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Air Date: Dec. 3, 2004
2512 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
Welcome to another edition of the Alex Jones Show.
It is Friday, the third day of December 2004.
We have the author and the head of Assassination Science, Professor, joining us coming up in the third hour.
And we also have Catherine Albrecht.
It's going to be joining us here on the broadcast as well.
Talk about the RFID chips and what's going on with that.
And we have some of the folks out distributing the Verichip are going to be joining us as well at the same time.
So that's all coming up today.
And then, of course, obviously, we're going to talk a little bit about Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Not a lot, because I've got a bunch of other news here that I want to cover.
But Arnold Schwarzenegger's move to amend the Constitution so he can run for El Presidente picked up a lot of steam on Monday when George Herbert Walker Bush said, don't bet against Arnold.
This guy's going to get it.
This is going to be your president, basically, is what he said.
Well, now USA Today, their main cover front page story today, should the Constitution be amended for Arnold?
And they've got law professors and experts in here going, obviously, he's already running.
He just knows how unpopular it gets if he announces that it's for himself.
Because why?
I'm in the Constitution just for a candidate?
And that's what this really is, so that's why he's being covert.
But he's always said that he wants to be president, and he's been pushing for it.
And yes, yours truly, and ArnoldExposed.com is quoted in the article.
This is really the fairest mainstream news article I've seen of the scores that have been out there.
But that isn't saying much.
It's still pretty positive for Lord Schwarzenegger.
Even though the author who I talked to last week told me on the phone that he thinks Arnold's a big creep.
And we had a lot of other discussions that I'm not at liberty to talk about.
But that's just classic.
Even people that know he's a big creep
The author of this article, Michael Kassendorf, Martin Kassendorf, excuse me, has been covering Arnold for years.
And he knows all about him.
But by the time you get into the article, it's pretty milquetoast.
But it's posted at ArnoldExposed.com.
At least when I left the office, it was being posted at ArnoldExposed.com.
If not, you can just type in, should the Constitution be amended for Arnold, and you'll find the article posted.
But I hope you'll email out our USA Today version of it, where it has our little comments up at the top.
I hope you'll go to ArnoldExposed.com and grab it and keep pushing it like you've done over the last two weeks.
You've done a great job.
We've now, according to even their own admissions, gotten more visitors to ArnoldExposed.com, though we have only been launched for about a third of the time they've been launched.
We've now had more visitors than the amend for Arnold Krebs.
Over 6 million individual visitors in the last two weeks to ArnoldExposed.com.
And they've gotten wall-to-wall TV coverage 90-plus times what we've gotten.
We've been on CNN once for 30 seconds, 25 seconds.
They've been 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 4 minutes on every major news show you can imagine.
All right, that aside, I'm not going to spend really any more time on that today.
I might read a few of the quotes out of the article.
A bone-chilling call yesterday at the end of the broadcast...
The caller called in, and the caller said, I'm going to play the last broadcast of Tom Brokaw, one of the last things he said on the show.
It was a report from Pelugin.
And they played the clip, and I've since found the transcript to confirm this really is a real Tom Brokaw clip.
A lot of people saw this as well.
I'm getting the tapes sent to me.
Where they said that if they don't take their retina scan ID card and they get out of line, get away from their house, they'll be shot on sight.
We'll talk about that when we get back, too.
Stay with us.
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Hi, Alan.
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Thank you, Marvin.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends.
We're going to get into tenant calls for Internet Controls.
Former CIA director.
Also, last week, the head of Central Command called for regulating your internet.
We've got to stop those Muslims, after all.
Give up your free speech.
We've got to force psychologically test all the children, too.
That's to stop Al-Qaeda.
Everything is to stop Al-Qaeda.
We have to take all your freedoms away and rule you.
Boy, we don't like doing this.
Powerful governments never want to dominate people.
We just can't stand it.
But we're going to make you slaves now.
So that's coming up.
Mandatory mental health screening program with dose pregnant women with prescription drugs that cause birth defects.
That's right!
Bizarre mandatory mental health screening program to make Illinois act like Big Brother.
I don't know if this report is accurate.
We did confirm two former KGB chiefs were hired as consultants for Homeland Security.
This was confirmed several years ago.
They've now rotated out.
Al Martin is reporting, and I spent an hour on Google trying to confirm this and couldn't, that the Silver Fox, Marcus Wolfe, the head of the Stasi,
Has been hired by the U.S.
government for Homeland Security.
I did confirm he's still alive at 81.
I did confirm that he has a house in the U.S.
and Israel and Germany.
And I did confirm he's written some books and things with top neocons, so I don't rule it out, but I'm going to have to confirm this before I believe it.
I mean, if they start hiring Stasi chiefs, that's even worse than KGB.
Probably true.
I can't confirm it.
I'm not saying it's not true.
Let's just say I hope it's not true.
Conservatives say Alberto Gonzalez nomination deserves rejection.
Rocket chemical fuel found in water and produce almost nationwide.
Very bad for children.
Causes thyroid problems.
Very serious thyroid problems.
And of course we have assassination science author coming on later.
Then on top of that, we also...
We're good to go.
And he said, did you see Tom Brokaw's last show?
Last TV broadcast last night.
Obviously, I heard about it.
And I said, no.
The guy's... What I was thinking, and I talked about this earlier in the show, the guy reads off a teleprompter.
I don't really care.
I mean, big deal.
20-something years reading a teleprompter.
I don't care.
But the caller, we're about to re-air this, said, and we've since found the transcript that confirmed that indeed the audio you're about to hear was the nightly news on NBC two nights ago.
He's got this reporter in Fallujah, and the reporter chillingly talks about how they've kicked 200,000 plus people out of Fallujah, how they're going to let them in a few thousand at a time, and how they're given ID cards with a retina scan and a thumbprint, finger scans on it,
And that they're only allowed to be around their house and to certain designated areas.
If they're caught leaving those areas, they can be shot dead.
Lethal force.
Boy, that's freedom, is it not?
And Tom Brokaw just moved on to the next question.
This is the oldest form of total war.
This is dehumanization.
This is complete abject slavery.
You know, I know a lot of sickos in their easy chairs go level Fallujah, kill everyone, nuke them, nuke them, nuke them.
I mean, they admit a maximum of just a few thousand people are, quote, combatants in the city.
So out of 200 and something thousand, let's just kill them all.
That's what the Nazis would do.
You shot an SS officer in the town, they'd line up 100 men and children and kill them.
And I've heard neocons go, hey, somebody blew up a pipeline.
Well, let's just blow up the village nearby.
And that's what Saddam would do.
I mean, this is the... Saddam had a few good ideas.
And don't worry, they've hired all the Ba'athists back and have them out doing this.
So this is really sick.
This is really, really sick.
And I want to remind you that in 1999, I flew from Austin, Texas to Oakland, California, and for an entire week,
Videotaped 5,000 Marines and over 3,000 other foreign troops, Israeli, French, Dutch, British, Australian, German, this is all in Police State 2000, openly trained to break up the men, the women, the children in these giant camps.
But they set up.
They had hundreds of role players.
They would interrogate them.
I even got video of this until the Marine Corps spokesman ran up and said, No video of this!
No video of this!
You even see that in the film.
And they're interrogating them.
Where are you from?
I'm from San Francisco.
Where'd you get the helmet?
They're interrogating the militia resistance fighter who didn't want to turn his guns in.
They wouldn't let us see the rest.
And he was, by the way, doing thumb scanning and then being given an ID card and taking a digital face scan as well.
And I remember they're making almost everybody in Iraq take ID cards when they first got there.
Also, if you work in key infrastructure, you have to wear a little RFID bracelet.
We knew all that.
But now, if you don't have it, we're going to shoot you.
And they had an Army report earlier this year, 75 to 90 percent of those taken to any of the 32 camps in Iraq, not just Abu Ghraib, were families stopped at checkpoints who didn't have their IDs in order.
Well, now they just won't take you to a camp for torture to break up your family and take the husband and torture him or rape your children in front of you.
That's admitted in the Army's own report.
Or kill your wife in front of you or beat you to death and laugh about it.
Blow off some steam, as Rush Limbaugh said.
They will just kill you.
So you're going to get what you want, folks, people that said kill anybody.
And they don't have water.
They don't have power.
You've got to stay in your house.
Hope they bring you food.
You've got to stay in your house and die.
And if you come anywhere outside your yard, outside around your house, or one of the little aid centers, you will be machine-gunned to death.
But don't worry.
You reap what you sow, America.
You don't have to worry about Al-Ciada attacking you.
You have to worry about this government that's doing this has been doing war games for the very same thing against you.
And I have the video, I have the admissions.
And they're doing drills to round up and arrest homeschoolers and their families.
This has been in the news.
They're doing drills that homeschoolers are terrorists, their parents are terrorists, you're all evil.
Of course, they'll never get away with this, folks.
And be bold.
The exodus away from the government training centers is accelerating.
We're winning the fight.
They're panicking.
They're losing control.
So we stand against Lord Bush.
We stand against Al-Qaeda, their control arm.
We stand against it.
Now let's go ahead and play the last three or four minutes of my broadcast yesterday so you can hear this Tom Brokaw comment.
Here it is.
All right, folks, a few final calls.
We'll be back tonight, of course, 9 to midnight Central.
I want to thank Paul Watson, Jimmy Walter, of course, Dr. Dennis Cuddy for joining us today.
A lot of experts I respect say there is a... Okay, let's stop right there.
Let's stop right there.
That's a show from a couple weeks ago.
It's yesterday's show, folks.
It's yesterday's.
Yesterday's show.
The last five minutes.
And we'll try to air this here.
If not, it's on prisonplanet.com.
We've got the file up there where we did this interview.
And I thought I'd give it to you in better audio quality.
Because you take it off the net, put it back on the net, stream it back on the radio, it degrades the audio quality.
And it's just all fun.
And the crew does a great job.
The phone system goes down about twice a year.
It went down right before the show started, so they're trying to fix that right now.
So we can even have guests on today and take your calls.
So it's not really their fault.
I've got one person doing five people's jobs right now.
Do we have the clip now, maybe?
Let's go ahead and roll yesterday.
Here it is.
It's 12 noon to 3 p.m.
We're here live back from 9 to midnight Central on the Global Shortwave during the day at 9.985.
And, of course, at night at 3210 or on your local AM or FM station or the Internet at InfoWars.com.
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But the four and a half minute trailer is at Infowars.com.
Please get it and spread it around.
I'm pretty proud of it.
A foreshadowing of what's coming.
Steve in Ohio, you're one of our last callers on the air with Mr. Moore.
Go ahead.
Let's pause right there.
How you doing, Alex?
Let's pause right there.
I happen to...
We're going to go to break now.
When we come back, we'll go to the call.
And then we've got some guests coming up today.
This is really an important issue.
So please, again, stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and we'll play the NBC clip on the other side.
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All right, now we're going to go to the last couple minutes of yesterday's broadcast where we have Tom Brokaw interviewing an NBC reporter there on the ground in Iraq.
Talking about just this unlimited Mark of the Beast level evil.
They're going to use lethal force to kill people if they break the rules now.
Breaking rules.
And I want you to know, I'm not joking when I say this, they're training for exactly this here in the U.S.
And Iraq, one facet of Iraq just isn't oil or weapon sales or...
Using it as a military base, the government admits that Serbia has been used as a war game drill for here in the U.S.
and other areas for urban warfare suppression of populations and occupation.
So go ahead and go to that clip.
Steve in Ohio, you're one of our last callers on the air with Mr. Moore.
Go ahead.
Yeah, how you doing, Alex?
Real quick comment.
I happened to tape the last broadcast of Tom Brokaw last night.
And they were covering the Iraq War, and guess what?
They are going to biometrically scan the people of Fallujah with eye scans.
And they also made it clear that they were going to shoot to kill anybody that doesn't conform to the law.
I mean, and they didn't say insurgent.
They made it clear it was when they let the citizens back into the city to reclaim whatever's left.
Wait a minute, you're joking.
Dan Rather's, I mean, not Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw's last show, they said, we're going to rep the scan.
I know that they said that.
I got the audio clip already queued up and it's ready to go.
Do you want to hear it?
I got to hear it.
Here it is, folks.
Many others are badly damaged.
So far, the plan is for most of the city's 250,000 residents to return in stages.
At first, only a few thousand will be let in.
They'll be fingerprinted, given a retina scan, and then an ID card, which will only allow them to travel around their homes or to nearby aid centers, which are now being built.
The Marines will be authorized to use deadly force against those breaking the rules.
Richard, what's the latest on the election?
Hear that?
Now let me stop you.
That is the most... That's what they've trained for here in America.
I have video of them doing the mock retina scans, the cards, all that, Police State 2000.
That's what... I'm begging you.
Will you mail that to me immediately?
Yes, I will.
I'll give you the video, the whole thing of it.
But I was shocked when I saw it.
They made it clear that they're going to retina-scan the people.
I cannot believe these poor people are like third-world people.
They're already putting them under this tyranny.
Hey, listen, they're tearing out all their agriculture, everything.
It's dehumanization.
Folks, that is the Antichrist beast system.
And then you've got your card, and if you walk to the wrong place, we're going to go ahead and shoot you.
Mr. Moore, I mean, this is the comments, final comments.
Well, it doesn't surprise me, and this is a heads up for what we're looking forward to in this country in the not-too-distant future.
I'm almost speechless after that.
Do you promise me, Steve, that you're going to mail that to me?
What do I send it to?
Which address?
Send it to 3001.
South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R.
I'll email you before I send it to let you know what I'm sending it in, okay?
Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
And I tell you what, if you FedEx that bad boy to me, I'll send you three or four free videos.
Okay, I will FedEx it to you.
I'll give you a standard play copy.
It's a high-quality copy.
Yeah, and just thank you so much, sir.
You're welcome.
Did you hear that?
My friends, I mean, what do you say?
I've written a little article about this.
We posted the audio.
We're getting the video.
I did go to the NBC.
I found the transcript.
They did indeed say this and do this.
And again, it's hidden in plain view.
Just right out in the open.
You break the rules, we're going to kill you.
And I guess that's what people out there want.
Kill them, nuke them, kill everybody.
100,000 dead innocent civilians isn't enough in the last year and a half over there.
Or in the last 13 years, over a million and a half.
It's not enough.
Give them freedom!
We put Saddam in there, and we trained him out of torture and kill him, and he wasn't doing a good enough job, so we put him back in.
We put his people back in, and we feel good.
Yeah, the same government that's raping these people
Intellectually, psychologically, spiritually, financially.
And now I'm going to do that to America.
It's so sick.
And people who don't even know where Iraq is on a map are just out here every day.
There's a human over there.
Kill them all!
We've got to survive!
We're under attack over here!
We've got to kill them all before they kill us!
Your bosses did that on 9-11, fools.
Look at the evidence.
The physical, the circumstantial, the motive.
For the New World Order takeover?
The facts.
Just keep feeling good.
Keep denying it.
They're trying to do that to you.
Don't worry.
They're going to take your pension funds, take your dollar value, plunge your dollar.
They're going to draft your children.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
You're going to get to be a big fat slave just like they are in Iraq.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
The ring of fire.
The ring of fire.
And it burns, burns, burns.
So, my friends, you just heard the audio
Of Tom Brokaw.
Interviewing one of their minions.
One of the embedded reporters.
Just nonchalantly, yeah, they're all going to be issued these ID cards with retina scans and thumb scans, and they get away from their house.
It's turning the whole city into a prison.
They're prisoners.
There'll be lethal force used on them.
No one is running against any of them.
No one has announced.
A few candidates said they might run.
They were car bombed and machine gunned or arrested within days.
And we're talking about mainstream people in the country.
You say you want to run, they kill you within days.
Openly, a tank drives up, blows your house up.
Iraqi security forces, Iraqi National Guard come in, kill you and your entire family.
This is freedom.
These are admitted reports.
This is mainstream news.
Back of our news wires, you never see it in the big newspaper.
Man, that is freedom.
Don't have your ID card?
We kill you on sight.
We put you in camps.
If you don't have your ID cards in order in the rest of the country.
If you run for office, we kill you immediately.
It has never been this bad.
In the best cities, they have seven to eight hours of intermittent power a day.
The water is completely filthy.
Our troops are getting sick en masse.
They're getting liver flukes.
Iraq was industrialized, folks.
Clean water, power, everything.
They were becoming first world up until 1991.
Not anymore.
Man, they put Saddam in there, told him to attack different countries.
He followed orders.
They set up their agent, trained by the U.S.
government publicly.
The anti-communist fighter, and they set him up, he followed orders, and when he followed orders, they shut him down, they put sanctions on that country, they mass-murdered those people, and now they're going to create hell on earth, they're going to straightjacket those people, and then like vampires, just feed on them.
That's the facts, folks.
Our government took the 18-year-old commando, Saddam Hussein, and trained him in Egypt and then even in the U.S.,
He went in and killed scores of people.
Machine gunned, bombed.
Then they told the Bathurst, put him in as the security chief in 68.
Then they helped have a coup d'etat in 79 for him.
Three years later, under public orders and funding, over $15 billion in U.S.
funding, he invaded Iran, killed over a million and a half Iranians, which we of course cheered about.
Over 400,000 Iraqis died in that war.
And then they told him, go ahead and invade Kuwait.
We don't get involved in that.
You know, we're your ally.
April Gillaspie on videotape.
He smiled and said thank you and invaded a week later.
Actually, six days later.
And the rest is history.
And it's just going to get worse and worse.
One of the first things they did was stop the reporting of death statistics in Iraq when the new puppet government was put in a year ago.
No more cancer deaths, no more heart attack numbers, no more deaths of any type.
It is against the law to report those numbers.
Though aid agencies have done it, Red Cross has done it, they're a pretty establishment.
They say 100,000 dead civilians as of a few months ago.
100,000 people.
I thought it was a liberation.
I thought it was to give them milk and honey in the streets.
Really take good care of them.
It was a humanitarian mission.
Now let's kill them all.
Nuke the whole place.
Just kill them.
There's some human.
I've heard you call in.
There's some human.
Just kill them.
Just kill them.
Kill them all.
Nuke them all.
Hey folks, they weren't Al-Qaeda.
And Al-Qaeda wasn't Al-Qaeda.
It was Al-CIAIDA.
But now Iran's got the nukes, and they could hit us in 45 minutes, the British are saying.
It's even the exact same script and the exact same words.
Proven to be liars last time.
Lying again, they don't even change the talking points.
And the very people doing this to the Iraqis would love to do it to you.
They're doing it all over the world.
They're into this.
This is dehumanization.
They're doing everything they can.
They're getting rid of your pension funds.
They're sucking the dollar's value out.
They're shipping the jobs as fast as they can.
Getting rid of the borders as fast as they can.
Going after your guns as fast as they can.
It's just beautiful.
All these people they're appointing are pro-abortion, pro-open border, pro-gun control.
The new Homeland Security head, the head New York City cop who helped
Cover up 9-11.
We have clear evidence of that there on that day.
It's like General Myers, head of NORAD, got promoted up to Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman.
I mean, just the whole gaggle of these people.
Alberto, I love Torture Gonzalez.
Just all of them.
They're just intensifying their hold, and now we have the report that they've hired Mr. Wolf, the head of the SCSI,
And this report turned out to be accurate last time of another KGB chief.
But, man, it's just getting too weird.
It's just getting too weird.
Here's another one.
Tenant calls for Internet controls.
And, again, last week the head of CENTCOM, that's Central Command, said, yeah, we've got to control the net and control speech on it because Arab extremists are using it.
And, yeah, it means we'll have to control your net, too, but...
You know, Internet 2 is going to take control and make everybody else shut down their websites or go over to their system, and it'll all be censored, but it's for your safety.
Tenant calls for Internet controls.
Former CIA Director George Tenant called Wednesday for tough new security measures to guard against attacks on the United States using the Internet, which he called a potential Achilles heel for our financial stability and physical security.
Which, every time they introduce an Internet control bill, there's a hack attack that day that leads back to the government, and they go, see, we've got to pass it.
We're being attacked.
They've got, like, 80% of the hackers working for them, folks.
I mean, this is a joke.
I know that these actions will be controversial in this age when we still think the Internet is free and open society with no control.
See how he poses that?
I know you still think it's free.
He continued, Tenet told an IT security conference in Washington, but ultimately, continuing the quote, but ultimately the Wild West must give way to governance and control.
The national media, including United Press International, were excluded from the event at Tenet's request.
Oh, that's freedom, organizers said, but UPI was given an account of the speech by a member of the audience.
The quotes were verified by a source close to the former director.
Tenet's speech articulated widely shared concerns among U.S.
intelligence and Homeland Security officials that telecommunications, specifically the Internet, represent a backdoor through which terrorists and other enemies of the United States can attack the country, even though some progress has been made in securing the physical infrastructure.
Yes, they've now grabbed control of all the hubs, and now they're announcing they're not going to upgrade those 20 hubs, and they're going to let the net die.
That's the headline.
The net will die.
Is dead.
BBC AP Reuters a few months ago, and they're going to let it fail, and then make you go to Internet 2, where you get a subdomain, and they have very strict rules on what's allowed.
We're hurting them too bad, folks.
The Internet, Tenet said, represents a potential Achilles heel of our financial stability and physical security if the networks we are creating are not protected.
Efforts at physical security will not be enough, he argued, because the thinking enemy...
That will confront as good and as going to school on our network vulnerabilities.
Leveraging the possibility that the Internet give them the work anonymously and remotely with little risk of apprehension.
And he went on to say that we've just got to control and track and restrict.
And we also now have...
Again, the head of Simcom is saying they've got to regulate speech on the net.
And now they say that there's an organized crime providing a nexus between professional hackers and terror groups.
Oh, hackers are now working with the terrorists.
And it says Russian mob.
Oh, it's all over.
Within the federal government, the Department of Homeland Security has the lead role in protecting the United States from Internet terrorism, but the department's head of cybersecurity recently quit suddenly and then reports that he had clashed with his supervisors.
And it goes on and on and on.
This is incredible.
The second-tier leadership that was emerging, he added, oversaw a global decentralization and decentralized movement with the ability to thrive, depend crucially on the Internet, which enabled them to share information from explosives, recipes, and the best ways to get into Iraq undetected.
So, see, we've got to control the speech.
See, they get into that in the article.
While the terrorists are sharing information, so we've got to go ahead and restrict the net.
The group he said was undoubtedly mapping vulnerabilities and weaknesses in our telecommunications networks.
This is just, I mean, it just never ends, people.
It never, there's no end to the levels they will plumb.
Mandatory mental health screening program would dose pregnant women with prescription drugs that cause birth defects.
Before I cover this article, yeah, three, four years ago, it was almost four years ago, there was a press release put out on the letterhead of the governor of Oregon, who was a psychiatrist, saying we're going to drug women while they're pregnant.
And then if a baby's, quote, at risk because of their economics or stuff in the background of the parents, we're going to go ahead and drug the child at birth.
I'm not joking.
Bureaucrats in Chicago are currently discussing a proposal that requires the mental health screening of all pregnant women and children up to the age of 18 years.
The reported mission of the program is to protect the health of the public by diagnosing mental disorders before they become full-blown problems.
But in reality, as we've seen from similar programs in the past, the real mission is to diagnose people with fictitious brain diseases and behavioral disorders, then dose them with highly toxic prescription drugs that not only generate profits for pharmacological companies, but also for the psychiatrists who prescribe them.
What's especially frightening about the program is that they may include the dosing of pregnant women with prescription drugs that are known to increase the risk of birth defects.
We also know that clinical trials of antidepressants
And experiments involving mice, the children who grow up on antidepressant drugs have a much higher risk of being depressed as adults whether or not they continue taking those drugs.
In other words, it's not enough that as a nation we...
Misdiagnosed children hyperactivity caused by sugar consumption as being brain chemistry imbalance and those doses of all children on Ritalin.
It seems that we also want to start diagnosing and dosing pregnant women as well.
Who's next?
Are we going to dose all men under the age of 30?
Are we going to require the mental health screening of all elderly people and start dosing everyone under the age of 65?
Or over the age of 65 with brain altering drugs too?
Here's another one.
Bizarre mandatory mental health screening program to make Illinois act like Big Brother.
We're talking about Illinois because the Fed just passed this two weeks ago.
The entire country, but Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, and seven other states have already begun under other names, but we got the internal documents six months ago.
It's the same program.
When people in Pennsylvania in the government blew the whistle and said, look, I've been in the meetings, here's the documents.
We posted them, by the way, on Infowars.com.
Openly, this was written by the drug companies, and they said they're going to put half the kids on drugs, up from 15%.
They brag about the great profits.
It's simple.
They buy off the government, order them to put you on drugs.
A series of public forums will be held at five different locations in Illinois on a $10 million plan, which will implement the Children's Mental Health Act of 2003.
The program requires all pregnant women and children through the age of 18 years to be examined for mental health needs.
Larry Tranner, a parent of four children and a contact for Citizens Commission on Human Rights, states that the evaluation of mental conditions is subject, and since psychiatric involvement has started, SAT scores have gone down.
And it says all parents and citizens who are outraged at this new program should attend the forums.
They passed the law last year.
Now they're implementing them here in the U.S.
Ten states already passed these in the last few years.
Texas was the first, 1994.
And years before that, they were already doing it in the public schools under another name because everyone at my high school had it done to them.
And they didn't even tell my parents.
And I was smarter than most, but I didn't even question it.
Two days of it.
Two days of it.
Years before it was made law to fund it in Texas.
You're starting to get how serious this is, people.
You're starting to realize what we're dealing with.
By the way, if you don't think they want to put all of you on these drugs, when they have control of you, they put over two-thirds on them.
And that number's growing.
In Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey, California, the states we have the numbers on, just had a big WOAI TV piece a couple weeks ago, we read the whole thing here on air, seven-page report, where they admitted the average child in foster care, over two-thirds of them are on it, the average one is on seven drugs.
Some on upwards of 17, when they start having seizures from them, they then put them on seizure medications, and they described five-year-olds who were happy and fun, who were taken from their parents, two years later in comas.
Going from being on drugs to having seizures, being put on seizure medication, dying.
And of course, BBC reported where they take kids and do experimental drugs and pesticides on them, and the CPS workers quit in New York and said, we're not going to be part of this.
We're not even doctors.
We're just giving pesticides and drugs to give them.
And we watch the child, happy and healthy, then start throwing up.
A week later, go into bed.
A month later, they just die.
The little children just die, and they take their little bodies, and they're in government custody, so they are given, sold to medical institutions.
It's not a late-night horror movie, folks.
It's America right out in the open, and it's going to continue.
It's going to continue.
Because we're a demon-possessed country, folks.
You don't think we can sit there and say, nuke, kill all the Iraqis who are subhuman, and not have that come back on us, do you?
No, that's just a manifestation.
You see, we just don't know about the Holocaust going on here.
Or if we do, it's in the back of the newspaper.
And again, I'm not embellishing.
I'm actually holding back how bad it really is.
I know you don't want to believe it.
Don't check out what I've said.
Just keep denying it.
Just keep letting them in Texas over two-thirds, over two-thirds on the drugs.
Now, you don't think they want to make all of us do it?
When they have control, it's over two-thirds.
And there's no limit to the amount because these foster care facilities get more money for every drug they put them on.
And so they dose them and dose them and dose them.
These people are driving around in Jaguars, in brand new Cadillacs.
They live in gigantic houses.
I mean, you can go look at the state contracts.
These people are millionaires.
They've got huge jet boats, everything.
They are on top of the world.
They are ghouls, folks.
Ghouls unknown in history.
This is Mingala level.
But they don't even know they're Mingalas because of the brainwashing.
They just know they like all the cash.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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And generally what the phone company then does is start switching off all the other big lines that go to satellites when they're fixing things.
That's why you heard me cut out right before the last segment.
So it might be a roller coaster ride today, but hey, twice a year.
And even my cable goes out every week, so we go out twice a year.
What's the big deal?
I'm sorry, though.
But we're going to try to get guests on.
We'll see how this works.
We've got limited phone lines for that.
We're good to go.
She's got a lot of other big breaking news for you as well coming up in the third hour.
She'll be on 30 minutes of the next hour.
In the third hour, we've got Dr. James H. Fetzer coming on, an expert on the Kennedy assassination.
We just passed the 41st anniversary, and I didn't really talk about it much.
I want to go back through this because it's so important.
In the third hour.
And then later, of course, obviously, ArnoldExposed.com got picked up.
Front page.
Cover story.
In USA Today.
And it's a lavish article.
Whitewashing for Arnold.
But it's the best one I've seen mainstream.
That's how bad these articles are.
This is the best article I've seen yet.
And it's horrible.
But it's the best article I've seen yet.
The fairest.
But again, it's like if you're wallowing in a latrine and then you just jump into a cesspool, the cesspool seems better than the latrine.
But that's a horrible analogy, but you get what I'm saying, and I do want to read some quotes out of this.
I don't want to spend all day on it.
I don't have much time anyway, so we'll get to that later.
There's just so much other news here.
This country is being dismantled, and I wish we had the phone lines.
Perhaps on Monday we'll be able to talk about that.
Tom Brokaw piece.
Oh yeah, you break any rule, we kill you.
Oh, that's freedom.
Man, that's liberation.
That's just wonderful.
This is dehumanization.
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Hello, folks.
Big Brother Mainstream Media
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
In the early months of 2004, I interviewed one of the European distributors for Applied Digital Solutions, Verichip,
Out of the Baja Beach Club over in Spain.
They've also now opened them in Rotterdam and in England.
I believe it's London.
We broke some major news there because that hadn't been in the U.S.
Then months later it all came out.
Very interesting about implantable chips under the skin to get into the VIP area with all the lovely ladies.
And for the women, all the handsome bartenders.
These are kind of those...
Upscale clubs.
And then a lot of TV shows like CSI Miami and others.
Oh, everybody's getting the chip in Miami, you know, at the cool clubs.
And then reality imitates art and art imitates reality.
Now we have a club in Florida that's doing this.
And we're honored to be joined by Kenneth Percy, the owner of Amica Loft Clubs.
A pleasure to be on your show.
Same here.
Who is Kenneth?
Kenneth is right here.
All right, and the other is Mark.
Just first off, we're about to break and then come back after the news.
We have a lot of stations that join us, but just each of you tell us, first Kenneth and then Mark, tell us in a nutshell who you are and what you're up to.
My name is Kenneth Percy, and I'm one of the owners of the Amica nightclub down in South Beach.
And we're incredibly excited to have this new technology.
It's going to make the VIP issues practically go away.
All right, VIP issues.
Mark, with Metro Risk, how are you involved?
Well, we started originally.
I am the president of Metro Risk Management.
We handle the distribution of the product worldwide.
We started with trials in Baja Beach in Spain.
I noticed you mentioned it earlier.
Everything went well there.
Yeah, we were the first U.S.
outlet to report on that.
The Baja Beach, Spain was more of a trial.
We went full-blown with the Club Amica due to the fact that before we even do anything in the United States, we wanted to try how it would work.
Another place in Spain being a very hot place for nightclubs, we decided to proceed with Baja Beach.
Everything went well, so now we hooked up with...
Well, I want one of these.
How do I get one?
Well, number one, you can either go to Amica Nightclub, they'll put you on the list, and they'll start finding the proper place to have you directed to a local clinic, what we call chipping centers, and you'll be able to get one injected.
I love their little trademarked logo tagline, Get Chipped Today.
What do you mean by that?
Well, no, I mean, that's what Applied Digital has, and they also have the chipmobiles.
Yeah, yeah.
They have the tripmobiles, which we were going to have at the club due to mechanical factors.
We couldn't do it last Friday.
But yes, the tripmobile is a place like...
Your average blood drives where you'd be able to walk into an RV and donate blood, it works on the same principle, yes.
Well, gentlemen, we're about to break, and we'll come back with a 15-minute segment, and that's all I'll keep you.
I know you're very busy.
We'll be back in three minutes, and I just want to talk about why you decided to do this and what Metro Risk is doing.
I also want to talk to Kenneth Percy, one of the owners.
It's Amica is the name of the club?
I think I've heard of that club.
That's one of the hottest clubs in South Beach, isn't it?
Anybody driving down Washington Avenue on Fridays, Saturdays, or even Sundays will see the long lines outside.
That's what we're hoping to take care of.
Absolutely amazing.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, this is a riveting interview, folks.
We're talking to Kenneth Percy, owner of Amica.com.
And it's one of the biggest and hottest ones in South Beach, Miami.
And then, of course, Mark Barsh, who is with Metro Risk.
And let's go first to Kenneth.
Kenneth, why did you decide to be the first club, I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, in the U.S.
to start the shipping centers for your VIPs?
Well, it's an incredibly exciting opportunity to be on the cutting edge of technology.
You have to understand that.
When a VIP comes to your club, he doesn't want to spend the time that others would spend online, getting out his credit card, proving who he is, giving up the financial information every single time he comes in.
With this brand new chip, he's in and out a couple of minutes.
We have all the information that we need, and he's treated like the VIP that he is.
And then I was talking to Mark with Metro Risk.
Mark Barsh.
Mark, exactly what is your position in Metro Risk?
I am the president and founder of Metro Risk.
Tell us about Metro Risk and how you were a distributor for Applied Digital.
Metro Risk is a risk control agency.
I would say post-9-11 agency that specializes in mitigating loss and
And other problems that companies in, say, Latin America may encounter, such as kidnapping of executives, we specialize in the negotiation of the release factor and things of that nature.
The Verichip was a natural... Excuse me?
No, go ahead.
The Verichip was a natural... evolved into the product because of what its secure ramifications are, due to the fact that it can not only be used for security, but as well as finance and...
Yeah, I think so.
Tomorrow we're dealing with government agencies in Latin America to be able to implement it in their security structure.
Now, let me bring this up here, because during the break I had a chance to talk to both of you gentlemen, and I brought the question or the comment, are you aware that the Attorney General said to some of his employees, you know, you need to take this chip to get into secure areas in Mexico, and you said you were aware of that, Mark.
That was in the security area, though, and that you were going to be involved in Latin America, others picking up on this.
Can you tell us about that?
Again, the destruction of the idea that we originally have had in Metro Risk is always find little niches to be able to try out the system.
Much like we did with the Baja Beach nightclub in Spain, our counterparts in Mexico found the Attorney General in Mexico.
But the main goal is to be able to implement it, again, for security areas here in the United States.
And you have the chipmobiles.
What areas of the country are the VeriChip chipmobiles active?
And then how many clinic chipping centers, as you call them?
How many chipping centers and how many chipmobiles?
Well, chipmobiles, keep in mind, the chipmobile right now was an effort from Applied Digital,
To be able to have a mobile shipping center.
As far as my understanding, that is an applied digital asset.
My understanding, I think they only have one.
But I couldn't say that they have throughout the United States.
They reported that they had shipping centers already in different areas of the country.
Yes, we're already negotiating with different hospitals throughout the country.
We have a business model of, my understanding of donating close to about 200 scanners through emergency rooms throughout the country.
We've only had FDA approval for medical purposes, I would say, the last 30 days.
Yeah, the FDA a few months ago approved it.
So we're moving cautiously, taking one step at a time, building this, because for medical applications it's a lot different than, for example, financial or nightclubs.
So we're already talking, we're already implementing the technology throughout the country at actually hospital clinics would be our second approach on it.
Right now the only way we're proceeding is with hospitals.
I couldn't give you the exact number, but I can tell you that
The fastest moving states would be Florida, New York, and California.
I have a cousin who's in Special Forces.
He's an officer, been in 18 years, now 19 years.
And he told me that they were told two years ago that they were all going to be getting chips soon.
And then I've also confirmed from sources that in a covert operation, already a lot of the Special Forces have gotten chips.
Were you aware of that?
I couldn't comment anything about that.
I am not aware of anything like that.
Now, is it you can either confirm or deny or you're not aware of it?
I'm not aware of it.
Now, you say there's different groups who are distributors for this.
You are a main distributor in what facet for Verichip?
Our position with Verichip is we're the largest distributor for the manufacturer of the product.
Everybody else...
Pretty much just following pace to what we do.
And the chip is manufactured, correct, in a factory outside Beijing?
My understanding of that is incorrect.
Oh, really?
Where are they manufactured?
They're actually manufacturing at the approved facilities, and I believe there's a manufacturer, I believe it's Rydon, which is in Spain.
Okay, because in a...
Applied Digital press release a year ago, and we have this on our websites, they said they were building a plant in Beijing.
I'm just curious.
Keep in mind, this was about a year ago, maybe.
My understanding of it today, that information is not correct, but then again, I may not be... Oh, but you had heard that too, though?
Oh, you never heard that.
I've got a question here for...
Kenneth Percy, one of the owners of Amica, one of the hottest clubs there in South Beach, Miami.
Kenneth, how did you find out about this?
How did you decide to do this?
Well, actually, we were approached by Mark, and he said, listen, he's got an agency, and he'd love to put in our club.
And after we spoke to him about it, it's a natural fit.
I mean, it cuts down your transaction time, cuts down on the fraud rate,
It cuts down on the usual rigmarole that's associated with getting into a club that has three to four hundred people waiting to get in on the outside.
Did you know that with CSI Miami a month or so ago, they even had an episode where in Miami there's a nightclub where you get chips?
I was aware of that, actually.
Wow, it's, man, it's like, I don't think I've ever seen this much news coverage on something.
Maybe on Arnold for President or something we've seen this much promotion, but it's just all over the place.
It's a self-promoting product.
Yeah, when is the chipping going to start?
I understand we actually have people in line already today to get chipped.
Oh, the chipping's going on right now?
Well, it's going to be going on tonight.
So, if the media came down there to South Beach, there at the Amica Club and Lounge, they could cover the chipping going on?
Barring any mechanical difficulties with the Chipmobile, as happened last week, absolutely.
Oh, there was a mechanical difficulty with the Chipmobile?
A car breakdown.
I saw some video of it on the news.
It looks brand new and pretty fancy.
Listen, I can't comment on what happened, but I know that we had a mechanical breakdown with the Chipmobile.
Why did you announce the time for people to come get it and there wasn't anybody there to get chips?
We had plenty of people actually waiting to get the technology.
How many lined up?
I'm curious.
That I spoke to, we had over a dozen.
Over a dozen people.
Now, what's the VIP area like, Kenneth?
I mean, what do I get when I get my chip?
It allows you to go upstairs without... Basically, pretty much without waiting in line or without getting picked from a line.
Because it's basically getting a pre-approval to be part of the VIP crowd.
You know, I had the...
So you see a time coming when you'll have to have the chip?
I think it's a fantastic idea.
You don't even have to carry your wallet anymore.
If you have this technology in your arm, if you have this chip in your arm, read right in.
Never worry about losing your credit cards, your wallets, having anything stolen.
What about people who say that, you know, this is Big Brother, or people who say this is the Mark of the Beast?
Don't forget, the information contained or associated with the Verichip is only that that you provide.
But then that number, when the government uses it, is connected to the database.
Well, I mean, any number, a driver's license number, a social security number, a chip number, can be then connected to any level of database.
It's no different than what exists now.
It's just a new form of technology and associated information.
Well, that's... People are pretty excited about it.
Now, going back to Mark, Mark, the head of Metro RISC,
What type of industry growth are you guys looking at here with this?
Let me put it this way.
We're extremely excited.
I couldn't give you a number because the potential for it in different areas is incredible.
Yeah, Alzheimer's patients.
Did you see the Reuters article a couple years ago when they were going to do a contract with the Bureau of Presence in California for parolees?
But for some reason that fell through.
Were you aware of that?
I wasn't aware of that.
But we are aware for the medical industry, the United States is what we would consider our primary target.
Throughout the world, medical, security, finance, the ramifications down the road are just simply... I can't calculate them.
Well, I think Kenneth was saying it.
I mean, you're talking about no more wallets, no more nothing.
I guess everybody will have the chip.
That's correct.
Well, the idea is this.
It is a voluntary device.
It's not meant to be forced upon anybody.
But the uses of the device go, for example, you're walking down the street, you have your credit card, you can leave your house with just your, a female can just leave her house with her lipstick just to look beautiful.
She doesn't have to worry about a credit card.
She doesn't have to worry about keys.
Tell you what, stay there.
Yeah, and everything's going to RFID.
It could just be scanned at the gas pump or at McDonald's, wherever.
Stay there, gentlemen, both of you.
We'll be right back after this quick break with some other key questions for our guests.
We'll tell you about the websites for their organizations as well.
Stay with us.
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Dirty bombs.
Biological attacks.
And threats.
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We're good to go.
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That's 800-453-2202.
All right, my friends.
We're talking to Kenneth Percy, one of the owners of the Amica Loft and, I guess, Clubhouse Lounge, one of the biggest and most popular party spots there in South Beach, Miami.
And, of course, Mark Barsh.
He is the president of Metro Risk.
And gentlemen, there's just too much to talk about here.
If I can keep you about another 15 minutes, that would just be fabulous.
Can we do that?
Can both of you give me your websites?
For the Amica Lost Lounge and Discotheque, it's www.amicamiami.com, A-M-I-K-A.
A-M-I-A-A-Miami.com All right.
And then what about for Metro Risk?
Metro Risk would be www.MetroRisk.com
Okay, gentlemen, I've got a lady coming on right now, and with our phone problems, and I will see how this works.
She's Catherine Albrecht.
She's a Caspian expert there at Harvard right now, on the cards, on the chips, on the RFID, and she's got a couple questions for you on this subject.
Catherine Albrecht, you're on the air, of course.
From NoCards.org with our two guests who've been kind enough to come on with us.
Thanks for joining us, Catherine.
You've got questions for them.
They've got answers.
Go ahead.
Hi, Kenneth.
Hey, Alex.
Hi, Mark.
Quick question, actually, for both of you.
I'm wondering what sort of waiver forms you've been given by the folks at Applied Digital Solutions that have to be signed by people who are about to be chipped, I guess, this evening.
I haven't been given any forms.
Is that Kenneth answering there?
Okay, so now do they come out and do the chipping themselves?
So you're just providing the facilities and then the Applied Digital folks do the chipping?
Actually, I'm basically providing an outlet for people to know about it and to use it in the real setting.
And are they actually sending out a clinician or someone in a white lab coat to do the chipping right there in front of your crowd tonight?
I don't think it would be in front of the crowd.
If anything, it would have to be in the chipmobile.
Okay, because I know in some of the photographs that I've seen from the Baja Beach Clubs, both in Spain and, of course, in the Netherlands, it looks like it's kind of a sort of a big ringside show there with everybody getting chipped in front of the crowd.
Yeah, and then the question, let me direct that to you, Mark.
Are you familiar with any kind of waiver or form that has to be signed before people take the chip?
Each person who's getting chipped has to...
The process of getting chipped is not a complex one, but there's certain steps.
For example, there's a form that needs to be filled out with personal information.
Then when we do a second stage, we validate that information, the basic stuff, such as name, address, social security.
And that's connected to the info number on there so they know who you are.
But, Catherine, you had specific questions about an MRI.
Well, actually, yeah, I had a couple questions.
One, you're linking it up with the information, obviously, so that they can make their payments using the device.
Am I right there?
That's correct.
And then the other piece was just in terms of some of the medical risks associated with taking this device, which according to the FDA, when they approved this device on October 12th, those risks included, for example, an incompatibility with an MRI or a magnetic resonance imaging machine.
At the time, we're considering a non... How would I put it?
It's not meant to be used for somebody at the moment who's going to be getting an MRI.
So it's noncompliant with MRI.
That's correct.
Okay, so I guess these folks who are getting these implants may actually have to wear medic alert bracelets of some sort.
Tell them what the FDA says happens when you have one of these in you and you go under a magnetic resonance machine.
Well, we actually found a letter from the FDA to the folks that apply digital and digital angel about this device, and essentially they had a whole host of health problems.
One of them, people don't realize an MRI machine is a very powerful magnet.
And it also creates a very powerful radio frequency field.
So for both of those reasons, this is incompatible because the Verichip has a ferrous or an iron-based core.
And if you go inside of an MRI machine, there's some speculation that the MRI may actually suck the device right out of the patient, or out of, I guess it would be a patient inside of an MRI machine.
Also, migration of the chip.
They admit that there can be migration of it.
Gentlemen, are people being told about migration of the chip?
There can't be no migration because there is a chemical device, I mean a chemical that's called biobond.
It works with scar tissue, wherever it gets injected into the body.
It's got little kind of barbs on it.
No, it looks like a little glue.
What happens is... Microscopically, I think I saw a blow-up of it.
It's like little, like Kuckelberg.
It has little abrasive areas to hook into the flesh.
That's wrong?
No, no.
Okay, explain it to me.
It's chemical coating.
And it looks a little bit like wax.
On one of the ends of the chip.
It's polypropylene, if I can jump in.
Yeah, it's a polypropylene coating.
That is correct.
We have a picture of it up on our website at spychips.com if you want to take a look.
You can see it does look quite a bit like wax.
That's correct.
And what happens is once injected, it works as scar tissue and it prevents it from moving anywhere in the body.
Tell you what, ten more minutes with you gentlemen and with you, Catherine.
Stay there, please.
This is riveting information for people.
Just want to cover all the facets of this and then we'll discuss it.
With Kenneth, Percy, and Mark Marsh, and of course, Catherine Albrecht, I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and InfoWars.net.
Stay with us.
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I remember eight years ago,
Getting Army documents with a plan to chip the entire population.
And then back in 2000, even having it on their main website, linking to army.mil, and people still couldn't believe it.
And my cousin two years ago told me they'd all been told that within the next few years, and now we've reached that point, they'd be getting chips.
And after 9-11, the wall-to-wall promotion, the family in Florida getting the chips, and...
Now in Mexico, and we're just talking to Mark Barsh with Metro Risk, just one of the companies globally out distributing.
He's talking to all these Latin American countries about going with this.
They've had Brazilian politicians take the chip, even before Mexican ones did it.
There's talk in Italy about this happening.
Meanwhile, we have Arnold Schwarzenegger and all these other governors promoting satellite trackers or transponders in the cars to track us everywhere we go.
There's a proliferation of this, and we talked to Kenneth Percy, one of the owners of Amica Club there in Miami, and he said, yeah, I see a time when you'll need this to get into the club, period.
That's what the other club manager said from Spain.
And so we see where all of this is trending and going.
I mean, if somebody wants to go stick one of these in themselves...
A biometric face scanner thumbprint does the same thing.
That's their business, and I see those as just as dangerous.
But just this pell-mell push by the media, all positive about it, but in major polls, 90-plus percent of people are firmly against it.
Gentlemen, do you have any comments to what I just said?
It's an individual thing.
Somebody wants it.
It's just purely for convenience as far as the nightlife industry is concerned.
Yeah, but if you want to be in the military, you'll have to have it.
Or if you want to work at the Mexican consulate, or if you want to work in the CIA, you'll have to have it.
I mean, we already see the government saying, yeah, you don't have to have a job.
You don't have to have a license, but we need a license for you to have a job.
Well, see, the next step is the chip.
I think that's taking it to the extreme.
To the extreme.
I think having people being implanted with chips to get into nightclubs is extreme.
One would hope.
One would hope.
One would hope it was extreme?
Don't forget, we're in the entertainment industry.
And actually, it's a pure benefit for your VIP clientele who don't feel like carrying around a wallet.
Or their credit cards or any ID for that matter.
So it's like something different.
Yeah, but they go in and the scanner's got to come over and scan them and check it like you're a toaster on the shelf at Walmart.
You know, with an RFID sticker on it.
It would happen at the point of sale anyway.
So rather than giving your credit card to the bartender, you just put out your arm or put out your shoulder and you get a second scan.
Catherine Albrecht...
You know, first the Associated Press reported 100, then 300, then 1,000.
They had gotten it down in Mexico.
You've gotten information that that's not true.
We know Verichip first claimed they had all these hospitals taking their readers.
Turned out that was two years ago that that wasn't the case.
Now they said they got the Mexicans to take them.
But you've got some different numbers.
It's not 300 or 1,000.
What's the number you got?
It's actually 18 members of the Attorney General's staff in Mexico that have been shipped.
That's correct.
But I can pull up 100 stories that said 300 and even higher.
Yeah, and in fact, USA Today, The Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, all of the major media got it wrong.
We issued a press release a few months back and just parroted the number we've been given, which was 160.
Including myself.
And the AP and others said they got that from Applied Digital.
Applied Digital also, a couple years ago, I had their CEO on, I had their chief scientist on four years ago.
They said that they had all these hospitals taking it.
But where are the hospitals with the readers?
They called the hospitals.
One of the Miami papers, didn't they?
They said, we don't have those readers.
They got sued in a class action suit by their investors for that, by the way, Alex.
In fact, they had to settle to the tune of millions of dollars because they were accused of fraudulently misrepresenting their marketing efforts.
Now, I know we've got a distributor and a club owner doing this.
I wouldn't even connect them to that.
You guys are just distributors, or one of you is a consumer, one of you is a distributor.
Were you aware of all that?
Not at all.
We were aware of...
Several of the points that have been mentioned, but keep in mind that that is internally with ADS.
Metro Risk is an independent company, and MECA is an independent company.
No, no, we're making that clear.
I'm just saying, we all saw the news, 150, 300, 1,000 got the chip, and this information is coming from quarters that, again, said all these hospitals had it.
Well, if you ask me, you have to take into consideration several factors.
For example, let's take the comments from the Attorney General in Mexico.
At one point in time, I was immediately impressed that it was 160 also.
Yeah, there were quotes by him.
So why is he doing that?
My understanding is that it was a project meant to chip 160.
Again, this is what my understanding goes.
The amount of people at the time right now is only 18, and she's absolutely correct.
But they were on the news going, you don't get in the building in the secure area unless you have this, with people going, well, I guess I'll do it then.
I mean, that isn't forced chipping.
That wasn't the only exaggeration at the point.
At the point, as a matter of fact, you guys are even forgetting that the gentleman not only said that you need the chip to get into the place, but you could also track them through GPS, which is absolutely not true.
Well, they could with a high-powered reader boosting the satellite at ground-based level.
I don't know about that, but...
In my experience, the technology lends itself not only to save lives and be a great product, but also to be exaggerated.
But the Pentagon's coming out with smart dust that can be read by satellite.
Yes, radioactive equipment.
It's not that they're just coming out with something that's been out, but if you ask me, in reference to the exaggerations out there with numbers, let it be how many hospitals at the time.
I can only tell you the numbers in which Metro Risk has been involved.
I can only tell you the different projects.
Okay, how many people has Metro Risk chipped?
Right now, as a matter of fact, in the United States, we haven't chipped anybody.
That's what I mean.
This is just ongoing.
All these different companies, year after year, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip.
But I look at the numbers, it looks like a lot of people don't want, it's not like people are beating down the doors.
We do have a large amount of people who are interested.
Well, I know you're new in this.
I'm talking about the other people.
Well, I've been at this for about a year and a half.
And the only thing is that in the United States, because of its society and because of the all-potential lawsuits, we have to proceed with certain caution.
Yeah, you just got FDA approval.
Amica being the top nightclub, we have to proceed with certain caution.
For example, we're not going to get anybody chipped in the bathroom or in such a circus way like they did in Baja Beach in Spain, even though it was a project that we undertook.
We have the control of what was happening at the hospital.
The reason why we undertook it with amicus, because it could be done much better and in the proper way.
Okay, Mark, any comments from Kenneth?
Do you want to say anything here, or Catherine?
Well, I agree 100%.
I mean, this is still a, I guess, quasi-medical procedure, and it's still voluntary.
And it's done from the nightlife point of view, purely as an added value to make your experience easier.
Yeah, what it is, is you've got the trendies...
They don't know their head from a hole in the ground.
They saw this on CSI Miami, and so now they're going to feel like ultra-elitists because they got this.
Well, that and you don't have to carry your wallet.
Better clientele than that.
So if you ask me, no, that wouldn't apply to me.
I mean, these folks, I mean, to me, there is no way I'm ever taking a chip.
And that's my opinion, that somebody doesn't know their head from a hole in the ground, and they'll take one of these chips.
Well, how about somebody who has Alzheimer's?
How about somebody who legitimately has a need?
How about somebody with diabetes who's under constant medical attention?
Can I jump in and respond to that?
Yeah, go ahead.
And actually, Kenneth, this is information that these folks may not have shared with you before you agreed to allow your... You just made my point, though, Catherine.
Go ahead and make your point, Catherine.
This is from the FDA letter that was issued on October 12th, the same day that they gave the approval of this device for medical purposes.
It says the potential risk
Yeah, and the groups know where these chips are going, the two implant areas.
What's to stop a kidnapper from grabbing it out and using it?
From gouging it out and using it?
Pretty macabre if you ask me.
Pardon me?
Pretty macabre if you ask me.
Well, that's what kidnappers are.
They are macabre.
Yeah, but that has nothing to do with going to a nightclub in Miami Beach.
Yeah, but as this proliferates, I mean, Mark, you were saying for kidnappings and security issues in Latin America where it's obviously a real threat.
That's the problem with thumb scanners.
That's the problem with the thumb scanner.
Let me stop you.
They just cut somebody's thumb off, they got it.
We've had security experts look at all this biometrics and stuff.
This is actually worse.
I don't agree.
What about people having a reader?
They can just scan you and get your code.
It doesn't work that way.
The code just doesn't do anything unless you have access to the database.
Catherine, you got any comments to this?
Because you were telling me during our break that Applied Digital, I haven't seen this, but I'm sure you have if you're saying it, that Applied Digital is claiming that you can't extract this and use it.
Yeah, you know, it's interesting.
I've done several radio interviews with Applied Digital and television interviews as well, and one of the things that they've said is that, oh, well, don't worry, if it's removed from the person's body, it will no longer function.
Mark, do you have any comments to that?
The chip is, of course, a dog.
It's going to function because, I mean, by removing it from the body, it doesn't necessarily mean that the device is disabled.
How honest of you!
Thank you.
This is the executives at Applied Digital saying that.
Perhaps what they mean is, and then again, my experience with the media is, one, it is always two ways to look at things.
Yes, somebody gets extracted.
The chip gets extracted from somebody's arm.
What happens is it also gets deactivated from the database.
So, yes, by simple... If the person tells them.
No, I mean, by simple... Well, yes.
Say you get it removed without applied digital knowing, then we've got to grant the possibility of something happening for the simple fact that... Well, the kidnappers aren't going to call up and go, Hey, I took the chip out of her arm!
Well, the other thing that's interesting, I got an email from a gentleman in Scandinavia.
Who is an engineer who works for one of their big telephone companies up there, an electrical engineer.
And he said, you know, these folks that apply digital are really snowing you.
He said, I could take a handheld reader device, capture the number off of any VeriChip implant, and within a period of a day, I could have an army of that identical number available to in-chip implant into other people.
Why hasn't he done it?
Well, I guess he doesn't really have an incentive to do it at this point.
Well, it's simple.
It's like I could scan a barcode and then duplicate the barcode.
I've heard so many people say they can do so many things.
But the reality is... Wait a minute.
I mean, the resident's code number can be scanned and read and then duplicated in the tiny transceiver.
These chips are programmable, so why couldn't I do that?
One thing is... Let me just explain something.
You guys are looking at the chip as a problem, but the chip is just one factor.
And a group of... It's part of a security system, per se.
For example, the chip inside a person just merely identifies that person with a number, but it doesn't have any medical or any credit card information on the chip.
But that's what the company's saying they want to develop it into.
Right, but you're saying... The chip, again, is for identification.
If I want to go into Kenneth's nightclub and charge up a bunch of liquor, all I would have to do would be scan one of his chipped patrons, duplicate one of their chips, put it in my own arm, and then I could go in and run up that person's bar tab.
Yeah, you still have to sign, with all due respect, you still have to sign a tab and a bill.
See, this is pointless.
I mean, why can't I just... Hold on.
Why can't I just swipe my debit card, bang my pin in there, it's got my picture on it.
You see, and that's the thing.
All this chipping makes all the other Big Brother stuff look okay.
Face scanning, thumb scanning, ID cards.
Catherine, isn't that what this is really all about?
Why the media and the government keeps pushing it?
I will say that there's a lot of people with a lot of interest in being able to track people all the time, and this would certainly be one way to do it.
We can track you already as it is right now.
Yeah, but just because we can track... That's what I'm saying.
All the other stuff is bad, too.
I'm just not knocking the chip.
I'm sorry, but everybody I know carries around a cell number with a cell phone with them.
They can be tracked that way.
That's right.
It just has to be a proximity device.
In order for it to work.
We've got a problem.
We've got a problem.
We're too tracked.
We're big brother land and it's getting worse.
The main thing I want to get to the bottom of here, since we've got Kenneth on the phone and he's been kind enough to talk to us about this, is really are you concerned that one of your patrons might wind up down the road needing an MRI and being unable to get one because they have this device in their flesh?
It'd be no different than somebody having an artificial hip or an artificial knee.
What if they're in a big car wreck?
What if they're in a big car wreck and then they go in and they're doing an MRI and they don't know that chip's in there?
With all due respect... Well, if it isn't a problem, Kenneth, why'd the FDA say it was a problem?
I can't comment on why the FDA would say anything.
But again, it's no different than having any other kind of medical device implanted in you.
Yeah, but you're not implanting this in people as a medical device.
You're implanting it in them as a way to pay for their drinks.
Actually, without implanting anything, what we are doing is giving people the avenue of using that chip in a different kind of way.
But an artificial hip I might need in order to walk, a chip I could just as easily scan my credit card.
I guess the real question is, are people aware of the risk that they're running, and are people at, say, 21 or 22 really thinking long-term about their need for future medical care, and are they really thinking long-term about whether this is going to be incompatible with an MRI, and then how are they going to get the darn thing out again when they need that MRI down the road?
The same way they put it back in.
It's really not that difficult to get it on.
You mean the needle injector can also be used as an extractor?
It's just for a medical procedure.
Yes, an actual opening.
You're going to have to do an incision and then open the flaps to get into the subcutaneous layer.
Are you familiar with anyone ever having had one of these extracted from their flesh?
Who was that?
Was that Mark?
And could you give us the details on that?
Of how it works?
As a matter of fact, they just explained it right now.
You have to get anesthetic, an incision has to be made, and then it just simply gets pulled out.
Mark, you're saying... Hold on a second.
This is important, and thank you for joining us.
Are you saying you had a chip removed?
No, I never said that.
Okay, well, I'm asking... Okay, she was asking, do you know of someone... Why did they have the chip removed?
Well, because we were migrating from one chip to another.
There are several models of chips that are out there.
Ah, getting an upgrade!
The chip that we're promoting right now is mainly for identification.
It's just a number.
Gentlemen, anything else you'd like to add?
Catherine, any other questions?
I'd like to add one quick thing.
The only thing I've been able to find about having a chip removed, and I'd love to find information about that if that's been published in any journals or anywhere that regular folks can find out about how difficult it is to remove it, but I do have a document here about chipping racehorses.
Of course, we all know that the Avera chip is essentially an animal chip that's being used for human purposes.
It's the same one they put in pets and dogs and racehorses.
And while they were able to inject it into the horses in the field just standing out there, to remove it actually required a team of veterinary surgeons and a full veterinary theater.
And they put the horse under full anesthesia and even then had difficulty locating the chest.
Yeah, I'll work for a large animal vet.
It just doesn't make sense.
You need a large team and you can just simply locate it with the reader, reduce it to a small amount, and just simply make an incision.
Come on, how many doctors do you think you need to do that?
Well, this thing had actually migrated, so... Yeah, listen, listen.
I worked for a high-level vet who did artificial insemination, embryo flushes, implantation, I mean in a laboratory when I was a teenager.
And let me just tell you, the chips back then, this is 15 years ago, the chips back then, they would read them before they put them in, and when they put them in that animal, there was never the idea that they'd be able to get that chip out.
Again, when it was 15 years ago.
Gentlemen, anything else?
It's been a pleasure being on your show.
Gentlemen, c'est la vie.
I hope you wake up and aren't part of this anymore.
Catherine, stay there, please.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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It's acclimation.
It's conditioning.
Going on pell-mell 24-7.
We're going to go back to Catherine Albrecht here in just a minute or two, tell you about her website, more information.
But folks, when I made Road to Tyranny a couple years ago, ooh, I was kooky for saying they were going to try to make you take chips.
And I've got Andy Rooney saying we all need chips.
We just need to be made to take chips.
That's 60 minutes, folks.
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Catherine Albrecht, I just want to keep you five minutes to the next hour if you can do it.
If you can't, I understand.
Give us your websites in a nutshell.
Tell us what you thought of that insane interview.
I'd be happy to stand with you and your listeners, Alex.
Our website, spychips.com, S-B-Y-C-H-I-P-S.com, you'll see the latest Barrett chip information, including our world-exclusive breaking story on the fact that only 18 people in Mexico were chipped instead of the 160 widely reported... Deborah, I saw articles that said 1,100.
Well, I've been seeing 1,100 around the world.
I've seen 1,000 in Mexico.
The real bottom line here is that these companies have a long history of lying to the public, lying to their investors.
If they got sued and lost over lying about the hospitals, why are they doing it again?
Well, and they're blaming their Mexican affiliate, their Mexican distributor.
They're saying they had nothing to do with it.
What I think is interesting, though, is you can go on our website at spychips.com.
You can click up this article, which is featured right on the very front page there.
And if you scroll down to the bottom, you can actually see a link to their website where they continue to carry articles from Business Week and other publications boasting about the $160.
And that's in their press section.
Of course, that information is there to impress investors so that they can get even more money flowing into their coffers.
Last time I checked, though, their stock wasn't doing too well.
Their stock actually took a huge bounce.
It went way up after the FDA announcement and, of course, after they were featured on a number of nationwide television programs.
I remember the last time a few years ago, though, when they did the public chipping of that family at Plunge, but I guess now it's going back up.
Yeah, I believe it went up 60% after the FDA approval.
So what, is it worth $4 now?
You know, I haven't been tracking it that closely, but yeah, somewhere in that range.
A few years ago it was like 80 cents or something.
Well, they did what's called a reverse stock split, where 10 shares of stock turned into a single share of stock in order to keep it from being sort of the pathetic, you know, 35 cents.
Bottom line, they're selling it.
The people aren't buying it.
They're just going to keep selling it.
Well, I think that's it.
And I think they realize that the folks they can get to do it are these nightclub goers.
These idiots, yeah.
They're going to push that for all eternity.
But even there, that's less than 100 folks out.
Catherine, stay there.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, in about seven and a half minutes, we'll be joined by Dr. James Fetzer, assassination science.
He's a professor, doctorate, and we'll be talking about the Kennedy assassination, 9-11.
The murder of Senator Wellstone.
And just a lot more for the last 52 minutes of the broadcast coming up here.
We're talking to Catherine Albrecht.
If you missed it last hour, boy did you miss it, we have Kenneth Percy, owner of Amica Super Beach Club there in South Beach where you get the microchip to get into the club.
And he said he sees a time when you'll have to have the chip, just like others who are pushing this.
And then Mark Barsh, the Metro Risk Group, out peddling this.
And Catherine Albrecht joins us.
She's about, she's got a few minutes left with her, but just recapping the key points here about migration, MRIs, dangers, and then the Mexican government lied.
It wasn't thousands of people.
Well, let me tell you about these medical dangers because I've done quite a bit of research on MRIs.
The MRI machine has such a powerful magnet that people have been killed in the MRI machine when they flip the magnet on.
In one case, an oxygen tank flew across the room into the machine and killed and crushed the person in there.
In another case, a nurse simply opened the door to the MRI room with a pair of scissors in her hand.
It flew out of her hand into the MRI machine and stabbed the person who was in there.
So the magnet is incredibly powerful.
Can't they also just make the chips explode?
Well, I don't know about that.
No, I mean, like if you put one in the microwave, it'll pop.
If you subjected someone to the right frequency of energy, sure, it would actually burn up.
Well, it would.
And, in fact, that's the other risk in the MRI machine is first that the magnet would suck the device out of your body kind of like a reverse bullet, leaving a big gaping wound in you.
The other risk is that it would heat up due to the electromagnetic radiation inside the MRI machine and essentially burn you from the inside out.
It would burn and then it would be contained.
The gases would expand and have a mini explosion.
And in fact, not just that, Alex, but our concern is that really anybody who regularly works around electromagnetic fields.
And that's not just you.
That's the FDA.
That's the FDA.
The same FDA that covers up Vioxx.
I mean, they're for industry, folks.
They're for all this.
They still approved it, so it's probably even worse than what they're saying.
Well, and we've actually filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain all of the testing and documentation from the FDA as to what they know about the Verichip.
And by the way, if your listeners would like to get on our newsletter, we'll be posting that information when we get it.
And our newsletter is free.
You can sign up at spychips.com.
There's a little space in the upper left-hand corner.
You can enter in your email address, and we'll keep you posted.
All right.
Catherine, the media is still not retracting.
I've seen articles this week.
Days after you brought this out, that it wasn't thousands or 300 or 168, they're still reporting all these different numbers, and as you said, Verichip still promotes this on their website, despite the fact, how did you confirm it was only 18 of the Attorney General's office in Mexico that did this?
Well, Alex, in order to understand that, I come at this research working on a doctorate at Harvard University.
So I'm a researcher and I've been trained to always follow up the facts.
So I called down to Mexico.
I'm fluent in Spanish.
And I spoke directly to the Attorney General's office there.
And they sent me a transcript of an interview that one of their executives had done in which he states on three different occasions that it was just 18 people.
So I called back and I said, this doesn't sound like what I'm hearing.
And they confirmed that absolutely it was only 18 people in that office.
Now, what I suspect may have happened
Is that it was originally 160 people who were slated to get the chip, and my guess is that they had a minor, you know, mutiny there.
Or that some people simply said, you know, I'm really not interested in getting a chip in my flesh.
That's pure conjecture.
I have no reason to think that other than I know if my boss came to me and said, take a chip, I'd probably say, no, I think I'd rather pass on that.
So they got 18 people chipped.
Maybe those were the only 18 who were willing to be chipped.
But bottom line, this is a pattern of, oh, dozens of hospitals have taken our readers.
No one has.
Oh, everyone's getting the chip.
Oh, it's only a few.
Yeah, they've been involved in numerous scandalous legal entanglements over the years with Applied Digital Company, and they've really had problems.
And, in fact, the day after the announcement was made, the FDA announcement, or within a day or so of that announcement of the approval, some of the principals in Applied Digital Angel actually sold their stock in the company.
All right.
Catherine Albert, SpyChips.com.
Thanks for joining us.
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I'm Alex Jones.
Often imitated, never duplicated, because I just tell it like it is.
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I spend my life studying the New World Order.
Honored again to be your host.
We've got an incredible individual.
Dr. James H. Fetzner, of course, a professor, very highly accredited and very well researched, one of the premier experts on the Kennedy assassination.
Only got him for about 50 minutes today, and I guess it's kind of fortuitous in a weird way that this happens maybe once or twice a year.
Our phone system's down today, so we can't take calls, so we'll be able to just have him, and we could have him on for three hours easily, but I just want to go over quickly the debunkers on the Kennedy assassination.
And then go over some of his 9-11 information that meshes with mine, and of course the murder of Senator Paul Wellstone that the doctor has covered extensively.
He's up in Minnesota.
But before we do that, this is such a big deal, I've got to spend a minute or two on it and focus on it.
It's on PrisonPlanet.com.
Only you can make this a big story.
If you go get it, email it out to everybody and say, hey, post this on your site.
A caller called yesterday, I've confirmed with NBC and with others that saw it, this is indeed Tom Brokaw, when he signed off two nights ago, interviewing minutes before he signed off for his last night anchoring the NBC Nightly News, that anybody who breaks any rules, who leaves the area around their house, and who doesn't take an ID card with a retina scan or a thumb scan will be killed.
This is total siege.
This is what the Nazis did in the Warsaw Ghettos.
This will not win the war, by the way.
And this is what the Marines have been trying to do here.
I have video of it as they did drills in Oakland, California in 99, in Police State 2000, where the role players said, I'm an American.
San Francisco.
Where do you live?
Why do you have weapons?
They're giving them biometric ID cards.
They practice breaking up the men, women, and children in the different areas of the camp.
Fallujah itself is being turned into a giant concentration camp.
So we'll play this little two-minute clip and then go to Dr. Fetzer, who I know will have a comment on this.
Go ahead and roll this clip from the end of the show yesterday.
Steve in Ohio, you're one of our last callers on the air, with Mr. Moore.
Go ahead.
Yeah, how you doing, Alex?
Real quick comment.
I happened to tape the last broadcast of Tom Brokaw last night.
And they were covering the Iraq War, and guess what?
They are going to biometrically scan the people of Fallujah with eye scans.
And they also made it clear that they were going to shoot to kill anybody that doesn't conform to the law.
I mean, and they didn't say insurgent.
They made it clear it was when they let the citizens back into the city to reclaim whatever's left.
Wait a minute, you're joking.
Dan Rather's, I mean, not Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw's last show, they said, we're going to retin a scan.
I know that they should.
I got the audio clip already queued up and it's ready to go.
Do you want to hear it?
I got to hear it.
Here it is, folks.
Many others are badly damaged.
So far, the plan is for most of the city's 250,000 residents to return in stages.
At first, only a few thousand will be let in.
They'll be fingerprinted, given a retina scan, and then an ID card, which will only allow them to travel around their homes or to nearby aid centers, which are now being built.
The Marines will be authorized to use deadly force against those breaking the rules.
Richard, what's the latest on the election?
Hear that?
Now let me stop you.
That is the most... That's what they've trained for here in America.
I have video of them doing the mock retina scans, the cards, all that, Police State 2000.
That's what... I'm begging you.
Will you mail that to me immediately?
Yes, I will.
I'll give you the video, the whole thing of it.
But I was shocked when I saw it.
They made it clear that they're going to retina-scan the people.
I cannot believe these poor people are like third-world people.
They're already putting them under this tyranny.
Hey, listen, they're tearing out all their agriculture, everything.
It's dehumanization.
Folks, that is the Antichrist beast system.
And then you've got your card, and if you walk to the wrong place, we're going to go ahead and shoot you.
Mr. Moore, I mean, comments, final comments.
Well, it doesn't surprise me, and this is a heads up for what we're looking forward to in this country in the not-too-distant future.
All right.
Now, again, they've already issued ID cards all over the country.
In key areas where you work, you've got to wear an RFID bracelet.
But this is the plan here.
They're not just getting their ID cards.
We're getting our national ID card.
That's about to pass Congress.
We defeated it two weeks ago.
They've got a special Congress, special session coming up.
Dr. Spetzer, again, you're an expert on all of this from your writings and research and from your website where you teach up there at the University of Minnesota.
What you just heard, give us your take on that.
Well, it's grief-striking, Alex.
It's absolutely... I mean, it's outdoing the Nazis.
I mean, this is far beyond even what the Nazis practiced until you start loading them into cattle cars and shipping them off to crematoria.
And we can win a battle.
We can level the city.
It's exactly like Vietnam, where we had to destroy the village in order to save it.
We're having to destroy the village.
I mean, Fallujah was one of the most holy cities in all of Iraq, and it's now nothing but a pile of rock and rubble.
This is absolutely disgusting.
The idea that we're going to win the hearts and minds of the people by destroying their mosques and their holy sites is so incredibly short-sighted.
Not to say stupid and crass and corrupt and illegal and immoral.
There are about one and a half billion Muslims who are going to take offense at everything we're doing here.
We are creating a hundred Osamas for everyone we might kill.
But that's the P2OG Pentagon plan, is to enrage them.
They want to have a war.
Well, it's insane.
It's insane, Alex.
It's like these are, you know, second comers who believe that there's going to be a great war between the religions and then Christ is going to return and consign everyone to hell who isn't a born-again Christian.
For which there's some reason to believe George Bush actually believes this.
Well, again, I'm a Christian, and I know that the neocons who aren't Christians, who are skull and boners, are manipulating good Christians out there and trying to make this some type of messianic fight.
I've heard them say every day that Bush is like a prophet, a divine leader.
And the guy, when he's not praying in a mosque, he's in a Shinto shrine.
I mean, it's totally fake.
It's completely bizarre, Alex.
I mean, you look at the Old Testament.
I mean, this was a doctrine of love and acceptance and compassion.
I mean, you look at what Christ preached about, for example, giving all your money to the poor, that it's harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.
None of this is exemplified by this administration.
Well, I mean, it's not a theater to con people, but just focusing on this specifically, I mean, that is total war...
I mean, people say level it, kill them all, kill them all.
Even alternative press admits it's about 10,000 fighters that were in the city out of 250,000.
Yeah, the very use of the term insurgent, rebel, and all that is a bit of a crock considering we've invaded this country's... Yeah, but think about this, though.
10,000 people...
Love them or hate them are doing the fighting, and then these people on talk radio say, kill everyone.
Well, I want them to go look at the photos of toddlers with both their arms and legs blown off.
Alex, I know, it's completely disgusting.
I want the sickos that are into this to go look at it.
This is the most corrupt action of the United States, with the possible exception of bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where there may have been a legitimate political reason.
There's no legitimate political reason for doing this.
And now they want to go into other countries, but they're saying it's the same story.
They can hit us in 45 minutes with nukes.
They've got the nukes.
We've got to go.
It's the same exact script they used two years ago.
Well, we're in the grip of a fascist regime, Alex, and the sooner the American people awaken to it, the better.
I mean, traditional Republicans have stood for balanced budgets, constitutional government, non-interventionist foreign policy, keeping the government out of our personal lives.
This administration is violating every one of those principles.
Well, forget international law.
Alberto Olive Torture Gonzalez, who wrote the torture memos up, said Bush is above federal law.
It's shocking, I know.
And he's going to elevate this man to be Attorney General?
I mean, Ashcroft was bad enough.
This guy may be even worse.
Yeah, and that's even what the liberals are saying, like Village Voice.
Now, we're about to go to break, but I want to go over this.
They've got these horrible debunkers who are literally all over TV.
It's not working, though.
90-plus percent in polls know the government killed Kennedy.
But they're all over TV attacking everybody.
They won't let another voice up there to debate them.
Using computer programs to show how one guy shot Kennedy and all this?
In a nutshell, you know, debunk the debunkers.
Well, it's all based on the false assumptions that were the premises of the Warren Report, the House Select Committee Reinvestigation, and Gerald Posner's case, quote, namely, the magic bullet theory that a single bullet entered the base of the back of Jack's neck, tranced at his neck without hitting any bony structures, exited his throat, and went into the back of John Connolly doing all this damage.
It's easy to prove, Alex, that this claim, which is the fulcrum of all of these government defenses, is not only false, it's provably false, and in fact it's not even anatomically possible because cervical vertebrae intervene.
We have the man's shirt and the jacket.
The penetration was five and a half inches down below the collar.
It was a shallow shot, only went in about as far as the second knuckle on your little finger.
We have the autopsy drawing, we have autopsy reports, we have sketches that come from the... That car, that car admittedly was like Swiss cheese with bullet holes in it, and then they...
What'd they do with that car?
Nobody was allowed to see that car.
It went right back to the factory.
25th of November, the day of the formal state funeral, the car was ripped down to bare metal and completely rebuilt, including removing and replacing the windshield, which had a through-and-through bullet hole in it.
This was the shot that hit Jack in the throat.
We have established Jack was hit four different times in the throat from in front, in the back, that five and a half inches down from behind, and then Alex, after the driver brought the limousine to a halt, the man was hit twice in the head, once from behind...
He fell forward, Jackie eased him back up, and she was looking right in the face when he was hitting the right temple.
Well, even on the edited Subruder film, you know, you see him lunge forward, grab his neck, and then the big shot hits him in the front, and the back of the head opens up like a mushroom.
Well, that mushroom actually is intended to be to the right front to give the impression of an effect of a shot from behind, but a special effects expert from Hollywood told Noel Twyman, the author of Bloody Treason, that it appeared to have been painted in.
There are complimentary x-rays that show all the bone and muscle skull missing from that part, the right front of the head, but the autopsy photographs don't show it.
Jackie said he looked, from in front, he looked perfectly fine.
That when she was helping him to Parkland, he looked fine from the front, but she couldn't keep his skull together in the back.
We'll be right back.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, we're talking to Dr. James H. Fetzer.
Doctor, I mean look, for those that don't know, the official story is impossible.
I guess for the 8% that don't know.
Yeah, that's absolutely right.
That's absolutely right, Alex.
We've gone back and reconstructed and found the government has altered all the most basic evidence in this case, including the autopsy x-rays, they patched it, you can see how messy, blew out to the back of the head, added a 6.5mm metallic slice to implicate this obscure World War II weapon, which couldn't even have inflicted the damage that took out his brain.
It wasn't high velocity.
It wasn't even high velocity.
I do think such a weapon was one of those used.
We have six shooters, eight, nine, or ten shots fired altogether.
I think the
The shot that hit him in the back of the head, a shot that missed and hit the chrome strip, and a shot that missed and injured a distant bystander may have been fired using a Mannlicher Carcano from the second floor of the Dow Tax Building.
Yeah, we got bystanders getting hit, and then magically three bullets for doing all this.
Yeah, in fact, actually it's interesting that at the crime scene they only found two spent shell casings and then one unspent.
So you have these evidence photographs that show only two.
So they didn't have enough rounds from there.
This whole thing was done kind of scissors and paces.
They went along changing the evidence and altering it.
They substituted another brain during the second supplemental brain examination because when they patched up that hole in the back of the head there was nowhere for all that brains to go.
And of course altering the film was a centerpiece in order to take out
For example, the driver bringing the limousine to a halt.
A fellow named Homer McMahon from the National Photographic Interpretation Center, which processes satellite images in Washington, D.C., was brought a copy of a film that night and told to study it and prepare a briefing board for an unnamed government official to show how many impacts there were on occupants of the limo.
He discovered that there were six to eight impacts from at least three different directions.
That's consistent with our findings, Alex, because we have four in Jack and as many as three in Big John Connolly, which is seven in between six and eight.
But that was so stunningly different than what we see today in the extant film that it indicates how far they went from the original.
Well, bottom line, a lot of Americans out there know it's a fraud because half of Americans are proficient with firearms on average, and everybody's shot a deer, or a lot of people have, or people shot into a sandbank.
You can shoot a bullet into water.
And it gets more... I mean, I've done this into a deep 20-foot pool.
I've sat there and shot rifles into it and swam down and picked them up, you know, when I was a kid just for fun.
You shoot a .30-06 or similar around even high velocity into there.
Low velocity doesn't even... I mean, still deforms.
He goes into there and there's massive deformity.
Only cotton wad, and that'll still give you some.
There was almost no deformity on that bullet that magically fell out on the stretcher.
Especially, I mean, if a bullet...
Hit two people, went through seats, bounced around, multiple bones.
I mean, if a bullet hits one bone, folks, it goes into pieces.
Yeah, it shatters.
Gross deformity.
I published a photograph of the magic bullet alongside a test bullet fired into wads of cotton by the House Select Committee and the Warren Commission.
Well, again, when you're gutting a deer... You're indistinguishable, Alex.
When you're gutting a mule deer or an elk, those are the type of deer where it actually usually stays in them.
A whitetail blasts right through them at 500 yards and still goes right through them.
It'll go front to end through them.
But you shoot like an elk or something.
When you're gutting that, man, you go to find the bullet, it'll be in five pieces.
If it hit any bone.
There's a massive disinformation campaign trying to move our understanding of the case way back to before we made all these discoveries, which started already in 1993.
Which includes that Gerald Ford, who was, of course, a member of the commission, had that description of the wound changed, Alex, in the report, the semifinal version of the report.
It described that wound in the back as the uppermost back, which, as you can see, is already an exaggeration.
He had it re-described to the base of the back of the neck to accommodate Arlen Specter's fantasy of a single bullet going through the neck and doing all this damage.
So Gerald Ford was complicit in this thing right from scratch.
He was known as J. Edgar's boy on the commission because he was keeping Hoover, the director of the FBI, appraised of exactly where the commission was going in its inquiries.
Plus, we had confirmation of two different brain examinations that came out of depositions that were taken by the Assassination Records Review Board, this five-member civilian board created by an act of Congress after the release of Oliver Stone's film JFK.
It was opposed by George Bush, then president, the former director of the CIA.
Who refused to appoint the members after it passed against his adamant opposition.
And when, after Bill Clinton finally did appoint the members, they started releasing what would turn out to be 60,000 documents and records from the CIA, the FBI, the Secret Service, and all that.
Get this, Alex.
When the Secret Service was telegraphed that they wanted presidential protection records because the motorcade had been so strange, and we have more than 15 indications of Secret Service complicity in setting the man up, they destroyed their records.
Yeah, and I want to go over that.
I mean, that's a whole other area of evidence.
They never did this at any other event in history, just one of these things, but over and over again on that day.
These computerized reconstructions, there was one last year on ABC that was recycled this year on the History Channel, exemplify the fundamental principle in computer science, G-I-G-O, garbage in, garbage out.
They're based on faulty assumptions and non-existent data.
Yeah, they show you a cartoon.
Folks, one thing makes it fall apart.
Bullets get damaged when you fire them into water, much less skull.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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All right.
We're talking to Dr. James Fetzer, professor up in Minnesota.
Dr. Fetzer continuing.
Let's talk about what the Secret Service did that day.
I mean, I watched the old films, the news camera footage of Conley.
That guy was totally upset in that vehicle, looking around, paranoid the entire time.
I mean, that's just obvious right there.
That was a cop looking at footage of who's looking paranoid, who's acting suspicious.
That's just one small area, but let's go into the motorcade route.
You're absolutely right, Alex.
There was a big argument between JFK and LBJ that morning because Lyndon wanted to put Connolly right with him and Ralph Yarbrough, his political enemy, right with Jack.
Jack overruled him on the grounds that the president, that the chief executive of the state should ride with the chief executive of the United States.
But I don't think there was time to let the assassins know that the person in the seat in front of Jack was not going to be Ralph Barber.
And I've got the stills, I've got the photographs, the video, the film.
That guy was freaked out.
Oh, you're absolutely right.
But the things they didn't do include they didn't weld down the manhole covers, they didn't cover the open windows, they let the crowd spill out eight or ten deep into the
We're good to go.
The presidential limousine should have been in the middle.
It should have been surrounded with a flatbed truck ahead of it for the cameramen to be covering this political event.
They put it way out front, and they put the mayor and the vice president behind.
And guess where they put the president's position?
In the very last vehicle along with most of the press so they couldn't cover what actually happened when the shooting began to take place.
They moved the military aide that normally would be sitting in between the driver and the Secret Service agent in charge.
From his seat there in the front to the very last limousine, too.
And that bullet that went through the windshield, hit Jack in the throat, would have hit his military aide if he hadn't been moved.
When they got to Parkland Hospital, they got a bucket and sponge and started washing blood and brains out of the limousine.
Secret Service agent in charge picked up the x-rays, exposed and developed, and the autopsy photographs exposed but undeveloped.
And the next time we see them, they've been altered, re-shot, re-changed.
And of course, as I already mentioned, they took the limousine back to Ford Motor Company, had it completely rebuilt.
That was a crime scene on wheels, Alex.
It belonged in the Smithsonian.
Instead, it was all dismantled.
That had to be on the highest orders of the federal government.
And they did the same thing in Oklahoma City and the same thing at the World Trade Center.
Guard the wreckage, tear it down, haul it off, wake up with the... That's right.
World Trade Center, too, right?
Get all those steel beams out of there as quickly as you can so you won't see the evidence of a controlled demolition.
But let's go into a whole other area of research.
We know the official story is a complete fraud.
But then let's look at Kennedy says, I'm abolishing the Federal Reserve, signs the executive order.
I'm pulling 150,000 troops out of Vietnam starting now.
Within a month, we're totally out of there.
LBJ signs executive orders reversing all that, turning the ship back with the troops.
But I've interviewed Barr McClellan, the White House press secretary's father, who was LBJ's lawyer.
He said they all bragged about how they killed him.
I have interviewed, but she died a few years ago, his admitted mistress, Madeline Duncan-Brown.
I interviewed her eight years ago, and again a few years ago before she died.
She was there at the meeting where they bragged about killing him, and then I confirmed that with other people that are there.
I mean, we've got, this is not debatable.
Well, I think that's correct.
Madeline is a key source.
What she has to say about Lyndon's involvement has been confirmed by Billy Saul Estes, among others.
Bob McClellan has a little small slice of it.
Now, his reconstruction of the assassination is completely inadequate.
He basically has two shooters, where one of them now is Mack Wallace up in the sixth floor of the Book Depository, alongside Lee Oswald.
Yeah, I mean, definitely, he's not a forensics expert in doing what you're doing, but he's there with LBJ's people.
They're bragging about how they killed him.
So, I mean, that is powerful info.
Well, it's all quite disgusting.
I mean, for example, at a rendezvous six weeks after the assassination, Madeline confronted Lyndon at the Driscoll Hotel in Austin, Texas on New Year's Eve.
With rumors rampant in Dallas at the time that he'd been involved since no one stood to gain more personally, he got angry with her and told her the CIA and the oil boys had decided that Jack had to be taken out.
Billy Saul Estes has said how Jack was in deep trouble.
He gave an interview to a French investigative reporter named William Raymond who published it in a French magazine whose title translates Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, that Lyndon was in such deep trouble there was going to be a vote that afternoon, Friday afternoon, the 22nd of November.
On the Bobby Baker scandal was going to tarnish him so badly almost certainly Jack wouldn't be able to run with him again.
Richard Nixon, who was in town and was at this meeting the night before at the home of Clint Merkison that appears to be a ratification meeting where Madeline was present.
But I mean, here's the deal.
I'm interviewing his admitted mistress who had his own natural-born son.
I'm interviewing his admitted lawyer for a decade.
I mean, it's not... Again, folks, you can't beat these sources.
I think they were using this, you know, you had Gerald Ford and Jack Mulaney and Lady Bird, you know, making a big to-do about the third of the three new episodes in Nigel Turner's famous series, The Men Who Killed Kennedy.
And they made such a big, big to-do about it, such a great racket, that the History Channel not only pulled off that, but I think the whole new three segments.
And then put on three historians, none of whom were qualified to discuss the assassination.
It was really shocking.
Well, that's the tactic.
Bring it out and slap it down.
These were pseudo-experts.
Even Robert Dalek, who has written a book about Jack Alden, Unfinished Life, knows nothing about the assassination.
The other two were laughable.
One was a guy named Stanley Cutler, who was a constitutional historian.
He knows nothing at all about the assassination.
The other guy was named Thomas Sugru from the University of Pennsylvania.
He deals with affirmative action and social issues.
I sent these last two guys 20 questions to discern their expertise for doing this, to which they did not respond, Alex.
I asked them if they'd read the book.
I asked them if they'd watched the series.
I even asked them if they'd watched the very segment they were critiquing.
And I gave them a half a dozen books and whether they knew about Madeline, whether they were qualified to review an article in this area, much less a book.
None of them silenced, absolute silence, because they were so embarrassed they knew that their bluff had been called.
That is just amazing.
And there's other evidence.
It just goes on and on.
And Jack, a few weeks before at a major university, said an evil group has taken over.
They're destroying America.
I'm going to try to stop them.
Alex, I think this was the beginning of creating an alternative reality.
It's the big lie that's been going on and on.
The Gulf of Tonkin was a minor incident compared to what's going on now.
I mean, naval officers said our ship wasn't attacked, and then last year the Presidential Library, again here in Austin, releases the tape with them saying it never happened.
58,000 Americans died because of it.
Absolutely right.
And, you know, I think that getting away with assassinating the President of the United States in broad daylight
And then faking all the evidence to mislead the American people has emboldened the military-industrial complex and its representatives right up to today, where they're pulling all kinds of stunts to mislead and deceive the American people.
Think about, Alex, the claim they have that we had an election in Afghanistan to prop up this guy Karzai.
They claim they have 10 million registered voters.
Well, that's more than there were people who could vote in Afghanistan.
To get all those people registered would have been a huge process.
It never happened, Alex.
There's only 25 million...
In the whole country.
It didn't happen, Alex.
The whole thing is a phony.
Just like our past election here, where it was manipulated using electronic voting machines.
Let me stop you.
Let me stop you.
Let's talk about it.
I'll give folks the proof.
Half of that 25 million are women.
No one has registered to run...
Alex, these people, when they line up to vote, are going to be slaughtered.
I mean, this is just awful.
No one is even running!
A few people said they were going to announce, and the car bombings are a machine gun.
It's a complete fraud.
You're absolutely right.
No one's running, and then they say there's an election coming?
I couldn't agree more.
It's a fraud.
But, I mean, do I have to explain to people?
I know our listeners know all this, but the general public, well, we brought them freedom.
Well, most of the Iraqi parties agree that you can't have the election now because there's no stability.
I mean, you know, the violence, the level of violence is increasing.
I've interviewed and heard reporters interviewed who are there right now, and they say that no one is running because everybody knows it's a fraud and they'll be killed.
That's right.
I mean, the minute you run against Alawi, you're dead.
This is Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld running the world, you know, according to their own agenda, regardless of what's in the interest of the Iraqi people.
This is total exploitation.
It has absolutely nothing to do with reality.
Well, I mean, even if some idiot out there is for this war, folks, understand, no one is running.
It's not real.
Can you at least admit the election isn't real?
It's just, and exactly, I wasn't for John Forbes Carey.
He threw the election.
He took a dive, but he really did win.
I just report the facts.
He won Ohio.
He won New Mexico.
But he took a dive, folks, because he was staged from the beginning.
All right, again, we just lost him.
We've been having phone system problems today.
And check everything else after you check that.
Satellites and everything.
This happens a few times a year.
Sure, it'll be fixed as soon as my show ends.
Murphy's Law.
But, I mean, it's very, very frustrating.
They killed your president in plain view.
One of my friends made the point that the Kennedy family, the globalists killed the Kennedy males and then took their women.
You've got down this Republican puppet.
He's not even a conservative.
Oh, I know he's conservative.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, the pro-abortion, Mr. Gun Ban, Mr. Open Border, Mr. Cloning, you know, going and taking the women.
I mean, it's... Do we have Dr. Fesser back?
Yeah, I'm sorry, Alex.
We got cut off.
No, that's, I think, on our end.
We've been having one of these Blue Moon problems.
You know, Alex, you're so right about proof.
I mean, if people want proof, for example, that all these government reports about JFK are just based upon nonsense, fabrication, falsehood,
They can go to my website, assassinationscience.com, where I have a JFK introductory seminar that lays out all the evidence that shows that the magic bullet theory is indefensible, that explains how all the autopsy materials have been faked and changed and altered, and shows how the Zabruder film has been manufactured.
Well, I want to spend some time on 9-11 and some time on Wellstone that you also cover.
Give folks that website again.
And tell folks about the books and videos.
Well, there are three books on the assassination that involve contributions from the best qualified individuals to ever study the case.
The first is Assassination Science.
The second, Murder in Dealey Plaza.
The third, The Great Zapruder Film Hoax.
Now, they can find introductions and descriptions of all three of those books on AssassinationScience.com.
I've also, in collaboration with Don Four Arrows Jacobs, a distinguished...
A professor from Northern Arizona University written a book about the death of Senator Paul Wellstone entitled American Assassination.
You can also get an introduction to that book on the website and discover all the evidence we're turning up that the same kinds of techniques that were used to conceal what happened to JFK are being used to conceal what happened to Paul Wellstone.
And we'll go over that here in a second.
Before we go any further with this,
On the 40th anniversary, I got online and I averaged 12 national and several local polls together.
Because I'd see a poll, a major poll, 82%, another poll, 94%.
I averaged 12 polls together.
And scientific, unscientific, but even the scientific ones were all over 80%.
I came up with 92% of the American people, and I used polls to ask the question, do you believe the U.S.
government was involved? 92%.
Yeah, that's right, Alex, except when they control the mass media, you know, and the government, that doesn't give the rest of us much of a shot at it.
I mean...
Talk radio is one of the few bastions on the Internet, one of the few bastions where freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry still prevail.
And that's pockets.
Pockets of talk radio.
You're absolutely right.
Dwindling pools like in the Sahara.
And they want to dry them up, too.
You know, you can bet that this Gonzalez, if he gets in there, that's one of the first moves he'll make.
Try to dry up every opportunity there is for Americans to discover the absolute truth.
Janet came out and said we've got to regulate speech on the net.
That's outrageous.
And the head of CIPCOM said it last week.
That's bad.
Bad sign.
They're going to have this national ID program.
We're going to scan all our retinas here, too.
All that was being said about Fallujah is going to be true here, too.
That's what they're going to try to pull, Alex.
You know, it's a Twilight Zone episode.
So what are they going to do when all of us know the truth, but then we all still feel like we're alone and we're the minority because we don't have any mediums to communicate with each other?
Oh, it's a terrible situation, you know.
I mean, knowing the truth doesn't make you happy, unfortunately.
The realities are getting more and more grim, and the theft of this last election is just stunning.
In fact, when Wellstone was taken out...
That was part and parcel of gaining control, Republican control.
Yeah, give us the thumbnail, cursory, boil-down, the synopsis, the cheat sheet on Wellstone.
Just give it to us in a shotgun.
Well, the plane coming in for a conventional landing appears to have been hit by a new electromagnetic pulse weapon that takes out all the electronics, overwhelms the electrical circuit.
That's been patented for 30 years, a microwave gun.
That's right.
That's right.
It can completely disable the pilots, render them unconscious, incapable of voluntary muscle control, or even dead.
The plane went on essentially more or less powerless until it crashed.
It burned for some five hours.
The smoke was bluish-white, indicative of an electrical fire, not a fuel fire.
In fact, most of the fuel was in the wings, which were broken off as the plane crashed.
The NTSB claimed that they had simply, the two pilots, one of whom had the highest possible qualification as an air transport pilot,
Simply neglected the airspeed and altitude and allowed the plane to crash.
This is completely absurd, Alex.
The plane even had a high-loud stall warning device on it.
When the NTSB tried to simulate the crash, they got pilots from the same charter down in Florida.
They used a simulator with a weaker engine.
They probably wouldn't have admitted that, but they had a weaker engine.
They piloted, you know, programmed the same flight path and weather conditions.
By the way... By the way, the weather wasn't as bad as they said.
Absolutely not.
And the witnesses didn't see what the media tried to say.
Why kill Wellstone?
Oh, man, there were so many motives for that.
He was being outspoken in opposition to the war in Iraq.
He could have inspired Democrats across the country.
Patriot Act.
Yeah, absolutely.
They didn't want him running for president.
That's right.
They did not want him running for president.
Absolutely true, Alex.
He was the conscience of the Senate.
They wanted to regain control.
I agree with a lot of his policies, but he definitely was a loose cannon for them.
Absolutely right.
A great threat to their vaunted invincibility as a political machine.
Taking him out and stealing the election in Georgia using voting machines where the press reported an astonishing 16-point swing when the voters went into the polls.
There aren't any astonishing 16-point swings, Alex.
This was a myth.
Well, it's like Hagel.
It's like Hagel owning his own voting machines and then the polls show he's going to lose by 15% and he wins.
I know.
He got 80% in black districts that had never voted for a Republican before.
Well, now, you know.
That's the lies.
The big lies.
What do you think about last week with a plane, Learjet, coming to pick up Lord Bush Sr.
crashing coming in.
You think that was really the fog?
Well, that's
Pretty weird.
You know, Lyndon pulled a stunt like that.
He had a small private plane that was vastly insured and he ordered two pilots to bring it in in terrible weather and the plane crashed and he collected all the insurance.
I don't know what was going on here with Bush Sr.
It's kind of weird.
It is weird.
I mean, of all the planes that crashed, it's his Learjet.
But, you know, when I was going to, I and my co-author, who's a Native American and goes by Four Arrows, went to the National Press Club on the 25th of October to explain our findings about Wellstone's death and to call for a formal investigation.
Stay there.
Let's hear about it on the other side.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones talking to Dr. Fetzer.
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All right, we're in the zone.
Got about four and a half minutes left here.
About to go back to Dr. Fetzer here in a moment.
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Tell folks, finish your story that we hit before the break.
Well, the fact of the matter is that the Wellstone case appears to have been a refinement of what happened to Mel Carnahan two years earlier.
Carnahan's plane went down about three weeks before the election, and his wife survived him.
In the case of Wellstone, that was reduced to ten days, and of course his wife was on board.
The people of Missouri, of course, preferred to vote for a dead man to sending John Ashcroft back to the Senate.
And in this case, it was done in such a way that Sheila, who was also a political activist, couldn't stand in for him.
The government seems to have a foolproof way to get rid of its political opponents through plane crashes, Alex, for two very good reasons.
One is, a plane crash can't be investigated as a crime scene unless the Attorney General declares it to be the scene of a crime.
And number two, you're not going to believe this, NTSB reports aren't even admissible as evidence in courts of law.
Well, in this case, the FBI showed up almost immediately on the scene.
Our county sheriff, Rick Wahlberg, was there at 1.30, saw agents he knew from the Rapid Response Force in St.
Paul who told him they'd been there since noon.
Well, the crash site wasn't even found until 1 o'clock.
The fire chief was up there at 11.15 trying to figure out how to get in there.
They didn't tell the FBI this crash had taken place.
I did a calculation, Alex, and in order for the FBI to be up there at the scene of the crash by noon, they had to have left St.
Paul at 9.30, the same time the senator's plane took off.
They declared almost immediately that there were no signs of terrorist involvement.
Not only one of these cannons can be shot out of the back of a small truck.
Yeah, oh yeah, that's right, or a van.
The plane was burned to a crisp.
They claimed there were no signs of terrorist involvement, but terrorist involvement, one very narrow range of political spectrum.
It could have been anti-abortion activists, could have been the Delta team, and you'd have to know how the plane was taken out.
It could have been a small bomb, a gas canister, or one of these EMP weapons.
There was no way they could have known that at this point in time.
The NTSB head, Carol Carmody, used to work for the CIA.
The next day announced there had been no signs of terrorist activity, which he simply accepted from the FBI, even though it's the NTSB responsibility.
All right.
And get this, Alex.
There actually was a tie to Zacharias Moussaoui and the co-pilot.
I'm going to have to get you back up again, Dr. Fetzer.
Have a good weekend, and keep up the good work.
Thanks so much.
You bet.
Take care, folks.
I really appreciate all of you, the affiliates, the sponsors, the listeners, the folks running the broadcast, and Yahweh, Jesus Christ, for all the blessings in our life.
Stand up against evil.
Things always go better that way, instead of groveling to it.
That ensures total enslavement.
See you back tonight, 9 to midnight, back on Monday.