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Air Date: Nov. 18, 2004
2525 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
It's already Thursday.
Thursday, the 18th day of November 2004.
National ID dead for now.
That's the headline.
We'll be covering that.
And we have Congressman Tom Tancredo coming up a little bit later in the broadcast to talk about the National ID card, to talk about the open borders, to talk about a lot of the key issues.
Congressman from Colorado.
We're lining up Ron Paul as well for today or tomorrow.
Dollar hits new low against the Euro.
Government looking at military draft list.
This out of the Brownsville Herald, right out in the open, gearing up for that.
Russia developing new nuclear missiles.
Oh, there are little buddies.
Underwriter Labs fires 9-11 whistleblower.
The big company that underwrote the steel and stress tested it.
Their top guy said it's all a fraud.
No way that steel melted.
So they fired him.
We learned this two days ago but didn't confirm it until today.
Iraqis call for boycott of what they call fake elections.
Conservatives rail against MSNBC's Obermann for reporting election irregularities.
And that Obermann is a Bush worshipper.
And he's been reporting the fact that a bunch of ballots weren't counted in Ohio and that a bunch of stuff happened.
And so now so-called conservatives, I would say, are going after him.
Gitmo trials at Guantanamo Bay go on despite the fact that federal courts have said it's a total fraud and it's got to stop despite the fact that prosecutors and others have quit and said it's all a fraud.
They don't deserve fair trials.
Well, how do you know they're guilty if they don't get fair trials?
I already admit most of the people there are totally innocent.
Just randomly picked up in countries like Afghanistan or the U.S.
But, my friends, we have not had problems since we got different service providers, different servers, on InfoWars.com, on PrisonPlanet.com, and other websites.
Magically, this morning when we sent out our press release about the new movement I have founded that represents the views of 80 plus percent of the American people against Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign to be president that's already been launched, a very specific, sophisticated, what is clearly an attack took place against the hubs themselves that the server was going out of.
They targeted specifically, because we've got a bunch of servers, they targeted specifically the server that ArnoldExposed.com is on.
Now, I'm 90% sure this is what we're dealing with.
They do not want you to see what you're going to see.
But we have another server that PrisonPlanet.tv is on.
And boy, if they attack that one, we'll really know it's an attack, whoever's out there.
But our IT people are pretty sure about this.
This is a very specific signature on this.
Within minutes, you'll be able to see the press release uploaded on prisonplanet.tv.
And listen.
You never know what will get the bees angry.
That's what we are.
We're a bunch of bees.
All busy running our lives, just trying to provide.
And then you never know what will get us stirred up.
When you guys get stirred up, it's unstoppable.
Well, I'm begging you to get our press release, to get the data we put together on Arnold Schwarzenegger and his huge campaign to become president that's already been launched.
And to email it to every Associated Press, Reuters outlet, every radio and TV station.
Just pick 10 or 15 yourself if you're online.
Man the guns in the Info War.
Go in and hit them hard.
We don't have the billions of dollars that Arnold and his supporters have, but we do have people, pal.
And don't let our efforts be frustrated.
PrisonPlanet.tv, the press release is going up there.
Launch the attack!
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster in the New World Order.
The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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Big Brother.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The best defense is a strong offense.
Everyone listening to the sound of my voice
Who has a telephone?
Who has a fax machine?
Who has access to the internet?
I am begging you to go to prisonplanet.tv where within minutes our press release will be loaded and to email it and fax it to every newspaper and radio station in your area and your states and your cities, Maine Associated Press, Bloomberg, Reuters offices.
We're doing the same thing.
And if you'll aid us in this, we can have a massive effect.
We have the people power.
No Arnold for president, national movement launched to stop Arnold Schwarzenegger and his political operatives from destroying the US Constitution.
It is so vitally important
That all of you go and get this press release and that you send it out to everyone.
Now, we built this site in the last two days.
It's ArnoldExposed.com and it was obviously attacked by someone this morning and a major router was brought down.
It has been repaired.
It is back up.
That's why we have multiple servers, though.
The PrisonPlanet.tv and other servers were still up and operational.
But the sites where we had loaded it were brought down.
It is back up right now, and you can get those press releases and get them out to everybody.
And I want you to be renegades out there.
You know, 80-plus percent of the American people are against Arnold being able to run for president.
Their instincts are right about him, even though most people don't know the full horror of what this creature is and who represents him and who's behind him.
So that's the facts.
That's the reality of what we're facing, of what we're dealing with.
But the media continues to push, and for a month-long blitz, with Dana Rohrabacher and Senator Hatch and Senator Kennedy and Senator McCain and Jay Leno and Arnold, everywhere, going, yes, I think that Article 2, Section 15,
Five should be changed so I can run for president so I can shoot for the top.
Then he has all his minions out there, Dana Rohrabacher, the congressman, saying, yeah, the Republican leadership wants him to run for president in 08 when Bush's work is done.
That's a quote out of the San Jose Mercury News, November 3rd.
And Karl Rove's signature is all over this.
We know it was Karl Rove, the big White House brain, the neocon chief strategist, who called Arnold
We're good to go.
This new Arnold Bill, four different versions, it's even called, euphemistically, the Arnold Bill in the House and Senate.
Four different versions of it, and then suddenly all of Arnold's minions, his former top campaign fundraisers and staff, are running this Amend for Arnold and raising millions of dollars, and they're on wall-to-wall TV channels running their ads for free, getting all these donations to push it nationwide, and an admitted four-year plan to put him into the White House.
It's on their website!
And they go, oh, this isn't just for Arnold.
Oh, is that why it's called Amend for Arnold?
And Arnold's all over the television suddenly?
Doing interviews about how great he is, and they say, well, are you going to run for president?
Well, I think I have the right to.
I think we should change it, but I'm not worried about it.
I'm out campaigning for California, helping California.
No, all you're doing is pushing to amend Article 2, Clause 5.
So, here is the press release, ladies and gentlemen.
Americans Against Arnold is strongly opposed to amending Article 2, Clause 5 of the U.S.
Constitution that bars the foreign-born from seeking the presidency.
High-level political operatives from Arnold Schwarzenegger's gubernatorial campaign have commenced a media blitzkrieg propagandizing for a change in the Constitution so Arnold can run for president.
Arnold has said for decades that he wants to amend the Constitution so he can be president.
Now, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Senator Orrin Hatch, and others have introduced legislation known in Congress as Arnold Bills, or Arnold's Bill, to give Schwarzenegger what he wants.
This has been obvious.
Well-focused campaign to mold public opinion.
In favor of amending the Constitution for Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Arnold has publicly stated that he has dreamed of being a dictator.
Americans Against Arnold, founder Alex Jones, said this.
Arnold's already running for president.
His operatives have been dominating the airwaves, despite the fact that in major polls, 80 plus percent of Americans don't want to change the Constitution so he can be president.
This narcissistic megalomaniac would have control over the nuclear launch codes if he were president.
Just think about that.
Let that sink in.
From defending known Nazi Kirk of all time, using illegal drugs, and sexually harassing women, I've never heard of a politician coated in this much slime.
Americans Against Arnold has launched a counter-offensive that represents the American people's views, the Founding Fathers' writings and warnings, and the U.S.
To that means we will be running radio and television commercials in select areas of the country to raise public awareness for the real nature of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the clear and present danger he represents to American sovereignty.
Make no mistake, Arnold and his minions intend for him to run in 08.
Congressman Rohrabacher told the San Jose Mercury News November 3rd that Republican leadership, quote, believes Arnold has turned the tide and that they want him for president in 08 when Bush is done.
Close quote.
We beg the media to go to ArnoldExposed.com and look at the well-respected publications that have chronicled Arnold's frightening activities.
We sincerely hope that they will interview the founder of Americans against Arnold and give us equal time to this important issue.
All we've seen for the last month is the glossy media presentation of how great Arnold is and what a great idea it would be to amend the Constitution.
Americans Against Arnold, founder Alex Jones is a documentary filmmaker, national radio host, and has been researching Arnold Schwarzenegger for years.
He has done thousands of interviews on radio and television in the United States and internationally.
To set up an interview with Alex Jones, please call 512-291-5750 or email us at media at arnoldexposed.com.
They've had a few people up there debating Arnold's minions.
We're good to go.
On the insert for anabolic steroids, I had remembered reading this years ago, and then I went and pulled it up again, and it's true.
Even short-term use, but especially long-term use, can cause delusions of grandeur and even psychotic breaks.
And he fits that bill.
You know, all the interviews he did years ago, it's like, I'm euphoric, everything's great, I'm your leader.
I dreamed of being a powerful dictator or worshipped like Jesus Christ.
Oh, let's give you the nuclear launch codes, Arnold.
This is like a Twilight Zone episode.
Imagine a Twilight Zone episode where there's an Austrian who becomes a governor who says he admires Hitler and says he wants to be a dictator and who, on movie sets, according to Premier Magazine, makes people get on the ground and say, I'm an ugly dog.
Imagine a Twilight Zone episode where everyone ignores it and says how great he is, and they're going to amend the Constitution so the guy can be president.
I mean, you wouldn't believe a Twilight Zone episode that bizarre.
This just blows me away.
But I saw this coming years ago.
I knew during the government's whole run, I said, they've got big plans for this guy.
I mean, no one would survive stuff like this.
No one.
Imagine if Bill Clinton or George Bush or Gary Hart...
I mean, he's in gay porno magazines, he's in the private collection of Robert Mapplethorpe, the guy that put crucifix in glasses of urine, the guy that posed in front of a pentagram naked with a Newsy machine gun, and Arnold's all frolicking with him doing private photo shoots naked with reportedly daisies in his hand.
And I've seen some of the porno photos, and we haven't posted them, we have a link to them.
I mean, this is amazing.
Imagine if Al Gore or George Bush were in homosexual porno mags.
Or if anybody else was.
But for some reason, it doesn't matter.
Folks, we have the majority of the people on our side in major polls.
We have the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, and common sense.
No one in any other country would put up with even a foreigner being a governor.
Much less openly moving to be president.
We've got the quotes, dozens of them, where he told major magazines he wanted to be president someday and to amend the Constitution.
He had his buddies put it in movies where he's going to be president, you know, in Demolition Man.
It's very well known this is what he's always wanted.
Now he's got his campaign people out running this thing, raising money.
Senators, congressmen, Jay Leno, all these people all over TV promoting it, saying the Republican leadership wants it.
A congressman has said that.
Arnold's good friend, Anna Rohrabacher.
And then when you talk to him, no, I'm too busy worrying about California.
That way he doesn't get any heat for the policy they're pushing.
And they admit that Karl Rove is one of his chief strategists.
Carl Rove's looking ahead for when Bush is gone.
Carl Rove saw what Bush was going to be 20 years ago and joined him.
Now he's behind Arnold.
A guy who says he wants to be a dictator is going to have the nuclear launch?
Because, look, he will be your president in 08.
They'll have a constitutional convention and they'll repeal it unless we go absolutely 8 and educate everybody on the net.
We got the power, and I suggest we use it!
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David J. Smith for NewsWatch Magazine.
Have you ever wondered what former President George Herbert Walker Bush meant in 1990 by saying the Desert Storm War was a good chance to start the New World Order?
The New World Order would cause us to lose our freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and also our national sovereignty.
Is this what Americans want?
To be merged into a communist-style one-world government?
We'd like to help you to understand why these things are happening by offering you an absolutely free one-year subscription to Newswatch Magazine.
Just call our toll-free number, 1-800-516-8736.
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We're good to go.
All right, coming back in the next segment, we'll get into your calls and more on how we've launched
ArnoldExpose.com, and the press releases we're putting up, and all the articles we've written, full of hyperlinks, literally every statement we make linked to a mainstream news article, hyperlinked, or his own statements or video of him saying this type of stuff.
It's incredible.
So that's coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
National ID card dead for now, this is from Liberty Think, up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Washington sources tell this reporter that the Office of 9-11 Police State, a.k.a.
Intelligence Reform, bill conference for Senator Roberts has confirmed that previous...
Sections relating to driver's license, national ID, and other police state Patriot II measures will not be passed during the current lame-duck session of the 108th Congress.
Former Congressman Bob Barr, who has been lobbying against the national ID, has been telling me the same thing.
It is said that either a stripped-down bill with a new intelligence director position will pass, or nothing at all.
None of this is certain, however, as the conference are still meeting and the lame duck session is to continue until Sunday.
So there's no reason to stop calling and faxing the Congress and spreading the word about the police state measures in the Intelligence Reform Bill.
Like the National ID card to have a job or to live your life, through the State Driver's License or Patriot Act II, with even more added, also in sections of the Victory Act, Total Information Awareness Network funding and expansion, tips, program money,
You name it.
And there's also the bill on the verge of passing for the new Freedom Initiative, and we've got to keep fighting on that front, on that subject as well.
So that's what we're dealing with right now.
Dollar hits new low against Euro.
The dollar tumbled against the euro on Wednesday as traders shrugged off the surge in U.S.
consumer prices in October and focused more on the upcoming G20 finance minister meeting in Berlin starting Friday.
Analysts have expressed concern that Berlin meeting may do little to halt the dollar's slide.
Well, their chancellor just said two weeks ago he wants it to go down, and it went down even further.
Oh, boy.
So analysts have expressed concern that the Berlin meeting may be little to halt the dollar slide since G20 officials are expected to put new pressure on China to let its yun currency rise against the greenback.
The dollar earlier plunged to an all-time low against the euro of $1.3047, according to Reuters.
Data as the U.S.
currency breached key financial and technical barriers.
Friday's G20 gathering overshadowed the hefty rise in U.S.
consumer prices for October, analysts said.
It's called inflation, with the index jumping by larger than expected.
0.6% due to largely a soaring energy cost.
Markets were expecting the Consumer Price Index, CPI, to grow at 0.4% according to the Reuters poll.
Excluding food and energy, the CPI rose a moderate 0.2%.
Folks, there's inflation all over the place.
A car you bought 15 years ago for $12,000 is $30,000.
A house you bought 10 years ago for $100,000 is $200-something thousand dollars.
Everything's gone up.
Your fuel has gone from $1.15 two years ago, three years ago on average, to a $2 plus on average.
It just goes up and up and up and up and up.
And a lot of economists are saying major inflation problems, but not Reuters.
They say, well, there's a little bit of a problem, but not too much.
Government looking at military draft list.
It's taken one year, seven months, and 19 days of combat in Iraq for the Lone Star State to lose 100 of its own.
Texas is the second state after California to lose 100 service members, according to the Associated Press.
With continuing war in Iraq and U.S.
Armed Forces dispersed to so many other locations around the globe, Americans may be wondering if compulsory military service could begin again in the first time since the Vietnam War era.
The Selective Service, SSS, and the U.S.
Department of Education now are gearing up to compare their computer records to make sure all men between the ages of 18 and 25 who are required to be registered for military draft have done so.
The SSS and the Education Department will begin comparing their list January 1st, 2005, according to a memo authored by Jack Martin, acting Selective Service Director.
While similar checks have been done periodically in the past 10 years, Martin's memo is dated October 28th, just a few days before the November presidential election, a hard-fought campaign in which the questions of whether the nation might need to reinstate the military draft were raised in debates and on the stump.
Oh, they've got the draft board set back up, which they haven't done in decades.
It's Vietnam.
Close of that war.
We'll come back, take your calls, get into a ton of news.
I'm Alex Jones.
Check it out.
It's up there for you.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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My friends...
I cannot describe to you how horrific it is when you really research Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I mean, the guy in front of thousands of people, and there's multiple prominent witnesses that have gone public and he's not challenged it, where he began screaming how much, down with the blacks, down with the N-words, how he would just constantly get in black people's faces and tell them how bad they were.
Arnold admitting being in orgies with a bunch of men and one woman.
Arnold in homosexual magazines.
Arnold saying he admires Hitler and wants to be a dictator and admires Hitler and dreams of being a dictator.
Arnold openly smoking marijuana.
The point is it's all out in the open.
Admitting to steroid use.
Campaigning for Kirk Valtime, a top Nazi in Serbia.
At the height of a scandal.
I mean, he's allowed to do anything!
And I want you to imagine him with the nuclear football.
As the president.
Because Dana Rohrabacher, a senior congressman, says the Republican leadership wants him for president in 08.
To replace Bush.
It's open in the newspaper.
And then suddenly all these minions are all over TV.
Wall to wall, how great it'll be.
And Arnold's like, oh shucks, I don't know.
I think I should be able to run, but I'm not worried about that.
I'm serving California right now.
So our press release is up on prisonplanet.tv.
It's up on infowars.com.
It's up at arnoldexposed.com.
Get it.
Email it out to every Reuters, AP, every radio station, every TV station.
Call them.
Ask if they got it and say, look, major polls that we have listed on the site, 80 plus percent and some polls 98 percent, are against Arnold Schwarzenegger being able to run for president and amending Article 2, Clause 5 of the Constitution.
So what are you going to do about it to stop it?
Do we have Congressman Tom Tancredo?
Yeah, he's on the floor right now, and we're either getting him today or tomorrow.
A lot of stuff happening here at the end of the lame duck session.
That's why I was told he was coming on Friday, and I was told he was coming on today.
I might call my producer about that and see what's going on.
Thanks a lot.
It's like a war room here, folks.
We've just got so much happening, so much corruption, so much stuff to deal with.
It just never ends.
None of this.
It's just massive.
So the question is, you know, 80 plus percent of Americans in major polls are against open borders, but the media and the Republicans and the Democrats keep pushing us and telling us how good amnesty is.
We can't put up with that.
They keep denying they've got plans for a draft when the bills are introduced and the Selective Service has set back up the draft boards.
We've got to push that and document it's happening.
But now it's so clear, Arnold's got his former campaign chiefs running around pushing this amend for Arnold.
They're all over TV.
Arnold's got all these senators and congressmen and people out pushing it.
It's so obvious they're raising money for it, running ads.
And so now, my friends, I have not...
I have not asked for money from my listeners in five years.
I mean, we've had Gun Owners of America on and all these other groups and the Paragon Foundation for Land Rights.
Since early 1999.
We've tried to raise them money.
When we built a memorial church for the Branch Davidians that died, for the police that died, for everybody that died there, we raised money, and it all, 100%, I even donated over $2,000 myself, went to building that memorial church.
But now, five years later, this is important enough that I'm asking you to go to ArnoldExposed.com and to give $5, $10, $20, $100.
So that we can start in Texas and California running radio ads in the next few weeks, then select TV ads.
And obviously all this is to do is to force the mainstream media to then cover what we're doing.
I mean, they spend a couple hundred thousand dollars, a men for Arnold's group, run by his former campaign head, finance head, and then they get international attention to get their ads run.
So the point is we need that seed money to do this, so go to
And what were you just telling me, sir?
Okay, great.
We do have him in the middle of a lot of business going on.
We're honored to have him.
Congressman Tom Tancredo from Colorado.
Congressman, good to have you on with us, sir.
Thank you very much.
My pleasure.
Sir, Bush has come out, as you said he would, as he did right before 9-11.
He wants blanket total amnesty.
Then he says it isn't an amnesty.
Can you tell us what this legislation that McCain and others have introduced would really do?
Yeah, well...
It will provide a way for people who are presently here illegally to have that event, I guess, erased from their record and prepare them for eventual citizenship.
It is rewarding people who break the law.
That's as basic, I guess, as I can make it.
Well, the President has only given lip service to this so far.
He has not actually himself
He hasn't sent us anything.
One reason I think he's reluctant to do so is because he's worried about the possibility that it may fail, which of course I think is very great.
He doesn't want to be seen as being unable to put through legislation, so he's going to rely on others, McCain and others, to carry the water for him.
These are all, you know, look, it's the same pig.
They just put different lipstick on it.
You know, it's still a pig.
Well, this is a Rovian tactic.
Karl Rove told the Washington Times last week, yeah, we're pushing for it, yeah, we're going to be in Mexico at this by-Congress meeting.
Yes, this is what we want, but it's not an amnesty.
And then you were quoted as saying, oh, yeah, same pig, just new lipstick.
That's right.
And this is a Rovian tactic, to have all these surrogates go out and openly push it, while the president who's openly pushed it got so much heat, now he drops back and just supports the bill.
That's exactly right.
That's the process.
I mean, that's the way they want to play it.
It is amazing to me, absolutely amazing, that the first domestic policy shot he fires is this one.
It's the immigration one.
I mean...
Of all the things we need to do in this country, you know, we do need to... I would make immigration reform number one myself, but I mean real reform.
But, you know, let's assume that he's afraid to do that and that Karl Rove and, of course, all of the major businesses and corporations that support them are opposed to anything like that.
So, therefore, they're not going to push it.
Well, then, go on and do Social Security reform.
Go on and do reform of our...
There are a whole bunch of things that we could be doing that could be a heck of a lot more productive than this, but it's amazing.
He comes out with something that 75% of the people in this country, and certainly a majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives, are absolutely and diametrically opposed to.
Congressman, the polls we've got in some cases are 80 plus percent, but a lot of the polls, as you said, 75 or higher.
The people aren't for this.
Meanwhile, we have Glenn Spencer doing drills, sneaking fake nukes across the border in Arizona.
We've got reports that Chechnyans may have come across with something.
They're grabbing masses of Arabs and Muslims coming across northern and southern border.
We've got a thousand less Border Patrol.
The head of the Border Patrol Union has said on this broadcast this year...
And the people are against it.
It's against the Constitution.
But Bush is out there with his minions pushing this.
And now Bush has gotten more members of the House, more members of the Senate.
He's got the judiciary.
He's got the executive.
And instead we see him carrying out a policy that makes John Kerry happy.
As I mentioned to you before the election, it didn't matter who got elected.
The battle was going to be in the Congress.
I said he will come at us as hard as he can.
This is the way he operated when he was governor of Texas.
You know when he keeps talking and the president keeps saying, I have acquired a great deal of political capital and I'm going to spend it.
Well, this is where he's going to spend a big chunk of it.
He wants it and you've got to really wonder.
What is it that motivates him?
Is it some down-deep desire to just see a borderless North American continent and people being able to sing Kumbaya all day long?
Well, it's the free trade area of the Americas was the first thing he did.
The first thing was to say, leave Bill Clinton alone, Congressman Burton.
And now he's going to be honoring him at his presidential library today saying how great he is.
And then the second thing he did was go to Canada and call for a Pan-American Union with a capital in Atlanta.
But the average American doesn't even know about this.
And now we've got the illegals getting the Social Security?
Yes, and we've got... I mean, you go back to the issue of national security.
Last week it came out that sometime in August, somewhere near the Pakistani border with Iran,
We captured an al-Qaeda operative.
His name is Masri.
He is spilling the beans about a plan to smuggle nuclear material into Mexico.
Then operatives would carry that material into the United States.
Put so much store in this.
The people doing the investigation believe that he's not blowing smoke at them, that he's really and truly talking about a real-life plan.
Ridge immediately contacted the Mexican government, for what good that is, and said, we need some help down here.
You've got to help us start to secure these borders.
Well, of course Mexico has absolutely no intention of doing that.
They print millions of comic books for the children and the peasants to teach them how to come up here and give them survival packs.
And there are people in Lobby in New Mexico and Arizona that have water stations put in and safe houses all over the place.
And then Vicente Fox earlier this year came to Austin, Texas, and I bullhorned him and was there with Rick Perry giving him an award for not following the law.
It turned out Perry's...
Chief Border Relations Individuals, a registered Mexican lobbyist, which by the way is illegal in the state of Texas, and they tried to silence the reporters that put that out.
He was here giving awards to Wells Fargo for trying to issue them a private ID card that Texas was going to accept.
And we have open foreign government in our nation trying to influence us with aid from D.C.
But things, I guarantee you, are changing a little bit around here.
You know, that Time Magazine article about a month and a half ago, that front page that said, who left the gate open, and 15 pages of an article that honestly looked like they had perhaps plagiarized many of my speeches.
Anyway, that was the start of a... I mean, that was an indicator of a sort of tectonic shift in opinion among the elites in the country and among much of the...
And also, that has already filtered into this House.
I have talked to members of the House who said to me, you know, we were willing to give George Bush a pass during the campaign because we didn't want to be attacking him during the campaign, but now the gloves are off and if he tries this, we're going to fight him tooth and nail.
The system is working.
People are actually making their will known through their elected representatives.
You know, for whatever reason that the president is so committed to this, all I know is that we've got to be ever vigilant here.
Stop him every place we get the chance.
Well, Congressman, you were re-elected last time with a percentage that is up there in the highest levels of national records.
What was it, 63%?
Okay, now...
75, 85, the different polls are 10 points in between those numbers.
The majority of Hispanics in major polls know this is destroying our economy, our sovereignty.
They try to make it a racial issue, like, oh, you don't like immigrants.
Look, there's six and a quarter billion people on this planet.
They can't all come here.
And you are a national figure.
Earlier this year, in Human Events, reported that Bush has been targeting you, going after you.
Roe has been going after you.
But on this issue of destroying our sovereignty, I've got to get your take on this.
Arnold A. Lo Schwarzenegger...
He's on record saying he dreams of being a dictator.
He's for open borders.
He's for all this.
He's got Karl Rove advising him.
He's the same tactic.
He's got this group out pushing for him, his former campaign people.
He's got Rohrbacher.
He's got Hatch.
All these people who's also for open borders.
McCain for open borders pushing for him.
Well, I guarantee you that
There will not be a constitutional amendment that will pass, certainly in time for him to run for president in 2008, nor do I think it will ever pass, at least in my lifetime, because it's a solution without a problem.
There is no issue here.
It could be called the Arnold Schwarzenegger Amendment because there is absolutely no other reason we would even be thinking about it.
It is...
Idiotic to assume that we're going to pass a constitutional amendment in this country for one guy.
It's not going to happen.
Well, he's certainly putting a lot of energy into it, and his minions are.
I know, but I'm telling you that he can spend a lot of time going after it, because after all, what's he got to do?
He's a rich guy.
He's made a fortune in his movie career.
Now he's governor, and he's thinking, who else is there?
But he's got Karl Rove behind him.
He's got Hatch behind him.
He's got kingmaker George Shultz behind him.
And they think that if they get a constitutional convention going, they can piggyback this in there, and don't we have con cons coming up for gay marriage and flag burning?
Well, even the gay marriage thing did not pass the Senate.
So there is no constitutional... And it wasn't a constitutional convention.
Not that.
But I'm saying they're talking about trying to get one for that.
Okay, well, again, believe me, that will not happen.
Take my word for this, it will not happen.
There is not going to be a constitutional convention called.
Not for this issue, not for any issue that I can foresee.
No way.
It's not going to happen.
I mean, when we couldn't... You wouldn't do it... You couldn't get anything like... We couldn't get a balanced budget constitutional convention going because of the fear that it would...
Spread into other areas.
Well, then why are they so confident?
Why are they a month-long campaign that's been going on?
Well, I don't doubt that they are interested to see whether or not the balloon floats, but I'm just telling you, it may float.
Well, do you think it's important to slap that balloon down?
Oh, I do, and I think that it is going to.
I don't think anybody really gives it any credence.
But they said that about him running for governor, too.
Well, that could be.
I mean, I've certainly been wrong in the past, but my best guess here is that that's a non-starter.
It's a solution in search of a problem.
What if there was some disaster and Arnold saved a bunch of children or something like that happened?
Well, I'd give him a medal.
Congressman, I know you are in the middle of a legislative session.
Can we hold you over for five more minutes?
All right, sir.
I really want to thank you, Congressman Tom Tancredo.
We'll also give out your legislative website so people can check that out.
One of the best members of Congress.
In fact, I'd say him and Ron Paul up there tied together as two true jewels.
In a wasteland of traitors.
No, that's pretty heavy company.
All right, we'll be right back with the congressman.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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You absolutely must see this DVD.
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Bottom line, this film is waking people up.
Order your copy on VHS or DVD today and man the guns of the Infowar.
Order right now by calling 1-888-2533-139.
That's 888-253-3139.
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All right, our final segment with Congressman Tom Tancredo, coming up in the next hour, your calls and a ton of news.
Congressman, you are following the Constitution, the will of the people.
You deserve our support nationwide, not just in Colorado where we're on the radio.
Will you please tell folks about your legislative website, your phone number?
You bet.
That's G-O-V slash Tancredo.
Especially go to the immigration page on that website and a lot of good information there.
I've just got a few other legislative questions for you.
When do you see...
I know they're trying to move McCain's total amnesty, total capitulation surrender bill through.
What do you see happening with that?
It's dicey.
Because if they... Well, first of all, it's not going to happen in this Congress.
Not in the next several days that we're going to be in session here.
As a stand-alone bill, it will not happen.
But here's what I am afraid of.
Now, you know...
This is just between me and you, okay?
But what I'm afraid of, of course, is that they'll stick it on the omnibus appropriations bill.
Then we'll have a government shutdown again.
Well, only if we can muster the votes to not pass the omnibus, and that's almost impossible.
And I'm told they're trying to put on the omnibus the Arnold Bill.
Yeah, well, that's a Constitutional Convention requirement that can't come that way.
It cannot come as part of another bill.
But this could.
This could.
And this is what we have to be fearful of.
And so you have to watch carefully.
Anybody out there in delays territory, just make sure that you call
All right, shifting gears.
What about the new Freedom Initiative to forcibly psychologically test every child that Bush has got that makes Democrats so happy?
Is that going to get in in the next few days?
No, sir.
No, I don't believe so.
But like I say, we have to watch carefully.
Anything, this is a very dangerous time.
What about the new Freedom?
So, I mean, I guarantee you that I'm a no vote almost every... Well, I think I've never voted for an omnibus bill.
What about the... I commend you.
What about the National ID Card Patriot Act II bill piggybacked on the Intelligence Czar bill?
That is certainly more possible, but again, that will come as a separate bill.
I don't think that will come as an omnibus either.
That's H.R.
10, and they are... Well, it's H.R.
10 on our side.
There's a Senate bill that's in negotiation, but...
All these things are good to watch.
Just make sure that your folks pay a lot of attention and keep our feet to the fire.
All right.
Anything else you'd like to add, Congressman?
That's it, my friend.
You do a good job.
You keep it up.
Well, that website one more time.
www.house.gov slash Tancredo.
And how do you spell Tancredo?
Can we have you back on early in the next session?
You bet.
Have a great Thanksgiving.
All right.
You too.
Thank you.
And Merry Christmas.
Take care, sir.
All right.
Congressman Tom Tancredo.
We're lining up Ron Paul as well, either today or tomorrow.
There is a great danger of the 9-11 super police state bill, is what I've dubbed it, with the National ID card passing.
You're just hurting.
And there's a great danger, of course, of the new Freedom Initiative passing.
And I do not agree with Tom Tancredo about the Schwarzenegger situation.
It is dire.
And, you know, they laughed about him being governor, and he's got all the biggest heavy hitters on his side, from the Rothschilds to Ted Kennedy to Orrin Hatch to John McCain to Dana Rohrabacher.
And he's been all over TV pushing this.
They mean business.
They're starting their four-year plan to do it right now.
It's on their own website.
We have got to stop them.
We've got to start now.
ArnoldExposed.com, the press release is there.
Get it out to everybody.
We'll be right back.
All right, we're now into our number two.
Of this live Thursday edition.
The 18th day of November 04.
We've launched a new website.
It's ArnoldExposed.com Rally to the call to defend the republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
Stand up against Arnold Schwarzenegger who says he's dreamed of being a dictator and he's got all these heavy hitters pushing so he can become El Presidente.
Go get our press release.
Off of ArnoldExposed.com and get it out to all of the media.
Get it out to everybody.
80-plus percent of the American people in polls, in one poll, 98%, 98.2%, fought against him being able to be president, but the media doesn't care.
It has been a month-long love fest.
His campaign, former top campaign people have launched this amend for Arnold thing.
They have been all over television.
How about the American people get equal time?
How about we get to stand up and say no?
Now, I haven't asked for donations in five years since we built a memorial church for all those that died at Waco, including the police.
And we're asking for donations now so we can at least run some limited radio and TV ads in Texas and in California is where I think I'll do it.
Maybe in D.C.,
And of course the whole point of this is they run their TV ads with their millions of dollars and then the media picks up on it and runs the ads for free in the news pieces.
Well, ask them.
Hey, here's a group of citizens that are against it.
In the next few days, we're putting a petition up there.
You can join the organization.
We've got a PayPal up there.
Get $5, $10, $20, $100.
We're going to have a $1,000 radio spot contest for the best 30- or 60-second radio spot exposing Arnold and defending Article II, Clause 5 of the Constitution.
A $2,000 prize for the best TV ad.
It could be a flash animation ad.
Whatever, 30 or 60 seconds long.
It's got our phone number and website at the end of it.
I'm dead serious about this.
I know a threat when I see one.
I told you Arnold will be your governor long before he even announced, and then people said, oh, it's a joke, you'll lose, and I said, no, he won't.
And they're moving to amend the Constitution at breakneck speed.
So ArnoldExposed.com.
And we're getting the press releases up there right now and all the information and the background and the sites are going to be growing and growing and growing and the power of the people getting this and getting it out to everyone is unstoppable.
So please, please, please, please take action now and get out this information to everybody.
The power of millions of my listeners, hundreds of thousands that are web-active,
Emailing your local, whether you're in West Virginia or Texas or California, emailing it to your local AP office, calling them, saying, give these guys a call.
This is a group of citizens against what's happening.
You're giving Arnold's campaign people, who now set this up, a chance to do all this.
Dana Rohrabacher, the congressman, says, quote, the Republican leadership wants him to run for president in 08, when Bush is done.
We've got all that on the site.
I mean, this is out in the open.
You heard Tom Tancredo.
This is how Karl Rove operates.
They admit Karl Rove's behind Schwarzenegger.
Whether it's amnesty or any of this, they go and push for it and then claim that Schwarzenegger or Bush isn't behind it when they're openly pushing it.
Arnold has said he wants to amend it.
He said he's for it.
He says he wants to be president.
But oh, he's not worried about that right now.
But he's on wall-to-wall TV having it promoted.
With Rohrabacher and Leno and Hatch and McCain and Kennedy, all of them from both aisles pushing this pell-mell.
ArnoldExposed.com, email it to USA Today, email it to Drudge, email our site to everybody.
Pick 10 or 15 targets, email them, call them.
Call in to talk radio shows.
We have got to fight this now.
We've got to knock down this trial balloon.
You heard the congressman last hour.
Dan Credo, it's clearly a trial balloon.
We've got to shoot this thing down now.
We've got to go in politically in the Infowar and politically shoot this thing down.
We have got to defeat it now before it gets off the ground.
Tons of news.
Your calls when we get back.
Stay with me.
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Brace yourselves as the New World Order program for world domination is blown wide open.
A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged, witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards, and yes, even implantable microchips, troops on the streets, foreign NATO aircraft in the skies, psychotic UN population control plans, and much, much more.
This is one film you cannot afford to miss.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
At our new website for Americans Against Arnold, ArnoldExposed.com, ArnoldExposed.com, our press release that we want you to send out is under Media.
They're on the buttons.
Send it out to everybody.
Or the press release is on the main page of PrisonPlanet.tv.
Go and grab the press release at ArnoldExposed.com out of the media section and also get the articles we put together full of hyperlinks detailing how he screams the N-word at black people, how all the groping, how he admires Hitler, how he campaigns for no Nazis, the illegal drug use, the orgies.
It's all in our Arnold sections.
You've got to get this out to everybody.
The mere fact they're pushing it on us is humiliating.
Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger in control of the nuclear football as president.
A guy who says he dreams of being a dictator.
ArnoldExposed.com media section.
I want to commend my wife, Violet Jones, of Infowars.com and, of course, ArnoldExposed.com for really busting her tail the last two days to get this up and going.
And of course the rest of my staff, Paul Watson, on this.
And I'm begging you, the listeners, to get involved and push this to the limit.
Email it to Drudge and say, Drudge, you know, you put all this stuff about Arnold and you've been promoting, well, you've been showing news articles about how it's being promoted.
Will you talk about the American people who are 80 plus percent against this?
Will you talk about a move against it?
Will you at least talk about it?
You know, Drudge, you're the one that's broke the news about him doing all this to black people.
That Arnold's never challenged.
I mean, think about anybody else who could become a governor after it's admitted that they ran around screaming down with blacks, down with N-words.
I mean, it's incredible.
I'd get in trouble just repeating what he said on air.
It's unbelievable.
Help us do this.
Let's go to calls.
Who's up first here?
Paul in Ohio.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Boy, this Schwarzenegger thing really gets me.
And I agree with you 100% that we do have to get the word out.
Not only about Schwarzenegger, but all the other threats that are confronting this country.
On your yesterday's show, there was a guy that asked how he could make a difference, how he can get the word out for the average person.
And I'll tell you, I...
You know, you have a lot of good tapes out there, and they can be taken to your local cable television channels and put out.
They can be donated to libraries.
People can write editorials, things like this.
I conduct an online forum out here in northeastern Ohio.
I have 18,000 readers.
It's taken me six years to do it.
And I'll tell you, we're always quoting you.
We're putting your links on it.
We're waking people up out here.
I had a lot of doubts when I first started this, but during the last year, especially during this presidential election, people are really waking up
And I've got to ask you, how can we get a copyright release from you to air your tapes on the local cable channels?
And before you let me go, I do have one other thing, too.
Well, on the end of the takeover video, I say, on video, you're authorized to air these on television, on access television, for non-profit educational purposes.
Okay, so that'll cover there.
And we have it on the website.
We need to get a scannable copy of a signed letter for myself, authorizing everybody.
Just write a letter up.
I authorize you to write the letter.
Alex Jones has given blah blah John Doe permission to air said video on cable channel whatever, on cable channel system for non-profit educational purposes on Access Television and sign my name.
There you go.
Oh, great.
There's your authorization.
Yeah, that sounds great.
You're only authorized to sign my name for that.
Okay, Alex.
That's great, because right out here, the system that's out here, there's a potential of about 500 million viewers.
Yeah, 500 million viewers.
500 million?
I mean 500,000.
I'm sorry.
500,000 viewers in this area.
One other thing.
Voter fraud here in the Cleveland, Ohio area.
I sent you a link.
To the official Cuyahoga County Board of Elections site.
We found, and it's their own statistics,
60,000 more voters than there are registered voters.
Look, it's admitted that Ohio was stolen, and I'm not a supporter of Kerry.
I'm just stating the facts.
He won in Ohio and didn't contest and took a dive, and that's the story that he took a dive like a boxer taking a dive, or he held his horse back like a corrupt jockey in a horse race.
Thanks for the call.
God bless you, sir.
And if you want to support us, we're going to spend every dime.
We're going to spend my own money as the $2,000 reward.
We're going to produce our own TV commercial, but we're also going to have a net commercial for the 60 or 30-second TV spot.
And that winner will be announced January 1st.
The cutoff date will be, say, January 20th or December 20th.
And $1,000 for a 30 or 60 second radio spot, and the rules are there at ArnoldExposed.com.
I'm going to spend my money on that, not the contributions that come in.
I've only asked for money one other time to build a memorial church at Waco for those that died, and in that case, I gave thousands of dollars of my own money, we directed the contributions, two Lowe's, two Home Depot, what we needed every day in the months it took to build the memorial church with volunteers.
So we never even touched the money.
We had to raise $8,000 to a bank account for the trusses, because you can't buy the trusses, you know, the steeple part of the building from a hardware store.
People drove in the supplies.
100% of the money went to it, over $120,000.
100% of the money that comes in to ArnoldExposed.com, those that join us in Americans Against Arnold, 100% will be sent to upkeep of the website and radio and TV ads.
You can buy TV ads really cheap on cable.
First place I'm going to run them is here in Austin.
I'm going to run them on local radio in Austin in the next few weeks.
That'll happen.
And then if we get enough money, I'm going to run them in Sacramento and L.A., and I'm going to run them in Washington, D.C.,
And you know, if the money doesn't come in, I'll just spend my little bit of money to do it.
I'll go broke.
I'm doing this.
I need your support.
The PayPal account's there.
Go and give as much as you can.
$50, $100, $5, whatever.
We're going to do this.
You know, I've had Gun Owners of America on, Paragon Foundation, 50, 60 other groups, and I've raised money for them.
And I'm asking you to do this for us.
So much hinges on this.
I mean, if they can...
Get this constitutional amendment going, which they are confident they can, and Rohrabacher says the Republican leadership is behind him in 08.
They're going to run him against somebody like Hillary, so conservatives will get behind Arnold.
We have got to stop this now, because then you're going to have a choice between Hillary and Arnold.
If we can shoot this down now politically, they won't be able to get Hillary or Arnold in.
Now, I can see their plan clear as day what they're doing.
Totally transparent.
Help us defeat this.
This usurper.
This outlander.
Get out of our country!
You make me sick!
Let's go ahead and... Who's up next?
Demetrius in Wisconsin.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank God for your program.
You know, when that first Terminator movie came out, I would believe there's a subliminal message in that movie because I had an epiphany then.
That he was not only going to become the governor of California, but he was going to be just like they did Reagan.
They're going to take him straight to the governorship, straight up to the presidency.
And I've seen in those evil depicting scenes with these robot drone crafts killing in midnight darkness, shooting and destroying people.
I saw this man.
Being the president.
And he was doing exactly what was going on in that movie.
And the reason we know they've got such big plans for him is he can openly, in front of thousands of people, and I'm not saying this because you sound like you're black.
I am.
I'm black.
I'm black.
Yeah, down with blacks.
You're a bunch of... You want to say the word?
Oh, well, niggers.
He said it over and over again until people started leaving.
You know, what I've seen is that his Nazi fascist ways that were depicted in that movie...
And also, total recall, between those two, it's clear to me there is a subliminal message in there.
Well, forget subliminal.
In the 95 movie or 96 movie, Demolition Man, they openly say he's going to be president, and he's always said he wants to be president.
Oh, yeah, for sure.
And he's part of the invisible empire that I heard a Klansman say about 10 years ago.
We're good to go.
I think?
And they don't realize that there is a fascist regime that's basically taking power.
And somehow, if the Congressman is right for his amendment,
Well, I mean, the guy went to Austria to campaign for Kurt Waldheim when it was openly known he was a top Nazi.
He said, I don't care if he's a Nazi.
Well, yeah, for sure.
I've seen in the movie Terminator that he was full-fledged fourth-ranked Nazi.
Well, that's why Arnold's so believable as playing an evil, dangerous character, because he just radiates it.
Yeah, that's his nature.
He's every bit of it.
He's almost like a comic book character in the respect that he's all with the cloning and everything else.
You know, if they could put a chip in his head and...
And actually re-clone him.
Well, here's another thing.
He's in this movie, The Six Day, where they got these clones, and he's all for the cloning and the baby parts.
And it's insane.
He's everything that the nonsense about eugenics, genocide, and all of that.
And he looks like they're a man.
It's like the Antichrist beast creature that goes across this nation.
And this world is strong.
Anything that's not going to line up with the beast system... The elite is in love with him.
And they read his quotes about, I always look down on little people.
I want to be powerful.
I want to be a dictator.
I want to be worshipped.
I admire Hitler.
Oh yeah, for sure.
And he truly is a admirer of Hitler.
And he believes that he's Hitler number two.
And he has the actual right to lead up this world.
And on the real side...
Well, I hope you'll go to ArnoldExposed.com and I hope you'll donate.
I certainly will.
Thank you for your program, Gene.
God bless you, Dimitri.
We'll be back with more of your calls as we go up against the beast man, Arnold Schwarzenegger, son of an SS officer, to be your president.
The United States seems to be celebrating over its triumph of reducing government debt.
But the truth be told, public and private debt increased to a record high in 1999, reaching a peak of $14.8 trillion, marking 10.57% annual increase outpacing its previous 10 years.
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The U.S.
In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Millions of us taking action, whether it's against the National ID card or the end of the borders.
We're unstoppable.
With God's help.
Or standing against Arnold Schwarzenegger and George Shultz and Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator Hatch and all of them that are behind him.
Whether it's Kennedy or Hatch or McCain, all these people behind him, they're all for total open borders, Pan-American Union, and how dare them support Arnold Schwarzenegger and promote him for the presidency.
And again, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
Has said the Republican leadership wants him to run in 08 when Bush is, quote, done.
That was on the November 3rd San Jose Mercury News.
So there's no debate about this.
And our press release documents all of this.
Go to ArnoldExpose.com.
Click on the media button.
There's the press release.
Email it out.
Fax it out to everyone.
And just over the day, we're going to add even more to the site.
I mean, when they finally launched their move to amend the Constitution last Saturday, it's gained so much momentum.
We have got to counter this with the grassroots, and this will be a test of what you can do out there.
So take action now.
Every local TV and radio station, call information for your local AP office.
Call them, send it to them, fax it, email it to them and call and say, did you get it?
Don't you think this is newsworthy?
His group comes out and pushes this, you give them total attention.
Are you going to talk about this move?
And I'm a very serious person.
I've done the things I've said I'd do.
We've defeated legislation federally at the state level and been credited with it.
We've built a huge memorial church for those that died at Waco and other things.
We've built veterans new houses here in Austin, Texas.
And when I set out to do something, we do it.
And we're going to affect change here.
And we're going to move against Arnold.
In the last three years, I've done over 1,700 radio interviews now, dozens of TV interviews, on other key subjects like 9-11 and Patriot Act.
And I'm going to continue to cover those issues, but I'm also going to incorporate the fight against Arnold Schwarzenegger into that fight.
That's what I'm going to do.
And I've put literally 18 hours yesterday into this fight, and I'm going to do it again today, and we're going to launch this baby, but it has almost no power until you give it power, until you breathe life into it, until you join us in this fight.
So rise up, stand up against this affront, a foreigner to be our president, to amend our Constitution.
Four bills in Congress to do it.
This is serious.
All right, let's go back to the calls.
Holland in Virginia.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I'll tell you, I'm concerned about this Holland for President thing also.
I think it will fly, in spite of what the Congressman just said.
Over on the other side of things with this illegal immigration, I checked amongst my colleagues here, and about 80% will voice an opinion that they're against this illegal immigration.
But about 90% of them that I talked to also voted for Bush.
And they look at this move that he's making right now as the solving of that problem.
Oh, well, if it slips through in a pork barrel package in government spending bills, it won't be our fault.
That's true.
And you're right.
They're building the problem with, oh, you cut your finger off.
Here, let's hack your arm off.
That'll fix the problem.
Oh, you stubbed your toe.
Here, let's cut your political head off.
Let's just get rid of the borders completely.
Could I go to another subject just for a second?
With regards to the actions of the United States troops in Iraq as far as killing civilians and that sort of thing, that's really no surprise to me.
I'm an unreconstructed person here in Virginia.
During the late war between the states, this happened all over the state of Virginia in particular, people were killed.
Looted, killed, burned, you know... Sir, there are tombstones in Teague, Texas, and then in Fairfield, in another family cemetery, where it says, killed, hung, raped and murdered by Union troops.
Yes, sir, and what I'm saying here is, this is a preview, as far as I can tell, over there right now in Iraq, and maybe in Afghanistan, too.
Anywhere we got these troops on the battle line like that, there's a potential there for these people at a certain point in time to do this all over again, to
Well, I know this.
Those troops are coming back, and 80% of the new police are military, and a lot of the troops aren't psychopaths that cheer when they kill children.
But some of them are, and they're going to be cops on the streets who've had psychotic breaks.
Yeah, I understand that, too.
Now, one thing that concerns me a little bit here now, and I'm going to get on maybe to a touchy subject, and that would be with Mr. Skousen.
He has written a constitution.
I don't know if you've actually taken the time to go to his site and look at that or not.
But say, for example, if this situation gets down to where this government fails and we are looking at an anarchy and then we have to overcome that through sheer determination and we want to reestablish a Republican form of government, it looks to me like he's going to, and maybe some other folks, are going to try to take it in a slightly different direction than what the founders, who we feel here in Virginia, were inspired of God to set up.
What are your thoughts on that?
I haven't read it, but I'll check it out.
Thanks for the call.
More calls coming up.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, I'm going to get back to your calls and a bunch of other news, but I'm going to be honest with you.
Schwarzenegger is legendary in Hollywood with all his big heavy hitters for going after folks in different ways that go after him.
But I don't care.
I love this country, and I'm not going to have somebody who says they want to be a dictator and who says they admire Hitler and who campaigns openly for no Nazis.
Hanging out with him just a few years ago, we got Reuters photos of that of him over in Austria with Voltheim at the government.
There at their parliament.
I'm standing up against him.
And I know we got the people on our side.
And go to ArnoldExposed.com and donate to us.
We can run these radio and TV ads in select areas.
And to counter what his minions are off doing with this Amend for Arnold movement that's been giving total media attention.
Let's see if the media gives us attention.
Let's see what happens.
Regardless, we're moving forward with this.
And if you don't have a computer and you want to mail a check, just write it to Alex Jones and in the comments section.
The memo section, say, for the fight against Arnold, for the fight to save Article 2, Section 5, Clause 5, whatever, just say it's for that, and it'll go right into an account.
It'll be marked right in there on a sheet to be spent on this, 100% of it.
And I'm giving $2,000 to whoever comes up in the next month with the best TV ad that you can make, 30 or 60 seconds, $1,000 for the best radio ad.
And that radio ad will air here, by the way.
It'll air in Austin and California and other areas.
I guarantee you, that'll be the first thing that we start putting out after we get it.
Now, before that even happens, though, I'm going to produce a quick radio ad and a quick 30-second TV commercial that will air in Austin.
That's going to be the next week or so.
I've just got to go out and produce it and not sleep as I normally do and just burn it at both ends for this country's future.
I know key areas that need to be fought, folks, and I know Arnold Schwarzenegger is precious to them.
He is so important to the fact that they've spun and lied and twisted and ignored.
Imagine another politician saying, I admire Hitler, I want to be a dictator.
It's incredible.
Openly in front of witnesses calling black people horrible names, all the groping, all the sexual harassment, all of it.
Let me just read our press release and we'll strike your calls and get into a bunch of national ID card, national draft news, there's so much of it.
No Arnold for president, national movement launched to stop Arnold Schwarzenegger and his political operatives...
From destroying the U.S.
Constitution, because in a con-con they can change it all.
Americans against Arnold are strongly opposed to amending Article 2, Clause 5 of the U.S.
Constitution that bars the foreign-born from seeking the presidency.
But not just the foreign-born, we're especially against Arnold Schwarzenegger.
High-level political operatives from Arnold Schwarzenegger's gubernatorial campaign have commenced a media blitzkrieg propagandizing for the change in the Constitution so Arnold could run for president.
Arnold has said for decades that he wants to amend the Constitution so he can be president.
Now, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Senator Orrin Hatch, and others have introduced legislation known in Congress as Arnold Bills.
You just heard Congressman Dan Credo last hour talk about that.
To give Schwarzenegger what he wants.
This has been an obvious, well-focused campaign to mold public opinion in favor of amending the Constitution for Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Arnold has publicly stated that he's been dreaming of being a dictator.
Americans Against Arnold founder Alex Jones says Arnold already is running for president.
His operatives have been dominating the airwaves despite the fact that in major polls, 80 plus percent of Americans don't want to change the Constitution so he can be president.
This narcissistic megalomaniac would have control over the nuclear launch codes if he were president.
Just think about that.
From defending known Nazi Kirk Voltheim, using illegal drugs and sexually harassing women, I've never heard of a politician coated in this much slime.
Americans Against Arnold has launched a counter-offensive that represents the American people's views, the Founding Fathers' warnings, and the U.S.
To that means we will be running radio and television commercials in select areas of the country to raise public awareness to the real nature of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the clear and present danger he represents to American sovereignty.
Make no mistake, Arnold and his minions intend for him to run in 08.
Congressman Rohrabacher told the San Jose Mercury News, November 3rd, that the Republican leadership believes Arnold has turned the tide and that they want him for president when Bush is done.
We beg the media to go to ArnoldExposed.com and look at all the well-respected publications that have chronicled Arnold's frightening activities.
We sincerely hope that they will interview the founder of Americans Against Arnold and give us equal time to this important issue.
All we've seen from the last month is the glossy media presentation of how great Arnold is and what a great idea it would be to amend the Constitution.
Americans Against Arnold founder Alex Jones is a documentary filmmaker, a national radio host who has been researching Arnold Schwarzenegger for years.
He has done thousands of interviews on radio and television in the United States and internationally.
To set up an interview with Alex Jones, please call 512-291-5750 or email us at media at arnoldexposed.com.
Let's go back to the calls.
John in Arizona.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Put him on hold.
Get him to turn his radio off, please.
We'll go back to him in a second.
Thank you.
Ed in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
We can make this a little bit more fun.
I heard, like, over two years ago on a Jay Leno show, Jesse DeBody Ventura saying that him and his buddy were going to run for president and vice president.
So there you got two steroid freaks out there.
Well, again...
Steroids, admittedly, and the inserts for it, says that it causes delusions of grandeur and even light use and heavy use can cause a permanent psychotic narcissistic break.
I remember when he was a wrestler.
He was a real nut job.
And, um,
Well, this is the globalist joke on us.
See, this is how decadent we've got, where we get the basic facsimile of Gladiator Kings.
But Ventura's nothing.
I mean, he was a Special Forces Green Beret, and then, of course, Navy SEAL.
But, you know, I don't think Ventura's as bad.
He went on Jay Leno.
I got the audio of this.
It was emailed to me.
I heard about it.
I never saw the video.
It was in the news.
And he said, let me tell you, 9-11's a lie.
Everything we've been told is a lie.
I lost a lot of friends in Vietnam, and it was a lie.
And he started freaking out on air.
So he's a little too unstable for him, and I think he has some conscience.
He's a real tough guy.
Arnold is a mega-maniacal... I mean, the guy, according to Premier Magazine, and he never went after him over this.
It talked about...
Just the most amazing stuff happening.
Where they'd open a movie trailer and he'd be doing something with a woman and just make a joke about it.
Or somebody wouldn't be good looking on the set and he'd go, ''Get down on your knees!
You're a dog, an ugly dog!
Say it!''
And make them get on their knees and say, ''I'm an ugly dog!''
And all these quotes about, I look down on little helpless people waiting.
I want the power, leader.
I want to be worshipped as Jesus.
I mean, these are in major magazines.
I mean, this is him saying it.
Maybe people should keep an eye on Jesse Ventura now, too.
Well, he's getting his proper training now at Harvard.
He's got a residency there.
Hey Alex, on the 29th of November, Pennsylvania here, we'll have a million hunters going out for rifle season for deer.
That's a pretty interesting number there, I forgot to throw that in.
Yeah, there's 200 and something million gun owners, 450 million guns made in the last 100 years, they call it new manufacture, hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo, you'll never get our guns, thanks for the call.
You have failed, you will fail New World Order.
Let's go back to John in Arizona.
John, you there now?
Hey Alex, how you doing?
You know, I gotta say, if any American would want to run, I don't know why, but let's just hypothetically say they want to run for a president or a dictatorship, let's say, in another country, you know that would never fly.
So why should we allow it as an American people here?
It's a joke!
And it's not like it's some British guy who moved here when he was five and is a big conservative.
You know, then you might think about it.
But a guy who says, I want to be a dictator, I love Hitler, I campaign for Nazis, my daddy was a Nazi, it's a joke!
He runs around calling people the N-word!
We had Bush said it in 2000 that he wants to be a dictator.
Now this guy, I mean, how blind can people be?
I guess if you want to be able to be a big governor or president, you've got to say, I want to be a dictator.
You know, I have a question.
Have you ever read that book by Curtis B. Dahl?
It's called FDR, My Exploited Father-in-Law.
Have you ever heard about that book?
So you're familiar with it?
Okay, because it's out of print and it's hard to get a hold of.
I found it on the net.
I was just going to say, people need to read that book because it's
Everything that's happening now is being implemented, even from the Woodrow administration.
No, I hear you.
You know?
And I don't know.
And this National ID chip card, oh, God.
What do you think?
Because you're a Christian, am I correct?
Yes, I am.
Now, don't you think... Unlike Arnold, who, in Education of a Bodybuilder, bad-mouthed Jesus Christ and said, well, Jesus is bad.
In fact, I've been looking for that book.
I even read that years ago, because I used to be really into weightlifting.
And I was reading it, and I liked Arnold before that.
And that was the first thing I was offended by.
I mean, this was like 15 years ago, folks.
And I'm going for memory on this, but, you know, I've got something I've read.
A lot of times I have a photographic memory on it.
And he's like, you know, a lot of people thank God for good things that happen to them.
A lot of people thank Jesus.
Well, I don't believe in Jesus.
I believe in myself because I do it all for myself.
I don't thank God for it.
Well, I thank you, Alex.
I've got to get going because I'm at work here.
But you have a good one.
Thank you.
Yeah, thank you.
I'm going to go buy that book again today because I can't find it.
I've read thousands of books.
Oh, that's not true.
I've probably read 500, 600 books in the last 10 years.
Oh, man.
Oh, by the way, let me just tell the great folks running the show, the best place to find this clip where Bush said he wants to be dictator, that's in the trailer of American Dictators, and on the side, it's the trailer where we put Bush's and Kerry's heads on the skeletons and they're dancing around.
We've got the clips where they say it on TV, just raw, but...
On Infowars.com, down there on the left-hand bottom side, it shows Bush and Kerry.
That's the banner with their heads stuck on skeletons.
This is Skull and Bones.
And if you click on that, that's part of the trailer to American Dictators.
That's got them making the comments about Skull and Bones on Meet the Press, both of them.
But then it also has Bush saying, if this was a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier.
I want folks to hear that.
So that's how you find it.
Go watch that on the site.
Also, if you can...
Grab that for me, and I'm going to play that here in a few minutes.
That's a good point.
Is that a prerequisite?
You've got to say, I'd like to be a dictator.
I always dreamed of powerful people like dictators.
I was dreaming of being a dictator or something.
Someone who's remembered for thousands of years like Jesus.
I want to be worshipped like Jesus.
These are the quotes.
Ah, blacks, if you give them a concert, they'll run it down the tubes.
And then big interviews for Esquire and stuff where he's going, you know, I love a succulent, blah, blah, blah.
Oh, the orgy was so big and delicious.
All five of us piled on to her.
I mean, it was just stuff I can't even, and all the porno pictures.
We found several admitted ones, and then he's got the private Robert Mapplethorpe.
Also in that private collection is the crucifix and the urine and things we can't mention here on the air.
All the love stuff.
Arnold's part of the private collection.
He's quite renowned.
I mean, is this a Twilight Zone episode?
Is this the outer limits?
I mean, am I going to wake up from a dream?
I keep thinking I am, literally.
I was sitting around this weekend with my wife at the dinner table, and I said, he's like, man, it's like it's a bad dream.
It's like it's not real.
She goes, are we going to wake up?
She was like, it's surreal.
And I go, I know.
I know all of it is.
I mean, Gonzalez says Bush is above the law and torture is good, and they've got Orrin Hatch out there running around for open borders, and they've got Bush defending Senator...
Spectre is for abortion?
After Republicans put him in office?
I mean, it's just national ID cards and forced drugging and psychological testing of all the children they're trying to pass.
And I was there at the Republican convention, like 20 feet behind the presidential box with George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Bush and right by them, Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger.
We're good to go.
And I look over and there's old women crying and people going, Oh, Arnold's speaking.
And I'm going, don't they know he's for abortion and open borders?
Don't they know he said bad things about Jesus?
They don't care!
Don't they know?
They don't care!
They love it!
They love it!
Man, you're talking about great delusion.
I'm telling you, folks, there's this black hole of wickedness spinning around Arnold, whose name really means darkness of the darkness.
I mean, imagine how last minute it means that.
Mark my words, if we don't fight this, President in 08 guaranteed by 012.
And why is that important?
Because they can only run him against Hillary.
Only way he'll win.
So you'll get a choice between him and Hillary.
So by doing this, you're going to knock out Hillary as well.
She'll only be run.
She's all in on it, like Kerry.
She'll only be run as a ringer to get Arnold in.
We have it from Rohrabacher.
The Republican leadership wants Arnold.
Paul Rove is his advisor.
San Francisco Chronicle.
You better take this serious.
You know, Arnold only got 48% of the votes.
He didn't even get a majority to win because they did that three-way race in California.
And he lost on almost all the machines by an even greater number.
Actually lost unless it was Diebold, but over a third of the state had Diebold.
And so, hey, so what?
A very questionable system with the owner of Diebold saying he's committed to giving all the votes to Republicans.
So are you starting to get the picture here?
Go to ArnoldExposed.com, go to the media section, get our press release, email it out to every Associated Press, whether you're in Wisconsin, or West Virginia, or Texas, or Florida, or New York, or New Jersey, or California, or Oregon, or Washington, or Montana.
We've got to make sure this gets out on some AP wire.
Some AP chief will let this out on the wire, and then we can really get it rolling.
Or Target Warriors.
Target Bloomberg.
We're going to pay to have it put out on PRWire.
That's a couple thousand bucks.
That's why we need donations.
To get our press release out on the PRWire.
That goes out to everybody.
We need your help.
Do it now.
Email your whole email list.
Pick 10, 15 media institutions.
Email them all.
We've got to get this ball rolling.
This is how it's done.
This is how we fight Patriot Acts.
This is how we fight open borders.
We pick these key issues, you blitz them, and we defeat their blitzkrieg.
You've got to fight lightning war with lightning war.
We've got to kick the outlander out of our right.
Go back to your Reich!
Go back to your homeland, Arnold!
Get out of here!
He's on the Austrian stance.
He campaigns in a bunch of their elections.
He's over there all the time.
He said he might become president of Austria someday, but he can't do it here.
He kept his dual citizenship in Austria.
We'll come back, take calls, and get into the national ID card.
Latest news there, dollar hits new low.
Government looking at military draft.
Russia developing new nuclear weapons.
Oh, our little buddies, Underwriter Labs, that went out and said the steel couldn't have melted.
They fired their head guy after he released that.
Iraqis call for boycott of fake elections.
There is so much coming up.
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We'll be back.
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All right.
Vance in Georgia.
Vance, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Great to talk to you.
I've got to tell you, I do a morning radio show, and it's on a country music station.
I try to bring up important things like little polls, take surveys.
I brought up the black boxes, the big story that came out last week or earlier this week.
And again, it's going to be the law that all cars have to have black boxes where the feds track you.
Yeah, and everybody is, I mean, 99% against it.
The same with Schwarzenegger.
But what I'm getting from people, the feeling you get is, well, they're going to do it anyway.
There ain't nothing we can do.
It's so hard to make people understand that you do have a choice.
You do have a voice, but nobody wants to see that.
They look at it, oh, yeah, it's a big, bad government.
You know, they're going to do this to us, they're going to do that to us.
In a major poll, 98.2% are against him.
But I'll go with the big USA Today poll, you know, 80%.
I mean, it's just... But they don't care, do they?
It's all positive on the news.
So shouldn't they give my movement attention?
They should.
I mean, but look how the media is treating Arlen Specter.
Look how conservatives are treating him.
Before it was like, oh, he'll never get in.
But now that it looks like he's going to get in, they're saying...
Oh, well, maybe he's not that bad.
Peggy Noonan had a big article today.
Oh, just be quiet about it.
Just give the conservatives time to rest.
The light will shine.
The truth will win.
Arlen's not a bad guy.
I don't understand this.
And if you talk to any neocon about anything, what about the open borders?
What about Iraq?
What about this and this and this?
They say they completely changed the subject.
Like I heard... Well, no, Kerry's going to get you.
I guess you're with Al-Qaeda.
Yeah, yeah.
I heard Janine Garofalo on with the Hannity guy the other day, because I guess I just like to upset myself and listen to him sometimes.
And she's a big liberal, but some of the stuff she was saying about the Iraq war was true, because I think both sides mixed truth in there about the other side.
Yeah, that's how they control us, is having both sides being controlled.
I hope tomorrow morning you'll plug...
Oh, you got it.
I will, buddy.
No problem, because I want people to see the real Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I want people to see the real government for what it is.
I mean, everybody's given Specter a pass.
They gave Gonzales a pass.
Nobody seems to be worried that these guys are pro-abortion, that they're pro-immigration.
Yeah, look what Bush is doing.
He's putting in all total pro-abort people, gun grabbers, open border promoters.
I mean...
But you talk to Christians about it, and they're like, oh, well, it's God's will.
Bush has a reason for doing this.
No, I know.
He's anointed by God.
I had a little friend last night.
I saw it on the TV station.
He was getting in my face, and I was listening.
He goes, I don't care.
I don't care.
You're a liberal.
And I'm like, what are you talking about?
You're a liberal.
Yeah, it's almost an unwinnable argument, because it's like these people are on some kind of neocon drug, because they will not listen to anything other than, Bush is great.
Let's worship Caesar.
Well, I mean, the Bible says a great delusion comes upon them.
Arnold Schwarzenegger says he admires Hitler and wants to be a dictator and calls black people the N-word in public.
Oh, that's okay.
That's his past.
That's okay.
That's okay.
His past?
He's hanging out with Voltheim.
We got photos of him a year ago with him.
Yeah, people just don't realize.
People don't pay attention to anything other than what they want to see.
And that's the problem with America now.
Everybody's asleep.
Everybody thinks, okay, good, Bush won.
Don't worry about anything else.
We'll just let it go now.
And now Arnold's already running.
I mean, it's obvious.
He's already running it for the 08 campaign.
Oh, and they're saying they wouldn't even... They said, no, no, I've had conservative friends.
I have a guy that works for a talk station.
And he says, no, there's no way I would vote for Schwarzenegger, even if he ran against Hillary Clinton.
But you know what?
In four years, that's going to change.
There's going to be such a frenzy worked up.
Of course people are going to vote for Schwarzenegger over Hillary Clinton.
People that have no brain.
I mean, if you had a brain, you wouldn't vote for either one of them.
But you know what?
There's still going to be a two-party system.
You know what would happen, Hillary?
The New World Order would fail if she got elected, because people would wake up.
They'll never put her in.
That's true.
She is so bad, there's no way.
And again, folks, this is Machiavellian worldview politics.
Tell folks about your station.
I work for WDEN Radio in Macon.
It's a country music station.
So we talk about as much as we can to let people know what's going on out there, as much as I can get away with.
Plug your frequency.
All right, we'll be back.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
For the last month, at least five big TV shows on networks promote Arnold for president in 08.
The Republican Party says they want him in 08.
That's public from Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.
We have launched ArnoldExposed.com, Americans Against Arnold, a national movement against him and against amending the Constitution, against changing Article 2, Clause 5, that no foreign born be our president.
Do you want Arnold with the nuclear football?
Our press release is in the media section of ArnoldExposed.com.
We're going to your calls, into a ton of news, on the National ID card, you name it.
All the pending legislation they're trying to pass in these last few days, running up until Sunday.
But right now, let's go to John in Colorado.
John, you're on the air.
Yes, good afternoon, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
Very quickly, I would like to bring up the illegal alien issue, and I'm going to be a little facetious about it.
Here I go.
Can't you see?
Don't you know that we need illegal aliens in this country for two basic reasons.
Cheap labor, too.
We're reintroducing the draft, and we need a lot of live bodies so we can go to over 150 countries and promulgate
The One World Government Empire.
Actually, that's true.
About 20% of the force in Iraq are illegal aliens who became legal by joining the military.
And there was an Austin American Statesman article that I even have right here that even bigger than the proportion of Hispanics in the military, almost doubling it, is the number of Hispanics dying.
And why is that?
Because I've seen the statistics.
There's no one more brave, no one tougher.
It's just a fact.
I mean...
The Mexican soldiers are vicious!
And they're not cowards, and they're tough, and there's nobody tougher, and there's nobody who gets the bigger Congressional Medal of Honor numbers, and it's just a fact, folks.
And for some reason with the culture, and that's why they want them, and that's a big part of it, and I don't think it's facetious.
These guys go running right into machine gun fire!
Right, right.
And the fact being that we have had all these abortions, well, we're going to have to replace all those abortions with something.
Actually, that's true.
The population in America is actually going down by 2% a year if we didn't have the influx of immigrants.
And Western Europe is dying.
That's because they have an average of 1.5 children per family.
It's as low as 1.2 in some European countries.
Whole areas of cities are empty.
There you go.
No, in fact, that's in the car.
I'm going to go out during the break, and I'm going to dig that Statesman article out, and I'll read that when we get back.
So all you illegal aliens that are listening to this, you're being suckered into...
Right, right.
What's about to happen in a few years from now, especially in a few years from now where it's not going to go on just for a couple years, it's going to go on for decades like Bush City.
The Mexicans are the new Hessians.
The Hessians were the German soldiers that the kings in Germany owned and they would sell them to the British.
There you go.
There you go.
There are Hessians.
Hit the nail on the head.
All right.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
All right.
Appreciate the call.
And look, it's just a fact, folks.
Statistically, with the Congressional Medal of Honor and other high decorations, I've looked at it, and it's a little inside secret in the military that peasants have always been the toughest.
Back when we were peasants in this country, whether you were white or black, farm boys, we were the baddest.
And now we've become little soft city people.
Well, you take these poor...
You take these poor Mexicans out of the cornfields and out of the factories in southern Mexico, you bring them up here, and you go kill those guys, and they're just not afraid.
For some reason, they're afraid of government and the police, statistically, but they're not afraid of the very brave.
And actually, I already knew this, but it was in the Statesman this weekend.
I'm going to go get the article and read it if I can find it.
It's sick.
20% of those on the ground are illegal aliens.
We're not legal.
We're immigrants.
And it is amazing.
They're just chewing up the poor black boys and the poor Mexican boys while chicken honks like Bush sit there in the Oval Office.
Yeah, it's true.
We'll be right back.
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Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, coming up in a few minutes, National ID dead for now.
Is that really true?
Dollar hits new low against the Euro.
Government looking at military draft.
Mainstream news.
Russia developing new nuclear weapons.
A bunch of news coming up.
After we take some more of your calls.
But there I was during the last break tearing my car apart trying to find the Statesman article about more Hispanics dying than anybody else.
And I walked back in the studio and there it was beside my chair.
Something I never covered two days ago.
So I was all angry.
I couldn't find it.
I looked down and there it was.
And I've talked a lot about this.
I've seen the statistics.
The highest level group per capita getting a Congressional Medal of Honor and other high marks is Hispanics.
And I've talked to a lot of families in the military who've been in combat, a lot of covert operations around the world, and they just say that the bravest people, even going back to Vietnam, were Hispanics.
We found that with Native Americans in World War II, and with Hispanics when they got a chance to fight.
And about 20%...
Of the troops in Iraq are not just Hispanic, but they're illegal aliens.
And so the caller said a lot of this illegal immigration is about that.
It really is.
They're kind of the modern Hessian, just like the British would buy, literally, Germans from the different nobles that literally owned their populations in Germany, and they'd send the Hessians over here.
That's where you get the term Hessian boot, or the jack boot, the tall black boot.
That's what they were known for wearing, and they were used against...
The colonies.
Well, here is the Austin American Statesman.
It's actually an Associated Press article that was in the Statesman.
Section B, Metro and State, on Monday, November 15th.
Let me read this to you.
Fighting in Iraq takes higher toll among Hispanics.
Chan Antonio, by T.A.
The casualty rate for Hispanic Texans in Iraq has been out of proportion for their population and their enlistment rate.
This is also the case for Hispanics nationally, and it's not exactly clear why.
Although one researcher speculates that it's because of their jobs and ranks.
That's not it, totally.
Forty of the first 100 Texans killed in the war were Hispanic, and the death rate that is about 18% higher than their population, just over one-third of the state's 2.21 million residents, are Hispanic.
And according to the latest census figures, when measured by enlistment, the disproportion is even greater.
About 30% of Texans in the military are Hispanic.
Making the death rate 33% above their numbers in uniform.
It's both substantively and significantly higher than we would expect, said Brian Guilford, a research fellow.
Let me turn to page B5 here.
Cut this out.
It's a huge article.
Oh, I'm on B5.
And it continues, the University of California in Berkeley who is studying Iraq death and ethnicity.
And it says the Hispanic death toll is even higher during the first weeks of the war.
And it goes on that 14 of them, it just goes on and on, just for Texas, in that first week.
Folks, it's because, I mean, why not give the people credit?
It's because they've got more courage than most people.
I mean, it's just a fact, folks.
If you look at the military commendation records, in the past, the numbers have been highest with people from the South, whites from the South, because they're more proficient with firearms and were from the country and for some reason had more courage.
But as the general public, whether you're a black guy or a white guy, and you raise in the city, you're more cowardly.
It's just a point I've made, and here it is borne out in the evidence and the facts, because they had found that other ethnic groups with the same low ranks, on average, did not have those numbers.
Since the caller raised it, I brought it up, and there's the facts.
And I've said, the number one group listening to this radio show we found, the most supportive, the most concerned, are Hispanics.
You go to one of my rallies or one of my meetings, there's masses of wonderful Hispanic folks that love this country and are very patriotic.
And that's why I've told folks, you know, we need to reach out, whether you're black or white or whatever, to Hispanics to join us in the fight against the New World Order.
They have courage.
They know what's going on.
They've seen oppression in Mexico.
They're not stupid.
This is a very street-level, smart group of people.
And we need to have them at the core of the fight against the New World Order.
And I've seen that growing, and that's great.
So on this show, the red carpet is out for Hispanics.
And again, most Hispanics are against the open borders.
They just had the big Prop 2 in Arizona.
Most of the Hispanics...
The majority of the state voted against giving all these illegals all this welfare and all this money.
Because people aren't stupid.
They know what it does to our country.
Most Hispanics in polls are against Arnold, even though he has this immigrant push.
Oh, let me be your president because I'm an immigrant.
They're against it.
They're not stupid.
They're smart.
And so that's my tirade on that subject.
Fred in Pennsylvania.
Fred, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
First of all, I want to thank you on the Beckman Show.
That was great.
A lot of the recent guests, including Dan Credo, were great.
I want to mention two things.
First of all, about Congress.
I don't know if Dan Credo is aware of it or if it's uppermost in his mind and a lot of the other people in Congress, but you have an elite in Congress that knows about procedures and knows about how these committee systems really work and how a secret piece of legislation like Patriot II
We're good to go.
I think?
The procedures.
The only people who know... Well, it's like Patriot Act II national ID card legislation.
It passed the House and Senate through committees.
Now it's in conference, and Dan Credo admitted it could pass any day.
And all these elite senators on both sides of the aisle are on Arnold's side, and they're starting this new campaign to amend with his form.
Yeah, yeah.
They're doing this.
They're making it seem as though this is just an ordinary piece of legislation like it.
Oh, just do this along with all the other stuff.
But Rohrabacher, a senior congressman, let the cat out of the bag.
He told the November 3rd San Jose Mercury News, quote, the Republican leadership is behind an Arnold run.
He has turned the corner.
He has turned the tide.
We want him for 08 after Bush's work is done.
Who did he say that to?
He told the San Jose Mercury News that.
Well, are you going to reprint that in your... It's on the website.
We put a ton of stuff on ArnoldExposed.com.
The rest of it's all going to be going up.
Now, I want to bring up something else.
I made the decision to do this two days ago, this national move against Arnold, and to run TV and radio ads and ask for donations.
Two days ago, we built the site, written up the press releases.
Literally, I worked 18 hours yesterday.
My wife just beat herself to death doing it.
Paul Watson's working on it.
I hear you.
I want to bring up something else, though, if I could.
The U.N.
oil embezzlement scandal is now $21 billion level, not $11 billion.
It's more than twice the level that it was reported before.
And then somehow that makes it okay that we went in there, but wait, Halliburton was the only group allowed to sell oil-filled equipment during that.
Cheney was making money, too.
They're all doing it.
They're all a pack of crooks.
And then the other thing was, I want to ask you this.
This is something that Joyce Riley might cover.
You would cover it, too.
Last point.
Go ahead.
Clarence Mitchell, the announcer on BBC World.
You have the same large, about three-and-a-half-inch-wide lapel emblem that Tony Blair was wearing for the last...
Uh, three days.
Uh, when Blair had that news conference with Bush, uh, and before he got there and on the plane and at the conference, uh, he had this, uh, emblem of like a, looked like a cross-section of the Earth with a Tower of Babel on the top of it.
We'll have to find out what that is.
Thanks for the call.
Uh, let's talk to Marty in California.
Go ahead, Marty.
Hi, Alex.
Hey, God bless you and thank you for all your work.
Your show is outstanding.
Well, thank you.
Hey, um,
It's funny, I was just at the beach last night talking to some people out here in California.
This tax by the mile scheme that Arnold's pushing, or his appointee is pushing.
You know, tax people by the mile.
Yes, satellite tracker boxes, the federal plan, yes.
Right, well that's caused really an uproar out here.
Yeah, 95.4% in polls against it.
Arnold says, well my appointee's going to do it, but I'm neutral.
Yeah, you're just an appointed guy to do it, but you're neutral.
It's like you have your campaign, people pushing for you to be president, but you're not behind it.
Right, and as I was talking to people at the beach driving home last night, I was thinking I've got to get a website against Arnold.
Then I turned on the radio and you got one.
This is great.
I'm going to support you a thousand percent with this.
Arnold exposed.
.com, 80% in major polls against him being president, being able to amend the Constitution.
In some polls, 98.2% in the World Net Daily Poll of conservatives.
But it doesn't matter.
The media, it's all positive and ignoring him.
We're going to expose it, and I need contributions.
100% will be spent on the website and on radio and TV ads.
We're going to do it.
Well, you know, during the primary, I protested Schwarzenegger.
I got coverage for free on NBC News.
ABC Radio and Washington Post, just myself and a few friends protesting this degenerate son of a gun.
But let me tell you something, Alex.
I have people out here, immigration reformists and so forth.
We're going to protest this guy.
We're going to publicize your site.
Let me ask you a question.
Listen, we're going to put it up on the site.
Do you want to be a founding member of, you know, not even a $5 donation.
You just come to the site.
We're going to have it up there.
Sign up.
Sign our petition.
Be our member.
Be our founding member in California and help lead the fight in California against him.
I will be the man.
And also, Alex, I have video of him at the mall in California when he made the girly man comment.
I'll send it to you, my own personal video of Arnold and the Arnold rallies.
And I asked people, I said, do you know he's pro-abortion?
Do you know he's gun control?
During the McClendon versus Schwarzenegger deal, you know?
And these people, they literally said, I have it on video, you can see they're torn.
Yeah, but...
Yeah, but what?
Oh, but Cruz can't win.
We can't get Cruz.
We need Arnold.
So, I mean, they're torn.
They're confused.
I mean, I know old ladies, old pro-life women who tell me they voted for this guy.
They don't even know the truth about him.
So we need to expose him.
You're incredible.
You're incredible.
Email us.
Email us at the Arnold website.
All right.
ExposeArnold.com or ArnoldExpose.com.
Excuse me.
We'll be right back.
Jack Brownrigg for Midas Resources.
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Today, the U.S.
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January of 2002, gold spot was $2.83.
January of 2004, it's well over $400 at a 13-year high, up near 40%.
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Equities are treading water.
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There's songs for those of you out there standing up against Arnold.
Another ragtag band declaring independence.
Thanks for joining us, and if you want to join us in our fight against Arnold and his minions and his controllers, go to ArnoldExposed.com and contribute.
We're going to have an area there where you can sign up to be members in the fight.
The national fight against amending the Constitution.
The con-con that will open up the Constitutional Convention can also rewrite the whole Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment, put an amendment to legalize abortion on top of the Supreme Court.
Anything could happen.
And they're not pushing for this for nothing.
They've got all the big top senators, all these bigwigs behind it.
But what you can do right now
Is go to ArnoldExposed.com, go to the media section, get our press release, get the articles we've written about Arnold, email them to the Associated Press, say if you're in Rhode Island or upstate New York or central Texas or listening to us there in a station in between San Diego and L.A., covering most of both those cities.
Get our press release, email it out to AP, Reuters, Bloomberg, hit them all.
And one of these head guys is going to put this out,
Head guys or gals.
And then it's going to really start rolling.
But it costs thousands of dollars just to put it out on the PR newswire.
We plan to do that.
I'm going to give $2,000 to whoever in a month and a half, when we finish the contest, makes the best 30 or 60 second commercial exposing what Arnold is off documented facts that's on the site.
And that it defends Article 2, Clause 5 of the Constitution.
That has our contact info at the back.
And $1,000 for whoever makes the best radio ad.
And all these ads that we accept or all the ads that we're looking at in the running in the contest that are based on documented information will all be posted on ArnoldExposed.com.
So it's about spreading the word that way.
So $2,000 if you win.
And that will be January 1st when we announce the winner.
And we will wire you your money order.
$2,000 for the TV ad, $1,000 for the radio ad.
I'm sorry we don't have hundreds of millions of dollars and billions of dollars like Arnold's people, but that's what we're doing, and we need, and I'll use my own money for that.
Not the contributions.
100% of that goes to run the ads I'm going to produce in the next two weeks, the TV and radio ad.
To run those in select markets.
Now, of course, Arnold's people run a few ads in California, and then suddenly they air them for free all over every news channel in the country.
And how great it is, and they get hundreds of millions of dollars of free advertising, literally.
But we'll see if the media ignores us and what we're doing.
Probably will predominantly, but they can't ignore it all, and they can't ignore it if you email it out to every single, all the local talk stations in your area, the local TV stations, the local AP and Reuters and Gannett offices,
Please take action.
All right, let's go ahead and take another call.
Paul in New Jersey.
Paul, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, you're aware that the Bible says in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 17, verse 15, that you shall not put a foreigner over yourselves.
Are you aware of that?
Yes, I knew that the Founding Fathers also referred to Deuteronomy.
I didn't have the actual quote.
Why don't you email that to me?
Well, it's just right out of Deuteronomy.
Write it down.
If any of your listeners want to check on that, please do.
Deuteronomy 1715?
By the way, I want to make one point, though, because this is just an observation.
It's one of these historic ironies.
If you think of some of the greatest dictators of the past...
Many of them were from foreign countries and came to leave their countries where they emigrated to.
For example, Napoleon was a Corsican.
Yeah, he was from Italy.
And then Hitler was from about 10 miles from where Arnold's from in Austria.
And here's another one.
Stalin was not a Russian.
He was a Georgian.
So I find it ironic that in these instances, and this is the danger of allowing a foreigner to run over you...
They will feel less of a fealty for the people they live among and emigrated to.
Listen to me for a second.
This is important.
Did you know one of the main reasons the Founding Fathers did in 1798, the Austrian government had moved a young man with a lot of money decades before to Poland, and they actually overthrew Poland with him?
Yeah, well, it's very dangerous.
It happened, and I guess it's to prevent the Habsburgs from moving people around also, because, you know, they...
We're a big empire at a time, and they also... Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
Yeah, we even have an MSNBC article about that.
No, Austria's specialty is this.
This is their specialty.
Right, no, I think it's dangerous.
By the way, there are other people in high positions who are foreigners also, and I can just name a few.
Kissinger was not an American.
Madeleine Albright, I think, was Czech.
Okay, then you have a current labor secretary.
John Salicaz-Neely was Polish and helped his dad around the death camps.
Stay there.
We'll talk about this.
Oh, yeah.
They love these people.
They have to import this slime.
There's a bunch of them.
And they're serious as a heart attack about this.
ArnoldExposed.com ArnoldExposed.com Let's some with it!
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hi, I'd like to welcome Alan Glass, who is a pharmacist from Marks Plaza Pharmacy in Vancouver, Canada.
Hi, Alan, welcome to the program.
Thank you, Marvin.
Now, I understand that prescription drugs are far less expensive in Canada.
Is that true?
Yes, Marvin, it's true.
You can save 40% or more off the regular U.S.
What about drugs like Premarin and Lipitor?
They're very common.
Those common drugs you can save 50% off the regular U.S.
Now what about Tamoxifen?
I understand you can save 70% on Tamoxifen.
Tamoxifen, you can see a 75% savings against the regular U.S.
Now are these brand name products made by the same companies?
Yes, the same multinational U.S.
corporation makes them in Canada and the U.S.
So to save money on prescription drugs in Canada, call the toll-free number for your information package.
To find out more, call toll-free 1-800-840-0686.
Or go on the web at www.canshipdrugs.com.
That's 1-800-840-0686.
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Don't worry.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Paul and Richard and Regina and everybody else, your calls are coming up.
Right now, let's go back to Paul making very good historical points.
It was Leopold II...
In 1789, trying to overthrow countries with moles they brought as young men into European countries was the main reason the Founding Fathers did that.
They also cited biblical text, which I did read in a historical document.
And here's the caller giving us Deuteronomy 1715.
Imparting your knowledge to us, Paul, please continue.
No, I just want to wrap it up by pointing out two other people who I think we're putting in charge of ourselves as Americans today.
And that is Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, who to me is just going to act for the interests of China.
I mean, how ridiculous is it that the person in charge of labor is of Chinese descent?
And then lastly, of course, is media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who's an Australian, and who's going to be in charge of Fox News and basically brainwashing the intervention Americans.
And on that point, that's what I wanted to bring in.
Are you going to join us in the fight against Schwarzenegger?
Yeah, I don't... Listen, I'm a little more apologetic.
I actually had a discussion, a debate with you about a year ago about Schwarzenegger.
But I do not want a foreigner in high office.
That I agree with you.
And it's too bad I'm not a Californian, because I definitely would have voted against him.
How are you an apolo...
An apologist for him.
Well, at that time, and I still say with this, I'm very forgiving of what young, crazy guys say when they're in their early 20s.
But you're not listening.
When he was in his mid-30s, he went and campaigned for Vol Time when it was at the height of the fact that he was a Nazi.
The guy, we've got photos of him in 99 and 2002 with Vol Time.
We've got just all the stuff he's done.
But still, that's at least, I don't mind a...
Nazis come to power in Austria.
That's their country, and they're allowed to do what they want there.
But he hasn't given up his citizenship.
That I have a problem with.
You know, you can't hold a lot of security clearances, even low ones, if you've got dual citizenship.
Well, I hope that applies to Israelis also.
Not just Austrians.
No, no, it doesn't.
Hey, thanks for the call.
Listen, I appreciate it.
It doesn't apply to a lot of people.
And it's wrong.
Let's go to Richard in Puerto Rico.
Very serious.
Richard, go ahead.
Richard, you need to turn your radio off.
I heard the delay over there.
Richard, are you there now?
Yeah, I'm here.
Go ahead, sir.
I talked to Will Willis from West Virginia, and he gave me this number to call.
I don't know what it's all about, except he mentioned something about natural or nutritional food or diet or whatever.
This happens occasionally, sir.
This is a radio program.
We're talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger and the massive push to amend the Constitution.
My God, Tim.
We're completely lost.
Well, have fun in Puerto Rico.
I appreciate your call.
Regina in Pennsylvania.
Regina, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I don't know if you're getting the Liberty Committee alerts on this mental health screening.
I've been trying to email to you and even to Ryan, and they keep getting rejected.
So I wanted to try to spend a little bit of time to go over that.
What do you mean our emails are getting rejected?
I just keep sending you, alex at infowars.com, and I send it to Ryan.
Oh, Alex is all jammed up, literally with a couple thousand a day.
Email tips at infowars.com.
I've tried that, and I just, you know, I'm doing it on the radio now, Alex, because I don't seem to be able to get through, and I feel that, you know, there's just too much going on, I guess.
Anyways... Are you saying your emails are bouncing back?
Yes, yes.
And so, you know, I don't know what's up.
So, you know, you know what it's like.
You have to move on.
You have a lot on your plate, so I'm not doing that to bring that up for any problems, but I'm thankful I can get on now.
What's going on here, even in Pennsylvania, we are looking down at setting up a mental health bureaucracy, and I'm told to help try to stop that.
Senate Bill 137, and I see this as the catch-all for what's happening at the federal government under the No Child Left Behind mental health screening, and we're given specific directions.
If I could read what we're supposed to do, I'd... Okay, let's tell folks what you're talking about.
This is the fourth psychological testing of children and adults, and the guidelines written by the drug companies.
This is pure Soviet America.
Yes, tell us about it.
Okay, the House has already voted appropriate $20 million for the scheme, and the Senate wants to bump it up to $44 million.
Implement universal mental health screening for almost 60 million children, pregnant women, and adults in school.
So we're supposed to be right now calling our senators, Senator Spector, Stevens, Harkin, Frist, those I guess must be main people on the committee, and then also our own senators, and then telephone number 877-762-8762.
And what we have here is that there's specific language that has to go in
...to this, because this will be in the omnibus appropriations.
Yeah, we had Tom Tancredo on about it in the first hour.
Right, and so what we need to say, if everybody could get a piece of penciled paper, and I don't like to be this way, but I don't know how else to deal with this, because it has to be language that fits into their program, or they'll just act like we don't know what we're talking about.
And there has been a movement, even from Dr. Laura, I understand...
And Liddy now, you know, has taken a stand against it.
So there is a movement we have to get a hold of because Ron Paul, bless his heart.
Regina, go ahead.
Yeah, I got it.
Do you urge you two U.S.
Senators to support the Paul language to the Omnibus Spending Bill?
This language is as follows.
None of the funds made available for state incentive grants or transformation should be used for any program of mandatory or universal mental health screening or
All of our wonderful Republicans.
Well, you know, any that you can get to, because...
You know, there is a little bit of heat coming up.
No, it is important, and I appreciate the call, Regina.
And we've posted those phone numbers.
We posted those alerts last week.
We should post them again on the main pages of InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv.
And yes, we got email problems.
When you start, it sounds like it's not true.
I keep saying 2,000 emails a day.
It's more than that.
It is insane.
Okay, and that's why we're always putting new email addresses so you can get to us.
And yes, my email needs to be cleared out.
It needs to be fixed.
If you want to contact us about the Arnold campaign against him, it's media at arnoldexposed.com.
But that's just for Arnold-related stuff.
We're trying to clean out those other emails right now.
I mean, we get more emails than ABC News does or something.
It's crazy.
I was talking to a friend who works at the airport, and he said just as he walked through the terminals the other day, he's in security, he saw two different computers in two different areas, two different airlines, were on InfoWars.com.
I mean, that's how many people are on it.
I mean, it's wonderful.
I hope that many will get on ArnoldExposed.com.
And yes, we're trying to defeat the mental health screening language.
We've only got a few days to try to get it through.
As Tom Tancredo, the congressman, said two hours ago, they're trying to attach it.
To the big spending bill, the ominous spending bill.
And yeah, when you contact them, you've got to tell them, take Ron Paul's amendment against that, barring funds going to the states and to the school districts to do this forcibly.
Now I say more than that.
Remove the whole thing.
This is not the Soviet Union.
They've done major polls, and as usual, 90 plus percent are against it.
It's like, you know, 80-something percent with immigration and 80-something percent are against Arnold, but the media and the Republicans and the Democrats don't care.
Everybody's against Napkin Gap.
They don't care.
They're going to expand it.
But we got the power.
We got the will of the people.
Let's use it.
So do what Regina said.
Good job, Regina.
She's such a great lady.
Oh, boy.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Chris in Kentucky.
Chris, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I appreciate you taking my call.
What was that website for Arnold?
ArnoldExpose.com Okay, I'm going to get into a fight tomorrow.
I've got a guy that I know is substituting for a radio show tomorrow.
He's very First Amendment.
I'll get that over the airways locally here.
Because I'm just getting so angry at what's going on in this public out here.
The police state is just bribing out here.
I talked to a gentleman the other day that got pulled out of his car for no reason in a public park.
No search, no Fourth Amendment.
He was angry.
And there's about five or six other people there, and I told them about you and your show.
And he said, you've got to get active.
And there's people out there, like Charles said yesterday, you've got to get out and talk to people.
People that don't know about this show, they're fed up.
And that five to six people know what's going on.
And I've read an award, and I've told those six people, you tell your friend, Infowars.com, get real, let's get in there and fight this system before they take over.
I'm not going to put up with it anymore.
I'm just so angry at what's going on out here.
I'm sick and tired of it.
I'm not mad at you or anybody else out there, but I want my freedom back.
It's like living in the Soviet Union out here.
I'm tired of it.
Well, think of the humiliation of having a foreign leader over us.
And the media is ignoring all of his Nazi ties, all of it, and telling us how great it is.
They better pay attention to us, the American people, and Americans Against Arnold and the website ArnoldExposed.com.
We deserve equal time.
Email them.
Call them.
They need to talk about this.
And I'm going to probably make a thing and put it on my car out and just put autoexposed.com, put it in my back window and get it active.
We're going to have bumper stickers soon.
We're going to have everything.
And I'm just so tired of it.
And people are just so numb-minded.
Well, they say one guy one time told me, he said, well, history's not important.
That was 65 years ago with Prescott Bush.
Now that's all over.
No, it doesn't.
With the Nazis.
Or Arnold's daddy being an SS officer.
That's old history.
Well, he said he loves Hitler.
Well, he was young.
He said similar stuff when he was older.
Well, so what?
Thanks for the call.
All right, Alex.
God bless you.
And I hope everybody will go to ArnoldExposed.com.
Every nickel you give us.
I only asked for money five years ago to build a memorial church at Waco, and we did it.
I'm doing it again for all those that died.
I'm doing it again.
Give us contributions.
It'll go to radio and TV ads.
And the point is, then they can't ignore us, and they'll have to get media attention, and then they'll have to pay attention to the 80-plus percent that are against this, instead of just these wall-to-wall reports about how great it is.
We'll take a few more calls and hit some other final news.
Who's up next?
Sherry in Florida.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I have a question.
It's about the Buffett Group.
My husband's father, Tom Knapp, who is in the book, The Making of an American Capitalist, has been friends with Warren Buffett since the 50s.
I'm wondering what kind of group it is.
He has been to the Bohemian Grove, which we didn't know about it.
He's basically ousted us because of our faith.
What is the Buffett Group?
Well, he's in mutual funds.
He's in silver.
He's in all kinds of stuff.
He's in insurance.
And Buffett is a top-level globalist kingmaker who's personal friends with Arnold, and they're in business together in a leasing jet business, and they go to the Rothschild Palace and hang out over in England quite a bit.
That's mainstream news, and he's behind Arnold.
So is my father-in-law.
He has met Arnold.
He's also friends with Bill Gates.
He lives in Long Island.
But is it also like a secret organization?
Yeah, Bohemian Grove is secret, and those guys you just mentioned are in Bohemian Grove.
Which is the adult, grown-up Skull and Bones.
Okay, my father-in-law, Tom, graduated from Princeton.
He didn't graduate from Yale.
Yeah, no, no, no.
I mean, there's only 15 members each year, but it's a satellite group of that.
The core members of Bohemian Grove, of the 1,500 members, are all Skull and Bones-ers.
But again, it's just a chapter.
Skull and Bones at Yale is only one chapter.
All right.
So this Buffett group, would it have anything to do with the Rothschilds?
Yeah, it's a Rothschild arm.
That's why Buffett always has the inside info.
He went to graduate school with Buffett in the 50s.
My husband met him once.
The Schwarzeneggers are from the same town where the Rothschild family settled.
Oh, I didn't know that.
Oh, yes.
My goodness.
So the reason, are most of these guys in the Buffett group, are they atheists?
My father-in-law's an atheist.
An atheist, yeah.
That's a name for something else.
Hey, thanks for the call.
I don't know what all these people are, personally.
I just have been to Bohemian Grove, and Skull and Bones is public, and it's devil worship!
And the San Francisco Chronicle said a month before Arnold announced that he was going to run because Karl Rove had said that from the Bohemian Grove.
Right before they announced Cheney as the VP running mate, CNN said the head of Time Warner is at the Bohemian Grove men's retreat, and he says the decision was made by George Sr.
in a consultation with George Schultz and Colin Powell, and it will be Dick Cheney.
People are like, that's ridiculous.
And it was Dick Cheney.
Who's up next?
Moe in Texas.
Go ahead, Moe.
Hey, it's newsstand Moe, bro.
Still got that SWAT team coffee mug with the whole SWAT team going around it.
That's right.
You run a newsstand in town, and as a joke, I bought a SWAT team coffee mug.
Go ahead.
Well, I have the deception dollar always up on the counter, so while I'm ringing people up and they're staring off into space, I'll just say, had you already seen that before?
They're like, what?
I'm like, check that out.
Then that opens up a discussion, everybody.
Use an analogy.
The burning bush of Moses, hemp, not a hippie little idea, can actually solve all the crazy problems, many of them.
And the whole people would just go, no way that every petroleum-based product...
Yeah, that's why they outlaw hemp, because most varieties don't even have THC in it.
It'll even get you high, which means you can grow it and create a better oil for your cars.
Then the conspiracy really deepens, and most folks will just go, that is crazy.
Mo, anything else on your mind?
Everybody call it blockbuster video, Hollywood video, and say, yeah, do you all have those videos from Alex Jones?
And bombard them with calls.
That is a great idea.
And the folks who are involved in the secret societies, they're participating in this lie that there has to always exist this battle between so-called dark and light.
And the promise of Jesus, and there's a lot of patriot listeners out there, Christian patriot listeners, is that peace can be made.
And that's our privilege and challenge.
And the very last thing on the whole mental health thing, I invite anybody out there, go on down to a mental institution and just tell them anything about anything.
Just start talking, and they'll say, yep, you're crazy, just take this and here you go.
And everybody have fun.
All right, appreciate the call.
Talk to you later, buddy.
Appreciate the call.
Yeah, anybody that criticizes the government is supposedly an evil demon who's totally psychotic.
And for psychological testing, they've almost got the bill passed.
We're fighting it tooth and nail right now.
Bob Barr and others have told Liberty Think, we have this on PrisonPlanet.com, that as of now, they're going to strip out the National ID Card legislation out of the omnibus 9-11 bill.
The problem is, is that the state's already under executive orders of Bill Clinton in 93',
48 of them now, was 42, have put in face scanners, digital photos, and thumb printers, and they're already under the NCIC, already in the Matrix database system, and the Total Information Awareness Network system.
Now they want to make it the law to make you have it, even if you don't have a car.
At the state level, to have a job, everything.
So the enacting empowerment of it.
They put the infrastructure in it, then they make it the law.
It's like they put black boxes in your car that track you, eight years ago, and then now, last week, they pass a law where you've got to have it in your car.
You understand?
So, the National ID card's here.
It's just they want to make it the law where you've got to have it to have a job, or do anything else.
But illegal aliens are given a waiver, of course, and will accept all their fake IDs.
We'll come back, get some final news that we have not gotten to yet.
The website we just launched, ArnoldExposed.com.
Join us!
Join up!
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The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
If we can get our Americans Against Arnold press release into the Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg, it's over.
The movement's launched.
It'll be uphill if we can't.
And before their minions get in touch with these key people and shut it down, which we've seen happen in other cases, contact every AP office in your town, your city, your state.
Send them to ArnoldExposed.com.
Give us support now, folks.
Email your entire email list.
Tell them to do the same thing.
Get it out now.
Put the banners we've got in the link to us section at ArnoldExposed.com on message boards, on your websites.
Call in to talk radio shows on Patriot Talk, on Conservative Talk, on Liberal Talk.
Unleash the power of the people.
That's what Arnold's trying to do on his Amend for Arnold website.
Because he doesn't have the power of the people.
Everybody's against him.
80%, depending on the poll.
But the media's been wall-to-wall, dripping, gooey, supportive.
Go to ArnoldExposed.com, go to PayPal, give us 5-10 bucks.
I'm about to plop a couple grand down to do a massive PR wire launch.
My own money.
I don't care.
Just help me or I can't keep going with this.
How many other groups have we raised money for and supported?
All right.
Other news here.
The dollar is just plunging.
And the average American has no idea this is even going on.
The dollar tumbled again.
The Germans are bad-mouthing it.
Oh, our good friends, the Deutsch.
Just ask Arnold.
And very, very serious, and it may even go down further this Friday when they have a big G20 meeting.
The Brownsville Herald is admitting that the draft boards are quietly indexing everybody, something they haven't done in decades.
The draft boards have been set back up.
For the first of the year, that's on the websites.
Russia developing new nuclear missiles.
President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Russia is developing a new form of nuclear missile, unlike those held by other countries, news agencies reported.
Speaking at a meeting of the Armed Forces leadership, Putin reportedly said that Russia is researching and successfully testing new nuclear missile systems.
Underwriters Lab fires 9-11 whistleblower, the head of their labs, over the area that certified the steel of the World Trade Center.
We said it was impossible for steel to melt at those temperatures.
It was fired.
We heard this two days ago, but I didn't really report it until we confirmed it.
David Ray Griffin, a friend of him, has received a confirmation that Kevin Ryan, site manager of the Environmental Health Laboratories, was fired today by the parent company, Underwriters Laboratories, apparently for writing a letter questioning certain common theories that the Twin Towers collapses.
He went on to report that their laboratories tested the steel and found it was impossible to happen what was claimed.
But you can't fire us all
Somebody needs to contact him and give him a job.
Iraqis are calling for boycotting what they call fake elections, and boy are they fake.
Olbermann, the MSNBC host, has just been basically reporting on the facts that Ohio was stolen.
He's been a neocon in the past, and so-called conservatives are railing against him, all angry that he's doing it.
I think?
I think?
My wife's doing a great job in a couple days making ArnoldExposed.com.
Soon we'll have a page where you can join and be captains in different areas of the country in the fight against Arnold and their move for a constitutional convention.
It's more than just Arnold.
In a con-con, they can blow it all wide open.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight central.
I'm asking all the other broadcasts on this network today and other networks to please cover this.
Please get the word out about ArnoldExposed.com and please contribute.
You know, I never ask.
I've asked one other time five years ago to build a memorial church for those that died at Waco.
And every cent and more, my own treasure will go into this fight.
So join us in the battle for the republic.