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Air Date: Nov. 19, 2004
2632 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
It's already Friday...
The 19th day of November 2004.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Well, they've got a chance in the next few days to try to pass the National ID Card.
We know the legislation's in trouble, but there's a new report out that they may be able to ram it through.
Also, we have the new Freedom Initiative.
The forced psychological testing of every child and then every adult inches away from being passed.
Congressman Ron Paul will be joining us in the third hour, in the middle of his busy legislative schedule, joining us.
Now, something could come up with a quick vote or something, and he may be on earlier or later, but sometime during the third hour today, or perhaps earlier in the second hour.
We're going to take a lot of calls today, early in the first hour, on any news item, any issue, Fallujah, what's happening in Iraq, what's happening in Mosul,
Our campaign that we've launched has been very successful thanks to you, Americans Against Arnold, and against amending Article 2, Clause 5 of the Constitution so he can be president.
It has been on CNN.
It's been all over the Associated Press nationwide.
I've done a bunch of radio interviews.
And it looks like we'll probably be doing some of the morning shows next week.
But it's important for all of you to contact ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, MSNBC, all of them, and tell them, hey, you've had Schwarzenegger's group wall-to-wall, all over TV, promoting this, and no one challenging it.
The American people's view, 80-plus percent against this, need to be represented.
It needs to happen.
And so I sincerely hope that everybody joins us in this fight against this.
We'll be covering the latest developments on that after this quick break as well.
There is just so many different issues I want to cover.
United Nations body set up to make recommendations on governing the Internet.
Taxation, regulation, control over your speech.
Just amazing levels of control.
We'll also be covering this.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
That's 1-800-259-9231.
We also have some interesting vaccine news here about how the government knew that vaccines were contaminated and covered it up.
That is out of the Associated Press.
Another article here that's very important is concerning opium production in Afghanistan from the CBC.
In the two-plus years since it was liberated from the CIA, Al-Qaeda, Arabs who were flown out to safety by our government, opium production went up 200%, then now 400%, and now it's tracking for the third year coming up to be overt.
A 700% increase in opium production.
Afghanistan's opium production is approaching record levels, and the United Nations report said drug production has shot up more than 60% in the past year.
So see, it keeps going up from the year before last, and then you go back and look at the years from before that, it's even higher.
So it's just an explosive increase.
The hardline Taliban regime, which ruled Afghanistan until 2001...
Greatly reduced opium poppy production and cultivation.
However, under the rule of the new democratically elected unical executive, Ahmed Karzai, opium production is approaching record highs.
Depends what article you read.
I mean, it's at super record highs.
With people's... They're producing more and more of it and growing more and more of it, with poppies now being grown in all areas of Afghanistan's 32 provinces.
The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime estimates that opium cultivation has increased by 64% in the last year alone.
And it's flooding the United States with all of this trash.
We'll be right back with the news and a lot more.
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Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, implantable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional rights.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
Yesterday, we launched Americans Against Arnold on the website ArnoldExposed.com.
We got 26,000 visitors during the show and around $5,000 in donations.
But not many since then.
You know, that sounds like a lot of money, but just to do a small...
Cable ad buy in, say, Sacramento is going to cost more than that.
And it's simple, folks.
If you want us to be able to effectively run some ads in California and in Texas, then we need you to go to ArnoldExpose.com, click on the PayPal link, and give us $5, $10.
I'm also, out of my own pocket, going to pay...
$2,000 to whoever wins a contest we're going to have for a second wave of commercials.
That'll be $2,000 for whoever produces the best TV spot and $1,000 for the best radio spot, either 30 or 60 seconds long.
Both of them, but that's coming up in January.
This is going to be a long four-year fight.
And obviously running the ads, folks, in just a few select cities, makes the media focus on it, makes them give attention to it, then it gets put on national TV, the ads get run as part of newscasts, and that's where you have the real effect.
Arnold's people run a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of ads, blitzkrieging California with it, and then it gets aired on almost every major TV news show in the country.
And then that gets them the grassroots support they need, going up against 80-plus percent of the American people in major polls against amending the Constitution for anybody.
And the numbers even get worse for Arnold when Arnold Schwarzenegger's name comes into the mix.
They've got all these senators and congressmen and all these fat cats and all these blowing reports all over television.
But they don't care.
The AP did pick it up out of Sacramento.
CNN ran a short little barb.
I didn't see it, but I got 100 phone calls about it.
But let's see if Good Morning America and Daybreak and all these programs that have these guys on over and over again this week will have us on.
So email them, contact them, tell them, hey, this guy represents our views.
And pretty soon we'll have an area where you can sign up and become members there.
We're going to be posting your emails and comments.
90% of the hundreds of emails we've gotten to ArnoldExposed.com have been very positive.
Some of them are threatening.
One person sent us a virus, a real serious virus.
When we opened the email up, which came right out of the email itself, not just out of the attachment.
We didn't open that.
Some anti-Semitic email saying, you're an evil Jew.
We know you should move back to Israel.
I mean, I'm not Jewish, but so what if I was?
I mean, it's just crazy.
Just amazing.
I know you love Arnold.
I know you love abortion and open borders and gun bans.
I understand I'm an evil liberal.
It said, why don't you go vote for Kerry, you evil Jew?
I bet you voted for Kerry, you evil Jew.
We're going to be posting all of this at ArnoldExposed.com.
And really, folks, let me just cover some of this news, then we'll go to Nathan in Oklahoma, who says he's got the audio clip of the CNN piece.
Well, there's a bunch of different ones that were on CNN, but this is one of them.
And also, we'll get into just a ton of other news, like problems found a year ago at plant...
But the company wasn't ordered by the FDA for plant repairs.
More than 100 journalists killed this year alone, and our government openly said they were targeting them, even American journalists.
This is from the Associated Press.
United Nations body set up to make recommendations on governing the Internet.
Opium production surging in Afghanistan to record levels.
Sequoia gives away electronic voting machines in swing state before November election.
A bunch of election fraud news here as well.
And some of the really big news, 9-11 police state bill on the move again, stop the national ID card.
Washington sources to Liberty Think negotiations on 9-11 police state bill, a.k.a.
intelligence reform, are picking up steam.
The Senate's McCain national ID biometric checkpoint systems, it even mentions checkpoints, to have the advantage over the House's NAFTA tri-national ID card scheme.
Congressional critters on the Commerce Committee need to be told, again, that no national ID system is acceptable and on prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv right now.
This is one of the top stories with all the phone numbers to Duncan Hunter and Henry Hyde and Jane Sensenbrenner, David Dreyer, Robert Martinez, Menendez, Jane Harmon,
Joseph Lieberman, Susan Collins, Pat Roberts, Trent Lott, George Bonovich, Norm Coleman, John Sununu, Mike DeWine, Carl Levine, Bob Grand, Frank Lautenberg.
We've got all their phone numbers right there for you.
When you talk about a fight, this is it.
Again, we've got Ron Paul coming up later in the broadcast.
The Congress is going to give us a legislative update on all of this.
It's all down to the wire today.
Man caught with pot, small amount of marijuana given choice, jail or military.
to begin tests of transportation worker identity cards, L.A.
That's just some of what's coming up today, and we will cover all of it.
Toll-free number to join us on air.
We're good to go.
Please keep emailing out the press release, which is linked below, so we can reach more people.
You have the power to change minds.
National movement launched to stop Arnold Schwarzenegger destroying the U.S.
Sacramento, a Texas radio host, launched a web-based offensive Thursday against efforts to change the U.S.
Constitution to allow Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for the presidency of the United States.
Alex Jones, an Austin-based talk show host.
Out of Burnsville, Minnesota, Genesis Communications Network said the site raised around $5,000 for the Andy Arnold Schwarzenegger campaign.
Jones, once voted Austin's favorite radio host and sometimes described as a conspiracy theorist, said he's raising funds to run TV ads in Austin, Sacramento to counter those beginning this week by Schwarzenegger supporters, hoping he'll run for president.
This is serious.
Alex said Arnold is serious.
His people are serious.
Jones said most Americans don't support changing the Constitution to clear the way for Schwarzenegger's presidency.
The talk show host who rails against globalism, the United Nations and the World Bank on satellite and internet radio, criticizes Schwarzenegger for permitting past drug use and mistreatment of women, and accuses him of Nazi sympathies.
Accuses him?
I mean, he says he doesn't care if we're at all times a Nazi.
He goes and campaigns for him.
He's all over TV, getting wall-to-wall major news cycle coverage for weeks on end, Jones said.
This is a campaign, and his operatives are pushing it.
It deserves to be countered.
Jones unveiled his website.
No, it's your website, America.
ArnoldExposed.com, a Silicon Valley-based group, begins airing ads supporting the constitutional change.
Its ads and a companion website...
Amend for Arnold.com are sponsored by Lisa Morgenthaler-Jones, a barrier mutual fund manager and a Schwarzenegger campaign donor.
She sat on his committee for finance.
Schwarzenegger aides declined comment on either campaign, but the governor said on Tuesday's CNN Larry King Live that he supports an amendment.
They say four proposed amendments are before the Congress right now.
We're not going to have... I mean, a foreigner would be bad enough as our president, but to have a guy who says he dreams of being a dictator, well, we've already gone over it.
The best article I've seen, which is absolutely incredible, was out of World Net Daily, and I can just only commend them for the report they did.
It was just entirely one-sided on our side.
But they've done major polls on their own site, and
98.2% out of thousands of respondents don't want him to run for president, so they know where their people are at.
That's just their poll of conservatives.
It's 80% in other major polls.
In California, where people are so dumbed down, it's two-thirds are against it.
That's the best numbers that Lord Schwarzenegger has.
Nathan in Oklahoma, thanks for holding, sir.
You're on the air.
Yes, good morning, Alex.
I've got a 23-second audio clip.
First, I'd like to encourage everyone to go to the site arnoldexposed.com and get a copy of the press release and do what I did this morning.
Email it to AP.
Of course, they've already mentioned it.
Also email it to UPI, Reuters, BBC, George Norrie, our local ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox affiliates up in Oklahoma City and many others.
And this morning, of course, several different times I mentioned you, Alex, and I've got a 23-second audio clip here that I'd like to play.
Yeah, please play it.
This is from CNN?
Yes, it is.
Okay, hit it.
Here it comes.
Well, you may have heard of the group pushing for a constitutional amendment allowing Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for president.
Well, an Austin, Texas radio host has launched a website opposing the movement.
Alex Jones criticizes a California governor for admitted past drug use and alleged mistreatment of women.
Schwarzenegger's aides have declined comments on the campaign for and against a constitutional amendment.
Did they show the website?
No, they didn't.
All they did was basically just show Arnold Schwarzenegger, and that was it.
So they put Morgenthaler Jones on for 10, 15 minutes on all these shows, but we get 15 seconds and 20 seconds, and they get half of it.
Again, folks, we need to be on all these shows.
We need to be there countering this and call CNN, call Fox.
Call them all, folks.
Email them.
And tell them, look, everybody's against this.
You need to have people on that are against it.
This was about, I guess, 945 Central Time this morning.
Yeah, I'm told there's been a bunch of different variants.
I'm told there was one on CNN early this morning that did show the website.
Well, like I said, I emailed the press release to Matt Drudge.
I sent it to George Norring.
Send it to the New York Times, the New York Post.
I heard George Norrie covered it, and we appreciate that.
Well, I just wanted to pass that along.
Great, Alex.
Thank you so much.
But, folks, think about this.
This is important.
His group, his campaign people, setting this up, but, oh, now he's not part of it, though.
He's on TV saying he supports the amendment.
Well, he has commented on it.
They're all over the place.
They get to go all over television.
And we really need to get on Good Morning America.
We need to get on all these shows, and they've been on everything.
We need to be able to stand up against this.
Not just have some little blurb on CNN, but this at least is something.
We're going to expose...
The New World Order.
We're going to expose what they're trying to do with their minion.
We'll be right back.
A ton of news.
We've got a surprise guest coming up.
More of your calls.
Hey, if they show up for the interview, stay with us.
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Again, Congressman Ron Paul is coming up later on the broadcast to give us a legislative update on the forced psychological testing and drugging legislation and on the National ID Card legislation that we're all facing.
They've already implemented it.
Now they just want to make it the law and have enacting clauses and power behind it.
So again, that's coming up with just so many other important news items today.
Let's continue with the news.
Again, 9-1-1 police state bill on the move again.
And they've only got a couple days to try to pass this before the session closes.
Sometimes they can go through the weekend before this Congress closes.
And it is so important, I cannot stress enough,
That you go to prisonplanet.com and look at all these direct lines to House and Senate members on the key committees, and that you call them and say, I do not want you to pass that national ID card.
And of course they'll tell you, oh, it's not a national ID card.
Well, the legislation says it is.
All the news media has to admit it is, but they're still trying the stonewalling.
I mean, that's what we're facing here.
It's like the forced psychological testing.
It's right there in the other bill.
And they'll try to deny that.
Oh, it's just mental health screening for your safety.
You know, you should be for it.
Speaking of the draft, man with pot given choice, jail or military, as leanest man will have to choose between going to jail or joining the military as his punishment for possession of marijuana.
A judge surprised both the prosecution and defense yesterday when he told Brian Barb they could avoid a jail term by enlisting in the military.
And it says the 24-year-old Barb was charged with marijuana possession after shooting a would-be robber who had entered his apartment with two others.
Don't you love it?
People come into his apartment, trying to rob him.
He shoots them.
The cops come and find some marijuana.
Police say Barr sold marijuana from his home, and that the three men were searching for money and marijuana.
In giving Barr a choice of a sentence, Monterey County Judge Robert Moody said that the shooting was justified.
Barr is scheduled to return to court next month.
Well, I guess the guy likes to shoot people.
I mean, who doesn't if they're invading your house?
You like to survive.
You like to defend yourself.
It's instinctive.
So I'll send him off to the military.
Man, that's cruel and unusual punishment right there.
Go to prison or go and let sand flies burrow into your skin in 125 degree heat in full body armor and be shot at.
But there's not a draft.
Of course, this is really an old-fashioned thing.
I've seen many cases of this 50, 60 years ago.
It was very popular, especially with juvenile delinquents who'd been caught several times robbing or stealing.
It was really kind of a good idea.
You know, join the military or go to prison.
And it seemed the military did reform a lot of people, but...
Now our military fully works for the New World Order, and you're going to breathe depleted uranium and not be given treatment for it.
So I am firmly against it.
Let's go ahead and talk to our caller in Pennsylvania.
Caller, what's your name?
Hi, my name is Don.
How you doing?
What's up?
First off, congratulations about getting on CNN.
That's big.
Yeah, we need wall-to-wall time like they had to go over who Arnold really is.
Yes, sir.
Well, I'm going to help where I can.
I have a small newsletter.
I'm going to donate a banner space.
I'm just going to put in there ArnoldExposed.com.
I don't have a lot to give you.
No, that's wonderful.
No, it's for the country.
Thank you.
Also, if I may, I finally saw Fahrenheit 9-11 for the first time yesterday.
No problem.
And I'm like you.
I'm really busy.
My wife and I both and four kids and two jobs and two newsletters.
And I finally had the time to see Fahrenheit 9-11.
And even though it does not delve deep enough, it does start bringing up some questions to people who've maybe never heard of you or GCN or anything like that.
And that's a great movie.
If nobody has seen it yet, please watch it.
It does bring up some good questions.
The Saudi-Bush link, things like that.
And it just really broke my heart, the scene of the baby.
The man was saying, what was those babies' crime?
That broke my heart.
But I did want to tell you, sir, that I do want to give you an ad space.
Is it arnoldexposed.com?
Is that how you...
I've got to make sure the spelling's right.
Yes, arnoldexposed.com.
Okay, and I'm also inviting some folks to look at my newsletter.
I'll send it to them for free.
No gimmicks.
Can I give my email address?
Why not?
It's the word giveaway04.
It's G-I-B-E-A-W-A-Y 04 at yahoo.com.
Hey, I appreciate your call, Don, there in Pennsylvania.
I appreciate your call.
Thank you for calling.
We're going to go to break here in a moment, and we'll see if our special guest is able to join us.
You do not want to miss this special guest.
And we'll be talking with that special guest about, well, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
And our campaign dealing with that, and, well, the other...
Campaign dealing with that.
So that is coming up here in just a few minutes, and then we will get more into all the other news on vaccines, on the war in Iraq, on basically what we're facing going into the new year, the plunging dollar, Alan Greenspan putting out some really scary information.
Yesterday, it is all coming up, so please stay with us, and more of your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
So please stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright folks, our guest is coming up.
We'll tell you about that guest when they get here.
She's running a little bit late.
John, what were you specifically telling me?
How late did they tell you?
A couple minutes?
Okay, just... Pardon me?
Okay, try the other number you have.
Will you do that?
As soon as you're done there, try the cell.
Yeah, we have special guests from time to time that we can't announce on air until they join us or they tend to cancel the interviews.
But this is something, believe me, you do not want to miss.
We'll see what happens.
Ron Paul is scheduled and always shows up when he's supposed to unless there's some massive vote going on.
So that's later in the broadcast.
Some of the other news here.
Look at this.
Problems found a year ago at vaccine plant.
This is out of the San Jose Mercury News, but Chion wasn't ordered by the FDA to make repairs.
Federal inspectors found serious sanitation, contamination, and manufacturing problems at a Liverpool flu vaccine plant more than a year ago, but officials decided against ordering the plant's owner.
We're good to go.
And it turns out they had problems back in 2003.
Remember the anthrax plant up at BioPort in Lansing, Michigan, where workers took it and died?
Coroners said it was killing the workers who were being forced to take it because they work around it.
The troops have been forced to take it going back since 1989.
Something experimental is you're supposed to sign a waiver that you agree to be experimented on.
You can't by law make someone take something that's not approved.
And the FDA went in there and found all these big problems year after year and didn't shut them down and finally did, what, back in like 1998?
Well, that's another problem with the vaccines, not just the mercury and all the other problems, but also the stuff that you just, I guess, accidentally gets in there.
They mention with BioPort, live viruses, bacteria, fungus, chemicals...
And I see these articles every year with different vaccine makers.
And a lot of times the bad vaccines, they don't destroy them.
They go ahead and just ship them to Asia or Africa or to the United States.
In fact, I talked to our family doctor, and he said, yeah, he was volunteering for a big regional clinic.
This was last year, and he said he was shocked to see the liquid oral polio vaccine banned in this country.
Government doses being given out, being given to poor children.
That's the type of the live SV40 cancer virus in it.
A very virulent virus that causes all sorts of rare cancers that have now really increased across the country.
John, did you try her cell phone number?
All right.
Boy, I really hope we get this guest on.
We're all in suspense here.
We'll see what happens.
We'll keep trying throughout the show.
So that's an important issue for you to be aware of there.
More than 100 journalists killed this year, this is out of the Associated Press, Brussels, Belgium.
More than 100 journalists have been killed since January.
Begging 2004 the most deadly year for journalists in a decade, an international media rights group said, the slangs of three journalists in recent days in the Ivory Coast, Nicaragua, and the Philippines pushed this year's total to 101.
The International Federation of Journalists said Friday, 2004 is turning out to be one of the most bloody years on record, said Aiden White, the Federation's General Secretary.
The crisis of news safety has reached an intolerable level and must be addressed urgently.
Well, last time I checked a month ago, 30-plus, I think it was 34, journalists have been killed in Iraq, and over 20 of them were Westerners, English, American, Reuters, AP, other reporters.
And we've got the video out where the Abrams tank pulls up to the Baghdad Hotel, aims at the seventh floor, and fires, killing a couple of Reuters reporters.
The Pentagon, before the war started, warned reporters, you get in the way or you report on stuff we're doing, we're going to kill you.
So it's bad when Al-Siaida, one of these Arab groups, cuts somebody's head off, and I agree it's horrible.
Many of the cases we look at are clearly the other side doing it.
And then it's okay, though.
I hear the neocons making excuses for targeting journalists.
And this has always gone on.
But now to have it being openly admitted is staggering.
Staggering to say the least.
Any word, John?
All right, I appreciate it.
You know what I want you to do, my friend?
Just keep trying it, and we don't have her in the next hour.
Just try every five minutes or so.
We'll announce who it was that discovered things.
I probably screwed it up last night when I answered the office phone.
I'll tell folks about it later.
Let's talk to Fred in Philadelphia.
Fred, go ahead.
You're on the air.
I wanted to say that there is a persistent problem with reporting the actual enlisted numbers in Philadelphia, in the local area, and the Inquirer, this biggest local paper, is instead putting these ridiculous articles out saying that the Pentagon or the recruitment centers have X number of
...of recruits above their goal or desired figure.
Well, wait a minute.
I mean, a few months ago, I saw recruitment numbers, and they said that in all armed forces, but the Air Force and the Marines, the Army and the Navy have gotten about half of the number they wanted, and the Marines have fallen a little short, and so has the Air Force.
Well, you're lucky to get it expressed in that way of half the number they wanted, but the fact is that
I just want to see the numbers, period.
And so if I want to graph the numbers, I want to graph the numbers.
But what they do is they then adjust the numbers when they don't meet their goal.
And they say, well, now our goal is this X number.
But they can use that word goal or that phrase desired number to mean what they want it to mean.
Well, look, why do you think they're re-upping people who are 56 years old who have cancer?
Why do you think they're re-upping people who have been out of the military for 15 years and already served a decade?
And who've been in combat.
I know why.
I think you know why, too.
But I wanted to ask you this.
What is the basic way that you think this draft legislation is going to be finessed?
It's going to come after a terror attack.
It's going to come after a terror attack.
Oh, there's been talk of this, and we didn't want to, but boy, the bills had been introduced years ago, and reintroduced, and we were just hit by a terrorist, and we've got to have a draft.
Sorry, but don't worry.
You can opt out if you want to just serve domestically in Homeland Security.
That's what the bills say.
So I see what you're saying.
In other words, you're going to play that angle of public service.
Well, they've already said they want to make AmeriCorps and the subdivision of it Secure Corps mandatory.
You want to graduate from high school?
You've got to do this.
Okay, and then on the New Freedom Initiative, I want to say that I think that they're going to have, along with it, they're going to have an element of secrecy because they're going to have people coming under the wing of the New Freedom Initiative, and they may very well put an element of secrecy of who has been required,
What do you think?
Well, I tend to agree with you.
I appreciate your call.
I really do.
Up next is Doug in Pennsylvania.
Doug, go ahead.
Am I on the air now?
You sure are, sir.
Yes, I was just calling and...
In regards to your 9-11, I wrote the Tyranny DVD.
I was looking to actually listen to the military here the past couple months.
It's been a pretty bad year for me.
And I saw that DVD, and you were talking about the paramilitary training with the police.
And I saw that, and I didn't know that they were training troops
To occupy U.S.
Yeah, what branch is the military in?
I'm not in any branch.
I was looking to enlist, and I saw this... Oh, okay.
I didn't understand you.
Yeah, I was looking to enlist, and I saw that how they're... I was looking to enlist into the Army.
Actually, go to the Army.
I saw that.
I saw that the training, what they were doing, like what the Marines were doing, certain Army units from Fort Bragg.
You were going to join the Rangers or try to get into the Rangers?
Yeah, something like that.
Yeah, I was going to, but not now.
I can't.
I mean, I was never... Fort Bush were really the war in Iraq, but...
You know, I figured at this point in my life it might be a good thing for me, but I can't go against my own people like that.
Well, in overall, being in the military can strengthen you and teach you a lot of skills.
The problem is they'll inject you with deadly experimental vaccines.
They'll make you breathe a plate of uranium, whether it's Serbia or Iraq or Afghanistan, and they won't give you treatment.
And they'll take any promises of treatment or school away from you, and they won't send you where you sign up to go, in most cases.
They'll lie to you.
And now the Pentagon's, one of their chief strategists, this Professor Barnett, the Naval War College, we've had General Parton on talking about this, we've covered it and played clips here and read his statements, says you will work for the global corporations, you don't work for America.
And you're going to invade all these countries.
They're openly admitting.
I've got video of giant rooms full of...
Top officers watching their top theoreticians and futurists going, we work for the big corporations, we work for the big banks, we work for... I mean, it's not even... You know, the stuff Smedley Butler, the Marine Corps officer who's a big hero, he later wrote War is a Racket and how he really worked for the big banks.
You know, stuff like that that was a secret 20 years ago, 50 years ago, is now just out in the open.
Yeah, we work for the New World Order!
You know what really upsets me is just how they flaunt it.
I knew things were bad.
Well, it is, and I appreciate your call.
There's a lot you can do here to defend America.
I mean, you can go to college, you can go to the police academy.
We need good police in there.
And at least they're not forcing police to breathe DU or take deadly injections.
So, you know, if you want to be a defender, you've got that instinctive need to help people.
Go be a fireman.
Or I'd say join the Coast Guard, an admirable profession, but now they're sending them off to combat overseas and making you take the shots.
So, just, in fact, if you were going to join any branch of the military, which I'd advise strongly against, Coast Guard.
Because then you'd just be facing the deadly vaccinations you wouldn't be facing the DU.
See, the biggest threat you face is from your own government, my friend.
But if you really want to help people, be a firefighter or a policeman.
Good people like you need to do that.
Anything else?
Yeah, I mean, there's just, I don't know, there's just so much.
I'm having a really hard time...
Digesting a lot of this because I didn't know it was quite this bad.
But hey, I'll get through it and you're an inspiration, believe me.
Well, I appreciate your call, and folks like you waking up and taking action are an inspiration to myself.
I mean, I talk to these young people who literally have, who are high school seniors, and they say every week the recruiters are in there, and they corner them at the lunch table, and they push it on them, and they go, you're not afraid, are you?
Yeah, you're an American, you know, or something, or you're on a Patriot.
I mean, I'm starting to get sick of that shit, you know what I mean?
Listen, sir, I appreciate your call.
Take care, okay?
I'm sorry that they're in there in the schools trying to recruit you.
I apologize that they're doing that to you.
But you need to learn how to be articulate, okay?
Oh, boy.
There's just so much we need to cover here.
More of your calls are coming up.
Again, Associated Press and CNN, thanks to you, the listeners, taking action.
And God bless you.
You have...
Really had an effect, and now literally hundreds of TV stations picked up the AP articles on their website.
I'm told dozens carried reports on it.
CNN carried a report nationally.
The Associated Press out of Sacramento.
And it's very, very exciting that the author did this.
And so I can only commend the author for doing that.
But we need to get Reuters.
We need to get Bloomberg.
We need to get everybody else to write a story about this.
And we need to say, look, you've given the Arnold camp, his campaign people now running this operation, wall-to-wall TV coverage.
I mean, five, ten minutes.
On different programs to plug your website, to try to raise money to do all of this, and we deserve the same thing.
We're the American people.
The majority of us are against this.
This is the organization that was founded first to do this.
We're going to spend every dime on radio and TV ads in Texas and in California and other areas where we get the money, and we need to get on these TV shows to do that.
And listeners, I need you to go to ArnoldExposed.com.
And I need you to give $5, $10, $20 so we can do this.
They're on the PayPal account.
If you aren't on the computer or you don't use PayPal, just send a check to Alex Jones and write in the memo section for Americans Against Arnold.
And every dime, including the $3,000 I'm putting up just for a contest for commercials, I'm going to run my own ads first, but then we're going to have ads at least on the web later, a TV ad and a radio ad.
We've got $2,000 for the TV ad as a prize, January 1st.
Got to have them submitted by, say, I don't know, December 18th.
And then $1,000 for a 30- or 60-second radio spot.
And we'll put them on the web, and the millions will be able to see it there as it gets spread around the web.
We'll probably, if it's good, put it on television.
But I'm going to produce a real simple ad.
I've got to do it this weekend, and then do a media buy next week, and at least do it here in Austin and Sacramento.
And if the money doesn't come in to do the ads, I'm just going to pay for it myself, which I really don't have that much money.
So please go to arnoldexposed.com and do this.
I mean, I haven't asked for money except for one other thing five years ago.
That was to build a memorial church in Waco for all those that died.
And it's there, at Mount Carmel.
And the Davidians now have it, and they have memorial services every year in it.
I mean, somebody had to help these people.
We stood by and watched them be killed and mashed, and did nothing.
They didn't get anything out of their civil trial, because the judge wouldn't let them have a jury trial for that.
The jury found them not guilty in the criminal trial, but then he said, well, I found you guilty when the Supreme Court said that conviction was illegal, but they're still in prison.
But those that never went to prison used that church, and I want to commend those that did that.
That was back in 1999.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And one other senator I can't place at this moment.
This is public.
This is happening.
This is real.
We'll be back with more calls and more of the news.
And we'll get you involved on air at 1-800-259-9231.
Ron Paul coming up, the congressman, best congressman we've got next to Tom Tancredo.
Give us a little update on the National ID card, the forced drugging.
It is all coming up.
So again, please stay with us.
We'll be right back on the other side of this quick break.
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It is so important.
This is real.
This is a real threat.
Congressman Rohrabacher told a major newspaper that Republican leadership wants him for 08.
This is very serious.
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Write to Alex Jones, that's me, at 3001 South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
What if you had a chance to have seen a threat by a foreign dictator and stop it?
A person who said they admire Hitler, a person who said they dream of being a dictator.
A person who bad-mouthed Jesus Christ in one of his own books.
I've read it myself.
What of you had a chance to stand up against that?
What of you had a chance in 1935 Germany to stand up against another Austrian?
Another usurper?
Again, my friends, 1-888-
253-3139 or 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Let's talk to Daniel in Texas.
Daniel, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I'll be glad to send my $25.
It's coming.
Well, thank you.
Every dime will be spent to stop that outlander.
I'm glad to do it.
I wish I could send more, but I'll do what I can.
Alex, what I called about is this is just amazing.
I'm an attorney, and a lot of the people I sit around and chat with, of course, I expose the New World Order agenda constantly.
And I don't care if they laugh at me, call me a nut.
That's fine.
Be warned and be prepared.
And if they don't want to listen, that's fine.
But what I called about, it just staggers me.
Because the number of people that I talk to, and of course most of them are educated people, attorneys and others around the courthouse, that today I was talking to them about this omnibus spending bill with the forced mental examinations contained within the bill, and the number of people that consider themselves to be Republicans and to be conservative, and who don't seem to see a problem with this.
Oh, they're the new Republicans.
Stay there.
We'll talk about it.
Oh, a Soviet-Stalin plan?
Oh, you must be a liberal.
If you're against it, stay there.
We'll talk more about it with you when we get back.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We are now into hour number two of this live Friday edition.
November 19th, 2004.
Congressman Ron Paul is coming up in the next hour with legislative updates on the omnibus spending bill that's got force mental screening of all Americans, starting with children in it.
Also with what's happening with the national ID card legislation that's not dead yet.
And we're taking your calls right now.
We're also talking about the national news coverage that started of our movement, Americans Against Arnold and ArnoldExposed.com.
We're talking to Daniel in Texas.
He says he's an attorney, a counselor.
And up at the courthouse where he's at in Texas, he talks to his so-called conservatives, and they're like, oh, yeah, forced mental screening.
We think it's great.
Tell me more about it.
Well, Alex, I just find it interesting that, of course, again, I say these are people that are educated.
These are people that consider themselves to be Republicans, consider themselves to be conservative, and...
It just slays me when I discuss this with them.
I bring it to their attention and they say, oh, well, that's a good idea.
Well, then what are you going to do when they force your child to submit the medications?
Oh, well, now I'm not sure about that.
That might not be such a good idea.
And you talk to them about... Also, you know, the Republicans are all lining up Bush and the usual suspects.
Oren, I love Arnold Hatch.
They're going, oh, he's going to be your senator.
And that's the way it is with abortion.
Oh, we're going to put Gonzales in as pro-abortion.
We're going to put all these people in, but you just shut up and take it.
And we're going to promote the Attorney General.
Well, all these people I talk to, they all know me well enough to understand that I'm just anti-New World Order, period.
They full well understand I don't buy into the bicephalus plutocracy.
Well, they understand that Stalin was really the first and then Hitler did it too, but forced psychological testing and then, oh, you're crazy.
Well, I try to bring this to their attention.
I talk to them about incremental globalism.
And they are just, even for as educated and as bright as some of these people can be, just say, well, can't happen here.
Yeah, it's denial.
First they'll say it's a good idea, then when you face the facts with them, they'll go, okay, well, it isn't going to happen.
As it's happening.
As it's happening.
And when I was talking to them this morning while I was over at the courthouse, I found but one of them who says, well, I'm against that Arnold thing.
I brought the Arnold exposed up to them to bring their attention and get them to look into that.
It's just amazing.
Well, let me guess.
They said, oh, that'll never happen.
You go, well, the bill's introduced.
Well, okay.
Well, again, they're unaware of the facts that I try to bring into their attention.
Well, aren't you aware that the... Okay, listen, I appreciate your call.
What was that, John?
Hold on.
Oh, boy, we've got our guest, and a lot of callers have been wanting to talk to her.
And she's, is it Liza or Lisa Morgenthaler Jones?
Liza, it's great to have you on with us.
Yes, ma'am, and I'm sorry.
I apologize.
Oh, no, no.
We're about to break.
We can hold you to the break, right?
Yes, sir.
Oh, that's wonderful.
And I'll be talking to you during the break.
It's so good to have you on.
We've had callers that are really interested in this whole Arnold thing, and for those that don't know, she is one of the head folks with this grassroots movement to get Arnold...
Well, the amendment changed, so Arnold can run for president.
We'll talk to her about why she's for that after this quick break.
And, John, let me go right to her during the break.
I want to talk to her a little bit before we go on air and find out how long she can stay with us.
So, Ms.
Jones, it's good to have you with us.
Thank you for having me.
This is an absolute honor to be talking to somebody leading such an incredible movement.
Oh, you bet.
We'll be right back with Ms.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
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Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, we're honored to have her.
She's Lizza Morgenthaler-Jones, and the Associated Press reports that she is behind the Silicon-based group that began airing ads supporting the constitutional change to Article II, Clause 5 of the Constitution, so Arnold and others who are foreign-born can run for president.
And, Ms.
Jones, are you with us?
I am, and thank you for having me.
Oh, you bet.
It's just great.
Tell us how you came up with this idea.
I mean, I know that according to the San Francisco Chronicle, you were one of the first people to join his campaign, and you were on his finance committee, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Can you tell us why you did this and what type of person Arnold Schwarzenegger is?
Yeah, I went through the same process of assessing him that probably all your listeners are going through.
I was invited to a fundraiser two years ago for his first political activity, which was Proposition 49.
And that was an idea out here to keep kids busy during the prime crime time hours between 3 and 8 p.m.
When, as Arnold put it, if you spend a dollar to keep them in school and doing school activities, then we can save $3 on police, crime prevention, insurance, theft, breakage, etc.
I looked at him and thought, you know, I walked into that meeting thinking muscle-bound meathead, but my friends had been telling me that he was going to run for governor someday and he was being coached.
He does.
Now, just so I can understand this, I mean, that kind of fits into the Goals 2000 and the No Child Left Behind.
I've seen a federal plan to kind of keep kids into school until 8 o'clock at night to keep them out of trouble.
And so he was successful with that proposition, wasn't he?
He was exceedingly successful, although the funny thing was we all knew, those of us who paid any attention in this state, that it would not go into effect for some number of years because we were going into such a hideous deficit, which Gray Davis, our then-governor,
Okay, when did you decide to launch this movement to try to amend the Constitution?
Because Arnold has been saying, oh, you know, I support the amendment, but I'm not really behind this group, even though it's some of his former campaign top folks like yourself.
But he's also had Orrin Hatch...
He's also had Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.
Rohrabacher, I'm sure you saw a couple weeks ago, November 3rd, San Jose Mercury News, said that, hey, Republican leadership wants him to run when President Bush is done.
I'm sure you saw that quote.
No, I missed that quote, and thank you for telling me about it.
That's hilarious, because I assure you, I talked with Bill Frist, who was five years ahead of me at Princeton.
We were both back for our reunion.
That's the leader of the Senate.
Yes, last spring.
And Bill, of course, has his eye on the presidency as does John McCain and several others.
And Bill had just met Arnold two days earlier.
He said, I like Arnold.
I told the president he has solid values.
I thought, Bill... Arnold has solid values!
I just thought, I think, Bill, I don't think you understand the size of the tidal wave that's coming at you.
Arnold really does have solid values, but they're not exactly Bill Frist's values.
Well, I mean, Liz Morgenthaler-Jones, come on.
I mean, it's obvious that you guys are kind of surrogates for Arnold out there pushing this.
What's interesting is that I call us in the middle distance.
Because none of us are paid.
We're all volunteers.
Not one of us has taken money from Arnold ever.
We've all been donors to him.
But I've been waiting for somebody to start this, and it finally dawned on me no one who's been in his pay can do this because it looks like he's trying to buy the presidency.
And anyone who's too far away from him doesn't know him, doesn't understand him.
But it's funny, it's funny, Ms.
Jones, because about three weeks before you guys announced last Saturday, he started going on national TV, and it was being brought up, and then Rohrbacher and others were all over TV, Jay Leno on TV promoting this, so boy, it looks like the campaign's already started.
I mean, we started this effort in mid-August, and we asked Arnold about it three days later.
Oh, it did.
Remember, my husband and I are one of Arnold's top 100 donors, which is a distinction I hope to lose because I'm not very proud of that.
But what we did was to start this on August 13th, and three days later we were at a big donor dinner for Arnold.
I said, you know, we've started a 501c4 to amend the Constitution because I needed to know, number one, did Arnold want to do this?
And I was pretty sure he did, but I didn't want to be wasting our time.
Well, he's probably sad he wants to amend it.
He's agreed with your program.
He would like to have it happen.
Number two, I had to find out whether anyone else was doing it, because I couldn't believe somebody else wasn't already doing it.
But in subsequent discussions with Arnold, and I have seen him, oh, probably four times in the past four months, and they're very brief discussions, because this man, you've got to understand, about two minutes of his time is worth its weight in gold.
There are so many people tugging at him.
It is
I don't know how he doesn't lose his mind.
Miss Jones, you sound a bit smitten with the Austrian oak.
Believe me, as president, I think I would be prouder of him than anyone probably in my lifetime.
He would be, I think, you know, fiscally conservative, socially liberal, where most of us are in the middle.
Don't take all our money, don't let people die in the streets, and stay out of our bedrooms!
Well, now let me bring this up to you.
Have you heard about a group starting a website, ArnoldExposed.com, that is going to start a national movement against your national movement?
I have not heard of it.
Thank you for telling me about it.
They have a perfect right to do so, and nothing pleases me better than a big, fat, open discussion of this.
Particularly, I love the fact we're talking about the Constitution.
You know, most of us never read it, and we all say, mm-hmm, it's sacred, and there are not many things left that are sacred in our modern-day age.
Especially when you've got breasts popping out at the Super Bowl and things like that.
You know, the Constitution is still sacred to us, and I love the fact we're talking about it.
Yeah, but you say on your website it's a minute every 13 in your ad.
You say every 8.
I'm not sure how many it is, but sometimes we get the income tax or we get prohibition.
We get some pretty bad things out of these.
And, you know, it wouldn't just be Arnold who could run for president.
It would be all these other people.
But let's talk about Arnold.
He doesn't deny that he told Rolling Stone magazine that he dreams of being a dictator.
Are you aware of that statement?
That, I think, was when he was in his teens, and every man I know, maybe you accept it,
Actually, no, I've never dreamed of ruling the world.
Responsibility I've got already is enough, but I do dream of living free, though, and I think about the future of my children and humanity.
That's what I dream of, is humanity reaching greater heights and technological development.
But let me bring up something else.
Arnold has not denied, and scores of people have said this, magazine interviews, book proposals, he just says he can't remember now, that he admired Hitler.
Do you think every young man has said he admires Hitler?
No, you know, I think the rest of that phrase has to be in there because he was talking about Jesus Christ, JFK, Hitler, their ability to command the attention.
Of people to speak so well and so compellingly.
Yeah, I dream of being a savior like Jesus.
I mean, that sounds like total megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur to me.
If you say so.
You're talking about a guy who said this when he was in his 20s.
Okay, what about 1986?
30-something years old, at his wedding, tons of news media, family.
He says, people told me not to mention Kurt because of all the Nazi stuff.
This is a quote.
But I love him, and Maria loves him, and so thank you, Kurt.
Then he went to Austria, campaigned for him, in the middle of the firestorm, over Kurt Waldheim being an admitted top Nazi, going after Americans and Jews in Serbia.
I wouldn't have done it.
You wouldn't have done it.
But I'll tell you one thing that is the hallmark of Arnold.
He is loyal to his old friends.
And when I went to a birthday party that they had down for his birthday last August 2nd,
There was Franco Colombo and a lot of his old weightlifting buddies whom he could have left in the dust 20 years ago.
He stays loyal sometimes.
We talked to Tommy Chung.
Tommy Chung claims that he smoked marijuana with Arnold just a few years ago, but Arnold won't talk to him or be friends with him now.
I don't know Tommy Chung, sir.
You have my apologies.
My observation is... We have the video.
My observation is that Tommy... Rephrase.
That people...
Whom Arnold has some affection for, he stays loyal to, and it doesn't matter how small, how unimportant they are.
What about all the sexual harassment?
That's not 1986.
No, I agree with you on that, and I wrote an op-ed piece about it last year after the election, because I was at headquarters, the campaign headquarters in Santa Monica, watching Arnold during his press conference.
And you remember he walked out at the end and said,
As he was walking out, a reporter said, what about the allegations of sexual harassment?
And Arnold said, old news.
I thought, don't you dare.
Don't you turn into one of those... Yeah, where there's smoke, there's fire.
Well, and to take that attitude, I mean...
Cop to it and say, I blew it.
I was badly behaved.
I shouldn't have done it.
And I know better now.
Yeah, but badly behaved.
I mean, people get run out of any businesses.
I mean, we're talking about stuff he hasn't denied.
I mean, stuff that's running up and grabbing on women.
I mean, if I did that, believe me, most women would call the police and I'd be arrested for sexual assault.
Actually, if you did that, some women might feel complimented, but that's because you're well-known.
What can I say?
Some of this is celebrity stuff.
Some of it is movie stuff.
Yeah, but they're not gods.
They play by the same rules, especially when you try to enter politics.
I completely agree with you.
And I would point out Arnold's had two hours of sexual harassment training along with the rest of his staff.
I think that was last January.
And he said, I get it.
What I did was not only not well behaved, things have changed and you've got to be careful what you say about how a woman looks and
What about Arnold meeting with Michael Milken and Ken Lay right in the middle of the energy crisis at a big hotel?
I think that went goofy, I have to confess.
I'm sure he did.
I'm knowing Arnold.
He has a hungry mind, and I suspect he knew zip-zero nada about energy, so they probably wanted to talk to him.
I've seen, you know, billionaires go soft in the knees when they get to talk to Arnold.
But they had to get rid of Davis because he was going forward with those suits.
What about Bohemian Grove?
I saw Karl Rove, a month before he ran for governor, said, we want Arnold.
Did you see that in the San Francisco Chronicle?
No, I missed that.
Do you know what the Bohemian Grove is?
I do indeed.
Is your husband in that?
He knows some of the people.
Can you stay with us for one more segment?
Hey, listen, it's Arnold's song in the background.
Hear it?
I would have said his song was America the Beautiful, but what can I say?
It's Conan the Barbarian.
Oh, thank you!
Conan the Usurper!
King Conan!
We'll be back!
Hi folks, this is Alex Jones.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to Liza Morgenthaler-Jones on Arnold's
Yes, sir.
I'm not going to play this anymore with you.
I'm Alex Jones from Austin, Texas, and I'm launching the national movement.
ArnoldExposed.com, and we have got all the scholarly documents posted.
We're going to be posting even more.
We're going to have a stream of witnesses and people on this broadcast, as we've had in the past, to expose this.
And you talk about where there's smoke, there's fire.
This is unbelievable.
You know, we can ignore his father being an SS officer.
We can't ignore him campaigning for SS officers and being photographed with them in 1999 in Austria.
And where there's smoke, there is fire.
Hey, I am delighted.
If he's sneaky, I'm the first one who says you ought to find it.
I think you will find his heart is true.
But if it isn't, go get him.
Well, number one, I support the Constitution.
You know what a constitutional convention can do?
Oh, and everyone dreads it because we don't want the can of worms that would open.
Well, that's what you're going to have to have.
Possibly, but, you know... No, that's the only way it works.
You've got to have 38 states and everything could be rewritten.
The Second Amendment, which Arnold, I guess, is in four.
The borders, which I guess he is in four.
So now I'm starting to get the picture here.
Well, remember, the other way to do it is two-thirds of each half of Congress and the 38 states.
I personally wouldn't go to the trouble of calling a constitutional convention, I think.
At this moment, anyway.
Well, that's how you do it.
That's the other way.
You say you're going to have a four-year plan.
Describe your four-year plan to us.
Four to six years, and it's just exactly what you and I are doing, which is, you know, people talk about this here and there, but by having run this little tiny ad in five cities in California...
We've got the nation talking about 12 million people.
Yeah, that's a good question.
You know, we've put out our press release, we've talked to the media, we'll see if we get on all these big national TV shows.
80 plus percent of Americans in major polls are against what you're doing.
I'm sure you've seen those polls.
And so let's see if the individuals who really support the views of the people, the founding fathers, the Federalist Papers, and what America's about, we'll see if we get the same attention.
You know, somewhere along the line, I'll bet you do.
At this moment, the one-year anniversary of Arnold's inauguration.
You're not going to get it just because they're having such a fun time celebrating him?
At some point, I would be willing to bet you will.
I think by next week, I think we're going to be exposing the Maximum Leader quite nicely.
It's already been on CNN today and the Associated Press and about, I'm told, over 100 newspapers.
You go, Alex.
If he's a bad boy, I think the world should know, particularly before I spend the next four years of my life trying to date him.
You know, Liz, I think you like bad boys.
I absolutely like bad boys.
You know, we don't need a wimp.
We do not need a wimp in the White House.
Yeah, I think I got you assessed.
You know what?
You're just something else, though.
You're just an effervescent, bubbly person.
Well, remember, all the men in my family were military.
My father was a captain in World War II.
My uncle as well.
Both my grandfathers served in the Navy and the Army.
And I had a really clear understanding of the fact that, as my father says, a leader must be pleasantly implacable.
And how do you say leader in German?
I have no idea.
But Stewart is, I think, what they call a supreme leader?
Ha ha ha!
And you're for Arnold being our supreme leader, are you not?
Well, I am if you don't find anything really awful about him.
I don't think I find anything good about him.
You need to live in California for a week.
Your deficit has doubled since he got in?
He's an open board.
Oh, no.
It doubled before he came in, and Gray Davis spit about it before he was.
I mean, Gray Davis knew we were walking into a $38 billion deficit.
Oh, he ran Enron?
I didn't know he met with him at a hotel.
I thought he was suing him.
I don't want to shock you, but Enron actually was not the biggest reason.
Our deficit, a large chunk of our deficit came about
Because we had $19 billion in capital gains.
Well, $9 billion of it was Enron, my dear!
$1.9 billion of it was capital gains tax revenues that we got during the dot-com nuttiness in 2000.
And when all that went away, suddenly we went from $19 billion in revenues to $1 billion.
Do you know what in Austria what they call a regional governor?
A gropenf├╝hrer.
By the way, do you know Arnold's name doesn't mean Black Plowman?
I'm not kidding.
Well, Arnold translates Eagle Power, but I don't remember.
Schwarzenegger does not mean Black Plowman.
It means Darkness of the Darkness.
Oh, well, that sounds exciting.
Oh, yeah, like Bohemian Grove.
Oh, let's put it this way.
You know, I've been to Bohemian Grove.
Oh, yes.
Have you?
Tell me more.
Shot the video of it.
Cremation of Care, July 15, 2000.
Ask your friends about it.
I will.
They like me.
Good to know.
Oh, you're a nice lady.
I can tell that, Miss Jones.
You're really nice to spend all this time with us, too.
It's been a pleasure.
I'm really grateful to you.
Well, you're not going to leave us.
Remember, you agreed to stay to take calls.
I will stay if you would like me, but I'm grateful to you because, you know, if Arnold needs to be outed, I'd be really grateful if you did it now before I spent several years of my life trying to fix this.
We're going in full throttle.
We're going in.
Go, Alex.
Nothing can stop it now.
Us Texans are a lot badder than some Nazi crowd.
My roommate...
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's right, ladies and gentlemen.
The cowboy versus the kraut.
We're going to see who wins in this fight.
Let me just say this.
In World War II, we whipped their behinds real good.
It's kind of a knockoff on a Monty Python quote.
We're talking to good old Lisa Morgenthaler-Jones.
And their website is amendforarnold.com.
You can learn all about getting rid of sections of the Constitution at that site.
She's the bravest guest I've ever had on.
I have to commend her on that.
And she's a high-powered lady, Princeton graduate, big mutual fund manager.
We're going to Mike in Florida, Kevin in Massachusetts, others here in a few minutes.
You want to talk to her specifically.
I know a lot of callers were holding before, were weeding through those.
You want to talk to her.
We're keeping a few lines open.
And we've launched ArnoldExposed.com, and we're defending this republic 110%.
All right, Liza?
You ready to take some calls?
I would be honored.
Mike in Florida.
All right.
You've got her in the sights.
Thank you very much.
The only thing that worries me is that if we have this country accept a foreign-born leader as president, what's the next step?
A world leader to run our country?
Well, Bill Clinton's going to be the next Secretary General.
Eight of the G-8 are seven of the G-8 lined up.
And we'll have Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Go ahead.
To be honest, I think we're worried about something we don't need to... I mean, I'll make a humorous comment because I have in this past week been on innumerable TV shows and radio shows.
I think we could safely pass this amendment because post-9-1-1, Americans are so scared of foreigners, we ain't never going to elect one.
And while we're on the subject, guys... Then why would you want to pass it?
Because it would be the right thing to do.
Let me just tell you this.
Hey, Alex, let me finish.
Come on, Alex, let me finish.
85 years ago, I'll point out to you, your grandmother and mine couldn't run for president.
Half this nation couldn't run for president because they couldn't freaking vote.
We haven't elected a woman president yet.
Why are we scared of foreigners?
Well, I'm not afraid of a woman president if she's an American.
I'm not afraid of a black president, a Hispanic president, as long as they love this country and they were born here in this country.
But let me say this to you.
Leopold II in Austria in 1789 was sending in Austrians with money to try to get elected, overthrowing Poland and other areas.
Good old Napoleon Bonaparte was Italian.
Adolf Hitler was Austrian.
I think Napoleon was actually Corsican.
Well, he was from Italy.
The island off Italy, anyway.
Okay, well, the point is, he's from Italy.
He was an Italian citizen when he left Corsica.
And you're right, Corsica.
We talked about that yesterday.
Well, is Corsica foreign from France?
As far as I know.
Okay, well, that's my point.
It was an Italian province.
So, what we're dealing with here... I think they were all short, actually.
I think they were short.
Maybe it's not as bad with tall guys.
Arnold's not short.
Short man's disease, you know what they call it.
Yes, an analogy.
We know, we know.
But, well, Mike, anything else?
No, I think that's it.
All right, good to hear from you.
Kevin, in mass, you're on the air with her lordship.
Thank you for taking my call.
Some of us Christians now know about the 44-hour-like statue called Moloch and worshipped as a false god or idol from the occult.
It's another incarnation of Baal, which...
Yes, we've interviewed him, and let me just bring this up at that point.
We talked about Bohemian Grove here, where Arnold's a member.
We talked about Karl Rove there.
Arnold is not a member.
Well, I know he goes all the time.
He does?
According to press reports, yes, Arnold goes to the Grove.
Well, you obviously... I've got to start reading what you're reading.
Well, let me just elaborate on that.
If he's not a member, he certainly is a guest, multiple times.
Since 1986, according to press reports.
But what I'm trying to tell you is, you said you know about Bohemian Grove?
I mean, you know, anyone who lives in San Francisco knows about it.
Well, you've got the club offices based there by the city offices, but I'm talking about in Northern California.
Oh, sure.
Everybody knows about it.
I mean, everybody who lives here knows about it.
They have protests there every year.
Yeah, well, I've been there for the protests, too, but I'm the first and only person to sneak in and get video of it.
And German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, before Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schroeder back in the 80s, wrote a book called Men in Power as a Political Retrospective.
And he said that I'm CFR, I'm for lateral commission, we're for world government, we really make the decisions at the Bohemian Grove, it's a Germanic cult that we set up, and that's what Skull and Bones is, too.
Were you aware of that?
I am fascinated because my brother was at Yale, same class as George W. My brother, incidentally, was Dean's List and W was not.
And so he never said much.
He was not a member of Skull and Bones, or at least if he was, he didn't tell us.
My only point to you is that's what the caller is bringing up.
Are you aware of the worship of the idol that goes on there?
There is a lot of laughter about that because people laugh about it.
But let's put it this way.
Our friends, those people we know who are any part of it, are normal, happy.
Some of them are Democrats.
Some of them are Republicans.
Such a nice man.
Well, they seem to get along together, and they don't bust each other's chops.
I've never been at a cremation of care.
They won't let women in there.
So like I said, women are second-class citizens.
We kind of empathize with these immigrants because they're second-class citizens, too.
I had a question.
Quick comment.
I was wondering if you could let folks know, is there a way to donate to your new organization, Americans Against Arnold, other than PayPal?
I think that would help.
Yes, you can write checks payable to Alex Jones, and in the memo section, just say, for Americans Against Arnold, and 100% will go towards the fight.
We're going to set up a separate account in a week or so.
And write to me at 3001 South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, suite100,
Austin, Texas, 78704.
Alex, can I close one other comment?
I hope folks, you know, I could be wrong, but listening to her, I'm reminded of Cecil Wheeler or Arizona Wilder, and I just want folks to pray for the soul.
All right, thanks for the call, sir.
Anything you want to comment on before we take a few more calls and let you go, Liz?
Oh, what would I say?
I mean, it's what I said before, which is,
We fear a Manchurian candidate, and we're right to fear that, except that hypnotherapy doesn't work that well.
I'm sorry.
They haven't come up with a technique.
The caller just brought that stuff up, and you're now saying, tell us more!
Well, I was at Orrin Hatch's hearing, Judiciary Committee hearing last month in D.C.,
And that's what we're all afraid of.
I mean, none of us want to be run by somebody outside the country.
We barely want to be run by somebody inside the country.
Yeah, but Arnold hasn't given up his dual citizenship with Austria.
I tell you, if we thought he could run for president, I suspect you would find he did it in a heartbeat.
Because he's keeping it open, so he might run for Austrian president.
I find that hard to believe, frankly.
You have to live in Austria, which is a cute place.
But if you've been there, the sense of life left that country a long time ago.
You know, a lot of... I sometimes look at the world and think everybody who had any get-up-and-get came to America, and that's why the rest of the world seems to be just stuck in a rut.
I saw America and thought, that's where I should be.
Well, I could be number one.
I was dreaming of being some dictator or something.
What's wrong with wanting to be number one?
I admired Hitler.
He was a little man who came from nothing with his speech.
You know, speech is important.
The words we use get the respect and other things.
That's the truth.
And it also helps to be six feet plus and weigh 240 pounds with a 60-inch chest.
Arnold doesn't weigh 240 pounds.
Not anymore, but he did at his prime.
Oh, my God.
So I can go out here to Ditch Diggers and find somebody bigger than that, and that should be our president?
Well, if he's got a good brain and some governing experience, I'd be willing to check him out.
A good brain?
Did you know that he admits to steroid use, and that can cause delusions of grandeur and psychotic breaks?
Oh, baby, I think, frankly, his jaw is as big as it is because of all those steroids he took.
Oh, baby, when you talk about it.
You've got to remember, Alex, I came from biotech.
I mean, I actually retired.
I don't run money anymore.
But my beat was biotechnology.
I was good enough at it that I was number one in the nation out of all... Well, a jaw that big, steroids don't grow your jaw.
Only one thing does, GH.
Growth hormone?
Well, it's interesting about that because I have read that the area over your prefrontal lobe, sort of your...
Well, if you take them when you're still in puberty, I believe that's true.
I don't know when Arnold started taking them, but I must say, I look at him... I don't know that he ever took G8.
He hasn't admitted to that.
It wasn't really around, I think, when he was doing it, because the first growth hormone was Genentech, as far as I know, and that was the early 80s.
Well, actually, before that, they were extracting it from monkeys.
Alex, you get around.
How do you know this stuff?
18 hours a day in the combat zone.
The man never sleeps.
He never drinks.
He never eats.
No, just 18 hours.
It's very empowering.
I enjoy it.
Let's talk to... Folks, this is some serious stuff this lady's spewing.
I want you to know that.
High tech.
Let's talk to Dennis in Michigan.
Dennis, you're on the air with...
What should I call her?
The Goddess.
Go ahead.
Thank you very much, and I appreciate being on the air with you.
Yes, sir.
I was calling for a different reason, but it ties in exactly.
Okay, launch, because we've got a lot of other callers.
We're asking callers if they're for her.
Go ahead.
This is the day of the Gettysburg Address, and everybody should take a look at Ezekiel 1119, because that's the reason Lincoln selected the Gettysburg Address, to give us a new heart.
And Arnold is no Lincoln.
The Republican Party should remove Lincoln from their ballot even because there are no Republicans that even have any idea who Lincoln was.
And Article 5 of the Constitution says amendments in the plural.
And what they do is they tend to change the wording just slightly.
When Satan was testing Eve and when he was testing Christ, he just twisted the words and changed them.
And what they tend to do is hype it up for a Constitutional
Amendment, and then they add the word, if the states don't pass it, we'll have a constitutional convention.
All right, thanks for the call.
Yeah, there's been a lot of stuff that was passed where Washington just declared it had passed, like the income tax, and we've even had state attorney generals on and others covering this.
Now, I know we've got masses of calls coming in, folks, but if you want to talk to her specifically, we've only got three minutes or so left with her.
It's 1-800-259-9231.
Do we have callers specifically for her, John?
Martin in Illinois, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
You know, Alex, I've been listening to her for the last half an hour, and you know... She's highly trained.
I was going to make an intellectual argument, but I wouldn't want to throw any intellect her way.
This woman makes me sick.
Oh, she's smart.
Give her credit.
This altruistic, bubbly little, oh, type attitude just makes you sick.
You know, the people who really make up this country, the blood and guts, grassroots people who believe in our Constitution and our freedoms...
Are not fools, woman.
Get that through your head.
Get off the bandwagon.
Get off the Arnold Schwarzenegger bandwagon.
The guy's evil, and if you want to be associated with him, then maybe you are, too, and thank you.
What do you say to that?
I'm sympathetic, because before I met Arnold, I thought he was a muscle-bound idiot with delusions of grandeur.
I was dreaming of being a big dick-titer.
Yeah, exactly.
What's interesting is when you start working with him and you judge a man by the people he surrounds himself with, he has deliberately gotten Democrats and Republicans, the strongest, smartest people he can find in his administration.
Forcing them to work together, talk together, argue it out, and then let him pick the best solution.
Yeah, but the founding fathers said gridlock was good.
We don't want consensus.
We want separation of powers.
They say George Washington wasn't terribly smart, but what he did was to get smart people together, let them argue it out, and then pick the best options.
But that's not exactly.
That's Delphi method.
No, we don't agree.
We want gridlock.
Gridlock is good.
But listen, 80% of people in major polls, and I know you've seen these, and in some conservative polls, 98.2% are against amending the Constitution for Arnold or anybody else.
They're also against amending for a lot of other things, and it's a good thing, or we would have thousands of amendments instead of... You're pushing for this, and then you say, oh, good, good, good.
You just agree, and then re...
Re-foist your argument.
I am honored by the fact that this could take four to six years because my fellow Americans are smart enough that they don't just roll over every time somebody wants to amend the Constitution.
Yeah, it takes time to twist their minds and inundate and condition them to accept it like Patriot Act II and national ID cards.
And by the way, Arnold's got this minion in there over your DMV to put satellite tracker boxes and tax everybody by the mile.
I have to say, I haven't read enough about that one.
I thought that was weird, and I don't know what I think of that.
But when I've done some research, I will be interested, because I'm with you.
You know, I am a libertarian by background.
Ma'am, it's 25 cents a mile when the gas tax is 18 cents a gallon in California.
That's roughly 20 times the existing tax, and it's a federal plan.
Other states are putting it in.
Which is why I suspect Arnold will do something.
And Arnold passes the buck, just like he does with you, and he goes, That's not me.
That's my new DMV person.
Or, That's not me.
That's just what Ms.
Jones is doing, but I do something.
Well, the truth of the matter is he can't get close to us or it will look like he's trying to buy the presidency with his money and his connections.
And truthfully, if he worked 24-7 and never slept like you, he still couldn't solve all of California's problems.
Has Arnold told you this?
Has Arnold told me what?
I'm sure you've talked to Arnold since you launched this a month ago.
About four times.
Okay, what did he say?
He was pleased, you know.
How would you feel if you came to this country with nothing and 36 years later they're actually thinking about amending it?
Yeah, but describe what he said to you in that conversation when he was pleased with you.
Well, I said, we have started a 501c4, which is what you do when you're a serious political organization, to amend the Constitution.
And he said, that is wonderful.
You know?
What is he going to say?
It's wonderful.
He can't have anything to do with it.
All he's done for us is to give us a photo.
I mean, do the voice.
Because earlier during the break you were describing what he said to you.
Well, let's see.
The day before we started this, he was on Tony Snow's radio show and Tony said, would you like to be president?
And he said, I would like the opportunity, but this is for the native-born citizens to decide.
And of course it is.
But when you talked to him about it, what else did he say to you?
He said, oh, I love it, but did he encourage you in a leader-like fashion?
Oh, he absolutely did.
He would like to see this, but he can't get close to it.
He's got to stay away from it.
Well, what else?
Tell us specifically what he said.
Well, I wish I could tell you that Arnold and I talked for hours, but, you know, we probably talked for...
But I'm reading between the lines here.
30 seconds to one minute.
You're basically saying he said, look, I can't be connected, but thank you?
He never said I can't be connected, but since I actually do have some brains, I have figured out the facts.
That he cannot be confused.
I mean, he said thank you and it's a great idea, but what else did he say?
That's about it.
Alex, I don't want to shock anybody, but even I only get 30 seconds of the time with him.
Only man, but just women thronging to touch his hand.
Yeah, well, if they could get anywhere near him.
I mean, you've got 35 million Californians who want a piece of him.
You've got all the rest of the country, some of whom actually like him.
You've got the rest of the world begging for him to come and visit.
Begging him to leader them.
He's got four young children.
He's got a wife who wants him, you know.
Let me tell you this.
We're going to defeat Arnold Darkness of the Darkness Schwarzenegger, Arnold Alos Schwarzenegger, somebody else's daddy had that name.
I never figured out how to pronounce that one.
It's Alos.
But we're going to oppose.
We're going to win.
Alex, if you can do this, I hope you do it sooner rather than later, because you'll save me several years' worth of effort.
Well, we are going... Listen, we've got the people behind us, and the people are going to call all the radio and TV.
They're going to get us on more and more channels, more and more shows.
The ball is rolling.
And, Lizza, we're going to win this fight.
You go, guys.
We are going to defeat...
The people and organizations that are pushing for this attack on our Constitution.
Okay, but remember the other 12 million people you will also defeat, and in the meantime, if he's a sneaky guy, you go out him.
All right, well, you have a good day, and thank you for joining us.
Thank you, Alex.
We'll be back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Folks, that was a very frightening interview.
That woman is very intelligent and knows exactly, using a lot of different, very slick management techniques, what some would call mind control operations on us, agreeing with us even when she was disagreeing and then restating what she wants and saying that's what we want.
Then a caller calls in with very obscure names of women who claim to have been in mind control projects, very obscure names,
And, you know, she's got, quote, friends at Bohemian Grove, and she launches into, everybody's afraid of that, a Manchurian candidate program and used key programming terms.
I mean, the hair on the back of my neck stood up.
And again, it's another side issue, and just, we've got to analyze that tape.
A caller calls up, and I got away from that subject, because I only want to cover stuff we can prove, and then she comes right back with,
That's incredible.
And just that, you know, that bubbliness and just projecting that wantonness as very seductive, very skilled techniques.
I mean, that's the type of techniques they teach these CIA women.
Because I've run into this.
I've read declassified documents on it.
I've seen it.
And, I mean, that whole M.O.
just... Man, these people are serious.
I hope that everybody...
We'll visit arnoldexposed.com, and I hope you'll donate to us.
Every red cent will go towards radio and TV ads in limited areas to get attention, and of course get media attention to what we're saying and doing.
But I also hope you'll call today, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, email them, and say, look, here's a group that represents what the American people want.
We don't want this.
You need to give them the same attention you've given Morgenthaler Jones.
Give the other Joneses much attention.
We want to fight this.
You can do it, folks.
Contact them.
Send them our press release.
Say, aren't you going to do something on this?
Oh, and also get my documentary films.
I've made 11 of them.
And I have authorized you to make copies for non-profit educational purposes, whether it's the 9-11 being exposed as an inside job, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, or any of the other 9-11 films I carried I didn't make.
Eric Hopschmidt's and George Humphrey's, excellent.
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Make copies of them.
Don't wait.
Get them out to people.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or simply write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Please take action.
They're taking action, believe me.
Tim in Ohio, go ahead, you're on the air.
Good afternoon, Alex.
What did you think of that interview?
I'm sorry I missed her, because it's not often you get to come face-to-face or voice-to-voice with a real traitor.
And that woman is a traitor, as is anyone else that is supporting Mr. Schwarzenegger.
Well, in all fairness, it's her right to try to amend the Constitution.
It's our right to fight her.
Very good.
What did you think of the interview?
Let's lace them up.
I thought it was very informative.
She left quite a bit of, let's see, invitations into her psyche and where she's coming from.
And I just think that she just sounds controlled.
She's all part of the machinery behind the scenes that we all know goes on.
Oh, man, controlled.
I mean, with a big C. Whoa!
You could almost see the hand up her back.
Man, listen, the hair on the back of my neck stood up at one point.
It's unbelievable.
Oh, just look at that jaw!
Guy calls in, mentions two names connected to top mind control, and then she just starts spouting off about it.
I mean, one in a thousand knows those names.
What do we know about Arnold coming from the Habsburg Illuminati bloodline?
It's very clear that some of his family worked in their homes.
Now, Hitler was rumored to be a Rothschild.
Not rumored.
It's true.
We'll be back, ladies and gentlemen, with the third hour.
Tim, you can stay there.
We'll talk more.
Everybody's calls at time of news.
Straight ahead, ArnoldExposed.com!
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
An unbelievable interview in the last hour of the head of Arnold's campaign, amendforarnold.com.
On with us...
We didn't tell her who we were before we got her on and then announced in the middle of it that we're running the ArnoldExposed.com movement.
It's been on CNN and the Associated Press.
Just amazing.
That interview blew me away.
And I know some people didn't get a chance to hear it.
It'll be re-aired tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
And throughout the weekend, we're also going to post it
At prisonplanet.com, infowars.com, and of course at arnoldexposed.com.
We're talking to callers about this, and I'll get more.
We've got Ron Paul coming up in 20 minutes.
Talk about the national ID card and legislation that's on the verge of passing.
Also, the forced psychological testing is on the edge of passing.
Let's get to more of these calls.
Tim in Ohio, finish up what you were saying.
Oh, we were talking about the correlation between not only Arnold and his love of Adolf, but Adolf also being of the Rothschild bloodline.
Well, did you hear her just giggling when I'd say, he says he admires Hitler, and she goes, well, you know, hee hee hee.
Yeah, that's all part of their shtick.
You know, like you could show them a quarter and say, here's a quarter with a head and a tail, and they would go, no it's not.
You're not feeling well, are you, Tim?
Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, they turn it right back in your head there.
I was reading, back to Adolf and the Rothschilds, that Hitler's grandmother was actually working for one of the... Yes.
No, no, no, no.
It is a fact in prestigious top books on World War II, History Channel, you name it.
Adolf Hitler's father's mommy.
I mean, the Rothschilds there in Austria, I mean, they had like an assembly line of these kids.
And most nobles were into that, part of the breeding program.
And then it came out later that it looks like who Alos Hitler married... Yeah, same name again, Alos.
Oh, sure.
Alos Hitler married a young servant girl, and it looks like her...
Grandfather was the same person.
So it's these interwoven breeding lines.
It's like Bill Clinton's mother was admittedly a prostitute, and the evidence is clear that, and we even know the name, this has even been mainstream news, but slipped under the rug, was a Rockefeller, the governor there.
Oh, sure, yeah, I heard about Clinton being a closet Rockefeller.
Well, that's why he cried one time when he gave David Rockefeller the New Freedom Award, the American Freedom Award.
The American Medal, excuse me.
I'm getting new freedom in my head.
And he said, there are only two people that believed I could be president in 1968.
He started crying.
He goes, my mama.
And he looked at him and went, David Rockefeller.
Thank you, David.
I mean, it's like, thank you, uncle.
Thank you.
I mean, it was so sick.
I even got that on video somewhere, but go ahead.
My mama.
I mean, in 1968, the guy was nothing.
But David Rockefeller knew.
Keeping track of that bloodline.
Go ahead.
Yeah, you're right.
It's all bloodline.
It's all in the plan.
What Burke's period says, out of 43 presidents, 34 come from two British bloodlines, King Alfred and Charlemagne.
And Bush and Kerry were related on every side of their family, on every side, on every side.
No, no.
Now, doesn't that go through the German history of the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, right?
And it can even go as far back as Ramses and Piso and all the way to antiquity.
Well, we know it goes back as far as a founding European family of the Middle Ages known as Vlad.
Oh, yeah, Vlad.
Of the House of Dragon.
And that's MSNBC.
You may have heard of Vlad.
You didn't get the legend of, you know...
The children of the night, listen to them, the beautiful music.
I remember there was talk of Turkish warriors at the time approaching Vlad the Impaler's land, and there were so many bodies on stakes around his property, sometimes up to 20,000.
The Turkish soldiers, who were the toughest at the time, turned around and walked away.
Yeah, it was hell on earth, and that founding bloodline is in all of them.
Including... Well, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
Hey, folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We've launched ArnoldExposed.com.
Every red cent you send us will be spent to run selected TV and radio ads in Sacramento, San Francisco, Austin, Texas, on cable and the radio.
I think we're good to go.
But it's well worth it if all of you give $5, $10, $20.
We can knock down this trial balloon by running these ads.
Then the mainstream media will be forced to give us more attention.
We've already been in AP, CNN, and it'll really get this thing moving to get ArnoldExposed.com to the general public where they can see all the Nazi affiliations, the racism, the sexual harassment, the delusions of grandeur, the drug use, all of it there at ArnoldExposed.com.
And we had...
Liz Morgenthaler-Jones is head minion, former campaign committee chieftain.
We had her on in the last hour.
It was an incredible interview.
That will be re-aired tonight, 9 to midnight, the second hour.
I'm sorry if you missed it.
Congressman Ron Paul is coming up in about 15 minutes here, or less, to talk about the National ID Card legislation that's in Congress right now and the New Freedom Initiative that's on the verge of
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Let us not forget that Hitler was Time Magazine's Man of the Year in 1938.
Stalin was Time Magazine's Man of the Year in 39 and 42.
Hey, exactly.
I'm glad you... I meant to write that in the press release and I didn't.
And Gardening Magazine, how great he was.
We got how loving he was.
All these politicians saying how we ought to have our own Nazi party in America.
Everybody was hoodwinked and deceived by these guys.
Well, this darkness is alluring to people who are weak-minded.
I mean, what a better example than this lady you had on the phone.
Smitten, mesmerized, beyond her own rationale.
I mean, she could even rationalize it.
She could even.
Well, so he says he loves Hitler.
Oh, his huge jaw.
He's so big and powerful.
Well, he's been mean to women.
Oh, but a lot of women like it.
They love a strong, powerful man.
I mean, I said, well, if I went out and started grabbing women's breasts on the street, they'd call the police for sexual assault.
She said, no, you're powerful, Alex.
They like you.
I mean, that was like,
Wait till I put a press release.
Wait a minute.
Wait till I put a press release out on her tonight.
Again, I won't get any sleep.
Later today, there's going to be a press release with the audio of her where she's saying the woman who supports the amendment, the head of it, says that women like it!
Right, and she didn't even seem fully convinced herself.
She was just smitten by him.
No, no, no.
That was all psychological corporate training.
She's a big muckety-muck, man.
Biotech, mutual funds, everything.
What you do is you agree with something, and then it's like, well, I'm going to start being president.
Well, I agree with you.
That's why you should be.
I mean, did you hear that?
No, no, no.
That woman's got about 170 IQ.
Okay, now multiply that by thousands and millions of people if they buy this.
campaign to amend the Constitution.
Multiply that by all these people coming into his power, just like everybody was mesmerized by Hitler back then.
Those guys were completely... It's like witchcraft, you know?
They didn't like it, brother.
I mean, History Channel's got Hitler and the occult, and they admittedly have mainstream publications conjuring demons in the SS castle and black magic power, and his father was high level on that in Austria.
Then his mother married the head of the Austrian parliament, a top Nazi, after his daddy died!
And then he's over there campaigning for ball time!
These guys are the order of death, man.
The black uniforms, the silver skull and crossbones.
And you see it at Bohemian Grove.
You see it at Skull and Bones.
It's the same thing.
That's what we're dealing with.
That's right.
So I suggest, and this is what I've done.
I've taken personal action, as much personal action as I can.
I myself am a Christian.
So in conjunction with that, man, I'm hitting the throne of heaven hard.
With these prayers, you know.
Let's talk about Arnold.
Well, that certainly helps.
That's the key.
Arnold openly says he wants to be a dictator.
Openly that he admires Hitler.
And it doesn't even matter to some of these people.
And he's got the elite firmly behind him.
And she knew all about Bohemian Grove but didn't know that Arnold went to it.
I mean, do you buy any of that?
She had, yeah, she's saying that she had, oh, you know, I know they made a lot of jokes about that.
Oh, I haven't been allowed into that.
Right, right.
You've been there?
You've seen it?
I'm telling you, it's such a whitewash.
Well, here's the deal.
Christian conservatives cried and worshipped Arnold.
I felt the palpable evil.
I mean, I was there for Cheney, Bush, all the speeches.
But when Arnold was speaking, they were crying.
The old men with the cowboy hats were worshipping.
And I'd tell them, well, he's for abortion, he's for terrible gun bans.
He's just as good.
They don't see it.
Exactly the same thing.
Now, if Americans can be hoodwinked by George...
Bush is, by George Bush, electing him on these quote-unquote moral issues.
Imagine when a guy like this gets in the political arena, how they're going to swoon over him.
I mean, that's scary.
So anyway, well thanks, Alex.
Hey, I appreciate your call.
And she said every man wants to be worshipped like this.
Let me tell you something.
I'm a pretty big celebrity in Austin.
I mean, I'm probably, frankly, probably...
If just for Austin and my own little fishbowl, the biggest thing there is.
I mean, I go to the grocery store, I go to the movies, I go everywhere, people running up, wanting autographs, wanting to talk to me, black, white, old, young.
I don't like it when they tell me how great I am and how wonderful I am, and I know I'm just this average person, and it makes me feel sick.
I don't like it.
I want to be left alone.
I'll put a hat on and sunglasses on if I want to go for a walk so cars don't stop and talk to me while I'm walking my dogs with my wife.
I mean, I get tired of people buying me dinner at restaurants and all this.
I mean, I don't like it.
Most normal people don't like it.
I like to make something.
I like to make a film and then see people like it and like the information.
I like to write an article and see it change minds and affect change.
It isn't about me.
In fact, it makes you want to throw up when you call.
And I know you're used to doing this because the neocons all love it.
And plus, you're trying to be a polite person.
When you call, oh, Alex, you're so great.
Thank you so much for taking my call.
No, thank you for calling.
Thank you for caring.
Thank you for listening to this show.
Thank you for being involved.
So if I ever sound irritated when you do that, it's just because it isn't about me.
But she's like, oh, what man wouldn't love to be worshipped?
And what, you know, it's sick.
This cult of personality business has got dictator written all over it.
Thanks for the call, Ed.
Or Ed's gone.
That was Scott.
Let's talk to Travis in Seattle, Washington.
Travis, go ahead.
How are you doing?
Hey, Alex.
Just a couple of comments on that lady's interview.
She left herself wide open a couple of times, and I'm surprised you didn't hit her with it.
Well, hey, hey, when we put this press release out, she's dead meat.
By dead meat, I mean there's no way to politically defend some of the stuff she was saying.
I've got to sit there marking it down before I write the article later this afternoon.
But if the media picks it up, which they should, it's going to be big.
Go ahead.
Alright, yeah, they probably won't because you know who controls them.
Anyway, just her saying that she talked to the guy 30 minutes to one minute, four times.
And she's made a judgment call on making a constitutional amendment.
Well, that's in the last, first she said a few months, then the last few weeks.
Okay, well anyway, she makes another comment.
You judge a man by the people he surrounds himself with.
What would she have thought of Jesus?
I don't get it.
Well, where she left herself open is when I said if I went over and grabbed a woman's breast on the side of the street, I would expect her.
I mean, I wouldn't even think like that.
I mean, it's like a monkey or something.
Just running over like a dog.
You know what dogs do.
I mean, just running up and grabbing someone uncontrolled.
I mean, that shows just total...
Number one, loss of control, but number two, that never even entered my mind or any other half-decent man's mind.
I mean, that's not what this is about.
I mean, you want the woman that you want to like you, and you court her, and you like her mind, and of course you like her body too.
That's how God built us.
You don't just run over and start grabbing.
Then I said, I'd be arrested.
And she said, I don't know, you're powerful.
The woman might like it.
I mean, just what?
Well, you're talking, you're typical American.
I hate to say it, but there's this Illuminati schooling and
Advertisements and commercialism has gotten people to think the way she does.
But then when your 10-year-old grabs a girl's bosom in class, they get SWAT teamed and taken to jail and charged with attempted rape.
I see those cases every week.
But he does it, and it's just, oh, well.
Well, that's Arnold.
Well, women like it.
It's a sick deal, Alex.
Keep up the good work, dude.
I appreciate your call.
I mean, it's just nuts.
Let's go ahead and talk to...
Who's up next?
Dee in Rhode Island.
Go ahead.
Yes, I'd like to talk about... Thanks for taking my call, anyway.
But I'd like to talk about Arnold.
And I'm hearing that, and I don't know how true it is, but do you think that Arnold and Hillary...
We'll be running in the next four years?
No, that's it.
Arnold could only win against Hillary.
And a year before she'll announce, they'll have a con-con for gay marriage or flag burning to get it open.
And they'll go, man, we've got to have Arnold.
He's the only one.
And conservatives will go, man, Arnold.
So they'll phrase it as a fight between Arnold and Hillary.
They will repeal Article 2, Clause 5, and he will run and win and be our war emperor.
He will.
If we don't stop him, yes.
And I would like to know more about his evil side.
Well, I mean, that's the only side.
It's the only side?
I haven't really heard much about him when I tuned in.
Do you have Internet access?
No, I don't.
Well, go to the library and go to our website.
We've got our press releases, documents, hundreds of news stories.
Why is he called the Black Darkness?
Well, his name doesn't mean Black Plowman in the German dictionary.
Schwartz and then the last name mean darkness, dark.
Darkness of the darkness, pitch black.
Deepest darkness.
It's a fitting name.
All right, thank you for the call.
We'll be right back with Congressman Ron Paul.
Transmission continues on the other side, personplanet.tv.
We're good to go.
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It's more likely that same mineral deficiency.
And kids who may not be doing as well in school or having a hard time studying ought to be considering a lack of minerals, not necessarily a lack of concentration as the culprit.
We're good to go.
All right, we've got Ron Paul for about 10-15 minutes.
We're honored to have him.
It's almost a sin to be having him on during these battles, but at the same time, we've got to have him move you to call Congress to defeat two deadly bills right now.
And I just talked to him during the break.
He says, you've got to call right now.
We've got the National ID card bill.
In the 9-11 package, and we've also got the new Freedom Initiative for forced psychological testing of children and adults.
Congressman, good to have you on with us.
Thank you.
Good to be with you.
Tell us where it stands right now on both pieces of legislation you've been valiantly fighting.
Okay, the 9-11 bill is up in the air.
We're not positive it will come up.
My guess is if it does, it will probably have the national ID card in there, and I plan to get some time to speak out against that.
There is a possibility that that bill might not even make it before the end of the session.
So, in a way, it's an indirect victory for us because nothing's going to happen if we don't have the 9-11 bill passed.
Certainly, we don't need it with a national ID card.
Now, they may try to pull something overnight, as you said, or it could be sent out to tomorrow at noon.
That's right.
We're supposed to be around here until very late tonight, and if we don't get finished, then they'll be here until the middle of the day tomorrow.
So we don't know exactly what time it'll come up.
Now, on the omnibus bill, which puts together eight or nine of our appropriation bills, is the one that we have the language in, and Dennis Hastert, fortunately, has helped us put the language in on the House side, trying to insist on denying any expenditure to force this program on the American people, which is the mandatory mental health testing for every kid in the country.
The Senate has not yet agreed to it, so the pressure has to be put on the Senate right now
That they would accept our language denying any funding for this program.
Could we have a governmental funding shutdown if they refuse?
Well, they're going to pass the bill.
They're not going to close the government down.
The real question is, and we know that bill will pass, the big question is what the final language will be, and we don't know that.
So somebody's going to blink, but it's going to pass.
We'll know by noon tomorrow.
That's it.
We will, and like I said, I think we did surprisingly well that we got this much attention already.
And it would be great to have this victory and get that language in there.
Who do we need to contact in Congress?
I've got a list of phone numbers here in front of me.
Today and tomorrow they should call the Senators.
So they should call Joseph Lieberman, Susan Collins, Pat Roberts, Trent Lott, George Bonavich.
Any Senator that represents them, anybody that they know on the Senate side would be more helpful at the moment than the House side because we believe we have the House Speaker on our side.
This is something right out of the Twilight Zone, Congressman.
I mean, you've written and spoken since day one against it.
This thing started in Texas, now in 10 states.
Forced psychological testing, guidelines written by the drug companies, executives quitting and blowing the whistle.
Can you give us a nutshell for those that don't know what we're facing, what we're dealing with?
Well, it's political dynamite on what can happen and how much abuse could come from a program like this if you look at what
Totalitarian societies have done with the use of psychiatric diagnosis, but medically it's a horrendous mess to think that more kids are going to be put on drugs.
Just think how many have been put on Prozac and Ritalin now that should have just had a little bit more discipline rather than putting on these mind-altering drugs.
And it is a real tragedy that we have deferred to our federal government to act as parents, and that's part of the big problem.
That, plus the fact that we as a nation have deferred to the federal government to get control of our schools, and that's why it's part of that message as well, that the federal government should never have been given the right to run our schools, and yet that's a given right now, and hardly anybody even talks about that, but schools should be local, and if these problems existed, they should be dealt with at the local level.
But President Bush is quite proud of his...
Hillary Clinton-style legislation for No Child Left Behind.
That's right, and he's tremendously expanded.
Remember, Ronald Reagan was against the Department of Education, and we worked to try to stop it.
And yet now, with the recent vote, he sees this as a mandate for his entitlement programs, whether it's education or medicine, and also an endorsement for everything that we do overseas, which...
Which means that it looks like we can expect a lot more spending, and I think the international markets are responding in a logical fashion.
The dollar is getting much weaker.
That's why Greenspan came out and told us it's bad fiscal policy, but the Fed's been pushing it.
They caused the crisis and then blame us for it.
Well, you know, they work together.
He's always complaining about what Congress does, but Congress couldn't spend money they didn't have if they didn't have the Fed there to print the money.
So they're buddies in this system.
They're both vulnerable.
I mean, Congress votes to do all the spending.
Well, a year ago, you gave a speech here, and it's in one of my documentaries, at McKinney Ruffs, and you said the dollar's going to implode.
We may see a massive depression.
Yep, and I'm still hoping I'm wrong on that, but the evidence is showing that...
The economy is going to slip.
You know, the market's down sharply today and gold is up, which means that internationally they're voting non-confidence in what we're doing and there's a limit to how long you can continue to deficit finance and print money.
All right, when we get back, Congressman, I want to get a little bit more into the economy, a little bit more on these national ID card, poor psychological testing bills, and a question about Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as Arlen Specter.
So four more questions on the other side with Congressman Ron Paul at the twilight of this session of Congress.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, we're joined by Congressman Ron Paul in his office there in D.C.
The Congress will be closing up this session by noon tomorrow.
A bunch of legislation pending for the National ID Card, which still has a chance to pass, but may not.
50-50, or perhaps even worse, for the new Freedom Initiative, though there's massive heat on it.
Paul, your Senators, that's who needs to be targeted right now, as the Congressman just said.
Getting back into the economy here, quickly.
I mean, again, you laid it out a year ago here outside Austin, Texas.
We played the audio here on this broadcast, and you've talked about it on the show live, that the Federal Reserve System is a scam, that the economy is falling apart, and that now foreign countries are going to start pulling the dollar, dumping the dollar, and now Greenspan's dancing around acting like it's the citizens' fault.
What do you see happening, and is there any way to avert this?
No, I think the damage has been done.
And the only question is whether this will unwind with a panic.
And most of the time, it ends up as a panic.
The foreigners may buy less of our debt or they may start selling a little bit at a time.
But eventually, some people say, hey, it's moving pretty fast.
We have to get rid of it.
And then you have a dollar panic.
And that will be a very, very serious matter because that means very high interest rates to rescue the dollar.
It means a lot of inflation for us.
At the same time it would precipitate a very weak economy probably recession or even depression.
Congressman, if I talk to a poor farmer who's immigrated here from Mexico, they know what it means to have a weak currency.
I talk to yuppies that drive BMWs at a restaurant, and they laugh at me and don't even know what it means and go, Bush says a weak dollar is good.
What do you want to say to them?
Well, you know, they look at it in a very narrow sense.
If the dollar gets weaker, this means that foreigners are more likely to buy our exports.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Congressman, a year and a half ago, I was watching TV and they had Bush and Treasury Secretary Snowe and all of them up there.
How good this is and how great this is.
I mean, this is massive inflation we're talking about.
This is people dumping the government T-bills.
This is our huge deficit to the banks not even being financed.
See, they believe in their own arrogance that they think they can control this, but the markets eventually control things.
In the late 70s, it almost totally got out of control, and that is when the dollar was crashing and gold hit $850.
Right now, there are trillions of dollars more floating around, so the potential crisis is much worse than what we saw when they had to take interest rates to 21%.
The bubble is much larger.
That's right.
If you look at what's happening in the housing industry and what happened to the dot-coms, it's still built into the stock market.
The stock market never made its...
It's correction, and we're very vulnerable because we pretend to think that we can get wealth out of borrowing and out of printing presses, and that's an illusion.
Well, doesn't it also affect the stock market pricing because if the dollar's already worth less, then you're going to see an artificial increase in stock prices, but really the prices are what they were years ago, so in truth it's a massive devaluation of stock markets.
That's right.
If your stock stays the same for five years and your dollar's worth 50%, you've lost 50%.
So it becomes an invisible crash.
But unfortunately, a lot of times you still lose nominally as well.
Well, here's an example.
I have an employee in England who I had to basically double their pay.
One of my webmasters, my other webmasters are here in the U.S., I had to double his pay because he couldn't live.
Yeah, because there is a lot of inflation.
And, you know, if you look at government statistics, they argue there's no inflation.
Now, can you convince the average person there's no inflation when they have to pay medical bills and repair bills and gasoline bills and fuel bills?
And then everything that's shipped by truck or train, they've got to pay that increased energy price.
Right, and that's just starting to work through the system, so I think there's a lot of inflation ahead for us.
All right, two final questions for you.
Arlen Specter, pro-abort, Bush has this huge mandate, massive House, massive Senate numbers.
And now he's pushing Specter, he's pushing Gonzalez, who wrote the memo saying Bush is above the law and torture's good.
I'm seeing a backlash now by conservatives because they can't target Bush for four years.
It looks like we're going to lose House and Senate seats of good people and end up giving it back to the Democrats because of what they've done.
Well, in a way, they're a little bit late because, you know, in the primary up in Pennsylvania, we had a very good candidate, Pat Toomey, who was a member of my Liberty Committee.
We're good to go.
So far, you know, even the appointing of the Attorney General shows that the right-to-life people aren't going to be protected.
Well, they've got this weird psychology where they say, well, because we were elected with this landslide by you conservatives, we're going to spend our capital on the Senate and not let you boss us around.
That's about it.
You know, and they've been duped, I think.
Of course, the part that I really fear is that they use this so-called mandate, which came from Christian conservatives, as an excuse to expand the war in the Middle East.
And you know how I feel about that.
I think that's very, very dangerous, very expensive.
And you're a veteran of Vietnam yourself.
Remember, you said a year ago, you said it's going to blow up in our face.
We're making enemies faster than we can beat them.
And the neocons, who are more in charge than ever, want to expand the war.
A quick comment, and then one last question.
Quick comment on Alberto, I love torture, Gonzalez.
He's the guy saying we're above the law, the president is, saying torture's okay.
Comments about him?
Well, I think that represents the arrogance of the people in charge, that they are above the law.
And I think our civil liberties are threatened, and I think ultimately this is going to be a great danger to us.
You know, they apply some of these rules to a few people who look like they're the bad guys, and they say, well, we're going to apply these rules to the terrorists.
But the principle is that in this country you're not a terrorist until you've been proven that you've done something.
Congressman, did you hear about the lady selling knockoff Rubik's cubes at Homeland Security visited?
No, I didn't hear that one.
That was in St.
Helen, Oregon.
Did you hear about the veteran who made too many calls?
And the FBI, Homeland Security guy, said Homeland Security dispatched them.
In the Quad City Times said, well, he didn't threaten anybody, but calling too much is harassment and therefore terrorism.
You know, it's too careless.
You know, we're there fighting for our freedom.
At the same time, we're undermining our freedoms.
I worry more about how much we undermine our own freedoms here at home than our pretense of trying to
Secure the world and spread democracy.
Bob Barr has said that what's happened to our rights is much bigger than the towers.
That's right, and he's been doing a great job.
I sort of like what he's been doing since he was not in Congress.
He has not let up, and I think he's been doing some great work.
Do you think Gonzalez will be confirmed?
I think so, because once again, they're going to claim mandate, put our guys in, but let's wait and see.
Last question, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Obviously, Dana Rohrabacher, one of your colleagues, congressman, told a major California paper, San Jose Mercury News, November 3rd, that, quote, Republican leadership...
Well, I'm not for that.
First off, I don't think Schwarzenegger is a strict constitutionalist and a conservative, so I'm not interested in promoting his career.
Well, Arnold, they've got four bills in Congress.
Arnold says he dreams of being a dictator.
I don't know about that.
Let's hope we don't capitulate to that desire.
Congressman Ron Paul, tell folks about your different websites.
Well, the best way to do it is go to ronpaul.org, and they can get to all my websites.
ronpaul.org, and there's libertycommittee.org.
Yeah, Liberty Committee, and then they can get to the Congressional Committee and the Foundation and the campaign.
All right, well, Congressman Ron Paul, thank you for all the time, and thank you for the great job you're doing for us in Congress, and I'm going to urge all my listeners right now, are there particular committee chairmen we should call, or just every senator?
No, I'd just go with any senator that you can get hold of, and let them know to maintain the Ron Paul language against the mental health mandatory screening.
As well as to speak out against the national ID card.
What do you say to them that's really effective?
That I will campaign against you in the district if you pass this?
I will come to your town halls and I will get in your face?
I don't think any kind of threats help.
I don't mean threats, but pressure.
I think the numbers make a difference.
Very sincere people calling up and saying, I am very concerned about this.
Please consider my opinion.
But if there's one or two, it won't matter.
If you get a bunch, then they'll pay attention.
All right, Congressman, take care.
Okay, thank you.
God bless.
Folks, you can sit here and do nothing, or you can call Congress.
And let me give you some Senators' numbers.
You can forget Joseph Lieberman.
How about Susan Collins?
Probably forget her, too.
How about Mark DeWine of Ohio?
How about Bob Graham of Florida?
Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey?
Go ahead and give Lieberman a call, too.
So Bush is going to spend his capital.
A bunch of pro-abort people in the Senate and Attorney General ship and Secretary of State and everything else and judges that were Attorney Generals that went after Judge Roy Moore.
They're going all the way to the top.
Hope you're proud of yourselves.
But Alex, we couldn't vote for Kerry.
The point is you should have been honest about how the whole thing was a fraud to begin with and start waking people up instead of playing along with this.
And you've got to fight at the local level, too.
But we've got a chance to defeat the 9-11 bill.
He said, more than 50-50, we can defeat that.
The big one, more than 50-50, it's going to pass, 60-40.
Talked to the congressman during the break, he's got even more info.
He says it may pass.
Good chance, frankly.
Better hit the Senate than hit them hard, or they're coming to your school, folks, and they're going to make your child do psychological testing, and if you homeschool or private school, they're coming, too.
Now, it's in the bill.
So you heard the congressman.
Now, before I go back to your calls and cover some final news items that we covered a little bit in the first hour but haven't detailed yet, I wish you'd listen to us in the first hour, but c'est la vie.
We have launched Americans Against Arnold.
The website is ArnoldExposed.com.
That's ArnoldExposed.com.
And I'm going to run radio and TV ads at least in Sacramento, San Francisco, and Austin.
And that means that the money doesn't come in, and it'll be at least $20,000 to run a modest ad campaign.
I'm going to spend my own money, and I don't have it.
So I need your support.
Last time I asked for money was five years ago to build a memorial church for all those that died at Waco.
Even for the BATF, folks, there's a blackout front.
For all those that died.
I mean, I saw the Davidians get no help from us when they killed them.
I watched the jury find them not guilty in 94, and Walter Smith said, you are guilty, some life in prison still, with the jury saying not guilty.
Didn't know that could happen.
Then the same judge said, no jury in your civil trial.
I mean, folks...
So I said, let's build them a new memorial church.
Seats about 400 people, two-story, air conditioning, the whole nine yards, $120,000.
Builders told us nobody else could build it for less than $200,000.
And in that case, I said, send money to Lowe's, Home Depot, and the local hardware store in Waco, or pull it in on trucks every Saturday when we were out there working.
And we only raised $8,000 that we had to have in a bank account for the trusses, because hardware stores don't sell the trusses.
Those come already made.
We built a couple years before that a veteran who's since died.
They bulldozed his house, so we built him a new house.
It's just vicious what they did to him trying to take his property.
Well, this is more important.
And if you want to write to me, just write them to Alex Jones and put on there for the Arnold campaign, to fight Arnold.
And every red cent of it will be spent, including $3,000 of my own money that I'm pledging already.
And we've been spending about 10 hours a day just on this alone the last three days.
So, we launched it yesterday.
So, please, arnoldexposed.com or write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
But be sure and specify that it's not for books or videos or anything like that.
Say it's for the Arnold Exposed campaign.
Or fight Arnold.
Just let me know it's for Arnold.
To fight what his minions in here are obviously up to.
It's so important.
It's a big deal.
And we need your help.
Or write to me at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Don't count on other people to donate to the PayPal account on the website.
Don't count on other people to send in checks.
And don't count on other people not to call Congress right now and tell them don't pass the National ID card.
We're an inch away.
We'll know by tomorrow.
At noon.
An inch away from forced psychological screening of every child and then adults.
Starting with pregnant mothers with a CPS hanging over you by law for days.
And they write the guidelines.
I mean, with all of this, you've got to take action, you've got to stand and be counted.
I don't ask you for a lot of help often.
Obviously, another way to fight the globalists is to get my documentary films.
I've made 11 of them, and to get the word out, I've cut prices as much as 70... actually, 75%.
A DVD, it was $25.95, now $5.95.
When you buy one copy at the regular price, and each additional is $5.95.
I mean, come on, folks.
Or just get them and make copies.
But people are more apt to watch them if it's the shrink wrap, the color cover, professionally produced, with the stamp on top, the DVD.
VHS for $9.95 each additional copy.
That costs us like five bucks a piece if you use high quality tape and hardcovers and all that stuff.
Infowars.com or presentplanet.com.
Go to the secure online shopping cart.
Order right now.
Or call toll free 1-888-253-3139.
Don't wait.
Linda in Virginia.
Linda, welcome.
Hello, ma'am.
Oh, hi.
Actually, I had a couple of comments and a couple of questions about that interview.
Go ahead and fire them off.
All right.
Well, that was a wonderful interview.
You handled it excellently.
I was just really stunned by that woman's super slick speech.
And it sounded to me like Madison Avenue on steroids.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, she'd been to a hundred seminars for that.
Well, I'm sure.
But the thing was, the tone, one of the underlying tones was she was so patronizing.
I'm sure.
And it was all soothing, though.
And it just oozed with ooh, ooh, ooh.
Oozing and soothing, that's right.
But the laughing and the patronizing and being so dismissive about real concerns.
Well, he says he admires Hitler.
And she was so dismissive.
But I have another question.
Okay, quickly let me get back because I want to go to Richard, Rick, and Mary at least and hit maybe one or two stories in the final zone.
Straight ahead, prisonplanet.tv.
Don't forget about that.
Watch all my videos.
Read my book, Paul Watson's book, my weekly TV reports, 15 cents a day.
And we need your support now more than ever.
Stay with us.
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The Berkey Base is available in gorgeous cobalt blue or practical bright white LEDs.
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That's toll free, 888-803-4438.
Herbal Healer Academy
We're good to go.
That's HerbalHealer.com, your website for safe, effective natural alternatives and education.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You guys are doing a great job calling the media, telling them to cover our story.
The calls are starting to pour in from print media, real journalists.
You've got to target big TV now.
Finishing up what you were saying, Linda.
In Virginia, go ahead and fire.
Yes, I was waiting for you to say something to her about...
Arnold's attack on Christian values, or what Christian values he stands for.
I've got to go buy a copy of the book, but in his education of a bodybuilder that I read a decade ago, he puts down Jesus Christ, says he doesn't believe in him, says he believes in himself.
I was hoping that you would bring that up, because obviously she believes he's the Republican answer to Clinton.
And what if Al Gore or Bob Dole were constantly found groping women out in the street?
What if he was saying, I don't like Jesus, and this is all recent stuff.
Well, if you're able to have her on again, I hope you will... No, there's a lot I didn't ask her.
I was so taken back by the... You're right.
Madison Avenue Tactics.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you, Linda.
Great points.
Rick in Reno.
Go ahead, Rick.
How you doing, Alex?
Mike Rupert has a book out called Crossing the Rubicon.
You need to have the man on.
He claims that this book... Well, listen, listen.
I don't like Mike Rupert.
That's all I'm going to say, and that's the end of it.
I have interviewed him before, and that's all I'm going to say on the subject.
All right.
In this book, which he claims is weighty enough, as evidence, to indict members of the... Yeah, I know.
I understand, sir, but really, that's one of my pet peeves.
No Rupert on my show.
All righty then.
Seriously, you just... All right, I mean, and certainly I haven't read the book, but I've read some of the excerpts of it, and it seems like good info.
I'll say that, but I just might rip it to the person.
No, thank you.
You did a good job with her lordship on the interview.
You handled her well.
Well, I drew her out.
You exposed her.
She and that creepy demon Schwarzenegger that she wants to see in the presidency need to be stopped, and I'll support you financially.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I appreciate your support.
No, I mean, he really is demonic.
Folks, I mean, I've been in the room with him, down there on the floor at the convention.
I mean, it was the scariest thing ever.
I've been around Janet Reno.
I've been around Bill Clinton.
I've been shot at the table with George Bush.
I'm telling you, folks, this guy is the real deal.
Thank you, sir.
Again, I've interviewed Rupert before on this show years ago, over and over again.
And then, you know, I just, I mean, I'm not going to go any further than that.
I just, I do not, I'm not going to interview Mike Rupert.
Let's talk to Mary in Colorado.
Mary, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Well, I'd like to say that my Senator Allard is just as nutty or amateurish as George W.N.
Well, he called about the bills and he said they don't exist.
Is that correct?
Did you call your senator just about the bills?
I wouldn't call Senator Alex.
You need to.
I've been to his meetings.
He doesn't know anything.
Salazar is my new Democrat senator, and he is great.
I'm telling you, he is a good... Now, talk about a Christian.
There's a Christian man.
These people that call themselves Christians that voted for this war and the Republicans do not know what a Christian is.
They are just a religious bunch of nuts, and I know what a Christian is.
I'm a born-again Christian way back.
You follow Christ.
You don't do the things these people are doing.
No, listen, I hear you, and I appreciate the call, Mary.
Take care.
Sorry we're out of time.
But that doesn't mean you go vote for John Kerry either.
It means you see two evil things.
I mean, if you've got Bath-O-Met and Moloch, you know, do you go, well, I'm choosing Moloch because Bath-O-Met's really bad.
I mean, it's the same thing.
They give you a false choice.
And all I ever said was, this is a joke.
Look at the fruits of Bush now.
Look what he's doing.
Look how he's backing Schwarzenegger.
Contribute to us.
Help us run these ads.
Don't wish years later that you supported us.
You know, 80% of you against us in the polls, Constitution against us.
You know, we've got to fight this.
We've got to defeat it.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central, on the shortwave at 3210, on the internet at infowars.com and prisonplanet.com, and of course, on your local stations.
God bless you.
Have a great weekend.