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Air Date: Nov. 10, 2004
2284 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello my friends, thank you so much for joining us.
It's already Wednesday, the 10th day of November 2004.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Well, George W. Bush is doing what he did at the beginning of his last term.
He's pushing the free trade area of the Americas.
He's announcing total, blanket, absolute, complete legalization of anyone in the country or anyone that can ever get here.
And allowing companies to pay to bring in skilled and unskilled workers to displace all Americans, no matter what color you are.
The polls in the high 80s against it.
But hey, he pointed his finger at you at that press conference last Thursday, and he said, I've got a mandate from the people.
Every time the press would ask a question, I've got a mandate.
Wow, you got a mandate.
You mean a quarter of the people in this country supposedly went and voted for you, and it wouldn't have mattered because the other quarter voted for your cousin, who's for amnesty and everything else, too.
So why conservatives are in shocked anger and we've been betrayed?
You haven't been betrayed.
He said he'd do this.
And I predict they're going to pass the assault weapons ban after some shooting, and I predict he's going to sign it and you're going to feel betrayed again when he said he would.
And you're going to feel betrayed with the Pan-American Union and losing your jobs, and you're going to feel betrayed when you finally learn what it means to have a dollar plunging in value, and you're going to feel betrayed!
But that won't matter, will it?
Because the government has nice men in black ski masks with machine guns in the free country to make sure that you understand who the bosses are.
By the way, a president has never surrounded himself with the military and police at an inauguration.
They announced over Monday and Tuesday that at the inauguration coming up next year, Lord Bush, our great leader, our maximum leader...
Our God King will be surrounded by them, letting you know what the symbol of his power is, where his power comes from.
And the troops will all stand up there smiling and happy.
Thank you for injecting us with deadly experimental vaccines.
Thank you for using depleted uranium all over Iraq, you and your father, and letting us breathe it and not giving us treatment.
Thank you.
Thank you.
They'll just gullibly sit up there,
Like women standing around Ted Bundy giving him an award for helping women and women's rights or something.
It's just too rich for me to handle sometimes.
Well, are you saying Bush is bad?
Well, Kerry's bad.
They're both bad.
Can you figure that out?
It's like, well, Alex, should we vote for Bugsy Siegel or Al Capone?
Well, you should vote for neither.
Well, one of them's got to be better than the other.
In fact, we're going to go to calls early in the shower.
I did a lot of this last week and the last few days.
I've been going to calls usually by the end of the hour.
But we'll go to calls in the next segment.
If you'd like to comment on any of this, the battle for Fallujah, our troops have 70% of the city.
And, of course, so we can get into the latest police state developments.
There's so much to talk about.
Any issue you'd like to discuss, I'd like to hear you talk about amnesty, though.
1-800-259-9231 1-800-259-9231 Also, Lord Ashcroft resigned last night.
He'll be in there for a few weeks until his leader, his gracious leader, his great leader, we're talking about Bush now, the gracious great leader, maximum leader, appoints someone new.
It doesn't matter if it's Ashcroft or who else is in there.
They're puppets carrying out an operation, bringing us into world government, completing our journey into abject total slavery.
So feel good about yourselves.
Slap a I support the troops sticker on your car.
We'll be right back.
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Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Wednesday, the 10th day of November 2004, now well into the second segment.
Your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes at 1-800-259-9231.
Coming up in the second hour, we have Patricia Springmeyer coming on, wife of Fritz Springmeyer, who was falsely arrested, falsely charged, falsely convicted, and put into federal prison.
On bank robbery charges.
He's the author of many books, including Bloodlines of the Illuminati.
You do not want to miss this interview coming up in the second hour.
Well, Congressman Tom Tancredo is outraged with Lord Bush, and of course Congressman Tom Tancredo has been targeted by the Bush team publicly to go after him during his next re-election bid because he's against total blanket amnesty.
Of course, 87% of Americans in major polls are against blanket total amnesty.
70% of Americans are against NAFTA and GATT and don't even know what the free trade area of the Americas is.
It's much worse.
So Bush is pushing all of it and saying, I've got a mandate.
Yes, because the media didn't make it an issue in the campaign because it really wasn't an issue because your selected competition, your stage competition, that stage boxing match or WWF wrestling is for all of this as well.
The only difference is, conservatives would have woken up to Kerry trying all this.
They will salute it and love it under you.
Bush revives bid to legalize illegal aliens.
Remember a week before 9-11, he had Vicente Fox traipsing around D.C., pushing for total amnesty?
For six years, everyone who's here would be legal, anyone who could get here would be legal, and companies could pay to bring in skilled and unskilled workers.
There was even a government subsidy to help them pay to do it.
Bush revives bid to legalize illegal aliens.
President Bush yesterday moved aggressively to resurrect his plan to relax rules against illegal immigration, a move bound to anger conservatives just days after they helped re-elect him.
The president met privately in the Oval Office with Senator John McCain to discuss jump-starting a stalled White House initiative that would grant legal status to millions of immigrants who broke the law to enter the United States.
This is by Bill Simon in the Washington Times, this article.
The Arizona Republican is one of the Senate's most outspoken supporters of expanding guest worker programs and has introduced his own bill to offer a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.
We are formulating plans for the legislative agenda next year, said White House political strategist Karl Rove.
And immigration will be on that agenda.
The Out of the President has a meeting this morning to discuss with a significant member of the Senate the prospect of immigration reform, and he's going to make it an important item.
Well... So, 30 million illegal aliens...
The mainstream media says 20 million.
It's over 30 million.
That's conservative.
Are in the country from China and Russia, predominantly Latin America, Africa.
A hundred years ago you came in, you got checked for TB at Ellis Island.
During the great age of immigration, we didn't get any more than 200,000 a year.
Now it's about 3 million a year permanently coming and staying.
And there's no TV checks, no nothing, and they'll work for $2 an hour, driving down your wages, and they'll live 10 to a house, and then you try to go out and have two or three jobs for $10 an hour, and you can't pay for the insurance, you can't pay the taxes, the property taxes, you can't pay to send your children to private school, much less hardly pay for their clothes, for public school, because you live, you know, three or four to that little apartment.
And there's an unwritten rule, I have this from high-level apartment managers,
Over, you know, whole cities.
That they've been told illegal aliens are allowed to have as many as they want to an apartment.
You leave them alone.
Citizens, regardless of color, are to be kicked out immediately.
We've been given covert federal funding to do this.
You ask what covert federal funding?
I've seen the documents.
The covert federal funding is these big apartment chains have secretly...
That is unannounced, gone under government housing.
One-third of their housing is government housing.
They don't tell you when you move into your apartment complex.
That's happened, and it's covertly, selectively enforced.
Just another side issue, just like illegal aliens, and aliens in this country, get ten years of tax exemption to start their own business.
Just like China has a 40% tariff on us on average, we have a 2% on them.
It's impossible to compete.
And remember Bush in his last State of the Union, he said, this is not an amnesty.
This is not an amnesty.
It's like the tanks at Waco knocking down whole parts of the building, shooting NCS gas and flashbangs saying, this is not an assault.
Oh my goodness.
Oh my goodness.
Carl Rove continued, saying that the President had a meeting this morning to discuss with a significant member of the Senate the prospect of immigration reform, and he's going to make it an important item.
While the President was huddling with Mr. McCain, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell was pushing the plan during a visit to Mexico City.
You don't have to push it to them.
They've openly called for it.
The President remains committed to comprehensive immigration reform as a high priority to his second term.
He told a meeting of the U.S.-Mexico Binational Commission, we will work closely with our Congress to achieve this goal, but key opponents in Congress said Mr. Bush's proposal isn't going anywhere.
An amnesty by any other name is still amnesty, regardless of what the White House wants to call it, said Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican and Chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus.
Her amnesty plan was dead on arrival when they sent it to the Congress in January, and if they send the same peg on with lipstick back to Congress next January, it will suffer the same fate he said.
Folks, we have a thousand less Border Patrol on the southern border, hundreds less on the northern border.
Bush lied again during the debates and said we've got more.
It's just not true.
We've had the head of the Border Patrol Union on this year covering that.
They've actually cut Border Patrol's funding, cut the pay they get, and said, but if you go be a member of Homeland Security or Air Marshals, you get $24,000 extra the moment you go into training on top of what you were being paid in the Border Patrol.
Then they said, you're not allowed to stop illegals in these certain areas, and you've got to just go out and pick up trash all day in the hot desert.
Go pick up garbage, Coke cans, bags on the side of the road, and you're only allowed to look left or right, whatever area we tell you.
If you see illegals to your left, you can't even call on the radio about them.
That's public.
It's designed... By the way, last year...
They have the second annual meeting of a bilateral congress in Mexico.
And they've been having these, and now they're having more of them.
See, it's the Pan-American Union already.
And the average American doesn't even know what that is.
All right, Dion in Texas, you're on the air.
Hey, how you doing Alex?
I'm a young guy.
I'm only 23 years old.
I've been watching you since my teen years on Access Channel 16 in Austin.
I actually called and I'm laughing because I called in response to a caller that called you yesterday.
Please, I'll be very quick and pointed with this.
He called you in regard to the names of God and all this esoteric stuff and all of that.
Look, I want it to be known here, one point is this, is that the leaders and rulers of this world who happen not only to be fleshly, but wicked rulers of this world, happen to be very intelligent and smart in duping the people about these esoteric issues of names and angels and
Right, and rituals and all of that stuff.
Yeah, you just hit your phone button.
Okay, I'm sorry.
And my second point is this.
I wanted to read Revelation 17 for just very pointed and going to the Greek stuff here because that caller's call was very unnecessary and uncalled for in relation to what it is that you're trying to do and exposing the New World Order who is very tied into the beast world
Well, the point is people will complain about my demeanor or what I do.
It's not about me.
The fight is out there, folks.
But people disassociate from the big threats psychologically and then try to attack the message.
It's like, you know, truth is truth whether, you know, whoever's telling it to you.
My father used to tell me if a bum on the side of the street tells you it's a blue sky on a sunny day, you're not going to believe him because he's a bum.
Of course you are.
Revelation 17.4.
And the woman was arrayed with purple and scarlet, decked with gold, precious stone, pearls, having a cup of gold in her hand, yadda yadda yadda, and a name written, a secret, Babylon the Great, mother of harlots and abominations on earth.
The Greek word used in 1715 was mysterion, which meant something that was secret and simply something that was not known at all.
In the Old Greek, mystery, secret, writes only of the initiated ones, or mustai,
No, the secrets.
Mousteria, the process of initiation, was described by the verb mousseo or moua, which had to do with having a shut mouth, being by oaths or threats, a force to keep things secret without revealing anything to the uninitiated ones.
The a mousterostar.
In ancient Greece or in ancient Rome or ancient Persia or in the founding days of America,
It was often the upper ruling class people who were often initiated.
Thus, even in those days, the Mysterio worked as a secret club for men of power.
Likewise, you know, in our day, there are secretive organizations of that kind, such as, you know, Freemasonry, Skull and Bones, whatever, and so on, where the initiated ones, mostly people from the middle or upper classes, well, generally the very upper, upper, upper classes,
I'm not allowed to reveal anything about the organization's internal doings or real goals.
And the modern version of this is our intelligence agencies.
Dion, got to let you go.
Really good points.
I appreciate the call.
Johnny, Robert, and many others, your calls are coming up in a lot more news.
I'd like to hear you comment on Bush.
He wants totally open borders.
He's got the power to do it.
Stay with us.
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until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
We're here live on the AM and FM dial, the internet, at InfoWars.com, as well as Global Shortwave at 9.985 WWCR, and back from 9 to midnight Central at 3210.
Bunch of news coming up in the next segment, but right now let's go back to the calls.
In Canada, Johnny, welcome.
Hey, how's it going?
I just want to make a few points.
I was watching my local news last night up here in Vancouver, and they were talking about the influx of American calls to Canada immigration.
What, 100,000 the day after the elections?
Yeah, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, England, France, all have reported massive requests to immigrate, just hundreds of thousands of calls per country, and yes, I have all those articles right here.
What you're saying is accurate.
And not only that, I have a friend who is a big-time construction builder for, like, homes in Vancouver here in
He's building an 18,000 square foot home for a friend of George Sr.
Kind of odd to have somebody with that much money coming up to Vancouver, Canada, make a home that big.
Well, let me tell you something.
All over the Caribbean, these little private islands, places off the coast of Honduras, islands there,
Huge armored compounds have been under construction the last five years.
This was before 9-11.
And former CIA deputy directors, Fortune 500 CEOs, they are evacuating in mass out of this country.
And that's because the globalists do have a plan on the table.
I don't know if they'll implement it,
Another thing, your video 9-11 Road to Charity, I've got your video and I took it upon myself to go downtown here and I took 20 copies with me, some signs, your website and just quite a bit of support for your video.
A lot of people have it.
Well, 20 people have it now, and I'm looking at possibly doing a mass viewing at a local theater here in Vancouver.
That is very exciting.
I mean, to see you, once you go to the city council or something?
God, no.
They're corrupt anyways.
You're saying you took it downtown.
Downtown, in front of the art gallery, in front of people.
I had signs up.
I was kind of like my own little mini protest.
And it probably is very small on the scale of
No, I mean, I wouldn't say it is, because if those 20 watch it, most of them will wake up, some of them will go on to warn others like you've done, and that's an unstoppable force.
Our city, Vancouver, is probably in Canada the biggest police city in Canada.
Our police has control over the city, where they've pretty much said at New Year's,
We don't want you in the downtown core unless you have somewhere to be.
Like, our city council is run by the police or vice versa.
And don't they wear gray uniforms and big black knee-high boots in Vancouver?
No, they wear all black.
Well, I've got footage from Vancouver.
Was that some federal detail where it's all these guys in gray uniforms with the knee-high black boots?
I can't recall if probably the SWAT or something, but our police is always in the news for assaults on people.
We had a Guns N' Roses riot where a father was
Well listen, keep it up Johnny and God bless.
Take care.
Robert in Colorado, thank you for holding.
Go ahead.
Thank you very much for taking my call, Alex.
I appreciate what you're doing.
You bet, Robert.
Good to hear from you.
What's on your mind?
A couple of points.
First off, yesterday's comments on Bush and his desire to give amnesty to illegal aliens good when he's trying to run the country right to the ground.
He's doing that by letting people cross the border at will, taking jobs for pennies on the dollar, which will then kill our economy.
Be clear what's going on there.
I watched a CIA video on the website the other day with the five former CIA operatives talking about their past.
Yeah, prisonplanet.tv, yes.
Yeah, man, that was something for this guy.
Well, stay there.
I'll let you finish up your other points when we get back, Robert.
Then we'll talk to KC and other, Robert, Fred, many others.
Wide open phones, a ton of news, and a great guest coming up.
Stay with us.
We'll finish up with Robert on the other side, then plunge into some news and more calls.
I just love freedom, and the globalists don't love freedom, and they're going to enslave us if we don't stand against them.
We have a chance.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I think.
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All right, coming up, more of your calls.
We'll also get into the battle for Fallujah that looks like it's going well for the oil company forces.
Again, I'm not against the troops.
I'm just being honest about who they work for.
Also, Bush's attorney general pick may be down to Gonzalez and Thompson.
We will then get into a whole stack of police state news here as well.
But let's let Robert in Colorado finish up what he was saying before we move on.
Robert, you were making your second point.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I just finished watching the other day, excuse me, the CIA video that you have on prisonflag.tv about the former CIA operatives and talking about their past as a group of CIA operatives.
And by the way, they go into countries that are pro-America, anti-communist, and once the country works with them, they then go ahead and overthrow it, too, so they can have it all.
Sure, exactly.
Two last quick points.
One, you just mentioned, you mentioned the name of Thompson, Larry Thompson, who if he becomes the Attorney General would be the first minority African-American Attorney General.
Any significance to that if he's appointed or does it really matter who's the AG?
It doesn't matter.
They're total puppets.
That's what I thought.
Last thing, when you were with George Nury last week on Coast to Coast, you kind of alluded to
Comparing our health care system, HMOs and so forth, to Canada's health care system, and that, I think what you said, correct me if I'm wrong, that Canada's really isn't much better than ours.
I always thought it was a pretty good system because I thought they had what is quote-unquote called socialized medicine where everyone has a health card.
You pay $5 a month or $5 a visit.
You get all the health care you need.
No restrictions on whatever race or money or economic state.
It doesn't matter.
I know for really detailed reasons,
Complex procedures.
A lot of rich Canadians come down here.
I know that over time the socialist systems always fall apart.
A lot of British have their own health care they pay for in England or they come here.
And what we have is socialism for the rich.
They socialize our money, then give it to themselves, and it's not free market.
So we kind of have a crony capitalist scam system in the U.S., and then in Canada you've got a system with major problems, too.
But common people who make $30,000, $40,000 a year can get health care without too much problems, or is that not really correct either?
Well, that's kind of really from what Canadians call into the show.
We've heard from them.
They don't like it.
Some of them do.
Well, the problem is, look, take England now.
Let's say you were a smoker.
Well, we're not going to give you that lung surgery you need.
Or people have brain tumors.
There's a year-and-a-half waiting list.
I mean, I've watched Tony Blair admit it in the House of Commons.
And he says, well, we've gotten it down from a year-and-a-half to ten months.
You do not want socialist health care.
We used to have the best health care system in the world.
Everybody could get health care.
We had all the big developments because we were purely free market.
The more we leave that, the more problems we have.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
You bet, my friend.
Good to hear from you.
Casey and Robert and Fred and Mike and others, your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
Then I'll get into the battle for Fallujah and a lot of other news before our guest comes on.
But I want to tell you a story.
Last Friday, a caller called in and said, Alex, have you smelt and tasted the water in Austin, Texas?
He says, it totally stinks now.
And it's never stunk.
You know, it tastes bad, but better than some cities.
And I said, you know, it's funny you say that.
I mentioned it to my wife when I was, you know, washing dishes off where I put them in the washing machine that the water stunk.
But last night I was at the TV station and
And Mike Hanson took a drink out of it and went, Oh!
And spit it out of the water fountain and said, You know, he's been drinking out of that water fountain.
I occasionally drink out of it when I don't have a Berkey sports bottle with me for a decade.
It's never tasted like that.
Then I go to Threadgill's for good southern cooking to eat dinner last night after the TV show.
And I'm there and I said to her, I said, Well, I never drink water anyways unless it's filtered, but...
I guess maybe I'll have some water.
She goes, are you sure you want the water?
And I said, what do you mean?
She goes, everybody's saying it stinks and tastes bad.
And the guy I was eating dinner with, Kevin, said, yeah, a bunch of people have been saying it stinks and tastes bad.
I've tasted it.
So this is everywhere.
Something's going on with the water.
And it smells and tastes... You know that smell of sewage when a river gets sewage dumped in it?
You drive over a bridge and you smell it, that acrid sewage smell?
That's what the water in Austin right now, and everybody's been calling me about it.
Now I'm getting emails about it.
Number one, folks, it's full of pesticides, herbicides, mercury, lead, the sodium fluoride that bonds with different...
Dead bacteria and enzymes, the chlorine.
Why would any of you drink tap water?
Why would you not filter your water?
It's crazy.
I mean, why trust this government?
Remember Vioxx recall?
Now it's come out for five years.
They knew what Vioxx was doing.
That it made the heart disintegrate, but they covered it up.
I mean, they even found this out, again, back in the late 1990s.
But they covered it up.
It's just like they know Prozac makes kids commit suicide.
They covered that up.
Why do you trust anything these corporations or this government does?
Take control of your life.
Debbie Morrow joining us here.
Debbie, I hope people will call you and get a big Berkey, a Berkey Light, a black Berkey Element, or the old British Berkey.
The Berkey Light with the black element, even better, is made here in America.
I don't know why they don't get sports bottles that filter the water to take to work.
I don't know why people know what's going on, but they can't even take control in this one area that gives them so much power over their own lives, Debbie.
You know, Alex, I don't know why either, because normally it's such a simple thing to take care of your drinking water.
And, you know, sometimes it's the simple things that people put last on their priorities that
And yet the Berkey not only will help you take control of your health, but it's very cost effective too.
And that's a really important thing for people to realize.
What is it, 25 cents a day if you average out the life of the filters?
Oh, I think it's even less than that.
I was thinking it was like 5 cents a day.
I had a customer call me last week and she said when she did her budget for the year, she had saved $3,000.
In spending money because she bought the Berkey.
Before I got a Berkey, the British Berkey, back in 1999, my first one, I've since bought about eight of them, three or four for myself, others for gifts.
I would buy two or three bottles of water a day.
And it turns out the bottled water in some cases is more dangerous than tap water.
It is tap water.
Yeah, it really is in a lot of cases.
And there have been...
Studies have shown on bottled water that the water has bacteria in it, you know, and you can read about it.
Regular news has reports.
Well, what was it, three years ago a couple people died?
Died in New York from Dannon water?
Yep, that's true.
And people have died from faucet water and I'm so surprised when you said y'all drink out of the faucet occasionally at the studio because
You know how it is.
I go to the gym.
You forget to bring a bottle of water that's been filtered from home.
Your throat's dry.
I'll go take a quick slurp, a small portion of fluoride.
But, yeah.
Yeah, I keep your Berkey Sport with you.
When I go to the gym, I always take my Berkey Sport.
Well, so do I. I mean, I've got one sitting here right beside me, but sometimes I forget.
Yeah, well, I'm just going to have to... When you go to a restaurant and you want some iced tea and... Yeah, well, the Berkey products really are great if you...
Are considering taking good care of your health, then I highly recommend getting the Berkey.
And also it helps support your radio station, you know, in your airtime, your shortwave airtime.
That's right.
Our global international outreach, the one sponsor for it is the New Millennium Concepts, and it's made in America.
The sports Berkeys and the Berkey Light with the black elements, even by the British Berkfell, if you like that model, and stainless steel with the white elements.
But the black element is a new standard tested by major universities.
You've got one special with the Berkey light without the LED lights for $199 with one free gift.
$259 with the LEDs that burn for 14 years continuously with two free gifts.
Give Debbie a call or ask about the sports bottles.
Great gifts to give.
Or BerkeyWater.com and tell them it's the Alex Jones Special.
They're in the comments section on what free gift you want.
At BerkeyWater.com or go through InfoWars.com as well.
Or simply call toll free 1-888-883-4438.
Debbie, thanks for coming on, and thanks for the great job you do.
Oh, thank you, Alex.
Have a wonderful day, and God bless.
Take care.
You're awesome.
And again, folks, I put my money where my mouth is.
I have given a lot of family and friends Berkeys.
I'd buy them myself.
And give them as gifts.
And people use them and thank me for them.
All right, let's go back to the calls.
Thank you for holding.
Let's go ahead now and talk to KC.
KC's calling from Minnesota.
Welcome, KC.
Hi, Alex.
I just want to let you know I just got off the phone with Doug Quinn.
He's a Vice President and General Counsel for Taser International.
And the reason for me calling them, I just want to get down to the bottom of the non-lethal technology cloak that they're using to... That they admit have killed 70 people.
That's their own public statement.
I found out that within the DOD's definition of non-lethal technology, it specifically states it's important to note that Department of Defense policy does not require...
Or expect non-lethal weapons to have a zero probability of... Actually, the real name for them is less lethal weapons.
So I just wanted to get some advice from you on how can we try to compel these companies, these taser companies, from not using that corrupted definition to capitalize off of.
I think it is false advertising that they sell these as...
Less lethal.
And, you know, now somebody gets belligerent with the cops and they taser you three times.
In fact, in Road to Tyranny, we have video of our listeners from the Sky Chopper when he was there in Arizona.
He gets pulled over.
They tell him, get out of the car.
He does nothing wrong.
And the police admitted this.
And they go ahead and taser him three times.
And when he's on the ground, let a German shepherd chew on him.
All because they...
The cop saw a compound bow, a hunting bow, in the back of the RV, and so just because he might be a threat, they went ahead and tasered him three times, and he's flopping around with a police dog enjoying itself.
I mean, it's, you know, cops, if you want to go hunt people, you know, go join the Chinese military or something.
I mean, really, this is hunting people.
Do you know if NTIC has anything to do with the tasers?
The Non-Lethal Technology Innovation Center was created by a grant from the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Victoria to affect the next generation of non-lethal capabilities by identifying and promoting the development of innovative concepts, materials, and technologies with academic community.
Yeah, I'm aware of that organization.
Let me tell you what this is really all about.
I mean, I'm sure you know this.
A bigger facet of less lethal weapons
Is that they want to train the police in their federally issued Darth Vader outfits, the ski masks, the armored face masks, the armored Darth Vader outfits.
I mean, some of them even have, like, little black capes they wear.
They claim to cover up their equipment behind them so you can't grab it.
Yes, I'm not joking, folks.
We have photos of them now wearing black capes.
It's getting too crazy.
All federally issued and paid for with Homeland Security grants...
In Miami, earlier this year, for that whole thing, where they attacked innocent union workers and federal judges and AP reporters, they spent tens of millions of dollars from the Defense Department Iraq budget to do that.
What this is about is training the public, the news cameras, the police, that the image of police shooting at peaceful people...
A couple other things I'd like to mention is that I definitely commend that Johnny from Vancouver for getting out and, you know,
Well, I mean, I grew up in Dallas, and the water tasted like gasoline.
Houston's even worse.
But Austin's always had decent tap water, except for adding chlorine and fluoride.
You know, it's aquifer water.
But it tastes and smells like sewage.
And it's tasted like this for a couple weeks, and it seems to be getting worse.
People have called the news, and they go, we don't know what you're talking about.
Do you have any idea on how I can further address this taser issue locally?
I plan on calling one of the trainers at the local police department to ask them.
Well, they're in Scottsdale, Arizona, aren't they?
Which one?
Taser is based there.
Oh, the Taser International?
I'm not sure where that's from.
But, no, I would point out that a lot of people are dying from these issues.
It seems like every week somebody's dying now from them because they're using them so much.
He used an analogy about them tasering an anesthetized pig because it most closely out of mammals resembles a human.
And then I tried to point out to the difference when you taser something anesthetized there's no resistance.
But when you taser somebody that may or may not be on drugs
Who's obviously, you know, in fear and in panic and maybe, you know, resisting being tased by the police.
It can cause a death, you know, 20, 30 minutes later.
No, I hear you.
I appreciate the call.
This is my final comment on this.
Overall, police pull their guns all the time and shoot people that are just arguing with them.
You know, hotheads, usually young cops.
And so maybe it is better that the hotheads are just going to taser you instead of shooting you.
But then there's the other side of that that needs to be studied.
This will also make the police more apt to go ahead and pull the taser weapon for people who've done nothing wrong.
So it kind of gets them trained to go ahead and pull a weapon.
I don't know.
It needs to be studied.
But certainly, you know, the footage after a hurricane, 14 days after, this guy's dogs are...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And he's arguing with them.
He just gets out and argues and he's waving his hands going, come on, let me through!
And the cops taser him twice and he falls on his head on the concrete.
That's what kills people a lot is they just, bam!
You know, you get tasered, you fall back from six feet and hit your head and get a serious concussion and get brain damaged or die.
Or they taser, you know, some 55-year-old man who didn't know he had a couple arteries clogged and it makes the heart seize up and they die.
That's what a lot of this is.
And, you know, there's no excuse to taser people because they argue with you.
I mean, it's just crazy.
Let's go ahead and talk to Robert in California.
Robert, go ahead.
Alex, you're a great American patriot.
No, you are.
Go ahead.
I'm losing my mind.
I live in California.
I was born in Texas.
And they're fluoridating our water, so I'll try to be articulate.
Oh, I'm going to pass the law to ensure your health.
I know they love us so very much.
Hey, I wanted to talk about Texas because I think it's so important.
Is it true that Texas is a sovereign country?
Because I've heard that for years.
And it's only by de facto that the federal government puts bases there, so you have to comply?
That is true.
I tell you what, stay there.
We'll talk about it on the other side.
With Robert in California, then...
Fred, Mike, and others.
And Patricia Springmeyer, wife of Rick Springmeyer, is going to be joining us in the next hour.
Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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The New World Order.
Pan Amers.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act Legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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If you want to understand what the new world order
Order today and spread the word.
That's 888-253-3139.
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The revolutionary Berkey Light removes pathogenic bacteria.
I think.
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We specialize in keeping you alive and healthy.
We provide outstanding products like Esiac, colloidal silver 500 parts per million, olive leaf extract,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
All right, my friends, Alex Jones here back live.
Honored and blessed to be your host.
Let's go ahead and go back to Robert in California making some points.
Go ahead, Robert.
Again, Alex, I'm one of your subscribers.
I've watched everything you've put together so far.
And the other caller who was just mentioning the CIA documentary, some of those operatives started a new problem-reaction-solution program in Austin yesterday.
You've probably heard about it.
The so-called hijacker, carjacker gang,
Took a car, shot up with automatic weapons, seven police cars.
They didn't fire a single shot back.
Then they hijacked another car on the freeway, shot up three more police cars, and the cops said, oh, they got away in all the confusion.
Just like, remember four years ago in L.A., when the cops wanted to reinforce the assault weapons ban and get automatic weapons for all the police?
They sent in a few Manchurian candidates into that bank with AKs.
They shot up the place and then waited for the cops to come and kill them in the middle of the street.
You recall that?
I know they do it over and over again.
Well, this was headline news yesterday.
Just in the middle of the freeway with them shooting up cop cars with automatic weapons.
So, I'm surprised you didn't hear about that one yet, but I got the scoop.
No, I've got the article.
It's just...
You know, the point is, no matter what goes on with guns, that's more reason that we, the citizens, should own them.
Because you can't trust the criminals to have them.
You can't trust the government to have them.
But criminals and the government are going to have them.
So we, the people, who are your boss's government, are going to have guns.
Well, ASCOP just quit, and now they've got the Alberto Gonzalez replacement.
So I guess you'll make sure that those automatic weapons in Austin and Dallas and all over Texas are confiscated so everybody's safer.
Because Texas is a, talk about this for a second, is a sovereign country.
I don't think most Americans realize that.
No, you're absolutely right.
And this case is very, very suspicious.
But, you know, in the long run, we're going to win this fight.
The New World Order isn't going to get away with what they're doing.
Thanks for the call, Robert.
I appreciate it.
Before I end this hour, and we're going to come back with Patricia Springmeier, but we'll go to your calls early in the hour, and I'm also going to just right up front get into the battle for Fallujah and the things that are happening there.
So you don't want to miss the second hour, and we'll of course continue with your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
I do want to encourage everybody...
To go to prisonplanet.tv and sign up to watch all of my 11 films, a bunch of other documentary films we posted there, my weekly TV reports, and of course you can also read my book, Paul Watson's book, all of that for 15 cents a day.
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Same thing with 9-11 and the Road to Tyranny, almost three hours long.
$24.95 each additional copy.
$5.95 to get three or four copies.
And get them out to people.
Give them as gifts.
So again...
Or 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Second hour, a great guest.
Your call is a ton of news straight ahead, so be sure and stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, my friends, into hour number two on this Wednesday, the 10th day of November 2004 edition.
Spring Meyer will be joining us to talk about the false arrest and frame-up of her husband, Fritz Spring Meyer.
We're also going to be taking your calls.
Bush has announced he wants a total blank in amnesty, but then he says it's not amnesty.
So that's very interesting.
We'll be going over that as well.
Bush is picking a new Attorney General.
It's down to Gonzalez and Thompson, they say, leaning towards Gonzalez.
It won't matter who the new Attorney General is.
These guys carry out what the globalists tell them to do.
Why is Ashcroft and others leaving?
Because then, you know, all these boogeyman names we've associated are gone, and those lightning rods for resistance are removed, and then we've got to learn who the new villains are.
The point is, the Congress has passed the Patriot Act II, the National ID Card, Total Information Awareness Network package, and it's pending to go to the President's desk, regardless of who the Attorney General is.
Also, U.S.
troops hope to conquer Fallujah in the next 48 hours.
troops already have about 70%, and they vowed to take the rest of it in the next 48 hours as kidnappers threatened to kill at least two members of the Iraqi Prime Minister's family, al-Awawi's family, unless the assault was stopped.
As the news tightened around the besieged city,
Seen as the epicenter of an insurgency gripping Iraq, violence raged elsewhere, with six Iraqi guards and one U.S.
soldier killed in a string of roadside bombings, while armed men stormed through the main northern city of Mosul.
Alawi has vowed to crush the rebellion ahead of elections planned for January, and sees the right of Fallujah as key to achieving his goals.
But the tough-talking Premier's own family became caught up in the mayhem after a gang in three cars abducted his cousin.
Gahiz Alawi, his cousin's wife and daughter-in-law, on Tuesday, a source from Alawi's political party said, a previous unknown group threatened to kill the three within 48 hours unless Alawi halts the assault on Fallujah and releases all Iraqi prisoners.
In an internet statement Wednesday, it was impossible to authenticate the statement.
The Prime Minister's office confirmed the kidnapping of the 75-year-old cousin and his daughter-in-law, but gave no information on the wife.
Wow, they were taken from the Cousins' house in southern Baghdad, but there was no mention about whether any demands had been made.
That could be real, or that could be some staged CIA op to make people love Alawi, the appointed dictator.
It's a circus, and, you know, the forces go in and take over one area, and then it flares up in ten other areas.
It's just top special forces and guerrilla warfare experts, who were for the war, by the way, said we're going to lose it.
I mean, you just cannot win this type of war.
The globalists don't care.
If it strings out for ten years, there'll be hundreds of billions of dollars a year in weapon sales, and Halliburton and others will get most of that, and then it'll hype the Arabs up to hate us and cause them to carry out more real attacks.
It's part of the Pentagon P2OG plan.
Part of an escalation, or known as problem-reaction-solution.
But U.S.
forces, as of a few hours ago, said they hold 70% of Fallujah.
And the fighting has really escalated now.
More reports of dead and wounded U.S.
troops and a lot of dead Iraqi civilians.
It's a tragedy.
Meanwhile, blast wounds Dutch police in raid.
Three Dutch police officers have been wounded in an explosion during an anti-terror raid on a house in The Hague.
Two of the police officers remain in hospital after the grenade blast.
Shots were also fired during the raid.
The area near the Holland Spoor train station was sealed off and airspace immediately over.
It closed.
Meanwhile, a Muslim school in Uden has been burned down.
Part of the spout of attacks following a murder of a filmmaker.
Theo van Gogh, a critic of Islam, attacks a targeted Christian and Muslim buildings across the Netherlands.
So, just what the globalists want, an escalation, a war, a holy war on both sides.
Heating up the New World Order.
We're facing decades of this.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, PrisonPlanet.tv.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
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We're good to go.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The installed dictator of Iraq.
That's just the facts, folks.
Alawi has now had some of his family kidnapped.
We don't know if this is state's theater or real.
It could be real.
Could be actually independent Arab groups.
But generally it's staged in most cases.
And again, we've had dozens of articles that have come out where they, where a lawless government captures an aid worker and threatens to cut her head off in three days and quietly releases her.
It all creates fear and makes people think there's all these terrorists.
But there are real terror bombings going on.
There are our troops being shot at and killed.
Our troops have been bombarding now for a week and basically leveling Fallujah.
And they've now got 70% of the city, our government's saying, and I tend to not doubt that because there is foreign press and they're confirming that.
And now it's caused a bunch of other things to flare up around the country.
We'll be...
We'll be getting into that.
Oh, Al Sawari, the good CIA agent he is, not likely in Fallujah.
They're saying he probably escaped.
They claim they've killed this guy four times, by the way.
And also, we'll be getting into some other police state news here domestically, as well as escalations in Asia.
Japan Navy mobilized after mystery submarine spotted.
North Korea's been threatening them again.
We'll also be covering Local Team Faces Terror Charge out of the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper.
More people being charged as terrorists.
And Bush wants blanket total amnesty for all illegal aliens.
He wants it now.
We'll be going over that.
And I have a story here about plans by the big drug companies to basically force more of the population onto their deadly drugs.
But I've got a lady on with me who is really a
I carry one of her husband's best works.
His name is Fritz Springmeier, Bloodlines of the Illuminati.
We have his latest edition, the last thing he did before he was framed with bank robbery.
Fritz Springmeier had been raided by police before.
Oh, we're here to see if you're growing marijuana.
Oh, we're here to see if you're involved in tax evasion.
Oh, we're here to see if you're involved in...
And then they got a convicted criminal, an informant, who was facing jail time themselves, to basically go in and testify against Fritz, when witnesses said they saw someone completely different, and Fritz, with no criminal record, was arrested, and on the words of this individual, went to jail.
We're good to go.
I think?
Instead of talking about presidents and prime ministers who were just puppets all day, he focused on the bloodlines.
And Fritz is one of the few people I know, the only person, who talked about the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas of the German royal family that runs England and the Netherlands, known as the House of Windsor, being connected back to Dracul or Vlad the Impaler.
Who then married into all the major bloodlines of the Middle Ages.
Now MSNBC and the major Berks Perridge and other publications have said that their bloodlines trace directly back to that Illuminati bloodline.
So more of what Fritz documented is now public, and he certainly paid the price for it.
A very upright, quiet, gentlemanly person framed with bank robbery.
And remember, this is the same government that framed 56 black people, no criminal records.
Admittedly, they never dealt drugs, no evidence.
They all got life in prison from 20 to 98 years in prison.
And then that turned out it was all staged.
We have the FBI framing people in Boston and running murder for hire.
We've caught them in L.A.
doing it.
I mean, we've caught just hundreds of cases.
The Houston Crime Lab caught...
Framing, the police chief admitted 2,000 people in an assembly line fashion.
No one was ever found innocent.
Everyone was framed who went through their crime lab for DNA or other forensics evidence.
Dallas, I'm just using Texas examples, was caught.
Two years ago in an assembly line, pulling over people with nice cars, throwing a bag of chalk in the back, seizing their car, their homes.
Then the crime lab was certified as cocaine.
They would then give them 20 to 50 years in prison.
Turned out, and again, you don't just have the corrupt cops doing it.
The crime lab, the prosecutors, this went on for years.
And the same thing happened to Fritz.
They tried to blame Mark Kornke, one of the leaders of the militia,
Very intelligent individual.
A few years ago, he was going to mail a check at the post office, put it in the mailbox, and then an old gray-haired man, looked nothing like Mark, walked in, did this bank robbery.
Turned out he was an FBI agent, had a staged bank robbery.
And then they run Mark off the road.
And say he robbed the bank and say he rammed a police car when they ran him off the road.
We even have the squad car video of this.
And the cops are on the tape, the state police going, and the county police going, wait a minute.
We just went to the bank.
They said it was an old gray-haired man.
Why are we following Mark Kornke?
Well, the FBI told them to do it, and so they run Mark off the road, and then, okay, we saw the surveillance video, it isn't you robbing the bank, Mark, but we're still going to convict you for assaulting police because we ran you off the road.
I mean, I have the video out of the squad car where the cop going, the lead deputy going, well, why are we following the state police's orders?
Why are we doing this?
Mark didn't rob the bank.
Why are we following him?
This is before they turned their lights on and ran him off the road.
And the sheriff says on the tape, go to cell phone.
And the cop hangs the radio up and goes to cell phone.
So, you know, I mean, this is how they do it.
Okay, that's an introduction to this.
And now we have people, puffer-bellied toys in Oregon, the same area that Fritz Springmeier was in.
A little bitty toy store in St.
Helens selling Rubik's cubes that may have been knock-offs.
Turns out they were legal.
Homeland Security came and visited her, ordered her to take them off the shelves.
The doctor, the veteran in Iowa yesterday, arrested last week because he, quote, made too many calls to the VA and went on the radio and talked about it.
Homeland Security came and cuffed him and arrested him for, basically, because they said it's a part of terrorism, it was even in the newspaper, to call the government too much.
A man in Wisconsin last year, and this is in police state, three total enslavement, the news articles, headline, paper terrorist convicted.
They wanted 50 years in prison because a veteran in a wheelchair who owned 35 acres on a river wouldn't sell, and they were offering him pennies on the dollar, and they wanted to build a shopping mall there, and so...
He sued them and they said suing public officials is not acceptable.
It is a form of harassment and terror.
And so he was given five years in prison because the judge was lenient.
And then the state attorney general that pushed it all moved in and got the property himself.
That was in the Milwaukee Journal, folks.
I mean, this is open, public.
This is the type of stuff we see all day.
Patricia Springmeyer, wife of the political prisoner Fritz Springmeyer, good to have you on with us.
Thank you so much for having me, Alex.
I'm just really delighted to be on your show today.
And so is Fritz.
Well, you know, it's been a long time.
We just kept playing phone tag, but of course we carry Bloodlines of the Illuminati.
We'll tell folks how to get that today, and of course that supports you, but also other books that you've got, a lot of which are about to go out of print, that people can get this knowledgeable info.
I mean, they were clearly, I mean, I remember for years following the harassment you guys went through, but in a nutshell, tell us about Fritz and yourself, what Fritz wrote about, and then the harassment you went through.
Well, you mentioned Bloodlines of the Illuminati.
And then he and Cisco Wheeler co-authored, and she's a former Illuminati from a family.
They co-authored a book called The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave.
And it basically tells how they create slaves out of their own family members and also create
In recent years, they have been doing outreach.
And this is why Bush and others don't have a conscience, is because they've been through these programs themselves.
By the way, I've just got to throw this in.
I have a Hollywood producer friend.
I mean, a big Hollywood producer.
And he lived in New York, and he said all these beautiful, smart women openly live in million-dollar penthouses, and they openly brag that they are high-dollar prostitutes for top Republicans.
Cisco Wheeler was a former Illuminati mother of darkness.
She was within the highest level of Illuminati rituals and what they only keep to themselves within their family.
Other people who are Illuminati mind controlled slaves who are from non-Illuminati families, say for instance Kathy O'Brien, they're programmed for sex slaves, drug mules, assassins and that sort of thing.
They don't engage in the actual highest level rituals.
And the people, many of the people that engage in the highest level rituals, they become programmer handlers themselves.
It's amazing and there's a lot of evidence to this.
I mean NASA admits they spent billions of dollars in this and this stuff goes on all over the place.
Oh yeah, it was perfected, it's been going on for thousands of years that it was perfected in Nazi Germany.
And then a lot of the doctors, you know, along with the missile and rocket experts, as most people know, after World War II... Highway experts.
Everything in our country was basically designed by Nazis.
Our modern world is the vision of Adolf Hitler.
It is so sad.
Yep, you're absolutely right.
So, I think the exposure of this... This is really...
Yeah, we're about to break, but we'll continue with this on the other side and what Fritz exposed and paid a big price for it.
We'll be right back with his wife, Patricia, and we'll continue.
We'll also take your calls and cover a lot of other news.
You don't want to miss this.
Please stay with us.
1-800-259-9231 Infowars.com PrisonPlanet.tv Stay with us.
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All right, we're talking to Patricia Springmeyer, wife of Rich Springmeyer.
Clearly, I looked at the case, I spent many hours studying it, and I was aware of the harassment they were going through previous to this.
They got way too close to it, did too much research, and no matter how insane these books sound, I went and researched many case points in it and found it to be extremely accurate.
Continuing, though, your husband was delving deep into this, research onto this, and the harassment began.
Tell us how that started.
Well, Fritz and I had just gotten married October 26 of the year 2000.
I had just moved out to Oregon from Denver.
Lo and behold, February of 2001, so that's about five months later, we have a whole SWAT team with the FBI and DATF and the whole shot comes barging into our door.
I know.
It was outrageous.
And, of course, a lot of the questions weren't about marijuana, were they?
Oh, no, no.
They sat me down in my office and said, I think they have a degree in criminalistics with a minor in accounting.
Because the first thing out of their mouth was, do you know how much equity he's got in this house?
And I'm thinking, what?
And then I'm realizing, oh, they want the house.
And so I said, I have no idea.
Do you know what kind of mortgage?
I said, we haven't been married long enough that I've looked into all that stuff.
I said, I would think that he's probably got a 30-year mortgage.
I said, he hasn't owned the house.
He bought the house in 1999.
So I said, I guess go from there.
You have to put a 10% down or something like this.
And so I said, so I don't know.
But you'd think they'd be able to find out.
And so then they asked me if he had any offshore accounts.
And I said, I don't know.
I don't think so.
Basically, they were there to stop what he was doing with the books.
Yes, and to find out and to get into all of our business.
It was pretty outrageous.
Then they finally took us into the police station by 4.30 that afternoon.
Now they came at 9.30 in the morning.
Oh, and we also had $1,400 that we had gotten from the bank the day before to purchase a van to replace the van that Fritz had broken down.
So on the phone, I'm sure our phone was tapped.
They overheard Fritz talking to the guy in Lake Oswego who had the van for sale and the guy wanted cash on the barrel head the next day and so they knew that Fritz would have $1,400 the next day which is the day of the raid and so they took that as well and called it drug money.
But they didn't find any drugs?
No, they did not find anything.
I mean, if folks knew Fred Springmeier, you know, I've met him and interviewed him, but this is the last person on earth, an incredibly devout Christian, the last person you'd find smoking marijuana.
And, of course, there's no marijuana found, no nothing, but they go ahead and take you on into the police station.
Oh, yeah, they took us into the police station and held us until about 9.30 or 10.
It was about 10 o'clock that night.
The police station was over in Clackamas County, which is miles away from where we lived.
We had to take a bus into Gresham and then we had to take a $40 cab ride up to our house because we lived out in the country.
It was a pretty expensive day there.
We were just glad to get home by the end of the day, but they didn't charge us with anything.
They didn't set any bail.
They didn't charge us.
They just told us that they could charge us with something in the future.
And under asset form, it was your seizure.
No drugs, no nothing.
They still took your money.
Oh, they took, yes, yes.
And Fritz had a couple of hunting rifles, and they took those.
So gun confiscations on top of it.
Oh gosh, I had a copy of The Ugly Truth about the ADL.
They took that and they hem-hawed over that.
So that's about where that stands.
I looked on the police property list and noticed that it said $1,359, but it was $1,400.
Then after that, these informants, these provocateurs start coming around into your life.
Do you say after that or before that?
Well, just from what I've read and the things that are out there, we'll come back and get it from the horse's mouth after this break.
Fritz has been harassed before.
People have tried to run him off the road, and he has had people, you know, strange people approach him and try and look him up.
And some of it's very innocent because they're people that have a story to tell.
We've got a break.
We'll be right back.
We'll continue with Patricia Springmeyer, and we'll also take your calls.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, my friends.
We're talking to Patricia Springmeyer, wife of Fritz Springmeyer, the political prisoner, the author, the researcher, the lecturer.
By the way, we carry his book, Bloodlines the Illuminati, right there on Infowars.com.
And it's an encyclopedic book and really lets you know who we're dealing with.
Patricia, give us kind of the reader's digest of then what happened with the bank robbery charges that came later.
And when I talked about troublemakers swarming around, these supposed friends that started coming around.
People will come up to you and, Hey, ever thought about doing something violent?
I've dealt with this.
And then I quietly memorize their license plate number and find out it's a cop or an FBI informant.
You know, that's why I'm publicly non-violent and want to wake people up.
And I know they try to provocateur this stuff all the time.
I mean, I've been at protests before when they're in the crowd trying to start fights.
This is really criminal.
And they've been caught doing it.
But give us the Reader's Digest summation of then what happened.
Well, one year later, they came back and arrested Fritz for a bank robbery that had taken place in 1997.
They had a witness who was facing about 120 years of prison sentence for weapons violations and a pot grow and all this stuff.
After his arrest and questioning, they let him out on his own recognizance.
And he had five months to go around and get a story together.
Now they told him, if you have any information about anybody else having committed crimes or this or that, we'll go easy on you.
And they said, so you think about that because we are going to be looking at you, buddy, and we're going to be going around to every friend and questioning all your friends and stuff.
This is the classic MO for an informant.
They got somebody they got dirt on, and then you work for us, buddy.
And when he saw that they weren't kidding, five months later he called them back up and said, could you please come interview me again?
And they did, and he said, and they had mentioned Fritz's name on the first interview.
Do you know anything about Fritz Springmeier?
Do you know if he's committed any crimes?
So he called them back over for the interview and he said, yes, Fritz Springmeier committed this bank robbery that I had helped plan with Forrest Bateman.
By the way, this story she's talking about is in the mainstream newspapers.
They just come right out with all this stuff.
So years later they come and how do they grab Fritz?
Just based on Tony's word, they came and arrested him at the house.
We were surprised.
It was one year later, almost exactly.
It was five months to statute of limitations on this bank robbery, which is five years is the statute of limitations.
You're wondering how fair can a trial be?
How will people be able to remember anything?
Tony Huntington ended up perjuring himself on the stand because he found out that he
You know, because our attorney bluffed him, he admitted that he actually took a role in the robbery on the day of the robbery and that's something that he never told the investigators.
So they were looking for a second robber because Forrest Bateman had admitted guilt already, but he never implicated Fritz in it.
But here's Tony Huntington sitting on the stand, and he admits that he not only planned it the night before, but he actually took a role in it.
So you have one of the two admitting he did it, and now the second one admitting it, but they go, oh, that's fine, it's Fritz.
Oh, yeah, and they stopped the courtroom on Defenses Day.
All kinds of law enforcement came in and sat on the spectator's side, but on the jury's side.
I was sitting on Fritz's side because I wanted to be near Fritz.
I thought, gosh, they have a long lunch hour.
Who gave them the time off?
I mentioned that to an attorney and he said, that's stocking the courtroom with law enforcement.
I'm telling you, there were about 12
And a lot of them in uniform throughout the day.
I'd say 12 to 15.
And I was told that our defense attorney should have mentioned it, should have raised an objection to the judge and said, Your Honor, what are all these law enforcement people doing here?
Who gave them the time off?
And say something for the record.
As it was, the attorney only put one objection.
But what happened when this guy on the stand, how did he admit that he'd been involved, and they didn't clap him in irons right then?
They didn't, no.
He hasn't been charged with bank robbery.
It's an amazing system we have.
And I didn't see that in one of the newspapers when I was researching this months ago, where it said that he admitted he'd been involved somehow, and then this comes out later, but, oh, we're going to leave you alone.
That was the exchange that was made.
That was the deal that was struck.
It's pretty amazing.
Now, Fritz had been involved exposing some local officials in this globalist involvement.
In fact, you'll find a lot in his books that is local on Oregon and stuff.
He's not afraid to name names.
I think that's what really has gotten him in trouble.
I mean, he does not... Well, Patricia, I don't know if I believe you.
I mean, we have the Houston Crime Lab admittedly framing thousands, the Houston Crime Lab admittedly framing thousands, 56 black farmers, no criminal records, all framed, not one piece of evidence, 20 to do to life in prison, later admitted it's totally fake.
We have the FBI admittedly running murders and framing people en masse and running organized crime, being the head of the mafia in Boston.
I mean, I don't think the government would be capable of lying to get somebody.
Yeah, I know.
If Fritz were out, I think we'd probably be expatriates living on a safer shore.
You know, it's funny you'd say that.
I just have this instinct to get out of here.
But I've got to stay and fight, but I'm tempted to get my family out of the country because why should they have to put up with this?
But, you know, it's a new world order, Patricia.
There's nowhere to run.
This global darkness is settling everywhere.
I think the answer is fighting and being bold, more of us doing it.
And there's so many of us now standing up.
We're going to have a problem getting everybody.
But I've noticed that people that really get into exposing the Illuminati itself and name names of high-level government people, that really gets them angry.
So how has Fritz's stay in prison been?
Well, he is very spiritually strong.
He's using it as an opportunity to... Oh, I saw that in the newspaper.
Didn't he thank the judge or something?
Yes, basically.
I'm going from memory because he says this is like Paul or somebody in prison.
Tell us the story.
He said, oh boy, I wish I had the exact quote.
But he basically said he was going to turn it into an opportunity to work for the Lord.
I'll look that up for you, what he said.
I saw that in the newspaper.
That takes great peace.
He went out and said, Thank you to the judge.
Thank you to the jury.
Basically, I forgive you and thank you.
This is what God wants.
I believe that was basically what he said.
That's his attitude.
I remember that.
He's been helping out with Bible studies and organizing...
Well, he's teaching the inmates to come to Bible studies.
He gives some of the Bible studies in prison.
Right now he's teaching an inmate German.
He's currently working for the prison helping people get their GEDs.
That's his job in prison right now.
He had a job with Unicor for a while, quality assuring circuit boards, and sounded just to be
Totally unsatisfying and decided to go back to working directly for the prison to give people the GEDs.
Over time, over the time he's been in prison, I've heard he's actually had an effect on the guards and others.
There was one point out at Sheridan where one of the guards was asking about Bloodline's book and asked how he could purchase the copy.
So by his example, I mean, you've got to meet Fritz Springmeier.
He just radiates this peace, a nice guy, really intelligent.
I mean, you can tell he's a good guy.
And then to see this happen to him, it's just... But, you know, founding fathers went through stuff like this.
Our soldiers in Vietnam went through stuff like this.
I mean, this is just what happens to people, and there's a lot of persecution.
But would you say Fritz has become stronger through this?
Definitely, he has.
My family, it's funny you talk about the guys in Vietnam and whatnot because my family just tells me to look at it like he's been sent overseas.
There are a lot of military wives out there and their spouses and military husbands.
Their spouses are overseas and you just have to wait it out.
Well, no doubt, French is now a prisoner of war.
That's a good way to put it.
Well, I'll tell you what.
We're about to go to some calls.
Loaded phone lines here for you, Patricia Springmeyer, wife of Fritz Springmeyer, political prisoner.
How do folks... You've got quite a few books you're offering.
I just carry one of them, the latest edition of Bloodlines, before he went into prison.
But you've got some other books.
How do people get those?
Oh, okay.
Well, you can order direct from me.
Shall I give the address?
Yeah, do that.
Okay, 700 North Colorado Boulevard...
We're good to go.
I'm selling that for $50, and that's 515 pages.
These are giant.
These look just like encyclopedia books.
Big, dark brown, black, hardbound books.
No, actually, not to refute you.
Okay, so then I've got an older copy?
Because I've got a hardbound copy of that.
Yes, yes.
You have an older, one of the first, that was the first edition, as a matter of fact.
What Fritz decided to do is to combine these books so that they could lay open flat so that therapists could use them as workbooks and whatnot.
So they're paper-bound.
With a clear plastic cover and then a comb binding.
The sequel to that is Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula.
That book gives a lot of solutions to the problem.
Both these books, by the way, were co-authored by Cisco Wheeler.
In the Deeper Insights book, the second part of it is how to break free of the control
And Cisco gives a lot of information on how to go about that.
You've also got bloodlines.
How much is that?
Well, you have the Bloodlines of the Illuminati book.
Yeah, folks can get it from you.
What's the address again?
Oh, 700 North Colorado Boulevard, number 126, Denver, Colorado.
And we'll get that out again in a few minutes.
Let's go to some calls, Patricia.
Fred in Pennsylvania, thanks for holding her on the air.
Go ahead.
Patricia, I wanted to thank you for coming on, and I wanted to ask what kind of hypnosis is involved with, let's say, the various subjects, and can it be done...
You know, not necessarily in a small location, but maybe from a distance.
Well, let me throw this out.
I mean, you've got mass mind control conditioning they use on all of us, but we're talking about drugging, torture.
That's how you get these type of minds.
Patricia, is that accurate?
Yes, absolutely.
What these books deal with is the more specific one-on-one experience
Programming a person.
And by the way, Copper Green just got declassified to Vietnam Air Torture.
It's almost the exact stuff in these books.
So we have official government documents on that.
They do the similar things.
What about the use of sleep deprivation also?
Oh yes, that's used.
Their ideal victim is to get the person at three years old.
They use everything.
They use electronics, drugs, hypnosis, sleep deprivation, anything that can just break the person down, shatter their personality into thousands of parts which are alters.
Then they program the alters to perform different functions.
Some alters know about other alters.
By the way, I know a very successful businessman, we're talking worth 100 million bucks at least, who in the late 60s in Houston, Texas was part of a magnet program and then was taken into a NASA program and they didn't do the torture, but they did do drugs, hypnosis, computers.
I mean, this is a massive program.
Well, I just wanted to say, is there a
Isn't there a core of doctors that the Army has that is impossible to get at?
You can't do them.
You can't use any kind of... Let me give folks documentation.
The founding of the American Psychological Association, the founder, Dr. Ewing Cameron of Canada, admittedly tortured over 2,000 people, mainly women.
They found women were better.
Men you can break even quicker, but then they usually go insane and aren't...
And this is even History Channel.
They would create total mind control slaves that will do whatever they're told.
And this is admitted.
Thousands of women.
You want to comment on that, Patricia?
Oh, yes.
As a matter of fact, and here's some good news finally on the issue of mind control.
Fritz told me last week that Dr. Ewan Cameron, a.k.a.
Dr. White, who's out of Canada, recently lost a lawsuit by several mind control victims.
Yeah, now he's dead too.
Oh, boy.
Well, apparently they're going to collect damages, and I don't know where from.
Oh, man, I watched a History Channel piece where they just admitted it, and the government admitted it, and they grabbed little kids.
Families would bring their children, and then they'd sign over rights, and boom, their kid was gone.
That is sad.
But I do hear that this is the first victory of this type, and what it means is that other lawsuits are to follow against all these people.
I just wanted to say that the change in the Cold War status hasn't meant a darn thing to the volume of the program, to the spending.
I know for a fact that MKUltra skyrocketed in cost during the mid-50s, the early 50s when it was started.
This is all admitted stuff.
Thanks for the call, Fred.
Let's talk to Mike in California.
Mike, go ahead.
Mike, you there?
Oh, this is off the topic, sir.
Go ahead.
I'm sorry about this.
Just go ahead.
I called you on Friday about the school system.
I don't know if you remember me, but... Yeah, you're there in the schools waking people up, you know.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And, well, they suspended me yesterday, Alex, for saying a supposedly profanity word.
I'm wondering if it's legal.
I have two things for you.
This is one of them.
I'm going to do it real quick.
I'm wondering if this is legal.
If I refuse to sign my referral, a behavior contract, and a girls' high school expulsion certificate or whatever, can they technically hold that against me if I didn't sign it, if I don't have my signature on it?
No, they can't make you sign documents, at least in a free country.
Of course, they probably will.
Stay there.
We'll find out after the break.
Patricia Springmeier is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
Infowars.com and presentplanet.tv are the websites, as well as infowars.net relaunch.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
Well, it's your chance to talk to Patricia Springmeier.
We're going to keep her about 20 minutes in the next hour, and then I'm going to get into a bunch of other news.
Scott and J.R.
and Roman and John and others, your calls are coming up.
The young man that called earlier, I talked to him during the break.
He was saying they treat him like Nazi minions or something in the school of the police, and they considered that very evil, and so he's suspended.
And now they want to have him sign one of these deferred unification contracts.
They do that here in Austin.
I haven't seen his contract in California, but I'm familiar with it around the country.
And then you waive your rights to go on real probation if you do anything wrong in the next semester.
No, there's no reason to sign that or go along with that, but do whatever you feel is proper.
So that's a side issue there.
Before we go back to Patricia Springmeyer and her calls, I've made 11 films.
And we're offering a bunch of huge discounts, up to 70% off my videos now, some different specials.
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A bunch of books, a bunch of videos and tapes by other authors, including Bloodlines, The Illuminati, the latest edition, the last work of Fritz Springmeier before he went to the pen for a crime he didn't commit, obviously.
You can also toll free to ask about the different specials we're offering.
It takes too long to go over them.
Just give a call and ask about the specials.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or just write to me.
I'm Alex Jones at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
And Bloodlines Illuminati is $25, and it's about...
I don't know, 600, 700 pages long.
We do offer that, but you can also get it directly from Mrs. Springmeyer, and we'll get that address out again later in the next hour.
Let's go ahead now and go to Scott in Texas.
Scott, you're on the air.
Alex, how are you doing?
Good to talk to you.
Thank you so much for taking my call.
First heard about you on Coast to Coast, and great interview there.
And I had been praying for you before because I was on the internet, you know, checking you out.
And I had realized, praying for your protection, I had realized that God had been protecting you already.
You're not kidding when you say that.
You know, Bush said it, and I like to steal what he said, I can feel the prayers.
And so now, every day, I pray that God would send his angels to protect you because I feel like this is a calling for you.
And it's good for us because you keep us informed and everything, and so we really appreciate it.
Well, thank you.
Do you have any comments for our guest?
Yeah, I've got two quick comments.
Interesting that you have Patricia on today because that's what I was going to talk to you about was brainwashing.
Two things on that.
One is the mass brainwashing going on that has been extended from the people that put
It's pretty amazing.
It's hard to get away from the influences.
If I could live out in the country, I would.
Now I'm living in the city, so you just have to be strong spiritually, pray to God just to give you salvation every day.
I had a quick question for Patricia.
Alex, if I may.
Patricia, isn't the object of brainwashing dislodging one's personality and then separating them from previously held ideals and then inserting maybe a new alternate personality?
Do it.
Is that the goal?
Yes, and more than one personality.
They can actually split the brain into two.
Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
November 10, 2004.
Already 30 seconds into this third hour.
We're talking to Patricia Springmeier, wife of the author and researcher and lecturer Fritz Springmeier, who is a political prisoner.
He had been raided before looking for marijuana.
No marijuana found.
Then they framed him for a bank robbery.
He clearly didn't commit.
Even local newspapers had to say this is very questionable.
And we're talking about mind control now and taking your calls.
And I'm going to get into the battle for Fallujah with the troops having 70% of the country.
The Prime Minister is now claiming he's had members of his family kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents.
And also, we'll get into the London Observer revealed secret plan to push happy pills and how that merges in with Vioxx and how they covered up Dudley.
That is just a ton of key news coming up.
But continuing with Patricia Springmeyer, Patricia, let's go to J.R.
in Texas.
J.R., you're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Thank you so much for taking my call.
Hello, sir.
And God bless you, Patricia, and your husband.
Thank you so much.
We're all with you in spirit.
Thank you.
You're welcome, ma'am.
And Alex, this is a little bit off subject, but I wanted to make a request to have a certain guest on your show.
If possible.
Mr. William Rodriguez, who is the key master of the World Trade Center North Tower.
He was one of the heroes of that day that rescued hundreds of people's lives.
And he is now suing the Bush regime, and he's being represented by Philip Berg.
So if you could get a hold of Willie Rodriguez, that'd be awesome for your show.
And by the way, Mr. Rodriguez, I've seen it in the New York newspapers, is saying the government is basically behind it.
We've got firefighters and police saying they got the black boxes out of the planes, and then they're lying about it.
Clearly an inside job, and I do want to get Mr. Rodriguez and others on.
And there's this other guy, too.
I don't know if you know him or know about him.
His name is Frank Trudeau.
He's a medical investigator, and he's got books out and stuff.
And he's always investigating the FDA.
Yeah, they're about to come after vitamins again.
Yeah, yeah.
So it'd be great if you could get that guy on the show.
I'll try to do that.
Anything else?
No, I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work, Alex.
And you and your show always keep getting better every day.
And people are waking up all over the place.
And people are starved for the truth.
That's what I've seen down here.
Well, thank you for the call.
I appreciate that, J.R.
Let me just say this here, because this is very important.
Well, it's hard to know exactly what to do.
I would say the exposure of
I think the idea of mind control and helping people come out of the mind control safely is probably one of the biggest weapons that they use against us that we can defuse.
I really think it's their top secret weapon.
Well, that's why they're so angry.
That's why they kept trying to frame Fritz and finally did, is because he was exposing their operation.
Well, and the critical thing for them to do is to change society from within, not to attack us head-on, which would create an open revolution, which is what they don't want.
And apart from that, I just think we've got to stay spiritually strong through all of this.
Life always has its challenges every generation.
Their New World Order slave state is being built right in front of us, and they need us to be active participants in it to feel powerless.
And that's a fraud.
We can't affect change.
Patricia, stay there.
We'll come back and take more calls and cover more news.
So stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
This information is absolutely vital for all freedom lovers in the United States.
Order your video today.
Call toll free at 888-253-3139.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You know, last hour we talked about how it's even on the History Channel as news.
That Dr. Ewing Cameron, the founder of the American Psychological Association the same group out saying five years ago that pedophilia is actually a good thing and should be legalized and isn't a mental illness.
The same group
The same head was the head of a major CIA operation where they would adopt thousands of children and erase their brains with electroshock, PCP, LSD, other drugs.
And then they'd hook them up with computer goggles.
They'd put earpieces on them for months on end, putting recordings in with keyword triggers.
This is real stuff.
And Dr. Jolian West, who also just died...
Dr. Julian West, he came out in the 1977 MKUltra hearings as one of the program heads, and then nobody paid attention when he was, quote, McVeigh's doctor who stayed with him from the time of arrest to when he was in Denver for the trial to when he was in Terre Haute, Indiana, right up to the day he was killed.
I mean, how much more obvious does this have to get for people?
And then, of course, McVeigh was found in a big white car with no license plate stumbling around vomiting.
The state police sent this to the newspaper saying, I got the chip.
I got the chip.
Oh, it's in me.
And again, it's easy.
They cell phone call the guy, say the trigger word, and psychologically it's connected somehow to the chip.
You know, that's the trigger word.
Oh boy, Jolly West.
I think he had something to do with Sirhan Sirhan, who assassinated Robert Kennedy in L.A.
He had some input into the McMartin case, the McMartin preschool trial.
After a lot of things were starting to come out about him, he was hired on by UCLA as a professor.
After a lot of things were exposed.
That was really shocking.
But I guess they have to carry on the legacy.
And then openly the feds have him as a psychiatrist for McVeigh.
I can believe it.
People, I guess, are just too burdened and kept busy to follow all of this.
But it's right out in the open.
They don't even hide this stuff.
It's an insult to our intelligence.
It really is, Patricia.
Let's talk to Mike, then we'll talk to Roman and John and DJ and Chris.
Mike in Arizona, welcome.
Yeah, thank you, Alex.
Sorry to hear about your travails, Ms.
Was there anything in particular that Fritz was working on when he started having these problems?
Yeah, as a matter of fact, he was trying to finish up this current edition of Bloodlines.
Of the Illuminati.
I neglected to say that one of the things that they took was his working copy that had the red marks, and he was doing the index, the red marks in the index and whatnot from the proofreader.
That set the project back at least six months.
Is there still a copy available?
That might be available to us?
Oh, sure.
Bloodlines of the Illuminati is... No, it got out.
It got out.
I sell it.
Yeah, we finally managed to put it out.
Is this the updated version you're talking about?
Yes, this is the current version, and it is updated.
It's the third edition.
Tell me, this fellow who implicated your husband, did he know Fritz previously, or...?
Yes, they were acquainted.
What had happened is... That's what I was saying about these people fluttering around.
They show up and make contact with you.
As a matter of fact, his roommate, not really roommate, but housemate, Forrest Bateman is his actual name, a.k.a.
Tim, had looked up Fritz years prior when Fritz was staying at Cisco Wheeler's house.
And he knocked on the door and said, you know, Fritz Springmeier, I'd love to come in.
I've read your book, Bloodlines.
There's so much in there that's true.
And so they got to talking.
And then he mentioned, because in Bloodlines, Fritz makes no secret that he's a Christian.
And he said, so you've ministered, you know, you've done street ministry and things like this.
He goes, oh yes, I've ministered to ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, helping them come out from Jehovah's Witnesses, which...
It is cultish.
It does things like shun the people that disagree and it gets pretty ugly.
He belonged to Witness Incorporated which would help people come out of the abuse of Jehovah's Witnesses.
Tim found that very interesting.
He said, well gosh, why don't you come by our place and give us a Bible study?
That's what Fritz did.
He had gone over to their place
Yeah, that's how this works.
These informants invite you somewhere, and then all they talk about is the bad things they want to do, and then down the line, that person then goes out and perjures against you.
Yeah, well, he ended up baptizing one of their wives, and come to find out, she had been a getaway driver for several of their robberies.
These people had committed several bank robberies.
There was another witness against Fritz who had committed seven bank robberies and the FBI said, we'll go easier on it if you admit.
He says, statute of limitation on bank robberies, five years.
The guy says, are you sure?
Can I have that in writing?
They said yes and they gave it to him in writing.
So he did in chronological order.
And again, for those that just joined us, this is after raids on your house looking for marijuana and then arresting you and taking money.
No marijuana found.
Just all these ways to get you in the system.
Mike, thanks for the call.
Thanks, Alex.
You bet.
Roman in Colorado.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello to both of you.
Yeah, I had a question.
I read Mrs. Bloodline's book.
And I was wondering, maybe both of you could answer my question.
In the book, he...
Briefly mentioned that Denver is an important New World Order city.
I was wondering if maybe you could both elaborate on that.
Well, it certainly is.
Look at your international airport.
You've got the military base there, Northcom, very nearby.
Look at the artwork in the airport.
Look at all the elitists that live there.
They kind of have their own little bohemian grove outside Denver.
You want to comment on that, Patricia?
Yeah, NORAD, which is this whole thing inside the mountain in Colorado Springs, and NORAD was the one that...
I didn't do the job on 9-11.
They laid down on the job there.
Like you say, the DIA is a pretty spooky place.
They have some very strange murals that you're probably aware of.
It's inland.
They probably figure that it's a safer place to be.
They probably say that that is the new capital if D.C.
ever gets nuked.
I heard it was either Denver or Atlanta.
Where can we get this information?
No, no, no.
The new capital for the Pan American Union, or the Union of American States, is going to be Atlanta.
Oh, okay.
Talk about the U.S.
Oh, interesting.
When I was back here before, prior to Y2K, they used Y2K as an excuse to build underground government bunkers.
For continuance of government in Denver.
A lot of places around the country did this, but in Denver, Y2K was used as the excuse.
Yeah, and building the command bunker at Building 7 to carry out 9-11.
Command bunkers here in Austin.
Command bunkers everywhere.
Thanks for the call, Roman.
John in Tennessee.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I read Prince's books on mind-control sways and bloodlines.
Excellent books.
Bloodlines reported that Robert F. Kennedy Sr.
was a visitor to Bohemian Grove, I believe.
A couple years ago, I gave a copy of Alex's video on Bohemian Grove to Professor Robert Kennedy Jr.
when he was speaking at University of Tennessee in Knoxville.
When I handed him the videotape, I could tell he knew what Bohemian Grove was, but in sort of a sad way.
And he did not hesitate to accept my gift.
So I'm sure it was a shock when he actually watched
I know I've stuck my head in the tiger's mouth, but that's just the way it is.
Well, I hope Fritz doesn't just turn the other cheek and not...
We're going to sue these people for false imprisonment and not prosecute these people for perjury and official oppression because if he doesn't they're just going to be bolder the next time and try to stalk him again when he gets out.
We're going to do the best that we can.
Right now we're not being so successful right now.
We lost the first appeal.
Our attorney for some reason didn't want to do the second appeal to the Ninth Circuit
And feels that we can go to the Supreme Court with a procedural error and a denial of Fritz's rights.
However, the Supreme Court... The Supreme Court throws out 98%, doesn't even look at them.
So Fritz and I are just really... I've just learned this within the last couple days.
I know.
Last night, I just learned from Fritz that the second appeal to the Ninth Circuit, if he didn't file, if the attorney didn't file within two weeks...
That's it.
We've lost that chance.
All right, John, thanks for the call.
Patricia Springmeier, I want to thank you for coming on.
If people want to get any of the books, what, Bloodline's $25?
$25 with $4 for shipping.
And then the others are $50.
Give your address out, please.
Well, the formula book is $50 with $4 for shipping, and then the deeper insights is $60 with $4 shipping.
I can send a brochure, too, if someone would just simply like a brochure.
There's also Ezekiel 6-3, which is $16 and $3 shipping, and that's a book that has the... Okay, quickly give people your address.
700 North Colorado Boulevard, Suite 126, Denver, Colorado, 80206.
Patricia, contact me as things develop.
I'd like to have you back on.
Thank you so much.
You bet.
God bless you, and tell Fritz I said hi.
Alright, talking to the wife of another political prisoner.
We'll be back with all the news and your calls.
You don't want to miss it.
40 minutes left.
Stay with us.
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The government admits they grabbed thousands of children and did this to them.
It's not debatable.
Now we're going to go to DJ and William and others coming up, but I wanted to cover this news.
This is out of a London Observer.
Revealed secret plan to push happy pills.
Britain's largest drug company drew up a secret plan to double sales of the controversial antidepressant Seracat, if I'm pronouncing that right, by marketing it as a cure for a raft of less serious mental conditions.
The Observer can reveal today the contents of the 250-page document have alarmed health campaigners...
And it continues, who accused the firm, GlaxoSmithKline, of putting profit before the therapeutic needs of patients by attempting to broaden the market for the drug which has been linked to a spat of suicides.
The revelation is likely to prompt further concerns about the role and influence of the pharmacological industry which has come under severe scrutiny in recent months.
The document is now being investigated by a parliamentary inquiry into the drug's industry itself.
The internal report carries a section which outlines how SmithKline planned to double sales of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, the industry term for antidepressants, by winning the marketing war against their chief rival Prozac, manufactured by Eli Lilly.
So we've got GlaxoSmithKline, and it continues here.
Written in 98 and subsequently updated in following years, the section is entitled, Towards the Second Billion, All SSRIs Are Not the Same, and discusses strategies to see off the threat posed by Prozac.
The document outlined of how GlaxoSmithKline intended to market serotonin.
Uptake inhibitors for a range of conditions other than clinical depression.
Chief among these was a condition the company identified as social anxiety disorder.
Normal anxiety.
Folks, you're supposed to have that.
Before I go give a speech, I've got that anxiety.
Oh, something's wrong with me.
I better take a pill.
Although other forms of anxiety were also discussed internally.
Then it goes on how to pitch it to the public.
Folks, you want to know how they're going to do this?
The New Freedom Initiative.
By law, every child from elementary to graduation will be psychologically tested by guidelines written by a consortium of ten major drug companies.
They wrote the guidelines.
They lobbied for it.
Terry Bush, they're all for it.
Bush is the main one promoting it.
And, by the way, it also says in the document, in the law they're trying to pass for it, that you as an adult will be forced to do it as well.
And now Illinois is trying to pass a state law to get that federal money.
Chicago Tribune is the source on that.
A once-a-year test for adults, twice a year for children.
They're talking about starting in Illinois with mothers who are pregnant and have to do it, or people that are getting different types of jobs.
You talk about getting into the system, and it's all about making you take these drugs.
They already say, oh, got to take the vaccines.
Oh, we say you're mentally ill.
The teacher says you are.
You've got to go on Ritalin.
You've got to go on Prozac.
You've got to go on all this stuff.
I mean, when does it end, my friends?
Where does it end?
Remember Vioxx?
Makes your heart fall apart.
Linked to massive heart attacks.
Turns out since 99, they knew specifically what it was doing, and they just covered it up.
You see, they don't care.
Well, how could somebody do something wrong?
But the people that own this are the military-industrial complex.
They also own the media and are the number one sponsors of TV.
Watch your nightly news.
Half of it's drug ads.
Your magazine's a third of it, at least, is drug ads.
Vioxx dangers were evident for years.
Four years ago, the headlines, Swiss researchers say, Merck's arthritis and painkilling drug, Vioxx,
Which can lead to heart attacks, should have been pulled off the market four years ago, and it shows that in early 99 into 2000, they knew what the drug was doing, but covered it up.
Folks, they know Ritalin shrinks the brains of children, causes organ toxicity, liver shutdown, retards growth, causes seizures.
They've gone from 6 mil to 10 million on it.
They don't care!
And now your child goes in, eats two candy bars, three Cokes on average, bouncing off the walls.
They're not allowed to have the Coach or whoever go give them a paddling, so now they get more out of control.
You never disciplined them.
So they go, we'll just put your child in the criminal justice system under a judge's order.
Judge's order?
They've got to go on Ritalin and Prozac.
Then your child's out in PE, runs too many sprints, has a heart attack, and they just say, well, your child just had a heart attack.
Just like Vioxx.
Just like all of it.
It's so sick.
You talk about a brave new world, folks.
I know, yuppies, you're going to deny a new freedom initiative until you're forced to do it, and you'll say, ah, well, I need to do it.
You're just afraid.
What do you have to hide?
Because the psychopaths are the ones that decide who's sane and not.
You know, the Soviets used this.
Infowars.com is the website.
Check it out.
We'll be right back with your calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCM Radio Network.
All right, let's blitz through some of your calls, and we'll get into Bush and Crowrover now.
Total blanket amnesty.
And they don't care if 87% of you are against it or if it's wrecking this country.
They don't care if you're against the plunging dollar.
They don't care if you're against the free trade area of the Americas.
They don't care if you're against gun control.
They don't care if you're against the U.N.
They don't care if you're against the war.
They just don't care.
Because they got the voting machines and they had the candidates rigged in case you somehow circumvented that.
With John Kerry running as the, you know, dead man they ran against Bush.
And by that I mean that figuratively, you know, a stick man would have had more animation and more real issues.
A scarecrow would have.
No difference in policies.
Let's go ahead and talk to DJ in Illinois.
DJ, welcome to the airwaves.
Hey, how you doing?
That's good.
I'd like to throw out several things here.
Number one, many times this comes to mind, most likely daily, most often.
I do ask God to bless each and every person who is genuinely speaking the truth and his wisdom.
And this lady that you had on and her husband would be among those.
There are countless people that we've never heard names of.
And if good people weren't standing up against evil, things would be much worse.
For as bad as things are, an awakening is taking place, and we've held back a lot of this stuff.
Oh, no doubt.
That's why they've got to warp the morals and the psyche and the spirits.
You know, the globalist trade the souls of men, as Revelation says.
They've got to do that before they can have this world system.
Yes, so...
We've run into an awful lot of people, and what the one caller said is very true.
People are starved for the truth and for places, sources, to get the truth to be able to deal with what they know in their gut is wrong.
And I have many family and military friends.
I've talked with many other soldiers about what's really going on.
And one told me, well, there are things that various ones told me that will never leave me.
After we talked about all the things that are going on, just keep home going for us.
And if those people that hear this in other genuine, truthful broadcasts do not do that, what's your yellow ribbon worth?
I mean, it's so ludicrous.
Well, that's a good point.
You know, having a yellow ribbon, does that mean worshipping the government, not caring about VA benefits being cut, not caring about troops breathing depleted uranium and being given deadly vaccines?
I mean, I really support the troops.
I support them enough to try to get them out of this phony war that wasn't designed to be one to begin with.
Yes, and there's... If everyone is responsible, or everyone is responsible...
For what we do, with what we know, what we are given to work with.
And, like I said, people are just starved.
I mean, I run into people almost every single day.
In fact, it's an exception when it's not.
At least a couple every day who are just... No, I know.
We should be positive because people are ripe to have their minds unlocked.
Thanks for the call.
Hang on a minute, Alex.
Yeah, DJ.
I have taught my children and the other youth I was helping amongst many other things.
There's a proverb.
It's in 24, 11 and 12.
Can I run that through quickly?
Yeah, you might speak up a little bit.
I don't usually talk too loud unless I'm really, really mad.
That's okay.
Go ahead.
Rescue those being led away to death.
Hold back those staggering towards slaughter.
If you say, but we knew nothing about this.
Does not he who weighs the heart perceive it?
Does not he who guards your life know it?
Will he not repay each person according to what he has done?
Well, that's beautiful.
I can't say it any better than that.
Yeah, email that to me.
Thanks for the call.
You know, that's what Christ said, basically, about suffered little children.
And that means widows, retarded, people who are ill, people who are brain... You know, the weak.
The weak.
We're good to go.
And they enrage me.
But I don't fight them because I'm enraged against them.
I couldn't continue.
That is the fuel that drives me.
It's the love of my family, the love of humanity, the love of God, and what's decent and honorable.
I love life.
I love beauty.
I love creativity.
I love the dynamic human spirit made in the image of the Creator.
We are creators.
We're meant to create a good world through God's will, not to be a bunch of demonic hogpigs, sniveling, self-serving, lying, larcenous, prideful garbage heads.
Okay, that's enough.
Let's go ahead and talk to William in Canada.
William, go ahead.
Good day, Alex.
Yeah, I wanted to kind of touch on a couple topics from Mr. Springmeyer.
First thing is that back in 1978, before I took another residency, I was offered a residency position in neurology, Ph.D., do research at the VA hospital in West Los Angeles.
And four of the five projects, I was going to work on the World MS Tissue Repository where they're using brain tissue for MS patients.
Four of the projects were CIA NSA to make cyborgs.
And the projects that were involved with putting... And I turned the project down, obviously.
I was just appalled that they actually were doing this.
It was brought through the laboratories.
But did you have to sign a national security agreement to even see the project?
They did a security check.
No, believe it or not.
Just said, oh, come on right in, and then just walked me right through it.
Yeah, well, Aldous Huxley, before he died in 1962 at Berkeley, gave a speech about being let into these labs in England.
And now they've got the robo-rat and the robo-roach.
They had that 20 years ago.
Oh, they had these...
Believe it or not, hey, listen to this.
My dad is an oral surgeon and dentist, but he's really good at grafting metal and things into bone for jaw surgery.
And I guess it was back in the late 80s, they tried to recruit the family to move to Virginia to be part of some secret program.
They wouldn't tell him much, but it was cyborg stuff.
And yeah, no, it's massive.
These things have been going on for decades.
They were actually taking prisoners from West Orange and Irvine.
And Dr. Tortolat, who was the head of the neurology program at the time, actually had the machine right there, a stereotactic machine for inserting palladium and platinum electrodes and microchips into their brains for radio control by satellite back in 78.
This is a long time ago.
This mind control thing is much, much bigger than people realize.
And because I worked in Colorado from 94 to 2004, I've actually seen the national ID chips, both in titanium and Pyrex already.
Five years ago.
So, are you a doctor?
I'm a medical doctor.
I worked as a civilian, but with the projects in Colorado.
It must be a massive program, and they tried to recruit my dad.
Oh, the Dr. Tortolat's budget back in 78 was personally $23.5 million for just his equipment acquisitions.
Just for himself, not for the hospital.
Just for his own land.
And were they doing this forcibly to the prisoners?
The prisoners were getting commuted sentences, minimum seven years off.
They would submit to having electrodes put in their rage and calming control centers and radio control chips in their occiput.
They're wiring their occipital cortex to see what they could see and hear what they could see.
See what they could see by putting microchips in the back of their eyes.
All kinds of weird things.
They were actually doing these.
This is not imaginary.
This is real.
Oh, no.
I mean, it's public now in the U.S.
and England.
And whatever we're being told about is 25 years old.
Well, because of what I did work with, the various different classified facilities in Colorado, I worked on Operation Top-Off in Dark Winter.
And we did simulations back in 1998.
And we proved that we couldn't identify a bioterrorism release.
We did a simulation on 17th Avenue in Denver.
No, I remember that.
We also did one at the Performing Arts Center where we did a simulation.
It wasn't a real one.
It was a simulation where we tried to have hazmat officers and EMTs go to the hospitals.
And the most disturbing thing was that we basically had a 100% kill rate.
We would never have found out in time, so if anybody exposed, they'd just die.
Yeah, they did Dark Winter and Top Off in Denver.
They also did it in Oklahoma with the state border with Texas simulating, what was it, 5 million dead and they declare martial law.
That was even in the Associated Press.
Well, what happened out of the upshot of this is after I worked there, a few years later on March 1, 2001, I was actually invited to a private lunch meeting with the FBI and CDC director along with Dr. Jay Reddington from the VA hospital.
And there the FBI director for bioterrorism nationally told me personally, three times repeated after I couldn't believe what I heard him say, that it would be an attack.
We were talking about bioterrorism, airplanes going into buildings, suitcase nukes, dirty bombs, all specific scenarios.
And he said there will be 100% certainty in 24 months an attack on a northeast city.
And as they asked more questions, he told me New York, and that there would be dead 50,000 to 500,000 people
That would precipitate martial law and the implantation of national ID into American citizens.
Oh, William, I just finally clicked to this.
I'm pretty slow.
My office has been in contact with you.
Let me research your info, and we'll probably have you on as a guest, okay?
I appreciate that.
This information needs to get out because they're about to do something really horrendous on the American public, and America is in very dire straits right now.
No, I know that.
Yeah, I really...
You're a very brave man to put this information out because these are very terrible times.
Well, the question is, how do they get all these operatives in government to go along with this?
I guess it's all phrased, and we're doing this for the good.
No, there's some very evil people.
Also, when people get in, they're afraid to say what they know.
The kinds of things like that happened to Chris Springmeier and to many others have just disappeared.
I've had many people approach me because of the contacts they have
Yeah, I couldn't say it any more simply or succinctly.
Good to hear from you, Doctor.
Take care.
Yeah, it's scary.
I mean, they'll openly know that Prozac eats the brains of the children and makes them commit suicide, and so they push more of it.
You know, they know Vioxx makes your heart disintegrate, so here, take more of it.
You know, this is what they do to us.
And we're so naive.
We go, you wouldn't be bad, because I'm not bad.
I wouldn't do that.
So they mustn't be doing that.
And I've got to go along with the government or the Arabs will get me.
The Arabs work for the bankers.
The terrorists are the CIA.
I don't mean the whole CIA.
I mean those compartmentalized groups.
Malta and Denmark and then Jason and Iowa.
That's going to be it for calls.
Yes, my Danish friend.
What's up?
Funny you mention that.
I don't know if there's proof about them or not, but I heard about the cipher of
Yeah, Malta, you know,
I don't cut you off short when you call once a week because I don't like what you're saying.
I have trouble understanding it.
There's no mainstream outlet about some of the things maybe.
But the real thing I was saying, I really want to ask you, but after he come by, have you heard about something called World Federalist?
Is that part of the... Yeah, you've got the World Federalist Society.
You've got the Center for Global Governance.
You've got all these different think tanks that are part of managing and coming up with strategies for the globalists.
Thanks for the call, Malta.
Jason in Iowa, where they arrest veterans who complain to the VA because complaining too much is terrorism.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Hey, first of all, we need you here in Iowa, so if there's a way I can help get you here, I would.
What, are you listening on the satellite or internet?
Actually, right now, I just called in because I knew you were on.
I didn't know what you were talking about or anything.
Oh, that's wonderful.
We love that.
I'm being sarcastic.
You can listen on the net, shortwave.
Yeah, I do when I can.
I would like to somehow get here, because I think it would be good for the population to hear you.
Yeah, it would be, so call local stations.
What's on your mind?
One thing is, after viewing this election and all this stuff, doesn't it seem like it's even a little more of the Matrix, and even way more scripted than what you even say?
I mean, I listen to you a lot and have a lot of your tapes and stuff like that, and
It just seems to me like we're deeper into this, that it's more of the Matrix and more Hollywood, actually, than we even think it is.
The whole setup.
I mean, what do you think about that?
Well, I mean, how can it get more scripted than scripted?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I mean, Bush no way took this election.
I mean, we know that.
I mean...
I know that Kerry... Yeah, they had a record voter turnout, most of them Democrats.
Kerry really won Ohio.
But the bigger news is both candidates were staged to begin with.
Right, and I know that.
I just... What I would like to do is try to get... I mean, this, between now and if there is an next election... But see, you're still focused on presidents.
You have real elections locally.
That's where you can effect change.
Jason, good to hear from you.
Let me just say this.
Bush and Karl Rove have come out, Vicente Fox has come out, blanket, total, end of the borders, anybody who's here legal, anybody that can get here is legal, corporations can bring skilled, unskilled, pay to bring them here, federal grants to do it, total end of the country, Pan-American Union, and then they say it is not amnesty.
Just like there is no plan for a draft, we just have 12 different bills to do it, and the head of the Selective Service says they need it, but there is no draft.
And so when they do the draft, it'll be National Compulsory Service, as the bill's called.
Well, it's not a draft, you just have to serve.
Well, we're just legalizing everybody, but it's not amnesty.
Well, so what if a thousand studies show sodium fluoride is a toxic sedative?
Just take it, it's good for you.
This is the type of stuff we're talking about.
And we're just here facing it.
The dollars plunging, wall-to-wall corruption, police garbing and ring-wraith, federally issued Darth Vader outfits, face-scanning cameras, license plate scanners going in, cameras in the school bathrooms, cameras in the police department bathrooms, and the cops put up with it.
Satellite tracker boxes, transponders in the cars, national sales taxes.
Oh, man.
Forced psychological testing, forced psychological drugging.
The entertainment's getting more and more violent, more and more wicked.
Torture's being promoted on TV like it's a new virtue.
Secret arrest all over the news.
Anti-terror training that homeschoolers and Christians are terrorists.
Forced inoculation drills going on nationwide right now.
Hell on Earth.
And you talk to the average yuppie, they don't have a clue.
Well, the government says there's no inflation.
The government says the economy's good.
Boulder Dash!
We'll be right back.
More news straight ahead.
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All right, welcome back.
Final segment of this live daytime broadcast back tonight, 9 to midnight Central.
Back tomorrow, of course, 11 to 2 Central.
Oh, boy.
You know, I'm not trying to scare people, but I am trying to get you to see the full magnitude of what's happening to our society.
Elites have always tried to dominate and control and propagandize their minions.
And if you had one leader, a king or whatever, who wasn't completely psychopathic, stuff was pretty good.
But over time... Excuse me.
That's what happens when you try to eat a piece of pizza during the last 30 seconds of a break.
So sometimes you get a good king.
But then his son or daughter would be a little psychopathic spoiled brat that would start really abusing people.
And so this is what happens throughout history.
And then they have children of the ruling elite, and they get even more corrupt and sadistic.
And they get more and more callous and corrupt.
And now these families, these corrupt individuals, have gotten control of high-tech systems and have all these top minds working for them and are just setting up a total control grid.
And we sit here and we watch it all being put into place.
It has nothing to do with terrorism.
It's about controlling us.
It's about, as they say, taking control of the evolutionary development of mankind.
That's what they say.
I'm not getting off into debates about evolution.
And this is what we're dealing with.
And these people are psychopathic.
And they enjoy death.
They don't just not care.
They enjoy it.
And the evidence is just pile upon stack upon pile.
Mountains of it.
And now the first thing Bush is going to do is give you wide open borders?
As we told you he would.
And then the ABC News comes out with a headline, Conspiracy Theories Abound After Bush Victory.
And they call it all conspiracy theories to admit that Ohio was stolen and New Mexico, that they didn't count 400,000 provisional ballots.
And again, it doesn't matter because it was staged as well with John Kerry being who Bush ran against.
Look, we're going to make it through this, but it's going to take people getting involved, getting focused, getting serious, saying no to the New World Order.
And it's going to take being educated on the facts, being aggressive, being bold, having courage.
Because if we don't stand up now, these psychopathic control freaks are going to have their way with us.
And we've got to hold on to our morals, because if we don't have our morals, then we just fall directly into the pits these people set up for us.
Like it or not, a satanic death cult runs the planet.
They're predators.
They enjoy feeding on us.
And we're inside the New World Order.
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God bless.