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Air Date: Nov. 24, 2004
2355 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
I tell you, it feels like Friday, doesn't it?
But it's not Friday.
It's Wednesday.
And it's going to be Turkey Day tomorrow.
And we've got a lot to be thankful for.
We've got our families and our health, many of us, and
So many good things that are still left and in place concerning America.
But all of that, all of it, is being swept away as we speak.
You know, I came out on Monday and did the radical thing.
I called Ron Paul's office and I said, did that forced psychological screening pass?
Forced psychological testing of all children and adults?
Guidelines written by the drug companies.
And I got a few calls on and off air kind of denying that that even happened.
Because they hadn't seen it in the mainstream news.
And we wrote an article about it on Monday.
Well, now it's in the Associated Press, Newsmax, World Net Daily, Reuters.
Today it came out in a whole bunch of papers.
I mean, one guy, I was guest hosting another show, one guy called up and was just viciously mad.
He didn't want to go on air, and he said, How dare you give out this info?
That didn't pass.
The 9-11 bill didn't pass.
And I just said, The 9-11 bill is a separate piece of legislation.
That's Patriot Act II.
That's the expansion of homeland security.
That's all of it.
That's the National ID card.
They're going to have a special session for that.
Yes, by the grace of God, that was narrowly defeated just for now, because they couldn't all agree and people said no.
There's different pieces of legislation at the close of Congress.
And yes, the new Freedom Initiative did indeed pass.
It did happen.
Right out of the Soviet Union.
Whether you're home school, private school, public school, openly the drug companies wrote the guidelines to go from 15% of kids on drugs to 50%.
50% will be on Prozac and Luvox and Ritalin and other deadly drugs.
And some of their own executives quit and left, some of the state officials quit and left, went public, released the documents six months ago, and said, here's the plan.
The drug companies have written the guidelines, and I morally can't be part of this.
And now it's all public.
American Medical Association says it's wonderful, we're all mentally ill.
The British Medical Association says it's horrible that it's right out of Soviet Russia.
But a bunch of articles about it.
And the schools are to be turned, even more so, into prison laboratories.
Training your child how to be a ward of the state, how to be a mental patient, how to be a prisoner, how to be a criminal, or how to be a creature of ignorance who's not been taught how to read, write, and calculate.
And so I'm not trying to be negative.
I'm just giving you the news again.
Yes, it's really true, folks.
It really passed.
I know a lot of you don't want to believe that, and I don't want to believe it either.
But it did pass.
I mean, Ron Paul has never lied to me yet, and he told me this.
Jeff Dice, his chief of staff, told me this on Monday.
We had him on last Friday, and he said there was a good chance New Freedom would pass, and it did.
He had legislation trying to stop it.
And I'll tell you right now, I think you can call, 10 million of you can call Washington, it might help, but they're probably going to pass the National ID Card Patriot Act, too, in December.
They got the machine guns, they got the black mask, and they're willing to use them.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, my friends.
We're going to have wide open phones today, and we're scheduled to have...
G. Edward Griffin, the author of the best-selling book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, that really gives you the accurate history in novel form of what happened and how the Federal Reserve that rules over us was set up.
They'll also get into all the important news on this Wednesday edition.
Good old Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, folks.
And what are you thankful for?
Are you thankful there's plenty of cheeseburgers?
Is that what freedom is for you?
Freedom living in a big house?
Or is freedom being free to not be a slave?
To not be face-scanned and thumb-scanned and be fondled by airport screeners and now they're going to have checkpoints on the road doing it.
Is freedom the power to not have your children taken from you twice a year to be forcibly psychologically tested like they did in the Soviet Union?
Is freedom not having them put cancer viruses in your vaccines?
Is freedom having your government control your border?
We can talk about what Thanksgiving means to you as well today.
Here's a headline.
National identity database to be created.
Another one.
We'll be going over Russian troops reported in Ukraine capital.
Kind of a breakdown happening there.
Security services lay down terror plot.
Remember how over the weekend they saved London from hijack attacks.
And then always a week or two, a month later, usually a month later, oh, actually, they were government informants, and it was never a threat, and it was a drill, and the media picked up on it as if it was going to be a terror attack.
Russian troops reported in Ukraine capital.
Again, that's coming up, as well as security services play down terror plot.
In London, turns out it isn't what they said it was.
And the headline in the register is, Suicide Pigs!
You get it when pigs fly?
Suicide Pigs Fly to Support Blunkett's War on Terror.
Just magically when they're announcing national ID cards and everything else over there, this happens.
Actual details of the new Freedom Initiative passing, of course, from InfoWars.com.
Now picked up by World Net Daily.
Of course, in
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You think it's bad now.
You're all basically training replacements right now, so how can it get seven times worse, seven times greater?
I'm not trying to give you bad news.
I mean, don't worry.
You can go get a job as a cop or a prison guard, or maybe as somebody filling pill bottles at an Eli Lilly plant for pills the public takes.
You can probably get a job with Homeland Security.
Most of the colleges are shifting over.
To large portions of their professors and their curriculum and their funding and their accredited, tenured professors.
It's all shifting into Homeland Security.
Just a new economy, folks.
It's going to be great.
It's going to be wondrous.
Dr. Deagle, who we had on a few weeks ago, who's got more MDs and
Letters behind his name than a phone book has really dropped major bombshells on us on this broadcast.
We put the transcript up.
I wish somebody would make a... We put the audio up.
I wish somebody would make a transcript of it.
If I sound out of it, folks, I worked too hard yesterday.
I did like 11 interviews.
I was grilled by Popular Mechanics.
Writer for an hour.
It was like an interrogation.
Then I was up until 4 in the morning on KOA in Denver, and I shouldn't have done that.
I got about three hours sleep, and I guess just on top of working that hard yesterday, my brain is gone.
As soon as this broadcast is over, I'm going and hitting the sack.
But going back to Dr. Deagle, Dr. Deagle, you called in today.
Good to have you calling in.
What's going on?
Well, Alex, I appreciate being able to talk.
This is pretty serious.
We're kind of...
In a real firestorm of things happening so quickly, it's hard to imagine.
I know, I've been trying to counter it and there's no way.
It's like I've been... It's like I've literally been on the front lines now just for so many years and now the bombardments are massive.
Yeah, I just got a news article this morning from my Association of American Physicians out of Tucson and there's... Yeah, we got them coming on the broadcast.
And what's unbelievable...
Oh I see it in the local Austin paper once a week.
But meanwhile, if it's some psychotic woman, they just have this hog demon up in North Texas cut her baby girl's arms off and then call in.
I was at the voices of a demon.
I listened to the 911 call.
And why they put that out, I have no idea.
Because they want to terrorize us.
She's going, I cut her arms off.
They need to get a jury in there and give her the death penalty immediately and flush that woman down a garbage disposal.
Because I'm telling you something, but guess what?
She went into psychiatric help for depression and she was on the drugs.
And I'm telling you, every woman that drowns her kids, every person that shoots a bunch of people, in every case I've seen, they're on these things, doctor.
I took care of the first young gentleman shot in Columbine.
Mark Taylor.
And Mark was, and I can mention his name because it's public knowledge, it's not private, he was the very first kid shot in Columbine by Dylan Klebold.
And those two kids, Klebold and Harris, were both on Prozac, and it was a private settlement against Prozac because they were on these drugs when they committed those multiple murders.
Dr. Deagle, I haven't found a case where people aren't on them.
And again, for those who don't know, you go on them and you get more violent, you have more problems,
Because if you're already unstable, these things put you into a mesmerized, waking, sleeping state.
Yeah, you're actually in a dream state.
And the American Association of Pediatrics actually came out last month and said these drugs have no proven efficacy under the age of 21 and, in fact, increase suicide risk.
And since the bill comes out immediately afterward, they're going to shove these kids on drugs for Ritalin, which is chemically, as you say, absolutely no different from methamphetamine...
And crack.
What do we want to have?
Crack kids?
And it burns out neurons and we've got proof.
I've got friends at Sloan Kettering Research in New York in the neurology that have actually done research and have shown this causes
Well, this is the craziness, though, is that they're going to stick a machine gun in our mouths.
I mean, that's what they do.
They send guys in black uniforms and ski masks, and you say, no, you're not going to take my five-year-old and test him and claim they need to go on these drugs.
And then you hide out in your house, and the SWAT team surrounds you.
Armored vehicles pull up.
I mean, folks, this is hell on earth.
I mean, I don't have words to describe it.
I've read it all where it's Swiss cheeses the brain and retards growth.
And look.
They have no growth hormone.
These kids are many percentiles reduced in their height.
They've got changes in brain structure.
You can actually do, if they die of a traumatic accident, you can do an autopsy and electron microscopy of their brain.
You can see even their synapses change within eight hours after going on these drugs.
Serotonin reuptake inhibitor drugs, or Ritalin.
Their receptors change in eight hours, and the change is still there one to two years later.
God help us.
And again, folks, 15% of the children are now...
On these drugs, and when one of the state board officials said, I'm not going to be part of this in Pennsylvania six months ago, they released the internal documents.
This whole thing was written by seven drug companies.
The guidelines are written by drug companies, and they brag, we are going to go from 15% to 50%.
We're going to force the children on it.
So half of you out there with kids, if they have their goal, you will be forced at machine gun point to pour poison into your children.
What they're doing now is they're saying your children are no longer your property.
They're the chattel of the state.
Let me say it again.
You will be forced at machine gun point.
This is America.
At machine gun point to literally put an acid into your child's brain, and doctor, correct me if I'm wrong, that literally scrambles it.
Yes, it does.
And it does it actually within less than 24 hours.
You can see these changes.
There are...
I'm a functional medicine doc, biochemist, and what we actually can do is measure in your urine your neurotransmitters if they're down, and they're down because of the toxic pollution in their environment, their mercury in the vaccines, they're down because of too much sugar and refined foods, and if they drop, they're very simple to repair.
Your body just converts amino acids to neurotransmitters.
It's so simple, it's ridiculous.
You can verify with urine tests.
For them to give powerful drugs that fry these children's brains and
If they stop the drug, they become totally screwed up.
Then they become either more violent, they can't sleep, their mood's all over the place, they start to become psychotic.
It's very, very crazy what's going on.
And I have to speak out, and our association is lockstep 100% against this.
Unfortunately, the AMA is not.
Well, I'll tell you what, Dr. Deagle, sit here just a few more minutes with us.
On the other side, we'll get everybody else's calls and a bunch of other news.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
You can listen to our interview with Dr. Deagle, two hours long, in the audio section of PrisonPlanet.tv.
We'll be right back.
I mean, we're not joking, and I'll tell you how they're going to incrementally put in this new freedom initiative.
It's not going to happen overnight.
We'll be back.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up later, we have the head spokesperson, Catherine Sirks, from American Physicians and Surgeons coming on in the third hour.
In the second hour, we have...
Well, somebody who's really done a great job exposing the private, fraudulent nature of the Federal Reserve, G. Edward Griffin.
There's so much other news.
You know, folks, picture a science fiction movie where they go around forcing half the children to take drugs.
Oh, that'd be Brave New World.
Or a picture of the Nazis would have done that.
Oh, those Nazis, they took the kids away if you didn't put them on drugs that destroyed their mental capacity.
And see, stuff's gotten so crazy that CBS nationally, and we've aired this, they even aired it locally, said that mercury's actually good for your child's brain and mental performance.
I mean, you know, it's like saying, it's actually good to shoot yourself in the head with a .45 caliber handgun five or six times.
Of course, we're not saying that's good.
Please understand that's sarcasm.
But they're really saying mercury's good for you.
And this, look, they admit in the major studies, and Dr. William Deagle, MD and every other D you can imagine, on the line with me can correct me, but the major statistics I've seen, if you've been on the Ritalin or the Prozac or any of these type drugs that are classed as psychotropics or hallucinogenics or amphetamines, you're four times more likely to then become addicted to illegal drugs.
It's like saying, you know, if you take
Methamphetamine for four years.
When you're a kid, you'll probably take it later in life.
You'll probably be a total addict.
So they're creating markets, too.
By forcing children, even for a year or two, half of them, already 50% are on it, then as they grow up, they're going to be on all these other drugs.
And they don't care if it causes all the suicide and the murders and all this horrible stuff.
They'll just keep telling you how great it is.
Dr. Deagle, any comments?
Yeah, it's basically creating the clockwork orange.
They're scrambling their brains and then creating a criminal system and expanding the prisons like crazy.
I was about to say that.
The same people that own Big Pharma, own the private prisons, own the military, and yes, folks, they're the ones that ship in the illegal narcotics.
So they get the whole system coming and going.
Yeah, as a civilian doctor working with the military, I had Christian of Special Ops and Delta tell me in very specific details...
That the drug shipments coming into America were coming in through U.S.
naval ships and aircraft coming back from places like Afghanistan.
But then they'll kick down your door looking for a marijuana cigarette.
Right, or they'll go and harass a pain doctor who's taking care of someone who's terminal.
That's ridiculous.
That's right.
Why are you giving this person with bone cancer who's got a week to live a bunch of morphine?
That's the kind of insanity that's going on.
And I can tell you that even though the American Association of Pediatrics has now come out saying just a few months ago
That these drugs have no efficacy.
And there's not one study that these drugs are of any use whatsoever.
Actually, the studies show it's causing mass suicide.
And now...
Literally, a month later, they come out with a bill trying to force these drugs on children with the association, these are doctors, my colleagues have said, these drugs don't work.
Well, this shows what an important agenda it is, Doctor, you know, with Vioxx causing heart problems and a whole class of drugs that use the same molecular structure.
Now, what, five other drugs they meant?
You see, notice, that'll go off the market, but not with these, with, what, 20 years of studies showing what they do?
You can show their quantitative EEG of their brain.
You can show a PET scan that looks at the metabolism of their brain.
You can do a psychometric testing.
But they have a class of quacks, and I'm not saying they're all quacks, but the drug ones are, of psychologists and psychiatrists who aren't real doctors, who don't look at any real data like a real doctor does, like what's in the urine, what's in the chemicals, what's in the brain, a CAT scan.
And they'll say, we don't care what you say.
We're on the drugs ourselves.
Of course, they have the highest rate of any group of people for suicide are these psychologists and psychiatrists.
Well, the problem is... They're just as nuts as... I'm sorry, go ahead.
The problem is that they need to use real science.
As you're looking at brain metabolism and fault-tracking these people, what you see is they develop more behavioral problems.
They get more brain damage.
You get motor disorders, like we're seeing Parkinson's disease earlier and earlier, and Alzheimer's because these drugs burn their brain out.
They burn the same nuclei in the periaqueductal grayout.
They burn the same tissues in the brain.
You can actually see the changes occurring.
So we know that these disorders, it goes through a process called apoptosis, where the brain cells actually go through programmed cell death,
Caused by these drugs.
It's no different than a crack addict or methamphetamine.
Well, everybody knows that speed kills, and somebody takes speed for five years, they're fried.
I had one of my son's friends flew up to visit us, and he stayed with us for a week, and his parents, his father was a policeman, he said, please, you know, get my kid off these drugs.
Their school was saying if he doesn't take these drugs, he can't come back to school.
I simply gave him some nutritional things, and he was normalized within 24 hours.
He didn't need those drugs.
And it's a very sneaky plan, Doctor.
The average child drinks two Cokes and eats three candy bars.
They know that's going to cause problems, and they put them on drugs after they bounce off the walls.
Stay there, Dr. Deagle.
Let's come back and take some calls.
I'm glad you called in today.
Stay with us, folks.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to Dr. William Deagle.
Honored to have him with us.
Perfect timing because we have the Association of Physicians and Surgeons coming on in the third hour to talk about the New Freedom Initiative.
I mean, imagine, again, imagine a dystopic novel like Brave New World where it's the new freedom, you won't go on drugs forcibly.
And we're about to go to your call.
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Or go to a hospital or go to a nursing home and see these poor people, these 85-year-old men and women whose yuppie, demonic children have stuck them in a nursing home and don't come and visit them because they're scum and filth and probably have their kids on Ritalin and Prozac.
Okay, I don't want to keep ranting and raving and getting off on that.
Dr. Deagle, you made a lot of great points during the break when I was talking to you about how this is systematic all in the Western world, how we're the central tent pole, and how this is like 1913 with the stuff passing now here in the holiday season.
Tell us about it.
Well, it just seems like it's a parallel to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, which is the first major act that moved us toward a global control of America.
And a republic is based on the principle that everybody is of infinite value, whether you're old, or you have Down syndrome, or you're not super intelligent, or you have a physical or other disability, and that the, quote, majority can't take away your right.
And with this passage of this bill that went through the Senate, trying to force children because they behave differently with drugs, this is really the last straw.
We don't stand up to all of these changes occurring.
There won't be any need for a Constitution because we'll have no rights.
You won't even be able to raise issues such as looking, researching, I was reading on your website, researching the news is what will be considered a crime.
Speaking out and telling things that you know are wrong or violations of the civil rights of not only yourself but everybody else will be criminal.
And America, as I mentioned in the break,
is like the center tent post of the tent of the world.
And if that tent post is broken, the whole world will suffer.
Well, these new freedom initiatives are going in Australia, New Zealand, England, Germany, France, America, Canada, under slightly different names.
And look, I got, we've had the guests on, we got the actual documents, the internal ones.
And of course, the TMAP started a decade ago right here in Austin, Texas, where they started the testing for this.
But it was written by, as I said, six or seven big drug companies, Eli Lilly at the head of it, and they brag in their internal documents now public.
Now, forget those.
I mean, publicly they admit they're going to forcibly drug everybody, and then it's going to start with adults and pregnant women.
That's even in the law.
But in there they say it's about market share.
It's about the internal documents just came out in England two weeks ago that it's about marketing, it's about money, it's about marketing to people that even they admit, quote, don't need it.
And so, in the guidelines I was reading, Dr. William Deagle, I'm sure you've probably seen these, it says, you know, it's as wide as possible.
It's like these ads for depression.
Do you sometimes get upset?
Do you sometimes feel melancholy?
Are you sometimes unhappy?
Well, then come to us and get drugged, you know.
You know, instead of going out and having a jog or getting involved or, you know, getting out of the house and stop watching the television.
Yeah, if you have someone else and actually have some proper spirit of the season...
Maybe you won't be focused on yourself, and you won't be depressed because of your own situation.
You'll help someone else.
Well, that's the point, is you've got to just get up and do it.
I mean, everybody gets down sometimes.
That's the nature of being a human being.
But, I mean, in these guidelines, Doctor, it says they're going to ask the children, and they're going to ask, imagine, 12-year-olds, but it starts with 5-year-olds, folks, everybody, by law.
They ask them, Doctor, in the guidelines, I'm sure...
They ask him, do you sometimes get upset?
Are you having confused feelings?
Do you sometimes get angry and argue with your parents?
Now, what 12-year-old isn't having those feelings?
Yeah, that's the nature of becoming a preteen.
And what I see this is no different than the Hitler Youth Program where they co-opt the youth by putting them on drugs and putting them at odds with their parents who don't want them on drugs and eventually dissecting them away so now they're the property of the state and of course
Where I see everything going is in 20 years if we don't stop this, or even less, maybe 10 years, people won't be able to even reproduce.
It'll be a state-run thing in factory.
And people say, no, that wouldn't happen.
I said, that's the direction they're talking about.
That's the official plan.
That's the official plan.
The official plan is to wet wire the population, control human reproduction, have it in laboratories, get rid of anybody who has any genetic defect by genetic screening.
Laws are already going in in England.
Well, I do gene polymorphism things to help people that have sickness or toxic problems.
That's the good side.
The bad side is they want to grow genetic copies of you in laboratories like the movie Coma so they can transplant organs so you can live extended lives with body parts from your clone.
Well, I'm sure you saw the Washington Post with the chimeras.
Where they go, oh, by the way, in Argentina we've got half chimpanzee, half human creatures, but they don't have any rights and you can't see them.
And then, oh, we've got pigs with human organs and human bloods in Minnesota.
Oh, we've got, it's just, oh, we're growing human embryos in mice.
But do you know how long they've been doing this though?
Well, according to my sources, 20 years.
My reports that I have is that it's roughly 1984, but there were experiments before then.
But 1984, roughly, is when they were capable of doing it.
They're doing research between here and Russia, and there were cooperative projects going on for decades during the so-called Cold War.
And again, you were involved, and again, folks, this is mainstream news.
You can type Dr. Deagle's name in.
You were involved in Homeland Security, horrible meetings with the FBI directors.
You've been in some classified projects we can't get into here, but I think you described it a few weeks ago as a, what did you call these cyborg labs?
You called them... The specific one that I actually walked through was Dr. Wallace Tortolat's lab at the VA Hospital in Santa Monica, California.
And they had, this is 1978, so imagine how many years ago that is, and they had a stereotactic CT scanner that could insert palladium and platinum electrodes and microchips into the brains and wet wire them at that time.
Imagine how much more advanced it is now.
They had a device there for testing test pilots, so they had a squid machine, which is cool liquid nitrogen, measure brain wave patterns so they could send an analysis to a supercomputer, a Cray-4 computer,
And then go back and send out the signal to actually display what he was thinking on the screen, so he'd do it by verification by eye blinks, by looking at a specific target on the screen.
But you described this stuff going on in Colorado that you can't talk about.
I believe you called it, you know, nightmares beyond your belief, or what was that particular comment?
Yeah, well, there's all kinds of weird genetic experiments going on that people just, they can't even imagine, like you're talking about the chimeras.
Those have been happening for decades, and it's not really difficult to do.
You take the blastula, you separate the cells at a certain stage, you mix the cells together, and many of them will fuse.
You have a fused cell that actually has human and non-human DNA.
It's really, really child's play to do this.
And there's no telling what type of super virus or bacteria could rise from this at any time.
Right, and you could start a pandemic from it.
Just from doing that, because you transfer a virus...
The virus changes its outside capsids so it can now lock onto a human cell of other humans.
And before you know it, this chimera could actually transfer a virus that's only in pigs that could kill millions of people.
And I was reading that they're doing clone and chimera cross-species splicing in level 2 labs.
They're not even having protections.
Is that accurate?
Yeah, it is.
So, I mean, are the globalists that are running things, do they have a psychotic death wish for humanity or something?
Well, actually, I spoke in 1997 in March.
I was asked by Human Life International to speak in Zurich, Switzerland, about fetal tissue transplantation and genetic engineering.
And so I spoke for two hours, and after I sat down, they told me, they gave me six inches of documents showing that the WHO is behind many different plague laboratories making these plague viruses.
They have an intention...
To reduce the world population.
Well, they had that Nobel Laureate just came out from Africa and said it.
Yeah, it's like the truth.
These viruses, like the AIDS virus, was a genetically engineered retrovirus, and the Americans and Russians were doing research in Uganda at Class I facilities that were just basically an open hut in the jungle.
That's what they were doing back in the 60s.
Let's take some calls.
Alex in North Carolina, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
I'm sorry, my speakerphone isn't good.
Hi, Mr. Jones.
Hi, it's really interesting that you're talking about chimeras and gene splicing, because just yesterday on NPR, they had a little piece on the bird virus, or the avian flu.
Yeah, it's going to kill all of us and it's all over, but the world government will save you.
Well, not only that, but it's been in the media over and over again, and I don't know why, I don't know whether it's to make us afraid so we'll all get flu shots, or if it's just to go out there and gauge the response, but this...
This NPR show was actually about how the CDC is experimenting with the virus and trying to manipulate it and... Yeah, they've admitted that the WHO and the CDC have weaponized it to, quote, study it.
Isn't that nice, Dr. Deagle?
Yeah, to be honest with you, they're not on the good side of this.
I can tell you that from the inside.
They are not on the good side.
You'll get the impression that they come out with public policies, but I haven't seen one thing that the government spent
That empowers the public, the emergency medical technicians and ambulances, the hospital emergency departments, or the public health system, other than so-called a database that really doesn't properly notify if there really is an epidemic starting.
Yeah, that database really just spies on what prescriptions you're on.
What else, Alex?
Well, the other thing is that since the New Freedom Initiative has passed, people might enjoy over the holiday season renting...
A film that came out in 1971, I think, by George Lucas.
It's called THX 1138.
It's essentially the New Freedom Initiative taken to its conclusion.
It's a society of people who live underground.
They're all shaved heads.
They walk around.
Yeah, they're about to re-release that.
Yeah, a little bit edited, but mostly intact.
Wait a minute, you're saying already the re-digitally mastered, where they used all the new computer animation to make it more fancy, has come out?
Right, right.
He's done that with all his films.
I guess that's not too surprising.
But basically, the general premise is still there.
These people live in a society where it's illegal to not take the drugs.
It's illegal to reproduce naturally.
That plan has been in the works for many decades.
It's funny, I don't know if it's... Did you know before Huxley died, two months before he died, he gave a speech at Berkeley, and he said, look, I've been in the labs, the wires work in people's brains, this is the actual plan.
My brother, his brother was head of UNESCO, he said, this is all the plan.
That's why I've written about this, and that's why I wrote his second book about it.
He said, this is what's going to happen by 2000.
He was just a few years behind.
Thanks for the call, Alex.
You're welcome.
Go ahead, Dr. Deagle.
They put in experiments on putting chips into employees at places like Hughes Aerospace down in Needles, California and elsewhere.
Even employees that are welders and so on, they go into the local hospital for the facility.
They come out and all of a sudden they're having problems and then they get an x-ray of their head or a CT scan and they find they have a chip in them.
Let's talk to Cliff in Texas.
Cliff, you're on the air.
Yes, Cliff.
Oh, how are you doing?
I thought we could cut off.
Yeah, from experience, I used to be on Welbutrin.
I don't know if the doctor knows.
I'm very familiar with it.
Very familiar with it.
Excuse me?
And I went through a lot of psychological testing during my divorce.
You know, I checked myself in the rehab center because I was on some bad stuff.
And, you know, they spent four days testing me and come up inconclusive that anything was wrong with me.
So they said, well, you might be bipolar.
Take this.
When I was on that stuff, it was like I was stripped of my most primal emotions.
You become a non-person.
And then when I stopped taking it, it was horrendous.
Your body is now accommodated.
It's changed the actual physical structure of your neuron.
And then what happens is...
A lady quits taking it for a day, has a chemical imbalance, and chops her toddler up.
Just happened yesterday.
Demonic filth takeover, scum massing upon us.
We'll be right back.
Stay there, Cliff.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals and operations of the New World Order.
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The New World Order.
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We're good to go.
I think?
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're here
Talking to Dr. Deagle, coming up is G. Edward Griffin.
I want to get through Cliff, Jim, and Tim.
Those have been holding the longest.
But when we're dealing with this, when we're talking about this, they know what these drugs are doing.
They know the effects they're having.
And they could care less.
And it's very, very sad to see this happening.
And you talk to people who are just fine.
People have car wrecks now, and their back hurts, and they push Prozac and these type of drugs on them.
Prozac, the company that makes it, sent out, what, a few years ago, hundreds of thousands of just free samples to people's mailboxes.
I mean, that's incredible.
Cliff in Texas, finish up what you were saying.
Yeah, I've known people that were on Prozac and Ritalin, and the ones on Ritalin were just drooling imbeciles, and the ones on Prozac
We're hair triggers.
I mean, they have no sense of logic, or they'll just fly off the handle, and there is no talking to them.
My ex-wife was one of them.
Yeah, the Rage Control Center is misfiring.
So there's no normal inhibition of behaviors that are unacceptable.
The other side, of course, of this equation is they're now trying to introduce bills, which luckily...
Thanks for the call, Cliff.
We got other people, Cliff.
I appreciate your call.
Jim in Ohio.
Jim, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon.
Thank you.
Hey, just a quick one for you.
A friend of ours has her daughter in a Catholic school, and they took the school pictures, and the daughter brings home an ID card.
So the mom goes ballistic because she's up to speed on what's going on in the world and calls the school, and the school knows nothing about it, and they give her the photography company their number.
Well, she calls them and is trying to explain what happened.
And the company misinterprets what she's saying.
And what the company told her was, and this is a company that's been around since 1939.
They're huge.
That they keep the digital photos, all of them, on file, she said.
And that they keep them just in case the police need them in case your child's abducted.
Yeah, and the Masons are big on this, and it's about getting it all into the system.
Those are, what was it, eight years ago, they caught the feds buying state driver's license photos for their face-scanning database.
So it's basically your child's mugshot.
And the other thing, just another quick point here.
We were coming through the TV shows that CSI Miami was on, and we noticed that the people who got arrested never had an attorney with them.
And then they ended up confessing when they were presented with the evidence.
So we started clicking around to different shows over different nights.
Yeah, everywhere.
They've been doing this for decades.
They show you always confessing, only having a judge, never having a jury, arresting people for having marijuana, charging them as terrorists.
Dr. Deagle, comments?
Yeah, what's happening is they're trying to criminalize regular drugs and totally control the medical profession because, remember...
The implantable chip, which is what their eventual intention is, it's not an ID card.
Because if everything's in your ID card, your entire identity can be stolen.
Their intention is to put the chip in you.
And so, that's a medical procedure.
So they have to control the medical profession completely, or they won't be able to force us to the final step.
And by the way, that's the official government plan.
Anything else, Jim?
Yeah, just a quick one.
If we start our own newsletter here in our own county and put it in mailboxes and on windshields, we'll put the InfoWars information on it.
Good job.
Keep it up, Jim.
Thank you.
Take care.
You bet.
We'll talk to Tim in Ohio on the other side quickly in the early part of the next hour.
We'll let Dr. Deagle go then in about four or five minutes, and we'll have G. Edward Griffin on to get him to do who runs all this.
You know what they're doing, but who owns this?
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We're now into hour number two.
G. Edward Griffin is coming up here in just a minute or two.
In fact, do we have our guest?
All right, he's coming up in just a moment or so.
You know, we talked about the new Freedom Initiative in the last hour, which did pass, and finally it's in a bunch of different newspapers and publications.
The forced psychological testing of all children.
Whether you're public school or private school or home school.
And that's going to start, of course, where they'll go arrest some poor black woman who refused.
And they'll say, oh, look, she was abusing her child.
And it'll be, oh, it's those people.
She had a mentally ill child and refused to get them help.
And they'll use all those examples, the media will promote it, and it's going to span out into the whole population.
And part of your school curriculum will be twice a year from age 5 until you graduate will be forced psychological testing with guidelines written by the big drug companies.
So that's the freedom.
That's the system.
Now the Homeland Security National ID Card Patriot Act 2 bill did not pass.
But they say they're going to have an emergency session sometime in December
They always pull this with the Federal Reserve, the Income Tax, the War Powers Act, the National Security Act.
It's always passed in December during emergency sessions.
And three senators can get in there and have a quorum call and pass it if they want to.
Just like they can pull any other scam they want.
So, got to stay vigilant on that.
Well, let's go ahead and talk to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon.
Alex, I wanted to ask a quick question, if I could, about how the MEPA legislation, the Model States Emergency Health Powers Act, fits into all of this.
And I do believe that within that legislation, it was written that if you refuse a mandatory vaccination, you can actually be jailed.
And could this be used as a vehicle to get microchips in these vaccinations when we're not paying attention?
You know, I think they're going to sell the chipping just as a fad.
As something to get discounts and something for security.
I mean, they're already, you know, they tell the Mexican judicial workers, take the chip or you're fired, and over a thousand say, pile Hitler and do it.
So that's one way they're doing it.
But no, the model states held the Emergency Powers Act.
Most of the states refused to pass it, so they just passed it in page 71 of the Homeland Security Package a couple years ago.
And in there, yes, mass roundups, mass arrests, forced inoculations.
There's other stuff they've already put in these vaccines.
So it's setting the precedent, and now Homeland Security is running these ads.
Where you talk to your child and, what do I do if the terrorists attack mommy?
Where do I go?
What do I do?
And then, of course, the ad seems reasonable about, yeah, I'll have a plan, but then the government then goes, we've got a plan.
If there's an attack, we take your children to a secure location.
We're not going to let you have them.
Well, that's been out for two years now.
So, again, they create a problem.
They tell you, we've got to have a plan if there's an attack.
Run these ads, raise the question, and then, oh, we've got the answer.
We're going to take your children from you during a disaster.
And that was the official plan.
And the new Freedom Commission or whatever, who's going to pay for these exams?
And where's the money going to come from to actually push this through?
Congress just funded it.
I mean...
What do you mean?
They just pay to send psychiatrists and psychologists into the school twice a year and then beg pharma, you pay for your own destruction, they get to then get instead of 15%, 50% is their target goal, kids on drugs.
So it would be our tax dollars to put us in our own prison.
Isn't it always?
Good to hear from you, Tim.
I appreciate your call.
All right, we'll come back, cover more news, take more of your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
Let's see them try to implement, though.
They'll target the poor and disenfranchised first.
I mean, it says everybody, but they'll use examples of the media.
Oh, see, this kid was crazy and they wouldn't help him.
No, it's your child, too.
Half of your children will be forced on it.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, coming up in the next hour, we have the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.
The new Freedom Initiative passed.
The forced psychological testing of every child in the country, homeschooled, private schooled, they will come, and if you don't go along with it, they will arrest you.
And Ron Paul couldn't even get parental consent.
Now, again, if you're a convicted axe murderer who escapes from prison, they can't make you answer questions under the Fifth Amendment.
And this is totally criminal, totally unconstitutional, but they're going to try to push it.
So we're going to get into this nightmare and more news in the third hour, and of course your calls.
But for the next 54 minutes, or 53 minutes, I am honored to have G. Edward Griffin, who has probably educated more people out there on the Federal Reserve than anybody else.
Maybe Eustace Mullins, the great granddaddy of it all, maybe has reached maybe a few more people in his 60 years of fighting.
But G. Edward Griffin wrote The Creature from Jekyll Island about the big bankers meeting and
Who they are and how the Federal Reserve works and what we're facing.
But basically the Federal Reserve creates money out of nothing.
It's private.
And then they buy up the gold and they buy up the industries and they buy up the world with it and they put us into debt paying back interest on something that's a fraud to begin with.
We're good to go.
So joining us for the next 55 minutes is G. Edward Griffin.
And by the way, folks, we're going to be giving out a number where you can get this book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, the preeminent work on the Federal Reserve, put in a context where everybody can understand it.
It's a great Christmas gift.
I suggest you order more than one copy.
Because it's powerful.
Sir, it's great to have you on with us.
Well, thanks, Alex.
It's good to be here.
You bet.
A lot of our listeners know all about this, but I'd say half of them over the last year are pretty new.
The show's exploded.
I mean, you're talking to a crowd, some of them out there that have no idea what the Federal Reserve is.
Explain it to us, and explain your book.
Well, yeah, that's a big chunk to explain the Federal Reserve System in a nutshell.
I guess, let's try it, though, see how far we can get.
The Federal Reserve System is a cartel.
Now, that'll bring up a lot of people pretty short because they think it's a government agency of some kind, and it's not.
It's created by the government, but it's operated entirely privately.
And when you strip off all of the...
All the garments from and get down to that naked creature underneath.
It's a cartel.
It's a banking cartel, no different than the sugar cartel or the oil cartel.
This one happens to be a banking cartel and it was created by an act of Congress in 1913.
So it's given the force of law.
And most cartels actually like to have the force of law attached to their cartel agreements because it's how they enforce the agreements.
You know, if you were, let's say you were part of the oil cartel or OPEC,
Thank you very much.
The same thing is with any cartel.
How do you force the members to keep the agreement?
Well, you get the government involved and take the cartel agreement and pass it through Congress and make it a law.
Now, if one of the members break the agreement, they go to jail.
So cartels like to do that.
So this whole thing was created back in 1913 at a time when the banks were really struggling because they had
At that time participated in a lot of shaky arrangements with regards to their deposits and their reserves.
We might get into that a little bit more later on.
But banks were folding.
There were runs on the bank.
People were asking for their money back that they had been told they could have at any time.
And many of the banks had been embarrassed because when the lines created out in front they said, oh golly, well we now have to admit we don't have your money in the bank.
We've loaned it out.
And so they wanted some way to get the government involved to protect them and make it look as though it was something they were doing for the better.
But in many cases, it was actually the very same later cartel controllers who would manipulate these controlled crashes and even brag about it to have profit-taking, and then they create the crisis and then offer a solution that's even far worse.
Well, yes, that's an age-old tactic, is it not?
The reason I called the book The Creature from Jekyll Island is because, well, first of all, it has kind of a mysterious sound to it, and it might attract somebody's attention.
But the real rationale behind it is because it's historically accurate.
Jekyll Island is a real island, and it's off the coast of Georgia.
And it was on that island back in 1910 that the Federal Reserve System was actually conceived.
And corporations are considered persons, and so they created a new creature.
Yes, indeed.
They created a new creature.
And it's curious, I thought when I was doing my initial research, that why would they create something like this?
Not in Washington, D.C.
You'd expect that to be created in some hearing room or some office in Washington.
But no, they went to this private island off the coast of Georgia, which was owned by a group of billionaires from New York, people like J.P.
Morgan and William Rockefeller and their business associates.
It was a club.
It was a resort island where their families went during the cold winter months up in New York.
And I thought, why would they go down there?
And then I discovered that they had exercised a lot of caution so that nobody would know that they went.
There was great secrecy surrounding it.
Because back then we had senators and congressmen railing against them, calling them criminals, talking about their takeover plan.
Well, yes, exactly.
I mean, here was a plan that was offered to the American people as a means of controlling the banks.
And bringing the banks, you know, back to sanity.
Written by the bank owners.
Yeah, had they known that the whole program was being created by the banks themselves, well, then the scam would have been out in the open, which is why all the secrecy about that meeting.
So anyway, that was the reason we called it The Creature from Jekyll Island.
And, you know, to me it was like asking the fox to build a hen house.
And that's exactly what they did.
It's unbelievable.
Let's go through how they got it passed during the holiday season, like they always do with this stuff, and then the progression of what they've done with this power since then.
Now look at the plunging dollar, look at the debt, look at what the Federal Reserve is doing to us.
How they got it passed, I think, is a fascinating story, and it tells us a lot about these people.
Well, yes.
First of all, the people who created the Federal Reserve Act went out of their way to look like they were opposing it.
In other words, they were leading their own opposition.
People who had attended the meeting were giving press releases or statements to newspaper reporters saying, oh, well, this bill is going to be bad for business.
I'm going to give you the floor.
You've got about five minutes to the break.
Just give us that history.
Give us what happened and how they ran it through.
Tell us about it.
Yeah, it's very instructive.
The first draft of the bill, of course, was called the Aldridge Bill, and one of the participants of this whole thing
I think so.
I think so.
And his ego was so great, he said, oh no, after all, I'm chairman of the National Monetary Commission, and it is the bill of my committee, so he put his name on it.
And sure enough, there was a lot of backlash in Congress.
People said exactly what Warburg said they would say, which was that it's a bill of big business.
So it didn't get much support.
So that was not too big a setback.
They came along and they got a couple of Democrats to support the bill.
And these guys, of course, were bankers too, but they at least were Democrats and they weren't well known as being associated with big business.
So now it was a Democrat bill.
It was okay.
It was the same bill, basically, but now it was okay.
Now some of these people who sponsored the bill began to give these statements to the public
That they opposed the bill, which of course was not true.
But they were saying, oh, this bill is going to be bad for business, it's going to be bad for the country.
You know, the average person would read that in the newspaper and they'd say, hey, Maude, listen to this.
Now, these bankers don't like this bill very much.
It must be pretty good.
You know?
And so they were using mass psychology on the American people, leading their own opposition, which is a tactic which we've seen done many, many, many times since then in many issues.
And then they created little committees around the country, little ad hoc committees led usually by one or two people who were employed at either one of the banks or one of the corporations which were within the bank orbit.
And these people would say, well, I'm the Ohio Committee for Banking Reform.
And they generate a little letterhead, and then they start issuing press releases to the local papers.
The papers would take it at face value.
And people got the impression, well, gee, there's a grassroots movement out here in favor of the Federal Reserve Act.
I guess people like it.
And then they gave large amounts of money to some of the larger universities where they didn't have departments of economics, or at least they were underfunded.
And along with the money, of course, came the stipulation that the donors be given the option of naming the head of the department.
Most of the universities were happy to have a million dollars and also the nominee of a nice professor to be head of the department.
So all of a sudden these departments of economics were staffed and headed by people who were very, very friendly to the Federal Reserve Act and they started to write these scholarly tomes about how wonderful it would be for the nation.
And so all of this was a conducted, carefully orchestrated campaign
To create the impression that there was massive support at the academic level and at the grassroots level, and that the bankers were opposed to it.
All of this was done.
It was a brilliantly orchestrated scenario to sell the whole project.
By the way, that exact same thing is being done to amend the Constitution for Arnold Schwarzenegger right now.
Yes, exactly the same.
The same tactics.
They don't change.
They always work.
And the only trouble is that the average American is not aware of these tactics, and he...
Falls for it every time.
So, anyway, that's how the Federal Reserve was sold to the American people.
And as you said, it was passed during a session just before Christmas, although I think there's too much been made of that because most of the congressmen and senators were already on record as being in favor of it.
And so, if they had been there, I think they would have voted for it anyway.
Alright, we're talking to G. Edward Griffin, preacher from Jekyll Island.
We'll be back, and later we'll tell you how to get this book.
It's important that we know history.
And by the way, coming up this Christmas, they've got some presents for you.
The National ID Card and Patriot Act II.
They've already given you the new Freedom Initiative.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Jack Brownrigg for Midas Resources.
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Today, the U.S.
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Guess which one has gold backing?
January of 2002, gold spot was $2.83.
January of 2004, it's well over $400 at a 13-year high, up near 40%.
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Equities are treading water.
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We're talking to G. Edward Griffin, author of The Preacher from Jekyll Island.
Continue, please, sir, with how they got the Federal Reserve Act through and now what they've since done with it.
Well, yeah, that pretty well covered the history in a nutshell of how they got it through.
It was a great media blitz and propaganda blitz, which was beautifully orchestrated by these people.
You know, they're not stupid.
They didn't get to be in these positions of extreme power that they are by being naive.
And they understand mass psychology and political maneuvering very well.
And so it's something we need to know, that not all of these bills, in fact very few of the bills that go through Congress, are what they appear to be.
I mean, the Federal Reserve Act was sold to the American people as a means of, the phrase they used then was to break the grip of the money trust.
Well, in fact, it was written by the money trust, and the whole purpose of the bill was to consolidate the grip of the money trust.
Totally secure it.
Totally secure it, which is what they did.
The Federal Reserve was, I should say, the banking system was in a rather state of disarray and decline at that point.
And ever since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, of course, it's been strengthened and expanded because now they have the guarantee of the American taxpayer to back up their whole system.
If anything goes wrong within the banking system now, you can be sure that the American taxpayer will be called in to pay the bills and to make it right.
I mean, explain to people how it works, though.
I mean, a bank can loan out, what, ten times for what its real reserves are.
And when they loan you money for a house, I mean, it's a total scam.
And then the system's based on creating more and more debt.
Well, yeah, let me walk through that, because that's the fascinating part of the whole thing.
I call it the Mandrake Mechanism, because back in the 1940s, there was a comic book character by the name of Mandrake the Magician.
And I used to read Mandrake.
I thought he was a pretty cool guy.
He could wave his cape and produce things out of thin air and wave it again, and they would disappear.
It was an amazing thing.
I thought, aha, this is what they do at the Federal Reserve.
So I call it the Mandrake Mechanism, and it works something like this.
First of all, you have to understand that the Federal Reserve, as I mentioned before, is a cartel, but it's a cartel which is in partnership with the federal government.
And because the government authorized it, chartered it, created the special act of Congress that made it an entity, and it backs it with the force of law.
So the question is, why would the federal government and the banking system become partners in a venture?
And the answer is pretty simple.
Obviously, there are benefits to both groups.
Otherwise, they wouldn't do it.
So in following the Mandrake mechanism, we'll see the benefits to both sides.
We start with the political side.
Why do the politicians go into it?
It works something like this.
Congress is spending money like a drunken sailor on a weekend.
The only thing is that the politicians know that it's popular to spend money but unpopular to raise taxes to pay for what they're spending.
So the goal of most politicians is how do you spend more and tax less?
And the answer is, well, you borrow the money.
If you don't want to raise taxes, which would get you unelected, then you borrow the money instead of raising taxes.
And that works for a while because people are always willing to step forward.
I used to buy bonds, and I don't anymore, of course, because I don't think it's ethical.
But a lot of people will buy government bonds because they know that they're going to get their money back plus an interest.
Institutions buy government bonds and treasury notes.
Banks buy them.
Corporations buy them.
Retirement funds buy them.
So there are a lot of people who are willing to lend the government money
The problem there, of course, is that the loan to the government, the bond, has to be paid back.
And when it comes time to pay back these bonds, lo and behold, the politicians are still spending more than they're taking in, so they don't have the money to pay back the original bonds.
The solution is that they go out and borrow more money to pay back the original bonds, plus enough more to handle the continuation of the expenses.
So the number of bonds out there grows, and the debt grows, and we know from experience that's how the national debt grows every day by millions, if not billions of dollars.
Well, all right.
So far, so good.
The Federal Reserve comes along, though, and adds a new dimension to it.
You see, as long as individuals or institutions are loaning money to the government, it doesn't create any new money into the system because that money has already been in somebody's pocket or somebody's checking account, and they're just moving it from there and giving it to the government to spend.
But now, the government can never get enough money in that fashion.
They always need more, more, more.
And that's where the Federal Reserve System comes in.
So let's just imagine that the Treasury official goes to the Federal Reserve Office and he says, well, I need money today.
And the Federal Reserve Officer says, well, come in, sir.
Sit down.
We've been expecting you.
How much money do you need today?
And he says, well, how about a billion dollars?
And now, the Federal Reserve Officer pulls out that big black check, and he writes a check for a billion dollars, and lo and behold, that money didn't exist until he wrote that check.
We're going to break.
Stay there.
We'll come back and continue with this, and then take some calls.
Stay with us, folks.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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You know, people hear that, well, the global elite wouldn't crash the economy or wouldn't do something bad.
They'd lose too much money.
My friends, they print the money.
They set it up to consolidate wealth and actual property.
And it's about owning the media and controlling the mindset of the people and controlling the population as a military tool, as an industrial tool to invade other nations and expand the empire.
We're talking to G. Edward Griffin.
And sir, tell folks about your website and how people get a copy of the book.
Oh, thank you.
Yeah, we have a website that's pretty easy to remember.
It's called The Reality Zone.
And so the website address is www.realityzone.com.
And our book is there.
We have a lot of other books and videos and audio recordings on this and similar topics, but you can certainly find it right there featured at the top of the list.
And if anybody wants to call in and order it from an 800 toll-free number, it's 800-595-6500.
Well, it's a powerful book, and I hope people get it, and I just want to commend you for all the work you've done.
I want to go to some calls.
I could spend ten hours on this, but just focusing it down, boiling it down, how the scam works, and then who ends up being left with a bag of
And now what the Federal Reserve has done to America in the course of the last 80 years since they've had control.
Well, I guess we should finish off that little discussion about the Mandrake mechanism.
We pictured the Treasury official going to the Federal Reserve and asking for a billion dollars.
And the Federal Reserve officer says, well, here's your billion dollars.
And he writes a check for it.
But the funny thing is that that checkbook that he used to write the check
I think so.
Any circumstance, they can always go to their partner, the Federal Reserve System, and get more money without having to market it to the public, without having to sell bonds to the institutions or anything.
They can say, we need more money, and zingo, they've got it.
It's by agreement that they will automatically get it.
But then that bases your economy on fiat and manipulation, and then when the bankers want to, they can plunge the dollar back.
They can control the economy.
Oh, give them total control over it, yeah.
They can have insider trading.
And it gives them total power because the Federal Reserve can also make its own money and buy whatever it wants with it.
Well, the Federal Reserve technically can do that, I suppose, but that's really not its function, Alex.
Its function is to take care of its partner, the federal government, as I just described.
But now that's not where the Fed makes its money.
The interest on that money to the federal government is used to run the Federal Reserve System and if there's any surplus left over which there always is it's very ceremoniously returned back to the federal government as an act of great charity.
And it's true that they actually do return all the money that they don't use to run the system.
And that's not where the action is.
The real action now is on the other side, where the bankers are in this partnership.
So let's follow that billion dollars that they just created for the federal government.
That was just sort of a little duty they had to do to keep the partnership alive.
They get to loan it out ten times what they even created.
Now, the federal government has this money.
What does it do?
Let's just take $1,000 as an example that they pay to the postal worker.
And now the postal worker takes that $1,000 and deposits it into his commercial bank down at the end of the street.
Now it's into the banking system, and we follow this money now, and this is where it really gets interesting.
The bank can take that $1,000 deposited from the postal worker and loan out up to additional $9,000 on it.
And that money is created out of thin air.
In other words, if you went to the bank
And you said, I want to borrow $9,000 for a car.
The bank creates the money and lends it to you based on the $1,000 deposited by the postal worker.
Now they keep the $1,000 in the bank or at least on their books as an asset.
It's shown there as an asset.
And on the basis of that asset, they can create an additional $9,000.
We're good to go.
That's the pretty good deal.
Now you can see why the bankers are on it.
They don't collect interest on $9,000 because they didn't have $9,000.
They collect interest on $9,000 that they created.
And then they're able, after they loan out that $9,000 off the $1,000, or a total of $10,000 now...
Then that's counted in banks other places, and then they're able to ten times that or nine times that, and then when people don't pay, they get the houses, they get the buildings, they get the institutions, they get it all.
Yeah, they do collateralize most of their loans.
They have some unsecured loans, of course, which they collect higher interest on that because of the supposedly higher risk.
But again, it's all made out of nothing, and they create this fiat system, and then now...
You know, Alan Greenspan comes out and chastises, why it's your fault, Congress, you did this, but they're all in it together, and then they criticize the American people, and oh, you're going to pay for shipping the jobs overseas, when they're the ones that have been pushing it all along.
What's the master plan, what they're doing with the Union of American States and the EU and now the Euro and the dollar down by 45%?
What does all this mean?
Why are they doing this?
Well, that's the big question of the day, is it not?
My observation is that when this whole system started back at the turn of the century, the primary motive among these people was just money, profit, and power.
But with the passage of each generation, we find more and more of a political or an ideological orientation among these people.
Yeah, they get inbred, they get nuttier and nuttier.
It's like, you know, Caligula has Nero and he's ten times crazier.
That's sort of the way I see it, too.
But their vision now is world government with themselves in control behind the scenes, using money power as one of the most important levers.
And getting rid of most of the population, and forced drugging, and total nightmare police state.
They're openly setting it up.
I mean, let me just ask you, Jim McGriff, an expert on terrorism.
I mean, you've made a bunch of films and books.
You're really an expert.
New Freedom Initiative, forced psychological testing.
They passed that baby.
We already know we have national ID cards with a driver's license.
Now they're trying to formalize it and make it law.
Face scanning cameras going up everywhere.
License plate scanning cameras.
Four-way stops in the middle of nowhere.
Secret arrest.
I mean, we really are becoming a Soviet-slash-Nazi-type state.
Your comments on that?
Well, what can I say except that we've been conquered by our own people.
People within our own ranks.
They look like us.
They talk like us.
They're born in our country.
But the enemy has conquered us.
That's called tyranny.
I mean, that's the norm in history.
And they're telling us now we're basically their slaves, but it's for your own good.
Of course.
And that's the underlying philosophy of collectivism.
These people, I think we need to identify what is their ideology.
And they're collectivists.
Collectivism is what we're facing.
But they hold the strings.
They collect us into one group of slaves and then sit on top of us.
Yes, and they say, as you mentioned, it's for our own good.
It's for the greater good of the greater number.
That's their view.
And therefore, whatever needs to be done for our own good, then let's do it.
That means that we sit back and let the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor so that we can have a justification for getting into World War II.
Well, too bad about those 2,000 Americans that lost their lives in the attack.
It was for the greater good of the nation.
And the same philosophy can be applied to the war on terrorism.
It's too bad about those several thousand people who lost their lives in that terrorist attack, but look at the good that came out of it for the benefit of the nation or for the benefit of mankind.
Now we can move forward to establishing American dominance in the Middle East.
We can keep control of the oil reserves of the world away from those nasty
Well, let me give you an example.
WOAI television out of... Oh, my, Clear Channel, by the way, not, you know...
I mean, as neocon as it gets, but they even had to admit two-thirds plus of Texas foster children are on psychotropic drugs, and some of them are on 17 different drugs.
They're dying on these.
So that's obviously insane, having two-thirds of children on drugs.
Now under new freedom, they're going to say they're going to put half the children...
In America, period, on drugs.
That's in their own internal documents.
I mean, that's obviously nuts.
I mean, it's just totally un-American, totally dehumanizing to say half the kids will have to go on drugs forcibly.
That's like Brave New World.
But that shows that the establishment's view is totally different than that of just common sense in humanity.
Satellite trackers to be put in cars to tax and trace us.
All of it's happening, G. Edward Griffin.
I mean, it's all happening right now.
Well, yeah, it's happening according to a master plan that was laid out starting roughly at the turn of the century to convert the whole world into a collectivist system.
In fact, anybody that wants the history on this and they want to read the words of the people themselves who were devising this plan, I have created a series of essays which are downloadable free from our website.
Not the one I mentioned before, but from another one.
We have an organization called Freedom Force International.
If anybody is interested in this history, I urge them to come to freedomforceinternational.org and go to a section on the site called The Issues.
And then drill down to a series of essays called The Future is Calling.
And in those essays you'll find all of the documentation, all of the history, all of the words of the people themselves talking about collectivism versus individualism.
And by the way, the elites, they're not into the bird watching.
They're not into camping.
They're not into woodwork like normal people are for hobbies.
They're a whole world.
Their own documents.
Just controlling and dominating and manipulating populations.
They hate it you've got cars.
They hate it you've got swimming pools.
They hate it you're able to be self-sufficient, not under their control.
They hate it you're allowed to have children.
They're dirty, dark, wicked people who are totally inbred and are sadistic.
And they want you to be their slaves.
Well, yes, I can't really disagree with it from our point of view, Alex, but the one point I want to make is that these people themselves do not think of themselves as evil.
They do not think that they're dark.
They really think that they're doing what is best for mankind, and that's the dangerous part.
They are sure that their children and their grandchildren are going to sing their praises.
And everything they do, no matter how objectionable it may seem to you or to me, in their mind is a necessary step toward the creation of a new world order which, in their vision, is going to be wonderful.
So, I have to disagree at that one point.
They don't think of themselves as evil at all.
They think that they're the only ethical and moral people in the world.
Well, to be clear, I'm saying they're evil.
I mean, obviously these delusional fruitcakes...
Uh, make little psychological excuses for what they do.
Yeah, well, this is a pretty large psychological excuse that's embraced by a large segment of the American public.
Even the victims go along with these arguments.
All you've got to do is tell them, well, you've got to give up your liberties because it's necessary for your security, and they'll buy into that.
And we stop the terrorists by putting half the kids on drugs.
Yeah, of course, yeah.
Well, you know, I think that the best way to predict the future is to take a look backwards and see where we are on the path.
And see where the path is heading.
But unless there are some major changes, which I don't foresee because the American people aren't really yet willing to make major changes, I still want to continue doing exactly what they're told to do.
So I see that we're going to continue to go just as we have been, which is an expansion of the monetary system, more and more money flooding into the system to try and patch up the holes.
And finally, we'll come to a point where the system will either explode
It will go kaput and we'll have a huge recession or, and this is also likely at that point, these people will have so much power that they'll step in and prevent that from happening simply by making it impossible for people to move in any way except the way they're told.
They will be told, for example, that they cannot withdraw money from their bank.
They cannot spend this, this or that.
They cannot earn more than this, this or that.
In other words, they could prevent that from happening by...
And a lot of the yuppies will go along with that because they'll think this is how they hold on.
Oh yeah, exactly.
So we're heading to one of those two places.
Either there's going to be a great... Ron Paul says we're going to have a depression.
Well, either that, or we're going into totalitarianism in the economy.
Well, obviously, we'll have the totalitarianism, and they'll tell us the economy's great when it's not.
Let's take a call or two here.
Let's talk to David in California.
David, you're on the air with G. Edward Griffin.
Go ahead.
Hey, Mr. Griffin, how are you?
I'm fine.
Hey, I wanted to ask you briefly just about mortgages, and your opinion with respect to...
Getting out from under a mortgage via notice and demand through the claim of fraud.
Well, I'll just say these systems are criminals, so no matter what argument you've got, they're still going to enforce their fraud on you through criminal force.
Do you ever, Griffin?
Well, yeah, it's a real interesting question, and it comes up more and more lately because there are so many programs out there being offered to eliminate mortgages and debts of other kinds as well.
And my take on it is this.
There are a couple of aspects that don't immediately pop to the surface.
One is that I think that the banks are in big trouble because their contracts probably have been written in a fraudulent manner.
They do not disclose properly to the customer that the money is being created out of nothing.
And that the basis for the loan is the credit of the customer, and nothing comes from the bank except a service.
But still, even if it's fraudulent, they criminally enforce it through color of law.
They do enforce it, although there are a lot of instances today where the courts are upholding the claimant.
Now, but that brings up another issue.
Let's just assume that a person has bought a $6,000 plasma TV set and suddenly he sees one of these programs and he says, golly, I don't have to pay off this loan.
I got my TV set, but the bank didn't do it right and if I get an attorney or buy into one of these programs, we can prove that the bank has made a mistake and they will cancel the loan.
Now, let's just assume that that's successful because it is being successful in some cases.
Now, the question is that, okay, now I got my plasma TV set, and I didn't pay for it.
Who paid for it?
That's a question nobody wants to look at.
They're totally focused on getting out of the debt, which I can understand.
But the point is, if a debt is written off for whatever reason, someone had to pay for that plasma TV set.
Now, the company that built it had already been paid money, so it wasn't them.
And it boils down to this, but when a loan is written off the books of a bank... Somebody's being defrauded.
Somebody's being defrauded.
Now, the first layer would be the... So ask yourself, does that Circuit City deserve for you, you went in and bought it, you went in and did the loan, is it moral for you to rip them off?
They didn't do anything wrong.
Well, Circuit City got paid.
So, who wound up being ripped off?
And the answer is, it's the stockholders of the bank, because the assets of the bank have to be reduced.
And there are a bunch of criminals, so... Well, I don't know.
My aunt is a stockholder at a bank, and a lot of people... Well, I mean the board, the people that really run it.
We're not talking about the board.
Ah, the board.
It's the stockholders who pay.
And I say that it's not proper to rip off them either.
I agree.
It's not proper to rip off anybody.
Yeah, I mean, it's immoral on both sides.
I mean, clearly, if a bank comes in, accelerates your note, tries to steal your house because you haven't paid a couple of payments, that's wrong.
Do whatever you can to defend yourself.
But just to do it out of the blue, well, we'll talk about it when we get back.
It's an interesting question, the caller.
Thank you.
More calls coming up.
Stay with us.
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You ought to be clear about what I was saying.
I'm not saying that the shareholders of banks themselves are criminals, because a lot of people own mutual funds and stuff that own bank stocks.
Millions of Americans.
But what I'm saying is the enterprise itself, I will say, the way banks operate is a fraud and is criminal according to our Constitution.
And so that was the point I was making.
But G. Edward Griffin, we've got loaded phones here for him.
We've got a guest coming up in ten minutes.
I want to keep you five minutes to the next hour to take a few more calls if you can before we get the guest on and try to get some of these out of the way.
But finish up what you were saying about people writing off debts.
Well, I think you pinpointed it right there that, yeah, we're not talking about the stockholders.
They're innocent.
Except to the extent that they should perhaps be more careful of what they invest in.
You talk about socially conscious investing.
Nobody wants to invest in a gold mine in South Africa, for example, if they feel that there is apartheid in South Africa.
How about investing in a bank when it's so unconstitutional and what they're doing is ripping so many people off?
Yeah, I mean, I could have invested in biometrics five years ago.
I told people, if you're immoral, do it.
And those stocks have tripled and quadrupled, everything else going down.
But I didn't go invest in it because I'm not a sociopath.
Yeah, I would never invest in a bank for that reason.
However, I have to admit that most people don't.
You know, they're not aware of this, and so you can't really blame them.
But once they have the information, now that's another thing.
But the other aspect of this is that the banks themselves usually don't wind up on the line too much because if a bank should be threatened because of this kind of thing, they'll pass it on to the taxpayer.
Now, banks are always getting bailed out.
Let's take another call here.
Let's talk to Rick in New York.
Rick, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I wanted to get back to the Federal Reserve.
What do you call it?
Oh, getting back to the aspect of when they had the... There hasn't been too much legislation on the Federal Reserve in the last 40 or 50 years.
I remember reading in John McManus' book, Financial Terrorism, that Philip Crane tried to audit the Federal Reserve, I think, back in the 70s.
And, of course, Ron Paul's isolation from last year.
But I think that's a problem, you know, because I guess the politicians are so intimately connected to the Federal Reserve banks.
Now let me get a comment from our guest.
Well, yeah, there has not been much activity on the Federal Reserve, to my knowledge, in many years because it's all been done.
They got everything that they want.
Now they have the ability to extend the reserve ratios.
It's now averaging around 10 to 1.
The problem is that causes inflation and the dollar continues to drop.
Yeah, inflation is a hidden tax.
And so the Federal Reserve becomes the instrument by which the government can tax everybody at an unlimited rate.
Yeah, we're about to break.
I want to thank Rick for that quick call.
We'll come back and take a few more.
But, G. Edward Griffin, I wanted to get your take on this because I know you're out in California.
Clearly the agenda is going full press boogie to get Arnold A. Lo Schwarzenegger into the White House to be this international figurehead for Empire.
A lot of people don't get it yet that this is really happening.
I mean, I see it happening if we don't stop it.
Any comments on that?
Well, all I can say is I agree with you, and it should cause people to wonder why they want Schwarzenegger.
And obviously, if anybody's seen the pictures of Schwarzenegger hobnobbing with the Rothschilds long before he ran for governor, they would know that he was accepted by that inner circle that we're talking about, and he's their man.
And he's a very popular figure, so they figure, well, he's just another puppet they can put up there, and he'll be very useful.
He has so much dirt on him, too.
Anytime they want to crush him, they can.
So that's why they love him.
They love all of the politicians that they have dirt on them.
And they don't really care.
As long as they'll get votes.
And if Schwarzenegger should be popular, they'll support him and use him.
And then should he fall, they'll say, okay, next.
You know, politicians are very dispensable in this game.
Well, you know, I've started a national movement against ArnoldExposed.com.
G. Edward Griffin.
I'll have to look at it myself.
We're going to try to terminate the Terminators' plans to be president.
Just five more minutes on the other side, then we've got folks coming on about forced drugging of the children.
Make a few more calls on the other side.
Everybody stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The Association of Physicians and Surgeons, the second biggest organization of doctors in the United States,
We've had on before, their head spokesperson, Catherine Sirks, is going to be joining us to talk about the passage of the New Freedom Initiative, the nightmare forced to psychological testing right out of Brave New World.
That's coming up in five minutes.
We're finishing up with G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, concerning the Federal Reserve, talking about the rulers that are doing all this to us.
Let's take two more calls for him, then we'll go to break and come back with our next guest.
Richard in Alabama, then Ken in New York.
That'll be all we have time for with this guest.
Richard, go ahead.
Mr. Griffin, please explain as best as you can the relationship between the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and Substitute Collateral and the jurisdictional claim of the International Commercial Contract Venue, sometimes known as Vice Admiralty.
Well, we need about an hour for that, and I don't think that I've got the expertise on that last issue anyway, but I can certainly handle the first two.
The United Nations is the structure that the collectivists that we've been talking about, they're hoping that this will become the framework for the New World Order, that the universal government
That they're working toward, built on the model of collectivism.
Global taxation, one-child policy, taking countries into receivership.
Yes, exactly.
And it's the embodiment of international collectivism.
It's the ultimate, once they build that, then they've got the whole planet under their control.
And it is pretty simple.
Once you see what's being done, and once you read the words of these people who started the motion going years ago, which I was referring to earlier, you can see the blueprint, you can see how they're building the structure, you know, brick by brick, and all questions become very, you know, they're answered and very clear.
All right, Richard, thanks for the call.
Ken in New York.
Go ahead, Ken.
Dr. Griffin.
When the Federal Reserve Act passed in 1913, was there a legal challenge as to its constitutionality?
Not a legal challenge, no.
There were congressional voices and there were people in the media and a lot of critics out there that challenged it, but not legally.
It was never challenged in the courts, to my knowledge.
Secondly, Alex asked you before about the New World Order and the EU and
Yeah, I think so.
And then it evolved into like a world government intervention.
No, clearly with Cecil Rhodes and all of it, the world government was the plan all along.
But I mean, now it's actually grown into the dream.
But go ahead, let's get his comment.
Yeah, well, I think Alex has said it quite well.
There was always a mixture of motives.
And what I'm saying is that my opinion is that in the beginning, the stronger of the motives...
...was the desire for consolidation of wealth.
Yeah, they had to take over the engine first, America to be the engine, a central engine for global domination.
Once the engine was being tapped into, then they went into the next phase.
Remember that the Council on Foreign Relations was created primarily through the influence of J.P.
In 1922, yeah.
So Morgan had an ideological...
Of course, when he died, it turned out he was basically a Bank of England frontman.
It's like with Yukos Oil and all that.
It turns out Lord Rothschild owns it.
Yeah, he was a Rothschild agent all along.
But in any event, the people today, they were born into such great wealth and power that that no longer excites them, I don't think.
I think what excites them now is the global power.
It's like Arnold told U.S.
News & World Report, you know, people need to be controlled and dominated.
95% of you, you know, I want to rule you.
I'm going to rule you.
Yes, and don't forget, they're going to rule us for our own good.
That's right.
G. Edward Griffin, thank you so much for joining us.
All right, thank you, Alan.
It's a pleasure.
You bet.
I really appreciate you coming on with us, and God bless.
We'll be back and talk about forced psychological testing and drugging, all part of freedom.
Thank you.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
Feels like Friday, but it's not.
It's Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.
Thanks for joining us.
Catherine Search is the public relations and head spokesperson.
For Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.
Their website is aapsonline.org.
And we've got some of their press releases and information posted right now on infowars.com, prisonplanet.com, and prisonplanet.tv.
There's no way to overstress how bad this is.
We've been covering it for decades.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Again, WOAI in Texas has reported two-thirds of foster children on psychotropics and other type drugs.
Some children on as many as 17 drugs.
A lot of deaths are caused by this, but when they kill the children, they're the establishment.
It's just swept under the rug.
So, joining us from Association of American Physicians and Surgeons,
Is Catherine Sirks.
Catherine, great to have you on with us.
Yeah, Alex, I love coming on the show, but unfortunately it's usually when I'm the bearer of bad tidings.
Yeah, when they're arresting people that criticize the government and saying, no trial, we're going to force drug you for seven years.
Dr. Searle.
Yeah, just all this fun stuff.
This passed, and some people are still in denial about this, but tell us all about it.
Well, let me start out and explain what the bill does and what it doesn't do, so we're clear, because we're being told by people who are supporting it that we've got it all wrong.
So let's make sure we're real clear.
Well, we've had Ron Paul on.
We've read the bill on air.
There we go.
And so what we're pointing to is that it funds the state's
For universal mental health screening of children and pregnant women in particular.
So a CPS visit to the pregnant women.
By the way, that's already happening.
So the first time mother has these people who get money for grabbing kids and putting people on drugs, preying on them day one trying to get them to sign documents like they were a criminal to get into their system.
There you go.
And what we've already seen this past, as you mentioned, we've seen it past in Illinois and other states.
The supporters of this have been saying, oh, it's not mandatory, mental health screening.
It's not mandatory.
So what we're saying is, as you've heard from Dr. Paul, saying, okay, if it's not mandatory, then let's pass a provision, a specific provision that says parental consent only.
Must be obtained.
Informed parental consent before any screening or treatment.
Yeah, the bill just said, okay, I mean, you've got to get parental consent for your 10-year-old to go to the zoo or the planetarium or the National History Museum.
You've got to give me parental consent before you stick my kid with a psychologist for eight hours and ask him, are you upset?
Oh, you need drugs then.
That's exactly right.
And they said, no, we're not going to do that because it is forced.
And we have seen how children who have been tracked into special ed schools
Yeah, again, a person they catch with a dead body in their backyard...
Well, let me explain where the universal comes in so that everybody can answer these arguments.
What they talk about is that they're worried about children at risk.
And of course common sense tells us, okay, well that does make sense.
But that's a code word.
If they can't get us on welfare, or they can't get us into their system somehow, they're going to do this forcibly.
Well, there are two ways to decide.
Number one, what's their definition of at risk?
And number two, there are two ways to look at a child and decide if they're at risk.
Well, a child's at risk and their clutch is the most dangerous place to be.
Well, you can either observe the child's behavior and see if he's doing something that looks like there's a serious problem, or you have to sit him down and do the screening.
Well, the only way you can determine if the child fits the at-risk definition, as you've defined it then, is to sit down and screen everybody.
So there we're into the universal screening.
They've got to check everybody out.
And that's, I mean, I've talked to therapists who have explained this process.
The bottom line is that Ron Paul, who is a physician and a lifelong member of our organization, will come back next session and introduce a standalone bill that would modify... He's an obstetrician.
That's right.
And he is trying to get language that will modify this to require the parental consent.
So even though we've lost this first skirmish, the battle is not over.
Well, yeah, I mean, that's like when Bush tried to give Eli Lilly total blanket vaccine protection for all vaccines in the Homeland Security bill.
Yeah, we went back and got that removed.
And let's see him try to carry this out.
Because I've talked to Ron Paul, I've talked to others.
The way this is set up with the bureaucrats, and the actual plan that's now been funded, stuff outside the bill, is homeschoolers, private schoolers, twice a year, folks, they're going to come grab your kid.
And this is going to happen.
And come hell or high water, we've got to say no to this.
Yeah, and there will be a couple of things that people can do as we're gathering steam now for the next session.
One is there is a petition that for parents who want to say, they sign the petition and say, I will not allow my child to participate in this screening.
The second is we'll have to generate small letters.
And I'll have the link to that petition.
Well, it's real simple.
Anybody does this in your school district, you sue them immediately.
Let's see how they like 100,000 lawsuits.
There you go.
Just slap them with the lawsuit.
But the problem is that, of course, you want to... If you slap them with a lawsuit, that's after the fact.
And what we're trying to do here is...
Let me tell you something, Katharine, I know you probably know this.
This stuff's already going on.
They started this in Texas.
The news said 94.
No, that's not true.
In 1992, I'm only 30 years old.
Everybody at Anderson High School had this.
They hooked electrodes to my head.
They showed me ink blots.
And what they did is in a class, every day they have these psychologists, and they'd come in for like a month, it took them a month to do it, and it'd be your day.
And so for like half a day, two days in a row, you wouldn't be in classes.
You'd be off in a side conference room or whatever, and they'd have these partitions, and there'd be all these other young people there, and they were doing all this.
Well, Alex, maybe they had you spotted very, very early.
Well, no, no.
I mean, it was Anderson High School.
It was everybody.
That was here.
I mean, it was everybody.
It wasn't just me.
It was the whole school.
I've not even heard that.
We're concerned that the... I want to give everybody a little bit of history.
I don't know if you've talked about this in previous shows, but really the origins of this new Freedom Commission's recommendations go back to Jimmy Carter.
They go back to the Carter Commission on Mental Health that issued its findings in 1977.
And then it got cranked up in TMAP in Texas.
But, I mean, this is my point, though.
The news started in 94, 95 in Texas.
They admit this current plan started in Texas, TMAP.
And what I'm telling you is they were doing this in 1992.
Without the enabling legislation.
Yeah, and then they told you it was a psychological test, but also to tell you what you'd be best at in a job career.
So it was part of Goals 2002, you know, the Soviet model of telling you what you should be.
Well, we've seen this happen.
President Reagan actually was able to overturn much of the Carter Commission's work in 1981.
Then, here's another... Bush has signed back on to all of us under UNESCO.
Well, here's part of it.
There's some funny goings-on with this new Freedom Commission that I don't think President Bush intended.
And what happened is that...
David Thatcher, the Surgeon General under President Clinton, issued a report that's considered a landmark report in 1999 that talked about anybody who's mentally ill, that the target should be recovery, not just functioning.
And so it's like saying every psychotic, every person who has any kind of mental illness, the goal should be bringing them back to full recovery.
Well, that's just not, that's a utopian approach that can't happen.
But they seized onto that report.
Now, here's how the new Freedom Commission came about.
When President Bush appointed it, the idea was to get the real stakeholders, doctors, patients, their families, rather than the policy wonks.
And the usual suspects that grind out this junk out of Washington, D.C.
So that intention was good, but then what they did was to help run the commission, they brought in eight ex-officio members who had some ties back to the Carter Commission.
So they kept trotting through their experts.
Well, they've had people inside it go public and say it was all written up by Big Pharma.
So they brought in the people who were the special interest to nudge these people, and the commission ended up going much further...
Much, much further.
I think the President, in fact, got probably a very rude surprise when the Commission came out with its findings and its recommendations.
I know that the... Oh, look, there's been a firestorm over this, and he supported it to the hilt.
Well, the Alliance for Human Research Protection has done a really good job of tracking the special interest money and the...
And the links and who's supporting this.
I mean, it makes sense.
You don't need to see the smoking gun, smoking documents.
Your common sense tells you who you're going to benefit by.
They've had government officials in Pennsylvania and other places as part of the program go public and say it's designed to put half the children on drugs.
I mean, we've got, in Texas, two-thirds plus of foster children on these drugs.
Yeah, and we also know that the government's own findings, the government's own task force, found that mental health screening did very little to prevent suicide.
Then you pile in that, that the mental health screening doesn't prevent suicide, plus the fact that the mental health screening may end up being more coercive for parents...
Well, every week we hear of somebody having their children grabbed because they won't put them on Prozac.
I mean, they're already doing that.
So stay there, Catherine Serge.
We appreciate you joining us.
She's the spokesperson for Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.
Come back, talk more to her, and talk about how to hopefully defeat this in the next session of Congress.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Welcome back, my friends.
Well into the third hour now.
We're honored to be joined by Catherine Sirks, again, one of the spokespersons, spokesindividuals for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons we've had on before.
Catherine, so they passed the New Freedom Initiative.
You talk about coercion.
They're already grabbing people who won't drug their children with drugs that are admittedly more dangerous than Vioxx.
Why don't they pull these other drugs with all the dangers if they're admittedly cause worse side effects than Vioxx?
Any comments to that?
Yeah, actually, we do have a position on that, and that is that many of those drugs and the antidepressants and other drugs that you're talking about do have
Some beneficial applications.
This actually should not be a witch hunt against the pharmaceutical companies or a specific drug.
The problem enters in with the children when there is a mandatory element, just as we've talked about vaccines.
Vaccines can and do save lives, but it must be a decision between physician and parent whether and when and if to medicate a child.
Not a school district or a state program or a social worker.
You're not in a free society when you don't have a choice.
And that it must always be a choice.
The other medical issue for us is that one of the reasons that we have also opposed mental health parity bills in Congress and at the state level is because mental health
Well, they create like 100 new illnesses a year written up by the drug companies to market new things.
I have come to find out in the past few months that apparently I have adult ADHD.
Because if you read the ads for ADHD, I guess there weren't enough sales to children anymore, that that was getting a tougher sell.
Well, they have a Prozac-type pill for women for their menstrual cycle.
How did women get along without drugs 100 years ago?
Well, the ADHD ad that got me was said, do you sometimes have trouble concentrating when you're doing 87 things at once?
You know, does your mind wander occasionally during the day?
Well, yeah.
You know, all of these things happen to me.
I guess I have ADHD.
So, you know, I think you're right on that area.
But there is such subjective, and in fact, our immediate past president is a psychiatrist, and our current president is a psychiatrist.
And so we have a wonderful resource on these issues.
And also our government relations, our government director in D.C.
is a licensed therapist.
So we're coming from this with experience, not saying that mental illness does not exist.
It's just that when we get into government programs and mandates,
It's too subjective for it to be left to government.
Well, clearly 15% of the children in the country don't need to be on Prozac and Ritalin, and clearly we don't need to put more of them on it, and clearly two-thirds of foster children don't need it, and clearly they don't need 17 different drugs in one child.
Well, I know you look at, I think, the state of Massachusetts.
I remember seeing something about a year ago on the use of drugs on the children, medication of drugs on...
The state programs, and I think, my God, the average was something like seven medications per child.
I could be off.
Yeah, same thing in Texas, Florida, Mass, Illinois.
I mean, it's a brave new world.
It was actually, you know, it was beyond alarming.
It was just staggering.
They said a lot of kids are on 17 different ones, and then when the drugs start making them have seizures, they put them on Depakote.
I mean, the kids start dying.
They go, oh, let's put you on more.
So, yeah.
So that's why this is just so important.
This is not... You know, we're not against...
Trying to help children.
We're not against getting help to children who have mental problems.
It's a question of when we start throwing everybody into the hopper and trying to do cookie-cutter medicine through the schools, then we have a problem.
Well, the schools aren't supposed to be a mind-control laboratory.
Well, it's the Willie Sutton approach to social policy, which is Willie Sutton robbed banks because that's where the money was,
This is the social approach that we go to the schools because that's where the children are.
And then you get them on drugs.
They're four times more likely to use prescription or illegal drugs after that.
You're getting that market while they're young.
I know.
And then they go out and complain.
And then the government fires up law enforcement initiatives because the misuse of prescription drugs is up.
And they're surprised by that.
And then we get a ballot Victorian with one
Uh, Tylenol in her lunchbox, and they arrest her, lock down the school, and call a SWAT team.
Did you know about that?
Yes, and I mean, this is, the policy is so out of whack.
The bottom line is... I mean, the kids have literally got psychotropics that are hallucinogenic classes and amphetamine classes with Ritalin.
They're all gobbling, and the kid's got a Tylenol, and lock down the school!
Zero tolerance!
Whoop, whoop, whoop!
We've got one.
We've got a Tylenol.
Whoop, whoop.
Getting people in the system.
The criminal system, welfare, or on drugs.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I've got a few more questions for you, and then I'm going to let you go, because I know you're busy, and I hope you have a good holiday.
It's Thanksgiving.
So, you think we can, if they get the millions of phone calls, as they did this week, and if there's enough pressure, we can get...
Parental consent put into there.
Do you think that can happen in the next session?
That's what's going to have to happen in the next session.
Also, I'm meeting with the National Association of State Legislators next week and trying to... at the Health and Human Services Task Force of ALEC.
We'll talk about it at the state level and make sure that they get it.
I'd like to recommend there's a...
Go to our website later today and we'll have it posted to sign the petition.
We generated almost 6,000-7,000 letters to the Senate last week about this.
Now we need to... We're going to have to put the heat on all over again and start in the house with the new session.
But I think we can do it.
As long as we stay on message and that we... We'll just have to work on the parental consent.
We'll just have to hammer on that one element.
It's not the best of all worlds, but it's the best we can do now.
Well, that's the best you can do, sure.
Or try to get the whole thing repealed.
Here's the problem.
Take vaccines.
There's no law that you have to be vaccinated, but...
And you have to have parental consent.
But they put TV ads on.
It's on the news everywhere.
It's the law.
Better do it.
You'll be arrested.
There is no law.
It's just total fraud, as you know.
And people even try to opt out of it.
They say, oh, no, you can't.
You have to go, no, I know you have that form in your desk.
So it looks like even if we get the parental consent...
...pass through.
The bureaucrats want the federal money.
They'll just say, no, it's the law.
Shut up.
Well, yeah, unfortunately, it really puts a high level, you know, high hoop for the parents to jump through as they have to do with vaccines.
Most states do have waivers for...
But they certainly don't tell you about those.
You really have to push to get that waiver, whether a medical waiver or a personal reason waiver.
We may see this, but these people have been hammering at this for years and years and years.
We've got to take it step by step.
I don't want everyone to be discouraged on this because we have to learn our lesson from what Pete Stark and all these other people have done who have slowly destroyed the medical system and consent and all these things in the country and that is they are willing to just keep coming at it step by step by salami step by salami slice and we need to be willing to fight back and instead of saying we've lost the whole battle,
You know, forget it.
We can't do anything.
Oh, no.
I mean, I have clearly said, Catherine, that the real battle is educating people at the grassroots.
So the child comes home and goes, Mommy, Danny, the psychologist asked me questions, and they... You know, you need to sue them at that point, but call your school and tell them, Look, you're not going to put my child in front of some quack doctor who's reading off a script written by Big Pharma.
Do you understand?
Look, and a lot of these counselors, folks, they're trolling for CPS.
Let them know your child is not to be talked to by anybody but their school teacher, and you're to be called immediately.
You've got to have that on file.
You've got to let them know.
Have it on record, because then when they do it, and they're going to violate it, you are going to be able to sue the daylights out of them.
And I think that that's an excellent suggestion, Alex, as we're working on the national legislation, that parents go to your schools, go to your PTA meetings,
And get a provision in that says no mental health screening at our school.
And let your individual school and school district know where you stand on this.
Local level politics works.
While we're fighting the big battle in D.C., you can stop it at your school.
We can't go school by school.
Well, you also lay a trap for them.
When you've got a registered letter on file with them, and then when they pull it, you are going to own them.
And get a meeting of parents that says if the PTA won't adopt a policy or if it won't adopt a provision on that, exactly have parent-parent meetings.
Yeah, have a group.
Circulate a letter, and I will post on our website later today a sample letter petition for parents to give to their schools to say, I refuse to participate.
Have you seen Dr. Breeding's petition?
What's that one?
No, I have not.
About six months ago, we launched it on this show.
He's got his own doing that.
I just went blank on the name of the group.
Otherwise, I'd give you the...
The website from the parent's group, ablechild.org.
Yeah, we actually came up with that, myself and Dr. Breeding.
Yeah, ablechild.org.
And what I suggest then is that we won't post what, just go to ablechild.org, take that petition, modify it into a letter for your school district.
And get your parents together, get your PTA and say, we don't want this at our school.
It's that simple.
We don't want it at our school.
I mean, it's simple.
And this is how you argue it.
Look, these are schools.
These are not mental laboratories.
If my child was under criminal investigation, you would have to get parental consent.
To interview them.
We've got a Fifth Amendment, and bring in the documents that are public, that are at Able Child and InfoWars, and that we have, where this is written by Big Pharma, to put people who don't have any problems on drugs.
And bring that to your PTA.
Bring it to your school board.
And just tell them.
And, you know, create an alliance in your area of parents.
And then when they try it, folks, for your country, you need to sue them, and that will back them up.
Because we're going to use the people who signed the petition at Able Child, we're going to use that as ammunition to go to Congress and say, look, parents are lining up against this.
So we use that grassroots to help us at the national level.
So it all works together.
I mean, you really can't stop it at your school if you band together with enough vocal, loud people.
Just parents.
I think you can stop this in the individual schools and school districts, and that is your front line.
Trust that, because even if we get something passed in Congress, you know we're going to have to keep fighting this at that level.
They will come back and they'll squeeze around some other side play on us, and we will always have to do it, but you can block it into a local level.
Well, it's got to be done.
I want to thank you for coming on the broadcast with us, and God bless you, Catherine, and I hope people will visit the websites.
Why don't you give folks the websites for Association of American Physicians and Surgeons?
We are aapsonline.org.
And we'll ask everybody to send another letter to Congress in a couple weeks when we're coming back for the new session, so we'll keep you posted on that for your website.
All right, you're great.
Thank you.
Take care, everybody.
Thanks, Alex.
Happy holidays.
You bet.
Folks, I'm not trying to brag here, but it shows what you can do, too, out there.
I thought up the idea to...
Have cities and counties throw out the Patriot Act.
I put it out in a web story, it got picked up, groups picked it up, and now 400 plus cities and towns, four states have done it.
I talked to Dr. Breeding and said, we've got to do something, a petition or something.
I said, why don't you write this up, why don't you do this?
It was really mainly 60-40, it was mainly his idea, but that was born right here.
Fighting Arnold Schwarzenegger and his controllers.
We're going to be president.
The movement against it started right here.
I was watching everybody against it, but the establishment for it, and I said, okay, I've got to do it again.
You know, over and over again.
And, folks, I don't like being alone on this.
I know systems that work and how to fight these people.
You know, here she is going, go sign our petition.
I go, well, funny, we had one of those, and it's ours that I've now been told tens of thousands have signed, just, what, 7,000 just in the last few weeks.
You know, it's important.
But you're just as smart as I am, or smarter in many cases, and you've got to become the leader.
You've got to go get the local radio show or the website or start your own group, and you've got to do it.
Now, a lot of people go out and do that, and they expect me to then go support their group and basically be a minion of that group, and I don't do that either.
You know, I can't do it all.
People call and go, Alex, you need to fight this too, or you need to do that too.
Folks, I can't do any more.
I mean, I literally yesterday...
Worked 21 hours.
That's not an exaggeration.
I want you to understand that.
And I just can't do it.
I'm looking forward to this break the next few days.
I'm not doing a show Thursday or Friday, but we've got some great rebroadcasts coming up.
We have a few interviews I'm doing, and I just need to get my head out of this for a while so I can more effectively fight it.
But it's just... When you really study this, 18 hours a day is my normal...
17 hours a day is my normal workload.
When you do this, when you really see it, I mean, this is horrible.
All of it is.
And so many people call themselves Christians, but they're not real Christians.
They're not followers of Christ.
They're followers of leaders that claim they have the mantle of Christ.
And so being a Christian means calling Muslims subhumans, saying kill them all,
And being a Christian means you say George Bush is a man of the Lord.
And being a Christian means you ignore all the evil fruits around you.
And being a Christian means you ignore skull and bones.
And being a Christian going, well, it doesn't matter if we kill all the Muslims.
Good, I'm glad they shot that subhuman man on the ground because he was going to hell anyways.
I mean, that's not how Jesus operated.
And again, that's a whole other discussion, a whole other area.
I mean, you talk about these so-called Christians today, they are cult members, folks.
They are cult members.
They are not Christians.
I mean, I can just see the spirit of Satan on them.
I can literally see it burning on them.
I can see it.
It's sick.
I mean, they don't even know it.
I mean, they are ultimate slaves of the devil, because they don't even know it.
They are filled with hate.
They are filled with a beast.
They think they're Christian.
They say, so what microchips?
So what National ID cards?
So what are the dollars plunging?
So what for psychological testing?
If Bush is for it, it's of the Lord.
Was it of the Lord when he went to the Shinto Shrine and summoned the demon in Japan?
Was it of the Lord when he prayed to Buddha and Allah?
Was it of the Lord when he... The guy's a devil worshipper.
So is his cousin, Kerry.
And if you don't have the discernment just to look at him and know it, much less the fruits...
Then, folks, you're not walking with God.
And I'm not up here on a high horse, folks.
I mean, I'm driven, far beyond driven, because I know that the devil knows the time is short.
And I know my time is short to warn people.
And I just can't stand corruption and evil.
And I've been used in a limited capacity, I believe, as a tool, as a vessel.
By God to fight the New World Order.
And I don't know how you can call yourselves Christians and not see just the darkness that's enveloping this country.
I mean, it's easy to just deny and be in denial of everything.
It's easy to just go along with all this.
But in the long run, it's going to destroy you.
I mean, you're not going to have to wait until you go to hell to be in hell.
They're going to take everything you've got.
And a lot of you in that process, while things are getting worse and worse, are going to like people trying to, you know, when a sailing ship sinks and the last thing to go under is the mast, people climb up the mast, you know, hoping they're going to escape it.
You kind of climb up into the system and worship it even more and try to be an even bigger supporter of it and try to rationalize and make excuses for it and do all this.
And meanwhile, the troops are breathing DU and dying in mass, getting sick.
Meanwhile, children die every week in Texas alone from over-drugging.
We're good to go.
I go off the wrong documents.
Then I get one more email telling me I'm psychic I'm going to throw up.
How did you talk about that eight years ago?
Because it's the documents, folks.
They're going to put satellite boxes in your cars.
They're going to force drug half the children in the next phase.
They're going to get rid of almost all our jobs.
Everything's going to shift into prisons, police, surveillance.
And a lot of yuppies and people are going to serve it and love it and wear the little uniforms and get off on the control.
And it ain't going to be pretty.
They're going to take your guns and they're going to do it.
Unless you get involved.
You can keep laughing if you want and just watch what happens.
I want to tell the people listening, the establishment types, you're not the elite.
You're not part of the system.
These low-level functionaries think they're part of the elite.
A lot of them get off on all this.
You're not part of the elite.
You're expendable.
You're going to lose your jobs.
You're going to lose it all.
No matter how you try to hang on and bootleg, it isn't going to help you.
The path towards freedom
And salvation and strength is towards the path that looks dangerous, towards the rocky, narrow path.
The way to destruction is wide.
And you can think that going along with this is going to protect you, and I assure you it's not.
That's the mind trick here, is that what looks dangerous and what looks like the most dangerous path
Sometimes you've got to put the ship straight into the storm.
If you turn that ship sideways, you're going to capsize.
You're going to go on your beam ends.
It's over.
You're going to lose the ship.
You've got to go straight into it.
It's like football.
The one time you don't go 100% when you wind up playing football is the one time you break your leg or sprain your ankle or get your collarbone broken or get tagged and get knocked out.
If you go 100% every time, you're almost unstoppable.
That's just how it works, folks.
I said I'd go to calls.
Let's go to some here.
Who's up next?
I guess Jeff in Texas.
Jeff, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
A quick question for you.
Excuse me if you've covered this already.
Given the research that people like Springmeyer and others have done on secret births of the Illuminati and how it's resulted in people like Hitler...
And possibly Clinton.
Have you looked at or possibly covered the possibility of a secret birth regarding Arnold?
I don't think there's any need to look at a secret birth.
I mean, he's the product of an SS marriage.
He's there in a little town where the Rothschilds are based.
I mean, he's just a front man for them.
Given his meteoric rise to power, it's just so drastic.
I wonder if there was something behind it.
I wonder...
He's an icon they want to use.
He has the archetypal image of invincibility of the Beowulf Complex.
Right, right.
But really, he's a Grendel.
The other thing is, Alex, given all these laws that are coming down, and we know that they're coming down faster than we can even look at them, all these laws from the federal government, they apply to quote-unquote U.S.
Now, you may have covered this already, but it's time to break this federal contract with the Social Security Administration.
I've done it.
Do you have any thoughts on that as far as getting out of the US citizen status?
What, becoming a state citizen?
Yeah, you know, it works.
It works.
But then they try to go there educating the courts how to engage in fraud on you and just use force to compel you back into the system.
Well, I'm just looking for, you know, peaceable means of resistance or passive resistance or protest.
And that seems to be the last thing with all of these laws is to revoke your U.S.
citizen status.
That way there's no contract.
The problem is, even if there's no contract, they still enforce it as if there's an organic one.
Yeah, they're evil.
All right, thanks, Doc.
Yeah, thank you for the call.
Let's talk to Bob and Joe when we get back.
I don't know about all the others.
A few final tidbits.
I might as well plug my videos.
I haven't really done that.
If you don't want to get them, if you don't think they're important, just don't worry about it.
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Just kiss it all goodbye.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
In most cases in history, every day in the capital cities of what is now today Latin America, or what is today Iran, or what was then Persia,
There were dead people hanging up in cages everywhere.
They were roasting people, dunking them in oil.
Elitists sitting there, giggling and laughing, strangling people for enjoyment.
And that same enjoyment is about to be in your daily life.
We are turning into demonic animals.
A demon-possessed nation.
A demon-possessed world.
And it's all around us, the suffering, the evil.
It's all around us.
35,000 children starved to death every day.
There are 6 billion, 400 million people coming towards this country.
They're getting rid of our sovereignty, taking everything we got.
And the average yuppie is a giggling, demonic pig who thinks it's all funny.
And the other folks are so uneducated and so informed.
There's a giant mass of us that are informed, but
I'm not trying to be negative.
I just want you to know how bad it is.
Police and all the rest of you listening.
You know, I've investigated this.
What I'm saying is true.
And you know darn well it's true in your guts right now, don't you?
And why you're not crying for this country, I have no idea.
I mean, have you got any love for your family?
You better just stop giggling at what I'm saying and wipe that smile off your face.
You better investigate what I've claimed here.
Because it's all true.
It's all true.
And I think we're going to make it through this, but it's painful to see our country being ripped limb from limb and to watch you giggling about it because you think you're part of it.
You're not.
We're entering a decadent phase before I take a final call from Bob in Kansas.
I hope everybody goes to Infowars.com and to PrisonPlanet.com and I hope you get my videos and I pray you make copies of them
And I beg you to put them on AXS TV and to show them to your VFW Hall and your church.
And if your church won't let you show them, then just leave that church.
That church is telling you this is all God's will and God loves what's happening.
And you need to leave it.
You need to get my videos.
You need to call.
You need to buy them.
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And we do need your support.
Let's talk to Bob in Kansas.
Bob, last caller.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I think one of the best ways of getting this out is letters to the editor.
If everybody is listening, little small towns in every place, people read that every week or every day.
That would really get it out if everybody was listening to do that.
Every week I get letters to the editor plugging my website and talking about other key issues.
It's from all over the country.
It's very exciting.
Yeah, and if you'd have a special, if you could, put a special place on your website of a list of the things that the Bush and Republicans are doing, we could use that with the information to put in some of these letters to the editor.
I kind of hesitate writing because I don't know all the details of some of this stuff.
Open borders, gun control, forced psychological testing.
Face scanning cameras everywhere.
If we could have a list, it would help a lot.
That way we could keep us in mind.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Thank you, sir.
Hey, think about what you should really be thankful for.
The freedom and liberty that America was, to some extent still is, though it's fading, fading fast.
The sun is setting.
The darkness is about to be upon us.
Shadows are getting very long.
We'll be back tomorrow, back tonight.
Take care.