening, Alex, to think that people even are dreaming about doing this and maybe planning to do this and starting experiments.
Well, doctor, we all know that there's a lot of secret government programs that are 20, 25 years old that we don't even know about.
I mean, if we're here... I mean, if we're... What, in England, two years after they cloned human embryos, they announced they'd done it.
So isn't a lot of this stuff being done quietly?
I'm sure a lot of it is.
A lot of biotech companies are interested in this.
And again...
They want to grow up... You may have heard the story about the headless frog out of the UK a few years ago.
Had a head, but they had engineered this frog genetically so that it didn't produce most of its brain.
So they're going to argue with humans, engineer a human without a brain, we can use the parts, or I heard one doctor on TV say, well, if we engineer a human with some chimpanzee genes, then it's not a human and doesn't have rights.
The idea that you'd have this human that...
Isn't fully human, whatever that means, whether it's removing genes for brain or whether it's adding a bunch of animal genes.
I mean, we need to call a halt here and say, look, we need to respect all human life.
Let me ask you a question, Doctor.
I was at the Republican National Convention while Bush gave his speech.
I was in there.
And I'm a conservative, which you'd call a conservative.
I mean, don't compare me to these modern neocon conservatives.
But Bush is up there, and he goes, I radically increase the funding for stem cell, but I'm also against it.
It's this double think of he's increasing the funding, but, oh, I'm putting a halt to it.
What's the truth?
Well, it was sort of a compromise.
I mean, walk on a real fine line saying we're not going to use federal funds to kill more embryos, but we will give money.
So that we'll do research on the embryos that were already destroyed.
You know, and I have some problems with it.
It's kind of a good news, bad news situation.
What that response was, though, is very defensive.
All these people saying, hey, we need to do embryonic.
What we don't hear is the truly good news is we don't need to do embryonic.
Because the adult stem cell I've read is just as good.
They're better, actually.
I mean, the embryonic, keep in mind, they've had mouse embryonic for over 20 years.
They have not cured a single mouse in all that time.
Cells, embryonic, have problems producing tumors.
You have problems getting the cells you want.
There are all these many terrible scientific and medical problems.
How are they going to get adult stem cells?
Just get it from donors?
Yeah, I could give my own cells.
In fact, in my lab when I was at Indiana State,
I was the experimental animal.
You take a tube of blood out and we turn them into nerve cells in the dish.
People do it with bone marrow, with brain stem cells.
They've even found adult stem cells in cord blood and, believe it or not, liposuction fat.
Well, I've read literally 50 studies on this and had on a score of scientists saying what you're saying at the tops of their fields like you are, doctor.
Well, then why then is industry still racing to knock down all the walls and set the precedent to be able to do whatever they want with babies?
Well, unfortunately, I think there's an economic incentive here.
You're not going to be able to patent my adult stem cells that you just give back to me to treat my disease, but you can.
In fact, they have patented embryonic stem cell lines, and there has been a push over the years to patent even the human embryos, especially the clones.
Now I can license them out for scientists to study, or I could make all of this money on kind of the new laboratory rat becomes the clone human embryo.
Well, Bush just went to the UN and said, okay, we're not going to push the cloning ban.
The UN has now caved in on that.
And then all these scientists came out of the woodwork going, okay, we've been doing experiments once they thought the coast was clear.
Do we have any chance of stopping this?
Well, I think we do, Alex.
I think we've got to...
You know, redouble our efforts.
We've had some good news out of this past election in that we've got more Republican senators, and we've always had a problem banning cloning in this country because it'll pass the House of Representatives, has twice, with an overwhelming margin.
Democrats and Republicans, pro-choice and pro-life people, saying we don't need to do human cloning.
Gets to the Senate, it's blocked.
And Senator Brownback is going to be pushing that bill again.
Well, I think it's a federal matter, and I believe in the Tenth Amendment, but murder, if the states are carrying it out, I think the feds should get involved.
Of course, that's like asking the devil to stop the Elzebub.
But how do we force New Jersey and California to go, no, you're not going to have a human grown up to nine months and then use it for body parts.
How do we stop New Jersey?
Well, I think it does come back to the federal level.
It comes back to passing this total ban on any use of this cloning in humans.
The Brownback Bill has to get through the Senate.
We have to, you know, at the state level then, there are a lot of states that are interested in stopping this.
They realize this is just, you know, a crime against humanity to make cloned humans for whatever purpose.
But Schwarzenegger has said he wants to make California the leader.
He wants almost no controls.
Well, and of course they passed this $3 billion for the scientists, $6 billion payback because California's got such a terrible credit rating.
You know, they're going to see a blip in terms of people moving to feed off of that trough.
I think we may want to see if they can recall budget initiatives just like they can recall governors.
Well, Morgan Toller-Jones, the head of the Amend for Arnold movement, she's a big manager in biotech.
Boy, it's been good for her.
Just a side issue there out in California.
Is a big part of the solution also public education so people really know this is starting to happen, this is going on, doctor?
It's definitely that.
As an old professor, definitely I feel it's an educational issue.
People have to know
There's a difference.
There's embryonic versus adult stem cells.
The embryonic continually have failed despite all the promises.
The adults have treated thousands of patients successfully.
Is that because they're so unstable, the embryonic?
They are unstable.
They're just kind of untamed.
In a way, they're doing what they're supposed to be doing.
And the embryo grow as fast as possible and make everything at once.
Well, that's not what you want to treat a patient.
Isn't there a danger in just this mass pell-mell manipulation of animal, plant, genetic lines, and just random splicing in labs that aren't even level three?
We have to be very careful about that.
I mean, we don't really know what we're doing as we start to move genes back and forth.
It has to be very, very controlled.
So you're saying this could give rise to some type of... I mean, let's say they were messing with two human gene types and in the experiment there was a flu virus involved.
I mean, these are the type of things that mutate.
I mean, what type of thing could we see rise out of this?
Well, you worry about some sort of pathogen.
You worry about transfer of genes between different plants out in the field or between different animals.
And let's focus too on the human.
Trying to just change one out of 30,000 to 70,000 different genes and thinking, we can control that.
We need to take a breath and say, wait a minute, let's really think about whether we want to start fiddling with the human genome this way.
You know, I see it as the media's responsibility.
I don't think they've been clear about how far along cloning is.
And then that's why people on the street still are in denial.
How do we get past that denial?
We've got to just keep hammering away shows like yours and others, even just mouth-to-mouth.
Look, just a couple of weeks ago, we had the lady in Korea get out of her wheelchair and stand after a spinal cord injury confined for 20 years, treated with adult stem cells, with cord blood stem cells.
That didn't make front-page news anywhere, even though it should have.
It doesn't.
They try to use people's greed for health cures to get behind stem cell, embryonic, when exactly?
I saw that report, but it was in the back of the newswire.
That's right.
And this is adult stem cells that's working.
The cloning hasn't worked.
The embryonic hasn't worked.
We need to focus on what's really working and stop fiddling around here.
But again, you just said it.
They can patent the embryonic.
They have trouble with the adult.
So it's a greed issue.
Doctors, stay with us.
I want to go to break and come back and tell folks about the organization you're part of and how we all get involved.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
To use this disaster, a new world order.
A new world order can emerge.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police State 3, is for you.
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That's HerbalHealer.com, your website for safe, effective, natural alternatives and education.
Alright, welcome back.
Final segment with Dr. David Prentiss.
And doctor, tell the listeners about the different websites they should visit for more information.
As we said, Alex, this is an educational issue, really.
We need to be informed.
We need to know the facts.
And two really good sites for your folks to visit, cloninginformation.org and stemcellresearch.org.
Get the basic facts on the real difference.
Embryonic stem cells, a failure.
Adult stem cells are the ones that are already treating thousands of patients successfully.
This is where we ought to be focused.
Not on the cloning, which has failed.
Not on the embryo research, which has failed.
The adult stem cells.
We've taken our eyes off of what the real goal is here, to really help people with these diseases.
And we talked during the break about why the scientists are going for the embryonic, and you gave the answer.
Well, I mean, one aspect is the money.
It's scientific and biotech corporate welfare, essentially just to do what they want to do for science experiments.
They're not really looking at trying to help the patients.
And you also talked about kind of like a contest of who can create the most god-awful mutation.
Well, it is.
They're not asking the question, should I do something?
It's, can I do this?
I wonder what would happen if I tinkered with these various genes and so on, kind of to be the first to do it.
And it's like the little kid that doesn't want to be told they can't play with all the toys in the toy box.
They just want to do what they want to do, irregardless of any sort of ethical or even practical application.
Now, the solution is obviously education, but what do we see coming up on the horizon legislatively?
You say try to get that bill passed?
One of the chief things I think we need to do is, when Congress starts back up in January, Senator Brownback is going to put back up his
Cloning ban, and it's a true cloning ban that bans all production of human embryos for any purpose.
It's passed the House twice in the past.
You can count on it passing again, but it always gets blocked in the Senate.
We need to bombard our senators as well as our representatives with calls and letters saying,
You need to pass this.
We need to stop this.
What about getting Chimera language added so they're not splicing all these humans with animals?
Well, I think you're going to see that kind of legislation coming up, too, in this next session.
And we need to back that.
And just, you know, full court press.
We need to stop this sort of abuse.
Well, it's like playing with biological weapons or nuclear weapons.
I mean...
We talked about that earlier, how dangerous this could be.
You really don't know what you're going to get.
There's a real hubris here in thinking you can twiddle with one out of 30,000 genes and really know what's going to happen.
We need to just set this aside.
Let's focus on what will really help the patient, the adult stem cells.
Well, that's that point you made about, and I saw that article, the lady in South Korea up and walking after adult stem cells being injected into her spinal cord, but it didn't even make the nightly news.
No, and she's not the first.
There was a story similar to a lady in Brazil.
There have been about two dozen patients treated in Portugal.
Some of them testified in our U.S.
Senate last summer, didn't make the front page anywhere.
Because adult stem cells are going to be treatments that anybody can do that can be a treatment that's developed in youth, but if it's with embryonic lines, it's going to be special things owned by certain companies.
It is.
We're back to that sort of economic incentive of patenting.
Isn't it funny that the moral treatment is what will actually help us, and that this evil thing isn't even helping people, but the establishment wants it?
You know, Alex, good science is ethical science, and
The other stuff, people have referred to embryonic and cloning as the fountain of youth, but that water is poisoned.
Well, Doctor, just amazing having you on.
I hope to have you back up in the future.
Anything else you'd like to add?
I think we just need to keep pushing the fact that we don't need human cloning for any purpose.
We don't need embryonic stem cells.
We've got the adult stem cells, the core blood stem cells that are working in patients.
Let's get people informed and let's get them activated.
Should people try to move also at the state level in New Jersey and California to block this stuff?
I think, in fact, in any state.
In Texas, Bill has come up in the last couple of years and hasn't been able to get through.
We need to ban this sort of cloning of humans, even at the state level.
Dr. David Prentiss, thank you so much for joining us today.
Cloninginformation.org, take care.
We'll be back with the Bird Hour.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Boy, I tell you, if you missed the last hour, you missed it.
And I hope your station carries that second hour at night.
Those listeners out there, because it was so important.
We had Dr. David Prentice, spokesman for Americans to Ban Cloning, who's got a bio of the U.S.
government and private industry and universities, and we're talking about the dean of major medical institutions, talking about the spider goats, the headless humans, the chimeras, the humans spliced with pigs, states...
Lifting the ban on cloning, letting them bring baby clones of humans up to birth to kill them and use them for body parts.
And the average American has no idea, just like that guy who walked up to me in a pizza place, got right in my face and said, you're a liar.
No such thing as cross-species splicing.
And I said, when were you in school?
It's not 1973, folks.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
Stop being in denial, please.
I want to talk about the new Homeland Security Chief we're going to have, this Bernard Carrick.
I want to talk about Rumsfeld staying at the Pentagon.
I have got torture news.
I have got just new Arnold news that's come out, Michael Moore news.
Just so much.
But people have been holding the last 30 minutes while I had that guest on, so let's get some of those out of the way first.
Let's talk to...
Oh, I guess up next is Jay in Denver.
Jay, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
First, the picture you were talking about on the clip from your new documentary with Bush flipping off the camera.
Is there any way we can find that to print it?
I want to make a T-shirt out of that.
That was good.
I don't know anybody who's still squeamish and watching your documentaries about somebody flipping the camera off is...
Beyond me.
The point is, I wouldn't put that in a new film if it was...
A bus driver doing it.
The point is, it's the president.
People get mad that I put a link to a site that has naked pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The point is, this is your governor.
You need to know what they're up to.
Oh, don't show the torture photos.
Well, this is where they torture people to death.
People need to know what their leaders are doing.
What their leaders are up to.
And yes, sir, Matt Drudge put a link to that months ago.
Just type in Bush flips off camera.
Listen, we've aired the audio here.
Let me ask John running the show today.
John, remember a couple months ago we aired that clip where Bush is going, that's my one-finger salute?
And then he grabs his hair and grabs it like he's about to go insane and then does that?
I mean, that's more important than what he did.
He's kind of yelling at his staff and then
The point is, is that the guy's a total hypocrite.
And then the other comment you said someone, you saw on the web or somebody was criticizing you for charging.
I think you should have an ability to, like, to pay whatever you want.
You know what I mean?
Because I'd pay more than $5.95.
That's ridiculous.
I mean, geez, I played $25.95.
Well, you're too kind.
I mean, people could...
Donate whatever they want and get the membership, like 10, 15, 20, whatever, 100, whatever they got.
Like an option or whatever.
Yeah, I saw, again, most of my films are for free on the web.
I let people make copies of the hard copies when they buy them.
But we couldn't continue.
We had to charge for some of the bandwidth because it's like asking a grocery store to sell food for free.
Well, there's so much stuff on there.
There's no way you...
He's silly not to charge, and especially, like you said, it's the poor thing.
I'm saying a lot of people probably would pay more.
Anybody who's crying like that, they're ridiculous.
You know, if bandwidth costs me $4,000 or $5,000 a month, how do people think I'm going to just offer it all for free?
I mean, how long would I be able to have the website?
How long would I be able to have webmasters who I pay?
I mean, it's crazy.
I say, make copies of my videos if you order them.
You can give your passcode to a couple people.
I say stuff like this, and it's still not good enough.
But look, that's the few detractors who can't find fault with what I'm saying.
They've got to find fault with something else.
But I appreciate your support, Jay, and God bless you in Denver.
All right.
Johnny and David and Roger and Regina, your calls are coming up.
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Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
Mainstream media.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I have a couple of friends who are Hollywood producers, and they went to a meeting at the National Academy of Arts and Sciences, whatever the Academy Award Group's called.
It was a kind of impromptu, unofficial meeting last Friday night, and Michael Moore came and
And had some interesting comments for them about Bush and the election and about Arnold Schwarzenegger.
And we put out an exclusive story about this that's at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, so that's coming up.
Right now, let's get to some more of these great calls.
But before I do that, here is the video of Bush during his first gubernatorial run, freaking out, grabbing his hair, acting like a crazy man.
Flipping off his staff.
Looking like a crazed, demonic frat boy.
Here is the audio of that.
He's still telling me what to do.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Just a one-finger victory salute.
So, um...
Again, that's your president.
And the point is, I would imagine everybody at one time in their life has done that, but he looks like a 12-year-old, a 14-year-old, punk kid.
And when he's not at the Shinto shrine conjuring demons in Japan on TV, or when he's not worshipping Allah, he's telling you what a Christian he is.
And the point is, is that people will be like, well, how dare Drudge, or how dare Alex link to that?
Why, that's...
But you're not mad about Bush out there doing it.
It's just amazing double things.
Johnny came marching home from Canada.
Welcome, Johnny.
How's it going?
Good, sir.
I got that video clip, actually, and another one where he's just drunk at a wedding.
It's pretty funny.
Yeah, I've seen the one where he's drunk at a wedding.
Yeah, he's a funny man.
Totally drunk.
Yeah, not just a few years ago.
I got some questions for you.
I'm trying to do my part up here in Canada.
Well, the point that's important about the drinking, just interrupting you, is that it's years after he claims he quit drinking.
Oh, yeah.
He's an alcoholic.
He's a big fat liar is what he is, but go ahead.
I'm trying to do my part in fighting the New World Order up here.
And in my fight, I'm getting people saying, in regards to the Patriot Act and martial law and the police state,
What are the chances of...
Yeah, exactly.
My other thing is, how do you as a person...
Let me ask you a question.
Do you have family?
Then you should want to fight
To defend your family so your family and your children and their children don't live in tyranny and you ought to be happy you know the truth now and be positive that you've been enlightened and that you're informed and that you are living in the real world and you need to realize in a historical context that things have always been pretty tyrannical.
And that we're just in a different phase right now with the same type of stuff going on.
So don't let it get you down and try to get into positions of power so that you can stop this.
Be positive.
That sounds like a good way of going about it.
I mean, look, there are 35,000 children.
There's actually 36,000 children a day starving to death.
Well then, we should expose the IMF and World Bank's policies that have actually engineered this in their own documents that have been declassified.
There's something to expose.
We should expose that our government helps fund and pay for forced abortions in China.
You know, there's any myriad of issues you can choose where you can have an effect.
And yes, and you know what, if you give up or you get depressed and you do nothing, more of those children are going to die.
They're counting on you
Taking action.
Thanks for the call.
More people are going to get medical problems up in Canada if you don't get that fluoride out of your water.
Well, now the guy that helped 20 years ago get it put in, the doctor, has gone public and said he was wrong.
It's deadly.
It's true.
I mean, this is happening.
We've woken people up.
The shift has happened.
That's why the globalists are panicking, trying to set up this huge police state right now.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Who's up next here?
Yeah, howdy.
Where are you calling from, David?
San Fran?
San Francisco, yeah.
Yeah, greetings.
Hey, you know, it's too bad I didn't get on with that physician or your scientist.
I donate blood still, and a couple of weeks ago I went out there, attempted to donate, and they had me fill out a new kind of form.
It was sort of like a waiver, and when I read detail through it,
Apparently, to my eyes... Let me stop you.
And I do this not to show off.
I do this so people know that independently this is really happening.
Did it say that you waived your right that they would own the contents of your blood if any new proteins or any new genetics were found in it?
Yeah, that's pretty much exactly it.
The reason I know that is there was a San Francisco federal court ruling three years ago, and I was going to bring that up to the doctor because he was wrong.
It's not just...
Well, that's exactly the point.
So what do the forms say?
Just tell me.
Well, not having it in front of me, I may be able to find it for you, though, if you'd like it.
But it...
He alluded that there was a research project that was going on, and that this given scientist or physician was in charge of this project, and that as a part of it, he was going to, and then just as you described, my DNA essentially would be part of his project, and that any patents and such, I would be waiving my rights to any of the patents.
But it's very much like he was going to patent me.
And my gut, you know, so I didn't donate.
I raised this.
Think about it.
I'm familiar.
I saw the Nexus point.
You said, I was going to give blood to San Francisco, and I knew that project was going on.
You've got Morgenthaler Jones creeping around over there, the Arnold's front woman.
And, you know, she's one of the big top biotech company managers for funds, mutual funds.
And, of course, Arnold's giving them a nice little $6 billion goody, hasn't he?
Oh, yes.
Yeah, and as a matter of fact, I'm glad you raised that.
There's an... Well, see, I do that so people realize how, whether it's open borders or gun control, banning guns or abortion or cloning, I mean, this guy's all over it.
I don't know if you've got it on your links, but the San Francisco Bay Guardian, just before Election Day, so this would have been mid-October, late-October issue...
I had a great article about that proposition that essentially created the cloning here in California, or the DNA research, stem cell research.
If people look, I believe it's sfbg.com, SanFranciscoBayGuardian.com, they'll be able to find that article.
It goes into great detail.
This is one of the liberal or progressive free newspapers out here in San Francisco.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
And they claimed that California claims to have the ability to stop cloning in its own state.
The reality is... Well, by the way, see, that's dishonest right there.
They've already legalized cloning up to birth in California.
Thanks for the call.
And again, the general public doesn't even know that.
Excellent points, David.
Roger in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead, Rog.
Yeah, thanks, Alex.
I hope one of these knuckleheads calls in one of these days just because I'd like to blow your horn in a way which might sound, on your business model, might sound self-serving if you did it.
I mean, the same people that wouldn't begrudge some surgeon $100,000, $200,000 a year salary for saving their 14-year-old daughter, they want to nickel and dime you to death.
I mean, it's really ridiculous.
I wish they'd apply the same standard when they go to get their car fixed or something.
Well, I was being, I mean, look, it's very few people, but I get these emails, why shouldn't you just give it all for free?
Well, if I gave my videos away for free, how long could I give videos away?
I'm not some millionaire or billionaire.
And at the same time, I say make copies of my videos, and I, most of the stuff on my site's free, I start a subscription service to get all my videos and books for 15 cents a day, and then some people don't like that.
I don't think they understand the free market.
Yeah, well, I'd be embarrassed, I'd be mortified to say some of the stuff I hear people come across.
But, I mean, you're practically giving away the store already.
And, you know, it's very frustrating and alienating, like you did with that last caller.
When you chop him off, I don't know that he didn't have something interesting to say there, but you didn't let him come back there.
Well, Roger, that is a legitimate criticism, but you would have never gotten on.
No, no, no, no.
That's not the same thing.
You're mixing apples with oranges there, Alex.
Here's something else, man.
The caller made his points.
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Hi, I'd like to welcome Alan Glasser, a pharmacist from Mark's Plaza Pharmacy in Vancouver, Canada.
Hi, Alan, welcome to the program.
Now, I understand that prescription drugs are far less expensive in Canada.
Thank you, Marvin.
Is that true?
Yes, Marvin, it's true.
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We've got a guest on, taking a lot of calls today, but I'm just taking two more calls from Regina and Jeff, because I've got a bunch of news I want to cover, plus this University of Calgary up in Canada talking about the dangers of mercury from a video that's on their website.
And boy, you ought to see it under the electron microscope, what mercury does to your brain compared to other heavy metals, than a bunch of other news we haven't even gotten to yet.
So Regina in Pennsylvania, go ahead and welcome.
Hi Alex.
Since the man from Canada zoned in there on some help, I just want to encourage him that when people ask him for prayer on a subject, bring it up and let the people know what's going on with Gonzales and let them be responsible in prayer and maybe a little action on some of these subjects that we seem to be burdened with.
And I'm not saying I'm mad at that, but I can understand how it is overwhelming.
I don't understand.
We had a caller from Canada saying how can... How can he overcome?
What I'm saying is I had an opportunity this weekend.
There was a prayer service down in Pittsburgh, and I brought up some of these issues.
And I just praise the Lord because they did...
Come through with prayer on the issues, and they were kind of forced to, rather than the same old thing that... Well, the scientific studies show, bless my face, 100%, but the power of prayer is the real deal.
And Bush, instead of doing groundwork for Bush, they were actually going at some of the issues.
I wanted to mention, at 9.15 tomorrow in Polk County, Iowa, this Dr. Tennant is going to be reappearing at court.
He told me that he's being brought up under the Iowa State...
Statute 708, third degree harassment.
It'll be tomorrow, Tuesday, 7th.
Now, Roger's going to get mad because I'm interrupting you, but this is something we have to do.
98% of people don't know who the doctor was I had on three weeks ago.
Who complained too much, and Homeland Security said in the Quad City Times, we arrested him for complaining too much about not getting his benefits, and they arrested the anti-terror forces, arrested the doctor, and so now folks know what you're talking about.
Tomorrow, he's going to be in court.
Wait, Polk County in Iowa, courthouse, 9.15 a.m., that'd be the 7th, room 114...
He needs prayer and he needs help for people showing up.
And I'm begging folks to go with a video camera and interview him after the hearing so we can get some video of that up on the web.
There was a question as far as where exactly Polk County is.
His telephone number is 563-326-2495.
If you want to call him, I'm sure he'll be happy.
No, no, he's giving his number out.
What's his number again?
All right, thanks for the call, Regina.
I appreciate it.
Let's talk to Jeff in Kansas City.
Last caller, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Okay, I'm Jeff from Kansas City.
And I listened to your show today about the stem cells research.
And I've got a book here.
It's called The Body Electric.
I've given it out many times where it describes how you can transform cells
Red blood cells into stem cells, or stem cell equivalents.
Yeah, that's what the doctor was talking about last hour.
And they're stable, and they work well.
Yeah, with electricity.
I don't know about electricity.
They just grow.
They just manipulate them.
In this book, you don't need to collect stem cells in a laboratory.
You just need a...
Yeah, they have lots of systems with implants now, directly into the area, and that has worked quite nicely.
Yeah, okay.
Well, I was just going to mention that.
I believe technology and science can be used for the good, but when we've got New World Order thugs,
Well, I think you just boiled it down in one sentence.
Well said, sir.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
You know, I ought to try to get Dr. Tennant back on, since Regina mentioned that.
Yeah, that was in the newspaper.
They actually said in the Quad City Times, he's done nothing, he threatened no one, but we're going to go ahead and arrest him.
Calling too many times is a terrorist action, and we're over that.
Pot dealing is, and selling knockoff Rubik's Cubes is, and...
Taking money, if you're a county commissioner, to give somebody more parking spaces is... Just all terrorism.
Everything's terrorism.
The cameras are there to fight crime and terror.
This whole system going in, it's just unbelievable.
So, yes, we had that doctor on.
I have several mainstream news articles today, by the way.
Post-9-11 powers are turned on America.
The Roanoke Times?
And it's...
Big article here where they're using the Patriot Act against everybody.
Stuff that isn't even crimes.
I mean, they're just using it.
It's example after example.
Stuff I don't even know about.
As many examples as there are fish in the sea, basically.
It's being used against us, the American people.
It has nothing to do with Muslims.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network
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Okay, now I'm going to air a couple of audio clips from video.
And remember, this is off my website, so the audio is actually a little bit better when you listen to it.
When you transfer it over the radio, it never sounds as good.
This first clip is the four minutes of the trailer for Martial Law, 9-1-1, Rise of the Police State, my new film that's coming out in a few months.
I know you can't get it yet, but here's the audio from it.
Of course, the video is ten times stronger, but you'll hear David Gergen telling me it's none of my business about the rituals they conduct at Bohemian Grove.
You'll hear audio of me confronting Michael Moore and him saying, oh, because it'd be on America to talk about NORAD stand down, and much more.
So, here it is, the intro to martial law.
In the early years of the 21st century, terrorism was used by governments across the world as a pretext to scare their populations into submission.
Life became a surveillance grid nightmare, with every individual's actions ruthlessly catalogued and recorded by the state.
Secret arrests, checkpoints, and warrantless searches spread.
The final incremental march of the police state culminating in open martial law.
This is the story of how the elite sold their people into slavery and scared the once proud and brave people of the West into submitting to being cannon fodder in wars for world domination.
Our enemies have made clear
The danger they pose to our security.
We're just right outside the security perimeter at this national security event in New York City.
Just a few hundred yards away from Madison Square Garden where at least 10,000 police are stationed supposedly providing security for the Republican National Convention and all the delegates and media that are going to be here.
Sadly, we live in a world where for the foreseeable future, you're going to have to provide security all the time.
Who do you work for?
Well, you need to tell us.
I mean, you know, this is a free country.
Officer, can you tell me this guy's badge number?
Secret police?
Discovers his badge number?
Secret police in America.
This is what's called ambush journalism, and I disrespect you for that as well, so thank you and goodbye.
That's none of your damn business.
We're also going to be talking to the protesters and finding out if the protesters are discussing real issues or if it's more of this phony left-right paradigm.
On Monday, that Zogby poll was released that showed 50% of New York City residents believe the government had poor knowledge and made a conscious decision not to intervene.
50% of the people who live in New York believe that.
Both candidates are cousins.
They're skull and bones.
They're bringing in big government and tyranny.
The military-industrial complex was intimately involved in 9-11.
The evidence is clear.
Many of the nearly 2,000 protesters arrested over the past few days have been taken to an old box depot on Manhattan's West Side.
We should call this facility what it is, and it's a concentration camp.
It's a Pier 57 concentration camp.
Oh yeah, folks.
We're in the middle of it now.
The Republicans are here and taking advantage of the 3,000 people that died right behind me for their own selfish politics and it's very sad.
He's a man of perseverance.
He's a man of inner strength.
He's a leader who doesn't flinch, who doesn't waver, who does not back down.
On September 11th, America was attacked.
Suddenly, on September 12th, according to John Ashcroft and George Bush, 270 million Americans became the suspects.
Hey Michael, why don't you talk about NORAD standing down?
Why don't you talk about NORAD standing down, Michael?
Why not the really hardcore 9-11 issues?
All right, folks.
So, that is the little trailer.
I hope you spread it around to folks.
I mean, it's a little mini-documentary in and of itself.
It's on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
And, of course, you can get any of my other acclaimed films.
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You can get my latest, American Dictators, documenting the stage election of 2004.
It's in the Skull and Bones, 9-11, the police state.
You can get it as low as $5.95 for the almost two-hour DVDs.
I don't know, 115 minutes long, VHS 95 minutes long.
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All right, I meant to air this last week, never got time to do it.
This is the University of Calgary's website.
They have whole video seminars online about Mercury, and we linked to this last week.
It's at the bottom of the page on Thursday's PrisonPlanet.com issue.
So just click on last Thursday on the date, and you can find this on the page.
We had trouble downloading this for some reason.
It may have a few glitches in it, but it shows with an electron microscope what just mega-small particles of Mercury do to the brain, why it's so dangerous compared to other heavy metals.
And what it does to children.
Now, this is a prestigious medical center, medical college.
You know, mainstream.
And then after we play this, I want to play one more time that clip where local KI News says that mercury is good for your brain and good for brain development.
So don't believe those people that say it isn't good in the vaccines.
But here's that first clip, so stay with us.
How mercury causes brain neuron degeneration.
Mercury has long been known to be a potent neurotoxic substance, whether it is inhaled or consumed in the diet as a food contaminant.
Over the past 15 years, medical research laboratories have established that dental amalgam tooth fillings are a major contributor to mercury body burden.
In 1997, a team of research scientists demonstrated that mercury vapor inhalation by animals produced a molecular lesion in brain protein metabolism which was similar to a lesion seen in 80% of Alzheimer-diseased brains.
Recently completed experiments by scientists at the University of Calgary's Faculty of Medicine now reveal, with direct visual evidence from brain neuron tissue cultures, how mercury ions actually alter the cell membrane structure of developing neurons.
To better understand Mercury's effect on the brain, let us first illustrate what brain neurons look like, and how they grow.
In this animation, we see three brain neurons growing in a tissue culture, each with a central cell body, and numerous neurite processes.
At the end of each neurite is a growth cone where structural proteins are assembled to form the cell membrane.
Two principal proteins involved in growth cone function are actin, which is responsible for the pulsating motion seen here, and tubulin, a major structural component of the neurite membrane.
During normal cell growth, tubulin molecules link together end-to-end to form microtubules, which surround neurofibrils, another structural protein component of the neuronal axon.
Shown here is the neurite of a live neuron isolated from snail brain tissue, displaying linear growth due to growth cone activity.
It is important to note that growth cones in all animal species, ranging from snails to humans, have identical structural and behavioral characteristics and use proteins of virtually identical composition.
In this experiment, neurons also isolated from snail brain tissue were grown in culture for several days, after which very low concentrations of mercury were added to the culture medium for 20 minutes.
Over the next 30 minutes, the neurite membrane underwent rapid degeneration, leaving behind the denuded neurofibrils seen here.
In contrast, other heavy metals added at this same concentration, such as aluminum, lead, cadmium, and manganese, did not produce this effect.
To understand how mercury causes this degeneration, let us return to our illustration.
As mentioned before, tubulin proteins link together during normal cell growth to form the microtubules which support the neurite structure.
When mercury ions are introduced into the culture medium, they infiltrate the cell and bind themselves to newly synthesized tubulin molecules.
More specifically, the mercury ions attach themselves to the binding site reserved for guanosine triphosphate, or GTP, on the beta subunit of the affected tubulin molecules.
Since bound GTP normally provides the energy which allows tubulin molecules to attach to one another, mercury ions bound to these sites prevent tubulin proteins from linking together.
Consequently, the neurite's microtubules begin to disassemble into free tubulin molecules, leaving the neurite stripped of its supporting structure.
Ultimately, both the developing neurite and its growth cone collapse, and some denuded neurofibrils form aggregates, or tangles, as depicted here.
Shown here is a neurite growth cone stained specifically for tubulin and actin, before and after mercury exposure.
Now, again, literally, there are thousands of studies on mercury.
Nothing's been studied more.
This is one of the few things they've known for 800 years is bad for you.
And it attacks growing cells even worse.
Plugs in to where they take their nourishment and kills them.
And nothing eats to the brain like this.
I mean, it literally dissolves your brain.
And so let's give a baby with one round of shots 250 times safe levels.
That's a really good idea.
Let's roll that one.
Mercury-containing vaccines may help not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal Pediatrics.
There have been riots by concerns that mercury-based preservatives in vaccines might impair the neurological development of children.
These new studies suggest that the opposite, that the preservatives may actually be associated with improved behavior and mental performance.
A recent move by the Food and Drug Administration could save your... Now they get into heart defibrillators.
So see, that was all over TV, all over the place.
I still get emails about it.
Well, they say it's good for your child's brain.
I mean, come on!
And I've aired that probably ten times.
Every few weeks I air it again because... I mean, they're telling you mercury's good for you now.
I mean, they're telling you everything.
Oh, heaven help us.
I've got a bunch of news I want to cover.
On the Schwarzenegger issue, you know I've launched ArnoldExposed.com.
In the next month, we're going to pick winners.
$2,000 for the best TV ad.
$1,000 for the best radio ad.
And email us your submissions.
Tell us you're mailing them to us.
Get them to us in the next few weeks, folks.
Throw together a 60-second or 30-second TV ad and a 60-second or 30-second radio ad, and all the good ones are going on the site, but the winner, that's a pretty big prize.
That's a lot of money for me, but I'm just going to pay it.
And so take advantage of that contest.
And do it now, folks.
We're also producing our own ads, as I said.
Those will be on soon.
I have friends in Hollywood.
And I got a call Friday and then called somebody else and confirmed it.
Michael Moore tells Hollywood elite to brace for Schwarzenegger presidential candidate of the CNOA.
Now, Bush Sr.
last Monday said that, too.
On the evening of Friday, December 3rd, 2004, Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore was the guest of honor at an unofficial meeting of the top members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
The event was held at the former mansion of child star Shirley Temple.
It was so secretive that many of the guests were searched for camera and recording equipment and all bodyguards were ordered outside.
Alex Jones, founder of Americans Against Arnold and ArnoldExposed.com, confirmed the following through two separate sources who were in attendance.
Michael Moore, standing in front of some of the most powerful people in Hollywood, told the participants that serious forces were working relentlessly to amend the Constitution so Arnold Schwarzenegger could run for the presidency in 08.
Well, you should like him.
He's for abortion and gun control.
Moore continued by saying that he had no doubt that Schwarzenegger's controllers would get the job done and that those in Hollywood were concerned about what was happening better get serious and get serious now.
He added that the American people know that Bush is a puppet and do not care and that they would not have a problem with Schwarzenegger being a figurehead as well.
At this point he indicated that branding was what would be important, and he went on to say that full mobilization and the enlistment of beloved individuals like Robert Redford and Paul Newman and others could potentially run for president against Arnold in 08.
So now top Hollywood Democrats are talking about Arnold for president being a done deal.
This is ridiculous.
Why are we capitulating?
Why is the left or the right doing this?
The majority of Americans from the founding fathers of the Constitution are against the changes Schwarzenegger's people want to make.
All we have to do is stand up and say no.
Whether you're a Republican who cares about your gun rights, or a Democrat who is against wars for empire, you should be grabbing your torches and your pitchforks, figuratively, and be actively engaging in fighting against Arnold's Amend Movement.
For those who are still in denial, it is time for you to wake up to the fact that Schwarzenegger is already running for president.
Now that's a page and a half.
The article is a couple pages longer.
You can go read it at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com.
Alright, I'm not plugging my videos in the next segment, so I'll have plenty of time to blitz through this other news.
News Blitz coming up on the other side of this quick break.
So stay with us.
Don't forget prisonplanet.tv, folks.
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Two for one.
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The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new rule of order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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The federal court just come out last Friday and said, hey, the government's allowed to torture you and then use that in court against you.
I mean, it's just getting more and more unbelievable.
One more thing on Arnold Schwarzenegger.
That USA Today cover story over the weekend said, Alex Jones alleges Arnold's father was a Nazi.
That's not even denied.
We have the photos and the admission he was SS.
Not just a Nazi, but, you know, the really bad Nazis.
You know, the SS...
The guys in black uniforms, I guess that makes them the good guys nowadays.
The good guys wear black uniforms.
But I still say they're bad guys.
It's like alleging the sun came up, or alleging that Arnold's from Austria, or alleging that Texas is in Texas.
I mean, it's just, I allege nothing.
I mean, it's how crazy the media's gotten.
Defending all of this.
There's another article here.
America, whatever it takes to win.
How there's all these steroid investigations about professional sports.
But then the mixed message of Arnold's okay when he admits he took all of these different things.
It's just incredible that this type of stuff is going on.
Another article here out of the I-team.
This is out of ABC News.
And D.C., illegal strip searches, and they admit they just grab women, you name it.
Even TSA workers say, I wouldn't do this to my own grandmother.
I wouldn't put up with this.
It's training you how to be a slave.
Major recount stuff going now in Ohio, but it's not going to go anywhere because Carrie isn't challenging it.
It was a staged event.
Just incredible.
Also, these new supposed torture photos come out of Navy SEALs stacking people up like cordwood, which is a way to kill you.
You put people on cramming cattle cars or in backs of trucks on top of each other.
Thousands died in Afghanistan when they did that to them.
That's the same Navy SEAL unit.
They've been in trouble for some other stuff.
Now these photos get released by one of the Navy SEALs' wives on accident.
And it shows stuff that's really nothing compared to other videos and things that are out there.
I believe the whole thing is staged.
They do this.
They release the lighter stuff to then condition people that it's no big deal.
But you can see those photos from the Associated Press.
By the way, the AP found a whole bunch of them.
It describes worse photos, but they're not going to release those or show those.
Very interesting.
This is Bernard Garrick.
Again, campaign bodyguard for Giuliani and business with him after 9-11 and anti-terror companies to make money off.
9-11 helped cover up September 11th.
Told Giuliani to get out of Building 7.
Aaron Boyd for the Saudi royal family.
Energetic exploiter for September 11th tragedy.
That's out of Newsday.
Also, sunshine may ward off lymphoma.
So you get too much sun on your skin, you get cancer, but then no sun, you get cancer too.
I mean, it's all balanced, folks.
Sun exposure apparently has a protective effort against the development of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a blood cancer.
Australian researchers report, University of Sydney has come out with a big study on that.
Big report here, voter fraud in Florida.
In Ohio, Kerry won the election by 1.7 million votes.
Even in the popular vote, the evidence is clear.
And again, I'm not for Kerry.
I'm just reporting the facts here.
Uncle Sam has his own gulag, Toronto Sun, about the incredible gulag.
And again, that article I mentioned, USOK's evidence gained through torture.
Evidence gained by torture can be used by the U.S.
military in deciding whether to imprison a foreigner indefinitely at Guantanamo Bay.
So see, now they admit they're torturing people.
First they deny it, now they're admitting it.
And this is to be used on you folks.
All these torturers are going to come back here and run America.
Oh, we are out of time.
Massachusetts, last story, gets electronic gun fingerprinting.
And it says it's going in in Massachusetts, and it's going to go into the rest of the country, where you have to thumb scan to get a gun.
Not just the FBI instant check, but the thumb scanners.
Those are also going to go in all the grocery stores and banks.
I have the official federal plans.
It's all part of this control grid, and that's up on prisonplanet.com from the Associated Press.
Again, I am out of time here.
Be sure and join us back tonight, 9 to midnight Central, on the shortwave at 3210, back tomorrow, 11 to 2, 9.985, or on your local AM or FM station.
God bless you all.
Now get out there and stand up against tyranny.
We can win this fight if you take action.