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Air Date: Nov. 11, 2004
2407 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, my friends, it is already Thursday, the 11th day of November 2004.
The next three hours is going to be so important.
An ultra-massive broadcast lined up for you today.
Please stay with us for the duration of this transmission.
Bush's nominee for the Attorney General spot with the outgoing John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzalez, is the architect of the memos that are now public where he set Bush as above federal, state, and international law.
He can commit no crime.
He is literally a god emperor.
I have a copy of the memo here in front of me.
He has the absolute right of kings or of dictators.
Alberto Gonzalez, of course, an Enron lawyer, good buddies with Lord Bush, brought into the Texas Supreme Court, then brought in as a Chief White House Legal Counsel.
He's the guy who came up with the enemy combatant designation.
He admits that he got the idea from this.
From the communist Vietnamese who said, hey, we're allowed to torture American sailors and marines and army soldiers and airmen because they're pirates, they're criminals, they're rogues, they're enemy combatants.
So this whole system, of course, is the communist system slash fascistic.
It's all command and control.
And Mr. Gonzalez is the architect of telling the Pentagon, you torture people, you take them to third-party countries, you don't give them any rights.
And the Army's own report, 75-90% of those picked up for torture at 32 camps alone in Iraq are families who didn't have their papers in order.
So I dub him Alberto Joseph Mingala Gonzalez.
I dub him Alberto Joseph Mingala Gonzalez.
Of course, we've dubbed John Ashcroft, Ashcroft the Terrible.
Janet Reno was the butcher of Waco, Reno.
I even got her dubbed that in the national press.
Alberto Joseph Mingala Gonzalez.
I mean, this guy tops them all.
He tops Reno, out of the gates.
He tops Ashcroft.
He's a real piece of demonic work.
Also, there was a small, peaceful anti-war protest in L.A.
A couple hundred people.
on a street corner.
And so the U.S.
Marine Corps showed up.
Not regular Army, not National Guard, not the police in armored vehicles, but...
Light tanks with the turrets and the guns, and you can't hear exactly what they're saying, but the Marines pull up and yell and scream at the protesters and have their turrets swinging around with the big cannons on them, and they just drive off.
Just getting us ready for Tiananmen Square as of the future.
These very same Warrior-type vehicles, what they're called, I videotaped these same vehicles in Urban Warrior in 99 for Police State 2000, where the Marines were openly training to put us in camps.
The role players screaming, we're citizens, please knock the camp.
So now, troops pull up, and I look at the uniforms, either they're Marines, or it's the LAPD or somebody wearing Marine Corps outfits.
You can watch that video, by the way, at prisonplanet.com.
Well, it's actually posted on the main page of infowars.net.
We've got a link over to it from prisonplanet.com.
We'll be airing the audio of this coming up here in a few minutes as well.
Also, we will go over some of Alberto Gonzalez's comments and his memos about how the president is above federal law.
And if you extrapolate that out, I guess it means he can barbecue children on the White House lawn.
He can snort cocaine off of Dick Cheney's bald head on the television cameras.
I guess he can lie to Congress and create false documents and invade sovereign countries and butcher the Bill of Rights.
But we'll be talking about Alberto Joseph Mingala Gonzalez today.
The Enron lawyer.
The pimp.
Of the New World Order.
Also, we'll give you the latest updates on the battle in Fallujah.
A lot of our troops dead and dying.
Helicopters being shot down left and right.
Bombs going off all over the country.
Hey, bring them on, as Lord Bush said.
I'm above the law.
The president's above the law.
I guess he is.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Right now at...
We have about 10 mainstream news articles where Alberto Gonzalez, who will be our new Attorney General unless it's stopped at the Congress, I wouldn't hold your breath, detailing this guy who's the architect of the enemy combatant designation, saying that all Americans can be designated as terrorists for any misdemeanor and can be secretly arrested and taken to third-party countries for torture.
He's the architect of the memos to the Pentagon, saying President Bush is above the law.
He orders you to carry out torture.
We are above the international treaties, like the Geneva Convention, and we are above federal and state law.
Because the Pentagon was saying, we're not going to torture people.
A lot of folks went to jail and got in trouble for this in Vietnam under orders of Copper Green.
And they said, look, the President is above the law.
Those memos have been public now for a year.
So Ashcroft just carried all this evil out.
Lord Bush's minion, this Enron lawyer, Alberto Joseph Mingola Gonzalez,
Is just a real piece of work, and I hope you'll go to InfoWars.com.
There's one data page full of documents and information about him, and then another page on PrisonPlanet.com full of this.
I hope you'll get it and email it out to everybody, post it on the message boards, and really push hard to expose this guy.
And it can be done.
But regardless, it just shows you the mindset.
I mean, Gonzalez is actually a mastermind.
Ashcroft was just a, you know, a doddering minion of all of this, you know, who would get up there and say there is no Patriot Act II months after he publicly introduced it.
He's bad enough.
In fact, I said it wouldn't matter who they appointed because they'd just be some new puppet.
In a way that's true, but in a way I was wrong.
This guy is actually worse, if it is possible, than John Ashcroft.
Joseph Mingala Gonzalez is his new name.
We're dubbing him that.
In the long line of Butcher of Waco, Reno, and John Ashcroft, the Terrible, and the rest of them.
Also come up in a few minutes, anti-war protest in L.A.
gets response with tanks.
Forget armored vehicles.
We're talking about tanks with the turrets and the big cannons and looks like regular Marines.
And they yell stuff at the protesters and try to intimidate them.
It's Shades of Tiananmen Square.
That video's on InfoWars.net, and we'll be playing that here in a few minutes and going to your calls.
So, just amazing.
Also, we'll get into the battle for Fallujah, and some interesting news.
A CNN poll.
There's never been a U.S.
poll about 9-11 until Jimmy Walter paid for the Zogby poll.
Zogby, highly respected, one of the best polling agencies out there.
And 49% of New Yorkers believe the government ran 9-11.
67% believe they had prior knowledge of it.
Now, and we have that poll linked under this story at prisonplanet.com, now CNN, 89% believe U.S.
government covering up 9-11.
That was the CNN question.
We have a screenshot of it.
Do you believe there is a U.S.
government cover-up surrounding 9-11?
89% yes.
Out of, that's 4,417 votes, no, was 11% believing the government isn't involved in a cover-up, 570 votes.
And again, this reflects the reality.
I don't believe a poll unless it's been my experience with my interface with the public.
And this is my experience.
There's got to be 1,700 interviews.
I quit counting at 1,600 a few months ago.
In 1,700 interviews, there have been tens of thousands of positive calls when I talk about government involvement in 9-11, and maybe, maybe a hundred who disagree with me.
I might do four or five interviews now before somebody calls in and disagrees.
I mean, somebody might call in and say, you're not right-wing enough, or...
You know, you don't believe in my particular sub-sect of Christianity or, you know, I don't agree with you on this or that, but on the substantive big issues that we've got a tyrannical New World Order coming down on us, I don't really find anybody that disagrees.
And now a CNN poll, 89% believe U.S.
government covering up 9-11.
So also, please go get this and email this link to everybody, as well as the Alberto Joseph Mingola Gonzalez page that we have on InfoWars.com.
It is up to you.
When our millions of listeners...
Hundreds of thousands of you that are active on the internet, take action and post something on message boards and email it to the media.
It is an unstoppable force.
Very, very exciting to see the New World Order in deep trouble.
In major polls, most people don't trust the vaccines.
In major polls, 80 plus percent of Americans are against open borders.
In most polls, people don't trust their government.
In most polls, people don't trust the mainstream media.
The globalists are losing credibility.
Those that would destroy this country, those that would undermine this nation, are losing credibility.
You know, I heard Derry Brownfield mention this today, and because he's a gentleman and I'm a gentleman, I've never talked about it, but because he mentioned it, I'll talk about it right now.
I used to go on Derry Brownfield's show, syndicated on over 80 stations, routinely as a guest.
He's on this network.
And I went on his show on the morning of 9-11, about an hour after it happened, and I said, the U.S.
government's behind it.
Here's the evidence.
And Derry had a couple affiliates dumping.
And he said, man, until this, he goes, his staff told me, look, we know it's true, but we're just, until it's public and documented, we're not going to cover it or have you back on.
You understand.
And I said, fine.
Somebody's got to hit the barbed wire for everybody else.
Somebody's got to be a trailblazer.
I'll do it.
And in all fairness, he talked about it this morning.
I'm driving along, about to get to my studio, and he talked about it.
Alex said this day one.
I actually said it two months before 9-11.
I'm on record.
And you know, the only reason I say this now is because I don't like people taking credit for things they didn't do.
I am the great granddaddy of the 9-11 movement.
I am the person that exposed it first.
I am the person that knew two months before.
I am the person.
And anyone else that claims it is a big, fat liar!
Now, I'm not into myself and how special I am and how great I am, but I have to do this now because other people are saying they're the great granddaddy of it, and so they can run the movements and tell people what's true and what's not, and then those very people attack me.
Well, you don't know what you're talking about.
We've been on the cutting edge of this all along.
And so there.
You want to hear the kind of stuff I'm really thinking about?
That's it.
But no, I commend Derry, who's a great guy, has a wonderfully profound and well-done program for being honest about that today and talking about how I said it day one and, well, they got some heat over it and, you know.
But you see, that's the way it always works.
So I said three years and four months ago that the world was round, and people had a lot of trouble with it, and now you're learning it's round, 89% in a major poll, and soon it'll be 90-plus percent, just like the Kennedy assassination.
92% believe the government killed Kennedy in major polls now.
On the 40th anniversary, I averaged 12 polls together.
The average was, again, that's 92%, some were 95%, some 84%.
The average, though, was 92%.
That's your best type of poll, by the way.
That's what the government does with polls.
In their focus groups, they actually average up to 50 polls together to get your closer poll number.
But 92% with the government killed Kennedy, and in a couple of years it will be 98%.
Just like 9-11, I said that if we tell the truth, if we sacrifice...
You know, being laughed at by people at first.
If we tell the truth, in hindsight, we will be vindicated.
And I'd say I've been vindicated, wouldn't you?
And yes, there's no debating it.
I am the grandfather.
I am the first.
I am the person that broke 9-11 two months before it happened.
I'm the person that went on the air day one for all the criticism and everything and laid it out.
And I'm not tooting my own horn.
I'm not going to let other people
In the so-called 9-11 movement, who are putting out shoddy info, disinfo, twisted info, attack me and others, they're the real trailblazers.
Okay, there.
I've said it, it's the facts, and it's like John Wayne said, it isn't bragging if it's true.
No brag, just fact, and put that in your pipe and smoke it, some of you out there.
But that's the bottom line there, folks.
And more and more people around the country are acknowledging that I am the grandfather.
That I am the founder of the 9-11 Truth Movement.
That I am the founder of the move to get the Patriot Act thrown out.
That it was my idea.
That I wrote the articles about how people should do it.
And it's only a testament to the fact that I know we can achieve change.
That we can save this country.
That I come up with ideas, and you, who get the real credit, the listeners, take action with it.
And you get out there, and you get on the front lines, and you expose the New World Order, and you're where the power comes from.
The credit goes to you and goes to God, goes to Yahweh, goes to Jesus, who has moved your heart to tell the truth and take action, and God bless you.
You deserve the credit, and I'm not going to let other people take the credit for what you and I and others have done.
It's just that simple.
And frankly, I'd appreciate it when people claim to be the grandfather of the 9-11 movement for you to counter them for me, because I've been putting up with this long enough.
And I've decided, I just decided here, while I was talking, that I might as well tell you the truth.
Even though, you know, I don't like how it sounds, it's the truth, and you've got to tell the truth, no matter what the truth is.
Again, folks, there's so much news here I want to cover.
We'll take your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
And I commend Derry Brownfield three and plus years later saying Alex was the first guy.
Alex was there before 9-11 saying it.
And I appreciate him all these years later doing what he said he'd do, and saying I was right when it finally all came out public.
At least he's honest about that, and we appreciate him.
But for all these other people out there who jumped on the bandwagon in the last year or six months, then claiming that, well, I'm the authority, and I'm the grandfather of all this, and you must do what I say like I'm Moses on the mountain, that's ridiculous.
All right, folks, we'll be back with a ton of news.
The Battle for Fallujah, Moron Alberto, Joseph Mingala Gonzalez.
Oh, just so much coming up.
PrisonPlanet.tv, Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, Infowars.net.
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All right, coming up, tales of this monster, Alberto Gonzalez, the guy who came up with the torture plans, the enemy combatant designations, to strip American citizens of their rights and send them to FEMA camps, to be your new Attorney General, more on the war in Fallujah, and just a lot more coming up.
But right now, let's go to Bill in Wisconsin, who I'm told disagrees with me.
Go ahead, Bill.
Alex, this is Bill.
I'm from Texas.
Okay, I was told Wisconsin, but go ahead.
No, I'm from Texas, and I've been listening to you for a good while.
And I've seen many of your videos, and I've gone to InfoWars and checked all that out.
And I just want to say my piece, and I'm out of here.
I am calling to disagree.
I've heard you invite callers who disagree to call in.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
And by God, I told myself I didn't.
Here's why I disagree.
I just say I don't agree with any thing that you're talking about, even though I've found much of it to be horrifically true.
But the reason I disagree with you is because I don't like what you're saying, and I can't even watch Enjoy the Ball Game anymore.
I can't get drunk enough.
To forget all the horrible stuff that I've heard about, and that's why I disagree.
Are you being sarcastic, Bill?
Well, I am, but it is for the listeners to know that folks who don't enjoy hearing Alex Jones, and the other day you said that you...
You said, folks, I know I'm obnoxious.
I know I'm annoying.
I can't stand to listen to myself sometimes on the rebroadcast.
Well, I want to tell you, you are a voice that is pleasant to hear.
And people who want to listen, have the courage to listen, will actually find your most maniacal rants to be actually soothing and inspiring.
But, you know, Bill...
I hope some people got that.
Well, I appreciate it.
You know, I try to reflect the true maniacal nature of what I'm looking at, what is clear, what I've tried.
I try to disprove what I'm seeing, what I'm reading, what I'm documenting, Bill.
And I wish none of this was true, but it is true.
This is what's upon us.
I've had somebody say, you know, this is Alex's bread and butter.
You know, if he didn't have this to talk about, I'd tell him, you know what there, mister?
This is the last thing Alex Jones would like to be talking about.
He wished none of this horrible stuff was going on.
You know what he'd be doing?
If it weren't all going on, he'd be having fun.
And we'd live in a wonderful world, but he wants to make sure that people...
The horrible thing that's wanting to make this a horrible world, and my only second other thing that I'll say to why most people don't like Alex Jones, and don't care for him, or say, well, he's crazy, and well, he says a lot of crazy stuff, or whatever, is because you threaten a lot of armchair generals' manhood.
Because the listener and the viewer is forced to ask himself, what in the heck is it that I do?
What do I stand for?
And, uh, anyway, we'll talk to you later.
Talk to you later.
Good show.
All right.
Good to hear from you, Bill.
And, again, I say call and disagree with me, and usually it's somebody joking around like that, but that was eloquent what you said, Bill, and thank you.
You know, we have to face the horror of what the real world is offering us because it affects our children.
And if you don't care about your children, if you don't have children, what about your nephews and nieces or your neighbors or your family or your cousins?
I mean, the dollar just plunged again.
The free trade area of America is just coming online.
Bush is going to have total, blanket, absolute, complete amnesty.
They're putting face-scanning cameras up everywhere.
They're about to start forced psychological testing and forced psychological drugging of every child in America and then every American.
It's all happening!
And if you deny it's happening, it doesn't go away.
Janet in California, go ahead, you're on the air.
Hi Alex, thanks for taking my call today.
Thanks for calling.
I actually have a question for you regarding free speech.
I'm actually a really big Howard Stern fan, and I wanted to know what you thought about the whole situation with him and with Bush getting back into office, how that's going to affect things.
I think Howard Stern is an intellectual prostitute.
I think Howard Stern started telling the truth about 9-11 and stuff because he saw where the wave was going, and because he was angry at the FCC.
I think he has courage to call up Colin Powell's son on the radio and call him inept.
I think that the profane things he does overall are not good for society, but it's his right, especially if it's on satellite, not on broadcast radio, to do it.
And I think that the things neocons calling for torture and secret arrest of citizens to put them in camps is more obscene than dirty words that Stern occasionally uses.
Overall, I think a boxing match is more obscene.
Two men beating each other half to death.
I'm a little sick.
I even like boxing.
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They railed against the crowns.
Another ragtag band declaring they laid their bodies down in a bloody war for liberty for their descendants.
Thank you for joining us, my friends.
We got cut off there.
Before the last break, talking to Janet from California.
Janet, you bring up Howard Stern.
I mean, I think he's profane.
I think that it is bad for children to hear stuff like that in the morning.
But compared to neocons on the radio saying, arrest anyone that disagrees with the government, put them in forced labor camps, as Michael Wiener Savage says, to have people saying torture's good, torturing somebody's just blowing off steam...
I mean, even Joseph Mingala, the Nazi torture master, did what he did behind closed doors.
We've gone to a new level of announcing it openly.
That is light years more obscene than Howard Stern using potty humor.
But I think that the FCC has used him as a case point example to try to regulate and control others' speech and try to rewrite laws over the Internet and satellite.
I was just going to say, I just thought it was kind of ironic the way...
When he was supporting Bush, he didn't really have any problems with the FCC, but when he started going against Bush, all of a sudden the FCC just came crashing down on him.
Yeah, it's all selective enforcement, and Janet, I appreciate your call.
We'll go to Bill and Robert and Mike and Ed and others here in a few minutes.
Let me go ahead and get into more of this news.
This is out of News 24.
Bush nominates Gonzalez...
President George W. Bush on Wednesday named White House Counsel Alberto Joseph Mingala Gonzalez as the new United States Attorney General, making him the highest-ranking Hispanic in any U.S.
That shouldn't even matter.
I don't care what group he's with.
I care about his policies.
With Senate confirmation of the nomination, Gonzalez will replace John Ashcroft, whose resignation...
It was announced on Tuesday.
It is one of several changes expected to be made following Bush's re-election last week to a four-year term.
But human rights advocates immediately signaled they would oppose the nomination, saying Gonzalez has advocated and encouraged the summary treatment of suspects detained in post-9-11 anti-terror campaign as White House counsel.
Gonzalez was the architect of the Bush administration's policy of placing detainees captured in the fight against terrorism beyond the protection of any law, said Human Rights Watch U.S.
Director Jamie Fellner.
And he is the man who came up with the enemy combatant designation for U.S.
citizens, stripping them of all rights.
He is the man in a memo to the Defense Department who didn't want to torture people, saying, look, follow orders.
The president is above the quaint international law and federal law.
He is the law.
We even have those quotes.
I am the law, Judge Dredd, the executioner.
I mean, when you've got a dictatorship, when you've got a god king, a great leader, a maximum leader, when you've got that, you've got tyranny, 110% WDA choice brand tyranny.
Premium tyranny, folks.
Top shelf tyranny.
As good as it gets.
Beluga caviar tyranny.
And this is the guy who was advising Ashcroft and advising the Defense Department, advising, this guy is a piece of work.
I mean, he's actually a brain.
And guess where else we have found where he got his ideas for enemy combatant designation?
The North Vietnamese, when they said, oh, we follow the UN Geneva Convention, we have our own laws in Northern Vietnam against torture, unless...
You're a criminal or a pirate or a terrorist, a gangster, these are the terms they used, and they said, we're giving you an enemy combatant designation.
A criminal designation.
And so they openly tortured our airmen, our sailors, our marines, our army soldiers, in many cases to death.
And Mr. Gonzales, I would guess probably got this from the Justice Department minion who was Vietnamese himself, who helped write the Patriot Act with Gonzales, has come out with these same terms used by the North Vietnamese government.
And so, under Section 802 that he also helped write, all Americans are designated as terrorists,
If we're under the suspicion of any misdemeanor.
Pinch people selling knock-off Rubik's Cubes are hit by Homeland Security.
Veterans complaining to the VA are arrested by Homeland Security.
Pot dealers, county commissioners, potless bar owners.
You name it, everything is terrorism.
And this is the guy, Alberto Joseph Mingala Gonzalez.
I dubbed him Alberto Joseph Mingala Gonzalez.
That's his new name.
And again, we got national attention with Janet the Butcher of Waco, Reno.
Got that in major papers.
And so we're going to keep pushing that name because he deserves it.
I talked about this guy years ago.
And I have all the mainstream news articles where he said we're above the law.
We are above the law.
When you've got governments openly saying they're above the law, and I am the law, you've got big problems.
You are not above the Supreme Court, even though you're puppets.
You're not above the Congress.
You execute the laws of the Congress, executive.
You are not a dictator.
You may claim you are Alberto Joseph Mingala Gonzalez, your new Attorney General, if they confirm him, is not above the law, and it will go through Orrin Hatch's hands and through Senator Specter's hands.
That's why Bush wants Specter in there over the confirmation hearings, Mr. Pro-Abort, who says, don't send me any nominees who are anti-abortion, so he's going to just love Alberto Joseph Mingala Gonzalez because he is called a liberal Republican.
It's very liberal.
He's for torture.
And I've got his memo right here where the president is above international and federal state law.
He can direct agencies to do whatever he wishes.
Giant alarms should be going off right now.
Symbols banging in your head.
This is a red alert.
Please go to InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Email those detailed data pages that we put together with his quotes, mainstream news, documents, photos of people tortured to death, the Army report admitting that this was all ordered, and email it out to everyone in mass.
And we'll get more into this guy more on the Battle of Fallujah.
The CNN poll, 89% of people believe the government's covering up 9-11 in a major CNN poll.
We're going to cover all of this.
But right now, before we go to your calls, anti-war protest in L.A.
gets response with tanks.
What the heck happened in L.A.
last night?
A peaceful anti-war protest in Westwood that a robocop response to armored tanks, actual tanks with turrets and guns, came to dispel the protest.
It's unknown at this moment whether the protesters had permits or what the rationale for bringing the armored response was by officials, but what kind of rationale could possibly merit this approach?
This was now three days ago or two days ago, the night of November 9th.
Two armored tanks showed up at the anti-war protest in front of the federal building in Westwood.
The tanks circled the block twice, the second time parking themselves in the street directly in front of the area where most of the protesters were gathered.
In a raid, some of the people attempted to block the tanks, but police quickly cleared the street.
The people continued to protest the presence of the tanks, but about ten minutes after the tanks drove off, it was unclear as to why the tanks were deployed to the location.
And I have spent time looking at the video.
It's clear video.
These are the large, jumbo-sized armored vehicles.
They're tanks with six wheels.
We saw the exact same vehicles in Oakland doing urban warfare with American citizens, paid role players going, I'm an American, knock the camp, mock interrogations, where'd you get the gun, where do you live, I live in San Francisco.
We've got these drills on tape, and these uniforms look like Marine Corps uniforms.
I don't know if it's Army, Marine Corps.
Calls have been made to the Federal Building, to Schwarzenegger's office.
He himself was a tank driver in the Austrian Army.
A good little punk.
And now we've got this happening, and they yell at the people.
The police yell at them.
They've got their machine guns and their weapons aimed at the people.
Their huge cannons mounted on the tanks.
Oh boy.
Just open conditioning.
Then they pull up with their tanks and drive them back and forth in front of the crowd.
Police laugh at the crowd.
How dare you?
A couple hundred peaceful people.
So let's go ahead and play the audio from the video, and I'll make comments as it plays.
About 30 seconds into this video, peaceful crowd on the sidewalk, not even in the street.
Police ready to arrest them, and the minute they step in the street or fire ever bullets at them, in many cases killing or wounding people when they do do this.
And then up pulls two gigantic armored tanks.
Go ahead and play that.
George Bush, we say no!
The occupation's got to go!
George Bush, we say no!
The occupation's got to go!
So here they are, protesting.
Turn it up a little bit.
The occupation's got to go!
George Bush, we say no!
The occupation's got to go!
Now here comes the tanks.
Pulling up, right up on the edge of the curb.
Cars are honking at the people happily.
Here come the tanks.
Lock it!
Lock the tanks!
Obviously trying to create a provocation.
The troops are now screaming at the people.
The police run over trying to start a riot.
It did not work.
Tiananmen Square, folks.
They're training you for Tiananmen Square.
They're already killing our citizens in the streets.
Innocent young women.
They're not supposed to have tanks in the streets in America.
I just heard one of the protesters.
Bring the troops on now!
Bring the troops on now!
So, this went on for ten minutes.
And then finally, the tanks drive away.
So to understand, folks, peaceful protesters are out there fighting for the rights of those troops who, if they get sent to Iraq, will be breathing depleted uranium, being given experimental injections against federal law.
Now they cheer as the tanks drive away.
And again, this crowd should have been saying to the tanks, they give you deadly vaccines, they make you breathe DU.
It's not good.
The war is a fraud.
We put Saddam into power, told him to invade Iran.
Told him to invade Kuwait.
They don't know how to do that.
But that's okay, at least throughout demonstrating against illegal war.
And now the intimidation is, you come back out and protest, see the tanks show up with three heavy machine guns and a giant cannon complete with turrets and what are clearly wearing Marine Corps tanker gear.
This is the primary fighting vehicle of the U.S.
Marine Corps.
And there go the tanks.
Go back, tanks.
Bill in Wisconsin, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Yeah, I almost got accused of being against you, Alex.
You had that bill from Texas.
That's okay.
Go ahead.
Yesterday, and again, the only time I listened to this character...
When I'm in the car.
But on Sean Hannity's show, he had Greg Pallas.
And the reason he had him on there was to try to humiliate him and shout over him.
But, you know, Greg brought out a few good points concerning the staged election and the vote fraud and so forth.
But Hannity, you know, was just absolutely brutal.
But prior to that, there were two calls from these hannitized idiots that follow him.
Ultra-communists that are so communized they don't even know they're communists.
But listen to this, okay?
They're all concerned about this immigration reform that Bush is once again bringing out into the open.
Total blanket record amnesty, but it's not amnesty.
Right, right.
But see, even these people are starting to say, because the one guy wondered, he said, you know, you said you support Bush all the way and so do I, but, you know, I don't think this is right.
And, you know, Hannity, I can see how he's trying to manipulate his audience.
I've heard him before.
He goes, yeah, it's a problem, but we've got to do something.
Maybe we should be for it.
Yeah, that's right.
Maybe, you know, this is a plan to legalize them so at least we know who they are.
Yeah, see, then under the National ID card, the illegals don't have to do it.
The anybody that comes here then signs up with this system.
It legalizes everybody.
But I think here's what I think we ought to do.
Both Gonzalez and
You know, call the White House.
You're not calling Gonzalez.
Okay, his name is Joseph Mingala Gonzalez.
Umberto Joseph Mingala Gonzalez.
Well, you call him what you want.
On ABC News last night, they're playing this up.
They showed his home roots, you know, the two-bedroom house where the large Hispanic family was raised.
You know, they're going to...
Hey, look, it's clear.
They're going to imply you're a racist if you don't like Mr. Joseph Mingala Gonzalez.
Hey, I didn't like John Ashcroft, and he's a white guy.
This is not going to work, and it is nothing but pandering and pure manipulation.
If Bush appointed a Hispanic who was pro-bill of rights, I would love him.
But you know that isn't going to happen.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, here's what.
I think listeners ought to flood the White House.
We want the borders closed.
We want the borders closed.
In other words, you know, we want conservative principles.
Supposedly, he has a mandate.
Bush has the House, the Senate, 30-plus governors, most of the legislatures.
He has the Supreme Court.
He has most of the federal courts.
He has the executive.
He's got an even bigger majority.
So let's see some gun bans repealed.
Let's see the borders controlled.
Let's see you get out of UNESCO.
That's right.
In other words, let's see the...
Supreme Court nominees that we need, which we're not going to see.
What do you want to bet?
In four years, abortion is just as legal as it is today?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, and Gonzalez, when he was on the Texas Supreme Court, ruled against parental notification.
Yeah, I know.
Oh, I know.
He's an extreme abortion lover.
So you're bad.
See, you're for abortion because you're against it.
You're against abortion, so you're for abortion.
Call the White House.
You're against amnesty, so you're for amnesty.
Learn double think there, Bill.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
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A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Understand, folks, Alberto Joseph Mingala Gonzalez was an Enron lawyer, as you just heard, as documented, voted against parental consent, so when your 12-year-old daughter goes to have an abortion, you're not told.
The guy wrote the memos about how our government's allowed to torture citizens and foreigners.
And then the Pentagon followed those orders and engaged in mass torture people to death.
And now he wants to be your Attorney General.
Lord Bush wants him to be your Attorney General.
That's a big, big deal.
Before we go back to the calls, before we go to Robert and Mike and Ed and Don and Vance and others, and we've got a guest coming up too with Inside Knowledge of 9-11.
We'll also get into CNN.
89% of those polling.
The government's covering up 9-11.
A bunch of news in the battle for Fallujah.
A lot of helicopters and stuff getting shot down.
The open border proposals that we knew were coming, as usual.
Of course, very conservative.
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All right, let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let us now speak with Robert in Texas.
Robert, welcome.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
I was wondering if you'd heard about a segment Tuesday night on MSNBC on a show called Countdown with Keith Olbermann?
No, well, what were they talking about?
They were talking about the commercials put on by Jimmy Walters about Building 7 and why did the buildings fall out.
Did you tape that?
I didn't.
I don't have Evo or anything.
I'm hoping somebody out there has got it.
That was Tuesday night.
Tuesday night.
What time?
7 p.m.
Central time.
Will somebody please mail that to me, folks?
What were they saying on the program?
I emailed you the transcript just so you know.
When did you email that?
Yesterday afternoon.
Okay, I'll get it posted.
Basically, it had... They interviewed a guy named Gerald Posner who wrote a book called Case Closed about the JFK assassination, trying to discredit all the... Did they plug Jimmy's website?
They did mention the website.
Pretty much, it was obviously a disparaging segment about...
Well, I'd love to get the audio of that.
Stay there.
We'll talk more about it when we get back.
We'll continue with your call, Robert.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
In California, peaceful protests now have U.S.
military tanks pulling up and harassing them.
Eighty-nine percent of Americans in a major CNN poll believe the government's covering up
Information on 9-11.
This Alberto Gonzalez character, this Enron lawyer, this pro-abortion lawyer of Bush's, is the guy that came up with a plan to torture people, to strip citizens of their rights.
He told the Pentagon that it was okay to torture, that Bush was above the law.
More on the battle for Fallujah.
A doctor's coming on who had prior knowledge of 9-11.
It's all coming up.
But right now, let's go back to Robert in Texas.
We've had Jimmy Walter on, the multi-millionaire, the mega-millionaire, who put full-page ads in newspapers and magazines talking about the controlled demolition of Building 7, the Pentagon...
He promotes my videos and some other great videos.
And I didn't know that on MSNBC Tuesday night he'd been attacked at 7 p.m.
What's the name of the show again?
You say you sent me the transcript, Robert.
I'm going to be posting that today, but tell us the name of the show.
It's called Countdown with Keith Olbermann.
Oh, yeah, I know that show.
And so basically they had on the case closed, Kennedy assassination, got to say it's all not true.
Well, 92% of people believe the government killed Kennedy, so their propaganda isn't working.
What did this guy say?
First off, when they introduced him, they called him the most respected authority on the subject of 9-11, which I thought was... Wow, he's just respected on everything.
And he immediately says that the ads that Walter split up were straight out of the X-Files, that's the quote.
Goes on to attack him, saying that he just kind of inherited his money and he's kind of a bum.
And then he talks about Building 7 and says...
You know, it's just crazy to think that they demolished it.
Of course, there was no one else on the program.
Again, no plane hit Building 7, and Larry Silverstein says they blew it up.
We're going to play those clips again in a minute.
He goes on, he says, this is a quote, he says, the exact details of what happened that day, those planes taken by 19 hijackers, that's not in doubt.
What's not in doubt is that they were government agents.
What's not in doubt is that there were drills run that morning of flying hijacked jets into the building so NORAD would stand down.
He goes on about Princess Diana, JFK, Martin Luther King... By the way, in major polls, the British people believe the government killed Diana, and she wrote letters two months before she was murdered saying, I've been told by Charles he's going to have me murdered in a fake auto accident.
I guess Diana's a conspiracy theorist, too, and then just magically died of exactly how she said she would.
Then, the final thing that was even more interesting, he said, the host, Pete Goldman, asked him if he thought that guys should be allowed to put ads like this on, and this Posner guy said no, and then he compared people, he compared Jimmy Walters, basically,
He said that these networks would not be putting on an advertisement from an American neo-Nazi that said the Holocaust was a hoax.
Ah, so see now, saying governments lying about anything is equated with being anti-Semitic, see?
I mean, that's just how incredible... And Jimmy Walters, by the way, is a liberal.
So, I mean, this is just so... Yeah, that's what they do.
In fact, in a lot of the ADL literature, if you believe Kennedy was killed by the government, it's secret code words for hating Jews.
Well, I've got to get the video of this.
I'm begging somebody to send it to me.
Well, I thought I'd just call and tell you about it.
Well, it's just totally classic, is it not?
It was just a textbook.
I couldn't believe having no one else on to respond to it.
There's no other opinion being heard.
It's just this whitewasher, Posner.
But they're doing it because they're being damaged.
Because they're being exposed.
Believe me, they wouldn't even be raising this if they weren't desperate.
I hope so.
Thanks, Alex.
All right, folks.
God bless you.
We'll be right back with a guest and more of your calls and a ton of news.
Don't forget the website, prisonplanet.tv.
I'm going to call my webmaster, and I'm going to have the Building 7 section reposted on the main page.
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Government cover-ups.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, coming up here in a few minutes, we've got a doctor who's got more titles in front of his name than the Encyclopedia Britannica.
Dr. William Richard Jones.
Deagle, M.D., D-A-B-F-P-C-C-F-P-A-A-P-M-S-P-P-M-C-I-M-E-A-C-O-E-M-A-A-S-M-A-A-E-M.
And he's worked for the U.S.
government secret programs.
We did searches on him and found out everything he's been telling us was accurate.
He's actually done some news reporting on this before we even learned of him, before he contacted us.
And he's been inside U.S.
government terror training ops where they admitted 9-11 before it happened.
Just one more of the whistleblowers of the hundreds and hundreds, from David Shippers, the man that impeached Bill Clinton, to Bob Dole, former chief of staff, Stanley Hilton, to widows of so-called hijackers, to people of U.S.
military bases, to FBI agents, to...
Victims, family members, to firefighters, to police officers we've had on this show.
There's literally hundreds of them.
The list goes on.
We have a whistleblower page on PrisonPlanet.com that only has 50 or so of them.
Well, that's coming up here in a few minutes.
But now I've learned that Jimmy Walter, who boldly put ads in major newspapers and magazines and national TV ads, telling the facts of how they blew up Building 7, never hit by an aircraft,
What happened at the Pentagon?
All of this is being viciously attacked, and we did confirm the transcript.
We're posting that right now from that countdown show Tuesday night.
I'm going to spend a few minutes on Building 7.
And Paul Watson is adding the transcript from MSNBC and our Building 7 archive of the video clips, the seismographs, the AP reports, the firefighters saying they were told to back off, they were about to blow it up.
Peter Jennings saying that.
Dan Rather talking about, looks like well-placed dynamite.
We're reposting that on the main page right now.
So there's three things I want you to do.
I want you to mass email out this article where they used tanks against regular tanks with regular troops two nights ago in L.A.
to a peaceful protest.
I want you to email out our data page from Infowars.com.
Please do this.
About Alberto Gonzalez being the architect of torture and enemy combatant designations that you then saw the aftermath of in Abu Ghraib and other prisons.
And this Building 7 that we first broke, I don't know, over a year ago.
So please, go and re-email this out, all three of those, to everyone.
There's little links at the bottom that say email this page or grab all three links to the pages and email them out.
Message boards everywhere.
You are unstoppable when you decide to take action and do this.
The power of you.
Millions of listeners taking action simultaneously knocks the globalists upside the head.
Now, they're launching all these propaganda pieces everywhere about 9-11 because they're losing all credibility.
Polls show 50 to 89% of people believing prior knowledge or government involvement in 9-11.
They are panicking.
They are going nuts.
And before we go to Dr. Deagle, I want to...
Play for you from the documentary America Rebuilding, where they describe the rebuilding of the World Trade Center complex.
And first they introduce why they rebuilt Building 7.
First, because on the morning of 9-11, it was the furthest away, it fell, nobody died, which isn't true by the way, a Secret Service agent is listed as dying in it, along with a firefighter.
And then he cuts to that day and shows the building falling, and Silverstein says, we gave the order to pull the building that day on 9-11.
Then, so you know what pull it means, we play a clip where months later they were destroying the remains of 6 and 5, and they go getting ready to pull the building, and it shows them pulling those down months later.
But this is where he talks about on that day pulling it, then we play a months later pulling the remains of other buildings to give you the definition of pull it, meaning industry term for controlled demolition.
Then we play Dan Rather, second set for Building 7 collapse that afternoon, saying, looks like well-placed dynamite.
For the seismographs, the AP reports, people saying that they were told to back off, they were going to pull the building.
For the audio, Peter Jennings saying that.
That Rudolph Giuliani in the FEMA command bunker in Building 7 was told to get out hours before.
That's all on PrisonPlanet.com and the archives and InfoWars.com.
Just type in Pool Building 7 into our search engine and it'll pop up.
But it'll be on the main page here in about ten minutes.
Paul Watson, our incredible webmaster, just assured me during the break when I called him.
Let's go ahead and hear this first clip about Building 7 from PBS documentary where Larry Silverstein... By the way, we've called his office at least ten times.
Other people have called it dozens of times.
We have this out.
You type in Larry Silverstein's name on the web, my website comes up first.
He's never challenged it, never corrected it.
He just keeps real quiet about it.
By the way, buildings closer to Tower 1 and 2 got barely damaged or not damaged, like the Millennium Hilton, and this building way far away, not hit by a plane, catches fire, two small fires, and implodes magically.
So here, and yes, I'm excited about this.
This is incredible.
This is a smoking gun.
And then this thing magically collapses.
So here's that first clip.
World Trade Center 7 had always been considered the starting point for rebuilding.
Located north of the slurry wall, 7 had been cleared faster than the rest of the site.
And there had been no bodies to recover.
Pelted by debris when the North Tower collapsed, 7 burned until late afternoon.
I remember getting a call from the fire department commander telling me that they were not sure they were going to be able to continue the fire.
I said, you know, we've had such terrible loss of life.
Maybe the smallest thing to do is pull it.
And they made that decision to pull until we watched the building.
Scott is rolling these off the internet.
And because it gets a lot of traffic, sometimes it hiccups.
And with something this important, Scott, we're going to play these clips.
But later in the hour, I want to play them cleanly because people will think we edited it or something.
I want you to go back to InfoWars.com before everybody starts linking to it again and you can't load it.
And I want you to re-record those, because those have hiccups all over them.
It's not your fault, I know.
We had clean recordings of it, then it got erased out of the computer a year ago.
We re-recorded them a few weeks ago off the internet, and it's got hiccups.
So go, please record it without the hiccups.
Because people need to hear this.
And again, you could buy it from PBS until a few months ago.
Now the Boston PBS that produced America Rebuilding will not sell it anymore.
I wonder why.
But play clip two.
This is from the same documentary where they talk about demolishing remains of buildings a month later, and the pullet means demolition.
So here's that clip.
By mid-December, the Department of Design and Construction had leveled World Trade Center buildings four and five.
Oh, we're getting ready to fall building six.
We had to be very careful how we demolished building six.
We were worried about the building six coming down and then damaging the story wall, so we wanted that particular building to fall within a certain area.
Okay, so that clip's clean.
Here's Dan Rather, and by the way, I've got this Dan Rather clip in Police State 3, Total Enslavement.
Here's Dan Rather, about 30 seconds after it collapses, they rewind it, and he goes, we're going to go to videotape now, and this is what he says of the video as it's rolled.
Here it is, Dan Rather.
And again, what you're seeing are high shots.
Now, here we're going to show you a videotape of the collapse itself.
Now we go to videotape the collapse of this building.
It's amazing.
Amazing, incredible, pick your word.
For the third time today, it's reminiscent of those pictures we've all seen too much on television before when a building was deliberately destroyed by well-placed dynamite to knock it down.
Okay, now those last two clips are clean, so do me a favor.
Don't type in...
Pull WTC7 and get me the Silverstein clip again and then just dump that bad one we recorded and get me a clean one.
Thank you so much for doing an incredible job.
You're doing five people's job up there.
Okay, I want to thank him for holding.
If I try to read his bio, it's literally ten pages long.
government at every level.
He's worked for the U.S.
He's now gone back to Canada, I guess, to get out of this police state, but out of the frying pan into the furnace.
And he's written some articles for the web.
Very bold person telling the truth.
He's Dr. William Richard Deagle, MD, and every other D you can imagine.
I've never seen anything like this.
This guy has worked in cybernetics, secret operations, the list goes on and on.
Medical examiner, just everything else.
It just goes on and on and on and on.
Doctor, good to have you on with us.
Thank you, Alex.
Now that we're speaking on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, hopefully people will wake up and realize it's the 11th hour for America, too.
It is.
Sometimes it is the 11th hour, the 11th day of the 11th month.
Yeah, of course, the initial...
It was called Armistice Day because that's when they signed the armistice.
I guess I wanted to kind of focus rather than being on too many topics today, but the thing that concerns me most is the story that goes back that I sent to Paul Joseph Watson and I was posted on Prison Planet back on September the 8th.
And that show goes back to a personal experience because it's good to have documentation from people on the inside.
Besides things that are in the public media.
I was an occupational physician for Penrose St.
Francis Hospital in Colorado Springs from 94 and 95.
And my boss, who is a major, George Schwinder, was not available to do the exit examinations on the forensic munitions team that went from Fort Carson to the Oklahoma City Murrah Building.
And when the team came back, I had to do their examinations to clear them that they were medically well.
We'll talk about this, but then I do want to get into 9-11 as well, and your prior knowledge of that as well, in a government anti-terror meeting.
Stay there.
Talking to Dr. William Richard Deagle, medical doctor.
When we get back, ladies and gentlemen, and we checked him out, he's been in these projects.
It's documented.
Brace yourselves.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents...
Because there's a war on for your mind.
On September 11th, but going back to... We'll play that clip later.
Going back to Dr. Deagle, and we have the article on prisonplanet.com where these troops come back to Colorado Springs.
He's checking them out, the ordinance teams that were sent to Oklahoma City.
And I heard this years ago from different government sources, but we couldn't confirm it.
And now we get into radiation, micro-nukes.
I'll continue, Doctor.
Yeah, what happened is this guy started...
Really having a bit of a panic attack right in my examination room at St.
Francis Hospital in Colorado Springs.
And I said, you know, what's going on?
These are military personnel and they're used to being in difficult situations.
The same team was in the Khobar Towers forensic evaluation over in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, I guess a couple of years before that.
I said, look, I'm not going to do anything for you until you come clean because I have to know where you're exposed to, if it's chemicals or dust or whatever.
And he said it wasn't any of those.
It was radiation.
He said, look, we...
I said, come on.
Got exposed to radiation.
He said, look at this.
And he showed me this weird rash on him.
I said, gee, that looks strange.
And he said, look, I want sperm counts.
I want blood tests.
I said, look, you've got to tell me the whole story of what happened.
He said, look, you're not going to put my name out there, and I won't.
But he told me everything.
He said, we removed two baseball-sized micronuclear weapons that were on the pillars of the building and a very large C4 pineapple that could have vaporized the building.
He also told me that...
The debris was hauled away by Wackenhut under armed security, and they were told that all of their bags were searched and checked with radiation detectors.
Now, we have video and news articles about that.
We know they have detectors out there.
We know they took it to Wackenhut landfill, buried it, poured concrete over it, and men with machine guns guard it to this day.
And, in fact, he was told that if he removed any debris, that he would be killed.
And these are military personalities that are our top forensic team.
Basically, that's why they were sent from Fort Carson.
And these are forensic munitions experts for both chemical and nuclear.
And they went over to the Cobar Towers, and they said the building wasn't blown up by this load of ammonium nitrate bomb.
And I'm a chemist as well.
That's what I did before I was medicine.
I was a biochemist and bacteriologist.
I did some research in that area.
I said, look, you know, ammonium nitrate, tell me.
And he said, well, it's one-seventh the amount of ammonium nitrate that just blew the windows in on the Cobar Towers building.
The entire front of the building was sheared off.
And I said, well, where were these nukes from?
He said, they were placed there by ATF and FBI special units.
I said, my God.
I said, you're not telling me the truth.
He said, yes, I am.
And he said, and the federal judge was paged out, and we were told if we ever spoke about this that we would be terminated.
Well, I know that the BATF told police on the ground, we interviewed them for the Road to Tyranny, that, yeah, they got a page not to come in.
Two minutes after the bomb went off, they were in full mop gear, full bomb gear, and some of the bombs did not go off.
There's video of them removing these bombs.
And I want to tie that in, without spending too much time on that, into the other thing.
In 1997-98, I worked for Reserve Admiral John Hughes in Denver, and we had a contract for all the hazmat for the state of Colorado.
So I did the examinations pretty well, and everyone that had any incidents was moving our radioisotopes out of Rocky Flats, our warheads, and our nerve gas was heading usually across the state to Utah, either be stored or disposed of in their disposal facility.
And what happened is that we also did the simulations for Operation Top Off and Dark Winter.
We did a simulation on 17th Avenue in which we had a little mock spray unit with an air pressurizer spraying a mist over the second floor window of an apartment on 17th Avenue in Denver, which is like big canyon walls buildings.
And the idea was we would have hazmat officers and EMTs go to the local hospitals and simulate symptoms, and then the hospital emergencies were to try to figure out what would happen.
And do a public health analysis to figure out where the release was.
Yeah, that was public.
But, I mean, I want to go back to the guy in the micro-nooch.
Did you test his blood?
Yeah, I did, actually.
We tested him, and he called me back, and I told him to go get the other test of his primary doc, which ones to get.
And those clear, those are okay.
But he was pretty panicky.
And, you know, I put that on the shelf because it was my first exposure to the really weird stuff.
Now, of course...
There's a number of other stories we could get into because I worked in many classified projects in Colorado.
Underground, taking care of some of these various different people working on very, very classified projects.
Yeah, I don't want to, sir, I don't want to get into anything classified.
No, I don't want to get into that.
So what I thought I'd do is tie it into the 9-11.
And 9-11, what happened is because we worked on Operation Top-Off and Dark Winter, we
What happened is, I met in March 1, 2001, with Dr. Jay Reddington, who's one of the senior guys in our project, with the national director for the CDC, Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, for bioterrorism, and the FBI director for bioterrorism nationally.
And I was invited to a private lunch with them to talk about what's happened in the last few years in terms of what we did to try to solve our... And this is where 9-11 comes in.
This is huge, folks.
Pay attention.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
I have masses of news.
Coming up on the new Attorney General nominee, who is the architect of the modern torture program that would make Mingle a smile with admiration.
We have news about the battle for Fallujah.
Major polls where 89% of Americans believe the government's covering up the truth of 9-11.
A new poll out by CNN.
So much coming up, but we are honored to have riding shotgun with us Dr. William Richard Deagle, M.D., and we're going to
We've got his basic bio post.
We're going to post more of the articles he's written and what he's said in the section on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com for folks.
We'll also put a transcript of this interview out there on the site as soon as one is prepared by the great folks that do that for us.
But, Dr. Deagle, we've got some time here, so go over how you're already seeing pieces of this working for the government and
Working in classified areas, and then right before 9-11, and you've written all this down and put it out publicly, took a lot of courage.
Right before 9-11, you're in a meeting, and here's something very interesting.
Tell us all about it.
Well, I met Jay outside of the conference.
It was an infectious disease and bioterrorism conference at the Adam's Mark Hotel in downtown Denver on March 1 of 2001.
And I was talking to him and, of course, I asked him questions.
Did we solve these public health and, you know, notification and event and analysis problems?
And he said, well, no, but why don't you join me for lunch?
And the director for the FBI and CDC are there and we'll talk about this.
And we had a couple of hours for lunch.
We had a long time to talk.
And so I'm sitting across and we're talking about what happened in Dark Winter and Operation Top Off and then plans for more simulations.
And the FBI director kind of breaks in and he says, you know, there's going to be an attack on a northeastern city in the next 24 months.
I said, come on.
And he said, yeah, 95% certainty.
And he looked at me real seriously.
You know, he's like, you know, take me serious now.
We're not just kind of having a friendly lunch here.
I said, no, I want you to repeat that.
He said, look, there's a 95% chance there will be an attack on a northeastern city in the next 24 months.
I said...
He said, yeah.
Repeat that.
He said, look, there will be.
He said, 100% chance.
I said, come on.
How do you know that?
He said, we've been doing these simulations and these other things.
I said, well, what do you mean?
I said, which city?
And I mentioned different cities.
And he said, we got down to New York.
And I said, well, what scenarios?
I said, because I'm familiar.
I belong to the nuclear division of ACOM, and I have training in infectious disease and bioterrorism.
So I asked him, and he said,
Well, we talked about airplanes going into buildings.
We talked about suitcase nukes.
We talked about release of bioweapons in the subway systems.
And I said, well, what are you doing about it?
I mean, obviously, if there's people doing this, you have the capacity.
I know, because I work with these projects where you're monitoring everything, communications and everything in the United States.
Why would you not just go pick up the people that you think are doing this?
And he didn't have an answer.
And I said, well,
What are your plans?
And he said, well, there will be an attack.
And he said, we'll kill 50,000 to 500,000 Americans and bring in the national implantable ID.
And I said, what?
I said, you've got to be kidding.
And he said, no, I'm serious.
This is going to happen.
I said, you mean all the work we've done isn't stopping anything?
I said, I don't see, since we had our meetings and after all these dark winter and so on, that
Any progress has been made to help the primary, frontline, EMT, hospital, emergency, primary doctor, anywhere in any city like Denver, which is... Well, they admit 98% of all this funding is military.
It's bullets, not doctors.
As one of your colleagues said a few years ago about Dark Winter, an Operation Top-Off conducted in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and other states.
And again, folks, we posted an article the doctor wrote
We're good to go.
I think?
It is on record.
You were in these meetings with these people, and now you're saying all this on air, and it meshes exactly with what we already have learned ourselves and our own independent investigations and from a hundred other major whistleblowers, Doctor.
Yeah, it's very disturbing that it's not being taken more seriously by the public.
For example, for my patients, I recommend they all carry a NIOSH N95 mask, which just stops particulates.
And a friend of mine, Steve Queen, who actually works with the military in...
And has a private company in Colorado Springs putting together an emergency kit, which is really important.
And I'm going to post it on my site, which is a banner on your website.
But it's NutraMedical.com.
But it's really important that people start taking personal measures because they're not protected.
These major cities, the government's doing nothing.
I mean, they came out a couple years ago with duct tape and 100 mil poly.
It's crazy.
I want to go back to this specific meeting in the Adams-Marc Hotel, March 1st, 2001.
You're meeting at the bioterrorism medical conference, and the FBI director and others are there, and you're there with them, and he's openly saying there's going to be this massive attack in New York, we're going to take everybody's rights, put implantable chips in them, write off the attack they announced.
Yeah, they even mentioned martial law and implantable chips and everything.
And then, is this when things finally started clicking for you?
Everything came together then.
Two years before that, in 1999, my friends were in Delta and Special Ops, because I taught the course in February of 2002 in St.
Louis with the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and Bioterrorism.
I was the main speaker in our class with not only the doctors, but also Special Ops and Delta, so I know these guys.
And so in 1999, they were sending me information on Homeland Security, the actual pieces of the Homeland Security Act, two years before 9-11.
And again, Bill Clinton gave a speech in 1993 about Homeland Security.
Use that term.
Yeah, you're right on, Alex.
And it's a good thing you're ringing this bell, because the Liberty Bell in America is cracked, but it's not broken.
And we better...
Yeah, we're being captured by a small elite, and then they're going to be used as the muscle globally to enslave everybody else.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
Who can make war with America?
Who is insane enough to go to war with America, you know?
Who would go to war...
Like I talked to the guys in the tank division.
Yeah, why would real Arab countries really launch attacks knowing it would bring down the greatest military ever seen?
I talked to the guys in the tank division because I took care of them when they came back.
And one of the doctors that helped discover the cause of Gulf War Syndrome, which of course is depleted uranium and the anthrax vaccines are relabeled 20 years old, etc.
But one of the guys was saying, you know, these guys in the first Iraq war that were the Iraqis were just looking, they...
They could barely see us, and we could see that we just lock on, press a button, and it was just like a video game.
They're boom, boom, boom.
All of their T-70, T-80 tanks are just evaporating literally in front of them.
Why would anybody be insane enough to fight with the American Armed Forces?
Are they out of their minds?
That includes everyone.
Russians, Chinese, anybody.
Well, now we have the video of Marines, they're in Marine uniforms, in actual tanks now, a small protest on the street corner, peaceably, and the tanks come up and troops scream at the people with the police.
I mean, they really, these are probing conditioning exercises.
Yeah, it's trying to convert the American military to the national federal police, and of course,
You know, it gets more disturbing than that because obviously, what are they going to do?
Recruit all of the young people and turn our entire country into an armed force?
And if you don't have your ID on you, you're immediately taken to detention to verify who you are with blood samples and
Iris scans and biometrics.
And by the way, that's in Patriot Act II.
That's now passed the House and Senate in-conference committee.
Illegal aliens are given a waiver, by the way.
They don't have to do it.
That's actually public, folks.
Doctor, going back, because I want to go to some calls here.
Dr. William Richard Deagle.
Worked at many levels of the U.S.
You're in this meeting with the FBI director.
He keeps saying all this.
What was your response?
And then what were you thinking and what else did he say?
I just couldn't believe it.
I got very upset.
I said, you know, what are you going to do?
Let thousands of American citizens die at the hands of your incompetence?
I said, where are the showers for decontamination?
Oh, I see showers.
I said, I talked to the guys at Fort Carson and these other military places.
There's no showers.
I don't see proper decon facility manuals for any of the hospitals.
I worked at the time, just previously then, in Swedish, which is one of the largest hospitals in Colorado.
Where are the emergency push carts for the drugs and the other things?
Where are the treatments for people with burns and radiation injuries if there's a radiological bomb?
I mean, I don't see anything.
I said, you don't even have particulate masks for people if they have particles, either alpha particles or radiation particles.
Or biological weapons, you have nothing.
So I personally bought particle masks to give to all my patients, which I did over the last few years, and I gave them to them.
I said, look, keep these with you in a Ziploc bag, and if something happens, you at least can stop the particles and you can get a poncho and do some other simple things.
Meanwhile, they're giving potassium iodate to all the police and firefighters and federal workers, but not telling the public to get it.
Absolutely, and they should all have it.
I told all my patients, I said, get this potassium iodate.
I said, soon the government's going to have it all locked up, and it'll be under their control, and if you don't go to them, you won't be able to get any, but you can now buy it on the Internet and get potassium iodate.
Okay, so I want to continue.
So you're at this meeting months before 9-11.
Was anything else said after you stood up to the FBI director?
Yeah, I asked him other specific questions.
I said, what are you going to do about this and this?
I said, look, we talked about airplanes.
I said, well, no airplanes are going to go in there because my uncles used to fly planes and I used to fly these light planes with them.
I said, you can go a mile off course and you'll be taken down by a jet.
I said, and then suitcase nukes, I said, obviously you can see from space because
They can see if there's radioisotopes in every major city.
They fly jets over every week over a city, and they can see from space if there's radioisotopes.
By the way, folks, they can see them with the newest ground-penetrating radar that's declassified.
That's 20 years old.
Who knows what they have now?
They can see 400 feet through solid rock.
With the cheap models they've given police, they can see 4 feet through concrete.
Yeah, and I told them.
I challenged them.
I said, look, I know this, so...
If you're saying that somebody's got suitcase nukes in there, I said, all you have to do is send the police down there and pick them up, and that's that.
Again, the ground-penetrating radar is different from the radiation detectors.
They're even more powerful because of the signature of these, and I've just read the reports.
You're obviously the scientist and doctor that knows about this.
So to be clear, in your article you talk about this, you just mentioned it.
The FBI director and others were talking about planes flying in the buildings?
Oh, yes.
They talked about that.
Not my words, your words.
Please state it for us.
That's what they said.
I said, that's insane.
I said... Well, what specifically did they say?
They said, well, they said we worked out... We've had simulations in the past and we're having future simulations.
Of airplanes being used as fuel air bombs to go into major populated areas and tall buildings.
And we know they had drills from 95 right through the morning of 9-11 with the exact same drills being run of exactly what happened at the very exact same time as the cover.
And you said to them, well, wait a minute, when you get off course a mile, they launch F-16s.
What did he say when you said that?
Well, he said, well, he said we're still doing simulations.
I said, well, look, I have guys that I know
Inside the Pentagon, and there's two teams of fellows that can go in a high-speed elevator to the roof,
And these two teams have Stinger missiles, can launch a missile over... And there's been video of those guys on top of the White House and Pentagon.
I remember in the 80s... Right, I said, well, what are you talking about?
I said... I remember seeing the guys on the roof with the Stingers.
Right, and I also said, well, why don't you post guys like that or have anti-artillery weapons like they did in Baghdad the first Gulf War?
Or in General Italy, right at that very time, they were having the General Italy Summit with missiles on the roof.
Right, and why don't they have...
Have that capability on the top of all major tile buildings like the Chicago Tower or the Sears Tower?
So every time he'd raise something that there was a scenario, I'd come back with an answer.
I asked him.
And I said, this is really getting aggravating.
I said, you people are going to be incompetent until half a million Americans are dead.
So they were setting the stage and admitting it's going to happen, we're not going to stop it.
And I got really angry.
I said, that's it.
I said, you guys are going to destroy this country by your incompetence and inaction.
Or complicity.
And at that point, everything shut up.
What did the director say when he brought up microchips?
He said they're going to bring in martial law, totally suspend the Constitution, and give the national ID to all American citizens and the implantable microchip.
And at that point, after you had this meeting, what did you go and then do?
I told my wife, who of course had known because we have a very open relationship,
And I kind of wrote this down because I wanted to recall all these events to do very exactly.
The disturbing thing was, when he mentioned the word microchips, I got really, really angry.
You could see the blood vessels, I'm sure, sticking out of my forehead.
I was so upset.
Because back in 99, one of my contacts had actually shown me the national ID, or one of the different types of IDs that are out there being manufactured.
This one was made by Healthcare Technologies out of Madison.
And they had also shown me the
Implantable chips.
They're encapsulated either in Pyrex or titanium.
And again, that's because out in Colorado you're working in some classified programs.
And so I have all these contacts.
And of course, what's amazing is they know something really specific in one little area and they want to know everything else you know because as a physician you work in all these different facilities and you know a broader picture than they do so they often exchange.
And the most upset people that I've met were people who were former
Special Ops, Delta, military, you know, pretty high up in the inside that were really disturbed that this is the abuse of the American military.
It's putting people in harm's way without proper protection.
For example, they knew darn well when they were blowing up these chemical sites in Iraq that we had run out of capsules to protect our guys from the chemicals.
They knew that when these shells were hitting the sides of their Bradley fighting machines, they were getting depleted uranium, and it was filled in their lungs.
I mean, I did chest x-rays, and you could see their lungs filled with depleted uranium particles all through their lungs.
This is very disturbing.
They're putting our boys at risk without proper equipment, without proper protection, and without proper backup.
But they always kick all the old guys out and bring in a new poor crop of ignorant people that don't know what's happening.
Fast forward to 9-11.
The morning of 9-11, how did you first learn of it?
What did you think going back to that meeting a few months before with the FBI director?
Well, that day I was driving my kids to Chatfield High School because my two older sons were going there.
It's a couple miles from Columbine.
And I lived in Highlands Ranch, which is in South Denver.
And when I heard it on the radio, I couldn't believe it.
I was sinking, feeling like, oh my gosh.
I was holding the steering wheel like I'm going to lose it.
On the road, I was just so shaken by the fact that this happened.
Because I knew that they did it.
I knew that they did it.
And then when I heard it was buildings, you see, because I'm a chemist.
I knew they did it too.
Yeah, I knew that.
I just knew in my gut.
And my gut told me they did it.
They did it.
And I knew it was planes going into the building.
I said, well, look, jet fuel doesn't even get that high.
I knew it had to hit 2,600 degrees to even melt the steel.
I said, oh my God, I know that this was brought down probably the same way as they brought the Oklahoma City building.
That's why I mentioned that story first.
And my contacts since, in the last few years, have told me exactly what you said, Alex.
You're right on the money on every single one of these stories.
You're right there.
Is that they brought those buildings down
With pre-placed munitions in the walls and in the structure of that building and right down the bedrock.
And then that's why for a month it was still molten metal down on the bottom because of the incredible heat generated, and that was what the satellite public photos showed.
Absolutely, and the reason why it was still hot is because the hot radioisotopes are still down there cooking away.
That's why five weeks later it's hot.
You know, if it was jet fuel, it would not be hot.
Five weeks later, come on.
It's only going to hit 1,600 degrees.
It's unbelievable.
We're going to come back and take calls, my friends.
Doctor, can you stay with us into the next hour?
Most definitely.
All right.
We're talking to Dr. William Richard Deagle, M.D.
And they're going to have more attacks in this country, and they're going to have martial law unless we cause an awakening right now.
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It's about power.
It's about control.
It's about domination.
The new Attorney General...
On the verge of being confirmed is the architect of saying the president is above the law, torture is legal, the president is above federal law.
That is ridiculous.
That is asinine.
That is a complete and total fraud.
That is balderdash, cockamamie, whatever word you want to use.
It's unbelievable.
And before we go back to Dr. Deagle and take your calls, I've made two 9-11 films, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, and part two of that, The Masters of Terror, Exposed.
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Please take action.
Please don't wait.
Expose the murdering terrorist.
Bring the murderers of those 3,000 people to justice.
And you can link through to articles that Dr. Deagle's written also at prisonplanet.com and his website right now.
Dr. Deagle, let's go to some calls for those that have been holding and being extremely patient.
I guess up next here, who's up next here?
Mike in Texas, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Three points I'd like to make.
Bush is a good example.
Instead of people looking to him as a savior, instead of looking to Jesus Christ.
And people need to start being heroes themselves and taking charge.
Two other comments.
There's this Alberto Gonzalez fellow.
I wouldn't be surprised that with this coming Latin Americanization of America...
That we'll be seeing hate crimes legislation when Americans start taking charge against this illegal immigration problem.
Which Bush is for total legalization?
This guy's pro-abortion, doesn't want you to be informed parentally when your 12-year-old goes to have an abortion, when he's on the state Supreme Court, an Enron lawyer, and the architect, the architect of the torture.
But that makes perfect sense that...
If there is a future hate crimes legislation preventing people from taking any action or information and information warfare against this Mexican invasion.
Another point, too, is I don't know if you've seen the article or have, but when the North American Free Trade Agreement came into effect about 1993-94, Kissinger had wrote an editorial piece in Time Magazine that NAFTA was a gigantic step towards a
New World Order, that was the most creative... No, I've got his quote, NAFTA is a great leap towards a New World Order, and now the free trade area of the Americas, the final summation, and the average American has no idea, and the dollar plunged again today.
I mean, we are being looted.
Doctor, are we not being looted right now?
What's happening is that they're, in a sense, they have a large, it's like a transfusion siphon, sucking all the capital out of America into Europe and other countries.
And it's to use America's military power, and then when America has been completely drained of all of its life, then to throw it away as a lifeless carcass.
That's what the plan is.
And to subjugate so that everyone will be under global taxation.
And I can't agree more with your caller about we have to become personal heroes, and we also have to look to God and to Jesus and to Yeshua as our Savior, because George Bush or none of these politicians are going to save us with what's coming.
Ladies and gentlemen, hour number three.
Only 70 seconds away.
And we've posted the WTC suction.
Transmit globally.
Introducing... Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, thank you for joining us on this live Thursday, November 11, 2004 edition.
Already into the third hour.
If you missed the last hour, we talked to, and we're continuing to talk to, Dr. William Richard Deagle, M.D.,
Worked for the U.S.
military in a lot of secret projects.
Met with the FBI director months before 9-11.
They talked about how they were going to let it happen.
Planes into buildings to bring in martial law and the New World Order.
We detailed it in the last hour.
And his bio is incredible.
We checked him out.
He did work inside the government at every level.
Did meet with the FBI director.
And now he's going public with all of this.
It's just absolutely amazing, and we're taking calls, and then we're also going to get into the new Attorney General, the architect of the torture, the guy that said the President's above the law, the guy that told the Pentagon to go ahead and torture, the guy that says enemy combatants script U.S.
citizens of their rights, ship them overseas for torture.
He's also pro-abortion, pro not giving parents notification of their children as young as 12 having abortions, but your child's got to have a permission slip to go to the zoo or the planetarium or the museum.
A lot of our troops getting killed in the battle for Fallujah.
The dollar plunging even more.
Major CNN poll out.
89% of Americans with the government is covering up 9-11.
Continuing with Dr. Deagle.
Dr. Deagle, let's go back to calls.
Let's go to Randy in Florida, then Ron, Marcello, Bob, and others.
Randy, go ahead.
Alex, you hit the nail on the head about Mr. Goose Stepping Gonzalez.
You know, he'd be right at home in the Third Reich, you know,
He openly says, Bush is the supreme law.
Bush is above the law.
Sounds like they're making a new furor.
Yeah, well, you know, Bush, the phony conservative, you know, I mean, everybody that voted for him, you know, deserves a bow and a button and a dunce cap.
You know, they fit right in with Lenin's description of useful idiots.
But even if they would have voted for Kerry, they had it fixed that way.
That's how controlled this is.
Well, the amazing thing is, well, the last term where Bush sat, there were four million babies that died.
Stem cell research went forward.
All of the things that you just can't even imagine, they're classified, they're horrendous.
Abuses of humanity went forward.
So, where do people get the impression that President Bush is pro-life or a Christian?
Well, Jerry Falwell came out yesterday and said we need an evangelical revolution over the next four years.
Well, there could have been one at the polls last week if all of those people would have voted for Peruca.
That would have been an evangelical revolution.
If their first alliance is not to the Bonesmen and the satanic cult, but to the Lord God of Heaven, who actually is the founder of the nation of America, which was a republic and not a democracy, then we would probably be moving forward
With grace and protection instead of toward destruction.
All these brainwashed and hoodwinked evangelical leaders like Falwell and Chafley, you know, they're just as full of hot air as their hero worship, Mr. Bush.
Well, of course, they control the media, the regular media.
They don't control the alternative media, which is why they're trying to shut down the access networks.
And ultimately, they want to shut down the Internet because they don't want the public to know this because of an awake public.
It's like the movie, I think, Ants.
You know, when they realize that there's a lot of those little ants out there, and if they decide not to accept our deal, they won't no longer be slaves to the system.
And that's what's coming.
They want to turn us into a new feudalism of the third millennium.
They want to have a new genetically hierarchy feudalism with everybody implanted and controlled, just like the movie The Matrix.
Why do you think all these things are coming out?
They want to turn, literally, America into hell on earth.
Well, I don't go along with that, and I don't play that game.
You mentioned the NIOS 95 mask.
What about the military M17?
What do you mean by that?
Is that a good mask?
He's asking about gas masks.
Yeah, different ones, yeah.
The two best that I've seen in terms of price is the Canadian and the Israeli gas masks are the best priced.
But the military one is very good.
All right, thanks, caller.
Thanks for the call.
And again, we're talking to a doctor who admittedly worked, this is admitted, in top-secret government cyborg operations.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're about to go to Dr. William Richard Deagle, M.D.
Worked with the federal government, a lot of different classified programs.
I'm looking at his bio here.
Checked out his name in the news.
All over the place, meeting with the FBI director, involved in dark winter and top-off exercises.
Months before 9-11, in a meeting with the FBI director, they said that the attacks were going to take place with jet planes.
Nothing's going to be done to stop it.
We're bringing in the police state.
And I'm literally looking here at his bio and all of the advanced sensory nerve mapping diagnoses and acute chronic pain investigations, all the different federal and state boards, all the things he's done in research, and now he's writing articles and exposing the New World Order in 9-11.
And again, he was intimately involved and witnessed a lot of this right down at the ground level.
We'll go back to him in just a couple minutes, and then we'll get to Ron in New York and Marcello and Bob and Albert and many, many others that are patiently holding and get into a ton of news here about the new Attorney General and the battle for Fallujah and what's happening there, the plunging dollar, major polls out where 89% of Americans believe the government's covering up 9-11.
That's a CNN poll.
It's all coming up.
And now the mainstream media from ABC News to NBC is attacking people that talk about Building 7 being blown up.
Well, we've told Larry Silverstein to come on the show, the owner.
He says they blew it up.
The firefighters say they blew it up.
We have all the documents, all the tapes, all the clips, all the articles reposted on the main page of PrisonPlanet.com right now.
And it's important for you to email it out and post it everywhere.
And again, start the news cycle on this.
Again, exposing their lies, their counter-offensive against us.
So, please do that immediately.
I'm begging you.
You can have such an effect, it will just take action.
Email everybody on your email list.
Go to a few message boards.
Email all the big websites.
Tell them, repost this.
It's important.
We have the power.
We can affect change.
The globalists are losing credibility.
They're losing control.
They're panicking.
Oh, by the way, we're going to be joined now by Debbie Morrow for two or three minutes.
I talked last week about how the water's stinking so bad in Austin, Texas.
And it was in the Sunday paper, I wasn't aware of this, that yeah, you know, there's some plant life and some sewage in it, but don't worry, chlorine's been added, so it's not bad for you.
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I mean, even in iced tea, you smell it.
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They're not going to filter it.
And that's just the town where I live, folks.
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So, hey, sewage is good for you.
Debbie, people need to call you, not for disasters that may be coming, but just to stop drinking the current disaster of herbicide, pesticide, sewage, dead bacteria.
Yeah, the chlorine kills it all, but you're still drinking dead sewage, dead bacteria.
It ain't good for you, is it, Debbie?
No, it's not.
It's really bad for you.
Gosh, you know...
Sure, hey Debbie, there's some sewage and dead plant and bacteria matter, but just enjoy it.
No, let's not.
Let's burky our water.
You're not with Al-Qaeda, are you?
Questioning the government means you're with Al-Qaeda.
Well, I hope not, because then I would be in a lot of trouble, I guess.
I'm joking with you, my dear, but tell folks about the specials, how they call, or maybe they can just trust the government and keep drinking the water.
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And Debbie, anything else?
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Hey, Debbie, take care.
Thanks, Alex.
Have a wonderful day.
You bet.
Debbie's a sweetheart, and there are great products made in America.
If you want the British ones, they're excellent as well, and they have those too.
But, you know, they're kind of evil over there at New Millennium.
They have stuff made in America.
I know.
It's rare.
Okay, going back to Dr. Deagle.
We're about empowering folks here, Doctor, just like you are.
Dr. Deagle, we're going to go back to calls here, but for those that just joined us that missed the last hour...
What a sin that missed that incredibly powerful information.
Please, just in a two-minute nutshell before we go back to calls, recap how you woke up to the New World Order, some of the programs you were involved in without getting into classified areas there in Colorado Springs, and then in the meetings with the FBI director months before 9-11, what you heard.
Recap that for us, please.
Well, in 95, I did the exit examination on the munitions team that went to the
Cobar Towers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and then also were sent over to the Alfred P. Murrah building after it was blown up and examined that debris.
There were five gentlemen came back.
They were from Fort Carson.
My boss, Major George Winder, wasn't available, so I did their exit exam.
One guy had a nervous breakdown, told me that the building was blown up by special units of FBI and ATF that used micronuclear bombs from the Army Corps of Engineers that were used for underground excavations.
Those buildings were brought down with nuclear weapons.
Debris was radioactive.
They used radiation detectors on site.
Told my guys that if they removed any debris, they would be killed.
By the way, the micro-nuke stuff, I got that when I first got started from government sources a decade ago when I started exposing this.
And people said, oh, that doesn't exist.
Now they admit they have whole families of micro-nukes.
Yeah, these were baseball size.
He held his hands up like a baseball.
And he said they were stuck to the side of the pillars.
That's why the building was sheared off.
And he explained to me, because I'm a chemist as well,
That the building was one-seventh the amount of ammonium nitrate in that truck out front, the Ryder truck that supposedly blew the building up and sheared the front off.
He said it was impossible.
He said just the detonation zone around it, it would have just blown windows in.
But by the grace of God, some of the bombs didn't go off.
Two of them didn't go off and a C4 Pineapple.
Two nukes and a C4.
They removed from the building.
They were non-detonated.
Fast forward to the meeting March 1, 2001, after working with Reserve Admiral John Hughes with the state hazmat teams and the FBI and CDC on Operation Dark Winter and Top Off.
We had a bioterrorism infectious disease conference, and the FBI director for bioterrorism nationally told me three times, and we spoke for over two hours with Dr. Jay Reddington, head of the VA Infectious Disease and University of Colorado Infectious Disease Unit,
And the head of the Center for Disease Control, Bioterrorism, told me about prior knowledge about everything about 9-11.
And that was in Adams-Mark Hotel, March 1st, 2001.
That's correct.
Adams-Mark Hotel.
And we had a private lunch and we spoke for several hours.
I was appalled because I had seen the national ID before when he said they were going to go to martial law and force the national ID on all American citizens and suspend the Constitution.
And I became very, very upset.
At that point, I realized this is all coming together, and I realize now, especially with this phony election victory by Bush, the game's over.
There's no more time for playing around here.
If you don't follow what Alex is trying to get everyone that's listening here to do, it's over, not just for Americans, but for everyone.
We've got to wake up now.
We've got to get ourselves physically prepared, like filtering our water, like getting potassium iodate, like doing things to empower and protect ourselves and tell other people
The game's over.
And they've got to get these materials into their hands, just like Alex says, you know, buy them, copy them, get this material out.
If you don't do it now, and they proceed with the next step, because my inside contacts tell me there will be a draft this coming March.
They're planning on drafting at least 500,000 to 600,000 Americans for both Homeland Security and the military branches.
They're planning on expanding these wars significantly in the Middle East, and you have all the documentation, and I agree 100% with everything you're saying.
They're going to expand that war in the Middle East, and we're going to have thousands of young Americans put in harm's way for no good reason.
Not for the American sovereignty, not for American economy, not for anything, not even for our neighbors.
It's just going to cause more destruction.
Meanwhile, the dollar's plunging.
They're putting the architect of torture in as the new Attorney General.
It's just, as you said, hell on earth.
It is.
They're literally turning us into hell on earth, and they're planning... And even when we talk about the avian flu, we talked about these plagues, about them releasing bioweapons.
And we did a simulation, actually, using the supercomputer that's up in Boulder for the National Weather Service.
And we simulated a gentleman coming from Cairo to...
Oklahoma City and the so-called release of smallpox because he's literally the bioweapon.
And they know darn well that we have dozens of really, really deadly viruses that have been developed.
We'll be right back, Doctor, with calls.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
SeamMineral.com From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We'll get more into super bioweapons coming up in the next segment with our guest.
Why did the Australian government release the ingredients of how to make...
The suggested nomination of Alberto Gonzalez is a disgrace.
This is unbelievable.
This guy does believe in imperial presidency.
I guess he would feel more comfortable with a return to a monarchy.
And he believes that 12-year-olds should not have to get parental consent for abortions.
Yes, and along with that, he also believes that torture as a legal matter, as a cornerstone of legal and political policy, is good.
We have links to his memo and articles about it on prisonplanet.com right now.
He says the president is above the law.
There's no doubt about the man's position.
He made them public.
There's no doubt about it.
He called the Geneva Convention a quaint document, implying that it was useless.
Well, first off, let's start from the last backwards.
If this man cares less about our troops...
Even if he had entertained such thoughts, he would have never made them come out of his mouth.
Because when our troops get captured, they're going to be tortured.
That's right.
But he will engage in doublespeak.
They're torturing!
Look at them!
They're bad!
Torture's good when we do it!
Understand something, that with all these conventions, under the practice of law, I'll try to explain a real complex law.
Well, he even said he was above federal law.
When you do things like that, you understand that all bets are off.
In other words, if you say, it's okay for me to torture your men,
Then if the enemy tortures our men, we have no recourse to complain in international law.
There's nothing we could do.
Plus, the Army report says 75 to 90% of those picked up at the 32 camps, 34 camps, were innocent families.
This is the Army's own report, whose papers weren't in order.
Well, that's one thing, okay?
The issue that the man could feel so cavalier about torture...
That he could even feel emboldened enough to say that on the record... Yeah, that's it.
Mingala hit it, but Alberto Joseph Mingala Gonzalez does not hide it.
As a matter of fact, the Third Reich, as evil as it was, okay, never did put anything on paper saying that it was part of the cornerstone of their law.
This idiot is actually saying, not only is it good, let us make it the cornerstone of all law.
This man is wholly unacceptable as a nominee or a designated president.
Hey, the so-called Christian conservatives will worship him and say, thank you for being pro-abortion.
Thank you, no, no.
Thank you for being against parental consent.
We love you.
If you're not for abortion, you are the Antichrist.
Let me speak to... Let me get a comment from the doctor.
Yeah, I'm pro-life, and I spoke in March of 1997 at Human Life International, and I spoke specifically against abortion and against genetic fetal tissue transplantation.
And afterward, they sent me down a nice talk doctor.
They gave me a two-hour talk and six inches of documentation about torture, about vaccines in sub-Saharan Africa to sterilize women against human chorionic and antitropin,
About the AIDS being released as a bioweapon to actually cause the destruction of the African population.
About numerous plagues that they have at the WHO they plan to release on the world.
All of these things are global policies, including the torture, to try to subjugate and crush and reduce the human population and dumb us down just like the mercury in the vaccine so we have lower IQs who are more manipulable.
The Goals 2000 in the schools.
All of this is one whole
landscape of horror that they're doing on us very quickly because they know we're waking up.
Well, let me address this problem.
Let me address something to people.
Well, Alex, I've been trying to get my words out, you know.
Hey, wait a minute, Ron.
We've had you on for a couple minutes.
You've said stuff.
We've just added things.
Yeah, I understand, but let me please get to my point.
Anybody who's a Republican sycophant who believes that because they voted for George Bush because the alternative was worse, okay, which it was set up to be that way,
You've got to be out of your mind out there in radio land, if any of you are listening, to follow through and not see that this nomination is opposed.
If there is a fair and democratic process, which there will not be, I'm sure it's almost a staged event, his nomination is almost in the bag, this man would be filtered out, filtered out of that process.
Now, beyond that, the United States Supreme Court has been in session and making rulings the last few days.
And it seems that the U.S.
Supreme Court is intent in tearing down state constitutions.
I think that's something else that should be brought to public attention.
Let me stop you.
I'm going to add something now.
Under Goals 2000, Ron, they now have the state of California going in and taking over school districts.
No more school boards.
That's correct, and it's happened here in New York City and New York as well.
But the U.S.
Supreme Court, the Illinois Supreme Court said that if you're stopped on a routine traffic stop, that's not a basis for police to bring drug-sniffing dogs to sniff your car.
Well, the Supreme Court is going to make a ruling on that.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you for the call.
More calls coming up.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
People have to understand the constraints I'm under.
I make a comment, the doctor makes a comment.
Ron, you've got about two minutes of that five-minute segment for yourself.
And you get frustrated because I know there's more you want to say.
The show ends all the time and I've got more I want to say.
We've got more callers after you we've got to go to and give some time.
And, you know, I'm actually bad about letting folks go too long and myself going too long because we don't get to it all, so please don't get mad at me.
And I want to take these calls from Marcello, Bob, Albert, Ron, and Guy, and that's going to be it, because I've got some other news I want to cover about the dollar and this new 9-11 poll, and I wanted to take time out so that the doctor that we have on the line with us, who's boldly gone public with all of this inside information that checks out, is Dr. William Richard Deagle, MD.
Dr. Deagle, how do folks check out your website?
They can log on to NutriMedical, N-U-T-R-I,
We're good to go.
Yeah, we've already been posting some of your articles.
We'll post more of them there and make a section that's riveting, important stuff.
Yeah, I think it's important that people get empowered in terms of taking care of their health.
We don't have a health care system.
We have a repair shop.
We also have a public health system that's spending billions of dollars, but none of it is to try to protect Americans against radiological or biological bombs.
And just simple things like filtering your water.
You had your expert on the Berkey system.
Water filtration is important.
One quarter of all the schoolyards have excessive lead in a schoolyard dust.
The water supplies in America are contaminated with chloramines and fluoramines, and chloride and fluoride are not good for your body.
So you're already going to get so many toxins from food in the air.
Cutting out the bad water, which is 70% of your intake, that is going to really reduce that.
I'm writing a book that's an e-book.
I'll be posting it up on my site for free.
And it's called Molecular Holocaust, and it's all the toxins in your environment that people have no idea.
I belong to the Academy of Environmental Medicine, and we know just how dangerous it is.
There's a jet stream bringing over in the southern hemisphere, and it comes across the Gulf of Mexico and dumps on America, all over North America, 100,000 tons of heavy metals and chemicals every month from garbage that's being burnt in the areas in North Africa and Asia and all the way across through China.
This is dumping every month, and that's just in dust, hundreds of a micron in size.
Yeah, well, I talked to my grandmother.
He was raised and lives here in Austin.
All these old people, they never had allergies until about 10 years ago.
Allergies were unknown.
It's not just the pollen and all this stuff.
You're right.
Texas is just hit by this jet stream.
It's coming right off the Gulf, and it's dumping it right on Texas and heads straight north.
And no one's telling you that the mercury is dangerous or the lead or all the other chemicals.
And now if you do sampling of people's blood, in fact, I'll be putting links on there to toxicology labs.
The industries aren't telling people they're in danger, the military troops.
Our troops were exposed to the things to kill, the Leishmaniasis.
By the way, we can't burn batteries here, but when you put them in, they get shipped to Mexico where they burn them, and then one-third of the children born in Mexico City have the disorder where they have the mal-deformed brain?
Cadmium poisoning is the primary heavy metal there.
It's horrendous, and this is going to have dramatic effects.
Our cancer rates, when I went to medical school 31 years ago, our cancer rates now are six times higher in North America than they were when I went to school.
Six times higher.
Hey, but that's not important.
What about the Colby Bryant case?
Or maybe the guy who might have killed his girlfriend.
You know, that other guy, Lacey Peterson.
Well, let's talk about... How about the World Series, Bubba?
Yeah, exactly.
Let's take some calls quickly here.
Quickly callers.
It's Bam Bam Bam.
Marcello in Canada.
You've got the floor.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I called in today to report that
I observed for myself the first time the main manipulation media breached the silence on the 9-11 conspiracy.
Not only as I learned the same as you did on Tuesday on MSNBC, but I saw it on CNN yesterday.
There was 9-11 conspiracy.
The thing to bear in mind is I turned it on CNN mid-sequence, so I missed the part where they introduced the fellow, but it sounds very much like it was the same person.
But after they demonized that you're all kooks and you believe the government was involved, they did a poll, and 89% when they closed the poll, 4,000 plus respondents to 500, believed the government was doing this.
So despite your propaganda, it didn't work too well for you, did it?
The jig's up.
Basically, I mean, it's just for people to take a look at at this point.
Yeah, by and large, I'm finding when I speak to people in Canada, they're much less been brainwashed because they don't worship Emperor Bush, the boy emperor.
And they are aware that something really terrible is happening, and they're a big neighbor to the South.
All right.
Anything else, Marcello?
Well, I was just going to comment on the way they formatted the show.
The well-put-together government shill there, he always had a chance to refute the individual's points, but he couldn't... And they decide to refute sub-points or points no one even made.
They just have all their side-issue distraction techniques and getting you off the main point.
Well, they don't want this even opened up.
This is a desperation tactic.
Thanks for the call.
If somebody's got that CNN piece, please email it to us or mail it to me.
We'll get it out there, folks, and we'll decipher it.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Bob in Texas.
Bob, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Yes, good afternoon, gentlemen.
I have a quote from Carl Jung that I think fits what's going on with the mass mind today.
He said, the foundation of all mental illness...
Is the unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering.
People just don't want to face reality because it's too painful.
They would rather stick their head in the sand.
Yeah, I don't agree with a lot of the teachings of Carl Jung, but that one is true.
The foundation of all mental illness is the denial, refusing to have legitimate suffering.
When you just are in denial, when you're in a stagnant position, when you just deny everything and have this disassociative disorder where you see something threatening so you just deny it and move on, that's double-think.
That Orwell talked about.
It will destroy you, folks.
I mean, do you love your children?
This is real.
This is happening.
Cell phones do cook your brain.
The fluoride is a toxic sedative.
All of this is real.
I'd like to ask Dr. Deagle if...
What he thinks is really behind this New World Order, if there's a deep core to it, I'm sure you've done research into it.
Well, it's elitism, it's dehumanization, it's domination, it's a bunch of sociopathic control freaks, Doctor.
Isn't it Lucifer?
And who is Lucifer?
Is he a real entity, or is he a spirit, or what?
Well, I think what you need to do is that the Judeo-Christian belief system gives us the answer.
And the fact is, we do have the answer.
The answer is,
This very powerful, very intelligent spiritual entity has been around for an untold period of time and has intruded on human history and has caused unbelievable destruction.
And what's coming, literally, is hell on earth.
We're not talking about hell on hell.
We're talking about hell on earth.
And there are evil people who have accepted the domination of this creature and its principalities and powers, which are both in the spiritual realm and the physical realm.
Just look at people like the people that go to Bohemian Grove.
Bohemian Grove is a perfect example of human beings that worship Luciferian entities.
These are real.
Child sacrifice is real.
You know, if you see the ritual sacrifices come in and you have to diagnose them as dead and they've had things done to them that I won't mention on the radio, this is not imaginary.
This is real.
Lucifer himself must be real and tangible.
Absolutely, and I think the thing is we need to get our pastors and our ministers back to the real.
Hell is hot.
There are real consequences in the physical realm as well as the spiritual for being blind.
There's a lot of children who are murdered, and I've talked to police.
That's right.
They're told to not tell the press it was a ritual, quote, because we're doing an investigation, but it's never brought out.
Thanks for the call.
Albert in Colorado.
Albert, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Albert, go ahead.
After the Oklahoma City bombing, there were reports that containers marked Fulminate of Mercury were found in the basement of the Murrah building.
Do you know anything about that?
I don't know about the Mercury, but I know inside the building all the records for Agent Orange.
For the U.S.
government, we're in the building, and in fact, this officer that I talked to told me that all the records were destroyed.
Okay, thank you.
Oh, you're welcome.
Thanks for the call, Albert.
Ron in Oklahoma.
Ron, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Doctor, I'm here in Oklahoma City.
Right after the Murrell bombing, I went down to look at the building.
I talked to some other visitors.
My conversation was overheard by someone in law enforcement.
I was telling them the whole thing seemed fishy to me.
Didn't add up.
Within two days, my phone was tapped, my mail was intercepted, I was being followed around.
I had a friend of a friend who happened to be in law enforcement looking into the situation.
Word came back to me that I was on everybody's desk list and that the law enforcement officer got called on the carpet, wanted to know why the superior asked him why he was asking questions.
Is this consistent with what you know about the Merle bombing?
I have many stories.
You could spend hours talking about the people that I've talked to.
Some of them radioed in Oklahoma City that contacted me and were talking to me in military that have told me the same kinds of stories.
They've been harassed because they even saw it on the news that there was more than one bomb and that they were not exploded.
They were removed from the building afterwards.
This is something that's totally consistent with everything that I've said.
Don't come to police officers' houses, the FBI, and go, you didn't see that on Channel 4.
That didn't exist.
Are you with the terrorists?
I've interviewed detectives who would ask questions and the FBI would come and say, you never saw that on TV.
Are you crazy?
We have the video, folks.
It's in Road to Tyranny.
There for a while I thought I was crazy.
I really appreciate what you're having to say because...
I've known for a long time there was really something going on, but hearing you today, it really helps out a lot.
I've been through a lot in the last 10 years.
Well, that's good.
The most important thing is keep speaking up, because if we don't speak up now, pretty soon we'll be silenced for good.
Doc, the more they harass me, the better I get.
The more I talk, the more of Alex's videos I pass out, and the more I harass them.
Don't let them get anything.
I appreciate it.
We have the people.
We have the force to take action.
We have the power with God's help.
God helps those that help themselves.
We don't have a choice.
They're going to carry this stuff out.
All we can do is try to expose them, and that's happened.
89% CNN runs a demonization piece, runs a poll, and 89% respond and say, we believe the government did it.
Well, I want to make a comment about who you are, Alex.
You're like Gideon.
You're the guy that says, I want an army of 300 that laugh the water up like a dog and are looking forward and don't have their head down in the water trying to get more water in their mouth.
They're looking forward to what's coming.
He said, I only want these 300.
You other guys, you go home back to your wives.
I want people who actually will stand up and know that they're physically and their jobs and everything are in danger that will stand up no matter what now
Because if you don't stand up now, there won't be any standing out.
Well, that's a good analogy for everybody that's taking action like yourself as well, Doctor.
Gideon took thousands out by the river, and those that stuck their heads in and didn't look out and didn't watch out and weren't aware, he didn't want them.
He doesn't want them.
He says, go home, you're just going to get in the way of the battle.
Yeah, so the spectators that want to laugh at this and joke about this, you don't even know what it means to have a plunging dollar, what the face-scanning cameras mean, what the open borders mean, what the free trade area of the Americas is.
You don't know what all of this is doing to you.
You don't want to know.
You want to deny it.
You don't want to know that we brought the Nazis over here to set everything up.
You don't want to know about Arnold Schwarzenegger.
You don't want to know.
Fine, stick your head in the water.
Let's go ahead and...
Take a final call.
Guy in Deutschland, an American calling from Germany.
Welcome, Guy.
Yeah, hi Alex.
I'm one of your subscribers.
I listen to your show through the internet.
Yeah, I just want to report to you that I watched the election here from Germany and I was watching the German media and pretty much everyone is awestruck that Bush was re-elected.
You know, maybe we got fooled the first time, but the second time
We knew what we were getting into, and we re-elected him anyway, and I think we've lost all credibility in the world, and I think, you know, all Americans, you think they're living in a free country, they should come to Europe, because you really see, you know, Germany is a free country, or at least a little bit freer than America, and, you know, Americans go around saying, we're the free ones, we're the best, but you've got to come to Europe, and you'll see what America could have been, or once was.
Well, Europe's got its own brand of police state going in with thought crimes and the rest of it, but
Yeah, that's right.
But you know, when I drive down the street and there's a cop behind me, I don't get nervous.
I know he's not going to bother me.
He's not going to pull me over.
Whenever I visit my mom in America and there's a cop behind me, I really get nervous.
And I know he's going to, if he pulls me over, he's going to harass me.
You know, it's just really a pain and I just don't feel secure anymore in America.
But here I feel like I have to walk down the street.
No one's going to bother me.
We hardly have any crime.
You know, it just reminds me of the way America was when I was a kid.
And I really feel comfortable here.
And I know a lot of Americans are immigrating to Europe.
There are more and more every day.
And I think a lot of people are fed up.
You know, a lot of people want to stay in America and fight.
But some of us with families, we can't fight anymore.
We just want to do what's best for our families.
But the problem is it's a new world order.
Don't be fooled by the fact that...
Europe is a much more pleasant place and there's less, quote, violent crime.
The New World Order, and I was told about the places where the same chips in America are being made in Zurich, Switzerland and the encapsulating companies, and the same plan is happening.
It's just a little different version.
It's a little more pleasant one, just like there's a pleasant one for Canadians and a pleasant one for New Zealanders and Australians.
It's just a different plan.
The reason why it's coming more violently is because Americans have a backbone and will stand up and not
Take this easily.
They're being much more subtle in some of these other countries.
So don't be lulled into the comfort of, I've moved out, so therefore it's not my battle.
It is your battle.
Even though you're in Germany, it's your battle.
Yeah, I understand that.
I just feel a bit safer.
But thanks a lot, Alex.
You rule.
Appreciate the call.
Wow, doctor, you really encapsulated that right there.
I mean, they have the same agenda, just a little bit slicker.
But here, it's just overt to dumb down the dumb and to terrify those of us who are in the know.
I mean, hello, I'm Alberto Gonzalez.
I believe that the president is above the law and that torture is good.
Pentagon, carry out torture.
I believe we should arrest citizens for any misdemeanor and secretly deport them to third-party countries for slave labor.
I am Alberto Gonzalez.
I believe in abortion.
I believe in the most liberal forms of abortion.
I believe in non-informing parents when their child has an abortion down to age 12.
I am Alberto Gonzalez.
Worship me.
I am a conservative.
I mean, what?
How overt is that, doctor?
I think that we're in the grips of a satanic hold on our government.
I think that we are right now being told that black is white and white is black.
And I think the Christian conservatives and the senior people in the church need to be held accountable.
We're good to go.
And to our Constitution.
That's what we're facing right now.
And they admit it!
They play the ritual on TV and go, oh, they're just having fun.
Doctor, an incredible interview.
I want to have you back up soon.
We'll have your articles at prisonplanet.com.
I already have some of them there at infowars.com.
Doctor, God bless you, and I want to thank... Well, God bless you and your family.
I talked to Violet... Hold on a second.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
I think?
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time on the AM and FM dial, back from 9 to midnight Central.
If you missed any part of this broadcast today, it'll be rebroadcast tonight, 9 to midnight, on the Internet at Infowars.com, as well as Global Shortwave, 9 to midnight Central at 3210, and during the day, of course, at 9.985.
We've been talking for the last roughly two hours.
With an amazing individual.
And I hope that you will visit his website.
Again, Dr. Bill Deagle, MD.
Dr. Deagle, finish up what you were saying?
Yeah, I was saying just before we broke that I was praying for protection for you and for your ministry.
Because we can only do things in God's will.
And as it was said by one of the founding fathers,
The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.
Well, I'd also have to add to that, the price of truly living is to be willing to die for the truth.
And I really say a prayer every day for you and your family and everyone involved and everybody willing to speak up, not only in America, but overseas, like your gentleman that called as an American from Germany, that if we do not speak up now, and again, I believe what it says in the Bible.
I take it seriously.
It says, you know, they overcome...
Satan and his minions, all these people like George W. and Carrie and everyone else, by the word of their testimony, by the blood of the Lamb, and they love not their life unto death.
And you know, if we aren't willing to stand up, we won't have children that will be able to stand up like us.
We won't be able to speak publicly about the truth.
And we won't be able to have a nation under God.
It'll be a nation under Satan, and it'll be a hell on earth.
Doctor, thank you for joining us, and God bless you, my friend.
Take care.
Well, I really appreciate it, and I appreciate everything you're doing, because I consider you right now the bravest man in America to speak out about these things, because this is a very perilous time in our history.
Well, it's more perilous not to fight it.
And fire out your website one more time for folks.
That's NutriMedical, N-U-T-R-I...
M-E-D-I-C-A-L dot com.
Take care, Doctor.
All right.
Take care, and God bless.
All right, my friend.
Just briefly here, CNN poll.
Do you believe there is a U.S.
government cover-up surrounding 9-11?
89% 4,417 votes.
No 11% 570 votes after their demonization piece.
They used regular Marine Corps tanks against protesters two nights ago in L.A.
The video of that's on InfoWars.net.
Mr. Gonzales, we have his own memo, his own quotes.
He is for torture, arresting American citizens for any reason.
He is the architect.
He is a demon.
We have all the articles where they say he is above the law.
The Fallujah battles are very serious for everybody.
The civilians, our troops, several Marine Corps helicopters shot down.
Also, folks, it is just so imperative that all of you spread the word about Building 7 because there is a major propaganda offensive taking place right now about Building 7 by the mainstream media.
So please go to prisonplanet.com and spread our detailed analysis page around to everybody.
They're testing Homeland Security takeover martial law drills in San Francisco with the loudspeakers, San Francisco Examiner.
It just goes on and on.
The dollar plunged even more.
Now they say officially Yasser Arafat is finally dead.
Thought I'd throw that in there for you.
There is just so much here, but I just beg everybody to get involved now.
MSNBC headline, a chip in your shoulder.
Should I get the RFID implant telling you how great it is?
Again, I'm looking for the article here about the dollar just absolutely incinerating.
The U.S.
dollar drops to a new all-time low again today.
The average American has no idea what that even means.
They know all about baseball.
If you want any of my videos, to get them and make copies and spread the word and join us in the historical fight, InfoWars.com to order via the safe, secure online shopping cart.
Watch any of the films, all 11, both the books, everything, the weekly TV reports, presentplanet.tv, 15 cents a day, or toll-free number to order any of the films.
Take action now, folks.
Join us in history.
When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against it.
Be that standard.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow.
God bless you all.