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Air Date: Nov. 5, 2004
2382 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
Hence, I am Alex Jones.
Really, we ought to call this broadcast the old name, Exposing Corruption.
But years ago they said, you know, it's good if the name of the show is, well, after the host.
Really, I've always said for many years that this is Real Talk Radio.
Real issues of real significance.
That's one of my favorite little catchphrases for the broadcast.
Or you could just call it crashing through the lies and disinformation.
All right, it's Friday.
We're now three days after the election, or two and a half days.
And I want to open the phones up again for all of you to get involved on air.
I want to take 20-30 calls an hour, have your comments, your questions, your statements ready, a particular news item you wish to discuss.
Fire it out there.
We're going to move on to the next person.
You've probably seen C-SPAN and that little Washington Journal they do in the morning where for an hour or two, sometimes three hours, they just take one phone call after another.
It's actually pretty popular.
And a lot of interesting things get said on there.
Well, we do that same type of thing occasionally, but I also add more of my commentary and cover a lot of news items myself.
1-800-259-9231 1-800-259-9231 and we'll go to your calls in the next segment, as I did yesterday.
The websites freshly updated for you are PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, Infowars.net, and Infowars.com.
And again, why four websites?
Well, because we have three different webmasters.
And so a lot of the news is the same, a lot of it is different.
Infowars.net a lot of times has a ton of different news stories that aren't on Infowars.com or that aren't on PrisonPlanet.com So be sure and go visit Infowars.net today.
Oh my goodness, there is so much so much here I want to cover and we'll launch into it after
After the break.
But did you hear about school hit by jet fighter?
You know, imagine if some crazy guy rigged a jet, his own private plane with a machine gun, and shot a school.
It would be national headlines for five years.
You would never hear the end of it.
There would be some big gun ban over it.
But the government strafes a school with children in it.
And nothing happens.
By the way, this is in Texas again.
Well, this particular case was in another state, but there was another case in Texas where we had the mayor on from, what, southwest Texas where a B-2 bomber bombed someone's house.
They were doing simulated targeting of the homes and bombed
The home.
Now, this new one I'm looking at, I have the old flashback articles why I said Texas.
The new one I have is from San Diego.
Happened about a day and a half ago.
School hit by jet fighter.
No one hurt in incident.
Just incredible.
So, we'll be talking about that.
And you're like, oh, it's just an accident.
Don't be down in the military.
I'm not even particularly that down on the military about this, even though it's serious.
My point is, it's not a big deal when they do it.
It would be a big deal if somebody else did it.
Even if it was somebody else doing it by accident, it'd be a huge news story.
But not when it's the government.
All right, a lot of election news, a ton of info coming up.
Stay with us.
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Again, my friends, it is...
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tells civilians to flee rebel Iraq City.
An Iraqi man surveys a damaged vehicle on the highway north of the western city of Fallujah today.
And it's a photo of all these burned out vehicles.
The U.S.
military has sealed off Fallujah today and launched a night of airstrikes on the rebel city ahead of an assault seen as a critical to the interim government's control.
Now, why is this story so important?
Because about two months ago, the Pentagon began grumbling, and there were quite a few confirmed mainstream news articles, that they'd been told, don't go into all of these different cities and towns, especially Fallujah, that are having problems, because we don't want to have any casualties or higher casualty levels before the election.
And the generals said, look,
If you want us to win this thing, we've got to go in there now.
They're digging in, and it's going to be many times harder to go in there and to defeat the insurgents if you do this.
And that's when even more former Republican, conservative members of the military went public, not just people in the military with these leaks, and said, okay, we're endorsing John Kerry.
And again, they didn't understand that John Kerry was going to do the exact same thing, and it was a staged election.
It was hard for them to do what they did, but they said, look, this is incredible.
You cannot not let the military go in and go after insurgents and then give them months to dig in.
It's going to cost many times more lives.
But because it was politically expedient, the government did do this.
Before I get calls saying, wait a minute, Alex, I thought you were against the war, what are you saying?
Well, if we're going to be there, and we want our troops to come home like the government's claimed they wanted to, then we have to fight to win.
And that's not what the government, that is the executive branch, the Karl Roves, the Donald Rumsfelds, are doing.
By the way, did you see Karl Rove at Bush's victory speech a couple days ago on the 3rd?
Karl Rove and his buddies are all standing there, and they're all wearing little pentagons.
Little pentagons on their shirts.
And by the way, they're not the little pentagons with the two towers and the American flag.
Just little pentagons, you know, flashing the segment of their power, the military-industrial complex party, the neocons.
And so now our troops are trying to go into Fallujah and several other cities, and we're getting a lot of troops killed.
Forty over last weekend alone.
And that was just while they were softening up the city.
And so now weapons have been smuggled in, more weapons have been smuggled in, the insurgents have dug in, and our troops are going to be sent in there and do a bloodbath, and it's going to kill more of the innocent civilians in the city as well, because now there's going to be more targeted bombing, which...
Isn't really precision because they don't even know where the insurgents are at, so they just bomb where they think they're at.
There's that famous video from a few months ago of a huge crowd running through the streets towards the scenes of U.S.
vehicles that have been blown up, and the jet's flying overhead and says, do I hit them?
They go, yeah, hit them.
And you see a bomb explode in the middle of a crowd of about 80 people.
Killed almost every one of them.
And then later it was documented that it was just a crowd.
I mean, do you think the insurgents just run through the streets waving their arms, going to see the sight of burned out U.S.
No, the insurgents pop up from a rooftop or an alleyway or a manhole cover or a ditch, and they fire three or four of their RPGs, rocket-propelled grenades, at the Humvees and Bradley fighting vehicles, the Humvees with their plywood sides.
And then they run off.
And then our government wants to make somebody pay, so you've got a group of civilians running through the streets wanting to go see what's happened, and so you just kill them.
And then I hear these sicko neokinds on the radio going, go ahead and just nuke Fallujah.
Go ahead and just nuke Baghdad.
We ought to turn the place into a glass parking lot.
We ought to just kill all them Muslims.
I mean, I actually hear that.
It's incredible.
So if, let's say in the murder capital of the world, Chicago, where they've banned all the guns, and so the crime rates doubled since they banned them in 1996, that's the Fed's own numbers and the state's own numbers, you know, you've got thousands of murders, over a thousand murders every year in Chicago, and so that's as many troops as we've lost.
So I guess because there's so many criminals in Chicago, like maybe 5% of the population, I guess the government, the U.S.
government, then should just nuke Chicago?
I mean, a lot of the Iraqis are supportive.
They weren't fans of Saddam.
Especially the Shiites, who were throwing rose petals at our troops, but not after they got arrested and had their newspapers taken and
Not after they saw this huge police state set up.
So, most of the country is still what you'd call neutral.
I mean, I'm talking about an era of polls.
They're, well, we don't like the Americans and we didn't like Saddam.
Why don't you just leave us alone?
You know, you've installed this puppet leader.
Now you're talking about having a staged election, but you've already put in the 300 and something regional governors.
And most of them are the old Ba'athists.
That's one reason the Shiites went absolutely ape, is they said, wait a minute, you're putting in almost all of Saddam's former people.
They tortured us.
We thought you came here to get rid of them.
But now the government says, you know, we've never been at war with East Asia.
We've always been at war with East Asia.
You know, Big Brother says 2 plus 2 equals 10.
Now we're being told, no, the Shiites have always been our enemy and they're very evil and we've got to get them.
So I don't want to spend all day on this one article, but just in a Machiavellian view, if the government really wanted to go in there and win, they would have already gone in and gone into these cities.
But instead, they waited and let the insurgents dig in, and now it's going to cost many times more lives.
The Pentagon is saying it costs four times as many lives of our troops and maybe as many as ten times as many lives in the civilians.
And again, before you shoot your mouth off and go, it's a war, kill them, you know, you go over there like these troops that we've talked to that have come back, and you stand over a toddler missing its legs with its eyes blown out from shrapnel.
And you sit there while a two-year-old dies in your arms.
I mean, I've interviewed the Marines.
You know, these...
They come on, and I'm a Marine Corps Master Sergeant, a member of the Republican Party.
Been in combat.
I've been in the military for 18 years.
I've been all over.
Been in Latin America, been in Asia, been on secret missions, and I believe what I was doing.
But let me tell you something.
We've been told to shoot anything that moves.
And I'd be standing there and watch a so-called precision-guided bomb go into a house of a family, and there's dead kids everywhere, and people are crying, saying, why'd you do this?
We're just poor farmers.
We don't like Saddam.
Let me tell you, I'm having nightmares!
I had too many children die in my arms!
And this war is a fraud!
And we're putting in the Baptist!
But you can sit there in your easy chair and lean back and drink yourself a nice cold Budweiser and watch the bombs on Fox and sit there and cheer.
Did you know that Domino's Pizza said their record sales were on the night of the war?
You know, the blitzkrieg, the shock and awe.
Hi, Alex.
How you doing?
You know, very good, sir.
Very good.
Enjoying life.
But it's a very grim scenario there in Iraq.
I was reading a report the other day where... Well, it's not grim for the couch potatoes that don't have to fight.
And the corporations also are making lots of money out of it.
But I was reading a report where they say that all these different religious sects over there, the different religious factions are standing together and they have formed 32 different
Yeah, it's just like what the Palestinians did with the Intifada four years ago, and it's going to be a hundred times that.
I mean, the British couldn't hold on to Iraq, and they resorted to mowing down whole crowds.
Well, you know, of course...
Our military says, well, the only way we're going to abate this whole situation is to increase our activity there.
But once we increase our activity, that elicits a further increase in the Islamic counteroffensive, and it's a never-ending cycle.
The war is just going to escalate, propagate, and it'll escalate into other regions.
And that's exactly... You hit the nail on the head, my friend, as usual...
That is exactly what they want, Carlos.
They admit they want P2OG, the Pentagon office, wants a deepening, escalating war because they're going to make more money.
They don't want to win the war.
Stay there.
We'll talk about it.
Stay there, Carlos.
Do they want to end the war on poverty?
No, because their jobs would be gone.
Do they want to end the war on drugs?
No, their jobs would be gone.
Do they want to end the war on terror?
No, their jobs would be gone.
Do they want to win the war on Iraq?
They've said they don't want to win it.
Do you understand how sick this is?
I guess it'll be like Vietnam, you know, in five, ten years.
Well, 50,000 dead U.S.
We'll just build a memorial wall.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
So, insurgents are building up in many of the Iraqi cities.
One of the centers of the resistance is Fallujah.
Our military says, we've got to go in there now.
And Bush's political handlers say, no, not until after the election.
And then literally, the day after, the day after the election, the huge bombardment begins, and now it's going to cost many more American lives.
Again, if you're going to fight a war, you better fight it to win.
But it's not meant to be won, and all these former special forces commanders, experts, even current military people have now gotten in trouble, court-martialed.
We're going public and going, look, we're just making more enemies.
The way we're doing this is not working, and we're being led by former Ba'athists, and it's infuriating the Iraqis.
We better have a real election now.
You understand that's why they're so mad?
We've put the Ba'athists back in.
And they want to build ten different military bases in the country.
They admit they want to go into Iran and Syria.
And we don't even have the troops for Iraq at all.
And they don't want a draft.
The Selective Service has admitted as of last week that, yes, we need a draft.
Carlos, finish up what you were saying.
Well, you know, the whole thing is a deception.
As you said, this war was not meant to be won.
It reminds me of Vietnam all over again.
I was a Vietnam veteran, but I remember...
They were talking about the arvanization of the troops, relinquishing our military activity to the Vietnamese forces, which never worked.
And it was never meant to work.
That war lasted 14 years.
We could have won it in two weeks.
And it was never meant to be won.
It's the same situation right now in Iraq.
It was never meant to be won.
We better just get the hell out of there right now.
Let's not waste one more person, not one more casualty over there.
Let's prevent any further losses.
Well, so you were in Vietnam.
What do you say to these couch potatoes that have never lived and never seen suffering who just make jokes on the radio about dead Iraqi civilians?
Well, you know, Alex, I hate to say it, but maybe we deserve to have a little bloodshed here on our land so people can wake up and see what blood is about.
We saw 9-11 occur in New York City, but we saw it on television.
You know, it's not the same as being there and seeing people actually die.
It's a horrible experience.
You know, we should get out of there.
These couch potatoes don't know what they're talking about, and maybe they should see a little blood so they can get a taste of what it's like.
How long were you in Vietnam, Carlos?
Well, I was there a year, but, you know, that's enough.
I'm not just talking about myself.
I'm talking for... I remember back in those days when everybody... I mean, I was in country a week or two when I already knew that was a wasted effort.
It was futile.
There was something wrong in the way the operation was being run.
They said, wait a minute, there's something wrong here.
We're not attacking Hanoi.
We're not attacking Haiphong.
And what we did...
We started doing so much damage that Kissinger right away said, hey, let's pull our troops out.
Let's pull these bombings out because we're going to kill the war real quick.
And we need to think the last 14 years.
That's right.
He's on record.
Thanks for the call.
And it's the same thing.
And you just can't get that through your head, neocons.
That is neocon followers.
Oh, man.
Mike in California.
Mike, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Alex, my hero, my American patriot.
Yeah, you know, I've called your show a few times.
I want to know if you're familiar with Kevin Trudeau?
I've heard the name.
He just came out with a book called Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know.
It's talking about the FDA, how they come in with guns, actual guns.
And they threaten these people.
They get the vitamins and the herbal essentials out.
And what they do is they want you to eat these McDonald's.
They want you to feed into corporate America.
But that's just beyond the point.
I just wanted to know if you're familiar with it.
Well, yeah, I've heard about his work.
But, I mean, Bill Clinton in 93 had armed...
You know, basically militarized police raid hundreds of vitamin stores, grabbing vitamins off the shelves, and then there was a big counter backlash against that, and now Bush is wanting to do it.
In Europe, they've banned vitamin C sales over the counter in many countries.
You've got to have a prescription, and then you've got to pay the pharma companies for it, you know, ten times what it actually costs.
And yes, they do not want us self-medicating.
They're panicking because people are pulling out of their genetically modified foods all their garbage, and so they're now trying to regulate it.
So yes, it's a very important subject.
Yeah, that wasn't really my whole thing, though.
My whole main thing, the reason why I called you today, and I know it's a free topic hour, it's because, okay, we have a school police officer on campus.
I'm a high school student here in San Diego, California.
And I talked to him.
I said, how would you like if you had a microchip to plan you?
And he says, where are you getting it from?
I say, from my good friend Alex Jones.
He's a good friend of mine, you know, because I call you, you know, almost at least once a month, you know?
I want to hear what he said when we get back.
Stay there, Mike, then Rose, John, Emmett, many, many others.
Stay with us, my friends.
We'll be right back after this quick break.
With your calls and a lot more, don't forget the website, prisonplanet.tv and infowars.com.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think?
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip and the right to arrest.
I'm the guy who's the boss on this highway.
So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way.
If you break the law, you'll hear from me.
I know I'm working for the state.
I'm the highway... All right, my friends, let's go back to your calls.
Mike in California, so you're a senior in high school.
You're talking to your...
Local warden there in your training camp of how to be a prisoner in the future, and you bring up to him, you know, how would you like being forced to have an implantable microchip put in you, which they're openly in, what, the Miami Herald talking about making police take chips in their hands.
Over a thousand Mexican judicial workers started out a few months ago with 300, have been forced to take chips in their hands or in their shoulders to get into work, or they're fired.
The Italian government's talking about it.
So you're talking about something real to this guy.
Oh, yeah.
What did he then say to you?
Okay, the whole thing is that I told him, he was speaking on the mass majority, which is a thousand Mexicans in Mexico, on Hispanic descent, too, and I told him this.
I told him, my aunt in Mexico said,
I'm a legal citizen, of course.
We touched base, you know, and I told her, I was like, she told me, she's like, you know, this is the news that there's microchips, and this was a pretty long time ago.
This hadn't hit American media yet.
And the whole thing with it, and I told him, and I was like, oh, so how would you like a microchip?
He says, well, it's no different than what we do now.
And I said, what do you guys do now?
He says, we have a system.
We don't even go to time cards no more.
We have little cards we just swipe through, and to top it all off, this guy that...
We're good to go.
Not having the vast respect, just how the adults on campus, school campuses and high schools and, well, in college, you know, you're really more mature than, you know.
But it's not so much that.
They call me a rebel because I listen to you.
They say, oh, you're a rebel.
They say, you listen to that guy Alex Jones all the time.
The thing is, I try to call your station, you know, every time I stay home from school because, you know, I'd rather learn from you than my schoolmaster's.
These people that are trying to train me and manipulate my mind.
And I tell them, I said, and they tell me, you're just too scared to get your diploma.
I say, no.
How come I can't be that same hard American working man without the certificate of manipulation just to get that job?
He's showing them the same skills.
The manager is showing them the same skills.
They say, well, you're just a little punk 16, 17-year-old kid.
You're not supposed to get shown respect.
It has to do with their whole, it's a government.
And I also want to let this out, too.
In California, they have what's called the Ed Code.
I believe Arnold Schwarzenegger probably signed and endorsed it.
It's in the student handbook this year.
It talks about everything.
We never had suspicion in the handbook before.
It talks about theft now.
We never had theft.
And then they have these consequences that talk about, oh, you could lead all the way up to the school board, expulsion.
Now they want to control what you wear now in schools.
They want to control what my daughter and son is going to wear in the future.
Heck, this kid got a shirt taken off because it had two pistols on it, but it said military law or military police or something like that.
I don't get it, Alex.
What's your comment on this whole thing?
Well, I appreciate your call.
Let me just say this to all the young people listening out there.
You should be shown respect because that's how you learn to show others respect.
And to all the young people, the MTVs of the world, sell you a vision of how to be cool and how to be a rebel is...
You know, vandalizing, it goes back to Rebel Without a Cause, and, you know, wear your leather jacket, go out and, you know, stab tires with switchblades.
And after that movie came out, thousands and thousands of cars got their tires switchbladed, kids started fighting, wearing the leather jackets, skipping school.
And the culture, that's the power of advertisement, that was sold to you.
And then now it's much worse.
Be rebellious.
Worship the devil.
Be rebellious.
Use lots of drugs.
Be rebellious.
Mutilate your body with all these body modifications.
Be rebellious.
Be rebellious.
This is how they tell you to be rebellious.
And these are not true forms of rebellion.
They know that young people are designed to want to leave the nest, to have this natural...
Genetic drive to go their own way to a certain extent.
And so they manipulate that natural drive and get you to rebel against the system itself in ways that will get you captured into the system.
So if you want to be a rebel, dress in a clean-cut fashion, have a short haircut, this is true urban camouflage.
Shine your shoes.
Have black, shiny shoes.
Expand your vocabulary.
Learn how to look people in the eye.
Then, educate yourself on the facts of the New World Order.
Go out after school and start your own business, or get a job or two.
Put money in the bank.
Start a website, a news website.
Don't let others in the peer pressure system affect you.
You be a leader and you influence them.
And there's a hundred things I could say on this issue.
The way to not have your children rebel against you for parents is to teach them about the New World Order, to teach them that the government wants to get...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, we're supposed to be tribal creatures.
But they misdirect our tribal energies into football and stadium sports, simulated combat, theatrical events.
It's all really sociology merged with psychology.
And this is what the big controllers, the architects of the New World Order, the social architects are doing.
And so you point that out to your children.
Over time, you educate them.
You're the influence in their life.
You tell them you're an individual.
You have free choice.
I want you to be a leader.
I want you to be strong.
I want you to know what this system is doing to other young people.
I don't want you to be destroyed by this system that's selling you slavery.
I mean, in the past, families stuck up for each other.
And neighborhoods stuck up for each other.
And that's being broken down.
That's being destroyed.
And the actual government handbooks talk about how they need to do this to get their new world order.
And so we need to get a sense of community, but I mean tribally, as families and then individuals and as churches.
And that's what the New World Order is scared to death of.
The New World Order tribe is attacking us, the mass, and balkanizing us, and breaking us up so that we can't defend against them.
Don't use their drugs, young people.
I know the media says it's cool, and then out the other side of their mouth says it's bad.
The drug dealers, the big cartel owners, own the private prisons, and so they make money selling you the drugs, and they also make money putting you in their private prison where you get paid 20 cents an hour.
So don't ever use drugs, and don't ever think it's cool, and don't ever think it's peer pressure.
You want to get high?
Go jog three miles.
You want to go get high?
Lift weights.
You'll get high.
You want to get high?
Buy a paint set and start oil painting.
And then get high off people's adoration of you and what you've created.
You want to get high?
Get high on life being strong and being a leader.
Being a strong man or woman.
With the goal of someday being the head of your family and raising others to be strong leaders.
Uphold your family name.
Uphold what this country is supposed to be about.
Rose in South Carolina.
Rose, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, I've been looking at this international program of the totalization agreement with different countries of Social Security.
Now, in 2002 alone, we sent nearly $200 million to Canada.
I would like some time for you to interview Ron Paul and see what he says and can inform us on these totalization agreements, which we are paying 20-plus countries Social Security.
Well, under the Pan-American Union or the American Union, and the total enactment clause of that, we're already in it, but the pleasure, the expansion of it, is the free trade area of the Americas coming up, number one on Bush's new agenda, now that he has his wonderful mandate that he thinks he's gotten.
And of course the Democrats are for it too.
We'll merge all our social security systems.
We'll merge our law enforcement.
We'll merge our borders.
We'll give a worker card to anybody that wants it.
They're going to have this giant 1,200 foot wide road that runs right down from Chile up into Alaska that runs just about two miles from where I'm sitting.
It's called I-35.
Alex, does that mean all these foreign countries that receive Social Security money, the recipients can come over here and get free Medicaid, Medicare, or medical benefits?
If you think California bankrupt with, what is it, $20 billion a year in taking care of illegal aliens' health care, and it's admitted.
They have laws where they can't refuse them, but then you as a citizen, listen, I almost cut my finger off
Last summer, not this summer, but the summer before last, I don't know, about 14 months ago, and the ambulance comes, which I should have driven in my own car, but it was hard.
Blood was spraying all over the place.
And I'm driving there in the ambulance, and they get there, and then I have to sit there for about two hours saying,
As I watched illegal aliens come in, and they were just taken right into the emergency room, right into the emergency room.
And, I mean, I was in there with people that were laying on the ground that thought they were having heart attacks, who were citizens.
Didn't matter, you know, whether you were Hispanic, black, white, didn't matter.
But the illegal aliens were going right in.
And, yeah, if you think, oh, that's bad, yes, this is going to be far worse.
And anybody who's here is legalized and put on welfare if they want it.
And anybody who can get here is instantly legalized.
Well, I noticed in Canada, the Social Security money would go to, if they were on disability, even though your partner, no matter what gender it was, if you had lived together a year, would receive a benefit.
I know, Rose.
And that money is taken out of the country and not even recirculated into the economy.
It's a global tax.
I tell you, we're in worse shape really than people realize this, and I don't know what Alex is going to take to wake up the average citizen, which is so dumbed down by this.
I'm glad I got married at a young age and quit school, and I tell you, it might have been a blessing because these people that have went through the system cannot think for themselves.
Thanks for the call.
You know, a good example of that, Rose, is somebody in Mexico, if you talk to a Mexican from Mexico, they know all about what it means to have a weak peso.
If you talk to somebody from Russia, they know what it means to have a weak ruble.
I mean, people in foreign countries who haven't even had, on average, any formal education to speak of, maybe to the fifth grade or something, they know what it means to have a weak currency.
I talk to businessmen in suits, and I go, you know, the dollar's been devalued by 45%.
And they go, huh?
And I go, you know, the dollar's been weakened.
That's not good for us.
You know, any money you've got in the bank's been devalued.
And they go, huh?
And then maybe one out of ten will go, well, I heard Bush say it's good because it will mean that more people will start buying American-made products.
And, yeah, it has increased that by a few percentage points, but already we've been so debased industrially that it hasn't helped.
You know, it's like you've got a few percentage coming back in but 1,000% going out.
It's a byproduct that's negligible.
So the average American doesn't know what it means to have a weak dollar.
But foreigners all know what it means.
You know, I paid Paul Watson to run prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv.
And I had to start paying him more just for him to survive and be able to live and pay his rent and put food on his family, as Bush would say, put food on his table.
Because it's devalued by 45%.
It's serious, folks.
Let's talk to John in New York.
John, go ahead.
I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your speech to that student.
It was inspirational.
Just a couple things.
Number one, if anybody has somebody that doesn't want to listen to your radio station and they're kind of like a literary person, get the Barnes Review on the November-December issue and flip to the article on Napoleon and Hitler and the banks.
It's an enlightenment.
You'd read it and you'd go, wow, I'll sign that.
And it's just the big lie that Bush is telling right now.
It emulates exactly what's going on.
And everybody can see it now since it's happened, but they're not seeing Bush do the same thing.
And it's like the American public is so blind.
It's like when the head of the Democratic Party gets on and says, oh, geez, we have closure on Clinton now and it only costs us $55 million for the investigation.
And yet, you know, Tripp called the call in.
Lewinsky spilled their guts.
Give them the dress.
Give them the tape.
They had to do a DNA test.
What costs more than $1,000?
$55 million is missing, but the American public is ignorant to the fact that why did it spend $55 million?
Just a cover-up.
And it just goes on and on and on.
You know that.
But that's the payoff to the law firms to write the whitewash paper.
Well, there's no question.
It's wrong.
It's treasonous.
But in the interim of it, I'm a spiritual person also, and where I had a 10-ton bulldozer fall on me, blew up my head like a balloon because I had so much blood pressure being pushed out of me, and the Lord let me survive, and I was out of my body, and I spoke from out of my body.
The most pure thought I had in my life.
I have a person that witnessed that and tells me what I said.
Even though, you know, I squeeze my neck together to keep my guts from popping out of my head.
But in the interim of all, yesterday at 7 o'clock, yesterday morning I watched on the news that Iceland had a volcano happen.
And then I was exhausted yesterday night.
At 6.30 I'm listening to the radio on the truck.
I got home, back at my business shop.
I'd been hammering cement all day.
And I was tired, so I fell asleep.
Well, at 7 o'clock I woke up out of a deep sleep, and my truck was shaking, and my hand was shaking like it was in an earthquake in the central New York.
And yet no one else reports an earthquake, and yet I can tell you for a full minute, I was vibrating, the truck was vibrating, there was no wind, there was no train riding by, and it was the intensity of a train shaking the heck out of you.
And yet I'm going to tell you on my spiritual side, something was noticed that there was a volcanic action going on in the spiritual side.
Well, I don't know about that, but volcanic activity has really exploded, pun intended,
Earthquakes, volcanoes, erupting.
Well, it's funny.
They got the picture up in Iceland.
They knew it was going to happen, so I kind of wonder if they didn't use the harp to ignite it.
I don't know.
Well, back in 97, the Secretary of Defense said that they have the power to generate earthquakes.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
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My whole point earlier to that young man, that high school senior...
Was the media tells you rebel by acting like an idiot, getting on drugs, being stupid.
You know, that's how you're different.
Well, no, the whole world's like that.
Truly being different is being straight and upright and focused and informed and being a leader.
That's all I was trying to say.
We're going to go to Rick in Nevada.
Then we're going to go to Emmett and Aaron and Jay and Dave and others.
But I'm told Rick disagrees with me.
On a subject, you go to the front of the line, so we'll go to Rick here in just a few minutes.
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Let's go to Rick in Nevada.
Rick, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
First of all, I'd like to state that I'm a champion of liberty on a smaller scale than yourself.
I trade your films on the Internet through P2P file sharing.
And I believe that disputation within the movement is healthy.
Let me ask you a question.
Are you on a speaker phone?
I'm on a crummy cell phone.
I apologize.
That's okay.
It sounds like you're about ten feet away.
Yeah, I'll be closer.
Okay, what do you disagree with?
I don't see how we can call Bush a war criminal or, at the very best,
I befuddled Duke of the 9-11 coup d'etat, and then turned around and supported his criminal war in Iraq.
I didn't support the war in Iraq!
But falling into the trap of saying, oh, we've got to do anything it takes to win it, then you're going against what you said about, well, you fools out there talking about, well, just go and nuke Fallujah.
The logical extension of the argument of doing anything to win is to nuke Fallujah.
Tell you what, we don't disagree, and obviously I didn't articulate what I was saying.
Actually, I did.
I clearly said I'm against the war, and I'm against being there.
But then I pointed out...
Bush says he's there to win, though, and he made him hold back going into Fallujah for two months.
It's going to cost American lives.
Stay there.
We'll discuss this more.
I hope you get what I'm saying.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
We are now into hour number two.
37 seconds into hour number two, to be precise.
Coming up, I occasionally have Paul up multiple times weekly because of his great analysis skills and to give us all the updates on the news.
Debate still going on of Yasser Arafat was dead.
I mean, they announced on the news he was dead yesterday morning, and now they're still saying, well, maybe he's in a coma, maybe he's brain dead, maybe he's dead.
Or making funeral arrangements.
Well, he is dead.
No, no, he's not dead.
So we'll talk about that, too, as well.
Talk about the war.
They started the attacks on Fallujah again.
Two months ago, it came out that the White House had ordered the end to offensive against rebel strongholds because they didn't want a bunch of casualties of U.S.
troops during the election.
And our military said this could increase our casualties fourfold by doing this.
And I clearly said last hour, I am against the war.
The war was a fraud.
We shouldn't have gone to war.
It is about oil and using Iraq as a military launch base.
But the Pentagon's P2OG plan, just like Vietnam, is to not win, is to keep the war going, so the weapons contractors make more money.
And any Vietnam vet will tell you, and even Henry Kissinger admitted, that's what the Vietnam War was all about, a big cash machine.
And to create a political fissure here domestically, and to make America look like the bad cop, as the UN looks like the good cop.
So I was just pointing out the Machiavellian worldview that Bush doesn't care about the troops because he says he's fighting this war to win it, but then he wouldn't let the troops go in and clean out Fallujah because it would look bad politically, so he waited until after the election and it's going to cost a lot of lives.
So that doesn't mean I'm for the war.
I'm stating they're not even fighting this to win.
So by stating that fact, that doesn't mean I'm for the war.
Now do you get what I'm saying, Rick?
Yeah, but I would say this.
The United States has no credibility in the world.
The United States has been conducting war crimes going back at least as far as the first term of Clinton and its cooperation and complicity with the UN and its sanctions and killing of
Well, no, I mean, our government admits a million and a half Iraqis, 700,000 children, good price to pay is what Madeleine Albright said, plus the U.N.
complicit war on the Serbs, where they used bin Laden to attack them.
They fought back against the grown 9-11 and then were attacked for it.
The U.N.
was for that.
The U.N.
That's the difference.
will be for it if it's Democrats, and that's all part of the whole good cop, bad cop paradigm.
But certainly, you heard me last hour say...
You and I probably disagree on the supply of oil in the world and the fact that
I would state that we're addicted to oil and we're in denial about that.
Hey, how far away are you from your telephone?
Well, I'm right on top of it now.
Man, that's a weird phone, bro.
Sorry about that.
Oh, I can really hear you good now.
I'm going to let you go here in a minute, but I just want to state that if I were in charge, I would withdraw troops immediately from Iraq and only then announce that we were leaving after 50 get into gear at the rate of 10,000 leaving per day.
All right, thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
Look, I'm for pulling our troops out of Iraq.
You know, John Kerry says we've got to stay there, we've got to have credibility, we've got to do this.
Bush says the same thing.
My point is that they could have taken Fallujah, they gave them too much to dig in so they wouldn't look bad during the campaign.
That's going to cost at least hundreds of American lives.
We're losing people right now.
And so I'm illustrating that they do not care about the troops.
And they knew day one it'd take 400,000 troops.
They tried to do it with 150,000 knowing it wouldn't work.
And we're not putting a free democracy in.
We're putting a New World Order puppet ship into place.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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We're good to go.
Big Brother.
We're just a few days into the aftermath of the 2004 staged election.
Electronic voting machine problems and clear glitches and fraud coast to coast.
Democrats involved in old-fashioned retail vote scamming by the voters down at the local levels.
Multiple registrations under different names.
Dead people voting, illegal aliens voting.
Republicans running the big systematic electronic voting machine fraud.
Kerry not challenging that and rolling over in a...
Again, staged skull and bones.
Well, he took a dive is what happened.
Wide open phones where you can respond to this or have questions, comments, where you can disagree with me.
Just briefly here before I go back to your calls in the news.
The last caller called in about peak oil.
Well, he mentioned it and said, well, we probably disagree, Alex.
And he said...
I think the world's running out of oil.
Well, clearly oil prices have doubled.
And there's no end in sight to this trend.
And certainly, whether it's real or not, they're telling us there's not as much fresh water and jacking up prices as the consolidation over water treatment systems is consolidated.
Fewer and fewer countries, mainly European countries now, buying up all our water.
They're saying oil is more scarce, whether it's true or not.
They're saying that there's less and less food available while they pay farmers all over the Western world not to produce.
So the effect is the same.
These monopolists want to gouge us.
And I don't know if peak oil is true or not.
I'm investigating it.
I'm going to be having guests up, pro and con.
I said I would after the election.
And we're going to be covering this.
But one of our great sponsors, who I do know has the best storable foods I've ever seen, and I've gotten a year's supply for two people from them, and I'm very happy.
They put together a booklet with an author that is really impressive.
And it's free.
Call Ready Reserve Foods and they will give you a free booklet on peak oil and you can decide for yourself.
We're going to be having people on from both sides on this.
You need to give them a call.
And the number is 800-453-2202, 1-800-453-2202 and ask about the free booklet at
And what you can do to prepare.
And they said that after you've read the booklet, you will understand just how dangerous the world has become.
Call 800-453-2202 or email your request to ReadyReserve at AOL.com or just go to ReadyReserveFoods.com.
And you can link through there and make the request for your free booklet, 800-453-2202.
And it's a great little booklet, and again, I'm researching it, I'm looking at it.
All right, let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Emmett in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead, Emmett.
Thank you very much for being on After Dark, George Norrie.
You really...
Got the word out that way, and I tried to convince my friends that the election was staged, but you can't get anywhere, you know?
I had three boxes of VHS tapes, and they only wanted to offer me, they were in cellophane, all brand new, and they only wanted to offer me 25 cents a tape, so I thought, well, why not?
I put your tape in one VCR, and then blank in the other VCR when I go to bed at night.
I said, get up in the middle of the night and change it again.
Make another tape.
How many videos have you handed out to folks?
Oh my, I don't know plenty.
The men were out here cutting trees the other day and I gave their foreman one.
Your 9-11 tape.
Well, I want to commend you.
If everybody did that, just with my videos alone, we could change the course of history.
I think we already have.
But thousands of listeners have made hundreds of copies apiece.
Hundreds of listeners have made thousands of copies.
And then many others make copies of those.
They kind of pay it forward.
It has had a gigantic effect.
A friend of mine was asking me this morning what this means.
Yasser Arafat's replacement will probably be wearing a blue turban.
What does that mean?
Blue turban.
According to the encyclopedia, it's puritanical?
Something like a Hitler-type person?
I mean, I haven't been following this much.
Wait a minute.
First, they claim he died yesterday.
Then they said, no, he's brain dead.
No, he's dead.
No, he's not dead.
Even his own handler said he's dead.
No, he's not dead.
What are they saying this minute?
Are they saying he's finally dead?
No, they're not saying either way.
But they're saying his successor will probably be wearing a blue turban.
Who said that?
Well, I guess CNN or one of the... A friend called me this morning and asked me, he said, what is the significance of a blue turban?
Well, that's pretty scary.
And by the way, I don't put any stock in Nostradamus, because you can interpret those quatrains any way you want, and I don't get into that, but...
Thank you.
Hello, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
Thank you for calling.
I was wondering, did you happen to catch Senator John McCain on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night?
No, I didn't.
They were on there talking about the election, and they got to talking about the young voter turnout didn't do so well, and John McCain said, well, we're going to have to draft you for that.
I thought that was pretty interesting.
Well, let me just say this.
The numbers.
I mean, the polling places from San Antonio to Jersey City, New Jersey.
I mean, I saw the numbers.
They were saying double, triple.
We've never seen this.
Young people everywhere.
There were lines for about 30, 45 minutes here in Austin.
And I remember going and voting before in big elections.
There would be a two-minute line.
Then they said, oh, it was just a few million more voted.
And then the exit polls and the numbers counted didn't match with how many they claimed voted.
And then it looks like a lot of votes just got flushed out of the system.
And again, there's obvious fraud going on there.
It turns out that these provisional ballots in Ohio, it looks like there were actually 400,000 of these.
Uh, actual photos of Republicans driving off with huge truckloads full of ballots with George Bush on the back of the trucks.
The ballots disappearing.
But did John Kerry challenge that?
Absolutely not.
And again, we're not for John Kerry, folks.
But the news is the news.
And it's being ignored.
Yeah, and Leno also asked me, he says, what do you think about amending the Constitution so that Arnold Schwarzenegger can run?
Then John McCain said he'd be the first to support it, that we're a country of immigrants.
I thought that was pretty interesting, too.
So we have Ted Kennedy, John McCain, George Bush, Karl Rove.
He goes on Meet the Press and says, I'd like to be a president.
He goes on 60 Minutes and says it.
And, I mean, you notice it's everywhere, and they're about to have this con-con over gay marriage or over...
Flag burning.
That'll be the distraction.
We'll all get behind it.
And they're going to repeal the 22nd Amendment.
The bills are introduced.
They're openly saying it's for Arnold.
And imagine, no country in the world says we can have a foreign-born person as our president.
And think about it.
It's not just a foreign born from somewhere else.
It's a guy who says he wants to be a dictator.
He admires Hitler.
He doesn't care if Kirk Voltheim's a Nazi.
He loves him.
Who poses for gay porno mags.
Who's got all this groping and the rest of it and sexual harassment in his history.
Who got up on stage in front of 2,000 people and screamed, I hate all blacks.
You're subhuman n-words.
All of this...
Who's a member of Bohemian Grove, who's for open borders, who is for total gun bans, who is for abortion stem cell research, and the Republicans just love him!
They just love him!
And that's why I'm saying Arnold Schwarzenegger, in 08, guaranteed by 012, not, well, 12, no, 012, he will be your leader, your fuhrer.
And, uh...
So John McCain said, I'll be the first to support it.
And you can really see, it's so sick.
Yeah, I got the video clip here.
Would you like me to play it?
I'd like you to mail me that.
Do you have a copy of it?
I'm begging you, will you please mail that to me?
Will you make me an SP copy and say, here's the McCain quote about Arnold, and then Alex said send me a free video?
You promise?
Oh, sure, I'll do that.
Okay, go ahead and put your phone right up to the television, though.
Right up to the speaker.
Okay, here it goes.
Oh, well, anyway, but it turned out... It will happen to the young people.
I mean, I saw this.
We lost the vote.
I see lines of college students waiting five and ten hours.
Oh, boy, this is really... And yet it's the exact same percentage as every other election.
The exact same percentage, but a large increase because it was a large increase of voter turnout.
But still, we didn't get the young... There's only one thing we're going to do to you, and that's we're going to draft you.
Got it?
Is that it?
That won't come up.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Trump McCain!
Trump McCain!
I'll be out tomorrow.
I'm going to have you watching the next segment.
Now, desperate senators.
Yeah, desperate senators.
Now, tell me about 2008.
Would you want to run for president again?
In 2008, I'll be 2008.
Who do you think?
Do you think it'll be Hillary or Julie?
Do you think Giuliani will go?
Do you think Hillary?
Well, I don't love it for any more.
She was a member of the House.
Go ahead and turn him down.
Hit pause.
As soon as he figures out we're not on air, ask him to rewind it back and put his phone a little bit closer to the speaker, and we'll let him play this part about Arnold.
I appreciate him calling.
We'll be right back.
Please stay with us.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Hello, folks.
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They're positioning Arnold, the entire establishment, Republicans, Democrats, for the 08 run against Hillary.
Then conservatives will pile on and vote for him.
Before then, they'll have to repeal the 22nd Amendment, which the legislation's been introduced to do.
And, again, no other country would put up with something like this.
And in major polls, what, 8 out of 10...
In a national poll, aren't against it.
It's even higher in California.
Even amongst conservatives, I saw a poll, two-thirds are against Arnold being able to run.
But as usual, our leaders are all for it.
It's like 80-something percent of the country is against open borders, but the leaders are all for it.
Both leaders of the parties.
Going back to this clip from last night with Jay Leno that the listeners got off his TV, just be sure you put the phone a little bit closer to your television or turn it up.
Because this actually works pretty good if the TV's turned up loud enough.
I guess starting back over where he talks about who's going to run for 08, go ahead and roll that for us, Aaron.
This is high tech, folks.
Go ahead, Aaron.
If you want to play it, do you have it?
I thought we had Aaron there and Aaron wanted to play.
Aaron, are you there?
Yeah, you know, listeners like to do this, and usually it works, and sometimes I don't know what happens.
We'll try to go back to him later, and I hope he'll mail me the videotape.
Maybe we'll put a clip on the web of it or something.
Somebody's probably got the clip out there on the web.
It was probably on the nightly news after the morning shows today.
They're out there promoting it everywhere.
Did we ever find Aaron again, or did Aaron just drop off the face of the planet?
I don't know what's going on.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jay in Kentucky.
Jay, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, before I say anything else, Alex, I want to say I passed out a couple of 100-year tapes, and I was threatened with arrest by the local police, but that's another story.
Oh, wait a minute.
There was another guy in Kentucky.
Kelly Rushing.
In Lyon County, and it was in the newspaper, he gave a cop's son a Ron Paul speech from C-SPAN, and in one of my videos, and they said, this is anti-government, it is illegal, and it went to trial, and the jury found him not guilty of threats on an officer.
They said the videos were threatening Ron Paul, a congressman, giving a speech in the Capitol Dome.
There is evil.
And you're saying the same thing happened to you in this free society.
I called to say this.
Well, no, I want to hear this story.
What happened?
Oh, when they tried to arrest me?
Well, describe what happened.
I run errands every day, and I take a couple tapes with me every day.
And I dropped one off at this video store because we rented tapes at this store.
And then I went over to Kroger.
And when I come out of Kroger with my wife to get on my bicycle, there was two police officers there in their black ninja uniforms that they just switched to.
And they told me that I was under arrest for passing out this videotape.
And I said, I don't volunteer to be arrested.
And of course, everyone around me heard me right away.
So this is all out in public.
And why were they saying they were arresting you?
They said that I needed to get a permit in accordance with the city ordinance.
And you know what I told them?
I said, where is this sort of city ordinance?
I want to see a copy.
And you know what?
I've researched the city ordinances in this town, and there's only one copy of the city ordinances that I know of.
And they keep it behind the front desk at City Hall, and you have to ask for it.
They won't even keep a copy of it.
Well, number one, it's got to be posted.
Number two, the only permit...
...are if you want to block streets, take over major thoroughfares.
The Supreme Court and all the other courts have said no permits to hand stuff out to do whatever on public sidewalks.
There is nothing they can do.
Now, if it's private property, they can order you to leave, and then if you don't, you can get in trouble.
But, no, that's total color of law, and those punks...
Have desecrated what America is and what this country is based on, and they should move to the Soviet Union.
They have disgraced every veteran.
So how did this end?
Well, they ended up tucking their tails and walking away.
And they said, we're just trying to do our job.
We're just looking out for your safety.
I said, that's what Hitler's stormtroopers said.
I've had stuff like that happen to me that's similar.
And as soon as you act righteous and don't act scared, and not mean, just focused...
They'll leave.
I mean, I would just say... If this law is so important, how come you can't find a copy of it in the public high schools?
How come we didn't learn about it in school?
Well, number one, that law is totally unconstitutional.
Right, I told them it's my First Amendment right to pass out these tapes and I'll do it.
But I didn't even call to talk about that, Alex.
I called to talk about this.
The only chance most of those troops will ever have of getting out alive is to get themselves out alive.
They should have refused to invade Fallujah.
Well, I'm against the war.
It's not meant to be won.
My point is they made the troops wait two months while the enemy dug in.
They're supposedly trying to win this war.
God gave those troops the same free will that he gave everyone else.
And look at what those troops have done with their free will.
Who is more tyrannical?
The tyrant or those who follow the tyrant?
Let me ask you a question.
What effect is handing out a couple hundred of my videos have?
I live in an area of a bunch of brainwashed sheep, and it's not had much effect at all.
Oh, I bet it will down the road.
Take care.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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800-430-6748 800-430-6748 We're here 24 hours a day.
800-430-6748 800-430-6748 I want to commend...
From the bottom of my heart, Jay in Kentucky.
We're handing out several hundred copies of my videos.
Getting my videos, originals for myself, and then popping them in the VCR or the DVD burner and making copies.
And you'll notice, we'll have one caller that calls up and says, 98% of people I've given 100 copies to are waking up or freaked out.
They're making copies.
They want more.
Cops, firemen, school teachers, auto mechanics...
And then the next caller says, oh, about half of those I show it to are freaked out by it or concerned.
The other half don't care or refuse to watch it.
And then some callers call and say, nobody's waking up.
Nobody cares.
And there's something about Kentucky.
Good people.
There's a lot of listeners in Kentucky.
Beautiful state.
I've got family that lives in Kentucky.
But it really happened.
Kelly Rushing, no criminal record, well-known family in his town.
Literally, I checked up on the guy.
I called phone numbers randomly in the community.
Very small town he's in.
And here's Kelly rushing.
Oh, wonderful.
Hard work and develop.
But his family goes way back around here.
He's a good man.
Blah, blah, blah.
At the church.
And I'd say, well, did you hear about the newspaper article?
Him being arrested for giving a police officer a videotape of Ron Paul.
By the way, that's what really did it, by the way.
They said, yeah, I did.
And I go, doesn't that strike you as strange?
And then we had, literally, they admit, the state police officer locally, that's who arrested him, the local police officer, everything, their phones were shut down for two days, thousands of phone calls, I want to commend you for calling, and they still...
Were proud of themselves and charged him and said, the judge said, I talked to the judge, this video, I called the judge at his house, by the way, talked to him, this video is a threat to the officers.
And what was the video?
Well, the first half of it was Ron Paul, an hour-long speech, neocon.
He called it neocon.
He gave it about a year and a half ago.
The text of it's on the website.
Unbelievably riveting.
Saying the Republicans have betrayed us.
They're setting up a police state.
And the second half was Road to Tyranny.
And he gave the police officer the video.
The police officer watched the video.
And then the next day he was waiting for him as Kelly drove down the road.
And in the morning he pulled him over and said, I'm taking you to jail, boy.
And he got him in the car and called his wife on the cell.
The cop did and said, I've got Mr. Videotape.
I've got the videotape bandit.
And they wanted to put the man in jail for two years for threatening a police officer.
They wanted to ruin his life.
They thought it was so normal that no conscience...
I mean, if I have friends over and block too many parking spaces and my neighbor can't park at his house, I feel guilty.
You know, I have this sense of community.
I'm not even that nice of a person that I don't want to block people's parking spaces.
These people are so full of themselves.
They put a man whose family is established in the community, middle class person, who gave a cop a videotape.
They come and arrest him.
And then charge him.
And then take it to trial.
And the jury found him not guilty.
And the judge wouldn't even let the jury watch the video, by the way.
And the judge said, you're not allowed to give tapes out like this.
This is anti-government.
Ron Paul, a doctor, a Vietnam veteran,
Gives a speech where he reads quotes of the neocons saying what they're going to do?
My video, Road to Tyranny?
Nothing but mainstream news articles and documents and David Shepard's being interviewed?
The man who impeached Bill Clinton?
And you will go and you will arrest him?
And you will try to ruin his life and put him in prison for two years?
A man with no criminal record of any type.
A deacon in the church.
This is the new America.
This is what we're cops that think.
A video of a congressman in the Capitol giving a speech is a threat to police.
Ron Paul didn't say a word about police.
My video says we support police, but we don't like what they're being trained to do.
Folks, that isn't getting close to the Soviet Union.
That is.
The only difference is the Soviet Union wouldn't have a jury.
And that jury acquitted Kelly Rushing.
And Kelly had to spend, I think you said, like a couple thousand dollars on the lawyer, all the rest of it.
And it's like the man in Alabama who put up the sign saying our court system's a joke because
He didn't like what had happened the year before in his divorce case.
Again, guy with no criminal record, owned a logging company.
A middle class guy.
The police came out, took the sign out of his yard and said, you're under arrest.
And the judge told the newspaper, he thought it was so normal, he told the Associated Press and the newspapers, he said, you're not allowed to show disrespect to the court.
That's America, folks.
That's America.
That's what these people want to do.
That's what we're headed into.
And you know what?
I don't care.
All of you.
And this is just a few cases.
And by the way, that judge is on the edge of being removed from the bench.
The state Supreme Court got the complaint and has put in an official reprimand of the judge.
So this is how you've got to operate.
We've got to fight.
America's worth fighting.
All of you that are veterans that went into jungles and deserts and whatever for what you thought was freedom, you'd risk your life there.
Just risk a little bit of your money, a little bit of your time to save this country.
I mean, what's happened to the cops that they think video cameras are illegal when you're out videotaping on the street but their cameras are good?
I'm ranting and raving and Paul Watson's holding about to come on and we're about to go to all your calls and Ron and Heath and Charles and Dave and... But...
We were talking to Aaron in Michigan, and it was our fault.
He was there.
Went to the wrong line.
Aaron, go ahead, and this is Jay Leno asking John McCain about Arnold for president.
No way.
Go ahead and play the clip.
I appreciate you.
Put the phone right up to the speaker, please.
All right.
Here we go.
What do you think?
You think he's an A and B?
You think he's an A and B?
You think he is?
Well, I hope you love it, Bernie Marshall, who's a member of the House.
He once said the truest thing in that way, that if you're a United States Senator, unless you're under indictment of detoxification, you automatically consider yourself a candidate for President of the United States.
That's good.
That's good for the process.
I will be the first to support that idea.
Okay, that's, you know, again, sometimes callers call in and want to play a clip and it sounds crystal, it sounds great.
Other times it's either too far away or too close.
This time it was too close.
Yeah, yeah.
Too close?
You know, I could hear him say it.
Maybe if you can rewind it again and, like, put the phone about...
Eight inches away if it's going to be that high.
And just cue up to the part where he says, what about Arnold in 08?
And he says, I think that would be a great idea.
And the crowd cheers.
The crowd of idiots.
And we'll try this one more time, but just be sure you mail me that video because that is interesting.
I'm just documenting all of this.
Yeah, not that many people cheered.
Do you think there's a chance they would amend the Constitution so the Dominion could run for president?
I would be the first to support that idea.
America is a nation of immigration.
That's the greatness of America.
And I think that Arnold ought to be able to compete like everybody else.
I just worry about what might happen to some of his opponents.
Yeah, some of his opponents, because the public can't tell the difference between reality and fiction, and they really think he's defeated Pulse of Doom, the Predator, and, you know, no, he is a former steroid addict who says he admires Hitler, who poses for gay porno mags, and nobody's talking about it.
Gosh, this is disgusting.
Final comments.
Basically just wanted to let you know about that.
No, I really appreciate you going through all that hassle to play that, and please mail it to me and tell us what free video you want.
How do I get your address?
How should I send it to you?
Mail it to Alex Jones at 3001, that's 3001, South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas,
Will do.
Hey, thanks a million.
What did you think when you saw that?
Yeah, I couldn't believe it.
I'm like, man, here he is saying on national TV about drafting people and about Arnold for running.
I know you mentioned about that even way before that, Arnold would run, and here he is mentioning he supports him.
It's amazing.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, in fact, Jay Leno was actually involved in the campaign.
Jay Leno announced it with Arnold.
Jay Leno was there when Arnold did his acceptance speech.
The first guy to speak was Jay Leno.
These are all his operatives.
Arnold's on Meet the Press.
Arnold's on 60 Minutes.
Arnold's got his operatives, McCain and Ted Kennedy and Schumer and Bush, all out there.
We've got to start a movement now to save the 22nd Amendment.
By the way, Austria has a history of sending its people into Germany, into Poland.
To have their outlanders take over countries.
And this is unbelievable.
Maybe I can run for president, but I haven't said I admire Hitler, so maybe I'm disqualified.
Paul Watson, thanks for holding during all of that.
Did that blow you away that another listener from Kentucky, an unconfirmed case, but I believe him, we have it out of the newspaper with Kelly rushing, another listener from Kentucky being told, don't hand out videos, we'll arrest you.
Well, first of all, I apologize if there's any noise in the background, because it's November 5th, Bonfire Night, or Bonefire Night, as some people might call it, where the un-moshed British masses celebrate in a decadent Lord of the Flies fashion the actions of a 17th century terrorist.
Tell me about this.
Oh, is that the night where all the cars get burned and everything?
Kind of like a devil's night in Detroit?
Well, tell us all about it.
Well, yeah, obviously it's based on the gunpowder plot, some people say, but you can trace it back to, you know, pagan rituals, just like Halloween.
So what's going on outside right now?
Giant bonfires in the middle of fields, teenagers running around.
Last year, it was actually...
Kind of like the decadence at the end of the night wasn't enough for them, so they actually stole a couple of cars and just drove around the field for another hour at 2 a.m.
So this is going on behind your house right now?
Yeah, in this area, which is a bad area.
So, yeah, it happens every year.
So it's not one of my favorite nights of the year.
Going back to what you were saying about Kelly rushing, I mean...
You're having little girls being arrested for eating a french fry on the subway station, pregnant women being wrestled to the ground for talking too loudly on a cell phone.
We've got another article up today about how they just tasered another man and killed him, and yet the police still support the widespread use of tasers.
Here in Britain, they've actually introduced these large stickers on public trash cans which say,
That you will be subject to an immediate £50 fine, which is $100, if you drop so much as a cigarette end.
And they've actually hired squads of government minions who will watch people who may drop litter and then frog march them to an ATM cash machine to immediately draw out the £50.
If they can't do that, then they have the authority to arrest them on the spot.
So now they're erasing the juries.
Yeah, there's no trial.
There is a form of appeal, but it's an arrest on the spot if you can't produce the cash for dropping, you know, chewing gum or a cigarette.
So that's, you know, that's the left-wing, so-called left-wing Labour Party introducing that.
In Britain and America we see this pretext where on an individual basis these out of control police state measures are being enacted and obviously selectively enforced but just training the people to realise who their bosses are.
The police don't serve us anymore, they rule over us.
Well, a lot of them do.
They're trying to train them to have this mentality.
There's still a lot of great police, a lot of them are my friends.
In fact, I've been treated unfairly.
I get pulled over a couple times a year speeding, and the cops always seem to be fans and just say, Slow down, Alex.
It just happened when I had that wreck with my dad when I got blown off the road by a tornado.
The police came, and they hadn't done anything wrong, but they were both fans.
And, you know, oh, come sit in my car, you're cold.
Oh, I like the show.
I don't want to get them in trouble.
But it's just, you know, everywhere I go, you know, I've had like one of the highest level state police officers in the state.
I don't want to say more than that.
And the same cleaners, he's already there.
You know, it wasn't a setup.
I walk in behind him, and he's Alex Jones.
Walk out here, they're taking over.
Everything he said is true.
We all know what's going on.
There's a big group of us.
We're not going to put up with this.
I'm sitting there with this guy.
I'm going, are you the... I'm going to look up his name.
He's like, well, let's just say in the top ten.
They've got a problem.
They've got a big problem.
Not all these guys are bad.
It's a minority, certainly.
But what worries me is the next generation, the younger generation, the kind of 18-year-old soldiers who are now in Iraq, throwing Iraqis off bridges in Baghdad if they break a curfew.
And they kind of hire them into that mentality by picking them from the streets where they all compete to be in these gangs, where they have those kind of initiation tests where, for example, in L.A., you know, you have to go out and kill a pregnant woman.
And that kind of same mindset is being, you know, introduced into the younger generations in the military who later go on to become police.
So, I mean, that's what worries me.
Yeah, here's another case example.
When I went into court for the Access TV deal defending the First Amendment a month ago or so, you know, you're going through, there's all these state police, the metal detectors, and I could hardly get to court because they all wanted to talk to me and shake my hand.
But then, you know, I won't go downtown to 6th Street to eat dinner anymore because it's the roid-head, shaved-head group with the tattoos all over them.
And if your wife's good-looking, you better watch out.
Let me see your IDs.
Let me, you know, you just don't want to be around it.
Well, no, and I imagine if...
As you were discussing before, if you get Arnie in there in 08, then that kind of thing will be certainly encouraged.
As you mentioned, what did you say, two-thirds of Conservatives are against it?
There's actually a poll on World Net Daily, or World Neocon Daily, although it's not half as bad as Newsmax is now.
The question is, whom would you most like to face Hillary Clinton in 2008, now that the New York Times has already called for Hillary to run in 2008?
Only 1.95% go for Schwarzenegger, and he's at the bottom of the poll.
That's huge.
I want you to screenshot that for posterity.
See how they're already lining the two up to run?
We'll be right back.
We'll take your call.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, Heath in Texas.
You were up next, but you just hung up.
I wanted to talk to you.
If you didn't get back, you could have called back.
I'm not sure they had a line, but... David, Illinois, and Ron in New York, Charles in Pennsylvania, and many others, your calls are coming up here in a few minutes.
I promise we'll just blitz through your calls in the next hour.
We'll even get to a call before this hour ends.
Paul Watson with his great analysis of the current events, riding shotgun with us.
We'll talk about this Nubin Laden tape that's
Well, first of all, your book, my book, and as we've said before, I mean, you normally pay at least $7 for one e-book.
We've got two on there.
Weekly video reports from yourself, analysing the news, playing news clips off television, analysing segments of other documentary films, the best audio interviews from the Alex Jones Show, special text reports which go up there periodically.
There's actually a plan, as we've discussed, for me to restart my internet show that I was doing about a year ago.
And put that on there for members of the archives.
So, I mean, what's already there is great in itself because all of your documentary films are on there and many others from other authors and it's only going to grow and grow.
And the weekly TV report, 15 cents a day if you sign up for a year, 19 cents a day if you sign up for a month, trial subscription.
Please go to prisonplanet.tv and sign up.
Or call to get your copy of any of my films.
We've slashed prizes, got a bunch of new specials.
Be sure and ask about those specials when you call.
Paul Watson, before we go to David and others, finishing up with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
So there's a World Net Daily article.
Well, it's actually good news, but it'd be interesting to see how quickly it turns around.
Schwarzenegger is bottom of the pack with 1.95%.
Top is Rudy Giuliani with 33%.
Then Rice, Jeb Bush, and Coulter.
And then Sean Hannity and Colin Powell, Mel Gibson on 3%, Rush Limbaugh on 2%, so Arnie at the bottom of the pack with 1.95%.
Now, these are good folks that re-roll that daily, and they still do some good, but you're right, they mix some neocon stuff in.
But, well, see, that's even better results in the poll we've got of 80% of the general public polled is against Arnold being president, even though he has good approval ratings in his own state.
Even Californians have the same numbers.
But two-thirds of conservatives polled are totally against him,
Even Republicans that were worshipping him at the convention were all against him running for president that we talked to in an upcoming film.
But, Paul, this is scary how they're positioning him.
Well, yeah, it'd certainly be interesting to play this back in four years and see how far it's turned around.
Well, that's the problem.
They'll just tell us he's going to win, then they'll steal it with the electronic voting machines.
Let's talk to Dave in Illinois.
Dave, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I was coming home listening to
A little soft and fuzzy NPR this morning, and they had a story on about war games for Iran, but I guess it's just Atlantic Monthly Magazine was, they did a mock war game for Iran, but I thought that was some kind of social engineering.
Well, the government's running war games against the population, against every foreign country, war games, scenarios for everything, but they said they want to invade Iran.
Yeah, I've been looking at all the defense contracts going through, and they're just spending money head over heels.
I think it's been about $4 billion since November started, just for these five days.
And I guess they're going to have remote viewing, too.
What, that's funded, too?
Yeah, if you do a Google News search and put in Air Force, it comes up.
The first story is remote viewing.
They're putting $7 million towards that.
Tell you what, stay there.
We'll talk more about this when we get back.
Everybody stay there.
Introduce... Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, now into our number two, number three.
And, uh...
During the last break while Paul Watson was talking, I was sitting here eating pasta.
It's the fun part about radio, and then the pasta kind of went down the wrong way, pulled a piece of it to my lung, so I was hitting the cough button going into convulsions here in the background, so I got my hour off when I came back.
I was still a little bit off kilter from that with a battle with a noodle, but we are back live, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm feeling much better after getting it out of my throat.
Now we're going to have an hour of analysis talking about this.
No, seriously, as I get my composure back.
We're about to go to wide open phones, talk about the staged election, talk about how they're getting Arnie ready for this, as you just heard from Jay Leno.
Last night with that clip we played, we've got another clip that everybody's been calling in about from the night before the election with Tom Brokejaw and Tim Russert talking about either way Skull and Bones wins the election.
But right now, we were going to let Dave in Illinois finish up.
Dave, you were just bringing up the massive defense spending, how they want to go into Iran.
And you said that, I knew they thought of this in the past, but you're saying you found online in a report $7 million by the Air Force to pay for remote viewing.
And again, folks, this is paying for psychics.
This is what the Russians and our own government have done.
But was this a mainstream news article?
Yeah, it's in USA Today.
The tech section.
And if you just go to Google News and put in Air Force, it's the first story that comes up.
Let me bring Paul Watson up.
Paul, we've got to get that posted.
I mean, come on, folks.
Some people believe in this remote viewing stuff.
And, again, I don't go there.
But, I mean, this is getting ridiculous.
$7 million for remote viewing.
Paul, type that in.
See if that pops up.
What do you think of this?
Well, yeah, I mean, they've put millions of dollars into it, what's stretching back to the 60s.
So, I mean, whether they've had success for it, from it, remains to be seen.
But, you know, if they're going to go ahead and do it again, then obviously it's having some kind of benefit.
Yeah, they're not using the word remote viewing now.
They're using the new term, I guess, psychic teleportation.
If you just go to Google News and punch in Air Force, it's the first story that comes up.
Sounds pretty demonic to me.
And that's the only way this works, folks, if you believe in it.
And some people will disagree with that.
But, I mean, look, I've had dreams that come true exactly as I had them.
You know, I knew the morning my grandmother died.
She'd been sick for months, but nobody thought she was about to die.
And I told my dad, let's go see your mother.
Let's go see Meemaw, as I call her, tomorrow.
It was such a good idea.
It was a Friday.
We haven't seen her in a few months, and she's sick.
And so, well, he was going to see her every week at that time, but I hadn't seen her in a few months.
And she died that next morning as I was driving to see her, just up and died.
And I felt it in the car.
I called my dad and said, call and see if she's okay.
And we called and she was dead.
And the Aborigines in Australia, this is confirmed, they'll be out at the mines a thousand miles away at the opal or diamond mines, and they'll walk up out of the mines and say, take me home, put me on a plane.
My mother, my father just died, my brother just died, and they're never wrong.
So there is something going on, but I don't think we can control it, and I don't know what it is.
And I think having these abilities on demand usually is linked to the occult.
Paul Watson comments...
Well, yeah, I had a similar experience just this morning.
I was having a dream about a member of my family talking to me about something, and I'm awoken to the sound of my cell phone, and it's that exact same member of my family talking about the thing I was dreaming about.
But I found the article, USA Today, Air Force report calls for 7.5 million to study psychic teleportation.
Star Trek fans may be happy to hear that the Air Force has paid to study psychic teleportation.
In the report, Eric Davis says psychic teleportation, moving yourself from location to location, is quite real and can be controlled.
That's USA Today.
Thank you for the call and that information.
Very interesting, very informative, Dave.
Ron Charles, Christina, and Jerry, stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Hey, look.
I'm not going to sit here and say that I don't believe that people have real psychic abilities.
But I don't believe it's controllable.
And I don't really know what the phenomenon is.
It generally is connected to the spiritual side of things, and generally people who really get into it are led into the occult.
And the Bible says stay away from it.
But at the same time, I have had a dream of a car wreck before, and it happened exactly as the dream happened.
I mean, you wake up, hot sweat, man, that was real.
You forget about the dream, a month later it happens.
The exact same thing happens.
I once had a dream that one of my good friends came up and started to fight with me, even down to the shirt he was wearing, a polo shirt, purple and green, horizontal stripes.
And I woke up, and I called him, and I said, man, I just had a dream we had a fight.
He's like, what?
And I didn't tell him about the shirt, any of that, because you'd think that was self-manifesting.
And then later, I saw him with another girl when we were leaving high school, and I was riding home with my girlfriend, and I was in her car.
She was a year older than me.
I didn't even have a car yet.
I was 15.
And I go, oh, look at Mark cheating on Candy.
That was his girlfriend who she was friends with.
And I mean, you know, it was obvious.
I wasn't trying to get him in trouble.
Well, then there was this big fight.
I didn't know it the next day.
He says, I'm a liar.
And I'm walking out to the shop.
And then he walks around the corner, and it's my dream.
And he's wearing that shirt.
And later we got in a fight, and I asked him about it.
He said, oh, I just bought that shirt last night.
And it was the exact shirt of the dream, the exact same thing that happened in the dream.
I've had a lot of stuff like that happen to me.
And I've had some other stuff go on.
But you know what?
I just don't get into it.
It's something you ignore.
But it's something that's not controlled, is really the way I can put it.
But the government has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on it.
I guess in the new defense budget for this year, and as Paul said, it's been going on since the 60s, $7 million.
To study it.
And Paul, continue with that USA Today article, because that's pretty interesting.
Yeah, I can just get it up again.
So the headline is, Air Force report calls for $7.5 million to study psychic teleportation.
Star Trek fans may be happy to hear that the Air Force has paid to study psychic teleportation, but scientists aren't so thrilled.
The Air Force Research Lab's August teleportation physics report posted earlier this week on the Federation of American Scientists website struck a raw nerve with...
Businesses and critics of wasteful military spending.
In the report, author Eric Davis says psychic teleportation, moving yourself from location to location through mind powers, is quite real and can be controlled.
The 88-page report also reviews a range of teleportation concepts and experiments.
Quantum teleportation, a technique demonstrated in the last decade that shifts the characteristics but not the location of subatomic particles at great distances.
Wormholes, a highly theoretical possibility whereby the intense gravitational field near black holes could rip open entrances to distant locales.
Psychokinesis, or psychic teleportation.
In support of the idea, the report cites UFO reports, Soviet and Chinese studies of psychics, and US military studies of spoon-bending phenomena.
So it doesn't really seem that... So this is USA Today, and notice all this craziness is just being announced now.
Like, oh, we're making judicial workers take chips.
Oh, we're making prisoners take chips.
Oh, we're going to put vaccines in your food whether you like it or not.
Oh, we have dimensional wormholes.
I mean, this is just devilish, folks.
Well, isn't there a term for when they take the bizarre and bring it out into the public arena and then it changes the public consciousness?
I think there's a term.
Revelation of the method?
Yeah, but I mean, you know, where they take something bizarre and make it normal, normalize it.
I think that's kind of a method.
That's just desensitization, yeah.
Yeah, basically that's what it is.
I mean, we don't normally talk about this on the show, folks.
Now it's in USA Today.
And again, we've all had these little experiences, but it's not controllable.
And I don't know.
It's not a good thing to get involved with, folks.
That's my opinion.
Take it for what it's worth.
Let's talk to Ron in New York.
Ron, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, gentlemen.
I'm going to digress just for a minute about Arnie Schwarzenegger, though that's not really my topic.
My topic is your appearance on George Norrie's radio show last night.
With regard to John McCain's remarks that America is a nation of immigrants, correction, America is a nation of American.
If you immigrated here...
Then you immigrated here under a certain set of terms and you should acclimate to the standards.
Yeah, we're a nation of Americans.
We're not a nation of all these new people who don't assimilate and create their own little kingdoms.
I love that.
And if you refuse to acclimate when you come to America, then you know what?
You are deliberately remaining an alien to America, and thus you do not deserve the chief executive position of this nation.
By the way, he's never dropped his dual citizenship with Austria.
That is correct, and also another funny thing that most of you have never noticed, when he was running for governor, he dissociated and disavowed himself of his father.
He said he had nothing to do with him, he really didn't care about him.
Then at the Republican convention, he said how frightened he was, and he loved his father, and he was afraid the Soviets were going to arrest him.
You can't have it both ways, Arnie.
Some of us pay attention and remember what you say.
Well, look, the sins of the father are one thing.
And people can say, well, ignore that.
He says, I don't care about the Nazi stuff.
We love him.
I admire Hitler because he was a little man and came from small things to great things.
All of this...
That's what I care about.
He has a history of those remarks, but he's playing both ends of the field on that issue, and that shows that he probably lacks credibility.
Guy Owen Cunning, yes.
The wisdom necessary for leadership, no.
But that aside, now I want to move on.
He's a demonic hobgoblin!
Well, I don't think the man is suitable to be our president.
I don't like the idea of the major press trying to set the table between him and Hillary for us now.
Let the American people create the consensus.
Not let us have it foisted on us by the
Mainstream corporate press.
But that aside, you appeared on George Norrie last night, and of course, after you got off the air, George was talking, and you may recall this, Alex, about in one of our areas, all train stations, Port Authority, and so forth, that police are using radiation detectors, which is a fancy name for what they used to call a Geiger counter.
We have more sophisticated detectors, but that's basically what they are.
And that they're pulling people over and they're asking them questions if they've been sick lately.
And he took the tack because a guy called up after you got off the air and he disagreed and he says, well, you know, we spoke of you, Alex.
Well, the fella says he's worried about civil liberties, but we've got to get used to this, right?
And George kind of agreed with it, because he said, well, yeah, better safe than sorry.
What do you mean, after I went off?
You mean... After the interview was over.
I was on two nights in a row.
Yeah, last night, last night.
After you finished your interview with him last night, a caller called in.
So he did another hour after that.
Yeah, yeah, he was on the air after you were finished with your interview.
Now, I'd like to say something about that.
First off...
They're putting these radiological detectors in the hands of people who really aren't qualified to use them.
They give some officer a few hours or several hours of training on them, and all of a sudden the guy is an expert in nuclear science, okay?
Secondly, they're setting the thresholds for these detectors so low that what they're picking up is old women who are coming out of the doctor's office after getting an x-ray,
People who may be getting certain cancer treatments.
And again, the levels, you know, the geometric separations between dangerous radiation and the aftermath of a chest x-ray, I mean, aren't even in the same dimensions.
No, I saw that.
You got it, brother.
But again, it creates this fear and this perception.
You got it.
That's precisely my point.
What I'm saying is that they're doing this, okay, to create in the mind of the average person who is ignorant of what you have just said and what I also know, okay?
That, well, yeah, we have to check everyone.
No, this is just a matter of getting innocent citizens acclimated to the idea of constantly being hassled by law enforcement when there is no logical... And, Ron, you called before.
You're a retired New York police officer.
I appreciate the call.
Let's... Good points.
Charles in Pennsylvania.
Hi, Alex.
Go ahead.
Hello, sir.
Yes, you spoke earlier.
By the way, I've been enjoying your show for about four years.
And you're doing a good job.
You're doing your job.
I appreciate it.
You mentioned at the beginning of the show about two military exercises where they drop bombs in Texas on a home by accident, and then they're in San Diego a couple days ago.
Yeah, outside San Diego, straight to school.
And one case in Texas, a little South Texas town.
I had the mayor on.
It was like three years ago.
I forget the town.
They dropped a dummy bomb on a house.
I've got two more for you.
About a week ago,
There was a softball or grapefruit-sized dummy bomb, a little cast-iron thing.
It fell on a trail in Pennsylvania.
Yesterday at about 4 or 5 o'clock, I believe, in New Jersey, on the local news, an F-16 flying at 7,000 feet accidentally shot up a school in New Jersey.
Three and a half miles from its target, two dozen, they said, 20-millimeter machine gun bullets entered the school, tore up the tile floor and broke windows and so forth.
No one was in the school.
But then a later newscast locally said it was some type of an M60 machine gun.
And they had the commander on there saying, it was an accident.
I just wonder what's going on here.
Well, it is.
I mean, there's all kinds of weird drills going on.
My question is, they've had problems in Puerto Rico, shooting off target and hitting houses and things.
There is a lot of this going on.
I had one other quick thing, if you could hold me over.
Sure, stay there.
We'll be right back.
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Hey folks, we're back live, and I made an error of about 3,000 miles because I rely on my computer too much.
Sometimes when you print a page off a website, a news site, certain things, certain blocks get deleted and don't get printed.
And no, it was New Jersey where the school got strafed.
And at the bottom of the page it said, town outside.
And then it said in the text, San Diego.
Now that's where the article we got was from.
So this didn't happen in Southern California.
This was in New Jersey, so there's not two cases of it.
If there was, it would be some type of conspiracy.
But we do have the article about what he just mentioned in another state about this weird dummy bomb falling.
And I did interview a few years ago the mayor...
You can probably type in, home hit by B-2 bomber bomb, and it should pop up.
I interviewed the mayor.
This dummy bomb got dropped, and it was a huge steel 2,000-pound bomb.
It just didn't have explosives in it.
Hit a tree on its way in, caught the tree on fire, went through the bedroom, into the bathroom, into the bathtub, four feet into the ground.
And then we've got all these cases outside Fort Hood of the artillery shooting the wrong place and killing cows, hitting houses.
And the government has all these giant military reservations that in some cases are the size of, you know, a third of New Mexico or Arizona or Fort Hoods, twice the size of Dallas.
Why are they shooting people's houses?
Why is this happening?
Finish up what you were saying real quick, Charles.
Yes, the little dummy bomb I mentioned earlier, someone was standing about 20 feet from it.
But the other comment I had was...
I'm in Philadelphia.
I'm surrounded by liberals.
Before the election, I said, everything's staged.
I said that Kerry and Bush are skull and bones members.
They're committed to each other above and beyond the Constitution or the citizens.
And after the election, I found them, a lot of liberals are waking up.
They not only realize that the thing was stolen or fixed or rigged, the election, but that when they saw Kerry roll over so quick, I mean, normally these lawyers just automatically file suits, and maybe they will in the next few weeks, but they're starting to realize that the way Kerry rolled over, the fix is in.
No, I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
That's why the new film, American Dictators, documenting the staged election in 2004 is so important, so we can have the real historical record of how this was staged to begin with.
Paul Watson, comments to the staged election?
Well, yeah.
Greg Palast put out an article yesterday which, you know, it was called Kerry Won.
And he was quite apologetic in saying that, but in Ohio you had this big Republican stooge who was the Secretary of State for Ohio, Ken Blackwell.
Who told Andy Codd that there weren't enough provisional ballots to give Kerry a win, when in fact the evidence as proven by the Palace article, if you read it, shows there were.
And on top of that, thousands of these punch card ballots were thrown out, most of them Kerry voters.
But none of it really matters, because Kerry didn't challenge it, because he was going to capitulate all along.
And again, folks, if you support Bush...
You know, we're neutral on this.
Either way, Skull and Bones wins, as Tim Russert says, with Tom Brokaw.
It's about the news.
It's about the facts.
See, the facts aren't changed by who you want to win.
We are simply reporting on the facts here that this should have been looked at, because most of these provisional ballots, and I'm just saying 400,000 instead of 175,000, were people who'd been challenged by Republicans
And this obviously, if you've got a couple hundred thousand ballots that are mainly for Kerry, and then you've got 130,000 Bushes winning by, this should have been counted and looked at, but Kerry hurried up and nixed that immediately.
Well, yeah, now there's another USA Today article.
4,500 votes lost because of a mistake in voting machine capacity in North Carolina.
And even though the machine kept throwing up these error messages saying the memory was full, they just sat there and people kept on using it.
The reports we had on the night of the election where the person would vote for one candidate and the review screen would show the opposite are now confirmed.
We've actually put up quite a humorous little thing in the perspective section illustrating that kind of thing.
But, you know, who cares?
Because Kerry's conceded, so why bother investigating it?
So I suppose next time when there's a third-party candidate and the same thing happens, a third-party candidate who's got a chance of doing well, I suppose we shouldn't investigate that either.
But, you know, Halliburton stocks are rocketing, Boeing, Lockheed Martin stocks are up, so, you know, who cares?
Yeah, we're going to break, and we'll go right to Christina, Jerry, Steve, Kevin, and others very quickly.
Give each caller a minute or two.
And then what's some of the other news we're going to cover, Paul?
Well, we definitely need to talk about this.
New Bin Laden tape, which there have been rumblings about over the last couple of days.
Supposedly there's an embargo on it from the US government who are telling Al Jazeera, which is basically their propaganda mill front, not to release it, but we expect that to pop up in the next couple of days.
Saying, how dare you not vote for Kerry?
I mean, as if Karl Rove isn't writing this.
Well, yeah, Kerry said on dozens of occasions he wanted to kill Osama, so we're not for Kerry, but let's just look at the facts.
But again, you think it's real.
It's amazing.
And I guess Steve McQueen's real pitching the Mustang for Ford out of the grave.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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All right, my friends, we are back live here.
And we're going to go straight to your phone calls.
Christina in Kentucky, welcome to the airwaves.
Thank you, Alex.
I'm just kind of calling to say I know how hard it is to get the word out.
I've passed out at least or over 150 of your tapes of 9-1-1 Road to Tyranny.
And the cops have aggravated me and my husband about it.
Oh, so another call from Kentucky.
It seems to be the headquarters of this.
Again, this has been in the newspaper with Kelly rushing.
Of course, he was found not guilty.
My video and a Ron Paul video, the congressman, they said both videos were anti-government and evil, and they say you're not allowed to do this in Kentucky.
What has happened to you and your husband?
Well, nothing.
They just kind of said, my husband's really calm and cool about it, and he knows how to talk his way.
Well, describe this story to me.
So where are you in Kentucky?
What happened?
Well, actually, Jay is my husband.
So he called in earlier.
Okay, good.
It's not another group.
No, it's still us.
So this is somebody else separate from Kelly Rushing, but you're the wife of the guy that called in last night.
And so you guys are out there, and you give somebody a copy of it, and then the cops run over and say you're not allowed to do that.
Yeah, well, I think the thing was we drew a crowd, and anything that draws attention to the cops, they don't like that.
Right away.
Yeah, it's like, hey, don't you know this is Cuba?
You know, it's like in Red Dome when they're in the grocery store and they're starting to talk and she goes, shh, look at him up there, the commons are.
You don't want to get us in a camp, do you?
You don't want to go to the old football stadium, do you?
Speaking of that, let me go visit my dad at the football stadium.
I better be nice to the bosses.
Yeah, so we offered to give them one, you know, to come to our place of work and where we also live.
And so they could have one, you know, a copy for them.
And they never showed up.
We waited out the front door for them.
They never showed up, you know.
Like, they were afraid.
We've, listen, Chief, there was a man and a woman.
I think they know.
I think they know about your tape, though.
I think, you know, they know about your tape and know what it says on it and all that good stuff.
You should have seen how bad they were.
They gave somebody a video.
Yeah, and two, though, about the end culture thing.
Yes, that's her name.
I heard the interview that you did with her, and that was so funny.
She acted like she did not know anything.
She's like, I've written a book about the Patriot Act.
It's wonderful and doesn't take any freedoms.
I go, Section 802 says this.
Well, I haven't read the bill.
Well, she didn't act like she knew that you were going to tear her apart, you know.
She's like, oh, I don't know.
I haven't heard anything about that.
All the callers were good that night.
All the colors were good that night.
Well, you know, because of her and O'Reilly and Savage and Malkin all put people in camps.
They disagree with the government.
I mean, word for word, because of what they've been out saying now, I get emails, friends get emails that say, you should be shot for what you say.
It's good.
I'd like to kill you.
These people don't know it's illegal to send me those emails.
We actually had a Marine call here at like 5.30 in the morning.
Threatened to kill us because Jay was on the internet talking in one of the chat rooms.
Well, you need to call the police on them.
We got one of these and we then demand, okay, another Columbine is going to happen with stuff like this.
This person is threatening to shoot me.
You are responsible.
You need to file criminally on them.
Folks who have been arrested before doing that with me, go ahead, send that to me, and I'm going to make sure you go to jail, because that's what you're supposed to go to jail for, not giving people videotapes.
If you idiots are idiots enough to believe, you know, Ann Coulter and the rest of them may get away with, say, putting people in camps, but see, you're not allowed to.
You see, this is still America, you Soviet Nazi thugs.
Let me get a comment from Paul Watson on what you're saying, Paul.
Well, how this happens is because
I mean, we've had the articles, they sit people down in these training seminars, policemen, cable workers, truckers in the Highway Watch program, which has got 400,000 members already, tell them that there's this omnipresent threat Al-Qaeda sells within America.
Now, there's no actual evidence to support that, and as we've got on the website and the archive, all the arrests, both inside and outside of the country, are staged, or the people are already dead,
This is from the training manual.
Yeah, you know, if you're carrying a large backpack...
That's how they define the element of suspicion.
Then it gets worse.
We have video of pre-9-11 police training films where they go.
The Founding Fathers are terrorists.
All Christians are enemies of the government.
Homeschoolers are terrorists.
And that's in my film two and a half years ago now, World Net Daily, Associated Press.
The Washington newspaper, they said, we were told by the feds, this is the training drill.
All homeschoolers are terrorists about to kill us.
200 children took part in the drill where they learned that homeschoolers are vicious murderers that are coming to bomb them.
And so now you go out and go, here's a video of a congressman.
Saying the government's corrupt.
Or here's a video of a guy saying in a prior knowledge 9-11 and the cops think it's illegal.
Well, speaking of backpacks, you know, I wear a backpack all the time because I ride a bike to work and I have to, you know, bring extra clothes and, you know, have something to carry something home in.
Well, and I have been ran off the road by a cop before wanting to know who I was, where I was going, you know, just because I'm coming home late from work one night.
Well, we've got stories on the website where
A woman is in an airport.
She leaves her bag on the seat there in the airport.
She goes to the shop to buy, you know, a crossword book or whatever.
And suddenly there's three people screaming everywhere that, you know, there's a bag unattended.
And even in Britain at the subway stations we have intelligent cameras which define loitering.
That is, if you step four or five yards away from your bag, and then there are these giant posters all around London, which say, you know, we're watching, and the definition, again, of suspicion... And there's an overseeing eye.
There's a pyramid eye saying, we're watching you under the watchful eyes.
We have that on the website.
And, by the way, Chicago and all these other big cities are putting in those very same intelligent cameras, and it says that they're going to shout orders at you.
And, by the way, it's paid for by Homeland Security...
And Homeland Security says, yes, we're fighting terror and crime, and now they're visiting 2,000 square foot toy stores in the town of St.
Helen, Oregon, because you may be selling a knockoff of the Rubik's Cube, and we're over this.
Well, the borders stay wide open.
Yeah, I hear you.
Thanks for the call, and thanks for your courage.
No, no, no.
I mean, it's hell on earth, people.
This is what's happening, and do you want your children growing up in a country like this?
Let's go ahead and talk to Jerry.
Where are you calling from, Jerry?
Thank you, sir.
I hope I can get you as my lawyer when they come to take me off for passing out...
Tapes of FTAA and copies of the New America, talking about FTAA.
Oh, yeah.
Sir, I have major mainstream law enforcement publications that are on store shelves that say, and this is even in one of my films, let me give you the paraphrase, that says, if you pull over a car or you see a car that says, get us out of the U.N.,
Go ahead and arrest them, and police chiefs, don't chastise your officers, because these are probably terrorists.
Now, again, that was law enforcement and technology.
It was April issue 2001 or 2002.
What was it?
You know, stuff like that.
This is what they're training them to do.
And so it's not a joke.
Go ahead.
I called about the upcoming ConCon, because it will take place.
They've been after a ConCon for 40 years that I know of.
Tell folks what a ConCon is.
Oh, a constitutional convention.
They want to rip apart our Constitution.
The ultimate nightmare.
When they advertise it and they say it's coming up, it's, oh, just for gay marriage, or it's just for the flag-burning amendment.
But once it opens up, it's get rid of the 22nd for Schwarzenegger, it's get rid of the 2nd Amendment, everything.
Yeah, well, I think that this idea hit me.
I'll run it by you.
They'll change it so that Schwarzenegger can become president, can run for president, and then they will advertise this new con-con, this new constitution.
We're making the constitution stronger, and then we're making the original constitutional intent by allowing the second runner-up
Second, you know, the Democrats, to become the vice president, because that's the way our country started.
The most votes went to the president.
The second most votes went for the vice president.
So they will revise that.
And that way, Schwarzenegger can be president, and Hillary can be his advisor as vice president.
To me, that makes sense.
A lot of New World Order sense.
I think you ought to write an article about it.
You ought to email it to Paul Watson and we'll post it.
Anybody who wants to do this, I mean, you know, we reserve the right to editorial control if it's totally kooky, but anybody who wants to write articles for us, Paul, how do they do that?
Well, yeah, there's a link on prisonplanet.com, email webmaster.
And by the way, we accept your articles.
And, you know, when you send it, you know, give us rights to post it and use it, you get a free membership to presentplanet.tv.
That's correct.
Just send it in a, you know, in a format which I can easily copy and put on the website.
So it's like a letter to the editor, but it needs to be a few pages long.
It's like a letter to the editor, but you get paid for doing a letter to the editor, and millions, well, let's be conservative, hundreds of thousands will read your article.
Then I'll run another one by you.
That, uh...
See, what the New World Order doesn't have right now that they desperately need is a new Jew.
Hitler had his Jew.
You mean the scapegoat?
The scapegoat, sure.
And I've got the perfect... I think that this is why they've brought out all of the homosexuals with marriage licenses, with...
Web pages with... Hitler did the same thing.
If you remember the musical cabaret, the cabaret was run by homosexuals.
He brought out the homosexuals.
So that's why we get, well, they came for the gypsies but I wasn't a gypsy, then they came for the homosexuals but I wasn't a homosexual, then they came for the Jews but I wasn't a Jew, and then they came for me.
Well, all they need is this
scapegoat to holler and scream about with the disease.
Homosexuals have a lot of money.
Well, no, they don't have a lot of money, but they have more money than... No, it's per capita the richest demographic out there.
And these are all... Look how they spread the disease.
Look how they're non-religious.
Look how they... A preacher on the pulpit could, I'm telling you, hypnotize the congregation with just telling about how terrible...
Homosexuals are, so I feel... But, meanwhile, they're bussing in male prostitutes and male porn stars to headline New York Post, service the Bohemian Grove members.
That's all ignored.
David Dreyer's ignored.
All of that's ignored, and we're told what godly men they are.
No, no, to them it's a red herring.
They get everybody upset, and then they get the con-con.
I mean, that's what they're already doing.
Oh, yeah, yeah, con-con will go through.
But with this homosexual thing...
Hitler did the Third Reich, did the same thing.
Well, Ernst Röhm and almost his entire SA staff, this is admitted, this is even the rise and fall of the Third Reich, almost his entire staff was like a homosexual cult.
Thanks for the call.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, and old Hitler liked it too.
I know, it's weird.
It's like the Republicans at Bohemian Grove.
I mean, Richard Nixon will tell you, most of them there, it's a big homosexual orgy.
And then meanwhile, I was talking about this last night with somebody.
Meanwhile, they're all into it, and they're running around screaming about it, which gets everybody who's conservative upset.
Just, Paul, any comments for what he just said?
Well, I agree with that, but I don't agree that they'll use homosexuals as the scapegoats, because I mean... Well, they'll use them as the scapegoat to get the con-con, but they'll use Christian conservatives as the new demon.
That's possible, yeah.
But in a wider sense, I don't think they'll use them because you've got government and Hollywood promoting homosexuality with this new Kinsey movie.
And Kinsey did the studies which formed the foundation of the so-called sexual revolution of the 60s.
The problem is that the way he performed the studies, he brought in paedophiles to abuse children.
He was a practising bisexual himself.
And that formed the basis of so-called normal sexual behavior, which then led to the classification of homosexuality.
By the way, Kinsey's own child committed suicide because he locked the child for, what, over a year in a small box.
Well, that's the case.
I wouldn't begrudge people doing what they want to do in the privacy of their own home, but when it's promoted by Hollywood and the government, and you have cases where homosexual couples are now adopting children, who in the vast majority of cases turn out to be extremely emotionally disturbed,
Oh, no, I'm totally against all this.
I'm saying it's a red herring they use to get... Because they don't have any real conservative issues with open borders, gun control, UNESCO, bloated government.
The so-called conservative leaders have got to have something to have a fake fight about with the Democrats.
I'm saying the fight to them is fake.
So they'll use it as a paper tiger.
Yeah, that's a good way to boil it down, or a red herring.
I want to get into the Bin Laden video here in a second, the new one that's coming out.
But right now, let's go to Steve in South Dakota.
Steve, go ahead.
Go ahead, Steve.
Hello, Alex?
Hey, I have a question for you.
I was recently driving on Interstate 29 south of Sioux City, Iowa, and there is a brand new obelisk.
It's about 100 feet tall, and it's gold.
Just wondering, I just wanted to get your thoughts on that, what you thought that meant.
Well, did you pull over and see who paid for it?
I'm sure it's the Masons, sir.
Well, it's probably a marker for something.
You know, they go, oh, we just like the way these look, when really that's their highest religious totem.
Right, I think it's a marking, Alex, actually, that they do have power in that city or in that area.
Oh, well, I agree with you.
That's the point of them.
Right, right.
So I just wanted to confirm that with you, actually.
Well, I don't know about them.
I mean, I'm sure you could type in Obelisk, Sioux City, Iowa, and it'll pop up and we can learn details.
I just don't know about it.
Okay, one more thing, Alex, before I go.
Tom Daschle recently lost.
I just wanted to get your thoughts on that, how he fell out of favor, because as high up as he came, I just wanted to get your thoughts on what you thought about that.
Yeah, no, it's just them eating their own, putting their own people in.
I can't stand Tom Daschle, but they're just removing some of the minions and putting in their own people.
Daschle did something that angered the globalists, because they mailed him anthrax.
Kevin in New Jersey, last caller, then I'm going to get into some final news with Paul.
Hello, Alex?
Yeah, I just wanted, I caught part of your discussion on remote viewing.
I was wondering if I could bring some information to your attention.
You're on a cordless phone?
I might be, yes.
You're about 100 yards from your jack.
You need to run back towards it or I'm going to have to let you go.
Okay, hold on a second.
I talked about remote viewing because it's in USA Today, how wonderful it is, and the Pentagon saying it's real.
And I said I think it's connected to the occult, and I don't think it's good.
Can you hear me now?
Yes, I guess.
Go ahead.
Okay, well, I mean, if it's bad, I don't understand.
But I came across a site.
It's called remoteviewing.com, I believe.
And there's a guy by the name of, I think it's Daniel...
And interestingly enough, there's a phone number on it.
So I just thought, well, this has got to be something that would be worth a phone call.
And I wanted to pass that information along to you.
Okay, thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
Just a tip for folks for talk radio, speaker phones and cordlesses are just worthless.
So always try to call me on a landline.
It's just a small favor so people can hear clearly what you have to say.
We'll talk about the new fake Bin Laden video with Paul Watson on the other side, prisonplanet.tv.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
Oh, by the way, I forgot to air this earlier in the broadcast.
Played again on Monday.
But here it is.
Here's Tim Russert with Tom Brookjob the night before the election on the eve talking about skull and bones.
And then they claim that, oh, they're totally diametrically opposed on all the issues.
No, they're not.
On education, Bush has doubled the size of it.
On the war, they're both for it.
But then they say, well, don't worry, skull and bones is going to win.
That's guaranteed.
So go ahead and play that clip.
You know, Tim was so interested in me about these two candidates, and I talked about it a fair amount during the campaign.
Here are two sons of privilege.
Who were raised by distinguished families in the Northeast.
They went to two of the best prep schools in America, Andover and St.
They were at Yale at the same time, members of the Secret Society.
They went in distinctly different directions after they left Yale University.
And they come around now to meet each other.
I was counting up their degrees the other day.
This is an argument for a good education.
Two degrees from Yale, one from Harvard, and one from Boston College.
And with that common gene and educational pool, two disparate set of values and positions on issues.
Tom, you go down tax policy, economic policy, environmental policy, education policy, Iraq.
These men are like this.
The only thing that unifies them are skull and bones.
Skull and bones will still keep control of the presidency.
We still haven't found out whether, when they met on the stage at those debates, whether they gave each other the old secret skull and bones handshake.
And that name stayed secret forever, for all we know.
Well, if you mention skull and bones in their presence, they're supposed to leave the room.
But they both stayed at their podium.
They did indeed.
Well, Paul, comments?
Yeah, well, as you mentioned, they laugh and snicker about the fact that skull and bones retains control of the White House.
But then there's this rhetoric about how they're opposed to each other on things like Iraq.
They both voted to go into Iraq, and we've posted an article by Chuck Baldwin, who was Michael Peruka's running mate for the Constitutional Party.
Where he goes through, again, a list of issues where Bush is diametrically opposed to the traditional ethics of conservatism.
And that's on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
So is that audio clip you just heard.
But, Paul, real quick, this Nubin Laden tape, Al Jazeera supposedly got it.
Tell us about that.
As I mentioned, there have been rumblings over the past couple of days in the alternative media about this Nubin Laden tape, which is him commenting on the result of the election.
It's supposedly been in the hands of Al Jazeera for three days under an embargo from the US government until they order it to be released, which again points to what many people have said, that Al Jazeera, while grandstanding as this voice of independent media, is in fact a propaganda mill of the globalists.
And apparently the tape shows Osama expressing congratulations to Kerry and a warning to Americans for re-electing Bush.
Now, as I said, Kerry, on about two dozen occasions during the debates and the run-up to the election, said that, in an even more hawkish way than Bush, that he would go after Bin Laden, he would kill Bin Laden.
So now, if you say you're a Democrat, you must be with Al-Qaeda.
I mean, so why would Bin Laden side with someone who wants to kill him?
Same reason, you know, with the tape released before the Iraq War, where Bin Laden sided with Saddam, despite the fact that both had wanted to kill each other in the past.
Well, it's like they're going, Bin Laden doesn't work with Saddam, and then the tape that's released, yes I do, I support Bush, I support what he says.
I mean, the White House says Bin Laden keeps giving him little gifts.
Well, yeah, his family's business partners with him.
It's amazing.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, back on Monday, 11 to 2 during the day Central.
Paul Watson, I want to thank you for joining us.
Thanks, Alex.
Great job over at PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Speaking of that, my weekly TV report's up there.
Video report, all my documentary films, Paul's book, my book.
If we don't stand up to this evil, they're going to normalize it, and America's going to die.
If we can stop them, we've got the power with God's help.
Call and get some videos and really educate yourself.
All right, get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.