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Air Date: Nov. 12, 2004
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Yes, my friends, it is the Friday edition, the 12th day of November 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We'll have wide open phones today at 1-800-259-9231 for any news item or issue you'd like to discuss, any question, any comment.
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We've got professor, pastor, author, lecturer,
Retired Air Force officer Tex Mars joining us in the second hour to talk about that article in USA Today last week about the Air Force, the Pentagon, spending millions of dollars on psychics, on remote viewing, or mental teleportation is the new term.
We'll talk about the occult connections of this and also get Tex's take on the whole election and
Alberto I Love Torture Gonzalez or Alberto Joseph Mingala Gonzalez.
Plus some more on the battle for Fallujah that's now made the entire country explode into flames, basically.
But here's some of the news.
Gonzalez nomination angers abortion foes.
This is CNN.
But Chuckie Schumer has lined up on the side of Gonzalez, who is also anti-gun.
Pro-abortion, anti-gun, pro-open border, and believes torture is good of American citizens.
Man, of course Chuckie Schumer loves him.
Dianne Feinstein's lining up for him.
Lord Bush, of course, worships him.
Gonzalez nomination angers abortion foes and anti-abortion group.
Thursday accused President Bush of ignoring his anti-abortion principles in nominating White House Counsel Alberto Gonzalez for the post of Attorney General.
Yeah, you thought Reno was bad, too, abortion clinic protesters.
Well, just wait till Lord Alberto has his way.
As a Texas Supreme Court Justice, Gonzales, or I would add Alberto, I love torture, Gonzales, rulings implied he does not view abortion as a heinous crime, said Judy Brown, president of the American Life League, in the written statement.
Yeah, he's against parental notification.
I mean, even if you're for abortion, which I'm not, but even if you're for it, your 12-year-old daughter should have to tell you, I mean, they have to give you a permission slip to go to the zoo or a permission slip to go to the roller rink or to the movies in a school field trip.
Then there's these arguments of, well, one of it's an abusive stepfather.
Well, go to the police then.
Nobody's going to stop you from that.
It's ridiculous.
So there he is.
He believes in the enemy combatant designation for U.S.
citizens, secret arrest, secret deportation, secret torture, secret execution.
He is the architect.
He believes that torture is good.
And that the president is above the law.
I just cannot get over this.
But don't worry, they've got all the hardcore Democrats for him.
Of course they're for him.
This guy makes Bill Clinton look conservative.
And then, of course, there's the spin of, well, he's Hispanic, so it's got to be okay.
Look, I don't care if Bush's whole cabinet was Hispanic, if they were pro-America, pro-Constitution, pro-bill rights.
I don't like Colin Powell.
I don't like Ridge.
I don't like any of them.
Black, white, Hispanic...
I do not care, and don't let the media use that diversion on you.
Gonzalez, of course, was an Enron cover-up artist and oil lawyer.
I mean, it just... Folks, this guy's dirty activities are legion.
Oh, boy.
So I got a slate article here from MSN about him and Enron.
I got an article here out of CNN about his pro-abortion stuff.
Only the tip of the iceberg.
It's all coming up.
Meanwhile, Bush is formalizing his total amnesty plan for the borders.
And the neocons are out making excuses for him on talk radio.
Bush has control of everything, and so the age of big government and liberal tyranny shall now commence.
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Big Brother Mainstream Media
We've got Glenn Spencer of American Patrol to come on to talk about Bush's traitorous activities with the
Pan-American Union, the Free Trade Area, the Americas, this new amnesty plan, Professor Tex Myers as well, talk about the occult in the military, and this latest Air Force announcement about psychic teleportation, that was in USA Today last week, that is extremely occult.
All that and a lot more coming up.
We're about to go to Paul and Ed and...
Fred and Gina and Jeffrey and everybody else that's patiently holding.
I'm going to move quickly through your calls.
But right now, let me plunge into some of the news.
Again, people are now learning that Gonzalez is actually a gun grabber.
Alberto, I love torture, Gonzalez is not just the architect of the enemy combatant designation for U.S.
citizens, secret arrest, secret torture, secret execution.
He's also the architect of saying Bush is above the law, federal and international law, as well as state law.
He is also, again, does not want you to have parental notification as young as 12 when your daughter goes and has an abortion.
This guy was an Enron lawyer, mastermind in some of the oil company scams.
It's all out there, it's all public, but lining up against real conservatives are Chuckie Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, and George Bush.
That's right.
Feinstein, Schumer, others out pushing Gonzalez right now, hoping the people don't learn what type of monster we're dealing with.
This guy's even worse than Ashcroft.
He doesn't even claim to be a Christian conservative like Ashcroft did.
Maybe he's better in a way because conservatives might wake up to this.
But again, Bush has a giant majority in the House, a healthy majority in the Senate.
Gigantic majority in the states, governorships and legislatures.
He has the executive.
And the age of big government, open borders, abortion, gun control is now beginning.
And let the neocon celebration begin.
So we'll be getting into that.
Also, out of the Christian Science Monitor, you know, not some Muslim propaganda site, they're reporting that things are not going well for our troops all over Iraq.
Our troops, Iraqi troops, that is, that work for the globalists, are being killed en masse.
Masses of civilians are being killed.
And NBC News was reporting a day ago, 200 U.S.
casualties at least.
BBC got reporters into Fallujah.
They said there's burning tanks, burning Humvees, dead U.S.
soldiers all over the place.
You don't hear that on our news, though.
I mean, in the past, if we had troops down and dying, we'd send in people to rescue them.
Well, I guess not now.
In fact, the BBC saw rotting U.S.
Dropped my pages here.
I'm grabbing them.
Excuse me.
Fell off the desk.
Ah, now I have them.
Excuse me.
So this is the type of stuff we're dealing with.
In fact, here is one of the BBC articles.
Defiance amid carnage as U.S.
forces battle insurgents in streets strewn with rubble and corpses.
The BBC News website spoke by phone.
The BBC reporter, an Iraqi journalist and resident of Fallujah, who reports regularly for Reuters, BBC World Service, and Arabic.
I went for a walk around the city last night after the Americans pulled back.
It was very quiet, often the only sounds coming from the movement of fighters along streets and rooftops.
In places it was also very dark, with only the occasional rocket or flare lighting the way.
Wherever I went, I found broken buildings and bodies, local people and fighters killed on the streets, clutching weapons.
I also saw four crippled U.S.
tanks and three abandoned Humvees.
In the Hajbala, Hajbila area, I counted the bodies of at least six U.S.
soldiers lying dead on the ground.
Some of them were...
Badly mangled with various bits blown off.
Others were in better condition as they had taken small arms fire.
I noticed two of the U.S.
soldiers were still clutching their guns tightly across their chest, but most of their weapons were missing.
Some of the dead are beginning to rot in the streets, but the living do not exactly smell greater either.
I have not had a bath for a week, nor have I shaved.
There is no real rest here day or night.
You know, our government only assaulted the city of 300,000 people with 15,000 troops.
Can you imagine?
I mean, maybe SWAT team people can call in.
Can you imagine SWAT team having 50 missions a day?
I mean, I've talked to SWAT team people.
Just doing one or two a day for a week straight is exhausting.
Hicking down doors.
People may have guns on the other side.
The stress.
Imagine running around in 100 and something degree heat
In the middle of the night, busting and building after building after building after building with 50 pounds of gear on your back.
In Vietnam, they'd only send our troops on maybe one mission a week where they were going into heavy fire because it burns them out, it causes exhaustion, it breaks down your military.
But you've got this slash and burn looting of our troops, looting of Iraq, just looting of everything.
All right, I'm going to get more into this later.
There is so much here to cover.
Right now, let's go to Paul in Ohio.
Paul, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
How are you today?
Good, sir.
That's great.
Alex, you know, there's been talk in the past about these dirty bombs, you know, with all the terrorist activity and the threats that are being put on us.
Did you know that you can buy radioactive material through the mail on eBay.com?
Well, I mean, what is it, x-ray parts or something?
No, these are minerals like uranium, uranophane, and autonite.
The U.S.
Mail... Yeah, but the amount of uranium that's in those rocks, it'd take a ton of it to make a bomb.
Hey, all you have to do for a dirty bomb is get this material and put it around an M-100 firecracker, and you've got a dirty bomb.
This stuff, the mail, this is the point I'm trying to make.
The United States Postal Service has regulations...
Well, I know they mail x-ray parts and x-ray cores around the country that are...
Yeah, this is crazy.
It's just one thing.
We have all these open borders, open harbors and ports, and our mail system.
And they're worried about old ladies with nail clippers at airports.
Well, it's more than that.
They're now arresting six-year-olds and tasering them if they argue.
If a girl does cartwheels in the playground, they kick her out of school saying it's a violent sport.
Dodgeball's been banned in most states as hateful.
Children are arrested if they play tag.
It's considered aggressive.
I've got articles mainstream today in front of me.
Exactly, exactly.
We're being trained how to be gibbering mindless slaves who are arrested for anything.
Yeah, and here's a good question for you on the subject you were just talking about.
All of our guys getting killed over there in Iraq, you know, we spend billions of dollars on these tactical nukes.
Why don't we use them?
Why are they on the shelves collecting dust?
When our guys are over there getting killed left and right, we use all these small conventional weapons, like you said, 15,000 troops to 300,000.
Why don't we use some of these tactical nukes and show them what we've really got?
Paul, you've got to be joking.
Well, Paul, I mean, look, if there's a hundred guys in your town that are killing people, you don't then nuke the town.
I mean, one of these so-called, even the smallest tactical nuke, even if it's a bunker buster, blows up a city block, you don't just go in and slaughter the entire population.
I thought we're there to liberate these people.
Well, yeah, we're there to liberate the people, but what kind of people are in Fallujah?
You know, these roadside bombs...
They detonate these things.
Those streets are clear of anybody.
Paul, I've got to move on.
Thanks for the call.
Look, our government put Saddam in.
Our government told him to invade Iran.
Our government told him to go ahead and invade Kuwait.
Our government put 12 years of sanctions on him that killed a million and a half people.
When we first got there, most of them were for this takeover.
They believed the propaganda.
And then when they started getting arrested and tortured and everything else, resistance is mounted, and our own special forces officers have gone public and said, we're going to lose this.
It's not meant to be won.
It's just like Vietnam.
And so just because I point out that our troops are going into a situation that is untenable doesn't mean that I'm for this whole Tony Warpole.
We could have a longer debate about it.
If you want to call me back in the third hour when I don't have guests coming up, you're welcome to do it, Paul.
I mean, we could have a debate about this, and I appreciate your point of view.
I mean, I...
I support the troops on an individual basis.
I do not support this phony war.
You talk about the troops being under attack.
Our government's having them use DU to put uranium that's going to hurt them a lot more in the long run than any Arab fighters.
Ed in Pennsylvania.
Ed, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi there, Alex.
I think Paul should ask himself what's he going to do when they're kicking his door down.
Anyway, I just called in to put a plug in
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I bought some in 1992 and I bought another batch for my kid and their family.
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It was some other reason.
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And, again, you just called in.
This isn't staged.
I hope people will call Ready Reserve Foods.
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No, I bought this long before they were on your program.
That's what I'm saying.
No, I know.
You're just calling in.
I appreciate your plug.
And thanks for supporting your local fire department.
You're welcome.
I appreciate your call.
Anything else?
Yeah, I was going to mention somebody should tape the news conference with Bush and Blair.
It's almost laughable.
Thanks for the call.
All right.
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Welcome back.
Trying to go to your calls quickly because we've got a guest coming up.
Glenn Spencer to talk about, well, Bush's new amnesty plan that's not new at all.
It's the plan to destroy this country's sovereignty.
You heard the caller mention Ready Reserve Foods.
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1-800-453-2202 or ReadyReservedFoods.com Let's go ahead and go to Fred in Pennsylvania.
Fred, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I'm learning so much from your show.
I mean, I can't even bring up all the things that are supporting what you're saying and
Everything is really supporting what you're saying.
I think that it takes a while to get into learning what you've learned, but once a person does, you can really interpret the news the proper way.
I want to bring up first of all basically this principle that when examples confuse, when we hear the news and examples confuse us, we have to go with sound principles.
From really the beginning I realized the so-called war on terror was an absurdity because you cannot have a war on an emotion.
I am not afraid.
I know you're not afraid.
I'm aware.
You're aware of what's going on and you cannot have...
A war on an emotion, I think.
Well, we've had a war on drugs, and there's triple the heroin, double the cocaine, and from one million in prison to over seven million in the system.
We've had a war on illiteracy, and the illiteracy's gotten worse.
A war on poverty, more poverty.
The government gets more funding, more power, more control out of the problems.
That's why when you track it back, they're always the main source of...
Of it.
So the war on terror is this new hundred-year war that can never be defeated, this shadowy enemy, and then they superimpose.
Crime is terror, and so now Homeland Security has to strip your rights for any crime, any misdemeanor.
Now civil matters, like selling a knockoff of a Rubik's Cube.
Okay, now I want to report this.
Did you hear about the more than 700 people arrested November 4th and 5th?
It was reported then.
To, quote, avert a terrorist attack aimed at disrupting the election, which was obviously not a real plan or conspiracy.
I heard about the government arresting hundreds of people, not 400.
No, more than 700, on immigration violations.
But then in the end of the AP article it says, as with past threats, officials said they don't know
For sure, whether any of those arrests were all an attack.
Now, come on.
I mean, this sounds like a bunch of BS to me.
Hey, I'll hear you, and I appreciate the call.
Well, I just want to mention another thing.
Patricia, yesterday, there is, under the Defense Intelligence Agency, there's a U.S.
Army Medical Intelligence Office that handles all of the...
Secret research, the top secret research into things like psychotronic warfare.
And we've had in the Cold War, I guess it's continued for a long time, this harnessing of the professions.
We'll just boil it down for those that just joined us.
There is admitted mind control being tested and developed by the government.
Thanks for the call.
I've got to be fair here and go to more of the callers, as I said I would do.
Let's go to Jenna in California.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I wanted to bring up the six-year-old that got tasered for trying to hurt himself, something like that.
I believe it was Miami on CNN.
I can't believe it.
What is the world coming to?
Is that the police's reaction to just go and taser someone, a six-year-old?
Is he really that much of a threat that they couldn't resolve the situation?
By just, like, rushing him and, you know, taking the glass from his hand?
Yeah, the child was throwing a fit at the school, had a glass in his hand, and they said that the child could have used it as a weapon or hurt themselves, so they hit the child with 50,000 volts.
Yeah, I couldn't believe it.
I saw it on CNN, and I'm just... What I'm thinking is, if they'll do this to, like, a six-year-old, and they'll do this to, like, someone pushing 80...
Imagine what they'll do to me or some other average citizen.
Well, that means 70 people have died in the last two years, admittedly.
Taser International admits 70 dead.
It's probably higher than that.
And then they killed this poor woman with a rubber bullet up in Boston.
And there's rubber bullet deaths every couple weeks that I see around the country.
And so, again, they're training us that we're going to use things on you that kill you.
And in many cases, and you're just going to accept it and it's okay.
And then they'll turn the power levels up on the tasers, on the rubber bullets, and slowly escalate until about half the time it kills you.
And, well, that's just the way it is.
So it's all part of this conditioning process.
But what about the girl at the playground who did the cartwheels, who's a gymnast, and they just said, that's it, you're suspended.
That's a violent sport.
And tag has been banned.
Dodgeball has been banned.
Training you how to be prisoners.
How to just sit there and take your Prozac.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, more of your calls coming up here in a few minutes.
A ton of news.
We're going to be talking to Glenn Spencer here in just a second.
And then from WOAI television and radio out of San Antonio, two out of three foster children in Texas on psychotropic medication.
And right here, as I told you,
It says that if a toddler who's been taken from their family cries and throws a fit one time, they are not just put on Prozac-type drugs, they are put on antipsychotics that put them in zombie states that cause admitted brain damage in adults.
Now, Florida's the worst about this.
They have thousands of toddlers at any one time
If they cry at all, that's considered mental illness.
If they throw fits, which every toddler does.
This is even in the article, by the way.
They are locked up.
They, in many cases, are chained down.
They develop bed sores.
They better hope there's no flies in the facility or they'll end up like a lot of the veterans at the VA.
And it is hell upon earth.
It is the equivalent of a nightmare horror movie.
Imagine a horror movie where they've got thousands of children chained down on drugs.
Well, that's America, and it's only going to get worse under new freedoms.
So that's coming up.
Also, students suspended for handstands, cartwheels.
That's out of Reuters.
Police taser, six-year-old.
Miami Herald.
Privacy experts shun black boxes.
Now federal law, all cars will have boxes tracked and traced by the feds.
That out of Fox News.
A $185 fine for a woman who was eating a sunflower seed.
You know, that's biodegradable.
She dropped it on the ground.
That's the type of stuff I got here today, okay?
We're about to go to Glenn Spencer.
I just briefly want to remind you that we have prisonplanet.tv where all my best radio interviews are posted, where all 11 of my documentary films are posted in high bandwidth and low bandwidth, depending on your connection.
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Okay, let's go to Glenn Spencer of AmericanPatrol.com, the preeminent frontline group exposing the orchestrated destruction of America, the free trade area of the Americas, the open La Reconquista that's going on.
Bush has re-announced what he was announcing two weeks before 9-11 with Vicente Fox.
Total blanket, massive, end of America, end of the border situation.
But Americans will have to have national ID cards, but not the now legalized illegal aliens.
Glenn, good to have you on with us.
Thank you, Alex.
For those that just joined us, tell us a little bit about your organization and what you've been warning us about.
You've been right on target.
I mean, 100%, folks, this man is almost a prophet, but he's really not.
He's just got the facts, so it seems like that.
He's there on the front lines in Arizona fighting this.
Glenn, tell us what's happening.
Tell us about Bush's announcement.
As you know, Alex, I've been at this problem of illegal immigration for 13 years, full time.
And in the last, about two and a half years ago, I moved to Arizona.
Having given up on any hope of saving California, it was going to fall at its own accord.
I decided I could either retire and go fishing in Idaho or make one last stand, and that's what I'm doing down here on the border in Arizona.
And, of course, we've come down here and used high technology to send live pictures of the invasion of the United States
Out over the Internet.
We're increasing that capability.
And as a matter of fact, Alex, right now, I'm walking around an empty American Border Patrol headquarters.
The furniture is all out.
We will be out of here on Monday.
We have acquired an 18-acre little ranch right on the border.
We drilled a well two days ago and brought in a 75-gallon-a-minute well.
We're really delighted with that.
We're developing the property.
And in about two to three weeks, the American Border Patrol's headquarters will be right on the border overlooking one of the hot spots.
So I'll be living right there.
We will set up our instrumentation, our cameras.
We have a UAV runway already graded.
We're ready to fly.
We are really going to be in the teeth of this invasion.
And then you just send out the streaming video of the thousands of illegals pouring across the Border Patrol doing nothing.
Let's talk about Bush.
He says it's not an amnesty when publicly it's the biggest amnesty ever.
Tell us what this plan will do.
This plan that he has, he said he calls it a guest worker temporary worker program.
No temporary worker program in the history of the planet has ever not turned into a permanent residency citizenship program.
That's what it is.
It's an amnesty by any other name.
He has said, the Bush is pushing for this amnesty.
He just sent Powell and Ridge, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Homeland Security, down to Mexico to essentially make a deal with the Mexicans and encourage even more to come.
And let me explain what this will really mean.
They're talking 8 to 10 million Mexicans legalizing it.
But I have on my board of directors Bill King, a former chief U.S.
Border Patrol agent, but more important than that, this man actually ran the 1986 amnesty program for the INS.
He was in charge of it.
He knows the problems that will be faced.
He said, there is no way.
You're going to be able to screen 8 million people.
You cannot look at each case and evaluate it on its own merits.
You do not have the manpower, the technology, and because of all of the fraud, there is no way you can actually screen.
So this is going to be blanket.
And so everybody will be covered.
And for those that don't know, the official plan is for six years, anybody that's here, anybody that gets here is legal.
Corporations can pay to bring skilled, unskilled here to accelerate the displacing of the American people, regardless of what color you are.
And then what he said is, when they become legal, and they will, and they will become citizens, and they will speed that up, then through family reunification and chain migration, Bill King said any such program right now, granted by the President, will eventually cover half of the population of Mexico.
50 million people.
And that's part of the free trade area of America, merging the Social Security, merging the highways, law enforcement.
This is openly the end of America.
That's correct.
What the President of the United States is proposing is the dissolution of our nation.
That is what he is proposing to do.
Now let's talk about Alberto I Love Torture Gonzalez.
He's an Enron lawyer.
He's pro-abortion.
He's pro-open border, publicly, and the guy is the architect of the enemy combatant designation for citizens.
And again, I wouldn't care if Bush's whole cabinet was Hispanic if they were pro-America.
What do you know about old Alberto Gonzalez?
Well, you just about hit it all on the head right there.
What we do know, he's a confidant of Bush.
He has covered for him in the past.
When he was involved in actually going to be selected for jury duty, he argued out of it because it turns out he was afraid that they were going to find out about his drunk driving conviction.
So he has been covering.
He is a loyal Bush ally.
We know Bush is for open borders, and he will walk that line, and he will be in charge.
Here is the son of an illegal alien family who will be in charge of America's law enforcement system.
But what's the likelihood he's going to crack down on illegal aliens?
Well, there won't be any cracking down.
Anybody who can get here will be legal under this plan.
And who will he be bringing in to law enforcement?
Will he be resistant to bringing in Hispanics?
I don't think so.
I don't think so.
In fact, he will encourage it.
But what you have is the President of the United States proposing on one hand
To essentially destroying the United States of America and its sovereignty, and then bringing in the head of law enforcement to make sure it happens.
And again, to explain what happens here...
What you're saying is Gonzalez will bring in more people who are for open borders.
That's correct.
When in major polls, most Hispanics are against open borders, but he won't pick those Hispanics that are against open borders.
And then we have South Texas towns for seven years flying the Mexican flag, no English allowed in court.
The feds don't go and force that as discriminatory.
Towns like El Sinicho, that was in the San Antonio Express News, in a ten-part series.
We've got all this happening.
We have got this guy, pro-abortion, pro-torture, and Bush is going to make American citizens have national ID cards, but earlier this year, and you covered it, Bush said people coming in from Latin America don't have to thumb-scan and face-scan, but citizens do.
You have to understand, one of the big issues that was before the Department of Justice was cooperation between the Department of Justice and local and state police.
And there was more of a move.
There was a move on to increase the cooperation, to certify local police by the Department of Justice as essentially extension of the INS, that they were able to make INS bust.
That, I believe, will come to a screeching halt under consult.
So we have the police being federalized to bust on our doors looking for illegal drugs, which is unconstitutional, but what is constitutional is to have the state governors and with federal funding to control the borders, but that isn't going to happen.
That isn't going to happen.
So, you know, you had Secretary Powell, and I saw this three years ago, four years ago, 2001, January 2001,
His first interview with the New York Times, Colin Powell said that we share a common history and culture with Mexico.
Can you believe that?
We have a common culture and history with Mexico?
And that's that same talk about how Mexico extends beyond its borders.
That's right, and of course the Mexican president said that.
But you have to understand the kind of thinking that is going on.
And these people are totally... It is difficult for me to understand how they could go this far.
How they could say these things and be serious about it.
Knowing full well what it will mean to the United States of America.
Well, let's boil it down.
We're always talking about Latin America because that's the majority.
What, 70% of all these illegals or more?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
They are dismantling this country, and there's 6 billion, 300 million people that want to come here, and the government is going to accelerate this under the amnesty plan, under McCain's bill.
It lets corporations pay to bring the illegals in.
Well, that's right.
And, you know, they had O'Reilly, who is a real open borders advocate now, was on last night with J.D.
Hayworth, representative from Arizona.
And he was saying, oh, well, this guest worker program will apply to Mexico and Central America.
Not so.
You can't discriminate based on national origin.
If you have a guest worker program, it's got to apply to any country, any nationality.
And essentially what George Bush is doing is talking about turning the United States of America into a day labor center.
Which has always been the U.N.
global government plan.
This is public.
That's correct.
So anybody from any place on the planet, as long as you can find an employer who will put them to work, can come in here and occupy the United States.
And I did a little feature about a week ago, and it was called Taxation Without Representation.
The cry that brought our country together is going to tear it apart.
Because if you have 20, 30, 40 million people in your midst, and they are here working permanently, and they are not allowed to vote, right?
Because they're just guest workers?
We're going to revolt.
The same way we did against England.
But that's the larger plan, just like the French separatists in Canada.
They want to break off the Southwest.
This will be U.N.
This is part of a larger plan in the future.
Oh, there's no question about it.
So what they will essentially do is open up voting in the United States to anybody who's here.
Now, Glenn...
Congressman Tom Zancreda is joining us next week, and others are saying this is dead on arrival when it comes to Congress, this bill.
But here's the problem.
Through the executive branch, Bush is dismantling the Border Patrol before our very eyes.
And so...
Alberto Gonzalez says Bush is above the law in his own memo, so it looks like Bush is by fiat just going to do it regardless of what Congress says.
You see, Alex, this is why I came to the border two and a half years ago.
Because I've been fighting this problem for years and years and years.
And I realize that the one place where we have any kind of chance is right down here.
Because the other side has so much power, so much money, and so much influence.
We're good to go.
Protecting them.
Now, what about Prop 200 there in Arizona?
Again, in major polls, 80% of Hispanics are against open borders.
They try to make it a racial issue.
It's not.
Half of Hispanics voted against the illegal aliens in your own state.
That's correct.
That's got to scare the globalists.
It sure does.
You know, you have people like McCain and Colby...
And Flake, these guys backing the guest worker program and opposed to Proposition 187.
Isn't it incredible?
Here in Arizona, a proposition that was opposed by the senators, the congressmen, the governors, all of the newspapers, the Chamber of Commerce, up and down the line, everybody was opposed to it.
Except the people.
They passed it to 56%.
Including Hispanics.
Including Hispanics.
Because they're not stupid.
They know what another 20 million illegals working for $2 an hour is going to do.
It's going to put all of us in the poorhouse, no matter how much melanin's in your skin.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
My friends, the dollar has been devalued by about 45% now.
And we have at least 30 million illegals conservatively in this country.
Mainstream media says 20 million.
Now they want another 20 million or so in the next few years.
We cannot sustain it.
Every industry is being destroyed.
The country is falling apart.
Our schools are overwhelmed.
The government gives all these illegals free health care and then citizens can't get it.
Veterans can't get it.
This is by design, I've heard them brag on NPR, that we've got too high a standard of living and this is going to show us.
Well, it's the right of Latin America to take over the U.S.
because we stole it.
Well, Mexico stole stuff from the Native Americans and so did people in the U.S.
So it doesn't belong to the corrupt country of Mexico.
Glenn Spencer started out working with Native Americans as a Native American advocate.
I mean, he understands this more than anybody.
Glenn, closing comments for folks out there that just joined us.
I mean, we've got the will of the people on our side.
I guess you've got to have state initiatives everywhere, and I guess it's instruct by law of state governors to go out and start arresting these illegals and deporting them.
That is correct, Alex.
As you know, Prop 200 was opposed by everybody and voted and supported by the majority of people, nearly a majority of Hispanics.
It wasn't quite 50%.
Okay, 49%.
It was getting close, and...
This is something that we have to understand.
This has got to come from the people.
And what we do, we are specialists.
What I do, and have devoted my time to and my life right now to, is exposing what is going on on the border.
Wednesday night, let me make one comment.
The commander, the commandant of Fort Huachuca right here, a large military base,
Announced that they were now going to begin to fly the Hunter UAVs, which is the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which we've been arguing for years.
He had a dinner over there at the base, and he said, we're going to protect our base.
Turns out, right after the dinner, they reported that MPs picked up 75 illegal aliens right on this base, secret base right here, where they train.
This is the Army's security headquarters.
So they have to understand... So at the secret security base where they do training and everything, it's overrun with illegals.
That's correct.
They could be Al-CIA to anybody.
That is correct.
And this is where they train the interrogators for Iraq.
I mean, this is a secret... This is a sensitive area.
This is where, by the way, they train Army pilots to fly, Army personnel to fly the UAV.
This is where they train them to fly.
And we've been arguing for years, put those things on the border.
And finally, this week, they started doing it.
And we're proud that we played a part in getting that done.
There's a lot more that could be done.
Well, look, I've had the president of the Border Patrol Union on, and he says it's a global government, New World Order destruction of America.
I mean, when they've got the president of the Border Patrol on this show saying it's a New World Order takeover, I mean, I think it's time for people to start listening.
That's T.J.
And what we're going to be doing, and we've been working on it, we're really refining our technology.
With the move down to the border in the next couple of weeks, we've got to raise about another $20,000 to pay for it because we've got to put in septic and all electrical.
Yeah, fire out your phone number for anybody that wants to contact you.
We really need some support right now to finish what we're calling Camp Allen T. Nelson, naming it after a former INS commissioner.
Camp Allen T. Nelson, if you want to help us out,
To get our camp located on the border.
We've got the land.
We just need to develop it.
We've got about 30 seconds.
What's the number?
1-800-600-VOICE, 1-800-600-8642, or you can go on AmericanBorderPatrol.com and PayPal.
You can help us out to finish Camp Allen.
All right, Glenn Spencer, thanks for the update.
And we've got Bush, Al Clinton, and Clinton.
I'm sure we're all proud.
All right, thank you.
Take care, my friend.
All right, we'll come back, get a few calls, then go to text Mars.
There's so much news coming up, you do not want to miss the next few hours.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I know we've got loaded phones.
Jeffrey, Ken, Ed, John, Russell, many others.
We'll go to your calls early in this first hour with our guest.
Professor Tex Mars, Air Force Officer Tex Mars, Pastor Tex Mars, author Tex Mars, good friend of mine Tex Mars.
He's here to talk about a whole host of issues, so whatever issue you want to talk about, I'm sure you can comment on it.
But I wanted to get him on specifically to talk about this article that came out in USA Today on November 5th, last week, or what, seven days ago.
Air Force report calls for 7.5 million to study psychic teleportation.
That's another fancy-dandy term for remote viewing, which they've spent hundreds of millions on.
And the Air Force is quoted in this Federation of American Scientists report saying it's real, we can teleport, send out our spirits, fly around wherever we want, go into North Korean weapons labs.
Well, I believe this is a cult.
And you have the government not saying they think it works, saying they're doing it.
And we know the Russians were into this, a lot of others.
And so we'll talk about this as well with Tex Mars.
Plus Alberto, I love torture.
Gonzalez, who's pro-abortion, says he is for open borders.
He's a gun control advocate, an Enron lawyer for Bush.
And he says Bush is above the law.
We'll talk about that.
Plus, two out of three children in foster care on psychotropics will get Texas' take on that.
Tex Mars, good to have you on, sir.
It's always great to be with you.
Hey, Alex.
And such fascinating topics for today.
We're going to have a good time exposing some evildoers.
Well, it sounds like we are.
And I know I'm going to be taping for your radio program later today, so we're both...
Well, you know...
Poor Christians.
How sincere, how much Christians across America, and I don't mean fundamentalist Jerry Falwell types, although I'm not knocking anybody, I'm saying how deceived they were.
And now we have Gonzales, and here we have Bush saying, when the White House is asked about his promise to Christians,
In those seeking moral values about not appointing abortion monsters to the Supreme Court, he says, I don't have a litmus test.
Now, that is just nothing but elitist coded message, meaning I'll put on the Supreme Court an abortionist if I want to.
But this stuff about I don't have a litmus test, you know, you're either for partial birth and regular abortion or you're not.
We're good to go.
Who opposed Spector had a very good chance of winning.
He's very conservative, very pro-American, very Christian-oriented.
Bush actually personally spent two weeks in the state of Pennsylvania trying to get the old JFK fascination cover-up buddy of his, Orlin Spector, re-elected.
Spector, who helped cover up Waco, the Ruby Ridge Massacre,
This guy is nothing but a CIA clone.
And then last week he came out and said, I'm going to block anybody who's against abortion to any federal court.
And Bush said, that's right.
Yeah, Bush, of course, you wait and see.
I'll be shocked.
Now, there's a lot of controversy over this, as you know, Alex.
And, I mean, the emails and the letters and phone calls are pouring in to the Senate trying to make sure that the Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist keeps Arlen Specter off of that Senate Judiciary Committee.
Listen, it's not only abortion.
We're in trouble.
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All right, my friends, your calls are coming up.
We're talking to Professor Tex Mars, also a retired Air Force officer, a pastor, best-selling author, and he's got several websites we'll be telling you about, and a toll-free number later to get a free color.
Monthly newsletter that is just beautiful and chopped full of valuable info you'll not find out anywhere else every month.
And of course, again, your calls are coming up.
Tex, we're going to be talking about remote viewing.
Air Force report calls for 7.5 million to study psychic teleportation.
USA Today and the occult ramifications of this, but we got off first because I brought it up.
To Alberto I Love Torture Gonzalez, who is pro-abortion.
He was against, unless Texas Supreme Court, the Bush, appointed him to.
Before that, he was an oil lawyer involved with Enron.
Against 12-year-old girls having to tell their parents they're going to have an abortion.
And he's from open borders, gun-controlled.
He says Bush, in a memo, is above the law on torture.
He came up with the enemy combatant designation.
All of this, but then you rightfully brought up Arlen Specter who was going to lose to a real conservative in Pennsylvania and so Bush personally campaigned two weeks for Specter raised money to defeat the conservative candidate
And now Spector said, I'm going to block all pro-life people to federal benches.
And Bush said, that's just the way it is.
There's no litmus test.
Now we've got Gonzalez to be the chief law enforcement officer.
This is nightmarish.
I mean, what did conservatives expect, thinking that voting for Skull and Bones candidate one instead of Skull and Bones candidate two would change anything, Tex?
Well, you know, you're absolutely right, Alex.
It won't change anything.
And, of course, Spector is a nightmare because he does believe in the police state, the surveillance state.
And, you know, we go all the way back to the JFK study when he worked for the Warren Commission.
And he was the guy that came up with the magic bullet theory.
You see, that's all they had going for them in that Warren Commission.
And it was Spector's idea.
So they owe him a lot of favors.
Now, there's no doubt that Spectre is going to... I mean, if people were worried about privacy under, you know, John Ashcroft, we can just imagine what we're going to have under Spectre.
But I believe we'll have the complete gulag concentration camp, police state, surveillance, all Big Brother, everything under Spectre.
And perhaps this is why Bush wanted Specter so very bad for that position.
You know, let's face it.
The Falwells, the Pat Robertsons, the James Dobsons, they have nowhere to go, Alex.
They couldn't go to Kerry, and this guy is going to betray them.
You know, the Supreme Court as it is, remember George Bush Sr.
put David Fowler on.
He was put there by Ronald Reagan.
So if it were not for the Reagan-Bush appointees, we would have a conservative court.
Let's go over that.
Seven of the nine on the Supreme Court, Republican appointed.
Bush now has the biggest majority in the Senate and House in modern history for a Republican.
He has the executive, the judiciary, the legislative, 34 state governors, even more legislatures.
We're not going to see the borders controlled.
We're not going to see getting out of UNESCO that Bush signed back onto.
I think?
We have Ashcroft's replacement saying in memos we have posted that Bush is above the law.
What does it mean to you, as someone who studied government and worked in the military tax, to have someone openly saying, I mean even the Nazis didn't openly say, we're above the law, we're allowed to torture, they just did it.
What does it mean to you to have Alberto Gonzalez, this minion of Bush, openly saying this?
Well, it is going to be a nightmare, and it's going to be proven to be a nightmare.
And here again, you know, Bush has an agenda, and I'm afraid that many Hispanics listening to us, Alex, will feel great.
Isn't this wonderful?
We have an Attorney General who's Hispanic.
But, you know, for true Americans, we don't care what race it is.
We just want somebody that loves America, loves freedom, and loves the Constitution.
So that's a real problem.
And then, of course, we have this spending, as you mentioned, by the U.S.
Air Force on this report.
You know, just to study occult things.
You mentioned the cult aspect.
Is this a cult?
You know, Alex, you and I, we haven't had a lot of time to discuss this, but you'll remember that the U.S.
Army came up with its first Earth Battalion.
Now, this came out of the hippie movement and the New Age movement.
Tex, I'm sorry to have to stop you.
Can you get a little bit closer to your telephone?
Does this help at all?
Yeah, for some reason there's a big echo, but that's okay.
Go ahead.
We're sort of in a little bit of a tunnel here, I guess.
Well, let me go out to a little bit better place here.
In 1988, Alex, the National Research Council...
By the way, Tex, that is beautiful.
You sound beautiful.
Okay, good.
Right there is good.
Yeah, in fact, I've been at your office.
Go ahead.
You've let me go through your giant rooms full of files that your staff and you have filed.
You've got the actual First Earth Battalion thing, and it talks about, we are the beast, we are the four horsemen.
I'm going from memory here.
We bring death.
Is that not correct?
Oh, absolutely.
This Army Battalion...
Run by Lieutenant Colonel Jim Cannon, was very closely watched by the Pentagon.
It was experimental.
And here they had the soldiers.
They called them warrior monks.
They told them they were going to teach them to kill with the mind.
To use mind powers to kill.
They were not to pledge allegiance to the United States, but only to the planet.
They spoke of a new order.
A new order when all the world would be as one.
And they use warrior meditation.
You know, everything we see in all these silly movies, but everything, they were taught that they would be occult warriors.
Now, I actually, as you saw, there's an actual army manual on this.
Now, it's unavailable anywhere, and it's probably worth $10,000 just because it's so rare.
Yeah, and it's the size of a phone book.
That's right.
It was given out only to the members, and they were told not to share it with anybody.
Well, one of them got out of the Army, and this person was so disturbed, they brought this Army manual to me, and it is absolutely shocking.
It is beyond belief.
Now, I want to mention to people, a lot of people say, well, is this true?
I mean, look, we see all these witchcraft shows, Sabrina the Witch and Charmed and others.
Maybe such powers do exist.
Now, frankly, let me just say this.
I'm not saying occult powers don't exist, but I do know that the National Research Council, now they're connected with the National Academy of Sciences, had a study by 14 of the most distinguished scientists in America in all disciplines, and in 1991 they published their report called Enhancing Human Performance.
Now, here's what they found out.
They found out that over 130 years of research had gone on in these areas.
And they said there is not one shred of evidence that things like remote viewing, telekinesis, psychic, you know, purportation, or the ability to kill somebody at long distance with the mind, or to see something happening, let's say on a battlefield, 3,000 miles away,
Every one of these things are pure hocus pocus.
So that means that the military is going to spend this money studying things that have been proven over 130 years and have been actually ruled by the National Academy of Sciences and its National Research Council to be totally worthless.
So you have to ask why they're spending this money.
And I believe what they really want to do is to just...
To enhance the Manchurian candidate.
Yeah, that's it.
I was about to say it, Tex.
We're always on the same page here looking at the info.
This is mind control to make these people think they're superhuman.
And again, for those that just joined us, while we're talking about this, Air Force Report calls for $7.5 million to study psychic teleportation or remote viewing.
Dan Varango, USA Today, Star Trek fans may be happy to hear that the Air Force has paid to study psychic teleportation.
The Air Force Research Lab's August teleportation physics report, posted earlier this week on the Federation of Americans, signed his website, struck a raw nerve with physicists and critics of wasteful military spending.
But it goes on to say that the Air Force believes that this is real.
Basically, astral projection, Tex.
Yeah, it is astral projection.
It's mind powers.
Now, of course, they want to try to combine this with the, let's just say, the high-tech technology,
In other words, biochips.
Wouldn't you think that would be the real goal here?
And, you know, in the Air Force 2025 report, if people don't believe me, they can go to the Pentagon and ask for a copy of the Air Force 2025 report.
I have it in my little book, Descendant Attorney, with the web link, Tex.
We're all going to have our brain chips, Tex.
And they're going to start it with the military as guinea pigs.
And these guys are going to have these biochips.
And there's incredible research going on.
And there is some evidence that you can't even read a person's mind with these machines.
You know, the Air Force, even 20 years ago when I was an Air Force officer, we discussed some of the research going on so that a pilot could pilot an aircraft and he would just think with his mind and the aircraft would respond.
Now, unfortunately, there were some real disasters in that research.
Not that there were airplane crashes, but I'm talking about on the ground in the laboratories at Wright-Patterson and other places.
And they determined, you know, that the mind is a very strange instrument.
And, you know, you may be piloting an airplane, a $50 million aircraft, and suddenly you think about a Playboy bunny.
No telling what your mind will direct with a missile or an aircraft, right?
So it didn't work out too good.
Well, tell you what, Tex, we've got to break again.
Let's come back, and then we'll start going to some calls.
We'll discuss more of this and tell folks about some of your publications that expose this.
But this shows the mindset of people running things.
A bunch of superstitious occult nutcases making policy according to occult machinations.
We'll be right back.
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We're going to pick back up later after we take some calls on the occult in the culture, in the media, in the military.
And really, Hal, as Tex said, it's a form of mind control.
I was talking to Tex during the break.
I said, what do you think about Arnold?
He said, I think Arnold, you know, weighed against Hillary.
I mean, Tex hadn't been listening to the show, obviously.
He knows exactly what I've been saying.
I mean, we're on the same page here.
You look at the same info, do the same analysis, off the facts, you come up with the same answers.
With people you haven't talked to in a month.
Let's go to some calls, Tex, and we'll get into Arnold and...
We'll get into the occult and the military and everything.
Jeffrey in New Orleans, thanks for holding.
Go ahead, Jeffrey.
Let me begin by pointing out a question that occurred in President Bush's press conference this morning.
All right.
Quote, what if the Palestinians elected a dictator?
End of quote.
Bush's response in summary was that this is a contradiction in terms that if the people do elect a strongman and he doesn't listen to the people, that they can throw him out of power.
I've got bad news for you, George Bush.
Athens, Rome, Florence, Venice, and even the United States have elected dictators throughout their history.
And the dictators have suppressed liberty in all of those countries, whether it was Pericles or Caesar or the Medici or Savonarola.
Well, look, I mean, Arafat was a giant demonic rodent, but that doesn't then mean I support what the giant rodents like Sharon are doing.
I mean, both sides are controlled.
Tex, can you talk about that?
Well, yeah, I think you and Jeff are right.
He stated that he had...
earned credit by winning the election.
And his administration states that he now has a mandate.
Therefore, if a dictator arises in any country on earth who's been elected to that office, then do they not mandate?
And have they not earned credit to do whatever they want to?
So here we have a situation where, you know, Hitler, of course, was elected.
A lot of people think he was just a dictator.
Well, let me explain...
Fidel Castro, now, we don't know what the deal is now, but when he first had his revolution, I assure you, even the CIA report said this man would win any election hands down.
So there's no doubt that dictators can win elections and they believe they have mandates.
Well, by the way, Tex, that's why they promoted democracy, democracy, democracy.
Now, quote, if you've elected somebody, they can do whatever they want in a democracy.
Two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.
If 51% want to put other people in a camp, we can do it.
But in a republic, you can't do that because the Bill of Rights is above any dictator.
Now, that's right.
But you see, you're right.
But you and I both know that here is the problem.
They have now superseded the Bill of Rights with presidential prerogatives so that executive orders...
We're good to go.
Now, Tex, that is an ultra-important point you just made.
Let's say Bush is an angel, Chuckie Schumer is an angel, Hillary is really good, we can trust the people we have in government.
Of course, that's not true, but let's just say they're all perfect.
They've now built the mechanisms for total despotism, total national ID card, total enslavement, and it's only a matter of time until that is used and abused, Tex.
It is, and Alex, here's what people don't understand.
I got a letter today from a fan of, I guess you might say, of my radio show, and he's a great guy.
He's just celebrating now that Bush has won.
He is so happy.
And so this is what you would expect from a dictator type of person.
They're not going to be a person everybody hates.
And George Bush appears to be a thoroughly likable fellow
You know, even Hitler.
People might think it a little strange now, but they said women flocked to him.
They were drawn to him like a magnet.
You know, he was a very popular guy.
Tex, wouldn't you agree that the 13th chapter of Romans is one of the great Achilles heels of Christianity and has been used to justify the establishment of dictatorship?
Well, thanks for the call.
Let me get a comment from him on that.
I mean, really, it's been taken out of context.
Render unto Caesar, Tex.
Yeah, well, it actually says render unto Caesar.
What is Caesar's?
But hey,
Remember, we limited our Caesar.
We tied him down with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
He deserves nothing more than that.
And so that's what we ought to keep him tied down to.
Well, I mean, why did the apostles get put in prison and killed by the state if they were following orders?
They wouldn't have had a problem.
Well, yeah, if you follow that, if you have to follow the orders of your government no matter what,
Then, of course, we all need to be good communists.
These are whatever country we find ourselves in.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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And of course, we go out on the internet at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com as well as now PrisonPlanet.tv.
I'm going to have to move through your calls quickly.
Ken and Ed and Don and Russell and Scott and everybody else.
Before we go any further...
Well, you're very kind, Alex.
I don't want to make a big commercial.
I want to give people a free copy of our newsletter, though.
If they'll call us toll-free, 1-800-TOLL-FREE,
And we'll be delighted to just ask for a free copy of the newsletter.
Nobody will ask you to buy anything.
And then powerofprophecy.com.
That's powerofprophecy.com.
And, of course, we offer Alex Jones' books.
So if you, of course, go to his site first on that, but you'll see some of his books, especially that 9-11 book I think is still the best out, exposing 9-11 that you did, Alex.
And I want to keep promoting that because so many people continue to have questions about
And there is no doubt now that 9-11 did not happen the way the government lied to us about.
Well, they just had a CNN poll, and when I covered it yesterday, 89% of 4,000 respondents said they think the government's covering it up and was probably involved.
When the poll closed, 7,000-plus had voted, and it was then 90%.
They had the Zogby Poll in New York.
Half of New Yorkers believe the government was involved.
66% believe they had prior knowledge.
I mean, the globalists really are losing control right now.
Let me tell you, as you know, they have tens of billions of dollars to spend.
And the CIA, as we found out back during the time of the Church Committee,
We're good to go.
And you know, my opinion is, it's my opinion, but I bet if I research, I'd find it to be true.
He's being paid by the CIA to put out books.
They probably have subsidies for him.
But he was on there talking about all these 9-11 conspiracy theorists, and it couldn't be true.
He's got a book out.
Believe me, that book will make the New York Times bestseller list.
It sounds like he's really exposing what the government did at 9-11.
But by the time you finish, what he's doing is blasting anyone who would even dare to question the government version.
Gerald Posner.
Throw the guy's book into a ditch if you bought it.
This is a situation we're going to see now hundreds.
You know what happened during the JFK assassination?
There were some true conspiracy researchers on the things, and man, the government got so frightened, they threw all kinds of agents there with false books to throw everybody off the scent.
And we're going to see that now.
So we really stay with people like Alex Jones and others that you truly trust.
Jim Mars, he's put out a good book on this subject.
But we're going to have to really watch ourselves because they know now, you know, they cannot control all of the alternative sources of information, ABC, CBS, NBC.
They can't control Alex Jones or Tex Vars.
So they do have a problem.
But that is an amazing 90%.
I praise that statistic.
Text one more time, because you always say it so quick, people then call and ask for it.
What is the toll-free number to get a free copy of your beautiful color newsletter?
And by the way, you asked me about the best book.
Probably the best is Circle of Intrigue, because it is a true exposure of the Illuminati conspiracy.
And you've got a new, updated version of that book out.
Well, I'm working on one right now.
Oh, no, no, no.
That was Dark Majesty you just put back out again.
Yeah, we put Dark Majesty, and that, of course, is the second book ever.
I give Anthony Sutton, the late Dr. Anthony Sutton, a great man.
And give that number out again.
The phone number is 1-800-TOLL-FREE.
You don't have to buy anything, Bob.
We just say, hey, give me that free newsletter.
We'll be glad to do it.
And I want to speed through calls now, but I did want to get back into this great delusion.
My Christian friends, people I like, who go out and get arrested in pro-life demonstrations, they come up to me, they laugh at me in my face, they go, ah, you were against Bush, ha ha ha, now you'll see.
And I go, look, I was never for Kerry, I was pointing out that Bush was going to win, but this was all staged.
Why are you celebrating that you've gone out of the furnace into the fire?
There's no difference, except now conservatives will all be asleep.
If John Kerry tried all this, there'd be a revolution.
He's for open borders.
He's putting all these pro-abortion people in.
He's got control of all three branches of government, not just state, but federal as well.
Not just federal, but state as well.
All this horrible stuff is now happening.
They've got the National ID Card Patriot Act II bill passed, about to go to the President's desk.
Wall-to-wall corruption.
The dismantling of our sovereignty.
All these phony wars, and these people are running around celebrating texts.
I feel sorry for them.
They're very sincere people.
They want so much to believe.
And they cannot believe the corruption that is in the Bush administration.
But I'm convinced he and the Zionist neocons in his administration, they will engineer other wars, Iran, Syria, unless they can strangle them enough not to have to invade.
But we're going to see non-stop war around the globe.
And by the way, one of the things I want people to be aware of, this Social Security thing, it sounds great to privatize, to give people a piece of their own Social Security, because it sure has been corrupt with the government.
That's just going to be eluding by the same group.
In fact, we've seen this pattern.
Soviet, Russia, Communist China, they quote go free market, they just hand over all the assets to a few strong men.
Absolutely, and what they're going to do...
As we move into this American Union of North and South America, Mexico is already the first, and Bush has already signed... It's now already 30 nations.
30 nations.
They're merging with Social Security.
So what we're going to do, wait and see, there will be 100 million Mexicans from Mexico, U.S.
Social Security, and ours will be bankrupt, so they'll have to reduce payments to everybody.
You'll probably have to wait to...
And this is the American Union publicly... One more comment.
The dollar has plunged.
But the average yuppie, you talk to them, you go, the dollar's been devalued by over 40%.
They don't even know what that means, but a poor Latin American in a cornfield, he knows what it means to have a bad peso, but the average yuppie doesn't know.
That's right.
You see, the dollar falls first, and then other things begin to happen like dominoes.
It takes a couple of years to fully impact all the markets.
But I believe that will also happen, too.
So people are going to be very disappointed with Bush.
And here's the thing.
By the time four years are up, they're going to be ready for a Hillary or a Schwarzenegger.
Oh, and here's another example of the insanity.
The ADL endorses Arnold when in front of thousands of witnesses he screamed, I hate blacks, you're subhuman, in 78.
He said, I admire Hitler.
I want to be a dictator like him to be worshipped by crowds.
He poses for homosexual magazines.
He's a member of Bohemian Grove where they bust in all the male prostitutes, New York Post.
The guy says, I don't care if Kirk Volkheim's a Nazi.
I love him.
Maria loves him.
He's anti-gun, anti-border, pro-abortion, pro-stem cell, and I watch Republicans cry and worship him.
Yeah, you're right about that.
That doesn't sound much like a Republican, but evidently Arlen Specter would probably agree totally with those things.
And he's going to be head of the Senate Judiciary Committee if enough people don't stand up.
Yeah, Schwarzenegger, you remember in your newsletter that you put out for a while, there was the picture of him with Lord Rothschild.
Also the picture of him hailing Hitler.
Now, you mentioned the ADL.
You see, if you have $3 or $4 million to spare, Alex, or anybody out there listening does, just give it to the ADL.
And that's what Arnold has done.
He's given huge amounts of money to the Jewish ADL.
Yeah, it's $5 million.
Hey, they'll back you, too.
They'll endorse you for any office you want.
So this is the situation with Arnold.
And all of this is a put-up job.
You know, Bill O'Reilly of the O'Reilly Factor on Fox News, he went to California last year and was a big speaker at the Jewish ADL convention.
All of them are in this together.
And it's a matter of plundering and robbing the Middle East, taking all of its oil, all the treasures of that area, and appropriating them for the elite.
And meanwhile, Arnold says he loves Hitler, and that's okay.
But if you're against Hitler, you may be an anti-Semite.
Let's go ahead and quickly go to calls.
Ken in New York.
Ken, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Here it is.
A week after the election, and the Bush crime family is working on the amnesty plan.
It didn't take them long.
When it was first divulged in January, they dropped it like a hot potato because of the reaction, and now they're starting it up again right after the election.
And you couple that along with... Just like the national draft, they dropped that like a hot potato.
Tex, they're going to have to have a draft if they're going to be able to invade all these countries.
Oh, I think, you remember the senior Bush said, no, read my lips, no new taxes.
And then he raised their taxes.
I think this Bush said, no draft, read my lips, basically.
He didn't use those words, but it was sort of that.
But they've got to do it because there's mutiny and people are very upset.
They've already really abused the reserves and the card.
And they've become really the active duty forces.
They're taking people up to 60 years old that got out of the service years ago, and they're drafting them again, which is totally unfair.
Now, I do believe, hey, if they had a draft, I think it's good.
I think the Bush daughters would look very good in camouflage green.
The Jenna and whatever her name is, you know, they'd look good over there.
I can see them going into Fallujah on top of a Humvee, can't you?
How about Laura Bush?
How about Barbara, who said, I don't want to hear about body bags, why should I bother my beautiful mind?
And you couple all of this with a Spanish language White House website.
How about we send her?
John Ellis Bush, the Florida governor.
He's married to a Mexican woman.
He went to college in Mexico.
He speaks fluent Spanish.
He speaks Spanish better than English.
Yeah, that's obvious positioning as another... It's a political dynasty.
Now, isn't it obvious?
And I'll ask both of you gentlemen.
You're both Texans.
They don't just favor a merger with Mexico.
They favor the Reconquista.
Well, and here's the deal.
They've got a problem.
Most Hispanics I talk to, and in their voting and in the polls, they see right through this, too.
But, yes, they're trying to do this.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk to Ed in Pennsylvania.
Ed, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Mr. Marsh.
Hello, Ed.
Great book, Circle of Intrigue.
Started me off listening to you.
I wanted to say, Hitler once said,
What luck for rulers when men do not think.
That's what's happening right now.
I had a discussion... Don't talk bad about Hitler.
You may get listed as an anti-Semite.
I'm just quoting.
I'm just quoting.
But I had a conversation with some 20-year-olds before the day of the election with the banners going up and down the streets and everything with the Kerry Bush, the Kerry Edwards, whatever.
And I was talking to them a couple days ago and we were discussing your...
9-11, Road to Tyranny, and 9-11 in Plain Sight.
And I'm going to have a viewing of that tonight with these guys.
And I was discussing with them.
All of a sudden, a guy comes up behind me.
He's probably, well, he was about 25 years old.
He goes, oh, you must be one of those LaRouche guys.
You know, one of those youth LaRouche, da-da-da-da-da.
And I said, well, can you explain to me why Nurad stood down for 42 minutes on the day of 9-11?
No, no, but the 9-11 Commission takes care of all that.
I said, well, there was nothing about preventing it.
Yes, the Independent Commission appointed by Bush.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah, and I told him about the governor and all.
By the way, sir, it's at least an hour and 24 minutes.
What is that?
That NORMAT stood down.
Oh, I was generous.
But I told him about that, and this is like, you know, the guy's wearing his little Brooks Brothers suit, you know, brainwashed college guy, you know, all clean cut, and he's talking about, don't believe what they say, don't believe it, don't believe it.
Now, this guy is a stone-cold liberal, 25 years old, thinks you've got to vote, you've got to vote Democrat, you've got to vote, you know?
Yeah, well, that's how they capture you with the false choices.
Tex, can you talk about that?
Well, they really do.
Isn't it ludicrous to say that the 9-11 Commission took care of all of that?
You know, Stan Hilton, the attorney for the 9-11 survivor families, and 9-11, the Commission was an absolute joke.
And it goes all the way back to World War II, if we want to see things like that.
You know, the Pearl Harbor Commission...
Was set up to see what really happened at Pearl Harbor because people began to say, hey, something's wrong here.
Or the Warren Commission.
Yeah, the Warren Commission.
Here again, each time the members of these commissions were patsies.
For example, the head of the Pearl Harbor Commission turned out to be the sovereign grand commander of international Freemasonry.
Well, the Warren Commission was headed by, what's his face, the guy that was fired by Kennedy, wasn't he?
What's his name?
He was on there, Alan Dulles.
He was fired by John F. Kennedy for incompetence, and because Kennedy knew that he was a member of the Illuminati elite, that was really sabotaging the best interests of America.
If Kennedy was dead, then they made the guy put him on the Warren Commission to investigate.
Thanks for the call, Ed.
Got to let you go.
Don in Pennsylvania.
Don, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How you doing?
Hey, I was just curious.
I called up my own congressman up here in Pennsylvania, and they turned right around, and one of his spokesmen said, as far as Social Security, that as long as an immigrant comes in, we're going to give him citizenship and a Social Security number.
I said, so whenever he gets that, I said, he runs back to Mexico City.
And they said, yeah.
We actually have now started an office in Mexico City for Social Security recipients.
I said, what does this tell me?
Meanwhile, they said, oh, the average recipient only gets $1,000 now a month.
I said, talk about welfare state.
And the other thing is, on Wednesday, just for your own knowledge, on the History Channel, they have a show called Modern Marvels.
And they came, I believe it was on 9 to 10 or 8 to 9.
But they actually came out with a show called Big Brother.
And it showed you the RFID chip and the little chip that goes underneath your skin.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, I see scores of articles every day, Tex, where they say, take the chip, it's good.
Well, that's right.
And of course, there are some good things about it, but like everything else, watch out.
We'll be right back, folks.
We'll text Mars, take a few final calls, give you that toll-free number to get his newsletter.
I'm Alex Jones.
Please stay with us.
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Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
We'll take a couple final calls for Tex Mars in the third hour.
I'm going to plunge into more news about Alberto Gonzalez, the battle for Fallujah.
Two out of three foster children, including toddlers as young as 12 months, on not just psychotropics but antipsychotics.
This is from WOAI television and radio out of San Antonio.
But, Tex, before we go to Scott and just a few other callers like Russell, how do folks, again, call and get a free copy of your Power of Prophecy newsletter?
Sure, Alex.
Just call our toll-free number and say, please send me a free copy of your newsletter.
But we never give out anybody's name or phone number that calls like this, so we don't make a mailing list, so don't worry about that.
And the number is 1-800-234-9673.
234-9673 and say, please send me your Power of Prophecy newsletter, a free copy.
We'll be glad to send it to them.
All right.
Let's talk to Russell in Florida.
Russell, go ahead.
Thank you, Alex, for taking my call.
You're on the air.
I want to tell you both it's an honor and a pleasure to speak to you.
Alex, I've got a few points to make, but first I want to thank the both of you for standing up to the New World Order and bringing the truth to light, because without the two of you,
I'm positive that the majority of American people would either be dumped into mass graves or in chains right now.
The two of you have stabbed off the New World Order.
Well, it's a lot of people.
It's millions of people taking action, but go ahead.
Well, you two are two leaders in the fight, and I thank God every day that you're out there spreading the truth.
I wanted to take a minute for that, but I've got a couple of points.
One, Alex, you were mentioned on Coast to Coast AM again last night.
You're developing a heck of a following on that show.
The other, Free Trade Area of the Americas.
I'm on a local radio program here trying to expose the Free Trade Area of the Americas and how this administration and the Democratic Party are trying to push through three economic blocks into a fascist, godless, police state, New World Order that's going to be run like a surfboard system.
And I called a couple of times to try to get you as a guest on this program, so maybe I can hold after.
Yeah, we're almost out of time, but I can give you a number during a break if you'd like, sir.
But do you have a question for Tex?
I'd like that.
Well, I just, yeah, I have a question.
Tex, what do you find that works with Christians, waking up conservative Christians that don't see Bush as a demon masquerading as an angel of light?
Okay, let me put you on hold.
I'll give you the number during the break, but let's let Tex answer that question.
Well, you know, I did a 60-minute report recently, and you can order that report.
The audio takes $8 or something, and the money goes into the ministry to keep us going.
We did a whole report on asking the question, is he a true Christian or is he a Christian pretender?
And we have a mountain of evidence.
So there is a mountain of evidence when you look at it.
But I'll tell you, if they'll just watch the news very carefully, we're going to see some things that we didn't see the first four years.
I think there will be a great betrayal.
I mean, Bush, just skull and bones alone, then Bohemian Grove, then the Shinto shrines, the Buddhist temples, the mosque.
He goes on and on and on and on and on in appointing all these pro-abortion people when he's got control of everything and could ban abortion right now, today, Tex.
You can go to the internet and look up, ask for George W. Bush and put the word Moslem in.
You will find that he went over to Great Britain and even in the United States and he stated that the Moslems worship the same God we Christians do.
Now you need to ask your Christian friends, is it true that our God is Allah?
Is it true that his only prophet, not his only prophet, but his chief prophet is Mohammed?
Now, in the holy book of the Muslims, it states flat out, God had no son.
And the Bible says if you don't have the son, you don't have the father.
So why is it that a man, George W. Bush, who says Christians worship Allah the same as Muslims do, how can that man be a Christian?
I want to thank you for coming on, my friend.
Hey, thank you so much, Alex.
It's been a great pleasure.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
You bet.
Stay with us.
Introducing... Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, in this third hour, we will get more into Alberto.
I love torture.
I love abortion.
I love open borders.
I love Enron.
Gonzalez, the new Attorney General, are they getting confirmed?
Plus a lot of incredible stuff from the Battle of Fallujah, Iraq exploding in at least ten different cities, like Mosul.
Your phone calls...
But I first, after this break, want to get into the most horrific article imaginable.
And you'd think this WOAI TV and radio station, it's a TV radio twin owned by Clear Channel, you'd think I would have written this.
But the horror is so accurate.
This is everything I've said.
Everything we know is going on in mass.
If you made a horror movie,
About something like this, it would be so incredible, no one would believe it.
Picture a science fiction movie for 1.4 million American children.
Many of them, over 100,000 at any one time, under two years of age, are locked in rooms, soiling themselves, put on antipsychotics to where they drool and are actually brain damaged.
Because when they were taken from their parents for petty reasons, they cried, and that is considered mental illness.
In Florida, at any one time, there are several thousand toddlers, and it says when they cry, they are chained down for months on end and injected, given lithium pills.
You name it.
This is hell upon earth.
And finally, some of the CPS people are having pangs of conscience and are speaking up.
And I can't believe Clear Channel is telling the truth about it because they have to now because this is getting out there.
By the way, Bill Clinton did this.
Bush actually expanded funding.
They must double the amount of children grabbed each year to continue their federal funding.
And they put some children on as many as 17 different medications, killing them.
Because they get so many federal funds for each additional drug they put them on.
They grab a baby, put them on 17 different drugs, and murder them.
They murder children.
They are murdering them en masse.
They are brain damaging them en masse.
And then 90% of the media is how positive it is, and how they're helping, and how they need more funds, and how important it is.
And now under the new Freedom Initiative...
They're going to try to force every American child from age 4, that's right, even before they go into school, through 18 to have two psychological tests a year, and groups of people in the federal government have gone public and said it's all a fraud, a mass plan, a mass drug.
Only reason we know about that.
And then, of course, New Freedom gets announced.
So I will read this WOAI article.
November 11th story from yesterday.
It was one of our top stories yesterday that I never got to.
We'll get into some of the Fallujah news and some of the other news, and we'll take your calls.
Sorry we were cutting callers short last hour, but we had texts on loaded phones, and we're trying to get through all those calls.
We had Glenn Spencer on in the first hour talking about the Tonal Amnesty Plan.
The end of our sovereignty, literally.
So that is more on that coming up as well.
And a whole stack of police state news, how for the most petty of things that aren't even crimes, people are being arrested, fined, kicked out of school, just maximum enforcement of everything to get us in welfare, to get us in criminal justice, or to get us in the psychiatric system, or to draft us with the new compulsory national service that's coming online as we speak.
So, it is all coming up.
And again, the websites are prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com, and now redesigned with a new webmaster, infowars.net.
Paul Watson's brother, Steve Watson, doing a great job.
A lot of news you'll see there that isn't on the other sites.
So be sure and check out infowars.net.
Help us spread the word with the article we wrote about Alberto A. Portra-Gonzalez and the Building 7 information.
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The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
So many of my conservative friends, who are globalist minions and are so brainwashed they don't know it, are running around celebrating, worshipping Bush,
As he appoints pro-abortion senators and attorney generals, as he busts the border wide open, it's incredible.
As we said this would happen, it is developing.
Let me cover an article that makes me physically ill, but must be covered, must be documented, must be exposed.
It's WOAI television out of San Antonio.
And it's a pretty honest article, but then they put their spin on it.
We'll get into that.
I've been aware of this for years, and it sickens me.
It saddens me.
I mean, if you knew that children two doors down were being tortured and abused and killed, wouldn't you go physically defend them?
But see, when the government does it, as part of a systematic plan of dehumanization, you just make excuses.
By the way, the government's own numbers.
You're five times more likely to be abused in the hands of foster care system than any other group.
I'm not saying every foster parent's bad.
The point is the system is completely corrupt by design.
There is no place more dangerous than in their hands.
And then two-thirds, it's actually more than that,
According to the state doctors that we've interviewed here and people that have testified before the state legislature.
And again, Florida's worse, Illinois's worse, New York's worse, but Texas is getting pretty bad.
Two out of three foster children in Texas on psychotropic medication.
WOAI, November 11th.
This is on Infowars.com.
Why would a child as young as three ever be on mind-altering drugs?
For the past eight months, the News 4 WOAI troubleshooters have poured through reams of state documents and discovered thousands of foster kids appear to be on powerful, psychotropic drugs.
Many of these children are barely in kindergarten.
Some are mere toddlers.
Yeah, over 100,000 nationwide, under two.
That's the government's own numbers.
Tommy Thompson's own numbers.
We didn't even know he was in the hospital until he called us.
Laurel Ridge himself, a woman, will refer to a... Again, let me start over again.
I'm trying to hurry and I babble through this.
We didn't even know he was in the hospital until he called us from Laurel Ridge himself, name of a hospital, a woman will refer to as Magdalene tells us.
Disguising her name in order to protect the identity of her six-year-old grandson she's referring to.
Again, this was the text of the report, so it kind of reads weird.
She says she was confined to a psychiatric hospital following a temper tantrum when he called his grandmother for help.
I mean, he was like a zombie, she describes.
Maybe you could say he looked more like a zombie.
News 4 WAI Troubleshooter...
Tajina Patton asked, how could you tell by looking at him that he was on medication?
Magdalene, his attitude, his eyes, his way of speech, all that.
Magdalene says a nurse confirmed her fears.
Her grandchild was on two different psychotropic and mind-altering drugs, plus Benadryl to help him sleep.
As it turns out, Magdalene's grandchild isn't alone.
A sampling of state records released by the State Comptroller's Office shows two out of three foster kids in Texas appear to be on psychotropic meds.
The Medicaid prescription records are from November of last year and show that many kids are taking two or more of these drugs.
At the risk of losing her job, a Child Protective Services worker spoke to the troubleshooters following a hearing by State Rep.
Carlos Uraset last month.
She talked about one child on 17 different medications.
That's right, according to state records, 17 different medications.
Quote, I think he had three to four psychotropic medications in addition to Depakote.
Folks, Depakote pills.
I think he had three to four psychotropic medications in addition to Depakote.
In addition to Zoloft, in addition to Transadone to help him sleep, some of these drugs, the FDA states, are not even safe for kids, much less to mix them.
And then here's the propaganda.
He did need medication, she continues, but I have concerns about how could this child require 17 different medications.
Yeah, even you, you brainwashed cult member, know that that's just crazy.
What perhaps is even more alarming, child advocates say, are that the ages of kids that troubleshooters obtained a never-before-released study that tracks the ages of the foster kids on these drugs during a one-month period of time.
And it goes into how many of these children are under the age of seven.
I think?
We had a wonderful family of five boys, Downey recalls.
If they walked in right now, you'd love them to death.
The oldest was ten, the youngest was three.
They were directed by the state to take the boys to a psychiatrist.
Downey says, why did they all come back on three meds?
Again, why did they all come back on three meds apiece?
Those boys no more needed meds than I did.
Because these psychiatrists are nutcases and get money for whoever they put on it.
The reporter asks, every child?
Downey replies, every child.
So why would a three-year-old need to be on a psychotropic medication?
I have no idea.
He was just the jolliest little kid, Downey tells us.
So see, Downey, you help grab the kids, hold them, then you ship them off to somebody, and the families get more federal funds, upwards of, what, eight times the money per child if they're on drugs because there are special needs, and these families get rich off this, and they warehouse them.
Who was prescribing these meds?
You would think psychiatrists, right?
Well, after pouring through thousands of documents, the News 4 WAI troubleshooters found that not always the case.
Many are family practitioners.
State records show one of the biggest prescribers in San Antonio is a radiologist.
Sure, it's legal, but what does a radiologist know about a child's mental health?
An x-ray person.
The troubleshooters also found some of these doctors... Is that legal?
I don't think that is, actually.
The troubleshooters also found some of these doctors have documented drug problems of their own.
Well, yeah, they have the highest suicide rate of any group of psychiatrists.
One case is Dr. Charles Sargent, a San Antonio psychiatrist.
He lists as one of the state's top prescribers of antidepressants to kids on Medicaid.
The records we obtained show he also prescribes stimulants and powerful antipsychotics.
And it goes on and on.
I'm not a newsreader, but the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners put Dr. Sargent on probation in recent months because state records show he was busted for prescribing narcotics to himself, his girlfriend, and her son!
As part of his probation, he must submit to random drug testing.
He declined a request for an on-camera interview, but told me by phone that antidepressants he prescribes is not one that does have FDA approval for kids.
Sleeping pills.
Anti-seizure medication.
Four psychotropics.
When you see some more than 60% in a one-month period that was looking at medications, do you think it's being used as a last resort?
Dr. Fernandez replies, well, those numbers just seem a little bit high.
When asked if he thought too many kids have been put on these medications, he says, I wish those numbers could go down, and that's what we need to focus our energy and efforts on, is making sure that these medications, when they are used, are used, turn the page, appropriately,
And there's a careful diagnostic evaluation.
Diagnostic evaluation?
A toddler cries, you put them on them?
That's not what many of the former foster kids I spoke to say happened to them.
Chris Brown says, I was on a number of different medications.
Marie Garcia even recalls some of the pills she took.
Zoloft, Paxil, Welbutrin, Depakote.
Ken Coleman goes as far to say, I was on seven different medications at once.
While Texas is just beginning to deal with this controversy, we headed to a state that began tracking the issue years ago.
Child advocates in Florida have been trying to get the laws passed to protect children from being over-medicated.
See, it's... This should only be on five, not seventeen.
One of these shrinks your brain and causes heart palpitations and has the exact same molecule structure as PCP, but...
No, we need to be on five of them, not 17.
We need to be more reasonable.
So far, they haven't been successful.
They blame the doctors and the pharmacological companies who've lobbied against them.
Are you starting to get the picture here, folks?
And by the way, there's masses of these children dying from this.
We don't deal with the problems these kids have.
We just give them a pill, says Dr. Tony Apple, a neuropsychologist and brain specialist who was one of the
The expert child advocates in Florida we went to for help.
We showed her the records we uncovered here in Texas.
Does it look like the kids are being treated for behavior control or mental illness?
Dr. Tony Apple replies, I don't think they're treating mental illness.
Not in these kids.
Psychiatrists and people on the other side will say that these kids are sick.
I mean, these are kids who've been sexually abused.
They need medication.
Oh, or two-thirds of the kids have been sexually abused?
Dr. Toni Apple explains being sexually abused makes you a victim.
It doesn't make you sick.
So what does she think about the drugs that are being given to these kids?
We're taking away their future.
They're taking away their ability to relate to people.
Trust, love, caring, ability to put yourself in another person's shoes.
I'm not going to read any more.
Rick Perry will not comment.
He loves it.
It's hell on earth, people.
And it's a lot worse than this article says.
They're murdering these children.
Jack Brownrigg for Midas Resources.
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Welcome back.
I promise we'll go to your call starting the next segment, but let me just continue with the news.
I have probably read on air 100 reports.
I've read author over the years.
500 reports, conservatively, were children...
Die when they're on 5, 6, 10, 15, 17 different drugs.
We're talking toddlers.
We're talking 5-year-olds who are zombies who can't even talk.
And then, oh, your child needs brain surgery.
They take a healthy child, shoot them up full of vaccines, put them on all these drugs, then they start having seizures, falling apart, their hearts start falling apart.
Oh, let's do heart surgery.
Now we get even more money.
I mean, they're murdering them.
I know, though.
You're just doing your job in the government, so you're just not going to worry about it.
Well, that's why you're probably going to go to hell.
I mean, that's why there is a God, and there is a heaven, and there is a hell, and you guys have got a big, fat, warm piece of real estate in it.
It makes me sick.
But Rick Perry just says, no comment, and we're doing what we're told by the feds.
Ha, ha, ha.
Don't try to struggle out of what we're setting up.
That's why we're putting the face scanning cameras and militarizing the police and the license plate scanners and taking your rural property and about to federalize the public and private schools because you're not going to escape it.
Under a new freedom initiative, you're all going on them.
At the point of a gun, you're going to learn how to be a slave.
You got us.
You got what's going on now.
You're going to learn how to serve the new world order.
Students suspended for handstands and cartwheels.
Cartwheels and handstands.
We've got an 11-year-old girl temporarily bounced out of her Los Angeles area school.
And I've got several articles here on her.
She's an honor student.
Never been in trouble.
Headed out at the playground after lunch.
They play basketball and other games.
They say that the cartwheels could be like martial arts, could be violent.
She's done nothing violent, but they just say they don't like it.
And dodgeball's also been banned.
They call the police if you play it.
Most school districts have even seen Discovery Channel shows saying how good it is because it's a hateful thing.
They've banned at many schools tag because it's, quote, aggressive.
And the psychologists are called in along with the police.
Your child refuses to stop.
Starting to get the picture here, folks.
Total control.
Here's another one.
Miami Herald police use taser gun to subdue six-year-old student wielding piece of glass.
Miami-Dade police tasered a six-year-old boy who was wielding a piece of glass in a school office and threatening to hurt himself.
Probably on psychotropics.
Police say they followed their own guidelines and only tasered the child because they were afraid he would hurt himself.
But the incident has raised calls for the department to tighten its policies regarding the use of a stun gun.
Folks, a six-year-old.
And it just says that the student supposedly was waving a glass.
And now they're saying it was a water glass, arguing with him, and that could have been used as a weapon.
But he cut his own leg by breaking the glass and the officers acted.
And one officer shocked him with a taser while the other grabbed him.
I don't know.
I mean, why not just grab him?
What's the point of tasering the child that could have killed the six-year-old?
And what's happening to our children?
Children didn't used to act like this because we've turned into a demonic, filth-filled society.
Privacy experts shun black boxes.
Fox News!
Now federal law!
All cars to have the tracker boxes.
Some safety and privacy experts are reacting with apprehension.
Others with all-out condemnation over a recent ruling by the National Transportation Safety Board to require electronic data recorders or black boxes in all new cars manufactured in the United States.
And everything you do, tracked and traced and controlled.
And then you make that mistake when you're 17, you're driving too fast, you run off the road.
Instead of just getting a ticket when they come, now you're going to get criminally charged because, oh, you were driving too fast.
See, everything tracked and traced.
Everything controlled.
Every four-way stop with cameras scanning your license plates.
Nowhere to run.
Nowhere to hide.
See, they're putting the grid in so they can really start having their way with us, and they know we're going to resist.
See, they know we're going to fight back once people finally get the full heart.
Once they come to your middle class house and say, your child will go on these three antipsychotics.
Your child got in a fist fight.
He was 14.
We'll take your child right now if you don't go on these three drugs.
But Maslow's never been in trouble.
The kids started to fight with him.
I mean, all kids get in fights.
I'm taking your challenge into custody right now.
Get up against the wall!
Tasers are out.
Please, please, be reasonable.
Wait a minute, sir.
We've got a book over here on the shelf about the New World Order.
We've got them.
Red level, red level.
Call in APCs.
We'll see how you all do after you've been through a little bit of our screening process to make sure you're not part of the secret underground cult of Christians who've been bombing buildings against the microchip.
Of course, it'll be the feds blowing stuff up and then claiming the Christian group is doing it.
Then they'll ban not taking a chip because that means you're part of the cult.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hi folks, this is Michael Trudeau.
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Your calls are coming up here in a moment.
You know, that analogy I was giving you in the last segment is not a joke.
A child draws a picture of a gun.
In many cases, they're expelled or arrested and forced onto drugs.
If a child writes about a gun or cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers, whatever they saw on television, they are arrested in dozens of cases we've seen, in hundreds of others they're expelled, and they tell them they can't come back until they go under psychiatric evaluation.
But my child's never been in trouble.
He's straight A's.
The English class said write an article, write a fiction article.
You see, it's this double thing.
The media's all violent, and your kid writes about war or something, or their dad's a captain in the Marine Corps, and he draws a picture of his daddy in art class.
And the teacher's so scared that the SWAT team's called, and then, get him, get down, get down, get down!
Go, team leader, go, go!
And then, you know, got MP5 to the 12-year-old's head, and he walks out, what's going on?
Then they call the parents, this is very serious.
Your son drew a picture of a soldier with weapons.
Everybody takes it real serious.
Or the valedictorian has a plastic knife in the back of her car with the Dixie knife and spoon and fork set that she was going to put on an after school party.
And the security guard sees it and doesn't just go get her and search the car.
Most of the time they call the police and an armored wagon pulls up and guys jump off and they lock down the school.
They lock down schools of Tylenols found in a girl's pocket that's not in a pill bottle.
Or they just have random raids where everybody gets down on the ground and German shepherds bark and bite children.
In some cases, they point guns at them and, Get down!
Bleep, bleep!
You know, bleep all these cuss words and we've got video of this and kids are all crying and they're just searching and no drugs are found and they say, Well, we're doing this for your own good.
Meanwhile, the neocons, the Michael Weiner savages and the Rush Limbaugh's and the Sean Hannity's, and I've even got it on tape now, O'Reilly's saying it, if you disagree with the government during a time of war, you're with the terrorists, and you need to be arrested and put in a forced labor camp!
And then meanwhile, all over the country, from Tennessee to Wisconsin to Illinois, just all over the place, Michigan, the latest in the news,
And I put this in Road to Tyranny, the actual video, the documents, the training manuals that just came out in the AP a few months ago.
Well, we were told we were going to get our FEMA money, and we had to do this drill where 200 kids are attacked and killed by homeschoolers.
And they teach the kids, the homeschoolers are a deadly, savage murder group about to murder you!
And literally, and they have them with fake blood and fake arms blown off and guts all over the walls.
I've been to these training drills.
When the evil right-wing Christian group attacks.
So that's what's being taught and done everywhere covertly, and the Christian conservatives go, it's for the Muslims, get them, get them.
Oh no, it's for you, Christians, real Christians that don't want the chip.
Meanwhile, a doctor...
Injured in Gulf War I, calls and complains too much, and they say, well, he didn't threaten anybody, but calling us too much harasses us about his benefits being denied, and so we sent Homeland Security out to arrest him at his home in front of his family.
Or this woman was selling a knockoff of a Rubik's Cube that's totally legal, but still we sent out to Homeland Security to threaten to arrest her if she didn't take it off the shelf.
Or, oh, you're not allowed to wear that Peace on Earth shirt in the mall, even if you bought it in the mall.
We're arresting you.
It doesn't matter if you're a head city attorney who told the cops, hey, I'm allowed to wear this shirt.
We'll just arrest you.
And then a federal judge, 500 Bush supporters in North Carolina, one guy walks up with a shirt saying no blood for oil a year ago.
Right out in front on a public street.
Cops come over and go, get off the street.
No bush protest allowed.
And he said, that's my right.
They arrested him.
Federal judge convicted him of a felony.
And it's going to get worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse.
I mean, you know what?
The water tastes like sewage in Austin now.
And they just say, hey, it's good for you.
Shut up and drink it.
Yeah, some sewage got into the water, but it's good.
Mercury's nutritious.
Mercury's good for you now.
Putting kids on 17 drugs is good.
And watching them die is good.
And it's just all good.
And we're going to put cameras in school bathrooms.
And we're going to put cameras in police bathrooms.
And we're going to put cameras in roadside bathrooms.
And we're going to watch you go to the bathroom.
Because that's freedom!
Because Winston got videotaped when he went to the bathroom in 1984.
And what's good for him is good for you, you scum!
We ruled you!
We are your masters!
Now, that's the attitude.
You don't like it?
We got machine guns and black ski masks!
Shut up!
Oh, 200 of you want to go out and peacefully protest the war in front of the federal courthouse in L.A.?
How about some Marine Warrior vehicles?
Heavy armored vehicles pull up and yell and scream at you twice and then pull back around and park in front of you and have cops scream at you.
That's freedom.
It's tanks.
Tanks pulling up and aiming machine guns at you.
That was three days ago.
And, you know, I'm getting upset, folks.
I'm getting really upset.
They're destroying this country.
And there's a bunch of sickos out there who make excuses for all this and think you're part of the establishment.
And this Alberto, I love torture, I love Joseph Mingala, I love abortion, I love open borders, I love Enron Gonzalez.
This guy is openly pro-abortion.
He doesn't even want 12-year-olds to have to give parental consent when they have a baby cut out of them.
But you'll get mad at the school of your 12-year-old daughter or son doesn't have a permission slip to go to the mall on some field trip or to go to the zoo.
That's Alberto.
I love killing babies, Gonzales.
Alberto, I love Joseph Mingala, Gonzales.
I have all the mainstream articles posted.
It said, the president is above the law.
We are allowed to torture foreigners and citizens.
We will secretly arrest you for any misdemeanor and we will torture you if we want to.
And you think you're safe because George Bush is in office.
Meanwhile, our troops, the BBC reports, are all over the streets of Fallujah, rotting.
Dead, bloated bodies with flies all over them.
And our government doesn't even go get our troops' dead bodies now.
And our government put Saddam in.
And our government told him to invade those countries.
And no, I don't support Saddam.
They set up these scams.
They stick us in the middle of it.
They chew us up.
They think nothing of us.
They have no conscience.
They have no soul.
And these demonic pig goblins must be resisted!
And if you think this is freedom, and all this tyranny ought to stop the terrorists when the borders are wide open.
They put all the cameras up before 9-11.
They did all the urban warfare training before 9-11.
They had put in the FEMA centers before 9-11.
They had all this set up, and then they did it.
And now they're killing this country.
And they'd move immediately en masse, and they thought they could get away with it.
But they're moving at an accelerated creeping.
And people are waking up, and that's the good news.
But I'm sick of it.
WOAI, the biggest TV station in San Antonio, comes out and says, is it right to put 18-month-old babies on 17 drugs?
And they go, maybe it is.
Maybe it's not.
You have to question if that's normal.
See, a little bit of humanity is left in some of you people.
You're kind of going, is that right?
That doesn't...
The child's almost in a coma, drooling, and they said the child was happy and fine before this.
The child could barely walk now.
A bunch of kids are dying from this.
Are we doing something wrong?
You need to ask if you're doing something wrong?
If I was you people, I'd feel so guilty.
I don't know what I'd do.
You ought to repent.
I just pray that God...
Strikes you like he struck Saul of Tarsus off your horse, so you fall down, and when you wake up, you see what you are.
I know that's happening to more and more people.
I mean, you are just the most seedy, disgusting serial killers.
And you run things, and you're running around engaging in evil, and you've got all your excuses.
You're murdering demons.
You're Ted Bundy's.
And you don't even know you're Ted Bundy.
You don't even know what you've done.
You don't even know what you're part of anymore.
Alright, let's go to calls.
This makes me sick.
It makes me so sick to know they're putting cancer viruses on our vaccines.
More mercury than before.
And you're going to sit there and they go on the news and say it's the law.
You've got to do it when it's not the law.
I mean, just the level of lying.
Just everything.
They'll bust in your door looking for a tiny cocaine rock.
And they'll pack the prisons with people owned by the drug dealers.
The big drug dealing families own the private prisons.
That's a fact.
I've researched it.
Then they sell it to you.
When you use it, they put you in their own slave camp.
But they don't bust down the doors of the government where they're pumping the kids on 17 drugs apiece when the molecules are even worse than the illegal stuff.
I mean, it's nuts!
And I don't want to hear you're just doing your job.
If we keep going along with this, we're creating hell on earth.
Let's go to Scott in Texas and then Kim and Daniel and Wes and Elliot.
That'll be it for calls.
Scott, go ahead.
Alex, thanks a lot for taking my call.
God bless you and what you do.
Listen, I just wanted to relay to you what God has been showing me recently about all this stuff, if I may, and maybe a message to your Christian viewers and anybody else.
I was one of the deceived Christians that voted for Bush into office merely because of the moral issues and because he was a professed Christian.
Well, he's recently pulled me out of that delusion.
I've seen it, the mass delusion through you and some other people, mainly you.
And so it's really started making me wake up.
So I began to see that even...
Satan can appear as an angel of light.
You talk about a delusion.
I mean, how do they grab somebody's baby out of a home?
It cries for mommy.
It says it in the article.
I've read this a hundred places.
And they call it mental illness when the toddler cries.
So they hop them up on so many drugs, they don't even grow.
They don't even think.
They turn into zombies.
It's amazing.
I mean, people, do you even have a soul?
I mean, do you have the discernment of a cockroach?
That's true.
That's true.
And see, this is what's happening.
And this is just, you know, God has just recently been pulling me out of this and saying, wham, here it is.
Here's the real truth.
Unplug from the matrix for a minute.
Yeah, the truth is, why isn't your preacher talking about this?
That's right.
No, they're up there telling you how to pray and make more money.
That's right.
And one thing that he's shown me that we can do as Christians is, you know, obviously begin to expose this because they've raised
This idle perception of having a Christian in the White House, and like Bob Baldwin says, you can go back to sleep now.
That's so true.
But there's a book that I read recently that's helped me out a lot.
It's kind of an obscure book that not a lot of people know about, but I used to work in a Christian bookstore years ago.
I used to carry Tex Mars' stuff and thank God for him and what he's done for all these years.
It's called Reese Howell's Intercessor by Norman Grubb.
It's a pretty spiritual book as far as his walk with God.
He was a great man of God and had a great walk with God.
Towards the end of it, God had started calling him into a ministry of intercession.
He lived in the 20s and 30s.
About two years before Hitler came to power, as he was in politics rising to power, God alerted him and said, look, this guy is a human devil.
Arnold Schwarzenegger.
God has told me Arnold Schwarzenegger is just the most demonic pig creature you can imagine.
I didn't even know that stuff.
I know a lot about this stuff, but I didn't even know about Schwarzenegger.
Thanks so much for telling me, because this is amazing delusion, too.
You're right.
Anyway, he was telling these people this, and they thought he was nuts.
Oh, man, just look at him.
He's great.
He's mesmerizing.
He's hypnotizing.
He's just a wonderful, great, strong leader.
Anyway, they thought he was nuts.
Right as the Reichstag fire, they did that whole thing and they just dominated and kind of pushed him through into office.
Anyway, God called him, Reece Howells, to be personally responsible for getting him out of office and getting him deposed.
As Christians, we find ourselves in two separate kingdoms here.
It's kind of a paradoxical situation where on this earth, we're citizens of the United States, but also as believers in Jesus Christ.
I've got loaded phones here.
It's a great story, but finish up.
Anyway, if you'd like to talk about this off-air at your leisure sometime, there's a great story in this.
But anyway, towards the end of the book...
He got together with a band that God called a handful of people, probably about 20 or 30 other believers for this one cause.
What they would do is God would show them where to pray and where to concentrate their prayers against Hitler's
All right.
The power of prayer is amazing.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
I just want to be fair to all the callers who have been ranting.
Let's talk to Kim in Texas.
Kim, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
You bet.
I just wanted to comment.
You and Tex were talking earlier about the personalities of our wonderful leaders.
Just from a personal experience I have with a family member who's actually a retired high-level executive for one of the largest defense contractors here in the nation.
On the outside,
He comes from a Christian family.
He's the type of person, when you look at him and talk to him, he's like a good old boy.
You could just sit down and drink a beer with him.
But when you really know him, what you know is that, at best, he's an atheist.
He's a racist.
He's a heavy drinker.
I mean, he has all of these wonderful personality traits, yet he was able to become this high-level executive
And basically that's what it takes.
And what's amazing to me, too, is that our family just ignores all of these things about him.
And, you know, they all just worship him.
Well, it's a lot worse than that with the Republican leadership.
They're busting into male prostitutes.
They're worshiping Satan on their knees.
And it all comes out in the media and people just ignore it.
I want the police to hear me.
It's admitted.
John Kerry and George Bush are devil worshippers.
It is not debatable.
Well, and what I'm saying, too, also, is he could be worse than what we actually know he is.
I mean, I'm just saying that it's just easy to be deceived.
And a lot of people look at George Bush, and he just looks like this good old boy from Texas, and they just can't see through, you know, facts.
Well, can they see the open borders?
Can they see the abortion people he's appointing?
Can they see that?
Good to hear from you.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks for holding on.
Daniel and Wes and Elliot will hit you on the other side.
And I'll briefly, I didn't plug it last hour, I'll plug my videos.
We'll toll-free number to get some of those and wake people up.
And, you know, I try to really reach out to people and really illustrate how serious and real all this is.
I mean, this is not a joke, folks.
This is evil manifesting itself.
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We're good to go.
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Take 9-11 and the road to tyranny.
Three minutes of it is their own document saying all homeschoolers and Christians are terrorists.
But forget their own public documents.
How about video of FEMA saying it?
The group of police.
Where the police agree.
Oh yes.
Agreeing with
In Kansas City.
And I've just been sent stuff around the country, the same thing going on.
That's three minutes of a roughly three-hour film on DVD.
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Wouldn't you be freaked out if you found out your neighbor was killing people?
Wouldn't you yell and scream about it?
Well, I found out they've got a bunch of psychopaths running things, and I'm upset about it.
You get upset about sports, if your team loses, I get upset about total evil.
And you should, too.
Let's talk to Wes Jones.
In Tennessee, and then we'll go to Daniel in Texas.
Go ahead, Wes.
May God bless, keep, and protect you and your family, Alex.
Well, thanks for the call.
What's up?
I spotted four different news conferences over the last two years where George Bush said that the same God that Christians worship is the same God that the Islamics worship.
And I guess it's the same demon he summoned at that Shinto shrine in Japan?
I mean, this is where this guy is coming from.
This is what it's all about.
It really is the Matrix.
We've got two realities.
We've got the real world, and then we've got the one that the government creates for us.
You know, Russia already tried this experiment.
They threw God out of the country.
It used to be a really strong Christian country with a great Christian heritage.
We can all see what happened to Russia once Russia decided to turn its back on God.
And I can see the same thing happening here in America.
That's why we're seeing these atrocities that you were going through earlier.
During the program.
It is.
Thanks for the call.
I've got to let you go.
The show's almost over.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
And I would add to this that people have denied their responsibility to stand up to evil.
They've denied it, and so things are getting worse.
Last caller, let's talk to Daniel in Texas.
Daniel, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, I think it's time we all just take a Prozac and stop hating freedom so much.
But listen, I wanted to ask if you had seen this article, Prozac May Weaken Kids' Bones.
Yes, it causes heart problems, brain problems.
It's horrible, but it's like Vioxx.
They knew for five years it was deadly and kept lying about it.
Yeah, I mean, you have to go to break now?
The show's over, but go ahead.
No, I was going to say, the eventual step is with this cocaine vaccine, they're going to turn us all into the brave new world.
I think it's a sign of weakness.
Yeah, these vaccines make your brain where it can't even absorb the drugs, which means it can't absorb the natural chemicals in your brain.
Well, Olbermann is doing the vote fraud.
He says his emails are 22 to 1 positive to negative.
We see the poll on CNN, 90% of people say there's a cover-up.
I think they need to do this because we are waking up.
It's actually a sign of weakness, a sign that we are winning.
They need to alter our brain chemicals because we're not thinking right anymore.
That's right, brother.
We're not interfacing with the Matrix.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back on Monday.
Have a great weekend.