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Air Date: Nov. 16, 2004
2218 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Cutting through the disinformation.
Cutting through the confusion.
Engaging in real talk radio, real issues of true significance that actually affects you and your family.
Welcome, my friends.
It is already Tuesday, the 16th day of November, 2004.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
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Brett Beckman, the grandfather of the fully informed jury movement in this country, really the grandfather of the court reform movement in this country, military veteran in his own right, been pretty ill the last year, but a little bit better now.
He's going to be joining us in the second hour.
So we're honored to have this amazing crusader joining us coming up in the second hour.
There is so much news and information.
Obviously, everybody's talking about Condoleezza Rice.
Who cares?
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
Powell was no different.
He would just play the part of good cop occasionally so that he could come at the last minute and go, Yes!
Saddam's evil!
He's with Al-Qaeda!
Get him!
Here's the anthrax vial!
Everybody's talking about the video of this Marine blowing somebody's head off.
Sounded like and looked like the video we've seen of gang members blowing people's heads off.
And some people are saying, hey, good, these people aren't human they're killing.
Kill them, kill them.
Isn't that what the Arabs say about us?
See, both sides are turning into animals here.
And I'm tired of the double think.
It's wrong when they take one of our injured troops and blow their head off.
And it's wrong when the military...
I don't want to say our military, because it's openly the Pentagon.
I got the Pentagon on tape saying, quote, you don't work for the American people.
You work for the global corporations.
I got that Professor Barnett at the Pentagon saying it.
And it's wrong when they go out and blow some person's head off.
It was wrong when the Nazis did it.
It was wrong when Fidel Castro did it.
It was wrong when the North Vietnamese did it to our troops.
And it was wrong at the Melee Massacre when our troops did it, and it's wrong now.
We got the audio of this.
We'll bleep out the cuss words.
We'll be playing it.
NBC won't show the actual head blowing off.
They admit they've cut that out.
But how do we even know this guy's an insurgent to begin with?
By the way, it is their country.
The psychology of how dare them fight.
I mean, we're bringing them freedom.
Why, we're installing the Bathurst Party again in charge that they hate.
How dare them evil Shiites who have been our allies all along.
Well, they're evil.
And kill them too.
Light them up and shoot them.
Man, I heard talk radio this morning.
They're animals.
Kill them.
These aren't human beings.
I mean, I'm actually hearing Nazi nomenclatures.
No, they're human beings.
I know that's a radical statement.
They really are.
But I see psyops written all over this.
NBC doesn't release anything without Pentagon approval.
They're embedded.
This has been done on purpose.
Just like Abu Ghraib, CIA took those photos and released them.
This whole thing is psyops.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
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They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome, my friends.
It is Tuesday, again the 16th day of November 04.
Red Buckman...
Billy, the forefather of the court reform movement, jury reform, fully informed jury association, the acknowledged grandfather of it all, one of the founding members of the movement against the criminal 16th Amendment and the fraudulent IRS.
He's the father of many modern movements, and he's been very ill the last year, but now he's up and running again, and we're going to have Red Beckman on in the next hour.
Let me get into this first, because I kind of dropped the ball yesterday, because I'm just so sick of it.
I only talked about it for a few minutes.
I should have spent a lot more time on it.
60 Minutes Sunday has this disgruntled, supposed CIA officer who's resigned from the Central Intelligence Agency and why he's got inside info.
Al-Ci-Aida, I mean Al-Qaeda, headed up by Osama bin Tim Osman.
That's his CIA code name, Tim Osman.
Has gotten a cleric's authorization to use a dirty bomb or a nuclear device, an A-bomb, a hydrogen bomb, who knows what, on America.
And George Bush did nothing to warn the American people.
Meanwhile, Bush has got his people out saying, the CIA let 9-11 happen.
Let me totally take it over and run it out of the White House.
So it does seem like there is some type of internal war going on between the CIA, at least some factions of it, and Lord Bush.
But that's on the surface, my friends.
There is no war going on other than the fact that there are a lot of good people in the CIA, a lot of good analysts and others, who have been angry about being ordered to put out lies about Iraq and other fraudulent manufactured...
We're good to go.
Under his centralized controls to an even greater degree.
They've always had the top compartments under New World Order control.
Now they're just running out the few people that weren't under their control.
So there's a purge going on in the empire of some of the people who aren't energetic enough about destroying this country.
Oh, by the way, you doubt that?
A U.S.
News & World Report yesterday had the Bush White House telling them that, well, we're getting rid of a bunch of people in the Cabinet.
Like Ashcroft and Powell and others, because they're not energetic enough about it putting into place our policies.
They're not energetic enough, so I guess they don't enjoy enough dismantling this country.
And so we have Time Magazine with bordering on nukes, new accounts from Al Qaeda.
To attack the U.S.
with weapons of mass destruction, a key al-Qaeda operative seized in Pakistan recently offered an alarming account of the group's potential plans to target U.S.
with weapons of mass destruction.
Senior U.S.
security officials tell Time.
Sharif al-Masari, an Egyptian who was captured in late August near Pakistan's border with Iran and Afghanistan, is told is interrogators of al-Qaeda's interest in moving nuclear materials from Europe to either the U.S.
or Mexico, according to a report circulating among U.S.
government officials.
Well, let's stop right there.
We've got about 20 cases.
I was looking this up last night.
Onprisonplanet.com and Infowars.com.
Mainstream admissions where they bust so-called Al-Qaeda operatives and then quietly release them six months later and it's admitted, oh no, they were really CIA double agents and we were just staging their arrest to protect them from the people they were reporting on.
Isn't that interesting?
And then, of course...
We've got Bill Gertz out saying, oh, Chechnyans with suitcase nukes may be coming across the Mexico border from Arizona into Arizona.
We've got these reports that, oh, they may be in Mexico right now with the nukes.
Number one, that is a total fraud.
And why is it a fraud?
For at least 30 years, this is now declassified, they've got satellites in orbit that can see just normal uranium deposits flying
Forget enriched deposits, that is bombs, just normal deposits of uranium, plutonium.
The satellites can look hundreds of feet into the ground and see those molecules there of the elements.
And they admit that a nuclear bomb, a dirty bomb, it all stands out in different color arrays.
They can see every x-ray machine.
They can see everything.
They've got a total picture of it.
They know where every single nuclear weapon and every radiological device is.
From a chest X-ray core up to the biggest, fattest hydrogen bomb to neutron bombs to antimatter bombs that our loving governments developed, now admitted.
They know where it all is, exactly where it's at.
And they admittedly have scores of helicopters flying around looking for these things as well, not just the satellites.
So, look, if a nuke goes off, folks...
They did it.
It is a fact.
It is documented.
And they are now preparing us for one of these things to go off.
And I want you to know, if it does go off, if we're not able to expose them and stop them, and they do kill a couple hundred thousand people, because even a good-sized A-bomb going off at point-blank range isn't as devastating as one dropped with an airburst.
That's what causes real devastation.
But still, hundreds of thousands will die.
And a whole city will be a radiological dump for hundreds of years.
Because when you detonate one of these things, and it combines with the different elements on the ground, and different metals on the ground, it way ups the yield of the radiological fallout and the half-life.
And don't think they won't do it to radically re-engineer our whole society into a total police state where the whole economy is fed through the hands of a few elite families and everything goes into implantable microchips under the skin and the total new world war police state and national drafts and total empire and world government.
9-11 is just the setup to set the police state up.
Bigger attacks are coming.
And that's Gary Hart saying that.
That's the CFR saying it.
It's all these people.
So they come out and create this story starting a decade ago with Alexander Leavitt.
Oh, there's this missing 122 suitcase nukes.
Oh, they're going to get us any minute.
Oh, Al Qaeda's got it.
Oh, no, Bush won't do anything about it.
This is pure propaganda coming out of the White House.
You know, they have some trusted guy who's now blown the whistle on them.
Oh, he's saying the same thing Dick Cheney and George Bush are saying.
Give up all your rights, or you're going to get nuked any minute.
Again, the admitted facts are they know where everything radiological is.
That dental office down the street from you that's got the x-rays for the jaw, medium power x-ray, that baby shows up as a little blip on the satellite.
There is no way to shield it.
It sees right through lead.
It sees right through vaults.
It sees through hundreds of feet of solid rock.
They know where everything is.
It's a joke.
And I wonder after they blow up a city, and I just know it's going to happen, unfortunately.
Oh, no.
I've been pretty freaked out lately.
You can just see the writing on the wall.
When they pull this...
It'll just be like WTC 7, where all the scientists go, even non-hardened junk steel doesn't heat up and start melting until 3,000 degrees.
Jet fuel burns at 1,200.
Building 7 wasn't hit by anything.
No jet fuel.
How did a few fires, small office fires do that?
The science won't matter.
It'll be shut up when we say, they got satellites and helicopters and blimps with devices that see all this.
It doesn't make sense.
They should have... It'll be, well, we just missed it.
Give us more power.
Next time we won't mess up.
And the military knows this.
The people at NORAD know this.
The people at NASA know this.
The people at Space Command know this.
By the way, Space Command is now over the entire military.
NORTHCOM, all of it.
The average American doesn't even know what Space Command is.
The average American doesn't know what the Pan-American Union is, the Free Trade Area of the Americas is.
And I'm not sitting here going, the average American doesn't know, but I do.
It freaks me out that people don't even know about the government that we're under.
Meanwhile, we've got this video of three guys in a mosque, and they don't think one of them is injured.
Troops had been there the day before.
Don't even know if they were insurgents.
And they just walk over and make a joke and blow the guy's head off.
And then I hear neocons going, oh, these people aren't even human.
So what?
Well, number one, why did NBC release that video?
Everything's embedded.
They don't release anything before it's screened.
The answer is it's meant to enrage the Arabs further, part of the P2OG Pentagon plan.
It's meant to widen the war because the war goes on longer and is widened and the globalists make more money and have a bigger pretext.
And domestically, it's meant to condition us that, oh, it's okay to line people up and shoot them.
Just like CBS released the CIA photographs that they had everybody pose for, well, they tortured and raped and killed people.
And then domestically, we're taught that that's okay, and then internationally, we're all meant to look like the bad guys, and the UN's meant to look like the good guy, and it enrages the Arabs.
It's just 101 psychological warfare.
Now ask yourselves, why did the Pentagon allow the release of this video?
Why is the Marine Corps encouraging their troops to defend this guy?
It's sick!
Well, they're animals.
Alex, kill them.
Wait a minute, I thought they're animals because they shoot our injured people.
I thought Joseph Mengele was as bad as you did.
I thought Saddam was bad.
Well, he's our boy.
Just start having a brain.
Start having the total view.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Jack Brownrigg for Midas Resources.
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This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down.
I heard a lady call into a national talk show last night.
She said, let's just nuke Fallujah because they're not human.
Nuke Fallujah.
So all those children, all those women, well, we told them to leave.
Oh yeah, leave their homes.
Where are they supposed to go?
Most of them are picked up and put in these giant camps.
At least half of the 300,000 people did leave, and most of them got picked up and put in these giant sprawling refugee camps where they get interrogated.
Imagine leaving your home, all your possessions, leaving your hometown.
Driving up to the checkpoints with troops aiming machine guns at you.
A lot of families and people stayed.
Obviously, a lot of them are, quote, insurgents.
And then here in America, we're saying, nuke them, nuke them, nuke them.
And then we hear, Saddam was evil.
He might have someday had a nuclear weapon and planned to nuke somebody.
But let's nuke them, nuke them, nuke them.
Let's shoot them dead when they're unarmed.
Because they're animals.
They shoot unarmed people.
But wait a minute.
I mean, it's double think here, folks.
Put them all in camps.
Put all Muslims in camps.
You know, you hear this in this country now.
Anybody that disagrees with the government, put them in a camp because they're aiding terrorists.
Meanwhile, the training is going on that Christians and conservatives and homeschoolers are the real terrorists.
That's what the feds are really training for.
It's amazing.
This is off the web.
The audio isn't the best, but here's O'Reilly making excuses, and he plays just a short clip of him walking over and going, oh, he's acting like he's dead.
Boom, boom, boom.
Oh, he's dead now.
And this is inside a mosque, and the Marines had had these people as prisoners for over a day.
Let's just walk over and blow somebody's head off.
Of course, this means, though, when our troops get captured and somebody blows their head off or cuts their head off, are we supposed to then go, man...
Boy, they're evil.
They're bad.
Well, wait a minute.
They are evil.
But how is it good when we do it?
Well, because we're the good guys.
So we don't go by the same rules.
It's good when we blow your head off.
It's bad when they do.
Let's go ahead and play this clip.
The fierce fighting in Fallujah was brutal.
A few hours ago, we got video in.
That's very disturbing.
If there are children in your room right now, you might want to change the channel.
Here's the deal.
A Marine patrol came upon some wounded Iraqis, and according to a report in there, one of those wounded men was shot to death.
Now, we cannot independently confirm what happened.
We can tell you one Marine was killed, five were hurt when a booby trap went off on a dead Iraqi's body, very close to that situation.
Okay, now, again, I'll tell you what I want you to do, Scott.
Online, all over the place, we have the full clip.
It's a lot clearer.
As always, acting like he's hurt.
Oh, he's acting like he's dead.
And then, oh.
Now, again, what O'Reilly just did was total disinfo.
The Army admits.
Our own media admits.
They had had the Moss for a day.
These guys were all wounded.
And another group of Marines came in and relieved another group that had been there since the day before.
And they walked over and were shoving these guys around, two of them wounded past being able to be fixed.
There's dead Iraqis in the place, and this guy's laying there, and they just walk over and shoot him.
And then O'Reilly implies that, oh, there was a bomb just gone off, and the Marines were all upset, and this is just what they did.
That's just not true.
You know, we have this clip we've played probably ten times off PBS where they catch the family stealing three sticks of wood.
They think they may have stolen three sticks of wood, so they laugh and joke about it and machine gun the car, and then they run over the guy's car with a tank and then laugh about it.
I mean, let's say this was something solemn they had to do because you might have stolen wood, and here's the freedom we give you.
This is how we make you love us.
Don't take wood for your family to cook food off a roadside.
That's stealing.
So what we're going to do now is we're going to run over your car with a tank and then laugh at you.
It's gang member enjoyment.
In fact, do you have that clip?
Go ahead.
You know what?
We'll roll it after the break.
We don't have time to roll it right now.
And so we have all these reports.
We have the photos, the video of masses of dead children with their arms and legs blown out.
By the BBC, the Associated Press.
And then what does the CIA do?
Well, we've caught them through some of their Arab front groups.
Websites we know are CIA front groups claiming that they're Arab.
Putting out fake images of Arabs and dead children laying around that can easily be proven as fakes.
We identified these last night.
And then that way they can show you fake photos in the news and then admit they're fake later and then say, oh, we were wrong, it was a mistake.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents
There's a war on for your mind.
It is Tuesday, my friends.
Your calls are coming up at 1-800-259-9231.
You can talk about how the government's fear-mongering that bin Laden supposedly has gotten religious approval.
To nuke us!
Or we can get into this Marine killing an unarmed injured person a day after the building had been secured and this person had been in custody.
There is so much news.
And again, folks, I'm not on either side of this.
Iraq is a mess.
Our government put Saddam Hussein in.
Our government told him to invade Iran, told him to invade Kuwait.
It's on record.
We killed a million and a half of those people in 12 years of sanctions, many of them children.
The UN was involved in food for oil scams.
So was Halliburton selling oil-filled equipment to Saddam under sanctions, not letting anybody else do it.
I mean, it's all dirty.
Any other Arab fighters who hate our guts have come in from other countries, who are doing despicable things.
But then you've got Alawi running around, who's an arch-crook.
Then you had, of course, Chalibi before him, one of the Shah's torture masters, and the convicted bank robber running scams.
The Iraqis see our government putting in most of the Baathist, Saddam's people, trained at U.S.
military bases, of course, during the 80s, being put back into power.
They see people's property being seized by a lowly people, just basic corruption, and they're angry.
And even a lot of our top special forces people have said, look, we bomb innocent houses, we bulldoze date palms and plantations because one sniper shoots at us.
We bulldoze homes.
We bomb whole areas of cities.
It's creating more insurgents.
You kill somebody's wife.
You kill somebody's children.
You kill somebody's mother.
They're going to go pick up an AK-47 and take pot shots at you.
And it's getting more and more of our troops killed.
Our own Pentagon generals have left, or those that were already retired, those that ran Gulf War I have said, look, we should have gone in there with 400,000 troops day one if we were going to do this, restored order immediately, had an immediate election, but instead we tried to put in puppets and oppress the people and let everything fall apart, and this is a quagmire.
Well, it was meant to be a quagmire.
We weren't meant to win Vietnam, and we're not meant to win this.
It's meant to go on and on and on, bring them on, as Bush said.
Then look at these sickening quotes out of Wired News.
It's actually Wired has posted a Reuters story.
Marines rally around a comrade under the investigation for killing a wounded Iraqi during the offensive in Fallujah, saying he was probably under combat stress in unpredictable hair-trigger circumstances.
Well, I would tend to agree with that, but it doesn't mean it's okay.
Marines interviewed on Tuesday said they didn't see the shooting as a scandal, I do, rather the act of a comrade who faced intense pressure during the effort to quell insurgency in the city.
Now listen to this.
I can't see why he would, I can see why he would do it.
He was probably running around, being shot at for days on Indian Fallujah.
There should be an investigation, but they should look into the circumstances to Lance Corporal Christopher Hansen.
Now it gets bad.
Quote, I would have shot the insurgent, too.
Two shots to the head, said Sergeant Nicholas Graham, 24, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
You can't trust these people.
He should not be investigated.
He did nothing wrong, so we're liberating him.
You can't trust these people.
You know, echoes of, they're not human that I've heard on talk radio.
They don't even know this guy's an insurgent.
They've got wounded people in a mosque who've been in there for a hospital for a day.
One group of Marines leaves, a new comes in, and they walk over and shoot the guy in the head.
And I guess that's one way to win the fight.
Kill everybody.
That's what the Nazis would do.
They'd go into a town, people would take pot shots at them.
For every dead SS officer, they'd line up a couple hundred of the citizens, including women and children, blow their heads off.
Of course, didn't make the Soviets, the Russian people, had been for the Nazis as liberators, but a bunch of that behavior, they suddenly turned against them.
By the way, they say Hitler would have won World War II if he wouldn't have had his troops just bomb and murder people en masse in those cities in Russia before they got stopped outside Moscow and Stalingrad.
But hey, the SS had it all figured out, just like our troops.
They've got it all figured out.
And look, the brains behind all this knows exactly what they're doing.
But to show you how they're abusing the people, here's this PBS clip again, and there's dozens of such clips, where they think they've stolen three sticks of wood.
Y'all go to prisonplanet.tv, actually watch the video.
They think they've stolen three sticks of wood, and so...
They laugh at them, machine gun the car, run over it with tanks, with the neighborums, and then laugh at them again.
Okay, this is how you win the hearts and minds.
Now this was just in the first few weeks of the war, a year and a half ago.
Here it is.
There was still some looting going on when we arrived.
And when we came across soldiers, they didn't seem sure of their role.
That child don't need to be in here.
We filmed these GIs after they caught a group of Iraqis stealing wood.
They shoot the car.
Big smiles on their faces.
Here comes the Abrams.
Drives over it, then backs back over it.
The little car with the family is about a foot high after they're done with it.
Now they laugh.
That's what you get when you lose.
Later, the car's owner told us, I'm a taxi driver.
The car was my livelihood.
By the way, 80%, it's actually 81% of new police are former military, so these hundreds of thousands of troops will be coming home, and they'll be your police officers.
And we'll see more scenes of 21-year-old college students with straight A's, no criminal record, having their eyeballs blown into their brains, dead on the ground.
That's what you get when you loot.
So that's what you get when you loot.
What do you think about all this?
The military command launched an investigation after video footage showed a U.S.
Marine shooting a wounded and unarmed man in a mosque in the city.
On Saturday, the man was one of five wounded and left in the mosque after Marines fought their way through the area.
A pool reporter by NBC correspondent Kevin Seitz said the mosque had been used by insurgents to attack U.S.
forces who stormed it, killing 10 militants and wounded the five, said the wounded had been left for others to pick up.
A sector of Marines entered the mosque on Saturday after reports it had been reoccupied.
Footage from the embedded television crew showed the five still in the mosque, along with several appeared to be close to death, Seitz said.
He said a Marine noticed one prisoner was still breathing.
A Marine can be heard saying, on the pool footage provided by Reuters television, he's bleeping, faking he's dead.
The Marine then raises his rifle and fires into the man's head.
Now, a couple weeks ago, on the outskirts of Mosul, trash trucks, and there's video of this, are driving around, paid for by the government, run by Iraqis.
Not terrorists.
And the Army hadn't been told that it was trash trucks at night out picking up the garbage like they do everywhere else in the early morning hours.
And so they saw guys jumping on and off of these big trucks.
And from hundreds of yards away, they didn't ask questions.
They just opened fire, blowing up two of the trucks.
And they walk over, and there's these wounded guys.
One guy had his legs blown off, up to his intestines hanging out.
And another one was wounded, begging, please, please, give my friend help.
Flashing their ID badges.
We're garbage men.
And they walked over and laughed, and began machine gunning them in the head.
So we're there to turn the lights on, give them power, help them out.
And so troops just walk over, even after they know it's a trash truck, and are so sick, so mentally ill, out killing so many people, that they just get off on it.
Now that's a small percentage of our troops.
We've interviewed the troops, Marine Corps, you know, Master Sergeants, 18 years in, exemplary record, in Iraq for a year, come back, ought to have them back on.
One of them was Sergeant Massey.
And, you know, he describes how they're out there and the bombs aren't precision and they just rain down and there's all these dead children in the streets and he's holding two-year-olds, you know, with their guts all over the ground and the baby's dying and the family's begging, you know, going, we are Shiites.
We have family who was tortured by Saddam.
We, you know, we aided you in 1991.
Why are you doing this to us?
And he said, after a dead child, after a dead child, after a dead child, just, you know, a car's driving down the road full of a family.
They just opened fire.
Remember when the government sent their Marines into Baghdad?
And, you know, it was live footage.
And it just showed trucks, trash trucks, delivery trucks, people driving.
They just machine-gunned into the windows.
People falling out dead in mass.
Trucks blowing up.
Marines cheering.
And then the mentally ill, dumbed-down ones say, well, this is just like a video game.
That's all this is.
This is just like a video game.
That's all we're... You know, wow, this is so easy.
And you look at all the video games we've had for decades, it's trucks and cars driving around, and you just blow them up, and you run over the old lady with the shopping cart, and you get bonuses.
You have sex with a prostitute and then kill her and rob her.
You get the highest bonus.
If the game Dungeon Keeper, you kidnap children, torture them to death, you get extra demonic powers, you build an army underground to go out and kill the good people.
I mean, about half the games are like this now.
The number one game out right now is Helo 2, and it's just all going around killing.
Mass conditioning.
And I've talked to Vietnam vets, World War II vets, Korean War vets who had to kill a lot of people.
And if you can get them to talk about it around the campfire, these old men would start crying.
They don't want to talk about it.
They did it.
And they were involved in these wars, but they don't get off on it.
Number one, you're not supposed to run over somebody's car or machine gun it because you think they stole some wood.
Number two, you're really not supposed to laugh about it.
This isn't funny.
Man, we're in a war, Alex.
You're putting down our military.
You need to support them.
Supporting the military doesn't mean cutting their VA funding.
It doesn't mean letting them breathe and put uranium from the first Gulf War, and now it's even worse than this one, admittedly killing them.
We've had the Pentagon former experts, retired experts on.
It's in their own handbooks.
You don't send the troops over there in these cardboard Humvees.
You don't do any of this.
You don't put Saddam into power.
You don't then, after you take him out of power, put the Ba'athists back in.
That's why the Iraqis are so angry.
The same people that robbed and ruled over the Iraqis for decades, put in by our government, have now been put back into power.
Mick in Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Mick.
Yeah, Alex.
Boy, it's really sad to see this happening to our Army, considering we had a really good reputation for not raping, looting, and murdering.
I was listening earlier, and you were mentioning the nuclear weapons.
Especially, you mentioned some of the yield products.
Yeah, you're talking about a suitcase nuke with certain metals, like cobalt, jacketed, which would then create a lot higher level of radiation.
Exactly, but have a reduced blast as compared with the airburst.
Incidentally, a nifty little tool you or anyone might be interested in is nukefix.com.
And it's also, incidentally, a great way to find out how many people are in your zip code.
And it has yield variations you can set up
My point is, they admit, not just with radiation detectors, but with
Scans that pick up the resonance with a field of radiation.
I mean, with satellites and helicopters, they know where naturally occurring uranium and plutonium is, much less enriched.
They know where every x-ray machine is.
And nuclear weapons stand out like a big red flare.
They know where this stuff is.
So the story that Al-Siaida could sneak a nuke in here is just a total fraud.
They're in the business of knowing things and knowing where these things are, especially.
Oh, sure.
Our government's paid already over, what is it, like $80 billion since 92 to the Russians to dismantle stuff?
I mean, nobody's got the money the globalists have.
If anybody sold one of these on the black market, it was because it was meant to happen.
I just thought I would mention that nifty little tool there.
NukeFix.com, like a fix, F-I-X.
Oh, NukeFix.
And you can, you know, it's just an interesting tool, you know, if you were to say, what if, what if something in my area, you know, knowing the characteristics of your individual area, you could say, you know, oh, one kiloton of weapons.
Wow, Dr. Strangelove would love that website.
Yeah, it's just kind of stuff, but it's nifty to know.
Take it easy.
Hey, good to hear from you.
I appreciate the call.
But again, my friends, some of the Iraqi insurgents are really evil.
When they capture our troops, they shoot them when they're unarmed.
Man, they're animals.
They're the worst ever seen.
Our troops are shooting unarmed, wounded people.
Yeah, big deal.
Well, that's doublethink, folks.
Come on.
Do I have to explain how that's doublethink?
I mean, that's totally hypocritical.
That's an oxymoron.
And it's not going to make friends over there.
Oh, boy.
It's getting worse and worse and worse and worse.
I mean, I've interviewed so many Marines, so many Army soldiers who've left, who've retired, and they'll tell you they just shoot anything that moves.
We've got reports from the British media where down in Ramallah and other areas, there'll just be a woman walking down the road, and they'll just shoot them with a sniper rifle for fun.
This has been witnessed.
Well, they're animals, though.
They get all the talk radio, all the neocon radio beamed over there to them.
They're listening to that in their barracks.
When they're off, you know, drinking and drinking a case of beer.
Yeah, they're animals.
Yeah, they're animals.
Who else said that?
Oh, these Jews, these gypsies, these people that don't want to go along with the fur.
They're just animals.
We're not really killing human beings.
They're animals.
They're animals.
They're not human.
We'll be right back.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got Red Beckman in the next hour, and then we're scheduled to have Mr. Chapman on, International Forecaster, in the third hour.
Of course, we'll take calls throughout the broadcast.
A ton of other news coming up.
We're going to go to Chuck and Frank here in just a second.
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Let's go ahead now and go to Chuck in Texas.
Chuck, thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
I just had a quick comment to make here.
I've never been in combat or anything, but it seems to me that the last thing you would want to do if you think somebody is booby-trapped is shoot them at close range.
Well, I mean, that's the weird excuse is that, oh, he may have been booby-trapped.
That's how they blur things.
Oh, nearby, there'd been a booby-trap.
That's not even true.
This is a mosque that had been held...
Oh, I'm sure that was the way it was.
And their excuses, though.
I mean, I've been hearing the neocon talk show hosts out there saying, well, we don't know what it's like.
And, well, I don't think they know what it's like in combat, either.
Well, I've talked to a lot of veterans, and we didn't do this in the past.
Now, obviously, there have been a few cases that were sanctioned where you're in ditches, and you've already captured some, say, North Koreans, and there's 5,000 of them about to rush you.
They go ahead and line up their prisoners and shoot them.
That is different.
And that's been sanctioned.
But going into a place you hold with people bleeding to death on the ground, but look,
Let's just forget this case.
This is being used to condition us to accept it while enraging the Arabs at the same time as why NBC released it.
The Pentagon authorized this.
What about the trash truck drivers?
What about the women and children?
What about people that are paid by our government that they kill routinely?
In context with it all, it's obvious that they're trying to anger the locals.
If these people are being trained like this,
It's just a real sad situation as far as our military.
And like you say, I worry about these guys coming back and being police officers.
Well, Chuck, what's going to happen when our troops get captured and get tortured?
How do we complain?
What's going to happen when they blow our people's heads off?
Well, it'll just be double think.
Ooh, look what they did.
It's bad.
But when we do it, it's good.
We'll be right back.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, we're now into hour number two.
Red Beckman, the grandfather of the fully informed jury movement, of court reform movement,
...of exposing the 16th Amendment and the IRS never being properly ratified.
That's all coming up.
He's also a veteran himself.
We'll talk about the situation in Fallujah, killing an injured person who'd been in custody for almost a day.
Very serious.
We've got some more clips of this coming up.
And, of course, we're going to be taking your phone calls.
We'll talk about the new Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, and just so much more.
And, of course, in the third hour, Bob Chapman, international forecaster, to talk about the plunging dollar exploding gold.
He predicted this months ago, of course.
He'll be joining us.
Right now, let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Frank in Louisiana.
Frank, go ahead.
Good afternoon to you, Alex.
You know, General Douglas MacArthur had said that history has failed to record any instance of any nation that went into moral decline that did not end up in political and economic ruin.
And the things you were talking about earlier is all a byproduct of what the American people have become.
And I've gotten more and more to the point that I just don't blame the President.
I blame the Congress.
They have the legislative power to stop all this stuff, but they don't do anything.
You've got a criminal-run, two-party monopoly.
You've got a nation filled with baby extermination camps where we're actually debating whether that's right or not.
This is what you're going to do.
Oh, I know.
L-C-I-A is evil when they cut somebody's head off, which, yeah, those government operatives are, but it's good when we chop up babies.
Yeah, this is wonderful.
Imagine if one of those hooded guys was cutting a baby up on TV.
Well, yeah, naturally.
And this is the whole thing that I blame the American people for swaggering arrogance here.
But people associate their power with this monolithic state.
This monolithic state is raping them.
The more immoral your people become, Alex, history has proven the greater the tyranny that will reign over you.
We don't even have the ability anymore to see the difference between a Bush and a Kerry or a Clinton.
They're all the same people.
We're fighting the bankers' wars.
We have the bankers' schools.
They control our money supply.
They've usurped our Constitution.
And the people don't understand all this what's going on because we favor ourselves as an intellectual people.
We're one of the most stupid people I've ever seen
Seeing how we have access to so much information.
Fifty years ago, we had the number one test scores because education was local and a system that worked.
Fifty years later, we're behind every industrialized nation and 20-plus third world nations, and we're getting what we pay for.
It is designed to dumb our children down.
That's correct.
Did you hear Sunday I saw on the Mind Wash, I think it was ABC News, that apparently the top echelons of the CIA are resigning now.
Did you see that?
Yeah, they're doing that because a total consolidation is taking place.
Yeah, well, this is all part of it, you see, and we're moving so fast, so rapidly into an Orwellian state, and people just don't even understand what's going on, and it's hard to talk to people that are so-called educated in the government school systems because they just follow the mind wash coming out of New York City, which is all controlled and corrupted.
And your news media is one of the most corrupt institutions in America.
Everything's heading south.
Well, they twist and spin.
Thanks for the call.
And again, this video being released.
This was released.
The Pentagon allowed this to be released.
The dual propaganda psyops use.
Enrage the Arabs.
We have the Pentagon's own $6 billion a year program, P2OG.
It's meant to enrage them and domestically condition us to accept killing prisoners.
And again, what happens when our troops get captured and they get killed?
You know, they claim that happened with Private Lynch.
Turns out that was made up.
They didn't shoot our prisoners.
But oh, it was so evil, it was so bad.
But then our government does it, and oh, it's good.
I mean, that's a double thing.
We'll talk to Red Beckman about the power of the jury, what's happening with the IRS.
We'll get his view on the Patriot Act II and the National ID Card.
We'll get his view on the Federal Reserve.
The grandfather of so many modern movements joining us when we get back.
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Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
The DVD version is 170 minutes.
If you want to wake up your friends and family to the truth of what happened on September 11th, this is the film for you.
The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
So many of the modern elements of the truth movement, the patriot movement,
The Christian conservative movement, the fully informed jury association movement, the court reform movement, the movement exposing the fraudulent nature of the 16th Amendment and the income tax were spawned and pushed in the key source research done by the man we're now joined by, Red Buckman.
Yes, good to be with you, Alex.
Red, it's great to have you on with us, and I know you've been...
Somewhat ill the last year, but now you're recovered.
And it's great to have you on with us today.
Just out of the gates, can you tell people briefly about your awakening and then what the New World Order is, what these wars are all about, how the Federal Reserve operates?
Well, I was in the military during the Korean War, of course, and I was a very fortunate young man who I was put into a position where I got an inside look at the military, and I had a top-secret security classification and all, and so I got an inside look, which is something that not too many young people get, and
When I came out of the service late in 1952, I was very disillusioned.
I recognized the fact that something was very seriously wrong with our political system in this country.
And so I became somewhat of a political activist at that time because I kept saying, well, somebody's got to do something.
And, of course, what I was trying to do was make the system work the way I was taught in high school.
And it didn't take me too long to figure out that, hey,
We don't have any control the way they taught us in the government school.
They just said you vote on election day and then you go home and go back to sleep again.
And after the election.
And of course it came to my attention that that wasn't controlling this government at all.
And of course as a result I did some studies, some research and did a lot of thinking about it and
Found that we have three votes in our political system, of course, and that is the election day vote, the grand jury vote, and the trial jury vote.
And we were not using the grand jury.
We were not using the trial jury vote to control our government.
And, of course, the Federal Reserve Bank system, I was just absolutely, you know,
Dumbfounded when I read the, well, I read Eustace Mullen's book back there quite a long time ago.
He wrote that book, I think, in 1952, if I remember right, about the secrets of the Federal Reserve.
And, you know, the American people, we have been so dumbed down.
We have been so mentally conditioned.
To believe that we have the greatest political system on the face of the earth, this democracy thing, and we have been neutralized.
We have been, you might say, neutered.
We just haven't done our job, and of course, I am so encouraged.
Well, Red, you cover the basic fact in your videos and your books.
That we the people are above the government.
It's God the people and the government, not the government, the people, and God's forgotten.
And that example is used in the juries and grand juries.
The judge tells the grand jury what to do.
The prosecutor tells them what to do.
The judge tells the trial jury what to do.
That's not how it's supposed to work in all the court cases and in the founding documents and in the Magna Carta.
It is we the people that are the bosses, but over time they usurped
That authority and the usurpation of authority in the juries and grand juries is the same thing we see across the political spectrum.
But, you know, Alex, I'm really an optimist.
I always have been.
And I'm more optimistic right now than I've ever been.
You know, 30 years ago, we didn't have Alex Jones.
We didn't have all these talk shows.
We didn't have the activists out there that we have today.
And today...
I am just absolutely amazed at how we've got very strong voices just literally coming out of the woodwork all over this nation.
The newsletters, the talk shows, the cassette tapes, the videotapes, the CDs.
It's coming like a flood at this point in time.
And so I think that we have reason to be...
I'm optimistic, and we have reason to be accelerating our activities so that we can take advantage of all these people out here that have become victims.
They're victims of government.
Red Beckman, again, the grandfather of the fully informed jury movement,
And a grandfather of exposing the IRS movement, just a real founding father in what's happening.
You're right.
Just six, seven years ago, and I talk about this at least once a week because it's the best news I've got.
Six, seven years ago, on my one talk show here in Austin, one radio station, ten phone lines, half the callers disagree with me.
Now on a syndicated show, on AM and FM, shortwave, internet, satellite,
Nobody calls in a disagree, and on other people's talk shows, mainstream talk shows, where I'm being attacked by the host, almost no one calls in a disagree.
So we've seen a total shift, but the mainstream media continues this illusion that we're all buying into it, so people are all balkanized independently, feeling like they're alone, when really we have the majority view.
Yes, and it's going to... We've got some things happening right now
You know, the U.S.
Supreme Court, they went and made a ruling last year, last fall, as I remember, and they said that a judge could not sentence a defendant, a convicted person, to the death penalty.
And then they used a big three-letter word that I just love, B-U-T, but.
They said the judge can't sentence the guy to the death penalty, but the jury can.
The way I read that, the Supreme Court says judges...
You don't have as much power as you thought you had.
It is the people who have the power.
Yeah, judges were never in the executive, you know, executing any of it.
Yeah, and then the Blakely v. Washington case came down in June, and boy, oh boy, oh boy, what a storm it has caused.
The court said that the judges, the district court judges, are bound by the sentencing guideline laws.
And they said the judge can't depart upward with those sentencing, but the jury can.
And it's just caused a tremendous storm because what brought about, people don't understand that the sentencing guideline law was passed by the U.S.
Because you had one judge that was hanging somebody for a conviction, and another judge was putting a person out on probation for the same crime.
And so there was no, you know, there was no continuity, there was no uniformity.
Selective enforcement.
And yes, and so the Congress, there was so much pressure put on Congress, and people don't realize that it was the Congress that created the district courts.
The lower courts, and therefore, the Congress is the creator, and the courts, the district courts of federal courts, are the created.
Well, Red, I want to get into juries and grand juries power a little bit later, and I want to take some calls, but first off, there's an awakening taking place.
Clearly that's why we see Patriot Act 1 and 2, Homeland Security, National ID cards.
We've never seen, I mean, obviously the empire is striking back,
We've never seen such a deluge of counter-offensive.
But I see as they squeeze tighter, more people are waking up.
Your analysis of Patriot Act II and just all of this insanely corrupt stuff.
People being arrested for Rubik's Cubes.
I'm not joking, folks.
Or being threatened with arrest for Rubik's Cubes for selling them.
People being arrested for complaining to the VA, complaining about terrorism.
That's the Associated Press.
All of this just insanity taking place.
Your comments?
You know, history, we have the accounts of tyrant after tyrant.
Who has tried to maintain their power over the people by becoming worse tyrants.
Now, the Homeland Security Act, and of course the Patriot One and Patriot Two, they were not passed because the government was afraid of foreign terrorists.
They were afraid of we the people in this country.
That's what those laws are all about.
They're afraid of Alex Jones.
They're afraid of Red Beckman.
They're afraid of anybody who has figured them out, who has been able to identify them as being domestic enemies.
And I'm reminded... Let me throw something else in here.
I'm sure you heard that all over the country, if a state or school district wants federal money, they have to do drills where homeschoolers and Christians are terrorists and are murdering people.
And so, really, all the training's not about the Arabs.
It's about us, the general public.
Oh, yes, and our law enforcement in this country, our highway patrol, our city police, our county sheriffs, the deputy sheriffs and such...
All of these people now, they send them to these special schools.
And in these schools, what they teach is so, I mean, it is so dangerous because they are taught control.
You hear crowd control, you know, people control.
And these people, they come out of these schools and into our local law enforcement and they are psychotic.
They are literally mentally crippled.
And they're just making victims every day.
This is what they're paid for, is to go out and make victims.
Brad Buckman, we've got a break.
We'll come back, talk more about this, talk about some of these new court rulings and take calls.
Bunch of news.
Have you ever felt like the United States government knows way too much about your financial affairs?
I continue to hear stories about property seizures, frozen bank accounts, confiscation of stocks and bonds.
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It's all happening right now, in your face.
Your calls are coming up the next segment.
Regina and Sheldon and Ron and Jeff and many others that are patiently holding.
We're talking to Red Beckman.
Red, continuing with this whole police state.
I mean, just ten years ago, cops didn't bullse their eyes out at you and act all upset all the time.
But more and more of them are these types.
And then a lot of our troops that have been trained...
You know, shoot unarmed wounded people.
They're going to come back and be cops here.
You're a military veteran yourself, and we were always known for not acting like this.
Now we are, and I hear people on talk radio going, the Muslims are animals.
Kill them all.
I thought we're over there liberating them.
I thought Saddam was bad because he tortured people.
And, of course, you know...
Tyrants are always the same.
They always think the same.
And the more severe they become and the more psycho, the more people that wake up and become opposition.
And so every time they do, you know, another Patriot 1, Patriot 2 and such, every time they do that, and every time they go out and step on people,
They make another, you know, a wide-awake American.
Let me bring up something that fits into this.
Arnold Schwarzenegger openly supports Nazis.
Like Kurt Waldheim after it was out, but he was a Nazi.
He went and campaigned for him for the presidency of Germany, of Austria.
Arnold says that he admires Hitler, that he wants to be worshipped as a dictator.
These are public statements.
But then somehow the media all loves him and covers up for him.
Now they want to amend Article 2 of the Constitution.
They keep using this red herring of 22nd Amendment, but the group out there pushing for it now, for Arnold, one of his former campaign managers, says, yeah, it's Article 2, Section 5.
How bad is it going to get when congressmen are saying that the Republican Party wants Arnold to be our next president?
You know, this is absolutely insane.
And of course, I ran for governor back in 1988 back in the state of Montana.
And we had vote fraud, and it was documented.
We documented it so carefully and so thoroughly.
And we had the same thing that happened on the national level in this election with the Ohio elections, the vote fraud.
But nobody found out about it.
We took all the evidence to the Secretary of State, and he was going to do something, and of course nothing was done.
But now it is so prevalent, I mean it is so visible, it's so obvious, and so people are...
Being exposed to the truth.
And like I say, that was 1988.
We're talking about 16 years ago.
We had vote fraud.
Now, they have become so blatant and so, you know, it's so visible.
Well, Red, you just got to the heart of the matter.
In major polls, eight-tenths of Americans...
Well, that's crazy, but I'll tell you, they are...
Waking up a lot of people.
A lot of people are being activated, you might say, into the freedom movement in this country by these kind of shenanigans, these kind of criminal activities.
Why would the elite want to put Arnold Schwarzenegger in?
Because he's one of them.
He's got a lot of money.
He's married to a Kennedy family member.
And, you know, he's a movie idol, I guess.
I wouldn't call him that because I don't go to the movies.
But, you know, this is the way they do things.
They promote, promote, promote, promote, and they're just in your face with everything.
I mean, they're going to really, really promote Arnold Schwarzenegger here in the months and days ahead.
He may fall flat on his face in California, however, because, you know, he's not solving their fiscal problem.
But the media doesn't care.
They claim he is when their actual budget is double.
When their actual deficit.
And, of course, like George W. Bush, they call him a conservative.
And I'll tell you, if George W. Bush is a conservative...
Bill Clinton was... We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Red Beckman restating what you were just saying in the last segment when we hit that break.
You were saying if George Bush is a conservative, then Bill Clinton is a... Well, he's a super, super, super conservative.
You know, what George W. Bush has been able to pull off because he was pegged as a conservative and a Republican...
You know, there were so many more watchdogs watching Bill Clinton, but a lot of them, anything that George W. did was fine.
And, of course, they're called the neoconservatives, you know.
And so, you know, it's been that way.
You know, Franklin D. Roosevelt,
He won election on strictly a conservative platform and within 100 days he violated every campaign promise he made.
And that's the way it's always been.
It takes, you know, a candidate for president, they have to have a conservative agenda that they promote.
But then, you know, well, with Ronald Reagan, let's face it, he was, you know, a big spender.
But nothing compared to George... George W. is going to have the record.
He's by far the worst that we've ever had.
Yeah, uh...
A bunch of metal cripples, mentally imbalanced.
They just can't seem to, you know, understand that what's really happening to us is we're just being sold out.
Well, the dollar is plunging.
The borders, the jobs are flowing out at massive rates.
And Bush laughs and says, a low dollar's good, our number one export is jobs.
He actually said that in January of this year.
And these people are celebrating, Red.
They think they've had some victory.
I want to go to some calls, Red, but before we do that, get more into what the jury's supposed to operate as and some of these new rulings that you're so excited about.
You know, talk about the jury, how juries are supposed to operate.
You were telling me this morning there's a lot of rulings you're excited about.
There's some good things happening.
Tell us about some of those before we go to calls.
Well, I think that, you know, the U.S.
Supreme Court, we've got a bunch of old-timers on there now, and I think it may be that they're hanging on because they see the handwriting on the wall and they're going to try to make a change.
That decision a year ago about the death penalty cases where they said the judge can't sentence the man to the death penalty, but the jury can.
The jury, they said, basically, the jury has the power, not the judge.
And the Blakely v. Washington case came out in June of this year, and they said the judge cannot go and sentence somebody to more than what the sentencing guidelines call for.
But the jury can.
The jury has the power, not the judge.
And the U.S.
Supreme Court now has handed down a number of decisions in the last several years.
Now, part of that is because I have a case that has been docketed with the United States Supreme Court in my own personal income tax case.
It's been docketed since August of 96.
Now, people think, well, that's a long time.
Well, the Michael New case was docketed in 1995, and it's older, but they are hearing that case this month now in the U.S.
Supreme Court.
It's scheduled for hearing.
But here's what I think is happening.
I sued a federal judge.
In that case, it's at the U.S.
Supreme Court.
I sued him, and I said that he is a government employee.
He is a tax consumer.
He is a beneficiary of the tax laws.
Therefore, he cannot make any finding of fact or conclusion of law in a tax case because he has a conflict of interest.
Therefore, a Seventh Amendment...
Well, Red, let me ask you a question.
Because the Supreme Court came out and ruled they can take your property without just compensation.
They've ruled on some other things good, though.
We've really had a mixed bag from the Supreme Court.
What do you think is happening?
Well, I think that there's a great deal of confusion in the legal profession.
The legal profession, you see, for over 200 years, have tried to let the Seventh Amendment fall through the cracks.
And if I've got time here before the next break, I'd like to read the Seventh Amendment.
Yeah, go ahead and read it, and we'll go to calls.
In suits at common law where the value in controversy shall exceed $20, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the United States than according to the rules of the common law.
Well, that really means the Supreme Court can't even do stuff without having a jury.
They can't touch it.
And, of course, the first case, the real constitutional issue that the U.S.
Supreme Court ruled on back in the beginning of our nation was Brailford v. Georgia.
And the U.S.
Supreme Court set, and they argued the case, and a jury made the decision.
They set and argued the case before a jury.
The jury, the court, like the Blakely v. Washington case and the death penalty case, the Supreme Court is saying, hey, the jury's the one with the power.
They're we the people.
Now, again, the Bill of Rights says this.
The common law says it.
The Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers.
This is just a fact.
But then, with these new Admiralty Courts and these Maritime Administration Courts... Well, that's the legal profession, you see.
They don't like the Seventh Amendment.
Yeah, so they've erected these fraudulent courts.
They just create them out of thin air.
We get all these new courts.
And here's an example of someone just producing something new.
Judge Walter Smith in 99 says to the Davidians in the civil trial, you don't get a jury, I am going to decide.
Then we protested, so he appointed his own, quote, advisory jury, and he said it would have no effect on the outcome.
I mean, how did they just invent stuff?
Well, that's going to come to a screeching, screaming halt, because the Seventh Amendment is...
The most important of the ten articles of the Bill of Rights, the seventh, is by far the most important.
And the reason is, you look at the five clauses of the First Amendment, and the ACLU and those kind of organizations, they love that First Amendment.
They love the Fourth Amendment.
They love the Fifth Amendment.
How do you get recourse if some bureaucrat violates your free speech or your free press or your freedom to assemble?
How do you get recourse?
How do you get a justice?
You have to go to the Seventh Amendment and sue those people.
Because the final backup is the voting of the jurors.
Let's go to some calls here.
Who's up first here?
Sheldon in Arizona.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hi, Anthony.
I just wanted to preface my call.
Hey, I'm Alex Jones.
We're talking to Red Beckman.
I mean, Alex...
I want to preface my call by saying that Anthony Hilder's webmaster was murdered.
Are you aware of that?
No, I wasn't aware of that.
I guess that's why you said Anthony.
I thought he thought my name was... No, Anthony Hilder's webmaster was murdered?
Yeah, but he said it wasn't political.
I just wanted to let you know about that.
The reason I'm calling today is I wanted to get word out about this, because I don't think you mentioned it yesterday.
This Bush's Orwellian plan to screen all Americans for mental health problems.
I've been talking about it for two years.
It's the New Freedom Initiative.
And it will forcibly, psychologically test every child, even if they're private school or homeschooled, by law twice a year, every adult once a year, to get the federal funds.
Illinois is about to make adults do it.
Ten states are already doing it.
How is that conservative read?
That's something right out of Joseph Stalin's playbook.
Well, what I wanted to tell you, Alex, is the Senate's supposed to reconvene this week to make a vote on it through a, what is it, a Labor, Health, and Human Services?
No, I know, and Ron Paul and others has got a bill to defeat it.
That's why we've got Ron Paul lined up later this week.
But, yeah, tell us about it.
Go ahead.
Okay, yeah, the Senate's supposed to reconvene this week to make a vote on it through what's called the Labor, Health, and Human Services and Educations Appropriations Bill.
It's a House bill.
Bill number is 5006.
And again...
Already with federal funds in ten states, they're doing it with the children.
This will make it the law, this is in the bill, where they actually send, not even psychiatrists, which is quackery as well, but bureaucrats who will come to your door if you're a homeschooler and order you to turn your child over to them, upwards in some cases of a week, to go to a psychiatric institution.
Everyone will have to go, and in the schools they're going to be turned into giant mind control laboratories.
Even the British and
A medical journal has said the same thing I'm saying.
Red, are we living in the Twilight Zone?
Yes, we are.
But I'll tell you, this is the kind of law that is going to get a lot more people informed and get them alerted, and it's going to backfire on them.
A lot of people don't realize that the school busing thing
You know what brought the school busing thing down?
A federal judge who was trying to order children to ride a school bus was asked, when were these children convicted of a crime that gave the judge any jurisdiction, whatever, over that child to where they could sentence that child?
Now, when that bureaucrat shows up at your door and wants to examine your children,
You get his name and you get, you know, his name and his organization, whoever he's representing, and you say, wait a minute.
My child and or I, we've never been convicted of a crime.
And you don't sentence us to anything.
You don't order us around for anything.
Because not until we have been convicted of a crime by a jury does the government have any jurisdiction over our persons.
I totally agree with you.
But again, here in Austin, your child is late to class three times.
That's considered a truancy.
The state law...
And great points, Sheldon.
Thanks for the call.
I'll check that out.
The state law says 14 unexcused absences in a semester is criminal, but under color of law, it's not even a law, Red.
They say, okay, you've been late to class three times.
This is to get the most number of kids in the system.
The portable building has turned into a courtroom.
We have it on the news.
The judge shouts at the parents, sign the papers.
The parent signs a paper waving rights.
The child instantly goes on probation.
Then the judge orders drug testing and fines and fees.
Same thing with... There is a law in Texas and in most states against ordering you to take vaccines.
There's no law you have to take them.
But they ran blitzkriegs at the start of the school year nationwide saying it's the law, you've got to take your shots.
There was no law.
It's all... I mean, that's the...
Red, the level of them just claiming this, and the cops are so dumb, they think if a bureaucrat tells them something, it's the law.
Cops without warrants, without orders, without anything, routinely go to houses and grab people's children with CPS!
I mean, it's not their... it's their criminals!
We have a disbarred lawyer.
He was an assistant district attorney down here in Portland, Oregon.
That was disbarred, and he has been battling this, and he's had quite a bit of success.
And over the last 15 or 16 years, he has spent 290 days or so in jail on contempt charges.
But now, he won't quit.
He has not backed off, and he is now credited with...
I don't know how many different judges losing their jobs and this and that, and when he goes into court now, they pay attention.
Now, he is legal, he's got his law degree and the whole thing, but he's not a member of the bar.
And these kind of things are happening all over this country.
Red, let me give you an example.
One of my friends was arrested for not letting him search his car in a parking lot.
Of course, nothing was found illegal.
We're good to go.
Until proven innocent.
They said you must sign a form to leave jail saying you're guilty.
They actually said on the news you no longer get jury trials in Austin.
I ought to send you this video.
This was a few years ago.
I mean, they're just trying to claim everything, aren't they?
Oh, yes.
And, you know, it's really scary, you know, what they're doing.
But, you know, I'm still the optimist.
I still think that what they're doing...
Is just so typical of any tyranny.
And where in history do you find a tyranny that has ever lasted?
They always get thrown over.
Let's take a call.
Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Well, I'm calling about a few things.
The RFID identification, which, by the way, Alex, was... It's going to be in all pill bottles.
In Sunday's New York Times, too.
Mainstream publication.
They can't call the Times crazy like they called it.
And your name's going to be scanned on it to make sure that's your bottle.
That's right.
And to show you something about how you've had some useful idiots, and I guess some people who are basically stooges for this system speaking up for it, they keep claiming it's to keep track of inventory, but point of fact, use logic.
No, this new announcement they admit is to make sure that bottle of pills is yours.
Well, many people saying it's to make sure of large inventories.
That's right.
If we're talking about prescription medication, there's no concern with inventory because a customer couldn't steal it off a shelf.
It comes in large bottles that are then put in the dosages that are given to the citizens.
And your little bottle that you get from the pharmacist in your chain drugstore has the RFID on it.
Now, what the heck would that have to do with inventory?
Yet they have these stooge mouthpieces.
Hey, we've had our people at the RFID conferences...
They openly say, from the factory, to the warehouse, to the store, to your home, to the landfill, and they're putting in this wireless internet.
They admit that's going to be used to scan all the RFID in your clothes, on your person.
In fact, the Pentagon just came out and called it, we're going to have a god-like control grid, that's a quote, to know everything.
Yeah, we'll go if we can.
Hey, Red, does that sound like freedom, a godlike power?
I'll tell you.
You know, in my book, Why the Militia, the 14th chapter, the title on the chapter, the heading on the chapter is, Is the Federal Government a False God?
Well, now, all over they keep calling it godlike omnipresent power.
That's in the Pentagon paper that just came out.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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You will lose your liberty.
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If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're going to go back to Red Beckman here in just a moment.
Hopefully keep him a little bit of the next hour with Bob Chapman.
Have both of them together.
That'd be great.
And of course your calls.
Before we go back to Red, I just want to say that, look, I'm not kidding.
I've even played that newscast here years ago.
We called CBS locally and said, go investigate this.
Before they let you out of jail, they call it a personal recognizance bond, and you sign an agreement to take all these classes and to be on probation for drunk driving, family violence, robbery, drug dealing, and you could be in there for a speeding ticket.
And when they called the city, the city goes, yeah, everybody that comes through, we ask them to sign this.
It has all these crimes you admit to on the back.
I mean, that's like the Soviet Union.
But in the Soviet Union, they hid that in underground torture centers.
You know, sign this, confession.
Here, they just do it in plain view.
People are so dumb, they do it.
Folks, you need to get my police state films to understand this.
Police State 2000, Police State 2, The Takeover, Police State 3, Total Enslavement, Troops Training to Put You in Camps, Foreign Troops, all this police state legislation, legislation they tried to pass in Oregon where...
Downloading music illegally or getting in a fist fight gets you life in prison.
That almost passed.
We have the actual bill in there.
Under terrorism.
I mean, this is all insane.
Big discounts on my videos right now.
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Expose the globalists.
Ron in New York, finish up quick, because I want to go to Jeff and Kevin and Fred.
By the way, he had mentioned that in Texas, you wind up being charged with a crime for tardiness.
The last state to do that was Stalin's Soviet state.
Tardiness was a crime in that place.
So they're probably taking some clues from that.
They hired Prima Cop, the former KGB general, three years ago.
I mean, that's the thing.
Red Beckman, this stuff is so nuts, even when it's public, I think I'm crazy talking about it.
It is crazy what they're doing, but they're getting away with it because of the dumbed-down brain of the American citizen.
And that's where we come into the picture.
We have to bring people back up, bring them up to speed with the truth.
And there's more of them listening to us every day.
Ron, what was your final point?
Another thing...
The Supreme Court has considered a case in the state of Illinois.
They may have ruled on it.
At last, I don't know.
But it was the use of...
Dogs to sniff out drugs and weapons for simple traffic stops.
Now, they say it looked as though the Supreme Court was inclined to go along with that in Illinois, even though the Illinois State Court, as per the Illinois Constitution, said it was unconstitutional.
Why it's even in front of the federal court when the state of Illinois chooses to protect its people under its state constitution for that kind of intrusion, I don't know.
That's beyond me.
Any legal scholar would have to scratch their head about that.
But what they're trying to do is say if they stop you for speeding or running a stop sign, they could bring the old drug and bomb sniffing dogs out.
Thanks for the call, Ron.
No, no.
Red Backman comments on that.
Well, you know, it's the nature of a tyranny.
They don't get better, they get worse.
And progressively worse.
And at some point, then they get overthrown.
And that's what's going to happen.
You had Colonel Don the Grand Prix on.
We'll be right back.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I love these roundtable type of discussions.
And we're honored to have Red Buckman, grandfather of the Fully Informed Jury Movement, one of the founders of the movement exposing the fraudulent nature of the 16th Amendment and the income tax, one of the founding, if not the founding member in the movement against reforming our courts, along with Bob Chapman.
Who years ago predicted oil at $50 a barrel, which sounded crazy at the time, gold at over $400, which now looks like it will go even higher.
He was on three or four months ago with us.
He said the dollar will go down even further, and the dollar is going to plunge even more.
I hope his predictions start not coming true.
He's on with us.
Of course, I was involved in the Army Intelligence, and then had one of the biggest, if not the biggest, financial newsletters in the country for decades.
An expert on the economy is Bob Chapman, and I know we have Kevin and Fred and Ed and so many people that are patiently holding.
I've got a ton of news I want to throw out to our guests as well, so it'll kind of be a free-for-all.
Bob Chapman, do we have you, my friend?
I am here.
It's good to have you on with us.
Red Buckman said your name rung a bell.
Are you aware of Red Buckman?
No, I am not.
Well, you guys are going to get to meet each other today here on the air.
Let's bring our Red Beckman back in.
I'm here.
All right, you guys are here together, and I've interviewed you both separately many times over the years.
But, Red, Bob's been talking about the dollar plunging, and Bush has been openly out bad-mouthing it and bringing us into the free trade area of the Americas.
What's your take on this, and we'll get Bob's take on it.
Well, the dollar is...
You know, the international bankers and such, they are going to destroy the dollar.
They're going to destroy the Japanese yen.
They're going to destroy the Swiss franc.
The German douchebag.
They're going to do that for the simple reason that they want to issue an international currency.
And when they do, it'll probably be backed by gold, and at least that's what they'll tell you, that it's backed by gold.
And when they do, you will basically have your New World Order in place.
We even have the name of the new currency.
They're going to merge the American Union currency with the EU currency with the Asian Union currency around 2020.
Dr. Cuddy's got the documents.
I've seen them.
And we're talking about the Phoenix...
The new global currency with a global tax attached to it.
Bob Chapman comments.
I agree with the gentleman completely.
I think the inamacinations of how we're going to get there is what people are very interested in.
That's why they subscribe to the International Forecaster.
And what's going to happen?
I believe that the dollar and euro terms on the near term over the next year will go down 30% more.
In other words, the euro, which is trading right now around $1.2975 or almost $1.30, will probably go to $1.60, maybe $1.65.
And that's part of the destruction of the dollar caused by tremendous fiscal and monetary debt, personal debt in the United States, which has become overwhelming.
And in the meantime, the price of gold will go up considerably higher, and it'll become more inflationary, and silver will go up as well.
And I think in the final analysis, the gentleman is correct in as much as
I do believe that they will back their new world currency once they put it into into operation with gold and I'd like to address that just briefly and that is that I expect that the introduction will be quicker than 2020 I think it's 2010 to 12 and I also believe that the central bank selling that we've witnessed over the past several years
Has been instigated by what I call elitists.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Bob, we've got a break.
Red Beckman, stay there, both of you.
We'll talk about the state of the dollar and the economy with both of you, and then we'll take calls when we get back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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Alright my friends, your calls are coming up here real quick.
We're talking to Red Beckman, and of course we're talking to Bob Chapman of the International Forecaster.
Bob, continuing with your analysis of what's happening to the dollar, and unfortunately your predictions have been spot on, I want to hear more about that, but then also, how the American people, I mean, I talked to some poor immigrant from Mexico who was farming corn two years ago,
They know what it... And by ignorant, I mean they don't have any education.
They know all about what it means to have a bad currency, a worthless currency.
But the average yuppie will laugh at me about the dollar plunging.
I mean, we're just totally disconnected from reality.
Bob Chapman?
As I was saying, in relation to the backing of a new world currency with gold, over the last several years, central banks have been sellers of gold.
Those central banks are controlled by individuals who have, in fact, been the actual buyers of that gold.
And so when they go to this world currency, those elitists who have garnered all of this gold, and it could be as much as 20 or 25 or 30 or 40 percent of all the gold that's out there, they will stand to gain a great deal.
Now, slow down, because now this is fact.
This has even been in the mainstream news, but in the back of the financial papers.
The big gold mines have sued...
The Rothschild banks and others and the Federal Reserve, because these private families sell themselves.
Let's say they've got five banks.
They sell gold at reduced prices between each other.
It never even leaves their own hands to drive down gold artificially so they can then buy up the rest of it at low prices.
Then the euros, 30% gold-backed, the dollar starts plunging.
I just wanted to elaborate on that for people to understand how serious this is.
In addition to that, and in conjunction with what you just said, there is a lawsuit pending, and it's coming to trial in April in New Orleans Federal District Court of Blanchard & Company against JPMorgan Chase and Barrick Gold, which is a producer of gold, saying that they were rigging the market.
And Barrick has already said that they should be exempted from the suit, which the judge threw out.
By the way, Barrick is the company that Bush Sr.
is a board member of.
He was a member some time ago.
He no longer is, as was Brian Mulroney and Margaret Thatcher and Vernon Jordan and another of, you know, political lights.
Sorry for interrupting.
Please continue.
Anyway, I covered in conjunction with what you were saying is that a lot of this will come out when this lawsuit becomes public.
And I think that's what's going to trigger taking gold from $500 an ounce back to $850 mid-year next year.
Let's get a comment from Red Buckman.
Red, they openly say they're going to dismantle our financial system and people are cheering over it.
Yeah, well, back in 19... well, it was Labor Day week of 1984.
I was a speaker at an investors conference in Orlando, Florida.
And each evening they had an open forum, and the one evening they had the open forum on the hard money.
And most of the so-called gurus recognized gurus at that point.
We're there, and they were on the platform, and each one of them was given a two-and-a-half-minute time to give a little prognosis of what they saw coming, and they were all agreed that by 1987 we would have a $3,500 minimum on gold and $100 on silver.
And then they opened it up, and there was a lot of...
His phone line is dropping.
Might be a blizzard up there where he's at.
Continuing, and gold did go up in the late 1980s.
Did it not, Bob?
It went up in 1986, but that was the last rally.
And the reason it was the last rally, as we find out, is that illegally the Federal Reserve and the U.S.
During the debacle in 1987 in the stock market, they went in and held the stock market up and they suppressed gold.
And then in 1988, Ronald Reagan signed an executive order allowing for the working market, we call it the Punch Protection Team, the working group on financial markets, to come into being, and also the Federal Reserve, to be able to continue at will to suppress gold.
Or increase the prices on the stock exchanges, in the bond markets, and in commodities.
Let's go back and let Red finish the point.
You're at this financial conference speaking.
Go ahead.
I had an opportunity then, of course, from the floor to speak, and I said that
We would not have $3,500 gold because I was from the West and I knew what was happening out here as far as the gold mining was concerned.
I used to keep my finger on that whole situation.
I used to keep it pretty close and understood pretty well what was happening.
I brought out to that audience that
This massive amount of production of gold that was going on even at that time.
There were new mines that were coming online every day almost.
Of course, I gave a little history of how Nixon had deregulated gold and all.
I said these international bankers, and particularly the Federal Reserve bankers, are the ones that were buying all the gold.
I told the audience, I said, everybody's asking the wrong question.
We've got this massive production of gold, and gold was about $400 at that point, and I said, nobody's asking the right question.
Who's buying all the gold?
Joe Sixpack can't buy it.
He has to buy
You know, food for the table for his children and his shoes on the feet and the roof over their head and pay his taxes and so he buys a little gold chain for his wife at Christmas time.
Somebody's buying all that gold and I said, you'll be surprised when you find out what they're paying for it.
And I said, they're paying only ten cents an ounce.
And of course, gold was about $400 an ounce at that point, and so I had to explain that at that point, the Federal Reserve bankers were buying $100 Federal Reserve notes from the U.S.
Treasury Department, or the Federal Press Area in Washington, and they were buying them for $2.6 a piece at that point.
Now again, let me comment on this, because now they're admitting in the media that the Federal Reserve is private, but they're saying, oh, it's good that they are.
Here's the problem.
They create these notes, these pieces of paper, they charge us for the interest, and then they use the money they create out of nothing with fractional reserve banking, and they buy up real assets like gold and airports and jumbo jets and tanks.
Let me get a comment from Bob Chapman on that.
Well, that's entirely true.
And you can follow this each week by looking at the increases or decreases in M3, which is money and credit in general.
And the increase this year has been 6.5%, but interestingly, most of the major nations are around 9 or 10%.
But what the Fed does is
They go into the repurchase market every day.
They call it the repo market.
And what they do is, as Red said, they create money out of thin air and ask the Treasury to print it at 2.6 or whatever it is.
And then with money they've bought with our tax dollars... $1 notes and $1 notes at this point are only about $0.04 apiece coming from the press.
And then they buy real gold for it.
By the way... What they do is they go to a bank, such as JPMorgan Chase, a bank within the Fed system, and they purchase U.S.
government securities from them with this money that they've just created.
The banks then take the money and go to the agents of the Fed, who, in fact, are large brokerage firms, such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, etc., etc.,
We're good to go.
And again, it's not free market.
It is a tiny group of elites creating money out of nothing and buying up the world for it and then taking your house when you don't pay back a debt that they created out of thin air.
Folks, if you want a copy of the International Forecaster for free that covers all of this and it's lengthy, what, 30-something pages?
It varies month to month.
The latest issue...
Give them a call.
They'll give you a free copy.
That's incorrect.
Is that?
Okay, okay.
Okay, 7-8.
And that's a toll-free number.
Let me say that again slowly.
I was going from memory.
877-479-8178 to get a free copy of that.
We're going to break here, and then I want to come back and take calls from Jeff and Kevin and Fred and Ed and Bob and everybody else that's patiently holding.
Callers, just have your question or your comment.
We're going to move on to the next person.
I want to give everybody a chance to get involved on air.
Again, I want to thank both our guests, Red Beckman, Grandfather,
...of the fully informed jury movement in this country, expose the IRS as well.
Of course, Bob Chapman, whose predictions are just spot-on, as they say, legendary.
So we're honored to have both of these formidable minds on with us today.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, trying to give you information that's accurate, that you can use to protect yourself and your family.
PrisonPlanet.tv, stay with us.
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For the New World Order crowd, it isn't about, quote, making money.
Oh, they make it all right.
They print it out of nothing.
And they buy up your future.
They're in the business of control, control of real commodities like gold and oil and ideas and real estate and your children's minds.
This is the New World Order, my friends.
And we're talking to Red Buckman.
We're talking to...
Of course, Bob Chapman will give that number out again later to get a free copy of International Forecaster.
We'll also give you an address to get some of the videos and books that Brad Beckman's put together.
Right now, gentlemen, let's go to calls for those that have been holding since time immemorial.
Jeff in Indiana, go ahead.
It's also about destroying you by the legal system to just become subject myself to a frivolous lawsuit that's amounted to $2.7 million.
You're on the air.
It was a written contract, as if you were another party, that they had a previous oral contract, and the judge felt that he needed to control the jury to come to a ruling that ended up settling to this $2.7 million.
Can't you appeal this?
Well, I can, and I can also file bankruptcy and bring it into a federal court, and I've got a couple different remedies in that sense, but the thing is, I already have $40,000 in...
Legal expenses that will never be recovered.
My question, I guess, to Red is, you know, what do you do to educate a jury before you go into a legal situation like that?
Or is our best hope we're just supposed to educate the whole world as the proper way to be on a jury?
It's almost impossible to educate a jury where you're into a court with an admiralty or equity jurisdiction.
This is why the Seventh Amendment is so vital that we have to bring back our common law courts because in the common law court you can educate that jury right in the courtroom and explain to them their constitutionally secured right to judge the law
And the facts in the case.
If you're in a court where the jury is subject to the judge, that's your equity and your admiralty jurisdictions, they won't let you educate that jury in that courtroom.
Because that's exactly the situation is that I've got a judge that, you know,
You know, my wife tells a jury that all the oral argument that anybody wants to put on, and everything in the world can be hearsay, and you're supposed to accept that as being gospel.
There's got to be some way to be able to keep control over that activist judge so that he isn't able to take all the laws of the world and muddy them into gray to where there's just no justice for anybody.
My wife has just become drafted for jury service, and I'm trying to explain to her how she's got to go in and do this in two weeks because that's the basis of our world.
To make sure that people understand what's out there and that people, the right type of people are on juries doing the right thing.
Okay, thanks for the call.
Any comments, Mr. Chapman?
Just one short one, and that is the court system is not serving the people.
It's upside down, and don't expect to get an honest adjudication.
The judges run the courts, and they get the kind of decisions that they want.
Let's talk to Kevin in Mass.
Kevin, go ahead.
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
I'll try to keep it to about two minutes if I can.
Go ahead.
Revelation 13, verses 16-18 tell you that Satan is going to force everyone to take the mark of the beast.
Revelation 14, verses 9-12 say that anyone that takes it does not enter heaven.
We are fighting an info war, but it's a real war.
When I heard Red Beckman saying how you are having such a powerful effect and that the criminals in our government are afraid of us and how, you know, the people are waking up, I wanted to call in.
I called into NPR another time and got through.
I actually was able to get the website infowars.com out there, and the whole call is just a little over a minute.
I was wondering if I could play my exchange where they were promoting Blair with Dick Gordon.
This was off the website for their archive.
Hold on one second.
423-8255, that's our number.
Next to Medford, Massachusetts, Cliff Swithers.
Hi, Cliff.
Thank you for taking my call.
I think Bush is receiving Blair because Blair and Bush, Bush is only a real reliable foreign ally in the war.
They have a symbiotic relationship where they prop each other up.
They've always shared a uniquely close relationship.
I mean, George Bush is the 18th
Great-grandson of Robert II of Scotland.
They literally have some blood relatives if you go back far enough.
I also think that... And are you saying that that's a good thing for the countries then?
Regardless of what today's political demands draw them together, is it a good thing for America and Britain and by extension Europe that they do have this need for each other?
Well, I don't know whether it's good or bad.
I think it is, you know, why they both receive each other that, you know, America separated from England back in the Revolutionary War, but with World War I, World War II, they've continued right up through today to move closer.
Blair had Dr. Kelly suicided for Bush's weapons of mass destruction excuse for war, and they both serve the same oligarchy of New World bankers.
If you go to Infowars.com, you can see that they go to Bohemian Grove, and these Christians worship Moloch and Baal.
That's awesome!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Hi, Alan.
Welcome to the program.
Thank you, Marvin.
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Yes, the same multinational U.S.
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Before we go back to calls...
And just cover some of the topical news of the day and get the perspectives of Red Beckman and Bob Chapman.
Red, you offer a little booklet that's excellent, Walls in Our Minds, for just a couple dollars.
It's a great little booklet.
And I suggest people get it from you.
How do they do that?
Well, we say, I do this on talk shows, anyone who will send us three $1 bills, we'll send them a copy of this book.
And my address now is Common Sense Press, just C-S-P, and it's P-O-box-6-1, Carroll's, Washington, C-A-R-R-O-L-L-S, Washington, 98609.
And if they'll send me three $1 bills, the book will come first class,
We don't make any money on it because the postage is well over a dollar.
But it'll come first class, and you'll get a list of all of our books and tapes that are available.
Yeah, it's some amazing stuff.
We've aired a lot of your videos here locally.
Give folks that address one more time, please.
Give people your address, please, again.
Yes, it's P.O.
Box 61 Carrolls, Washington.
That's C.A.R.R.
O-L-L-S, Washington, W-A-S, the initial, and the zip code is 98609.
And that's addressed to Red Buckman.
And then one more time, folks, if you want a free copy of the International Forecaster...
The network's giving them out for free thanks to Bob Chapman letting us do that.
It's 877-479-8178.
We already got Red's comment on this as a veteran.
I know that Bob Chapman is a veteran with military intelligence, army intelligence.
In the past, we weren't known for killing wounded people.
A day after they'd taken over a mosque, another group of Marines went in to relieve the others, and they just walk over with pleasure to somebody.
These guys are all bleeding to death, some already dead, and shoot the guy.
Bob, I thought they were bad because they shot our wounded people, but how is it good if our troops do that?
And number two, NBC is embedded.
Nothing is released that the Pentagon doesn't want released out of NBC or CBS or Fox or ABC.
I believe they're releasing it to enrage the Arabs.
We even have Pentagon memos on this, like P2OG, to cause the Arabs to fight more, to spread the war, so the globalists can keep the war going longer and make more hundreds of billions each year.
Your comment?
I agree with you completely, and of course, there's no justification for shooting anybody who's down and out and, you know, probably ready to die anyway.
And I've never seen that happen in warfare that I haven't been involved in, although I'm sure it does.
People get enraged in warfare, and sometimes rightly so.
But I do think that they want to spread the war further.
They were just taken aback when Iran decided that they were not going to develop anything in the nuclear area and so they don't have a ready excuse to invade Iran.
So what you're saying is logical and I know they want to extend the war and I also know, like you do, that they also want to implement a draft
For two reasons.
So they'll have enough troops to do all the invading they want, and also to control the young people of the country.
And on top of that, when we look at what happened there, yes, in war, prisoners get shot sometimes, but people get in trouble for it.
You know, we're supposedly the good guys.
But the point here is, the story is the defense of this guy and Marine Corps officers.
You know, saying these aren't human beings, they deserve to die, so what?
And the public defending it.
That's the change.
Well, it's disgusting.
It was no accident that there was a camera there to catch that.
Well, NBC admittedly, the Pentagon, let them release this.
And so it's PR, it's public relations...
And, you know, we might not understand all their motivation and all that, but I can assure you it was not good Americanism that caused it.
Let's take a call.
Let's go ahead and talk to... I want to tell Kevin and Mass, good job on that National NPR show.
That was great.
Let's talk to Fred in Pennsylvania.
No, no, Fred's calling from... Fred, where are you calling us from?
Philadelphia, go ahead.
Okay, I mean, I could go with so many things, geopolitical or law enforcement, but let me go with this law enforcement and focus on search warrants.
I came across something, I'm not absolutely sure, but I came across something around 1990 in just a personal experience in my own life.
Where there are on a local basis like cities, big cities or counties, local law enforcement has access to search warrant mills.
These search warrants, and I would estimate that it's been
From like the early to mid-80s.
Yeah, the Fourth Amendment says you've got to have a witness, the particular thing you're looking for, what you're alleging, and now it's just rubber stamps where judges just sit there signing hundreds of forms a day.
Oh yeah, that's public.
Red Buckman comments?
Well, this is a serious, serious problem, and the American people had better wake up.
And pay attention because no one is safe.
You know, no one is immune.
And this is, I mean, you know, we had a case in Montana where the law enforcement people, they went and planted drugs in a place after they had the search warrant.
And this is just one of their tricks.
And boy, they can get anybody they really want to get, it seems.
And that's what they're doing.
That's how they're doing it.
Well, I also wanted to mention that you had in Montana, when I was listening to the Gordon Liddy Show, I guess about 12 years ago, you had a woman call up named Jessica.
And they had raided a preparedness group in Montana.
With a piece of paper, but it didn't have a judge's signature at the bottom.
Yeah, they do that all the time.
But thanks for the call.
Speaking of spying on you, 400,000 truck drivers, table men and women, phone people, the gas meter reader, carpet cleaners.
The cops aren't supposed to come in without a warrant, but then their warrants are flimsy.
We're good to go.
I think it's all part and parcel of the extension of the Patriot Act and I think it's just going to get considerably worse and we're going to become prisoners in our own country.
Thanks for the call, Fred.
We're going to go to Ed and Bob, and maybe one more caller here in a second, but I've got a couple different articles I want to get your take on here, gentlemen.
Ohio recount all but certain third-party candidates raise enough cash to demand another tally of the state's votes.
World and Daily, the Green Party and the Libertarian Party, are doing this.
But the problem is, the same guy, Mr. Blackwell...
Their Secretary of State, who wouldn't count 400,000 provisional ballots that were obviously for Kerry, they admit, well, Bush only won by 130,000 votes, but we can't get a real recount because the same people are over the recount.
Well, I don't think that they have any intention of doing anything, and no matter how much money you collect to make the demand for a recount, you're not going to get it.
They do what they want to do.
Yeah, well, I had mentioned earlier, when I ran for governor in Montana in 1988, that we had all of the vote fraud, and it was so well documented, and so, I mean, the evidence was so solid.
But the Secretary of State, of course, when this was presented to him, he said, oh, we've got to do something.
We can't have this.
But nothing was done.
Okay, in the last two weeks, a woman selling knock-off Rubik's Cubes that they admit were legal was visited by two Homeland Security officers at her tiny business in St.
Helens, Oregon.
They told her, with no judge's order, no nothing, take it off the shelf or you'll be arrested under terrorism.
That was in the Associated Press, but we interviewed her.
Then a doctor, a veteran of Gulf War I, called and complained too much.
The Quad City Times reported that the Homeland Security officer admitted that he didn't threaten anybody, but calling too much was an act of terrorism.
And so we have these examples.
Well, here's a new one.
citizenship, no bar to terror screening.
Five government anti-terrorism agents arrived at the door of Nancy Swift's modest home in the northern Virginia suburb last August.
Where Swift lives and rents out some rooms.
They threatened her with a subpoena.
They disrupted and dispatched agents to her office to ask about her.
They took away her garbage and trucks with their cars and they questioned one of her housemates.
Turns out that Swift had a Middle Eastern man living there with no terror connections.
He had Middle Eastern friends over for a holiday weekend.
The neighbor who complained on Herb and who turned Swift into the county government also has complained in the past on code violations of her grass being too tall.
So this is the new mentality.
Well, that's why I'm receiving about 300 requests a month
By people who are looking for alternative destinations in which to live.
But you can't run because it's a New World Order.
Red Buckman comments?
Where can you go?
Where can you go that the New World Order isn't there?
Well, I think that you're both right, but the point is that people, it's just a reflection of people's anxiety.
They don't know what to do.
They think that perhaps moving somewhere else will help.
Well, you're right, Bob.
Record numbers of people wanting to immigrate to Canada, New Zealand, Australia, but they're jumping out of a frying pan into the furnace.
I think in that case, you're right.
I've had good friends that have left the country and have settled elsewhere.
It takes a little while for them, but eventually they find out that they have jumped from the frying pan into the fire.
But it takes a little time because their first impression is that they are free.
Right now, I'd say that people are more free in Russia than they are in the United States.
Some good news.
Fifty conservative groups and liberal groups have gotten together, decrying this new national ID card that we already have at the state level, as well as Patriot Act II.
Major pressure on this bill that could leave the Congress as early as next week and go to the President's desk.
Any comments on that, gentlemen?
Well, I believe that they'll do everything they can to pass it, and they own most of Congress because they buy them off.
And that's why we see bill after bill getting passed that most of us disagree with.
And they will continue to do it.
And I hope they're successful, this group of conservatives and liberals who have gotten together and stopping it.
But these people are bound and determined to make it happen if it has to be by edict.
Here's another question I have for both of you.
Alberto, I love torture.
Gonzalez is the guy that wrote the memos to the Pentagon saying, don't worry, go ahead and torture people.
We are above the law, international and federal.
The president's under Congress, folks.
This is the guy who openly said the president makes the law.
He is the law.
He's also the architect of the enemy combatant designation, saying they can secretly arrest American citizens.
Well, this does not surprise me at all.
And, of course, it's going to be interesting when the Senate...
Takes up his confirmation whether he's going to be confirmed as the new Attorney General.
I think they probably will because of the name, his Hispanic name.
They're going to be perhaps afraid to be in too much opposition because they might be called a racist or something.
But the man is probably far more dangerous than the one that just resigned.
Well, this is the guy that was the brand.
I wrote an article for this week's International Forecast, a forecast that we publish weekly by internet.
And I went over some of the things that you said, Alex, and some others.
And one of the things, too, that this man is very, very positive or behind, and that is illegal immigration and the citizenship for the 15 million illegals that are in our country.
I know.
And plus, he doesn't want to tell parents when your 12-year-old's having an abortion he's for gun control.
And conservatives are just, oh, we love him.
It's just like they love Arnold.
Well, these people aren't conservatives, believe me.
I know.
Must-wear student IDs.
We're good to go.
Crime is low, traffic is slow, and the locals like to point visitors to the town's namesake, a blanket of tulip polar trees hugging the bluff of the Black River.
But 1,300 students cram the hallways of the bluff's only public school, and Superintendent Randy Winston is the first to admit that it is nearly impossible to know anybody by face, let alone by name.
Then it goes on.
And yet, when he announced in late October that all students and staff must wear ID badges while on school grounds, a few parents and then a slew of students put up quite a fuss.
Some called it Orwellian, citing Big Brother and his omnipresent eye.
Others declared it a nuisance, saying only visitors should have to wear badges.
One father even pulled his two daughters out of the school in protest.
And it says, across the country, IDs are becoming the norm, but it talks about how there's this big fight, and they may have to pull them.
Hey, good for that school.
Comments about that school?
Well, I agree.
Go ahead, Red.
I just hope that they stick to their guns, and there's going to be some pressure on them.
They're going to have pressure put on them because of their stand, and I just hope and pray that they stand firm
And, you know, don't give in.
But here's the excuse.
Many residents feel immune to everything from street crime to terror attacks.
Perhaps the community is merely going through growing pains.
Oh, we're growing.
Observers note, it's a struggle that we have to come to terms with with the new normal.
But another method of controlling people, this control, control, control.
We started the Soviet Union and the National Socialist Germany in the 1930s and we're seeing it again here.
Our government is a National Socialist government and there's just no two ways about it.
We're censoring as much, our government is censoring as much as they can.
All right, we're going to come back and hit one or two final callers with our guests, Red Beckman and, of course, Bob Chapman.
I hope that all of you who are listening will realize that everything we've been talking about is documented.
This country is being dismantled before our very eyes.
Speaking of the national draft, former GIs ordered to war are saying they're not going to go.
People who've served 20 years are being ordered back.
That's a draft.
By any other name, it's still a draft.
We'll be right back.
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Folks, remember the engineer for the big company that certified the steel for the World Trade Center?
Saying it's impossible that they've done their test, that steel doesn't melt at those temperatures?
We've been trying to get a hold of him at his work, and now we're getting conflicting reports from his work that he's been let go.
So we'll see if that's, in truth, accurate.
That's what callers are saying.
We don't know that.
We'll have that for you tonight or tomorrow.
I mean, obviously tomorrow.
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Quickly, Ed in Utah, Ben Holding, you're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
In fact, you are having a lot of impact on the national news media because I heard them bad-mouthing you on some national shows, which means it's a good thing.
Oh, who's been bad-mouthing me lately?
There was a guy out in... I heard him on the Internet.
He's got a big show in St.
Oh, I forget his name there.
It's on KMOX, that batch of folks.
Grayson is his name.
And I heard him bad-mouthing you, I think it was about a week ago.
Oh, good.
What else was on your mind?
Well, okay, Red, you are right about Russia.
In fact, it was reported in the American Free Press newspaper, the real reason they threw David Duke in jail.
And he is over in Russia after the release in the English language of his book, Jewish Supremacism.
And that's why I called you today, Alex.
The fact is that Colonel Don DeGrand Prix has also... Donald, was he talking about 9-11 being a coup?
But he has talked about the brewing counter-coup.
And I think we're seeing signs of that with this CIA supposed shake-up.
What it is is Porter Goss trying to run out some patriots there.
And the fact is that the Israeli Mossad... I don't know if you know this, Alex...
But New Zealand's president, Helen Clark, last September cut off diplomatic relations with Israel.
No, I know.
They call it infiltrators.
I've got to let you go.
Let me just say this.
Everybody knows, I don't think the New World Order is a Jewish conspiracy.
Are there Jews involved?
Is there Jewish organized crime?
Is there German organized crime?
But clearly, Israel's spying and blackmailing, and so are the British, and this is what our government does, and it's out of control, and it's bad.
Look, I don't agree with David Duke, but I agree that he shouldn't be arrested for his political views, like Ernst Zundel, a political prisoner for his views.
Because if they can arrest them, they can arrest us for our views about anything, like they arrested that guy for having a shirt that said, Peace on Earth against the war.
Final comments on this from Red Beckman and Bob Chapman.
You know, no one has really done a real thorough and a complete job of identifying or defining terrorism.
Terrorism is practiced more by governments.
Governments are the worst terrorists in all of history.
Always have been and always will be the worst terrorists.
What we are, are anti-terrorists.
We're anti-terrorism.
I don't like government terrorism.
And I think we need to really harp on this fact that
Governments are the ones that practice terrorism.
The IRS has been a... They are psychoterrorists.
I hear you.
Red Beckman, I want to thank you for joining us today.
God bless you, my friend.
We'll have you back up again soon.
Bob Chapman, thank you for coming on.
Final comments?
I agree with Red, and I just think that people have to become aware that the people in Washington are trying to put us into a police state, and they're doing a good job of it, and we better stop them fast.
Sorry to Bob and Rick and everybody else we didn't have a chance to get to.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight central on your shortwave at 3210 during the day at 9.985 or InfoWars.com or your local AM or FM.
Now get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless.
Hello, folks.